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When we last left our villains, they had just arisen for their first day of raiding. The fleet has arrived at the cove on the edge of Bridgewater Port, where the Commodore intends to wait out the coming storm.

The port itself is a small, Equestrian farming community, with long summer days and little valuable to steal. However, as the crew prepares to buckle down for the storm, Alys, Sandor, Chip, and Rahjak find themselves called to the helm of the Pillager's Fancy by Fullmaster Abilio.

Meanwhile, Spring Water and Magenta hear someone at the door to the brig.


"Whoooooo's there? It's beeeeen too damn long already!"


head there with Sandor

"What would be the meaning for this unnecessary meeting?"


Pull Summer a little closer and gulp


"I do not know, M'Lady. They better not be wasting your time."


"Wh- Who's there?…"
I huddle closer to Spring Water.


The door to the brig swings open, and Keymaster is there, with a few other pirates you're not familiar with.

"Yer bein' pard'ned fer shore leave." He strides over to Magenta's prison and unlocks it. "R'port to th' Fullmaster."

The other crewmen start dragging chains over to Spring Water's prison. "Th' Fullmaster requests yer presence as well."

The Captain does not look up from his charts and maps, which he has sprawled across a table near the wheel.

"You've been selected for shore leave. Enjoy it. Don't forget to show back up at the ship by dawn. If you forget, you get left. You're free to do whatever you wish on shore leave, but Commodore Tallow has decreed that nothing warranting the attention of the Holy Guard should be committed. So no burning down townhall. That will be all."


"Paaaaardoned? I've beeeen assaulted and throooown in a ceeeeell by the ponies I paaaaaid for! Theeeee master will hear me!"

Storm off to the Fullmaster.


"Th- The Fullmaster?… Who's he? Is he scary?"
I shiver and duck under Spring Water.


motion Sandor to leave the room and wait for one of the boats heading out


I follow her.
"What are you plans if I may ask, M'Lady?"


I sigh

"I don't know sweetheart, just stick close to me and you'll be safe."


"Get off this damned ship, and see if there's anything worth my time. I cannot stand the rocking and moving like these other… well."


As you're heading for the boats, a blue-feathered Gryphon motions for you to come to the aftcastle, into one of the cabins. She has a conspiratorial look on her face.

You arrive at the Fullmaster just as everyone else has left, narrowly avoiding running into Sandor and Alys.

Keymaster shrugs. "'E's not so bad. Fullmaster innit really a real title. Can't take a joke. Somepony said 'e was four times as calculatin' as a quartermaster. They jokin'ly called 'im 'Fullmaster'. 'e too' the title ser'o'ly."


Stop Sandor and follow


"I'm sure we'll find something for your needs once on land, M'Lady."

Follow wordlessly.
Keep my claymore at the ready.


"Whaaaat was the meaning of that? The dog and her whore attacked me, after I paid for their trip, and then you put meeeee in jail?"


Wake up, where am I?


Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh… I get it! Four quarters makes a whole… that's funny, hehe."
I giggle.


The Gryphon leads you into a cabin and shuts the door. "I can tell you're involved with the Arts, so I'm going to be direct. I wasn't chosen for shore leave, but you were. You see, I have something very important to do in Bridgewater, and I'm willing to compensate you for your time if you cooperate. I'm involved in a little but of cultist competition. You see, I am part of the Blacktongue Cult, followers of Grogar. On the edge of this town, on a farm called the Black Stead, there is an Archcultist who has raised a heretical branch of Grogar followers. This will not stand. If you kill their Archcultist, a pony named Misery Mire, and bring back her spellbook, I will be more than happy to use my money and influence on the ship to make things more liveable for you."

You're already awake! You were in the brig earlier, with that filly. You head to meet Fullmaster Abilio.

The Fullmaster doesn't even look up. Smitts is there, though, and remarks, "Well, you did release a demon and nearly destroy our mast. And you weren't conscious to give your side of the story. Commodore Tallow decided the easiest way to solve the problem would be to just give both parties shore leave, and assumed you'd either kill each other or get left behind on land."

He pauses. "On that note, congratulations! You have shore leave. You have until dawn to do whatever you want in town… though I do have a suggestion, if you're interested in something OTHER than revenge."




"Anything needed for me done Fullmaster, or am I free to leave and do what I wish?"


I roll my eyes with a smile and take her with me to the Fullmaster


He shrugs. "I figured you were too much of a loose cannon for the job, anyway."

Chip, Spring Water, and Summer Seas arrive at the Fullmaster, the ladder two in irons.


"That sounds wonderful, but tell me. Do you know how many are under her influence?"


I stand beside her silently and let her negotiate.


"Potentially she could have the entire community in her thrall, but even that would not be much of a threat. This is a small community, mostly made up of farmers with no talent for magic or arms."


Keep quiet until spoken to, keeping Summer closeby and resting a hoof on her shoulder


Now, back on track. Shadow those two bastards and stay hidden. Where are they?


I wave and smile at Chip.



"You two okay back there?"


"How unfortunate…. for them. I'll do as you ask but don't think I'm taking your orders."
head out and wait for a boat


Give her a smile


I follow her.
"I can't promise that spellbook won't get bloody, M'Lady."


"Blood isn't a problem Sandor dear. It's what might happen to either of us if. you. fail. now come. We should be on a boat already"
where is that damn boat!?


"I will not, M'Lady."


You're having a hard time finding them. They were headed for the boats, but now they've disappeared. Maybe they're already on land? Roll for spot in a crowd.

The Fullmaster still seems preoccupied with his charts, but gives a wave for Smitts to begin.

"You've been selected for shore leave, Mr. Chip. And you seem like a responsible young lad, are you interested in making money? Or perhaps something else."

You don't need a rowboat. You're beached in a cove. There is a gangplank leading to shore.


Roll for spot.

Roll #0 2 = 2



well then head off and into the town!

rolling for speed after getting on Sandor's back

Roll #0 9 = 9


I'll go wherever she leads me.
"How do we know where exactly that farm is, M'Lady?"


"Um… mister Fullmaster? Can we get shore leave too?…"


My options.
1. stay on the ship and socialize with the crew
2. go to shore and see whats new in town
3. stay on the ship and be close with Summers(if I can)
4. Go and see if I can earn more money.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"You're right.. we'll just have to search each farm and extract information from whoever's in it to find this Misery Mire"


They slide right past you. Smooth operators.

You head into town and quickly find it is less of a town than a collection of small buildings. There are roads leading out to farms, with signs designating each. Inside the "town" proper, there is a townhall (which is just a church), a few small craftsman shops, and a bar.

Smitts raises a brow. "I forgot that children are not good with implications. I was implying you could accompany Mister Chip."


I frown
"What about me? I'm not leaving my daughter alone with any of you."


head out and find the Black Stead

Roll #0 9 = 9


I'm raging really hard here.
Go into town.
Climb an house or something and look for them!

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


"No, my pay is enough. Perhaps I will stay on the ship and see what I can do to improve it. If not maybe I'll head to town. Thanks for the offer."

I raise my eyebrow.
"w. What?!"


I perk up.
"What about my mama? Can she come too?"


Smitts shrugs. "If you don't want the job, that's fine. Send the unicorns back to the brig."

He waves to the pirates holding the chains.

You manage to climb a toy shop quickly, but you can't seem to locate them.

You head out onto the road. It will take at least four minutes (two turns) to get there.


I wave at him
"Helloooo, I exist too you know…"


"Any devious plans, M'Lady? Tricking them that we are initiates then cleaving their heads?"


Tartarian Empowrement.
Might the eyes of my god peer what I cannot.

Roll #0 4 = 4


well as long as we're traveling in the right direction lets look about this place, make a few notes of what is around.
"If it comes to that, yes. I do hope she's alone though. So we can finish her and then be done with it all quickly enough."

Roll #0 9 = 9


I regain my composure and stand straight.
"I'm sorry Smitt, I can accept the job to accompony both the mother and her child. Perhaps I am just too hasty to my decision."


"It won't take long even if there are more of them M'Lady."


Im around.


"Good to know Sandor"


You try, but the air seems too peaceful here. Maybe if you moved further away from that blasted Church of the Sun they converted into a town hall.

He gives you barely a second glance. "I'm not interested in your wordplay or tricks."

You can't imagine a more boring landscape. Rolling hills as far as the eye can see, mostly stocking wheat and cotton. You do notice that the further you go down the road, the more… wet the landscape becomes. Soon, you find most of the road muddy…

Me smiles. "I knew I could find the right leverage. You simply need to pay attention to the crew. As for the job, it is not an escort mission. I have a job for you. One that shouldn't offend our guests here. You see, when I first started on this crew, the previous quartermaster of the Pillager's Fancy took me under his wing. Literally: it was a pegasus. He retired eventually to this port. He was found out with time, and they ran him through, but they spared his wife, an earth pony named Humble. She looks after field mice, I'm told. I am also told that she has been harassed lately. It is not common to have honor among thieves, but I would consider it a personal favor if you would go clear up the problem."

You should make your way to the Fullmaster at the wheel of the Pillager's Fancy.


Ill do that now!


They have a church of the sun as their town hall? This will not do. Can I locate the armory from here?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Then why call me and my daughter here at all?"
I sigh and rub my forehead in exasperation


stay securely on Sandor's back
"Make haste, we should be there soon."

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Of course, M'Lady. You just stay out of the mud."


Damn, he caught me there. Hmmph, better accpet it than doing nothing.

"An Earth pony named Humble's. Anything I need to know about her? Any defining characteristic, and what kind of problem should I expect when I arrive?"
I then look at the two unicorns healers, too bad.


"So… does that mean we get to come with him too? Me and my mama?"


The town doesn't have a blacksmith, much less an armory. You are literally standing on one of four buildings in the town. You can't even seem to figure out your current bearing, though, and quickly forget which way it was to the ship cove.

By the time you arrive, the road has shifted from muddy to full swamp. The water is up to Sandor's chest, but Alys carefully avoids splashes. Boggy trees, weighed down by all manner of stranglevines, block further view, but it's obvious that the road is straight, as it has guideposts that shoot out a few inches above the water line.

"Because you are the leverage, of course."

He turns to Chip, "Yes… I'm told she's rather quiet and reserved. I think she's being bullied by the locals. Look into it. Kill them if you want. Try not to murder anyone not involved though: that's not pragmatic."

He nods.

Rahjak arrives, and he goes into the spiel again. "Mr. Rahjak, you are selected for shore leave. Be back by dawn, and don't attract the attention of the Holy Guard, and you're free to do whatever you like. I heard Face was looking for you on the Seaworthy, though…"


"This better be worth it… Are you still dry, M'Lady?"


"Of course I am. But we should wash you off before leaving this dreadful place."
are we there yet?

Roll #0 8 = 8


I sigh
"Life of a pawn in a game, wonderful."


"Whos Face?"


"Shore leave shore leave shore leave!"
I giddily try to hop in place, weighed down by the chains.


"I see, I'll see what I can do."
With that I stand next to the two unicorn prisoners.
"What will I do with these two? Will they be there to act as back-up?"

"Dont worry, I'll try my best to protect and be there for you two." I close my eyes and raise my chin in confidence.


That's just grand.
So I've lost the two bastards, cannot find a way to blow up the church of the sun and can't go back to the ship.
Does this town have an inn?

Roll #0 8 = 8


You arrive at a small hill, where the land rises out of the swampwater. There, in the middle, lies an unassuming farmhouse. In the morning sun, it doesn't look particularly sinister.

Mellow Marsh swoops down and perches next to you. "Rogers. He goes by 'Face', though. He's the face of the crew. Our diplomat, our weasel. I think he said you sounded pretty manly, and he had a challenge for you."

"That was the idea. I didn't expect one dog to take on the locals alone, bumpkins though they may be."

There is a bar, but you're not sure if there are rooms. After a brief investigation, you find out there are rooms, so it could be classed as an inn.

The crewmen snap off the chains, but the iron collar remains.


"It involves killing? I like that."


get up on it and then knock on the door
*ahem* "Yoohoo!"


Be on my guard.


"I see, I'll head off then."

"It appears you and your mother will come with me to meet someone. Stay close with me alright?" I give Sumemrs a smile.


I hug Spring Water.
"We're gonna get shore leave! This is gonna be so great! I wish we could move more inland than just the shore though… but it's still so exciting!"
I smile back at him.


Right. I'm kind of lost in here so… Order a drink, I guess.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Stay closer to me."


The door isn't even locked… or secured to its hinges. It falls flat on the floor!

He shrugs. "Go ask him yourself."

The pirates remove the chains, leaving the iron collar, from Spring Water as well. You make your way off the ship, into the cove, then into town.

That was the best drink of your life. These tiny town microbreweries really know how to make the stuff! Not only do you feel motivated again, but you find out there's only six farms they could have visited from the bartender. You also learn the way back to the cove.


"I will!"
Go look for him.


"Allow me, M'Lady."

Go inside first.
Look around.

Roll #1 3 = 3


light my horn and look in after Sandor

Roll #0 7 = 7


I pat her head with my paws.
"Good girl."

I then look at Springs.
"Its time for us to leave, I need your help if things goes out of hand, but I'll do my best to protect you two when we are in town."

Go down the ship and ask the locals where the Earth pony Humble is located and living.


Roll #1 5 = 5


What a crappy cove, so easy to find!
And why would they ever visit a farm?
Make my way to one of those, at random.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I growl at him and push him away with my TK
"Don't touch my daughter. Don't you dare."



Roll #1 10 = 10


I stay close by both of them, patiently waiting.
"Can we go see the shops? Can we?"
I look around. What kinda shops are there here anyways? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You spend a little time searching, and find Rogers on the deck of the Seaworthy arguing with some other earth pony.

The "Black Stead" sounds pretty warlocky. You decide to start there. Your agility lets you cover a lot of ground quickly, though, and you find it will only take you two minutes (one more turn) to cover the same ground it took them four for.

You feel mildly compelled to help Chip. Where did THAT feeling come from?

You can't see anything in the dark, but

Alys lights it up. In the corner, there's an earth pony sitting in a chair, reading a book. In total darkness.

There are only four buildings in the town. A church/townhall, a bar, a candy shop, and a toy shop. Oh boy.


"YOU! What do you want?"


clear my throat and then speak up
"Are you Misery Mire?"


Trotting along, fuck the haters.


I give Spring a look of indifference then raise my hand in defeat. Perhaps I got too full of myself.
Note to self: be careful with your actions next time.

"Oohkay. Look I just pat your daughters head, nothing big. Still my fault, accept my apologize." I bow.
"Lets head to town then." I smiled back.

I look at the two unicorns.
"Where do you want to go? I vote for the candy shop but you two can pick, I'm not here to protest."


Stand somewhere where I can quickly protect Lady Alys if needed, but stay silent otherwise.


I whisper to her
"Sweetie, this is our chance to get free. Don't you worry, mommy is going to fix this mess. We'll be back home in no time."

"Candy shop, why not."


"The candy shop! Or… or the toy shop! Can we visit both? Pleeeeease?"
"Re- Really? We can.. go home?"


They both turn to the Griffon.

"GOOD! You can clear this up! We're having a dispute about which pursuit is the manliest of pursuits! You see, I claim the most manly of men beds the most women! I also happen to have shore leave, so I have a little challenge for you. If you can bring home more women to the ship tonight than me, I'll pay you a whopping five doubloons**. No risk! I'm so confident in my skills, that I will not demand anything when I win."

**This actually is a lot.

The other pony gives him a look. "No! The most manly of men seek pursuits of strength! I do not have shore leave, but I want YOU to prove it for me! Go to Widow's Point and feed the killer whales by hand. If you bring me back the brain of a killer whale, I will reward you equally handsomely."

You quickly find yourself jumping from post to post to stay out of the water. It's higher than you are tall! Up ahead, you see a boggy farmhouse on top of a hill. It's missing a door.

She looks up slowly, unblinkingly, and almost tenebrously. "I am. What do you want?"

Spring Water feels compelled to accept his apology. What a strange and odd feeling.

The townhouses are nearby, and don't seem to be busy or closed, so both shops are open to visit.


"Alright, candy shop. We can also ask the store-owner if she knows any earth pony who goes with the name Humble's."

"Perhaps the toy-shop later, after that. We'll search for Ms. Humble if she is in town."

With that I stand on the door and look at the two.
"Lets go inside shall we?"


Okay be sneaky.
And try to see who's here.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Mares? That stupid! I will share my rats with the whales."
Go to Widows point.


I skip inside!
"We don't have any money, do we mama?…"
My ears fall to my head.


use Energy Spike on her

Roll #0 9, 9 = 18


Like hell I am '1d10'

"I… no. All of our bits are at home… or stolen."
I look at her sadly
"Sorry sweetheart."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cleave at the head of Mire.

Roll #1 6 = 6


+2 to that, forgot to add.


My ears raised up, no my doobluns.

"I can pay for the candies and stuff." I enter the store.
"Whats for sale?" I ask the store woner.


"Looking's fine too…"
I walk over to the nearest container. Does the candy at least look good?


"Go on, pick some sweets or cakes. I'll see if I can get them for ya." I smile.


You fall face-first into the water making a huge splash. You burst from the surface, gasping for breath, and make the loudest doggy paddle in recorded history rowing yourself to shore.

There you collapse on the side, weighed down by all the mud and water in your coat. You'll want to shake that all off.

The selection is relatively small, but it all looks very good. There are a few baked goods, but there are also caramel apples, chocolate strawberries, and even the rare and exotic cotton candy.

You fail to resist the effects of the Collar of Compulsion, and you soon find yourself obeying the command: "accept my apologies." You give him a gracious curtsy and tell him all is forgiven.

When you snap out of it, you feel disgusted with yourself.

You have no trouble smashing the old woman, but are confused at first when pillow feathers fly out of her, then a shadowy explosion expels itself from her "corpse".

The floor collapses. Roll for agility.


Save the Lady if at all possible!

Roll #1 3 = 3


rolling for magic!

Roll #0 10 = 10


Aww. Get up and shake that off.
I do notice the explosion, right?

Roll #0 3 = 3


I just keep a close eye on Summer as she picks out her candy.
Moon grant me strength…



It all looks so good…
"Really?… Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!"
I grab him and pull him into a great big hug, the hop over to the candy.
"Caramel apple or… cotton candy. Oooohhh… I can't decide!"
I pause.
"I don't have my toothbrush though… can I still get candy, mama?"


I smile at her
"Of course you can sweetheart. You deserve it."


You find yourself at Widow's Point rather quickly. The seems rather obvious to you. Even with nothing to feel on, you can see the idling blowholes of killer whales that have made their home here. You didn't even thin killer whales made homes. Aren't they supposed to be migratory?

A bird flies low over the water, and a whale bursts from the surface and takes it down in one bite. These things will attack ANYTHING, it would seem.

You flail about mid-air and don't accomplish much. Fortunately,

Alys surrounds you both in telekinesis and slowly lowers you to a ledge. Looking over the side, you can see the bottom of the pit is full of spikes. That would've left a mark.

You get most of the mud, but you're still soaked. You do see the explosion, though. You can't see that the floor is gone from your angle.


That first response may be some kind of record for typos.


"Clever old mare.."
look for her

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Let's see how clever she'll be without a head. Did you hear something by the way, M'Lady?"

Look around the shack for traces of the witch.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oooh.. oohh, she's so soft. Alright lets see how much these things are.

"Well lets see then, how much are the candies here?" I ask the store-owner.


"Thank you!"
I give her a hug.
I patiently wait for the response.


Get close to the whale and feed him with my rats.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Make my way there.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Not yet"


You work out that the stairs next to you on the ledge lead up to the cellar entrance by the side of the house. Beside you is also a tunnel that leads into some underground caves. Looks like this pit can be safely accessed from the outside.

The pony has a piece of straw in his mouth, and he disinterestedly remarks, "Four bits for the apples, ten for the cotton candy."

You make your way to the farmhouse, shaking yourself off as you go, and nearly topple into the pit, but your quick thinking saves you and you stop at the threshold. You could try to climb down, or find another route, but you definitely see the duo down below.

You hold out a rat off the cliff, and a whale lunges from the depths at you with a lurch. The massive thing nearly knocks you off your feet right away.

You take two hits… and it got your rat!

Looks like it's still trying to eat YOU though. You'll need that brain…


Power attack his head.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


… How stable is the roof? Tartarian Powers on myself.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Come Sandor"
head through and find that old mare again

Roll #0 6 = 6


Do we monitor money here? Also how much is my networth/my cash/bits as of now?

"I'll take three apples and a cotton candy." I said to the owner, with that I gave one candied apple to each of us and the cotton candy to Summers.

"If I may ask, do you know a pony who goes by the name of Humbles?" I ask the owner as I hand my pay.


"I don't like this M'Lady. What if it's another trap?"


"Then it's one we'll need to get her to spring on herself… do you have any fire starters on you?"


"Can I get a caramel app-"
My eyes shine at all the candy.
I give Chip another big hug.


"It might be wet from the marsh, M'Lady."
Do I have any?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I look at her uncomfortably.
This collar… it's doing something to me… Messing with me…
Try to take it off! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


As you ready your stance, the whale comes around for another strike and completely overwhelms you, knocking your blade away and pulling you into the water.

You are helpless!

You head deeper into the caves. You can hear strange echos… Before long, it opens up into a large, empty, and circular room. As you walk in, iron bars slide down, closing your egress.

You do not. You ARE soaked, though.

When you show him your doubloon, his eyes bulge.

"Is this pure gold? It's so big!"

He takes the doubloon and remarks, "Yes, Humble? She's on the Cottonfield Stead, to the northwest. Doesn't get many visitors these days, I hear."

The roof seems pretty sturdy. The powers of Tartarus don't seem interested in joining you for peacetime, though. They'd prefer the thrill of battle.


"Sandor, break those gates"
use tartarian blessing on him to strengthen his move '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Try to fly up.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"As you wish, M'Lady."

Slam into the gate.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not only can you not remove it, but it gives you a headache when you try to do so. Not just the physical pain on your neck. You feel a migraine coming on, but it stops when you give up.


But I needed them to bring down the roof! Well, can I see the two fuckers at least? If so, jump on the mare and use touch of death on her.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I munch on my apple.
Is it gonna gum up my mouth with its gooey caramel-ness? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Mmn… anh! Ish all shticky!"
I still keep eating.


How much is a doubloon in bits? Can I cut half of it now and save the other half?

"Ah I see, I am a visitor and a friend of hers back then. Is she okay? Is she in good health?" I ask the owner while I take taste the sweetened apple.
I hope it doesnt contain chocolate.

I look at Spring and give her a disapproving stare. Perhaps I got to keep a better watch to her.


They've gone much deeper into the caves. You jump (7+1) successfully to the ledge they were on, though.

The black souls of Tartarus twist up out of the Nether, and surround Sandor.

He slams into the steel bars and only ends up dizzy for his efforts. Ouch.

Behind you, the caverns have filled with ponies robed in black. They slowly advance on you unawares, and get the jump on you. Roll for defense/counterattack.

There is no exact equivalent value, but as I said before, it is made out of 50 bits.

The salespony, now interested, shrugs. "She's probably fine, if those loonies haven't offed her yet. She's had trouble with the local cult, and refuses to come into town to pray at the Church of Celestia."


"It's on too tight… I have trouble breathing."



Roll #0 1 = 1


Try sneaking up to them.

Roll #0 9 = 9


You burst from the surface of the water, whale snapping at your heels. Whew.


Power attack him again.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Protect on her.


"It isch? Mine'sh fime…"
I hold my apple up to Spring and Chip.
"Do you wan' shome?"


After eating the apple, I cut 1/2 of the doubloons using my dagger then give it to the owner. Perhaps I got to cut and budget my gold more in the future.

"I see, thanks for that, here's my pay. I just hope Ms. Humble's alright."

"Whoa, clean yourself after. We will visit somepony after this." I smile.

I look at Spring.
"I'm sorry but I am no expert at that. Perhaps when we get back we can ask Smitt."


"I'm fine with *chomp* mine."


"I can barely breathe!"
Get this thing off!

Roll #0 2 = 2


You don't have your blade! You unarmed powerattack (9+2-3=8) him.

That's right, you just punched a whale in the face. It looks like it worked, too, because he flies back into the water and toward the depths, coming around for another strike.

You successfully sneak all the way to the iron bars, but you'll need to break them if you want to get through. On the other side, you can see Sandor and Alys battling a whole mountain of cultists.

Sandor quickly blocks Alys from the flood of hooded ponies, which surround him and Alys, striking at both which vigor.

You will become helpless after next turn.


How the hell did they make it through? Look for their way in.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Cleave at the lot of them!


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Can I figure out a way to get it off? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'm sorry but I cant. It looks fine to me." I then approach to see if the collar is fine.


Roll #1 4 = 4


Didnt I have my hammer?
Power attack him again.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Energy Orb on as many as possible, maybe 4 for now.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Sorry, let me clarify, your weapon flew out of your hand when you got pulled below. I'm going to assume you went and grabbed your hammer FOR YOUR BENEFIT here.

You roll to the ground and grab your hammer's hilt just in time for the whale to burst from the surface. As it comes out, you give your strongest Power Attack, and smash in its skull. The whale loses all momentum and stops in its tracks, dead.

You are a man among men!

As the cultists vie for Alys, you jump in front of their wicked daggers, attempting to cleave them, but too harried in close quarters to do so. You take the brunt of two very brutal assaults, and end up in a rough position.

You seize upon the darkness within you, gifted to you by Lady Alys, but something goes awry… The demon inside you rises within, and begins to consume you. You feel yourself seized upon, and you feel yourself slipping away…

You are helpless and berserk.

Using your safe vantage to your ADvantage, you blast four of them with an energy orb. Those you hit get sent flying and hit walls or the floor bloodily, bones crackling, but there is still quite a mob.

Eight cultists left.

You immediately identify their way in: through the bars! They must have slid down. You apply your Touch of Death to the bars and decay them away without any ado.

You now have access to the room where the fight is going on.


This is my chance! Touch of death on the dog!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4



yank the power I see brewing from Sandor!

Roll #0 7 = 7



Pull his brain out with my bear claws!


Try to stand up I guess?
If I can control myself at all.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The collar is far too small to slip over the head. Even thinking about removing it causes an awful migraine.

The collar is easily affixed and has breathing room. It's too small to remove, but it shouldn't be inhibiting breathing.


"Nothing wrong with the collar. Perhaps its time we move on and see if Ms. Humble is fine, dont you agree?" I said to Springwater.

I then put cut off half of the doubloon in my bag.


I let out a defeated sigh and just stand close to Summers


I rub my head and stop thinking about it.
Maybe I should just eat my candy…
I hold it up to Spring and Chip first though.
"Do you wan' any?"


No more candies for me.
"I am fine."


You can't dispel berserk. I'll let you roll another action, though, so you may with one action before your dodge in response to this post (see bottom).

You can't take actions while berserk.

You pull out its brain with bestial vigor. So fierce!

You charge into the engagement and slap Sandor, attempting to kill him to death. The darkness in your hand just seems to get absorbed by the darkness around him, though…

Uh oh…

Power coursing through him, the Dread Stallion rises. A wave of blackness forms around him, and rolls out around the room.



Roll #1 1 = 1



Forgot the r2

Roll #1 2, 8, 4, 2, 4, 9, 1, 1 = 31


Spring Water will have to make a resist roll if she wants to disagree.


I shake my head quietly, looking at her heartbroken.
I can't even get my daughter out of this mess…


use that energy orb on 5 others, including Magenta if I see her

Roll #0 8 = 8


I see how it is. Thad damn witch is helping him. Assault Alys with ToD!

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Go back with that faggot stallion with it.


"Lets go and see what this Cottonfield Stead looks like. Just stick with me." I said to the two.


Roll #1 3 = 3


I remain blissfully unaware of Spring's internal plight, because candy!
"Yeah, we should go teach those bullies a lesson!"
I run outside and jump around while waiting for them.


Walk after her. I may not be able to do much, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to keep a close eye on her.


Alys blasts four cultists and Magenta, who takes the hit and keeps running to make contact with a Touch of Death.

You both easily avoid the wave of darkness — it wasn't particularly intimidating. Two of the cultists weren't so lucky, though, and get fizzled, completely dissolved by darkness.

Two cultists remain.[b]

[b]Alys has 2 hits left.

Magenta has 3 hits left.

The demonic stallion gives a powerful roar, and sends out another wave.


'r2 2d10'

(Both Alys and Magenta will have to agility roll to dodge this turn, but may make an attack at a -3 penalty while dodging.)

You heft the whale brain and take it back to the Seaworthy.

"Yarr! I knew you were a true man! Here's your winnings, as promised: five doubloons. That WOMAN, Rogers, isn't even back yet. Off bedding mares."

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2, 7 = 9


She's a lively one I smile.
Best be careful still as she may get to much attention to us. Keep a close eye to the surroundings as well as to Summers.


'1d10+1' agility roll to dodge
Tod Alys again, 'r2 1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #0 7 = 7


You make your way to the Cottonfield Stead. The trip itself is rather boring, but you eventually find yourself at the humble home of Humble. It's a rather inviting little cottage surrounded by maples and oaks.


"Bah I dont care about that stallion."


-1 to ToD, that's a 5, my bad.


Can I…
Can I climb a tree? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pull her down from there!
"No Summer! Don't get yourself hurt over somepony else's business!"


"But I just wanted to climb a tree…"


I approach the home of Humble and knock.
"Uhh…(how do I do this). Hello, everybody home?"



The agility roll is disregarded if you want to make an evasive attack.

Alys gracefully leaps out of harm's way, both from Magenta and the pulsating wave. Fortunately for Magenta, she doesn't get hit either.

One of the cultists isn't so lucky, and gets caught in another wave. Poof. Black. Curtains.

One final black waves explodes out of the stallion.

'r2 1d10'

You try to climb, but fail miserably, scrambling at the base. It doesn't help that Spring Water is pulling you back with telekinesis.

"Good on you, then! Well, good luck, I've got whale brain to fry."

A frail voice sounds from inside, "Stay back, you Grogar-lovers!"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


For clarity, both Alys and Magenta need to either make evade rolls or evade-attack rolls.


"And what if you fall? Just stick with me sweetheart. I don't trust this town."


"Fry? You are going to ruin it! You have to eat it raw!"


dodge one more time

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Grogar…? No, I am a visitor coming from the ship…. commanded by a man who goes by the name Smitts." I knocked again.


"Who's Grogar?"


He grins. "That's the trick. Instead of frying oil, I use rum."

"Smitts? Why didn't you say so? Get inside, quickly!"

You hear the sound of several locks being… unlocked. The door swings open, and you see a kind old earth pony, who ushers all of you inside before re-locking the door.


Dodge that!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"A bad goat, sweetie."

Walk in, keeping Summer close to me


"But the blood."


"Uhh.. uhmm, a nobody."

"Thank you for inviting us in, Ms. Humble's. We came to visit you as a favor from Smitts. These two are my companion, Springs and Summers."
I dust myself a little.
"He said that you are having minor troubles in this place, anything we could help with?"


You are both thrown against a wall hitting at several contact points very heavily.

Alys is helpless, with two wounds remaining.

Magenta is helpless, with with three wounds remaining.

The darkness, expelling itself incredibly violently, finally escapes Sandor for good, returning to the void of Tartarus.

Sandor is helpless!

From a ledge above, a pony clothed entirely in black emerges.

"Impressive. You've wiped out my cult. Not a problem. I can always get more."

She casts raise dead.


He gives you a condescending look. "Are you implying you think we don't have a whole cask of fresh blood? Pony blood."

"Just Humble, dearie, not Humbles. And yes, there's a dreadful cult of Grogar-worshippers near here. They won't leave me alone. If you could just get me safely to the docks… But I know they're watching this house…"

Roll #1 10, 7, 6, 9, 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 8, 8, 5 = 66


Get up! Get up, damn it!
"Lady Alys!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


She raises six minions from the dead. All the other remains are completely eradicated.


"I liiiiike you!"
Get up.

Roll #0 1 = 1


up! up now!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I look at Spring.
"Keep watch of your daughter, we cant be too careful."

I then turn my attention to Humble.
"I could help you but just for curiosity of a dog, but why are they taking interest of you?"


"I like rat blood."


"Why not just tell them to leave you alone?"
I tilt my head at her.


You are completely surrounded! You try to get up, but the minions keep forcing you down! Fortunately, you stave off most of their assault. You do much better than Magenta, though…

You are still helpless!
[Alys: 2/5]

Magenta is completely ripped into by hungry zombie ponies. They tear her apart, and cause profuse bleeding. She stops moving, and they lose interest, grouping up around the other two.

You have no wounds remaining…

Make two autohypnotism rolls. One to stabilize, the other to maintain consciousness. Declare each one.

"They know about my husband. When he was a corsair, he served justice. Though he sailed with wicked men, he himself was not cruel or evil. He would destroy cults when he came upon them. He would root out evil from his position outside the law. Now they seek revenge on me, just as they had on my husband."

He shrugs. "Suit yourself."



Roll #0 10 = 10


Get up! I must fend these vile creatures off to help the Lady!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Then it will be best if we leave immedietely." I ready my weapons and attached it to my sides so I can easily draw them.

Look outside of the window and see if there are any movements or anyone watching the house from a distance. I just hope there are none.


Roll #1 9 = 9


You send out a telekinetic blast, pushing all of the zombies back a little bit, and knocking one apart completely. Both you and Sandor make it to your feet, but you're badly injured. You don't know how much longer you can take this kind of combat.

[Alys: 2/5]

Though your search is thorough, you see no one. It's almost like their attention is distracted somewhere else…


"A- Are we going to get into a f-… fight?"
I huddle closer to Spring.


Energy Spike the old bitch


Roll #0 10, 2 = 12


Protect on Lady Alys!
Cleave the head of the witch if I can see her!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Stabilize d1, Consciousness d2

Roll #0 4, 5 = 9


I shake my head at her and kiss her on the forehead
"Don't worry sweetie, I'm not going to put you in any danger."


"Appears to be no one is present. Its time toe go." I open the door and motion Humble, Spring and Summer to follow me to the docks.


It's too late… the blood is everywhere. You know you'll be coming home to Daddy Discord soon. As your eyes focus, you think you see your entrails hanging out… It's everywhere! Discord, IT'S EVERYWHERE! You know you aren't going to stabilize. You will bleed out and die in this pitiful dirt hole beneath a cabin in a swamp in a backwater town… and no one will care.

You feel lightheaded. You're about to slip into unconsciousness. You may make a DC8 autohypnotism roll to stay conscious for last words/last action, or slip away.

You seem to surround Alys on all sides, as you take on all of the zombies around you at once. You even cleave the head off of one! Unfortunately the witch is on the ledge above, so you cannot reach her.

Four minions remain.

One of your blasts is powerful to knock her off her feet. She curses, shakes herself off, and gets back up, growling.

While you don't run into combat, it will take 6 minutes (three turns) to make it to the docks.


Slam into the minions!

Roll #1 10 = 10


>no combat with me towing two mares and a filly
thank God
I turn my attention to Humble's, perhaps a little chat would not be bad
"So… do you know Mr. Smitts back then? What kind of guys is he?"


Autohypnotism roll.
"Fill… Me…"
Tartarian whatever.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Unicorn Telekinesis to push these things away!

Roll #0 1 = 1


hey get your own quest!


"Smitts is a man bound by his creed. I have seen him be unimaginably cruel, and at other times, surprisingly merciful. Like this action now. He has nothing to gain from sending you to help me, but it is part of his code. He is practical and pragmatic, but will defer to the code at all times. He is a curious one. I think he would follow a man he hated to his own death if it meant upholding his belief system."

You bash the first zombie with incredible vigor!

Three minions remain.

The zombies push in for a final strike.

Your telekinesis only gives them further momentum for their strike, and Sandor takes a savage beating.

Protect has ended.

Sandor is helpless.

The Archcultist releases a volley of dark power. Alys must roll to dodge or may take an action evasively at a -2 penalty.

Sandor is wounded.

Alys: [2/5]
Sandor: [4/5]

You try to make one last demon call, but the fickle beasts of Tartarus respect only power. As the life slips from you, you reflect briefly on what could have been.


Get back up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


'1d10' Dodge that shit!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"He sounds weird… but he let us have shore leave! And we even went past the shore without getting in trouble and everything! He can't be that cruel… can he?"


"I see, the ship has a crew that got me curious, full of many characters. There is this one time a Gryphon…. I forgot his/her name but he appears to be a good lad."
Perhaps getting on Smitts bad side would be a detriment to me. I check the two unicorns if they are following then turn my attention to Ms. Humble.

How… does she look like? Is she a looker?


"He put on these collars, sweetie. He's pretty mean and wicked."


You get back on your feet, but there's nothing left to engage down here. Make a spot roll for a way up to the ledge.

You gracefully evade the bolts of darkness.

She has aged like fine wine. She has a dignified beauty, and a caring face. You can tell she must have been beautiful when she was young.

"Yes… not all of them aboard the ships are terrible. My husband wasn't. And even Smitts… well you know he used to hunt Sea Dragons before he was brought aboard."



Roll #1 6 = 6


the cooldown has ended right? ENERGY SPIKE '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 7 = 9


"Like your mother said, he has put that collar on. But perhaps if you behave then he might remove it."

"I dont know, he does look like the part but as Ms. Humble's said he is a curious guy."

"Sea dragons, one of the things I dont want to get near too." I frowned.
I then look ahead, are we near the ship?


"Oh… yeah…"
I drop my head.
"B- But mister Chip isn't cruel or mean, right?"


I glare at him.
"He doesn't seem to want to help us, that's all I can say."


You can't find a route up, but you notice the structural foundation of the rocks the ledge is perched on looks… unsound. Weak.

She conjures up a black wall to try to absorb the blast.


"Looks like we're here already… so soon. I am surprised we made it so peacefully. I guess those cultists have bigger fish to fry than an old woman. I can get passage from here back to a bigger city. If you're ever in Stonebriar, look me up."

She makes her way off to find a ship to board.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The energy spike bounces harmlessly off the black wall, which then dissipates.



Roll #0 8 = 8


"Wait, can we get something to show Smitts as proof that we carried you to safety?" I ask Humble.


Slam into it with my shoulderpads!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"But he bought us candy!"


She shakily resists your telekinesis by using her own, until

Sandor slams into the cliff-face with his shoulder. With an awful groan, the rock face collapses, sending Misery Mire down a terrible fall. She rolls to a stop at the bottom, not appearing to have much fight left in her.

She nodes, and pulls a ribbon from her hair. "Take this. They don't sell these ribbons here. This one bears the emblem of Canterlot… not that I need it now."


Power Attack on her back.
Slice her in two.

Roll #1 3 = 3


drop some heavy looking rocks on her

Roll #0 2 = 2




I take the ribbon and pocket it.
"Thank you and save journeys to the seas." I wave good bye.

I sighed
"I myself am indebted to the captain of the ship. I will be in big trouble if I let you two go."
I scratch my head.
"Perhaps in time, but as for now we must head back to the ship. Lets go."


"But he's with these pirates too. And he doesn't want us to leave! Wouldn't you rather go home?"


You both manage to miss miserably as she rolls to the side and shoots out black orbs at both of you.

Alys takes four hits, and Sandor three.

Alys has one hit remaining. Sandor has two hits remaining.
Alys: 2/5
Sandor: 4/5


Cleave at her head!
Or her horn!
Whichever comes off easier.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11



Roll #0 10 = 10


I sigh. All this stuff is so confusing…


TK has a recharge of 2, but I will let you do it since you got a nat 10.

By blade and telekinetic power, you lop her head off, rather unceremoniously. You breathe a sigh of relief. That was a little tougher than Dolly implied. Whew

You search her corpse and find her black book. It's written in some sort of Grogarian runes, but you're confident this is the right book.


take a read of it, anything that would help me?

Roll #0 5 = 5


When you board the ship, Captain Abilio is waiting for Chip.

"I have a reply letter. See to it."

He hands Chip a letter.


Clean my sword.
"I'm sorry, M'Lady. I couldn't protect you from all harm…"


"It seemed to be inevitable once the floor gave way. Nothing to apologize for mindyou."


I look away, remembering my childhood back then when…

I was distracted by the letter. I then open the letter to read it.


"Thank you, M'Lady."


He telekinetically snatches up the letter.

"Obviously I don't mean for YOU to read it. It's for the one who sent me the letter last night. If you read it, I'll gut you."


"Ah?" I look at him curiously..

"Aaahhh…. stupid of me, I'll see to it." I bow my head.
With that I head to Smitts first with the two unicorns in tow, the letter can wait.


"So does this mean we gotta go back to the cell?…"


"Gives us the time to do some scouting."
I wink at her


When you arrive, Smitts accepts the ribbon. He looks at it sentimentally for a moment.

"This does mean something to me."

He pauses for a moment, staring distantly, then shakes himself to attention. "Very good. What do you want for your trouble? Money? A weapon?" He leans in to whisper, "Some time with the women?"

You can't make out the runes, but maybe Dolly Doldrums, the gryphon, could glean something from it.



You are relaxing in the bar, taking in your drink, when you are approached by a handsome stallion. Almost suspiciously handsome.

"Hey baby. Ever made love with a man of the sea?"


"Right. lets be back to that ship"
head back then, get on Sandor as he makes his way through the bog again.


"O- Oh!"
I wink back at her.


"Plenty. But you wouldn't like it."


He grins and sidles up to you, "Oh? I think you'll find I am very accepting."


"Of course M'Lady."
Carry her on my back and head back.
"Also, the disrespectul goat followed us here. She won't be trouble any longer."


"She did? Well good! I'm glad to see you're taking the kind of initiative I can use!"


The goat's miserable corpse is gutted and soaked in blood. It would still be reviveable, if you bothered to drag it back to the ship.


"I have strange tastes seapony. Not many like it. But whatever, it's your grave. Care for a drink first?"


I look at the Ribbon.
"She will be safe, she is a woman of class I can tell. She can handle herself and I pray for her safe-journey."

I then become slightly uneasy, breathing heavily in the process.
"About the reward… I…. I dont know yet how I will spend it."


I don't have Raise Ded it's worthless to me regardless


He gives you an odd look, "You're not one of those crazy axe-murderers that kills everyone she sleeps with, are you?"

He sighs, "Whatever. You're not even a farm girl. And no one even accepted my challenge."

He puts an arm around you. "Nope, it's just rogues like the two of us, against the world! See? I respect you too much to sleep with you. Also I think I can find easier women."

He shrugs. "Take your time. Come back when you wish to redeem it."

Did you seriously ignore it all those times I told you about the resurrectionist on the ship, also in the NPC character sheet?


"Can we go back to our cells now that we're no longer useful?"


I couldn't click the link all those times. and on top of that I'm not getting my coat dirty and unkempt for some damn goat who thought herself better than I


I lean in, gather my courage and whisper.
"I will just ask in case I redeem my reward. Perhaps I request a… particular prisoner, young one she is. Would that be met with objection from you?"


He shrugs. "Be my guest."

I didn't expect you to, I just wanted you to know the option was there.



"No my dashing friend, I don't kill them after."
Give him a whide grin.
"So if you are not here to seduce me… Are you my date?"


OOC: thats a very very very very silent whisper.


"If I took issue with it, I would've thrown you off of my ship last night, Mister Chip. I am a very accommodating first mate. And maybe something else I should tell you. Perhaps you didn't notice, but those collars I had them wearing while on shore leave… They are Collars of Compulsion. Whoever is attuned to be their master, well… I think you can work it out."

He feigns injury. "Would that I could! You see, as a man of honor, I am duty bound to lure as many women into my bed back on my ship tonight as I can, even without competition."


did we make it to the ship yet? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You're back.


good, get off Sandor and look for that griffon! then take her to a shadowy place and give her the damn book


Follow her still.


Once Summer and I get back to our cell, I turn to her.
"Sweetie, we should go explore the ship a little bit. Together this time."


"You better sta- A ship you say?"




You make your way to the Seaworthy and find Dolly Doldrums working on the sails. She flies down and perches next to you. Seeing the book, she leads you into the cabins.

"Very good. I know Misery wouldn't have given that one up without a fight. Give it here. So what do you want? I can get you money. I could even get you high class living accommodations. There's an open cabin for two that I could pull strings to get. Or… perhaps you'd like a taste of the power within?"


Right then, I slip into Stealth, covering Summer Seas as well. She is small after all.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Oh.. Oh!" My eyes widen.
"T.. then I will be on my way." I bow to Smitts and head outside. to get some fresh air.

Perhaps its time to deliver the letters, but first I look around to see if someone is watching me.


Roll #1 9 = 9


He nods, pointing off into the distance (but at nothing in particular), arm around your shoulders.

"YES! You see, as a dashing rogue, my home is only the sea. Our fleet is vast! It's actually probably bigger than this town now that I think about it. Definitely more individuals aboard… But nonetheless, a ship of glorious intent! A powerhouse of the ocean!"


"The cabin. I'll work out strength of magic later if you don't mind."
"Well, since that's all done, what else is going on in this worthless town?"


Goddammit, try again

Roll #0 1 = 1


Maybe I can do it a bit better?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Too bad you are so honorful to show me around…"
Slowly hinger closer to him.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I nod.
"Those other beds were unfitting for such a Lady. I'm glad you realised she needed a more regal place to rest."


You don't see anyone, but you have a bad feeling. You find the navigational chambers on the Darklantern pretty quickly, though.

You make a lot of noise, prompting Keymaster to come check on you.

"Wha's all this, then?"

"Very well, you're welcome to it. It's the Second Mate's cabin on the Darklantern. I'll talk to Tallow. Should be ready by tonight."

He shrugs. "I'm willing, but I don't have the time." He stops then gives you a sly stare.

"Want to be my wingman? Er— I mean — not because your a pegasus… or a man… I mean do you want to help me pick up mares? I'd show you my ships."


"Pretty sure that came from someplace else! You should go check there!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"What else to do?"

She thinks a bit.

"There's a tavern. I heard Rogers went to go pick up mares. His quest will be the death of him, one of these days."


I wait for a moment and listen to the door of the chambers. I then knock softly.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah, that'd be a first. I usually don't need wingponies for this. But sure, we can play that game. Should I be the ice-cold girl that leaves you and throws a fit, the overtly-loyal friend or the dear sister?"


"Thank you."
head out and look for anything else to do NOT ON THIS DAMN SHIP


I wave to him and smile.
"Hi mister Keymaster! My-"
"…what she said!"


I follow her.
"You are taking this sea-thing very bad, M'Lady. Maybe we should find medicine? And get your wounds healed too?"


He scratches his head a bit.

"…Okay. But I'll be back."

She opens the door almost right away, face centimeters from the crack.

"I heard you coming. What is it?"

He thinks a bit. "Your choice, but something that will be easy to explain why you're following us to the ship. We pick up a girl, and you can have the grand tour."


"That sounds wonderful. Do you know of any or are we gonna have to look for them?"


You hear an odd giggle from the forecastle.

"I… can help you."


"There were two prisoners here. A little filly as a healer, or so I heard. She and her mother looked more intellectual than the rest of these villains, M'Lady."


I look from the sides before producing the letter to hand to her.

"So far I saw no one looking at me. This is his reply." I hand it to her and step back two to three paces away.


I slump back onto my haunches and let out a weary sigh, flattening my ears.
"Sorry sweetie, mommy messed up again…"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Ah that sounds like an headache.."
Go to the counter and look for a decent looking mare.
Then, look bashed and sigh heavily. Order a drink and keep sighing.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Roll #1 9 = 9


She rips it open and rubs at it.

Then she gets an annoyed expression on her face before thrusting it back.

"Read it to me. I swear if you tell anyone what it says…"


look for that giggle '1d10'
"Oh really? How so?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


A concerned-looking farm girl, and quite a looker with straw hair and bright green eyes, comes over almost immediately.

"What's wrong? Did he say something to you?"


Furrow my eyebrows, but stay silent.


"Hmm… they could be of great use to us. Lead me to them, after this thing is finished squeaking"


What a demanding girl. This is the last straw, I hope I get something out of this.

I take the letter and read it. I also try to be not be as loud as possible.


From a crack in the door, you see a wide grin and some oddly unfocused eyes. "I'm the doctor. I'm Doc Peg."


"Oh no, the countrary… He said all the right things to me. But I just… I cannot."
Slam my head on the counter and mock up a few sobs.
"I'm going to break his heart, I just know it. I don't love him like he does. And now I'll just leave him all alone, in the dark of the night, with nopony to comfort him and… I feel horrible for doing this."


"Secret Admirer,
Your words are poetic, and your knowledge of the sea is beautiful. I spent all of this morning pouring over my own collection, and you are quite right, the Dawnhaven Peninsula is misplaced by no less than a click. My love for you runs deeper than the fabled Seapony Trench, and how I yearn to run my hooves through your beautiful mane. Come to my, my love, and we will make beautiful art together. We will map the seas with our love. You need only the courage to approach.

~Captain Abilio"

She's blushing pretty profusely.

She looks sympathetic, "How awful, but you can't be with someone you don't love…"

She takes a drink.


"I think I'll trust the other two Sandor mentioned"
to Sandor


I give an intimidating look to Doc Peg, then nod.
"Of course, M'Lady."

Go to the holding cells or whatnot.
Are they there?


"It's okay! Nothing bad happened… right?"


"He's just so sweet at times… There was that moment she took me on a remote island, and there was this secret cave underwater all dark and…
Then, he pulled out a stone and the whole cave lit up. I still don't know if it was magic or something else, but sure was special to me."
Look behind at the dude.
"Now look at him. He'll never have the strenght to do that again…"


Arrgg lets play evil.

Hmmm… I look at… whats her name again? See if she is a looker even if she is blind, then I will decide if I will blackmail her or not.


I sigh and lie down on the floor.
"But now we're going to be stuck in here even longer."



"Maybe… mister Keymaster will be nice and let us out?"


I give her a look, pointing at the broken lock on our cell.
"That's not what I'm worried about. But they can't see us having left our cells, and the Keymaster said he'd be back soon. All we can do is wait for now…"
I slowly brush her mane with my hoof
"We'll get out of this mess. Moon be my witness when I swear that I'll get you back home safely…"


You arrive at the cells and find the unicorn duo inside.

She looks like she has the potential for good looks, but her mane is a mess, and she doesn't seem to put much effort into being well-kept. In fact, you can see her navigational room is actually pitch black.

She nods along. "Why's that?"


"You two, I hear you're good at healing."


"Unicorns, this is Lady Alys. I expect you to give her your utmost respect. And any funny business and you might found yourselves missing a hoof. No touching her belongings or hurting her. She needs healing. Is that clear?"


I hide behind Spring as I see Lady Alys walk in, but peek out after I see Sandor walk in.
…and then promptly go back to hiding.
"O- Okay mister Sander…"
I whimper and shiver from his tone.


I whisper to the nav officer.
"I do get a prize for sending these letters back and forth do I?"


I get up and look at them.
"I don't need to touch anypony for this… Don't worry, just give me a moment."
Heal on Alys '1d10+2'

"Shhh, don't be scared. They wont hurt us."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I guess I help as well?

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"You think that me leaving him like this will have no effect? He'll be destroyed. Such a nice guy ruined.
He needs somepony to talk to. Somepony that can understand him…"


I smile at her after I'm done.
"Don't worry little dove. As long as you treat her nice you'll be fine."

"Good. Make sure she's good as new. A true Lady needs to be at her best every moment."


Alys is feeling a lot better.

Alys: 4/5
Sandor: 4/5

She thinks about it for a minute, then looks up, excited. "Do you think I could talk to him?"

She scrunches, then blows her breath. "Fine. Here, take this, scram."

She flips a doubloon at you, then grabs the letter with her telekinesis and disappears into her chambers.


"I think he'd love an hoof, right now."
Give her a whide smile.


take a sigh of relief
"That's muuch better. Thank you."
before turning away look back at them
"In what manner of uncouth barbarity are you two doing in here?"


Perhaps I should have given her more hints of what I want.
But gold is gold, I flick the doubloon and put it in my bag before I head back to the pillagers fancy and head back to Smitts.


"Of course…"

"My daughter and I were captured by these pirates they've locked us in here and put on these collars so we don't escape."


"What were th grounds for your release?"


I nod sadly.


Keep vigilant.
I'm sure she knows what she is doing.


I shrug
"I don't know. I don't think they're planning on releasing us any time soon though. All I care about is making sure my little girl is safe."


When you arrive back on the Pillager's Fancy, you can see it's quite dark out. Most of the crew is heading off to bed down, but Dolly Doldrums, Quartermaster Smitts, Landgrave, and Fullmaster Abilio are all crowded around a table up at the top of the aftercastle.

She heads over, and Face must be as talented as he claims, because within seconds he has his arm around her and he's making his way for the door. He signals to you as he leads her out.


turn and head out, walk to the Captain's quarters


I nod at Spring Water.
"Thank you in Her name. She is not ungrateful. You might experience that soon."

Head out and follow Lady Alys


I slowly head to the table and see what they are doing.
"Fullmaster, Quartermaster." I bow in respect as I approach them.


The Commodore's quarters have huge brass knockers. Not that kind.

The wood is ornate and well patterned. The door itself, you judge, is locked.


Follow the dashing rogue.


knock on it, is he here? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Dolly quickly pulls her wing over the papers on the table, and Landgrave shoots a glare, but Abilio and Smitts don't seem bothered.

Landgrave pipes up: "The new hire? Brave to join us at this table at this hour."

Smitts simply remarks, "He's fine. He has proven his loyalty. We can cut him in. He'll find out soon, anyway."

You soon find yourself at three ships, docked in the cove. They seem pretty battened down for the night, and ponies are already moving to remove the gangplank, though they wait until the three of you get aboard. Looks like you'll have to jump if you plan to leave before morning.

Rogers takes his girl back to the Seaworthy, and remarks, "Go find Mellow on the Fancy — the first ship we got on before crossing to this one. He'll show you around."


"Bye mister Sander!…"
I wave goodbye to him.
"So… now what?"


You knock, and there is a rumbling answer from within.

"Who goes?"


"It's her Grace Lady Alys."


"Right. Do I tell him anything? Or just introduce myself as your wingpony?"


I stop and stand my ground.
"I'm sorry if I am intruding, I thought you are having a session of drinks so I thought I might join in." I smile back.


"Lady Alys"


"I'm not sure. We wait I guess"
I look at her blank flank and smile wistfully.
"I remember a time when all you cared about was getting that cutie mark of yours…"


He's being dragged to bed, but gets his head back around the corner of the stairs to quickly say, "That'll do!"

Dolly withdraws her wings, and Smitts shakes his head gravely.

Landgrave remarks, "Nothing so frivolous. We are planning the assault of Stonebriar City. It's a fortress, and a rich one, but we finally have an ace in the hole. Several, in fact."

"No title will buy your passage into MY chambers. Seek audience through my first mate. I am too busy for guests."


head to his first mate then. is it Landgrave?




Hearing that I give them a toothy smile.
"I see, then perhaps I am not intruding after all." I then join them and listen to what their plan is.


Well fly to the other ship and find this pony. He described him, right?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Do you think I can get a cutiemark here?"


It is.

You assume he'll be aboard the Darklantern, but you can see him at the aftercastle of the Pillager's Fancy, along with a few other pirates.

"We have several entry points. Salty Slugs, unsurprisingly, suggested a direct assault. He told me one of the new hires brained a killer whale alone, so perhaps it's possible."

"I recovered a book of black magic from the local Grogar-cult with help from some of the crew. It has some powerful magic that we could use to disguise ourselves for entry."

"Yes… and it would seem we now have a woman on the inside. Humble, and Earth Pony. We had her evacuated from this town today. She has a passport to get in."

"Speaking of passports, that girl that Face brought home… wasn't she a dignitary's wife from Stonebriar?"

"Yes, so all that's left is to pick a plan and put it in motion."

You spend a dreadful amount of time searching before you find him sleeping in the bunkhouse. He's a gray pegasus, but he looks quite strong. Sprawled out over his bed, he's in one of the nicer ones. His bed has a plaque that reads: "Duty Officer".


I smile
"Maybe… Who knows?"
Gods know we need the distraction…


how long will it take to get over there? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh joy, I get to wake up the duty officer!
Slowly move my hoof over his wings.
"Rise and shine… A certain handsome dashing rogue sent me to you. Said to tell you I'm his wingpony."


He groans and shakes himself awake.

"ANOTHER wingpony? Let me guess, you want to join our salty crew of pirates? Did he tell you that being a pirate involves killing ponies? Because that's usually enough to scare his wingponies away."


I put my paws to my chin.

"Have we scouted the Stonebriar city? Perhaps we need some… intelligence on regards how their guards shifts. Or if that magic works, we could set some of our crews inside and burn down several important buildings. Perhaps Humble could help them get inside or something."


One post.


well then lets hurry up!


"Do you think it'll be for something good? I don't wanna get an evil cutiemark…"
I huddle up to her.
"Didn't mister Keymaster say he was coming back to check on us? And that's why we can't leave?"


Dolly nods.

"Yes, the plan is to burn down an orphanage. It'll provide sufficient distraction to get inside. You see, two days from now is the honored Stonebriar tradition of Children's Day. They can't ignore a burning orphanage."

You arrive at the conversation, and get a similar reception as to what Chip initially got, but Dolly vouches for you. "She helped me get the book. She's loyal to the crew. Let her in on the discussion."


"Yeah, that is a plus for me. I like dead ponies."


Speak of the Devil — or at least the Diamond Dog.

Keymaster opens the door suddenly and looks in the prison, then pauses. "Hmm… guess I 'spected y'd b'up t' somethin'. Carry on, then."

He shrugs, and with a yawn, he remarks, "Alright then, welcome to the crew. Pick a bunk. We'll get you a job and on payroll tomorrow."


"The discussion aside, Who among you is Landgrave? I'll need to speak with you afterwards"


Find a decent bunk and drop my stuff on it.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Don't worry sweetheart, you're a good pony. As long as you don't get too close to these pirates and stick with me you'll be safe."

I wait for him to leave, then try to slip into Stealth again '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Is that so? Perhaps the guard barracks is a potential target but I dont know if we could muster the men to burn to separate locations at one time."

I then look at the ships sails.
"How about their naval defense. Any scoop on it?"



Roll #0 7 = 7


"Wait, you're gonna make the gate slam!"
I try to stop her mistake. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


The unicorn, adorned in his characteristic tuxedo, shoots a condescending look at you.

"Please do not tell me you confused one of noble birth with these miscreants."

You finally seem to be sneaking. Now this is podracing sneaking.

Abilio growls, "We've had brushes with them before. Massive turrets loaded with top of the line cannons. We don't want to bring any of the ships except the Darklantern within range. The others can't take the fire."


I sigh
"Finally. Now stick close sweetie, otherwise you'll be seen."
Sneak out of our cells and leave the brig. Try to find a storage locker of some kind '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Also, go for a walk of the ship and see who I can meet.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Pff.. nobility and their way of speaking.

"Then we need to take out that cannons from the inside. Do you think the burning of the orphanages would be enough to lessen the guards manning those cannons for some of our men in disguise to slip in?"


I hum the Daring Do theme song to myself and pretend that I'm sneaking my way into an evil Naughties camp.


give him a condescending look myself
"Please don't tell me you would [i]require such a profligate answer[/i]"


You sneak down three floors into the hold level, narrowly avoiding bumping into somepony when you pass the bunk level.

Most of the pirates have gone to sleep, but you see an odd silhouette at the bow.

Even Landgrave agrees with this one.

"They are very predictable in this manner. Mercy is a tool we can use. That's what makes this particular route the most appealing. Believe me: I would not even consider this particular magic if it wasn't our best chance."

He smirks and remarks, "You're spirited. Play nice and wait for me to finish, then I will grant you an audience."


Keep standing guard.


I love odd silhouettes.
Approach it.
"Wonderful night for some pillaging, uh?"


Now that you are closer, you can see why the shape was odd. It's the lumpy wool of a ewe.

"It's all da same ta me, I tink."


Alright, let's see if we can find a small weapon down here. A knife or a dagger maybe '1d10'
"Stay on the lookout, sweetie. Mommy's shopping."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"My dear waiting is all I've ever known to do."
motion Sandor to let me sit on him and listen inon the conversation


"Then what is keeping you awake? Nightshift? That old wound?"


Can I find anything neat too? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lower myself so she has somewhere to sit.


"I see then perhaps that is the plan. But first we need to have some idea how many cannons they have, where they are pointing and if those cannons are for immediete termination or if we can salvage them. But perhaps terminating the cannons would be for the best."

I look at Saldor
"Dude." I give him a pat on the back.


"What is it?"


yea, sit on him and stay inth conversation


That didn't take long. There are swords and knives EVERYWHERE. They really didn't bother to hide them. Then again, this ship's hold doesn't seem to carry much other than weapons…

You find a butterfly. You squeal with delight, to which your mother bolts up and shushes you.

"Yah… Da night shift is part. I dunnae tink I could sleep anyway. Da moon is nice tanight."

"The cannons are fine pieces, but we don't have the ship space for them. Not with all the gold in their vaults."


"What, the moon calls to you or something?"
Sit next to the goat. Sheep. Whatever.



"Sometin like dat. I cannae explain. Da shadows remind me of home."


Follow it! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Take a knife, a dagger, a sword and a pistol from here.

Pull her back!
"Sweetie! No distractions!"


Too late!

She's already chased it up a level into the hold. She's perched on the side of the bed, trying to catch it… right above a sleeping pirate.


"Just a friendly greeting and all. Just good to see you."

"Then the termination of the cannons is the utmost of concern. With that gone, our ships can approach the shore and take the contents of the vault. Perhaps a slave or two wont be bad too."


"You are not one of the happy kind of pirates, eh?"


"The same, pal."


She gives a very toothy grin. "Naught quite."

Then she looks back up. "De uddas leave me alone. Dey fear misspeaking. I have a tempa. I have been known to naught bring dem back to life when dey make me angry. I hold a grudge or two."


Just a little bit more…

Roll #1 10 = 10


You expertly catch the butterfly! And you don't even wake the pirate.

It's a pretty one. Exotic. Yellow with black zig-zags.


"Ooooh! So you are a necromancer too! I just love that! The whole… Coming back to life and then death and then life thing! It's so… Cozy. And warm."
Make gestures with my hooves as my face lights up.


I wave at her and urge her to get back here!

Anything else around here that looks worth taking aside from those weapons? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I climb back down and walk back to Spring, butterfly in tow.


Waving throws you off balance, and you noisily fall straight down the staircase and impale yourself on your sword, bloodily. The ship shakes slightly and weapon racks start knocking each other over like dominos. The whole of the bunkhouse is awake.

You have three wounds remaining.


I turn to Lady Alys.
"They are not wasting your precious time M'Lady, are they?"


Try not to cry out in pain and Stealth again! '1d10'

Motion Summer to get back to the cell!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Not in the least, we need to know this since we might be spending much more time on this ship."


"Yes. I am. Do you want ta see my cabin?"

"That was the general idea. If that's the plan we've agreed on, it shouldn't be too hard. We should get some sleep."

Sword still in your stomach, you roll to your feet and behind a box, as guards flood in.




"Hmmm… whats that? Perhaps a fight?" I looked unamused


I firmly shake my head in a no gesture and run over to her, attempting to hide and heal her. '1d10' 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10


That plan will do in theory, but we need intelligence of how many cannons they got. With that, the crews going inside will have enough powder to disable them out."


You pull out the blade and close up the wound quite expertly. You're getting good at this…

However, you lose any semblance of stealth, and you're quickly surrounded.

"What are you unicorns doing down here? Killing yourselves on swords?"

The speaker is a large buffalo at the head of the crowd.


"Hell yeah! I'd love to!" jump up and follow her.


I hug Summer tight
"We were just out for a walk, nothing more!"


She takes you to her room, the second mate's cabin. The handle is made of silver. The inside is totally dark except for one candle in the middle, but the ewe seems quite at home in the darkness.

In the corner, she has a collection of brains in jars, with names labeled. There's a table, where you think you can make out a sewing kit and some dolls. Above her bed is a large throw blanket pinned to the wall. It appears to be made from some sort of pony leather.

There's also a large mirror in the room.

The buffalo raises a brow. "Why don't you go back to the brig?"


"This place is… A dream!"
Move around and look at the brain in the jars.
"Oh! I bet you can still commune with them!"
Move closer to the bed and put an hoof at a few inches from the blanket.
Squeal out.
"Can.. Can I?"


"Yes and yes."


Grab Summer and get the heck out of there at lightning speed! Please tell me I still managed to hide some stuff I took from the storage hold '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Move an hoof over the blaket and feel it.
Roll not to be turned on.
"Not even an hour and I already love this place!"

Roll #0 10 = 10


Whoa I'm stoic as fuck. Better this way.


You head back to the brig. You lost everything, but Summer ended up with that sword. Hey! Shouldn't you have that? A responsible adult doesn't let her daughter play with swords.

"Oh, we're not sneaking in with any supplies. They're already inside."


First of all, give her a warm shaky hug.
"Thank you sweetie, I'm so very proud of you."
Then carefully take the sword and hide it somewhere in the brig where I can easily reach it with my TK if needed


I hug her back, crying softly.
"A- Are you okay momma?…"


"The Pillager's Fancy is da traditional home of da necromancers of da crew. I am a voodoo doctah. Da captain is a warlock. Da doctah is a lifebindah. And dat ovah dere is da focus."

She points at the mirror.

"Even normal ponies can see to da odda side wit dat. For those talented in da Arts…"

She trails off.


"For those like us..?"
Look inside it. It's gonna be a terrible and destroying fate, but I love it. I love it I love it I love it!

Roll #0 3 = 3


I nod quickly and keep hugging her
"Yes I am. Thanks to you sweetie. You were really brave back there."


"Ohh.. nice. With that, I can sleep easily. I pray that tommorrows plan will be succesfull."

With that I stand up and approach the Smitts.
"If you may permit me, I would like to have a little talk."


"It looked like it really hurt…"
I continue softly crying.


You are not yet attuned, and you immediately become bombarded by thoughts and feelings from hundreds of souls, most of them old crew members. You almost begin to lose yourself, but you feel a hoof on your shoulder drag you back to reality. It's Terrebonne: she pulled you back.

He nods, "Let's go back to my room. We can speak more openly, without discretion."

The others part ways, except for Abilio who stops by and asks, "How did she respond?"


"But you fixed it! It's over now, don't worry! No need to cry!"
I pet her mane softly


"With delight, though I feel that she is still afraid to reveal herself, so… yeah, I cannot tell you who she was." I scratch my head.

I wait for Albio's reply/response before following Smitt.


"That was…" Fall at her hooves, my arms around her neck.
"Just. So. Beautiful. You must teach me to talk with them!"


"It was so scary though! It went right through you…"
I bury my face into her coat and continue crying.


He nods and walks along with you until you've arrived at the officer's cabins. Abilio retires to his chambers, with the large, hanging knocker. Smitts invites you into his, with the gold handle.

"As in all da necromantic pursuits, it is a question of control. Focusing. Dey all wish ta speak. You choose which ta listen ta."


Lift myself up.
"So you said you are able to resurrect ponies? I never got that far into my studies. I appreciated more… Immediate parts of the art.
Oh, and you can do the freaky thing with the shadows?"


I sit on one of the chairs and look for some hard drink
"Can I ask you for some advice?"


Continue softly petting her mane
"But you saved me! You have to remember that! Oh… I'm so proud of you sweetie. You'll become a better healer than I am when you grow up…"


"Y- You think?"
I look up at her through tear filled eyes.


Little fountains of darkness raise up from the shadows being cast by the single candle, and spout off little miniature shadows which fly around and play about the room.

"Yes, they are both within my power."

Smitts nods and takes a seat on his bed. "I have always been happy to mentor some of the newer hires… though I fear I've never had the knack for it that Mellow Marsh has."


I nod
"You kept calm and healed me in no time at all! I wouldn't have been able to heal a wound like that when I was your age, but you did it anyway! Not to mention you at least managed to take something with you, unlike me."
I look at the ground sadly


"Oh that's just so damn freaky! You must teach me! I know! Can I be your student?"


I guess Lady Alys is doing something something and is safe and all.

What's there to do?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You're still the best!"
I give her a hug.


"I've met her once. Directs me to a crate of marshmellows when I asked for food, that I shared with someone here." I smiled.
I then reclined my back to the chair.

"I… feel some guilt. Well many to say the least. First is I got to admit that burning an orphanage is something that I am having doubts. Second is…. I am feeling a bit guilty on approaching some certain individuals in this ship because my act will be… bad to say the least. So I came here for advice."


I nuzzle her cheek
"Not for long… Heh, you'll take over my practice in no time at this rate! I'm so proud of you, honey!"


She considers it for a moment, then nods slightly.

"It has been some time since I took a student, but ya seem passionate enough."

You can't leave the boat this late at night. Once everyone retires to sleep, the day will end, and we will skip to the day of the attack.

You could go meet some of the personalities of the crew you haven't met, or go visit the unicorns in the brig. You smell brains wafting up from the makeshift kitchen below in the Pillager's Fancy.

The storm is starting to pick up, and sheets of rain are now coming down on the deck. Whatever you do, you should probably do it indoors.

Mellow Marsh is a guy!

"Well, for the first, don't feel too bad. The orphanage is probably ensured, and for our plan to work, it's critical that none of the orphans die, so you're not murdering any of them."

"As for the second… I know it seems odd for love to bloom on a ship, but it has happened many times. I have noticed you ferrying letters for Abilio and Cloudy. They will go nicely together. As for YOUR lust… Well, I don't judge. If it keeps you occupied, I can indulge you. You see, Mister Chip, I take pride in knowing everything that goes on aboard these ships. That is how I run things so efficiently. That is how Abilio gets away with being blindly in love."


Go to the brig first.


I won't delude you! So, I can blow corpses up, raise them, talk to them… Yeah pretty basic stuff.
Oh. And some times I love to raise them and then make them talk. That's always a sport!"


I breath a sigh of relief, its like this old seamate can read minds.

"Well I am approaching you so in case I am handpicked to be part of the team going inside, I will have no doubt burning any stablishment that needs burning."

I then put a paw to my head and gulp.
"As for the second… then you know the way I stare and feel at one of the prisoners in the ships?"


I nuzzle her back.
"What will you do then?…"


I chuckle lightheartedly.
"Fetch you your drinks and lunch. Take care of administrative paperwork. You know, boring stuff."


You make it there quickly and can hear the two unicorns inside. You're free to enter.

She nods.

"Da odda necromancers on da ship will likely help you too. Donnae mind Doc Peg. 'E is a strange one, but good at his craft. Da captain is knowledgeable too, especially on Tartarus. But if you like…"

She rolls out a woolen mattress, "You may sleep here tonight, instead of the bunkhouse."

"I make it my business to know all things. The short answer? Yes."


I enter.
"I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I just wanted to express my gratitude."


"That's… This place is a dream!"
Roll over on the newly opened bed.
"You not going back to the moon?"


"And I'd take care of all the ponies?"
"Hi mister Sander!"


"I am… but first, I must visit Cloudy Stripes. Dere are star charts I require. I would not advise using da Focus again tanight. Ya may lose yerself if ya da not take it slow. Oddawise, welcome yaself to my room."


I turn to the voice
"Oh, hello. Why? For healing miss… Ladis? Alis? Aw ponyfeathers, I forgot her name…"

"You'll be the doctor, sweetie. Doctor Summer Seas. doesn't that sound nice and official?"


Allright, stand very still and be careful not to break anything. Look around for interesting stuff.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Smile at her.
"Hello there little dove."

"The name of Her Grace is Lady Alys. And yes. I did not trust that Doc Peg figure. Not a bit. You did a quick and clean work. And she'll reward you, with time."


"Doctor Summer Seas?…
That sounds awesome!"
I beam with happiness at the idea.
"Reward us with time? Time for what?"


I take a deep breath.

"I am no saint, I am a pirate in the past after all. But this time… I dont know if I will act on my impulse or not. Its like something is trying to hold me back but the urge to… corrupt such innocence, such beauty is ever present."
I then give the quartermaster a stare.

"I am being torn in two you see, do I act on my cravings or do I let this new feeling take over me?
I smile then laugh before putting a paw on my forehead.
"Hah, look at me, I dont even know what this thing I am saying is called. I heard them ponies say words like friendship but who I am to care."


I shrug
"It's my job after all. Even in this… awful place."

"Well, it's only fitting for an awesome healer right?"


I smirk.
"What I meant is, if you are patient, she'll see it that you two will be rewarded."

"I cannot deny that. Some of these pirates… backstabbers and scoundrels, the lot of them."


"I'm not that awesome… not enough to be a doctor!"
I blush.
"Oh!… Is it gonna be something fun?"


You can't make out any details beyond what you've already spotted in this level of dark.

"Let me answer that by telling you a story. Some fifteen years ago I was on a cruiser in the south Manesian Sea. The local authorities had taken to bribing the warlords in the region with precious jewels to keep the peasants in check, but the shipments were disappearing en route. So some of my mates and I were hired to put a stop to it. For six months, we found no trace of the gems in markets. No laundering was being done, but one day we spotted a Sea Dragon and gutted it for sport. In its stomach, I found a sapphire the size of a pony's brain. You see, the dragons had been intercepting the gems and not stowing them or selling them. They were eating them. You see, dragons don't care about right or wrong, good or bad. They do what feels right to them without question for the consequences. They are loathed by society, but they live otherwise happy lives. I won't judge you, Mister Chip. The question is, can you handle everyone else's judgment? It will come."


"I do not know, but knowing her generosity, it will be something to improve your lives here."


Oh well. Commune on one of the brains on the jars.
"Hey there!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"At least they've kept us alone so far… No harassments or anything but… I'd rather not jinx us."

"Not yet maybe. But a few more years and I'll be lagging behind, that's for sure!"


"To what end do you awaken me, Necromancer?"

The jar is labeled Gar the Terrible.


"I'm bored. Wanna talk? You can go on whatever, don't worry. I'll just listen."


"Lady Alys was very pleased with your work. I think I can speak in her name, that if you ever need protection you can count on me. If she regards you as a valuable asset, then I will ensure your safety to provide the best for her."


"I hope it's something neat… Maybe one of those crystal radios! So we can get music and stories and then we can dance and sing and and…"
I sigh wistfully.


"Eyes are always upon you, here. I can feel them. They will not rest until they are plucked out."


"Her magic is regal and mighty, but I'm afraid that's not something she has."


I take a deep breath.

"Thanks for that, its like a fog has been lifted from me. Perhaps staying in that prison fort for some years has taken some pieces of me."
I then stand up.
"Either I stay on the ship and be on repair duty or I will be part to take the battle, one thing I can promise is I will be ready tomorrow."


"Well I suppose a thank you is in order then. So thank you."

"Come on sweetie, helping ponies is our job. Rewards are good, but we don't help them just for the reward."


"They watchin' me? Big deal."
Turn around and talk to nothing in particular.
"Hey wanna see something cool?"
Show my tail to the other wall, the one in front of the brain shelf.
Then, turn to Gar.
"Now, let's talk this necromancer. How is she?"


"We can both be thankful for one another. I assure you, as long as you don't do something to fall out of Her grace, this ship will be less of a shithole."


"Right… sorry mister Sander."


"Terrebonne has spilled blood for both noble causes… and for pleasure."


"Sounds like my type. You were one of them too?"


"No… she is the sixth necromancer to possess my brain. I have sailed the seas for many years."


"It's all right, little bird. Every young pony wants something."


"You must be precious then… What's inside that brain of yours, Gar in the jar?"


"I once knew the taste of prophecy through steely orbs of mystic intent. Their searing sigils now hold their vigils in the corners of my brain."


Seeing him being silent, I stood there dumbfounded.
"Uhhh… I should leave now."


"That's cool guy, but not my bag. Back in the jar you go!"
Drop the commune link.
I guess I could go to sleep by now. Rolling for good dreams of death.
I'm leaving for the night. Real interesting session!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Sorry about that. Let me make a response. I was distracted! forgive me.


5 is not a measure for dreams, is the taste of grey, boring boringness.

Roll #0 2 = 2


He nods.

"You will be on the assault team, I think. I need someone I can trust to do the right thing. You will be rewarded graciously if all goes as planned. It is nice to have a superior that knows what you want."

"Good luck and good night."


Once everyone declares sleep for the night, we will pause and next session pick up right outside of Stonebriar for the most action-packed, exciting, and heart pounding session yet.


I guess I say goodbye to the unicorns and go to sleep then


b- but what will the unicorns do?


Do you even need to ask


They'll probably take Summer and Spring along, because they will need healers badly. Also Summer will be the easiest to sneak in.


Also, Spring Water stands guard by her daughter and will not sleep until she sleeps.


"Good night." I then leave his quarters

Well that clear things up, also that story is quite badass.
But what is that thing that I felt back then? Its something new yet something that also tries to hinder me on certain actions.
Perhaps I'll know in time.

With that I head for a bunk and head to sleep.

Most crews will be wounded on the fight.

That quartermaster again with his ship pairing.



Next time we're going to BE AGGRESSIVE

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