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Paladinquest - Thread 9 DM 353797

Balsawood was suggesting Burning should spend H&H with him '1d10'
To which she replied '1d10+1'

Jon was cooking

Star met Spell Seeker

Vera and Nock were being lesbians or something

Sidus was being an egghead

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9

DM 353801

And the answer was
"Sorry. I'm saving myself for Sidus."

Star Hopper [Charlatan] 353809

>New skinnier paladin


Sidus [Rogue] 353810

Well, keep copying the important notes and maps.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353813

Well, that went well.
Now we just wait for it to finish baking. While we do that, we can start working on the filling. First up, the pastry cream. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 353815

Hey I was eating with Leaf too!
Widen my eyes in surprise and look at that delice mouth watering.
'1d10' to hide it.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 353821

Today isn't your day, is it?

I set it down and cut out a piece.

"Maybe poor little Vera's all tuckered out after losing another fight. Am I going to have to feed you?"

Hoof it up in front of her with a grin.

Papaver Field [Mage] 353827

Look at her sideways for a second.
Melt as the cake hits my mouth.
'1d10+2' for taste.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Nock [Tracker] 353852

Give her a smile. "Is it good?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 353859

Then, smile at her.
"Just as good as I remembered…
I will have to write an ode to your food, too~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353868

Well, that seems to have gone alright.
The crust should be finished, so I'll take that out of the oven and let it cool for a moment.
After that, it's time for filling it in and placing the fruit. Let's try not to break anything… '1d10+3'

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

DM 353891

"Well, that' what we have bandages and stitches for. So what do you specialize, in Cadet?"
You make some copies of the most notable bits.
Past the Dungeon basement.
Code of patterns serve as lock.
The Dead Guardian.
"Well I gotta hand it to you. You picked a keeper."
"So… anything else you wanna talk about?"
You drop the knife you were using to smooth the frosting.
Roll for damage.

Sidus [Rogue] 353892

Nock [Tracker] 353895

"Well, we better finish the cake while it's still cold… but then we have the whole day…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353896


Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353898

I gulp and look down ashamedly
"H-healing magic…"

Sidus [Rogue] 353901

I grin at him.
"Told you, didn't I?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 353906

Giggle for a second.
"You know, I just had the best imagine ever.
I saw your dad storming though the door to show off his new hoofsword, asking to cut the cake with it!"
"Oh, I met the new antimagic trainer. Turns out he's Nock's… That's her, by the way… Father."

DM 353908

You end up with a cut in your forehoof as you juggle the knife before it falls and sticks to the table.
"Hm. Well, just don't try that crap on me missy. I guess some appreciate it more though, so don't despair entirely."
"She's a damn good kisser too."
"Really? What's he like?"

Sidus [Rogue] 353913

I stand up and advance on him.

Papaver Field [Mage] 353914

"Hates all magic." Quickly nod.
"But he's full of interesting stories!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353916

I frown a little, but nod
"O-okay… If you say s-so mister Seeker…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353918

I'll go rinse my forehoof off for a minute, and then wrap it up in a cloth. No time for that now. Switch out the knife with a clean one, and finish that blasted tart. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

DM 353923

"Hm? This comes as a surprise to you?
Maybe she just reserved the good kisses for me then."
He imitates your smug grin.
"Oh. Great. One of those types again."
"I do. The only thing worse than a mage is a spineless quitter."
It is a fine tart.
Very cute. Perfect for being a cute horse.

Nock [Tracker] 353924

"Pffffffffffffff. Don't you."

Stuff her mouth with more cake.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353926

"R-right… uh… I t-think you'll b-be teaching one of m-my classes…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 353929

And now I'm the cake monster.
Hoofs in the air, walk on my hindlegs, eyes go googly!
"Hey, past that he looked really cool!"

Sidus [Rogue] 353930

I stop before him.
"You are lying."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353931

I'll smile at Adam's Apple.
"I think… I think that's it for the tart! It looks great, don't you think?"

Nock [Tracker] 353941

Well, stuff my own face with cake, too. Enjoy it.


DM 353942

His face brightens
"You're taking Antimagic?"
"Sure. If you say so."
"Eeyup. Looks tasty to me!"
"And why would I be?"

Sidus [Rogue] 353946

"Because you are a jealous asshole?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353949

"S-Spellbreaker… y-yes… A friend t-talked me into j-joining her."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353951

I'll grin at her.
"It wouldn't look half this good without your help. I'm deeply in your debt."

DM 353959

"Now now, what's with the name calling all of a sudden?
Did I hit a nerve?"
"Oh what fun! I'm always glad to get to know my students beforehand."
"You sure are. I expect you you be helpful to me in the future in here you hear?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 353960

"I just wish he'd take me on one of his adventures against evil!"

Sidus [Rogue] 353964

"I'll hit something very soon too, if you don't stop this bullshit. Just because you can't handle losing to me twice during the same day doesn't mean you can lie to me about her like that. She would never betray me."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353968

I'll nod.
I'll take a moment to peek out the kitchen door to see if Star's there. '1d10'
Then I'll come back in and whip up that salad. Salads are easy, right? Just lettuce and some sliced apples… '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353969

"So… y-you said you a-are new too?"

DM 353980

"Well, that's why we're becoming paladins, right? To fight evil?"
"You really do act like you own her.
Has she ever even said she loves you?
Now, far be it from me to steal someone's beloved, but I do think everypony is entitled to their own choice in things."
You must be a little anxious…
"Oh yes. Just started. Can't go back into the field yet with just three legs."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 353983

I look him over
"Are y-you… an inquisitor?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 353988

"And bring honor to the family!"
Oh, was I starting to cheer up?
Give a half smile.
"Or at least to the Sisters now…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 353990

Of course I'm anxious. Let's fluff that salad. It looks awful. And those apple slices are all over the place, let's straighten those up. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 353991

"And she chose me, because she can see the greatness in me!"

Nock [Tracker] 353992

Papaver Field [Mage] 353994

Try not to laugh.
And contain the cake!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nope, all over us.
And stop laughing already!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 354000

"Pfff.. Look at this mess!"

DM 354002

"Oh yes. Yes I am."
"To all Equestria if the more fanciful are to be believed."
"I concede that victory to you. Treat her well, she is very sweet.
Are you done with my notes?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354004

"Oh… uh… okay… m-my mom i-is one t-too so t-that's fine…"

Sidus [Rogue] 354007

Levitate what I copied and my training kamas I left here earlier away.
"Yeah. I'm done with you."

Leave his place.
Find Burning.

Papaver Field [Mage] 354008

"Maybe one day they will look at me and see something more than a coward…"
Pull the lockpicks and place them on the table.
"These things are not fading.."

Nock [Tracker] 354011

"Maybe we should get cleaned up… but there's only one shower…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354021

"You know, I don't mind sharing. Helping a strong warrior clean herself~"

DM 354022

"Hm? What's her name? We may have met."
"Until we meet again."
Burning is in your room, sitting by the window, looking at the sky
"We need to show them to Layline…"

Sidus [Rogue] 354023

Look at her sternly.
"Is it true?"

Nock [Tracker] 354025

"If you insist~"

Let's go and get it started. Hot and steamy.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354026

Well, looks like I'm just waiting for Star. The pie has finished and is cooling, the tart is ready, and the salads are as good as I'll risk them.
Just… have to wait. I can help around the kitchen until she shows up, though. At least wash the dishes I used. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354031

"Night B-Blossom…"

DM 354034

"Yes. It is true that I want to spend tomorrow… and if at all possible… the rest of my life… with you."
He thinks for a moment
"That's a good boy.
Run along now. Your special gal awaits."

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 354038

"Nope. Can't say I'd know her.
Anyway, I need to go. It was fun talking to you!"

Sidus [Rogue] 354039

"You know what I meant."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354043

"We won't have to show the ladder too, right?"
And under the shower they went.
Roll to keep the hooves where they belong.
And to scrub carefully.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354044

"Oh… t-hat's a shame b-but… okay… uh… B-Bye!"
Right, I think it's time to find Jon

DM 354046

"…what did he say?"
"These should be enough…"
And those hooves are quite adventurous…

Sidus [Rogue] 354048

"That you two kissed."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354050

I'll nod to Adam's Apple.
"Thank you, ma'am. I'll probably be back tomorrow to start helping out."
And with that, I'll toss a soft cloth over the tart so it's a surprise, gather everything else on a pushcart, and head out into the dining hall.
Is Star there? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 354052

"Wanna go right now?"

Nock [Tracker] 354053


How do I take it? Is it too fast? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 354076

Blush as she begins to scrub me. But… it feels good.

"I– ahh.. That's…"

DM 354078

"He came in here, asking if I'd join him for hearts and hooves.
I said no. I said I wanted you.
He said he could offer more.
For every reason I gave as to why I preferred you, he had a counter.
Ultimately, I said that no matter how many arguments he gave, I knew in my heart I preferred you.
Then he said he would at least try to challenge you in that too, and kissed me.
…I will admit… after the damage had already been done… I gave him a fair chance to at least finish. And as it happened, my faith for you only grew stronger.
…so I told him no. He could not change my heart. For he was not as great as you are.
And then he left.
…that is the truth."
Took her long enough.
Should you give her something back?
"Lets wait until after hearts and hooves. If they still are stable then, they are truly worth showing."
She is >>354044

Papaver Field [Mage] 354080

Look with a red, emarassed face back at her.
"W-want me to stop?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354081

I'll wave to Star, and bring the pushcart over.
"Hey there. Want to set this up here, or in the, ahem, secret room?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354082

I walk to the window as well and look to the sky myself.

Papaver Field [Mage] 354084

Timewarp there? I don't think I'll be over this dyke business anytime soon.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354086

I wave back and squeal in delight as I see the cart
"I-I-I… T-this is great!"
Completely ignoring his question I look over all the stuff that he made

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354087

"Tut tut, it's a surprise!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354089

"B-but it smells so good!"

Nock [Tracker] 354090


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354096

"That just means it's going to be that much better when you see it! Now, do you want to eat here, or in the secret room?"

DM 354099

Her voice is just a whimper
Enjoy your dykes, I'll pause once the sidus stuff is done.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354100

"S-Secret room!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354103

"Then there we go."
And I'll start rolling the cart towards that secret room.


And then we wasted a lot of time in that shower.
A lot more than we have any right to.
Rolling for general care of the touch.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 354107

Don't even look at her.
Keep staring at the clouds.
"…in all the time we've been together… all these months, ever since you first approached me with those excited eyes of yours…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354115

Gleefully follow him

DM 354116

She stays silent, then swallows and turns to face you with a brave look on her face, but tears in her eyes.
"Say it."

Sidus [Rogue] 354119

I look her in the eyes.
"…I've never been so proud of you than right now."


H-how low did we go?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 354123

Rolling to contain joy
That's either not at all or pretty much all the way

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354129

Once we reach the entrance to the secret room, I'll start ferrying things down. First the tart, then the pie, and finally the salad. After arranging two cushions into vaguely sitting across from the other, I'll remember I didn't actually take any plates or silverware.
"Alright, I'll be right back. Promise you won't peek while I'm getting the plates and things?"

DM 354133

Ice cold professional.
She did say she will save it for tomorrow.
"For you, anything."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354138

I don't know Jim, there was a+2 in there.
That looks like power of love to me.

Sidus [Rogue] 354139

Give her a hug.
"I knew I can trust you…"
Speak a bit more snarkily.
"…though try to avoid kissing others next time, okay?"


Rolling to resist peeking

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 354142

So should we write this or leave it to DM?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354144

And I'm off. Am I fast enough to get back before she peeks at the surprise dessert? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 354146

"Sometimes less than preferred methods must be used to reach the best outcomes.
You just be glad it was just a kiss."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354147

This autism fountain?
I'm not touching it!

Sidus [Rogue] 354148

I narrow my eyes.

Papaver Field [Mage] 354150

Oh have fun!

DM 354151

"What, can't take a bit of counter-snark?
Oh, to think-"
She puts her hoof on her forehead dramatically
"-had some dashing rogue taken advantage of my moment of weakness and draped me over that bed, helpless to resist his advances~"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354152

I guess I took a peek without you noticing then

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354153

Ah, but can you act surprised when I reveal them?
And I'll make my return with the plates and things.
"Alright, I hope you're hungry, because…"
I'll settle everything down next to the pillows.
"I made you dinner."
I'll grin.

Papaver Field [Mage] 354154

I'm on the phone! Can't pull off a poem worthy of the occasion!
No but seriously, let's just ftb.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354155

I giggle excitedly
"You don't say!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354158

I'll nod.
"I do! First up, a nice crisp salad topped with sliced apples."

Sidus [Rogue] 354159

Try to get behind her in a quick motion.
"What if I were that rogue?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 354162

"Oh my~
What would you do to a poor, defenseless girl like me?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354169

Mount her, non sexually.
Or, well, you know, in clothes and everything, just for show.
Lean closer to her ear.
"Stab you in the back?~"

DM 354173

"Lets… leave… it… for… tomorrow…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354176

I grin like a little filly in a candyshop
"I-It looks great!"

Sidus [Rogue] 354177

Stay where I am, brushing against her neck.
"Can't take a little counter-counter teasing?~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354178

I'll nod.
And then we go through the salad course.


And then I guess we finally leave the shower.
Roll for embarrassment.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354180

"T-this must have been so much work… t-thank you!"

DM 354181


Papaver Field [Mage] 354183

Pretty solid.
"Okay that was… Sudden."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354184

I'll blush.
"The salad was the easy part. And besides…" I'll blush a bit more. "It's worth to see you happy."

Sidus [Rogue] 354186

Hop off of her and laugh.
"That'll teach you then~"
Give her a peck on her cheek.
"Silly little filly."

Nock [Tracker] 354187

As you scrub lower and lower, I moan, panting, and barely supporting myself by gripping your waist.

Breathing heavily, I barely whisper over the thick steam, "H-how did you get so good at this? I-I thought you were inexperienced–"

Composing myself, I take charge, pressing you against the hot wall of the shower, embracing you from behind, I slowly grind my hips against your flank before swelling into a slow, throbbing series of thrusts.

"D-do you like how it feels?"

Through your moans of ecstasy, all you can get out is,

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354189

I grin at him, a piece of salad sticking between my teeth

Papaver Field [Mage] 354190

3/10 is the best I can do.
Next time, I write.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354192

After we've finished our salads, I'll bring over the pie.
"For the main course, a nice savory pie, to balance the sweetness both before and after it."
With a smile, I'll start to divide the pie into pieces, serving Star first.

DM 354193

"You are really taking a big risk teasing me like this…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354194

My mouth waters even more as I see the pie
"S-so much food…"
I squee and dig in!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354195

I'm glad she's so enthusiastic.
"Now, remember to save some room for dessert."
Grinning to myself, I'll serve myself a slice, and start eating.
This is good pie, ma would be proud.

Sidus [Rogue] 354196

"Tomorrow is the day, my love."

Sidus [Rogue] 354197

And if my memory isn't cheating me, I can skip there.

DM 354198

"Then… do you need me until then?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354200

"Of course I need you. Why wouldn't I?"

See >>354197

Nock [Tracker] 354202

Am I embarrassed? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nock [Tracker] 354206

I guess I am as well.

"I mean… you… Well it's Hearts and Hooves Day… have you been reading that book?"

DM 354210



Star Hopper [Cleric] 354214

"I-I always have room for dessert!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354215

Shake my head.
"It was more of an accident, I.."
Look away. Not like it does much good, after I've seen… well, everything.

Nock [Tracker] 354225

Close with her and put a hoof up on her shoulder.

"You were just eager. But… did you like it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354228

Nod vigorously, still red in face.
"And you…?"
Lay my head on her hoof, brushing my cheek against it.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354230

I'll smile at that.
After we work our way through as much of the pie as we're willing to eat, I'll bring out the covered tart.
"Alright, now this… this is a special Apple family recipe that we only make for our special someponies, and only on Hearts and Hooves. This," I'll say while taking the light cloth off with a small flourish, "is the Apple Family Heart Tart. You'll notice it's rather larger than the usual tart, but that's because it was made for sharing between two ponies. Two ponies, one heart."
I'll blush at all this.
"And… I just want to say that I am very happy that you are the one who I get to make this for."


My eyes widen in wonder as I see the tart once again. I grin and turn to look at him, only to tackle him a moment later and locking him in a deep kiss, not caring about anything else in the world.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354232

I'll be completely surprised.
Can I save the tart? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 354237

My face is red too.

"…Yes. But… maybe not in the shower next time."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354239

The tart is saved. Setting it gently out of the way, I'll hug Star tightly, and wonder just how she got so good at kissing in just a few hours. The taste of the pie will likely linger in her mouth, and I'll return that kiss with as much passion as I can muster. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 354247

"And.. Maybe, let's not tell anypony, okay?"
Scoot closer, right at her side, pressing against her… But still looking the other way.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354249

Eventually I break off, still hugging him tight
"… I l-love you."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354268

I'll hug her just as tight.
"And I love you, Star."
Giving her a light kiss, I'll add her a smile and a small chuckle.
"Thank you for being with me."

Nock [Tracker] 354274

"Well as long as we're not telling anypony… We could keep reading that book. You know… for research."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354289

"Y-yeah. Totally."
Lean completely against her. Shut up for a moment.
"Did you mean it, the other day?: About… Falling for me?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354291

Kiss him back
"N-no… thank y-you! T-This is the best t-thing ever!"

Nock [Tracker] 354297

Nod a little and crack a small smile

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354298

I'll chuckle again.
"Well, let's just agree to thank each other, then."
Booping her nose with mine, I'll speak again.
"Now, are you going to help me eat this tart, or are we going to spend all night wrapped in each others' hooves?"
I'll raise an eyebrow, with a grin.
"Or perhaps both?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354311

"Feel like that… Since the moment you held my hoof, over there, and I showed you my sword…
Something has changed.
I feel stranger than ever before, I am sick when you are not around, I…
I don't know what to do."
Hug her.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354314

I giggle like a little schoolfilly

Nock [Tracker] 354320

Enjoy the embrace.

"Well then we'll just have to stay together."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354323

"Then both it shall be."
And then we dig into the tart.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354332

I use my telekinesis to feed him, giggling all the while

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354335

And after the tart, there were more little kisses, and then we settled down on some pillows and cuddled ourselves to sleep. '1d10+2' for cuddly comfort.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 354343

"This has been the happiest heart and hooves day of my life~"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354348

I guess I should get my gift as well
"Uh… I-I also have something for you… i-it's not as great a-as your g-gift but…"

Nock [Tracker] 354378


"Me too."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354381

I'll smile at her.
"I think having you back beats anything else."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354390

"Yet again, it's been my only…" sheepisly roll my eyes with a little smile.

Nock [Tracker] 354393

"We'll have to make the next one even better."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354458

"W-Well… I s-still bought it for you…"
Get up and go pick up my gift.
When I get back and climb down the ladder, I shyly float over the custom shield to Jon. It is a well polished shield with a golden apple, split in half with a silver slash.
"It's n-not much but… I-I guess it's something…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354465

I'll hold it gently with my hooves.
"Star, its… it's…"
I'll hug it to my chest.
"It's wonderful. But, how did you…?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354504

I blush
"I-it's nothing… I-I just paid the s-smith for i-it…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354508

"It's hardly nothing! This is quality work! The shine, the weight, the fell of it… it's perfect!"
I'll smile at Star again.
"Thank you, Star. Thanks so much!"
I'll set the shield down and hug her again.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354517

"Y-your gift was much b-better…"
I still hug him back with glee

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354532

I'll nuzzle her affectionately.
"Nothing I can ever give you will top the gift you gave me: having you with me."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354592

I give him another kiss
"T-thank you…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354598

"You will have to teach me how."
Stand up, go for the balcony.
"I might just burst and fly right now…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354599

And then we whisper sweet nothings until we fall asleep cuddling each other.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354600


Wf+6 354614


"Can you conjure wings, too?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354617

Stare at her for a moment.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 354620

Look back with a silly smile.
"Nah. Eheh.
But there might be something…"

Wf+6 354627

Chuckle and pick up the book.


Papaver Field [Mage] 354631

"It's more of an anomaly actually…"
Start pacing, too lost in my own thoughts to notice just what book she has picked up.
"You know the ladder I conjured the other day?
It's still there!"

Nock [Tracker] 354643

"Isn't that normal?"

Start looking through for the mare on mare part…

Papaver Field [Mage] 354649

Shake my head in apprehension.
"No, this is the problem! Leaf was spooking me out yesterday when he heard of it!"

Nock [Tracker] 354655

Give her a relaxed smile.

"Don't worry about it, Vera. You're my talented little heretic. I'm not worried you'll hurt me with anything."

Pat the spot next to me with my hoof and take a look at some of the diagrams…

"Sit here by me and stop worrying so much."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354658

"It's not you I'm worried, Nock…"
Sigh and trot over there, but keep pacing.

Nock [Tracker] 354673

"And I'm not worried about you. Can you manage to do the same? I promise I'll take care of you."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354675

"Nock, it's La-"
Stop talking.
Rest besides her.
"What are you even reading anyway?"

Nock [Tracker] 354678

Put a hoof around her and draw her in, then show her the page I'm looking at.


Wiggle a bit under her hoof, looking uneasy.
"But you know what would happen i-iiiiih!"
Try to mantain my composure!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ahah I wish. Spaghetti all over the bed. Try to avert my glare.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 354692

And I just stare at the book, red in face, unable to even speak.

Nock [Tracker] 354696

Well I'm still stoic, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 354697

I'm as cool as an ice cube.

"So… want to try a few things out?"

I run a hoof down her flank.

Papaver Field [Mage] 354702

How on Equestria can she be this calm?
Gulp down nervously.
"Like, r-right now?"

Nock [Tracker] 354716

"Well if you're not ready, I'll wait, but you were so forward before, and it IS heart and hooves day…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354730

"But… Are couples expected to do all this on every Heart and Hooves Day?"

Nock [Tracker] 354732

Look a little put out.

"You don't have to do it you don't want… I thought you were having fun."

Papaver Field [Mage] 354734

"I am!"
Realize what I just shouted, blush and push her with a hoof.
"But I was just curious if this was another equestrian tradition or if we were doing it because…
Well, because it was fun."

Nock [Tracker] 354735

Smile at her and roll on top of her.

"Can't it be both?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 354738

Taken by surprise, I oppose no resistance and find myself easily pinned to the bed.
Nod, nervously moving my eyes from her to the book.
Then, shift under her, trying to find a comfortable position.
And then they died of SLUT SLUT SLUT!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Deleting all those posts? Pff. This is the canon roll. For better or worse!

I look at her with loving eyes and teach her to taste the pillows.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 354740

C'mon the first was a 4! And the second, I had forgot to link your post!
Do they taste nice?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 354741

Never again. Girl I'm on top if we do this again.

DM 354742

Something something hearts and hooves

Sidus [Rogue] 354743

I have a forge to heat in the morning.
And then a dagger to pick up.

DM 354744

Is there something about that you wish to RP?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354745

Hearts and Hooves is over right?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354746

Something something me and Star are pretty much asleep until after.

Sidus [Rogue] 354747

Not unless the Smith has anything witty to say.

DM 354748

If you did all of it without me.
That means all you have to do until the next timeskip is… whatever your personal agenda contains.
Not really.
He beats up metal for a living and leaves the witty philosophy to those who need it to find meaning in life.

Sidus [Rogue] 354749

Well then.
I suppose some time will pass so its after classes so I can meet up with Burning.


I have to wait for Spellbreaker class until Nock is around
Aside from that… I'm not sure what to do.
Wake up first of all? We fell asleep in the secret room

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 354751

Do you want a time warp or do you have something to do before meeting her?
Awake you are, still there, not in the least bothered by the world.
Everything has been just perfect.

I planned to skip ahead to another event, and then to the end of Year 1 if you feel you have all gotten enough character interaction.

Sidus [Rogue] 354752

I don't know, do I?
I have both gifts I want to give to her.

DM 354753

Mostly in the sense of "do you have someone you want to chat with before Burning or not"

Sidus [Rogue] 354754

If I do then make me run into them.
I'm not good with this sort of thing.
I obviously have one thing in mind now.
And we both know what that is.
Especially Burning.

DM 354755

Well the only ones you may have wanted to speak to were the battlemaster, headmaster, Balsawood and maybe Leaf Blade.
But lets just push you ahead in time a little and
It's today…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354756

We sure did. The pillows and cuddles were far too comfortable.
Letting out a yawn, I'll rejoin the land of the waking as well.

Sidus [Rogue] 354757

Grin at her.
"It is, yes. Just another day, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354758

I roll over to face him and smile at him lazily
"G-good morning…"

DM 354759

"Just like every day will be between us from now on~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354760

"Good morning yourself."
I'll give her a quick peck.
"Sleep well?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354761

"Every day will be Tuesday?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354762

"Mmm… You're s-still nice and w-warm~"

DM 354763

Rolling to find that funny

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4

DM 354764

Sidus [Rogue] 354765

"What do you mean then?~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354766

I'll smile at stare.
"Almost don't want to get up, really."

DM 354767

She takes a quick glance around, then pushes you against a wall
"Today my hard work will pay off. Sidus… I…
I've been patient. Please give my reward for it already."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354768

I giggle and nuzzle him
"W-We don't have t-to…"

Sidus [Rogue] 354769

"Whoa, seems like somepony is pretty eager… why don't we go to your room then?"

DM 354770

She gives you a sly grin

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354771

I'll chuckle a bit.
"As much as I'd like that, Star… I can't magic us breakfast."
I'll hug her a bit.
"And besides, you've got your classes to go to."

Sidus [Rogue] 354772

I raise an eyebrow but return the grin.
"No? What about mine?"

DM 354773

"I had something better in mind~"

Sidus [Rogue] 354774

"Do tell then!"

DM 354775

"It took me quite a while to find… but I think it'll be worth it~"
She pulls out a key

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354776

I blush
"M-maybe we could teach e-each other…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354777

I'll chuckle a little at that, and then give her a small kiss. '1d10+2'
"You came here to learn things I can't teach, Star. There will be time enough for… personal classes later, though."

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 354778

"Hmmm… show me the way in that case. I'm surprised!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354779

I blush even redder

DM 354780

"Out this on first~"
She gives you a blindfold

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354781

I'll nuzzle her affectionately.
"Now let's tidy up and get ready for class. We've got a long day ahead of us."

Sidus [Rogue] 354782

"Is it such a secret?…Fine, if you really want to. I trust you~"
Put it on.

DM 354783

You feel yourself lift off the floor and get whisked away into the distance.
Soon, you feel yourself plop down on a bed.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354784

I nod obediently and start rounding up all the plates and bowls

Sidus [Rogue] 354785

Use my perception to try and use my other senses to know where I am!
"So is this some sort of hideout you found?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354786

And I'll tidy up the pillows and other dishes.

DM 354787

You are on a bed.
Somewhere along the line, it seems you lost your clothes.
"Not so much found, as sought out."
There is a small click as the door locks.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354788

Once the place has been cleaned, I approach him again
"S-so… uh… w-what now?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354789

"Wait a second though… I made some precautions so I can give you my gift without a problem. Do you have my uniform?"

DM 354790

"Of course I do~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354791

"Now, we skedaddle back to our rooms before anyone notices we're not coming out of the dorms this morning. And I go return these dishes."
I'll give her a little kiss on the cheek as I start heading towards the stairs.
"See you at breakfast!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354792

I run over to give him one last hug
"Y-yesterday was… really nice… t-thank you…"

Sidus [Rogue] 354793

"There is a small box in one of the pockets. It's sort of an invention so we won't risk getting thrown out if something happens… that way, I can give my gift to you without a problem~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354794

I'll hug her back.
"Thank you, Star. And hopefully, it was the first of many Hearts and Hooves days we spend together."

DM 354795

"Oh, is that what this was?
Can I look inside?"

Sidus [Rogue] 354796

"… I guess? I was told how it works, and it seems simple and efficent enough."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 354797

I keep hugging him for a while longer, before finally letting him go and leaving the room.

DM 354798

"Well, do tell~"

Sidus [Rogue] 354799

"It's supposed to go over… well, my means of giving the gift to you, but catches everything, so you can't get pregnant. See, it's easy?"
Can I sense how close she is to me even with the blindfold?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 354800

After Star leaves, I'll head back up to the kitchens to drop off the dishes, and then up to the dorm room to switch out to a cleaner uniform.
After that, I'll wait for Star outside the dining hall.

DM 354801

She is a silent devil.
It takes you entirely by surprise as she puts ye olde horse condome on you


DM 355527

Sidus, because you can't contain your horse boner in class you'll have to wear a horse condom.

The rest of you.
I need your thoughts on your current situation and on what you still want to do this year before we move on to the the start of Year 2.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355528

It's the same for me. I still need my Command skill though.

DM 355529

All cadets have access to their multiclass skill at MIN8
This is set to MIN6 when you take your Paladin Oath at the end of year 1.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355530

Talk with Layline.
Find a mare for Leaf Blade.

Sidus [Rogue] 355531

And then she gets the Dgift.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355532

Well I have a 'job' so to speak in the medical wing, so that's nice. Although I'll probably be avoiding Steamship when possible
Aside from that, there's spellbreaker classes with Nock
Assertiveness training with Sidus
Combat training with Sidus, Jon and Vera
I'm not involved in the sneaking plots at all, which is fine seeing how Star is too much of a beta for that stuff right now
There is also that book I'm working on

I guess when the skip comes, I'll roll a bunch of dice to see how things go during the timeskip

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355533

My current situation is pretty good. Throughout the course of the year, I'll be helping Star to be more confident (and stand on her own), helping in the kitchens with Adam's Apple, keeping up on Defense training with Shield Wall, and making certain I keep up with the rest of my studies as well. Might also spar with Vera from time to time to see if I can't beat her in combat when she's got her head on right and isn't either upset or depressed. Still kinda want to see how I do against Nock, but realize I can't just bait her out.
Keep in touch with family via letters, asking how things are going, how the harvest is without me there to help carry things, that sort of stuff.
Wait for the medical thing to come back and say they're ready for me.
Also start lingering around the arts and crafts room as I get an idea for next Hearts and Hooves.
And since I'm in the sneaking plan with Leaf and Vera, that'll have to happen at some point.

DM 355534

That's some big words for a guy about to be tied to a bed.
"I hope you didn't expect to move around very much~"
Must be sad being him, all alone on Hearts and Hooves.
I assume you are done with the day and wish to warp to the day after H&H, or?
Is there anything particular you'd like to do now?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355535

I think Cherry should meet Star if you've got time ~

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355536

Also, make sure to write back to my parents
Not that they are far away or anything, but still
Maybe I can even visit them soon


Sure, this sounds good. You'll have to approach her though.

DM 355537

Again, what do you want to spend time on in person?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355538

Sure but do I have any excuse to approach her?
It doesn't even have to be much, something with music, just mentioning Papaver when I happen to be around or something about H&H.
Is it H&H right now btw?

Sidus [Rogue] 355539

I smirk.
"It's better to give than recieve…"
Can I use Escape Artist to get free and get behind her? Because that's totally what I'll do.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355540

The medical thing, if it's available, meeting the arts/crafts staff, defense with Shield Wall. Those are the things I need NPC interaction for, I think.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355541

No, that is over.
Star spends a lot of time in the clinic, library, her dorm and the dinner hall though!

DM 355542

You can.
That's what the skill is for after all.
You may even get rid of the blindfold.
Pick any and we'll get right to it.
Hearts and Hooves is over (except for Sidus) ((And you, if you needed to do something then))

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355543

First things first, then. Defense training.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355544

Choose one and I'll bump into you, Cherry doesn't need much of an excuse to talk to ponies.

That's fine. I'll just skip that.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355545

Okay? I'm sorry for the boy, really, but he said it himself.
We are not here to start a family.

Meet with him the day after H&H to go meet Layline.

Sidus [Rogue] 355546

Well, this I gotta' see, so do so.
Assume direct control of the situation read: mount her

"Sorry my love, there's been a change in your plans it seems~"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355547

Let's just say Star is returning from the library with a pile of books and they bump into one another in the hallways

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355548

I'm just hopping through the hallways, paying more attention to the ponies around me then that pony carrying a huge pile of books right in front of me.

DM 355549

With your lovely Hearts and Hooves night over, you head to the training fields after gearing up to meet Shield Wall.
"Good morning cadet! Sleep well?"
"Morning Vera.
Had fun?"
You slip out of the restraints she fashioned, pull off the blindfold, leap across her back and push her down, slipping the blindfold loosely around her neck in a playful gesture
She gasps in surprise
"O-oh my~
What did you have in mind?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355550

Nod vigorously.
'1d10' not to blush.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355551

"Incredibly, sir. Ready for another lesson, if your hoof is back in good shape."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355552

And…I bump right into Star then.

DM 355553

"So… you had that sort of fun, then?
"Eh, it'll heal. Just a minor fracture."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355554

Then I guess the two of us unobservant ponies crash into each other

Rubbing my head, I confusedly look around and gasp as I see all my books scattered along the floor along with another pony
"O-Oh no! I'm s-so sorry!"
I quickly get back on my hooves and help her up

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355555

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Isn't that something you should normally go to the infirmary for, sir?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355556

Shake my head!
"Just cake, I swear!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355557

"I'll take it over from here, so you can just concentrate on enjoying my gift to you~"

And then I in her and then to her while closer so I can her
And then I hope this won't go horrible

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355558

I see the pile of books around me.
"Nonono it was my fault sorrysorrysorrysorry." I say a bit panicky and I quickly start picking up all those books.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355559

I do the same with my telekinesis, shaking my head
"I-I should have w-watched where I was w-walking!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355560

"Nonononono that was me. I was looking at all those other ponies. I should have looked in front of me." I finish picking up the last of the books.
"Let me make it up to you, I'll help you carry those books."

DM 355561

"I did. Took some pills. Said I wont punch things with it. The usual."
She does not find your inexperience very rewarding.
After a while she reverses your hold on her, slams you down on the bed and takes the lead

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 355562

"Mhm. Cake, huh?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355563

"So we talk theory today, then?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355564

It was just warmup!
I can do this I swear!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 355565

"Yeah. Totally. Only cake. She's a good cak- Cook! She's a good cook!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355566

"R-Really it's f-fine!"
I lift the stack of books with my telekinesis, smiling at her sheepishly

Sidus [Rogue] 355567


Roll #1 8 = 8

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355568

"I insist. It's the least I can do. And If I carry half of those books you'll be able to see any other ponies coming." I give her an honest smile.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355569

"I g-guess… O-okay…"
Hoof half of the stack of the books to her awkwardly

DM 355570

"I still got three more limbs boy. Now what did you learn last time?"
It seems the key was slowing down, not trying to show off, and actually listening to her needs, rather than trying to look good for a crowd that was not there.
Lets see how much she liked it overall
"What's it actually like. You know. Between mares?"

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355571

"Pay attention, keep my guard up, move to react to attacks, and put my weight behind my shield."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355572

I say as I take that half of the books.
"Oh my, those are a lot of books.
Are they full of magic spells?
Are you a mage?
Oooh I love seeing magic spells.
They're so exciting." I say excitedly.

Sidus [Rogue] 355573

Okay, take a note, pleasing Burning > pleasing the non-existent crowd but I can't help to feel I'm being watched

Okay, let's rest with her on the bed afterwards then.
"Did you like your gift?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355574

Go blank for a second.
Then redder than my coat.
"I d-don't know what you're talking about! I swear!
Shut my eyes and look at the ground.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355575

I gulp, slightly overwhelmed by all the questions
"I'm a h-healer… so uh… I k-know h-healing magic… T-these books are j-just for… r-research…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355576

Do I notice Stars discomfort and tone it down RNG?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355577

I keep staring at her awkwardly, not sure what to say next

DM 355578

Now what sort of weapon should you rather dodge that guard against?"
"I couldn't have asked for better~
Waiting made it so much more worth it…"
"Well, mares are quite warm on the inside."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355579

My eyes shine.
"So you DO know magic.
What are you researching?
Is it something for a sore throat?
Because I always hate when that happens.
Once I had a sore throat and I couldn't sing for DAYS. It was awful.
Don't hate it when that happens?" I ramble on.

Sidus [Rogue] 355580

"Told you it would, didn't I?"
Cuddle closer.
"I'm very glad that you are happy, Burning~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355581

Blush furiously and wave my hooves in front of me.
"Too much information! Look, do we have to talk with Layline or not?"

DM 355582

"Are the tools still stable?"
"I'm still burning up for more…
But then… with you… how could I not?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355583

Take the lockpicks out and nod.
"I really hoped they wouldn't, for a second…"

Sidus [Rogue] 355584

"Insatiable, are we~? Well… the day is not over yet…"

DM 355585

He smacks them to test for stability
"D-don't you dare tease me!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355586

"U-uh… h-healing spells can fix s-sore throats if they're p-powerful enough…"
I gulp
"I-I just a-always healed m-myself whenever I f-felt sick as a filly… t-then one day I got my c-cutie m-mark after fixing a b-bruise and…"
I interrupt myself, blushing slightly
"I-I'm sorry… you probably have b-better things to do than l-listen to this…"

DM 355587

Is the ladder still there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355588

"Wanna go check?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355589

Nibble her ear.
"Oooor else?~"

DM 355590


DM 355591

"Or else I'm taking it."

Sidus [Rogue] 355592

"Are you?~"


And to the secret ladder we went!
Is it still there?
Do I roll or is it plot?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355594

"Oh no I love hearing stories."
I tap my hooves on the floor excitedly.
"Please, you have to tell me what happened next?"

DM 355595

Seems it is
He sighs deeply
"I would hate you if I didn't like you so damn much."

Sidus [Rogue] 355596

Press up against her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355597

"I'd rather dodge large weapons and hammers, sir. They can tend to bowl a pony over, or just smash their shield to uselessness."
I'll give a small laugh.
"Found that out sparring with cadet Field."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355598

"Hey I'm one step away from taking my sword out and chopping that thing to pieces, you know!"

DM 355599

"You're pushing y-your… luck…"
"Good lad. And what sort of weapon should you definitely block?"
"The fact remains that you waltzed in here and within months learned to create stronger constructs than I did in years of studying.
Why are you even here and not the mage academy?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355600

"Uh… w-well… Dad started t-teaching me all kinds of spells… and I-I started helping o-out in a local hospital t-too so I could l-learn even more… and n-now I'm here…"

Sidus [Rogue] 355601

"You wish I was pushing it, Heart~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355602

"Because all I ever wanted to do was fight?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355603

"Definitely? Well, arrows for one. Most makes can't really get through a good shield. Swords might be another good one to block more often than not, since the shield will dull them in addition to stopping the attack."
I'll think for a second.
"I think that's it. Axes might hook on the side of the shield and pull it off, and blunt weapons tend to be fairly nasty for shields…"

DM 355604

She pushes herself against your lower half
"If you won't, then I will."
"Again with that talk…
Look at it Vera. Look at it.
You made it.
You made a stable construct."
Shield Wall holds up his hoof
"And weapons weaker than a shield."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355605

I hold my head sideways.
"Ooooh you're such a nice pony.
Helping all those sick ponies must be really hard."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355606

"Leaf I don't even know what that means!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355607

I'll give a small chuckle at that.

Sidus [Rogue] 355608

I suppose the box I got contained more than just one of those inventions?

DM 355609

"Even I am unsure of the total implications.
But this is either incredible raw potential realized, high level magic wielded by a novice or…"
"Keep that in mind if faced with someone wielding an improvised weapon, like a chair or branch. Smash their weapon rather than trying to evade. Prove your superior power, and make them scared."
Lets see how many it had

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 355610

Cock my head.

Sidus [Rogue] 355611

Well, since it's a special day, I guess we can spare one more.
Give her what she wants so bad.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355612

"W-Well it's what I l-like doing so… t-that's why I h-help out in the a-academy clinic as well…"

DM 355613

"or this may be never before seen, all new magic."
Rolling to keep taking it like a good mare and let you be the boss this time

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 355614

"Okay, you wait here, I bring the hammer. We gotta crush it before it's too late!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355615

I guess that deserves her a sensual whispering onto her ear while doing it saying "Good girl~"

DM 355616

"You created it. You should be able to will it to disappear.
Not that it matters. Layline needs to know.
And if my fears are confirmed… so does Archmage Starswirl."
She just softly helps you with your moves, doing all she can to be a part of you. A partner. A helper.


Gasp in terror.
"Nononono! Mages no! I'm a nopony! I don't even have a horn!"
Start to prance around in panic.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 355618

A soulmate~
I guess some cuddles are in order afterwards.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355619

"You must know a lot of ponies then.
All the ponies go there.
Have you seen anything interesting there?"

DM 355620

"Many famous ones didn't.
Just because some notables, like Starswirl and Longshanks were unicorns, does not mean you need to be one."
She seems satisfied now, and just idly runs her hoof around you, softly exploring your body

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355621

"Uh… not t-that many p-ponies… J-just my d-dormmates and a c-couple of other students…"


Stop the panicking and settle down, looking sad at the ground.
Take out the lockpicks, and just stare at them for a while.
"I don't want to be remembered as a mage…"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 355623

"You are more than welcome… after all, it was as much a gift from me to you as it was from you to me."

DM 355624

"Then be remembered as a paladin that also wielded magic. Like I intend to."
"I never imagined I could feel this satisfied… this calm…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355625

Sigh heavily.
"Help me when I speak with Laylines, okay?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355626

"You have proven your faith and loyalty. You deserve it… as do you deserve the place beside me once we become greater than the Gods!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355627

"Well, as long as it's the enemy being scared, not the ponies I'm trying to protect."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355628

I look down.
"I don't know that many ponies too.
I'm so busy with all these lessons,
I haven't had time to talk to many ponies.
And most of the other bards are jerks."
I look sideways and then lean closer.
"But don't tell them that." I wink.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355629

"Oh… o-okay… B-bards are jerks t-then… b-but you're a b-bard too?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355630

"Yes I'm a bard and soon I'll be a paladin.
Well not ALL bards are jerks, of course.
But most of them are such boasters
I'm going to be the greatest paladin ever. Centuries from now ponies will still sing about my adventures." I say mockingly.
"And such gossipers, ouch." I go on.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355631

"Oh… well I c-can't blame somepony for b-being confident…"

DM 355632

I'll be there for you. Come what may."
"Just promise never to forget those who helped you get up there…"
"Oftentimes, those who you protect may be a little scared of you too.
This is not a bad thing. For it helps them understand that they should not try such heroics on their own."

Sidus [Rogue] 355633

I give her a hurt look.
"Did I create the image of an ungrateful friend so far?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355634

"Hey, if they try to deport me to the mage academy I'll have your head!"
And to Layline's office we went.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355635

I'll nod.
"Like how the Battlemaster is?"

DM 355636

"No… but… I've seen ponies change. Forget who they once were. And… I don't like seeing that…"
Next time.
I was supposed to sleep an hour ago.
"The Battlemaster is… a rather special case. Some might argue he barely even represents the paladin code. Just as many would argue he embodies it better than anyone."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355637

"There's a difference between being confident in what you do and just talking out of your flank."
I then turn my head to her.
"Oh but I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself, sometimes I just ramble on. My name's Cherry."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355638

I'll look at him quizzically.
"What do you mean?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355639

Sweet dreams, primer of young innocent mares.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355640

"Right… H-hi… I'm uh… S-Star Hopper."
Should we shake hooves?
That's how this works right?

I awkwardly extend a hoof to her

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355641

"Star that's such a nice name.
I'm sure we'll be best friends forever."
Ignore the hoof and just hug her.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 355642

"I could never forget who I am, because I have known who I will be ever since I saw the future."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355643

I'm a little taken aback by the sudden gesture, sweating slightly now
"I… uh… ah… O-okay…"

DM 355644

"In the front, where he always was most at home, he had a tendency to ignore orders he did not approve of, take command of troops he had no right to command, and take on missions he saw were worth doing, not ones he was told to do.
Yet not once did he lower himself to war crimes, or breaking his own code.
Ultimately it was his stubborn refusal to follow any orders but his own that denied him doe ever becoming a higher officer, or entering the Honour Guards.
But it was his strong sense of justice, and his iron heart that beat with a white-hot fire that spurred those around him into deeds they never thought possible.
So he was stationed here, to train new recruits."
"Tell me more about the future~"
She snuggles close to you


Cherry Merry [Bard] 355645

"Hey what's wrong?" I say as I pull back.
"Don't you like me?" I say a bit sad.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355646

"N-no! I mean y-yes! I m-mean… y-you're really nice! I-I was j-just surprised, that's all…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355647

"I'll warn you next time I gave a hug then."
I wink at her.
"Sounds good?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355648

I nod meekly
"O-okay… thanks…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355649

"So where do you want to put these books then? Do we need to bring them to the clinic?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355650

"Uh… no j-just over here…"
Lead her to our dormroom

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355651

"Oooh you sleep here?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355652

I nod
"Y-Yes… with m-my two roommates…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355653

"Two roommates?
What's their names?
Are they nice ponies too?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355654

"V-Vera and Nock… uh… they're r-really nice…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355655

I perk my ears.
"Vera and Nock?"
Jump in the air.
"I know them too.
You know them and I know and now we know eachother. That's great." I lift my hooves for another hug but stop myself at the last second.
"Uh…Can I give you another hug?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355656

I gulp and smile at her sheepishly

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355657

I smile and hug.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355658

"See, that wasn't so bad."
I say with a smile.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355659

"Uh… r-right…."
I pick up my books and head inside, stowing them away on my bed.

Sidus [Rogue] 355667

Now wherever could my roommate be?

I have something of utmost importance to ask him.

Maybe Star knows.
I'll just sneak in the dorms as usual and ask her.
Let's knock on their door, just in case.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355668

I open the door and am a bit surprised to see a stallion.
"Uh…can I help you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355669

I peek inside the room behind her shoulder.
"Hey!… I cannot be wrong, isn't this the room of Star Hopper?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355670

"You know Star?"
I take a look in the hallway to both sides, quickly drag you in and close the door.
"Sorry about that. But if somepony saw you, you might be in trouble."

Sidus [Rogue] 355671

I chuckle.
"Oh don't be ridiculous, nopony has ever caught me so far."
I look around.
"And of course I know her, why would I be looking for her otherwise?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355672

I giggle.
"You're right, silly me. Star isn't here right now, she went to get some more books for her research but you can wait here. My name's Cherry."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355673

And then I walk into the room.
"Hey Star why was the door aja-"
Look at both of them in surprise for a second.

Sidus [Rogue] 355674

"Ugh, always with her books. Why do I never hear 'Oh she's at the training field practicing her weapon handling!'. I don't even know how she can read that much."
Then I smirk and flash a pose.
"Nice to meet you, Cherry. My name is Sidus, a pony destined for great things in his future!"

"Hey! Seen Star anywhere?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355675

Cock a brow.
"No idea. What are you doing here?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355676

"Yes, I hear that a lot from teh other bards."

"Hey, Vera." Give her a hug '1d10+2'
"You'll never believe what happened.
When I was library I bumped into a pony with all these books.
And then I helped her with her books and we started talking and it turned out she knew you and Nock.
And now I'm here."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 355677

Wince under her hug.
Bretty Good.
Stay here one more second, okay?
"Wait, you… Met Star?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355678

"Looking for Star. Why?"

I wave my hoof around.
"I'm not a bard."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355679

"Because that's my room?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355680

I nod with a grin.
"And her's too. Looks like some of her cleverness stuck on you from the time you spent with her."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355681

"That's what I'm saying. What a coincidence huh?"

Turn to Sidus.
"Oh sorry. I just get tired of hearing that from all other bards.
So what do you do then?
Are you a shining knight?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355682

Give him a flat stare and wiggle free of Cherry's hug.
Wanna try if some of her magic ability stuck on me too?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355683

"No. I am me, Sidus, the great! I have no specification because nopony else can be like me!"

"Did she shove your head into her books and drag you away from training? If yes I'll have to talk to her during our next confidence session."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355684

Shake my head.
"No, that would be Leaf Blade, a friend of mine.
Got all riled up because I wasn't studying conjuration."
Just nod slowly.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355685

I giggle.
"You're sure you're not a Bard then?
Because you do sound exactly like them.
One in my class is already writing a song about the epic deeds he hasn't done yet."
Turn serious again.
"Confidence session? What are you talking about?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355686

I tap the weapons on my side.
"Nothing beats the real deal. I still don't understand how you can rely on those."

"I don't need songs about it. I know it will happen, because it is my fate to be greater than the gods! That's why I'm here after all!"
Take a short pause for extra effect.
"As for Star, when she first got here she was a stuttering mess and the opposite of a confident mare. I was asked to help her overcome that, and we are making good progress!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355687

"Neither do I, but Leaf pushes for that. I've yet to use it in combat for real, actually."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355688

Think about that for a moment.
"She did seem a bit shy when we talked earlier. Maybe I can help?
And no matter how great their deeds are, they aren't worth much if somepony isn't there to record them, mister."

Sidus [Rogue] 355689

"At least can you make them anything you want?"

"If you want to and she's comfortable with it."
Rub my chin with a hoof.
"I haven't thought of getting a bard yet, but you do make a point."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355690

"Well of course, I'll ask her first.
We could sing a few songs together.
I've always found that if you sing a few songs,
you're much more comfortable with talking, and it's fun too."

Sidus [Rogue] 355691

"She had problems with her voice at first, yeah. You know how hard it was to make her shout and yell?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355692

I frown.
"You didn't shout at her, did you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355693

I wave my hoof dismissively.
"Nah, that wouldn't work on her. Just make her scaredy and all that. She's not on a level to be shouted at for motivation yet."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355694

"Look at this."
Throw him the pair of lockpicks I made earlier.
"And down in the hall there's a stair I made three days ago."
"Hey you disappeared the other day! We had to sing something, too!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355695

I raise an eyebrow.
"And won't these dissapear?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355696

Shake my head.
"It's a mistery to everybody.
I should go talk with Layline, but still haven't made up my mind.
Half of me still wants to take up a hammer and smash both of those."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355697

"You shouldn't shout at ponies for motivation.
Well not for confidence motivation at least.
You should be very nice and let them come out on their own."

Smile sheepishly.
"Yeah, I saw you and Nock leaving and I thought you wanted to be alone for a while.
I didn't know you needed me to sing."

Sidus [Rogue] 355698

I shake the lockpicks with a smirk.
"These? I can get them off of your hooves if you don't want them."

I shake my head with a chuckle.
"We don't have the years for that."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355699

"Half of me wants to.
So I could will them out of existance when you are in a tight spot."
Take them back in a quick jab.
"But no, thanks. I will find a use for them."
"Well I didn't need you to, I just wanted to! You know, bard and stuff! And where did those two brothers go, anyway?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355700

"Ah come on, not even one of them?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355701

Shake my head.
"What would you need them for anyway?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355702

"Who knows? They could always come useful."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355703

"I'm sure she just needs somepony to make her feel comfortable when talking, instead of trying to force her into them."

Going to need a spaghettiroll for that one '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355704

"Oh we watched the ponies down below for a while and we even sang a song together.
But I don't know where they went after that.
They were very nice." I say with a smile.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355705

*into it.

Sidus [Rogue] 355706

"She has a somepony though. And hey, I'm not forcing her, she wants to get better."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355707

"Same thing I said. Now I just gotta learn how to use them."
"The four of us should totally meet again and do a song together!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355708

I smirk.
"Tell you what, you give me these, and I'll show you how to use them the next time you get some."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355709

"Oh that would be lots of fun.
Maybe Nock can come too, if she likes to sing too."

"What kind of excercises do you do then to make her more confident?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355710

Furrow my brows.
"Why do you want them so badly? And I can't do it anyway.
I have to show them to Layline."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355711

Look at the sky with a worried expression.
"Yeah… Nock… Maybe she does?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355712

"Oh, that always varies. Whatever she needs to work on at the moment. Could be her pose, could be the way she talks, could be anything!"

"As I said, a pony can never know when they would come in handy."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355713

"Yeah, that's why I think I'm gonna ask Leaf to teach me how to use them."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355714

"Well as long as it helps Star, I'll be glad to help.
And if you want a bard to chronicle your deeds,
maybe I can ask one of my classmates if they're interested."

"Vera?" I say a bit worried

Papaver Field [Mage] 355715

"She's just not the kind of pony that wastes too much time, you know?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355716

I chuckle.
"A song about me and my greatness… I could get behind that idea."

I shrug.
"Ah well. They would serve nicely along my stuff if the key can't open a door."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355717

"You aren't going around doing stuff with Balsa, are you?"
Stare at him.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355718

"I'm sure she can spare a little time. And if not, that's no problem. We can still have a lot of fun by ourselves."

"Well I'll be sure to ask them.
I don't really like writing epics,
I prefer songs about love."

Sidus [Rogue] 355719

I roll my eyes and snarl.
"Not after what he did, that vermin. I only have his notes."

"Hmm, you do?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355720

"Hey wait, you two are not friends anymore?"
"I will be sure to drag her along."
Giggle a bit.

Sidus [Rogue] 355721

"We were friends in the first place?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355722

"Yes, because it's the most diverse subject of all.
You can write about the most epic things but they can never be as touching and inspiring as an average pony risking it all for his or her true love."
I have a dreamy expression.

Sidus [Rogue] 355723

I smirk at her.
"Why not both?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355724

"Well I saw you two talk once… Weren't you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355725

I wave my hoof.
"Nah, we just had a competition, which I, of course to the surprise of nopony, won."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355726

"Kept him busy for a while I hope? He was about to get himself in some serious danger."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355727

"Well some heroes perform epic deeds out of love, of course, and I'd love to write about that.
But I've found that even the small deeds can be just as interesting to write about, because most of the audience usually isn't a hero, so they can identify more with them."

Sidus [Rogue] 355728

"You mean the whole deal with Highflanks and all that?"

I eye her up a bit non sexually with a smirk.
"Still, I do believe that you would be fit to the task of writing about me, if you do love love like you say you do."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355729

Sit down.
"I mean a lot of stuff I don't actually know about.
Care to fill me in?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355730

"So you have a special somepony?
….Wait, is that why you're here to see Star?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355731

"W-wha? No! Star is Jon's special somepony's!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355732

"It's only fitting for somepony as special and unique as me to have a special somepony, isn't it?"
Let out a laugh.
"But no, it's not Star. She is together with my roommate, actually."

"You don't know about Highflanks? Don't worry, for the longest time, I didn't either."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355733

"Well c'mon, don't keep me waiting! Who is that?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355734

"Ooops. Sorry, I shouldn't jump to conclusions.
I haven't seen Jon before."
Turn again to Sidus.
"But I'd have to meet your marefriend before I could decide to write something."

Sidus [Rogue] 355735

"Who was that."

Sidus [Rogue] 355736

I chuckle.
"Would you believe me if I said she's probably here right now?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355737

Roll my eyes.
"Oh c'mon! Stop teasing!"
"You mean, in this dorm? Is she sleeping in?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355738

"WHAT? Where?"
Check all the corners of the room in a frenzy.

Sidus [Rogue] 355739

I keep smirking.
"Don't bother…. It would be silly for you to meet like this. You could meet her over lunch though in the cafeteria the next time."

"I heard he uncovered the 'biggest secret of the Academy'. He died for it."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355740

"Exactly what I wanted to avoid with Balsawood…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355741

"Well she does sound interesting, I'll give you that.."
I walk back to both of you and listen to the conversation.

Sidus [Rogue] 355742

"He won't be able to do it. He couldn't even beat me in a challenge."

"Oh you bet she is!~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355743

"What was the challange anyway?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355744

"Tell me a bit about her.
Does she sneak into other ponies room too or just ours?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355745

*just here.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355746

"She better not be here once Sidus is gone, or I'm gonna fill the room with magic sword and make her a pincushion!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355747

"Don't worry, it's not you, it's me. She just likes to follow me around. Can't really blame her, I would follow myself too!"

"His or mine?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355748

"You had different challanges?"

Poor girl. Following somepony who can't even fight.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355749

"I'm sure there's nopony here but us right now."
I say while looking around again.

"How sweet." I say without smiling.

Sidus [Rogue] 355750

"Yeah. His was to steal both of my kamas. Mine was to prove him I could get the key to the Battlemaster's trunk where he keeps his real weapon."

"Are you doubting my words? Why would I lie?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355751

"Wait, you stole the battlemaster's key?!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355752

"Oh I'm not doubting your words, I'm sure she's very devoted to you and that you both love each other very much." I say smiling. "I just don't think she's here right now."

Sidus [Rogue] 355753

"That was the challenge. And I didn't steal it, I just borrowed it."

"Are you, Burning?"
I make a motion with my head before Burning taps her Cherry's shoulder but stays hidden wherever she is.
Man, she is creepy sometimes.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355754

I'm not seeing a six so I'm not feeling anything on my shoulder. And technically I'm going easy on you since Year one is an 8MIN for Brotherhood.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355755

Shrudder at that.
"She better go away and don't try it again around me…
Oh, can you show me that key? What does it open?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355756

'Taking 6' means getting an automatic free pass.
Also, brotherhood is not an active skill, is just a pet.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355757

Oh sorry.

I jump up and look over my shoulder without seeing anypony. "WAH"

Sidus [Rogue] 355758

"I told you. I didn't keep the key of the Battlemaster."

"She says 'Hi'~"
Let out a short laugh.
"Ah, this never gets old."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355759

"But… Could you describe it to me? Draw it? What did it open?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355760

I look back and say "hi" sheepishly with a little wave.
I turn back to Sidus. "Now I'm definately interested Sidus."

Sidus [Rogue] 355761

Chuckle again with a smirk.
"I'm sorry, she's already taken."

"It was a small key on a chain. And it was to the chest where he keeps his actualy weapon he used back in his day. Didn't even see the chest itself. I told you I just borrowed the key to show Balsa I could get it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355762

I roll my eyes.
"I was talking about the story.
You stallions only think about one thing."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355763

"Sounds risky. A lot."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355764

I nod.
"The Battlemaster will be very mad if he finds out."

Sidus [Rogue] 355765

"It was a piece of cake. Didn't even break a sweat."

"The whole story? From the beginning?"

"How would he?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355766

I nod
"If I decide to write a story about you two, of course. Anything both of you want to say, as much as possible.
Don't worry about leaving out the ugly details or anything.
It's my job to leave them out or embellish them a bit.
Sometimes those can even work out well if the hero of the story overcomes them later in the story."

Sidus [Rogue] 355767

I nod.
"Why don't we all meet up for lunch later today?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355768

"But Cherry is right! If the battlemaster finds out you are as good as dead! Do you have any idea what he can do?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355769

I nod and look behind me again.
"That sounds fine."

Sidus [Rogue] 355770

"Again, how would he? The only thing he might notice is that the fabric in his pocket gave away, and he has to fix the chains to it again. Not to mention there is no proof against me."

"Good! Thank you in advance!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355771

Stare flatly at him.
"I can make swords appear out of thin air. I bet he can find out if his keys have been moved."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355772

"Mind you, I haven't said I'll do it.
I just want to talk to both of you and if I think there's great story, even if it's still just in the making, I'd love to write about the both of you."

Sidus [Rogue] 355773

Grin at her.
"My hooves are clean. He has no proof I did anything like that."

"You bet it is! She proved her love and made me proud with something just recently. We'll tell you more, but I guess it will be better if you hear the whole story."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355774

"That's exactly what I was worried about with Balsa! He doesn't need proofs!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355775

"I'd love to hear about it.
But I agree with Vera.
I don't think the Battlemaster will give up so easily."

Sidus [Rogue] 355776

"He knows Balsa is a troublemaker, so he won't believe a word. Not to mention the Battlemaster seems to like me."
Run a hoof through my mane.
"Who doesn't, though?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355777

"I hope for your sake that's true."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355778

Raise my hoof.

Sidus [Rogue] 355779

"No need to deny it~"

I hop down onto the bed of one of them and lay back.
"You need to relax! What's the worst that could happen? He yells at me a bit?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355780

"Seriously, I don't like you even one bit.
You still didn't apologize for the backstab. Or for running away like that after I moped the floor with you~"
Give an evil smirk.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355781

"The Battlemaster?"
I shake my head.
"If even half of the stories the bards tell each other are true, he would hurt you. Badly."

Sidus [Rogue] 355782

Shrug on the bed.
"You didn't apologize for spitting me in the face. Twice. And I was just mildly upset. Imagine if I had my real weapons, the non-training ones I mean. The soul of those would have never let me lose like that. And you deserved that backstab for leaving yourself open like that."

"Nah. I know he wouldn't. Trust me on this one. Not me, anyway."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355783

Roll my eyes, bite the sheets he's lying on and pull on them.
"You are just making up excuses."

Sidus [Rogue] 355784

Agility roll to stay on the bed.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 355785

If she was a bit quicker, I would have fell down, but she wasn't.
"Excuses for what?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355786

"For losing!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355787

"You lost first."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355788

"Because you hit me in the back! And then you lost twice in a row!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355789

"It only counted as one time, really. I'm ready to fight you anytime again. And again after that, if I would somehow happen to lose. I can't deny you fight better than you look."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355790

"What does that even mean?"
Look surprised at him.

Sidus [Rogue] 355791

Tilt my head.
"That you fight better than you look like you could fight?"


Summon weapon!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355793

"Hey, don't fight here." I say meekly.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355794

"But he's making fun of me! He's saying I look weak!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355795

I keep smirking at her from the bed.
"Ah-ah-aaah, don't mess up your room!"

"I wasn't planning to."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355796

"Then get off the bed and we take this outside!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355797

"And you are planning on using that?"
Point at the conjured weapon.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355798

Out of ideas to defuse the situation, I grab my flute and play a song. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 355799

I give her a strange look.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355800

I shuffle my hoof a bit awkwardly.
"I thought a little tune would make you feel better."
I smile sheepishly.

Sidus [Rogue] 355801

I smirk at her.
"I'm feeling great, don't worry… but that wasn't very good. Don't rush it. Show me what you can really do!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355802

Look at the weapon.
"Am… Am I?"
Fall on my aunches, looking out of place.

Sidus [Rogue] 355803

"That's that I am asking."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355804

Let the sword disappear into thin air.
"You should leave…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355805

I look down.
"I can't really play right if ponies are fighting…"

Sidus [Rogue] 355806

"Cherry said I can wait for Star here."

"I'm not figthing. Do I look like I am?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355807

"Are you stupid? I nearly kileld you! I was about to attack you with a magic sword made of flames, damnit!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355808

Keep relaxing on the bed.
Man, these mare-dorm beds feel so much more comfy.
"You imply you could have hit me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355809

"Worked pretty well last two times we fought~"

Sidus [Rogue] 355810

"You didn't even touch me the first time. Looks like the only thing those flaming swords killed is your memory."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355811

"That's you not counting the two defeats in a row as different spars."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355812

"Really? I might have to write that down for the story."

Sidus [Rogue] 355813

"Congratulations then. Those two duels might be the simple biggest achievement of your entire life."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355814

"Oh you do.
And first write the part where he backstabbed me during our first spar."
"Somepony's getting angry~"

Sidus [Rogue] 355815

"Who? Is it the madmare waving around flaming swords?"
I chuckle.
"And I was right in front of you. Your defenses were just that bad that you didn't notice."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355816

"Yeah. Right. Now out of my room before I do use the flaming sword. And the electric one. And the ice one."

Sidus [Rogue] 355817

"Hey, it's not only your room, and I'm not here as your guest!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355818

"But it's not my room either.
If Vera says you have to go, I think you should leave."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355819

Stare flatly at him.
"I doubt Star is holding her breath waiting for you."
I'm sorry for this but he really gets on my nerves!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355820

"Can't know that 'till she shows up, right?"


"I bet she'll understand."
Maic Sword, Lightning.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 355822

I raise an eyebrow, still not moving.
"So what? You will stab me with a magical sword over something like this? Is this how you show hospitality? I don't know whose bed this is, but I'm sure she doesn't want it coated in my blood."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355823

"Nock will understand."
Step closer to the bed.
"I wonder how burnt fur smells like…"

Sidus [Rogue] 355824

I smirk.
"Looks like someone didn't get applied to the Blood Knight Academy and had to go to Paladin school."
Hop off the bed, and turn to Cherry.
"I would love to stay and chat, but it seems somepony here is dying to get her magical torture on, and I'm not into that."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355825

Laugh out loud.
"Ahahah! Yes! You better leave!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355826

I just nod.
"We'll see each other at lunch then, with Burning."

Sidus [Rogue] 355827

"Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you."

"Looks like you will have to wait with the stabbing and murder and all that crime and heresy and whatnot for some other time. Sorry about that."

After that is being said, Sidus is makin' an exit.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355828

When he leaves I just sigh.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355829

That is when he's gone, not while leaving.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355830

As he closes the door, I try to throw the sword after him, trying to plant it on the door.
"WHAT? You saw him! He just came here and started insulting me!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355831

It was a sigh of relief, not one of unhappiness.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355832

"I didn't mean it like that!".

Papaver Field [Mage] 355833

"Sorry, he just makes me furious!"
Dismiss the sword.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355834

I take another look around.
"Do you think Burning is gone?"

Sylt 355835

"Must already be right after his tail."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355836

"Oh good. She scares me a bit.
But I'd love to talk to her.
She sounds perfect for a story.
Mister Loudmouth on the other hoof…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355837

At some point after my chat with Shield Wall…
I'll probably be practicing on the ponnequins in the training field.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355838

"Yeah, I doubt he'd make a great subject for a story. More talk than action.
What about Burning? I just think she's… Creepy."

Sidus [Rogue] 355839

I suppose I go around the Academy after not finding him in our room after the chat with the others, and see him as I wander around.
"Oh, hey! Jon! I was looking for you everywhere!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355840

>tfw no combat training with horse husbando

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355841

"She's interesting.
I wonder why she's so attracted to Sidus of all ponies."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355842

I'll take a short break.
"Hey, Sidus. What's up?"
I didn't know you were here! This gives us an excuse to find you, though.

Sylt 355843

"She's blind?"

Sylt 355844

"Oh, and deaf. Don't forget deaf!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355845

"Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll find out and it will be inspiration for a beautiful poem about how strong love can be."

Sidus [Rogue] 355846

"I was looking for Star everywhere so she could tell me where you were!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355847

I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"Sorry. So, what'd you need me for? I was just thinking of going to find Star myself."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355848

"You seriously want to write about him?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355849

"Something very important, and I think you might know all about it!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355850

"Well, don't beat around the bush, Sidus. You know you don't need to put on airs around me."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355851

I giggle.
"I want to write about Burning and Sidus seems to be part of her life, so maybe. Still I'll talk to them first over lunch and see if they make for a good story.
If so, I'll write it, no matter what."

Sidus [Rogue] 355852

"I guess you are right then. I'll just ask. Did you do it? Be honest. I won't be mad."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355853

"I'm starting to worry for that mare…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355854

"Sidus just boasts for every pony,
but maybe when they're alone he shows he's just a really sensitive guy."
I hold my chest.
"Wouldn't that be beautiful?
A rogue, getting himself into all sorts of trouble and his mare, the only one who sees the softer side of him, together bound by the shackles of love."
I put my hooves down again.
'Of course, that would be the best case scenario."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355855

I'll blush a bit.
"D-do what, exactly?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355856

I frown.
"Come on, dude, you just said to be straight. I told you, I won't be upset at you, just come clean while I give you the chance to do so."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355857

"Is… is this about fixing your weapon rack? I just didn't want it falling on you in your sleep. Honest."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355858

"If you say so. I thought ponies had to be strong to love each other. Sidus is not strong."

Sidus [Rogue] 355859

"No! Today I walked into my room and saw that my glaive was three centimetres to the left from where it was supposed to be!…wait, what fix?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355860

"The leg was wobbly. So I gave it a couple taps here and there and straightened it up."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355861

"Well I don't know that.
Sure, Sidus can be rude and I don't like what I've seen from him here. And Burning seems pretty creepy.
But bards are taught to try to look behind the masks we wear and look for the real pony inside.
And that's what I'm going to do."

Sidus [Rogue] 355862

"Huh… I wondered why it looked better. Thanks!"
Squint my eyes.
"Did you move my glaive though?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355863

"Oh, do you mind if I take notes? I'm trying to improve my writing style!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355864

"I haven't been in the room since this morning, and that was just to change into a cleaner uniform. I have not touched a single one of your things."
I'll pause for a second.
"Well, except to kick your laundry back to your side of the room, anyway."

Sidus [Rogue] 355865

"Somepony as great as myself requires a certain amount of room. I'm sure you can understand that and be able to live with it."
I rub my chin.
"Then why did it move…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355866

I smile.
"Go ahead. There are much better writers than me though."
I look around.
"Say Vera, I couldn't help but notice there's one bed unused here."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355867

"Well, who else could have been in our room? Or maybe it got nudged when one of us went past it."
I'll give a small smile.
"And how can you tell it was off by three centimeters? Do you measure it every night?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355868

Look at the bed by the balcony and smile sheepishly.
"Yeah… We kinda use it to stargaze now.
Star is giving me and Nock lessons about the sky."

Sidus [Rogue] 355869

"No, no, no, I feel it! This is not a matter of joking around!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355870

"Well, was everything else where it was supposed to be? Why is this important?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355871

"Oh…so it's used then…"
I look down.

Sidus [Rogue] 355872

"First of all, because it may or may not have been Balsa. Previously he only took my training kamas but I don't care much for that. Second of all, it might disturb my resonance with it!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355873

"We could always place it back in its place! Really, it's strange they didn't send anypony else in this room, if it's made for four."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355874

I'll serious up at that.
"What would Balsawood be doing in our room?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355875

I shrug.
"I don't know. I won our standoff already."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355876

"You two were in a standoff? Just how much did I miss here?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355877

Perk my ears.
I say excitedly "Really Vera?
I'd love to sleep here with all of you.
And we could move the bed there when you want to stargaze that's no problem."
Tone it down a bit.
"If that's okay of course with you and Nock and Star."

Sidus [Rogue] 355878

Grin at him.
"Don't worry, it wasn't actual fighting, just some challenges. And of course, I won."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355879

"Balsawood might be dangerous, though, if what Leaf Blade had to say about him's right. Just be certain this doesn't come back to bite you in the haunch."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355880

"I don't think Star will have any problem with it.
As for Nock, I'll have one more reason to sneak into her bed now~"

Sidus [Rogue] 355881

I make a sweeping motion with my hoof.
"Pff, he's a pansy. No real threat in any way against me."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355882

"You and Nock are really close, aren't you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355883

Grin wider.
"Wasn't it obvious?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355884

"If he comes to you directly. Judging from what Leaf said about their past jaunts into the forbidden areas of the school, he's probably about as wily as a fox. What did he challenge you to do?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355885

"Proving I could get a certain key from the Battlemaster."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355886

I grin.
"Just a tiny bit."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355887

I'll look at him aghast.
"You… you stole from the Battlemaster?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355888

Giggle a bit.
"Anyway, I think you should ask the faculty for that.
Why do you want to move out of your room in the first place?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355889

I smirk.
"No. I borrowed."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355890

"Sidus, did you… did you ask to borrow that key?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355891

I frown.
"I don't really like the ponies I'm stuck with now.
They're no fun at all.
I know I say it a lot but trust me,
if you're a bard and all those other bards don't feel the need to act around you,
they're really not fun at all."

Sidus [Rogue] 355892

"I borrowed it myself, no need to trouble him over something minor like that."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355893

I'll shake my head.
"Sidus, you don't seem to understand. You remember that pony I asked you to talk to earlier? Golden Platter? He's going to be in the infirmary for a very long time because the Battlemaster found out he did something against the rules. And borrowing something without asking is not only against the rules, it's stealing. I won't rat you out, because you're my friend, but dammit Sidus, what makes you think Balsa won't?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355894

"O…kay? Help me fix the bed then, mh?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355895

I hop over and start fixing the bed.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355896

"And of course, I like all of you.
But I thought that didn't need to be said."

Sidus [Rogue] 355897

"There's no proof. And not like he'd hurt me anyway. I'm too good of a student for that."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355898

And then we moved the matress back to its place.
"You know, this is not really a big deal because me and Leaf found the magazine!
Hundreads of matress, pillows and sheets!"
Giggle a bit.
"Of course silly.
And I'm sure everypony likes you too."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355899

"Ah yes, the secret room.
I'm sure that will come in handy"
I eye-wink at her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355900

"But you are still a student, Sidus. The Battlemaster has years beyond years of experience. The only reason he's here is because his superiors didn't like the fact he ignored orders half the time if he didn't agree with them. So he's gonna come down on you like a hammer on a rotted pear if he finds out what you did, if he doesn't just outright expel you. What about miss Heart? What do you think's going to happen to her if you get caught?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355901

"Oh yes! It's gonna be perfect to host all the trophies from our missions!"
Grin, completely oblivious.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355902

"Well it's big enough for that."
After a few moments of fixing the bed in silence I ask
"Do you think the faculty will let me sleep here, Vera?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355903

"Oh if they don't I will just ask the headmaster!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355904

"It's simple. I won't. So I won't even worry about it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355905

"I hope so…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355906

I'll sigh.
"Then you better hope Balsa doesn't rat you out, Sidus. And you'd better hope you didn't do anything suspicious leading up to when it went missing."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355907

Give her flank a nudge.
"C'mon don't look so down.
Let's hit the fields and train some. Or sing!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355908

Cheer up.
"Well I haven't trained yet today.
Maybe we should go."

Sidus [Rogue] 355909

"What do you mean… I was teaching Burning about weapon theory the whole time~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355910

"To the field we go!
Oh, you still haven't told me what's your favorite weapon!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355911

"I keep it traditional, just a sword.
What's yours?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355912

I'll give Sidus a deadpan look.
"Look, I already said I wasn't going to rat you out, but just be careful, okay? I'd hate to wake up one day and suddenly not have a living roommate anymore."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355913

"A GREATsword!
Which is strange, because my parents always trained me with a greathammer, but my first day here I found this and…"
take her to my sword.
"It just stuck with me."

Sidus [Rogue] 355914

"Oh don't be such a pansy, you know I can't die here!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355915

"Wow, it's massive.
You can carry it all by yourself?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355916

Take it and swiftly swing it around.
"I'm the real deal!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355917

Clap with my hooves.
"Wonderful. Let me get my sword."
I go get my sword.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355918

I'll poke him in the chest.
"That's not the point. All it takes is one wrong step and you could end up worse than Platter. He's probably going to take all year to recover from what the Battlemaster did to him. You'd be lucky to get away with all your legs."
I'll shake my head.
"And even if you say you can't die, that doesn't mean you won't."
I'll sigh.
"Besides, do you really think miss Heart would stay with you if you just walk into things without thinking ahead? Do you even consider what would happen if you fail or get caught?"
I'll stop him short on that one.
"No, I suppose you don't even think about negative outcomes. Look, Sidus, as your friend, I'm just saying you should watch your step for the near future and start thinking only a few steps ahead instead of dreaming about future greatness. You never know when Balsa will end up thinking he can get himself out of trouble by offering you up as a scapegoat."


"Waiting for you on the fields!"
And I will head there, practicing with my conjuration a little.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 355920

I guess the whole training grounds saw the explosion.

Sidus [Rogue] 355921

"You worry too much. And don't worry, I got it all covered. I got the copy of all his notes. And I DO think about things, believe it or not! I'm not just some sort of simpleton!"
Poke him back on his chest.
"You just worry too much. Enjoy life a bit!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355922

I come galloping with my sword.
"Vera, are you okay?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355923

"I'm trying, but somebody has to worry about things-"
And then the explosion happened.
"Hey, let's go check that out."

Sidus [Rogue] 355924

"Huh. Yeah, I think we should."
Head towards there.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355925

"I guess-"
And for the sake of pacing, we will say I am since we have no healers around.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355926

Well, you might be slightly scuffed up, but not cripplingly so.
"Hey is that… Hey, Vera, you okay? What was that?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355927

"That looked nasty. " I say as I help her up.
"But you still look fine. Just your mane is a bit ruffled."

Sidus [Rogue] 355928

"Oh, it's you. Who did you try to blow up this time?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355929

"Hey Jon… Just done something stupid while nopony was around, sorry."
Smile at her.
"I might have been overdoing this lately…"
Give him the meanest look I can master.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355930

"Vera, don't be afraid to hunt down an instructor or two. They can really help out a lot."

Sidus [Rogue] 355931

"…what? You were set for murder just a bit earlier."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355932

"I'm doing that! Talking with Leaf and all!
I just don't wanna go to Layline just yet. Not for something as stupid as this!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355933

"Well, accidents happen.
It's hard to control magic.
You can't just expect to learn it in one day."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355934

"You weren't leaving my room!"
"Wish I never had to…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355935

I'll roll my eyes at her.
"I dunno, Vera, taking chunks out of the training field doesn't sound like a stupid concern."
And I'll offer her a hoof up if she isn't already back on her hooves.
"You sure you're okay?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355936

"I was waiting for Star."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355937

Nod to him.
"Yeah. But I should…"
Try to conjure another sword.
"Jon! Tell him he can't just sneak into my room and sit there!"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355938

I'll look vaguely surprised at Sidus.
"Is that true? Hammer dorm is supposed to be off limits to colts."

Sidus [Rogue] 355939

"Technically, I wasn't sitting. And I even knocked!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355940

I just shrug and say "Hmm"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355941

"And then I told you to get lost and you just wasted time on Nock's bed!"
'1d10+2' because I am getting angry.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 355942

And now I've blown up again.

Sidus [Rogue] 355943

Leap back.
"Hey, no need to try and kill me over it!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355944

I'll take a quick back hop as well.
"Vera, calm down. Your magic's probably reacting your temper."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355945

"And it hurts, damnit!"
"You didn't leave that damn room!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355946

Attracted by the sound of explosions, I carefully approach the training fields
"G-Guys? What's happening?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355947

I roll my eyes.
"And that's reason enough to stab somepony with a magic sword."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355948

"Alright, let's just… everyone calm down."
"Star, thank the stars. Here, could you look Vera over? She's getting to be in a bad way."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355949

"Yes, let's calm down."

Sidus [Rogue] 355950

I smile.
"I'm calm~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355951

"S-star! It's nothing, really! Just a side effect of my magic!"
"Ain't you gonna tell him anything?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355952

"Yes, but let's get you looked at first."


"Uh… okay…"
Walk up to Vera and touch her with the tip of my horn, attempting to heal her

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 355954

Smile at her.
"Thanks star. You are great at this."
"Here, done!"
Show off for him.
"Now tell Sidus not to sneak in our room!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355955

"Well, Sidus, did you sneak in? I know you had to sneak through the Hammer Dorm to get there, but…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355956

Yup, that's a successful spell

"W-what happened?"

Sidus [Rogue] 355957

"I told you, I was let in! I didn't sneak in. Not to the room at I'm not a creep."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355958

"I found Sidus talking with Cherry in your room. Then we had an argument, told him to leave and he didn't!"
"And then we told you to leave! Not like I let you in!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355959

"Well, you're still not supposed to technically be in the Hammer Dorm. Rules and all."
I'll wave a hoof.
"But what did you say to Vera that's got her so fired up?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355960

"Hey Star, that was a good."

"Yeah I let him into the room."
I nod.

Papaver Field [Mage] 355961

"His usual bragging, I can't even tell it through the white noise now!"

Sidus [Rogue] 355962

"I wasn't waiting for you either though."

"I was trying to hold a normal conversation, but she started hurting herself over the past again."

"At least you can show some hospitality and friendliness!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355963

"Oh… o-okay…"

"T-Thanks Cherry…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355964

* was a good spell.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355965

I'll roll my eyes a little.
"Then shouldn't you have been able to ignore it?"
"…So who brought up the backstab first, then?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 355966

"Okay you know what? I'm leaving. I don't need this right now."

Sidus [Rogue] 355967

Point at her.
"Take a wild guess."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355968

Walk over to Star.
"Hey Star, Sidus told me he helps you with some confidence lessons.
Would you like it if I also helped you?
As a bard I know plenty of ways to help you,
if you want to, of course."

Sidus [Rogue] 355969

"Try not to slit the throat of any innocents to clench your thirst for blood on the way then!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355970

"Hey, whoa, wait Vera. Hold on a second."
"I'll have to talk with you a bit later."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355971

"Uh… sure! That w-would be really n-nice of you…"

I cast them both a worried look

Papaver Field [Mage] 355972

Ignore them and trot off.

Sidus [Rogue] 355973

"About what? Her temper tantrums?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355974

"Amongst other things."
I'll follow after her.
"Vera, wait, come on."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355975

"Wha?! I can't stand him, really!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 355976

"I promise I'll help you in any way I can."
Put my hoof on my heart.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355977

I'll sigh.
"I know. And I'm sorry for him. But he might be able to help stop Balsa from doing anything stupid. He managed to get Balsa's notes."

Sidus [Rogue] 355978

I shrug as he walks after her.
"Not my problem if she can't keep calm."

Papaver Field [Mage] 355979

"Look about that… I don't care anymore.
Or maybe I do and am just too tired to realize it.
I think I should rest on this first."
And with these words, I go off to my room.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355980

I'll raise a hoof to try and stop her, but then think better of it.
"Well, this is a fine pickle, isn't it…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355981

"…I didn't even get to ask her to help me with Star's combat training."
AFTER any further conversation Star has with Sidus and Merry, I'll go back to find her so we can start.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355982

I'll be sitting on the sidelines of the field, obediently waiting for Jon

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355983

"So, ready to start?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355984

I smile as he approaches

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355985

"Okay, and you said you wanted to use a shield, right? Let's go find you one that fits, or I could adjust my old one for you if you'd like."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355986

"Uh… y-you don't have t-to… we c-can just find one t-that fits…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355987

I'll nod.
"Alright then, then we're going to need to stop by the armory."
Once there, we'll start browsing for shields that would fit Star.
"See any you like?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355988

I look over the selection of shields, running my hooves over some of them before finally settling for a heater-shaped type of shield
"Uh… I-I think this o-one is fine…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355989

"Alright, get comfortable with it, and then we'll start."
I'll head back out to the field and have my sword out. No shield on me for now.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355990

I follow him, carrying my own training sword and shield with my telekinesis

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355991

"Okay, once you're ready, I'll start a little easy on you, and then see how well you do with that shield."


I gulp
"O-okay… I think I'm r-ready…"
Attempt to take up a defensive stance

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355993

"And here we go."

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355994

Her guard holds, and she takes the hit on her shield.
"Good! Here comes another!"

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


Try and block that!

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355996

And promptly fall flat on my face as I stumble over my own hooves again

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355997

"You okay, Star?"
I'll offer her a hoof up.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 355998

I nod as I take his hoof
"Y-yes… I-I just lost b-balance… sorry…"
I rub my aching nose a little

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 355999

"It happens."
I'll blush a little bit.
"I don't suppose you'd like me to… kiss it better?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356000

I give him a sheepish grin
"Uh… w-well a healing s-spell would probably work b-better but… okay.""

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356001

Giving a quick glance to the sides to make sure we aren't spotted by any instructors, I'll swoop in for a quick peck on her nose '1d10+2' and then make my way back to my side of the training spot.
"O-okay! So, let's keep working."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356002

Unfortunately, a peck is exactly what that was, and I seem to forget how to kiss something better completely. Also, I think I might have managed to make it worse…
"I'm sorry about that, really… really."
This time I'll be blushing from more than a bit of shame.


I wince slightly
"I-It's… it's fine…"
Try to sneakily use a healing spell on myself to ease this pain

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356004

Which doesn't work out.
I just sigh and rub my nose some more
"So… t-training?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356005

I'll sigh a bit.
"It's not fine… but alright, if you're ready. Put your guard up, and try to get through mine."

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


I nod weakly and try to get through his guard, holding back but not enough for him to notice

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356007

I'd say that was noticeable.
"C'mon, Star, put your heart into it."
I'll give her a light tap on the flank as I get past her shield.
"I want you to really try, okay?"

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


I sigh weakly as he taps my flank
"O-okay… I-I just don't… never mind…"
Try again

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356009

Putting a little too much into it, I knock the shield out of her grip and into her side. It'll probably bruise…
"Are you okay, Star? Do you want to take a minute?"


I stagger, wincing slightly as I rub my side with a hoof
"N-no it's fine…"
Try to heal it

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356011

I'll nod.
"Okay then. Whenever you're ready to keep going."
'1d10-1' guard up.

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


Looks like I manage that perfectly
Picking up my shield, I prepare myself again
"I d-don't want to d-disappoint you…"

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356013

I try to strike with my sword, only to be blocked by Jon's sword, if only barely.
I take a step back again
"I t-think I'm not f-fast enough…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356014

"Then get faster. You got better at healing magic because you thought you could, right? Because you believed in yourself, and your abilities. Fighting's no different. Believe you can get faster, stronger, sturdier… and with enough effort, you can get that way."
'1d10-1' to test her guard.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"I-I know but… it's n-not easy…"

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356016

I deftly block the blow, giving Jon a quick tap as he stumbles and his guard is down

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356017

"See, you're already getting better! You just need confidence."
Let's see if I can't keep her on her hooves. '1d10-1'

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


I nod quietly and try to block his surprise attack

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356019

One again, I deftly block the incoming blow with my shield, making Jon stumble due to the momentum
"A-Are you okay?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356020

"Perfectly fine, keep it up. I'm going to stop holding back now."

Roll #1 6 = 6


I gulp and try to block once more
My luck will turn around soon enough…

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356022

Again, I block his blow almost effortlessly thanks to my shield.
I look a little surprised at my own abilities

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356023

"Don't be surprised! I wouldn't be training you if I didn't know you could do it. Now keep it up. Remember to keep paying attention until it's over!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Surely I'll be able to block this as well!

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356025

Well apparently I'm some kind of shield god, so yes, I do manage to block that.
"… I-I don't understand…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356026

"What's so hard to understand? Apparently picking up a shield was the right choice. You're a natural. But don't get too comfy with it yet! I could still get through!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


I nod weakly, confused as to how I've managed this by myself

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356028

Capitalizing on Star's confusion, I manage to overwhelm her guard by the slightest bit, and score a hit, which seems to be enough to topple her over.
"And there it is. I have to say, though, I don't think I've actually got much to teach you about using a shield, Star. You seem to have a knack for it."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356029

I blush
"I-I just got lucky…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356030

I'll shake my head.
"Poppycock. You've got a good eye, and your reaction time is fine. Once you get going, you don't have any trouble at all."
I'll give a little laugh.
"I've got half a mind to show you to the defense instructor, Shield Wall, since I don't think I can teach you to be better than you already are with what I know."
I'll ruffle Star's mane a little, after making sure she has her hooves under her again.
"All you've got to do is remember that you can do it, Star. I wasn't holding back there, and you still managed to block a lot of my attacks. I don't think even Sidus would complain about how you did."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356031

I blush even redder as he praises me and ruffles my mane
"O-Okay… t-thank you…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356032

I'll smile at her.
"And just think, not even ten minutes ago you were worried. Now come on, let's get some water and cool off before the next class starts."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356033

I nod meekly and obediently follow him to get refreshed

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356034

We've still got a little time to chat before class, though.
"So, Star, what do you think about having Vera help out on some days? If she's got the time, of course."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356035

"Uh… t-that's okay with m-me if she wants to…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356036

I'll nod.
"She should be able to help you with hoofwork, and be willing to chase you around to help you with your running endurance."
I'll smile a little.
"I'll be there for the first few sessions with her, but once she's got the hang of it, I'm going to let her take over and have you all to herself for the exercise period."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356037

I droop my ears slightly

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356038

"Hey now, don't be too let down. I'm letting her work with you because I know you'll be able to keep up with her."
I'll give her a little smile.
"Besides, it could be worse. I could be letting Sidus take the reins."
I'll chuckle a bit.

DM 356039

NPCs online

Papaver Field [Mage] 356041

Such entusiasm.
Leaf, me, Layline.
Make it happen!

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356042

Is it time for classes yet?
Because I'd like to do that Word Of Power class.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356043


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356044

"But isn't that what a paladin's supposed to do? What's right, instead of what he's ordered? I mean if you want to just follow orders blindly, why not just be a soldier?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356046

I'd be down wit WoP class too

DM 356048

As we last left our heroes in the canonical timestream, Papaver Field the young mage, along with her platonic ally Leaf Blade, were on their way to show her stable conjurations to Layline, the magic instructor of the Equestrian Paladin Academy.
They arrive at his office, a small room full of curiosities both mundane and magical.
The teacher greets you with mundane hello from behind his desk.
"And what business might you two have?"
Blast: Papaver, Jonagold
Word of Power: Sidus, Cherry
Spellbreaker: Nock, Star Hopper
Please report to class.
"Because what is right differs from pony to pony. And at the front, not all views can be equal, as they are often conflicting.
He refused to look at the bigger picture, and always focused on the details. He argued the needs of the many cannot outweigh the needs of the few, for the many are but several groups of few. He lacked the mind of an officer. At least, a high officer.
And this is why he is here, as our loyal battlemaster, while the Warmaster of Equestria is another pony entirely."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356050

I hop happily through the hallways to the class.
As I go in I look for a good place to sit down.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356051

Bow my head gently and stutter slightly, attempting an answer though my self-doubts.
"W-we ha- MIGHT! Might have s-something-"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356052

Ugh, I don't want to do Spellbreaker class without Nock
I'm just going to be on standby until there's a spot for me to hop in

Sidus [Rogue] 356053

Get a first row seat.
That's where I deserve to be, after all.

DM 356056

Looks like you share a class.
There will be a moment before the teacher arrives.
Leaf gives you a reassuring nudge
Layline raises a brow
"Well? Do tell."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356057

I see Sidus.
"Hello Sidus.
I didn't know you were interested in this class."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356059

Sigh and raise my head to meet Layline's gaze.
"It's about these, sir. They are not disappearing."
Show him the lockpicks.

Sidus [Rogue] 356060

I wave at her.
"Hey! Why wouldn't I be?"

DM 356063

He levitates them closer and observes them
"Stable constructs…

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356064

"I figured you were more the type for Blast.
Big explosions and such."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356068

"It's been three days… Another one four, now…"

DM 356070

"…another one?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356073

I wave my hoof around.
"I know enough about fighting with weapons already."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356075

Smile sheepishly.
"Yeah, we kinda needed a ladder to climb to the roof and…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356076

"But what if those few are worth the trouble? Why not try to protect everyone he can?"

In a later timestream, Jon reports to class.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356081

"Ah yes. I haven't seen you fighting yet though.
Maybe you could show me after class?
After all, if I'm going to write a story about you and Burning, I'd have to know how you fight."
Take a look around the class.
"Is Burning here too?"

DM 356086

"The roof? Why would a student need to go there?"
"Because in the middle of the action, you only have so much time. You can only save so many. Do so many things."
Vera please report to class.
Burning is in Blast class.

Sidus [Rogue] 356087

I smirk.
"You'll see how I fight. Name a weapon, and I can handle it. And nah, she's in another class right now. Breaks her heart, really, that she can't be with me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356088

"Uh… My sword flew up while I was moving for the training fields, and got stuck in the rafters?"
Give a silly smile.

DM 356090

"…are you trying to lie to a trained mage, cadet?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356091

"Poor girl…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356092

"Then why not save as many as your hooves can protect? I mean, if you can't keep the ones around you safe, or at least as safe as possible on a battlefield, then what's the point of getting strong?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356093

Shake my head with force and straighten myself out!
"Sir! No sir! We were just curious about a local legend and wanted to check the rafters, sir!"

Sidus [Rogue] 356094

I nod.
"Yeah… at least she can cherish the moments we are together even more this way!"

DM 356098

"A more traditional military mind would focus on destroying the threat itself, rather than protecting those it seeks to harm while allowing it to rampage freely."
Well, I don't particularly care, so I'm willing to drop the subject if you tell me more about how you manage these constructs."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356100

"I… Like Leaf showed me!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356101

"I'm sure she loves you a lot.
I'm looking forward to meeting her."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356102

"Well, what if it's something that's beyond my power to attack, but within my power to defend against? I can at least keep the ones who can attack safe enough long enough for them to get there, as well as anyone caught in the crossfire."

Sidus [Rogue] 356104

"I'm sure you will like her. She is a really perfect mare in almost every way."

DM 356106

Layline turns to Lead
"Well, Paladin Blade?"
"Sir. I taught her the basics. Visualization, control, mastery, force of will. The longevity of the constructs seems to have more to do with her sheer raw power."
"You sound like you'd be more liable to agree with the battlemaster than me."
You feel an invisible force hug you softly

Papaver Field [Mage] 356109

Look back and forth between the two of them, utterly lost as to what is happening.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356111

"Well, sir, I came here to learn how to protect everypony I could. If I can't protect the ones around me, what good am I to anypony else?"

DM 356112

"Cadet Field.
How would you feel about a transfer to the Mage Academy?"
"Depending on the situation, possibly a lot.
Everypony needs to be able to act outside their comfort zone."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356115

"I'd rather die."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356116

"I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable abandoning ponies I've fought beside for any reason, sir. Even if ordered to, I'd probably still be the last one to retreat just to make certain no one got left behind."

Sidus [Rogue] 356119

I smile at that, and whisper very quietly.
"I love, you silly filly."

DM 356121

"Good. Then I don't need to fear losing you to them.
I would much rather keep such an incredible unpolished gem to myself, so to speak"
"And what if you were the last one who could do the deed? The last pony who could still fight, and finish the mission, even if it meant leaving the wounded to possibly die, should you fail?"
She tries to stop herself from giving you more than a hug

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 356123

Sigh and roll my eyes.
"Can't it be something in the food? Maybe I'm not special at all!"

Sidus [Rogue] 356125

More than ONE hug I hope

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356128

"Well, that would depend on the mission, sir. If I can manage to drag the wounded with me, though, I would. Or at least try to finish as quickly as possible so I can hurry back to them. If there's a lull, I could even try to stabilize them before going."
I'll shuffle my hooves uncomfortably.
"But I would do everything in my power to ensure I never have to make that choice, sir."

DM 356129

You feel a tingle creeping down your body, but it stops before you get too visibly bothered.
How have your other magic trainings come along?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356130

"Other magic? I just know how to make things!"

DM 356131

"We all do.
But more often than not, somepony has to make the call. And Paladins are expected to be the ones who can do it more reliably."

Sidus [Rogue] 356132

I smirk and just shake my head.
Whisper barely audibly again
"Behave yourself, or you won't get kisses for two hours once we meet!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356135

I see him talking to something, without hearing what exactly.
I just shake my head and look around the class.

DM 356137

"Shame. That will make this harder.
Please follow me to the magic training range."
The invisible force disappears and does not come back
The teacher does finally arrive
"Oh what is with students always making it to class before me… Good day everyone, welcome to words of power."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356138

I'll nod slightly.
"I know you're right, but it just… it doesn't feel right to even think about something like that. Because even considering the possibility means I would have failed to keep them safe."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356139

"Yes, sir…"
Follow him. And zip my mouth.

Sidus [Rogue] 356140

Keep waiting.
This shall be good.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356143

Wait for the class to begin.

DM 356144

"Failure is inevitable. Nopony can ever succeed in everything they do."
He takes you to the familiar training range
"Now then. This room is sealed against magical damage to prevent miscasts from ruining it.
Try conjuring an object. Anything at all."
"Now who here thinks they already know what there is to know and just came here for easy study points?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356145

I take a glance sideways at Sidus.


I wonder if I can conjure armor…

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 356148

No. No you can't.
"Well, Cadet?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356149

"I came here to learn what I don't know yet. This isn't an Academy of slack, this is an Academy for Paladins. Your very assumption insults me that I would come here for being cheap."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356150

"I know. It's just… not easy to accept. It's kinda the reason I even came here, aside from paying respects to my great-uncle."
I'll shake my head a bit.
"And it's one of the reasons I sought you out. So that, if nothing else, I could at least keep the ponies around me safe, even if I've got to stick myself between them and the enemy."


"R-right! I was thinking of armor but…"
Oh god even a little shield! Or a sturdy saddle! Or a pretty dress!
Yeah that will totally work! Conjure a pretty dress!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

DM 356155

"An admirable goal, if more the job of a knight than a paladin."
In an explosive flash of power, you force the arcane powers that permeate the world into the form of… a very very pretty, elegant dress.
Layline looks shocked, incredulous and outright spooked.
Leaf grins

Papaver Field [Mage] 356157

"W-what! No! I didn't meanto! I'm so, so sorry sir, I will make it disappear istantly!"

Sidus [Rogue] 356158

"Of course you do."

DM 356161

"Not so fast, cadet.
I need to test it."
He smacks it with his hoof

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356162

"It's just how I am, I guess. If that's all for today, sir, I think I should probably practice a bit before Blast class."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356163

I try to contain a giggle.'1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 356164


Cherry Merry [Bard] 356165

Nope. I put my hoof in front of my mouth but that was a definate giggle.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356166

Try to touch the dress myself.
"It… I'm sorry sir. I was thinking about something nice and protective and…"
Slump down to my aunches.

DM 356169

"Very well. Dismissed."
"I don't care if you had conjured a damned penis. The shape is not the key here. The stability of the construct itself is.
Can you take that off?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356170

And then things happened, and now I'm in class waiting for the instructor and anyone else.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356172

Look shocked at Layline.
Are you talking about the catalyst or the uniform?

Sidus [Rogue] 356173

Glance at Cherry, but lean back in my seat.
"So will you actually teach us, or will you just brag that you can already do it as a teacher? I thought you said you don't like cocky ponies."

DM 356174

The dress.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356176

Say that IC~

DM 356179

"Example is a good place to begin. It gives you a clear goal to strive for.
Now, I assume you all know how the voice itself works from a physiological standpoint?"
"The dress, cadet."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356180

I perk my ears.
"I'm sorry, professor."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356181

Well this is not awkward at all, nono.
Take it off.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356182

Oh hey, is Burning in class already, or is she busy giving Sidus invisible hugs? I could probably talk with her to pass time until the instructor shows up.

Sidus [Rogue] 356183

"We speak with it every day, yes."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356184

Are you seeing other mares again!?

Papaver Field [Mage] 356185

Count me there for Blast class if you want to start.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356186

No. I'm making certain she keeps Sidus from doing something stupid.

DM 356187

He weighs it in his hooves, then spins it around with telekinesis
Not like she'd ever let anyone notice she's missing
"Oh hello."
"And where does speech begin in the body?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 356189

"Simply… incredible.
I cannot find a single flaw in the structure. This construct is made with such sheer precision it defies all convention."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356190

"The throat? Or maybe the lungs, but it's not really speech yet then."

Sidus [Rogue] 356191

"…in our throat?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356192

"Hey there miss Heart. How's it going?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356193

Look at him with an expression of uncontrollable surprise for a second.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356194

Hm, I've got my eye on you though!

DM 356198

"Well that is a valid answer.
Though in reality, it begins in the mind! You need to know what you say, before you can say it.
And here you will learn to also know HOW you say it."
"Fine enough. No complaints. You?"
"Did you do this on purpose? Or did it just happen?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356199

Shake my head and grab the dress.
"No sir, I didn't plan on making a dress out of thin air!"

Sidus [Rogue] 356200

"I know I'm going to say 'don't keep us waiting' then."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356201

"Going well. So how did Sidus's surprise go on Heart's and Hooves?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356202

I listen attentively.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356203

Take another glance at him with a tiny smile.

DM 356204

"I said forget the shape.
Look at the way you arranged the energy of the construct. This structure is mathematically accurate. It is not even close to traditional.
HOW? How did you do that?"
"Well then.
On the most bare level, Words of Power rely on using the force of one's voice and will to overpower an enemy mind and body.
To accomplish this, the words must begin from deep within, and be delivered with strong purpose."
"A bumpy start but when he realized I had needs too, he really was very sweet to me~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356205

Whimper and shrink back.
"Sir, I have no idea, sir…"

Sidus [Rogue] 356207

"With confidence, you mean?"

DM 356209

"Then we have still quite a road ahead of us.
Because unlocking the secrets of these construct binds… may well bring a new era of prosperity to all of Equestria."
UNLOCKED: PERMANENT CONSTRUCT. Anything conjured with a 12+ will not vanish after combat. You can onlu conjure things you can visualize, and they only work as well as they should, being essentially drawings pulled from your mind. Conjure Weapon is not Wish.
"Confidence is not enough. It is a requirement, but not the only one. Your words must contain the very essence of your WILL."

Sidus [Rogue] 356211

"Willpower then. And since confidence is a testament to your willpower, it's essentially the same thing."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356214

Look at him worried.
"Does this mean more tests?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356215

Keep listening.
Essence of your Will?

DM 356216

"Oh yes.
It would be a crime against the world not to unlock the secrets of this beautiful thing.
Paladin Blade."
"I'm assigning you the duty of aiding Cadet Field in her everyday magic studies, and with reporting on them to me. I trust more in your trained eye than hers."
"And will I-"
"Yes. I will consider you to gain full credits for this, and I will consider it a personal favor as well, if you ever need one back from me."
"Sir yes sir."
"Confidence is the facade of the weak. True willpower manifests in more than a lack of stuttering. It radiates from one's body. A confident body is difficult to push around. A body backed by an unbreakable will is an unstoppable force that cares little for roadblocks."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356217

Groan and roll my eyes.
"Are we dismissed, sir?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356218

I raise my hoof.
"And how can one make that manifest in her voice?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356219

"It's all in the mind. The only thing that can truly defeat us is ourselves. Heh… but how exactly do we use our will to our voice?"

DM 356220

"If you have no questions.
Do you need the dress?"
"An excellent question.
As I said, the voice must be controlled. It must become a deep, booming blast, carrying the words of your will. The easiest way to do this is to compress the muscles of your abdomen as you speak, in order to achieve the desired pitch. NEXT! YOU MUST SELECT YOUR WORDS SO THEY BEST REFLECT THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE TO SPEAK! AND FINALLY, YOU FOCUS, AND UNLEASH IT!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356221

Take another glance at Sidus, a bit curious.


Look at it longingly.
"Well… It is a really nice dress…"
Try to make another one.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 356223

Layline takes it
"…this one won't last even ten minutes. The structure is jumbled and amateurish.
Look, take the dress if you want, but leave the lock pick with me. I need to study one of these more closely."

Sidus [Rogue] 356224

I glance back at her.
"Something on your mind?"

"Should we just give it a try then?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356225

Look back in front of me.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356226

Perk up at the suggestion and smile happily.
"Really sir?
Take the dress in my mouth and trot off happily.

Sidus [Rogue] 356227

Look back at the class as well.
"Speak if you do. I don't like ponies who don't say what they think."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356228

"I said it's nothing."

Sidus [Rogue] 356229

"If you say so…"

DM 356230

"Good lad. Go ahead!"
"You are excused too, Paladin. I need to work on this."
Leaf Blade salutes and follows you.


Papaver Field [Mage] 356231

I respectfully disagree.
My pretty dress compels you.

DM 356232

"Well, how do you feel now?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 356233

"Happy because he didn't throw me out of the academy for the ladder.
Worried for the magic classes.
Happy because I have a magic tutor I can trust.
Worried I'm gonna blow both of us up."
Giggle for a moment.
"Happy for the dress~"

DM 356234

"It is a really nice dress.
Wanna go put it on somewhere?"
The dress, being a magical construct, has an appearance similar to an ethereal Alicorn mane.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356235

Squee a little.
"Wanna go to the secret room?"

DM 356236

"Sure, if you don't mind me being there as you change."

Papaver Field [Mage] 356237

Raise a brow.
"Uh… I dunno, do you think Nock would mind? After all, we are all wearing uniforms here…"

DM 356238

"You are your own pony. Only you can say if you feel it is ok."



Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 356240

"It's just a dress. I don't see what's the problem."
Make my way to the secret room.
"Do you think we could make this place just like the magic range? Immune to miscasts and all?"

DM 356241

"If you happen to know several specialized carpenters, anti-mages and artisans, and/or happen to own a few hundred thousand bits of cash to spare."
Rolling not to stare inappropriately

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 356242

Nothing about his staring is subtle.
The least of all how close he gets his face to you for a better look at everything.
Rolling to look but not touch

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 356243

He understands the risks and keeps his hooves to himself though.

Papaver Field [Mage] 356244

Stare back at him for a moment.
"Uh… Was there something on the dress?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 356245

"That's good."
I'll nod.
"But you be sure to keep him out of trouble, okay? What he did with Balsa has me worried, and I can't be there all the time."

DM 356246

"No, no. Please, go ahead… um… I'd like a better look. At the… construct pattern. Yeah."
"I'll do what I can…"


Papaver Field [Mage] 356247


DM 356848

So where were we?
Classes and dresses?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356849

We were about to shout the school down.

Sidus [Rogue] 356850


DM 356851

"Well then. Lets hear some from you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356852

No Nock, so no classes
No Jon, so no shipping
No Vera, so no friendshipping

That leaves stuff with NPC's. Maybe I should actually explore the academy a little more in detail. Anywhere I haven't been yet?

Sidus [Rogue] 356853

Clear my throat.
Let's do this.
I'll need this rehearsed anyway.
Try that WoP

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356854

"uh…what should I shout?" I say a bit meekly.

DM 356855

Well you should be well familiar with the library at least.
Any interest in trying to mare up and go ask for combat training on your own?
General desire to run into new NPCs?
"A decent shot. Now stand up and try again. It frees the lungs for better volume."
"I don't care really. Anything close to your heart. FOR EQUESTRIA is a standard one."

Sidus [Rogue] 356856

Stand up.
"Right. That must have been the problem."
Try again.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356857

Clear my throat.
Take a deep breath.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356858

>Any interest in trying to mare up and go ask for combat training on your own?
Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to try… and my friends will be so impressed if I do!

All I have to do is be courageous and seek out ponies myself…

DM 356859

Well done, both of you! Especially you lad. You seem to have the basic idea down.
Now Words of Power are not just about volume and will. Do either of you what else they are good for?"
There are instructors in the training yard.

Sidus [Rogue] 356860

"Beating others into submission without violence!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356861

"Making ponies do what you say?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356862

Right, I should probably work and get help with my sword techniques

I've only managed to hurt yself with them so far…

DM 356863

"Correct on both counts.
A Word of Power can be used to blast an enemy off their legs, or to overpower a weak will to coax information out of a target."
Shield Wall the defense instructor is available at the field. So is a weapon trainer, unless you wish to ask the Battlemaster himself.

Sidus [Rogue] 356864

I smirk.
"Damn I'm good."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356865

"And what do you have to shout to blast a pony?"

DM 356866

"Always glad to have a competent student.
"That depends on the situation. Some prefer a battlecry, others an order to surrender. To truly knock a foe will requires just the right timing and words, as well as the full power of your Words."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

DM 356867

The instructor coughs violently and spits out a lug of slightly bloody mucus
"Oh fuck… it keeps happening…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356868

I panic.
"Oh Celestia, are you allright, professor?
Should I call the nurse?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356869

I raise an eyebrow.
"Excuse me? If it has a side effect, shouldn't you be teaching us about it?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356870

The Battemaster… he's really scary but… he's also strong.

I guess it wont hurt to go talk to him… just have to watch my step.

DM 356871

"It's not a side effect.. it's an old battle wound.
Though one of my doctors did insist my Words were making it worse."
He spits out another bloody chunk and straightens up
"Well, I guess that's all the examples I can give for today. Just theory for now I guess."
He is available in his office

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356872

Okay then, go over there and knock on his door.

Here's hoping I wont mess this up…

Sidus [Rogue] 356873

I sit back down.
"That's honorable. You know that passing your knowledge will hurt you yet you don't give up."

DM 356874

Hello Cadet. What's on your mind?"
"Not like I can be in the field like this either.
Many instructors here are retired soldiers you know."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356875

I look a bit worried at the instructor.

Sidus [Rogue] 356876

"Still, you are not just wasting your time in retirement. You are all helping others to become better."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356877

I carefully open up the door, standing in the doorway
"Uh… G-Good morning mister B-Battlemaster…"
I wipe my brow ands move into the room
"I… I was just w-wondering if m-maybe you could help w-with my t-training…"

DM 356878

"If one soldier is lost so an entire new generation can follow, I will gladly be that one."
"Certainly. What training were you looking for?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356879

"Just… uh… c-combat… using swords and s-stuff…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356880

"Still you shouldn't overexert yourself.
Please be careful."

DM 356881

"So, weapons training?
Any particular kind of sword?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

DM 356882

He gasps for air and falls to a knee
"F-fine… no more examples."

Sidus [Rogue] 356883

"I think you should rest those lungs. You'll still have to finish training us."
Turn to Cherry.
"Isn't that right?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356884

I look down.
"I'm sorry, professor.
I didn't mean it like that."

"Uh yes, yes whe should."

DM 356885

Alright. Now then. While I catch my breath, lets see if either of you can knock the other down with a shout.
The rest of you, pair up as well, class."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356886

"Just uh… n-normal swords… that are u-used with s-shields…"

Sidus [Rogue] 356887

"Since we know each other, want to form a pair?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356888

"I think that's what the instructor said, silly.
But okay."
I get up.
"Do you want to start or should I?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356889

I get up and grin.
"Go ahead, try me. You go first."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356890

"Okay. Get ready."
I clear my throat.
Take a deep breath and…
Uh…what should I say?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sidus [Rogue] 356891

I don't suppose I can keep standing after that.

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 356892

"Mhm. You look rather heavily built. Do you prefer a broadsword or a longsword?"
Not a chance.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356893

I blush in embarassment
"Uh… b-broadsword?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356894

Stand back up then.
"Whoa… You really have a strong voice."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356895

Roll not to blush.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356896

I smile at him.

DM 356897

"Figured so. Shorter and wider. Easier to handle, but hits harder than you'd expect, even if it lacks reach.
Ever used one before?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356898

"I believe it's my turn now though, isn't it?"
Clear my throat.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356899

I brace.
"Go ahead."

Sidus [Rogue] 356900

Let's use that WoP then.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356901

"Uh… A l-little bit… but I'm n-not really good with it at a-all… I only hurt myself with it…"
I frown at that last part

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356902

I close my eyes for impact….which doesn't happen.
A bit surprised I open them again.
"Maybe you should clear your throat first?"

DM 356903

"Hurt yourself?
I trust you were using safe training weapons?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356904

Clear my throat again.
"That was just warmup, don't worry."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356905

I nod
"Y-Yes… I j-just… I swung t-too wildly…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356906

I make a movement as if I need adjust my balance.
"Wow, I think you almost got it.
Maybe a bit louder."

DM 356907

In the distance behind your foe, you catch a small hint of shocked eyes.
You may have worded that better…
"Well then. That sort of problems can be trained out easily. Get your sword and meet me in the training field."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356908

I nod obediently and do as told, meeting with the battlemaster there

Sidus [Rogue] 356909

I can't care about that now! I have to win.
"I swear I got this! This was just practice!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 356910

"Alright cadet. Lets see you hit a few dummies first so I can see the most glaring issues."
The instructor sighs
"You have no faith in your words. Now you're just yelling whatever comes to mind. I SHOULD MAKE PASTA FOR DINNER TODAY. MAYBE I'LL PUT GREEN SHEETS ON THE BED LATER. That is not Words of Power. Use something you believe in!"

Sidus [Rogue] 356911


Roll #1 4 = 4


I pick up my sword and shield with my telekinesis and pick one of the dummies to attack with my sword.

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

DM 356913

"now try yelling less than ten damn words."
"Well there is the first problem. Stop being afraid of your own damn weapon. You look like it outright frightens you, and that makes your strikes weak."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356914

I take a look at myself.
No, still standing.

Sidus [Rogue] 356915

You betray me, vocal chords!
Just work already!

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 356916

"Evidently, you cannot. Not yet at least.
But don't worry. That's what you're here to learn.
Perhaps your partner can share some tips."

Sidus [Rogue] 356917

"No, I know I can! I did it just before!"
Close my eyes, calm down for a second, take a deep breath.
'1d10' just fucking work damnit

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356918

I walk back to Sidus.
"Don't worry, I know you can do it.
Just show me the real Sidus."


I gulp and nod silently.
Try again on the same dummy. Put some shwing into it.

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 356920

"I did it before? Why isn't it working now?!"

DM 356921

"Why are you so reluctant to listen, Cadet?
Do you fear the blade will turn on your again?"
"Don't wear out your voice.
Just give it a rest for now."
"Good job on your end, Cadet."

Sidus [Rogue] 356922

I snarl.
"I'm not going to give up!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356923

"Don't worry. I've had this happen to me too,
when trying to sing on stage.
Sometimes you can sing like the best off-stage and then you completely block on-stage.
It's completely natural. I'm sure you'll get it."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356924

I nod sheepishly
"I-I guess it's stupid but… I don't k-know… i-it just f-feels so… so unnatural…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356925

I gleam.
"Thank you, instructor."

Sidus [Rogue] 356926

"It's not that! I'm not worried about others, I'm not shy or anything! I know I can do it, but it doesn't come out right!"

DM 356927

The instructor nods towards the bloody chunk he coughed up earlier
"You don't think I've made my point?
"Mhm. Care to explain more?"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

DM 356928

He falls over, hacking up a big, bloody mess.
"I-I need to go… d-dismissed…"
He grasps his chest and walks out of the room

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356929

"I'm not saying you're shy.
You're definately not shy.
These things just happen sometimes,
even to the best of us."

I look worried at the instructor again but don't dare say anything.

Sidus [Rogue] 356930

I stomp angrily as he leaves.
"Damn it! Damn it all! Why didn't it work?!"

One last fucking try

Roll #1 9 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356931

"I-I mean… It's just… I can use s-shields to block attacks j-just fine but… I just d-don't like striking stuff… I-It feels…. wrong…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356932

Can I stay up?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356933

Nope. I tumble away with a little scream of surprise.

DM 356934

Down you go.
The instructor stops at the door and looks back in, then cringes in pain and leaves again
"And yet you wield a sword.
Many who take issue with bloodshed prefer hammers or other blunt weapons."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356935

"I-I tried a hammer… I-It was too heavy…"

Sidus [Rogue] 356936

I exhale but then smile.
"Finally! I knew I could do it I just had to find it. Are you okay?"

DM 356937

"Ever thought of a mace?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356938

I look down
"I… N-no I haven't…"

DM 356939

"Well grab one from the rack there."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356940

I get back up and hop back to Sidus.
"I'm fine. Wow, that was really good.
See I told you these things just happen."
I say with a smile.

Sidus [Rogue] 356941

"Not entirely. It wouldn't have happened if I gave up, now would it?"

Okay, mission accomplished.
Smirking is allowed again.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 356942

I nod and go over to pick up a mace
"O-Okay… uh…"
I look at it in uncertainty as I float it in the air using my telekinesis

DM 356943

"And try hitting the dummy again."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356944

I giggle.
"I guess you're right.
Say, is it time for lunch yet?"


I nod meekly and try again with the mace

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 356946

"See? Better already."


Sidus [Rogue] 356947

"Not yet. The class was dismissed early, so I guess we still have a bit of time."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356948

"Well, I still want to see you fighting.
Would you like to spar with me?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356949

"I guess we have the time to!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356950

And off we go to the sparring fields.
A mare and a stallion doing heavy physical excercise in very close proximity to each other, I'm sure nothing can go wrong here.

Sidus [Rogue] 356951

Oblivious as fuck over here.
Absolutely nothing can go wrong, totally.

"You got your training weapons?"

DM 356952

Nothing can go wrong.
Enjoy your time kids.

Sidus [Rogue] 356953

Let's just hope Burning isn't upset or anything

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356954

"I'll go get them."
I go get my sword.
"I've been thinking about getting a hammer though. Like the paladins in the songs."


Sidus [Rogue] 356955

I nod.
"It's important to you use a weapon you are comfortable with. Now, do you want me to use mine or do you want to pick me one?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356956

"Just pick whatever one you like best.
If I'm going to write a story about you,
I have to see your favorite weapon."

Sidus [Rogue] 356957

"I have two, to be honest. I'll use them freely if you say so. Now, I'm ready whenever you are."

Take out my Sword in Fencing mode and get in a defensive position.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356958


What's Fencing mode?

Sidus [Rogue] 356959

Single sword in one hand, lowers the DC to hit stuff from 6 to 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356960

I'll use that too then.

I unsheath my sword in Fencing mode and attack Sidus.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 356961

I guess she was pretty fast and I couldn't block in time.
"Not bad… now it's my turn!"
Counter-attack with a stab of the training sword!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356962

Do I have to roll to block now or simply attack and the highest roll wins?

Sidus [Rogue] 356963

You can fluff it however you want, but the higher roll wins, yes, unless it's a draw.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356964

I jump to evade that stab and attack again with my sword. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 356965

Too slow.
It looks like the hit lands.
Jump back and change to Glaive (Large Weapon) in a defensive pose.
"Come at me again."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356966

I take a deep breath, swing my sword in the air and hit you as hard as I can to break through your defense.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 356967

Great weapons crit on a 9, but critfail on a 2, just saying

Looks like I can arch the glaive in a powerful swing and knock her off her hooves.

"Are you okay? Come on, you started off good. Want to try defense instead again?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356968

No that didn't work but I'm not sure if I lost a hit.
Try again.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356969


So I did lose a hit.
"Sure let's do that again." I say while catching my breath.
See >>356968

Sidus [Rogue] 356970

If I were powergaming like Sylt I'd say two since it was a crit but this is just friendly sparring so one will be enough

Circle around her for a while, then try to cleave her legs from under her.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356971

I guess I was too fast for you this time.
I jump to avoid your sweep and stab you.
"You'll have to do better then that to sweep me off my hooves." I say with a smile.

Sidus [Rogue] 356972

I smirk at her?
"Do I now?"

Levitate my glaive threateningly, as if looking for a weak spot, then suddenly leap at her with my dual kamas in my hooves.
Changing do dual weapons.

Roll #1 5, 5 + 1 = 11

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356973

I duck, letting you jump over me and then stab you from behind.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 356974

Looks like you only manage to duck into a faceful of training weapons, two at the same time, to make matters worse.

I put them away as I see I sort of overdid it and offer a hoof to stand up.
"Okay, I wasn't expecting you to do that… I didn't mean to hit you that hard. Are you all right?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356975

I take your hoof to help me up.
"Uh yes, I don't know what I was thinking."
I smile sheepishly.

Sidus [Rogue] 356976

I chuckle.
"Confusing you with my other weapon was meant to do that, but I thought you'd just concentrate on that, not dodge right into my waiting weapons… Are you sure you are fine?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356977

I shake myself off.
"Yes, I'm fine."
I look at Sidus again.
"But that was pretty impressive how you switched weapons so fast."

Sidus [Rogue] 356978

I take one kama in hoof and start to swing the other with my TK by the chain.
"Weapons are my life. I love practicing with them, or experimenting with new ones. Everypony else seem to be so stubbornly stuck with one weapon, saying 'practice makes perfect.'"
I let out a short laugh, then look at her confidently.
"But who says you can't be perfect with each and every weapon with enough practice?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356979

"Well you sure got the hang of it."
I then gaze at the field for a moment and look back again.
"Sidus, if you don't mind me asking, why do you and Vera fight so much?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356980

I keep idly playing around with the weapons while speaking, and just shrug at the question.
"She defeated me once and ever since, she thinks she is Queen Cadet Best Pony of first year. So I just annoy and tease her to make her upset on purpose, since it's pretty easy to do most of the time. I have to admit, I like her for she was able to best me after her first defeat against me. And it's not like we are enemies. I would even call her a friend."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356981

I perk my ears.
"I don't think Vera thinks that.
I'm sure if you and her talked together,
you could set aside your differences in no time."

Sidus [Rogue] 356982

I chuckle again.
"Who says I'm not enjoying to mess with her?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356983

I frown.
"Wouldn't it be nicer to get along?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356984

"What if this is my way to get along with her? Hmm?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356985

"Then I don't like that way very much."
I get up.
"I'll go freshen up before lunch. I'll see you there with Burning to talk about the story?"

Sidus [Rogue] 356986

"I'm sure she'll grow to like it. And yes, meet you at lunch."

I put away my weapons.
"Oh, and one more thing. You did pretty good."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 356987

"Good." I trot away.
When Sidus mentions I did pretty good, I stop for a second.
Without looking back I say "Thanks."
So you don't see that tiny smile on my face.
I trot off to the dorm to freshen up.

DM 357162

Something something something whores
What were we doing again?

Papaver Field [Mage] 357163

Nod and wear the dress.
Feel pretty and squee for a second.

DM 357164

Lets see how well he keeps it together

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357165

see >>356946
"I-I guess…"
I sigh and look at the mace in contempt

Sidus [Rogue] 357166

I just had a little spar with Cherry that I won without breaking a sweat.
She went away to freshen up before lunch, so I guess I'll meet up with Burning real quick.

DM 357167

"Stop guessing. Guessing is for gamblers. How dies it feel?"
He keeps it together well
"That sure is… remarkable."
"Hey again."

Papaver Field [Mage] 357168

"Do you think ponies will look at me strange if I wear it around the academy? Just for a few hours…"
"Yeah it's stupid, I know."

Sidus [Rogue] 357169

Turn around to face her.
"Hey! How was Blast class?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357170

"I just… uh… I-I know it's kind of silly b-but…"
I look away, my voice going quieter
"… uh… m-mom always c-counted on me using s-swords like her…"

DM 357171

"I got a little upset and embedded a training dummy into a wall.
Got scolded for it, but still got high marks.
"They will. Wait until the Gala at least. That's just a month or so away anyway."

Papaver Field [Mage] 357172

Cock a brow.
Start undressing.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357173

I fidget with my hooves nervously
"W-Well… I j-just don't want to d-disappoint her… s-she already gifted m-me a sword so…"

Sidus [Rogue] 357174

"I did good at first, then my voice misbehaved, but it was just a test of faith in my abilities from my body towards me, because I managed to succeed in the end… Why did you do that to the training dummy? What got you upset?"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357175

Will I be doing anything anytime soon?
I don't mind waiting for today

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357176

I'm just sitting in class, waiting for Papaver to show up and blast training to start.

Papaver Field [Mage] 357177

Papaver Field [Mage] 357178

Also, I had a magic dress, but now it's gone.
I'm all happy.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357179

"Hey there Vera. You seem to be in a good mood."

DM 357180

"You know, the Grand Gala? As in the one in Canterlot? Hosted by the Princsesses?
The academy often provides additional security there, and Academy Paladins are allowed to wear civilian attire to meld in with the guests more easily to catch wrongdoers who are on the lookout for uniformed guard.
You need to sign up though."
"Mhm? Well, not all ponies wield just one type of weapon. I myself am well versed with several for one."
You can drop in if you wish to speak to the PCs. Which you should.
Also, pick one 1 point Paladin skill to train in.
Your classmates will be
Blast: Papaver, Jonagold
Word of Power: Sidus, Cherry
Spellbreaker: Nock, Star Hopper

Sidus [Rogue] 357181

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357182

"Oh… W-Well… I guess Sidus does t-too…"
I look a little relieved at the thought

Papaver Field [Mage] 357183

Wristle happily and trot alongside him.
I got a new dress! Made it myself!"
"A grand gala? And we can go?"
Jump all around the secret room.
Start wearing the uniform again.
"You totally have to show me-"
Damn legs.
"-Where to sign up!"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357184

Blast.. Blast sounds good!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357185

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You made it? I didn't know you could sew."

DM 357186

"Just something I… overheard."
She takes a sharp step towards you
"Last year the headmaster's assistant handled that."
Welcome to Blast Class. >>357176
Hey you two, meet the newcomer.

Papaver Field [Mage] 357187

Giggle up.
"No silly, with magic!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357188

Okay I'm here and should be in the dorm right now.
Let me think what do next for a second.


Kick my hooves up on my desk and lay back.

Rolling to look cool

Roll #1 6 = 6

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357190

Papaver Field [Mage] 357191

"Oh, her.
I think she hates me."
Whisper to Jon.
"Why is that guy sitting like that? Is he ill?"

Sidus [Rogue] 357192

I tilt my head.
"And that is…?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357193

That'll make my eyebrow go even higher.
"Now this, Star and I have to see."
I'll likely see that out of the corner of my eye.
Oh boy, another Sidus.

Phanny [Necromancer] 357194

Now to look at my books!
There are books relevant to the subject, right?

DM 357195

"Hm? You know Cadet Sidus?"
"…does it matter?
Can I have my kiss now?"
Your call to leave those there or not when the instructor whose specialty is blasting the fuck out of things he dislikes arrives.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357196

"I think he's just trying to act like Sidus. Perish the thought."
And then I'll sit at attention as the instructor arrives.


Right, I probably know about that, do I?

Try to look cool in another way.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Mage] 357198

"It's creepy to be honest, Layline said it was something n-"
And then I will too sit on attention as the instructor arrives.




Maybe I'll just lean back in my chair?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357200

I nod sheepishly
"Y-Yes… he uh… he h-helps me out a lot with stuff…"

Sidus [Rogue] 357201

"Of course it does, silly. I want to know what troubles you."
I look around.
"And let's just get out of the middle of the fields, shall we? Then you can have all the kisses you want~"

DM 357202

The instructor arrives
"Good day. I'm Smiters, and my job is to see to it you all learn how to Blast your foes by the time we are done."
"Cadet. You don't seem to be taking this very seriously."
"Fine. Lead on."
"He is a good kid. I just wish his big head didn't drag him down like it does."

Sidus [Rogue] 357203

Okay, find a secluded part where we can be alone undisturbed.
Must be tons of places like that in an Academy this big.
Once there, turn around and give her a smooch.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Mage] 357204

Steal a glance at the pony the instructor is scolding, but remain otherwise silent.

Phanny [Necromancer] 357205

"H-hey! I am pretty set on this!"

Show him the Blast books I have. I do have them, right?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357206

I'll take a glance at that.
So I'm not the only one who decided to do some extra reading. Unless he's just carrying those around…

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357207

"W-Well… he is helping m-me get more confident… and… uh… he r-really is good at s-stuff like he says h-he is…"

DM 357208

"…I guess that's adequate.
Not great though."
"That's cute. Did you plan to blast with them, or were you going to maybe recite some rousing poetry to the rest of us while we train?"
"Being good at something does not mean you need to gloat about it.
I see great things in his future, if only he would let go of his insecurity and need to voice it."

Sidus [Rogue] 357209

"What? Somepony's being cheeky…"
Kiss her again.
PROPERLY this time.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Good thing I have my sword.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357211

"He's i-improving on t-that though…"


B-but it does have some Blast-relevant information!

Does it, RNG?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357213

Good thing I didn't drop my sword after that training session with Star.
But I can't really pity the guy Smiter is calling out.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357214

brushed my mane,
back in uniform.

Now I'm trotting over to the Battlemasters office, while humming a little song.

DM 357215

It does.
"Well. I'll let it slip. But save the reading for times I'm not here for real training."
I should talk to him again I think.
Anyway, has your sword been approved for use?"
A flash of pain later you find yourself face first on the ground
"How about you go down instead of commanding random mares to do so."
Do you wish to exit normal time to meet him, or do you want to go interrupt Star's training?

Sidus [Rogue] 357216

What the hell, Burning?
Escape Artist from the ground, possibly behind her.
"Burning, what are you talking about? It was a class about shouting others to the ground! And did you skip Blast class?"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357217

"Right, sir."

Sit up a little more properly.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357218

"I… I s-sent it b-back home… with a n-note as to why…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 357219

Blastin n' plastin.

DM 357220

"Sure it was. And no."
She doesn't even turn
"Now are you just going to stand back there or are you at least going to try making it up to me?"
"Ah. Well, we can arrange you a combat worthy mace anyway."
"Alright class.
Everyone gets five minutes to think of the thing they hate the most. In the entire world.
One thing."

Phanny [Necromancer] 357221


What do I hate most?

I really don't…

Papaver Field [Mage] 357222

Hey that's easy, I hate ma-
No. What do I hate?
That's a strong word.

Tap Jon on the shoulder.
"Would Sidus count?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357223

Let's do the time warp.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357224

Well, time to think…
What do I hate most?
I'll raise a hoof.
"This is for the extra effect of Blast, right? To pick one type of enemy it has extra strength against?"

Sidus [Rogue] 357225

"How do y-…"
Shake my head.
Slowly trot to her side and start stroking her mane carefully.
"Burning, you know you are the only mare in my life. I would never betray you."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357226

I'll shrug a little.
"D'you hate him enough to kill him?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 357227

"I don't hate him! I just don't like when he brags! And that's the most I hate!"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357228


"Of course it is! Now quiet, I need to…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357229

"Okay… that uh… that's g-good…"
I look at him expectantly

DM 357230

Welcome to THE FUTURE
Hello Cadet. What ails you?"
"Very astute of you, cadet.
Indeed. Blast works by focusing the power of a strike into a single focal point, unleashing it with explosive force. To help gather a strong enough blow, often Paladins focus their power on a certain kind of enemy."
"So it was her fault then, huh? The looks, the blushing smiles?"
"Yes, cadet? Something still on your mind?"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357231

I guess…

Those too proud to accept their own flaws?

Yes, that's it. Those self-righteous who can see no wrong with themselves, yet see everyone else as imperfect.

Yeah. Those are real cunts. And they're also the ones who can really stand to hurt other people.

Sidus [Rogue] 357232

Okay, keep gently brushing her mane with my hoof to calm her down.
"Burning, we barely know each other! She is just a friend of our friends, and she wants to write a song about us, you and me!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357233

"Well, not every enemy is going to be a braggart, so it's probably best not to limit yourself to that."
I'll nod to the instructor.
Now, what do I hate? Never really gave it much thought…

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357234

"Good afternoon, Battlemaster.
I've come to ask you if you could train me?"

DM 357235

"Is that all then? She got all bothered and hot around you because she's a friend of a friend?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 357236

"But it's not what I hate… Fighting is an art, not something you do out of… Hate!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357237

"W-Well… training?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357238

"Well, sometimes you have to take a stand on something, and not be willing to budge on it. For instance, think about zombies for a second. More often than not, they're raised by ponies who don't respect the dead as anything more than tools. So you can, out of pity for them and anger at the necromancer, put them to rest."

Sidus [Rogue] 357239

Step in front of her.
"Burning, what do I know what somepony else is feeling? You know I'm irresistable, I can't help that, but you are the only mare in my life who I love!"
Step closer and give her a cool-down hug.
"Now calm down, Heart… I promise that I would never in a million years betray you or cheat on you."

DM 357240

Now then, do you know what maces are best at?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 357241

Think about this long and hard.
"Well, there is something I hate… When ponies just don't know why they fight.
When they are following some stupid idea without understanding it."
"I hate all those who follow a cause without believing in those ideals!"

DM 357242

She angrily pushes you over onto the ground and presses a hoof on the base of your throat
"And you best remember that, or you may wake up to find yourself a lot less great some day."
She then bends down to kiss you

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357243

I'll look a little surprised.
Has it really been five minutes? I haven't thought of anything yet!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357244

"Uh… s-smashing armor? T-That's what Sidus t-told me…"

Phanny [Necromancer] 357245

"Ponies.. or anything who think they're the only ones who are right and perfect, and that everyone they disagree with is wrong, or imperfect. They're.. really the cause a lot of nasty things around, you know?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357246

DM 357247

"And what sort of training do you need, cadet?"
"Indeed! The weight of a mace can smash bone even if it is protected by armour or a shield. What what is its weakness?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357248

I scratch the back of my neck awkwardly
"I… I-I'm not sure…"

Sidus [Rogue] 357249

I gulp.
She's got a lot more power to her than she shows…
At least it's a good kiss.
Better just enjoy it while she calms her teats.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 357250

"I've been using a sword but it doesn't really feel completely right. I was thinking of switching to a greathammer."

DM 357251

"Well for one it isn't the most subtle of weapons.
For another, it isn't very fast to swing."
Rolling to leave it at the kiss
"That's a rather big switch Cadet. The handling is entirely different."
Well now."
He points at the training dummies he brought into the room
"Lets see you envision one of those you so deeply hate and strike these."

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 357252

Burning smiles after the kiss, wipes her mouth and helps you up
"So just remember that, ok?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 357253

"Oh… b-but I use telekinesis to s-swing it…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 357254

Well, no time like the present to find out what I dislike, I suppose…
I'll walk up to one of the dummies, and sword out, try thinking of it as…
Well, let's start with what irritates me. Rats and things for one. They can ruin a crop.

Roll #1 3 = 3