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File: 1382690790103.jpg (19.67 KB, 267x271, Sweetie Belle Confusion.jpg)


What in the ever loving fuck is up with the armor spammer who hates drugs and the guy who keeps posting images of ponies doing drugs to goad him into responding?

It's such a bizarre form of shitposting I'm just baffled that people who would waste their time doing that exist.

And it seems like both of them are there at all hours of the day. Christ it's annoying.


People are weird, Maybe they are just circle jerking for attention. Give it time they will tire and move on.


>what's up with these shit posters

You can't explain them.


Shit goes in, shit goes out


File: 1382862700856.png (162.91 KB, 350x729, 1370421016952.png)

I cannot control myself/my emotions
/v/ pot heads/alcohol drinkers and ones on MLPG and /r9k/ manage to annoy me greatly to the point where I will shitpost till the sundown if someone started discusisng it.

Also pot heads I had deal with in real life.
>At all hours
I'm not on MLPG at all hours.


Could you do me a favor and shitpost about Nonymous too?

I hate his guts but I'm not autistic enough to hate him every time he posts.





unbridled rage is armorbro's drug of choice


Dont, the last place I want to bring my ramblings and shitposting is to the sub.


go ahead let the rage flow, you know you want your fix


I don't like getting angry.


I sometimes fantasize about doing drugs


You do drugs everytime you sleep. as your brain creates DMT


I know the brain does that, it's just that I have a growing fetish for smoking.


you should try it, it would strengthen your arguments against it. but, try it with an open mind to give it a chance. a lot of pot heads on 4chan are retards, but, it's unfair to judge a plant on based on retards on the net, especially from there.


I don't think I would do something like that, since it's illegal and all.

Also that I don't want to mess with my mind


eww then you mean tobacco?

you would rather smoke cyanide then pot

well ok then, inhale deep


If you're smart, it won't mess with your mind. I think most people that use the internet extensively are smart enough to not have it effect them.

Girls be trying to front me like they're special for smoking pot, but then I whip out my bong and they're surprised.


No I wouldn't want to smoke tobacco either.


then what smoking fetish have you been pinning for ?


pot, anon.


pot isn't a drug in my book

it's as much a drug as caffeine and alcohol and aspirin

do you have a problem with taking medicine since it's a drug?


>pot isn't a drug in my book
Your book is odd
>do you have a problem with taking medicine since it's a drug?
I don't think taking ibuprofen is the same as smoking weed.


drugs are drugs though and medicine are drugs

pot is the oldest medicine known to man

just because the federal government is run by retards, doesn't change our history with the plant

i mean you can go ahead and will think what you want, but, again it really doesn't matter. people will do what they will want regardless just like you.


You're right I guess


hell the chinese consider everything that you put in your body drugs. and in effect they are, oxygen is used as a drug, same with water and food.

but, that's a tangent discussion and view point


even sunlight triggers a drug reaction in our bodies :3


I don't get any sunlight anyway.


me neither but we should try to get some


Just general advice, get away from /r9k/ ASAP and don't look back.. Ever since I stopped going there regularly I've realized that I always walked away feeling even worse about everything. I don't go there at all anymore, even sporadically. It's not good for me.
Ibuprofen is hardly psychoactive, man. Frankly, I don't like mind-altering stuff either. Gives me the willies.


I only went there once for information on how to obtain autismbux


Posting because I can


File: 1385243354139.png (623.95 KB, 640x628, 1357465696404.png)

I post weed ponies sometimes when it's brought up.


huh. interesting conversation here.

i'll resist the urge to request that you check 'em


Kill ye self


File: 1428895054309.png (33.04 KB, 928x253, spaz flips out.png)

Is this the shitposter thread?
I feel like sharing this little gem from your friend and mine: Not Ben Stiller

Turns out he doesn't just harass MLPG, he also harasses the FOE threads!



File: 1439728040161.png (125.2 KB, 1107x1242, wtf.png)

Here's a weird one

It turns out Twilight Sparkle's existence is racist!
Who knew?


File: 1446540097694.png (3.48 KB, 400x400, 37.png)

>the fucking autist MT hateanon shows up minutes after she enters the thread
Does this nigger have some kind of auto-detect script in place, or does he really have no fucking life? I mean, does he fucking poopsock at the desk just in case she shows up?


>or does he really have no fucking life
Pretty much that I'd assume. Wouldn't be surprised if most of the other shitposting is him, too.

MT posted a new picture and IIRC, no one mentioned her name, so its impossible that he just had a script running to alert him when she shows up.

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