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A month or so back the city of Riverhold saw itself host to the assassination of Duke Edgar Landtamer. While to the common folk the only real impact was one night of watching the palace burn followed by a few weeks of extra guards on the streets, those with more political mindsets were busily weighing up the implications.
Edgar was a well liked duke, by both the crown and the common man, but he was never a particularly strong leader. Now the most likely successors were either his son - a pragmatic and practical, if short tempered youth; or his brother - a more established figure in the realm but known to be hasty and reliant on his gut. Anyone who knew this, understood that the duchy may be split, or even simply given away to someone else. Many war heroes and lesser nobles coveted the title and were at least equally if not more worthy of it.
To complicate things further, rumors of impending war were circling the kingdom. The Dragon Emperor had grown restless, and while his realms were far away, many had grown worried.

As for the culprits, they still remained on the run.
Reports of the night of the assassination were conflicted and confused, but there was proof that a few key people, all now missing, were seen near the scene of the attack that night.
Duna, a capra smith who worked with the duke's armory
Eider, a drakin cleaner
Kelpie, a court magician
Corso, a treasurer
And some dude in really fancy pants

Unknown to the public, they had taken residence in the city underground, in an abandoned theatre. With the help of fellow outlaws, they had gained important information regarding the Golden Dragon Clan, a foreign gang of criminals who had now shown the scaly tails in this realm for reasons unknown.

And it is here, on the cusp of many historic events, that we return to our story.
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"Quite interesting. I do not need to know what he knows about you. But I am quite curious why he lets you do this. Knowledge is worthless if too many People know it."

"I don't like them."


Shrug off your comment.

"Hmmhm, you're the Shipwreckers we're supposed to meet with?"


"There will always be taxes on things. I never share everything. And believe me - we have been at this for a long time. We know what we're doing."
"Yes. We will take you to the Cap'n. Ready to go?"


"I was wondering how you kept alive after all this time. You must have cost the head of more than a few persons…come to think of it, you might cost me my head."


"Keep looking too deep into it and I will."
While he does not immediately seem armed, you can't help but feel that he would have little trouble killing you if need be.
"My work is too important to let anyone put it at risk. Too many lives hang in the balance each day."


"Let's not keep him waiting." I nod.


I'm a bookworm, everyone can kill me!
My only saving grace is my wit!
Whistle and say in a mocking tone.
"Don't tell me, your information saved hundreds of people and they'll never know."


The Shipwreckers nod and start leading you through the city.
It's oddly peaceful. A few bar fights aside, you can't see so much as a robbery. They ultimately lead you to a large building made out of a large broken ship. It is one of the few heavily guarded buildings you've seen at all.
"No. My information has seen more people disappear or made into examples than you could even imagine.
This is why it is important that I know everything I can."


"Pretty nice zone." I comment.


The guards are stone faced about the comment.
Inside, you notice that not everyone is indeed wearing the eye patch.
"Cap'n is in her room upstairs. Look around if you wish, but do not keep her waiting"


"And is information your only concern? Or would you like to like a little money on the side?"



"You heard 'em!"


Look around a little first, what are the rooms like?


"I get paid well, I have no real need for extra money.
As such, I can also pay well for information."
You are in some sort of lounge.
Off yo the sides, you can see a training room, some kind of mess hall and kitchen, as well as various recreational rooms. There are stairs leading down, but those are guarded and seemingly off limits.


"Homely." Windows in this room?


Heavily barred, but yes.


Frown. "Lucky you."


"Those willing to supply me well will be equally well compensated.
Give me something worth knowing and you won't be going hungry."


Smart. Better go upstairs now..


"I'm afraid I know everything I need to know for tonight. And I don't trust people who have ample money with schemes."


The upstairs seems to have bedrooms and other locked rooms.
At the back is a more heavily guarded room with the door open.
"Let me tell you this much, Mr. Corso. I'd gladly work together with you, and I believe money and cooperation works better on you than threats. But I… -we- can't afford to block eachother. We have similar goals, and we should ensure they are reached. By any means necessary."


"Everyone's always a friend. Until they aren't."


Sounds like a clear direction to me.
Go toward the guarded room.


"So I'll take that as no then?"
Inside the back room sits who you imagine is the Captain.
She too has the eyepatch, but the massive scarring on her face proves it is not a fashion statement.
She is also missing her left arm and leg. Her voice is raspy and dry, worn from years of shouting, sea air and drinking.
"So you lot are the Riverhold crew."
Patches nods "Yes ma'am. We are."


"Take it as a mild interest mixed with healthy skeptticism."


"If you ever wish to cooperate, you know where to find me.
Trust me. I know where to find you."
And so we return to the present




"That's us. Nice to meet you, Cap'n."


"I see.
I took it upon myself to bring you here to meet me first, because I am the one in charge of this city. As something of a keeper of traditions, I will admit I have a degree of admiration for anyone still following the old Finger creeds. That, and I need your help more than anyone. I have many important allies and enemies in Dead Man's, and in return for their safety - and removal - I can offer much in the way of dismantling the Golden Dragons."


"I see.. How many are you talking here?" I look concerned.


"Only two very important allied, and one key enemy. Many more of secondary importance but they are not what I'm sending you in there for."


"Any names?"


"Two more, they aren't horks or something are they?"


"My allies are called Stonerook and Reaver.
Stonerook is one of my assistants. A negotiator and accountant.
Reaver is one of my enforcers. Give her a weapon and she will clear a path through anything.
As for the target, he is an assassin who was sent after me once, but surrendered to go to prison before I could catch him. I don't let things like that slide. He is known as The Wiz - a finger like you, Patches."


"An assassin? How tough is this guy?"


"He got the name for being hard to kill.
But he also failed to kill me, so he is far from unstoppable."


I can't really look confident about this.
"Killing an Assassin, even locked up, sounds kinda suicidal."


"If you have somethign strong enough to break into there with, it should be enough to kill him anyway."


Shift uncomfortably.
"Right, but if its not, if he escapes.."


"Then I'll kill him myself. Helping my people out takes priority."


Relax a little.
"Alright then, and in return for this, you'll help with the Golden Dragons? How so?"


"I know some things about their key locations and people.
But I need Reaver to ensure I can leverage this information to its full effect. Her, and the others the Black Skulls ans Brewguild want out of there. Together, we can crush the Dragons, but we need you to unite us with this act of outsider goodwill."


I look to Patches for a reaction, she's our leader after all.


Patches is practically frozen with fear in here. She seems vastly out of her depth.


Oh. Carefully tap my fingers against each other in thought and pose a suggestion.
"We're just a small crew, no less capable than anyone. We're happy to help The Shipwreckers, just, Goodwill alone won't feed no one."


She rises up with more ease than you'd expect from a cripple.
"I have a fleet filled with veterans of hundreds of battles at my command. Name your targets among the dragons, and I will have their heads brought to you."


I keep as calm as a teen can in such a situation.
"We must speak Fireheart, son of Ironhide. He has taken something important from us. Can you capture him?"


The captain raises the one brow she has
"Their leader's son?
I like your style. It's a deal."


Grin at her, standing as well to offer a hand shake.
"Please doing business with you Cap'n."


"Now, let us go meet the other bosses to finalize the pacts."


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