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Having left behind their hideout in Riverhold, our band of heroic fugitives arrived in Sinport, the old crime capital of the kingdom.

Here, under the watchful if twitchy eyes of the Shipwreckers, Black Skulls and Brewguild, they will make plans and alliances that will carry them to victory against the Golden Dragons, and clear their names in the process.

At least that was the idea.
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"You know I was paid to kill him
Which is why I'm here in the first place. In fact Cap'n put out the hit herself."
The immense Aeon waves awkwardly from the door, his frame being barely able to move in here.
That shut her up.

Bloodnose is staring at a wall, as if thinking what is behind it.


"Oh Fine." I grumpily sigh. "We actually just wanted to be the ones to kill him, but I suppose we can let you."


Slap my head ''Oh right right, Sorry it's hard for a brainless capra like me to keep track of all these names. Let's get Ragamont out, and then we deal with Wiz''
turn to Bloodnose ''You found anything, boy?''


"I'm fine with a 50/50 split on the bounty for busting me out."
Stonerook chuckles
"Wow… generous as ever."
Bloodnose trails a claw down the wall, across the floor and stops at a specific tile
"Under here."
He then twitches his ears a bit
"Stairs not needed. Big monster made hole. Climb out, climb down. Faster. No guards."


"Deal!" I declare.
Then go to the where the drudge is.
"This place is taking a lot of damage.."


"Old. Poorly maintained. Never designed for monster attack."


''Wow, you're pretty good at this huh?'' look around ''Where is this said hole, Bloodnose?''


"I really thought a fortress would be tougher than this." I say oddly cheerfully.


"Impact of cannonball very different from monster arm pulling at wall."
You hear a loud splash as a section of wall collapses into the sea
"Very different."
"Out door, up stairs. Stairs… cut? Yes. Think so. Large home out. Climb down, look for another below. In there."


''…Ooookay, uh, lead the way buddy''


"Right… let's get down to the low levels before anything else falls down.."


Bloodnose nods and lets his ears flop back down and he scurries out and back up the stairs towards where you came from.


''Don't you know any kind of protective bubble spell? I would feel safer without the risk of bricks falling down our heads
''Amalganon, you shold stay in front. If any guards show up, please dispatch of them, gently if you can''


As you leave the room you can't help but notice the large rock that was not there before, and the equally massive dent in Amalganon when he caught it.


Give him a pat on the side ''Stay strong, my friend''
This reminds me I should really be paying more attention to my surroundings, so let's proceed with a bit more caution


"Right, let's see.. I know this one."
'1d10+2' try casting a protection bubble on the group.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Well there is a bubble
If nothing else it at least gives some placebo sense of safety

Following Bloodnose, you get to the point where you had to jump down earlier. The wall has collapses further, and there is a considerable sheer drop down into the sea below.
"Down here."


Jump down with him.


''Excellent, now we are protected. I hope this thing is kraken proof''

With a hand in my chin, I admire the hole ''I see'' the drop is low enough to safely climb or jump, right?


Amalganon holds out his makeshift shield to form a step
Bloodnose nods
"Chain of people. Very useful when lacking rope." He hops on the shield and holds out his hand


''Aha, you're very clever for not having a brain, Amalganon'' I follow suit in becoming the next link in the chain after Bloodnose



"I'm not sure I'm strong enough to lift anyone." I say hopping down to the bottom.
"Maybe This.." '1d10+2' levitate a flat rock to help complete the stairs.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


The rock plan helps immensely. You can now safely cross to the lower level.


"Amazing!" happily descend with the group.


''Aah, good work everyone. And what luck, we haven't even crossed any guards on our way. That Kraken is doing wonders. let's keep going before it decides to leave or get killed''


"I doubt it will leave without the anti bait!" I reply cheerfully, holding my large hat.


If you want a status check on the kraken, you can always just take a look outside to see it.
Once safely inside again, Bloodnose perks up his ears once more.
"Deeper in. This close to base of island. Solid rock. Safe from monster.
Cells further along. Careful."


''Well maybe we could hold on to the anti bait for future use. Who knows if one day we will be dealing with krakens again eh?''
I will do just that. Peek out and check on that Krak before proceeding with care, right behind the big menacing aeon


Stick close to the walls as we walk


It has lost some tentacles and chunks of meat by now. Arrows and spears jut out from it and it's hard to tell how much blood came from it and how much from the guards.
At this rate, it will be repelled eventually, but the fort may collapse from the damage. The clock is ticking either way.
It is eerily silent down here. No guards running. No roars of the kraken once you round a corner or two. Just rumbling echoes and still, moist air.
Stonerook shivers a bit
"This is where they keep the worst and the-"
Reaver smacks him upside the head
"You already said that."


Won't be leaving this time early, sorry about last time.

Come in from scouting behind. "I uhh… got a little held up. Did I miss anything?"


Grin actually.
"Hey, this would be a nice place to settle down, if the fort falls you know. "


"We need to go to the lowest floor to rescue the last one, and the Wiz is running around free."


Poor Kraken
''Shoot, what if some creep has been waiting for an opportunity like this to escape its cell when all the guards are distracted?'' I remain sharp, hammer at ready for any bushwacking bastard
''Oh there you are sug, we're almost done here. Oh by the way, Bloodnose, Reaver, this is Eider, our friendly Drakin friend.'' I motion at the drudge and the dual dagger wielding assassin ''Glad to see you weren't eaten by the kraken. Have you seen the Librarian? I was hoping he would be with you''
''For you, maybe, but I'm not very fond of dark murky places like you witches do''


Patches gives you a confused look
"Take over Dead Man's ruin as a base? Right here outside Sinport?"


"Lowest floor, got it. Now… which direction was that in?"

Look around for the lower floor.

Wave at the two new faces of our escape party. "Hey."

"Well I… sorta tried testing something with my water magic and nearly got eaten, so I didn't really have time to help save anyone. I'll start by looking around."


Inhale the cold air deeply
"Its perfect. No one would dare oppose us."
'1d10' pull this off without coughing

Roll #1 7 = 7


It seems you are right.
As you round a corner, you run right into the corpse of a guard, and near it, a dead prisoner.
Not too far from there, several open doors.
You are in here with the worst of the worst, and they are on the loose with nothing to lose.
Very convincing.
"Well, provided they don't send in soldiers to rebuild it…"
The kraken was kind enough to break some walls and provide you an entrance to the lower floors. The issue is finding the one person you need, and then escaping.


"…Right.. they might do that.."
'1d10' well, focus on finding that cell, searching

Roll #1 7 = 7


Head for the lower floors to quickly search for the person I need.

>Rolling if needed


Roll #1 2 = 2


''Our little Witch is a little too ambitious isn't she?'' I pass by her with a not so gentle bump
''Be careful sug! and don't worry bothering looking around. Just follow the Bloodnose here and we're golden. We just need to get one last comrade out before finding the target we're here to kill''
''Gods dammit, I wish for once I was not right about these things! Everyone be on guard if you don't want to get shanked'' I keep watch over our backs as we keep going ''Let's find Bloody Ragamont and leave quick''


"Oh, alright then I'll just let him lead the way if he knows the way."


''Hey hey you two, stay close, there's some stray murderous bastards out and about and you don't want to run into them alone''


"Yes Duna.."


''Don't give me that tone like you were agreeing with yer Mother, little lady. Now draw that hammer and be ready to cast some fireballs at the first sign of danger''


Unfortunately, it seems the place is larger than expected down here. These were once huge storage rooms that were rebuilt into cells, and after someone got the keys off an unfortunate guard, it seems everyone is loose now.
In the darkness ahead, you can hear wooping and hollering, punctuated by the occasional scream.
The walls are about to collapse
Your target is somewhere in that darkness and chaos
And every piece of meat down here exists only as a target.

Good luck. You'll need it.


Gulp and prepare for the possible shanking. "W-Well… We just gotta outlast everyone else here…"

Attempt to sneak through the target to find our only target.
>Rolling if needed

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm ready, I'm ready." I insist, swooshing my hammer.

"Let's just call his name."
'1d10' "Ragamont!! Come Here! Your Ride is Leaving!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Take a long breath to focus. I'm joined by two mages an assassin and a Drudge with a golden nose. What could I possibly fear?
proceed with caution
'1d10' also a notice check

Roll #1 7 = 7


You peer into the darkness, and the darkness peers back.
It likes what it sees. Fresh meat. Still warm and supple. Announcing itself so loudly. So brazenly.
Soon, it will feast.

Objective: Survive

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