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New thread, new season, same old shit. Old one starts here: >>79245

Last time:

>Left Twilight's to eat at Sugar Cube Corner

>Had lunch with Mr.s cake and got paid for the day, but she seemed distracted
>After some probing she told you she was worried that she hasn't heard back from Mr. Cake since he left for Canterlot
>Asked for her help in regards to Zecora, but she was too terrified at the idea of Zecora to be of much help. Plus, she simply didn't know anything useful
>Went to the local Vet to see if they knew how to reverse a Cockatrace's stone vision, but she doesn't know anything about animals from the Everfree.
>Out of ideas, you fly back to Zecora's and break in
>Rummaging through her organized, reletively small library, you are able to find a book on creature's of the Everfree Forest
>A sudden mvement and noise behind you makes you jump. Something had gotten into the hut while you're back was turned and ran out again before you got a look at it!


++Episode 14: Side split!++

You are in Zecora's home deep in the dark Everfree, currently clinging in fear to the roof with the help of your wings. Trying to listen over the noise of your own heartbeat, everything seems clear now, thugh that probably doesnt mean a whole lot since you didn't hear whatever it was come in in the first place. Still, after waiting a few minutes alone no monsters jump back inside and try to eat you.

Still clutching the book you found and a light table lantern, you drift back to the floor. Looks like its all clear, at least for now.

What should you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


I say fly out to the roof with the book and lantern and read up there.
So we're safe.



Sounds like a plan, should also give us a decent vantage point as well.


Juggling the metal lantern and the newly acquired book, you quickly zip outside and up on top of Zecora's tree home. Nothing immediately jumps from the shadows to eat you, which you take as a good sign. From your relative vantage point from the branches you see a moderate ways all around Zecora's in the lantern light. All is still and quiet except for the rustling of crickets and the calls of night birds. Feeling a margin of safety, you flip through the book.

The first thing you note is this tome is old. Very old. Most of the parchment is fragile and yellow with age and you have to be careful or else the pages seem to come free of the spine. Every page is full of small print accompanied with illuminated illustrations of a plethora of creatures you've never even heard of before. There's no table of contents or any discernible order, but eventually you are able to find a small section on cockatrices.

"Cockatrices. A small reptile avian chimera with the unique ability to petrify other creatures by eye contact," You skim aloud. "Often believe to lay their eggs amongst unsuspecting hens….yadda yadda yadda….is believed to be flightless….come on….ah, here. The ability to turn others to stone is not fully understood. Schools of thought dictate that only the cockatrice itself can undo its work, though hypotheses exist that having it look at its victim through a reflected surface may reverse the affect. Some also belive slaying the creature can save its victims, but as nopony has ever captured a cockatrice, all of this is theoretical."


Is that the entire entry?
If not, see if there's information about where they hide or how to attract them.


You are starting to feel gipped by this book. Many of the other animals have entire pages for their sections, where as the cocktrice only has a few paragraphs and they're not particularly helpful. You guess it must have been hard for who ever wrote this book to study a creature that could turn them to stone.

"Though dangerous, cockatrices are cowardly by nature, living in the seclusion of low lying temperate woodland. They do not seek out particularly fearsome prey despite their ability. In fact, like the cobra and mongoose, the cockatrice seems to be the immortal enemy of the common weasel. However, their diet seems to be made up exclusively that of eggs of other birds. It is possible that ransackings of a farmer's chicken coop may not always be blamed that on foxes…."


I forgot whether we did anything with Zecora.
If we haven't, try to drag her near/into the house. We can't risk her getting broken.
After that, head to town. Try to find eggs and a mirror.



So our options seem to be:

Use eggs to lure the Cockatrice into looking at Zecora.

Use eggs to lure the Cockatrice into looking at a reflection of Zecora.

Use eggs and a mirror shield to slay the Cockatrice.

Use a Weasel to go after and slay the Cocktrice.


The book didn't really give you all you wanted to know, but enough to at least start with. Closing it shut and stuffing it in your pack, you look in the general direction you left Zecora. Reading about the cockatrice is making you feel worried for her. What if she breaks from a bear or something stepping on her? What if there's a storm and a tree falls on her? Even if you're just getting fear get the best of you, it probably would be best to get her into a more secure location to trap the cockatrice.

Lantern in mouth, you hover back to Zecora's resting place. She's just as you left her, leaning against a tree. You set you light down and try to leverage her in a way for you to at least drag her home….

Roll #0 4 = 4



Taking her weight off the tree and putting on you, you do your darnedest to hold her up. But a pony made of solid stone is nothing to sneeze out and you quickly loose balance.

"Oh no oh no OH NO!" You try to catch her, but there's nothing you can do. Zecora takes a stiff header into the dirt, one side of her body sinking into it slightly. Luckily the ground here appears to be very soft and the zebra doesnt break.


Can we drag her through the soft earth?
Let's try.


You don't feel comfortable just leaving your friend here helpless. Again. Especially after dropping her. Again.

Carrying here is probably too much for you to muster, but dragging shouldnt bee too hard. It might throw your back out like some old mare, but you feel you have to at least try….

Roll #0 6 = 6


Digging your hooves in, you forcibly drag, push, plow, shove and pull all of Zecora's dead weight across the ground. It's hard work, probably one of the hardest things you've ever done in your life, but eventually you are able to bring the petrified pony all the way back to the relative safety of the clearing around her home.

You collapse to the ground beside Zecora, feeling just as dead and still as her. Your back and legs ache, but you can't help the feeling that you've acomplished something and helped yourfriend in some small way



Do we need a rest? Could we manage a flight back to town?


(You are sore, in the way you can be after a lot of work or a long workout. You'd certainly like to take a nap and rest, but you don't think you pulled anything. Flying back to down should be easy enough, especially since you hardly used your wings to move Zecora)



If Zecora is safe enough then we should probably head back to town and rest.


Yeah, let's get back to Sugarcube Corner for a rest.
Let's not ask Mrs. Cake for eggs, because of how she reacted when we asked for muffins.
We can try to get eggs somewhere else later.


You push Zecora just a bit more so she's in the shadow of her house…..if there was light enough for a shadow. Either way, you feel she's safe enough now and with a stiff back you take flight back to town.

You can't figure out what time it is by the looks of things. Morning? Afternoon? The constant night has screwed up your whole inner rhythm. Whatever the case, Sugar Cube Corner is pretty much dead when you arrive back, the sign on the door indicating its closed. Mrs. Cake is no where to be seen in the quite shop, though you do find her when you go upstairs.

She's in the twins nursery, gently playing with the two babies as they play with blocks. She seems focused on them and doesn't notice you as you walk past the open door.


Ask her how her day went.


"Knock, knock," You say aloud, coming into the room. Mrs. Cake turns around and greets you with a smile.

"Windbreaker, I didn't hear you come it. How are you?"

"I'm good. Just a little tired from doing some heavy lifting." The two babies hobble ever to you as you talk with Mrs. Cake, Pumpkin trying to climb up your leg and Pound trying to fly up and poke your face. "How's your day been?"

"Oh, we've been fine." Mrs. Cake snatches her colt out of the air and hugs him close as he tries to struggle out of it. "Thanks for listening to me earlier today, Windbreaker."

"What? Oh, you mean about Mr. Cake?"

"Yes. I'm sure he's just caught up in something. It was a big order after all. I know I'm worrying over nothing, but it was good to talk to a friend about it."


"Well, it's no problem at all. I love to listen, but I'm heading to bed for a while."


"Well, it's no problem at all. I love to listen, but I'm heading to bed for a while."

"I think bed sounds perfect for all of us right now. Isn't that right?" Mrs. Cake coos to her little babies. The pegasus clearly does not agree and continues to break free of his mother's iron glad hug. Pumpkin seems to have resumed interest in her blocks. "You go on ahead to bed, Windbreaker. I'll take care of these two."

"Ok then. Good night."

"Good night."

You head to your room down the hall. Everything is as you left it during the hectic wake up call you got earlier; the sheets and blankets are scattered across the floor and a bunch of your junk is knocked to the side. But with a little tidying up, everything is back in order.


Get into bed and rest.


The softness of the bed calls to you and in a moment your sore back is at rest. Setting aside all of the stuff you've been carrying and blowing out the lantern, you close your eyes and sleep. Dreams come to you in hectic spurts of color and motion, but nothing clear.


Once again, you are woken up by a sound from outside. But where the last time was a violent explosion, this is a frantic tapping. A gentle rapping. At the window.

Groaning, you turn on your mattress to way window and see a little owl of all things at your window. It's fluttering around, pecking at the glass like its make of mice or something.


Open the window and try to shoo it away.



Open the window and see if there is anything tied to it's leg.


You don't know what hour it is and you honestly do not care. You're still tired and have been woken up once enough already. Some annoying bird isnt going to keep you from getting as much sleep as you can. Slowly, you open up the window just enough to let your hoof through the crack.

"Come on. Beat it, you." You shoo the bird away with a wave. It flies away for a moment, then perches on your arm. "Hey! I said buzz off, birdbrain!"

You try to shake it, but it seems adamant about something and refuses to let go of you.

You look over its little feet, thinking it might be some kind of messenger. But you don't see any kind of message holder thingy.


Well, this bird may be have significance.
Maybe take it outside and see if it tries to lead us anywhere.


You've never seen a bird act like this, at least not to you. Curious, you open the window all the way with the intent of letting it lead you somewhere or showing you what it wants. But the instant the window opens, its flaps past your face inside. You turn and find it perched on top of a stack of boxes, staring back at you with soft hoots.

"What th-" You beging to say when there's an explosion of feathers behind and around you. Through the open window and entire flock of birds shoot through the bottle neck of the window and fill your small room with chaos and wing flaps. "AUUGH!"

"Windbreaker?!" You hear Mr.s Cake over all the birds. A light comes on, probably the door to the hall opening. "What? WHATS HAPPENING?"



Jesus, birds!
Leave the room and shut the door behind us.


Bombarded from all sides by avian adversaries, you shove through the frantic flock to the open door. Many of them have jumped at the presented opportunity and exited into the rest of building, causing Mrs. Cake to dive and cover her head. Sliding on your hooves and turning with your wings, you make a 180 and slam the door to your room shut in a smooth solid motion. Birds are in the hall and now doubt much of the rest of SSC, but you know the vast majority of them as left behind on the other side of the door. Breathing heavy, you slide down to the floor.

"Friends of yours?" Mrs. Cake mutters, looking up from between her legs.

"What?" It takes you a moment before it dawns on you when you look at your wings. You laugh sardonicly as you brush a duck aside. "Oh, ha ha ha ha."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. There was an owl at the window. When I opened the window to see what was going on, he and his buddies jumped me."


Take a look through any windows that can give us a view of town.


The babies start crying and the two of you quickly rush to the nursery. A couple of ravens had gotten in and are flapping noisily over the crib where to the two little foals were sleeping. You and Mr.s Cake quickly rush them asway from the little ones.

"My foals!" She cries, scooping up the two and hold them for dear life.

"I think they're ok. I don't see any marks. The birds probably just spooked them." You turn to find the birds in question perched on the dresser across the room. There's a near by window, so you slam it open and shoo them off. "Go! Get! Bad….birds…."

"What is it?" Mrs. Cake see's the look on your face when you trail off, looking out the window. "More birds?"

The entire house shudders to one side, making the two of you catch each other, the twins between you.

"No. Not birds."

Outside Ponyville is in complete chaos. Stampeding through the streets is every animal you can think of. Bears, deer, possum, chickens, sugar gliders, frogs. Even animals you saw in the book you just read; manticores, timber wolves, little glows specks that might be pixies or something. You even watch in horror a towering bull like creature plows one of the near by homes in to a pile of rubble without stopping. The sky is blanketed with birds and other flying creatures.

And scattered everywhere are the citizens of Ponyville, running to and fro, try to find a safe spot in the destruction. Some jump into open windows as others help them inside, so just try to stay hidden and bury themselves in trashcans or the nearby newly made hole in the street.


Well, we may as well wait out the stampede for now.
Also, keep an eye out for cockatrices.


I'm sorry for being late!
Stay inside and wait out the stampede.


(Sorry, but I think I should have left off on that last one. Thanks for playing everyone! Nice to know its not just quite yet. One thread down, probably way too many more to go. We'll continue the story next Friday baring any trouble)


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>Decide to call it for the night
>Someone just shows up


See you Friday.
Haha, bad timing.


O- Oh…
Well it's my fault for showing up late I guess.
Seeya Friday then!


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Last time on Windbreaker quest

>Something startled you in Zecora's hut!

>But then it was gone.
>Quickly read up on Cockatrices, finding a number of possible ways to help Zecora.
>Seeing no danger, you went and dragged Zecora's stoned form back by sheer grit.
>Dead exhausted, you returned to Sugar Cube Corner with your new junk to rest for the "night"
>After talking a little with Mrs. Cake and going to bed, you were woken in the middle of the night by a bird rapping at your window.
>Unable to shoo it away, it stormed in when you opened the window
>And then so did a hundred of his friends
>When Mr.s Cake came to check on the ruckus and you escaped the flurry of birds, the two of you saved the twins from a pair of menacing crows
>The house shook violently, making you look outside and seeing the pandemonium outside


++Episode 15: Holy fuck why are you here? Season 3 is on in less then 10 hours!++

From the second floor of Sugar Cube Corner, you can see most of Ponyville being attacked by a menagerie of wild beasts. A stampede of giant bull frogs hop into a near by building and exploding out of the windows, taking the residents inside with them. Skittering, shadowy things stalk through the streets, jumping from shadow to shadow. A towering bull like animal nearly at eye height to you and dazzling with points of like barrels down the main road, sending the current chaos up even more. And again, another heavy slam send Sugar Cube Corner shaking, making you and Mrs. Cake bump into each other, the crying twins in between each of you.

What do you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


Ok, its been an hour and there's no takers. But thats fine! Its episode day tomorrow! This is a good thing. Plus it gives me a chance to sleep.

So we'll post-pone this week and start again next Friday! Or not, we'll see how it goes. See ya later and sorry if someone shows up JUST as I post this again)


God damn you, Scrubbles. You know I'm always late.


You know what time dinner is.

If next week is dead I'll stay on till 12 for you


The thing is, I work Friday nights until a little over an hour after you usually start. Still, if you'd hold on for me next Friday, I'd really appreciate it.


Two hours from now is when I get home. If no one else comes, and you stay on until then, I will be your best friend.


And we're back. Nothing happened last time, so just referee to the last posts here


(Feel free to start whenever. I'll stay on for a few hours even if no one shows. Between Pinkie episode in 12 hours and the Wreck it Ralph stream going on, not even Rasin is getting many takers)


Fly up above the ruckus and try to see where they're coming from.



"Stay here! I'll see how bad it is!" You shove the foals into their mother's hooves and hop onto the windowsill.

"Be careful!" Mrs. Cake shouts after you over the babies crying. You look over your shoulder and splayed wings to give her a reassuring nod.

In moments you have a birds eye view of Ponyville. Its mostly just a larger picture of what you could already see from Sugar Cube Corner. Many buildings have been leveled from the stampede and your fellow ponies are in a huge panic. From the other end of town you can see a steady stream of wildlife charging from the Everfree forest.

And beyond them, the bright orange glow of a distant forest fire.


Fly out there and see if it's near Zecora's hut. Or if that's what's on fire.


Dread hits you when you realize the fire and rush of creatures are coming from roughly the direction to Zecora's hut. You quickly dart over the rampage blow, cursing yourself and everything happening. Did you do this? Did yo leave a fire on at Zecora's? You lit that lamp, but took it with you.

"Stupid! Stupid!" You shout, skirting around a large dumpy bird wild flapping past you and crashing into a near by roof.

The wind isnt working in your favor and you are soon enveloped in smoke from the not so fire once you are a ways in the forest. Blinking tears, you are forced to fly lower, just under the canopy to reach the little hut. It and Zecora are just as you left them. From the ruts and prints in the soil you see in the glow of the fire light, though, its clear a lot of animals passed through there, circumventing the hut. Zecora herself it untouched in the protective shadow of her home.


Try to see if the fire seems to be spreading, and how near it is to her hut.


The smoke is pretty thick here, so you still keep pretty low. Just a bit higher then the hut's roof, you can see that not only is the fire pretty close, it's spreading fast. All the underlying brush and dead leaves must be feeding it. You're no expert on forest fires, but you don't think you can stay at Zecora's for much longer.

Coughing, you land back down on the ground by Zecora, trying to get clean air. You can feel heavy thuds reverberate through the ground. What you first took for your own panicked heart beat in your head, there is the distinct rhythmic sound of deep heavy booms coming from somewhere.


See how heavy Zecora is going to be, and how hard it's going to be to drag her to a safe distance from the fire.


"Ok, don't worry." You say going over to Zecora, partly to reassure her and almost entirely to reassure yourself. "This will work. Just to need to get you out of here, Zecora. We'll be fine."

Coughing and puffing, you get your footing and prepare to lift Zecora in her pretrified state to safety….


Roll #0 3 = 3



You get under her and try to hold her steady on your withers and wings. She weights as much as a sack of bricks and isnt the waist shape to hold, but you got her. Slowly, you drag her by the hooves in the general direction towards Ponyville.

All around you the forest is devoid of movement and sound, save for the crackling fire hot on your trail and the steady thudding. Both of which is getting closer.


Try to pick up our pace.
If the thudding or the fire gets too close, we'll have to drop her and fly straight up.


You double time it, hefting Zecora higher up your side. The fire is gaining and so is that sound. You're not sure what it is, but anything that loud in the middle of a forest fire probably isnt something you want to run into.

But you're simply not strong enough. You were barely able to get her to her home once before. On a second attempt. Soon you're exhausted and moving at a literal crawl. Looking behind you there's not only the fire within spitting distance of you, but you can still see Zecora's hut, now itself alight. The heat from the fire and the gathering smoke is increasing. In every direction is either more flames or dark and dry forest that it hasn't reached yet.


Fuck. Well, if she's made of stone, she might not burn in the flames. We can come back to the burnt forest to look for her if we have to, but if we don't fly now, we might not have the strength to when we have to.
I say we drop her and fly back to town.


Sweat and smoke are in your eyes you trip over a gnarled root in your path. You hit the dirt and Zecora slams with a thud beside you. The flames greedilt climb up at nearby tree and a flaming branch falls down wit the crack of splitting wood. The once distant crackling of logs is not shrill screaming inferno all around, adding to the menacing underlying thundering booms. You can feel your largest feathers on the edge of your wings tingle, which you've known since a filly can spell bad news for a pegasus.

"Zecora…" You gasp, trying to catch your panicking exhausted breath in the billowing smog. The zebra looks up at you with an unchanged petrified expression. "I….I can't. It's too much. Sorry."

Hoping her rocky predicament will keep her safe in the fire, you fly up into the smoke, leaving her behind. The smoke is hot, too hot for you to open your eyes, but you push through it until you feel the sting of the cold night air around you once more.

Wheezing, you circle high above the forest. So much is inked out from the smoke, but the fire is massive, stretching for what must be miles. And its heading straight towards Ponyville.


Get to town, ask the Cakes if there's a fire brigade or something.


Ask if there's a pegasus weather patrol nearby!
See if we can get them to rain on the fire!


>forgot this was today
…Did we really just leave Zecora in a fire?
Or hell! Just look for some rain clouds!


She's made of stone, she won't burn!
And the fire was getting closer!


Stone can still be damaged by fire!


Well, the fire was getting closer and closer!
Plus, you weren't here to talk me out of it!


Lungs burning, eyes tearing and wing aching, you shift gears and zip back to town ahead of the fire. But it soon becomes apparent that it might already be too late.

The majority of the wild creatures of the forest have departed, leaving behind devastated Ponyville. There's only a few building still standing over one storie and every other one is a splintered wreck. Ponies are everywhere, limping, moaning, lying on the ground as others that are able tend to them. As you fly over some are being pulled out from under wreckage by neighbors, family and friends running around calling out for one another.

Sugar Cube Corner is completely gone. The large colorful structure has been rendered down into a ugly mound of wood beams and broken glass. You don't see any of the Cakes anywhere, though everything is still pretty chaotic with everypony still reacting to the devastation.


Try to find pegasi. Get them to gather up some rain clouds to try and control this fire.


Seconding this.
If they're too busy, try to find some rain clouds ourselves.


"H-help! Help!" You call out, swooping over the ponies below. "Fire! There's a forest fire heading this way! Pegasus ponies need to put it out!"


Your grey friend Derpy buzzes up from one of the little groups in the street. She's sporting a few bandages over one of her eyes, but it doesnt seem to have hurt her smile.


"You're ok!" She cheers and zones you in for a tight hug. After a moment of struggling, you're able to pry her off.

"I need you help! There's a fire heading straight for Ponyville! We need to get whatever weather team you ponies have and try and put it out with rain."

"W-weather team?" Derpy looks at you with confused crossed eyes.

"Ponyville doesn't have a weather team? I know you're all kinda in the sticks, but surely you all have some way of regulating the weather."

"Y-yeah, but nothing really official. We all just kinda take turns on that sorta stuff."

"Oookaay," You say, rolling your eyes. "Then who's in charge."

Derpy gives you a big smile.


Okay okay, ask her to get as much of the team together as possible to make it rain over the fire.


We gotta act fast!


"Okay, okay, just….get everypony you can and make it rain. Fast! The fire isn't far!"


You roll your eyes, put your hooves on Derpy's withers and turn her around so she's facing the raging fire, now near the forest edge.

"Ooooh. Okay, be right back."

You fret in mid air alone for a few minutes, considering your next course of action when Derpy is tugging on your wing mere moments later.

"What is it? Where is everypony?"

"They uh…..a lot of them are kinda hurt." Derpy says, rubbing the back of her head. "And a lot of the others say they need to help their family and stuff right now."

"So NONE of them are going to help?!"

She shrugs helplessly at you.


Well, then it's up to us. Have her take us to where they keep the rain clouds, or however it works. The two of us should get as many as possible and take them to the fire.


That's about all we can do.
I knew this would happen…


"Then its up to the two of us then." You say gravely. Derpy gives you another big smile. "Lead on then. We're going to get as many clouds as we can."


Derpy flaps off a bit higher up and a bit east….then pauses, looks around and heads west. And then back east again.

"I'm sure there was one over here earlier…"

"Derpy, do you know what you're doing?"

"It's been a while."

"When's the last time you scheduled a rain?"


"You mean you don-"

"Found one!"

Before you know it a bundle of wet cloud fluff is shoved in your face. The two of you quickly snatch up more as fast of the two of you can….

Roll #0 1 = 1


Between Derpy's less the stellar lead and your own inexperience when it comes to working with clouds, the two of you only manage to cluster a legful of dripping grey clouds. And to make matters worse, it took you too long.

As the two of you push your charges toward the fire, its already managed to reach the outskirts of town. Ponies are once again panicking in the streets, with the injured limping desperately away from the creeping fire and the few able bodies trying to help.

"Ok, lets do this!" You shout to Derpy, who cheers back to you in comformation.

The two of you angle over one of the buildings starting to catch fire and together squeeze your respective clouds for all their worth…..which is pitifully not enough. A small shower rains down on the burning tinder, sending up a screech of steam, but ultimately only making the fire work just a bit harder before you and your friend are out of ammo.

"Crud!" You shout, feeling the heat pushing up thermals at you and Derpy.

"Hey, do you hear something?"

"Derpy, we still have the fire to deal with! Pay attention!"

"I am! But I hear something weird. Like thunder. Maybe it will rain on its own?"

"I…don't think that's what's happening."

You can hear the thundering now that Derpy pointed it to you. Coming directly from the heart of the forest fire, still burning trees are being shoved aside, making way for something very, very big. And like the fire, it's heading straight towards Ponyville


These dice are always so reliable.
Let's just go back and get more clouds. We can act on the very very big thing when we see it.


How far is the big thing from Ponyville?


"Come on!" You shout over the yelling ponies, fire and whatever else, yanking Derpy. "We have to get more clouds!"

Again, the two of you haphazardly zig zag around the skies over Ponyville, snatching up whatever clouds you can…

(It's at the edge of the forest, about to burst through to the open between the forest and the edge of town. It's easy to see from the air as it wedges a path through the burning trees, but between the fire and smoke all you can tell about it is that its big…..and probably not all that phased by the fire)

Roll #0 1 = 1


It's gonna be a dragon.


…Aww fuck, it is a dragon. WHAT DO WE DOOOO


We could try yelling at it, like Fluttershy.


It takes you twice as long for you and Derpy to find HALF as much cloud material to work with. By the time you two get back in position to make it rain, the fire has amazingly spread to half the town! Ponies are terrified, many of which are carrying those too hurt to run out of town on the opposite side of town.


"Come on. We have to at least try and stop the fire!" You say, squeezing your pitiful salvo down on a half demolished building. It steams away before it even hits.

"But we have another problem!" She shouts, yanking you up to face it.

Bursting through the forest edge in a shower of cherry red splinters is a massive reptilian head. Rising out of the fire and smoke, a massive red dragon reveals itself. Its nothing short of gargantuan. Titanic. Leviathan. It's easily the largest dragon you've ever seen….and your first outside a picture book.

It scans around, its huge head jerking left and right on the huge crane that's its neck. With scrapping heavy steps it lurches toward Ponyville, the fire set before it like an welcome mat. And as you and Derpy watch, the two ponies closest to it, the legendary creature rears back and lets out a gout of flame wide enough to you a dozen times over. The outlying buildings, already broken and burning, are devoured in the dragonfire. Everything the fire touches disintegrates like its made of wax.

(And I think I'll leave off there for tonight. Thanks for playing everyone! Oh man look at the time. New pony soon! Better get to bed. See you guys next Friday!)


See you Friday.
And you fucks better show up, too. Things are getting heavy.


Seeya man!
Sorry for showing up so late to the session…


Last time on Windbreaker Quest

>Ponyville is under attack by creatures from the Everfree!

>You leave Mrs. Cake and the babies at Sugar Cube Corner to help
>From the direction of Zecora's hut, you saw that not only was that were the creature's were all coming from, but there was a forest fire not too far behind
>You didn't find anything significant there when you went to investigate
>You were not strong enough to drag a petrified Zecora away from the fire and had to fly to safety.
>Flying back to town you found most of the creatures had left
>Most of Ponyville was pretty badly beat up, ponies and buildings both. Sugar Cube Corner was destroyed and you saw no sign of the Cakes.
>Seeing the danger of the fire, you tried to organize the local weather team to gather clouds and put out the fire….but all you were able to get was Derpy, the apparent voluntary leader of the weather team.
>As the flames reached town and ponies began to flee, the two of you did your best to squeeze clouds on them to put them out, but it wasnt enough
>Just when things looked completely hopeless, a huge fire breather dragon exploded out from the burning section of the Everfree


File: 1353727247677.png (151.32 KB, 512x512, Derpy with knife.png)

++Episode 16: There sure are a lot of DnD threads++

You and Derpy are hovering together over a broken and flaming Ponyville. Behind you, those are are able are running for their lives and trying to carries those who are not able. In front of you is a raging forest fire that's reach the closest building of Ponyville and several metric tons of mad looking dragon. As the two of you watch, it rears its massive head back, audibly sucking in air and snaps back with a combination roar/gout of fire. Derpy latches onto you, quaking.

With long plodding thunder steps the dragons makes its way forward, stepping through the outlying flames like its fog. Every chance it can, it lets out more fire, spraying it everywhere and burning down every house it touches to ash in seconds. Soon it will physically reach the edge of town (which is getting hard to determine as more buildings are lots)

What do you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


Fly away fast in the opposite direction! Try to swing around it at a far enough distance that its flames can't reach.


"What do we do, Wind Beaker!?!" Derpy cries over the crackle of the fire, gripping tighter. You fight with her, trying to peel off her oddly strong grip from around you.

"Come on!" You yell, finally able to get her off and have her fly on her own. You wave toward where all the other ponies are fleeing. "We have to get out of here!"

The two of you fly away from the dragon as it crashes into town. Looking over your shoulder, it doesnt seem to be perusing you, focusing all its attention on the town itself. Every time you look back there more and more buildings gone as it rampages around town.

"Watch out!"

Distracted by whats going on behind you, you warent watching where you were flying. Derpy pulls you aside in mid air before you collide head first with a tree.


"Here, lets rest for a minute. I think we're safe."

Derpy and you perch on an wide branch on a tree a ways from the safe side of Ponyville. The dragon continues to thrash and burn until most of Ponyville is a huge burning bed of angry red embers. All around and even directly below you are the towns ponies, still fleeing, but now at a more easy pace that they're out of immediate danger. Most look hagard and tired, many are too hurt to walk without help, but they still trudge on into the apparent safety of the forest.

Seeing them it suddenly strikes you how exhausted you are. Between being woken in the middle of the night (again!) and all the rushing around you've been doing, its no wonder you feel so soar and tired.


Try to find where we left Zecora. See if she's been harmed by the fire.


"Ok, here's what we'll do." You shake you head, trying to take off some of the fatigue. "You stay here and help the others. Go find your friends or something."

"W-what are you going to do?" Derpy says, looking confused and concerned.

"I have to go check on somepony. I think they'll be ok, but I have to make sure. I'll be back soon."


You take off, circumventing the remains of Ponyville by a wide margin. The dragon seems to have calmed down some, blowing some more heavy flames around the burning ash before curling up and laying down in the heat, but still keeping its head up and alert. Where ever all those other creatures are seem to be long gone.

The path through the Everfree is still ablaze with aggressively lapping flames on the living wood, though the dragon seems to have plowed a wide path through the tree. It would be impossible to walk and not easy to fly, but at least you have a lot of room.

Roll #0 6, 6 = 12



Catching the turbulent thermals being kicked up by the fire, you glide up through the ruined forest. All the air keeps trying to shake you off balance, but you keep steady. Nothing looks the same now that everything is crushed and burning, though having made this trip so many times so recently you have the general idea where you think Zecora and her place should be.

The hut is gone, completely indistinguishable from the rest of the burning wood. You can't readily see Zecora anywhere in all this fire. Scanning around for her, you don't notice where you are going and bump into something.

"Ah!" You reflexively flap away, expecting to run, but its just Derpy, sweating and panting. "You scared me! What are you doing here?!"

"Sorry! But….but I had to come too. I wanted to make sure you'd be ok."

"I told you to go and look after your friends or something."

"Well….you're my only friend, Windbreaker."

"W-what? Really?"

"And you said to go help my friends, so thats what I'm going to do!" She says, proudly puffing out her chest.


Well, tell her to look around the forest in this area for a stone statue of a zebra.
Explain what a zebra is.


"Thanks! You're a good friend, Derpy. No, don't hug me right now." You say, holding up your hooves defensively as she starts to leaning in with open legs. "I could use your help. I'm trying to find…..uhh, I guess its a statue. Of a zebra. That's sorta like a striped black and white pony….but the statue is grey. Understand?"

"Not really."

"Good enough. Just look around and see if you find anything. And be careful, this fire still looks bad."

(CONGRATULATIONS! You have leveled up the skill: Flying, bringing it up to level 3!)

Roll #0 1 = 1



You search around the general area, looking for any sign of Zecora. But the heat is too much for you to get close without risking damaging your wings and its just too hard to see much of anything in the smoke and fire. After just a few minutes your mouth and through are very very dry and your eyes wont stop watering and itching.

"I found something!" Derpy calls out and you rush over to her.

"What is it?"

"Is that what you're looking for?" Derpy asks, pointing. Resting on her side, you can just make out Zecora's head poking out of a burning pile of wood. It would be torture if she was alive, but she looks ok here.

"That its! Good job!" You breath a sigh of relief, patting Derpy on the shoulder.

"There's also another one over there, too!"


"I wasn't sure which one you were looking for, but I think they're both Zebras!"

Derpy drags you a ways over down the trail. Squinting, you're able to just make out Zecora's headless body propped up against a still standing burning tree.


Well, looks like we're probably not getting Zecora back. We've got to get to Canterlot and get to Twilight so we can fix history and make none of this ever happen.
Let's go head to where the ponies of Ponyville fled to.


"Are you ok, Wind Breaker? You don't look so good."

"Yeah I'm fine," You brush off, rubbing your eyes. "This fire is killing me. Lets get out of here. Go to the others."


The two of you fly out of the burning forest into the cool night. It's practically freezing out after being cooked in there so long and it makes you shiver. You both fly very high over Ponyville and spy the dragon still there. It's not moving with its head nuzzled in the ember, probably sleeping.

"Sorry about your statue, Wind Breaker."

"What?" It takes you a second to figure out what she means. "Oh. Yeah. Its ok, Derpy."

"But I'm sure your friend was able to get away." She says, nudging you. "All that commotion would have gotten them running. They're probably with everyone else."

"Y-yeah. You're probably right."

The two of you soon touch down a bit deeper into the forest the ponies were fleeing into. Most everypony has grouped up in a loose, large group muddled around the trees. Many are hurt and resting on the ground, babies are wailing and others are trying to help the needy.

"Isn't it a bad idea to flee into the forest?" You ask Derpy. "Wont we just run into more creatures?"

"Oh no. This is the Whitetail woods, not the Everfree. It should be safe here."


Ask her about the Whitetail woods.


Ask about Whitetail woods I guess.


"What's so special about the Whitetail woods?" You ask as the two of you settle in together amongst the crowd. There's a lot of ponies just like you; exhausted and mulling around one place.

"Idunno," Derpy shrugs. "Never heard about bad stuff in Whitetail woods. Maybe a bear or something. No dragons."


You scan around, looking at all the pony refugees. Some look in really bad shape; some are limping, some look like they got burned in the fire, more then a few pegasues you see have wrapped up wings.


Should we try and make ourselves useful here, or continue trying to 'fix' the overall… whatever. Timestream? Universe? Who knows…


Well, we can't get to Canterlot if we don't have a windchart or someone to help us. I say we stick around here and see how we can help.


"What do you think we should do?" Derpy asks, look around at all the ponies.

"I…I'm not sure," Your thoughts are still racing about what just happened. To Zecora. To Ponyville. And everything else that's happened with Twilight and the others. Should you stay and help? You feel you should, but you're not sure it even maters with all this crazy time stuff.

"I guess we should see how we can help," You say, stumbling forward. Derpy helps you back up.

"Are you sure? You still don't look so good. You're all smokey looking and you mane is super frizzy."

"Heh, look who's talking."


(Well this kinda died. Probably my fault. Thanks for playing everyone! We'll play again next Friday, like always. Go get ready for new pony in 8 hours.

I think I'm going to go drink myself silly and then go to bed for pony)


Lets see if it will work this time


Well I be a son of a mother. Whatever the problem was its fixed now even though i couldnt work it for two days.

Sooo…..quest canceled, obviously. Baring anymore technical hiccups, next session will be FRIDAY


Last time one Windbreaker Quest….

>You, Derpy and the rest of the citizens of Ponyville flee in terror as a fire breathing dragon ravages the town!

>Most everyone is in a state of panic countered with shock. Many are hurt, but everyone seems to be helping their fellow neighbor.
>Fearful of what may have happened to Zecora, you took off and headed into the burning forest to find her
>Derpy followed you to help
>Together, the two of you were able to find Zecora…..still a statue, but decapitated.
>Unable to do anything in the still raging fire, the two of you went back to the impromptu camp where the refugees of Ponyville were huddled, not too deep in the White Tail Woods
>Tired, beat up and probably more then a little hungry, you nearly fell over trying to get going to do something.


File: 1354937272898.png (69.27 KB, 526x541, tee hee derpy.png)

++Episode 17: Holy crap, its working now++

You are in the White Tail Woods, with your good (and practically only at this point) friend Derpy. All around you are the tired, dirty and hurt masses of Ponyville. The eternal night makes it hard to see in the woods, but a few unicorns are trying to light up some campfires as other ponies tend to the injured. In this dire time, the community seems to be coming together.

Tired and sore, you can't help but look around at all the ponies helping one another. It's not quite the same as in the city. You remember once when you were little and the power went out on your block. Ponies were panicking in the streets like crazy, pushing each other over. It was pretty scary for a little filly.

Lost in your memories, you're surprised as a pony gallops loudly past you, rushing past everypony else. Jerking your head up, you're only just able to catch a glimpse of them as they disappear deeper into the woods.

"Twilight?" You say, squinting.

"Huh?" Derpy says beside you, oblivious to what happened. "I asked if you feel ok, Windbreaker. You really don't look so good."

What do you do?


>actually manage to get home early enough for Windbreaker Quest
Aww yiss
Chase after them!
"There's a pony that just ran into the woods! What's she up to?!"


"There's a pony that just ran into the woods!" You shout, pointing in the direction Twilight ran off in.

"What?" Derpy looks around with crossed eyes, confused. "I didn't see anypony running, Windbreaker."

"What's she up to?!" You give chase, half running half flapping your wings to propel yourself deeper into the woods. As you go you catch glimpse of the other ponies also looking around perplexed.

"Wait! Windbreaker!"

You had lost sight of Twilight before you chased after her and are practically lost, far from the prying eyes of the others. You think you're on some kind of beaten path, but its pretty hard to see, your eyes trying to adjust to the dark.


Is the treetop too thick to see through?
If it's not we could fly up there and try to find her from above.


Luckily, the White Tail Woods are much less densely packed and overgrown as the Everfree. In fact, probably from the lack of sunlight, much of the trees are long dead and leafless though a few dogged old birches seem to sport a few bushy limbs. You take off into the air and above the sparse tree tops, allowing for easy flight as well as easy observation.

Spotting Twilight isnt easy in the dark, but she makes for a possible target with her constant motion. You follow just above her for a ways, observing her as she races along the dirt path away from Ponyville. Why is she running? You swoop down in front of her.

"Twilight! Hey!" You shout as she runs up. "I'm sorry, I did all I could but-"

Twilight runs right through you like a ghost and keeps on trotting away, seemingly not acknowledging you.. Though there was no sensation, you cant help but shudder from how weird that way.


Does she look any different?
Or… does she have a number on her?


"The hay…." You say slowly, turning to see her disappear yet again into the darkness yonder. She just completely blew you off. And she seemed ok….well, not starving to death like you see her half the time. And if you arent mistaken, what with the darkness, you think she was wearing something on her sides over her cutie mark, though you didnt really get a good look.


If she doesn't notice us, and she has something over her cutiemark, then it's probably a flashback-thing of the Running of the Leaves.
Head back to the group and plot our next course of action then.


You're not sure whats going on with Twilight, now more the never. But skulking around in the woods alone doesn't seem to be helping, so you head back to 'camp.'

"Windbreaker!" You hear Derpy cry out for you after a while. "Where'd you go?"

"Over here!" You call back

Something plummets to the earth from above and beside you, landing down in a scraggly dead bush with a bunch of tree branches. Derpy pops her head up, dazed but quickly brightens up when she sees you and stumbles out of the mess.

"Are you ok?" She asks, hopping up to you.

"Am I ok? What about you?! You just landed like a rock. You could have broken a wing or something!"

Derpy surges forward and wraps you in a big hearty hug. You roll your eyes, but give her a few pats on the back. "Ok, down girl. Come one, lets go back to the others. It'll be safer."

It doesnt take the two of you long to return to the other ponies as you didnt travel too far. But when you and Derpy break the clearing, most of the heads swivel around towards you. Instantly theres a murmur of hushed voices, giving you a very uneasy feeling. A few of the older ponies draw little foals close to them.

"What's going on?" You whisper sideways to Derpy, who seems equally perplexed. "Did something happen?"

"You two!" A pony shouts and storms up to you and your friend from the rest of the crowd. She's a white earth pony a bit shorter then you, though is sporting a pretty large black mane done up in a bun. She also has a pair of cracked glasses and they seem to be a steamed as she is.

"What do the two of you think you're doing?"


Ah shit.
We ran off crying into the woods because of the stress of everything that's happened and Derpy ran after us?


"I uhh….ran off crying because of everything thats happened." You say, putting on an awkward toothy smile. "A-and Derpy came ran after me."

"Ran off crying?" This new pony say through grit teeth, clearly resisting the urge to yell. "Was that before or after yelling about some mysterious pony running into the woods? Huh? Everypony here has just lost everything. The last thing anypony needs is you starting a panic, you…you……who are you, anyway? I've never seen you before."

"Oh uh, my name is Windbreaker. I just kinda moved here a few days ago. You see I'm a comedian an-"

"Oh, so you thought it would be funny to make some big joke about this, huh?"

"No no, I wasn't! I was ju-"

"And you!" She says, swiveling her rage towards Derpy, who shrinks back and away from here. "You should know better by now then to cause trouble."

"I'm sorry…" Derpy says, backtracking away and behind you.


NOBODY yells at our friend!
You go right back up and stand up for poor Derpy!


"Hey!" You shout, getting into the other pony's face. Surprised by your sudden aggression, she steps back and stumbles onto her rump. "Derpy is MY friend! You do NOT talk to her that way!"


"Not now, Derpy." You brush off the other pegasus a she taps your shoulder. "Yeah, I know its been a bad day for everypony. I'm not trying to cause trouble and neither is she. You better cool your jets!"


"Not now." You pointedly poke the still stunned white pony in the chest with your hoof. "Look, I've been having a pretty lousy week myself and I don't have a whole lot in the way of friends, so don't you think for a second I'll jsut let you or some other pony come along and start something they can't finish. I grew up on the south side, so don't think I can't-"


You're suddenly aware that Derpy is huddling closer to you. Around the three of you and gathering behind the white pony are a lot of the other Ponyvillians, many of who are very stern and angry looking stallions, including the farmer Big Macintosh whom you met briefly a few days ago. It also dawns on you that you still have her your hoof half poked into the other pony.


Just apologize and tell them it's the stress. Say that everyone is upset right now, and we're sorry for just causing more contention.


…Well shit.
Looks like that little outburst got us in trouble with everyone else.
Remove our hoof and apologize I guess. Remain insistent that we don't like people yelling at our friends though.


You finally showed up.
The day that I arrive on time, you show up late.
Funny that :v


Well, we're make it good between the two of us.
….Most of the time…


Slowly and with a big awkward grin towards all over the hulking angry ponies, you gently take your hoof off of the other pony and brush the spot on her chest. You can feel Derpy vibrating like a small dog beside you.

"S-sorry." You stammer, feeling a sneaking suspicion someone is about to hit you in the face very hard. The other pony brushes off your petting hoof. "Its just….been a really hard time for everypony. Yelling at my friend was just…..too much. Sorry."

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Yeah well…" the other pony says, brushing her self off and getting back on her hooves. "I can understand. Maybe I should have not been so hard. It has been a hard day for all of us."

"Mayor, we hardly even know this pony," One of the big ponies say, taking a menacing step forward. "Maybe it would be best if we just made her leave before she caused any more trouble."

"Hey, you big du-" Derpy starts in, but you cover her mouth with one of your wings, causing her to sputter and back up.

"No no, she's right." The mayor says, nodding to you. "Everypony go and look after your own. A good night's rest will do us all some good after this bad day. We can decide what to do next in the morning."

Slowly and the air still heavy with diffused tension, the other ponies break up and return to their own little groups, including the mayor. You breath a sigh a relief, but then quickly suck it back up as Big Mac looms over you, squinting grimly.

"You watch yourself." He says and then wanders back into the rest of the crowd, leaving you feeling just that much unnerved.

"Wous datad buot?" Derpy says, still muffled and befulled with her face in your wing. You roll your eyes and fold it back in. "What was that about?"

"I'm…not really sure." You scratch your heavy head. "Too tired to think about it right now."


Well, I suppose we should try to find someplace to sleep. Let's go see if Derpy's cloud house was affected.


Seriously, what the hell is his problem.
Is he all pissy because the farm's failing?
And yeah, seconding this.


"I'm beat, Derpy. Would it be ok if I spent the night at your place?"

"Sure! We can have another sleep over!" Derpy says, fluttering off. You follow, but stop when you bump into her only a few feet up. "What about everypony else?"

"Uhh….," You look about at all the newly homeless ponies. Its a clear night and not too cold out with the camp fires, but you can't help but feel a twinge of guilt about leaving them all here. "Well, we can't really bring them all with us. Only pegasai ponies can sleep on a cloud."

"I guess…" Derpy says reluctantly and continues.

The two of your widely circumvent the remains of Ponyville and the slumbering dragon there in. You can make out his hulking form slowly breathing in and out as he sleeps on the burning cinders. A steady black column of smog is welling up from him, though it doesnt impair either of your flying. However, the smoke is drifting in the direction of Derpy's cloud home.

"What the…."

The two of you flap in place a ways from what's left of Derpy's house. The hot dragon smoke has drifted to it and is slicing through the fluffy clouds the way the dragon fire melted through everything else in town. More then half of it has dissolved away with the other half haphazardly teetering in a way that would be impossible with anything besides clouds.

Derpy just hovers there beside you, quite and mouth slightly open.


What are we doing hovering there!
Go and save our best friend's house!


Well, sheesh. I guess we'll have to do what we can to save her house.
When we get a minute, I think it's time we told Derpy the truth about Twilight and stuff.


Yeah, we probably should eventually tell her…
But what if she thinks we're crazy? Do we really wanna lose our only friend?


We've got to
A) Be sincere
B) Set her up for it super easy
C) Pray for a good roll

With all the crazy magic shit that goes on in Equestria, this can't be too much of a stretch.
But we should wait until we're relaxing together or something.


"Come on! Don't just flap there like a seagull!" You shout, shoving Derpy forward, who snaps to.

The two of you rush into what's left of the cloud structure. The smoke is hot and think, drying up all the water vapor it comes in contact with. Every room is in pieces of chunks of furniture and floating supports suspended in air. You shove a drifting cloud beam aside to make room. It drifts into a patch of smog and vanishes in a soft hiss.

"Ok, what can we save?"

"I…I don't know," Derpy stammers, tip toeing around whats left of her kitchen. "I don't have a lot."

"You're about to have none of it, Derpy! Hurry!"

"Oh, I know!"

Derpy flies through the ceiling and out of sight into some unseen room. After a worrying minute she returns with some hastily stuffed saddle bags with some clothes sticking out.

"I think that's everything!"

"Right, now lets get out of here before something bLOOK OUT!"

The ceiling and upper floor suddenly gives out under a gust of wind. All of it comes down on Derpy in a puff of displaced air. You zip forward and start digging through the rubble.

"Derpy!" You shout for her, but hear nothing back. "Derpy! Answer me! Where are you?"

Nothing. You frantically shove curls of white stuff away, but find no sign of her.

"Derpy! DERPY!"

You feel hot tears well up in your eyes as things become hopeless. She's not anywhere. You weren't able to save her, just like you couldn't save Zecor. Just like you aren't able to help Twilight. Everytime you try to make a friend you end up hurting them or dropping the ball when they need you most. Everything you've ever done has been such a failu-

Derpy pops out of the large cloud pile, spitting tufts of cotton stuff out of her mouth.

"Derpy! You're ok!" You fly over and hug her.

"Of course I'm ok. It's just cloud, Windbreaker.




Okay okay, let's go see if there are any stray clouds floating around that we can sleep on. Dash does it all the time.


"Right, yeah." You say, letting go of her. "I knew that shut up."

Derpy gives you a funny.

"Did you get all your stuff?" You change the subject.

"Yes. Its just some clothes and….important stuff."

"Ok, lets go then." You turn to go and are outside in a second, but turn to see Derpy still sitting there. "You alright?"

"Yeah. Its just…." You see Derpy wipe her face. "This is my house."

You fly back over and rest a sympathetic hoof her shoulder. She bows her head.

"Don't worry," You say to her. "Its just cloud, like you said. Its like the other ponies. They lost everything, but at least they all have each other and thats important I guess."

"You really think so?" Derpy says, looking up with red eyes.

"I dunno," You shrug. "That jsut seems like the kinda sappy stuff you say when stuff like this happens. Come on, lets go see if we can bum it on a drifting cloud tonight."


Derpy's house breaks apart into so many little scattered bits it not possible to define it as a cloud anymore. The two of you salvage a few bits here and there, saving them the hot smoke and combining them until you have just enough to for to share. After laying down and covering with a little cloud blankets, the two of you are snug but comfortable enough to sleep.

"Good night, Windbreaker."

"Good night…..sorry about everything. I hope I'll be able to help."

Derpy's snores catch you a bit by surprised. You guess she was even more exhausted then you, though in just a few moments you're out as well.

(I think now would be a good spot to stop. Thanks for playing everyone! Time to get a little rest, Scootaloo episode not too far away.

I'm feeling like things arent progressing so much on my part, so I'll consider running TOMORROW night as well. However, there is a good possibility that shit will come up on Saturdays for me, so it may not happened. Assume its not happening unless I give a boop in the general around normal time. See ya!)


Excellent! I hope we can play tomorrow.


Last time on Windbreaker quest….

>With Derpy in the White Tail woods with the rest of displaced Ponyville

>Saw Twilight run through the crowd and gave chase to her, leaving Derpy behind
>Tried to get her attention, but Twilight didn't even seem to notice you and ran right through you
>Returned to camp with Derpy, but were confronted by the de facto mayor
>She accused you and Derpy of trying to start a panic, yelling and running off like the way you do
>When she yelled at Derpy, you got angry and yelled right back at her, which in turn caused many ponies to become confrontational and defensive
>You were able to carefully defuse the situation and work things out for now, though some of the ponies do not seem to like you
>Decided to go crash with Derpy at her place again, but discovered it was being vaporized in the head of the dragon smoke!
>Together the two of you were able to salvage some of Derpy's things and get out of there


File: 1355023868573.png (91.55 KB, 500x375, Scoot Movie.png)

++Episode 18: Today's episode was pretty good, yeah?++

You wake up to the sensation of falling!

Failing your arms and wings instinctively, catching nothing as you fall end over end. Your eyes shoot open and see the night sky, then the ground, then the sky again and the ground again, though closer this time.


Roll #0 5, 2, 5 = 12



You're wings are able to open and slow you down in time, allowing you to come to an easy landing somewhere a bit outside of whats left of Ponyville. There doesn't seem to be much sign of life or activity, which means nothing has really changed. The dragon can be heard letting out a low rumble, as if its snoring.

Above you the clouds are completely gone, leaving only the hot smoke and the stary night. looking around, you see no sign of Derpy or her things.

What do you do?

(Reminder, at any time you can check your INVENTORY, STATS, STATUS or have questions answered. Just ask)


let's go ahead and get an update on our Stats & stuff.
I say we call out for Derpy, but no so loud as to wake the dragon.


"Derpy?" You call out in whispered yell, mindful of the very large sleeping dragon not very far away. "Derpy? Where are you?"

No reply calls back you over the rumble of the sleeping dragon. Looking around from where you are, you see neither hide nor hair nor feather of her.

(>Stats and stuff


Flying: 3
Baking: 2
Salesponysip: 1
Strength: 1
Searching: 1
Foal Care: 1
Dodge: 1
Balance: 1

Stuff: Empty)


Well, I suppose we should try to make use of our meager flying & searching skills. Let's look around the area for Derpy.


(Uggh, I'm so sorry. My mind is sludge tonight (hurr hurr tonight) and I just cant concentrate. I think I might pass out. Did so earlier today. Sorry about doing this "Oh lets do it tonight, oh hha ha never mind" shit again. I'm terrible at this. We'll try just picking up from here on Friday)


See you friday ;3


Sorry about last night. And the last few sessions.

Honestly I don't know if I should keep at this. I'm not very good at questing or writing in general. I'm slow, I don't draw, I simply don't have all that much going on. I really don't want to spend another half year making another quest that's shaping up worst then the last one, which was awful.

And honestly its eating up a lot of my time. I wanted to do the christmas thing, but havne't had the time to work on it. I've recently gotten a job and would really love to spend my free time working on getting into voice acting, too. Windbreaker just doesn't seem worth it as much anymore. For a while now it's stopped being fun for me and I'm sure it stopped for a lot of you guys too.

I'll stick around and probably just be a (terrible) writefag, just on my own time. Also I'm still pretty sick and somehow ended up getting a 3day ban again, so I can't post in the general, not that I'd want to bring this crap there.

I'd like to see what you guys think, if anything.


At least you still have your sense of humor.


Hope you get well and come back soon. Happy Holidays nigga.


Do what you want mang.
Merry Christmas an shit.


Thanks for taking things so well. I absolutely hate to quit something before finishing it (again), but it just doesnt seem worth eating up my Friday nights, as fun as it used to be.

So I guess, until further notice, Windbreaker and her quest are dead.

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