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Sure, I'm just a part-time worker now, pounding away at the register with a smile on my face, but once I was a Trainer, traveling around on my challenge, too. I even made a pretty fair name for myself. But then I got a wife, and then I had a kid… Now I face a new trial called a mortgage. And I work here to prepare myself for the most grand trial of all: old age and reitrement.
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"Not at all! It doesn't actually hurt the much, that's why its useful!"

She looks like she's trying to spook you.

Zoe sighs.
"She's like that, Leila."


"I still mess it up a lot. I got some help from my Pokemon throughout it."

"Our promise? Yeah. I think I know a real good beach to visit too."


A weirdo?
"Ahah. It was just a joke. I get it."
Smile awkwardly.


"Pokemon are really amazing at so many things." I nod understandingly.
"That's a good attitude to have. So many new pokemon here, we'll all be learning something."


"Oh come on! It's real, though!"

Riss looks disappointed that you didn't find her super cool.


"I believe it's real! I'm just a bit scared of it!"


"And that's why you should learn about it! It's how we overcome what we fear. Lear nto control it."

Sh egives thumbs up and high-fives her Gabite.


A woman in a coat comes by your group, muttering umder her breath.

"Drags kids over here, and now he won't even babysit them himself…"

"Hey! You guys the hired help? We're going to get to work after breakfast, so in a few minutes, can you gather by the large tent?"

Leila and Cello know this lady as Professor Willow, an associate of Professor Yew's.


"Right! Do we need anything with us, aside from our mons?"


"No problem. Anything else we should prepare?"


Wave at her ''Hey, Professor Willow, nice to see you in person'' I get up and stretch a bit, putting away my sketchbook
''Sure thing, I was starting to feel lazy from just standing around''


"Your Pokemon and Pokedexes, and your water. We'll be headed out to walk long distances, scouting the expected impact site.

Who's Maali?

"Ah, yes, Cello, I was hoping to see you here. I'll catch you later."


"Wait, is this one of those Tapu mons?!"


"Just how far is it?"


Some faggy deer

''Yalrgiht then, see you by the tent''

''Alright Jasper, are you ready to see some new pokemon that very few have ever saw before with your own two evolution-granted eyes?''


"You might be walking for the whole afternoon. We'll bring food, but you can't have enough water. weather here's nice, though."

She stares at you.
"Oh. Well, not exactly."

She quickly excuses herself.


"Sounds like a good distance away then. I'll see if I can squeeze in an extra bottle if we have any lying around."


"Guess we should get going."


The group quickly puts away the plates and gathers at the tent, where Professor Willow is waiting.

"Right. So what we'll be doing today is surveying the interior of the isle. Just to be clear, are we all familliar with the new Pokemon species and subspecies that have been appearing?"


"I saw the reports on TV about them and in some other places. Even passed a few on my trip."


Raise my hand!
"I only ever saw one of them flash by! Can I get a quick recap?"


"Good enough. Now, the purpose of this study is to document what we believe to be a large number of these Pokemon concentrated around this island. Hopefully we won't need to fight, but we should be ready to defend ourselves. Fortunately, through… extensive fieldwork, we already have significant documentation on what to expect. Give me your Pokedexes… oh, except, Cello."

She plugs them into a laptop and seems to be manually pushing an update.

Don't you have something you might want to show them?
"That's right. Recently a lot of previous unobserved Pokemon species were discovered in large numbers, and they've been appearing all over the continent. The one you saw, the Tapu? It's one of those, and exceedingly powerful. You got lucky, I think."


"Wait, you mean something like this?"
Take the one ball I've been ignoring for a while now, and let the weird Godude out.


"Is there anythibg extra special about this island that would attract so many?" Make sure I have mine over carefully.


"Oh! Yes, that's what we've come to classify as a Lodestone Geodude. I'm guessing you found it in the Fire Plains badlands? That's one place we haven't been searching. Is it something you'd be willing to donate?"

She frowns.
"We might find that out while we're here. Any other questions?"


"I think I got most of it. I'm ready to go."


"It's pretty much the only reason I caught it! It's gonna be much happier with you researchers anyway!"


"Eeh? Why except mine?" I pick up my dex, was it already updated and I forgot?
"Well, I'm ready as I'll ever be, let's go!"


File: 1497722262540.png (15 KB, 162x173, kommo-o.png)

"Oh, thanks! I'll make sure you're rewarded for this."

Willow takes the Geodude off your hands.

Yes, you updated it already, remember? The prof even secretly emailed you a file. You might not want to go around showing the others those weird Pokemon.

Everyone's Pokedexes are returned, and you notice new entries. Seems like this cool-looking dragon is the last one!


Oooh right


Uh. That's a lot of new pokemon!


"Whoa, where did they run into this one!?"


It is!
You don't see that Tapu thing on the list, though.

"Anything else? If not, we head out now."


"Yeah, no, I'm fine. Ready to go."


It's either top secret or nobody classified it yet.


Yes! Heading out


File: 1497722945203.jpg (822.94 KB, 3456x2304, the-plains-of-rohan-from-l….jpg)

Well thought out.

The group hesds out, led by the lady prof.

It's quite amazing to be in such a remote location. With the ocean left behind you, all that's in front of you are plains, and the mountains in the distance. The apparent emptiness is chilling, but if you focus, life brims under the surface, as always.


Let's try and spot any Pokemon that pop their heads out of burrows, like Digletts do. Besides, we need to be wary of any decide to attack.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Man imagine riding a bicycle here"
Now just what kind of Pokemon live in these plains? Let's help Squire in his search to find out

Roll #1 13 = 13


File: 1497723430983.png (38.23 KB, 250x250, 250px-761Bounsweet.png)

Look out!
You nearly trip, and notice a fruit like Pokemon at your feet. A… Bounsweet? Looks like some kind of grass type!

You hear the flapping of wings behind you, and dodge!
A bird Pokemon tries to snatch up the Bounsweet squire tripped over, but you and he both get in the way! The Trumbeak flies off, disappointed.


"Woah, we don't even need to look for them, sometimes they just come to us. Did you se that, Squire?"


"Well hello, didn't see you -Woah!"

"I nearly fell over it, how could I miss it. And then we got dove on it. Did you catch the two 'Mons on your Pokedex?"


''I think I did, says here it was a… Trumbeak? Never saw one of those before. I bet you are just itching to capture one of these new pokemon right?''


"Yeah! We might be the first ones to capture some of these. It'll be a thrill to train them."


''Yes! But I feel like I should choose carefully, I only have 5 on my time and only got a spot for one more pokemon…''


"Same here. But if the chance presents itself, don't hesitate to throw the 'Ball. This is more important, I think."


''Almost a full team too? I bet they're all well trained and evolved huh?''


"Nope. Some I just got and I'm still getting to know. Others like Quetz have been with me a long time now. Once it calms down, I'll introduce you to them."


''Oh I'd like that! But yes, let's first focus on the task at hand here''


"Let's try not to trip over Pokemon then. Keep an eye out case we get another one diving us."

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