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DataByte, creator/owner of FiMFetch (a supposed archive for fimfiction.net (as well as fanfiction.net and ao3)) decided to abandon archival and go full moral crusader by deleting "foalcon" and "rape" fics from the no-longer-an-archive. As you'll see below, his judgement was extremely unsound.
In addition to that, he was spending his time unproductively by making up a hit-list of doubleplusungood crimethinkers, which ironically became known to the wider fandom on April 1st (but circulated on select Discord servers - who acted upon it as well - before).
The list, as you might expect, is chock-full of reaching for straws, failure to research, protecting actual pedos, and other slander you might expect from moral crusaders. To end up on it, as little as posting a spongebob copypasta is needed.

This is that list:
>archive ph/ZJ6kz
Images from it:
>sha256sum >1023a5b1ce999d88ed76d8d71f750b299927a2711e3bd20f3c3de42a6a06f25e

Even if the superficial nature of the "evidence" didn't make it obvious, evidence came up for DataByte being a hypocrite and a foalcon himself, which you can observe in picrel.

also why is real symbol limit lower than the displayed one


Once the discussion spun up, it was found that the list originated from PCL ("Pony Community Leaders") discord server, a clique of self-appointed hall monitors originally founded by Allyster Black, who is currently serving a sentence for statutory rape. Regrettably nobody was smart enough to archive the full extent of evidence BEFORE PCL became aware of people being aware of their involvement, but most of the channels got exported regardless, and the fact of hiding one channel is evidence of guilt in itself.
The logs that got saved are linked here:
And this is the primary PCL staff:
>databytebrony - BronyTales
>frostflare - Ponyville Plaza
>latent_logic - Everfree Northwest
>emperor_sombra - Ponies React!/Confetti's Bat Cave
>astrolazuli - Ponyville Plaza
>stormshadow_cote - Ponies React!
>daringshepard - BronyTales
>gabrizzy - RandomPlace
>phoenixfire42 - Equestria Daily/server owner
>comradesparkle - Equestria Daily

As PCL became aware of discussion and having leakers in their midst, they not only hid the Reports channel, but tried to save face by pretending they had "objected" to the list. The farce didn't hold up for long, though, as the current server owner, PhoenixFire, couldn't keep his cool and lashed out with an explicit confirmation of being involved - as well as repeated confirmation that he genuinely believes himself to be in the right for slandering hundreds of innocent people on incredibly tenuous "evidence".
It also came to light that DataByte/PCL manages a "kid friendly" Minecraft server BronyTales - with underage staff (xXFluffyCipherXx) who they had no problem with for sharing NSFW art, and this huge red flag for anyone who knows how pedos operate in their rules:
>I'd like to note one of the rules in the "kid friendly minecraft server"s discord
>"anything that would make a kid ask their parent isn't okay, because it would bring attention from parents"
>said by daring when he was asked for clarification on rules
>so they don't want kids to talk to their parents about the "kid friendly minecraft server"

Daring, according to one of the targets of the hit-list, is likely to be a major contributor to said list - especially with his positions on homeschooling.

As tranny jannies on mulp proper are deleting all new discussion on the subject (see https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40961148), I have created this thread as a fallback. The original thread with the full extent of evidence is https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40956919.

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