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File: 1330554258097.png (108.36 KB, 945x945, 1329696884554.png)

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We ponychan now? Is it ok for me to get a trip even though im a useless faggot?


Well 4chan's dead.


NO. We are the MLPG in /co/.



how many tripfags and anons actually know this secret lifeboat?


File: 1331053404929.jpg (299.27 KB, 1120x1400, 1326431920137.jpg)

Even with 4chan down, it looks like the lifeboat gets about two posts per day. We fimchan now.


A lot of people don't even know this place exists. And there is another site along the lines of this one, though i can't even remember the link to it.

So, a lot of the people from the general might be there instead of here.



Well I know Leth is a janitor or something here.

Anyway, so how bout that Shining Armor?


Don't you mean "The Hasbro official Gary Stu"?
Because, that's what everything is pointing out to so far.

Considering how the show is, he will quickly fade into the background along with his alicorn Mary Sue wife. And nobody will even remember who they were (other than people trying to justify their alicorn OCs)



Leth's a moderator here, I believe, and there are several tripfags acting as janitors. So far, though, the board has been inactive enough that no moderation has been required. The rules are extremely lax, anyway.


IS MLPG DYING?????????

%%…is it?%%

%%i miss everyone%%


File: 1331240707131.png (201.85 KB, 603x340, Totally not suggestive.png)

My body is ready.


I expect a Maredowell-esque shenanigans from that episode. And people who bash MMDW praising it, simply because.


are we going to use some secret stream for the episode?



I can set something up if my capture card and cable box play nice.




New episode in 3 hrs!


who had the great idea of post the stream on /mlp/. Now the shit is full



17 people in there now, also appears it was posted in an Aquabats thread on /co/ that's why it was full.


new horse is smelly


New horse is best horse


I miss you guys


File: 1331679543621.png (41.54 KB, 645x770, 1331575768169.png)

>that feel when no 4chan


Too bad we dont have a extension here.


File: 1331679658309.jpg (27.65 KB, 279x284, 1331594285482.jpg)

>4chan posting down
>browse same posts for eons


File: 1331679687768.gif (168.79 KB, 500x417, And Scootaloo plays the dr….gif)

yeah if this place were 4chanx compatible than it might actually get used occasionally



There's dollchan but that's a piece of shit


File: 1331679761141.png (100.91 KB, 612x770, 1330986953084.png)


File: 1331679792023.png (121.13 KB, 268x265, 1326159164194.png)

Stop breaking 4chan, moot


File: 1331679884914.png (582.72 KB, 1280x800, Ponykart_03132012_22432320….png)

scaling down everything in ponykart to use real-world units so the physics engine is happier


The fuck is wrong with 4chan again?


So can we call ourselves /co/ again?


Dem little cars.

Fucking moot.


4chon is sandraking, what do we talk aboot?


File: 1331679949884.png (153.65 KB, 700x700, 1331157708010.png)


♫♫ My little Pony Kart ♫♫♫


I can't help but laugh at tht pick.



I would a police pone

Also, not fucking 4chanX sucks




f5 key, we meet again






Well, technically speaking, this IS "/co/"


4chan is back


Stay in one imageboard, horsefuckers.





4chan is dead again


see you tomorrow then


MLPG is just /b/ during the day now, not that I'm surprised. It's just a bunch of people using random reaction images and overused 4chan buzzwords.

Late night is still cool though, so we got that goin for us, which is nice.


Night time isn't really better since everyone just gets sentimental and contemplates the eventual death of the show.

It's like a bipolar person. Hyper at day and existential at night.


Stream is live!


File: 1332218334050.png (211.57 KB, 385x373, we_have_to_go_back.png)

Just came here to whine about the state of the /mlp/ threads.


Well MLP General is flooded with angry new people right now. Time to post ponies here.


I want to go home.


Even if it means dealing with the capefags?


File: 1332335981888.jpg (71.56 KB, 313x286, dog.jpg)

Yeah what the hell happened today?

It's been one ">>>/ponychan/" or something similar after another. What's got MLPG on the edge?


Back when we first moved to /mlp/, everyone was paranoid of new people, and when someone obviously new was there, people would tell them to fuck off back to Ponychan or wherever.

Other new people saw this and thought it was a norm, so now a group of new people say things like ">>>/ponychan/" whenever someone says something they dont like. It's pretty annoying. It's also why the daytime generals seem so much angrier.


Well hopefully it'll get better soon when Spring/March break is over for American high schools. That should curb the shit posting a little. Then we must brace for summer.





Anyway, does anyone have those MS paint doodles of Nathan being questioned about the contents of his stolen laptop?



Jesus has the rest.


jesus… I wish people would post on here instead of /co/. That's just causing conflicts for the sake of it.


Not our fault three people have dedicated themselves to spamming a thread because for some reason pastel horses upset them.


Is anyone even there anymore? All I see are the sage spammers, people arguing about the sage spammers, and some guy from /b/ spamming fluffy pony shit.


File: 1332756906802.jpg (13.69 KB, 248x238, 1322183136807.jpg)

I think everyone went to bed
/co/ is in a rage
The general is now /mlp/ general.
complete clusterfuck


File: 1332766447543.gif (8.74 KB, 600x400, IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRYIMSOR….gif)

shittyquest runner here

oh god

i am so sorry

i just

i just wanted to entertain

this was never meant to happen




I wish people were active in this place so i could post here when the threads become shitty in the late afternoon/early nights.


Anyone, here, No?
Well 4chan is shitting on me.
So if you want to discuss Ponyville Confidential here, that would be cool.


[spoiler]I still feel like mentioning Trixie ever is [/spoiler][spoiler]Seth pandering[/spoiler]
AJ and Big Mac role reversal was awesome.
Diamond Tiara really didn't learn anything,
forcefields confirmed.
I need to watch it again before I determine how I [spoiler][/spoiler]>feel[spoiler][/spoiler] about it.


It broke on me too, man.


File: 1333224723188.jpg (77.73 KB, 1036x850, ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 31 16….jpg)

And we're back to the temp board while 4chan is down!


welp welp welp looks like 4chan exploded.
Discuss horse here?


please respond


File: 1333225295292.jpg (60.91 KB, 905x789, ScreenHunter_15 Mar. 31 16….jpg)

>no 4chanx


It hurts to live.


How many backup board and shit do we have?

I think we just end up scattered everywhere when this happens.


File: 1333250500688.jpg (80.55 KB, 1007x915, ScreenHunter_22 Mar. 31 16….jpg)

fucking AGAIN



FOR FUCKS SAKE! Just as we where getting new gifs.




Could moot have actually taken 4chan down in order to remove /mlp/ and permaban us all? It is April Fool's Day after all.


I'm getting cloudflare errors, so I don't think it's intentional


>peeps still believing this shit


I generally don't, its just the coincidental timing of it all.


File: 1333252850070.png (26.14 KB, 300x222, 1331012641446.png)

So what do you think is more likely:
1) Moot shuts down all of 4chan for a few hours because somehow that helps ban all of the bronies (in chess notation this is a "???????").
2) Some faggots try to take down 4chan on April Fools Day "4 teh lulz!!!1!"


moot works in mysterious ways.


File: 1333253708475.jpg (55.81 KB, 231x208, laughing maids.pg.jpg)





I cant take the daytime generals anymore. Is there anyone here?


your good pal anonymous is here.


so either /b/'s come with full force into mlpg or it's one very successful troll.



File: 1333387986237.png (539.54 KB, 1000x667, sad crying pinkie pie in a….png)

The state of mlpg right now is depressing me


>One day ban for posting "Banned text"
That's annoying. What text is banned on 4chan?


Haven't been hit by it myself, but I did see someone mentioning that "daily dose" had been made an autoban the other night, so that might be it.


MLPG is dead on 4chan. now I have to decide to either stay over there and wade through shit or come here and have slow discussions.


MLP General has changed. A lot.


The worst part is that I never even participated in pony threads I just watched the show and when moot made mlp I checked it out, found MLPG (spent most of my time on /g/ and /k/) and liked it. Less than a month later I can barely stand it.


The tempo of the General has changed. Everything's faster and angrier. It just feels different. Latent anger at /mlp/. New people trying to fit in.

The summer is going to be horrible. Who knows, maybe it'll get so bad I can finally leave.


Well the current thread is dominated by tumblr circlejerking and someone pretending to be Leth. Where did we go wrong?


>tumblr circlejerking

How is simply posting one's tumblr circlejerking?

Honestly whenever any artist gets any sort of attention outside of MLPG they're harassed until they just leave. Is MLPG that insecure?


I have a feeling he was talking about a different thread.


I think you missed the thread with a good 300+ posts about tumblr drama.



Anyways is 4chan down for anyone?


>Where did we go wrong
/mlp/ is where we went wrong
Without /co/ breathing down our necks nobody is even trying to stay civilized in MLPG anymore.


We /b/ now.


File: 1333753093016.jpg (27.45 KB, 191x207, samuel l jackson.jpg)

god i'm so tired of seeing the phrase "You must be new here" whenever anyone has a different opinion than the poster

is this what you guys meant by people are trying to fit in? by accusing other people of not fitting in?


According to my research, yes.


Well I'm moving to fimchan, slowness be damned
I just can't stand the randomness of MLPG anymore



If you think it's bad now, wait until summer.


It's time to just face facts. Most of the interesting people in this community have moved further afield or embraced other fandoms. All we have left now are the fetishists, a few useless "regulars", and a boatload of anons who perpetuate the hurr and durr of the threads. We may still have some artists, but we're sorely lacking in the intelligent discussion department.

Whenever anyone brings up something halfway interesting to talk about now, it either gets few to no replies, or the replies it does get offer nothing more than half-sentence reactions. The discussion ends and then it's back to horsefuckery because that's all we're good at anymore.


The thing that baffles me the most is how the speed of the threads have picked up. For the most part (aside from a few slow night threads) the threads are lasting the same length as they where on /co/, but now they're over a thousand posts long. I guess we just got a lot of new people.


That's not a problem as long as they lurk for a appropriate amount of time now is it?


But they dont. They barge into a thread going "Hey guys what's this how do I be part of this" over and over. Then new people who feel they're "in the know" for the general's behavior start giving tips and shit for how to make the general "like" them.

Fuckery like that on both sides shouldnt be happening.


More like people just shit-fling with "get the fuck out newfag" as soon as anyone does something stupid or out of place.

I feel like I can walk in, drop any "forbidden" word and watch as the whole place goes up in flames with a 60 post argument of people accusing each other of being new.

Hell I bet the new people actively wait for someone to do so to fit in or whatever.


That and I'm finding it sort of strange we're blaming "Bronies" for anything bad that's happening in the general.

This is really weird.


Thing is a lot of people are new but the problem is mlpg doesn't want anyone new so they try to fight them off with shit flinging so the quality of the threads decreases dramatically.


Well we did get a massive influx of people from Ponychan when /ef/ got deleted.


Well the new people get pretty annoying sometimes. Last night we had a guy who admitted to only lurking for two weeks telling everyone how they should act about bronies and Ponychan and whatnot.


checked all the locators and MLPG 404'd 3 hours ago, still no new horse. Is.. is it ded?


We're back to using the old archive.


Oh well that makes sense.



The Locator here relies on catalog.everypony.net/mlp/ which hasn't updated in 16hrs. So its just kinda ded.

Even with the Archive back I want to try and keep another locator active cant hurt to have 2 or 3 of them.


anyone able to access zombiearmy.net/mlpg/ yet or is it down for good?


That uses the same code as the locator here. Once the catalog site is working both should start finding threads again.


File: 1334499162083.jpg (118.4 KB, 1630x745, oh.JPG)

I suddenly understand everything.


I don't
>needing labels for yourself


How about that 4chan spambot?


>my spam is moving on its own.


What the fuck is going on in the General threads now. Some guy is bitching at Glitter Glue for not contributing. Some guy is flipping out that Jr's posting a Rasin Quest epilogue tomorrow, because apparently episode day has always been some sacred thing where discussion not related to the episode isnt allowed.

I dont even know where these people are getting their opinions from.


File: 1335018766826.png (221.64 KB, 513x725, 1332782622225.png)


>Some guy is flipping out that Jr's posting a Rasin Quest epilogue tomorrow

If this is indicative of thread quality, I am not looking forward to this summer hiatus.


I haven't been in mlpg for a while now. we ran out of things to talk about.


Well. Now we have a Trixie avatar fag playing thread police who we cant filter.


Yeah that guy is pretty annoying. Any time he sees something he doesnt like, he complains about it being off topic shit posting. He posts an image of Trixie with every reply. He complains about any post not directly related to the show, while never posting anything other than complaints himself.


>People having a nice talk about Mr. Rogers
>Some guy trying to seem edgy by calling him a pedophile and replying to every Mr. Rogers related post with some comment about him raping children

These new people…


this guy is pissing me off. he comes it and shits up threads every single night.


File: 1336541110064.png (107.54 KB, 645x586, tumblr_m13m8x0UZ21qh4hiy.png)

I lost the image and I'm also banned from 4chan for a while so I can't post there for help.

Would someone mind posting the info for the writefag/drawfag swap?


I'll post it here next time I see it.



that trixiespammer is becoming a real pain in the ass

how long is this going to take?


File: 1336760024944.jpg (55.67 KB, 465x342, how come he dont know wher….jpg)

It's summer.

It's never going to end.


File: 1337761376101.jpg (22.26 KB, 500x500, 1327943504483.jpg)

Sunk into the submarine cause I only want to talk about pones. God damn.


>someone asks about the AB debacle
>post the collage image that explains everything
>receive permaban for posting "censored CP"
What the hell? It's been posted a million times before and there's context to it. Was it because I forgot to spoiler it?
>pls respond


we ded


File: 1338204388799.png (62.79 KB, 484x589, 1328997057181.png)

For the past several days, the general has been like one of those turds in an alley and I'm tired of watching it.


File: 1338275279827.gif (2.84 MB, 640x360, 1327271430490.gif)

>4chan in charge of server stability'


File: 1338275340025.png (78.21 KB, 800x1200, DemPoniesMan.png)

Fuck I thought the thread just got quitet for a long time




File: 1338581646167.jpg (36.48 KB, 576x432, 1330383138431.jpg)



>replying to yesterday reply

Down in this end too.


I just fucking hate seeing Cloudflare everywhere



I got the same thing. Probably 4chan got attack, again.


fucking shit, we ded?


File: 1338582616027.jpg (38.66 KB, 400x260, moot.jpg)

>tfw moot can't stop script-kiddies from fucking up 4chan


Oh well, it was about time I did something productive instead Oh god what tags does this board useBy which I mean videogames.


lol kiddos

UGNazi ‏@UG
http://4chan.org #defaced by #UGNazi @UG @JoshTheGod @CosmoTheGod @le4ky @AlQaedaSecurity #UGNazi


>4chan under possible attack

dammit I was tryign to pony


File: 1338582694674.png (343.28 KB, 673x686, 1327545161816.png)



Who is markjcc1@live and why is he 4chan's Webmaster?


They claim to be the people behind Lulzsec.
Not this shit again…


Not cloudflare this time, I assume. Hacker is attacking the site.


>some nobody scriptkiddy group decides to attack 4chan
Fuck this shit. Do they really think they're doing anything significant? In the name of "teh lulz xDDDDDDD" is not worthy of any recognition.


File: 1338582856639.png (146.52 KB, 385x435, 1332441402372.png)


Those faggots are still running around?


>tfw the only thing I'm worried about is Rarity Quest
it was already starting late for me and now this?
Hope 4chan recovers by 11 EST


/mlp/ needs a textboard.



File: 1338582886386.png (616.06 KB, 900x957, jimmies rustling as we spe….png)

>1337 h4x0r5 m4d @ 4chonz & PTSD activist groups


It's not them.
try going to 4chan.org


How the fuck tags work here



I'm too poor to buy good virus protect. Where's it go now?


It worked a bit earlier
What the fuck is going on exactly?
Cloudfare or attack?


File: 1338583033222.png (159.63 KB, 627x700, 1333376257068.png)

I'll just post my favorite pony while we wait.

Naw. Anyways, not every board have their own textboard.


File: 1338583035007.png (83.69 KB, 500x500, 1337589896890.png)

>Hector Monsegur ‏@JoshTheGod
>http://4chan.org #defaced by #UGNazi

Fucking kids these days


Main 4chan one is back now.
Boards are still down.
And it redirected to http://twitter.com/#!/ug


Post traumatic stress disorder activist?
Those trips


UGNazi ‏@UG
just so everyone knows, @JoshTheGod is Sabu and @CosmoTheGod is Topiary #Lulzsec = #UGNazi




To the hacker's twitter.



Yeah I could go to the frontpage until two minutes ago, it's a direct attack to the Cloudflare server.

I know, just kidding.


I think ponies are cute


Well I'm going to sleep
See you fags later during Rarity Quest


Why is 4chan still using Cloudflare?



oh shit, that's right. rarity quest tonight. excellent.


File: 1338583347477.png (155.85 KB, 945x945, Marker Pony 10.png)


>taking down a non-profit organization dedicated to helpingUS soldiers who have been wounded or who need assistance


>entitled teens do something stupid for stupid reasons


>On the other hand, The Jester is a character who seems to be feared by many hackers, so this should be an interesting confrontation.

I feel like I'm in a scifi story or something.


It's really a lot more like "Mean Girls" but without the sexy minxes.


So, they just attacked 4chan for no fucking reason?


File: 1338583943181.gif (351.54 KB, 240x184, hackers on steroids.gif)

Epic lulz.


To make a name for themselves

I'm betting they'll be getting a lot of hits and new followers on Twitter


thats script kiddies for ya


What's up with that exploding van anyways?


pretty much. that's l33t h4x0rzz for you

>tfw you've been arrested by the fbi for hacking



File: 1338584075861.png (183.11 KB, 476x486, 1313391971152.png)


Fox try to explain how "Dangerous" is the internet. They think that an exploding van is a good enough example when their "expert" describe the internet.


Tell me what that **>feels** like?


Wow I fucked that up.


Way back when (2005/2006-ish) the LA Fox affiliate ran a story on some dumbass — /b/ threatened him and his family and told him to eat a dick and stuff for some reason, and so the story was also all about how big and bad the leet haxors of "Anonymous" were.

True fact: Anon can blow up your car with their computers.


They mus really want the attention as they already updated their wikipedia article about it


>spitefully attacking unrelated things a person cares about
Holy shit the 2edgy4u vibe is fucking palpable.


Bonus: The first news guy is the newsguy used on Arrested Development.


Isn't there an addon like 4chanx for this site? thought I saw one posted.


Yellow van you mean.


surreal. got dragged out of my house in cuffs while a swarm of feds and police tore apart my room and my computer. (to make matters worse, i had just taken acid as well)

happened when i was 15. me and a couple other people found an exploit in the gopher system that connected a local university to a state-wide library system. gave us root shell access (this was… 1995 i think) so we could control all the machines in the cluster (a mix of unix and VAX machines). also available was a modem pool for making outgoing connections. this was pretty much at the dawn of the web. but we controlled the systems and used it for free net access, and random mayhem.

5 of us got arrested in total. that day ended with me tripping my ass off sitting in the holding cell of 20/20 (youth jail). got out on OR bond later that evening. several lawyers and court cases later, i got 4 felonies down to a class 1 misdemeanor.




oh the nostalgia


Wow, good for you.


>Osama Bin Laden ‏@AlQaedaSecurity
>My friends at 4Chan, we openly welcome your threats. You >#VirginInfidels shall be dealt with in the name of #Allah. >#UGNazi #HolyJihad
>Retweeted by UGNazi


Lucky you.


It's kind of surprising how many old nerds I've met who got busted way back in the early nineties for shit like that.


File: 1338584685946.jpg (31.26 KB, 211x251, 1314473500836.jpg)

these niggas are comedians too?


wikipedia must've knocked it the fuck out because I'm not seeing anything.


Only the most elite hackers use hashtag jokes


File: 1338584796372.png (74.78 KB, 672x356, laughing hoes.png)

>UGNazi Running the internet since 2011
They think they run the internet


very lucky. i also ran a well known hack/phreak/warez BBS at the time. things could have ended much worse.

yup. i miss wardialing and phreaking the most. somewhere i still have my old BBS backed up on a tape. RENEGADE BBS. kinda miss those days.


why cant i fucking post


>tfw no quick reply


there we go, kept discarding my posts


File: 1338584964812.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x373, 1337443355557.jpg)

>come home after a long day of work
>ready to pony all night and relax
>some fucking scriptkiddies took down 4chan


>running the internet


its really annoying how smug hackers like that are.


File: 1338585031426.jpg (43.76 KB, 298x450, IT'S FRIDAY MOTHERFUCKERS.jpg)

We'll just pony all the harder when it finally comes back
>edging towards greatness


File: 1338585057537.png (24.09 KB, 370x321, it'll all be okay.png)

I don't know why but hacker shit like this makes me mad as fuck. It serves no purpose in the end and there's not much that can be done to prevent it. It's just a minor irritant that proves nothing and their smug satisfaction in thinking that they've somehow had some kind of impact just fills me with the rage of a thousand suns.


File: 1338585153876.png (13.18 KB, 352x360, 1337903162088.png)

>that feel
What makes it worse is that if you get mad they win

It's just an endless cycle of mad


thats all it serves to do. make others mad, and to boost their ego in some autistic way. makes me want to break their fingers.


yeah, although this is just typical skriptkiddie bullshit as usual. fags going for e-fame. i mean, fucking tweeting about your LE LEET EPIC HAX XDDDDDD? bah.

real hackers are silent.


What gets me is that when you point this out you get one of two responses
(1) The honest one: Yeah well whatever.
(2) The stupid one: No this is like civil-disobedience. It heightens awareness and points out blah blah blah

Yeah, DDOSing Mastercard because of Wikileaks or something is just like a fucking 1950s lunch-counter sit-in.


All the real hackers seem to work for the government these days.


it would be interesting to know what kind of hacking the government does. like those guys that have been fucking with the Iranian nuclear program.


Reading that post on their tumblr, it seems that they didn't even actually do anything to 4chan, just fucked with cloudflare and prevented people from actually getting to 4chan.

Why does 4chan even have cloudflare?
Isn't it just a service to allow people to view your site when it is down, but doesn't let them interact with it?
That is pretty much completely useless for a chan, because it completely revolves around people being able to use it, not look at it.

**Although I might be completely wrong about everything, I don't actually know much about any of this shit.
Full disclosure.**
I don't even think this website has spoilers


File: 1338585383759.gif (2.95 MB, 267x199, MOTHERFUCKINGNIGGERCUNTFUC….gif)



I'd look MLPG non-sexually


Why wouldn't they? The pay is good, the toys are good, and they don't have to worry quite so much about being arrested.


File: 1338585454405.png (15.19 KB, 833x179, murder.png)


Cloudflare is mildly useful when the site goes down and I want to jerk off.


Those guys planted a virus in the centrifuge machinery systems to make them do shit that ruined the whole equipment.
80% of the the big centrifuges in that program were ruined because of that.
No way to fix them.


What the fuck, the first set of spoilers turned into asterisks, but the second worked?
They weren't even nested or anything, why would that happen?


All tests and this should be spoilered


File: 1338585521778.gif (1.64 MB, 433x435, 1331437132609.gif)

Fuck this shit I'm going to post Pinkie Pie and nobody will stop me.


yeah, it would be interesting to peek into that world. but for as many gov't hackers that there are, there are others out there silently cracking systems.

i got into hacking just for the challenge, and because you never know what kinds of systems you'll find, and what data is contained within.

but still, phreaking is what i miss the most. since everything is digital now, it's just not the same.


File: 1338585636153.png (377.56 KB, 3641x4000, 1327636580780.png)

i might assist you in this endeavor



Is that what they did? I know "somebody" (almost certainly the USA or Israel) fucked with the Iranian oil rigs' software, but I never saw anything about them fucking with the nuclear program.


>Ms.anonymouSpoon ‏@anonymouSpoon
>When LulzSec made 4chan a target everyone was all aboard, but >when @UG do it they get flamed. #2faced


It's coming back little by little


File: 1338585849597.png (202.82 KB, 727x650, 1329931791332.png)

i just want to post ponies

why does this have to be so difficult


i think the nuclear program one was a more recent thing. but i find things like that pretty cool, a computer virus that causes physical damage in the real world. i mean i know its not that crazy since so many things are controlled by computers nowadays, but it just find it interesting.




Attacking 4chan seems so stupid. 4chan goes down when there's a busy weekend or when Moot forgets to install fans on the new servers. It's like knocking over a child's sandcastle.

Attacking cloudflare seems even more banal.

Fuck up facebook. That's impressive, and that gets peeps' attention. I could sort of appreciate that.


Yeah, it never got too much attention in the media.
Figure it was really Israel (the article in the newspaper mentioned a possibly Israel-related source of the attacks) was behind it.
They just want to assfuck poor arabs anyway they can, and they can.


Makes sense, though. You just turn off all the fail-safes and tell their computers to spin the centrifuges too fast or something, I guess, and then they're fucked.

I mean, I'm no hacker, but I guess that's how I'd do it.


Stuxnet fucked with the centrifuges and was confirmed to be developed by the US and Israeli government. It was on HN today.


File: 1338586057859.png (37.21 KB, 178x226, oh boy here we go.png)



>hacking facebook
that i could get behind. especially if someone cracked the data store and dumped a fuck-ton of information (especially related to how facebook tracks users across the web)


>Soon, US national labs were testing different bits of the plan to sabotage Natanz (apparently without knowing what the work was for)

So is this the Manhattan Project of our generation?


>The goal of the worm was to break Iranian nuclear centrifuge equipment by issuing specific commands to the industrial control hardware responsible for their spin rate.

Neat, though. Certainly better than preventing nuclear proliferation via bombing.


No, it wasn't about spinning them too fast, it was starting to spin them up as normal and stop them abruptly.
That fucked them up hard time.



Maybe not "Manhattan Project," but I imagine it's the way wars will be fought from now on.

The costs of invasion are too high, from both a security and moral/political standpoint. What's left is war by covert means.

So, in the sense that it changes how conflicts work from here on out, yeah, I guess it's a lot like the a-bomb. But the mechanism is the opposite (Manhattan provided a sort of limit on how far countries would be willing to go in war; this provides a new way to work within that limit).


>4chan is already back after about an hour
You h4c|<3rz sure showed us.


File: 1338586955065.jpg (48.55 KB, 300x345, 1329185200513.jpg)


nvm 4chan's fucked again


>4chan dies
>during Rarity quest


Oh good it's not just me then


On the otherhand, the general was being very bad at the moment.


Think we should get Aspirant over here to finish it off? We were kinda in the middle of something.


Wait, it seems to be working again. Let's not hold our breath, though.


Seems 4chan has been having quite a few problems as of late.


>not fucking everything up


On the bright side, I suppose it gives me time to read the friend-off entries.


I guess I could become productive


Productivity is overrated.


You're right


I had forgotten how awesome Rarity's voice was in Ticket Master


>4chan in charge of not failing hard


Anyone else getting 503 errors? This is getting ridiculous…


File: 1338966429142.png (118.25 KB, 1000x600, ScootalooSandwich.png)

>4chan is down

Oh well, might as well post this drawing I made here.


Hey. What if.
We just stayed here.


And admit defeat? Never.


We can start a new age of pony prosperity.


That's what we thought with Ponychan. Look how that turned out.
Also, it's back up.


No, Ponychan was made by a bunch of the /b/ posters to fall back on if mods got serious about banning ponies on /b/.



Ponychan is a remnant of /b/. We had FiMchan, which - as far as I know - is almost as dead as this board is.


>tfw cloudflare


Personally I'd love to use this one more.


fuck it I'm going to bed

To the guy fucking up with Descartes:


…you're missing the point of that argument entirely, anon. It doesn't prove outward existence — it's not "You think, therefore you are." It's "I think; I am." It's proof of your own existence, that's all.

>Why would that matter?

Because Descartes was attempting to identify what was 100% true.


we ded?


File: 1339289330660.png (86.21 KB, 418x349, 1319946882261.png)

>tfw banned for three days, but too lazy to reset router
Eh. Maybe I'll do something productive. Like organize my folders.


File: 1339304481042.png (173.46 KB, 475x262, Tonght You.png)

>Sudden realization I'll miss RariQuest
Fuck. Oh well, it's not like it'd go to hell in one session, right? Especially a very important session where we meet Celestia and hit the town with Rarity on a date that would serve as the linchpin for any future relationship status.
What could possibly go wrong?


4chan ded


The fuck is going on? Other boards seem to be working fine. Even other threads on /mlp/.


Will we postpone it?
I need to know if I'll go to bed


I dunno. I'm banned anyway, but unless someone gets Aspirant on the horn, so to speak, and we get a definite plan, we might end up skipping tonight.
We could even use /q/'s dice roll function for the spaghetti rolls, if we end up here.


Damn white horse.
Why must thy do this to me?


Actually, do you know if Aspirant has a Steam account? We could use that to get a hold of him if he does. Or maybe one of the Steam crew has his Skype, or MSN, or something.


Fuck if I know
I'll see if I can fire up my steam account and ask around the chat.
It can't be that bad most of the time right?


Well he's online playing Dota 2


Well, 4chan seems to be back up for the moment. Consider messaging him our "Plan B."




Time for the nightly "4chan's servers are dunked again" post.


Why is it happening? Can the servers not handle the load? And if so, why does moot keep adding new boards and shit?



Rarity "Quest" is postponed until Tuesday night, approximately 8pm EST.

Didn't know about this site so I had to wait until 4chan wasn't borked to inform people. My apologies.

I'm usually in Steamchat if you need to contact me for some reason.

I also wasn't aware of this board for the most part, so if in the future 4chan becomes unusable I'll move it here. Thank you PQ for the link.


>have IPS banned
>been using Hotspot for the pat two months
>that also stopped working now
>no more Rarity Quest for me

Why is life so cruel


>502 gateway errors
Well that's something new and different.


>3 A.M.
>Expecting 4chan to work

What the hell was I thinking?


File: 1339571301243.jpg (1.24 MB, 5000x5000, a wide reaction.jpg)

3am general


Not a proper MLPG if I'm not here.


3am reaction


File: 1339571750770.png (32.83 KB, 773x798, 6EQrM.png)


goddammit moot, lifeboat locator not working either.


Disregard my last. Internet's just taking a shit on me.


daily 3am post


daily 3am reply.

wtf moot


File: 1339681148040.jpg (731.39 KB, 500x333, 345231465324.jpg)

Don't mind me, just testing a thing.


>leth posts mlpgtelephone at 3am



>ded 4chan
>ded general
>ded show


>4chan ded


File: 1340185168645.jpg (68.88 KB, 600x597, 1339217517396.jpg)

>tfw 4chan is ded


File: 1340185897705.gif (15.38 KB, 386x478, 1340159762774.gif)

>tfw mlpg.co is also ded


Why so ded 4chan?


File: 1340186401822.jpg (38.85 KB, 600x524, 1339761921677.jpg)

because moot


File: 1340187007899.png (103.72 KB, 793x479, 1339815575130.png)

wake up faggots
does the rest of the general not know about this place?


Nobody ever talks about this place and it's got less than a thousand posts. It's more likely people will go to fimchan, but don't count on that…


File: 1340188344932.png (31.4 KB, 126x126, babby.png)


I wonder what the spoiler images look like here


I take it I am the only one here? 4chan being ded on me.


You are not alone my friend.
we ded.


Thirding the dead sentiment.


very ded


>4chan in charge of working


File: 1340207860952.jpg (61.62 KB, 600x600, david_mitchell_4855632cf1c….jpg)

>4chan ded when I go to sleep
>4chan ded when I return the next afternoon


File: 1340210241358.jpg (239.17 KB, 2000x2000, Bel Paese.jpg)


File: 1340210374098.jpg (97.01 KB, 965x855, we ded.jpg)

we still ded?


It would seem so.

Glad you could make it, mane.



Glad to be here!


W-well not really because I wish 4chan was actually working, but you know what I mean.


So ded


File: 1340214182769.png (262.52 KB, 622x344, pone 7.png)



File: 1340215077895.png (523.6 KB, 980x980, tumblr_m0u5whqjLg1r5hec1o2….png)


how can you blame me for wanting this


>4chan ded

>Can be productive


>can be productive

everything up and running again


If you happen to check here I got banned for a day for posting "banned text"
You know who I am.


File: 1340304636232.gif (174.34 KB, 445x341, 1327355607947.gif)

>4chan in charge of ever working


>deder than ded


**I like pone**


File: 1340845020004.png (302.26 KB, 1000x1000, Rainbow Dash 173.png)

>4chan going down

Welp, time for ponies.


Hmm. This has a DOUBLE new-horse smell.


>inb4 moot adds more boards that cause even more server issues


File: 1340845160422.jpg (132.4 KB, 1200x1600, 1328104670164.jpg)



>on /co/
>we're forced into one thread
>on /mlp/
>maintain one thread for sake of sanity
>on submarine
>we stay in one thread out of habit


>Posting the wrong pony


why mess with tradition?


File: 1340845270966.png (189.32 KB, 413x413, Mayor_mare.png)

The fuck was that

The fuck is this


If it ain't broken, don't fix it.


File: 1340845310196.png (159.84 KB, 852x844, jesus christ how horrifyin….png)

>no 4chanx


Which pony would be the most fun to make blush?


File: 1340845349416.gif (746.38 KB, 719x291, leth-blessing.gif)






>Not reading the sticky
>Not downloading the 4chanX lookalike script for this site


>"Doth thou truly find me… Attractive?"


File: 1340845440512.png (166.69 KB, 368x389, sigourney.png)


File: 1340845447047.gif (477.75 KB, 245x271, Luna 139.gif)



>mlpg.co extension still opens images in a separate window


>no spoilers
well, now I feel like an idiot


File: 1340845500440.jpg (41.8 KB, 821x636, 1340248331271.jpg)


>I have the same hair



That was so stupid I wish I never saw this.


File: 1340845640993.png (85.76 KB, 192x187, 1338205040882.png)

Well this site is laggy as fuck


Right now it's being hit with traffic volumes it's never seen before


It's not used to having more than two people on it at once. This is like a clown car.


File: 1340845781271.jpg (23.49 KB, 492x484, 1326136319386.jpg)



File: 1340845795637.jpg (194.07 KB, 894x894, Trixie 65.jpg)

can we like Trixie here?

is that allowed?


Hiro, pls


sethisto plz go


File: 1340845847126.png (26.55 KB, 945x945, PinkieShrug.png)


Works fine for me.


Seth pls go


File: 1340845879291.png (165.61 KB, 350x500, rar no.png)



get with the program


please don't do that. shit's 2spooy


>4chan going down at 9pm
>4chan doesn't go down
Fucking moot


Like this?


File: 1340845975354.png (152.79 KB, 348x362, haha_what_a_story_egghead.png)



Is just like 4chan.


I can't tell if you're talking about the site or the post speed


Does mayhem have this open spoilers option? I don't see it.
It would make shit a hell of a lot easier.


File: 1340846081232.jpg (155.91 KB, 613x812, 1340247837268.jpg)

Would you still love them if all the ponies in Equestria became mules?


Only a heartless bastard wouldn't


File: 1340846159455.png (65.26 KB, 1020x297, Untitled2.png)

Whoah, you can expand reply chains the the hover preview thing


I would make a desperate Trixie begrudgingly do sexual things to me for money


File: 1340846168372.png (159.1 KB, 500x389, 1331965884851.png)



Mules can't produce offspring, and I need someone to carry on my lineage. So no.


Well you can't exactly produce offspring with a pony either, Anon.


File: 1340846246718.png (376.64 KB, 960x867, Trixie 50.png)


I can't **>feel** to this…



DAMMIT. come on, I can **>do** this…


I think we need a fic of Trixie working nights as a stripper.


get it together, anon.


i'm sorry! i'm not >used to this!
i think i'll just stop myself now before i make an even bigger fool of myself


File: 1340846437871.png (148.77 KB, 1355x1280, 1278064461493.png)

600 get


*How's this*


File: 1340846470818.jpg (121.59 KB, 460x288, check em.jpg)


No, wait


File: 1340846528924.gif (2.56 MB, 640x360, dubs.gif)

Maybe this time!


is the submarine a safe place to post plane pones?


no I'm certain it's a bannable offense


But you got the 400th post in the thread


Isnt Nathan one of the mods here?




No, fuck you


File: 1340846672354.png (114.06 KB, 365x338, 1329857478143.png)

Nathan and Krabb


Yeah, this place is deader than dead. It's been around for months and look, it's just barely breaking 600 posts.


Better than fimchan atleast


Because we only come here when 4chan is borked. And while that happens every night, most people just go do whatever unless the site is down for a long, long time.


Not at all, I can molest artists on FiMchan


4chan was supposed to go down 26 minutes ago and /mlp/g is still more active


>moot in charge of deciding when his servers are up and/or down


What kind of porn can I get away with posting here?


What if I do this >hmm<


File: 1340846880120.png (50.02 KB, 374x484, sad_mlp_fim_guard_pony_by_….png)

>no auto-update


File: 1340846929864.png (131.02 KB, 1018x1865, Feel 35.png)

this thread needs just a little bit of green


File: 1340846930992.jpg (5.73 KB, 231x218, green lex luthor.jpg)

You stupid fuck, go away.



File: 1340846941104.jpg (28.57 KB, 516x584, 1339274996136.jpg)



>What's the submarine, guys?
>What are we doing?
>Hey, how do I get a script for this site?
You know, for a rapist, you're not very independent.


Deaf you are so helpless..
Go to the sticked thread and download the dollchan extension


It DOES auto-update, you boob. You obviously don't have the right scripts installed.


Actually, I checked the first thread immediately after saying that so I have the script.


>Deaf in charge of not being a useless dumbfuck
No wonder you have a rape fetish. You completely inept at doing things yourself so you project that through rape fantasies where you're in control of things.


>Site will be down for a few hours starting at approximately 10:00PM ET tonight (6/27) for maintenance.


File: 1340847130951.jpg (195.18 KB, 930x1044, Gummy and Pinkie Pie 26.jpg)

Pinkie Pie


Why would you feel the need to bring your trip over here? There is literally no reason why you should need your trip here.


Well, it did help us filter him


Why YOU care about that?


There's no reason for him to trip over there, either.

He's just a useless attention whore.


Test test




Because some people like to filter me, and it would be unkind to deny them that.



Easy >like this see?


File: 1340847388768.png (249.6 KB, 640x392, 1340838214170.png)

It would be better if you didn't post at all


but I already >tried that


>implying you're not so bland that if you went anon no one would notice you
Likely story. You're an attention whore. Get raped.


Let's have a drawthread.

Draw anything you want to draw.

Use mouse, tablet, whatever, just do it.



Tinyboard by default doesn't let you do this mid post.
So I am messing with the markup system just put %% at the beging and end of what you want green.


alright, let's >see here…


Thanks, Anon.


lets see aa


Alright lets see if I can figure out *spoilers and such* and maybe something like this


Well 1/2 isnt bad. test


File: 1340847901482.jpg (135.08 KB, 800x972, ainsley persona.jpg)

Anyone up for some flockdraw?


Testing for >rape


File: 1340847982595.png (787.12 KB, 624x569, 1338439300313.png)


File: 1340848114040.png (311.36 KB, 1600x1653, Pinkie Pie 229.png)

please stop
stop that
you know what those eyes do to me, Pinkie


File: 1340848188844.gif (1.24 MB, 763x694, Heh.gif)

>First Gravity Falls post get.

I guess


File: 1340848462668.jpg (89.28 KB, 1064x598, 1340745166780.jpg)

Hey, you, hey…stay away from my Pinkie




>4chan still not yet dead


>4chan in charge of dying


File: 1340849289143.gif (357.52 KB, 405x423, flutterstomp mad.gif)

status.4chan.org says 4chan will be down for 4-5 hours
So much for fucking Renne Quest.
Fuck moot. Fuck 4chan. Fuck this gay earth.


File: 1340849297867.png (47.97 KB, 900x1000, NotPuttingYourMeInTheFridg….png)

>Moot in charge of killing something.


Y'all could always, you know, do it here:


>No 4chan X
Just how are we supposed to make this work?


>Not reading the sticky
You really are retarded.


>In the year of the undead 4chan.


File: 1340849528451.png (160.74 KB, 436x410, 1340116506750.png)

I prefer minty pone.


I might.


Hey moron, >>378
Or you could bother to read the sticky
Or any of the other posts mentioning it


File: 1340849567618.png (45.09 KB, 480x360, oh_fuck_apple_when_did_you….png)

Nothing like getting drunk in a submarine



PQ is that you?



File: 1340849597446.gif (10.08 KB, 146x133, just heard.gif)


But then we won't have the audio thingie


File: 1340849690187.png (104.87 KB, 639x414, Twilight Sparkle 33.png)

Oh man
That would be awesome


I wish you could upload .sfw's here


this shit is laggy


Pretty sure this is the first time in months that the site has had more than two people on it.


File: 1340849915800.jpg (124.76 KB, 512x384, DORKS.jpg)



The site have lag issues every know and then.


File: 1340850004932.png (264.17 KB, 782x660, 1336620478024.png)

Hell, I wish .gifs could upload here. They take forever.


You know, it would probably be really easy to get dubs on this site.


That's okay, we can make due.

So should I recap everything or just start where we left off?


File: 1340850121127.gif (853.72 KB, 415x425, 1340817632301.gif)

It's weird posting without a captcha. Nice though.


What's the image limit on here?
Is there even one?


No idea but after 800+ posts the thread get really, really slow.


>posting without 4chan x

Truly, this is hell.


File: 1340850459268.jpg (275.71 KB, 861x1053, 1337136908604.jpg)

Minty pone would love me too.

You're both just jealous.


These people must be doing it on purpose by this point




>4chan an hour and a half late on dying


That's not Minty


If a recap isn't too much trouble could you do that?


a quick recap couldn't hurt


Alright, I'll get on that, then.



4chan X alt:

You can >rape by putting
%% at the start and end of what you want green.

You can use spoilers
By using the standard tags, adding ** to the start and end of what you want spoilered, or just highlight it and use the spoiler button in the extension.

The arrow next to the post number is the quick reply.


File: 1340850873237.png (146.7 KB, 700x700, 1322205828613.png)


>4chan will be down for server maintenance for approximately 4 hours, starting at 11:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 27th.
hahahaha goddammit, moot




Renne Quest is resuming in the quest board


File: 1340852457053.png (319.93 KB, 349x415, IT BEGINS.png)

we ded


File: 1340852500721.png (145.51 KB, 800x260, 1340330098733.png)


I'll just be bringing these along.

For protection.


It has begun…


File: 1340852514350.png (225.18 KB, 484x455, twilight_is_either_sexuall….png)


haha we finally ded


which plane would YOU pilot?



>Anonymous 06/27/12(Wed)22:00 No.2856682 [ ! ]


>Good thing I avoid /mu/

And… ded is go!


File: 1340852573977.png (82.67 KB, 638x348, 1340255122844.png)

4chan ded

4 hours to go


So, "doesn't like rap" guy, you still here?

Also, there's lots of country that's worth listening to, just not much good country being made in the last 20-ish years.


Oh dear it's so hard to decide.


File: 1340852602828.png (107.06 KB, 670x368, Blitz Skybreaker.png)

>implying fast


Pinkie for last image, confirmed for best ponae.

× Your request looks automated; Post discarded.



Smile got last image.


File: 1340852685430.png (14.23 KB, 173x164, GAU8.png)

Its easy to win races when everyone else is afraid to get in front of you




File: 1340852730290.png (352.14 KB, 1421x2214, 1328061211315.png)

filly dash


>Wanting to get in front of her.
>When the best part of her is in the rear.


File: 1340852760758.png (222.64 KB, 746x531, You will never invest in u….png)

I'm sorry my fellow ponyfags.


File: 1340852768256.png (179.54 KB, 484x428, 1296839419012.png)




File: 1340852817194.png (67.86 KB, 436x356, B-17.png)

You fappin' to planes, bro?



We need a blushing Blitz.


File: 1340852827056.png (161.76 KB, 880x800, pretty_fetlocked_pone.png)

uno mas


File: 1340852842453.png (55.79 KB, 436x456, Air Liner Blitz 4.png)

>Blackbird occasionally tails behind Blitz completely unbeknownst to her, just so she can check out her cute butt


To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day…


File: 1340852877960.png (101.86 KB, 664x374, favoritism with a side of ….png)

well, there's this.


>tfw I just realized I won't be able to go on /d/ or /h/ or /s/ or /hc/ or /hm/ to fap tonight


File: 1340852909531.png (137.18 KB, 645x600, flutterbutt_now_in_technic….png)


>She can do this from almost a mile away.
>She prefers Airliner, but feels ashamed for looking.


Falloutfag pls go


bi pls go


i now imagine Blitz sneezing and accidentally shooting a lot of things



bicurious virgin masterrace reporting in. I get to be aroused by everything and still get to be a wizard in 10 years!


File: 1340853014796.png (353.31 KB, 550x1296, ThisIsSimplyUnbearable.png)


>Not watching batmans and pones.


File: 1340853022046.png (164.87 KB, 560x612, Blitz Blackbird.png)

someday she should tell that plane how she feels


Jesus, shes a fucking amazon.


That would be great, you can fap to anything




File: 1340853086068.png (315.78 KB, 722x692, 1307924632043.png)

>tfw Marty Robbins was on my playlist for years before even Fallout 3 came out and now everyone thinks I only listen to him because of NV


>Grand Theft Auto got me into corny classic country
>The Lousiana Woman will never meet her Mississippi man


>tfw script stop working for no reason so find out about mafian too late to join



Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have to much to say…




File: 1340853354663.png (16.18 KB, 770x557, pinkie pie and celestia ea….png)


File: 1340853360481.png (33.27 KB, 669x584, 1320800802388.png)




Yeah, I didn't know it did that to direct links.

Fuck oggchan, why can't 4chan do something like this?


>imbeded music


This place is a lot classier than 4chan


You could always copy the actual link if you're skittish. dropbox is a trustworthy URL and it'll just host you a literal mp3 file; there are few (if any?) mp3 file exploits.


It auto-embeds youtube links as well. The sub is tricked out, you guys, you should spend more time her.



Too bad it's slow.


>tfw we have a fancy, sporty little submarine with no captchas and yet apparently no spam
>tfw we still crowd in to the lifeboat afloat on the ocean of piss


>The drone planes start showing up with ridiculous faces painted on them.
>Blitz is giggling like an idiot as they mill around.
>Airliner looks at her and taps her hoof.
>Blitz groans and looks for a bucket and something to scrub them with.
>"But they look hilarious…"
>"One looks like a clown."



Son, this tub's about as fast as a snail trying to crawl through molasses in Antarctica.



wouldent a snail freeze to death in Antarctica?


But BOY is it fancy!


>tfw we can post porn without it getting deleted or getting banned
>pic related


We spent all the outfitting points on the nifty nav system and entertainment console and forgot to upgrade the engine.

If we all posted here and there were ads and maybe we chipped in a few bucks extra I'm sure whoever runs this could afford a spiffy new server


File: 1340853737877.jpg (191.12 KB, 1366x768, wallpaper-842007.jpg)

This place needs a better extension.
If it had an exact copy of 4chan X I'd be all in favor of moving here, but I hate this dollchan thing.

The QR window is inline and you can't scroll down while typing, there doesn't seem to be image-hover previewing, every once in a while it just stops updating and you need to restart it, sometimes clicking the thumbnail expands the image and sometimes it opens it in a new tab, etc.

Some of it is probably fixable, but I hate it all the same.




Think about that.


File: 1340853771505.gif (1.23 MB, 297x383, Everyday I'm googlyin'.gif)


I'm sorry


File: 1340853836801.gif (131.46 KB, 120x90, 131792181044.gif)

Oh boy.


What's the difference between Python and rape?
There's none. Both are forced indentations and harmful for society.


>scroll while typing
>apparently you type one-handed while scrolling
fucking beast.


Are adds paid for by view or click?
Because I would disable adblock here if the ads were really out of the way and I never had to pay attention to them.
I would probably never click them though


We reached a new low


But who would advertise on such a website?


File: 1340853953359.jpg (64.24 KB, 600x334, 1331133942709.jpg)

How many hours?




File: 1340853985506.png (462.78 KB, 584x777, 1334114031085.png)

There is only one right answer


>ha ha time for music
>pinkie will never have that Mendocino beano


not him but i can type fairly fast whith one hand, anyone got a link to that type test site someone posted a week or 2 ago?


Sup MLPG, how bout that 4chan, eh?


File: 1340854016102.jpg (100.05 KB, 1214x767, Do it for her 1.jpg)


>Blitz and Skybreaker finally find something that they both enjoy
>messing with the drones


File: 1340854053134.jpg (174.27 KB, 1198x750, 1339427832804.jpg)

oh boy is it time for nukes


As soon as The Old Republic becomes the most played online game.


>Pinkie's vacuum pumped vulva leaves heart shaped wet spots on whatever she presses it up against
>She abuses this to the full extent of her abilities which are pretty much limitless
>One day you come home to find your ceiling covered in these imprints.


File: 1340854177665.png (63.34 KB, 500x500, Colaaaaa Ponyyyyy.png)

Good thing I avoid /mu/


Can we make a new thread? this one's getting real slow.


You're so addicted that you can't let it be for a few hours. You have a problem, MLPG. A real one.

And what a wonderful problem to have.
I love you guys so much.
Promise you'll never leave.


Did anyone ever show that to /mu/?
That could have been entertaining.


File: 1340854231566.png (531.41 KB, 1641x1086, semen_stains_the_mountaint….png)


does this place have youtube embedding?



Bioware is truly evil.


File: 1340854298619.png (410.46 KB, 849x469, Twilight Sparkle Spike 10.png)

I promise.


Porn time?

Porn time.


I may or may not die in a fiery crash.


What's the image/post limit anyway?


unpopular opinions time:
Frank Sinatra has a nice voice but I find most of the loungy stuff he did really boring


**I don't hate Trixie


damn, son


uh, I mean
I don't hate Trixie



I think very few of us actually do. I think we mostly just hate Sethinal.



Stops bumping at 500 post, no image limits.


File: 1340854521013.png (3.69 KB, 209x188, I'msobetayoucansuckmynuts.png)

'tis a request I got off Eva a while back. Somebody else chucked it at Megasweet (I hadn't planned to actually request it from anybody), who denied it, and Eva picked it up almost instantly.


>no image limit
You mean to say…

We could go on…



We're nearly at 600 posts now


>just fast enough


File: 1340854612949.jpg (121.99 KB, 600x450, absolutely disgusting.jpg)

>humanized grimderp porn


how did i live without 4chan x

how can i go back to this


I wish there were more >feels of her
but nobody wants to >feel about trixie…


>stops bumping

Pffhehehe… Do you know where we are?

This thread, this VERY thread was literally the second made on this board all those weeks ago. We don't' have to worry about anything.


File: 1340854690073.jpg (238.07 KB, 900x700, 1340266890762 - uc77.jpg)

is there image unspoiling somewhere in the options?

Open spoilers only seems to be for text


Can we still make a new thread? This feels large and slow


He was just informing you of how it work.
I don't think he was implying anything.



There's nothing really to spoil. The show ended 2 months ago.


Whoa… Are we using this for the next several hours?


Can you guys keep a secret?
Kindness's Reward is a really nice fic, especially right at the end.


I don't give a fuck.


File: 1340854938283.jpg (80.83 KB, 900x720, Trixie Fluttershy.jpg)

I really liked it too. it was pretty cute
who says seth is the only one allowed to like that blue pone?


I don't think many of us made it to the submarine.

How many casualties were there.


No, we are using this forever.
Moot got rid of all of 4chan.
It was the only way to get rid of us.


I like Trixie, but only because she is a cute pony. Of the hundreds of cute ponies in Equestria, I'm afraid Trixie would not be among my first few dozen choices, but if I woke up tonight to find her cuddling me or blowing me I would be 100% ecstatic.



is this thing even posted anywhere?


Then we have truly been delivered.


>tfw some guy from MLPG knows your IP now.


she's not even in my top 10. but I'd still cuddle her with all my might


It was posted in the general.


It's casually mentioned frequently. It was made a few days before /mlp/ in a night thread, and we agreed to try and keep it semi-secret.
We really haven't, but I'm not surprised if people either don't know it or forget about it.


I trust him.


Well, at least it's keeping the faggots out.


Not really, but people were linking it repeatedly in those last few threads.


Ditto, but then I'd cuddle just about any pony.
I'd even cuddle bug pone.
Maybe that's all she really needs, you know? Someone to stroke her mane and snuggle with on those cold, lonely nights.


**I would feel bad that I was "settling" for her, though. Even if she is Trixie, she deserves better than that.


File: 1340855472784.png (75.07 KB, 567x770, You should.png)


I don't usually put that much thought into it…I usually just think "she wants to cuddle you, but is too proud to admit it"
"but she loves it when you finally do"


File: 1340855488721.png (536.54 KB, 1280x434, 1324406875341.png)

Oh man, I would cuddle all the pones so hard.


>feeling bad for "settling" for her
>implying she doesn't have a canon degradation/humiliation fetish
>implying she wouldn't get wet just thinking about how you don't really love her
>she doesn't even deserve someone settling for her


Man, spoilers work differently here.


File: 1340855593983.png (44.69 KB, 1119x568, chrys.png)

You sound almost as autistic as me.
I like you.


don't mind me, just reposting those voice samples that creepy anon posted a few weeks ago.


Aw, man…
That's kind of sad. I would indulge her, because I'm weak, but I'd feel bad about it.


man the human centipede 2 is fucked up. that is all.


Hmm, guess they got deleted.

Probably should have saved the actual files, lol.


You do know that submarine has its own extension, right?


What? Unhand me! Do not touch the Great and Powerful Trixie, you ape!
H-Hey! Where are you going?

I… I mean Trixie will permit you to hug her, momentarily. Just this once.

(Five minutes later, she's still snuggled up to you, face buried in your chest.)


Shut up Sentenal


You're right, Pinkie Pie, I should be drawing. Time to rev up those 'mechpones.


I like bug pone. I think she's cool and sexy.
BUT I also know she is evil, and my heart belongs to another.
I would cuddle her, nonsexually, in non-corrupting slime, but I don't think I could trust her.


>We'll have things back as soon as possible. Go toss a ball around, or something. You know. Sports.

I like moot


File: 1340855794156.png (323.19 KB, 1600x2602, Trixie 48.png)

>you run your hand through her mane and scratch her behind the ears while whispering to her about what a pretty pony she is


File: 1340855817968.gif (282.3 KB, 300x248, 1a700bdd204b54e143d6652963….gif)

I though I was through with spam filters.
This place likes none of my posts


any waifuing going on tonight? I could go for some some feels.


I'm… lukewarm about this.


Don't make me feel.
She is cursed thanks to Seth.


Who's your waifu, anon?


>you will never be Moot's wife
>he will never actually be a nice guy, if a bit awkward
>he will never slowly distance himself from 4chan to ensure that you and your children won't get hurt by the ridiculous shit /b/ sometimes pretends to do


Well, frankly you probably couldn't, but then how could you pass up a nice, comfy cocoon-cuddle with the changeling queen? It might be a little gooey, but that just makes it that much more special.

You wouldn't say no if she asked you to cuddle with her overnight.


Why is this even a %%feel



Can someone write a husbando feel greentext with big mac or some shit?


says who?
I love >feels even of Trixie


Oh fuck you


It would be extremely tempting. But I'm sure I would wake up as an evil changeling thrall.


Twilight. Straight up. I'll definitely never pass up a rarity feel, but by god twilight is my one and only.

The ONLY reason I let Rarity come close to me is because Twilight cannot into casual femdom. Rarity can tie you up and chide you as if she were making tea.


File: 1340856011521.png (100.76 KB, 409x360, 1330063442343.png)

so i think we can all agree, Rainbow Dash is a fairly good pony.


Holy fuck, you guys. This feels like /co/.


>she literally puts on a kettle after she ties you up but before she sticks in the vibrator


It… It really does.


File: 1340856110038.jpg (37 KB, 567x439, 1340569402461.jpg)

Not at all


>tfw I was never there for /co/ so I have no clue if you're right


So… no Hamburger Time report tonight?


File: 1340856151643.jpg (543.46 KB, 863x1124, Trixie 45.jpg)

>she just lays there basking in your praise and attention with a content smile on her face
>the two of you share a quiet moment together, neither of you saying a word as you pet and stroke her mane and back
>"Trixie found this…most satisfactory."
>"…Thank you…"


File: 1340856155335.jpg (829.28 KB, 621x5000, 1337408962742.jpg)

>like /co/


I can be your Hamburger Report tonight, anon


Not that much femdom. I mean literlaly what happened in rarityquest.
>"Ah-ah, no touching. The audience does not participate."
>Levitates pillowcase off of pillow
>ties your hands up with it
>Sucks your dick
>Pushes you back when you try to run your hands through her mane
>"Am I going to have to punish you?"


what's wrong with that pinkie


File: 1340856207290.gif (2.53 MB, 320x180, 6136__.gif)

So headcount, how many are actually in this crazy party?


Nah. She's got plenty of those, and they're not all soft and snuggly like you are, and mindless thralls can't provide that steady, warm feeling she gets inside when you're close.
At worst you'd be a little sticky in the morning.
I mean, you know, if you'd LIKE a carapace and some wings or something, she might sorta do it while you're not paying attention, but not unless it would make you happy.


Remember when she bombarded her future self with questions?
Can you imagine how many questions she'd have for you?
I'd love to answer them all.





>dat lyra
and hi


just me


Not here!


File: 1340856315248.jpg (94.18 KB, 1294x1197, 1340723908571.jpg)

Trixie out of fucking no where.

I'm okay with this.




I'll throw my name on for just one post to say "hi"
Right. Back to anonymity with me.


>Do you believe in magic?~


File: 1340856357784.png (198.19 KB, 666x656, 1340335912544.png)


I guess I'm curious about this too


File: 1340856367841.jpg (37.95 KB, 900x675, sweetie_belle_in_pretty_ho….jpg)


I cannot into quick reply


File: 1340856383661.jpg (20.34 KB, 352x388, 1340717841794.jpg)




dohoho, can't even get dubs on this slowfest?




Here. I can't quit you MLPG


I'm here.


Its almost as if we're immune to the cancer here. That we're free to do whatever we want. Everything is shiny and new…

I… I think I like it here.


>"Any time."
>you kiss her on the forehead
**>"You'll always be the Great and Powerful Trixie to ME."


Oh, hey I'm here too.


I imagine most of us here are from /co/, right?
It hurts knowing I was only on /co/ MLPG for 3 months before the switch happened. I've already been on /mlp/g for twice as long as I was on /co/ mlpg


File: 1340856506666.jpg (417.82 KB, 836x1106, 1333413272575.jpg)

If 900 Rarity is best pony.


damn. this spoiler text is going to take some getting used to.
>"You'll always be the Great and Powerful Trixie to ME."


That was the joke


Now now… Don't try to pull a fast one. Maybe I'll cuddle Chrysalis along with mai waifu, just to be safe.


Does anyone have that rarityxvinyl scratch tea party pic? It looks pretty cute


But then she only gets half the love supply. Maybe even less.




I've all but stopped going to /co/ since the General moved to /mlp/.


>.mov series
brony pls go


Fuck off


File: 1340856677410.png (154.49 KB, 504x200, 1312687571040.png)


I have been posting ponies on /mlp/ for just as long as I did on /co/ with the end of this month.
BUT /co/ was my primary board for about three years before that, although I ignored ponies for about a full year.


File: 1340856689310.png (208.34 KB, 640x720, ReapersMoreLikeCreepers B….png)


Pony should never under any circumstances pony pony



I would hug her.


and here comes the piss. Dripping at first before growing into an enormous yellow tsunami, consuming all in its wake.



File: 1340856758523.png (208.33 KB, 900x715, Trixie Twilight Sparkle 21.png)

It's okay to not like things.
It's okay to like things too.


Wrong! Because now she's being cuddled by two!


Drones are its.
They have no emotion, no face and no gender.


Yeah… Me too.

Every time I look back in there, something just feels… Off. It's too angry. It feels like /v/ did about a year and a half ago. I really hope it isn't going to end up like /v/ did, but…

I just don't know anymore. I can't save it on my own.






File: 1340856816044.png (72.18 KB, 674x258, 1340503920677.png)

I like it, adorable


But do either of you actually have any love for her? Would you really be putting any feeling into your cuddling?
Your waifu would probably be incredibly nervous.



No anon, you are the cancer.


Let's not start, guys!
This is a safe place!
Just be cooooooooooool….


Who maintains the extension for this type of board? There are a few basic functions missing, like image hover expansion.

Also what's the spoiler syntax here?

She didn't even try to make her voice sound different. And I LOVE IT.


Fuck off brony >>>/mlpredditeqdponychanbread/


Guys just do the responsible thing and try to ignore things that bother you, ok?


>"Man, this game would have been so much better if they didn't have so much brony shit in it."


I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Squatting in /co/ for a couple years and getting into MLP sometime before the end of 2011.


Well, I'm not cuddling behind mai waifu's back. If nothing else, I'd have to let her know.


Well who wouldn't be? She tried to take over Equestria two months ago.

It might take a little while, but she'll lean to like it. And she has you there to reassure her if she's ever worried.




Man, people complain about Tiara, but Fluffy's animation is really bad too.

Still better than Tiara (it doesn't say too much though)


File: 1340857136476.gif (211.04 KB, 300x220, 1007.gif)

so there are 15 people here including me
Man, I've seen busier threads on /po/


File: 1340857161385.jpg (297.06 KB, 903x882, 1340253060796.jpg)


>"More like REEKERS."
>"More like speakers."
>"More like sneakers."
>"Blitz, Skybreaker, would you two shut up?!"


Of course.
It can sometimes be really FUN to be scare, but she IS the friendliest pone in Equestria.


Sorry I suck here.


Nah, dude, this is a perfect amount of posters.


No, I'm sorry


its kind of like an old fashioned late night thread except 4chan x is semiborked


File: 1340857407217.png (125.29 KB, 718x598, 1340228404486.png)

I like it.


File: 1340857417520.png (270.17 KB, 800x700, Chrysalis 24.png)

Pinkie Pie would probably get into it pretty fast
so long as she doesn't irritate Chrysalis with her incessant cheerfulness


And the other planes find them a little creepy because of it.


The board software seems slow and the extension is clunky, but we'll make do.

We always make do.


File: 1340857459400.png (819.58 KB, 2232x1376, My Little Cider.png)

Aw yiss, I totally forgot about this


That's why I said this really feels like /co/.
I don't have 4chan X anyway, because my laptop is fucked, and I have to use my dad's computer.


File: 1340857504733.gif (502.64 KB, 399x477, sitting lyra.gif)

Would you let Lyra sitting on your chair?


>Jessey does not know about this site.
>She will never know about these new plane pone ideas.


>tfw a friend posts awful brony music on FB
what do /co/ what do?




I just kinda mangled it a bit so it wouldn't interfere with 4chan X. I have no clue on how it really works.

Also seems I have underestimated with the server. Ah well, pony on.


I'm willing to go with no face and no gender, but no emotion?


the parallels to judaism are hilarious in their autism


What is her tumblr ?


>Pinkie's extra-sweet love makes Chrysalis sick.


I would let Lyra sitting on my anything. Who wouldn't?


we'll just relay the ideas to her when we're back in the lifeboat.


File: 1340857627540.png (347.77 KB, 1280x877, 1331538438278.png)

I'd let her sit on my lap.


It probably would at first, but you know how infectious that little pink ball of energy can be. Before you know it, Chrys would be in good spirits, maybe genuinely so for the first time in years.


Make fun of him for watching a little girls show, then when he tries to defend it via facebook he'll spill his spaghetti all on his own.


>Pinkie Pie and Chrysalis rub their cheeks together, big smiles on both of their faces


Well, they are kinda nothing but deadly RC planes.
Like they are a living manikin.


Oh I didn't realize there was a headcount going on. I'm here.


problem is he knows i like the show also.


Hahaha, I always think the same thing.


>and you'll have one less friend


File: 1340857735613.gif (1007.47 KB, 480x270, chill out.gif)

Everything's so relaxed here…


File: 1340857808915.png (69.04 KB, 500x500, 1339801063617.png)

Watch it bro.


Aw, man. If anyone can help Chrysalis, it's Pinkie.


>Blitz manipulates them into doing coordinated dance routines
>Air Liner smacks her in the back of the head


Sorry guys but my time here is ogre….


You should've seen when Deaf stopped by. Everybody jumped down his throat like his stomach was filled with ponies.


Bonbon's a sexy little pony too…


Call me shallow, but I wouldn't want to be that guy's friend if he's posting brony music openly on facebook.


Even on your face?
Farts are optional


File: 1340857916875.jpg (182.21 KB, 1500x1500, Chrysalis 107.jpg)

>Pinkie gives her this in the end
>her face when


File: 1340857961064.gif (1.11 MB, 640x360, EVERYONE IS CHILLIN OUT.gif)

Have the updated logoless version because you're my very best friend


>Bonbon sputters and blushes.
>"W-what did you just say?"


File: 1340857992255.png (995.3 KB, 1503x1551, 1328673110559.png)

>rape test commencing - stand by.

One, two >three

Spoiler test commencing, stand by.

One, two three.

Image test parameters set: "Best Pony."


Especially my face.


im actually suprised, i voiced my distaste for it and the people who said they liked it diddnt sperg out about it.




File: 1340858046754.png (55.05 KB, 201x212, 1339908173218.png)

Disgusting ape.


File: 1340858060448.gif (2 MB, 885x576, Applejack 37.gif)

>best pony

>"Aw shucks."


>You will never grab bonbon and start feeling her up
>after a few seconds she stops squirming and trying to get away
>30 seconds more and she starts moaning softly


>"Sorry, is 'sexy' too strong a word? Is 'pretty' better? 'Beautiful?' 'Cute,' perhaps?"


I just think they're two pretty little pone girls.
I like Lyra a lot more, but I wouldn't make either one feel bad.


You made me check to see if I had my Spotify set to show what I am listening too.
I-it's just Eurobeats stuff!


Poor drones.


My negro
I would however opt to allow farting but I completely understand and respect your aversion.


Don't feel too bad for them, Anon. They're just mannequins.


i like eurobeat, but he is like the only "brony" artist i like. Also he is just a cool guy in general, even drops the brony in Eurobeat Brony when visiting the general.


I would love the drones.


I want to be the murderous cyborg.


They also don't know about personal airspace.
Much to the discomfort of the others.
>Blitz secretly likes it.


He told the other chucklefucks that follow him that he wanted to drop the whole brony thing off his name.



Pretty sure he would choose to drop it altogether but he was known that way since the very early days and bronies would raise a shitfit over it for no reason most likely. I don't hold it against him.

He is awesome. I felt bad when he wanted MLPG's private opinion on Love is in Bloom and only like 4 people showed up to his stream after repeated links. He was so nice and he even asked us multiple times if we would be okay with letting non-mlpg folks in to give opinions.

That's how much the dude cares.


>"Blitz, have you seen the drones anywhere? They've gone missing agai-oh come on, Blitz!"
>she's being lovingly caressed by two drones while using several others as a recliner
>two others are fanning her with fronds
>another is handing her a freshly-opened can of oil


thats a smart move, isnt he actually a semi serious eurobeat artist anyways? i know he diddnt start in pony music




It's not really a secret. He wants to keep his brony audience for views but wants to try other genres.


File: 1340858537996.png (732.73 KB, 1339x945, 1331595789843.png)


ID confirmed - "Applejack."
Quick-Reply Test With Image File Commencing. Retaining Image Parameters.

Quick-Reply Successful.
Submarine Entry Testing Complete.
System Status: Nominal.


Oh yeah, we haven't gotten a Hamburger Time report you. But then again do we really need it tonight? When we're here there is no hamburger time


ok im sorry i just felt like that needed to be done


File: 1340858614752.png (105.2 KB, 314x399, dat_belly.png)


Yeah, he is.
His other works are good too.
I love Fight.
>Dat voice.


And then there's this faggot.


File: 1340858685264.gif (103.79 KB, 350x200, Dash Blue Dancing GIF.gif)

If Best pony = false; Autoreply = none, Image = Rainbow Dash.


dat belly


iv actually have a really strange obsession with his Discord track. i like all his stuff mostly, but there is just something about that song that i cant get out of my head.


File: 1340858926141.gif (1.07 MB, 351x302, le twily face.gif)




It's one of the better tracks of the 2 ponybeat volumes.

It's probably because the vocal work is pretty good.


yeah, the one that other faggot guy completly bastardized.


Look at Rarity what a slut.


>And it got more popular then the original.


File: 1340859135970.gif (371.02 KB, 270x306, 1334590724966.gif)

a mare has her needs anon


wait, what.


File: 1340859171630.jpg (65.89 KB, 900x675, daisy_kills_a_girl_while_d….jpg)


>twice as popular
I hate this world.



I just wish he'd kept the vocals for Diamond Dogs.

Seriously, he sounded good! I don't get why he canned them.



Songs on radio: sex money bitches

Songs by bronies: friendship ponies kindness

We all know which one is the best one

Pandaiscool2 1 day ago 64

I *do* like money.

OdysseyEurobeat in reply to Pandaiscool2 1 day ago 43

He's the hero the brony fandom needs, not the one it deserves


Kill yourself.


this is my favorite one




I'm here, I'm just easily distracted by giant robots and hats.


But she is exposing her marevagina to Applejack.


on YT it almost has triple the views of the origional. i just dont get why people like it. All it is is Eurobeats lyrics sped up over a really fucking generic and shitty beat.


Can you link me this remix?


File: 1340859413319.png (167.74 KB, 550x528, Air Liner Optimus Prime.png)

>giant robots


but that's Twilight's telescope


Maybe the sped up lyrics is what people like.


Im talking about the party gif.


it even has an autism filled, completly pony unrelated music video


File: 1340859486825.png (67.73 KB, 317x553, 1340768967445.png)

Applejack is a very pretty naga


This place sucks


I…I don't.

Let's not go into transformers.


File: 1340859548882.gif (456.74 KB, 450x253, Fluttershy I Don't Know.gif)

I dunno, It suffices


Like ur mom


Fuck off 2.3


File: 1340859605350.png (17.44 KB, 602x442, ah haven't eaten anything ….png)

Would you call Applejack out on her fib at the risk of being the second course?


Relax. Jessy said she's shit at drawing Transformers, and doesn't want to keep going with that.


File: 1340859643655.jpg (35.72 KB, 800x800, Fluttershy Hatted.jpg)


Don't hat fluttershy because she's the cutest


first thoughts:
1) nerds like chiptunes
2) It's easier listening; not designed as dance music; you can jump right into it and don't have to wait for the words
3) I don't hate the production as much as you do, and I'd call it more different that truly bad, but it's certainly far less dense than eurobeat guy's stuff.


This will only end in vore won't it?


No vore pls





That's one of my favorite pics of Derpy.


Guys, when we have to go back to /mlp/, don't make a big deal out of how cool shit was here.


Old yahoo account. Ignore the name, I've had it since I was like twelve.



It's not that much cooler here anyway




What do you take me for, some kind of moron?


I'm sorta here. Like the poor sod I am I'm using the time to catch up on what I missed in the Archive.
I quite literally have nothing better to do.



This site is slow as dicks

Sorry but I'll take 4chan


It really kinda is. If we had a bit more traffic and a slightly less clunky addon, this place would be amazing.


oh man that Roots in Jazz was chill as fuck.


I'd say it's been about ___ cooler.


File: 1340859956132.jpg (24.98 KB, 412x352, 1296774978803.jpg)


Enjoy your status page.


aw..o-okay. I was just curious to know if any of you were out there.


I'm here man but most of the General hates it so I just shut up


File: 1340860050141.png (926.52 KB, 1600x1291, HeyBroHowAboutWeTrySomeInt….png)

I had to comment on that shit.


>clopsort hasn't updated in 11 hours
>newest stories are all OC shit

MLPG, can.. Do you mind if we take a bit to do a little writing? Nothing much, but I've always loved when we'd take some time to pop boners.


Ok, I know there was a lot of talk about trolling Spaghetticon… but is anyone here really going?


Start a vore thread on /mlp/.


That's okay, I respect the wishes of the majority, especially here. I just didn't want to feel alone


I've got nothing against it, I can even enjoy it every once in a while, but it isn't something I really talk about.
I did just find a thing called "Felarya", when I'm in the mood for vore that will be nice to have.


What do you like?


File: 1340860179171.png (709.51 KB, 1371x1600, Guard.png)


why is she so perfect, /co/?


Yeah, I had to get that album.
>Actually spending money on music.


There's an anon who's going to detonate a soap bomb for glorious mother MLPG.


I like to write stuff that makes people pop heartboners


It's the Maleficent Effect. /co/ pops boners for ladies of darkness.


>(mainly because I'm terrible at this)
>I commented on a video and someone told me that I was gay for liking my little pony and liking Slenderman. can One of you go to " /watch?v=m9yO9BnYbPg&feature=r­elated " and help me? one of the top comments is the hater. Teach how to be assertive :3
>Fluttershy1235 5 hours ago
why did i start reading the comments? why?


File: 1340860305519.png (210.23 KB, 742x1076, the_spear_by_equestria_pre….png)

Oh boy is sunguard and nightguard time?

LK is going.


She is really cute.
Those are my favorite boners. Pinkie, pls?


I'd rather not fap


That sounds… painful.
Like, really painful.


More than a few of our artists and some anons have admitted to going so yes.


>and liking slenderman

I didn't know people got upset about that



I just woke up.


pls no

i genuinely think there's something wrong with my heart


it's a metaphorical boner, anon
I like >feels



Did you see the latest entry?
That dude was mad as fuck because of that slenderman following faggot.


>not linking the good one


This one is actually nice, too bad the girl who voiced it is fucking crazy.


Pinkie doing anything in particular?


>This one is actually nice, too bad the girl who voiced it is fucking crazy.

Just like a real Fluttershy…


>too bad the girl who voiced it is fucking crazy.

That's just redundant yo.


File: 1340860558258.png (211.15 KB, 515x395, 1337969062684.png)


Man, I bought a big bottle of wine this morning. I want to get drunk and postpone like so many have been doing.
It will be easier on this comfortably-paced board.
I promise not to be annoying.



I'm going, actually looking forward to the VA and Faust panels. Also want to see some truly horrifying cosplay.


Which pony likes anal the most?


Pinkie and anon playing at the park. That's the setting. You make it feel.
That is… um… if you don't mind…


Casual femdom (I've stated this before. Rarityquest got me hard enough to pierce the heavens) magical body/mind control ("MY HIPS ARE MOVING ON THEIR OWN! AND TWILIGHT'S THE ONE DOING IT!"), and generally things like that.


>I'm going, actually looking forward to the VA and Faust panels
>fanfiction and you know people fap to your voice


i feel bad for them, all the cringeworthy questions they will be asked that they have to answer "professionally"


Most people say AJ, but they're wrong.
The correct answer is Sweetie.


There's at least three of us, then.
But I'd really hate to harsh anyone's mellow right now.


File: 1340860819453.png (93.95 KB, 327x213, 1323926468568.png)

if only berry could drink with you


File: 1340860831710.png (830.17 KB, 1330x762, pone train.PNG)



I just want to get drunk, not die of alcohol poisoning.


Browsing on MLPG.co without 4chanX makes you almost yearn for /mlp/


File: 1340860876444.png (273.93 KB, 4168x2079, rarity gives sweetie a rec….png)

I can vouch for that.


Lets write about that!
>habing secks with pone
>slips out
>"… wait, don't move"
>pone starts riding you


File: 1340860938283.png (105.59 KB, 1241x1032, 1322120614992.png)

>MLPG's theme


>inb4 overworld theme


File: 1340860972135.gif (218.21 KB, 303x291, Pinkie Pie 225.gif)

>you pull out a frisbee
>her eyes get as big as dinner plates and she bounces up and down giddily before taking off across the fresh, green grass
>you fling the frisbee with all your might, sending it sailing into the air in her direction
>she leaps into the air and catches it with her mouth
>she runs back to you and looks up at you with a bright smile, the frisbee still dangling from her lips


Aw, man, that's what I need. A cute pony girl that likes wine to drink and snuggle with me.


The script for here is… Functional. I just wish we were a little bit faster.



Aw, man, I knew what the spoiler was going to be. That's super cute.




>Pinkie will never be thick as a brick



Yeah, like half the time I can't get the post quote bubble to go away without hovering over another quote.


Actually, at least for me, this is like a perfect speed. It's relaxed and easy-going. It reminds me of home.


someone should draw a '1more1ever' pone


No, I mean like the site. It's clunky and slow. Posting rate is actually quite nice.


>You will never split a pound of psilocybin mushrooms with Pinkie out in the woods somewhere.


Oh, yeah, I agree with that.
Still, it's tolerable for me.


File: 1340861452121.png (187.07 KB, 1024x966, 1332420616853.png)

goodnight /co/


goodnight, goodnightanon.

I'm gonna nod off too.


Goodnight, Dash. I hope you dream of me.


File: 1340861504066.png (551.95 KB, 2400x1169, Pinkie Pie 201.png)

>you gently pat her on the head as you take the frisbee
>she sways her poofy pink tail back and forth
>the two of you spend a good amount of time playing fetch together, Pinkie Pie managing to catch every single toss
>after awhile, the two of you decide to take a break
>you sit under the shade of a tree, savoring the cool feeling of no longer being out in the sun
>Pinkie lays herself down next to you, resting her head in your lap
>you scratch her behind her ears, making her giggle as her ear flicks reflexively at your touch


goodnight goodnightpone


Man that
That just sounds great
Sitting here sharing my wine with a pony as just watch tv and browse mlpg getting wasted.



File: 1340861668802.png (60.87 KB, 568x615, RarityDrinkingINSERTCORPOR….png)



Aw, man, you're close. Take me home, now.
And she's just so cute & pretty and she smells like wine and she's curled up with you and she's just so warm…
I could put my laptop away for that.


Do you think she might try to sneek a smooch after you're both a few cups too far?


File: 1340861771337.png (113.04 KB, 866x595, R63 SnailJack Huge Crush.png)


File: 1340861811222.png (42.8 KB, 550x400, 1320384965816.png)

Fuck is that really GG new art?





>Decide to look at Jessy's tumblr.


File: 1340861886168.gif (1.42 MB, 840x720, 1305682620620.gif)

Just need two more.
Is really nobody interested?


What is her tumblr anyway?
I finally made one the other day, I should probably actually make use of it.



I sure hope so.


Yeah but she would just miss my mouth entirely, drunkenly stumble forward and take us both out as we tumble toward the floor.

She would then start to apologize profusely and try to "collect" the spilt wine on the floor with her hooves.

But that's when I lean in and return the intended favor.


I would but I don't know how to play and I'm too lazy so fuck it I'm going to watch cat videos on youtube instead
Cat videos are way better anyway


File: 1340862038513.png (397.16 KB, 2500x2800, Pinkie Pie 33.png)

>the two of you lounge there quietly, listening to the sound of blowing wind and the gentle rustling of leaves
>you idly watch the clouds pass overhead, running your hand through Pinkie's fluffy cotton-candy mane
>"Yeah, Pinkie?"
>"I had a lot of fun today."
>she nuzzles her cheek against your thigh
>"Any time, Pinkie."


Berry Punch is one of my favorite fanon personality background pones.
I don't think she'd have a problem. She's just a super cute pone to drink wine with together at home as you get drunk on the couch, just talking and snuggling close together until the early morning.


I'm smiling warmly.


File: 1340862200262.png (395.94 KB, 894x894, i_love_you_by_goldenmercur….png)

I lover her too but she fade after s1.


>Turn to ask her something as she tries for your cheek.
>Your lips lock and her eyes bulge realizing her mistake.
>She begins stammering out an apology, but stops when you put a hand through her mane and move in for a kiss of your own.
>She sighs into you as her hooves crap around your neck, pulling herself in close.


Then it seems my work here is complete.
For now.


We need more feels with Berry and Pinchy.


File: 1340862334804.png (109.32 KB, 900x778, FANMADE_Berry_punch_sleepi….png)

She'll only fade if you let her, anon.


>you let your tongue entwine with hers, tasting the alcohol on it as you kiss passionately


>as her hooves crap around your neck
What an unfortunate typo


A feelsmith's work is never truly complete.


>And then she vomits into your mouth.
>The force of it causes you to wretch and you begin to vomit aswell.


File: 1340862424399.png (789.78 KB, 2338x1700, AJ berry Punch.png)

Just play it off as authentic berry punch slurring dialogue


Im not a drawfag I cant help ;_;




Aw, man… I just love all the pones so much.
That's why I like the idea of an Equestria where cuddles and kisses are a normal thing for friends to do.


File: 1340862494863.png (60.81 KB, 878x565, Feel 33.png)

Ain't it the truth.
Fear not. As long as I live, there shall be >feels.


>MLPG gets filtered;
>stuck with all the Jessyfags.
Please, your fanning is abominable.
There's liking an artist, and obsessing over an artist.





oh get the stick out of your ass, Scrooge.



I'm a really shitty draw friend, Should I draw her doing something?


But if I give her enough attention she will want to have sex with me!


File: 1340862605299.png (99.99 KB, 750x750, berry punch vomit.png)

how horrifying


Wherever I go, I must also **>feel**.


File: 1340862657948.jpg (25.66 KB, 251x181, laughing sea creatures.jpg)

>mfw there are actually people who think that Jessy is a girl


Fucking a, either I really am drunk, or I do not understand spoilers on this site at all.


you use %s to green, Anon


>Berry would vomit into her own class, and then re-drink it.
>because like hell she is letting that drink get away.


Like %this%?
I guess not.


Great /mlp/ is here. Good night.


>Differing opinion
>Scrouge with a stick up his arse
Don't be such a dick, I'm kindly asking you to turned it down a bit.
Some people in MLPG still very much dislike her.


you need two on each side
like this




The Jenny fanning is pretty close to brony levels, bro.


>implying that they know of our haven
It is only us, Anon…
It will only be us…


>drunk and incredibly bloated Berry Punch.png


Like this?


>Dislike her.
>Not just scared that she is going to get too popular and not remember us.


>A few post half hour ago
Your autism is close to brony levels.


Wasn't this place expose a bunch of time during episode days for stream?


File: 1340862936860.png (133.95 KB, 1132x666, Untitled.png)

man this is more fun than 4chanX, Oh and great feels by the way, Pinkie's my favorite


/mlp/ or not, everything was chill until just now.
No one enjoys mad, lets go back to how it was earlier.

We're probably only here for another hour and a bit, no sense ruining that time for everyone.


could you possibly make a proper cap of that >feel?


anons pls
pls no
no autism
no bronies
only /co/ and mlpg


Lets go back to talking about Nightguard and Dayguard.
Those are always nice.


File: 1340863141470.png (3.25 KB, 197x190, 1340172405815.png)

If only it didn't turn to shit, man…


File: 1340863154876.png (679.85 KB, 1500x2900, the_vigilant_by_equestria_….png)

And Derpy!


Well shit Anon, seems like you're right.
My apologies, boop onwards.
This is not to say the Jenny fanning isn't horrendous.




I would cuddle Nightguard so hard


File: 1340863234839.gif (1.49 MB, 240x180, I'mOut.gif)


u no rike grorious korra?


File: 1340863255432.png (259.12 KB, 340x339, Dragon Caesar.png)

The main six are now Power Rangers.
Who pilots which Zord and from which season are they?


File: 1340863296332.jpg (43.78 KB, 351x440, 1281382051358.jpg)


this was actually pretty fun


>Liking Korra
How is that even possible?




File: 1340863442598.png (143.89 KB, 335x1108, 1340415806908.png)


I thought it was entertaining enough. But not very memorable unfortunately.


File: 1340863476566.png (598.19 KB, 1500x656, Never shoulda got that imp….png)


Agree it was half decent. I might watch the next season if that water bender dude return and Bumi.


I assume you don't know what >mfw means?


File: 1340863539131.png (23.64 KB, 481x169, 1339687883436.png)

That's the point I was making. There's a few mods on /co/ who are confirmed korrafags
>mfw that thread with the imbedded video clip from the finale or something


File: 1340863548494.png (257.02 KB, 800x614, 1340835181601.png)

I know right? who needs a delicious brown girl when you got pic related?


File: 1340863606458.jpg (12.62 KB, 320x241, HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG.jpg)


File: 1340863615212.png (44.95 KB, 500x221, 1329716125209.png)


Are you talking about the pink pone or the loli girl?


File: 1340863649411.png (127.95 KB, 600x600, 600px-1238521509967.png)

No, I don't.


>Nightguard curled up in your lap.
>You slowly run a finger across her smooth, leathery wings, she shifts to let you get better access to them.
>You tun a finger across a particularly sensitive spot and she gasps, sending a wing over your face.
>She giggles when she feels you kiss them.


File: 1340863710175.jpg (137.84 KB, 630x630, Inky Donkey.jpg)

One day we'll be together…


I like this.
I like this a lot.


This comic need more panels
>better shitpost about it in 4chan


File: 1340863746646.png (101.27 KB, 428x377, Pinkie Bed.png)


>you rub the pits of her wings gently
>she cooes and drapes her wings limply at her sides, a relaxed smile coming to her lips


File: 1340863806866.png (245.49 KB, 1071x768, 1332703034289.png)

Derpy what are you doing you are not in the military


No Pinkie, we are not wrestling in your bed.


>that moon


You working on your imaginary goat, son?


crud, that reminds me I downloaded that and haven't watched it. Better do that right now.


File: 1340863907377.png (217.14 KB, 1171x971, Pinkie undies.png)

How about just a hoof wrestle?


Her ass is a weapon on mass destruction.


File: 1340863949330.png (416.25 KB, 945x945, 1330133905592 (2).png)



>"You know, you're not bad at this, kid."
>"I think I may keep you."


She doesn't look ready to hoof wrestle to me.

Is this some kind of trick?




File: 1340863974036.png (1.32 MB, 700x3207, Dash Anon Wing Pit Comic.png)

>wing pit


>Dayguard has to fish her out of the holding cell.


File: 1340864033190.jpg (51.94 KB, 387x538, 3dpd.jpg)

That´s not a loli nor a pony.


File: 1340864048806.png (141.52 KB, 384x472, motion sickness, you say?.png)

I'd tap that.


It also isn't 3d


don't blame me, it's really hard to find loli pinkie


That poor Anon, keeps getting into awkward situations.



>no fair, you can't use anything with fingers!

>don't you have any appendages that don't have fingers or toes on them that I can wrestle?


Why is she playing with mayonnaise?


I would still want to cuddle with her if she got like that after a particularly bad night.
She looked all soft and warm and stuff. You could probably curl up right on her belly and go to sleep.



>Sunguard giving a speech to the new recruits
>"You have passed through rigorous training and a thorough screening process - you began as over a hundred, and now only the twenty of you remain."
>"Many of your friends from training could not meet the bar, and were sent home. We have rejected Wonderbolts just as we have rejected Weather-Ponies - The Royal Air Guard does not choose just any pegasus to serve in her ranks."
>"Congratulations, boys and girls - you are officially Equestria's Greatest Flyers. And you have attained that rank because you wanted to serve with the greatest airborne defensive corps in all of Equestria, second only to Celestia's own Royal Guard - needed it as badly as you need to breathe - and that dedication and focus are the hallmarks of a Royal Air Gua—."
>Derpy speaks up.
>"I joined because they said we get free muffins!"


File: 1340864304393.png (1.1 MB, 962x962, MegaSweet same everything.png)

urgh..it's so hard to find MS's stuff hot.




>At this point Nightguard is rolling on the floor, gasping for air between gutlaughs.


wait, why is she in the holding cell?


>Derpy believed the recruiter
Damn, she really is retarded.




Would you kiss and lick and sniff and dry-hump her?


Renne quest is still going, in case anyone actually made it to the sub that wasn't here when 4chan went down.



B^U strikes again!


I know that feel, anon. I'd love to just nuzzle and massage her bloated form. Once she was asleep I'd drift off along with her, lulled by the gentle rise and fall of her sloshy stomach with each breath she took.


That wouldn't be too weird for her?


File: 1340864658172.jpg (90.57 KB, 600x400, earl-sweatshirt1.jpg)

Eww gross, I'm not going to fuck a horse!


File: 1340864684758.jpg (136.89 KB, 1280x903, pinkie_surprised_by_iopich….jpg)

>that artist
And now that we're not on 4chan I can post anthro without fear of being banned


Fukken reported.




I think we got arrested for some reason.
It's like playing a Bethesda game.


No, she's drunk. She doesn't mind.
And she likes you~


File: 1340864814826.png (579.48 KB, 882x1080, 1330311611763.png)

I always thought that was the stupidest rule even though I don't like furry that much
inb4 %%>slugbox


It's so much chiller tonight than on most nights lately.
Submarine is best marine.


I like pretty much everything they've ever drawn, its crazy.

I think its the colours.


File: 1340864837473.png (288.03 KB, 800x800, i miss you.png)

I miss you, /co/


>over 1000 posts
This thread is getting fucking laggy.


>can't post
come on submarine, get it together


File: 1340864881977.gif (244.99 KB, 338x338, 1334760327776.gif)

Anonymous pls go


Guys I'm..I'm kind of reluctant to go back. This is so fucking chill. I don't want it to ever end ;_;


>Do you really want to rape me, /co/?
GF threads are weird there


Shh no tears, Anon…
Only dreams now…
But seriously, get over it already.


this thread's getting kind of big
should we make a new one?




We need a new thread.



File: 1340865009400.jpg (94.36 KB, 564x800, 1328877877435.jpg)

I just like the style. It reminds me of Panty and Stocking




Oh! Um… Well… I guess in that case, I would. It might be fun to fool around a little while she was all poofy. I just don't want to take advantage.



>Sunguard shuts his eyes and mutters under his breath that he's going to have a chat with their recruiters, while Moonguard pounds the floor, trying to force herself to breathe.

>Derpy smiles up at him obliviously, as the other recruits stare incredulously at her.


right then.



here you are, gentlemen.


It would be taking advantage if she was sober later and regretted it.
She's always drunk so you're good to go.


New, less laggy horse here:


Nonsense. She only drank so much tonight to get the courage to make a move.
And she'll be back to a normal size by tomorrow morning.



oh you guys


I guess you guys have a point.

Do ponies have bellybuttons?


Loads way too slow, and the script doesn't fucking work.


Perhaps if I post on a thread this old ill go back


File: 1665817432908.jpg (16.33 KB, 293x316, 36432bfc7d653cc14580aa7444….jpg)


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