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File: 1378159764688.jpg (31.77 KB, 250x250, 282133__safe_twilight-spar….jpg)


Alright. This will be the general thread for a MLPG sings production!

When I say MLPG sings, I mean something such as this: http://youtu.be/8e-BgnZY5qg

So, the first order of business is figuring out which song to sing. I think it's been unanimously agreed that singing an actual song from the show is not a good idea, as it would both be difficult and make this whole ordeal considerably more fagtacular.

We also need to figure out who can compile all of our beautiful voices into one clusterfuck. Eurobeat was suggested, so if anyone has any connection to him, might want to send a message, although he's likely busy. So anyone else who can take some audio files and sync them up would be very much appreciated.




I can sing but only in MuscleMans voice.


Sing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Zy6UcA8GA
Lyrics either about MLPG or Ponka


why not a fandom song or something? would be pretty silly to not do something mlp related.


File: 1378160029007.png (98.69 KB, 422x399, 130501908963.png)

I would like to sing.


Seems a little too irrelevant while trying to still be relevant. it's also kinda short
What fandom songs does MLPG not hate?
Maybe something by Eurobeat?


>Euro song with no vocals
>just 3 minutes of people making electro sounds with their mouths
It'll be a masterpiece


maybe we could ask Eurobeat for an instrumental for Discord


What about this, it could work?



blocked in my country


This video contains content from Third Man Records and The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.




still no


is kill?



File: 1378160771211.jpg (173.67 KB, 900x900, 0db.jpg)

It's a nice song, but I think I'm going to have to agree with one of the previous anons, It either has to be pony related or a gag, otherwise why is MLPG singing it?

Even though I kinda disclaimed it in the OP, maybe we should sing a song from the show after all. It kinda does make the most sense I think "This Day Aria" would be really fun.
this is pretty good, actually.


blazing saddles?
or alternatively an actual song from mlp fim like Smil smile smile



Eh…I like horse with no name as 1# so far



I don't even think this is possible to sing to.


smile smile smile could be good
I agree.
HAHAHAAHAHAHAH this is fucking great

i would totally sing this but no one could be home


Lel, but it needs that flow. Ya know that sing along to factor.


Would be a nightmare to sing to
/mlp/ already did This Day Aria is I remember correctly

I think Giddyup Buttercup would be a fairly good choice


link it

Maybe smile smile smile then? That one's pretty good to sing along to


nah, bronies already raped that song to death.

how about share and care?


How about the flimflam brothers song?



My bad, forgot to link. There we go


i think bronies have raped all of the songs to death
we could though
also good

I dunno if anyone else would want to do it, but hot damn I would be down for that
This would would also be great

In ~20 minutes I think I'll set up a poll to try and narrow the list.


so after nippone? good idea





In 30 minutes (which should be plenty of time) I'm going to take the top 2 or 3 songs and make another poll to ensure the majority is happy at least


File: 1378165369467.png (752.96 KB, 690x748, results.png)

So these are the results. We have a tie, so here's the tie breaker poll


Please contact anyone you think can compile this whole thing! Even with a song we can't do shit unless someone can put it together


Give me a few minutes to decide.


20 mins to be exact.

Sorry to make you wait.




I'm not entirely sure if I'd be able to work on this much, but I am interested in learning more.


I don't really know how much work it is, but essentially (like the thing I liked in the OP) we would all record ourselves singing a song, and you would sync them up and put the song in. It would be great if you could help us out with this, or perhaps ask someone else, as it doesn't seem like we have many musicfags in mlpg!


Oh! That should be fairly simple. I take it the song in question is still being sussed out, so let me know when that's all in order and the tracks are ready to be synchronized.


We're at a vote right now


Yeah, we're still voting, although we're probably going to close the poll soon.

Can I get your skype so I can contact you when we have the files all ready?

Also is there a preferred format we should record in or does it not really matter


Skype isn't great for me; tell you what though, there IS a form on my store that allows people to contact me with questions/comments etc, if you use that you'll be able to send me an email directly. I read my email much more consistently and frequently than I do Skype.

As for format, the higher quality the better, though I can work with most major formats. WAV, MP3, FLAC… dunno if I can do Ogg Vorbis or whatever, but if it's fairly easy to come by I should be able to work with it.


okay! Thanks m8


Are we just singing to a backing track or are anons playing instruments allowed too?


Dude, can you play an instrument?


I could try hacking my way through it on piano, but I'm much less reliable on that than I am on mandolin.
…Of course, this opens up more hassle for Euro about track mixing and balancing, as well as hassle for the players because we'd need rhythm players and melody players. Maybe it might just be better to just sing to a backing track.


File: 1378172641265.png (377.42 KB, 700x362, finalresults.png)

I think singing to a back track would be for the best, honestly. If you really want to and can record it decently enough more or less exactly like it is in the original (as everyone is likely going to sing while playing that) then i suppose it's okay, although it's really up to eurobeat

Anyway, get out your slutty clothing gentlemen, because we sharing and caring


It depends on what you would like to see happen in the project— if you want to make it just a basic MLPG Sings, instruments might be discouraged; on the other hand, if you want it to be more of a fun showcase of MLPG, instruments could work. They'll take a bit more time of course, but it's not impossible.

Also, please agree on a version of the song to which you will all be singing (the original, a remix, etc). That way I can organize each one accordingly.


I personally think, at least for this first attempt, we should just use the basic track. Perhaps we'll do a second one of these sometime, but honestly I think it would be too complicated to introduce instruments.


So here's the download link for the song: http://tindeck.com/dl/tppk

Please download it and record yourself singing along! Then post it online somewhere or transfer it to me on skype. I suppose it's easiest if I get all the recordings and then deliver them to eurobeat.


>no Fat Bottomed Girls

You, all of you. You have poor taste.



What's your Skype?

Also, I don't know if I can record because I'm never alone ever anymore but I'll try.


I'm pretty sure its pone songs only.
And I'm a poor imitator of Freddie Mercury…


it's gotta be pony related, ya mook.



I kind of have the same problem, but the second I am alone I'll give it my best shot.


>pony butts aren't pony related
It would be hilarious


>butchering Freddie Mercury
Too far


so what's the deadline for this?


I was thinking about that, and I think Saturday is a decent deadline. This really shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to do.


Alright so i recorded mine, but i haven't gotten any others. Please record and get them to me!! It doesn't even have to be good just do it faggots


>share and care
Ew, sorry Mewball.
I'm not going to force myself to vomit those lyrics.


Is this still a thing? If so I'll have to wait until I'm home alone so I can belt it out.

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