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This thread is made in case /mlp/ bans Derpi drama.

One thing though: No doxing or wasting time with personal BS Focus on the administration's actions.
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Nice try, mr. CIA.
Consider this >>1581 for starters. Or trying to deplatform them in any other way.
Twatter crowd is never shy about going after people and internet sites they don't like.
They only hold their opponents to their high standards, making the same mistake will get us nowhere.


File: 1622218710067.gif (1.16 MB, 256x256, 1172624__safe_screencap_ra….gif)

>call others glowie
>immediately call for deplatforming of horse


File: 1622416453038.png (182.06 KB, 485x470, 1616975777974.png)

Based, same.


Derpi is not horse anymore.
It's a furfag entrenchment that tries to splinter a part of horse community and merge it with the furry """fandom"""".
Thank you for outing yourself as their shill.


there's a lot of history in the comments there from the earlier days of the fandom. I don't want any horse deleted. Also don't like using it anymore because of the furry, the gay, and the oppressive moderation, so I use the altboorus. Doesn't make it ok to delete more horse there.


/mlp/ has said that for years. I remember us acting like that everyone on derpi was a seething SJW Furfag and I used to believe it. Then stuff like, Applejack's Plantation getting 1000 upvotes showed me that it is just sorrid moderation keeping everything curated. There is not only history but plenty of descent users left who haven't, and may not even know, about the altboorus due to not being forum cucks or discord trannies (which is why Derpi never made a sitewide announment) but are just in it for the images and comments.

Think of it as something like this:
| | |
| Derpibooru | Forum | Discord
| Average users | Users |
___________________________________ |


Messed up my formatting. Oh well.


Whatever they do is just their own business, we have altboorus. Where I'm not okay is that they give info and hint to twitter's trannies to attack or troll the emerging communities on those sites, driving staff insane.


Oh boy, new drama!

The retarded narcissistic furfag paedofinder going by angrylittlerodent/nastylittlepest found an image https://derpibooru.org/images/2629067 obviously inspired by one of his and threw a shitfit about it being "traced" from https://twibooru.org/2468360
with the usual frothing at the mouth and when called out (the framerate is different, the lines are different, the character is different, and you can't own an idea/pose) goalpost-moving and changing established definitions. Also spilling a little over to ponybooru. https://ponybooru.org/images/2862788

Derpi staff has been, to my great surprise, reasonable about it (can be summed up as "STFU and provide proof of tracing, it's not an accusation you want to just throw around").


>Derpi staff has been, to my great surprise, reasonable about it
That's only because they couldn't use it to shut down a 'nazi' brony.


Or because they're all foalfiddlers and as such someone retarded enough to try and go "LINES ON PAPER MEANS PEEEDOOOO" immediately loses any chances of being pandered to by them.


>half of them are red sea
>locked down
why those tranny furniggers are like that?



>Marenheit raised another 1.8k last weekend.
How does that pack keep winning?


Equestria über alles


File: 1624375364025.webm (2.35 MB, 1280x720, 2482943.webm)

They are at it again. Pic related got deleted for rule 3


Of course they are. That's all commies can do after all.


I've been living under a rock. Wow, why the sudden uptake?

I am pretty sure they allowed some pieces of leaked martial to be up before.


>I am pretty sure they allowed some pieces of leaked martial to be up before.
Yes. But only when it is the 'correct' type of materal.


Dattebayo, Wolvan, and the rest of that gang from last year had a reunion and did a drink and draw stream panel for /mlp/con. And of course it wouldn't be a Marenheit stream without someone donating $1488 with everything it pushed just a bit past $18k. Which all went to Days End again.


File: 1624482989319.jpg (26.28 KB, 500x500, 978350.jpg)

Rainbow Dash is really RaptorShy.
They never intended to fight censorship.
You have been trolled.


>rule 3
they're not even pretending to care


The fuck's happened with /mlp/? No new posts for a whole hour and desu shows nothing new as well.
Did they make the board read-only or something?


between /sp/'s footy cup and orange man having a rally, it could be anything.
Possibly even just Hiro being a cheap bitch and not paying for his server uptime.


I get the message that the board has a phase of maintenance when I try to post something. Make of that what you want.


I'm getting 'connection error while posting'


Seems back.


and gone again


oh wait there it goes


sorry anon, I was personally posting all the activity from every poster on /mlp/, but I got global banned for dropping a pinkie music video on /gif/. I'll be back in a day or so and the mareschizos should be back then you'll see


It's as if the constant spam and thread derailing had chased the normal posters away or something.


Nahh, all of 4chan was fucking dead that day. Other boards didn't even display any threads at all. Hiroshimook fucked up again.


File: 1625544221002.png (331.58 KB, 968x850, derpibooru.org_forums_meta….png)


File: 1625547003233-0.png (71.38 KB, 1282x980, 1625526707214.png)

File: 1625547003233-1.png (494.61 KB, 1349x2579, 1625530713466.png)

File: 1625547003233-2.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1786, 1625424094041.png)

File: 1625547003233-3.png (657.89 KB, 1134x1388, 1625371488775.png)

Some tranny got triggered.
The "anonymous, Trixie" one is >>1748, it took them THREE MONTHS to be retards and delete it.


>TSP and Derpis replies
The amazing part was now TSP and co are back close to where they were in 2019 with saying yes to borderline stuff in a similar way.

Some things are going to slip through. As much as I hate to admit that considering how they just yearn to hide behind all inconsistencies in moderation and rule enforcement being that.


>to see my progress as an artist grow
Roflmao. If this horrible calarts-like shit is progress, then it's a lost cause to begin with.


I honestly felt the art was kind of charming other then the message. I don't think this is Calarts but it certainly is that cutesy Tumblr style that can evovle into garbage if left unchecked.

Calarts wouldn't be solid colors without lines like this and be way less sharp.


Someone's shitting up the Derpi alternative threads on /mlp/ again. It does kinda reek of a cheap attempt at a raid.


Haven't been there in awhile. I'll check it out and give my thoughts.


You'd have to check the archives for it. The jannies nuked a good bit of the drama.


The board has been asking for the implementation of IDs so the shitposters could be easily identified and filtered, so of course the shitposters and derailers are desperately trying to repel this idea because if it passes their easy asshatery pass will be over for good.


I'd hate this too. I like to create different kinds of content without being traced back to one person. It makes it more fun to try new things. I'd probably stop posting in tempo and other threads if IDs became a thing.


I'm against it as well purely for the fact that sometimes you do have to talk to yourself to keep a thread going
plus, if I say something completely boneheaded I can just pretend to be someone else in five posts instead of resetting my router.


Fucking this. That nigger that keeps bumping shit threads off page ten with posts like, "lol" kind of makes semi samefaggy shit in good threads necessary these days. Where it used to take 6-10 hours to hit page 10 now gets there in 1-3 hours. Less if you account for the G5 spamming whenever there's a single new thing about it. This really sucks shit for threads that come up monthly or bi-monthly because they don't get enough activity in the first place.


Was there, the style screams derpimod, they do want to create drama and get derpi alts to fight eachother. Some are obvious, but there's another one who's more subtle.
On the other hand Patachu suggested, with information I will not disclose outside Matrix chat that he's got about 8 derpibooru alts, and god knows how many Discords, learned his lessons from not being caught. Because:[/p]
Derpi don't just use IDs but many configuration or connection, but means of location and search. He's got wrongfully banned the last time, accused of sockpuppetting.



don't reveal shit they're here.


The shitting up is just baiting to keep the thread bumped for free.
It's easy, effective, reminds people why they're there, and makes the thread seem more alive than the usual empty bumps.


Someone claims that Derpi has allegedly blocked the entirety of China, but has so far brought no evidence for it.
Anyone here who has some intel on this?


Looks like an ISP ban was in effect for a day due to a DDOS.
I ran a small site with Cloudflare some years ago, they'll add rules to block individual IPs or entire continents to your firewall settings or set you on "DDOS protection" and make everyone go through captchas without telling you unless you visit the control panel daily.
Probably worse for sites with actual traffic.


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