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Trainers raise Pokemon. Pokemon make trainers strong. It has always been that way, and always will.

Isn't that a solid thought?


File: 1497974557539.jpg (6.07 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

Updates to the map are unlikely to be needed anymore. Thank you for using PokeMaps for your navigation needs! We have aditionally partnered with the Rangers to publish a Trainer's Guide as well.


>Squire, Cello and Leila

"Alright! This is a good point to stop for lunch. The only point, really."

Professor Willow waves to a Ranger who's set up some kind of rest post, where other scientists are stationed and gathering data. Boxes of food cooked from earlier are on a table, some already eaten by staff sitting around or tacking away at their laptops.


"Sounds great!"
What do the surroundings look like?


I'll grab a fair share for myself, never again I want to feel hungry in the wilds
Munch on my food while peeking over the Researchers laptops


"After some of that training, I'm wondering if they caught any Pokemon and they ended up as lunch."


File: 1497975465248.jpg (147.78 KB, 800x600, 357014.jpg)

The same. The plains are eeriely quiet still, more so than ever, but you feel the prescence of many. Maybe more. Greater. Trying to see or listen to the lake makes you feel like throwing up.

"We don't even know if they're safe to eat! But, based on hunting behaviours we've seen emerge, it doesn't seem like they'rem uch different. DNA analysis is helping to show the differences more accurantely."

Professor willow answers you, grabbing her own laptop as she goes over some notes.


File: 1497975570667.gif (66.35 KB, 566x494, aminot.gif)

Looks like they're running a Multiple Sequence Alignment. It's a technique using powerful computers to quickly search for similarities and differences in DNA and protein. There's no way they could have the computational power out here, though, so this was likely already done back at home.


I'll take a seat and get some food.

"That's actually what I was worrying about. Good to know."

Let's sit down, see what supplies the Rangers brought with them here.


Interesting, let's leave them to that and focus back on eating. I have a feeling I'll need the energy in the next hours


You see that just behind you, they're having a Machoke haul in a cart of heavy equipment. It looks like some kind of receiver dish, but… different?

You barely got to rest, you poor thing. You should pace yourself.


Take a few bites, make sure I eat something.

"Hey, what's that receiver like thing going to do?"


"It, uh… to put it simply, it's capable of detected a wide range of the radiation that form the class we call Ψ-waves. Very expensive, so be careful. Provides a bit more ojective means of measurement than having a psychic at least. Oh, we've got some strange readings around here."


"Is it detecting a Pokemon nearby?"


No worries, after this all is done I'll do nothing but spend some downtime with my Pokemon for a bit, we all deserve that
But for now, duty first!


"Possibly. Most humans will emit a certain amount, so when precise measurement is needed people need to wear insulating gear. There's a stronger than baseline from peak here, so one of you might be psychically active. But point it further away…"

He aims it towards the lake.

"Very high. Might be something there."

"Hey, you worked for Yew, right? You think you can handle this while I eat? We're detecting a massive, spherical object in the middle of the lake, enough to warp the space around it. Estimates put it at 238663 kg/m density. I think it's a sphere around 0.1m radius, can you help me find the mass? Thanks!


"Uh, wait let me see if I understood, you're saying there's a sphere in the bottom of that lake that weights thousands of pounds? Also how much is a 0.1m in centimeters? 100?


I'll make sure to hold on to Quetz's Pokeball if I approach.

"Maybe there's a lot of Water 'Mons in there? "


"Which reminds me, do you have any water Pokemon?"


"Hey guys…"
I'll look a little dizzy.
"Doesn't the lake smell weird..?
Maybe there was something in the food…"


"Yeah, Cali and Quetz, in a pinch."

"The machine does seem to say there is something in there."


"The lake?" I take a long whiff
"Hmmmm nope, smells like the same muddy smell as any lake. You feeling okay, Miss?"


"Not really… I feel dizzy. There's something with the lake-"
Call out Pentium! He should help me pinpoint what's in there!


That's 100cm, yes.

Density at an order of magnitude around 6 is worrying, though…

Professor Willow's eyes widen for a brief moment.

"Hahaha. I should explain. The densest conventional element, Osmium, has a desnity of 22.6 g/cm, or 2.26 kg/cm. Now, compare that to a neutron star core, which, incidentally, has is one of the most dense materials theorised to exist. Under extreme conditions, subatomic particles can be made to occupy positions extremely close to one another. Of course, since this limits their possible positions, by the Exclusion Principle, this means that their velocities must increase to absurd amounts. So you'd need a ton of energy to make matter like that. Like, a massive star. For reference, this 'degenerate matter' or 'neutronium', has a density of an order of magnitude about 10^17. That's 17 zeroes.

We're dealing with 5 zeroes, so it's not that much, but it's telling."

No matter which of your senses you try to use on the lake, you feel kind of sick.

"Oh! Interesting." The scientist behind the mask says. "It might be hard, but… do you think you can try to focus in the lake for a while?"

He starts sending messages on the radio rapidly.


Pentium emerges! Having her out make you feel a little better, since the stress is split, but you still feel sick. Overwhelmed? You feel something being beckoned.


Wince at the request and go put one hand on top of Pentium's head.
"We can try…"
[1d20] focus. And don't puke.

Roll #1 20 = 20


"Coolio, hope I get to see them in action"
"Uh, maybe the boat ride left you sick? Or the food, you should sit down"
Very worrying yes
"This stuff sounds extremely dangerous to approach without proper equipment, professor… Are you sure about this?"
Also I should get a chair for that Steel Girl


"Yeah, but wouldn't something like this have been noticed before. I just have a hard time grasping that something like that could be in there."


With your hand on her sturdy emtal body, you plant one part of your mind deep here, and split off towards the lake.

The prescence of many more Pokemon are revealed. You feel a mourning, sorrow. Briefly, an image of a foreign world crosses your mind. Filled with all sorts of strange… Pokemon? What else could they be? They all seem to be sharing this collective memory, gathered both around and in the lake. You feel the mourning directed towards something at the shore, some that's left a deep mark on them, through some noble act, now lost. You can't feel it, though, but you slowly inch yourself deeper and deeper within the lake. It's not responding, but it's an immense prescence, it takes your whole will to not be overwhelmed or drawn it. It feels, though, like it's about to wake from sleep. Or a nightmare. It will fulfill its purpose soon.

Suddenly, your body aches, and you feel joy from the beings, the Pokemon surrounding this core.



"That was one of the things that caught our attention. With matter this dense, there are ways to detect them from afar."

"It's worth a shot. We have some psychics, but they're back at base, trying to help us with our readins so far."


Outside of my mind, I yelp in surprise.
But my eyes remain closed, my thoughts focused. And I try to talk, happy and serene in this shared feeling of joy.

- Hi -


Rub my arm "Well alright, I suppose I can go diving some with Nadia"



Images of a night sky suddenly flash by you. The night. So mysterious, powerful, your home, your power, YOUR

Roll to stay focused or lose yourself.


I'll get a bit on edge.

"So if we didn't detect something that heavy before, then that might mean someone or something brought it here…"


Lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go ?

- Who. Are you? -

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Bad idea."

The scientist sweats while looking at the graph. Out of a cabinet built into the machine, he gets out a straitjacket, blindfold, earplugs and a block of wood, looking at Leila nervously.

"Now you see. …oh dear."

Professor Willow preps the straitjacket.


"Sorry, a class mate made the same joke last time we had a hard time with a problem. Maybe no one ever focused in this direction, or they wrote off earlier results as a fluke. We're here with all this equipment and it still seems so far off."


"Why's that? Oh, uh oh"



That's all that you can make out before you snap back to your own reality, doubled down on the ground, Pentium in barely any better shape. Professor Willow is holding a straitjacket, while that other scientist is fiddling with a pair of strange earplugs. A somber tone, playing in the background, suddenly stops.

They stare at you anxiously, not daring to speak a word. So do the other trainers, though you notice Zoe was playing on her flute quietly/

Leila suddenly buckles over, shaken from the trance she was in.


Yeah I'll definitely grab a chair for her, and some water


Rush over and make sure she's okay!

Ahh, what do I do in emergencies like this? Check their pulse? Make sure they aren't bleeding? I forgot! I do the only thing I can think of.

"Hey, you okay!?"


Stare at them all wide eyed, hands clawing at the grass under me.
"W-what the hell just happened?"


"I just saw you fall down. You feeling okay?"


"Did you… did you communicate?" Professor Willow asks you first, quickly tossing away the straitjacket. The other scientist seems more interested in a new reading on his monitor, looking at Zoe's flute.

You're attended to by your follow trainers immediately. One of the boys, Arthur looks over Pentium for you.


"I saw-"
Shake my head and hoist myself on my butt, legs crossed as I sit on the grass.
"-I felt something down there! It talked to me! It was surrounded by the thoughts and attentions of countless Pokémon!"


I'll nod at that.
"It saw me. Spoke to me."


"Something in the lake?" I glance at professor Willow "So that sphere thing is like, Alive?"


Professor Willow is wide eyed.

"Was it.. comprehensible? Did it mean anything? What did it say?"

Everyone turns to stare at you, from fascinatiion on Riss's face to outright horror.

"Almost certainly."


"Are you still feeling them? You said you felt sick before."


Do I still feel sick looking at the lake?
"It said its name was Vessel. And all the Pokemon rejoiced once it woke up…
Professor, what is this?"


"Alright then we definitely should check that out, this seems serious, I heard only powerful wild Pokemon could use telepathy with people"


"You think you can stand up? Cello has a chair for you."


"That's a weird thing to name yourself… Maybe it's not even a Pokemon?"


File: 1497981700776.png (72.31 KB, 496x379, 2017-06-21 01_57_40-Cosmoe….png)

Not so much. It's quitened down, but it gave you many images of 'nighttime'.

"Vessel? I see, I see. I think we've have some solid evidence as to the real reason why there's been such an explosion of new Pokemon species."

She paces around.

"Data we have shows a Pokemon called 'Cosmog', and its line. Upon evolution, it becomes Cosmoem,, a Pokemon comprised of extremely dense matter, which matched our readings just now. Upon evolution to either of its next forms, it becomes fully capable of utilising its abilities. That is, including travsersing known spacetime. Of course, we've never actually seen any of these."

"Leila. Did it mention a.. time?"


"Woah… That second form looks like an egg, kinda. So it's getting ready to turn into one of these two?"


I'll give her a coy, apologetic smile as I climb onto the chair, thanking Cello.


"That just makes it sound even more strange. Being able to traverse space and time, and it chose to settle here and brought along the other Pokemon?"


"If the data's to be believed. It would help if we knew what we were up against."

Both of these Pokemon are atriking to look at.


"Well, if it's not now… Leila. Did you, uh, sense a sunrise? Sunset? Stars? A moon? A nighttime or daytime?"

"Just like in the old stories, huh?" Arthur muses.


The purple one is kind of cool though


"Oh yeah!"
I jump up, fully remembering what that whole deal was about!
"It was night! All around me! It was so powerful and amazing and all over me!"


"Yup. Just makes me.wonder if there's another group of people trying to find their missing Pokemon too."


"Damn it.."

Willow, brusher her hair out of the way, quickly shoves the other scientist aside and looks at the data on the monitor. She snatches the radio off a concerned ranger.

"Yes, this is Willow. I have a timeline on possible Event. That means tonight. Setup the equipment. Get reinforcements, everything. And tell Yew he needs to get here."

She sighs.

"Good work. I asked way more of you than I should have. Ranger, do you mind escorting Leila back to camp…?"

She wants to send you off!


"Really? I dunno, I like the big white one more."
Viola peers in. You were so engrossed in your work, you forgot she was here!

"Now, that'd be complicated. I wonder how a whole different people would get along with us…"

"We'd have to be friendly, but also put on a show of strength. What do you think, Squire?"
Unlike Arthur, Riss is much more willing to think of wehat to do.


"If they're like us, then I'm sure it would be fine. Maybe they do the same things we do with a whole new set of Pokemon. Wonder what it would be like to train them." I say to Arthur.

"Maybe we can count on the Earth Titan for help if they decide to attack like in those cheesy old shows. If it comes to that, can I count on you and your 'Mons?" I smile at her.


No way!
"What!? You want me off here when it's all gonna go down tonight?
Forget that, I want to watch!"


"Curious, indeed. Imagine, though, whole new other worlds to explore. Fresh oceans to sail in…"
Arthur looks lost in his thoughts.

"Oh, definitely, but you'll need to be the frontline hero, the big face and all." Riss smile back. "Can't wait till you get to Tumi island and train proper."

Yeah! Pentium swings her arms in protest.

The other scientist brings out a… syringe? Willow tells him to put it away.

"Alright. Guess if you're all the way here. But you need to wear these at least, alright?"

She hands you the weird metallic earplugs.


Are they wearing it too?
Take them and roll them in my hands curiously.
"What are they for?"


None of them. You put on the earplugs, and suddenly, the world around you grows quieter. Not in a tangible sense, you hear everyone normally, but you feel cut off somehow. You notice that you can't sense Pentium as strongly.

"Psychic dampeners, the least instrusive kind anyway. If we need to, we have a blindfold, or a full helmet too."

Waiting around is going faster than you realize.


"But what if I want to actually feel what's going on around me?"


"New depths to explore. maybe even a whole new sky." I try to keep him going.

"You'll still be the one with more training. I want to see what you and your team can do." I tell Rise. "I'm sure you've already improved since our last meeting."


"It's only while there's a big psychic risk. I'm dealing with something a little heavier.

Professor Yew steps in, with not earplugs, but headphones in both his ears.

"We'll have to setup closer to shore. Look, I– yeah, guess it's kind of crewy, but I promise I'll teleport her out if I feel any danger, okay?" He says, trying to calm a fuming Willow as staff behind pretend they aren't looking.

"So much. For now though, I need to focus on what's here. Yeah…"

"Oh, definitely. And you haven't improved enough! Listen, we're going to do a rematch one day. And I don't want it to be with you now. I want to rematch a Squire on the path to victory. Understand?"


"Woah now, fine, if you have to worry so much about this I can just put the earplugs on! No worries!"
Do it and wait by the professor's side.


"Maybe we let our minds wander." I tell Arthur.

"Now that's a second promise your having me keep. Once we're done here, I'll make sure to head to Tumi. I was already headed in that direction, so don't worry about that." I offer my Pinkie finger.


Riss laughs and stick hers out, gripping yours.

"Seriously? Well, fine! This is to represent our blood oath!"

She grips tight!

"Please do, Leila."
Seeing Willo's face calm and caring is pretty jarring after she's been trying not to yell at the man for a while.

"Hey! We're moving out, let's scout out closet to the lake. We'll need to set down our gear too."
The two profs signal to the squad to get up and going.


She must have some problem up there in her head. Wonder if a good psychic could fix her.
Follow the scouting team!


I just smile and laugh at the blood oath part. "Let's not take it that far…"

"Okay, looks like we are moving out. Let's get ready in case they need us to show our abilities now."


You'll understand when you grow up, maybe.

It's mainly the professionals like Rangers in front, some in navy uniforms, and some green. Their Pokemon look so sharp and alert, taking every command! A few are even flying overhead, fastened to their Pokemon with special Flight Harnesses. Those are wearing beige uniforms.

You can see where the joy came from. There are way more Pokemon centered around the lake than you could see. Notably, all that you can see are the new species. Strange pink mushrooms walk around. Shiinotic? In the lake, you hear singing, coming from Pokemon of the Primarina family. The trees around the lake betray what hides them by the cheerful hoots of Rowlet. Incineroar seem to be gathering dried grass, and lighting small flames.

Most interesting for you, though, are the dragon Pokemon. You recognise them as such instintively. The small ones with a big scaled head, larger ones with arms that can swing, and huge dragons that make claning, melodic sounds from their scales, seemingly sparring. Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o and Kommo-o, you recall.

The sun is orange.


"Guess it's nearing that time…"

"Whoa, this place is active, and check out those Dragon types over there." I'll observe them with my Pokedex, stuff like this is important in this journey, and to me.


"That's a lot of weird, weird looking pokemon…"
Mutter, more to myself than anyone else.
Walk right beside Pentium, this is important for the both of us!


"Yep. You can feel it just by looking! Powerful, proud, noble… so cool. Wonder which lucky trainer will end up bonding with one of these as their first?" Riss yawns, before letting out her own Gabite… and Dartrix. Isn't that one of the new Pokemon? She's had this owl for some time.

With Pentium by yiu, you circle around, behind the perimeter of experienced Rangers of course.

You and Pentium, right here, at the frontier of current knowledge, discovering the unknown. Can you even describe what this makes you feel?


"Almost as cool as Quetz, but we can't fall behind, as much as I want to." Let's keep up with the group.

"Hey, is that one of the new Pokemon? I don't recall seeing it before."


It's the feeling which is born when challenge and skills are just right and you want to take it all in!
Turn to the others.
"Do you guys always have this much fun?"
There's a glint in my eyes as we go towards the unknown.


"You should have seen us before. Besides, I was just another student in the Rising City. This is the first time I'm going, well, [i]anywhere."


The others have different ways of expressing their wonder. Arthur is silent, and has his Frogadier leaning on him while they stare out into the distance, a glint in both their eyes. Zoe has her arms stretched out, smiling and taking in the air with her Chansey.

"It hard work most of the time! But seeing more and more, well, gives more of a chance to find somewhere nice now and then." Zoe responds, candidly.

You feel awake. Pentium feels awake.

"Yup! Found it around, decided to keep it, it was cool. You have no idea how long it took to find me a grass Pokemon I really liked. Now all I'm missing is fire…"


I like that Zoe girl!
"You sound like my kind of girl! How long have you been at the trainer life?"
"Before? What did I miss?"


"Maybe you'll find one here, which is why I'm trying to keep my eyes open too. I've still only have five 'Mons with me."


"Someone learning the world is bigger than his books." I offer a smile. "The Lanobe gym was a great change for me, it hasn't been too long but I feel like I'm a different person since then. Have you been there?"


"A while! It's a long story." She strokes her Chansey, who hums its own tune.

"Maybe I'll catch from here, or not, I dunno. I'd liek to take my time, I feel like I've got a good band right now. No need to rush."



Shake my head.
"Who's the leader?"


"Hey, that's my reason!"

"You'll have to ask Riss for any of those details. Needless to say, I was taken by surprise."


"It's not exactly a rare reason." Riss shrugs. "But it burns hardest for me. And, well, there are other reasons."

Riss chimes in.
"Master Sinistra! She's, like, really cool. Can you believe how completely normal she looks? Like, imagine a mom that just stays at home all day, ex>>27584
cept she's secretly one of THE strongest trainers ever…"

Riss looks dreamy talking about her teacher.


You notice concern on the Prof's face. It's subtle, but there are hints you've learned to pick up.


I chuckle.
"Someone's got a crush."


I just smile at Ross after that description.

"C'mon, let's see if they figured out what the next location will be."


I nod and trot along.


"W-What? O-oh, wait, on Master Sinistra? I mean, uh, it'd be hard not to, considering how cool she is."

She looks perfectly calm.

"Yeah, I'm just waiting for you to call me when you find a teacher that fits you."

Through the orange sky, the moon is showing.


"What's on your mind Professor? I thought you would be excited about this. All these new Pokemon and so much to learn from them… Or are you worried about what happened to that girl?"


"You'll be at the top of my list, Riss. I am really liking just being outside like this, though. Like, it seems so cool that the moon is out at this time for someone who was usually inside so much."

Look up and admire the bright Moon for a bit.


I'm gonna blush!
"But that's forbidden love!"


You notice him deep in concentration, looking at the lake. He grabs his head, suddenly, bucking over and retching.

"Ugh! Cello, get ready for battle!"

Professor Willow quickly tends to him, grabbing pills out of his pocket and ramming one into his throat.

"Pssht, not in that way! There are many ways you can think someone is, uh, cool."

Riss doesn't look in your direction for some reason.

A kind of strange tone emerges through the air suddenly. Some kind of music? The sounds that flow through the air cannot be made by anything you know, and the music they are woven into makes less sense, even. It fills your bellies, your lungs, your eyes, this sound that goes everywhere from nowhere.


"Wha, what is this?" I hold my heads and my sides. "Is it the lake?"

I'll turn back towards the water.


Interrupt the conversation and dart to the professor!
"What's wrong?!"


"Woah, professor!" I go to help him but back off as Willow comes to the rescue, she knows what he needs
Worried, I pull out Jasper's Pokeball and let him out
"Jasper I think I need you here!"


"I think that Pokemon might be waking up, and it's doing something to the professor… Are you feeling something too, uh Leila wasn't it?"


File: 1499018322262.jpg (79.46 KB, 1000x1000, d4c8b449e1a7346fc2827334fd….jpg)

you feel a clawing at the back of your head! The closer you reach, the more it threatens to burst out. Stay away!

Sudden bursts of light appear on the air around the lake! From them, a group of… of…

They move irregularly, like Tentacool or related Pokemon, but descending slowly through the air. The shape of their tentacles remind you of a young girl wearing a dress, and an uncanny giggling fills the air. The giggling intensifies, and together they form a frenzied cacophony of laughter.

You, however, can feel fear and hostile intent.


"It's like it's all, inside me. I feel weird." I fumble through my Pokeball for Quetz's. "Something is going on, but I don't know what it is. I'm counting on you, buddy."


"Yes! It's like an oppressive thought, and it's angry, mad… Evil!"
Toss Pentium's ball in the air.
"I need you girl!"


"Quetz, stay ready."

I'll let them move around and observe. The laughter is strange, but as long as they don't do anything else, we'll just have to tolerate it.

"Wait, are they going to attack us?"

Try and get the Pokedex on them.


I cover my ears, grinding my teeth at this maddening, annoying laughter "Okay that is not any Pokemon I seen before"
"Then whatever it is, it can't handle all of us together!"


The Pokedex flashes and brings up a pagethat you didn't see before. Or rather, haven't seen before.



The Nihilego swarm on the ground!
While Rangers quickly get to work fending off most of them, a stray one heads towards all of you!

Wild Nihilego appeared!


"Okay this thing doesn't seem to be have ears so… Jasper, Confuse Ray!"


The creature, already suffering from disorientation, becomes even more confused! Its movements become a lot more haphazard.


"Squire! What did the pokedex say?"
"Pentium! Iron Defense!"


Maybe that wasn't such a good idea…


Pentium leaps to the front, preparing to intercept hits as much as possible. Her skin hardens, gleaming with the luster you know and love.

The Nihilego headbutts, hitting Pentium! that hid is barely scratched.


"Hey, the data on them is locked!"

"Quetz,, use Twister on them! Don't let them surround us!" '1d20' damage '2d6'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 3, 6 = 9


"Good girl!"
Turn to the professor.
"Should we hit back? They seem malicious but we might hurt them!"
As I see him order the attack I will shout!


"Locked? What do you mean locked?!"
I'll hold on on orders for now



The Twister repels Nihilego floating towards you while engaged in battle with others! Te main Nihilego, however, stays where it is, blown about by the wind.


Why don;t you check your Pokedex?


Guess we are going all out!
"Pentium! Metal claw!"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 28 = 40


"It just says it's data locked! Do you know anything about them!?"

"I'll keep them away then!"

"Quetz, Agility!" '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pentium's claw swing, trying to strike at the dazed jellyfish, but misses! It squirms away, and, seeing Pentium as the main threat, releases a cloud of Clear Smog to erase the gleam on her armor.

Poison doesn't penetrate steel, though!


Quetz's body lightens as he does something resembling the Dragon Dance that nearly crushed your team, but nowhere near as powerful. It does, however ,grant him a massive speed boost as he deftly avoids a cloud of smog.


That's exactly what I'll try to do, while ordering Jasper to go for a quick attack
'1d8+6' +16

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 8 + 6 = 14


"let's see if I can find out" I say fumbling with my dex


"Don't lose sight of it, girl! Go at it again!"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 28 = 40


"We'll keep at it pal. Use Deagon Tail, let's just keep them away from us!"

'1d20' damage '2d8'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3, 4 = 7


There is no lockscreen for you, and you know why.


>Reports indicate those infested by it suddenly become violent. Similar effects are observed from exposure to its neurotoxin, indicating the compound as the vector. Defense against poison is recommended. It's unclear whether or not this Pokémon is sentient, but sometimes it can be observed behaving like a young girl.

Jasper flies into the jellyfish, but its hard skin deflects the hit.

Pentium's claw contacts the Nihilego this time! The jellyfish's skin is surprisingly fragile, as it gives way when touched by steel. Pentium's claw slices deep into a tentacle bundle, and clear fluid drips from the gash. The giggling reaches a new height of frenzy.

Quetz forgets his speed, and misjudges his timing! The Nihilego manages to grab Quetz, burning a hole through his scales and stinging him!

Quetz is not only poisoned, but confused…


Hey. Look at this trick.

Roll #1 87 = 87


Resistance to poison you say? Well me and Leila should be good, so I'm more worried about Squire here
"I think it's a little too late now to say this but you should probably let your Pokemon away from those things if they're not poison resistant…"


"Don't let it get to you! Push it away with Aqua Jet and pull back! Confusion '1d20' attack '1d20' damage '1d8'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 19 = 19 / Roll #3 5 = 5


"Thanks! Once Quartz gets some distance, I'll we can deal with it."



The Nihilego is sucked into the ball!

Wub wub…

And a split second later, the ball burst, releasing it back and smoking, damaged beyond repair. It grabs Pentium, but without poison able to pierce her hide, It can only meagerly bash her.

Pentium's HP: 50/60

Quetz immediately focuses right back, shaking away the neurotoxin! He charges into the tentacled Beast followed by a rish of water, and the fluid softens its body for a hit!

Still, he's weakened by poison. His skin looks like it might come off.

Quetz's HP: 54/71


It was worth a try!
"Pentium! Fight back!"
[1d20][2d6+28] metal claaaaw!

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 28 = 34


Oh right I forgot to make a move
I'll look for one of these tentacle freaks that might be trying to sneak up on us or have been left alone and get Jasper to give it a load of Wing attack!
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 3 + 10 = 19


"Quetz, shed your skin and knock off the poison, then use Twister to keep them at bay!"

Confusion '1d20' Attack '1d20' Damage '2d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 5, 2 = 7


You never know!

Pentium slashes right into the Nihilego again! Its body wobbles, the integrity collapssing as more fluid leak from the fresh wound.

From the other group of trainers, a Nihilego is sent flying your way! Jasper's wing Attack beats it right back, though!

Quetz squirms, and his skin takes on a sickly hue before it peels off, revealing a healthier Dragonair underneath. He conjures yet another Twister, bringing down the damaged Nihilego!

It looks drained and dried up, the crystalline structure of its skin losing its luster. You look around, and the other Nihilego are also about to be felled. The ones nearer to the lake, though, are being picked up by the undiscovered Pokemon nearby, and dumped in…


You hear yet another ominous, otherworldy tone. While the other was merely strange and disquieting, this march sounds hostile. Especially to you, Squire. Hearing it makes it hard to stay calm. Your pulse races, your vision has a tint of red…


"Now what?!"
Do I have a potion to use on Pentium?


"And stay back!"
My attention is brought back to the lake by the sudden ominous sound "Jasper, stay closer to me, I think something is about to pop out of the lake" I keep my dex at hand


Pentium is a little hurt, you can patch the scratches on her hide with a potion for now.

"It-it's not over yet! I'm detecting a ton of decoupled virtual particle pairs! Something big's happening!"


I put an arm around my sides and another over my eye as I get about what it could be…

"Quetz, help… Quetz, please…"

I breath faster as I try to deal with this feeling.


A literal ton of unbound anti matter? How is this continent not glass yet?
Also- try and help Squire!
I'm a psychic right?
"Pentium! Focus with me!"
Put one hand on Squire's shoulder and one on Pentium's back, try and pray the gay away shield his mind!

Roll #1 18 = 18


File: 1499023311962.png (373.93 KB, 800x583, 799-Guzzlord.png)

Quetz isn't of much help, being similarly frenzied. He's striking the ground and squirming.

You manage to grab a hold of him, and, out of instict, focus yourself first on being calm. You try to enter his mind, and it's a mess, being provoked by something. However small your contribution was, Squire can at least control his body.

Two large pincers emerge from the air, followed by.. followed by one can only be described as a living mouth. The interior of the massive mouth emits light constantly, and another head sits atop, staring with menacing intent.


I gasp, but don't let go of Squire!

"Cello! What's that pokemon?!"


"Holy- H-hold on I'm working on it"
Come on pokedex!


"Thank you. I'm… better now."

"Focus on that thing, I'll help Quetz!"

Take out his Pokeball, try to recall Quetz. "It's going to be fine, just calm down! Don't lose yourself in this noise! Come back to me!"


>A dangerous Ultra Beast, it appears to be eating constantly, but for some reason its droppings have never been found. Reported to have consumed entire mountains, it is speculated that it captures energy directly from the annihilation of any matter it swallows. Extremely dangerous.

With the Thing looming in front of you, the frenzy subsides, lingering as a nagging urge in your head. Riss seems affected too, and her Gabite is roaring viciously.


Head over to Riss, do the same as the others and put my hand on her. "Come on, don't lose to this sensation. We need to control ourselves and our Pokémon to help our friends!"


"Pentium, come back!"
I don't have anyone for a situation like this…
"Trapinch! I choose you!"


"Ultra Beast… Dangerous… Eating constantly… Entire mountains!… Annihilation of any matter it consumes! EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!"
Okay maybe it's time to panic a bit

Turn to the professor, how is he holding up?


She snarls, and before you can see it, her fist strikes your face! You fall to the ground and she leaps on to you, pinning you down. Her face is mere inches away from yours, her frenzied drool is dripping on to you as she raises her arm again…

What can you do? This massively powerful Pokemon, against you? The rangers and eggheads are doing their best, with Pokemon way stronger than yours fending off the beast. Instructions are yelled to stay away from its Feeders…

The Pokemon near the lake are working harder than ever.


That voice.


He's with his Slowking, working on something on a piece of paper. He has his earphones plugged in, in those times he wants to not be interrupted at all.


Try and push her off! If she's attacking me like this, she might hurt herself!

Push her back! '1d20'

"Hey, Riss needs help!" And so do I…

Roll #1 18 = 18


What about it?


You sure you want to get a pretty girl like her off this fast?

She grabs her head again, and seems to have calmed down.

'O-oh, Squire. Sorry…"

You swear you saw a blush for a split second.

It's the same one from the lake. It IS from the lake.



Riiiight, let's leave him be then
Help Squire up "I don't think there is anything we can do here, that thing is massive, the pokedex even said it's not a Pokemon, it's some kind of ultra Beast"


"Guys! Can you hear that? From the lake!"


I'm not into that type of role playing.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." I'll stand up and make sure she's steady. LWe were both under some strange effect. But, our Pokémon, we have to help them too!" Is Quetz calming down? If not try to recall him.

"Keep it at a distance! Keep attacking to keep it away, but don't let it close the gap!"


"I just felt a terrible marching before, but that was it before I felt like I was losing control."


And now he's pulled out his sweet laptop and is bust tacking away on it. It even has an attachable extra keyboard that his Slowking is also typing on!


The Pokemon are busy dumping the Nihilego into the lake…

Quetz is fine now. The Guzzlord is being repelled, bust just barely. Something else needs to be done.


"There's SOMETHING deep inside the lake! It's begging for food…"
Gasp in realization.
"The pokemon ashore now feeds to power the egg inside the lake!"


''All I can hear its the noise that thing is making!''
''Right, at a distace, I think I have someone that can help with this''
Suddenly turn to this metal girl like she is crazy ''Woah, wait run me with that one more time. That thing, the Guzzlord, is eating to power the egg/orb on the lake?''


Also swap out Jasper for Misdreavous


"Nggh. Look, I don't think we can fight this thing right now…."

"We don't have any other option! Hurry!"
Riss orders her Gabit up and with her, and starts dragging away a nearby Nihilego.

"Help, please?"


"It's a guess! From what the pokemon inside the lake is shouting into my mind!
It needs help feeding, and that monster feeds without end, all that energy has to be going somewhere!"


"Quetz, help us out!"

Join Riss in deagging the Nihilego.

"We'll do what we can!"


I shiver a bit, these things look a bit nasty to touch
hesitantly join them in dragging the Nihilego
''Alright so, suppose we feed this thing, but what if it just tries to end us as well? Is the voice on your mind at least saying please, leila?''


Quetz pushes one of the Nihilego in, being pulled by Riss' Gabite. The Pokemon at the lake' shore make way for you to pass through as they also try to gather energy so the Guzzlord cannot.


Pull Pentium out and help drag.


"C'mon, we're almost there."

"We'll help each other no matter which way tho this goes."


"Of course! Don't even think the opposite!"


Pentium's strength is enough to drag one on her own! The Guzzlord's feeder almost crashes into her, but an icy wind shakes the arm away. Arthur waves to you, his Frogadier navigating the field to repel the Guzzlord.

With just one more dumped, the moon shines right over the lake. The darkness of the night has fallen, but light shines through from the water.


"Hey, there's something glowing from inside the lake!"


"It has to be the egg!"


File: 1499026889616.png (709.36 KB, 690x593, 727ceaf55e9a263dc7663ffdb6….png)


Music emerges from the lake, otherworldly tones sewn into a coherent piece, filling you with wonder. The wild Pokemon aroudn the lake step back as a shadowing being emerges, with bits of what looks like the night sky spilling off to form its body. It's covered in a blanket of stars, sporting a vast pair of wings, decked in the crests of the moon in all phases.


Everyone stops to pause. A third eye on its head takes shape.


I stand in awe of it as I hold out an arm, beckoning Quetz to stay where he is.


Let out all my mons.
I want them to witness this.


The massive Pokemon gleams, its whole body illuminating with the glow of the moon. It cries out and descends upon the Guzzlord, blasting it with light! The Guzzlord bellows in pain, feeling the fairy type attack disintegrate it both within and without. Lunalaa pulls the Guzzlord with it, and suddenly both of them vanish.


That. Was. Awesome.
Let's do it again!

But no really check up on Squire and the professor.
"You two okay?"


"What, did we just witness"?

"Yeah, I think we are both better than before. Thanks."


I stand mouth agape, not believing what I just saw

And then realization hit me as I fall on my knees grasping my head


If only we had a camera!


Professor Willow was leading the attack, and had just put on a headband with a strange stone embedded. She's already tending to Yew, who's looking at a bunch of complex formulae.

It's not over yet.
The Lunalaa returns, and whole hordes of Pokemon are brought with it. Some of them familiar, like Magikarp, but others alien like the rest of the Pokemon surrounding it. The Lunalaa keeps vanishing, taking other Pokemon with it as they clamour to be picked out, then flying off, only to return again with even more Pokemon.

Commit it to memory, then! Or you can do it now, but the Lunalaa only appears for about a minute at a time before it keeps flying away.


Not professor willow, professor the psychic guy!


I have no idea what it's going on then, but this is my perfect chance
Pull out that sketchbook like a boss and whenever the Lunalaa shows her face, sketch a bit of her
I have to focus on this one, I might never see this thing ever again

Roll #1 9 = 9


That's Yew! He's already being nursed, while willow is on her radio."

"Uhuh…. sightings all the way at Northpeak, Evergreen, Torchfire too? Guess its distributing the Pokemon around."

Almost perfect. The light from its body inspires you, but you don;'t have the skill to capture it fully.

Slowly, the Lunalaa stops carrying loads of Pokemon, and starts carrying more off.


"You mean the new pokemon we saw?"


It's okay, this is excellent
I put down the sketchpad and look up ''Distributing the pokemon around? Huh, that's kind of cool but why is it doing that?''


"Why is it bringing so many Pokémon?"


"Seems to be the case. And even more, too. Going to have a lot of work ahead of us…"

"Possibly to drop the Pokemon in their environmental niches? I mean, a Snow Vulpix would be unlikely to survive the climate here."

All you get is a shrug.

Slowly, the Pokemon here dwindle, until all that's left are a few smaller groups that start scattering away. The Current Migration is finished, and the luster leaves Lunalaa's body.



Let my other Pokémon out so they can see Lunala.

"Quetz, we'll get you checked out when we get back, in case that poison left anything behind." Pet Quetz, then turn to Riss and her Pokémon. "You O.k.?"


''Makes sense. Now I just wonder how other people will react to that, especially folks who live near routes seeing a weird new pokemon they never saw before''


"We're good!"

The massive bat-shaped piece of the night sky floats, the light from its body calming down, while everyone gets back to work. Pictures are snapped, the remaining Nihilego carted away and more equipment is dragged in to read the Legendary Pokemon appearing before you.

"They'll just have to adapt."
Arthur muses.

"Who knows. One of them might end up being some kid's Partner."


"I can't wait to see that pokemon again…
Hope its gonna be alright."


"If they aren't that crazy aggressive, I'm sure people will like more diversity around them." I'll pull out my Pokedex. "But, can you find out why this thing is locked? A lot of that infor could've been useful."


That's definitely a topic I'm interested in, listen on!



"If I didn't know about Grizzlies from your 'Dex, I might have walked into a bad choice by using Airy against it."


''You said it'' give him a cheerful smile ''Now tell me what you think of this'' Show him the sketch

Also turn back to the lake, is the Lunalaa just… Floating there, staring at us?
''I'm not sure actually… mine doesn't seem blocked. Did you update to the latest version?''
''Oh, Who's Airy?''


"Because we didn't want to have every trainer suddenly finding out about these and mass panic to ensue, basically. Or worse, for some criminal org to find otu and find them before us. But as for why it's locked, because the code to unlock it the moment it actually read one nearby is broken. It'll be fixed." Willow says as she massages Yew's shoulders.

Pretty much. Seems like it's resting for now. By the morning, it may be gone.

"Oh yeah, and you kids can go rest up at camp now. Hey, have you even had dinner?"


Oh, I'll definetly approach it and sit down a bit closer so I can get some nice details down
Actually I'll circle around and sketch her from other angles too, hope she doesn't mind
I know this might be futile since all these dudes are taking pictures with cameras but I want to do it anyway

''Not yet, you guys can go ahead, I'll join you in a few''


Roll for it.


"Yeh, I did." Show him Petilil. "This is Airy. Might not look like it, but Airy is full of surprises."

"Alright, I understand."

I'll head back with the others. Lost being driven mad here might make me a bit more hesitant to stay.


''Oh… My gosh, she is so cute and precious''

Roll #1 7 = 7


If only you had more time to hone your craft. you cannot do this justice.

Going to head back yet, or stay here and keep trying?

The Rangers are waiting to take you back if you like.


Head back. I think all of us could use a check up after what happened.


"Professor Yew…
Why was the shock so intense on you?"


Well, let's try some more
This pokemon is way too beautiful to fully capture it on paper, but I'll be damned if I won't keep trying
I think I will only leave once the night falls, when it is too dark to see her


'1d10' also roll

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Feeling better?" Riss asks, rubbing her Gabite.

He sighs, body and mind loosened by his friend's skillful hands.

"I suppose I've put off my training for far too long. My power grew with my skills, but I could never really control it well. Work kept me…"

"It wasn't just that."

"Right. Guess I need to bite the bullet soon."

Willow smiles, then gives him a stern look.

"Right. Leila, you've been a big help. Would you like to be returned back to the Fire Plains, or would you like yo continue your journey around here?"

It's too hard, and you only have so much paper and time.

Maybe you can work slowly instead.


I have time
Let's sit back, release Jasper so he can see this beauty (They're both bats, i'm sure he'll like her) and get to work slowly
>Taking 10


Jasper looks at the Lunalaa. He might learn something.

Roll for Jasper's Inspiration.


"I think we all will when we get back and can lie down."


"I could use a change of air, professor. And if anything new about these beasts is needed, or if you ever need more help…
You know my mail."
Give him a big smile, and a very soft hug not to hurt him.
"Thank you professor!"


heh, alright

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yeah, lie down."
She's a lot quieter than usual!

Willow ruffles your hair.

"You have fun now, alright? We'll leave you at Shuiea port tomorrow, and a ticket to Torchfire if you want to go back there. Now you should head back to camp and rest up."

Jasper watches, and flies around it, but is unable to be really inspired. He does gain some experience, though.


The spark will hit him eventually, I believe
''She's beautiful isn't she?''


Nod, and take a moment to walk off somewhere quiet with my mons.
"Hello guys. Big night, uh?"


She really is. You know what's also nice? The prof happy with that other prof. You notice them having a moment.


Well let's leave them to themselves, not only it is rude to stare but also ew old people!

NOW I think it is a fitting time to let all of my pokemon out, so we can all sit together by the lake to watch Lunalaa


They're not old, they're, like, early 30s!

Everyone sits around watching the lake.

"Hey, nice sight, huh?"

Viola is here, watching with her Whirlipede.

Really is. You walk a little further from the lake. Eevee in tow most notably, he was enthralled by the night.



I jump in panic at Viola, letting out a surprised yelp as I hold my heart and catch my breath ''Oh y-yeah… It is, phew''


"You all feeling fine?"


More than that. They feel inspired from having witnessed something so special. You feel a solidarity flowing from everyone, a common commitment to making more memories of this kind, finally shared from you to them.

Feels so good. Eevee especially, as he nuzzles your leg.

"Course it is. Saw you working hard. Cool, huh? Life turns out fine sometimes."


''Yeah, and here I was scared that something terrible was going to happen. A while ago I was panicking but now I'm calmer than I've ever been…''


He's a really cuddly one isn't he? Pick him up and snuggle with him while I sit by the lake.
Might as well camp here.


You do have some food you could prepare…

He's so warm! He sniffs you as you plomp your face into his coat.

"That's how things go. Night's not going to last forever. I want to watch it."


I giggle. "You're burning. Turning into a flareon or something?"


''Yeah, me too''
Let's see if I can share a non-awkward moment of silence with her


The fading moonlight fills the void.
Roll for mood!

n-no! you know, that moon pokemon was really pretty. Maybe he should go out at night more often.

you set up a tent and a campfire, dried noodles and berries, some dehydrated meat. It can be made good!


"Hey Wartotle, you want to go fish?"


oh darn
'1d10' da mooooood

Roll #1 6 = 6


Why not? His fluffy ears twitch as he dives into the lake.


It's alright! You guys stare out at the night sky in silence. Out the corner of your eye you note you're not the only one. Best not to interrupt those profs.

Roll #1 19 = 19


That looks promising.


While in the morning, the other group of hirelings got asked to accompany a scouting team, you were asked to join your fellow Rangers. The others may be eager in spirit, rich in willpower, but you are a Ranger. You are the ones taught to traverse the Three Realms, helping those who cannot help themselves, thriving in the harshest of places and surmounting the obstacles of the world.

You are Amber, the fully certified Ranger.

You wave goodbye to the crew as they leave with the scientists, taking special care to look in Arthur's eyes, which occasionally peek at yours. The warm southerly winds blow at teir backs, sending them off.

Now, you are to report to a meeting tent soon. Check your styler, supplies, and your Pokemon comrades.


A tent meeting, that usually means on site.


There is a stiff air as you enter the tent. The rangers are anything but tense, joking to each other and laughing, but you note the ranks and certification tabs on their uniforms. These Rangers all vastly outrank you. They don't even share the same colour of uniform. While yours is a very pretty green to blend into the jungle, there are some who instead wear the blue of the sea. One wears the khaki of the desert badlands.

"Oh hey, there's our newcomer!"

H-how are you supposed to address someone os high up?


Right, with a proper salute, and "Ranger Amber reporting in."


A grown lady just waves, but the man next to her scowls at her, then returns our salute.

"At ease, full Ranger. Which part of the Grasslands are you from?"


Relax a bit, and smile. "Evergreen, I was home just recently too."


"Oh, the Evergreen! You must have quite the Grass partner. Bet our partner and you can call practically any forest home, huh?"


"That's right, Grovyle here even does fine in a cold snowy forest. " I reply proudly.
"Where are you from?"


"Me?" The man shows off his uniform, and a tab that says 'Frogman'.

"Tumi Island. Trained to fight, lived on and in the sea, now I work in marine operations."

The khaki-clad woman speaks up. "Rosherg! I navigated lots of caves as a kid, and I did many desert crossing challenges before joining up with the Fire Plains people."


"Whoa, you're even tougher than I expected. " I compliment with an approving nod.
"Even where you're from is awesome."


"No more than yours!"

The man stands up finally, heading to the front of the assembly.

"Alright. We will need to head out on a more.. special mission. Concentrated topological disruption has been detected around a certain area on the island. W and V-axis destabilisation has been seen through the relevant detectors.. that is, spacetime may be messed up. Aside that, we're going in nearly blind. We're not sure what we will be seeing, but we need to investigate. Body cameras and sensors will be given to all of you, so put them on."

A small body camera is passed to you, and it has more sensors. You're supposed to strap it to yourself somewhere.

"I know that's not a lot to go on.. but any questions?"


"Time might be messed up? How do you know that?" I ask curiously peaking at the table behind him


"That's what the measurements say. You have to understand that time isn't a constant. One constant that can be measured is the speed of light and related tensors. Now, I'm not an expert on this, so don't ask me how the math and particle physics behind this works, but suffice to say things might get strange. You might find yourself stepping what appears to be one foot but ending up several feet away, or for one second to appear to be several minutes to people standing away. That's not counting higher dimension warping, which only has a few models that have not been tested well. So, uh… yeah."

The ranger chief frowns.


I frown back, this has to be related to the new pokemon..
" I understand, Sir."


"Good, because I don't think any of us do. Be careful, point out anything that looks suspicious, understood? Let's head out.

Everyone files out, and there is a sureness to their step you haven't seen in most rangers, much less yourself. The group is brought round the plains, to the edge of a forest.


Follow along confidently. Nothing that bad could happen, and it's all going to be recorded too.
Gosh, that means anything cool I do will be on video, I wonder excitedly if I'll get a copy later.


What a thought!

you get a strange feeling from the forest. The air is different. This is something different from the forests of home, or the wild jungles to the south. It's… alien.

Lalita comes of of her ball curious, and that's when you notice that the rangers around you have become perfectly still. They're frozen in the midst of their talking, marching and surveying the surroundings.


Wave a hand in front of them to make sure it's not a prank


Nothing happens.
Very curious.

you notice that there is no wind here despite the strong breeze just moments ago. The air is exceptionally still.

everything is still.


"Its up to us now lalita. " I point forward leading the way deeper into the anamoly of a forest.


You move forward, and… you notice the sky change. A red tinge overlooks the sky, and the temperature suddenly drops. You feel a little cold.

You look back, but you see no one. You've lost sight oif base as well. Why is there an empty plain behind you?

It's… dead. The grass is dead. You just noticed that the trees are all dying.

where are you?


I should still have my jacket… let's wear it.

And check my compass.


Warmer. Your compass…. points in a completely different direction from what you saw before.

You have no idea where to start. The ground below you crunches, and you see the poor skeleton of a small Pokemon you can't identify. The sparse brown grass does little to hide it.


Whoa, that is not good.
Move from the crumbly spot


You can only wander in one direction now, but you notice a flock of bird Pokemon flying west, away from what looks like the setting sun.

There is movement by your feet. You see a small Pokemon, some kind of… Ratatta? It looks like one, but… oh no. A Ranger like you might barely be able to somach the sight.

there is no way this Rattata should be alive. Parts of its face has been ripped clean off, and flesh on its back and legs are gone. It crawls the ground, opening its mouth has if to try and make a sound, but you can see from the hole in its neck that there is nothing to give it a voice. It doesn't leave a blood trail, there is no blood left in it. but here it is. ….'alive', and not dying.

Lalita breathe heavily.


'1d20' rollin for it

"What.." point my camera right at this maddness."

Roll #1 6 = 6


N-no. you retch, barely keeping the vomit in your gullet. You have to look away, but point the camera, making sure it captures this before you look away.

good thing you can't hear it. The smell, though… like death, but not thorough. Somewhere in between.

You don't know if you can help it. There's not much point sticking around.


There must be a reason. I have to keep looking.
Walk deeper.


You follow the forest west, away from the setting sun, where the bird Pokemon above fly to. You note the wailing of a Cubone, and it looks gravely injured. The Marowak… none of them are regular Marowak, they look more like Zoe's. Fiery and ghostly.

The cubone and Marowak were marching towards the west too, but the gravely injured cubone cannot go on. Those injuries look fatal, but again, like the Rattata… it cannot.

The Marowak grimly surround the Cubone, and all raise the clubs at once. Ignited, they strike, and the Cubone's skull is crushed and incinerated. It's no longer in pain. Maybe. the arms still twitch.


I hold marills little arm and urge us on.
"The legend.. its just like that picture in the book.."


You have to keep going. Luckily, that was captured in your camera.

You come to what looks like a beach. The sand sure looks like a beach, but there is not a drop of water. Despite the many fish Pokemon skeletons around, and the dried remnants of seaweed and coral. The Marowak march off across the basin, the other side which you can barely see. The emptiness is… it's no longer eerie, it;s hit you. It's frightening.

where are you? why are things like this?


I stand at the edge and shout "Hello?!"


ello.. llo…

Nothing responds but your own voice.

The birds don't ackowledge you, even, but every Pokemon seems headed in one direction. west. Towards Moonrise.


I shiver, following the Pokemon in their path.


File: 1500493062310.jpg (58.97 KB, 600x450, aral-sea-barren-land_16953….jpg)

This, in the past, might have just been a small sea, as you can see the opposing shore coming closer, but you've been walking for half an hour. Despite the sunlight, you feel little warmth from the sunset. Is that even the sun?

The Pokemon walk onward, trudging towards the other shore. They seem to have some hope there. At last, following another half hour, you can see the other shore, and the vast hordes of Pokemon that have gathered.

They await something.


Waiting isn't easy.
But there is nothing else to do..
Get a few shots of these Pokemon in their strange state


You should. And, if you're brave enough, maybe you can try to take one of those Pokemon with you. A small Rattata-sized thing, maybe? You have to find a way to transport it.

As you reach the shore across the dry sea, you see even more processions of Pokemon passing through. From your vantage point you can see them huddled together, watching the Moonrise.


Take one with me?
Well maybe one that isn't too decayed would be fine to carry..
'1d20' look over the small fries

Roll #1 9 = 9


You see one on the ground, calm and sleepy. It can barely move on its own, the feet are crushed. It's a black Rattata that looks like it has a cute mustache. Despite looking like it should be in great pain, it doesn't seem that way at all.

You can see flashes of light n the skies far, far away, blending it with the unnatural colour of the clouds.


Scoop up the odd mouse to carry it.

Oh.. this is.. keep going toward the colorful light


File: 1500722668981.jpg (94.06 KB, 1200x675, Cry4HowWEAA5brb.jpg)

It barely realises you're carrying it. You ARE wearing gloves, right? You could also relegate this to another of your partners.

You hear the majestic cry of what must seem like a massive Pokemon, and from the image of the Moon in the sky, a large bat-like Pokemon emerges. You do not know its name ,but you can feel its power. Its proximity sends shivers down your spine, and merely looking at it feels you with awe. Could this be a legendary Pokemon?

With its arrival, you hear strange tones, making a kind of eerie, otherworldly music. sounds vaguely familliar…


The green ones with my uniform !
Thou if I wanted a healthier Pokemon it might have to be larger.
'1d20' check just in case

I really hope it's recording that song and amazing zubat like legendary

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1500723656430.jpg (117.77 KB, 530x318, guzzlord.jpg)

It would take extraordinary negligence for someone of your caliber to forget these things. The camera sees the legendary, yes, but you're not sure if you have any audio equipment with you.

Light shines as the flying legendary dives into the crowd of cheering Pokemon, picking them up and flying up, vanishing. Seeing those taken by the legendary, the remaining Pokemon cheer even harder. It returns, after a minute, and takes another batch with it to parts unknown.

More eerie music fills the area, and all of a sudden.. something emerges. A hole is torn open in the space before you, and some manner of beast claws its way through. Just looking at it sends shivers down your spine. The way it moves, the way it roars. Nothing like this is natural or of any world like yours.


"So Pokemon really are from another world.." I comment gazing up at the hole and odd beast


Maybe. Humans might be from another world, too.

But now is not the time to think of that. The maw of the beast opens, and from within you see a brilliant light, the crowd of Pokemon around it are still, and from its mouth two pincers emerge, grabbing each a clawful of helpless Pokemon and shoveling them into its mouth. The light within shines brighter.

It looks at you….


Run away!!


You take off at a run! The ground below you is grabbed, though, as the beast pulls the soil to its maw and shovels it in.

The bat returns, flying in front of and above, you, firing a blast of moonlight and the beast It staggers in ts steps, and the Pokemon around it turn to fight!

What will you do, as a Ranger sworn to help people and Pokemon?


If this is something that the Pokemon think they should fight after all..

Then send Lalita since she's already out here.
"Try water jet to catch it from the side. " I tell her


Lalita charges at it from the side! But she barely manage to make it even notice her!
You have to stall it until all the Pokemon here can be rescued, it seems. Every minute the bat returns and collects other Pokemon, and helps by attacking the beast.


Well, maybe I need more Pokemon
Get Rusty, Webster and Tamiyo to join in

"Lalita ice punch it! Rusty slam into it. Webster try using your spider web to pull it back. Tamiyo protect them. "


Your Pokemon, working together, do your best to repel the beast. Webster's web slows it down for a brief moment… but it easily snaps through them. Rusty's slam and Lalita's punch are focused on one leg, keeping it off balance.

Only a few groups of Pokemon left. Roll to see how well you are doing against the Beast.



Get Vee and Lily out here too
Have them add in ranged attacks on those claws

Roll #1 4 = 4


Lily and Vee fire on the claws. Water, Fire and Grass, the three nature aspects, none of them do much against this beast. Could it be some kind of Dragon?

Rusty botches a dodge, and is picked up by a claw! He struggles, and is about to be dropped into that massive maw…


Call him into the pokeball.
If it's a dragon..
"Lalita ice punch that claw!"


Roll for that. Trick recalls and sends are a hard skill.



Roll #1 14 = 14


No! you can't recall him in time! But just as Rusty is about to fall onto that beastly tongue, the bat returns, blasting the beast with another Moonblast. You get another chance, and this time you pull off a sick trick recall. Lalita even rams her fist into the beast for you!

You're beginning to feel the effects of the world. Lethargy is coming over you. Your thoughts are slipping away, you need to infuse Life into the land…


…is that something I can even do?


Remember what you learned from the Mirage Axis? You saw The Grass Tender herself and her Venusaur call out the life of the land. You can try.


Grab Lily's hand seriously.
"Lily, I don't know how much area this works on, but I need you to make a Grassy Terrain. Big as you can. Don't worry about doing anything else. "

"Everyone else, protect Lily. You stand there Lalita, Webster and Tamiyo you two back here. Vee on the right.." I instruct the team


Lily braces herself ,calling out to her instincts. Something in the back of your mind calls out, and you sense the remaining life in the land, the shadow of the little death that remains. You hum a tune instinctively and your vision closes. You hold Lily, and when your eyes open, the grass beneath you has sprouted, the green returned.

The remaining wild Pokemon change. Their movements become sharper, more focused. A pretty seal-like Pokemon blasts a wave of light at the monster, sending it reeling backwards.


Maybe this time the legendary will take us all with it..

Grin at Lily "You are amazing! It really came to life again. "


Not just Lily. It took some of you, as well.

Your Pokemon stand back and rest, as the energy brought from the land empowers the others. At last, just a few are left. Some pretty seals, some owls like you saw at the Great Tree, and some firey cat pokemon. Finally, the bat returns, flying towards you…


Wave up at the Bat as it comes down.


It does! It picks you up, enveloping you and the remaining Pokemon together. you leave behind the wretched world…


Wow, I'm surrounded by it's starry wings.
"This is so cool!!" I say even as the world vanishes


You can barely comprehend what you see as the beast is left behind. Other worlds. Some scorching hot, some sunken under the sea, some completely empty. You see only windows into them.

Roll to gain some form of… understanding?


This is all happen ing to me so fast

Roll #1 13 = 13


It's hard to describe, but all the worlds you saw… none of them had the same things you cherish. The same shade of the sun. the same nights to blanket the sleeping. The same plants to give life, and all the warmth of the living.

You feel like you need to carry out your… sacred duty.

You smell the air. You're home. Not in the evergreen, you see the scientists, a lake, and the base you left in the distance. Night has fallen.

You are dropped on the lake shore, and in the distance you can see the other trainers leaving. The legendary floats above the lake, the moon's reflection shining, resting and smiling.



"You're welcome, and Goodnight Moon " I tell the sky, finally calm now that I'm back in my r right world
Did the rattata make it with me?


Yes! Though it's looking less and less energetic. You might want to rush off to the group, or scientists.


Run to the scientists then.


You find Professors Yew and Willow! They're giggly, and both their heads of hair are ridiculously ruffled as they sit behind some bushes.

"…oh you, it's been way too long…"

Professor willow notices you, and she quickly buttons her loose blouse.

"..oh! Uh, Amber? Ranger?"
Professor Yew quickly turns around, then turns back around to button his shirt before seeing you again.


Ignore that like an oblivious kid, and partially shove the dying rattata into his arms.


"W-what? Uh, Beth, this is your thing–"

"Xavier, I don't– Void? Right, well, well need to bring it back to the base."

Willow calls out a Zebstrika, which she mounts with ease, and is followed by Yew as he holds the Rattata while sitting behind her.

"You get on, too!"


"Thanks, let's hurry. "
Get on the zebstrika with a bit of a hop, it's much taller than gogoat!


Very! Bigger too, but not as comfy, you barely manage to hang on to Yew as the Zebstrika rears up and charges towards the base. It skids to a halt outside one of the lab tents, and you notice the party of rangers you were with talking to a worried Ranger officer.


Shout at them "hello! I'm up here."



One of the rangers smiles and waves.



"More like When ." I reply smugly getting down and joining them.
"Check out my camera."


"It was strange how you just disappeared… right, I suppose the pictures will show what we need to see."

They take your camera and plug it into a computer to view the footage. They see the rotting Rattata and, as testament to their skill, none of them flinch away, though a few do wince.

"What-what was going on here?"


I frown. "Its what's not going on. Death. It's a place, a time, before Yveltal gave us am end to life "


Everyone is speechless.

"You're, uh, pretty sure about this."

The video feed continues to when you crossed the sea basin, catching the unnatural rays of the sun and sky, and the Pokemon all going towards the point at moonrise. Then the Pokemon appears…

"The Lunalaa!"

"Wait, it was carrying Pokemon over, and now you're here. Were you carried back by the Lunalaa?"


I nod excitedly "yes! It was thankful to me for saving those Pokemon so it took me here. Well, close by here, I think it can't be too precise, there were a lot of times it was showing me, like that story of when everything was water, i saw a place just like it. "


And hammering the point home, the beastly Pokemon you fought appears on camera.

"The Guzzlord!"

"It's the one we fought! Look, it's got a few marks from where our attacks hit. So the Lunala dumped the Guzzlord here and evoacuated the other Pokemon here and around the rest of the continent."

"Were you aware the this legendary Pokemon called Lunala was sleeping in the nearby lake, awoke and carried the Guzzlord to.. wherever you were?"


I hum a bit.
"Um, not exactly, but I knew something very strong was in that lake, and that I had to wait there."


You didn't see a lake while you were in the Other world, or a drop of water for that matter. He's talking about the lake that's near your current camp.


"Oh. I misunderstood! You meant that lake. No. Lalita knew what to do." Rewind the tape to the start where she comes out of the ball. "She's right here off frame with me. "


"Your Marill. Isn't that a fairy-type Pokemon?"

Indeed, you look like you weathered the effects of the strange environment better than some of the other Pokemon with Lalita out. It shows your fight with the 'Guzzlord' before you got picked up and sent back.

Everyone is silent.


I nod and look at the tape with pride at my hard fight.


Thinking about your own skill, huh? You sure are a proud Ranger.

"We need all the information you have about this. Can you submit a detailed report to go with the footage? Preferably as soon as possible."


"Of course. Um, but what about the rattata I brought back?" Look back to the professors and see if they got it treated.


They brought it into another building, since you got pulled away here.

"We'll let you know, but right now they're still busy. Do you think you can do this report accurately in the morning? You seem like you really need some rest, but we also need you to remember everything you can."


He adds.
"So if you can do it now…"


" Is it okay if I eat and write it?" I ask innocently smiling and rubbing my empty belly which makes a timely growl.


"Sure! We'll get you a sandwich…"

One of them even brings out a magmar to toast the sandwich for you so it isn't cold, while giving you some paper and a pen to write on the desk, the rest of the rangers filter out to give you space.


" Oh thanks! Thiuses Gre-ate" I reply as I munch on the sandwich like it's the only food I've seen in months..

Then start writing with one hand, how time froze and I followed with Lalita toward the center of the forest and everything changed to thicker forest and then barren. Note that this is when I suspected I was walking through time. Then the Pokemon not dying and the cubbone being crushed by it's family.


It's all rather gruesome to think about, your mettle is tested. Lily pats your back, providing moral support.

You're not sure what the time is when you're done. Late. 10pm. Are you tired?


I look at Lily with a heavy sigh.
"I hope I'm remembering this all correctly."


She points out the part where you write about being through time. How sure are you about this? You could have been displaced in more or less dimensions than that. You should note that as your own speculation.


I scrunch. "Give me a colored pen." And underline that part..
Also the part where I 'feel' that I have to wait with the rest of the Pokemon and 'know' that lunala is asking me where I belong.


Those feelings and instincts you had were real, but you should try to tie them to tangible things. You saw the rest of the Pokemon waiting as well, right? That might have been a clue. And when did the Lunala ask you anything? It only communicated when it had already brought you home. Lily points these out.


Get a new page and write in detail about the procession of undying Pokemon gathering here and how there was nothing to do but wait.
And the horror of the beast Pokemon eating the waiting ones. Turning them into energy. And then explain I had to fight it to distract it for lunala to come back to carry Pokemon.


All this looks good! All those revisions took a bit of time. Pretty late… most rangers would have been on patrol duty, but due to your ordeal you're now off. You have free time, or maybe you just want to crash and slp.


No way I can actually sleep.
Set up and lay in a hammock close by. Staring at the sky.
" You think that lunala is out there? In the stars?"


Instead of going back to your room, huh? Need to be alone, or hoping someone comes and find you?

Hmm. Well, it's now bound to this world. You saw it resting on the lake, and it didn't look like it planned to leave, its job finished. But, it might have come from there. You, too. You were somewhere very far away.

Lunala might not be there anymore, but who knows what is? Is there another place just like here?


What if there is another place like this, but without me, because I came here! What would mom and dad of that world do. Lily and zoe and.. Lalita wouldn't have been born! But may be Arthur would have hatched her… "Arthur.." I say out loud in my worried state.


They'd go on with life another way. Things might be easier, not having to spend their years on you… but then you know they wouldn't be much happier. And if you weren't here, you couldn't have done so much of the good deeds you have. What if Riss and Zoe got stuck in the cave without you with them? And Arthur, you seem to have affected him in a profound way…

"Eh? Amber?"

That voice! It's his voice.


I jump up in surprise bit cover it up with an action pose holding my style.
"Stay where you are, Ranger Amber is here to protect both Pokemon and People. "
'1d20' cool moves

Roll #1 20 = 20


Wicked cool. Even that line out of place feels perfectly natural. Arthur looks surprised, and then even in the dark of night you can see a blush on his cheeks.

"I-I was just wondering where you were! You didn't come back so I… I thought you were busy, and just decided to take an evening walk anyway. It is, it is a nice night."


"Oh. I was-" then stop. " I'm not sure what I can say, that mission might be classified!"


"You get involved in so much cool stuff." He gasps. "Did you see it? The fight with all the jellyfish… they were called Nihilego, then we had to repel the Guzzlord, then the Lunala took it away. Was it related?"


I nod slowly
"I was with Lunala.."


He looks like he's thinking very carefully, before he sits on the hammock with you. You see his hands shiver slightly.

"And then?"


I frown "I had to fight the Guzzlord. Alone. In another time, or maybe world. Of eternal life all wilted and rotten."


And so it ends.
Professor Willow, the lady who brought you here, invites you over to her boat.

"Hey. Well.. I hope you had fun, at least. We'll give you 8000P for the help, and the Geodude. I was gonna take you back to Torchfire, since I'm heading there myself, but would you rather be dropped off elsewhere along the way?"


"Oh no, you can really keep the geodude, I wouldn't know the first thing about training it…
As for where to drop me, this archipelago isn't all that bad, any cities nearby?"


"I mean, you said that, so we're paying for the Geodude. Standard rate for catching requested Pokemon. We're pretty near a few main islands. Shuiea is actually the closest and the region's capital, but maybe you want to check out the smaller cities first. Tumi if you want to train with fighting types and Muika if you want to see psychic stuff."


"Uh. Muika would be a nice stop after all that happened last night, really…"


She gives you a look of apprehension.
"Wait, so… Oh! The Lunala, right, right. Buckle in, then, I'll drop you off."

She leads you to her boat, settling into the small cockpit while you get off into the living area. You're about to leave land.


What the hell would she be thinking about otherwise?
"Of course!"
And with a wide, energetic smile I jump onto the boat, Eevee in my arms and Pentium floating by my side.
Also call Wartotle out, I know he loves watching the sea roll by.


You feel a sense of embarrassment and relief.

You hold your comrades in your arms as the boat takes off, watching the strange island you were on float away. It's still morning, but the sun isn't any less intense.

Judging by travel distance, you'll be there in over an hour.


Go sit with the professor.
"This Muika town- Does it have a gym?"


You make yourself comfy near her seat as you skid over the waves.

"Oh yeah, of course. That's where you'd learn about psychic stuff, by the way. I've heard of some of the training they do, like making your mind super sensitive and then trying to overload it. Can be really rough."


"I just hope it doesn't take too long, I get stir crazy if I stay still!"


"Oh boy… Now, I'm not sure which is it, but I think the fighting guys make you do that. 24 hours, no motion with only 3 breaks in between. Move more than an inch, you fail the test. Something along those lines. Think you're up for that? Whoa!"

A Mantine bursting out of the water almost collides with the boat.


I rush to the side of the boat to look at it go!
"No way, I'd probably fall over myself!"


The Mantine flies above the water, taking off into the air with such grace.

"I think it's one of their tougher challenges, you only do that if you really want to prove yourself. Oh, and at some point you got to visit the Water Shrine, too. Probably better if you get another badge first, though, then you should have seen enough to get something out of it."


"Wait, what's a shrine? Never heard of it!"
Not many people mention them, in the home of consumer electronics.


"Sure you've never heard about them? The shrines of the Three Realms? Grass, Fire and Water, the building blocks of a world. A big part of why trainers even travel is to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims in the past. You'd go to a shrine, and receive a vision, maybe even treasure."


Shake my head.
"I was on the hunt for medals, not shrines! Never really looked into legends and whatnot!"


"Now's a good time! You can read up about this stuff in plenty of places. You might find hints to great treasure! ..or something. I mean, that's what it's like in the adventure movies, right?"

you see the large Tumi island fade from view behind. You're halfway there.


I chuckle.
"With a horde of pigmy hunters after your head and a rolling boulder chasing you down a narrow corridor, too.
Did you do the trip to the shrines yourself, Professor?"


"A long time ago, yes. Made it to all three, but I was getting burnt out near the end. I didn't do much after that or with it really. I'm glad it happened, but… do I miss it? A little, but not that much. My last vision was hardly there. I guess not much was left of my adventuring spirit."


The one and only thing I'm gonna take away from this is VISIONS! COOL!
"You took it better than Professor Yew, at least."


"See, he was way more into it than I was. He hated the fact that he was getting burnt out too, among other things. I guess I just accepted that as an end to a chapter, but he's never going to think of it as over, for better or worse.

Now, kid, you're young, but remember to take breaks! If you want, you could always, like, go home for a while before heading back out, even."


"I guess. If I get homesick. But then I'd be afraid of just stopping there…"


"Oh yes, that's something too. What you want to do then is a matter you have to think carefully about. A long, drawn-out journey isn't for everyone, despite what all the TVs and those internet whores say. You've got to think about why you left in the first place and whether you're happy with it turning out the way it does. Tough, I know… but in times like these, it's good to consult with and hug your Pokemon."

Less than an hour left. She pulls out a stack of bread and starts swallowing some as a makeshift lunch. You can help yourself to a bun.


I will limit myself to raising a brow.
"Internet whores?"


"Eh, bunch of people who take and post lots of pictures of themselves. Annoying brats, really. Sadly they're becoming a flavour of the month, can't wait until they die out."


"Why would someone do that! Who would ever want to look at someone else's personal pictures?"


"If they're pretty, or handsome, or going to cool places… and if you're really bored yourself, or too young to realise that it's all for a camera and there's very little behind each picture.


"What a weird thing."

But if they are having fun…


"Yep. Anyway, my point is, you should keep adventuring if you want to, but, uh, don't taint that with something else. Don't make it something you HAVE to do, I guess?"

You can feel the boat slowing down. In the distance you can see a port town, the building style rather different from home. A lot less metal, for one.


"Hey I just started. That talk is all too distant for me!"
Look in excitement at the buildings, trying to locate the gym.


You see nothing of the sort, it must be inland. Even then, all these unfamilliar plants, the colour of the walls, so many little things get pretty overwhelming.





Time to say goodbye to prof Willow then!


[Adjusts glasses]


You stare out into the moonlit lake with Viola by you. You lie on the isle's grass, untouched by man's development for years, a fresh, raw sort of nature that, despite your ample adventures so far, you have yet to see.

The night is yet young.


Not just… yet? The boat is suddenly being pulled in the direction away from shore! You hear loud jeering and laughter in the distance.

Willow starts prepping her Poke balls.


Arthur's jaw looks like it it's being forced to not drop.

"That's incredible. But… what do you mean? You really got transported somewhere else?"


"You know, when I stared at the night sky on the Ranger Gym, I never thought the moon could look any prettier" I pluck a bit of grass of and roll it on my hands "I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough for that help, Vi"


Prepare my own!
Pull out the pokedex!
"Dex! Can you identify this cry?"


It's not a Pokemon's cry, it's clearly people! You see a bunch of them on a ramshackle boat, a machine pulling on a rope now attached to your craft. They've got varying water Pokemon with them to go with their pirate-like uniforms.

"You don't have to worry too much, Leila, but I wasn't expecting them so close to shore. something might be up."


"Yes. I was some other time, or place."
I say with a sigh. "I don't know, I'm not a scientist and they told me not to assume things."


"It's nothing! Guess you passed with flying colours, huh?"



"What are they even doing! The coast guard should already be on their way!"
Turn to my Mons.
"Pentium! Defensive position!"


"But what did you see? That seems like some pretty heavy stuff to make you think something like that. Like… Pokemon unable to die?"


"Guess they're busy. And shorthanded. They like to attack small watercraft like ours because the big ones will have tons of trainers to fend them off. Now, try to look scared and confused."

She positions two Poke balls out of view, then starts… crying?


Wait what?!
ACTUALLY confused, recall all my Mons. But just like the professor, keep Pentium at hand. Since I have genuine surprise on my face, all that's left is to pretend to be scared…
I'm no good at that!

Roll #1 14 = 14


"Ah, yes.. They had horrible wounds and rotting skin, but still lived, still moved onward."


"Well… I didn't had all that much trouble until I had to face a Scizor. That thing's shell was too hard for my Pokemon. I nearly didn't manage to win!"
Look up at the sky, where's Jasper?

"My Pokemon were pretty trashed, Nadia even got a nasty wound too"


"Heh heh heh, what have we got here? Two little missies?"

A tanned pirate-looking fellow peers into the boat, smirking.

"P-please! I don't have anything! Eeek!"

Huh. she's doing a convincing job. Speaking of which, so are you. You can feel a bit of fear coming off of Willow, but it seems less… personal, and more concern than anything. Still, you use that as a basis to spark some fear in yourself, and you can feel your heart pounding as you sweat.

The moment the pirate pries open the door, Willow takes both poke balls…

"Huh, just like in those old books."

Arthur relaxes as he stares into the sky.

"And now we've got new Pokemon coming in, just like how we arrived all those years ago, if what they say is true. Other worlds… and I'm only exploring one."


I get her. Follow suit!
"Pentium, I choose you!"
Toss my ball out and cut this pirate off from the rest, using Pentium as a body blocker!


Jasper's flying around free on the sky, while Viola's Whirlipede rests below. He doesn't get much chance to spread his wings at night, since he usually has to rest to operate in the day with you.

"Oooh. Yeah, that's rough. But hey, you survived! That's what matters, and now you can go take more gyms. Actually, what are your plans for now?"


You quickly put Pentium behind! she guards the rear just as Willow releases a Chesnaught, who proceeds to punch a Poliwhirl right into its pirate trainer with brutal force.

"Don't block the door!"

She and her chenaught are looking to charge out!




"I don't know Arthur. This place is a massive ocean right?"
"The place I was at, was a massive empty ocean."


Pentium falls away to let the fierce lady through, and she jumps out to the pirate's boat. She faces multiple enemies, mostly water type, and when one of them tries to ambush her from the back, only then do you realise her shadow has a strange, sinister smile of its own.


Is that…
That's gotta be a Gengar!
"Pentium, pin down our hostage!"


"Wow. I don't know if a world could even recover from that. But… you said you traveled through time? I don't think you were in our world right now. From one you described, it sounds like that world is reaching its end, while the stories say ours was discovered and built up. Not rebuilt. The wording is strange, something about building out of memory, but I don't think you went into the past."

He shudders.

"An empty ocean, though. That's terrible. No water, no life."

Indeed, and as you seem to be trying to not get involved, you get to see the Gengar reveal itself from her shadow and strike at the attackers.

"H-hey! You little brat! Let me go!"

Pentium tries to keep the man down, but he's brought out a Pelliper!


I stretch and lay back down on the grass with my arms behind my head "Well I was planning on having a nice fun day with my Pokemon to reward everyone for all the help they gave me on the trial, in and out of the battle. After that, I was going to get back into research. I do have a job to keep with the professor and now there's all these new species of Pokemon…"


"Doesn't your professor just want you to explore around to use the Pokedex? You should think about getting stronger so you can go to more places. And that means gyms, doesn't it?"


"You lot picked the wrong boat!
Just because we are two girls doesn't mean we are defenceless! You are looking at the next Champion!
Take down!"

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 7, 7 + 28 = 42


"Perhaps it was the future then ? Eventually our world has to end doesn't it? "


Well… if its's the future, than where are all these Pokemon coming from? Why weren't they already here? Although I do suppose new species could pop up… but evacuating to the past seems weir– unless they're trying to change the future so it won't end?!!"



"Hey, it's not just exploring around with a Dex! I have to get real close and get notes on many details like behavior, eating habits, interactions with other kin, interactions with the same of kin…Uh"
I stop myself before I end up going off about it for too long

"And yeah, I thought the same too, I'll need tough Pokemon to survive out there, so the gyms will be a great help. I'm going around anyways so it doesn't hurt to stop by them" I keep my eyes on Jasper flying around


[Emptiness intensifies]


BAM! Pentium wastes no time beating down on the bird, slamming her metal body right into its beak. The Pelipper retaliates with a water gun, and the recoil combined with that hurts Pentium some too.



"Now that, sounds like a heroic story. " I smile
"Like the new Pokemon are heroes."


"So! Got a route planned out?Want to do a tour of the archipelago first? Head for the Fire Plains? Or conquer your Grasslands home?"


No point in using iron defense here.
"Metal claw!"

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 28 = 33


Quickly sit right back up "I, uh… I haven't thought about that yet, but I think the fire plains would be a good next step! I have been thinking about finding a good fire type for the team, would be a fine fine addition"


While The Claw rakes hard, the Pelipper's water-resistant feathers also provide ample protection from a steel-type attack. The goofy bird is noticeably less shaken, and somehow looks malicious with its dumb eyes as it taps into some kind of hatred, and does a Payback attack!

The malevolence behind the attack is a little unnerving, and Pentium is caught off-guard by the effective dark-type attack.

Pentium's HP: 22/64

"Cool, isn't it! …but I don't really think that's the case. Those weird pokemon, like the jellyfish, and the Guzzlord thing, I don't think they could come from anything here. I really think you went to a nother world, not this one."


"Yeah, fire is useful! Fire cleanses, cooks your food, gives heat and light… burns down and destroys things too, but that's the nature of everything. Can't have good without bad."

She lets out her Monferno and pets its head.

"But what about the gyms here in the islands? Or gonna do the plains first?"


" It seemed pretty similar to this place, just more dead. "
"Anyway.. not like I can be sure.."


"It's such an awesome thing you experienced, anyway. I bet they're going to be analysing whatever you brought them and creating whole new fields out of it. You're really, really, uhm…"

He can't look at you.


"You are still going down!
Pentium! Take down! Send him back crawling into its ball!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 10 + 28 = 39


What a cute monkey
"Oof, no please. I just got back from a gym challenge, I need some time to prepare mentally and physically for the next one" I rub my shoulders "But hey what about you? I'm not there only interesting person here you know?"


"Um.. Arthur. I was thinking.. Do you want to go get some ice cream? Tomorrow? I hear the island has some nice places and they probably want me to take time off anyway so.. I won't be busy.."


He's suddenly very still. You can't tell if he's even breathing!

"I… I think I'm free, yes. I mean, uh, I was gonna take a break anyway, so of course I'm free. I could even show you around myself! since I live there, so I know the place. So I can show you around."

Looks like a success!

Pentium rams herself into the bird again! But it's not enough, and the recoil, combine with yet another water gun, is too much for Pentium to bear as she struggles to get off the ground, the goofy bird looking on now seeming pretty scary.


"Oh my!'

She looks pleased.

"I think I might sail to Bridge Island, being among ghosts should teach me a few things. Going to be hard, but, eh, I'll try to manage."


"Bridge island eh? I never heard of that place, but I can agree that ghost types have a lot to teach… Maybe we could go together, watch each other's backs, you teach me and I'll teach you… What you think?" gently nudge her with a shoulder


*an elbow


"Really wanna head there with me? Might be interesting! Good thing you don't seem scared of ghost Pokemon."


"Pshaw, Viola I am not scared of no things, except wild Scizors, but that will change. So when were you planning on heading there?"


"Pentium atta girl, that's enough!"
Send out Wartotle!


"Maybe tomorrow, I'll get a ticket. We could also check out the gym there! Yeah, that's what I'm gonna try."

Your turtle is ready, and really active today. He has a swagger of some real confidence.


"Hehehe, hope you don't mind me watching you in that case"


"I don't think you can, it's a trial you'd have to do alone. I think you'll have to navigate the haunted forest… which could be pretty scary, but that's the point, I think. And having someone to help you ruins it too."


"Time to teach this dumb bird a lesson, Wartotle!

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 14 = 25


"Aww man, surviving in a hostile forest again? I thought gym challenges were original and different from each other"


Wartotle bites fierce, chowing into the birb's wings, then swinging it away! You hear it squawk as it's flung back into its unfortunate trainer.

You hear screams of panic outside, as the pirate boat starts trying to steer of as Willow steps back after scattering them. She steps right back into the boat, and has her Chesnaught fling the remaining pirate and his bird out, into the sea where the quickly try to swim after their gang.

"And that's that." She dusts of her arms and wips down her Chesnaught, covered in the remains of a battle it completely dominated. "Thanks for helping me hold that guy."

"It's different! It's not about your physical needs, but your mental strength. And I said forest, not jungle!"



He waves a hand in front of you.


"Mental strength huh? Then I'm sure you'll pass that one with flying colors, Vi" dismissively wave a hand


"Great! I'll be nearby the ranger tents." I gesture behind me toward the big tents with a grin.
"It'll be awesome."


I pout, crossing my arms.
"Hey I'd just defeated him, no fair!"


"Oooh, you did so well, yes…"

She's not talking to you, but instead snuggling with her Chesnaught.

"Your best Pokemon could barely beat just one of his, he certainly had more. Don't get me wrong, Leila, you did well, but you're far from ready to deal with these thugs. And hopefully you just won't."

She gets back in the pilot's seat and straps herself right back in.

"Alright! Uhm, you gonna be busy all night, or should I wait for you?"

"Oh, I really don't know… the most surprising people make it through trials."

The air is so clear.

"So Cello, wanna tell me anything about yourself?"


"O-oh right now?" I check my pokedex for the time.
"Would anyplace even be open?"


"Huh? About me?"
I glance at her and then turn back to the moon "That's a weird thing to ask out of the blue, are you sure you don't have anything you want to ask me instead?"


"No, I mean, we sleep in the same tent, remember?"

"I'm tired, and I can;t think of a specific question, but I just feel like listening to you. So… like what you did that led you to work for your prof, maybe? Anything."

Clear as day.


I blink a few times
"Oh! Haha I totally forgot. I was so comfy in this hammock."


"Or… I could join you here…."


I will nurse both Pentium and my bruised ego in a corner of the boat.


"Oh, well in that case, then relax a little" I lay down and pat the grass on my side for her to join "First time I saw the professor it was online a year ago, after looking up his address I saw that he wasn't so far away from where I lived, so I guess that kind of was my first adventure: walk through the routes on my own with Jasper on my side, onwards to the professor's lab. When I got there, I guess he saw something in me, told me I could have potential and asked me what I wanted to do as a trainer… And I told him I didn't really wanted to be a trainer, but I wanted to be someone like him… I told him about the field trips he did that were published and even used up my allowance to buy his biography"
Take a deep breath "He was a bit surprised by that, but he also seemed happy"


Oooh, that was pretty harsh on you, but some humility might do you good. Pentium doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that dressing-down as she rests with you and sulks.

She listens intently, genuinely interested in the life of another person.

"Just a year ago? You seem like you've known him for longer! But he is pretty friendly, isn't he?"


I look down at Lily in her ball, unsure of what to say.


"It's a type mismatch, that's what. No grass or electric teammates to save us from these water types…" I sigh, talking to Pentium as I polish her alloy shell.


"Well he's not very openly friendly all the time. Most of the time he's like a second father to me, but sometimes he opens to me and shows how much of a good friend he can be. Maybe you should try talking to him a little more, I'm sure he would love to take you under his wing as well"


File: 1501597863003.jpg (478.61 KB, 1024x655, 4397379711_5e893e4b5b_b.jpg)

It wasn't a bad type matchup, really. But it was just a thug and his goofy bird… you're not sure how many excuses you can think of for yourself.

The dock approaches, a rather quiet one with most boats moored. You get your chance to see the new, unfamiliar buildings, less sturdy than what you know, but well suited to the climate. The air and that plants that feed of it taste very different, normally they don't grow like this, do they?

"Here we are, Leila. Been a pleasure being with you. And, well, know your limits, but don't give up, okay?"


"Thanks for everything professor.
The trips, the adventure, saving my ass just now-" say that last part with a giggle, to disguise my embarrassment "-and the life lessons. See you next time."
Shake her hand before leaving the boat, all my Mons safely in their balls.


I should head for the pkmn center.


As does she to you.

"Maybe if I have anything, I can contact you too."

And off she goes, speeding off in her boat. She looks pretty cool that way, actually.

There's one right at the port. Good, or boring thing about Pokemon centers is that they're standardized, so it's no different, Uniform of the attendants is a shade of blue instead of pink as you know, but that's that.


Show Pentium to the attendant.
"We had a tough time at sea, some tugs came at us with a boat and harpoons. The jerks. Is it common?"


"Oh dear! Not usually, but they've been getting more confident lately. Did you hear about how they tried to attack a whole ship? Heard some guy from here and a girl from the fighting island managed to repel them, though!"

she looks over Pentium, who really, isn't seriously hurt. A few hours rest and she'll be good to go.


"Why so bold though?"


She shrugs.

"Maybe because more trainers than the last few years are going out. They ,ight think of you as easy prey. You repelled them., right?"


I nod, kind of ashamed.
"It was mostly the professor I was traveling with though. She did the heavy lifting.
Say, you know where I can find this boy who defeated them?"


"Well, that's fine, you made it out alive. As for the boy? Probably a traveling trainer, so on the mainland? Wouldn't have any idea!"

Your pokemon are all restored!


Snap my tongue.
"Shame. I'd hoped to learn more about those pirates. Thanks for the chat though!
Oh, and where's the gym?"


"Ah, the monastery? You'll have to head uphill, inland. It's quite a walk because of the terrain and elevation, so give yourself at least two hours. You wanna challenge them?"


"More like train. Do they have a mall up there?"
I should restock…


"Oh, they send people to get supplies every once in a while. They have enough for trainers, too… oh, you want to join them for a while? Heh, if they feel like it they'll make you the errand girl. When you see what you can do on their own you'll be feeling kinda silly!"

Probably a good idea, but they have food up there, so you're unsure what you need.


Let's get walking, up towards the monastery.


"It sure looks like he has the tendency to do that! Must be nice being taken under someone's wing… but I'm fine, for now."

She sighs.

"Gotta get work tomorrow, don't we?"


File: 1501600987914.jpg (709.53 KB, 1600x1066, Week14_KohRongSamloem_17.jpg)

First thing you do is take the bus towards the outskirts of town inland. You pass by the city centre, noting how it's not that different from home once you get to where the big stuff is, but that familiar sight is quickly erased again by the style of writing on the big neon signs.

A forboding path awaits you.


Wait, how many balls do I have on me?


"If you keep worrying about tomorrow you forget to enjoy today, silly pillbug"
Sit up and open up my bag "But if you want something to bring you back, you can have this" I pull out my Sun stone, taking one last look at it before offering it to Viola while trying to keep a straight face

"Hah, I think it's kinda ironic to offer a sun stone in the middle of the night huh?"


4 left. It's enough.

"W-wow, Cello…"

She takes the sun stone and holds it gingerly, like she's afraid to break it.

"It's beautiful. And so warm/"


Then off into the dark path I go.
Slightly excited for the road ahead.


"And it's all yours. After today I don't know when we'll ever see each other again, so whenever you're cold, need a light or something, use it and remember me!"
Give her a big toothy smile
"Alright, Vi?"


File: 1501602089969.jpg (4.84 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0012.JPG)

It takes a while to get used to the footing of a jungle floor. You've walked on stretches of grass and on desert, not jungle floors where the leaf litter squelches under your shoe, or where you could trip over a root, or where a tree branch could smack you in the face if you don't suck in time. You feel… constrained.

The chirping of varying native Pokemon can be heard from behind the bushes. You recognise the Tailow's call from nature documentaries they're native to the islands. And you can see something bigger skulking around inside. a Drowzee? Seems like its looking into treehollows.


That must mean I'm close. It's just a short path, so the woman said. Study the drowzee's movements from a distance, remaining still and silent.


She said to give yourself two hours because of the elevation. You've barely gone uphill!

The Drowzee is very silent. If you squint enough, you can see that at least a few Zubat are sleeping inside. The Drowzee breathes deep, its trunk engorging on something while its creepy eyes glaze over. Huh, it must be feeding on their dreams!

She smiles, blinking rapidly.

"I mean, you're going with me to our next island anyway, but you sure set up a nice atmosphere. Bet you say that to just about everyone!"


What a cool behaviour! Take a picture of it with my pokedex, and have it pending upload to the drowzee page.
Time to move on.


"Oh, oh dang that's right!"
Burst into laughter, but try to not be too loud "hahahaaa, oh man I completely forgot that, I must have looked like a total idiot. And we just talked about minutes ago" wipe a tear from my eye
"Whew, sorry Vi, my attention span of a 10-year old got the best of me, but I totally meant what I said!"


File: 1501602843167.jpg (4.19 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0025.JPG)

The Pokedex's camera can't really capture full pictures, you'll have to get a proper one if you want to log your memories that way.

You get to a boardwalk, which takes you above a dip in elevation as a river flows underneath. Would really suck if it broke and you fell into all that mud….


I have a smartphone though!
As for the dip…
"Pentium! I choose you!"
Explain her about the bridge, and how it would be nice if she could carry me over with her floating ability.


"Oh, and how many girls have you 'meant' it too, hmmm?"


File: 1501603321332.jpg (282 KB, 1200x1600, 1200px-Opera_Mini_using_th….jpg)

It's more like a feature phone with internet capability. What, you want a phone with all the power of a laptop or desktop? Give it a few years before the price drops to consumer levels!

It's in no danger of breaking, really, but Pentium is eager to carry you across as you sit on her hard body. It's actually pretty comfy!

Now before you sits the real challenge. Looks like you're going uphill. you can hear ab ell ring way up, beyond the trees.


"Psh, the only other girl that wanted it I kindly refused. These sun stones are not things you just throw around like regular sun stones. They're very special, so they are meant for special situations like these" nervously fix my glasses


"Goshdarnit these have to be the fittest monks I've ever heard of!
You see a path, girl?"
Look around for a path up.

Roll #1 12 = 12


File: 1501603569562.jpg (546.45 KB, 968x1300, 40044533-Old-stone-steps-l….jpg)

The body is, after all, connected to the mind. The path is clear, as is what you must do. Good luck, iron girl.

"Like this?"

She puts the sun stone to her chest, and presses both of those on you.



This is actually a relief, no more can tree branches slap me in the face as I least expect it!
Time to go. Up.


"H-hey cut it out, you dork!" giggle and playfully push her away
"That is not a proper use for a sun stone Missy" I raise a finger, jokingly scolding her with a mockup profissional voice before laughing again


"But this way it'll keep us both warm!" she giggles, as she suddenly pushes you down so your back is on the grass, the glowing, warm stone between you two.

Let's roll for your stamina. See how you do, steelforged.


That's what she said!

Roll #1 11 = 11


"W-woah, hey why are You-" just looking up at her and the stone gets me to shut my mouth. With my arms laying back and Viola on top of me like that…

Geez why is the air so steamy all of the sudden


File: 1501605102807.jpg (148.87 KB, 810x500, punakha_dzong.jpg)

Oh, not bad. It's definitely not an easy climb, but your experience with long walks. With a few breaks for water, your stamina last you to the top. An island-style retreat by the lakeside, overlooked by an even taller mountain, plants tended to and atmosphere… calm. Peaceful.

The front gates are open.


All of a sudden? Her face is leaning in on you. You can smell her raw breath.


And this is supposed to be a gym? Looks more like some kind of holy place!
Walk in, Pentium in tow, looking around for signs of life.

Roll #1 10 = 10


No more laughing now
What does her breath smell like?


It kind of is! Gyms can take the form of many things. A robed, older lady walks up to you, her head shaven.

"Hello! Are you a challenger?"

Merely looking at her sharpens your perception, somehow.

What does a breath smell like? Like Viola, of course. There's the musk of a fellow human, and more importantly for you, the scent of a girl.

"Got you."

Her mischievous eyes suddenly have a moment of hesitation, before she suddenly plants a peck on your lips.


"Not quite! I would like to train here!"


"Oh, really? Hmmm…"

She looks at you… and the space around you, intently.

"Your aura… has substance, but lacks refinement. Needs honing. But I can smell your potential, definitely. What's your name?"


Drop my pack and smile.
"Leila. From the fireplins."


It all happens so sudden! Now I don't know what to do with my hands, I don't know what to do with my legs…
And worst of all; I don't know if I push back or not. I'm completely paralyzed

She isn't lying, she really did got me


And she might have gotten way more than she could chew. Suddenly she's blushing madly, already having withdrawn her mouth. She's just having you pinned down, and slowly she's climbing off…

"Citra. I lead this monastery, and so am the gym leader as well. I'll need you to pass a simple test before I can admit you, though. I want you to tell me what I'm thinking."


Lily just crosses her arms and looks at you.
If you say no, you'll regret it, and you know that! Your heroism is because you've been willing to take risks. Time to be a hero again!


Not so fast
I grab her arm and sit up, pulling her into a hug and just a hug

"Well, I guess now you also gave me something to remember this night. Thanks"


"Uh… I'm not sure my power works like that…"
Try it, Pentium is right at my side.

Roll #1 12 = 12



She gasps as you tug on her arm, dropping her chest onto yours with no restraint. So soft and fluffy!

"Aaah… you dumbass, you.."

She looks to the side, blushing madly.

Huh… you feel a bit of infectious joy when Pentium helps you out. The more you immerse yourself in that though, even smiling openly, the more you feel a hint of worry, and anticipation.


I frown, trying to come to grip with that.
Hurriedly I will spout out about "Joy!" Then my face will contort again in insecurity. "Worry? Am I feeling your thoughts or mine? I can sense anticipation…"

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Shh don't ruin the moment" I chuckle, giving her one last squeeze before letting go
"Now come on, get your butt off me so I can get up!"


"Oh, you could sense behind layers, even! That's right. I am happy to take in a new student, but I also have to be concerned about things that could go wrong. Ready to get settled in?"

She springs up, unable to look at you, freeing you from her pillows on your chest.


Pick up the stone she dropped and hand it to her, keeping a friendly smile "So, what you say we head back before we catch a cold out here?"


I'm beaming now!
"Hell yeah! So what do you do in this gym?"


"Y-yeah, we should."

She calls her Whirlipede back to her, and Jasper's had quite the time cheering you on from above. The path back is clearly marked, so at least you won't be getting lost in the dark.

"We meditate on the links our individual souls have, and how it relates to other beings and the world around us. Sometimes we have scientists from nearby asking us to help them out too, which is truly fascinating, understanding our power in such a manner. And of course, we train psychics like yourself. You have the potential, but it must be honed."

She leads you through some corridors, up a flight of stairs, and to a small room, floored with tatami mats.

"Here's where you will be staying. We start tomorrow, so feel free to explore while you're here. You can ask your seniors if you have any questions."


"Not a word about this ya hear?" I whisper to Jasper and walk ahead of her, back to the camp


"Thank you Citra sensei!
I will be do my best!"
Settle down, leaving my stuff by the futon and look around for other trainers.


You can see the large tent everyone was set up in. Once you're inside, you can just chill.

It's… huh, pretty empty, except for people clearly older than you are. You won;t have much luck finding peers here.


Turn to Pentium.
"Here we are girl. One more step! Think we should have a look aroun?"


And that's exactly what I plan on doing
"Hey Viola, we have some light in here. Wanna see some of my drawings?"
Hopefully this'll help her feel a bit more a ease


Oh, definitely! Or maybe outside the monastery even… they never said you couldn't go out!

"Are they cute?"


Yes, that was the idea. Go back out the main game and start taking a stroll outside!


"Hah, better than cute, they're beautiful! And also informative"


So you do that. The path outside the monsatery leads back down, and by take lakeside, you note a waterfall feeding into it from cliff even higher up. On that peak is yet another temple, but you have no idea how to, or even if you should go there.

You notice an island in the middle of the lake too, with abundant growth of flowers. But all that's keeping you from the hilltop view, where you can see the sea and the distant islands in the fog. One of them's covered by a raincloud touching the peak of a sharp mountain, but you can't see the bottom.


"Really? So, what have you drawn?"
On your sleeping bags, she leans towards you.


Call Wartotle out.
"Hey champ. Feel like we could swim all the way over there?"


"Hey, you o.k.?" I ask with concern towards her.


Wartortle does! He moves to jump into the lake, when suddenly you feel very, very frightened.

Don't go to the island. Don't go to the island. Don't go to the island. Don't go to the island. DON'T GO THEREDON'T

"Just really tired. You felt it too, didn't you? When the.. Guzzlord was here. it affected us. It was actually, actually.. really frightening."

She shudders.


"Yup." I look at the ground and sigh. "If it hadn't been for Cello and the others there, I would've lost it. But we were able to overcome it and beat it, too."


I gasp and stop, looking around!



"It was touch. Damn it, I just want to lie down and wallow or something. Have a nice sugary drink when I get back to a city. I'm really tired all of a sudden."

The tent is near, at least. you guys can chill there.


"Exploring, huh?"

Her voice is right behind you. she wasn't there before, was she?

"That lake is where something very special dwells. Maybe Mesprit will allow you to visit it sometime."

She IS behind you! But you were definitely alone before.


"Let's get some rest first. C'mon, we're almost there and everything will be fine after this." I'll get close just in case her legs give out.


"Y-yes! I didn't think it was off limits, sorry! So sorry!"
I'll start bowing down profusely.


File: 1501612778085.jpg (598.3 KB, 810x540, hanging_monastery.jpg)

It does. your reflexes let you catch her quite gently, and you feel her well-muscled body on your arms. She mumbles a thanks.

"It's alright. Unless you were very strong, there's no way you could resist Mesprit's demand. there was no need for me to prohibit it! Oh, but I must warn you against trying to go up that mountain.."

She points to the shrine poking out of the hillside, leading to the top.

"It's not really meant to be climbed to."


"I got you." Is all I say I try my best to help her get to the tent. I'll try not to turn red in the face as I hold her, but my duty is to get her to safety.


"So how does anyone get to and from the shrine? Do they fly over there?"


She's stumbling, her feet tangled. Once over the threshold you find Cello and Viola giggling to themselves, but you have your half of the tent free. you slowly let Riss go as she crawls on her own sleeping bag, sitting down and hanging her head.

"Ugh. Can't even sleep like this. I'll just rest…"

"You can! But personally, I prefer doing it another way. Anyway, when you've had your walk, feel free to look at our library! and we're serving dinner later at the canteen."

She vanishes in a flash of light.


Mind projection?
"Sorry champ, no swimming for today."
Recall Wartotle and keep walking, trying to gauge which Mons live around here.


I'll pull up my bag close by. "I'll be here if you want to talk. We've been through a lot together, so you know you can trust me."


As always, plenty of Magikarp in the lake, and Tailow to feed on them. You do see some Slowpoke lounging by the shore, their tails dipped to catch prey if they remember to pull them up. You stumble across an Abra resting behind a tree, and before you know it, it vanishes in a flash of light, teleporting away. Such elusive creatures.

"Ngh. Thanks for the offer."

She lets out her Gabite, rubbing her head.
"Squire, you ever feel like you have a lot of things to live up to?"


I'm just happy I got to see one! But I'd say for a first day, it's more than enough. Let's go see this library Citra talked about.


"Yea! I'm sure we can make room. Climb up." I say scooting to an end of the hammock so he can get in without tipping it


"Yeah. I think all the talk about being from the Rising City got to me. That might have been why I had stuck with this journey for so long when I know a lot of my friends probably stopped at the local gym and called it there. I'll tell you about them some other day." I try to smile at the memories, but they're blurry right now. "But in the last few days, I've found a lot of things I want to live FOR."


So you head back in, your comrades tagging behind, satisfied with the exploration you've done. There are some older people in the library. Texts range from meditative texts, mythology, and even research journals, interestingly enough.

"O-oh! Right."
You move to the side while he climbs up, settling into the opposite side of the hammock. He gazes upwards.

"Are the stars so pretty where you were from, Amber?"

"Heh… that's something. Wanna tell me?"


Anything under 'Mesprit'?


>The Three Aspects of the Spirit: an Anthology

Interesting. It depicts Mesprit and its counterparts, Uxie and Azelf, on the cover, but with an oddly empty space in the middle. It's not the only text here though, there's more on other legendary Pokemon.


"I don't know if I'm putting this right," I look away in embarrament now that she's put me on the spot, "but look outside. Think about how far both of us have come when we first met on the ferry and where we are now. We've gone a long way, but compared to all THAT out there."

"I want to see it. I want to experience that."


Wait a second are you telling me there's a legendary Pokémon in there!?
Read about it!


She smiles and nods, looking away.

"That's really nice. Yep. Can't believe it was all the way back then. Helped that I got so much stronger after it… not enough just yet, though. Gotta keep going. I think I'll be ending my time with Mater Sinistra soon, she's been a great teacher, but I'm going to keep moving."

no, there are other texts on other legendary Pokemon, unless you want to read this one. Which obviously does have stuff about legendary Pokemon.


I sigh staring up
"Th e best place to look at stars is actually on the mountain top that I did my training test. It's so clear and close."


I mean in the lake!
Yes read the text about this Mesprit creature!


"Really?" I start getting my bag ready. "You know where I'll be headed. Stop off at the islands and say hi. Oh, and tell Master Sinistral I said hi. Or should that be give her my regards? Let her know I did learn a lot while I was there."


"The mountain top? That's right. I haven't climbed a mountain. I definitely want to see what the highest point on the Northpeak looks like. See, in Shuiea, you're never really far from the big city. The stars are always being drowned out by the lights."

He breathes deep.

"I'll be honest, my first night out, I was having a terrible time. I messed up cooking my rations, I forgot to keep my tent dry… well, it was miserable, and there was mud leaking in. I almost… yeah. But then I looked up, Froakie with me, and we saw the most beautiful night sky we've ever seen. All the stars, galaxies even. That's when I thought it was all worth it after all."

He smiles.

"Something like that happen for you?"

>In ancient times, when [text lost] formed, three parts of the soul was made.

>UXIE is what can be known. The memories that give you comfort in times of trouble and the haunting mistakes that disturb peaceful rest. Let us give thanks to UXIE for the knowledge of the world.

>AZELF is the will to act. The drive to do good and better the world, and the greed and vices that drive evil. Let us give thanks to AZELF for our ability to act on the world

>MESPRIT is perhaps the closest to the core of souls, emotion. Mesprit is the joy when helping or harming the weak, the sorrow in loss and defeat, the anger in injustice and hate, the disgust when you see your enemies or sin. Let us give thanks to MESPRIT for lending colour to existence…

Keep reading?

It's still nighttime, of course she's not going anywhere yet.


Doubt I will get much out of an old religious text though… Maybe there are useful research notes!


>Journal of Exofield Physics
>>Characterising the interaction of low-amplitude EM radiation and Ψ-waves…
>Amorphous Pokebiology
>>Investigating the disruption of Gastly body units under novel assays…
>>Frontiers in Experimental Methodology
>Development of isolated essential neural matter and applications…

You don't think you can make sense of these, either!


Yep. I fold for now, time to join the others for dinner.


"So then, do you have any destinations in mind? As prone as I am to just wander, having a goal in mind is good."


I giggle a bit at the idea of him messing up so much. Then think back.
" Well. I was trained to survive , and before that I went camping and such… But I had never been somewhere cold before my test. Even with the coat they gave me I was shivering with my vulpix in my arms. I was miserable all night but in the morning Lily and I walked out to this, clear sky, sunny, pure undisturbed snow.. it was amazing. And we found some snovers which shared their berries."


Dinner is in a larger hall, eaten on low tables where you're supposed to sit on cushions. Your meal is simple, some rice, a slice of scrambled egg, and local vegetables. though looking at the menu, tomorrow is fried wings day…

"Maybe it's time to conquer the islands. I might go to Bridge, or conquer the water gym first. But you're heading to Tumi island, aren't you?"

More like, Vee and the gang took their berries

"Cold, huh? I can imagine that being hard for you. Bet you even have a cool uniform for the cold, don't you?"


I'm more interested in my surroundings than in the food itself! Who's here, what are they like, are there Pokémon eating with us?


"That's the plan. I'll be the first to admit that things don't always pan out that way, though."


"No! And I had no idea how to manage it. I still want to take that cold weather training.."


Hey, you're the only one here not in a robe!

You see mainly monks and nuns, accompanied by mainly psychic Pokemon. A duosion lurks on the food line, saving a space for its owner when he comes. And then they're some kids, no older than 9, sitting together and giggling until an elder reminds them to behave themselves in the dining hall.

"Guess both of us have to keep working hard, huh?"

Arthur yawns. The night's getting to him as he pulls a blanket out of his bag.

"It can get pretty chilly, you have one?"


Check my bag for a blanket.
"I might have left it somewhere.."


Who's sitting next to me? Engage them in conversation.
"How strange to see kids in a monastery!"


Yeah! It's enough to give you warmth. Even has a cute Treecko print.

"Seems like such a waste to sleep on a night like this, but this is a nice way to…"

His voice trails off.

"It's better to train them while young! Sometimes kids will have strange visions, on hearings.. usually a sign they're gifted. Best to teach them how to control it immediately, yes?"

The robed, bespectacled man next to you answers, looking up from his bowl an what looks like a very technical article.

"Haven't seen you around here before. New?"


I'll nod, offering him a hand to shake. "Leila. Joined today."


"Nice. I don't really stay here, but sometimes I come back. Usually I'm at the lab some ways away, trying to understand this psychic power. I know I have these powers, but how to understand them? That's what we try to do, at least."

He takes your hand and shakes it.

"Guess you recently found out about yourself?"


Sleep comfy with company!

Roll #1 12 = 12


"You could say that. It was all quite sudden. Lots of weird things happening all at once. So you never trained with this gym?"


Y-you're sleeping with a boy!

You fall asleep to visions of a nice orchard. you work on the trees in full bloom, and when you're done they sprout beautiful, delicious fruit.

"Oh, long time ago, yes. Sometimes I come back for practice, like now. Have some advice: Don't worry too much about it. Oh, and if you don't already have one, ask for an extra blanket. And use the second wifi network they have here, less people connect to it."


Lets get up right away.


I'll nod along. "Hope nobody snores."


"The walls are pretty well insulated. And speaking of snoring…"

He yawns.

"I should get going. And so should you, lessons start early tomorrow!"





"Right. See you around."


Your room is very basic. some shelves for your belongings, tatami mats, and a mattress to be packed when you're not sleeping in it. It's spartan, but very comfy.

going to just sleep?


I barely have the strength to put the pokeballs down and slide out of my clothes before falling to bed.



Your body is numb and you can barely feel yourself. An empty space, as much as you can comprehend, surrounds you. You feel a pull back into slumber, though, if your concentration wanes.


Is this… Another psychic contact?
Stay focused!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You remain at an acceptable level of focus, but… nothing happens. The anticipation gets to you, and you imagine some kind of grand announcement… and suddenly, a booming voice speaks. It's indecipherable and completely unclear, except that it's exactly what you were expecting from a grand announcement.


Taken by my own anticipation, believe in that voice, and try my damn hardest to make out what it says.

Roll #1 7 = 7


It sounds impressive, but it isn't saying anything! Is it some kind of.. message, maybe? The moment you think about how this might be some kind of cryptic warning, the voice takes on a more sinister tone, and speaks to you about The Doom Of The World! Which is exactly what you had in mind, again. The moment you think about how climatic this is, the scenery changes. The empty space around you becomes a grand temple in the deserts you stared out of. Which is that one place in a movie where the hero heard his destiny.

Hey, isn't all this stuff what you're thinking of?


It is! Am I lucid dreaming? I read about that!
Think of a flowery field!

Roll #1 15 = 15


File: 1502658613481.jpg (3.03 MB, 2048x1365, 01atacama.jpg)

You clear away the epic prophecy and desert temple, and as you blink the desert has bloomed into a burst of flowers. It's happened before when the desert gets an unusual amount of rainfall. It was the coolest thing ever when you saw it on TV.


My face lights up and I start running through the field, trying to touch and smell the flowers!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Be careful! Don't try to focus on too much! You bring back the scents of the roses you once wore in your hair, but they begin melting away until you slow down and stand still for a bit.


Okay, stop it all, and just try to… Relax?

Roll #1 11 = 11


You focus instead on the environment closest to you, and the image before your eyes sharpens, the smells come back clearer than ever. You add in the scent of the shampoo you really liked, though you're not sure if it actually came from a flower or not.


Okay, let's try doing things.
Imagine Pentium here.

Roll #1 13 = 13


You imagine Pentium, and the image of a Metang comes out. It does Pentium things, like float about, but only while you look at it. If you concentrated harder, though…



Roll #1 10 = 10


The image of Pentium shudders, and suddenly starts acting more real than anything else in here. It looks confused, but then waves to you, not what you were thinking. Seems like you've managed to call in Pentium for real.


"Pentium! Can you see this too!? It's amazing!
It's all in our heads!"

Roll #1 19 = 19


She nods. She sits herself on a nice disc made of iron and surrounds herself with scrap metal. Huh, it's working!


Let's go somewhere else. Back home for instance!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You bring back the image of your room, in the state you usually leave it in. You last saw it neat and packed up, but here it is with your usual belongings on your desk, clothes hanging, and a… Beldum? It's Pentium before she left with you, ingrained into the idea of your home."


I chuckle.
"You were pretty small then."
Second change of scenery.
The lake from yesterday.
Let's go to the edges of the island, as I see it, and wait.

Roll #1 19 = 19


The lake. The night sky shines above, blooming with starlight. The lake has the clear reflection of the moon. You look to your camp, and a fraction of what you felt returns to you and you see and smell a pink haze of your own senses.


Stare off into the depths of the island.
I say to the creature, as if expecting it to answer.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It answers, crying out… but it's meaningless, and just a repeat of what you heard the night before.


Right, must be in my mind again.
But I'm tired, so very tired…
"Pentium. Come here. Let me rest on your back…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You call her over, and she imagines a nice iron filing bath as you cuddle on her back, suddenly expanded so you can curl up completely. Slowly, the world around you fades…


Time to actually sleep.
"Meet you tomorrow, girl…"


She feels so warm.


A gong tolling drags you out of sleep. You awake in your futon, curled up and aching a little. You reall need to get used to these weird sleeping arrangements.


The riverside was softer than this.
Groan begrudgingly and get to my feet. Brushie time to fix my morning hair?


Sure! In fact, there's a mirror in your otherwise spartan room. As you brushie, Eevee comes out, yawning to sniff your hair.



>"Really? So, what have you drawn?"
On your sleeping bags, Viola leans towards you.


Pull him on my lap and start brushing him too, with the very same tool.
No need for many words here.
Once we are both nice and shiny, it's time to step outside.


I'll open my bag and hold it close to me, picking up a few selected papers. There's some things in here that I don't want her to see!
"Oh I haven't done as much lately. Maybe you'll like some of the drawings I did when I started out" show her the Rhydon, a sketch of Nadia, and even the few pages I did on that epic battle I witnessed with the mega evolved Charizard!


So nice. You feel a deep adoration, and warmth deep within floods you.

You step out to devotees milling about. Some are with Psychic Pokemon, surrounded by them and deep in trance states. For you, though, your very basic classes are at the other end of the building, starting after you've had enough time to down food.


We should to that real quick.
Walk over, Eevee in my hands, letting him sit on my lap as we eat. Even pass him a bite or two.


You ruffle his head fluff with each piece of bread anf you can feel his tail practically whipping your belly with excitement.

Following that, you enter a sort of classroom, with a younger acolyte at the front of the class, reading a journal while your fellow students slowly filter in. Seems like you're early.


"Whoa… Mega Evolution, huh?"

Viola gazes at that most of all.

"What do you think your Mega bat would be like?"


I don't even have a notebook where to write stuff down for this class! I'm woefully unprepared.
Sit somewhere close to the front and call Pentium out.


"Jasper? No no no, I don't think that'll ever happen. Only a few Pokemon have been known to mega evolve, besides that's stuff for really hardcore trainers, the elite guys, people that live and breathe Pokemon battle.." I stare at the page with a thoughtful look "That stuff isn't for me, it isn't for us"


Pentium sits down on the floor with you as more students filter in, mainly little kids. They chatter among themselves, while the acolyte continues readng his journal. Looks like some sort of scientific publication.

You feel sharper and more awake for some reason.

"Well, I think any Pokemon can mega evolve, given a good enough trainer! And are you sure? I dunno, maybe a day will come when you and your Golbat will need each other's strength more than ever. Maybe something miraculous will happen then.


Damn psychics stop messing with my mind!


"Heh, miraculous you say?" I stretch and turn back to her with a smirk "Maybe one day, Vi. But while that day doesn't come, wanna see something truly miraculous?"


"Right! Morning everyone! I'll be your facilitator for today."

You're the oldest student in the room… all the kids eagerly greet their teacher.

"First off, can anyone of you give a brief introduction on the theory behind psychic abilities?"

"Oh? What would that be?"


Pull out the report and drawings I did when I witnessed the bellosom Sunstone ritual
"You ever wondered how I got a hold of these Sunstones?"




"Oh, oh, I know! It's about interactions in the ψ field! Ti's all about the reverberations and disturbances and…" One of the smart alec kids raises her hand. The acolyte sighs.

"Yes, that's one way to put it… though the working theory is still very rudimentary, full of special cases with no strong general case. Some scientists even think we're just lumping in a lot of different interactions under one idea…"

He seems to be enjoying the kids looking confused.

"Oh, yeah! Do tell!"



"How did you develope a general theory before the specific ones? Isn't that against the scientific method"

Is what I would say if I were an egghead.

But instead I will be quiet and listen.


I read my report for her with pleasure, showing off the depictions and details
"… And it was just the nastiest thing I saw. I never thought a such Pokemon like bellosom would be capable of that. It also opened my eyes to a really important fact: some wild Pokemon are intelligent enough to conduct rituals, so who knows what else they do?!"
I laugh a little, the excitement clear in my face" Pretty amazing stuff right? It really scarred me at first, for better or worse but now I'm really glad I was lucky enough to witness it"


"See, there are proposals for a general case, but all of those are really glorified special cases… it is a mystery, but we do try to document this stuff to slowly unravel it. Anyway! On to today's exercise…"

He lets out an Abra, Drowzee and Ralts.

All of you have the whole day to slowly figure out the general feelings of these guys. It's an exercise in Translation, trying to take the thoughts of another and interpret them in a way you understand."

"You really were lucky. That sounds so fascinating to watch… I've learned a lot from watching wild Pokemon, but something like this is amazing!"


But I did this the very first day I got here!
"You ready to try, Pentium? Which one do you want to start with? I think the Abra might do!"


It's the first lesson for a reason!

The Abra seems all calm and collected, a good idea. A few kids are gathered around it. You try to concentrate on the Abra, but it having no eyes makes it difficult. The buzz of the kids interfering doesn't help.


Focus on the tail.
Mons say a lot through their tail!

Roll #1 20 = 20


The way the Abra's tail hangs loose is a massive hint. You try to imagine… relaxation? You feel nothing. Tranquility? It takes a lot to ignore a gaggle of kids trying to pry into your mind. Imagine how boring this would get… oh!

Well now, that's something. But why?


Because it could be doing something else?
Because… Because it wants to sleep, like all Abra do!


Maybe! But missing sleep wouldn't provoke such a deep sense of.. hmm, weariness? Something stronger than just lost comforts.


Walk up to the professor.
"Just how long has that Abra been assisting you in these classes?"


"Oh. Few years."

You manage to pry him away from adding to the discussions of the kids.


"So that's why it's so bored!"


"Hey, I still remember the location, it's clear in my head. If you're ever not busy, we could go together and I'll take you there. You know, it's a nice place to have a picnic or something… Aside from the stuff that happened there"


"Yeah, you're onto something! You can try and elaborate on that, or work on the other Pokemon, too. Or maybe later, it's lunchbreak soon."

"I do wanna see… but I doubt it'll easily happen again."

Viola yawns.

"We're gonna have to take a boat tomorrow twice… Unless you want to stick around Shuiea?"


"Mmmh. I will try thinking about it."
Go back to Pentium, shaking my head.
"Do you think that Abra wants to evolve? I can't imagine the professor being so cruel as not letting him…"


Possible! Not everyone is so nice. But maybe it's also the reality of his work, he just can't spare time to take the Abra out training fully.


Yeah! Perhaps that abra longs for adventure, and he's not getting any here!
on to the next mon. The Ralts.

Roll #1 18 = 18


Hmm, the Ralts, you feel a similar outward shell of tranquility. Do most Pokemon normally feel this way, though?


"Hey, who knows, maybe a miracle will happen!" give her a toothy grin

"Shuiea? Hmmm… Nah, I don't think I have anything I really wanna do there. I was planning on going to the fire plains"


Do they? That's not a question I think I can answer! I mean, Eevee and Pentium feel… Lively, almost all the time!


It's calm, yes, but there should be somethign else behind it. Is it used to this, maybe? Is it dutifully carrying out a job?

"Didn't you want to head to Bridge Island? We'll be takign the boat from there… but you must be busy too."


Like a simple order… Perhaps that's his role, to be ordered into this calm state, to empty his mind of all worries!


What was the order though? You feel a pertubation in the stillness. A brief hint of something positive, esepcialyl when a child fawns over how cute the Ralts is.


The order must have been to keep a detached state of mind and not let his emotions wander, yet he can't help but bask in the compliments!


That certainly makes sense! That solves this current mystery. But for now, lunch break. You can go eat, or walk around till class resumes in an hour and a half. Or nap, even.


After so much mental stress I'm famished.
Wait until the kids empty the room, not to be caught in their hurried motions, and then make my way, at my own pace, to the dining hall.


Letting the kids have the good stuff first? Oh, well. You noticed one stayed behind to commune with the Abra more.

All the kids are enjoying some chicken fillet! And they got the fresher ones… yours is a little cooler unfortuantely, and the vegetables are less presentable.


I'm not much for food.
Instead, I'll be thinking about that poor Abra while I eat. Wish the thing would get the adventures he dreams of.


Who knows? Maybe it'll find it another way.

Lunch break gives you plenty of time to relax, so when you're done with food, you could walk about, or go back to your room.


Honestly I'm too taken by these classes to think of anything else! I must prove myself now so that I can move on to the real deal soon!
There's so much road I have to still walk, I need to strenghten my pokemon first of all!


"I did? Huh, must have forgotten. What was I going to do there anyways…" I ask mostly myself, staring at the top of the tent in thought


You don't have the stamina to train that now, do you?

Anyway, this crahs course will be over in a few days. A trainer like yourself will probably want to hit the road again and learn more on the way. It provides the tools to let you figureo ut more on the way, and make sure it doesn't cause you any trouble.


Wonder if they teach you how to read minds or control people with a thought, if you stick around…


You're kind of reading minds already. With anoeugh training… maybe. But control? That's something else. You know Pokemon can use hypnosis to induce sleep. it would take extraordinary power to influence with fine precision.

That legendary Pokemon in the lake, though, it filled you with fear to repel you. What if it wanted to do more?


Let's not get carried away into weird fetishes, me. Everyone here can read minds, it'd not be proper.
Though that pokemon.
It really fills me with mystery and wonder. I want to go, meet it, see it, talk to it.
Mons like that are the closest thing to gods on earth!


You awake in your room, an inn on the Bridge Island town. You spent the last night making deliveries, and going through a forest where the local ghosts threatened to make a move on you.. until that girl Zoe and her flute drove them off. Listening to the unearthly sounds from that thing, it's easy to see why. You had a nice talk before both of you headed off, and you returned safe in the dead of night and slept till now.

Zorro, as always, is with you. The Zorua yawns, not really wanting to get up. Your Croconaw and Nidorina remain in their balls, but your Cottonee is catching some sun.

The day is young. your adventure continues.

Are they not already? The tales of them shaping the world, or the universe, and setting down the laws that bind all reverberate through your childhood.

It rejected you at first, but maybe it might change its mind.


One day. If I'm strong enough.
Back to study?


Zorro's got the right idea… just five more minutes can't really hurt…
At least all of those deliveries are complete, so I should have some cash again.
…Yeah, just taking another five minutes to lay in bed can't hurt. Not like I'm going back to sleep or anything, just don't wanna get up yet.


Not many trainers realise they can sleep through entire days if they want. the bed is comfy enough…

You go back to the instruction room, and you see that same child still with the Abra. The Drowzee is next for you when class begins.


But if I do that, it means spending another day in ghost-island…
Fine, Give Zorro a push to get him out of his little curled-up sleeping-ball as I sit up and stretch myself.
So, what all was on my agenda for today? I think I need to return proof that the packages got delivered, right? That'd be a good starting goal for the day.


Do psi stuff to his mind.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You just need to send the proof to the local courier station, which is conveniently just down the street.

Is that all you want to do while you're here?

The child?
You try and read his general air, and you get a sense similar to the Abra. Not in emotions, but.. flavour? It's hard to describe, you sense similarities.


I meant the Pokémon! The Hypno!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ah, Drowzee? You try to read it, and it looks at you. You read… hmm… confusion? You're feeling pretty disoriented yourself.


Eh… It's a good start, at least. Maybe I'll find something interesting on my way there. I don't think this island has a gym, but you never know.

Though I'm not sure if I'm really ready for a ghost gym yet. Pillow and Chica may be at a disadvantage, depending on if they've got dual-types… but hey, it's a possibility if nothing else.


Ah that might just be me! Brace pentium for help!

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's a major town, so there's definitely a gym. The gym will challenge you based on your level of experienc,e so you don't neef to worry too much.

It's uneventful. You just walk right up and prsent the proof of delivery. Obtained 2500P!

Pentium helps you out. From another perspective… also sensing some confusion, but not just your own. Or is it an air of confusion? Keep trying!


Nice! Now I am no longer broke!
Good point. Besides, I chickened out of the bug-gym, so I can't really chicken out again.
Now, where would the gym be? Probably the biggest, most haunted-house-looking place in town, right?


You can ask around. Not all gyms are the same, remember.


Well, I'm here at the mail-place, and I'm already interacting with the guy behind the counter, so might as well ask him!
"Hey, you got any idea where the gym around here is? I'd guess somewhere in the middle of town, but I've been wrong before."


"Oh, you've got to find a shrine at the edge of town, actually. Hehehe. Hope you're not too scared of forests at night, esepcially with what's in them. Or better yet if you are."

He grins maniacally for a moment.



Roll #1 18 = 18


'1d20' again

Roll #1 11 = 11


This is no time to think about the cool moves you know, Pentium!

Roll #1 12 = 12


Try to think about it. Is it really confused? AMke a guess on how it might be really feeling!


You see a small grin escape it.


"I ain't no pussy, bro. I'll be fine."
Well, I had a map of the city before, right? Or there was a board with a map of the city or something. That'd be a good way to figure out which edge of the city to start looking at.


There are definitely maps around. You're supposed to move towards the eastern end. Yo ucan take ab us.


A bus? That's a good idea, seeing as I can actually afford the fare now.
On the other hand, I could bike over… but that would take much longer and get me really tired by the time I actually reach the gym.


Biking's viable! But might as well take a break. You notice an ominous shrine at the edge of the city.


Is it… Mischievous?
Is it trying to confuse US!?

Roll #1 14 = 14


Considering this island, there's no guarantee that's the right ominous shrine, but it's worth checking at least.
If nothing else, now that I'm on the edge of the city I can probably get wherever I need by biking without any real delay.


When you try and peer beneath the confusion, you definitely feel some kind of intent. For confusion? You just ahve to link the dots.

You notice an old lady arranging some statues. They look pretty well-crafted.


"Hello! Nice statues you've got there."
It's fifty-fifty whether this is a nice old lady or a creepy old lady, and I've already found a nice old lady when delivering the packages, so… better safe than sorry, but be ready for the worst?


"Quite, yes? Esepcially when you see them in whole."

Closer up, you notice just how… distorted the statues are. They're twisetd and engorged in ways that simply shouldn't be.

"So how might I help you?"


Oh boy, this one's going to be fun, I just know it.
"Well… I'm looking for the local gym, and I'm guessing I've found it. I think. It's hard to tell around here."


"Oh yea! Welcome. But I'm afraid you must return at night. Rest during the day and return for your challenge when ready. How does the stroke of midnight sound? Just like a tale!"


You're terribly tired…

>"That's the plan. I'll be the first to admit that things don't always pan out that way, though."

Riss laughs a bit.
"Of course. It never does. Would you really want everything to go according to plan, though?"


"Before I went on this journey, before I met you and the others? Yeah, I would have. I had everything scheduled out." I take a breath. "And then all this happened. I wouldn't trade it for anything."


"Surprises can come in many forms. We can only prepare for if it doesn't work out."

riss yawns heavily. She probably wants to sleep soon.


"Now that I think about, except for a few destinations, I really don't have any plans left at all. Maybe I can finally sit down and make some tomorrow." Rub my head a bit. "I'm way too tired to stay up now."


"There's a lot left to do. Well, I'm just going to.."

She leans her head back onto her sleeping bag, and she's asleep within seconds. You notice some string poking out of her pocket, though…



I spend a moment looking at the string. '1d2'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It'd be rude to pull on it now. We need sleep, I'll let her know about it in the morning.


It's attached to a metal piece of some kind, but you can't see it fully. The visible pattern does look curious, though.

Off to bed you go.

You're so tired, the morning comes immediately. You'll be leaving today.


I'll try to recall the metal piece as we start packing up.

"Good morning, ready to meet the day?" I ask Riss. "What do you have in your pocket? I noticed it last night but didn't want to wake you about it."


She feels her pocket, and for a brief moment, you see fear in the person otherwise seeming always unshakeable.

"Just a gift from someone."


Tilt my head a bit at what I just saw, but I'll let her carry on.

"Alright, just let me know if you need any help."

Is there any breakfast for us and our 'Mons?


"It's nothing, really. We should eat, we're leaving in about two hours. I think the boat is gonna take us to Shuiea? Then we can sail off elsewhere if we don't wanna hang there for a bit."

Arthur runs up to you from behind.

"Oh hey, Squire. Listen man, pity about us having our sleepover cut short. I'd invite you over again today, but… eh, something came up."


"If there is some place you want to check out, I'll tag along. Right now, time is all I have."

Turn to Arthur: "Don't worry about it, stuff happens. It just means I owe you a stay at my place if we meet up by there."


"Not really… I got some time off too, but I don't know what I'm going to blow them on."

She sighs as you get to the canteen to pick up the packed meals.

"Oh, that'd be great. But you're going to be hanging around the archipelago for a while, huh? We should keep in touch by email or something."


"Sure, sounds good. I'll pass you my info." I'll write it down for Arthur and write his info down in a few places.

"There was a pretty neat place by, and slightly under, one of the beaches. If you haven't been there, I'll show you around."


"That's one way to spend the day. Wouldn't mind that at all." Riss says.

"I think I gave you my email already… but here."
He writes it down on a piece of notebook paper.


"Study tip, copying notes helps you remember them. I'll write this down in a few other places later, so I won't lose it or forget." I smile at Arthur as I accept it. "Wouldn't want to accidentally lose your notes if you only have them in one place."

"Great, let's make a day of it." I tell Riss. "We might not get as many dates to just chill, so let's enjoy it."


Her eyes widen briefly.
"Yeah, sure! Anyway, I think we're leaving soon. Wanna get on the boat?"


"Yeah, let's not get left behind." As much as the scenes from yesterday were great, I still remember nearly going mad. "Let's make sure we aren't forgetting anything. Don't leave your gift here either."



She looks uncomfortable when you mention it. Everyone gets on the small ship heading towards Shuiea, mainly staffed by the research crew.


I'll let Quetz and Cali out once we're on the boat, give them a chance to enjoy the ocean breeze.

"You okay?" I ask Riss.


Quets spreads his …ears? Wings? out, riding the winds, and cali examines her new sword in the sunlight. She tries swinging it, but for now it's very unwieldy for her, and would be of little use in battle.

"Yeah, I'm good! I just needed some rest, that's all." She's looking through a notebook.


Stand for a moment near them and I'll admire how far they come. We've all got a ways to go, but I'm sure they'll reach what they want.

"It hasn't been easy, so I understand. Hopefully we'll dock close to that place, just be careful with that in the mean time." I say as I point to her notebook.


"Just some ideas for stuff."

The boat ride ends pretty fast, about two hours later you're back in Shuiea port. The day is still young, it' not even noon yet.

"So! Where am I going to be taken today?"


"A place I recently visited, the Aquarium. It's got lots of great views and even some shows!" I'll list of some of the Pokemon we can find in there eagerly. "Stick close though. There are some narrow spots where you can get much closer than you'd think. You won't forget it."


"Well! That sounds super nice! You'll have to take me there."


"Okay. Let's drop off our stuff and head in. If we make it there early, we should be able to catch a few extra shows." Let's make sure our stuff is safe before we leave, but I want to make sure Riss can enjoy the shows and look for a schedule of events.


'1d20' for Amber's archery

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 7 = 7


Carnival toss

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d20' for fun stuff

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Right. We could get an Inn room?"


"Yeah, that's going to be the best option. I've gotten used to hauling this thing around, but i don't know if they'll allow it there." Let's get our rooms and then meet up in the hallway for the trip.


"Right, right."

The room costs you 100P, as standard. The weight is lifted off your shoulders as you bring just a few essentials.

You could change if you want…


That is a very good idea. A quick wash if I can spare it to remove the camping smell and whatever decent clothes I have in my bag, then rush down. I can't leave Riss waiting.


Just a quick shower. You head over and get some of the wild smell off you, usingh whatever soap you have on hand. It turns out good, you think. You should have some fresh clothes available too. Less adventurer ones, but city ones are fine.

Riss isn;t in the lobby yet? You find her coming a fewm inutes after you, also cleanly washed, it seems.


"You look nice." I tell her with a simple smile. "Ready to head out?"


"Of course."

She's wearing, of all things, a long skirt paired with a losoe blouse. Very different.

"Now, take me to this aquarium of yours."


It's a nice set.

"Of course. Let's try and get there before all the shows, but I'm sure you'll like it as it is too." Offer my hand to guide her.


"Wow. Forward, huh?"

She takes your hand, clasping it.

Heading there by bus?


"Better to go all out, right?"

I think it's our best option. Might take too long if we walk there. Obviously, try to get the seats together and point out some interesting places along the way from my trip.

"It's nice isn't? Just the two of us without too much to worry about."


"Very nice, yes. Now, what else should I expect from you later?"

You pass by a bus stop, and though it's not yours, you notice a familliar face. Arthur is that ranger girl, but they're both dressed in much nicer clothes.


"It's going to be a surprise." I say as we look on at the other lovebirds. "For both of us."

Give Arthur a thumbs up if we pass him.


He notices you briefly, and thumbs up right back.

Good luck to you both.

So, you're at the aquarium! It's the same as you saw it, really. All them ore you can be her guide.


"The shows are nice here, but I really think you'll like the entrance to it." I'll still point out a few of the water Pokémon on our way to the underwater and show area, see how she reacts to the ones messing around or playing as I call them out.


Hold on, you'll have to get tickets first! Arthur psid for yours last time, so you almost forgot.



Guess it's obvious, I'll pay for two people and ask about when the shows are.


That's 200. Riss smiles. Shows are on in abotu an hour.

Time for the underwater tunnel?



"We've both been on beaches before, but have you ever been below them?" I ask wth excitement as I hold her hand and guide her towards it. "There's so much to see."


"Never! I'm still thinking of a water Pokemon to bring into my team, come to think of it. Staryu sure are pretty. Maybe…"

You two descend into the tunnel, the view manages to amaze you again. More so for Riss, who squeezes your hand as she looks at the new world around her. A Mantine flies overhead, bubblig gleefully.


"It's nice, isn't it? Like you could reach out and touch them." I point out some of the other 'Mons here, trying to find Corsolas and Luvdiscs, walking with her up and down. "They look so peaceful and beautiful, don't you think?"


File: 1505537793073.png (12.56 KB, 120x120, 781.png)

"Must be an interesting life…."

A Pokemon you've never seen before suddenly drifts into a view. It floats around as a massive anchor, but the seaweed on it moves and contorts eerily.


For luck '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


"That one wasn't here the last time I visited." With my free hand, I'll see if AI have my pokedex with me. "Think it might be related to the island back there?"


>Swinging its massive anchor, it has been observed KOing Wailord in a single blow. What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body.

Coincidentally, a shadow is cast over as something massive floats overhead. Riss huddles with you under the shadow of the Wailord drifting pass.


"C'mon, this isn't the show I talked about."

I hold her close and try to help her back to the entrance. A battle, even a quick victory, wouldn't be good for the place we are in right now.


"But it is a nice sight, no?"

The Dhelmise continues to drift, ignorign the Wailord and just osberving its surroundings. No fight breaks out, thankfully.

Show's starting soon, it seems, as you head into the amphitheatre.


Try to control my breathing as they ignore each other.

"Yeah, they seem so imposing, but they're so calm. I thought they were going to duel, but now, maybe they're friends?"

Let's see what is showing and if we can get good seats still.


Stellar seats, right in the middle!
You're just in time, the show started. Some of the most elegant water Pokemon present themselves. Dewgong, and loads of them, with a star Empoleon, and Pelliper above. the Pelliper pick up small Golden and drop them over the water, where they dive in unison.


I look at the show, then to Riss.

Is she happy? Is she smiling?


She's more fascinated than anything, the way she gazes at the performance of elegant dives, and Sealeos bouncing their Spheal compatriots, much like a circus show. It ends when all participants dive into the pool with a mssive splash, soaking the audience in front, the wet zone.

"Well, I guess that's what you come to an aquarium for!"


I'm just happy she's enjoying this.

"It's a wonderful place, isn't it? We should come back together some day, since you don't see this in the Rising City."


"Not so much. You know what would be great, though? Watching battles. But There really haven't been many tournaments lately, due to thereb eing less trainers interested in this stuff…"

"Well, maybe we can watch a dvd or something later. Now, what's next?"


"It's not exactly an easy thing. I planned for some of this, but most people I knew weren't really going to go all that far." I wonder how arias takes this as I tell her.

Enough of this sad stuff. I mentally slap myself and take a quick breath. "Gotta stay positive." I tell myself.

"I didn't get a chance to explore the beach here. Let's go for a walk in the sand and who knows, maybe we'll see a Trainer battle or something else out in the sea. It'll be enjoyable, c'mon."


"Afternoon walk on the beach, huh? Very standard, but no need to mess with something good. But which beach? The regular city one?"


"Like I said, it's going to be a surprise to both of us. I've never really been to the here, it'll be my first time too!" Smile at her. "But there should be plenty to do and see there, plus more chances to see pick-up battles."


"Well, can't go wrong with the suual one."

You two leave the aquarium, taking the bus over to the Coastal Park, as it's called. The public beach. It's clean enough, but it's rather busy. Not so much that you can't fidn a spot in the warm sands to lie down if you like, or find a secluded spot to stroll around. Helps that it's close to some food stands, you could even have a dinner here.


"It's kind of packed, but I think it has its charm. Breathe in the sea air, let's find ourselves a spot and get some food to pass the time. With so many people around, there's got to be some pick-up battles we can sit in on."

Is there a designated Pokebattle area we can watch out for?


Battles? You can see some battles on the beach further down. You see a match between a boy with a Rhyhorn, and someone's Pinsir.


"Look over there, want to go watch the battle? I'm sure we can get good seats too." Smile for her and point them out. "I don't think I've seen those Pokémon in person."


"Yeah, you don't see Rhyhorn too often, they can be pretty hard to handle.

As Riss continues watching the fight, an idea comes to her.

"Hey… up to a battle yourself?"


Bring out my Pokémon in their balls.

"I was almost worried you weren't going to ask."


Do you have the capability to see google sheets right now?


Right on cue, a couple approaches, snickering.

"Ew, you're with a guy like THAT? You must be, like even a bigger loser than he is!"

"Ayy bby, why don't you join up with me instead? Maybe you can earn some of my attention if you try really hard!"


"Hey, don't talk to her, or anyone else, like that." Stand up straight. "And not expect to get into a battle."


"Ho ho ho! This little maggot thinks he can beat us! What do you think, baby?

"Like, wow! We're gonna rough him up sooo bad!"

Their voices are grating…

"Wow! You seem really strong! I don't know how we're going to win, Squire…"

Riss's tone is off, and you see her eye twitch slightly. "Don't you dare lose", she whispers, as she readies her Pokeballs.

The obnoxious couple sends out Onix and Gloom!


"Yeah, we'll do this together."

I'll bring out Dynamo first, hope Riss is ready to play off of him.


Riss sends out Dartrix! The owl hovers by Dynamo, facing down the opposing pair.

The Onix might be dangerous to you both…


"I'll take up the Gloom with Dynamo and leave Onyx to you for now."

"Dynamo, get in quick with Flame Wheel!"


Dynamo cloaks himself in fire and charges down the Gloom! The Onix's attempt to intercept is quickly punished bu a flurry of razor leaves. The Gloom tries to scatter powders, but Dartrix flies down to defend Dynamo, and the powders have no effect!


"Thanks! Dynamo, Flame Charge, don't let Onyx stop your attacks on Gloom!"


Dynamo runs around the fight, looking for another angle to strike the Gloom at. He charges in again, just as the Dartrix flies up and dives towards it! The combined attack brings the Gloom down as the Onix tries to avenge its partner with a rock throw. Dynamo is hit and winces, but has enough left to run.


"Dynamo, stop the Onyx with Hypnosis!"


The flames on the pony flicker, and the Onix is stopped in its tracks, drowzy. The Dartrix is given time to line up a perfect leaf toss, striking between its rocky plates! The onix goes down!

"Wow, how are we winning? I thought we were a couple of losers?" Riss mocks.

The other couple curse, and send out what should be their last. A Tentacruel and Arbok!


"Let them cook in their words."

"Dynamo, keep it up, you're doing great with Dartix! Use Flame Charge on Arbok, move quickly!"


Dynamo and Dartrix are both weakened, howeber, and though they get off attacks, the Tentacruel grips Dynamo and tosses him back, while the Arbok manages to sink its venomous fanghs int othe grass owl. Both are taken out.

"It's time. Come on."

Riss sends out her trusty Gabite! You feel Quetz's urge to join.


"Yeah, let's take them down quickly."

"Quetz, I know you want this, so use Thunder Wave on Tentacruel as soon as you get a chance. Lock it down!"


Both your signatures stand strong. Quetz immeditely stuns the Tentacruel, while the Gabite quickly dives beneath the ground, avoiding a strike by the same jellyfish! The Arbok stings Quetz, and you seem him shiver as he gets poisoned. In repsonse though, his skin hardens. It will protect him well until he decides to shedi t off.


"Quetz, while Tentacruel is hampered, use Dragon Tail on the Arbok, don't let it move to far!"


The Tentacool tries to whip Quetz, but his hardened skin repels a large chunk of damage! The Arbok's fangs, too, try to sink into him, but it glances off his marvel-scale enhanced scales. Just as Quetz whips onto the Arbok, the Gabite rushes out from the ground, striking at the Arbok!


"Gabite is out, use Twister on the Arbok and Tentacruel now that you got a chance, hit them both hard!"


Quetz continues to shiver with the poison…

He whips up a small tornado, stunning both the Tentacruel and the Arbok! The shockwave pushes the arbok over the edge, and it falls, but not before it manages to bite your dragonair again. Poor quetz here is taking hits for the Gabite, and it repays the favour when it rushes out the ground again, sinkings its claws into the Tentacruel's soft body.

The Gabite is completely unhurt, while Quetz's scales look blackened and bruised.


"Quetz, take care of yourself first. Get those poisoned scales off before it spreads."


Quetz sheds off the poisoned scales, losign the proection of the hardened skin as it peels off, but also pursging himself of the poison! With the Tentacruel paralyzed, it's an eas ytargte for a Dragon Tail, tosses it into position for Grabite to claw at from below ,right at the Tentacruels eyes. It yells as its tossed onto its trainers, and all of them are down.

Both your dragons roar triumphantly.

"That's all? Hahahaha!"

Riss laughs, calling Gabite with her as she walks forward. A look of abject fear oversome the downed couple.

"Got anything to say? Hmm? Maybe you should have thought twice in those worthless brains of yours before you took on Me, The He–"

She stops, and puts her foot over the downed man's head while glaring at the frightened girl.

"Want to make it up to my friend somehow?"


"Hey, we won. We don't have to stoop to their level, but they can make up for their earlier attitude."


"Know your place and apologize. Come on, maybe if you kiss my friend's shoes, your Pokemon can make it to a Pokecenter."

She finally hears you, and reluctantly walks back to you as the others, frightend out of their minds, get up and run.



I'll just look at her for a moment before breaking the ice.

"It was a good victory wasn't it? How about a celebratory ice cream?"

Offer her my hand.


She clasps it.

"I suppose that was too noisy. Hey, we should grab dinner around here. Maybe rent some videos of past tournaments."


"Sounds like a plan. We could talk a bit after."

Let's hold back on our spending. Any simple and inexpensive combos with drinks available around here?


You can get some satay. It's meat on wooden skewers which you can dip in a variety of sauces. You can get some rice with it too, if meat's not enough to fill you up.


Let's see how full I can get with one. '1d10'

"Come on, let's get some of this. No plates to worry about so we can eat and check out some of the videos from the vendors. Any particular types of tournaments you're looking for? Type Locked ones? 6 on 6 or one of the smaller ones?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'll hold off on the rice, this meat is more than enough."


File: 1506055127075.jpg (93.22 KB, 819x544, EastCostFoodVillage_Hawker….jpg)

"If you're sure. Guess we're gonna have to get more skewers."

Riss calls over to a man having his Ponyta tend a small barbecue pit, where more sticks of meat are being marinated in sweet sauce and cooked. The smell is intoxicating.

"Mm… simple stuff. Guess this is what a regular day at the beach kind of is, huh?"


"Yeah. A show at the aquarium and then some food and sun at the beach is how all these should go." Give her a smile, preferably after wiping off some of the sauce. "It's not going to be a theater, but watching a movie is how they end, right?"


"Well… we could go see a movie, or we could rent some DVDs. Any idea which one you'd like?"


"We could see what's playing. I haven't kept up with films for a while since I was studying for my finals, plus, I don't know what type you'd like." Hold my chin like I was a detective, giving her a fake serious expression. "For all your talk about tournaments, maybe you like the animated Pokemon adventures?"


"Oh… yeah! I did try to keep up with this as a kid. Actually, why don't we see what's playing later? Hm…"

She pulls a newspaper out of her bag, looking through the movie listings.

"A spy movie. Sound cool?"


"Sounds good to me, let's give it a shot. It'll be the first time for me being in a theater here too. C'mon."


You head back into the city, with sunset coming in. The theatre you were looking for is at the top of a shopping mall, though you don't have time to shop around.

"Two tickets? That's 100P!"


"I got it, but let's hurry and find some good seats away from little kids." Pay and get in quick, head towards the right theater room, not mentioning the fact that I'd rather not spend on popcorn.


Luckily, seeing you shell out, Riss smiles and gets the snacks and drinks.

"Middle of the theatre! Good place. And I'm pretty sure kids aren't allowed to see this movie."

The movie begins with a scene of a vehicle being driven to a plane. A man stands in front of the plane, waiting for the car, showing a dominant pose with his hands in his belt loops. Hostages are given, and the plane takes off.

While flying over the mountains, the imposing man tries to threaten the hostages into giving him information about a mercenary, but they say nothing. Someone speaks, and it turns out to be the mercenary they seek: a villain of large stature, for everyone in the room. Disaster strikes as the plane is attacked and the villain frees himself, escaping onto the other plane while this one is left to crash.


Whisper to Riss: "Woah. You think if he'd have been trained by her, he would have caught the guy?"


"By who, my teacher? Oh yeah, definitely. This guy's an idiot."

The scene changes to the movie proper, where the hero is a young secret agent who has to take over after his senior is gravely injured. However, throughout the movie, while he investigates criminal gangs, he uncovers a conspiracy to take over the whole world! And the ones responsible? No less than the imperial family, the rulers of the land. But as it turns out, the mysterious femme fatale aiding him the whole time is no less than the wayward princess, who knows of the crimes her lineage plans and has been working to undermine it.


"No way, they had to suspect someone was leaking info." I say in actual shock at the reveal of the Princess.


Riss stares in silence.

Together, they infiltrate and storm the palace and the secret underground base, dodging many traps. At last, the final showdown, and their Pokemon are pushed to their limit. but wait! At the very last moment, the imposing man with the Power Stance returns, saving the heroes and sending his own Pokemon to make the fight a decisive victory! Turns out getting caught was part of his plan after all.

the aftermath is unsure. the Princess has to take the throne sometime, but until then, she'd like to keep on adventuring with the hero. The End.


"I totally wasn't expecting him to come back, at all. I should have been paying more attention to the clues, but don't tell me you saw 'em." Look to Riss. "What do you think the Princess will do? They can't leave the throne like that for too long."


She looks uncomfortable.

"No idea. Really."

"Anyway! That was a good movie!"


"Let's catch the sequel when it comes out. I want to see where they go with it." Look at my watch and see how bright it is outside. "Might be time to head back. I don't know how these streets can be at night, and I'm not all to sure about where everything is."


It's dark already. Not that it really matters, the city is lit up and still busy.

"We should. We could hang out some more if you're not tired. The inn's a nice enough place for it."


"A good idea. We've got a lot to chat about from today." Head back to the inn, let's stick to the populated routes so we don't run into surprises.


Good thinking, though this stuff is unlikely to happen here. Riss stops to get some drinks and snacks, so you're well-supplied.

"Now, your place or mine?" She quips. "Well, mine means I don't have to leave at the end, so let's just hang in my room."

It's spartan, mainly because she's not taken anything out of her bag.


"You didn't unpack? I'm sure I chucked everything out of my bag when I got to my room. Oh, is it okay if I let Quetz out?"


"Nope! Just took out some clothes to change. And sure!"

She lets out her Gabite, too, and starts arranging out the snacks.


"How are you feeling?" I ask Quetz as I try to touch over some of the areas where he got hit. "I should just get this over with, shouldn't I?" I give Quetz a smile, then help out Riss.

"Hey, mind if we chat for a bit?"


Quetz is feeling good. The Dragonair has more or less recovered, having purged the poison with its discarded skin. The Gabite walks over and starts examining the remnants of the injuries too, after all Quetz did take so many hits for her.

"Why not? But first.."
She hands you a drink, opening the can for you.

"Cheers to a nice day."


"To many more like it. Cheers."

"Let's sit down. We've done plenty of walking today and we can talk."


With no chairs in the spartan room, you both settle for sitting on the floor, laid out with comfy tatami mats. Riss nearly collapses, and she decides to lie out on her back, spreading out.

"Good battling there, Squire. Did you ever have any training before you started?"


"No. We talked about it in school, maybe I did try, but things kept getting in the way. I focused on school and whatever fun thing came across me. At least, from what I can remember from before I met Quetz." I look at our two 'Mons interacting. "Ever since I met Quetz, I've been a bit more active. I've gone on hikes and long walks to a bunch of different areas when the time allowed it. It's been the most fun I can remember."

"What about you? Did you train or battle before you went on your journey?"


"Just like that, huh? Not bad, not bad at all. As for myself? You could say it was expected of me. Not that I was very good at it until our first gym, but…. hmm."

She's deep in thought.


Give her some time to gather her thoughts and take a sip of the soda.

"Go ahead, what changed?"


"Having a good teacher, for one! And someone I could explain, uh, stuff to and understand just what I needed. Pioty she wasn't the teacher for you, but I'm sure you'll find yours!"

She takes a large swig of her drink. She's going for another can already?


"I have to admit, she wasn't wrong about a lot of things. I learned a lot from her. Maybe if the me that I am now met her, things would be different." I'll hold onto my drink for a bit. "But I'll see what comes up in the future."

"I wanted to ask you a few things, but are you sure you should be going through them so quick?""


"It's fine. This is decent stuff anyway."

She gulps down some more, and she's noticeably swaying. Her Gabite is too busy engaging Quetz to notice.

"Go on ahead…"


I'll give it a drink. Let it sit on my tongue to taste it, then swallow it and ask her.

"I've noticed a few things recently, but first off, what were you going to say there, at the end of our battle with that couple? Who did they take on?"



She's taking some time to answer.

"I just let the heat of the moment get to me, I guess."


"Oh really?" Take a sip. "It's fine. We've all been there. Some of the Gyms I've been to have been, uhm, 'motivating', to put it in a way." Drink again, let it sit. "But you're going to tell me one day, alright?" Give her a smile.

"They seem to be getting along." Point at our Dragons.


"…one day. When I'm getting to my goal."

Her pendant falls out of her pocket, and shhe doesn't seem to notice.

"Yeah. They made a pretty good combo, don't you think?"


"They did real good. But I gotta say, I felt like I was making all the wrong choices there." Look at her for a moment before taking in the rest of the can. Can't be too much left. "I'm sitting here, thinking about all the other ways I could have done that better."

Grab another can if there is one.


"We can always review another time. But the way your Dragonair managed to fend off both of them at once and buy my Gabite time to attack them… very valiant."

You grab another drink, head feeling a little light. As you see the pendant, you feel like the design is a little familliar.


"That'd be good. Quetz knows I could use it." Look at the Pendant for a bit, trying to place where I've seen it before. Pick it up for her and give it back.

"This is going to sound weird, but I feel like I've seen it before. Where'd you come across it?"



She keeps quiet for a while.

"Guess you'll figure it out soon. It's the emblem of the imperial family, and this pendant is given to their heirs. You know your history, yes? The line used to hold absolute power throughout out the Three Realms, but its given way now to our current government. For the better, of course."


"So that explains your reaction to the movie." Make sure I give it back carefully. "I was going to ask about that, you know."

"As for knowing my history, I was almost able to place it. That has to count, right? Partial credit." Take a sip. "Tell me, it seems to have affected you growing up with it."


"Lots of expectations. Lots of things you grow.. disillusioned with, too. Mind you, I'm not really supposed to be here… or a lot of places, really. I'm glad my teacher understood."

she looks like she has a weight lifted off her.


"Being in places that we shouldn't be. That makes two of us then. I haven't met a single class mate in all this time. I'm probably the odd one out, still going at it." Follow it up with a drink. "So what do you say we finish this too?"


"Hah. I suppose that's true in a way, but, well, don't tell anyone you saw this pendant, alright? Not until we're done, anyway."

She opens up the last of the snack bags.


"I think your secret is safe." Point to the can. "No one is going to believe me, so don't worry about it. If you ever need it, let me take the hits." Down the can.

"You really took it out of me here, you know?"


"I'm trusting you! ugh.."

She suddenly grabs Quetz and starts vigrorously stroking his head.

"So smooth. I can't rub my Gabite too much, not on the back anyway, her skin's like sandpaper. But her belly's really nice! Wanna rub?"


"Hey, I appreciate it too! You know I'm not good at how this stuff is supposed to play out…"

Take a drink and take up the offer.

"What was her name? I shouldn't try until I at least know that." Put my hand out, but don't pet it just yet.


Quetz is reluctantly letting Riss indulge, but he doesn't mind too much.

"Yadi. That di is a bit between a d and a t sound, by the way."

The Gabite looks embarassed at having her name revealed, and even more so that she has to account for her trainer's impulses. Still, she politely sniffs your hand.


"Hello Yadi, what do you say about letting me rub your belly." Let her sniff and get comfortable in my presence. "You did real good out there. You should be proud."


Out the corenr of your eye, you see quite inebrieted Riss muttering to Quetz, blushing lightly for some reason. The Gabite eases up, and, looking at the matter her training is assaulting your own dragon, has a debt to fulfill.


"Don't worry, it won't be like that."

Rub her belly, try to see where she likes it the most.


There's a line of blue in the middle of Gabite's belly… Oh! You get a reaction out of there. She squeals.


Keep at it. No reason not to let her be happy after all her work today.


File: 1506414019946.png (360.67 KB, 650x900, e7813cdddf46c4f7d8d0a8c44c….png)

She's adorable! You could go on all night.. but the exhaustion is getting to you.



>Is it… Mischievous?

>Is it trying to confuse US!?

>Roll #1 14 = 14

When you try and peer beneath the confusion, you definitely feel some kind of intent. For confusion? You just have to link the dots.


"Ah! You are deliberately thinking erratically to confuse us!"


Get this old scottish war vet out of here.


The Drowzee looks at you, annoyed. You feel… insecurity! You might have cracked it!

"Oh! I see you've bothered Drowzee here. He likes to mess with the pupils, but he gets really upset when someone figures him out. Good on you!"

The instructor rubs his annoyed Drowzee gloatingly. It glares at you.


Stick my tongue out at it and move on.


That's the last of them.

"Alright! Now that class is back in session, does anyone have conclusions about what you could feel from each of these Pokemon?"


Raise my hand and explain the various feelings which I don't remember since the earlier sessions were months ago


Shrug "Well, whatever it was, I'll remember it later when I'm not emotionally exhausted. We saw a lot of stuff today, you ready to get some rest, Vi?"


One month

You explain that the Abra is calm, but out of boredom, and you feel like it wants to do more than work in the classroom. The Ralts is trying to be calm, but really likes being here and playing with everyone! And the Drowzee is trying to confuse you all.

"Perfect, Leila! This is a very basic introduction to trying to grasp the thoughts of others. Everyone's thoughts are layered, you see, so what seems straightforward on the surface might have a very complicated reasoning to it. Or it might just be pretending!"

The kids all oooh at you. Then again, you are older than all of them.


"We should."

Roll for slp


I'll nod along, internalizing the explanation!


"Night Viola"
'1d20' zzz

Roll #1 11 = 11


"Alright! Class is finished today! Feel free to play in the courtyard or explore or something. Now, it'll take a long time, but let me give you a teaser of what you can do with enough practice.."

He vanishes. The door suddenly opens, and there he is, outside the classroom.


You don't want to tell anyone what you're thinking of right now, but it involves some of the nicer parts of your recent escapade, but amplified. My, my.


Nobody needs to know that
And nobody should
Time to get up! A new day is ahead of me


Isn't that more like ninja stuff?


Teleport is a psychic move!

"Though it's a pretty specialised thing.. most of you would never need to learn this. Oh, well."

It is! Your ship is leaving soon. Quick breakfast, then get on board?


"Could be pretty useful to adventurers."


I'll eat it on the way
Wait, where's Viola?


"It can. Take quite a lot of effort, though. I think you'd rather be off adventuring."

With you, mostly. Board the ship with her?


"You're not wrong about that."


Yeah! Let's do some small talk on the way
"Say, how many times have you been in a boat, huh?"


"See? Have fun, now. I haven't really tried explorign around, but the kids like to do it. Thinking of challenging our leader?"

"Not many… Maybe twice? Do
you like boats?"


"I would rather do some real pokemon training first…"


"Wanna train in battle, huh? Heh. What do you have in mind? If you just wanna practice, you can try your hand at the wild Pokemon around. Maybe if you project a… willingness to fight, you might be answered."


"Just battles won't cut it after a certain point. I had actually hoped this place would be more akin to a proper gym…"
I scrunch.


"Whatever do you mean by that?"


"With more of a focus on battling!"


"A little. My big sister is a stewardess in one of these luxury cruisers resorts. She joined when I was a kid and I would just pester her with questions about her work whenever she came home. I didn't had anything interesting going on in my life at the time so I was really into her job, since it was better than dad's Assembly machine operator spot"


"Ah. Well, the other gyms are more focused on battling… especially with the drought of trainers as of late. but if you like, you can join in with the battling trainers. There should be bouts going on in one of the courtyards. Usually just between the elders, though."


"Ooh! You know, I'd love to go on a cruise sometime!"

You're boarding your ship. You're departing in a bit.


"Ah! But that could be such a nice learning opportunity, even just by watching them! Thanks!"
That's where I will go.


"Really? I mean it's not as pleasant as it sounds. It's mostly for fancy rich people you know? Not much to do on board besides eating, mingling or get a suntan. And maybe an in-boat event"


You head over to the courtyard. It's a couple of older ladies battling it out, a Xatu against a Slowbro. Both their styles are very calm, and they seem to be staring each other down.

"You know, if we both keep using calm mind, we won't be able to hurt each other?"

"Yes, well.."


"Eating! What are you saying, that eating isn't good? Man, I really could go for a feast now… I wonder where wild Miltank live?"


"Hah, alright you got me, they do have plenty of feasts in cruises like those" I turn to her at the miltank comment, giving the wild girl a weird look "Uhh, Miltanks?"


"Yeah! You know, for eating."


"Woah, Woah, Viola" I hold a hand up "You're not seriously eating Miltanks like some kind of sav-err like some wild Pokemon… Are you?"


"There's nothing like the feeling of eating your own hunt! And anyway, for a while I had no choice…"


"Out of food while away from Any towns, huh? Still, don't you think a miltank is like, a liiiittle bit too much?"


"Well, you can preserve the meat for quite a while if you smoke it!"

You're reaching shore!


He must have a trick up his sleeve, something which refers positive buffs into negative ones!


"I think this is enough. We can use some sleep." I tell Riss and our Pokemon.


She's hugging Quetz.

"So soft… so strong though, lemem feel you up some more…"


"Quetz, over here." Nod to my Dragonair, have him nudge Riss over to her bed while I get it cleared.


There is no bed, the mattress hasn't been laid out. Her Gabite lays it out for her and Quetz gently pulls her over to it, freeing himself from her grasp.

"Mmm. This felt really nice."


"Glad you liked it. Now get some sweet dreams." Cover her up with a blanket once she lies down.

"Yadi, take care of her, okay?"


The Gabite nods. She and Quetz briefly sniff each other, too, before you leave.

It's raining heavily outside. Would make for comfy dreams.


"Let's get ourselves to bed too Quetz. Good night and sweet dreams."

I wrap myself up in blankets and try to catch some shut-eye. '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


The tone of the day certainly got to you in your dreams… this is one dream you're glad you're not sharing with anyone. Especially since it involves more bellyrubs, and more than a Gabite.


I should write it down, a dream journal might be a good keepsake…

Get up and get some water first to wash out the drinks from last night. How are my 'Mons doing?


They're fine, chilling as usual. Quetz half hangs out the window, catching some sun. You head over to the bathroom and rinse yourself off, feeling refreshed.


Smile at the mirror. Yesterday was a good day. Hopefully today will be as well.

Get my stuff bagged up. We'll meet up with Riss and Arthur, then go on to Tumi from there.


You never made plans with Arthur, did you? He's probably busy.

"Heading off, huh? I'll be headed elsewhere. It was good to meet you again and get somethings off my chest." Riss says, as you oprepare to leave.


I saw his address. I'll send him a letter when I get the opportunity.

"I've been headed there for a while, but as you know, life gets in the way. Stay safe out there and don't forget our promises."


You also have his email, you can use a public terminal whenever you're in a pokecenter.

"Of course, of course. you know what? We should have a battle sometime."


"Next time we meet then. Only question is before or after we visit the beach." Give her a smile.


"Maybe on the beach."

She smiles and turns, pausing before she starts to walk away.


"Don't forget to write. See ya soon."

Turn towards the route to Tumi. My Pokemon and my bag with me, and start walking.


You'll have to take a ferry to the next island. The price of a ticket is 100P, as per usual. This will bring you further south.


"I need to pinch my money. Stop me if I want to get anything that isn't food or water, Quetz." Pay the toll, find a good spot and see how many other trainers are on board. Are there others with badges?


Aside people in general, you find no other trainers. They say there's been a drought of trainers recently…

The scene of the sea is largely the same, though you see more Pokemon active in the wake of last night's storm. You see more magikarp hopping about on the water's surface, and more Wingull trying to pluck them up.


That's a real shame. Part of me was hoping to meet another trainer here for some reason. I'll let my 'Mons out, let them enjoy the breeze.


"Smoking huh? Well, maybe you can teach me that sometime" lean foward on the deck with a hand up to block the sun "I see land up ahead"


You do. It's a large city. Kind of like home, but it looks way more congested, busier, bigger. Welcome to Shuiea.

"Isn't there anything you want do do around here?"


File: 1506614613122.jpg (459.16 KB, 1344x756, DSC_0068_5.jpg)

You see a mountain in the distance, too. Might be good for hikes.


Hopefully it will go better than my last hiking too
"Didn't expect this place to have such tall buildings. Have you ever been here before, Vi?"



Now that's a great idea! But only one Pokemon line has been observed to perfoem such a feat, and it's not any of the Pokemon here.

"You know, that young lass over there has a great idea involving a Malamar, but none of us have one, do we?"

"Are you listening in to people's thoughts again?"

"Hey, with how absolutely exciting this battle is, I guess I really shouldn't, huh?"

Both the Slowbro and Xatu are just starign at each other, trying to out-medidate each other. Somehow.

"Only for a bit, to transfer to a new boat."

The ship docks, and you're free to disembark.


"Would that even be fair in a league duel? Just reading your opponent's mind?"
Butt in. Not like they didn't butt into my mind!


"Shame, I was hoping you would be my guide again, but I can buy a town map so we can see what's interesting in this town before we get the next boat, how about it?"


"Maybe, maybe not. It's up to the other person to find a way to get around it, isn't it?"

Just as the lady turns to talk to you, the man quick switches his Pokemon to a Quagsire! It Immedaitely slaps the Slowbro, and for a moment it looks like it lost all concentration.

"Wait, I thought you only had one Pokemon!"

"I never said that, did I?"

"But.. oh, clever."

"Well… if you wanna stay around here, it'll take days. And I kind of want to come back here another time. I mean. have you been to a Shrine? There's one here. And the gym here's something else."


"I have, once. It was quite the experience… Uh, What you mean by something else?"


I'll snicker.
Nice trick.


"It's not like the typical gym. If there even is a typical gym. You have to spend days there, sailing around trying to even find where the fight's supposed to be. Or so I heard."

The Slowbro concentrates and tries to loose a psychic attack! But the Quagsire doesn't seem to care. It's like the Slowbro had never sat there and boosted so much.

"When you'd get all competitive again?"

"Did I ever say I stopped?"


Ooooh I DEFINITELY like this guy! So much I could learn!
You're gonna be my new sensei.


"Sailing? As in on a boat for days? Sounds terrifying"
Shrug "But honestly, I wasn't particularly interested in a gym or shrine myself, not yet anyways"


"Huh… well, I'm taking the gyms myself. It'll add to my portfolio, for one. It can help secure some.. employment. And it's very enriching."

The Quagsire dispatches the Slowbro, sending a shockwave through the earth to do so.

"Huh. I guess you win."

"I was bored, I thought I'd mix it up."

"You did. Now what are we going to do…"

"Beats me. Usually we spend hours staring at each other."


"Whaaat? You seeking employment? I thought you were all about being wild and free on the wilderness"


"Not. By. Choice."


Clear my throat and step forth.
"How about a battle? That style… I think I need to learn it! To improve as a trainer!"


Look away, a somewhat regretful look on my face "I-I know but still, I thought you enjoyed this lifestyle. Away from all noise, the people, just you and your Pokemon"


"A trainer?"
He ponders.

"Competitive… alright, I see. Honetly, there's not a lot I can do, but I'll try. I've got all afternoon. And evening."

He smiles. You feel an invigorating prescence.

"Come, send out your Pokemon." It's a command.

"Haha.. well, I did, to be honest. but empployment can eman out there, too. Like an explorer. In fact, they'll want to see your badges as proof of your competence."

She smiles.

"Do you really just wanna hop on the boat and keep going? What do you wanna go to Bridge Island for, anyway?"


Well then!
"Go, Eevee!"


Eevee jumps out! He looks really confident. He's been itching for this. He bravely stares down the Quagsire.

"Eevee, huh? Tell me, Leila, do you have a general battle plan? What are you hoping to do with your Eevee? The first thing you ask yourself is, what's your win condition? For us just now, it's when one of our Pokemon can focus their power hard enough. And My Quagsire disrupts that win condition."


"Well, you spoke with professor Yew, right? I'm positive that he'd see the potential in you. Heck, you could be a great Researcher too with your skills"

I stretch a bit
"Well I wasn't exactly heading to Bridge island, I'm aiming for the fire plains. Do some looking, make some research work on Pokemon there, relax a little bit. The Last few days have been a little tiring on me. Taking breaks is very important don'tcha know!"


"Guess I was being wishful! Anyway.. um… my boat leaves soon, then."

She pauses.

"It was a good time meeting you again."


I'll shrug with a smile.
"Tell you the truth, I was just hoping to counter your Quagsire and all my other mons are weak to it!
Eevee! Leer!"

Roll #1 14 = 14


"Yeah, it was good seeing you too Viola, I uh, hope I we meet again sometime, in a more relaxed place, and not witnessing the a surge of legendary Pokemon" chuckle


"Normally, you shouldn't tell that to anyone, but since this is practice… Weakening the opponent! A good way to start. doesn't reveal too much of your intentions, and gives you room to scout. Tackle."

Quagsire Slams into Eevee, though it noticeably holds back.

"What else do you think you can do now?"

"I sure hope so."

She walks towards a waiting ferry, and boards.


"I'd reap the fruits of that earlier stalling!
Eevee! Bite!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 14 = 21


Make sure to wave at her as she leaves


Eevee runs in and sinks its fangs into Quagsire!The Quagsire doesn't respond… for a second, then it starts crying out in pain. Or sounding like it is. It doesn't actually feel all that bothered.

"Trying to get an attack in! This is straightforward, try and trade blows favourably. My Quagsire's defense is weakened, so this is a good idea. Now let's pretend my Quagsire goes down, but in the process…"

The Quagsire stops mock-screaming, then suddenly slaps Eevee, holding him down. Eevee's completely helpless!

"Eevee is knocked out. What's next? I have.. hmmm, say I have five more Pokemon."


Assume a thinking pose.
"That'd quite the pickle. I do not have that many! I'd try and trade favorably on and on instead."


"Always take favourable trades. Now, say I did this again."

He sends out Xatu.

"What's your best move? Mind you, I do not know any of your Pokemon."


She waves at you from within the ferry. It departs, and now you are left alone.

You have time, and your Pokemon.

there is much to do.


Let's go see when the next boat to the fire plains is
"Heh Hey Jasper, maybe now you're big enough to fly me around eh?"


I smirk.
"All your mons seem to be psychic type!
Go Wartotle!"


Which city is reachable by boat?

Crobat are actually really big. Jasper nods approvingly.

"Hey, Quagsire isn't psychic type! Anyway, what's your plan now? Because I'm sure you have something better, don't you?"

Wartortle's fluffy tail waves in the atmosphere.


"Sure I do. Hitting your Xatu straight in the weakness!

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 6, 4 + 14 = 24


The Xatu almost dodges.. but then lets itself get bitten in the foot.

"So you just keep taking trades. But this is a golden opportunity to set up, too. What about, say, a Pokemon near-impervious to psychic AND flying attacks?"


"…Damn. I do have such a pokemon, but it has no setup moves!"


"What a shame! Alright, pause the battle, show it to me."


"Come back Wartotle!"
Send out Pentium instead.
"You see, it knows how to Iron Defense, but that's about it!"


"Even that's good enough! I might have Pokemon that wouldn't have been able to break through that! You should always be opportunistic! Of course, if you want to be more offensively oriented, let's see how well your Metang can learn!"

He retrieves his Xatu, sending out a Ledian.

"Your task is for your Metang to touch my Ledian. That is all."


"Just touch? I feel like there's some kind of trick here…
Pentium! Tackle the Ledian!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


the Ledian zips away. That speed… Pentium can't even get close!

"That's Agility! A move your Metang will learn naturally as it grows, but let's see if we can't speed things up a little! Touch my Ledian."



Roll #1 8 = 8


Fabiorge and torchfire, since they're both close to the sea, right?
"Too bad I think you need a permit or something for that"


Yes, which of those cities would you like to sail to?


"I believe in you Pentium! Go as fast as you can!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let's go with Torchfire



While exploring the courtyard in the monastery that serves as the psychic gym site on Muika island, you come across two crusty old battlers!

One of them's busy giving you pointer for battle! Upon learning about Pentium, your Metang, however, he's set you a strange challenge: to touch his Ledian. But the Ledian is too fast! Pentium will need extraordinary effort, or luck, to even come close.


If only my Metang had Agility!
"You can do it girl! Spin around and catch her!"
[1d20] my man.

Roll #1 7 = 7


To add insult, the Ledian lightly taps Leila from behind with a fist, while she continues to flounder. She's getting worn out….

"It's difficult, but possible! Mind over the heavy matter that makes up your body…"


"You hear that girl? Focus! Fly on with your weight, don't fight against it!"
[1d20] inb4 anorexic metang.

Roll #1 20 = 20


Some kind of understanding flashes across Pentium's mind. She connects with you, sensing her body's movements from your perspective. You can see miniscule changes in her methods, she rides on gravity, and moves her claws more efficiently. The end result being that she suddenly speeds up, and barely manages to land a claw on the Ledian.

Pentium has learned Agility!

"Now that was quick! I wasn't expecting you and your Metang to pick up on this so fast."

The old geezer looks impressed.


I beam in pride.
"Never underestimate our determination!"
Rush up to Pentium and hug her.
"Who's a good girl? Yes you are!~"


She hugs you back, the best she and those hard claws can. Despite being cold metal, you feel pretty warm. You can hear the clicking of her metallic mouthparts in a show of affection.

"I think I've done a lot of work for you today. It is a shame, less people are interested in battling seriously, or the Pokemon journey… Who knows, maybe someone with a lot of passion could raise interest again. You are planning to challenge the Leader here at the end of your stay, aren't you?"


Turn to him with a pumped fist.
"Definitely! I just need to get a little bit stronger!"
And evolve my Eevee.


"Keep up the good work, then. You could always try exploring the wilds around here to find wild Pokemon to practice against. Or find a sparring partner among a peer! That might be difficult now, though."

He sighs.

"Anyway, that new move will help you out, I'm going to go home before my drama airs on TV. Come on, now!"

He recalls his Ledian, already yawning and wanting to laze on a couch, turning to leave. With the end of your mock-battle, the air feels eerily quiet again.


"Go on Pentium, show me that move again! Agility!"
I'll just watch and play with her a while before heading out of the monastery. I want to see what the wilds here are like.


Pentium used Agility!

She relaxes are body, loosening components within for freer movement, even using some of her psy power to better balance her weight. She quickly zooms behind you, and back.

Getting used to it already!

It's nearing sundown, and the skies are beginning to be tinted orange.


This is actually a great moment to bring Eevee out with me into the woods.


It is! Eevee walks by your side as you leave the large front gates of the compound, walking towards the woods behind. From here, you see the steep rock tower that towers over the monsatery, and the strange temple that sits there. There doesn't seem to be way to climb up yourself, but you see the gym leader lady through a window.

But anyway, the woods await. As you head in on a well-worn path, the noise of bugs becomes pretty overwhelming, despite the silence just before in the monastery. It must be the time when the nocturnal ones are weaking up.


"Now be ready everyone…"
Stalk through the jungle watching out for big mons. I want to find a really large and feisty one to tangle with!


Have a luck roll. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Large Pokemon don't tend to live too close to human dwellings. A few Nincada pop out of the ground near you, eager to get at the nearby fresh plants. You begin to smell an oddly sweet scent…

Roll again.



Roll #1 5 = 5


You and Eevee barely dodge as a Weepinbell drops from the tree above! A poor Nincada is caught in its gaping mouth, enveloping the ground it's in as you see acids leak out from beneath. The sweet scent grows even stronger, and you can see a glimmer of satisfaction on its large eyes. Close call!

The path continues ownward, deeper into the woods.


For the weepinbell, we'd have had to tear him up from the inside!
On we go.


As you walk further in, you see a series of stone statues, depicting the three Pokemon said to be the aspects of spirit; Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. This might have been an important site in the past, but it's been overgrown and abandoned in that case. The path splits, one going downhill instead where the forest seems less dense, but one goes even deeper in, and you hear the cacophony of Pokemon cries. Do roll, whichever path you take.

Eevee sniffs, but is feeling pretty overwhelmed by the mix of scents. Even you're having some trouble keeping yourself together, the sounds of the bugz buzzing is quite bothersome. Without anything to focus on, your vision blurs from time to time.


My heart starts thumping faster and faster, an instinctive fear of the dark and unknown creeping over.
Despite it, the thrill of discovery pushes me on, and after exchanging a nod with Eevee I will take the path deeper into the jungle.

Roll #1 6 = 6


So be it. Statues with fearsome visages mark this path, and you can see Natu perched nearby, gazing at you. There is a strange mist beyond the stone path, and you feel danger, though that may be due to the Natu staring at you.


I will stop, staring back at the Natu but talking to my poke.
"Do you smell anything, Eevee?"


The pair of Natu stare at you grimly, before looking at each other and cawing in the manner of laughter. Oh boy, they aren't mocking you, are they?

Eevee is of little help. He's had little experience in an environment beyond a clean city and parks. All he can truly distinguish is a few sweet scents, probably lures by more carnivorous grass Pokemon, and territorial markings by those Pokemon that do so by scent, though he won't know what they belong to. Even without that knoweldge, even he can tell something odd lies beyond the misty archway, located in the middle of a clearing ahead.


Call out Pentium as well and step forth.


As you step through the archway, the mist filsl your vision! Pentium and Eevee both huddle to you so you know they're there, but the noises in the jungle are somehow amplified! Amdist the calls, screeches, buzzing and echoing of all of this, your mind is losing focus. Roll to keep yourself together!


[1d10] I know who I am, you dumb fog! This won't trick me!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not now, you don't. All that echoes in your head is the noise around you. You can't make sense of the soft touches coming from your left or the hard metallic prods from your right. You briefly have enough clarity to feel Pentium, but the moment that happens you feel the metallic prods go wild and limp before you forget all this. You gaze up in the direction you perceive to be upwards, your back against a large wall of grass and soil as the bright light you're facing goes away, replacing it with a darker sheet filled with smaller twinkling ones.

Something brown-ish and soft is prodding you rapidly for some reason.


Oh, and roll to see how much or quickly you can recollect yourself.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Eevee? What's an Eevee? It responds to that strange sound you make, prodding you even faster.

Sevral minutes later, you realise you're on your back staring up to a night sky, and Eevee has been trying to bring you to your senses. You've been catatonic for… however long it took for night to fall! You turn behind you and see Pentium, worn out. She might have been the one to help bring you back.

Unfortunately, you can't tell where you are. You're somewhere in the jungle, that's for certain, but without light, you're hard pressed to navigate. As far as you can tell, there aren't even any paths!


A-at least we are in a clearing!
Run back and hug both of them, scared shitless!
"Pentium! Eevee! S-sorry I dragged you into this! You saved my life, didn't you?!"


They did what they could! Eevee licks you, while Pentium accepts your hug.

A statue of a Pokemon with a large, enveloped head stands opposite you.


Uh. "Who's this?"
Anypony I know?

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's a statue of Uxie! You remember its description from a story, or show, or something to that effect. The statues eyes are open, and stare at you. Which is strange, considering you've never seen a depiction of it with its eyes open. Or have you? With every passing moment, you feel more and more unsure. Its gaze seems to be intensifying.


Try and take a very slow step forward, hand extended out towards the statue.


With every second you stare at its eyes… what are you doing? What were you doing? There's something wrong with its eyes being open, you get a feeling like that. It won't respond, but then you feel that brown furry creature crying out in concern. Did it have a name? Do you know it?


Pull back. Many steps.
Try and recall its name, and look away from the statue.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You feel clearer as you look away, and Eevee breathes a sigh of relief.

You see a discarded black cloth along the ground. Could this protect you? The strange feeling isn't going away, but you can feel its effects being slowed for now.


A black cloth, just here in the middle of the jungle? Was it mine?
"We should find a way home guys…"


Not that you can recall, but you can see an Natu perched above, looking at you. It looks condescendingly, and you can see bits of black thread on its talons.

You really want to find a way home, but… where are you? What's home?


Let's find a way to get as far from this statue as possible.
"And I found myself before a dark forest…" mutter to myself.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Do you even know where you're going? The forest behind it is dense and dark! You navigate best you can, ignoring the noisy bug Pokemon, as branches and leaves scratch you and get into places you didn't think possible. Luckily, most of them avoid your face.

There is a humanoid figure up ahead…


Might be another pokemon, I want to be careful. Approach in silence.

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1511280005787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.1 KB, 500x709, lordoftheflies.jpg)

Silence suddenly overcomes the area, and your footsteps are very hard to cloak. Not like it matters, as a tree root trips you up, sending you falling on your butt!

Under this shade, light is miniscule, and you feel Eevee shake as he huddles against you.

What sillhoutte you can see of the figure turns, and takes unsteady steps towards you. It looks barely able to walk as it lumbers towards you. When it finally draws close enough, the moonlight reveals its face. That of a boy, but with eyes blank, and orifices spewing with black mist, most prominent from its open mouth, oozing a sickly black liquid.


Time to scream.


To my feet, now!

Roll #1 10 = 10



The adrenaline rush gives you the strength to leap up! At this moment, you could run, but then you'd be running back to the mind-wiping statue! What to do?

The figure writhes, contorting sickeningly as black mist spews out of its mouth! It coalesces in front of you, and you see eyes and a mouth form. A Gastly emerges from the boy's body!

The boy behind grunts and moans incomprehsneibly, like in the midst of a seizure.


Kick the boy right in the chest!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your strong legs, conditioned from your hikes in the years before, are nothing to scoff at. Though it passes through the Gastly reforming in front of him, you deliver a solid thump! He's knocked backwards, and coughs and wheezes loudly, gasping for breath.

The Gastly looks enraged! The wind around you howls, and you feel a chill!


Roll to dodge.


"Pentium! Confusion!"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 2, 2 + 16 = 20


You deftly dive down below the cold, usntelling wind, but as you send out Pentium she's hit square by it! She manages to stand frim, enduring an critical attack that would wind another Pokemon, and counters with a Special Attack of her own!

But Pentium isn't terribly good unless she's using her physical strength, and the Gastly looks nearly unscathed as the attack hits it.

Pentium's HP: 22/64

The boy is still winded…


No way!
"Calm down girl! Try again! Confusion!"
I will go hide behind my mons, for protection.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 16 = 24


File: 1511282421053.jpg (45.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Pentium's newfound speed isn't active, and the blob of gas moves first! The gastly's face contorts as its body extends, breifly creating and flashing a frightening image!

Pentium cannot retaliate in time as she sees the image, and it knocks the wind out of her as she struggles to stay upright. She is in no condition to battle safely any more…

Pentium: Fainted

At last, the boy finishes, throwing up onto the grass. Weakly, and somewhat angrily, he looks at you.

"The hell? My Gastly tries to help you and you KICK me? Hold up, you ARE human, right? SPEAK!"

Unsteadily, he hold another Poke ball.


Recall Pentium and with a roll Send out Eevee!
"Whoa now! You're the one who has to prove he's human! You were oozing darkness out of your damn EYES a moment ago!"


Eevee shudders, but puts on a brave face as he snarls as the ghost!

"What, never seen a Gastly host before? …oh wait, you probably haven't. Tsk, come on back."

The Gastly stares at you menacingly as it slowly floats back, guarding what seems to be its trainer. He pulls out a bottle from his bag, and drinks from it the same black liquid you saw seeping out of his mouth! …it looks like an ordinary juice bottle, you realise, advertised for its extra thick flavour.

"Guess you're lost, too? I, I'm trying to recall what I was doing before I got here. My Gastly probably tried to get me somewhere safe."


Step in front of Eevee, petting his head.
"That's the same with me. I have no idea where I am, either. All I remember is this pokemon statue with its eyes open…"


"Eyes open? …look not into the Pokemon's eyes… alright, I think I know. Ngh, where's my black cloth? I was going to.. I was going to cover the eyes of the statue, but I most have lost myself when I was trying."

He rubs his head and chest, the spot where you kicked.


"Oh. You mean this?" Offer the thing back to him.
"Some Natus dropped it by my side."


"Yeah that, thanks. You'll need to help me here, by the way. We need to shut the eyes of the statue. I might forget what I'm doing, or what a staue is, or what the concept of covering is when I try it, so stand somewhere safe and scream instructions at me or something."

He takes back the cloth, and starts heading back to the clearing. He tunrs to face you and starts walkin backwwards, towards the statue.

"Tell me when to turn!"


"Keep going." Call to him, motioning like you would to a truck driver trying to park.


That's the idea. The statue is pretty much just behind him now…


"Okay you're almost there… Just, don't turn. Feel it with your hands!"


He feels up the statue from behind, and, feeling the eyes, quickly cast the cloth over them!

All of a sudden, some memories of walking here hours before return. You arrived here from behind the statue, through undebrush that looked impassable, with hidden path markers then you're suddenly able to recognise.

"Alright! I think I know where we need to go next! You too, right?"


Nod along.
"And I even remember my name. Leila. What's yours?"


"Sam, that's easiest. Were you trying out the trial site here?" He says, as you both make your way to… what's hopefully back to the monastery.


"No, I was actually just walking around! Then this fog came over me, like a mist, and next thing I knew I was by this statue!"


"…wait, you didn't know this was a trial site?"

He looks stunned.

"Ugh, nevermind. There should be three tests, and we've only passed the first one." He says, as you follow a hidden path through the forest that feels illuminated for you. The trees that huide the way seem prominently displayed in your vision. You come to a cave situated beneath a tree, and a statue of a Pokemon sits atop it. You recognise it as Azelf.


"Is it allowed to do these trials in teams?"
Gasp as I see Azelf and point it out!
"That's the second one of those legendary pokemon!"


"Not normally, but we're kind of in danger here. Wait, no, don't touch it!"

He hastily pulls your hand down. Despite being possesed just minutes ago, his hands are pretty warm.

"Looking at the Uxie just now made us forget stuff. They say that if you touch Azelf, all your will is drained away and you won't be able to move. We gotta be careful here."

He says, as he carefuly and painfully slowly enters the cave.


"Okay. So the big trial is just 'don't touch the statue'?"
Shrug and walk past the thing.


You enter the cave, and are hit by a feeling of prescence. With what little light enters from above, you can see that this cave… is full of the Azelf statues, making a maze!



Upon arriving in the port of Shuiea, capital of the Archipelago subregion, your friend Viola has left to seek her fortunes elsewhere.

You've just finished two grand adventures. Days before, you finished the grueling bug gym challenge, testing your survival skills in a hostile jungle. Following then, you witnessed the entry of a strange, unknown legendary Pokemon, and the plethora of new species it brought with it to fill the world you live in.

Wanting to rest wouldn't be out of the question now, but you might have chosen to be a busy man. You might have had plans to leave for the Fire Plains, the northwestern subregion of dry deserts, to seek out a fire Pokemon to round out your team.

Of course, the world is your oyster, so do as you will. Your partner, Jasper, is up for anything, and your comrades; Tina the Servine, Susan the Shinx, Nadia the Carvanha, and Misdreavus are ready to face more.


Last I recall, I was planning on heading to Torchfire. That last battle with that Scizor left a pretty big impression. And an urge to better myself as a trainer, huh… Maybe that's the intended effect of gyms

Now let's go look for when the next ship to Torchfire will depart. Hopefully I'll have some time for a meal


The earliest high-speed ferry will leave in the evening. IT will get you to Torchfire by tomorrow. A ticket is… pretty expensive, though! 1000P! You have 7200, so that's not too hard for you at least. And you could get paid for work donw in the area, should you wish.


How tight are the maze's corridors?


Geez, that's a lot
However it does feels kind of nice to actually be able to afford such an expense

I'm definitely training Jasper to fly and Nadia to swim in the future though!

I'll buy the ticket and look for a nice Cafe shop in town


File: 1511365638854.jpg (1.63 MB, 3600x2527, fc2c7949192f0b10bf842abdb4….JPG)

As far as you can tell it'd be fine… if you could see where you were going! The cavern is almost completely dark! A glowing gem appears to signify the exit across the cavern.

How about a coffee shop? You see a busy place nearby, serving some delicious-smelling noodles. Might as well try soem local fare!


Turn to the ghost boy.
"Well now… Any of your pokemon know flash?"


"…nope. Not the point of this trial, anyway. Come on, you were staying at the monastery, right? You can sense the statues, can't you?"

He shuts his eyes and focuses his breathing.


"Sure but I was hoping it wouldn't be something _this_ esoteric!"
Try it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Exactly! What's the point of traveling the World if you don't try out what it has to offer
I don't know which of my partners would like noodles though


File: 1511366784964.jpg (103.15 KB, 612x612, bak-chor-mee-soup.jpg)

You close your eyes and focus on the presences around you… you definitely feel an oppressive atmosphere coming from in front. But as you focus more, you can feel a gap by which you can assert yourself.

In this state, you feel a presence that doesn't belong to Pentium or any of your Pokemon. Must be the ghost boy. Feels like he's attempting to go forward…

You get yourself some meaty noodles! The soup is filled with mince shaved meat, almost as much as there are noodles. Chilli and other spices are put into the soup as well, lending it a very tempting smell.

Your Pokemon seem interested in the meat…


Is he going through that very same gap? Follow suit.


He is! But you can tell that he's drawing dangerously close to a statue in front of him!


"Stop!" thunder out in the darkness, clear and firm.
"Can't you see?"


W-what the heck?! this is way better than the instant noodles I was used to!
This is…
The true noodle soup! Amazing!

I'm pulled away from my noodle dream however, I didn't expect so much interest from them, it must be the meat
Well, there won't be any trouble if I share with them, right?


"What? Oh! Alright, but hold up! Don't… don't move to your left. Go right, slowly."

When he brings it to your attention, you realise that if you even move your left arm a little, you'd brush against the oppresive statue!

"Okay, do you want to.. take my hand? We need to get out of this together, I don't think we're realyl qualified to pass this trial on our own."

Not at all, there's space for yout table. Helps that the noodles are ridiculously cheap! What, 30P a bowl? That's nothing!


"I wasn't gonna take the trial anyway!"
Firmly and without much fanfare, grab onto his hand with mine.
"But yeah. Good thinking."
Time to make our way out of here.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh wow, such a nice casual place. let's order a bowl for everyone then! Though I'm worried about Misdreavous…


"You usually have to take a trial if you wanna challenge the gym leader! I just hope that shee accepts this as a passss…."

As you take the strong, warm hand, your conciousness seems to expand. It's almost like when you first tried making contact with Pentium. An odd link, one and one being more than two, as you are able to feel the room's many statues and how to dodge them. You feel his presence, an aura of some kind, and you find it welcoming… don't let it distract you when it's so easy to get through now.

"…oh hey, I can sense a lot more now. Let's take this slow!"

The dietary habits of ghost types only involve physical matter minimally. The crude explanation you hear is that they feed off emotions like fear, but literature on that topic is hardly comprehensive. If you want to make your name known in that field, maybe observing how Misdreavus takes care of herself would give you something to contribute!

You order four more bowls. This is going to be hard to finish even as a team effort, as the servings come in one after another.


Tighten my grip into his, suddenly feeling confident too.
"Yeah. I can… Feel it? Is that what this is?"


I'm not worried about it, we can spend some time to rest from the meal after we're done and this also gives me a chance to observe how well their relationship with each other is doing, as well as letting me observe Misdreavous and her behavior closely. She's a mysterious one indeed


"It's what it is."

He leads you through the maze, though you ocasionally tug him away from being too close to a statue, zigzagging through the safe paths until, a long few minutes later, you feel the opressive prescence behind you. His hand lets go.

"We're safe….? Going by the trend, there should be one more test ahead of us."

Misdreavus actually helps herself to some food, but very little, maybe a mouthful or two. You notice Tina and Jasper more happy to eat the noodles as well, while Nadia and Susan eat much more meat proportionally. You notice he sign offers takeaway, that's something you can do for leftovers.

Oh? Misdreavus seems to have floated off, she's suddenly out of view.


Open my eyes and see if we finally made it to the light at the end of the scary, scary tunnel.


You have! But you're not out of the woods yet. You stand on a path of flowers, cutting through a pond. The moonlight is especially clear here, but now you feel a powerful presence approaching.

"The final one. I think it might be a strong wild Pokemon. You ready?"


Oh, now where is that little devil going
"I'll be right back, you guys behave, alright?"
Let's follow Misdreavous and see where she's heading off to


"Aye. Even though my girl is down, me and Eevee can still do it! I'm ready!"


You don't even know where she is! Not like it matters in a few moments. You see a lady leaving the washroom, and as she steps out, Misdreavus reppears from around the corner.



The woman screams, drawing the attention of the coffee shop, and Misdreavus cackles. You notice the gems on her neck gleaming a bit.

What looks like a white-robed figuresteps forth from a cave in the water. Its green head is marked by piercing eyes, as the robes resembling flesh willow in the night wind. It steps forth towards you and your ally, a chilling call uttering from its mouth. A red organ piercing its chest glows as its arms extend, manifesting psychic power…

Trial site Gardevoir appeared!


Oh goodness
I rush to the scene, getting a hold of Misdreavous
"Ma'am, I'm so sorry for this, I took my eyes off her for a moment and she wandered off" I Bow apologetically "Very, very sorry"


"You want to do this alone?"


"Hell no! Goomy, let's go!"

He sends out a Goomy! The soft tissue Pokemon does its best to be intimidating towards the psychic Embrace.

The lady seems understanding. Perhaps its best to keep Misdreavus in her Pokeball sometimes, though.

She looks very satisfied, and full.


I sigh and give her a disapproving look as I bring her back to the table "You should warn me before trying to do that, we could have gotten kicked out for spooking the customers!"


Send the little guy out.

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 5, 4 + 20 = 29


She doesn't seem very apologetic! It felt too good. Ghosts are hard to handle for a reason.

Eevee charges forward! You can feel the fear in him, but his desire to proect you makes it invisible except to you. He sinks his fangs in the amorphous being, and is backed up by the Goomy, which extends a bit of its back into what looks like a tail, and swings it into the gardevoir, seeping venom!

The Gardevoir flinches at the Poison Tail, and the wound festers. It's been poisoned. It looks at the Goomy angrily, and waves its arm. The Goomy is knocked over backwards by a confusion attack.

Eevee looks a lot more frightened. There's somethign wrong.


I pout at her, but an idea comes to mind and I smirk at the ghost ''Well, since you went ahead and helped yourself, i'm sure that means you'll have extra energy for some training, riiiight?''


"What is it little one? Use sand attack!"
Anything I notice?


The Misdreavus smiles. Why not?


She's excited, good.
Let's pack the leftovers for later, there's no wasting of food under my watch

Now let's go find a nice place for training. Somewhere more isolated or maybe a place with wild pokemon for some pratical battles


He's less motivated to fight! He hesitates before kicking sand onto the Gardevoir, but he's feeling less and less inclined to stay here to protect you.

"Harm not the Pokemon, lest all emotion drain away. Oh, no. Come on, Goomy, don't forget why you're here!"

The Goomy is paralysed by fear, and eats another confusion attack! The Gardevoir is slowly succombing to poison, but at this rate it will finish all of you before then.


File: 1511372663123.jpg (655.71 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0033.JPG)

How about the park? You have a good hour or so before your boat leaves. You can play on the seaside.


Harm not…
"Eevee! Use baby-doll eyes!"


Eevee does his best to look cute against the Gardevoir, but it puts up an arm at him in rejection. Its other hand points at the Goomy again, and this time the force of the attack stops it in its tracks, the only thing stopping it from fleeing being its incapicitation.

The Gastly that comes out is already uncertain. It might not be able to endure a psychic attack.


It seems nice enough. Not a whole lot of company except for some roaming bird pokemon and the occasional person

Now, what aspect of Misdreavous perks should I focus on? Based on her performance in the last battle she's had some experience battling I'm sure. Perhaps increasing the potency of her attacks, maybe?


"This makes no sense! How are we supposed to defend ourselves! Eevee. Come back!"
Send out Wartotle!
"Quick! Bite, while you still can!"

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 14 = 25


Maybe so, how do you want to address that? Try attacking some dummies, maybe?

Wartortle bites… and the moment he does, freezes in terror! The Gardevoir ignores it, and sends a psychic blast towards the ball of gas. Already weakened by the fight with your Metang, it falls easily.

"Damn it, I'm out. I'm out, I'm out…"

Sam is giving in to a mad mantar behind you. Eevee comes out of his ball again, fighting against his fear, trying his best to right.

If he's slowly being stripped of the emotion needed to struggle through a battle, maybe you can encourage him?


The things I do for love.
Recall Wartotle and powerslide to Eevee's side, standing right next to him as I strike a fighting stance.
"We are not going down yet! Not here!"


could be a good idea! She was at her best when she used Psywave, but that's a very powerful move.

I'll make a quick dummy with sand, rocks and some fallen branches. it's not pretty but at least it gives her a target
''Okay, Misdreavous I want you to use psywave on this dummy, go!''

Roll #1 4 = 4


That so?

The Gardevoir looks right at you, challenging you.

How to fight when your emotions are sapped away? Can your Pokemon feel why they fight? Can you show them? Or will they lie here with no happy memory left?

Eevee struggles as the Gardevoir waves its left hand, seeming plucking away his concepts of happiness and love, intending to leave only a cold fear. Its right hand prepares a psychic attack, now aimed at Eevee himself.


Misdreavus, empowered by her recent meals, squeals as the jewels around her glow, emmited an odd wave.

Silcence, then…

The dummy explodes!


"Don't even think about it! You are NOT hurting him!"
Jump right in front of the arm, mind steeled against the psychic attack, body braced for the impact itself.
Protect my Eevee!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You overflow with passion and love for your dear Pokemon, the reason for your rash act. You step in front of the vulnerable Eevee, mindful that you're less likely to take a powerful psychic attack well. But you don't think of these things at times like these.

You glimpse Eevee's face as he stares at you, a sudden understanding washing over him. You look up to see the Gardevoir's face lit by moonlight, and eerie grin flashing across it. So be it.

She draws back her arm to cast a bolt at you, and suddenly you hear a howl. Eevee's, but it changes as he keeps howling, become deeper. The moon shines especially brightly over you, too, as you see Eevee's brown fur blend in both with the light and dark as he slowly, deliberately steps in front of you. No longer do you feel fear, but confidence, and he brims with that same passion you exuded before. The light of the moon is cast, no, emitted from him, as his newly pointed ears flicker. When he steps in the light again, his fur is no longer that warm brown, but the colour of the shadows itself.

The Trial Gardevoir used confusion,

but it didn't affect Umbreon!


''Nice! Really good, wow'' I approach the remains of the dummy, surprised at her power, it's almost scary

I start assembling another dummy ''Okay, now tell me'' I give her a serious look ''Do you think you can do it again?''


She shrugs, best she can without arms.

Psywave is known to be an unreliable move! She had to get lucky.


I smil