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Trainers raise Pokemon. Pokemon make trainers strong. It has always been that way, and always will.

Isn't that a solid thought?
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As you plant a kiss on him, his courage is reaffirmed as he looks straight at the being facing yo down.

The Gardevoir looks surprised! It tries to used another psychic attack on Umbreon, but he deflty dodges, predicting exactly how and where it would try to hit. He retaliates with a firece bite, and this time the mark is hit, as some of the Gardevoir's robe tears from the force!

With the poison, it won't last for much longer. Just a bit more!


Stay behind him with every step of the fight, jumping and dancing around him like a fierce animal!
"Once more! Bite! Tear her down for what she tried to do to us!"
I know who's getting laid tonight.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 20 = 26


Well this is what training is for, hopefully we can help it get a little more reliable, since it's the only strongest move she knows so far, it'll be nice at least until she learns other moves
''Okay, one more time then!''

Roll #1 2 = 2


That thought crosses your mind, and it must have affected Umbreon, because suddenly he stumbles as he moves to finish off the Gardevoir! He trips, landing face first in front of the robed entit, legs and butt sticking out. Its wounds from poisoning finally get to it, and it sighs, almsot collapsing… but then picks itself up and nods. In a flash, it vanishes… and so doe the woods behind it, revealing a pathway back to the archway that led you to all this! and beyond it, the exit. Finally.

Umbron picks himself up from the dirt to happily lick at you, while Same whistles, looking impressed.

"You must take real good care of that Eevee for it to have evolved! What's your secret?"


She tries a Psywave again! But the energy pulse this time is a lot weaker, and the dummy's arms are barely moved. Huh.

A ferry is pulling into port, you can see from here. You might want to leave soon.


I nuzzle and place kisses on Umbreon's forehead, rubbing his cheeks with my hands.
"We're real close, that's all~"
Finally stand up and look at the guy.
"Are you alright?"


A bit of a letdown, but that's fine. I go over to pat her ghost hairs(?) ''You're doing way awesome in the matter of power, we just gotta find a way to get that power to be unleashed more than once. Come on, our boat is waiting!''


He's blushing a bit as you catch him looking at you and Umbreon, then quickly starts looking over his Pokemon.

"I'm good. Hey, thanks a lot for saving us both. Shall we walk back to the monastery together?"

Misdreavus sqeals happily.

The boat you're on sure is bigger than expected for a ferry! It's a small ship, and your ticket entitles you to sleep in a cabin of your own. The gangway opens.


"Yeah. I want to make it official that I passed the trial."
Grin a bit at the guy, as if teasing him.


Ooh nice, some privacy!
Let's aboard and get to our own cabin. It's late enough so I'm up to just laying in bed and relaxing for a bit more until work resumes tomorrow on the fire plains!


He grins back.

"I don't think we would have even been meant to take it like that. I've got to tend to my Pokemon while we're back. Anyway, where you from? You don't look like you're from around here."

He chats as you two walk the path down back.


"Fire plains. You and Ghastly instead?"
Grab Umbreon and hold him to my chest, walking back.


Umbreon purrs as he snuggles against your breast, even nipping at them with his mouth. Sam tries not to look.

"Bridge Island, the southeastern end. I decided if I was ever going to fulfill my ambitions, I needed to take the Pilgrimages, even if less people are doing it. And my Gastly agreed. So, here we are, seeing what the psychic island can offer us. Guess you're not just here to study psychic powers, huh? We'll both be challenged the gym leader soon."

At last, the forest is quieter than at sunset. The foilage slowly clears.

It's still afternoon! But nothing stopping you from finally, FINALLY sleeping on a proper bed after days in the jungle and then on an unkown island.


I had to face sleeping on cold tents for like a week! I'm gonna lay down and snuggle with my pokemon under warm covers and NOTHING is going to stop me


Nothing except thirst and hunger! Maybe you wanna call… room service? It'll cost extra, though!


"That's about right. I'm gonna be the very best, so it's only natural I challenge all the gyms and trials in the meanwhile! It's also been good training!"
Hush Umbreon down, it's not the moment yet!


"What a vague goal, but it sounds fun! Especially the stuff you get to… do on the way."

His eyes briefly widen as he sees Umbreon trying to get frisky with you.


Is he really…
Let's test.
"One of the things I like the most is-"
Cough a bit, going red in face.
"Diningatthrsametable as Pokémon."


[Paus btw]


You see a town looming in the horizon, ahead of you as the boat sails over the calm sea.

At last. Tumi island, where you've been heading for… how long? It doesn't matter now. Quetz, sitting beside you in the ferry, gleams, the sun reflecting off his pearls.

You'll make landfall within the hour. Need to gather your thoughts?


More like gather my stuff. I'll make sure I'm not forgetting anything on the boat before we get off. It'll distract me from having to think how long the journey has been just to get here.

I will have my IDs and tickets ready for when we get off.


Everything is well secured. Looks like you're ready to get off!

Or would be, if you didn't spot a speedboat zooming in from the direction. It put up a flag, resembling a pirate's skull emblem, but with the jaw melting and distorted. You can hear cheering and yelling drawing close.


"Quetz." I wave my hand for him to be cautious, and put my other hand on Cali's pokeball.

Keep my eyes focused on the speedboat, they might just be partiers having some fun.


If only. They keep heading on your direction. A Pelliper flies over, carryign a chain, and secures it onto the ferry!

The Ferry isn't very populated, but you hear gasps of concern from the few people around you.


"Quetz, I don't think this was an expected part of the trip. Use Dragon Tail to knock that chain off!"


Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 3, 1 + 10 = 14


It's outside the ferry! You can't reach it from the inside, you'd have to head out to the small deck.

Are you willing to step outside? They're approaching, and want to board the ferry!


I'm probably one of the few people here with trained 'Mons and some experience dealing with unsavory people, of course.

Tell any kids that are by themselves to go to their parents as I head out with Quetz.


"All by yourself, boy? You're not going to ask for help?" Says a well-dressed man, looking at you from his seat curiously.


"If you're offering, I'l gladly take it. I don't know what to expect out there expect out there but trouble." I say, trying to hide my worry.


"Boy, the first thing you should have done is ask for help, especially if you had a plan in mind. So what's your plan?" He asks, oddly calmly.


"Honestly, none." I try to keep an eye out for people getting tense. "All I know so far is that this doesn't seem to be part of the trip and we should try to make sure no one gets hurt. I've got my Pokemon with me and we've been through a lot already, I'm planning to use that experience to help me deal with whatever is coming." Turn to the gentlemen. "Unless you got a plan. I'm open to ideas."


"No, no, I don't have anything very sophisticated myself."

He stands up, revealing his enormous size. This musculature doesn't come to jus tanyone without a lifetime of cultivation.

"But we've got to do something, don't we?"

The pirates are boarding! One of them comes for you with a Swellow!


"Woah." All I can say as I see him in full.

"Everyone, get down below! Quetz, push it back and buy them some time! Knock it down with your tail!"

Dragon Tail '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5, 7 + 10 = 22


Quetz time his Dragon Tail just right, swining into the Swellow as it dives for him. But Quetz is outnumbered, as they brought something strong: a Crawdaunt, whose pincers claps menacingly!

Quetz's HP: 56/71

You feel an overwhelming strong presence behind you, as a Machamp roars, striding in frotn to fight side by side.


"Machamp's with you mister?! Quetz, we can't fall behind, use Agility to keep on top of this!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


Quetz used Agility! His body flexes and relaxes as his ability to move is stretched, increasing his speed amd enabling him to dodge the next attack from the Swellow. The Crawdaunt moves to try to grip him in a painfully icy pincer, but the Machamp rushes in, punching the Crawdaunt with such explosive force it's sent flying away!


"Quetz, use the opportunity Machamp gave you and hit Swellow with your Twister! Try to hit both of them with it!"

'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 3, 1 + 8 = 12


Qutz conjures a small cyclone, striking into both the Swellow and the Crawdaunt! But A new opponent appears ,shurring off the dragon-type atttack. An Azumarill, muscles bulging along its deceptively small body. It flexes threateningly.


"I think we'll have to be cautious of both of those Water types Quetz. Lock down that Azumarill, get us some time with Thunder Wave!"


Roll #1 10 = 10


The Thunderwave stuns the Azumarill, but it doesn't matterm uch to it as it slowly, methodically approaches Quetz… until it suddenly charges! It has a grin on its face as its stubby arms reach out, and you see the well-deveoped musculature swell. The Machamp, sensing danger, dives in front of Quetz!

What happens next isn't very pretty to watch. The Azumarill laughs gleefully as it pummels into the Machamp again and again, as if it were in the midst of merely playing like a baby would. The Machamp is bruised, and its arms look weakened from the Play Rough attack, though is stands firm in defending Quetz.


"Quetz, we're not going to be able to overpower that Azumarill the normal way! Remember what we learned." Recall Quetz, I'll need Airy to hold this thing back.


You send out a Grass Pokemon! Good choice. The Machamp itself, however, is also recalled, and replaced with a Lucario!

It's silent, but the confident and formidable stance it takes, and a strange feeling that lingers in your mind, tells you that this is av ery experienced Pokemon.

Before airy can move, the Lucario strikes, light pouring from its forearms. A Flash cannon! The Azumarill flinches as the lightshot hits it square in the belly.


"Airy, use Sleep Powder on that Azumarill! Don't let it get close to you!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


Airy uses sleep powder! …but the Azumarill catches some powder with a stubby, bulging arm, and licks up the powder! It licks its lips, seemingly energized.

Azumarill's Sap Sipper raised its attack!

The Lucario, sensign the danger, focuses another flas hcannon, this time more accurate. The Azumarill is caught off guard as its truck square in the face. Despite its immense strength, the Lucario is stronger.

The pirates look fearful, but the Machamp leaps up and grabs a whole of the boarding party, restraining all of them with all four arms.

"Hmm, guess that's that." Says the man, the fllow trainer besdie you.


"Dang, I played right into it…" I can't help but feel a bit disappointed in myself.

"Is that all of the pirates?" I ask the man. "Is there a place we can lock them up and their Pokemon?"


"Not really, but my Pokemon will keep them secure until we reach land." He sighs. My work's never done.

His Machamp and Lucario round up everyone , and you note that you'll be making land in a few minutes.

"You know, the first thing you should have done was see who else here was willing and capable to fight. But you got heart stepping up by yourself, I suppose."


"Yeah, you're right. I wouldn't have been able to handle this on my own at all if you weren't around. My name's Squire, by the way. Thanks for your help, you're a real lifesaver."


"Squire? Squire, Squire… oh, you sure took your time coming here. I'm Kai, and you've been looking for me for a while. May I see that letter Madam SInistra gave you?"


"Oh, yeah, sure." Go through my bag and hand him the letter. "I apologize for my tardiness."


"Sorry for what? If anything, the more time you took coming here, the more you'd be prepared and the more you can learn."

He accepts the letter, giving it a quick read. The boat stops at port and the gangway is being unloaded, while the passengers cheer for both of you.

"I await you in the gym. I'm the boss of this gym, in case you didn't realise. Take your time, please."

He leaves.

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