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Sure, I'm just a part-time worker now, pounding away at the register with a smile on my face, but once I was a Trainer, traveling around on my challenge, too. I even made a pretty fair name for myself. But then I got a wife, and then I had a kid… Now I face a new trial called a mortgage. And I work here to prepare myself for the most grand trial of all: old age and reitrement.


>▶Amber [pkmn Ranger] 13 days ago No.24629

"This thing is just shooting at anyone.."
That Marowak, is it with someone?

>Yes, you see a familliar face emerge from the trees. It's Zoe!

"Is there trouble? I-oh!"

More of the thing's electric bolts get drained into the weird Marowak! This frees up the chance for Riss' Gabite to deal a finishing blow. As it falls over, Professor Yew has his Roserade spread a cloud of sleep powder, making sure the strenge beast stays down.

"Yes, we really should have brought a lightningrod, huh? Thanks. I remember you, how's that pokedex been?"

"Oh! Good!"

>Squire Escala [Traveler] 7 days ago No.24748

"I'll try one then. I don't know what my limit is."

Try one
Roll #1 19 = 19


File: 1490372004634.jpg (6.07 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

Always have your maps

It's very rich. It's a unique blend of bitter and sweet, cold to the touch as it flows down your throat. It's hard to describe it, it's definitely sake, but you've never tried a homebrew like this.


I gasp, and wave to her, but don't shout just now, because there is a terrifying electric monster.


Luckily, the terrifying electric monster has just been knocked out. Professor Yew gives everyone some special gloves to wear while they quickly bind it and strap something to it to conduct away electricity.

Zoe runs up to you.

"Hey! Am I interrupting you while you're at work?"


"Interrupting? You and that pokemon just saved everyone. You're a hero Zoe." I hug her enthusiastically.


She's a little cold to hug, even if you're in the middle of a snowy forest. She's taken aback and not sure what to do.

"W-wow, that's a nice word to use…"

The other rangers are packing away the Pokemon, your ride back to town will be coming soon if you're interested.


"Yea, and heroes deserve hot cocoa." I tell her firmly. "Let's find a place in town. You need a ride?"


Zoe looks around, but no one's paying attention to her.

"I-I guess! I was hoping to look for Pokemon, but I think I should warm up with a hot drink first."

With some of the staff following a truck to carry the strange beast, the jeep has more room for all of you. Riss claims shotgun, leaving you with Zoe at the back.


"Pokemon will be there. Tell me about your trip instead, how did you end up here?" I excitedly ask her as I sit in the jeep.


"Well, remember when you emailed me and I was cut off? I helped fight off a bunch of desert bandits! I was stopping over at a rest stop, I guess they thought it would be easy, heheh…

Then I decided to go to Bridge Island for a while, where I picked up that little guy you saw earlier! Something's different about him, though, he evolved to be that way. I think I heard this kind of Marowak being called a 'Channeler Marowak'? Said it popped up recently or something. It's a long story… but anyway, I decided to come here and see what was on the other side! Helps that I've got a long-term train pass!"

Riss is pretty quiet. Maybe she's just tired.


"Wow, you've been really busy." I reply impressed.


"Yeah, maybe I'll hang around somewhere warmer after this. Like, the Spring Fields? Harvest time is coming soon, maybe I could help out again. And I could maybe find a grass type Pokemon if I visit the Evergreen. I can work more on my songs too if I stay somewhere!"

The jeep brings you back outside the ranger HQ. Your job's done, so you can sign off and take the rest of the day off.

"Hey, Amber! And, um, Zoe, wanna hang out or something?" Riss makes a proposition.


"Totally! Um, I need to sign out first, it'll just take a moment. Or I could meet you somewhere so you can check in with your boss in the meanwhile? The cafe you had breakfast at maybe?"


"Yeah, sure, see you around!"

"Huh? Oh, um, sure."

Riss is sure looking different from the confident girl she was yesterday!

You head into HQ and see the rest of the Rangers who helped out assembling. The ranger in charge is about to give the debrief.

"Alright! Debrief! To keep things short and simple, recent sightings of more strange pokemon-like creatures have been confirmed, and what we dealt with today is one of them. They have been given the name 'Ultra-beasts'. Not much else is known, but Rangers with pokedexes will be given updates with whatever information you are authorised to know. And try to keep quiet about this until an official statement is made. Any questions?"


I will just listen to the questions of the others for now.


"What else do we know about these 'Ultra beasts'"


"Should we and our Pokemon be worried about any side effects from engaging this 'Xurkitree'?

"Aside standard battle injuries, no long term effects have been detected. In fact, we believe this specimen was battled by wild pokemon, which is why it was weakened enough for us to easily bring down. No abnormal effects in wild Pokemon has been observed."

"Does the recent news of lowering sea level have anything to do wi–"



"Are the Ultra beasts being kept safely?"


"That's actually a good question! This is the first capture, so containment procedures have not been tested. No evidence exists yet that these Ultra beasts have abilities beyiond that of other powerful Pokemon, though."

"Any more? No?


"Will you need extra security for it? Would we be able to volunteer for that since we have experience fighting it already?"


"No such requests have been made to us, their team seems to have enough guards in their lab at.. whoops, almost let it slip. We might get more requests to help requisition ultra beasts in the field, but I don't think we'll be asked to provide security when holding them"


"Understood. Where can we get that ultrabeast update again?" I ask as just a way to leave.


"Woah, this is good. What is it? How'd you make it? I mean, I don't have much experience with these types of drinks, but it's real nice."


"Good rice and good water. I used a little of my mystic water stock to make it. Speaking of which, have you visited the Storm Shrine?"

"Those of you with pokedex can get updates from our data center. Which, we don't really have here… check a bigger city."



A Pokemon of some kind attacked your camp at night. When you wake up, you note that it has left a trail towards the south.

It seems very strong.

Do you want to follow it?

▶Justus [Delivery Punk] 1 month ago No.24460
>…You know, all in all, talking to pokemon without actually talking isn't even the strangest thing I've seen today.

>"Just speaking my mind is all. Glad it helped you make a decision. Though be honest, if you hadn't, you'd just keep thinking about that cubone from the forest who was eager to follow you and seemed so sad when you left him in the forest, and it'd be a whole thing where you're sad about making it sad and they'd save you a spot on the five-o-clock drama channel… It'd be a real gripping show. Everyone would complain about it lacking any real substance, but they'd keep tuning in every day to see what happens next…"

>"…I think I've lost track of where I was taking this line of thought."

You were in a conversation with a girl named Zoe, who was wandering the Bridge Island town outskirts after your delivery service. You were about to bothered by the ghost pokemon that live her, but she and her strange flute drove them away.

"You're pretty imaginative! Anyway, I was thinking of stopping here to make camp to have a dinner before walking back, would you like to join?"


Time to clock out of this meeting and go meet the girls.


It seems like an adventure waiting to happen. I'll follow
Though I'm not sure if the camp was really attacked, it almost seems like this Pokemon crashed near it and took off a few steps after

The real question here is how did I not wake up from all this last night


"Uh… out here?" I look around the woods quickly. "Well, I guess… It's probably a bit of a walk back to town anyways. Need help setting up?"


Your attendance is recorded. 2000P gained!

The girls are sitting in the cafe opposite. Riss is interested in Zoe's strange Marowak.

"…so, where did you catch this guy again?"

"Bridge Island! Fitting that he's a ghost type, huh?"

Maybe it was trying to be sneaky.
As you keep walking south, a ranger stops you.

"Hey! You a gym… uh, trial challenger? You're hitting the test area boundary, go back."


"Got a fire Pokemon? Would sure help setting up the cooking. We've got plenty of branches here to burn otherwise. How about food to heat up, if you're eating?"


Sit down and order a hot chocolate!


"Aw what? Come on…" I turn back and write down this place in the map as a boundary
I lost track. Which square am I right now?


On the way!

Riss and Zoe sit around, slightly nervous.

Well, you can head straight north back to your camp.


"What's wrong?" I ask cluelessly


"Oh, nothing, nothing! Uhm… hey, Zoe, done any gyms?"

"Uh.. yeah! I just started recently. Tried out the bug gym… or do they call them trials now? Was fun, but now I want to gather a full team first before I continue."

Seems like they need a nice topic…


"No fire mon, but I've got some experience lighting fires myself."
Guess those lessons from the bug gym are coming in handy right now.
…Don't think there's much to be hunted in these woods though. Did I remember to pack food for myself?


Yeah, you've plenty of dried provisions, 10 units in fact. Just need to pour water into this noodle cup and heat it up.

"Sure, if you could help me with that!"


Let's get the fire pit set up right, just like they taught us. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You know… this is a pretty good chance to play in the snow."


"Yeah! I was thinking of looking for an ice pokemon!" Zoe exclaims.

"Well… I already have one, but I think my Sneasel would enjoy a walk in the snow. Isn't that right?"

Riss lets out her Sneasel, who poses proudly. Your drinks arrive.

You find a nice spot and, with some work, ignite the fuel Riss has gathered. The night air here isn't very cold, but the light of a fire makes you feel better.

"Alright, I'm hungry…"
Zoe lets out a Chansey, and she takes the egg from its pouch and sets it over the fire.


I camped at D-5
So that means I'm at the edge of D-8 right now
Alright, at least finding the boundaries should help, it's just a shame I couldn't go after that Pokemon though…



Time to prepare my ramem, the food of wanderers and college kids. There should be enough room over the fire for me to boil water at the same time as she cooks her egg, right?
"That's… actually pretty neat way of getting food. I never thought of that before."


Unless what?

and anyway, you only have enough food for one more meal. You need to get gathering.

"I wouldn't advise it, most of the time. A Pokemon's got to eat more than it gives, unless you have a Pokemon that lays regularly. Chansey's special, though. No idea why, but the eggs are very nutritious, so much that they can survive on their own eggs for a long while! Something about it making food absorption very efficient, I know I've had to eat less ever since she started laying. Want some?"


Unless I tried to sneak past that ranger to go out of bounds
But I'm not a lawbreaker

Let's head to E-8 to the east


"Sure, I'll always try something new. Want some of my Ramen?"


"We could make a snow pikachu!" I giggle a bit at the idea and sip my warm drink.



Not much to see here, just forest. It doesn't look particularly safe to camp, might be best to head inwards.


"I'm actually having some myself!"

She pulls out a package like yours, fills it with water and sets it on the fire too.

"So… Justus. Where'd you come from again?"


"Or a snow Zorua! See, thing is, Zorua can make themselves look like anything, so we can just make a pile of snow! Ahahahah… ha…"

"Oh, I thought it was clever, Riss."


The hot chocolate sure is making everyone a little friendlier.


So it seems. Maybe the boundaries are here because the real dangerous stuff is lurking just beyond. Spooky
Let's head up north, to E-7 and see if we can find some caterpie


"Yea, it was pretty good." I encourage her.


"Me? Well, I'm from Lanobe City; big, concrete, and filled with dark alleys and backways to get around in if you know how to find them. Air's not as fresh as out here with all the plants though; the parks were nice, but I guess plants can only do so much, right?"
"How about you… Zoe? Don't think I caught where you were from either."


Noon is approaching. You're running low on water…

You should keep in mind that moving squares takes time that's precious. Moving costs you precious energy that you need to secure your shelter and food and water.

There's a few Caterpie on the trees, those that hatch off-season.

"Sounds nice. Me? Funny story. I was… found as a baby. Orphanage in the Rising City took me in, but they couldn't continue after I was around 13. Worked for the train company for a while, I really liked just moving around everywhere, they even gave me a lifetime pass. I do wonder where I'm really from, though."


"…Huh. That's actually kind of cool. I mean, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you're royalty who was wisked away to save you from an evil duke who wanted to claim your inheritance. Maybe you're an alien with laser powers that awaken when you're fifteen or something. You could even be a spiritual reincarnation of a chosen one who must defeat the evil and save the world! I mean, if a story has someone just appear out of nowhere as a baby, you know they're going to be awesome when they grow up."


Already? Shoot I wasted too much time wandering around
I need to get one or two of these caterpies quickly so I can have time to resupply on water for tonight
Luckily I think I won`t need my pokemon for this… I just need to be extra careful with the horns

Roll to sneak up to the caterpie?


"You sure are imaginative! That's a nicer way to think about it. I feel like the music connects me, somehow. They said this flute was one of the things they found with me. Unfortunately, I'm 18, so it's too late for any laser powers!"

"Nice to see Pokemon who like the music too, actually. Met my whole team that way."


Sure. Jasper might be better at it, though.


"See, you've even got a magic item that was found with you, and that connects your entire team to you! The strings of Fate are strong within you… for you… I dunno, point is you're probably going to have to save the world at some point. You'll know when the weird disasters start happening around you."
Check the food to make sure it isn't burning.
"Wait, you're eighteen? Weird, I didn't think you were that old."


Oh yeah absolutely. but I don`t want him to waste energy on this. I`m pretty sure I can get at least two of those caterpies before scaring them off
'1d20' sneaky

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Save the world? I like the sound of that! And yeah, I guess being around Chansey is healthy. I wouldn't call my flute magic, though… anyway, let's eat!"

She carefully cracks the egg and pours some of the contents into your noodle cup.

Not very sneaky! Luckily, Caterpie don't escape easily. You'll have to subdue the, though, and Jasper's the best for the job still.


"Thank you!"
All right, time to try this and see what it's about. I mix the egg into my ramen a bit and start eating.


bah, I messed up
Send out the bat ``Jasper, help me with these caterpies, quick!``
'1d20' roll for jasper
And while he gets one, I`ll jump on another with the knife ready

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 18 = 18


The egg is… nourishing. It's immensely rich in flavour, so much that the simple noodles feel like a full course meal. You taste the sweet energy, but also the salty tang of minerals and a bitter hint of the vitamins people tell you to eat your veggies for. Zoro comes out of his ball, curious.

Jasper swoops onto a caterpie! He brings it to where you leave your bag, while you jump onto the other Caterpie. Out of luck more than anything, you sever its head where it stands.


Pure skill baby
Now let`s get the knife out and swiftly end the next one while the blood is still rushing and before it has time to react

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh right, you guys are probably hungry too."
I can afford to share a few bites with the rest of my team. Might not leave too much for me, but from the way she was talking about it, I don't need much anyway.


Jasper holds it in place while you quickly finish it. You've got two caterpie. You're adapting to eating bugs quite eagerly.

You need to prepare them immediately, though! Bring them back to your campsite.


When you're out in the wild, you get a taste for everything
Thank Jasper for his great job and jog back to the camp quickly


Pokemon who spend most of their time in Poke balls won't need to eat so much, so this is more of a snack for them than anything. Zoro's the first to taste the egg, and his reaction is much the same. Lyle looks uncomfortable and just goes back to his ball, but Pillow and Chica don't mind a taste.

"How do you like it?"


"It's really good. Kind of feels like eating a big meal, instead of just some ramen, you know? Dunno what Lyle's problem is. I can see why you like it."


"I've heard Chansey even eat their eggs in the middle of fights for a power boost. Well, it's not for everyone, maybe, but I am glad you like it!"

Usually a meal like that leaves you hungry for a while, but you polish off everything and feel fed.

"Shall we walk back?"

Don't exert yourself too much!
Time to set another fire.

paused for now



Day 2 of your survival challenge. You're expected to have 2 more days down the road. Hope you're not running low on stamina.

You do, however, go back to your tent to find it collapsed. The fish remnants you left behind is gone, plucked neatly from the stakes over the firepit. Whatever you didn't carry with you is scattered over the bare jungle floor, some of it soiled and muddy.


"Well, uh…"
Riss is trying to think of another lame joke.

"Anyway, what say we head out to the woods the moment we're done? Wanna chug down our hot chocolates?"


Well my stamina is fine, but coming back to this sight is very demotivating…

Take a long sigh and curse myself for my lack of foresight as I go ahead to cut my losses, collecting and cleaning up my scattered items


You have nothing but the catch you've gotten, which is just enough for lunch.

You can't stay here tonight either. Whatever it was will come back.


Kinda wish it did so I could give it a piece of my mind…

"Wait a minute"
I'll check for signs of fresh footsteps and other signs, are they similar to the ones from earlier today?


Yes! Just like before, and sure enough, the tracks stop mid-path.


Now I just NEED to find out what that thing was, but it'll be a little risky if it's something too big for me to handle
At least it seems to be only one…

I'll open a new page in my sketchbook and draw the footprints of this mysterious Pokemon
After that I'll make a nice meal out of that catch, and again leave some outside
I wonder if I could manage a good enough trap too. Too bad I never asked Viola to teach me any. None of my Pokemon know dig either and digging a hole myself is out of question so no pitfalls

I suppose I'll have to just engage it into a good old battle when it returns


"I bet I can finish first!" I say and hurry to drink mine.


Do you really want to go off searching for something that might be aggressive and powerful?

Making a meal will cost you time. Try to gather the remnants of your firepit to quickly prepare something you can eat before leaving.

Roll not to choke!


'1d20' or burn myself

Roll #1 17 = 17


You handle it very well!

'1d20' '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4


And far better than Riss and Zoe, who both have to stop to pant before finishing at the same time.

"You.. you even got your drink last! How?"

That's 50P for a nice, warming hot chocolate. You feel like you can last days in the snow!


I like to stay on the safe side of things but when will I have another chance like this? It might be a rare Pokemon that inhabits this place
Plus It'll always poke the back of my mind if I don't find our whole that Pokemon is. Researchers must go through some risk and lengths most others aren't brave enough to face in order to bring knowledge to them. I want to prove myself I can do this


I sit up with a smug look.
"Its all about how you breath, you have to inhale before you start, so you don't breath in the drink."


Proper risk assessment is another thing to bear in mind! But maybe identifying what this thing is will be useful for your trial.
Going to be preparing food?

"I guess the cold air helps…?"

"Alright, let's go! North and East is the icy coastline, so shall we go south? West?"


"Toward the biggest piles of snow we can find." I declare going outside all covered in warm clothes.


And if anything, I can just stay hidden and hope it won't mess with the tent


File: 1492959345978.jpg (450.02 KB, 1900x1266, saksun-village-faroe-islan….jpg)

"Oh, I guess it doesn't matter. Let's go!"

You all take the tiny bus service to the southwest town border, where the small houses give way to tony, isolated stone cabins.

The emptiness is breathtaking. You're just north of the treeline, which you've never ventured beyond.

How does an empty horizon like this exist?


You fry the caterpie as much as you can, then wolf it down. Jasper does the same with his share.

You need to leave, now. Look for somewhere else safe.


Now where am I going to hide while I wait for that thing to show up… I remember I camped on some plains, right?


I gasp in amazement.
"Its huge! We can make a million snow vulpix out here."


There are no plains here. It's endless jungle. You should be able to get away if you go maybe two kilometres or so away. Hopefully it's not active in the late afternoon.

"Beautiful, isn't it? Perfect for a stroll!"

You three walk along the paved road until it ends, then onto snow-covered grass. Maybe an ice pokemon would hide around here.

"It's so inspiring…"
Zoe takes out that strange flute of hers.


"Oooh, are you going to play a song for us?" I ask leaning forward towards Zoe.


I'm not planning on getting away though! I'll get a good drawing and description of this thing


So you're just going to stay here and not move camp?

"Maybe! I'm just feeling up to it."

Without trees around, you notice at lot of Snover and Abomasnow on the landscape free to claim sunlight. Smaller Pokemon play below or among them; you see a Swinub here and there poke its nose into the soil.

Zoe puts the strange flute to her mouth and begins composing a.. song? Its sounds seem to go past your ears and reach your heart. The emotions in it are complex, and it feels like something a flute from this world should not play. you feel distinctly uncomfortable.

Even the Pokemon nearby seem to be dispersing.


I frown a bit squirming in place.
"Uh.. that's a song I've never heard before."


Could be the best choice right? If it came here twice surely it will come thrice


File: 1492961206586.png (384.36 KB, 1024x1024, _fanart__alolan_vulpix_by_….png)

Zoe doesn't hear you, being absorbed as she is. The wild Pokemon continue to scatter. You're not quite sure how Riss is faring, but even in the cold she's sweating and breathing harder than you'd expect from a short walk.

A Pokemon's approaches, for some reason attracted by the song. It's.. a Vulpix? But it looks so different!



You should really watch out and dedicate more time to figuring out what this Pokemon is before deciding that. You notice a strip of… metal? It's red and caught in the metal tent pole, but you have nothing red on you.


Its so cute!
Wait this is..
"Its a new pokemon." I tell Riss quietly and get some of my own food to lure it closer.


I didn't see this metal before. Let's do a little appraisal of it

Maybe instead I could put the caterpie bits as Bait and hide close to the camp


You take out a treat! But it completely ignores you, and heads straight for Zoe, playing the distinct song. It sits down and listens to her until she finally stops and notices.

"Oh! So you like the song, too?"


It's a distinct red and metallic, and there's nothing of the sort on your person or seen in the wood.

You already ate as much as there is, there's nothing left.


I loudly whisper to her.
"Zoe, I think it likes you. Try catching it."


"Hmm… "

She sends out her Chansey! The Chansey looks like it's appraising the Vulpix, which continues sitting obediently.

"Huh, just like Marowak! Well, that's fine, good friends are hard to come by!"

She digs around in her bag for a Poke ball, and tosses it at the Snowy Vulpix, which accepts. This is a rare sight!


Goshdangit I was planning to use some of that to bait it here!
Grumble. About what time is it now?


About 3pm. If you don't move now, it will be impossible to do so without darkness falling first. Either way, you need to get dinner ready too.


I clap excitedly.
"I knew it. That vulpix was looking at you just like.. "
I get lost in memories for a moment.
"Let's get started on the snow pokemon."
'1d20' roll for rolling a big snow ball to start with.

Roll #1 13 = 13


Well now I'm legitimately unsure of what to do

Let's go find dinner and breakfast then


"Hold on, you were serious about the snow pokes?" Riss seems surprised.

"Well, why not? It's a… teambuilding exercise!"

Zoe is already sending out her new Vulpix to play in the snow, and her Chansey frolics with it. Riss shrugs while her Sneasel leaps out.

If you're sure. Roll for luck



Roll #1 9 = 9


I look a little embarrassed. "You mean, you weren't? I.. thought it would be fun."


You find a few ripe berries on the trees, that's enough for maybe half a meal.

"I thought you just wanted to walk around! But, eh… it could be fun?"

She starts gathering snow with her Sneasel.

"Oh, but what should we make?"


"Something big! Oooh, a Marill would be easy, they're already round… and we'd have a model."
Urge Lalita out.


Lalita's perfectly comfy in the cold! She immediately gets a snowball ready and- on, is that not what we're doing?


I burst into giggles poking her belly.
"We can fight if you like Lalita, but wouldn't you like to model for us so we can make a statue of snow just as cute as you?"


Oh… okay. She poses, her deceptively tiny arms bulging subtly. You can make a mighty-looking snow Marill!

Riss is getting ambitious, building some kind of long snow body on the ground, while Zoe is letting her new friend do what it wants.


Let's make it big '1d20' and
'1d20+4' get a good likeness of her pose

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 4 = 9


It's not hard to get a big ball of snow going! Now the details, that's a little harder. Your project is simple, though, so you just have to craft the ears, and then make a convincing tail..

Your snow Marill is finished! It looks quite cute… especially posing with the others! Riss made some kind of snow Dragonair, and Zoe… oh! With the help of her new snowy vulpix, she's made a convincing Pikachu!


I go up and high five marill.
"Yea, look at that." then whisper to her " now let's make a bunch of snowballs to defend it with."


Good idea. She nods and grins and begins building a stockpile.

And now you notice Riss building a small fort around her dragon…


I gasp in panic and build us a few walls too. '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hah! Fool! The die is already cast! Our fortress stands strong! Attack!

Her Sneasel throws a snowball! Ahh!

Roll #1 3 = 3


And it hits the wall you were just building. Lucky!


'1d20' throw a snow ball back at the Sneasel.

Roll #1 9 = 9


With incredible reflexes, it parries the snowball right out of the air!

Lalita tosses one too, but it hits the fortress itself.


"Keep trying. I'm gonna work on the wall."
'1d20' build it higher

Roll #1 17 = 17


Despite the intense fire (snow?) coming your way, you reinforce the fort! Your efforts block one snowball.

"Nice wall, would be a shame if I-"
Ah! Riss moved to a different angle! She throws with a deadly accuracy, but Lalita jumps just at the right time to take it! Her lift for the snow marill!


"Oh nooo!" I dramatically grab Lalita, holding her snowy body to my chest.
"I will avenge you my loyal mouse." Lay her behind the wall,

'1d20' and hit Riss with a snowball.

Roll #1 7 = 7


She dodges! She even looks graceful doing it, as she dives below the shot. She immediately draws her arm around to counter, and..

The snow marill is hit! This insult is enough to shake Lalita right up for vengeance, as she takes advantage of Riss's gloating to land a hit on her dragon!


"Nice shot!" I compliment her and try to hit the dragon too. '1d20'

Roll #1 9 = 9


T-thanks nature
This should do for breakfast, I can skip dinner tonight and save up on food!
I need to start setting up camp though, before darkness falls


"No, you don't! Don't tarnish such a pretty pokemon!" Her sneasel dramatically leaps to block the snowball, but it's too thin!

It is getting hard to aim with how dark it is. Wait, dark?


I look up at the sky to confirm its not a storm.


The clouds are obscuring the last hints of orange. It's so late already!

You gather the remnants of your tent and place it right back up.

You leave your pokemon in to save energy. Anything else you're trying to do?


I make stop signal with my hand.
"We need to head back, its too cold to stay out at night."


"Oh! you're right!"

"Ah, we should be able to make it to those huts at least. We sure got carried away…"



I just hope they're not getting hungry…
I shouldn't underestimate this challenge, it's MUCH more complex and difficult than usual gym challenges I heard about, I wonder if the other gyms are similar

Let's save our energy and sleep early so I can wake up at the first morning lights


"Good rice and good water. I used a little of my mystic water stock to make it. Speaking of which, have you visited the Storm Shrine?"


"Yes, the person there tried to make me think I was meditating for a few years. I even got a bottle of water from there. I should have it in my bag." Rummage through my stuff and show him.


Let me see that.

He takes the bottle from you an examines it, first by eye, then strangely enough, putting his ear to the bottle, then sniffing it.

"Oh, very good. Clean your Pokemon's wounds with it. And you can add some purified water to replenish your stock, even. For a while, anyway. You've made a pretty good batch."


"Really? Thanks. I was worried about what Airy and Cali went through, if it'll help them, it'll ease my mind a bit."

I'll start with Airy. I know she took a big hit against the Gyarados. While I do that, what are the rest of my Pokemon up to?


They were milling about the area and taking in the atmosphere. Dynamo seems to be grazing on some premium grass.

"Going to camp out near the lake?"


"Yeah. It's rare I get to stop in such a great place, and it'll be a long time until I get a chance to do so again. Plus, they seem to like it here. What kind of Trainer would I be if I didn't let them relax in a beautiful place like this? It'll also buy me some time to make sure they're ready for the rest of the journey, just like the Magikarp we saw."

I'll finish up rubbing the water on Airy before I move on to Cali.


You call Airy over and rub the water onto her wounds. Being a plant, she doesn't bleed red, but a kind of sap instead. You remember being familiarised with different kinds of Pokemon bodies.

Right before you, the wound looks a lot fresher. Airy seems to drink directly from her pores.

Cali is over next.


I should read up more about the Pokemon I have. I shouldn't ignore the skills I learned in school.

"Oh, the boat should be returned to the dock, right? I want to make sure it gets back to you guys properly. I remember some of the teachers scolding us in elementary school if we even lost a ball, I'm sure it'll be way worse now."

Start rubbing the water on Cali and seeing how she reacts to it.


You can do that tomorrow.

Cali reacts similarly as you examine the cuts and bruises and wash them out. She looks much better than before, sighing as her muscles finally relax.

"Yes, but you can do that whenever you feel like leaving."


"Good to know. We'll head out at first light."

Pat Cali on the head too. "Feeling much better now, aren't you? Go ahead and enjoy the day, we're going to camp out and read tonight."

What hour is it?


Seems to be about 7pm.

"Don't waste your chance to go for a swim!"


"Cali, Quetz, let's head into the water! We haven't swum together."

Let's find a nice pool and enjoy the evening together.


File: 1493703793238.jpg (272.33 KB, 2000x1000, o-SWIMMING-POOL-WITH-MOUNT….jpg)

You can swim in the lake where you battled. The full moon is reflected on the surface. You cannot see how deep it is, despit being some of the clearest water you have ever seen.

Cali is already swimming in the pool, liounging on her back.


I'll float around with Cali and Quetz for a bit and reflect. This is the farthest I've ever been from home, and I've got so much further to go. I've met a lot of great people, and I'll never forget my Pokemon.

"Quetz, come on, let's see how deep we can go now." I'll hold my breathe and dive as much as I can with them.


Roll #1 16 = 16


You hold your breath and dive deep. For some reason, it hardly feels like you're holding your breath. You see a Milotic swimming deep below, and what must be more of Delta's Pokemon. His Gyarados isn't here, however.

A dark, cavernous space extends deep below, with lights shining periodically. The more you look at it, the more you realize how large the space under is. It might connect directly to the sea.


That's probably how those Pokemon that showed up after our battle got here. Go back to the surface with my Pokemon.

"I've come a long way from that kid who couldn't hold his breathe in the tub, huh Quetz?" Pet him a bit.


It's a little hard to see what he's thinking right now. He's rather contemplative and quiet, even while the rest are frolicking and relaxing.


Quetz has always been a serious Pokemon. I'll admit that it is relaxing to just watch him at times. I'll let myself float around while he ponders.


Is he? Some of your teachers have called him out as an oddball for being so unusually relaxed for his species. But maybe it's fine to leave him alone at these times, you should know best what to do.

One patch of the sky is constantly obscured by rainclouds, the peak of the island. This lake is away from the main waterfall feeding into the sea, so you won't get swept up into the current.

You're feeling pretty good, though something might be nagging at the back of your head.


Answers might come more easily in places like these.


Maybe because I can count on Quetz so much is why I consider him serious. He's always been important to me.

It's such a beautiful but unusual place I've found myself. I have my friends here, so it probably wouldn't hurt to just close my eyes for a moment and let my mind wander a bit. Maybe the calming presence of all my Pokemon will help me get my thoughts in order.


Roll #1 13 = 13


Have you come close to any answers for the questions you had when you left?
What are those questions?


I don't even remember them right now.

"Why am I here? Because it was expected of people my age to go on this journey? Why'd I even choose this direction to travel from the beginning?" I think to myself.

"Where am I actually headed?" I ask myself. I have a letter, some directions, and that's it. "Is it where Cobalt and Cali and Airy and Dynamo and Quetz want to go? Am I just letting the wind guide me, or am I just that directionless?"

I open my eyes and let myself float there, looking at my Pokemon. I know I'm not the same person that left, but I don't know what I'll be when I come back either.

I'll get out of the pool. Letting my mind wander only worries me more right now.


Was it really? Most people just got to neighbouring towns with one or two Pokemon. Why did you go so far?

Maybe you should look harder at yourself. But you don;t have to do that now.

You're feeling well rested and ready for bed, unless you want to hang out in your tent.


Right now, maybe some reading will help clear me and Quetz up. I'll have Dynamo lay down and sit down by him. Cali and Cobalt can lay down next to me, and Airy can rest on one shoulder. Quetz can rest his head on my other shoulder. I'll open the book to 'Aspects of the Soul' and read it with all of them before we go to sleep.


>In ancient times, when [text lost] formed, three parts of the soul was made.

>UXIE is what can be known. The memories that give you comfort in times of trouble and the haunting mistakes that disturb peaceful rest.

>AZELF is the will to act. The drive to do good and better the world, and the greed and vices that drive evil as well.

>MESPRIT is perhaps the closest to the core of souls, emotion. Mesprit is the joy when helping or harming the weak, the sorrow in loss and defeat, the anger in injustice and hate, the disgust when you see your enemies or sin.

>Let us give thanks to…


That's all you can read for now. Might be time to give it a rest.


Check on my 'Mons. If they're falling asleep, I'll put the bookmark in and call it a night.


Make sure to put the book back into the bag and that my Pokemon are either tucked in or in their Pokeballs, then head to bed myself.


They are. Time for you to join them.

It's such a nice night out. Do you even want to be in the tent?


I don't know where I'm going, but I will look up. The stars should be bright here, away from the blinding lights of civilization, so I don't mind spending some time out of my tent if the weather cooperates.


File: 1493708373704.jpg (75.05 KB, 660x485, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zcGFjZS5jb2….jpg)

You poke your head and some of your bedroll out of your tent.

Where has this view been all your life?

The sheer vastness of what lies beyond boggles you the moment you even try to think about it. Look at you. You thought you've come so far, but then what's all that out there?

Your heart quivers. As Quetz lies down with you, so does he as he looks outward.


All I can do is breathe and raise my arm up, spreading out my fingers.

How could I forget all those cheap adventure stories we'd read on rainy days? All those heroes and their trusty 'Mons, who'd sail around in all kinds of weird ships between the stars.

I put my arm back down and breathe. There's so much more out there, but I'm grateful I am right here.


Who knows what else you'll find?

Ready to bed yet?


Yeah, we've got an early morning trip to start tomorrow.


Roll for some dreams.


"Good night Quetz."


Roll #1 5 = 5


You aren't plagued by anything you can remember clearly, but you're a little uneasy.

Some Taillow chirping nearby lull you back to the waking world. Cali is back to taking one last swim in the lake.


Maybe we should head out soon.

Start putting everything in order, then find Delta and thank him for his hospitality, but it is time for me to go.


He seems to be busy preparing more food.

"Leaving already? Hope you enjoyed your time here. If you feel like returning, well, it'll be easier, so you don;t have to worry about that. Never stop flowing, now!"

The boat is waiting for you back at the base of the waterfall.


"Thanks. Take care, good bye." Bow properly and get into the boat. It's early enough and I want to give the marked map a shot. I don't know what I'll find there, but part of me.just wants to go.

I'll pull out the map and compass to make sure I'm headed in the right direction, making sure to have Quetz and Cali out with me.


On the way out, you pass by another boat headed to the island. There's a robed lady with what looks like branches growing out of her back…

It's too far to intervene, so with the sun still just above the horizon, you sail back across the mist and finally back to Shuiea main island. You dock the boat and now the world is open to you again.


"Maybe I didn't get enough sleep." I think to myself as I try to recall the lady. But now that I'm back, I'll put the map safely into my bag, as a reminder that I still have other places to visit, and start back on my journey.


File: 1493710825786.png (170.35 KB, 688x1215, arthur.png)

Maybe you should head to the Pokemon center first, to get your Pokemon checked up after such a rough fight.

A familiar, gloomy boy is by the road nearby when he notices you.

"Hey, aren't you Squire? What brings you here?"


"Hey, umm, Arthur, right? I was just visiting the area and the shrine. I'm headed to the pole enter now, want to come with?"


"I was just heading there myself. Oh, so you've already been to those places?"

You guys hit the road.

"Amazing, huh? I did it just before I decided to hit the mainland."

You can stop any time now


"Really? This is the furthest I've ever been from there, so I wanted to take some time to enjoy it all. What brought you back?"

Thanks, I'll stop here before my spelling gets worse


"Nothing much, had to attend to some business at home and felt like taking a short break. Also, now that I've got a full team, I wanted to show them what home's like."

You reach the Pokemon Center, and the attendant takes your Poke balls from you for diagnosis.

"You gonna be spending more time here?"


"Well, there were a few islands I heard people mention I should visit, but my time is limited. I figure I should move on and save those for later, to give me a reason to come back. That makes sense, right?"


"Hmm? The other islands are the other cities, basically. It sounds like you've only had enough time to visit the shrine and gym. Why not hang around here a little more? I, uh, I could show you around."

You two receive all your Pokemon back.

"Looks like you had a really hard battle, Mr Squire. Your Pokemon will be fine with some rest!"


"Yeah, I wasn't expecting it like that, took all of us by surprise." I say to the Pokecenter staff.

"You know what, that sounds great." I say to Arthur. "I'm sure I missed out on some real important points. All I know about the geography and history of the area here is what we had to cram for tests. Where do you want to go?"


"Hmm, we could go to the aquarium? We could also hike a little, but I'm a little tired for that and so are you. Or we could just walk around the shopping malls."


"Yeah, maybe not a hike today. The aquarium sounds good, but it might be nice to go shopping… Let's go to the aquarium, just looking around seems like a nice way to spend the day. Lead the way."


"Right! We just have to take the bus.."

He leads you to the bus stop.

"So how's Shuiea been to you so far?"


I'll take a seat if there is a bench.

"Real well, to a degree. The Pokemon we went up against are strong, as you must have heard. Everyone has been nice, though."

"If you don't mind me asking, did you take care of the business you came back for? I can help you if you want, but I don't want to impose or anything."


"I just needed to deliver a few parcels, I'm done with that already. Being a courier pays pretty well for the work you actually do. If you're going to sail to another island, you could see if there are any deliveries you can take."

The bus stops in front of a fancy dome, with a crowd around the entrance.

"Oh, today it's not gonna be so crowded. Come on."


"Woo, glad to hear it was just that, but I don't think that's for me right now. These are the last few days of freedom I'll have for a good, long time."

Step off the bus with Arthur.

"It looks pretty big. Did you come here often?"


"Not really, been here on a school trip… long time ago."

He gets his ticket from the counter, and admissions is 50P for you. A cute facade of a Mantine hangs above the entrance.


"I think our trip got cancelled the first time. I had to beg my parents and wait until they had a discount day." I sigh a bit as. I remember. "I think it still rained that day. Kinda wish it was sunny like today. Where do you think we should start? Any exhibits that for promoted?"


File: 1493747197664.jpg (1.94 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG2541.jpg)

"Not that I can remember, it's been forever since I've been here. I think they got a huge Sharpedo in recently…"

The very first exhibit is a familliar sight. Oshawott are gathered in a platform above a pool, tending to their shells.


Stop here for a moment.

"Wow, I remember when I first caught Cali. I'm hoping I hldidn't take her away from her friends all of a sudden, but she's gotten stronger now with me.


File: 1493747774688.jpg (1.96 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG2546.jpg)

"If she actually tried to fight, she must have been looking for a trainer. I've been with.. a few Pokemon, I've parted with those who clearly wouldn't be happy with me, anyway."

Ducklett legs look very elegant under water, the glass lets you see well.


"It's something that's bound to happen. Least we could do is make it end on amiable terms, since I've had my share of that too."

Looking at the legs makes me hungry.

"I've been so close to the water that I'm surprised it never came to me to catch one."


You're at your first gym! The electric gym, which seems to be some kind of massive film studio in one of the most luxurious buildings in Binestrone City.

As part of the gym challenge, you're going to have to act out… something to an audience of electric Pokemon. You were led into a dressing room, and you've got a large array of props and costumes for you to use. The note on your mirror says 'A show about you'.

The dressing room leads directly out onto a stage. From here you see a bunch of Pikachu in the front row trying to fry berries with electricity while they wait.


You were right in the midst of finishing up coffee with your breakfast while in the town of Seagarden. Millie is gulping down coffee at an alarming rate while you read the newspaper. Interesting times you live in, seems a lot of new Pokemon have been recently discovered.

You have time to gather your thoughts, or move right out.


Anyway, that's what they say before your training kicks in. A blizzard is approaching, fast, and much of the early darkness is because of the mass of clouds obscuring the sun.

You're not sure if there's even enough time to make it to the huts. Failing that, you must find and use any shelter available. Already, strong winds carrying snowfall are coming in.


Having a Torterra would be so useful now.
'1d20' look for a safer place to be

Roll #1 16 = 16


Maybe Millie shouldn't be drinking that much coffee. She's still small after all.
Oh well, may as well get moving, that article has gotten me kind of excited.


Not at all! Torterra don't adapt well to low temperatures. Neither did you, but training made you camp out in the icy forests before, so you're somewhat used to the cold.

You spot a cave in the ground. A cursory glance shows no sign of habitation, so it's likely safe.

Zoe is supporting Riss, who is shaking due to the cold. She needs to rest, fast.

You pay your bill and leave through the gates of town. The paved road gives way to dirt..

You're rather enamored by the foreign-looking plants of the mainland, especially at this latitude. it'll keep you interested on the way. You'll be crossing into the deserts of the fire plains, but not before nightfall, at which point you should be able to find a rest stop, according to the map.

How do you want to pace yourself? Want to keep a Pokemon out with you?


Motion for them to follow me.
Go into the cave and send out Vee.


Vee shakes off his shivers and breathes a few flames to light the area. It's a small grotto in the ground, enough for three of you to huddle in and wait out the blizzard. Do you think one of your Pokemon can appraise the sturdiness of the rock walls?


Rusty knows about rocks. Let him out to look around.
"Hey, what do you think of this place buddy?"


Rusty walks around the small cave. He seems to pay attention to how the ground feels under his feet. Your hearts jumps when he bumps against the walls, intensifying his impact each time, until he finally stops and mewls calmly, a positive sign.

"Oooh.. I…"
"C'mon, Riss, hang in there."


I should probably pace myself for this, it'll be a long journey. Plus I want to enjoy the sights.
Let's keep Millie outside as well.


In that case, roll for luck.


I let out a sigh of relief.
"Vee, come here." I pick him up and put into Riss's arms.



Roll #1 11 = 11


Making him serve someone else? What a stain on his honor! But… she is quite pretty, so he'll make an exception. Some colour returns to her face as she holds Vee closer and sits down.

Normally you'd have more tools at hand to make your bivouac more comfy, but you weren't expecting to be caught out on just a walk. You only really have your daypack, which has a single packed dinner along with your Poke balls and some water. Neither Zoe nor Riss look especially equipped either.

"Hey… Amber, how long do you think we're going to be in here? I… ugh, I wish I knew what to do…"

Zoe is worried, while Riss is already back to looking focused, though she isn't saying anything.


Give Vee an approving nod as I go over my supplies here.
"A blizzard? Up in the north? Probably overnight. I wonder if I can get a radio signal out.."
"Do you have any food or water?"


The weather is clear. It's cooler than on the islands, even as you walk towards a desert. It's grassland from here, clear enough that you can see the train on the tracks a distance away.

Foreign bird Pokemon cry out and squawk. On a patch of especially dry grass, you notice some Fletchinder fly down and spit embers onto the grass, starting a large fire. Some Seedot rush out of the grass in response to flee to the other side of the road.


Overnight is your best estimate. Something lucky is that the small cavern has rock platform a little elevated, that will help keep everyone a little warmer since the cooler air will stay below. You could even get a fire going safely, it's well-ventilated enough.

"Water, but I don't have anything else…"

"Neither do I. Amber.. it might not be safe for us together on our own, but do you think we could let our Pokemon forage for us? I think now we all have Pokemon that can operate in this climate. But I need your opinion."

Riss, despite nearly fainting before, looks like she's been alright the whole time as she forces herself back in full gear.


I wonder why they're doing that. Could it be to feed? Maybe I'll watch them.


Exactly. They swoop down on the grass and fly back up with prey wriggling in their beaks. One such exposed seedot near you falls prey when a Talonflame plucks it off the ground, its wings nearly slapping your face with how close it got.


Clearly they're not afraid of people. Maybe I should move on before I get pecked to death.


"In the middle of a blizzard? We should just stay in here until it calms down."
Start setting up a fire, and put my water and packed meal in the middlish of us.
"Including your water, we will be fine tonight."
I give my Radio to the eager Riss.
"See if you can reach anyone."


"If you say so, but we don't have anything to burn for a fire. I was thinking of letting our Pokemon out to do it for us. Can you?"

Her Sneasel comes out, dour, but determined to get work done if needed.

All the radio picks up is static. The blizzard is knocking out reception.

Your dinner is only meant for one, too…

Yes, you should.
You're getting hungry again and the sun is overhead, time for lunch. There's a lake in the distance if you feel like diverting, or you could just stay on the roadside and look at the empty plains before you.


"By work, I mean gathering firewood. And maybe a bit of foraging."


Lakeside picnic sound pretty good.


Only takes you about ten minutes to reach the lake. Gyarados could use a swim in some new sparkling waters. It's striking how far you look around you without seeing a single building. You really are alone. The grass on banks of the lake look especially lush and soft


Look outside at the storm.
Are there even trees nearby?


Yes, you can see them, but it'll be very difficult to go yourself.

"We have to trust in our Pokemon on this. Sneasel can cut… Zoe, how about your new Snowy Vulpix? Think it can help Sneasel navigate?"

"Oh? Uh…"
Zoe lets out her white Vulpix, who seems cheerful and eager to please.


"Its a good plan. Actually. I can see the trees from here."
Point them out in the snow, and get Marill out here too. "She's a lot stronger than she looks, she can help carry."

Then lean down to tell Lalita "If it gets too bad out there, make sure you bring the others back here, yourselves are the top priority."


Yes, this was a good idea. I'll let Gyarados out for a swim as well. Maybe the others too, so long as they don't make much of a fuss.


Lalita nods confidently.

"Alright! Go out there and gather!"

"…Be safe, alright?"

The three leave the cave. Now that Riss is warmer, Vee looks at Zoe.

"Heh.. kind of like a camping trip, huh?"


"Kind of! We actually aren't all too far from town. And we have people who know we should have returned. Worst case, we just have to survive until someone comes to look for us."


"You're right. Wow, I'm really glad we have you with us, Amber."

"Yeah. You've found something you really love, huh?"

How flattering!


I nod proudly.
"That's right, no need to panic, and snow is clean water too, just frozen, we can use that if we run out."


You let out everyone for a break. Golett just sits nearby, uninterested, and Li jogs around, enjoying the grass under his feet. Gyarados takes a relaxing dive.

Hold up, you're going to need Li to set your fire to heat up your dried provisions. You don't need to collect water from the lake to purify, since you have ample water for now.


The three of you continue to make small talk, though taking care not to expend too much energy.

Finally, you hear noises outside your tent. Lalita is carrying a load of branches, and the Sneasel is carrying a few berries. The Snowy Vulpix is… holding a few dead Rattata by the tail?

"Oh, so you did manage to get that done!" Riss exclaims.


Maybe I should have gotten jerky instead. Or invest in a fishing rod. Oh well, let's heat up a meal with him.


"You did it!" I give Lalita a hug and the other too pats on the head.
"Come over and let's get warmed up."

Get started on the fire.


Jerky's more a thing in the Northwest fire plains, you hear.

It's filling. You've never really walked on your own a long distance before all this. Knowing there there could be no one but yourself around, it's exhilarating. Frightening, too.

The clouds are thinner than what you know, but despite that the sun is less intense. It's tempting to just lie on the grass and nap… though you're not sure if you can reach the rest stop by nightfall if so.


Vee immediately hops up as you set a small firepit with stones lying around. Zoe lets out her strange Marowak to help, and it twirls its bone to produce flame. The branches eventually manage to ignite with help from both fire Pokemon, crackling in a comforting tone than silences the howling wind outside.

"Alright, let's add the berries, and…"

Zoe's Chansey suddenly pops out of its ball, and offers its egg to the food pan too.


"Oh. Your pokemon is a Chansey now!"


"Yep! Was a nice day when she evolved. The eggs have helped me out tons of times, and now it's doing it again. Thanks a lot."

She strokes her Chansey which promptly gets back into its ball to save energy. Between your packed dinner, the berries and egg, you won't have to worry about tonight.


"Still its not that much food…"
I'll eat as little as possible, so I can save some for breakfast.
Check my branch.


Kept it in your daypack, huh? Were you hoping to give it some sun?

Wait, it's grown a fruit! It's a fruit like some of the ones you saw while in the Mirage Axis, about the size of your fist.

"Is that.. from the Earth Shrine?"


I'd rather reach the rest stop by nightfall. Camping seems exciting, but am I prepared for that yet? Let's get back on the road.


Of course, it probably likes that.

"Yep. Would you like a little taste?" offer to cut off some of the fruit to share.


Well, if nothing else, you can remember this spot as a good place to relax. You call back your team and get back on the main path.

"I've heard the taste is different depending on who it grows for… ooh, I'm excited! I was planning to go there myself at some point."

"Oh, really, Riss? Maybe I should give it a shot too."



Give everyone a little bit of fruit


Yeah, I should bring Nagi or Arthur here sometime. I'm sure they would enjoy it. On we go.


Come to think of it, you haven't eaten a fruit off your branch before, have you?

"Alright, shall we dig in?"

You have some snow berries that look like they were pillaged off some Snover, a Chansey egg, your packed dried dinner, and the fruit from your branch. Vee is letting a dead Rattata roast over the fire while eying it hungrily.


I chuckle at the fox.
"What a fancy gentleman. Cooking his prey."


The other Vulpix has a different opinion, though! It lays its Rattata carefully just outside the cave, letting it solidify and freeze. Vee lools horrified.

Zoe divides portions evenly. You prepare your MRE by pouring in some water and heating it in a tin, and Zoe poura a bit of egg to slowly boil for everyone.


"Oooh interesting." I let my pokedex record that.

"Save little bit for breakfast, we'll need energy in case we get snowed in."


Now where was I
Oh right, struggling to survive in what might be the most extreme gym challenge ever


Very fascinating…

The berries will keep overnight, but you'll have to eat the egg, fruit and MRE now. Which one first? or mix them?


Despite overwhelming signs of danger, you have chosen to sleep here anyway.

Just as you fall asleep, a massive collapsing sound from outside shakes you awake.


Egg, then MRE then Fruit as dessert.


Oh boy
Here we go
Let's get up and peek outside the tent


You wake to see a large Pokemon standing outside, tearing apart your campsite. It looks at you menacingly and clicks its claws.

A Scizor. From its size and the coloration of its armor, this isn't any ordinary Scizor. It's a veteran, one that has probably seen countless battles and grown near invincible from combat experience It makes an aggressive show, swinging its claws.

The egg is rich. Just the portion you have is very filling, it feels like every bit of it reaches out into your body as it flows into your belly. Already, your spirits feel lifted, even as the taste leaves your mouth with a wanting aftertaste. It complements your bland MRE, which, while nutritious and meant for rangers, has little in the way of taste.

Oh, but the fruit… it's tangy and sweet, and the texture is tough as you take your bite. But closer to the core, the taste is rather diminished, and the texture feels softer and less determined. Maybe it's not fully ripened…

"Well, we all contributed to this, so I think we can be pretty proud of ourselves!"
Riss does a small cheer.


I lay back patting my stomach.
"So tasty! Good job everyone."
Then.. I suppose I didn't bring blankets, but we have jackets..



Let's just carefully and veeeery slowly pull back into our camp and grab our important stuff…


"We should sleep in shifts so someone watches the fire, Amber. It's…"

Riss checks her watch.

"8pm now, I think the sun will be up by 6 tomorrow. Having sleep interrupted would keep that person less rested tomorrow, so you definitely shouldn't take the middle shift, since we need you. So do you want to go first or last?"


The Scizor lunges! It misses you, instead aiming for your tent. A massive gash is torn into it, and you're not sure if you can even use it anymore. It goes into the tent itself, and starts taking food you have packed away.


I nod proudly at Riss's planning.
"I'll sleep first, I think Zoe should take the first shift, everything is set up so it will be easiest to care for at the start."
Arrange my coat over me so I'm comfier. "We can share Vee as a pillow. He's so soft and warm." I pull him over petting him and whisper to him "We really need your tonight Vee, be nice to the girls please."


Son of a Houdoom! I'll quickly grab all that I can in my arms that he isn't busy with and run for it


While it's in your tent? The moment you try and run close, it snaps at you and glares.

"No, Riss should take the first shift. I'm… well, I don't think I can do as much as both of you, so it's fine if I sleep a little poorer."

"Oh. Thanks, Zoe."

The arrangement is settled. Riss will go first, then Zoe, then you will wake up early and stay until sunrise.

Vee nods, sighing, though he doesn't actually look too bothered. He curls up near where both your heads can lie, while Zoe sits closer to the fire, preparing for work.

Time for you to sleep?


"Goodnight Riss, Goodnight Zoe."
'1d20' sleep quality

Roll #1 5 = 5


I glare back at it with stuff in hands ''Well look man what do you want me to do then?'' I shout at him, outraged


You? Why does it care?

This is nature. Cruel, raw nature, where those that survive simply do, and if you cannot struggle to survive, then you die. In fact, you're looking like an easy source of protein right now…

Possibly the only reason it's not tearing your arm off for food right now is because its pincers are already full of what you've gathered, and it flies off to a nearby tree. The moment it finishes, and if you're still around, your tasty innards are next. Or maybe your Pokemon. Golbat that get caught on the forest floor are often subject to gruesome fates.


Despite Vee's help, the stone floor of the cavern makes it hard to sleep. The howl of the wind and the crackling of embers eventually carries your mind away… but just as you fall asleep, a very tired Zoe pokes you up.

"Hey… it's 4am. Time for you to… watch the fire…"

She can barely keep her eyes open.


"Hmm Okay." Stand up and stretch near the fire, get the blood flowing to wake me up.


This. Flipping. Guy

But I can't fight it, it would destroy me and my whole team, so all I can do for now is swallow my pride and run, run as fast I can and pray that it doesn't catch me


Gazing into the flames, you feel a little energized. The wind is still howling outside, and a draft that hits your face quickly shakes you up.

You just have to keep the fire going for… two hours? Looks like the others took four hour shifts.


Shouldn't be too hard, how's the wood pile looking?


Going to try and collect anything first now that it's left your site?

Looks like there's just enough wood to keep going, the exact amount of wood you expected to be used is gone.

You sit by the fire and gaze into it. Now seems like a good time to gather your thoughts.


Just the essential. most of my stuff is in my bag
I'll take what's left of the cloth of the tent that wasn't ripped off too


You might be able to repair the tent given enough time. Luckily you've already put nearly everything in your bag, what you've lost are sticks you've gathered, and all your food.

Luckily it's not too dark yet, you can see some of the forest, but you might need help navigating…


I will spend the time slowly chewing on my portion of berries, one at a time, so they feel like they last longer.
Consider a plan for getting back to town.
We could use Webster's webbing to stay connected so no one falls in deep snow.. a big heavy pokemon like Rusty could prevent us from sliding away if its a steep hill.. the ice vulpix could take the lead position since its good at navigating snow.. I could use Tamiyo to fly a note to the guild for help.


Jasper can see well in the dark can't he?


Yes, he can! You let him out, and he starts checking the surroundings. He slowly flies towards the… Northeast? Luckily you still have your compass.

But are you bringing the tent? You'll have to either fix it or make a whole new shelter.


just the cloth, which is pretty essential part of the tent. If possible

Weird. Northeast is the opposite direction of where we were going, huh
But I trust him with my life now, so let's keep following this bat I just hope I can run as fast as he can fly


File: 1494267130572.jpg (39.65 KB, 500x215, gore_tex_shelter.jpg)

It's a tent more like this, actually. The tear won't affect your ability to fold it.

So will you bring it?



File: 1494267709509.jpg (58.38 KB, 500x375, cave8898.jpg)

Luckily, your hands are quick enough in folding it.

You follow Jasper, slowly having to make your way through the underbrush, until at last he stops. You're exhausted, you've been walking for nearly half an hour, but you have no food. At least there's enough water.

Oh! He's found a small cave. You could easily crawl in and lay your sleeping bag, and block the entrance with rocks.

Still, if something were to come and find you, you won't be able to escape if you're inside.


Atta boy!
though it might be risky. It's hard to find a cave that isn't already occupied
''Jasper, if we head inside can you do a little scan of the cave to make sure there's no other things there? You still know how to do echolocation, right?'' I ask between the hard breathing and holding on to my knees


Yes, Jasper can. He's already scanned the cave, it's just a small cavern and there's nothing else inside.


''Thanks buddy. I don't know where I would be without you'' recall him. he already did a lot for today
Let's find some rocks and try to have some rest beore the morning comes


There are some already lying around. You place the mat the entrance, crawl in, put down your sleeping bag and rest, exhausted.

roll for rest


I'll stuff the remains of the tent back in the bag and go to sleep

Roll #1 10 = 10


Despite everything, you manage to fall asleep quickly. The cave is actually quite comfy, and in your dreams you are hit by inspiration. Maybe you have to keep moving around to not get caught, but it's not so bad. Campsites don't have to be permanent, and you have so many Pokemon to help out. Tina might know the jungle too.



"What, catch a Ducklett? For food?

Yes. Honestly, I think it's better this way. Your Pokemon are going to be with you for a very long time, you'd want them to share things to work for together."


Turn towards Arthur. "Hmm, no, just to add it to my team."

Turn back towards the exhibit. "Yeah, I agree. Though, looking at the Pokemon here and some of the stuff I read, I've got a question for you, if you don't mind."


"Go on ahead."

He casually leans against a wall, hiding his eagerless at heading into the exhibit depths.


"Well, last night I was reading with my 'Mons, and it's kind of coming to me now. So,"

"Do you think the Pokemon here still yearn to be free?"


"They get treated well here. Plenty of food and entertainment, there's no struggle to eat and not get eaten. I'm not sure if that's even a question they know to ask… though the rare escape has always been successful. Anyhow, learning to question things beyond survival, that's not something a Pokemon learns naturally most of the time. Which is why, I guess, they've come to us trainers."

He seems like he's already thought hard about it.


"So, what have you been teaching your Pokemon since we last met? I'll be honest, I've been reading with mine, kinda hoping to teach them to read and to see what they like."

"Let's go to the other exhibits."


File: 1494516410193.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG2562.jpg)

A seel is lounging by some rocks. It looks like it's having a good time.

"You too, huh? That'd be nice. I think Floyd knows how to read a little now… he's my Frogadier and my first partner Pokemon. I'm hoping he can help teach the others a little. That aside, I've been busy in the Lanobe Gym, actually, I decided to stay there and train a while. Do you know a Ms. Sinistra?"


"It's a relief knowing I'm not the only one with such a weird idea then. And yeah, I figured pretty much the same about earlier. It's important to deal with our circumstances, for good or ill."

"Wish I could be that relaxed. Yeah, I met her, but that place wasn't really suited for me, you know? But she's the reason I'm even over here at all."


File: 1494517391284.jpg (955.73 KB, 3264x1840, IMAG2597.jpg)

"As long as you find a direction…"

You two enter deeper in the exhibit, and are at last greeted with the main attractions. You are in a glass tube within a massive tank, and the first thing you see is a huge Sharpedo swimming towards you.

Arthur briefly looks at a notebook.

"Think you'd bring a cute girl to a place like this?"


"More like a suggestion than a direction. Let's not oversell it." I say to him with a smile. "You already know where you are headed after this, or are you as vague as I technically am?"

I've never really had a chance to check one outside of my books, I'm going to try and get a good look at it from all sides.

"I'm not exactly one for dating advice, but I'd say it would depend on the girl. Pokefans would love it, and it's not like it doesn't have nice, kind of dark places perfect for a cheesy romance novel. Why ask, have someone in mind?" I tease.


"Glad you brought it up! You can open up a name or description of a person in mind first, in that case." His face doesn't betray a hint of embarrassment, despite a small grin.

The Sharpedo moves too fast to get more than a glancing view of any one side at a time.


I'm not letting the Sharpedo get the best of me. Keep up, no matter how silly it looks. '1d10'

"Here's an easy one. That girl who wants to be a Ranger, I think her name was Amber or Ambrose, would you bring her here on your first date?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yes, I think she'd like that. But I was asking about you! You brought it up, it's only fair you show your skin first."

He's so casual about this, from what you can tell. Following the Sharpedo is stopping you from paying attention to him.


Stop trying to witness the sharpedo and try to think.

"There was a girl then, but it was so long ago. I probably wouldn't even remember her if she was in front of me… Outside of classmates, the only girl I've spent time with has been Riss, and even that was just for a short journey. She's pretty active and outgoing, so I don't think the Aquarium would be a good first place to go."

"Hey, wait, you're the one who asked about bringing a date! You should have gone first."


File: 1494519513406.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x1840, IMAG2627.jpg)

"Right, forget the aquarium. What'd your ideal date be like? Like… for myself, I'd love to bring a cutie sailing and fishing. Maybe find a deserted islet and camp out… you?"

An Alomomola seems interested in eavesdropping on the conversation.


"You know you're asking the wrong person for dating advice, if you plan on stealing ideas at least."

I'll look to the Alomomola, maybe it'll give me an idea from the other side of the glass.

"Maybe a trip to the mall. A nice, but inexpensive, meal" I say with a sigh, "and then some of the carnival rides nearby. There was a mall with a carousel near me, and another with a ferris wheel. Seems like a perfect place for a first date, just the two of you rising above the city, enjoying the company."


File: 1494520242066.jpg (8.37 KB, 273x184, Luvdisc_banner.jpg)

An Alomomola vaguely resembles a Luvdisc, it was even once thought they were evolutionarily related because of their appearance. Speaking of which you see a few swimming by, getting cozy with each other.

"…Huh. I thought you'd be more adventurous. Like, a moonlit trek across the desert? You know, maybe Riss would like that kind of thing…"


"Now that's from a really cheesy romance novel." I say to him with a deadpan expression.

Lean on the railing and keep an eye on the Luvdisks. "I'm a city kid, stuff like that doesn't exactly come to me easily. Yeah, camping out here was great. I've never seen such a beautiful sky…"

"But I'm likely to get lost. A romantic trek through the desert will probably end with sunburns on both of us and me not knowing where we are. But I think even a nice, quiet walk in the park, if you can get it to end with that sight, would be a real winner."


"Simple tastes, huh. You know, you still haven't mentioned a girl's name. Except one…"


"She's made a strong impression. Most of the other girls I know wore similar uniforms every day, I saw the back of the head at most for many of them, and my deepest conversation with many of them was 'Can I borrow a pencil?' right outside of cram school."

"Of course, I already brought up Amber. I don't run into Rangers that often, and girls who actually go out and do things really do stand out to me."

I'll look at the Luvdisks for a bit more, then turn back towards him.

"Have you ever gotten the feeling you're missing something important? I know there's something else I should add, but I just can't."


"I see…"

He looks at the tank and writes something down in a small notebook, pausing to look at the tank every now and then. All the fish are behind him, though.

"Anyway, best part's coming up! The next bit is a marine tube that goes under the sea and brings us to an islet. We'll be seeing Pokemon in almost natural habitat.


Just look at him weirdly when he's starting at an empty tank. Oh well, maybe he's doing some homework…

"Really? I'm impressed with this place. I don't recall our Aquarium going all out like this, but it's not like they could either. Lead the way."


"An aquarium in the Rising City could never do something like this, anyway, since it's all the way inland. Now, we're going to need to get lucky to see stuff, sicne the Pokemon here are wild. Hopefully something good passes by..


You roll for luck too.

Roll #1 14 = 14


"Just how far out are we?"


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Not very, but… oh!"

A massive shadow is suddenly cast over a good length of the tube. You look up, and see the unmistakable shape of a Wailord. It floats by lazily, not bothering to look down at the tiny things you must be in comparison.

"Huh, we got pretty lucky today. There's a souvenir shop at the end of the tube and where they hold shows, but I'm not sure if they have anything organized today. Oh, that's why the ticket prices were cheaper than before."


"They're so much bigger in real life…" I keep looking as it floats away.

"What kind of shows do they hold? Trained Pokemon actors, or do they actually have concerts down here?"


"Trained actors, you could say. They do stunts and stuff. I know the one they do a lot is this thing called 'Waterworld', it's a short skit where the heroes are a bunch of people who lived on boats their whole lives, and one of them's an explorer on a Lapras who's found Dry Land, which hasn't been seen in generations, and the bad guys want to get there and rule it first. You know, it's a cooler skit now that I remember, the actors had to do crazy stunts with their pokemon like diving into water from several stories high."

A few Horsea and Seadra swim along you. You're reaching the end of the tube.


"Sounds like a good show. Add an underwater kingdom and I'm hooked. But it must take a lot of work to train Pokémon to those levels, and even themselves. No way I'd jump into water from that high. So, what kind of souvenirs do they have?"

I'll put my hand out to follow the Horses, but I won't touch the glass.


They seem to find you interesting.

You arrive at the souvenir shop. It's mainly plushies of sea Pokemon that grab Arthur's attention. There are some shirts, and some books on marine Pokemon life too.


Check out the dolls, see if they have a Slowpoke or Slowbro. I'm sure my parents would appreciate the gift. Then start digging through the books, see if they have any about the folktales.

"What are you getting?" I ask Arthur.


File: 1494524184155.jpg (67.52 KB, 800x800, slowpokeplush_1024x1024.jpg)

They've got a Slowpoke, definitely. It's a fairly popular choice, that adorable vacant mug is irresistible. It's 200P. For folktales, you'll have to look elsewhere.

"…Eh, I'm really tempted… Oh, this model ship looks nice."

It's a model ship that you assemble yourself.


I'll take it and pet it a few times. Hopefully it doesn't cost too much to mail it. Maybe look for a book about local Pokemon then, so I know what I might run into.

"A model ship, what type is it? Might be fun to assemble it in your down time.


Biodiversity of the Sapphire Archipelago. That's 500P! then again, with new Pokemon appearing, there's no telling how much the ecosystems might have been disrupted.

"It's nothing much, just a nice personal yacht. Would be cool to own one of these and sail anywhere you like.. though there's always upkeep, even if you can afford the initial price tag."

"Alright, we done here? It's getting late, have any dinner plans? Actually, where are you staying?"


Then it'll become the best type of book, one I write myself! If I have enough, I'll take it.

"Sheesh, you opened up real good there." I say with an honest smile. "Being able to pick your destination and how you get there, not answering to anyone but the seas and the winds, that kind of freedom is inspiring, isn't it?"

"I had camped out in one of the islands, but I was thinking I'll just stay at one of the places for travelling Pokemon trainers and grab something cheap to eat."


Yes. You now have 5400P remaining.

"Did I? Huh."

He seems reluctantly pleased.

"Oh, I know a good place. And after that, why not stay over at my house? Parents are away, so we can play video games and drink or something."


"Sure, sounds good. Lead the way."


I think I was contemplating life or something?


You've thought this over well. Every part of your team will play a role in getting you to safety.

The snowfall's picking up again…

You have more time to think about things while the other two girls snore behind you.


Whoops, here's the reply


I do..
But I really wonder what Riss was always taking notes for, and if Zoe is destined to be a nurse! When I was little I heard Happiny only evolve for their chosen nurse.


You never know with Riss. One thing's to be sure with her, she's a tricky sort. She's the sort who'd do many things to get what she wants. But what does she want? Does she even know, herself?

And Zoe. Not much about her sticks out to you, even with all this time you've hung out. She's very regular. She's traveling like you and other trainers. You haven't seen her do anything really special. Growing up in the root of the Grasslands, you've learned all about plants and the wood and that's helped you immensely as a ranger. Arthur must feel the same way with the sea and water, and Riss has her talent as a sneaky fighter, backed by her time growing up in the Rising City. But what about Zoe? All that's there is that odd music of hers. She knows this, she even gave up her good sleep tonight because she knows you and Riss would use it better. Seems like she's got a strong will of her own too, but what's she going to use it for?

The first hint of daylight finally shows.


my hands make a soft clap and I whisper to myself.
"A popstar."
Then grin like I figured out the mystery of the universe or something while chewing the last of the berries.


You feel very clever!

The sun's rays are obscured in a thick flow of snow… Rusty pops out of his ball, and looks worried.

He suddenly rams himself into you, knocking you over and almost into the campfire! A sudden flood of dust clogs your eyes as chokes you as you try to breathe.


What just happened?!
Get up and go toward the exit for air.


There's… no exit anymore. A pile of rocks sits where you just were, as well as over the exit. If Rusty hadn't come out in time to push you, you shudder to think what could have happened.

He looks at you worriedly, and the girls are shaken up by the noise.

"What's going on? Are we being attacked?"

"Ugh.. ah, Amber? Are you alright?"


"Not an attack, just a cave in." I tell them calmly, investigating the damage.


You put on a very brave face.

From what you can tell, trying to dig it out would cause even worse damage.

An answer doesn't come to you immediately. There has to be something you can do, right?


Well, we can go down.
Get out a flashlight and check the other part of the cave.

Roll #1 10 = 10



There is no down. All that's there of the cave is this small chamber you and the others are in.

Zoe is looking very worried. Riss's brave face is cracking a little, too.


Well, how was the smoke escaping?


Through the entrance, which is now covered. Smoke ascends upwards, not downwards.

Rusty pokes around. He's listening to different parts of the chamber walls. He might find something.


any small holes that have fresh air flowing through or light??

Roll #1 13 = 13


Not anymore.

Rusty settles on a wall deeper in the chamber, and starts slamming into it. You all might want to take cover!


"Whoa! Everyone get back!" I call out and urge them a safe distance away.


They scramble towards you as the back wall breaks!

There's a hole big enough to crawl into now. It may be your only escape route. You can hear noises from deeper within, so it might be connected to the outside somehow.


I shine a flashlight down there concerned.
"I hear something this way, that might be just pokemon outside or…"


The more you listen, it seems to be mainly Woobat noises. Which means they might have a way out.

The flashlight reveals a tunnel you can follow, along with some disturbed Woobat. They squeak and fly off, except one fully-grown Swoobat, who shoots you a concerned look before flashing light at you in return.


Make an intimidating 'Shoo' sound at the Swoobat. '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


It gets the message and leaves, illuminating the tunnel ahead as it flashes with light. At the same time a flock of Zubat are flying in. They seem tired, like they've spent the whole night out.

Could that path lead to the exit?


"I think I see a way out, I'm going to crawl over there but.."
get Joltic out here. "Webster, I need you to spin a lot of web, so I can tie it around me when I go there.. in fact just let Zoe hold you and keep going until I tug 3 times."


"You're going to go alone? But–"

"I understand. We'll join you as quickly as we can if you need us."

Webster gets to work spinning a fibre long enough to tie around you…


Tie it tight, take my time with it.
"I'm not alone, I have my pokemon, and I have you here." Smile confidently and then crawl inside.


It's not that low, you can crouch instead. A gush of cold air blows in every now and then. Usually, the winters at home meant the death of the plants you love until they lived on in the spring, but the winter outside is your lifeline.

Water drips from the ceiling. Judging by the direction of the flow, you're slowly ascending…

In the distance! You see light! A very faint hint, but it exists.


Just a little more.. keep climbing..


You work your way up.. and there it is! The exit! But there's something very large in the way. Just within the cave, a Mamoswine has made its home. It looks troubled and restless, and would likely be hostile if you were to suddenly pop in.

You may need your friends to help you with what you decide to do.


Well. Try the radio from here.


Seems like you're in reception range! But speaking loud enough for the radio to pick up might attract the Mamoswine's attention, and deep enough for it to not hear you would mean you'd have no reception.


This is.. good news actually.
Go back to the girls


You pull back, following the string. They look at you hopefully, holding their breath.


I grin at them
"There is a way out! And we can use the radio up there. Its a bit of a climb and there is a catch…"
I pause standing up to dust myself off.
"There is a Mamoswine in the way of the exit."


Their excited faces quickly fall.

"Oh dear. It's a strong Pokemon. Maybe if we fight it together.."

"Can we even risk that? Amber, is there something else we could do?"


Well… I had training on the Styler right? Does it look okay?


It's pristine. You haven't found a chance to use it…

To use a capture styler, you need knowledge of the environment around you and the Pokemon to think of the best way to communicate with it. How would you present yourself to a irritable Mamoswine who has found intruders in its home?


I breath a sigh of relief
"Well, there actually is something I can try. Yea. It should work."


"Oh! Ranger styler captures!"

Riss looks excited.

"Come on, Zoe, we've got to see how this works! All on you now, Amber! But, uh… we should probably wait to back you up just in case."


I make a pose with the shiny device.
Then frown at Riss's suggestion.
"Okay, but if it somehow fails we should just radio for help."
Into the tunnel now, to hope for the best.


They follow through with you, climbing up into the lit chamber and feeling the cold breeze flow down, washing the sleep off their faces and filling their lungs with renewed air.

There it is. A large, shaggy Pokemon with icy tusks capable of goring trees. With a shock to the ground, strong ones could even level buildings.

You must use the styler's capture disk and have it complete at least one revolution around the Pokemon of interest.

Roll to use.


In the end it still eats mostly berries and whatever it can find, its not a hunter.
Let's focus on our wish to get home.
'1d10' spin to use

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're clumsy. This is your first time, after all, and your lessons on using this was so long ago… The disk returns just as the Mamoswine stands and turns

The Mamoswine looks at you. It starts pawing at the ground, eying you. You can feel Zoe's breathing behind you, ready to attack at a moment's notice. It seems…

It gets up, and stands aside. It still eyes you carefully, but you will be in no danger as you walk to the cave exit. It worked!


I give it a cheerful wave, whispering "thank you".
And urge the girls to follow me out.


"So you said you taught your Frogadier, to read. How did you do it? I've been reading slowly to my Pokemon, pointing out the words to them."


File: 1494692143681.jpg (95.73 KB, 680x382, stream_img.jpg)

They stand amazed, they almost forget to leave with you!

The sun has never felt so soothing! The warmth is soaked right into your skin as your eyes finally feel energized again. Even Lily comes out, wanting to spread her leaves for a little while. You're also very near the small village!


No wonder that Scizor just went straight for my food, he's not here to kill me (I hope), hes here to screw me over

But I won't let that happen again, oh no

I will get up filled with motivation. I WILL win this challenge


"Let's go!" I cheerfully say and walk forward in the fresh snow toward the town.


Now that you think about it, with so many rangers patrolling, it's unlikely they'd let a dangerous Pokemon roam where rookies like you are tested. That Scizor probably is part of the test after all. It left your emergency flare completely untouched, even, it even put it aside so it wouldn't accidentally break it.

But now you're very hungry, and need to gather food immediately.

This is your second last day. More challenges might be thrown at you.

Back to the main town itself?


Yea? That's where we wanted to go right?


My only worry is if I'll have to fight it in the end of the challenge. If that happens I'm screwed

First I need to figure out where I am right now, so let's leave the cave and check out the surroundings


Half an hour's trek later, and you're back to where you can have a nice shower and warm food! You're on the street where both the inn and Ranger base is.

"Huh. What an adventure."


"I wasn't worried at all." I grin.
"Should we celebrate with lunch later? I could use a nice cake."


It was nighttime and you could barely see when you got here. You just followed Jasper. As far as you can tell, he dragged you Northwest. At your pace, around half an hour's travel would have brought you two kilometers away.

Now that you think about it, you were running slightly uphill last night. As you look behind you, you see mountains in the distance. That would likely bring you far beyond the training ground, though.

But where's the food? You need food. So does Jasper.


"Just cake? I feel like I've just been reborn! How about a buffet?"

"Sounds good, we should check for discounts, though. Or an open buffet, I don't really know this town…"

Huh, maybe you could ask some local rangers for advice.


Hmm… This place is really high up
Dang it all, that Scizor ate all I gathered
Check my bag, do I still have any emergency provisions?


Nope. The scizor confiscated everything. You have to gather or hunt anew.


"Not knowing makes it an adventure of its own!" I grin.
"I'll meet you around noon, outside the cafe we met at earlier."


If only I had a fire type, I would have destroyed it!

But I have no time to think about this, I need to get to searching and pray for luck
Roll Survival?


"I… think I've had enough adventuring. See you later!"

"If we;re going for a buffet, I'm going to skip breakfast. Oh boy…"
Zoe looks enthralled.

Maybe your Pokemon can help.


I giggle happily. "See you then."
Time to go get a shower and quick nap.


Warm water! It massages your sore body after sleeping on the rock floor. The soap is scented lemon today, even!

You've got three hours before meeting. Don't oversleep! But after last night, your bed feels like heaven.


I'll use an alarm.
'1d20' slp quality

Roll #1 18 = 18


Maybe it's time to give Tina a chance. I'm sure her talents of hunting for food in the city will be useful here



Roll #1 12 = 12


Amazing. You briefly dream of a skiing adventure across snow wastes, coming to a massive fortress made of ice and taking it as your own. The fortress has the most luxurious bedroom, where you plop down on and–DINGDINGDING

At least you feel energized…

Tina's a grass type, she should know her way around forests. She sniffs the air around her with her tongue, and starts heading towards a certain direction.


Dress warm, and stop by the desk to see who's working there.


It's some young ranger, bored and reading a magazine about local happenings in town. His mouth is watering as he takes some notes on some paper.


Its so cute how she does that, smelling the air with her tongue
Let's follow the little snake


"Good afternoon, you thinking about lunch?"


Ooh, there's a berry tree! You can gather enough off it for meal, you think. But more importantly, there are pidgeys on a nest, and you see eggs.

Tina is looking more at the eggs…

"Yeah… tomorrow. I'm stuck here the whole day, and… and! I can't believe this! There's a discount TODAY and ONLY TODAY at the barbecue buffet, and I can't leave! Gah! There's another one tomorrow, but, it's barbecue… and I'm missing it…"

He looks heartbroken.


"Awh.. Hey, I'm not doing anything, maybe I can pick you up something? Do they do take out? "


"Oh thank you Tina "
What kind of berries are those?

Also how many pidgeys can I see on that tree?

" You want some eggs, little lady?" I whisper, crouched besides her


"No, they don't let you do that in buffets. But…"

He looks at you with renewed determination in his eyes.

"You have to go in my stead. Even if I cannot eat there myself, someone must. You. You must do what I cannot. Go! Eat your fill and live! Just leave me! Don't waste your pity on this poor fool, you must go on for me!"


Leppa. Very energizing and good for stamina.

Oh, yes. It's hard, since these eggs belong to flying birds, but Snovy and their line savour them.

You could maybe have the parents, too.


I dramatically punch the air. "Yes! I shall conquer this feast for you. Where does it lie?"


Just a few streets down, here…

He shows you the magazine, displaying their location on a map. They have the ranger HQ marked for reference.

"Go! have no mercy!"


"I shall defeat them, have no fear."
Then march off to the meeting spot.


Just what I needed too
If I do manage to get the eggs, berries and the parents, it would be enough to replace what I lost and more…
But I can't hope to let Tina fight them on her own, too much disadvantage… Instead
"Go, Shinx!"


He gives you a salute, shedding a single tear for his lost food.

Riss and Zoe await eagerly, shaking with excitement.

"Oh boy, I'm going to have to train doubly hard after today."

"Actually, that could help you a lot! You're bulking up for a good workout!"

"Oh, right! Zoe, you into physical training too?"

"Not really, but I came across it in a magazine."


The pidgey are up on the tree, though! You need to drag them down, or have something else that can reach them. Time for Jasper to do more work?


"I know the perfect place to go, a buffet close by, barbecue. They're having a special discount."


But he's done so much already,I would feel bad to make him work more…
Well, maybe I could reward him with something
Let him out
"Hey buddy, you like bird blood?"


He's willing to try anything! Jasper licks his lips. Plus, it means more food for everyone.

"Amber, you really are a hero. Years later there will be songs about how you brought us to eat…"

"Riss, we can talk while we're there! Let's go!"

The three of you bound down the street, towards an unassuming shop, barely decorated on the outside. Inside, though, it's teeming with people.

"Hi! Buffet for three?"


I sniff the air, taking in the tasty smell of the smoked meats as we get seated.


"Yeah, three of us!"

"Alright! For two hours… normally, it's be 600P each, but today's half off! So 300 from each of you, please!"

The scent of cooking and sizzling is too much. It;s driving you wild… you need to stay lucid to pay up!


"Alright, you three come here. The plan is the following. Jasper, while you have fun with those pidgeys, try to bring them closer down so Shinx her can hit them with electric attacks. While they're distracted, me and Tina will climb the three and get the eggs and berries." stand up "Alright! You guys ready to act? All working together to guarantee our meal?"


You sure you can climb up?

Anyway, everyone nods, understanding. Jasper is ready to begin whenever.


Hah! Can I?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You'll just have to let Tina do it herself. You have very little experience with this kind of thing.


I-its better if I stayed here coaching them anyways
"Don't forget to use vine whip, Tina!"


Against weak wild Pokemon, your own team doesn't need much instruction. Jasper flies up and slaps them out of their tree, and Shinx quickly stuns them with Spark attacks. While Tina helps herself to the eggs, the Pidgey lie quivering on the forest floor from shock.

None of your Pokemon have the means to finish them clean enough for everyone to eat. You have to do this yourself.


Okay, okay, this is easy
Just grab a big enough rock to finish them off, no screw ups this time


Pay my 300p!
"This place looks great."


Didn't Viola teach you how to twist their heads?

But this works too. You quickly find one heavy enough, and slam it into the first. Then the second.

Their heads aren't pretty to look at now, but they will feed you. You've got quite a haul now.


File: 1494700402842.jpg (54.64 KB, 1000x750, o.jpg)

Look at that table! There's a cooking grille in the middle to put your stuff down. Riss and Zoe put their bags down and immediately head for the buffet. Veggies of all kinds, rice, and piles upon piles of meat…


I'm going to load up on everything
optimal plate luck

Roll #1 12 = 12




You pile on a mountain of meat! There's plenty of rice and noodles available, but that's a trap, it's going to fill your belly so you have room for nothing else. You get some fresh-smelling veggies to round it off and add some flavour, mainly corn to stick onto the hot pit too.

Don't take too much, though! You can only cook so much at a time!


Wait, Its a place you cook it yourself? What a wild world. Fun.
'1d20' cook it well

Roll #1 14 = 14


Yeah, it's a barbecue buffet. See the cooking pit?

Riss and Zoe are busy trying to figure how to fit their portions into the space that's left. You manage to maximize efficiency, though! The smell is driving you mad.


I will follow the others to make sure I do it right.


As far as your hunger-addled mind can tell! Everyone looks on impatiently until Riss finally is the first to take her strip of bacon. Seems she doesn't mind hers a little undercooked. Yours should be done in 3… 2…


Just patiently wait for it..


Looks like it's done!
You've so much more to cook, though! Remember to use different utensils to put more raw food down after you've taken out the cooked ones.


"Why is this so much work?" I complain

Roll #1 13 = 13


"It tastes better if you cook it yourself, and it saves them kitchen staff so we can eat more for less. Now come on, don't just watch me devour this!"

Before digging in, you stick down even more strips of meat. Then finally you start shovelling your work into your mouth. The grease and salt and spices are so terribly delightful.


"Dis Warse Warth Da Affert!" I declare while stuffing my face eagerly.


No one else bothers to respond beyond muffled grunts of agreement. Ah, but now you've and eaten everything before the rest is done cooking! Now you have to wait again…


"This must be the trick, to keep you from eating too much!"
I say nearly drooling as I cook another round. '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You see another hungry customer carrying a large cup of soda!

"See, that's another trick of theirs. Drink too much and you won't have the stomach for more!" Riss exclaims.

Don't be impatient! You can't fit in too many pieces at once or they'll all not turn out as good. Don't give in to the frenzy yet!


'1d20' take deep breaths and keep an eye on it. The sauce makes up for your mistakes anyway

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yes, it can.

Maybe it's because you're no longer as hungry, so that same instinct isn't guiding your grill. Still, barbecue is barnecue, and you've got enough left in the pile for another go at the grill once you've eaten this batch.


"Its only soda that makes you full right? Because of the bubbles." I reply as I get some tea. "Tea is different."


"Yeah, but don't drink just 'cus you're waiting for stuff to cook! That's how they get you!"

You grab some iced tea from the cooler. Clever!


"But Its so warm by the grill.."


"Not too much!"

Riss sips her own glass of just plain water. Are you going to eat this batch while cooking the next?


Why of course.
"How are yours turning out?" I ask Riss and Zoe, while peering at their plates.


Zoe is taking her time relaxing with her haul, while Zoe is wolfing down her share after another sucessful batch.

Hang on, the grille's gotten pretty dirty from all the grease.
The staff notice and simply lift it off the table, then replace it with a completely clean one!


"Oh, thanks." I tell them as they do, eating relatively quickly just out of habit. Thou, I will try to slow down to enjoy the tasty sauce.

Roll #1 13 = 13


The meat came as is, but have already been seasoned with nice spices. Sauces have been left for you to pick out.

The new grille cooks faster than before. Or maybe you're eating slower because you're more full, but now you have the whole batc hcooked and ready for eating. If you don't feel like having more, now is finally the time to sit back and relax and properly enjoy your lunch.


I'm sure I have room for it all.
Sip on the tea with it since its the last batch.
"This reminds me, of that commercial, you know the one with the three pigs, and they are having a party at the straw house pig's house, and the wolf comes up because he smells the smoke from the bbq." I giggle. "And he blows away the house but the grill stays lit and he feels embarrassed and leaves."


"Yeah, those Grumpigs got lucky for owning such a good barbecue! Bet the Mightyena wished he was a fire type at the moment."

"We should do this more often… and, like, call more people in."

So good…


"Something along those lines. I was when I was bringing my Frogadier around the city when we were both younger, trying to show him around. I thought maybe the street signs could help him get around on his own, and before I knew it he was recognising simple words. I guess, it really depends on how willing your own Pokemon is."

"Alright, what do you feel like for dinner?"


"Makes sense. If I make it clear it's a useful skill for them, I'm sure they'll pick it up faster."

"I'll leave that up to you, since I don't know what you have available." I say with a smile.


What a nice time


"How hungry are you? We could go for hotpot buffet. There's…"

He looks at a nearby city map.

"Plenty of good placed around…"

Memories like this are important. Ever thought of keeping some kind of adventure or travel log?

"Very. I'll have to go back, soon, though. Mistress Sinistra is gonna scold me for getting lost in the snow…"

"I think I should go too. Maybe to the Earth Shrine?"


"You think she knows you were lost?"
"Oh, a shrine would be good. I think I have to keep going north.. I was so unprepared for that cave in, I'm a little embarrassed."


"A buffet does sound nice, but I'll go wherever you recommend. This is more of your place."

"But if I can ask, preferably some place that lets us bring some food out for our Pokemon."


"You're the main reason we're not being absorbed into a Snover's roots right now, you realise?"

Riss throws her head back and laughs, trying to reassure you. But you can't keep your mind off the Arctic Ranger course available.

"Oh, right! We have a bit more time to get a bit of takeaway pokebag food. I wanna feed my new Vulpix a little."

"Oh, I know one. Strange place, it's in someone's houseboat, but it's great."

He flags down a bus and boards, beckoning you with.


"Unless you count ferries, I've never been in one. What's it like?"

Pay the toll and hop aboard.


I frown in thought about that course…
Then put my hands on the table. "What? A takeaway bag?! But I thought they didn't allow bringing food away."


"What's it like? Like.. imagine a small house living room on a boat. Except that it functions as a restaurant."

The bus stops further south, near a harbour where many boats and yachts are docked. Arthur gets off.

"You have to show your Pokemon, looks like."

Zoe reads through a brochure.

"Looks like they don't advertise it a lot. Wit hthe volume of customers today, I can see why!"


"I meant the food, dude." Hop off with him. "I understood what you meant by houseboat." Keep an eye out for it.


"Huh, specifically for pokemon…" I nod. "It makes sense, I heard there are people who want to share their entire journey with their pokemon, including dinners." I grin at the idea.
"Right, we'll show our vulpix together and pack away tasty meat for the little foxes."


File: 1495427869500.jpeg (165.8 KB, 1024x683, seattle-houseboat-1.jpeg)

"You get to choose your soup base, then you have meat sent to your table every now and then, or you can pick up other dishes. It feels very homely."

The pier isn't secure and instead floats freely on the seawater, something whcih Arthur doesn't seem to mind. It takes some getting used to as you walk across to one docked boat.

"Two pax. Two hours."

Riss is deep in thought before sending out her Sneasel.

"Look as cute as possible, okay?"


"This is cool, but part of me feels like I'll tip over randomly." Look around and take in the sights from inside. "Two hours is our time limit? Got it."


"Alright everyone, get your growlithe eyes on."
I send out Vee and hold him in my arms before leading us to the nearest staff with huge puppy eyes


"Yes, so waste no time. Magikarp broth, please."

You're led to a table to the side of the odd living room, with a small cooker in the middle. The attendant comes to place a pot of soup over, and a plate of raw meat strips.

"Alright! You can get vegetables and other things from the buffet counters, but for now I'm going to prep my share.

He begins placing them into the pot.

"Hello! Hope you enjoyed your–"

Vee puts on what you can only describe as a beautiful performance. He looks solemnly at you for a second before gazing at the waitress, then lets a rumble from his belly. He licks his lips, and gives off a subtle, pitiable whine, without once dropping his gaze. He looks like he's begging to save the life of a loved one.

"Oh! Pokebags, yeah? That's an extra 100P each, though!"


I look excited at first, and then feel a little embarrassed when I realize it was a service all along.
"Oh thanks so much, here you go." pay up.


Can't let myself fall behind! I'll look for some of the crunchy vegetables. Bok Choy and baby bok choy, some repollo, a few green onions for flavor, and only the littlest carrots.

What meats do we have?


Zoe's Snow Vulpix looks intently at Vee. It seems struck by inspiration.

"We've still got half an hour! Going to be better than train food on the way back, that's for sure."

You cook an assortment of meat for the team, picking out some herbs to go with it and fitting as much in the bag as you can. Just as you manage to seal it with as little space as possible, a bell on your table rings. Time's finally up!

Mainly beef. Some islets are used to raise special Tauros and Miltank breeds.

"Oh, and, don't eat the rice or noodles. It's a trap. You know how filling that is, right?" Arthur manages to gasp out while watching the meat stew.


"You're good. I was just thinking about them." I throw him a thumbs up after I secure my vegetables. "I'm going to try a few different cuts. That's the fun part of a buffet, besides eating it all." I'll look for the thin cuts, they'll warm up fast without taking up too much space. "Just make sure to watch what you bring."


They only serve one type of cut. You can also ask for poultry.

"Oh, I don't intend to waste any room."


I'll go with the beef first. Islet meat isn't something I have too much experience with, plus its local, so I have to try it.

Get a few cuts I know won't fill me up, then get them in the soup.


It's already on your table! Thing about these buffets is that the meat isn't left out in the open, it's served to your table when you ask.

"First time? Just dunk the meat in. Oh, you can try boiling an egg inside too."


"It's so different here…" Can you tip for good service, this is blowing me away. "Sounds like an idea. We need all the protein we can get."

Put it all in and let it warm up, offering a quick prayer before the food is ready.


File: 1495431390164.jpg (25.35 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

"There's a tip jar. It'd mean a lot to the waitress."

A replacement plate of meat is here! It's being served by a little girl.

"Wow! You guys are trainers, huh? I can't wait until I go out and adventure too!"


Make a note of it and toss in a few coins on my way out.

"It's really fun, and I've learned a lot. Want a few tips while we wait for it to cook?" I ask with a cheerful tone.


"Sorry, need to get to work! Dad's busy prepping more bowls!"

She hurries off. First batch of beef looks like it's done. Don't boil it too much, now!


"Alright, but ask if you have some time."

Time to chow down! Let's take a bite out of the all important meat!


The meat's very springy! The texture is firm at first, yet feels like it's melting in your mouth. The flavour of the borth pales in comparison.

By some luck, you managed to not break your egg in the soup! It boiled well without breaking up.



Having escaped from the Scizor out for you, You were forced to make new shelter in a small cave. You had no food whatsoever, but used the remaining strength of you and your Pokemon to hunt a pair of pidgey and their eggs.

You should haul this back to camp.


I smile down at the spoils gathered ''Good job everyone, let's head back to camp for lunch''
I will make this quick though. Have a fast meal and skeedaddle out of camp as soon as possible to look for water


File: 1496330940070.jpg (78.03 KB, 980x552, 140125202708-balut-gallery….jpg)

Fast? These are recent kills, you need to defeather the Pidgey before you can eat them. It might be faster to eat the eggs, assuming they haven't developed…

Oh, they have. This greets you as you crack open a shell.

You have enough water till the evening at the very least.


Eughhg, that is pretty gross. ''Uh, Tina you still wanna eat this?''

Defeathering is delicate work that will take a lot of time… I guess I will have to skip a meal and search for water first, then eat these pidgeys tonight


You didn't even have breakfast. This is going to tax you heavily.

Tina doesn't seem to understand the problem, and swallows one of these eggs whole. She's looking kmore energetic.

You have no idea where the nearest stream is. Maybe you can ask one of your Pokemon.


Won't be as heavy as if I lose everything to that Scizor again.

I cringe a bit. How can she just eat that thing whole like that is a little creepy for such a small cute thing like her
Snakes, man

''Jasper, can you fly high and see if there is any water nearby?''


Jasper's already worn out from helping to bring down the Pidgey, and food isn;t ready yet. He gathers what strength he has to fly up and scout, but the forest canopy makes vision very difficult.

Which of your Pokemon would know a forest?


I suppose Tina
''Sorry buddy, I guess I already asked too much of you. Get some rest now''

''Alright Tina, it's up to you now. I need to find water'' Squat down in front of her ''Do you have any clue where?''


The Servine examines the trees and plants in the soil, and heads off in a certain direction. The undergrowth gets denser as you travel, and finally within about 15 minutes you make it to the river. It seems clearer than before, you might be upstream. The current is certainly faster, too.

Remember to use a container for raw water before you filter and boil it.


I'll reward her with some nice headpats ''Ahah, clever girl''

I forget, did I had something to use as a container for this?
Since I am checking, let's make a quick look over at my inventory again


You have a long machete, two knives, two cooking tins, a large plastic container and water filters. Back at your campsite is tarp laid out and the remains of your tent, along with gathered stick and wood. Most of your other items are not available for this Trial.

You can use the container to carry water, and filter it by pouring onto the cooking tin to boil.


Oh yeah, and a bottle for water, of course. And basic eating utensils.


Ah yes, at least my tools are here
Let's gather and clean some water then
I wonder if Nadia would like to swim a little too


You can try and get as little residue as possible by carefully filling your containers and using the filter. In the meantime, you let Nadia swim for a while.


Roll #1 17 = 17


She manages to chase down an injured Magikap, probably weakened from barely escaping an attack from other Carvanha. Come to think of it, this IS one of a Carvanha's native habitats. Tropical ungle rivers.

She carefully drags over the Magikarp to you. Dinner might already be settled.


''Aww, you brought that for me? Are you sure you don't wanna have it for yourself?''


One thing Nadia's learned from you is the division of work. And right now, she knows that the rest of your team and you need food more than she does. She'll eat her share when it's cooked. She tries to communicate this the best a somewhat social fish can, through friendly gestures which your background gives the skills to read.

How nice. You should get back now.


''You're too good for me, Nadia'' I gently give her some caressing before recalling her
With plenty of food and water, It's time to head back and prepare all this, I'm starting to feel weak from the hunger already


You can barely drag it back to camp. Roll for luck and strength.



Roll #1 5 = 5


You barely have the strength to move it yourself. You support it on Shinx's back, while Tina helps hold it there. This also means they have to eat more.

You did leave Jasper behind to guard food, right?


I did not
Let's bolt back to camp


You can't, not with trying to balance a heavy container of water. Best you can do is send Jasper ahead. Luckily, by the time you arrive, you see Jasper chasing off some smaller Pokemon into the underbrush.

As long as nothing goes wrong, you might be set. You just have to last till tomorrow morning.


Thank you Jasper
Now let's hurry to make a great meal for me and my pokemon, with all the food we gathered, this should be enough to make sure we are all in good condition for the battle tomorrow
It'll be a bit of work preparing the food and water though


File: 1496337673973.jpg (50.97 KB, 800x500, purify-water-in-the-wilder….jpg)

The hunger drives you as you prepare the pidgey, skewer them on sticks and begin roasting them. Then you slowly prepare your water, filtering it as you pour it onto the cooking tin to cook.

It's really quite peaceful. Afternoon is setting in, and soon the sun will turn orange. You'll get to eat soon.


Even with this nice atmosphere, I can't even relax for one second, as I constantly look around me and my mind is set on worry because of that Scizor


Good work. Still, the atmosphere is very nice. Don't forget to prepare your magikarp, too.

For now, the pidgeys are done roasting. Everyone looks on hungrily.


Let's share them among everyone while I prepare the magikarp
I still have those berries right?


Yeah. You have some leftover for breakfast tomorrow, then. You really should have eaten those before going out for water.

Before long, it's been scaled and is roasting too. Your Pokemon get their share and dig into the pidgey flesh.

Now's a good time to relax until nightfall…


I will relax after the meal for just a bit, maybe 30 minutes while I review the map and put some notes
after that I will undo the camp and move it somewhere else though


You remember a spot near the river that provided you with a good vantage point. But what about your tent? It can't protect you.

This site hasn't shown any sign of danger, so it might be safe. Just one more night.


Let's try to recall. How many days have I stayed in that first camp? I need to know how much time it took for the Scizor to find and attack it


It took over a day. You arrived here in the midst of last night, you're still safe.

The orange sunset light is falling. You have enouhg food and water.

Seems like you're set.


I can only hope so
But just to be absolutely sure, I will set up a trap to make noise in case the scizor or any other pokemon tries messing with the tent


You set up a simple barrier, like what Viola taught you.

What would she say if she saw you over the last few days?

You can play with your Pokemon a bit more while you have your dinner. Night is falling.


Instead of playing, I will check up on all of them to see if they are alright, are feeling any pain anywhere and ask each of them if they are ready for battle tomorrow


Come to think of it, Misdreavus was barely called out. When you bring her out of the ball, she's sleepy. Seems like she's barely noticed anything happening for the past few days.

The rest of your party have eaten enough, everyone's put together their effort to make sure resources were sufficient. Luckily you didn't make anyonr try to fight the Scizor.


Distribute your spare stat points.


Is Misdreavous hungry? I have to give her some more attention too, don't want anyone feeling like they're falling behind the team


File: 1496341199879.jpg (651.28 KB, 1000x667, milky_way_pictures-6.jpg)

To the best of your ability to judge. she's just fine. Ghost Pokemon are strange. Seems like she's been napping for most of your trial. Poke balls slowing the metabolism of Pokemon kept for long also helps them last.

You're getting sleepy. You look upwards.

It's a nice way to end it, isn't it?


Well She'll get plenty of exercise tomorrow I hope, because I might need everyone's help for the trial battle

The gorgeous sight is very calming though, it makes me think about my place in the world
'1d10' ZZZ

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's rather peaceful in the cave. For the first time, you don't remember your dream.

When you wake, the cave floor is damp. Seems like there was some light rain last night.

There are still berries to eat for breakfast.


Time for a quick breakfast before packing up camp again.


The moment you craw out, you hear the buzzing of a Yanmega start up and grow distant. You only briefly catch sight of a tree rustling.

You can't wait until you can eat proper food again, can you?


Oh absolutely yes!


"Seems like you've had a rough time, huh?"

The old ranger who brought you here approaches from the woods. He is decorated by a distinctive rank you've never seen on any other ranger.

"You're not out of the woods yet. Ready?"


I put a hand on my neck, rubbing the soreness ''Best Worst three days of my life''

I take a few steps foward, nodding


You are challenged by the Ranger Chief! Years of experience are clear on his wizend face, as he draw a Pokeball out of his pouch, seamlessly integrated into his uniform.

an Ariados emerges!


Irk, that's a crepy pokemon
''Go, Jasper!''


You decide to start strong, sending out Jasper right away. He flies up, screeching distinctively.

"Starting out strong? I hope you have the stamina to last."

Use a move.


''All of my pokemon are strong!''
''Jasper, use wing attack!''
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1, 7 + 10 = 18


Jasper dives right in! He slaps the Ariados with his wings and superior speed, knocking it off balance. The Ariados's mouth clicks fro mthe force, but then spits out thread immediately.

A spider web binds Jasper to the area! He won't be able to even fly far.

"Not against bugs, that's for sure. But I think I'll have to start strong too."


''Well, maybe, but Type advantages don't guarantee a victory! Use Bite, Jasper!''
'2d6+8' +16

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 4, 3 + 8 = 15


Jasper dives again, but instead of sinking his fangs into the spider, a fmilliar foe greets you.

The Scizor, carapace battered from innumerable battles emerges. Jasper's teeth can barely crack its iron hide, as it stares both of you down.


''Ah, crap, Jasper pull back! use confuse ray!''


The Scizor darts in a surprising burst of speed, and quickly does a series of Bullet Punches! Luckily, Jasper is fast enough to fuck and dodge all of them! He emits an odd wave of light, and the Scizor becoems disoriented.


''Good job! Use wing attack again, now!''
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5, 7 + 10 = 22


But now it is Jasper's attack that fails. Jasper tries to slap the Scizor with his wings again, but the armor where he tried to attack is too thick! Jasper's strike glances off… The retaliation from the Scizor does not come, as it stumbles and hits itself in confusion.


This isn't good
Jasper quick, hit him in the elbows!, use wing attack again!''
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 10 = 13


This time you manage to hit, but only for slightly more. And lucky you, the Scizor is still too dazed to make a move!


''Aah, this isn't going to work, Jasper, return''

Maybe Misdreavous will do the trick here


Misdreavus finally gets some action! The Scizor is stiil stuck in a daze, trying to keep its composure for battle.


''It's your chance misdreavus! use psywave!''

Roll #1 4 = 4


The Scizor, dazed, finally comes to its senses, and thrusts its claw into her! Her ghostly body is dented and she yelps, but this fuels her attack. The Psywave massively damages the Scizor through its hide!

It looks tired, but is also consdering how to proceed.


ack this was risky. Bug moves are effective against ghosts, even worse with a scizor this strong
Best way to go is keep using his own strenght against him
''Now Misdreavus, use confuse ray!''


>Bug moves are effective against ghosts

Are you sure?

The Scizor gets in the first hit, with another flurry of punches. Misdreavus cries out again, her health is getting low. She does get off the confuse ray, though!

HP: 8/57


You're at your first gym! The electric gym, which seems to be some kind of massive film studio in one of the most luxurious buildings in Binestrone City.

As part of the gym challenge, you're going to have to act out… something to an audience of electric Pokemon. You were led into a dressing room, and you've got a large array of props and costumes for you to use. The note on your mirror says 'A show about you'.

The dressing room leads directly out onto a stage. From here you see a bunch of Pikachu in the front row trying to fry berries with electricity while they wait.


Or was it Dark types? I forget
but shoot, do I push my luck here and let her stay a turn?

''Rrrg, Misdreavous! I know you can take him down! Go and use Hex, Full power! Finish him off!''
'2d10+10' +24

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 9, 2 + 10 = 21


Either way, it's getting incredibly weak, but it has enough strengh to punch Misdreavus, bringing her down.

Misdreavus hp: 0/57


But how am I even going to show them what I'm all about, when I've only just begun my journey!

Guess all that counts is what I want to achieve, for now…
Call my mons out of their balls and line them up to attention!
"Gals, boys, we have a problem!"


Pentium stands at the head of the assembly by your side, while Squirtle and Sandile look on.

You know, all you really know about them is where they came from. What about you?
What shaped you into who you are today, as a daughter of the Forge city, Fabiorge?


The iron resolve to get out of those steel factories before they choked me down like they did my sisters!
Happy to stay there, and work and train between those iron walls for now and ever.
I want see the rest of the world instead!
This is the one trip I have to show my family I can make something of myself out of Fabiorge, so I don't have to screw up!
That's what I am! A very anxious girl who's been trying to hide my worry behind a very strong attitude!


You sure are in touch with that side of yours. Now, how to present it to that audience? There are a ton of props around, though they look worn and used, like back at school.

How to present your home and the effect it had on you?
How to show the light of ADVENTURE?


I need a box. A box barely big enough to hold in myself and Pentium.
Or perhaps a fake skyline to hide behind.
And a whole lot of wilderness props.


Leaned on one of the walls are a series of backdrops! They look like they were painted in kindergarten. There's one of s city skyline. There are some pompoms you could maybe use as bushes? You could also drag another wilderness backdrop onto the stage!

Plenty of cardboard boxes too, so there's one your size.


I sigh ''I'm sorry misdreavous, I took too many risks at your expense'' recall her
''You did great still, thank you''

''It's up to you Nadia!''


Nadia comes out! Her teeth look vicious, hopefully she can pierce into the Scizor's hide.


"Okay here's what we will be doing…"
Take the skyline backdrop and set it up so it's just slightly removed from the wall.
"Me and you-" Poke Pentium with a finger.
"Are gonna sit behind that, narrating how bad things were for us behind those four walls!
Once we finally do come out the rest of you-"
Turn to Sandile and Squirtle.
"-will jump out, one at a time, from the edges of the set, to show how we met once we were finally out of there!"

This would work best as a musical, if only I wasn't a teen but an actually trained actor instead!


''Alright Nadia, I know you can take this Scizor on, go on and use Aqua jet, Full speed!''
'2d6+8' +24

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 8 = 13


Are you really interested? On your way up here, you saw acting classes being carried out and even movies being filmed. How does a life like that sound?

Pentium floats along and pushes the skyline backdrop into place, though you get the feeling you're doing most of the work. With enough gesturing, Squirtle and Sandile stand behind the backdrop.

Any other setup?

Nadia charges! All that armor weighs down the Scizor, and it cannot react fast enough. Seems like this is the last blow, as the Scizor finally crumbles, falling onto its knees.

You get the feeling that it's not used its full strength. It's probably holding back for your level.

The Ranger Chief looks like he's consdering something.

"Strategic, using confusion. Good. You should use everything at your disposal. Everything. Still, I can't help but feel like you haven't been tested enough…"


"Oh, I'll ask for your opinion. Cello, you can face the rest of the team I prepared… or, if you like, you can keep facing my Scizor instead. It will only be my Scizor, using more of his strength. Interested?

The Range Chief is making you an offer…


It sounds way too stationary.

Also, yes.
Is there something like… A roadblock, a fence, anything which could stop movements? Even orange traffic cones would do!


''Well that scizor was too tough for most of my attacks, I had to!''
''So he really wasn't at full power… Alright, I'll accept it! I will get back at your scizor for eating my food and destroying my tents, he really gave me a run for my life in these last few days of the challenge''


"Oh! Hohoho.. very well, then. I expect you to put up a fight."

The Scizor suddenly stands up and brushes itself off. It breathes deep, and reveals it has much more strength left.

You face an enemy Scizor!

Of course! Plenty of cones at least.


I just hope I didn't make a terrible horrible decision that will doom my chances of getting the badge

''Nadia, Scary face!''


Okay so place them almost before the foreground of the stage. Three of them, in a straight horizontal line.
"Okay guys, here's what we'll do!
After meeting up we will walk up to this and each one of you will use his signature attack on one of the cones to clear the way!
Pentium, you take the middle one!
Sandile, right one! Squirtle, left one!
But be careful not to be too forceful!"


Did you really think the Scizor was THAT slow?
Luckily, Nadia's speed boost kept her speed up, and she manages to outpace it to leer at it. It's becoems more cautious, but it doesn't let up on its attack.

It tries to slice through Nadia with an X-Scissor! It just barely misses, but the force behind that attack.. Nadia only has one hit before she's down.

You'll maybe need to give them the instructions as they come, but they have a rudimentary understanding, you think. Pentium's prescence seems to help them understand the plan better. Is this the power of psychic Pokemon?


Sweet mother of mine that thing is powerful

''Nadia don't give up! Bite down into him and show what him what you're made of!''
'2d8+10' +24

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 10 = 12


Totally want to investigate that! When the time comes.
"I think we are ready! Go hide, guys!"
Me and Pentium will walk behind the skyline.


Nadia's bite barely manages to dent its armor! Her teeth hit at a bad angle and can't even land a scratch. At least her position is awkward for it too, and it can't properly hit her with a X-Scissor.

They each waddle behind the edges of the stage, awaiting your signal. Is it go time?


It is.


Oh, that worked well in the end!
''Alright Nadia, Now bite again! go for it's weak arms!''
'2d8+10' +24

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8, 1 + 10 = 19


You pull the a nearby switch to turn on the stage lights. The Pokemon in the audience, some sleeping, some snacking and a pair of Pikachu seemingly… 'preferring to play with each other' all sit up rapt with attention.

Just barely, she makes the attack. Her strong teth manage to sneak into a joint, and the Scizor grunts.

That's the last thing Nadia hurts. Its swings its pincers…

A spurt of blood flies as its claw sinks into Nadia, finding the perfect spot with which to sever her skin. Instantly, she lies on the ground, bleeding from her wound. It's not as serious as it could have been, and she'll be fine as long as she stays in her Poke ball, but this is a sign of how serious this fight has gotten.


Well that puts a blush on my face. But ignore it quick!
Clear my voice.
Grab Pentium.
"Oh Pentium, my oldest friend. Why must we be locked behind the steel walls of our youth?
The outside beckons, is following the steps of our fathers truly what we should aspire to?"
Rest my arms on the skyline's cutout, staring dreamily into the audience.
"No I say!"
And swiftly my longing gaze turns to determination as I pump my fist and look at Pentium.
"Will you come with me, to explore the unknown?"


I freeze for a moment, rushing to her side with her ball in hands to recall her
''Ah Nadia…'' put her back in the ball and go back to my place

''…Maybe I wasn't ready for such a challenge yet, your scizor really is much stronger than any of my pokemon''

Send out Shinx
''But he can't stronger than all of them together''


"In nature, many weaker creatures survive by combining their strength. I am sure you learned to do this while you were here. Show me."

Shinx comes out, purring and glowing.

What tension in the air!
Pentium looks around, doing its best to display a sense of wonder with its one eye. It floats slowly to you, and touches your hand with is claw.

The allegiance is forged!


Then, push down the skyline cutout!
And with a smile, begin wandering through the stage.
"But here, will the two of us be enough?"
I stop by the orange cones.
How ever will we pass this? We are not strong enough!
If only we had more friends with us…"
Look around. This is the cue for Sandile and Squirtle!


Uh… oh, right!

Squirtle shoots down one cone with his water gun, and Sandile takes down the other by blowing a sand tomb onto it. What strength! They try their best to walk majestically to you, and manage to not waddle as usual.

A Pichu in the front row looks seriously, utterly blown away.


Bow down for the audience!
"And this, was me. This, was us. On the road together, as friends."


Bravo! A Plusle and Minun pair in the front cheer and the whole audience follows. Sparks fly in the air, and some device detects it. The whole mini auditorium lights up!

You can hear a door open backstage.


"We made it!"
Jump up around in excitement, hugging my mons.
As I stop, turn to them with a wide smile.
"This is gonna be it guys. The first real test. Gimme your paws and claws!"
Extend my hand to them.


First to Pentium,s metal claw, then to Squirtle's flipper, then to Sandile's foreleg. Pentium share your excitement, you can feel it, and it's slowly infecting the rest too. Team hand… limbshake!


Off I go, into the open door.


File: 1496427450391.jpg (119.23 KB, 640x814, 0*zgrorzC-XjYbyNXJ.jpg)

You find that gym leader standing by the door, waiting to greet you. He's a well-suited man, finely dressed and groomed, the kind to look like he lived a life of lucury starring in movies. Juding by what this gym is, that's probably exactly what he does too.

"Leila! You really kept me waiting, young lady. Not a bad Trial for your first gym, eh? I know I barely had any idea why I wanted to leave when Iw as your age."

He looks nostalgic, before leading you to a big arena. So THIS is a gym's battleground! The spectator stands are… sadly, empty, of people, but that enamored Pichu seems to have followed. And it's brought along a curious Eevee to watch.

"So, ready for the big event?"


"After having to set that whole show up? This is the easy part in comparison!"
Smirk at him, and give the two Mons on the stands fingerguns and a smile.
"Any special rules for the fight?"


"Do your best and don't hold back. That's all I need from you."

He draws a Poke ball from a suit, just like in those spy movies! He tosses it, releasing his first Pokemon. A Magnemite! A steel type, just like Pentium.

The Pichu keeps cheering when it sees that awesome gesture from you, and the Eeevee looks amazed.


"Pentium, I choose you!"
Point with steely determination at the battleground!


Pentium faces down its fellow steel type! It might not have a good advantage here, though.

"Let's go! Make your opening move!


"Pentium! Iron defense!"
I'm testing the waters, not going for the killing blow just yet. And Pentium is the best mon for the occasion.


Pentium's armor gleams, powering up!

"Begin! Thundershock!"

The armor does no good against the Special Attack! Pentium shivers from the shock.

HP: 40/52


I knew it!
"That's good enough Pentium, come back!
Sandile, you're up!"


"You are more than just one Pokemon, young trainer! You are– oh, so you already know."

Pentium leaps back and you send forth the sand gator, who stares blankly as the electric current passes right through her body and into the ground.


"I was counting on the surprise factor with my Sandile, but it's just wrong to ask my friends to fight a losing battle!
Sandile! Go! Sand Tomb!"
[1d20][2d8+8] what does the +10 after 2d8+8 next to Sand Tomb means?

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4, 1 + 8 = 13


Sandile's attack stat

A firece hit! And the Magnemite cannot escape now, even if it wanted to! Sand gets into the gaps on its body, distressing it and interfering with its levitation. It pulls itself together and launches a ball of metal at Sandile, a Magnet Bomb!

She has no way to dodge, and it smakcs her right out the snout.

HP: 31/51


"Sandile! Use Leer!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sandile stares the magnet down. Its guard is distracted, frightened. It tries to let loose a Supersonic, but Sandile disrupts it by kicking up a dust cloud!


"Very good job sandile!
Now, Bite him!"
Surely this is not a bad idea at all.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 7 + 20 = 32


Bite is a Dark attack, which causes the user to find ways to circumvent conventional defenses, like steel armor. And Sandile does just that, sinking her fangs around the screw on the Magnemite's head! The poor Magnemite has had enough, the eye in the middle signalling defeat as it falls to the floor.

"Not a bad strategy! But now I'll need you to do something different!

The Magnemite is recalled, and in its place, a Flaafy!

"This might be tough. Your last obstacle! Give it everything!"


"Sandile! Leer!"

Roll #1 13 = 13


Sandile stares down the fluffy sheep, and it also looks like its guard is disrupted, its stance breaking. Then suddenly, the fluffy thing charges in a Take Down! Even Sandile is caught by surprise, her stoic face showing fright as the ball of wool dives into her. It hurts, and Sandile is on her last legs…

6/51 45 HP


Can I use potions on her? Do I even have potions?


You have some… but you can't use it in an official battle! But don't worry, this is his last Pokemon, it seems.

Do your best.


"Sandile. You trust me?"
Strike a pose.
"This battle will be over. In two turns.
Sandile! Sand-attack!"

Roll #1 11 = 11


You catch sight of the spectators. Now the Eevee is wrapped up in the mood, its mouth is wide open!

Sandile kicks sand into the Flaaffy, soiling its precious wool, and also disrupting its vision. The Flaafy dives in for another wooly ball of death, but hits the ground instead! Unfortunately, its wool protects it from any impact.


That's okay. He's gonna be blinded just a little while more, which is all we need.
"Now, finish him! Sand Tomb!

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 18 = 24


Sandile's Sand Tomb is clumsy, but it manages to catch the stumbling Flaaffy! That poor sheep's wool is going to get even dirtier, and its not happy. Judging from the direction the sand cloud calme from, it rushes, and…

Ah! Sandile is caught, and stomped into the ground like a sandile by an indignant fluffball.

Sandile is knocked out.


Be there to take him into my arms as he's bounced back, face full of worry.
I gasp and caress him.
"It's okay Sandile. You did so much more than I should have asked…
Now rest."
Back into her ball.
"Pentium. I choose you! Time to end this!

Roll #1 2, 2 + 28 = 32


Fuck wait, accuracy roll.

Roll #1 13 = 13


Did you just misgender her?

The Flaafy's guard is dropped from the leer earlier, and Pentium is out for blood and vengeance! Pentium charges in, its hard body ready to strike, and scores!

A big hit! Pentium strikes into the Flaaffy's tummy where no fluff protects, but is looking pretty woozy from committing so much.

The Flaafy, panting, manages to remember to fire a bolt of electricity and Pentium. Pentium resists, but is brought very nearly down. The two fighters staredown one another.

Now or never!

Pentium: 12/52


"Make this our first big victory together!

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 28 = 34


The Flaafy is not so easily defeated yet! All it has to do is make Pentium fall! It launches am electric bolt, trying to find its mark…

But Sandile's sand makes it miss the mark. Pentium winces as a stray spark touches it as it flies through the air, drawn to the electric charge on the Flaffy…


Pentium slams. The Flaffy stumbles, coughing and probably bleating curses, before finall falling. Pentium gave everything this fight, and barely makes it out!



Rush to its side and grab it in my arms, cradling him with a happy smile.
"We made it. You made it!"


"Yes, you did. I, Faron of Binestrone, confer upon you the Pulsing Badge."

He has called out another Pokemon, a mighty Ampharos, and pulls something out of a pouch. The Ampharos holds it and runs an electric current through. It's about to pass it back, but the poor defeated Flaafy looks dejected. It perks up when its allowed to shock the badge for a bit too, though.

Faron holds out the badge, an emblem of four bolts emerging from a charged core.

Pentium, tired beyond anything it could have imagined signals great joy, though your eyes catch nothing of this.


I stand tall and proud as the pokemons zap it, smile all too wide on my face already.
"It was an honor fighting against you, Faron, Flaaffy."
And bow to them before taking the badge.
Do I even have a badge case?!


No! You could fix that… but most people don't need badge cases. You can leave them in your bag, or put them in something more special. But it'd be a shame to get a badge case when you're probbaly going to go home after three badges or so anyway, like most people.

Are you most people?

Obtained the Pulsing Badge! It feels like its vibrating in your hands…

"I hope you learned something while you were here! Communicating with your Pokemon requires first that you communicate with yourself. Many people never understand that. It took me quite a while, myself. Good first challenge, isn't it?"


I'm just gonna wear it on my dress for now!
With a happy smile, I nod.
"I'm glad they listened to me, too. Thanks for making me admit my reason for travelling, Faron."
Go back to Pentium and pet him.
Gotta go back to a pokemon center and heal Sandile up!


You part ways with Faron, heading out of the fancy skyscraper and leaving behind the taste of high society life. Marble-coated walls and desks give way to a busy street you cross to reach the Pokemon Center, just opposite.

"Wow, your Pokemon look tired!" The attendant says, as she takes your Pokeballs and puts them under diagnostics. "You look happy, though!"


I smile.
"We faced our first gym together today! They were amazing~ Please, get them back to me quickly, we have to celebrate!"


"Your Beldum's a tough one! Sturdy, huh? It can take a ton of hits without worrying. Hmm.. it looks REALLY hungry though, I think it needs lots of metal."

She smiles.

"Something good might happen soon if you let it eat a lot! Maybe you can bring it to a scrapyard?"

"Your sandile took a beating, but she'll be fine by tomorrow morning as long as you let her rest."

She returns everyone's balls to you.

"Good luck on the road, young trainer!"


"Thank you miss!"
A scrapyard, uh?
I should go by the map here in the pokecenter and look for one.


Near the train station! Scrap is transported back home to Fabiorge for recyling, so for convenince the scrapyard is nearby. You'll need to take a bus. And hurry, they might close soon.

Local maps are free!


Hop and run!
But before leaving the pkmn center buy food and treats for Sandile and Squirtle.

Also how much dosh do I have?


2250P, which is plenty to sustain you. But if you're interested, trainers can take up jobs like being a courier. There are also wager battles, if you're very confident in your skills.

A pack of general treats will set you back 100.


I can afford that. And buy dinner for myself too, duh.
Then, off to the scrapyard. I have my camping equipment, right?


A MRE sets you back 100 for a 3-pack, 50 for one. One's enough as a single meal! Though you might have to get lucky with the taste.

Or you wanna order takeaway from a restaurant? Or fast food? More expensive, but this is a time to celebrate, no?

You have all your camping gear neatly packed, but it might be hard to camp in a scrapyard.


I will buy the first takeout I find on the way to the tram station. This is time to celebrate after all!


File: 1496511191574.jpg (212.14 KB, 1300x863, 23145376-falafel-pita-brea….jpg)

You get yourself some crispy Pidgey wraps! A whole meal in a single, delicious tube, a common staple of the Fire Plains. The stall ownever, seeing your new badge, even throws in an extra! You can feel Sandile nudging her ball.

The tram takes you to practically outside the city! In front if you is a vast field of scrap metal, waste left by civic residents who want to see their metal put to good use. It's not very high quality, but Pentium emerges from its ball all of a sudden, drawn to it by some compulsion.


"Go to town little friend. You earned it."
Let Sandile and Squirtle out as well and start setting a tent up.
"Let's see what I have for you two…"
Share the extra with Sandile.
"This is because you are sick and need to heal. Great job out there today!"
Then lay inside my tent, scratching Squirtle's head as I feed him, occasionally slipping him a treat.
Watch Pentium eat to his heart's content in the meanwhile.


Pentium is taken by a trance of some kind. It doesn't stop for a bit. The sun is setting, you may be here for a while.

It's unusually hot… a Pokemon is approaching Pentium, but it's not responding! A Heatmor! You've heard stories about how they hunt Durant by cooking them within their iron shells. This one might have an appetite for something different. Pentium is helpless!

A wild Heatmor appeared!


Oh noes! Gasp and point at it!
Help Pentium!
Water Gun on the Heatmor!"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 16 = 23


You still have spare stat points to distribute

The Heatmore, greedily rubbing its hands and prepared to blow flame onto Pentium, is repelled briefly by the water gun! It stumbles, looking angry.

Pentium needs protection, and Squirtle will step up!


But I know nothing about the system

"Burst him down! Bubble!"

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 16 = 21


Just male sure the final stats are in the same order of greatness as the base stats. I'll do it for you.

The Heatmor leaps first at the turtle threatening its meal. I shots a burst of flame at Squirtle, but his wet skin easily protects him! He takes the chance to aim a cloud of bubles that burst at the Heatmor's feet, knocking it off balance! It looks like won't be able to react as fast.


"He's still up!?
Squirtle keep the pressure up!
Water Gun!"

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 16 = 27


Not for long! Though the Heatmor tries instead to bite at Squirtle, he expertly uses his shell to deflect the attack. Squirtle takes aim, and within a split second, his the mark! The Heatmor's face is soaked.

Finally giving up, it whimpers and scampers away. Pentium's.. alright? He's eatn his way into a mountain of scrap, and you can't see him.

But he's definitely there, and feels strong. You're not sure how you know.


Pat Squirtle's head and toss him a treat.
"Good job…"
But swiftly my worries turn to Pentium.
"Pentium? Are you okay? Where are you…?"
Try to look into the hole left by his passing.


File: 1496514548860.png (259.79 KB, 1000x798, metang_by_0ptimistic_pessi….png)

It's fine, that much you know. Pentium's claw suddenly punches its way out to meet you. You can see its eye. And… another claw? Another eye?

Suddenly, it breaks loose, and does what it has been longing to do. The Metang's iron claws hold you in a quick embrace.

Congratulations! Your Beldum has evolved into Metang!


I gasp and hung him back, starting to spin around in joy as I hold him in my arms.
"Pentium! You grew up so much! It's amazing!"

Gonna mark this day on my calendar.


"Oh man, I've got to come back here again." I say after I swallowed the meat.

Let's go for that egg, let's see how it came out.


It absorbed the soy sauce in the soup, adding to its flavour. The yolk and white and perfectly seperated, left intact by your skillful handling. You enjoy the richness and cleansing flavour respectively.

"Getting full? Ah, I should have paced myself better."


"Yeah, but I don't think I could've stopped myself at any point. This stuff is real good. It's a good broth, it goes great with the sauce and everything. I should try and replicate it when I get back. Don't tell you're done?" I respond with a smirk.


"We had a lot of meat… fine, I'm getting another plate. Excuse me!"

Arthur calls for the little waitress again, and you have yet another plate of beef strips in front of you.

"Best part is, these leave you full only AFTER you're eating, not before."


"Oh? Well, I guess I should finish my plate before we head out then." Finish up the bowl I have, then make sure to drop a tip in the jar.


Arthur gobbles down whatever strips you leave untouched, then leaves with you, stopping also to tip the future trainer.

"Alright, we ate a lot, but how about drinks? You want anything while we hang out?"

There's a supermarket you could stop by.


"I'll try out any local stuff there is. Who knows when me and my 'Mons will get a chance to come back."


"Local stuff? Got just the thing."

Both of you pop into the supermarket, and Arthur heads straight for the alcohol, picking up a pack of 'Blue Maiden' brew. The rest of the supermarket is rather different from home, price for the usual fruits and cereal are higher, but prices for fish are staggeringly low.

"Classic over here, serves everyone from a lone drunkard to high society dinner parties. Good enough?"


"Maybe I'll get my Pokemon some fish from here."

"Sure, I'm willing to give it a try, though I don't know if that sold me on it or made me question it a bit. Do you take it cold or warm?"


"Why would you drink anything hot in this weather? Well, I guess sake does well warm…"

They charge a little extra to buy it refridgerated.

"Incidentally, I forgot to tell you I took your leftover bag from where we ate, we can treat our Pokemon."


"Thanks. I'm sure they'll appreciate it."

"I'll have to leave that up to you. I was basically locked up studying for exams or doing them, so this stuff that sounds so basic to you is pretty eye opening to me. So we'll head to your house to make sure these are chilled?"


File: 1496558534930.jpg (25.88 KB, 320x231, 59c01d999d6dbe1fd44a92cd7b….jpg)

"Yeah, we're done."

Both of you board the bus that conveniently stopped outside, feeling sluggish like never before. You're on the bus for much longer than you thought, with how close everything was to each other in the city. Finally, on some neighbourhood near the coast, Arthur gets off. On a beahc are a row or raised houses.

"The one over there, that's where we're going. Some times of the year the tide gets high enough to fish off it.


It's near the year's end. If you were in the North, you'd could see snowfall.

Pentium finally has arms now, just like you! An image of Pentium dressed in the same clothes as you crosses your mind, all pretty. Or rather, is planted into your mind.

It's hard to keep calling Pentium 'it' forever, and the first partner pokemon of a trainer is often drawn to them because of similarities in some way. It's only natural Pentium would want to be like you. It might be happier if you identified it more personally. 'Her', rather?


>"In nature, many weaker creatures survive by combining their strength. I am sure you learned to do this while you were here. Show me."

>Shinx comes out, purring and glowing.

Nadia is out of comission.


''Alright Shinx, we're all counting on you, show me what you can do! Go, thunder wave!''


The silly thing!
Of course I can call Pentium a she if she likes that!
I chuckle back into the hug.
"We can get you a dress if you'd like, silly girl."
Pet her through the hug. It might be time to rest, now.


Shinx roars suddenly, despite her cute looks! This even startles.. intmidates the Scizor, and its attacking form falters. Despite that, it delivers a mighty punch to Shinx, knocking the wind out of her lungs and leaving a visible bruise!

This contact is enough for Shinx to charge a strong thunder wave and sent it through the Scizor, and it finds itself incredibly slow.

Shinx's HP: 24 / 64 57


Wait, you really wanted to camp here? In a junkyard? Aren't you a strange girl! More Pokemon might be hungry while you're asleep.


Good grief this scizor
''Hang in there Shinx! Use baby-doll eyes!''


Well I mean, the whole place looks a lot like home!
And on top of that, it'd be nice training!
And it's probably too late to go back into town, is it?


Just before the Scizor's next strike lands, Shinx makes a show of pleading with her cute eyes! You see strength noticably leave its claws, but even what remains is more than enough to send her tumbling on the ground and defeated.

Shinx has fainted!

A late bus is still running. It's up to you. You made a good show of strength earlier, so stray Pokemon might be scared off. Speaking of which, Squirtle's still out of his ball, eying the leftovers hungrily.


Of course he's out of his ball. I wouldn't constrict my mons like that when it's not needed!
We can all just camp out here till morning. All piled up in my tent!


For some reason, you feel really happy at the thought of Pentium wearing ribbons and made all pretty. Or is it Pentium herself feeling happy? Psychic Pokemon are strange.

Most Pokemon are perfectly fine with being in their Pokeballs, it's actually comfy and it helps slow their metabolism, so this can be valuable if you're really stuck somewhere you have to survive in. In fact, Sandile pops right back in herself, but Squirtle stays out. He makes a show of being a sentry for you… in exchange for the leftovers.


"Good boie. Wake us up if you see anything, uh?"
And then, we sleep.


I sigh ''At least she's not terribly hurt. Shinx return, you did your best and I couldn't ask more from you, thanks''
I take a second to breathe ''I'm not finished yet, mister gym leader sir''
''Tina, go!''


Roll for dreams.

Resting is also when you can rearrnage your Pokemon's moves. They can only memorise four at a time to use in the heat of battle, which are the first four moves in their sheet. These can be dragged around.

Upon evolution, your Pokemon's stats are reset, and you can redistribute the, You may do so now for Pentium.

Tina, her proud Servine face facing up, emerges. She does her best to stare down the Scizor.


Working on that sheet.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The exhaustion has finally got to you. That and your mind keeps being pulled into a strange direction. Every time you're about to see a scene, you get pulled into a different one. The first is of your image of home, but then it cuts to an image of the rocky plains outside your hometown. Hey, isn't that where Pentium came from?

When you wake, you find a fluffy tail covering your face. It belongs to none other than… Squirtle? Or Wartortle, rather! His ears twitch once you wake up, as he gives you a thumbs up sign before finally sinking and collapsing.


''Alright Tina, I have complete faith in you, your oponent is weakened, you can do this! Use grass pledge!''
'3d8+10' +18

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 3, 6, 4 + 10 = 23


I gasp, but quietly, and let him fall asleep between gentle pets. Once he finally goes unconscious I'll recall him inside the ball and crawl up from my bed, rubbing the flat side of Pentium's newfound head as to tell him it's time to go.
"Up up and away, sun's shining!"
Stretch and pack up. Now, where should I go next…


This is a lie, and you know it. Scizor's bug and steel attributes make Tina's effrots nigh useless. Indeed , the powerful attack she conjures almost completely whiffs against its armor. Tina knows this too, but has faith that after she falls, Jasper will finish this.

Luckily, she can stall for longer after dodging the Scizor's almost lazy punch.


He's a lot nicer to pet than before, too!

It might be worth going to the Pokemon Center again to get them checked up. Sandile seems eager to go back to town, too, as she keeps staring towards… specifically, the gym building barely visible from here. Huh.


I bite my finger with the tension of this battle
''Now use Leer!''


Right that seems like the smartest thing to do. Drop by the pkmn center and tell them my mons evolved during the night!


She stares down the Scizor, despite the massive power difference. The Servine line are known for their pride, and even if her body falls, she will not let her spirit falter.

The Scizor barely manages to break out of its paralysis, still affected, and punches at Tina with a Brick Break! She holds, just barely managing to deflect the blow so she's hit somewhere safer.

Tina's HP: 37/62


That Pokemon Center next to the gym is always open! Sandile, however, comes out of her ball, staring at the billboards next to the building. They're showing new and upcoming stars and movies. One of them is an impressive Krookodile!

She seems reluctant to follow you into the Pokemon centre, but waddles in with you at the last moment.

She's looking as sombre as a croc can be.


Oof, even despite all that, this scizor is still hitting strong
''Hit him with Mega Drain!''
2d6+8' +18


Crouch down to her size and look at her.
"Hey little girl, what's up? You want to go see the movies? We can do that you know. In a minute, okay?"
Let's get Wartotle and Pentium checked out first!


Retype that!


'2d6+8' +18

Roll #1 6, 4 + 8 = 18


gosh dangit

Roll #1 7 = 7


Movies doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. You can even bring your Pokemon in!

"See! Told you something good would happen!" The same attendant is here from yesterday. "Or rather, two good things. You've finally got your feet off the ground! You know, Squirtle's one of the Restless water Pokemon, like Froakie and Mudkip. They're good luck!"

She puts everyone through diagnostics, and administers what looks like simple preventatives for both Pentium and Wartortle.


She manages, just barely, to use a vine to deflect a sudden bullet punch fron the scizor, using the chance to try to drain it!

The attack can barely get past the hide and its armor…


"I'm glad they are healthy! Thanks again for the pointers yesterday, I would never have guessed they were about to evolve!
Say, do you know any psychics around these parts? I mean trainers, not pokemons…"


"I've heard they train on an island in the Sapphire Archipelago. Muika Island, or something like that. Aside that… nope, sorry! Best you can hope for is a travelling trainer, or someone else."

Muika… you look at your map. The most direct route is a ferry from home!


"Well thanks anyway!"
Time to go where Sandile leads us, now!
"What is it little one?"


At least she's doing damage!
''Keep at it Tina!''
'2d6+8' +18

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 2, 2 + 8 = 12


The costumes, acting… we're not doing that regularly, huh?

She stares wistfully at the bulidng. You're not sure how you understand what she wants with this clarity.


I'll glance at Pentium. Is that her doing?
Then once more I'll crouch, scratching her head.
"No, this is not the life for me Sandile…
But perhaps it's the life for you? Would you like to remain here?"


Tina's spirit never dies. Though her attacks are ineffectual, she keeps them up. Her drain barely registeres to the Scizor this time, who finally overcomes its paralysis, a look of annoyance on its face, and slashes.

You watch in horror as blood and sap gush from her. The Scizor's eyes light up in surprise for one moment, before its face gets a thin coating of Tina's blood coated on it.

She lies helpless on the ground, barely concious as the grass growa red beneath. Even now, she won't faint without looking dignified. You need to get her in her ball, now.

Only Jasper.. and Misdreavus left. You need to setup for your strongest first.


I don't even say anything, I simply get her inside her ball
''You worked so hard, don't think for a moment that I haven't seen it''

''Misdreavous, you're back in the fight, quick use confuse ray!''


Her eyes light up. Y–


A small yip douns out from behind you. An Eevee? Wait, you recognise it as the same Eevee from yesterday!

"Hey, Eevee, stop running! Oh, Miss! thank goodness you found him. He seems terribly distracted today."

A boy rushes in through the Pokemon center doors, carrying an assortment of costume props.

"Huh… Thought so. Always looking for travelling trainers, this one. I think I haven't found my partner Pokemon yet, come to think of it."



Withthe Scizor slowed, the confuse ray hits easily before it can make a single move. In fact, it stays doubled down on its knees for now, reeling from what seems to be the paralysis.


Would you look at the turns and twists of fate!
Pick the Eevee up and pet him gently.
"Are you, per chance, an actor?"


Only one more time, I know she doesn't have the strenght to do it again
''Misdreavous, you can finish this, I believe. Hit him with your strongers Hex!''
'4d10+10' +35

Roll #1 10, 6, 6, 9 + 10 = 41


dangit I keep forgetting the hit roll

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Trying! And I've been doing my best to find a Pokemon to join me. Been hard though. I asked a Captor to help me find an Eevee, because they're popular and all, but this one has his ambitions elsewhere.

Guess I'm still out of luck. Time to let go. I was thinking of letting go of this little guy, but he might be happy with you. Every time a gym battle happens he rushes up to watch, it's not just a fad."


Look down at Sandile, nudging her towards the trainer/actor.
"You know, this little one wants to enjoy the spotlight…"


Misdreavus chants some sort of mantra, with no dicernible words. Despite that, it unnerves you to hear. The wounds on Scizor begin to fester, as Misdreavus fires a shadowy bolt right at them! The Scizor yelps out, being hit with an attack that actually hurt at last.

It's gotten serious. Its eyes grow frenzied, and it claws at Misdreavus. She was already tired before this, and is in no condition to take a hit. She wobbles falls to the ground, but looks oddly satisfied.




He looks at the Sandile, doing her best now to show her passion right here and now. She digs at the accesories, trying and failing to put a wig on herself.

"What luck! It… might be tough to get work, but with this spirit, I think we can do. Is she yours? Miss, would you care for a trade?"


"I most certainly would. If the little guy here is okay with it…"
Give the eevee a few chin scratches and smile down at him.


I smile, with a bit of nervousness, and recall Misdreavous ''You did great misdreavous, now take some well deserved rest''

I hold up Jasper's pokeball for a second, taking a deep breath and releasing him

''Jasper, It's all up to you now. Everyone did their best to weaken the Scizor and now it's your time to shine and end this. I know you can do it buddy! Hit him with a wing attack!''
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 1, 3 + 10 = 14



Roll #1 7 = 7


He looks like it's his dream comign true right now!

"Alright, then. We should get this registered."

While the act of trading is simple enough, trade registrations are done at Pokemon centers to help track ownership, in case of lost or stolen Pokemon. Both of you put your Pokemon in their balls, and they are placed in a registration machine at a corner of the lobby. A silly animation of a Pokeball being tossed in the sky, and another flying back to you plays on the screen as you enter your details and confirm that this is the Pokemon you are trading, and to who.

Sandile looks grateful to have been with you, but is happy to have found her own purpose. And the Eevee is overjoyed, nipping at your feet and saying hello to Pentium, his superior as your partner.


Jasper emerges, clear purpose in his eyes once more. He flies at the winged beast before you and strikes! His attack doesn't hit as hard as he could have, but he deftly dives to avoid kick from the mantis.

And finally, it's looking very tired.
Only a bit more..


Lift him up in my arms, above my head.
"Hey little guy! Anything we should know about you?"
Put him down with a smile, and let's start walking for the docks.


''Don't let up Jasper! one more time!''
'2d8+10' +16

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 10 = 20


You bid your goodbyes to that boy and Sandile, but now it's time for an adventure on your own. Nothing much to say about Eevee yet, but you'll know. Seems like someone eager to make a name for himself.

A walk along the docks might be a good idea! It was at the major lake that you met Squirtle, and as a Wartortle maybe he wants to revisit. You take the tram, Eevee held in your arms and visit the lake shores. Not so many people here during this season. so it's rather peaceful. If you concentrate, you can see the Northpeak itself on the mountain range across the water, very, very far away.


As we walk along the lake's shores I will talk, a bit to myself, a bit to my mons.
"Psychic trainers meet on Muika Island, that boy said.
We could go from here to Torchfire City, it'd be your show there Wartotle. You and Eevee against the gym.
Feel up to the challenge?"


This is it, finally. You see the Scizor, finally pushed to a limit, unleashing a punch of its own. Jasper is struck hard, but continues diving into the Scizor! His wings slap its legs, knocking it off balanced for a finishing blow to the head, after which Jasper bites down on an exposed joint it its neck, and feeds.

The Scizor lies there tired. Jasper gets to feed for a full few seconds before finally be thrown off, but the insect looks finally, genuinely worn out, and drops to its knees to signal surrender.

"Well, well! Honestly, you made a foolish choice, but followed through with battle skill."


Wartortle hardly hears you, he's diving in the lake, enjoying his old home for just one more time. Eevee's response is to excitedly posture menacingly! Seems like some old skills are retained.

The Torchfire gym is tough. From your following of travel shows and books, the gym is actually at the Mirage Loft, the peak of a volcano that overlooks the main Fire Plains. Those who seek to challenge the gym must be prepared to spend days climbing its steps and enduring the trial. For those seeking yet another experience, there is is also the Sun Shrine, one of three great landmarks that dot the continent. The stories say that upon Our arrival to the world, these shrines were where we made our first shelter.


Might be more complex than a simple detour towards the gym then. I might even need some job, once I get there.
What are the means of inter-city transportation from here to Torchfire?


I jump for joy ''YES! We did it!'' I openly laugh, pulling jasper for a hug

I then clear my throat and settle down ''Ahem, Well the foolish choice would be refusing the challenge right? That is what the gyms are for!''


The easiest is a train to get you there within a day. But you're a trainer! Enduring the road with nothing but your Pokemon comrades and preparation, mimicking the pilgrims of old! Plus, it'll cost you money, though you do have a return ticket home.

"That's also true! I'd hoped to impress upon you the struggles for survival each creature in the world faces. You had to hunt, and you were hunted, but you found your way to victory. Through this suffering in this wheel we are all forged. Even the lowliest creature can find immense strength when pushed to its limits, and I think I managed to bring that out of you. Here, the Primal Badge."

He draws a piece of metal from his pouch, and has his Scizor clip it a little. It's already standing, maybe you didn't really defeat it after all…

He hands you the badge, resembling a bug curled in a cocoon.

"Oh, but I think you've yet to even hatch."


You know what, big voice?
I need to buy cooking supplies. For the road. Those pidgey wraps were amazing!


I turn my head, amused at this peculiar little badge
''I agree, this trial was tough but I know the next gyms I face will be tougher. To be completely honest, I probally would have not survived this trial if it wasn't for the teachings of a friend, I really owe this victory to them, and all of my pokemon''
I take the badge and put it on its place on my case


File: 1496597202072.jpg (17.1 KB, 564x423, campfire-prep.jpg)

You have a basic cooking tin and knives, maybe you can invest in more tools? But aside better knives and spoons, what do you have in mind?

Oh, hold that thought, a MASSIVE lightning bolt has struck the ground nearby! You hear a chilling cry…


"What the…
But the sky was clear!
Let's run over there, quick!


File: 1496597661951.png (486.3 KB, 1024x1409, tapu_koko_png_by_bbninjas-….png)

Hide! There are large rocks on the coast to at leats give you some shelter. What IS that?
You peek around, and see.. what is it? Is it even a Pokemon? You'd recognise a legendary Pokemon with how many stories you've devoured about them, but what IS that?

It floats in the air, crackling with lightning that surges through its body. It looks aggressive, and is surveying the area.


Be still and look at it buzz and fly around.
Recall wartotle, before this electrical mon can spot him!


Wartortle's already huddling with you, and you put him safely away.

It floats towards you! Don't make a sound! Even if you're utterly terrified!

"Oh? Well, you should thank whoever that is. And speaking of friends, I need to get my healed. You esepcially, come on."

Two Yanmega pop out of the trees, and the Ranger Chief recalls his Scizor and grabs onto one.

The other Yanmega is waiting to pick you up…


Terrified? I'm utterly EXCITED!
It's a new, strange pokemon which zapped down from the sky!
The smile on my face can hardly be contained!


You notice a man in the distance whose attention is also drawn, for just the brifest moment before you go back to thinking how utterly COOL this is! The moment you do, he starts running.

Wait, you didn't notice the thunderbolt heading straight for your rock! A deafening blast comes from behind you…

But a barrier suddenly appears, and the rock's shattered pieces scatter around you!


A barrier?!


ah geez
recall Jasper and let's go for another ride. Hold tight!


This isn't a time to be thinking about cartoons!

You open your eyes to see a Slowking standing nearby, its hand directing a Reflect barrier to defend you.

"I heard someone yelling! Are you alright? Bah, I wanted to stop by here for a break, and this happens…"

It's a dishelveled man who directs the slowking, wearing a set of well-worn clothes good for outdoor work. His face looks like that of an Archipelago native, and he looks like he's spent many nights sleepless.

"Protect her, mate. Going to need you to help!"

He sends out a Roserade, which elegantly lands in front of him to take a electric bolt easily. It spits a ball of purple sludge at the weird Pokemon and it looks seriously hurt!


The Yanmega quickly ferries you to the forest entrance, your feet dangling the whole time. Once there, a Jeep is waiting for the chief, and you're given a life to the Pokemon center right next to the Ranger HQ. Convenient!

"Tough battle, huh?" The attendant says as she looks over your Pokemon. "Oh, but I'll need to spend some time with your Snivy. She's pretty hurt."


"Guess we better move out of the way, uh?"
Let's get runni- shuffling, at the Slowking's pace, retreating away from the battle. But do look at the battle!


''Yes, please take good care of them, I think I might have asked too much of them in this battle''


So this is what a skilled trainer battling looks like… his commands and reactions are top-notch! The strange Pokemon fires bolt after bolt, but he remains calm and in charge, direct his Roserade to apply constant pressure on the wwird being. Finally, finising off with a whip, the Pokemon is repelled. It flies off towards the middle of the lake, towards an island you can see in the middle.

"Guess that's good enough for now. Bah, might as well use this…"

He takes out a transparant ziploc and a pair of forceps and carefully collects the remains of the pokemon left on the ground, feathers and all.

"Hello? Yes… look, did you detect a particle flare around Binestrone or not? Oh, you did? Right, thanks. I think we've got that Tapu Koko thing here at last, probably going to set up shop."

He looks like a really busy man. His Slowking looks at you, making sure you're fine. You were really loud just now, you know?


"No worries! Come with me…

The attendant gives you a number and tells you to bring Tina to one of the rooms at the back. It's a consultation room!

"Alright, let your Servine out here." There is a real Pokemon doctor here! She's different from the attendants, she looks so professional! And… not as cute, she looks bored and doesn't have to look eager all the time like them.


Was I? It was loud excitement!
Walk up to this strange professor or whatever he is!
"Hem… Hello sir? What was that thing?"


Well as long as she can heal Tina, it doesn't matter
''Can you take a look at my Carvanha too?'' I ask, releasing Tina on the consultation table


He looks like he's finally done. He recalls his Roserade, and his Slowking returns to his side, looking over a bunch of notes he took.

"Oh hey. Guess you saw it… try and keep quiet about this for now, but it was a new Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon, even. You might be running into Pokemon you haven't even heard of within some time, if you're a wandering trainer. Are you? And you were really loud just now, you know!"

Wait, you didn't actually yell out loud at all before this.


"I already saw her, don't worry. The wound wasn't deep, she'll be fine tomorrow morning. Your Servine sure took one, though."

Tina lies down on the exam table, still bleeding, but looking woozy. You recall something about how anesthesia can be adminstered while in Poke balls…

She gets a needle and some suture, and starts stitching up the wound expertly. Tina looks curiously, not feeling the needle in her flesh as the wound is quickly and expertly closed.

"All done! Your Servine will want to take at least 2 days off. The sutures will degrade too, so you don't need to worry about them. Now, about payment…"


I smile at her all the while, and even show her the badge we got together!

''Wait a minute, I thought the pokecenter was a free service?''


"Standard healing, and immunization and resgitration for new captures is, but dedicateed medical attention needs more! That will be 500P for treatment and consultation… oh, but you're covered by Petrotown Institute insurance! No worries then, you don't have to pay anything right now."


''Well, that's another incetive to be more careful with my pokemon next time…''
I pick up my snake gently ''Feeling better now girl?''


She can't really answer you hopped on on drusg as she is. But you're free to go! Maybe it's a good time to celebrate.


"I wasn't! My mouth was too busy gaping you know!"


Well let's let her rest for a bit
And yeah! I'm absolutely celebrating after this! Gosh I can't wait to have some warm properly prepared food again, I'm starving!


"Really? Because then…"

He takes out a pair of earphones and connects them to his PDA, then puts them in his ears and looks at you. He stares for a bit before noticing Pentium, and his eyes widen.

"Hmm. That Metang, was it your first Pokemon? You might have psychic potential."


"Of course! He's called Pentium! Say hi, Pentium!"
"Did you say… Psychic?"


First off, a SHOWER! You haven't bathed in days, you reek! You might want to check into a trainer inn.. or if you really feel like celebrating, a slightly fancier motel where you can have your own provate bathroom!


Oh yeah
my gosh I smell bad
We're all due to a bath right now
Let's find a motel. Thanks to all the money I got from those entries, money isn't an issue for now


His lips purse.

"Yes. And now you'll notice that you should remain calm, even though you want to burst with excitement–"

For a moment you suddenly feel the excitement sapped out of you and replace with a clairty of mind, even a hint of worry, but then he suddenly shakes his head, grasping it in a hand.

"Ugh. Sorry, I should introduce myself. Professor Xavier Yew, Petrotown Institute of Sciences. Like you, I have psychic potential. How about you, young lady?"


"Leila. Young trainer who just got her first badge and oh boy wasn't I hoping to meet a psychic just about now!
This is some coincidence!
I've been feeling a lot of strange feels which I think come from my Mons, lately!"


"Yes. Those who are psychic can connect intimately with the minds of their Pokemon comrades. Especially if they have another psychic Pokemon, and even moreso if the psychic Pokemon is their first. Leila, when did this start happening?"


"Pretty much… Yesterday? When we faced our first gym!"


"Oh, good! There's plenty of time to get you to Muika to train and get those abilities under control. See, when I was younger, I was kind of like you. Except I neglected to seek attention for way too long, and things got out of hand. I never stopped hearing things."

He shudders.

"Oh, a gym? Now that might be helpful, especially since you've already seen that weird Pokemon. I'm going to be conducting an expedition to the Hadal Isles soon, and I'm need of assistance. If you can take a gym, it means you might be capable of helping out! A little anyway. It'll pay decently, and it'll also bring you near Muika Island when we're done. Interested?"


Hell yes!
"Heck yes!
I was just looking to reach Muika island myself! When will it be?"


"Eh… it's messy, but soon. Leave me your email and– right! You're a travelling trainer. Interested in helping with the Pokedex project?"

Isn't it that big project that was launched recently to crowdsource data from trainers all around the continent?

"It means you get your own pokedex, of course."


Heck yeah!
"Professor I gotta say, you are a godsent tonight!"


"It's, uh, afternoon."

He even checks his watch to be sure, and his Slowking sighs.

"Anyway, there's an office in town to take care of that, come with me! We can just take the tram. I'm going to have work there too. Gah, I was supposed to be on break…"

He leads you to the tram stop, which already has people abuzz about the whole lightning incident. You see a Ranger jeep passing by, even.

"They've gone to take care of that problem, but I think the gym leader will need to be involved."

You arrive outside a fancy-looking institute! It's part of a big campus. He leads you inside and explains to the receptionist lady that you're here on his recommendation. You're given a form…


>Town of residence

You're at least 16, right?


Of course I'm 16. I'm 16 and a third!
"Will the job have anything to do with these-"
I glance around and wait for us to be alone.
"-new legendaries?" I finish, with a whisper.

Leila Ironhardth, 16, kawaiirebar75@poke.com, Fabiorge!


He doesn't say anything, but suddenly in your head a feeling of great awe emerges. Great danger, too! Prof Yew rubbing his temples and putting on his earphones kind of confirms it was him.

poke.com? Wow, enjoy your botnet!

"Alright, pick a colour! There's Red, Blue, Gren, Yellow… I bet you'd like Pink, huh? There's more, but I doubt you'd be interested in them, esepcially that metallic grey, ugh."


"…y-yeah what silly girl would have a love for metallic grey and its shiny, chromed, sleek beauty…"
Stare at the ground for a few moments.
"[size=8]Metallic grey please…


The receptionist lady shrugs and hands one to you. What a pleb.

"Alright! It will automatically update wireless when within range of a wireless network, so that's prety much any town. You don't need to worry about power, the battery can hold for weeks without a recharge–"

"Piezoelectric protein-based power cells from studies primarily of Jolteon hair. I should know, I developed them!"

Professor Yew looks very pleased with himself.


So that's why he was out there observing a rare electric pokemon…


"No way. No matter how stable that is, I'd always worry about my house falling into the sea, but it's so cool."


He receives another phone call.

"Yes. Soon? Really? Good thing I've been gathering help.

Yes, best of the best, I guarantee, bunch of highly experienced ace trainers with over 300 confirmed battles each. Yes, I'm lying. It's nor a problem, it'll be good for them and we just need some people to protect our supplies."

He then turns to you.

"Alright, that's it! I think it might be starting soon. The meeting point is on Shuiea Island, so if you can stay in a city with a port for the next few days, you won't need to head there immediately. Check your email when you can.

Anything else you want to ask? I was a trainer like you once, you know."


You might want to chase the good prof about that. Speak of the devil, on the way to the motel, you bump right into him!

"Cello? Where have you been? I've been emailing you for DAYS! Oh… challenge, huh? Inconvenient."


"…why were you a trainer?"


"Oh, Professor Yew, what are you doing around here?"


"Why? Now, that's a good question!"

The man smiles, nostalgic. He's not that old, probably still in his early 30s, but you see the wear of many years on his face.

"It was a mutual desire of my then-Slowpoke and I. We were curious about the world. When you've spent your life on an island, the whole looks so distant from you, and it gives you a hunger to get out there and learn. Experience. We wanted to make friends and develop our passions, which were then… well, not really known to us. Journeying helped me test myself and my beliefs so I knew who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve."

"If I could experience it all over again, I would. But now I'm old… well, not that old! But my time is now better spent on discovering other things, and giving young trainers like yourselves a helping jand every once in a while. I hope you treasure every step of the way, good or bad."


"Arranging a huge project! Haven't you heard about the recent influx of unknown Pokemon species? Ah, look, tell you whatm I'll treat you to dinner and brief you. Get to this restaurant at 5pm. We're going to need a while. And check your email… wait, you'll need somewhere with a computer provided for this."

He hands you a hotel room key.

"SOMEONE was late for a meeting and might not be here, so just use their room."


"Do you think there could have been an ending in which you didn't stop battling, and kept on being a trainer forever?"



Time's finally up!

You have a pokebag of treats from the buffet for the team, and now the buffet has ended. It appears that Zoe and Riss will be taking their leave soon…


I take the key, still a bit taken back by this sudden encounter "Oh uh, alright, you got it professor"
I suppose I'll go find this hotel then


"Forever? Wow, that's a hard deal. I loved it, but being a trainer opened my eyes up to so many other things I wanted and cared about. Staying a trainer wouldn't have let me chase those. But what if I wanted to keep being a trainer forever?"

He looks away, deep in thought.

"Well, maybe I could be a gym leader. Or do the crazy rite of succession stuff for the Mirage spot gyms, even. I know the water leader eyed me. But if not for those? At some point, I'd wonder what I was battling for, and then I wouldn't have an answer."


Convenient, huh?

This hotel isn't exactly luxurious, but it is leagues above your usual fare. The rooms are air conditioned, and there's an en-suite washroom, complete with bathtub! No sleeping on futons, you get a whole queen-s-zed bed you can even share with your Pokemon! For whatever reason.

There's even a computer here.


"But what about battling for battle's sake?"
"I guess time will tell if that matters to me. I'll be heading for Torchfire City now, professor."


"Some people enjoy it. It was fun for a while. If you really like that kind of thing… you could be a ranger? Join the police? You could see a lot of action that way!"

"Good luck. Maybe no easy answers will come your way, but have fun."

He bids farewell to you and briefly, a feeling of nostalgia with a tinge of regret clouds you.



Too full to think properly? Whoa.


I should go say goodbye.
"Hey, are you heading out of town right away?"


"Yep. I'm going to report back to Lanobe, then I'm going to Shuiea…"

"Wait, Shuiea? Actually, I was about to head there too!"

Turns out both of them are going there for work, about some big expedition organised by that Prof you know. Hang on, weren't you supposed to be involved?


That must be how he's feeling? Wow I'm a dick!
Let's start walking…
I want to make good headway towards Torchfire before dusk.


"Shuiea… wait a moment I need to go there too!" I gasp in panic.
"I almost forgot."


You can be happy relieving good memories while sad they won't come back. You still felt happiness mixed in there, somewhere.

So you want to walk fast? Alright! But it's a long way away, and it might take you until dusk… tomorrow. You have enough food and water for one day, that is, three units. Want to supply up, or stop by the Rest Stops along the way to resupply? You could even gather them yourself.

Also, just what kind of adventuring gear are you wearing?


"Check your email! Or.. hey, maybe you could ask the Rangers? He accidentally sent me an email asking about rangers."

If it's a big project, ranger help will probably be needed. Perfect to work your way up the ranks too!


I've been wearing a beautiful selection of summer dresses all this time!
It's my adventuring gear!
But I did buy some hunting supplies…
Problem is, I don't know how to cook.
So here's what I will do.

Buy 3 more units of food so I'm good for the trip and also buy one book about campfire cooking.


"Right. I'll go check now! Talk to you later girls!"
I hurriedly leave to the HQ to get on a computer


Amazing! And the best part is that it's free! Thank you professor and thank you person who was late I'll let my Pokemon out, they deserve to enjoy the room too
Let's take a look at the Time, how much do I have until the meeting with the prof?


Summer dresses. Are your feet protected, at least?

Time to hit up the stores. After buying 3 preserved food packs and extra bottles to supplement your water, you hit up the bookstore. There's a book all about making theb est food out in the wilds, but it might be more practical to get the Ranger-certified Trainer Wilderness guide, which, according to blurb, also covers food. You could get both, but you have only 2150P left, and each book is 500. Might be better to save for an emergency.

Speaking of money, maybe you could offer to be a courier?


Ofc. In pretty sandals.
Every single path is paved, after all!
Gonna buy just the wilderness guide.

Great idea!
Is there such a thing as a job board I can browse?


You quickly hit up the computer lab, and after muscling your way past some angry-looking junior rangers complaining about 'angles' or 'trigonometry' or 'topology' or something, sit down to check your email.

Re: <dmsyew@petroin.edu.gl>
Dear Amber

"Hi! I've filed in a request with the Rangers for manpower assistance regarding an expedition to the Hadal isles. I requested that you join and they obliged, so you should check in with them. Again, thanks a lot!

Xavier Yew
Contact +01 4444 8642
Department of Materials Sciences, Petrotown Institute


That battle took a long time! It's afternoon. You're not that hungry, so if you waited until the Prof's treat, you can pig out.

Tina is already fiddling with the heating on the shower.


Every single path is paved? We'll see about that. The guide sets you back 500P, and it's all nice and sealed.

There aren't really job boards, those are on the internet! But one of the most common jobs trainers can take is delivering items while going from town to town. They don't have a lot of requirements for it, too!


Let's help ourselves to getting clean then, and also help her with the showering too
Oh and bathtubs are rare, I wanna try that one out


Ask the store clerk if they need anything delivered to Torchfire city then.


Take a quick shower beforehand! Do you have any idea how much filth there is on you? Even a quick scrub of your hair soils the water passing through. Yeesh! At least there's plenty of soap!

Tina and Jasper help themselves into the shower with you, while Nadia is waiting for you to fill the bath. Shinx is eyeing the bathtub too, but you're not sure if it's a good idea to bathe with her.


''Hey you two, it's gonna get cramped in here!'' I chuckle but I really don't mind
Also why not with Shinx? What's could possibly go wrong bathing with her?


"Usually, I'd just give this to the courier company, since they're the ones that give jobs to trainers, but– oh, that badge! I guess I can just pay you directly! I have a rare book for a friend in Torchfire but I can't give it to her myself. It'd be great if you can get there within three days!"

There's your time limit. She hands you the bound book, completely wrapped in unassuming paper.


Make a note of that.
I need to find my superior and ask about this.


"Of course! I'm in a hurry to get to torchfire myself!"


Isn't that her right next to you? She's typing furiously in the chat of some fancy new video game…

>[1C3C0LDR4NGER]: wtf noob healer gg no support I can't carry you dumbasses as Weavile

>[Noponyta]: dude you did nothing all game idiot Weavile picker no elims
>[1C3C0LDR4NGER]: stfu report Noponyta noob xaxaxaxa

She sighs, before noticing you. Seeing her decorated rank is kind of surprising.

"Oh, hi! Amber, right? What's up?"


"Good luck! Remember to change out of those city clothes!"

Ready to head off yet?


She must be so cool!
"Hey! I was wondering about the Hadal isles Expedition, do you know about it? Who's going?"


"Really? How bad can it be!"


"We're about to send a small bunch to help out with our Sea Rangers, actually, we've chartered a train for later. Interested? You were recommended, but you've been pretty busy lately. You can come file out the paperwork with me now if you want… actually, we kinda need to do it now if you want."


"Not too bad compared to other Fire Plains routes, but there'll be a stretch of sand with no paved road. I'm sure you can handle it, though!



"Yes!! I want to go, it sounds like the coolest thing going on ever." I reply excitedly.


"Sure I can, don't you worry about that!"
Give her a big smile and take off.
Surely it won't be such a problem!


File: 1496853760755.jpg (2.53 MB, 3264x2448, img_0536.jpg)

"Wow! You're a hard worker… they're leaving soon! Quick!"

She darts up to the offices, beckoning you with her, and quickly processes your details before handing you a ticket.

"This is for a direct train to Dervor with minimal stopping time, I think some of your fellow rangers should be gettign ready to board, or have boarded already. Hurry to the station!"

Time to go!
Binestrone is a jewel in the desert, situated across many oases and right next to a lake to boot. The paved road stops a fair distance away from the city itself and you see endless sand.

This will be along walk. Roll d20 for your luck for now.


You know what, I need a hat.
A large brimmed hat.

Roll #1 18 = 18


"ThanksSoMuch!" Time to run to the train!


What a pretty image! Good thing that today, it's pretty cloudy, so there isn't much to impede your path. The Pokemon along the road seem uninterested in impeding you, either. Some Cacnea almost interrupt as they cross the road.. what was that?!

Something immensely hot flies by and almost grazes you, and when you look at the Cacnea one is gone. The Talonflame that picked it up fliess off towards the south, your left.

Speaking of which, now's a good time to break for a quick lunch.

Phew! You make it in time. This is one of the trains that are REALLY on time, they have the strictis schedules. Your carriage is… sadly, you couldn't be paired up with the rangers since their tickets came earlier, but they're nearby. For now, you have a whole cabin to yourself!


That Talonflame would be nice roasted on a fire…
What do the surroundings look like? I want to find a nice shaded place to stop and eat.


Even better. I can take pictures of my vulpix without anyone else in the shot that way. So cute.


File: 1496854641955.jpg (6.71 MB, 3664x2464, Rocky_desert_scene_in_Wadi….jpg)

Still desert. This region is called the Fire 'Plains' for a reason! Maybe you could sit by a bush and snack on your rations. Most of them don't need cooking. Of course, you want to look out for wild Pokemon that might intervene.

But… do you have a camera? Doesn't stop you from having a good time though, as you let Vee out to… beg for those buffet treats. Lily also comes out, and looks disapprovingly at Vee, before trying her best to look like she doesn't want some too.


I'm keeping my mons in their balls, especially Wartotle. Poor guy would dry up over here.
Tell you what. I'm gonna sit by an elevated rock and just have some quick chow.


Good idea, especially since mons in their balls need less food. Still, you have the sense to keep a lookout. You hear a few Scraggy cries from somewhere, probably a rock… but they don't come closer.

You make it out. Time to keep going, but… huh, your dress isn't handlong your sweat well. It's getting soaked.


I'll get a disposable one, they probably sell them on the train even.
"Oh, already? Okay, but I need a cute trick first." I tell Vee teasingly then try asking him. "Up! on two paws now."


N-no! The shame…
When I left home I had no idea travelling by foot would have been so tiring! What do normal trainers even wear?!
Open up the book as I get back to walking, and search for the clothing section.


Yeah, there should a gift shop to get one from.

Vee looks torn. Are you really making him do such a simplistic… 'trick'? For your entertainment?

You've broken his will with the food, you have. He steels himself for the pollution of his pride, then gets up on his hindlegs. He even throws in a cute bark.


I squeal in joy at his cuteness. "Awwh! Good boy! Have a treat. Have three even. So cute!"
I give him three of the bones from the bag to start with.


You peruse through the chapter on clothing for a bit. It emphasises the need for different clothing for diffferent environments. Common things to keep in mind are ample protection for your legs, the minimum being sturdy pants and shoes that cover your feet completely.

Gah, a bit of sand got into your sandals.

For the Fireplains in particular, you need sturdy clothes that can drain your perspiration and ample coverage to protect from sunburn on hot days. A cap can protect your head, or you can even go the more traditional (and cooler) route of wearing a scarfs, which also protects your face from dust. You know, the wind's been mainly blowing behind your back, but you can feel dirt picking at the back of your legs every now and then.

Roll for more luck. You should try to make it to a rest stop by nightfall, since they're safe space to camp out in.

He looks broken! Even more so when Lily pets him, finding it as cute as you do. Quietly, he accepts his fate and starts chowing down on the bones, drowning his sorrows in their marrow.

If it's for you… and for food…


Showing up like this… Let's just not think about it for now.

Roll #1 19 = 19


Luck continues to be on your side! The wind behind you helps speed your space, and in the distance you can see the transition of desert to badlands.

A sign tells you that the rest stop is within 4 km. That's about another hour… luckily, someone like you must have spent plenty of time being active, so that's not too bad.

It is strangely quiet here. The subtle Pokemon cries are even more silent. In the sands nearby you see odd depressions, with strange… plants? …Things sticking out of their bases.


I give a couple to lily when I can finally stop gushing over Vee.
"They are pretty spicy, I'm not sure you'll like it."


Waaaaait a second.
Pull out the pokedex and point it at the plants.


>TRAPINCH identified.

That came in useful!

She even arranges his tail to look cuter while you admire the scene. Vee ignores it and breaks the bones for that sweet marrow.

Lily takes a few… it's good enough that she can overlook them being spicy. As long as it's not tOO spciy, you know? You remember her not minding pepper, but staying away from chilis.


I do want a Trapinch…
They turn into powerful Flygons!
"Wartotle! I choose you!"
Release him from his ball right beside me, on the edge of the sand.
Point at the little bit of Trapinch which pokes out.
"Water gun!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 15 = 23


Also I now realized I haven't assigned his points yet, doing it now.


Final is a +21, not +15


You're positioned just out of the Arena Trap, good job!

Wartortle takes careful aim, and fires. The Trapinch is thrown out of the Arena Trap by the shock! It shudders, then opens its jaws threateningly!

It got caught by surprise. You might want to be careful about your next attack, though. If you hurt it too bad, it'll run away.


I know what my next move will be.
Toss a pokeball!
What to roll?





Roll #1 54 = 54


Feels so good to toss one! While the Trapinch is reeling from the attack, you hurl the ball right at its jaws. It gets sucked in, and the ball falls right in the center of the pit that was its trap.



Congratulations! Trapinch was caught!

Ohh, but retrieving it will get more sand in your sandals.


I scrunch and take my sandals off. It's pretty late into the evening that I won't have to worry about the sand searing my feet.
But first congratulate and pet Wartotle.
"Great job there. Precision shot!"
Off to recover the ball after recalling him, sandals held in one hand, tentatively extending the other one forwards.


File: 1496858110345.jpg (172.02 KB, 1440x841, Header_Badlands_Byway.JPG)

You reach deep into the pit… Ack! The walls of these pits are made to collapse! Luckily, Wartortle is right behind to help hold you while you lie down and extend your arm in to grab the ball containing your new buddy.

You can make your introductions at the rest stop. Keep moving forward! The desert ends soon and you'll be walking in badlands, where at least there won't be as much loose sand.


Finally. Put those sandals back on and let's walk towards the rest spot.


File: 1496858495435.jpg (1.71 MB, 3072x1499, 58250218.jpg)


It's a welcome relief to see some manmade habitation again, where you might even resupply if needed. The designated campground are just outside the buidling, protected by a wiremesh fence that should be at least able to make a lot of noise. There's some barbeque pits, too!

If you're willing to pay, you can also get a room inside, but it's up to you. Right now you know you're tired and hungry.


No, I'd rather camp. Gotta save money after all…
Let's see to find a spot inside and, first of all, have dinner. Just use one of the no-cook rations.


You wanna sit down in the lounge inside to eat? Luckily, in case of sandstorms, they have a hall big enough. For now it's filled with tables.

Huh. It's just you here.

"Making yourself comfy, trainer?" The attendant at the counter asks, a Klefki ny him. "Not a lot of people recently."


I hastily gulp down a bit of my food, taken by surprise. Meanwhile, I nod.
"Yeah! Guess most trainers are just taking the train…"


File: 1496859577132.jpg (93.45 KB, 1024x720, meal_kit_supply-18.jpg)

"Well, yeah, it is a tough road you're on! Depending on your pace, you might reach Torchfire by the afternoon.. the day after tomorrow. But, there just hasn't been as many trainers lately."

He sighs.

"Since there's no one really here, you can use a room if you want. I'm just kind of happy to see there are still people walking in the footsteps of the heroes of old."

You open your MRE bag to find pasta! Well, that's what it says on the cover… but it's bland. It barely looks like what it should once you open it. It's rubbery and way too soaked in sauce to disguise the lack of flavour. You know you're getting all yours nutritional requirements out of it, but they didn't bother making it taste a lot nicer.


Damn, I should really learn how to hunt.
"Hey now, I'm sure more will come! At least you know those who do are committed, right?"
Wink at him through my chowing.
"How's life out here?"


Rangers sometimes hold classes. You could check the internet for any nearby ones.

"Yep. Most trainers just travel around their own region, get maybe three, four badges until they settle down. You look really determined to do more than that though.

Life? It's quiet, nice. Me and the others help man these rest stops because they're away from cities, gives us a lot of space. Isn't that right?"

He plays with his Klefki a little, clinking cheerfully.


"Sounds like a comfy life. Not exactly my thing though. You saw right, I'm gonna get all of those medals, just you wait!"


"Heh. Good luck with that!"

He gives his Klefki a knowing wink.

"It takes a lot to do that. But have fun."

The rations include dried food to share with your Pokemon. Since they spent most of their time in their balls, they won't need much.


"I just hope to have fun along the way!"
Finish my dinner and take a room, since they did offer!
But before that, go outside, watching the sun set, and sit cross legged with the rest stop on my left and the sun on my right.
Call for the Trapinch.


File: 1496862969954.jpg (65.5 KB, 424x900, c3bb522703557aa074651883b2….jpg)

It's almost already set. You're just in time to see the last hints of orange on the horizon.

Trapinch comes out, working his jaws a little, curious about you as he walks to your side.


"Heeey little guy.
Come here. Let's get to know each other."
Also, let Pentium out of the ball so he can enhance my telepathic abilities.
Sounds like a good way to share feelings with the newly caught pokemon!


With Pentium's assistance, you get a better feel for the Trapinch's feelings. They're not very complex yet. He's curious about you, firstly, and of the strange comrades you're with. Being with a trainer opens a Pokemon's mind ot many new things, when survival is no longer a key focus.

It's for this reason many wild Pokemon seek out trainers. Trapinch can't help but feel a little… lucky?


Ahw ain't he cute?
Take out a poke-treat and give it to him.
"Here. Proof you are lucky indeed."
Extend my other hand, as if inviting him over.


That's how you interpret what you feel, anyway. You feel even more curiosity, but a sense of kinship as he chews up the treats, then puts his head to your hand.


Too cute! Support his head with one hand and pet him with the other.
Time to sleep, put him back in the ball after some cuddles.


You sense alarm. Cuddling isn't exactly 'affectionate' behaviour for a lot of species, you recall reading somewhere. It'll take a while to accept the gesture, as he feels really uncomfortable, and shrinks away, glad to be back in the ball.

You do have a room, so you're going back there to sleep?


Yep I am.
But before bed skim the pokedex entry for Trapinch. Does it say anything useful?


Notes on ther ecology, battle capabilities, nutritional needs mainly. Useful, but nothing specific or surprising.

Roll for dreams. Pentium comes out to sleep by you too.


Hug the big hunk of metal.
She's a big cuddly thing~

Roll #1 11 = 11


And you, you're a small precious thing.

You find yourself coated in a suit of armor. Not that old fashioned kind of armor, but cybernetic, an exoskeleton! It's seamlessly integrated into your mind, and with it you dash the WHOLE distance to Torchfire in minutes, barely breaking a sweat!

Ah, but when you wake, the only metal around is on Pentium.



An electric type in the water with you.

Well, most electric Pokemon instinctively hold their charges once they get wet, so it would be very hard for her to accidentally shock anyone. Some pokemon might have this function impaired though.

YOu wash down your hair before giving a quick scrub over the rest of your body so you're clean enough to actually take a bath.


Push an issue on Trapinch's pokedex entry.
Does not like cuddles.
Now it's time to get back on the road.


"Are there weight limits about what you can bring in?"


File: 1496942231337.jpg (336.25 KB, 1200x797, 0409-BADL-SD-1506.jpg)

It'll be stored until it can access a wireless point, which should cover most of every major city. Remember to charge it when you have the time!

After a quick breakfast, you'll be crossing badlands for most of today. The ground is dry, but not dusty like before, so you don't have to worry about the same problems. Others might pop up, be wary.

Roll for luck.

"Not at all! It's not actually floating on the sea, and the foundation is incredibly sturdy. Please, come on in."

Arthur leads you into his house, which blends into the rest of the neighbourhood, if it can be called that. Despite the exotic outer looks, inside is fairly typical. It opens right up to a living room, where your bag can be dumped and you can sit right down to watch TV.


I'm sure Trapinch will help me get through this stretch.

Roll #1 15 = 15


Wipe my shoes outside before I come in.

"Woah, everyone here has been so nice. I really will come back when the chance presents itself. So, what type of shows do they have on TV over here?"


Alright, NOW I'm ready for this tub
Just hope there's enough room!
Also I'm sure that it would be fine to have her in the tub, maybe she just needs to keep the tip of the tail out of the water
I'm gonna need to give everyone a good cleaning though.


This is tough! Although it's not as hot as the stretch before, the wear is starting to be felt on your body. It's rather desolate, with few plants around, mainly rock Pokemon that can subsist on minerals in the soil alone. As usual, there's a geodude pack in the distance, though they seem to be fighting with a another pack of geodude that look a little strange.

The Pokedex makes a soft whining noise.


It can do that?
I wonder if it can vibrate too…
Pick the pokedex up and see what it wants!


File: 1496943147797.jpg (69.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Some kind of weird comedy sketch is on TV.

"Oooh, I love this one! We got home just in time!"

The contestants are in some kind of strange, incomprehensible game. The show is filled with sound effects that ring every time the contestsanta do something even a little strange. The annoucer sounds like he's describing a warzone.


Pointless, since the electric nodes on Shinx aren't focused around the tail. Still, nothing happens for now.

Roll for cleaning!


File: 1496943359507.png (18.72 KB, 200x200, geodude-alola.png)

Looks like it's picking out critical data! That's what it says. It identifies the strange Geodude as a 'Lodestone Geodude'.

Wait, are they using electric attacks?! It's pointless against the regular geodude, but how?


I guess that parody from the long running Smithson show was more accurate than I thought…

Let's give it a watch in the mean time, maybe I'll understand and dig it with some time. '1d20'

Roll #1 18 = 18


That's… Pretty weird!
I should try and catch one of those!
They are using electric attacks, so perhaps trapinch will be best used here!
Let's sneak up behind the pack of electric geodude and observe them from a safe distance.
Call him out.
"Burrow and be ready to trap!"


Not on the tail huh?
Well at least it's safe just have to not startle her
'1d20' clean!

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1496943696520.gif (2.2 MB, 620x388, japanese-show-shoe.gif)

You know, this is actually pretty good! The atmosphere of the show and comedic timing is actually genius! You can understand why there are whole Archipelago TV show forums now.

You were so engrossed, you barely noticed Arthur leaving to get changed and let out his Pokemon, then lay out the leftovers from dinner for everyone. Among his Pokemon you see his Frogadier, a Deino, Togetic, Honedge, Exeggute and a Growlithe. Hang on, that Growlithe looks familliar for some reason.


While the fighting is going on, Trapinch sets up an Arena Trap behind the lodestone geodude. Despite their fancy electric attacks, regular geodude have an advantage, and soon they are driven off and scattered. One comes towards the trap.. Trapinch springs! Just by shifting his body a little, the Geodude is sent tumbling down.

Wild Lodestone Geodude appeared!


I was so engrossed I forgot about everything else. I'll let mine out too before all the food is gone.

"Hey, quick question. Where'd you get that Growlithe?"


Ugh, your Pokemon way way dirtier than even you imagined! They were involved in the hunting, so they've got bits of blood and sinew on them, not to mention the mud and soil. You probably need to drain this bath and fill a new one, eeew.


How hurt is that mon?


"Traded with a friend. I think you know her too, that Zoe girl. She got it somewhere near Lanobe, I believe? She said that a Growlithe that far out might have been a recent release. Why, did you own her..?"

Answering that, the Growlithe walks towards you and sniffs, before barking and acknowledging you as an acquantaince.


A little. It could probably take at least one attack, anyway.


I'm gonna try with something which shouldn't be super effective!

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 28 = 39


"geesh you guys, we really got ourselves dirty that last trial huh?" I chuckle, draining the tub and filling again
I wonder if they have any good conditioner here
Also shampoo for Pokemon


Well done! That seem to have taken out a big chunk of its stamina, as Trapinch's strong jaws trap the arm of the Geodude and makes it wince. It tries charging itself with electricity again, sparks flying from its body… but the current passes safely through Trapinch, as a ground type.


Time to give this my best batter impression!

Roll #1 83 = 83


The jig is up.

"Yeah. Growlithe helped me deal with the gym there, along with a Croagunk. They were really good." I sigh. "But I didn't think I was the best candidate to bring out the best in them. Glad to see he's found someone more suited to the task."


Yes, there's some general-use shampoo that would work for your Pokemon. It takes you a lot of time, but you manage to scrub out Shinx, Tina and Jasper. Nadia's rough skin might need more careful work.


No wait the role I'm thinking of is pitcher.
Whatever, sport is dumb!


"Oh, well, yep, guess things turned out for the better, she's been a real help. You know, I also released a Magikarp some time back. Wanted to eat it, but it kept fighting and fighting, I didn't want to see that spirit go to waste. I let another guy have it in the end."

Going to let out your mons? The living room is big enough.


With Trapinch holding it, you toss a Pokemon down into the pit!

Trapinch lets go just in time as the Lodestone Geodude is sucked in, and the ball falls in the center of the trap.



Congratulations! Geodude (?) was caught!


Now they're all clean and smelling nice

"Now what am I going to do with you…"I gently scratch her fin
I wonder if there's a brush or something for Pokemon with rough skin?


Let them out one at a time.
"Come on out and mind your manners. We're guests here."

"Really? I'm sure that Magikarp is doing great, wherever it is. Still, looks like you beat me to a full team."


"Great job Trapinch! Come back here!"
Toss him a poketreat and let him enjoy it before putting him back into the ball.
Now, can the Pokedex scan this new, weird geodude?


Very feel people really clean their fish Pokemon. You can try a regular Pokemon brush, it should work.

"What can I say? I got lucky. Froagadier.. Floyd, that is, was my first partner, then a Slowpoke joined me. We took a gym together, then I found a Honedge in one of the small springs under the island. I found a Togepi egg while at the Mirage Falls, then I explored the Rising Undercity for Deino, then finally, I decided I wanted a grass type to round things out. God a job to deliver stuff to the Evergreen, so I took a train up and explored the Axial forests till I found this–these guys."

"I mean, it's no rush, though."

Your Pokemon are very well mannered. Seems like they've learned well. Arthur put your treats on a seperate plate.


Trapinch leaps up as much as his stubby legs can to catch the treat, then slowly saunters back to his ball.

Within the Pokeball, it's scanning faster than ever! The status doesn't change for some time, so it might take very long. Might as well keep going.


Very few people must care about their Pokemon then!
Let's brush her veeeeery carefully


Alright! Let's go for now, that geodude needs a long rest.


Fish pokemon just aren't as popular, so there isn't a lot of info about how to really care for them too. You manage to get some old loose scales out of her while cleaning between what remains. She's enjoying it!

Now it's finally time for you to wash yourself. Once that's done you have a bit of time before meeting up with the professor for dinner.


File: 1496945931485.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, badlands60.jpg)

So will you. A bit further up is also the perfect time to stop for lunch, come to think of it. There's grass growing out of the ground again here, so you can sit somewhere comfy, relatively.


"Looks like you've been to quite a few places already. Quetz here has been with me ever since we met in the caves under the City. Cobalt here I found in a fight with a few other Pokemon, but since I had encountered Cali over there, we were able to turn the tide. Get it?" I smile. "Dynamo I got from the Rangers, since it seems even they have limits on how many Pokemon they can have. Airy I encountered during my time in the woods."


I'm starting to feel a bit lonely though…
As I set for lunch, let's bring Pentium and Eevee out of their balls.
"Hello girl. Boys.
Wanna have lunch? It's been a long road!"


Well then it's time for me to have some nice relaxing quality time with my Pokemon
Let's pick up Shinx and take her with me for some nice cuddling in the bed


"Heh. Well, loks like you've gathered from many places too! My main regret is that I'm not getting a Pokemon from the Fire Plains. Would be nice to have someone from there with us, but my current party is already great."

And now, a news story regarding aurora phenomena visible from several islands…

"Oh yeah, sure you don't want to shower and change first or something?"


File: 1496946559947.jpg (2.45 MB, 4000x2400, 221411.jpg)

That's part of being a trainer. Just you and your Pokemon against the neverending trail, finding your way in a huge world. You remember a show about a wanderer you loved…

Pentium cheers, but flies off towards a nearvy rock formation instead, digging within an exposed ore vein. You're left with Eevee, sitting attententively, ears raised with a poker face.


How about those emails? This room was given to you for the computer, you know.


"In a moment, what's up with this Aurora stuff? Does it happen often here? Back in the city, the lights were so strong they drowned out the stars at night."


Smile and crouch down to his level, elbows on my knees and head resting on the palms of my hands.
"What's on your mind little one?"


"No, not at all. This is very strange."

Investigations on the phenomenon are stil ongoing, and scientists say they do not have a clear answer…

"You should hurry, they'll have another interesting segment in a while."


Food. He stares at the rations and treats in your hand. Come on, he's not really hungry, but.. food!


Uuunngh fine
I'll give up on my comfyness to see those mails


"Oh, right, thanks." Let's take a quick shower then so I don't miss anything. Hope my 'Mons are enjoying themselves and their new friends.


Makes sense.
Share half my food ration with him.
I can go lighter for half a day.
"You like this?"
It's an Eevee, I'm sure I can rub his cheek as he eats.


File: 1496947504786.jpg (44.41 KB, 468x662, House-in-Kitakamakura-Smal….jpg)

This house CARES about its bathroom. Not only is there a large bathtub, there's a window to give view of the sea. The water temperature is easily adjustable to perfection. You even feel like taking a full bath when you have the time.

You return to see Arthur staring intently at the TV with his team. Your squad don't seem as interested, though.

Recent sightings of new species have been oficially confirmed, however scientists have yet to state how these species remained undecteded for so long or why they have suddenly started emerging in great numbers…


File: 1496948092215-0.png (761.23 KB, 1123x787, pokemon-sun-moon-gen-7-pok….png)

File: 1496948092215-1.png (997.1 KB, 1500x1500, alola forms.png)

Look at all those emails! It fills a whole page! Reading all of these would take forever! At the top, however, sent less than an hour ago, is something aptly named.

>From: Xavier Yew <dmsyew@petroin.edu.gl>



I'll keep this brief and summarise everything so far here, so you don't have to read the rest. There has been a recent influx of new Pokemon species unaccounted for. I have attached an update to your pokedex for this purpose. We have built a database of the new species both observed and not observed. If you're wondering how we have this information, I'll tell you myself later. This first file provides you an overview of all the regular new Pokemon, take note of their data.

The second file describes the subspecies of existing Pokemon species that display data similar to the new species. We have determined through isotope testing from available samples that these subspecies, along with the new species, must have come from some kind of environment isolated from the rest of the world. There's plenty of speculation, but I'll keep the facts in here. Incidentally, that Ratata you sent to me was actually a crossbreed, so it provided very sueful data.


"I shouldn't run up someone else's water bill." I tell myself. Just a quick overhead shower and I'll leave the temptation for later. Get dressed and come back out.

"You think the Aurora stuff and the new Pokemon might be related?"


Oh, yes, quite. You're so cool, this cheekrub is great.
He greedily laps up your rations, because it's adventure food! It– it's different from studio food, that's for sure!

His cheek is so soft and fluffy! Pentium, done with mining out an iron vein, floats back to prod his other cheek.


I giggle at that.
"You like him too, Pentium?"
Bet he's loving the cool metal too, then.


Things do seem clearer when Pentium is with you.

But of course. It feels like he's living his dream of adventuring. Not acting it out, but actually doing it. Although maybe the rations could be passed on…

He blushes a little. This attention is pretty overwhelming.


"Honestly, no idea. Have you checked your email recently, by the way?"

Arthur's on an old laptop, reading something intently on it.

"Remember that prof we helped out? Now he's offering a job. Trip down to the Hadal Isles."


Hey little dude, there's just so much money to go around!
Pretend you are a pennyless artist!

Finish my lunch and get ready to move again.
"You two want to walk along with me? It's kinda empty but I saw some strange new pokemon earlier!"


"I'll log in then. Sounds like a worthy trip, but how far and long is it going to be? Did he mention it?"


File: 1496949080680-0.jpg (103.76 KB, 1102x350, cropped-poa-grassland.jpg)

Why not? Eevee can get into the ball he gets tired, and Pentium, appreciates the view from outside a little better.

You three continue down the road, and the pockets of grass become more than that. No mistake, as you approach Torchfire, the land is becoming more fertile. Before long, you're in grassland, small shrubs sticking out of the ground, and the calls of Pokemon become louder and more varied. To your left, Blitzle zip while being chased by Luxio, and to your right, you see a flock of Talonflame diving to a distant dry patch, starting a fire.


The summer dress feels incredibly nice now, I'm glad the road got better.
But how large is the fire? I'm worried it might spread!


"How long? He says to expect staying up to a week. The Hadal isles are about a day and half's trip by boat, but the currents can make it tough. This time of the year it should be calm, though."

He lets you login to your email, and you see an offer email identical to what Arthur got.


You've heard about these fires. Plenty of fire Pokemon set them while hunting. The plant life here has adapted to be extremely fire resistant until a certain age, then they grow flammable to quickly die off, leaving space and nutrition for their seeds. In fact, some seeds can't even germinate until they've been burnt! You see a group of Pokemon fleeing the flames, only to be swooped up by the birds and carried away.

If only it stayed that way! Once the wind starts blowing in from the direction of the flames, the sweat and accumulated first on your dress starts really taking their toll on you. You're lucky you don't have a mirror to see just how damaged it is behind.


Wartotle! I need you!"
Let the mon out of the ball!
"Please! Make me wet!" shout, in alarm, at the little monster.


Wartortle is startled, but complies. He lightly sprays you with his water, soaking you from head to toe. At least you don't feel so hot any more, but you feel heavy and sluggish soaked like that.

He looks at you in concern.


"Thanks little dude. I was burning hot!"
Pat his head, and let's finish this bit of road.
At least now the sweat will be washed away.


File: 1496950611465-0.jpg (3.65 MB, 3754x1732, mexico2012-497-of-718.jpg)

Wartortle shrugs and smiles, glad to be of help.
Life becomes more abundant as you walk along the road. Grassland continues on, becoming more lush, green, vigourous and flanked by increasingly thick clumps of trees. You notice more of those fires, but despite the destruction, they always seem to be where Pokemon congregate. Life is also created and sustained by the same flames that kill.

At last, in the distance, you see it. A volcano, the peak obscured in white mist. The Mirage Loft. And near its base, a lively, huge city, Torchfire itself. The sign says it. Torchfire City, 4 km. Only one more hour to go.



I brace myself for a moment once the volcano comes into view. This feeling. This sight. I love it. I really do.
The satisfaction of a completed journey.
"I have a good feeling about this town!"


Oh wow that is a lot to take in
Let's let Shinx rest on my lap while I read

"Can't believe it, Pokemon subspecies… What do you think Shinx? Maybe we will run into a cousin of yours one day" scratch behind her ears


This is good thing to sleep too. To make traveling easier. Lay down for a bit.

Roll #1 20 = 20



Huddling with both Vee and Lily, you decide its time to hit the hay.

An image of home is the first thing that appears, and you recall the joy of the first day you became a Ranger. You recall the uncertainty the first time you left home on your journey, not knowing when you would return. Or if.

Do you think it turned out well? You have a loyal, strong and smart group of comrades by your side. They say a trainer's Pokemon reflects their soul. You feel immense validation, knowing you've done your best to raise them and won their trust. You can go far.

Outside your team, you have other friends, too. You feel an incredible warmth as the faces drift across your mind. Those girls you saved earlier, each so cool in their own way, and now they look up to you. Arthur, and that mail he wrote in such an moment of clarity, so you know that you realyl are a hero to people already.

And you've still so much further to go! Can you know whjat the future will bring? Whatever the case, you feel an immense surge of confidence, as your bed takes shape again beneath you, and the first light pokes through your eyelids.


Of course I'm a hero, I knew it.
"Goood morning everypoke." I cheerfully say to my pokemon as I sit up in bed.


Good morning. Morning. Mornin'! Same. Ugh. Zzzz…

Lily looks deep in thought while the rest of your team scampers around the carriage. You look outside the window. Judging by the plantlife, you're near the southern tip. Wait, already? Guess this is the fast train for a reason.


"Wow, this train really is fast. Lets see how to get some food, a stack of pancakes would be great!"
Go look for a cafeteria cart.


Your fellow rangers greet you. Wait, they're juniors! Just like you a while ago!


You notice them straigten their postures the moment you enter.


"Hello, there a lot of you here! Save me a seat." I say cheerfully as I go over get tasty breakfast food.


"Oh, y-yes ma–"

That ranger quickly quiets up, you're not supposed to be called ma'am! You sure give off the impression to them, though.

You stack up on the available pancakes, mmm. They just had fresh ones heated up, too. As fresh as you can get in a train, anyway.


Yummy, carry it over to the table with my fellow rangers.


You sit right down with them.

…things are kinda awkward. They eat silently. They're not sure what to say with you around!


I'll start.
"So, you all signed up for the expedition? Did you sleep well? Trains can be so tough to sleep on, this one is pretty smooth I think."


"The beds are actually pretty soft!"

"This is the first time we're being posted out, actually. We're working with Sea Rangers because some of us want to join them later."

"Hey, uh… is that course in Dervor town hard? I heard we have to navigate a joun and mountain!"


"Sea Rangers? That's exciting, have you been near the ocean before?"
I ask curiously.


One of them pipes up, a girl.

"Yeah! I grew up in Tumi Island, but a few years ago my family had to move. I never stopped wanting to go back!"

You notice that on the customisation space on the uniform, she's sewn on a very pretty image of waves.


"Tumi Island huh? I heard they have amazing festivals. Did you go to them?"

"Oh, and the course is pretty tough." I pause to take a bite of food, considering that Rangers avoiding telling me too much about it before I passed. "Don't be scared, just be prepared."


"Yeah! Especially the fight culture! I once saw the gym leader fight some guy unarmed. Guy was trying to sell his super special martial arts moves or something, then the gym leader challenged him to prove it. His nose got broken in 10 seconds flat!"

She says it like it's the coolest thing ever.

They slowly nod their heads.
"I think we'll be signed up for it after this current deployment. Then we'll finally be full Rangers!"

Out the window, the outskirts of town come into view.


I giggle at the story, "That's awesome, the gym leader must be strong."

Take a deep breath and smile proudly at the juniors. "I can already tell you will each do great."
Then glance at the window wondering if I really am different now.


Some of you is different, certainly. You've grown strongwr and smarter from hard work, training and experience. Having your life touched so many others has enriched your view of the world and lent shades of colour to the little things you do and think at every moment. Yet deep down, you can still feel the little Amber who , together wit hher Treecko partner, wanted to be a great ranger, to b a hero to both Pokemon and People.

We will be arriving in Dervor within 15 minutes . Please be prepared to disembark the fast train..

"Right, we only got a hour or so in town before we have to board the boat to Shuiea."


The spoiler's supposed to be italicized


"That's right. Well." Look at my empty plate. "I better bring my pokemon something, Vee gets so needy when he doesn't get any scraps." I giggle and say goodbye to the Juniors for now, get some food for my pokemon and take it to my cabin.


You take a variety for everyone, then retreat to your cabin. You've got a few more minutes to chill if you want.


I will take a moment to groom everyone, I know Vee could use a brushie, and Webster gets stuff static'd to his furs sometimes.


You don't have a lot of time, so you make it quick. Lily helps you tend to Lalita and the rest, while you straighten out Vee's bedfur and clear out Webster's tiny little body.

He licks behind your ears when you turn. Aww, he's trying to groom you, too.

Train's stopped.


That must be our stop. Pet Vee laughing happily at his affections.
"Okay everyone, today is gonna be, amazing. Let's go."
Get my bag and my pokemon and leave.


So sure! Everyone puts on their best game face as you return them to their balls.

Considering travel time, you should head directly to the port. Your juniors are looking at the town map and flagging down a bus as you leave the station and follow them.


They already did the hard part, great. Go to the bus with them.


They continue chatting among themselves while the bus takes you to the port. Some of them are wowed by the sheer difference in environment. In atmosphere, building design, platlife. That other ranger looks nostalgic.

Theres' a boat chartered at the port waiting!


I'm so focused on this mission, I hardly notice the scenery, well, there will be time for that later.
Go to the boat.


File: 1496995900234.jpg (25.4 KB, 852x480, 8.jpg)

It's a ranger-chartered boat, even! You sign in with your name, and are given a seat, while rangers in blue uniforms mill about, loading equipment and supplies. The cloth on these uniforms a re a little different. It's thinner, but looks like it could absorb sweat well while repelling rain and water. Even if they get wet, they'd dry off qucikly So these are sea rangers!

"All clear! Let's move out!"

The boat starts, skating across the calm, open ocean. Seems they're hurrying it up, because you cross Nori Peak, one of the usual rest ports on the way. You see av ast field of seaweed beneath….

Hours pass. You even fell asleep in the midst. You wake to find a city in the distance, many smalll islets flanking one larger one as their leader. Shuiea, the capital of the Sapphire Archipelago itself.


"Lily, look at this."


File: 1497013295073.png (335.67 KB, 1097x407, pokemon-sun-moon-gen-7-pok….png)

>This last file is still considered secret. You are not to discuss this with anyone save me, and the people I explicitly direct you to speak with. Data on these species is still being analysed, but it is fair to assume that whatever these are, they are extremely powerful and dangerous.

What? What are.. these? Are they even Pokemon? They creep you out.

That you do!
And you really need to take a break. The view of this city, capital of the Fire Plains, is enough to give you strength to complete this leg of the journey.

The sun setting behind you, casting its light on the volcano and the fires burning on the plains… you've seen the pictures, but experiencing it is different.


So much water. The air is so different. Full of the salt of the sea. Refreshing, in a manner different from the lively forests of home. The Wingull flock around the boat, squawking incessantly. Lily looks like her heart is moved.

Before long you make land, and are directed to even larger ship.

"Change of plans. We need to go ASAP." One of the rangers in charge announces.


Time to enter the city!
Stroll in with the curiosity of a first timer, face glued to its streets and sights.


"Rodger that."
Follow that ranger to where we should go.


Don't forget to deliver your package! In fact, isn't the delivery location right on this street? In one of the apartments, even.

It's a shame. Isn't this Arthur's hometown? It'd be nice to explore, but maybe after this is done.
You see a bunch of other trainers being to the ship by some other people, not in ranger uniforms, but they're handing some very eloborate equipment, probably for research.

Hey, isn't that Zoe? Riss? Arthur, even!


And I'm one day early!
Let's see where this mystery apartment is. Pokemaps, guide my steps!


I knew Zoe and Riss were here, but I didn't know Arthur would be.. Whisper to Lily's pokeball. "Hey, check my hair for me. Uh,
while no one is looking.


File: 1497014363539.jpg (45.11 KB, 300x400, 4d575dfc152571b87383b29ba5….jpg)

The street signs are very helpful! The apartment is in one of those buildings in the old traditional style. Lots of warm colours here to make a warm city.

"Oh! that's my book, isn't it?" A lady opens the door to see you! "Thank you, let me pay you– DID YOU CROSS THE DESERT WEARING THAT?"

She understands well, and points out where you could maybe straighten out some hairs. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Arthur looking at a Pokeball too, adjusting his collar.


"I promise, the book wasn't damaged in any way! I totally did not drip sweat all over it, I swear!"


Whew that was close.
Go confidently to where they are handing out the equipment.


You show the book still in its pristine wrapping. She quick takes it from you and eagerly unwraps it. There's a picture of a Lucario with an odd, blushing face, and she quickly sets the book away.

"Alright then! Here's your pay, good job!"

Obtained 1000P!

"Although I'd use it to get some better trainer gear myself. W-well, then, see you!"

She quickly shuts the door, and you can hear the rest of the book's wraps being torn away as fast as possible.

Where to next?

"Ah, Ranger! You mind helping us count our stores? We need to double check our pallets of food and water, and Pokemon supplies. We need all hands on deck now, actually. Emergency came up, and the expedition got moved sooner. Something about the Event being closer than expected.


Oooooh, it was porn!
But she's right, I do need better gear.
An outdoors shop? A trainer shop?


"Sure, give me a list."


File: 1497015285478.jpg (117 KB, 510x350, 510x350-gunks-shop1.jpg)

There are outfitters in every city that sell that sort of gear, yes. In fact, there's one just down the street. Looks likethey'e having some sale too, and some people are milling nearby.

The shopkeeper looks amazed as you enter.

"Your clothes… did you cross a whole route like that?"

Even his Ponyta near him looks shocked.


"Thanks a lot! Oh, wait… just help me count the usual supplies, okay?"


"Extremely dangerous and powerful…"
Maybe it doesn't apply to all of them like that cute little purple poofball, but I won't judge for appearances

Is that all?


"Yeah… Is like, everyone gonna ask that today?"
Look a bit embarrassed, even blushing.
"I didn't know it'd be so dirty!"


"I'm here to help, don't worry. I can handle it."
Start counting the things on the list. "What's a field-ready particle detector? Oh, there is only one here, you probably don't need to count it."


File: 1497015768510.jpg (9.97 KB, 183x275, model.jpg)

"I'm more amazed you're still standing! I'm impressed. Imagine what you could do with some proper gear! Help yourself, I recomend the standard hiking pants and shirt. Get a set and pick out your colours! If you find a tailor ,you can even make it kind of look like your nice dress. How about a cap? And a scarf for the sands?"

On the wall is a cool-looking picture of a girl wearing the cap and scarf!


Terribly sorry, Cello, but we need to leave immediately. I'll get you some takeaway. I'll treat you to dinner another time.


File: 1497015933584.jpg (39.85 KB, 640x418, MTS-Closeup.jpg)

It's one of the machines that take up a MASSIVE amount of space in the ship's hold. It's an eloborate setup of countless circuit boards and receptor dishes. It's labeled approproately. You count the remaining pallets, and they work out.

Now where's that communications set?


"Well, what would I need to climb up the trial's trail to the gym in this city?"


Oh! Very cool looking.
'1d20' its probably on the ship, just look around for the label

Roll #1 17 = 17


"A strong, unyielding soul."

He states matter of factly.

"But that aside, this is good beginner set of gear! Let me also recommend you some hiking shoes. I don't think you need them waterproof, of course, you want them to breathe well, but protect your ankles too. So get some high cut shoes."

It's tucked in a dark corner of the hold. It's labeled as you see on the comms set. Ψ-CLASS, capable of communcations of up to 200 km depending on user.

But it's… just a helmet? How is this commuicating with anything?


"Science is quite amazing." I comment on the helmet and check it off the list going back to the supply counter.


"Say I was thinking of actually travelling far and wide. Is there any kind of gear which would be just good enough in most situations?
Shoes are what worry me the most! You have hiking shoes, sand shoes, water shoes…"


"Aww come ooooooooooOOOOOOOooooonnn"
Sigh and get up "So sorry everyone, but the professor needs me, I know we just got out of a big ordeal but I promise after this we're all taking a little time off to recover, you all deserve it for your help in the gym challenge"
Time to stretch and put on some nice clothes


That's the catchphrase of that fat guy on TV, isn't it? The one who shows off all those amazing new technologies? Everyone loves his show.

"Hiking shoes are good almost anywhere! In cold regions you can just stuff them with insulation, too. If you're going to be in the water, though? Just take off your shoes or get some cheap sandals, of course. Speaking of which, we have them too!"

You finally have time to change out of those awful used clothes. Just put them in a sealable bag!

The prof is wating downstairs, backsp acked and a bag of food in his hand.

"We're catching the institute's boat now. Sorry. We have to hurry."

He rushes you to a waiting… taxi? Wow, this is serious. Taxis can be really expensive.


"And how much will it all total to?"
Start looking through the basic gear he suggested, I need to find a decent color scheme!


That must be where I hear it before!
"Hey, looks like everything on the list is here. Anything else I can do to help?"


They don't come in pink, or white…. Grey, how about grey? Like metal, kinda!

"2000 total. That's more than half off! I rounded it down because you really got talent hiking."

You have 2650P. You can live off that amount, and that job should pay well too.

"Seriously? Now? You're lucky I have my yacht. I'll just pop down… and you want me to find someone? Look, Xavier, you can't keep doing this…

A woman behind you is speaking angrily on the phone


"Just sit tight! We don't have a lot of room, so you'll have to bunk with the scientists and other people. We'll be leaving soon!"

You're directed to where an assortment of people are sitting. Isn't that Squire, too? He's next to Arthur and asleep at the moment, so the others are talking to each other. Riss nudges Arthur repeatedly.


"It's alright Prof, just excuse me if I look a little tired. Where are we going from the boat, professor Yew? What institute is this?"


Wait, Xavier? Like the professor?
What an unusual name to hear in the middle of the fireplanes!
Bite my lower lip. And bite the bullet, too.
"Okay, you convinced me. Do they come in blue?"
I want to find them in a similar, but not same, shade as pentium.


"Thanks. Can do."
Go sit near Arthur.


"You're in luck! We have just that set left, your size."

It's perfect!

What do you mean, nearby? Oh… 45 hz, huh? I have that experimental thing you gave me, looks like it's coming in useful after all.

You notice the lady looking at you. Nice glasses.

"It's a cooperative effort. I'll be short. We believe that one of the powerful Pokemon I showed you is abotu to emerge. Best case scenario, we just have to observe it. Worst case, we fight for our lives."

He rushes you out of the taxi and to a waiting boat, owned by one of the high-ened labs. Wait, it belongs to the Rising University of Science? That's like THE top institution in the whole continent!

Riss nudges Arthur harder, and makes space for you.




"Hey there, Amber! Good to see you again!"


While the guy packs it for me I will wave at the woman.
Luck is my second name.
"Darn if it's pretty… I'm even afraid of wearing it not to ruin it now."


"Hey! It was like, just like, like yesterday when we saw each other, like right? Crazy that we'd be here again so like, soon." I laugh.


File: 1497018366484.png (1.84 KB, 80x80, Spr_BW_Scientist_F.png)


He laughs.

"Off to another adventure, huh? I hope I have some time to show you guys around the islets. Maybe it's time I put my sailing licence to use!"

The boat toots.

2000P deducted. Obtained General-purpose adventuing clothes!

You feel ready, finally. That lady takes out a small device and reads off it.

"Yeah, it's the signature you described. She's waving at me. What was her name, Leila? Yes, you're really lucky I have a boat, we can get there by tomorrow morning."

She approaches you.

"Professor Beth Willow, Rising University. Are you Leila? Sigh… Xavier's asked me to help fetch you. That job of yours is coming sooner than we thought."


"That's… Fast. He could have sent a mail!"


"The news came in a few hours ago. He did, but you didn't reply, for obvious reasons. I've been asked to take you to my boat so I can bring you to the Hadal isles. Sorry for you getting wrapped up in all this, Leila."

She looks irritated, then starts walking off to flag down a cab, her own purchases under her arm.


"You can sail? That's pretty amazing. I'd love to see it." I say in awe of him.


"about to awaken where? And uh… Which one of those Pokemon was it? Did it include the ones on the files you sent me?"

And so it is! Wow, I didn't expect the professor to have those kinds of connections, it's a huge privilege to even be near one of these


"R-right then! Let's move!"
Dash after her. Shame, I really wanted to see a tailor…
But think of the ADVENTURE!


"Y-yeah… I was thinking of using the money from this to buy an old boat, then spend some time fixing it up. I want to explore the Archipelago on my own, you know?"

You ignore Riss smirking.

"Either the one titled Solgaleo, or Lunala. Possibly both. You'll be able to read the papers on the methodology once they're published."

Indeed. She gets into a cab, inviting you in.

"Xavier, he always regretted not finishing his journey, so now he spends his time living vicariously through other trainers. He needs to move on already. He knows there's more to life, and… feh, I am tired of keeping tabs on him.

The cab drives way too fast for you to get any more than a passing view of the town's warm colours. Few great buildings and engineering marvels here, though they're not uncommon. Every now and then you see a massive torce surrounded by crowds of people. Strange that a city so associated with fire would be near the sea, but all aspects of the world are intimiately tied with each other, as they say.

I'll be sailing us down in a fast yacht. It'll be an overnight hourney…"


Professor Yew is pretty well known because of just how many papers and projects he's been involved in. He has a large crossdisiplinary breadth to apply anywhere! Living curious is his motto, you recall.

He hustles you onto the boat, a high-speed yacht carrying a load of equipment.

"Try to get comfy. We'll be at the camp by tonight."


"Really hope you have a shower on that yatch, because I just got into town after two days of walking the fire plains."


"Surviving on the waters.. that sounds like a whole different challenge than the forest or even the icy north.." I look deeply concerned. "I wonder if there will be time to take a sea ranger course.."


That's a motto I want to live by too!

"Whooo boy, more camping" I raise my hand weakly in the air with a smile "Yay…"


File: 1497019767490.jpg (101 KB, 768x487, 68SP_PLE_0813_JMC_4285_1_0.jpg)

"Yep, it's meant for long journeys, it just happens to have a good tops speed. Never been outr of the Northwest Fire Plains, huh? You're in for a treat, I can say that!"

Amidst the bitter nostalgia, you sense a bit of joy awakening. Huh.

It's a small yacht, quietly docked among lots of bigger ships, but she gets to pilot one! You see her get into the.. driver's seat? And she releases a Gengar to sit next to her as her co-pilot.

"You're tired, aren't you? I have some packed food. I'm not gonan be sleeping so feel free to use the bed once it's time to hit the hay."

You hear her chuckle under her breath.

"Good times…"

"That'd be cool! We could, like, explore some islands tog.. yeah!"

Thge ship is off!

"The Hadal Isles can be pretty nice, and these are nice camps, complete with air conditioning. Yep."

You sit back and relax as the yacht moves…


I'll shuffle along all this while, just outright stunned at the thought of being on such a nice looking boat!
Quickly let Wartotle out!
"Look where we are!"


"That sounds fun! A nice break after this expedition even, it sounds like huge something is happening already."


"Hey, beats a trip in the forest with a Scizor chasing me!"
At least this gives me a bit more time to rest
Let's open my badge case to take a look at them, I already have two so far right?


The.. open sea. Wartortle looks amazed, his face dreamy. He thought the lake was big, but this…

He almost looks like he wants to cry.

You're sailing pretty fast, 50 knots! It's amazing how stable the ship is despite the waves. Oh, but of course it is, it was manufactured in Fabiorge, your home! You're in the fruit of what could be your family's work!


"We should have, like a tab battle!"

The chatter barely makes you realise just how wuickly time passes. The ship slows down at some point, and makes land where you recognise nothing. The plants here are so strange…

You make landfall at a makeshift port. There arern;t any buildings here, they're all tents. Elaborate ones, though, complete with air conditioning!

Yep. Your first from the Spring Fields, and your second from Dervor.

So much more to go.

You're feeling sleepy…. you can squeeze in a nap till you arrive.


I look a puzzled for a moment, then smile and stand up.
"We're here, let's go up all together and find out what we should be doing."


First of all, before we even leave port, call out Eevee too.
He wants to travel, this is as real as travelling gets!

I will take a shower before changing into my newly bought clothes.


Yes please, a little nap would be great


The moment you bring the ball out of your bag, he jumps out. He stares in awe as the boat leaves port, the landmass you called home growing smaller and smaller. And here you thought you had a big city.

Look at how dwarfed it is, just against one coast.

Eevee, he feels very, very small too. Humbled, and with new understanding. You leave him be while you use the TINY shower on the boat, then change into your new adventurer clothes.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You look… ready. You can see the world now, conquered the paths, reach the peaks of the mountains, the furthest glaciers.


You wake up when the boat's already landed in a completely different region. You've crossed into the Sapphire Archipelago, the hot, wet islands to the south that hone some of the most unique talents in the continent.

"Alright, Cello, just stay among the camps for now, I'll call you up when I need you."

Isn't that Viola, working with some other Captors?


"Amber! Can you help us bring stuff over to campsite? Just push these trolley pallets… guys, sorry, but if you don't have anything else to do, could you help out?"


"No problem!" Time to do some manual labor, push the trolly around for the prof.


I'll spend the rest of the trip playing with my mons, briefing them on the situation and resting from the long day.
Ready for tomorrow.


File: 1497021352651.jpg (70.81 KB, 600x450, fcs-lrg.jpg)

It actually looks pretty comfy. The gang and you bring things to the food supply tent, and after that you guys are given dinner. After that, seems like you'll be free to sleep. But who sleeps when you're practically having a sleepover?

They don't have a spare bunk in the ranger tent, so you'll be staying with the hired help. Oooh.


"Um, we probably need to sleep early so we can have enough energy tomorrow."


Goodnight, young adventurer. Everyone sleeps in their balls tonight to save space, but you place them at a porthole so they have the view of the sea while they sleep.

You wake up, and the environment has changed drastically. All these trees on the distant islets feel weird. They're not like the savanna or grassland trees! They're tropical!

The air is so different. The faint morning sun comes from your right.

"We should. Amber, that's a good idea."
Arthur speaks very confidently, while Riss has that grin on her the whole time.

After a quick dinner, everyone is assigned their bunks. Everyone's sleeping in the same tent.

"Eh… I sure wish I brought my card games. Night."


Take a big breath of fresh air.
Are we still travelling?
"Good morning Professor Willow!"


I will slide into my sleeping bag and try not to think about certain trainers looking adorable while sleeping.


I yawn and stretch "You got it professor Yew"

Oh, so it is "Hey, Viola! How's my favorite wild huntress doing? Also what are you doing in the sapphire arquipélago?"


Professor Willow is asleep at the wheel! Her Gengar..? Her gengar is sailing in her place, and waves to you.

"Hrrmph? Oh… morning."

The boat is stopping at a makeshift portm and you see a massive campsite. It's morning, and another boat's just arrived. Willoe parks her boat, gets a cold pack of coffee, and stumbles out.

"I can just leave you with the hireling tent for a while. You'll be briefed for whatever that idiot wants later…."

The poor woman points you towards a tent before walking off, her Gengar giving a backrub while immersed in her shadow.

Tough, since someone is next to you. At least he's facing away… but out of the corner of your eye you notice a strategically placed mirror, and you make eye contact for a second before he goes back to sleeping. Probably.


Is it morning already?

She giggles.

"Oh, you Cello. You're alive after all! Yep, I'm with the Captors. we were asked to catch some of the strange Pokemon around, and they said there might be a big influx soon. Oh, but we can talk elsewhere, I just got here, we should put our stuff down in the hireling tent."

The Professor ushers you away, saying he'll call you out when it's time.


"Thanks for taking care of me, Professor!"
Give her a short bow and off I go, balls hung around my belt, to the tent!


"Alive thanks to you and your help! If it wasn't for your help I wouldn't have lasted a day in the trial, thank you so much!"

To the hireling tent!

"So they called you too huh? Did you get to catch anything yet?"


You rush in! A wide assortment of trainers are milling about, lying on their sleeping bags and still waking up. One of them has a ranger uniform, eve. And suddenly, behind you, two other trainers barge in. One girl wearing the uniform of the Captor Guild, people who specialise in finding and tracking rare Pokemon! The other's a nerdy-looking boy in glasses.

"A few! I had to track down some weird Meowth and Digglett. The Meowth looked really pretty, but the Diglett.. they had hair!"

You two go into the tent and nearly bump into an eager-looking girl, in fresh, chrome-grey clothes.


This mission is a little too exciting.
I can't wait. Make sure my gear is in top condition. '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


Everything is ready. What kind of ranger would you be if you didn't keep your gear in top conditional all the time?

Suddenly, an unfamilliar face barges in. A girl in fresh adventuring-ready clothes! She looks tough, but inexperienced. From her features, a native of the Fire Plains?

The Ranger stirs, and is busy checking her gear.


Wave at her.
"Hi! Are you here to help the Professor too?"


"Hair? Oh man I need to see this"

Wave at the girl "Hey, excuse us, we're just here to leave our stuff"


What kind of Ranger doesn't check before a big mission? or after one, or just on downtime, for fun.. okay, maybe I just like looking at it.
Look up at the fire-plains girl "Hello! Yes. I'm Ranger Amber, who are you?"


The Prof did say he'd get you when it was time. You might as well stay here.


Go extend one hand to her.
"Leila! Fresh out of my first gym! You're a ranger you said? That must be so cool!"


True, True
I'll find a place to sit and stretch
"So, can I see what you caught? I haven't drawn anything in days and my hand is itching for some action!"


"Really is! Arthur, from Shueia"
A gloomy-seeming boy waves to you.

"Riss. Training under Master Sinistra in Lanobe!" A cheerful-seeming girl greets you, but you sense a great deal of ability from her.

"Hello, I'm Zoe."
That last girl introduces herself.

"Oh, they're aren't my pokemon. If you're asking me? Still mainly with Whirlipede."


I shake your hand with a grin.
"It is pretty awesome. Still getting used to it, to be honest, I just recently made full ranger."


"Ah that's a shame…" I say putting my drawing pad down
"Still, maybe I could draw you and Whirlipide, I don't recall drawing both of you before"


The room is more than you two, you know!

"When we have time, for now I'm gonna take a break… eh?"

"Amber, is that you? Great to see you again!"

It's that wild girl you found and helped out, that one who had been living by herself in the forest. Now she's working well in her Captor Guild. Viola looks happy.


"Me too actually. Wait, Amber?"

"Oh look at that it is the Pokemon Ranger Amber! I haven't seen you in what feels like forever ago"


"I've been learning so much from the ranger guide books about travel!
I sure feel better now that a ranger is here though, no matter what goes wrong someone like you should be able to pull us out of it!"
Introduce myself to all of them too!
"Do you guys know when we will be meeting the professor?"


I gasp.
"Viola right? Its been ages, I hardly recognized you in that uniform. How is it working out for you?"


"Whoa! Cello. I still have that picture saved, the one you drew." I give you a thumbs up. "You're the prof's assistant right?"
I grin "Hey there are a lot of skilled trainers here too, we'll be fine together."


The once-thin girl looks so much healthier, her skin even makes you a little jealous.

"Been really busy recently, finding weird pokemon left and right. Exciting stuff!"

"I think they'll be starting up breakfast soon, we'll probably be briefed then."

That Zoe girl pipes up, an honest, polite smile on her.


I'll grin.
"I'm honestly too excited to hold it!"


"The weird pokemon are exactly why I wanted to come on this expedition." I nod at her.
"Well, what are we waiting around here for?"


Time for breakfast! Everyone moves out of the tent to the makeshift canteen, where the food Amber moved is being served. Bacon and eggs? This isn't bad, actually!


Yea, what a filling breakfast


"Whaaaat, that old thing? Pshaw, I'm sure it needs an update by now, all of your Pokemon must have evolved I'm sure. And well not officially! I guess technically we are all his assistants now"
[adjusts glasses]


Yeah, not bad at all. Is there even a buffet for the mons?


"Its really cute." I reply, and hum a bit. "Yea, a few of them did evolve since I talked to you actually."


Not to the same extent, your mons get standard Pokemon food, supplemented by iron pills for