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File: 1375824060396.jpg (236.13 KB, 1920x1079, DragonsCrown-29.jpg)


Out now for PS3/Vita

Post your accounts and what system your playing on and maybe we can get some coop going.

I'll be on ps3 as dyeonyx

File: 1375369631644.png (65.2 KB, 423x445, ignore the robot.png)


Putting little green ponies in to space

There was a server up, but I guess it's gone now?


Live Feed server is up:

You need this mod:

File: 1372988421693.jpg (198.33 KB, 1600x848, Horse01.jpg)


Anyone playing this?


could you upload the whole file to imgur or mediafire?

I cannot download through the official site's uploader due to that query before download crap


File: 1373080948876.jpg (24.04 KB, 363x255, johnnypls.jpg)

I meant dropbox


Here is a mediafire link for the game. Mind you still need to pay for an account




Here's a link for a cracked version. You don't need an account for this so feel free to try it out! Tell me if the link is down, I can reupload it.

Also I think the multiplayer works like a charm without an account so far, do tell me how it goes if any of you tries it out.

File: 1359306053606.gif (654.66 KB, 350x350, polka pie.gif)


Let's talk about and share video game music!

I'll start with that tune from SimCity 3000. It fits so well the idea of the town, it's not even funny.





I don't normally listen to vidya music but I love this one:




File: 1373358766332.jpg (22.74 KB, 256x318, Alpha_Protocol_cover.jpg)


I cant be the only one who has played this?


You are not, quite a decent game, especially considering how cheap I got it.

File: 1373618269760.png (10.89 KB, 601x203, python-logo-master-v3-TM-f….png)


I did not know we had a /v/ board until right now.

Do we have a thread yet just for indie game development?

File: 1373324194741.jpg (34.1 KB, 256x360, nocturne.jpg)


Do you like games? Do you like streams? Do you like streams of games?

Then I've got something that might interest ya, stranger!

Whenever I feel like it, I'll do a stream of a game you guys vote for. It's that simple.

Tonight, I feel like playing the PS2, so here's my PS2 collection: http://pastebin.com/CzHw7Eg6

Pic related, it's what I'd like to play, but I got a vote for KH2.

File: 1359315612601.jpg (336.02 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)


Holla holla get $
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holy niggers

did anyone else get the Canterlot update
now I have double pones


Shit's amazing yo, I tell you. We missed the St. Patrick's update but Gameloft gave us Canterlot, a lot of new pones and a new minigame (it's terrible though).


File: 1364682112367.png (49.46 KB, 215x185, excited fancypony.png)

>get canterlot update
>read that Fleur has wings
>go to buy her
>you have to play the balloon pop game to win her
>prepare to gamble away my gems because I used the 50/day cheat
>get her on the first try


File: 1372982709021.png (497.92 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2013-07-04-16-5….png)



File: 1372982731368.png (444.54 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2013-07-04-16-5….png)


File: 1370525351395.jpg (52.98 KB, 438x699, heykid.jpg)


Did you know that Dolphin supports netplay?

We should get some melee going or something

check it out: http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/download.html


Air Ride?

File: 1369189639371.jpg (112.84 KB, 1680x1050, yatatatatata yatatatatata ….jpg)




fuck I like playing hats

why don't we play hats


We played hats tonight. It was fun.

I'll upload some of the stuff I recorded tomorrow. For now, it's already past my bed time and my internet is piss poor when it comes to upload speed.


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