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This thread is made in case /mlp/ bans Derpi drama.

One thing though: No doxing or wasting time with personal BS Focus on the administration's actions.
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If there are people obsessed enough with comparing writing styles, then there are people obsessed enough to copy those writing styles to stir shit up for laughs.
The overwhelming majority of shitposting in the /mlp/ thread has always been people trying to get the thread bumped for free with bait, whether it be about derpi or furries or barbiedolls, since without dramaposting it hits page 10 on the regular.
Any sudden stop was probably a mod finally getting tired of it and preferring the current cute pony pic bumps instead.


/mlp/ jannies can't change staff status on derpi, anon. And considering past behavior, coincident timing is vanishingly unlikely.


Did your red string account for how at the same time ciaran changed status a number of other derpi staff were also set to inactive, and some outright removed? With staff applications opening just days later?
Guy is living rent free in your head.


Just ignore the posts Anon. If they're new enough to not change the writing style every other time they post, they're not worth a (you). And clout niggers like that shrivel at the thought.

They were still on the staff list. Just hidden. Most of them have at least 2 other accounts for posting on when they don't want to take responsibility for anything. It was their tactic a long time before the Marenheit shenanigans.


So you're saying they were still full staff, and demoted the visible account for no purpose at all, with the only real effect then being to "confirm" to /mlp/ that they were the /mlp/ shitposter.
Is this what 5D chess looks like?
He's living rent free in your heads and doesn't even know you exist.


File: 1636070594198.gif (3.26 MB, 856x1080, 2415855.gif)

With all this undercover Derpi plot conspiracy look at it this way. If it's trolling, ignore it. If it is really them, ignore it. If Derpi is doing 5d chess then it arguably is effective right now because after the early days of this fight everyone now just gets stuck on semantics and plots and ignores real developments going on with the booru, fandom etc. All the shitflinging in the Derpibooru alternatives thread too for that matter. People pissed all with different versions of "muh purity" and a whole variety of opinions being treated as "X Derpi staff" including the arguing itself. It misses the point. It all misses the point.

When the fandom banded together over Aryanne it wasn't the most based "pure" /pol/tards or the based pure faustfags whining about /pol/tards being a corruption on the fandom. It was everyone who had half a braincell and realized that what was coming, what is coming, is something that has destroyed so much. It was everyone, oldschool furfags degenerates Skoon, SJW leftist who had a bit more mature outlook on art like Moonitik and reasonable centerist like DoloresBridge who saw what was happening, shitposting rightfags like Patachu. From the newest reddit tier edgy boi to the most authentic Faust worshiping oldfag united in those moments. Getting stuck in the depths of some Q anon conspiracy and debating which booru/imageboard is more cucked is besides the point. We have different sites that can all be personal spaces for the different flavors of our insane degenerate fandom now and we all need to work together on this despite what disagreements we may have.

>but Derpi has already fallen to SJWs why does it matter

It does. Many users don't know the extent of what happened that day and frankly, Derpi in spite of bias moderation isn't a true SJW police state yet. Same for fimfiction. These spaces matter to the core of the fandom's "culture" and them fully falling over would still have a negative impact on us. You think twitter will leave us alone after that?


File: 1637305154184-0.png (15.05 KB, 424x120, teaspoon.png)

File: 1637305154184-1.png (4.62 KB, 217x41, teaspoon2.png)

What did he mean by this?


What is that?


RIP, Fan Site Alternative Thread



Figured as much. Well, it had a good run.


Seems like at least one of them moved to tempo so there's that. Technically these are projects so it fits the bill


Looks like someone started another round of shit flinging in the alternative thread which is related to the behaviour of one of Twibooru's mods (Boxless). And the thread promptly died again. No idea what to make out of this.


>No idea what to make out of this
That fagbooru has won. They made the best thing they could, and braced the shitstorm without giving an inch. Their fucking shithole is still under the same administration with the same usual gang of diaperfags around.
Nobody talks about chat leaks anymore, a bunch of artists forgot all the shit TSP et al had done and lifted their DNPs etc. etc.
All you fucking autists could do was retarded screeching. It had no lasting influence at all. And now the only thread which was somehow reminding of the whole debacle has fallen off.
Congrats, shifags. That anon >>1400 is right about everything.


File: 1644249741141.png (529.82 KB, 1176x3377, Screenshot 2022-02-07Ask t….png)

New shit folks. Now apparently TSP and his buddies are pro anonimity


File: 1644249837671.png (181.29 KB, 1431x711, gayop.png)

As well as trying to do a gayop in the Alt thread to make sure newfags get the idea it was all 4chan fault


Okay, I am actually almost a little happy at seeing TSP being dismissive at Wootmaster. Though Princess Celestia's comments on anonymity are not how I remember any of the previous arguments over there on it going down at all.

This anon is also right: >>1993


File: 1644651426498.jpg (456.46 KB, 1330x1282, sans-titre(2).jpg)

I remembered Smiling saying the same thing before that they did to Wootmaster and found some. Other mods I dont know.
The alt thread is back to screaming about furry and board against board again.


Almost could give a little respect TSP for being, for once, consistent. Though I am not going to put on rose tinted glasses at other aspects of his reign there and how he handled the crisis. I am happy that he has gone back from cowing before them in semi-silence on twitter (too lazy to look up his tweets).

>The alt thread is back to screaming about furry and board against board again.

Don't know how someone could put a stop to it. Frankly, I think the paranoia is justified on some level but not to the extent that they are attacking each other over. The best one can do is try to focus on and bring up real and relevant topics.


>The alt thread is back to screaming about furry and board against board again.
That happens every time something bad about derpibooru is brought up.


>That happens every time something bad about derpibooru is brought up.
That happens every thread since raindev necked himself and the only alt developments have been twibooru or ponypaste going down or pony/twi mods going full retard

Appledash/nottwifag is the only developer in the thread and if he's not posting it's just autists screaming about derpidrama and furries and OCs to keep it bumped until twibooru goes down again


Any thread that discusses anything bad about derpibooru immediately is followed by a spamming and derailing spree. The leaks revealed that derpi staff actively monitors /mlp/ to derail any kind of discussion they do not approve and their boards have revealed that a lot of their users like to brag about how they also like to go there to spam, derail and piss off as much people they can.


How new are you? Any thread that discusses anything is immediately followed by a spamming and derailing spree, no matter the topic
Do you just go to /mlp/ for the alt threads? Stick to ponybooru


Hullo derpimod.


I stopped wanting to bump the thread because of that.


File: 1645786122273.png (142.4 KB, 989x890, derpipipi.png)

Typical comment section of "MLP: Tell Your Tale" images.


>one somewhat legit post
>TUA being as irrelevant and retarded as ever
What was this bloodbath about?


File: 1646187852318-0.png (133.24 KB, 1218x984, Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 2….png)

File: 1646187852318-1.png (100.97 KB, 1176x663, Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 2….png)


So Ciaran is being an asshole as usual. Alright.


File: 1648243755405.png (116.75 KB, 931x1546, 1648242245007.png)

So, pre-moderation is now a thing on Derpi. The purity spiral turns anew.


You must have missed the daily CP spam, probably from the same spammer that posts CP on ponybooru and here
But I guess you're ok with watching gifs of 6 years olds sucking dick


>You must have missed the daily CP spam
I personally haven't paid this shitshow of a site a visit since they banned in 2020, thank you very much.
>But I guess you're ok with watching gifs of 6 years olds sucking dick
Nice projection, derpimod.


>I personally haven't paid this shitshow of a site a visit since they banned in 2020, thank you very much.
And yet you're here posting about it, curious
>Nice projection, derpimod.
'everyone that doesn't agree with me is a derpimod'


>And yet you're here posting about it, curious
>Ignores the obvious link to /mlp/
God forbid, I spread the word to whom it might concern.


On semi-related news, the poneb.in anon shat the bed in the same thread. Turns out he now bans all Russians users because he got his period or something.


Wait, what? That is nuts. That will only hurt members of our fandom and won't stop any evil on any side of this.


that is generally how performative virtue goes.
It'd make sense somewhat if he was ukrainian, I guess.


He said something about suffering from financial damages due to The Current Thing. But his reasoning as a whole sounded hollow. Take that for what it is.


I might be able to understand if he was Ukrainian. Still wrong but he very well could've lost somebody (same applies to any Russian blocking Ukrainians though). Anybody else though it is hard to justify as more than just idiotic cancel culture mentality.


>I might be able to understand if he was Ukrainian.
IIRC, he once said something about being Hungarian or at least living in Hungary.


So, so-called "pride month" is in full swing. Any news on Derpibooru's further censorship? Anyone got force-filtered?
So, he's a huge faggot, got it


>Not political
>Not religious
>Not idpol
>Literally just a clip with a special
Does derpibooru really?


you're not allowed to point out flaws unless it's towards acceptable targets


What is it? Can't access that site any more with TOR since they redirect the link to some other shady direction and I sure as fuck won't go there with my regular browser ever again.


>uses tor
>doesn't know what an onion address is


The tldr on Furbooru is that if you have a DNP on Derpi, they will not honor your DNP, let people upload your work, and tell you they are just as related to Derpi as E621. It doesn't matter how much proof you give them that you're the artist, they will still tell you to make a Furbooru account, to make a new DNP, and then sit and wait like everyone else. Then you can only ever deactivate your account and you've technically signed up to their shit site forever. I guess they have nothing to do but take other people's pony drawings and give them a hard time about the DNP way after the fact.


File: 1674401094852.png (36.24 KB, 968x147, derpibooru.png)

Guys, did I miss some based era in the fandom?


yes, it was called 2010~2012 when it was almost completely on /co/


Looks like derpiniggers are trying to derail alt-booru thread AGAIN.


Lightningbolt is one of society's cooler women

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