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File: 1491706095888.jpeg (129.93 KB, 1024x768, megacity-6.jpeg)


Megacity-6, home of countless species and people, reaching ever higher into the sky.

It used to have a name, but it's long been forgotten, even to the point that the government calls it that. It's another wet and windy day, the pollution from the numerous industries gluing together in the heavens to fall down as dirty rain. The megacity offers plenty of opportunities for those who seek them, but many people look in the low areas, the grimy corners of civilization that exists all over.

That's where you come in, Detective Reed. Today will be a day unlike any you've had before, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


File: 1491706160586.jpg (220.08 KB, 950x679, megacity.jpg)

First, let's find out what it's like where you are.

Describe your office.


It was a humble office in a high rise where it was a little cluttered with my things but I liked it this way.


File: 1491706555425.jpg (807.2 KB, 1280x941, tumblr_mvut5w8cch1s0pt79o1….jpg)

You won't stand out too much from your neighbors. Most of the complex is inhabited by a medley of species, so the numerous comings and goings brought in their fair share of material. You can hear plenty of movements going on around you at all times.

But that's when the door gets knocked.

"Hello, is this the detective agency?" A feminine voice asks from the other side.


"Yes ma'am this is the agency." I respond looking toward the door.


File: 1491706773715.jpg (93.87 KB, 736x423, 7b84a175b5968872ec316ab641….jpg)

"Please, let me in. I have a case for you…" You can tell she's distraught. Several times it sounds like she's going to start talking again, but she holds herself, waiting for you to open the door.


I of course go open the office door, "Are you alright?"


A middle aged woman on the verge of tears awaits.

"No, I'm not. I, I can't find my daughter and the police say they won't look for her until more time passes!"

The waterworks begin.


I comfort the woman consoling her, "It's okay, I'll help you find your daughter but I need some details."


"Yes, of course, of course." She controls herself for a moment and pulls out a packet. "She's my special darling. She's never disappeared like this without at least contacting me. I can't even reach her through the Com-Link."

Inside the packet, you see numerous pictures of her Drudge daughter. Looks like she's adopted. A few printouts from her social media page, but they stop last week.


"Anything suspicious happen recently?"


"No, she's been studying for her classes when she was home, and she never came home with anything, uhm, 'not fully legal.' She's been the perfect daughter, more than I could have been at her age. But, two days ago, she just vanished…" She looks like she's about to cry, but holds it back. "I can pay, just promise me you'll find her."


"Alright I will, is there anything or anyone that might give any clues about her?"


"Not that I know of. Her friends responded back quickly that they didn't know where she went. All that's really changed in the last few days was those punk gangers have shown up. What if they have my daughter!?"


"Then they're getting my foot up their ass, I'll look into this immediately ma'am."


"Here, I gathered this too." She gives you a data stick. "I asked Hermes to look for some pictures of them and it gave me these. Please, find my little girl…"


"Alright I'm on the case." I look up the people in the images on my computer."


"Thank you." She says as she leaves. The data stick also contains her information.

Plugging the stick into your computer loads up the pictures. It looks like a typical Megacity-6 gang. A group of unusual males dressing in a similar manner, with contraband and weapons hidden on their person that most civilians wouldn't even notice.

You know that some of these gangs are always looking for ways to move up in the world, and a kidnapping would be just one of those ways to sink further into the underworld.


I look at any face recognition on the picks to find a suspect.


Most of these punks are pretty loose with their data. It doesn't take long to get data on their Zivur leader flashing ill-gotten money, a grungy Human 20-something with a few too many fight scars, and a small Capra who always seems to be looking away from the camera.

With a little work, you might be able to get an address. Roll 3d20



Roll #1 1, 11, 5 = 17


Looking for details on the Capra, nothing exists outside of these pictures. You can't even tell their gender.

The Zivur is almost as careful. Looking around, you can tell he's cropped out as many landmarks as he can. Pretty careful, which makes him interesting.

The Human on the other hand, he's less careful. He didn't post his address, but you can tell his general location based on what he posts. You can see buildings that stand out, restaurants with unique names, and even a few street signs. He's your best bet, and he's recently posted yet again a few minutes ago.


I go look for the kid in the general area.

Roll #1 15, 7, 3 = 25


It's pretty easy to find him. Even Cub Scouts could have tracked him with the trail he leaves behind.

But there's something wrong with him. He's making some erratic movements, like he's twitching. He's seated on a bench next to an alley, constantly moving his head around. Despite the busy-ness, passerbys are avoiding sitting on the same bench.

A vehicle horn is honked, and your target gets up and moves into the alley.


I follow him stealthily.


It's not that hard in this crowd.

The Human ganger, twitching all the while, approaches a red van, it's engine still running. All the windows are tinted. The van's windows open slightly and they toss out a package, the ganger clumsily dropping it, but he falls on it like it was Mana from heaven. The van then starts moving out of the alley and out into the street proper.

The Human looks around him, then jumps a fence.

You'd better hurry if you want to catch him! Roll 2d10


I hurry after the delinquent.

Roll #1 9, 10 = 19


You're incredibly quick, jumping off walls and trash cans and over the fences, you could keep up with everyone short of an Olympic athlete.

But this guy seems to be even faster. He doesn't do the parkour tricks, he's just jumping over the fences.

That would be impressive enough if he didn't just jump straight into the second story window of a grimy apartment building. No trick, no pull ups, you manage to get behind him just as leaps higher than any Olympian ever has.


"The hell?!" I hurry up after him.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


You can follow him with all the racket he's making. People and materials are being knocked onto the floor as he continues to gain distance on you. It goes quiet as you reach the other side of the building, looking out int he street.

Then he leaps out of the THIRD story window! He doesn't roll or anything as he lands, he just keeps running like he never jumped at all!


I curse under my breath and try to catch up.

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