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File: 1399521310332.png (146.85 KB, 700x700, 1399491734118.png)


We need to busy ourselves in the long wait for Season 5, and that means making some OC. Contributions from namefags and anonymous alike. Self improvement.
Those projects Spongebob asks about
even >fanfiction
Maybe even fetishes

All the things you plan or planned to do, hash them out here and get to work!
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thought about doing another fanfiction event, but i realized how much a waste of time that would be.


We still have some writers.


And… uh…


For the hiatus I kicked off a new ask blog starring an OC I made. Her name is Marina Fae and her special talent lies in transformation magic. I intend to work on this a lot going forth.




I never really left


>tfw banned

I think I would prefer futashy if her dick was about half as big as it's usually drawn

File: 1396323532117.jpg (44.46 KB, 620x487, 55410-filly-funtasia-heade….jpg)


So, how long til' there's porn?

Who will be your Funtasian Waifu?
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The one on the left is my husbando.


Do these things have names yet?


File: 1396332952071.png (125.32 KB, 265x320, little pony.png)

I kinda like these things on the corner of the posts
Can we keep them?




God damnit, /co/.

File: 1388237652564.png (270.55 KB, 853x479, 63521.PNG)


Watching ponies and stuff.


If you guys care.
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File: 1389046417810.png (205 KB, 555x1331, 55308.png)


File: 1389059291879.png (233.46 KB, 640x400, 55588.png)


File: 1389455533557.jpg (104.29 KB, 1344x756, 63952.jpg)


File: 1389455819281.jpg (67.79 KB, 1280x800, 58197.jpg)


File: 1389664097220.png (279.22 KB, 683x384, 65125.png)

File: 1388904564263.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1400x2154, img_1.jpeg)

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Something to kill time while 4chan's ded.
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So it really IS back. I think it's funny that posting has resumed in /mlp/ before it resumed in /b/, which is generally a better indicator of 4chan's status.


In NONE of those places, I think you mean. I mentioned a town and two cities that wear clothes ubiquitously, compared to Ponyville's one small town.
Just because we do not see every single Ponyville pony wearing clothes does not mean that there is no market there for clothes, as well. Many Ponyville ponies do choose to wear clothes, such as the Granny Smith, Applejack, the Mayor, Rarity's parents (although that can be kind of expected), postal pony uniforms, the vet pony's cute lab coat, the ENTIRE TOWN during Winter Wrap up, not to mention all the costumes the ponies periodically make with their parades and festivals and so on. With the fact that we have never seen another Ponyville clothes store in mind, it could even be the case that Rarity has cornered a niche market in the Ponyville clothing sector, and is rolling in dough. There is at least enough evidence supporting this as there is evidence supporting your outlandish theory that promotes a sex industry in Equestria which has never been shown or referenced, even in passing.

Although it's true that she's only recently begun to be known outside of Ponyville, how long she's been working as a designer is not known, similarly to how the ages of the ponies are also unknown. She could have just been starting out, as she is certainly by now a rising star in the Equestria fashion scene, having won an award, had her dresses featured and modeled by prominent celebrities, and formed quite a number of connections in Sweet and Elite(or at least Fancypants).


Enough talk about silly nothings that will never be.

4chan is back


Not with hazelnut and sugar.


I want to cuddle with filly flutters

File: 1383161022641.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1040x1600, cover.jpeg)


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File: 1383162922637.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1040x1600, img_24.jpeg)


File: 1383162967622.jpeg (976.96 KB, 1040x1600, img_25.jpeg)


File: 1383163079459.jpeg (953.22 KB, 1040x1600, img_26.jpeg)


File: 1383163111844.jpeg (808.34 KB, 1040x1600, img_27.jpeg)


Thanks for storytiming man.

File: 1381466516186.jpg (39.65 KB, 894x894, if only hitler had a best ….jpg)

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Shit's down

Post ponies
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Because Rarity asked him to be a deer and help her with her things, and spike said "sure I'll be a deer"
so you know…dear


and I got dear and deer backwards
maybe I should sleep


File: 1388910958328.jpg (73.02 KB, 800x702, magic horn and spikey.jpg)

Ah, I see. I kept forgetting that Spike spoke in that episode.


It seem someone using the Luna thread as the new general.



okay I'll go there

File: 1380650665126.png (33.59 KB, 468x701, 1380637606405.png)


Invite for you guys




Wow, it's like I really have friends.


>liking mlpg enough to invite us


>Tripcodes optional.

It's like that one time, when home stuck asked us to the 4chan winter ball, and we said no.
Oh right, also no.

File: 1378892849209.jpg (1.16 MB, 1040x1600, 1378873337571.jpg)


Storytime again.
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File: 1378893618086.jpg (890.87 KB, 1040x1600, 1378874562784.jpg)


File: 1378893749332.jpg (919.13 KB, 1040x1600, 1378874617975.jpg)


File: 1378893785970.jpg (867.74 KB, 1040x1600, 1378874672837.jpg)


File: 1378893819202.jpg (914.9 KB, 1040x1600, 1378874725964.jpg)


File: 1378893847587.jpg (611.03 KB, 1040x1600, 1378873395070.jpg)

That's all folks.

File: 1369311802858.jpg (11.26 KB, 193x250, 1369087711608s.jpg)


i'm surprised to not see this here yet. This guy was on /mlp/ posting this cute little comic followed by clop that the thread demanded it's an anon in equestria thing so don't bother if you aren't in to HUMANxPONY stories.

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File: 1370551020610.png (113.07 KB, 400x533, 1369596727166.png)

woah nelly






File: 1378769747967.jpg (3.42 KB, 125x110, PhotoForAntsS.jpg)

File: 1375366391002.jpg (431.93 KB, 911x1400, 1375277386203.jpg)


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File: 1377732107190.png (1.08 MB, 640x960, 1377725823424.png)


File: 1377732131441.png (1.08 MB, 640x960, 1377725864631.png)


File: 1377732155034.png (826.86 KB, 960x640, 1377725918820.png)

And that concludes the Big Mac arc


This arc gets a 20/10.
Everything in it was perfect.



I am in total agreement, I had a smile on my face the whole time reading it.

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