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File: 1379618754619.png (100.55 KB, 512x512, PerfectCookie.png)



I'm not sure if it's a game or some crazy social experiment worthy of Peter Molyneux but it's fun i guess… I don't know I like it.


File: 1379089232068.png (746.88 KB, 1200x947, tumblr_m3y01f7fpe1rnns0io1….png)


So I know for a fact that there's quite a few of us who play this here

I thought we could use this thread to share our summoner names, prepare premades and generally be terrible at this game together

Mine is Gypsymagics2, still level 11 because I had to make a new account for the US server
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Uncle Baconface, here. Currently only at level 15. I'm most available to play on Monday through Wednesday.


Oh, yeah, sorry. Forgot that I didn't have an account for the US servers. Summoner name is Spaerk

Holy shit, those are way more heroes than I remember


ShadowRocket is my main, Summoner 30

AirborneScrub is my recently made smurf, Summoner 3

I'm on fairly regularly since League's a pretty quick distraction from my day to day stuff. Gonna work on leveling my smurf since a lot of you guys don't have 30's yet either.



File: 1379618231944.jpg (103.78 KB, 1023x614, RENGACIA.jpg)

mine is argon de flutter
I'm level 30. I'd love to play games with people who aren't dicks


Er, AirborneSpud is my smurf in addition to Airborne Scrub. Apparently I ended up with two somehow.

I'll be on Spud tonight to level it some from its current level 9 state, so if you want to play some bots or normals hit me up.

File: 1370754075602.png (78.68 KB, 800x600, tumblr_mn8t9r96tZ1r5r3r1o1….png)


Swap 3DS Friendcodes here: >>137
Get info here: http://www.animal-crossing.com/newleaf/

What did you name your town? What does your townie look like? Do you have inappropriate thoughts about Isabelle?
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4chan is running on EDT (GMT -5), but I believe 4chan's native extension should let you convert to local time.

In any case, I've found ACG to be a major life-saver not once, but twice.


206 today


File: 1376935691854.png (26.24 KB, 965x868, Brokenheart.png)

Still saving up for this game @u@;;


You can score a used 3DS for ~$130 these days, and ACNL will set you back another $35 on the eShop. Keep us posted so I can add you as soon as you get it.

In other news, I bought 2mil worth of turnips on Sunday, and I've started organizing a cafe in one of my museum exhibits after being inspired by an HHA Showcase entry. I'll have to take/transfer pictures sometime.


I just got this game, and god everything is so cute.

File: 1372089283530.png (647.97 KB, 1024x576, firefall timeline as of 06….png)


* What is Firefall?

"Firefall is a sci-fi MMO shooter set in a future Earth. A starship disaster unleashes a titanic energy storm called the Melding. It envelopes the earth, wipes out most of the planet, and spawns hostile creatures who self-proclaim themselves the Chosen.

Players must band together. Uniting in the form of armies, players will need to collect resources to craft weapons and vehicles to fight back the apocalyptic threat of the Chosen invasion. Special Nano-technology suits of armor called Battleframes enhance the human race in this future Earth and allow players to jumpjet across battlefields, wield a variety of exotic weapons of heavy destruction, and employ special abilities to reclaim the world.

Created by seasoned developers including the team-lead for vanilla WoW and the lead-designer of Tribes 1 and 2, Firefall’s combat is fast paced, furious, and plays like a top tier action oriented shooter. But Firefall is equally an MMO, plunging hundreds of players into an all-out Player vs. Environment war against the Chosen army. It is the largest co-op shooter made to date and offers a unique gameplay experience not found any where else."

* Who are the Chosen?

"The Chosen are an intelligent and malevolent race. They invade by drop pods. They establish patrols, build outposts and lay siege to towns. They strike anywhere and at any time in small waves or huge incursions. These barrages of strategic attacks by the Chosen create a fully dynamic Massive Multiplayer Online open world warfront.

Players have the choice to watch the world fall by the wayside or fight back against the Chosen. Defend key points on the warfront to defy the Melding's consumption of the world. Advance into the heart of Chosen territory to reclaim areas once belonging to the Accord. Working together in cross-server events, players will uncover new parts of the world with each campaign to recoup the world and drive back the Melding storm."

* What are some of the FireFall's features?
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File: 1372089552225.png (2.75 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot11.png)


File: 1372089597553.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot05.png)


File: 1372090455960.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot10.png)

Pretty, isn't it?

* Why should I get into the game now?

First, open beta is starting soon. Anyone who was in the closed beta likely has a number of invite codes left over to drag people in with, and if you can't find someone to invite you there's always the buy-in option of throwing actual money at Red 5 Studios for a founder's pack. If you get in before open beta starts, there's a few items you can get right now that players won't be able to get later, like pets, custom glider pads, and even a future-motorcycle with a fancy red paintjob. As of this posting, I have five (5) invite codes to give away.

* What can I do in the game?

Right now? You can mine for resources, you can travel the (somewhat small right now) open world to complete missions for XP and resources, you can challenge players in the world to PvP duels, or you can get in a queue for one of a number of arena PvP matches. All of these activities reward you with XP, which is earned on a battleframe-by-battleframe basis, as well as resources that you can use to advance your battleframe's capabilities or to build new toys to play with. There's even a raid boss that players can summon, but it needs 25 coordinated players to beat up.

* What will I be able to do as the game progresses?

The devs have stated in the past that their end goal for FireFall is to allow players to push the Melding off of Earth entirely, giving the game a win condition, as well as to give players the chance to fail and let the Chosen and the Melding take over entirely. There's a series of videos by the folks who do Extra Credits that will explain this in more detail, and the first one is here: http://youtu.be/RhLBtBUp_pI

* Why are you making a thread about this?
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* Does this game have a website or are you going to be a dick?

Yes, and yes. http://www.firefallthegame.com/


so, I downloaded the client and played for a bit

it seems kind of fun so far

Anyone else playing?

File: 1375824060396.jpg (236.13 KB, 1920x1079, DragonsCrown-29.jpg)


Out now for PS3/Vita

Post your accounts and what system your playing on and maybe we can get some coop going.

I'll be on ps3 as dyeonyx

File: 1375369631644.png (65.2 KB, 423x445, ignore the robot.png)


Putting little green ponies in to space

There was a server up, but I guess it's gone now?


Live Feed server is up:

You need this mod:

File: 1372988421693.jpg (198.33 KB, 1600x848, Horse01.jpg)


Anyone playing this?


could you upload the whole file to imgur or mediafire?

I cannot download through the official site's uploader due to that query before download crap


File: 1373080948876.jpg (24.04 KB, 363x255, johnnypls.jpg)

I meant dropbox


Here is a mediafire link for the game. Mind you still need to pay for an account




Here's a link for a cracked version. You don't need an account for this so feel free to try it out! Tell me if the link is down, I can reupload it.

Also I think the multiplayer works like a charm without an account so far, do tell me how it goes if any of you tries it out.

File: 1359306053606.gif (654.66 KB, 350x350, polka pie.gif)


Let's talk about and share video game music!

I'll start with that tune from SimCity 3000. It fits so well the idea of the town, it's not even funny.





I don't normally listen to vidya music but I love this one:




File: 1373358766332.jpg (22.74 KB, 256x318, Alpha_Protocol_cover.jpg)


I cant be the only one who has played this?


You are not, quite a decent game, especially considering how cheap I got it.

File: 1373324194741.jpg (34.1 KB, 256x360, nocturne.jpg)


Do you like games? Do you like streams? Do you like streams of games?

Then I've got something that might interest ya, stranger!

Whenever I feel like it, I'll do a stream of a game you guys vote for. It's that simple.

Tonight, I feel like playing the PS2, so here's my PS2 collection: http://pastebin.com/CzHw7Eg6

Pic related, it's what I'd like to play, but I got a vote for KH2.

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