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File: 1388904564263.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1400x2154, img_1.jpeg)

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Something to kill time while 4chan's ded.


File: 1388904606267.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1400x2154, img_2.jpeg)


File: 1388904650710.jpeg (2.51 MB, 1400x2154, img_3.jpeg)


File: 1388904669175.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1400x2154, img_4.jpeg)


File: 1388904688121.jpeg (2.46 MB, 1400x2154, img_5.jpeg)


File: 1388904705896.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1400x2154, img_6.jpeg)


File: 1388904725433.jpeg (2.72 MB, 1400x2154, img_7.jpeg)


File: 1388904743206.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1400x2154, img_8.jpeg)


File: 1388904762879.jpeg (2.65 MB, 1400x2154, img_9.jpeg)


File: 1388904781591.jpeg (2.44 MB, 1400x2154, img_10.jpeg)


File: 1388904801178.jpeg (2.68 MB, 1400x2154, img_11.jpeg)


File: 1388904820641.jpeg (2.65 MB, 1400x2154, img_12.jpeg)


Oh I actually haven't seen this one yet, cool


File: 1388904838790.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1400x2154, img_13.jpeg)


File: 1388904857048.jpeg (2.36 MB, 1400x2154, img_14.jpeg)


File: 1388904931792.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1400x2154, img_15.jpeg)

This one was pretty great. Not sure whether this, or the Rarity or CMC micro is my favorite.


File: 1388904950215.jpeg (2.26 MB, 1400x2154, img_16.jpeg)


File: 1388904969050.jpeg (2.56 MB, 1400x2154, img_17.jpeg)


File: 1388904987330.jpeg (2.31 MB, 1400x2154, img_18.jpeg)


File: 1388905005305.jpeg (2.28 MB, 1400x2154, img_19.jpeg)


File: 1388905025081.jpeg (2.77 MB, 1400x2154, img_20.jpeg)


File: 1388905044801.jpeg (2.69 MB, 1400x2154, img_21.jpeg)


File: 1388905062686.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1400x2154, img_22.jpeg)


File: 1388905081373.jpeg (2.44 MB, 1400x2154, img_23.jpeg)


File: 1388905101220.jpeg (2.74 MB, 1400x2154, img_24.jpeg)


File: 1388905118535.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1400x2154, img_26.jpeg)


File: 1388905150645.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1400x2154, img_27.jpeg)

That's all of it. Hope you enjoy it.


my god that is adorable


That was great, I laughed out loud more than a few times. Thanks


My pleasure. It was nice to see the micros ending on such a high note.
That chess stuff killed me though. Especially them staying all night at the end.


Third best micro after the Rarity and CMC one


but thats wrong its best micro


>Better than the Rarity micro
>Better than the cuteness that is the CMC micro
Again nah
It's great but again not better than those two.


Do we not have a continuation general for the outage?

I just got done watching the last episode, and boy was it shit.

Is the rainbow thread a plot mcguffin?


How was it shit? Honestly I loved it, an 8.5/10 for me.


I like it more than the Rarity Micro and really didn't like the CMC micro. I can come to an agreement its at least as good as the Rarity micro but i cant agree with the CMC one.


Well each with his own I guess.
At least we can agree that Dash and Flutters had the worst micros, right?


Dash was really bad, which made me sad since she is my favorite horse. Really Fluttershy's was about as good as Twilights and AJ's, which is to say they were painfully meh.


>hurr spike gets shat on while we sing about generosity
>durr she so ebil plot (At least this time the villain had something to gain from their ebilness)
>hurr Rarara takes a heel-face turn from the element of generosity to "WORK FASTER SLAVES" with no buildup or direct depiction of her snapping


I enjoyed Twilight's micro quite a lot. As much as the Pinkie one. Honestly the only problem was the art and that's thanks to the colorist, not the artist. Had a lot funny moments for me.

And yeah AJ's micro was kinda meh. Besides 1 or 2 parts that made me smile it was just boring.


>hurr Rarara takes a heel-face turn from the element of generosity to "WORK FASTER SLAVES" with no buildup or direct depiction of her snapping
Did you not watch the episode and see her break down because her generosity had bit her in the ass?


You know I've just went trough a list of episodes and rated them all to get an average for each season. And you know it was almost exactly what I said they were even before doing the math.
S1 = 7.9
S2 = 8.2
S3 = 7.7
Also till now S4 is a 8.08


Yes, but to me they didn't do a good job of showing a reason for someone who has such a serious belief in the value of generosity that they were chosen by some meta-spiritual force as the pony embodiment of the virtue to forsake that virtue.

I get that for the sake of the story they settled on, and the 22 minute time limit, some of these things have to be compressed, and that equestria is a magical place where people are generally really nice to each other, but still, shaking the core foundations of someone's self image takes more than one person doing something rude.

All this is my opinion. I just wasn't sold on it. I understand Rarity is effectively manic-depressive, but it still just didn't sit right with me.


I don't know man. I thought they did a pretty good job. She was betrayed, had an extreamly important thing stolen from her and she could do nothing to prove it wasn't like that. She came home trying not to cry only to let it all out there where she said that it was true what they said about each pony being on his own in the city.

I'd agree that one thing shouldn't be enough but it was a very important thing and most importantly she was under a lot of stress. She didn't even realize what she did till she saw herself alone.

But honestly here's one of the reason I loved the episode. How her friends reacted after that.
I honestly expected a cliched train station scene where they were all angry at her and she apologizes. But fuck that they weren't mad at her, they wanted to go to the show not leave the town. They understood that that wasn't the real Rarity and she was just in a very bad mood. Fuck they apologized for not making to the show.


Luna Micro = Rarity Micro > CMC Micro > Other Micros



You're wrong
The end


I forgot about this. Can 4chan please unfuck itself already?



File: 1388911450440.gif (817.99 KB, 576x324, CoCo gif happy.gif)

How long does it usually take for itunes HD to get up?
I need to cap all the CoCo


Doesn't it come out on Mondays usually?


File: 1388911544060.png (442.07 KB, 1280x846, CoCo 30.png)

Isn't it already out, just not uploaded?
This cap looks HD and no-logos.


that pone i think is QTest non main pone. She looked good, and had a cute voice


File: 1388911614543.png (133.62 KB, 328x309, Deskjob 2.png)

Deskjob had the cuter voice
And yes, mrs. peachbottom finally has a contestant.


Her voice wasn't that great but yeah she has the best color scheme and a cute cutie mark.
Now this is a pony with an adorable voice. Tabitha is just that great


holy shit Supesu Dandi is awesome.


I hate to be a slowpoke but what's Supesu Dandi?


File: 1388911869915.jpg (143.78 KB, 332x474, Space_Dandy_promotional_im….jpg)


That looks stupid



That is a unique set of color scheme. What is her name, anyways?


Credits called her Deskjob Pony


And what terrible tag does she have on Derpibooru?


Thank you


Wondering the same


Uh…It's the Ghostbuster's secretary name. Can't remeber it


File: 1388912273161.jpg (69.64 KB, 708x704, WiEHs.jpg)

I disliked her. But I'm beginning to think my opinion of everything in this episode is a case of pic related


File: 1388912365722.jpg (103.95 KB, 463x465, mlpg artists.jpg)


File: 1388912417077.png (17.94 KB, 515x295, 515749__safe_twitter_spoil….PNG)

Either reception pony or grace.


Did we see her cutie mark?
I wonder how awful it would be to get a deskjob cutie mark


>literally disemvoweling your own words to make it fit in an intentionally limited platform.


Man I feel sorry for the luggage boy. His cutie mark was goddamn luggage.

At least Rarity gave him enough tips for now….


File: 1388912572124.png (84.73 KB, 633x647, reception pony.png)

I don't think anyone knows.


Anyone care for a movie?


hmm, what movie?


Mary and Max


sure I've never heard of it



File: 1388913180749.png (40.11 KB, 505x287, Capture.PNG)

We are the ded

At least there's still hope…


>Anything's possible
That's basically a "no, we haven't written her in any more in S4 or S5".



Well thanks for killing my smile NegaPonk


I really couldn't care less about that thing


That might not stop them from shoehorning her in if possible. But that might be hard to do unless the scene actually called for her specifically in the first place.


File: 1388913773271.jpg (138.78 KB, 991x1161, 1386364027837.jpg)


You are Pinkaii


They shoehorn in what they want where they want, the issue is that of need, she'd have to be really popular in the fandom for that and that's not happening by the looks of it.


File: 1388913947752.jpg (29.38 KB, 350x450, 1329992486306.jpg)

I'd pound it.



File: 1388914095772.png (877.87 KB, 3340x3200, Pinkie feed bag color.png)

you'd have to earn her trust first
or just distract her with a feedbag


File: 1388914147115.png (90.27 KB, 674x900, 1333052887226.png)

Yes you are, Pinkie!


File: 1388914180589.png (244.03 KB, 624x332, Rarararararararararararara….PNG)

This is my favorite face.


What if Pinkie asked you that every day
Would it get on your nerves or would you give the same answer?


I don't know why but I really think she did that face before…




File: 1388914677309.png (120.8 KB, 625x625, 1333208341522.png)

Sometime, depending on my mood. I would just pet her head instead of answering yes during those days.


File: 1388914803350.png (325.16 KB, 541x644, Pinkie Face 2.PNG)

>anon you didn't answer me
>hey anon
>hey anon


File: 1388915097601.png (140.66 KB, 760x710, 1333567104767.png)

If I have to, I would just tell her I am having a bad day.


File: 1388915265572.png (90.01 KB, 671x628, ec4574641805558c01e8bfb9d0….png)

She would be sorry.


File: 1388915363857.png (2.35 MB, 1600x1590, purmu pinkiepus.png)


Octopie or Pinkiepus?


File: 1388915437571.jpg (336.83 KB, 720x2430, 1375852211127.jpg)

I like pinkiepus better


File: 1388915457665.png (114.7 KB, 600x860, 1333531896585.png)

Sorry about what?


File: 1388915562341.png (96.96 KB, 281x331, Deskjob 6.png)

Why is she so perfect?


Sorry for bothering you on a bad day.


I bet she gives great deskjobs


File: 1388915665164.png (88.13 KB, 1104x622, 1334412508953.png)

Maybe in better days, I could say "yes you are" in an exciting way.


File: 1388915733224.png (258.65 KB, 1000x934, Lyra anon boxers shy.png)

oh I'd never seen that one before
I love ponies in boxers


File: 1388915833095.png (217.14 KB, 1171x971, tumblr_m1994gcy1J1rr95hmo1….png)

Its some of Nasse's art.


File: 1388915923458.gif (1.7 MB, 833x764, Dash is super excited.gif)

I love this horse


>Rarity episode
>not only good but gives us 3 new ponies, out of which 2 are great and adorable
I wonder if the other ponies are jealous.


she knows


File: 1388916184739.png (116.49 KB, 280x306, Deskjob 1.png)

The rest of the episode wasn't that great
I just love Deskjob and CoCo


File: 1388916351417.gif (1.04 MB, 640x360, pole dancer.gif)

>The rest of the episode wasn't that great
Not him but I consider it a solid episode. Its as good as Power Ponies, if you ask me.


Power Ponies>Rarity Takes Manehatten=Bats>Princess Twilight Sparkle>Daring don't > Flight to the finish


Regardless of rankings, this season hasn't had an episode that's blown me away yet.
Fun episodes but not amazing.


I'd say Power pony is one of the higher end high tier episodes. Not as good as god tier episodes like Art of the Dress, Ponyville Confidential or Sleepless but still.

Anyway the S4 has been pretty damn solid till now. Besides Flight to the Finish that was just a boring episode with a few good moments all the others were good to great.


File: 1388916601683.gif (2.99 MB, 378x286, Red.gif)

>Art of the dress

>God tier


File: 1388916654524.png (939.98 KB, 1324x768, Dash Rarity Wonderbolts Sc….png)

I agree with him, those are God Tier episodes


Yes that is fact.


File: 1388916702517.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, hue.gif)



Care to explain why they're not good episodes?


File: 1388916803239.gif (1.19 MB, 360x264, Ambush.gif)

Not without bringing you a sizable serving of subjective.


Move Bats to = to Daring don't and that would be my ranking of this season.


It doesn't matter, explain.


>not god tier


Everyone loves art of the dress though
it's got a catchy song, cute ponies in cute outfits, a well written plot, and of course 20% cooler


File: 1388916990818.jpg (23.46 KB, 189x191, 1382955027429.jpg)

bats > castle mane-ia > princess > manehattan > scootacripple > power ponies > daring don't

let there be opinions


power ponies > bats > castle mane-ia > daring don't > princess > ftf > rarity takes manehatten



Castle > Power Ponies > Bats > Princess Twilight > Daring Don't > Manehattan > Flight to Finish


I would rank these.

Power Ponies > Rarity Takes Manehatten > Princess Twilight Sparkle > Daring don't > Bat! > Flight to the finish


Sleepless is pretty good, 8/10, but not god tier

art of the dress it's been while since i watched, but i remember it as overall not that interesting and the song was not that great. One of better songs, though, i guess.

I can't say how much of my opinions on Ra ra tea episodes are bit like >>7981 but that's the way it be. I don't really hate her though, not even dislike, she just least good.


File: 1388917307676.png (201.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1379917015582.png)

What the fuck are happening to my articles.
A a the the
Thank you blessed sleepless nights


File: 1388917437004.gif (496.29 KB, 500x200, Did we just beome friends.gif)

>ranking manehattan low


I mean it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't great either.


[The only reason why this episode is ranked high because it had my fetish] > [This one too] > Castlemania = Manehattan > PTS > Flight to the finish = Daring Don't.


All the better


It's funny because i don't fetish ponies, so that's not why i loved bats.


>fetish ponies
>keeping ponies as tiny trinkets


No I'm talking about myself, that's the only reason I liked Bats, but power ponies was cool because of the alternate universe and the villain.


File: 1388917665657.gif (2.36 MB, 400x299, STALIN.gif)

>Post Traumatic Stress


i agree with this one


I really didn't like it.


Forgettable is a good way of putting it for me too. I didn't hate it, in fact it had some good moments for me, but it's my least favorite episode of the season so far.


File: 1388918157536.png (324.41 KB, 1200x1029, Rarity's fat butt.png)

>if you tell anyone about this


>Rarity wants to be a dog


Would she let me play fetch with her?


File: 1388918455096.gif (1.95 MB, 462x360, CoCo 18.gif)

I can't handle it

She's just too perfect


File: 1388918498630.png (892.06 KB, 2194x1969, Rarity Collar.png)

As long as you do it inside
She'd never go out in public wearing her collar


Sure. Can I also pet her or belly rub Rarity for being a good dog?


I love how submissive she was. What a cutie.


File: 1388918703455.jpeg (113.85 KB, 1280x865, Rarity Pet collar diamond….jpeg)

she wouldn't want it any other way


File: 1388918799838.png (173.17 KB, 700x665, Rarity Sweetie_belle Body_….png)

But what about Sweetie?


she can never know, she wouldn't understand


Rarity is very accepting of this. Why is she?


She already knows




She wants to be the dirty dog, like how many males on MLPG wants to be the pretty mare.


If she wants to be a dirty dog, then I would give her a bath. I am going to make her very clean.


I dunno, Sweetie isn't too bright
Maybe she saw Rarity pretending to be a dog and didn't realize what she was doing


File: 1388919361455.gif (1.03 MB, 1024x1024, Fluttershy-Angel-sleeping.gif)

go to bed


File: 1388919370271.png (343.37 KB, 901x600, 1369963417462.png)

If you do that then she will never get Twilight to turn you into a pony


Rarity's already a pretty mare… If we became pretty mares, would we want to be dirty dogs? What would we want to be if we were dirty dogs? These are the questions we need to ask.


im 2drunk


I say it would be worth it. Beside, I could carry her if I was a human.


File: 1388919515205.png (110.28 KB, 423x360, 1388866307508.png)



that doesn't work here


If you're a human you want to be a pony.
If you're a pony you want to be a dog.
If you're a dog you want to be a griffon.
If you're a griffon you want to be a dragon.
If you're a dragon you want to be a draconequus.


File: 1388919693762.gif (155.86 KB, 1000x563, Dinky 64.gif)


you are stupid


And you don't get to be a pony.


File: 1388919881739.jpg (34.62 KB, 454x486, 1336425976957.jpg)

Debbie Does Dallas > Castle Mane-ia > Power Ponies > Vampony > cute fillies doing cute shit > Princess Twily > Rainbow Dash trying to get into her OC Donut Steel's pants (or lack there-of)


jokes on you im already a pony


Lyra, please. We all know you still lurk in these generals.


…At least two of the episode are in the correct place. You tried.


I'm well aware that I have Terse-tier opinions.

I miss him.


File: 1388920410358.gif (929.69 KB, 360x240, 1386443125399.gif)


I really expected him to return when S4 started. I mean honestly quitting the show because 5 minutes of Twilycorn?


He quit because of that? That's entirely understandable.


File: 1388920496376.gif (584.21 KB, 334x301, 1383433480796.gif)

You have 10 minutes to post the cutest picture of a pony in your possession.


>Quitting for something that had 3 minutes of screen time and without at least wanting to see how the writers handle it
If he quit after the S4 premier yeah then it would have been understandable but I think that quitting after the S3 finale is a bit of a rushed decision.

Each with his own I guess…


File: 1388920644196.png (146.97 KB, 699x668, 1388846501740.png)

Sure. This one is the most cutest one I have yet. I know I there is a picture cuter than this in my folder, but I am too lazy to find it.


File: 1388920662718.jpg (187.02 KB, 1663x934, look at this fucking clone….jpg)


File: 1388920705299.png (96.27 KB, 400x600, Rarity Filly Filly_Rarity ….png)

I'm to lazy to actually look for one so have this


It wasn't hard to guess how it was going to be handled.


File: 1388920821693.gif (1.32 MB, 393x396, cutestpurpleautism.gif)

I have too many pics to decide on a cutest one, but this is probably somewhere in the top20


File: 1388920847011.jpg (354.43 KB, 1000x1063, Pinkie Nightcap.jpg)


File: 1388920984062.png (95.86 KB, 172x387, Pinkie will hypnotize you.png)

This one too.


File: 1388921007018.jpg (281.7 KB, 700x600, 115425 - cuteness_overload….jpg)


S3 finale left a really bad taste in my mouth but I knew it was like 90% Hasbro influence and that there was still a chance for S4 to be good. And it was. Twilycorn itself isn't that bad, it's just that the S3 finale was a REALLY shitty way of introducing it. It was just so fucking horribly rushed and it felt like 3 episodes condensed into 1.

I'm not looking forward to the S4 finale. If I remember right, Costanza's wedding was the S2 finale, right? So 2/3 of the show's finales so far have had serious Hasbro toy line influence. On one hand I wish they would back off and let the writers handle it their own way, but on the other, at least the finales are the only thing they're fucking with.


We kind of know what's going to be the toy of the finale, Rainbow Power.


File: 1388921075397.gif (173.45 KB, 102x125, distraction sweetie.gif)


And as a tradition in the MLPG, it would be in February. The month where shit happens.


File: 1388921156456.gif (1.18 MB, 300x288, Twilight drinking semen.gif)


File: 1388921170509.gif (1001.1 KB, 960x540, 1366291848439.gif)

Today i think, you are all winners!


Yay! What do we win?


I don't visit the threads anymore and I only check the Sub every once in a while for reports, and no one has mentioned "Rainbow Power" in the Steam chat so I'm honestly 100% unfamiliar with it.

H-how bad is it?


File: 1388921301245.png (193.54 KB, 517x695, 1386570689857.png)

There is no prize
Just pony


Well the toys look like shit as always, they're the basic molds with some retarded rainbowy sparkly shit printed all over. In last episode Rarity's eyes had that rainbowy shine, that's probably referencing it, this season rainbows also seem to have a more important role all around. The thread was rainbow too, and it's apparently a key.


File: 1388921446226.gif (27.12 KB, 200x200, 1383750387530.gif)

So basically they're going to open the box and it's going to be fucking rainbows inside.


I'm wondering just how much it will effect the show. I wouldn't want it to be a permanent transformation, but I doubt it will be a one time thing either. To be honest I'm curious to see where it's all going.


File: 1388921481922.png (339.91 KB, 1500x1500, Marker_Pone_and_Anon.png)

I like this pony. I would care for her.


Thing is that in the end it's still a 20 minute toy commercial. The entire purpose of the show is to sell toys. Of course we're getting to get every new toy forced in it but thing is that most of the time the writers can handle it.

The wedding? Besides the out of nowhere introduction of Cadence and Shining Armor and that Twilight was the main focus even more than usuall it wasn't so bad.
SA isn't that big of a deal and the only bad thing with Cadence is that she so fucking uninteresting. I mean fuck even after all the other episodes and the comic that managed to make SA a cool guy she's still the fucking same. Anyway the wedding had a new race, a pretty good song and all and all it wasn't that bad.

And I liked MMC. Everything till the last 5 minutes was fucking great. Two great songs, fun episode, fun situation. The biggest problem was the last 5 minutes which indeed felt like they were added the just so we can have Twilycorn. But that's mainly the season being only 13 episodes. There's only so much you could do in one episode. And really the main problem was again Twilcorn. They really didn't have any other way to handle that. Another episode would make everything to long and they'd still only use 5 minutes for it since the entire point is to introduce Princess Twilight, not to expand on it or show the consequences. It was a lose lose situation.


They're just getting back the EoH but now it's Totally New and Different and called something else


I am liking the high proportion of small episodes about the small problems of ponies, and silly cartoon type episodes this season, compared to the high number of bland attempts at bigger stuff in season 3.


File: 1388921503280.png (601.79 KB, 900x700, 1386575154165.png)

Pony is love


It's going to be like the EoH, they will keep transforming when using it instead of putting on things.


File: 1388921665604.png (132.34 KB, 1000x455, 1348190303426.png)

And fun. I bet both of those ponies enjoy yesterday's episode about Rarity.


It's probably going to be like the EoH
Instead of floating in the air and shooting a rainbow at their enemy they'll probably do some kind of transformation and then blast the enemies ass.


I like that too. I just hope they keep doing this, all attempts at bigger stories keep failing.


The small stories are what made seasons 1 and 2 so great for me.


File: 1388921752982.png (88.16 KB, 690x742, 1367245338169.png)

It was one of my least favorite episodes this season
And i still enjoyed it greatly.


File: 1388921841425.jpg (74.75 KB, 640x640, Unfiest Video Game Title.jpg)


That seems like a pretty safe bet, and a good way to keep bringing it back into the show from time to time (assuming there's a season 5).

I think the Pony of Shadows sounds like a likely first target.


I actually really liked the wedding after I took some time to properly digest it. I also liked Crystal Empire, but again, I have Terse-tier opinions. I simply don't like the S3 finale, though, and I don't know what they could have done to make it better. It's just the fact that the whole Twilycorn concept came out of nowhere and blindsided us. Yes, the same is true of the wedding but the wedding wasn't introducing a major change to a main character, and it wasn't fucking with the status quo. Twilycorn was much bigger and it really needed some kind of build up in my opinion. As it stands, it just feels like it was hamfisted into a preexisting episode. I truly would not be surprised if that turned out to be the case - the whole premise of the first half felt strong enough to stand alone as its own episode.

I also didn't like the music in it. That, you are completely free to call me a shit for.


As dumb as it is, I kind of like the fact that Twilight becoming an Alicorn hasn't really changed the show's dynamic outside of now she has wings.


File: 1388922023672.png (852.49 KB, 652x1221, 1388868673752.png)

Would also be a kinda acceptable way to implement them (since there's no way around it anyway)

Twilight and Rarara look kinda cute


I don't like it but it's better than the alternative


File: 1388922135514.png (317.99 KB, 782x667, 1383078214992.png)


We need to talk about pony levels

As i have mentioned a time or two before, you've been in danger of having your pony rating reduced from AAA to AA+

It says here that your pony levels have been sufficient to maintain an AAA rating, but that if the new year continues like the last, then the rating will not stand on the next turn of a year.


Oh I don't disagree with you about most of that. Fuck even the writers said that S3 was rushed as fuck which explains a lot of things.

As for the songs really only What my Cutie Mark is telling me and A true true friend were great. The others were meh and really Twilight's sad song was shit.

Meghan recently said she'll get some princessy stuff later but honestly it kinda make sense. Cadence was a princess and all she did was babysit Twilight. Celestia and Luna handle everything and Cadence just got the Crystal empire. It kinda makes sense that Twilight wouldn't have any real princess duties right now since she doesn't have her own land.


Rarara and Twilight are the only ones that don't look like complete shit.
I mean look at AJ and Pinkie. Jesus christ my eyes hurt when looking at them. And Dash would be okay if it weren't for the wings.


How about human ponies?


File: 1388922287015.png (392.97 KB, 1000x1000, 1380825422054.png)

Such would not contribute to maintaining your rating.


Meh pony, shit artist, shit drawing


File: 1388922295620.png (215.92 KB, 600x750, 75222__safe_fluttershy_art….png)

I always post cute ponies and talk about them whenever I can. No worries for me.


Show me your fave artist for human pones.


I still don't know how I feel about it. See, I don't have a problem with Twilycorn itself, I just didn't like the episode that introduced it, and I have a really hard time getting past bad introductions. Whenever I'm reminded that Twily is now a princess, I'm reminded of that episode and how much I disliked it.

I'm in agreement with the Anons that said they like how the season has been very slice-of-life so far, and that it's the reason they liked seasons 1 and 2. I've really liked how S4 has been going so far and I'm looking forward to more of it, I'm just worried that we're going to end up with another rushed finale where they get all the keys at once and open the box and maybe even end up with Twily fixing that castle in the woods with magic and moving into it. Which is something I'd kind of like to see - I just don't want to see it happen in not only a single episode, but a single episode that's being shared with the damn box.


File: 1388922406998.jpg (216.14 KB, 460x300, Pone with Shoes.jpg)



Pony ratings do not apply to individuals, but to groups and organizations, such as the MLP General.


The keys are going to be insignificant ranbom objects like the rainbow thread in last episode. And it's not like there's any pleasant memories of Princess Twilight to replace it, I have the same problem.


But see, if the whole season continues like it is now, and then we get one episode of a rushed and shitty finale, it will still be a good and satisfying season for me. I can overlook the shitty ending.
S3 had too many episodes that were shitty to me, not just the finale.


File: 1388922552050.png (387.9 KB, 700x700, vinyl_scratch_Dinocasino.png)


This season is the same as S3 so far only that episodes are ever so slightly better on average.


File: 1388922607793.png (98.6 KB, 306x345, look at this fucking mad f….png)

Truth be told I can't even remember S3 beyond the Crystal Empire and Twilycorn.

Oh wait, I remember Spike At Your Service, because I was so excited that my favorite pone was getting an episode AND THEN IT TURNED OUT TO BE FUCKING GARBAGE.


I never cared about Scratch, but every so often I'll go through a phase of thinking she's hot.
Sometimes it's easy to forget I'm talking about cartoon horses.


Well Rarity got her key so they are giving them in episode.

And I bet that Dash's key is going to be in Rainbow Falls and Pinkie's in the Weird Al episode.

I really like it how the keys are really just objects like that. The finale will probably have a part where they all go SHIT WE DON'T HAVE THE KEYS before they realize they had them.

What bothers me a bit is that a lot of other things got the same treatment as the Rainbow Thread. The Comic, the Shadow Pony, Flutter's fang. All got a scene at the end of the of the episode.


I'm going to make a bold assertion: Cutest scrunch right there.


File: 1388922717378.png (851.28 KB, 928x686, 1356118903398.png)

It's okay, Anon.


File: 1388922749635.jpg (4.96 KB, 112x119, 1388899442406.jpg)

>The Comic
The comic disappeared though


I really don't understand the hate for SAYS.
I mean the worst thing about it was Spike being a moron for 4 scenes and only 2 of them had no excuse. Other than that the episode was pretty okay and the character interaction between the main cast, which was a pretty big part of the episode, was fucking glorious.
The scene at the boutique, the scene were they were planing, the scene where they were preparing before Spike got there and the entire scene where they were pretending were fucking great.


She is a hot pony. I can admit that to myself.


It's not an issue with the other things but the thread. They basically just slap it in there with absolutely nothing special about it and say it's a key and there's your big overarching plot of S4 that they kept hyping all the time prior to episode 3. The goddamn Gala in S1 had more of an overarching plot than this season if they keep doing it like this.


File: 1388922944473.png (100.79 KB, 294x315, lyra is disgusted.png)

If you really want to hate me, as much as I dislike SAYS, I like Owl's Well That Ends Well.

You can't overestimate how pleb I am.


File: 1388922967152.jpg (234.09 KB, 831x627, 1388682209140.jpg)


I don't hate the owl episode. Had some good parts and other than that it was just meh. A weak episode but I don't consider it a bad one.

Hell I am honest when I say I liked all the episodes. The ones that I like the least are the Owl episode for the reason above, MMDW for honestly the same reasons and Call of Cutie, Cutie Pox and Apple Family Reunion for being so mind numbing boring. I mean fuck they aren't bad but there's also nothing exciting happening on. It just ponies doing pony stuff but is a very very boring way.


File: 1388923149764.gif (1.04 MB, 400x184, dooks gettin dosh.gif)

We ded now


File: 1388923337339.gif (505.11 KB, 700x900, TERSE.gif)


File: 1388923343664.gif (2.66 MB, 554x359, 1323570089372.gif)

I just really want a good Applejack episode that isn't stolen by another pony. The only episode I can think of that I truly consider a good AJ episode is The Last Roundup, and we all know that's only technically an AJ episode.


File: 1388923403682.png (118.48 KB, 718x696, fs158.png)


Yeah, TLR was mostly about her friends. And the part that isn't about her friends is the Derpy one.


That is quite a hip.


Pony gave you a ponut and a fat marevag but didn't change how you actually look.


That I cannot abide. She's got to send me all the way, I'm an abomination.


Boy this will be really awkward if anyone ever gets into bed with me. Good thing that will never happen.


So what exactly did moot fucked up now that 4chan isn't working?


Pony decided to give you a lengthy stallion cock and hefty balls in addition to your marevag.

Maybe boobs if you're good enough.


I'll be good…


Slap pony and go to another pony to change me back.
And no by slapping I mean slapping pony with your hand not with your dick


what if they're crotchboobs?


Are these boobs on my crotch or on my chest.

This is a dealbreaker.


>not both


They're on your chest, and they're quite large.


But anon, I still look like a gross human man, only further perverted with sexy pone bits. I'd be a freak, shunned by both pone and human society. Please show mercy.


Well I know I said it was a dealbreaker but I guess I'm willing to settle.


File: 1388924430934.png (174.74 KB, 1000x581, 1385333992121.png)


You aren't. Sorry I thought it was someone else.


File: 1388924559915.png (146.17 KB, 1102x724, sad.png)

Oh. O-okay.


File: 1388924692450.png (109.46 KB, 887x942, large[1].png)

I like Mewball's pones. Especially when they're big.


File: 1388924801267.png (399.29 KB, 810x572, Lyra cuddling anon Mewball.png)

I like them when they are small and cuddly.


File: 1388924962057.png (161.75 KB, 700x700, tumblr_myjzf7irs61rgu2c4o3….png)

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if pone cuddled you?


File: 1388925045418.jpg (19.14 KB, 250x227, 1385061020811.jpg)

Maybe once or twice but I prefer the otherway around.


File: 1388925059615.png (353.31 KB, 550x1296, 1387425394534.png)

I don't want to be cuddled by a giant pone, I want to sleep on top of a giant pone.


File: 1388925324851.png (250.82 KB, 1280x1173, tumblr_mm5n4xhx941r3zufwo1….png)

That's fine. Different strokes for different folks.

I would also like this.


File: 1388925610543.png (82.32 KB, 500x375, 1365542383322.png)

Every color except White,Purple and Pink are terrible


But Rarity is not white, Pinkie.


File: 1388925701119.jpg (125.21 KB, 731x787, 1341787408300.jpg)

>not liking mint


File: 1388926014765.gif (346.83 KB, 384x270, 1386377545314.gif)

>Not liking strawberry smoothie


File: 1388926041296.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 1361318383524.png)

Well, you better start liking rainbow soon.


File: 1388926112684.png (471.8 KB, 624x573, 1331619716805.png)

I like both. You can like both, you know.


File: 1388926157479.gif (158.47 KB, 180x172, 1381424623237.gif)

But I don't like mint pone or mint chocolate or mint anything.


File: 1388926269346.png (72.15 KB, 246x230, i am 100% serious i will b….png)

I'm like this close to banning you I swere 2 god.


File: 1388926305902.png (121.29 KB, 278x234, 1372902613100.png)



File: 1388926312611.png (365.82 KB, 880x700, My Little Rarity Rarity is….png)

Anon please. Since they broke up only Rarity's show was successful. That and Twilight's but she uses the want it need it spell on her show so she's cheating and doesn't count.


File: 1388926350565.png (622.74 KB, 1100x880, 1385669672861.png)

Why not have some sweet candy instead?


Those clothes are cute on pinkie, making this image double cute.

Also that butt is unf, like sit on my face after a long hot day unf.


File: 1388926512402.png (244.97 KB, 1095x720, look at this fucking deter….png)

You win this round.


File: 1388926611417.jpg (182.73 KB, 800x800, 1387740186733.jpg)

When is Dash finally going to turn into a Draconequus? It's been 25 seasons and 3 movies.


File: 1388926673604.png (131.09 KB, 600x394, 1384677425071.png)

Were you implying that I was in some sort of generally defined area of consequence?


File: 1388926773795.gif (101.21 KB, 250x250, look at this fucking face ….gif)


File: 1388926804538.png (39.13 KB, 600x412, 1384677483963.png)


File: 1388926939580.png (284.98 KB, 579x569, look at this fucking wizar….png)

You are playing with fire Anon.


File: 1388927013132.png (62.94 KB, 561x376, 236722__safe_lightning+dus….png)


File: 1388927105587.png (29.95 KB, 174x173, 1319267506356.png)





File: 1388927234252.gif (1.7 MB, 640x360, 1385545520034.gif)



…You don't even know where to send that letter. Spike isn't here and if you send it normally it would take weeks or probably months till Celestia reads it.


h-he doesn't know that.


You're lying and abusing your authority. It doesn't matter what he knows you are a bad example for moderators everywhere.
I'm gonna send a complaint letter to Twilight to send it to Celestia about this.


You're right. I don't deserve these powers. I should give them to a pony that's more responsible.

Maybe Pinkie Pie.


You wouldn't dare


I could give them to Fluttershy. She's just about the only one that would be a more beta mod than me.

Fun fact: the only person I've ever banned was the guy from the /b/read that wrote the ban evading script. Bet you can't guess how that turned out.


File: 1388928381595.gif (324.05 KB, 900x600, 1385144214236.gif)

Sure. Give the power to Pinkie. What can possibly go wrong?


Still dead, huh?


It's dead forever, Jimmy.
Time to find a new hobby.




Sorry no dorks here



You look dork enough to me. How long has 4chan been down?


All night


7 hours apparently.
Also your face looks dork enough dweeb.



Thanks, dorks. See you later.


File: 1388930378906.gif (368.56 KB, 245x245, 1375221915753.gif)

Man this is bullshit.

I wanted to pony today.


File: 1388930725873.png (63.28 KB, 197x184, weepinglily.png)

me too


Alright I'm going to bed. I had fun talking to you guys, maybe I'll try popping into the thread some time in the future. Anonymously.

Au revoir horsefuckers.


File: 1388931473286.png (246.48 KB, 571x476, Bready.png)


File: 1388931642627.png (476.43 KB, 1094x716, ded.png)


Why is FourChains dead?




>tfw you have nothing to do while 4chan is fucked
S-should I start drawing?


Yes, yes you should.




Name one game worth playing on PC.


streets of rage remake



Bubsy 3D



>tfw you came to check out MLPG for the first time in months


strategy shit
witcher 2 and other ol' wrpgs
Skyrim & Fallout for modding purposes

and if you are a sub-human: assfaggots


File: 1388932882237.png (35.07 KB, 372x445, 1388342238520.png)

How do you know, Anon?


File: 1388932957520.png (16.71 KB, 640x773, 1385753292083.png)

>tfw no Smash Bros with MLPG




So this is what it feels like to be dead.


>4chan dead
>Time to do that project for university
>waste last 6 hours here and do nothing
You guys aren't even ponying that much. God I have a problem.


>>Time to do that project for university
>>waste last 6 hours here and do nothing

>that feeling



>Tfw no p gf


>get a whole bunch of new cute mares in episode
>nobody talking about Rarity's new east coast assistant
>almost all of Manehattan are Earth ponies, possibly suggesting that all marshmallow equine races develop in their own special ways (earth = technology, pegasus = clouds/architecture, unicorn = extravagance/magical themed castles)


That might be referenced but the power they get is just going to be rainbow power since they have it trademarked proper and all


File: 1388935026001.png (204.69 KB, 414x565, 1387377729605.png)

rainbow dash is so cool


File: 1388935046168.png (143.11 KB, 500x457, 515436__safe_rarity_shippi….png)

>>nobody talking about Rarity's new east coast assistant
Decent amount of new art, some porn, she's fine.


Scootaloo pls
18+ website


File: 1388935281027.png (49.2 KB, 717x262, 1388760863022.png)


File: 1388935552705.jpg (206.55 KB, 960x720, 516050.jpg)

Are you guys ready for the S4 finale?


>open lockbox
>don't turn into alicorns
>turn into punks




What… is going on?


File: 1388935721085.jpg (26.88 KB, 500x250, ziggy-stardust-2.jpg)

Rainbow Dash turns into David Bowie in the last episode?


File: 1388935723449.gif (574.9 KB, 500x234, >tfw2.gif)

I turned 21 today
I'm sitting in a McDonalds alone because I've been lying to my parents for the last two years that I've got friends
And I don't even really have MLPG to whittle away the hours till I can go home and cry myself to sleep



That's what you get


At this point I don't even care about how awful these episodes are but it bothers me that there will be a large amount of people that will still love it
>well it was written like shit and they plugged horrible toys again and if the canon hadn't been ruined earlier it would've done it but PONIES IT'S AWRIGHT 10/10


File: 1388935827468.png (699.32 KB, 1249x827, 510396__safe_text_equestri….png)

The beginning of the end


My guess? When they open that box, the 6mane has the power to transform to use their Element of Harmony, Sailor Moon Style.


Who cares about having friends
You have mcdonalds
Order some fucking nuggets bro



I don't see what EqG has to do with this


Did February just come early?


Rainbow Power is a cross-"universe" toyline.



Ew, he should go to TGI instead and have some GOOD unhealthy food


Maybe you shouldn't have lied to your parents that you have friends


I'd feel so much better sitting at home staring at my computer


File: 1388936130368.jpg (436.71 KB, 1774x600, 1388517451400.jpg)

Some people think that the whole Rainbow Power thing is going to crossover with the Rainbow Rocks line from EG.


File: 1388936145122.jpg (52.12 KB, 600x374, I'm Just Saiyan.jpg)

Dash is a Saiyan?


It's not a question up in the air, the question is how is it going to cross over.


EgG 2 is old news. The book was listed on Amazon for a few months so you know, yeah.

I don't think they'll do a direct crossover but I was disappointed before.

Let's just wait till February to get all the news.


>little girl toys show
>not wanting to advertize toys

You are fucking retarded.


Heh. We might get lucky and this EQG 2 stuff is all book and no movie. I mean, didn't they rush season 3 and took half the resource to make EQG1?


Well they did do a FIM and EG Pinkie Pie's Boutique line, so it's not out of reach.


And? S4 is done. Finito. They just make S5 a 13 episode season again and badbing badaum you have resources for EqG2


So, instead of using amulets, they turn literally into Sailor Moon?



I'd be okay with it if they have a cool transformation scene.


This is not an argument, no matter how many times it's repeated. It could be done well, it never gets anywhere close to it.


The difference is it seems a lot like Rainbow Power is happening as S4 is obsessed with rainbows; more so than the show used to anyway.


I just realized that the book is supposed to be released on the 8th of April so they don't have time to do that.
Unless they got a completely different Studio to make the movie and Hasbro greenlited it before the first movie even aired there's no way it will get out.
Something is wrong here.


EG2 the movie is not all that likely, but at the same time they could decide to do a short or series.


Why does Twilight have Dashs wings?


All of them have retarded wing colors, just cause


Well they already did it in EQG, and they turned into crystal ponies during S3. Why the fuck not.



Why does Dash has Spitfire wings?


The only thing they could still possibly do is a web series but that's still unlikely.
I really think this is just a new toy line that has nothing to do with anything just like those Goth Pinkie toys. Well at least as far as EqG is concerned.

They just want to ride on the show's Rainbow Power thing so they made the EqG toys Rainbow too just to have a reason to bundle them together.


>S4's ending is this shit

Worst fucking build-up.


File: 1388937022522.gif (190.51 KB, 300x245, filly eye roll.gif)


Oh boy never would have seen that coming


Speaking of books didn't the S4 premiere invalidate the Twilight book even more?
Because honestly I read the twilight book and besides it contradicting the show multiple times and making everyone except Rarity a drooling retard I don't remember that much


I don't remember much about it and I'd like to keep it that way. It was already full-on noncanon when it released.


Honestly it was kinda hilarious how in the entire book only 3 paragraphs didn't contradict the show or went full retard


It boggles my mind how Hasbro didn't bother to follow up EG with a web series like how Monster High does. I guess connecting FIM and EG and doing a limited theater run appealed to them more. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they made back their budget and earned a profit by doing that.


All I remember was something about Trixie and Gilda screwing around in AJ's Farm and Cadence getting her godhood.


They said they did earn a profit with it but to date they haven't released any sort of financial report and just rated it with golden stars. By now there should be a report on the sales of the EG comic but that's all we have.


It really doesn't matter -how- much money it made. As long as Hasbro says that it made them money, it's a success to them.


You know I thought a bit about it now and…it really doesn't bother me that much.

It ruins the suspense about what's in the box and yeah fuck Hasbro for that but really other than that it's not that much. We still don't know what the fuck that is, besides maybe replacing the EoH, we still don't know in what circumstances they'll open the box, for what they'll use it and so on.
And even if that's just EoH 2.0 it still barely has an impact. When we got the first S2 preview we went apeshit about Discord. It was obvious that they'll defeat him with the EoH but we still got an extreamly entertaining premiere with them becoming discorded and all that stuff.


That's not how companies work. There are expected profits and if it doesn't meet expected profits it is a failure because stockholders don't like it.


it's rare for companies to release actual numbers though.


Not really. I mean yeah it made a profit it's technically a success.
But Corporations don't work like that. They don't care if they make profit. They care how much profit they make. There's a certain amount a money something must make to appease the shareholders / investors.
You could have 50 million $ profit on a project but if the investors wanted a 100 million profit you're fucked.


I'm not saying it's to be expected, it's just that we don't know how well it did. The one report with the stars also didn't include latter bad sales as a result of retailers being unable to get rid of them which likely did happen, either way it's gonna take years to get any clear indication of whether or not it's working out for them.


File: 1388938319000.gif (239.04 KB, 827x749, 1377670096670.gif)

Remember when you guys thought that the 6mane would move to the Crystal Empire and come crystal ponies, cardboard advertisement and all?


>and come
I meant become.


Early reports say that it was a success, but now it's anyone's guess. This is anecdotal, but I've seen shelves of EG toys empty most of the time during the holiday season.

My sister ended up getting the main 6 with Luna and Celestia. And god they look ugly as sin.
And also on a semi related note, I find it funny how Trixie is the only non main 6, non princess character in the EG line.


>SDA marathon
rip any productivity I might have had for the next seven days


File: 1388938566060.png (152.33 KB, 698x622, 1325875270501.png)


I remember a lot of MLPG hysteria and bullshit conjecture which didn't come to pass. Oh well, I guess it has become a tradition by now.


It will probably replace the amulets anyway. For a more flashy style.


Remember when people thought Equestria Girls wasn't real? Whenever evryone thought that first art was fake?

Remember Twilycorn?


Thank god that shit didn't happen.


>the rainbow power stuff is just a one-shot
>the whole S4 builds up to this




Who cares what it's building up to? The episodes have been great so far, that's all I care about.


Like Twilycorn being handled horribly, or EG being completely awful, or S3 being the worst season, or ACW being shit, or TCE being shit, or S4 not being any kind of new peak in quality?


And? Man it's gonna be just like the EoH. Mentioned and/or used in premiere and finales



That's just your opinion on things, not everyone necessarily agrees with all that


To be fair building up is basically nonexistent so far. They mentioned it here and there but that's as far as it went, and it looks like it's not going to change as we already have one key.


Yeah, an extremely obnoxious looking EOH tht looks like someoen's puked o nthe mane 6 everytime it's used

what a lovely change from them just being accesories



>Twilicorn handled horribly
The first 5 minutes of her existance in MMC? Yeah. S4 Premiere? No
>EG being awful
>S3 being the worst season
And for me it was pretty close to S1 quality. Worst season? Yeah. But it was still good.
>ACW being shit
>TCE being shit
>S4 not being any kind of new peak in quality
Most episodes were great tough. Only one was boring and that was still entertaining.


Twilycorn is being handled badly, people are happy that she's not doing anything but that's just bad writing. I give it to you that it's an easy one to pull because Twilycorn cannot be handled well so no matter what they do it's going to be handled badly.
EG is objectively complete shit, that's not up for discussion.
S3 is the worst season according to like, everyone who is now happy that S4 isn't as bad, quite frankly since S4 started I haven't seen more than like two people rank S3 anywhere else than the dead bottom, and of course there was a lot of discussion.
ACW is considered bad by everyone, I liked it and even I consider it bad.
TCE was completely boring and bland with nothing memorable in them other than how weak Sombra was, they weren't outright bad but they were, once again, very uninteresting. They had good character interaction but that doesn't make a two-parter good.
S4 is not going to be considered any better if it continues the way it is now, there are simply no outstanding episodes. All of them are just good or mediocre, and that's from ratings, my personal opinions of it are worse than that.


>Twilycorn is handled so badly

Amen. Even if she wasn't mentioned at all, it's still shit writing. They really wrote themselves into a coner and thought that ignoring her would be the better choice.


Is 4chan down for everyone?


File: 1388939528521.png (166.6 KB, 360x360, 1344985331861.png)


Why are you still here if you basically dislike or hate everything after S2?



No, just ur mum


Its been down for the whole day.


Additionally at least for some source there is this horrible poll that's a mess of everything, click results
It includes votes from fuck knows who and this season's premiere is rated way higher because the faggot who made the poll posted it on episode day on presumably /mlp/ and MLPG shortly after it aired.


The one time they used Twilycorn well was the premier.


Watch, the twist of the season is going to be only certain ponies can actually see her wings due to the nature of how she got them (she exploded due to EOH backlash)

I mean, I don't rememeber Twilight actually using her wings when someone who wasn't a Element of Harmony was around


There are fun episodes here and there. I liked CM, DD, PP, Bats.




Pretty odd you guys aren't using an mlp general thread to talk about stuff but then again im not complaining, everyone is ponying and not shitposting for once


There was that huge celebration at the end of S3…
But honestly I don't see why people are complaining. What do you want? The writers said she'll get episodes about being a princess. You want ever episode to be about her doing princessy stuff?
And complaining that other ponies don't care is complete bullshit. No one cared about them being Elements of Harmony. And don't say that it's not the same it's the exact same thing. Saying that she's an alicorn and couldn't be missed isn't an excuse.
They had a huge party in the pilots in the place where one of the biggest celebrations in Equestria took place and were the reason one of the Princesses came back.
Dash and Rarity were the fucking stars of the Young fliers Competition.
They had a huge victory and award ceremony in S2
They have huge stained glasses dedicated to them.
Everyone that went to the Gala knows at least Pinkie Pie.
The entire Crystal Kingdom knows them.
And the examples could go on. And no one still gave a fuck.


4chan is ded yo


Spike was born due to her magic, however. Wonder when the fuck the show will use that plot point again.


>You want every episode to be aobut her doing princessy stuff

How about she should appear fuck-all in some episodes? Just like her friends who are irrelevant for even existing in some episodes.


No you autistic pedoass, mlpg thread below us.


File: 1388940236662.jpg (31.71 KB, 394x378, farmer half scrunches.jpg)

I think he means an mlpg on horsefucking/co/
this was a comic dump thread


Space dandy was like candy because it made me dandy


This only applies to Daring Don't and this episode.



>Saying that she's an alicorn and couldn't be missed isn't an excuse
Yes, it is and it's a big one. Ponies don't have enormous variety in color scheme combinations a city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants would have many ponies that look similar to each other. There are 4 alicorns in the entire world as far as we know. 4. All of them are princesses, highest position in Equestria. Everyone is shown to recognize Luna and Celestia all the time. Not Twilight. Except the opener, they clearly recognized her then in no time at all as it was convenient for the plot.
>What do you want?
Twilycorn retconned. I know it's not happening but it's the only way the badly written scenes will stop.


We actually had a general before this, but it was over 1000 posts and no one bother to make another general.


Maybe 4chan is ded4ever and we will have to make our living on the streets of mlpg.co


File: 1388940389911.png (151.99 KB, 640x360, steven worried.png)

>moot got tired of all the shitposting so he killed 4chan and fled to Japan




>not Mootxico


I just explained why that's not an excuse.
They are national heroes. They had huge coverage multiple times. And if ponies cared that much about the other princesses they should have also cared about the 6 ponies that were constantly visited or invited by Celestia and always were near the other princesses in every major event.

No one gives a fuck about Twilight because no one ever gave a fuck about any of them.



he's posting pictures of him in japland on his twitter. it's confirmed he's abandoned us.


>You want ever episode to be about her doing princessy stuff?

What MLPG wanted was her not to be a princess at all. We might have accepted it happening in this season, but not how or when it happened in Season 03.

But now that Hasbro's gone and done goofed, it's incredibly jaring nobody cares that a apparent one-of-a-kind magical pony, the type that's ruled over them for 1000s of years no less, is just waltzing around, and there's no background shenangins or anything over it, just "ha it's a fucking princess, lol who gives a shit" instead of "sure, buddy, fuck yo- wait hold the phone what the fuck you've got wings and a horn"

Honeslty, it boils down to this: Seaons 03's ending should have been "congratualtions twilight, you've successfully fucked yourself over by destroying your original destiny. But GOOD NEWS: You could use the power of friendship to just give yourself a new one. Okay, enjoy the road to princesshood in season 04, bye, buy our toys!"



Fuck, does he even know 4chan is ded again?


>Over 10 hours downtime

I'm not happy, Bob. Not happy.


And I just explained why it is an excuse. It's at least slightly believable that you either missed all of that shit or, a better explanation, there are many ponies that look like them so others don't stop everyone on the street that looks similar to a celebrity. It was bad writing before, yes, but it was a whole lot more acceptable because they blended in.
Now Twilight doesn't blend in at all, there is no excuse whatsoever as both of those I mentioned above don't apply, everyone knows what an alicorn is and that they are rulers and everyone can clearly see that Twilight is an alicorn even if they completely missed the coronation and absolutely no one else in the entirety of Equestria looks like Twilight.


File: 1388941107018.gif (1.21 MB, 640x360, 1333976674141.gif)


What about Ponyville then? Not a big town, they can't really blend in yet again no one ever cares about what they did. Besides Applejack being acknowledge for being great and Fluttershy being swarmed when she was famous for a week no one gives a flying fuck about them. Ever. Fuck in GIYC they didn't even know who Rarity was.


Didn't expect 4chan to still be dead after I woke up, and why did this become the general over the one a thread below?


because on the sub nobody really cares


File: 1388941178773.png (609.53 KB, 1252x930, rising star ascended.png)

>There are 4 alicorns in the entire world as far as we know. 4
Five, and that doesn't mean there are only five total
Maybe they all live on the outskirts of Celestia's empire


That's an animation error.


File: 1388941233156.png (1.12 MB, 5000x3546, 510029_.png)

Because Luna is best pony


Does it matter? This is mlpg chan.


Six, because there's that filly in Magic Kindergarten flashback in Lesson Zero.


True. Doesn't really matter here.

Have we gotten any kind of update on why 4chan's broke or when it will be fixed?


File: 1388941274442.gif (347.22 KB, 323x270, 1362015624849.gif)


Because that's how we roll, biatch!


>the animation error proves my retarded headcanon



Look! It's blue Pinkie Pie!


Fuck you it's an animation error

Was the rainbow thread an animation error too?

I hear at the end of Castle Mania there was an animation error that looked like a shadowy ghost, too bad it's not canon that the pony of the shadows is real

that was a dream, it didn't really happen


Because people used this thread since it was on the top and then since this was the only one that was active everyone just stayed here.


File: 1388941373818.png (218.97 KB, 923x706, 1382911991630.png)

>That lip quiver

Wouldn't be able to resist.
Too cute. Would do anything for.


Yet the show staff said that she wasn't supposed to be a alicorn in that scene and it was indeed an animation error. This is the exact same thing.


Aspirant shut up and go back to your writing cage




Your obviously shitpostign here, considering the "giving unicorns wings" actually is a common animation error

See: Lesson zero, where they did the same exact fuckign thing

in before a joke that the whole of season 03 finale final parts is a animation error



ur mum is an animation error


Are you fucking retarded on purpose?


File: 1388941453830.png (222.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1383033392013.png)


In ponyville it was initially bad writing, but over time it makes sense for them to not freak out every time they see one of them.
Again it largely boils down to blending in. It has never not been stupid, but the show itself wasn't throwing you constant reminders that they're really super special and it's rather odd that no one cares when it's so obvious, and now that's exactly what we have. The situation in the show changed for the worse and the situation for the viewer also changed for the worse.


File: 1388941497987.jpg (50.88 KB, 340x480, seriously nigger.jpg)


There are alicorn royal guards too, those weren't a dream


Does mlpg.co have a closed door policy too?


You see, you're our only writefag that's left so we have to keep you safe. We do this because we love you.


In what sense?


Well of course Anon. The finger breaking ants here have guns.



We are not a hivemind anon


File: 1388941682250.png (36.55 KB, 1234x351, Nayuki_on_Alicorn_royal_gu….png)

Allspark. The layout artist that used to post there said it.


File: 1388941851488.jpg (66.08 KB, 640x515, 1387128348669.jpg)

>We do this because we love you.
What a funny way of showing it.

I lurve you guys too


4chan is back up. Everyone go back to circlejerk general


Still dead for me


File: 1388941936193.jpg (151 KB, 722x701, 1386314918562.jpg)

4chan is seriously still down?


File: 1388941964304.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, appleface.png)

you lying whore


What a maroon, you took my bait. My day is complete


That's nice

No get back to work


File: 1388942106401.jpg (398.6 KB, 900x1366, Friends_Forever_issue_1_su….jpg)

How are you guys feeling about the Friends Forever comic series coming up later this month?

Applejack and Pinkie Pie:
"Introducing a brand new ongoing series! Dedicated to exploring the magic that arises from the friendship of two different ponies, prepare for anything in this fun-filled team-team up comic! Our first pony pairing features none other than Applejack and Pinkie Pie! When the two enter a baking contest, you can bet the culinary hijinks are going to get messy!"

CMC and Discord:
"The Cutie Mark Crusaders have done everything they can think of to get their cutie marks. But there's one creature of chaos who might have some ideas they would never think of… Discord! When our pint-sized heroines start working with the unpredictable trickster, the results are bound to get unusual! Will Ponyville be able to survive their friendship?"

Celestia and Spike:
"Featuring the unlikely duo of Princess Celestia and Spike! In need of the birthday present for Twilight, Spike enlists Celestia on an adventure! What seems to be a harmless journey quickly turns into danger for even the mightiest of ponies! Who will save whom??"



Comics are for dorks of the highest order


I would like to see that interaction with CmC and Discord.




Super hype


Your mom is a dork of the highest autistic order


So, is the Archive temporarily offline too?



Wh- why would you say that about my dear mother, anon? ;_;


>Fluttershy gets a tentancle monster
where's my ecchi slice of life doujin?


Sounds interesting and very fun. Very hype for the CMC X Discord one. Hoping for a TwilightXRarity, PinkieXFluttershy and PinkieXRarity one.



archive's been dead for a while and possibly forever, see http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S15243351#p15247595

There's a rumor going around that he still has the file, but this is the last we've heard from him


It's been down for 2 weeks.


don't forget chistery


How sad would you all be if the archive was permanently dead and all those threads were lost?


File: 1388942432339.png (84.7 KB, 945x945, 1327440469029.png)


Shit. I didn't use it much, but it feels bad to lose something that has been with MLPG for so long.


I want Zecora/Trixie and Big Mac /CMC


I feel the same. RIP in peace.



I'd like it if at least the early threads would be saved for the purposes of history.


Proportionally speaking and if the whole .zip file thing comes through we won't have actually lost that many threads. It still blows we lost some of them but if the .zip works out at least we'll still have most of them.


Yeah, especially after he implemented that search function, it was pretty neat to go through.


File: 1388942747385.jpg (312.68 KB, 1552x729, Cutie Mark Chronicles reac….jpg)

I just hope we didn't lose too many of the episode threads. I like looking back at the hype those generated.


All those stories and old arts are now gone.


>constantly keep images open in tabs
>forget about them
>browser restarts for some bullshit reason
>Didn't know where to look for them
After he made the search function I just introduced the file name and I always found it.
Hiseen sucks for not saving images.


File: 1388942893086.jpg (215.68 KB, 1021x419, 1385303584007.jpg)


Lost in time, like tears in the rain.


File: 1388942905660.png (92.24 KB, 536x1133, DAMMIT PINKIE.png)

Episode days are always fun


Yeah, we almost certainly lost a bunch of season 4 episode threads, or at the very least this last one.
I didn't even get to look through it after watching the episode like I usually do.

In any case, does anybody have any more information on Archive's zip file? If such a file becomes available I want to grab a copy of it.
Holy shit, this so much. It's a real pain in the ass when an archived discussion starts revolving around an image (on an imageboard, no less) and you can't see what the fucking image in question even said.


File: 1388942916825.png (149.76 KB, 298x359, Tiara 146.png)

>Baby fluttershy
I seriously hope none of you horsefuckers ever thought this.


Nigga all of them were cute.
But I died when Dash spoke


Another big archive, archive.foolzashit.com, died quite recently and everything was lost.


So I guess everyone is in this thread while 4chan is kill?



Yes, even Jesus


We're on FiMchan


Draw Coco.


File: 1388943012669.png (173.73 KB, 1733x319, -co--mlpg-sticky.png)

Indeed they are. There's some good non episode threads in there too though. Stuff like the /co/ sticky and Bronycon fire ones come to mind.


File: 1388943020661.png (311.52 KB, 819x476, 1323105957017.png)

Well, filly Fluttershy is the cutest thing in existence.


Draw CoCo

And Deskjob



File: 1388943040037.png (1.85 MB, 1180x2252, 515257__safe_apple+bloom_d….png)

What if this ended up happening? How badly would /tv/ blow up?


This is true.


>tfw moot is kill
>we will have to stay here forever

Would be more sufferable if inline quotes would be "removed" from their original position in the thread


Does anyone have screencaps from Magical Mystery Cure? I wouldn't like to lose that one.


File: 1388943118434.gif (930.29 KB, 200x133, Funny man, kill last.gif)


I'm pretty sure BBC would sue Hasbo before they would make a deal with them.

But man fuck BBC
>Finally want to order one of Shoebronie's shoes
>All of them taken down by hasbro
>Because BBC bitched about the doctor Hooves shoes


I thought it was kinda cute how she wasn't really small like the rest of them, but kinda lanky and odd-looking. Potentially gives a little bit of background into why she's so shy, plus they had to use a custom model for it. That means they really cared about that episode.



Forgot about that fag.


>BBC would sue Hasbo

But that mention of Doctor Hooves was by BBC.

They're OK with it as long as it's Hooves and not Whooves.


Filly Fluttershy is the cutest.


I would be upset
I get enough Doctor Who shit on my tumblr dashboard already


Please don't make him turn into a fucking walking dr who reference only those fucking fanboys would get.






Found your problem


He's already named "Doctor Hooves" by Hasbro, BBc is OK with the name and the comics.


yeah, I know
I'm mostly there for the porn


File: 1388943451931.png (257.79 KB, 1280x1331, 395562__safe_twilight%2Bsp….png)

I hate how Meghan thinks we're all retarded man children who can't detect clues so she has to post on her twitter "Wonder what was up with X that we clearly focused the shot on at the very end of the episode and even played a little bgm tune for??? ;) wink wink nudge nudge"


File: 1388943459177.png (33.18 KB, 974x253, -mlp- S3 finale Derpy love.png)

Only one I have from those episode threads is this, but here's a list of all the episode threads /mlp/'s archive has.



File: 1388943503349.png (123.63 KB, 1025x871, 1334723793375.png)



File: 1388943522866.gif (390.78 KB, 486x538, 1340403512540.gif)


What an ugly pony



File: 1388943623356.png (228 KB, 3419x1587, filly_fluttershy_by_silent….png)

She has quite a unique body compare to the other ponies. She is so small and fragile-like.


File: 1388943634771.png (110.94 KB, 900x900, 130211330578.png)

Ur a faget


File: 1388943656242.png (108.28 KB, 737x707, 1379790842075.png)


There are little grills on twitter too. It could be for them, anon.


File: 1388943687621.png (195.05 KB, 316x313, 1385753345842.png)

>no Derpy in S4

I miss her


File: 1388943716500.gif (14.17 KB, 256x192, 1323523523.gif)

Shame his Phoenix Wright stuff never came to a head.


File: 1388943734172.jpg (10.08 KB, 303x310, 1368513741034.jpg)

Fluttershy is a very fragile pony.


File: 1388943789387.png (140.75 KB, 500x500, 1327233383401.png)

I drew pone in Goggles for you guize. Check it out!


you tried


>implying there are
>implying they follow the MLP staff and not shitty pop singers


File: 1388943870027.jpeg (2.88 MB, 1976x3000, 516097__safe_pinkie+pie_a….jpeg)

why is she so perfect


File: 1388943873217.png (716.12 KB, 2253x1600, 1385063750514.png)

One of the things that make her cute.


Her everything is cute.


File: 1388943927101.png (221.64 KB, 513x725, 1329684977857.png)


I don't approve


the hair, maybe?


Because you think she'd be the easiest fuck?

Honestly, out of all the mane six Pinkie Pie would be the easiest to sleep with without having to pay money for it.


File: 1388943988301.png (173.43 KB, 600x545, cuddling.png)

And she is my favorite pony for that reason.


why has ponka developed a triple chin


File: 1388944048820.png (202.9 KB, 1121x713, 1329784185950.png)


File: 1388944064957.png (1.4 MB, 900x1098, 483751__safe_solo_flutters….png)

Mine too.


What are you doing?
Stahp, Pinkie.


File: 1388944237000.jpg (78.2 KB, 628x555, 1373065457525.jpg)

Ponk isn't even my favorite horse but that's downright disrespectful
I happen to find it not unlikely that Pinkie Pie is a pure maiden who would scarcely think of doing anything like you have just mentioned
fite me irl fgt


What the fuck happened to 4chan


it's ded


4chan is kill


Pinkie is the most sexual of the mane six, MAYBE second only to Rarity who charges a fee for sexual favors.

The bus got tired of going after drawfags



moot sold the servers and moved to Japan




File: 1388944358567.png (26.97 KB, 807x345, 1357270610599.png)

So much Flutterlove.


Least sexual mane six member


File: 1388944425126.jpg (231.43 KB, 960x720, 1328212130509.jpg)


That's my waifu you're badmouthing, twerp


Damn it moot

I had like 3 drawings to deliver


>not posting them here
>or in the new art /art/ thread


Anon, being sexual is not a bad thing. I'm sure if she feels the same towards you as you feel towards her then she will be forever faithful and only be sexual for you.


File: 1388944505132.png (126.95 KB, 344x418, if I had arms.png)

>Pinkie is the most sexual of the mane six, MAYBE second only to Rarity who charges a fee for sexual favors.
Citation needed for both of those
You are making slandarous accusations about BOTH of my favorite ponies, now
While it may be the case that both of those ponies enjoy consensual sex with their respective partners, or even more than one of their partners, to say such things are the gospel truth is a gross and rash judgment against two virtuous ponies

Please step off their respective grills


File: 1388944553865.png (192.85 KB, 403x474, 1351366707242.png)

So graceful
So perfect
So best


goddammit Anon stop responding to Nathan


How do I filter people on this website


they're not for here



With your brain


>implying anyone cares

Just imgur them or whatever


You can't this is like ponychan


File: 1388944678681.png (327.18 KB, 800x800, 1382820347556.png)

Fluttershy is the best pony.


Anon, it's not slander. It's not even a bad thing. While Pinkie does it for free, Rarity is a part of a very prestigious industry in Equestria. In a country whose population is primarily mares, it is important for there to be prostitutes like herself to help relieve ponies in heat with no other means of sexual release.

Just because the profession is looked down upon here in the states does not mean it is that way in Equestria.


4chan is back up. Lets talk of ponies in /mlp/


You'd best back the fuck up

Ponk is purest pony


Her mind and soul may be innocent and pure but her body sure loves to party.


>Just because the profession is looked down upon here in the states does not mean it is that way in Equestria.
That's fair enough, but you're still making unsubstantiated claims about not one but two ponies
You cannot verify what you're saying in the slightest. The only 'prestigious industry' Rarity is a part of is as part of her dress-making business, which is her passion and primary source of income, if not her only source of income
Also, although Pink and (maybe to a lesser degree) Rarity are both very loving ponies, this does not in any way equate to them treating sex lightly

Please desist from asserting facts about ponies you do not know to be true


File: 1388944897792.jpg (61.33 KB, 300x350, 1336863687087.jpg)


What he says. Get lost horsefuckers!


>implying your rusery will work
>implying I don't have a window open attempting to post every two seconds


keep talking bullshit anon

lets see how you like a relative ass-to-ears ratio of kicking


Sex is fun. Pinkie Pie loves fun.

Therefore, pinkie pie would be the sluttiest of the mane 6. Yes even more sluttier than Rarity.


This… is disturbingly long downtime.


> The only 'prestigious industry' Rarity is a part of is as part of her dress-making business, which is her passion and primary source of income, if not her only source of income

Do you really think that a pony could make a living wage as a dress maker in a society where nobody wheres clothes except for special occasions? I'll agree that it is her passion and her first love, but it is her other business that allows her the freedom to pursue it during daylight hours.



>Sex is fun

Now how would you know that, anon?


moot is probably taking a 24 hour nap

and started napping when the downtime started




File: 1388945120082.jpg (102.61 KB, 1312x695, 1363128166268.jpg)


>Do you really think that a pony could make a living wage as a dress maker in a society where nobody wheres clothes except for special occasions?
They have weird fashions in this world that nobody really wears, but their creators still make money because enough people buy it. Are you saying those people, too, must be prostitutes?
Again, you have no way of backing up your pointlessly incendiary comments regarding these ponies, or any ponies. Come back when you have established some credible evidence to support your claims, if any such evidence exists


Ive had sex before anon.


>Are you saying those people, too, must be prostitutes?

Not at all. I am simply saying that in a primarily nudist society you cannot make a sustainable living off of tailoring alone.



Sure you did


Well … yeah Im sure I did too. It was about a year ago.


Moot is in Japan and will never return
He's sick and tired of 4chan


You wouldn't hug a pony


Because pinkie pie is a slut and would rather fuck me.


>primarily nudist society
Canterlot ponies wear clothes almost every day, you know. All of them. Same goes for Manehattan ponies.
While clearly the standards are a little more relaxed in Equestria regarding clothes, that's two big cities that clearly have clothes as an important part of their society's norms. Ponyville's basically a hick town, remember? The population of both cities probably dwarfs Ponyville by many thousands of ponies. Even the tiny frontier town of Appleoosa's inhabitants wore clothes, notably hats and bandannas.

In this situation, it is clear that Ponyville that is the outlier. "Primarily nudist" is a very, very bold claim, and again one without evidence


File: 1388945435662.jpg (2.3 KB, 124x126, 1330367508358.jpg)


Why would he be? He doesn't really has to do anything but rake in the advertisement/4chan pass money and make sure the big switch down in the server room is set to "ON".



Yep, I know anon. I was there even and saw it all personally.


But Rarity lives in neither of those places and has only recently started gaining recognition as seen in a pair of season one episodes.


4chan is unded


You were in thailand with me? Rick is that you? I told you about those ladyboys now you have ass aids.


Actually, make that three episodes.

Green Isn't Your Color
Suited for Success
Diamond Dogs


4chan is alive guys really! Lets pone in /mlp/


there was an episode named diamond dogs?


Whichever one had the diamond dogs in it, I forget the name.


>tfw in 10 minutes it's all going to be shitposting again



I'm not ever gonna check again because you guys fooled me one too many times


File: 1388945718246.png (173.78 KB, 512x390, warmingup.png)

enjoy staying here alone
we're all migrating back


But anon it's up! I am serious!



No, I'm staying here forever!


Okay it really is back.


Doyoubwant me screen cap a new post on 4chan to prove to you its up?


I'll keep you company, anon.

Don't worry.

We can be frieeeeeends


File: 1388945923939.jpg (53.85 KB, 461x461, 1339819819001.jpg)

Coffee tastes awful, Luna.



I just caved and checked. It really is up. And to think I may have been trapped here forever due to your shenanigans.


Shit, all the more reason to get the fuck out of Dodge.

See you there, people.


So it really IS back. I think it's funny that posting has resumed in /mlp/ before it resumed in /b/, which is generally a better indicator of 4chan's status.


In NONE of those places, I think you mean. I mentioned a town and two cities that wear clothes ubiquitously, compared to Ponyville's one small town.
Just because we do not see every single Ponyville pony wearing clothes does not mean that there is no market there for clothes, as well. Many Ponyville ponies do choose to wear clothes, such as the Granny Smith, Applejack, the Mayor, Rarity's parents (although that can be kind of expected), postal pony uniforms, the vet pony's cute lab coat, the ENTIRE TOWN during Winter Wrap up, not to mention all the costumes the ponies periodically make with their parades and festivals and so on. With the fact that we have never seen another Ponyville clothes store in mind, it could even be the case that Rarity has cornered a niche market in the Ponyville clothing sector, and is rolling in dough. There is at least enough evidence supporting this as there is evidence supporting your outlandish theory that promotes a sex industry in Equestria which has never been shown or referenced, even in passing.

Although it's true that she's only recently begun to be known outside of Ponyville, how long she's been working as a designer is not known, similarly to how the ages of the ponies are also unknown. She could have just been starting out, as she is certainly by now a rising star in the Equestria fashion scene, having won an award, had her dresses featured and modeled by prominent celebrities, and formed quite a number of connections in Sweet and Elite(or at least Fancypants).


Enough talk about silly nothings that will never be.

4chan is back


Not with hazelnut and sugar.


I want to cuddle with filly flutters

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