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File: 1598952571214.jpg (94.51 KB, 750x937, 1598666160956.jpg)

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This thread is made in case /mlp/ bans Derpi drama.

One thing though: No doxing or wasting time with personal BS Focus on the administration's actions.
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Yeah, though if anything raptor is more of "break down and cry" kind of tranny while meow is the "murder people unapologetically in a fit of psychosis" kind. Typical abuser behavior to be honest, only picking people who detect as easy to manipulate for staff. Also, pretty mare!
>I don't understand why the mods are so retarded.
And you're blessed for it. If you want to stop being blessed, pick up books like Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents and other stuff on child abusers and cluster B disorders.
tl;dr: they're literally overgrown babies. Their brains are infantile and hence they behave like toddlers, throwing tantrums, blabbering, ignoring "no"s and the like until they get their way through sheer obnoxiousness.
It's not even necessarily autism, it's infantility + nonexistent emotional intelligence; both cluster b and autism result in low EQ.

"Playing chess with a pigeon" is an entirely appropriate analogy there; inasmuch as they'll toss the pieces, shit on the board, and believe unquestioningly that they have won.
>Ciaran is interesting to me by his inability to stop speaking
He's a compulsive (can't stop) pathological (does it to get his way) liar who has never in his life listened to people telling him off, who is surrounded by idiot trannies who refuse to drop him from staff for literally nonstop sabotage of any of their efforts.


>I was just horney
Fucking christ, is it really so difficult for these furfag coombrains to control their urges? I've met actual sex offenders with more discipline and restraint.


>furfag coombrains
Just say "yiffers", no need to censor yourself.


Yes, when your ENTIRE LIFE was spent with shitheads around you enabling your everything, you will have no urge control.

Meanwhile, Patachu has a discount for commissions gotten via altboorus and this has gotten derpistaff butthurt enough to "update" the prices on derpi for him.


File: 1617624408661-0.png (163.63 KB, 600x1024, 1617619394906.png)

File: 1617624408661-1.png (173.63 KB, 600x1024, 1617619664819.png)

File: 1617624408661-2.png (70.74 KB, 476x724, Screenshot_2021-04-05 Pata….png)

File: 1617624408661-3.png (134.41 KB, 1018x759, Screenshot_2021-04-05 Show….png)

File: 1617624408661-4.png (68.01 KB, 889x807, Screenshot_2021-04-05 mlp….png)


Look, every artist set the prices or offers they wish, what's to be so butthurt about? Also yes, if Patachu was really banned, changing the price is a dick move that may lead to serious trouble, you can beg the artist to no longer give a fuck about Derpibooru anymore.

All that because he called a derpi shill "Benson".


File: 1617625269470-0.png (76.4 KB, 341x780, 1617619730555.png)

File: 1617625269470-1.png (366.27 KB, 1092x1168, now.PNG)

There are differences between both. $200 for graphic design was aimed for business and profit while the $25 comm Ponybooru seems to be for everyone.

Full color digital may be up to $100 so that's all pretty cheap.


>Also yes, if Patachu was really banned, changing the price is a dick move
Which is the whole point, you retard.
>All that because he called a derpi shill "Benson".
Which basically proves that yes, it was ciaran continuing to be an absolute shitsack of a human being.


Still skeptic about the legit of that screenshot,

it is demonstrated that :
- Derpi ADMINS can access, modify, delete content on user's page, including personal messages and everything


- Anyone with the right development tools can edit these and make it look like the Derpi staff edited them and get Patachu pissed at them.
Again I'm not competent enough to tell if it's legit or not, if it's easy to make a fake to trigger 4chan or if it's legit.


Basically it's easy to modify the page AND it's derpistaff's narcissistic retardation and attempts to dodge consequences for their shit coming back to bite them in the ass, AGAIN.
They could've easily avoided it if they just had LOGGING for these changes, but nooooo, they've consistently REMOVED all the logging for their own actions.


>Anyone with the right development tools can edit these and make it look like the Derpi staff edited them and get Patachu pissed at them.
Sounds like a lame "B-but what if…?" excuse to derail the issue and excuse Derpibooru.


Go back to DPRDB and stay there, fucking shill.
You've failed that in 4chan thread, now you're trying it here, with fewer anons to call on your bullshit?


pics or it didnt happen


File: 1617682258806.png (76.4 KB, 1104x362, eat shit.png)

here, to name a few


Patachu was banned, so he can't log in to edit his profile (or do anything at all.)
The staff also refused his request to delete one of his drawings that was edited without his consent before being added to their lastest collaboration collage and blocked him from every possible channel he could use to contact them about the still pending issue.


Don't forget how they tripped over themselves to "accept" said edit-without-permission into collab. So much for "artists rights", eh, Derpi?


Derpi shills are also on /mlp/, they do try to influence 4chan's /mlp/ making threads like "look at our new meme" "what do you think of DNPers taking their art away" they really can't blend for shit.


What thread is it this time exactly?


File: 1617758566029.jpg (287.29 KB, 973x506, 578f67996546357.jpg)

Any thread trying to defend Derpibooru, trying to push bad things as something positive and any thread that began OK until they are raided with contrarian spam and pics that always use Derpibooru's name format.
Plus the leaked chatlogs revealed that Derpibooru's staff is obsessed with stalking /mlp/ to derail threads that bring up topics they don't want to become popular or be known by others, especially if they bring up their own bad behavior.
And then we have plain derpibooru users like this guy who openly brag about being troublemakers on /mlp/.


I heard they also lurk derpibooru on occasion


File: 1617772446236.jpg (75.53 KB, 1218x459, sendsachilldownmyspine.jpg)

Wouldn't be able to say if this is the him with absolute certainty but it certainly has the feel of Ciaran and if it's not it is certainly someone connected to Derpi. Pic related though is just creepy as a justification.

A literal enteral slavery to the ever changing standards of liberal woke capital morality. You always see a framing of "it's not going to go not 1984 your just whining" and saying all these changes are just minor adjustments (just ban racist stuff!). I have never seen someone so blatantly admit the truth and be to say it so freely and tell me that is what is driving their decision process.

>You /will/ be questioned why you contributed to a nazi art pack. You will be judged, or in trouble for your positions on a certain forum or image board decades later. You have no idea what the future will be and I'm begging you to consider anticipating it. The smart thing to do : Don't be stupid.

It is being marketed as mercy and in some way you could argue that. Overall though, to go with this position would be to plant my flag in sand Even going along with it and being as polite as possible won't grant me, you, or him any protection from the arbitrary legalism that is now trying to assert itself on our society and even if I he thinks that is ultimately a good thing it doesn't seem something that is a healthy relationship with society.

What would you be willing to die for? What would be a unacceptable action from government or the mob? Something that you would fight for? Something that you would not go along with even if it meant death?

What brings the chill down my spine is that this mentality is the same mentality of that is so lamented by Martin Niemöller First they came. This is a mentality that would be fitting to stand for justice when it counted, and I am not just talking about Nazi horses on some sticking booru but all the freedoms that we celebrate.

Brings to mind this obscure Kansas song.

Is this user's admission really the best go to example as proof? I see a lot of anons post it around but GaruuSpike isn't even much of a low tier part Derpibooru's ecosystem of trolls or whatever. I think chatlog admissions or the direct posts that we suspect ourselves would be better.


File: 1617819335322.png (16.4 KB, 1332x178, lvxrahrhsbx.PNG)


File: 1617819368517.png (50.68 KB, 1315x984, lvxramgsfxt.png)


File: 1617819458729.jpg (163.51 KB, 774x469, byte is the hotpockets mem….jpg)


File: 1617819653585.png (5.87 KB, 1042x106, 1594703976128.png)


File: 1617819682328.png (6.05 KB, 677x159, 1594704397418.png)


File: 1617819752028.jpg (471.25 KB, 1161x673, envy.jpg)


you can post multiple images in one post


File: 1617822709701.gif (1.32 MB, 355x245, twibooru_2339569.gif)

Never really been into ponyshit until the last few days and am curious as to what happened with derpi can i get a rundown plox


>chimpouts happen last year
>people make art that doesn't fall in line with negro worship, downvote BLM posts
>this is apparently verboten and derrbooru starts going scorched earth on all "sinners"
>more stuff happens, shitload of artists leave/make DNPs (including artists who haven't horsed in years and are only doing it because it burbled up in their twitter feed), altboorus spring up (one of which completely ripped the dbooru image archive including the ones they "deleted" (turns out the images weren't actually really deleted)
there's a lot of stuff that happened between these bullet points but that is the broadest strokes of it.


thanks what caused the chimpouts initially?


Sorry, I had no idea.


yes you should use the clearurls addon, i think its available for chrome also
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/clearurls/, it removes referrer and other tracking junk


File: 1617825699965.png (48.91 KB, 1277x258, 3747595027252904.png)

The Smiling Pony's autism and his blind hatred against anything remotely related to 4chan, like for example Aryanne, a nazi pony OC created as a parody but that triggered TSP's phobia thanks to his autism.
Then Joey (another autist) began to enforce rules and make announcements of his own behind of the staff's back and they all tried to fight each other to enforce their own vision of the rules, pissing off each other and taking it on the community instead.
Then the chatlog leaks revealed that TSP's hatred against channers was so insane that he had been secretely marking user accounts with a special badge that identified them as channers and his staff was instructed to antagonize them/neglect their reports to make them feel unwelcome or bait them into saying things that could give them an excuse to ban them.
Then 4chan found out that byte (Derpibooru developer and yes, autist as well) had implemented a code that trigered bans and made the site purposely slow for people who faved content the staff hated, when this was revealed the staff quickly claimed that the affected users were only six, but later it was proved that the affected ones were over 500.
Then Ciaran/Derpy Whooves made things even worse by constantly lying to concerned users, pissing off more people by his habit of threatening/patronizing them whenever they brought up issues the staff wanted to keep as a secret, THEN by labeling people as "undesirable" if they liked the wrong things and finally by refusing to accept DNP requests by either playing dumb, or ignoring the requests, or by guiltriping/manipulating artists into rescinding their DNP requests and then bragging about it on the site's Discord.


File: 1617828573515-0.jpg (945.61 KB, 1568x2660, Sauron for charity.jpg)

File: 1617828573515-1.png (720.28 KB, 684x886, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.png)

Overdosed negro overdosed and died while being held down in the standard "recovery position" until the medical team arrived to cart him off.
Trial is finally underway and the prosecution is doing the defense's job for them. Riots inbound as Chauvin will likely be walking in a couple weeks after they finally get through the witnesses.
Retard-leaning left fully believed the negro dindu nuffin and supported the riots in poor/democrat areas and accused anyone of not supporting the riots of being nazis/fascists/bigots.
The site staff's analpain over Aryanne (as mentioned >>1728 ) led into the nazi horse artpack for charity which was under constant digital assault (every payment processor was spammed until they dropped it so they had to go through one guy who got slapped in the dick with taxes for it apparently).


One of the staffmembers (Lightingbolt, a deranged womanlet) also threw a tantrum over the charity artpack because she is a batshit crazy sexual deviant with a repugnant piss and scat fetish who likes to wear adult diapers and pee herself while masturbating until she faints, AND she couldn't accept that a 4chan charity was getting so much support while her fetish received none and so she butted in the charity discussion thread to whine, rage and beg for a piss fetish artpack for herself.
After that, the charity artpack thread was "casually" locked and no discussion about it was allowed. (This backfired on DB's staff.)


File: 1617829818001.png (Spoiler Image, 5.09 MB, 4000x3124, twibooru_2299531.png)

thanks for the rundown this is quite entertaining kek




File: 1617853783957.png (687.8 KB, 1280x720, 1593827478327.png)


File: 1617868190088.jpg (72.1 KB, 1245x439, LightningBoltOnTheWokeCrow….jpg)

In fairness to LB, she wasn't an idiot when dealing with the situation and I think people were rather hard on her though that would be something I consider awful.

Some of these are a little bit of a stretch to call incriminating, desu. It does illustrate it better though.


File: 1617913920644.png (463.27 KB, 1214x1601, 1598055537115.png)

The artpack, available over at marenheit451.com, is also the highest grossing MLP artpack, beating Clop for a Cause by 3x the cash.
And the guy in question was slapped in the dick because paypal is a piece of shit and reported it as his earnings before he could report it as donation.
Fun fact: "diun do nufin" means "sure to steal" in Yoruba.
>and supported the riots in poor/democrat areas and accused anyone of not supporting the riots of being nazis/fascists/bigots.
Don't forget all the blabbering about doing it "to affect change" and "to stick it to The Man", but when people ACTUALLY WENT AND DID JUST THAT all these idiots went absolutely apeshit with rage against them.
Really serves to tell where their loyalties lie.
>I hope they're enjoying their lost jobs, 6x pricier insulin, etc etc
Also, they STILL can't fucking do any internal communications.
Not being an idiot doesn't matter when 1: only Chief Blowjobforth, TheShitPiss, and Deranged Psychotic Tranny's opinions on anything staff-related matter and 2: she tacitly supports #1 by remaining on staff.
To be honest it's actually pretty damn hard to tl;dr the whole thing; picrelated is a CONDENSED verison.


Mikey is another staffmember fucked up in the head.
He's on his early 30's but he's already alcoholic, addicted to pot, autist and completely unable to bond or befriend anyone in real life, so he spends all the time he can online to wave his mod dick around, clumsily flirt with men and share his repugnant piss, diaper and scat fetish, which he also practices in real life and makes him go apeshit mad with rage whenever he's told it's not something a normal people would do.
Also, he works a deadend job as a cart pusher and floor sweeper, because that's the only job he is able to do, yet he thinks as himself as a super cool guy who gets to shit on everyone.
He mocked the altboorus and wished them to fail because just like the other staffers, he hates channers and of course changed his tune and backpedaled when he got flak for his endless yammering because he feared losing his internet power.


File: 1618131315773-0.jpg (534.13 KB, 1227x1608, Screenshot_2021-04-11 Post….jpg)

File: 1618131315773-1.png (238.9 KB, 1400x1050, keks.png)

File: 1618131315773-2.png (168.81 KB, 1202x544, Screenshot_2021-04-11 Don'….png)

File: 1618131315773-3.png (146.14 KB, 1250x817, Screenshot_2021-04-11 Don'….png)

Dumping a few screenshots about TSP/staff's mentality. Dunno if that's intresting, some reeks of doxing. When you're on Tartarus and discuss anything right wing, all the staff come along to argue against the poster.
Also yes the evil hacker known as 4chan


She's not wrong there but the root of the problem is that they collectively, as a moderator team, made the sides to begin with. And not even because of the censorship itself. Reminder that the Anti-censorship protest rallied by Datte only happened because people, including artists in the community, asked questions about the change and the mods decided to completely ignore them with their usual excuses. Datte used the DNP because that's the one thing they couldn't ignore and brush off like they were doing to literally everything else. It was the final attempt to be at least heard because they tried to plug their ears and use their favorite words like “non-issue” and “channer” again.


File: 1618166391345.gif (1.49 MB, 388x388, 1603852409886.gif)

>a good reason why i left the right after a brief period of time is that the left doesn't run over innocent protestors with cars or shoot up synagogues


File: 1618174083981.png (414.11 KB, 2276x1700, 55774.png)

>Dumping a few screenshots about TSP/staff's mentality.


File: 1618176469396-0.png (29.89 KB, 1161x161, -22 Posts booru.png)

File: 1618176469396-1.jpg (431.83 KB, 1030x637, sick fucker.jpg)

File: 1618176469396-2.png (32.14 KB, 1161x179, Screenshot_2020-07-22 Post….png)

File: 1618176469396-3.png (23.42 KB, 1161x135, Screenshot_2020-07-22 Pts ….png)

File: 1618176469396-4.png (29.48 KB, 1161x179, Screenshot_2020-07-2 - Der….png)

LigthingBolt is a moron who loves to derail threads by picking fights, play contrarian, whine and make everything all about herself and insert her repugnant piss fetish whenever she can, and once she's done riling everyone up, she says something like "And now I bet all bad people will get mad at me, lol" so if you say anything to her about her bad behavior she can be all smug and say "See, I was right, lol!" because she always wants to be right and always plays the victim instead of accepting she fucked up.

I doesn't matter if she was less crazy years ago, the problem is that she has been batshit crazy for years nonstop until present day and so she's not suited to hold any authority or be entrusted with the site's moderation, period.
She should have been removed from the staff the moment she decided to reveal her pee fetish and hos much she loves to shit and piss herself in real life.

And on top of that, if you say ANYTHING positive about a derpibooru staff member she will bitch and whine because it means you don't show any appreciation for her own "hard work".


LB is for hug
if you read the logs, she's one of the few staff who was a free speech absolutist. yes, she complains about everything, but she is a super useful tag autist. that's one thing the alts don't have much of so far. as for piss fetishism, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones


>as for piss fetishism, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
I don't think anyone in here actually feels aroused after soiling and shitting oneself, and she causes nothing but fights and problems whenever she's feeling bitchy, which invalidates her tagging spree, ESPECIALLY when she feels like adding or removing specific tags because they hurt her little feelings or because she just wants to stir up trouble on pics she hates.


File: 1618202186030.jpeg (300.49 KB, 1280x960, cringeorcute?.jpeg)

Diamond from >>1241 is possibly the dreaded Patachu?

>When you're on Tartarus and discuss anything right wing, all the staff come along to argue against the poster.

What I have noticed, and this is in my casual observations, is that they have two or three different classes of poster. They have some, like Sisba who they keep around as a "village idiot" and staff will often not bother to swarm after. Others, generally mid tier centrist to average Republican posters, they will attack from a area of smug intelligence and beat down, and then those further right they will treat as a masochist/sadist relationship where they may let post on and offend them for awhile only to ban, some permanently, some temporarily-enjoying the catharsis of the fight.

Also, there is one poster who I think the staff maybe slightly afraid of from a intellectual intimidation standpoint and just seem to ignore but I want to gather more examples to confirm that I am not blowing hot air before I post anything about that.

I'm mixed between hug and hate. Some areas I think she is as bad as people say (randomly starting fights for one) others I think people are treating her a bit unfair. Like her feeling underappreciated durring the whole derpi affair is somewhat understandable considering she was, as pointed out before, one of the ones more against the woke as an actual threat.


Every person who had to deal with her and her infinite triggers, depression, entitlement, frustration, victim complex and horniness can say the same: Hate.
Whatever good points she may have are cancelled out by her infinite negative aspets and her unbeareable character, where she always demands to be everyone's attention center OR ELSE.

Remove her from the site staff and 1/5 of the site's fights immediately will leave with her.

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