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And so the first week at sea ended.

By the end of the week, Curry transcribed '1d2' books.

Chip and Sateo threw a party that was '1d10-1'/10.

Felfire noticed that her blood is growing darker.

Emrille complained at length that she couldn't get a room.

Friesian and Summer mastered (or at least journeymaned) use of their respective weapons.

Light Heart played some games with Grey Worm.

Two and a half weeks left.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 - 1 = 1


…Yeah, doing these by myself is a retarded idea. But everyone else was too busy. Did the reading/writing lessons with Seekkill at least go anywhere?


I think it finally is time to try. To bring out all the courage I have left.
Is all the stuff I've gathered in Dixie still here?


I guess that blunderbuss thing was solved too then.
Check my mail.


Now, I was wanting to talk to Skylight.


Seekkill spent '1d30'% of his time studying with you, '1d30'% of his time fighting for fun, and '1d40'% of his time secretly caring for his chick.

Yep. There are no perverted rats that steal lubricant and take it into the hole in the wall.

Hm… a pony from the Zebra lands has a special offer for you. If you would just open an account that you both can access and put in some seed money, he'll be able to put in 5.3 million bits of his own. You're allowed to take half of that.

There's also a letter from Smitts from like three days ago to come by, and a letter about Poker Night on the Seaworthy from yesterday.

She's in your Sirocco room.

Roll #1 25 = 25 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 20 = 20


And I bought no lube to begin with. Time to bring everything to Marrowbone's room and then lock the door.
Oh, and bring the bedroll too.
All of this, at night of course.


Roll for luck.


"Miss Skylight, how are you today? Enjoying your time on the high seas?"


I guess I should read this more often…
Who the fuck even sends me those zebra type letters?
And I must have been busy doing stuff with Tela to miss that.
Anyway, what's the letter from Smitts says?



Roll #1 7 = 7


Right. And the book I copied was the Horrible facts about Nature one, right? Since I'd already started on that one. Next up is the Elements of Harmony book.
But I've spent all week on this thing, time to move around. Now that I've got that light spell, I'm going back to the belowdecks of the Eagle's Roost, alone since Skylight is talking with Light Heart and Mera's with Spring and Summer.


The door is still hanging open and the room unoccupied. That's fortunate: You have to remember to not let the door close while you're outside of it.

Hm. Your probationary period is ending soon, and there will be a hearing on that day with the mates of the crew, the captains, and the commodore. You'd better make a good impression. On the other hand, it may also be an opportunity to garner some respect.

"Oh, same old, same old. I've been mostly occupied watching out for little Curry. He can be a hoofful sometimes…"


Very well then, but don't come crying to me when no one is there to kiss your boo-boos.


No I wont accept that. Fight the power!
Goddamn, lets go back to where we got the booze, can I get more? What do I need to do.


Pfah. I'm perfectly capable of avoiding such things now that I've got this light spell. I'll actually be able to see. Speaking of, let's light that up on the way down the stairs.


When will it be?
Also, find Light Heart


Right. But I doubt I will ever use it again after tonight… It'd be like stealing something I don't need from somepony I respect.
Is kila around?


"Oh I am sure."
I smile.
"I was wondering, have you met miss Happy Puzzle?"


The most pressing concerns you've run into are this:

1) There isn't enough space in your cabin. You invited way too many crewmembers for a room this size. More than a hundred showed up!

2) Not enough booze. Again, too many ponies!

3) No entertainment. Get someone to do music or something.

4) No games. Ponies need something to keep them distracted. Poker and fighting are good options.

5) No wenches. What kind of pirate party has no wenches?

You trot down the stairs to one of the lower decks of the Eagle's Roost.

Five days from when the letter was sent, in the old Commodore's cabin on the Darklantern.

Andy was awake before, but might have gone to sleep. Her sleep schedule is fucked beyond repair.

"Hm? Oh yes, a few times in passing. We haven't really sat down to chat at length, but I do know she's a doctor from Stonebriar City."


I nod.
"What do you think of her?"


If the letter was sent three days ago, does that mean I still have two days?


Now, let's explore! I'm bound to find something, or at least someone, interesting down here. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


A party? I stick my head into the room.


Got to get more booze first!
Go to where me and Sateo got the ale, get some of the crew members and haul some more ale that will be enough for the crewmember
>rng please

Roll #1 5 = 5


Can you dmpc the music playing?
Wear the lingeriƩ.
Then, over it, slip my dress, takimg care to look as confident as I can in it.
Light the candles and put them at the corners of the room.
Roll out the bedroll in the middle, and use the thornless roses to decorate around it.
And finally, take the parfume and sprinkle little of it on myself, under the dress.
I'm ready. Have Kilana stand by with the violin and send Fervored a call, from behind the door.

You may now come in.


"Think of her? Hm, well, she seems nice… not very pirate like, anyway."

Seems like well founded math to me.

You would if you could, but the crowd is so tightly packed you can't get anywhere near the door. There's not enough space here!

You wander through the hold and find some crates. You knock one over so that you can see what's inside, and get your leg caught in a bear trap!

Fortunately the springs are rusty and the teeth have been knocked out, so it's just holding you in one place, stuck, not actually bone breaking or horribly painful.

You get a little lost along the way and find little Curry, all alone, trapped in the darkness of the hold by a metal mechanism he can't get loose from.


Who keeps a bear trap on a boat? Honestly?
Free myself with telekinesis. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I sit outside the doorway.


What the?
"What happened to you?! Oh geez dont make it worse stupid pony!"

unlock the bear trap.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I nod.
"She is a worshiper of one of the elements of harmony… are you familiar with the subject?"


Wait, what about the platinum bullet I was going to ask about then suddenly it was today?


"Well, mister Chip, it seems that the box was trapped. I was mostly exploring the hold down here, since I haven't been on this ship before."


Kilana begins to play on the pilfered instrument.


Fervored looks surprised when he comes in, if shadows can be said to have an expression.

He approaches, and takes your hoof to kiss it. You look beautiful tonight.

Your struggling dislocates your leg.

But Chip is able to expertly disable the trap.

The crowd is loud, raucous, and about ready to burst with impatience. Apparently Chip is out getting more booze.

"Oh, of course. There were shrines in Autumnsreach. They're popular little branches of philosophy, and many Celestials are encouraged to join one of the orders, though I never did. I had a few friends in the loyalty and kindness branches. You probably know that there are five traditional branches of Elementalism, but supposedly there's a sixth branch that only rarely appears."

She said it would be available for pick up when you were ready.


I nod.
"Yes… mister Curry told me as much. What of Laughter?"


I go looking for Chip.
Which ship am I on now?


Am I ready?


I just huff and scratch my head with all of this events happening at the same time.
"Of all the time, anyway looks like you will not be able to walk. Where are the healers?"


That's going to sting for a while.
"I think I can walk… though it'd be more of a hobble. No need to worry. I've still got three, perfectly good legs."


Breath heavily, but try to keep my composure.

My knight, my strength, my love.
Would you honor your dame with one dance before the night sets in?


She scrunches a little. "They're not all that bad, but most ponies don't take them very seriously. Most of them use it as an excuse to become inebriated all day long…"

The Eagle's Roost. A fitting vessel for one of your kind. You think one of the officers on this ship is also a Griffon, though he is quite old.

You can pick up the bullet whenever you want. You just can't learn to use it until you get skill points. Hell, if you want to, you picked it up last time you talked.


"You dislocated you hoof. I dont think you can even walk."


Okay. Now for Chip finding.


No sense to pick it up until my body and mind is ready for the new magics.
Let's visit Storm


Of course. I'm fortunate that I don't need to draw breath, for you've stolen it from me.

You head down into the darkness of the hold. There's a three way split in the path.

Strom. You head to the fort.


I can totally walk on three legs! Right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hmmm… I see. What about your opinion?"


I look for a trail Chip might have left.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Where am I now?


"You really shouldnt have let that body of yours get turned into a colt."


Head inside the fort and find him.


Blush visibly and smile languidly at him, before starting to move, slowly, awkwardly even, trying to emulate the dance Kilana taught me.
Trying to ease the sensation of him on me tonight.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll nod slightly.
"But, what's done is done, I suppose."


Well, you can hobble a bit.

She shrugs a little. "I've known good and bad ponies from the sect, just like everything else. I don't think it's right to judge a pony based on their title."

Hm… It smells like he went to the right, and from there, to the left.

In the Sirocco cabin with Light Heart, Mera, Spring, and Skylight.

He's at the back working on his modification. Now it looks like a fat tube.

It may be the nerves, or you may be a shitty dancer. He dances '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Even worse. Unused to this body and with your poor stability, you two collapse in a heap onto your bedroll.


Panic. Look at him with scared, desperate eyes for a second.


"Still working on that?"
Well the part where I wanted to ask if the magical silencer is possible was skipped so I don't know what's up with that


I follow his scent.


Has the party already happened?
Or are you letting Chip roleplay it out after all?


It'll do. Stairs are going to be a pain in the ass, though.
"So, mister Chip, what brings you down here? Surely you didn't come just to offer to help me. Maybe I can help, in whatever small way."


"If you can walk, then head straigtht to Summer or Spring, both of them are nearby."

Now go and find me that place where they kept the booze

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hm, very well then. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Now, I was wondering whether or not you needed something of me."


"Your legs is shattered, help your self first before you help me."


He chuckles and kisses you on the nose, then stands up and offers you a hoof.

"You did give me something of an idea. That tuba idea was awful. So awful, I'm doing the exact opposite, and it seems to be working. By giving the air room to expand in a larger barrel extension, it lowers air pressure."

Hm… another fork. Three ways again.

I'm letting him roleplay it now. There will be wenches and alcohol though, no place for fillies.

You find an innocuous keg nearby. There's a notice pinned to it:


"Need something? Not really, unless you can convince Summer to leave the fleet, though I don't really see you doing that. Really, I should go check on Curry and make sure he's alright…"


"My leg is dislocated, not shattered. Were it shattered, I'd not be trying to walk."
"But I suppose that's the wiser course of option."
Off to hobble after Summer. Or Spring. Whichever I run across first.


Roll to get up stairs with dislocated leg.


I look for more signs of a trail.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


>implying i'm not already there
And he said I could come anyways!

So how's the party looking?


Still look shaken, share with him one more glance before shutting my eyes, and tarusting my hoof into his.


"It sort of worked after all, didn't it?
Yes, I know, I'm that good."


Of course. That's going to be so pleasant. If I'm lucky, I'll fall down them an relocate my leg back where it goes. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Perhaps you should then. Though it would not hurt anypony if you looked out for yourself as well."


Hm… to the right?

You can't move because you are surrounded by big smelly pirates on all sides, who are complaining about the lack of space, entertainment, booze, games, and wenches.

He pulls you to your feet. May I have another dance?

He chortles at you. "Alright, sure, you're good. So what keeps you coming back for more around here, huh? Applying for citizenship, or just in it for the guns?"

You find an abandoned colt-sized crutch nearby and use it to get up the stairs. You notice Skylight up ahead, looking for you.

Should you flag her down and get her to fix your leg?

She chuckles and wanders off.


Can't I climb up and walk on top of them?
I swear I saw some cards somewhere I could bring back!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh jeez, no, that would just prove her right. And then I'd never get a minute to myself ever again.
Hobble away. Doc Peg should be free, if I can't find Spring or Summer.


More shaken than before, wait for him to lead, giving only a slight nod in response.


I go to the right.


Oh this is just rich…


"Oh.. oh by the seven seas…." I produce my handkerchief and wipe the sweat that forms on my nose.

Alright can I use my bag of holding for this or are the barrels too big? Carry 3 barrel of ale and include that one experimental barrel among the mix and bring it up to the crew.
"You scallywags didnt told me that all of you will come?!" I shout at them.


Hmmmm… what a shame.
Who else is around?


"The guns, of course.
And hey, can't I come back to my pals?
Also, I'll have an audition about my officership and whatnot. Just thought I'd let you know."


Walk on pirates? Ye be pressin' her luck me hearty!

You try to walk on pirates, but sink, and ask yourself, "What Would Luna Do?" You consider that it would probably have something to do with being a fisher of ponies as you go down with the you into a sea of pirates once again.

You stay hidden behind a wall and she trots down to the hold where you were.

You should move soon. Where to? The clinic..?

He starts slow. It's just a simple two-step. Not like they teach dancing at the paladin academy (no matter how much Vera would like to go to the school dance).


You think you hear him nearby. You're at another crossroads. There's a staircase down to the bilge, and two hallways to the left and right.

It's two wide to fit a barrel.

Roll to see if you can balance all three.

Stein and Sitar are here right now. The others are out.

"I thought you already were an officer?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's not going to win any prizes, but by doing a simpler dance, Fervored avoids any real mistakes. It's quite slow, though.


"Mister Stein, I was wondering about what you told me about your focus…"


Whoops. lets just put one down and bring one normal barrel and the experimental one(that makes two).

Just rolling in case.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Can I walk under them then? I know I can find entertainment stuff, I just gotta get outta here!

Roll #1 8 = 8


If Spring and Summer aren't on-deck, then I guess that's where I'm going. I doubt Rosemary or Happy Puzzle are wandering around either.


"I was, but now it'll be set in stone, y'know?
As in, I sort of had a trial time first.
Do you think I did well? Since you are unbiased as a free citizen."


"Chip! Seekkill looking for you!"


This stuff would be best left to fat court mages anyway.
I just needed to know he's still the same. I needed to try and do something normal…
Eventually, drown the dance into a long, strong hug.

"Kilana, please, leave us…"

You changed me, Fervy. Like no pony ever could.


"Eh? Vat about it?"

You carefully pad along with both barrels. You get to the staircase that leads to the bilge when you run into Seekkill.

You narrowly make it to the door, only getting stepped on four times.

Well, pick one and roll to search for them, or go to the clinic.

He shrugs. "Look, I don't know what goes into being a pirate officer or what have you. What I do know is that being a leader is about being an instrument of the people and of freedom. So if you really want to know the answer to that, look to the ponies that you represent, and make sure they support you."

He arrives, carrying two barrels.

I didn't change you, dearest. You were always this pony on the inside. I just let you see that.


"Which one do you prefer?"


I'll just go to the clinic. With my luck, I'll end up tumbling off the side of the boat while standing in the middle.


"Do you?"


Now to head out into the ship and begin looking for cards and stuff!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Seek kill!"
I grin while balancing the barrels.
"Wait why are looking for me?"


In front of you I never had secrets, did I?

Smile and slowly take a few steps back, onto the sleep roll.
Stare at him with an embarassed but secure glare for a few moments, and finally, in a slow, exasperated motion, undo my dress, letting it fall onto the ground.


"You having party?"


"Yes I am! But I didnt know there would be this many."
I then lean next to him.
"Seek, care to help me out? I need an extra hand to get things done."


He chuckles. "It vouldn't be up in ze air if I had a preference, vould it, mein fraudlein?"

When you arrive at the clinic, you open the door and the entire forecastle collapses on top of you, killing you. Paying for that repair job is coming out of your account.

You arrive at the clinic and find Doc Peg sterilizing his tools in alcohol. Summer shows up.

He shrugs. "Sure, you seem alright enough. I don't really know exactly what you do, but you seem to have good intentions."

Hm… all you could find was a badly injured Curry limping into the clinic.

He runs a hoof through you hair and leans in for a kiss.


"Seekkill help Chip."


"That depends on things. But do tell… what would be in the best interests of the fleet?"


"I shoot things with magical bullet of course."
Smirk for a moment.
"And the rest of the fort?"


"Good day, doctor Peg. Mind if I can take a moment of your time to fix my leg?"
I'll wave at Summer a little, and give a small smile.


Lean forward. Kiss him like…
Like never before.
Kiss him like I love him.>>471737

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Mister Curry! What happened to you?"
I try to fix up his leg.
'1d10+5' Is the idol working again?

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


"By the seas thank you." I hand him one of the barrels
"Lets go and gave them something to drink." Head to my room, whats the situation?


I balance the barrel on my back and follow him.


"Oh, just a little trouble, is all. Wasn't expecting to find a bear trap just lying around."


He shakes his head. "No, I mean, what do you do for those you represent?"

He shrugs. "Industrial research vould be more practical and reliable in terms of vat can be done vit it. Ze other is more of an opportunity to take advantage of ze much more advanced capabilities vitout any real say in vat gets developed."

He nods and taps his table.

You don't see fireworks. What a trivial thing to see, for a pony that has lived a life without any excitement. In truth, you don't SEE anything at all, with your eyes closed. You feel… a great warmth welling up within you. Not just a sense of redemption but… something more. Satisfaction at a plan come to fruition. For the first time in a long time of fear… hope for a new tomorrow. A belief in forgiveness and that ponies can be more than meets the eye. A realization that you don't have to let your past dictate who you are. Like a great breath of fresh air, you take in these thoughts, and exhale, letting your miserable life before flow out of you.

And on top of everything else, you feel a warmth below as you begin to grow wet with anticipation.

Icon, and yes.

Between Doc Peg and Summer Seas, they get your leg back in working order.

You hike back to your room and find it packed, though the crowd cheers to see new barrels coming.


"Industrial research… what would that cover then?"


"They can turn to me with problems.
Whatever that problem is."


"How'd you run into a bear trap?…"
I scratch my head in confusion.


I'll move my leg around a bit.
"Thank you both."
After a moment of thought.
"Say, doc, did you need any help with anything?"
"You'd be surprised what's in the hold of the Eagle's Roost. I was lucky it was rusty and dull, otherwise I'd be missing a leg."


Alright put the barrels there is the place bursting to full?


I look at Seekkill.
"Seek, just follow me. I need to find a particular person here in the ships who is good at making music. Can you help me?"


"Can party move to deck or to big ship?"


Lose myself in his embrace, let him take power over me and gently lie me to the ground.
I'm ready tonforsake the notion of control.
I am ready to trust him again…
Break the kiss as breathing starts to come hard to me, and finally open my damp, shining eyes to meet the gaze of the shadow.
"Th.. ThAnKs…"
And to show him I'm ready, shift my lower legs apart ever so slightly.


Perhaps we can move it to the deck. Thats a good idea."


"Yes. What person look like?"


"Ve are at ze beginning of a new era in science. Metal refinement and automation – if only ve had a power source. I am certain I am close to developink sometink."

"Sure, but a representative shouldn't just be reactive, but proactive, too. Anticipate the needs of those you represent and actively take care of them."

He shakes his head. Doc Peg is a pretty private unicorn, you recall.

Bursted is a better word for it. It's spilled far out into the halls and other rooms. No space at all.

You'll have to make a roll to try to lead away the crowd.

[Horsefucking intensifies.]


"R- Rusty? That's not good at all!"
I quickly examine him. He isn't infected, is he?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I go to the crowd and make an announcement.
"Everyone listen! If my place is full then I have in mind a relocation of the party and set it out on the deck! I didnt know you scallywags will all come!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Nah, he looks fine.

Looks like that got everyone's attention. They swarm after you.


"That sounds intriguing… how would this be applied in practice? Improved metallurgy for things such as weaponry?"


"That's a good idea… See, I knew talking to you would be fruitful."


"Sometink like that. In theory… faster manufacture of weapons, easier repair jobs, et cetera."

He laughs. "Just wait until you hear our ideas on money."


"Still need help finding person?"


"Okay, just thought I'd ask while I'm not transcribing those books."
"Well, it certainly could have been worse, I suppose. So, what are you up to, miss Seas?"


My eyes bright up and I stand on the tip of my toes.
"Oh do tell!"


"That sounds excellent. Mister Chip would no doubt appreciate such a thing. What of the other? You mentioned it was more random?"


It's a brand new day
And the sun is high~

We spent the night cuddled together afterwards, right?


He raises a brow. "Oh, you're serious?"

"It vould rely more on vat we can scavenge. I tink I can develop a means to find more artifacts like ze vun our friend Onik has provided."

No doubt.


"Now, carry all the tables and chairs needed, not my bed! Dont forget the remaining booze. I will get some more so you scallywags try to enjoy these!" I point at the experimental barrel.
But be careful with the barrels, we need to reuse them!"


"Ah… that does sound very intriguing as well…"
I think for a moment.
"If I could… make a suggestion, I would go with what is good for the fleet. I personally believe the former option would be more beneficial."


…right, back to my hooves.
"Uh, I mean, I am interested in money and shit."


I will wake up late then. And pretend I'm still asleep just to cuddle him some more.


Oh, phew…

"I'm looking for cards and stuff for mister Chip's party! Everyone's complaining that they're bored because there's nothing to do, so I wanna go find cards and games and stuff!"


"I was just referring to the fact that we don't use gold like you do. We use greenbacks."

He produces what looks like a paper with writing on it.

He nods. "Perhaps. Ve shall see."

They push out to the deck and soon you can't stop the stampede.


Phew indeed.



"That does explain why mister Chip was in such a hurry."
I'll think a moment.
"Well, how about this: I'll help you look, and we'll see if two heads aren't better than one."


And then it continues next session.


Frown when I see that.
"…the fuck? Isn''t that just… paper,"


Furtively open an eye to check on him.


"Good. Now, are you accommodated well? Are you aware the fleet has its own mastersmith?"


I bite more than I can chew.
I gulp and carry whatever I can to the deck and set the endless barrel in the middle. Also instruct some of the crew to take 'extra' care of this barrel.
Now time to find Sitar!
And deck of cards.
And some wenches.


Sometime in the past, I run into Spring somewhere.
"Oh, hey."


"Oh… hello Emrille."


Hop in the air and flutter around her in circles.
"Are you not happy to see me or something?"


"Oh no, it's not that. It's just Summer acting so strange lately about you and all…"


"Has she?
You were the one who told we should have a talk about not being at each other's throat and shit."


"Yes but… what did you tell her that made her swing around like that?"


Told us we should*


"I just have that effect on females."
Snicker, then stop a circle in front of her and tap my pistol.
"Telling her that I could teach her to shoot in a way that's worth a damn to protect you worked too."


"Hmmm… it's still a little weird, she almost seems obsessed now."


Continue circling and flick her nose with my tail.
"I'm telling you…"


I scrunch as she flicks my nose.
"Stop circling me, it's making me nervous."


I giggle, and keep doing it.


I scrunch again.
"It feels like you're checking me out."


Land beside her, and rest a wing on her back.
"What if I did check you out?"
Extend my tongue a bit cheekily.


"Then I'd wonder what Tela would have to say about this."


"I said I'd be faithful, not blind."


"I still doubt she'd appreciate it."


"I can't help it. I'm addicted, doc."


"Speaking of that… I heard you took drugs once."




"Or well, somepony forced you to take drugs or something."


"Oh, right.
Yeah, Ruxiang pushed my head into a bag of magic dust once. Would have been good, but I almost drowned."


"In the sea I mean.
Not in the stuff."


"You're lucky you didn't get addicted…"


"From one time?"


"It's possible depending on the drug…"


Pull her a bit closer with my wing.
"I do know one that got me hooked instantly~"


"Emrille no."
Step away.
"You have Tela now and I don't want to make her angry."


"I can keep her in line.
And I can't hug a friend?"


"Hmmm, you can."


Step closer and lay a wing on her back again.
"See? There."


"I get the feeling you're exploiting it a little bit."


I would never!"


"Of course not, you're an angel."


"I just need a gloria now.
Your magic can do that, right?"


"A what?"


Motion a circle above my head.
"Don't angels have that glowing ring thing?"


"You mean a halo."


"…yeah, that, whatever.
You get my point."


"Have you prayed at all lately?"


"Uh… no?"


I shake my head in disapproval.
"You should."


"Doesn't Dream Princess consider me a sinner anyway?"


"Sinners can repent."


"Yeah, but wouldn't that be boring?
I mean, I couldn't shoot stuff and do the things I love.
I wonder how you aren't bored to death."


I frown.
"I seriously hope your joking."


"I heard everything fun is a sin.
That isn't true?"


"Of course it isn't, you know that well enough."


"Then why don't you smile more?"


"I smile plenty."


"Just not around me then?"


I scrunch.
"Not around young mares who shun my god."


I snicker.
"That sounded like a compliment~"


"How was that even a compliment?"


"It just sounded like one."


Just give her a deadpan look.


"C'mon, you can compliment me!
Tela won't bite you like she bit me!"




"Turns out she is pretty bitey, y'know. But you don't have to worry."


Give her a weird look and shake my head.
"I'll never understand you…"


"You just need to think more liberally."


"That's preposterous."


"Is it?"


"That's what I said."


Run the tip of my wing along her side.
"Can't you lighten up a little, please?"


"I don't feel like playing, Emrille. Sorry. I have a lot on my mind right now."


"I'm listening."


"I'd rather not."


I frown.
"I thought we were friends."


"It's something that only I should be burdened with."


"Spring, please.
That's not healthy."


"It's fine. Just don't worry about it."


"But I do."
Look around.
"It's not one of the crew is it?"


"What? No, nothing like that. Just don't worry about it. It's something personal…"


"Spring, Summer is safe.
Stop worrying."


I sigh.
"I know I should."


"Then why don't you?"


"Easier said than done. And easy for you to say too!"


"She's under my wings now."


"You can't guarantee her safety. Not in a place like this."


"Name a safe place then."


"A safer place? A lot of places that aren't this fleet."


"I heard of a safe city called Stonebriar…. oh, wait.


I roll my eyes.
"Have you heard of a safe city called Canterlot?"


"I hope you know regeneration magic, because even renting a room there costs a hoof and a leg."


"As a matter of fact, Summer does."


"Selling organs is illegal."


I smile slightly.
"So is piracy."


Gasp and raise a hoof to my mouth.
"Oh damn, I think I'm in trouble then!"


"Point is, I still want to get off of this fleet with Summer when it's possible…"


"Tela said the same thing."
Mimick her voice mockingly.
"Oh, Emmy, we already died once, this shit is dangerous, we should ignore the money and settle down to grow old and stuff!"


"Seems like a smart statement."


"Fuck that.
I want to get rich, not die of boredom someplace."


"Right. See you later then."
Walk away.


Roll my eyes.
"Is this your answer to everything?"


Keep walking.
"You clearly don't care about what I've told you anyway, so I wont bother you any further."


Flutter after her.
"Yeah, clearly I never cared about you either, right?"


"You really think that excuses you from what you just said? You don't want to become a better pony, you care more about money. You don't even want to try anymore."
I shake my head.
"Just leave me be, it'll save the both of us a headache."


"Give me a break!
What do you want, should I go back to being a filly again and work until I get a charity cutie mark?"


"To stop being such a greedy twat."
I snort angrily and keep walking.


"Instead of carrying all our gold around where cutpurses can easily get at it, or it would weigh us down, we carry bank notes that represent our wealth."

It's dark. This implies to you that the unattended candles didn't burn the room down.

"Ya, danke du, mein fraudlein."

Alright, where to first?


I must be the luckiest bitch alive.
Slowly, pull myself up, in a sitting position, and smile at him.


"I'm certain you will work together with her in the future. I for one look forward to your future projects."


I believe I'd just had my leg looked at. Time to help Summer look for party supplies for Chip's party. Even though I wasn't invited.
First stop, the quartermaster of the Pillager's Fancy, since that's the boat Peg is on, right?


Go find Sitar!!

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's too dark to tell if there's a response. It's hard to tell with shadows, anyway.

He nods. "Ist that all?"

Yes, that's correct. You head down to the cabin of the third mate, the room with the bronze handle.

You try to push your way through the crowd, and end up tumbling off the side of the ship.


I smile and nod.
"That is all. Have a pleasant day."
Wark free yet?


Knock knock.


He's probably at that party.

A dark-feathered griffon answers the door.



"That poor Pegasus lad was even quieter than usual the other day >>470447. Guess I shocked him with how fast I was learning. This thoroughbred still has some kick in him." I smile at the sun outside.

"I should go check on that doctor, Peg, was it? I offered to help when I came aboard, and I should live up to my promise. Besides, it is good to know where all the tonics and potions of his are."


grab to any rope fuck!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Okay, let's see if he answers to this.
Pull him in for a kiss.

I just hope it was as good for you as it was for me…

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Hmmm… I'd go there too but I just have so much more to do…
Still need to talk to Onik again before we arrive. But first, is September on her ship, still?


"Good day. I was wondering if you had any supplies that would be good for a party, like cards or such. It seems mister Chip has arranged one to boost morale, and has come up short a few things."


You arrive at his clinic as Curry departs.

You find a pawhold on something metal, but it's below the water. You're not sure what it is.

He returns it slowly and gives you a big hug. You've truly come to blossom.

Probably. She is the captain of the Eagle's Roost.

She groans. "Well, let's see…"

She turns around and pulls out a bunch of sheets of paper. '10d10'

Roll #1 7, 1, 5, 8, 3, 1, 10, 3, 6, 8 = 52


Oh I know. Let's try to find her then.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"A couple of packs of cards, that's it."


You become morassed in moving through the big party on deck. Your butt gets groped at least once.


Fly instead!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"And how much would those cost, ma'am?"


Eh look and try to identify what it is while clinging for my life

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Tip my hat towards Curry, but he looks like he has things to do, so I'll proceed towards the doctor.

"Hello, how are feeling today, Doctor? I've come in today to see if you could use my assistance with anything, since I volunteered some of my time for it when I first hopped aboard."


Pick a rose from the floor and slowly roll it in my hooves.

Open your mouth~


You're having trouble spreading your wings.

"Ugh, I dunno… maybe twenty bits?"

Hm. It's a bilge pump.

He shrugs. "Assistance? Come in. If you could, some of my hops."

He indicates a cabinet.

It's pretty dark in here.


Hmmm… One more try. Find that jenny.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Trot over to where I was indicated.


Sigh and put the flower in his mouth, or at least try to.
Finally, stand up and go for the window, if there's one. Open the curtains.
Or for the door, take a peek outside.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hmm. I don't get paid until next sun's day…
"Do you take promissory notes? Once I get these to mister Chip, I'll return with the money."
I'll put a hoof over my heart.
"Seapony's honor."


You fly over to the top of the castle.

You arrive there. He looks at you expectantly as he works something.

This room doesn't have a window, but you think you aimed correctly.


And… is she here?

Roll #1 5 = 5


If it is not running can I climb on it? If not, try to find an alternative means of climbing up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's take a look at what is in the cabinet, then? What does it look like he needs at the moment?


It would seem that the General is at the helm.

She sighs. "I'm going to hold you to it."

You use it as a springboard to climb your way up the side of the ship and get back to the party.

The cabinet is full of what you recognize as a chef as hops, a plant used in the brewing of beer.


Stand next to him.


"My word is my bond."


I'll take a small hoofful towards the Doctor then.



Hope they are not too bad compared to Elysium's.

Go take a sneak peak outside through the door, push it open just a bit.


No time for party, go and find that…
You know what? I give up on Sitar, find that lord key master or that other guy Smitts recommeded for me as a damn good musician.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's total bullshit.
Nopony would ever get to my gold as long as I live."


Keep following.
"Once you stop being a cold, ungrateful cunt!"


Ignore her and keep walking. Enough is enough.


Fly in front of her and stop her with a hoof.
"Yeah, I'm a grown mare now.
If you have shit to throw at me, go on. You think you are so much better than me, don't you? I bet you look down on me. You always did."


Walk around her.


Stop her with a wing.
"Don't you fucking walk away, I'm talking to you."


Swat her wing away with my magic.
"I don't feel like talking, Emrille. Now leave me alone so I can think."


"Think about how you will continue to raise your daugther to be totally vulnerable, huh?"


Ignore her and start walking again.


Land in front of her again to stop her.
"Will you walk away when she dies because you can't face problems for shit too?"


"Leave me be, Emrille. I'm too tired for this."


"You never face your fucking problems! This is what you always do! And you why you always have them!"


"Well you're wrong."
Push past her.
"Stop following me."


"Make me."


"I can't."


"That's exactly your problem. No wonder you are such a pushover. No wonder you let yourself get captured."


I glare at you.
"You really think I'm going to stop an officer on this wretched fleet? I promised to stay out of trouble, so I will. Because unlike some ponies, I actually keep my promises."


"You expect me to drop everything to play saint then?"


"No, but I expected you to at least try. Instead, you're mocking the idea of even quitting. An idea that came from a mare that seems to care about you no less."


"If we quit now we'll just have to take shittier jobs.
My feathers are not made of money, y'know."


I shake my head.
"No. Get out of my way."


"No, if you are so clever, tell me, what do we do after we quit?"


"There are about a million things out there a pony can do without resorting to piracy!"


"Yeah, and we'll do one of these things, after we quit, after we get the money we need that's enough for a lifetime."


"You'll always want more. I know you."


"Of course you do. You are so clever, after all."


"Right, clearly you are too stubborn to listen."
Walk away again.


"And you think that I don't care about Tela?"


"From the sounds of it earlier? No. You care more about money. Money, money, money."
Keep walking.


"Yeah, keep thinking that."
Let her walk away and add silently.


After finally leaving Marrowbone's room, I will go outside, to enjoy the fresh air, with a smile on my face.
Wonder where the others ended up…


Greeting Miss Felfire. You seem happy.


Is it so obvious?

Giggle and settle my head on a railing.


Hm.. that look, that smile.. are you in love Felfire?



Wiggle my tail and smirk at her.

You have anything to compare it to?


Well, there was one stallion, he was very formal about it, very sweet. We didn't have much time for dates but he made our hours count.
I smile a drift off a moment and then turn back to you.
Sooo, you have to tell me everything!


Move closer to her.

I never thought it might have been so…


Yes, but did you.. you know.. did you do more than kiss?


Move closer, and rest upon your shadowy side with a smile.


Aw, you're adorable.
I smile at you resting on me.


Oh shut up.

Stand up and go back to the rail, taking in the sea breeze.

I can't believe it scared me all my life…


hey, rape is a pretty big deal, I was raped once, years later I still hated the guys, ha, funny story once my friend found out we went to go confront them and wound up almost killing them, wouldn't have been good since they were official guards by then.


So you did not take your revenge?


Revenge, well I guess somewhere inside I wanted that, since I was the one who used lethal force first, but no, I did not do it.



Funny you'd say that.
Until a few months ago all I wanted was to become immortal and have my revenge.
And now I can't think of a reason to do either…


well, it was a pretty bad situation to begin with.
I should never have told pumpkin about it, but..

I get what you mean about it not mattering, now that you have someone special, I'm really happy that things went according to plan for you.


Wait, so you didn't gave up on your revenge by your own accord?


Huh, no I just wanted them to apologize really, but then pumpkin went in first and things got messy, Pumpkin was got into a fight with them, but was struggling and I thought I wanted to protect him..
I pulled a knife on them, I was just too upset.. and it didn't help that.. Uh.. that knife was important to me.


You wanted to… Apologize to them?!


No, for them to apologize to me


Stay silent for a while.

And nothing more?
Just apologize and go?
You are…
I'm not sure I could keep from… Them, if I ever saw them again.

I'll clench my jaw and stare with anger at the sea.


I stare alone side you for a long while
Sorry.. I guess I did want to hurt them, but I.. didn't think I wanted to.. I was a very confused little mare


They always take it on young ones, uh?


Ah, well they were punished for it in the end at least, and hey, cheer up a little you had a great time with Fevored didn't you?


Close my eyes and take a long breath in.

You are right.
I had a great time.
All that crap, I can leave it behind.
I felt…
Safe. Fulfilled.


Ha, I remember feeling that way.. Its a wonderful feeling isn't it?


Nod again, looking over yonder.

I had given up on trusting somepony like that.


Yea.. I miss him you know.. being with him, felt like being home..


Hey! We still have to try and find him!


You mean.. you'll take me to wintergrasp?


Roll my eyes.

There are ways to make ponies meet that don't involve teleporting across the world.
You just gotta show me a memory.


What.. oh.. You're a mind reader?


No, but you are a spirit.
There is some magic…
I will show you.



alright, I'll try to pick a nice one..


Nothing too hot, alright?
I've a very jaelous special somepony~


No, I was thinking that time we shopped for masks together.. yea that one.


Oh? Was it a party?


Hey, I'm supposed to be showing you not telling you! you cheater. I nudge you.



Okay, okay.
Let me just rest a while. I got little sleep last night…


I chuckle at that.
Oh, felfire. I never took you for that type of mare.


And you wo-
Oh shit!
What will the others think?
And Abilio?
And Doc?

Grasp my head in worry.


They'd probably think that you're finally comfortable here.


You don't think they'd say Fervy is bad for me?


I already told you that, but hey, you're not letting other people boss you around now are you?


This was the right thing to do…
Did you talk with any of them yet?


No, I haven't, I feel..
I pause trying to give the feeling voice
I shouldn't unless I know them already, like.. being this way, and suddenly talking to someone, It feels improper.. I could scare them, or if they are a necromancer they could try to steal me from you.



You are such a scaridy pants.
You and Zivur have more in common than I thought.


I frown, and would blush if I had cheeks
Yeah, well its a real spell you know, I could do it when I was alive, taking control of other people's minions..

You let me roam free, but.. another necromancer might not..



Just leave the shadow then, what's the matter?
You don't need my command for that!


What, leave the shadow? How?


Well… Try. I will call you back.


'1d10' gtfo of the shadow

Roll #1 3 = 3



I thought you'd have more control by now.


I shrug

Its not easy being a ghost.


Maybe you need something better to comfort yourself~


tilt my head at you
what cha' mean gurl?


I might not be the only one who needs to get laid!


I don't exactly.. have those kind of needs, not anymore..
I look at my hooves
Do you think, I am scary? I haven't seen a mirror or anything.


You look like a shadow.
A simple, plain shadow.
What I can say though, is that the girl inside is one of the sweetest friends I've ever had.


Ah, alright..
I brighten up a bit at the last part.
Hey, you're not so bad yourself you know.


Good thing you didn't meet me when I tried to blow up a bank filled with hostages.
Or when I fell into depression because of that stupid kid.


Seek out Emrille.


I'm probably somewhere, a bit peeved


Trot over with a wide smile on my face.
"Ah miss Emrille, you look positively bright today."


"Yeah, fucking sure."


"I'm afraid I have some unfortunate news however. Landgrave voiced a complaint about the behavior of my friends in his mansion."


"How did you understand it? Wasn't it muffled, with their heads so far up their asses?"


I chuckle.
"I possess a exceedingly large amount of skill at interpretation."


"Fuckers… anyway, they were complaining?"


I nod.
"I am not quite certain what it is that they disapproved of or who exactly is responsible for it, but I'm afraid that you are no longer allowed in without me to accompany you."


I give her a deadpan look.
"I wasn't even allowed in without you in the first fucking place."


"Still, something must have offended them. I would rather not get myself excluded from Landgrave's mansion."


"Not going near that place anytime soon anyway."


"That solves that then. Excellent."


"At least you are fucking happy then."


"You are one of many that I need to inform, so I am not quite pleased just yet."
Sit down next to her.
"But you seem troubled, so I suppose that will have to wait."


"Just some shit on my mind now… and that bitch Spring."


"Hmmm? Something transpired again?"


"She was just bitching at me for not wanting to leave the fleet.
The fleet where I will have an officer's audition in two days."


Yea, I can tell you haven't had it easy


"I see. An audition you say?"


"Yeah. For the finalization of me being an officer. I don't really know what to say yet…"


"Ah. Nervous?"
I say with a hint of a smile.


"Yeah. And a bit worried. I mean, I didn't have much time to prove myself as a filly."


"Hmmm… well you know I fully support you for one."


"That's still a long shot from winning over all the other officers."


"Have you spoken to them all?"


"Not really? Not yet, anyway."


"Hmmm… You should have. I spoke with most of them."


"I'll try to. At least with all the captains and mates. Or most of them."


I nod.
"Good, very good. Remember, networking is quite important."


"I know, I know."


"Now how about a nice smile? You look far better when you are not moping like this."


"I'm not moping, I'm pissed off."


"Those are practically synonyms to me, miss Emrille."


"Moping implies I'm sad. Which I'm not."


"In any case, what you are doing right now will be of no help. You only have two days left, so I suggest you get started."


"Where do you think I should?"


"Hmmm… the captains should be a priority, but so should the mates on the vessel you serve on. The Pillager's Fancy, was it?"


"Yeah, that's the place."


"That immediately poses an issue. They are nepotistic towards necromancers."


"I do have a good friend who is one."


"True, miss Felfire most likely holds some sway on the Pillager's Fancy. I fully expect to see her get promoted sometime soon."


"Right, and then?"


"The Commodore is obviously a important target as well."


"Of course. I'm on sort of good terms with Ruxiang, and talked with Al-Jinn too."


"Good, that is something that plays in your favor."


"Hmm, who else?"


"I believe that about covers it. Perhaps non-mates such as mister Face could make for good allies as well."


"That was the guy who recruited me, right?"


I cock a brow.
"I believe so, yes. Have you not spoken to him since?"


"Just a bit, but not much. Why?"


"He may not be an officer, but it appears he holds some sway on the ship. His primary concern is diplomacy from what I understand. To have somepony like him vouching for you could mean a difference."


"Oh, on that note, you're on good terms with Landgrave, aren't you?"


"Indeed I am."


Nod and motion with a wing.
"You see where I'm going with this."


"I will speak to him about it."


"Convince him, you mean."




"Great. What do you think of Umlock? Got any fancy, rare brews to give him to make him a friend?"


I shake my head.
"I am not exactly close to him, I'm afraid. Aside from that, I am no drinker."


"Oh, right, Chip!
That should be easy too. I heard he's got quite a reputation."


I nod.
"He is a mate as well, after all."


"Right, right.
Think that should do it?"


"I believe so, yes."


"Two more quick things.
One, if you see Spring, tell her to stop being an uppity cunt.
The other is more personal."


"Very well, I am listening."


"The next time you see Tela, could you give her some quick tips of how to eat out a mare properly?"


I raise a brow at that.


"She tried biting me, bless her soul.
I'm sure you have more than enough experience to tell her what's proper."


"Oh yes indeed. I will be sure to keep that in mind."
I smile.


"Thanks. I'd be more than greatful."
Smirk back.


"Oh I am certain you will be. Is there anything else I can help with?"


>implying you never make typoes
"That's all for now, I think.
I'll look for you if I need anything."


"Very well, have a pleasant day then."


"Good morning, Miss Heart."

She takes you down to the hold and gets a couple of packs of cards out of a box hastily inscribed Misc 22.

He indicates a funnel at the top of the mechanism he's working on.

Hm? Tastes faintly of roses.

It's morning. Being out and about reminds you that you need to timeskip ahead to be on the same schedule as Light Heart and Emrille, so you do, and proceed into next week.

This party is getting out of control. You lose all will to improve it further and enjoy the music.

Overall, the party was a '1d5+3' / 10

He shrugs. "The world will come around to the idea some day."

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"Are you well on this fine day?"


Can I roll for every past day to see if I've managed to summon Spring's husband?
Also, I'd kinda like to play returning to Terrebonne's room and all that now that Felfire's so different.


Pop them in it seems.

"What exactly are you working on here? It looks like you are making beer, but what other ingredients are you using?"


"I don't think I will.
Anyhow, it was nice to chat with you, but duty calls."
Wave then leave.
Then a lot of faff later, I'm done with that with LH.
And now, for the convincing of officers.
Let's visit Ruxiang.


Never going to arrive at Roads.

Yeah, you can roll for 3 days.

"As well as any other. You missed breakfast this morning, didn't you?"

"Ingredients using on beer? Look."

He goes to another cabinet and pulls out stalks of barley, and indicates an empty bucket that still has trace water in it.

You check the crow's nest on the Seaworthy, but for once he's not here. Unlike every other crew member, you never see him move from his spot.


Wake up, in my bed. Anything new?


I nod.
"Indeed, but I spoke to Landgrave nonetheless."


I don't have much else to do after this anyway.

Roll #1 10, 8, 4 = 22


"Okay then, I'll see what I can do for you then."

Anything interesting about the trace water or the contraption he has me using?


I'm going to hunt Chip down during the party, to get the 20 bits for the cards. I'd have covered them myself, but I'm broke.


need a minion?


He chuckles. "I'd hate to miss out on the meal. Certainly beats the gruel on these ships."

You locate Spring's husband on day one. Do you want to talk to him?

He scratches his head with a hoof, then waves you off. "I can do."

It appears to be a still.

You enter the party and get ransacked by drunken pirates.

By the time you stumble out of the haze of alcohol (is it possible to get second-hand drunk with all these fumes about? Especially with your tiny lungs.) You've lost your cards to the brigands!

You find a twenty bit piece on the ground, though. Someone must have dropped it. You quickly rename yourself Victor, and to the Victor go to the spoils. Then you rename yourself Curry.

You later return to the Sirocco cabin and go to sleep next to Skylight. She spends the next three days reading to you as you diligently copy. You finish '1d2-1' more books.

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0


Need a friend.
Yes, with Spring here beside me.


"Oh yes, certainly not a doubt about that. But I can cope."
Look around.
"Is the captain around somewhere?"


"So, what next?"

How big is the still? Does it look like one whole unit, or just a bunch of parts gathered from other places to imitate a still?

What is the Doctor doing now?


Well, at least my honor is kept clean. And the cards were going to them anyway. Thank Luna I'm not a filly.
Though this is rather depressing progress on the books.
"I think I need to get outside, Skylight. These books are ridiculously boring."


I'll be right here.


B-But Summer…


Okay, let's postpone this then.
What about showing me that memory, now?
Did you pick a good one?"


I picked a happy one.. I nod.
Go ahead.


Where did I wake up?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"As far as I can tell, she is still over on the Seaworthy. Captain Umlock frequently invites her over."

It's a bit cobbled together, and it has some unusual augmentations that have the eerie, yet familiar feel of magitech.

He floats the bucket over to you, then makes an up and down gesture with his hooves. Then raps on the floor.

She looks surprised. "Oh? I thought this one was more pleasant. At least, better than that nasty book about that bitter old swamp dog."

In your ransacked room. Ugh… you still haven't cleaned it up after that party. All those guests really wrecked up the place.


Focus on it real well then.
Living Rites on Kilana's shadow, to enter her memory.
It works with other necromancers, right?

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll go find those colts, see how they are holding up.


"Oh? I did not know they were friends."


"That was pretty interesting, though. Found a weather-control spell mentioned in it."
I'll stretch a bit.
"But I just need to move. I feel like I'm growing barnacles just sitting here."


I guess he wants me to take the bucket with my telekinesis. If it has water, I guess he means to add it to the top where I put the other ingredient, then set bucket at the bottom to catch what comes out.

Let's do so and see what we get.


[The day is sunny, I'm walking next to a very happy donkey, he has some scars on his face, there is a bird on my back, and we are in a market place full of shops, and ponies everywhere. We both seem, at ease, playful even. ]


Simple answer: Yes. Complex answer: I am not going over this a third time right now.

You're jostled to eyes open in the middle of a marketplace. It's extremely busy here, and everypony is speaking some odd foreign tongue. Sounds like Umlock. Worst of all, they all shoot you glares like it's YOUR fault they collided before moving on!

You blink your eyes open. Where were you? Oh, right.

Before you is a stall filled with masks. The donkey next to you laughs and points at a pink mask with flowers. "What do you think of this one?"

He chuckles again. "Perhaps an alliance of convenience. Miss September, like the good Lieutenant, speaks the mostly-dead language of North Equestrian."

You find them skirmishing on the deck of the Eagle's Roost. They're kung fu fighting, moving fast as lightning, and striking with expert timing. Frankly, it's a little bit frightening.

She taps her chin. "Right! Why don't you step out, and meet me back here in half an hour? I have an idea."

She adds with a wink, "Besides, it can't hurt to enjoy some Sun."

There's only a few drips left. He shakes his head and taps the floor with more urgency.

Hm… the same up-down motions.


Move away and look for a zebra and a donkey, they must be around here.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Stand up and look around, anything lost?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah, now that explains a lot. I was unaware of that. Well, I suppose meeting with two captains is better than one."


"True. Though the moon's no slouch either."
Hopping down to the floor, I'll take that good stick I found in Dixie, my cloak, and head out. Let's go for… the Seaworthy.


I smile at that and watch them spar for a moment. Give a cheer when they land good blows.


"Ha, they'll never recognize me." I hold it up to my face.


I think I can understand this. Locate a spigot and put the bucket under it.

Is there a lever, or something I have to operate to get everything mixed around in it?


The crowd is quite thick. You push your way through a bunch of weirdo foreigners and eventually locate the stalls.

Hm… You think you used to have a nightstand here. Yes. One nightstand is missing.

You sure miss the days of your one nightstand. It was so useful (and brought you a lot of happiness).

"Good fortune to you, then. I know Umlock can be a bit excitable, and conversely, bores easily. A bull of extremes, though perhaps that's what it takes to rule the Seaworthy."

You cross the gangplanks over to the seaworthy.

Eventually they come to a stop and return to you. "What are you going to teach us today, Master?"

"Yeah, we can take something else now."

"Come on!"

The eye holes don't line up perfectly, but you can see him chuckling through the mask. "Careful. The High King may mistake you for a Lordblade."

He shakes his head in frustration and puts the bucket in your hooves, then pushes you out the door. He points straight down with his hoof and then closes the door.


She said she was looking for masks that day.
Asking won't do, they don't talk my tongue.
'1d10' to locate the mask stall!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I smile.
"Understanding what he says would help a lot, but unfortunately, I do not possess such linguistic skills. In any case, enjoy your day general."
Head over to Umlock's cabin then.


Get water from below, okay.

"I don't think sea water is what he wants, so I'll get what we have available in the hold."

Head down there to retrieve what we have.


Maybe I can work a quick gun lesson in with the Hamburgerburgers. I'll head to their encampment, expecting the patrol.


Damn it, my nightstand.
Anyway try to fix the place up a bit before going outside and see the mess out there,

Roll #1 1 = 1


I ponder a moment. "Well now, ambitious be ye?" I nod "I can teach you somethin' " I breath in deep and start my explanation.
"This is something for when ye feel ye self falling, ye just land properly, and roll forward past the one that knocked ye over." I demonstrate the rolling part. "And if ye be fast enough, ye can get a strike in when they least expect is, possibly knockin' em' off balance." I demonstrate by sticking my paw to the side 'mid roll'
"And when ye finish a good roll, ye might should be able to rise up again." I spring to my feet and look at the lads with a grin.


You eventually spot a zebra and a donkey at a stall. Given their rarity here, those must be the two.

Umlock's cabin. You've only been here once before. It takes up the entirety of the aftcastle and is bound with iron bars and supports. A proverbial fortress for the captain of the ship of warriors. Bolted steel double doors beckon as you arrive. The traditional ebony knocker sits before you, indicative of the room of a captain.

You head down to the hold. There are many casks here, though most of them are in lockup. You may want to inquire with the quartermaster, or find another place on a ship where water can be found.

No patrol today, just gate guards. The Hamburgerburgians seem to be mostly loafing about. It's been a week without any action.

You can only imagine you've made things worse as you attempt to fix your water bed and end up popping it. Nurturing Heart gives a squeal as she awakens to falling out of bed and getting drenched.

One of them interrupts: "Hey, where'd you learn all this stuff, anyway?"


I giggle and put the mask down. "Ah, but you usually have plain masks don't you? I know how important this is too you.. And I'm happy to share in your tradition."


I'll wave to the guards.
"Hey there! I'm here to ask for lessons on how to shoot."


Best make use of it then. Knock knock.


Especially if they are together.
Walk up to them and talk to them, try to catch their attention for just a few moments, and memorize the face of the donkey.
And I wonder what Kilana looked like, in life…

Roll #1 7 = 7


I forgot to add the actual talking.
"Hey, I know you can't understand me and this is crazy, but I'm from the future and we are gonna pull his spirit away!"

Also, say this in Prench, since Equestria and her people were at war.


I didnt know I have a waterbed. Time to get a new one I suppose.
"Whoops, sorry for waking you up." Carry her and try to dry her off.


"I guess I should try the kitchen if the stuff here is locked up. We should have some potable water I can use there."


"I spent a time by meself, and I spoke to a wise old boar spirit. perhaps If ye are diligent with ye meditations ye will see a spirit."


"Excuse me?" who is this pony, do I know her [1d10] ?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Which tongue is that in?


old timey prench


I should roll to understand that, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


He looks thoughtful. "I wonder if it counts as a tradition. In a way, it has been passed down several times, and in another, not at all. Nonetheless, you're quite right."

He picks up a featureless white mask that only has eye holes. "My other mask actually had a permanent scrying spell on it so that I could see through it without the need for any holes at all. Perhaps I'll get a new one made eventually, but I'm afraid it was probably one of a kind."

"Oh? Never handled a gun before?"

You hear an unintelligible growl from within.

"Come on in, private. It'd better be good."

As you enter, Sunnyskies straightens a bit. "Ah, Lieutenant Heart. Good to have you in the warcamp. Sit down! Join us!"

Umlock barks something gruff in a foreign tongue, and September replies in it. He looks pensive a moment, then nods.

You think you get a good look at his face before he slips on a featureless mask. That was close.

You carry her off like a sack of potatoes. "It's okay…"

A quick hike around the ship reveals that there is no galley on this particular vessel. However, you do find plenty of water and pumps in the bilge. They have taps for water drawing and are connected to complex mechanisms.

"What's a boar know about rolling?"

You kind of get the jist of it. It's an odd dialect of Prench.

You get jostled by some more northsponies.

Right… this is just a dream… or a memory, at least. It's not real. Felfire appearing is like a anchor, casting you back into reality. A certain melancholy fills you as you realize the donkey that you were laughing along with, now donning a mask, is just a figment of your mind. Something that was once, but is no more.


Great, fight through the crowd and stick close to past-Kilana.
"Kilana! I am a necromancer too!
Right now we are reliving one of your memories!"


After drying her off, go outside and see how the deck looks like.


"Not once in my life. Though I'm well aware they are tools, not toys, so you don't have to worry about me playing with it."


I nod "The boar knew about many things." I gesture for them to try. "Go ahead and try that move lad, I call it a tumble, when you're done we'll meditate for a bit, maybe ye will see your own spirit animal."


Walk inside then.
"Thank you, lieutenant, you are too kind. How does the Seaworthy fare?"


"I'll ask around if this boat has a filter for the bilge water then. I wouldn't want to ruin the beer with inferior water on accident."


To Id I nod and purchase a plain mask of my own. "Maybe Nylis can look into that for you?"
I sigh at the realization this isn't real but smile anyway.
"Hello Felfire, welcome to Northlands."


Let out a sigh.
"For a moment I thought you didn't know who I was."


The stallkeeper and a bunch of nearby ponies give you stares at your outburst.

The donkey looks at you aghast. "We… should probably go."

Hm… well, most of it has been fixed by the engineering corps. One nearby mast has a big crack in it, though. It's off the port side.

He shrugs. "You can play with it if you want. Just play responsibly! Old Ben might give you lessons. Go ask him."

They end up doing rolls for a time but they don't really get it. They keep toppling over or hitting their heads. It seems much more difficult with an equine body layout.

He chuckles for a moment, then barks out in his typical loud voice, "Boring! Haven't had anything to do in a week! And we're running low on fine alcohol! At this rate, we'll have to start pillaging other ships in the fleet! A ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha. Ha."

You're not sure if he's joking.

You get a few stares from nearby bilgerats – not literal bilgerats, I mean the menials down here – for talking to yourself.

"Yarr. The pumps with the spigots be fer purifyin water fer drinking. Yarr."

He urgently taps you. "It's not safe here. Let's go."

The crowd seems to be uneasy, and there's a lot of muttering after your outburst.


But I did nothing!


Crap, I'm here now.
What's going on? Where am I? How'd the party go?


And I thought they fixed all of it.
Put some metal brace on it and try to fix it.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"And where could I find old Ben?"
Terribly. But I at least managed to get them their cards.


"Right, lets go back home Id.."
I pull you along with us away from the crowds. "Shh"


Look at the menials.
"Sorry, just an old horse thinking aloud. Thanks for that, though." Tip my hat towards them, set the bucket down, and start pumping out the purified water.


Shut up and follow.


Doesn't matter to me, I don't drink.
"I would offer you my own, but I do not drink. Curious though, how come the fleet does not have its own distillery to produce alcohol while at sea?"


It was a 4/10. You snuck some vodka and blacked out at one point.

Actually I am not totally sure if you knew that was vodka. You might have legitimately thought the clear liquid was just really foul smelling water.

Hm… this is tricky to fix because it's so far off of the ship. You may recall that the sails on this ship are different from most: they stick off the sides instead of up in the middle.

"Back in the back. He's probably toying around with those retractable swords."

You push through the crowd which is still uneasy. Some ponies follow.

Id whispers to Kilana, "You know her? We need to get to the array. There's still a prejudice against the Noble Practices here in Rockeye."

After you fill it, you try to smell of it, but the stench of salt in this room is too overwhelming to your sinuses. Retreating to the hold above, you smell again. Smells pure!

Sunnyskies relays this and Umlock replies with a vicious yell.

"Right. Well, there is one. But he's working too slowly. Doing stuff like healing patients and the like."


"Retractable swords?"
I'll shake my head.
"Thanks for the directions!"
And then it's off to find Old Ben.


Get back to the Doctor and present him with the now pure water filled bucket and try out what he makes.


I doubt I can undertand that.


Am I hung over? I hope not…

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ah, doc Peg. Yes, I can imagine that his supply tends to be used for other purposes. Still, I see no reason not to expand production. I feel it should be possible."


Bad filly.


Call some of the engineering crew to assist me and do it anyway with their help. Fix that crack.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



"Yes, she's a friend.. very foreign. Felfire. " I guide us over to the teleporter, hopefully no guards over heard her..
"You ready to see the teleporters in action?"
"Some how you're changing things, I don't know how this usually works, but we need to get somewhere safer to talk about necromancy"


"It's like living it again…"


I face palm "And you didn't pay attention to the fact I worked completely in shadows, why did you think that would be okay to shout at us about being necromancers?


Benjamin of Hamburgerburg is indeed playing around with a "retractable sword", though it's not what you expected. It's sort of a metal hilt with a lithe rod sticking out of it. He's channeling magic into it to make a sword out of fire.

It looks like he's already pouring out alcohol into a barrel when you get back. He nods, seeing your full bucket, though, and then indicates the back room.

Just a little headache.

A translation later and there's a grumbling.

"Only one pony on the fleet knows how to make one!"

The lieutenant's oddly cheerful and boisterous voice is an odd vessel for the bitter response.

As they hold it steady, you carefully climb out and fill the crack with carpenter's puddy.

The guards here are oddly unresponsive anyway.

As you approach the castle that Longshanks resides in, the ponies become fewer and fewer until there are none at all.

"No kidding!" He replies.


"I didn't know!…"
I rub my head and groan a bit.
Can I try and heal away the hangover?

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


"I actually had no idea you could understand Prench! I didn't think it even existed!"
No ponies?
This must be the limit of the memory…


Head to the back room. What does he have in there?


That's neat. Really neat.
"Hi there! You must be old Ben. I was told you could teach me how to shoot, though that sword looks like it more interesting to learn how to use."


Did that fix it?
I then look at the engineers.
"So how did the drinking session turn out?" I grin at them


"Skills can be passed on, as far as I know. There is also the option of recruitment, no? Perhaps I could find somepony for the job."


"You should know better than to drink random liquids! You don't randomly drink medicine either, do you?"


I try to help them by steadying their hooves as they practice . '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I sigh "Yea, she's a good pony at least." Right, time to go back to my home in wintergrasp, I bet Codar is there waiting.. I wonder what Felfire will think of that!
"Well, that's what Rosefall speaks, Its not very far from here.. but that's not how this memory is supposed to go.."


"No… but one of the pirates gave it to me! It just looked like water…"
I fold my ears down.


"Too late to back down."
Go back to talking equestrian since there are no ponies around.
"You two could take those masks off, would make my job all the easier."


You feel uncomfortable as you force your brain's blood vessels to contract. Better be careful if you don't want to cause a stroke.

At least the pain is gone.

The most obvious feature when you enter is the counter littered with dirty bandages. There are also a few groaning ponies laying on cots in here.

He chuckles and retracts the blade. "An old magic trick. Mostly forgotten, I think. In any case… sure, I can teach you to shoot."

He stands up. "I know a place. Walk with me."

"The booze was good, but there wasn't enough entertainment. At least it beat laying around."

He shrugs. "Maybe!"

September and Umlock return to chatting in the foreign tongue. September says something that elicits a huge, hearty laugh from Umlock who takes a swig of his goblet.

You guide them through the rolls, and in no time, they seem like they have it down.

Skylight arrives. "Hello there, you three. You want to play a game?"

Their attention span is broken, and Shove and Push immediately pop up and run over. Throw looks at you wantingly.

Here in the room where there should be mage ponies maintaining the array, there is nopony at all.

The donkey replies in a thick northern accent. "Equestrian?"


"From the future.
But I was born way south, in the new continent.
Don't worry I'm not here to hurt any of you.
This is all ancient history for me."


Head up to some of the groaning ponies on the cots.

"Hey what happened to you? Need anything I can help with?"

Are there cups to offer them some water?


I nod to him "Go have fun lad. We can work some more later."


I'll follow after.
"An old trick? But why would it be mostly forgotten if it's such a good one?"


I face palm again when you speak equestrian.
I look confused and tap the array. "We can't work this, but since no one is here.. Its safe enough."


Id fades away.

He hops off with the other two, and the trio disappear with Skylight.

"Bad… party."


"I think it was deemed heretical or something." He chuckles. "And these swords are tricky to design."


"It is a shame I do not speak the language… are you from the North, Lieutenant?"


"Why did you blindly trust a pirate!?"


"Guess we broke the memory…"
"But I should have enough to bring him here."



Skylight opens the door and steps in. "Summer, we're going to play a game. Will you join us?"

"I served my time up there. More than my time! I should've earned a medal for what I did up there." He gives a grim look before returning to a goofy grin.


"Well, I can't feel to sorry for you now You should know what your limit is and what is going to happen to you."

Still, get them some water to help clear it up.


"Ah, so you served in the military? I suppose that should have been obvious to me."


"We are kinda on a pirate ship. Heresies only go so far."
I'll shrug.
"And who declared it that way?"


"Skylight? Uh…"
Look at Summer.
"Sure! Right, Summer?"


I smile and find a good spot to meditate. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I.." I look a little sad and try to grab Id as he fade away. "What.."


Put a hoof over her shoulder.
"Hey, I'm sorry.
Must be what happens when you fall off track too much.
But at least now we can try to call for him."


"I just thought… I mean, Emrille would… I'm sorry!…"
I fold my ears down even further.

"Huh? A game? What game?"


I sit and stare at the spot where Id was. "You think he'd answer after that introduction?"
I shake my head at the idea but let your hoof stay.


"None of this is real, Kilana.
Me and him never actually met.
This never happened."


"Then.. what are we supposed to do?"


Take her close for a hug.
"Just you wait. I will bring him back in the real world as soon as I can."


I don't try to stop you. "Can't we just go back to market, maybe he'll be back there.."


Also, end the connection.


"Shh, Have faith. We can do this again another day, if you want. I will let you two talk all the time in the world…"


They drink greedily from the bucket and soon it's empty.

"Thank you…" one rasps.

He laughs. "Of course I did!"

"I haven't the foggiest. The designs themselves were made by paladins."

You arrive at a target range on the Eagle's Roost.

"I got out that old gravity game that you never play with anymore and rounded up a bunch of other foals."

Hm… you meditate over the last few days.

Recalling the General's last chat with you about commanding troops, you feel like you could almost picture it…

You stand on a cliff before the battlefield which rages below you. Your lieutenant runs up to you from the side and shouts over the sound of battle below. "We need orders, General! Who shall lead the troops?"

You find yourself answering stoutly: "I will." Stretching your wings, you glide down and take a position with your troops below.

The enemies are charging. You'll need to pick a STRATEGY to deal with each wave as it comes.

All-In: Turn one, all rolls get +4 and autocrit. You cannot critfail this roll. After that, all rolls get -2.
Timing Attack: Pick a turn number immediately. On that turn, get +X, where X is the turn number. After that, your rolls get -2.
Greedy: On your first turn, roll at -2. Each turn after that, increase your modifier by 1. (e.g.: Turn 2: -1, Turn 3: +0, Turn 4: +1).

Pick your first strategy!

The world seems to freeze in place. You blink, and when you open your eyes, you're back on the ship.


"What was your function?"


"Artillery command!"


Kilana is around?

Anyway, time to go to the mirror.
Time to try and call for this donkey.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile slightly.
"Reigning down fire from afar… that sounds enticing. Did you see much action?"


"Paladins of who, I wonder…"
I'll keep alert as we enter the gun range.
"So… where do we start? The beginning?"



Roll #1 2 - 2 = 0


I follow Felfire slightly grumpy now.


"Oh! I never got to play that game with any other ponies! My momma was always too busy with Emrille to play with me…"
My mood perks up considerably and I run out with Skylight to where she has the game set up.


If the Doctor is using his water for beer, I'll inform that I am going to get more to help the patients back there. Head back down to pump more purified water and help these hungover revelers.


I scrunch.
"Too busy with Emrille?"


"Alright, perhaps next time, I might have to come prepared." I grin.
Now look around and try to find those I've invited like Sateo and Spring. Are they here?


You focus on the mirror and see the specter of a heavily cloaked figure in a featureless mask.

"Out in the Eastern Campaign. Not much before that."

Umlock and September are chatting.

"During that era, the Sisters, I believe."

He tosses you a little hand pistol. "Posture, first. Legs spread even, shoulder length."

The soldiers clash with your force, and you take brutal losses as your troops prepare to dig in for a long term fight.

15/20 soldiers left.

She ushers you into a room where three colts and two fillies are already flicking little marbles about.

"I've got one other foal to go get. Enjoy yourselves."

She disappears.

You recognize the fillies as Red and Grey Worm. The colts look… sorta familiar. They hang out with that diamond dog.

You pass him on the way out sealing a cask. He gives you a strange look, but in no time you're pumping away again.

You see Sateo meditating on the deck of this ship. Spring is probably on the Sirocco.


"Yeah! You were always talking with Emrille or hugging her and crying… Emrille's a really good friend for helping you through all your adult problems!"

What time is this taking place in?


You are all at the end of the first week at sea, three days after the party.


"That's not true, Summer. I… broke down once, that's all."


I wave to them all.
"Hi Red and Grey Worm!"
I turn to the other two.
"Who are you two? I'm Summer! What's your guys' names?"


'1d10-1' Ah, but we can pull throu.

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9



Head back with the bucket filled with clean water.

"Sorry about that Doc, but I couldn't leave my fellow sailors like that. Anything else you'll need from me?"


"Hmmmm… who did the Equestrians fight?"
Oh I am well aware that they are. But interrupting is very rude, don't you know?


Is he busy?
Approach him and look at his state.


A pity I've no hands. I'll float it up, and…
"It's not loaded, right? Last thing I need is to shoot myself, or worse shoot someone else by accident."


I scrunch up.
"I remember it being a lot more than once… you were always off talking to Emrille and I couldn't come!"


smile as I see this, don't say anything just now.


"A few times, yes. Otherwise I'm always looking after you. … Or talking to Light Heart."


Three colts, in fact.

One of them flexes. "Shove."
Another smiles and waves. "Push."
Another just nods. "Throw."

So it seems! Now dug in, you start to push away the first wave.

The figure shakes its head… "No… or yes? Id, or…?"

He points at all the dirty bandages on the counter.

"The remnants of the Trotantines. You know, it seems like originally we were over there to fight the Oddomanes, but I wasn't going to complain when we started ransacking cities!"

A jovial laugh.

He looks deeply engrossed in his meditation.

"Oh, no, it's definitely loaded. Don't shoot yourself!"

Skylight turns up, though. "Aha! They were right, you are here! Curry, come on back to the room, Summer is over."

Ben shrugs. "We can finish this later if you like."


Encourage Kilana to speak.


"Guess those need to be cleaned."

While I'm cleaning those, start singing a little tune to pass the time.

"The sons of the Prophet are brave men and bold

And quite unaccustomed to fear,

But the bravest by far in the ranks of the shah,

Was Abdul Abulbul Amir…"


"I'll practice posture, though. The shooting can come after I know what I'm doing."
And I'll head over to Skylight.
"Hey, Skylight, have you ever talked with Old Ben there? He's got this weird sword that used to belong to a paladin a really long time ago. It's really neat."


"He seems off.."
"…Ten?" I ask tentatively


"Ah, the princesses spreading their harmony as per usual then. Bless them."


"Don't let up troops!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I remember you going to talk to Emrille a lot more…"

I giggle.
"So what are you guys doing here. Did miss Light Heart adopt you too?"


"What's that, mate?"

One of the bedridden pones is looking at you quizzically.

"Hm? Oh, that's interesting. But you'll join us, won't you?"

"Right… or Ten. Which… was it?"

He chuckles. "It wasn't bad money. Apparently they get picky about who you shoot at, though."

"For Equestria!"

They charge and destroy the rest of the first wave.

A new wave is approaching! Pick a strategy!

They look amongst themselves and laugh. "We're stowaways."

"No we aren't, you dope, we're with Sateo."

Throw nods. "Master."

"But we's never became part of the crew, right?"

"Guess not."

"Then stowaways."

Red takes this opportunity to speak up. "I been rightly thinkin' about it fer a few days, and I reckon I'm gonna give you clemency as king. Now yer right citizens of this boat at my pleasure."

Grey giggles at this.


"Are you alright?"


I giggle as well.
"I don't think it works that way Red."


I raise a brow.
"Light Heart may not have been speaking to me as much anymore ever since she recruited another doctor, but we used to talk every day!"


"Yeah, sure. So, let's go."


Looks like he is busy, go find Spring.


"That tune? Just one of the little things I picked up in my years of work. Helps pass the time while working. You like it?"

Keep cleaning the bandages while chatting.


"You're imminent domain aren't you? Also known as Lecturer Ten, and known to me… Id.. I know I look a lot different, but I'm Kilana, Kila.. do you remember me?"


"Going to Roads must bring back some memories for you."


All in!

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


Shake of the head. "I feel I've been sleeping for a long time… and all has grown muddled."

She shoots you two a look. "It better!"

She ushers you off into a room with all the other foals. They're playing a magic game with marbles. Red, Grey Worm, Summer Seas, and three colts are here.

You locate her over on the Sirocco. She's alone now.

"Those names sound Oddomane."

"Yes… yes, I think so." But then a slump. "But you died. That can't be."

He chuckles. "We never bothered to go out to that island. Too far out of the way. Too well defended."

Your forces bust through the ranks of the second wave with consummate skill. Another wave approaches!


"Try to take your time. Centuries have passed."
Let Kilana do the rest of the talking.


"Hello miss Seas. What's the game today?"


"Well, I did fight in the Eastern Campaign, plus I'm from Lethuania. Plenty of places I could have picked it up from since they'd be around me for the most part. The tune reminds you of some folk you knew?"


"Maybe you can talk to miss Light Heart about that!"
I giggle again.

"Hi mister Curry! We're all just talking right now, we aren't really playing anything. At least, I think we aren't."
I idly flick around some of the marbles in the gravity game.


"Any plans?"


I'll regard the marbles curiously, then the three colts.
"That's good. Who might you three be?"


I nod "Yes, that's right. Just.. try to focus on what you know.. anything come to mind right away?"


Approach Miss. Spring.
"Fancy meeting you here, so how goes your day?"


another attack then '1d10-2'

Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7


You could have renewed your strategy. I'll still let you do it.

You clash with the enemy forces, but they look indefatigable!

"I tried to recover your body… and then they fell upon me. There were too many for peaceful measures… and then nothing."

"When we get there? I imagine I'll be expected to blow up this vault, too."

There are a couple groans.

"We just introduced ourselves!"

"Come on, Shove, he's new, be nice."

"Yeah, Push has a point. Master says we need to be at peace."

"Shut up, Throw. No one likes a brownnose."


"Lethuania? Never heard of it."


I smile slightly.
"I have a distinct feeling I will be involved again as well."


"Well, to the plunderers go the spoils."


"So, you're Push, Shove, and Throw, then?"
I'll point at each in turn.
"Don't believe I've seen you guys around. When did you get on board?"


"The thrill of it is quite nice as well."


"It's pretty mountainous and hard to visit, you probably wouldn't have heard about it. Moved closer to Prance around the time I got my mark, so that was another chance to learn that song."

"Say, I've been telling you my life story. Tell me, where are you from?"


Oh, I didn't realize.
'1d10' There can't be that many, try timing, turn 4.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yea.. we had no chance really." I smile "Thanks for looking for me Id, you know.. I've been looking for you, my friend Felfire helped me.."


"Be at peace? What'd he mean by that?"



"Shut up, you don't have to tell him that!"

"Come on, let's just play!"

You hold them off for the second turn, preparing for your assault. Better really dig in next turn, then strike!

"If that's what you're in it for."

"Manesian Coast. Moved up and down it so much of my life I can't hardly remember where from."

"Felfire…? You mean Nylis…?"


"Ohh… Wonder who brought you on board."
I'll scratch my chin a bit, and then poke a marble.
"So what's the point of this game?"


"Well then, we both probably have some stories to share. Name's Friesian Cross, who might you be?"


'1d10' right, dig in!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I shake my head "No, but they are similar actually, bookworms everywhere I tell you."
I pause suddenly unsure how to continue.
"Ah, do you feel okay Id?"


You're trying to sink it in the cup.

He indicates a floating cup.

Grey finishes: "You gotta flick it so that it bends around these glowy balls that have fields that change the course."

You fend them off… AHA! IS NOW YOUR CHANCE?

Go for it!



"I feel like I've slept a thousand years."


'1d10+4' Strike!

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


"Oh, that's… kind of interesting, actually."
I'll give the marble a small flick, and see if I can't curve the shot into the cup. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Torchwood, we'll probably end up as best of friends while on this job. Still, you should lie down. If you're in here, you shouldn't be pressing yourself until the Doc gives the go-ahead."

Sing the next verse.

If you wanted a man to encourage the van,

Or harass the foe from the rear,

Storm fort or redoubt, you had only to shout

for Abdul Abulbul Amir.


"Yea, that's about right actually." I chuckle a bit.

"But really, things are pretty bad now a days, ponies are just as harsh on the dark arts as before.. they have to move around just to stay safe, and steal just to survive.."


"Ooh! Lemme try!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You triumphantly attack from all sides, flanking the enemy forces and routing them.

Your troops surge ahead and a lieutenant runs up to you. "They've begun to run away! By Celestia, we've won the day!"

You answer: "They will be back again. Make an attack again."

He nods, and runs off to regroup the force as a flag-bearer waves his flag nearby. You've won!

You put yourself back together feeling a lot more enlightened.

It goes wide and bounces off under the bed.

They all chuckle a little.

He observes as you sing on.

"A pity… I can only wonder how time would have taken its course differently…"

You work more expertly than Curry. Your marble swings around the gravity dump and comes to rest in the cup.

Even red looks a little impressed. The colts cheer.


Better not forget to clean those bandages while I sing. I might end up needing them.

"Now the heroes were plenty and well known to fame

Iin the troops that were led by the Czar,

And the bravest of these was a man by the name

of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

One day this bold Russian, he shouldered his gun

And donned his most truculent sneer,

Downtown he did go where he trod on the toe

Of Abdul Abulbul Amir."


"That's harder than it looks."
I'll float the marble back over.
"Nice shot, miss Seas."


I smile from the success of my gambit.

"It's not that hard Curry!"
I retrieve the marble and flick it again.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll try my own shot again. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


They all look clean now.

No dice. Or should I saw no marbles. Both of you miss. Red takes a turn and sinks one, which she takes the time to boast about. The other four end up missing on their turns.


"Yeah yeah Red… watch this!"
I get my marble again and try to do a trick flick.

Roll #1 9 = 9


""I gotta check in with the Doc and see what he needs Torchwood. Next time you go drinking, invite me and we can sing all the songs."

Head back to the Doctor and see what else he needs.


I'll scrunch.
I can't loose at marble tossing. Especially to a brat.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You sink another one. Red grins. "Maybe you can be a duke, too."

Apparently an old pony that looks like a foal can't learn new tricks. You can't get the hang of how the course is being altered!

Your sister opens the door and steps in floating a tray of sandwiches and glasses.

"I brought snacks!"

The colts and Grey quickly swarm her for food.

He's producing more beer. He gives you a friendly nod.


I'll grimace a little, ignoring the food for a minute.
Walking around the thing, I'll try from a different angle. Maybe if I toss it a bit like how Summer did… '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"If this is the reward," I say as I point to the beer, "then you can definitely count on my services whenever you need them, Doc."


I hop up and run over to Skylight and take some food and drink.
"Thank you miss Skylight!"


He gives you an awkward lopsided grin, and nods at you.

What an odd individual. You sense something off about his speech patterns when he speaks. It's not just that his phrases are simple… you're not noticing something about his word choice.

You finally sink one while everyone else is distracted.

Skylight calls, "Curry, coming? Or did you want to drink from the tap?"

You doubletake at her, but she is clearly teasing you, given the light smile on her face.

She smiles. "Of course, Summer."

The drink is some fruity tasting juice. The food is… hm, peanut butter and honey sandwich. It's good!


Well, as long as I know I can do it, that's what's important.
I'll wander over to the others, now that the initial rush has passed.
"Thanks, sister."


She leans over and offers you a PB&H sandwich and some juice. "Having fun?"


"I guess to carry on the tone of my earlier conversation that you probably overheard, where do you hail from, Doc? I'm sure you heard everything else I was saying."

Maybe I can surmise something about him with all the time I've spent with him?


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hail from? I'm everything else, I guess. I was from earlier."

Eh… it's just not adding up.


I'll nod.
"A bit, yes. Getting a child's-eye-view of the world is a bit… interesting. And I've discovered those three scamps, who I didn't know about. Wonder who brought them onboard."
I'll take a bite out of the sandwich and, upon realizing that peanut butter is really sticky, stop trying to talk.


"Sorry, Doc, these old ears of mine didn't quite catch that. Can you repeat it?"

Is something the matter. I'll try to focus more this time to see what's going on with the Doctor. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


She chuckles at you and sits down next to you.

"I told you that this was a good way to keep an eye on Summer. I bet she'll think you're more relate-able."

"Repeat it? Didn't that catch you?"

Oh. Right. The exact word choice. How did you miss that?

>"What exactly are you working on here? It looks like you are making beer, but what other ingredients are you using?"

>"Ingredients using on beer? Look."
>"Okay then, I'll see what I can do for you then."
>"I can do."
>"I guess to carry on the tone of my earlier conversation that you probably overheard, where do you hail from, Doc? I'm sure you heard everything else I was saying."
>"Hail from? I'm everything else, I guess. I was from earlier."


Perhaps go around and find Smitts


As that realization comes to me, look for some pencil and paper.

"I couldn't help but notice that you seem better at re-using words than most ponies, Doc. Did something happen to you I should be aware of?"

Offer him the writing tools.


He writes:

Neurological disorder. Incurable.

You head down to his office on the Eagle's Roost.


"Sorry Doc. I kept pressing you for answers when I didn't know about that. Now I feel bad and hope you accept my apologies if I caused you any inconvenience."


I'll finally get that first bit of peanut butter out of my mouth with a swig of juice.
"Well, that may just because she can beat me at that marble-game…"
I'll get a more serious face for a moment.
"It'll probably take more than just a few games of marbles to get her to trust me again… if she ever really did at all."
Sighing a little, I'll just shake my head.
"But that's worries for another time. You know, I've never actually had this… peanut butter before. And honey by itself was a rather rare treat, since it took quite a bit to scrounge up for a jar. Autumnsreach merchants can be a bit cut-throat in their pricing, especially the ones that sell food that isn't locally produced."
I'll lick my lips a little.
"It's really tasty."
And I'll take another bite of the sandwich.


He shrugs and writes.

I like to talk to ponies that are long-winded, but sometimes you are short of breath.

She groans. "Those priests of The Law, right? I hardly know why we tolerate them."

She quickly corrects herself. "I don't mean it like that! I tolerate all ponies, it's just… it's our holy city, and they practically set up a monopoly."


Go and meet him.
"Looks like the men are glad to have a break, so hows your day commodore?"


"As anyone can tell, I'm not exactly a spry, young colt anymore. Time is going to take its toll, no matter what we try to do against it."


"Well, how many Celestials are really concerned with business? Or know the laws inside and out, exploiting every loophole and skirting as close to every rule as they can so that they can charge what is, by all their learning, legal? From what I've seen, businessponies tend to operate on a for-profit model. Even miss Light Heart, flexible as she is, is still a businesspony at heart."
I'll grin for half a moment.
"At least with her as a friend, I should be able to steer clear of quite a few bad deals, don't you think?"


"The paperwork is finally calming down. We need to really focus on sailing, get to Roads."

He nods, then waves you off. "No matter."

She chuckles. "Perhaps. I doubt she follows the Spirit of the Law, though."


Sorry about that. Am I still playing the game?


"This is nice, I finally get to talk to you, Doc, in a way. So, tell me, what lands do you call home, or where you practically born at sea if you moved so often?"


"Probably not. She's likely shopping around though, I think. It's probably why she attended your prayer session a little while ago. To test the waters, you might say."
I'll shrug.
"I'm a bit miffed she didn't come to us, but then again… you take a look at what the Lunites have been through over the last couple hundred years, and you don't see much of a future there."
You're eating a PB&H sammich.


"Our crew and the engineers are doing their utmost on the job. We've even fixed most of the damage made during the storm." I smile.
"So anything you have in mind when we get to Roads Commodore?"


What are the rest of the foals doing?


Also eating. It's a snack break. There is juice too.
Me and Skylight are just chatting off to the side.


You were eating, remember?

I don't know where. It's been pleasant, but I really have to put the pen down and work. We're eating through supplies.

She pats you on the head. "Well, I can start waking you up in the morning. I'm sure Celestia will take you."

Then she puts a hoof to her chin. "If we were back at home, around this age I'd be enrolling you in Sun School."

"Nothing that's changed since our last talk, anyway. Can't very well get new information while we're still at sea."


"You probably need those for ordering supplies, so I'll put them away after you write down anything else you need from me today."


Really, I don't need anything. Enjoy your day.


"I see if that is the case then I'll be off, just tell me if you need anything and I will gladly help."

Now… hmmm..
Find Summer?


"She might, Skylight. But I've no intention of abandoning Luna now."
I'll snort a little in amusement about Sun School.
"At my age I'd probably have long-since graduated and become a monk. Or some sort of fisherpony."
I'll leave it unspoken that I never really had the opportunity, and that in hindsight it should have raised a few flags when I wasn't enrolled.


"Very well, have a good day Doctor."

Stand at attention and tip my hat, then head on outside. Let's head on over towards Ruxiang and see if he can finally talk after that display of mine the other day. Probably didn't expect someone so new to firearms to get so good so quickly.


You wander over to the Sirocco and find Light Heart's room.

Three fillies (including Summer) and four colts are here, plus Skylight.

She sighs. "Fisherpony? You could do so much more with your life!"

You find him up in the crow's nest.

"Hm? You back?"


"Hi mister Chip! What are you doing here?"


"True, but would it have made me happy? Would you honestly trade what you are for anything else in the world?"
I'll wave to Chip as he comes in.


She shrugs. "Maybe. I try to keep an open mind. I never thought I'd really want to be anything but a priestess, but you and Summer reminded me how much I like to work with foals."

With that, she kisses you on the forehead.


"You went real quiet and took off just as I seemed to get the hang of those pistols of yours. Thought I'd give you some time to do what you needed before I showed up again."


"Hello there." go inside and relax.
"So how did you find the party to your liking? A bit crude is it not?"


He shrugs. "You know how to shoot. No need for training from me."


"It was a bit boring… and one of the pirates handed me some alcohol and I drank it thinking it was water…"
I rub a hoof to my head, remembering the experience and me passing out.


My ears will lay down flat, and I'll pout a little.
"Well, for what it's worth, I could see you as a teacher, or at least a well-respected caretaker."
I'll continue to pout.
"Nobody's taking me seriously like this…"
"Well, I wasn't invited, but I still managed to help miss Seas get those cards there. Even managed to find some money to pay the-"
My attention will fully be on Summer.
"Which pirate?"


"I presume my time with the crossbow helped me transition to the new ones. But if you think I'm good enough, I'll take your word for it. Which reminds me, I still owe you that squid with soy sauce, was it?"


She chuckles again. "Come on, you're a cutie."

He nods.

"Maybe next time I show you something more advanced than proficiency."

Skylight frowns. "That's terrible! Are you alright?"


I scratch my head.
"Some of the crew member told me that too, handling a celebration is not my kind of thing you see. Perhaps next time I may need assistance in the matter."

"Money to pay what?" I raise an eyebrow.


"I dunno! I just walked over to where the drinks were and somepony handed me a cup!"

"I'm alright now. I don't think I want to drink again though…"


She smiles and pats your head too. "Good. Stick to fruit juice."


"See, no harm done in drinking a glass of ale or two. She can handle herself aye?"


"Oh, that sounds rather interesting coming from you. I look forward to it then."

Guess he seems busy today. I haven't checked in with General Movp, let's check if he's still on the Eagle's Roost.


"So I keep hearing."
"For the cards."
"Miss Seas, I shouldn't have to tell you this, but you never, ever just drink something a stranger gives you. If you haven't seen the drink prepared, you just don't drink it! What if it were drugged? Or, as you just found out, alcohol?"


He's at the helm of the Eagle's Roost.

He nods at you as you approach.


Stand at attention and then tip my hat.
"Good day, General. Sorry I haven't checked in, I was helping the Doctor earlier and getting some lessons in the new firearms. How have the last few days treated you."


"Ooh! Maybe I can help!"

"It didn't really taste good either…"

"But- I just thought that since everypony else like Emrille does it then it's fine and it wouldn't be poisoned…"


"Just as well. You've only missed out on breakfast. Actually, I was thinking about something. I could use a soldier I could count on for something…"


"Emrille is a drunk. She's had to keep pace with Tela for years, and as such her body is more adapted to it. You are not Emrille, and should not be drinking alcohol! Or any strange drinks!"
I'll put my head in my hooves for a moment.
"Where was your mother? Or Mera? You didn't give them the slip again, did you?"


"For the cards? You paid for it?" To whom?"

"Well, everyone has their own taste so dont worry. There are some that taste good. " I smile.


Skylight sighs. "Maybe you should just stick with me and Curry from now on…"


"Quartermaster of the… uh…"
I'll think for a minute.
"The Pillager's Fancy! The nice gryphon lady."


"Emrille's not a drunk! She just likes alcohol!

"And my momma's right over there!"
I point to her.

"I don't know if I'd like them anyways… I don't like the headache I get from it."
I scrunch up.

"Huh? Why?"


"What do you need, Sir?"


"That's mincing words, miss Seas. And I meant during the party. Weren't Mera and your mother with you?"


She smiles. "So we can watch and make sure you don't drink any more alcohol. Besides, I'm sure I can make it fun. Like with games, snacks, and stories."

"The Commodore will be naming a Commander of the Hourglass soon. I'd feel more comfortable knowing a pony that I can trust is over there managing things. If you're interested, I'll mention your name."


"I'd be honored, Sir. But to be honest, I don't have all that much experience in commanding others."


"What'd you say you were? Corporal? Sergeant? That's an NCO."


How come Ruxiang isn't there the only fucking time I need him?
is Al-Jinn at the helm then?


"Uh… I think they were! But I don't think I tried to sneak away from my momma or anything."

"But I wanna do other things too!"


"Oh so a little colt is buying things now eh?" I teased
"So how much was it?"

"Oh dont worry, I know some that dont give headache's as long as you dont drink it too much. Excess is always bad right?" I smile


You spot him returning from belowdecks on the Eagle's Roost.

She ruffles your mane. "Sure, but we'll make sure you stay safe."


Fly down to greet him then.
"Hey there."


"Hm? Yeah?"


I'll harrumph.
"Still. No more accepting drinks from others. You make your drink yourself, or you at least watch it be prepared by someone you trust."
I'll harrumph again.
"Twenty bits. Managed to find enough loose bits on-deck while getting trampled underfoot to pay for the cards. Kind of a rowdy party, mister Chip."


"It's been a while since we last talked, huh."


Seeing him frustrated I fish on my bag and see if there is any bits I got in me.
"You really should have come to me if that is the case, it would have been easier that way you know."


He shrugs. "Time meaningless when you do nothing all day."


"I guess mister Chip…"

I scrunch up again from her ruffling my mane.

"It's not that dangerous! I just didn't know that was alcohol was all…"


"I was looking for you, actually. On the way there the cards got picked off by the crowd. Can't exactly demand payment for something that didn't even make it to you."
I'll wave off the bits.
"Still, I managed to cover the costs and maintain integrity."


"Good thing we were both busy then, right?
I do miss some action though. I heard Roads will have just that."


"It is so that dangerous. We may have made friends here, miss Seas, but this is still a fleet of pirates. I don't want you ending up falling overboard, or worse, because you took the wrong cup from the wrong crewmate."


"Yeah. Two and a half week though. Long way."


"Just a Corporal, so it was only a few under me. But if you believe I can be of use to you Sir, then I'll gladly do my best to live up to your expectations."


"Good, good. Not enough ponies these days have a respect for discipline."


"If you really want something to do, there will be a small get together of officers in two days."


He nods.


"What can you tell me about the ship? If he asks me any questions, I'd like to be able to respond properly."


"I'm guessing you know what it's about."


"Really, if thats the case then you help my cause. Just tell me if you need something then I will see if I can do it. If not perhaps some bits might suffice." I smile

I look around.
"So anything you and Curry doing today?"


"It's a small dhow. Not suitable for a large crew or even a true hierarchy of permanent leadership, but instead helmed by a permanently stationed Commander of the vessel. Very small hold, no galley, no brig, just a small captain's quarters. Intended for short term scouting operations to remain as a support vessel for the fleet."

He shrugs. "Lotta things happen at Wednesday meeting."


(Feel free to continue faff)


"That seems manageable for an old horse like myself. I look forward to the opportunity."


"Well, it's the least I could for you getting me out of that rusty old…"
I'll glance at Skylight for half a second.
"…Barrel. Don't even know how I got in there."
I'll scratch my chin a bit.
"As for what we're doing, I'm just taking a break from transcribing those books. Copying them has so far been about as fun as walking blindly into a patch of sea urchins."


"Copying books? Doesnt look like a fun time to spend in if you ask me."


"It might be necessary, though. The books we took out of the lunar temple are ancient, most of them old even before it got sealed up. Letting that knowledge get swallowed up by time just doesn't seem right."
I'll shrug.
"Plus, I can sell the reprints, provided I find a willing buyer."


"Ah a wise choice, books are expensive come to think of it. Though…"
I look at the books.
"books about that pony God, Isnt that considered heretical by the other ponies if I am correct?"


"Not all of them are about Her, though. Some are history books, others are catalogs on plants and such, and there's one book on prophecy. Namely, the Elements of Harmony. I had thought to whip up a copy of that for miss Puzzle, since she's a Laughter follower."


"So you're giving a book to Miss Puzzle? Sounds about right? Who's going to deliver it?"


"Well, I was thinking myself, but… transcription is a rather time-consuming task. If only I had someone I could trust to deliver it for me."
I'll give Chip a small wink.
"Wouldn't that be convenient, finding such a fellow?"


I scratch my head.
"Ahaha, well if thats the case then I would deliver the book to her only. Something like that might produce a smile on her."


"Once it's finished, I should be able to pass it off to you for delivery. Depending on how well it goes from there, I might ask for enough to cover the cost of the book. Relying just on my wages for these isn't very efficient, after all."


"Oh, so is it a gift to her or no?" I tilt my head.


"I was thinking a gift, but I wouldn't say no if she wanted to pay for it. Coming from Autumnsreach, I'd had a few run-ins with the different sects of the Element philosophy, and thought that perhaps she might enjoy a several-century-old book on a prophecy that's probably already happened."
I'll shrug.
"It's rather short-sighted not to charge her, but she's a nice enough mare."


Meeting Spring on the Sirocco earlier

Approach Miss. Spring.
"Fancy meeting you here, so how goes your day?


Perk up and look at him.
"… Chip. I'm… fine. Well not really fine but-"
I sigh and wipe my forehead with a hoof tiredly.


"You dont look fine at all if you ask me. Whats bugging you?"
I frown a bit.
"Dont tell me its the crew party? Is it bad?"


"What? No, no, it's just… some things on my mind and Emrille stressing me out."


"Well that lil bugger can do that to all of us at one time. Is she bothering you?"


"Don't worry about it, I gave her a piece of my mind already."


"As expected from a pony able to survive in this kind of environment." I grin.


"Well… I'm only still alive because of Emrille and Light Heart vouching for it, so I wont take too much pride out of it."


"As far as I can see it, you're here because you've worked with the crews interest in mind,"
I then tilt myhead.
"What do you mean vouching? The only thing I know is LH needing you abotu some illness that she has."


"The commodore was going to have us executed… but they stepped in and took us under their wings."


".. really?"


I nod slowly.


"… both of you? But why?"


"And Curry and Mera… I… guess we just outlived our use."


"I didnt know Smitts made all of you part of the crew but this…"
"I didnt know Light Heart has triedt to stop it. If I had known I would have talked to Smitts too."


"She said she'd rather I keep it quiet…"


"Perhaps to keep the peace, most of the crew dont gives a dime about the two of you."
"But some do." I gave her a smile.


"I'm… sure you do."


Give her a mocking frown.
"Oh, now you doubt my sincerity. How cruel of you."


"It's just hard to trust anypony here…"


"I cnat blame you for that. Its wise not to give trust to anyone here immedietely. This is a pirate ship after all."
"But perhaps all those years we've worked together perhaps has left a mark does it?" I raise an eyebrow.




Is it years?
"Months to be more specfic."
"The point is that perhaps I have made a mark on you, as you have and your daughter has made a mark on me."


"Well… yes, but still."


"But still?" I tilt my head.


"Well… you're still a pirate…"


""That I am truely. But being a pirate does not exempt me from giving a damn, if I dont care then things might not what it used to be.." I smile.


"Well… yes, that's true."


I just huff.
"Perhaps I didnt made a mark to any of you. After all I am busy being a pirate to the point its too late for me to know Smitts plans about the two of you."
"What do you think?"


"Well, I think… there's hope for everypo- everyone to improve themselves… even the people on this fleet."


"Improve in what?" I look at her.


"Themselves. The way they are and what they do for a living."


I look at myself then to her.
"Am I being myself not enough, or is it my profession that is making a pony like you worry,"


>name arg


"The latter."


"Ah, the pillaging and looting is what gets you aye? In my 25 years of profession those aspects comes naturally, ants will not go inside a sugar container if its lids is not shut tight right?"


"It's not exactly something I can just ignore…"


I then stop for a moment.
"…. Is that the reason why you are raising her all by yourself?"


I nod.
"That's why I try to do that, yes."


"Try? Well besides from being too naive, you raised her pretty good."


"It hasn't been easy on my own… but she's really all I have left."


"I see… this is the first time I heard that. Summer really means everything to you. I see it now."


I nod.
"She really does."


I stop and scratch my head.
"How do I say this.. bah…. what if I to tell you that I also care for her?"


"If you do care about her… then you'd agree that this fleet is no place for her to grow up."


I look around.
"Whats wrong with growing up in a ship? I myself have grown up in one."


"She deserves better."


I scratch my head.
"Hmm.. I dont know, she can learn a lot of things when both of you stays on the ship. Even I dont like you two leaving since… where will you live? How will you feed yourselves while on the streets."

"But now that you told me that both of you are initially planned to be executed, perhaps both of you leaving will be a good idea." I grit my teeth.


"Well we're not going to leave yet… I'd rather not be hunted down. And well… I'm a doctor, so I could probably find work somewhere. … Even if I lost all my certificates."


"That will most likely happen, you are still prized for your healing skills."
"If staying here is your plan then you can approach me if both of you need protection, aye?" I smile at her.


"Okay. I hope that wont end up being necessary."


"Good." I smile and sat next to her.
"So how do you find the party? are you able to relax?"


"It was a little crowded…"


I chuckle.
"That I agree, to be honest I didnt expect that many to come. You just invite half the crew but the rest will show up anyway."


"I'm not very good with crowds but I guess it was a good distraction for the crew."


"Indeed it is, the storm really did put many of us on the edge so I just thought that a little drink here and there aint that bad."
I then put a paw on my chin.
"So what do you do when you want to relax?"


"I don't get much time to relax. But when I do I just usually… read."


I just tilt my head.
"I see. In any case that is good to know that the crowd is too many. Perhaps next time I'll invite you to a party that is far better than this one." I give her the looks.

Roll #1 1 = 1




"In a way it is, I suppose."


I'll probably look very uncomfortable under that look.
"I-I should get going… Summer might be getting herself into trouble."


"Err.. yeah. I really should go too." I nod.
"Be careful out there."
Now lets roll for nothing.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Stand up and quickly head off.


What's up with the donkey?


"To each their own, then."

He is / was talking to Kilana.


"yea, if only we could just.. try again, wouldn't that be nice?" I sigh a bit and smile.
"Id, you remember all those long talks we used to have? How clear our goals were? I can't help but think about it.. now that things are so different.. You know even music is different. "


I nod a little and look over to September.


She's intermittently chatting with Umlock, who is nursing a bottle.


Neat. Hm, I should look around for a fishing pole that I can borrow. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


So, what were those other little scallywags up to while I was chatting with Chip, Skylight, and Summer?


"Miss September? Where did you learn that language?"


"Is it a world we belong to?"

You find one abandoned on the side of the Eagle's Roost. Hm. Interesting, but useful!

They've returned to playing the gravity game.

She glances over and gives a little shrug. "I picked it up during my sailing days."


"Did we ever belong in the first place?"


Awesome, rolling to fish '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Is it that easy to learn?"


Alright lets find Sateo


I see. I'll polish off my sandwich, leaving some juice to help wash down the peanut butter.
Looks like I've got another reason to speed up on transcribing the book on the Elements of Harmony. By letting him deliver it to Puzzle, I might be able to improve my standing with him.
I should probably practice the gun stances too, though that can wait until after this play date that Skyly has arranged.
"Thanks for the meal, Skylight."


He thinks for a time.

"Maybe. I thought I did, at least. Fate always seemed on my side – our side until, suddenly, it wasn't."

Hm… no bites. Maybe if you had bait.

You spot him on the Eagle's Roost fishing with what you believe is your rod.

Another noncommittal shrug. "In my experience, getting anything you want to done is an exercise in futility, but completing frivolous, unnecessary exercises regardless of the scale are trivialities."

Sunnyskies translates and Umlock bursts into laughter again.

She smiles. "Of course."


"Well I for one would very much like to learn it."


"We did have some pretty good luck for a while. Too good perhaps.. At least in stories, things are always going their best before it all falls down.. Should have seen it coming really.."


Alright, another few turns with the floating ball game. Maybe I can get a bit more information out of Throw , Push, and Shove.
"So, Push, who brought you three on board at Reptil? I know Light Heart brought Grey and Red at that port, but I don't know who else would recruit a trio of kids."
And '1d10' to sink the ball in the cup.

Roll #1 8 = 8


wait, I can find bait. Ask the black jay to help me look for bait. '1d10'
"..Ahoy mate!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Approach her.
"Find anything?"


"Also thats mine." I grin.


"Oh, sorry! It was just sitting thar, thought I might catch something good, nothing biting right now thou.."


She gives a cynical smile. "See? There's your first mistake. Now you have no chance."

The figure approaches the mirror and puts a hoof up against the other side of the surface.

"I don't care about this world, Kilana. It's moved on without us, but nonetheless…"

"I do care about you, and I'd follow you anywhere, I think."

He groans. "What, you think we were recruited? Not tough enough to get in on our own? I reckon we just about sauntered up and demanded admission."

Sateo is a male dog.


It takes flight and disappears somewhere behind the castle.


"Thats fine, I myself have not catched anything with that rod so if you do then thats a good start."

I know.


I chuckle.
"You do remember who you are talking to, do you?"


"The commodore would have found you out the second you walked onto one of his boats. If you weren't recruited, that means you're stowaways that he just hasn't thrown overboard yet."
I'll grin at Push.
"Though, if you did just saunter up and demand admission, I'd like to see if you've got the skills to back it up. I'm a bit of a scrapper myself."


I laugh a bit. "Ha, perhaps its bad luck then!" hand it back to you. "Maybe if ye had some good bait it would counter that?"
I hope he finds some success.


"Which one, the cripple, the maniac, or this big pile of ugly?"

She indicates Umlock, who gives another round of uproarious laughter after the lieutenant translates.

"Not that I'm any better."

"You don't look so tough."

"Master will be upset if you beat up another colt."

"Oh, shut it."

Only time will tell.


"Id…" press my hoof against his.
"You're serious?"


"Hey, I thought you're going to go get fish." I smile.
:Say we find some bait and get ours. If not perhaps… we can find Seekkill." I look around,.


I laugh as well.
"It's very good to know oneself, captain."


I nod "That sounds like a plan, were did ye get a rod anyway?"


There's a glass pane between you, but it may as well be an ocean.

You can't tell what expression he has, given the mask, but he replies, "I was always serious."

"I find it just makes things more bitter when you see your downfall coming a mile away and can't stop it. In any case, you clearly dropped by for a reason so we may as well skip to it."


"Looks can be deceiving. I've got more experience than you, I'd wager."
I'll shrug.
"Of course, we could just bypass this and you could say who recruited you. Your master's on the fleet if you're scared of him."


"I made it." I smile.
Alright, lets try to find some bait in the ship.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"you know.. this is a horrible place right? Felfire is a good pony but.. her home is full of thieves and murderers.. Are you still sure you'd want to be here?"


"Who says I'm not here to converse and relax with my fellow crew? Sometimes a pony needs to wind down, even me."


I look impressed. "Ye can make things like that?" I dart my eyes back and forth checking for those colts to be sure they aren't listening.
"Hey, do ye think.. ye could help me make something of a gift, fer those colts?"


"I want to be where you are. Do you feel the same?"

September eyes you while taking a sip from her flask. "You don't seem Umlock's type."


You scrounge around and catch a rat.


I look at him.
"Help in what?"

Tie the rat at the end of the pole and use it as bait?


I nod, staring intensely at you. "Of course I do.. I.. love you Id.."


"Oh, to have a bit of metal, with a symbol of a boar on it, and attach it to a cloth." I try to describe what I want. "If I got the materials, could ye do something like that?"


I smile slightly.
"Much like how I do not seem the type to be a pirate."


Smile slightly from behind them.


"Thats easy, any plans when you want me to work on it?"


I scrunch for a moment and then shake my head. "Nah, I don't have anything like that, but something that can be easily worn.."


"Perhaps something that can be attached to the arms. What do you think? A band made of cloth wrap arounds their arm with a metla protector with the boar sign on it."


I smile at the idea "Yeah, that sounds perfect! ..Ponies don't have no trouble wearing stuff like that right?"


"I think so, but then again I am no pony so perhap you might like to ask the others. Perhaps Spring is a good one to ask."


"Ah, maybe.. i'd think if there was cloth it would be easy to adjust, long as it doesn't slip off."


"Perhaps the metal must be lightweight and thin so it doesnt drag the clothes down. Plus the knot of the rope must be tight and fixed good so it wont slip easily."
"Say when will you need it?"



"Oh, not for a while. Its somethin' of a.. reward fer their training so hard. Yea, something to make em' feel like a real team."


"What are you training them for btw?" I scratch my head.


"So they'd be strong and won't be pushed around by nopony." I declare heartily.


Meanwhile, somewhen during this week…
I will go on deck. Actually, around the various ships.
It's a great thing, to stay outside in the sun.
Maybe I will even be flying a bit around.


And I'll be out and about, taking a short break from book copying. Maybe watching the ocean.


Look at that.
Fly over there and stop just a few meters short.
"Hey! Haven't seen you around much lately!"


"No real surprise, Felfire. I've been holed up in that room copying those old books for the last few days. I honestly don't know how you did it, staying tucked away with your books. I thought I'd go bonkers just from sitting still for so long."


"It's taking you weeks to copy a few books?"
Raise a brow.


Tap against the glass with a frown. "I suppose it doesn't matter now. Everyone who has ever known us is dead. Who would make the sacrifice for me?"

She shrugs. "Maybe. Smitts once told me that a toolbox takes all kinds. Sometimes you need a hammer," she gestures to Umlock, "And sometimes you need something with finesse."

You secure the dead rat. It's now a rat flail.


"There are a lot! Sixteen, and they're old! If I'm not careful, they could rip, or fall apart."


"You just need somepony to fix that faster.
What's in those books anyway?"


"Quite right. The commodore chooses his employees well. Have you known him for a long time?"


She gives a far off look.

"It's the nature of the beast that a pirate fleet has a rapid turnover rate, but we've gone years. Really, to survive alone is something. I can't imagine that luck will hold much longer. I was a duty officer when he joined the fleet years back. I had nearly thought Tallow would never die. But then, it's inevitable."


"That's the thing, I'm not sure. You remember that book I promised to let you look through? The one about the Horrible Facts of Nature? There was something about a weather-controlling spell in there, so who knows what's in the rest of them."
And I'll chuckle.
"And I really do need the help. Making sure everything is accurate is a bit more of a task than I expected."


Can we pretend I'm back to the morning after and stumble back into Terre's room?
Look over at the shadows around me.
"Yeah, I think we can spare an hour or two for some books."
"But you owe us one. Each of us."




Stroll back into the room.


"If it is any consolation to you, I seem to die on a weekly basis. But you are correct, this is not the ideal environnement if you wish to maximize your chances to grow old. Then, I never thought I would survive to see my 30th birthday, but here I am after all."


"Each? I know you've got Fervored in there, but who else has taken up residence?"
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"And what can a friend do for you?"


"Oh I've met plenty of ponies lately.
Let's just say…
Answer a few questions. Chat it up."


"Well, that hardly seems like anything hard. I'd have done that anyway, if you'd asked. So, what's on your mind?"


Terrebonne is quietly working at her table.

"Right. Well, there's a difference, of course, between kicking it for good and twenty minutes. It's unusual fortune that we have Terrebonne. She is very abnormal, in a good way."


Try to fish with my.. rat flail

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh no Curry."
Go relax by the rail.
"What's on your mind."
Grin at him.
I never watched what she does, at that table…


Yes you did, she's working on sewing dolls again.

After a while you get a few little tentative pecks at your bait.




I nod.
"Definitely. I owe her far too much."


I'll look at her a little curiously.
"I always thought I was a bit of an open book, Felfire. Any particular bit of my brain you wish to pick?"


"I'm no mind reader.
How is it going with the doctors?"


You don't recognize most of the dolls, but you do pick out one on a shelf that correlates to yourself. There's also one for Abilio, Doc Peg, and other crew members.

"Resurrectionists are usually kept on a short leash. There's always a fear that they'll use that freedom to extort the dead, I guess. But she works for a pittance. How odd."


"It's going well enough, though I'm a bit worried about miss Seas. She seems awfully attached to Emrille lately, which is odd concerning their… past relationship."
I'll shrug.
"Miss Spring is, as usual, keeping mostly to herself. I've tried not to pry into things, but I can't help but feel I should be asking her more about how she's doing. Same with Mera and Skylight."


Oh. Let me try something.
Giggle a bit.
"Hey, mind if I pick that one up?"
Point the one that looks like me.
"Oh right, the mare we picked up in Autumnsreach…
What's up with her anyway?"


She shrugs. "If ya want."


"How long has she been with the fleet?"


Pick it up and gently pat the head.
See if it works.


Another shrug. "Best to ask her."

You don't feel anything.

She raises a brow.


"She's my sister. I didn't actually want to take her with us at first, since that vault spirit, the Hero of the Hopeless, said that her life would get worse if she came with me, even as mine improved."
I'll frown.
"I'm determined to prove that spirit wrong, though. That's another reason I got myself shrunk down, you know. If I can challenge destiny by changing my mark, then I can change her fate as well."


Meet her eyes.
"What? I wanted to see if it worked yet…"
Stay silent for a while.
"Okay, sorry, but that was a dick move. Seriously!"


Nod a little.
"And what about you, miss September? What is your story?"


"It's a doll. It works by sitting on da shelf."


Give her a flat stare for a second and then go back observing the doll.
Is it old me or… Me me?


I frown. "I don't know.. if it would even be right to ask anyone.. I'm exactly alive right now, just a shadow.."


"If you don't die and you're not craven, after a while ponies start treating you like you're a big deal."

This is the series 1 Felfire with facial imperfections.

"Like the ones your master had? Valeriana?"


"Well, she was a Celestial in life. There was no love lost between them and what was left of the Lunites over the last several centuries."
I'll frown a little.
"It could be that, since she knew what I was, she expressed her disdain as she would have in life. Though perhaps with less physical harm. And her saying that is quite little compared to what my parents had done. Skylight never even knew I existed, and was completely taken by surprise to find out that our parents were the cause of my disappearance and erasure from our family."


Smile a bit.
"I'm sorry I ruined the doll, now…"
"So wait, your parents kicked you out of home?"
"You make two with Emrille."


"Hmmm… I suppose that is true. How long have you been in this line of work?"


I nod. "Yea, turns out all shadows have their own will, not just clones of yourself." I pull my hoof back from the mirror to let him get a better look. "Its not so bad, just a little lonely when Felfire doesn't need me.. The sea is wonderful to look at.."


"They did a bit more than that, actually."
I'll wave a hoof dismissively.
"But they're the reason I ended up in the Lunar temple, so I suppose it evened out, I guess."


"Okay, now I gotta ask this to the rest of the crew.
See how many had daddy issues.
It's just too fucking good."
Give a half wicked grin.


She shrugs. "I'll make anudda. We have a lodda time. Do ya sew?"

"In general? Fifteen or twenty years. I don't really count."

A shake of the head. "Right… I'm still disoriented… a shadow… And you're at sea? I guess I thought you had found my body."


What does she look like anyway? Any scars or anything?
"Impressive. That is almost longer than some of the crew has been alive for."


Jerk my head slightly.
"A sailor tried to teach me.
His hooves weren't that good after years of salt water though…"
"We have the means to peer into the other side without need for a corpse, here."


She's a bored looking donkey jenny probably twenty years older than your now lower age.

He nostrils are flat and her left ear has an odd ring of discoloration around it. Her coat is light brown with dark brown spots.

She has no obvious scars, but then, with healing magic, cosmetics are trivial.

She shrugs. "I can teach ya, if ya like."

"I.. see."


I nod again "yea, sorry.. I just.. was so happy to talk to you I didn't explain it properly. We're not anywhere near Northlands right now.."


Whelp its really a poor bait.
Just one more try.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Smile a bit and try to give myself an air of self-importance.
"I'm gonna be your student through and through!
Your best student!"


"Well, it has been a pleasure speaking to you again, captain. Thank you for your time."
I get up and nod at the other two.
"Captain Umlock. Lieutenant Sunnyskies."
Then look back at September.
"And I was serious. I do wish to learn that language, put all this time at sea to good use and all."


"Well, it was both of my parents, actually. I didn't end up 'lost at sea' as a coincidence."


Nod slowly, kinda smirking.
"And all this… Why?"


"And you're with this… Felfire on a boat?"

She chuckles. "Not much glory in dollmaking."

Sunnyskies salutes.

Umlock raises his goblet.

September shrugs. "You'll probably pick it up if you stick around the Seaworthy or Roost."


"Apparently they didn't want a colt. Considering that Skylight never even knew I existed, I think it a fair bet no one else did either, or at least after the, I assume, modest and quiet funeral."


"Screw glory.
If I ever get a place to stay, I'm filling it with dolls."


You scare off your dish from before!


She just chuckles. "Ya'll end up an old maid like me."


"Yea, a boat full of necromancers.. who are part of a gang of traveling thieves called pirates.. They have a huge fleet of ships.."


"Perhaps a book might help as well, but I will keep that in mind. Good day."
And then I leave. That was nice.
Now… go find my little nursefriend.


Make a whistling motion without actually making any sound.
"That's some high tier bullshit right there. And now?"
I don't care much."
Nod over my shoulders.
"I got friends."


"And now? What do you mean?"


"Well, I guess it beats going back to sleep."

You stop by Doc Peg's clinic and check on Nurturing Heart, Doc Peg's nurse. You mentally make plans to stop by the mansion and see your other little nurse friend, Happy Puzzle, later. Maybe you'll even go see your other little nurse friend, Summer Seas, if you have time.

She nods.


"Now what? Gonna take revenge?"
Flutter around him.
"How did you pick it up?
Sewing, I mean…"
Let's start looking for the needle and thread.
It'd be much easier if I were a unicorn.


I haven't actually met Nurturing Heart!
"Hello, I do not believe we have met."


Whelp, screw this. throw the rat away and go back to my room and try to see if I can fix it up.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"If you wait until tomorrow, I'll make a weave for you to practice on."

She gives you a dazed smile. "Hello. Do you need help?"

You try to repair a chair leg and it breaks off.


"Yea.. I suppose, she found my blood in a museum, one deticated to Nylis." I smile "I can practically hear her teleporting away in embarrassment now."


"Why should I? If they're not already dead of old age, what could I even do?"
I'll shrug.
"If it weren't for them leaving me to die in the ocean, I never would have found my teacher, or met up with miss Seas, or you."


I just huff
Lets try again to fix anything in this room.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"No, not quite."
I chuckle.
"I have my own hospital staff."


"Can't wait."
Rest my head on the table and spend my time looking at her work, trying to pick up something for tomorrow.
Clear my throat.
"A library, actually."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Maybe the world isn't lost after all."

Well, you repair the chair anyway. A sort of jury rig. You'll need new wood and nails for a long term solution.

"Oh… you're looking for the doctor?"

You get the most basic part. Read: weaving in and out. Maybe needles will bring more advanced techniques.


I nod. "Thanks.."
"Yeah, perhaps.. it still seem pretty awful.. that Celestia is still alive.."


I shake my head.
"I am merely taking a stroll around."
Slowly walk around her.
"What may your name be?"


Hey, it's a nice way to relax and actually think about last night, while she works.
Work out the euphory in my system.
I feel like I should tell her.



Lets try it again. Now try to repair my waterbed.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



"What Lord Swansong would've given to stick a sharp piece of metal in her eye."

Her mane is kind of disheveled, but that's nothing too unusual given how Peg looks.

"Uh… Nurturing Heart."


Hm… you can't even find the hole. Besides, you'd need a patch and some water.


Woops. Sorry.

"I ain't scareda nopony."

"Why do you care, anyway?"


"Never been slave on a pirate ship.
Sounds alright to me."
Should I… Tell her?

Eh. Sharp piece of metal in eye. Just like old times.


"Such coincidence, my name is Light Heart."
I chuckle and stop in front of her.
"What happened to your mane, dear? It looks a bit loony."


Lets go around and grab some water and any type of patch that can remedy the problem.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


She's a smart ewe. I would be surprised if she didn't know why you returned cheerful after the first night you didn't sleep in her room.

"Is it…?"

You grab a nearby bucket of clear liquid on deck and pour it into the hole. Unfortunately, it was an unlabeled bucket of acid and you melt the rest of the bed material.

…Why was there a bucket of acid on deck?


"Yea, we all felt that way.. I still do really. ..Its hard to accept that she's still sitting safe and happy in her palace in equestria.. when we all wound up dead.."


"I'm curious, mostly."
"Eh. It's not that great, honest. There are worse things that could be done to them, but it seems… unimportant. I've got something better to do than waste the energy to be mad at them any longer. That was burned out of me the first dozen or so years after escaping death."


"Why yes, I hate to sound mean but it looks dreadful! Do you wash it regularly? Comb it?"


I should just.. Stay silent then.
Don't bring up any bad… Thing. But…

Turn to Terre.
"Hey, there's something I should ask you…"


Relax down on the railing once more, and lower my voice.
"I kinda feel the same, you know."


I just grow more depressed at the string of failures happening.

Alright lets go around and find good mats anything soft for me and Nurturing Heart to sleep on.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Go to go see that bard again.
Find the sheep and make that request.


"Oh? Good to hear you've found something more precious than revenge."


"I learnt to relax…"
Smile a bit, jerking my body in a long yawning motion.


"I can tell. You seem… a lot more at peace with things. Upbeat, even."
I'll smile a little.


"I'm tying up loose ends.
I might even be looking for an able body now…"


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"So you're fine with touching ponies now?"


"I haven't really tried yet. Except Terrebonne, but she doesn't count."


"I don't know… but then, there are a lot of things I don't know in a thousand years. So… how do I join you?"

"Our Master is a diamond dog from the Eagle's Roost."

"Wash…? No, no…"

It doesn't seem polite to bring up.


You head down to the hold and poke around through some stuff until you find a pile of old pillows.

You stop by Terrebonne's room, but she's busy sewing. Felfire is also here.


"Well, if you need a practice partner, I've got a hoof to lend until you're comfortable."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Unless you think Fervored would be jealous of a colt-sized pony holding hooves with his marefriend."
"That doesn't really narrow it down, actually. Mister Chip? Tony? Some other dog I haven't met yet?"


I motion to felfire. "She has to give you a shadow to reside in."
"…" I look at you. "Do you think.. you could?"


Go and try to find more, perhaps some blankets?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's not important! Just call him Master!"

"Ah, I see."


"You certainly should. A fine mare such as yourself should take good care of her looks."


Move my hoof forward, keep it high in front of my face.
"I know we already went over this but…
Could you touch my hoof?"
"Yeah, maybe he might be. Who knows"
Nod briefly.
"I can try. It's never certain…"
Free my shadow for a moment.
Then, free my mind.
Call the spirit behind the mirror inside the shadow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hello, Felfire. Oh, and hello, Terrebonne. May I speak with the bard again? "


"There are a lot of masters on this fleet, though. Fullmaster Abilio, for one."
I'll chuckle along with her.
"Well, we could always ask."


"The bard? Moonbeam?"


You locate a few cotton blankets.

"Alright… if you say so…"

She gives you a high five. Er, one – because hooves.

You dismiss Kilana, but can't quite find the donkey spirit.

"It's not important!"

"Hm? Now?"


Alright, lets put those on my place first and call some of the crew to help me carry the bed out of the place.


Smile softly and bring the hoof back.
Then, go take care of Borders.

He's not here for me, he's here for Kilana…

You have to trust me with this. Being on the defensive will only make me lose the connection.

One last try. Focus.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Excellent. Remember, a mare's mane should always be maintained properly."
Wave her off and move on. Time to go find my actual nursefriend


Look at him selently for a while.

Seance Fervy.

"Hey honey?"


"I believe that was his name. And yes, now, if possible, please. "


Shake my head with a little smile and Seance Moonbeam's jar for him.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well, the crew is outside on deck, but you dump off your findings.

You take it slow, and eventually you guide the soul to your shadow, which it inhabits.

You observe shadow Felfire feel about her body – actually Id the donkey inhabiting it. "What an odd sensation…"


You stop by your cabin on the Sirocco and see your little nursefriend Summer playing with Grey Worm, Red, three colts, and little Curry. Skylight is supervising.


Terrebonne does it for you. "Just keep it down."

Moonbeam has no intention of keeping it down and bursts into song and rhyme.


Walk up to her and sneakily brush against her.
"Keeping yourself busy?"


"I will find you a stallion's shadow as soon as I can…"

"Would you be okay with… Me touching hooves with Curry for a moment? To…
You know."
Scratch the back of my head awkwardly.

Wince at Moonbeam's display.
"Nice seeing you aren't busy today."


Call out to some of them.
"So what do you think? Anyway of repairing this one?" I point at the bed.


She looks up. "Oh, hey mom. We're playin' a game."


Then this timeline ended.

He shrugs. "I don't mind."

Then this timeline ended.

"Some of us don't live – or in this case, undie – to be at your beck and call, Felfire."

One walks over and shrugs. "What did you do to it?"


"I thought the Void was a pretty boring place."


"Acid." I just huff.


"I found it. The Astral Theatre. What can you tell me about it? "


"Sometimes a pony needs a quiet place to work."

"What can I tell you that would be as meaningful as having seen it yourself? And you're oddly short today, aren't you?"

He gives you a weird look. "You sure are into some weird stuff in bed. But no… you'll probably need to make a new one."


"You. Quiet."
But sit down and listen to their conversation.


"..short in what sense? Physically? "


"Ah fuck, a new bed you say? Do we even got materials here to make one? If not then its as I feared."


"Of breath, of course. Who calls for a bard and skips the show?"

"Well, we've got plenty of wood. I dunno about the rest. Might ask the quartermaster."


"I came for answers, but if you have a show for me, by all means proceed. "


"I'm just saying you're a little bit of an odd duck. A quack, if you will."


"Who's the quartermaster anyway?" I scratched my head, feeling dumb not knowing,


"First Mate Flux. How'd you not know that?"


I just smile. "Perhaps I need to interact more."
Go and find FIrst mate FLux


"I've noticed I differ from others for most of my life. If I even had a life, my memories, they… conflict. They seem like they aren't mine. I do wonder. "


You head off to the room with the golden handle.

"Perhaps. You are an odd one in the first place to be attuned to the Astral Theater."



"Attuned.. Attuned? Attuned.. Attuned. "




"Even so. Curiosity is a strange bird."
I'll just quietly watch the exchange. I hadn't really expected her to actually ask. She's making real progress.


And I'm off to find Felfire.


Oui mon cheriƩ?
I should be either in my room or hanging outside, reading most likely.


"Hey there, Felfire! Are you busy?"



Close the book.
"No, not really. I'm trying to always have time.
What is it?"


"I wanted to have a talk, uh… are you allright?
You don't seem… like, I dunno' the usual gloom and doom shit."


"I started eating more."


I smirk.
"And you can smile too, who would have thought?"
Poke her slightly in the chest with the tip of my right wing.
"It was time you hid those ribs too, you seemed creepy as fuck."


Wince and pull back at her poke.
"Y-yeah… I'm just not exactly okay with the whole touching thing yet…"


Blink and pull back my wing.
"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean it like that. I mean, y'know."


Nod slowly, with a smile.
"Don't worry, the problem is with me, not with you.
But I'm working on it.
So. What did you come here for?"


Clear my throat and smile.
"The birds have been chirping that you are on awfully good terms with a lot of necromancers on these ships. Right?"


Raise a brow and give her a flat stare.
"If by that you mean I train with the fleet resurrectionist, am personal friend with Doc and the Windmaster, and share camping trips with Abilio, yes, that's kinda right. Why?"


"Some of them are officers and mates too, and, y'see, there's sort of a meeting coming up. A meeting where my officership will be discussed too. You would do me a great favor if you could put in a good word or two for them. You'd do that for a friend, wouldn't you?"


"Your… Officership."
Lie down calmly on deck.


Trial time is over, y'know. I'd be a full fledged one now."


"You know, I'm running for officership too.
One of the reasons I'm starting to reach out, getting to know most of the crew."