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Compared to your recent adventures, the voyage back home to the Hollow has been uneventful.

As you arrived back into the Hollow you were surrounded by curious breezies wondering not just about the strange and wonderful treasures you carry but also the shrunken zebra Oomar, who so far has been delighted to visit the breezie city. A different case entirely has been the breezie witch who has refused to speak during the travel and her stay in the hollow heavily guarded by the breezemancers.

Because of the hard-earned rewards you've been given by Tumbleweed, the wealthy breezie, you've been able to fund the development of the radan style aiship. With help from volunteers from the Guild, Pattern has started the long anticipated project.

As the project nears completion we find our heroes in a tent next to the airship warf.
The breezemancers have found that an expert in exotic and cursed artefacts is currently residing within Breezie Valley.

You're both standing around a table with airship blueprints while Marrow Fargale, as you might recall you saved from the forest just some weeks ago, finishes reading the letter.

She looks up. "It's the best we found. I'm sorry, there's simply not many breezies who seek to delve into these kinds of items. And those who do, usually aren't very willing to divulge their secrets. Like our guest."
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I get a little uneasy when he says that robots do everything for him, and nod along.
Instead I encourage Whirl, "Looks like you can start really soon, isn't that great?"


"Yay, that's great what will I learn first?"
The Tinkerer smiles friendly. "Why, anything you want of course! We here believe that Tinkerer apprentices learn best when left to their own devices!"

You find Ribbon next to a white Tinker building on a mountain range.
Before it is a large multicolored metal flower that several Tinkers are relaxing upon. Ribbon can't get into the building. He meows but the Tinkers seem completely relaxed. Taking pictures with Ribbon or simply jamming to the music emanating from the flower.


I should go back and deal with the one I know about first, I can get Pattern later.

Back to the underground lair and nab that blob.


Wow he looks so excited. I think I'll quietly leave him with this tinkerer to finish his paper work up.
Time to go see check on my ship!


"Pattern, where are you going? I'd like to show you around our facility." says the High Tinkerer.

You go down the tunnels again. But you see the tracks end at the glowing stream. Did it fall in? Or perhaps find a way to cross?


I better comb this area carefully for signs of it clinging to a wall or ceiling, or perhaps it squeezed out on my side.


"Oh, well if you're not busy then I would love a tour."
I have no reason to leave immediately after all..


"Please, follow me."
As he flies down with you and Whirl, "Here in the Valley we believe in letting our members work and live at their own pace. They have all the comforts they need to be at their most creative."
You enter a dark hall with faint glowing lights "This is our napping room where we can take a nap from our busy days!"
You hear a few breezies snoring peacefully.

You notice a lot of ash in the tunnel. Studying it you notice other footprints of an animal. Perhaps the ashy blob was attacked?


I look around in awe at the relaxed workplace! "And how long are nap breaks?"


That's really bad. Track it around a bit.


"Whenever you want! Would you like to see our mathematics facility?"

You track it to the stream. Do you cross it to search for more clues? You can fly over it.


Yes! Go over, carefully, we don't want to get somewhere we can't retreat from, this is a scouting mission


I look incredibly confused about that, "Um, yes, and also the robotics engineering section."


You cross the stream and see some wet animal tracks on the other side. It seems the creature went further here.
In the light of the water, you also see drawings on the cave walls.
It's simple drawings of breezies, they seem to be harvesting nectar.

You go to the mathematics hall.
There's breezies making music! And drawing pictures. And playing with animals.
"Here we study mathematics in nature and sound and drawings! Studying the geometry of nature unlocks the true deepest meaning. The final blueprint of the universe!"


"Oh, so you measure the animals and shapes?"


Hmm, probably need backup for this. Let's go back. Go find Pattern.


"Indeed! And listen to the music. Every music note has a mathematical representation. As you listen, you get an appreciation and deeper understanding of math beyond mere numbers."

She's probably still at the Tinker building!
You arrive again and see that Ribbon has decided to sleep on the metal flower. A bunch of Tinker breezies have nestled in his fur as others brought him a large bowl of food and drink



Okay time to bust in. Kick open the door and head in, "Let's go Ribbon."


'1d20' rolling for understanding why they favour this over traditional mathematics on a big chalkboard

Roll #1 18 = 18


You kick open the door and go in. Ribbon pops his head in and tries to move in as well. Do you let him?
You enter a large hall where many Tinkers are relaxing, playing with large projectors showing 3D images in the air. One seems to be about a white cat!
One of the instructors draws the crowd to him and starts explaining the physiology of kittens.

You take some time to listen to the music. You contemplate on how the basis of musical notes is an audible representation of the Golden Mean which can be found in Nature. You notice the architecture of the hall contains many representations of this same sequence of number. A set of golden rectangles, a painting of a sunflower, etc.
You realize that for good or bad, the Tinker chapter here seeks to create mathematical harmony in both the function and form of their inventions.


I let out a peaceful sigh, "So this is how the core of the tinkerers think."


Yeah sure, of course he can come.

Alright, with a big open space like this I can scan for Pattern and look for other rooms to search


He forces his way through and breaks out half of the door, but he's in the hall now.
Several breezies scream as they get swept up by Fairweathers fur. The professor goes on as if nothing happened while settling on Ribbons ribbon. Disciplined as he is Ribbon tries to resist the urge to swipe them all off.
Where you going? There's the downward towards the Breezie Archives, the door to the Mathematics hall, the teleporter to the Sanctum Mysterium.

"Ah, I see you understand! Tinkering is not merely about building, truly understanding the mechanics behind the science can lead you to truth and beauty."


The door forward to math is the least committal. Through we go!

"Can you get the scent, Ribbon?"


"Of course, and mechanics can be found everywhere too, just like the objects we make are meant to be used, everywhere."


As you open the door to the mathematics hall, you see several breezies studying flowers, making painting featuring geometrical patterns or portraits of other breezies. You find Pattern Pitch conversing with an older Tinker in the middle of the room next to a band playing harps and flutes. Except for a few looking up from their painting, all seem too engrossed in their work to notice you. Not even when Ribbon pokes in his head and starts to squeeze his way in.

The door opens and you see Fairweather flying in, followed by Ribbon who has some breezies stuck in his fur and now starts trying to get into the mathematics hall, the walls next to the door crack ominously.
The kind High Tinkerer simply continues. "Yes, quite right. Form must be complimented by function just as function is complimented by form."


Excellent. In we go, over to Pattern.

"Pattern, there you are! The hull repairs had cracks and the ash creatures are leaking."


"WHAT?! MY SHIP IS CRACKED?!" I panick and hurry to where Fairweather and Ribbon are.


"We should hurry back. Who knows how much of that stuff has leaked?"


I nod in agreement and cling to the fur of the war kitten.


Ribbon turns around and leaves the building once again. A few Breezies tumble giggling out of his fur as he makes his way back.

Indeed there's a slight crack in the hull and you note familiar dark ashy traces around it. Next to it, a pink breezie has started painting a huge pink hummingbird on the hull.


"I saw one of those monsters sneak off to an underground burrow, but I can't say how much has leaked."


I need to make repairs!
How bad is the damage and how much wood do I need?

I hum. "Okay, what's the priority, patching this so no more can leak, or chasing the escapies?"


It would only require three planks of wood, you could do it pretty fast.
However, if you're not mistaken this crack is near the storage where you locked the remaining living ashen creatures. You can't repair this properly until you find a way to clear them out, otherwise they might all escape!

The pink breezie notices you both. "hhheeeyyyiee. Did you speak about monsters?"


"I can hunt them if you can fix it."


I shyly put a hoof over my mouth.
I float closer to Fairweather, whisper to her "I can't repair it without risking them all escaping, but It would be a relatively fast repair."


"Is there a way to safely dispose of the waste after sucking them up?"


"Nothing we've done has hurt these creatures so far." I frown worriedly.



"yyooooohoooo!" waves the pink breezie


"What?" Ask, a little exasperated


"U-um nice painting?"


She flies down close to you both.
"Hiiiii. I saw a monster com-"

She frowns and looks at you suspiciously.
"…nice? Do you mean good nice or plain nice…or sarcastic nice?"


"Its very cute!" finally look at the humming bird, is actually nice or did this breezy just graffiti my boat?


The pink bird is highly stylized. Its wings are enlarged. Its beak is small and sharp. The picture seems to sacrifice realism for a sense of dynamism and movement.
"Cute?!?" she studies it "Ah, but of course, she is a little bit cute." she flaps her two front breezers. "Bbbbzzzzzzz"


Giggle softly, and smile having successfully distracted her, "What's your name, miss artist?"


"It's Sweet Vapor! Bwzzz!!"
The ship starts making a buzzing sound as well and trembles.
"AH, the ship is talking back again!"
You see a drip of black ash slowly sliding out of the crack in the hull.


Vacuum it.

"Will you tell us already what you were going to say?"


I make a scared squeak!


"Aaaaah, I think I can help. I know how to clean up these little vandals." She shows a green flask. "Haha! Terpentine! I threw some on the last monster I saww and WOOOSH gone."


"R-really? How did you make it?"

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