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File: 1418536686392.png (755 B, 172x172, ea face.png)

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Haha, time for lewds
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What if while she held both hands on the controller you started to caress her shaft with one hand and tease her cockslit by gently inserting the round tip of the controller with the the other?
It's not like we'd want to make the game too easy for her after all.


I'd rather help her focus on the game by pointing out where to go or explaining what's going on while alternating teasing her flare, fingering her wide urethra, and toying with those monster nips


Yeah she really is adorkable, isn't she?
There's just so many things you can do with her. It'd be so nice to just hold her and play with her junk while playing videogames.


Just slowly tease her until she's about to blow, struggling to focus on the game and not just drop the controller, grab a fat nipple in each hand, and buck her hips until she starts hosing down the TV in spunk.


Now if you REALLY want to make it difficult on her make her think you're not going to bother her and encourage her to play an online multiplayer game. Get out the headset and microphone and start building some killstreaks together.

Then, as the two of you dominate the server just reach over across her lap and give that sheath of hers a rub. Every time you find a moment to take a breather in game you reach over and give her another new touch. All the while she has to both focus on the game… and try not to make a sound or all her teammates will hear.


Cool thread you've go here EA.


Haha I see you've found me here as well


Ooh new plaything


Princess EA's NASA-designed extravehicular cock support.


How would that work as porn?


Even pornstars need condoms, Anon. Say you want to have a wank in space, and you can't. That's what it's for. It might not be porn in of itself, but it sure oughta help in making some.


I mean I thought it was just a weird brand of shitpost before


Don't worry, it was.
Still find it a wee bit interesting at least. Having an entire compartment of a space suit dedicated to just a huge horsecock and cooling it says something by itself.


Anyway I'm pretty sure you're going to have more luck reaching him on Skype or whatever he's using nowadays
I got here by sheer chance


I'd rather just stay here, by my lonesome.


Celestia with a giant horsedong


File: 1488705632746.png (137.22 KB, 500x519, that's my horse.png)

No, that's my shitpost!


Luna with a giant horsedong


Last day of Comic-Con today, might get back to a computer late tonight


Is it weird that I just want to get fucked by EA with a huge horsecock?




It's lewd, but is it weird?


Well, you don't even know what I look like. But I guess it's probably no weirder than anything else I get up to in text.


But you do have a giant horsecock, don't you?


If I did, I'd be posting pictures of it.

And doing entirely different kinds of streams.


There's no need to lie. I mean, how else would you know so much about horsecock? Reading? Looking at pictures and videos? Hardly. #EAGate


I always knew the secret would get out one day.


You shouldn't have sexted those poor, poor innocent fillies. Now it's all over the press.


They sent me those sexts first!


"They were asking for it," right. And even if they were, in fact, literally asking for pictures of your enormous horsecock with the stamina of a proper man, it's still morally wrong to comply. I mean, think of the fillies!


It was less me sending horsecock pics to fillies and more me uploading horsecock pics to… aspiring artists for reference!


File: 1488825025787.jpg (118.59 KB, 496x1079, references.jpg)

Granted, your pictures could perfectly well be confused for an above average sized stallion, were it not for the poses, ribbons and even cards with the date and name attached. And I'm sure said artists could just get their… references the ordinary way, as they tend to do. There's no use arguing, you spoiled those fillies.


Hang on, are you trying to get in my pants or get me jailed here?


File: 1488825691664.png (357.28 KB, 1100x1257, why not both.png)


Because I never want to encourage fillyposting in the general


That's honorable and entirely respectable, as there is enough of it already.
Doesn't make you any less guilty of wanton horsecockery.


File: 1489303855714.jpg (270.09 KB, 800x795, 969566__explicit_artist-co….jpg)

huge princesses


Huge lewdprincesses


How does one yuge a lewd?


Increase the penis


File: 1489316935925.png (689.53 KB, 986x934, 1422041855986.png)

How do I increase the penis? This is too technical for me.


File: 1490558424445.png (134.97 KB, 1000x1000, Not even the reference is ….png)

I bring an offering


It's still perfect


Thanks! I knew it was you because nobody talks about lewdprincess in the thread


Yeah, I know

I'm glad to have more art of her though


I wouldn't really call it art but I get what you mean
I had fun making them


File: 1491105298882.png (577.06 KB, 1179x1142, tumblr_onpn74GshS1rdg7fbo1….png)

New dork

In marvelous Technicolor


Those proportions are all over the place


File: 1491147308222.png (482.25 KB, 1392x1080, YSgmlqzfnM2z_4-2-2017-02le….png)




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