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Ponies an metas never change meme etc


File: 1492990578462.png (146.42 KB, 504x835, 1491011440314.png)

This is a nice thread


should I watch Maid over Macross would you say?


Damnit Knight you broke it already


You could mix it up.


Maid is a pretty nice show, watch it after a few Macross episodes.


The plot is about a boy who finds out his crush's number through deus ex machina, and when he asks her for a date she accepts she he's ecstatic, until she doesn't show up. Then he finds out his phone is calling a version of her in a different universe that has a crush on him, so they help each other to fall in love with each other. Right?


The alternate universe thing get's thrown out in the first three episodes. It's weirder than that.


I was referencing Keit-ai finds a way


I feel somehwat guilty watching so much animu free on crunchyroll, maybe I should subscribe to help them out

Their selection seems to cover a lot of seasonal stuff…


I know, but part of the fun of memes is messing with them.

I've usually torrented my anime, so I don't feel too bad about it. But a month or two during summer break wouldn't be bad.


>paying for anime
I actually don't have anything against paying for things that you like, I have paid for music before, music I could have gotten for free


>I love you Miss Kobayashi
>Are you planning to eat me?
>I don't mean like that! I mean sexually!

Emrille becomes a maid.jpg


eh' they get ad revenue off you at least


Whoah what


That's something Emrille would say to one of her caretakers.


It's from ep1 of maid dragon



Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1492993983279.png (484.77 KB, 800x1660, d2022bfa-7aab-4d05-b875-f2….png)

An excellent roll


Emrille is not a maid!


File: 1492995741402.gif (201.03 KB, 140x189, 1351636118058.gif)

post proof


File: 1492995996988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.42 KB, 298x269, emmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)


Knight asked me to roll my Macross character's assets

Wan has much better "mana reserves" than Megumeme


Oh myyyy~


>tfw want some midnight snack for a video

1. Fruity Fiesta
2. Exotic Coconut Mix
3. Totally Nuts and Seeds
4. Berry Nutty


Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1492997954624.png (27.28 KB, 240x160, 1141 - Final Fantasy Tacti….png)

Please, help my son


File: 1492998060812.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.68 KB, 219x230, guy fieri.jpg)


Are you going to take my quest or not?



See the image I posted above


…turn to page 2 and 3 first, I wanna see the reward


Yeah, I mean, we're not doing charity here


I uh… Didn't screenshot that


I guess the son of that man will forever be sucked off by a snake pretending to be a lady


File: 1492999136884.png (26.92 KB, 240x160, 1141 - Final Fantasy Tacti….png)



post geralt asking trixie about his reward


Huh, I don't have that one either


File: 1492999209481.png (1.39 MB, 1600x1150, reward_witcher_3.png)


>killing the wife of someone because she is a snek


Trixie has some high rates


She is clearly asking for a high level monster to be taken down


File: 1492999364190.png (33.48 KB, 240x160, 1141 - Final Fantasy Tacti….png)

Oh don't worry I didn't need to kill her
I took control of her


Pffft, of course
But now you have abducted the wife of some poor guy!

From the look on Gerard's face he's planning to give her a high level monster allright


File: 1492999469528.png (469.63 KB, 1200x1000, 1403121886437.png)

>whip in the speech bubble


He always has that look when he's talking to witches


He'd be so fucked if being a monster hunter came with celibacy


File: 1492999585275.png (29.98 KB, 240x160, 1141 - Final Fantasy Tacti….png)

He'll thank me later for that
I could even make her kiss me how many times I want!
She's not very happy about it though…


Why would he thank you for stealing his wife?


Than me from saving him from what was obviously a spell


>spell is lifted
>"I'm actually a snekgirl"
>"Cool, wanna fuck?"


Pretty sure that's how that quest ended, actually. The lamia being, well, a lamia was not a dealbreaker. It was just the hypnosis part.


>Fucking a monster
Get rid of your phoenix downs, you don't deserve them


I mean, duh, who wouldn't go with a snek girl?
I have some relevant webms but they are way too saucy for a christian imageboard

I'll give you a phoenix up your ass if you keep up the smartmouthing


File: 1493000388175.jpg (1.69 MB, 1209x2009, 1481227680668.jpg)

>says the guy forcing her to give him kisses against her will
You're the only monster here, you brute.
And a hypocrite to boot.


okay okay geez
I didn't say I did, I said I COULD, and the fact that I chose not to only shows how pure and kind I am
And also because her kisses are harmful


File: 1493000637848.jpg (33.3 KB, 750x960, Mabel.jpg)

>the aliens engineered Vipers to look like lamias so XCOM will be too focused on jerking off

Would you this phoenix


File: 1493000883626.png (Spoiler Image, 835.17 KB, 662x923, 324777__dead source_explic….png)

Depends on what kind of phoenix it is


File: 1493000939404.jpg (43.69 KB, 794x749, Mabel Smile.jpg)

…why does that one have tits?


File: 1493001067251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 616.59 KB, 960x1600, 1441404783750-0.jpg)

I don't know, birds don't usually have breasts


Bluejays are one of my favourite birbs tho


But maali chickens have breasts
so do turkeys


We should probably sit down and have the talk


File: 1493001274923.jpg (44.58 KB, 690x460, tumblr_o90jubloLp1qetpbso4….jpg)

All birds are pretty or have some feature that make them interesting
I dare you show me one ugly bird


File: 1493001346828.jpg (5.61 KB, 154x232, images (16).jpg)

If you call this pretty you need to get your eyes checked


No that's literally part of the bird. The breast is where a lot of the meat is.
C'mon nopo I thought you knew that.


Tsk, now now.
Just sit down.
We'll have a long nice chat about the birds and the bees and also important anatomical differences between mammals and avians


What bird is that?


A turkey, also known as the worst bird ever to exist


File: 1493001785387.jpg (32.14 KB, 537x336, parts of chicken.jpg)

You're thinking of mammary glands. Chickens don't have those.


Hey now.
George Washington loved that bird


File: 1493001801238.jpg (389.42 KB, 500x500, turkey_big.jpg)

Well good job posting a cropped picture that only shows one part of the turkey, and not the rest of it's interesting features like it's fun round ball-like body and fan tail

Though I should correct myself, I should have said ugly and/or uninteresting bird, so that's my fault


File: 1493002057053.jpg (17.44 KB, 425x320, blvu_harris.jpg)

Fidget, don't muddy the issue with your science babble!

George Washington had some serious mental issues then, I do not know how anyone can feel anything but contempt towards turkeys.

Even if you post the full image a turkey is still ugly.
The feathers are all disheveled and rough and not at all nice.

Vultures do not have a pretty face, necesarrily, but they have a very impressive wingspan with beautiful primary feathers


It has a noble strut
and is very tasty


File: 1493002256919.jpg (557.13 KB, 1969x1489, Bartgeier_0505262.jpg)

I disagree, I think the feathers are nice especially at around the side just above the wings, in that picture it looks like a bunch of rocky scales and it looks gorgeous

And I agree that Vultures are amazing too


File: 1493002349116.jpg (719.41 KB, 791x507, king_vulture1_0.jpg)

It sounds like it is constantly choking on diarhea
It attacks anything and anyone on sight and has a nasty peck an you can't even just kick it to the other end of the yard like you can to an upstart rooster

But worst of all, I find turkey meat to be incredibly plain and what is the bigger offender, very dry.

King Vultures are envoys of the gods


Wasn't it Franklin who wanted to make the Turkey the national bird?
You'll learn some facts and you'll like it.


You know what breasts we were talking about in the context, don't you turn this around on me!
I bet you'd expect a girl birdperson to have a vayjayjay when you get to third base and you' be very surprised to only find a cloaca!


>I find turkey meat to be incredibly plain and what is the bigger offender, very dry
You're cooking it wrong then


I'm not that delusional, unfortunately. Which is why I don't tend to like birdpeople or sneks. Cloacas are gross.


Ah, I think you might be right


The things this means about Marina are troubling..


Marina's more pony than fish.
So that's not a problem.


They are, they do all kinds of bodily functions with that hol-wait a minute…

It's the truth of the matter.
I've ate my fair share of birds and the easiest way to tell the difference between chicken and turkey done with the same spices is that the turkey is going to be dry.

You want real good birb meat? The undisputed king of birdmeats?
Ducks are a gift from God destined to be turned into human food
Their meat is succulent and nice but above all
You need no spices aside from salt.
You literally just salt the duck meat and throw it in the oven and it will turn out better than any artisan gourmet chicken with spices by itself


File: 1493003005350.jpg (16.17 KB, 468x311, fish egg.jpg)

Would you squeeze the butt of Marina to make her secrete her delicious eggs?


Marina doesn't produce roe, Nopo.
And thanks to that moon pendant her mother had, she was able to be conceived in the land-pony way.


>she was able to be conceived in the land-pony way
Who would want to fuck a fish?
Swatz made me google that, lot of people,


Yea, actually, it is pretty much the best bird to eat.
which is why its too expensive to the point I've eaten it three times ever in my life


>Marina wasn't hatched from an egg
>Marina won't lay eggs
>her husbando won't fertilize a clutch of royal fish horse


The only reason I eat it semi-regularly when I'm back at home (about once every two months or so) is because my father has friends in the birb factory outside of town so he can get all kinds of birds for super cheap

Will there be no quest to portray this proper way of seapony birth?
If they are like seahorses, wouldn't that mean it would be Marina knocking up her husband?


Let's be honest, Andy. Seaponies are closer to dolphins, which are mammals. Therefore, they wouldn't reproduce the same way as fish.


Are you saying Marina is a serial rapist like a dolphin?


I always thought marina was closer to a seal…


Yeah, the few times I've had duck, I've had to be careful not to chew too hard, in case I find one of the pellets. Which I always do, it seems.


No. I said "closer", not "the same as".
Well, you'll not see her bark anytime soon.



Well yeah, I didn't eat duck that was, y'know, shot.
I ate ducks that were grown at a place that breeds birds for their meat.

I find it strange how goose are even more expensive than duck though


Wait not a seal goshdangit
A sea lion?
Exactly the ones like in the vid nopo just posted
That video makes me so happy


Marina borking at the moon when?


File: 1493004048853.webm (1.85 MB, 1280x720, 1488273489700.webm)

Seals and sea lions are pretty much the same my man

When the awoooooooooooooo arrooorooooo


Nopo posted a seal, yes.
Only if you consider praying to be "borking."
Rhanna, though…


File: 1493004255686.png (232.48 KB, 713x714, f820ff76-fece-4280-8c80-51….png)

Seals bark at the moon?
I wasn't clear
either way they're lovely goofy animals and I lovethem


That's why I posted that webm just now for you!


>marina prays to the moon by borking loudly at it
make it happen maali



I know that's why I lvove it!
I can't yet, not now that I'm faced with emotional issues and the crushing fear of my art declining
After I get these comissions out I desperately need to find time to actually sit down and stuff things again


I thought I was going to lose it hardest at fucking suplexing the 10 year old child soldier but then came the part here one of them ran away and he chase it down, gave him a knuckle sanwdwhich then kicked him on the ground for good measure


artists plz
sketch marina chan acting like a seal


I would love to, trust me
I just can't now
I'm sorry Andy


Hey peeps.


Agreed, that's definitely the best part.
I'll think about it; got a job interview tomorrow that I'm hoping manages to go through.


y u bully fish tho
is it because you're in the belly of the bass


Did Marian get told stories about the Boogiemare when she was little and was misbehaving which were actually all just stories about Emrille trying to shoot her mother and Curry?


File: 1493005193262.png (94.87 KB, 461x390, tmp_28870-1492497506117461….png)


No, she got stories about how Nightmare Moon took over her princess's brain and turned her evil, and also she had to help comfort the families of seaponies who died taking over Aquamarine. The boogimare was Discord, and there no shortage of examples of it.



Yo, can't fall asleep right now. You wanna do a quest?


So she doesn't know her?


The only time Marina ever even heard about Emrille is when she met her in New Earth. There were more pressing concerns than stories about the angry little mare who spent 80% of the time as a filly.
As it is, Marina just thinks Emrille is a dirty old pervert mare.


fish is for bully


She's no longer old!


That feeling you get when you have no idea what everyone else is talking about.



Well, that's something Kotone and her sister probably agree on.


File: 1493006440728.png (1.87 MB, 3518x4483, 1453296091738.png)

Goodnight y'all


It's about an ongoing quest, don't worry


Night, Nopo.


Sorry, I'm still sick and going in and out of naps.

What was your idea?


Do you wanna do a quest with me?


An fellowship kind of quest like lord of the rings but you quest to gather the shards of the elements of harmony and reforge them and save the world from the big bad.


I can't I'm draween


What a nice and proper quest, but the meds are keeping me knocked out. Or maybe the illness is.


Okay, I hope you get well.


Check with the /mlp/ group, there should be some people freeing up for quests as school ends


File: 1493009348975.png (320.85 KB, 1044x798, Ponked out.png)

Right, well, see you guys later. I'm hitting the sack.


File: 1493009959070.jpg (30.7 KB, 269x373, 1493007075301.jpg)

Buenas noches


I couldn't make my body move to wake earlier


Oh noes.




You and I both. The flesh is stronger than the mind in this case.



What's up


Nothing much, wanna quest?


I'm at work, we're going to go outside to a campfire site.


Sounds fun.


It is 2ded


It's 9AM in Belgium, those guys are waking up


The Funimation dub makes a How To Tame Your Dragon reference, does the original sub?


Of what


Dragon Maid


Wouldn't know, sry


>Tfw no big tiddied maid dragon


File: 1493019093371.jpg (4.49 MB, 4032x2268, 20170424_102903.jpg)

>tfw grilled sausages


I've been up for almost three hours now and I'm still half asleep.


Every day in Belgium must be an adventure

Good luck, do your best!


I'll be sitting inside a class room all day while it's raining outside, so this is about as adventurous today is going to get.


Wow, just imagine all the time you'll have for exciting character development. And you get to see that exotic Belgian weather – rain you call it? How bizarre, it's like water from the sky


File: 1493019911378.jpg (5.03 MB, 4032x2268, 20170424_104421.jpg)

>It's raining in Belgium
>Meanwhile it's warm and sunny here


Don't worry, the sun will come out to roast my ass soon enough. April is such a meme month for weather. Freeze to death in the morning, then roasted to a crisp in the afternoon.


Oh right DM no need to hurry with those behnbleds
I could wait for next week


Today will be busy as I expected so yeah tomorrow would have been the earliest opportunity


>talking about hornse riding with work people


File: 1493024669128.jpg (58.91 KB, 535x432, 1468518479996.jpg)

Are you raiding again, fampai?


>suddenly hailstorm





It's really nice to come home from work and think "I don't regret waking up today"


Nah I just have a bit of housekeeping to do which might swallow up an hour or two. Move some shit about in the kitchen, get the fryer set up, check some tax stuff and bills, things like that.
Next raid is Thursday, but there is a monthly event I'll put a little time into kicking off on Wed. Overall I should be fairly available, especially since I should have both Friday and the following Monday off.


Meanwhile Umaru is a fan of Monster hunter.


>get the fryer set up
[Belgian noises]


>Deep frier
Will we be having fries at the meet?


Most likely
Hoping to give it a test run this weekend


Remember, Mobil1 is the number one oil to use



I will not call it a grave. It is a bright future, glistening with fat.
You get to teach me your strange deep frying ways.


Ne, DM-kun, in an hour or two you'll be on the train home, yeah?


Yeah I'll leave in an hour and a half or two hours


Have you been watching your Chinese cartoons again, Wf-senpai?


Yes, Knight told me to watch Dragon Maid so I marathoned 4 episodes


If I recall correctly, he said my Macross character was stacked like the Quetzalcoatl because of that 10.


Just four episodes make a marathon?
I thought your character was a guy
What a letdown


File: 1493036420041.jpg (80.05 KB, 650x250, tmp_9273-download-92645131….jpg)




Sure better than a page full of mediocre potgs


>find the video of Joerg testing a wood sword
Ha ha time for a quick tweak to otr


It's almost all garbage that gets posted in that place.

Speaking of leddit, I think he did a Q&A on there the other day. Or at least he made a video that he'd be doing one.


His is a smile that deserves to be protected


I don't get it


A Redditor did the math and determined the theoretical maximum number of crates you would need to get everything, since if you keep getting duplicates you can just buy up the small stuff like sprays.


Wouldn't the theoretical maximum be if every single crate had nothing but minimum gains as duplicates, forcing you to buy every item with coins while also gaining coins at the lowest possible rate


Leddit is assblasted about the fact that obtaining all the cosmetic collectibles in OW takes a very long time on average, and that getting every single item from events is practically impossible.

And it's true. Of course it's true, because this is exactly what keeps a game like OW alive. It's going to get people to come back for events every time they roll around and motivates people to keep playing the game. So yeah Blizz could make getting everything extremely easy, but that's really detrimental for the game's longevity. At the end of the day these are just cosmetic items with no impact on the gameplay. Claiming Blizz is ripping off their customers is retarded.


That's why it has a Bell curve.


OP post doesn't seem to be butthurt


I agree, it seems just number crunching nothing too strange.


File: 1493038977162.png (971.84 KB, 1200x1022, lilpip5.png)



>play Shadowverse again after a day of break
>dragon mirror two times in a row, shouldn't be too hard to beat
>get no ramp, get all anti-aggro cards, get no removal for the lategame and lose immediately

Like clockwork



I'm actually quite hyped for the Valerian movie. Looks pretty.


>non mirror match
>it's aggro
>drew Dragon Warrior and two Salamander's Breath during the mirror matches (some of the best removal)
>draw none during the anti aggro one, the healing I have is not enough



I fucking knew it

Like clockwork



This looks fucking promising!


File: 1493040346482.jpg (1.23 MB, 3549x1647, 2017-04-24 16.19.57.jpg)



File: 1493040494721.jpg (49.58 KB, 1200x214, C9x-2JeXoAEOSuk.jpg)

Also important.

It's all about the comments.

Reminds me of when they got butthurt because they had 'too many coins' and 'nothing to spend it on' during the Summer games.


In fairness, during the summer games they were butthurt because they couldn't buy the summer skins with coins


>bug report 2 mins before I plan to leave
>spend so long on it I miss my window
Well fuck this then guess I'm doing extra overtime


As we all know, coins are never going to be able to be spent on anything again, they're worthless now!


Which is just retarded. I never got the Mercy skin I wanted from that, but I just decided I'd wait until next year instead.

I've gotten fuck all this event as well, but I'll survive. They're just cosmetics. Except for Dr. Ziegler. I will murder someone for that one.


>tfw have it already



>draining sector resources


Adam update can't come fast enough


Also separately taxing energy and minerals is really nice.




File: 1493041222068.jpg (580.49 KB, 2570x1445, 2017-04-24 16.33.52.jpg)

Sosters of Bottle


>a fox was just running around outside the office
Huh. Never seen a wild fox before.


File: 1493042099286.jpg (379.34 KB, 2048x2048, fennec-fox_thumb.JPG)


A true local foxxo
Alas it did not make the face


Even I only saw like a dozen wild foxes despite always living in very close proximity to forests.
They are, y'know, good at hiding and also prefer to nose around human places at night since they are incredibly skittish



I've never seen a fox in the wild. Plenty of fucking rabbits though.


This one was in the middle of the road, then fled into a parking lot and further into some bushes. I guess it was hunting the geese that live all over the place.


God we had such a plague of city rabbits a few years back. I could hardly walk to class without almost stepping on one.


Foxes are one of the few wild species that handled urbanization very well, people are just afraid of them because of rabies.

They are obviously more numerous in places that have lots of birbs for them to eat


File: 1493043070131.jpg (56.09 KB, 600x798, 1471708539809.jpg)

>I thought your character was a guy
>what a letdown


We've got plenty of birbs here.

Fucking pigeons, and worse, seagulls. I can already hear them shrieking again now that their shag season is approaching.


Well yeah, but I meant dumbass birds like chickens and pheasants that can't fly very well so foxes can just meme on them


Come to think of it, I saw a pheasant earlier too. Maybe the foxxo was after those rather than the geese.


Makes more sense.
Geese are big, loud, can fly easily and peck hard. A full grown geese can tower over a fox if they spread their wings


Honestly though, pigeons are fucking retarded.


Oh yeah, they are very dumb, but they are fucking machines of survival.


File: 1493044733827.jpg (15.95 KB, 220x187, tmp_9273-220px-Tri-colored….jpg)


>work canceled due to rain
Well, at least I don't have to get cold, wet, and miserable today. How are you lot?


>not being cold, wet and miserable

Denying your british heritage I see


File: 1493045958068.webm (162.15 KB, 222x568, 1492735221997.webm)

We'll be cold, wet and miserable in Don't Starve soon enough.


My area's weather is like British weather, but it doesn't have the charm.


I can't wait to pick it up again
There was a reason I was looking forward to playing it with you peeps for so long

>the charm

What charm is that?
Cause I must have been missing it over here


The charm of being British. It's like how you can meet the same type of annoying people in multiple countries, but the ones that aren't from your own country have that weird "well it's not so bad because it's foreign" feeling.


File: 1493046797581.jpg (973.92 KB, 2972x1737, 2017-04-24 12.36.19.jpg)

[Borks internally]


>only dumb assholes sit in this box

Have you ever been to a different country, Fidget?


I've been to France. And Canada, but that only barely counts.


Le baguette hon hon hon hon


Wow, you've been to France? When was that? And where?


>Fidget has been overseas

How did I not know this?


It was something like… 13 or 14 years ago? Our French language teacher was a former French citizen so she pushed to have her third-year students visit France for a week as an immersion and cultural study. Of my group, I was literally the only one who actually wanted to go poking around castles and museums, the rest of them just wanted to go shopping.
We went through Chambord and a few other tourist-trap spots (the Louvre and Versailles), and then spent a day or so in Nice.
Our teacher advised that, if anyone asked, we were to say we're Canadian tourists since Americans weren't very popular at the time.
Because it hasn't come up before?


Oh wow, he's been to real France, not Paris


We did a quick run-through of Paris (mostly for the Eiffel Tower and shops), but we didn't really focus on it. Notre Dame was a lovely place, and I'm glad it was open when we were there.


Wow, that sounds pretty great
France and Paris especially is a great place to visit, if you remove all the people from the equasion


Saw a guy jacking into a McDonald's cup outside of a lingerie store. Really drove the point home that France is literally no different from any other place.


I saw a guy walk around without a shirt and a full grown Iguana on his head.
I was like "shit, am I seeing this right"


That's really nice. Man, you guys did a lot of different stuff at least. Must have been exhausting to do it all in one week.

>Our teacher advised that, if anyone asked, we were to say we're Canadian tourists since Americans weren't very popular at the time.


That's pretty dumb seeing how you were just kids.


Well, considering we got a bottle lobbed at us while at one location, it was a legitimate concern.


Ah France


Well true, there's always bound to be retards who can't see the difference between the government and its people.

Was it a nice wine bottle at least?


Nah, I think it was an empty beer bottle. Probably imported from Germany since, as our teacher said, french beer was shit.
Luckily for us there were a few policemen nearby, so that got handled rather nicely.


File: 1493049203568.png (627.11 KB, 1280x1024, 1457810928038.png)

You can be hot, dry and miserable instead


That's probably going to be tomorrow. Or as the summer really starts to turn up the heat.


>all those shibe videos made YT suggest this one

The fucking framed image of the two shibes in the background made me lose it


File: 1493052574974.webm (36.34 KB, 192x312, 1487505528782.webm)

>having an amazing stellaris game
>founded a federation which spans half the galaxy
>fairly late game
>loadsa mods
>building megastructures everywhere
>unbiddens spawn
>it's the 2nd crisis thanks to a mod
>jump on a lone fleet and decimate them
>suddenly game freezes
>try again
>it keeps happening
I'm salty as shit.


File: 1493053522250.jpg (352.69 KB, 1736x2456, 1493053064328.jpg)


Do NOT sexualize the special needs sorceress




File: 1493053654785.png (1.07 MB, 2592x5841, 08d.png)


It's pure love, nothing sexual about it


Warrior: Kongou
Rogue: Tomo
Mage: Akko

This is your party


File: 1493054004852.jpg (81.84 KB, 1280x720, 1491659902886.jpg)


So Akko nukes the frontline and we wipe because no cleric. Okay.


Cleric: Gab
Monk: Bakugo
Bard: Umaru

This is your support team


File: 1493054134242.jpg (130.98 KB, 1280x720, 1492426010584.jpg)


>monk: Bakugo
I see we're going fire-specced.


He is there to provide balance and harmony


File: 1493054271624.jpg (332.64 KB, 736x1104, Did you rike it.jpg)

Yes… balance.


File: 1493054350342.png (408.81 KB, 650x570, 1492922638522.png)


File: 1493054401670.png (954.83 KB, 1200x750, 1493054256647.png)

It's the hat covering their faces that makes the magic


File: 1493054488879.jpg (88.99 KB, 383x274, 1484971641583.jpg)

B-BDN-sama what's gotten into you!


File: 1493054731202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.05 KB, 989x1200, 1490450630966.jpg)

Impure things


Not the German Witch of engineering!


Also take the Baneblades to the post any time you feel like it, just tell me when you do.


With a team like this I expect him to melt down in an hour.


yeah probably gonna need to delay that a bit, I ran into some issues with getting my tax papers fixed so that will eat up a chunk of tomorrow at least.


File: 1493059188925.jpg (104.8 KB, 970x824, 1336770347192.jpg)

Cute girls indulging themselves relieves stress


File: 1493059385691.png (706.79 KB, 1875x3031, 8ZU38F9.png)

What's up dawgs


File: 1493059470931.gif (313.7 KB, 245x250, 1469950471443.gif)



Indeed, I met a real foxxo today


File: 1493059617966.jpg (66.96 KB, 945x945, mlfw133_130134357119.jpg)

good good


A wild phox?


File: 1493059757424.gif (499.88 KB, 500x272, chaos reigns fox.gif)


Yes, as mentioned here >>842287


>foxx puts curse on foolish human who got it wet


Poor thing is probably lost then!


File: 1493059908551.jpg (64.42 KB, 736x413, 95aba19cf3354221ddef9e479c….jpg)

…yes, yes, that's totally it.
Don't let her know


It was probably a city fox looking for birds to eat and/or starting shit with the geese.


Are you stealing free money from the government


No hurr, but if you could, take a picture of the sprues if you have them handy. I wanna see if there's anything critical missing.


I'm reporting the commuting expenses and my bonuses, but I haven't made any major work related purchases I could write off.


Sounds like you need to buy more geimu.


Sheesh, I wish I was so lucky I could do that. I actually had payments to make this year because of HCA bullshit.


>Just now notice one of my cats probably jumped on the sandcrawler while climbing around my room
I'm gonna kill them


Can't you just buy a PS4 and a Switch and chalk it up as work expenses?


File: 1493060701033.jpg (48.5 KB, 512x656, 1320765970605.jpg)

I need a phox



Why don't you then?


Already have a PS4
Don't really want a switch for one game


What would you like to see on the Switch?


You could play Isaac on the train to work


Weren't there plans to port souls to the switch somehow? Or was that just idle scuttlebutt?


Isaac is for ipad these days
I actually don't know
Normally I'd say like something like Ace Combat but the train ride limits my session times.


File: 1493061409530.jpg (1.17 MB, 2094x2268, 2017-04-24 22.10.27.jpg)

This dumb motherfucker right here


Yeah, that's a cat, alright.


Ace Combat on something with motion control sounds like it'd be either hilarious or a disaster, probably both. It's bad enough that 7 will have VR support.


Was there?

God, she is so ugly


File: 1493061578458.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x2268, 2017-04-24 22.10.47.jpg)



May God Have Mercy on this poor creature and end it's suffering

The best game for the switch is Snipperclips at any rate


File: 1493061805473.jpg (891.53 KB, 1896x1970, 2017-04-24 22.12.46.jpg)


Dark Switch seems like such a contradiction.


I just have an almost irrational hatred for flat faced animals like persian cats and pugs


Well, Switch Souls would probably not have much of a market, I'll give you that. At least, beyond the people who don't have it already.


Imagine someone raging at the game and throwing the controller at a wall.
Nintendo would be rich.


Why do you think the Wii didn't get a wrist strap until later?


Speaking of impotent rage, I suppose it's time I finished farming those last five ears to round out the Darkmoon covenant.


People weren't chucking that at walls on purpose though


For DM.
Metal Gear Pachinko review.


I never got pachinko machines or what the fuck the Japs see in them


Easily available skinner boxes
Looking inside those parlours was fairly depressing when I was there


>get summoned in and manage to sweep up three ears
Well, that sped that right along. Time to make some mounds, I guess.


It's their form of slot machines


File: 1493064843174.gif (354.04 KB, 320x243, 1492316875657.gif)


This fairy appears to be stuck




Also it seems to only be popular in people over 50.



Do you think older people gamble because they miss being able to take physical risk?


No I think they gamble because it's a physically addictive activity which is not treated as the drug it is.
Also they don't know about all the other kinds of games.


I think it was a generational problem.
Just think that 60 or so years ago smoking, drinking and gambling were all encouraged instead of saying "Maybe this isn't very good for you"


I wish they will were


I think boredom plays a big role. Gambling is good for getting rushes. And it doesn't affect your health like other rushes do.


You mean its not regulated?

Huh, well that could be.


Not in japan.


File: 1493066725888.webm (2.33 MB, 720x540, 1492319808157.webm)

I'm not trying to bait you though!


>akkoposter on /civ4xg/


>tfw Sion will never bait you


File: 1493067194833.jpg (69.61 KB, 800x972, 1485417012848.jpg)

I'm innocent.


File: 1493067230712.gif (1.62 MB, 600x600, 896606.gif)

>tfw you know exactly how to bait nopo but you never have to


File: 1493067257083.png (363.68 KB, 617x529, 1465361716273.png)


What's your secret?



Selena's Stupendous Sojourn when?




File: 1493067604507.jpeg (15.04 KB, 309x256, 1133894.jpeg)


File: 1493068069399.png (Spoiler Image, 372.9 KB, 789x1039, tumblr_oouqyvq0291tdv657o1….png)

Here you go.


Innocence is a lie.


>do a few good fights
>get memed on by a lightning darksword and someone with enough stamina to swing it eight times before stopping
Well, I beat him twice before, so I guess it's only fair.


straight sword stunlock has been my go to solution too for 2 games now


File: 1493069924887.webm (1.17 MB, 640x276, Nopony as a co-GM.webm)

>tfw Sion fires you because he cannot tolerate your love for popcorn


Funny thing is, the first time he tried that I ruined him because he tried to block. The second time I missed and was wide open.
it was fun, despite losing.



File: 1493070865491.jpg (60.6 KB, 500x486, 1328129670883.jpg)

slp consume me


He kicked me off as the co-gm of breezie because I did not respond to him within 5 minutes due to getting popcorn


but todays' not a brzzy day?


I'm pretty sure he was actually pissed at you from last time, when we were having brzz and you were playing vidya.


It was a joke you dinguses


It wasn't funny.


File: 1493071796504.png (824.68 KB, 1440x1055, 416075.png)

It was for Sion to be funny and not you,
you fuck


File: 1493073239327.gif (498.43 KB, 500x266, 1380641526253.gif)


Time to catch up on lost slp.

Good night, /qt/


Night, Groves.


I love that gif
And the movie


>still another 45 minutes until the week rolls over and the arcade boxes reset
what ever shall I fill the time with.


File: 1493075874115.gif (1.99 MB, 350x384, tumblr_ns4q3bngvu1tevo95o1….gif)


I was thining about trying this 'sleep' thing


But if you sleep than you can't pone. Or even doge. Who would do that?


Eh, fine, fuck going to sleep at a reasonable human hour


Seriously though, if you're tired you should sleep.


Too late, mother, I have seen everything


File: 1493077507172.png (118.46 KB, 500x546, Go to sleep Pinkie I don't….png)


It's a ponk party in 'ere


Hey peeps.


File: 1493078070601.png (212.82 KB, 345x518, qt_background_girl.png)

>random girl gets to be this qt
its not fair


How is it unfair?


because I'll never see her again


Who's that?


A nobody from the crowds on the street in natsume


>inb4 she is some animator's wife
>inb4 she's always in the background


She's never been in the background before, but I'll keep looking for that qt!


It would be more unfair if she couldn't be cute just because she is a BG character!


Hey you ready to continue our quest?


Its unfair to my heart

huh, oh, I didn't get dinner yet, what about in 2~ hours?

Also is this quest going to be about commanding units now?


Sure, and we can tailor the quest to however you want it to be.


Be happy for her cuteness!


No! instead I'll be weird about it and start requesting art of her


I was actually going to suggest that secondly if you did not agree with just being happy for her cuteness


I gotta say it's mildly weird.


Hey, you can't stop love if she saw something in her we didn't.


you guys wanna shoot some robits?


I'd just like to have an idea
I wasn't really expecting such a long quest


Nah I played a bunch earlier, maybe later?

I need more


Sorry. But what is your idea?



Nothing to be sorry for, I was just asking what you were thinking.
If its really a quest to raise a king we might need a few more people


Yeah but who?


File: 1493082436991.jpg (81.08 KB, 650x650, 1487569852196.jpg)

I dunno


I'm home and I should be able to run Macross in about 10-15 minutes


File: 1493082877814.gif (669.04 KB, 796x450, hold on I have to look up ….gif)



I'll definitely be ordering some


they look pretty freshbecause mints hahaha


File: 1493083829725.gif (461.05 KB, 500x375, 1451356547562.gif)

Interesting. I'm kind of surprised they weren't already selling something like this.



File: 1493084124800.jpg (37.03 KB, 640x480, Anon was only rusing.jpg)


They have large ones, for holding mini-poke-figures
but these look much nicer


Mints are top tier, I've come to realize here in britbongistan



>Fidget dies to robots
>be Orisa
>walk over
>start rezzing
>interrupt halfway
>engage the 'Kicking dirt' emote
>kick that dirt right on top of Fidget's body lik a cat burying a turd

I wish more people saw


Lotta gratitude for a robot horse.


Hey, I got you 750 coins and the 80% cheevo!
What did you get me?
A genji and a hanzo voiceline.

And that beautiful moment of burying you with Orisa


Report yourself


Two such moments. You did it while I was the Bastion, too.
And it was only 650.
…you did get the cheevo, though, I'll admit that.


Oh, so you did notice~
I actually did it while you were bastion every time you looked away to see if you would notice.

Also, I was on fucking fire with Tracer that game


True that. Both times you were her you got the top play.


And to think I thought I'd never get to use all those Tracer Highlight Intros!


Well, to be fair, even if you didn't, they'd show up in personal highlights.


It's just not the same!


I see Wan's put everything into her Fold reserves as she was growing up.


Wan sounds so much like an Asian dude name
Its Wf character right?


Yes. The stacked Megumeme expy.


Wan huo is a Chinese girl's name, it means "to play with fire"


File: 1493087697593.png (10.8 MB, 5120x2880, 1390261__safe_artist-colon….png)





File: 1493088027353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.71 KB, 850x1249, f93cd2f5-d9a3-4e0d-870a-19….jpg)

Now I'm even more upset, gosh


Well, she's kind of an airhead too, and likes attention. Plus instead of robes she mostly wears her flight suit (unless Calta has a hold of her), and has close friends from the start. So not quite the same.


File: 1493088594653.jpg (42 KB, 640x640, 96f6a12e941aebe8334b971439….jpg)



File: 1493088694832.jpg (54.36 KB, 640x454, Lizard.jpg)

Is for horses, but cows like it too.


Bip bop boop

We're playing Macross, or I could run Horizon if you feel like it

Also arcade boxes reset in OW if you're up for that instead


File: 1493088738852.jpg (273.22 KB, 2000x1550, 99f027761b29d0153abf02952b….jpg)


File: 1493088784896.jpg (245.87 KB, 500x500, 1490217572591.jpg)


File: 1493088848259.gif (96.78 KB, 160x160, 731931__safe_pinkie pie_an….gif)

What pokes.

pink princess of pfun, approves.

Oh, enjoy macross then, I'll probably hop onto OW.


File: 1493088864417.gif (2.09 MB, 330x330, 1331548945648.gif)


I should really put a loli dragon in my next quest


I gave you the fox you asked for.


File: 1493089051905.jpg (38.74 KB, 559x600, Comfort eating.jpg)


File: 1493089104111.png (26.96 KB, 208x238, 1404120976770.png)


If you're still on when it's over, I'll join you

Oh hey, you might be interested, if you log on starting tomorrow in that game, you can choose a pack with ~~20~~ HOTS heroes

By the way, I watched the first four episodes. Now I get what you mean, Quetzalcoatl's size is a little ridiculous! But that's the joke


Not the same as what?

Also 'getting a hold of her' can mean two things in Maccross universe


File: 1493089205510.jpg (76.64 KB, 546x780, Loose sweater.jpg)

You can tell it's a girl because of the eyelashes.


As Megumin

In this case, it's literal. Calta likes to play doll dressup.


File: 1493089397450.png (123.54 KB, 405x495, 26ff2022-bce5-4e0c-82bb-1e….png)

Midnight is the perfect time to sleep
I don't know what a megumin is…
I know a megumi though



She's a character


Megumin is a meme character from an anime/manga that is a wizard who only knows how to explode, expending her entire mana reserves to do so.


File: 1493090584805.jpg (18.84 KB, 300x220, 1319202396332.jpg)

not my kind


File: 1493091782232.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, tmp_23509-whatsu1790300433.jpg)

Dag reborking in


File: 1493092004109.png (8.58 KB, 240x160, 1488844745757.png)


>trying to fix Wan's robot
>never mentioned it was fold-capable
Ah, the joys of debugging.


Ehhh…? Are there mechs that aren't Fold-capable? What's the point?

My mech does literally nothing but enhance my abilities!


Standard piloting tools are not going to cut it, I think.
It'll be time to develop a direct-motion feedback system so you don't end up trying to fly in seven different directions again.
I hope Wan likes latex and diodes.


Ah, everyone should want to die old. It's better than the alternative, right?!


You're gonna pilot a Gundam Fighter and you're gonna like it.
And it'll probably be the only thing keeping you from spinning out on the field.


File: 1493093432556.jpg (190.32 KB, 1200x778, 1491879439023-1.jpg)

Omnivore bug has guts of steel. Well, guts of vaguely-metallic-membrane, but still.


What a pain! I already learned these controls


Trust me, the new ones will be like you're not even in the mech at all.


And besides, "learning" them and actually using them are light-years apart when it comes to Wan. I mean, goddamn. She's have ended up dead if she hadn't been saved by her flight group.


Think of a description for the taste


Oh boy. That's going to be interesting.


File: 1493093879708.png (3.48 MB, 2284x2576, 1425605304388.png)


Eh, what a bad attitude! Battles are a team event, you can't treat them like that. That's like saying you'd be dead if the raiders attacked you when you were all alone!

Obsessing over individual performance just breeds unhealthy competition!


File: 1493094026656.jpeg (310.58 KB, 1500x2000, 1311958__suggestive_artis….jpeg)


True, but I managed to do fine by myself, in a scrap-heap mech, with a broken escape pod as the only thing between myself and gunfire.
You ended up circling the ship after misfiring and needing to be babysat by pilots who actually know how to fly.


I'll stop in a bit since the cold is getting to me.


>snowing quite a bit
What a morning


How can you be human when you talk like an alien? The thing that makes our race great is how good we are at teamwork! They helped stabilize me so I could fire off a shot that blasted away the last two enemy craft.

That rogue attitude where you have to be a stoic island and never get help is gonna kill you some day.

It was fun! Goodnight


Okay. Thanks for running, by the way.


Would you be able to say that so confidently if your friends had gotten hurt while bailing you out, I wonder.


File: 1493094457288.jpg (148.48 KB, 736x497, 68b2aa732e22dd5508078353b0….jpg)

Thanks for a good time! Hope you feel better son.


How confident would you be in your assertion if your mech got blasted in half and you lost both your legs and an arm and went into a coma?


I knew I shouldn't have rolled. I knew it. The numbers kept going down but I just had to tempt fate.
Then I'd be in a coma or dead, so I wouldn't give a damn.


Next time we'll see some combat happening.

Glad you're enjoying it. My schedule got all mixed up this week, but I'll let you know if a chance to run presents itself.


>flub the shit out of the blackbox roll
>it sprouts legs and a gun
I wouldn't be surprised.


But when you woke up!


File: 1493094999269.jpg (387.69 KB, 1110x755, 1376460396.guyver89_convo2.jpg)

Jesus H. Christ, Wan's mech is an eldrich labyrinth of engineering.

Don't delve too deep, Fidget; only madness lies down that road.
I'll be ready. I'm glad the dice have been cooperating with the narrative so far.



Still fits what I needed.

They really have this session. They pushed things towards what I wanted.

Though, let me know if there is anything I can do to improve your Voldra experience. Yours is the hardest for me to get a handle on right now.


It's all that fold tech, I tell ya. It ain't meant for mortal mechanics.
If. Who knows if I'd even be the same person after that?


>it's gonna snow really hard tomorrow


Ah, see, that's my point! Maybe I'm not so good with words to say it right away, but that's what I mean!

So you can't dwell on ifs. Nobody got hurt because we're a good team.


So far it's actually been great. The Voldra are supposed to be weird to humans, and that's exactly what's been happening.
Do you remember the reasoning behind them being so skittish about advertising?
Unfortunately, space-bug is skilled with Fold usage, but not Fold tech.


File: 1493095629950.png (103.08 KB, 700x700, Server Burning.png)

>tfw trying to tech
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. In this case, being able to take care of yourself would be the most efficient way of reducing risk to your teammates. And you might even be able to help them at some point.
Frank doesn't deal with biology. It ain't his field.


I just got a weird Futurama vibe where they could subliminally suggest things based on what you said, but that's it. I don't really know.

You got most of the Tech rolls, these bad ones just go to show how complex the things are.

Part of the reason is that they shove regular sensors into everything. Humans are still experimenting with Fold technology.


Hey, hey, people say I'm slow. Did you miss the part where I blew up two ships? What solar system are you from where that's not helping? It's not Earth's.

You're hopeless!


The fight wasn't over after everything in your suit stopped working. Two ships is fine, but there were more than just those two ships.
And now Frank's gonna have to figure this shit out of jerry-rig it to fake like he did.


File: 1493096271828.png (212.9 KB, 371x400, 1493045388497.png)


One of these days you're going to wish you had some teammates you can trust implicitly!


Eh, it's kind of like that, though it's not really subliminal if you're aware of it.
One way to put it is that while there's other Voldra "keeping the tab open," they're not really focused on this one at the moment, so this drone is being left to mostly make his own decisions. However, his/it's mindset is still in the "working with other drones" mode. Plus the fact that it's technically an ambassador, and thus has to consider what the Hive would want if they were paying attention.


I'll have to build them, probably.
I'm sure Knight would love to stat out combiners.


So tired


I get the example, but I'm not sure if I am understanding your reasoning yet. Is it just so it doesn't spread to the hive?

>Endless Binder flipping can be heard across the country
Combiners would have to be some high end things. The attacks having multipliers seems like the easiest idea.


So I had this thought about setting a quest in essentially a more fantastic take on the collapse of the Soviet Union. A world where the great empire is coming down fast, ideas and people are on the move and bands of disillusioned idealists roam the newly lawless borderlands armed with what ever high tech weapons they could grab before deserting their failing motherland.
A time of change, opportunity and uncertainty.


Well, they'd mostly be simple things. At most they'd be two bits combining into a stronger, less-mobile bit.
No 3G shenanigans here.


>Not playing as a Soviet killteam sent to hunt down the degenerates


>is it just so it doesn't spread to the hive?
So that what doesn't spread to the hive?
I think I'm missing what exactly is the cause of the confusion/uncertainty.


So, would the players be a group trying to carve out their own corner of the empire?

Two or three might be easy. Just combining or boosting already present abilities.

The reason for them being skittish about advertising. I thought it was because they had to be careful that some messages don't spread to the group as a whole.


I didn't get down to that level of detail yet, but I'm glad the high level concept at least sparked some thoughts


Oh, right. That means you don't remember.
In the early days when they were first getting into the galaxy at large, there was an "incident." Namely, they did not establish a strong divide between which drones were advertising and which drones were not. This led to a lot of aliens being angry about the giant bugs who would not stop yelling about "AND HIS NAME IS JU-HAUN XENA! LIVE ON PRIMETIME THIS SATURDAY!"
The Voldra are very embarrassed about this, and have since gone to great lengths to ensure the incident is not repeated.


You should check out Cheesy and Andy's modded Fallout, now modded Macross, system. It might help with the ideas.

I can't believe I did. Now I'm trying to imagine what the Voldra version of "this show is sponsored by ____" would be like to let the others know not to repeat it or take it seriously.

Which also reminds me, they haven't set you up to do your job properly yet either


I'm just playing with ideas for the moment.


Oh right, there is a job I need to do. Between all the attacks and getting to know the humans, that kind of slipped my mind.



Let us know what comes up, that's how system development happens.

I really should work on it more. I can see communications, like letters or comments, being easy to send via Hive mind, but data packets seems harder.


File: 1493099150830.png (390.35 KB, 848x480, 1455047149991.png)

In any case, I'm going to go hit the sack. See you guys tomorrow.


Jesus Christ what a manface


File: 1493099423208.jpg (164.28 KB, 600x532, Valsione R.jpg)

Not everyone gets to be the Valsione R, Nasse.

And on that note, I'm hitting the sack as well. I'll likely regret staying up until 2.


File: 1493099528034.jpg (155.53 KB, 751x1063, 1493098844261.jpg)

"She" literally looks like Ryu from Street Fighter


File: 1493099586225.jpg (219.11 KB, 1920x1080, Valsione R with Lune.jpg)

Side note: she looks a hell of a lot better in-game.


Obviously the result of being an alien.


Another legendary duplicate


Good night.

Which one?


200 gold


Any other time, it would be fine. Maybe next time.


So ded


>Reading about our big overhaul of the educational system
It's probably for the best, but I'm glad I was part of the previous system. The new one sounds rougher.


How's it rougher?


50% less sugar in all popcorn served in class




It's hard to explain without explaining how our education system works.

Neck yourself you salmiakki-slurping faguette.


Do you get the hauptschule, realschule, and gymnasium thing? I assumed not because it's from Prussia


>forgot my cool German prof was going to be holding a q and a
>missed chance to ask him about studying in Germany, asking for work and contacts and then making a Nazi joke after



What's the verdict on your exchange anyway? Is it happening at all?


Only thing I have is being in the Netherlands for a but in early August, sadly.


File: 1493107641176.jpg (38.7 KB, 674x487, tmp_23509-1487842037731913….jpg)

>producer is loudly explaining something about cutie marks


Spooked witch


Start to shriek autistically and tell him his horse waifu is shit.


File: 1493109611633.jpg (18.04 KB, 375x345, tmp_23509-1487243990840-10….jpg)

Would you spook a conz


File: 1493109796787.jpg (85.36 KB, 640x596, Constanze Braunschbank Alb….jpg)

What would it take to spook a Witch with a gun?


File: 1493109986522.jpg (240.24 KB, 788x912, tmp_23509-1488214934007-06….jpg)

Who knows


Was Amanda a slutwizard?


File: 1493110447026.jpg (36.43 KB, 522x516, tmp_23509-1487812174123-47….jpg)

Amanda is the poledancing potato


This wizard is for lewd


File: 1493110587678.jpg (397.5 KB, 1280x720, tmp_23509-1488863924389-18….jpg)

Smol spellcasters are not for sexually


Amanda is
And Diana


What about Jasminka


Isn't she fat


>barely miss train that's nearly empty
>next train 5 minutes later is nearly full

Every FUCKING time



>smiles a lot


>never opens eyes


>youtuber I used to watch died of cancer
Well shit. He did really interesting stuff.


Which wun


Inb4 TB


Hayven games


>train seat is clearly reserved for the elderly, disabled or pregnant
>sit in it anyway for almost my whole ride



Absolute madman.


Oh I haven't heard of them.


I'm not surprised, since he mainly did videos on dissecting alpha/beta builds of WoW or using camera cheats to showcase how some of the more creative zones and raids were made.


I wish I could go to the Warhammer store in Lahti already
I wanna build stuff


File: 1493112928305.jpg (322.87 KB, 1240x1285, tmp_6016-14844340831355233….jpg)

There was a public shaming thing a few years back when I was in the army where for some reason it became cool to take pictures of servicemen in uniform sitting on public transport and shit on them for not giving up their seats. You know, because the people with battered and worn bodies going through two years of shit deserve their seats less or something.

It all exploded when some fuckface did it again and in the photo it was clear that there were actually a few empty seats and the people standing just didn't feel like sitting down. I'm glad it's over, anyway, but I like taking seats out of spite. I always ask whoever looks like they actually could use a seat though while smirking at the dried up hags that tend to disapprove


You should respect your elders, BDN-sama!


Bdn-chan is a delinquent with no respect


File: 1493113528079.gif (1.51 MB, 250x249, tmp_6016-14749549775124702….gif)


Wat smooshy cheex


File: 1493113846972.png (191.09 KB, 640x478, 1145009.png)

Don't you miss the army?


File: 1493114249862.jpg (46.34 KB, 250x670, 547.jpg)


In some ways, I enjoyed just two years of wasting all the time in the world.I wish I made more efficient use of my time, like playing more vidya games

That was with my admin position of course, if you're talking about basic training and shit then fuck no, though the days with nothing to do were pretty relaxing in an ascetic way.


I dunno, it was fun wasting time on nothing with a purpose during basic training.
Like I'm right doing the same stupid exercising shit but I don't even get to fire a gun afterwards


Do you think conscription is good thing though? Like aside from the whole strategic reasoning behind it.

People around here sometimes they brought it back, to help teach teens some discipline.


… sometimes wish they brought it back*


I'm don't want to go through that level of physical stress again, I only got to fire a gun for one day and toss a grenade another in exchange.

Did they make you go through physical training like most recruits?


It's no good for defence that's for sure
And 90% of the people who went there never learned a thing, or forgot it as soon as they got out.
During basic mostly yes. And yes it was hellish.


"""Teaching""" teens """discipline""" is a fucking stupid reason. There are legit reasons to go through with conscription but that sounds like it's coming from lazy parents and angry old cunts. Besides, I think everyone's forgotten those lessons by now


>old vanilla wow shirts are worth tens or hundreds of thousands of gold
Ha ha time to go log in my old characters


Teens need more discipline
T. Angry old cunt


You probably miss it because you miss having a purpose

Quite a few people feel that way

You're not getting it by blowing government money, two years of each kid's lifeband the occasional accidental death.

What makes you think you were any different from today's undisciplined teens though?


I was a nerd who sat at home and played video games


Do today's teens not play even more video games?


Teens need to be whipped into line. Today's pussy-footed everything only creates entitled twats like me.


File: 1493116709274.jpg (104.63 KB, 480x497, 339851.jpg)



File: 1493118864146.jpg (73.08 KB, 460x537, 1378013.jpg)



File: 1493119410191.jpg (153.8 KB, 1440x810, wpxV5ES.jpg)


This is neko


File: 1493119870228.png (538.05 KB, 640x810, A61tsQ0.png)


This fucking dream


You get the ability to create little dimension shifts, small domes where time flows differently and you can manipulate physics to work differently too, plus you can turn back time within this dome (but never past it's creation)

But the downside is that you will have about 10-12 earwigs crawling on you at all times every time you do


File: 1493122196794.jpg (131.52 KB, 630x420, stephen-lang-cup-of-coffee….jpg)

>get a quest for Havencraft
>"Well, it used to be my favourite class, might as well give it a spin again"
>but this time I also have Heavenly Aegis in it
>mfw people try to struggle to figure out how to survive against the 10/10 that literally does not die to any removal

I feel disgusted at myself by how unfair this card is


File: 1493122283660.png (206.66 KB, 427x321, 1490156749014.png)


>tfw 0pony to be mad at me


File: 1493123413660.jpg (419.76 KB, 1366x768, 20170425132848_1.jpg)

This, see this?
This is not okay

Wake up sheeple


File: 1493123596423.jpg (80.96 KB, 774x1032, 1493045679279.jpg)

Hope you had a nice, hot one


File: 1493123618638.jpg (167.92 KB, 704x1000, sample-f64af72ea2537ed3ab5….jpg)



File: 1493123712687.jpg (1.01 MB, 744x1052, 1481890850247.jpg)




Goshdarnit don't reply to the deleted post I posted it without even thinking about it and it seemed so dumb
What kind of post was that anyways? 'Baths are refreshing'
Wait that's kinda lewd


Implying you can delete your posts in the internet


Whoops, it has tits
Oh well


That's why it's so unf!


Maali stop being such a fucking faggot


It was just two non-lewd mermaids


Let's just pretend it didn't happen
I'll stop, I'm sorry


File: 1493124425736.jpg (53.48 KB, 460x553, 441267.jpg)

The clairvoyant Horacio Villegas says World War 3 is going to break out on the 13th of May


>Able bodied man
Don't assume my gender you fucking misogynist pig.


Ah, one of those
You can be a part of Operation: Meatshield


File: 1493124820932.png (168.06 KB, 471x945, tmp_23509-1491449770541394….png)



Don't normalize the struggle against the carnivorous patriarchate which murders so many innocent creatures for its own sick pleasure.


>the voice remains the same


File: 1493126293895.jpg (203.11 KB, 600x840, 52cbedf8-ac25-47e5-b7e9-ea….jpg)

Cool flame demon thing


>briefly consider making a new character in wow
This is a dangerous path




File: 1493126935461.webm (2.8 MB, 852x480, 1492926283985.webm)



It would have been a draenei Shaman



Guess I'll go back to the night elf dk then


Go back to drawing
Also those photos of the baneblayde bits would be nice.


What the sprues?
Also I did consider drawing my wow paladin to have an excuse to draw armor


Draenei monk
Goblin shaman
Panda warrior
Undead DK
But the best race class combo which will never be would be female draenei warlock


Draw chainmail bikini
Yes the sprues
All of them


>there are literally forsaken in the high tiers of the argent crusade
>forsaken priests are totally cool with wielding the light
>the ruins of lordaeron are crammed full of dead paladins
>the most famous big name undead was a paladin
But no. We get TAUREN paladins.


Slutmogs are a disgrace.
I'll see about taking those pics when I get home


Undead paladins would be amazing.


>the blu-ray version did not censor any of Negan's cursing



There is no reason for humans and undead to not share the same class pool. Undead paladins would have been baller as fuck. Hence why my undead DK uses paladin gear.


>taste some super expensive eco-mead
>Actually tastes good
So this is what It's supposed to taste like


>not making your own
Jesus shit m8 get it together


Did you make your own?


File: 1493128830570.jpg (94.98 KB, 1151x859, 1493128238974.jpg)


Not this year but I usually do


File: 1493128953866.jpg (73.54 KB, 1280x720, tmp_23509-1487831386437595….jpg)


File: 1493129019772.jpg (250.06 KB, 791x581, 1484063336740.jpg)



I usually don't even drink mead tbqh


Mead is good shit when you make it right


A Tauren paladin sounds pretty sweet


File: 1493129511697.jpg (716.6 KB, 3380x1301, 2017-04-24 16.33.01.jpg)

Yeah, this Porvoon Fabriikin Luomusima is some great shit
It even has raisins which is somehow important
I presume they ward off evil spirits


File: 1493129577977.png (428.11 KB, 684x577, 1493129114587.png)

Imagine what their hands are doing offscreen


>Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The alcoholic content ranges from about 8% ABV to more than 20%.

Mead sounds like the only alcoholic beverage I would be willing to drink


I like this picture


Once Cataclysm came out every server had ten different variations of the username "Holy Cow".


File: 1493129759468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.76 KB, 646x646, Screenshot_128.jpg)



File: 1493129898892.jpg (11.94 KB, 194x259, images (17).jpg)

I-Is that b-b-b-b-b-b-blood?


File: 1493130038133.jpg (188.04 KB, 1280x1564, f132c450-5947-4508-b10d-ee….jpg)

She reminds me of someone…


That's not Finnish mead.


File: 1493130089924.png (270.4 KB, 480x630, 441224.png)


File: 1493130175968.jpg (456.51 KB, 1280x1280, b8fdd3e5-38ec-4ca9-8dc8-27….jpg)

Oh, what is Finnish Mead like then?
So cute


It's made with different types of sugar and most commonly it's only less than 1% alc. vol.


reported :^)


>kill 4 enemy minions in 1 turn with a Sacrier foot
>proceed to tattooed blood up 4 cards myself
>expend mana reserve next turn to blow through his last minion and win because he was out of cards to slow me down with
Eat my bloodied elves ass you pink cat faggot
Lotta good those 6/5 2 mana minions did you


The raisins help track when it's ready.
Once they float the mead is good to drink


Yeah I know that, but I don't get why it's important to have those in a storebought drink.


Oh that sounds even better!


File: 1493131424518.gif (1.08 MB, 360x360, tumblr_oowtzq64bB1rsmupto1….gif)


File: 1493131487355.jpeg (19.18 KB, 323x456, 2babafd15de9e249c8ba656c4….jpeg)

Sue me.


That one looks a bit uncanny I won't lie


File: 1493131974596.jpg (251.91 KB, 1920x1080, Fake blood.jpg)

It's all just merely pretending.


I always wondered what fake blood tasted like, do you think it's edible/non-toxic?


Like, depends on what you make it with?

At the end of the day, all you need is some liquid and red food dye. Water, red dye and powdered sugar is probably the easiest way to make something a little thicker and viscous to imitate blood.


The non-toxic fake bloods I've used for halloween and zombie walk and etc have all tastes like plastic or play-doh

Not very good

A-Am I getting baited?


File: 1493133159311.jpg (63.05 KB, 645x624, 1491667865270.jpg)


File: 1493133327578.png (940.42 KB, 1204x1604, 1493129577978.png)

The girl from Yandere simulator is super qt though
>somewhat tall
>black hair
>dark eyes

She is perfect


File: 1493133411170.png (16.5 KB, 225x260, b73f9a87-a65c-4486-9976-f4….png)

Yeah it must depend on what you make it


I agree.


File: 1493133622414.jpg (16.64 KB, 500x500, 48cb54e42c15a4423dc9fbf3b1….jpg)

If you are going to have blood dripping from your mouth you gotta make sacrifices

Oh and of course pale skin
Pale white goes very well with crimson,
after all


File: 1493133798828.jpg (204.32 KB, 932x1300, Elf 2.jpg)

>tfw no slutty elf waifu


That's super racist.


I'm not saying it's better, I'm saying it's my preference


I agree on that as well. For the most part at least.


You both need to turn in your opinion permits right now


I've just always had a thing for pale skinned dark haired girls. No idea why.
Maybe it's Lydia since Beetlejuice was pretty much the first cartoon that I loved t watch from when I was so young I barely remember anything else





Well, what did you expect? Mother Nature's a woman, of course she's going to be frustratingly indecisive.




File: 1493138405427.jpg (4.82 KB, 184x184, tmp_6016-5c5b6ef43120f0f9b….jpg)

>sub refusing to serve my ISP again


What kind of warning do you get?


More like your ISP banning the sub to save your soul.


>implying the universe cares


Just a page load error
It's happened before but always got fixed by the next day

The sub is the only thing my soul remains attached to


>The sub is the only thing my soul remains attached to


File: 1493142658559.jpg (14.29 KB, 480x360, baloney pony.jpg)

Is it really only Tuesday?




File: 1493148365340.jpeg (941.65 KB, 1200x900, 1420514__suggestive_artis….jpeg)



File: 1493148882446.jpeg (2.52 MB, 4000x2000, 1418735__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Is cute pony




File: 1493149161567.png (11.22 MB, 4500x6000, 1417958__safe_artist-colon….png)

Do you have something against her?






Exteremly rude

Oh, right, that's where you were all day


>implying you even care


File: 1493150041709.png (Spoiler Image, 57.33 KB, 276x256, 1453423436526.png)




File: 1493150112060.png (186.94 KB, 653x900, fluttersaucy.png)


Knew what?


You didn't actually care!


I did!
I've been thinking all day where you were!


Prove it!


It's because I was thinking of running Mona!


Here I am!



Already in roll20


What if Succ and Floots were related


Fluttersucy, a bane to her fellow man yet a friend to all animals


She would live in the woods and cause blight for acres.


as a proper witch would


When do we get that episode


File: 1493155813538.jpg (61.21 KB, 480x640, 1376742223165.jpg)


What will it bloom into?


a beautiful pupper


But that doge already is beautiful!


And they start out as puppers.
Obviously it will grow into a delightful doggo.


I am confused about dogplant life cycles now


You plant the pupperseed to grow a pupper, which later grows into a doggo


It's like how a tree goes from seed to sprout to sapling to tree.


File: 1493156532393.png (83.97 KB, 321x349, 1332593743697.png)

slp claims me


File: 1493159560856.jpg (87.51 KB, 1024x576, 1493152501788m.jpg)

I want this


For half a second, I thought the thumbnail was of a sanic suit.


When is it coming out?


Is this official?




>Have to play HOTS with a friend to get it





File: 1493159883527-0.png (212.85 KB, 476x433, 1493153148589.png)

File: 1493159883527-1.png (485.62 KB, 591x357, 1493152701151.png)

Reminds me of Judy Hopps


May 1st NEXUS challenge, same as Oni Genji


Log into HotS today after 6am local time, get free coins, buy assassin megabundle, farm with sylvanas.




Also apparently one of the nexus challenges also gives you 10 OW lootboxes.


>2.0 should be available for all regions except EU. Word on the street is their start time is tomorrow at 8 AM CEST.

Oh, of course
OW is literally the only fucking Blizzard game to release shit on time on EU as well


Week 1 is just for the Genji shit anyway, so I don't care.

Week 2, 3 and 4 is where it's at.


Oh yeah, those weeks look good

>Genji can't even scratch Diablo

>D.va flies in and memes on him
Oh I'm laffin


So is HoTS free or what, otherwise I'll probably safely ignore it.


It's free, come join us


It's P2W MOBA shit, I assume.


It's free moba shit as Groves says, yes


File: 1493160458139.png (394.44 KB, 1238x755, Well I guess.png)

Well I guess it's not like I'm doing anything else with my free time. I hope you all are prepared with the knowledge that I'm shit at MOBAs.


It's free and if you log in today you get a bunch of free money you can use for the OP character to farm bot matches with.

Can these rewards be gotten through bot matches?


File: 1493160578344.jpg (298.72 KB, 2385x1663, 1482269921761.jpg)

Now, time to put this meme to bed.


Literally can't fuck it up fam


You'll be surprised, I'm sure.


I've done a bunch with Wf and Andy, you'll be fine.


File: 1493166988276-0.jpeg (5.17 MB, 3840x2400, 1401568__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

I've wasted a week on this illness, I hope it goes away today.

Post some.pomies to get rid of this disease


I definitely want to play some Blizzmoba when I get home


File: 1493167616837-0.png (743.26 KB, 2560x1600, 1346811__safe_artist-colon….png)

I'll join in if I feel better. I remember that game had some other promotions going on.


Yeah, several


Although to be clear that's like 2 hours away for me, sadly


I'll jump on when you do, don't feel like playing alone


File: 1493173645645.png (352.87 KB, 823x1024, large (62).png)

My last pony blew up in a tragic fingerbanging accident

Please provide me with a pony I can go to sleep with


File: 1493173792226.png (118.37 KB, 500x500, She just wanted to be a pr….png)


Okay legit question
Are you allowed to be upset if someone wakes you up offering a Burguer?


A regular size one please


Only be upset if it's a shitty burger


Not until you lower your pony interest rate


File: 1493174100567.png (92.97 KB, 295x370, Apples! Rubbish.png)

A bit, but you don't voice it. Otherwise you will get no more burgers.


Perhaps a little grumpy


My rates are fine in the current poneconomy!


File: 1493174268930.png (381.63 KB, 955x1186, 39e29b18-71ac-4e72-8afe-94….png)

Well it's a good burger, so I'll just eat and try to sleep again


File: 1493174480390.gif (709.97 KB, 500x363, 1387003182442.gif)

it says here your ponies have been destoryed at least 4 times this month. That's a big hit to your pony profile


It's not my fault!
Plus I have the kind of poninsurance that covers at least 6 ponies a month!


Okay, but you better be careful your premiums are going to rise..


Come on, just one more pony, all hush hush, I really need one quick before bed…

And not that apple pony trash Fidget is trying to peddle


File: 1493175012902.jpg (3.11 MB, 2976x2104, 1491880542309-0.jpg)

>Taking out the Ether Drake with only a single destroyer lost
>holding fleet maneuvers almost immediately afterwards in the neighboring system
>When the neighboring empire complains, I just tell them to fuck off like the weak bitch-babies they are because I know they can't do anything about it
This is definitely fitting for a Dragon-race game.
Ironically, the Pacifists were pretty widespread for a while, simply due to the fact that I hadn't warred in a while. It seems my populace doesn't realize that I'm not trying to be peaceful, I'm trying to prepare for the inevitable war with the two FEs on my borders.


File: 1493175023646.gif (441.34 KB, 493x524, Garbage Pony.gif)


I told you, I don't want Applejack!


You're obviously tired, as that pony isn't even a mare.


That's a gif of Applejack, don't lie to me
Even says so in the filename!


File: 1493175366547.gif (264.1 KB, 595x600, Clack clack clack clack.gif)

You'll not get me goat so easy, nopooper


File: 1493175628870.png (129.3 KB, 640x367, 1454037127663.png)


>Cheesy in charge of a dragon empire
The universe is not prepared for this


File: 1493176125622.jpg (60.13 KB, 800x800, 1395179275350.jpg)

it took some times, she was playing some kind of human training sim and wouldn't leave, but here's one.


To be fair, it's not exactly an oppressive empire- in fact, personal liberty and the rights of the individual are held very highly. How far you go and how much power you hold is determined by how hard you work and how strong you are.
Of course, the fact the Dracons have the "Very Strong" trait means the system favors them, but still.


Oh no no I'm not worried about the empire at all, I'm worried about the universe outside of it


>its kilgons with scales


Considering that there's about three other empires that have been relentlessly warring and absorbing smaller empires, one of which is a bunch of Slaving Despots, the Dracons are the lesser evil by far. They're perfectly willing to let others go about their own business, so long as it's understood that the Dracons are the best.
If anything, I'm the best hope this galaxy's got once the Fallen Empires wake up, or an End-crisis hits.
Heh, pretty much, only with more emphasis on material gain. This is ironically part of why the overwhelming military forces are used to intimidate more than they are to destroy- you can't take possession of something that's been destroyed, after all.


File: 1493177369934.jpeg (48.7 KB, 376x603, 1335577__safe_screencap_t….jpeg)


Okay sub is still refusing to respond without a proxy


>A newly hatched Trixie, born in the Wild
>It will eat it's hat for sustenance soon


Sensible looter logic


Not if I bring it fresh food!


Did you send a complaint email? Use the /s10/ address though


>everything is wintery white again
What a lovely morning


Still up for Nexus?


File: 1493178183057.jpg (299.68 KB, 700x847, 1473763603978.jpg)

Of course they are the superior race
Do you think some of the capture enemies are made into slaves and pets like in that Planet of the Monkeys movie?



anyone else gonna join tonight?


I'm taking care of some things around the house, so I likely won't:t be able to make it


Just did. Seems to be an ISP thing, a proxy set here is working. Strange.


File: 1493178952322.png (252.46 KB, 500x630, tumblr_nv5ssjndnQ1rbzfdgo1….png)

>try to see dota earlier today
>It's actually unplayable for me now


Current computer can't handle it?


It could before but now it runs sooo slowly
like, a second in the game clock lasts for 2 real seconds, it's like I'm playing in slowmotion


Did you make sure it downloaded the patches and Windows updates?


Oh yeah
I think they just changed some things in the game and my computer can't handle it anymore


Have you backed up your data? I can't offer any solutions until you do so.


File: 1493181565775.jpg (558.04 KB, 1200x800, 1455913798459.jpg)

Potentially. The Dracon system of "possessing" other people is more along the lines of the loser becoming employed by the winner. By human standards, it would be considered slavery, but it lacks the stigmas and connotations humans have about it, especially since Dracon see nothing wrong with an underling challenging the boss at a later time; in fact it's expected as a regular part of their social dynamic.
The second thing is that there's a lot of posturing; thanks the the recruitment system, Dracon tend to not want to cause physical harm in most confrontations; it's about asserting dominance, not hurting the other party.

Basically, they make themselves big and scary, but will respect you standing your ground about something. If you don't realize that or are just submissive by nature though, they'll probably just take whatever they want- and if one wants a pet and you don't really fight back, well…


I'll try it but I don't think it'll solve, since the game does run smoothly in the very small demo map, it's just the actual game map that it has problem with. I think it just has problems processing all that stuff at the same time
Dang, they sound even cooler now, I love'em
>tfw no superior dragon boss to make you its pet


This is how the Nexus challenge works. You have to play 5 games with friends (even just vs AI) for different rewards each week
>Week 1
Oni Genji (again)
Oni spray
Oni icon
>week 2
Cop Dva
>Week 3
Cop Dva spray
Cop Dva icon
>Week 4
10 lootboxes

You have to do the week before to get that week, so to get the boxes you gotta do all 20 games


That's actually pretty cool. You've really thought them out.

It's not uncommon for me to see updates break a game. After you save your data, try clearing the DotA cache or reinstall the game.


File: 1493183259009.png (404.84 KB, 1366x768, Captura de Tela (118).png)

Well… I think I'll try this later, when a better internet is avaiable


File: 1493183859981.png (Spoiler Image, 26.66 KB, 500x625, 1493148527491.png)

I just found this, and it seems relevant.
I really did. I even came up with how they have doctors and scientists without being stereotypical jarheads about it.
Basically, becoming a doctor, scientist, or other such pursuits involves basically giving up your ability to hold authority or own anything aside from the basic necessities. However, those in these positions are actually pretty highly respected, for two reasons. First, by giving up those rights, they are no longer "competition"- and thus don't need to be regarded with the same caution or posturing as would be required with most other drakon. This is also why they tend to be recruited as advisors or assistants; among the constant power plays, having somebody you can trust to not try and take your shit is invaluable.
The second reason is because above all else, the Drakon respect strength, particularly in facing challenges and coming out on top. As such, Doctors are respected for challenging Death itself, while scientists are respected for challenging the very laws of reality. The fact that they essentially give up their economic power to pursue a single goal also helps. Of course, they know full well how valued they are as advisors and as symbols of power, so while they don't hold economic power, they tend to have societal influence…
As you can imagine, Drakon politics are absolutely brutal.


File: 1493184487952.jpg (7.76 KB, 626x128, 6223225 _d28fcaa61189bb879….jpg)


File: 1493184718893.png (Spoiler Image, 325.29 KB, 557x566, 1493180329695.png)


Zinogre pls


What's up


File: 1493185798013.jpg (97.46 KB, 584x416, 1385818.jpg)



So what have you imagined the neighbors and fallen empires to be like?


I'm going to sleep


Buenas noches.




Can't load the site without a proxy


Actually haven't put too much thought into them. The AI tends to be rather predictable.
That, and I actually spawned in a rather empty section of the galaxy. I had two Fallen Empires adjacent to me, and the entire quarter of the galaxy above me was empty, which allowed me to expand without worrying about too many other empires.
Aside from the Xenophobic FE. The first thing they did when I discovered them was demand I destroy a Frontier Outpost I had just finished building because it was too close to their borders. The ten-year Humiliation penalty from giving in to them really hurt my early game. In fact, they're the reason I've been expanding my territory and fleet so aggressively; There's a lot of good resources and planets I can't get to because of them, and I intend to be ready for them the next time they try to push me around.


File: 1493187420168-0.jpeg (160.92 KB, 1000x500, 1196820__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Post a picture of what they look like and try to give them some back story. Make it all the more satisfying to stomp them.


File: 1493187725701.jpg (218.75 KB, 1827x1058, 1491609315951.jpg)

Maybe tomorrow. For now, I need sleep.


/tg/ in white

Good night


10 free boxes you say


>Sun is shining brightly when I get up
>As soon as I leave the house on my bike it starts to piss down a torrent of rain
>Stops raining right before I reach class
I bet the fucking Russians did this


You didn't take those photos did you


Nah I got distracted by T


Eh 's fine I might not be able to afford them after doing shopping on Saturday anyway.


Right, well, let me know if you still want them after you know your monetary situation.


We'll see
I might buy a stompa


File: 1493190331893.jpg (103.24 KB, 722x690, 1480612817391.jpg)

>Paradox survey asking their players how much time they spend on mobile games and if they'd be interested in Grand Strategy on mobile
End this meme now.


It would be perfectly doable


The complexity and depth of every GSG fits perfectly on a shallow device such as an iphone.


Yeah, I'm sure it won't be complete shit if they tried.


So bep




File: 1493198172172.png (579.4 KB, 636x558, LxWP0n7.png)


File: 1493198224445.png (598.43 KB, 1400x1700, klotz1.png)


Holy shit that's lewd


File: 1493199880182.jpg (44.5 KB, 444x453, tmp_19800-41c2011011019.jpg)

>realise it's been over half a year since WoW reeled me back in


File: 1493199944035.gif (2.95 MB, 640x640, 1383990.gif)

I wish we could upload Mp4s.


You can stop any time you like.


I know
But I don't want to. In fact I could make a second account to play on US servers



Spend the money better and send me the 20€ per month or whatever it costs you


File: 1493201422225.png (768.68 KB, 640x657, 1383732.png)

only 1,5 hours….


File: 1493202721630.jpg (95.94 KB, 640x443, 398509.jpg)

>DM's house at the meet


>STILL can't load sub on desktop


so sad
too bad
tether your web from the phone


>there's going to be a public camping trip for 15-30 year olds where the group goes on a forest trip, sleeps in a tent and cooks on a campfire
>it's open for everyone
>actually thinking of going


I could turn on my vpn for desktop but then I can't post on 4chan

Sounds fun


File: 1493205788730.jpg (42.11 KB, 378x486, 1027155.jpg)

I think I'm gonna drive to the hobby store after work and eat at some cheap restaurant.


>Unironically playing Hevisaurus on Radio Rock
I'm literally shaking right now


File: 1493207266276.png (1.06 MB, 949x723, 1466450274253.png)


File: 1493207747822.png (Spoiler Image, 576.18 KB, 1022x1253, tumblr_oonfesILn61tdv657o4….png)


More bunes


Stronk rabbit


File: 1493208384207.png (1.65 MB, 598x1731, 35ce642d-2259-4a1a-a7a1-85….png)

How lucky I still have one more
That's not sooooo stronk
But that thing she carries around does look heavy


>losing against Dragon, desperate, have to play Seraph so he can banish it to play for time
>he doesn't banish it
>he just Bahamuts it to destroy it which means bringing it closer to the final countdown and wins me the game

Oh shit nigger, what are you doing
How are you A3 and not know how Seraph works


You should draw a Gloria


Going to need to get back into PT soon
Post more bun


File: 1493209886772-0.jpg (116.21 KB, 688x1000, tmp_19800-1461931484932194….jpg)


I should DRAW



File: 1493210734299.jpg (92.63 KB, 800x1161, 1493090611935.jpg)

I also have no more bun
That should be a viable choice soon enough


Physical training

Bun butt is cute


Oh nice
Did you get hot and sweaty and worked to keep those muscles in shape?


File: 1493211880639-0.jpg (31.77 KB, 450x450, tmp_19800-1487678180119-16….jpg)


File: 1493212559440.jpg (575.07 KB, 1950x1200, 06efa44bb75eeca8eef208596f….jpg)

Happy Anniversary, stalkers!



>artificial womb


Holy shit, look at this thing
We cyberpunk now?


Time to head home.


We cyberpunk a long ass time ago.


And judging by the success of it, it's not going to be lambs in there soon, this will save so many kids who are born prematurely, they will no longer be crippled their entire lives!
This is just fucking blowing my mind how amazing it is


>all in a bag

Tanks still look cooler but goddamn


Dang. Cool as fuck.


That's awesome


Think of all the lives this will save. It's fucking amazing alright

>liking the look of incubators

Nigga please


>implying they don't look cool as fuck


They look like glass baby coffins




File: 1493218097707.jpg (333.07 KB, 1080x869, incubatorwip4.jpg)


File: 1493218190784.jpg (1.87 MB, 2560x1600, 6839736-horses.jpg)


File: 1493218266580-0.png (487.05 KB, 1920x800, vlcsnap-2017-04-26-15h50m1….png)

File: 1493218266580-1.png (855.66 KB, 1920x800, vlcsnap-2017-04-26-15h50m1….png)


This makes me very sad


This makes me incredibly happy!

The purpose is not to vat-grow babies
The purpose is to save babies who are born prematurely and would die or be crippled for life otherwise
This way they can be back in an artificial womb until their time comes so they can fully develop an be healthy
This is utterly amazing and nothing to be sad about


File: 1493218426324.png (12.9 KB, 300x300, tmp_6231-14721826864321803….png)

But it's cool
What's wrong with it?



>fake wombs

>genetic engineered babies
>economically it takes longer and longer of someone's life to be able to afford a kid
natural birth will simply stop being a thing, you won't need mothers at all even, just select what kind of kid you want off a screen and wait.


File: 1493219047455.png (389 KB, 827x911, 51297da8-b5ca-4602-b8a0-89….png)

Good day Sion
Don't worry Andy, even IF it ends up being more economically viable, natural birth is still the most human choice
Plus it might take a good while for it to get to that level and even longer for it to be perfected and made public


Nothing stopping people from doing that if they want!


>artificial insemination and surrogate mothers are a thing so people who cannot have children on their own can have kids that are biologically theirs
>premature births are not going to be fatal and crippling anymore
>C-sections can save babies who would have the umbilical cord twisted around their necks or would cause complications for them or the mother

We are not even close to genetically engineering babies yet, Andy
But the things I mentioned above only give cause for happiness


This basically.
Id like it too if nopos reasoning applied. Instead what you say is the more probable outcome. Even without genetic engineering


I do wonder what that inevitable future is going to be like.


The same like now but more retarded people because breeding later equals more chance of retard kids.


>no career disadvantage for women
>no miscarriage
>no premature birth
>no birth defects
>no deaths or complications during childbirth

Still worth it


We have about 17-30 years for today's children to having their own. The technology is improving rapidly.
I believe it will get there..

Its nice to save premature /ill babies or avoid dangerous births that could hurt the mom.

I wonder if our humanity will die out…


Yeah thats what we need. More kids from 50yo women.


I agree. Definitely worth it. Genetic engineering is our future.


Thing is, it will be ez as fuck to screen out retarded embryos. I'm looking at a future where most people are born with great genes, I'm wondering what gaps in natural 'talent' will be like. I don't know if most parents would be comfortable choosing what their children are good at, but at the same time not choosing means randomising and possibly being not good at anything.

Never said it was a bad thing. I'm all for it.


Its going to be, very, very, different.
I suppose its good that there will be an option besides forcing young girls to be surrogates for those babies of older couples.
if it goes how I imagine, it will be only 50+ year old gals and guys in general ordering kids, since everyone else will be working just to survive


Thousands of years from now, if humans are still alive we'll be shitposting as always. I doubt humans have changed significantly even since before homo sapiens was a thing.


Yes, that is what we need
Or you can have people just getting old and not getting more than one kid and then we all die except Asians and Africans who breed without thinking

I'm sure it's going to be 'natural' for people who are not our generation which is still very much at the beginning of the technological ascension curve.
It will be interesting for sure.


I mean, if we have the tech to make babbies from scratch, I think we will be at the point in time where we have the technology to have robots do 70% all the work while the rest of the population just gets by on welfare and enjoys life for most of their days


That will happen either way. One vat-kid at 50 is not gonna turn that tide


But if everyone at 50 got one more vat kid it would be at least equalized


Heres a better solution: Just have two kids. But people don't want that. Vats or no vats. This vat thing is for people who never had kids and suddenly regret it. Fine. Don't pretend it will change demographics. Especially since im sure Africans' will get to use it as well, or do you wanna deny them?


Well, africans will be too poor for it, sucks to be them.


>Asians and Africans who breed without thinking

Excuse me
Hell, even China is suddenly trying to reverse their one-child policy because with rising standards of living much less people are breeding



Only thing in Asia not breeding like bunnies are the Japs.
The biggest problem is still fucking India.

Well, you can be a cynic and say we don't need more people to be making kids over here and be surprised and angry when people from other countries come in and start reproducing.
It's a very /pol/ way


And Korea, Taiwan, Singapore…
Hell, even India's birthrate is collapsing, actually.
It's a thing wherever living standards go up.


If you put it that way, that the only choice is between children with high chance of retardation or Africans, ill take the latter any day of the week. No regrets


Why would genetically engineered vat kids be retarded?


>Extra 300 bucks in debt thanks to my father
Shit this is terrible


Oh fuck
Want to talk about it?

The whole point is that you can easily screen out retardation




Genetic engineering wasnt part of my convo with nopo andy.


Okay then


Don't worry we'll get through this, thankfully it's the last month
I'll just have to double down on drawing and hope I don't have to spend the day out again


Yes, but if they are going to be vat grown then the eggs of the woman can be screened for chromosomal abnormalities so it doesn't happen.
That's not genetic engineering even.


File: 1493221940975.jpg (2.78 MB, 3264x2448, 1402381337407.jpg)


You can do that now too, its not fullproof. Statistically you're making chances significantly bigger.


File: 1493222059628-0.gif (8.56 MB, 480x270, deer priest.gif)

Have a deer to bolster your spirits


Yeah we can do that now. Ok lets just suppose you can get the complete defects out. Theres still a host of other risks. Autism of the top of my head. I don't want a nation of chris-chans


That technology is much easier to implement and will be up by the time artificial wombs are a thing. I imagine sufficiently sensitive screening will be a non-issue by then.

If you're sure.
Getting more requests in?


Just use donor eggs from a young girl, duuuh
or eggs the lady froze for later


There's an idea


Such a nice deer, thank you
Oh yeah i'll ask around again too
Did you send the money yet btw? I think I'm almost done


>no other requests yet


I have! I have some other comissions don't worry


Also send me your paypal over steam or WA


You're using the same argument as if I would say "Don't worry about smoking, in the future they'll have a cure for Cancer."


I could still buy a lewd commission if you think you really need it


On it
Well, only if you could wait until we move out


It's not that big of a risk, considering quite a few risk factors are due to prenatal environmental conditions. It's a lot easier to regulate a womb tank.

Of course, I'm not sure how many older women would actually be interested for us to be concerned, like you say.


Depends on how much it would cost


Ooga booga where the selenas at?!


File: 1493224100970.png (1.35 MB, 1600x900, 1491710193426.png)

We'll find out since this tech is coming wether I like it or not. And it's not older women now. It's younger girls who might want a child can now wait till what 35-40? Have family that did that and now wants children at literally any cost. That age will become a lot higher with this tech, there's no doubt about that for me.


File: 1493224139402.gif (2.79 MB, 296x306, 1412115.gif)

Selena's not a stripeburner.


>Rewards are available to be unlocked as the Challenge continues, but are never restricted again during the duration of the event. For instance, Week 1 rewards will still be available Week 4, even if you didn't play any games in the first week.
Haha, like fuck I'm going to play until week 4 then.


But h?


But T?


File: 1493224263923.gif (1.17 MB, 400x225, 1412116_ng.gif)

Also Bzzz on sat, you're the only one who hasn't said yes yet


DM pls go.


File: 1493224333140.png (1.95 MB, 2200x3002, 974501.png)

That depends on how do you want it!


File: 1493224345252.gif (871.55 KB, 413x383, 1374195454385.gif)


But Wf said yesterday you need to complete the previous weeks for it


File: 1493224476395.png (316.05 KB, 548x720, 1490503353779.png)

I'll run T for you! With no lewd at all and only Christian morals


I'm at lunch but soon

@ groves it's not too bad, Andy and I knocked out 2 last night no prob


Let me be the villain in T that flagellates them all for being so lewd!


But what matters is
Can you just do bot matches?


Okay, I'll take your silence as SI



TWO characters are Christian priests and this isn't a joke. T is very pure.

I told fidget he'd fit right in


So is this a pedophile quest then?


Yes pls

You know I don't do simple clashes of food and evil


>20 games to get everything
You know I'm not sure if that's worth doing.


It's straight shota, so it's pure


Can we just lose the games?


It's really not bad with freens I promise

8 minute games, that's just 40 minutes a week


I hope so.


Against boys it's faster to win, you can use ghost lady of tower stunning


File: 1493224753412.jpeg (4.32 MB, 3507x4960, 1345798__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Next Hoi4 DLC will be a flavor pack a la Leviathans but with stuff for the Axis; specifically Chezchoslovakia, Hungaria, Romania and Yugoslavia.
They did promise air warfare improvement, Africa warfare improvement and General AI improv for free.
I really hope they update the majors tree also. Though General AI improv is more important and is basically my biggest gripe with the game so far


But I'm not sure if you can actually play against bots.


You can, the rules specifically state so


Turning large parts of the Sahara into Terra Incognita is going to be a big help already.

The flavor pack for minor Axis nations is appreciated as well though.


File: 1493224899532.jpg (75.25 KB, 494x660, tmp_6231-14909206136562016….jpg)

>tomorrow exams end
>will have nothing to do with life from then on

I'm scared


Great. You meant sylvanas, right?


It made some Things in EU4 more interesting as well. But it's really necessary in HOI4. Especially Africa, perhaps other mountain ranges in Asia as well. Maybe something with the Swiss as well. To make them as strategically hard to take as they are


20 dollars I guess


Start playing vidya with us.

Also they already released the Hungary patch for EU4, which is seriously surprising how quick it was.

I think they toned down China a bit, since it kept getting out of control.


Well you can tell me in steam what you watned, I'll put it on the list


But you guys only play boring games and Overwatch


File: 1493225180884.png (187.25 KB, 398x480, 1161509__safe_rarity_scree….png)

Ming was off the rails. Japan has become really interesting though. My last game was there. Now playing Italy.



Perfect I bought a pack with her in it. When does the challenge start?


File: 1493225543791.gif (681.33 KB, 800x800, 1493225278572.gif)

Daily reminder it's been 7 years since HARMONY


>Simpsons Movie was 10 years ago




I will once I sort out my summer


It has already begun

If you got the Flex pack like me, you also have Lost Vikings, who are hard to use, but they can soak all three lanes at once to make the whole team level a lot faster.


No it wasn't


You sure about that?


It can't be
I remember playing the licensed game on my xbox 360


Okay, I'm home!

So, what's the plan? I want to run for Sion but I dunno how much longer that will necessarily take, I need to find out first if he decided if he wants to do anything other than visit Bill and go to the wedding, besides give daughterus gifts.

After that, I could run more T or play HOTS, whatevs


Oh look, you're right!

21. Jul 2007, 9 years and 9 months


Bill who?


>He doesn't know

Other than the Jolly situation and wedding, anything else you want to do? Do you want to go meet up with Maeda or Kotone or are you satisfied tying up your loose ends?


Maeda, no.
Kotone, I don't think I met so no.

Hmmmm gotta go back for Sunny though!


You don't have to if Emrille or Tela are invited to the wedding.

…Maybe Tela is coming?





File: 1493226902056.jpg (625.61 KB, 1920x1080, ss_bbaba13e9791d1af7ae881d….jpg)

>meanwhile in Bizarro Hungary


All I'm seeing is a better world.


>knock out all five matches
>top tier groves commentary
hehe, not bad


That looks rather strange


"Not bad, Kid"


File: 1493230637473.png (6.39 MB, 3000x2250, 596585__safe_solo_flutters….png)

I'm running Horizon

If you want to Horizon, you get priority over my T players today since that's what's running, but let me know since otherwise I'm gonna run solos for them.


File: 1493230691794.gif (572.14 KB, 1258x1300, 1402344798585.gif)

Maybe in an hour? I need a little break from the screen




The ruler is even more bizarro.




>Habsburg Ottó

Wait a sec…


Emrille has not much to do


I know, thanks for cameoing. You did serve a really important role in telling Selena about Abilio

And in return, you got some resolution, with fixing her age troubles


Well, just tell me if people talk to her again or need something from her.
Until then she'll do her job and stand guard


In an alternate history, attempts to restore the throne in 1919 or 1921 succeeded


Selena wants to impreg her



But they are both mares



That's not how it works!



The altar has been returned though




>Jeff Bridges in the new Kingsman


>they literally moved on already


I'm bored. Wanna OW?


Eh, I guess


File: 1493239154563.gif (2.67 MB, 273x206, 1450746925960.gif)




File: 1493239964969.webm (1.28 MB, 300x300, skooma not even once.webm)


File: 1493240031115.jpg (98.98 KB, 1000x583, madonna08.jpg)


File: 1493240148981.gif (2 MB, 264x400, getting swarmed by chicks.gif)




File: 1493240490270.webm (2.53 MB, 752x480, Kelani hires help.webm)


File: 1493240906483.jpg (100.11 KB, 495x797, 1387003070934.jpg)


File: 1493241120874.webm (3.24 MB, 1280x718, geckos.webm)



File: 1493241548368.jpg (43.41 KB, 541x806, vFkC2Nu.jpg)



File: 1493241617504.png (1.3 MB, 938x899, 6xkNu9J9p87eF8EVs.png)

Tell apart the nips of men and women at first glance


File: 1493241669968.png (1.1 MB, 1600x900, 1492981823634.png)


1, 2, 5, 9 are women
You can see it by the distance between the follicoles.


I said at a first glance, not after scrunitizing it for a long time
Also, I don't even remember the right answers


File: 1493245491265.png (1.2 MB, 853x1024, Gunner Maid Seria 10222101….png)


kinda cute


File: 1493246004105.png (1.51 MB, 853x1024, Guardian Nun 101711050.png)


File: 1493246839422.webm (1.74 MB, 202x360, 442626.webm)

Watch this webm and tell me Australia is not a land of wonder down under


File: 1493247444489.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 640x360, 428780.webm)

Posting this for Sylt


File: 1493249330962.webm (2.9 MB, 1075x600, 1490053238393.webm)





File: 1493253272732.png (265.79 KB, 1554x1039, queen_sized_thighs.png)

What a terrible day


File: 1493253300142.png (1.14 MB, 804x904, 1493230349506.png)

So what did I miss today?


File: 1493253319338.jpg (1.56 MB, 5026x3263, 1493234614895.jpg)

What happened?



Incline to agree


We thought we had everything ready to move but there was a sudden extra bill out of nowhere that we had to pay
We managed to pay it but spent all our extra money
So I had to go through the rest of the afternoon doing deliveries
Now to gather courage to draw


File: 1493253936953.png (Spoiler Image, 662.68 KB, 1039x1024, large.png)

What's wrong with the file name?


I believe in you and so does BDN. Fire up that computer and get to work!


Nothing, it's just fitting


Here's what makes the day worse, I have to wait until the kitchen is free
Of course


That's lame. How is the new house?


We're not there yet, we'll move Monday


I looked it up, actually, and did you know that exactly one week ago today was the four-and-a-half year anniversary of Prima condemning Kilana to get spitroasted in Horse High?

So I thought, wouldn't it be fun if we let Andy decide if that terrible fate befalls you?


File: 1493255631419.gif (4.74 MB, 550x480, 1449530159139.gif)

Are you actually this hurt about Prima throwing your waifu under the bus?

But sure, a trial in front of a jury of peers is what American Law is all about!


A little

But I'm mostly just teasing you, which is why I posted it here instead of the Discord



What is this?


Oh, sweet summer child


Even I don't know what is going on.

Are you free to HotS in 30 minutes?


Yeah, I'm free. Let's do it on Europe though because that way if you end up playing with Europeans later you won't loose progress, alright?

The others probably won't want to play since they already got their weekly 5 wins


File: 1493256117845.png (464.21 KB, 824x652, 1465519827400.png)

Some things best left forgotten

AHahahah, faggot
Prima will always be occupying that special spot in her heart, even despite all the horrible shit she has done~

>teasing you

I regret nothing. About that incident at least.


It's not matters of heart, it's matters if injustice. Not to mention, Andy already said they were as close as she was with Prima ages ago.

But I think we really know you're taunting me because you really want to egg me on, hoping that all kinds of stuff happens at the party. You're so transparent!



Call the cops, she's not going to get un-spitroasted by jocks.

I mean, that's what you want to believe,
but if you really wanted to 'punish me' for these 'crimes' from five years ago you could just have nothing happen because that makes way more sense


Pls Neeps, we both know the specific things you requested so there's no reason to put up the facade.


Bexcuse me, I never said 'rape'
What I described could be more akin to coercion at any rate


Heroes of the Storm absolutely doesn't run on my computer, but I tried
Stop being little faggots and tell me


Prima Donna, Grade A asshole, made a deal for information with some jocks, promising them that they could fuck her if they helped
Once she made sure they did what she needed them to, she instead offered the jocks her BFF, Kilana, who was too afraid and too enamored with Prima to resist.

That's about it


Wasn't so hard was it?


I'm more confused by the high-school setting. I was under the impression that Prima and Kilana were Northlands characters?


NL1 was high adventure in the mountains, but NL1.5 was about kingmaking and it started out with King Frostmourne going to highschool and meeting all his future friends and bodyguards as kids. It's like an anime plot. NL2 was about all out war and conquest.


I mean, Wf is the one who keeps bringing it up!
It wasn't such a big deal!

Yes, it was a Princess Trainer thing though, only with a king, so it had the part where they were high schoolers in the North


The jocks probably were.


File: 1493257447726.png (435.62 KB, 486x1211, 442696.png)

Out of all people
It had to be you to make that joke


I'm on mumble but downloading the updates first.


I mentioned you in these trips earlier!

The time is past now, though, as much as I would love to have you as a feather in my cap, as I well know after today's long day of running, there's no way I'm taking on another player, and your opinion likely hasn't changed. We'll always look back and wonder what if though!

On a more optimistic(?) note, wedding soon.


File: 1493257632268.png (49.68 KB, 297x290, Well there is.png)

I saw my opening and I took it.
Just like they did.
Right after Marina makes some frens, of course. Gonna be kinda weird with only four bridesmaids otherwise.


Four is a very reasonable number of bridesmaids, even one is okay. It's only weird because you invited people you only know from bailing them out, like fuckin Lilly.


It was that moment when Prima truly showed her true stripes


it seems like it was for him, thats what I wanted to understand
Haha good one fidget
Só que não


He wasn't even in the quest then from what I recall!


After NL1.5, Kilana was emotionally damaged and I joined in 2 with a character named Id who would help her learn to love again, and they did a kind of mindmeld thing.

It didn't look very fun to read after the fact though because she had a string of like five critfails in a row that session, at one point posted "pleased don't let it be rape" then got raped, and ended the thread saying 'fuck this'.

I'm probably overprotective of Kilana because Id was one of my only characters who had a happy ending though. I drew her a lot of times.


You're literally the only one still upset about this


Well, don't they usually go for seven, including the maid of honor?
It's probably a good thing we never really ran into her father.
Crescent probably would have cracked him in half for the shit he pulled against the Crown.


Sorry that your first quest had a scarring experience.


You seem pretty upset about it guy, I was only teasing you lightly but you've made a whole hissyfit about it


File: 1493258281499.png (131.45 KB, 900x887, 1367448518923.png)

I was in several subquests before that, including BDN's weird fungus quest that had the two PCs who were lesbian sisters. Strange times.


He was a very succesful businessmen with three very pretty daughters!

Don't turn this on me!
I know there are no hard feelings about it and it was a rather dramatic show of Prima to truly be irredeemable which is just what DM needed to feel better about killing her off to spark the war


>BDN's weird fungus quest
Oh my good lord that thing
I have vague memories of that thing


>kind of a mindmeld thing
please explain

that also sounds terrible, the dice are truly terrifying forces


Hey, I'm gonna help BDN farm his wins, do you wanna play?

I don't blame you if you don't


Sorry it made such a negative impact on the quest for you


His whole deal was being a mindreader, and the rest of his abilities were built around mind stuff


I mean Knight**


Get fidget to go with you so he gets wins


and I need to finish with dinner, go ahead without me


Oh so they joined minds and became boyfriend and girlfriend?


So what did you end up doing with Klava? Did she survive to H?


Yeah, it was hella gay

Meanwhile Prima was dead but her soul was in a cursed dagger and Kilana slept with it but that was no homo


I would say that they probably felt pretty close before doing anything mind meldy, that's pretty personal

Yeah but being related to Chip is never a happy ending



So when will we learn about the secret twin of that diamond dog, the dreaded Dale?


So cuuute
did they used this power to cheat eachother aswers of tests when in class?
What a terrible, perfect fate for her, even after death she could still keep backstabbing others


they do use it to tell sekrets to each other!


NL2 happened a long, long time after NL1.5, they were all grown up

They probably used the power to do more practical stuff, like work on building fancy undeads as a team faster


Yay cool secret shari-
Nevermind, it's disgusting now


Ouch, sounds like a real bad end there


Oh, don't worry, Id had no necromancy skills so Kilana probably did the undead building alone.

they totally shared rumors about the queen and her fatty mane


Kilana had an army of skeletons and also some true abominations made out of the corpses of a great many things
>cute zeeb necromancer


File: 1493259165753.jpg (221.8 KB, 1039x899, tmp_6231-14706332766221982….jpg)

>tfw wanted to make all the Northlands characters happy


Well at least he can be redeemed
What became of the two?
How terrible


Kilana was very cute and a nice character


Kilana is a very happy mom to a talented druidess, and a qt artist son with an undying soul


Well their kids at least sound nicer, I'm glad they didn't went the same terrible path as their mom
post pictures


Stop being so racist!


I have nothing against her being a zeeb
Its the necromancy that I have a problem with


File: 1493259572294.png (Spoiler Image, 422.85 KB, 1400x1400, KilanaBardLike.png)

Morrigan knows how to necromancy

But you could consider Kilana evil, yes, but she wasn't always, she was once a purehearted bard.


File: 1493259580797.png (188 KB, 1000x1000, Zivur.png)

You take that back


Terrible, horrible
What corrupted her purity to take a path so awful?
It's wrong


Her best friend being murdered in the middle of the night and her other friends nearly being assassinated.


>Best friend

poor thing, she deserved better


That's nice
Verne's endgame was to end the quest and he got his wish


File: 1493259902086.png (54.33 KB, 238x202, PrimaDonna.png)

Prima Donna, a pretty unicorn.


What a meta


Eeeh, I've seen prettier


File: 1493260014846.gif (1.37 MB, 491x470, Kilana_responds_to_rumors_….gif)


>a lich
>literally forever

The feels man
The feels


It could be worse

Mind talking is useful when raising a kid

Imagine appearing like you never, ever argue, and also never disagreeing


I mean
My parents fucking silently seething in anger and glaring at each other may be more damaging than yelling
Especially if I know they are telephats, since they could be planning anything and you wouldn't even know


File: 1493260372321.png (100.32 KB, 500x451, violet_my_little_pony_cont….png)

They have eternity to pick on the other girls!


Sounds like a good way to raise kids who don't know how to express anger and properly argue about things!


>laughing mares.jpg

"Kilana, I thought you said we would never be bullies again!"
"It's okay to bully just a little."



>they don't look that upset.


>Psch, and ugh, I mean, that bow with that mane? Please.


Morrigan is probably really good at expressing anger because it's gonna get mindread anyway so may as well get to enjoy a good yell


>Exactly! Somepony had to stop that madness before it became a horrible trend!

She's good at glaring and becoming a bird and poofing up herself while making a squawk/chirp sound when upset


>I mean green mane? Ech!


Oh yeah, if you're in the mood I could run for you and Fidget after we're done (2 games left)

He needs to make princess freeens and you have plenty to do on doggo island

Maybe some day we can do a faff 1on1 slice of life for the Id-Kilana family


>tfw prima was our party rarity

I mite, need a shower and stuff really



1 left

If you're not in the mood that's fine, I've had a lot of quest today and Fidget has to slp


Alright, thanks for the games you two.


Ditto. Apparently Brightwing is easymodo support.


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