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This book is going to be our project
The kind of dosh of which we've dreamed since we were small(time)
Every Brony will gather 'round
To give us money by the pound
What they don't know is that we have fooled them all!

So with all that buzz about MLSH2, Poni Parade, and so on, I got to thinking: "Why not have MLPG take a stab at making a pinup print project to be distributed for money?"

This is a challenge for all artists involved, as most of us aren't professional, renowned, or incredibly skilled, let alone having experience in the wild world of print projects. What we do have, though, is passion and the magic of friendship. It's going to be a learning experience, and maybe some of us can make a little dosh on the side.

All art created for this project must keep these standards in mind:
✦ Pinup art (safe to suggestive, nothing explicit)
✦ Humanized and possibly anthro, no ponies.
✦ High-quality, high-resolution artwork. We're talking like 3000px for print-quality.
All artwork will be compiled and printed as a collection to be sold for money.

http://goo.gl/euajH – Information Doc for reference and spreading the word.

And now the big question…


File: 1368138306785.png (153.36 KB, 500x313, you can have it all, my em….png)

What about the money?
Big thing about MLSH2 is that it was intended to support charity. And that's fine and dandy for those big names, seeing as they probably roll in dosh anyways from commissions and convention-going. The rest of us… not so much. (And apologies to any of the artists involved in such charity projects who do not see much profit besides)

So the big question here is: Profit or Charity?
I think you can guess my answer from >pic related. Some of us may not feel our work is worth being sold for profit. Some of us may feel a moral obligation. And some of us may be selfish sons of bitches. And that's okay.

While I don't have a system worked out for it yet, I intend to give every contributor for this project a share of the net proceeds from sales. Each contributor should have the choice to have their share given to charity instead of being sent to them. Of course, nothing stops you from claiming your share for yourself and then giving it all or part of it to charity.

Splitting up money like this is going to be complicated, not just for the fees and personal information gathering to get it where it needs to go, but also because other aspects of our business model could affect the net proceeds. See next post.


I was on MLSH's first run and had a threadbare insight into how they were operating things. This was their model (not necessarily going to be the one we use):
✦ Money would be accepted from buyers
✦ Money would be used to bulk order from Lulu
✦ Buyers can spend extra for a bonus: signed copies from artists

That third point is a major complication, because it exponentially multiplies the shipping cost in order to have a copy of the book sent around to artists. That's one thing.

The second point is a variable among publishing/printing services. Being book- and retail-focused, Lulu's services are generally pricey. But there are other options out there that may make it easier and cheaper for us overall, and I'm researching them as we speak.

I think we should run lean-and-mean for this project and not demand too much money all around. We need to find an affordable means of production, and probably forgo retail and hardcover options. Other availability, print-on-demand, and the feasibility of bulk distribution. But the easier we can make it for ourselves, the better; what we really should focous on is making quality artwork that you would feel proud for exchanging for money.


So yeah. Balls to the wall. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've got the brains, you've got the looks; let's make lots of money.

And spread the word.


Oh, geez - you were serious about this.


Right, so, if, you know, you're interested, just leave a post here with your email and I'll get back to you.




You know what?

If you wanna draw a male, that's AOK.



>A book full of dicks

Now THIS you could definitely get MLPG excited about doing.


Sign me up.


>charity from mlp porn

please no



It's been done before…


i thought it was stupid then also


Again, optional.


Just to do it officially now.
Sign me in.


Neato, sounds like fun.


I'll confirm the first wave of emails this weekend. Welcome aboard.

I'll also set up a Skype group conversation so we can have a live medium for chat, however I must heavily encourage communication for everyone by whatever means are most convenient. I was in the first MLSH group and it was horrendous. I will try to keep a central node of information here in the form of the sub thread and in the GDocs, possibly a tumblr that I can manage on behalf of others who don't use it.

If there are any other methods you feel I should use, please suggest them.

Oh, and do spread the word!


Sounds good.

Skype is loljailbait


I've updated the GDoc with more details.

I haven't selected a charity for the charity option, and am open to suggestions. People can either contribute to a charity of their choice, or all charity shares can be put into a single contribution to a selected charity.

Right now I favor Magcloud for printing/publishing. It's more magazine focused and doesn't offer hardcover or retail options. People use it for their amateur comic books as well as actual serial publications and promotional materials. It's the same service I'm considering for the FEMTO RPG project.


you have my axe.


File: 1368320093936.png (188.98 KB, 390x325, 1366520496300.png)

And my wrench.


I wish I knew how to draw humans. Have fun you guys!


i'll bite

this could be fun


The Skype Group Conversation is now open, and I've also sent out an e-mail to the addresses I have. If you've been left out of either, let me know!


File: 1368413330259.png (60.06 KB, 291x645, dooks' contribution.png)

http://goo.gl/V1dwj – We now have a character/artist checklist to keep track of who's doing who. Volunteer for your assignments before someone else does your waifu! That sounded better in my head.

I should also reiterate that we're not using any of the child characters (or their designs). That'd just be weird and possibly illegal.

Alright, I think we're settled on Magcloud for our printing/publishing needs. It's a magazine-focused service operated by Hewlett-Packard, and while it lacks the retail distribution outlets and hardcover options of booky-types like Lulu, it offers a great value and professional quality for an affordable price (25% discount on bulk orders of perfect-bound colored prints, #wowza). Check the info doc for more details.

This means we also have solid Formatting Requirements: Images can be RGB, 8.25" x 10.25" @ 300dpi (2475px W x 3075px H) with bleed 1/8" top/bottom and 1/4" sides. Get cracking and fill those pages!


two questions real quick

1. can i request a certain character that's not on the list
2. can we draw for more than one slot


Hit me up
Sounds like fun


Yes and yes

Logged. Don't forget to volunteer for a slot.


File: 1368423330929.jpg (2.1 MB, 2450x1643, pukin rainbows.jpg)

Would we be accepting traditional or is it all going to be digital pieces, for example here's some of the work in which I can do traditionally. Also this is on A5 so I could always use A4 if I needed a bigger and more detailed piece.


Traditional is acceptable so long as we can get a reliable scan. I need a digital copy to put into the PDF file that will be used for printing. I have never done this before, safety is not guaranteed.


File: 1368424119971.png (230.7 KB, 744x1073, §QC309.png)

I might want to try bug horse, but I'm not sure if I'll get the time to do it. I'll put it on my to do list but i can't make any promises sorry.


I'll pencil you in for a late entry, if that's alright. If you want to keep in touch, shoot an email to >email field and/or find me on Skype.




Is there any rough deadline yet? I might be interested but I just started drawing humans and will probably need two or three more weeks before I can produce something of proper quality


No deadline as of yet. What have you got so far?


File: 1368474710598.jpg (194.12 KB, 633x791, 120102-mlsh_ch_concept.jpg)

For those of you more famliar with Tumblr, I've opened up a new blog at mlpgprints.tumblr.com — it's set as private, so you'll have to e-mail me for the password. It's flagged NSFW, allows Disqus comments, and allows post submission. If you want to be made into an author as part of a group blog, that's fine, too. You can use the Tumblr to post works in progress, redlines, references, or even just share helpful information and advice. Share what you're doing, how you're doing it, and what you think! You know, what people normally use Tumblr for.

(This image is one of the concept sketches I made out for Cheerilee back on MLSH1, but it was a straight rip-off of a Hitomi Tanaka photo so I tossed it.)


Okay, well, Google kind of bit me in the ass with its spam filter so I've formed a Google Group and invited you all to it. I hope that won't be a problem.


I'd like to get in on this.


It goes without saying one might consult these guys >>>/unf/34 about what is best in human.


Oh what the hell, count me in. Time to learn how to draw humans.


Some of you haven't accepted the invitation to the Google Group. If you aren't part of the Google Group, you might not be able to receive group e-mail updates and messages. I'll try to keep you in the loop individually, but GMail's spam filter may be an issue.


We are using Skype as the main means of communication right? Could I get an invite to that? Skype name is "lyradical".


>want to take part but no skills


Lets do this For Luna!

Lyra pls




>tfw Tex possibly joins
Oh man!


Invites sent out, if you did not receive an invite to the Google Group, please email me at the above address. Either way, be sure to check the Information GDoc for more information, including the character checklist, and report back to me however you can!

http://goo.gl/euajH – info
http://goo.gl/V1dwj – character list



More specifically, I've created a new, cleaner, and more flexible checklist document:


Please use this link for future reference regarding assignments, thank you and have a nice day.



A couple very useful blogs with collections of tips, tricks, advice, and ideas for creating illustrations and images. If you can't remember the links, at least visit the /art/ guide sticky! >>2991


A few people have not joined the Google Group. If you aren't part of the Google Group, I might not be able to reach you with group updates via e-mail. Please check your inbox for an invite, or contact >email field to make sure you can receive e-mail updates.

People have been asking me about a deadline lately, and although I realize some folks want to have a set time so they can organize their schedules, I also wanted to de-emphasize the need to create a "pipeline" of work. As long as everyone does their best in making high-quality artwork, I could not care less about when exactly this all gets put together. If anything, I might promise to include late entries in future issues, but I don't have any plans for other volumes as of yet, so I can't rightly do that.

Some have said they want to shoot for the EQG release (June 14) giving us about a month from now to finish one or two pieces. That's actually a lot of time! Goat Train and xieril have been leading the pack thus far, so it's certainly doable.

However, I have still not officially set a deadline. If you really want to have one, or suggest one, please speak up.


I think all the art oughta be safe, first of all. Why limit your audience?

Also, if I do this I'm in it for the wingwangs. What does giving to a charity have to do with it? No one expects their neckbeard money no how.


…Okay, and?



And what? Either you agree or you don't. What are your reasons for giving to charity anyway? More protection against copyright infringement claims upon publishing or what?



see >>2738

I leave it up to the individual contributors to decide for themselves. Me, personally, I will be collecting my share.



Bingo. Count me in.


Hey, a few people haven't volunteered for characters yet! Be sure to double-check the checklist at http://goo.gl/Cdo06 and claim a slot. Doubling up on characters is allowed, but having more characters included would be awesome.

There was some discussion about laws governing fan art and derivative works, particularly considering we are intending to profit from this… kind of.

Simply put, do not panic. Not only is it uncommon for fanartists to get carpet-bombed, keep in mind:
✦ We aren't using trademarked/copyrighted names and designs like Fighting Is Magic did
✦ We aren't a high-profile project
✦ We likely won't generate nearly enough income to warrant attention
✦ …and even if we did, look at doxy. 40k in capital funding and he's flying fat and happy.
✦ We are not creating a product that directly competes with Hasbro's bottom line.
✦ We have one or two people who worked on MLSH previously and are still alive and kicking and totally not androids dispatched by the corps to replace the previous human beings. Nuh-uh. No way that could happen. Trust me.


I'll take Cadance


I wanna do Spa twins~


Noted, and welcome. Be sure to send an email to the project email, and contact me on Skype, too.

MT, do you have an e-mail I could reach you at? Either way, you should find me on Skype with my usual handle.


Perhaps I could do Braeburn? Or RD?


I'll pencil you in, but do you want to share any contact info, or…?


Hmmm… you do know my tumblr, perhaps I could also give my other g-mail acct, but first I have to think about this. Nothing final so far.


I guess I will take Nightmare Moon then.


Hello everyone! MSOB here with our first big announcement for the project since its inception:
June 14 is our first "Milestone"!

Think of it as a soft deadline. I expect to see progress reports on or before that date, both complete and in-progress artwork. On June 14, I'll evaluate the state of the project and decide how much more time I should allow for inclusion in the final product. Only then will I set a hard deadline. So don't wait! Share your artwork with the group, whatever state it's in, and you'll have more time to fix it up before a deadline is called.

Everyone can offer feedback; make sure to share your artwork using whatever channel is best for you. You can write a post to the Google Group, make a post on the sub, join the Skype conversation, submit a post to the tumblr, or simply e-mail it to me and I'll relay it to everyone else.


File: 1369431386601.jpg (89.66 KB, 1000x800, cheerilee in a pile of d.jpg)

In lay terms: if more people have work done by June 14, the deadline will be sooner. If not much work is done by then, the deadline will be later.

In the meantime, here's a concept sketch I did for Cheerilee. I wanted to show her full figure, but also retain some context and narrative. I think I will change the angle somewhat so she looks to the side rather than up.


Alright, we got two weeks left til the milestone but that doesn't mean I can't still crack the whip every now and again. I want to see progress reports and WIPs now. If you haven't started on your piece, just say so, and if you could be so kind as to tell me when you expect to begin, that would be great, too.

Don't think I'm stopping here, either. For all you wise folk who have been sharing your contact info, I'll have other channels through which to personally hunt you down for above information. If you want to avoid spilling any spaghetti or picking up any of mine, please e-mail the project e-mail or make a post in the Google Group ASAP.


As an aside, the tumblr is now no longer pass-protected and has Asks enabled. Be sure to contact me if you'd like to be added as an author, but you should still be able to add submissions.


File: 1370488210930.png (340.07 KB, 1000x825, nRXyyrg.png)

Cheshire's concepts for Lyra.


One week til first milestone! I've gone to the trouble of chasing down folks, and a few of us will need a little more time to work on their pieces, but so far we a looking good. I'll belooking forward to new sketches of the work that's getting started.



File: 1370663585103.png (503.81 KB, 1730x1025, Three of em.png)

Here's three possible poses, C being the best since I was beginning to loosen up. Gonna do some more poses and see what sticks.


I'm really digging the pose and expression on B. I'm not too crazy about the hair, though.


So is this thing alive or what? No e-mail. Checked the tumblr, no new pieces, no discussion, no nothin'. If this thing's dead, I'm out.


What's your e-mail and/or skype? I was trying to track folks down last week in regards to their status in the project. If I missed you, I apologize. I hope you've been working on it regardless.



You definitely have my e-mail right. Just curious as I've seen almost no activity. I haven't even seen so much as sketches from everyone, save for a few.


Just a reminder about MLPG Prints, if you are part of the project and have anything (or nothing) to show me, today/tonight is the time to do it! First milestone is tomorrow, and I'll be deliberating a cutoff date for inclusion in the project. Please let me know how far along in the project you are, how much time you'll need, and any other info or opinions that may affect the deadline, layout schedule, and print release.

If we can get everything done before the end of July we may even be able to pool some capital for a Bronycon showing.

I'll try to get on people's butts about sharing stuff. I won't force people to make submissions, posts or updates; I could make those myself.


File: 1371162347997.png (208 KB, 858x857, 120613-spaerk.png)

Spaerk's Luna in progress. Comments and critique encouraged.

I'll be reposting people's WIPs here and on tumblr, as well as sending them out on Google Groups. Be sure to share your feedback in whichever way is easiest for you!


I don't recall seeing anything from the following people. I'm not saying you haven't done anything, but if you have, it's not in my records!
Lilly (soon)
Saran (traveling)
SB (lacked internet)

Others have shown me at least sketches, concepts, or practice pieces.


I've held off on deciding a deadline because I realized we may have an opportunity here that gravely affects the deadline.

Bronycon is in August. That means if we get layout done in mid-July we can make a bulk order of prints to be distributed by someone who is going.

Problem is that means we need to work faster and finish sooner.

Problem is that means someone has to pay up-front to order all those prints to bring with.

And then the markup to sell those at net gain, when the print-on-demand version would be cheaper…

And right now I don't know if the book falls under the "no clop" rules for the con.

So if anyone at all could provide info on that, that'd be great.


File: 1371436663350.png (129.55 KB, 663x400, e21171a155fd382d39c9d9bc54….png)

A snapshot of progress, showing some of the works that contributors have shown. I may have forgotten to include some due to not keeping proper documentation up to this point. I had to hunt down links through chat logs, so some sketches may be missing. Some of these thumbs are of sketches/concepts that may be reworked or replaced in the future. Don't take this for a preview!

That's about 15 pieces from 13 or so contributors out of 26 listed. Not bad, but it won't make for a very thick book unless we don't double-side the pages. (one image for every two printable faces)


So after further consideration, I don't think we can shoot for Bronycon after all. NSFW stuff is probably not acceptable, and I don't want to put any pressure on possible representatives there.

Bad news: Unable to sell face-to-face prints, possibly at high markup for physically handled or signed copies.

Good news: More time to work on the project!

The deadline is June 31. Work will not be accepted in August unless you have some extreme circumstances preventing you from working.


JULY 31, I meant JULY


File: 1371594806237.png (392.72 KB, 1000x755, 130517-jalm_fs.png)

Commencing sketch dump from various artists!

Jalm's Fluttershy


File: 1371594839056.png (246.56 KB, 1161x1297, 130518-sb_gil.png)

SB's Gilda from before he went offline. Hoping to see a new one soon.


File: 1371594913143.jpg (65.48 KB, 755x1000, 130523-xieril_rd.jpg)

xieril's Dash. One of the most progressed pieces in the collection so far.


File: 1371594992836.png (249.68 KB, 552x672, 130613-dovne_cake.png)

dovne's Mrs Cake


File: 1371595009854.png (183.72 KB, 548x673, 130613-dovne_may.png)

dovne's Mayor


File: 1371595192959.png (318.77 KB, 500x619, 130613-mt_spa.png)

MT's preview of her Spa Twins. She went through a lot of designs and concepts before this one!

MT's style adds a touch of whimsy and variety to the collection. I may just want to employ my own chibi style on another piece if I get the opportunity.


File: 1371595244801.jpg (362.76 KB, 2475x3075, 130614-gtrain_aj.jpg)

goat train's second take on Applejack. A more laid-back and natural feel to this one, very classic.


File: 1371595271010.png (186.9 KB, 413x712, 130613-kevin_mac.png)

kevinsano's Big Macintosh, one of a few male entries in the collection.


File: 1371595320101.jpg (76.31 KB, 1434x840, cheerilee 2.jpg)

And my second take on Cheerilee, dumping the old position in favor of a more natural, relaxed pose. Hair's not coming out right, though…


File: 1371595341783.jpg (58.59 KB, 1000x800, sapphire_concept_0.jpg)

My initial concept for Sapphire Shores. Something to show off her legs, maybe…


File: 1371633689990.jpg (72.46 KB, 346x450, 1365695022542.jpg)


File: 1371704275259.png (272.94 KB, 1389x971, New Canvas.png)

Beginning work on my Rarity pinup.


Friendly reminder to STAY IN TOUCH! If you have any problems at all, talk to me or the group.

There are a lot of ways to get in touch, including:
Email: mlpg.prints [at] gmail.com
Skype: moronsonofboron
Tumblr: mlpgprints
Posting here in the sub or in MLPG.

Heck, talk to me on Steam if you want.

I want all of us to succeed, and I don't expect anyone to go off into a dark corner and magically whip up artwork for me just because I said so. I want to support you, I'm trying to reach out, but you also need to make that effort on your end.


File: 1372203801009.png (2.48 MB, 2697x3745, NMM40K.png)

Draft for Nightmare Moon pin-up. Should be done with painting within the week.


I saw your sketches for this on tumblr, and I have to agree, that looking-down angle would have been intimidating to pull off.


We ded?


File: 1372642556605.png (152.07 KB, 632x780, 130630-kevin_bmac.png)

I've been inactive the past week due to family goings-on and have just come down with a slight cold. Earlier today I spied kevin's progress on Big Macintosh.


Yo Boron, it's me Ross. I'm withdrawing from the project. I just don't feel like this would be a good idea to have people introduced to my body of work this way. Nothing personal, I just gave the order to have all my work wiped on derpibooru, as well. Doing a little restructuring. So yeah.

Good luck on this print thing I guess.


File: 1373122814648.jpg (994.38 KB, 2145x2375, chyrsalis.jpg)

Alright here's the sketch, sorry about the face but I just kept screwing up on it. If anyone would be willing to digitally colour it/add the face it would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully next time we do something with humans I'll be much better at faces, anyway once again sorry it took this long.

Also hopefully I'll be getting a graphics tablet, so I be able to colour it myself next time.


Count me out of the project as well, MSOB.


Thanks, Inky. Could you try getting a face together in the meantime, anyway?

And would you consider retracing the sketch in ink, perhaps? It would really cut down a lot of the work I'd have to otherwise shove off on everyone else. I've seen your stuff and you can come up with some clean lines. The higher-quality piece you can get to me before tossing it to others for digitalization, the better.


Also, Dooks is pretty much on the case as far as digital ink/color, but if you'd like to work more closely with him, do you mind if I swap your e-mails?



For a moment, I thought it was Chrysalis as a mermaid/naga.

Now I feel disappointed…


Yeah I'll work on the face tonight and ink it, email is in my email field. But I don't check my email very often so I'll give you my skype name.



Shizzle forget my email.


With the deadline approaching, I hope to see a lot of completed PSDs coming in. I can't wait to see what everyone's done.

But on that note, I should address a point that had slipped my mind earlier; what to do about leaks?

I don't like calling them leaks because that implies that we agreed on any particular sort of confidentiality going into this. However, I would certainly like to share low-resolution versions of the work that comes in to show people what's coming down the line. I think you should be proud of the work you're doing and not shy away from sharing it - even for free.

The only thing people will pay for is a physical, high resolution printed version of the artwork. Online and at a low-resolution, I see no harm done to our bottom line.

But that's just my opinion. How would you like to see it handled?


File: 1374289983122.png (37.13 KB, 443x465, furrydafuckup.png)


You can sell ZIPs on dA now or upload to RedBubble/Society6 like me and CrookedTrees do.



I hate to say it, especially this close to the deadline, but I really don't like the quality of my human anatomy enough to have it printed and sold. I'm withdrawing.


MagCloud, which I'm going to be using for this project, offers digital distribution options alongside print-on-demand.

Mind posting what you were able to put together?


It's past deadline and we have six pieces finished and submitted.

…Maybe we could make a pamphlet out of that?

Okay, look. I'm not dropping anyone, plain and simple. We have zero overhead going into this, so we're not missing much by being late. However, I also realize that I have not been doing my part in encouraging work and engaging artists. I'm not your enemy, I'm not a big mean boss type; this project isn't being done for anyone's sake but your own. I'm here to help, and I want to see you succeed. So if you've been keeping your distance because you've been nervous about meeting standards… don't. A lot of us are amateurs, myself included, so don't feel as if your being "outclassed" or "outshined" is going to ruin your reputation. I admire each and every one of you just for being here, and I thank you all for wanting to join my humble little foray into something remotely professional-looking.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't make the deadline either, so I know how some of you feel.

So keep working, and regularly show me what little progress you've made. I'll try to come around.


File: 1375495038207.jpg (407.87 KB, 800x800, 130802-progress.jpg)

So far we have seven pieces in the pipe, and they look MARVELOUS! For people still working on their pieces, please share your progress so I know how far along we are and if we can do anything to help.


oh god that cup cake I need it


I haven't seen anything recently from the following people! Some of them have/had excuses.
Dooks (Inky)


File: 1377207458824.png (145.29 KB, 978x1160, 130822-spaerk_luna.png)

The latest from Spaerk, he needs help with faces and fingers.


File: 1379062397177.jpg (581.36 KB, 2475x3075, 2013-09-13 - Fluttershy.jpg)

I just have a sketch that I'm in the middle of cleaning up for final (with rough colors) but I'd like to be included in the project. I'm doing a playboy bunny Fluttershy if that's alright, I'm going to do some design layout stuff for the page to make it less empty as well. Hope the project is still going.


I was wondering if you were referring to THIS project. In which case, welcome as a very late addition to the crew! Please make sure to at the very least send me an e-mail at the project address so I can keep in touch with you. Other methods include Skype, tumblr, deviantART, or whatever else you're comfortable with.

The project is still going, I just need to whip myself and a few others who were partway to put pieces together. I'm eager to see this when it gets tightened up a bit.


I'm not very good at managing email but I'm almost always available through tumblr or deviantart, whichever of the 2 would work better for communication (I'd assume tumblr).


If for whatever reason you have to email me specifically it's: palibyte@gmail.com

And yes, I was referring to THIS project :)


tumblr is actually the least convenient for me, but I try to accommodate people.


File: 1379715567186.jpg (40.58 KB, 200x400, pv.jpg)

mewball has finalized and sent in his Celestia

Why aren't you drawing?


Guild Wars 2 has taken up all my free time.


Because I'm a lazy shit ;_;

I'll get onto it once I'm back home.



Is this the spaerk from http://spaerk.deviantart.com/?



Oh man. I *really* want to see this completed, then!

Luna's got a nice figure from the back :)


The following artists are the only remaining ones I know to have been active:

Everyone else is ded or MIA.

That's mostly my fault, I guess. We have seven pieces or so so far, so if we get seven more that's at least 28 pages (14 pieces with 14 fillers) and such. Not too bad, really.

Get cracking.


Oh and rediv

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