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++Episode one: The Joke's On You!++

The clouds are rolling in faster then you thought. You might be in trouble, thought that doesn't really change much.

You're name is Wind Breaker and you are a pegasus. As a struggling comedian working in the big city of Manehatten, you've come onto some hard times. Taking what little stuff you have to your name, you've decided more or less on a desperate whim to set off for a new venue in the hope that things might change. You don't have much and if this doesn't pan out you're not really sure what you'll do, but with a little luck Ponyville may be your new home.

Assuming you manage to get there.

Angry black thunderheads are crowding the skies now, picking up the wind and reducing viability for you even more in the weakening light of evening. You were hoping to make it to town without any trouble, but it's getting a little tricky to fly. According to your MAP Ponyville shouldn't be much further but you can't really be sure.

What should you do?

(Note: The game will continue by majority rule. If anyone has any questions, in game or out, feel free to ask. As the story progresses the mechanics of the game will be explained as they come up)


Build a cloud tent and wait it out.


How good is our flying prowess?


Is Wind Breaker's talent breaking wind?



The wheather is getting a little too hinky for you, so you decide to try and wait it out by molding some clouds into a makeshift shelter. As a pegasus pony you do have the innate ability to work with clouds…..though you hardly ever do that sort of thing. You're a city pony and hardly ever work with the weather yourself. But hey, how hard can it be?


You're an pretty FAIR flyer. You're no Wonderbolt or anything, but you can get to where you need to go easy enough. You thought you could rely on that ability to get you to Ponyville quickly, but this storm might be too much for you.


Rolled 1 = 1


Based on our experience flying, do we think we can make it through this storm?
If not, why don't we land and try to walk the rest of the way.


Is there anything nearby we could use for shelter ?


(Cont. Sorry for taking so long)

You gather up some extra cloud from storm, careful not to get caught in an updraft or something. As you do, water squeezes out of the vapor and rains down, giving you less to work with. You really don't know what you're doing, but keep at it anyway, hoping that a little sky house would offer the best shelter. After a little hard work you end up with….a melted looking, lopsided single room hovel that's not even completely closed off. You though to just stick with it and endure it, but a sudden gust from the storm picking up blows past and tears the "roof" off.

The storm is getting worse and its started to rain. It's light up where you are, but its a downpour below.

(Every action that requires a test, mostly those that have a risk of passing or failing, will need to be rolled on. When an action is decided by the players, I will the appropriate skill. Skills can be anything, from Flying, to Speed Reading, to Operating Dangerous Equipment. For every level you have in a skill, 1d6 is rolled by me. Rolls 1-2 ill result in a negative value, 3-4 are nutral and 5-6 are positive. The more positive rolls, the greater chance of success and more level in a skill means more potential dice to roll.)


(Winder Breaker's special talent is Comedy. She tries to be a comedian, though her career is on the rocks at the moment)


It might be possible to just plow through this thing, though it could be dangerous. You're not an expert on dangerous flying or anything and you would literally be flying blind.


I vote for going to the ground and walking the rest of the way. If it's too bad on the ground we should look for shelter.


Agreed. No way we can fly through this bad of a storm. We'll just hurt ourselves.


Try to land. Do we know what area we're flying over?
If we're over the Everfree, or something, we should be careful.


You decide to just forget the whole thing and come to a mostly soft landing on the ground. You've been mainly following the road from above and know if you follow it, it will eventually reach Ponyville.

You hope its not much further. Sunlight is fading fast behind the overcast and you're already completely soaked, not to mention all your stuff.

Most of the area here seems to me mainly sparse woodland. Some trees here and there, but hardly any to give decent shelter in this rain.


Let's check our stuff and see if there's anything we can use to light the way once night comes.


Inventory check! Inventory check!



You step under a near by tree to give you a little respite as you go over your things, hoping you remembered to pack something useful. Most of your stuff you are having delivered to Ponyville, but you have with you some of your essentials. Mostly your comedic aids. You were hoping to use them to help you get things going in town before the est of your things arrived.

In your Saddle Bags you have mostly some comedy props: including a long neck tie you like to wear on stage, a rubber chicken, a whoopee cushion, spring snakes in a peanuts can, a big silly hat and a water squirting flower.


Nothing useful, drat.
Let's just keep walking. Can we see the town from here?


Wear the Neck Tie and continue on the road.



The hat might be useful for keeping rain out of our eyes.


Why ruin our comedy props by getting them wet before we even get there?


They're already wet. Better look suave as fuck if we run into someone and keep the rain out of our eyes.



It's getting late and the storm is really coming down on you. You can't see Ponyville from here but that doesn't really mean much. You can hardly see very far down the road and constantly have to wipe your mane from your eyes as it clings to your head. But you are pretty sure town shouldn't be too far off.


You're soaked to the bone already and the rain is pretty cold. A little desperate, you fix on your long red tie and big silly hat. The hat doesn't help much; its a tall floppy cylinder of colorful fabric. Seconds after you put its on its water logged and folds down to one side. But hey, you're already wet. Why not.


Keep trudging along, I guess.
If we do happen to see a source of shelter, try to stop there.


Aaand there goes the hat. Lovely.
Keep trudging along until something interesting happens.


Continue on the road. Make sure to keep looking for shelter.


Determined, you trudge along down the road on hoof, not at all happy with how things seem to be working out. Wet, cold, tired, looking a wreck. This wasn't exactly how you pictured yourself on your fresh new start. But you just have to stick it out and hope for the best.

Eventually, your persistence pays off and you see lights down the road. Ponyville. You run the rest of the way, excited and anxious to get out of the rain. Muddy and wearing a soaked hat and tie, you make your triumphant arrival into the little village. No one seems to be around, but that's not surprising considering the weather. Probably for the best no ponies see you looking such a mess.


Alright! Sweet!
Do we know where our new house is?


Try to find the place where we're supposed to be staying.



Try to locate our house or someone who knows where our house might be.



though you're moving to Ponyville you….don't exactly have a house. At least not yet. However, you know the local Prancing Pony Inn has vacancies and have had a room reserved for you.

Fumbing in the rain and mud, you pull out your Map of Ponyville and some of the surrounding area. If you're reading it right, it should just be down the street and, indeed, you can see the large (for a little town) building just up ahead with its bright warm lights glowing through the windows.


Well what are we waiting for? Let's get the hell out of this rain!


Alright! Let's head over there.


You scurry out of the rain and into the thankfully warm lobby of the Inn. It's cozy, with wood floors and wall, the rattling of the rain on the roof. You wipe your hooves on the mat and trot over to the front desk. It's vacant and you don't hear or see anypony about, so you give the bell on the desk a ring.

Nothing. You ring it a couple more times and are rewarded with an annoyed voice from the back.

"Alright, alright already!"

A tired looking brown stallion stalks out from the back, rubbing his eye. She spies you over at the counter and walks over, looking you up and down.

"Can I…help you?"

"Uh yeah, hi!" You say, trying to be friendly, realizing how you must look. "I have a room reserved that I'd like to check into. Name's Wind Breaker."

"Uhuh. Rooms are 5 bits a night."

5 bits! You didn't think it would be that much, especially in a little humdrum town like this. You were only able to scrounge up 50 bits. It's all you have to your name.


Doesn't seem like the humorous type and we can't sell our body out just yet. Pay the fee.


Ask if there's a homeless shelter near by.
Because we're a comedian.

I vote that we pay for a night's stay.



Pay the fee for now.
Maybe we can find someone who'd be willing to let us stay in their home tomorrow. For now let's just get dry and get a good night's rest.


We tell everyone it's a comedy prop that was fused to our body in a terrible accident.
We are lying.



Ask if they take jokes as payment.


Or Stride gum.


"Geeze," you say, taking out your coin purse from your saddle bags and depositing 5 golden bits on the counter. You try to break the tension with a little humor. "There wouldnt happen to know if there's a homeless shelter around here, would you?"

(Luckily, since Wind Breaker's special talent is Comedy, she already has a whopping 3 levels invested in it and can roll 3 dice for all comedic based tests)



Rolled 5, 4, 1 = 10


Maybe it's Radiant


But she hasn't mentioned her lesbian crush on Celestia yet.



The corner of counter pony's mouth vaguely go up for a moment before he swipes the coins and deposits them into the register on the counter. He then passes you a key that says room 101.

"Enjoy your stay. If you need anything, just ring the bell. Someone will help you."

He then stalks into the back room, leaving you alone. Feeling a little awkward, you climb the stairs and unlock your room. It's a kinda spartan; a nice bed, a desk in front of a window, a small dresser off to one side, a closest and a bathroom. You plop your junk on the ground and yourself beside it, exhausted. You finally made it. A little tired, hungry and dirty, but you made it.


Shower. Now.


I also vote for a shower.
Then, let's work on our act. We've got to get a paying gig.


You look at you still muddy hooves and stick you tongue out. You're a mess. Before you do anything else tonight, you need to get cleaned up.

You trot into the bathroom. There's a bath tub and shower, plus the usual amenities, with some tiny soaps and products. You set the water on, inspect yourself for a moment in the mirror and setting your clothes aside before hopping into the warm running water.

It feels so good and you can feel your body begin to relax as you wash the mud and rain water off with some soap. It's enjoyable to just stand there, listening to the warm running water and the rain outside. But as you listen, you hear a thinking sound. From your room maybe?

"Hello?" You call out, peeking around the shower curtain. You can't see into your room from here. "Hello? Is there anypony there?"

There's no reply and after waiting in silence for a few minutes. Still nothing.


>Thinking sound
What is that?
If we're clean enough, dry off and leave the bathroom. Be cautious.


>a thinking sound
…What's thinking sound like?
Anyways, cover up with a towel and investigate dat shit.




(I'm just awful tonight. Thunking sound. Like something hitting wood)



Carefully investigate


Suspicious and now clean, you turn off the water and wrap a towel around yourself, cautiously peering into your room.


Still nothing. All your stuff is where you left it and you can see your door is still locked. You step into the room, still dripping a little water, but there's nopony here. Weird.


Check out the window. Maybe something hit it.




You go over to the window, thinking maybe something hit it and made the noise. Maybe it's hailing a little, which would make you even more thankful to be inside.

It's raining cats and dogs out side, with no sign of it letting up anytime soon. And there's not evidence of something hitting hitting the window….but something catches your eye. At the very edge of your field of view from here you see a couple of ponies skulking about by the Inn. You can't get a good look at them or what they're doing, but you can't imagine why anypony would be out in this weather.

A rustling sound behind you makes you jump with a fright. You look around the room wildly, but it's exactly as before, giving no explanation to the noise.


Check the closet. Check under the bed.


Check around the whole room.


If this yields nothing run a warm bath and soak in the water to get the cold out of our bones while we practice our comedy routine.


Slowly, cautiously, you creep over to the closest. Something strange is going on here and you don't like it one bit. With a outstretched hoof that you try to keep from trembling, you swing it the door open.

"HA!" You shout triumphantly to….some coat hangers. Yeah. You turn around to check the bed and bump face to face with a pony. "AH!"

Surprised, you yell and fall backwards into the closet, hooves tangling in your towel. A couple coat hangers shift their positions and fall on top of you, adding insult to injury.

"Surprise!" The other pony say cheerfully. "Welcome to Ponyville! My name's Pinkie Pie and I'm super dooper happy to welcome you to town!"



Ask her how she got in our room


Yell at her how she got in our room! Was she trying to spy on us as we showered?!


Begin Weeping Comically


We've got a friend.

But first ask why she snuck up on us and how she got into our room.


"How did you get in my room?!" You shout, trying to get to yourself untangle and shoving off the coat hangers. "Were you…watching me shower?"

"What? No, don't be silly!" Pinkie says giggling and offer you a hoof up. "I knew a new pony was coming to Ponyville and they had a room here, so I snuck in. Sorry if I scared you, but it wouldn't be a surprise party if you weren't SURPRISED!"

"What?" You lean back way from the brightly beaming pony. "What surprise party?"

"Yours of course, silly! To welcome you to Ponyville!" Pinkie bounces up and down excitedly, smiling. "Welcome!"


All right! Now's our chance to mingle.


A welcoming party?
That would be the perfect place to do a comedy routine!
Give her an equally enthusiastic greeting and a joke!


"I tell ya, I get no respect! Someone just broke into my room and asked me to join their party. Last time that happened, I had to leave Germany! Inka dinka doo!"


"Oh uh…thanks, I guess." You say awkwardly. You offer a hoof to Pinkie. "My name's Wind Breaker. I'm a comedian."

Pinkies gasps a shrieking breath, here eyes lighting up with a smile. "I love jokes! Jokes are my favorite! Can you do one now? Please! Please!"

"Oh uh…" You think quickly, suddenly on the spot. "Geeze, somepony just broke into my room and asked me to join their party. Last time that happened, I had to tell them I wans't interested in politics!"


Rolled 3, 1, 2 = 6


We are not a great comedian.


Damn you RNG! This doesn't involve horsesex! You have no right giving us shitty rolls!


File: 1345267790788.jpg (34.5 KB, 427x231, 1343948122828.jpg)

We blew it. Our one shot at getting our career back on track and we blew. At least we can whore ourself out to the Clerk so we can have a roof to sleep under.



Pinkie stands there with the same smiling expression, frozen in place. A few empty moments pass before Pinkie breaks it with a half hearted chuckle.

"Haha, I don't really get it, but I'm sure it was good one!" She says cheerfully, before grabbing you. Before you know it, she's pushing you out of the room and down the hall.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Taking you to the party, of course! I can't wait for you to meet everypony!"

Once in the lobby, Pinkie flings the door open and brings you outside. At first you think it's stopped raining, seeing the first stars twinkling down from the clear sky, but notice that its a huge circular break in the clouds, leaving a dry area all around the front of the inn. All around in the street are tables with food and balloons, with ponies mingling around with one another. As the door slams behind you, everypony looks over at you and shouts "SURPRISE!"

"I was just out here, how'd you get this all set up?"

"Get to know me, Wind Breaker," Pinkie says, elbowing you in the ribs. "Parties are kidna my thing."


Let's have her introduce us to everyone.


Before you know it, you're being shoved along again by Pinkie as she introduces you what feels like the whole town. Cheerliee, Big Macintosh, the Mayor, Lyra, the Cakes and their children, you lose track quickly. You've never met so many ponies at once, shaking hooves and smiling, movies from one to another in a swirling celebration with cake and punch. You didn't realize how hungry you were before but there's plenty of refreshment and you enjoy them with everypony else. Pinkie seems to have taken upon her personal mission to introduce you to all of Ponyville.

"Oh oh, and you just have to meet my most bestest friends in the whole world!" Pinkies says, lugging your wing.

"Pinkie, your making me dizzy welcoming me like this!" You can't help but smile. Between the party and Pinkie's infectious good humor, you feel great. This is nothing what it's like in Manehatten.

"Come on!" The pink pony drags you over to another five ponies who are talking together. "Wind Breaker, these are my best friends: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy! Everyone, this is Wind Braker. She's a comedian!"

"Really?" The blue pegasus says, raising a multicolored eyebrow and sipping a drink. "Know any good jokes?"


We didn't die ALREADY, did we??


"If I did I wouldn't be out of a job."
See if this makes them laugh.



No, let's not tell any racist jokes. How about we just say "I sure do, but you'll have to pay me first!"
In a joking way. Joke.


"If I did I wouldn't be out of a job." You say to break the ice and getting a few chuckles.

"Oh, you lost your job?" Twilight Sparkle asks.

"Yeah…I'm kinda going through a rough patch right not," You rub the back of your head with a hoof. "So I'm here in Ponyville hoping to make a fresh start."

"Well, good for you, darling." Rarity says approvingly. "A fresh start is just what a pony likes you needs."

"And Ponyville is a great place to try. Everypony is very friendly and I'm sure you'll fit in great." Applejack adds in. "Plus, I don't know any professional comedians, so you're bound to find work somewhere. Well…besides you, Pinkie."

"I'm think we'll find a way to get along." Pinkies teases.

"Sooo…..do you know any good jokes?" Dash asks again.

"Oh yes, we'd all to hear your material." Twilight says.

"Oh I don't kn-"

"HEY EVERYPONY! WIND BREAKER IS GOING TO DO SOME JOKES!" Pinkie interrupts you, shouting out to the whole party. Next thing you know, all eyes are on you as an expectant crowd forms in a semi circle in front of you.


Tell a joke.


Do we have a usual act that we do?
Do we have a store of hilarious jokes?


Do we have a routine we normally do?
Can we take five to grab our props from our room?


This is all pretty sudden, being put on the spot in front an entire town of ponies you have just met with no preparation. Despite the cold from the rain, you feel yourself sweat a little. But this is your element and you came to Ponyville to do this in the first place. Just have to wow them right of the bat.

"So ugh…." You feel your voice crack a little, but ignore it. "My ugh father got in a bad crash a few years back and made him retire from his flying career. People said it made him humble. I always said it just made him more down to earth."


(You don't really have much a prepared act. No doubt one of the reasons why you're on hard times in your career. But if a good one comes to you, don't be afraid to go with it)

Rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7


The RNG really isn't being kind tonight is it?


Dice as faithful as ever.


If only Nasse was here, then we could ask him for his wizard powers. But alas, he isn't.


I really hope we get a repeat of that for ToTG.



Usually there's a cymbal crash after this part, not a long dragging silence outside in a summer evening, with literal crickets chirping alongside the rain. Soempony in the audience coughs loudly. You can feel your face growing hot.

+'You're losing them.'+ Your brain tells you as the awkwardness rises.

"Shss, you're not helping." You scold it quietly. You hear a few laughs break out eventually and you spy Pinkie and her friends trying to give you a leg up in the crowd. "Hooo, tough crowd. Tough crowd. Hey, you guys ever notice how punk foals always seem to get caught spraying graffiti? I mean, how do they expect to get away with it? The writing is on the wall!"


Rolled 4, 3, 4 = 11


File: 1345272801827.png (13.64 KB, 492x375, Hmmm......png)



A few ponies chuckle now, with some more helpful riling up from the others. You can feel things shifting in the general mood of the audience, in that way performers can tell when they're the center of attention. You think you just might be able to salvage this. Maybe just one more to bring it in. You really don't feel it in you to drag this out and come out on top.

You really wish you had some water up here with you.

"So you ever hear the one about how this one pony robbed a music store?"


Rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10


Maybe we should try Bill Cosby style comedy.
Don't just tell the jokes, act them out!



"He made off with a lot of lute!"

Finally, you get a few good laughs, flooding you with relief. There's nothing worse then getting nothing from the crowd, though this wasn't one of you best. A lot of ponies are milling about, talking to each other and shaking heads. Shaking heads is always not good.

"Whoo hoo! Yeah!" Pinkie cheers from the back, trying to rile up the others with her friends. You feel embarrassed having them coming to your rescue. "Lets here it for Wind Breaker!"

A less then enthusiastic applause washes over the sound of the rain. You give a few bows and everpony slowly disperses around, back to the rest of the party. Your new friends trot over.

"Ooof," Rainbow Dash says, gritting her teeth. "That was rough."

"Rainbow!" Applejack scolds her.

"What? It was."

"I know, I know," You admit. "Not one of my better moments."

"Nonsense," Rarity says, coming to your side. "You stood up in front of everypony and got a reaction. Not everypony can say that."

"It was very brave." Fluttershy says quietly, speaking up for the first time.


Thank them, but tell them that we still need more practice.



Thank them for their words on encouragement.


"Eh, what can you do after traveling through the pouring rain, finally arriving and then suddenly getting pulled out to a party and asked to do a stand up routine? Thanks for the kind words though!"


Let's not be passive aggressive.


"Well thanks for being so kind and helping when I was bombing up there," You say, smiling to each of them.

"Shoot, think nothing of it!" Applejack says, slapping you on the back, knocking a little air out of you. "The least we can do to help welcome you to Ponyville."

"In fact, you should come by my house tomorrow." Twilight says. "I have a number of books on comedic theory that you might like."

"And I can always help you out!" Pinkie adds, hopping up and down excitedly. "I know tons of jokes. Like how the ones pony got both his left legs chopped off. But its ok-"

"He's all right now." The rest say in bland unison. They all look at each other and giggle warmly.

"Thanks I….I really don't know what to say." You've never made such fast friends like this before.

"You don't need to say anything. Here, have some more cake." Pinkie hands you a paper plate with a giant slice of chocolate cake on it that looks amazing. You go to take it from her, but at you do it fall out of your grip and into the dirt.





Uhh, role for good joke?

Rolled 3, 4, 4 = 11


"Ooops, sorry." You appologize, looking down at the soiled cake. "Butterhooves. I'm sure there…..more…..cake…"

You trail off as you look back up at Pinkie, along with the rest of her friends. The hoof she used to hand you the cake is…..gone. Simply gone. Her entire leg has seemingly vanished from her body.

"Pinkie!" Twilight yells, coming to her friends side. "Are you ok?!"

"This is weird." She says, looks at the space here her leg used to be.


(The simplified way for doing tests will be, once an action is decided, I will roll for it and then post the result from it. I feel like that will keep things from getting too complicated. If you want to do an action, don't be afraid to push for it)


What in god's name is going on here?
This isn't some sick joke, is it?


File: 1345275759876.jpg (576.37 KB, 1200x1000, Wind Breaker.jpg)

I've done something.


Just gone? No wounds? Weird. She's not in pain, so… I'm at a lose of words. Give her support so she doesn't fall over.



Heheheh. Saved


Look around to see if anything else has vanished.



No, don't say that.



Ask Pinkie if she can feel her missing hoof.


You rush over and lean against Pinkie's weak spot to give her some support.

"What happened? Does it hurt?"

"No. It's…just not there."

"This IS weird." Dash says, waving her own hoof by where Pinkie's leg used to me. There's not blood or wound or anything as far as you can tell. "Can you feel it?"


"Hmmm…." Twilight inspects the area closely, thinking. "Maybe its some kind of magic. Let me just….oh no."

You see it too. Twilight frantically pats the top of her head, where her horn used to be. It's suddenly vanished, just like Pinkie's leg.


Check out body to make sure we are all still here.


Wha- oh shit.
Do we still have our wings? Our tail? What's missing from us?!


Tell the pegasi not to fly in case their wings disappear and they crash.



Better check our body


"This isn't good! Everypony stay here, I'll get help!" Dash says.

"No wait!"

Dash leaps forward and slams down into mud. Her wings are gone, but she didn't even notice. You quickly give yourself the once over but, for some reason, you are intact where your new friends are falling apart before your eyes.

"Look, we just need to keep our wits we can figure this thing out." Applejack says, groping froward awkwardly and bumping into you. Her eyes seem to have been taken right out of her head.

It gets worse as you watch. In a matter of moments Fluttershy's front half is entire gone and her rear legs are plowing a long the ground all on their own. Rarity falls loses all her hair in a second, causing her to scream and try to cover herself.

"Wait wait, maybe we cassoooolll wwuuuuuummmm." Twilight tries to say something, but you can see her tongue in gone.


File: 1345277166234.jpg (73.61 KB, 514x591, 1338407514896.jpg)


Try to wake up from this horrible nightmare.


File: 1345277362309.jpg (38.5 KB, 380x410, Burns.jpg)

Look at the camera, make this face, and say "Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed."


You try to help keep everyone together (no pun intended), but its beyond pointless. In a matter of seconds all that's left of your six new friends in a few hopping legs, a lone white horn and what you really hope is not what it looks like. You have no idea what's happening or what to do! You really wish you could wake up because this HAS to be a dream!


You look down and find Pinkie's head laying at your hooves, half stuck in the mud. You turn it over so she can look up at you. As you hold her in your hooves she's disappearing bit by bit.

"Pinkie!I…I don't know what to do!"

"That makes two of us."

And she's gone. All of them. Completely, entirely gone. You sit there in the road, dumbstruck by what just occurred before suddenly being plunged in darkness and cold. The rain! It's hammering back down on you again with a vengeance and it's practically sleet. It nearly pitch black out now for some reason. You can't see anypony or anything of the party. But the inn is near by and the lights are still on.


…This is like something out of a bad supermarket thriller or something. What the hell.


Go back inside.



Head back inside the inn


For the second time, you walk into the inn soaking wet and wipe your muddy hooves on the mat. And once again there's no one around. Brushing the mane of your eyes, you rush over to the counter and hammer on the bell.

"Alright, I'm coming!"

The same stallion as before creeps out from the back room. He looks all round the room cautiously as he slowly walks over to you.

"You again. Can I-"

"You have to help!" You cut him off, pleading frantically. "I was with my friends and they….they just suddenly started falling apart! They all dissapeared and I didn't know what to do and and now they're all gone and we need to do something!"

"Whoa whoa whoa, keep your voice down!" He says, shushing you. "Calm down. What's going on?"


Do we know that these were the bearers of harmony who saved Equestria a few times?


Try our best to explain calmly. Also: >>79377



(It didn't come up in conversation, but for the sake of convenience we'll just say that WB knows. It's annoying how this fact seems to be lost on just about everyone on the show)


Yeah, you'd think they'd be at least somewhat famous.

Anyway, try to explain just what happened as best as we can.


You take a long, deep breath and take a moment to collect yourself.

"Ok, I was just outside at the party. I was talking with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle and all the others when they all started falling apart like…..like literally falling apart. And then they were gone. I don't know what's going on or what to do but we have to do something!"

"Ah….huh," The clerk says slowly."

"Will you please help me?"

"Yeah, sure." He says, looking at you oddly. "Just a few questions."


"What party are you talking about? And who the heck is Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle?"



Was the entire party some sort of illusion ?


Say "nevermind" and blow it off as a new bit.
We don't want people thinking we're crazy while we try to figure this out.


"I….uhh…" You're caught completely off guard by the question. From what you saw Pinkie alone knew everypony in town. "Its….uhh, nothing. Just trying out a new bit. Haha, you know?"


"Yeah. I'm a comedian. Always joking. Haha."

"Ugh. You know, when I said you can ring the bell for anything I didn't mean ANYTHING."

"Sorry, it's just been….a hard night."

"Mhmm. Is that everything?"


The clerk grumbles and stomps in the back room. Felling very usure of yourself and everything around you, you climb back into your room. Everything is as you left it.


Run a warm bath and think long and hard about what we just saw.


About what time is it in the game?



You check the little alarm clock on the night stand. It reads around midnight.


Yeah, we should take a rest for now. No use running around town at night. In the morning, we can check out the library to see if history has changed.


Yeah, we're not gonna find anything tonight, considering everything's closed so we can't even check wherever they work.


Exhausted from what just happened, your tough journey getting to Ponyville and….EVERYTHING, you go back into the bathroom and run a hot bath. When its steaming hot and full, you splash down into it and rest, your mind buzzing, trying desperately to comprehend what happened. Was it all an illusion? Some weird dream? It seemed so real. And if it was all imaginary, why'd you have to imagine so many towns ponies.

You can't think. You're just to tired, mentally, physically and emotionally. You're a triple threat to your self. You towel yourself off, drain the bath and pass out on the bed the moment you touch it.

(It's pretty late so I think we'll leave off here for now. Thanks for playing everyone! Next game will be tomorrow! If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I'm about to pass out myself. I'll check and answer them for next game)


You ended just as Raisin Quest did. Nice
What time tomorrow?


I am excited! See you tomorrow.



Same time-ish. About 10 EST



Thanks for the quest


File: 1345342734543.png (249.21 KB, 533x442, Pinkie Stand Up.png)

Last time:

>Wind Breaker, after struggling against a nasty storm, was finally able to make it to Ponyville, though soaked and tired.

>Checked into the local Prancing Pony Inn
>The clerk wasn't very friendly and the price per night was more then you were expecting, but you should be ok for now.
>Dumped your junk in your room and took an immediate shower, but got suspicious when you heard a strange noise
>Investigating, you cautiously went to the window and saw a few ponies muddling about outside
>Looked around some more and was shocked out of your skin by Pinkie sneaking up on you.
>She snuck in to welcome you to town and after a few introductions and a poor joke, she dragged you to a party that was thrown up outside in a matter of moments
>With Pinkie as you guide, you met just about everyone in town by name, including her five best friends
>When word got out you're a commedian, you were put on the spot and did you best to try and improve a few jokes in front of EVERYONE. It didn't go well, but Pinkie and he friends tried to help you out with applause.
>You mingled a little more with them, until Pinkie's leg suddenly vanished!
>In a matter of moments, each of your new friends fell apart piece by piece and disappeared before your helpless eyes. Then the rain started falling on you again without warning and the entire party was completely gone!
>You ran into the Inn for help but the clerk was characteristically grumpy. He had no idea what you were talking about or who Pinkie or Twilight was. Not wanting to seem crazy, you tried to pass it off as a joke and returned to your room


++Episode 2: Timing is Everything!++

The alarm clock jerks you awake and you shoot up in bed. Trying to blink the sleepiness out of your eyes while simultaneously shutting off the alarm. You didn't even notice it when you flopped into bed last night, but you were so tired that's not surprising. They must have left the alarm set from the last pony that used this room.

Groggily, you climb off the bed and stretch your legs and wings. What the heck happened last night? Was it all some crazy dream? It seemed pretty real but….everything was just too weird. Hopefully your first day in Ponyville will be better. As you think on where to start, your stomach grumbles angrily.

What do you do?


Go downstairs an get some breakfast, duh.
Or if they don't have a little continental breakfast thing set up, ask the inn keep where we can get ourselves some breakfast, and maybe if there's any interesting places to check out.


Whatever you do to day you won't be able to do it on an empty stomach. Grabbing your coin purse just in case, you head down stairs into the lobby. You try to keep it down; it's still dark and you'd rather not make things worse by waking up somepony. Once at the counter you go through the routine of ringing the bell and having the same brown stallion slump out from the back. You're starting to wonder if he's the only one who works here.

"Can I help you?" He grumbles, heavy bags under his eyes.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you had a kind of breakfast for guests or something."

"Nope," He says, rubbing his eyes. "You can order some room service, but that's extra."

"Oh….do you know if there any good places to eat in town then?"

"Plenty. There's usually some place to get something on every corner." He gives you directions to some restaurants that serve breakfast.


what >>80651 said


Well, what are we waiting for? Head out and get some breakfast!
And maybe pick up some sugary treats for later.


Head out to get something to eat.


You thank the clerk, who bleary returns to the back, and head out the door. It still must be really early, you can still see the stars and everything. You wonder if anything will be open yet, but you see lots of ponies up and about, going into stores on the street. But at least the weather has clear up and the dirt road isn't too muddy. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of a big party the previous night, but that could be from a good clean up job. Still a chance you're not crazy.

Still trying to learn your way around town, you awkwardly head down the street and come to a place the clerk mentioned by name: Sugar Cube Corner. It looks like the kinda place to go to for cupcakes and pastries, but maybe they have something more savory.

You go in the front door and a little bell chimes. A blue pony behind the counter looks up at you from stocking something in a cupboard.

"Hi! Feel free to look around!" She says warmly with a smile. "Or is there something you're looking for?"


"We're looking for breakfast! Are you the owner of this shop?"


Did we learn last night that Pinkie works, or worked, here?



I don't think so


"Hi," You say, trotting in and looking around. There isn't much on display. The glass cases are mostly empty with a few lonely looking cookies and bread. But it smells fresh. They're probably still getting things ready for the day. "I was hoping you might have something good for breakfast."

"Of course!" The proprietor says, ducking behind the counter and bringing out a big plate with a few sticky looking buns. "How about some nice cinnamon buns? Perfect way to start the….well, you know."

(Damn I keep forgetting important stuff. Long story short, Wind Breaker has more or less be introduced to everypone of note in Ponyville, though she probably wouldn't know particular things like their place of work and things like that. She knows that this is Mrs. Cake and knows of her husband and kids. Pinkie never mentioned she worked/lived there.)



Sounds good

Rolled 2 = 2


"Start the what?"


Start the what?
Also, ask her if she's the only one who works here.


"They look delicious." You say, inspecting the good. They look very sticky and gooey in the best possible way. "What did you mean anyway? You said 'start the….' and just kinda trailed off."

"Oh, that. Old habit. I was going to say best way to start the day but you know…it's not day." Mrs. Cake says smiling and gesturing out the big store window to the darkened street. "Anyway dear, it'll be five bits a bun if you want them."

Five bits! What is it with this town and five bits?! That's an absurdly high price for one treat, no matter how good it is. You try not to grimace at the price and change the subject.

"Huh…..so, you work here by yourself?"

"Oh no, of course not." Mrs. Cake says cheerfully, happy to make small talk. "Me and my husband own the place. He's upstairs with our two babies right now. Things have gotten a little hectic since those two were born."


Comically Haggle.


Sigh and reminisce about the day.


Knowing our luck with comedy, we should probably just leave this one alone.
If we're really struggling for bits we can just do some comedy busking and try to make some back.
Pay for the treat and ask her what's interesting around here. Maybe even if they're looking for a part time worker.


>Not day
I think I know what happened. Talk with her about how neat the day used to be.


Try to haggle? Yes? No?


I vote no.


A no from me. We gotta at least get in good with someone.


You reluctantly relinquish another five of your precious bits and get a yummy bun on a napkin and with a smile. Stomach making itself known again, you dig into the confection. It's probably one of the top ten best things you've eaten and you can't help but makes happy groans as you chew and savory the sticky sweet pastry. Before you know it, its all gone with only a little icing left on your face and the napkin.

"Sorry…" You say, embarrassed how you must have looked snarfing down.

"Oh don't be. Happy customers is what we love to see. Can I get you anything else?"

"Oh no, thanks." That bun was perfectly satisfying, though you could certainly stand to eat more. "By the way….I don't know if you remember, but I'm kinda new in town. You wouldn't happen to be hiring, would you?"

"Hiring? Well, now that you mention it we certainly could use an extra pair of hooves around here, especially now with the twins." Mrs. Cakes rubs her chin, thinking and looking at the ceiling. "We wouldn't be able to pay much, but if you are new to Ponyville you could move in to the room upstairs. It's not much and you'd be next to the babies, but you'd have your own place. Have any experience baking?"

"Errr…." You really don't know the first thing about baking. Or cooking. Or food in general. You remember the last time you tried to make a sandwich and the filling somehow kept managing to spill out when you tried to eat it.


We can learn!
Let's take it! Free room and board? What more can you ask for?



We might not have experience, but we're willing to learn.


Tell them we really don't, but that we're willing to learn.


"Ahhh…not really." You come clean honestly. "But I'm certainly willing to learn. If you can make buns like these you could probably teach anypony how to bake!"

"Oh shush," Mrs. Cake waves of your comment, blushing. "Well….alright. If you're willing to learn and maybe help out with the twins when we need it, you're hired."

"Thank you so much!" You shake hooves over the counter. Finally, work. It's not comedy, but it pays and you'll have a place to sleep. Things are looking up already and it's still only your first day. "I can start right away too!"

"That's great. Just one question, dear?"


"What's your name again?"

"Wind Breaker. And I remember you and your family from last night, Mrs. Cake."

"Really? I don't recalling seeing you before…but that's probably just me. Things have been so crazy lately. Come on back and I'll show you around."



Ask if she remembers there being a party last night.


I have the feeling that whatever has happened is related to that storm. But it's just a feeling.

Let her show us around.


Don't ask her about a party. Best not be making our new employer think we're crazy.
Let her show us around and make small talk. Ask her about any notable locals.


Mr.s Cake leads you back through some double doors into the biggest kitchen you've ever seen, though that's not saying much. She gives you a quick run down on the ovens and other big equipment, as well as showing you all the stuff in the pantry. You try your best to follow along, learning on the fly.

"Don't worry too much," She reassures you when she sees you fret at so much new information. "I'll show you how to do everything to get you started. And business is pretty slow, so there's no big rush. You'll be fine."

"Thanks." You look around at all the different ingredients, fascinated by the sheer variety, though you can't help but notice there's a lot of vacant space, like they can usually store more. "So….heck of a storm last night, huh?"

"Oh my yes. Me and the hubby were nearly up at all hours trying to keep babies in bed." She lets out a long yawn, covering her mouth. "Excuse me. Hopefully with you here things will be smoother."

"Ahuh. By the way, you know I'm new in town from Manehatten. Any important ponies in town I should know about?"

"Oh well, Ponyville certainly isn't Manehatten. But it would be nice to be on Big Macintosh's good side, especially for us. Sweet Apple Acres is the only place we can get anything fresh anymore. And you could do well to get the know the mayor, though she's still kinda new."


Ask about the old mare.


Sweet Apple Acres is the only place you can get anything fresh? What happened to all the other farmers? This place seems like it'd be great for growing.



Ask for more information about the mayor.


Mrs. Cake lays out some bowls and a variety of ingredients on the counter and waves you over.

"Come on, I'll teach you to make some simple chocolate cookies. Go wash your hooves."

You do and work with the older pony as she shows you how to properly mix the wet and dry ingredients together. Once she's done, she has you do the same. You're a little apprehensive at first, but she reassures you there's nothing you can screw up here.

"That it, just mix it all together with your hooves. Gently now, just fold it over and over again. See, you're doing it."

"I am!" You smile, seeing the batter come together as you work it. It's kinda messy and is sticking to you, but its pretty fun. "So uhh….Sweet Apple Acres is the only place to get fresh stuff you say?"

"Mmmhmmm," She replies, bending down by one of the ovens. "Ponyville was founded by those old apple trees, so they've managed to hold out longer then anything else."

"But Ponyville seems pretty….rustic." You try to find the right word. "I would have thought there would have been lots of farms out here."

"Oh my yes, there used to be." Mrs. Cake stands back up, sighing. "But we still get some apples now and then. And there's more then a few mushroom growers about town, but I honestly can't stand the taste of fungus any more. Bleh. Give me a nice juicy red apple anyday."


>mushroom growers
Yep, that confirms it. It is the storm doing all this.
Still, thank her for the job, the room, and teaching us how to bake. Maybe ask her when the weather took a turn for the worse, if you can worm it into conversation without seeming too awkward.



What happened to the farms ?


>ask about the mayor


The two of you take the batter, toss in some more stuff and shape them into little hoof sized balls on a flat pan. You're still a little unsure what you're doing, but follow along the baker's expert instructions. Once you're made a few dozen or so, they're all loaded up into a hot oven. You feel very tempted to lick your dirty hooves, but are unsure if Mrs. Cake would disapprove.

"So, what happened to all the farms?"

"Same thing that happened to everything else," She sighs again, checking the temperature of the oven. "After all that trouble years ago, everything's gotten harder. Still, we get by. Ponyville is made of hard stock."

"Uh hu," You still are unsure what she's getting at and why you can't get a straight answer, so you change the subject. "And what about the mayor? You said she was new?"

"Well, not NEW. But since we lost Mayor Mare when all this started, she was the next logical choice to take her place. Can't complain about her too much, she's just inexperienced. She's been doing a good job in spite of the circumstances,"


'Lost' Mayor Mare?
Something tells me we probably shouldn't ask about that.
Ask her to tell us about the new mayor.


Ask her to tell us about it.



The "trouble" ?


So, I'm feeling like the main six have been erased from history and some villain has come in and fucked things up while they weren't there to save the day.
Maybe Nightmare Moon, but it could be anyone.
Ask about the new mayor and who it is.


Actually, shit, Nightmare Moon makes sense.
>I was going to say best way to start the day but you know…it's not day
And then Discord also probably came around and started fucking everything up as well. Who knows what he's done.


And after we're through at Sugarcube Corner, we should try to head to the library to see about history.


"What can you tell me about her?"

"Oh well…she's more then once helped Ponyville through everything. She's about your age, by the looks of it. Keeps to herself mostly when she's not doing something public. Dark mane, white coat. Wears big glasses. Ah, the cookies are ready."

The two of you gingerly take out the trays of fresh cookies, filling the kitchen with the most wonderful scent of sweets. They all look positively delicious. Mrs. Cake scoops them onto a tray and set them aside to cool. Seeing you eying them so closely, she takes two and puts them on a plate.

"Lets taste test them, shall we?"



Yeah, that's what I was thinking. And maybe Chrysalis actually came in and overthrew Celestia.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves…


Taste them and ask where the nearest library is.


File: 1345352487271.png (207.45 KB, 676x546, Devil_costume_pony_S2E04.png)

Dark mane, white coat, big glasses?
Sounds like that one pony who was with Mayor in the Halloween episode.
Also, fuck yeah we're coming up in the world!

Anyways, ask her if we can run a few errands and grab our stuff before we settle into our job.


You graciously take the offered cookie and destroy it the way you did the bun earlier. It tastes wonderful, maybe even better then the bun. Probably because you made them (and that they're free).

"Mmm, they're perfect!"

"I agree. Good job for your first time." Mrs. Cake nudges you playfully.

"Thanks," A thought occurs to you. "Hey uhh….do you need me to run any errands? I'm sure a place like this needs to get supplies everyday."

"Not everyday no, but now that you mention it it would be good to stock up on some apples. Willing to do some leg work?"


"Great. Head down to Sweet Apple Acres and talk to Big Macintosh. He's the big red stallion that runs the place. Tell him Sugar Cube Corner needs another order of the usual. He'll help you deliver it. " She gives you the directions to the farm, but assures you it's not hard to miss.

You thank her and tell her you'll be back in a jiff. You guess there should be enough time for you to pick up some stuff, maybe check out some other things if you're fast enough.


I say we head straight to the farm. We can check out the library later.



Let's head to the farm.


To the farm!
Maybe we can ask Big Macintosh stuff.


You head out the front, deciding that it's probably best to head straight to the farm. After all you just go this job and it's probably best not to screw it up too hard on the first day. You're all set to take off and get the job done quickly when something stops you in your tracks in front of the shop.

It's still dark out!

The full moon is glowing bright high in the sky with the stars. You don't understand how. Even if you woke up really early morning, you were baking with Mrs. Cake for a good while and the sun should at least be coming up. In deed, you can see a tall town clock that reads nine AM. And none of the ponies in the street seem to be making much of it, simply going about there business. You stand dumb struck by Sugar Cube Corner for a solid minute trying to comprehend whats happening and force yourself to shake it off.

"I'm not going crazy, I'm not going crazy," You repeat yo yourself as you trot across ton toward the farm, trying to keep a hold of your sanity. Despite yourself and everything going on, you make good time and are soon on a road surrounded by apple trees.

Really….sickly looking apple trees. Most of them look like they're missing a lot of leaves and you don't see any bearing any fruit. A few have even fallen over, leaving empty areas in what was probably once a lush orchard.

Eventually you see a farmhouse with warmly glowing windows not to far away, but stop when you hear a noise coming from nearby, somewhere deeper into the trees where you can't see. Sounds kinda like…..giggling.





Oh dear.
Summon up our wits and investigate!


"The night shall last forever."

Investigate the giggling.


Curious, you climb over the fence and tip hoof on the soft dying turf towards the source of the laughter. As you get closer you distinctly hear three different sets of giggles and, leaning around a lopsided tree you spy three little fillies not too far away. You remember them from the party that supposedly didn't happen last night. Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

The three little fillies all have their back to you and seem to be leaning over something you can't see. As you watch, they fiddle around with it and giggle some more. They are too engrossed in whatever it is they're doing and don't notice you.


>Inb4 they're torturing a small animal.
"What are you girls doing?"



Creep closer and try to get a look of whatever it is they're leaning over.



(Be sneaky or confrontational?)




I was thinking be more casual and friendly.







Between everything that's going on this is getting you curious. Seems strange for three fillies to be hanging out here in the dark. Or maybe it's not. This whole situation is messing with your head.

Carefully, you come out from your hiding spot and try to sneak closer at a different angle, hoping to see what it is they're doing…..

Rolled 4 = 4


le damn it.


Between the darkness and the fallen trees, it's not too hard to keep hidden from three foals. Sneaking by a fallen tree not far from them, you see what it is they're doing. In front of the three ponies is a small red glowing crystal, giving of a very dim and gently pulsing light. As you watch, Sweetie Belle picks it up with magic and points it at the ground.

Where the light of the crystal touches the ground flowers suddenly sprouts out with curling thrusts and quickly unfolding petals. She drops the crystal and the three ponies giggle again.

"My turn!" Scootaloo says, reaching for the crystal.

"No way, you just had a turn! I want to try again." Appelbloom protests, putting her hoof over Scootaloo's.



Keep observing


…Huh. Wonder where they got such a thing.
Keep observing.


Scoot in closer to see what's going on.


"Give it!"

The two ponies tumble over in the dirt, trying to shove the other. Sweetie Belle backs away, watching with a concerned expression. Appelbloom eventually gets the advantage and stands on top of the pegasus pony.

"Ha, beat ya!" She says, sticking her tongue at the other.

"Ok ok fine, just get off me already!" Scootaloo shoves the other pony off her and sits up, sulking.

Applebloom struts over to her prize and picks it up with her two hooves, holding it close to her face. She then flicks it like a top, sending it spinning. It stays in mid air, hovering just above the dirt and swiping the little flowers.

"Hey!" Sweetie Belle cries.

"It's fine." Applebloom says. "Besides, you could just make more later."


A loud masculine voice echoes over the orchard, snapping up the heads of the little foals and yourself. The three of the quickly snatch up the crystal between the three of them and hold it between each other.

"Shoot! I was hoping we'd have more time." Applebloom says.

"I should be able to take it home then!" Scootaloo says. "You don't want your brother to find it and take it away."


Head towards the masculine voice. We need to talk to Big Mac.


The three little ponies bicker amongst each other a little more until a second, closer shout makes them come to an immediate decision. The crystal is passed off to Scootaloo, who stuffs it in a bag and takes off with Sweetie Belle.

"Bye! We'll hang out more later!"



You stay in you little nitch, letting the others leave before you so you can make an easy get away when they're gone. As the sound of their little hoof beats die out, you breath a sigh of relief. What was that thing and what were those foals doing with it? You doubt it's anything good, considering your track record of bad stuff happening. You get up to leave and jump back in surprise when you nearly run face to face with another pony and trip backwards over the log!

"I'm sorry, I was just…." You begin to say, climb back up to your hooves but stop dead. Its…Twilight! She is real! "Oh thank Celestia, I thought I was losing my mind! I'm so happy to see you again."

Twilight doesn't seem to notice you and is looking all around her, possibly at the trees. She then opens her mouth and makes to shout, but no sound comes out. On top of that she looks pretty rough; he mane is a mess, her coat is dirty and she looks really tired. Her horn is also glowing.


Run up to her and tap her on the shoulder.


Get up so you can see her. Try to touch her.



Hit her horn


You slowly approach Twilight. She's still trying to shout to no avail, even rearing up on her hind legs to cup her front hooves around her mouth and then falling back down, seemingly breathing heavy.

"Twilight…" You say a little louder, seeing if she can hear you. It doesn't seem to. Cautiously, you reach a tentative hoof to touch her shoulder.

And pass right through her! You nearly fall through her and jump back again, freaked out. There's no sensation at all. It's like she not even there, like a ghost.


Is she just lost? Or does it look like she's doing any particular thing? Casting a spell, talking to herself, talking to someone else, etc etc?



Tell her to nod if she can understand us.





As you watch her the only thing you can tell that she's doing is shouting at the top of her lungs. From her expression it's pretty clear she's not getting the reply she wants, looking more and more tired as she keeps trying. She's clearly casting some kind of spell, seeing as her horn is aglow, but you're no unicorn. You have no idea what she's doing.


"Twilight!" You shout loud and clear, getting close to her. "If you can hear me, nod you head!"

She tries to shout again, looking all around with a wild, pleading expression. She bows her head, looking completely defeated and on the verge of tears. Her horn slowly stops glowing and she fades away, leaving you alone in the orchard.


Well, let's try to find Big Mac.



We should probably go find Big Mac, but keep and eye out for Twilight or any of the others.


(Sorry, I probably should have put it in the last post. I think now would be a good spot to end off. Thanks for playing everyone! I hope everyone is having fun. Next session will be this coming FRIDAY, same pony time, same pony place. I'll stay on for a bit to answer any questions)


Alrighty. See you Friday.


File: 1345860303649.jpg (20.34 KB, 352x388, pinkie hurmph.jpg)

Last time on Wind Breaker's adventure:

>Woke up at the Inn after having a very disturbing encounter where you six new friends literally fell apart

>Starving, you asked the desk clerk if there was any place to eat and got directed to Sugar Cube Corner
>Met Mrs. Cake (Again?), though she doesn't seem to remember you at all
>After paying an obscene amount of money for one cinnamon bun, the two of you got to talking and ended up getting a job helping in the bakery, as well as a place to stay!
>Mrs. Cake took you in the back and taught you the basics as well as whipping up a batch of cookies.
>Chatted some more, learning that apparently the Mayor of Ponyville has changed fairly recently and that fresh food is becoming rather scarce, with Sweet Apple Acres and a few mushroom farmers being the last.


>Went on an errand to go get some fresh apples from Big Mac, only to find that it was still night out, despite it being late morning!
>Tried not to freak out and went to the orchard, but you were distracted by ominous giggling off the path.
>Snuck deeper into the orchard and found the CMC playing around with some kinda of red magic crystal
>The broke up after someone yelled for Applebloom
>You were about ot leave, but was surprised to find Twilight! She looked disheveled and was trying to yell something, but you couldn't hear her. when you tried to touch her, you passed right through her. Eventually, she disappeared.


Episode 3: That's what SHE said!

You are standing, partly dumbstruck in the middle of Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight, one of your brief friends that mysteriously disappeared had just REappeared, only for her to vanish again. It's around brunch time, but it's still dark as midnight out. You have no idea what is really going on and for some reason nopony is giving you a straight answer!

You can still hear that same loud masculine voice yelling for Applebloom and are vaguely aware that it's getting closer. What were those three fillies even doing out here, anyway?

What should you do?


So Twilight disappeared right in front of us. Right.
Let's just find Big Mac. We can deal with this shit on our own time.
Sorry about jumping the gun and posting before you.



Head towards the masculine voice, maybe it's Big Mac.


You draw yourself back to the present, shaking off having yet another encounter of the really weird kind. Collecting your wits, you turn hoof and head back in the direction you remember seeing the farm house from before, stumbling a little in the dark and tangled underbrush. Half tripping on another fallen tree branch, you turn and find yourself face to face with a familiar pony.

You remember meeting Big Macintosh at the party breezily and he's hard to forget, being easily one of the largest stallions you've ever met. Combined with the heavy work yoke around his neck, he's instantly recognizable, even in the low light. Staring down at you. Squinting. With a frown.

"Who are you?" He says bluntly, looking not at all pleased to find you here.



Name's Windbreaker, we're here to pick up some fresh apples for the Cakes.


"We're Mrs. Cake's new employee! Name's Windbreaker, we're here to pick up some apples."


"Name's Wind Breaker," You say, trying to be friendly and putting out a hoof to shake. Big Mac looks down at it, still frowning and gives it a shake. "We're here to pick up some fresh apples for the Cakes!"

"Mmmhmmm," He grumbles, stretching his neck up and looking past you. "That you hollering? Heard some commotion and thought you were my sister."


"Yeah, sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew."


Gonna second that.


"Yeah, sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew."

"You thought you saw someone you knew?" He echoes back.


"Out here alone. In my orchard. In the dark."

"Y-yeah." You try to put on a smile to help ease the tension and your nerves, but Big Mac doesn't relent with his quiet intimidation.

"…..ok then. Follow me." The big stallion takes another brief look back the way you came, then heads toward the road and towards a large barn. You breath a little sigh of relief and trot after him as he produces a large iron key from somewhere and works a large heavy lock on the doors.

"Where is that filly…." He mumbles absently, still looking around, then notices you again. He nods his head over to a couple of large stacked wood barrels set to one side. "Know how much you need?"



The usual


"She didn't leave you an order? Uh… the usual, I guess?"


He's not going to believe us.


"The usual." You're pretty sure that's what Mrs. Cake told you. Big Mac nods and loads a large cart with a few of the heavy barrels, pulls them outside and locks the barn back up again before walking with the apples in tow.

"So you new in town?" He says, making small talk.

"Err, yeah. I just moved from Manehatten. I'm trying to be a comedian."

"Mmmm. Know any goo-APPLEBLOOM!" Big Mac suddenly shouts, nearly making you take flight. The little red headed filly you saw early has stumbled into few from a bush. She snaps her head towards the two of you, blows a loud raspberry and runs back off out of view. "Ohh, that filly. If I wasn't working right now…"

The big pony grumbles something angry under his breath for a little while and the two of you continue walking together in uncomfortable silence until you arrive back at Sugar Cube Corner. Mrs. Cake is waiting for the two of you in the back and greets you a big smile.

"Perfect timing. Good morning, Big Macintosh!" She greets the stallion warmly and he mumbles something in return. "We're about to get pretty busy, Wind Breaker. Time for you to earn your saltlick. Do you want to work in the kitchen some more or do you think you'd be more comfortable in the front of the house?"


Front of the house!
No way we're high enough level to bake that well.



Front of the house


"Uhh…front of the house, I guess."

"Great. Go scooch on inside and get set, while me and Mr. Macintosh talk business and get these in the kitchen. The hubby is still trying to get the twins settled so you'll be alone up there. Just go easy and be friendly, ok?"


You cut through the kitchen, leaving the other two ponies just as hear them discussing price and find yourself behind the front counter. It's mostly how you saw it earlier, with just a few lonely looking sweets and pastries on display, including the cookies you helped make earlier. Just as you get the settled, the door opens with a little jangle of the bell and a couple of ponies come inside, browsing the cases with a mix of sour looks.


"Hi there! Anything I can help you with?"


"Hi there! Anything I can help you with?" You say as friendly as you can.

One of the ponies with a swirly colorful mane, Bonbon you think her name was if you remember correctly, looks up at you from one of the displays, clearly disgruntled.

"These prices are outrageous!" She spits, stomping over to you by the register and making you back up. "Three bits for one measly cookie? What is this?"

"I uhh…..I'm not really in charge of that." You say, remembering how pricy your treat was earlier. "But I can assure you they're really good and….uh…"

You trail off, seeing that one of the other ponies that came in is Twilight. She looks the same as she did as last time; disheveled, dirty and still trying to shout something without sound. As you watch, she passes back and forth through the counter like a ghost.

"Excuse me!" The angry customer waves a hoof in your face, getting your attention again. "I said, what are you going to do about it?"


Can Bonbon not see her?


God dammit Bonbon, why are you such a dick.
Nobody but us can see her apparently.

We gotta ignore her and deal with Bonbon for the time being, but what the hell can we do? If we give her a reduced price or something I imagine Ms. Cake won't be too happy about that.



Offer Bonbon a sample, she should be willing to pay after she sees how good the cookies taste.


That sounds like an alright idea.

"How about I offer you a free sample? They're worth the three bits, I swear!"


"H-here," You reach into the display and pull out a still warm cookie. "How about a free sample? I'm sure they're worth every bit!"

"Well…..alright." The upset pony seems to calm down with the offer of a free treat. She takes it and nibbles, while Twilight continues to wander around in the corner of your vision, sometimes momentarily dissapearing as she passes back and forth through the walls. "Mmmm….alright, you sold me. These things are still great. Here's six bits. I'll take another to go."

"G-great!" You find a paper back from a stack behind the counter, package another treat and take the money, waving good bye to an apparently satisfied customer. "Come again!"

The door closes behind her with a little bell jangle, leaving you alone with the incorporeal pony, who is now sitting and rubbing her face tiredly.



Aww yeah, coming up even further in the world!

Maybe we can try communicating with her through our environment. Do we have any writing utensils and paper?


Investigate the Twilight.



Observe Twilight


You watch the strange purple pony closely, for a while. She actually looks worse then when you saw her a little while ago: there's dark ugly bags under her eyes and she seems completely unkempt. As you watch from behind the safety of the cash register, she starts coughing, again making no sound.


Behind the counter you find a pen. You don't see any scrap paper, but there's those brown paper bags you just used. What should you write?

(If you at any time wish to see your INVENTORY, STATS OR SKILLS, just ask and I'll pop them up)


Write "Hello Twilight" and hold the paper in front of her.


You quickly scribble a little "Hello Twilight!" on a paper back and hold it in front of her face. When she eventually does look up, she eyes lazily track around the room, oblivious of you and your message, despite moving with her to keep it in front of her vision.


You nearly start at voice that sneaks up from behind you, turning to see the yellow Mr. Cake creeping down the stairs. He put his hoof to his lips, gesturing you to keep quiet.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to scare you." He joins you behind the counter, obliviously passing through Twilight without any reaction from either of them. "May I help you?"

"Oh uh….hi. I'm Wind Breaker." You smile nervously. "I'm you're new employee, apparently."

"What?" Mr. Cake raises an eyebrow at you, confused.

"You're wife let me take the job….this morning. I just made a sale, too."

"Huh. I've been upstairs all morning, so this is the first I'm hearing of it." He looks you up and down for a moment, still with a perplexed expression. "If you don't mind me asking….what are you doing with that paper bag?"


We thought we saw a spider and were going after it.


This sounds like a decent idea.


"I….saw a spider and was trying to get it."

"Oh. Good. Excuse me for a minute." He retreats through the double doors into the kitchen, leaving you with Twilight. She hangs around, still distraught and out of place, before once again fading away and leaving you with a creeping chill. Unsure what else to do, you mind the store.

A few more customers come in go with little to no problems. From the kitchen, you can hear some hushed commotion and the two Cakes return to the front together, each cutting off their conversation as they see you and the customers in store.

"Ok, Wind Breaker. Let's make things official then." Mr. Cake says as Mrs. Cake takes over your spot at the counter, greeting a customer by name. "So you really want to work here at Sugar Cuber Corner, huh?"

"Yes. I'm sorta…between gigs at the moment," You grit and trying to spin your situation. "This job would really mean a lot to me."

"Well I'm going to be honest, we wont be able to pay you all that well. Times are tough for everypony these days, especially here in Ponyville and we have a family to think about. But if you can pull your weight, you can have the spare room upstairs and should be able to make enough to get back on your own hooves."

"That sounds great!" The two of you shake on it.

The day…..or night rather, at Sugar Cube Corner goes on with out major incident. Your new job seems to be working out well, despite the situation. Most of the customers come in breifely, by a small amount and leave, making turn over quick and occasionally hectic, but the three of you are able to get things done speedily and without major issue. Eventually, things die down a bit.

"We'll look at that." Mrs. Cake says, looking at the clock on the wall. "Lunch rush should be over for now. How about you go take a break, Wind Breaker."


"I can stay if you need the help."



All right, thanks.


"I can stay if you need to help."

"Oh don't worry too much about that." Mr. Cake says as gets a broom and starts sweeping up a little. "You've been doing a very good job. Besides it's usually dead about now and lunch time."

"Aren't you hungry, dear?" Mr.s Cake asks, looking at you motheringly.

"Oh no, thanks, I'm still good from that bun from earlier." In all honesty it was a really heavy pastry. You're still good.

"We'll if you say so. Anyway, you're free for an hour. You're still new in town. Go look around. Have a little fun."


Maybe the library will have information about why things are the way they are.


And besides that, we can check to see what's up with it without Twilight.
Let's head to the library.



Sounds like a good idea.


"Well….alright then. See you in an hour."

You step out into still strong dark during early afternoon in Ponyville. Most everypony keeps their head down, looking at the ground as they slouch along their business, paying you and the stars no mind. You recognize some from the other night, though none stop to say high or even acknowledge you. You begin to feel a bit like Twilight.


Thinking of her strikes up an idea. It might be worth hitting up the local library to see what has transpired in Ponyville recently, especially if everypony is going to give you half answers like Mrs. Cake. After asking a few locals and getting directions, you make it to the library in a matter of minutes.

Its pretty rough; a large, leafless yet still standing gnarled tree hollowed out to make a building. There's no lights inside or any signs of life for that matter as you cautiously approach the somewhat macabre scene. Seeing no signs or ponies around, you knock on the door.

No answer.

You try the door and it creaks open like its from a horror movie, revealing a interior even darker then the night outside. In the low light you can make out loads of books on shelves, tables and the floor.

"Hello?" You call out, poking your head inside. "Anypony home?"

No answer.


Go inside and look for a candle.



Carefully head inside


Carefully head inside and try to find some kind of light source then.


A deserted library inside a dead tree in a crazy town certainly makes you a little nervous, but you can't turn back. You need answers and books can sometimes help with that. You creep inside, each hoof step muffled by a light layer of dust or grime on the wood floors. It's not easy to see, so you leave the door open to let in the weak moonlight to guide you. Hopefully with a little luck you can find a light….

Rolled 3 = 3


You bump into a table as you grope through the dark and hear something clatter to the floor. You find that it's a small candle in a holder and put it back on the table. Unfortunately, there doens't appear to be any matches, at least not right here.

"Just my luck." You curse to yourself and roll your eyes. You turn around to try another spot to look and…..it's Twilight. After the first two times, having her suddenly appear is beginning to lose it's impact on you. "Oh great, you again. This is just what I need."

"HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" Twilight's booming voice echo in the confines of the dusky room. She's squinting her eyes in the dark, looking in your general direction. "HELLO?"


Nod our head vigorously.



Answer her


"Yes!" You shout in return, hopping forward and nodding your head like crazy. Twilight squints harder, looking at you face to face.

"W…Wind Breaker?" She says weakly, a powerful smile of relief spreading over her face. Tears trickle down from the dark circles around her eyes. "Oh Celestia. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get anypony. Been at this so long….so tired…"

"Twilight, what's going on?!" You voice is edge with excitement and frustration from everything that's been happening and now being on the verge of getting answers. "One minute, we're all having a party and being friends, next thing I know you're all falling apart and just vanish! It's two in the afternoon, but it might as well be midnight! And the clerk at the inn acted like none of these even happened and never heard of you! What's happening?"

"It's dark there too? Oh I was afraid of this…." Twilight starts pacing back in forth, her legs passing seamlessly through the scattered books. "I've been here for days trying to get a hold of anypony without any luck. This is the first time I've gotten through."

"Are you ok? And what about the others?"

"They're not here."

"Where the heck are you anyway?"

"Uhh…I think a better question would be WHEN the heck am I."



What does she mean ?


Ask her what she means.

Maybe she's referencing this being an alternate timeline or something. Nightmare Moon wasn't defeated, etc all.


"Twilight, please," You say, rubbing your head. "It's been a rough couple of days and I'm not in the mood for more run around answers. What do you mean?"

"If my line of thought it correct, I believe me and most likely my friends have been…..displaced in time." She seems to be struggling trying to find the right words. "And my guess is right the same has happened to my friend."

"At this point I'll take your word for it. How did this happen?"

"I haven't a clue, but it fits. The eternal night going on both there and here. That can only mean NightMare Moon was never defeated because me and my friends never confronted her together."


"What am I supposed to do?"


Might as well. Not like there's much else we could ask.


"Ooo….kkaaaay. But what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Wind Breaker, listen." Twilight stands right in front of you, her dire from her seriousness and increasingly gaunt face. "I'm in the future. YOUR future if things don't change and things only get worse. A lot worse. I'm in what's left of the Canterlot Archives, trying to get this spell to work using what few scraps I've found. I've been trying to get in touch with Celestia in the present…er, your time, but all I've been able to get so far is you….no offense."

"I'd rather you got Celestia too."

"The point is, you're the only one I can count on now. The fact that its eternal night can only mean Celestia is….indisposed. But if you can get to Canterlot, to the Starswirl the Bearded section of the Archives, I might be able to look through some of his texts and maybe extrapolate a way to fix all this!"

"Why do you need me for that?"

Twilight looks at you blankly then kicks at a book on the floor, having her hoof pass through it back and forth.

"Even if I were to somehow project myself specifically to the archives in your time, I'd have no way of even opening the books."


"So you need me to open books for you? Gotcha… how am I even supposed to get up there anyways? I don't have the bits for a train and flying's just a bad idea in this kinda light!"



How are we supposed to get in the archives and what do we tell the Cakes ?


Tell her that we can leave in the morning and ask if she has any advice.


"How am I supposed to that? Canterlot isn't exactly a short hike from here! I hardly have enough bits to feed myself in this crazy time, let alone springing for a train. And I'm not exactly certified for night flying."

"there's really only so much I can do on this end, Wind Breaker. I'm relying on you." Twilight thinks for a moment. "Have you tried getting a job in Ponyville?"

"Yeah. I'm working at Sugar Cube Corner. And that's another reason I can't just take off."

"Really. Oh, that's right. Pinkie." Twilight sits down, hanging her head. "I'm sorry. I wish I could help, but it's your help I need.


Ask her how much time she thinks we have to make some money.


Ask her how urgent the entire situation is.


"Ok ok….uhh, how long do you think we have?"

"Well, that's a tricky question to answer. you know, with diverging timelines working in tandem at separate points and-"

"You've already lost me."

"It's simple. From your perspective, it's only as dire to you as your situation is. If you don't succeed, it doesnt matter what I do since I can't do anything without you. And if I can figure out a way to travel through time stably, then how long it took to get to that point shouldn't matter all that much….unless it take you you're whole life time or something."


"Uhh, but I'm sure that won't happen! You seem pretty smart. You'll figure something out. Just do me a favor."


"When you get to the archive and we can work this out, have some food. Please. I'm starving."



Does she have a favorite baked good ?



So, I guess we work for Mrs. Cake for the time being until we earn enough bits and enough trust to take a small vacation to Canterlot?
Something tells me it won't be so simple though, but that's about all I can think of.


"Well, I work in a bakeshop now. Got a favorite pastry?"

"I'd do anything for a nice apple turnover right about now."

"Alright, so all I have to do is somehow manage to get my self to Canterlot, get in the archives and help you read through them so you can figure out a spell to fix all this, having an apple turnover along the way at some point."

"That's the plan."

"Easy peasy." You say dead pan. You can't even begin to think how you'll get to Canterlot, especially with a new job and only source of income.

"Don't worry. Just be carefu-AH!" Twilight falls to the ground, flickering out and into existence briefly. You try to go to her side, but you just pass through her again.


"I'm ok! Just….tired. Take's a lot to keep this up." Twilight raises her head to look at you. "I'm just going to rest for a bit. We'll talk in a few hours…..from your end. I'm just gunna…take it easy….for a bit."

And with that, she's gone again.

(I think I'll stop here for tonight. Thanks for playing everyone! Sorry this one kinda dragged on, but hopefully not with a clear goal things will pick up. I'd like to continue tomorrow night, but tomorrow may be bad for me. If you don't hear from me usual time in the general, it's probably a no go. I'll stay on to answer any questions for a bit)


I had fun!

But yeah, with a clear goal that we're realistically working towards, I imagine that things should start picking up.

Also, I made a post earlier in one of the generals trying to drum up a few players, but nothin'. You gonna be doing anything to drum up interest or is it just gonna be whoever trickles in?



As nice as it would be to have more players, I'm not too comfortable making a big stink to get people into the quest. Partly cause I'd feel like I'm attention whoring and partly because I feel if I was any good, people would come in on their own. I know I have my own flaws when it comes to quests and I'm trying to improve. I'd rather not try and artificial inflate the player base, especially if I have a session like tonight where it started weak, updates were shot and widely spaced, and the more significant stuff happened nearly at the end.

But, like I said. Now that things have a clear, achievable direct goal, maybe things will pick up, both for me and for others.


Alright, alright, cool. I like what you have going. Excited to see what's coming!


Quests just don't float many people's boats.
Even less so for ponies, but as long as someone enjoys it and you enjoy running it, then it serves a purpose.


File: 1346464760675.gif (63.23 KB, 233x198, average pony discussion.gif)

Last time on Wind Breaker Quest!

>Made the apple delivery for Sugar Cube Corner, despite having a less then warm introduction with BigMac

>Talked with Mrs. Cake when the two of you got back and decided to work the front of the store while she works the back
>Your first customer was a little difficult, but despite the new situation and Twilight's ethereal form haunting around, you were able to satisfy their demands and make a sale
>Tried to communicate with Twilight using a written message, which not only didn't work but left you in a awkward position when Mr. Cake found you.
>Officially worked out your employment and living situation with the Cakes
>After the 'lunch' rush was over you went on break and headed over to the library in the hopes of finding any information that could help you


>The old library was empty and neglected, but you were able to find some candles to see
>Ran into Twilight again, but for whatever reason you could hear her and she could see you!
>Twilight believes that she has somehow been shifted out of time and is stuck in the future, altering the timeline as a whole
>She was able to use the remnants of old magic books to concoct a spell to talk to you in the past/present, but there's too little for her to work with
>She needs you to go to Canterlot, get into the Archives and look for relevant texts in the Starswirl the Bearded wing to get back
>How exactly you are going to go about that….you're still working on


++Episode 4: Punchline!++

You're standing alone outside of the Ponyville library now that Twilight has stopped casting. By your best guess it's mid afternoon, but you're still not used to the constant night. Despite still having a good part of the working day ahead of you, you're already feeling tired and your stomach groans just a little.

But you are in better spirits then before, now having a better handle on the situation thanks to Twilight's timely appearance. All you need to do know is find your way to Canterlot, find whatever it is she needs in the Archives and then work out some way of fixing whatever temporal event caused all this in the first place.


What should you do now, though?


(Oh silly me I keep forgetting. If at any point you need to know anything like INVENTORY, STATS, SKILLS, RULES or just have questions, just ask)



Has it been an hour yet ? If so we should head back to Sugarcube Corner.


You're still new at your job and would rather not risk seeming unprofessional by staying out too late for your break, so you rush back to Sugar Cube Corner, trying to ignore your protesting stomach. It doesn't take you long to make your way back, since you went directly from the tree library from here and had very littler opportunity to get lost in the dark. As you enter through the front door with a jangle from the bell, you find the Cakes still at work, with Mrs. Cake doting over two little foals on the counter as they noisily suck at large milk bottles in their mouths.

"Oh good, your back!" Mrs. Cake greets you with a happy smile from behind the counter. "We were just finishing our lunch. Did you have enough time?"

"Uhh, yeah. I'm all set." You say with a forced smile.

"Fantastic, because things might get even more busy later." Mrs. Cakes says as her husband takes the fussing little ones and carries them upstairs. "Feel up to working the front again? Or would you like to help in the kitchen?"



The front counter has worked out good for us so far.


lets stick to the front


Stick to the front counter.
Maybe we can stick buy after hours and make ourselves some food for the road as practice.


"Well, I haven't screwed up on the register so far, so I guess I'll keep at that."

"Ok dear, I'll go start prepping then." Mrs. Cake heads through the double door into the back. "And if you have any problems just call out, ok?"


A whole mess of ponies came in and out the door for the rest of the day. Night. Whatever. You got slammed trying to keep up with all the customers and trying to keep everyone happy. And you were doing pretty well for yourself, working quickly if a little clumsily as you made change and bagged treats for all the hungry ponies. Until…

"Hey! Just pick something already!"

You're attention is drawn to the growing line of frowning ponies in front of the counter. A lone grey pegasus with a blonde mane is at the front, looking at all of the items on display with a somewhat vacant expression and showing no sign of coming to a decision in a hurry. She seems to be holding up the line for everyone behind her and the rest of the customers seem to be growing increasing impatient.


Ask her if she wouldn't mind standing aside so the other customers can order?



"Uhh, excuse me." The grey pony's attention drifts up from your wares to you, her face still looking kinda glazed over. "Could you please move over to the side? You're kinda holding up the line."

"Huh?" She looks around, seemingly only just now aware of her surroundings and finding the line of frowning faces staring back at her. "Oh! Sorry! Sorry!"

She trots off to one side, letting the pony behind her come to the register and let you help then. The rush continues, but you can't help but notice the grey pony is standing just off to your side, staring right at you the same way she just was cake under glass. You try to ignore her at first, intent on doing a good job, but that soon became impossible.

"Hi!" She says happily, walking up to you.

"Uhh, hi!" You greet her back, difficulty diving your attention between her and the customer who you really hope you gave correct change to.

"You're new, aren't you?"

"Yeah, yeah." You say, trying not to come out terse.

"Want to be friends?"



Sure, what's her name ?


"Uh… sure?"


yes, lets be her friend, we need allies
even if it is an ugly pony


"Uhh….sure?" You're getting a weird vibe off this pony and her off putting friendliness. Especially while you're still working. "What's your name?"

"Derpy!" She cheers, comes around the counter and shakes your hoof vigorously just as you're handing another pony a slice of pie. "It's great to make a new friend! What's your name?"

"W-wind Breaker." You say, fighting to get your hoof back. "I don't think you're allowed back here….err, Derpy."

"Want to hang out later, Wind Breaker?" She asks with a big beaming smile, as if she didn't hear what you just said.


"Uh… sure? Can I finish up my shift here?"



All right, after work


Yeah, seconding these.
If she wants to stick around ask her that we gotta focus on working and if she can go hang out elsewhere.


"Uh ok, after work. Ok?" You say through your teeth, trying to keep track with that you're doing. Did that pony give you five bits or four bits?

"Yay! This is going to be so much fun!"

Before you can see or react to it, your new friend gabs you and gives you a great big hug from the side, just as you are were trying to give a customer an entire cake.

"Hey, watch it!" You shout as you lose balance and the confection pops out of your grasp into the air.

(Cont. roll to catch)

Rolled 6 = 6


So… we catch it?


You shove the affectionate pegasus off of you as you flail to catch spinning pie as it tumbles toward the customer you were just about to give it too. The tip of your hoof is only able to graze it and send it spinning just out of reach. But, at the last possible second, you're able to snatch the pie by the tin with an unfurled wing. Breathing a sigh of relief, you lay it to rest on the counter much to the applause of the shoppers who witnessed the even.

"Ok, see ya later Wind Breaker!" Derpy says, patting you on the back and skipping out of the store without even buying anything. You have a headache.

"What just happened?" You think to yourself, but then immediately snap back to work.

Soon after the rush dies down and Mr. Cake comes down to help you. Before too long, he has you sweep up as the last customer is cared for and the sign on the door says closed.

"You did good today." He says, patting you on the back. "I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it, but it's such a relief to have another pair of capable hooves around."

"Thanks. I wasn't sure I'd be able to either, but I got through it."

"Good. Anyway, here's the moment you ere probably waiting for." He goes to the register, fiddles around and hands you a small pile of coin. "You're days pay."

You count the little bounty. Seven bits! Jeeze, he wasn't exaggerating hen he said he couldn't pay you much.


"Shop's closed now, so you have the rest of the day off. If you want you can just go right up to bed. We have an old mattress in the spare room. It's much, but its soft and clean. But if you don't turn in just yet, be quiet when you do. The twins will be up all night if you're woken now."


Let's go find Derpy.


So that's a no on cooking then.
I guess let's go and try to find our new friend.
Are you getting tired? Do you wanna call it quits early?


"Uh thanks, but I kinda made plans with somepony…"

"Oh? Ok then. Here take this." He gives you a little yellow key. "I'm going to lock up but this will help you get back in. Just make sure to lock up again behind you, ok?"

"Ok. Thank you!"

"Don't stay out too late." He calls after you as you leave. "We have another busy day tomorrow!"

You leave and put the key away with the other one you have. Its quiet outside; much of the hustling of ponies in the streets has died down now with just a few villagers about, the only indication to you that it's a different hour of the day then earlier. You look around for any sign of your your new 'friend', though you're not really expecting her to be just hanging around in front of the store waiting for you. You're really hoping she's not doing that.

And when you don't see her, you realize she didn't say where the two of you would meet or where she lived or anything.

(I am kinda sick and feel like I am going pretty slow. But I'd like to keep at this and at least make an effort into this session)



Might as well walk around town and see if we spot her.


Let's ask someone if they know anyone named Derpy and where they might be.


If you say so.
Let's head out and start looking for her.


(Nope nope, I tempted fate and was punished for my hubris. I'm just about dead, so I think I have no choice but to give up and call it for the night. Thanks for playing everyone!

Sorry for a such a short session where hardly anything happened, but I just don't think I can do much without either stringing things out to redundancy or railroading like an express train. But I have a big weekend so hopefully I'll be better tomorrow or the day after.

I'm going to go throw up and fall down somewhere. Good night)



No problem, hope you feel better.


See you later!


S'all right man. Not your fault you got sick.
Hope you feel better!


hope you feel better soon


File: 1346551316810.png (50.48 KB, 700x712, Leyera.png)

Last time on Wind Breaker Quest:

>Returned to Sugar Cube Corner

>Helped work the front line as the shop got slammed with customers
>Met Derpy, who was holding up the line absentmindedly
>You were able to make her move aside, only to end up making a play date with her after work
>She suddenly hugged you, causing you to drop the pie you were holding, but were able to catch it in time
>After work you got paid a whopping seven bits and got a key to Sugar Cuber Corner
>Left to got meet up with Derpy


++Episode 4.2: Crickets++

You are currently standing outside of Sugar Cube Corner. You have just been paid a measly amount and have, apparently, promised to meet with Derpy after work, having just made friend with her.

Unfortunately, she failed to mention where or when to meet with you after work. You're not even sure if she knows you're off work now. You're standing in the eternal night completely unsure what to do, bothered both my a noisy stomach and an the constant darkness.

what should you do?



Since we're hungry we should probably go find someplace to eat, perhaps will find Derpy along the way.


Hell, maybe if we find Derpy we can go to hear place and try and cook something there and level up our cooking skill.


>Find a place to eat


>Find Derpy, possibly involving leveling up COOKING skill



Look for Derpy


Look for the Derps.


You sigh heavily, feeling the weight of day and all of the things you've been through already. Moving to a new town, making new friends, losing said friends in an insanely strange way, having one of them contact you from the future, working a double shift. It's been quite a day and the last thing you really want to do is play hide and seek with an uncomfortably awkward pegasus that almost lost you your job.

But you DID say you'd at least meet up with her after work. And you ARE kinda hungry, so you might as well find her. So you hit the town in the evening (though you still can't really tell the difference between now and the rest of the day) and ask around.

From most of the ponies you meet give you funny looks or just brush you off without even acknowledging you, but from what little word you get you learn that Derpy lives in a quaint little cloud house just out of town. When you fly up to the place in question you find a modest cloud home just off of Ponyville proper. None of the lights are on, which seems odd considering the constant dar, and there doesn't seem to be anyone home.

Rolled 4 = 4


(Wow I am bad at this)

You have leveled up the skill: SEARCHING! Bringing it up to level ONE!



Can we get a better look inside through the windows ?


So… what now?
Look in through the windows I guess.


I re-read the part where we met Derpy, and I can't think of any clues about where she'd be.
The post office?


At a loss, you trot up and peer through one of the windows. Unfortunately its pretty much pitch black inside and the limited night light from the outdoors isn't working in your favor. You squint as hard as you can, but there doesn't seem to be….wait, is there something moving?

Before you can make anything out, something clocks out in the side of the head, sending you off balance and tumbling into the clouds like an earth pony would into the dirt. You kick and get back up, spitting bits of cloud off of you and searching around in a panic to your assailant. You don't see your attacker, and to be honest you aren't really hurt, just supprissed. But you do catch the sight of a pair of wings hiding behind a nearby tuff of clouds.


"Hey, what was that for?"
Go over there to the wings.



Head for the wings


You wipe the side of you head where you were hit, only to find more fluffy white cloud. You throw it aside frowning and fly over to where you spotted the retreating pair of wings that sucker punched you.

"Hey what was that…" You shout as you turn the corner, only to find nothing there hiding there. "…for."

The sound of whisping air makes you duck and hide behind the little bit of cloud, just as hoof fulls of clouds spurt past over you. As you hide down behind you tiny cover, you can hear somepony laughing in the background.


"Hey! What gives?!"
Fly over to the source of the laughing.



Try to pinpoint where the laughter is coming from.


Looks like it's a cloud fight.
Roll up a ball of cloud and prepare for war.


That's it.

You stand up from you cover, balls of clouds rushing past you, zipping the air and trying not to flinch from them. The barrage is clearly coming from the general direction of the roof of the house, so you rush forward, slapping the clouds out of the way as you do. Making a hard landing, you find Derpy giggles as she leans up against a hefty pile of balled up clouds.

When she spots you stand there she stops giggleing and very slowly reaches over for another ball.

"Don't do it." You warn her

She keeps reaching over with her hoof.

"I'm warning you."

One of her wings also snatches up more ammo.

"That's it!"

You dive into the pile as she barrages you with a salvo of cloud, only for you to erupts out of it and let loose with your own rampage on the grey pegasus. She retreats behind a chimney, but keeps up her attack, giggling away. Before you know it you're giggling too, giving as good as you're getting. The two of you spend what feels like an hour long war of attrition before she hold up a clumsy square tuft of cloud.

"Ok ok! I give up!"


Pelt her with a bit more cloud just for good measure, and then say our hellos.


Let's stop fighting.
It might be rude to ask if she's got any food, but Derpy probably wouldn't notice.
Ask if she wants us to make something.


You hold your fire, following the universal laws of cloud ball fights. After a while Derpy peeks over from her hiding space before cautiously creeping out into the open and over to you.

"You didn't have to thwo so hard!" She moans, rubbing her head. "I think there was an ice crystal in that last one…"

"You started it!" You retort, lightly tossing another ball at her. It smooshes on her face, making her sputter and wipe it off.


And once again the war resumes with a renewed intensity. Fighting was brief, but close ranged with very little cover. Luckily, another tentative peace was restored as the two of you fell down on your backs laughing on Derpy's roof. The two of you laughed and laughed, giddy from the play fighting until you felt tears in your eyes. You haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

"Got you!" Derpy jeers at you, pushing a tuff of cloud roof on top of you.

"Nuh uh!" You argue, pushing it off and on to her. You laugh for a good while alone until your new friend pops her head up out of the pile.

"You hungry?"


"Sure! Mind if I do the cooking?"



Like a horse


Yes! Let's make something. Maybe we can grow our baking skills.


Ooh, definitely this.


That's right, we've got to practice our comedy.


"Sure! I could eat a horse!"

"Pfft aha. You're terrible!" Derpy stifles laughter though her hoofs. "Ok, lets go!"

She drabs you around the mid section and forcibly drags you under through the roof, into the house. You yelp, trying to grab on to anything but end up on your back on the floor. Derpy helps you back up onto your hooves, brushing you off with her wings.

"How about some sandwhiches?"

"Uhh, sure. That soudns great." You stomach agrees with you wholeheartedly. Once Derpy stops doting over you, you see you're in a little cloud kitchen. She goes over to the fridge and starts gathering up some sliced bread and putting them out of plates. "Mind if I help? I'm trying to get better with cooking…"

"Ok! I got a bunch of things in the fridge. Help yourself."

You go over and pop open the fridge. Theres….not all that much. In a bunch of small blue boxes are what look like mushrooms. Caps, gills, stems, whole, dried, fresh, in a variety of different kinds. The only other thing in there beside fungus is a jar of milk which looks like it had been there so long it might in fact be fungus.


…Oh, right. Eternal night means not much can grow. Riiight.
I guess we'll just have to make due with what we have.



Is there anything else in the kitchen besides bread, mushrooms, and milk ?


Let's get creative with the mushrooms.
Also, I wonder if we should as Derpy about Twilight and the others. I have a feeling. If I'm wrong, she won't think we're crazy anyway.


Despite not much to work with and none of it looking particularly appetizing, you scrap up a couple of caps and what looks like a jar of mustard. You're hungry, but not desperate, so you bring the food over to the stove as Derpy watches with interest. If all you have is mushrooms, you might as well whip them up a little….


Rolled 2 = 2


You've been a baker for the grand total of one day. Night. Whatever.

And most of that you spent working the register, so it hardly counts. You probably felt a little cocky in your culinary skill thinking you could fix up something special with what you have. As you try to fry some of the mushroom caps, the burn very very fast. You do your best to save them, reducing the heat and moving them around, but the by the time you put them on the bread they smell like burnt hooves. You slather on a generous ammount of condiments, hoping your new buddy wont notice.

"Ok they're….as ready as they're ever going to be."

"Great!" Derpy comes over and takes her portion, digging in with gusto. As she chews the first bite, her expression gradually turns a much more pale shade of grey. her chewing becomes slower and slower until she grimaces down a dreadfully loud swallow.

"Wow that…..y-yeah." She says, still putting on a smile. "I should try making this my self sometime, its so good. Thanks!"

"Really?" You say, looking down at your own dreadful sandwich. After watching Derpy choke her's down you don't know if you really want to relive your hunger now.


Ask Derpy if she's ever heard of the Elements of Harmony.



She ate hers so we might as well eat ours.


You tentatively nibble on the sandwich you had wrought onto the world and immediately regret it. You were never a big fan of mushrooms before but this….this is something else. Even the copious amount of mustard you put on to hide it doesnt help. Luckily Derpy poured the two of you some glasses of water, which you take full advantage of.

"So…" You start talking, hoping to fill it with words rather then….this. "Derpy. Have you ever heard anything about something called the Elements of Harmony?"

"Elements of what?" Derpy says, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Nope. Is that some new book or something?"

"Err, something like that."

That's weird. Nearly all of Equestria has heard of the Elements and how they helped return Princess Luna to her normal self. Derpy seems kinda…..odd, but you doubt even she has been living under that big of a rock.


I thought we already realized that the Elements never existed in this timeline after talking with Twilight?


We shouldn't ask about Nightmare Moon, because I think it's her that fucked things up.
Ask her if she's heard of Discord, and how the Princesses used the Elements to imprison him long ago.
If she asks why we're asking these things, tell her that we've taken an interest in history.


The element BEARERS never existed, but we don't know about the elements themselves.


"So…Elements of Harmony, Discord, you've never heard of any of these things?"

"Nope!" She says with a short lived smile as she takes another bite. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh uh, I'm…really interested in history is all. I went to the library earlier but couldn't find anything I was looking for."

"Well, I'm the wrong pony to ask for that sorta thing!" Derpy says cheerfully, taking another biter nibble. "I was never much of a history buff."



What does Derpy do for a living ?


Sounds good.


Yeah. Bit of small talk would probably be smart.


"What do you do for a living Derpy, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh me? I deliver the mail for all of Ponyville!" She says proudly. She puts down her plate, zips out of the room and rturns momentarily sporting a large mail bag over her shoulder. "Ta-da!"

"Oh, that's really….really…" You trail off, something catching your attention in the corner of her eye. Twilight is back again, or at least her hind quarters are sticking through the kitchen wall. You look between her and Derpy, trying not to do anything to make you look crazy. "Really great, Derpy."


Walk over to where Twilight's butt is. If Derpy can see her she'll say so.
Maybe go around to the other side of the wall.



Keep an eye on Twilight


"You know, I haven't really complimented you on your nice house Derpy!"

You saunter over, putting as much space between you and your sandwich as possible. You casually lean a hoof against the wall, just about where Twilight's derriere is. You give the wall a few good taps for good measure.

"Yep, very solidly built. Is this real cumulus?"

"I think so…." Derpy says, coming over to inspect the wall closely, her face not far from the point of interest. You roll your eyes.

"And how about the next room?" You wander through the door into what is a clean and soft living room with fluffy furniture everywhere. Twilight's other half is here too and she's looking even worse then when you saw her a few hours ago; the skin on her face is pretty taught and her mane looks matted. You try to direct Derpy over to her by admiring a painting on the wall above Twilight, but she still doesn't seem to notice the other pony and you give up.

"Wind Breaker, do you ever miss the sun?" Derpy asks, taking control of the conversation. She's looking intently at the picture you pointed out and you only now realize it's that of a colorful sunset over the water.



Of course


All the time, Derpy.


All the time.


"You have no idea," You comment, thinking about how all this trouble started. You haven't seen the sun since before you came to this one horse town and you're already feeling depressive without it. You can't imagine how bad it's been for Derpy and the rest of Ponyville. Or Equestria for that matter.

"Getting up with the sunrise was always the best," Derpy says, sadly nostalgic. "Everything so gloomy now. But what can you do?"

"Yeah…" You're still distracted by Twilight, doing your best not to have it show on your face. The unicorn doens't seem to be able to see you any more and is shouting noiselessly again, giving you an annoyed senses of dejavu.

"Are you ok?" Derpy asks, looking at you. "You look kidna tired."

"I do?" You guess you're not so good at hiding what you're thinking.

"Yeah, you're face is all scrunched up, like this!" Derpy does her best impersonation of you, shutting her eyes and mouth as tight as she can. You're less then impressed.


Do you guys think we should try to tell Derpy that we've got a plan to get the sun back?


Maybe we should ask her about the Princesses, Celestia & Luna.


"No no, I'm fine. I was just thinking about….you know, a way of getting the sun back."

"What?" derpy says confused, one of her eyes cocking off to one side at a funny angle as she looks at you. "How you think you're going to do that?"

"I'm just thinking aloud is all, but maybe if we talked to talked to Princess Celestia would could get this all sorted out?"

"Ohh. That," Derpy looks down at her hooves, plodding a tuft of cloud a little, making a little rut in the floor. "I don't know how you'd do that. No pony has the princess for a few years now. Not since all the trouble started."

"What ah…..what happened, exactly, Derpy?" You push the issue, hoping to finally figure out what's happened. "What was all the trouble?"

"I…" Derpy rubs her eyes with a clumsy hoof, getting cloud on her face. "I don't really want to talk about it."


Well, that's alright.
Just tell her we've heard that we might be able to find something out in the Canterlot archives.



Well I guess we shouldn't press.

Ask Derpy if she knows of any ways to reach Canterlot from Ponyville.


Don't press, but do ask her if we can still get to Canterlot.


"I'm sorry," You pedal, hoping you haven't upset her. Are things really this bad? You quickly change hte subject. "Derpy, could I ask you a favor."

She quietly nods, whipping her nose with a snorting noise that sounds like your sandwich tasted.

"You wouldn't happen to know how to get to Canterlot, would you?"

"Canterlot?" She echoes, thinking for a bit. "I've been there a few times. I usually take the train when I need to, but it would be possible for a pegasus like us to fly there. It might take you a few days and it would help to have a chart of the wind currents, but any capable flyer could do it."

"A wind chart?"

"Yeah. Canterlot is all up in the mountains, so the winds can be tricky. It's safe to know how to go about them without getting caught in an updraft or something. Though I've never needed one."



Where could we obtain a wind chart ?


Tell her that we've heard there's information about bringing back the sun in the Canterlot archives.


"Where do you think I could get a wind chart, then?"

"You could probably find one for sale in town. They're ussualy a lot, but they shouldn't be hard to find." Derpy rubs her eyes sleepily, yawning some. "I'm sleepy."

"It must be getting late," You venture, though somepony could dell you its noon and you wouldnt know. But you're getting pretty tired yourself. "Maybe I should go?"

"You don't have to leave if you don't want to," Derpy says with a big polite smile, her uneasiness evaporated away.


Let's sleepover.




"Well, I guess I could stay for a while longer."

"Oh oh, would you like to sleep over?" Derpy says excitedly.

"I uhh," The thought hadn't really occurred to you. The two of you had just met and all. But the two of you have been having a fun time so far and it would be easier for you to just crash here then shlep back to Sugar Cube Corner. Besides, you doubt Derpy is one of those crazy ponies that smother you in your sleep or anything like that. "Sure, why not?"

"Yaaay!" Derpy blind sides you with another of her troublesome hugs, sending the two of you tumbling to the ground. "This is going to be so much fun! It's been forever since I had a friend stay over! Here, I'll go make up the couch for you."


You and Derpy spend the next hour having fun with games, stories and generally enjoying each others company. The two of you are quickly becoming fast friends, which gives you bittersweet memories of the last few days. When eventually says good night and leaves to turn in, you can't help but fear that something will happen to hear like the last fast friends you made.

(I think I'll stop off here for tonight. Thanks for playing everyone! Tonight went much better, though still a little slow on my part. But thanks to wonderful irony that is Labor Day, I will be off Monday so that means I can turn out another game TOMORROW night for anyone interested. Thanks again)



Thanks for the quest


Thanks for the quest!
I'll probably be around tomorrow as well.


Excellent! See you tomorrow.


File: 1346638073537.jpg (38.18 KB, 921x929, Bunny derpy.jpg)

Last time on Wind Breaker Quest

>Went to meet up with Derpy, having made impromptu plans to hang out with her after work

>Didn't know where she lived and she didn't tell you were to meet up, so you hoofed it through town to find her
>After a little inquiry, you found her home
>Inspected the apparently deserted home when you were suddenly attacked!
>Derpy ambushed you into an impromptu cloud ball fight!
>After a dire battle, you ended up the victor, where the humbled grey pegasus invited you inside for a snack
>Decided to try and work your magic to whip up a nice mushroom sandwhich
>Ended up creating the worst meal you have ever had in ages. Derpy politely ate it anyway
>Twilight showed up again in the usual way, but she seemed passive again and a bit worse then you last saw her
>Talked with Derpy and learned that:
>No one has seen Princess Celestia in years
>And that if you want to get to Canterlot, you'll either need to fly or take the train
>the two of you tired, Derpy invited you to sleep over, which you agreed to.
>You both hanged out for a while longer, having fun and becoming better antiquated, until you each turned into bed


++Episode 5-ish: Wakka Wakka!

You eventually wake up, snuggled in a soft wool blanket on a fluffy couch. With a groan you stretch out, trying to work the not out of your back, messaging it with your wing. It's pitch black out, just like when you went to bed, leaving you feeling like you should go back to bed, though you feel pretty rested. Reaching blindly, you flick on the little lamp on the near by table, illuminating most of the room for you. You're completely along and…

Oh no.

You stomach! As you sit up it starts to somersault, making you want to wretch. You feel completely terrible, frozen in a sitting position with on hoof over your mouth and another on your belly. That awful sandwich you made last night is making a come back with a vengeance.

What should you do?



To the restroom, quick!


Shoving the blankets and pillows to the floor, you take off down a hallway, trying to find the bathroom as fast as you can. Luckily there's only a few doors so it doesn't take you long after a little trial and error. Slamming open the door, you lean over the toilet, waiting for the worst. You stomach is like a butter churn, but despite the sensation nothing comes out. You're stomach is probably empty, save for the terrible sensation.

After a little while of shooting stomach blanks, you go to the sink and splash a little water on your face. A surly looking pony look at you in the mirror.

"This is your fault," You accuse you reflection. She doesn't seem to be moved by your accusation in the slightest.



What time is it, should we be getting ready to head to work ?


You realize that you have work soon, assuming you actually slept for any considerable amount of time. You still can't get a bearing on your internal clock with the constant dark. There's a little clock on the wall in the bathroom, which reads a quarter to eight. The Cakes didn't give you a time to be in for work, but considering you started yesterday in the morning it probably wouldn't be a great idea dawdle too much.

You check yourself in the mirror again. Your mane is a little sleepy head looking, but you think you can pat it out. You don't smell, though you haven't had a bath or brushed your teeth in at least a day.



We may not need to take a bath, but we should at least brush our teeth.

See if Derpy has an extra toothbrush we could use.


You probably should at least try to make yourself presentable for work. You only have a day under your belt and it probably wouldn't do well for you to come in looking like you're been up all night. You discreetly rummage though Derpy's medicine cabinet and find a fresh toothbrush in the case. She probably won't mind, though you'll make it up to her later.

You pop it open, squirt on some paste, scrub quickly and clean up. Once done, you return back to the living room and you sleeping area. The couch pillows are a mess on the floor with a blanket half draped over them. It's also very quiet. Derpy is either still sleeping or has already left, you guess.



Nothing left to do but head to work, I guess.


Let's write a little note for her thanking her for the night, then head to work.


You should head out to work. But you don't want to be rude to you one and only friend you have in Ponyville. You tidy up the pillows back on to the couch, rummage around for some stationary and write out a quick note.

"Thanks for the fun night. Sorry to leave such a mess. We'll hang out again later. Also I borrows a tooth brush in the bathroom. The red one. Sorry.

- Wind Breaker"

You put the note by the lamp, hoping Derpy will see it.

"Derpy? Are you here?" You call out, though not too loud in case she's still sleeping. "I'm going now. I left a note, ok?"

When nopony answers you, you head out the front, feeling unsure what to do with the unlocked door but decide to just leave it.


Ponyville might as well be a photograph for as little it's changed over the last few days. Complete night, a few scuttling ponies with their heads down heading to and fro, intent on minding their own businness and ignoring you as you fly just over head. Sugar Cube Corner has it lights on when you get their and peek in through the unlocked front door.

"Hello?" You calling in, look around. Mrs. Cake us at the counter, just like yesterday.

"Ah, there you are." She says with a greeting smile, waving you in.

"Am I late?"

"Oh no. You're just in time." You looks you up and down as you get closer. "Were you out all night?"

You look between her and the eternal night out the window. And back again. "I guess so. I was with a friend last night, but I'm ready to work now!"

"Great. You want to work the front again or try working in the kitchen?"



The front has been good to us and I don't think we want a repeat of what happened at Derpy's.


Maybe we can risk working the kitchen this time.


>Work the register again

>Or try the kitchen?


i say the front


Let's not give people food poisoning or waste their ingredients. We'll probably vomit up the next thing we eat soon.


"Why change what's been working?" You say with a little shrug.

"I guess it's nice to have a routine. And with you here I can really focus on my work back there." Mrs. Cake smiles again and trots off to the back. "If you need anything, just holler."


Work goes much like it did yesterday, though now you're discreetly trying to nurse an upset stomach. The fresh smell of baked goods isn't as pleasant as it used to be. But you manage to not vomit on any of the ponies that come in and things go pretty smoothly.

You were a little surprised, however, when Derpy came in during a lull in the action.

"Oh, hi Derpy!" You greet her with a smile.


"Err, sorry about leaving your place in a mess. And the toothbrush. Did you get my note?"

"Yeah! It's fine. But I'm working too now. Here!" Derpy reaches into her large mail bag and hands over a little pile of letters.

"Oh, thanks." You say, taking the letters and putting them aside on the counter.

"And I brought you this, too!"

Derpy reaches back into the bag and forks over the red toothbrush you just used in her bathroom. Frowning, you take it too and also set it aside, but out of sight.


"Ok bye!"


File: 1346644807336.png (254.78 KB, 1280x720, wind breaker cooks.png)

we'd just end up making baked bads


check the mail, i suppose, though it likely is all going to the cakes


When Derpy leaves you quickly flip through the letters. As expected they're all for the Cakes. Even if someone wanted to send you a letter, they'd have no idea you were staying here at Sugar Cube Corner. You set them aside.

"Mrs. Cake! Mr. Cake! Mail!" You call out. Husband and wife stalk out from their respective areas.

"Oh, thanks." Mr. Cake takes them from you and goes through them himself. "Bill, bill, bill, junk….hello, what's this?"

He tears open a large purple envelop and reads a solid looking piece of parchment, his lips moving as he reads. Suddenly his eyes widen and he falls on to the flood backwards. Mr.s Cake quickly goes to his side, coddling his head.

"What is it?!" She picks up the letter and scans it herself. Her eyes widen as she gasps, before herself falling to the ground in mirror of her husband.

More then a little scared, you pick up the letter, holding it as far from yourself as if it was a bomb.

"Dear, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, proprietors of Sugar Cube Corner," You read aloud, skimming the note. "Heard much of your magnificent treats, yadda yadda yadda, would love for you to cater our event here in Canterlot, blah blah…."

You eyes eventually reach to the order at the bottom of the page. You legs go weak at the sight. You've never heard of anypony paying THAT much for baked goods, even for such a large order. Several cakes, pies, assorted cookies and pastries, all for some fancy party in Canterlot. Paying top dollar, it look like. No wonder the two bakers reacted like they did.



Who's the letter from ?


ask who the letter is from


The initial shock wearing off, you read the letter more thoroughly. The even seems to be some charity party or ball or whatever fancy ponies have for 'Those ponies which have lost so much in the last few tragic years' to be held at such and such place in Centerlot. There's an address, probably a residence. The letter is signed by soempony named Fancy Pants, which you have no doubt must in fact be fancy considering how much money he's throwing around just for cake. The Cake's stuff is good, but you didn't think it was THAT good.

You look down at your employers, soundly passed out on the floor. You guess they must be over joyed considering how many bits they'd get for this.



Ask the Cakes what the tragic years the letter mentioned are.


when they wake up mention that it would probably be good to bring along someone to help serve the food, hint hint


Seconding this.


"Mr. Cake," You gently nudge the two ponies, trying to wake them. "Mrs. Cake. Please get up."

Eventually the two of them groggily come too, rubbing their respective heads.

"Ugh, I was having the craziest dream," Mr. Cakes says, brushing himself off and fixing his little hat. "We got a HUGE order from somepony in Canterlot and…and…."

He see's you holding up the letter smiling. His eyes curl up in the back of his head, but Mrs. Cake catches him before he makes a repeat performance.

"Oh goodness," Mrs. Cake says, taking the letter from you and rereading it. "That's so much. All those bits now would do so much for us now. We could replace so much equipment, maybe help set up a fund for the twins!"

"But it's a lot of work, too!" Mr. Cake retorts, his strength returning. "It says the party is TOMORROW! To get all this done in time, we'll have to work like crazy and leave for Canterlot by tonight! Oh dear, oh no. We'll need to get the ovens cranking now. And one of us will need to stay and mind the babies. Oh my."

"A-hem!" You mock cough, butting in. "Sounds like a lot of work. You two will need all the help you can get for this. I bet you could sure use a another solid pair of hooves in Canterlot for help."

"Uhh…." Mr. and Mrs. Cake look between each other. "That's…a generous offer, Wind Breaker. And you'd be right. But between the babies and the store, it would probably be better for two of us to stay here to cover everything."

"Uhh huh," You say, thinking. "What's that letter mean, anyway? About the past tragic years?"

"Oh you know dear, what everypony means. What when Nightmare Moon and the big mess she made with Celestia and-"

"Shhhh!" Mr. Cake shushes loudly, waving his front legs. "Don't talk about it so cassualy!"

"Oh sush, you big scardy cat. It's not like she can HEAR us or anything."


>it would probably be better for two of us to stay here to cover everything
i knew it wouldnt be that easy but had to try

ask mrs cake to continue


Say something like "I wonder where the Princess has been…"


Also, stats and inventory pls



What happened between Nightmare Moon and Celestia ?


"I wonder where the princess is…" You venture out loud.

"I know dear," Mr.s Cake says, patting you one sympathetically on the shoulder. "We all do. But ever since that big showdown in Canterlot, it's anypony's guess where she could be-"

"Shhhh!" Mr.s Cake tries to shush his wife again. She just brushes him off with a smirk.

"But he's right, we're dawdling. We have a big order to get done" She scurries over to the door and switches the sign to closed. "We'll have to get busy right now. We'll lose some business, but it's only a day. Now first we'll need to get started on the hard stuff, so lets get the batter read fo-"

A pair of high pitched cries echo up from the top floor through the floor boards.

"Oh darn, they must have woken from their nap," Mr. Cake says. "One of us will have to go up and take care of them. It's going to be a long day…"


- 47 bits

- Key to Sugar Cube Corner

- Key to room 101 at the Prancing Pony Inn

- A pen

- A red Toothbrush


- Comedy: Level 3

- Flying: Level 2

- Baking: Level 1

- Saleponyship: Level 1

- Searching: Level 1


We should really check out of the hotel at some point…
Let's offer to take care of the babies, since we haven't got much baking experience and this is pretty important.



I say we volunteer to go upstairs.


"I could take care of the kids…" You offer half heartedly. The two parents exchange looks again.

"You sure?" Mr. Cake asks, his voice riddled with concern.

"They can be a hoof full," Mrs. Cake adds. "Do you have any experience with foals?"

"Well….no, but I'm sure I can at least calm them down. Besides, you're both just a yell away if I have any trouble."

"If you insist." Mrs. Cake says, clearly still not convinced, but gives an encouraging smile. "The two of us really do need to start work now and to be honest it's not a time for you to learn your way through the kitchen, Wind Breaker. You just be careful, ok?"


You make you way to the top floor of Sugar Cuber Corner for the first time. Finding the twin's room isn't hard given the racket they're making. You find yourself in a a cute little nursery filled with toys and various other baby junk. You spot a crib in the corner and see a lone little pegasus, whaling her little head off.

"Hey there, little filly," You say, trying to sound soothing, though you dobt she can even hear you over her own yelling. Geeze she has a set of lungs. "What's wrong? Where's you twin, huh?"

You look around, but there's only the one crib in the room.



Look around the room for Pound Cake.



(Sorry, meant unicorn. Hurr)


"If I was a foal…" You say to yourself, looking around the room. Not under the crib. Not in the toy pile. All the windows are shut, thankfully. You stand there, ear ringing with constant cries trying to fend off a growing headache on top of your diminishing stomachache, when something wet touches you back.

"What the?!" You turn your head over your shoulder and see a little splotch of something clear between your wings. "Eww! Where did…."

You eyes trail up to the ceiling, where you see the missing foal in question. His little wings are working like a hummingbirds, keeping him well out of reach over you. He's also sucking away on a bright pink pacifier, which is giving off a copious amount of drool.






Now that we know where Pound Cake is, is there any obvious reason for why Pumpkin is crying ?


Check to see if Pumpkin needs a diaper change.


"Ok you. You just stay right where I can see you…." You say to the little colt above you, giving him squinty eyes. He retorts with more suckling on the pacifier.

The little unicorn is still crying hard, little tears streaming out from her tightly shut eyes. You're not exactly an expert on foals, so you very very carefully pat the top of her head, trying to comfort her.

"What is it? You hungry? Do you…oh no, please don't need a change."

You take a tentative sniff by the crying baby, but don't smell anything….particular. You breath a sigh of relief, but puase halfway as you see her horn glowing. A light shines above you and you see an aura around the pacifier. It and the pony sucking on it are forced down towards the crib, but the little colt flaps furiously, leaving the two in a momentary stalemate until the sister breaks off her magic. Defeated, her crying double even louder then it was before.


She wants a pacifier.
Try to find one.



While we look for a pacifier, carry her and softly sing or talk to her.


You put two and two together and quickly look around the room for another pacifier. The place is a mess, though you kinda expected that. Tripping over a couble of toy trains and teddy bears, you find a desk with a bunch of drawers. In the very first one you try, it has a little open box with pacifiers in just about every color. Red, blue, yellow. Taking one at random, you return to the crying pony and try to persuade her to take it.

"Come on. Just sticking it in there…" Keeping in mind you're dealing with a foal, you try to pop the sucker into her whaling mouth. As you do, she immediately stops crying as she starts sucking away and her big blurry eyes open.

"There we go," You coo at the little one, feeling very accomplished. "That's a good little pony. Now lets see if we can't get your brot-AGH!"

The little devil spits out the new pacifier like a missile, locking on with laser guided persicion and getting you right in the eye. As you back up clutching your eye, you stumble over a toy that slide out from under you and sending you tumbling onto your back. Eye. back and wings all hurt together, followed by ears as the filly starts crying again with a new passion.


Get up and see why she's crying.



Carry her over to the drawer and let her pick out a pacifier.


Feeling some bone you didn't know you had creak, you brush yourself off and return to the crib. The little foal is still at it, to the point where her little face is wet with tears and glowing a hot red. At a loss, you gingerly pick her up and hold her close to you.

"Ok. That was pretty rude on your part, but I'll let it slide this time," You do your best to coddle her, but she wont stop fidgeting in your hooves and trying to climb on top of you. "What do you want? I gave you a pacifier, but you just spit it back at me. Here."

You decide to cut out the middle pony and take the little siren over to the drawer of pacifiers, holding her up so she can see them all. She quiets down at the sight a bit and before you can do anything her little horn is at it again, levitating up a few pacifiers to her. She looks them over one at a time, tossing the ones that don't meet her satisfaction carelessly onto the floor. Red, green, yellow, indigo, one by one they all end up in a pile at your hooves. In a matter of moments the drawer is empty and you can feel another tantrum building up somewhere in the little body you're holding.


See if we can take Pound Cake's pacifier and give him a different one.
That's the one she wants.



Looks like she wants the one Pound Cake has.

Try and convince Pound Cake to switch his pacifier for another.


"Hmmm," You take the bubbling little filly back over the crib and her hovering brother. Testing an idea, you hold her up closer to the other twin until she's just a bit away from him. She quiets down a little as you do. When you bring her back down to your level, the tears start up again. You repeat the reaction several more times before coming to the conclusion she wants THAT pacifier.

"Alright, short stuff," You say to the colt as you set the filly back in the crib, becoming him down. "Hand it over."

The smaller pegasus looks down at you with bright eyes, but he makes no move to reduce his altitude. Thinking, you scoop up a few relatively clean pacifiers and offer them up to him.

"Look, we're both reasonable pegasuses here. Perhaps we an make a trade? All my great suckers in all these colors for your one little ratty one. Besides, your's is PINK. You don't want a pink one, do you?"

Poundcake suckles on his treasure a few times as he stares down at you, then zips away like a gunshot to the top of a dresser at side wall.


Set Pumpkin Cake down in the crib and go after Pound Cake.


You roll your eyes, letting the pacifiers fall to the floor. You tried being reasonable, but it's clear he has no intent on being reasonable. You fly up to his height from his secure little perch.

"Listen here, buddy," You say as you close in on the little one. "There's a couple of ways this can go down, but all of them involve me getting that pacifier from you. Whether or not that involves me sticking you in time out depends on you. Now fork it over."

You have no idea how good this colt is with verbal skills, but he seems to get the message loud and clear. He back's up to the wall, standing on the dust dresser. Slowly, carefully, you reach closer and closer to the colt until….


Rolled 6, 1 = 7



…he suddenly darts to the left, sucker still stuck fast in his mouth. You give chase. Despite being larger, older and generally a better flying, the little monster is crazy fast in the air, dipping around one way before dropping down into a roll another way. In the relatively small confines of the nursery, he's flying circles around you.

"Oh no you don't!"

You grab him with your legs, trying to hold him to you, but he's even more of a wiggle worm then his sister and pops out of your grasp like a cork. Before you can recover and try grabbing him again, she jukes behind you. when you turn to peruse, you catch the last gimps of his tail as it rushes into the hallway.

Uh oh.


Go after him, try to meet him before he reaches the stairs.


You rush through the air after him, flying down the hall. You look left, right, but don't spot him. Assuming the worst, you flutter down the stairs, frantically swiveling your head all around. The elder Cakes are no where to be seen, no doubt busy in the kitchen together.

"Ok little guy," You say, keeping your voice low. "You win. No more hide and seek. Come on out and I'll….promise not to do something that will scare you for life."

A rustling in one of the display cupboards, gets you attention. Holding you breath and keeping your wing flaps as quiet as possible, you float over to the door as silently as you can manage. Giving yourself a little mental prep, you reach over to the handle and….

Rolled 9, 5 = 14


(Ooops, wrong dice)

Rolled 6, 1 = 7


…Poundcake was anticipating you on finding him and is out of there like the crack of a whip. But you don't give him an opening, having him barrel right into your chest and warpping your legs securely around him.

"Ha, gotcha!"

His two little wing pop out between your legs and begging buzzing like a pair of saws. Winded and at a funny angle, the little pony's wing power drags you around as he blindly tries to fight against you. Trying to hold him down and stop him from moving the two of you proves too much for you after getting sucker punched. The two of you buzz over the counter, knocking over everything standing on top of it. The mail, the register, a few cupcakes on a tray, all of it falls to the floor with a clatter until you and your prisoner come to a stop with a thunk to the wall.

"What the hay…" Mr. and Mrs. Cake barge out from the kitchen, each lightly dusted in what you guess is frosting. The two of them in unison look at the mess that's just been made, following hte line of destruction until it leads to you holding onto their baby for dear life.



First foist Pound Cake on to the Cakes then apologize and offer to clean up the mess.


"Boy, these kids are quite a handful!"


"Hehe, boy somepony sure is a hoof full," You awkwardly try to break the tension as you slide down to the floor, foal securely in tow. After gently popping the pacifier out of his mouth, you offer him to his parents. "Uhh…sorry about the mess. Things kinda got out of control for a moment."

"Oh Poundcake, what are we going to do with you," Mrs. Cake says, doting over her little one as she takes you from you. He fusses a little, but eventually stops and buries his face in the side of her neck.

"He stole her pacifier from her again, didn't he?" Mr. Cake asks with a know look.

"Yeah, but it's ok, I got it now." You say, holding up the little binky for all to see.

"Really? That's a first. Neither of us have ever been able to get it from him after he does. We usually end up just trying to rock Pumpkin to sleep. I guess it pays to have a pegasus on staff."

"Oh. Huh…." You look at the little Armageddon you made in the store. "Sorry about the mess, though."

"Don't worry too much," Mrs. Cake says, depositing Poundcake back onto you. "I'll clear this all up, while you finish what you started."

(It's pretty late for a Sunday and I think this is an ok place to stop. Thanks for playing eveyone! Hope things are still interesting. We'll check back in on this little adventure next FRIDAY night)



Sounds good


Thanks, see you then!


Last time on Wind Breaker Quest

>Woke up after having a sleepover at Derpy's

>Stomach was doing gymnastics, no doubt from eating the worst sandwich in the world the previous night
>Went to her bathroom, freshened up quickly and borrowed a toothbrush
>Went straight to work, where the Cakes received a huge commission to cater a fancy party in Canterlot of quite a lot of money
>After reviving them from their shock, you offered to be the one to bring the good to Canterlot, but they seemed unsure to leave the responsibility to you when so much still needed to be done at the store.
>Went to take care of the twin foals when they started making a ruckus upstairs
>Poundcake was flying around in the air with a pink pacifier in his mouth while Pumpkincake was wailing, trying to reach him from the crib
>You tried everything to calm her down, but nothing would do. Eventually it became clear she wanted the pink pacifier Poundcake had
>You tried to get it from him, flying up to his height, but the little colt flew circles around you and shot out the door.
>Cornered him in the store downstairs, only to end up making a mess in the struggle
>The Cakes were actually rather impressed you were able to catch him at all, despite the mess.


File: 1347070241659.jpg (25.92 KB, 600x450, Dominos.jpg)

++Episode 6: Get No Respect++

You are currently Sugar Cube Corner, having just been handed a rowdy Poundcake. The two elder Cakes have begun cleaning up the little disaster you helped create in your little game of hide and seek, making you feel a little guilty despite how thing worked out. They still probably have a lot of work to do and this probably isn't the most helpful thing you could have done. But none the less, you take the squirming little pegasus upstairs and back int other nursery.

Pumpkincake is still crying for all she's worth. Closing the door behind you, you let Poundcake fly off out of your grasp and he settles in on the top of the tall dresser like last time. You roll your eyes at him and stick the pink pacifier in the crying fillie's whining mouth, which instantly snaps shut like a bear trap. She suckkles on the little rubber toy, a giddy little smile creeping up her face until she soon lays down quiety, apparently tuckered out from all the crying.


What should you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


How is our stomach? Still hurts? If no we should probably eat something before we start vomiting bile.


Memories of last night's sandwich debacle still haunt you. The nausea has subsided, though you don't exactly feel at a hundred percent. You sure a heck don't feel hungry, despite how long your last meal was. Probably for the best.

STATUS: Ok-ish


No go on meal then just yet. We should check downstairs to see if theirs anything else we could do to help the Cakes. If not we should tell them about our plans to go to Canterlot and see what would be a good date for you to leave. That way we can have a deadline.


Pumpkin is down for the count and Pound looks like he's just going to sulk in the corner for now, so you quietly leave them alone. Once down stairs you are drawn to the metallic noise of production from the kitchen. The two Cakes seemed to have cleaned up the front mess rather quickly and are back at the food. As you peek in through the double doors you knock on the door frame, getting their attention.

"Is everything ok, Wind Breaker?" Mrs. Cake asks, looking lightly concerned, looking up from a window in the oven.

"Oh yes. The little ones are down now so I thought I'd come down here and help out how I can. It seems like a big order."

"Sure thing," Mr. Cake says leading you over to a clustered little corner. There's all sorts of pie tins and buschles of fresh red apples, no doubt the ones you had to fetch yesterday. "Think you can manage whipping up a few apple pies? We have the recipie right here."

"Yeah," You say, looking up the instructions. "How hard could it be…."


Rolled 3 = 3



Pies seem to be a bit more tricky for you then cookies were. Peeling and sectioning the apples was a tedious start and you had trouble trying to get the dough in the tins without breaking, somehow managing not to screw it up completely. Once you got one set for the oven, your spirits droop down as you see the two bakers have cranked out three to your one and maintaining that pace. You plod away, trying your best.

"That's good, Wind Breaker," Mrs. Cake says encouragingly, coming to your side and inspecting you lone pie. "It's just….here, let me help you a bit. We're on a bit of a deadline."

"Sorry," You apologize. Trying not to feel too embarrassed, you change the subject. "So…have you two decided who's going to go to Canterlot?"

"Not yet," Mrs. Cake replies, focused in the dough. "I'd preffer if we both went, but it'd be too much to bring the babies on such a short deadline and we can't really afford to hire somepony to sit, even if we could fine one to sit on such short notice."


…Don't know if we should offer. It could be a good chance to skip town but we would still need to find someone else to sit in for us plus we'd be lying. Canterlot is a day walk away and probably faster if we flew even close to the ground.


We should offer.
It'll get us in good with the Cakes, and probably help move us towards getting some vacation time where we can buzz of to Canterlot without any trickery or anything of the sort.


Alright let's do it.


"Well, you know," You put as much casualness into your voice as you can. "If the two of you were to go, I could mind the little ones. You saw how well I managed Poundcake."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves here," Mrs. Cake say, giving you a lopsided smirk. "You did cause an awful mess just trying to get a hold of him. Do you even have much experience with foals?"

"I…not really, but-"

"And it's not that we don't trust you, Windbreaker," Mr. Cake says, placing down a heavy sheet pan of what you think will be some kind of cake. "But we have only known you for just a few days. We wouldn't exactly be responsible parents to leave them in your care as we went out of town. No offense."

"I….I understand," Darn, look's like you won't be getting any brownie points from the backers this way.

"And besides, even if we did let you foal sit, there's no way you'd be able to handle them AND mind the store," Mrs. Cake adds. "We can't really afford to keep closed that long."

"Really? But things seem so busy. And you just got this big order."

"First large order we've had in," Mr. Cake things for a moment. "…. at least a few years. And our profits now are only just a bit over our production costs, everything considered. That's why we're not able to pay you very much."



Inquire as to how hard the catering job is, if it's not too bad we could offer to go in the Cake's place.


"How hard is this gig going to be, anyway? I don't a thing about catering."

"That will be the easy part," Mr. Cake says, gesturing to some treats on a wheeled rack. "There's a lot of little things to eat individually. Cookies, doughnuts, that sort of thing. It seems like its mostly going to a self serve kinda thing, with a little bit of cutting and serving the cakes and pies."

"The real challenge is getting everything finished and getting it there in one piece," Mrs. Cake says, rolling out another huge thing of dough. "You'd think they would give us more notice then the day before. But if we can get it done, it will be worth it."

"Speaking of getting there," Casual. Remain casual. "If minding the store and the family is so important, I could certainly take all this stuff to the party."

"Thta….would be the simplest solution," Mrs. Cake conceeds, reluctantly. "It's just….it's not that we don't think you're trustworthy or responsable enough, Windbreaker, but you're very…."

"New," Mr. Cake finishes for his wife.

"Yeah. You've been doing a fantastic job so far, but there's a lot of bits involved here and I just don't feel comfortable leaving it all on you. No offense."



What if they were to send someone they trust with us or perhaps if we brought Derpy ?


"None taken. I'd be concerned if you did trust me with all this. Grateful, but still concerned."
Who do we know that they trust?


Well, it's their decision after all. We're just eager to help any way we can and to prove ourselves.
This is a good idea, but for the love of god don't make it Derpy.


I feel like that's kind of a weird thing to say…


"I understand. It is a lot of responsibility." You try to think fast. Getting to Canterlot is your priority and this looks like your best shot. "But maybe I could take somepony with me for extra security? Somepony trustworthy."

"I suppose…." Mrs. Cake says slowly. "But we wouldn't be able to pay them anything. And you'd be on a tight budget. But if you can get somepony we trust, I guess it would be alright."

"You have anypony in mind?" Mr. Cake asks

"Uhhh…" You try to think of the ponies you've met so far. Derpy would be your closest (and only) friend, but you have the sneaking suspicion she might not be the best candidate. From what you remember from the party a few nights ago, Pinkie Pie was close to the Cakes, but obviously she's out.


Well, let's not act like Derpy would be the best candidate.
Just mention that Derpy's really the only pony in town we know yet.


"Well, I only really know Derpy. She's my best friend in Ponyville right now."

The two Cakes look at each other and shake their heads in unison.

"No, no. Just…no." Mr. Cake says, adjusting his little hat from shaking.

"She's a nice mare, don't get us wrong. But to be perfectly honest, if it came down to it, we'd rather just send you alone." Mr.s Cake look over at the clock on the wall. "Listen, Windbreaker, it's pretty clear you want to go to Canterlot. And if this wasn't so impotent we'd probably indulge you a little, but unless you can get somepony trustworthy to vouch for you or prove everything will be safe in your hooves, it's not going to happen. Time's ticking and if we want to meet this party we have to finish tonight and be there by morning."



Ask them if they have anypony in mind we could ask to go with us.


Well so much for that.
Get back to work and ask them what they'd like us to do while they're away in Canterlot.
I'm pretty sure we've lost it. If we keep bugging them they're just going to get mad at us.


Tell them that we really just want to help out and prove ourself. Tell them that we're happy to work in any capacity that we're needed, and we're sorry if we're coming off as too over-eager.


"I'm sorry," You say, awkwardly rubbing the back of your head. "I just want to be helpful. I'm more then happy to do whatever you need me to do. Sorry for being so over-eager."

"Don't be," Mr. Cake says, brushing it off. "It's good that you're motivated to work. Much better then the opposite."

"Sorry for being so blunt, but this is our lively hood after all," Mrs. Cake says, shoving another tray into the oven. "We really need a wind fall right now. Food costs are just going up and up these days, which doesn't help us one rusty bit. If things keep up the way they are, nopony will be willing to pay for the rising prices."

"I understand. But I'm still ready to work my best."

"Good," Mr. Cake says, dumping a bunch of cook ware in front of you. "You can start by cleaning these."


The three of you work non stop for the next couple of hours. With their direction, you help whip up a number of fresh baked goods, covering in sugar and rich heavy frosting. It all looks wonderful, but….kinda plane; little round cakes, chocolate chip cookies, glazed doughnuts. You've seen these sort of treats at your own birthday parties. You were expecting something more fancy for a Canterlot party, like big frilly teired cakes you see at weddings or little pastries you can't pronounce the names of. But it all still looks positively delicious and the smell certainly seems to help your recovering stomach, making it gurgle with a new found desire for food.

"Whooo, it's been a while since we were this busy," Mrs. Cake say whipping her brow. She spots the clock again and see's how much the hands have moved. "It's about time for lunch. If you want Windbreaker you can go out and get something. We're making great time."


Let's head out and get something.



Let's head out


"Ok, thanks."

It's still pretty early (you guess. The darkness is still throwing off your internal clock) and you're already starting to feel strained from work, though in a good way. Working under pressure to meet a big goal is making you feel accomplished and with the Cake's supervising, you're learning a thing or two about baking in quantity.


You have an hour or so before you'll b expected back. Where should you go?


Let's try to find a restaurant of some kind in the area.



If we're hungry we could go get something to eat or we could head to train station and see how much a round way ticket to Canterlot cost.


And we could look at that price vs. the price of a wind chart.


Check out the restaurant district.
Also these.


Once again you hit the town for a new locale and, still not really knowing much your way around Ponyville, you ask around to find a good place to eat. You're both amused and annoyed as ponies keep directing you to Sugar Cube Corner, but eventually you learn of a few more savory establishments and swing by the nearest one.

It's mostly a little cafe with some outside tables illuminated by bright hanging lanterns. If it wasn't for the macabre ever present night, it would almost seem like a cozy, romantic kinda place, but for you its just another thing that continues to jar you're notions of night and day. Whatever the case, there's a few ponies talking and eating inside and out. You spot a menu posted on the window and skim it over, trying not to grind you teeth at the prices.

"Mushroom soup ten bits, fried mushrooms fifteen bits, mushroom souffle twenty five bits!"

These prices are outrageous for lunch fair, at least for you. If this was Manehatten this place wouldn't last a week! The other ponies sitting around seem to be enjoying themselves, though, and the smell of cooking mushrooms is making your stomach grumble.


How much money have we got?


Not sure if mushroom is the best thing to eat after our mushroom sandwich disaster…Fuck it let's get some soup.


Windbreaker is currently carrying 47 bits in change


Eesh… And don't we owe like 16 bits to the inn owner?


Alright then, let's get some soup.



Mushroom soup


Yeah, forget lunch right now.
Head straight to the inn to check out and pay our bill.


Technically, you never did check out of the inn. And all your stuff is still there, too.


Yeah… we should probably go and do >>105577.


You stomach wins against your brain and you decide to shell out for at least some soup. You take a seat and a waiter pony greets you almost right away, giving you another copy of the menu and going over the specials (Even more expense then the souffle!) You politely order just the soup and some water, which is brought out in short order.

You can't help but think about last night's nightmare meal with Derpy, making you less then excited to have another mushroom dish so soon. But it smells heavenly and once you dig in you can't stop, your hunger taking over. The soup is completely gone in a matter of moments, satisfying you. Before the waiter even returns, you left the heafty price on the table for them. You just remembered something and don't want waste any more time.

The Prancing Pony Inn is the same as always and, surprise surprise, the clerk isnt at the front desk. Ringing the bell summons him once more from the mysterious back area again with frown and tired eyes.

"Oh, it's you," He says, not bothering to hide his attitude in his voice. "I thought you were trying to skip out on your bill."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry," You smile awkwardly. "Things got ahead of me and I kinda forgot. I'd like to check out now. How much do I owe?"

"Five bits, plus the key."



Pay it


Oh sweet, just five?
Grab our stuff and pay that bill.


We've got to get our stuff out of our room before we give up the key.


You fork over the bits, feeling you little coin bag getting lighter and lighter by the minute. Thirty two bits is all you have left. You'll have to make it last, somehow. Once things are squared away, you return to your room, retrieve all your props and return the key. The clerk pony takes the money and key with his usual hostile indifference before skulking off to places unknown.

All in all, it only took a minute or two, but you still check the time. You've only been out for half an hour, giving you as much time left. What should you do?


Let's head back to the library and see if we can talk to Twilight again. Check up on her and see if she has any new information.


Seeing nothing better to do, you head for the library. With luck, you might be able to talk to Twilight again.

The big, mostly dead tree is just as you and the rest of Ponyville left it; decrepit and spooky. But, aware of what's going on a little better you're not so tentative going in. Still, there's no lights and finding your way in the near pitch black interior isn't easy.

"Twilight?" You call out, rummaging around for candles. You saw some last time, where did you leave them? "Twilight, you here?"

A weak little moan reinforces the spookiness of the abandoned library and makes you jump. But the glowing aura shows that it's just Twilight, sorta nestled to one corner of the room, half phased in a pile of books. She looks even worse then you've sen her; she's laying flat on the ground, following you as you approach with dim little eyes. Her tongue is lolled out to one side on the floor. Her breathing is slow and deliberate, as if it's hard for her to do so.

"Hi," She says weakly and gives you an even weaker smile.



What's wrong with her ?


Twilight! What's wrong?!


Ask her what's been happening to her.


"Twilight…" You reflexively put your hoof forward to help her, but stop, knowing you can't do anything. "What's happening to you?"

"I'm not feeling too great," She tries to giggle, but it turns into a coughing fit. Horrified, you watch her helplessly until she vanishes again, th spell broken.

"Twilight!" You call out in the empty room once again completely shrouded in darkness. You stumble over a pile of books running to where she was. "Twilight!"

"Over here," She moans behind you, reappearing. She sitting now, but holding her head down on her hoof. "Sorry. Must have passed out. Been feeling sick lately. Wanted to talk to you earlier, but couldn't find you for some reason."



What does she want to talk about ?


Ask what she wants to talk about.
Also mention how she seems to be looking progressively worse and ask if it still doesn't matter how long we take.


Maybe she can only reach us when we're at the library? Maybe suggest she save her strength and try and reach us here once a day or so, so we can inform her on our progress.


"What uh…what did you want to talk about, Twilight?"

"What?" She looks up at you confused for a minute, her eyes blinking slowly. "Oh, yeah. That. Just wanted to see how you were doing. If you needed help. Kept trying to contact you, but it wasnt working. Must have been a few hours, I think."

"Uh huh. Twilight look, every time I see you, you look worse and worse and worse. Are you sure it doesn't matter how long it takes for me to help you?"

"Yeah. Yeah," Twilight rubs her eyes, looking very tired. "I mean, it shouldn't. Time is….uhh, linear. Right? For me, this will be fixed in a matter of minutes. Or hours? Something like that. Should be able to send to where I am now, or close to it."

"But didn't you just say you were out for hours?"

"Did I? That shouldn't be right."

"Maybe you shouldn't try so hard, Twilight. You're extinguishing yourself. I think maybe we should limit these talks to once a day or so."

"Once a day?" She looks very confused. "How long has it been? I mean, for you."

"Since I got to Ponyville? A few days."

"Really? Huh. I could have sworn it was more."



Does Twilight know if there's a wind chart in the library ?


Tell her that she's making us very worried.
Also this: >>105672


Ask her what she means.
Also this.


"You're really worrying me, Twilight. You acting all…..loopy."

"I'm sorry," She scratches her disheveled split mane with her hoof. "I haven't eaten anything in a while. And I'm really tired from all the projecting. I think it's making me a little sick."

"Are you going to ok?" Twilight is making you really nervous.

"Yeah. Yeah. Just…need to rest my eyes for a minute…." Her voice trials off with a little sing song quality too it. Twilight starts to lean heavily to one side, but then catches her self, jerking back up.

"Hey! Stay with me!" You look over the library, trying to think of something. If you could hold Twilight's attention maybe she'd be less out of it. "Twilight, do you know if the library has a wind chart?"

"Wind chart?" Is there an echo in here?

"Yeah. A wind chart for Canterlot. If it comes down to it I could just fly there, but to be safe I'd like to have a chart because of all the turbulent mountain wind."

"Wind chart….wind chart." She's concentrating really hard, lightly hitting herself in the head. "Should….be references in one of the atlases. Third case to the left, top shelf, third to the right end."

You look to where she indicates, but groan when you see every single book in that case is gone, probably knocked out and scattered on the floor with the rest of the mess.


Arg. Tell her it's not there, but that we'll find a way to save her.
Tell her we'll do all we can to get to Canterlot.


"I'm not seeing it any where," You try not to sound dismayed, for Twilight's sake. "But don't worry. I'll get to Canterlot somehow. Ugh, if only this place wasn't such a mess."

"Hey! I live here."

"Really?" You look around skeptically. "You must be one of those messy intellectual types."

"No no. I don't live there NOW. Or….then. But I never did, even though I did." She holds her head a gain. "Time is giving me a headache."

"But then why is everything a mess?"

"Historically I never moved in. I guess none of Ponyville was very interested in reading and left everything to disuse. Or something."


Ask her how she'll know when we're in the Canterlot archives and when she'll know to project herself there, or how she'll do it at all.
Also, ask her if she knows where she is now.

Unless it's about time to head back to work.


"Twilight, when I do get to the archive, how will you contact me?"


"I mean, how will you know WHEN to do it? Or even how we'll be able to talk? How will you know I'm there?"

Tilight looks at you, jaw slightly agape. You'd probably make the same expression if she asked you to find the square root of something.

"Honestly, I don't know. I really don't know how we're doing it now, but not before. Or why it's only you I can seem to get. Or why Celestia wont…wont…" Twilight lets out a very powerful long yawn, covering her mouth as she does.

"Twilight," You start to ask, a tentative fear building in your mind. "Do you know where you are right now?"

"What? I'm in Canterlot. Still not sure of the when, but pretty sure its in your future. Or past that."


Tell her that, in this timeline, Celestia and Luna have been missing for some time.


Pretty much this.
We can assume Luna's still Nightmare Moon, but who knows what's happened to Celestia.


"From what I've figured out what's going on here, Celestia and Luna have been missing for quite some time. Nopony seems to know what happened exactly."

"Really?!" Twilight jumps to her hooves, the most animated and alert you've seen her today. "Oh this is bad. Its still dark here so that means Celestia couldn't fix everything. Or maybe Luna is still Nightmare Moon. And maybe the reason I can't contact Celestia is because…is because…"

Twilight's sudden burst of energy wavers and slumps back down to the floor, deflated. You rush to her side, kicking over a few books, trying to be sympathetic.

"Twilight, please. Don't work yourself up too much."

"I'm sorry, I just…I'm really tired."


Ask her the last time she ate.


"Then let yourself rest! We can talk later! Eat something for Celestia's sake!"


"Twilight, you're not well. You need to eat something. When was the last time you did?"

"Uhh….," She groans for a bit, stuck in thought. "During the party? I had a little cake and punch, I think. But that was days ago."


"Been thinking of trying to eat what's left of these scrolls…but what if I forget something important? I don't want to eat them.


We've got to get out of town as soon as possible.


If she's in Canterlot, maybe she can somehow snag something from the party. Let her know about it, in case we can't make it there before then.


Ask her if it's not safe outside or if all the plants are dead or what.
Why there's nothing to eat.


Ask her why she can't just get more food. What's wrong?


"Why can't you eat anything? Is there really nothing to eat where you are?"

"No. No. No," Twilight shakes her head from side to side like a slow pendulum. "Too dark. Can't see anything anywhere. Don't think I could even make it to the palace. No grass outside."

"Don't worry Twilight, I'll be there soon enough. You said you liked apple turnovers, right? We made a bunch of those today."

"That's nice," Twilight smiles and lays her head on the ground. "Just need to rest my eyes. For a minute."

"Twilight, don't le-"

And once again, you're alone in the dark, feeling more and more helpless.

((Its kinda late, so I think I'll leave off here for tonight. Thanks for playing everyone! I'll stay on for a bit for questions. We'll continue this tomorrow night, usual time))


See you tomorrow!


Last time on Wind Breaker Quest

>Put the two Cake foals to bed, having retrieved Pumpkin's pacifier

>Worked with Mr. and Mrs. Cake in the bakery as they rushed to complete their big order
>Kept trying to convince them to let you be the one to go to Canterlot for them, but they weren't comfortable with the idea, but they gave you the ultimatum that if you can prove your responsibility or have a responsible pony go with you, you could go
>Went out to lunch and ended up paying a small fortune for a little soup
>Went to the Inn and payed your outstanding bill, losing even more from your limited budget
>With a little time left, you hit up the library again to see if you could once again talk with Twilight
>You found her again, only now she seems seriously ill
>Talking with her also showed she was having trouble thinking clearly and is on the verge of starvation
>Asked her if there was a wind chart in the library, discovered it was in one of her atlases, but became dismayed to find all of the books on the indicated shelf had been strewn all over the floor in a huge heap
>Talked with Twilight some more, where she became progressively worse


File: 1347157116889.png (76.59 KB, 300x363, No pinkie.png)

++Episode 7: To Get To The Other Side!++

You are alone in the dark interior of Twilight's library tree home, dismayed to have lost contact with her again. She's been becoming worse every time you see her, making you feel increasingly helpless watching her.

The night is, as always, total and making it very hard to see, especially in the abandoned building. You can't even see the title of the books around you, the dim star light from the cracked front door just enough to let you know how to get out and not much else.

What should you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)



If an hour has passed, we should get back to Sugarcube Corner


You can't worry about Twilight right now…well, you can and you probably will, but there's nothing you can do for her just yet. So you trip over two stacks of books half blindly making your way to the lightly illuminated door you left a little ajar for light. Exiting, you trip and fall flat yet again, hitting the dirt outside on your face.

"Oh for crying out…" You turn to look for the pile of books that must have been right at the door way, but are surprised to find it was a pony. Little Sweetie Belle is crawling on the ground away from you with, looking at you with a panicked agape expression. "Oh. Sorry, I didn't see you there. Let me-"

"S-stay away!" The little pony shrieks and scampers up onto her hoofs before you can react. In an instant she's blazing a trail down the street, frequently turning her head back over her shoulder to look at you.



Go after her and try to calm her down.


Fuck, she must have heard us. Now she thinks we're crazy.
I don't think we should chase after her. Some pony everyone already thinks is a bit weird chasing a little girl down the street?


You quickly scramble up to you hooves and run after the little filly.

"Hey wait, kid! Come back!" Your longer legs thunder along and eat up the early lead she has on you. What the heck? You just ran into her by accidnent, why is she freaking out like this? "I just want to apologize!"

She doens't reply except to double time her gallop. You don't think anypony saw the two of you yet. It would probably be difficult for you to explain why you're chasing after a filly thats frightened of you. Hopefully you'll be able to catch her before she turns this corner…..


Rolled 2 = 2


(Cont) Passing around the turn, hot on the pursuit of the little unicorn, you promptly loose sight of her. There's also quite a few ponies walking along this street, so you slow down to a canter so as no to attract attention or run into anypony.

"The heck?" You look over you shoulder, down an alley way, up to the sky for all the good it does. "Where did that filly go?"

You've lost her.


Forget it. Let this bite us in the sass later, but we shouldn't chase after a little kid in public.
Let's go back to work.
Also, inventory & stats.



>Saddle bags full of your comedy props

>A map of Ponyville and most of the surrounding area
>Key to Sugar Cube Corner
>A Pen
>A red toothbrush
>32 bits



We should probably get back to Sugarcube Corner, our break's probably over by now.
We can probably ask the Cakes where Sweetie Belle lives and go find her after work.


You give up looking for Sweetie Belle. Just another problem to pile on and be dealt with later. Besides, you've been out for a while now and will probably be late for work if you dawdle much longer, so you head straight back to Sugar Cuber Corner, maintaining your canter. Looking at the clock as you enter, you see you just made it in time. You breath a sigh of relief and duck back into the kitchen.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake are still hard at work, popping pastries out of hot tins and setting trays of confections onto large racks. The entire store smells like fresh bread and hot sugar, making your recently fed stomach act up again in a wonderful way. You wonder if they were working the whole time you were at lunch.

"Wind breaker, you're back! Good!" Mrs. Cake greets you with a smile. "We're just about finished. Just another batch or two of brownies and that should do it."

"That's great. Can I help?"

"Sure thing. Just take all of this on the table and mix it together."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, just get it so it's nice and thick."


Mix it up.


Mix it! Whip it!


You get right to it. Taking the ingredients already on the table, you put them in a big bowl together, whipping them together as best you can with a big wood spoon. The butter is really hard and doesnt seem to want to mix, but you keep at it and make it work. The lull in the frantic pace from before gives you time to think and talk.

"So, funny story. I was at lunch when I accidentally bumped into this little filly by accident."

"That doesn't seem very funny." Mr. Cake says.

"No no, not that kind of funny. It was just an accident. I was hoping the two of you might know where she lived so I could apologize to her."

"Why didn't you apologize when you ran into her, dear?" Mrs. Cake asks with her head in the oven.

"She….sorta ran off. I guess she was in a hurry or something."

"Huh. Well, I'm pretty sure her parents place is a few blocks over. Shouldn't be too hard for you to find from here." Mr. Cake says helpfully. "But don't make any plans just yet, we'll need your help getting all this stuff to the train station in a bit."


Ask if they've decided how they're going to work out who stays and who goes.



While we're at the train station, we should see how much a ticket to Canterlot costs.


Ask if they've decided what they want us to do.
Also this.


"So, have you to decided on travel arrangements then?"

"Mhmm," Mr. Cake nods. "We had a long talk about it while you were out and decided I'll go while the two of you stay and hold down the fort."

"Oh, I see."

"We know how much you wanted to go to Canterlot, Wind Breaker." Mrs. Cake says sympathetically. "Why, when I was your age I wanted nothing more then to get out and see Equestria. But this isn't a vacation. It's going to be a lot of hard work and we feel better with one of us doing it. You understand, right?"

"Yeah yeah, I just really wanted to go is all."


Eventually the brownies came out great. Once cooled from the oven, you helped section them out into little pieces and give them a little fudge coating. You try very hard not to lick anything in the face of overwhelming temptation. All of the treats, in face, came out great, if a bit on the plain side.

"There, all done." Mr. Cake says, admiring your collective work. Together the three of you secure the sugary bounty onto wheeled racks and cover them with plastic. You guess its to keep them fresh or something. "Now all we have to do is get to the station."

"We made good time," Mrs. Cake says, observing the clock. "The train isn't due until half an hour from now."


Well, let's get going.


Might as well get going.
I think you might've gone a bit too meta with the 'eager to go to Canterlot' bit imo. I mean, we first offered ourselves as a babysitter, and then only offered to go to Canterlot after they rejected that.


Twilight is dying, anon.


Well yeah, we know that we need to get to Canterlot, but they Cakes don't know that. Unless we were antsy asking them about going to Canterlot and I just skimmed over that part or something.


"Ok then. Do you have everything for your trip dear?" Mrs. Cake askes her husband.

"Yes, honey." He smiles back.

"Do you have enough bits for the trip? Don't want you to need anything while out of town."

"Yes dear."

"You bags?"


"Your toiletries?"

"Yes! Lets just go. Please."

Ovens off and cookware put in the sink for later cleaning, the three of you head out, each pushing along a fully loaded cart out the back and down the road. You're very careful, afraid of getting a wheel stuck and having a third of the work wasted on the street. But it turns out the train station isn't too far and no major hiccups claimed a single delicious treat.

A train is already there at the station with ponies hustling to board. The Cakes must have done this before, leading you directly to a car near the rear where a uniformed pony helps them load and secure the cargo on board. When everything is put away, the three of you head up to the passenger boarding.

"Well, this is it. I'll be back in a few days."

"Be careful," Mrs. Cake says, fixing her husband's hat so it sits straight.

"Don't worry. What could go wrong?"

"I know. I'm just going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

The two ponies embrace lightly, nuzzling each other by the side of heir heads and necks. You look away, a little embarrassed by the scene and decide to discreetly look up how much a one way ticket to Canterlot is at the booth.

50 bits! You really shouldn't feel outraged considering everything else in Ponyville has been bilking you for ever coin you have. But 50 bits! This is getting outrageous!

(Oops, sorry. I was thinking the by the tone and the repeated asking on what would make them feel comfortable about Windbreaker going to Canterlot would give them the impression that she was eager to go to the city to the Cakes. I'm not always good trying to convey things)


Head back with Mrs. Cake. When we get off work, let's find out how much a wind chart costs.


S'all right. Live and learn. It's honestly not that big an issue, all things considered. You've been doing really well all things considered!
Head back with Mrs. Cake and finish up our shift. Did we ever put our stuff into our new room?



Hmm, that's a 100 bits both ways.

We should try and find a windchart.


"All aboard!"

You turn to see the Cakes give their last farewells. Mr. Cake and a little crowd of other ponies filed in to the passenger cars as a few lingering loved ones wave them off. The conductor comes round and secures all the doors, periodically checking a large pocket watch. As he does so for what must have been the dozenth time, another uniformed pony runs up to him. You're too far away to hear what they say, but clearly see the conductor rolls his eyes.

"Scratch that!" He calls out for everypony. "We'll be here for another five minutes! Sit tight!"

The collective groans of everypony on the train and station is felts aw well as head.

"This isn't nearly as romantic as the movies make it out to be," You say aloud. Heck, you can still see Mr. Cake at one of the windows.

"Oh you," Mrs. Cake says, nudging your shoulder. "We might as well get going. You can have the rest of the day off if you want, seeing as we don't have much left to do."


File: 1347166418184.png (7.46 KB, 799x120, The Fuckedest Spoiler.png)

> felts aw well as head

Let's go find out how much a wind chart costs.


"Are you sure? I don't mind working a bit more. Not like I have many bits to spend anyways, so what would I do?"


(Man I'm all over the place today. This is what I get for staying up sober)


"Are you sure? I don't mind working some more. Not like I have many bits to spend anyway, so what would I do?"

"Didn't you say you wanted to apologize for running into Sweety Belle?" Mrs. Cake reminds you.

"Yeah. But I'm sure I'll run into her again eventually."

"Mhhmm. Well, whatever you want to do. There's just some cleaning left to do in the kitchen. And don't worry about bits, you'll still get payed for the day."

What to do, what to do


Didn't we just say that we ran into a filly without describing who that filly was?
Whatever. Maybe we should go apologize to her. Did they tell us where she lived?


Well, since we asked, we may as well go and do a bit of cleaning.
After that, let's go see about a wind chart though.



Maybe we should try to find Derpy and ask her if she knows where we can find a wind chart.


(It would appear I have made another mistake. I forgot to include her name, but the Cakes DID tell you where she lives, so its more that I just forgot to put it in)


"Well, if its ok then." You think for a minute. "By the way, do you know where I'd be able to pick up a wind chart in town?"

"A wind chart?"

"Yeah its for….pegasus stuff." Smooooth.

"I don't really know much about that sorta thing." Mrs. Cake says, rubbing her chin. "Maybe the camping supply store? I know they have some pegasus stuff there, for like cloud working or something. Its just a bit down the road from here."


"All aboard!" The conductor calls out again. Most of the other ponies have moved by now, but Mrs. Cake and a few others wave of the train. Slowly it lurches into motion, the heavy vehicle gradually building up speed to a snails pace.

"Well, what ever you want to do I'll meet you back at the store." Mrs. Cake says once she's done waving good bye. The train is still pretty close, making it hard to hear her. "Just be careful if you come back late."



Be careful ?


Careful not to be too loud, I assume.

Let's head to the camping store and ask what they have.


(I'm sorry guys, I think I'm going to have to call it an early one. I probably shouldn't have stayed up as long as I have for morning stuff. Thanks for playing! We'll continue the story this coming FRIDAY NIGHT. If you have any questions, just post them and I'll answer them….eventually)


Alright, see you friday!


Seeya Friday then!
It was fun!


Last time on Windbreaker Quest!

>Got finished with talking with Twilight, who's condition seems to be getting worse

>As you left the library, ran into Sweetie Belle. Literally.
>She seemed terrified of you and ran away.
>You gave chase, but promptly lost her and cooled your jets lest you make a scene
>Returned to Sugar Cube Corner, where you helped them finish their big order
>It was decided that Mr. Cake would be the one to go to Canterlot
>Made good time and helped them take the food to the train
>Looked up the price for a ticket, which costs a whooping 50 bits!
>After some minor delay, the train left with Mr. Cake and the food on board
>Mrs. Cake gave you the day off


File: 1347675185920.png (11.48 KB, 476x392, hahaha time for ponies.png)

++Episode 8: Knock Knock!++

You are standing at the Ponyville train station. The train to Canterlot is chugging away steadily and the platform is starting to clear as the disembarking ponies and other disperse. Mrs. Cake is also gone, having just given you the day off, as well as directions to a camping supply store that might have a wind chart and to Sweetie Belle's home.

According to the large clock on the platform its early-mid afternoon. You're feeling pretty good, though you're getting a little peckish.


(Oh, durr. Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


Check dat inventory, stats and status yo.



Yeah let's do what >>116284 says. And then go grab a daisy sandwich or something. Gotta keep up dem energy levels brah.



>Saddle bags containing carious comedic props

>A map of Ponyville and the surrounding area
>Key to Sugar Cube Corner
>A Pen
>A red toothbrush
>32 bits

level 3 Comedian (SPECIAL TALENT)
level 2 Flying
level 2 Baking
Level 1 Salesponysip
Level 1 Searching


Currently peckish, but 100% otherwise
Foal Care: 1



Oh wait, we can just go to Sugarcube corner and get a muffin or something if we have the key.

I'm sure Mr and Mrs Cake wouldn't mind.


(Derp, level 1 in Foal Care too)


Maybe we can try and make a batch of muffins. Bring some to Derpy and all that.



I like that idea.


As the chugging of the train fades away in the distance, your stomach dictates that you should head back to Sugar Cube Corner and see if you can sneak in a muffin or something. Trotting casually out of the station, you catch up with Mrs. Cake who is also on her way back to work.

"You forget something, Windbreaker?" Mrs. Cake asks with a smile as you come up beside her.

"Not exactly. I was just kinda hoping I could get a quick bite to eat at work." You feel sorta embarrassed asking about free food, but another thought occurs to you. "Maybe I could whip up another batch of muffins for me and my friend."

"Well…," Mrs. Cake looks skeptical. "It's just, we're really on a budget, Windbreaker. Especially now. We cleared out most of our inventory for that order and it might be a while before we can turn over the profit. A batch of muffins is real bits for us."

"Oh….sorry." You feel your face burn red, embarrassed even more. Mrs. Cake stops and puts a hoof on your shoulder.

"But I tell you what, if you make the muffins, you can have one for yourself and one for your friend. But just this once, ok?"

"Ok. Thanks!"

The two of you make back to work in short order, going in through the back, flicking the lights on and seeing the minor disaster of dirty tables and tins. Mrs. Cake helps you dig out a clean one for your muffins and the remainder of what's left in the pantry, letting you get to work….


Rolled 5, 2 = 7



Following what you've been taught already about baking, you mix together your dry ingredients and whip them with the liquid. There aren't any blueberries, but you think that they'll be ok plain. Mrs. Cake leaves you to it and heads upstairs, presumably to check on her babies.

Close to an hour later, you pull your treats from the hot oven. They look…ok. Nothing special, but not bad. You gently pull the cooling confections from the tin and try one. Sweet and fresh, easily a thousand times better then the last thing you cooked all by yourself and your stomach agrees. You also bag another and stuff it into your overloaded saddle bags for your friend.


Oh yeah, we should probably drop off our props while we're here.



But what if we need to hold a comedy session? I say we keep them.


Let's unload the stuff that is too damaged from the rain to be used now and bring what's in good condition.


…Maybe keep the hat.
The rest I think we can do without.


You get the muffing in there, but are concerned that it might get crushed with all the junk you're carrying around, so you make your way upstairs. On the second floor you pass by the nursery with the door wide open. Mrs. Cake is by the cradle, gently rocking it back forth with the babies resting inside. She's humming some tune you can't seem to place, but makes you feel warm and, for the first time since you came to Ponyville, a little home sick. Feeling a little intrusive on the intimate family scene, you tip hoof quietly down the hall.

Thinking about it, you've yet to actually see your room and don't really know your way around up here. After finding the bathroom and the master bed room, you find the spare room at the very end of the hall. Two of the wall are lines with a bunch of cardboard boxes, making you think they were probably using this room for storage or something. But there's a mattress on the floor with clean sheets and pillow, with a little lamp nearby. The room also seems pretty clean and dust free, with a broom off to the side. You guess the Cakes swept of the cobwebs and stuff for you.

You dump your bags on the floor with a grunt, enjoying taking off the weight. You keep the bagged muffin, but hesitate as you look over your props. You probably wont need anything unless you get cornered in an inexplicable life or death situation that requires you to preform….but you don't know if you should take the chance. Should you take any of this stuff with you?

You have:

>a over sized neck tie

>a rubber chicken
>a whoopie cushion
>spring snakes in a fake can of nuts
>a big silly hat, now dry
>a squirting flower



How much carrying capacity do we have ?


…Now that I think about it, we can just stick to stand up.
Let's dump the comedy equipment for now.
Unless it'd give us some kinda bonus to Comedy rolls~


(You've been able to carry around all this stuff and more without much issue. You could take everything with you if need be, plus more)

(Possibly, depending on the situation and how you want to go about it)


Take the Squirting Flower and Can of snakes. Both would be good if we get stuck in a jam. Put on the Silly hat and bowtie since we are going to approach Sweetie and if we make her laugh she might not get scared and we can talk to her about all the Crystal and why she freaked out when we approached her.


Maybe the whoopie cushion as well. Kids like pranks, right?

If we have to warm Sweetie's icy heart, maybe setting up a prank with her would do it.


Maybe but we shouldn't make it a big prank. We might scare her off or come off as a freak and make her want to avoid us even more. I don't think Big Mac would approve of us talking to his sister in the state he's in now and we have no idea where the fuck Scootaloo could be so this is our only shot to find out about the crystal they are holding.

Fuck it take everything.


If she ran from us because she heard of talking to thin air, then looking like an absolute loon might not help our case.


Along with the fresh muffin, you pack the Can O Snakes, Whoopy Cushion and Squirty Flower, which is empty. Just in case. You also don the big tie and silly hat. You're a little upset that the hat is badly wrinkled from the water a few nights ago, but hey, wrinkles are funny. Right?

You head out, quietly sneaking past the nursery again. Mrs. Cake is still there, but you think she's fallen asleep with the twins. Down stairs you head out the back, locking the door behind you. You're pretty sure Derpy can wait for her muffin. Setting things straight with Sweetie is you're priority, so you take off in the direction you were told she lives.

The address brings you to a cozy little house on the south side of Ponyville, matching most of the surrounding neighborhood. The lights are on, naturally, so there's a good chance somepony is home. How should you proceed?



Well first we break the window, and retrieve a knife from the kitcheI'm joking. Knock on the door.


Peak inside by try to look non-chalant. If we see nothing of interest knock like a normal pony would do.


Seconding this.


You pass by the house, passing a sideways look in a window all smooth and casual like. Anypony on the street seeing you would think 'Dang, that mare sure is all nonchalant and what not. Nothing weird going on here.' Inside you spot a couple ponies setting up a dinner table, both of them older then you by the looks of it, but not Sweetie Belle. Maybe she's upstairs.

Fanning interest on something you saw for the benefit of whatever judging onlookers on the street, you turn back to the door and give it a couple knocks. One of the ponies you saw answers; a white stallion sporting a hat so large you can't tell if he's a unicorn or not and is making you feel inferior with your own hat. He also has the largest caterpillar eyebrows you've ever seen, which must have mated at some point and given birth to the burly mustache on his face.

"Hello. Can I help you?" He greets you with an inquisitive eyebrow.



Just be upfront. Say what happened earlier and you'd just like to apologise for frightening her and ask her why.

Honestly is a virtue.


Seconding this.
What else can we say that won't make us sound like some creepy pedophile?


"Umm, hi. I'm Wind Breaker and sorta new in town." You try to put on a innocent enough smile. "A while ago I kinda ran into a filly I think is your daughter. Sweetie Belle?"

"Oh no," The stallion says, rubbing a hoof between his eyes. "What did she do this time?"

"No no. It was my fault. I was at the library and I bumped into and kinda knocked her down. I just came by to apologize is all. She didn't do anything wrong."

"She shouldn't have been snooping around that old place in the first place." He says gruffly. "She must be playing hooky again. Believe me, we'll be having a talk with her when she gets home….which should be any minute now."



Oh great, we got her in trouble. I guess hang around awkwardly on the doorstep until either Sweetie arrives or he invites us in.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get Sweetie in trouble or anything!" You grimace. This isn't how you expected things to go at all.

"Nonsense! You're just trying to do the right thing. Here, come inside for a bit. You hungry? We were just getting ready for dinner." The stallion says, opening the door wide for you.

"I dunno. Maybe I should just go…"

"I won't take no for an answer!" Before you know it, you've been dragged into a cozy little living room and are being forcibly guided deeper inside. "Honey, we have a guest!"

"Oh?" You're brought into the dinning room you saw from outside and are met by the other pony, the pink unicorn. She at least can tell she's a genuine unicorn. "Hi there!"

"Uhh, hi. I'm Wind Breaker." You say, uncomfortable.

"She and Sweetie had a little trouble today and she came by to apologize." The stallion explains.

"Really? Usually it's the other way around." The mare says, shaking her head. But then she smiles at you again. "Will you be joining us for dinner then, Mrs….Wind Breaker, was it?"



Might as well


"Well, I don't see why not. So long as it's not too much trouble."

"None at all! Please, make yourself at home." You're offered a chair and sit down at the table as the mother sets another set on the table. She and her husband sit and join you. "I've never seen you around Ponyville, Wind Breaker. Are you new in town?"

"Yeah, I am. Just moved here from Manehatten. Trying to get back on my hooves after struggling as a comedian, but luckily I just got a job at Sugar Cube Corner."

"Oh that's fantastic." The stallion says. "We don't usually indulge there too often because of the price, but you can't go wrong with their quality. And it's always good to have something besides mushrooms with a side of mushrooms. That reminds me, what did you say was for dinner again, dear?"

"Mushroom soup with fried mushrooms." She says with frown.

"Walked right into that one," He bows his head, but she gives playful nudge in the side. You get the feeling the scene is about to get awkward in a may married couple make things awkward when you all here the door slam.

"I'm home!" A squeaky voice calls from the living room. "You guys are never going to believe what happened today!"

Sweetie Belle appears in the door way with an excited smile, but then stops dead when she see's you at the table, her eyes widening in a mock reperformance of your encounter with her earlier.



Let's apologize for scaring her earlier.


"Sweetie, Wind Breaker came here to apologize." Sweetie's father says, his tone becoming much more serious then a moment ago. "Is there something you'd like to say to her?"

"Mom! Dad! Don't listen to anything she says!" Sweetie pleads loudly, her voice cracking when it hits a high, frantic pitch. "She's crazy!"

"Sweetie!" Her mother scolds, loudly pushing her chair back and going to her daughter. "This nice mare went out of her way to come here and apologize to you. The least you could do is at least listen to her."

"And don't think we don't know you weren't at school today, young lady." Her father adds.

"Oh, wasn't she now?"

"No, you don't understand!" Sweetie cries, looking back and forth between her parents. "She's really crazy. She was talking to somepony named Twilight who wasn't there, acting crazier and crazier and saying something about a wind chart and Canterlot and food and….and-"

"We don't want to here it, Sweetie!" Her mom cuts her off. "Now you march yourself to your room this instant. We're going to have a long talk about school."



Sweetie looks to her father for help, but he just shakes his head at her. Unified against from all fronts, Sweetie storms out of the room, but not before casting an angry look back at you with big, irritated eyes on the verge of tears. You her her gallop up the stairs and a door slam so loud the hanging light of the the table swings a little. The two parents breath a heavy sigh together.

"Sorry you had to see that," The father apologizes. "She really is a good filly most of the time."

"No no, I understand. I didn't mean to cause trouble."

"Please, won't you still join us for dinner?"


(Well this kinda died. Probably me taking so long and not doing much, but that's ok. Thanks for playing everyone! We'll see how things go tomorrow night)


Ack, sorry about that!
I had to go take the dog for a walk.
Sorry man…
It was fun though!


It's fine. Rather just take the night off then force it. If it becomes an issue for people, it wont be any fun


File: 1347689981464.jpg (118.59 KB, 856x765, Fuzzy Lumpkins.jpg)

I had to work late tonight. This is the first session I've missed.
Now I feel guilty.


I hope you're still planning on a session tonight. I won't be able to join until about two hours from now, though.


No worries

Sure thing. Will be starting in a little while. If things kinda stall I'll wait it out and see how it goes


Excited for today's run


Last time on Windbreaker Quest

>Went back to Sugar Cube Corner with Mrs. Cake and convinced her to let you makes muffins for you and a friend. Ate one and took another for later

>Unloaded most of your inventory upstairs in your room, taking with you a can of spring snakes, a whoopy cushion and squirting flower, as well as wearing your big hat and tie
>Left Mrs. Cake to take care of the twins
>Set out to find Sweetie and work things out with her
>After finding her house, you nonchalantly knocked on the door and introduced yourself to Sweetie's parents
>Accidentally got Sweetie in trouble for playing hooky as you explained yourself
>Sweetie came home and frantically tried to convince her parents that you were insane
>She was sent to her room without supper


Inventory check pls.


File: 1347761693706.png (171.21 KB, 518x357, Oh god, is that what I think i…)

++ Episode 9: Drama++

You are in Sweetie Belle's home, sitting at the dinner table with her parents. The young filly has just stormed upstairs to her room after unsuccessfully trying to say you were no good. The mood is kinda tense after the family spat, especially for you as an outsider. But none the less, the two adults are trying to make you feel welcome and have invited you to join them for dinner.

What do you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)




>Silly hat

>Big neck tie
>Saddle bags
>Can O Snakes
>Whoopee cushion
>Squirting flower (Empty)
>32 bits



No sense in turning down a free meal, we might even learn something.


Gonna second this.
Free food and a chance to learn some information. I say go for it!



Let's eat those mushrooms.


"I guess I can;t say no to a free meal!" You say, half joking. You did just scarf down a muffin, but the smell from the kitchen is too enticing for you to pass up.

A large piping hot pot of soup is brought out form the kitchen and placed on the table. Sweetie's mother ladles you a healthy serving of a creamy soup, the earthy rich aroma filling the room. It looks great, not as watery as the one you had for lunch today and large chunks of good stuff floating around, just waiting for you to try. Not sure if you should wait for the others or not, you dig in.

"This is fantastic. Thank you!" You say between mouthfuls. It's very rich and flavorful, though you can't help but feel like you JUST had mushrooms already.

"You're welcome!" Sweetie's mom says, ladling a little more into your bowl. "Please, there's plenty."

"What about Sweetie?" You can't help but feel bad for the filly over all this. "I don't want to eat all of it and leave none for her."

"Oh don't worry about that now." She replies, starting to eat her own bowlful.

"When she's ready to calm down, she's more then welcome to come down and eat." Sweetie's father says solemnly. "Don't know what's gotten into her, making up stories and calling ponies crazy."

"Thought it dose make me wonder, Windbreaker, what exactly happened between the two of you that got her so worked up?"



Oh man, we can't tell them about our mysteriously disappeared friends.

I dunno what to do. Maybe we could play it off that we have a bad habit of talking to ourselves and we think that maybe Sweetie just got spooked by it?



Well we can't exactly tell them the truth.

Should we make up a story involving the red gem we saw the CMC had ?


Yeah, and maybe we can play off Twilight as an old friend of ours from Manehatten who asked us to look out for a book for her.



Wait shit I got it! We have pony amnesia, right, and we just have bouts where we forget that we're not still in Manehatten.

Then when Sweetie says "She's nuts!", the parents will be all like "No it's just a medical problem" and might make her hang out with us so that we can get to know her better and enlist her help.


>Bad habbit of talking to yourself


>Fane amnesia


Bad habit of talking to ourselves.
Feigning amnesia might actually get us in trouble.



I don't think it would get us in trouble unless we went full retard and fucked up, so I say feign amnesia.


Definitely the first option.
They WILL think we're crazy if we say we have bouts of amnesia, and wouldn't want us around their daughter.
Plus, if anything bad ends up happening, we could get blamed and have no defense because it could have been during one of our spells.


Well I know when I'm outnumbered. Yeah go on then, a bad habit.


Neither. Say you went to the library to practice your Comedy act since it was out of the way and didn't want to wake up the cakes' kids. Explain this to Sweetie and say Twilight is your partner.


"Oh. That. Yeah," You stammer and quickly grab a glass of water to buy you time to think up a story. "So umm, yeah. I mentioned that I just moved here, right? You see I'm a comedian and sometimes I just…talk aloud when I'm thinking up bits. Helps me think. It must have just looked strange to Sweetie. Heheh."

"I guess that makes sense," Sweetie's father says as you shut yourself up with a few mouthfuls of soup. "Sorry for asking, but you can't be too careful these days. Sweetie may be excitable, but there ARE crazy ponies about., especially here in Ponyville."

"Really? But it seems like a pretty nice little town."

"Oh it is, most of the time. But you know the old saying about going out after dark. When its dark all the time, you never really know who could be skulinking around."

"Huh, I wouldn't have thought. Everypony I've met so far have been pretty nice."

"They are, for the most part. It just pays to be careful. That part of why I'm so upset with Sweetie going off on her own, causing trouble."

(Sorry for being so slow, my head is elsewhere)


"Oh, I don't know if she was causing trouble. Does she go to the old library often?"

Also, do we know if we met Sweetie at the library during school hours?


>Also, do we know if we met Sweetie at the library during school hours?

(Yes, from talking with her father, it was assumed that if you met her at the library around lunch time, she was probably skipping school)


Oh, that's right.



What kind of trouble ?



Ask about the hijinks that Sweetie gets up to.


Ask 'em what kind of trouble she gets up to.


"Oh, I don't know if she was causing trouble. Does she go to the old library often?"

"Honestly, I couldn't say." The stallions says, reflectively. "She and her friends are always getting into some kind of trouble."

"And why she would skip school to go to a library makes no sense at all," Her mother says, rolling her eyes.

"I don't mean to pry but…what kinda of trouble does Sweetie and her friends get into?"

"Oh, nothing serious. Just foal stuff. Pranking ponies.. Occasionally missing a class or two. Going to places she knows she shouldn't. That sorta stuff,"

"I don't like it. It's that Applebloom and Scootaloo," Her father says gruffly. "They're a bad influence on her. She wouldn't get in nearly as much trouble in school if it wasn't for those trouble makers."

"Oh dear, please, not this again. They're her only friends."

"I know, I know," He says, then smiles at you. "Please, don't let our family trouble bother you. Did you liek the soup?"

"Huh? Oh!" You only now notice you've competently finished your meal. It was so good it went down without you even realizing and really hit the spot. "Yes, thank you!"

"Is there anything else we can get you? I still feel terrible about all this. You moving to Ponyville and getting this as a first impression."


Tell them they've been very kind. Just ask them to make sure Sweetie knows we're very sorry for scaring her, and we didn't mean to.
Also that we didn't mean to get her in trouble.


Say you've been here for a day and tell them you really want to apologize to Sweetie.

Should we tell them about the Crystal? Also:



Yeah just ask if we can apologise to Sweetie.


"You have both been vary kind, thank you," You say as you dirty dish is taken. "But I still can't help but feel terrible about this whole thing. I really didn't mean to scare Sweetie like that."

"Please, just put it out of you're mind," Her father says

"Well…if it's all the same to you, do you mind if I go up stairs and apologize to her face to face?"

"She's probably still sulking. If you really want to try your luck, her room is the second on the left."


You trot upstairs and find Sweetie's room easily enough. Even without being told which room was her's, the big sign saying "Keep Out!" in red crayon is a bit of a hint.

"Sweetie?" You call gently, knocking. "It's me, Windbreaker. I just wanted to apologize. Can we talk?"

There's no reply.



Knock again, ask if you can come in, and then come in. I bet she's run off.



Yeah, definitely this.


"Sweetie?" You knock again. "Can I come in?"

You wait a few moments in complete silence, a sneaking suspicion growing in your mind. Slowly, you open the door. It doens't have a lock.

Sweetie's room is what you were expecting for a little filly's room to be like at her age. A couple toys and nick nacks scattered lazily on the floor, a few drawings mingled with a couple booms. And a large white bed with it's sheets knotted up into a rope going out the window.

"Oh come on!" You giddy up to the window and look out. It might be because of the constant dark, but you don't see her anywhere. Once again that filly has given you the slip.


Should we tell her parents?
I don't want to get her in more trouble, but we should tell her.



Man, go tell her parents. And be upset about it, damn it. Volunteer to help look for her.



Tell her parents and then let's go look for her.


You quickly hustle down the stairs, hooves thundering against the floor boards and bustle back into the dinning room where he two parents are waiting, drinking warm mugs of something with a third on the table.

"Didn't go well?" Her mother asks sympathetically.

"She's run off! She went out the window while we were eating!"

"Ugh, not again," Her father says, quickly downing his mug and getting up. "Thought she'd be tired with this by now."

"I could help you look for her!"

"Oh you don't have to do that. You've done enough already," Her mother says.





Yes, insist.


We gotta get after that filly before something bad happens to her.


(Ugh, I'm sorry guys. My brain is being stupid. I can't think at all. I hate to stop now with hardly anything happened, but I don't think I can continue. Sorry. thanks for playing! Sorry. We'll continue next Friday. Sorry)


See you friday!



No problem



That's fine.


S'all right man.
Seeya Friday!


Last time on Windbreaker Quest:

>Had an awkward dinner with Sweetie Belle's folks

>Went to talk to Sweetie and try to set things straight
>She had left out the window, probably while you were having dinner
>Went to tell her folks, who found the situation rather routine
>Yeah not a lot happened


File: 1348280064703.jpg (69.15 KB, 550x550, teeny Twilight.jpg)

++Episode 9-ish: Wet Willy++

You are at the home of Sweetie Belle. After some stern insisting, they accepted your help to find their run away daughter. The three of you left together out the door and the others split up in different directions at a brisk pace, leaving you alone.

What should you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS, RUlES or have questions answered. Just ask)

(Also sorry again for last session. For whatever reason I was just blocked up and couldn't put much down. hopefully tonight will be better)



We might have a better chance of seeing Sweetie from the air.


Yeah let's get a Birds Eye view.

Sweetie might've made off into the woods so if we don't see her we should check there next.


Inventory check first!


Sweetie Belle has a considerable head start on you, going somewhere you could only guess to do who knows what. Wandering around Ponyville, a new town you're still not all that familiar with, on hoof could take you hours before you chanced upon her.

So it's a pretty good thing you're a pegasus.

Flapping your wings, you take off and glide over the sleepy village just high enough to let you get a good birds eye view in every direction. It's not exactly the easiest thing, trying to spot a small pony from high up at night and you end up searching around blindly for a while. It's around late afternoon by your best guess and ponies are out and about, crowding the streets as they head home. But limiting your search to unattended foals, you eventually spot her.

From what you see Sweetie is sporting some saddle bags and is accompanied by her two friends you saw before. You go to follow them, but immediately lose sight of them as they duck into the big tree library.


Windbreaker currently has on her:

>Saddle bags

>a whoope cushion
>spring snakes in a can
>a squirting flower, empty
>Map of Ponyville and the general area *
>Key to Sugar Cube Corner*
>A big silly neck tie
>A big silly hat



Is there any place we can land and see or hear what they're doing ?


Also get the snake can ready. It might come in handy.


You spy a balcony sticking out of the upper floor of the tree house with windowed doors leading inside. As silently as you can, you glide down and land with a soft thump of your hooves on the wood. A little light is glowing from inside. Carefully spying in through the gaps of the boarded window you see the three little fillies inside, the light coming from a few candles they must have lit on the tables. They're rummaging around through all of the upturned books, seemingly looking for something, Sweetie Belle carefully turning over pages and looking at covered, while the other two are half heartedly glancing around with glazed expressions. Scootaloo kicks over a small stack of books, rolling her eyes.

Sweetie shouts something and they start having an argument, but you can only get muffles through the door.



Carefully open the doors and try to listen in.


Carefully, you pry open the door to eavesdrop on the little ponies inside….

Rolled 2 = 2


The door, whether because of the old wood, poor care or nailed on boards, sticks as you try to open it. You try to give it a little english, only for the lock to burst open and splinter suddenly under your weight!

You tumble inside, falling flat on your face on the top tier of the library and into a pile of the omnipresent books. But at least now you can hear the fillies clear as day now.

"It's her!" Sweetie shouts excidedly. "I told you! I told you!"

"What do we do?!" Scootaloo asks, combined with the rustle of flapping wings.

"I-I dunno! You think of something!" Applebloom barks back.


Try to tell Sweetie that her parents are out looking for her.



Ask them what they're doing in here.

Have the snake can on hoof just in case we need to make an escape.


Grab them before they escape!


Whoa whoa whoa….
I don't know about this one.


Set the snake can off and then use the distraction to capture them. Do it Comically.


Okay okay…
As long as we do it comically.
Maybe say "Gotcha!"


You quickly jump to your hooves and wildly rummage through your bags with your wings, grabbing the first thing you touch and hold it in your fore hooves defensively.

"Look out! She has a can of something!" Sweetie screams, ducking under the large round table in the middle of the room. The other two turn to run, but end up running into each other. After a brief scuffle, Applebloom shoves the other pony off of her and is holding something in her mouth, point it back up at you; the red glowing crystal you saw them with before.

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold on. Lets not do anything crazy now…" You say, trying to ease the other pony as you stare down at her from behind your comedy prop. "No reason to be so stand offish. Was just looking for Sweetie. Her parent's are looking for her."

"Don't listen to her! She's crazy!" Sweetie shrieks from under the table, unseen.

"She is not, Sweetie Belle!"

Twilight appears from the aether, in full view of the candle light just off to the side of Applebloom, giving each of the youngsters a stern look that would make a strict teacher blanch.

"Hmp?" Applelboom does a double take and hops back away from the sudden appearance of the purple pony, looking like she's just about to swallow the gem in surprise.

"W-who are you?! Where the heck did you come from?" Scootaloo says, flapping backwards onto a small stack of books away from Twilight. "How do you know Swee-"


You let loose the can as the fillies are distracted by Twilight, filling the intimidate vicinity with a volley of colorful striped springed snake. They soar and bounce harmlessly against the floor and walls with a clatter of plastic and mettle, knocking over a book or two and surprising the little ones. Applebloom, having just been suddenly supprised already, jumps back and drops the crystal, sending out a small discharge of static as it clatters to the floor boards.


Sheesh, we probably didn't need to do that.
Oh well. Tell Sweetie "See? That's who I was talking to! I'm not crazy at all!"



Grab the crystal


Well it's good since apparently the crystal has some sort of power. Or at least the CMC think it does.


The hell?
How can they see Twilight?

Grab the crystal and do >>124547.


"Ha! See? That's who I was talking to! I'm not crazy at all!" You shout triumphantly from the second tier.

"What is going on?" Sweetie cries, poking a head out from under the table, looking up at Twilight from behind the others.

"Thats…kinda of a long story." Twilight says, turning to look down at the crystal on the floor. "But just understand that we're friends. Now just be good girls and go home. There's a lot of things the two of us need to get done."

"You're not the boss of me!" Applebloom shouts defiantly and chucks book at Twilight. The hefty tome passes through her harmlessly and slams the wall behind her, though she still made a defensive movement to block it.

"What the hay!"

"She's a ghost!"

The three ponies scramble away from Twilight and end up colliding in heap on top of each other, while Twilight rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, as the scene plays out, you sneak down to the lower level and scoop up the little crystal from the floor. It's heavier then it looks and makes you hoof tingle where it comes in contact.

"Hey! That's ours!" Scootaloo shouts, freeing her self from the others and stomping towards you. "Give it back!"


"Tell me what it is first!"
If they don't answer, show it to Twilight and ask.


Fly up and perch somewhere out of reach of her.
Then >>124587.



"Tell me what it is first!" You shout back at her, but she storms towards you, her little wings buzzing angrily. You dodge her and flutter ontop of a book case, out of reach.

"Give it back!" Applebloom shouts, shoving Sweetie aside into a pile of books and running to the base of the bookcase.

"We found it, its ours!" Scootaloo scurries up the stairs stopping at around your level and looking like she's getting ready to jump.

"Twilight, what is this thing, anyway?" You try to hold it up for Twilight to see from below. She squints up with a hoof over her eyes, oblivious to the fact she's pahsed through a table.

"If I had to guess…it looks like some kinda energy crystal." She says academically, probably recalling something she read. "Be careful with that thing. I've read that they can be rea-"


Applebloom bucks the side of the bookcase, making it wobbled violently. A couple of books fall out of their shelves and slam loudly to the floor. Just as you try to get your bearsings back, Scootaloo hops from her launch pad towards you….


Rolled 6 = 6



You nimbly dodge her as she tries to glide over to swipe the crystal from you. Unable to reach her prize, she stumbles on another bookcase and falls down into another pile of soiled books with an "OOF!"

"Stop it! Stop it!" Sweetie shouts, holding her forehooves over her head. "Everypony just stop it!"


Antagonize her.
"Why should I do that?"


"Okay okay, you're right. Let's all calm down."


"And why should I do that?" You shout down at all the others below you and holding the crystal high over your head. "Nopony has given me a straight answer about anything since I got to this one horse town and I'm getting sick of it!"

"Windbreaker! Be careful!" Twilight sounds frantic, reaching an impotent hoof up in your direction. "Those kinds of crystals can contain large amounts of magical energy! If not handled properly, that can be very dangerous!"

"What do you mean dangerous?" You say, slowly lowering the crystal closer to you.

"I mean that if you're not careful with it, something bad could happen! Where did you filleis even find something like this?"

"We found it!" Applebloom repeats defiantly, giving the bookcase another buck.


Rolled 5 = 5



"Hey, cut it out already!" You yell at the little earth pony even as she gets ready for another buck. You hope over to another bookcase.

(You have leveled up the following skills: Dodge and Balance, bringing both to level 1!)


Demand answers from them again, or tell them we'll tell their parents they've been playing around with strange crystals!


Ah, this is a good one.


"Ok you little trouble makers, I've had it to just about here with all this stuff. And I'm standing on a bookcase, so you here is really up there." You stuff the crystal in your bags with the empty snake can. "Now one of you fess up now or I'm telling each of your parents that you're toying around with strange crystals."

"Pfft, like we even care!" Scootaloo scoffs, pulling herself out of the crash site.

"Yeah! We're not scared of you!" Applebloom adds in.

"Umm…" Sweetie looks up tentatively from her hiding place from under her hooves. "Girls….maybe we should tell them we-"

"Don't you tattle on us, Sweetie Belle." Applebloom turns on her friend.

"But, they said its dangerous."

"You're just being a foal too scared to get in trouble with her mommy!" Scootaloo jumps in, smelling the blood in the water.

"No! Its just…just…!" Sweetie's voice is shaking and it looks like she's on the verge of tears.



Tell Sweetie everything is going to be fine, she just has to tell us about the crystal.


That's right….
Scootaloo & Applebloom don't have parents….
Do this: >>124668


Yeah, and chastise the other two for being total jerks to her.
And maybe throw in a comment about listening to their parents.


Also see if they know anything about the political situation. Honestly it's a long shot but now that we finally got someone backed into a corner we should milk them for all they are worth.


"Sweetie," You say more softly. "Everything will be fine. Just tell me everything you know about the crystal."

"Don't you dare!" Applebloom warns, talking an aggressive step towards the little unicorn, but stops when Twilight stands in her way. She seems reluctant to get close to the mysterious specter.

"We we're playing by-by the forrest even though we were told not to," Sweetie says, her words coming out faster and faster in a tide as she unsuccessfully tries to hold in her blubbering. "And we found the house of t-that scary stripped pony that sometimes comes into town and and we went inside. Appelbloom saw the crystal on the table and took it and we ran and I wanted to give it back, but they wouldn't let me!"

"You narc!" Scootaloo shouts angrily. "You were having as much fun with it as we were, you big phoney!"

"That's enough!" Twilight says, stomping her hoof down….which doesn't have the same effect when it passes through the floor. "You did the right thing telling the truth, Sweetie."

"Whatever. Lets go, Scootaloo." Applebloom turns on her hoofs and heads to the door, the little pegasus joining her. "Don't wait up, Sweetie Belle."

"Wait! I'm sorry!" Sweetie reaches out to the others, but stumbles on a book and falls down. As the other two leave, she just says there and begins to sob.


Fly down to her and wrap a wing over her.
"Forget those jerks… it's not healthy to hang around ponies like that."


Tell Applebloom you'll tell Big Mac about this unless you treat Sweetie nicer.


Ah, fuck, she hates us now.
Have we ever heard of a zebra? Ask Twilight if she knows this striped pony.
After trying our best to comfort Sweetie: >>124688



Comfort her


"Hey! You be nicer to Sweetie Belle or….or I'll tell BigMac on you!" You threaten the retreating backsides of the two fillies just before they leave and slam the door closed behind them. You look down at Sweetie Belle as she cries into the pages of a book and can't help but feel sorry for her. You hop down to her side and gently stroke her mane. "There there. Forget about those two. You d-"

"They're my only friends!" Sweetie bursts and suddenly wraps her hooves around you, burying her snotty wet face into your chest. You are paralyzed by surprise and disgust for a moment, but grit your teeth and gently warp your wings around the little filly, patting her as you do.

"Shoo. You just….cry yourself out, ok?" You hold Sweetie for a little while, waiting for her to calm down. Twilight sits beside you, her face full of pity. "Twilight, who's this stripped pony they were talking about?"

"Must be Zeccora. And she's not a pony, she's a zebra." She coughs in her hoof a little and rubs her face, clearly tired. "She's the only one who lives in the Everfree forrest as far as I know. I guess everypony is still frightened of her."



We can be Sweetie's friend


Oh, man, that's perfect.
"I can be your friend, Sweetie."


(Fuck me sideways I keep forgetting. The inventory also includes the spare muffin you made earlier)


Should we give her the muffin, guys?


That's perfect!
We can even give her half of the muffin!


The three of you just sit there quietly for a while longer, letting Sweetie Belle let out all her tears. You feel really awkward like this, holding some little fillie you don't really know as she cries all over you. But you keep at it, gently patting her back as Twilight watches in silent approval. Eventually, Sweetie grows quiet and peaks her big red eyes from your midsection.

"Better?" You ask, trying to give a warm smile. Sweetie shakes her head slowly and snorts really loudly, making you wish you had a tissue. But you don't have any, so you just smile again and rub her head. "That's ok. I'm not doing that much better either."

"They're my only friends…" Sweetie echoes again, her voice low and hoarse.

"I can be your friend, Sweetie." You say, giving the little pony a tight hug.

"You…you will?" Sweetie looks bewildered, like you suggested the impossible.

"Of course. You hungry?" You rummages through your bags again and produce the muffin you made not too long ago. Despite banging around in your bag its survived pretty well. "I know you didn't have dinner, so maybe you'd like a muffin? I made it myself."

You hand Sweetie the baked good and she holds it in her hooves in wonder, as it was made of gold rather then simply golden brown. She looks back up at you and smiles a big toothy smile before shoving the treat in her mouth. It's gone in an instant, leaving behind a somewhat messy beaming Sweetie Belle.

"Thank you!"

"You're we-OOF!" Sweetie rams right in your chest, knocking the wind out of you with a forceful hug. Trying to breath life back into yourself, you give her a couple more pats on the back.


>The feels
Okay alright, Sweetie's got to get back home.
How about we take her back home now?


Yeah, let's take her back home and strike up some small talk. Ask her why those two were her only friends.
Also, ask Twilight how she's doing.


"We have to go back home now, don't we?" Sweetie says once she disengages her vice grip on your vitals.

"In a bit, kid." You say, rubbing your much abused front. You think her horn hit a bone somewhere. "What do you mean they're your only friends, anyway? Aren't there a bunch of ponies your age in school or something? Those two are kinda pushy."

"Well, yeah…but me and Scootaloo and Applebloom are all blankflanks. None of the other ponies want to hang out with us most of the time." Sweetie rubs her eyes, making you fear another display of waterworks. But she keeps her cool. "We usually do thing I know will get us in trouble, but didn't want them to think I was just a little foal or something."

"I understand. We've all been there at some point in our lives. Here, go get your things together and we'll go in a bit, ok?"

"Ok," Sweetie goes over to her saddle bags and rearranges somethings. You also see her take some books out and put them on a shelf, then take another an put them in the bags.

"So, Twilight. You seem to be doing better," You say, finally able to talk with the purple pony one on one.

"I do?" She says, looking at herself confused.

"Yeah. You're atleast standing on your own now and not coughing up a lung. I guess you found some food or something, right?"

"What are you talking about, Windbreaker?"


More time travel weirdness.
Tell her the last time we saw her must have been in HER future. She looked pretty bad.


"Ugh, this time stuff is going to be the death of me," You say rubbing your head, feeling a migraine brewing. "Last time I talked to you Twilight you were flat on the floor on death's door it seemed like."


"Yeah. I'm guessing whatever is going on we must have skipped an episode or something with our little chats."


"You must have contacted me from further in your future to a bit in my past."

"Ooh. Mybe you probably shouldn't be telling me this then. It might affect something I'll do later on."

"What could you possibly be doing in the future that would be messed up by that?"

Twilight just shrugs. You return a gesture by rolling your eyes.

"What's all this about time?" Sweetie says, trotting to your side all saddled up.

"Long story, kid." You say, rubbing your head. "And it's only getting longer."


Tell Twilight we'll see her soon.
Or maybe not so soon.
Or maybe not at all.
Or maybe in the past.



Ask Twilight if she thinks Zecora might be able to help.


Seconding this.


"Anyway, Twilight, we're still on for the plan right? Get to Canterlot, get into the archive and sort this stuff out, right?"

"Yup. How are you doing on getting to Canterlot?"

"Working on it…..," You change the subject, feeling a little embarrassed. "Say, this zebra you mentioned. Zecora. Could she help at all?"

"Normally I'd say yes."

"Normally? I don't like that choice of words, Twilight."

"A few years ago nearly everypony in Ponyville was terrified of Zecora because they thought she was spooky and dind't know her," Twilight explains. "Me and my friends got to know her and changed all that. She's one of the smartest and most capable friends I have. But since we were apparently never there, Ponyville must still be afraid of Zecora. It might be hard for you just finding her, let along getting help."



Sweetie might remember how to get to Zecora's place.


This: >>124829
Or, we could ask Twilight to show us where to go from the map we have.


Seconding these.


You pull out the map you have of Ponyville and the near by area, splaying it on the floor.

"Can you show me where I can find Zecora's place?"

"Sure. You have a pen? I can't exactly…you know."

"I do!" Sweetie Belle chimes and produces a pen from her bags and giving it to you.

"Thanks," With Twilight's direction and Sweeties help, you're able to draw crude directions to Zecora's hut in the Everfree. Twilight even warns of you of known dangers, giving you a 'safe' path to follow.

(I think I'll leave off about here. Thanks for playing everyone! Feel like we're making some progress, at least for me. We'll start up again tomorrow night)


Excellent, see you tomorrow!


Sweet, seeya tomorrow man!


Last time on Wind Breaker Quest:

>Set out to find Sweetie Belle after she had run off from her bed room

>As her parents split up, you took to the skies to try and spot her from above
>Eventually you found her heading into the library with Scootaloo and Applebloom
>Tried to eavesdrop on them from the second floor balcony, but ended up blowing your cover and falling in face first
>Had a stand off with Applebloom as she held up the mysterious red crystal at you while you had your can of spring snakes on her
>When Twilight suddenly appeared, you popped the can and surprised them, allowing you snatch the crystal
>Scootaloo and Applebloom tried to fight you for it, but you were able to keep it from them by staying on top of a bookcase
>You were able to get Sweetie to confess that they stole the crystal from Zecora's place
>Scootaloo and Applebloom got very mad at Sweetie Belle for telling on them and left in a huff
>You went to comfort her, promising to be her friend. After a hug and a muffin, she seemed to be better
>Twilight seems to be out of synch with you temporaly and isn't in the sorry state you saw her laste time.
>With her and Sweetie's help, you were able to get directions to Zecora's home on your map


++Episode 10: Boooo!++

You are in Ponyville library with Sweetie Belle and Twilight's time traveling apparition. Its some time around evening by your best guess. You're all saddled up with your things, as is little Sweetie Belle, who is ready by your side. Your new best friend, apparently.

What should you do?


(Every freaking time. Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)



We should try and find Sweetie's parents and let them know she's safe.

Maybe we can even try and patch things up between them.


Inventory check!


Windbreaker currently has on her:

>Saddle bags

>a whoope cushion
>spring snakes in a can
>a squirting flower, empty
>Map of Ponyville and the general area, now with Zecora's place marked
>Key to Sugar Cube Corner
>A big silly neck tie
>A big silly hat


Put on the silly hat and tie and take Sweetie home. We should visit Zecora on our own.


Nah, let's skip the silly hat for now.
Do walk her home though.


"Alright, kid, let head out. Your folks are probably still look for you," You say, shrugging on your saddlebags.

"Ok," She says sadly, bowing her head. She shuffles her little hooves to the door with you.

"Be careful!" Twilight says, waving the two of your off.

"You…too, I guess." you say, not really sure what advice you could give Twilight in her situation.

The night air is cool and come, breaking some of the tension that's built up in you from fighting with two fillies and comforting another. Sweetie Belle stays in step with you as you head back to her house along the way you think is quickest.

"Windbreaker?" She mummbles, nudging you in the side.


"Are my parents mad I ran off?"

"They're…not happy," You say, trying to think of a what to say. "But I'm sure they just want to know your ok."

"Do we have to go back right away?" She says anxiously. "Maybe I could come with you? You might need help with…whatever it is you're doing. I can help!"

(Windbreaker is currently wearing the silly hat and tie)



If it's all right with her parents then I guess she could come with us to Zecora's.

I don't think we're going there tonight though.


I don't think we should ask to take their daughter to the Everfree Forest to visit the scary striped pony.
Let's just take her home. Tell her we'll try to talk to her parents.



What if Sweetie wants to personally return the crystal to Zecora and apologize for taking it ?


That's good thinking.
But we'll still have to find some way to explain to her parents. Also, should we tell them that she found an energy crystal at all?


Ask her.
Maybe that'll help her feel better.
And hell, maybe it'll help us gain Zecora's trust.


Let's ask Sweetie if we should tell her parents about the crystal, and if she wants to take it back to Zecora in person.


"Lets talk to your parents first," You say, smiling. You doubt her parents are going to let her run off with you after all this, but you don't really have the heart to crush her little spirits.

"Alright," Sweetie reluctantly agrees.

It doesn't take you long to get back to Sweetie's home, where her mother is waiting impatiently for her at the front door. As soon as she spots you she rushes over. You can feel Sweetie huddle behind you for cover.

"Sweetie Belle!" She scolds, stomping her hooves around you to her daughter. "Where have you been, young lady?!"

"I'm sorry!" She says, clutching your leg.

"Do you have any idea how worried we were about you? What are we going to do with you, Sweetie? You can't keep running off and getting into trouble!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Your father is still out there looking for you! And I'm sure you've put Mrs. Windbreaker here through more then enough trouble."

"Oh no, we've actually worked out a few things," You say, trying to defuse the situation a little. You're even starting to feel off put by her wrath.

"Hmp! That's certainly good to hear, but that doesn't change what you did, Sweetie. Now go to your room and stay there this time!"

"But…," Sweetie takes a tentative step towards the front door. "I was hoping I could go with Windbreaker an-"


Sweetie looks between her mother and you, eyes wide and lips whimpering. She looks like she's about to argue or start bawling again, but gives up under her mother's stern stare down and shuffles back inside the house, giving you one last glace before closing the door.


Ooh, definitely this.
If her parents see that we're helping improve their child's attitude, we'll definitely get some brownie points for that.


Tell her mother that Sweetie probably won't be hanging around Applebloom and Scootaloo anymore. We kind of had a tearful moment.


Knock on the door again ask her mother if we could take her to apologize to someone she stole something from.


Sweetie's mom let out a long, tired sigh.

"I'm sorry about all this," She says, turning to you. "What you must think, seeing me scold her and all the trouble Sweetie has caused you."

"Oh no, It's ok. Really. Thought it might be a good idea to keep her from Applebloom and Scootaloo. We all kinda had an ordeal a while ago."


"Yeah. They stole something and Sweetie wanted to return it, but they wouldn't let her. Had a big fight about it. But I have it now, so it's all taken care of."

"Hmm. That's good to know, Windbreaker." She says thoughtfully and smiles. "Thank you for telling me."

"Don't be too hard on her. She's a good kid. Just not a lot of good friends."

"I know. Thank you for everthing."

"By the way….Sweetie, uhh, wanted to come with me to return what she took…would that be ok?"

"I dunno," Her mother says, looking up at the light coming on in Sweeties room. "She hasn't exactly been the most honesty pony lately. What did they take, anyay?"


"Some little jewel. To be honest, it sounded like Sweetie felt pretty guilty about it."


This. Don't mention it has power or show her the crystal.


Just say it's a jewel thing.


"Oh uhh, its just some jewel. They probably took it cause it looked valuable and shiny or something," You say, brushing aside the question. It's probably best if she doesn't know about the crystal.

"Oh dear, thats terrible." She says, holding a hoof to her face. "I sear its one thing another with those three. You're a good pony for trying to apologize on Sweetie's behalf."

"It's no trouble, really."

"Well, if you say so." She heads to the door. "Thank you for everything, Windbreaker. Feel free to come by any time!"

"Good night!"


Let's go see our good friend Derpy.


Tell her that Sweetie Belle really looked like she wanted to apologize, and that we should take her there to apologize.


"Buuuut," you say, sticking your hoof in the closing door. "I have to ask again. Can Sweetie come with me? She seemed really eager to make things right."

"To be honest, Windbreaker, it's late," Sweetie's mother says through the crack in the door. "Sweetie's really given us the run around today and I think it would be best if she just went to bed."

"I see." Welp, you tried.

"Its nice of you to look out for her, though. If you want, you can come by tomorrow and we can all go together. How's that sound?"

"Ok then. Thank you."

"Good night Windbreaker," She says and closes the door for good now.


Maybe we should just go see Zecora ourselves, especially if we might be turning it into a Belle family outing tomorrow.


We shall cross that bridge when we come to it.
I vote we go to see Zecora now.


I guess there's no harm in returning the crystal now and coming tomorrow so Sweetie can apologize.


A little put off, you turn away and take out your map. You might have ended up just making plans for tomorrow, but first you'll need to return this thing before you get ahead of yourself. Ponyville is pretty quiet now, setting into true night. You reach the edge of town without any difficulty or fuss, following a little winding path until your standing before the boarder of the forest. Before you came to Ponyville you were warned about the Everfree and the creatures there within, but with Twilight's directions you're pretty sure there shouldn't be a problem. Besides, according to the map it's not all that far in.

Despite the lack of sunlight, the dark forest is still pretty thick, though there's a musky, cloying scent everywhere. Like rotting wood or something. But what do you know, you grew up in a city.

"Lets see here," You say to yourself, studding the map. "Keep to the left and avoid the blue flowers…..would certainly help if I could see a thing."

Between the heavy canopy and the ever pervasive night, you can barely even see the path your on. But, by being careful and following what the others told you, the path brings you to a lone macabre little hut nestled between the trees. From here you see warm yellow lantern light glowing though the windows, but beyond that you don't know if anypony is home or not.



Knock on the door




Knock dat door.


(I'm sorry guys, but something's come up. I think I'll have to cut things short tonight. Thanks for playing everyone. Next session will be Friday as always…..but I was wondering something. Would it be ok if things were done on just Fridays? I feel like on days in succession I tend to lag and think that if I just did things weekly things would improve. Or would it be better to just not fix something thats not broke)



No problem

Fridays only is fine with me


I'm alright with just sticking to Fridays.
Might be a good idea to start earlier or be a bit quicker in posts though, because we are going a bit slow imo.


Whatever you want to do, man. I'll be here.


Yeah thats part of what I mean. I feel kinda blocked doing things one day after another and limiting it to one day might help me improve. And that way I can focus on one long session for Fridays rather then hodgepodge two medium ones for the weekend


We on tonight?


Last time on Windbreaker Quest!

>Not a lot happened. At all. Ooops.

>Brought Sweetie Belle home, where her mother scolded her
>Told her what had happened, stressing how Sweetie was being pushed by the other two fillies
>After Sweetie was grounded and told she couldn't come with you, you set off to Zecora's place using your map to return the gem the little ponies took


File: 1348971799030.png (95.81 KB, 336x281, 1317535039264.png)

++Episode 10 & 1/2: Get off the stage!++

You are standing alone in the pervasive darkness of the Everfree forest, squinting at the soft light coming from a humble little hut nestled under the trees. According to your map this should be the place and you really doubt there's some other pony living out here alone.

Its deathly quiet out, both the woods around you and the home in front of you. Only the lights inside give an sign of occupation.

What do you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)



Knock on the door.


The scene is a little macabre for your tastes, but seeing no better option you take the direct approach and knock on the old wooden door. You hear a small clatter of something behind the door before it cracks open enough for a stripped pony with big gold rings around her neck and ears to look out at you.

"Yes?" She says with a noticeable accent and a cautions smile. "Who is this, a guest?"

"Umm, hi. My name is Wind Breaker," You say, squinting in the lamp light coming from in the house. You reach in your bags and pull out the red crystal. "I think this is yours."

"Ah, it is indeed!" She says, he face lighting up and accepts the jewel from you. "Just the thing that I need."

"I don't know if you know, but some fillies stole it. They're sorry now….well, one of them is anyway. Sorry about all this."

"For a wrong made right, I will let slide." She opens the door a little wider, giving you a better look at the interior of the hut. It's a little musky, but there's a warm fire in the middle of the room with a bubbling cauldron on top of it. "My new friend, would you like to come inside?"




"Sure," You walk in through the door held open for you. The hut is small, but cozy and noticeably older then the cold night outside. It's comfortable and makes you feel just a bit sleepy.

"Make yourself at home, my new friend," Zecora says, going over to a bundle of ceramic jugs hanging from ropes. "There is a small matter I must mend."

"Ok," You say politely and look around a bit as Zecora rummages around for something. Much of interior of the little shack is like the outside. A little spooky. Along the walls and on hte floor are large masks with exaggerated features and all sorts of containers filled with who knows what.

You also inspect the cauldron and the bubbling green contents. You don't have any idea what this stuff could be and its smells odd, with accents and flavors you can't seem to place.


Let's ask her where she's from and why the ponies seem to be afraid of her.



Inquire as to what Zecora is making.


"So…mind if I ask we're you're from, Zecora?" You say, trying to make polite conversation. "Never seen a pony like you before."

"Yes, you may," The zebra says, setting the crystal aside on a cluttered table and pulling down a jar filled with something dried. She sprinkles some of it int the bubbling concoction. "I come from a land far, far away."

"Why's everypony so scared of you, if you don't mind me asking? You seem nice."

"I am not entirely sure," She says as the liquid busts with a flash of luminescent green fumes, making you hop back in surprise. Zecora gives it a few sniffs before shaking her head and putting in another dash of powder. "All the ponies seem to disappear when I make a tour."

"Uh huh. What are you making there anyway?"

"My own recipe of mushroom soup, Care for a bowl? It may help you recoup."


Are we hungry at all? How long's it been since our meal at Sweetie's house?


Currently Windbreaker isn't hungry at all. You've been able to mooch a lot of free grub today, though it may be possible to choke it down.


Alright then, say "Maybe a little bit, thanks."





"Maybe a little bit, thanks."

Zecora makes a few more final preparations to the meal before ladling out a bowl for each of you and setting them at a little table. You're not very hungry, but politely sip down the bubbling green goo. Its…..good. Really good! The flavor is different then the other soups you've had lately, or soups in general and can't really identify what exactly is in it. But it tingles your tongue a bit.

"Mhh! This is fantastic!" You say, finishing your bowl and wishing you had more room in your stomach.

"That is good to hear. I've never had much company, I fear," She says finishing her meal at the same time.

(Zecora's special brew invigorates your body. For a shot while you will gain a temporary bonus to all physical based tests)


Ask her if she's been able to make any friends here in Ponyville.


"You must be awfully lonely living out here all on your own, Zecora. Don't you have any friends in Ponyville?"

"Unfortunately, no," Zecora says, frowning a little into her soup. "Whenever I go to town, all the ponies seem to go."

"That's a shame, though I guess I can kinda relate. I just moved into Ponyville a few days ago. I didn't know anypony at first and that's never easy."

"New to Ponyville, you say? I'd like to ask a favor, if I may."

"I guess. What is it?"

"You've helped me already, but I want to ask for more. Would you mind fetching me some regents from a store?"



All right




"Sure. I don't see why not."

"Please, take this list with my thanks. And some bits, to cover your bank." Zecora quickly scribbles a little shopping list for you and a small bag you assume has money in it. "And so we'll be square, when you bring them I'll make you a share."

"A share? What is this for?" The list has a lot of things on it, but its mostly botanical. Some flowers, seeds and stuff.

"It is for the jewel." Zecora gestures over to the crystal you returned, sitting on a cluttered work table. "With this, I will make a lighting tool."



A lighting tool ?


Let's get going.


"A lighting tool?" You echo. Zecora nods with a smile.

"The extended night as been tragic. But this will help some with the jewels magic."

"Huh. That'll be interesting to see, I guess. I'll get right on it!" You thank Zecora again for the food and apologize on behalf of Sweetie before heading to the door.

"You have been most fair." Zecora says, waving you off. "Please take care."


Well, let's head to town. Also, let's count the money she gave us.
Does our map have shops listed on it?


You head back to Ponyville, carefully trying to retrace you steps through the silent forest.

"Lets see here," You say aloud, scanning the modest list. "Rose extract? Two vials to be exact? Jeez, she even writes in rhymes…."

You also check the bag she gave you and discover 20 gleaming bits inside to cover the cost of the items. And according to your map, most of the shops in town are clustered in the same area, which is also near the out door market, so shopping shouldn't be all that hard from the looks of thing.

Though you don't know much you'll get done. Crazy time schedule or not, you've just had two dinners and doubt much will still be open at that hour. But whatever was in that soup has given you some extra pep and don't feel very tired yet.


Well, let's start at the top of the list.


Start at the top and hope that some shops are still open.


Late hour or not you're bristling with energy and feel eager to get things done. So much so that once you clear the forest you take to the sky again and buzz the roof tops to double time it to the market. But even from the air you can see most of the outside stalls have closed up, their wares gone and proprietors probably sleeping at their respective homes. A quick fly by the more permanent stores reveals more darkened shops and closed signs on the doors. You are about to give up and leave when you see the very last one at the end of the street still with its lights on and a pony coming out the door.

"Hey!" You call out, coming to a landing just in front of a green maned mare as she's starts to turn off the lights to a dumpy looks flower shop. "Wait a minute! Can you stay open, please?"

"Huh?" The shop keep says, looking at you confused for a moment before lighting up with a surprised smile. "A customer? Yes! Yes, please come in! I can stay open! What can I get you?"

"Let me see," You take out the list, skimming it for the flowers you saw on here as the enthusiastic earth pony leads you inside and turns the lights back on. There isn't much to see in the store, especially considering its a flower shop. Just a few scraggly looking plants leaning in pretty vases. "Do you have any of the flowers and stuff on this list, Ms…."

"Please, call me Daisy. And let me see that," The purple-pink pony takes check your list, followed by a very discouraging sigh. "You're asking for a lot here, you know. Won't be cheap."

"Really? It doesn't seem like a lot."

"A few years ago you'd be right. But flowers are at a premium now and supply is virtually gone. I don't think I can get even half these for you."


"I guess those half will have to do. Do you have any idea where to find the other half?"


"Whatever we can get from the list with 20 bits, if you've got it."


"Well, what can I get for 20 bits?"

"20? Hmmm," She looks at your list again and looks like she's trying to solve a statistical problem in her head. "I miiiiight be able to get you the sunflower petals, these extracts here and I think I still have a few of these seeds in the back somewhere. But that's all I can do for 20 bits. The rest of this stuff I couldn't even begin to let go for 20. And I don't even know where anypony can get fresh hibiscus or tulups any more. I'm pretty sure they're extinct. Sorry.

Not good. That's not even half of Zecora's list and you're already over budget.


Well, let's get what we can.


How many bits do we have on us ?


"Ok then. Give me what you can for the 20 then."

"Sure thing!" Daisy quickly runs around the little shop and packages up a small disappointing bundle for you, filled with a most of the non fresh flowers on the list, which you check off. "I really appreciate you're business, you know. You have no idea how hard it is to keep the lights on in a flower shop these days."

"Yeah, I can imagine," You say, forking over the money. You also check your own cash supply, revealing only a modest 32 bits.


Well, let's go back to Zecora's and tell her what happened.


You doubt your own money would be enough to cover the rest of the expenses and it certainly wont be enough to get the flowers that arent in stock. Disappointed and defeated, you put the items in your pack with your other stuff.

"Thanks! Come again!" Daisy shouts enthusiastically, waving your off. As you exit she tidies up some more and resumes locking up again.

Frowning you take off again, making a b line back to Zecora's to let her know what happened.

(I'm sorry guys, but I think I need to go. Feel terrible for making this one kinda short right after flaking the previous night. Thanks for playing anyway! We'll continue, hopefully, Friday)


File: 1348985296446.gif (1.84 MB, 170x170, 1344644785233.gif)

Damn. See you.


See you Friday!


Last time on Windbreaker Quest!

>Met Zecora and hit things off rather well after returning her stolen jewel

>invited you into talk and a bite to eat, which had revitalizing properties for you
>learned that she lives out here all on her own and in fact asks you for help to get some supplies for some kind of experiment
>Agree and immediately hit the town and visited a botanical shop, but quickly went over budget
>Was able to buy most of the things you needed, but are still missing a few vital flowers that are either too expensive or simply not available anymore
>With light bags and a heavy heart, you return to Zecora's


File: 1349490537015.png (253.53 KB, 600x600, grouchoshy.png)

++Episode eleventy: These aren't my glasses….++

The way back to Zecora's is pretty much the same as when you first got there. Quiet and uneventful, with a little foreboding from the constant darkness, making you imagine potential danger lurking in every extended shadow. But without any actual danger, you manage to the little hut without issue.

Lights are on and you can feel the warmth radiating from the interior into the surrounding night air. You know on the door, but this time Zecora doesn't come to the door.

"Zecora?" You call through the door tentatively. "Hello? I'm back. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get everything."

You wait at the door a few moments more, but the little zebra doesn't come to the door. What should you do?
(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)



Is there a window nearby we can look in through ?


Feeling something might be wrong, you peer through one of the closed windows. The interior is as you remember, with a a small fire roaring under the now empty cauldron and lighting the area. You don't see Zecora anywhere, though you imagine there might be a few places she could be hiding, though why you couldn't guess.

"Zecora?" You call again, tapping on the glass. "Are you home?"



Does Zecora's house have a back entrance ?


Look around the grounds to see if there's any hooftracks. Maybe she left off to go somewhere.


Worry building, you circle the little house looking to see if there's a back door or something. But you come full circle to the one and only entrance at the front.

"Oh this can't be good," You say to yourself, starting to fret. "Where is she? And why am I talking to myself? This isn't help."

You hang your head, anxiously kicking your hooves in the dirt out of tired frustrating when something catches your attention: tacks in the soft dirt. There isn't much undergrowth in the forest, especially with the lack of sunlight. Following them with your eyes they seem to be leading deeper into the wilderness. Its possible you might be able to follow them….

Rolled 4 = 4


Deposit our flowers some place safe first!


You try to go along with the little hoof tracks, but you have no idea what you're doing. You're a city pony. This is something you've only heard of in movies and bad adventure stories. Besides, in this dark you might as well have your eyes closed. You decide to call it quits and head back…but quickly realize you're lost.

"Great," You groan under your breath and take out your little map. It's only marginally more readable then the shallow hoof dents on the ground, but you can't make heads or tails of where you are. Twilight's direction was really only good enough to get you from Ponyville to Zecora's, not anything beyond that.

You're not even sure which direction you left from to backtrack your steps. Squinting, you wonder if you might even have headed toward the dangerous places Twilight warned you about.

What should you do now?


Way I see it, we have two options.
Wait for Zecora here, or…
Remember we have wings and try to fly above the treetop and just find our way back home that way.


Just got home.
I say we fly.


With some easy powerful flaps of your wings, you breach the canopy and depart the forest into the chilly night air. Whatever happened to Zecora, you're no help to her being lost in the dark and head back to the easy to spot house lights of Ponyville.

It must be getting late; the streets are nearly empty and the lights are starting to switch off as some of the early to rest turn in for the "night." Feeling yourself grow weary and what ever was in Zecora's tasty brew, you glide in for a landing beside Sugar Cuber Corner. Rummaging in your bags for a bit, you find your key, head in and lock up behind you.

All the lights are off from the looks of it and its dead quiet. The cook ware from your busy day are still sitting not so pretty in the large sink and the kitchen is rich with the smell of sugar and bread.


I don't think we should try to do dishes while the Cakes are trying to sleep.
Let's just head up to bed for now.


Yeah, let's just get some rest so we can face the… nightday tomorrow.


Quietly so not to disturb the residents of the bakery, you head upstairs with silent hoof falls, hovering gently off the ground to keep as silent as possible. You pass by the nursery and see Mrs. Cake still asleep in the same position you left her hours ago. The twins are asleep too, though it looks like they managed to escape the confined of the crib and nuzzled up on their mother.

Your sparse little room is still small, cozy and plain, but now seems infinity more inviting now that you're tired. You set your bags down by the door, stretch, yawn and settle into your bed. Its little more then a sheeted mattress on the floor with pillow and blanket, buts its soft and feels so good right now. You looks up at the window and the shining moon light for a little while before closing your eyes.


You don't know how long you were asleep. Heck, you may have only just been horizontal for a mater of minutes before what sounds like an explosion rocks you off the mattress and onto the clod hard wood floor!


Look out the window.



Head outside


Hooves scrapping on the floor, your rush to your window. Its like a dust storm out side with a huge grey cloud of grit obscuring your vision. Through it you can see the shades of movement, possibly ponies outside on the street, possibly something else….

"Aggh! Windbreaker?!" You hear Mrs. Cake yell, followed by the wines of the babies. You barge into the hall and find all three huddled in the doorway. "What's happening?!"

"I don't know!"

You scramble down the stairs and out the door, immediately getting engulfed in chocking dust as it burst in. All around you can hear it the muffled screams and shouts of other ponies out int the cloud.


Oh shit. We never should've trusted alternative universe Zecora.


We should seal the doors and windows and wait it out inside SCC…
But we might miss something.
wat do



Are we able to make out which direction the storm is coming from ?


I say we find a wet cloth inside to put over our mouth so we can breathe.


You slam the door closed, coughing the dust out of your lungs as it settles inside. As you rub the last of it out of your eyes, you see Mrs. Cake come down the stairs with her brood.

"What is it? A fire?!"

"Still don't know! I can't see a thing out there!"

Blinking with eyes full of tears you check the windows. The even more obscure down here then from your window, though now you can clearly make out dark silhouettes of ponies running around in the cloud. Thinking quickly, you run into the kitchen, wet a wash cloth and quickly tie it around your mouth before heading back. Mrs. Cake looks frantic, doting over her children as she watches you go back and forth.

"What are you going to do, Windbreaker?"


Tell her we're going to try to see what's happening.
Also, can we smell this stuff? Does it smell like smoke?


Tell her we're going out to see if we can get down to the bottom of this bizarre sandstorm.
Is it still night outside? How can we see the silhouettes of ponies if that's the case?


"I'm just going to see what's happening. Stay here!"

You again try the front again and are instantly bombarded why a wall of dust. with the damp cloth helping you breath, you force yourself outside, blinking against the tears in your eyes. It's still night out, not surprising considering the unusual circumstances and it was normal night time anyway, though the moon must be giving enough light for you toe make out the dark shapes of ponies running in the streets. But even then you're vision is severely limited and you find yourself nearly lost in the chaos despite still being on the door step.

What ever this stuff is, it doesn't smell like smoke or ash, like if it was a fire. In fact it kinda smells damp and earthy like….earth. There's also no wind of any sort, with the miasma drifting gently around you in an calmly eery way, despite all of the ponies thundering around you scared.


Let's get back inside.


Back inside then.
We gotta formulate some kinda plan for this…
Waiting it out would be a bad idea I imagine, but what else can we do?


I'm thinking these things are spores of some kind.


Not sure what else to do, you head back into the shelter of the store where Mr.s Cake is anxiously waiting.

"Are you ok?!" She says, pulling you over once the door is closed and you can feel the twins at you hooves.

"I'm fine! I-its just dusty!" You cough, trying to push your employer off of you. "I don't know how bad it is."

"Is everypony ok? It sounds bad!"

"I can hardly see out there. I don't know!"

Without any other options, the four of you hunker down in the safety of Sugar Cuber Corner for the freak even to subside. Mrs. Cake gets you some water and babies settle down after a while, probably still tired. Periodically checking the window, you see the dirt cloud progressively settle and become thinner. Eventually you can see all the way to the opposite side of the street and the panicking mob seems to be evolving into a dazed crowd. Everypony looks confused and afraid, but not noticeably injured.


Alright, let's head out again. Ask around if anyone knows what happened.


Once again you head, ditching the wash cloth. There's no need for it. Looking one way and another you go to join the crowd of gathered ponies just outside while Mr.s Cake watches cautiously from the doorway. You catch some of the general chatter.

"It's just the darnedest thing."

"I know, right? I've never even heard of something like this."

"I saw the whole thing as it happened! It was crazy!"

"What's going on?" You ask, shouldering your way through the crowd, trying to find the center of attention. "What's everypony going on abo-!"

Pushing through the crowd, you didn't notice where it they and the ground beneath your hooves suddenly drop off. Oblivious, you fall face first down a good six feet onto moist fresh earth. Groaning, you get back up and shake the dirt out of your wings and mane.

"Careful," Somepony calls from above you. You hold back with a short retort, finding yourself in a very long, perfectly aligned earthen trench.


Fly up out of the hole and ask what happened.


You buzz back up to the lip of the trench, still keeping to the air with so little room to go around. From what you can see, this thing goes on for quite a ways in one solid swath. The entire street from end to end looks ruined by the sudden terrain change.

"What the hay happened here?" You demand to the anonymous crowd milling and talking. "An earthquake?"

"I don't know. I was just sleeping when I was woken by a loud bang!" A brown stallion says.

"I saw it!" A blue green mare says, trying to get everypony's attention. "Really I did! I was just walking along when these….I dunno, balls of light shot past fast as a shot! They scooped the ground here, kicking up dirt everywhere and didn't even slow down!"

Most of the crowd murmurs with rumor and discussion, mostly ignoring the unicorn, though some are listening to her.

(I'm sorry guys, but I think I', going to have to turn in now. Was more tired then I thought. Thanks for playing everyone! We'll continue next week!)


See you Friday.


That's alright. Seeya Friday!


File: 1350091058506.png (77.45 KB, 908x869, puddinhead.png)

Howdy do pony pals!

I've gotten myself a fancy little 3 day ban, so I cant post in the general. If any of the regulars are here and seeing thing, I'd just like to say thank you for coming in every week and participating.

However, I can't help but feel that things are just…..well, you know. Every session is slow, drawn out, poorly written and nothing really happens. I seem to be having the inverse problem of Rusty quest; instead of doing TOO much and having a convoluted mess, I'm not doing enough and things are just boring. I think, in light of two previous failed quests, I might just give up.

I'm starting to think I'm just not cut out for quests. I don't draw and thus have none of the quality of someone like LK or GG. And overall my writing, planing and pacing are pretty poor, so I don't really have the charm or fun of Rasin quest, or the feely feels of Aspariant's various quests. I'm not complaining and have only positive things to say about said quests, just how I feel in comparison.

So, I feel there are two options here. We can keep trudging along, hoping that I myself will improve and things pick up.

Or we can just call it quits. Move on. Season 3 isn't far away now. Maybe I'll just cut out the middle man and just become a straight up wrightfag. Could just simply convert the story I had for this and replace Windbreaker with Twilight or someone.

What do you guys think?


why are you banned


Long story short, I got caught in a thread mass banning. It'll end tomorrow


File: 1350092176189.jpg (19.78 KB, 276x295, 1348328286521.jpg)

Well I guess we should continue. If you want to take a few days to plan things out a bit more that's okay. It's not like the General magically will start talking about pone 24/7 again since the Crystal episode, while they might not be shit, won't be as good as the Discord episodes.


Well, if that's how you guys feel. If you wont give up, I wont either….though I haven't exactly set a good tone with the whole "Waa waa, I'm not good and want to give up!" posting. But like I said, I wont give up if you guys wont.

Don't have a whole lot prepared, not that it really matters, but I guess I could try running tomorrow.


Thanks, I really do like your quests.
Of course you must do what you feel you must, but for what it's worth, I would miss it if you quit.
I do agree that not much has been happening so far, but I really did love Rusty Quest.
Understand that the only problem I had with RustyQuest was the very end. I can honestly say that I had fun every session, and I wouldn't give that up even with the ending.
Again, do what you feel like doing, but I really enjoy what we do together.
And, just my own personal opinion: Too much and having a convoluted mess > Not doing enough and things are just boring.


If you do decide to have a session tonight, I can't join up until about 1 1/2 hours from now.


Last time on Windbreaker Quest!

>Revisited Zecora to drop off the plants you were able to scrounge up and inform her on the situation

>But she didnt seem to be home
>Tried to search for her in the forrest, but it was too dark and you got lost
>Flew out and back to Ponyville
>Went to Sugar Cube Corner and went to bed
>You and a panicked Mrs. Cake tried to figure out was going on, only to force yourselves to stay inside because of all the dust
>When things quited down, you and most of Ponyville went out and discovered a huge ditch rutting through a long chunk of street


Well let's get going then!
Inventory check!


File: 1350181580740.gif (206.49 KB, 550x400, Bubbles riding Pinkie.gif)

++Episode One Dozen: Party Poppers++

You are standing just outside Sugar Cube Corner with a large group of most of Ponyville. Everyone is gathered around the vicinity of of the new gutter in the road, speculating on what happened. You're brushing yourself off after having just fallen in said hole when Mrs. Cake comes over to you.

"Are you ok?" She says, concerned.

"Yeah, I just fell. I'm fine."

"What do you think could have caused something like th-"

"Ok everypony! Stay calm!" A loud clear voice commands from the crowd. Ponies disperse, giving room for a young mare with classes taking charge of the situation. "If anypony is hurt, please direct yourself over here. You, you and you, see if there is any thing we can get to circle off this hole."


>Comedy props, including silly hat and tie, as well as caned snakes, a whoopie cushion and a squirting flower

>Map of Ponyville and the surrounding area
>32 bits in cash


Well, might as well check out the inside of the ravine while we're down here. Is there any identifiable marks that can give us a hint as to what created it?


"Wait here. I'm going to check that hole out again."

"Be careful," Mr.s Cake says as you flutter off, looking worried.

You blend in with the rest of the crowd as ponies start getting to work or getting out of the way. From above the whole thing looks like an ugly scare in the ground, but back in the trench it just seems like…well, a hole. The soil on the bottom and sides are fresh and moist, giving a distinct earth smell. There's a few rocks here and there, including some big ones. There's even what looks like a broken pipe with a steady stream of water forming a puddle to one side. The only thing that seems out of place is how uniform the while thing is; the sides are slightly rounded and go perfectly straight from one end to the other. the ends are kind tapered off, too.


What on earth could've caused that…
Can't be an explosion or any kind of digging.
Teleportation maybe?
Are there any unicorns around? Ask them if they feel any magic coming off of the hole.



Can we tell how long the trench is ?


This hole is very strange, You can't make heads or tails of what could have made it, though you have a feeling it's probably something magical. You don't know the first thing about magic. Heck, you hardly know the second or third thing about flying. You're going to need some help on this one.

Coming out of the whole you see that much of the crowd has left to go back to bed. Or work, you don't know anymore. Some ponies are still around, setting up barrier tape and cation signs around the area under the direction that the pony in glasses. There are still a few rubber necks checking out the destruction. and you spy a greenish unicorn amongst them.

"Hi there!" You say with a smile, landing beside her.

"Uhh, hi. Have we met?"

"Technically, no, but that's kinda of a long story. I'm Windbreaker." You offer your hoof.

"Lyra." She says and shakes it kinda awkwardly.

"I know this seems kinda weird, but I couldn't help but notice you're a unicorn."

"Yeeeaaah," Lyra says slowly cautious, looking up at her horn. "What about it?"

"I was hoping you might do your….magicy thing and see if you can find something about what caused this hole. I mean, if thats ok."

"Ha, I can do you one better. I SAW it happen!"

Exact dimensions are little tricky, but its cutting along side about a block and a half of the buildings and is wide enough for at least four ponies to stand side by side comfortably.


She saw it happen?
That's great!
Investigate dat shit pronto!


"Really? What happened?"

"Ok, so I was just walking along the road here, mind my own business, right?" She says eagerly and stomps her hoof down. "When BOOM! This huge sphere of light barrels into the ground here going a hundred miles an hour! At first I thought it was an explosion but it was just all the dirt it kicked up. Then it zipped right off that way just as fast as it showed up."

She points down the road, following the same direction one end of the trench is pointing. South-ish, if you remember your map right. That way leads back to the forest.


Whelp. Maybe Zecora might know what's up. Or she did it. Let's head to the forest.


Sphere of Light?
No idea what that could be…
Maybe we should go ask Zecora if she saw anything.


"Wow. That's is strange."

"I know, right?" Lyra says, throwing her hooves up in frustration. "I've been trying to tell everypony, but nopony will listen to me."

"Well you've really helped. Thanks!"

"See ya."

You fly off again, leaving behind the turbulent scene and heading back towards the forest. Following along roughly the same path the trench was pointing, when you come to the tree line you immediately find evidence to back up Lyra's story.

"Geeez," You say to no one in particular. A perfect circle has cut its way through the tree's. The canopy, branches, even entire trunks have been cut clean from something that's cannon balled through them.


Maybe it's something to do with Zecora's light spell.


Let's head in, but BE CAREFUL. Be ready to fly at any moment.


Yeah, seconding this.


Carefully, you fly through the pseudo tunnel made by whatever this sphere of light was. It's eerie flying though the trees like this. In places you find a couple of fathers. Some poor birds must have gotten blind sided by what happened. In fact, the whole forest seems oddly quiet, no doubt scared off by what happened.

Eventually, the trail of destruction pans upwards until it goes over the trees competently. Whatever it was, you can't exactly follow it, but if it keeps its directions it probably is heading towards the mountains you can just barely make out in the night. Checking you map, you confirm that there's at least on mountain that way, but its quite a hike.

Zecora's place is also close by, though it doesnt look like it followed the path of destruction.



Let's go see if Zecora knows anything.


Let's check out Zecora's one more time and see if she's home.


Yeah, definitely check with Zecora, see is she knows anything.
She was out last time we were here, wasn't she?


Yeah, that's why we went back to town, but I think we should still check and see.


Sure that Zecora must know or have seen something about all this, you follow your direction back to her little hut, cutting time by flying. In a few minutes you're back at her door step. The lights are completely off and the windows are coldly dark.

"Zecora?" You knowck on the door firmly. "Are you home? It's me, Windbreaker. I still have those things you wanted me to pick up!"

No answer.

"Zecora? Are you asleep?"

Still nothing.



Look around for hoofprints


Alright, let's investigate the area. See if she left a note or if there's any sign of what happened.


Are the tracks from yesterday still there?
Try to follow them.


You check around, looking for a note she might have left or some kind of signs of disturbance, but aside from being quiet nothing about the hut is out of place. The door is also locked and its too dark to see anything inside.

The tracks you saw and tried to follow earlier are still there, as well as your own when you tried to follow them. You could try following them again.


Alright. Let's try again.
If we fail, let's head up the mountain.



Might as well try


Worth a shot, I guess.
Track dose tracks!


"Ok, take two…"

Nose to the ground and squinting in the dark, you follow the tracks leading deeper into the wood, leading to who knows where….

Rolled 2 = 2



With difficulty, you try to keep along the trail, following it as closely as possible. Between the omnipresent darkness and now trying to distinguish your old tracks with the ones you want to follow, its feeling even harder to follow these hoof prints. But, after a good ten minutes of diligence you are rewarded by coming to a clearing and finding…

…Zecora's hut. You went in a circle.

"Son of a butt!"


Let's head up the path of destruction.
But, again, be super careful, and be ready to fly away at any second.


Try again?


>Turn back


>Or try again


Destruction path


Try again.
If we fail, head up the mountain.


Try again.



Try try again


You're getting worried about Zecora. She's still not back as far as you can tell and its been a while. Since you came all the way out here anyway, you might as well keep trying to look for her…..

Rolled 4 = 4


Again you follow along closely, struggling against the dark and a true mess of a trail now. Deeper into the forest you delve, away from the relatively brightly moon lit clearing of Zecroa's home to the murky black of the vegetation. It's next to impossible to see anything and more then once you bump your head into a tree. On the third or fourth time you do so, you get a reaction.

"Hey, watch it, will ya!" A high pitch little voice pikes up from somewhere. Looking around, you see only the vague shapes of the tree's and plants around you.


"Hello? Who's there?"


Call out asking who that could be!


"Hello?" You call out, turning around and around, trying to find who's talking. "Who's there?"

"Stop spinning! Your giving me a headache, for crying out loud."

A little flash of dark on dark movement catches your eye as it scampers around one of the trees. There's a buzz of insect wings as it jumps over and hovers around your face annoyingly.

"Now, who are YOU and why'd you come banging around and wake me up? Huh?"


"I was just checking out this path of destruction, I didn't mean to bother you."
Also, introduce ourselves.


"Wind Whistler! We're looking for someone, have you seen a zebra pass through here recently?"


>Wind Whistler


…Wind Breaker.


"Wind Breaker. Sorry, I was following this path of destruction an-"

"Oh that was you making all that noise, huh?" The little buzzing thing says, its voice making little clicks as it talks.

"No no! I was just following it. Did you see it?"

"I certainly heard it! Woke me up. And just when I get back to sleep YOU come bumbling along and knocking into my tree!"

"Sorry. I'm looking for a friend of mine. Have you seen a zebra pass through here?"

"Maybe…." The buzzer lands on your nose, pointy little claws clutching the short fur. Even this close its hard to see it, but you can make out jagged little mandibles and little yellow eyes. "What's in it for me if I did?"



What does it want ?


Ask what we can do for it.


"How about a joke?"


I like this.


"What uh…what do you want?" You say, instinctively backing up even though it doesnt do any good.

"That depends," It says with a little hiss. "What do you offer?"

"…..how about a joke?"

"Hmmm….I do like jokes. Very well. A joke for information."

"Ok uhh…."

Rolled 5, 5, 3 = 13


"Ok so, two stallions get into a disagreement, right? One of them shrieks away saying 'You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?' and the other one says 'Nah. I'm going to hit you with a rock!'"

There's a momentary pause as you stand there in the dark with the thing on your face, but then it stars vibrating on your nose, making some piercing whistling noise. You guess its laughing. Sounds like a cricket trying to snort.

"Ehehe! That's a good one. A deal is a deal. I saw your zebra friend. She went that way and is resting under that tree there." The little creature jumps off you. It produces some little globule of light from somewhere and gestures in a clear direction along the trees.


Head over to Zecora. Nudge her and whisper.



Thank it and head for Zecora


"Thanks! What's your name?"


"Thanks! What's you name, by the way?"

The creature hisses at you and doses its light. As your eyes try to readjust you hear it buzz away until you can't hear it anymore. Put off by the whole experience with the strange bug, you head to where it indicated.

"Zecora?" You whisper loudly, unsure if you should be quiet or not. "Zecora? Are you here? Are you ok?"

Blindly you crawl around in the dark, trying to post some sign of your zebra friend. But as always, going is difficult in the total darkness and you end up tripping over onto your face. Picking yourself up, you turn to see what you fell on.

A pair of hooved legs are sticking out of a bush at an odd angle.



Look in the bush


Take a peek.



Carefully, you bend down and push away the branches of the bush. On the ground before you Zecora is laying stock still on her side, with her legs jutting out in unnatural positions. One of her fore hooves is near her surprised face defensively. When you go to touch her, she's as hard and cold as a statue.



What color is her body ?


Oh fuck, Cockatrice about.
Have we heard of a cockatrice before?
See if we can lift Zecora. If not, just get right out of the forest.


Oh no… she saw a cockatrice!
And the only canon cure requires Fluttershy's stare to intimidate the animal into reversing the stoning…
I guess maybe we can go to the library and look it up?


"Oohhh this is bad,"

You shake her a little, trying to wake her up, but she's completely unyielding and unresponsive in every way. She wont wake up, even though her eyes look like they're open. Unsure what else to do, you get around her and try to lift her up to her hooves.

"Sweet Celestia! Come on, up! Up!"

You grit your teeth and strain muscles you hardly every use to, but eventually you are able to rut Zecora out from the recessed ground and prop her up against the tree. She weights a ton and is still frozen in the same position she was on the ground. The way her legs are, she probably wont be able to stand up on her own.


Have we heard of a cockatrice?



Let's head back to the library and see if Twilight can help us.


(Windbreaker, being a city pony and not all that well verse, has never heard about a cockatrice, nor most of the things one might find in the Everfree)

Trying to catch your breath from the lift, you lean against the tree besides Zecora. She's too heavy. Even if you tried, it would take forever to drag her back to her place, let alone all the say to Ponyville.

"Zecora…I'm sorry. I'm going to have to leave you here. I'll be right back, ok?"

Zecora just leans there with her somewhat silly distorted face looking back at you without seeing. You feel guilt for finding her only to leave he again, but you have no choice. Quick as you can, you blast off above the tree and zoom to Ponyville. It must at least be morning, cause there are ponies up and about, but you don't care about that just now. Zeroing in on Twilight's familiar home, you come to a skipping halt and barreling through the door.

"Twilight! Twilight, help!" You call in the dark, knocking over books as you bump about looking for your time distorted friend. She doesn't seem to be here….when. Whatever. The point is she's not answering yet.


Try to find a book on curses or something like that, see if 'turned to stone' comes up?


See if there are any books about the Everfree.


Still panicking about Zecora, you rummage around the shelves trying to find a book to help. After getting frustrated not being able to see jack, you light up a few candles to help, finally giving you some light.

The place is a complete mess, as always. Books are on the floor, stacked wide open on top of each other. Some are in pretty bad condition. But you dive in, check titles one by one to see one that might offer assistance….

Rolled 1 = 1


"A thousand and one ways to proper hoof care? No. How to fix a toilet, an introduction? No. Bad hair day: the idiots guide to mane style? NO! Ugh, none of these are helpful!"

Frustrated, you toss the last book across the room.

"Heeeyy," A weak voice says from somewhere. "Don't….do that."

"Twilight!" You rush over in the general direction you heard her mumble and find the purple pony laying prone on the ground, half phased though a pile of books. She's not looking very well again.



Ask Twilight how she is feeling.


Ask her what's wrong!


"Twilight….," You kneel down beside her, pushing aside some of the books. She looks so thing and weak. "How you feeling?"

"Oh, I'm good." She smile at you weakly, but doesnt raise her head. "Decided to eat the scroll. Much better now. Heh. How are you?"

"Twilight, I need your help. It's Zecora."

"What?" Twilight perks up somewhat, but doesn't seem able to lift her head. "What happened?"

"I dunno! She's….she's been turned to stone or something!"

"Ohhhh. Been there. Done that."

"And I need to find a way to…..you've been turned to stone before?"

"Yeah. Not fun."

"Well, how did you get out of it?!"

"Fluttershy yelled at the cockatrice that did it until it felt bed and undid it."


Well, Fluttershy's not around right now. Do you know any other ways?
Do you have any books that might help?


"Well we dont HAVE Fluttershy here, Twilight. Is there another way? Do any of your books have something that can help?"

"Ugggh," Twilight lulls her had to one side, her eye unfocussed. "Books….might be a thing. Not sure…."


But before you can say anything more, Twilight is gone, disappearing back through the aether of time and leaving you alone and frustrated in the library.


She said cockatrice.
Look around again for books on weird creatures, or the Everfree forest.



Maybe Mrs. Cake knows of an animal expert in town we ask for help


Look for 'cockatrice' I guess?
Maybe in a book on the everfree forest.


(Sorry folks, but I think I'm going to cut off here now. Thanks for playing everyone! I hope you guys are still having fun. Tonight seemed like a good one all things considering. Nest session will be on Friday)



Sounds good


Groovy, see you friday!


It was fun!
Seeya Friday!


Last time on Windbreaker Quest!

>Inspected the newly made crater just in front of Sugar Cube Corner as most of the town was gawking at it

>Couldn't make heads or tails of it, but after asking around you found Lyra who told you she saw it get made when some large magic sphere of some kind skidding on the ground and shot into the forest
>You went to investigate, finding a trail of destruction through the trees, but eventually losing track of it
>Went to visit Zecora to see if she saw anything and deliver her items, but she still wasnt home
>Went to try and follow her tacks in the forrest again, went in a circle, tried again and got a little lost
>Ran into…..some talking chittering thing in the dark.
>It didn't seem particularly helpful, but after exchanging a joke for information, it told you where you could find Zecora
>And you did, but she's been turned to stone!
>Tried to lift her and bring her back to Ponyville, but she was too heavy for you
>Flew to Twilight's to try and find a cure, but couldn't find anything in all the mess
>Twilight appeared again, but looked worse then ever and wasn't particularly helpful


++Episode 13: A Baker's Dozen++

You are alone in Twilight's tree library. As always its a complete mess and the only light is the few meager candles you've lit. Twilight has just vanished again, looking like she's on deaths door but still managing to do her magic to talk to you from a different time.

You're a little drowzy, but that's probably from running around town and getting woken up by an explosion not too long ago. You're also a bit pekish.

What should you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)



Let's head back to Sugarcube Corner for lunch, perhaps Mrs. Cake will have an answer to our problem.


Your options here limited, you decide to take a quick lunch break and return to Sugar Cube Corner with defeated, lowered gaze. In no particular rush you notice that most of the by standards have vacated the scene of the mysterious hole in the road, though there are still a few ponies in hard hats taping off the area and placing wooden boards across the gap.

The store is pretty vacant, which you strikes you as odd that none of the ponies outside decided to pop in for a treat. Mr.s Cake is behind the counter rearranging something while sipping on a mug of something.

"Oh, Windbreaker," She says, seeing you come in. "You find anything out?"


"Oh. Ok," She says quietly, taking another sip of her drink, spilling a little on the counter but she doesn't seem to notice.



Is there something on her mind ?


"Are you ok, Mrs. Cake?" You ask, coming up to the counter. You can smell that she's drinking coffee. "You seem….preoccupied."

"Do I? Heh, I guess I must," She rubs her face, looking very tired. "It's just this….explosion thing really frightened me."

"I wouldn't worry about it. I asked and searched around a bit. Whatever it was seems long gone."

"Oh I'm sure. Its just….I haven't heard back from Mr. Cake. He said he'd he send word as soon as he got to Canterlot, but there hasn't been anything."



We could always go see if Derpy has a letter from Mr. Cake after we eat.


"Oh. Don't worry boss, I'm sure the mail's just a little late or something. If you'd like I could go check with my friend Derpy and see if there's been anything."

"Thanks, Windbreaker," Mr.s Cake gives you a tired little smile. "I'm sure I'm just fretting over nothing. You hungry? Let's have a little brunch."

"You read my mind."

You and Mrs. Cake share a little meal of warm biscuits and sugary buns. Exactly what you needed. Your employer seems in better spirits after your reassurance, but you keep catching her staring off into space as the two of you eat.

"You want me to go check now? Or will you need me to help open the store?" You ask when you finish eating.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. We probably won't open today. Don't worry, I'll still pay you for the day."



We should tell Mrs. Cake about our cockatrice problem before we leave.


"Oh ok. That's fine."

"No no. Come here." Mrs. Cake opens the register, counts out a few bits and presses seven shiny coins into your hooves. "I know it's not much but you really have been working your tail off here. You earned it."

"Thanks!" You accept the few little coins and add them to your coin bag, giving you 39 total. "You've been very helpful to me, Mrs. Cake. I was wondering if you could help me with another problem I have."

"What is it, dear? Are you ok?"

"Oh no, I'm fine. Its my friend, Zecora. I found he-"

"Zecora!? Where?!"

Mr.s Cake leaps up, sending one of the plates you were having brunch on tumbling to the floor and shattering. She runs to the front window of the store, wildly searching back and forth, shaking all over."



Why is she so scared of Zecora ?


Ask why she's afraid of Zecora.
Try to explain about zebras, and how they're just different.


You go Mr.s Cake's side just as she dives for cover under the windowsill.

"Is she still out there?"

"No. She was never out there."

"Oh. Good." She breaths a sign of relives and gets back to her hooves, brushing her self off. "Don't scare me like that."

"Why are you so scared of Zecora? I ju-"

"Zecora?! Wh-"

"Stop!" You hold your leg out to keep Mr.s Cake from dashing off again. "Why are you so scared of her?"

"Cause she's evil! You're new in Ponyville so you don't know. She lives all alone in the Everfree, sometimes skulking around Ponyville to do Celestia knows what."

"But I met her," You explain. "She's just a nice zebra who lives by herself cause everypone is scared of her. She's also a pretty good cook."

"…really?" Mrs. Cake looks doubtful.



Really, she has been turned into stone by a cockatrice and we need to find a way to help her.


"Yeah! Haven't you heard of zebras?"


And then try to explain what they are.


"Yeah! Heaven't you heard of zebras?"


"Well, neither have I. She more or less like a normal pony. But that's not the point! I found her in the woods and some cockathingy turned her to stone!"


"It's kind of a long story. But we need to find a way to help her."

"I dunno, Windbreaker. What with everything that's been happening, this sounds kinda dangerous."


"Well, yeah, but this is a life we're talking about!
And, anyway, I'm not planning on going unprepared. I was just wondering if you knew anything about cockatrices, or anyone else who might."



Zecora might be key to solving the mystery of whatever happened outside this morning.


"I know its dangerous, but she's still a person in danger! And I'm not going in unprepared or anything. I was just wondering if you might know anything about cockatrices or something."


"I dunno, I think its some kinda bird or something. But this is important. Zecora might even know something about what's been happening lately."

"I'm sorry, I wouldn't know anything about that. I could teach you how to make angel food cake from scratch, but spooky zebras and wild animals are beyond me."

"Well, do you know anypony who would?"

"Not….really. Maybe try the vet? She knows about animals."


I guess it's worth a try.


Worth a try, I guess.
Go find that vet and save Zecora!