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I really don't want to unload this on MLPG, so I'll post it here in /ot/ so no one would ever actually read it and I can get it off my chest.

Holy fuck Xieril is terrible person.
Every time I read his tumblr it just makes me incredibly angry, but this kind of anger is addicting. I mean hell every single thing reblogged about this French killing almost tells me that he's glad they got killed, I don't really know if that's true or not but considering it's Xieril

This isn't even really an attack on Xieril though, even though he has puke inducing taste in video games and he likes anime, but rather an attack on his sociopolitical views and the people that share it


His personal blog has nothing to do with mlpg, his views are his own, and I've never once seen him bring them up on the general
so, pls.


I don't give a shit that it wasn't brought up in the threads, tons of shit doesn't get brought into the threads, that still doesn't stop him from being an awful eprson.


File: 1420913432626.png (47.54 KB, 496x296, 1420337249873.png)

>tumblr sjw is a bad person
Wow, no shit.

I don't think anyone on mlpg really defends his views, they just ignore them, I mean yeah he's an ass but at least he usually doesn't bring it up in the thread. The only reason anyone would actually defend him is because everyone is so desperate for content that they're willing to put up with his occasional memespouting.

If you really hate him that much, just filter his name, enable recursive filtering and don't fucking reply to him, that's what I always do to annoying namefags.


>Xieril actually states "SJW boogieman" while in a couple of pages before, reblogging posts claiming whites are all racist because of couple of tweets and posts about how A BLACK COP shot A BLACK MAN WHO HAD A CRIMINAL RECORD FOR SHOOTING COPS AND ROBBERY


Thanks for keeping it off MLPG.
Personally unless the artist literally tells people to commit violent crimes, I can ignore their opinions on SJW stuff. You're just a lot less tolerant to it I guess.


You're also awful for bringing shit up in threads without any constructive reason.
In fact you're worse.


Stop deleting shit.


I read a couple of pages of Xieril's blog and found it pretty boring. What specifically about it pisses OP off so much?


Not OP, but probably that it looks like he has the "every crime perpetrated by a non-white is an isolated incident and not their fault, every crime committed by a white person is literally systematic oppression" mindset that you encounter so often on tumblr.
He does keep it out of the general and contained on his blog though, so I don't really care.


Holy fucking shit how is this a thread that exists

OP please kill yourself


I know you don't like me because I'm not sucking Xieril's dick, but I'm also not the one shitposting about Xieril in MLPG.



Here's my response (too long for the box):

TL;DR This is Xieril, but in a more fuckable form

Read that entire fucking quote, I want you to actually let in sink in and revel in how reasonable it is.
>I don't care about the character race or gender, I just want the game to be good.
and then listen to her response.

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