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"What I hope for all of you is but the same. Don't worry, I'm not going to say something impossibly difficult or challenging.

'Please don't forget to smile.'

That is all I wish of you."


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The map has been compressed for the convenience of the increasing number of mobilde browser users. Firtheru pdates may be needed. Thank you for using Trimaps!


>I had to face sleeping on cold tents for like a week! I'm gonna lay down and snuggle with my pokemon under warm covers and NOTHING is going to stop me

Nothing except thirst and hunger! Maybe you wanna call… room service? It'll cost extra, though!


Well, sure, why not. I des- I mean WE deserve to treat ourselves for today
I wonder what they can serve me though…


F-fried wings! But that's 100… Or you can just get lots of drinks, that's also 100. You could order a full course meal for 200, but you have so many leftoverd!


Geez, that's quite the steal, seriously
But nope, right now I just want the best for me and my pokemon. I'll take those fried wings and drinks and finish them with the leftover noodles for a full evening meal
These rooms have TVs, right?


File: 1511615207206.jpg (342.83 KB, 1024x683, 8-small-ship-cruises-offer….jpg)

that's a total of 150 for the snack set, lucky you.

You got the fancier room, so yeah. The TV is pretty small compared to the window behind you, but you could sure watch some stuff in such a comfy space.


Its nice and cozy ''Good thing none of you guys are huge'' I tell my partners as I get cozy in bed and look for a good show on. It's been ages since I watched TV


It has? what channel are you gonna turn to? There's cartoons, news, ship safety stuff, movies…

Your food is delivered just as you're getting comfy, forcing you to get out of bed to open the door. You're back in it with your drinks and wings soon enough, though.


Maybe I should watch some news like a responsible adult. No more wasting time watching cartoons like my dad always said
Let's see what is going on with the world


News of some robberies going on in practically every region, possibly by organised gangs. Might want to be careful. More about new Pokemon, too! People are hard at work studying them.


Ugh, that reminds me of the events with the professor and the other trainers
What else is being told about these gangs?


Not a lot, unfortunately. They might not be too tough, though, for decent trainers. Jusging by the footagw, you should be aqble to defend yourself against 1 or 2.


Still very worrying though!
But now's not the time to worry, let's switch channels for a movie
Thinking of it, I never shown anyone except Jasper about TV, I wonder how much do they know about it


Some might have seen it from around. Your mons gather around you as turn it on to..

Oh, this looks like a spoopy movie.


Oh, this might be interesting actually
I'll leave it on and keep an eye on Misdreavous as the questions flow in my mind through the movie. Stuff like if she feeds from fear or just from scares, which are different things
If she can feed from Pokemon fear as well
And does it work with movies and media or if she can only 'eat' from real living beings


You might want to focus on the movie for the spooks to take effect…

There seems to be some kind of cursed video tape that kills anyone who watches it after seven days. Two really pretty teenagers are discugging it, and one of the msays they watched it a week before…

she turns around and AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH


Dang it, that's such a cheap thing movies do!
Oh right, how did Misdreavous reacted to it?


You feel a bit lightheaded after that. you turn to see Misdreavus, who looks really energetic! She huddles up to you.


Wait… I wonder
I hug her with an arm and then hold her in my hands "Is it that you drain energy from others through fear? That would make sense, hmmm"


She chirps, and then eagerly looks to the TV.

You're feeling better after a nice sugary drinkm at least!


Well, if my theory is correct, then at least she doesn't drain too much to be dangerous
But this certainly explains why ghost types enjoy pranks and scares so much. Maybe there's some connection to how open we become when we are afraid and their ability to drain life
I turn back to the TV with her, sipping on my drink


File: 1511619880097.gif (383.78 KB, 476x556, 9ANX6wo.gif)

Good thinking. Try to keep yourself immersed in the movie while you observing her behavious!

A reporter in investigating the cursed tape, and realises that some of the victims stayed in a holiday house together. Goign there, she finds the tape, and watches it….

The images are disconnecting, but disturbing.


Good lord man. I want to take my eyes away from that, but I must watch for the sake of research!


Keep those sugary drinks up. You'rep retty disturbed, and it's unnerving.

She receives a disturbing phone call all of a sudden! She's frightened, and flees. She makes a copy of the tape, and her husband decides to watch it, and is as disturbed as she is.

They find ah idden message that leads them to an old island, where a powerful psychic was executed because people were afraid of her powers. They also find out about how her daughter died, drowned in a covered well.

The get strange visions of the horryifying things the mother and daughter wnet through. You're throughly repulsed and frightened. Hmm, you don';t feel too tireed.




>Is he really…
>Let's test.
>"One of the things I like the most is-"
>Cough a bit, going red in face.
>"Diningatthrsametable as Pokémon."

"…well, it's hard with a Gastly, since they usually eat different stuff, but I've shared food with my Goomy. I, uh, guess eating with Pokemon is fun?"

He doesn't understand!


O-okay, so it appears they don't draw energy from repulse and feelings of disgust,true enough as unsettling as this movie got, I don't feel very afraid
Then it definitely must be fear. But now the question is what about fear that enables them?
Keep watching intently, getting another drink


Wew, bulled dodged.
"Yeah! And hunting with them! This whole… Wilderness thing it's totally got me hooked!"


File: 1511621591666.jpg (19.2 KB, 400x301, c1d29ae1f1555265b7144a1c8f….jpg)

The seven days for the reporter are almost up. She bleives she can break the curse by finding the girl's body and giving her a proper burial. She falls into the well, and looking up as it seals shut, realises that many of the disturbing videos are from the girl's last memories.

She find her rotten corpse in the well, and gives her a proper burial. Her time is up, and she doesn't die, hooray!

But wait, her husband stats convulsing suddenly! AAAAAAAAA

"It can be pretty fun, huh? Depends on where you are."

You're pretty much back at the monastery. Gonan head straight to your room?


No! Didn't we have to talk with the gym leader / challenge organizer or whatever?


I grip my covers tightly. What's happening? That was supposed to be the end, right???
I glance at Misdreavous but I'm too invested in the movie at the moment to really put my mind on notes!


File: 1511622079082.jpg (388.56 KB, 480x360, rings-paramount-pictures-f….jpg)

It's late! You check your watch, it's past midnight! You can tell them in the morning.

Her husband drops dead! But how? The curse was lifted? Wasn't it?

To make things worse, she catcher her son watching the tape! He says that a girl amde him do it. A girl, the one on the screen.

She realises what saved herself, that she made someone else watch the tape. To saveh er son, she guides him in copyong it, and then send s the tape out into the wild, for someone to see it so that they'll get cursed instead.

Someone like you.


Oh good lord no, please let this be over. I didn't even noticed until now but I have been holding on to Tina for comfort for a while now
I take a glance at Misdreavous to see how she's feeling towards this, but it's silly of me to think ghost types can be spooked


That's it. That's the end. Pretty sppoky, and you feel a little tired again.

Misdreavus is looking REALLY happy. Her gems are gleaming.


Well, at least she's feeling happy
I hit the INFO button on the remote to see what's the name of this movie


"Wow, that little walk took all the day away from us!
Meet you tomorrow to visit the trial site master?"


The Circle. Huh, it's a famous horror movie.

"I don't think we need to go back there, we just have to tell Mistress Citra. I'm headed to my room, too. Night!"


Off to bed, petting Umbreon's head as I walk back to my room.


No wonder it's popular
But what really frightened me the most was that girl
Brrr was shiver just from thinking of that creepy figure and those black hairs


His room's right next to yours.

"Convenient, huh?"

You shiver even more and feel a bit cold. Misdreavus looks postively delighted.

Even the aftereffects are good for her.


I had an idea
"Hey Misdreavous, you remember what was the name of the cursed girl?"


"Amazing coincidence."
I've been in this place too long to believe in coincidences though.
Push on through and close the door hastily behind me, locking it.


She does her best to imitate the sound of the name.

Sealed. Worried asbout an intruder?

Umbreon jumps right out, eager to sleep on a nice mattress.


Yes. Or unwanted interruptions.
Giggle at his eagerness. "I hope you aren't too tired."
Walk up to the bed and sit at its edge.


I chuckle, it's impressive that she can mimic human speech so well
"Marie" I brush her curly hair
"Do you mind if I call you that from now on?"


You don't have a bed, you have a futon to roll out. You sit on that instead, Umbreon huddling up to you.


The Misdreavus laughs. Sure. that's a greta name!


And then we 'slept'.


I can't help but beam at her, even if I feel a bit weak
"Hehehe, glad you liked your new name" I let her go and let her float
"But now it's getting late and we're getting back to work tomorrow, so it's time to sleep, everyone!" I'll see who wants to rest in their pokeballs tonight and who I'll share the bed with, take a quick trip to the bathroom (after having all those drinks) and tuck myself in for the night


You did. His new body is full of energy and eager for plenty of cuddling. Umbreon sweat also has certain unique composition…


Don't forget to shower! How long has it been since you properly washed yourself? Brush your teeth, too.

Nadia always finds it easier to sleep in herb all, but she wants it moved to the window for a view of the sea. Marie would rather retreat back there too. Jasper hangs on the ceiling, and Susan and Tina curl on the foot of the bed.



Roll #1 3 = 3


O-oh yeah of course
Its a nice sight to see my friends all relaxed when I get back from shower. I leave Nadia's pokeball by the window and Marie's on the cabinet, carefully get under the covers to not disturb Tina and Susan and close my eyes
"Good night everyone"
'1d10' Zzz

Roll #1 3 = 3


Things got pretty intense. It's fine, though, you didn;t make any loud noises.


Free day! Now that you know the basics of your abilities, you can choose on your own what direction you wish to take. Even if you can't, maybe Pentium can lear nto teleport. Or you can talk to the Mistress about your adventure.


The movie makes it a little hard to sleep despite the comfy bed. Aggh!
Roll again.


Ungh Frick off creepy girl
'1d10' let's think about something nice instead

Roll #1 2 = 2


That I will definitely do!
Wake up bright, early and satisfied, and knock at that guy's door.
I think I forgot his name…


File: 1511626872512.jpg (364.85 KB, 868x1280, creepy_girl_by_nightsgirl6….jpg)

Something nice? Like Viola. You're in a nice forst together, not the harsh and wet one you were in, more liek the peaceful ones closer to where you lived. The one with birds signign and cute durr and all! She's in a nice suit, dressed like a tribal. She pulls you into herp ile of leaves, and moves in to kiss you!

As her fsce approaches yours, though, it transfigures….



No reponse, but you hear movement.


"HAH!" I Jump up from bed, panting as the panic slowly subsides
"Just a nightmare…" I breathe in "Juuuust a nightmare, Cello"


Indeed, just a nightmare…. You collect yourself enough to realise that. Maries is drawn out by your yelling again, and smiles. Ugh, you feel more tired, but the your heartrate calms down a lot faster. Huh.


"Are you still sleeping? It's me, Leila! I was gonna go see the Citra!"


"OH! Yes, sure, let's go."

He opens the door. He's blushing intensely for some reason. Looks like he's been up for a while already.


Okay maybe this was more dangerous than what I thought
I give Marie a very tired look for a bit
"Want to take a walk outside?"


Cock a brow at that.
"Are you okay? You're all red, do you have a fever?"


She shakes her face, and pulls the cover back over you. You think about the scary movie scenes, but it affects you less and is a little blurrier. You think you can sleep better.

"No, no, I'm perfectly fine. Let's- let's go see the Master, come on!"

He's blushing no less!


Walk with him, a bit weirded out. Umbreon by my side, walking on his own.


He takes a look at Umbreon… then quickly looks away.

You catch the Master out on a stroll, accompanied by her Alakazam.

"Well! Looks like someone… you two were busy last night!" Citra speaks, the robed, tanned lady ever unflappably friendly.


I will nod in a cocky grin.
"We've beaten the trial!"


"I noticed! Some of my Natu were observing. I had intended to intervene, but I am quite glad teamwork helped you get past something meant for those much more powerful. In that case, both of you have earned the right to challenge me." She smiles.


"Yeah! Hi-five me Sam!"
Hold my hand up high and wait.


I mumble a bit but thank her for helping me into bed. Now that I think of it, maybe going outside wasn't the best idea
I'll close my eyes again and maybe this time I'll get to sleep

Roll #1 4 = 4


This time at least you're not disturbed by any dreams you remember.


You wake up as the sun is already shining brightly. That's the most sleep you've gotten in a long while! Jow long has it been since you slept in?

He glances at Umbreon for some reason, but then eagerly high fives you.

"Hell yeah. You wanna do it soon, though?"


"Better sooner than later!"


"Okay, well, I gotta make sure my Pokemon is doing alright first, I left her at the Pokecenter in town. I wanna watch, so don't do it too soon!"

Citra nods. "I would like to at least teach your Metang how to do as I do first."

She vanishes!

"It might prove a useful skill on your quest, though difficult for a person to perform. Much easier with a Pokemon."

Her voice comes from behind you!


"That's amazing! So that's what the Gardevoir did, yesterday!"


"If your Metang can learn how to grasp teleportation, we can have our proper battle in the temple up above on the cliff. It's been a while sicne that shrine was used."

She seems nostalgic.

"What say you? Willigng to take more time until your great gym battle?"


"Well, I did come here to train so…
It would be an honor."
Give her a little bow, smiling in excitement.


"It's a rare skill, nowadays. Hmm…"



"There aren't many good tutors of this move nowadays. Fortunately, I know one. Being myself."

Citra smirks.


"Won't let you down, no sir!"
Give a mock salute.
"When are we starting?"


You sense a suddenly pulse of strong intent!


You only have time to feel your hand being grabbed, and Pentium's claw trying to grip your other one, before the entire manstery around you disappears!


Remember this feeling! Burn it in my mind!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You struggle to even comprehend it! But you do try to pay attention throughout, as bewildering as it is.

Wait, what, you're falling! You're falling into open sea! You can barely keep your eyes open amidst the wind rushing at your face! Your hand is still being gripped hard on both ends.


Probably just a few days, though it feels like months

The ship should be arriving in the morning, so I'll head to the deck to see if I can find the shores of the fire plains in the distance


Grab back into the hand which grabbed me, and in the same way hold Pentium.

Then scream in excitement.


…nope! Seems like strong headwinds delayed the ship. At this rate, you'll be there in the afternoon.

The breakfast menu is just about to end! If you really want their pancakes, you have to hurry. You could just wait and have a big lunch instead.


What if that hand started to loosen its grip?


Those are not doubts which would cross Leila's mind.


Naaah I didn't wake up feeling particularly hungry, especially after how much I ate last night. I'll just find something else to do on the boat while I wait for lunch


Even when you notice just how long you've been falling? The sea's getting closer and closer!

Make sure you at least hydrate yourself! You wander onto the deck, trying to take in some of that morning sun… closer to noon sun, but with the sea winds, it feels a lot cooler.

How awake are you? Roll.


Yawn… Maybe I should go wash my face

Roll #1 1 = 1


I've seen those anime you know! The ones were pokemon fight while constantly falling only to teleport back up!
Scream over the wind.


You struggle to wake yourself up with the sea air! But the moment you decide to sit down on a chair, youzzzzz….

Over the wind , you hear a groan…

And suddenly, you're sideways in a long hallway, the leftover force from the previous fall pushing you along a series of water mattresses.

"Hmm. Maybe I wasn't as good a tutor as I thought." Says Citra, deep in thought. Pentium looks hardly shaken either.


'1d10' more dreams?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I jump up and bounce out of the mattresses, bouncing up and down in excitement.


Or, enough to suddenly wake up, hearing odd sounds. Like loud hooting and cheering, and some passangers nervously chattering.

"Hmm. Leila. Last night, at the trial site, had your Umbreon and other Pokemon not prevailed, what would you have done?"


HUHWHATWHERE!?! I'm up I'm up, what's up with all this noise?
I rub my eyes and look for the nearest passenger "Uh, excuse me, what's going on?"


Calm down and catch my breath, starting to think.
"I would have most likely been badly hurt, brought back here by your Gardevoir, and then trained doubly as hard to challenge the trial again!"


"Alright, ladies and gentlemen! Don't panic! It's just us, your lovely Sea Raiders!"

A group of people dressed as pirates have boarded the ship! They're approaching the passengers to your side!

"Hey hey, it's fine! just give us your valuables… and your rare Pokemon, and we'll leave. Don't worry, I bet your pets will be way happier with us!"

"Let's say you don't know that Gardevoir is loyal to me. You know how to avoid more losses if a fight is going badly, don't you?"


Wait, what? Are you serious?
"Where's the security guards?" I ask out loud, my voice joining the other panicking passengers


"By running away? Yeah, sure, I know that. But I often fight to my last breath!"


It looks like… there aren't any!

"Hey there, boy. You wanna give your big sis some extra money? And maybe an ewe friend or two? Come on, show your Poke balls!" A scantily-clad pirate lady threatens you, her Floatzel smiling and showing off sharp teeth.

She stares at you for a moment.

"You shouldn't unless you really have to. Maybe if you're protecting someone you care about, let's say. You have to know how to pick your battles, fight those battles that you can win, or are worth risking losing in."

She snaps her finger, and a Gardevoir teleports in! It looks at you with wicked eyes.

"Would you really want that to be the nd of your adventure? Ending up a prey for a wild Pokemon? Some psychic and ghost Pokemon have been known to feed on people until they've been reduced to husks. And, you hail from the Fire plains. You must have seen what Pyroar packs are capable of. It makes you afraid, doesn't it?"


The air is all doom and gloom of a sudden!
"Yeah I mean…"
Rub my own arm shyly, a bit embarrassed by my own blasé attitude about danger from just a moment ago.
"It's not something I ran into yet, of course I wouldn't sacrifice myself or my friends just to win a meaningless battle!"


Pentium looks rather down, too.

"If what the Natu told me was correct, you had quite a scare last night when you ran into that other pupil, Sam. Ah, but your response was to kick him away, and not flee for yourself. I want you to gip your Metang tight, Leila, and share your minds the best you can. You must give in to your instincts for the visions I am about to show you."


I can't help it if I just face things head on!
Silently walk behind Pentium, and give in on top of her. Lay on her back, my arms sprawled across her shiny hull to grab onto her own claws.
[1d20] open my mind.

Roll #1 20 = 20


Goodness, what is she wearing?
''Yeah no. Sorry Sis, but that aint happening''
Well there goes my hopes of going unoticed, I got no choice but to fight before that floatzel attacks me
''Tina'' I whisper, drawing her pokeball ''I'm counting on you, GO!''


It's remarkably easy how in tune your minds can be, as you open up and feel something like a mirror. So much, you want to shut your eyes… and you do, the last thing you see the Gardevoir's arm rise up, just like last night.

The world around you is ablaze. Pentium floats before you, as you hear a malevolent, sinister laugh echoing from everywhere. The flames take form into a beastly entity, a Gengar, burning. It roars at both of you, intending to feed.

Your Servine come forth, ready to protect you! She keeps her proud air, as ever.


"What's this, a test?"
Shout at the sky.
Point a long, thin arm at the gengar in a powerful motion!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4, 1 + 16 = 21


''Alright lady, I'm giving you one chance to back out now, unfortunaly for you I'm a seasoned researcher and top assistant of Professor Yew!''
Please buy the bluff please buy the bluff please buy the bluff



"Oh? That guy! Heard of him, roughed up quite a few of us! Means I gotta make your you pay for it!"

Without warning, the Floatzel attacks! It charges on a jet of water, but Tina manages to deflect most of it.

Tina's HP: 56/64

Pathetic. Your paltry psychic shock bounces off the flaming Gengar. It laughs, growing massive: the size of a house, as it begins readying a fiery blast.


"Pentium! Hide!"
I will do the same! She's super weak to fire, maybe I should recall her altogether!
Look for a way out, possibly somewhere tiny the enormous Gengar can't follow us!

Roll #1 12 = 12


Damn it! That's what I get for trying to be chivalrous
''You asked for it! Tina, use Mega drain!''
'2d6+8' +18

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 8 = 13


What do you feel as you look for a way out?

Tina gets back some of her health, as she extends a vine and drains from the Floatzel's wet skin! It shivers, then retealiates with a bite!

Tina's HP: 38/64


Excitement, conviction. The certainty that there has to be a way out.


Oof, they're stronger than I thought
''Tina, use grass Ple-'' Wait, no, it's too dangerous to use that here, it might hit the other passengers
''Rrrg, Tina, , use wrap!''

Roll #1 6 = 6


Tina latches onto the Flatzel! This may have been a mistake, as the Floatzel bites onto her!

HP: 21/64

Tina's in the zone for a strong grass attack now…

Certainty? A wall of flame erupts from in front of you, and random directions around. The heat is scorching, it feels like your skin might melt off… imagine what Pentium feels, with a weakness to fire. The loud roar of the inferno slowly engulfs you.


Shield myself with my arms and stop before the fire, extending an arm with my girl's pokeball out to her.
"Pentium! Come back!"
How thick is this wall of fire? Can I jump through with a good running start?


You have no Pokeballs! Pentium and you are all exposed to the heat!

Maybe, but behind you, you see laughter and hear the bestly flame draw towards you. It opens its gaping maw, intending to devour you and Pentium whole. Your only hope is to flee, and even then you might get seriously hurt.

There might be no way out. Pentium shivers, and you feel the same doubts creep into your mind. That it could all end.

What do you feel?


I know this is fake though!
Frustration, anger.
Point a finger at the sky.
"This game is rigged!"


Aaah that might have not been the best idea…
"Now you're up and close to it! Mega Drain!"
'2d6+8' +18

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5, 5 + 8 = 18


What's fake about this? How could it be, when you can feel it so harshly?

When, in fact, Pentium's very arms are beginnign to melt, and you can hear her repressed scresm in your very head? When you're starting to feel your thoughts dull from the lack of oxygen?

Tina's vines extend around the Floatzel? From its moist skin, she drains whatever she can get. Sweat, salts, and you even see her cut through some skin, draining blood! The Floatzel yelps, desperately trying to shake Tina off, but she has it in her tight grip, and it grows limp.

HP: 41/64

"Tch. Only gonna make it better when I take your stupid snake away from you? My Pokemon need to eat, too!"

The Sea Raider Grunt sends out a Cloyster! A water/ice type…


Shriek, running to Pentium's side-
Pull her arm away, at the cost of placing my own hands on her searing hot metal body.

How did we get here?
What happened?
Where is here anyway?
And are we really gonna die?

For a brief moment, my heart stops. Then it begins pounding, harder and harder, and my legs shake.
I'm terrified.


An opening appears! A long corridor, free of but flanked by the inferno, but it might be your only chance. Get your legs together, do what you need to do.


Nowhere else to go.
Run down my only opening, down the rabbit hole.


Run, run, run. You take Pentium's claw, and she's as eager as you are to run free. You feel the fear within you bursting, and you can think of nothing but running to safety…




Roll #1 13 = 13


It overwhelms you, almost to the point of blind panic. The scene grows brighter until all you can see is a white emptiness, and you feel the mattress below you return to being. You realise your eyes are shut, but you are holding onto that familliar claw.

"When an Abra sets off on its own, one of the first things it must learn to do is escape danger. How does one know if they are in danger? Fear. An Abra must come to terms with the fear it feels every waking moment, and only then will it survive by learning to escape. It might have been harsh, but you are… uniquely difficult to convey this feeling to."


Spring up with a start!
And now I remember everything.
"Damn!" Look extremely dizzy and still a bit scared at the woman.
"I understand why you did that but it was pretty harsh…"
Is Pentium fine? Hug the little champ.


The woman looks on grimly, her Alakazam to her side, though the Gardevoir looks satisfied. Pentium rushes up and embraces you with her hard body.

"I'm glad you do. It's also good to be brave, but a difference must be known between bravery and recklessness. Anyway, at last, I have instilled raw, primal fear in you. I want you and your Metang to focus on that feeling, and, with that, think of moving somewhere safe, for example, next to me.

You see her standing on the other side of the hall.

"Give it a try."



If she wanted me to feel fear she could have just asked! We have all been toddlers…
[1d20], hold Pentium tight.

Roll #1 14 = 14


You feel your heartrate rush up… but no, you're still there. For a brief moment, you feel like you were almost lifted away.

"Keep trying!"

Roll again.


Think about the primal need to run away I just experienced!

Roll #1 20 = 20


You hear Pentium shriek, and at last, the hall around you vanishes! And suddenly, you're in a pile at the feet of the Gardevoor and Alakazam, next to Leader Citra, the robed lady's hand about to pull some kind of lever.

"Oh, guess I didn't need to use that! Well well, congratulations."

Pentium has learned Teleport!

"For you yourself to learn will be a much harder affair, but your Metang can get you out of a few scraps now. Hmm… yes, you can practice some more, trying longer ranges, but for the purpose of this class, you've succeeded."


I gasp and pick myself up from the floor, taking Pentium along in a cheer of joy and victory! Now we both need to calm down though, that was intense.
"T-thanks! This feeling, it's amazing!"

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Reminds me of when I first learned! This one here had to get me out of lots of trouble back in the day,"

She leans on her Alakazam's shoulder, who nods and sighs. You feel nostalgia…

"Maybe you need to rest another day until you challenge me? You've been through a lot."



"For today, yes, surely. I need a big damn lunch, too…"

And I need to find Sam.


"Sure thing!"

It's really all I can say as I watch him get off. I'm really worried about my own abilities. I locked up back there, but he knew exactly what to do…

I should find the Trainer Inn and drop off my things. I'll consult a map of the place as I talk to Quetz.

"Hey, you ever felt bad about winning?"


Quetz nods. He relishes a good fight, he's learned, and from watching movies with you has developed a notion of martial honour. Still, it was a necessary win.

This is a port town, but definitely the smallest city you've come across. People living here seem to be mostly running fishing boats. You don't really see any skyscrapers, completely unlike busy Shueia you recently left. The map of the town shops amenities like the Pokecenter, shopping, healthcare, and notes that the Tumi Camp is further inland, you may need to take a bus.


"Come on, even if we're in the clear now, we shouldn't waste too much time. Let's get you to the PokeCenter and looked at, then we can go from there."

I'll look up at the sky. One of the things I don't miss about home is how much clearer the sky seems to be. What's the weather like?


Sunny and bright. If not for your appropriate clothing, you'd be sweating way more and soaked. The air is heavy, the heat thinning it out and the humidity not helping. Hiking here would be troublesome for you.

The pokecenter, however, is the same everywhere. Your Pokemon are all looked at and restored by the attendant.


"Thanks for your help." Look around, how many other trainers are here? "I'm headed to the Tumi Camp, do you know what bus I should take and what to bring?" I ask the attendant.


Mostly people bringing in housepet Pokemon for checkup, but you see a few tough-looking person and a tougher-looking pokemon among them.

"Oh, are you training there? Bring some clothing deodorant, definitely. You'll barely have time to wash your clothes."


"The other gyms have been pretty active, I should have figured as much. AT least I might be able to buy some this time. Have a good day!" I say as I walk out. Maybe a stop to the store wouldn't be such a bad idea right now.


You could stop by a supermarket for this stuff. Your own soap might be preferable too.


Let's stop there then. This will be one of the few times where I get a heads up about what might be involved. Besides, soap is always good, especially for a traveller.


Of course, gotta make sure you stay clean. You also pick up that clothing deodorant.
Some extra clothes hanger may help…


Yeah, this place feels like it's going to keep me for a while…

Let's fetch the regular journey goods like some toothbrush and toothpaste along the way. Grab the stuff and head to the cashier.


You already have a toothbrush


Extra toothpaste couldn't hurt. The total comes down to about 300P.


I should give it a look over before I leave. I've had it for a while now.

Pay the Cashier, then head to the bus stop, we need to know when the next ride will come.


Riiight… now, the bus with the number you're looking for arrives. It's filled with gloomy people in various uniforms, some rangers, some police, all with large backpacks and weary faces.


I'll let them get off the ride first. Whatever went on over there, I get the distinct feeling they don't need some kid pushing his way in just yet.

Once they're off, I'll pay my fee and board, keeping my eyes on the country side during the drive.


You get a view of the swamps as the bus drives past, mangroves that host a massive variety of Pokemon wildlife. They also look like where to go if you really want to be bitten by insect Pokemon. The land becomes less wild as you head in, however, and you see more and more tracts of flat, cleared land.

The bus stops near a large walled compound, clearly labelled the Tumi Camp. The buildings remind you of a basic school, oddly enough. Everyone on the bus gets off.


I'll make a mental note of the swamps. It might be fun to just come out and walk the paths here.

Make sure to grab my things and pokemon and get off the bus. How many others are here for the camp?


People seem to be assembling in different parade squares, sorted by different uniforms. You don't find anywhere for new people, though. Maybe check in the offices.


Sounds good, but I'll see what types of groups seem to be made. Are we being sorted by age, or experience, or something else?

Look at the office door, any signs of what I should pull out before walking in?


By vocation, it looks like. Rangers, sea rangers, police…

Nothing much, but when you walk in you see the gym leader you met earlier.

"Come in. Oh hey, it's you. Squire right?"


"That's correct Mr. Kai. Are you handling all the check ins?"


The muscular man's Lucario is sitting by him.

"That's right. Now there's a ton of things I need you to sign, then I can show you your bunk, then you can have your first fall-in tonight."

He hands you a large pile of documents, mainly very detailed legalese about possible injury, how they will minise riskfjeijfidjuieawnd. Do you have the ability to comprehend this?


Didn't get this far by not trying, plus this wouldn't be the first time I have to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. '1d20'

Roll #1 20 = 20


Well, well. You find that, though cloaked in thick legalspeak, you are able to accurately discern the intent and meaning behind every single sentence. All that time in school prepared you for something. You notice hat there is nothing malicious here, but it is a little questionable how blurry some of it is. You can sign it without worrying, at least.


Make sure I sign off on everything before turning it in to it's designated spot.


"Did he not mention being in town? Maybe you can have a nice lunch there. Whwne you seek to challenge me, seek me out."

She smiles, then takes her Alakazam in hand, vanishing away just like that.

You haven't smelled a city air in days!



I blush at the mind intrusion, but nod.
Then, off to town.


You might have been thinking about it too hard.

Are you going to go to town in your monastery robes, though?


What do they look like?


''Keep dreaming, lady!'' I shout back at the raider, staring daggers at her. How can someone be so rotten to try and take other people's pokemon?
''Use Glare, Tina!''

Roll #1 15 = 15


File: 1512745355473.jpg (89.47 KB, 1073x1500, 61bL7c-JUjL._UL1500_.jpg)

Like robes. There's no pattern on yours whatsoever. The fanciest one belongs to Citra herself, and only because it's a bright yellow, red and pink colour with some aptterning on the sleeves and hem.

Tina glares down the massive bivalve! It's transfixed and caught, and its body seizes up… not enough for it to stop its attack, however. An icicle pokes out of its inner body… several icicles, and they are fired at Tina! It's enough to make her scream out from jyst one, but another, and another icicle shoots her even as she falls. She's unconcious, and badly wounded.

Tina: Fainted


Oh I like that. Makes me really stand out. Let's go with them.


Showoff, huh?

These sandals are a little bit hard to get used to walking downhill. You manage not to fall flat, at least, though you have some near-slips on the rocky path towards town. Whe nyou catch the first whiff of vehicle exhaust, you feel a bit more at home.

You remmebred to bring a bag to carry your wallet and everything, right? These robes have no pockets!


Oh no, not again
"Y-you b-" I stop myself and take a moment to calm down, don't lose your mind Cello
"You're going to be alright Tina, I promise" I recall her and send out Susan as fast as I can and shout "Susan, Use spark!"
'2d8+10' +19

I have to end this fast…

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 8, 4 + 10 = 22


Of course. A real frugal-looking jute bag.
Like a real hippie.
If I were a showoff I'd sit legs crossed atop Pentium as she floats me downhill, silly.
Now where could my boi be…


Susan bravely charges forward, she flashes her eyes and roars, Intimdating the Cloyster! A little nervous, it respond by protecting itself and closing its shell. Susan's electrified tackle… does nothing! The Cloyster's shell opens, and it smiles devilishly.

"Tsk. Wild Charge!"

Whoa! From behind you a Rapidash charges! It's also cloaked in electricity, but the charge has much, much more force behind it. Its horn jabs the Cloyster right in its soft body, within the shell, and you hear a sickening cry.

Didn't he say he was at the Pokemon center? You take the bus over, and you see him affectionately scritcthing a Charmeleon's neck while he attends to something with the counter attendant.


"There you are."
Walk up to the boy.


"Feeling better, huh? Need some more TLC, girl? You're looking really fine– oh, uh, hi Leila."

Upon noticing you, he adruptly stops his faening over the flaming lizard, who looks at you curiously, a little guarded.


My heart skips a beat. Wild Charge? I never heard the name of this move before
But Then I realize that the voice has not come from the Raider…
I turn back


"Woah now, you two seem close!
What's with awkward air all of a sudden?"


"Oh, I mean, it is a little embarassing! I mean, kind of like your Umbre–, uh, well, anyway, it's kinda embarassing to have people see you being affectionate with Pokemon too much, yeah."

He clears his throat.

"Oh yeah, guess you wanna get your Pokemon checked up, too?"

You see a dark-skinned lady, wearing a long dress, her short hair red like a flame.

"Hey kid, you've done your part, you might wanna step back."


Shake my head.
"No, I really just came to talk with you, care for a walk?"


I take a step back, but away from her ''Who…Who are you?'' I turn back to my Shinx ''Susan, retreat''


"Sure thing. Come on now, girl!"

He brings in his Charmeleon into its ball.

"Where you wanna take me? A long walk on the beach?"


Raise a brow, as if questioning his seriousness.
"No, back here will do just fine."


"How's a fire type beating us? Just spray water at it!

More Pokemon are sent out! A Kingler, a Binacle… and the Rapidash tears through all of them brutally. The pirates look terrified, but when they try to get back to their boat, a massive fireball spit by the flaming horse ignites it!

"Tsk, you said we were having a walk! Anyway, what's up?"

He face subdues.


"Yes, a walk out back of the pokemon center!"
Grab his hand by the wrist and drag him out, annoyed.
"So. Why were you staring at my Umbreon so hard this morning?"
Mind-read him!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Woah, she's wrecking these guys
Who is this lady?
I jump up ''Ah, Tina! I need to find the medical bay of the ship''
I turn to the lady and nod ''Thank you miss, I'll let you take care of it from here''


The feeling you get… it's secretive, embrassing, and deeply persona. It's a feeling that makes you hot. It's the air of something… lewd. No specific act, or even an act at all, but the sense, the aroma that pervades the thought of such acts in general. The moment you stumble across it, your mind clouds, and suddenly you feel a pair of eyes, or ears, or event hands, sensing into something you've inadvertedly exposed. Suddenly you're thinking of Umbreon too.

"Well, now we both know."


I blush.
"You were oblivious just last night!"


"Yeah, I was, but you were loud. Like, enough to hear through what are supposed to be insulated walls. I don't mean sound, of course. But it kept me up."

He's blushing pretty hard too.


I bury my face in my hands and turn around, too embarrassed to continue.
"And now you mean you and charmeleon…"




"If it makes you feel better, I actually went out and I couldn't hear you beyond our rooms, so I don't think anyone el– What, WHAT? No, I, I never said anything of the sort."

He never said anything, but you can feel a bit of denial.

You hear the neighing of the rapidash as itl ays waste to the invaders while you run in, looking for a something to treat Tina with. Thhe medical bay, if it can be even caleld one, is incredibly basic, just somewhere to rest and some first aid gear, but it's enough for you to lay down Tina. You need to clean the wounds and bandage them up.


Time to go on the offensive!
"Yeah but I could sense it~"


All I do is pretty superficial, but it will do until we get to land so I can take her to get properly treated
I place a hand on the snake's head ''Sorry, I should have been more careful, those guys were really not joking around, Tina''


"Uhuh, and? You're bringing this up because you want to give me some tips?"

Given some rest, she'll be fine. She squeaks weakly, her leaves droopy but intact.


"T-that's a thing people do you know! Since it's so rare and all. They stick together!"


I give her a kiss in the forehead and whisper a thanks and let her have some rest in her pokeball

Then I'll head back to the deck, thanking the heavens that lady was there. What was she, an Ace trainer or something? That Rapidash was seriously strong!


"They do?"

He's stunned and lost for words.

"Huh, so it was true… gah, this is too much for me to take in right now. Can we sit down somewhere and eat?"


By the time you come up to deck, you note a sea ranger boat taking away the bunch of pirates. Some first aid is being given to the Cloysters, you note. The woman pets her Rapidash, then recalls it and heads in the direction of the cafeteria.


Nice! Took them a little long to show up but I'm glad they arrived
I head after the Lady, slowing down once i catch up with her ''Oh, miss, Hey, uh, thanks for the help back there, if it werent for you, my pokemon could have gotten seriously hurt, so ah, thanks'' I give her a polite, but unsure bow


"Oh fine! But it better have pokemon seats."


File: 1512750723014.jpg (60.28 KB, 640x480, tamai-anago-exterior.jpg)

"No issue at all. You fought pretty well, but it was best for me to step in. You a traveling trainer?"

He brings you to a cozy-looking noodle place. The inside is a cool reprieve from the hot weather, and ther'esp lenty of space at the table for your Pokemon to splay out. His Charmeleon, at his side, settles and keeps tuggin at his hand.


''Yes Ma'am. You're with the sea ranger, right?''


Bring out Umbreon too, and keep him on my lap.
"She seems really attached."


"Not at all. I'm the gym leader of Torchfire, actually. That's good to hear, by the way! I hope I will see you pass my trial one day, there've been less and less trainers coming to conquer the Mirage Loft."

She seems more interested in you.

He's paying a lot of attention to gulping down his tea.

"She's affectionate, yes. So's your Umbreon."


Mind-read her. She seems off. Like, a bit too embarrassed?

Roll #1 20 = 20


"O-oh, really? I didn't even know Torchfire had a gym" I offer her a handshake "Well then, let me introduce myself properly, my name is Cello from Petrotown, Researcher and assistant of Professor Yew"


You block out the noise around you as best you can, and focus on the fiery lizard. You gaze into her eyes, and behind them you feel a familliar heat. It has a target too, the very boy she's touching. She's probably not very sure what she's feeling herself, but to you as a fellow woman, it's unmistakbale.

"Oh, that boy, I remember. Gave me quite a battle.. hold on, he's old enough to not be boy anymore, right? Do I even remember..? Oh, right, it was many years, Ten, twenty?"

She says that, though the lady looks barely 30.

"I hope you've picked up a few thing from your boss, kid."


I lean foward, eyes wide "Wait, wait, Miss, have you battled the professor? Seriously?!"


"Of course I did. He fought many of us. One of the best traveling trainers of the time. It's a shame he suddenly stopped like that, but he's in a good place now. I think so, anyway, when I see his name in the papers sometimes."


"Hah, wow… I have like so many questions, Miss. How did he battled? What Pokemon did he used and how did he-" I stop myself and clear my throat "Uh, sorry, maybe it would be better if we found some place to talk. You're going to the Cafeteria, right?"


"Yes, I was going to eat. After that fight, so should you."

It's kind of like a buffet here, grab your tray, a plate, pour on what you want.


I will smile.
"Well one thing's for sure. She likes you a lot." Drink my own tea.


I've been in the mood for some steak lately, oh and some green veggies too. I'll add a coupled boiled eggs too
I settle down with my plate on the table
"So, I haven't even let you tell your name, Miss"


The green tea here certainly tastes a lot more flavourful than back home. Here it actually tastes freshly brewed and not poured out of a can and heated up.

"Of, of course she does. Just like your Umbreon, huh?"

"Call me Nuri."

She invites you to sit by the window, giving you a view of the passing ocean.


I will pet the little guy between his ears.
"He was a trade, you know. I'm surprised how quickly he took to me…"


"Miss Nuri, alright" I start cutting a piece of the steak
"So, I have a bunch of questions, I'm sure you know, but I'll just ask the most important ones, no one enjoys being in an interrogatory" I chuckle

"So, what brought you to this ship at this time?"


"Sometimes, you just connect. Isn't it the same for when you get your first Pokemon? YOu know how people go through so many before they finally choose each other."

"Say, how did you meet your Metang, anyway? Or Beldum it would have been at the time, most likely."

"I was visiting Shuiea, and now I'm going home. I felt like having some authentic roast grumpig belly, and I'm bringing back a stock of drinks."

"I mean, why else would I be on a ship?"


"Aha, yes that was… A kind of silly question"
I take a bite and break the moment of awkwardness with another question
"So, you want me to challenge your gym, huh? What can you tell me about it then?"


"She was a gift from my father when I turned five. To keep an eye over me, he said."
Roll my eyes at the dad joke.
"I kept sneaking into the steel mills and scrapyards around Fabiorge, and he thought I'd just get into troubles alone!
Was this girl here your first pokemon too?"


"It's tough. Ever climbed a mountain? How about a volcano? I think I can claim to have among the most challenging trials in the continent. Fire must have a strong master, you see."

"Oh, no. Mine's Gastly. See, when I was younger, I used to… 'see' things. 'Hear' stuff. You know, a lot like in those horror movies with creepy children. Scared my parents, it did. Especially when I told them about the little girl sitting above my bed asking me to join her."

He laughs.

"My grandma, though, she was good with that stuff. She taught me about how to try to block it out, you know, stuff like that. Then she introduced me to Gastly, and boy, it really helped having a partner there to see stuff with. He could make it a lot less scary by pulling a funny face and juggling a toy or so if I heard banging on the roof again, times like that. And I think I helped him find a nice purpose too."


My jaw drops!
"That sounds terrible! Straight out of a horror story! Was it because of your psychic powers?"


I choke on the food, coughing and drinking water to help it go down
"A vó-volcano?" I lean back on the chair rubbing my neck "Miss, I think you should know, I'm kind of a beginner…"


"They aren't exactly psychic powers as you know them, but I am sensitive to this stuff. It's not so scary anymore, though. I'm really used to it. To me, there's nothing really weird about that white hand on your shoulder."

"You've got the whole Fire Plains open to you to train up for that! You won't stay a beginner if you challenge all the gyms in turn, eh?"


I freeze for a second, reaching, in a slow and careful move, making a scared face, to my shoulder…
Only to jolt up towards him trying to give him a fright!


He doesn't react much, merely widening his eyes a bit.

"You know I can read your emotions pretty well, yeah? Kind of like you for me. Though if someone was trained in countering this stuff, they'd have an advantage over us. I heard the bodyguards… even ninjas at Lanobe are taught this stuff by this really unassuming lady, like, there's no way you'd figure out she's their gym leader unless you're told or see her in action."


I sip my drink. She does have a point. It might be the toughest challenge out there, but imagine how strong I'll come out when I beat it… I might even start growing a beard and chest hair!
''Hmmm, true, true. Alright Miss Nuri, I'll go check your gym tonight or tomorrow when the ship decks, how's that?''


"Well! You are an eager young man. It may prove too harsh to you though, not unless you have already conquered all the other Fire Plains gyms. I won't stop you if you wish to challenge me first, but what about saving it as a finale? I would be far more excited to face you closer to the strongest you may ever be.


"Hmm… I did not thought of the other gyms in the fire plains, that's true" I lean over the table "How many other gyms are there in this area then? Besides yours"


"Every major city has one. Fabiorge, the Great Factory of Steel. Rosherg, the Rocky depths. Binestorne, the Electric Theatre. Northpeak, where plateau where We ascend from the earth and Take Flight. And of course, mine, the Mirage Loft, the great Kiln at the core of the Fire Plains, Torchfire.

Think you have what it takes?"


"So that's four other gyms to take on before yours" I raise my head at the leader with a curious, amused look "I thought you wanted more trainers to take on YOUR gym! Are you sure you won't regret having to wait until I'm all done with the others?"


"Quality over quantity. I would much rather fight someone with more of my stregnth, then to stomp them flat or have to hold back to give a fair fight. Maybe one day, you'll come back when you've finished your training, and I can finally use all of my power. Wouldn't that be nice?"


I finally lean back, smiling a little "Alright lady we have a deal. After we leave this boat, the next time you see me, I'll be brimming with power, and after I beat you, I'll be strong enough to never need for anyone to step in and save me…" I glance down at my belt, more specifically, Tina's ball "And strong enough to not let my friends get hurt"


"That so? I greatly look forward to it. Maybe you can find a new comrade for yourself among the burning savannahs. Powerful fire Pokemon can be found among the volcanos. Maybe you can even come to my gym as a visistor, instead of taking the challenge, just to search for Pokemon, even. But I shall leave it to you depending on what you're looking for."


"Wait, you can do that? Visit the inner gym without trying to take the challenge? Hah, well dang it, if only I knew this sooner…" I mutter the last bit mostly for myself

"In that case, sure, I'd love to take a 'tour'. I have been thinking about having a fire type to finish my team"


"Let's just say I've given you special permission."

She smiles.

"I shall have to take my leave soon, I would like to rest in my room. Is there anything else you want to ask?"


I look down at my half full plate and shake my head "Nope, I won't keep you up after all you did for me. Thank you again, ma'am"


"Not an issue. I hope you live up to your mentor's legacy!"

She gets up and leaves, stretching and humming a tune.


I watch her as she goes and finish my food with a smile on my face
"She's holding up pretty well for someone so old" mutter to myself as I take the plate back to the kitchen and head back to the deck


Look crestfallen, and go back to my tea.
"What, is she like, some super old lady who can barely stand on her own?"


Who knows why? The gym leaders that hold power over the mysterious Mirage Spots, as they're called, are said to live for exceptionally long times. That's anotherm ystery you may yet choose to spend your life solving.

Judging by the landscape around you, you will hit port within the hour. Already you feel a burning sun beating down on you, as you look inalnd and see arid wasteland.

"From what I heard, she looks like just some ordinary housewife. And she conducts training by having her students pretend to attack her, then the the student being tested has to save her. Sometimes, a real thug thinks she's actually being robbed and tries to join in… eheheh, the results aren't pretty. I've seen a picture of her Houndoom, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that."

He feels throughly uncomfortable.


Houndoom, uh? That's a juicy looking mon…
"Is there something that's bothering you?"


"Not really, Houndoom's just a scary Pokemon, know what I mean?"


I make a mental note to get sunscreens, I can't believe I haven't gotten something so essential before

Well I won't be standing around in this scorching sun like the other sunbathing folks around. Let's head back to our room to check if all my things are in order and plan for my next stop at the pokemarket


"If anything they look awesome, like they always mean business!"


File: 1513089895148.jpg (319 KB, 1920x1274, Al Basrah.jpg)

Everything is in your backpack. You're ready to disembark… oh, you can see the city coming into view!

"True. But they're rather frightening. Dark Pokemon… they'rei nteresting. And they can behave in frightening ways. But I might have to try and tame one, some wandering spirits can;t be dealt with by words alone."


"You are aware my Umbreon is a dark type too, right?"


Phew, alright nothing is missing
Alright! Time to start a new chapter! there's just something so episodic about leaving a boat to another island!


"Yeah! And it is sinister! Though you've tamed yours pretty well. Hmm, maybe I could find a Poocheyena. Can be a nice, cute dog."

You're not even on the island anymore. You're back on the mainland, but the opposite side of where you lived.

The gangway has been lowered. Welcoem to Torchfire. A highly modern city, skyscrapers seemingly fightign to overtake one another, but none of them can comepte aaginst the Volcano, setting the backdrop of the scene.

The air is arid. Your clothes might need adjusting for desert conditions.


"Oh? I didn't take you for the kind to go for 'cute' things."


Oh boy, respiratory issues, how I missed you, It's like I'm back in Petrotown
But yes, a change of clothes has been long overdue. These long jeans won't do in this place

Well, still It'll have to wait, first let's find a Pokemon center for Tina and a checkup on the others


"It depends, really. Isn't cute in the eye of the beholder? Lots people wouldn't agree, but Gastly and its line is adorable isn't it?"

"Oh hey, our noodles are here!"

You wanted a big lunch, didn';t you? What manner of ramen did you order?

Luckily, there's one near the port. Pokemon centers are more or less the same everywhere, so you have no trouble navigating.


Let's get out ticket and get in line then, this isn't an emergency situation and I'm glad for it
''Excuse me, I'm here for a complete checkup on my team, and also, my Servine is badly wounded, Can you please help?''


Pork ramen, with double egg.
Because I, too, am a pig.


Lucky you, there's barely any queue!

The attendant has to bring Snivy out of her ball for a look…

"If this wound wasn't tended to immediately, it would have been much worse. You should tell whoever did it what a good job it was. There's no need for extra treatment."

The Pokemon are healed!

The serving, being meant for Pokemon to share, is extra large.


The noodles are extra savoury, but solid, and they go well with the meaty thick broth.

Across, you notice Sam feeding his Charmeleon some noodles from his own chopsticks. Her face is quite suggestive, the way she blushes and movesh er tongue.


''O-oh, I did it, heh… I thought it was kind of a rushed job but thanks. Oh by the way, do you sell first-aid equipment here?''


"Afraid not, you can easily stop by any mart for it. Oh, and well done! Your Servine is lucky to have a trainer like you."


Sheesh the two of them will get found out no time. I might want to ditch them if that's their attitude.
All the same, feed Umbreon straight from my own chopsticks too, letting him sip from the bowl as he pleases.


He does the exact same thing. The atmosphere, especially to you, is intoxicating…

Roll to keep your cool.


W-wow no Umbreon, bad!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah gosh, I just did what any trainer should do. Thanks nurse" I gently run my hand through Tina's slender body and get her back on the ball, trying not to blush from the nice compliments

Now to find the pokemarket and the clothing shop


File: 1513093255471.jpg (614.72 KB, 1024x688, Grand-Bazaar.jpg)

It's too late. Thoughts you'd rather keep until further notice slowly ease their way into you. Out the coerner of yout eye, you notice Sam looking quite stiff, in a few ways.

There's a whole depeartment Pokemart nearby! As for clothes, you might want to get your new gear at the Outfitter. If you really want to go shopping, you could also check out the bazaar! These palces are know nfor their bazaars of vendors.



While you're preparing breakfast, you get to watch Arthur's Frogadier give up trying to wake his trainer in a civil manner, and spits water at him. Arthur's woken from some kind of dream, muttering to himself after he's done crying out in terror from the couch.


Blush, but then think hard at him, in telepathy.
- Is this gonna be a constant thing? Because for sure we are both gonna think these thoughts again and again! -


Laugh a little at his expense while the toasted sweet finishes.


Ooooh, I feel tempted, but I'm really more interested in braving the fire plains rather than shopping, so I'll just take the essential.

A medkit for Pokemon and human treatment (You never know, maybe I'll end up getting wounded one of these days)

A new pencil and inker pen, the last one is pretty well used

Rope is always good to have, right?

Oh, I should also get a can of emergency rations if needed…
Okay this should be good to leave, I'm sure I haven't forgotten anything
Now to the outfitter


"…uh, are you confused or worried about something? I got a vibe about that."

That's 2 medkits, a stationery set, more rope, and non-perishable food supply. That's 1000 gone. You have 7200 left.

"Too cruel! You know how long it;'s been since I had a good night of sleep? Actually, you must have been really busy, too…"

Your toast is done. The scent is really making you hungry now.


Frustration, read that.
While nobody's looking point at his pants.


Whew, I feel more confident already!
Now a new set of clothes plus a spare and I'm good to go


"But you should have seen your face!" I say and bite into the toast straight out of the toaster.


File: 1513094486061.jpg (151.48 KB, 1000x666, Cader-3876632552.jpg)

"Tch. Yeah, well, I'm sure it'll calm down. Eventually. I mean, frnakly, thinking more about this, this is pretty expected."

His fortitude and stability helps pull yourself together, too!

Hold up, it's not as simple as that.
What sort of terrain are you looking to optimize for? You want a full set of new clothes. How about colour or design preferences?

"Sigh. The sacrifices we must make for our friends…"

He gets up and pulls out some buns from the fridge, and uses the very same oven toaster to get it working.

"Tea for you? Or are you a coffee person? Actually, I might just chug milk."


"Dad said I'm too young for coffee! It will stop me from growing taller!!" I gasp in distress.


"H-hey don't say it like that!"
I blush deeply, squeezing Umbreon to my chest.


Well, in this case I'll get a new set of travel clothes and a set for more extreme conditions
Nuri mentioned rock, steel, eletric and flying gyms before hers, hmm
I'll ask for something good to stand the heat of the region, something to protect me from the harsh sun and heat


"You can have milk, then! Actually… yeah, I should chug milk too."

He looks as if trying to measure your height, and seems to be comparing his own. He gets out two glasses, and a bowl. With the buns done heating, he gives himself two and the rest is put into the Pokemon bowl.

He fills both glasses nearly full to the brim with milk.


"Why? I mean, you know how many old stories involve stuff like this? And, uh, we're at the age, you know. Lots of energy. It's not something I'm gonna worry too much about.

Even his Charmeleon's calmed down, helping herself to some of the bowl instead of fawning over him.

"Want to trek around the Fire Plains? Conditions can get pretty harsh! You'll want something to insulate you during cold nights but also keep you protected during the hot days. First off, you need some good hiking shoes, leather with cloth sections for breathing, and reinforcement for the toe. A sole plate, too."

The attendant puts out a set of plains gear. The shoes look really impressive, all proper adventurer-like. The pants are long, and losoe enough to be comdy and give plenty of mobility. The shirt looks sturdy and of fancy material.

"If there's a sandstorm, you'll want a hood and goggles, too."


Oh, oh yeah that's exactly what I need!
"Are sandstorms common in this area? Also how much for the whole set, goggles and hood included?"


"No actually. I've not read many of the old stories."


I cheerfully accept and clink glasses with his.. standing on my tip toes for no reason.. "Cheers."

Drink it slowly thou, so I can take a bite of sweet toast and then drink more.


"Not very, but they can be devestating if you're caught in one. For two sets of clothes, and everything… 3000P.

You have 6200P.

"Oh? Never heard of the Madame Serperior? It's a story of how a Serperior falls in love with her human trainer and is given magic to Transform into one! They have a family together, even, but an angry monk seperates them and imprisons her. Their child grows up, though, and becomes a great trainer themself to defeat the monk and release his mother, who has become a Serperior again, and can no longer speak with her child or husband again, but they manage to work their way out to a happy ending. I really like that one."

It's very sweet! How do they raise their miltank here?

"Hey, let's sit down and watch the news!"

Arthur puts his stuff fown on a dining table and turns on the TV. Seems like they're covering the arrest of some pirates, or Sea Scourge. While these were repelled because the Fire gym leader was on board a ship, another boat has gone missing, though the passengers were released on a lifeboat.


"Ouch… Don't I get an uh, discount? I'm an official Pokemon researcher you see!" show her my pokedex "And under the employment of professor Yew no less"


Probably they just add vanilla to the milk the same as their icecream…

"Wow, its sure lucky that the gym leader was there!" I sit down on the sofa for a moment.


"Wait didn't they make a movie about it too?"


"Huh. Funding that hard to come by? I kinda knew you were doing work like that, I already gave you a discount, bruh. It's as low as it goes. This stuff is high quality."

"Yeah! It was a long time ago, though. Then there's stories of acts of, uh, 'communion', between legendary Pokemon and trainers they deem worthy. Like, say, Latios deciding to grace you with its prescence, I mean, are you really gonna say no?"

"What I'm saying is, it's… not an alien concept, and there's probbaly tons of people out there who, yeah."

"Yeah. They sure are strong. I wonder if the Pokemon got away safely, though."


"Maybe there is more information about it online?" I suggest and then smile. "Or we could ask about it, in person."


It finally dawns on me.
"Right, I didn't show you yet!
There's a whole forum!"


"Aaaah, it's still breaking, but alright, alright" I pay up
"I know you're not lying, this stuff looks pretty well done too. Do you have a Changing room where I can try it out?"


"In person, meaning…? Your rangers?"

"There's a…? Oh, I guess that makes sense."

You feel a sudden determination.

"Link me."

"Go on ahead."


Let's write it down on the back of a napkin for him. Not like we are in the smartphone era.


"No, we go ask the gym leader herself." I point enthusiastically toward the TV.


Let's take the hiker set and try it out in front of the mirror then
I also look around to make sure there aren't no hidden cameras around before I start changing!


Those sci-fi devices? Maybe in a few years there will be a bigger market for then, bur for now if you want one you'll have to shell out about as much for a luxury car.

"Oh! I get it now. Right, right, nice codeword. Pretty funny huh, you know the story behind it? A part of a story about people marrying Pokemon in a old children's book was changed to eating at the same table. Heh heh. And, uh, we're doing that right now."

He suddenly realises, as he laps up another spoonful of broth.

"Whoa! You wanna go to the Fire Plains? That's your next destination, huh?"

Not as far as you can tell!

You… feel ready. As you finish buttoning up the shirt and rolling the sleeves to recommended length, for the first time, you look like areal prepared adventurer, ready to face the road.


Roll my eyes.
"Yes, that story I knew." Pet Umbreon one last time and finish my food.
"I think I will take on the Gym leader soon. Maybe even tomorrow."


"Ours. We did say we'd go together." I remind him.


Wow, woah, nice! Haha I look great, I FEEL great! This thing has so many pockets and is surprisingly comfy
A shame I'll wear it mostly for sandstorms. Let's try the other set, I specifically asked the lady for something sporty and more open, with purple, black and blue colors

Time to ditch the old fashion and let my skin get some sun too. No one will believe I'm a Researcher if I look as pale as if I just came out of a cave!


"Oh hey, that sounds pret-ty cool. I want to train up first. Gastly's close to evolving, I can feel it. He's been in my dreams, he's been hungry lately. I might have to find a horror movie or something so he can feed off me."


"Is that how it works for Ghastly?
My Pentium had to chow down on a scrapyard's worth of steel, but Eevee right here-"
Tickle his cheek.
"-Well you saw it."


"Some ghost pokemon- not just ghost Pokemon, there are others, the Ralts family for one, feed from emotions and thoughts. Now, I'm not sure how it works, but this has been documented. And as his trainer, it's best if I tailor his diet.

The Eevee family doesn't feed at all on thatm I'm sure, and neither does your Metang. But I'm sure it's more sensitive to your state of mind than your other Pokemon are.

Hey, while you're here, wanna ask me anything about this stuff? Or anything, really."


I give a little giggle, covering my mouth.
"You sound ready to give a lecture. I think I will be fine about that, thanks. If I start suddenly forgetting all my dreams I will know who to blame."


"I try not to bother anyone, but sometimes there will be an especially delicious thought, able to keep him full for many days. But he'll exercise restraint. Won't you?"

He nudges the gas cloud floating to his side, and it eagerly nods, though unconvincingly.

"Been so long since I had a good bowl. I'm gonna knock out and take today off or something. Ugh… walk back's gonna be a pain."


My curiosity is very piqued about Ghastly's ability.
"Where are you staying at?"


"I stay in the room next to you! Unless you mean where I usually live?"


"Yeah! You are wearing normal clothes and spend hardly any time at the monastery! Also you look like a local."


"I just arrived, like, recently! And of course I am, though I'm from further east. Bridge Island, also known as the home to the dead, where We pierce the Mist and so on. Nice enough place, but the nights can get pretty cold… for my standards, anyway."

He shivers.

"It got better once I had Pokemon with m though. Gastly so it wasn't so scary, and Charmander at the time so I could always have a light on. Before I left, I had to make my way through the haunted forest on a full moon to prove my fortitude. And if you wanna do the gym there, you'll have to do something like that!"


"H-hey I'm not afraid of that!"
I am, just a bit.
"Come on, let's get walking, or we're never gonna move from these chairs…"


"Sure you aren't."
He yawns, the food coma coming in.

Maybe I should nap when I get back…"


"But what about the movie?"


"I was thinking of reading a scary book or something, it's not like we have televisions or disc players in our rooms… you really wanna watch a movie after a heavy meal?"


"I've not seen a TV screen in weeks… Might be a nice change of pace."


"If we wanna, we can go to a movie! OR we can go to one of those places that let you sit down in a room ansd they give you a TV and video games. Up to you, Leila."

You feel perfect contentedness from Sam, having slurlped down his noodles eagerly. He'll be fine as long as he can relax.


"Well I could go for a movie…"
Let's drop by a theater and see what's in town.


You're pretty spoiled for choice here. There's a animated film about a girl spirited away to a world of talking Pokemon, and also the highly-anticipated sequel to a hit fantasy series. There's also a hit animated film based on a popular comic franchise involving very pretty boys and girls.


I will say no to animetrash and completely ignore the bishounen comic book movie.
"I don't know anything about that fantasy series, think that will be a problem?"


"Sure! This recently came out. I was looking forward to it!"

Get tickets for Land Fight: The First Knight? Did you even see the movies before?


No I haven't!
"Is it gonna help Ghastly?"


"It can, Gastly can feed on the suspense, maybe. But for the biggest energy boost, it's got to be a horror film. Hey… if I can smuggle him out of his ball in the theatre…"

His eyes gleam.

"Now we REALLY need to see a scary movie!"


"Yeah! But none of these seems like they'd fit!"


"Okay! This one, it's got a weird title. 'They.'"

Get tickets? Snacks too, despite having just eaten?


I don't eat at the movies.
Let's go!


The movie opens with the classic small town setting. Middle of nowhere, isolated. Some children talk about a Shapeshifter, and how an adult that vanished and suddenly reappeared has been behaving strangely…


Wow it's gotta be him, right?
I mean, that's how these things go!


Of course-
You turn to your right, and you see Sam's eyes glazed over, gas seeping from his orifices, eyes glazed over with what looks like black liquid seeping from them.


Let out a tiny, terrified squeak, having a flashback to last night-
Before calming down again. D-damn what's he doing that for?


He, or they put a finger on their mouth to indicate to be quiet. They need Gastly to be out but hidden somehow!


Nod silently and keep on watching the movie with one eye, Sam with the other.


Arthur's face falls.

"I… you don't want to head there too soon, do you?"

He faces you in full, his hands clasped in worry.


"Well, I dunno, I just thought since I'm not doing anything else.."


"See, I'll be busy. Later I'll be headed to the fighting gym on Tumi Island, and I'm not sure how long I'll be there. Two weeks, maybe? I wanted to train there."

"Sorry, Amber. But if you want to head up afterwards, then I'll be free! In the meantime, um… Maybe you can try out the other gyms, too?"


"Oh, well a few more weeks won't matter too much.. huh.." I think a moment, making a pose like my leafy lizard partner when she's looking at the tree tops.
"Other gyms.. Wait, But didn't you say going to the gym here would be pointless since its the shrine and you have to understand the seas first?" I look frustrated.


"No, no. There is a gym AND a shrine. You went to the Mirage Axis, that forest near it and the Earth Shrine, right? Same thing. Or you can save it for later and sail to one of the other islands for another gym challenge, Muika isn't too far if you want to see what Psychics can do."

He looks apologetic as you stroke your chin the way Lily does.


I cheer up a little at that.
"Right, I've never fought with a Psychic Trainer before, I wonder if they really get powers from being around their pokemon." make a spooky 'oo' sound.


"Don't we all, in a way?"

He looks relieved, then looks you right in the eye. You sense strong intent as his hands raise…


W-what could he doing?!


You notice a gulp in his throat. His lips quiver, and he- he reaches out and takes your hands in his! One in each hand, cradled in a secure, reassuring grip.

"I… I… I forgot what I was gonna say."


I blush, unsure what to say, or do.
Then looking down at his hands blush even more and ask.
"Does this mean, we're dating now?"




He keeps trying to start sentences, but never does.

"We can have another one when we meet again, okay? In the meantime, have fun around my home region. I'm sure you'll come out of it happy and stronger."


Then lift our hands up so his fingers boop his nose.
"And next time I'll pick where we go."


"Got it. Pick somewhere fun!"

He lifts yout other hand and boops YOUR nose!


"HEEEY!" I get overly mad and wrestle my hands free only to poke his sides in revenge.


You narrowly overpower him, and your touch sends him reeling!

"Hahaha! Amber, when we have our rematch, I'll remember this!"


Cross my arms and make a huff at him.
"I gotta water my plant." And go to the sink to get a glass of water.


You do so, turning on the tap and noting how much faster water flows out. You take out the jar containing your miracle plant, and.. oh! It's grown a fruit!


"Oh!" Well, it would only rot sitting there, pick the fruit and set it on a plate.


You pull it free to set on a table. It looks absolutely tempting, a bright red, like an apple, though the shape suggests something else.

An aroma wafts through…


Is it from the fruit? Sniff it!


How to describe it? It's very much like every fruit you have liked, all blended together into something less a physical scent, more something that speaks to your nose directly, reminding you of each time you were going to try a new fruit for the first time. You would have trouble putting it into words.


"Oooh, I just have to try it."
Get a fork and take a bite of the fruit.


One bite and you feel invigorated and energized. The taste is sweet, not overly so, but the texture is easy. A little dry though, you realise.

"Oh, can I have a bite? And where'd you get that plant?"


"Sure, let me slice a piece off for you." And cut it like, in half roughly, pushing half of it to an edge of the plate.

"A tree in a magical forest gave it to me." I declare with a smile and slide the end of the branch into the glass of water.


"Could it be the Earth Shrine? Actually…"

He pulls out his jar of water again, the one that shook Lily.

"I collected this from the Storm Shrine, when I bathed in its waters and dreamed. Something similar must have happened to you! Let me try this."

He tries pouring the strange water onto youer plant.


"Yes, it was the Earth shrine. I thought it was a secret since no one told me about it before I went."
I watch fascinated.


"I've heard about it! It's a sacred place, or so I heard."

As the water touches your plant, all of its leaves suddenly straighten out. Near the tip, you notice what looks like a tiny bud grow out.

"Thought so!"


"A-arthur, your water is making my branch grow a flower." I gasp.


"That's realy interesting… That's another reason to fetch water from the shrine!"

He eats the piece of fruit you cut for him, and looks dreamy, starting to space out.

"Whoa. This is, nice."


How cute!
I'll eat mine and drink some milk with it, to take care of the dry flavor.


He's gazing at you as he gets engrossed by the flavour.

"How do I put it? It reminds me of you…? I hear everyone grows something different from the Earth Shrine."


I nod, and suddenly become curious.
"Yea.. that's right. Except its also different depending on what's going on.. how did you know it doesn't always grow the same fruit?"


"I like to read up on this stuff. You saw all my documentaries and all too! Actually, d oyou have any questions about any places? I'll see if I can answer!"


"Hmm, gimme the map." I say causally and wait for him leaning on the counter to look as cool as possible.


He hands you his own copy! It';s got tons of small notes and annotatations. You notice a small heart doodled on the Evergreen before he quickly snatches it back and replaces it with a clean one.



Randomly point at Dervor Town.
"There, tell me about.." and then look to see where I pointed. "Dir-vore Town."


"You must have been there! That's mostly a stopover town for ships, smaller than most… but it houses an important ranger base. You trained there, I remember? As did some of us. I need to take on the bug gym too at some point…"

He shudders.

"I remember you telling me about your test! You had to navigate the jungle over a week or so and it ended by climbing up to the mountain peak, there was even snow there."


"I remember! I just wonder…" poke at Sundise now. "What about Sun-dess?"


"Sumedise. Su-meh dise, I think. It's a nice resort town! Small, on the banks of the great Lake. No gym or anything, but people like to go there because it's one of the cooler parts of the Plains. Some people who want to check out an icy wasteland also use that as their base, though I haven't really heard stories of what lies beyond there. Ice Boundary sure sounds like a scary place, though."


Hum thoughtfully looking at the map and then fold it up again offering it to him with a giggle. "Okay. So you really do know your geography."


"Thanks! I really like looking at maps and stuff and seeing pictures of other places." He smiles sheepishly, but you can tell he's pretty happy.

"We've got the rest of the morning… but I need to head out around the afternoon. Then I've got to head for my next batch of training."


Somehow seeing him happy gives me a warm feeling.. Weird!
"Uh, Actually maybe I should see a nurse, make sure that what happened at the lake didn't affect me for sailing.."


"Oh right! You should get it checked out Go to a doctor for that… or you can go check it with the medical office at the local ranger base. You should have one, right?"


"Yea of course." I carefully pick my branch out of the glass to take it safely with me.
"It did happen near the water, better to be sure." And gather all my things I might have left around.


Well-trained ranger that you are, you quickly and easily pack everything into your field pack, not missing a single thing. You even remember how they told you to have a standard set of packs within your backpack!


"Its all here." I declare strapping the backpack on.
"So…" Linger around the living room a moment.


He looks down, then, trembling, holds your hands again. His feel rugged and callused, but there's a certain softness to them.

"See you around, alright?"


I get a big grin as he hold my hands, squeeze them so he can't let go, and lean in to his ear to whisper. "Sail my way soon, sweet sailor boy."
And before he can object kiss his cheek and let go of his hands in a single motion. Then going outside and few steps away.. where he can't see my blushing like crazy and looking at lily's pokeball for approval!


Lily's eyes are shut in excitement, her fists squeezed together! She's… squeeing?!

Well done! Time to part with the neighbourhood and get on the bus to the ranger base?


Hmmm, yea. I should do that. Go on the bus and pay the bus fare and sit quietly the whole time, thinking about how Arthur didn't actually say he wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend..


It's so confusing. You've kissed and all, right? What else could it mean? How hard can it be to just say it?

Ugh… it'd be so much easier if you could read his mind or something. If only you were psychic.


Maybe I was supposed to say it, and asking was a mistake! Nono, surely you can't just tell someone 'I'm your girlfriend now' no.. I need some girl advice.


"Is there anything else that needs to be filled out?"

"And if you don't mind me asking, what drew you to this line of work?"


Who do you know, though? Maybe you could drop someone an email to catch up.

"You're done. I must say, I'm surprised you actually took the time to read it, and more surprised that you seem to actually understand it.

Mainly a desire to serve, along with my perosnal enjoyment of training. It's a long story, but that's the short version. You'll be led up to your bunk now, and you'll get further instructions later."


I'll just use a PC at the base or something.
[waiting patiently]


You're greeted as you drop by! Luckily, the computer room isn't full, so you can easily find a nice secluded corner to type out your emails in peace.


"Thanks, looking forward to it."

Make sure I have my stuff with me before we head to the bunk.


Let's email all the girls I know, Leia, Riss, Zoe..
The body is.
"Hey, Its Amber. I had the most unbelievable thing happen yesterday! You will need a breath so go ahead and take one as you scroll.


Arthur and I went on a date!
I know! It was an amusement park, with rides and games and a live show. Gosh it was so fun. We also had this special local icecream, and at the end of the day it started pouring down rain.. So we watched a movie at his house.

But today.. I tried to ask if were dating now, like bf and gf.. and he didn't say that we were..

Uh, so, I maybe have a boyfriend now? XD XD What do I do here?

Amber, Pokemon Ranger
[send to selected contacts]


You mean Leila? Or Viola?

You haven't put anything down, so it's not hard. There you run into a familliar face. It's Arthur again! The black-haired, dour boy wears a smile as he sees you come in.

"Fancy meeting you here."


Send it to both of them.


"Yeah, I wasn't expecting to see you here. Was your trip here okay? Are you signing up or just passing by?"


Sending to four people at once? Wow!

Wanna send each individually so they don't see the CC or other recipients?

"All good. I figured I wanted to try signing up too, actually. I think we'll be here for, what two weeks?"

"At least we don't have to shave our heads like in earlier times.." He shivers.


Huh, why would I want to do that? Everyone should be included!


"I don't know how my parent's would react if they knew I got my hair shaved off…"

"Mr. Kai is a great Trainer, I saw him and his Pokemon in action, so I'm glad I was recommended this place. Have you signed in yet?"


Alright then! Sent!

You breathe a sigh of relief as you finally hit the button. Who knows when you'll get a reply, though?

"I did. Lots of legalese in that stuff, huh? Say, how good is your upper arm strength?"


A day maybe. I'll go see the clinic before anything else.


"I've seen worse. As for my arms, pretty good I think. I haven't been sitting around this whole time, a few of the other places I've been to have made sure of that."


"Good, good. I get the feeling we're going to get pumped pretty soon. And not in a good way."

Good thing there's rarely any line! If training of new recruits was going on, you'd see a ton of them every day looking to skimp out of the next workout by claiming they have a headache or something.

"Take a number!"


Look around at the empty room and look at her with an annoyed sigh.
Take a number.


"Well, my Health class teacher did say we had to mix in some anaerobic exercises in every once in a while. I did plenty enough biking just getting here. Come on, let's not keep them waiting."


>Wow, woah, nice! Haha I look great, I FEEL great! This thing has so many pockets and is surprisingly comfy
A shame I'll wear it mostly for sandstorms. Let's try the other set, I specifically asked the lady for something sporty and more open, with purple, black and blue colors

>Time to ditch the old fashion and let my skin get some sun too. No one will believe I'm a Researcher if I look as pale as if I just came out of a cave!

So you are buying this? 3000P.


No point in hoarding up my money.
I'll get it all
Besides I'll make that money back in my time at the plains


Maybe you will! But now, you feel ready to take on the world.

You have 3200P left, and have outdoor clothes suited to a hot climate.


I'll put them on and leave, showing off my new look
Actually, how much for sunglasses? I'll get a pair of shades too


For a pair with proper UV protection? 400.


I'll take that too, I can wear them over my own glasses, right?


They offer sunglasses with your degree too! For the same price even.


Oh damn, now that's convenient!
I'll take that too

Now I can walk out of the store strutting with my new look


With sunglasses too? Cool! Handy, now you can look directly west, towards the setting sun! Don't look directly, obviously!


Of course not, but I can still walk confidently
Heh, I bet everyone's staring at this cool guy

But now's not the time to lose focus, the last thing I need before leaving is a local map, which would be quite handy


You can easily got one off a tourist stop! The map shows the city's different points of interests. There's the Pokecenter, a hsopping district, a bazaar if you're feeling adventurous about buying other stuff, tons of food… and the Sun Shrine.


My eyes settle on the sun shrine for a while
Maybe I should head there before leaving the town? last time I went to a shrine it left quite the impression of me

You know what, I'll head there, maybe I'll learn something that will be essential for my stay in the fire plains


Maybe so! It's located in small cornwer of the city, tucked away from skyscrapers. You take the bus towards the Sun Shrine, and have to change from a smooth city one to a more rickety one, through… vast tracks of open field, teeming with green life, small streams flowing through.

Werent't you in the middle of a desert?


That's what I thought! I didn't expect there to be such blooming life in a place that is supposed to be an arid wasteland
I stare out the window, can I spot any wild pokemon?


The conditions of the inhabited Fire plains are milder compared to the frontiers.

As you approach, you note more fire Pokemon than you've ever seen at once! Charmander seem to be hunting in the grass, and you spot a Cyndaquil lounging on a rock.


Would you look at that. Perhaps they are drawn to the strong sunlight in these areas?
I make a mental note to come back to this spot later to get a closer look, after I return from the shrine


The bus stops you at the gates a grand garden. You see Flora the likes of which you have only seen described in books over the walls. Perhaps you grander than the life peeking through are the walls themselves, guarding what you can see beyond as a large structure, a cathedral of some sort, built to celebrate light and all life born from it. Braziers line the perimeter, flames dancing to charm the eyes of visitors, each a tribute to the great flame above all.


"Neato" mutter to myself as I make my way to the gate
Any guards or guides waiting nearby?


You see priests and priestesses in fancy robes tending to the flames. They're brightly colored, and some are lightning incense burners. The cloying scent feels like it's elevating you.


It is a little overwhelming, the smell. Its kinda heavy like back home except that it actually smells nice
Though maybe the ''elevation'' is just the feeling of lightheadness this smell is giving me, oof
''Um, Excuse me, hi, is the temple open for visits at this time?'' I approach the nearest priest/priestess


"Yes, it is."
A priest bearing a hanging incense burner answers you.

"Ah, but you're from far away, aren't you? A trainer?"


Nod ''Yes, sir… Is that a problem? Are only locals allowed in?''


"Not at all! If you're a travelling trainer, then this place is an essential stop for you. but.. hmm, you don't seem to have too much experience under your belt. Until you've journeyed the land more, I'm not so sure what the Sun Shrine can offer you. Maybe if you conquered the trials of another city first…"


''H-hey I'm pretty experienced! I already been in plenty of places and even have a nearly full team of pokemon, is that not good enough?''


"Then where are your badges?"


''W-well uh…'' I fetch my case and open it ''It's not Badgessss, but this one was pretty tough to get, see? Dervor Gym, ever been there? its crazy!''


"Oh yes, you've passed a hard trial. But that's irrelevant here, I'm afraid. For an understanding of the Sun Shrine, you must travel within the Fire Plains itself."


I groan and slump down ''Ah come on, Okay.''
''Its just that this seemed like a good first place to start from. I just recently arrived at the plains and all soI just thought… Well, where do you think I should head to then? I want a place to start my journey and all''


"That's up to you! Fabiorge City's nearby, perhaps a day's walk from dawn to dusk. If you want to go to Binestrone, though, be prepared to spend at least two nights in the wild. If you're into movies or that kind of stuff though, it's a worthwhile trip."


''Hmm… Fabiorge it is then! I'll probally take longer than just a day to get there though, will be taking plenty of stops on the way I'm sure'' I check my map to comfirm the location ''Right, it should be this way huh?'' Point to the northwest''


"That's right! If you want to avoid the heat, there's a cave system you can go through for some of the way. There might be rare Pokemon on the way, too, tucked inside."


''Hey, thanks for the tip, mister!'' Adjust my backpack (and glasses) and start making my way

Hmm, the bus brought me a good bit far, I won't need to walk that much, so that wasn't a complete waste then
Any paths on the way to Fabiorge? I will be exploring on the way but its always nice to have a track so I wont get lost!


It's late in the afternoon. You really want to head out at this time? You should think of finding dinner and a place to sleep.


I don't really want to keep in the comfort again, I've been relaxing for a good while already

Maybe I could set up camp nearby. It wont exactly be in the wild, but it can help me get in the mood of camping again


It's standard procedure, after all. Now you have to sit down and wait in line for the medical officer to call you in.

There's no line, though. But they're showing stuff on the TV! Looks like some variety cooking show.


That's gonna make me hungry!


You want to camp outside the city? Check your supplies first, maybe. You've got food and water supplies for.. two meals, meaning you'll want to head back in anyway the next morning.


Good thing you have the cookhouse to look forward to! You've never eaten in a cookhouse of this ranger group before, come to think of it. Bet their food's gonna be a lot different.

"Please enter! Third door down the hall."


I already had breakfast, its too soon to think about lunch!

Walk to the third room.


Let out a long drawn groan and start dragging myself back to the city. And I thought I was fully prepared too!

Well, I guess that guy was right, maybe I'm not as ready as I thought

Well, time to swallow that pride along with some dinner! And then tomorrow for sure


Inside you see a young lady, trying her best to look all professional. She's probably a fresh graduate, her medical school sponsored by the rangers in exchnage for a bond.

"How can I help you today?"

So what are you going to eat, and where are you sleeping? There's also still tiem to restock.


Oh. I frown, unsure how to explain what I was worried about.

"Well, I just wanted to come in for an exam before I go sailing."


True enough, its not that late at least. If I rush to the town I can have time to get to the stores before they close so I can leave first thing in the morning!

Right now I'm feeling like something light, like some bird meat or salad
Then I can spend the night on a cheap inn, if I find one


File: 1516294069646.jpg (70.37 KB, 1000x562, Kebabistan-Adana-Kebab-Gri….jpg)

"Oh, alright! Uhm, have you been active recently? Participated in physical activites and so on? No complaints? Done anything hazardous or been somewhere likely to lead to some kind of infection?"

On your way to the store, you find plenty of roadside stalls. The smell of meat and bread cooking is incredibly alluring.


Wait a minute, I recognize that smell…
Oh, Kebabs! Perfect choice!
How much is it for me and the team?


"Yes, I was in a fight with a legendary pokemon, I'm feeling well actually."


The sweaty man looks up from his grill.
"For you, brother? 50P for a whole set!"

That's a lot, if you pack it well, you could maybe eat it tomorrow, too.


You can see her profesionalism fade for a second.

"Really? Can you describe it? Was it, uh, part of a Ranger Op?"


Sounds good, I can have breakfast and dinner too
''Thank you, uh, brother''
Pay the honest man and get to eating!


"Um, I'm not sure if I'm allowed." I think about it, I was told to keep it a secret right?!


"Thank you brother! Here, I'll add some extra for you!"

That's a lot! Pack this well and it could last you maybe three meals. Your Pokemon can't eat some though, they'll have to stay in their balls to not go hungry.

"Oh, hang on, you're on the list here… oh, guess you're here for a blood test for neurotoxin? You haven't been having symptoms, so you should be fine, but better to be safe!"

She puts on her gloves and takes out a syringe. The thick needle gleams…


"Uh, right that. Just take the sample quick." I turn away from the scary needle.


Can you keep it together? Roll!



Roll #1 3 = 3


Eek! You can't watch!

"Oh don't worry! Think of it as something nice, imagine it feels good and it might! Like a big, thick… um…."

You feel the flesh around it contract as the needle goes into your arm vein! It hurts a bit. Not that much, but it does feel strange. You remember you have to relax, and try your best to do so. Luckily, it's over quite fast.

"Good, good!" Says that doctor as she gives you a gauze to dab the prick with. Just give me a moment!"


''Haha, you the best, brother!'' Wave at him as I leave, what a swell guy

Now to eat while I look for a nice place to get my last few supplies


"Sure…" Sit around waiting for her to deal with the blood sample, poking and rubbing my arm where she pricked me.


What else do you think you'll need? You can easily get water wherever you'll stay, probably. There's no sandstorm alert at least.

Wasn't so bad, was it?

She rubs a bit onto a stick with what looks like coloured paper attached, and nothing happens.

"Alright, you're clear for neurotoxin! We'll just send this for further analysis as well, you'll get the results on your ranger portal website account."


"Oh, so I don't have to come back in to see the result? Convenient!"


I think over the possibilities as I eat
I'll get some backup food, 3 more cans of rations, some jerky too maybe. I actually just realize that if I need to scavenge, It'll be much harder to do it here compared to a forest

I should also get a canteen or water bottle, preferably one of those that can maintain the temperature
some good pokemon food too, only treats wont sustain them forever
I just hope I can stay within the budget…


"Yeah! The internet sure is amazing, isn't it?

Oh hang on, you're due for your vaccinations too… you'll have to get yours done within the next two weeks or you'll be called in for disciplinary action. Since you're here…"


You already have a decent water container. An insulated bottle, or thermos, is expensive… they go for 1000ish.

Pokemon are meant to share your rations, so that's fine. They might need to eat more depending on how active you make them, though.


I groan.
"Really? You spelled my name right and everything?"


Oh geez, nevermind then
Okay, then just some extra food should be good, thought I'll get some 3 extra plastic water bottles in case of emergencies
How much will that be?


"That's right, with your ID code and all. Hey, medic, can I have a standard seasonal shot?"

At least the needle looks smaller. She's cleaning a fresh one while the vaccine is being prepared…


Extra bottles? About 30P, and for two units of food that's 100.

You have 2750P.


I sigh in defeat and hold out my arm for her.


That's not too bad, I'll take it
Okay now I feel more prepared!


"No, no, your shoulder. Lift your sleeve, or… you can take off your shirt, too."

You do!
Now to find somewhere to stay, and eat properly. You could stay ar a trainer inn.


I blush a bit. "Uh, I'll just lift it."
Show her the shoulder.


You lift up your sleeve… with a bit of difficulty, the way it hugs your upper arm. Better work hard to maintain these toned muscles!

"Alright, this will be faster than drawing blood, no worries!"

Roll to deal with it.


That was the plan. No town is complete without one
I wonder if they give discounts for trainers with badges…



Roll #1 4 = 4


It would be the opposite, wouldn't it?
It's a standard, easily identifiable building near the town center andn ext to the major Pokemon center. The city hardly dies at night, as streetlights resembling torches are lit up, and people seem to be out partying.

That's 200P for a room, and that include a meal coupon. You have breakfast tomorrow.


Lively place full of lively people. It's amazing how different it is from home
That's a pretty fair price, I'll take it

… I sure have been opening my wallet a lot recently, geez


It's hard for you to deal with it! Even worse is how cold it feels as the doctor wipes down your should with alcohol. But at least, you remember to relax, even through the strange sensation of the needle inside you. It's over pretty fast. You're given a new gauze to hold over your prick.. your whole left arm feels weak now, though.

"Okay! Now you don't have to worry about getting sick while on a ship or anything for the most part. See you!"


Better get some stuff put it in, then. Now, atl ast, you can rest again inside your small room. You can lay out the mattress whenever you feel like, or you can take a shower. Have to use the public washroom, though.


"Alright.. Thanks." Let's get out of here before she decides to do more shots!


Alright! You'd run. but you're feeling really weak now… you feel like you just want to sit down and laze about for the rest of the day. At least, you definitely don't feel liek going out for a walk or anything outside the base. Or you could nap in the bunk.


I have the feeling I'll be missing a shower in the following days so I'll just enjoy it now while I can
I mean public washrooms can't be that bad


Well, a nap might be fine. Sure, let's go rest all day.


It's fairly clean, and at least you have your own stall and all. You fee refreshed, ready for a good night of sleep.

When do you want to set an alarm for? Dinner? Or are you just gonna see when you wake up?


No alarms, I have no where to be after all.
'1d20' sleep quality

Roll #1 15 = 15


Not a whole lot of screwing around tonight, I really want to get up early and make the most of the day tomorrow
'1d20' ZZZ

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We're still waiting, remember? Anyway, let's take it easy while we can. Tomorrow, the, uh, 'fun' starts."

Arthur sighs as he opens his locker and unpacks. You could do the same.

There are four beds to this bunk. You could expect maybe two more people to join. With the lack of people, though, maybe it'll just be you two after all.


"Yeah, might as well get ready for the rest." I'll organize my things in there. Don't want them to get broken. "What do you think the odds are others are going to sign up? A lot of the gyms I've visited haven't exactly been brimming with people."


Arthur shrugs.

"Maybe we'll get another guy. And speaking of which…"

A well-groomed boy walks into the bunk.
"O-oh, hello!"


Close my locker and turn to the new person.

"Hi there, welcome to the bunks. I'm Squire and are you someone who signed up too?"


"Yes. Hi, hi, I'm Aloysius. This place is, uh, something, huh?"

"Hey, I'm Arthur."

"yes, yes.."

Shake his hand?


Shake hand.

"It'll basically be home for a while. Let's have a good time here."


It's a weak and limp handshake, he barely holds on.

"Uhuh, I hope so! I'm excited and stuff."

They might not call you all for a while.


"Go ahead and pick one of the empty beds over there and get your stuff put away. You excited for this place? I saw Mr. Kai battle, I'm hoping to learn a lot about him here."



Arthur quickly corrects you.
"We should address him by his rank while we're here, but I'm not sure. Major, maybe?"


"Oh, yeah." Turn back to our new bunkmate. "Have you seen the Major in action before? Is that why you signed up?"


"Oh! Like, I know a lot about him! Like, I will, when I've had the time to analyse him intelligently. He must just be some musclehead."


"Eh, no way! You've got him all wrong. I thought I was experienced because I had a few badges, but I can't hold a candle up to the Major. The way his Pokemon move, it's what inspired me to join."


"No, no, no!"
He smugly defies.

"I'm going to maybe see what I can learn here, but I'm sure they can't be that special, Skire."

Behind him, you can see Arthur trying his best to ignore it.

"FAAALLL IN!" You hear from outside.


"You'll learn a lot. There's so much I want to find just after seeing him, trust me. Let's go."

Head on out with Arthur


You see a man in uniform standing below at the parade square, a mark of three chevrons on his chest.

"What are you all walking for? Next time you're told to fall in, you better jog! Alright, everyone assemble in a line, we're marching off to the cookhouse for dinner and then we'll settle remaining administrative stuff afterwards. Understood? Say 'Yes, sergeant!"


Make sure to line up properly.

"Yes, Sergeant!"


"We'll work on that. Head out!"

Come to think of it, none of you have no diea how to march, so you just walk. He doesn't complain, but you can see the difference with other sections marching in cadence and counting out steps.

The cookhouse is a large open structure, and you can smell food cooking. Looks like there's space on the table for Pokemon to eat too. Before you draw out your rations, tyou're instructed to key in your ID at a terminal and the type of food you're taking out. Your party doesn't have any special dietery requirements, at least at the moment.


Fetch out my ID while I wait in line, then just go for the regular rations for me and my 'Mons.

What do the other people here look like? Older than us? What about their Pokemon?


Looks like it's groups of rangers on different vocational training. Some look like they're wearing police emblems, too.

There's a nicr roast chicken to go with mashed potato today, and extra helpings for your pokemon. You can collect berries too as a dessert.

"Oh yes, and no food brought back to your bunks from here, understood?"


"Yes, Sergeant."

I'll take the Chicken and make sure to keep an eye out for the berries. My Pokemon will probably need the energy from them as well here.

"Just being here, look at everyone. I'm actually becoming envious of them. Don't you think being a Ranger or an Officer would be cool?" I ask Arthur and Aloysius.


"Not for me, I think." Arthur says, as he lets his team out. "I don't really want to be tied down to that stuff, as nice as it is carrying a fancy title."

"Huh? Like, you only see the officers sitting around, must be an easy life! You really think our sergeant does anything other than yell about?"

You notice him let out a Charmeleon, which does remind you of its trainer.


Eat some food before we have to leave.

"The Rangers obviously have to do some travelling too. You've run into Amber a few times." I say to Arthur with a knowing smile. "And no way do they just sit around. They're here, aren't they Aloysius? I just think it's cool they get to protect and still travel. I bet they're from far away too."

"Oh, that's a pretty awesome Charmeleon. What's their name?"


"I mean, uniforms are nice…"
He says, as you notice him turn towards a band of lady rangers.

"But really not for me."

"I haven't thought of a name that isn't too… immature." Aloysius says as he scarfs down his food.

"Hey! 20 minutes left!" You hear the order bark out.


Copy his example and make sure to finish the food.

"I thought that too. I held off on giving some of my 'Mons a name, but ever since I've started, I think I've gotten closer to them. I'll introduce you to my friends when we get a chance."


"We;ll get instructions for our Pokemon later on too, I'll bet." Arthur chimes.

When the time's up, you're all ordered to assemble on a nearby parade square again to amrch back off to your bunk building. You're given some instructions for your Pokemon, namely that they either have to be in their balls or be by your side, and they'll be involved in training as well. Uniforms and clothing are given to you, and you're shown how to arrange your cabinets and bunk. Be mindful, this will be inspected at some point.

With that, you're free to relax for the rest of the day. Lights out at 1030, you've got 2 hours or so.


I'll stay inside for now. No need to get in trouble my first day. I should take the time to organize my bunk and locker then.

"I know some of the other gyms stress getting along with your Pokemon, I'm kind of curious to see what they'll have us do here. I mean, I've done survival training with them, and even some boat stuff." I say to both of them. "Have you been to the other gyms Aloysius?"


Since you've prepared for bed… are you sure it's a bad dream? Roll again.


What was I doing?


Positive thoughts!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Watching a horror movie might be scary enough on its own, but with a channeler next to you? It might take a while to get used to looking at Sam being scary and possessed. Out the corner of your eyes, you still see wisps of smoke bleeding out of his mouth.

The tone of the movie keeps you on edge! The kids think one of their parents has been replaced by a shapeshifter. The schemes they concoct to expose them fail…


File: 1516458253530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.84 KB, 1128x635, the-nightmare-reveals-the-….jpg)

You awaken at night, in your very room. Try as you might, you cannot move, and are forced to stay under the covers. In the darkness, a figure clims… flies… closer from out the window.

You're forced to watch as its hand graps the windowsill, moving through, and it faces you, barely visible from the dark of night and room.

Don't breathe.


Even if I wanted to, I couldn't move. The fear stops me from using any part of my body

I can feel tears swelling up in my eyes from the terror, but I can't do anything to stop it, only maybe pray for it to end, or for someone to save me


You feel it press its weight on you. That's why you can't move. Barely visible figures continue to drift about. all it does it stare at you, and you can feel your heart beating in complete and utter panic. The thing just watches, pushing down on you, waiting, maybe enjoying your struggle.


Slowly, you regain the feeling in your fingers and toes, and then you regain control, your whole body suddenly jerking and frenzied.

There's nothing in your room but what there was before you fell asleep, that and your heavy breathing and panicked heartbeat.


No, get away! Someone… Anyone, please help…



I can't breathe

Someone please… Help me


In the heat of things, grab onto Sam's hand.


Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh…
I grasp my chest on the spot the thing pressed, panting heavily as my eyes dart around the dark room looking for It while I slowly regain lucidity

It was just a dream, a bad dream, that's all, I'm fine

Take a deep breath to calm myself and a realization hits me
Could it be Marie was trying to mess with me to feed again?


As you touch Sam's hand, a wave of contentment flows through you, and it feels especially warm. He must have been enjoying the movie. A second later, you feel him flustered, his concentration broken, and then suddenly, more pleasure. The sort after the lick of a very sweet ice cream, mostly, but also a sense of heat.

No response. After a minute, her ball breaks open, and she floats to you, looking tired. What'd you wake her up for?


Rub my eyes "Ungh, sorry… I had a nightmare and thought you was behind it"
I run a hand on her poofy ghost hair "But of course not, you'd never give me nightmares would you?"


This mind thing is so weird, no barriers…
Squeeze a bit harder, smiling content myself.


It feels strange. Like, a thick cloud of gas, tangible, but less than liquid.

Marie chirps happily and smiles.

There's a flood of heat pulsing through you now! But it does lessen the effect of the movie when the a kid is found dead later, and another kid is missing… but shows up later, seemingly unharmed, acting a bit strange.


Give her a forehead kiss and a hug, I need that a lot right now
"Come on, let's get some rest. Sorry for waking you up"


How do you hug a ghost? Her body just slips out of your grasp. But she giggles when you give her a kiss on her gaseous forehead, before going back to her ball.


Oh whoops
Okay, add that to mental notes: Ghost types, not very good cuddles



It's difficult to get back to sleep. For one, the air and cliamte are so vastly different. You're sweating a lot…

1 hour.

2 hours. Still not asleep.


Son of a…
I sit up and remove my shirt and fan myself, why am I still so hot?
Can I open a window or something?


It's already open. You take off your damp shirt. There's no electric fan in the room.


I'll make my way out, gonna wash my face and drink some water, that ought to help


"Oh no it's a trap!" Squeak out, rushing both hands to my mouth as I pull my feet up the theater chair!


It does help you cool down, but this is something you'll just have to tolerate.

Eventualyl, though, you do fall asleep… and too early your alarm rings.

You see Sam's figure shiver next you right as the child himself shivers and collapses! The leader of the group smiles… but suddenly a cage is sprung around her! It was a trap for it instead! She speaks in an otherworldy tone, tempting the children with toys and candy, but they leave her in the house as a fire erupts, burning down the whole playroom, and hopefully ,the shapeshifter.

In the end, they all want to believe it's a bad dream, but a Meowth is seen fleeing the town… and when it passes behind a tree, a Pidgey flies away from behind.

Aaand the credits roll.


I get up still groggy, cursing my lack of rest, but I'll get by
Let's get some of that 'free' breakfast, then take another shower. That'll help get me up and awake!


You're operating on, what, four hours of sleep? Roll for how awakening your shower is.


'1d20' I'll live

Roll #1 15 = 15


Brutal way to end it all.
This movie started scary and ended unsettling!
That's enough of these things for now…
Look back at Sam.


The water is cold enough and refreshing. You'll live, that's right. If you're gonna be heading out today, though, take care of yourself. Lapse your attention and something horrible may happen.

Want to make use of any facilities while you're here? After that complimentary pancake breakfast and coffee, you should really make use of the place. There's some internet terminals.

He looks like he's sick! But after he's done putting Gastly back in its ball, he looks relieved. Rosy, even, his skin has a pretty glow of satisfaction.

"You sure get immersed in this stuff, huh?


"Y-you too!"
Look away red in face, spilling spaghetti from all openings.


Actually a great idea. Who knows how long I'll be without internet while I'm out there
I'll boot up a terminal and check my mail, as well as try to get in contact with the Professor


"Hey, it was pretty scary, but I could feel so much from you! It was really. um…"

He sighs, making some kind of decision.


>FREE Penis enlargment! Feed your Houndoom THIS and watch his knot Grow Big!
>Hormonal changes on hemimetabolous bug types - study open
>1000000 bazingacoin open for offer! Not a Scam!


That's your email inbox, Cello.


… Well
At least the one about bug types is a little interesting?
I sigh, a little sad I don't have any real messages
Let's delete that junk and call the Professor


Look at him with a pout.
"I would slap you if I knew you better."


"We have all day to fix that! We could have a coffee, or go relax in the woods…"

He winks confidently, but you can sense his rapid heartbeat behind it. For a moment, you sense a bit of fear yourself.


"Are you hitting on me, Mister Sam?"
Feign outrage!


You put him on a video call. As he answers.. wait no, it's a lady. His friend, Professor Willow. what;s she doing here?

"Cello! Did you get that email?"

He looks mortified. For a second, but then he understands.

"Maybe. We could just have a walk, see what happens… Maybe not, but that would be pretty disappointing, huh?"

He gives a sly smile.

"So! Wanna walk around the town? Or head back to the monastery? How about a nice nature walk in that case?"


"Miss… Willow? I don't think so, all I got was- hold on lemme check the auto-filtered ones. Where's Professor Yew?"


"He's, uh…"
You notice a man walking into frame with only his underwear, before Willow moves the camera away. That was him…

"Busy. But the bug type email, did you get that?"


Oh shit
"I uh… Sort of thought that was spam… And kinda deleted it, was it important?"


She slaps her head.

"Yes, yes it was. I'll just tell you about it since you're here. There's a study on the hormonal effects and changes on hemimetabolous bug Pokemon, and we'd like someone to raise one for the purpose of a long-term experiment. You up for it?"


"Oh! Well, I kinda already had a Pokemon in mind to fill my team…"
Sigh "But if it is for research, alright I'll do it! Though it might be difficult to find a bug type here in the fire plains no? Also what else can you tell me about those changes?"


"It's up to you, but the data will be valuable. We're also thinking of finishing development of a hormonal supplement for bug growth, and we'd like you to test it too.

How about a Larvesta? They're rare, but valuable. And considering how slowly it grows, I think it's a perfect dandidate for such a supplement."


"Larvesta? Don't think I ever heard of that Pokemon before… Hmm, I can try but how am I gonna find one if its so rare?"


"Look around! We'll compensate you for the time. Check in caves, maybe, or look it up on the internet. I know Larvesta prefer caves in hot, volcanic regions, and you're in a volcanic region. Just need to fix the cave part."


"That's a strange habitat for a bug, but alright! I'll message you back when I find one… If I find one"
"Also one last question… Why is the professor on his underwear?"


"He's, uh… doing a study. Yeah, skin exposure and stuff."


"Oookay then. Uhhhhhh… Bye"

So, Larvesta.. Let's look it up online and see if I can find anything interesting


File: 1516467838523.jpg (71.24 KB, 960x720, Population Individuals of ….jpg)

Let's see. You're good at searching this stuff, so instead of just looking at encyclopedias, you also look at ecological studies of the surrounding area.

Turns out, the very tunnel you'll be going through to reach Fabiorge City has seen signs of Larvesta activity! But you'll need ways to reach them or lure them out from the deep recesses of the cave…


Luring, luring… What could I do to draw it put?
Maybe it likes kebabs, hah… But seriously now, let's look up 'Bug type lures and ways to attract Pokemon'

Its a bug type, so I'm sure it won't resist the smell of honey, right?


"Maybe. It might be interesting, going somewhere quiet where we can test our mental bond.
Maybe by the lakeside, it's always so peaceful there."


File: 1516468667678.jpg (134.19 KB, 743x538, fmicb-08-01451-g001.jpg)

You're actually capable of figuring these things out to a deeper level.

After volcanic eruptions, a volcanic flower experiences a population bloom due to the abundance of fertile ash. The compound released by this plant is catalysed by the presence of ash from a precursor molecule usually taking many months to build up. The precursor molecule bears a resemblance to one of he toxins utilised by the Zubat line, actually. The reaction may be able to produce the same molecule using that instead.

Maybe you could check a florist to start.

"Actually yes, that's a good idea!" He says, leading you to the bus stop and to the steps above. "I know you got something big going on tomorrow to, but you know how I'd like to get to know you?"

He smiles, and you can sense… excitement.


Wow, who would have thought! I lucky to have Jasper then
I'll take notes of this and sign off, stepping outside and asking for directions to find a florist shop or any specialist on the subject


I will shoot him a sideways glance.
"That's a dangerous line of thought."
Then, whispering, add: "Especially since you have Charmeleon and I have Umbreon!"


You recognise the volcanic flower at a stand just opposite. Cultivated, so they won't be producing that compound now, but not expensive. 100P.


He leans in close on the bus seats, eyes locking into yours. You feel a simmering passion overcome you, seeping through them and into your whole being.

"I want to…

battle you."


Well it's for research, so I'll take it without giving.
I'll also try to chat with the seller, explaining my situation and ask if there's any advice they can give me


With bated breath stare back, holding a closed fist to my beating heart.
I won't hold back! Me and Umbreon will give our all!"


You pay for it. Right?

"I'm not so sure, actually. But I know they fiery bugs like the flowers, that's all. Sometimes, I see wild golbat bite the flowers, and then you see more bugs come. Then they eat them."

Seems you managed to look up what you needed already.

"Not going to hold back either."
A one-liner, perfectly executed. Or maybe he's speaking directly to little corners of your mind looking for things like this?

By the time you climb back up the mountain, it's late afternoon. Sundown is soon, so if you want to rest up for your big gym fight tomorrow, best hurry.


Pay without giving much thought*

"I see, yeah that's perfect then, since I have a golbat too. This sample should be good, but it'll have to be near the fertile volcanic ground right?"


First, we need to have our battle!
"One pokemon only, is that fine with you?"


File: 1516470626194.jpg (37.29 KB, 600x450, 955963-Temple-at-Lake-Bedu….jpg)

"Alright. I want to fight the gym leader too, so I need to keep my team in form."

The young man takes his place on the lake's shor, opposite you. In the lake itself is the cave that housed that Pokemon spirit, and you feel nothing compelling you to leave. Perhaps both of you have been invited.

He stands opposite you, perfectly still save hair billowing in the wind. The aura around him grows still and silent.

"yes, how about I give you a pack of ash to hold it in?

She does just that, dipping the flower in a bag of volcanic ash, with some water to keep it fresh.

anything else you need before you finally head out?


Unhook Umbreon's ball from my belt, holding it in my hand firmly, feeling the smooth surface with calm determination.
Take in the smell of the lake as it mixes with the fresh fragrance coming from the nearby woods, welcoming the breeze as gentle respite from the hot climate.
"Here it is. My love, my conviction, and all of my dreams!"
Toss out Umbreon!


You feel elevated. Uplifted. Acting in harmony your deepest nature and the world around you.

The anticipation. The ball in your hand. Swinging it, watching it fly. Seeing your comrade emerge into your world once more, making you closer to whole.

You feel an explosion of will, pulling you into the fight as Umbreon leaps to battle, his tail and ears flicking back. He gives you a look of confidence, together, you'll be made proud.

Across you, you feel a burst of willpower as well. The aura convulses, and all together excitement, fear, passion pulses out.

"My fellow in spirit! Fellow traveller, twin shadow! Come to me, Charmeleon!"

The ball in his hand swings forward to release the orangwe lizard, and you feel another aura resonating with the first, strengthening each other. The fear and doubts are withered, and passion, confidence, desire is strengthened by their harmony.

You two stare each other down. Begin!


"Umbreon! Quick! Sand attack!"


"Oh that'll help! Thanks a bunch miss" pay her properly and start leaving
I should be golden now, and this time I even have a clearer direction to follow!
Onwards, to find those Larvesta


"Ember it!"

While Umbreon kicks sand into the Charmeleon's face. It leaps forward, swinging its tail to spray embers onto Umbroen.

Umbreon's fur is just a little singed, but he barely reacts. So brave!

HP: 81/89


"It's a good thing your fur's short! Go for a Bite!"

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8, 4 + 23 = 35


Time to head out. You take the tram to the edge of the city, and from there, you walk on the paved roads, until they give way to dirt roads.

You can see the sea from here, but the path ahead is rouhh and dry. Toyour left, the east, if you look far enough you can see the beginnings of desert.

Roll for your luck.


The fact I can look to one side and see the sea, and a dry desert in the other is slightly amusing, but I stay focused
'1d20' being a lucky boy

Roll #1 6 = 6


Despite Umbreon's attempt to disable his opponent, he's the one who misses! The Charmeleon rolls under the leap, and tosses more flames onto him.

HP: 71/89

Nothing much comes your way. You see bird pokemon circling in the distance, and geodude bouncing about, but not much.. unique. You do see an Aron or two, though.

There's a small rest station along the road, and you notice a sign pointing to the 'Underpass'.


Arons are kinda cool

Nice, so I'm going the right way then. I don't need to rest so I'll just follow the sign, but keep an eye open for more interesting pokemon!


Keep rolling for luck.

It's noon, and the sun is getting really hot, so the tunnel provides natural shelter from the heat. There's a whiff of sulphur here, probably from volcanic vents. Holes in the ceiling provide light, so you won't get lost.


Oh god this place smells like rotten eggs. That's an amazing and gross marvel of science. At least its not unbearable, so I can keep going

Roll #1 2 = 2


. . . .

Ugh. You're not feeling so good. The lack of sleep is catching up to you. Remember to eat and rehydrate.

You hear skittering sounds in the cave all around you, but you can;t identify them.


Slap myself awake. Come on Cello, focus! I'll never be a great researched if I'm defeated by a bad night with little sleep!
Shake my head, take a few sips of water and keep biting my finger as I go, the pain will keep me alert

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Don't stop Umbreon! You be calm, I trust you! Now Leer at her!"


Not a good day today. You're feeling pretty bad. You could go back to rest if you need to, but if you manage to avoid dangerous spots in the cave you should be fine.

There's a tunnel leading deeper, leading off from your main tunnel. Bugs would likely prefer to stay there.


Umbreon stops to staredown the enemy! The Charmeleon looks a little unnerved, and the effect of it is that it finally misses, the embers going wild into the air.

Tch. You sense some frustration…


Smirk to myself, covering my face with my hands in a cool pose like in my saturday afternoon anime.
"Upset for so little, Sam?"
Dramatically point forth now!
"Umbreon! Bite!"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6, 2 + 23 = 31


I'll stop for a moment to catch my breath. This place really is more draining than I thought
This will be tough, but if I manage to overcome it, it'll make me even stronger than before!

I hold on to that thought while I recover my strenght with some more water and a bit of those leftover kebabs


'1d20' also rolling in case I have to

Roll #1 3 = 3


He smiles. Everything's fallen into place. Oh no!


That frustration was being fed to you on purpose!

The Charmeleon grabs Umbreon's jaw! Its hands are hurt, having to handle his teeth, but she manages to use his own force to toss him to the ground! He's taken more damage than from any other attack.


At least it's still well ventilated here. You rest for a while to regain your strength…

At the very least, you should still be able to make it back after a short trip to the cave depths.


"Umbreon! Baby-Doll eyes! Show me you aren't hurt!"


Yeah, seriously, this place is no joke, my resources are being much faster than usual
But at least my pokemon will be unnafected so thats a relief
Come on, just gotta power through it. Pour some water over my face and get going

Roll #1 7 = 7


He quickly rolsl aroudn and gets back on his feet, trying to charm the Charmeleon with his adorable eyes. The Charmeleon looks like it;s going to raise an arm, but falters.

"Do it for me, girl! Dragon Rage!"

Instead spits out a strange fiery shockwave, that for some reason doesn't affect Umbreon's coat so much, but sends him stubling anyway.

HP: 30/89

The Charmeleon is being driven by some really strong desires. You can see her focused on the fight and looking forward to the aftermath with her trainer. It… invigorates her.


The tunnel deep in is interesting…

You coem across some strange tracks. MAybe the LArvesta have been here, but you may need to go deeper.

Or you could set up your flower now.


I don't think I'll be able to go much further, so I'll just try here
''Jasper, come out, I need your help with this''


The Golbat flies out, attending to you. Ready to activate the flower?


Step forth, holding a hand up.
"Wait, stop it! You won!"
Then rush to Umbreon's side and bend down, making sure he's not hurt…
"Little thing… Thanks for trying."
Kiss his forehead.


Activate it



Roll #1 12 = 12


The battle high he and the Charmeleon have shrouded themselves in suddenly come off, and Sam is confused.

"No I haven't! I…"

He sees you tending to your little warrior, then sighs, stroking the head of his lizard.

"Your Umbreon was super tough, you know? If I wasn't prepared for that bite you could have ended it there and there. Far as I'm concerned, you just didn't let me lose."

He sits on the grass, and his Charmeleon immediately flops onto him.


Golbat bites into the plant, and in a few minutes, you see reddish veins expand on the leaves and flower.

It looks like the flower is reacting, and you hear gurgling sounds deeper in the tunnel.


Sit on the grass, pulling Umbreon on my lap and taking a pokemon care kit to quick-fix him up.
"Sorry for ruining the moment, but he was hurting so…"


''Quick, hide and wait for my cue!'' I whisper to the bat before retreating to a corner of the cave to hide myself
Now, we wait


You sprat him down with a potion, he'll be fine by tomorrow morning, or even tonight. He licks your face, the warm tongue lapping at your lips. It'll be fine, the big fight's tomorrow.

You see embers flicker on the walls…


Crouch down and hold my breath, getting an empty pokeball ready


Roll for your luck.

You fall asleep near instananeously like it's your own bed. The sheets are exceedingly fresh. Careful to keep your poor arm in a good position, you drift off…

And wake up shortly in the middle of dinnertime. You could enjoy the night, or decide to turn your nose up at this and just sleep till the morning.


Why would I turn down dinner? Get up and go get some food.


'1d100' this is it!

Roll #1 64 = 64


You don't know that much, but even you know enough about having to regularly eat to make sure you have the strength to operate! You slowly walk to the canteen, legs unsteady from both your nap and the medical procedures of the afternoon. Lily comes out to help support you, walking ahead and making sure you don't fall down the stairs.

Dry noodles and tofu today. The rations here sure are different. Maybe because they contract different companies to provide food here.

A single bug crawls out, lured by the scent that you can detect. It looks healthy, a fine specimen. When it sees the flower, you see it flare up a bit in excitement.


Squint my eyes, analyzing the bug while waiting for the right time for Jasper to strike.
I feel like pulling out my pokedex but quickly discard the idea, it's a little far away so the scan might not reach, plus it might sense my movements and run


"Uh, guess we'll have to get you guys a bag of pokefood somewhere." I comment as I eat the noodles, checking for a jello or cupcake with my eyes.


It's crawling closer in, looking quite pleased with itself. Strike now?

There are always rations for up to 6 Pokemon at a time too, so you can draw more noodles for them, or pokefood formula. Specialised diets, though, are subject to availabiltiy or indentation beforehand. Lily's just helping herself to a few berries.

Webster quietly sneaks up to a power socket under you just as your eyes are drawn to some small packs of ice cream.


If they even want to eat noodles.. Offer it to them and if they seem interested get them a bowl.

"Ice cream! Yes!!" I get a huge bowl of sweet cold dessert and coat it with all the topping available.


Yes, it seems to have relaxed
Look up at Jasper and give him a quick nod, he's probably perched up hiding in a shadow of the ceiling


File: 1516717480548.jpg (76.03 KB, 700x700, 16.matkoolcup_4.jpg)

Lalita is up for a lot of things, and Vee, though hesitant at first, decides he wants to try this new food instead. Rocky and Tamiyo both turn their noses, looking to the stock of formula instead.

Nope, sorry! Only one ice cream per user. You get a cylindrical tub smaller than your hand, the cheap sort sold in bulk in supermarkets. You remember these from back home, too! It's pretty much the bare minimum of what could be called ice cream.

He is, carefully watching. He sees your signal, and swoops down!

Wild Larvesta appeared!


Let's finish this fast
"Wing attack!"
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4, 4 + 10 = 18


"You like that?! Well, okay." Give those two the formula bottles then.

I'll just come back later wearing a different shirt like I did in school haha. Well actually this pretty filling for some reason.


Jasper dives down, and splats onto the cave floor! Displaying agility, the Larvesta dodged to the side!

This one might be tough.

Those two eat the pellets wordlessly. Food's food.

It actually is. The noodles are covered in oil and chopped vegetables, they were deceptive. You're full before you know it.

Want to help yourself to the resources here in the meantime? Library, internet terminal, supplies…


Oh damn
"Jasper you okay? Come on, get up and use confuse Ray!"
All that speed wont be useful if it doesn't know where it's heading


Jasper quickly picks himself up and flashes a strange light at the bug!
It crawls around confused, and trips, hurting itself.


Alright, now this should be much easier
"now, go for the wing attack!"
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1, 7 + 10 = 18


Jasper dives, this time managing to hit the mark. The Larvesta is hit hard, skin unable to shield it! It spits string at Jasper, slowing him down, but this is unlikely to really have an effect.


Library is a good idea, I'll find out something about the water pokemon I might find while sailing the islands!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes! Good job, but don't hit too hard, we wanna capture it, remember? Now go for a quick attack!"
'1d8+6' +16

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


Jasper dives down, at a speed in spite of the silk binding him. He rams the Larvesta into the cave wall, a position it can't leave out of confusion!

Now's a good time to capture. Roll 1d100 if you want to capture.

Basic survivalist's guide of the Marine Archipelago… it tells you about the general pokemon you'd encounter on seas and small islands. It even tells you how Wingulls can lead you to Magikarp schools, or how Krabby congregate around trees with coconuts, and how to optimize bait if you need to fish.


Now that's a good partner, he even made it easy for me!
Go, Pokeball!

Roll #1 43 = 43


Relax in the library reading it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1516719952250.jpg (149.71 KB, 600x600, 1380343090342.jpg)

Jasper helps to hold the Larvesta in place for you to aim!



Congratulations! Larvesta was caught!

There are some pretty nice pictures too!

Vee even comes out of his ball so he can curl up on your lap.


Cute, I pet him between turning pages.

After I finish the book I'll go to bed.


I throw my arms up in celebration, but not for long as I quickly feel the fatigue catching up on me. No time for ceremonies!
"Great work Jasper, come on let's get out of here"
I pick up the Pokeball containing my new mon and go to make my way back to the Pokemon Center, after refreshing me again by emptying another water bottle


He gently licks your hurt arm, a warm ball huddling up to you, tails gentle brushing against your good arm.

This is making you really sleepy… you remember some good pointers from the book, especially since it was written for rangers. You barely manage to drag yourself off to bedddddd…

Try to have good dreams.

It'll take you about two hours more walking. Roll to see how you feel now, sleep-deprived.


With a team of supportive pokemon like this, not a challenge.

Roll #1 8 = 8


All that reading got you in the mood for an ice swim. You get to dive among the schools of a coral reef! The water is perfectly clear, and Lalita is up there in case you need any help. Not like you will, since you can breathe here easyyy…

It's still dark when you wake up, but you can see the first hints of light approachijg. You feeel fully rested, and have the whole day.

Now what will you do, Ranger?


I feel like a sack of lazy potatoes, but I think I can make it

Roll #1 14 = 14


This isn't being lazy, this is danger. Were it not for you remembering to carry ample water and your appropriate attire, you could have easily collapsed out there due to heatstroke.

Still, with some difficulty, you make it back to town, and are on the bus back to the Torchfire Pokemon center. Getting up fro myour seat is difficult, your legs are wobbly, but you finally make it int othe air conditioned pokemon center.


Oh sweet mercy, the cool air is like a heavensent
I find a bench to relax and fan myself for a few minutes and replace the lost moisture for what must be the 10th this day, followed by a quick trip to the restroom

Now, properly cooled off, I boot up the computer and start a call with the professor again


You manage to grab a free terminal to call back with.

"Cello? What's going on?"
He looks exceptionally well-groomed today, he's even in a suit and all.


''Heey, looking sharp, professor'' I give him a weak smile, leaning against the terminal
''I got it. It was tough but I got a Larvesta like you and Professor Willow asked'' Show him the pokeball


"That's nice! You should have it checked out an immunized and all. Also, this isn't really my project, but since she;s, uh, busy, I;ll give you the other instructions. You're in Torchfire, right? Can you head over to one of the labs and pick up a saliva testing kit? I'll give you some funding for it.



''Was just about to do that, yeah. So, this is her project only? Well thats fine I guess, so long as I get my funding, I can't complain''
''A Saliva testing kit, alright, you want me to run a test on this larvesta?''


"That's right. I want you to test the Larvesta's saliva at set stages of development. Not every few days, but, as you train it up. This is a Pokemon that needs to be part of a trainer's team."


"Well I WAS looking for a fire type to close my team… Alright Professor, I'll raise up this little fluffy ball for you and Professor Willow! Anything else I should keep in mind?"


"Not much, other than to pay attention and log down anything interesting you notice. Keep a record of its diet too, training regiment, and so on. Good luck!"


"Thanks Professor. See you soon!"
Turn off
I wanted to talk to him about his own trainer life but he seemed to be busy for something, so I'll save those questions for another time
Now let's get that Larvesta checked


You can always drop him an email so he can reply to you in detail.

You give Larvesta in his ball over to the receptionist at the Pokecenter, and he's given the standard cocktail of immunizations.


I know, but this is the kind of thing that is better discussed in person
I should also remember to read emails to make sure before deleting them

Now let's bring this boy outside and let him out of the ball, time for a little introduction to the rest of the team!


The Larvesta is sleepy when you get him out of the ball, and reluctantly turns around to face you.


Crouch down to him
"You okay little fella?" raise a hand slowly "I'm Cello, sorry for surrounding you like that earlier haha, Jasper sometimes is a bit rough"


He doesn't seem to mind that that much, but he really wants a nap. He's in the midst of spinning a silk blanket for himself.


"Oh sorry sorry, I'll let you have some rest, we'll get you introduced to the others later tonight"
Get him back in. Now to find myself a saliva testing kit


You were given instructions to get to a lab somewhere out the outskirts of the city. It takes nearly an hour of travel, and you find a nice, cozy institution surrounded by a lot of greenery. Torchfire Institute for Biological Sciences, it says.


Ooooh dang
I hurry in, I wanna see this place on the inside!


It's quite pretty. The building is old and hasn't been updated in years, and in the inside see you a receptionst's counter, furniture all from a time long bygone, well-maintained. Some posters on the walls detail recent projects and results.

"Can I help you?"


"Oh, sorry" take my eyes away from the posters "Yes, I'm looking for a saliva testing kit, I'm issuing some important research on bug types"


"You're gonna buy from our supply depot? Sure. That's 5000P."


"Fiv-… Five thousand?! Ooooh crud, gimme a minute"
I need to contact the professor, I thought this thing was way cheaper so I could just buy it with my own money and he would give it back later


You forgot, but you were wired some money already to cover costs and expenses. You were given 10000P.


Well then! I'll gladly be taking one of those
Turn around and place the 5000 on the table for the lady
"One from your supply then, please"


File: 1516897020055.jpg (34.8 KB, 500x268, left_image.jpg)

The exchange is done, and you're given a box of vials and swabs, along with handy opaper log for recording date, time and other details.


Huh, neat
I'll put that in my backpack
"By the way, is the facility open for public viewing? I just wanted take a look around if that's fine"


"If you're curious, you could certainly have a look at our projects. No going into the actual lab areas, though, but you can also see the results of our extensive research into plant breeding and modification. It's how we're growing a garden like this here."


Oh so that's how they're doing it! Dang that's amazing
I definitely want to take a look into this
I nod and ask for some directions


You can go out into the back yourself to walk around their tour garden, and there's a small visitor center off to the right.


I'll take a look at the garden first. I'll even let Tina out to check'em with me


The garden displays many rare varieties of berries. Pamtre, palms, Durin trees and their berries' immense stench… they're all cultivated here. An exceptionally rare berry is here too, the Salac berry. Cultivars have been grown from a single specimen dating saveral hundred years, however, and it looks like they're interested in people brigning new samples for the sake of breeding. The hope is to one day find a living Starf berry to cultivate as well.

Tina approves, sneffing down each of the plants, noting their health.


Wow, I only seen salac on TV before
I hope this place is well guarded, rare specimens in such health can net a good money if some were to try and steal them

This also brings an idea to my mind as I play around with the thought of the effects berries have on Pokemon. Of course everyone knows stuff like orans and pechas, that you can find in the market, but there's so many variety of berries out there that I can't help but wonder if I would be lucky enough to find rare or undiscovered specimens in my travels

I sigh and smile petting Tina and holding her up for a better look on some plants. She's a tad… Heavier huh


Of course she is. Like you, and all your comrades, she's grown. Soon you won't be able to hold her in your arms anymore.

Her tail gently beats on your chest while she sniffs out the plants with her tongue. Rich smells. Inspiring. Make sure she doesn't eat anthing, though!


You were shown exactly how you're supposed to arrange belignings in your locker. Clothes of different types should be stacked in a certain order.

"No, I wasn't interested, by my mom insisted I come here. Sigh…"


Not much different from how I did it at home then! Everything in its place and a place for everything.

"Oh, you definitely should give them a chance. They're great experiences, and I've learned a lot." Check on Arthur to make sure his is sorted. "Besides, I don't know how much of a chance I'm going to get to do anything after I go to University. What about you two?" Look at Aloysius' locker. "Any plans?"


Except, something Very Bad will happen if you don't do it properly. You notice Arthur's clorthes are a bit mixed up, you remind him and he thanks you. Already learning the first step, teamwork.

Arthur shrugs.
"That's not a question I like to hear… really, I have no idea."

Aloysius pipes up,
"Oh! My father's already got a few of his friends reserving a place for me ! It's a very pretigious institution, I can tell you that. I;m sure all this tutelege will help but really, they could just let me in, I'm sure."


"Didn't I ask you this before Arthur?" Run my hand through my hair. "Probably shouldn't pressure you too much about that."

"That's good. How much studying did they make you do to earn it?" Let's look over Aloysius locker now. "I barely remember ever having any free time at all growing up with all the schooling. Even the kids that skipped classes and stuff were still there a lot."


Arthur goes back to looking over his team, letting them mill about in his corner.

"A lot. I'm glad to see a fellow good student!"
He gives a shifty look at Arthur, who doesn't seem to notice.


Arthur gives me an idea.

"Hey, why don't you let your pal out?" I'll ignore the weird look for now. "It might be a good idea to let our Pokemon get used to each other now." I'll have Quetz and Cali come out first.


File: 1516950095419.png (52.07 KB, 250x250, 250px-611Fraxure.png)

You present Dragonair and Dewott, and they do their best to look imposing, puffing out.

"Hey, nice Dragonair! Look at this, though!"
He takes out a Luxury ball and release a Fraxure. The spikes on its mouth gleam with polish, though it looks rather pudgy.


Bend my knees and try to get down at eye level. "Hello there, you look imposing. Ready to help us out?"


The Fraxure turns its head, and makes itself comfortable on Aloysius' bed.

"Oh, he's like that. Anyway, Skire, guess you come from the Rising City too, huh? We need to stick together, right?"


"Guess we'll have to get to know each other first." I say with a defeated smile.

"Yeah, I'm from there. It's where I met Quetz here." Pet Quetz, then turn to ALoysius. "It's going to be up to the three of us to get through here. Arthur, Squire, and Aloysius. Let's give it our all."


"Yes, yes."

He pulls out a huge book, looks like some kind of textbook, then retreats to his bed. His locker is still unpacked.


"Hey, let's get your locker sorted before they do an inspection. IF you want, I can help you when I finish with mine."


"No no no, it's fine, just let me do it."

He says, not looking up from his book. He really is studying.


"Once we're done with ours, we'll help you with yours. I'd rather not get taken by a surprise inspection or anything. Or if you finish studying, let us know." Look at Quetz and Cali, see what they suggest, then at Arthur.


Awww, But then how will I be able to carry her around?

Gently run a hand through her slender body as we taste the aroma together, going through nearly all the plants here
I wonder if they have seed samples or something. It would be nice to plant some trees on my travels


You won't. There will come a day when she'll be too big for that.

It's highly unlikely they'll give up any spare seeds, considering how valuable they are, but you could ask.


Maybe I could wave around the good old "I'm the Professor's Assistir" card
… Or maybe I could buy them, but it would probably be best to buy seeds from a flower shop

Either way, let's explore the facility a little more. I have all day to be around since I won't really be able to start traveling until tomorrow, after doing Larvesta's test tonight


File: 1517070558915.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1715, F_39.JPG)

These seeds are liable to cost around tens of thousands for a single one, considering how valuable they are right now until they can be properly bred.

The posters in the visitor's center host an array of interesting projects. Most of them seem related to plant breeding, but one of them looks like prelimenary data for studying hormone-induced development in bugs. The author is a certain Bethany Willow.


Heh, my name should be included in there too!
So her first name is Bethany huh? Cool

I suppose there isn't much more to do around here so I'll leave. I'll discard the idea of asking for a seed too, it's too valuable to be in my hands


Your name won't be there yet. Maybe after this project is done.

Hope you enjoyed it. It's evening now, tiem to get some food, and have your Larvesta's first meal with his team.


Evening already???
Goodness time just flew by

What should I do then… Should I go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate with everyone?

Nah, it would be better to stop by the market and get some small meals and eat that with the leftover kebabs. Some snacks, Pokemon snacks, juice box and a few candy bars. I'll also resupply what I lost today and get a pack of water bottles, as well as getting that overpriced 1000 bottle. It'll be a good investment now that I give it some thought, having fresh chilly water will be much better than stale warm water
I'll also get 3 more rations for myself and a jumbo bag of Pokemon food for everyone. It's great to have a full team, but the maintenance costs are plenty high too
Just thank heavens for the extra cash the professor gave me, it came at a good time

How much will I be handing out for all that?


I think I might also need a bigger bag…


All that should come to about 2500P. That would make you very well-equipped. Want to go to the shop for it?

Modern backpacks are great, so don't worry.


Yes! This time I'll be more prepared for the plains

Also, my pokedex has a map and compass, right?


No, but you have a physical map and compass.

To offset this cost, your team will need to pull their weight. You could take up some jobs, maybe.


What kind of jobs, thought?


Usually delivery jobs, since trainers go all sorts of places. Maybe ap articularly strong wild pokemon needs to be driven off, too. Wit hyour experience, you may have access to more avenues too. Ask your contacts.


What contacts? I only really know Proffessor Willow and Yew, and I'm already doing a job for them
Maybe that is a sign that I can't just stay under their wing forever though

I'll start looking around, asking where a trainer like me can find small jobs


Possibly, but you can ask them for more jobs too. Maybe trhey need sensitive packages delivered, or data gathered from the area you're nearby.

You happen to ask the shopkeeper where you're picking up snacks, and she suggests looking at notice boards, or courier services. They're meant for trainers.


Oh how convenient
Ask her where can I find these boards. I'll look for a job I can do tomorrow


Usually, they're near Pokecenters or trainer inns, sicne that's where people like yourself tend to gather.


Hah, true enough
Let's go to the Pokecenter take a look then, it'll also be a good place to do the saliva test



Someone is insisting on collecting ash samples from the depths of the tunnel between here and Fabiroge City. Isn't that where you were headed anyway?

You can do the saliva test here if you like. It's pretty simple.


That sounds… Relatively simple! Where do I find this person though? Is there an address or something?

Let's unbox this kit then
"Larvesta come out"


There's a notice to email them when you have it for instructions on a dropoff point. Speaking of which, you could always check the internet too.

He comes out of his ball, looking at you curious.


Oh I see!

I crouch down and pet him to assure everything will be okay
"We gotta do a little testing here, alright?"
Does the box comes with instructions??


Basic ones. Just have Larvesta keep the tube in his moth for five minutes. Make sure he hasn;t eaten anything for a few hours, too. And he hasn't.


Yeah I figured out the no eating part
While we wait for the 5 minutes, I'll do a small check up on my other pokes, just to be sure everyone is alright


Hold on, youu need to convince him to hold it there first.


Oh, that should be easy right?
Wait, where is his mouth?
Hold on, I need to be careful here


You think he's just going to let you stick that in his mouth? He looks scared and confused.


Oh dear, alright, this will need more attention and care than I thought. Sorry buddy
I'll settle down with him
"Okay, I need you to put this in your mouth alright Larvesta? It'll be for a test I promise it won't hurt"


You sure?
He still looks confused. Maybe he needs motivation.


I can't give him a treat
Maybe one of my pokes could talk to him? I can't just let them put it in their mouths though
"Tina, try to talk to him, tell him it'll be alright"


Tina tries to communicate with him… and fails. Would be easier if there was a fellow bug egg group pokemon, but you don';t have one.

You have to maybe promise him a treat?


That could work
But I don't know what he likes!
Let's try Uhhhhhh
An oran berry
"Okay, I'll give you this nice berry if you do it, promise!" to further prove him, I let Tina have one "See? It's sweet. Come on Buddy, just for a few minutes?"


>"Once we're done with ours, we'll help you with yours. I'd rather not get taken by a surprise inspection or anything. Or if you finish studying, let us know." Look at Quetz and Cali, see what they suggest, then at Arthur.

"No, no, I'll do it." Aloy keeps insisting on packing his messy cupboard himself. Quetz and Cali aren't sure what to think, and Arthur shrugs before beginning to strip off his shirt. Seems like he wants to shower.


"Guess that makes sense." I think to myself. He might want to wait if he's going to add more dirty clothes to the pile. I'll let him go ahead and pet my two 'Mons.

"What do you think so far, Arthur?"


"I think I'm going to shower and get ready for tomorrow. Reveille's at 530 am, isn't it? Sorry, 0530, that's the time system they want us to use. I'll set an alarm, but we could always use more. Anyhow, I sure hope they have heated water here.

He leaves the bunk to shower.


"I'll head out in a moment." I say to Arthur as I make sure to get Cali and Quetz back into their pokeballs. Let's get clean for tonight, then we'll finish sorting our lockers.


You follow him to the washroom at the end of the hallway. It's cleaner than the standard public washroom, that's for sure, no doubt by the efforts of trainees under threat of having their weekend breaks revoked. Showers are in seperate stalls, thankfully enough, you've enough heard stories of open communal showers to be a little nervous about them. Or maybe you're disappointed instead.


It's nice, but it'll be hard to beat the ones I've visited before.

I'll begin with the usual preparations. Make sure my towel and the clothes I'll be putting on are nearby. Check for soaps and shampoos and put them within easy reach. I'll turn the faucet slightly to let the warm water start flowing without wasting too much, then get in when it's good.


All the soap you have is what you brought.

It's not exactly warm, you doubt this is being heated at all. At least in this climate, it doesn't matter as you scrub yourself off.

"Hey Squire, what do you think about that other guy?" You hear Arthur call from the next stall.


I'll think about it for a moment while the water runs.

"He reminds me of me, when I first started out."


"Does he now? Then again, I don't know how long you were into your journey when I first met you."

You should force yourself into the water, it's not getting any warmer.


Get in there, splash it over my face.

"I haven't been at it that long, and I can't for for too much longer, like I've told you. Still, when I first started, well…" I stop and think about it. "I feel like that was a different person ago. Doing this has definitely changed my view. Not that long ago, I wouldn't be able to imagine myself in a place like this, like he himself said."


Brr. It chills you, but you get used to it.

"But you're here anyway, your own choice too. Personally, I see two very different people. You're humble and keep an open mind, and I think that's conducive to growing. It's something I try to imitate."


"It's because I've been on the road with you and the others. If I hadn't seen some of the things in person, I'd just pass them off if someone described them to me then. Because of you and Amber and Cello, I see things a lot differently than before."

Splash some more water on my face, look at my hands.

"This is a good chance to repay what I've learned on our travels. I'll try to help him enjoy his time here."


"We can try, yes." he says, after a spell of silence. "But I think you should give yourself more credit. Going to be done soon?"


"We'll see about that one." Turn off the faucet. "Yeah, let's head back and see if he needs help getting his locker set up. We don't need a bad first day if we can avoid it."


Upon leaving and feeling refeshed, you return to your bunk to find him still stuck in his book, locker left undone.

Lights out is in half an hour, and no one should be out of bed by then.


"Oh hey, we'll get dressed and help you clean your locker. They're going to inspect that in the morning and we don't have too much time left." Put my stuff down as quick as possible and head over to him, we have to get this done as soon as possible.


"Tch, okay, okay! Haahh…" He makes a grating complaining sound as he steps out of bed and finally, starts arranging his cupboard.

"Hang out, where does what go aagin?"


"You don't remember? Here, we'll help. Let's just sort all your stuff quickly so we can put it in order." What type of clothing and stuff does he have that we need to organize?


Same as the rest of you, but he has a lot of personal belongings in various bags, all of which has to go out of sight in one of the drawers.

You help him, to his annoyance, but at least he thanks you both.


"See, that wasn't too bad." Sigh in relief now that we're done. "At least we won't get yelled at in the morning for this. Looks much nicer, wouldn't you agree?"


"Yeah, yeah, thanks."

Almost lights out. Time to get into bed.


"Alright, let's get some rest. Tomorrow they are going to wake us nice and early. Good night you two."



Roll for how well you can sleep.


It's dreamtime. '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


The beds aren't bad, and it helps that the windows make it well ventilated. You drift off to sleep, though you hear footsteps just as you're falling unconcious…

Ugh… that's an alarm.


Get up, wipe my eyes.

"Is it time to start already?"


You see Arthur struggling to crawl out of bed. When he finally makes it, he flips the light switch, casting the bunk into incredibly bright light. It pierces your eyes.

Dragging his feet, he takes his toothbrush and walks out of the room. You notice Aloy still covered in his blanket from head to toe, unmoving.


"C'mon, time to wake up." Tap him through the blankets. "Let's not keep everyone waiting." Go and get myself ready as well, grabbing my tooth brush.


First parade is at 0545, which is when you're epected to assemble downstairs. It's currently 0515.

All you get is a groan in response.


"You'll feel better if you get up now and don't rush through everything." Head out with Arthur, get my own teeth brushed and hair ready for assembly.

Did Alloysius come with us?


He's lagging behind, but he does come with you. Following teethbrushing, everyone changes into the required attire, and assembles onto the cold morning ground.


Look around, is the person in charge near or do we have to wait?

"Am I in the right spot?" I think to myself. "This is all on right, right?" I can't help but look myself and the others over while waiting.


"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!"

You notice a few other sections have joined in, and a muscular lady in a sports suit adresses everyone.

"Space yourselves out and get your Pokemon out, we'll be teaching your your five basic exercises, or 5BX for short! You'll be doing thsi every morning of your training before breakfast, so pay attention!"


Make sure I don't get in anyone's way, then let out my Pokemon friends. I'll try to glance around, see what the other trainers have with them.


Quite a few of them have fighting type Pokemon. The instructor lets out her Primeape to demonstrate, too.

"First, jogging on the spot! Ready? Exercise, begin!"

"Next, Push-ups! Twenty! Ready? Exercise, begin!:

"Next, high jumpers! Suat down as far as possible, then jumop up as high as you can, ten times! Ready? Exercise, begin!"


Try and keep up with this.

Jogging '1d20'
Push-Ups '1d20'
High Jumps '1d20'

How are my pokemon doing?

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 17 = 17 / Roll #3 7 = 7




You sprat him down with a potion, he'll be fine by tomorrow morning, or even tonight. He licks your face, the warm tongue lapping at your lips. It'll be fine, the big fight's tomorrow.

You feel a strange approval coming from the lake.

Though you answered Sam's call to battle by the lakeside, and you felt the rush of battle flow through and into both of you intimately, you called for a stop. Umbreon hurts, and you felt that pressing onwards would be too costly.

Disappointment seeps from Sam, but though it seeped from the Monastery lake too, your action as a trainer might have granted you some approval. Umbron licks your handeagerly, strength sill with him.


"Don't be like that Sam. We will get a good battle in. Just not today. I was going back to the monastery for the night, what about you?"


He reluctantly relents.

"I was thinking of returning too…"

He pets his Charmeleon, who herself looks ab it confused by the abrupt end.

"You're right. We shouldn't be overexerting ourselves anyway. But I am holding you to that! It's a promise, right?


"Of course. Though this also means, we should meet again after defeating this trial."


"Yeah, that'll be hard, considering we're sleeping right next to each other…"

He quips, lazily dragging his feet on the dirt road back.


Roll my eyes.
"I don't plan on sticking around much longer, after that."


"Leaving after, right? I'll stick around for longer, I think, but I'll be getting a move on soon too. I should plan out where to go next… Could always go look for a nice water Pokemon on Shuiea, maybe get it big enough to surf around the archipelago."

>"Okay, I'll give you this nice berry if you do it, promise!" to further prove him, I let Tina have one "See? It's sweet. Come on Buddy, just for a few minutes?"

Larvesta responds to the food bribe, and will sit calmly as long as you keep it in front of him.

Administer the salvia test?


"That does sound kinda pleasant, but it would slow my hunt for medals…"


"Slow down? It's something you should do once you've got a whole gorup of comrades. There's no need to rush it. Besides, don't you already have a water Pokemon? Could try payign the shrine a visit, or, hmm, go see what Pokemon you find along the way to another trial."


"I will think about it tomorrow, how about that? Maybe even come along with you."


"Along with me?"

You sense some sort of conflict, moreso that what's painted in his face. Excitement, but also doubt.

"Well, it might be inconvenient, since I'll be here for a few more days… I'll have to think about it too."

Just in time, you reach the monastery gates. The last of the sunset filters from beyond. From your room you'd be able to watch the setting sunlight over the ocean.


Romantic thought, but I'm dead tired. Instead, I will retire for the night after a very quick dinner.


You shovel down a meal of dry noodles, beans and some miso soup, and then flop down on your futon. Good thing you didn't clean up!

Roll for sleep



Roll #1 4 = 4


No dream any kind comes to haunt you. The only thing you recall as you feel the sleep leaving you is walking into your room.

And that you forgot to lock or even close the door. You wouldn't have been in any position to pull the covers over yourself too, but here you are nicely wrapped.


Let's try it! Just hold the berry with a hand and keep it in his mouth with the other
"There ya go, just stay still like that…


…Creepy? Nah, surely I just did it and was far too tired to remember it.
Anyway this is the big day. Gotta get this trial out of the way!


Maybe someone helped you out! Or one of your Pokemon. You gently wake Pentium snoozing by your side, and she floats with you to wash up and dine.


Good, he's keeping the reader in his mouth…

Should be about done now. The paper shows an easily recordable color pattern. You should take note of their intensity and legnth.


What's the program for today?


Before noon, meet with the Master. You have tiem to eat, wash and prepare. As an official trial, there's no need to prepare potions, since you won't be allowed to use them for a proper battle anyway.

Get some determination in there.


Hmm, I'm still not sure what will professor Willow be able to gather from this, I'll ask her later
Remove the reader and place the berry under his mouth ''Good job little guy, here, you deserved it. wasn't so bad was it?'' Chuckle as I run my fingers around one of his weird curly horn thingies


Sit to have breakfast with Umbreon and Pentium, it's time to have a pep talk before the match!
"Are you pumped, boys?"


It feels weird, it's not exactly hard, but still chitinous. It's also very hot, be careful. Flame comes out from there. He ignores you, greedily chewing on the berry.

Pentium has been infected, she cheers as much as a metal disc can. Umbreon sits at attention, very still and disciplined, ears pointing up like the proud creature he is.


"Look at you, trying to be all preppy and manly for me!"
Pet his head like the cute cat he is.
Then pet Pentium's too!
"We're gonna show'em!"
And extend my hand, as if expecting them to join up!


How cool. I mean, not literally since its hot as balls but its interesting how he produces flames from here
Now I want to see how he fares in battle, but that'll have to wait
Let the little bug finish his berry and get him back in the ball before making my way to the counter. I was going to do a quick check up on my pokes if I haven't already

With that out of the way, finally, I'll get to the PC and try to contact professor Yew


Pentium knows the gesture, and extends her claw. So does Umbreon with a paw!

You sense the anticipation and excitement in your comarades, and how it links all of you.

"Wonderful, wonderful. Shall we get going?"

You see Mistress Citra herself, this time dressed in fancier robes. They glow with a subtle pink, capturing and emitting different colours as they flow.


Turn to her with a fire in my eyes!
"Heck yeah! I've been waiting for this!"


"Good. Please, come with me."

She leads you out of the monastery, towards the lake, from which you and hear excitement boiling beneath the surface. The guradian wants to watch.

You are brought towards the rock spire overlooking the island, and there you see a platform way, way up.

Citra vanishes, and reappears above, then walks on as if expectign you to follow just liek that.


Nothing to it!
"Pentium, we can do it, right? Let's go after her!"
Place one hand on Pentium's shell and focus! Teleport!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You already did a checkup and everything, no worries. LArvesta even got his vaccinations.

Easy! You recall the priaml need to move, chase, flee, andhj ave Pentium back you up. Next thing you know, you're following Mistress Citra up around the Spire.

A slow current of something akin to electricity makes it way into you. You feel very much like a charged machine.


"There's no stopping us now Pentium! This is gonna be epic, I can feel it!"
I had no idea trials could be this thrilling!


>It's still dark when you wake up, but you can see the first hints of light approachijg. You feeel fully rested, and have the whole day.

>Now what will you do, Ranger?

Mayeb you could sign up with the sea rangers. Follow their training and be qualified, or ask to observe and assist in some missions, that's another way to get qualified. It might also involve the conquest of the local gym, hmmm.


I will munch on a snack from my bag in bed like a lazy kid while I consider it.
Call out Vee for a moment. "Hey boy, you might be out of your element, coming up. We're going sailing and to see a water gym." I try to explain to the fox. "What if I spend some time with you this morning?"


Good good
Then I can contact the professors and tell them the job was a complete success


Vee cuddles up to you, his hot breath keeping you warm in the morning chill. At the same time, though, he looks outside, looking determined. It's the perfect training environment for him, isn't it?


I tilt my head at his determination. "Ooh, you trying to put on muscle to impress somedog?" I tease him and touch his soft ears.


Who will you contact, though? You're more familliar with Yew, but Willow is your boss on this project.


It's hard to observe blushes through his red fur, but you definitely notice it. He pies down on your and sits his snout down, pouting.


I snicker. "Okay, then I'll have to push you extra hard. No slacking off for fish."


Well I should act like a professional and contact my boss
Besides I'm sure the prof Yew might be busy with something
Wouldn't wanna interrupt him
Let's call up Willow


He nods, barking eagerly. No time for you to slack off either! He starts nudging at your head, lying on your pillow as you are.

Good call. You contact her and the vidoe screen shows hernapping at her desk.


"Alright, Alright I'm getting up.." and so I get up, get do my morning routine, including water the plant and meditate. Then I'll see about when the next sea ranger training is.


The plant hasn't grown a new fruit, but you can see a small leaf developing. You use it to focus your thoughts as well.

You head over to the HR office, and they tell you that as an already fully qualified land ranger, you can take part in sea ranger work instead if you want to learn and help out. The next introductory sea training is about now too, but it may be too basic for your level of competence already.


''Uuh, Professor? Professor Willow?! Heeey, hellooooo?'' poke at the mic
She must be very tired after a night of research I bet, poor lady


Maybe. You see a ghostly hand suddenly emerge from offscreen, tapping her awake.

"Oh! Cello! Do you have any news?"


"So, I should just jump right in?" I look a little surprised then grin. "Alright! Sign me up for the next possible mission. I'll swim like a goldeen."



''Hehe, good morning Professor, and yes I do. I just finished taking the saliva test, I mean, the Larvesta took the test, I applied it to him, yep''


"Sure thing! I bet it'll be a lot of fun! Let's see, you'll be aboard a patrol boat in the southeastern sea! Hmm… uh, yeah, exciting."

Patrols. You know stuff rarely happens on those.

Alright! Now I want you take a sample every day, and record down the colors. you got a laptop of some kind? You can do some quantitative analysis then."


"Thanks. What's the name of the boat?" Its a good starter mission, anyway.


Raise a finger
''I…Don't, but I suppose I could get a cheap one for that, since I'm still in town after all. I have about 5,000 on me, it should be enough, right?''


"Let's see… Tidal. How creative! When will you be free to join them?"

"Hmm. With 10000, you should be able to get a decent one second-hand. I'll wire you that amount, then you go look for one, that fine?"


"Right away." I reply confidently. "Just point me in the direction of where Tidal is docked."


Holy molly, she's just gonna give me all that money just like that?
Life must be good for a professor
But I have to act cool, can't show her I'm intimidated by all that money

''Y-yeah, that'll be cool, uh-huh, just ten thousand should do it''


"Mind you, you'll have to hunt around. No buying Applebooks or anything like that, those are way out of the budget."

"There's another dock to the west end of Shuiea island. You can take the bus over.. oh wait, a supply tonner is headed there from this base! Just head on downstairs to the courtyard, look for the big truck, I'll inform them. Enjoy!"


Shake my hands ''Ahh, don't worry, I'll get the cheapest one I can get, applebooks only come later, after I save up a little'' Rub my neck ''Thanks Professor''


"Applebooks are also trash, soo… anyway, good luck! Don't need anything too powerful, really."

Maybe look around online for local listings?


Oh yeah that was the plan, screw buying on stores, I know the prices there are always higher
If anything, maybe I can even find a good, used model for cheap too
Let's see what the internet has in offer for us


"Have a nice day."
The courtyard is probably well marked, just follow the signs down.


File: 1521220354590.jpg (403.02 KB, 1024x683, 5005255486_0939998bd0_b.jpg)

You check some online listings.

>almost new Bell XPS all cum on keyboard cleaned off 20000 asking

>bricked Appbookpro everything broken 30000 no negotiable
>Intpad self-maintained several cosmetic defects 11000 negotiable
>Tracer MAX constantly crashing disk failure 5000P please


It's hard to miss, it's where the vehicles are stored. These trucks do look pretty impressive, but are smaller than the ones you've seen at home.

"Hey there! You're the landlubber joining us, right?" A fellow ranger girl waves to you.


"Hey! Yea that'd be me. Ranger Amber." I join the girl. "What's your name?"


…Why do people even sell these?
I guess maybe for people looking for replaceable parts that they can fix or change, hmm

Oh well, I guess the way is to look in the official stores


"Oh, just call me Iris. You'll learn along the way, so buckle in! Oh yeah, since you'll be in the back, help us mind the good, yeah?"

She heads off to sit in the front cab, meaning you'll have to crawl in inside the back. At least you'll be driving on roads and just for a short time, things got bumpy during your initial training in the woodland.

You check the official store of a well known budget brand…

>new entry-level Googbook, guranteed to not run anything, 16000 on sale!

This won't lead anywhere. You may have to figure out which one of the previous listings is viable.


Augh, its just over my money too
But I can't ask the professor for more money

Well, coming back to it, the intpad is clearly the best choice
That is, until I look at the adress of the seller, hope its not on the other side of the region!


"Don't worry Iris, I'm a quick learner."
I'm small enough to fit comfortably, for sure. Crawl on inside with no complaints.


You were only looking at local listings, relax. They're relatively close by, half an hour by bus down to the older part of the city.

You've done this before, all the recruits have to ride in big trucks. It sure does bring back memories! The big engine starts, and you're soon on the road.

the boxes of supplies are sliding back…


What?! didn't she secure the supplies? Call out webster!
"Make a web over the back so the supplies can't fall out." I order the little spider.


I just hope its not a scam, please
I'll waste no time heading straight to the bus stop

Is it already close to the evening? I spent a good time out there looking for larvesta


File: 1521222286733.jpg (82.27 KB, 600x400, bef36d281d2c246ef65c9b989d….jpg)

Webster quickly spits a string out! It's strong enough to stop the supplies from slamming into the back. You can hold onto the string to keep them somewhat secure.

It's not like the boxes will fall out! But you might be eating squished bread if you don't take care.

Late afternoon. It's hard for you to rush, considering how you almost got a heat injury. Take it easy.

It brings you to a small house nestled in the neighborhood.


"Nice shooting." I compliment him and give him gentle pets with a finger, as my other hand holds the web's end.


Still can hardly believe people live like this, in this heat
Then again, I usually got questions on how I managed to live in Petrotown, with all that smog

Knock on the door if there isn't a doorbell


He gurgles in pleasure, the many eyes pointed at you, exuding joy. You arrive soon enough at another Ranger base, this one equipped with boats and a dock!

Oh boy, looks like you need to help offload the supplies.

There is a doorbell. You ring it, and a bearded man opens the door. He looks like some kind of short wizard, with the robes to match.

"Yes? Can I help you?"


''Uuh, good afternoon mister, I'm here for that sale on the intpad you put up online''


"You? sure. How much you offering?"

It did say negotiable…


''Uuhh, I have te-Have to see it first, you know, make sure its in decent condition''


Not really sea-specific stuff yet, carry the boxes myself, its good for my arms.


File: 1521223767824.jpg (37.35 KB, 400x264, Lenovo ThinkPad X61.jpg)

He brings it to you, the squarish, really-old looking laptop. It's actually in decent condition, the cosmetic defects seem to be scratch marks from previous tinkering attempts.

"I had two of these and one of them came with a pen and touchscreen for drawing, so I figured I'd give this one another owner."


''Wait, for drawing? Really?'' I lean closer
''How's that work?''


File: 1521224024540.jpg (60.29 KB, 400x348, lenovo_thinkpad_x61_mall.jpg)

It's the old recruit life, having to do all the hard work. Some junior sea rangers quickly come up and help out too, eager to get this over with as fast as possible. The boxes of supplies appear to be all accounted for now.

"Great work! Ready to sail off? We'll be out there for a few days!"

"Lemme show you, you swivel the screen and draw on it. This one's mine, though."


"Yep, I'm totally prepared." I smile and pose with my hands on my hips.


''O-oh, right'' I watch as he shows how it is done
''I don't suppose this one is also for sale huh?''


"Eager, aren't you? Time to board!"

The rangers in front of you line up, annoucning their names and rank as they enter the ship to be logged. All their Pokemon are also presented to be recorded.

"Not really. Do you want it? I don't think you'll be needign a feature like that."


Oh, a log.
Get in line and fill out the information. "Ranger Amber."


''Well, actually I am an artist, w-well a pokemon researcher, more specifically'' I say bashfully, fiddling with my fingers
''So actually a feature like that would be useful for me''



The man you want to buy a computer from thinks.

"If you can prove that you can use it, then sure. Draw for me."


File: 1525883675006.jpg (78.18 KB, 800x544, 4a32c54e2b2041cb8036e07702….jpg)


It is time for your very first gym battle. You and Pentium, spirits linked, made your first teleport.

You find yourself in the middle of a temple carved from the very stone of the mountain. In your eyes, the exotic style of the islanders dazzles the mind with ornate carvings of stone, the wooden accents trimmed with gold. There is a recurring motif of three inderminate figures forming a triangle. For the three aspects of the soul, or the Three Realms, or the story of the three artifical beings from your home region, you're not sure.

What you are sure of is that you're here to prove yourself. The environment here charges you, and you feel your conciousness expand. You keep it in check, but if you concentrate, you can feel the tiny prescence of even the small things among this slice of the universe.


Citra, gym leader, stands across you, wearing a simple ceremonial robe. It shimmers pink simply draped around her body, almost glowing and ethereal. She stands still, across the battleground, waiting for you.

Will you proceed?


''Oh!'' Suddenly look up at the man, instantly picking up my pad and pencils and speaking up with much more confidence ''What you want me to draw, mister?''


This is my first trial, but second gym battle.
I have a confident smile on my face. Just making it up here is proof of my determination!
Resting one hand on Pentium's shining head, I will smile. "We got this, old gal."

Step forth. "Citra. I hereby officially challenge you!"


She raises a hand, and the gongs lining the arena toll, struck by an unseen force. Her Alakazam and Gardevoir flank her, and they step aside for her to float forward.

"Leila, young girl. There is a long road ahead of you, and I am honoured to be among the first of your many tribulations. I have great hopes for you, one of the few remaining pilgrims travelling across the realms.

Her voice reverberates, and you're sure you're not just hearing it through your ears.

You are challenged by Nexial Maiden Citra!
Nexial Maiden Citra sends out Espurr!


"Thats up to you. I think you must have seen many beautiful things throughout your adventures. Why don't you show me yourself?"


Don't miss a beat, and toss in my first pokemon!
"Go Wartotle! Let's start it off with a bite!"

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 1, 4 + 14 = 19


''Hmmm… Well'' I start, taking a seat ''There's been so many things I could show that its hard to pick, but if you want to see beautiful things, then…''

Flipping to a new page, I start sketching the rough shape of Lunala, thinking back of that night. Such a beautiful sight got etched in the back of my mind, so I would never easily forget
Now lets see if I can just put it down on paper…

''If you want to look at my other stuff while you wait, I got my previous works on my bag here'' motion to the half open shoulder bag sitting in the couch and the stack of papers neatly stored in a folder inside

Roll #1 10 = 10


The small cut sets up a gleaming wall! A Reflect Barrier forms as Wartortle rushes in! He tries to chomp down on the Espurr, but it uses the barrier to deflect some of the attack. Its blank eyes look unshaken.

Wartortle: 59/59


"Is that a Pokemon? I've never seen anything like it."

Your sketch is rough and needs time to perfect, but the memory of that night colours the gaps for you. The gleaming Moone beast has the faint hint of life on just your paper.

"Is this something you saw?"


"Very well! Wartotle, use Bubble!"

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 24 = 31


I try to stay focused on that memory despite his questions
''Yeah, it was a beautiful pokemon I never heard of before. I was really lucky to be there when it happened''

Switch to a softer pencil I rarely use. I already drew her before but those drawings were more technical and full of notes scattered on the page. The lack of reference I'll fill with a mix of imagination and my own hazy memory of that day
Ignore the details, capture the beauty

Roll #1 18 = 18


The Espurr waves its hand, and a confusion shockwave strikes Wartortle! It's by no means weak, and you can feel the air shift, but Wartortle's shell protects him as mich as it can. He doesn't flinch, and sprays bubbles at Espurr! It cant protect itself, and is bothered by its matted fur.

Wartortle's HP: 40/59


It's quite the work of art when you finish breathing life into it. Your impressionist style shows the brilliance of the Moone's light over the dark night sky.

"I see…."

He holds the drawing in his hand and looks over it, admiring the details.

"I'd be honoured to have my laptop assist you on your journey."


"Don't worry Wartotle, I know you're strong enough to withstand his attacks! Go again! Bubble!"
I should be able to push through by brute force alone, at least for Espurr…

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4, 4 + 24 = 32


''Really? Man I dont even know how to thank you. I'll make sure it is put to good use, I promise!''
With a heavy sigh, I relax a little on the couch ''And uh, you can keep that if you want, here I'll even sign it for you. It might not mean much right now, but maybe in a few years it'll become a treasured early work of a famed researcher haha!''


Wartortle sprays another stream of bubbles as the Espurr looses another confusion! Wartortle, caught up in the excitement, is caught off guard by the confusion attack. While the Espurr is looking dazed and weakened, Wartortle is worse for the wear as he's tripped by a critical attack right in the face. Hos movements looks strange as he climbs to his feet.

Wartortle is confused!

HP: 20/59


"Thanks! Tell you what, give me a bit of time to clean up the OS and I'll sell you the laptop. I'll even include this new battery I got. Something about piezoelectric protein based… something, it's one of those fancy new batteries out from the Petrotown Institute of Material Sciences."

He takes the laptop to the side and starts working on it, doing a clean install off a custom image.


"Okay, good work Wartotle, come back."
The barrier should be dropping soon…
"Go, Pentium! Iron defense!"


Are you sure your armor will defend you from these attacks?

Citra recalls the Espurr as well, and sends out a Kadabra! Waving a hand, just as Pentium's body gleams, the Kadabra waves its hand, and Pentium shivers, being Disabled.

Pentium: 67/67
Disabled: Iron Defense


That's okay.
"Pentium, use Agility!"


I jump a little as he mentions Petrotown but I stay quiet, watching him as my mind goes back to a few months ago when those batteries were announced

''Huh, neat. Say, mind if I ask how you got one of those batteries?''


"Are you sure this is the right time to prepare?"

Wasting no time, the Kadabra closes its eyes and focuses. You feel its prescence in your mind expand as as it focuses its own with Calm Mind.

Pentium: 67/67
Iron Defense Disabled
+2 Def, +2 Speed

"Oh, they were being handed out at a computer con. Cool battery, but I don't go on the road much."

He hands you the laptop, and it's clear the battery is much newer than the rest of the machine.

"It's worth way more than the 1000P I'm charging you, you know? Take care of it."


10 000P, actually


"I know Pentium. I trust her well."
Except, you know, he's probably prepping a shadow ball.
So it's all or nothing.
"Pentium! TAKE DOWN!"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 39 = 51


Hugging the laptop close to my chest I give the man a firm nod ''Will do. I'll never forget you kindness, mister!''
opening my new back, I find a nice open spot to put it on. thankfully the bag is well cushioned so it'll be well protected in there



Even with Pentium's newfound speed, she cannot evade the incoming attack. The Kadabra looses a bolt of electricity. Pentium's brave charge is set to go off the mark as she flinches, and you find yourself instinctively recoiling as your skin sudenly burns from what feels like a shock too.

It is in times like these that Pokemon need trainers to set their hearts on the right path. You, Leila, must show your iron will.


Cry out as I feel the attack's impact on my skin, body and mind one with Pentium. But just as I feel her pain, I can share with her my determination!
Hit, girl. Aim for the sky and hit that Kadabra!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You hand over the money as you set the new/used laptop in. A new tool for the road.

You find your will faltering as you lean against a pillar for support. Pentium misses, and pays for it dearly, shaken.

Pentium's HP: 35/67
+2 Def, +2 Speed

"What's wrong? You're not going to lose just because of one setback, are you?


Oh right can't forget to pay da man
''Thanks again for everything mister'' now with an empty wallet and a head full of dreams, I confidently stride out through the doorway

…What time is it? I completely lost track of time in there


Pump my fist.
"No! Of course not! And even if we were to lose, we would just train more and try again! Pentium, snap out of it!"
I will give her a turn to recover from being shaken before ordering again!
"Again! Take Down!" That is, if she's still up.

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 6, 2 + 24 = 32


Evening. If you intend to travel tomorrow, best get an early night.

Pentium's courage overflows! She charges in, enduring yet another shockwave. This time, you don't flinch, and neither do you. Even as her arms shake from the bolt, she slams herself hard into the Kadabra! It's knocked off its feet, and only barely manages to not fall. It looks hurt.

Pentium's HP: 5/67
+2 Def, +2 Speed

Your can feel your heartbeat race. Pentium may not be able to get off another attack. Maybe, just maybe, if you wish for it hard enough…


Groan, It's gonna be 3 days that I have been here already. I can't wait to see the rest of the plains for myself!
I go take the bus and head back to the trainer's inn, thinking of all the places and new pokemon I'll see tomorrow

Man, I'm really far from home


Close my eyes and whisper to Pentium's mind.
Girl. I love you. Deeply. I will take the hurt for you for this next attack. Lay it all on me. And let's push through.

Metal claws!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 29 = 39


You feel the fear in Pentium as she charges forward, obeying the command you need no words to say. She knows what will happen in her clever head. The shockwave will hit her first, and it will all have been for nothing.

She does it anyway, baring her claws and rushing forward because she's Pentium, partner of you, Leila. She would do nothing else, and neither would you. She quells the fear in her as she faces the electric shock.

Your eyes sting, and you cry out as your legs give way under you. You claw at the stone ground, determined not to give in, and you feel your burning skin tear ever so slightly, dampening the ground. But you feel in your heart renewed courage, as Pentium, iron in body and soul, endures, and deals her final blow to the Kadabra.

You look up to see Pentium collapsed, no logner able to fight. You also see the Kadabra, a gash on its face, stumbling, stumbling… and fallen.

Citra smiles as she recalls the fallen Kadabra, and with it the barrier fades.


The days pass by so fast, don't they?

It's nighttime and the markets sre still abuzz. Not everyone wants to sleep, but you can go right up to your room and rest. Hopefully this time you can sleep better.


Yeah I'm feeling awfully tired today, but it'll be harder to sleep on an empty stomach
I'll just stop by one of the street markets and get something to eat. I'm feeling adventurous today and I'd love to try more of the local food
Let's see


In my heart of hearts, I smile through the pain.
What a good girl.

"You were hoping to see something like that, weren't you~?" say, with a tiny smirk on my face.
Help myself, slowly, to my feet, and ready up Trapnich's ball, calling him out!


File: 1525891504776.jpg (95.37 KB, 630x472, Tandoori-Corner-Naan-630x4….jpg)

A tantalising smell wafts from a street stall. Looks like they're serving some sort of bread called naan. You can dip it in all kinds of sauces or get stuff to fill it with, like meat or veggies.


"Indeed, I was."

She sends out the same Espurr! It looks recovered a little.


"Try and hide Trapinch! Dig!"

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 1, 2, 8 + 32 = 43


Trapinch digs into the soil! The Espurr sets up another reflect Barrier…. and thats all it can do as Trapinch jumps up from the ground, catching the poor cat in its jaws.

"Mmmm. You're so close now…."

Citra withdrews the defeated cat, and sends out a Kirlia! It gives you a menacing look, unblinkingly staring in your eyes.


I smirk, full of confidence, heart bursting in my chest.
"We're gonna make it, me and my pokemon. As one!
Trapinch! Bite! It doesn't matter if you don't hurt her, just stagger her!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 30 = 36


I never seen anything like that
Is it really even bread?
Well, let's try it with some veggies and light sauces, nothing spicy tonight
Surely my mons will want some too right?



The Kirlia, swiftly leaps forward, calling on a swarm of leaves! The Magical leaves cut deep into Trapinch, but he clamps his jaws around the dancer. It winces, looking mad.

Trapinch's HP: 30/63

They will! You get some mild curry, hummus and.. mint? They have mint sauce?

It's 100P for a really fat stack with assorted veggies.


Oh no! Unless I do something, he might not survive the next hit!
"Trapinch try and avoid the next hit with Dig!"

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7, 2, 8 + 32 = 49


There's no escape. Trapinch trries to dig his way int othe ground, but his rear is exposed, and the Kirlia drives leafs straight into it! He yelps, and goes limp, though you don't feel like he's too shook up from it.


It was worth an attempt. Recall the defeated Trapinch.
"Good job, rest now."
Well, guess it's time. Call on to _him_.
Without a word and with hardly a motion, lift my hand to call forth Umbreon!
"Hey love." I will smile broadly to him, face feeling warm all of a sudden.
"We're up on stage. Let's K.O. this Kirlia, okay?"


Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 4, 5 + 23 = 32


Thats… certainly interesting? Didn't even think mint could be made into a sauce
Well, I'm here to try new things so hey, why not?
I'll bring it with me so everyone can eat in the room while I test the new laptop for a few minutes before sleep


Brimming with confidence, He comes, the precious Umbreon. Gleaming in the light, he wastes no time rushing forward, opening his mouth and clamping down right onto the Kirlia's face!

It cries out, but takes advantage, locking its lips around him simultaneously as the bite comes loose. Umbreon is shaken by the Draining Kiss, and you can feel his mind wander…

Umbreon's HP: 65/89


Takeaway, huh? That's fine too. You order the whole bag and bring it up to your room to snack.

Your crew helps themselves as your new laptop boots up. Looks like it runs on a Loonix OS. You do know how to use it, right?

Still, for its age, it runs very smooth.


>no flinching
"Don't let it get to your head Umbreaon! Remember what we came here for!
Bite, again!"

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 23 = 26


Umbreon's curiosity is quickle shaken away, especially as he realises he's being forcefully kissed by another boy! He clamps down on his mouth harder, taking the Kirlia by force, and this time it flinches.

Standing over his hapless prey, he goes for the final blow, putting his mouth over his and shaking fiercely. Triumphant, he tosses the limp Kirlia aside, and howls.

The gongs toll in the temple arena as Citra recalls the Kirlia. There is no more. She beams at you.


I will jump around and dive on the ground, hugging Umbreon tight around the neck, nuzzling him and showering him in affection.
"We did it!" say, in an incredibly overexcited tone, shaking him right and left in joy, lifting him up and spinning him around close to my chest!
Put the little hero down and regain some form of composure, without losing my skull-splitting grin. Walk up to Citra and bow down.
"Thank you for this battle!"


"No, thank you. You've proven to be a wonderful student. Please, follow me."

She walks to the back of the arean, flanked by her two fully evovled Pokemon. She brings you further up the mountain, towards a pond with a bell in the center. She walks right across the water.

"Come on!"


Don't recall Umbreon, letting him walk by my side as I follow Citra.
Stare at the water for a moment, and take a leap of faith. Try walking over it.


You concentrate.. and find that you can! Umbreon tries to follow, but has to swim instead. You tread across, somewhat unsure, towards the bell.

"Toll it." Citra commands, as she holds a badge in her hand.


definetly better than my own back home, and its portable! Man I just cant believe my luck sometimes
for today I'll do a basic checkup on stuff like memory and all that. I'll need plenty to keep my drawings in here
Oh yeah, he also mentioned it has drawing fuctions, maybe I'll test that just for a bit
''Hey Larversta, lemme get a good look on you for a second'' I call out as I pick up the pen and try to produce a digital sketch of him

Roll #1 8 = 8


Grab onto the clapper's rope, heaving it from side to side of the bell, making it ring and ring and ring across the lake's surface.


It's just a small pond, this isn't too big. The sound instead rings down below towards the monastery, and you hear the call of many Natu in resonse around you. Citra gives you the badge, estending it.

"The Interlinked Badge, young conquerer. The ties that bind you to your comrades will always be your strength."


All working fine. Looks like it's been refurbished, the specs aren't as old as the machine seems.

You pick up the stylus and run it on a simple drawing program… You're not used to it, it looks alright, but with a pencil you'd do better.


Yeesh, the lines are way too shaky, I don't think I'll be getting used to it so soon
But its good, later I can just look up some tutorials
For now is time to get some rest though, and I'll finally move on!
[1d20] ZZZ

Roll #1 7 = 7


I get a strong urge to say it three times, but suppress that.
"This has been an eye opening experience for me, Citra. I never thought I could connect to my pokemon on such a level. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Unsure if hugging her is proper, I will opt for bowing deeply.



She bows, and puts her arms around you. It feels just right.

"I hope one day you'll come back with your full strength. I'd love to see you again, young one."

…it's still too hot. But at leas tyou can actually fall asleep this time.


Roll #1 9 = 9


You do manage to get a decent amount of rest. The heat actually helps keep you sleepy. But morning comes, as always.


"I will. It's a promise."
Then, it's time to go.


That it is.



I went down to sleep so fast I actually forgot to recall everyone
I hope they dont mind

I do some morning stretch and head to the public showers to get myself clean, because I know how I am going to miss a shower after I'm out there


The alarm you've set stirs you awake. You're not the kind to turn it off and go back to sleep or just ignore it, are you?


And so I went.


No way, I actually like getting up in the morning when the oddish are just opening their leaves and the bug pokemon are barely leaving their nests.


Your descent from the peak is peaceful, and gives you time to soak in the atmosphere of battle and its afterglow.

The rush of combat, it's something you find yourself craving. Not now, exhausted as you are, and your Pokemon too. They haven't sustained serious wounds in battle, but if you want, there's time to descend to town and get them checked up. Or you can start making plans for your final day(s) at the monastery.

Of course not. So you get up and slap your alarm.

Can you handle boats well? Roll.


We don't really have boats in the middle of a forest, it should be fun!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wasn't Sam supposed to take on his own trial today as well? I should wait for him. In the meanwhile, carry Umbreon in my arms, petting him in thanks for a job well done.


You take to it as if you had Gyarados blood in you. The way the boat swayed in the night lulled you to sleep and rocked you awake to face the day. You are perfectly in sync with the waves. Not even some of the best sea rangers handled it like you do in their day.

Your first order of business is PT on the deck. Your basic morning exercises, you join the rest of the crew and whatever Pokemon can fit. Your whole team can stand on the boat no problem, but some of them might be sleeping too comfily.

On the peak temple itself? You want to watch?


If they don't want to train I won't make them, today anyway. Today I need to find out all the things to do on a boat. Just leave their balls in the 'big' position inviting them to emerge if they like.


Can I?


Letting today be a slack off day, huh?
Lily, as always, dutifully trains with you, doing the same jumps and squats and sit ups, but Vee has other ideas. You can almost hear him snoring.

You were introduced to the boat yesterday. You know the general daily schedule, and the basics like equipment you need to wear at all times, like your dog tag.

"Waiting for your friend? I'm afraid your prescence her may disrupt his trial. I did not invite him here for that reason, too."

It seems not.


Snicker at the lazy fox. "You better not keep me up late."

Let's go find a sea ranger to follow around.


"Oh." Look crestfallen, but get moving. Walk all the way to town and the pkmn center.


Ther'es one right in front of you! When you're done with t he PT, you're given today's Routine Orders. It says who will be responsible for handling the office and calls for the day, and other annoucements.

"…and remember, safety first! Remember that you can and will fall off if you're careless! Today's schedule patrol goes around to the Jurin Island chain, and we expect to have finished multiple rounds by nightfall! And those on observation duty, remember you protective eyewear! The sun shines bright at sea!"

Your walk is peaceful and uneventful, and you arrive as the sun is setting. You hand everyone up to be checked out. As Umbreon returns from the attendent, he gives you a very wet lick right on the lips.


Chuckle and scratch under his ears with both hands, pressing my forehead on his.
"Hop down now, Umbreon. I want to find a place to eat, okay?"
Also send Sam a text.
_Hw dd it go??_


"Oh, sunglasses, cool." I repeat softly to my pokemon, as the announcement goes out.



>Gr8! Was amazing! If ur in town, w8 for me plos lets 8t m8

And that's that.
"Hey, Ranger!"
The In-Command here goes up to you.

"Usually nothing much happens really. Things are peaceful, which is good, you know? I haven't figured out which day to put you down for ops orderly, because that day you'll just be sitting inside manning the phone and taking notes… boring stuff, unless you're into that. Today let's try to have you on obsevrsation duty, yeah?"


>kk eat @ same plc as lst tm?


"Observation, out in the open air. Perfect." I happily agree, standing confidently.


>got it let's m8
>*go m8

That same ramen place calls you with its scent.

"Oh no, that's a surefire way to interfere with your observation! We do it from a shielded deck. You don't want to be exposed to the wind or weather!"

You're already sweating… even in the morning, it's pretty warm. A Lotad sitting on deck seems happy, though.

You're led onto the bridge, filled with radar, binoculars and many other thigs you'd sense with.

"What kind of things do you think you'd see in the sea?"


Ahhh, just what I needed. Also call out Pentium, and pet her on the way because she was such a good girl.


She eagerly jumps out, and plays with Umbreon. Umbreon seems to be admiring her very shiny and hard claws. They're so strong… might be nice to…

You see Sam, Gast-no, Haunter and Charmeleon in tow.

"Thats was something else! Like… you feel like your mind really opened up, huh?"


"Like a sneeze for the mind?" Chuckle a bit, and join up with him.
"But wow, that battle, it was such a rush!"


"Wailords?" I suggest gazing out the window toward the sea.


"More like.. like… when you've experienced something important for the first time. The first time you eat, your first drink from your mother's teat, meeting your Pokemon for the first time, or when you discover that-"

He cuts it short, but you sense embarassment.

"Speaking of eating, I'm starving. Let's sit down. Same as before?"

"That's one! The females have to swim here to rear their babies. You see, the baby muight experience a shock if it hatches in colder water, so the wailords swim here when it's time to birth their young. At the same time, they have to be careful, because on bad days they might actually overheat! Look…"

You see a massive shape in the distance. That's definitely a Wailord.


Bend down to the binocular stand and get a closer look.

Roll #1 14 = 14


I chuckle as he interrupts himself.
"Yeah, let's."
And while we take a seat and everything, I will ask him the big question.
"Decided where you want to go now?"


There it is! It's a wailord alright, surrounded by a pod of her friends. You can see it. A sac emerging. You're witnessing a wailmer being carried into the world.

"…Hmm. Maybe to Tumi next, get some combat training in and that badge. Then off to Shuiea to pray at the Storm Shrine. After that, it's harder to tell."

He's hard in thought as your drinks are put down. Roasted tea.


"Tumi? What's the gym there like?"


"Like… like a boot camp! It's where they say they want to train your minds and not just your body. Lots of physical training, they teach you how to fight hand to hand, but also hwo to work as a team with other people and your Pokemon. I heard if you're police or stuff you have to be trained there first."

"Sounds… ugh. But It's for like, a week? Two weeks?"


"Wow! Its just like you said, she's giving birth!" Its a little weird, but I can't look away.


It's a fascinating thing to watch. The sac is eventually pried free, and one of the attendent midwife Wailords helps hold it, balancing it on her back. But the mother looks faint, and isn't swimming well.

It is a pretty hot day today…


"Not gonna lie, sounds like everything I don't want right now."


"Um. Sea Ranger, that Wailord mom looks a little sick."


"Yeah, me too. But the skills there are supposedly important and useful. And the ciy can get pretty wild. I heard there are, like, underground clubs and stuff. You know how many movies are based off that kind of thing? Also, the gym leader has a lot of fans for his, uh, muscles."

You hand her the binoculars. after a few seconds, she immediately barks orders.

"Make for the Wailord. Nin, where's Nin? We should be able to deliver first aid until a medic boat arrives. And good spot, Amber. We need to head out!"

She calls for the ship's pokemedic, who starts preparing gear in a waterproof case.

"Amber, do you have.. any ice pokemon?"


"Uh.. no, I don't have an ice type.. And my marill hasn't got any ice moves either."


"Wait, well, she does know ONE ice move, but Its just a punch not a beam, is it really big enough to help out?"


"It can make a difference! Amber, come on. We're disembarking."

The patrol boat sails towards the struggling Wailord and her pod, and you join the medic and the IC onto a small lifeboat.

The heat is kind of making you dizzy, too. The wailord's blowhole is being kept above water by her friends, who seem wary at you. They start roaring…


"Come on Lalita, let's help out that Wailord."
I wonder if the styler can help, are there any wailords that aren't busy?


"Oh, so you're into [I]that[/I] kind of stuff." Say with a sly grin.
"Well, best of luck. I think I will head for the wilder parts of the archipelago, after what happened here I want to spend some alone time with my Pokémon."


File: 1526496364117.jpg (309.96 KB, 750x563, ichiran4.jpg)

You can't imagine using the styler on something so big…

But as you take out your styler and thnik about it, the Wailords recognise it! They calm down, and part, leaving access to the heat-injured mother.

"Alright, Amber. Can you make Lalita ice punch this bag?"

The medic shows you a large absorbent bag.

"It's.. it's purely for the memes."
Try as you might, you can read anything to the contrary. It's harder to focus when that sweet ramen has arrived.

"In that case, where you headed?"


"A bag, easy." I say wiping sweat from my brow, and pointing at it ordering firmly. "Lalita, Ice Punch!"
'1d20' '2d8+31'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 4 + 31 = 39


As the bag is stationary, it's simple for Lalita to strike it with her icy fist.

The force blows the bag up! It rapidly expands, keeping the icy air in. The IC steers the boat towards the wailord's head, and has a Swellow help life the bag up to place on the Wailord.

"Hope you have more in you, Marill. Amber, can you ask her to expand.. all these?"

There are many more, five or six.


"Ooh." I nod and do some punches in place along side her to keep her motivated. "Let's go Lalita, Ice Punch!"
'2d8+31' '2d8+31' '2d8+31' '2d8+31' '2d8+31' '2d8+31'

Roll #1 13, 15, 8, 14, 3, 16 = 69 / Roll #2 7, 1 + 31 = 39 / Roll #3 4, 4 + 31 = 39 / Roll #4 4, 6 + 31 = 41 / Roll #5 2, 1 + 31 = 34 / Roll #6 7, 3 + 31 = 41 /


"No idea. I will look for some remote jobs, maybe see if wartotle can learn surf and buy myself a float to get dragged along."


You sync up your movements with the Marill, blowing and icing up each bag! You're left in a piool of sweat by the time it's over, anf you flop down with Lalita on the lifeboat, but you can see the Wailord's breathing stabilise as it cools down.

Lying like this looking up at the massive Pokemon's condition… it's like you've moved a mountain. A larger ship is coming into view.

Learnign to surf? Then I think you should check out Shuiea! It's the capital, youll learn a lot about the surrounding area, the nature of the sea and water… stuff like that.


"I'll be missing you, Sam."


In awe I slowly lift my fist to bump it with Lalita's.
"Whoa.. Look at that."


You sense a lot of conflict. It tastes bitter, in the sense of a remedy you know you have to take.

"Me too, Leila. I'll miss you. It's how it is on these kinds journeys, isn't it? We meet, spend some precious moments together, then part. We'll meet again, though. I know that."

He takes a long sip of tea and smiles at you.

Wow indeed! Looks like this medical ship is setting up to tow away the Wailord…

"Pokecenter ship, please identify! Please confirm identity!"

"Why aren't they responding?"




You're… doing pretty good! You feel the strain in your muscles as you lower your body all the way down to the floor. You first look to your left anf right, neither Arthur nor Aloysisus can do it as completely as you.

Your Pokemon do way better, of course, but they're Pokemon and have been battling.

"Alright! Time for breakfast! We'll be marching off towards the cookhouse. Walk in sptep! Left-Right Left-Right, got it? I'll call out first to keep candence, after this I want one of you to volunteer, got it?"

Can you march in step?


Gotta make sure I do this right on my first try! I've never really walked in step, but I can hopefully handle walking somewhat in line with the others


Roll #1 13 = 13


"Left… Right… Left Right Left…."

There's some confusion, but you take to it pretty quickly, helped by Arthur to your side.

Watching Aloysius to your left is very disrutive, though.

You make it to the cookhouse, a large open-air building. The first thing you havr to do is verify yourselves on a console, then go pick up your food.

Today is salted noodles. You can smell the grease. You're also fre to colelct whatever drinks you want t from the dispensers, though the only option is cocoa. Arthur opts to skip the noodles and just takes the slices of bread and margerine available.


I'll get myself counted on the console, but I won't be skipping the food. I don't know how hard the rest of the day will be and I don't want to add hunger to any possible problems.

"Will that really get you through the next few hours?" I ask Arthur before looking on at what Aloysius is doing.

Anything food for our 'Mons?


Yes, there's formula for different types of Pokemon. You're free to supplement with issued rations too. Arthur does take some noodles at your advice… and gives it to his Pokemon. You've already taken enough for everyone.

Aloysius is quietly eating… wait, no, he's staring into space with a vacant expression, like his Fraxure.


I'll make sure they're all enjoying it before I head towards Aloysius.

"You know you shouldn't let your food go to waste when we're probably going to be doing a lot of work soon." I'll look at whatever direction he and his Fraxure were looking off in. "Is something catching your eyes?"


"Wha?!- Oh, uh, yeah, thanks. But don't interrupt me when I'm daydreaming!"

They resume eating, and so should you. You have 10 minutes left for all this.


"I'll, uh, try not to. I think."

Let's finish the food, taking my own advice. I'll make sure my Pokemon are ready for whatever comes next, especially if we end up having to volunteer.


It's very plain and greasy, but it's food and you'll need it for the exercises ahead.


The drill sergeant calls.

"Alright, now one of you will ahve to call ouit when marching. Any volunteers?"

There's only three of you.


I'm going to need to set the example then.

"I'll do it!" Raise my hand if it's appropriate.


"Squire! Good initiative. You all could stand to learn a thing or two from him! Alright, march off back to bunk and rest. At 0800 hours, come down in PT attire, got it? Go!"


I will nod, my hand on his.
"And see to it you treat Charmeleon well!"


Follow instructions, I'll try to lead Arthur and Aloysius properly.

"Left, Right…"


Roll #1 15 = 15


"Of.. of course. I'd be more concerend about your Pokemon keeping up with you."

He raises an eyebrow playfully.

Not bad at all. It's not hard to you, and Arthur has no toruble on your right. You notice stumbling to your left… if you even want to look.

Now that you're back, want to do anything during your break before PT starts?


"You're a natural at this, aren't you Arthur? And Aloysius, sorry if I wasn't keeping you in tune too well. I'll try harder for next time so we can both do better."

I can't think of anything else to do on my first break besides doing a mirror check. Make sure my clothes are clean and tucked in, my Pokemon prepared, and just get ready for the break to end.


Swat away at the air, dismissively.
"They're made of steel, just like me."
And then we had our farewell lunch.


"yeah, yeah."

No need for anything fancy. Arthur opts for a morning shower, but you hang back to rest with your mons tillit's time to go down.

"Alright! It's time for agility training! Run around this track, and whenever we tell you to speed up or slow down, you do!"

That you do.
when will you leave?


"Understood!" I'll try to do my best on this run '1d20' while hopefully being able to hear their orders.

How are Arthur and Aloysius doing?

Roll #1 13 = 13


Rather early. I have to check up on jobs in the area, and we don't live in the age of smartphones yet.


Tomorrow then? It's late in the day, that was more like a dinner you had.

Difficult, but you're doing alright. You need more conditioning, as does Arthur, who's panting heavily.

Aloysius seems to be ignoring the commands.


Waiting one more day won't make any difference, sure. Let's see, is there something like a notice board for jobs in the area?


I should watch how much I eat. I ate almost as much as I lost when I was biking…

"Come on Aloysius, just got to keep it up a little more!"


Yes. You could look for stuff to deliver, or… hmm, someone looking for some wild berries growing on isolated islands. You don't have a Pokemon to surf with, though. An easier thing is someone looking for company. That is, an escort. That is, to guard them from wild Pokemon and so on.

"Haaah… ugh…."

He makes strange sounds as he and his Fraxure try to keep up. The run is pretty tiring, and by the end you all feel drained.

"Time for your break, and after that dinn,,r and after that, there wil be a bunk inspection!"


That last kind of job sounds interesting. Look for something similar.
But longingly, flip across the address book on my phone, looking at the Professor's number. Maybe I could call him, see if he's got any more work in the area…


"Good work for both of you." I say and toss them a thumbs up. I've been biking a lot, but running like this isn't something I have done since my last gym classes and I need to catch my own breath.

"Make sure to get some water too." I inform them. If Aloysius was running with Fraxure, how did my 'Mons and Arthur's do?


You see his number but it's unlikely, you feel. And you might not want to bother him all that much.

Conveniently, someone here is looking for compnay while they take a day trip to open waters to forage. You could contact them.

Oh yes, water. On that cue, everyone is told to get their water bottles and drink up.

500ml, or about a pint of water you have to drink in one go. Do that.


Let's poke that guy then.


You head over to the listed address. It's a… it's a very handsome lady who opens the door of the apartment.

"Hey! A trainer! I'm Mikko. Did you see the listing?


"That I did! Straight to the point, uh? Where are we going exactly?"


"A small set of islets in the open water south. I'll just be gathering plants, harvesting seaweed, you know ,where they're frhest. Nature's bounty is something to be appreciated, maybe I'll teach you a thing or two too."

"You're not thinking of starting imemdiately, are you? Though some nice plants do noly bloom at night.."


She's got quite the funny accent there.
"No, no of course. We can move out at your convenience, really!"


She thinks. Roll.



Roll #1 5 = 5



"Hmm… if you're fine with camping out, why don't we go out tonight? It's going to be a very pretty full moon too."


"Sure. I will go gather my stuff and we can meet up. Let's exchange numbers."


That you do, under 'Mikko'. You agree to meet at the port and go grab your stuff.

"Leaving already, Leila?" Citra spots you.

"You'll always be welcome back here."


"Thank you Citra. My time here was wonderful, but I need to move now. Especially after connecting with my pokemon on such a close level. I really want to see what we can do, together!"


"You will do many things. I hope to hear about them."

In a flash, she teleports away.

Get on the boat ASAP?


Yeah, no need to dilly dally.


File: 1526547637378.jpg (184.95 KB, 1000x667, Night-sea-view.jpg)

You get on a small boat where Mikko waves you over.

"It's usually very peaceful. Not a lot of wild Pokemon like to bother me most times. It's more fun to have someone to talk to when you do thsi stuff though." She says, while running the motor as the two of you leave shore.

The sun is setting over the water, and you can see the first few stars come into view.

"Ever foraged?"


Shake my head.
"I didn't have the chance during my journey yet. Nor the need, really. The furthest away I've been from civilization was in the fire plains desert, and there isn't much to forage there. You either prepare in advance or die."


"That's where you may be wrong! But let's talk about here. Nature… is full of bounty. You are born of and from it and can never truly part ways. Let me show you.

You sail out towards small islets, probably only big enoug hto support a house each. She gets off on the first, showing you around as she harvests herbs.

"These are excellent for reviving a fainted Pokemon, bitter as they are. You can boil them into a tea to make it more bearable, but here. Eat it raw."

She hands you a revival herb to bite into.


Take the herb and give her a weirded out look, but tentatively chew on it as I'm told.


It's bitter. Very bitter. You've seen the faces of Pokemon when they're made to eat revival herbs, and now you know the meaning behind them. At the same time, you feel much, much more alert.

"Nature isn't always pleasant, of course, but at times you take what you must." She chews on the rest of the raw leaf herself, not so much as a grimace on her as she turns her attention to some coastal berries.


Keep on chewing, powering through the bitter taste.
"So thish ish your job? Gathering medihal 'erbs?" Talk with my mouth full.


"No, merely a… hobby. Eating good food is such a pleasure. You are born to eat, if you understand my meaning. In the wild, food is everything. Why don't you see if you can pick out some things yourself?

You're not too familliar with herbs, but roll anyway.


Inb4 red cap shroom.

Roll #1 2 = 2


In your complete unfamilliarity with the ecology here, you fail to spot even a single berry, their altered morphology and the diminishing light making them impossible for you to recognise. You don't have a grass Pokemon to guide you either, so you're left completely clueless save for noting how thick and fat some of the leaves seem to be.


The ship is binding the Wailord with ropes.

It's refusing hails from your Sea Ranger, somehow.


Grumble to myself.
"I'm more likely to find a grass pokemon sneaking up on me than anything of value around here…"


"I should teach you a little about foraging, it might end up useful for you. Too many humans have forgotten how to harvest nature's bounty."

She shows you some edible plants on this islet. How to distinguish betwene poisonous markers and what's likely to taste disgusting but sustain you. Roll for understanding.


Sure, let's see how much I assimilate.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Not bad. You pick up this sort of thing fast. you now have a good knowledge of edible plants for the climate, and within the hour have filled the foraging baskets substantially.

"Did you bring a swimsuit?"


"What a question, of course I did! I was planning on doing some Surf training with my Wartotle after we were done!"


"Hmm, maybe you can learn some of that for what we're gathering next. Change out and meet me on the boat. We're going to harvest some sea flora… though seaweed aren't really plants. Fascinating how nature works, isn't it? Makes one swell with pride."


"Wait, they aren't? I always thought they were just wet leaves!"
Go behind a bush and start changing.


Not many would be as comfortable with it as you are.

"You see, humans have defined plants as organisms having certain structures in their cell that seaweeds lack. And humans have been slowly cracking the mystery of when plants first came about, and found that seaweeds diverged from plants much earlier than plants were in existence. For someone like yourself, it might not be important to know the difference, but curiousity and where it leads is a fascinating thing to watch. See how it's polished your spirits so."

She smiles, and you feel pride swell in the back of your head. It takes away from you noticing she's stripped to a very simple bathing suit, hardly cut out to swim fast at all.


Never been in a gym's changing room?
Emerge from the bush, wearing a very plain uni-piece swimsuit.
"So they are more akin to the prehistoric progenitor of plants than they are to plants, I see!"
Call out Wartotle. "We're going out to gather, boy!"


"More like a very distant cousin. That's a lovely Wartortle you have there, by the way."

She pets him on his fluffy ears, and he doesn't refuse. You sense some sort of reverence.

"From the great lake of the Fire Plains… he's come a long way with you."

The boat takes off towards the twilit waters, all that's left of the light is the orange at ther horizon. Looking over the boat, you can see schools of Magikarp looking to graze.. and of course, others looking for more than seagrass to feed on.


I'm slightly amazed at that.
"You could tell just petting him?"


"…something like that. He has features like slightly thicker ear fluff, and his shell patterning can tell me where his ancestors were." She doesn't look at you, continuing to pet the turtle until she stops the boat.

"Right, we're diving off here!"

Just like that, she leans backwards and lets herself topple out the boat.


"Let's go Wartotle!"
Put on some diving goggles and jump headfirst into the water!


File: 1526659734251.jpg (101.05 KB, 691x369, ChristofferBostrom_Zostera….jpg)

Wee! You leap into the sea, Wartortle hand in hand. The waters warmed from a day of baking in the sun envelop you like a very smooth, thick blanket.

Can you really dive to the bottom? It's not deep, but you're inexperienced. Roll.


I will sure as heck try!

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's difficult! You don't know how to dive to the bottom. Wartortle has to help guide you to the bottom, and in that time you're running out of breath. You resurface, breateh and return, more steady with your Pokemon's help, and you spot Mikko nonchantly picking seagrasses into a net. Looks like she's picking out what seem to be riper ones.


Okay, just focus on holding my breath then, and swim along with Wartotle's help, guiding him towards the riper patches of seaweed.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Wartortle can't resist snacking on some himself while you gather. Some Shellder who already occupy some of the better spots, but for now you ignnore them and focus on picking the seagrasses and seaweeds.

"Let's take a break." Mikko says, as the darkness gets overwhelming. Before you realise it, you're swimming blind. You barely manage to find your way up to offload cargo onto the boat.


Hiss myself onto the boat and take a few long breaths, resting up.
"That was exhausting, good thing Wartotle was there."
Shame I lack a fire type, or else I could dry myself off on its warm fur. For now, just wrap myself around in a towel.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You feel comfy. Exceptionally comfy in how the boat is being rocked by the waves. The moon above shines bright and full, the pale light your sole illumination. The night air stays warm, you feel just right. Mikko offers you some forage from before as a snack.

"You did well. Have you ever heard the theory that humans were born to be in water? It's interesting, how your bodies can adapt to dive for long periods. The spleens of some islanders are larger than normal to store more cells. A creative solution, isn't it?"


"Wouldn't that defeat the theory though?
If in just a short while these islanders changed significantly from other humans due to their closeness to water, doesn't it mean we aren't very fit for water to begin with, in our current form?"


"Not neccesarily. Maybe your bodies adapt after you've been diving around because it has the potential for that. Adaptation is key to survival, isn't it?"

She talks to you as she turns to a specially prepared part of the boat and begins cooking some forage. She gives you a dish of herbs, berries garnished with seaweed. The smell is intoxicating enough, but the atmosphere of the boat in the night sea looks straight out of a romantic's fantasy.


I smile and share bits and pieces of my dinner with Wartotle, who's helped me so much today.
"Is this what you do for a living? Teach biology to young trainers?" ask with a little smile as I'm enjoying the meal.


"It's more a… hobby. I have other ways of getting by. Some days I'm on the road in a truck. At those times if I have to break for the night I like to gather my own food."

She leans back, relaxed and sighing, and it's infectious. You want nothing more than to lean back and gaze at the moon.


Why not.
Lay on my back over one of the benches in the boat and stare up, letting Wartotle rest on my chest, petting him absent minded.
"On the road? Have you seen much of the world?"



"I've seen many, many things in this world. Even then I find some surprises every now and then. Usually, it comes from the bonds between Pokemon and humans. Spirits in two forms, blended together, make so many things possible. This has been a truth since the day I came into being."

She looks at you, petting Wartortle who gently lulls on your chest.

"The first time I saw light, the first rain I tasted, none of that could compare to the first time I saw a Pokemon bond with a human. You, young trainer, are truly blessed, and I hope you remember that."


I can't help but wonder why a truck driver talks like she is some kind of mystical, otherworldy being.
Feel her mood, so to say, with my abilities.
And as I do, nod along to that.
"You talk as if you could never be a trainer yourself!" then blush.
"But thanks."

Roll #1 1 = 1


You poke out your mind into Mikko…

It is difficult to describe what wracks you. Your vision fills with flashing colours. Noise drowns out any and all sound. Yo ufeel sick to your stomach and retch up your dinner, though you can't see anything happening.

Your limbs thrash about, and you can still recognise Wartortle's weight holding you down and secure. It's the last thing you recognise as your sense of the world without fades.

Strange images fill your mind. An egg. A view of many worlds. A single spirit becoming many and its pride as its children fill the worlds.

Roll again.


W-what? Am I having a seizure? Am I dead and seeing heaven?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You are only pulled deeper into this vision, having lost all control. You see the rise and fall of ecosystems: a volcanic eruption bringing death into world, or the folly of mankind again and again as their destruction and rebirth comes time and time again. To all this you bear witness, but amidst the pain you also see beauty. A Pokemon like yourself in union with these humans, these other spirits, giving rise to more potential. More life.

A laugh not in your voice fills your mind, recalling glee as you see this memory. These humans even gave you a name. M-


You can feel your body slowly return to you.


I gasp and shoot upright, or at least try to.
"What the hell!?"


The feeling in your body is still returning to you. You realise you're back in your room in the monastery. Pentium is looking over you, concern all over her.

By the amount of light coming in from the window, it's evening, earlier than your last memory of… whatever happened. Your belongings are packed neatly to the side, and that's when you notice the sponge stuffed in your mouth, and the straitjacket around you.


A straightwhat!?
Start making noise, bloody hell!


Pentium takes the sponge out of your mouth and undoes your straitjacket, freeing your limbs. You hear a knock before Citra enters the room.

"Leila! I said you were welcome back, but I didn't think you'd return on the same night. Are you alright? You've spent a day unconcious."

As far as you can tell, there's nothing much wrong with you. Now, anyway.


Pat myself down, in shock.
"What the hell happened? How did I get back here?!"


"That's what I was hoping to ask you, actually. We found you at the gates late last night. Looked like you were suffering from some kind of psychic overexposure, the way you were shaking, so we put you back in your room to isolate and let you recover."

Your memory of last night is hazy. You recall teking a job to go out with a lady, and harvesting, and having a really good time in the sea. Then something happened, and now you're here.


"I remember I was on… A boat? With some lady I took a job from. But she was talking weird, like she wasn't even human, and I tried to sense her emotions but then… Everything's blank after that."


"Tried poking into people's minds, huh? Hmm… You might have met with someone who was extraordinarily powerful. Or something."

Citra thinks.

It looked like a person, you're sure? Speaking of which, something also arrived for you.

She hands you package. Inside is the payment promised for the job, some dried herbs, and a letter.

>To Leila

>Thank you for a lovely night out! A shame it had to end so soon due to unforeseen circumstances. I enjoyed myself a lot seeing your bond with your Pokemon, proof that together we can be something more. Good luck in your journey. Perhaps we'll meet again.


Show the letter to Citra herself.
"I'd call this proof enough."


"Mysterious. It's not even signed."

"There aren't a lot of people with enough power to make someone this sick. Lugia can, but it does not wear the skin of a human. There is a Pokemon that is said to enjoy it, though. The one we call Mew."

Cirta smiles.

"There are folktales here and there of Pokemon wearing the skin of people. Sometimes it's a Zoroark, but they never speak, and Ditto are rarely complex enough to try emulating humans. Consider yourself blessed."


"A mew? What's that? I don't think I've ever heard of that…"


"An ancient Pokemon said to have given rise to all Pokemon life. Supposedly, it can transform into every and any living thing.

Of course, your memory may be fuzzy, but stories about Mew tend to go like this. Usually involves it taking the form of people to live among and watch us. sometimes more, though I'm not sure if it's simply the indecent imagination of people or not."

"I think I met it once. I was a young girl on my journey, only it was in the form of a man who saved me. He had a lot of knowledge and taught me many things, but I think I glimpse some of his true nature out the corner of my eye, or mind. But that was a long time ago, and I think I should let you rest."


I will nod, and go back to sitting on my bed, deep in thought.
Mew… Have I really met with it? What was it trying to teach me? About the bond between a pokemon and a trainer? About the bounties of nature?
I should learn more about foraging, I guess…
And more about ancient pokemon.

Maybe I can be off to the monastery's library to learn more!


You sure can! It's late though, so you'll be alone. That's fine as long as you're not too tired.


I just woke up, no way I can be tired! And I have my pokemon with me!


You do feel pretty groggy, though, you definitely need more rest. But sure! You head over to the library, lighting it solely for yourself. You have al ook at some folktale collections

>Comparative study and classificaiton of folk legend

>Pokemon Stories: Rare and Exceptional Encounters
>Collections of Oral Tradition


Pick up the middle book and look for encounters with mew.



There are collections from different eras, including some impossible to date. A basic pattern involves chance meetings with a persob or Pokemon that seems to be more than meets the eye. The temperament, too, varies. Sometimes the entity is a trickster, there to exact some form of retribution, and often the entity is some kind of teacher. Its true nature is never directly revealed, but sometimes it is seen shifting its form. The most interesting story describes an account of a trainer who abused their closest Pokemon, only to be tormented by the entity taking the form of their deceased ward until they met a gruesome end. Some are on lighter notes, like those claiming to know the entity closely, even encouters of a more.. intimate nature. One version of the lineange of the Imperial clan also has them as descendeants of Mew.

Keep reading? Roll for focus.


Try and find a link between the oldest identifiable occurrence of these encounters and the region and civilization it occurred in.


forgot my roll

Roll #1 6 = 6


The oldest ones identifiable as far as recorded history, and there seems to be no pattern save people being involved and it prfereing those with a close bond with Pokemon, and exacting vengeance on those who betray their comrades. There's even a story about a Pokemon being the subject of a punishment for leaving its trainer.

Roll ot keep up your focus.


Pull Umbreon on my lap, sighing as I stare at the book.
"How far does it go?" say, more to myself than to him.
Shift to the book about Oral Traditions, look up Mew in there.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's a more detailed collection of the same folktales that were summarised. Nothing new here… your focus begins to wane.

Just as you see Umbreon's ears on your lap perk up, you feel a prescence behind you too late. You feel something sharp pressed against your neck as a hand grabs near your shoulder.

"Recall your Umbreon."


I gasp and freeze up, unable to even speak in this instant. My eyes try to turn around, looking for the aggressor, and the hand petting umbreon closes harder on his fur.


As you try to speak, the hand clamps down, pressing down somewhere in your neck that freezes up your jaw. Moving it would take excrutiating effort.

"Recall your Umbreon. Then you need to come with me."

It's a girl's voice, as far as you can tell.


Gulp down in fear and eventually recall Umbreon, in complete silence.


"That's good, good. Now stand up."

Your assailant moves their arm under yours, keepign the sharp object to your throat and lifting you up. You're shoved, and being made to walk outside the library, towards Citra's chamber.


Unable to even talk, I will keep moving. Try and keep an eye out for reflective surfaces, to catch a glimpse of my aggressor.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You catch a faint reflection of a bell. It's a girl who seems your age, her hair tucked into a hood. Most of her is covered in a bodysuit of some kind though, like a ninja.

You're right outside Citra's chamber now. Kicks open the door, and Citra stands there, watching you and your aggresoor, clearly waiting.


I'm just kinda unsure what's happening now, but I'm not really that worried any more.


"Ma'am. Have I passed my test?"

"You did fulfill the conditions of your exam… I'm not sure if it should count, your hostage isn't feeling well. …Then again, you were instructed to do what you need. I'll inform Sinistra you've passed."

"Thank you, ma'am!"

Your aggresor lets go of you and steps forward, bowing to the gym leader as she takes off her hood, revealing flamingly red hair. The weapon she was thretening you with was.. a leaf.


Make some muffled sounds, unable to move my jaw still, and looking more annoyed than anything.


She's let go of you, you can move now. The girl turns to you, looking apolegetic.

"Sorry about that! Not only were you tired, you were engrossed in reading that book. I was supposed to bring someone to the gym leader without being detected for a test of mine, and you were the easiest. I'm not sure if I even had to dampen my aura so much! I'm Riss."


"That's a pretty annoying test, you know! I had stuff to do, and you scared the heck out of me!"


"Leila, I did tell you to stay in your room and rest, you know. Citra chimes in, stifling a laugh.

"I know.. I owe you a lunch or something, okay?Or I can help you study, uh, whatever you were studying, I dunno. I'm wide awake and I got some time now."


"Yeah but…"
Eh, suppress that feeling of tiredness.
"Okay, let's go. We have a lot of reading ahead of us!"
Back to the library!
"You'll need to help me research Mew, I'm trying to pinpoint a possible origin point or nest for that creature! Or anything more solid than this handful of old wife tales!"


"Oh, that?" I can direct you, but there's really not a lot to go on." She follows you to the library as a Gabite pops out of one of her Pokeballs stretchings its legs and yawning.

"We can think of Mew more like a wanderer than anything, it has no nest. As for origin, who can say? Nobody's had the chance to ask it. Maybe it simply always was. We call these Pokemon legendary for a reason, you know."


"There has to be someone who got close enough to ask the important questions! That pokemon did nothing but contact humans after all!"


"It's not in its nature to answer questions like this, you see. We can only make extrapolations. And no one's ever really known what they were talking to until much later. Which part are you interested in, though? I might remember something."


"I pretty much only want to meet it again."



Riss looks dumbfounded, her eyes wide and blank. An understanding comes over her, though, as her Gabite pokes her.

"Wish I knew how. But if it really did visit you, then I'm sure it was interested for a reason. Maybe it'll cometo see you again after a while. Like, if you continue being a trainer. I really wish I knew."


I will frown, flipping through books.
"On a different topic, I never realized how many different civilizations were around before ours…"


"We've been through many eras. Major history begins with three major nations that were constanly feuding with each other. Their borders shifted a lot and different subcultures became dominant, so that's one way to divide it further. Eventually a new power formed in the middle kingdom, which with their use of dragon Pokemon conquered all thee realms, resulting in what we have today! The Imperial line is, as far as can be told, unbroken since."

Riss looks quite proud at knowing all that. "There's even some lost tombs and locations that have yet to be found. Cool huh?


I close down the books and nod.
"Thanks for the help Riss. I think I will go rest now."


"You're very welcome! I don't get to rattle off like this much. You're a… trainer, yeah? Journeying? Maybe I'll see you again!"

She looks genuinely pleased. Her Gabite bows to you, too.


"Yeah. I'm trying to, at least."
Smile at the redhead, and go back to my room.
I think I will get a move on for the next gym, tomorrow…


"Till next time!"

So you return to your room. Roll for sleep quality.


Deep and restful, pls. With Umbreon on my lap and Pentium by my side.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It wouldn't have been remarkable without yoru comrade by your side, snuggling up to you. Your dreams are safe.



Up, up and away? What were we doing…

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