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File: 1408153818968.jpg (107.08 KB, 400x400, 262110__safe_idw_artist-co….jpg)


Continuation of the plot of the Super Mario RPG-style RPG game we were rambling about in the general.

Image unrelated
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One person has to take the reins and make all the big decisions.


Agreed. Which is why I'm not taking that position
I'll definitely put some effort into it though. I'm just not making this my baby.


>Anyway, my initial model assumed that a single pin would have set modifiers that are brute-applied to the next pin(s). The example Crystal Shield will always add armor-piercing to Honesty pins, and always turn Loyalty pins into reactives. Of course this means nothing to Honesty pins that don't interact with a target's armor, and Loyalty may already have reactives or passives that wouldn't make sense for conversion.

This is sorta like the system they went with for Transistor, though instead of a "each pin affects the next one" it was a deliberate "this pin in this slot with these pins chosen to modify it".
Each skill in the game had a main ability that it had when loaded into a slot to be used directly as a skill, a property that it modified other skills with when put into the modification slots, and a third property that applied when put in a buff slot that applied continuously to your character.


That does sound similar Except this system talked about here sounds like the pins can only go in their element slot.


The person in charge doesn't necessarily have to provide a huge chunk of the work. It's just important somebody somewhere is generating and detailing shit out. I'm personally not about to create a design document.

But we do have the beginnings of a game story here in this thread. That and the super basic concept of how combat progresses is what we have as a structure. Either could be abandoned though if something better or more fleshed out comes along.

File: 1405060768336.gif (16.47 KB, 74x80, show me your idle pose.gif)


Let's make a vidya, MLPG!

Link to the engine: http://www.supermariobrosx.org/

The general idea is to accept level contributions, then stitch them together into a single world people can download and play. You can control either Anon (Mario) or Femanon (either Luigi or Princess) and play through the submitted levels. Custom sprites and music to be shared are also welcome for those who'd rather contribute with artwork or songs.

The game comes with an editor and requires no scripting or programming in order to create levels. Just point and click in blocks, backgrounds, enemies and powerups!
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Might as well mention that the project I mentioned kinda fell through, and I'm currently bedridden by a flu. I'll be gone next weekend to attend a meeting, but after all that I should be free to do whatever.


Seeing as I keep missing you, how about you take a crack at an Anon sprite?

The sheet is earlier in the thread, and despite all the extra area the players' hitbox is fixed at 32x64. Stuff hanging outside the box will render, but it'll clip through walls. If you double up your pixels, then we can use existing assets. Otherwise we'll have to redraw all the art to match the 'thinner' style.

I've heard you might be able to use Luna.DLL to change the hitbox size, but I haven't had time to properly boop around with it much. So just assume 32x64.


You could make a file in yall's world folder named lunaworld.txt and define the hitbox change there, then it would run in every level in that world.

File: 1395863508944.png (103.51 KB, 259x291, Yeah I'd Like to interject….png)


Hello, I'm going to bronycon 2014(3 day pass) and BronyTrot(drinking thing on thursday). I plan on doing live updates and possible streams during events at bronycon.

Just asking if anyone wants specific events streamed, pictures of X, or other requests from the events.


I heard you were the same guy that takes those small resolution screen caps after every new preview and episode, is that true or just speculation?


No idea who that is but you should wait for 1080p rips for caps speediness is no excuse over quality.

I run the bingo, flip mouths, and the HNH shit. Sorry anon can't tell you how that person is

File: 1401813203454.png (295.19 KB, 1024x768, tlm02.png)


In which we discuss/write about PG-rated greentexts about teenage humanized ponies.

Gentlemen, it's time we brought it back.

Post your ideas and available times. Try to set up some jam sessions so the shitposters can be drowned out by two or so >feelsmiths posting in concert.


>Silver Spoon
I was mostly thinking of revisions for what we already had - like having it so that she was always into cooking before meeting you, but maybe she was a bit too self-conscious to share it with anyone; refocusing things a little bit. As much as I enjoy the idea of her having a cold, domineering mother, I think we took it a bit too far and it got distracting.


Haven't we bandied a few ideas for her around as well? Something about cutting class with her?
What do high schoolers in New York City do for fun?


Nerdy girl-next-door comes back from MIT and it turns out she got really really cute is still a solid idea and we should do more with it.
Or the thing with her as that girl in the soda fountain/candy shop.


We had a lot of stuff with Silver Spoon. Might be better to break new ground on Babs and/or Twist.

Didn't we already have the delinquent angle for Scootaloo? Maybe something else for Babs…


>We had a lot of stuff with Silver Spoon

Well, yeah, that's why I was mostly thinking revisions for her - we probably wrote more with SS than we did with some of the others combined.

>Didn't we already have the delinquent angle for Scootaloo? Maybe something else for Babs…

Well, it's been established that Babs was bullied - and it seems like there could be a big enough distinction from Scootaloo; even if Scoots has to deal with being bullied, she still has her two best friends - Babs, on the other hand, it sounded like she really didn't have any friends at all.

I can see maybe Babs putting on a tough-girl persona and trying to convince herself she doesn't need any friends and that your attentions are just another ploy to humiliate her, like every other time a boy's shown any interest in her. … or maybe that's a bit much…

Also, what will we do about Applebloom? That one's always been problematic, because of the retardery around when it got cut off, and because any attempts to restart it are met with especially intense shitposting.


Honestly, I think the Applebloom shitter could just be counterspammed/ignored. I'm frankly amazed that lowlife is still hanging around these parts. Regardless, we don't have any new ideas brewing for her, so it shouldn't be forced.

I'd like to think Babs could have grown past the bullying by teen years, but that does seem to be her shtick, more or less. Maybe the nature of the bullying changed post-puberty? Excuse me for >my fetish, but maybe those big tits of hers could be a factor. You'd think they'd make her popular, but more often than not busty teenagers are ostracized and you hear about their reduction surgeries in the news.

File: 1399521310332.png (146.85 KB, 700x700, 1399491734118.png)


We need to busy ourselves in the long wait for Season 5, and that means making some OC. Contributions from namefags and anonymous alike. Self improvement.
Those projects Spongebob asks about
even >fanfiction
Maybe even fetishes

All the things you plan or planned to do, hash them out here and get to work!
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thought about doing another fanfiction event, but i realized how much a waste of time that would be.


We still have some writers.


And… uh…


For the hiatus I kicked off a new ask blog starring an OC I made. Her name is Marina Fae and her special talent lies in transformation magic. I intend to work on this a lot going forth.




I never really left


>tfw banned

I think I would prefer futashy if her dick was about half as big as it's usually drawn

File: 1396323532117.jpg (44.46 KB, 620x487, 55410-filly-funtasia-heade….jpg)


So, how long til' there's porn?

Who will be your Funtasian Waifu?
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The one on the left is my husbando.


Do these things have names yet?


File: 1396332952071.png (125.32 KB, 265x320, little pony.png)

I kinda like these things on the corner of the posts
Can we keep them?




God damnit, /co/.

File: 1388237652564.png (270.55 KB, 853x479, 63521.PNG)


Watching ponies and stuff.


If you guys care.
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File: 1389046417810.png (205 KB, 555x1331, 55308.png)


File: 1389059291879.png (233.46 KB, 640x400, 55588.png)


File: 1389455533557.jpg (104.29 KB, 1344x756, 63952.jpg)


File: 1389455819281.jpg (67.79 KB, 1280x800, 58197.jpg)


File: 1389664097220.png (279.22 KB, 683x384, 65125.png)

File: 1388904564263.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1400x2154, img_1.jpeg)

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Something to kill time while 4chan's ded.
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So it really IS back. I think it's funny that posting has resumed in /mlp/ before it resumed in /b/, which is generally a better indicator of 4chan's status.


In NONE of those places, I think you mean. I mentioned a town and two cities that wear clothes ubiquitously, compared to Ponyville's one small town.
Just because we do not see every single Ponyville pony wearing clothes does not mean that there is no market there for clothes, as well. Many Ponyville ponies do choose to wear clothes, such as the Granny Smith, Applejack, the Mayor, Rarity's parents (although that can be kind of expected), postal pony uniforms, the vet pony's cute lab coat, the ENTIRE TOWN during Winter Wrap up, not to mention all the costumes the ponies periodically make with their parades and festivals and so on. With the fact that we have never seen another Ponyville clothes store in mind, it could even be the case that Rarity has cornered a niche market in the Ponyville clothing sector, and is rolling in dough. There is at least enough evidence supporting this as there is evidence supporting your outlandish theory that promotes a sex industry in Equestria which has never been shown or referenced, even in passing.

Although it's true that she's only recently begun to be known outside of Ponyville, how long she's been working as a designer is not known, similarly to how the ages of the ponies are also unknown. She could have just been starting out, as she is certainly by now a rising star in the Equestria fashion scene, having won an award, had her dresses featured and modeled by prominent celebrities, and formed quite a number of connections in Sweet and Elite(or at least Fancypants).


Enough talk about silly nothings that will never be.

4chan is back


Not with hazelnut and sugar.


I want to cuddle with filly flutters

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File: 1383161022641.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1040x1600, cover.jpeg)


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File: 1383162922637.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1040x1600, img_24.jpeg)


File: 1383162967622.jpeg (976.96 KB, 1040x1600, img_25.jpeg)


File: 1383163079459.jpeg (953.22 KB, 1040x1600, img_26.jpeg)


File: 1383163111844.jpeg (808.34 KB, 1040x1600, img_27.jpeg)


Thanks for storytiming man.

File: 1381466516186.jpg (39.65 KB, 894x894, if only hitler had a best ….jpg)

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Shit's down

Post ponies
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Because Rarity asked him to be a deer and help her with her things, and spike said "sure I'll be a deer"
so you know…dear


and I got dear and deer backwards
maybe I should sleep


File: 1388910958328.jpg (73.02 KB, 800x702, magic horn and spikey.jpg)

Ah, I see. I kept forgetting that Spike spoke in that episode.


It seem someone using the Luna thread as the new general.



okay I'll go there

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