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File: 1420248575670.jpg (173.21 KB, 905x845, 141217 mudpie.jpg)

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Tonight's maintenance thread is brought to you in part by Big Effin™ Papasan Chairs

"We heard you like to snuggle, so we put a nest in your nest."©

How are you keeping warm in the winter, MLPG?


I love Fluttershy


File: 1420252476538.gif (432.16 KB, 576x324, Sweetie panic.gif)




MLPG Hamburger Time Journal Day 230 SPECIAL REPORT
Horsefucking Levels: Extremely High
Flavor of the day: Goat Milk
Post count for 01/02/14: 3

You guys are just way too entertaining sometimes.

Goes to show that this place still has a lot of merits for all of its flaws.

We're on the home stretch now, lets keep it togeather as we ride off…


Too soon.


Streaming some S10 stuff if you want to see the /tg/ thing I was working on.


man I was hoping it would be a little lively in here


Me too threads in here are usually chill during down time.


File: 1420254754081.png (255.23 KB, 1280x740, ded.png)


File: 1420254816412.gif (930.25 KB, 172x200, Lyra Sad.gif)

I went to visit the folks for winter break and this was my first day back too, bad timing for downtime


File: 1420255750230.jpg (86.93 KB, 593x900, STK660106.jpg)

How are you guys feeling about this next comic coming up Wednesday with Rarity and Babs Seed?


File: 1420255814227.png (1.08 MB, 879x909, 1417251964441.png)

>entire site is down
rip, I hope moot actually improves the site for once

I also made this during the last downtime if anyone cares


File: 1420255862728.gif (695.18 KB, 457x428, AJ-camera.gif)


Does the sub not support the image hover option anymore? It's been so long.


What we've seen of it looks pretty good/entertaining, but mostly because of Sweetie Belle. I dunno, but I'm optimistic. Babs seems like she'd be a weird character to write.


They got spammed by some bot not too long ago and had to revamp things, some things don't work still for me after that


It sounds cute as fuck.


Nope, the vichan update installed recently doesn't have hover expansion. Both tinyboard and vichan are ded and hats us so I doubt those will ever get added.

I swear one of these days I'm going to make my own *chan script, there are literally no good ones anymore.


Said also they are looking for help to restore features see http://scootabutt.org/dev/


File: 1420256587984.png (253.4 KB, 1280x720, Sweetie pillow.png)

Do you guys think this is too lewd for 4chan?


By default (I think) you used to be able to just mouse over images and they'd expand. Vanilla 4chan has it now. It's handy and I miss it.


No. Not if you name it "yawning Sweetie Belle stuck on a pillow.png"


File: 1420257268779.png (131.94 KB, 800x800, derp glasses.png)

Yea that was a thing.
Between the old scripts shitting themselves in newer browsers and the spam I thought the update to vichan would help. The potential to be better is there but not really getting worked on at the moment.

Also ponies check out this qtπ


Where? Behind the ugly one in the glasses?


that is one ugly pony


maybe I need that ponies glasses because I don't see a qtπ


Excuse me, but Derpy is a very pretty pony.


File: 1420257636268.gif (226.38 KB, 500x625, derpyseriously.gif)

>both of you


what a qt


File: 1420257682394.png (242.01 KB, 1500x2024, 1420236056666.png)


File: 1420257689755.png (212.46 KB, 757x1040, 1357634499921.png)

Oh no! Pony became bug!


It works I guess.


Or did bug become pony? It's a riddle inside an enigma.


File: 1420257809656.png (147.15 KB, 1000x944, sadderp.png)


File: 1420257935451.png (145.82 KB, 534x667, 1411019699931.png)

hey guys how about this qtπ


mlpg.co pass when?



Derpy is literally the cutest and I'll kiss her snootle





Behind the winged abomination?


I already have my MLPG Gold account, I don't know what you've been doing


da fuq is a snootle?


How do you enable it?


File: 1420258216794.gif (1.47 MB, 316x284, The gracefull princess.gif)

qtpone would snuggle with for hours on end


It should be enabled by default after you install and refresh the page.


File: 1420258344351.png (185.1 KB, 500x500, unkn - driving.png)

every time 4chan goes down I never know what to do with myself.


I drink heavily


Should have asked how you install it.

Is it a grease monkey script? I haven't messed with one in a long time.


I read shoujo manga until it's back.


The snootle lies at the tip of the noodle, it ties the whole kit and kaboodle.


You can always try drawing

Or vidya


Yep. Greasemonkey if you're on firefox, tampermonkey on chrome. Install the addon if you don't have it, restart your browser, open that link and it should install it by itself.


I kind of wish we got to see more of her being awful at flying in S4. I doubt we'll see any of it in S5 now that she's likely supposed to have learned it since last season.


Okay, figured out what went wrong there.

Works like it always did. Thanks whoever made it >>11282




Filly want to borrow your soul for a second.


Its true!
I've seen it happen


Do you guys remember the day Rainbow Dash beefed it?


File: 1420259496267.png (238.83 KB, 1300x818, 1415763249691.png)

He draws some pretty neat things. (tfw I forgot to save the colored version)


File: 1420259572133.png (93.41 KB, 359x495, Dash tongue 5.png)

>so since you're not doing anything else…


We had pizza last night Dash. And I cooked earlier too.


This reminds me, did he ever finish that TwilightxChrysalis domination pic he was doing?

Also is there anyway to hide the original reply box, it keeps jumping to the top of the page whenever I try to reply to someone


File: 1420259810266.png (982.72 KB, 891x706, Dash annoyed at her desk.PNG)



Yes,again. Now if you don't want the food I cooked then you can take yourself out to eat.


File: 1420259939482.png (72.84 KB, 514x467, 1414290123324.png)



Draw porn


File: 1420260000720.png (838.53 KB, 915x818, Dash - Tracer.png)


I didn't, sorry. I'm really bad about finishing stuff. Or starting stuff.


File: 1420260007509.png (145.92 KB, 463x650, Fluttershy fuzzy tuft.png)

time for tufty ponies


You don't have to apologize to me or anything, but I thought you were doing that for a friend because of something?

Is he better by the way?


you should Draw Fluttershy as Mercy


You need to finish inside


File: 1420260251588.png (173.65 KB, 506x563, 1370925532930.png)


File: 1420260334843.png (95.46 KB, 512x512, 1419887558191.png)

I can't wait for this game.


…So we didn't really get any kind of indication of when 4chan would be back up, did we?


its a lot of fun


4chan is dead Anon, Moot lost the server behind the couch and promptly got distracted by porn. Embrace the beb.


File: 1420260796211.gif (132.47 KB, 440x440, 1375117204977.gif)

>expecting moot to be competent


When it returns it'll have its entire backend running off of Gawker and subject to their thought filters


File: 1420260900538.png (701.95 KB, 1002x1024, large (33).png)

Calling pony a pokemon to insult her


File: 1420260973013.png (264.34 KB, 900x1320, Dash confusion.png)

That sounds kind of funny actually
Just casually hanging out with them and referring to them as pokemon, they're a little too afraid to correct you


File: 1420261016706.gif (1.45 MB, 450x360, [Frowns Internally].gif)

It makes me realize how much time I spend on it, and how much stems from the time spent.

Not a fun realization.


He's doing better, yeah.

And I was, yeah. I hate it when I can't finish something like that. Stuff like that just happens for me and I completely lose the pic. It's frustrating.


Yeah, I agree. I need to start spending time on other websites.
T-tumblr isn't really THAT bad, right guys? Maybe I should make an account….


>He's doing better, yeah.
That's good, I'm glad.


it's not something I would seek out to spend time on, it's just blogging


Hey assholes, stop watching shows for little girls.


It is. You won't notice it at first but after using it for awhile and following a bunch of people it really starts to show.

I've been there.


If this were 2011-2012 I'd say go for it now I'd be wary. Though I'm thinking of joining just to be voice against the nonsense.


I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!


File: 1420261333024.jpg (199.43 KB, 1280x1280, 156656__nudity_anthro_solo….jpg)

So how's things?


I usually listen to podcasts and watch people play tabletop games online while wishing I could join them.


File: 1420261463955.png (37.84 KB, 184x184, el honk.png)

Draw or vidya, it's what I always do


That should go for it, but now*




Filly has a confession to make. Filly has a drinking problem. For a while now. What filly is trying to say is she spilled chocolate milk all over your rug.


File: 1420261723160.gif (217.29 KB, 500x500, 791707[1].gif)


File: 1420262043378.gif (2.84 MB, 640x360, Powah.gif)


Wow it only took the better part of 3 seasons for that to get finished.


File: 1420262274553.png (538.9 KB, 1280x720, tmp_4050-1-1113717780.png)

>credits page
>Leth !Leth/HQgHY
>MLPG's best friend
Hold me /co/


Leth bebbest of them all.


Times change and tyrants die


File: 1420262476901.png (22.53 KB, 524x496, Dash head in the clouds.png)


That cloud has a nice butt.


File: 1420262565373.png (134.21 KB, 505x602, scissorbutt.png)

I feel ya.


So who else is doing a New Year's nofap


Why would I not want to fap?


I broke that at least 12 times already


Celestia has deemed that your job in Equestria will be "Harem anime protagonist."


So I will inadvertently find myself in lewd situations that ponies assume I was doing on purpose and I will be physically abused over and over?


More or less, also the more of a loser you are the more they'll be attracted to you. As such Celestia assumes you'll have a full squadron of mares by the end of the week.


does that mean they will all be pegasi mares?!


File: 1420263576488.png (195.23 KB, 414x461, Drizzle in a rain coat.png)

rain pony says:

expect rain


No no they'll all be varying personality types and builds as is the tradition. She just calls them squadrons because they're technically a military branch that Cadence funds. Something about one unintentional boob grab powering the entire city for a month.


>boob grab
woah woah woah, you didn't say anything about anthro or hunmanized


File: 1420264063278.png (176.63 KB, 330x427, Dash Rain Sad.PNG)

oh man it's really coming down now


Also squadrons in the military typically refers to airborne units which is why I mentioned Pegasus specifically


She meant yours, boobs? Pecs? Either way some mares get really embarrassed about it.

She never taught Cadence military terms, she just likes to call it the "Love Squadron" because it sounds cool, she's yet to see the need to correct her.


File: 1420264385886.jpg (61.94 KB, 604x558, shits_on_fire_yo.jpg)

/r/ing pinkamena saying Shit's on fire yo


I'm legit having withdrawal symptoms. This can't be healthy.


File: 1420264545861.png (604.39 KB, 624x519, Fluttershy alt outfit.PNG)

is there something I can do


Just think to yourself, it's just a show.
You should probably just relax.


Post butts, stat.


My little pony shouldn't be this cute


Post more cute Yellow.


File: 1420264623444.png (124.58 KB, 470x400, Nervous Fluttershy's butt.png)


But I wanna see your cute face


File: 1420264755804.gif (423.35 KB, 900x898, Flutter-stand.gif)


I'm beb


Filly broke your heart.


File: 1420264939052.png (19.04 KB, 423x300, Fluttershy blush why.png)

please don't die


I am also beb


i two am beb


I just want to hug her and never let go.


File: 1420265077127.png (133.96 KB, 600x600, Flutter cry.png)


Do you see what your carelessness has wrought fluttershy?! Why? Why!?


File: 1420265147623.png (144.96 KB, 469x400, 1420264623444.png)

That eye bothered me




It's OK Flutts. They're not actually dead. If they were how could they have typed those posts!


File: 1420265226299.gif (2.12 MB, 615x540, Fluttershy-crying.gif)



File: 1420265263543.gif (1.5 MB, 640x360, 1338316674521.gif)


good fix


File: 1420265308982.png (415.71 KB, 700x793, 669381__safe_solo_rarity_c….png)


Ghost pony blowjob!


File: 1420265538213.gif (176.97 KB, 329x520, Dhalsim-hdstance.gif)

This guy challenges you for your pony waifu's love

What do you do?


Wellp it was nice knowing you pony.


File: 1420265643617.png (812.87 KB, 4551x4000, 1412030953106.png)

Post waifus be they human or equine


File: 1420265719476.jpg (582.55 KB, 1280x715, Dashing through the snow.jpg)

I hope they be equine


File: 1420265764451.png (54.5 KB, 485x413, 1415172779697.png)


If they're human I hope they at least have not-stupid skin tones or clothes. And the only example I can think of is Hotdog hair.


File: 1420265856470.png (351.43 KB, 671x758, human Pinkie butt.png)

sometimes human pone is okay too


File: 1420265886263.png (633.35 KB, 1130x627, tfw frens.png)

sunset a qtπ


that looks like some multi colored spider creature


File: 1420266082630.png (125.65 KB, 700x700, Gloomy and Gloomy satyr sl….png)

Falling sleep while riding pony


Stallion anon x his personhorse waifu
Femanon x her stud husbandos


pony wants to run run run to the cities of the future


God help me I'm starting to see the appeal of a daki


Filly has decided she's now a colt.


what's that


Can I have his old horsepanties?


File: 1420266273906.png (1 MB, 828x1024, Sunset Shimmer panties.png)




File: 1420266284032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.74 KB, 800x800, this really needs a worksa….jpg)

Pankfag reporting

Go2bedRei you cheating bastard


I assume he is talking about a dakimakura. a bodypillow with a lewd drawing on it


body pillow


Pinkie, I can see your vagina


That horse does not look impressed


Oh my god Anon you can't just go around saying you can see ponies vaginas.


what if 4chan is really kill forever?


At least 3 chans will rise in it's place.


well what am I supposed to do, not say that I can see Pinkie's pert private parts?


We build a glorious empire here.


File: 1420266694858.jpg (628.49 KB, 811x2028, doxy 5.jpg)

Dosh for the Dosh Throne


If I were to ever go down the daki hole I'd maintain one rule. It would have to be pony.


Well, it isn't completely out of the question that the mods decide to ban mlpg when the season isn't active like they've done to other generals recently.

In that case, I could see us coming here more


File: 1420266875580.png (87.53 KB, 535x505, 1418287898222.png)

If 4chan goes down, regardless of how many new chans show up, it will never be the same. Something that grew for 12 years can't be recreated in 1 month.


Bodypillows are great and I've got two of them but I will never buy a daki.


There's a difference?




RoboPony initiates toast running protocol, she hopes sempai-otron acknowledges her.


That kinda goes out the window though because we have an entire board for one show.


As I understand it, the dakimakura is the lewd pillow cover, not the body pillow itself.


yeah, probably
I wouldn't be 100% surprised if it happened though


I'd like to see a pony trying to use a nutcracker


you guys know where some towels are? Robopony needs to be cleaned up so I'm running a bath for us




File: 1420267339113.png (365.04 KB, 900x900, Dash against the window.png)



Anon chill out, it's just to save water. I'm not trying to do anything gross, geez


File: 1420267370444.png (56.81 KB, 347x351, 1 er red 371609306077.png)

I would actually a human daki so at first glance it looks like I lust after some generic anime girl and not a cartoon horse. not living alone sucks
but yes pony is superior


I was more worried about robopony electrocuting you


No way, the last time we let you in you tried snuggling me in my sleep.


Did you know that pegasi can smell pizza through up to 6 panes of glass!

It's true!


File: 1420267465126.jpg (19.94 KB, 272x210, image.jpg)

>any form of dakimakura being anywhere near socially acceptable in any amount


But at the point that it looks like you "lust after some generic anime girl" is it really that far of a jump to a cartoon pony?


File: 1420267535241.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1265x1120, Robot Ponk.png)


pfft, everyone knows electricity is just a unicorn thing. Robopony's got batteries, not a horn, duh


File: 1420267546030.png (388.6 KB, 507x662, Dash disappointed.PNG)


File: 1420267643810.png (102.58 KB, 765x587, pegasus butt.png)

I hear that pegasi can smell even a crack in an open window from 5 miles away




They are nesting creatures that seek dry, warm places. It would likely be an evolutionary trait.


File: 1420267790865.png (51.18 KB, 500x347, Dash bird.png)

such fascinating creatures


Yandere pony just glued your window shut so those pesky pegasi won't be bothering you any more.


File: 1420267846834.gif (955.91 KB, 600x338, tumblr_nhkkb1dp9m1teyso7o1….gif)

Best siblings.


oh god that's so cute


File: 1420267910032.jpg (61.22 KB, 462x260, 1334307466194.jpg)


File: 1420268070840.png (522.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1385864486276.png)

this is WAY hotter than it should be, came in seconds flat. Why is this so better than all those attempts at realism through horseyness?


Cute sibling stuff is great.


he's just tenderizing her ponegina for the thrashing he will bestow upon it


File: 1420268147544.png (179.68 KB, 416x584, Skeptical Shining.PNG)


The lines of the costume emphasize the curves and Pinkie a cutie.


File: 1420268192474.jpg (204.66 KB, 627x309, 1397014618254.jpg)


those are great reactions


lol what, ants? Stop freaking out, when's the last time a little water ever hurt anyone


What's the last episode of pony you watched MLPG?

I rolled Keep Calm and Flutter On about a week ago.


I hate the way that artist does Twily's mane



File: 1420268301431.jpg (167.21 KB, 1280x696, 1420251632.noben_s1e8_look….jpg)



Honestly I can't remember
I'm about ready to just marathon the whole series again but I need a good weekend


I think Time Cop


Pinkie Pride last week.
Gotta love the music.


Robopony assures you her joint sealants are intact, and lewdity levels are well within acceptable limits.


I want to do the same, but I'm holding off for an S5 date so I can structure it so I'm completely refreshed, and hype, just before the time it premieres.


ayy lmao
are we in here or the general


The Finale.


That's 33 hours Anon. Are you ready for that?


File: 1420268532857.jpg (303.82 KB, 1733x1389, 1392708057989.jpg)

>Pinkie a cutie.
way to point that out sherlock, like I wasn't already infatuated with her
wow, I didn't even notice it was a costume. you're right about the lines though, holy shit those fucking lines man


Of course. I'm hoping we have enough advance time for me to do one to a few episodes a day. All of it at once would be 2pone4me.


File: 1420268693764.png (488.28 KB, 3380x2655, 180615[1].png)

Maybe you just have a thing for synthetic-y robot-y things?


I don't think it's a costume

I mean from how deep some of the joints go and the deep indent of the crotchpiece, it looks like it's toypank. I mean this is a lewd parody art of the actual toy that had the battery opening on the ass


You're probably right, I don't know why I typed costume. It would fit her personality to wear a toy costume though.


File: 1420268848519.jpg (43.8 KB, 500x363, 1420238928598.jpg)

Zebponk y/n


Pinkie Pie toy transformation


As in the zebra painted like pank or the pank painted like zebra. Either way, yes.


File: 1420269183702.jpg (169.79 KB, 1280x1280, 116223[1].jpg)

Plug the pony



This kills the Anon.


but nonymous
that's lewd


File: 1420269514884.jpg (114.05 KB, 2000x1555, 1364233023104.jpg)

Stop confusing me, though the overlay of the cutie mark makes it look like a costume to me
stop, I can only get so erect at these GiTS flashbacks


File: 1420269568693.jpeg (61.31 KB, 800x718, 611470[1].jpeg)

Is it?


File: 1420269639276.jpg (204.2 KB, 1196x751, 1420008845884.jpg)


I can't fulfill ponies' needs, she has a featureless crotch.


File: 1420269839761.jpg (110.11 KB, 1501x959, 1399178450099.jpg)



help with what?


does Dash even know what rut means?


File: 1420269985199.jpg (28.87 KB, 480x357, 1417549124894.jpg)


Give her foals? Sure


File: 1420270027437.jpg (122.3 KB, 600x600, 540613[1].jpg)

I know I'd still try


Help a plastic toy? Does she need batteries because they weren't included?


File: 1420270061067.png (133.14 KB, 900x839, mlfw7943-20__happier_rainb….png)

It's a type of cake, right?


File: 1420270086037.png (1.53 MB, 1363x1689, 1417472517570.png)

dicking shiny


>fuck a baby into me.jpg


I won't lie. I would in a heartbeat.


Too bad you aren't Shining Armor.


>still no foal after two seasons
Nigga can't dick his wife good enough


I still say it's Cadences' tiny barren hips.


File: 1420270615470.png (228.4 KB, 600x918, 1410458652018.png)


Don't look at me, when they were handing out asses Celestia took doubles and you got the leftovers.


tiny butt tiny butt
no one likes a tiny butt


File: 1420270868217.png (51.12 KB, 450x450, 1378185754371.png)


File: 1420270988738.png (Spoiler Image, 550.6 KB, 1280x1043, 664479__twilight sparkle_e….png)

shiny pls


No one with an actual penis that isn't locked away in a drawer cares. you can keep that tiny butt


>not liking petite, exciting tookuses



File: 1420271158154.png (Spoiler Image, 37.92 KB, 1297x1164, WHAP.png)


I can understand tiny shapely butts, butt this one is so flat you might as well be lusting after an altar boy



That actually explains a lot.


remember to always use proper booping form, improper booping may result in serious injury



File: 1420271310605.png (216.64 KB, 700x700, Marker Gloomy boopacolypse.png)


File: 1420271393086.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.85 KB, 1280x989, 67162__applejack_explicit_….jpg)

lewd boops


How does that even happen



you have never wipped your dick out to slap a bro on the head and called him a fag for it?


Is… Applejack artificially inseminating that cow?


I don't even have one big enough to slap someone with

That horsecock thing is a walking choking/blackeye hazard


>he's never cockslapped his bros and had a good laugh about it

damn dude are you gay or something


>Shining was a huge homo and Cadence fucked him straight


You could kill a man if you hit him with that thing wrong.


She just lost her keys and has looked everywhere.





File: 1420271945067.png (147.32 KB, 278x316, Worried injured person wit….PNG)

Pony called you a SJW.


Oh hey 4chan is viewable now, but no posting yet.


can't post


wow i am stupid nevermind


I punch pony in the face


File: 1420272130973.jpg (48.03 KB, 774x507, a sweaty anon trying to be….jpg)


pony pls


File: 1420272268611.png (18.81 KB, 688x606, 272906__safe_princess_luna….png)

Actually Luna gas the fattest alicorn booty in the show



Dang it I'm not even into toots.


>fat ponies


Nonymous gas fetish confirmed


my brother is currently dating one of those
they thought it was funny that they got booted out of their social circle for being such and now "ironically" call themselves "Social Justice Paladins"

She even gets mad at my brother for playing too many games on steam instead of living in the "real world" and then she spends all her day on tumblr


anon pls
there's fat and there's chubby




no there is fat and then there is words fat people use to try and make themselves feel better for their shitty lifestyle


How did they even


Is the sex good at least


i want to cuddle that luna


I hope so


File: 1420272630739.jpg (183.73 KB, 1332x1080, coltfriends.jpg)

that sounds awful


File: 1420272709665.png (134.94 KB, 399x339, Minthorse is scared.png)

>She even gets mad at my brother for playing too many games on steam instead of living in the "real world" and then she spends all her day on tumblr


File: 1420272739065.png (204.21 KB, 929x1500, 453570__solo_suggestive_mo….png)

you hella gay anon


she really is nice otherwise, it's just unfortunate


File: 1420272832806.png (641.05 KB, 2648x2340, 319102.png)

Good taste


File: 1420272975378.png (Spoiler Image, 504.84 KB, 999x1000, 1407372482218.png)

Both genders are acceptable
but dudes tho


gross, anon shouldn't anon dragon


Mecha Filly MKI is destroying the town!


File: 1420273062254.png (Spoiler Image, 287.57 KB, 899x1194, 1411928803212.png)

then it looks like anon will anon the bug


File: 1420273134116.png (101.77 KB, 694x911, Chrysalis train set.png)

so cute



File: 1420273478538.png (94.57 KB, 1000x999, 1401593444221.png)


Break out the tickle rays!


Pony says she's going to have to use "that."


File: 1420273774012.gif (2.52 MB, 832x468, Cheerilee Big Mac lewd scr….gif)

normally I wouldn't post something this lewd


File: 1420273816577.png (338.64 KB, 1200x975, 1420250479254.png)

"Thing you will never do with your waifu" industrialized as a weapon?





File: 1420274011062.png (205.67 KB, 464x600, FINAL BOSS PONK.png)


File: 1420274294806.jpg (76.77 KB, 887x1097, 1396761468140.jpg)


File: 1420274617975.png (849.42 KB, 1280x1152, Sweetie feels her cheek.png)


File: 1420274670753.png (389.48 KB, 1280x1152, Sweetie shocked.png)


Pony says you saw her naked, no one will marry her now that she's been sullied!


File: 1420274691589.gif (1.96 MB, 1200x1015, Sweetie falls down the sta….gif)


Sweetie, that's not how you go down stairs, you silly drunk.



is she okay?


File: 1420274886011.png (473.71 KB, 1005x1300, Sweetie whimper.png)


File: 1420274922296.png (110.75 KB, 640x699, 1402558077041.png)

it'll be ok, filly


File: 1420275076886.png (150.86 KB, 2471x1684, 1417557122904.png)

im goin to beb
hope 4chan is up by morning


Does your favorite pony prefer red or whit wine?




I wish I had the money to buy a giant plushie that I could hug in bed.


File: 1420275636290.png (35.52 KB, 552x465, 364985__safe_solo_rainbow ….png)


I'm feeling some deja vu

But I probably wouldn't turn her away.

But she is NOT getting the remote.


File: 1420275780629.png (7.72 KB, 552x465, 364986__safe_rainbow dash_….png)


File: 1420275893326.jpg (3.14 MB, 6600x3300, 150102 lineup paired.jpg)

Did you get shit done during maintenance, MLPG


Reinstalled photoshop 10 times trying to figure out why it wouldn't open videos any more

So no


File: 1420276075698.gif (757.94 KB, 1920x1080, Dash-bored.gif)

I've just been sitting here waiting


File: 1420276495493.png (191.51 KB, 925x659, Twilight Botched Spell Rar….png)

Twilight could bring you into Equestria, but she hasn't perfected the spell yet


teach me how to be productive


you cannot win

ponekuto no ken is invincible


File: 1420277571342.jpg (376.86 KB, 1920x1200, Dash Attack.jpg)



File: 1420277662908.png (14.88 KB, 543x238, djpa.png)

I hope it has a long animation.


Cunt no jutsu


be nice


Her first.


File: 1420278164621.png (706.67 KB, 3337x4412, 1338965083356.png)

She is a very nice pone though


Huh, if he didn't say jew pone I'd be pretty certain that it was ramzpaul.

He has a FS figurine in his videos.


if there were a vote between Rainbow Dash and you, Dash would win by a landslide


You must have seen some of season 5 then


File: 1420278498715.png (476.32 KB, 866x884, 1394033624075.png)

I have seen season 5, in which she is a very nice pone


Aw man
I wonder how they redeemed her after she sold fluttersy into slavery for a book


File: 1420278642039.jpg (335.88 KB, 1280x1239, image.jpg)


>getting rid of Fluttershy
>ever being a bad thing


We find out it was her fetish.


is 4chan back up yet

i need to talk about sunset shimmer's penis and how i would lovingly accept her confession that she has one and demonstrate just how sexy i find her


So you didn't watch the part where she immediately regretted her decision and rectified the situation?


I want to talk about Anon forcefully being turned into a diamond dog and fucked senseless by stallions


at worst it was an indentured servitude contract that fluttershy entered into willingly for rainbow dash's sake


>4chan still not back up


File: 1420280125500.png (90.95 KB, 402x459, Dash says hello.png)


File: 1420280417184.png (836.73 KB, 1920x1080, I know Dash isn't that bad.png)


File: 1420280526220.png (19.66 KB, 355x84, truth.png)


File: 1420280621926.png (97.93 KB, 572x611, dash hi anon.png)


we beb?


File: 1420281512228.png (362.8 KB, 1280x720, Ded pony.png)

yeah, super beb


File: 1420281586884.png (148.41 KB, 610x800, 1405152464140.png)

Oh thank god for that.


File: 1420282451957.gif (1.66 MB, 434x325, RCH_noided.gif)

super ded


File: 1420282604971.png (719.48 KB, 1201x874, Ded Horse.PNG)


File: 1420282686643.png (292.46 KB, 967x1000, 1417551847958.png)


File: 1420282702551.png (309.03 KB, 967x1001, 1417551847959.png)


File: 1420282716600.png (296.8 KB, 967x1000, 1417553268042.png)


>been over 2 years since I left MLPG
>come to the haven, still the same
You guys never change, huh? I don't even have any pone anymore to post.


File: 1420282800523.png (198.89 KB, 516x354, ded.png)


not even a single pony?


4chan is back up



I used to even fap to almost exclusively pone and there ain't one on my hard drive
Isn't the series on a super long hiatus or something right now?


4chan is officially beb


File: 1420292932152.jpg (50.64 KB, 418x489, Colt Train's displeasure.jpg)


File: 1420292991166.jpg (343.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nhj70u9Ptq1qe9g4mo1….jpg)

>tfw incredibly tired but can't sleep


File: 1420292994677.gif (225.42 KB, 366x233, Applejack shows her feets.gif)

>ah' have
>a foot fetish!


Now would be a very good time to leave.


File: 1420293037682.png (105.65 KB, 360x408, apple bottoms is not impre….png)


I know the feeling grumpy little train pone


File: 1420293205367-0.jpg (33.17 KB, 263x402, Colt Train is displeased, ….jpg)

We will have to postpone the 4hcan poneposting and post pone here.


File: 1420293338690.png (123.51 KB, 414x480, meadow is pleased.png)


I guess its a good thing the SS MLPG carries lifeboats


Silver Spoon MLPG?
Straight Shota MLPG?
Super "Speedy" MLPG?


File: 1420293788829.png (52.57 KB, 233x217, carrot top is unimpressed.png)


File: 1420293817594-0.png (92.05 KB, 300x360, 1415730549188.png)


Nothing rude was meant.
I actually do not know.
I assume something with "Sub" in it, though


File: 1420294123204-0.jpg (196.33 KB, 1920x1080, Zipporwhill 6.jpg)



File: 1420294504896.png (189.03 KB, 388x439, brown unicorn stallion wav….png)


Oh, I apologize in that case anonymous I thought you were just being cheeky

SS is maritime designation that meant "screw steamer". So pretty much all civilian ships for a good long while


File: 1420294769275-0.jpg (31.05 KB, 376x510, 1300207576928.jpg)

I had never heard of such a boat before.


File: 1420295705025.png (336.12 KB, 460x500, dr discord's conquest.png)

What do you think of this game MLPG? I was thinking of getting it.


File: 1420295728380.jpg (39.86 KB, 600x337, Total-War-Shogun-2-Fall-of….jpg)

I always wondered why is there such a lack of steam ship ponies all around aside from maybe one tumblr about one pony making an adventure on one of them.

It fits the era a bit more than 21st (okay, late 20th) century yachts and it looks awesome.


File: 1420296521091.png (57.88 KB, 235x233, cherry pony is disappointe….png)


Before pony tech was cemented as totally schizo that is exactly the type of ship I imagined them having, the old early steamships with auxiliary sails

But that was a long time ago


File: 1420296765407.jpg (281.36 KB, 1121x661, mlp_lta___header_image_by_….jpg)

TBH, I assumed they didn't have ships of that sort at all, having always been displayed with airships (also cool as heck) instead and din't really have much places to travel by water to, anyway.

One episode by a studio that doesn't care later and they might as well be using Airbuses…


File: 1420297080548.png (680.36 KB, 1280x713, apple airship.png)


Well airships are cool but even with pony tech they wouldn't beat rigid hull surface ships for cargo and passenger work over open oceans. They have still been shown to use the standard liftbag/gondola design so its safe to assume lift/weight is still a problem for them, just nowhere near as bad as it is in real ones. So surface ships would still be a better choice for drudge work like moving large quantities of cargo


File: 1420297792524.png (204.79 KB, 1116x686, 1414314255201.png)

Are there ponies of the smaller
kind here?


File: 1420298355081-0.png (1.25 MB, 1324x2143, 1418662475245.png)


File: 1420299306636-0.png (667.79 KB, 1920x1080, 1414243546372.png)





Where is everyone?

The 4chinz is ded, I can't think of any streams up currently and it's not like other threads on the sub are flourishing or anything…


>still down


File: 1420300936371-0.png (288.82 KB, 689x637, daisylurking.png)

I linked the thread directly in the general, i can only figure that some people for whatever reason don't want to come here.


File: 1420300992035.gif (45.81 KB, 250x250, 315577__UNOPT__safe_rarity….gif)

Just one then. I'm fine with that.


some dont even bother with the sub


File: 1420301155310.jpg (92.65 KB, 900x675, a.jpg)

happy pony families


File: 1420301174701.png (109.35 KB, 850x813, Casuals.png)

>pic related

They better be watching the show or being productive with pony stuff.


And 4chinz's back up.
Still 0pony.


File: 1420301745790.png (389.64 KB, 404x493, filename.png)

so, some ponies besides the mane 6 might like discord, or maybe they're just being fillies

no postan yet?


File: 1420301906488.png (315.89 KB, 713x501, sweetie family.png)


Why not


File: 1420302032476.png (907.26 KB, 3784x1544, 387504.png)


It's still down Ruseman


File: 1420302200551.png (117.99 KB, 500x333, 1419688273715.png)

it's up, but image posting is broken


File: 1420302290967.png (50.11 KB, 179x179, rumble and thunderlane2.png)


I vote we extend it to sibling relations as well!


I'm seeing that that servers be down.


File: 1420302459357.png (Spoiler Image, 85.28 KB, 900x780, TWILY.png)

sibling relations you say


I used the marker and it works, only the front page seems to be down, anon.


go to the /mlp/ catalog, worked for me
but the frontpage is down


File: 1420302514049.png (156.26 KB, 571x461, sparkler screaming.png)




File: 1420302589135.png (532.04 KB, 1200x1070, 593315__safe_solo_twilight….png)

Still getting the temporarily offline page



File: 1420302822445.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 503x378, 1407614140122.gif)

well that sucks


File: 1420304038294.png (227.69 KB, 707x1000, sunset - slutty.png)


File: 1420306492200.png (427.72 KB, 639x480, 1340977673934.png)

And a happy fucking new year.




File: 1420307504947-0.png (201.85 KB, 1280x916, 1420231792139.png)

qtest π


File: 1420307637539.png (199.36 KB, 701x579, crystal stallion sneaks a ….png)


extremely cute pone, yes

One of several!


Uploads are still broken. So I don't see the use in going back to the board in it's current state.



File: 1420308867544.png (332.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1411425124337.png)

Broken in some places, non-functioning in other, and a-oh-fucking-k in /a/.

Also, /b/ is somehow even worse. You can upload images, but thumbnails are broken, so you have no idea what you're clicking on.

Pony I guess.


File: 1420308919831.gif (239.31 KB, 245x275, 1396041169315.gif)

Is he looking at something he shouldn't?


File: 1420309136858.jpg (141.38 KB, 900x887, skullgirls_we_pone_now_by_….jpg)

Well, it still houses most of the MLPG-nians for one.

Not much different from when lewd discussion hits the general populace, but hey.

>Taking turns on the PC

>Ever other hour I can only access TV
>Want to watch pony but can't because I only have S4 at hand

It's not like I have something against learning some history but I'd rather have the option of bulging on S1 as well.


File: 1420309554615.png (177.35 KB, 537x525, crystal stallion3.png)


Yes he is a very sneaky pony


he looks so sad


File: 1420309955442.png (355.45 KB, 1024x2038, 1410910834972.png)

He is smiling on the inside.


I'm surprised at how little art torch song recieved


File: 1420310087069.gif (508.55 KB, 300x294, crystal stallion powers ac….gif)


He was anon. But he was cuter then at least.

He did get better though!


Does anyone ever remember Toe Tapper?


File: 1420311176046.png (856.76 KB, 1280x588, Would absolutely travel wi….png)

Do you think ponies ever mounted any exploration adventures?


I wonder if they'll ever find the other zebras


File: 1420312040104.png (267.27 KB, 609x419, 1387232722093.png)

is mlpg worthless without images?


Kind of.


File: 1420312577913.png (78.71 KB, 286x283, nurse pony pudgy scrunch.png)


Yes, a persistent thread dedicated the posting of pictures of cute ponies is kind of pointless without the ability to post pictures of cute ponies

We are all going to go into withdrawal


What's an imageboard good for without images?


I wish she'd have more (not anthro or fat) art but Redheart seems to control the nurse pony art business.


>no love for text posts ITT


File: 1420312897482.jpeg (138.43 KB, 803x1000, nurse pone present.jpeg)


There is a little bit but yeah Redheart is by far the most popular of the medical pones


>not fat
But SHE IS fat


I love pictures like this where they are belly up


File: 1420312996890.jpeg (65.26 KB, 500x500, 346624__suggestive_plot_3….jpeg)

You know what I mean.


File: 1420313050798.png (498.46 KB, 900x1165, ponyacci performs.png)

Text's alright; I love stories and such. But it's nice to be punctuated by visuals.


onionpony and necropony living in harmony


can such a thing really happen


File: 1420313425476.png (295.66 KB, 1500x1500, 331316__questionable_licki….png)

All I know is that your body shaming that cute pony because she doesn't look like your canterlot mares.


File: 1420313472080.jpeg (153.44 KB, 700x869, 346430__safe_solo_30%2Bmi….jpeg)

Not true.


thanks to werewolf filly


File: 1420313803938.png (40.88 KB, 609x373, please let me love you.png)



File: 1420314050574.png (12.53 KB, 800x600, 1413619740629.png)

That's a pretty baller ass chain Mrs.Cake has got there


what if I said yes



only on the Hub


>Anon shifts in his sleep
>puts an arm around her subconsciously
>Fluttershy swoons
>Anon wakes up to find her there in the morning
>what the fuck


File: 1420314463356-0.png (20.45 KB, 209x198, 1395331898118.png)


You do this every few minutes.
Are you trying to make me watch you walk away?


You can't yet, we agreed you would hang out with me for 5 hours, it hasn't even been one.


File: 1420314580482.png (89.82 KB, 500x396, lyra upside down.png)


See you in a few hours Bon Bon


oh man can you do one with Dash?


File: 1420314774923-0.png (151.14 KB, 444x320, bonbon and daisy are anger….png)

You're leaving too.


File: 1420314797927.jpg (29.76 KB, 683x513, Bon fuck you.jpg)


>in a relationship with Bonbon
>everytime she gets angry at you in public she drags you back home
>for raucous, violent, questionably consensual angrysex until she feels better and lets you go
>For how grumpy Bon can get, that sometimes takes quite a while


File: 1420314967966.png (Spoiler Image, 377.4 KB, 335x542, future ponies.png)


I would date angry Bonbon that says she hats me.


Right here?


That's just asking for some ayy edits.


File: 1420315095384.png (193.49 KB, 532x784, Bon Bon Smug.png)


Well, okay, but I don't see any chains handy. Will this rope do?


File: 1420315450703.png (89.14 KB, 700x700, Bon anon morning.png)


but that's just a human


>A normal morning for Anon


Geez, fine, I'll get some chains.
(You really like to watch, don't you?)


4chan appears to function again


Nope, it died again just as fast


File: 1420315946420.png (81.48 KB, 500x500, upset pony.png)





File: 1420316169133.png (194.97 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_neqwmjwfJF1ttqlebo3….png)


File: 1420316192294.gif (290.66 KB, 1280x1223, 621040__safe_solo_animated….gif)

it's what got his ears a floppin'


>Someone's got a bad horsecope for today


When's the last time Spike even rode around on Twilight like that?


Season 4 opening?



It's alive again
It's dead again


Circle of moot.


oh yeah when she flew, huh




It's alive but you cannot post PNG's, everything else goes.


File: 1420317015170.jpg (18.09 KB, 472x460, 1402162723083.jpg)

Time for jpg compression.


File: 1420317044639.jpg (3.23 KB, 500x374, jay peg.jpg)


I love you guys.




File: 1420782515430.png (64.81 KB, 289x295, angry red filly.png)







File: 1420785138733.jpg (159.69 KB, 471x269, gilda and pinkie pie make ….jpg)

Welcome back to the stage of history!


Shit's down-down now


File: 1420785642482.gif (309.8 KB, 531x495, happy birthday.gif)

i can't believe 4chan is fucking dead




File: 1420785835089.png (456.81 KB, 600x900, mystery ponies.png)

Wah! What'll we do on the sub?


I must say that was some great lewd you put out today. You need to draw horsepussy more often.


File: 1420785979210.gif (216.02 KB, 398x383, 1383524721445.gif)

mfw 4chan goes down and I come here to see if it's actually down after not coming to mlpg for a while and I get sucked back into mlpg when the sites back up




c'est la vie


>You need to draw horsepussy more often.
I do, mainly because I'm just not that great at it yet. I've still got a long way to go.


File: 1420786074948.png (120.13 KB, 628x481, Pinkie heart.png)

it's always on my nights off too
I just want a nice comfy night where I can drink and post ponies


hey, don't beat yourself down

you draw a great horse pussy


File: 1420786197013.png (30.77 KB, 376x214, 1417487388936.png)

Well keep it up. This fandom always needs more horsepussy.


File: 1420786334715.png (116.86 KB, 572x533, wop.png)

Woh, hay man!


Good job moot


wait what horsepussy? was poinkie horsepussy?



File: 1420786551030.png (333.67 KB, 1280x720, Sweetie_Belle_wants_to_hel….png)

Sweetie Belle wants to make a cool new outfit to impress Rarity

Can you help her?


What would she like me to do?


File: 1420786599137.jpg (282.97 KB, 1024x768, derpy_windows_error_wallpa….jpg)

The site went down quite a few times lately.

Was the 'archive' button really worth so much trouble?


oh, it's just Nyphopone


I'd love to help.


If I had a nickel for every time 4chan was down, I'd have several dozen nickels.


File: 1420786833536.png (474.52 KB, 1280x720, Has Fashion Gone Too Far.png)

Of course… make it green, Sweetie.


File: 1420786855891.png (65.92 KB, 454x520, 1416565537708.png)






I love Fluttershy


Do you really want to be beb? Or do you want to see me post some ponies?




Ponies! Ponies! Ponies!


File: 1420787721436.png (13.2 KB, 551x502, 1415067457200.png)



File: 1420787732162.gif (2.49 MB, 400x225, 239982__UNOPT__safe_rainbo….gif)

Well we're out, only the defective ones left.


Is Twilight using some kind of invisibility spell?


File: 1420787811307.png (699.65 KB, 441x764, Sad Babs.PNG)


File: 1420787848991.jpg (232.89 KB, 920x920, Dash mosaic collage.jpg)



File: 1420787898067.png (184.92 KB, 566x621, pinkie pone.png)

take a look at this fresh, authentic pone


File: 1420787900946.jpg (817.13 KB, 1520x2688, Flying Saucer goes to Buil….jpg)


File: 1420787926455.jpg (458.17 KB, 1280x1894, dontlookatthebottom.jpg)

Now that's heresy.


she's kind of pinkish


Pony wears the leash.


What a rump


The marker works again!

4chinz is back up, everyone.




Shits still down for me.


Please unbeb


Well now I guess I can go qualitypost on MLPG


Good night.


captcha test due to connection errors


Down time, apparently.


Will 4chan ever stop dying.


filly just used a meme incorrectly


File: 1421226291031.png (719.99 KB, 705x720, fluttershy save the animal….png)

Don't worry guys, I saved a pony before the crash


Can I see her pony bits?


File: 1421226408838.png (143.93 KB, 434x290, fluttershy shy.png)

Why have just bits of the pony when you can have all of it!


File: 1421226631665.jpg (439.95 KB, 1000x750, flutterbutt_by_buttsnstuff….jpg)

i want a flutterbutt on my face


File: 1421226952360.jpg (89.42 KB, 640x480, MaidFS05_zps56702c11.jpg)

wanna sniff that plushbutt


I think shit's down again.


Is 4chan ded or is it just me?


4chan is ded.

And I had something cool I wanted to post.


File: 1421753969667.gif (3.75 MB, 320x180, o5nokh.gif)

Connection error.


I know it's not my fault, but I feel like saying the word 'dickbutt' is partially responsible and I want to apologize anyway.


File: 1421755245039.png (3.29 MB, 1024x640, 2s8ihdj.png)

PANIC mode engaged.

So, what do you guys think we'll see in the first S5 trailer?


I'm already up way too late.
Hope someone pays attention and keeps things going when it's back up.




More of Season 5 Episode 1.


File: 1421755615834.jpg (526.63 KB, 1600x1670, 1421217824266.jpg)

I don't watch trailers.


I'm tired. I guess I'll just post this here.
So I couldn't find a free, legal way to code in Flash.
But I still wanted it to be playable in a browser. And
open source sounded like a good idea for a group project.

So I learned some HTML5

Objectives: jump, be pone


File: 1421755830895.png (1.82 MB, 2000x1500, ponycraft_2_by_junker_kun-….png)

Prefer to go in without spoilers?

I can tolerate that, though I don't find MLPG very good at keeping secrets.
Heaven forbid you'd venture into /mlp/.


File: 1421756026757.png (112.38 KB, 1100x800, 487807__safe_twilight spar….png)

I'm just not excited enough to watch a pony trailer.


File: 1421756271623.png (598.74 KB, 1024x692, this_is_war__by_jcosnevere….png)

>A simple js.
>A few moments after being up, my CPU went into 100%.

>MLP Worms
That's another thing I'm really surprised wasn't done already, though Settlers ponies take the cake.

I actually liked all the full 3D games, even if my first experience with Worms was Armageddon and later that real-time thing done by fans.


File: 1421756399294.png (175.94 KB, 900x1165, All Wrong, ALL WRONG!.png)

>wasn't done already

*hasn't been made already


Protip: use requestAnimationFrame for render loops, it guarantees 60 fps and uses less cpu than setInterval and setTimeout.

Also there are lots of nice html5 game engines around, use one of those, it will save you a lot of time.


>ded even in the sub
You're making Junior cry, Anon.


File: 1421757900879.png (583.51 KB, 1280x720, Implying not Neets.png)

Well, let's be fair, it's currently time when most yuropoors are at work/uni and ameriats haven't woken up yet.

At this time you only avoid beb if you're full of NEETs or Asians and MLPG is neither.


Thanks for that. I'm just cracking open HTML5 right now.

I realize I should use an engine, this was more of a "what can I do with this" kind of thing.


It's pretty fun what you can do with html5, I made this a while ago.


I couldn't get animations to work right, but it still looks nice.


File: 1421761543490.png (934.7 KB, 1440x815, obligatory not-that-kind-o….png)

Wow. I wasn't expecting that. It does look nice.


beb as fuck


What if pony hates jumping? By jumping we cannot be pone


Ded as a doornail


I'm with that other Anon. More of episode 1 is likely what we'll see.
I'm more interested in a possible date for S5 from there and hearing what the two of them have to say in that panel. The last director panel I watched was interesting.


Wake up!
Grab a brush and put a little make up!


way to go you guys, Gloomy's fucking huge now


Marker is still frozen. Someone please take care of her in the meanwhile.


File: 1421767006454.png (156.65 KB, 640x360, I still can't believe peop….png)


Say, how hard would it be to convert some fellow /co/mrades on our side?
Just hypothetically, of course




File: 1421767310674.png (1.53 MB, 970x1220, mlp___age_of_empires_by_wa….png)

Right in the childhood.




File: 1421767606545.png (313.12 KB, 650x1107, eed.png)

>not Mongols

Is there something "wrong" with me in that despite tagging along with the series on every new game, I never disliked AoM/AoE 3 and after it was changed by GPG but before its closure, I even liked Aoe:O?


Because it didn't have anything great or even okay in it.
It's not bad but besides the song which was cute as fuck it has nothing that interesting.

It feels that they wanted to give an answer to will Scoots ever fly and then in the last moment, shit fuck it we'll still leave it undecided. And they did that in the worst way.
>You can't fly now but maybe in the future.

The song was incredibly cute though.


File: 1421767969521.jpg (80.85 KB, 1071x663, Style.jpg)

So I like it simply because I like slice of life episodes?

The song's nice (even though the "horses" could have been switched for something else), DT and SS aren't really any worse than usual, Harswhinny and RD shenanigans are fun to watch and what little struggle there was with Scootaloo's inability to fly was handled pretty well, in my opinion.

Then again, I can't stand Pinkie Apple Pie… To each his own, I guess.


File: 1421768256348.png (79.37 KB, 205x225, [continued slaughter].png)

>Then again, I can't stand Pinkie Apple Pie


File: 1421768705028.png (170.46 KB, 900x772, mlp_pinkie_pie_and_rainbow….png)




… Simply killed it for me. And I like Ponka (which is the reason I'm not okay with it… I was hoping for a normal Pinkie focused gem, instead I had to wait until AKR delivered on that).


My opinion of the episode improved on second viewing




Anyone else having a problem with 4chan to load?


Am I the only one who can't see the catalog, nor the normal view of /mlp/ and gets a Connection Error problem whenever I want to post something on MLPG through Marker link?

The same thing for /g/ and /mu/, based on a quick scan of the situation.


>4chan's first post-moot kill
ded forever


File: 1423997316239.jpg (548.04 KB, 2592x1944, cel sat 2.jpg)

It's down.


>4chan broke as hell.
But if I shitpost here it makes me feel bad!


>/mlp/ frontpage gone
>others just fine


File: 1423998312740.gif (206.86 KB, 272x213, [Fast Intensifies].gif)

>Muh equality.
The sweet irony.


As I said, the same goes for /mu/ and /g/… possibly some other boards.

We won't have to go looking for a new home yet.


>Implying I don't get to panic for no reason.


Hey man…
What if they don't bring /mlp/ back up?!
What if this is it, man!?
Game over, just as we saw light at the end of the tunnel!


Good riddance.


They should get rid of other useless boards like /k/ while they are at it.


File: 1423998985574.jpg (161.88 KB, 1024x584, mechanized_pony_cavalry_by….jpg)

I hope you've got your variable IP/boatload of proxies ready, /co/mrade.
We'll need them.

I would love to see the look on /co/'s face if we ever got around to resorting to that.


yeah, and /v/ while theyre at it. kick all the boards out, fuck it.


/co/ is so fucking pathetic at the moment it would be an internet Grenada.


Only board we need is /pol/ to keep relevant with the news.


File: 1423999395992.png (266.42 KB, 647x650, ThePowerPoniesRadiance[1].png)

Hey, it would be fun and we'd probably up the quality of the board a few notches.


File: 1423999540285.png (733 KB, 1280x717, background pony time.png)

4Chan is dead
Post ponies




It doesn't take much to polish a pile of shit when you have the polish on hand and the shit is crusty and dry.



You guys are like the only real friends I ever had.


File: 1424000150838.png (510.47 KB, 900x465, 1357778737791.png)

how many ponies should I post


The catalog pages seem to be screwy on a number of boards


What happened to this place, there isnt even image zoom anymore


File: 1424000322784.png (471.19 KB, 936x629, background pony freakout.png)



File: 1424000502560.gif (1.33 MB, 350x151, 1359088380362.gif)



File: 1424000564106.png (191.84 KB, 475x457, dolphins wants.png)

This is 1000% acceptable


File: 1424000645530.gif (116.9 KB, 472x238, 554809.gif)



File: 1424000734445.png (413.77 KB, 856x610, gilda is unsure what to th….png)


File: 1424000921258.jpg (75.75 KB, 1274x612, season4-part3[1].jpg)

I'm not the only one who gets that funky feeling hearing this, right?


File: 1424001044173.gif (73.79 KB, 292x373, 133763960762.gif)



File: 1424001121985.jpg (131.69 KB, 900x900, 1347561889012.jpg)

Ponka cuddles are for dweebs


File: 1424001207489.png (331.01 KB, 649x551, 135403986700.png)

r u for real


File: 1424001291594.gif (694.81 KB, 421x360, 1419973793032.gif)

She just needs a little warming up


File: 1424001315832.png (254.48 KB, 1280x1047, pinkie_pie_s_pro_skater_by….png)


Do you think the music from the S5 trailer is going to be used in the BGM for one of the episodes or is it simply promotional?


File: 1424001523475.png (241.78 KB, 436x528, The BBEG.png)

The plot thickens…

Isn't that basically the same kinda star Twilight promenades with?


giddy up giddy up giddy up giddy up up


File: 1424001932797.jpg (43.48 KB, 600x441, 4000[1].jpg)

I was actually dumbstruck for a sec as to why you're referring to the 4CC before it dawned on me.

Damn, it's been so long since the S2 hiatus.
And all the pony we have now compared to back then.


File: 1424001945656.png (447.24 KB, 1600x1180, 1361657701577.png)

One super warm and toasty hug coming right up!


Nice to see people still show up here.


Only when 4chang is kill, though.


File: 1424002736099.jpg (141.84 KB, 630x630, MLDnDP1_1c0e58a1-48e8-4b8d….jpg)

Ditto for quests happening.


It'd be nice to see some traffic outside of those too, though


File: 1424003709876.png (341.62 KB, 1280x1255, 575300.png)

look at this super cute zodiac pony
you wish your zodiac pony was as cute as mine


File: 1424003835559.png (82.22 KB, 468x558, Scorpio 12.png)

Why would i want to make my zodiac pony less cute?


File: 1424004028054.png (223.14 KB, 1280x802, 575303.png)

it would be an upgrade though
that zodiac pony may be top four zodiac pone material, but is in no way number one


File: 1424004181929.png (50.96 KB, 188x208, Cancer 1.png)

Number one is Cancer
Number two is Scorpio


File: 1424004314746.png (162.23 KB, 1112x1535, 487342.png)

but that's wrong you fucking retard


File: 1424004357357.png (84.38 KB, 479x415, Scorpio 9.png)

Wow rude


File: 1424004486586.jpg (50.34 KB, 700x500, Scorpio Anon Sting Poke Un….jpg)

he's right though
Scorpio is #1


File: 1424004603855.gif (76.49 KB, 550x400, 395775.gif)

but that's still wrong
I don't know if you're deliberately missing my >implications here or what, but Libra is number one.


File: 1424004911596.jpg (126.59 KB, 450x1200, Aquarius Scorpio Zodiac_Po….jpg)

Ok dude let me explain the correct ranking of this zodiac ponies
#1 Scorpio
#2 tie between Cancer and Capricorn
#3 4 way tie between Virgo, Gemini. Aquarius, Leo
And then there's the rest.


File: 1424005045576.jpg (1.1 MB, 1887x2111, 1357515726738.jpg)

I disagree with your opinion, and believe mine to be better in every way.


File: 1424005133343.jpg (68.36 KB, 642x449, Scorpio Wine Bed Unf Smile….jpg)

Well, that's because you're a faggot with horrible taste that wouldn't know a good pony if it kicked you in the face.

I bet you favorite main cast pony is Applejack


File: 1424005440568.png (346.67 KB, 1833x1658, 393296.png)

Applehorse isn't even top ten horse material.
And if Libra kicked me in the face, I would be able to tell she's the best zodiac pone from the bruises her hooves left on my face.


Nopony stop antagonizing the anons


File: 1424005598068.png (627.5 KB, 1230x1283, 561654__safe_solo_ponyscop….png)

Obviously Leo is both cutest and cuddliest. I don't know what kind of metrics you guys use to rate ponies, but that makes her best in my book.


File: 1424005752351.png (312.81 KB, 900x664, Scorpio Poke Smile Doing_n….png)

>Applehorse isn't even top ten horse material.
Maybe I was wrong about your taste but I'm not wrong about you opinion about Libra being the best being absolutely, objectively wrong. She's low tier at best.


>wears a fursuit constantly
>likely never washes it
>believes she is a lion-kin
>unappealing mane and tail color
>can't snuggle properly because of the smelly fursuit
>liable to chew on your limbs in her sleep
I don't know what kind of metrics you use to rate ponies, but it's clearly fucked.


File: 1424005965523.png (78.18 KB, 460x644, 1357437947597.png)

If by low tier you mean she's the best, then I completely agree.


File: 1424006168991.jpeg (115.04 KB, 800x521, medium (1).jpeg)

>all that projecting
Anon, please. Just because you don't keep up with the laundry doesn't mean everyone is like that.


>implying I'm a disgusting slob
Just look at that super fluffy lion mane. That has to be hard to keep clean. And she can't do it with her tongue.
Speaking of her tongue, she'll likely want to groom you with it. Enjoy being covered in pony slobber.
And did I mention she likely has gender identity issues? Only male lions have manes.


File: 1424007085827.png (189.39 KB, 639x621, pony_a_day__2__aquarius_po….png)


Mah' zodiac pony, best zodiac pony.
I't actually even my birthday today and I'm pretty sure we have at least 3 other Aquarius patricians on MLPG so… yeah.




Not the best zodiac, but I like being one.



Oh and happy birthday


File: 1424007478390.png (477.7 KB, 851x467, Capture[1].PNG)

Make that 4 patricians.



File: 1424007699303.jpg (80.23 KB, 553x545, 218889__safe_zecora_zebra_….jpg)

>not wanting a cute transgender pony to give you a friendly nibble
>or pony licks that turn into sloppy makeouts


It's actually funny that you think that being Aquarius is a patrician thing. Oh ye plebs, so adorable when being wrong.
Happy birthday m8

Anyway real talk, did anyone waifu EqG Twilight? Because now that's confirmed she is gonna hook up with Brad it's kinda over.
On the bright side Pony Twilight is free so let us have a moment of silence for the other Twilight who died for her freedom.




Man, dawn's pretty hot.




Anon…it's…you know that's no longer the case. ;_;


that's hilarious.


One way or another, it's always moot's fault
don't take this away from me, man



>Flash Sentry comes in a pack with Twilight Sparkle so that girls can finally bring to life this blossoming romance

It's also the Glasses wearing Twilight. And she is apparently the villain because she becomes Midnight Sparkle or some shit.


>season 1 was over four years ago
jesus christ.




File: 1424008398303.jpg (16.66 KB, 320x320, 19132304.jpg)

What the christ


Is there a waifuwall that's more than 10000x10000? Like the 35 MB one?


Welcome to hell.
We got Archery, skating, and motocross with motorcycles that have detachable wings that can be attached to the driver. And where we give away the fucking climax of the movie just like that.


Happy birthday.


File: 1424008786469.png (392.47 KB, 960x540, 829149__safe_solo_princess….png)

Thanks guys.

Because we're already on a quest.
Quest to pony as hard as possible.


File: 1424008948151.png (215.08 KB, 640x360, 381126__safe_screencap_the….png)

And crystal ponies too!


>4chan down
>Maybe for good
>right when new season stuff starts surfacing
Fuck everything…



And yet the MLPG lives on. Season 5 will air, and 4chan or not, I believe will celebrate it as much as as strongly as we always have. Here or there.


File: 1424010230750.png (590.4 KB, 800x483, medium (1).png)

>maybe for good
Oh come on, it's still early morning on a Sunday
It's just down because any who cares and has the ability to fix it is still asleep


File: 1424011348228.png (165.31 KB, 876x913, coco_pommel_happy_by_jeatz….png)

Coco is confirmed to have some sort of dress in her episode.
Do you think it means she will have an episode of her own instead of merely being thrown into the lot for the 100th, BG pony episode?


Oh gosh! Pony says pony should pony pony!!!!!


Fun fact you can post anywhere on 4chan but can't post on /mlp/

I just posted on /v/


File: 1424011929604.png (793.7 KB, 900x745, ponyhammer_by_bluehaakon-d….png)

What about /tg/, /g/ and /mu/, anon?

We're not getting squatted.
Not yet, anyway.


/v/ won't even load.


Luna Quest should be starting up here within the next 2 or 3 hours. Just a reminder.


Pony is going to pony jail for inciting acts of treason


Where will we go if /mlp/ really is kill one day? Will redchanit /co/ let a mlp general thread stay?


File: 1424012866018.png (909 B, 108x84, ded.png)




File: 1424013072572.gif (611.57 KB, 524x500, 1420835719080.gif)

This is false.

The entire database seems to be down, some boards still have their front pages cached while others like /mlp/ had them refreshed and generated a blank page but you can't post anywhere without an error.


File: 1424013086039.png (400.26 KB, 1000x1501, AJ Declares thy place wher….png)

Besiege /co/ with MLPG, of course.

4Chan is really the only English chan worth it.


Is 4chan being epic hacked?


Someone did a poll yesterday asking what we would do if mlpg was no longer allowed on /mlp/.

It was mostly split between "End It all" and stay on the sub with about 15 votes each. The Sub won out by a few votes. Other options had very few votes. The distant third, iirc, was to integrate into the board.


I say end it all. MLPG has run its course


File: 1424015103694.png (225.24 KB, 1025x1024, large[1].png)

>Other options had very few votes.
>The distant third, iirc, was to integrate into the board.

Anon, there were only these options + /pone/.


We should just go to mlpchan, it's quite popular and have good mods.


Maybe I worded that weird. I just forgot what the fourth option was and by "the other options" I meant the ones other than the first two: the third one I remembered and the fourth one I didn't.


File: 1424015537617.png (3.13 MB, 4030x2073, 141290729873[1].png)

>Very funny.

They're merging with Ponychan, are they not?


I assume that just means they're saying welcome to ponychanners who want a new ship after theirs sunk.
mlpchan rules and moderation should not change, afaik.


so did they finally kill /mlp/ or is the site just fucked


File: 1424016009498.jpg (82.36 KB, 800x640, df0537556c884cc63c191099a8….jpg)

Of course, anon.
I'm just a bit jumpy as I'm suck in a melancholy… Sundays and excessive PC use don't go well together.

The 4chan just had a bit too much alcohol thinking about its imaginary server waifu.
It should come back up later t'day.


The site is down. And I'll say it again do you honestly think that the site would risk getting rid of the board?


It's alive


File: 1424016194692.png (88.76 KB, 1200x720, full[1].png)

Well, Moot actually was pretty close to that at one point, going by the janitor logs.

Suffice to say, I'd stay and fight.
But that doesn't mean much when stuck with a static IP.


Well I wouldn't rule it out, especially since /mlp/'s name is ''yotsuba image board'' and all the threads are gone while other boards seem down but unchanged.


File: 1424016439833.gif (386.64 KB, 300x300, o1_r1_400.gif)



>the janitor logs.
The bogus ones?






File: 1425378943031.png (192.54 KB, 800x600, 1424897714029.png)

>even the sub is ded


>4chan posting ded
Anyone have a pony comic they'd like to read?


The last one that wasn't absolute shit


So the last comic that came out then? Babs and Rarity's FF didn't seem to cause much of a stir.


File: 1425379993461.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, science.gif)



>287 images
Is there an image limit for threads here?


Technically no but thread loading can get pretty awful when they get bloated





File: 1425384847772.png (293.16 KB, 894x894, mlp___pinkie_hi_by_haydee-….png)

Well hello there!

DO you guys think there's any chance the new UT becomes successful and thus we could see some good pony mods for weapons and characters, maybe even maps, down the line.


Forced transformation into a slutty mare that says hello at orgasm.


I honestly don't think the FPS market is in a very healthy place right now.


File: 1425385970694-0.png (327.57 KB, 877x911, mayor_mare_sample_by_canda….png)

File: 1425385970694-1.png (478.57 KB, 720x696, img-3496000-2-826695__safe….png)

So we already know how the premiere's epiosdes are going to be "Cutie Markless pt.1/2."

Am I the only one who thinks they could've come up with a slightly better name for them?
Especially consiering just how many bad puns could be made from 'equine' and 'equality'.


File: 1425386426070-0.png (600.14 KB, 900x506, img-286407-1-tribes__the_h….png)

Considering the best FPS in recent memory has been T:Ascend, of all things imaginable (it is a horrible Tribes game, tbh), I'm inclined to agree.


Equinity is not a very good pun


File: 1425386946740-0.png (216.14 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_m7w1jsMUcY1qg8dtzo3….png)

It's puns. They're supposed to be bad.

Still, I think they could've come up with something better than "Cutie Markless".


File: 1425388284972.png (938.21 KB, 1280x1086, 841458[1].png)


File: 1425388596737.png (324.89 KB, 527x711, 1420659228682.png)


>tfw you can't even shitpost during your lunch-break


File: 1425388697178.gif (2.3 MB, 588x657, 1420630784643.gif)


File: 1425390332846.jpg (98.67 KB, 775x600, medium (1).jpg)

I can't lewdpost here! It's much too vacant!


What would you even lewdpost about?


File: 1425390694472.png (489.8 KB, 432x632, 1424864416125.png)

being kidnapped by a herd of pegasi


Ponies, I'd imagine.




If you get a chance, maybe add a "bottom" button near the top off the page?


So, anyone out there?





illiterate pricklepear


I wish I WAS your pet diamond dog or a griffon so I can you a pawjob as way of saying I'm sorry for the grammar.


we ded


4chan's back.


update yo countdown clock foo
season 5 is announced


File: 1425784089879.jpg (120.34 KB, 1501x921, reinbew deesh.jpg)

Am I just going to have to get used to 4chan breaking every other day?


Now that moot is dead yes.


File: 1425784774898.gif (1.55 MB, 708x720, 1379620935760.gif)

>tfw can't post


That poor Dash booping by herself

I want to protect her


Seems like it is only down for most.


File: 1425785065364.png (8.6 KB, 468x60, 29b63311cafa4fed8e6189baa9….png)


File: 1425785849956.gif (954.25 KB, 800x800, dash teeth.gif)


File: 1425785854519.png (476.43 KB, 1094x716, ded.png)


Definitely is for me

totally ded

RIP pones


File: 1425785889884.jpg (256.3 KB, 720x900, pair pv hum 2.jpg)

Watch me draw S10 stuff if you can't post on 4chan


File: 1425786152384.png (100.6 KB, 422x384, 1412475865511.png)

seems to be down for everyone right now, boards are completely frozen


File: 1425786326713.jpg (56.02 KB, 800x600, 1408933747843.jpg)



Shit's back yo


File: 1425788088942.png (233.21 KB, 524x563, stallion hoof bite.png)


But for how long


fucking again?


Yeah, it's a bad habit.


Until pone


That's pretty lewd, anon

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