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As evening has set in, the now seemingly evanescent storm has died down from a thundering clash of elements to a miserable drizzle.

The crackle of thunder plagues the sky, and a steady rain pours on the decks, but the sea has calmed and the wind blown itself out. Gangplanks have been returned between the ships, and they are passable once again.


I think I had just gotten into the mansion?


I can only assume that Curry's dragged me off somewhere?


Good. This means I can return the book to its spot in the cabin, with the others. Also, remember to make a note about the weather spell in this book, the horrible facts of nature. And I'll pick up the copy of the Elements of Harmony.
Not unless you wanted to be dragged off. I had left you with your mother.


Yes, though all the other PCs have since departed, except Chip (and lemon can't play).

I believe he left you behind with Emrille.

Alright, got it.


"Honestly, how could a thoroughbred like me, someone who already picked what daisies he wants to be pushing when they finally bury him, just choose to learn a new weapon like that? That Pegasus filly is off doing who knows what, and the Hamburgerburgians are occupied."

Let's ask the crew if there's anyone here who can teach an old horse how to use and maintain a rifle.


Of course they have.
I track them down.


>no Spring
>no Emrille
I think that'd be the only way for Summer to really get dragged around the ship.


Is it worth another attempt into the Astral Theatre?

I was close
So close


Well, do you want to help me copy books? It goes faster with more than one set of hooves…


I guess.

"Why do you wanna copy the books again Curry?"


By collecting testimonials and stories, there seems to be a strange fear and reverence for one known as "The Eye" that lives in the Crow's Nest of the Sirocco. Rumor also has it that he is the Jack o' Swords of that vessel, so there's no doubt he's deadly. Better be careful.

If you wish to return, you should attempt to recall The Ineffable Symbol. Otherwise, NPCs are free for consultation – or you can seek out other NPCs. You might find some insight consulting with the other players, after all.


You depart the mansion, to the relief of the support staff.

Curry and Summer are on the Sirocco. Borders is over on the Pillager's Fancy. Friesian is currently leaving this ship bound for the Sirocco.


I fly over to where Curry and Summer are and try to remain undetected.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"To sell them, of course. The chances of us having access to the funds from the temple are currently abysmal, so this will be a good way to add to my wages. And with more money, I might be able to buy your and your mother's freedom from the fleet."
I'll shrug.
"Plus a few will be gifts to those who helped us out, like Felfire, and miss Puzzle, perhaps."


"Well then, if he's employed by the fleet, I'm sure he won't mind teaching a fellow sailor from his experience. Might end up saving his life, for all we know."

Head on over there.


… Consulting?

Well, I'll just need to find Alblio again. He taught me things.


You attempt to be sneaky about lurking behind them to their room.

You don't think you were being very stealthy in retrospect, swooping about like that. On the other hand, you were SO unstealthy, that you don't seem suspicious, either.

You arrive at the base of the crow's nest on the main mast of the Sirocco. On a deck with this many sails, it's like picking out a needle in a haystack, but you eventually locate it. That looks like quite the climb for a stallion like you…

You slink off to his cabin belowdecks on the Pillager's Fancy. Knocking, you quickly elicit a response. It sounds… tired.



I frown, but otherwise say nothing.
"Alright… but why do we have to do it today?"


NOTE: Your response ends with the word "either".

Your response was:
>You arrive at the base of the crow's nest on the main mast of the Sirocco. On a deck with this many sails, it's like picking out a needle in a haystack, but you eventually locate it. That looks like quite the climb for a stallion like you…


I'll follow them around until they notice me.


They've settled into a cabin – Light Heart's, in fact. There's nowhere else to follow them to. The door is ajar, though, so you're free to eavesdrop.

Figuratively, of course. Her room doesn't have literal eaves.


"We don't, really. I just thought it might be nice to spend a little time working together. I know you're not much a fan of doing bookwork, but transcribing these old books ensures they'll survive long enough to teach what they know."


"May I speak with you a bit? I have something to share. If you do not mind right now."


Nah, I'll just walk in.

I walk into the room.
"What doing?"


"Ahoy up there! Are you the one they refer to as "The Eye"?!"

Maybe he can hear me?


"Ah, hello there. I figured since the storm had settled down a bit, I could get back to work on transcribing these books."
I'll think a moment.
"Say, do you know how to write?"


"Come in, though make it quick. I'm turning in for the night. The storm was not pleasant to steer through."

A distant voice calls back. It's… Neighponese.

"What you want?"


"Tran-scry-b? No."


"I heard from the others that you have quite the skill with firearms, and I was hoping you could spare the time to teach a fellow sailor what you've learned." I yell back up.


"Can't we do something else?…"

"Hi mister Seekkill! What are you doing here?"


"Transcribing something is copying text from one book to an empty one."
I'll look at him a bit.
"Do you know how to read?"
"What did you have in mind?"


"Thank you."

Move in.

"Do you know of anything called the Astral Theatre? "


"Why not come up? Is too late for yelling!"


"I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the place. It sounds like a troubadour guild."


"Hello doctor filly. Standing."

"Oh. No."


"Where are the steps or rungs to get up there!?"


"…Do you want to learn?"


"…no. Can I go hang out with Emrille some more?"

"Standing? You're not doing anything but standing?"
I scratch my head and look at him in confusion.


"The netting!"

Now you notice it. The dark must have obscured your vision before. Right. There's a netting that hangs from the nest down to the port and starboard sides of the vessel. At each side, it's quite wide: ten feet across. It narrows as it reaches the crow's nest up above.


"Maybe I should have waited till the morning. Ugh."


Make sure the rifle is strapped on securely and climb on up.


I'll blink a moment.
"Why? Just yesterday you were at each others' throats."


"How reading and writing helpful?"

I cock my head to the side. After a few seconds I straighten it out and jump onto a bed.
"Laying down?"


It's quite a climb, and leaves you near breathless, but you finally reach the top. The wind is stronger here.

Reclining in the nest is a light brown pegasus. Something strikes you as off for a moment, so you stare, and then it strikes you that he is missing a wing. Strapped to his back is a rifle and a long neighponese weapon you recognize as a katana.


"There are entire worlds in books, Seekkill. They allow us to read the thoughts of those long dead, and can give information that would otherwise be lost in the telling."
I'll rub my chin.
"In a more direct sense, if you learn to read and write, you'll be able to understand any written orders you may receive from the officers."


"I… I don't know! Why does everypony think it's so weird?"
I scrunch up.

But the annoyed scrunch immediately falls and I giggle at Seekkill's actions.
"Why'd you come over here to talk to us mister Seekkill?"


"You see, I focused on a certain.. symbol, and found my mind transplanted into some odd theatre, where everything happening on the ships was depicted as some show of puppets. And when I fell back on the stage, I returned to my body. "

"I am certain this is no hallucination. Can you shed any light?"


"You must be The Eye all the crew seems to fear and respect. I'm Friesian Cross, an old mercenary hoping to learn a few things about these new weapons."

Show him the rifle.


"How fits worlds in books? Why not make dead tell instead of reading? What off-fis-sirs?"

"Stalking practice. Nothing else to do after stalking stopped."


He gives you a very strange look.

"Sorry, come again?"

He shrugs. "Ruxiang. The Eye. Which one you want."

He unevenly jerks the rifle free and looks it over. "Craftsmanship good… Weird bottle on end? Extra weight…"

He holds it out and looks through the scope. "Good magnification."

And he passes it back. "Not bad."


"Because, to us, it is. Ponies don't change so easily, after all."
"You'll understand when you learn how to read. And more often than not, the dead who wrote certain books are too far gone or too far away to hear. And not everyone can make the dead talk."
I'll shrug.
"And the officers are ponies or folk like Light Heart, or miss Topaz. The ones in charge of what the crew on the fleet does."


"I asked the Hamburgerburgians to make me one, since it seems my Crossbow will soon be too old and too outdated for use. Unfortunately, I might be too old to learn by just practicing by myself how to use them, and I was hoping you could teach me how to properly use one."


"Seekkill can make dead talk. Oh."


He nods. Then slows.

"Maybe not good enough for night training yet."


"I said that I focuses on a symbol to project myself onto a place where I saw everything on these ships as a puppet show. In fact… "

Focus on that symbol again.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Stalking practice? Why were you practicing… stalking?"

'Well I did!"


"Not everyone is Seekkill, though. But a great number of others can read, and this allows them to hear, or at least read, what the dead can say. For instance, this book," I'll tap the copy of Horrible Facts of Nature. "This book was written by someone who was dead long before even the Nightmare was sealed in the moon. Were it not for this book, his voice would have been lost to history and time."
I'll pause.
"This is all figurative language, though. Books don't actually talk. Or at least, none of the ones I've read can talk."


"You can't blame me for worrying. It's not just my job that makes me concerned for your welfare, you know."


"Can't miss Feelfear and miss Terrorbone do it too though?"


You can't seem to recall what it looked like.

He peers at you with confusion. "Are you speaking Equestrian? What language is that?"


I scrunch up again.
"Well… it's weirding me out that you and my momma are so weirded out by it!"


"Good for hunting. Stalking more fun than waiting."

"Where Seekkill learn read and write pony?"


"Knowing I'll get some training is enough for me. While we're up here, I'd like to ask you a personal questions."

With a big smile: "What's your favorite food?"

"If I'm going to ask you to help me, I should do something in return, so I'd like to try my hoof at making what you like."


"Those are both very talented individuals, miss Seas. They hardly represent the average pony or sheep."
I'll shrug.
"It's just sudden, is all. Your mother is glad that you two are finally getting along, but, well… I'm a bit more hesitant to just pass it off as nothing. Call me paranoid, I suppose."
"Well, I may not be the best teacher, but I know my letters. And I'm certain Fullmaster Abilio or one of the quartermasters should have a book on the primary stages of learning to read and write."
I'll scratch my chin.
"Perhaps Skylight or miss Rosemary could help. Miss Rosemary especially, since her adopted children might also be learning to read and write."


He considers this for a time.

"Squid with soy. Steamed rice. And saki."




"It's when a pony, or anyone really, takes an otherwise orphaned child into their family, and raises them as their own."


"Hunting?… Y- You mean like hunting for fish, right?"

"You are paranoid. So stop it!"
I huff.


"Hmmm? Was I saying anything not understandable? The last words I spoke were "in fact", did I say anything afterwards? "

Roll #1 4 = 4



"No. Fish for fish. Hunting for land things."


"Squid, huh. I knew some ponies ate fish, but I'm still at the broth stage myself. When I get a chance at the caboose, I'll see what I can do for you."

"If you have the time, mind if I ask where you got that firearm of yours, since I told you where mine came from?"


I'll huff back.
"Expecting the worst and hoping for the best is how I've lived this long. It's hard to shake a 35-year habit."


"What language did you say 'in fact' in? I'm not familiar with it – or the dialect at least."

Then he sighs. "I'm a bit tired for linguistics at this hour."


I shift my hooves in unease and don't press the issue any further.
"So… you came here because you were bored mister Seekkill?"

"Well, stop it now! Why is it so weird that I like miss Emrille now?!"


He shrugs. "Okay."

And then he adds, "This rifle from a guard on a wall. Not sure if he good rank, but he had very good gun. Better gun than guard if you ask me."


"Because previously you despised her to the point of attempted murder."
I'll shake my head.
"But I won't voice my concerns unless it is necessary, alright?"


"Yes. You not want try teach Seekkill letters? What are letters?"


I frown, visibly upset about that memory.
"I'm really really really sorry that I did that… but she seemed okay earlier! She told me that time is money, so I gave her two gold pieces in return for her teaching me to shoot though."

"Oh! Letters are… uh…"
I wave my hooves around in gestures of various letters in the Equestrian language.
"They're these… symbols that mean sounds!"


Didn't Summer already teach Seekkill letters once, on the beach of Autumnsreach?


I'll go fetch one of my quills and some ink, as well as one of the blank books.
"Here, I'll show you. Letters are what words are made of, and represent parts of those words. The pony alphabet has a certain number of letters, and from the combination of these, all words are formed."
I'll scribble down the capital letters in a row on the top of the page, and show Seekkill.
"Up front? You gave her both of your doubloons before she even taught you anything? Miss Seas, what did I tell you back in Autumnsreach about being cheated? You never show how much you have."
I'll shake my head.
"Does your mother know that you've paid Emrille?"
The question is if he remembers.


He probably forgot.
Summer did say she wanted to make it a regular thing that they'd teach him and then they both forgot.

"I only showed her those two! I didn't tell her how many I had!"
I frown.
"And no she doesn't…"


"Can't say I'm unfamiliar with that method, being from a mercenary outfit myself and usually being the one trying to sneak into places. When will you be available Mister Ruxiang to show me how to use this weapon."


"Oh. Letters like runes?"

That was erased when Groves decided to press the Red Button.

"Oh. Letters not like runes. Seekkill see."


I'll sigh.
"Next time, make sure your mother is there when you pay Emrille. And that she knows exactly how much you're giving her, because Emrille can, and will, charge whatever she thinks she can get away with."
I'll nod.
"It should probably wait until morning, but I'm fairly sure that if you ask Light Heart, or one of the quartermasters, they should be able to get you a copy of a book on how to learn how to read. We can use that to teach you, and given time you'll probably be beak-deep in books that you want to read."


"Uh… if you use runes to make sounds and make words, then yeah!"

I frown.
"She deserves it anyways! She already spent so much to make me and my momma happy and I just whined all the time…"


"We in Light Hearts room. Light Heart not keep books in room?"

"No. Letters less than runes."


No, that was in Autumnsreach, not Reptil.

He shrugs. "Always here. Only crew member that doesn't move."

He chuckles sadistically at himself.


Oh. I guess he mostly forgot. It was a long time ago and only one lesson.


"I'll leave you be, Mister Ruxinag."

Tip my hat and head down. There was one last matter I wanted to settle.

Go and find Curry. He should have moved in with Light Heart or nearby after we moved Mera.


"You had good reasons to do so, though even I did think it went a bit far on occasion. Still, that doesn't mean you can just bend to her every whim out of a misplaced sense of gratitude. You need to keep your wits about you."
I'll look at the pile of old books.
"Well, those are all very old, and not very suited to be used as teaching material. They'd fall apart if handled too roughly."
I'll think a minute.
"What we might need is a couple pieces of chalk, and some slate stones. That way, we wouldn't use up the paper in these books, since chalk can just be wiped clean from stone."
I'll tap my hoof a moment.
"Mister Seekkill, which ship are you stationed on? Where do you live, in the fleet?"


Right you are. You locate Seekkill, Curry, Summer, and Light Heart's retinue in her Sirocco cabin.


"Oh. So what's a rune then?"

"She gets more use out of the money than I do anyways."
I huff.


I think for a bit.
"Dark Lan-turn?"

"Spirit letter."


"Good evening folks, hope I'm not interrupting anything."


"Hi mister… mister… who are you? I don't think I've seen you before mister."


"That's not the point. And for future reference, the temple funds are off-limits for this, okay? Emrille does not get a single bit from the Temple."
"Ah, then you'll want to see miss Topaz about getting a piece of slate and some chalk. I can check on the Sirocco and the other ships for anyone who might have a book on teaching letters and words."
"Oh, good evening, uh… Cross, wasn't it?"


"No. Who you?"

"Seekkill do that."


"Spirit letter? What's that mean?"

I frown.
"It's my money! I should be able to do what I want with it!"


"No, I don't think we've been introduced, but your friend Miss Light Heart did mention you, little miss. Summer, was it? Your mother is Spring, correct?"

"That's half right. It's Friesian Cross. I'm not exactly surprised you forgot already, since we had to face down an army of bees the last time we met. Actually, that's why I came down here. I never got why you were suddenly a little colt with such a big hat while we were in Dixie. What happened?"

"I guess I didn't leave a lasting impression when we met. My age must be affecting everyone's memory."


"Letters spirits use. Runes."

"Seekkill not speak with you for long time."


I nod.
"Yeah! I'm Summer Seas, and my momma is Spring Seas! So you're… Freeshun Cross, mister?"

"How do they use runes?"


I'll nod.
"The temple money is forbidden until we are all free of the fleet. Is that clear, miss Seas?"
"I had no hat. Emrille's the one with the ridiculous hat."
I'll shift my eyes a bit.
"Anyway, I'm helping Abilio with a bit of an experiment. Trying to see if I can change fate."


"Sorry, we may be out to sea but they tend to keep me busy keeping the snakes calm. Half this fleet can't seem to hold its alcohol."

"Well then, tell me what you are doing up so late. You may be on a Privateer vessel, but shouldn't you be getting some rest?"

Smile and shake my head. "I presume you are trying to change yours. Aiming for a second childhood?"


"They do."


I scratch my head.
"That doesn't make any sense."

I frown.
"…What if I don't wanna leave the fleet?"

"Well mister Freeshun Cross, I was learning how to shoot from Emrille earlier, but then Curry said that was enough and dragged me away!"
I huff.


"Hardly. I'm simply trying to find out if fate is something that can indeed be fought, and changed."
I'll raise both eyebrows at that.
"Don't want to… What happened to you and your mother going home? Why in Luna's name do you even want to stay?"



"Yes it does. Filly doctor not understand because filly doctor not know spirits."


"How to shoot, eh? How about this, I'll show you how to use a crossbow, It might start to become an antique like me, but it still packs a buck."

"Seems a little dangerous to fight fate. Best thing to do is be like these ships and just weather the hardships."

"Oh, just talking about some white liners who can't hold their drink and tend to get uppity any chance they get."


"I guess… can you teach me mister Seekkill?"
"Um… thank you mister Freeshun Cross, but I'm having fun having Emrille teach me how to shoot!"
"Because… because… I just do okay?! Why are you and my momma acting so weird!"
I frown and huff.


"Bah. Going with wherever the tides take you is a rather dull existence. Little better than seaweed. If I'm to act like a ship, I'd prefer to chart my own course on the waters of fate, come what may."
"Because you are acting completely contrary to how you normally do. This talk isn't over, not by a long shot. And the temple funds are off limits. That is final."



"No. Seekkill not spirit. Seekkill not write runes. Seekkill can teach hunting and fishing."


"Offer stands, Little Miss. Let me know if you need anything."

"That's an admirable spirit, but even you must acknowledge the inherent danger of crossing fate. She tends to have her gallows all gussied up and waiting for those that choose poorly against her."

"Say, Mister Seekkill, do you fancy a drink every once in a while? I can treat you to one and we can talk more."


"Maybe. Waiting for filly doctor to talk."


"I don't think I'd like hunting or fishing very much…"

I huff and say nothing.


"Your choice."

"Seekkill want go drinking."


"These two seem to have their own things to talk about, so we should mosey on out for now."

"Say, Mister Seekkill, what type of spirits do you prefer?"


I follow you.
"Good spirits."


"I guess that's one way to put it. We'll use the Eagle's Roost, since they don't mind if I take command of the kitchen for a moment."

"Oh, since you're a carnivore, you might actually be able to help me with something. What is your favorite dish?"


"Need Seekkill flying you? Dish?


"Never to old to try new things, so sure, I wouldn't mind a lift."

"And by dish, I meant which food that the chefs here make that you like the best. So, what is it?"


I grab you by the shoulders and fly you to the Eagle's Roost.
"Seekkill like pony."


"That's, uhh, nice of you."

"How about some fish? I like the broth and that Diamond Dog liked how it came out. Aer you okay with that?"


"Fish good too."
I set you down on the deck and land next to you.


"Thanks for that. At this time after a storm, most of the crew is sleeping it off, so we should have the place to ourselves for the most part."

Let's see if I can still make that broth and fish like last time. [2d10]

"So, what have you been up to since last we met? You seemed to be enjoying yourself while talking to Curry and the little miss."

Roll #1 1, 8 = 9




"Ugh, I should walk myself off that plank for making this broth and bring whoever bought the ingredients with me. I'm almost opposed to offering you the fish if I hadn't cooked it separately. Here, what do you think of it."

"Besides that."


"Sleeping. Sitting. Walking. Flying. Eating."


"Just, try the fish."

I hoof over the plate.


What exactly am I looking at? Fish soup?


Since I was making broth, will go with that.


I look at it for a minute then start drinking it. Once the bowl is empty I set it down.
"Different. Not bad."


"Glad someone got some enjoyment out of my food. So, let me ask you Mister Seekkill, why did you come aboard this fleet? You told me the Spirits where the ones who showed you how to hunt and the like, why would you get on these ships?"


"Burning rocks and ground came out of island. Seekkill left and found ships. Spirits told Seekkill stay here."


"Burning rocks? Is that, maybe… Well, that Curry kid and those others seem to at least enjoy being in your company, so I hope we can work together on whatever comes our way, even if the ground beneath us starts to boil again."




"Here, some of this wild mare's milk might have been left out too long, but how about a drink. Hopefully, the first of many we will have."

Pass over a mug of lukewarm alcohol.


"What? Why drink that?"


"You said you liked spirits. Sure, it might be what the varmints left out, but it's still good."

Take a drink.


"No. Why drink mare's milk? What mare's milk have to do with spirits?"


The rest of the day miserably rains itself away. Curry and Summer drearily work to the beat of the clock. Seekkill and Friesian break into casks in increasing drunkenness. Light Heart returns to see Rosemary, and Felfire to Terrebonne's cabin. Emrille to Tela and Summer to Spring. Rahjak eats a rat (RIP Dawn).

When you awaken on the fourth morning of your three week voyage, the rain is still coming down. It's a slow soak… the thunder is all but gone, in quiet purrs echoing from the horizon. It's safe to travel between ships.


Alright, alright… um… Is Sitar around in my room?


I'll stumble back to the deck and fly back to the Dark Lantern.


Tonight is the night.
Well, this morning is the morning, more like. Gather the stuff. Go to the back of the ship.
Here, standing under the rain, call for the whale.

I am ready.


I think my head isn't killing me enough to try and learn something today.
"Well, now is a good a time as any. Let's see if Ruxiang can teach me how to properly handle Wyvern."


Current Lodgings:

Grey Worm
Happy Puzzle


There's a note lying on your dresser in this room.

By now the alcohol has worn off, leaving you only with a headache. However, it's a mild and dull headache as a result of your superior poison filtering system.


A deep, mournful song echoes up from the deep as a jet of water bursts free of the surface. The top of the Big Fish is now visible on top of the water.

You hike over to the Sirocco. Is he still up in the crow's nest?


Time to dive.


I go back to my nest and take my chick out of the pouch she was in.


Right. Read the note.


She stretches and yawns. She's getting big. By the time this voyage is over she'll probably be able to fly and expand her vocabulary to ten or twelve words. You've returned to your quantum nest that is either on the Seaworthy or the Pillager's Fancy depending on when it was last examined.

You take the plunge, icy cold water doing little to one already soaked by rain. You pass through the baleen and find yourself face to face with Culled Cline, the stallion known as Marrowbone.

Smoking parlor, 10AM

Glancing at your clock, you have about half an hour.


There are too many boats.
Wherever I am, I set her down outside the nest.
"Hunt, chick."


Stare back with the determination of the righteous.
Then, let go of the materials, right on the floor in front of him.


She lazily eyes the rats on the other side of the room and stretches her extremities before ruffling her feathers.

If you don't perform this correctly, it will be worse than death.


"So I have been told. But you are a better teacher than you give yourself credit for."


He eyes you aloofly. We shall yet see. Tongs and hammer are provided. The forge is at the proper temperature. Create the simulacrum and place the reagents within the vessel. Then the bloodletting will begin.


I lay down in the nest and watch her.
"Not hungry?"


She eyes you with wide, curious eyes. "Not hungry?" She mimics.

You hear the sounds of… paws and talons approaching.


I quickly pick her up and tuck her back into her pouch.


You glue yourself to a nearby crate and act stealthy. A griffon clambers down the stairs and starts gliding about, nabbing rats and tossing them into a sack.


I watch him as he works.


Take the Cobold Iron and put it over the heat of the forge, waiting for it to reach the right temperature to be molded.
Hammer it into a cup shape the size of my heart, and finally let everything cool off.
Now, the other incredients. The grounded fireflies, the belial element…
"The only thing needed now is the memory."


"Why sacking rats?"


Those rats that he doesn't snatch up depart through the nooks and crannies that he can. He shakes the bag a bit and slams it against a wall until it stops squeaking, then prepares to leave.

He produces a small pocket mirror a couple of inches in diameter.

It will be trapped inside of this. It will make it easier if you describe not only the memory, but the time from which it belongs. And it is important that the memory caused a split in your immortal soul. I will evaluate it for potency before removal.

He turns his head sharply and growls at you. "TO EAT THEM! SHUT UP, YOU! THEY'RE MINE."

The little griffon in your pouch, previously sticking her head out in curiosity, pops back inside.


"You catch them. They yours. Seekkill know that."


He flaps his wings territorially. "GOOD!"

With that, he turns to go.


Once he's gone I take my chick out of my bag and set her on the ground.
"Check see him before?"


Close my eyes. I've been thinking about this ever since Dixie, now. It's no secret anymore.
I'm leaving it behind, and this is another step of the way.
Take a deep breath.
"I was eight. Nine maybe. Running around with other kids of the village, doing things kids do.
Then she calls me. My mother. Says it's an important day, I have to go to bed soon…"
Shake slightly.
Recount the rest, up until the next morning, and how my friends never saw me again, after that day.
Try to avoid details. Constantly remind myself I'm over it. Convince myself, this is the last step.


She stares at you in curiosity. Her vocabulary (and comprehension) probably isn't quite there yet. In fairness, she's not a full two weeks old yet.

Marrowbone stands motionless for a time. You briefly wonder why he's not responding, then realize he must be picking through your memories.

This seems potent enough. Once it is removed, it will be gone from your mind forever. Are you sure this is the memory you wish to use?


I know that. Seekkill doesn't.
"Chick want stay here or stay with Seekkill?"


Stare at him with almost tearfilled eyes and hiss a few words.
"Yes. There is no memory I'd rather lose more than that one."


She stares at you in curiosity for a time and then pops back into your pouch.

Very well, the choice is made.

The memory, still fresh in your mind, plaguing your thoughts, seems to fade in detail.

…How many kids were there? Wait, who was there? Were they kids, or…? And who was calling you? What happened after that? What… were you thinking about, again?

Marrowbone taps the floor firmly with a hoof, drawing your attention. He floats over a mirror. The mirror… doesn't reflect your image. Instead, it depicts some young colts and fillies you think you recognize in a place that you think might have been your village a long time ago… but it must be someone else's memory. You can't recall anything like this.

Add it, and then the bloodletting. This will be the last true blood you ever spill.

He indicates a small cup and blade near the forge.


I go looking for crew on this ship that aren't that gryphon.


You don't have to go far. A deck below would be the bilge, filled with menials, or above, the bunkhouse, filled with menials. The next few decks will also be filled with menials maintaining the cannons and the decks. And of course the main deck, slathered with menials minding the sails. The aftcastle also boasts the helm, where the current navigator of the ship is probably steering. The gundeck would house the cabins of the mate corps for this vessel, along with the captain.


I have other memories of that place.
Other memories of those kids.
Other things to hangst about. Not now.
Take the mirror and place it with the rest of the reagents in the vessel.
Then, extend a hoof over everything.
"I'm ready."


I will go to where the navigator is.


He slides a book over to you telekinetically, and opens it to page 243 and 244. There are depictions of runes on this page that you'll need to copy onto the outside of the vessel after it has been sealed shut… in your blood. So the magic knows who to target or something. You never really gathered that part in your studies. After all, you were more concerned with getting it done than figuring out how it works.

You head up to the steering wheel at the top of the ship. The helm is currently manned by a pegasus you recognize as Lieutenant Sunnyskies, the bright blue pegasus stallion in an ancient, worn Equestrian naval uniform. He's hollering a jolly naval tune, though the half-hearted menials about him do not share his enthusiasm.


Wait, do I need to drop some blood inside the vessel too?


Nope. Just for dark arts and crafts on the outside of the vessel.


I walk up to Sunnyskies.
"Hello. What you know about other gryphon? Male. Has rat bag."


"Rahjak? He's some petty raider. Joined us back in Bridgewater or something. No… before that. Anyway, doesn't matter. He likes to yell!"

You notice that in spite of remarking on Rahjak's habit of yelling, Sunnyskies himself responds on the verge of it himself.


"He live on this ship?"


Well I guess that half an hour is almost passed by now, right? If so, head over there.


Very well. Trace a deep cut on my hoof, and use the tip of the knife as a pen to inscribe the tunes on the outside of the vessel.


"I expect. Honestly I don't care at all about who is on this ship! Ha ha ha. No, really, I don't. But I see him a lot, so he probably is!"

You walk past a painting of a starry night sky on your way to the stairs. It's a long painting, so it's a long walk. It's a star trek, if you will.

You hammer the vessel closed and inscribe it.

Return the vessel to the forge and prepare yourself.


Return to the forge it will.
Place the vessel inside it.
As for preparing myself, that's been a long time coming.


I doubt Happy Puzzle would ever paint something like this. Not enough blots and blobs. Is there a signature?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Okay. Thank you."
I go to Light Heart's cabin.


Closing the door to the forge, you see the light coming from the air cracks brightening slowly. Suddenly, the light emanating from within turns blue, and the heat expelled intensifies rapidly. Huge amounts of heat and forge are leaking from the few openings, and the light becomes blinding. You're about to back off when suddenly you feel seized and collapse to the floor. There is a sensation of lightning running through your veins, and you struggle to keep yourself from screaming by biting heavily on your tongue.

A minute… or perhaps an hour… or a week later, you open your eyes. You've lost all concept of time at this point… looking up, Marrowbone seems to be enjoying a nice steak over at his table. He spares a glance in your direction and raises a brow before waving you over.

…Every muscle in your body is throbbing… Including your heart and brain… and if possible, your blood vessels.


You return to her cabin and find her entourage here.


And then I'm here.


You're in the cabin with the usual fare, plus Seekkill who just showed up.


If the door is open I go inside. If it isn't i knock.


Then I awaken from my slumber as well.


Well that doesn't tell me much. I really should pay more attention to art…
Whatever. To the smoke parlor I go.


Get… SLOWLY back to my hooves, sit for a second, to collect my bearing once again, and then finally walk over to him.


Only way to find out is to get up there myself. Hoof it up there.


You wanted to learn how to shoot or something.


It's cracked, so you can slip inside. No one seems to care anyway.

Landgrave and Lord-Mayor Goldenblood are here, though Goldenblood gets up and departs as you arrive.

"Miss Heart."

You raggedly pull yourself up to the table.


You pull yourself up once again and find yourself at the top of the crow's nest. Ruxiang is still here, as promised.

"You come back. Ready for shooting?"


Politely nod at them both.
"You requested an audience, Landgrave? May I sit?"


"I'm about as ready as I'll ever be."

Get the rifle out and be ready.


I depart and leave to find Emrille.
She said she was gonna teach me more shooting today!


I go inside. Who all is here?


I'm right here.


"Sure, I feel like a zombie anyway…"


"Hi Emrille! You said you were gonna teach me more shooting today?"


"'More' as in maybe today we'll actually get in to the shooting range and, y'know, shoot?"


"Hold on! What's with the hurry!?"


I vigorously nod.

"I'm excited!"


He nods.

You take a seat in one of his extremely comfy chairs. He draws an exhausted breath.

"Miss Heart, I'm put in an awkward position. I've permitted you a room here in my mansion as a show of good will on the assumption that you will treat that privilege with dignity. Thus far, your stewardship of this room has been largely good. The four regulars that join you in your chambers are usually quiet, keep to themselves, and treat the servants with dignity. However yesterday during the storm my other guests – the nobles of my inner circle – inform me that we were overrun with disrespectful commoners wandering the halls, making noise, berating the help, raiding the kitchens, et al. This is troublesome. As a magnanimous individual, I can generally let things go on a personal level, but I simply can't abide the disappointment of my other guests. Do you understand?"

He tosses the bottle he had been drinking from out of the nest and remarks, "Okay."

Mocking Wark
Spring Water

You will grow accustomed to it. Over the following weeks your blood will turn to ichor.

He cuts you off an eight ounce slice.


"Where Light Heart and Rose Marry?"


"Let's go to the shooting range on the other ship.
I don't want to deal with those elitist pricks. And it's only a bit of rain now."
We can pass between ships now, can't we?


"Hope you don't mind dealing with an old horse like me, but thanks for taking the time. So, where will we begin?"


"Ah yes… yesterday was rather chaotic. The storm left quite a lot of ponies I befriended stranded on the Darklantern. I did instruct them to behave however…"


Dig into it with gusto.
"Is it gonna be like this all the time until then?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wark boredly answers. "I'll fight ye fer it."

Of course.

The bottle smashes to a halt below to the irritation of the crew on the deck.

"Already did. You miss."

He tosses another bottle. Hey! Get your gun out!

"I've asked my doorstallion to be more restrictive in entrance to the mansion, but I'm going to have to ask you to keep your personal guests under control while they're on the estate."

It's pretty rare for your tastes, but not unpleasant. That's not to say you're uncultured… okay, it is. But that's not your fault. You grew up in a culture of raiders that liked to burn everything to a literal crisp. We're talking about a black skin on everything. Rare to you is like… medium well.


You will cease to notice it eventually as it supplants what you once were.


Take a shot. Remember what Emrille taught me about how to hold it.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Good, let's head to the public property shooting range then.


I nod.
"Of course, I will address those responsible as well. This is completely unacceptable."


I eagerly follow!


"Fight for what?"


And let's not forget my disgust for anything resembling hot squishy flesh.
Take a deep breath and remove my curry-horn-pendant, placing it on the table.
Try to commune with the whale.

Is this working?


Follow her.
"So… you don't mind this at all?"


And suddenly I'm aware of my surroundings.


"We already made the arrangements."


I cock a brow.
"Without my consent?"


"Oh believe me, I tried to get your consent for a good while, and it didn't take me anywhere."
Chuckle at my own joke


Roll my eyes and look at Summer expectantly.


You just barely pull your gun loose in time to take a shot, but the bottle smashes to the deck again.


He tosses another one.

You head over to the Eagle's Roost to the makeshift shooting range in the hold. It's smaller now with all the crates about.

"Good, good."

He taps his cigar on the ashtray, causing the ashen tip to fall off. "That is all."

"Th' infermation."

Stein tiredly remarks, "She's on ze Darklantern in ze mansion."

You hear a mournful whale groan in response.

Summer just took off to find Emrille. Seekkill is here inquiring about LH.


I'm better prepared this time.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"She's right! You were being kinda mean to her…"

"So can we start now? Can we? Can we?!"


To Wark.
"Where we fight?"

To Stein.
"When she get back?"


Snicker a bit.
"I did it then. No messing up this one."
Take a deep breath.
"Thanks for this, Cline. Even if you don't want to ear it. Thanks anyway."


"Of course. Have a pleasant day."
Get up and leave then.
Bah. I'm going to have to smack a bitch.
Let's go over to my other cabin first. I have some people I need to talk to.


"Yeah. Remember what I told you yesterday?"


I see. Well, Summer didn't want me going with her, I guess, but Mera went at least, right?
"I could help you look, Seekkill. I need to get out of this cabin for a bit anyway, bookwork always makes me run out of patience for some reason."


"Seekkill maybe want to fight."


"How did you-?"
I sigh
"Just… let's get on with this so we can get this weird obsession of yours over with."


"Mister Wark's pretty tough, though. I never sparred with him myself, but he looks like he's held his own quite often."
I'll shrug.
"You don't mind an audience, do you?"



I nod again.
"Yeah! Don't point it at others!"

I scrunch up.
"It's not a weird obsession!"


"You could learn a lot from her, y'know.
Light Heart, Tela, Summer… yeah, Spring, I'm pretty sure it's contagious."

Name two more and you can get your little pistol ready."


I'll walk over. I guess I'll be wearing that cloak from the other day, since it's still a bit rainy out.


So you are. You clip the neck of the bottle, and the force of the bullet is enough to send the pieces flying over the edge of the ship.

"Okay… Your form too tense. Relax… spread legs comfortable distance. Anchor weapon against shoulder."

He shrugs. "Deck, wherever."

Stein also shrugs simultaneously. "She comes und goes."

He stares at you for a time. You wonder what he's surveying about you. Finally he returns to his meal.

You head over to your other cabin and find Seekill plus most of your entourage here.

Nope, she hung back to stay with you, citing she "didn't want you to fall overboard again – especially at your age".


"Well, Spring at least went with her, right?"
And I'll notice Light Heart come in.
"Oh, hey, Light Heart! Seekkill was looking for you."


"Curry, follow."
I pick you up and set you on my back.

"Okay. Okay. Let's go."
I go to the deck and set Curry down, then take my bags off and leave them in a pile in a place where they won't get stepped on. Once that is done I step out into the middle of the deck and take out my blowgun.


I'll sit next to the baggage, I suppose.


I scrunch up and just stand back somewhere to observe.


"Keep forgetting, just like my crossbow. Alright, legs nice space apart. Weapon against shoulder, like this?"



"Um… always treat it like it's loaded and… and be sure of what you're shooting?"


Wark stretches lazily and holds up his shield and large axe.

"Aaright, let's go then."

He nods. "Slide your off-hoof up further. Close is good on crossbow, but not for rifle."


Doesn't matter. Finish the food, wait for him to be done, then stand up.
All of this, with a smile on my face.
And before leaving, take a deep if short bow.


Sitar in here?



He observes your bow, then you depart via blowhole to the surface. The cool water feels good after your performance.

You get the feeling that his silence – as opposed to his usual berating and remarks of death and gloom is a sense of approval.

He isn't. He's gone somewhere.


"And when you pull the trigger, mean it.
Now let me see how you hold it."


"Okay. It might take me a while to unlearn my previous ways. This stance is correct how I am?"


I levitate it out of my bag and hold it pointing downrange.
"Is this right?"


Dammit… What about Onik?


I hit him with a poisoned dart.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Fly happily back to the ship. Secure the old catalyst around my neck again, gotta keep up the appearences.
Now, I wonder where Light Heart is…




I try to aim?

Roll #1 2 - 2 = 0


Onik and Sitar had switched back to their proper rooms last night, so she was in your room in the mansion when you woke up, finishing her morning practice.

You shoot him with knockout poison, and he looks a little woozy.

"Yeah, okay."

He throws another one.

You locate her in her Washington office cabin on the Sirocco.

It's upside down, AKA pointed at you.



Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


Try another shot.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Wave happily.
"Hey there!"



I raise a brow.
"Ah, miss Felfire, good to see you. You are here for the music I assume?"


"Amongst other things. How are Stein and Sitar doing?"


I truck my blowgun into my feathers then shoot up into the air and divebomb him.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Wait where was I?
Also does the kitchen have good wine? Is the chef okay with me getting some and some glass?


"I assume they are well, although I seem unable to find Sitar lately, yet nopony seems to be having issues finding me. Strange how that works, is it not?"


You drop it.

Another resounding shot.

"You a crack shot. Don't need me. Pick it up fast. Fundamentals easy."

You swoop in for a divebomb, but he rolls out of the way. He shakes his wooziness off.

It's the next day, you've returned to your cabin.


"Hard to lose your way to a cabin, you know."


Put my hoof down.
"Let's try, again.
This time, the barrel should face the direction where you want to shoot."


"I suppose so, yes."


"Still, it was a little one on one that I needed to properly use this."


I pick it up and try again.

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


I slam into him and try to get past his shield with my claws.

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10


"Anyway, I might just go look for him later.
Any news on the music?"


Look at Spring.
"Did she always have troubles with telekinesis or?"


I take out the sheets from my bag.
"Indeed. Now I am by no means an expert on music, but from what I could tell these may be of interest to you."


He shrugs. "Maybe."

You slam into him and stagger him, and his shield slides across the deck and resounds off the mast as you get in a good slice.

"I'm not done wit ye yet, ya puffed up galley bird."


Oh come the fuck on.

Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


ah okey.
where am I? are we still stuck on the other boat?


I'll just be facehoofing the whole time.
"I don't even know anymore."



Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


"Say, how long have you been in this industry? How long have you been a shooter with the fleet?"


You drop it on your hoof. It hurtses us!

Nope, it's still raining, but the storm has calmed. You're on the Eagle's Roost.


I just want you to know that all of these rolls have been unnecessary. You don't have to roll to aim or do like anything trivial today.

He shrugs. "Don't keep track. Years. Killing since colt."

He shifts so you can see his severed wing. "Early start."


"I started as a mercenary because I liked to travel, but you have my sympathies for that."


Have Kilana's shadow take them.
"I bet she will love the occasion to catch up on music.
Thank you, Light Heart."
Smile warmly.


I start clawing and his neck and any other exposed flesh my claws can find.

Roll #1 4 = 4


So I assume Summer finally managed to aim.
Now flick the barrel up with a wing.


He shrugs. "Not you fault unless you Neighponese crimelord."

He kicks you off and pulls himself upright before grabbing his shield and pounding it twice with his axe.

"Let's go."


Smile as well.
"My pleasure, miss Felfire."


Nod and leave.
Go back to Terre's room, and give these sheets of music a look over.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"A crimelord I haven't been in this life. Still, now that we're here, let's take a few shots."


Hm… you may have to play this a bit to get the tune in your head.



I'll have lain down by this point. Watching fights isn't nearly as fun as being in them… still, it's interesting to see how both of them fight. Might want to keep that in mind if I ever end up on their wrong side.


I bet Kilana will fare better than me.


I hit him with another poison dart.

Roll #1 2 = 2


alright stand up and check the fleet if there is any damage approach the crew and ask them if any of our stored food on route to Roads is secure and stuff.


Next time… I'm going to look for Sitar or something. If I don't get interrupted, of course.


He shrugs and tosses another bottle off the side.

Seekkill seems to open with his blow gun before closing. Wark plays it more defensively, using his shield.


It bounces harmlessly off his shield as he trounces you with a shield bash.

Seekkill: 2/5h, 5/5w

The Roost is pretty big. You wander around for a while and don't find much other than decayed rope.

You locate a passing sailor menial to ask.

The word on the ship has you tracking Sitar into the shadowy, labyrinthine halls of the Eagle's Roost. In the depths, you hear music.


Not surprising for a bard.
Peek around the corner.


Or maybe Sitar…
'1d10', find him.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Take the shot.

Afterwards, offer him my firearm. Let's see what he can do with it.


Alright, well I'm just going to split time into after the fight, and say that once it and any conversation that followed are done, I'll be wandering the ships again. Might as well visit the Hamburgerburgers, and see what shenanigans they're up to today.


I wish my personal slut was around.
Oh well.
Let's visit the hamburgers.
I don't even think they've seen me as a mare.


Approach him/her.
"Ship Status?"


You peak around the corner to find yet another shadowy candle-lit hallway. He's somewhere in the depths. You run into Felfire.

You start searching the Eagle's Roost for that room you found once. You catch the trail of music, and trail it back, but run into Light Heart on the way.

He kicks up three bottles, shoots two, and nails the last one with a hoof.

You arrive in the hold of the Seaworthy near the fort. Emrille/Curry is here.

There are patrols at the fort.



"What are you doing here, huh?"
Pass the patrols, enter the fort.


"You'll need to teach me to shoot that fast. I can barely hit the broadside of a stable once a day."


Oh. Well.
That's not so surprising though.


Nod at her as I walk.
"Miss Felfire."


They halt you at the front.

"Strom has tightened security to only friends of Hamburgerburg, miss."

He pulls a hoofgun from his belt and tosses it at you.

"Use light gun first. Actually…"

He throws you another. "Try together."


Smirk and brush my mane with a wing.
"I'm the best friend of you blokes, don't you recognize me?"



Try to recall how that pegasus filly held her weapons.

Try to control the shots and recoil with both weapons. [2d10]

Roll #1 7, 3 = 10


"Sounds like Sitar's here."


He scrutinizes you carefully.

"I'm not paying child support. That's communism."

Your offhoof is drooping and you don't even aim straight. He shakes his head.

"Try holding them against each other, like one big hoofgun at first."


"Indeed it does."


"Need to talk with him alone?
I can wait. I have company."
Nod backwards at my shadows.


"Together, like this?"

Take another set of shot. [2d10]

Roll #1 1, 10 = 11


"I believe that would be preferable, yes. Unless he has no issues with talking about himself with you present as well."


I snicker.
"Don't worry, stallions aren't my thing.
But seriously, you don't remember me?"


He jerks out of the way as you nearly shoot him.


"Your colors DO look familiar…"


"He told me a bit.
Can't really help him there."
Roll my eyes around slowly pointing at the walls with them.


"Sorry, sorry, the grip is just different with two guns."

Another series of shots. [2d10]

Roll #1 10, 5 = 15


"The commodore has told me about what he did, yes. I am only curious why he did it, to prevent myself from making the same mistake."


Flap my wings and take out the revolver.
"Yes, keep thinking."


"Yeah well, I'm not too curious.
Especially because helping Sitar would mean angering Smitts.
And I'm not really too hot for the idea."


What the fuck up?


"I have no desires to anger him either, but I am curious."


Emrille is gone from bed. She must've left to do daily stuff.

"You must be young Curry's mother."


Oh. So he hasn't told her yet.
"Well go ahead. I will wait."


"I'm Emrille.
The one who recruited you guys."
Put away the pistol.


Of course she is. Get up out of bed and put on my stuff. Which ship am I even on? Ah whatever. Who else is around on here?


He scrutinizes you again, but then claps. "You got taller."

You seem to have fallen asleep in the hold of the Pillager's Fancy. No one else is around.


What the? Did I snore loudly enough to make them leave?
Oh well, their loss. I guess I could go find my slutty little mare… Ask around or something.


I nod and go see Sitar.


"Oh, you noticed!"


She is o'er on the Seaworthy. You track her down.

You approach a three-tine fork. The darkly lit hallways do not allow you to see further down each corridor. You hear the faint sound of music. Which way will you go?

"Bigness is Hamburgerburgian. We invented tophats and the XXXXXL vest."


Left, because I'm a rebel at heart.


Walk up to her
"Talking to a customer, Emmy?"


"You did?
Thanks for the hats then!"
Smirk and tip it a bit.

"Yes, I'm looking for a king sized dildo for your loose cunt."


"Oh right, this the guy you bought yours from?"


There is a large clearing here. Perhaps this is a hold. The music is fainter here…

Out in the middle of the room, sitting on a box, you spot Flux, wearing a mask macabre made from a skull (one he no down cannibalized himself) eating a shank. There's a path off to the left from here as well.

He nods. "Strom told me he thought you were from our homeland originally because you were wearing that."


What. What kind of shank?
"… mister Flux. Fancy meeting you here."


He shrugs. "It IS the ship I am stationed on. And yourself…?"

A meaty shank.


"All it takes is a hat then?"

"Until you stole it because one wasn't enough for you."


I should go do something else in the meanwhile.
Maybe have a chat with Dolly, see how she's doing.
Or doc peg.
What time of the day is it?


"It was just misconception. To be Hamburgerburgian, you must be born in Hamburgerburg."


Well obviously, but like… which species is it from?
"I am looking for an associate of mine, mister Weeping Sitar. I heard music, but it is hard to pinpoint where he exactly is…"


Late day.

Pick one.

You can't tell in the darkness.

He nods. "Follow the music."


I smirk and turn to the guy.

"That's a mouthful."


Oh, Doc!
He left me hanging with that whoole thing about the "Hive Files"!


O… kay…
"Very well."
The music became fainter, so retrace my steps and take the rightmost path this time.


"You don't say?
Anyway, I'd like to speak with Storm."


I smirk slyly and brush up against you.
Make sure to speak loud enough that ponies nearby hear it.
"Oh, and I managed to talk a room with Light Heart. Now we can have kinky maresex without anypony spying on us."


I gulp.
"Whu-? Ah fuck you."


He shrugs. "You grow accustomed to it."

You head into his clinic and find him working at the still.

It seems a bit louder. There are two more hallways from here, one left, one right. Ahead of you is a drop off to a cargo bay below, but hanging across from you is a target. This must be a practice range.

"He's in the back."

The guard frowns at you.


Go over there with a smirk.
"Anything good coming out yet?"


Head… right again.


Smack her ass with a wing and chuckle.

"Great, thanks!"
Walk to the back and find him.


"Don't mind her, she's mentally ine-"

I jump as she smacks me.


"Oh Tela, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love being big again!"


I push her aside.
"You're still a frail little piece of misery!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let her push me away, but still chuckle.
"Protect me then, my little hero~"


and I thought its on pause.
"Any damage?|"


Wf ded?
"I always have, numbnut."


Pretend to swoon.


"Don't pretend it isn't true."


He nods.

You head off into the dark. You must have taken a wrong turn, because you end up back where you met Felfire.

He's in the back working on some contraption.

"Superficial only."




"I did?"


I just give her a cross look.



Okay, I'm here.


After having a chat with Storm and the hamburgers, I go and find you with Tela in tow.


"Miss Emrille, Tela. How are you?"


"Pretty great! And you?"


"Just… peachy."


"Busy, I'm afraid. So very busy."


"Say, you're not too busy, right?
I hope you can find just enough time to, possibly, lend us a room."
Smirk and glance at Tela.


"With what? Chasing Rosy around?"


Kinda hard to clear my cabin without Wf here.
"Ah, of course. My cabin is yours to use for the next… let us say three hours."

I chuckle.
"Not today, I'm afraid. Though I'm certain she will chase me around if I forget to pay her some attention."


I don't think he'll mind. Or do you?
"Three hours… might be enough."


Roll my eyes.


"I am certain you will find something to occupy yourself with during that timeframe."


"Oh you bet we will!"


"Good, off you go then."


"So the room is clear?"


Let's say I cleared it.
"Yes, as promised yesterday."


"You're a diamond, Light."
Turn to Tela.
"Shall we?"


I just nod quietly.


"One in the rough."
I chuckle and walk off again.


"Well, we shouldn't waste a minute of those three hours, huh?"
Smirk and head to Light's room with her.


"Three hours? Really? … It doesn't take that long, does it?"


"You're an earthie, aren't you?
You're supposed to have good endurance, Miss Iron Pony."


"Uh, right! That's right! I bet you wont even last ten minutes."


I let out a hearty laugh.
"Is that so?~"


"Yeah, that's right. You saw how I did in the endurance test."


"I have a slight advantage over you with knowledge on mares, cupcake.
We'll see how that treats you~"


"… Right… uh, right."


I chuckle and slide up closer.
"Cat got your tongue?"


"What? Look, let's just… get to that cabin, okay?"


It'd be a shame if it did, we'll need it soon."
Chuckle again.
And we probably arrived by now.
Open the door and usher her inside.


Walk inside and look around a bit.
"This is pretty nice."


Walk in and close the door behind me.
"Tell me I won't get only the best for my mare."


"Don't tell me you payed Dainty for this?"


"Paying to have sex with you?
What would that make you?"
Smirk, then saunter over to the bed.
"No, it was just a favor."


"That's why I asked."
Walk over to the bed as well and just look at her expectantly.


Climb up the bed and pat it beside me.
"So, how do you want it, huh?~"


Climb on top of it and settle down next to her
"Uh… Just… you know… the stuff."


Give her a deadpan look.
"The stuff."


"Yeah! Look, you're the fucking expert dyke here!"


Chuckle and climb on top of her.
"You must have some preference! Wings? Tongues? Or straight up to some good ol' grinding together?"


Fuck, try not to blush.
"… T-Tongues, I guess?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Plant a kiss on her neck, then start going lower until the carpet cleaning service is calledmunch munch'1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Try not to turn into jelly.
And try not to be too loud.

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4


I look up with a smirk.
"Music to my ears. The taste is fine too~"
Chuckle, then get back to work with cleaning that carpet.'1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Gues I'm doing a bit of both.



Just a bit more of this.
She seems to like it~

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Guess I'm starting to awake from my jelly like form.
"God… damn…"


Get back to eye level with her, and give her a short kiss.
"You were saying?~"


"Uh… nothing… that was uh… really fucking good!"
I grin.


I grin back and fondle her a bit more with my wing'1d10+2'
"Glad you liked it~"
"Didn't take much, huh?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I-I'm not done at all!"


Grin even wider and pull my wing back.
"That's the spirit!"


"… So what's next?"


"For starters, you could, y'know, do something.
Show me what you've got."


"… With my tongue?"


Open my legs a bit.
"If you want to~"


I gulp and lower myself to assess the situation.
That's a vagina.
"Uh… Just… uh… lay still okay?"
… Get on with it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Whatever you did, that was the opposite of pleasant.
I probably kicked you too as I squirmed away.
"OW Tela, what the fuck?!"


Rub my nose.
"Look, it's just… you were squirming too much! Uh… Sorry?"


Give her a look.
"You fucking bit me like I was stale bread or something!
Be gentle, for fuck's sake!"


"Alright alright! I'll just… try again, okay? Just uh… relax?"


"Yeah…. but do that again and I'll bust your cunt!"


"I said I was sorry!"
Okay let's try this again for her sake.

Roll #1 4 = 4


That's pretty… meh.
"You really have no idea, do you…"
Close my eyes and sigh.
"You can do better for me, can't you? Just do what I did!"


"Uh… fuck it, fine."
Go all out then. I can emulate what she did, right? Kinda? Maybe?

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"OW! Fuck, Tela!"
Stop her with a hoof.
"Okay, you'll need to practice this, but not now.
Plan B. I'll show you something more simple."
I sigh.
"It's not a dick and you suddenly can't handle it, huh.
It's okay, I'll forgive you, first time after all.
Get on your back."


I scrunch and lie down as instructed.


"Don't worry.
You'll love this~"
Spread her legs a bit then show her how the mechanics of scissors work.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Uh… try to work with her here.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay, that takes me by surprise.
"Ahh, there we go, see?~"
Okay, finally I can start enjoying myself too.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


No, wait, I slow down a bit.
Looks like all that biting got me a bit sensitive.
"Wait, wait, just give me a sec…"


"What? What's wrong? Am I fucking up again?"


"No, you were doing good now, it's your earlier fuckup…"
Take a deep breath.
"You'll get into the swing of things, don't worry."
Let's try it again.
Very. Gently.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Uh… alright…"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Bite my lip.
"Mm, that's it… not so bad, huh?"


I bite by lower lip and nod.


Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
I'll need to borrow this room again, or get one for us later…

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


File: 1376865450048.jpg (110.82 KB, 1000x750, FEMALE2eb2808058-792760.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

[Watches through window]


Nopony stop.


Let's end this then.
Boy, whoever is going to sleep in this bed tonight… I pity them.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I'm sure Light will change the sheets.
Time for cuddles!
And winghugs.
"Okay, that ending made up for how terrible you were at first… and I was glad you had fun too~"


"Yeah it was… nice. Not as bad as I expected."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Better than dicks, ain't it?"


"Uh… sure. Whatever you say, Emmy~"


"I'll just have to train you how to properly eat someone out now, because fucking damnit were you bad at it."


"Yeah well… it's not something I've had a lot of practice with!"


Poke her with a wing playfully.
"You'll learn. We'll just need to practice a lot more~"


"Yeah yeah…"
Just hug the bitch and enjoy some close time together.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Damn Tela, you're pretty warm and cuddly.
"Glad you're happy~"
And then they cuddled and possibly napped a bit too.




I believe I had entered quantum pause just outside the Hamburgerbuger encampment.


Hmmm… backtrack my steps and take the left path this time.


I was chatting with Doc.
Looking at him work the still.


I nod at the crew member and put a paw on his shoulder.
"Thats good if that is the case then I think the crew and the engineers can handle it. Anything you guys need from me?"


They're still on patrol. Emrille came and went.

You come to another three tined fork. There's a large barrel next to the path directly ahead of you.

"The crew is bored. Three more weeks of this'll drive raiders insane."

He's brewing up his whiskey that he uses to talk.


Wonder what for. I guess I'll go say hello to the patrol pony.
"Hey there!"




"Uh. Ran low in Dixie?"


He nods at you.


A barrel? Anything inside it?


"So, it turns out I won't get paid by the crew if I help you guys out unless I get transferred over here. And since I can't get transferred… well, looks like any help I do for you guys will be for free."
I'll think a second.
"Unless… I don't suppose you could teach me how to shoot in return for chores?"


Relax back on the chair.
"That's a shame. I thought we could chat a bit.
Maybe talk about life, death…"
"Those documents…"


You try to lift the lid, but it is firmly secured by bolts. The barrel seems quite heavy, though.

He shrugs. "We'd teach you anyway. Shooting guns is an unalienable right of all ponies."

He nods slowly and glances at the door.


Go over and have a quick look outside.
Anyone nearby?


I bit my lips.
"Same here, I have no idea how far we are on Roads plus this storm really didnt give us any slack either."
"Say what do the boys enjoy the most? Perhaps I can cram up something from the higher ups like ale or something? Make the mood a bit more cheery so to speak."


Anything written on it?


"Right. I don't suppose I could work out some sort of case-by-case price sheet for when you need me to lend a hoof?"


Well, menials are always trawling about on the deck.

In spite of your poking, your head does get wet due to the steady prattle of rain.

"Fighting, cards maybe? Wenches. Drinking. Entertainment, like bards."

It's a wooden barrel with no insignias or signs.

"No offense, but to maintain fort security, we need to keep it pretty tight nit here."


I'll frown, but nod.
"Perfectly understandable. Just keep me in mind if you need a message runner, though."


What am I even doing here? Leave the damn barrel and go straight ahead.


I meant anyone deliberately coming over here.
Close the door and lock it, then nod with the slightly wet mane towards Doc.


I pat his back.
"HA! Is that it? Alright Perhaps I can do that.You and the crew can go visit my room later and perhaps I can get some ale, food and some cards for that matter. I dont know if we got good bards here but I'll try to find them so they can join the drinking session. What do you say?"


You wander into the dark for a while, then end up where you found Felfire.

But Doc Peg isn't in this room, just Felfire. She remarks: "Well, we're still nowhere near Stonebriar."

"Alright, will do."

He nods. "Alright. Is your room big enough?"


"Fun you'd say that, because I've been there while we were in Reptil."


Fine. Go straight this time.


"The Tartarian Gates?"

You wander off into the dark end end up back where you met Felfire once again.


Nodding a little to myself, I'll bid the patrolpony a good day, and… you know, I've never really looked around the Eagle's Roost. Let's go over there.


I think for a moment.
Is my room big enough? All I remember is that my room is big.


I was fighting with Wark.


Alright. Go left, to where I saw Flux, and head past him onward.


"Yeah. If I had known earlier I'd have told you.
But there's nothing there, just a lot of rubble, and somepony that took control over the whole place.
Kind of a lead savage or something."



This chaotic floating war barge – referred to as a "junk" certainly lives up to its title. Cannons are sticking out every which way, and decks twist unevenly about the huge castle.

Well, you did just invite some two and a half hundred people to it.

It's big, but not that big. In any case, he's already gone to go spread the news.

Right you are. see >>470352

You head down into a lower chamber. There's a netted bridge connecting two halls above you. Ahead, this room is dark. You hear something skittering about here. The music is very faint.

Felfire sighs. "They could've escaped. We'll never know, I guess. Not the closure I was hoping for."


I fly up and dive bomb him.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"You know, giving a few more info can't hurt.
I still have no idea who you are after."
Go back to sitting and start eyeing his alcohol reserve.


Holy shit.
Anyway get to work, go and find the commodore.


He dives out of the way and you beat your self up a little with the impact.

Seekkill: 1/5h

"What more information is needed? The ponies' names are in the file. Like I said, I don't know anything about them personally. I was in a cage, after all."

You find him in his chambers on the Eagle's Roost.


Oh this is lovely. I miss the Sirocco already.
Do I still have those necklaces from Dixie that emit light? Do they still work for that matter?


I try to tear his shield out of his grasp and beat him with it.

Roll #1 4, 5 = 9


"You never talked about that…"
Grab a liquor at random and roll it in my hooves.


Well, let's wander about the deck for now. Don't want to risk getting lost in the depths just yet. Anything interesting over here? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Salute and relax
"Commodore, if I may have your time." Approach him.
"I would like to talk about the crew and their general mood as of these past few weeks on the ship."


Whatever chemicals made them light up have stopped reacting, and the necklaces have been dull for some time now.

You pounce on his shield and bash him a few times before he can get it under control, but he's not done yet.

"Wait 'til I'm warmed up, ya pussywillowing wallowcat."

"It's not the kind of thing I care to recall."

The decks themselves are uneven and make way for cannons to protrude from the deck at odd angles. Large sails stick out from the sides, and oars far below. The uneven main deck is littered with menials washing and undertaking petty superficial repairs.

It's still mildly drizzling.

"Go ahead."


So… where am I?


I punch him in the face with one of my gauntlets.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Good thing I've got my cloak.
I guess I'll go belowdecks. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some plant life. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You and I both."
Open the bottle and find two glasses.
"Want to know the craziest thing?
I finally opened up.
Look over my healed hooves.
"This, after Fervored, after how you and Terre and Abilio helped me…
I managed to talk about it."


I swear I'm going to track that fucking maid down and get my lantern back.
Any lightsources around from the previous room that I can nab or is this ship designed for batponies?


I let out a tired breath.
"These past few weeks on the sea has been pretty dull, the men are restless and bored. The coming of the storm last week must have been what snaps some of them to tell me if there is a way to relax, to have some kind of drinkin to make. Wenches, singers or bards might be a good idea to add though I dont know if we have those aboard." I chuckle.


Emrille trained you, then disappeared. You're on the Eagle's Roost… somewhere.

You smash into his face with a gauntlet and he falls over, and grabs for his shield.

You head down to the depths of the ship. On your way down, you slip on some rain-moistened stairs and fall all the way to the depths of the ship, hitting every stair on the way down. Ouch! Baff! Kapow!

Curry: 2/5 w

You plop into dark water somewhere below…

Felfire nods vacantly. "That's good."

There were lanterns in the room that Flux was in.


That storm happened yesterday. It's been four days since you left Dixie.

He nods. "Perhaps, but I don't see it as a major concern right now. If you want to do something about it, you certainly have my permission."


Offer her a glass and a smile.
"Now it's my turn to help."


While he's down I try to get a poison dart through a crack in his defenses.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Urgh. It's dark? Can I at least stand, or is what I'm assuming is the bilgewater too deep?


Right, see if I can nab one then.
"Does it not bother you? The dark, I mean? It is absolutely dreadful."


"Alright then, if that is the case then I am off."
I then turn to Smitts before I leave.
"Say, know anyone of the crew or who are with us who's good with singing, playing instrument and such?"


Wait, do I myself know anyone that is.

Roll #1 6 = 6


She shakes her head. "I really don't want to talk about it. I appreciate the offer, really, but I don't want to think about it at all."

He takes the moment you use in drawing a dart to roll to the side and get back up on his hooves.

You flounder around for a time and grab the stairs where you pull yourself together.

He shrugs. "No. I've seen much worse. Dark. It does little harm."

"There was one pony… one Weeping Sitar. He still plays. Besides him… try Lockermaster Jones."

You have heard of Sitar before.


Bah. I'll fly back and shoot him anyways.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Not that, silly.
I will help you get closure.
Find those you are looking for, even if they have fled stonebriar.
Which is kinda impossible, since they have no way to leave."


"Why not light it up a bit?"


Right, no more floundering in the dark. Light up my horn. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Lockermaster? That guy didnt even speak to me last time I talked to him.

Lets find Sitar and greet him.


So does that mean I roll at a -1 negative modifier now?

Also, I pay a visit to Doc Peg. It's been a while since I've seen him… and Emrille's probably busy with something else.


Right. Firstly, I need to perfect recalling that Symbol so I can enter the Astral Theatre at will more easily. Is there any way I can do that?


I'm around too if you need me. If not, I'll be someplace else.


He uses your opening to close and knock you over with a shield bash.

Seekkill: 0/5h, 4/5w

"I don't know if they were in the city during the attack, though. We never checked."

Someone tries to open the door.

"Light? There are plenty of lanterns."

You turn around in the dark and painfully stub your horn on the wall. You can't help but let out a wail. You're not in good shape after that tumble, after all. You nearly black out from the pain so close to your head. When you pull yourself back together, you realize you're riding on somepony's back, and you're feeling a little better. You are, however, ascending the stairs.

You can roll at whatever negative you want. You're trained as far as I'm concerned. No penalty.

You show up to the clinic, but the door is locked.

You ponder for a while if there's an easier way to remember that symbol. First you try drawing it, but realize that it's undrawable. Next, you try describing it, but realize it's indescribable.


Well, this is humiliating. So, who was it? Mera? Skylight? Is it light enough to see? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I think the unicorn kid disappeared at a certain point during the attack, and Emrille saved her just before we left.
We could ask them if they found any survivors.
Wait, let me get that."
Wait for him to change back and then open the door.



I try to use my wings to kick up whatever dust and splinters there are on the ship's deck to drive him back while I get up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yes, but it still remains dark in the room ahead. I suppose I can deal with it though."


Up to you.
I don't mind.


The door's locked? That's weird… I wonder where Doc Peg's gone? I go search for him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Very well then, consider me here.

"He might just have a patient over, Summer…"


"He doesn't lock his door when he does though!"


It's dark, but you can tell it's your sister. She fusses about you as you are carried up the stairs. "I came looking because I was worried about you getting lost, and now you're hurt! You should stay with me, Curry."

You head down into the depths of the Eagle's Roost where he is rumored to lurk. You hear sweet strains of music about.

Up ahead there is a three tined fork in the path. It's two dark to see further ahead.

He returns to his normal 'disguise' form.

No dice. He kicks you a bit while you're down, and you're getting a bit fatigued.

Seekkill: 0/5h, 2/5w

"Ready ta give up, ya wallowing caterwally? Ya faught good, but yer beat."

Felfire opens it.


He nods. "Perhaps. If you like, but beware."


"Oh. Look who's there. Come in."
Step aside and let them in.


"…Oh. Hi miss Feelfear. Is mister Doc Peg in?"


Nod towards the back of the room.


I raise a brow.
"Beware? For the big bad wolf?"


I get back up.


Hmmm.. pick up the fork. Also produce a candle from my bag and light it up.
What can I see?


"Oh, hello Felfire."


"Yay! Emrille's busy… so I thought I'd go talk with mister Doc Peg!"
I walk inside and wave to Doc Peg.


I'll just harrumph.
"But then I'd be more of a burden than I already am."


"Hey there."
Hint a smile.
"Funny you'd say that. Uh. I was thinking about Emrille too.
Remember that time you ran off in Stonebriar and she brought you back?"


"Huh?… Yeah? What about it?"




"Were there many ponies left in town?"


"After… after it was bombed? Yeah… I ran around and got a bunch of ponies to follow me somewhere safe. Then Emrille came and grabbed me and probably saved me from getting hit by more cannon fire… why?"


I glance at Summer.
"Why do you ask? The fleet is not planning on going there are they? Those ponies already lost everything once…"


"There might have been somepony me and Doc are looking for in there…"
"Somewhere safer?"


"Yeah! It was, uh… um. I forget where…"


Bite my lower lip.
"I hope nothing happened to them…"


Since there is no kitchen fork so to speak(sorry if I get that wrong), lets go to the middle path and see whats ahead.


Am I to leave it to fate?

Try recalling it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"There shouldn't have been anything… why? Why are you so curious miss Feelfear?"


"I told you, me and Doc were looking for these ponies, and we just learnt they were in Stonebriar during the attack."


"What ponies are you looking for?"


I might need Wf here for this, dunno how to answer without Doc's help.


Teleport in out of somewhere

"Uh, hello everyone. Oh, uh, Summer, how's that string of yours? "


"String? What string?"


"… Leg. Some time ago you… had a leg you couldn't move, right? And then it suddenly fixed itself? "


"Spiders. One in particular plagues that room."

He pulls you up with a helping hoof.

"Not bad lad. I was about to turn in meself."

It's not a literal fork. It's a split in the path.

The halls are so dark, you can't see much ahead of you. You'll have to guess.

He returns the wave.

She gently floats you over in front of her, and gives you a hug. "Curry, you'll never be a burden to me. I promised I'd take care of you. Now… how about I tuck you in and fix some dinner, and when I get back, I'll read to you from one of your books until you fall asleep?"

You wander ahead, but you must have gotten lost somewhere along the way, because you end up back where you were.


Is Sol around?


"I assume that is the wrong way to go then. I suppose I should backtrack again then…"
… I don't remember which ways I've went already. Did I exhaust all the other paths?


one zebra ghost


where would doge be? Still looking for chip at that party?


We should definitely chat, after I'm done with Doc.
I will show you the music sheets.

Make any sense to you?


Walk towards the middle path.


I'm here!


Look from you to Doc.
"They are… Old friends of Doc from his travels."


Far from it. In any case, you backtrack to the room you left Felfire in and find Chip.

Possibly. Crewmembers are already gathering outside his door, though he's nowhere to be seen.

Light Heart arrives.

You walk up through the darkness of the middle path. These corridors must be very twisting, because soon you end up back in the same place with Light Heart.


"Old friends? Are the cha- I- I mean, are they… like him?"


I hate this ship.
"Mister Chip, have you seen mister Sitar anywhere?"


I nod slowly looking them over. the words are all in 'equestrian' right? '1d10'
Yeah, the notes are all the same as what I'm used too, amazing that its still the same really.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Frown for a second and then look at Doc, waiting for his reaction.


"There were a lot of ponies living in Stonebriar. I don't understand, why wait until now? Couldn't you have thought of this as the fleet was slaughtering the entire city?"


"Huh..? Wha!" Step back in surprise.
"Sitar? No, I havent but Smitts and the other crew told me he makes his home here thats why I am here."

I then look at her.
"By the way, what are you doing here?"


"Because we lernt of this only now?"


"So they are alive then?"


"I have no idea."


Ah, well I should try asking someone, approach someone and ask "hello, have you seen Chip?"


"… Then how did you learn they were there in the first place after torching the city?"


"I am looking for mister Sitar. Unfortunately, the Eagle's Roost is somewhat difficult to navigate and I am unable to so far."


This is the violin part to an instrumental piece.

He shakes his head.

The crewmember nods. "He was up on deck when he said he was throwing a big party in his room."


"I myself am looking for him. hmmm…" I look at the three paths.
"Say we pick one and speak to each other while we walk? Lets take the left path, what do you say?"


"Oh. Why do you wanna see them again, mister Doc Peg?"


"Already took that one, I'm afraid. It lead to a dark room filled with spiders, which is a rather undesirable location to be in."
I shrug a little.
"Perhaps I should simply wait for him to come around to my cabin tonight instead."


He makes some vague gestures.


"We heard from ponies who had met them before and told us their destination was Stonebriar."
Keep frowning and mouth the words "she knows?" Silently.


Can I interpret them at all?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"That's… a little odd, but okay."


"So.. he'd be back in his room now?" I nod "Thanks mate." go to Chip's room.


"Oh I see, if that is the case then the right path is the right way. I have gone in the middle path and it ends up here. I want to go meet him so that I can invite to my place so that he and the others can relax for a day."

I look at her.
"Say you want to come? I am hosting a drinking party tonight. Booze, cards music and stuff. The crew needs some time off after that storm."


"Not so much when you can talk with the d-"
Widen my eyes as I remember.
"There is something we should talk about!"
With a sense of urgency on my face.


I smile
Yea, I can definitely play this.


"Actually… I did go right as well. There is another fork in the path there. All in all, it is quite confusing. And a drinking party you say? I'm afraid alcohol is bad for the heart, but perhaps I will come over. It will be nice to be among the crew."


Squee slightly.

Oh I'm so excited! What will you need? I can try and ask Sitar!


File: 1377030079892.png (15.13 KB, 1050x524, map.png, IO Google TinEye)

He puts a hoof to his mouth.

It's way too complicated. Better stick to yes or no answers while Spring Water is around.

You ARE at Chip's room. You were talking to someone there. He's not here.

"He might be down in the hold getting drinks."



I cock my head slightly.
"Something wrong?"


Nod slowly.
"It's about something your daughter asked me."


"What did she ask? Is there something wrong with her?"


huh, well.. go look down in the hold.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Looks like I just need a violin


"Hmmm.. I see. So this is another part of the ship that is magical. Looks like there are mysteries in these ships that a lot of the crew dont know. Take that mansion for example."
I then look at her.
"Well thats good to hear, I will expect you there and others if they want to come."

I then look at the fork any clue as to what path to take next?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I give a firm but silent nod.


Alright, go right again. And then right again.


Shake my head.
"Everything is okay, but maybe we should talk about it in private."
Keep a silly smile up.

One violin. Right.

Stay silent for a while, looking at the sea with a smile, then continue.

Is it good, to dance, I mean.


You head down to the hold. Down here in the dark, you come to a split in the path. Chip and Light Heart are here.

Light Heart disappears into the hallway on the right.

The music seems to be louder from the right.


You go right. There's a cargo bay ahead of you, and a target. There are hallways to your left and right.


I tap chip on the shoulder. "Hey, I finally caught up to ye."


Go… right again. Hug the right.


follow her to the right.




"What if we had this talk outside?"
Point at the door.


You must have taken an odd turn, because you end up back in the room with Sateo.

She has already left this room.


I turn around.
"Hey! Fancy meeting you here."


Well yes, we used to do dances fairly often in Wintergrasp. You know, I'm glad I could help with something like this, much nicer than what I expected.


Right, right, left this time.


I raise a brow and glance over at Summer, then sigh a little and walk outside.
"I can take a hint."


"What did you think I would miss your big party?" I grin widely and follow. "What are you celebrating matey?"


"Huh? What talk?"

I turn back to Doc Peg.
"Mister Doc Peg? Are you busy today? Emrille's busy and I'm boooored…"


Now, where was I?

I had to talk to Stormburger.


File: 1377030948404.png (8.37 KB, 1050x524, map.png, IO Google TinEye)

You head right into the room with the cargo hold that Chip and Sateo are in, and right to end up in the starting room. Then you head left into the room with Flux.

Yep, you were there.

He shakes his head.



I'm surprised a necromancer knows about stuff like this.
Shake my tail.
"Mares stuff."
Smile and leave.
Once outside, close the door.
"Nothing like that. It's jst, Summer has asked me something, and I don't want to give her false hopes, you know.
She wants to talk with her father."


I grin.
"Its good that you heard it from the crew. Actually I was goin around here to invite Sitar and come to drink with us."
"As for celebration, you see the crew is tired and bored. Plus that storm didnt help so I thought that perhaps a respite to all these troubles would be a good idea.


Wait no, right, left, left.


You again pass Chip and Sateo then head into the room with the barrel. From here you wander into the dark and end up back at the entrance.

Light Heart runs past the two of you two more times.


Approach him!

"Hey there."



Right, left, right, left.


I laugh a bit
It pays to have a wide skill set.


"Can you teach me more about healing?"

I scratch my head in confusion but shrug.


I just look at her passing by.
"Tell us if you find the right path.:


I smile at Chip "Aye, that's a fine idea." and the I stare at Light Heart "Seems she's a bit stir crazy?"



Fidget around awkwardly.

How does this work?>>470921


"… Ah. When did she-… I see."


"This place is a bit mysterious, everytime we pick one the three paths, we either end up back here at the entrance or to some room fujll of spiders."


Start pacing around.

"So, since I could…
I need to know if you are okay with this."


He gives you an amiable nod and continues tinkering with some gun modification.

You pass them yet again. This time you walk right into a large room that has a stairway down that is soaked in water. No doubt it leads to the bilge. There are doors here leading to the right and left. You take the left.

Ahead of you, there are hallways leading right, left, and straight ahead.

She runs by yet again.

You blink and Doc Peg isn't there anymore, just Summer Seas. She adds excitedly in her high pitched young little voice, "I'd be happy to help! But we hafta to it away from your mother, because I don't want to drink while performing surgery!"


He didn't see me yet, did he?
"What are you tinkering, huh?"


I perk up.
"Y-You can? Really? But… don't you need a part of him for it to work? I mean, I'm not an expert on necromancy but… you know."


I give an excited hop.
"Where are we gonna go though? I gotta tell my momma where I'm gonna be…"


This is a nightmare. Okay, go… left again.


Shake my head.

"Not anymore. A memry, a sensation even, might be enough now."


"Did ya try smashing the spiders?"


"… Can I talk to him too?"


"Skylight, while I appreciate the thought, I'm still technically older than you. I know I look the part, but I am not a child, and can hypothetically fend for myself."
I'll sigh a little.
"And I've already been forcibly tucked in and read to once already this trip, by miss Rosemary. If left to her own devices, she'd do as much mothering as three normal ponies."


"Light heart encountered those so I have no idea what it looks like. Lets explore and find Sitar while we walk aye?"

So right path first? Lets go there,


"If I reach him, we all could."


Well you don't have to pay me or anything if that's what you're asking. I'll just stand to the side in whatever location you pick and play.

If you did want to do something for me.. tell me when does this boat go back to Dixie? Next year?


I follow him to the right.


"Weapon modification for some old coot… not sure if it's very efficient… trying different shapes. Tomorrow, different materials."

Summer frowns. "I'm not sure your mother likes you spending time with me at all. Can't say I blame her…"

You walk out into a large room with crates and barrels everywhere. You hear the load scritching sound again.

There are no doors out of here except the one you entered through.

She frowns and returns you to her back.

"I'm just worried that you CAN'T fend for yourself like this. And if you don't want a story, fine, but… I'm just worried about you, Curry. And it's my job to take care of you, to make up for what mom and dad did. …Alright?"

You wander into the darkness of the right path, and end up back where you started.


"Oh that's… that would be nice."


You end up where you came into the hold.


Yours ends with the quote.

Your response was:

You walk out into a large room with crates and barrels everywhere. You hear the load scritching sound again.

There are no doors out of here except the one you entered through.


Oh no..
Can I hear the music? Where is it coming from>?


I shrug and try the left way


"She doesn't mind! That much at least…"


Okay, so left is worthless. Backtrack and take the middle now.


I meant dancing

Maybe, maybe never. Still thinking of home?
"So it's okay? We can try?"
Let out a sigh of relief.
"I will need something of his. Or a picture. Or a description of what he was like…"


I'll hug the back of her neck as best I can from my position.
"You know I don't hold you accountable for what they did, Skylight. You are my sister, not my keeper, though I do appreciate your company. Instead of thinking of it as a job, why not as a favor to a brother? That way, once I finish sorting this out, I can return that favor to my sister?"


Whelp follow him.


"I don't-"
I look down.
"I don't have anything with me that belonged to him on me. But I could give you a description…"



I look down a bit
Yeah, but that's normal isn't it? you'd still think of this ship if you were somewhere else right?


Nod very slowly, firmly.
"And something about him in general might help.
A story, how he acted, a quirk… Anything."


"Which old coot and what modification? I might be able to help."


A bit. But mainly, I'd think of those on the ships. My friends. Doc and Terrebonne andthe others.


Back to the right…

In this room, you see Flux, the first mate of the vessel, sitting on a crate eating some meat. He's wearing a mask made out of a skull.

You come to another split in the paths. Left, straight, right.

"Well, if she doesn't mind… just come to my clinic tonight later on, or tomorrow maybe. Just some time ponies won't be coming in for check ups."

She sighs. "I thought I could never repay the debt our parents left me with by taking your childhood from you… But now that you're like this… maybe I just got a little carried away… But while you're like this… I just wanted you to have that opportunity to try to have a normal childhood since you didn't get to before. I know a pirate ship isn't the best place for it, but at least you could play with the other foals, and I could make you meals, and tuck you in, and… care for you when you get hurt."

"It's for an old pony named Friesian. Anyway, it's experimental."


This is a nightmare. I'm sure of it now.
Start with… left again.


"Oh, that old geezer."
I chuckle.
"I told him how to handle a rifle."


Oh, try to talk to him! "Ahoy matey!"


Another fork. There's another barrel here, too, in the same position as the one you saw before: directly ahead and on your right.

He nods. "Good. He was using a bow."

He looks up. "Yes? What is it?"


"And I appreciate the thought, I really do. I'm just… scared, I suppose. Scared that if I let myself fall into that mindset, I might not make it back out. And I can't do that. I must not do that, because that will leave miss Seas with one less guardian."


"Well… he was an apothecary, not a doctor like me. Unicorn… pale blue mane and a blue coat…"


"Crossbow. He was… meh.
I guess an old pony can still learn new tricks, huh?
But really, what are you making?"


"me mates and me seem to be a bit turned around, do ye know where to the ale is?"


"We should go sit somewhere."
Lead her to Terre's room.
"Anything that… made him unique, you know?"


Did… did I just got back to the same room as before?
Uh… go right?


Am I still following Sateo?


Friends huh, you know.. you remind me a bit of Nylis, she was a sweetheart, threw herself into her research a little too much, but she did have winterbreeze at her side most of the time.


Don't tell the librarians.



"Oh… we can't do anything now?…"


She floats you back ahead of her and gives you a big, long hug. "Alright, I understand. Just… try to enjoy what time you do have like this, okay?"

"Trying to make a gun less loud. I know it's crazy, given half the purpose of a gun is to announce to the world your freedom and willingness to defend it. Ah, well."

He nods. "Yes. I am the quartermaster."

You arrive at a grated door, but the music is very loud here. You push it open and find Sitar practicing down here.

Yes. You're with Flux now.

"Mom could walk in any second now!"


I nod "Then ye can help us? Which way should we go?"


I snort.
"That's really stupid, yeah.
What do you have so far?"


"Well… he loved to sing for one. He wasn't good at it, but he still did it oftentimes…"
I smile a little sadly.


I'll chuckle.
"Trust me, I'm having a bit of fun. You'd be surprised at how much a child can get away with."
I'll straighten up a bit.
"Nothing illegal, though. Just a few clumsy moments getting overlooked."


Oh thank the heavens!
"Mister Sitar, my apologies for interrupting."


"Bilge. From there, two lefts. REMEMBER! Sign the requisition form with the number of barrels!"

"Sort of a muffler to make the barrel shake less. It works somewhat."

By now you're back at the cabin and she lets you down.

"Well… alright."

He stops playing and the room falls silent.



Speak softly.
"Can you remember the words of those songs?"


I nod at this.

"From the bilge and two lefts, and sign the requisition form?"


"What if I ask her what she thinks of you? If she said she likes you, would you stop worrying so much?"


"I don't suppose you would care for a little chat?"


Can I see how it looks?
"Uhuh. Does it cover up some of the muzzle flash too?"


I'll squeeze a bit of water out of my cloak.
"Sorry about the whole being wet thing. And thanks for the help."
I'll think a moment.
"Though, if you've got the time, there's a book somewhere in the cabin with a light spell in it, and I've been putting off learning that for far too long as it is."


"Yes. That is the way."

"Ah… maybe. Alright."

He shrugs. "Okay. Like, what is it?"

"That would ruin the angle of attack."

She helps you locate it in Summer's stuff.


"Just… songs bards would sing… or sailor songs even. A lot of sailors visited our town every day."


Stand in front of the Focus.
"Try humming the tune."


"You made a promise to me a while ago… to tell me about what happened between you and the commodore."


"Thanks!" I take a left…


Well, let's get settled in and get to reading. After hanging up my cloak to dry, of course.


"Would it?"


"Nice thanks."

"Errr…. "
Anyway follow Sateo.


Snicker a bit
Don't worry. I won't. but did you have any other questions about what to do?


Hum the drunken' sailor tune.


You head left into a dark room. You hear a scritching sound in here. There's a bridge ahead that links two rooms above.

Read the ancient tome

"Yeah, the cloth would tangle it up. I gave him a different model that covers the flash, but it isn't as quiet."


He nods. "That I did…"


Well, I don't know how to dance yet…
Take a deep breath.
Try to call for him in the focus.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Is this whar ye saw the spiders?" I go up the bridge, is there a door leading left up here?


"Cloth? Why the fuck would you put cloth at the muzzle?
Let's see…
…Y'know how tubas have large muzzles to be louder? What if we did the opposite?"


"Are you feeling well enough for it at the moment?"


How enlightening. But is it illuminating as well?


"Yaay! I have to wait until she's done talking though… she doesn't like me interrupting when she's talking about adult things…"
I softly frown.
"Like back home… these mean ponies, my momma called them 'inquisitors' I think. They'd sometimes come into our clinic and my momma would send me out, and then I'd hear a bunch of yelling from them and loud noises… when they finally left and I walked back in our clinic was a mess… they'd thrown everything everywhere and made a mess of everything…"
I sniffle.
"They did this every time they came… but it's okay! Because Emrille and the rest of the pirates wouldn't let any ponies like that aboard, so me and my momma are safe!"


"I havent seen the spiders as of yet like Light Heart said."

"He says go left.. Left of here?"


Oh, your probably just want something simple.. a waltz? we could practice a bit.
I offer you a shadowy hoof.


"I believe so.. its too dark to tell.."


Something slow, to savor the moment, to hold him close…

Take her hoof and wait for guidance.


You get a bad headache and conjure up a horrible amalgam of spirits that overwhelm you with vertigo, like your first time.

He shakes his head. "It's already fitted to the side of the bullet. Listen, leave the gunsmithing to the gunsmiths, alright?"

He shrugs. "Yeah I guess. Like… where'd I leave off?"

He nods slowly. "Yes, it can be difficult to make a life in the legitimate world if you have something to hide."


"You told me you wronged him somehow, I believe."


Hold my head and let go of the link.


"Huh? B- But me and my momma didn't have anything to hide! She would always say they were just mean ponies who hated us for being followers of Luna…"


"What… What's wrong?"


"Fine, but don't come to me whining when it doesn't work!"
I'm sure I could come up with something that works better, right?
I mean, I know guns!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Alright, lets go forward and see whats ahead."


"It didn't work… Something to do with me, sorry.."
Wincing, stand up.
"Tomorrow. We try again tomorrow."


"Okay… Thanks for trying at least."


"Not really… like… just got in the way. I had more natural talent as a necromancer… and he wanted the promotion… but killing a crewmate is a terrible offense…"

She raises a brow. "You didn't hide your fellowship of Luna?"

You could tell him all day about inscribing the runes to make a catalytic action for the gun, but this isn't your thing.


"It's something I promised the kid."


'1d10' is there a torch or something to light in here?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"No?… Why would we have to hide it? We weren't hurting anypony…"


Btw where is the scritching sound coming from?

Roll #1 10 = 10


What do you mean this isn't my thing?
They are my crew! I recruited them!
Snap with my tongue.
"Wait, I got it!"


'1d10' roll for teaching.
Its simple really, just put one hoof in front of the other, and one pony leads, the other follows, it goes in a circle.

Roll #1 5 = 5


This room is dark. The only light comes from the room Flux was in.

"You had a luckier, more pleasant childhood than most of your kind, then. In many places, Luna worshippers are exiled or killed for their fellowship."

In the darkness, you see a huge spider. It almost looks as though it's wearing armor – a golden chitinous hide.



I wonder if Fervy can dance…

Try to learn from her teaching.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Only if you use your horn to read it.

You get the jist of it.


Well, I'll try and light up. See if I've got it.


Yay. Time to go look for a violin then.
Off to Sitar I go!


I pull Sateo close.
"lets get out of here!"


"Make it a catalyst! Like my guns! Only, it's built in purpose would be to silence the gun!
How's that?"


"I… see. How did you get started on the drug then?"


"Wha- b- but my momma told me they don't do that anymore! Only some ponies, and even then they don't kill other ponies!"


"Yes but… still. It'll be nice to talk to him again…"


And so you do.

You enter the holds of the Eagle's Roost. There's a three way fork before you. You'll have to carefully navigate this place to find Sitar – you always followed his music before, and it's not playing now!

"Maybe. Seems like it would only be useful to ponies that know magic then, though."

"Kind of a blur now… only remember vaguely… like, I just remember going to ask for more…"

She shrugs. "Maybe I'm wrong."


"Did he leave you suddenly?"


"Well, next time I go exploring the under decks of ships, I won't have to worry about light. That should keep me out of a whole lot of trouble."


It's a three way fork, I have three shadows.
Stand in the middle and let Zivur, Fervy and Kilna trace those paths.

Roll #1 10, 3, 7 = 20


"No need to get fancy with it. I'm sure with a bit of help we can tinker it to activate when the gunpowder goes off, instead of innate pony magic."


"How unfortunate. What was your position before this happened?"


"I hope you are… I- I mean, not in a bad way or anything! I just don't wanna be hurt…"


Lets go back to the same room where Flux is.




"Alright. Just… be careful. I don't want to lose you."

Fervored comes out behind you.

Flux is in this room. Sateo and Chip enter from a hallway to the left.

Okay, you return.

"I don't know enough about catalysts to know if that would be possible."

"Officer corps or something. Like, Iunno."

She nods, then adds, "We're pressing our luck. I'll see you again soon."

With that, Doc Peg is back.


"Wait.." I frown as we back track.


Look at him and raise a brow.


I am waiting for a reply, should we stay?


"Okay!… Wait, you can't speak when you're like that? Is that why you have to transform?"


"Well, thank you for sharing. My curiosity has been sated."
Motion at the hallway in the back.
"This place is rather hard to find… mister Chip is looking for you as well."


"I don't want to lose me either. I don't have the money to pay miss Terrebonne to dredge myself back up from the dead."
I'll grin a little, but that will quickly pass.
"I don't want anything happening to you either, okay? It's the big brother's task to protect his younger siblings."


I nod silently.


"You know, death… Death is not the end.
There is so much more behind the veil.
Worlds and places few minds can conceive…"


You return to the room with Flux in it. An autonomous shadow is here.

I just followed the path.

He gives you a wink.

"Can speak to you. That is… can't speak okay. Transform is to speak."

"Once you know the way, it's like, just go with the flow. Besides… my practice isn't interrupted here…"

She laughs a little at that.


"Ooooh. That's weird!"
I giggle.


Let's remember not to take that one.

Are the others back?


He shrugs.



"It's fucking magic, everything is possible with magic!
OOh, I know! Give me that gun! I know who to take it to!"


"Yes… I suppose I can see the reasoning behind it. In any case, I should leave you be. If there is anything you require of me, do not hesitate to ask."


I'll blush a little and pout.
"Hey, I may still be new to the whole 'sibling' thing, but I know that the ones that come first are the ones who help protect the ones that come after!"


I look at Flux.
"You didnt told us there was a big spider there."
I then look at the shadow.
"What is that?


Which way did they go?


Should I tell Felfire?


"I'd rather he hadn't left this world in the first place…"


Stare at the shadow. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


On it!


"There is a… Balance, to things.
When we are called away, it's not for grief. Death at times can be the relief we need in our lives. The ultimte equalizer.
Because no matter what fate did to you, death ill cares.
Your hoof is dealt anew. Fair, impartial.
He will be waiting for you."


He shakes his head. "I've got to work on this."


She forms a protective bubble around you.

"Alright, as long as you play safe at being the 'big strong protector'."

He shrugs. "A shadow."

The shadow says: "Um."

Zivur went left. Kilana went right.

Beats me. Chip has arrived and is asking what you are.

It looks like a shadow of a pony.

You head down the right path. Up ahead there's a cargo bay with a hanging target for gun practice. There are hallways to the left and right of here.


huh.. try throwing a rock at the target. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You're indoors.


"Uh, so got a torch we can use?"


Go left. Kilana can take care of herself.



Uh… N-Nothing…"


"I do mean it. You are a partner of mine, after all."


This place is getting weirder by the minute.
"Yeeaahh… I see that. By the way, why is there a big spider in that room? Does it really lead to where Sitar is residing?"


right, how silly of me. try the left path.


Roll my eyes.
"C'mon, don't you trust me?
I'll do it for you so you can do other stuff!"


"We'll see who's laughing once I'm aged back up."
I'll look at the pile of books.
"Which is probably a fair way off, considering I'm still trying to find something worth pursuing as a new talent."


I just nod quietly again, musing.


"Lanterns. Return them when you're done. Also. You're going the wrong way."

Chip, Sateo, Flux, and Zivur are here.

"Okay, like, whatever. Just bring me the stuff and I'll be cool."

"No. You were going the wrong way."

You come to another three way fork in the hallways. There's a nearby barrel, too, up to the forward and the right.

He groans. "Fine, Emrille. Bring it back."

He hands over the blunderbuss.

"You certainly have a big collection."


Be off then. Chip still around here somewhere?


Take it.
"Hey, watch the tone or I'll have to challenge you to a duel."
"I'll be back with it as soon as I can."


"Well this is quite the gathering."


I shuffle my hooves.
"My momma is taking a really long time talking… should I go and check on her? Do you think she'll get mad at me?"


I take a lantern and frown "We are? Which way then?"


listen closely to each path. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Hide behind her!


You wander off into a random hallway and find yourself back at the entrance to the hold. You hear Chip nearby.

"Alright, then."

"Bilge. THEN two lefts."

He shakes his head. "Go check."

Music starts up right as you start listening… it seems to come from the right hallway.


I scratch my head.
"Perhaps I am. Let me see if I remember, so I go back from the bilge(or the starting point). Then go take the left path and when I encounter another fork I then take the left path again. Is that right Mr. Flux?"


I smile "Ahoy there. That shadowy friend belongs to you? He's awful quiet "
"So, we can't get there from here?"


"Hey wait. What are you looking for?"


Follow the sounds of his voice~


Go to the right.


I walk outside then!
"Momma?… Is everything okay?"


"They can't talk unless I'm near."


It's strange how he had no comment on my growth.
"Anything else this officer can help you with?"


Nod at this.
From behind Felfire.


"Lets go back to the start and retrace our step there aye?"


I perk up immediately and turn to look at her.
"Summer! I'm fine. Momma's just fine."


Share a smile with her.
"We will do it again tomorrow."
"Hey kid. Had a good chat with Doc?"


"They're all books we recovered from the Lunar Library from the shrine in Autumnsreach. Who knows what's in them… A pity the Priestess's book didn't survive unscathed, though I take some small comfort that a copy of it lives in the Basilica Vaults."


I eagerly show off my black jay. "Look, I got im' in Dixie, isn't he smart? You can tell right, he's got those sharp eyes.."
"Aye, I'll follow you.."


Look at the bird.
"Eheh. Reminds me of someone I know."
Then, at them leaving.
"Have you seen Sitar around? Pony, musician, stoned."


"Sorry I haven't, we're trying to get some ale.."


"Right. Good luck."
Turn to Flux.
"Know where Sitar is?"


"Can. From here, go across, left, right."

You head into the room with Flux. Felfire, two shadows, Sateo, and Chip are here.

You head into the right room. You see up ahead a flooded stair that is sure to lead down to the bilge. To the right and left there are more dark hallways.

Strange indeed! Maybe he expected you to respond more dramatically to his guess that you were Emrille.

He eyes you. "Nope."

"The Priestess's book? I wasn't there, so I don't know…"

He caws warily.


"You were taking a long time…"

I nod.



"Mister Chip, I found him."
I can just explain the way right?


'1d10' listen again, follow the music.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Light Heart?
Does she have Sitar with her?
"Found Sitar?"


I think it was fairly obvious!
"Right. Be sure to find me if there is.
Or any of your other friends."
Motion at the hamburgers.
Then leave and have sex with Tela.
After that and the cuddles, and a bit of cleaning up, take the blunderbuss and head to Cloudy Stripes' room


"It detailed a lot of the day-to-day dealings of the priestesses, I think. It got burned quite a bit once Emrille decided that shooting a fire bullet in a hallway full of plants was a good idea. Even after being expressly told not to. Luckily, the rest of the books were in the remains of the library, so they escaped the burning."


"It was not an easy task, but yes."


I nod, head across, then left then right!


"I know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to keep you waiting. It was just… something I needed to discuss with Felfire."


"Great. What's the way? Is he okay?"


Whelp, follow him from him behind then.


"What were you talking about with her?"


"Yes. Once you reach the bilge."

Sure. You remember, right?

You follow it left. another three way fork.

He's not with her.

You arrive at the room.

"Oh, I see. That's unfortunate. So those are all of the books in the library? It must've been small…"

You find yourself at a room with a staircase down to water, no doubt the bilge. There are halls left and right from here.

You think you saw something move into the left hall.


You trail Sateo to the room above the bilge.


"Oh he is fine."
Just explain her the way I came. No desire to dig through the thread to look up the exact path.


Can I follow this?


Knock on the door.
"Hey there!"


"Oh, goodness no. These were just the ones that were still in moveable condition after more than 600 years of just sitting there. The rest of the library was bigger than this cabin, with shelves upon shelves of rotted old books that couldn't stand the test of time. Who knows what's been lost…"
I'll shake my head.
"But that's one of the reasons I'm transcribing these books. To make sure the knowledge in them doesn't end there. Another reason is that maybe I can sell some of the reprints. I figure if I shove enough gold at whomever wants the doctors to stay on the fleet, they'll let them go."


Okay, go to the left.


…'1d10' can i find the music yet again?

Roll #1 4 = 4



Fine, you pass Kilana and Sateo on the way to find Sitar.

No response.

"Hm… that's a shame. Do you think it will really be so easy to leave, though?"

You head left and find an autonomous shadow lurking in this room, standing by the hallways.

As you sit by the halls trying to get the sound of music, a diamond dog approaches.



Alright Follow Sateo.
"This ships really have many mysteries on them. Even I didnt know many of them. Imagine a spider nesting here?"


"Hello! Cloudy! It's me, Emrille!"


Gather muh ladyfriend and enter Sitar's room.


No reaction.

There was a shadow here until Felfire grabbed it and left.

The music stops. "Like, yeah?"


Here, you big baby.


"Felfire!" I called out.


I wave at the dog(s) and keep listening '1d10'
..or just return to Felfire.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Too late, she's gone.


"Okay, I know you are in there. Please don't make me go and bother Abilio just so I can talk with you.


Nothing. Hm.


"Honestly? No. The fact I haven't been 'done away with' is still somewhat confusing, but I figure I'll try to make the most of that while I can. And the money plan at least gives me something work towards, instead of just treading water for months at a time."


"I dunno mate, Seems like we should be getting close to the ale now."
one more left and we should be there.


"Something to do with the past, Summer…"


Quick hop back in time.
"Yeah Chip?"
We just met in the previous room!
"I brought somezebra along. A musician and a necromancer in life."
Show him Kilana.


I swear to fucking Hell if she was inside.
Go to Abilio's cabin.
And knock


I wave at them as I leave


I give a polite bow to Felfire's bard friend.


Right you are. You come out into a big room full of crates and barrels.

He nods vaguely. "Aiight. She's cool with substance, that's fine with me."



"Music and ale. Once we got Sitar to join the party, then the crew could relax and enjoy themselves even more."


"It's me.
Any idea where your mare is?"


Now… Wark. Where is Wark? He was sleeping earlier, right? Is he up by now?


"The… past? Huh?"


Fuck he's stoned out of his mind, is he?
"We were trying to play some old music."


I smile slightly and pat her on the head.
"Don't worry about it, sweetheart. You'll see soon enough."


I smile wide and check around for the list so we can note what we take.


"In here. She moved in."

Yes. He's up on deck where you left him fighting. It appears he won, versus Seekkill.

He seems to be having a good healthy round with the griffon, though, in good spirits (in more ways than one).

So stoned. The room reeks of whatever he uses.

"I've been doing some… experimentation in dissonance and quarter notes… Cool, right?"

There's a nearby requisition form. You're just supposed to sign out what you use.


"Oh yeah? Let me hear."
Lie down


"Oh. She did?
And can I come in? Not to move in, just to talk."


"Lets see."
"Wait… this isnt Sitars room is it?"


"So, how much ale are we bringing back mate?" I say to chip.. he did follow me right?



I suppose I should let him celebrate first. Plenty of time to talk to him ahead of us after all. Uh… Onik, what about Onik?


Is this guy serious?


I shuffle my hooves a bit.
"Can we go visit miss Cloudy Stripes?"


Ugly story. The commodore has him on drugs ever since he challanged him.
Fuck if I know how to help him.


"No.. This is where the ale is."


"Hmmm… Perhaps as much as the crew can drink… wait let me remember."
How many crew can I reemember? What is my estimates on how many ale we shall bring back?

"If not, perhaps we can grab some more later."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Or ooh! What about mister Keymaster? I haven't seen him in a while. Or maybe mister Chip?"


"Of course, dear."


I grimace slightly.
"Whatever you want, don't worry about me."


"Okay, a one, a two, a one two three…"


"Alright, come in."

Abilio and Cloudy are moving stuff around inside.

It's not. This is the big storage room.

She laughs. "Well, I had something to do with that."

She's probably back in the mansion. As a well dressed and well behaved pony, she was a good choice to keep in your Darklantern room.

You figure you'll be fine with one barrel. Who's even going to show up?


Off to go find Keymaster then!
He should still be in that one ships hold, right?


And smirk.
"Heey, this is just great! I'm so happy for you both!"


"Nah, lets carry just one barrel, or two so you can have something to carry." I smile at Sateo.


True, her vest is quite nice.
I just thought of something though, I haven't spoken to Skylight in fucking ages. Find her!


I'll look at her a little curiously, and with a vague tinge of concern.
"This wasn't related to helping Abilio with his experiments, was it?"


I stare blankly at you.
I smile a bit awkwardly.
Lets just get the violin and go


I nod. "Its not a party without ale."
"Would you mind doin' the signing part?"
l take a barrel


In the Darklantern, yes.

He's leaning against a wall, holding out a lantern, as though he was a lantern post.

Abilio nods. "Yes, we're quite pleased."

Cloudy blushes and carries something into the other room.

Back in your chambers, she's chatting with Curry.

"It was, actually. On one of my first days or nights here, you expressed your frustration that Smitts wouldn't teach you. So I asked Abilio if he could convince the Commodore to do lessons in exchange for something from me. So in exchange, I helped him with his work."


You each grab a keg.


"Hi mister Keymaster! Do you remember me?"


Approach her.
"Miss Skylight. Mister Curry."


Do the signing.

"We are still going to invite Sitar to come over"


"Say, if she moved in here, she won't be using her old room, will she?"
Smile like an angel and slide a little closer.


"…That's new.
REAL new.
And just why did you…" motion around with a hoof.
"Write it like that?"
Patience. I want to try and do something for him…


"Oh… I had thought it odd he'd extend the offer."
"Hey there, Light Heart."


"Its your party mate. Invite who you want."


"O'c's I'd', S'r. W't c'I d'f'y'?"

She nods in acknowledgement.

He shrugs. "I don't know what the old room is being used for."

"It's like… experimentation. Why should music be limited to sounding good? Or being in tune?"

She chuckles. "I wanted it to be a surprise!"


I grin at this.
"Lets go back to my room."

Carry the ale's back.


"And who would ever want to listen to it?"


"How are you both faring on this lovely day?"


Give him the blunderbuss.
"Hold this for a sec, will you?"

Into the other room where Cloudy is!


"Color me surprised, then. I'll have to come up with something to surprise you back."
"Well enough, Heart. Just picked up a little trick that'll make exploring the underdecks of other ships a bit easier."


I giggle.
"I forgot how funny you sounded mister Keymaster! But I just wanted to stop by and say hi because I haven't seen you in a while! How are you doing mister Keymaster?"


carry the ale back


"Anyone interested in musical expression. I think it's, like, a little shallow to listen to something just because it sounds good, and not because of like, the artistic value deep below, right? I was pretty shallow back before I started using. I used to only write music for the sound."

"Fair enough. We have a long voyage ahead."

"Er, what?"

You head in.

She rolls her eyes uncomfortably. "What is it?"

She chuckles a little. "It's alright."


"O'j's' l't'n t's'p. D'k 'n'ugh 's's'!"

You hike on back to the room. Now there's a huge crowd outside!



"What if… A challange. Write something that sounds good, but is new and daring.
Something that has never been seen before."


"Hmmm? Is that so? Do tell, I just had the worst time navigating through the hold of the Eagle's Roost myself. Absolutely dreadful."

"Are all your needs sated? Anything in particular you need? I realize I have not taken the time to speak to you in a while, with Dixie and all."


"Aww, come on, just because I'm no longer small you don't like me?"


Just look at the huge crowd.
"By the seas this is a bit too much." I gulp.


And then some time after I finish chatting with Keymaster, I run into Chip.
"Oh hi mister Chip!"
I wave.


Look around first before looking back at her.
"Hello there little pony, its been a while. What are you doing here?" I grin.


"I'm just wandering around the ship bored because Emrille's busy… what about you mister Chip?"


"She wanted to see you again… so I told her to go ahead."


"Emrille?" I scratch my chin.
"Out of boredom eh? Looks like everyone is bored these days if you tell me."

"Greetings Mrs. Water. How's the sea treating you?"


"The long trips are not too fun…"


"Yeah! Emrille's been teaching me to shoot lately! And I've been trying to pay her back for all the help she gave me and my momma…"


I give her the look.
"I see, perhaps I can invite to something fun. Most of the crew are tired and bored after the storm thats me and the others are going to held a party of sort. To enjoy life even for a moment."

I scoff.
"What? Emrille is teaching you to shoot a gun? Funny isnt it?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


That's a strange look.
"I… uh… I'd rather not. I don't think a lone mare like myself has any business there."


"Huh? Why's that funny?"

"You won't be alone though! I wanna go to a party too! Can we can we pleeeease?"


"I don't think that's a good idea Summer…"


"It's a pretty simple light spell, and you're not the only one who's had a bit of a time of it with the Eagle's Roost. Ended up falling headfirst into what was most likely bilge water."


I chuckle.
"That sounds like an unfortunate encounter."


Whelp lets try again. Give her the look.
>rng will give me a fedora if a 1
"Oh come on now Miss Spring, these are just the few times where you can have some good old time. Its not like you're going alone, Ms. LightHeart is coming too you know."

I grin.
"Funny because the first time I saw you, it looks like you cant even handle a gun. And now look at you, all grown up."
"Well growing up is a more correct term, I suppose."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"She is?"


"Considering it ended with me getting stuck in a wall by the horn? More embarrassing than unfortunate. Luckily Skylight was the one to find me. I hazard that Emrille's method of 'rescue' would involve bullets, taunts, and an inevitable trip to one of the healers."


I pout.
"I'm not that young!"


"Indeed, she do have interest in this sort of meetings but rarely drinks. Complications you see. So what do you think?"

"Are you now, so do you want to tag along?"


"To the party? Yeah! I like parties! They're fun."


I chuckle.
"You poor thing, if I had found you, I would have taken you along for the trip. These ships can be dangerous for a pony of small stature."


"Well… I suppose we could then."


"So I've been told."
I'll roll my eyes.
"As it is, I just got a decent soaking and nice chat with my sister."


"Great." I smile.
"You two can visit my place and there we can have a jolly time and relax."

"Oh, Ms Spring, have fun for awhile, life aint all gloom and dreary. Those ever present frowns wont do you good you know." I wink at her.


"Are you gonna have games there at your party mister Chip?"


"Yaaaay! Thank you thank you thank you!"
I give her a tight hug.


"How lovely."


"I know, I know…"


"Games?.. hmmmm.." I scratch my head.
"Do you play cards?"


I'll nod.
"Oh, and I'm making a bit of progress with those books. Turns out there might be mention of spells in some of them, if the first one I picked is anything to go by."
I'll rub my chin.
"Oh, yeah! Hang on a sec."
I'll go dig out the volume on the Elements of Harmony.
"If I could get a little help copying this thing down, I could hoof it over to miss Puzzle, since she's a follower of the Laughter sect of the Element philosophy."
I'll pause a second.
"Hoof over a copy of the book, not the book itself. Need the master copy so I can copy it more than once."


"You want me to aid with copying a book?"


"Uh… I like Go Fish! And one of my friends from school tried to teach me this one card game… Porker, I think. It's kinda confusing… but fun!"


"Not you personally, since you're a rather busy mare, but I thought I'd just throw that out there if you happen to stumble on anypony who has a steady hoof and is willing to work for gratitude."
I'll put the book down, and then clonk my front hooves.
"Ah, that's right. Seekkill was interested in learning letters and how to read. Do you know if the quartermaster would let out some slate and chalk?"


"Porker? Good! At least you have the basics, the crew and I can teach you of other ways to play with a card set like caravan. If not perhaps dice games might do the trick too."


"You would need to ask the quartermaster himself that. Mister Mellow Marsh is the quartermaster of the Sirocco if you are interested. What of your sister? Or miss Spring?"


I'll glance at Skylight for a second, and then back to Heart.
"I just don't want to over stretch her kindness."
"As for miss Spring, she's got her hooves full with miss Seas. And since she no longer wishes for me to follow her around, it falls to Mera and her Mother to watch over her, while I try and, well… not mess up."


"Caravan? Isn't that that… trade thing? With a bunch of ponies and wagons and they always have really neat stuff?"


I raise a brow at that.
"Little Summer no longer wishes you to be around?"


"I think he means a card game caravaneers play, Summer."


"That's one thing. But like Ms. Spring has said, what I am talking about is the card game. A bit complicated that even I have a hard time grasping the rules. Porker will do fine." I scratch my head.


"Oh! I didn't know there was a card game named that too.

"Do you think Emrille knows how to play? She'd probably be really good at it if it involves betting!"


Wasn't I asking summer about her leg?


I raise a brow at that.


"Hmmm… I dont know Emrille is good at cards. I havent played with her yet."


I'll shake my head.
"It seems her sudden preference for Emrille's company extends even to removing undesirables from company so long as Emrille is involved. She even tried to shut Mera out of going with her for shooting lessons, since she wasn't sure if Emrille liked her or not."
I'll frown.
"You can understand that this is somewhat odd to me, since hardly a before that storm Emrille and Summer were at each others' throats. No one changes attitudes that swiftly."


"… Her sudden preference to Emrille's company? Whatever do you mean?"


"You can't have a conversation with her without her bringing up Emrille constantly. Not to mention that she practically threw what money she had to Emrille without first consulting either myself, or her own mother. Two doubloons to that greedy pegasus, and you can bet she's going to ask for more. And the Hamburgerburgers over on the Seaworthy would teach for free! I asked."
I'll shake my head.
"If I hadn't forbade her to use the temple funds, those probably would be gone in a twinkling as well."


"Huh? What about my leg?"

"All the sailors back home used to always get into fights over cards because they'd bet tons of money on them and lose it all… so Emrille would probably like it. So she's probably good at it!"


I rub my forehead.
"How odd indeed. Have you spoken to Emrille about this? Children can act strange sometimes."


And how you suddenly regained control? That happened, right?


"To the last of my knowledge, and from what the crew keeps telling me, the Commodore was rather serious about forbidding me to speak or interact with Emrille. So while this works out slightly, it's also concerning as to the sudden shift in attitude on miss Seas's part. Her mother's convinced it's just a phase, much as you seem to suggest, but it just seems fishy."
I'll shrug.
"This could just be my disdain for Emrille talking, though, and coloring my thoughts."


"If that is the case then I might invite her over too. See if what you're saying is true and all that." I scratch my head.


"Yeah?… Why?"
Also psst Spring you should be in this convo too

"You didn't already invite her? Why not?"


I'm here! But I'm letting you do the talking. I'm not a social pony.


I nod.
"Perhaps I could talk to her some time. It is not nice of her to exclude you like that, child or not."


"The reason is what bothers me. If it were for her own comfort, I would agree without hesitation. But she said 'because Emrille doesn't like you.' I don't ever remember her deferring to Emrille's character judgements before we left Dixie."


"Perhaps it slipped my mind." I smile.


"I can't see why… Emrille's fun! I can't think of a reason why not to invite her."


"Well… from what I hear, little Summer does prefer mares over colts…"
I chuckle.


"Fun? Really?"
I just fold my arm
"Well it appears you two are friendly now it seems. Thats good to hear kind of."


I'll give her a look.
"Of course she does. She's ten. To her, colts are still icky and covered in cooties, or whatever it is they call them now. Colt germs."


"Well, what if.. what if I told you I fixed it but in a way so crazy you probably won't believe me? "


Chuckle again.
"Perhaps, perhaps…"


"Why is it such a big deal that I like Emrille now?"
I angrily huff.

"…Huh? What are you talking about, mister Borders Skewed?"


"What? What do you mean?"

I roll my eyes a little.


I'll huff.
"Well, whatever the tides bring in, the tides bring in."
A small glimmer of worry will cross my face.
"Light Heart, do you think I'm… unreliable?"


I shrug.
"Well you two seems to act like cat and dogs back then. Well if you ask me."


"That seems like a rather silly question to ask me after Dixie, mister Curry."



"well, see, my work allowed me to entire some sort of plane called the Astral Theatre, where I saw everything you all were doing, all of you as… puppets. Summer's unmoving leg had it's puppet string broken, so when I fixed it, it began to move again.


"…Huh? What are you talking about? I'm confused…"


"… Okay."
Any signs of drug use, spastic movements or intoxication I can spot?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nope, looks like he appears clean.
"That sounds like a strange dream."


"Is it? What if miss Seas clinging to Emrille is because she doesn't think I'm capable enough to keep her safe?"
"What if… what if she throws me away…?"


I lower myself to his eyelevel and rest on the floor.
"Correct me if I am wrong, but Summer has never been seriously injured or experienced death. I have. Several times in fact. I do not see any reason for her to feel unsafe, as we are all taking good care of her. It may not be the perfect environment or atmosphere, but there are fillies of her age who have it far worse than her. She should be grateful to be in good health."


"I know! Honestly, I know it could be incredibly worse for her than it already is. That's why I worry. I don't want any of those 'worse things' to happen."
I'll shake my head a moment.
"But if I can't even stop the little things, what kind of hope do I even have of stopping the big ones?"



"Everything that happened that I observed seems to have correlated with things that actually happened in reality, or what you all observed of it. So yes, the implication is if we're all really puppets in a cosmic show. That's much of what my work has been trying to see. "

"So, if I'm right, I repaired a fundamental aspect of your leg and rebound it to whatever will directs us. Do you… Understa?"


I regard him for a moment.
"What… do you want, mister Curry? Do you truly only worry about little Summer and nothing else? Why should your life revolve around her alone?"


I give Borders an odd look before scratching my head..
"Uhmm come up again? Puppets?"


"That's preposterous, what are you even implying here?"


"Because that's what I was raised for! It's why I was fished out of the ocean! First to carry on protecting the shrine, and then protecting the priestess of Luna, should she ever arrive. I waited 30 years, Light Heart. 30 Years which is nothing to the lifetimes of those who came before me. Am I just supposed to throw that burden away? To fail in that one, single duty?"
A frown will tug at the edges of my mouth.
"Do you honestly want me to give up the single reason I'm still even alive? To just cast miss Seas to her fate, whatever it may be, and have it as no hair off my tail?"


"Puppets? Cosmic show?… Mister Borders Skewed are you… okay?"


I chuckle.
"You seem very much focused on the extremes. Who says you cannot have other goals aside from looking after little Summer? Would Luna descend from the heavens and strike you down for having personal desires and ambitions? She is alive and well, so I am not quite sure why you would consider your duty failed."


"What? Of course I'm okay."

"My point stands. In the theatre I saw Summer as a puppet, in Doc Peg's office, and all of you also as puppets panicking over her leg. The leg had a string that broke, so I tied it back, and your leg could move again. This much I stand by. "


"Because she isn't off of this fleet. So long as she's here, her life is constantly in danger, and not just from pirate hunters, random sea monsters, or other such flotsam, but the crew itself. They haven't done anything yet, but so help me I can't help but worry. This fleet is stocked with murderers, thieves, blackguards, and all manner of reprobate. I am trying not to make waves, Light Heart, as per our agreement, but this is still a fleet of pirate ships, and they will force miss Seas into a situation that will either harm her, or make her harm others. And not just in self-defense, either."
I'll shake my head.
"You know, she wants to stay? She doesn't want to go home anymore. I don't… I just don't know what to do. And that terrifies me to no end. I don't know how to keep her safe anymore. I don't think I ever really did."


"Ahaha… ha."
Do I see his serious expression?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I continue trying to stiffle my laugh.
"Apologies but… I really cant think of anything after you said that. Care to explain?"


"That… all did happen How did you find that out mister Borders Skewed?"


"This is just weird… how do you know all that?"


"You worry far too much. Did you know that Summer is quite popular among some of the higher ups? Mister Chip, mister Abilio, Doc Peg, miss Cloudy Stripes… But not only them, the Keymaster, miss Felfire, miss Tela are all fond of her as well. It is true, your situation is far from perfect, but panicking will not aid your cause. Simply continue to keep an eye on her as time goes on and all will be well. Yes there will be unpleasantness along the road, I cannot deny that, but you must move on. Unless you wish to lock her up in my cabin day and night to keep her safe, I suppose that would work as well."


"I'm also looking for an explanation. All I know as to how I did it was recall a symbol that I cannot describe or draw, as if it was meant to be incomprehensible. "

"I know. But what isn't?"


I'll shake my head.
"What kind of life is the life of a prisoner, Light Heart? I wouldn't, couldn't do that to her."
I'll grimace.
"But the problem is I don't know what to do anymore. In the beginning, I thought this would be easy. Free the captive priestess from an unruly gang of pirates. Problem solved, day is saved, Lunar church continues on and grows back to something reputable. But now? I've less direction than a piece of driftwood in a maelstrom."
I'll look at the books again.
"So I'm going to transcribe those books. That's something I can do. It may even be the only thing."


We'll continue this tomorrow when I get up or when you get up. Good night.


I just shrug.
"Magic aint my forte, I just want this ship to take more loot and get to a good place to land so we can have a good company and good food."

I then look at Spring and Summer.
"Perhaps they have an explanation."


Sometime, somewhere, I run across my sweet, lovely little Tela


"… Sup."


Flutter next to her.
"'Sup'? That's it?"


Stand on the tips of my hooves and reach up to kiss her on the cheek.


Smirk and kiss her back on the lips.
"Muuuuch better~"


"So what the hell have you been up to?"


"Oh, y'know, just this and that. I'm a busy mare, that's right."


"Good girl, keeping busy as always. You sound like Dainty now."


Mimick Light Heart's voice.
"Oh, am I?
How dreadful. Or is it? Do you wish I had such a posterior as she possesses too?"
Start to snicker


"You been looking at Dainty's ass, Emmy?"


"In Dixie, I saw her all wet…Mhhm, was that a sight!"
Keep snickering and nudge Tela in the side


"Wet? The fuck are you… ah screw you."


I let out a laugh and hug your neck.
"She was coming out of the sea, dummy."


"Oh. Didn't take her as a swimmer. Isn't the seawater too icky for her delicateness or some bullshit?"


"She was washing off some muckwater off of her. And she isn't that picky. Hell, she'd even fuck you."


I snort.
"She tried hitting on me once, did you know that? When I first joined the fleet."


"But you saved yourself for me, huh?~
Aww, ain't that sweet?"


"Don't get too cocky now."


"Hey, I did pick your dyke-flower, didn't I?"
Chuckle, and nudge her with a wing.
"And you wasn't looking as ravaged as I thought you would."




You think I had my eyes closed the whole time or something?"


"Uh… right. Well, you know… not all of us have loose cunts like yours!"


"You were the one so proudly talking about the dicks you took."


"Only to balance out your dyke gloating."


"It paid off, didn't it?"