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Monster Hunter Quest #3: Tall Tale (Thread 1) Sion 422833[Last 50 Posts]

[Character Sheets and Information: http://goo.gl/y9CC4]

Tall Tale.
A city of extremes, the wealthiest and poorest live there and inbetween them the vermin who prey on the weak.

Shall the city change our heroes forever or shall our heroes change the city?

Sion 422834

Iris listens breathlessly to both Warrens and Soils stories.

That might not have been a good idea '1d10'

"Well, the Doge is the leader of this town. Sort of like a mayor but somewhat more powerful.
Now, I don't have to tell you that things are rough in Equestria, and the government can't be everywhere at once.
It seems now that the Doge feels he's the new law in Tall Tale instead of the Pony Godesses. He made quite a bit of new laws and regulations, like that Arena. There was here an Arena before, but very tightly regulated. Now it's almost a slaughterhouse.
There also other rumors…."

Iris smiles. "I think you should get the Tall Salad. It's a specialty from around here."

Griff points to a zzebra on the corner.
"The owner. Not one you'd like to piss off. He's got connections."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Queren Pico 422838

Take a drink but keep my attention on him.

"Rumors about what?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422839

"What's a Tall Salad?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422841

"I don't read those sad ones. They are boring. Real books are those with a hero and an adventure and a monster and…"
Wave my hooves around making bigger and bigger signs in the air.
"Great. I have a tall hole in my stomach."
Motion the innkeeper for two sa-
"You want one too, right?"
Make that three.

Sion 422842

And it wasn't, the pegasus blocks your attempt to hit him with your hooves and slams you back.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422843

"Likely a salad piled to, well, the proportions of a tall tale."
I'll smile a little.

Snacks(DD Ranger 422849

I nod upon this. I then flinch a bit seeing Amber being trashed.

".. how many have your group caught today?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422850

"It's good taste better not be a tall tale too!"

"Uh, how old are you exactly?"


N-No… maybe not… roll for damage?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422854

"He's a bit simple, but his heart's in the right place."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422856

Pull up my hooves and try to count.
"Twe… Thir… Twenthirty?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422857

I nod.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422861

Grin and nod veemently like nothing's wrong.

Sion 422862

"It's a salad with cucumber, tomatoes, rhabarber, citrus, pineapple and a tiny cherry on top."
Says the waitress.

"So 3 salads. Anything to drink?"

"That the Doge and his cabinet is involved in some dark shit. I've heard they gather in dark passages to worship Lokri (the griffon name for Tirek), probably the reason why they don't do anything about the crime around here."

Will he continue his attack? '1d10'

"We've got 2 ponies. One mare and one stallion. The mare has already been shipped off. She was worth a lot of money, the mares always are." He chuckles.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mabel [Duelist] 422867

Keep smiling…
Oh geez…

"Rhabrhra what?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422868

"Water for me. Not gonna drink anything before a fight. Makes me go whoozy."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422871

"I'll have one as well. Do you have tea?"
"I think it might be related to a rhubarb. A type of root-plant, I think. Fairly tasty."

Sion 422873

Iris just smiles kindly
"Have there been other adventures? I mean besides what all of you did on the road here?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422874

"If you say so."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422876

"Well, there was the thing in Silverhaze. Soil, you might want to field that one."


Does he? Try and dodge either way…

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422879

"There was this thing with a dragon and zombies who just didn't die, but they were kinda meh.
Talked a bit too much.
Oh, but the manticores where fun!"
Clop my hooves together in excitement.

Snacks(DD Ranger 422881

Give off a sort of chuckle.
"They always do from Snacks experience too."
"Say, who is that gem pony who served us drinks?:"

Queren Pico 422882

"These lands have already suffered so much, why would they want add more on top of it? The King might be right in claiming these lands, if only for the little ones' safety."

Let's look around, are there any other interesting characters here.

Sion 422897

"Indeed, it's really similar to rhubarb, but a bit sweeter, goes well with the cherry."

The waitress takes your orders and returns soon with the salads and drinks.

Your last attack with your hooves didn't work. You flail around and try to hit him with your back hooves. You hit him slightly and the pegasus grasps his chin in pain and falls on the ground. After 10 seconds you are declared the winner.

You feel strange about it, like that last attack shouldn't have done that.
Zeb climbs on and takes your hoof to raise it.
The crowd cheers for you.

"Star? She's a cutie isn't she?
All the way from those Crystal lands, she came here one day for adventuring and I told her I was looking for a sidekick. She believed it" He laughs. "And after th-…"
He looks at the stage.
"Oh that's a bit silly. Some ponies aren't going to believe this fight isn't rigged. He should have acted better."

You Snacks talking to a group of Diamond Dogs, you see a zebra raising Ambers hoof.
You also see a group of rich looking ponies in a corner. You also see a guard getting drunk at the bar, looking depressed.

"Let's hope so. There's no end to greed. These ponies have no sense of honor, their Pony Godesses can't help them for like 5 minutes and BAM they go worshipping evil things."

Snacks(DD Ranger 422904

I just smile at him and pat his back.
"Snacks like Griff as Griff like Snacks and Snack likes that. Snacks would like to see Star more in the future. As for now Snacks will attend to a friend of his, excuse me."

Stand up and go to Ambers side at the stage.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422907

Also, dig in.
And hope the two salads are enough to satiate me.

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18

Amber 422908

"W-What? I won?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422910

I'll take my time and enjoy the salad and tea. I'm paying for it, after all, so I should at least taste it.

Snacks(DD Ranger 422917

"Is Amber pony safe? Are you not hurt? We got to get out of here."
Is she even hurt?

Mabel [Duelist] 422918

"Get me a salad like that then. Also, if you have some honeymead or sweet ale, get some of that too."

Amber 422921

"Huh? Snacks? Did you see? I won!"

Sion 422923

Zeb smiles.
"Yes, you did. Great work kiddo. Ready for another one? After Anna, of course."
You see Anna at the bar dressed up and ready to fight. She's cheering for you.

another salad for mademoiselle.

These are big salads and very tasty.

Mabel [Duelist] 422924

Let's start eating.
Is it as good as they say it is?

Snacks(DD Ranger 422926

I then whisper to her.
"Amber, Snack has to speak with you."

Queren Pico 422928

"What would the family say if I delivered these lands to them, I wonder?"

"Look over there, one of the guards is drinking himself into a stupor. Let me stop him before he causes a ruckus, I'll be right back."

Sion 422929

How about you roll for it?

Amber 422930

I grin
"Yeah! Although…"
I look at Lift
"I don't really understand how…"


Mabel [Duelist] 422931

Oh, right. Some guaranteed quality service this is!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422934


Turn to Warren.
"Where are the others anyway?"

Snacks(DD Ranger 422935

Lead her down the walkway.
"Amber and Snacks must get out of here, its not safe. Many eyes are at Amber now"

Amber 422937

"What? Eyes? Oh! Yeah they were watching me fight! I don't really get how I won though…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422938

"I have no idea. Snacks left before I managed to land and talk to Bedrock and Mabel here. You're one of the few others I've seen since I got into town."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422940

"Uh. Guess we will have to gather them all then."

Sion 422944

The griffon nods.

The guard seems to be drinking his liquor.
"whaddaya want?"

The salad is undercooked. It's almost raw, like animal food.

Snacks(DD Ranger 422946

I scrunched at this.
"Amber pony is not safe, we need to go back to the others as soon as possible."

I then look at the other pony.
"is that earth pony your friend?"

Amber 422947

"But I'm safe! Look!"
I circle around myself
"Not hurt at all! I'm not weak… I can fight on my own."

Queren Pico 422949

"You look like you're drinking quite the sorrows away. Care to share and releave yourself of some of that burden?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422952

Push the plate away.
"This salad sure is crap."

Snacks(DD Ranger 422954

I bit my lips.
[s]"Snacks dont want to spoil crystal ponys fun but her fight is rigged. Crystal pony is meant to win."/s]

Sion 422961

The earth pony gets in the ring and starts fighting another unicorn.

Griff comes over.
"Snacks, why don't you introduce me to your friend here?"

"What's the point anymore, griffon? This whole damn system is corrupt. You try to do something about it, but all you get is shit."

"What are you talking about?" says Bedrock who's come back.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422965

Raise my head off my empty bowl.
"Not a clue Rock, this salad is delicious!"

Mabel [Duelist] 422966

"Check it yourself. It's just stuff thrown together without being prepared at all."

Amber 422967

"W-What? Bu-"

I cock my head
"Uh… hello?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422970

"That's generally what salads are. Fresh lettuce, tubers, vegetables… A salad."

Mabel [Duelist] 422971

"I know what a salad is, but this just… bleh."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422973

"May I?"
And I'll take a bite of her salad. Is it as bad as she thinks? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD Ranger 422974

"Calm down, Snacks dont want Crystal pony to be caug….:"

I just frown slightly before giving a weak grin at Griff.
"Amber… this is Griff, Griff Amber…."
I then stand between her and him.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 422975

Yep. Exactly as bad as she thinks.
"This… well, that's… You did get a bum salad, it looks like."

Friesian Cross 422977

"Let it out. Your amongst comrades here. It'll be good for you."

Amber 422978

"… What's wrong? What's going on?"


"What? I can't believe this!"
Taste that salad myself.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422982

"You guys have gravel or something on your tongue?
This salad is great!"

Sion 422984

Bedrock takes a look at it.
"Ah, raw salad? I love that stuff. Give it to me if you don't want it. I'll pay you a new one. Besides…"
As he takes the salad without waiting for an answer.
"You're quite the popular donkey it seems, Mabel."

Iris nods. "It's quite good. But it's a special taste, maybe you could try something else Mabel? I'm sure you'll like a hay salad."

"Griff. Businessdog."
He holds out his paw for a shake but Snacks stands between you and him.

"Snacks, relax, I just want to meet her. That's all."

"I'm a guard here, Root Bark's the name.
For 5 years now, I've been trying to stop those gangs….well, you can see the result."

"I know right?"says Bedrock who takes the salad by now.

Mabel [Duelist] 422985

"See, I told you it was-"

Roll my eyes.
"You can have it then, pal. I'll just have hay fries. They can't ruin that."

Mabel [Duelist] 422988

Nod to Iris.
"I like hay fries better."

"Am I? Can't help it, show business and all.
Must be good at it."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422989

Nod eagerly, then look at Iris.
"Yours not broken too, is it?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 422991

"Oh yeah. What you been doing till now?"

Snacks(DD Ranger 422993

I just look down a bit.
"Snacks is just being cautious."

Snack trust Grif and I know who are not on the target list."

Queren Pico 422994

"Calm yourself and take a drink. Do what you can as best you can, which is some advice I got in my early days and you look in need of. Take your mind off the gangs, what about all the others you've helped in that time?"

Mabel [Duelist] 422998

"As I said, show business!"
Point at the pony.
"Bedrock here even saw me preform one of my better acts."

Sion 422999

Bedrock nods.
"Ah in that case you'll have to do it yourself, Some ponies came around asking me about you and where you were, but I never say anything about my associates, you understand. Just in case."

Let's roll for taste. '1d10'

Griff laughs.
"You don't have to worry about that, buddy."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 423001

"I think I'm not so hungry. Do you want it?" Iris asks.

Amber 423002

"What's going on here!? Worry about what!? Who rigged the battles!?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423003

"And I do believe you didn't say exactly what that act was. Care to share now?"
"Would you like some tea, miss… Oh, I don't think I got your name, did I? Or it must have slipped my mind."


Okay, can I pick up the disgust in her face?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 423006

"Oh, did they now?"
Cough a bit.
"I'm sure it was nothing. We can talk about it later though, just to see if I know them personally."

"Right now? I can't perform on an empty belly. I'll wait for those hay fries first."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423007

"It can't be so hard to just say? Unless surprise is part of the act."

Snacks(DD Ranger 423008

"I stare at her.
"Keep it down crystal pony! We dont want trouble thats why we got to get out of here! We got to move."

I then look onstage.
"You have to get your friend too if Amber want."

I just weakly smile.
"Snack hopes Griff knows how worried Snack is right now."

I then look at the crowd.
"Sorry,…. but sometimes Dogs do change too. Life is… water, not stone."

Queren Pico 423009

Mabel [Duelist] 423011

"It's almost like eating, really."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423012

"Nah. Two and a half were enough. Great place though."
Look curiously between both of them.
"What's this show about?"

Amber 423020

"Tell me what's going on here! You can't just say that and then not say anything more about it! I don't like this…"
Look over to Anna

Mabel [Duelist] 423021

"Fine, fine, do you all really want me to show off right now?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423022

"Food and a show, what's better?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423023

"Only if you wish to."

Snacks(DD Ranger 423025

"This place is not safe pony, Amber is being used for profit since the fights are rigged, Snacks will explain further once we get out of here."

Mabel [Duelist] 423027

"It's no bother really. Just make sure the staff has a nurse if I mess up."
Chuckle, stand up beside the table, then produce the short rapier and present it to them.
"As you can see, this is a perfectly fine little sword, which can be used to hurt those who need hurting, right?"

Amber 423028

I scrunch
"Fine… but we need to get Anna too then!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423030

I'll nod, and watch as she goes through her act.

Snacks(DD Ranger 423031

I nod at this and watch Anna's fight will keeping close to Amber.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423032

Nod, eyes fixed on the sword.

Mabel [Duelist] 423035

"Now, observe."
Give a look to them, especially Soil.
"Don't try this at home."
Swallow that sword.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423037

I'll clap appreciatively, but softly so as to not bother the other patrons.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423038

"Ooooh, that's why you don't like salad!"

Sion 423039

"It's Iris. Iris Blues. And I'd love some tea."

Some ponies look at you.
Griff bows. "Be quiet about that, pony. Some around here aren't friendly.

Bedrock digs into the food.
"I think they left for now. Should I tell them you're here next time or would you rather handle it yourself?" He says with a small grin.
You get some hay fries.

Griff frowns.
"I thought you were one of us, Snacks."
He walks away.

He sighs.
"So many ponies I've helped. But it's a drop in an ocea really. We should be fighting the source…"

"Well, I'm so full, I'll just leave it then."
She pushes her dish aside.
"So tell me more about this dragon. I've never seen one before."

She's fighting like a champ.

You swallow it.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423042

I'll wave down another server and order a pot of tea. A nice chamomile if they have it, or maybe something with a bit of honey in it.

Mabel [Duelist] 423044

Take it out, then bow with a smirk.
"Maybe I'll show you how to do the long rapier next time."
Sit down again, and start eating those hayfries.

Turn to Bedrock.
"They were just probably some excited fans… no need for them to know where I am."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Amber 423045

I stick out my tongue at Griff
Keep watching Anna fight.

Snacks(DD Ranger 423046

I just watch Griff walk away and then kept my focus on watching Anna fight,

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423049

Eyes still glued to Mabel, I'll try to piece together an answer.
"Oh, the dragon.
Big. Poison gas that made you an undead.
Big, very big."
Turn to her.
"Left a hole the size of a mountain in the mines next to Silverhaze."
"We were so damn close to stopping him!"
Clap a few times for the show.

Mabel [Duelist] 423050

"I'm always accepting donations."
"To fund any injuries I might suffer while doing a show."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423053

"Oh, but there is Amber for that.
She can heal."

Sion 423058

They aren't bad, but that's all.

Have some Earl Grey tea mah boi.

Annas punches are very powerful and in no time her challenger bites the dust.
She smiles wide as Zeb takes her hoof and raises it.

She looks confused.
"A dragon the size of a mountain? But that's impossible…"

Mabel [Duelist] 423062

Eh, eat them anyway.


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423064

Wonderful. I'll pour Iris a cup.
"Merely improbable. There are things sleeping beneath the earth no pony has seen for centuries, just waiting to pop out. This particular dragon managed to enslave an entire tribe of diamond dogs, and even while underground still managed to almost take over Silverhaze."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423065

Remark slowly, moving a hoof as to punctate each word.
"No, a dead dragon the size of a mountain.
That's the important part."
A crystal pony, travels with us. Great healer."

Amber 423066

When she's done, quietly approach her
"Anna! We need to go now! No time to explain!"

Mabel [Duelist] 423070

"Nice. Always good to have one. Healer, I mean."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423073

"It's small, but you have something to hold, so hold onto it dearly friend. But you believe there is someone behind all the violence? It seems to me just Equestrians going around doing what they want when their Princesses aren't looking."

Sion 423075

Iris thinks about this for a second.
"That reminds me of those stories I've read about spider cities underground."

"Huh? But Zeb asked me to do another match and I already said yes…"

The guard frowns.
"The Princesses are always looking out for us. One day they'll send their guards to stop those gangs, you can be assured of that."
He sighs and look back at his glass.
"They're just too busy now…Tall Tale is still relatively peaceful and no threat to Equestria as a whole, they have more important things to worry about…"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423077

"Oh, right, spiders.
I like their hats!"
Turn to Warren.
"Hey, I think Snaks is still saving that one!"

Amber 423078

"It's dangerous! The fights are being rigged, these are bad people! Just please follow us out for now, we have friends we can go to to ask help!"

Mabel [Duelist] 423079

"Never liked undeground stuff."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423081

"Well, we may not have seen a city, but there were some rather large spiders…"
I'll nod.
"Yes, the bowler hat, wasn't it? It fit him well."
"It's all in a day's work, really."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423083

Take a drink.
"I won't disagree with you on that. We ran into a gargantuan dragon on our way here, there are bigger things to worry about. But tell us, who do you think is the Source for all this?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423087

"This work does sound good, so I'm not going to shy away from them."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423088

"We should go find the others and fix this gang stuff before leaving…"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423091

"I'd advise working together with the guard. Or at least, as much of the guard that's still honest."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423092

"I don't trust them.
I'm starting not to trust anypony…"
Cross my hooves and scrunch.

Mabel [Duelist] 423093

"Why are you so set on this?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423096

"Well, there's a saying where I come from. 'It's alright to trust in the gods, but don't forget to lock your door.' What it means is that, while it's alright to stick your neck out a little for others, don't forget to make certain you're prepared for the consequences."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423099

Nod over to Iris.
"Got her in troubles when she helped me. Can't have that, no?"
"It's just a bunch of ponies.
We hunt monsters.
What's the worst that can happen?"

Sion 423101

Anna's feelings about this. '1d10+1'
+1 because freeeeennssss

Iris looks in amazement.
"You saw them? I read about them…
There are legends that say there are giant cities of them underground led by Spider Queens…isn't that weird? There might even be a giant city right under our hooves…"

"Oh I find it so fascinating. All those stories really…"

"The same place it always is…politicians. Normal, flawed mortal politicians, unlike our beloved Princesses. But they hide their tracks well. All I can do is try to get those gangs cleared out, and even that is impossible."

Iris coughs.
"Root can be trusted. I know he can be trusted."

Bedrock coughs as well.
"Soil, did I already tell you about the hydra?"

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Sion 423102

She looks uncertain at you.
"But this was a really easy fight Amber…
I can use it to make some quick money, just for a little while…

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423103


Amber 423104

"B-But Snacks says it's dangerous! You have to come with us! Please!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423105

Conversation's certainly starting to pick up. I'll just drink some tea for the moment.

Mabel [Duelist] 423106

"Everyone's got stories of their own. Sure you must have some too!"

"Still, gangs are nasty business."

[lemon] 423108

I just frown at this.
"Listen to Amber, earth pone. She is your friend."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423112

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423113

"Then you should be grateful. Mortals can only cause mortal harm. It's when the arcane gets involved that you should worry."

"How about I add a little light to your day. I'm Queren Pico. I hunt monsters and all sorts of beasts for pay, but I've been raised to respect the law and those who work for it. If you need help, or just a pair of wings, just let me know. It would be an honor to help someone who tries so hard to bring order to the land."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423116

"They are just ponies. Got no poison tail or undead breath. We can deal with'em.
Easier than a hydra, too."

Mabel [Duelist] 423119

"Yeah. Lots of them. And maybe they have even more friends. This is just asking for trouble, if you ask me."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423120

"Unless they have wizards. Or connections. They might have more than a few guards in their pockets."
I'll nod at this.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423124

"Fine, you two chicken out. I'm gonna do this alone."

Sion 423125

"Hydra, with the H of Hunter."

"But I already said yes….maybe you can stay here with me? We can watch each others backs."

Iris looks down.
"Eh me? I'm just a librarian, not even a full one, just the assistant. Not an adventurer like all of you…"

"Thanks Pico…if you really mean it, but if you really want to help, you'll need some more ponies or griffons. The tasks I've got in mind are really tough and I wouldn't look down on anypony for refusing them."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423128

With what she said I keep an open eye on the surroundings.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423129

I'll shrug.
"Did I ever say I wasn't coming with you?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423130

"Just saying'. Might not do good for your health."

"You must have some sort of story still! A late return?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423131

Try to get the pronunciation down.
"What's that?"
"You talk too much and say too little."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Amber 423132

"Just tell him you don't want to fight after all!"
I take out the money I earned from the fights and hoof it to her
"Here! Now you don't have to worry about losing out on money! Just… please come with us… I don't like this place!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423134

"It is a habit, I'm afraid."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423135

"It's stupid.
And makes me angry.
Like the bird stuff from the mine."
Frown at him.

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423138

"See those ponies over there? They may seem small, but they've got good hearts. They fought that dragon I mentioned earlier with me, they wouldn't worry too much about a few gang ponies and a sleazy politician or two."

"Now, take another drink, Maybe things will work out anyway."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423140

I just stare at the bits.
"Wow, Amber get that much in fighting>

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423141

"Hiding small facts is how I've gotten through most of my life, Soil. I've actually been more open with you and the rest than I have been with a great many ponies."

Sion 423142

She looks at the money and gives it back.
"Well…allright, but I can't accept this money. I'll come with you if it's that urgent."

Nothing suspicious going on for now.

"Well, I read a good book a few weeks ago.
It was about Daring Do and the Temple of Terror!"

"It's a beast with about 5 heads" Iris answers.
"Reptilian, it needs about 660 pounds of raw flash every day to live. It prefers swamps and bogs to live."

"Thanks…maybe there's still hope."

Mabel [Duelist] 423144

"Temple of terror, huh?
Was it exciting?"

Amber 423146

"I don't really care about the money really…."

Oh no, hoof that cash to her
"Please, just take it. I'll be fine without it."
We should probably start leaving now…

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423147

"And you are telling about this because?"
"Good enough."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423148

"There's always hope when you're alive. Always room for one more plan, one more gambit. You just gotta keep going. You're never alone when you're trying to bring order to the land."
Pat him on the back and finish my drink.
"If I ever wanted to see you again, where are you normally stationed?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423149

Lead them out of the place and back to Bedrocks store.
"Snack is worried of you Crystal pone, this place is not that safe as it seems…. "

Sion 423151

She nods enthusiastically.
"Yes, it was really exciting. Such a pageturner. I was glued to my book until it was over. I just couldn't stop reading!"

She looks down.
"Eh…I'm sorry. I guess I'm an egghead."

"I patrol in the slums. If you see a guard that will be me. Few guards come there."

You, Anna and Amber arrive at the market.
Nopony is there as it is late.
You do however see a sign at Bedrocks stall.
"Closed. For emergency deals, please visit me in the White Mare Inn."

"Please Amber, you need to eat too. I'll manage, I've still got money from the Arena, rather tell me why you didn't think it was safe."

Mabel [Duelist] 423152

"Now imagine doing that yourself, huh?
I left the circus too because I wanted adventure!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423153

Shake off my head.
"I meant Rock.
Why do we need to know about hydras all of a sudden?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423154

"Are there any other facts you might know, Iris? Perhaps knowing more about hydras may give us an easier time beating it."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423155

"Because we're hunting one that lives in the sewers."

Amber 423156

"The fights were rigged!"
I point at Snacks
"And he told me it was dangerous! He wouldn't say that without a good reason."
I look at Snacks
"That other diamond dog… you knew him? How? Is he…"
I trail off, looking at Snack expectantly

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423157

Smile and slam a hoof on the table.
"You should have told me sooner, damnit! That's great!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423158

"Well, I for one am certain the people of those places welcome having you around to keep them safe. If ever the opportunity presents itself, we'll talk again."

"Now enjoy your drink and enjoy the show. Just don't bet on the show, you've… Uh… Had too much to drink already."

Mabel [Duelist] 423159

"Never fought one before, to be honest."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423160

lead them to the white mare inn, perhaps ask the locals where it is.
I look away at Amber.
"Griff is a slaver and is whisking away ponies out of here to be taken to forts and tunnels for…. work."
"He even offered Snacks work but Snacks decline." I look at Amber.

Amber 423161

I gawk at him, mouth wide open in shock

Sion 423162

Iris smiles a bit.
Bedrock coughs.
"Like Warren says, I've heard there's one in the sewers, I need his heart and his brains. And I know all of you might just be able to do it.
You can keep whatever else it has."

"But all of you know how to fight!
I've never even held a sword before.
I have to get somepony else to swat a spider in my house…"

"Their heads tend to bicker. If you can get them to bicker amongst each other they'll be too busy to attack you."

"I don't bet on these shows. It all seems faake to me."

>Going to the Inn
Roll for luck.

Sion 423163

Anna looks shocked as well.

Mabel [Duelist] 423164

"You'll never learn it if you don't start, dummy."



Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423166

I'll nod.
"It's not like any of us speak hydra, though, so that's probably going to be harder than advertised…"
I'll frown slightly.
"And I don't there's enough room for me to fly down there so they end up attacking each other."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423167

"The jenny's right, you should try adventuring. Almost as fun as the books say."

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423168

"Sit down and enjoy it then. You're already starting to slur, maybe the alcohol will make it more fun."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423169


"Snacks didnt take the job. That is why Snack came to find you to keep you safe." I frown.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423170

"What about using a bait? You put it on one of the heads and the others go to eat it!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423171

"Well, aside from the almost constant danger and money issues."
I'll smile a little.
"But have you ever considered traveling, Iris? You said you were a librarian, correct? Why not head to one of the larger libraries to look for work?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423172

"Bait might work, though even getting it there would be dangerous."

Amber 423173

"W-We have to stop him! We can't just let a slaver walk free, snacks!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423174

"Hey, no money issue for me since I travel."
Grin a bit and relax on the seat.

Mabel [Duelist] 423175

"My plan was 'stab it until it dies'."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423176

"Alright, I'm going in with the shield then."
"I like this plan a lot."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423177

"The problem with that plan is how we hoofle the 'don't get eaten' part."
"Just remember we need its heart, and…"
I'll look at Bedrock.
"How many brains? All of them, or just one or two?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423178

"Stab the heads that come near?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423179

"Brains are weak. I make no promises."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423180

I'll shrug.
"I don't know exactly how big this thing is, so it having heads bigger than a grown pony should be something we prepare for, just in case."
"Try? Please?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423181

I just look at her.
"How? The place Snack visited is deep and long and…."

"… Snack dont want Amber to get in trouble."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423182

Hold my hooves up in the air and say nothing.

Amber 423183

"W-We'll find a way! Like back in Silverhaze! With Warren and Soil and Shortcake and… and everypony! The savior aided us back when we needed her help with Sombra, we should do the same!"

Sion 423184

You noticed some ponies following you but they seem to give up.
You reach the inn and see Soil and the rest at a table with some ponies you've never seen before.

"I don't know….I don't think I'm such a good fighter."

"I've always wanted to see other places, like those I read about in my books. Like that time Daring Do visited Canterlot and went into the catacombs beneath it…"

"I sure hope so."

"I need its "lower" brain. All heads have a brain but they all connect together at the base of their necks. There's a little brain there. I need that one."

Mabel [Duelist] 423185

"Ever tried to read one of those books then?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423186

"Soil! Warren! There's trouble! Slavers! Bandits! bad ponies!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423187

"Ah. Well, Soil, looks like if the heads get too close, you don't have to be careful."
And to Iris.
"Have you considered practicing magic? Or archery?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423189

I'll turn to look at Amber.
"First gangs, now slavers? Just how busy have you all been while I was away?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423190

I sigh.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423192

I nod at this.
"…. there are some dragons there. both young and old… ponies in there too ready to be carted. There is a room… in where Snacks is not permitted to enter."

"Snacks… can lead the group in…"

I keep watch at the windows.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423193

"Hey I remember that one! When she flew out of the waterfall as the mining cart was falling down the cliff!"
"Slavers? Cool, just more ponies to slam!"
"I found a few gangs and corrupted guards!"
"Great old pal!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423197

I hug him
"We should go as quickly as possible! We'll save them! We'll save them all!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423198

"Enjoy yourself. That's an order, you got me?"
Try to listen in, what's got her in an uproar?

Mabel [Duelist] 423199

"I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea. Might have to sit it out."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423200

"It might even be for the best. If we end up dying, well, they won't come after you and you'll still be free to perform and find other lines of work."

Amber [Crystal butt] 423201

"Huh? Who are you?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423202

"Didn't you say you reconsidered dying and all?"

Mabel [Duelist] 423203

"Oh, right, I'm Mabel. I got this hunting job from Bedrock too."
Look her over.
Crystal mare…
"You are Amber, right?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423205

I just sadly nod at this.
"Snacks got to warn that we should be careful, they might be expecting us. Also just tell when we should leave if its now or tomorrow."

Sion 423206

I'll assume you followed them to the White Mare Inn.
Congratulations you're with the rest of the group again.

"….maybe I could learn some weapon, if somepony could teach me…"

You thought you saw somepony looking in, but whatever it was is gone now.

Iris smiles enthusiastically.
"Yes, have you read the newest one about the Temple of Terror?"
You haven't. It's so new, you really can't.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423207

"Well, dying would be preferable than turning into what I saw."
"If we attack tomorrow, they'll have had time to move the slaves and set up more traps. We move now, we can still save some of them."

Amber [Crystal butt] 423208

I smile and nod at her

"Yeah! We should be quick!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423209

"Well, assuming we get out of this alive, I could give you a few lessons with a crossbow. Easy to learn, easy to use, but rather a pain to reload."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423210

I nod at Warren.
"Snacks knows the way, is everyone ready?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423211

Look around in confusion, trying to remember the ones I've read.
"I… Nope. Never read it."
"Oh, already?"
Get up and pick my shield.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423212

"Let me just pay our tab, and we can be on our way. Iris, Mabel, if you want to stay behind and secure the inn, that would be up to you."

Mabel [Duelist] 423213

"What did you see then?"

"So you are a healer too?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423214

"Yup! I can heal and fight."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423215

"I told you. I saw myself, as I could be. And it was a future I would rather die than see come to pass."

Mabel [Duelist] 423217

"Oh, that. Still, you are playing with fire."

"That's good… but are you sure you want to pick a bone with ponies instead of just doing this monster hunt?"

Sion 423219

Iris smiles.
"I'll lend you my copy then, when this is all over. I'll stay here while you're gone."


Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423220

"This must be something that Guard was talking about? Maybe I can find some evidence for him to use down there?"

"If I may offer a suggestion, don't use any fire spells you may know, and stop any enemies who can use it first. We can use their paper trail to save any who've been sold and track those responsible."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423221

"Stay safe."
"Now say that again but in normal talk."

Amber [Crystal butt] 423223

I look at her as if she's insane
"Of course! They're slavers! Princess Cadence saved us from the slaver Sombra a few years back as well! We have to honor that and do the same!"


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423225

"He wants to use their records against them by giving the guards enough evidence to lock them away for as long as necessary."

Mabel [Duelist] 423227

"If you say so…"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423228

I frown
"Sombra wasn't locked away… Neither should these slavers."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423229

"Meh, looks like too much trouble to me.
Let's just kill them all."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423230

"If we just go in there and kill them all, we're no better than thugs."
I'll shrug.
"Not that I'm opposed to killing a bunch of slavers, but we probably shouldn't make too much trouble."

Mabel [Duelist] 423231

Yeeeah, I'm going to just stay out of this talk.

Amber [Crystal butt] 423232

"The Savior showed us how it is done, I'll live by her example and purge these slavers!"

Queren Pico [Gryphon Tracker] 423233

"We can use the papers to find out where ponies have been sent to and help save them. Plus, we don't have the ability to stop them all, but the guards do."

"Save the papers, and we save more lives than we could imagine."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423237

"I'm not going to bother capturing them alive, they could always get back at the last minute."
"That's great to know. Papers.
You can read law-talk, right?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423238

I nod at this.
"Most dog slaver keep contracts and recipets of their sold slaves, most of it includes the one whom the slave was sold too…. "

"… yes, we will.."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423240

"Hey pal what's got you so down? Don't worry, I'm sure not all dogs are like them slavers!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423241

"Why are you so sad? We're going to save them!"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423242

I smile weakly.
"Its not that, Snack is not accustomed… fighting his own kind."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423243

"Hey, I fight ponies all the time. Not that hard."

Amber [Crystal butt] 423244

"Well… we've been fighting ponies too…"

Queren Pico 423245

"It just so happens that I know the perfect law-person to do that for us."
I smile.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423246

"Great going pal."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 423247

I scratch my head.
"Well Snack has not since the f…… perhaps Snacks will do his best."

"Remember, Griff told me that he has connection to the hifgher ups of the town. Slaver dog has money to pay the city watch thus the city watch let them do their own liberties….. "

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423249

"Then we get the list of who's on the take as well, and hold this over their heads like an executioner's axe."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423250

"And then we get help to take on the gangs, since they'll trust us.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 423251

"Having the guard on our side would be a bonus."

Amber [Crystal butt] 423252

"Right! Let's go!"
Rush out of the inn.
time for bed

Sion 423501

The 2 buffalo's look at each other.
"Well, it would be awfully rude of us to decline your invitation.
We will come with you mister Hakuna."
The buffalo's are following you.

You go into a frenzy and keep hitting the dummy with all your might for minutes.
When you finally reach the end of your strenght, you stop, breathing heavily and leaning on your mandolin.
You look at the dummy, it doesn't even have a scratch.
A mean laugh echoes from behind you.
"So this is the one that wants to challenge me?"

Is that the VIP lounge or….?

As for the rest…I suppose we'll wait a bit before going to attack the Bloodhound gang base?

Shortcake [Rogue] 423507

It's the VIP lounge.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423508


Let's go to a bar or something and order some drinks. Can't be too hard to outdrink two buffaloes, right?


Roll #1 10 = 10

Anonymous 423510

I quickly turn around to where I heard the speaking coming from.
"You the 'gryphon champion' or some shit?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423512

guess we'll have to wait then?

Melody Maker [Bard] 423513

Sion 423518

Consider yourself there.
Mwa and Melody are no longer here though.
Only the rich ponies, enjoying the fights.
The pony Mwa bet against turns to you.
"Ah, I don't believe we've been introduced yet. Are you part of Mister Hakunas entourage as well?"

You take them to a small bar not too far away and obviously these buffalo's can't hold their liquor. After only 2 drinks they're laying KO on the ground.
Those won't wake up soon.

You see a big muscled gryphon looking at you haughtily.
"I'm Gurion. And I take it you are my impromptu challenger? "

There are only 3 of you here right now. You may attack if you like or you can talk a bit more at the inn or do something else.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423519

"Hm, well that just won't do, will it?"

Search them for a key or something to the safe.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423522

"Why yes I am. I cook things for him."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423523

I nod.
"Call me Melody."

Sion 423526

You find a set of keys on them.

"What a delight. That cake looks delicious as well. Would you mind if I tried a piece? The arena food is so lacking in flavor."

The griffon offers you his claw.
"Well, miss Melody, I'm looking forward to testing your mettle on the field of battle."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423528

"I am afraid you cannot. My employer has told me that this cake is only for the champion and himself to share. He told me it was a tradition among his people."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423529

Take the keys, leave a little note saying that I can't have bodyguards who can't handle a few drinks, and sneak back to the safe to take the money.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Melody Maker [Bard] 423532

I shake it.
And after he leaves, I go back to wailing on the dummy.
C'mon… destroy this thing!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 423535

Here if the others decide to go and raid/attack now

Follow her.
"Does Amber pony even know where she will go?" I scratch my head.

Sion 423537

You stealthily go into the Arena again, avoiding all guards and you manage to open the safe and get the money without anypony spotting you.
The way out is clear as well.

You've upgraded to Money Level 3

The dummy took a lot of beatings already. Another flurry and you smash it into pieces.
In your anger, you don't stop until nothing but splinters remain.

"What a shame. Miss Melody, I was thinking about inviting mister Hakuna to one of our soirees tomorrow. Every pony who is somepony will be there. Maybe you could demonstrate your talent in cooking then?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423539

Here aswell.

Amber [Crystal butt] 423540

"Uh… no. You lead the way instead!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 423544

I smile.
"I would love to. I specialize in all manner of sweet pastries, cakes, and pies."

Snacks(DD ranger) 423550

"Is this all of us? Are ponies ready?"

If so, lead them to the slum area and just about near(but not that near) outside of the house of the slavers den that I visited. Also use supreme survivor to spot any threats nearby.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423551

Excellent. Lock the safe, drop the keys in the crowd, and take the money out of the arena.

Gotta figure out where to hide this. Is there a bank nearby? What about abandoned alleyways filled with bums?

Melody Maker [Bard] 423552

I grin. Finally back baby!
What other training devices do they have here?

Sion 423556

Let's sort this out for a second before we continue.
Bedrock and Iris will stay at the Inn.

Mabel doesn't seem to be coming.
Anna gets her greatsword ready "I'll come with you."

You will be starting the attack when ready.

"That sounds delightful."
He looks down towards the Arena.
"Oh my, it seems the fight will begin soon. Where is Mister Hakuna? He'll miss it."

You look around to see some ponies lifting weights and training their wings.
A zebra comes for you.
"Get ready, Miss Melody, the fight begins in a few minutes."

Sion 423557

There are some alleyways with a bum here and there.
And a bank a few streets further.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423559

Wait a minute.
"Hey Snacks, Amber, who's this pony here?"
Point at Anna.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423561

I look around.
"I'm not sure. Perhaps he is waiting for me near where the champion trains? Could you tell me how to get there from here?"
Once I get my directions I go down to the training area.

Snacks(DD ranger) 423562

"Ambers friend." I look at her.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423563

"In a few minutes?…"
I nod.
"Okay. Gimme a… a primer on the rules or something. What's allowed and what isn't allowed?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423564

"That's Anna Apple! She's a gladiator like me!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423565

Run to bank, put money in safe deposit box under the name "Mtu." Run back to arena's VIP room.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423567

Cock my head.
"A gladiawhat?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 423568

"Arena fighter! We fought each other earlier today and she beat me. She's really good."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423570

"Hey I didn't know about no arena!"
Turn to Anna, offer a hoof. No, actually, take it and shake it.
"You gotta be damn strong to beat Amber!"

Snacks(DD ranger) 423571

I scratch my head.
"Not here to question ponies fighting prowess but Snacks knows the fight is rigged so…

Sion 423572

"I'm Anna. I'm a friend of Amber. We fought in the Arena together."

You're in the training area, you see Melody in the distance.

"Any weapons or technique of fighting is allowed as long as you don't hit below the belt.
Do not kill your opponent. Fighting until he surrenders or is unconcious for more the 10 seconds counts as victory. Are you ready?"

You make it right in time.
"Ah mister Hakuna. You're just in time."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423574

Amber [Crystal butt] 423575

"No, the big arena!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 423576

"Any weapon? Including this?"
I gesture to my gun.
"Because that just seems completely unsportspony like."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423577

"Excellent. Where is Ms. Shortcake, my cook? She was supposed to do something for me before the fight started."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423581

I walk over to Melody.
"Where is the pony you are fighting?"

Sion 423583

She shakes it back.
"Thanks, one day, I'll be the Arena champion, just like my cousin."

"Any weapon will be fine, miss Melody."

"I believe she went looking for you within the Arena barracks."

Let's see where he is '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 423584

He's making his way to the Arena pits right now.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423586

"The pony? You mean that gryphon, Gurion? I dunno where he is. He left a bit ago."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423589


I hurry over to him.
"Sir, please, my employer wishes for you to wait for a moment!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423597

"Not if I get there first."
"Once we done with all this slavers and gang stuff. And the hydra.
And the dragon…"
Start thinking to myself.
"Damnit got no time to do nothing!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423600

Go down to the barracks and meet up with Shortcake.

Snacks(DD ranger) 423602

"We got a lot in our plates, lets go then." I nod at this.

Sion 423603

He stops.
"And I do not work for your employer, whoever he may be. You've got 10 seconds."

She's talking with a griffon.

She puffs her chest.
"I'll be the first. I've been training for this for years."

"Time to go, Miss Melody."
The zebra says.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423605

"You still told us nothing about the place.
How many? Where are we going?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 423610

I offer him a cake.
"It is zebra tradition to share a meal before combat like this."
I look around then point him out.
"There he is. He can explain the finer details."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423614

"Ah, yes, Mister Gurion. I am here to wish you luck in the match. It is tradition in the zebra countries to offer a small meal to one's opponent before a fight. I had my cook bake you this small token of respect. It would be most pleasing if you ate some."

Snacks(DD ranger) 423620

I scratch my head as I lead them to the dog camp.
"We are near, we are in the slums already."
"Snacks dont know how many, but dogs got dragons locked up. They could use that, also they got slaves in chains so we can set them free. Snacks advice is that we must be ready for ambushes."

Sion 423621

The griffon looks at both of you.
"This is extremely kind, mister Effendi but I do not eat right before a battle. Had you come earlier I'd be delighted to join but right now I feel a bite would not be a good idea."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423622

"Let's go knock down their door then!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 423626

"Alright then."
I set off with the zebra.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423633

"Oh, such a shame. And it is most delectable, too. Miss Shortcake's goods are always enough to satisfy, and they give great strength to whoever partakes.

"I'm sure they would help you keep up your strength in the match. It's only fair.

"Melody, your opponent, eats Shortcake's goods all the time, and she will be greatly invigorated, I'm sure.

"So, please, in the interest of fairness and honor, I ask that you eat some."


Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks(DD ranger) 423637

I nod at this and lead them to the address.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423640

"It's very good."
I hold it under his beak and try to tempt him with it.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 423650

"Well it does look very delicious. Very well then, it does look delicious.'
He takes a tiny bite.
Rolling for effect '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 423659

He will receive a -2 penalty after 1 turn in the arena.

Get to your places.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423665

I get in position!
Try to hold a triumphant pose, maybe even play a little tune on my entrance.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Melody Maker [Bard] 423667

>play an inspiring little tune on my entrance

Shortcake [Rogue] 423668

I follow Mwandishi.

Snacks(DD ranger) 423672

Well if everyone is ready that is

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 423676

I don't feel like going in today, only with 3 players.

Sion 423677

You all arrive at the big building.
All of you see 2 red dressed guards, guarding the entrance. The main doors are closed.

You're inspired. +1 to your next combat roll.
Please roll for initiative (this one is not the +1 roll)
Gurion rolls for initiative '1d10'

You're both back in the VIP lounge.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Melody Maker [Bard] 423700

Melody Maker [Bard] 423704


Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423706

Take a seat near the front.

"I think my girl will give your boy quite the fight, gentleponies."

Snacks(DD ranger) 423710

Alright will wait for Warren and Knight then.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423713

I eat a small slice of the cake.

"She is quite the fighter."

Sion 423715

Gurion has the initiative and charges at you with his greatsword raised.

"We're curious mister Effendi, she doesn't look that strong."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 423716

Dodge and smack him down!
Cheap Shot!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423717

"Should you really be eating that?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423719

"Well then I think you will be in for a very rude surprise."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423724

"I'll be fine as long as we don't have to run out of here."

Sion 423730

Melody quickly grabs her gun and masterfully shoots Gurion in the arm. The griffons charge is broken and he looks meanly at you.
Suddenly his eyes grow weak for a second and he shakes his head, as if he feels troubled by something.
He attacks with his sword. '1d10'

"She certainly seems to know how to handle that gun."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Melody Maker [Bard] 423733

Dodge and hit him with my mandolin!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 423734

Even poisoned he hits quite fast. Slashing your front leg before you can dodge.
The crowd cheers.
He goes for another slash '1d10'

Melody 4/5

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423735

"She knows her way around, yes."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423737

Fly over him and smack his head with my mandolin! Cheap Shot!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423738

Hey what happened to the -2 last round?

Melody Maker [Bard] 423740

I think that his talent is regular attacks, so it just takes away the +2.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423744

His normal attacks are at +2.

Sion 423748

Gurion standard receives a -2 to every. hit. He's been equalized now.

And you do just that, slipping away as he tries to smash you with his sword and hitting him over the head.

"Tell me, mister Hakuna, where did you meet such a swift fighter like her?"

Sion 423750

Rolling for Gurion '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 423754

>standard receives a +2 to every hit.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423756

Heh. What an amateur.
Time to get flashy!
Try to shoot the sword out of his claws!

Roll #1 6, 2 = 8

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423762

"I found her out near Las Pegasus several years ago while I was traveling. She's a good fighter, but an even better musician."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423769

"So long as she remembers to retune her mandolin after each fight."

Sion 423770

You unload a salvo on the confused griffon and he drops his sword as you hit his claw but in a lightning fast move he turn around and hits you with his other claw.

Melody 3/5

Gurion tries to grab his sword and slash you again. '1d10'

"Quite the talent it seems. Did you visit the Diamond Dog Casino while you were there?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Melody Maker [Bard] 423775

Oh hell no!
Fly over there and trip him before he grabs the sword, then wail on him! Cheap Shot!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423776

"No, I'm afraid not. I've tended to avoid Diamond Dog settlements. Cold, dank. Not much fun, if you ask me."

Cherry Merry [Warlord] 423781

That was an easy one for you. The crowd watches in disbelief as the usually so fast griffon stumbles around to grab his sword. You easily trip him and fire another salvo at him while he's down.
He tries to grab his sword again. '1d10'

"Oh it isn't a cold, dank, dog fort. Modeled after it, but with all the delights, splendor and glamour of a Las Pegasus casino of course."
He looks at the fight.
"My word, I've never seen Gurion as slow as this."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Shortcake [Rogue] 423784

"Maybe his age is showing?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423786

"Well, we all have bad days.

"I say, have you tried this cake?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 423795

I don't even need the gun this time.
Grab the sword and toss it away, then kick him in in stomach. Hard. Cheap Shot him again!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Cherry Merry [Warlord] 423802

1 turn recharge on Cheap Shot but it doesn't matter in this case.

Gurion tries in futile to grasp his sword while you throw it away.
Then you raise your hoof to hit him only to lose your balance and fall on the ground as well. (not helpless.)
The crowd doesn't know what to make of this.

Gurion again tries to grab his sword. '1d10'

"My, I haven't? I'd love a piece…."
He looks again to the arena.
"Now that's just embarressing, I've never seen anything like this before."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 423806

"For us, or for your champion?"

Sion 423811


Shortcake [Rogue] 423818

I nod.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423820

Fucking fuck.
Scramble back to my hooves and grab the sword! Slash him with it!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 423825

This time the Griffon is too fast for you he grabs his sword again and before you can react, hits you with the flat of his blade with it.

He tries to strike again. '1d10'

"So mister Hakuna, I've been thinking. Would you like to join me and my friends for a soiree tomorrow? Every pony who's anypony will be there and it would be delightfull to have somepony like you there."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423830

"Oh, of course, of course. I love parties in this country. So quaint. There aren't enough dancers or… other entertainment as the parties back home, but they have the most delightful conversation."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423831

"Like hell I'm gonna let you do that again!"
Shoot him and shoot the blade out of his hand.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7

Sion 423841

Before you have even a chance to draw your guns the sword hits you again. You fall to the ground dazed.
"I won't let you take my title."


He raises his sword again. '1d10'

"I'm glad you feel that way. I've asked miss Shortcake here if she'd like to bake some deserts for the occasion. but I haven't tried it yet. Might I have that slice now?"
He turns to Shortcake.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Melody Maker [Bard] 423845


Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 423850

You're up and hit him in the face with your hoof before he can give you the final hit.

He rubs his face and then charges again.

Melody 5/4

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 423851

"Of course."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423853


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423856

"Ah, good, good. Hit him, Melody!"

Sion 423859

You stand your ground and suddenly with the speed of a snake you hit him flat in the face.

Gurion is on the ground and tries to get up. '1d10'

He gratefully takes a slice and eats it.
"My word, it looks like your star is going to win."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Melody Maker [Bard] 423861

Kick him in the face.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 423864

"How is it?"

Sion 423867

"Delightful…Oh my."
He looks wide eyed at the final fight.

As Gurion tries to get up you kick your hoof right in his face, knocking him out.
The Arena is dead silent…and then starts cheering.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423875

I did it.
I won!
I strike a victory pose over Gurion.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423879

"Thank yo-Woooo! Go Mel!"
I join in the chanting.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423880

"Way to go, Mel!"

Sion 423896

The crowd cheers. Some ponies come to take Gurion with them.
The zebra looks at you quizically.

"My word, Mister Hakuna. Congratulations, you were indeed right. What a marvelous secretary."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423902

"Thank you, thank you. She's certainly always a treat."

"Oh, I almost forgot – about that bet we made…"

Sion 423904

"Quite right."
He motions to one of the buffalo's, who walks away.
"A bet is a bet. So i believe I can expect you at the soiree tomorrow?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 423907

I suppose I should reconvene with my friends now.
Though first…
I go wash off all the blood and sweat from the fight.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423909

"Of course."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423919

"It will be a treat to make treats for your party."

Sion 423921

When you're in the barracks, the zebra approaches you.
"It seems you've won…I guess I must hoof you this."
He shows a big medal with an arena emblem in the middle and 2 ponies fighting.
He's not smiling.

"Delightful. Though might I advise you, this is a formal event with a formal dresscode."

One of the buffalos gets back looking pale.
"Mister Silver, can I speak to you in private?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 423926

"What is it? Medal for beating Gurion or something?"
I start scrubbing out the blood and sweat from my coat.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423933


Sion 423935

"It's the medal awarded to honor the new Arena Champion. To honor his or her prowess in battle, willpower and courage….normally."

Meanwhile Silver is speaking to the buffalo, getting quite angry.
He then comes back to Mwandishi.
"Mister Hakuna, it seems both of us have been robbed."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423941

I just let out a grin at that.
"Why, thank you very much."
As soon as I finish cleaning myself, I take the medal and wear it, and head over to the rest of my friends.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423943


Mwandishi (Trickster) 423945


Sion 423948

The zebra watches you as you leave and then walks away.

"The safe has been emptied. And the guards are not at their posts. We think they've ran off with the money. Of course, I've already ordered them to find the culprits. I'll inform some of my friends as well, this will not go unpunished, you can be assured of that."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423960

I sit down hard on one of the couches.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423962

"Terrible. Just terrible."

"Well, what can you do? You just can't trust pig- I mean peasants these days."

"Well, no matter. Just a small amount of money for us, I'm sure."

"I will see you at that soiree."

Sion 423967

"I can assure you, mister Hakuna. We will have the money back by then.
If not, I'll pay you back that amount of money myself. Gentlepony's honor."
He then trots off furiously.

Shortcake [Rogue] 423970

I look around to make sure the room is clear before speaking.
"Why does this always happen to me?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423973

"It's alright, Shorty. I've got the money."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423975

I look confused.
"Why did you rob them? Did you not trust my baking skills?"

Sion 423976

Allright anything else you want to do right now, or shall we quit.
Be mindful that the sun is almost set and you'd probably need a place to sleep.
You could rent the most fancy suite in the Inn where the rest of the party is staying.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423980

"It's always best to have a backup plan, Shorty. Or in this case, about three or four. But your cake worked spectacularly, and Mel kicked ass, so this is just gravy."

Melody Maker [Bard] 423982

I wave to them.
"Hey guys! I'm now the Arena Champion!"
I point to my medal, grinning.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 423987

Run up and give her a hoofbump.

"Great work, Mel. You were great out there."

Shortcake [Rogue] 423989

"That fight was great!"
I give you a hoof bump too.

Melody Maker [Bard] 423994

I grin at both of them.
"So what now? We won the bet, didn't we?"

Sion 423995



Mwandishi (Trickster) 423997

Cool, thanks for running

"Kinda. It's complicated. We've got plenty of money now, so don't worry about it.

"I suggest we go find an inn and get the biggest, most luxurious room they rent."

Shortcake [Rogue] 424001

"And a spa!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 424003

"I'd be down for that!"

I grin at her and give her a suggestive look.
"So… you wanna spend some time with the arena champion?~"

Sion 424005

All of these things are accessible to you now.
I won't type it out anymore but consider them yours if you want to RP some more.
You've got a suite at the White Mare in, with bubblebath, room service, pool table and very comfy master beds.


Shortcake [Rogue] 424016

"Well, we need to go shopping for dresses and ingredients, and you know how to cook we can spend some more time together while cooking."

Melody Maker [Bard] 424019

"Why not save that for tomorrow? The day's our's today… why not celebrate it a little?~"

Shortcake [Rogue] 424021

"Cooking some of the tings I want takes a long time. I could get started tonight if you want to have a spa day though."
I sigh.
"It's been so long since I've had anything more than a cold bath."

Melody Maker [Bard] 424023

"You really can't think of annnyyything else more fun to do? Anything at all?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 424030

I huff.
"Are you saying a spa isn't fun?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 424031

"Mel, you're probably going to have to be more direct if you want that."

Melody Maker [Bard] 424035

I smack a hoof to my face.
"Never mind. The spa sounds nice."

Shortcake [Rogue] 424038

I look back and forth between them.
"What? Do you two like to do something together after pulling off a hei-an arena battle? I'm sorry if i was supposed to know this."

Melody Maker [Bard] 424039

"Never mind that. Let's just go have a dip in the spa, okay?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 424041

Spa time.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 424045

"Mm. And first thing tomorrow we need to get clothes for that party."

Sion 425664

So where were we?

Soil, Anna, Snacks, Warren and Amber were on the streets, looking at a tall building where according to Snacks, a slaver base is located.
There are 2 red dressed guards at the entrance.

Mabel, Mwa, Cake and Melody are in the Inn. The latter 3 in a luxury suite.
Iris and Bedrock are in the inn as well.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425665

Wait a minute…
Narrow my eyes and grab the others somewhere hidden.
"I know those red ponies!"

Mabel [Duelist] 425666

Well, is Bedrock nearby then?

Melody Maker [Bard] 425667

Has the day past yet? Are we on the same time as everyone else now?

[lemon] 425668

I look at Soil.
"What does Soil pony mean?"

Is there a way I can find a dig site and dig pass the guard and navigate underdround?

Amber [Crystal butt] 425669

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425670

"They are one of the gangs that control this place!"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425671

Amber [Crystal butt] 425672

"Gangs? Gangs sound bad…"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425673

"They are, they control this area. Snacks fear that slave taking is just one of their 'many' odd jobs."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425674

"I know… I know somepony who can help us!"
Now, what was his hanme?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425675

his name*

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 425676

"Melody, I think I've got enough time for a visit to the spa before I need to start getting things ready for the party."

Sion 425677

He is in his hotel room.
Laying on his bed, smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of cognac.
"Ah Mabel, what brings you here?" he says as you enter.

You are. It is the middle of the night.

It looks possible.

Sion 425678

You know he was called the enforcer and what he looks like. Truly a feat of genius.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425679

I actually don't remember the name of the guy.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425680

I meant the guy Iris sent me to in case I needed help with the gangs!

Mabel [Duelist] 425681

"I just wanted to ask some questions. You know, about the job and stuff."
Make sure to close the door.

Sion 425682

The guy was named Root Bark.
He was supposedly patrolling the slums at day.
You might have to ask around to find him right now.

Melody Maker [Bard] 425683

"Alright, alright! You keep bringing it up so let's go already!"
I start to head to the spa, but stop.
"…Where is it again?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425684

I look at the others.
"Ponies, perhaps we can go into another direction, Snacks can dig to a safe spot and we can sprang up in their tunnels by surprise or stealth, what do ponies say?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425685

Okay, this might be a problem.

"Listen up pals. We gotta find a guard called Root Bark. He's gonna help with this whole deal. Alright?"
"Hey, that's smart!"
Smile excited at him.

Shortcake [Rogue] 425687

"I think it's this way."

I go to the spa.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425688

"We could… We'll have to take them all out first before freeing the slaves though!"

"Okay. … Where do we find him? What about the rest? Maybe the others of the group want to help too!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425689

Scratch my head.
"Others who?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425690

"Who's RootBark? Also do Snacks dig now or do we find RootBark first?" I scratch my head,.

Sion 425691

"I thought it was pretty straightforward. But by all means, go ahead. Some cognac?"
He ticks his glass.

There is a spa downstairs in the inn.
It is closed right now, but for such rich customers like you they'll open it.

There's some benches for hooficures, a sauna, a pool and of course a dapper stallion masseur.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425693

"Shortcake! And Melody! And Mwi- Mwando- uh… Mwandisho!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425695

I look around wide-eyed.

"Where do we start?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425697

"Is this a co-ed trip or do I have to go find a new tailor and Kanzu?"

Mabel [Duelist] 425698

"Can't hurt."
Settle down somewhere next to the bed.
"Just give me some details. Some fun facts."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425699

Stare flatly at her, making a strange face.
"Alright, but you go talk with them."


"Gotcha. … I don't know where they are though. Um…"
Can I ask around?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Shortcake [Rogue] 425701

"Come along if you want. I don't mind."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425702

I scratch my head.
"Snacks dont understand…. who's Rootbark? Do Snack dig now or do we delay rescue mission?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425703

"I am gonna ask for Root. Meet you at the inn."

Off I go, find a store.
Any kind of store.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Melody Maker [Bard] 425704

"You can come if you want man. Why wouldn't you?"

"I dunno! I don't do spas!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425705

"He's a pony who can help.
Dig later, first we find him."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425707

I stand there for a moment.
"Find him? But Snacks dont know what Root look like."

Follow him at the back.

Shortcake [Rogue] 425709

"I'll start with a massage. Maybe we can get our hoofs done together after that?"

I head over to the masseur.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425710

"I didn't know if you wanted her to yourself."

"Yes. Massages and hooficures for us all. Let's see how the fat pigs live up close."

Sion 425712

You remember they came in at the inn around the time you left.

"Fun facts….mmm. For starters, I can pretty much make anything out of the spoils you get from monsters, I made a mug for Soil out of a bears head. And the decoration on his armor is a manticore's mane. If you want to, you might want to try gathering some poison from that Hydra. Pretty potent."

There aren't many stores open at this hour…

The masseur is a gallant stallion at the back.
He shows a small smile as you arrive.
"And how can I help you this evening?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425713

"Remember to act like a normal zebra down there. No point getting them mad at us."

"I'd like a massage, please."

Melody Maker [Bard] 425714

"She's been wanting this for a while it seems. I'm just gonna leave her to it. Plenty of other times to try that."

I arrive next to her.
"Same for me.


Ask the innkeep where they are now? Maybe they're sleeping…

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mabel [Duelist] 425719

I chuckle.
"To coat my sword with it, then forget before doing an act?"
Shake my head.
"No thanks… a hydra tooth parry dagger might be nice though…"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425720

"The works, if you please."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425721

Alright. Then keep an eye out for guards.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425724

I let Poor Soil do his work and keep an eye out for Griffs guys going along.

Wait where's Amber?

Sion 425727

"Of course, please get yourself a bathing robe and we'll get started. Would you like a full body massage or do you feel any area should be focused on? We also have a selection of aromas to further your relaxation."

They're in the spa downstairs.

"All of that can be done. Tanning and crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. I like it almost as much as being a salesman."

You walk around for a while until you see a pretty drunk guardspony leaving a bar.
He struggles to walk around.

You follow Soil until you're back outside of that fighting bar you left earlier.
There's a drunk guardspony there.
Amber said she was going back to the Inn for a moment

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425728

Hey, perfect! Go there and tap him on the shoulder.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425729

There's a spa here?
Huh, go down there quickly.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425730

"What sort of aromas?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425731

I get a bathing robe and shed anything I'm wearing before putting it on.
"Full body, please. What aromas do you have?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425733

I look at Poor Soil a bit distressed.
"Soil, Snack will find Amber, Snack cant leave her alone."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425734

Nod absentely.
"Sure pal, have fun."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425735

I nod at Poor Soil.
"Be safe pony."

Go find Amber at the Inn.

Melody Maker [Bard] 425738

"Uh… I'll be having whatever Strawberry is having."
I gesture over to her, and follow suit with what she's doing.

"Oh, hey Amber. What are you doing here?"

Sion 425740

The guardspony turns around quickly.
"HUH what?"
He looks again.
"Oh you're not one of those….nevermind. What you want?"

"Cedarwood, jasmine, peppermint, cypress, lemon, rosewood, sandalwood. Usually we combine 2 of these for best effect."

You're at the inn. Downstairs as well.

Shortcake [Rogue] 425743

"Cedarwood and lemon, please."

Amber [Crystal butt] 425744

"There you are!"
Run up to them
"There's trouble in town! Slavers! Bandits! Bad ponies! We're going to go take them out and need your help!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425746

"I'm looking for another guardspony, Root something…
Is he a pal of yours?"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425747

Follow her at the back and frown a bit.
"Dont run off like that Crystal pony. Snacks got worried."

"Oh hello." I look at them a bit confused and curious.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425748

"Run off? I told you where I was going!"

Mabel [Duelist] 425749

"I guess it's not boring.
So that's good."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425751

"Snack is just worried."

Sion 425753

"…..And why are u lookin for him?"

The masseur motions his hoof.
"Please keep it down a bit, we're trying to create a relaxing atmosphere here."

"Of course."
The masseur prepares the benches by laying some soft towels on them, lighting a few scented candles.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425755

"A mare told me to!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425756

My head shoots up.
"Slavers? Where?"

Sion 425757

"It's always fun. Certainly in these times.
I do one of these business trips every few years, go all round Equestria, visiting all towns. It's good for business. Plus I always try to get those newest goodies. An item that might be worthless in one place can be worth a fortune in another."

Sion 425759

"A mare? Who?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 425762

"Slavers? Bandits? Where? Who are you talking about?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 425763

I flatten my ears

Keeping my voice down here
"Underground. Snacks found them."

Mabel [Duelist] 425764

"The circus was like that too, every town had a different attraction they loved."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425766

I just slowly nod along with Amber..

Shortcake [Rogue] 425768

"Oh he did, did he? I wonder why he was looking for slavers."

"This is your chance to prove yourself, dog."

I blush as I stand up.
"I am very sorry, sir, but I need to take care of this."
I take off the bathrobe and get my gear.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425769

"Oh, c'mon. Surely the slavers can wait a few hours, right?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 425771

"You heard the mare. Gotta take care of some stuff."
I disrobe as well and grab my ge-
I nudge Strawberry and Mwandishi.
"Do you guys wanna make a quick stop and buy some new gear?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 425772

"Great! Thanks!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425773

"Not tellin'. If you are one of the bad ponies you could hurt her!"
Narrow my eyes and poke him on the chest.

Shortcake [Rogue] 425775

I shake my head.
"No. They can't. I can't let them keep innocent people enslaved while I'm having fun."

I nod.

"We are going to buy some things on the way there. Please lead us to the slavers."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425776

"Good plan. No point in hording capital."

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425779

"mmmm fine. I'll do it so you can have fun again. And for freedom."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425780

I just stare at her.
"Snack is worried of Amber. Crystal pony is close to getting caught by slavers…"

"Snack can lead group."

Sion 425783

"Ah the circus, one of my favorite places. I presume you must have seen quite a bit of Equestria as well then. Might I ask why you decided to leave?"

"I'm Root Bark. Now please tell me you're not one of the bad guys."

It's a bit late at night for shopping though Bedrock can always fix you up.
What you need?

Amber [Crystal butt] 425784

"You should!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425785

"I am not! Ah! C'mon, follow me! We gotta take on the bad guys!"

Mabel [Duelist] 425786

"It was a lot of fun, still is."
"I was just doing it for years and years, and wanted something new, something fresh."

Sion 425788

And now Soil and the half-drunk guard are in the inn as well.

Huzzah, the party is reunited.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425790

I nod at Bedrock.
"Snack needs torch or a lantern and candles for lighting underground. Also something to light them."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425791

And I'm gonna sit here with a silly smile.
I did good!

Shortcake [Rogue] 425793

"Amber almost got caught? How?"

I want a cloak that can help me hide.
What is this Runed Crystal I have?

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425795

I want a better sword. Or a fancy pistol or something.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425798

I look at Soil.
"What does Soil find out of Red? Did he recruit him?"

I gulp at this.
"A group of DD slavers are in this town….. they value Crystal ponies the most and Amber pony is already being picked for slavery if she lost in the arena."

Melody Maker [Bard] 425799

The most fanciest pistol (our) money can buy.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!"
I gesture to the Arena Champion medal I'm wearing, grinning.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425800

Point at the drunk guard.
"Here he is! Root is gonna help us fight them bad ponies!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 425801

I gawk at her
"I-Is that…?"

Sion 425802

Big reminder that Mwa is in charge of that money, and special weapons are expensive, you'll only be able to buy one, not one for each of you, just one.
The Runed Crystal is a special item the purpose of which is unknown at this point, there was a book that came with it, that needs translation.
This book is in the hands of Amber.

"And how's that working out for you?"

While you're here, Bedrock informs you that Zona has decided to go her own way again.
She wanted you to have the mysterious book all of you found with the Runed crystals and hopes Celestia will guide all of you, except Melody and Snacks, they're heretics.

"So why did you bring me here?"

You see a earth pony mare staring at the medal in jealousy

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425803

We taking on the gangs.
The red and green ponies!"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425804

"Whatever. We don't have time. Let's just make our way to the oppressors in question."

Shortcake [Rogue] 425805

"They are connected with the arena? Now I feel even better about today."

Those extra knives I bought in the previous town never got added to my inventory. Can he sharpen one of my knives to make it +1 or make me a cleaver that works as a Great weapon?

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425806

I look at Red.
"How can Red help us in our problem? Is he a police pony?"

I then look at Poor Soil and whisper to him.
"Are you sure he is not paid by the slavers to ignore the situation?"

Mabel [Duelist] 425807

"It had it's ups and downs, that's for sure."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425808

"Hey, Iris trust him!"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425809

"Snacks think so too."

Melody Maker [Bard] 425810

I nod again, grinning even wider.
"Yep. I'm the Arena Champion."

Nevermind then.
Let's go!

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425811

And he's not called red, he's called Root Bark.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425812

Uh… okay! Put the book in my saddlebags.


"But how!?"

"Snacks, can you go dig that tunnel now?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 425814

"Beat the arena champion. That gryphon, Gurion or whatever his name was."

Amber [Crystal butt] 425815

I scrunch
"I wanted to fight him too… But that just means I'll have to beat you instead! Haha!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425818

""We made a big bet on Melody and she came through."
I give Mellody a quick sideways hug with one hoof.

"That would be great! No matter who wins we get the money and split it evenly. Whoever has the highest odds of winning can lose the fight."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425819

Pff my bad.

"If poor trust him Snack trust him."

"Right, is everyone ready? Snack will dig a tunnel that lead to slavers den."

I then put a paw on my chin. Well if Snacks tremorsense works well today that is."

Sion 425823

He blinks.
"Oh Celestia, why did I pick tonight to get drunk.
Allright, how many of you are there?"

The earth pony mare steps forward.
"I'll challenge you. Tomorrow, in the Arena."

The sharpen the knives thing falls under the one Special Weapon. It will give you a permanent +1 to all normal attacks.
If you'd like to buy or craft a normal Great weapon that won't influence your money level.

"Doesn't everything. Still, you must have made quite some waves. To have fans of you coming all the way here. How does it feel to have adoring fans?"

Melody Maker [Bard] 425826

"I dunno… I'm an awfully good fighter I'll have you know~"

I give her a confused look.
"Who are you?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425827

Count us.
How many are we?
Me, Snacks, Amber, Warren, the stinking thief but maybe not, the shouting mare, the chubby mare, the new mare I'm going to defeat tomorrow in the arena…
Roll to get it right. I don't have enough hooves for this.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425828


Amber [Crystal butt] 425829

I huff
"Well… I'm…. I'm better! Ha!"
Motion towards Anna
"This is Anna Apple, she's a friend. She beat me in the arena!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425831

I'll buy a Great cleaver that can still be useable in the kitchen.


Mabel [Duelist] 425835

"Adoring fans are quite good, I'll admit."
Chuckle nervously.
"But I think some of them are jealous, if you know what I mean."

Sion 425838

He gives you a strange look, then pats your head.
"At least your heart is in the right place."

"I'm Anna. I've been training for years to become the Arena Champion. And I challenge you."

Root motions all of you to come closer.
"Now then, there are 2 main groups of gangs in the area. The Poison Hoofs, clad in green and the Bloodhounds, clad in red.
The Bloodhounds deal mostly in slaves, the Poison Hoofs in drugs, but they both want to control the smuggling in this city and that leads to endless wars.
Now I don't know where the hideouts of both of them are, so we'll have to find that out first."

Bedrock rummages in his chest and holds out a truly great cleaver. There seems to be something carved in it but that seems to have been scratched off beyond recognition.
"Just a little error in manufacture." assures Bedrock.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425840

"Is everyone ready? Snacks can lead, just tell."

Melody Maker [Bard] 425842

"Well… if you're so determined, I guess we could fight. Though… I'd much prefer a different type of physical activity."
I give her a suggestive look.

"Same for you, Anna."
I give her the same look.

I huddle in.
"So what? We gonna bust some of the lackies, beat 'em up until they tell us where the hideouts are?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425843

"I just want to kill slavers."
I clutch my new knife.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425844

"We know where the red ponies keep the slaves!"

Amber [Crystal butt] 425845

"Snacks knows where the slavers are!"

"You mean like running? I'm warning you, I can run fast!"
I laugh

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425846

I just eye her a bit before returning my gaze to Shortcake.

"Snack… prefer we free slaves first before we go in and arrest them…. if everyone agree's…"

Sion 425847

Root nods "That makes things less complicated. Where?"

She grins. "We'll see if you still feel like that after I make you eat dirt."

"That might be possible. Where are they?"

Mabel [Duelist] 425848

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425849

"Someplace over there."
Motion with my hoof in the direction of the slavers.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425850

"In the Slum area, Snack has gone to slavers place and Snack can lead everyone there if everyone is ready."

Shortcake [Rogue] 425851

"Why not do both at once?"

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425852

"So are we going to take down this gang or not? Let's go already. There are imperialists to fight and then massages to get."

Melody Maker [Bard] 425853

"No, I me-"
I smack my face.
"…never mind."

"How the slaves kept? Can we even free them without getting the gang on our asses?"

"We'll see indeed~"

Amber [Crystal butt] 425854

"Yeah! Kill the slavers and free the slaves!"

Sion 425857

"Oh, that's a shame. Make sure to deal with them fast, if you don't set boundaries those types will eat ya."

"I know they're in the Slums, be more precise? What does it look like?"

Mabel [Duelist] 425858

"I prefer just hiding from that type. Wouldn't want to upset them, and their friends."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425860

Try to describe him the place.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425862

I nod at this.
"Lets go then."

"Snacks hope we dont meet the gang but we must arrest them so that A… justiec will be served."

"It has an ordinary house on the outside but it has an underground passage that leads to the a hideout. Thats where dog keep slaves."

"Snack can dig on one part of the slum and lead group to their lair if Snack can find his way underground."

Amber [Crystal butt] 425863

"Come on Snacks! Just show us the way and dig your way in!"

"Yes, let's go! Come on! Quick! Hurry!"

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425865

I nod at that,
Lead them to the slum area and find a nice place to dig in. With that combine Supreme Surivior and my natural dig talent to find our way underground and into the slave's pen if I can.
>pls rng

Roll #1 10, 1 = 11

Sion 425867

"That would be best then. Otherwise you could either try the front gate, or they might have some sort of escape route in the sewers. If you manage to find their boss, try to find out who he works with and what evidence he might have. And be quick about it, they might try to escape!"


Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425868

I'm here. Really.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425869

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425870

Yes. Maybe. Sort of. What's the plan?

Melody Maker [Bard] 425871

Sion 425872

It seems Snacks is going to dig a way in for all of you.

Otherwise it's the front entrance or the longer sewer entrance

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425874

Slam stuff. Free slaves. Get bitches.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425875


Bust in
Kill all the slavers
Free the slaves
Gather evidence
Hunt down any escaped slavers

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425877

Awesome. Lemme just have Homing Magic ready and following me. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 425882

All of you and Anna go back to the large building, out of sight, Snacks start digging a tunnel large enough to let all of you through.
After 10 minutes of digging Snacks emerges in the…..'1d10'

Your magic doesn't respond for once.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425883

Oh dear. Hide then. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Amber [Crystal butt] 425884

Bolster myself.

Sion 425885

You emerge in a small supply room. You look up to see another Diamond dog looking down at you, just as surprised as you are.

Sion 425886


Mwandishi (Trickster) 425887

I hide.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425888

Hit him in the head to knock him out!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Sion 425889



That must be a slaver.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12



Nevermind. Just look around for clues

Roll #1 8 = 8

Melody Maker [Bard] 425894

Can I look around to try and see anything?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 425895

Before the red dressed DD has a chance to make a noise both of you knock him out, he won't be waking up soon.

You're in a small supply room.
The door is open and you see a number of ponies and diamond dogs loading boxes, in addition to 4 cages, holding 2 stallions, one mare with a filly and a griffon.

Amber [Crystal butt] 425896

Empower Melody's weapon.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425899

"Thats them…:" I whisper to the others while ducking low and ready my weapon.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425900

I'll sneak over to the Mare+Filly cage.
"We'll have you out in a moment, but do you know where the other captives are?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425902

Wait, scratch that.

Shortcake [Rogue] 425909

I use Backstab to cut his throat while he is unconscious then drag the body to the hole.

Melody Maker [Bard] 425910

How many diamond dogs are there?
How many of the ponies look like slaves?

Sion 425911

He's dead unless somebody wants to stop Cake.

Her weapon is empowered.


Depends if I notice her.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Amber [Crystal butt] 425913

If she doesn't kill him, I will.

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425914

Looking at the indecisiveness of my group. I look at them.
"Snacks can distract by disguising as one of them. Then ponies sneak behind and attack them or free the prisoners."

I just frown at what Cake has done.
"Why? Snack thought we are here to arrest dogs, not murder them."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425915

Guess I do.
But again, books don't cover this. And bad ponies have to die.
I will do nothing.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425916

"We were. However, it seems that she had other plans."
I'll look at Shortcake, and then shake my head.
"Vengeance isn't the same as justice, you know."

Amber [Crystal butt] 425917

"Slavers don't deserve to live. Sombra didn't… Maybe you could create a distraction like you said?"

Sion 425918

There are about 6 DDs you can see. But there might be more.
Only the ponies in cages look like slaves. The others are regular gang members.
You see a drunk one of them throwing a small rock at the filly to stop her from crying.
The mare jumps in front of the filly to take the hit.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 425919

Walk up to the door.
"I'm gonna burst this. You can argue or you can follow me. Ready?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425920

I'm going to try and get Homing Magic to fire up again. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Charge in! Leap of faith at that guy!
"For the Empire!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425922

"Just one-"
"-second. Well, pile in, I guess."

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425923

I nod at this and stand up to confront the dog slavers.from another direction away from the party..
"Hey! Whats the hold up?!"

Make the act look good.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Melody Maker [Bard] 425925

Charge at the one throwing rocks at the filly!
Cheap Shot his goddamn ass!

Snacks(DD Ranger) 425926

And scratch my head as she jumps into the fray. Stupidbaka crystal pony.

Go in and Suppres one of them.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Haaaw yeah.
Slam one of them!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Shortcake [Rogue] 425930

"Amber is right. Slavers deserve death."

I use Stealth.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 425941

Bedrock cocks an eyebrow.
"I'm getting the impression somehow that this is more than just fans, Mabel. Care to tell me more? It will stay between us, of course."

You've got 3 projectiles ready.

It looks very convincing. Until the rest of your team pops up behind you guns blazing.

You flip out your Gun and before he knows it, you've shot him right in the balls. He falls over in pain.

Before he even has a chance to recover and notice his balls gone, you leap in front of him, smashing his skull into pieces with one slam of your hammer.

You grab the nearest pony by the neck and slam him on the floor.

With the 2 nearest ponies either completely dead or slammed against the ground, you charge at one of the Dogs on the other side. They shoot at you with their rifles, one of the bullets hitting your shoulder.

Before you can stealth it up, you're hit by one of the Dogs' rifles from the other side.

1 of the Diamond Dogs starts digging himself into the ground.
Another runs to a set of levers.
Pressing one, some bars seal most of the doors of from you except one.
Pulling another, a system of cables attached to the cages start moving, lifting the cages and moving them towards the last open door.
The other 4 dig dogs get in formation, intent to drive you out. as well as the 2 remaining ponies.

Sion 425942

Soil 8/6

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425944

Backstab the guy going for the levers

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 425946

Just pin my target down on the ground.
"Go and attack him ponies."


Charge at the one digging himself in and smash him with my hammer!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425948

Oh no he doesn't. Fly over there and release the three missiles I have on the lever dog. '3d10' and then try to knock the lever into the "off" position. '1d10'

Roll #1 5, 10, 5 = 20 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 425949

Sigh and scratch the back of my head.
"I might have made some enemies back in the day, during those adventures."


"Somepony, reverse the levers!"
Shoot at the burrowing pony.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I attack him with my great cleaver.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Melody Maker 425955

Fly over to the one at the levers and try to knock him out!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 425969

He's pretty far away but with a speed rarely seen, you quickly jump past the Dig Dogs and slip a knife between the DDs ribs before he can even turn around.

He can't get out of your grip for the moment.

Seeing Mwandishi slip so easily past the Dig Dogs, you figure you might too.
You run inbetween them but one of them trips you to to the ground and bashes you with his mace.
You are helpless.

You take to minor hits as you fly past the Dig Dogs, but your projectiles fly true. Killing the DD Mwandishi had backstabbed.
Before you can knock the lever back, one of the Dig Dogs aims his gun and shoots you out of the air.
You're helpless.

"Haven't we all? That's the price of living a free life. You wouldn't believe some of the guys that are trying to catch me right now."
He chuckles.
"But I might…." He stops as Iris comes in.
She has dyed her coat yellow and her hair blue, looking a completely different pony.
"H-how does it look?"

It's not easy to get past those Dig Dogs, the size of your shield doesn't intimidate them and they manage to scratch your head.

You charge at the next pony you see, he smirks, jumping aside, and slamming your head. "You're new to that weapon I see. You're holding it completely wrong!" He smirks.
You're helpless.

The guy is already dead
One of the Dig Dogs takes aim and fires at you.

Soil 4/6
Mwandishi 5/5
Snacks 5/5
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS
Warren 0/4 HELPLESS
Shortcake 0/4 HELPLESS
Melody 1/5

The Dog at the levers is dead.
The other dog has long buried in and is gone.
You're fighting 4 Dig Dogs, 2 ponies and the one helpless pony Snacks got pinned down.
The cages are still moving towards the open door.

Mwandishi (Trickster) 425973

Throw my knife at the dog attacking Shorty.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 425974

Shoot. Get up so I can get to those levers! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mabel [Duelist] 425977

I smirk and chuckle.
"That's one hell of a makeover."

Amber [Crystal butt] 425979

Get up!


Too bad for them.
Swing around on my hooves and swoosh them all away, slam into the closest one!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 425984

Escape artist.

Snacks(DD ranger) 425986

Hold my victim down and Slam him.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 426008

You take out one of your knives, aim….SLAM one of the Dig Dogs hit you in the face before you had time to react.

You're up and slam one of the levers down.
The cages stop moving.

She blushes a bit.
"Do you think anypony will recognize me?"

Your bolster does the trick.

It's not your day it seems.
The Dig Dogs are big and hard to slam.
One of them hits you over the head.

He just shrugs.
"It pays well."

As you try to Slam him down he slips out of your grasp and gets up.

The 4 Dig Dog have noticed you stopping the cages and run for it, trying to get it back up running.
Stop them before they do!

Soil 3/6
Mwandishi 3/5
Snacks 5/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 5/4
Shortcake 5/4
Melody 1/5


Better get to healing.
Heal Melody first.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 426010

Tap my chin.
"Who are you again?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 426011

Stop them!
Or one of them!


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Oh come on! Stomp one of those dogs going for the cages!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426014

Oh boy. I'm not equipped for crowd control. I'll try and deck one of the dogs that gets close enough with my Cestus. '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 1 = 4


Hit him with my cleaver.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mwandishi (Trickster) 426023

Kick up some dust and hide again.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 426032

Shoot two of them before they reach the levers!

Roll #1 4, 10 = 14

Sion 426033

They charge for the levers, pushing you aside.

You slam into one of them with your Shield causing him to break formation. He growls angrily at you.

The Dig Dogs run over both of you.

You get up and swing at him with your new cleaver. He smirks as he catches it with his hoofs pushing you alongside him.
He steals a little kiss before he punches you in the face again and you hit the dirt.

You kick up a lot of dirt and vanish in the confusion.

Melody screams in pain as your magic goes awry.

She giggles.
"I suppose they won't notice me at first glance now…" She turns more serious and scrunches
"Let's hope Soil and the others are safe…"
Bedrock grins. "I doubt they'll have much trouble. Why don't you sit down with us?"

The Dig Dog reaches the levers and the cages start moving again.
They're close to the doors now.

Soil 3/6
Mwandishi 3/5
Snacks 3/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 0/3 HELPLESS
Shortcake 0/3 HELPLESS
Melody 1/4

Sion 426034

You hit one of them and he yelps in pain.
The other 2 run over you and you're helpless.

Melody 0/3


And now that I have his attention, break that big ugly jaw!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Melody Maker [Bard] 426037

Try to get up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Charge the dig dog and hit him with my hammer! Then flick the lever again!

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426039

Ugh. Up. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Snacks(DD ranger) 426040

Charge at one of the dog and put him down.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Mabel [Duelist] 426041

"Yeah, we were just having a chat. And a drink."


My vision goes red. I try to stand up.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mwandishi (Trickster) 426045

Try to help Shortcake.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 426051

You slam his shield in his face and he hits the dirt.


You hit him with your hammer in one glorious swing of righteous anger.
As you hit the switch the cages stop again.

The last standing Dig Dog is grappled down by you.

You see the pony standing over you with a grin.
"You might make a good slave as well."

You try to help her up but the pony notices you coming out of stealth and kicks you with his hoof.

"Well, okay." She sits down.
"What were you talking about?"
Bedrock shoots you a look "Just talking about our travels and where we worked before, right Mabel?"

All Dig Dogs are helpless. One pony is making a run for it, the other is fighting with Mwa.
The cages are not moving.

Sion 426052

Soil 3/6
Mwandishi 2/5
Snacks 3/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 5/3
Shortcake 0/3 HELPLESS
Melody 5/3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426053

Right. Homing Magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Heal Shortcake.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10



Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 426057

Just pin this dog down.


Shoot the running pony!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mwandishi (Trickster) 426059

Attack him!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 426061

I nod.
"Right. As I said, I worked at a travelling circus for the most part. All the way from my childhood actually."

Melody Maker [Bard] 426062

Fly after that last pony!
Unload on him! Cheap Shot!

Roll #1 7, 7 + 2 = 16

Sion 426065

You either use Dual or you use Cheap shot.

Sion 426073

You've got 5 shiny projectiles ready to roll, flying around your head like you're some sort of invoker.

Shortcake is healed up good.

The pony just smirks and hits you in the face again.
You're helpless.

You're up as you feel health flowing back inside you.
Through your red vision you see him hitting down Mwandishi and in furious rage you slam your hooves in his back.

As you take aim that Dig Dog taps your shoulder.
You turn around to see a furry paw going towards your face very fast.
You're helpless.

You hit him in the hoof and he falls to the ground.

Pinned down.

"Oh my, that must be so exciting."
She claps her hooves.
"What was the most beautiful thing you saw on the way?"

Mwandishi 0/4 HELPLESS
Snacks 3/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 5/3
Shortcake 5/5
Melody 5/3

Mwandishi (Trickster) 426075

get up

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Weren't you… Urgh… Down?"
Get up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Now… time for mop-up duty! Deploy my hammer on one of the slavers!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426078

Okay. 3 Missiles at the dog that hit Soil '3d10' and 2 at the one Melody is ripping into. '2d10'
And then I'll set the flip the levers in the opposite direction, since that obviously reverses them, right?

Roll #1 9, 1, 9 = 19 / Roll #2 7, 7 = 14


Backstab him!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mabel [Duelist] 426081

"We went to a lot of places, and saw a lot of stuff, but the most beautiful thing was always there, a happy crowd of happy ponies, cheering at you.
Really makes your heart race."

Melody Maker [Bard] 426083

Shoot any slavers still standing!

Roll #1 10, 7 = 17

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 426087

Tie him up if I can?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 426092

She looks dreamily.
"How fun it must be, bringing so much joy to ponies. What was the circus called? Maybe it passed through here sometime."

You quickly take out one of your knives and stab him in his chest. He falls to the ground writing in pain.

You jump up again quickly.
As the pony falls to the ground you slam him with your hooves, breaking his neck. He's dead.

You're up.

You kill one of the Dig Dogs.

The Dig Dog that attacked Soil is Dead.
The Pony Melody attacked is Dead.
The last Dig Dog manages to get over to you and hit you in the face. You fall to the ground again but manage to crawl up when Melody shoots the Dig Dog

You fire your gun and 2 Dig Dogs hit the ground.
There's only one left, the one that Snacks tied down.

He's tied down, son.

Fight is over. All is dead, except one Dig Dog Snacks got tied down.

Soil 10/5
Mwandishi 5/4
Snacks 3/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 5/2
Shortcake 5/5
Melody 5/3


Snack(DD ranger) 426094

I look at the others.
"This one is for interrogating."


Heal Warren.

I frown at the downed DD, then shake my head and head over to the slaves
"Are you all okay? Any injuries that need healing?"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 10 = 10

Snack(DD ranger) 426098

"Mine too, please." I smile at her.

Sion 426099

I saw that one. No use deleting that post.

Mabel [Duelist] 426100

"The Great Fussili and his Loony Goons."
I chuckle.
"I know, it sounds silly, but hey, it's a circus, right?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 426101

you thinking that I would actually do that shit is kind of insulting.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426102

And reverse those switches. Get the doors open and the cages lowered.
"Do you four know if there are any more captives?"

Snack(DD ranger) 426103

I turn to Warren.
"There are more underground, Snack saw dragons, old and young.

"And…. there are closed doors… and that one too…."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 426105

"Dragons? What? Seriously, pal?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 426106

"Dragons!? That's amazing! Wait… no that's awful!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426108

"Are the dragons on their side, or slaves as well? Because, to be honest, I don't think I'm quite up to fighting a dragon head to head, let alone more than one."
My ear will twitch when he mentions closed doors.
"I can guess what happens there. Speed is of the essence, though. Anna, could you lead these four back to the surface while we press on? They'll need a strong pony to keep them safe in case any more gang members are alerted."

Amber [Crystal butt] 426110

"No way! Anna is not going out there alone!"

Snack(DD ranger) 426113

"Snack saw them caged inside, though Snack dont know if they are on their side. Most likely they are to be sold, but if things get desperate they can let those dragons loose Snack thinks."

"……. Snack thinks he knows what is happening behind closed doors. Snack just hope its just store rooms though."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 426117

"Letting the dragons loose could work in our favor, if they're intelligent enough to be reasoned with."
I'll nod at his second statement.
"I hope so as well, Snacks."

Sion 426790

That's not healthy for Warren!

Again what? Kill the last remaining helpless DD with a backstab?

The mare takes care of the shaken filly.
One of the stallions answers
"I believe they already shipped most of the others away. They were about to ship us as well….I heard there are a few more slaves deeper in the fort."

Anna steps forward.
"Gladly, but I'll be right back to fight more."

Snacks(DD ranger) 426805

I nod at the stallions.
"Where exactly pony? Can pony give brief description of where they are held captive."

Sion 426814

Iris giggles "Most circusses have silly names, I suppose. I've never heard of them coming to Tall Tale."

Shortcake [Rogue] 426831

Sion 426838

You strike him quickly, slitting his throat before anyone can talk to him.
He's dead.

The stallion scratches his head.
"I think it was somewhere down there…" he points at one of the doors.
"But I'm not sure, they didn't let us out of our cages."

Mabel [Duelist] 426839

"You sure you weren't just too busy with your nuzzle being buried in a book to notice?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 426842

I spit on his corpse and jump off it.
"Are there any more?"

Sion 426861

She stops giggling and looks down.
"I suppose that's possible."

The room is empty, except for the slaves. and your team members and the corpses of the slavers

Mabel [Duelist] 426865

"Aww, come on, I didn't mean it to hurt you.
But what if you missed me?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 426870

Are any of the slaves still caged or tied up?

Sion 426886

I'll make a recap so everyone is once again on the same line.

You're in a large hall with 3 doors, 2 of them sealed by the levers.
The third one is open and seems to lead into a tunnel leading out of the fort. That was the tunnel they were trying to move the cages in.
One of the sealed doors is the one the stallion pointed out as leading further into the Fort.

The slaves, 2 stallions, a mare with a small filly and a gryphon are out of their cages.
Anna has volunteered to lead them out of the Fort through Snacks tunnel.

"It's possible. I'm not that much of a circus-goer…or better said, I like to see but I often don't have time."

Mabel [Duelist] 426891

"The library takes that much time?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 426893

Do we have enough players to tackle this?

Snacks(DD ranger) 426898

I look at the stallion.
"THanks for all the help, Snack will see what he can do."

Sion 426899

From who's in meta, it only Zulu and Tela aren't here, which should be enough.

But either a lot of people missed my opening post, or people are too busy with yarr and paladongs.

I'll ask again in meta because just you and snacks are far too few.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 426901

So. Do we have a prisoner?
Tela is the only healer though.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 426902

Sorry, I had missed your post.

Sion 426906

Shortcake killed him.

"No…but I guess I'm an egghead. I spent all my time reading in my house."
She blushes. "I even got Soil to pack all my books when I got here, while there were ponies after us. But I love them. It's one of the few things I have that can make me forget all troubles."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 426910

Not much we can do then!
Hey, where does the other sealed door lead?
Let's find out!
Lift the seal.

Mabel [Duelist] 426912

"Just don't forget yourself while reading then."

Snacks(DD ranger) 426921

I just look at SC disapprovingly.
"Dont do that pony!, Snacks let him live so that we can interrogate him.:

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 426925

"I get the feeling that she doesn't plan on letting any of them live. Or at least, more than one or two."

Shortcake [Rogue] 426926

Sion 426933

After messing around with the handles a bit the 2 doors open.
You want the one, that the stallion didn't point to, right?

"I just find all those stories so fascinating. Travelling around, discovering new places…
I even read about monsters and archery, just so I could one day go on an adventure myself."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 426936

Yep. At least I want to look inside and see what I find.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 426941

I use Stealth.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mabel [Duelist] 426942

"So what's holding you?
The real thing is a bit more fascinating, I can tell you that much."

Snacks(DD ranger) 426961

Follow Poorsoil.

Sion 426967

You open it and see a tunnel stretching and some light in the distance.
On both sides of the tunnel you see a large mechanismwith gates and spikes.

You realize this must lead to the front entrance, and that had you entered this way, that mechanism might have caused a whole lot of trouble.

You're hidden.

"I didn't want to go alone….but well, maybe now that all of you are here…"

Mabel [Duelist] 426975

"Hey, give it a shot? What's the worst that could happen?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 426977

"Hey, that tunnel of yours saved our skin pal!"
Smile at Snacks.
To the other door!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 426985

I scratch my head.
"Snack didnt know it was there, it was not when he first vistited the fort."
I nod at this as I follow him to the other door. Use supreme survival to spot stuff/traps/enemies.

Shortcake [Rogue] 426990

I wait to see what is behind the door Soil opened.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 426999

I'll just keep quiet and out of sight. Stealthing it up. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sion 427006

"….I die?"

The other room looks empty at first glance.

You look into the other door and you notice some irregularities in the ground.
As if there are some doors there waiting to open up.

You're hidden.

Mabel [Duelist] 427011

"… yeah well that is a possibility.
Isn't that what makes it more exciting?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427014

Hey, that's good.
"Ready to kick butt, pal?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 427017

I stop Poor Soil.
"Snack thinks there is a trap door beneath us. Maybe a path… or a trap, so Snack advised other to stand back."

Go dig and see what this irregularity on the ground is.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 427041

I wait for Snacks to get back.

Sion 427044

As you go in there and dig. You hear a click.

Iron bars are sliding down to seal the room!

All not in the room with snacks may roll if they want to get in there before the bars seal it off.

Sion 427046

"I guess…but if I go with adventurers like you I'd be safe right?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427048

Well I was with him, no?
"Spoooky. You can dig us out, right pal?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427049

Wait, I thought the levers… Ah bother. '1d10'DC is lowered by 2 if this counts as an agility roll.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 427057

"Perhaps. Snack thinks its a bad move for him though."

Look at the door.
"What ever is in that door dont want us to get away from it."

Mabel [Duelist] 427058

"That's what I thought when I joined that caravan."

Shortcake [Rogue] 427065

I try to get in.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427070

"Guess that's a trap right there on the floor."

Sion 427073

You're in. Ever consider that these weren't the only levers?

You're in.

All four of you are in. There are only 2 exits, both sealed by iron bars.

The ground moves behind Snacks and a trap door opens. You hear a roar coming from it and a Young Dragon crawls out, ready to attack.

You are fighting a Young Dragon.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427078

I suppose it's beyond reasoning, but I can try.
'1d10' homing magic.
"You don't have to attack us! Help us escape and we can strike back at the ones who imprisoned you here!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 427081

"Speak of the… "
I ready myself as Warren try to speak with it.
Well if it can understand us at all.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427086

That's just like in my books!"
Grin and lower my head, rushing in shield first!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 427094

I wait in the shadows as Warren yells at it.

Sion 427103

Your magic fails as the dragon pounces you in the chest.
The dragon doesn't seem willing to listen. You notice a glowing collar on his neck.

It doesn't seem to work…

You sam right into it, but it doesn't seem to bother him much as he pounces against your shield.

>in room

Soil 10/5
Snacks 3/5
Warren 3/1 DANGER!
Shortcake 5/5

>not in room

Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 5/4
Melody 5/3

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427104

"It's wearing a collar! That might be controlling it!"
Alright, let's fly up on the dragon's back, and start trying to undo that collar. Maybe it'll listen then. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427110

Oh crap.
Take that hit for him?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Shortcake [Rogue] 427111

I take out one of my knives and backstab the collar.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 427113

What's going on here?
Where am I?

Snacks(DD ranger) 427124

Damn it.
Sentried Slam, push it away from Warren.

Sion 427135

"I'll think about it then…after I've rested."
She yawns.
"Good night both of you."
She starts to leave the room.

You charge slamming into it masterfully.

You may but that costs you.
Seeing Warren in mortal danger, you quickly jump in to protect him. You can't bring your shield to bear again in time however and the dragon pounces you right across the face.

You burst out of the shadows climbing across the dragons back quickly and cut off the collar.
It falls to the ground and breaks.
The dragon stops attacking and looks confused….

You may roll on wether or not you managed to get in the room.

>in room

Snacks 3/5
Warren 3/1 DANGER!
Shortcake 5/5

>not in room

Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 5/4
Melody 5/3

Melody Maker [Bard] 427137


Roll #1 3 = 3


Totally worth it.
Let's get up now, though.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Shortcake [Rogue] 427141

I hold onto his back.
"We're here to save you and kill the slavers. Want in on it?"

Mabel [Duelist] 427143

"Don't let me discourage you."
Wave at her.

Snacks(DD ranger) 427145

Slam at it again.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427150

Help Soil up.
"That was reckless and stupid. Thanks."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Shortcake [Rogue] 427153

"The collar's off! Stop!"

Sion 427154

You're not in.
You're in front of the barred entrance but you can see inside. Maybe there's a way to open it or even bend those bars?

Just a second more rest.

He still looks confused.

Bedrock says goodnight as well, then turns to you again.
"So….where were we again?"

Snacks charges at the dragon and hits him good.
The dragon roars in anger.

He's up.

Mabel [Duelist] 427156

"You tell me."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427157

Alright, let's try this again. And don't get murdered this time. '1d10' to get that collar off. Or loosened, at least.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 427163

"The ones that caught you and stuck you in here. Don't you remember?"

I levitate the collar in front of your face.
"It's off."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcance Blade] 427166

Well, bother. What a waste of a ten.

Snacks(DD ranger) 427167

I look at the dragon.
"Dragon can talk and understand us?"
I stop my asault and step away.though stand between it and the others.


"Your head was about to come off."
Pick up my shield and once more, slam onto the dragon to grab his attention.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Sion 427173

The dragon looks at Snacks.

He looks confused.
"Captured….don't remember…..told me to….attack you."
He brandishes his claws menacingly.

And you slam him again.
The dragon is getting pissed off now again.
He roars and attacks.

Melody Maker [Bard] 427174

I look around for a way in!
There's gotta be something… is there a control panel anywhere? Vent?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Whoa now! Dragons don' talk!"
Keep my shield raised, looking at him diffidently.
Try to withstand the attack.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 427178


"Who told you to attack us?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 427180

I stand between Poor Soil and the young dragon.
"Stop that Soil. Dragon is intelligent and understand us. Dont make it go angry!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427191

"First time I hear of a talkin' dragon.
Books got nothing on it!"
But I'll stand still, not attacking.

Sion 427192

You start twisting the levers again and the door on your side opens again.
Giving you access to the room.

You withstand it flawlessly.
The dragon glares at you angrily.


Shortcake [Rogue] 427196

"They were keeping you prisoner. Do you know where your family is?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 427198

I nod at this.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427199

Stare back.
"Hey, not my fault you almost took my pal's head off!"

Melody Maker [Bard] 427200

"Shortcake, the hell is going on here?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 427201

"I broke some sort of magic collar off a dragon that was trying to kill us."

Sion 427206

"Family….feeders family….and brothers family too."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427208

Sit down and drop the defensive stance.
"What'ya talking about, they took your family?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 427209

"What about your mom and dad?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 427213

I scratched my head.
"Snack is capable hunter but this is the first time Snacks heard of a family of dragons being caught, How did the dogs here do that?"

Sion 427215

"No….feeders family."

He looks at you confused.
"Mom? Dad?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427217

"Ooooh, so they give you grub, they are your family! Like dogs!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 427218

"You know, your parents."

I give you all a what do we do? sort of look.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427219

And I'll probably miss it. There is a talking dragon in the room after all.

Snacks(DD ranger) 427220

I think for a moment.
"Ah yes."

Inspect the room where the young dragon came from. Is it a closed room or does it have access to other tunnels?

Sion 427222

"Parents…what parents?"
From the hole suddenly comes a piercing whistle.
The Dragon gets up again.
"Feeders….say…kill you."

It's a dark tunnel you see a door at the end. Through a small hole you see a pony on the other side, with a whistle.

Shortcake [Rogue] 427223

"Why not kill your feeder instead? I bet he's kept you in a cage all your life and doesn't feed you enough."

Sion 427226


Roll #1 8 = 8

Snacks(DD ranger) 427227

"Is the door locked? If not open it and tackle the one who has the whistle.

Sentried Slam on the door if its locked, if not Sentried Suppress on the feeder instead.

Sion 427230

He stops.
"Kill….feeder….but then no food…."
He frowns.

Roll to slam it open. It's locked.

Shortcake [Rogue] 427231

"You would be free to feed yourself after that."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427233

"I hear you pal.
Not much food to go around outside either."

Sion 427235


He blinks.
"Outside….what outside mean?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 427236

He glares at you.
"Pony lying."

Melody Maker [Bard] 427237

"But then you can feed yourself after that! And eat as much as you want! And not be oppressed by some two bit shitbag slaver!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 427238

Tap the wall.
"See this?"
Motion towards the ceiling then.
"This is inside.
Outside has no walls. No veiling."
Jump between him and her.
"Hey pal, don't get violent now.
Everypony feeds himself, outside."

Snacks(DD ranger) 427239


Roll #1 3 = 3

Sion 427240


Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Shortcake [Rogue] 427241

I keep hanging onto his back.
"How am I lying? Does the feeder put the food in your mouth and help you chew? With no one keeping you in a cage you can find food for yourself."

Sion 427242

You can't slam it open.

He shakes his head. It seems like he cannot even conceive of such a place.

Fire breath.
Roll to evade or attack at a double penalty.


Nope, Shortcake is just behind me.
Stand still and bring my shield up to cover us both!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Melody Maker [Bard] 427248

Try to Mimic sounds of nature to pacify him!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Snacks(DD ranger) 427249

Damn it Slam it again!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Snacks(DD ranger) 427250

I mean the door!


I try to stay behind him and out of the way of the fire attack.
"No! I can feed you! I'm a chef!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Where the fuck am I?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 427256

You're safe behind your shield.

I'm sure that somewhere out there in the wide world there's an anial that makes the exact sound melody is making right now as her mane is on fire.

You slam it open. The pony grabs a knife and tries to stab you.

You duck behind Soill and are only a tiny bit burned.

you're in the middle of fire.

Soil 10/3
Snacks 3/5
Warren 3/1 DANGER!
Shortcake 4/5
Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 3/4
Melody 1/3

Snacks(DD ranger) 427258

Oh no you dont.
Suppres him.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"It didn't have to be like this!"
I try to blind the dragon with some sand.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh geez.
Heak Warren please.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Now, try to get him to… Calm him.
Animal Mastery.
"Now stop this shit and listen up pal, or I'm gonna slap your shit hard!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Melody Maker [Bard] 427263

I run around and try to put my mane out.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 427266

You jump at the pony and slam him to the ground.

He roars as he's blinded.
+2 to all attacks against him next 2 turns.

He's healed a wound.

First of all, it was agreed that Animal mastery doesn't work on Dragons and I only allow it on a small Baby Dragon. This is not a baby dragon. Second….

He takes to the air and blast fire down upon you.

It's out when the dragon lands again and hits you on the head, knocking you helpless.

Soil 7/3
Snacks 3/5
Warren 5/2
Shortcake 4/5
Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 3/4
Melody 0/2



I had no idea actually. Also, I wasn't trying to control him, don't worry.
Get Melody out of there, the dragon might eat her whole!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Snacks(DD ranger) 427268

I look at the dog with anger and try to intimidate him.
"Make the dragon stop or dog feeder is dead!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sion 433856

If other still want to attack this turn, they should do so now.

He thinks for a second.
"Ah yes, we were talking about your "fans" and how I might be able to help you."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433869

I suppose trying to calm him again is out of the question. Setting up Homing magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well I don't really know what is going on right now.
Heal Warren, I guess?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 433876

If I am present,
"Shooting it down!"

Reflex Shot. Talent Bonus and Big Game Hunter.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Mabel [Duelist] 433878

Nod slowly.
"I'm all ears."

Sion 433900

She's out of range.

"Right…right, just let me get something here…"
he start rummaging in his pockets.

You have 3 Bolts ready.

That's not helpful little crystal pon.

The dragon smacks you before you get a chance to get out your crossbow.

"I've got some…connections in this town. I might be able to find out more about who's after you. Consider it a favor, I scratch your back…"

Soil 7/3
Snacks 3/5
Warren 5/1 DANGER!
Shortcake 4/5
Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 3/4
Melody 5/2

Mabel [Duelist] 433902

I laugh a bit.
"Hehe, you see, that's not the problem.
I know exactly who is after me. Whose goons, anyway.
It goes way back."


I-I can be helpful! Heal again!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 433908

"I'll use those feathers to take you down, you flying lizard!"

Reflex Shot. Talent Bonus and Big Game Hunter.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Okay, fuck this.
Slam against the dragon!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433915

Right, and he should still be blinded. So, I'll Backstab him. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 433920

Oh, blind is up?
That's a 7.

Sion 433923

He nods "Well then Miss Mabel, it was only an offer. I'm sure you are more then capable of handling them on your own. I'll pull my hooves out of this."
He takes another sip from his liquor.

You've healed a wound of his.

recharge 1 on Reflex shot. I'll treat this as a 9 normal attack.
You hit the dragon right in the eye with your crossbow.

Indeed. You slam against the rampaging dragon, causing him to tumble over to the ground defeated.

Soil 7/3
Snacks 3/5
Warren 5/2
Shortcake 4/5
Mwandishi 5/4
Amber 3/4
Melody 5/2

The 2 doors are still sealed. The only visible exit open is the tunnel from which the dragon came, now open to you.
In there is Snacks restraining a guard, who finally got his whistle out "Oh heh already defeated, well I simply couldn't find that whistle to stop him earlier." He doesn't sound sincere.

Mabel [Duelist] 433925

"That's not exactly what I meant…"
"I know who they are.
I don't know how to lose them."


So I undid the damage. Alright. ANOTHER!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 433928

"Damn thing."
Is it still breathing?

Sion 433936

He nods. "That's usually the hardest part about these things. So who's been following you, if I might ask?"

He's completely healed up.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 433937

Barely. He'll be out for a while.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 433939

Offer to neuter the guard if he doesn't cooperate.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 433942

Off to the guardian. Slap his shit.
Snacks is still holding him still, right?
"Where to."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 433943

He looks pretty meek. Especially when you threaten to neuter him.
"W-what do you want to know?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 433947

Look him in the eye with a hungry smile.

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433949

I'll nod.

Sion 433952

Indeed he does.
He points towards the metal door.
"Keep going, through the dragon hatchery there's no way you can miss. Griff is gathering everything up to escape in his office."

"We're slavers, we sell slaves. What more do you want know?"

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433953

"Where you keep them, how many have already been funneled out, and the quickest way to this 'Griff's' office."

Mabel [Duelist] 433954

"I trust you, of course, but we barely met, so I'll spare you the details, I hope that's understandable, but these guys?
They are the friends of the one called Slim Cat. Of course, He wasn't a cat at all, and that wasn't his real name either. Very influential, sneaky type of guy. They want me because he is dead."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 433955

Nod at Warren.
"Yeah, what he said."

Sion 433957


"This is a small place. You just keep going and you're there. The few slaves left are either in the office or right next to it. They'll go with Griff. There are no more slaves funneled out, you got the last ones of this weeks batch. The rest are already shipped away."
He flattens his ears.
"Can I go now?"

He nods. "Completely understandable."
As he listens, he gets out a pipe and lights it, then he says "Hmmm, haven't heard of that one. But…have you maybe thought about that it aren't those friends per se? Usually those types got connections everywhere and there's a lot of gangs are in this town. Maybe it's these gangs that are after you, maybe for a reward from these friends, that might make it hard to recognize them."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433966

"You're still a slaver, and as such need to face the law. Stick him in a cage until we get back."

Mabel [Duelist] 433974

Take a sip from my drink.
Lower my other hoof to get a feel of my rapier.
"It's entirely possible that they pinned a reward on my head, yes. What is there to be done against that?"

Sion 433983

He shrugs.
"Nothing really. Unless you can get to call it off somehow. If there aren't any friends of this Slim Cat, there's no rewards, see? Still that doesn't solve your immediate problem, which is the gangs in town. Luckily for you the rest of our jolly little team is taking care of one of them."

You put him in one of the slave cages.
Continue into the hatchery?

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 433991

We could, but without a healer that's probably where we'll stop.

Sion 433996

You could let Griff escape with his slaves of course. There's no need for fighting.

Hatchery roll. '1d4'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434000

Or we could Amber to heal us all~

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434001

>letting evil go unpunished
In we go, then.

Mabel [Duelist] 434006

"That is why I didn't get involved. I don't need these gangs vengeance on top of my head too."

Sion 434012

You open the door and see that the big hatchery room is, fortunately for you, empty. The big dragon cage is empty. The small dragoncages are empty as well…no wait, you see one dragon left in one of the cages.
It seems to be sleeping, huddled up.

"Seems like your troubles are getting fixed for you then."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434017

"Well, this is both fortunate, and unfortunate. Soil, can you see to that little one without beating it up?"

Mabel [Duelist] 434019

"For the time being. Then we move on to another place to hunt for monsters. Right?"

Sion 434020

I forgot to mention there's another door on the end.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434021

Walk in.
"Where the hell are the slaves?"
Grunt and move over there.
"You check for other exits!"

Take a look at the last dragon here.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434022

Well, there's an exit. Anything else of interest in the room? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sion 434023

"Exactly right. I was thinking about taking our business to Canterlot first. There's sure to be some surprises on the way and Canterlot will give me a lot of opportunities to sell my wares. Not to mention, some other members of our group would like to go there as well, so it seems like it's a win-win situation."

Some bones of small animals on the floor. It looks dirty.

"I told you. Further ahead." The caged guard says.
The dragon is very small. It's obviously still a baby. He doesn't look in good health. He has several bruises on his back.
The small dragon wakes up as you move closer, and huddles itself against the opposite end of the cage, obviously frightened.

Mabel [Duelist] 434025

"Sounds fine to me. It's been a while since I've been there… well, the outer parts of it, never inside. Where we set up the circus, you know."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434026

Right. I'll move to the end of the room and go into stealth. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434028

Break the lock of the cage, smashing it with my shield.
"Get out of here."

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Sion 434032

You're stealthed.
There's a tunnel behind the door, taking a sharp turn to the left and up.
You hear shouting and noises coming from the end.

"It's quite an amazing town. Lots of things to see and do. I'm sure you'll like it. I know lots of folks there."

You break open the cage with ease.
The small dragon however, looks uncertain at the now open cage.
He carefully sticks his head out and looks, before getting back in, sitting down and looking up at you again.

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434033

That's probably Griff and his minions getting the slaves moving.
"We need to hurry. Sounds like they're stepping up the pace."

Mabel [Duelist] 434034

"I'm sure seeing the inner districts for a change will be nice."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434035

"This thing won't leave!"
Step inside.
"C'mon, get a move. I know you guys can understand!"

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434036

"Then just take him with you! He can't be that hard to look after, and letting him loose into the wild is just going to let him end up right back here, or in another slave den."

Sion 434037

"It's a city of wonders. Built on a holy mountain. It's no coincidence the Sisters choose that place to settle down."

He takes a look out again. Sets one step outside the cage, looking relieved. He then stops and looks at you again. Standing next to you. He looks really thin, as if he hasn't eaten for a long time.
You see some pieces of meat laying a little bit further.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434038

"Don't be stupid, it's a dragon! Dragons are bad! Every book says so!"

Mabel [Duelist] 434040

Let go of the rapier for now.
"It's also a city of stuck up nobles, from what I remember."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434041

"And who takes care of dragons? Other dragons. What do you think might happen if a dragon is raised by a good pony?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434043

That should work, yeah.
Pick up a piece of meat and throw it at him, see if that chases him away!
"Never read anything about that."

Sion 434044

"Royalty and stuck-up nobles go well together. Those nobles need somepony to suck up to."
He chuckles.

>throw it at him.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434046

"What's stopping you from making your own story, then?"

Mabel [Duelist] 434049

I chuckle as well.
"Do you have any idea how hard they were to please with the shows compared to other places?"

Sion 434050

He jumps up and catches the piece of meat with his mouth. Eating it quickly. He looks at you somewhat happy. But he's not running away, on the contrary he comes closer.

"Oh dear, these shows are so uncouth. Mmmmyes, and why aren't we getting any complementary hors d'oeuvres." He says in a mocking voice.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434051

Oh come the hell on!
"No! Bad!"
Pick up a piece of meat and wave it around like a sword to chase him off!

Mabel [Duelist] 434052

I shake my head.
"Poor kids."

Sion 434054

He runs off again and jumps back in his cage.
The caged guard laughs.

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434055

"Looks like you're stuck with him, now."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434056

"… I don't know how to write."
Groan in frustration.
"What the hell is wrong with you now?"

Sion 434061

"But it's not all that, as I said city of wonders. Why I once found a shop of antiques there, marvelous, it was run by some chinese pony. Let me tell you, if the Inquisition knew about it…" He laughs.

The dragon says nothing but looks at you sad.
The guard laughs. "You're wasting your breath pony. That's the weakest of the bunch, why do you think he didn't get pulled out with the rest of the eggs and babies? He's worth nothing. He can't even speak yet."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434063

"You don't need to be able to write to tell a story. Besides, if you do it write, ponies will be writing about you instead of having to write about yourself."
I'll shake my head.
I'll glare at him a little.
"All the more reason we should take him with us. If you aren't, I am."

Mabel [Duelist] 434067

"I never really got into magic things business.
Must be interesting to deal with all those artifacts and whatnot."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434071

"Goddamnit you."
Get closer to the dragon, this time offer him the food, instead of waving it around menaceously.
"Fine, but he's just gonna get hurt in the fight."

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434073

"Look at it this way. Having him around gives you a reason to show off and not get hit."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434075

Look at him with a lost smile.
"Show off what?"

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434076

"Your combat skills. Sometimes a fight isn't about taking hits, but making your enemy waste their energy and then hitting them really really hard."

Sion 434077

"I deal in everything. The best of the best, why look at this." He reaches over to a bag and holds out an elegant horn, the end piece shaped as a griffon head.
"The Griffonsong, this horn inspires anypony who hears it to perform courageous feats. Just beautiful, ages old, from the Griffon lands of Hyperborea."

The dragon seems too weak to fight yet willing to follow you as he gets out of the cage again and stands next to you again, looking up to you with hopeful eyes.
You can only ask him to fight once you've got Animal Mastery.
Still he looks weak and you feel he might need to see some animal doctor or something first once you get out of here.

Mabel [Duelist] 434081

"Not bad. How did you get a hold of it?
And that's not a pony horn, is it?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434084

"That's silly, combat is about killing things."
But I already bought that skill, see how I used it earlier?
I'm not gonna make a dragon fight my battles, that's for sure!
Now, next room?
Should we pause since nobody but me and Fidget is here?

Sion 434086

He waves his hoof dismissively.
"Oh, I found it during my travels some time ago in Hyperborea. And while it's a bit big for a pony, it's still easily useable, it's very light."

I hadn't noted that.
The dragon silently follows you for now.
What are his colors if you have any preference?

All that's left is Griff. We can pause here if people want.

Warrem [M Pegasus Arcane Blade]] 434088

Fun as it would be to run the Buddy Cop Adventures of Soil and Warren, I think we should wait for the others.

Mabel [Duelist] 434089

"I heard those are pretty unforgiving lands. Wouldn't want to be there."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 434092

Especially since we have no healer.

Sion 434093

"They're not so bad. Cold maybe, and those griffons, let me tell you, some of them really don't like ponies. Some of them are still really mad about that time Equestria took the Ancestral Lands from them. But there are very reasonable ones as well. Some strange culture they have though. you can't make heads or tails of it from time to time.
And there's rumors they're planning to invade Equestria soon."
He takes another blow from his pipe.

Noted. I will continue just a little bit for Nopo.

Sion 434099


Sion 435262

Everyone except Mabel is in the empty hatchery.
The tunnel to Griff is open and accessible.
You hear a lot of noises coming from there.
The small baby dragon is silently standing next to Soil.

You've had the time to bandage up and all PCs have full hits and full-1 wounds

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 435989

Look scoldingly at the dragon.
"Hey, don't follow us in the next room.
It's dangerous there."

Shortcake [Rogue] 435990

"Let's hurry and kill these slavers."

Amber [Crystal butt] 435992

Time to free slaves and kill all the slavers!

"We should hurry!"
Enter the tunnel!

Mabel [Duelist] 435993

Raise an eyebrow.
"Invade Equestria? With a full blown war and everything?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 435996

"Hold on, I thought you valued the lives of other ponies? If you kill them, we might lose valuable information on who was sent out. Try to capture them, but don't risk yourselves too much."

Shortcake [Rogue] 435999

"Slavers aren't ponies."

I use Stealth and go down the Griff tunnel.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Amber [Crystal butt] 436000

"Slavers are jerks. The Savior herself killed Sombra."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436002

"I just slam things."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436008

"We came here to stop the slave trade and find information on where the other ponies were sent. I don't mind if you rough them up, but remember we are here to save the ponies that got shipped out, away from their friends and families."

"Slam everything but the head. We need their knowledge about where the innocent ponies were carted off to."

Amber [Crystal butt] 436010

"Of course we are! But we're also here to kill slavers! You can do both!"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436011

Grunt a little and LET'S MOVE INTO THE NEXT ROOM!

Sion 436013

He just looks at you, but he seems to stay put when you go towards the tunnel.



You climb inside a box thinking you might sneakily move through the tunnel while inside it. Only once you're in, do you realize its filled with dragon poo.

Shortcake [Rogue] 436016


Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436020

Ready to begin the mission!

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436022

Where did lemon go?

Sion 436040

"I don't believe so. Even with Equestria being weakened as it is, there are few who would dare to attack Canterlot and the Sisters openly. But the Ancestral Lands to the North have always been considered griffon territory by the Griffons. They might try to take it."

You go through the tunnel towards the sounds. The dragon stays behind in the tunnel as you enter.
"Move it, ya dogs." Griff says to 2 Dig Dogs burning documents in a bonfire behind Griffs desk.
He turns when you come in.
"There you are. Pretty slow. I was expecting you earlier. Let's talk about this."

Amber [Crystal butt] 436046

Empower my hammer and Bolster myself.
"We're going to put an end to your slaving ways!"

Mabel [Duelist] 436051

"That sucks I guess.
But I'm sure it can be resolved peacefully. Nopony really wants war."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436052

"I'm no good at talking."
Bring the shield to bear.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436055

"You and your dogs will pay for the crimes."
How big is the desk?

Shortcake [Rogue] 436059

Blind him!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 436060

"Now, I can understand why all of you would like to 'stop me' but there's really no need for violence. I can just pack up my things and be off. You don't have trouble, I don't have trouble, how about that?"
Behind him the Dogs are burning more documents.

You're too far away.

"We'll see. The Army is too busy in the South anyway. The Hive Chrysalis invaded there. Turned whole cities into hives. I heard Celestia herself is leading the charge to drive them back."

Mabel [Duelist] 436062

"Things look pretty grim then."
"Such a shame. I really liked the times when you could just tour around Equestria without much problem. Can't really do that now."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436063

"Dan it."
I know the others are looking for a fight, so I'll rush and flip the desk onto the fire. Basic fire safetyl, smother the flames to kill them.
Would the Survival bonus apply to this action?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Charge in!
"You're going down, mister!"
Smash his fucking head in!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436067

Oh right, we gotta attack now.
But run past him, to on of the dogs.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Shortcake [Rogue] 436068

Backstab him!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sion 436078

"No, but one ponies death is the other ponies bread. Lots of business opportunities these days for those who are courageous or cunning"

Survival doesn't say anything about smothering flames.
One of the dig dogs pushes you back with his spear.

With a yell, you charge into the still talking Griff, slapping him back against the wall.
"Allright, no more friendly talk BOYS"
4 Diamond Dogs burst out of the ground in front of Griff.

You slam one of the 2 Dig Dogs burning papers. He turns and gets his spear ready.

As you try to backstab Griff one of the DDs pops out of the ground pushing you away.

Fighing Griff music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFKrhiKrbHo

Soil 10/5
Amber 5/5
Pico: 4/5
Shortcake 4/5


A game of whack-a-slaver-dog? Sure!
Bring down the hammer once more on one of those dogs!

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436081

Wait, so the enemies are Griff, 2 DigDogs, 4 Diamond Dogs?
Roar at him and put him to sleep with a smash of my shield!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 436083

Blind Griff!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mabel [Duelist] 436085

"Business is always open to crafty people."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436086

I need to set the example and try to take some alive. Look for any openings against the dog near the burning documents with my Hawkeyes.
and take a Reflexive Shot.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8

Sion 436090

You smack him good.

All attacking enemies are Griff and his 4 minions. The 2 Dig Dogs are burning documents and are non-hostile unless provoked.
Your roar is admirable, until one of his minions blocks you and another stabs you in the back.

He's blinded
+2 for all attacks targeting Griff for 2 turns

He nods. "Yes, I'm glas you understand that."

Your hawkeyes only see a big dog paw coming right towards them.
But right as they hit you, you pull out your gun reflexively and shoot the Dig Dog. He's helpless.

Soil 6/5
Amber 5/5
Pico: 4/5
Shortcake 4/5

Sion 436091

Pico 2/5


Then attack Griff! Relish this opportunity!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Mabel [Duelist] 436094

"I feel bad for those who don't."


Oh c'mon!
Let's kick him away, attack Griff this time!

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436098

Check out the other Dig Dog burning documents and try to find an opening.
Hawkeye [1d10]
Regular Attack [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 436101

Backstab Griff!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Sion 436103

You break through the Diamond Dogs slamming the surprised Griff in the head.

Bedrock nods and takes another sip from his glass.

You easily slam both Dogs aside and Slam Griff against the wall.

The opening is easy. He's not paying too much attention to you.
You hit him right in the head, causing him to drop his papers and fall down in the fire.

You go for it again and while you can't manage to break through the DDs guarding Griff, you cn stab one of them in the back.
That one won't be getting up.

The DDs guarding Griff see their chance and stab Pico before he can do anything.
Pico is helpless!
The 3 DDs resume their position around Griff.

Soil 6/5
Amber 5/5
Pico: 0/4 HELPLESS
Shortcake 4/5

+2 for all attacks against Griff in effect.

Shortcake [Rogue] 436104

Attack griff

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Ah crap, Heal Pico!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436106

Get up! Those papers are too important to lose!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Keep crushing Griff against the wall! Shake him well! Break his bones!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sion 436110

His minions are persistent, they won't let you through, blocking your attacks and even getting one hit in as well.

Pico is healed up completely.

Griffs guards unexpectantly drag you off their leader, hitting your head a few times.

Soil 4/5
Amber 5/5
Pico: 5/4
Shortcake 3/5


Turn around and slam onto these dogs!
Wait, I had a fight with the Dig Dogs, one of them had just stabbed me!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


AAAAAAA! Leap of Faith! Beat the shit out of Griff for that!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 436114

I blind one of the minions.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436116

Try to save the papers. We have to save the ones that were shipped out.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436117


Sion 436122

You slam him so hard you hear his skull crumble from here.

You jump, but one of Griffs guards takes the hit. He's shaken and wounded, but still alive.

One of the 2 remaining minions is blinded.
+2 for every roll against Nameless Minion Number 2 for 2 turns

You manage to grab a few of them, badly burned but still useful. The rest seem hopelessly lost though

Sion 436123

Soil 4/5
Amber 5/5
Pico: 5/5
Shortcake 3/5


Attack Nameless Minion Number 2 with by crossbow!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Shortcake [Rogue] 436127

I backstab minion number two!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Change that! Kill him!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436130

The paper route is mostly ruined, but I have to stay calm. Try to take down one of the other dogs, but keep him alive so I can get the information I need.
Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shot [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12

Sion 436133

In a seamless natural movement you turn from crushing the minions skull to the other.
You delight in his cowardly expression before raising your crossbow and firing a bolt point blank into his stummick.
As he bends over in pain, you jump and karate kick him with your back leg.

As the completely physically devastated minion stumbles backwards after Soils kick, you easily slip a dagger between his ribs, killing him instantly.

Oh boy he's dead allright.

The only dog left alive is Griff.
You fire a reflex shot in his body, but he keeps standing.
"Now wait a second, let's make a deal."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436134

"You surrender, tell us everything you know, those are the terms. Nothing else."


"No deals with thieves and slavers!"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Mabel [Duelist] 436136

"Soooo…. how did you find these guys?"

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436137

I glower at him threateningly
"You tell us where all the slaves are!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 436138

I blind Griff.
"No deal!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sion 436139


"The terms are, you let me go…and I'll show you where the slaves are."

You run at him, but the surprisingly nimble Griff jumps over you before grabbing you from behind and smashing you against the wall.
The little dragon looks worried from the tunnel.

You try to blind him but Griff is too fast jumping over you and kicks you on the head.

He's trying to make a run for it. Roll above '1d10' to catch him

"The gangsters? I don't know them specifically. But I know people in this town, who tell me these kinds of things. I met lots of ponies when I was still an adventurer."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mabel [Duelist] 436140

Shake my head.
"No, no, I mean the guys who are dealing with them right now."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436141

"You're not getting away!"

"We need him alive! You can deal with him after we save everyone else!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


No he isn't making that run nowhere.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Smash him!
"No deal if you're just going to run away! Now tell us where the slaves are!"

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 436144

I chase him and try to grab him with my TK.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 436145

You grab him and hold him down
"They are in that room over there. Those that are left."
He points to a door.

"Back in Silverhaze Falls, they seemed like an interesting bunch, so I hired them to guard me and do the heavy lifting."

[lemon] 436146

Go after him and ghold him down
'1d10+2' suppress

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Snacks 436147

Sion 436148

He's down.
"You too, Snacks?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 436149

"Keep an eye on him! I don't trust him!"
Walk over and open the door.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436150

"Those that are left?!"
Look at him in anger.

Mabel [Duelist] 436151

"I guess it worked out well so far then?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436152

"Watch yourself, it could be one last trap."

Make sure he is secured. Survival to scrounge up some rope or slave bindings and make sure he doesn't try to run again.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Snacks 436153

Dont look at him, just keep him down.

Sion 436154

"You know, we sold most of them already. This is a business and circulation goes fast."

Please roll

"They get the job done and don't ask too many questions, that's enough for me."

He is roped down.

Shortcake [Rogue] 436155

I punch him in the face.
"Tell me the names of the buyers!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Amber [Crystal butt] 436156


Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 436157

"Aw. Okay, okay. Those of today were sold to the boats "Karabudjan" and "Pony's folly.". They took them to…wherever, I don't ask questions."

You find 2 pony slaves, chained in there.
An earth pony stallion and a crystal pony mare.
They look up at you surprised.

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436159

"When did they leave?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436160

How much of the stuff they were burning fown is left?

Sion 436163

Pico has been able to save some papers.

He shrugs. "They should have left a few minutes ago."


"Only two!?"
I grind my teeth. Is there a key to unlock those chains somewhere?
"Are you two okay?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Snacks 436166

I look at him.
"Where is the crystal pony?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436167

I'm not good with this stuff. Let's see who's still alive, rejoin Amber.
"You two okay?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436169

"To where?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436171

"You couldn't move ponies in chains around a town like this so easily, who have you been paying off to look the other way?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 436173

"How many were sold! What species!"
I raise my hoof like I will hit him again.

Sion 436174

The crystal mare looks very depressed and sad.
The stallion looks up "Yes, somewhat…you're not one of the slavers, are you?"
You can't find a key.

She seems to be chained in an adjeacent chamber.

"I don't know."

"How about you go fuck yourself?"


Roll #1 8 = 8

Sion 436175

"Go ahead, I'm not scared. I'll get out of any jail."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436177

"And if we don't put you in a jail? I'm sure no one will miss a slaver."

Snacks 436178

Approach the cage and look at her.
"Hey ponies, everything is going to be okay got me?"

Try to see if I can open the cage/

Roll #1 10 = 10

Shortcake [Rogue] 436179

I punch him in the junk this time.
"Tell me!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"No! We're here to save you! We killed the slavers… or most of them."
Uh… Could I break those chains with my hammer? Empower it and try.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436183

Look at him and snicker.
"Think about what you just said and to whom you said it. I've been trying to keep some of you alive to get more information, but even then the ponies here killed most of you. We already have some information we can start with."

Sion 436185


"Well then, maybe you'll let me go and I tell you?"

Both Snacks and Amber smash the chains. The stallion looks relieved rubbing his hoofs "thank you."
The crystal mare still looks very sad "My pendant, have you seen my pendant?" she asks in a monotone voice.

He yells in pain.
"There were a lot over the years, we shipped around 20 every week. All races."

Snacks 436187

I look back at Grif
"What pendant is she talking about?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 436190

I gulp, she looks very non-crystally…
"Uh… No, sorry… What's your name? I'm Amber!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 436191

I wipe my hoof off on whatever vest he might be wearing.
"You're lucky I don't kill you."

I look at everyone else.
"We need to get to those docks before the boats leave."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436192

"We killed all the others dog, why leave him alive?"

Sion 436193

"My crystal pendant. I need it."
Griff looks over.
"It's in the desk."

You remember how a crystal pony seperated from her crystal pendant becomes very depressed fast.
"….Star…Quartz" in a monotone voice.

Snacks 436195

I just nod to Amber.
"Watch over her."

Go and walk slowly to the desk wary of traps. Is it there?"

Supreme survivor spot

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436196

"Because… well, I don't know. He's got things he's still not telling us. And a living witness can do more damage to the gangs and corrupt ponies than a dead one."

Amber [Crystal butt] 436197

I scrunch
"Snacks will get it for you!"
Are any of these two hurt?
Look at the stallion
"What's your name, sir?"

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436198

"There was a Dig Dog back there that I knocked out. I'll tie him up to, and we can leave them here while we go to the docks."

Sion 436199

It doesn't seem to be trapped.
You find a pendant with a shiny blue crystal in one of the drawers.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436200

"But the guards are corrupt too and would just let him go!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 436201

"He might still have info and none of us can talk to the dead."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436202

"Suit yourself."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436203

"Well, there is that. So we can't exactly make an example out of him."

Queren Pico [Monster Hunter] 436205

"We have plenty of bodies back there you can use as an example of what happens to slavers. All I need out of him is the whereabouts of all the kidnapped ponies. Nothing else about him matters to me after that."

Snacks 436206

Go grab it and walk to Star.
"Here is this it pony?" I grin at her.

Amber [Crystal butt] 436207

Mabel [Duelist] 436209

"You don't like questions being asked?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436210

"The ponies have already been sold and shipped, likely, if we don't get to them quickly."

Sion 436212

"It's Iron Knuckle. They made me do the heavy lifting around here."

Griff grins.
"I guess you've got no other choice than making a deal."

She nods and puts it on.
"Thank you."

Sion 436213

"Time is money. And questions means wasting money."

Shortcake [Rogue] 436216

"We can afford to hire a necromancer."

"We can afford a necromancer, right?"

Amber [Crystal butt] 436217

"Do you know anything about where the others are? Something that could help us here? Oh and… are either of you hurt?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436219

"I dunno. Where do you even find a necromancer?"

Mabel [Duelist] 436220

"I'm not wasting your money now, am I?"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436221

"Our deal is that you talk while you're alive, or you talk while you're dead. It makes no difference to us."

Snacks 436223

I look at Grif.
"Grif, these ponies will kill you if you dont tell. As a fellow dog it will be wise." I just look at him concerned.

"its okay," I smile at her then look at the two.
"What is pony's name?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 436227


"Good enough for me."

I take out my knife and stab him in the heart.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436228

Wince at her move.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436229

"I'm not carrying him."
Let's rifle through his things. Anything valuable in his desk? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sion 436230

He just grins.
"Oh right. You do that."

The stallion looks.
"They were shipped out. Maybe the boats are still there I don't know."
Star is regaining color.
They both seem tired but unharmed, in need of a relaxing bath maybe.

He thinks.
"Technically speaking, I could have made 142 bits if I went around this inn right now to sell my wares, but I don't feel like it so you haven't cost me any bits just yet."

Griff scoffs. "You'd just let these ponies kill me?"
"Iron Knuckle"
The mare "Star Quartz"

You stab Griff. He's dead with a grin.

You find a few photos showing a few pony mares, obviously slaves, with Griff in very compromising positions. Including Star.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436232


I'll frown.
"You killed him too quick."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436234

"We should move. To the docks."

Mabel [Duelist] 436235

"I'll make it worth it for you, don't worry your little head."

Shortcake [Rogue] 436236

I scowl at his grin.

"Probably. What did you find?"

"Yes. Let's go."
I take off running for the exit.

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436238

"You think!?"
Turn to the party, ignoring the dead warlord
"Guys! We need to stop those ships! Quickly!"


Follow her, urging both ponies to follow.
One last check to see if there are any other slaves hidden.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436242

"Nothing good."
Well, those can go under evidence, with the files Pico recovered.
…And no one's dragging the dog. Wonderful. Looks like it falls to me.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436243

"HEY! Remember the traps!"

I will go back to the previous tunnel and look for the dragon.
"Now you follow, uh?"

Snacks 436244

I just frown a bit at the killing but just let it go and follow them.
"You two should follow us."

Sion 436252

Please wait a second.
Maybe you can tell Star and Iron Knuckle what they should do in the meantime or are you going to leave them here?

While looking around, you catch a glimpse of those pictures Warren holds.
Roll for how much you saw.

Shortcake [Rogue] 436254

"Come with us!"

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436257

Where is Anna? Can't she lead them back to the inn?

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436258

I thought they were coming with us? We've picked up a few strays already…

Sion 436259

She can, she's back?
"But I want to help!"

And I don't see you rolling.

Snacks 436260

I look at the two.
"Do you two ponies want to stay here? Its not safe , come with us." I just look at the two of them.

"What traps Soil pony?"
Help him in looking at the traps so we dont get entangled with it.

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436261

I'm very tired, sorry
"Well… we could bring them along! No time to lose!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436263

"The traps by the entrance pal.
Those we avoided thanks to your tunnel!"

Sion 436264

You notice an unknown mare, her head and mane is covered in…mayonaise? Strange.
Griff is standing next to her with a thumbs up. Strange customs they have here.

Anna, Iron and Star will follow you. The dragon is with Soil again, smiling.You take the tunnel to the docks.

Everyone roll now for luck

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436266

But what of Dragon?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436268

Oh boy, let's see how lucky I am, dragging this dead dog. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Maybe one of them modern trends? Ponies are weird these days. Weirder than a thousand years ago, at least.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Snacks 436270


Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 436272


Roll #1 7 = 7

Sion 436276

When you arrive, you see one of the ships the "Karabdujan" has already left.
But the other one is making final preperations.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436279

How far out is it? Can I fly there?

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436281

How many dogs/slavers in general?
"We gotta board that ship and chase the other one!"

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436282

At least we know the name! We'll hunt it down!
As for the other ship, charge onto it.

Snacks 436283

"Its getting away!"
Go towards it and follow.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 436295

The other ship? Beat '1d10+2' to fly to it.

They seem like regular pony sailors.
You see '4d4' of them.

You're running towards it with Snacks.
It's not going anywhere.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 3, 3, 2 = 9

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436297

Okay, time to steap on the ship.
"Everypony who's not a slaver leave. Now."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436299

I can beat that. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436300

Step onto it.
"Slavers! We're putting an end to you!"

Sion 436301

They look at you.
"What are you talking about?"

Nope. Maybe it is tiredness but the ship goes off into the horizon.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436303

"Slavers. Now steer this ship towards the other one!"

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436305

"Show us your cargo!"

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436306

Fly back down to the other ship.
"We're dock patrol. Here to inspect your cargo, and the cargo of the ship that just pulled out of port. You can work with us, or you can be held accountable for the obstruction of justice."

Sion 436309

They laugh
"Oh cute, he thinks he's the captain."

"And why?"

The captain, a rough looking pegasus with one eye walks over to you.
"And where's your badge then?"

Snacks 436310

I nod at this.
"Our group thinks that pony ship might be carrying illicit cargo. We are here to inspect it."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436312

"With that corpse there on the dock, who didn't believe me. Care to join him?"

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436314

Grunt and slam my shield on the ground to make a resounding impact.
"Follow that ship or follow the fishes."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436317

"Because we were told this ship is carrying slaves. You better cooperate!"

Sion 436318

"By what right?"

The slam does make an impact on the sailors.
The captain nods to one of them.
"Rock, get the guards."

"I'm sure of that. Don't worry."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436319

Step in front of rock.
"Get this ship around and chase the other. Now."

Sion 436320

Let's see how intimidated they are by you..

Roll #1 7 = 7

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436321

Fine then. Head belowdecks. I'll go inspect it myself.

Sion 436322

5 of them seem to freeze.

The other 4 and the captain grab their swords.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436323

I'll clean my monocle.
"Captain, we gave you a chance to comply. You'll have to pardon my… enthusiastic associate, as he takes his job very seriously."
I'll pop my monocle back in.
"Now, what I can tell you about this is that we received an anonymous tip that your vessel, and the vessel that just left, was carrying illegal slaves. You can let us search, and prove that tip wrong, or you can call the guards and make this messy."

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436324

Step forward.
"So you are slavers after all."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436325

"Or they're defending their boat, Soil."

Sion 436326

"Get off this ship now."

Sion 436327

The 4 sailors block your passage.

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436328

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436329

"You care about ponies or a ship?"
I'm not stepping away.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436330

I'll sigh.
"I'm afraid that's not possible until we're certain there are no slaves on this ship. So either you stand down and let us look, or we go through you."

Snacks 436331

Stand next to Warren and nod at this

Amber [Crystal Butt] 436332

"Let me through or I'll force my way through! I just want to see if there are slaves down there or not!"

Sion 436333

Another roll to see how brave those 4 are. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 436334

They stand down.
You are able to inspect the ship.

Poor Soil [Landkeeper] 436335

Grunt and remain on deck keeping an eye on them.
"The other ship is running away with more slaves."

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade] 436336

"Thank you kindly, Captain."
And let's go inspect the hold.


Do that. Let's see if Griff lied.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sion 436338

"We don't know anything about any other ship?"

As Griff said there are a few cages with some slaves, donkeys, ponies and even a griffon.
They look happy to see you.

Warren [Male Pegasus Arcane Blade]