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In seemingly no time, the fleet has set sail and made way for mainland. The sun sets on the day. By tomorrow morning, Port Bridgewater will be within striking distance.

Our protagonists have settled in to their new lives aboard the fleet, and though they are seemingly accepted by this melting pot of outcasts and cutthroats, every last brigand seems to have some story or secret.

The two unicorn prisoners have been left alone, save for the other prisoner in the brig, with their cage unlocked, and as the twilight begins to wane into night, it only begs what tomorrow will bring.

If you have anything left to do before the morning comes, you should act on it now.


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Find something to store wine in.
I need to get some for the Lady.

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Stay back sweetheart…"

Approach the other, wounded prisoner carefully and poke at him with my telekinesis.

"Are you alright? You sure don't look like it…"


Scout the horizon.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Time to leave this place. climb down the mast and find the water hole of this ship.

Roll #0 1 = 1


On the storage deck, between the bilge and the gun deck, you find a bronze goblet. It's not bolted down, so you consider it your property.

He spits blood at you. His eyes are swollen shut, and crusted over with blood. He's an earth pony with a strikingly red coat. A sort of brilliant red, like fire, or wet blood. It's easy to tell it apart from the blood on his coat, though: it is dark and dry.

"Are you here to make me talk? Like the others? I told you. I acted alone. There is no one else."

A storm is coming. Clouds cover the horizon. You think the plans to head for land are well-founded. You carefully climb onto the netting to make your way down to the main deck, then promptly fall the entire way, landing gracelessly on your back.


Rolling for damage, or at least to get up.
"Stoooooorm front coming!"
Start to laugh it up.
Roll not to lose it.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Roll #1 4 = 4


Put that away for now, but I can't carry a drink around for her in that open goblet until I know she is thirsty.
Let's look for something interesting in the meantime.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wh- what's he talking about?"
I hide behind Spring Water.


I wince
"No, but you look awful. You must be in a lot of pain…"
Use Heal to ease the pain '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Forgot the +2


You shake yourself off. You'll be fine, but your back is going to ache tonight.

You meander around the hold. Most of it is junk that wasn't valuable enough to get stowed in the locked half of the cargo. You can see through the bars bags of bits, not yet melted down, among some precious gems, and other trinkets and valuables.

Outside of the hold, you find mostly grog, cannonballs, and black powder.

He winces as you cast your spell. You only manage to get some of the crusty blood of his face, but you can tell he has severe injuries.

"Who have they sent this time? I should at least know the name of my aggressor. And who is that with you? I hear another voice."


Can I see any gems or jewels that M'Lady would appreciate and I can stash away?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Approach one of the guys here.
"So-ooooooo, where are we making port?"


"I-I'm not here to hurt you. My name is Spring Water, I'm a prisoner like you. The other voice is my daughter, Summer Seas. They imprisoned us in a raid…"
Try to Heal him again '1d10+2'
"What did they do to you…"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Wait! Stop!"
I try to correct what she did wrong. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You can see plenty of gems she would appreciate, but they're all safely in lockup. You don't think the quartermaster would appreciate you bashing down the door.

The only one still working on the sails is some diamond dog wearing an eyepatch. He shrugs at you, and points at the aftcastle, where Al-Jinn is tending the wheel. Maybe he knows.

He grimaces as you send a shockwave of pain through his arm in an attempt to set the bone fractures. "Words like honey, but a sting like a bee. What a curious viper they've sent."

You try to ease the pain, but there's not much you can do other than attempt to chill the region to numb it. It's not doing much for him.


Roll my eyes at him.
Jump up and down towards Al-Jinn.
"Wheeeeeee-eeeere we going?"


"Oh ponyfeathers… I'm sorry, I-I'm just a little stressed right now! Here… let me try again."
I nod at Summer Seas

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Mama! You're hurting him!"
Keep trying to heal him. '1d10+2'
"That's better…"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


What about prying it open?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I know sweetheart, but I didn't mean to. Mommy's just a little nervous right now, that's all."


"Bridgewater. Quiet town on Equestrian soil. There's a cove where we can wait out the storm. Might pick the bones while we leave, but they don't have much there. Farmers. Might not be worth the heat."

You try your best to pry it open, but to no avail. It occurs to you that, on a boat full of thieves and plunderers, ponies more skilled than you in the art of breaking into vaults have probably tried this already.

You manage to numb the pain you caused and fix some of his fractures, but he's still breathing heavily. It doesn't look like he's enjoying himself.

He flails his newly-repaired leg about wildly in your direction. "Get off me, you harpy! Celestia save me from your evil!"


obviously not when they're empowered beyond reason. lets go find Sander before exploring shall we?
"Sander? where are you?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Maaaaaight be fun…"
Jump around, go look for the others.


That's a shame.
Fill the goblet with fine and find her.


"Calm down please! My daughter and I just want to help you here!"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Don't mind the +2, forgot to take it off…


"W- We're here to help you!"
I back away and try to calm him down '1d10'
Compassion will work here, right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


You quickly end up turned around, and before you know it, you're in the aftcastle poking into doors looking for him. You try one with an exquisite silver handle, and look inside.

The room is dark, with a single burning candle holding vigil in the middle. It's hard to make out anything for the shadows, but you curiously find yourself drawn inside…

As Magenta heads down to a lower deck, she bumps into Sandor, and he splashes wine everywhere. It tastes very good.

He stops flailing around, but he's still breathing heavily. "What purpose do you have for helping me?"


no! resist the temptation! look for Sander!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Give her a back-hooved slap.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You draw back, creeped out by the dark room, but it doesn't seem particularly creeped out by you. You try to close the door, but something is hold it open. As you slowly back away, the darkness seems to be creeping out of the room, into the brightly lit hallway…


Avoid that slap.
"Aaaaaah am not the one with the wine!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"It's my job, I'm a doctor. And just like us you're a prisoner, so you're in the same pickle as we are."
I pat Summer on the head.
"Well done sweetie."


"Purpose?… We just like healing ponies."
I smile at the praise and nuzzle up to her.


Looks like she ducked out of it.
"That was for Lady Alys! Now I'll need to go back down to get her some!"


"disgusting. uncontrolled darkness I'll have you tamed and handled with momentarily!"
run and find Sandor

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Aaaaaaaa-aaand I'm coming with you. Beeeeeeen looking for wine all day!"
Jump around him, taking care to splash all the wine left in my coat on him.

Roll #0 1 = 1


You hear the struggle and arrive on the scene to see

Magenta rubbing herself all over Sandor. How scandalous!

He shakes his head a bit, unbelieving. "Prisoners? Why aren't you in the cages? We kept the prisoners in cages…"


"Oh, how COULD YOU!?"
pick Magenta up with TK and throw her away

Roll #0 7 = 7


"… we?"
I frown
"The commodore let us out of our cages… I think that was him at least."


Sidestep away of her TK.
"Whooooooooo are you?"

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4



"Lady Alys!"
Kneel down and bow my head.
"Pardon me for this, M'lady! This goat has been nothing but trouble ever since she showed up!"


"Thiiiis goat saved your buuuuutts!"
Give them both a mischievious smile.


"Yeah… some scary guy came and broke the lock on our cell. Who are you?"


say between gritted teeth
"We'll see about that later."
"Yes, whatever off with you already!"

turn to Sandor
"There is something I need taken care of"


I rise to my hooves.
"Just say the word, M'Lady."


Wine coats the chamber as Magenta slides back, but isn't fully lifted. It did give her coat a good cleaning, though.

"I am the one they call Redcoat. I used to be a part of the crew. They threw me in here for mutiny. In truth… and I suppose there's no point in keeping it secret now, since I've already let it out in torture… I'm a spy. Not for the pirates. For Equestria. I serve her Imperial Majesty, the Princess."


"Nooooo way! He's showing me wheeeere the wine is!"


"Silence, goat."


"You butt!"
Give one last shove to clean off the wine and be on my way from where I saw Sandor coming.
Let's see if I can find the wine myself.
'1d10' to get the wine on Sandor.
'r2 1d10' for locating.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 = 10


You're not doing much to avoid a reputation as a slut. You perform some unspeakable acts on the butler-knight and take off in search of wine like the hedonist you are.


My eyes widen
"The Princess? Wow… What are they going to do with you?"


"A spy?… Like one of those comic book ponies? With the really cool magic goggles that let you see in the dark and all those really neat gadgets that let you do all sorts of really cool things?"


"I would imagine they're going to mount my head on a pike and leave it in the next Equestrian town we come to. If I'm lucky. Worst case, they'll probably animate my corpse and send me marching back into the throne room with a sword drawn."


Pff who cares, I'm free. Daddy would want it that way.
Did I like it?

Also, time to get wasted.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Take a deep breath.
"Permission to beat the goat into fine pulp later, M'Lady?"


look in disgust at her and Sandor
"Disgusting, you'll not be getting anywhere near me covered in that goat!"
"You have my utmost blessings!"


From the other room, leaving, almost drowning in piss-poor quality wine.
"I could have you both thrown overboard~"


"Please excuse me for the behaviour of the goat. I'll make sure to teach her a lesson in manners later. For now, did you need me for something, M'Lady?"

Also, give her the bronze goblet.
"I also found this for you, M'Lady. I can show you for fine quality wine later to fill it."


I sigh
"Right. I'm sorry. I wish I could help but… I have to look out for my daughter."


take it
"Yes.. of course. But right now I feel someone needs to pay for threatening me!"
follow that goat!


"Of course, M'Lady!"
Follow her.


"Waaaaaant some?"
Raise a glass of wine to them.


"Why can't we help him?"


"Kill her."


"Hahaha. Thaaaaaat's gonna be hard to do, lil one!"


I kneel down and look at her sadly
"Because we're in no position to right now sweetie. We have to get out of this mess safely ourselves first. And you know you're the most important thing in my life."


I nod.
"With pleasure, M'Lady."

Slam into her.
I have Sentry so that should give me initiative.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Raaaaaight… Daaaaddy!"
Tartarian Empowrement.

Roll #0 3 = 3



"The truth is… the night I was caught, I discovered the Commodore's secret. It's more heinous than you could ever imagine. Every brigand seems to have secrets, but this one takes the cake. If we could act on it, he'd be done for."


entering the fray: cast Tartarian Blessing on him

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


We both fail.
"Daddy! Kind of now!"
Empowrement again.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Stop playing around.
Unseathe my Claymore and Cleave at her legs.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"But but…"
I frown.
"A secret?"


You slam into a wall of the ship, causing it to shudder slightly.

Your calls to Tartarus go unheeded.

Both of you are making a lot of noise.


Yeah right. Touch of death on him as he approaches.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Well fuck. Tartarian Empowrement again!

Roll #0 9 = 9




You slash her legs out from under her, leaving her helpless.

You attempt to give him the Touch of Death, but the darkness you command seizes up on contact with the darkness possessing him, and it rebounds upon you.

You are helpless, with two wounds left.


That's not how we usually pvp, but fine. Use the 9 to get up and run for the door.
Run for the door now.

Roll #0 7 = 7


use TK to hold her down

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


I groan
"I'm sorry but… I don't want to know. I'm just a simple doctor from a harbor town. All I want is for my daughter to be safe."
I turn to Summer
"Honey, you understand why right?"


"You cannot run, goat. You should never have crossed Lady Alys."

Try to stop her with my sword. Possibly by cutting her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


+2 what are you doing? you're not supposed to be there!


Oooops you can't catch me it seems! I'm on the deck.
Tartarian Empowrement on myself.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Ohohoh. Wf, I give you the lead.


"But… can we at least hear the secret?"


Oh dear
Someone's in trouble.
Cleave at her head this time.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Sweetie, how would you feel if somepony knew your biggest secret? What would you do?"


"I'd be mad… sorry."


Do I just ignore this?
Gimme a sign Wf.


I hug her
"I know you just want to help sweetie, don't be sorry for that. But… we're not exactly in a position to help right now. We need to figure some things out first, okay?"


he's writing man hold on


All of these slams, slashes, and demon callings are loud, but none of them holds a candle to the explosion of noise that completely rocks the Pillager's Fancy.

As a dark silhouette ascends from Magenta's now-ragdolling form, alarm bells are being rung across the three boats.

Sandor cleaves for the monstrosity, but it bats him away, into the wall of the aftcastle. Still streaming, smoke-like at its base, from Magenta, it advances on him, until a shot rings out from the neighboring ship. A bullet tears through the black skull of the demon-beast, and he turns his focus upon a figure in the crow's nest of the Seaworthy.

Crewmembers with blades and guns flood out of each of the ships, and Al-Jinn, manning the wheel, takes wing immediately, cleaving along the monster's back.

A fog of smoke begins to set as a hail of gunfire starts, and blades meet the knees of the shadow. In seconds, it's all over. These pirates know what they're doing.

A unicorn wearing a captain's tricorne stomps on the monster, and it dissipates into smoke, then drawn into his horn.

"Who is responsible for this?"


Seathe my sword, then stand next to Lady Alys.
"The goat."


take away the blessing on Sandor if it wasn't already broken when battle ended
"The one who casted it on herself, of course."


"The goat, I mean"


The unicorn lifts the body of the goat with telekinesis. "What a pitiful display of control."

He moves in closer and examines it.

"Wounded, but unconscious. To the brig."

Al-Jinn lands and bows. "I will take the goat, and my report, to the Commodore."

Smitts interjects, "She was to be issued four pieces in the morning for her take."

In response, the Captain spits. "Have repairs deducted and we'll have her story when she wakes, then. I don't want her on my boat. I'm more than enough of a warlock for one boat. For an entire fleet, even."

Al-Jinn takes Magenta off toward the Darklantern, and the crowd begins to peel away, including Captain Abilio.

Smitts, however, remains. He looks at Sandor. "Anything else to report?"


I frown again and look at the floor.


He starts breathing faster again.

"You really aren't torturers, then… not pirates… no one would turn down that offer… It was a real one, you know. I know his secret. It's that opium he has delivered every week. It's not really opium."


Would you look at that. Roll to see if I wake up anytime soon.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I did my job in the bilges. What else do you want?"


I gently put a hoof over his mouth.
"I'm sorry, but this isn't something I want to get mixed up in. I have to keep my daughter safe and figure some things out first."
I try to Heal him again '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"What's opium?"


You are in the dreamless sleep of unconsciousness. You'll be out for a while. Probably for the best, given your wounds.

Al-Jinn strides into the brig of the Darklantern and tosses you into the second cell, then locks it.

He pauses for a moment. He doesn't seem to notice you're out of your cages or that Redcoat is awake… yet.

Roll for Hide, unicorns.

He raises a brow, but says nothing. "You certainly were a fast responder. Perhaps you'll think to tell me the whole story in the morning." He walks off for his room.


"It's… medicine."


Grab Summer and hide in the shadows. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4



Wait for him to leave, and quickly clean my sword while I wait for a word from Lady Alys.



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hrmmmm… wauugghh!"
I wake up.
Where am I?


Roll #1 2 = 2


He stops and looks around. His eyes aren't yet adjusted. If you could just stay quiet for a little longer…

You seem to be under loose pieces of wood on the main deck. You shake them off.

You don't remember falling asleep under wood.

Then you notice, someone has totally wrecked the main deck while you were asleep. Huge gashes in the main sail and mast. A massive, horse-shaped dent in the aftercastle. Pieces of wood totally blown out of the deck itself. This is going to take a while to fix.


Just let the shadows cover us and keep quiet…

Roll #0 2 = 2


"What in the..??"
I go around deck and ask the other crews what happened.
I then see if I can fix the damage. Of course, dont be hasty and give the repairin some time.


Roll #1 1 = 1


I shove my hoof in her mouth to silence her.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I try to get comfy in my dreamless sleep.

Roll #0 9 = 9


He suddenly turns and his eyes come into focus.

"Hey, who's that over there? That you making all that racket, Redcoat? Want another round kissing the gunner's daughter?"

He gives you a look and whispers, "Promise to help me, or I'll yell."

You're about to take a hammer to the first hole when it collapses under your weight and sends you into the gun deck. You land, rather painfully, doing the splits over a cannon.

You don't feel a thing, good or bad.


I wonder how long this will last.
Aka: How many rounds? I'm conflicted about going to sleep or not.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Auugghh… " I held my back in pain.
Stand straight and this time, do the job right. Repair those holes and give it time.

OOC:I forgot the rule, what do I roll in order to add roll dependin on time spent?


It depends on whether or not the unicorns heal you. If not, you're out 'til dawn. Try to visualizing dancing with a scarecrow in an observatory.

For ship repairs, it's +1 modifier for every ten minutes you spend, or autocrit on an hour.


Lets spend an hour to repair the damages then. After this, look around for something to eat and to let the doctor check on me if I got some damages on my back.

Of course, any excuse would do…


You spend a considerable amount of time fixing the ship. This will take some time…


I fearfully nod.


I look at him disdainfully, but nod anyway


"Just rolling in my sleep, sir. No more torture, please."

Al-Jinn squints a little, but then shakes his head and begins to walk away. "You sure changed your tune fast, Redcoat. You're lucky I need to report to the Commodore." He leaves, and the butterflies in your stomach settle down a bit.


Rolling to make some sound or something in my sleep and make the unicorns notice me.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I look at my work, am I taking too much time?


Once he's gone, I glower at Recoat
"You marauder! I can't believe a pony that works for the princess would blackmail others… "


I stay silent and cower behind Spring Water, fearing her anger.


You peacefully roll over into a bail of hay that also happens to be full of needles. That's pretty cruel: this must have been Redcoat's old cell before they strapped him to the wall.

Good thing you're not awake for this. You're a goat pincushion!

I'll let you off the hook so you can go interact with them this time, but plan more carefully in the future. You can't just say "I take an hour", then interact with ponies that haven't time skipped.


He growls at you, "This is bigger than me! Bigger than you! You have no idea what kind of criminals are on this boat! The ends justify the means!"


Actually… is the door open?
I go over there and peek out.


Al-Jinn shut it behind you, but it's not locked.


While Spring is busy being scary and angry I open the door and peek outside. What do I see? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well… you shouldn't have messed up then!"


All right, my bad. I'll try to roll instead.

This is taking too much time, lets speeden up the work.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You finish your work in record time. Finally, it seems like things are turning around!

Looks like no one is on the main deck of the Darklantern. It's the same dark wood as the inside… you can barely make out where the deck ends and the ocean begins.


Final check if I had done a good job.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Well! Now that that's out of the way…"
look around, what. is there. to do?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"The goat was still alive, M'Lady. Do we let her life after she gets treated or do you want me to finish the job?"


I don't like mama when she's mad… maybe she won't mind me looking for a way out?
I walk outside and look around for anything. Do I see or hear anything interesting? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Let us pray she doesn't learn from this little lesson and tries it again. My patience for her is quickly waning to nothing.

Or do you feel up to the task? We might be in trouble if you're caught."


"The goat is a clown, M'Lady, while you are a graceful noble. They'll hold your word over her's. Even if she proves to be too much of a bother, you need only say the words, M'Lady."


It looks good… at least, you think it does. It's so dark and cloudy you aren't sure you can see anything anymore. You realize you completed most of your work by feel.

All is quiet on the main deck of the Darklantern, but you notice based on your orientation that the brig is actually in the forecastle, an uncommon position in this kind of ship. The Darklantern must be custom-built. You see a figure up at the wheel, doing nothing at all. He occasionally walks to the edge to admire the sea. You could cross to the aftcastle if you wanted in the breaks.

Most of the crew appear to have retired to quarters. For everyone but the four ranking officers on the ship, that's the bunk level.


"Of course. You always know just what to say to a lady. But I'm parched, and this half-assed cup you gave me isn't full to the brim. We'll need to fix that now won't we?"



"Of course, M'Lady. Let me show you the way. Do you want me to carry your grace?"


"Well, what are you in here for, then? You're mutinous too, right? Why won't you help me? Are you a follower of Tirek?"


Go around to look for something to eat. I also ask the crew that are awake where is our next stop.
Say where's the Goat… Magenta right?


remember their faces
"..do you really need to ask that question?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


Uh… sure!
I guess I do that.


"Pardon me, M'Lady."
Lower myself so she can climb on my back then head down to the storage with the wine.


Al-Jinn is returning to the Pillager's Fancy as you finish up the repairs. He relates the story about Magenta, and her current position: the brig of the Darklantern.

"You're a nice kid, so I'll warn you now. If you try to spring her, we'll gut you."

Third: Al-Jinn the Unscarred
Second: Miss Terrebonne
First: Quartermaster Smitts
Captain: Fullmaster Abilio

Roll pls.


"No! I'm just a simple pony trying my best to keep her family safe from harm! I don't need this kind of… crap!"
I sigh
"But fine, I promised I'd help. Even if you blackmailed me for it."
I pace around, noticing the goat from before lying unconscious in a cell. Frowning, I use Heal on her. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



Roll #1 3 = 3



we'll start with Miss Terrebonne
and yes, we're at the wine storage


"Let those who want an early grave do so, I pick my battles." I give him a toothy grin.
I size Al-jinn up. Is he/she cute?
"Say, is the doctor awake.. waz his name… damn I forgot. Anyone here who can relieve back pain?"


Goat is awake, aware, and acutely enclosed.

You arrive in the cargo hold. Nothing has changed since you visited last.

You fail an attempt at a stealthy combat roll miserably. Fortunately whoever is at the wheel doesn't seem to be paying any attention. Guess pretty much anything would have slid by him. Finally the dark wood helps you!

Al-Jinn is almost entirely cloaked in cloth. You vaguely recall some desert culture that does that. He's obviously very muscular, though.

"Doc Peg? Yes, I think he awoke with the disturbance. You could go disturb him further in the bunk level. He's an odd sort. He probably won't mind. Or you could visit those prisoners on the Darklantern. Keymaster says they're alright."


pick out the nicest looking bottle and fill my cup with it

Roll #0 7 = 7


Show her to the wine casket/barrel.
"I gave you the goblet, M'Lady. Feel free to enjoy it."


Goat rolls to size up the surrounding d1 and to remember what happened d2.

Roll #0 1, 1 = 2


So… what's over here? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"M'yes, thank you Sandor."


Goat is a very oblivious and blindsided goat.
"Whoooooo's there?"


None of the bottles look very nice. Only that one cask had fine wine. You can't seem to locate it on your own, though. He found it with a crit, I believe.

You're totally out of it. That wine seems to be setting in from before…


"It's my pleasure, M'Lady."


H.. here I go.
Oh… them.
"Perhaps I'll check the clerics on the Darklantern then." I then head over there and see if I can gain access.


Right. Try to stand up.
"Aaaaaaanypony there?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


Wait… where's Summer?

"Just stay quiet…"
Where is my daughter!? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I don't think he told me about that one
well fill it and take a few sips.
"Well, it's not perfect but it'll do well enough. For now…"
finish it then turn to Sandor
"Be a dear and find us a fitting bed, won't you dear?"


"I met you. You do not explode. How did I get here?"


"Certainly, M'Lady. Will your grace stay here with the wine while I look for it?"


You struggle to your hooves, using the bars of the cell. You're still totally drunk, though. Lightweight.

You find the aftcastle and a stairway to the gunning deck, which likely branches to more rooms and floors. The aftcastle appears to hold the Commodore's room, and probably a few other minor ones, but you determine the first use by a small plaque.

You have no problem getting across, and the door is unlocked.


"Well Of course I'm staying here! Now be off! I have some things to think over."
fill and sip, rolling for sobriety power '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Stop making fun of me Discord, you were mean back there.
Is the cell locked?
"You. Call the big guys, that dog and her whore attacked me!"


The Commodore's scary…
I take a peek inside one of the other rooms. Anything neat? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I nod.
"Yes, M'Lady."

Rolling to look for a bed fitting enough for the Lady's tastes.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hmmm… weird.
Open the door and proceed inside.
"Spring, Summers. I need some minor attention on my back."


All the other doors on the aftcastle are locked… Maybe you'd have better luck on a different floor.

You don't have much luck. You find some hay bales, but you don't think that's better than the bunk you could freely use on the bunk level.



You have no idea where she went.


Look for a good bed on the bunk level then!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Crap, Stealth my way back to my holding cell '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Huh? You? Attack who?"


"Not me! The other dog and her little whore attacked me! Get someone in charge, I want out of this cell!"


I guess I head up to one of the upper floors. Nobody there, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


All the best ones look occupied…

You stumble and blunder straight into Chip.


am I still patient? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hey, where are you going?" I then held her hoof.

"Oh those two, yeah they sometimes get on my nerves, but not now. You see I'm kinda busy."


That could be handled easily.
Go to one of the 'best' looking beds. Who's sleeping in it?




Roll #1 2 = 2


Up leads to the deck of the aftcastle on the main deck. There's the guy at the wheel up there.

Down leads to the gun deck and the officer suites.

Down twice leads to the second gun deck and the bunks.

Down three times leads to the third gun deck and the hold.




"I… nowhere. Why don't you leave and keep quiet about this?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


What's this deck then? Just the Commodore's room and some other things?


Remember, Compassion makes it succeed on Min3


I look at the goat in shock.
She is indeed cuter when she gets angry. Oh by Tireks beard, those small tears forming from her eyes. I wonder what they taste like.
"Hold your butts, I am not into sticking my bone into someone, my back hurts and I need some healing. I will then approach someone upstairs to see if you can be release.d


Roll to keep calm.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Heal my back first dearie. I've got quite the fall you know." I then turn my back.
"Say, where's your… daughter?" I look around.


Let's say calm enough.


"… The commodore needed her."

'1d10+2' to Heal him

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Let me clarify. You are on the main deck, on the side of the aftcastle. This is the deck used for setting sails and boarding/disembarking. The aftcastle is a raised portion of the deck, on which the wheel is sitting. The aftcastle itself houses the Commodore's room and other partial suites accessed through his chambers.





"You done now?"
Snort a bit and give the dog an hard stare.


There's a unicorn that appears to be missing his front legs in that bed. They've been replaced by some sort of golem parts.


Alright, that's more clear.
I guess I head down to the bottom deck and try to avoid being seen. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, looks like she couldn't wait for the nicest bed.
I'll just leave that guy alone for now, lay her to sleep in a normal bed, tuck her in and make sure she's safe and sound.


You head past all three gun decks and the auxiliary bunks, straight into the bilge.

This room is full of water, up to your neck. There are metal pumps in most of the room.

Good point to pause? It has been three hours, and family sprung SURPRISE OUT TO EAT DINNER on me. You can continue to RP, but no more NPC actions until I get back.


Right. It's 2am here anyway, perfect time to pause. See ya next time.


I suppose that worked?



It's okay, I'll just RP a bit then I was going to sleep anyway


Go back to my cell and sit down, waiting for the dog to leave.

Oh please be careful Summer…


"Yes done, I'll ask some of the crew and see if I can release you." I then stand up.
"But no promises."

Well that healing works.
"Needed her? Too bad then." I stand up and leave.

Now, locate some crew members to ask if there is a way to release the go.. Magenta.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Guess I'll walk around aimlessly on the ship after the Lady fell asleep until I find someone.


I guess I head back up.
I don't think you're going to get a response to that.


"What happened to the little one?"


Hmm.. its him.


Roll #1 10 = 10


Close my eyes and ignore her


Start munching on my beard and stare at her.

Roll #0 8 = 8



Roll #1 2 = 2


I nod.
"What is it?"


I breathe in and out and get up. With the dog gone, I slip into Stealth and go find my daughter. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh hey, it's that dog from yesterday!
"Hi Chip!"
I walk over to him.


Settle back on the cage and wait.


I raise an eyebrow.
"What is a little filly like you doing here?"


Is that her?
Going to talk to this guy… Sandor right? Perhaps next time, I am getting distracted.

Slowly began to follow her.

"Nothing just greeting a fellow member of the sea." I give him a smile.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bah ignore this post then
"Hey, hello there. What are you doing here."


Hide better? Then find her

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I'm just wandering around… my mama was really mad at this pony and I don't like being around her when she's mad… what are you doing?"


I look at Sandor.
"She's the daughter of somepony unicorn here. Also a good healer mind you."

"Nothing special, just checking the boat if it needs repairing. How about you?"


"I'm not that big fan of the sea to begin with."



Roll #0 2 = 2


"I'm just wandering around like I said! You have a really short memory mister Chip."
I giggle.
"Um… who are you talking to?"


"Healer? Those are never bad to have around."

"To me. Am I that hard to notice?"


My eyes widen and I run behind Chip, hiding behind his legs.
"I- I was just asking what your name is… are you nice like mister Chip?"


"He's a guard to… lady.. whatshername? Ah it slipped my mind, perhaps I do have a short memory." I give her a toothy smile while scratching my head.
"He's a good chap and loyal too, by the way where are you headin now little one?"

"Indeed, one can never get too much healers, specially on a boat like this."



Roll #0 6 = 6


"It's Lady Alys. Don't worry little dove, as long as you stay on the good side of her you have nothing to fear."


"Oh, and the name's Sándor. And your's?"


"I was looking for a way out or food… but I can't find anything. C- Can I stay with you mister Chip? This ship is scary…"
"That's good… there was this really weird goat who was really loud and talked all weird.
…Oh! And I'm Summer Seas, Mister… Sander."


Yes. I sigh mentally and slip out of stealth
No sense bothering with that, doesn't look like all that many ponies around anyhow
I quietly approach the group, keeping my voice low.
"Summer! What are you doing?"


I furrow my eyebrows.
"And do you know that happened to that goat? I sent her down there because she was disrespectful to the Lady. You will not make the same mistake, will you?"


"Lady Alys, yes she has a sharp look on her eyes. Perhaps all three of us could talk sometime in the future, just for fun."

Oh… this is too cute for me.
"I could fetch some food if you like, perhaps you want to tag along little one?"

I look at the mother in disbelief.
"… you?" I smile.


"…Yeah! That sounds like fu-"
I flatten my ears and lower my head as soon as I hear her voice.
"…hi mama."


"I suppose you are her mother?"

"She is asleep now so I have some hours off until then. And the rest of this ship's crew is not ponies who I want to associate with. I don't want to damage the Lady's image."


"Yes, me."

I look at her sternly
"I don't want you talking to these people, sweetheart. I told you before."


"Believe me when I say, she is safer around me than around the other scum on this ship. The Lady has taught me good values that I follow. Unless she says otherwise, but as long as you don't anger her you are safe."


"…I know…. But mister Chip is here! And he's nice! And mister Sander's nice too…"
I look up at her with sad eyes.


"Understandable, I myself do have doubts if my presence is acceptable in the lady's presence. Though speaking with a fellow swordsman under her service would'nt be too for her to mind."

Of all time.
"Your daughter is asking for food, so I thought it is a good idea to fetch some bread and apples down the mess hall."


"As long as you know your manners around royalty."


>would not be too 'much of an image problem' for her to mind


"Well at least somepony on here isn't out to imprison or blackmail us…"

"These are the people that hurt our town honey!"

I huff
"I'll take care of her myself, thank you very much. We'll ask the commodore for food."


"Did we? I don't remember hurting your town. Was it during my time that I spent locked up in a crate? Assumptions are easy to make, Miss."


I slowly back away from Chip and run back to Spring's side and cower underneath her, whimpering.


Hmmph, some butterin could work.
"Not that it would stop me from getting you two some food. I'll pass by the cell later and see what I can get."


I'm back! NPC actions can resume.


"I don't want to take any risks around my daughter. Anypony associated with those… those monsters is not fit to be around my daughter!"

"Come on sweetie, we don't want anypony else seeing us."
Gently pull her with me as I return to the brig


"It's never too late for that."

Someone has silently appeared behind you while all of this was going on. A unicorn, by the looks of it.


I look as she approaches her mother. Perhaps its time to let her be for the moment, dont be hasty.

I look at the unicorn.
Who is he?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm only here because need dictated it. Otherwise we'd still be stranded on that shore."

I eye up the unicorn.
What does he look like?
Is he one of the more important ponies from the ship?


I slowly follow with her.
I cling to one of Spring's legs and shiver.


I freeze
Celestia fuck me with the Sun!
Slowly turn around and look at the source of the voice



You suddenly realize no one is at the helm. It would appear SHE was the one piloting the ship. You also notice that she hasn't bothered even opening her eyes for the conversation.

"What's all this racket? You playin' your landlubber games again?"


"I'm free to do whatever I want to in this blasted ship, aren't I? And I felt like walking around and enjoying the company of others."


I grin sheepishly
"N-nothing at all! Just heading belowdecks again! Don't you worry!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


Perhaps blind?

"I dont know any kind of games the landlubbers like."
I then stand up straight.
"I presume you are the steerer of the ship? Perhaps a navigational officer?"


She screws up her face. "You don't even SOUND familiar. Something's wrong here…"

She turns and faces Chip. "She with you? You sound like a dog. One of the new hires. On Abilio's ship, right? I'm Cloudy Stripes, the fleet navigator."


You get the distinct feeling she doesn't care what you do, as she doesn't even bother to reply or to address you.


Yeah, I'm just going to take Summer with me and head back belowdecks quietly '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Can I help that at all? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You get about two steps before she literally growls at you.


"Its a pleasure to meet you, the two prisoners here are hungry thats why I fetched some food. Perhaps it is ill of me for bringing them with me. My mistake navigator."


Is she blind?
I sigh
"We're new. That's all."


She's definitely out of it. Should have know what we got ourselves into.

Stay silent and watch what happens.


"They are new in a sense, they are good healers and has healed some of our crew members including me. Could prove quite useful I might say though still prisoners so thats that."


I whimper and give him sad eyes to not sell us out.


You are pretty sure she's blind.

She raises a brow over her closed eye. "You let the prisoners out? I'm going to give Keymaster a serious talking to. You shouldn't do that. In fact, I'm going to go get the Commodore. You should go back to your ship."


Also I posted a really rough sketch of the Darklantern's layout on the meta thread.


"What's the worst they can do? Jump in the water?"


She stamps in place a bit. "It's a matter of pol-i-cy!" She stresses each syllable for that last word.

"But fine, you know what? I could actually use a favor… If you help me out, I think I could — ahem — look the other way. You don't want to make a bad first impression on the Commodore."


"Spit it out. What is it?"


"Anything! Anything! Please don't get us in trouble!"


You're kidding me… Do these people know anything but blackmailing?


"My mistake again, I will escort the two back to their cells."
Wait, why am I defending these two?
"Just asking, perhaps the commodore's attention is not needed. This is rather a small inconvenience and I fear that we may disturb him specially in such an hour of the night."


Roll #1 6 = 6


I whisper.
"uhhmm.. alright."

OOC: brb 15 minutes, hungry.



She gives you a suspicious glare for a minute, then says, "AFTER you put the prisoners back in the brig, take this letter to Captain Abilio, aboard the Pillager's Fancy."

She levitates a letter out of her satchel.

"Don't read it, and DON'T tell him who it came from. If I find out you did either, I'll gut you."


"Easy enough."
Take the letter.
Turn to the filly and her mother.
"I'm sorry but you are going to have to go back to the brig now."


She gives you another odd, eye-closed look, then shrugs and returns to the wheel.


I nod quietly, keeping Summer closeby


Lead them back to the brig.
"This is all I can do now, but maybe you'll be able to meet Her Grace soon. You seem more reasonable than the rest of the idiot pirates aboard this ship. She can appreciate intellect."


"Thank you…"


"Thank you mister Sander…"
I huddle close to Spring.


"Alright then."

I kneel to her I give them a toothy smile.
"Your' welcome. You can trust us."

I look at Sandor
"Take this letter to the.. what again?"


"As I said, you are better than the other scum."
Face them and lower my voice dangerously before I leave.
"…but I'm doing this because I assume you'll be able to behave around Lady Alys. You'll end up like that goat if you get on her bad side. Understood?"

"To the Captain."


"B- But mama says you're one of the bad ponies that attacked our town…"


"I don't care for sides. All I care about is keeping my little filly safe."


"Fine. You'll know her when you meet her. And you'll know your manners around her. Until next time."

Go to the officer's suites and look for the Captain's room.


"I'm 'good' at many things, so be at ease. I hope that little sweet talking we did to the officer is proof enough." I smiled.
I stand up.
"I'll go check on the captain Abilio then bring food here later."

I then stand up.
"To Captain Abilio then."



They go back into the brig, and you go to the Pillager's Fancy.

The Captain's Cabin is situated very clearly on the gundeck at the aft end.


You arrive outside the door and see a light flickering under the doorway. You think you hear speaking inside.


I sigh and look at Summer quite sternly


Knock on the door.


I lower my head and stare at the ground.
"Yes mama?…"


I look at Sandor.
"lets knock?"

"Oh." I compose myself.


"Do you know what you did wrong?"

We're in the brig of a different ship right now


The discussion immediately cuts off. After a moment, you hear two ponies plod up to the door. The door swings open inward.

The Fullmaster is there, still wearing his tricorne, but he's accompanied by a unicorn wearing a tuxedo. He looks pretty overdressed standing next to the rather practical warlock next to him. The nicely dressed Unicorn remarks, "We will continue this discussion later."

"Of course." Abilio turns to the two of you. "What is it?"


"Got a letter for the Captain."
Hoof him the letter without another word.


"A letter your.. grace."
I look at my companion and motion him to give it.


He takes it as the other Unicorn pushes past the two of you, without even acknowledging your presence.

After opening it and scanning it, he looks up skeptically. "You didn't write this, did you?"


"Wandered outside and didn't listen to you?…"
I sadly frown and still stare at the ground.


"Do I look like I give a crap about writing letters?"


"From the navigational officer, Cloudy stripes is her name."


Can I silence him before he says that?

Roll #1 9 = 9



I put a hoof under her chin and gently make her look up at me, nodding.

"Look, sweetheart… I know you're very curious and all but… this place isn't safe, okay? We're not in our quaint town anymore. This is a ship full of mean ponies who do bad things. You know I'm just worried for you, right?"


Chip gets as far as "From the nav—" before getting clocked in the head. He brutally slams into the wall and collapses.


Ugggh… what happened..?

'1d10' to wake up.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Abilio nudges you with a hoof, but you're out cold.

"What was he saying?"


"He was saying nothing. This is all, you got your letter."


He shrugs. "Alright, but whoever sent this will answer for it eventually. You'll get your dues for collaborating with them. Make sure your friend finds a bed. I don't want to trip over him in the morning."

He closes his door.


I stare at the wall behind her.
"I know… but it's so boring here. A- And…maybe I can find a way home for us!"


Pick him up and carry him to a bed.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You put him in bed.

You're the last one awake and not in jail. If you go to bed, we will skip ahead to morning.


Perhaps a little rest, if not try to see if I can regain some conciousness.


Roll #1 4 = 4


Go to bed then.
Near Lady Alys so I can keep watch over her.


Yup morning for me then.


I move my own face closer to hers, so she has to look me in the eye
"I know it is, but you have to be more careful!"


I sigh in defeat.
"Okay… I'll be more careful mama."


When the sun rises, everyone feels much better. Time heals all wounds and hits. The sun is not truly visible behind all the cloud cover. The sea is rough and briny. The sky seems like it could burst into storm at the drop of a hat.

By the time you're up, everyone else is already at their stations. On the horizon, you can see the town of Bridgewater. As you plan to dock peacefully, you could potentially explore the town or pillage it. You seem to also remember being promised currency in the morning from the quartermaster.

In the brig, Redcoat is already awake and looking ready to chat.


Go for the Quartermaster while the Lady is still asleep.


"My head…" I stand up from an unfamiliar bed. I then head out to the deck to see whats happening.


You visit the Quartermaster of the Pillager's Fancy, but Smitts is all business.

"You didn't bring in any bits, so you don't get any doubloons. We mint our currency by melting down bits. Maybe your goat friend can help you out. She brought in enough for a few doubloons. Was that what the brawl was over, last night? Money?"

Everyone seems to be going about their business on the main deck. Nothing seems too strange. The Fullmaster is at the wheel, and the crew are all pulling tight the draws to full sail.


I smile and nuzzle her cheek softly
"That's good, I promise that when we get out of here I'll get you that crystal armor, okay?"


I softly smile and nuzzle her back.
"I hope we get out of here soon…"


"I'll take her's then. And it was teaching a lesson about respecting those who deserve it. She learned it the hard way."


"I'll find a way, one way or the other."
I look over at Redcoat and quietly leave our cell, approaching him.
"Are you awake?"


Still holding my jaw(still stings a bit), I approach one of the crew.
"Whats this place here? Anything fancy going around its border?"


He looks almost offended. "I may be a cutthroat, but I'm not about to break treasury procedures. She has to pick it up herself."

"As I'll ever be."

You don't know anyone on the deck except Mellow Marsh, so you ask him. "Aye. Nice work with the mast, by the way. Don't think I didn't notice it magically fixed by morning. The town we're approaching is Bridgewater. It's a farming and fishing town. Probably not worth our time, but we're just bunkering for the storm. You should go get your doubloons from Smitts. I think we owe you two."


"I'm not sure she's in any state to do that."


He waves a hoof dismissively. "Then she can pick it up when she is in a state. I have more important business than arguing about this. If you want money, go get it. We're about to dock. Just go rob a shop or something."


I sigh and sit down next to him, trying to remain out of sight somewhat.
"Well you blackmailed me, what do you want me to do now?"


Do I have any spare bits on me, or was it all taken when we got captured and forced into those crates?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I follow right along side her, sitting behind her.
Does mister Redcoat look any better than he did yesterday? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hmmm… docking safely, perhaps this are the times when the poor can sleep peacefully than the rich.
"Thanks for that."
I then approach smitts and ask for my bits/doobluns. Then perhaps visit the two prisoners and then head to town after meeting them(and taking in memory their cute looks).


You search your pockets most thoroughly, but find them bare of coin.

He looks worse with the light streaming in through the slit-like windows of the brig. He's totally bruised and his arm that you didn't fix is bent at a nauseating angle. He looks in high spirits, though.

"So I'm not sure how we're going to do this, because I don't think you'd be very good at killing ponies. I did get a great new piece of information, though!"

You get your two doubloons without trouble. Looks like you get one doubloon for every fifty bits you bring back. This thing is heavy, and you think it's probably solid gold! They must be purifying the gold coating on the bits by separating it from the low-value metals below, then minting the coins from the refined gold.


"I wouldn't want to kill a pony out of anything but defense. Why do you need us? What for?"


I wince and take out some more medical supplies and try to heal him up again. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I need you because of the information I got! While you were sleeping, I heard the Commodore on the deck. He said that he let you out of your cell and that you can walk around freely as long as we aren't docked! He says he doesn't think there's anywhere you can swim to while away from shore. I need you because I can't leave the prison. Speaking of which, I think we're docking soon, so they may come to lock you up."

That other arm is looking much better now.


Put the two gold thingy securely in my bag. With that, I head down the kitchen of the ship to fetch some food for the two prisoners.


OOC: Do I still have the bag of bits that I got back from the old fort?

Roll #1 3 = 3


There's no formal kitchen, but you find some bread left on top of one of the cannons.

No, you traded that in when you got to the ship. That's why you got two doubloons.


I smile at her proudly as she works hard on helping out this unfortunate soul.

"Okay, we have some freedom, but so what? Is this what you spies of Celestia do? Put the life of a mother and her child at risk because they failed themselves?"


This bread wont do.
Head for the storage and see what dried fruits/meat/food the ship got.


Roll #1 4 = 4


I smile proudly at my work.
"Does it feel any better, mister Redcoat?"


You search the hold and find a fork that looks like it has some salt residue on it.

He nods. "Mostly. Sometimes we bed beautiful women as well, but we can save that discussion for later."

He smiles. "Much."


I frown
"You sure you don't serve Tirek?"
Now sigh
"Oh why do I even bother… what do you want me to do?"


I look at the bread and fork.
"This suck."
I head outside and ask Mellow Marsh(or another crew member if he is not there) where the crew store their foodstuff.


"Easy. All you have to do is fix up that goat in the other cell. I heard them talking this morning. She's crazy. If she breaks out, she'll probably maul her way through the crew when we hit land. Then you can get the key to these shackles, and I can go kill the Commodore."

He points you down stairs to the hold. You sheepishly wind up opening the first crate you see. It's brimming with marshmellows.


"B- But the goat's scary! Really scary!"


"Ohh.. who would have thought. Hope this will do."
I pick two bowlful of marshmellow and carried it to the brig where Spring and Summer is held.


Do you guys want to pause for the night? Seems like we're petering out here.


I'm up for going for a bit longer.
Though I think Groves might've passed out.


I can go on, unless the others wants to stop.


"That's the spirit."

You do that.


I open the door.
"I got some… MarshMallows?" I look at the two prisoners.


I fearfully look up at him and go hide behind the presumably sleeping because Groves passed out Spring.


Ooooh she really is cute.
Seeing Spring is passed out, I approach Summers slwoly and place the bowl next to her.
"Why? Whats wrong Summers?" I look at her with concern while taking a bite of the marshmallow.


"M- Mama says you're a bad pony… one the mean ones that attacked our town a- and…"
I gulp and move a bit further away from him, whimpering.


Oh thats why, I give her a look of concern and slowly move to her.
"Please, dont be afraid. I am not one of the ponies who attacked your village. I am actually new here and is actually the one who repairs the ship so I am not the one who takes for the fighting itself."
I sigh.
"Can I sit next to you?"


"Y- You aren't?…"
I look over to him apprehensively, but nod and let him sit next to me.


Dont be hasty.
With that, I sit next to her and eat some of marhsmallows.
"I'm just a shipbuilder, I've worked on some other job but what I like the most is repairing ships. I've been one ever since I am just as small as you."
I then relax a bit and extend slowly my paws to pet her mane.
"So how about you? What did you and your mother did back when you are not out in the sea?"


I levitate one of the marshmallows over to me and take small bites of it.
"Oh… then what are you doing on this ship with all these nasty people?"
I flinch and pull away when I notice his paw reaching for my mane, but gradually relax and let him.
"We were doctors… well, my mama was a doctor. I just helped her."


Oh, her mane is soft.
"I work as ship repairer, some dogs need work right?"
Slip paw to tickle her ears.
"If the time is right, I can get you to tour the ship and teach you a thing or two how it works. Would you like that?"


"I guess…"
I giggle as he tickles my ear.
"Can my mama come too? Maybe if she sees you're not a bad pony- doggy she'll like you too!"


"Hmmm.. perhaps if I can help it I can let Springs.. err mama tag along. But no promises since we will be watched by the crews and you two have been seen one time remember?"
I then put a paw on her hoof and held it gently.
"Also promise me this, do not tell your mama about our conversation on the tour of the ship. Because first I dont want her to be excited, then be sad if I failed at showing up in time of the tour of the ship, second I am afraid she might tell the other crews about our plan."
"Promise?" I give her a smile.


"Okay… I promise."
I return the smile.


"Haha, I like you, I cant wait for that day. Who knows, perhaps this week or the next, but it will come eventually."
With that I lift Summers up and hug her, letting my paws touch her soft flank for support while stroking her mane.


>too late to notice to change name.


I hug him back.
"I can't wait either."
Now the whole world knows what you want to do to that poor filly


RP wise, I myself am getting the creeps with typing the part about promises. Also pause?
It takes awhile for me to release her, after that I take the empty bowls(use it to hide my agitated parts) and head for the door.
"Alright little filly, you got a promise. I will see you around later and I'll look if I can carry foodstuffs back here when I got the time later."


It's 9:17 here and I have literally nothing better to do for the two or three hours. Up to you.
"Okay. Seeya later mister Chip!"
I smile at him.
>agitated parts


Pause for me so I can focus with some of the coloring works handed to me. Also later.


Alright then, later man!


Also whoe to those ponies/dogs/griffs who will use those bowls later.

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