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Unnamed Text Adventure Quest - Thread 3 Nasse-Setä 408519[Last 50 Posts]


Last time in UTAQ:
A side quest spiraled out of control!
A demon gets purified!(?)
A hero is frustrated!

You're waiting on the scouts of the Temple to return with their info. To pass time you decided to take an odd job from the town alchemist; destroy a corrupt distillery and stop the distribution of fake potions!

You're currently all more or less in the temple. Emily and Riveldi are in the dungeon with the succubus, Klandin is in the room with the Mistress, the rest are in the entry hall. It's raining outside.

Klandin [Ascendant] 408522

"Not particularly corrupting?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408524

"Stupid rain interrupting my prayers…"
I head off to the armory, grumbling angrily

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408534

Well, goodness me.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408539

"Do you think we shouldn't do this in front of everypony?"

Nasse-Setä 408546

Grail and the Myrmid armourer are chatting away happily.
"…Bah, a blanket…"
"…no match for Chitin…"
"…the head flew at least 100 yards!"
The mistress sighs.
"If you get corrupted, it will get corrupted."
She rises on her hooves and walks to the door.
"Normally, they evacuate you in a week or two."

Airia [druid] 408547

I'll do some prayers at the temple. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408549

I'll smile a little.
"Well, so long as it's just kissing, I don't mind, but… well, any further than that and we might be getting a bit indecent."
Chuckling, I'll continue.
"Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408551

Well I'm happy they are having fun. I'll just idle around the place.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408552

Shake my head.
And with it, shake myself off him.
"No, it's true, I shouldn't have…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408553

"By it do you mean the goopony or my testicles? Speaking of corruption, how did the ritual go?"
I check to see what state my genitals are currently in and how obvious the infestation is.

Nasse-Setä 408554

It's rather hard to concentrate with the constant moans and 'unfs' that resound through the entry hall.
Roll against lust.
There are many pieces of armour fit for ponies there; but even more for the bipedal races. You figure a few things you thought were carved statues might be meant for Horks, even.
Your balls are voluminous and slightly red, but if no one stares, they shouldn't figure it out.

Klandin [Ascendant] 408556

And my question?

Airia [druid] 408557

'1d10' some moaning,pfft, that's not going to affect me

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 408558

How interesting. Plenty of intelligent races to go around, it seems.
I'll just wait around for now, I need the rest of the party to tackle that distillery.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408560

Okay, I should buy an armor. But not something too heavy…
Let's go back to that smith.

Nasse-Setä 408564

Yeah. Not this time.
"I wouldn't know yet, I spent the duration of it with you, ser Klandin."
The Mistress then leaves the room.
"Inquisitor Neith."
Grail motions you closer with her hoof.
"Have you met armourer Chit'r?"
The hork is hammering away at a white-hot piece of armour, humming something.
"Not sure what I was making o' this. I just like pounding stuff."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408566

"W-well… Hum… Y-you could make a light armor for me!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408572

I find a place to clean myself up then go down to the basement.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408575

"Yes. A renown helm polisher. Too busy to answer even the simplest of questions."

Airia [druid] 408579

I'll just pray for a moment. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse-Setä 408580

Chit'r just chitters apprehensively.
"Yes, and I've met the nosy hero."
Grail looks a bit lost at this all.
"Uh…a wonderful collection he's got here, isn't it?"
Riveldi's there with Gella, Candi and Emily.
"Ser Klandin, the ritual is complete."
You do that.
The little mare who sold you the robe pops out from behind the smithy again.
She looks over you.
"I handle the light stuff, well mostly. D'ya wanna chainmail or leather? Maybe scales?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408583

Jump back, slightly scared.
"W-well I… Don't know! I never wore armor b-before.."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408585

"Did it work?"
I check to make sure Riveldi hasn't sprouted horns or anything like that.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408587

"It's lovely. Reminds me of the confiscated goods vault back in Canterlot."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408589

"I like your enthusiasm."
And I'll be with you.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408591

"Well, how freely do you want to be able to move? I personally prefer padded armor, since it's only slightly stiffer than normal clothing. Though it doesn't offer much protection…"

Airia [druid] 408592

Hm, maybe there is something I can do around town. explore a little '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408594

"W-well I…"
Look around at the armors on the walls, desperately trying to get an idea.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 408596

"Ah, a virgin then? Let's make some leather for you, it's the easiest to wear!"
She taps the hork on the side.
"Oi! I need some studs and buckles! Make 'm fancy!"
The hork starts hammering a sheet of metal.
"D'ya want it dyed? It costs a bit extra, but we got almost every colour!"
He hasn't.
Chit'r pounds his fingers on his table.
"hey, Grail, shouldn't you upgrade your weapon, it's just a piece of stone on a stick compared to some of my stuff!"
The paladin scrunches.
"Uh, maybe…"
She looks around her.
"I've been thinking of trying swords…"
It's raining, so the streets are rather empty. The cobblestone-paved roads are rather slick as you hoof it to the main avenue; there are theaters, the alchemist's, some bars, inns, and bordellos. Mercury and Emer are at the smith's stall, the only outdoor shop open right now.

Klandin [Ascendant] 408599

I track down Neith.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408600

Stunned by her entusiasm I'll take a step back and take a look at Emer, unsure on what to say.

"S-should I? What color do you think would…"
And I'll let my voice trail off.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408602

I cock a brow
"You never received formal weapon training? Paladins at home choose a weapon of choice to be proficient at, then craft their own unique weapon."

Airia [druid] 408605

Go check the bars, what kind of guests are there?

Nasse-Setä 408620

She is in the armoury, which is well hidden inside the chapel.
The hork keeps on hammering.
Grail looks offended.
"We are trained in every weapon. I've just favored hammers."
You choose a bar with a four-leaf clover on the sign. It's full of the bipedal goatfolk.

Klandin [Ascendant] 408623

"Sister Neith, I have been told by Emily that the ritual was successful."
[1d10] to keep the smugness out of my voice.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Neith [Inquisitor] 408624

"As are we, but we also have a preference. I always liked swords myself."
I run a hoof over my flintlock
"Or my pistols in case I need to engage from range."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408625

Oh well.
If I have enough money… Get one in blue leather, just like my mane.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408626

"So she is dead then?"

Airia [druid] 408628

Weird, interesting maybe.. go sit next to one of the femine looking ones. "Hey."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408629

"No. As far as we can tell she is pure."
I look at the paladin.
"Who is this? Another one of us heroes?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408630

"I don't believe that for even a second, paladin. And no, just a paladin of Cifu."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408643

I shrug.
"Riveldi did not sprout horns or a forked tongue as far as I can tell, so until I see otherwise I will assume that it worked."

I look at the paladin. How skilled does she look?

Neith [Inquisitor] 408648

I shake my head
"I weep for the future generations if all paladins are as ignorant as you are. Corruption is not exclusively superficial. Have you never read a damn book in your life?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408649

"I have, sister. How do you think I learned of the ritual?"

Nasse-Setä 408651

"Huh. Most of our weapons were lost during the fall; I think only the Caprastan rifles remain in Drakenbridge."
She huffs.
"Being funded by the nobles, too scared to defend themselves."
"Hiya lass! What'scher poison?"
She throws an empty mug in front of you.
She's got long, light hair that flows freely over her chest.
The mare puts your armour together with the Hork.
"Here ya go! That'll be…120 coins!"
Grail bows slightly.
"It's an honor to meet a 'hero'".
She looks like a war veteran to you.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408655

And I will pay.

"How do I wear it?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408656

"Clearly the writer of said book is either a charlatan or a heretic. Not to worry though, I have bigger concerns than one single demon among our midst. I'll leave her be as long as she keeps to herself."

"That is how the world works, Grail."

Airia [druid] 408658

I smile "I'll have the house special, and maybe the name of your stylist?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408660

I return the bow.
"And it is an honor to meet a paladin that has been fighting in this land. I take it sister Neith has already informed you of the distillery we located and you have made your choice of whether nor not you will accompany us."
I look her up and down again.
"Would you care for a duel? I would like to see how my skills stack up against my equivalent in this land."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408673

"I think you look quite fetching."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408674

Smile a little at this.
"Not too much, I hope."

Nasse-Setä 408675

"Your boyfriend can help ya~"
She winks at you.
"The straps on the flanks can be a bit hard to put on by yourself."
The hork waves at you as you leave the stall.
She huffs again.
"Buncha clowns…"
She rises up and goes over the weapon racks, picking up a large sword.
She assumes a fighting stance.
The Capra snaps her fingers a few times and the bartender pours your mug full of something red and sweet.
She giggles. "I just wake up in the morning."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408679

"I wont go easy on you."
Draw my sword and Blast her.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 408680

Just watch this.

Nasse-Setä 408682


Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408683

Roll my eyes.
What's with these ponies…
Well, time to make the walk back to the temple I guess.
I wonder if the inquisitor can help…

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408686

"Enough that I'll have to keep an eye out for any competition, but still keep you safe."
I'll give a half-smile.
And I'll follow her along.

Airia [druid] 408688

"No, really. Is that normal for your kind? I can't get this thing to cooperate at all, its just so plain!" I flip my mane a bit to demonstrate "No bounce at all." Try the drink.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408689

"Don't be silly. I won't let anypony near~"
As we walk, my eyes will widen.
"W-wait! I didn't ask y-you! Is t-there s-somewhere you want t-to go?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 408690

Look at the succubus, has anything about it changed? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408692

I'll think for a moment.
"Well, I might need something with a bit more punch than my rapier, but that can wait until we're nearly ready to leave. And I don't mind walking the town with you. Quite almost like a date."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408694

I'm in the armory.

Nasse-Setä 408695

She easily dodges your blow and gives you a glancing hit with the pommel of her sword.
"You're sure?"
"Lady Neith is in the armoury with Ser Klandin and Paladin Grail. Now, see, you take a right, go up the stairs, through the blue double doors, across the balcony, then left, left, right, down, up… – …through the doors with the shields on them and you're there!"
The priestess gasps for breath.
She's still sleeping. It looks like her horns might have gotten *that* much smaller.
The Mistress enters the room.
"I hope the ritual went well, lord Zebra."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408700

"Sun, shine on me!"
I empower my weapon and attack her again.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408708

Smile a bit.
"Yeah, I should replace this-"
Show the small hoofblade I was keeping hidden.
"-too. It's hardly gonna graze the sking of these monsters…"
Blink a few times.
"Got it!"
Let's follow the instructions. If I really understood them.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Riveldi [Warlord] 408711

"Was the… intercourse necessary? What will happen now?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408712

Let's see if I have a better memory for directions. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nasse-Setä 408723

She shrugs.
"I s'pose. I had a cousin once whose hair just wouldn't stay in a braid!"
The drink is sweet and refreshing. Roll 1d10 for the alcohol.
"That seems to be rather drastic for a sparring match."
She tries to jump out of the way '1d10'
You end up in the middle of an orgy in the hall of prayer.
The Mistress nods.
"I am sure it was. Now…"
She walks up to the succubus and grabs her head in her hooves, pressing her forehead to hers.
"I can feel a change in her."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nasse-Setä 408726

Nope, you flip her down on the ground pretty well.

Riveldi [Warlord] 408728

"And? What is this change?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408731

I'll look at Mercury for half a second.
"Wrong turn? Wrong turn."
And then I'll scoot her out of there and shut the door.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408733

"Wrong turn!"
Close my eyes and let him lead me out of here.
"What on heart…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408734

"Well, I think… no, doesn't matter what I think. That was most definitely not the armory. Perhaps we need a guide."


Looks like a hit.
"I told you I wouldn't go easy on you."
I hit her on the side with the flat edge of my sword.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408736

Nod eagerly.
"We should stop and ask one of the sisters!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408737

And then we'll try and find one who isn't engaged in some form of horseplay or sex act. Like the ones near the stairs.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408738

Roll for that.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nasse-Setä 408740

"I believe the ritual worked, but only time will tell."
You eventually find your way to the armoury, where Neith watches Klandin and Grail sparring.
"I can take that!"
She activates heroic retaliation.

Roll #1 5, 5 + 2 = 12

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408743

"Oh. Are we interrupting something?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408745

"Wonder what they're fighting about."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408747

"The paladins are having a spar. I'm waiting for us to finally stop lolygagging around and get on with the damn mission."

Nasse-Setä 408748

Meanwhile, Ardet's caravan arrives into the town.
Boy, those six Lamia raping a Hork isn't something you see every day.
The caravan master talks to you:
"Here we are. See that large building off in the distance? It's the chapel of Cifu. Go there and ask for guidance."


I counter her attack and clang my sword against her armor.
"Not too shabby."

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Riveldi [Warlord] 408750

"What of her… old behavior? Will she turn into a normal pony or remain as she is?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408751

Walk around the fighters and reach her.
"I was actually hoping to talk with you before that…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408754

"Something troubling you?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408755

I wish I could unsee.
I bow to her.
"Thank you for the help. May our paths cross again."
Head to that chapel.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408758

"I… Well, I have no experience in close combat, lady Inquisitor…"

Nasse-Setä 408760


Roll #1 1, 7 + 2 = 10

Neith [Inquisitor] 408763

"Right. Unsurprisingly for an icecream maker."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408764

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You want her to help you practice?"
Then look at Neith.
"Is it even possible for an inquisitor to go easy on somepony?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408768

Give an awkward smile.
Nod slightly.

Nasse-Setä 408769

she flails at you in a flurry of bows, hitting with the other but the other causes her sword to fly out of her hoof.
She goes on one knee.
"I have failed."
"She will remain physically as she is."
You come to the courtyard. A few Priestesses wearing water-proof cloaks are gardening here.
"Hello, how may we serve you today, master?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408772

"Your insults wont bring forth any reaction from me, rogue."

"My talent lies in sword combat, so yes, I could definitely teach you."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408774

Nod at them.
"Greetings. I have come from distant lands, seeking help. I woke up in the deserts called the Wastes, far from my home. The head of a caravan was generous enough to point me here, saying here I might find my way home."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408776

"W-well that's great!"
Smile more confidently now.
"Where do I start?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 408778

Frown at this
"Then there will be something I seek to get rid of then. Thank you for your help Mistress.. Where are the others?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408779

I sheath my sword and pick up her weapon. I then offer it to her hilt-first.
"You fought well, paladin."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408783

"I wasn't insulting you, I'm honestly curious. Especially since so far getting you anything other than angry has been harder than drawing blood from a rock."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408784

"Grab a sword."
I unsheathe my own sword
"Without telekinesis, using swords is obviously done with the mouth. Although thanks to my wings, I can sometimes rear up and hold it in my hooves instead. I don't suppose you crystal ponies have telekinesis?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408790

Slowly shake my head.
"No, lady Inquisitor."
Reach for a sword.

Nasse-Setä 408791

"No I did not, but I thank you for the compliment."
"I think that they're in the armoury."
She starts walking back up to the entry hall.
They whisper to each other.
"A hero?"
"Follow us, quickly!"
You come to the entry hall the same time as the Mistress and Riveldi get there.
"Another hero!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408793

"Your curiosity is noted."

"Make sure to hold it very firmly, or you will be disarmed swiftly. Clench down on it with all your might while striking or blocking. Now… try and hit me."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408794

Once she takes her sword I offer her a claw to help her up.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408797

Follow them silently.
Nod at this Mistress.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408798

Well, try to bite down on this hard.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408800

Not hard enough.
But no matter, attack her anyway!

Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7


Try and block that. Also see if I can disarm her.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Nasse-Setä 408804

"Thank you again."
She turns to Chit'r.
"Maybe swords aren't for me."
The mistress approaches you and gives you a bow.
"Who are you, master Zebra?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408808

Judgement on the pvp?

Klandin [Ascendant] 408809

"There are plenty of other weapons. I prefer swords and spears."

Nasse-Setä 408811

Mercury totally slaps Neith to the ground.
She actually skids on the floor, dropping both her pistol and sword along the way. Chit'r can't help laughing out loud.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408813

Drop my sword as I scream, and jump back.
"D-did I hurt you, Lady Inquisitor?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408816

I'll let out a small whistle myself.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408817

"I am Ardet of the Medjai, protector of the people. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady…?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408818

"Very good, Mercury."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408821

Ignore the bug.
"Now that… was an example of how not to block."

I get back on my hooves.
"I'll live. I didn't survive twenty years of this job without getting used to taking some hits."

Nasse-Setä 408828

"Mistress. Call me Mistress, everyone else does. I lead the Church of Cifu from this town…city. I hope you've been told of us already, the other heroes have been with us for a few days already."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408830

"P-please. Stop…"
Drop my ears, but gain some brilliance.
Pick back the sword.
"Dho weh go aghain?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Neith [Inquisitor] 408831

"Yes. Same thing. Don't you dare hold back on me."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408834

And closing my eyes, I will rush in, going all out.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408835

"I have heard this city is the capital and you are the priestesses of Cifu… though I do not know this god, nor how I got to this realm."


"That's better!"
Try and block!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Nasse-Setä 408844

This time Neith flies through the air, dropping her weapons and armour again.
Chit'r rolls on the floor until Neith lands in one shelf of armour, which breaks and scatters everything about.
She nods.
"We should meet the other heroes. They can help you."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408847

"They know of a way?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408848

"Well, Mercury, it seems I've got the right pony watching my back."
And then I'll head over to help Neith up.
"Alright there, lady Inquisitor?"
A note of mirth will be present in my voice.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408854

Open my mouth wide and drop the sword, rushing towards Neith.
Help her up!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith [Inquisitor] 408855

Get up again and gather my weapons.
"Are you sure you never took up fencing as a pastime hobby, mage?"

I roll my eyes
"Yes. As I said, this isn't exactly what I'd call painful."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 408859

Open my eyes.

W… where am I?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408861

Shake my head.
"All I ever used a b-blade for was shaving ice!"

Nasse-Setä 408863

The Mistress and Ardet come to the armoury.
"Heroes, we have another newcomer."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408864

"Must have been some serious ice cream then."
I shake my head and take up position again.
"Try and block my blow this time."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408867

I'll look over.
"Or really?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408868

I nod at them.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408873

Nod, and pick the weapon up again.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408874

Set up a guard.

Roll #1 10 - 3 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408876

"Oh, hey, another zebra! Nice to meet you, name's Emer. Have you met Rivaldi already? Or any of the others?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408878

"Ardet of the Medjai."
Shake my head.
"I have just arrived here."


I raise a brow
Right, try and strike her.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408882

"Welcome to wherever we are, then. Also, this may seem an odd question, but what year was it before you came here?"

Nasse-Setä 408885

Neith really puts some force into her blow, making Mercury's legs buckle.



Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408887

Try to keep a hold of the sword as Neith pushes be backwards.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 408888

Neith [Inquisitor] 408890

"That was an amazing guard, mage. I don't believe you when you say you have no experience."


Being raped by tentacles.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408892

"L-lady inquisitor it… It's true! I never took a sword up in my life…"
Let go of the sword, dropping it with a clang on the ground, and look downwards.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408893

"It was the time of the Nineteenth Dynasty. Why?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408895

"Well, it seems that we've all been plucked from different times. The lady Inquisitor there is from 1200 years ago, my time, and it's [insert current pony year]."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408897

Shake my head.
"I do not understand this."
Raise a brow.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408901

"Of the moon, it seems. One of Princess Luna's 200 years before her fall, imprisonment, and redemption after another thousand years later."
I'll shrug.
"I, personally, was born somewhere 200 years after her time, and got sealed up with the rest of my species for a thousand years until our mad wizard king finally got the stuffing blasted out of him."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408902

"Hmmm… natural raw talent then. You should join a holy order."


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408905

"M-maybe when we get back. Does the inquisition n-need ice cream s-stands?"
Hide behind Emer.
"W-who is he?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408907

"Do you think it might have been his work?"

Turn to her.
"I have not heard this word yet."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408909

I shake my head
"Not exactly."

I look him over
"Where are you from, zebra? Your accent sounds familiar."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408910

"Another timelost 'hero,' it seems. He might be joining our group."
"Throwing us here? No, he's quite dead. I think we were actually pulled here by the local deity Cifu in a last-ditch effort to fight back against the corruption that's overrunning this world."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408915

"Corruption? I heard talks of it… and I think I saw it too."

"I hail from the Land of the Pharaos, bordering Saddle Arabia."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408922

I'll nod.
"We had the misfortune of landing in a forest, and nearly found ourselves entangled in rather… insistent plantlife. Were it not for Mercury, I doubt we would have made it through unmolested."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408924

Step forward.
"H-hello? I'm Mercury, from the Crystal Empire."
Bow slightly.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408928

"I ended up in a desert, not unlike my own, yet still different. I was attacked by a snake demon who had the upper body of a mare."

Return the gesture.
"As I said, I am Ardet of the Medjai."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408929

"I am sister Neith of the Holy Equestrian Inquisition."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408934

Smile as I hear her name.
"It could be a coincidence… but you wear the name of a Goddess.
And what is this Inquisition you speak of?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408945

I cock a brow
"… A goddess? The inquisition is a holy order dedicated to hunting down heretics, purging corruption, destroying demons and the undead, as well as other various tasks."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408954

"Neith of Sa el-Hagar, yes."
Nod as she explains.
"It seems we are similar in our way of life as well."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408963

"Never heard of that goddess. And we are? Are you a paladin?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408972

I shake my head.
"No. I am one of the Medjai, descendants of the elite guards of the pharaos, our sworn duty to protect the people. I wandered the desert as a scout and watcher, and acted as a warrior when the need called for it."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408977

I nod
"Right, I did read about that a long time back. How long have you been in this wretched land?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408978

"Just a few days. Spent most of my time finding a trade outpost in the wastes then travelling alongside a caravan to get here."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408982

"No doubt you've witnessed firsthoof how corrupted this land is then."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408983

"We were a bit luckier. Landed a stone's throw from town, really. Neith was even luckier, and ended up on one of the chapel's safe island shrines."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408987

I nod.
"The demon of Apep I had to fend off as soon as I arrived was a clear indication."

"My compass did not work, and my maps were not much use either, but I know my way among the sand."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408988

"… The demon of Apep?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408995

"Ah, well, we're not in Equestria anymore. Or Saddle Arabia, for that matter. Little wonder your maps failed you."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"And a demon, you say?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408996

"A vile creature, half pony half snake, a minion of that evil god no doubt. Called itself a 'lamia, queen of sands.'"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408999

I frown
"Half pony half snake? That… I don't think I've encountered such a thing yet."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409000

"We ran into a succubus, who had one of the local ice cream makers under her thrall. Once again Mercury was instrumental in saving the day."
I'll think for a moment.
"Though, considering how they make ice cream here, there was probably another reason that succubus wanted him particularly."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409003

Roll my eyes, but say nothing.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409007

"It tried to put up a fight, but failed."

"I am not entirely sure I want to know."

Glance at her briefly at her mention of saving the day.

Neith [Inquisitor] 409010

"Did you slay it?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409012

Do I notice?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409013

Oh hell yes I do.
Shrink back behind Emer.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409016

"It was a bit of a surprise when we learned how, but suffice to say it was an interesting experience."
I'll chuckle a little.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409017

"I was about to, but it offered a way to a trading post. So it did. I knew it could not be trusted not to try and terrorize others again, so I drew my blade to slay it, but it was too fast and had the advantage of knowing the dunes. It was wounded, but I dared not chase it in fear of losing sight of the settlement and having to camp in the open for the night."

Raise an eyebrow but say nothing.

"I think it is a good thing that I am not interested in such delicacies then."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409023

"Hmph. Filthy demons are cunning if nothing else. It was lucky I wasn't around."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409026

"Cunning is not a word I'd use. After it lost it's weapon it had the advantage of high ground and even got a hold of me, yet wasted the opportunity to kill me."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409027

"Still, local food has proven fairly good so far."
I'll think for a moment.
"By the way, what did you plan on doing once you got here?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409030

"I was hoping you would know. I was told I might find a way home here."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409034

"Well, we do have a lead. But first, we're going to wipe out a small factory near the base of the mountains that's producing corrupted tonics and potions, and then we call in the alchemist to purify whatever's leftover. Since smashing their storage tanks would likely poison the earth."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409046

"What sort of factory?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 409047

Is this still going on

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409048

NPC offline.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409050

"The kind that produces potions and such that slowly, or not so slowly, corrupt anything they touch or whomever drinks them. Pouring one onto a piece of wood caused it to grow a small tentacle, though it died without having anything to draw from. Considering they employ succubi to drop it around, it can't be anything good."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409054

I nod.
"A work of evil, I see. Then they shall be stopped before they can take any more lives."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409057

"It's not just lives they take, unfortunately."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409058

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409059

I'll cock my head at this.

Neith [Inquisitor] 409064

"Many of these creatures seem to… thrive on bodily fluids."
I shake my head in disgust
"And by that, I don't mean blood."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409065

"You recall when we first met Chocolate, Mercury. He was little more than a puppet and meal for her. Who knows what would have happened to him if we hadn't intervened?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409066

"It takes souls, or at the very least tarnishes them. The effects on the body are also unpleasant."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409068

Can I figure this out?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409069

Squint my eyes.
"I have no heard of such a thing during my travels…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409070

Sigh and lean against him.
"At least I can hold a blade…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 409072

"You will see in time."

"That you do. Very well, in fact."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409073

"I am not fond of surprises."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409075

"Ask the rogue, he's a self-proclaimed expert on demonology."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409077

"Uh… It must have been all the work we did for Sombra, I gues…"
"… Bad things."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409078

"That you can. You might even be a bit better than me."
I'll lean a little back into her.
"Self-proclaimed, hardly. All I see is what my eyes and ears tell me, and what I can feel from it."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409079

"I would consider dying a bad thing indeed."

"And that would be? Unless you feel like I can not yet be trusted with some sort of secret you hold."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409080

"Allowing yourself to be purely guided by senses is foolishness."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409082

"Most of the creatures here are more interested in raping their victims instead of killing them. So far we have encountered succubi, plants that try to ensnare, drug, and rape those that pass by, capras and horks that have given into the temptations of this world, and ponies made of goo that feed off of sexual fluids and nest inside living creatures."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409085

I keep silent as I try to take that in.
"…this is not some sort of sick joke, is it?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409086

I'll wave a hoof, and prepare to speak, but >>409082 will answer for me.
"Of course it is. That's why reason is rattling around in there as well."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409087

Mutter in a very low voice…
Shake my head sadly.

Klandin [Ascendant] 409090

"I wish it were."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409092

"No. It is not. This is the ugly truth. What we fight."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409094

I glance at her reaction, then at >>409086
"…has she been…?"

I nod again.
"That's… something. It would certainly explain why that demon did not try to kill me outright when it had the upper hoof."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409098

"Look one the bright side. If we lose a fight we need worry mostly about our pride. Chances are we will be left alive to recover and seek revenge."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409101

I'll shake my head.
"Not at all. And I intend to keep it that way."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409102

Look confused between them.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409106

"That's good to hear."

"At least there is peace if one falls in battle. This is something else entirely."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409110

"Do not worry, I doubt that we will ever have to face that fate. We have warriors of the Sisters and the Laughing one, a mage who is exceptionally skilled with blades and ice magic, a zebra that seems to be a natural born leader, Emer, and you. Us losing is unthinkable."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409117

I smile.
"So far it seems that way, but let us not get ahead of ourselves and throw caution to the wind."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409120

"We've only begun to fight, though. It's easy to think that way when fortune favors us."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409121

"The demon I faced proved little challenge."

Neith [Inquisitor] 409122


Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409124

"But it was only one demon. As we make more of a name for ourselves, it would be foolish to expect them to only come at us one at a time."
I'll shrug.
"Unless of course they send more powerful demons to waylay us."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409126

"Of course we should not be undercautious and attack any and every enemy straight away. However, we have the blessing of Celestia, Luna, the Laughing One, magic, and strength of arms on our side. With the proper preparation the only things we have to fear are grossly superior numbers and powerful creatures like full grown dragon."

I examine your face.
"Those markings on your face, Riveldi does not have them. What do they mean?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409140

"Then it will be good to have allies for the same cause."

I nod and point at the mark at my forehead.
"This one represents that I am part of the Medjai, a society sworn to guard and oversee the safety of the land of the Pharaos and it's people."
I point at the one on my left cheek.
"This one represents my name."
Point at the one on my right cheek.
"And this one represents the role and rank I fulfill. Whenever I go to villages to trade or rest, these marks earn me the trust and hospitality of the people as gratitude for what I do. Not that I do it for fame, wealth, or praise. Those do not mean much to me. It is my duty to serve them to the best of my abilites."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409142

"How much experience fighting do you have? How were you trained?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409149

"I was trained ever since I was a boy. I have been roaming the desert myself after I came of age. Sadly, it does involve fighting, be it bandits, wild creatures, or demons from the sand."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409151

Approach him, drawn by the symbols.
"So, you get them from birth? Or do they happear like our cutiemarks?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409153

"Very good. Do you have any skill with a weapon other than your sword? Are you trained in unarmed combat?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409163

I shake my head.
"No. They were given to me after I proved myself worthy of service."

"I could handle spears and sickles, but scimitars and khophes are what I am the most familiar with."
"Yes, I was taught how to battle foes without weapons, and without killing them."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409167

Mouth open in a mild expression of surprise, I will move a hoof forward, trying to touch them.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409170


Klandin [Ascendant] 409171


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409173

"They are so strange…
Had you even ever seen a zebra before?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 409176

I raise a brow at this

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409179

"Mercury, Rivaldi is a zebra. We've been traveling with him for the past several days."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409181

I raise an eyebrow at her but stay still.

"Sickle swords, some call them. They are longer than a regular sickle, but have a smaller curve."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409186

"Yeah but he doesn't even have all these marks! And doesn't talk about strange lands or anything else!"
Pull back.

Klandin [Ascendant] 409190

"Ah. Care for a duel? There is nothing else to do while we wait to leave."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409192

"True, but that might be because he lived in Equestria for a good portion of his life."
"And it's rude to point and poke."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409195

"My lands were completely normal, I can assure you. These lands however."
I let out a small huff.
"The leader of the caravan walked on her hindlegs and had the head of a scarab!"

"Right now?"

"I did not see ponies glisten like you two do, though. Is it some form of magic? A blessing from Ra maybe?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409198

"Why not?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409200

"And you should see the plants… Or the ponies made of jelly!"
Look at the ground.
"S-sorry… It was rude…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409205

"It is a magic, yes. Not quite clear on the specifics of it, though, since it was so long ago, but it involved a very large crystal, and a very, very large spell."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409211

"Very strange indeed.
And what was?"

"Ah, I see. What was the spell's purpose?"

"I have traveled days to get here, but I can handle a friendly spar. Do you mind if we move outside though?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409215

"P-pointing. And trying to p-poke you…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409216

"Not at all."
I take a training sword from a rack and move to the courtyard.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409221

"As long as you are a friend and do not share the intentions of the… rest of this land, I do not mind."

I take up a training sword as well, possibly a sabre, and follow.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409222

"It amplifies emotions. When we are happy, we perform better at our jobs and that feeling is transferred to other places with the help of the large crystal. When we are miserable, that also gets transmitted. Some say that keeping us miserable was how our former king tried to take over Equestria."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409225

"It keeps getting mentioned… Equestria is the land your pharaos govern?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 409226

Shake my head strongly, and sit back.

Klandin [Ascendant] 409229

"Shall we simply duel or use everything we have at our disposal?"
I hold my sword at the ready.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 409239

"Our Princess governs the Crystal Empire, a place to the north of Equestria. Equestria itself is a kingdom ruled by the sisters Celestia and Luna, who control the sun and moon. Their student, Twilight Sparkle, is the newest princess, though she has no realm to call her own yet."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409242

Ready my weapon as well.
"My skills are only what I have at my disposal."
I guess CoG works since we are outside?

"Hold that thought, I will be with you in a bit."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409246

Winner writes the results?
"Very well."
I charge forwards and blast you with my training sword.

5/5 Hits

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409258

I'm fine with that
I keep my guard up and try to counter his blow once he nears me.

Klandin [Ascendant] 409278

-2 Hits
I knock your sword out of the way with mine and jab the front of your shoulder hard. After that I empower my weapon and strike again.
"Sun guide my blade!"

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409287

After I regain my hoofing, I wordlessly charge back at you.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Klandin [Ascendant] 409292

-1 Hit
Too slow. I step to the side and whack you on the rear as you charge past. After that I flap my wings to propel myself forwards and strike you again.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409297

Spin around and swing the sword at an arch at you as you attack.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409302

Looks like I can turn around to face you faster than you anticipated and catch you clearly before you can parry.
I follow up with a few fast attempts to slash at you.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409304

Oh and -1 hit for you

Klandin [Ascendant] 409308

"Good one."
I try to block each strike and follow up the last one with my own.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Klandin [Ascendant] 409315

I send your sword flying off into the distance as I parry your first strike and follow it up with a blow strong enough to send you rolling across the ground a few time. I drop my sword and rush to your side.
"Are you okay? I'm sorry, I did not realize my attack would be that strong!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409323

I shake my head slightly and try to stand up.
"No, don't worry, I am fine… looks like the travel has worn me out more than I thought."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409347

I help you up with a claw.
"Then take the time we have left to rest. A priestest can take you to an empty room."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409350

I nod thankfully as he helps me up.
"I have never been bested by a gryphon before."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409356

I laugh.
"That's no surprise. We gryphons prefer mountains to deserts. I'm surprised you have heard of my species let alone met one before."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409364

"A few. They have all come from the East, from beyond Saddle Arabia. Most of them did not enter the land of the Pharaos with friendly intentions though."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409367

I nod.
"Most gryphons that live far beyond Equestria's borders are still much more…"
I pause and wave a claw around as I try too come up with the right word.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409371

I nod.
"They were certainly savage in their behaviour.
Shall we rejoin the others?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409382

"If you wish, but I think you should get the rest you said you needed. I must pray before we leave."
I flap my wings a few times to get them ready for flight.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409391

I nod.
"That might be a wise decision.
Though I must ask, to which Gods to you pray?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409410

"Celestia off the Sun."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409413

>wrong password

"Celestia of the Sun."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409432

I blink.
"The Gods of the Sun are Isis, Horus, Hathor and Ra."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409436

"Wrong. Celestia, an alicorn, controls the sun. I have never heard of your gods."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409456

"That can't be! That is the task of the Pharaoh given to him by the Gods!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409468

"That is the task of Celestia dictated by her cutiemark. I have been to the Summer Sun celebration many times to see her raise and lower the sun."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409473

Tilt my head.
"That's what the Pharaoh does at Abu Simbel after the harvests are plenty to celebrate…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 409481

I scratch my head.
"The world is round, so maybe princess Celestia gives control of the sun to your Pharaoh while it is on the other side of the world?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 409485

I consider this for a few seconds.
"That would make sense… but then why don't they even mention them? Nor do any of the Gods."

Klandin [Ascendant] 409492

I shrug.
"I know not. What I do know is that they exist to guide and protect, not answer questions. I have enjoyed meeting and sparring with you and would love to talk more later, but I must bid you adeu."
I take flight and land on the sunniest roof I can find. Once I am there I bow towards the sun and pray.

Airia [druid] 410936


Ardet [Landkeeper] 410938


Neith [Inquisitor] 410939

This is horrible.

Nasse-Setä 410943

You're by near the Distillery with Emily, The Alchemist, the captain of the town guard and a small regiment of guards.
The distillery towers loom in the distance in the morning fog.
Captain speaks.
"Right. Is the plan clear to everyone now? We distract the main force and you sneak in through the side gate Candy -she sneers at the mention of the succubus- mentioned."

Klandin [Assendant] 410944

Klandin [Ascendant] 410945

"Clear. Stay safe."

Airia [druid] 410948

I smile "Gottcha boss man!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 410949

"Yes. Show no quarter to these things."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410950

I nod.
"We shall do as we must."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410951

"We will sneak in and do our best sir."

Nasse-Setä 410956

The captain nods.
"Open line, march!"
They then rush off, with Emily who is serving as their healer.
You were told to wait until you can't see them in the fog anymore before rounding the distillery to the western flank.


Okay, keep watching them then!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410958

Alright, I steel myself and wait for them to disappear.
"So who will lead?" I look at the others.

Klandin [Ascendant] 410959

I wait until I can no longer see them in the fog then go around to the western side of the distillery.

"I will. Follow closely."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410960

Nod and follow.

Airia [druid] 410961

I follow him

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 410962

Slide near him.

Neith [Inquisitor] 410963

Follow him.

Airia [druid] 410966

"you don't like stallion leaders either ?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 410967

"Take the rear, sister. We don't want anything sneaking up on us."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410969

I nod to Klandin and follow him.

Go and stick close to Neith.

Neith [Inquisitor] 410970

"I don't like the likes of him leading."

And take the back I will. So I can keep a close eye on all these little potential heretics.

Riveldi [Warlord] 410971

Follow and scan ahead '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410972

"The likes of him? He is not a savage gryphon of the East."

Neith [Inquisitor] 410973

"No, he's an ignorant welp who would trust demons over the will of the inquisition. Luckily for him, none of my brothers or sisters are here to witness such reckless heresy."

Nasse-Setä 410974

You make it to the base of the mountains in the cover of the fog, where rocks quickly replace grass and…even larger rocks replace the trees. You follow a narrow trail up the mountain to a lookout position.
Below, you can see the Distillery: The two large towers containing the liquid, a small shack for the guards and a large machine built into the mountainside. Two large tubes connect the tanks to this thing.

The whole compound swarms with demons, but luckily they're busy with the captain and her guards pounding the main gate.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410975

"What do we do now?" I look at the distillery nervously

Riveldi [Warlord] 410976

Look for an easily accessible way through the gate '1d10+`

and count how many demons are actually around.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 410977

Smile at her.
"-we are lucky to have such an understanding inquisitor with us, aren't we?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 410978

Just keep an eye out for patrols.

Riveldi [Warlord] 410979


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410980

"He doesn't seem evil to me."

"They already engaged the demons. We should act swiftly while they are distracted."

Klandin [Ascendant] 410981

I investigate the machine the towers are connected to.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Neith [Inquisitor] 410982

"That you are."

I point at the succubus
"Does that thing seem pure to you? Because that is what they ally themselves with. Corrupted filth."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410983

"Yes." I nod at this.

Is there a trail that leads here from our position to a more discreet backdoor of the distillery?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 410984

There are exactly 25,5 Demons in the compound, counting the writhing remains of one as the half.
The door Candy mentioned is actually there, though it's not as much a door as it is a hole in the wall that's had some planks on them.
The mountain path down looks clear. The mist conceals your position very well.
Yes there is. You jump down from the ledge anyway. Roll 2d10
Big metal thing goes clank.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410985

"It does not… but it is not attacking us. It might prove useful in the meantime."

Airia [druid] 410986

I frown "Corruption, demons.. very bad things.."

Neith [Inquisitor] 410987

"Still, you may as well see why I doubt the competence of the paladin allowing this all."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410988

Im a goat, Im not afraid of heights.

Roll #1 10, 7 = 17

Klandin [Ascendant] 410989

I take the path down to the side entrance.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410990

I nod but otherwise stay silent.

Keep following him.

Riveldi [Warlord] 410991

"Twenty-five… or so demons. Most of them are at the gate entrance, and there's a hole in the wall where Candi mentioned."
tug candi and gella down to the hole and peek through to make sure the coast is clear '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Airia [druid] 410992

Neith [Inquisitor] 410993

And follow.

Nasse-Setä 410994

You grab a small branch growing off the side of the cliff and throw yourself forward.
A small blue goat flies past you and through the planks into the compound.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 410995

"Did that goat just?…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 410996

"Blue! We gotta run after her!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 410997

I draw my sword and enter the compound.

"Goats will be goats."

Riveldi [Warlord] 410998


pull my khanda out and rush through the gates!

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 410999

Fuck yeah! Land with great grace and magnifique.

Wait where am I? Am I inside of the compound already? Hide so that no demon see me.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411000

I draw my scimitar as well and follow closely.

Nasse-Setä 411001

You landed in a small ditch. Crouching allows you to hide from sight; thankfully the demons are truly too busy fighting the guards to notice you.
You enter the compound. The sand and rocks are generally coloured black here. There are some crates lined against the walls and a ditch running through the yard, from the crack in the wall to the barracks. Most of the demons are at the northern gate.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411002

"What happens now?"

"Candi, where do we go from here?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411003

I head into the barracks.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411004

"Wait! Let's not split!"
Can I see tha goat?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411005

Okay no more shenanigans Blue, crawl my way through the place and try to meet up with my friends.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411006

Can I see them btw?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Airia [druid] 411007

Keep following Klandin

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411008

They know the way and the plan, so I follow them for now.

Nasse-Setä 411009

"Well, um we can throw a wrench in the machine or then the alchemist can do something to the containers…"
The alchemist runs after you through the side entrance.
"…but I don't know! I only came here to get my shipments!"
You can hear Mercury but can't see them. You head back towards the direction you flew from though; it doesn't take long to see them.
The ditch is not large enough to hide a gryphon. Roll if you want to cross the open.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411010

I make my way to the ditch and approach the main group.
"Hey!" I wave at mercury and give her a hug.

"Did you guys see what I did?! Its so cool isnt it?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411011

"Alchemist, this is your competition. What would you do to stop their production?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411012

"Can't we just destroy those tanks and the supplies?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411013

Never mind then.
"Alchemist. How long would you need to neutralize those containers?"

"And spill tainted demon seed over this area? No."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411014

"Someone mentioned, that the land would corrupt from the liquid soaking the ground.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411015

"Oh you are fine!"
Squeeze her back.
"We were so worried, what if the demons had caught you?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411016

"Unfortunately not."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411017

I nod.
"I understand."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411019

"They are too busy fighting the others so they didnt see me. Plus there is a ditch so I hide there."

I look around.
"Quick, we must go now or the battle might be over before we do what we got to do."

Nasse-Setä 411021

He looks up and down the liquid containers.
"If we want to purify these we must defeat all of the demons first, which nullifies our excellent flanking manouver. We could try busting the machine that seems to be pumping these liquids too. It might make the demons disperse."
He shrugs.
"Up to you."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411022

"And breaking the machine will flood this land?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411023

"W-well… If we destroy the machine, there will be no need to f-fight!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411024

"Purification sounds the safest. If we leave it as it is, it might still be used for evil later."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411025

"Will it? If it floods then what will happen to the land?"

Nasse-Setä 411026

He shrugs again.
"I'm hoping it won't."

Nasse-Setä 411027

"Well, I could purify it after we break the machine too, obviously. Presuming the liquid stays in the containers."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411028

How is the fight at the gate going?

Neith [Inquisitor] 411029

"Good thing we will be purging every single last demon that draws breath anyway. We'll kill them."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411030

"They might see that effort and break the liquid loose on purpose."

Airia [druid] 411031

"That doesn't sound safe.. can't you stop it without that risk?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411032

"Then I will break it. Everyone, away from here."

Nasse-Setä 411033

A demon's head plops to the ground nearby. There are 22 demons remaining. 1 Guard is injured. The captain is in the fight.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411034

"Not so fast my friend. It is too risky with the demons still lingering around."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411035

"Perhaps we can attack the demons from behind and crush them between us."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411036

"D-do we really ha-ave to?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411037

"Exactly. This is non-negotiable. We kill them. All of them. Right now. No mercy."
I unsheathe my sword.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411038

I nod.
"It's the only safe way."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411039


Neith [Inquisitor] 411040

"If you want to stay behind and cower, be my guest. But I will not skulk around like a cowardly rat while those guards are fighting that demon filth."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411041

"……..fine. But we should keep the art of surprise on our side. And do not kill those who are willing to redeem themselves"

find a route to sneak up to the demons at the gate '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Neith [Inquisitor] 411042

"Belay that thought. Show no quarter."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411043

"N-no! It's not that! But d-do you think the sisters would w-want that? Us killing other living things…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411044

"Your skills would aid us considerably. If you are fine with the idea of demons killing or raping the pure of heart, hang back and guard the alchemist."

"I will wait for you and anyone else that wishes to do so to sneak closer."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411045

"Demons only mean ruin. They do not deserve to remain on this plane to cause trouble."

Airia [druid] 411046

I look to the alchemist "Can you reach everything here and start to purify it?"
"I could try to block the door with my vines to keep the demons out. "

Neith [Inquisitor] 411047

"You must be joking. This is why the Inquisition was created. Given full authority to slay those who defile ponykind."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411048

"It is a good idea to protect the back while we flank them."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411049

Shake my head.
"No.. You are right…"
"Yeah but the inquisition has disappeared a thousand years ago! They-"
Sigh and hang my head.
"No, I will follow and help you."

Nasse-Setä 411050

Sneaking behind the crates, you get close enough to charge an Incubus wielding a large, double-handed sword.
"The barrel's of purification potion I'd need are waiting for us in our base camp. I can't do much else than take samples right now."
He looks to the sky.
"And I've heard some demons fly…"

Meanwhile, the rest of the party faffs about.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411051

"If Mercury is not coming, then I will not come too."
I then stick close to her.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411052

Take a deep breath

then close the distance AND SHATTER HIS SWORD '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Airia [druid] 411053

I frown "Well, I'll stay here to protect you then."


"Good. Remember, show no mercy to their kind."
Forwards! Charge! Strike them down with my sword!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411055

"Wha,,, what? But it is too dangerous! We are not told to help in fighting the demons."


Ops, a fight!
Magic bolt, ice on the first demon I can see!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Klandin [Ascendant] 411057

I fly up into the air then divebomb the largest demon I can see and blast it.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411058

And Emer was there too.
Obviously my rapier can be put to good use. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411059

Into battle!
Slam into the nearest demon with my scimitar drawn!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411060

Seeing her charge I just give up and go forward.

Seeing her not that inspired, I then raise my hoof and cheer for Neith.
"You go get them! Kinda!!"


Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 411061

"A wha-"
And then he has a two-handed hilt in his hand.
"Damn you!"
He slashes at you with his tail.
The way to the fight is longer than you though, and you tire on your way there. It's too bad there's a huge, gray hork there to greet you.
You instead make to the fight with your stamina intact and quickly dodge and deflect all blows struck against you.
You can see two more guards have gone down with only one more demon joining the ranks of the dead.
Emily is doing her best to heal the fallen knights.
Not very glorified.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 411062

Slash at his tail! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 411063

Also, you freeze a small imp in place. He falls from the battlements and shatters.
You blast a caprabus, who drops from the back of the Hork, yelling curses at you.
Riveldi gets a bleeding whip-wound in his face. The scars will make for nice party-talk.
Meanwhile Neith and Emer get thrown against a wall.


I snarl and get up.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Klandin [Ascendant] 411066

I empower my weapon and try to attack the Hork it is riding before it can turn around.
"Burn beneath the light of the sun!"

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411067

I can't see a thing!
How many of those things?
Go help up the Inquisitor, or at least flail at the demon keeping her and Emer pinned!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411068

Ow. Am I down? If so, get up. If not, go for the eyes. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411069

"No… Guys you can do this!"
Whip out my lute and began chanting the song of my people.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


seems like everyone else ran to the fight "Alchemist please hurry, when you're done I can fly you to safety." keep watching

Roll #1 1 = 1

Riveldi [Warlord] 411073

rolling to get up then? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 411074

You wobble on your hooves.
"Lil' things need help? Her, her, her!"
The Hork returns with his stony fists.
Klandin just bounces off it's back and hits the ground right next to the smouldering corpse of the Capra.
She wobbles on her hooves and raises her sword against you.
You run into the hork and bounce on your flank, but he isn't paying attention.
Not very inspiring.
"Wanna blow inna different whistle, goat?"
Two demon males circle you.
"Above you!"
You're bounced against the ground by a succubus.
"Well hello darling~"
Her long tail coils around your hind hooves, keeping them together.
The incubus then almost cracks your skull with the pommel of his sword.
Gella assaulting him with a gooey whip is the only thing stopping him from mounting you.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411075

"Come on everyone! There's only one of him!"
Inspire. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He will to this.
Magic Bolt right on his face!
"Let. Them. Go!"

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411077

But it was a ruse! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Riveldi [Warlord] 411078

Get up while kicking him away! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 411079

Racial rolling.
I try to stand.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Charge at him and Blast his ass!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411081

I gulped and slowly back away.
"W.. what do you mean?" I stammer and raise my weapon.

Defend my self against these demons.

Roll #1 9 = 9


push her off me. "That's quite the entrance you have."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ardet 411083

Slash at a demon!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 411084

Your ice shard splotches against his cheek, making him turn on you.
Which causes his massive arm to swing around and slap Emer up into the air. Roll 1d10.
He grabs you in his other hand, rising your flank up to his nose, sniffing.
Roll against your libido.
He stumbles a bit and you get up.
They don't get any closer.
"Wouldn't you want to have…"
"…Some secret party fun?"
"Oh you haven't seen anything yet~"
You can feel something poke against your stomach and see her horns glow.
You gain 2 lust as your vagina moistens against your will.
You wound a caprabus.

The guards have conquered the walls of the compound. The Captain is slashing at demons left and right; 16 demons remain. 4 Guards are wounded. 1 is dead.
Emily's bandaging station is safe for now.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411085

Oh. Oh no. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Mother of fuck.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 411087


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


That's.. Whoa.
Back down, keeping my sword high against the Hork.
"Y-y-you don't scare me!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 411089

The Caprabus pushes his blade against your throat before moving his hand on your throbbing, soft balls.
"Now don't you move, hear me? I need some…healing after that trick you played on me."
Roll against lust. Twice.


Blush slightly "This isn't.." try transforming, if I become smaller I can get away.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411091

I gulped.
"N.. no! I dont want too!"

Attack them!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 411092

I try to knock the blade away and stand up.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Ardet 411093

Keep cutting them down.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 411094

You land behind friendly lines, but don't break anything. You manage to climb on your hooves too.
No lust for you. What a surprise.
The hork then tosses you away while he concentrates on Mercury.
He walks closer.
"Maybe you should be afraid."
He falls on the ground, lifeless.
She prods against your moist entrance with her dick while moving her hooves on your front legs.
"Don't say you don't want it~"
Roll against your libido.
You plunge forward, but the Incubi quickly dodge and coil their whip-like tails around your hooves.
"Now, now, you're a feisty one…"
Some dirty thoughts come to your mind, but you manage to kick him off of you and stand up.
The demoncapra tries to run away.
You slash at the Caprabus again, killing him.
13 Demons remain; 6 guards are wounded.
The captain keeps slashing away at them.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411095

take a second to recover, AND THEN SLASH AT A WEAK LOOKING THING '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh yeah? Well attack him from behind then! Stab him in the shoulder!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411097

"Get off me! Get off me!"
Kick them out.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Klandin [Ascendant] 411098

Charge a spear with the light of the sun and throw it at him as he turns.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411099

If I'm behind friendly lines, that means I'm near Blue and maybe that tiny pony. Who just happens to be in trouble. Pretty sure that Succubus won't be expecting surprise back entry with a rapier. And by back I mean the actual back, and not the butt. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Ardet 411100

Keep on killing.
Slam into another target.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Flick my mane back.

Concentrate! Glorify myself…

Roll #1 5 = 5


Keep backing down.
"But m-maybe you should t-try c-cooling down!"
Magic Bolt Ice to the face!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Keep trying to get away from her, call vines to pull her away if possible

Roll #1 4, 6 = 10

Nasse-Setä 411104

The imp easily dodges your blade and socks you in the jaw.
He hits you with his fist, smashing you to the ground. You're surrounded by three imps, whose hands glow with arcane energy. You get '1d3' lust.
They move to your flank and fore, respectively, while keeping you tightly tied in place. Soon, you're faced with a jet-black demon cock.
"Now, will you open your mouth or do we have to go hard on you?"
He breathes some heavy musk into your face.
Roll against lust.
No, actually. You're rather far away from Blue right now.
But at least you get back in the fight.
Slamming at the knee of a Hork doesn't really do all that much, except give you a headache.
Pof. His nose is on ice, causing him to sneeze violently.
You can feel yourself wink against her, but your vines quickly envelope her legs and you hurrily scurry away from the demon.
"So close~"
She then easily flies away from your trap, to the air, her boner hanging free.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Grin at him.
"S-see? You should be scared!"
And keep holding my sword up!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse-Setä 411106

Neith's cunt thaws.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411107

Well, bother. Ah what the hell, I can see the ones holding Blue down, right? Well, let's charge right at them and plant my rapier in his eye socket. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Ardet 411108

Try attacking with the blade then.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Give them all a death glare
"I will decorate the landscape with your heads MOUNTED ON POLES!"
Lash out and jam my sword straight through one of those fuckers.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411110


Roll #1 5 = 5



Make a flashy charge on a demon, with a Inspiring yell!

Glorified Inspire!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 411112

reel back before directing my sword DOWN THE SIDE OF HIS RIGHT SHOULDER


Roll #1 5 = 5

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411113

I blushed at its sight but look away and try not to breath.
Fuck.. struggle and try to keep them away.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You okay Alchemist?" I call over to him. I can focus enough to fly, get up there and attack her..

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nasse-Setä 411115

And with a quick kick to the groin the situation changes.
"Now don't you fidget again, or I'll have to cut a bitch."
He then roughly gropes your sheath, causing your head to come out.
Roll against lust twice.
You're roughly slapped away right into the arms of a caprabus.
"Well hello there stud, ready for some fun?"
She tickles your stomach.
Roll against lust, as if your libido was 6.
He scratches the ice from his nose.
"I've had worse blizzards."
The blade bounces off his stoney skin.
"Would you mind?"
You slash at one of them, who gets a wound on his chest.
The two others fly further away.
You gain 1 lust, but manage to keep your mouth closed against the dicks.
You even struggle free.
"I, um, hid under this container…"
You fly up and sock the succubus in the snout.

Only the demons the party is fighting remain. The guards are circling your position with the captain leading them.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411116

I grab his arm and pull it away as I stand up.

Roll #1 2, 5 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Finish the one I'm dealing with. Stab the fuck out of him.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411118

I try to keep away that carnal desire and fight them back!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411119

"Sorry, I'm taken."
And then hoof to face. '1d10-1'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 - 1 = 7

Riveldi [Warlord] 411120




Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Ardet 411121

Stab a weak point then!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh yeah? Storm bolt five! Ice!
"I c-can go on all d-day! You b-better turn away now!"

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411123


I nod to the alchemist and focus on the fight
I smirk at the succubus "Did you forget I have wings too?", I'll attack with my daggers

Roll #1 6, 9 = 15

Nasse-Setä 411125

You're at 3 lust as he teases your cock out.
"Now, now."
He pushes you back down and aligns his ass with your shaft.
"This'll be great fun~"
He then slams down on you.
There's only small red slices left when you're done.
And then you're back on the ground, begging for it.
You gain 1 lust.
A goat slit around your dick might be nice right now…
But nevertheless, she staggers backwards and you regain your pose.
You miss the Hork.
Quite a feat.
His head freezes solid as he starts to claw the ice off him.
+2 to other's rolls against it now.
+2 to other's rolls.
You stab her in the chest a few times, she drops back to the ground.
"…not worth dying here!"
She tries to run away

Roll #1 5 = 5

Riveldi [Warlord] 411126

Because the hork is a faggot and my sword is faggot-proofed!

slash again! at his legs! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411127

Stand up.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411129

Right, don't have time for this thing.
"You'll excuse me if I have more pressing matters at hoof."
And then I'll run towards Blue's position and stab one of the incubi. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


That was a critfail. But okay!
Jump at him with my sword and find a soft spot to stab!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 411131

I wrap my tail around his throat and pull him away while I try to stand up.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Try to catch her

Roll #1 1 = 1

Ardet 411133

Just kill them already

Roll #1 9 = 9



Penetrate the demon! Draw my rapier and fuck it up!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 411136

The guards come in for one huge bloodbath. Only the demonette Airia tried to chase makes it to safety.
The captain gathers you for a debriefing in the middle of the compound.
"You shoulda just wrecked the machine, I think. We took heavy losses."


Fly upwards and see if I can spot any more filthy demons I can hunt down.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411138

Pant, short of breath for the fight, and shoot a glare at the Inquisitor and my companions.

Airia [druid] 411139

I frown "the town could have been flooded if we did."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411140

"We weren't sure if it would spill the contents of the silos or not. If we ended up taking a bath in that goop with two dozen demons nearby our loses would have been total."


Say nothing.

Do I still look pretty at least?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Airia [druid] 411142

"What's wrong?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411143

I nod at Klandin.
"We are afraid its contents might… corrupt us."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411144

Go and loot the demons for anything valuable in the form of currency and weapons '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411145

"Sorry. He kinda threw me way over there."
And I'll point back towards the walls.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411146

"W-we didn't have t-to fight."
Plant my sword on the ground.
"It… Really."

Ardet 411147

"It would have been too dangerous."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411148

"Personally I would have preferred we hadn't, but they would have just set up shop again the second we left. Even if we do purify whatever's in the containers."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411149

"It was the right thing to do, I assure you."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411150

Look sad at the ground and step by his side, falling silent.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411151

"Don't be stupid. If we hadn't fought they could have all gotten away. And I'll be damned if I let that demon filth roam free."
I look over the battlefield
"We purged a few of them and I consider every dead demon a small victory."

Airia [druid] 411152

"But.. aren't demons dangerous?" look for anyone hurt. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411153

"Doesn't make it any nicer…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411154

I'll nuzzle her a little, but not really say anything.
"Even so, we probably could have done something smarter than just running at them headfirst."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411155

"Do not pity those creatures. You can see what evil they can do."
Point at the injured guards.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411156

"Obviously they are dangerous. That was a very difficult fight."

"We assaulted them from behind while they were already engaged in combat. That is a textbook maneuver."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411157

"Do you really pity those filthy things?"

"We had no casualties."
I point at the guards
"They did. This means charging in headfirst was in fact effective."

Nasse-Setä 411158

No one is hurt.

The captain huffs.
"Well, what's done is done. The alchemist took a few guards to take the purifying agent here. Once he's done, we'll rig these machines to explode and be done with it; You should head back into town with the wounded and dead.
Emily wobbles to you, with a few red stains on her coat.
"I-it wasn't that bad…"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411159

"Don't think like that! The demons are creatures whose goal are to cause suffering. If we don't fight, what would they do?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411160

I look at the red stains on Emily's coat.
"What happened to you?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411162

Nothing of use to me?

In any case, turn to Emily
"Are you hurt? Or tired?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411163

"Explode? Are you certain that is safe?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411164

Look from one to the other, and open my mouth briefly as to speak, but decide against it and just take a deep breath before going back at staring the ground.
"I understand."
"S-sister Emily?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411165

Place a hoof on my chest and bow slightly.
"It was an honor to fight alongside you. Gods watch over you and may the souls of your dead find peace."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411166

Where the hell is Grail anyway?

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411167

"Are you sure that's wise? I mean, even with the purifying agent, that stuff is still probably pretty nasty. Why not save some of it for study, so that any further corruption can be fought off with it?"

Airia [druid] 411168

>no one is hurt
>emily has red stains
"I can help heal the wounded."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411170

I'll raise an eyebrow there.
"You can speak your mind. I might not be good in a melee, but I can at least give you that freedom."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411171

I nod.
"Someone see to Emily. Captain, don't forget to check their barracks for anything useful."
I gather the walking wounded and have them help make stretchers for the more heavily wounded guards and the dead guards.

Airia [druid] 411173

"Or it means that they did a good job of covering us.."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411174

Shake my head slowly.
"N-no. They are right. The demons are evil. We should k-k…
Yeah. Well, that.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411175

"Yes exactly, so what the hell are you complaining about?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411177

"Not all of them. Candy seems to be on the road to redemption, so there might be hope for others. But things like that Hork, or the demons who work in this factory… there's probably no saving them."

Nasse-Setä 411178

The captain rubs her temples.
They had a few coins on them. 40 to be exact.
"I healed the wounded…"
"I-I'm just a bit exhausted…"
"They have had their first aid. We need to go to the hospital in-town."
The captain nods to you.
In the town because >plot
The captain slams her face.
"Do you think that geek didn't already gather samples?!"
The party starts walking back into town.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411179


and carry Emily if needed, but I'm headed back to town.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411180


Fuck it. If this backfires, good luck to them. I'll use their fuckups to fuck them over.

Airia [druid] 411181

"Hospital.. I see.."
I sigh
"And yes, he already got a sample."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411182

"Well at keast they are in good hands, considering you are a good doctor and all. Just relax and take some rest alright?" I smile at Emily.

Go to town and see whats new there?

Neith [Inquisitor] 411183

Clean off my sword and help whoever needs it.
Or just go back to town.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411184

Back to town we go?
I'll just stick close to Emer.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411185

If that's what they want to do… I guess that's what they want to do.
And I'm ready to head back to town, if we're not going already.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411186

I speak as we walk back to town.
"I have to say, it is unusual for me to fight alongside others. The Medjai only rally their forces during times of great peril."

And after a pause.
"What shall be our next course of action?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411187

"Rest, resupply, and then head to the ruined citadel to take our first steps back home."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411188

"That fight was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I see that we are all alive and our injuries are minor, but was anyone-"
I stop talking as I think about what word to use.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411190

"No, though Blue had a rather close call."
Speaking of…
"Blue, are you alright?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411191

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411192

Look from him to Blue.
"N-nothing happened, right?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411193

Shake my head.
"I barely got injured. Strangely, but fortunately, they did not even attempt to do such thing."


Airia [druid] 411195

I shake my head. "No, but she did slow me down enough to escape.. " I look guiltily to neith

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411196

"Good question. They-they will need to be attended to immediately."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411197

"We've not been here long and already you're openly talking about sex.."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411198

"Luckily the guards and myself got there before it got out of hoof, and she remains… unmolested? That's a good word. Unmolested."
"The ruined citadel of races, or something. It's where we were told to go."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411199

I shake my head
"Its day of judgement will come. And the fury of the Moon and Sun will hammer down when it does."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411200

Nod slowly.
"You got me scared back there…
With that Hork."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411201

"By whom?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411202

"I was lucky I ended up behind our own lines. I don't like to think what would have happened if he'd tossed me in a different direction."
"Pair of imps, or something. Nasty things."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411205

"It is our next destination."

"Good. I am glad we stayed safe, for the most part."

I raise whatever the gryphon equivalent of an eyebrow is.
"This coming from the zebra with a goopony and a succubus following him around? It is important to know if any of us were despoiled by the demons. Hidden corruption could doom us all."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411207

I nod at the safety part.

"What if they try to lure us into some sort of trap?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411208

"Then we simply break out of it."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411209

"Having either following me around is not equivalent to openly walking and talking of sex and taking or getting taken."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411211

"I'd have come running for you…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411212

"Why do you think I was in such a hurry to get back to the fight?"

Nasse-Setä 411213

You enter the town. The pony holding guard on the gate salutes you and trots up to the Captain.
"Ms. Captain, the scouts have returned. The Mistress and Paladin Grail are expecting you and the heroes in the map room."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411215

"It still sounds dangerous."

"To the map room we shall head then."
Waste no time and get there.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411217

Well, it's not like we're in any hurry, but we might as well head there.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411218

Go there then.

Although… I should probably… yeah… at some point I'll have to work away that.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411219

"I'll be with you shortly, Candi"
lead the succubus towards the sexydungeon room and lock her in and lock the room

Klandin [Ascendant] 411221

"In this world it is the same as talking about a wound hidden under armor or clothing. These things must not be hidden."

"Thank you. Come on, everyone."
I go to the chapel and ask for directions to the map room. Once I have them I go there.

Nasse-Setä 411223

The map room has a large map of the surrounding areas and multiple tables full of smaller maps.
"The scouts couldn't enter the Citadel."
Grail turns around, looking worried.
"But they found a way."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411224

"Then I'd like you to not ask me in public."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411226

"No point denying it. This land takes your baser, natural instincts and strangles you with it, and the more you deny, the more they can use it to take you."

"Let's go."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411228

And then join them

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411229

"I can guess by your face, paladin Grail, that it's not going to be pleasant."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411230

I nod.
"Do tell."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411231

"What way? Why are your worried?"

"Then we can meet in private and talk of whatever has happened. It does not matter where these things are talked about so long as they are talked about."

Airia [druid] 411232

"Oh, nice maps!" I say excitedly

Neith [Inquisitor] 411233



Look at the maps and try to make sense off them.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 411239

"We need two items: a magical spyglass…and a very specific crystal."
"These items are not exactly readily available and could even be corrupted."
The Mistress nods.
"Most of them aren't current anymore…We've salvaged what we can."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411240

"A hidden passage? Or some more unorthodox form of infiltration?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411241

I cock a brow
"And where the heck do we get those from?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411242

"Well, can't we purify them, like with the potions at the factory, or like what's happening with Candy?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411244

"Where can we find these items?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411245

"Do we have locations?
Is it possible to purify them if they are corrupt?"

Airia [druid] 411246

"What kind of crystal?"

Nasse-Setä 411250

"A hidden passage, indeed."
"We know their location…well, about."
Grail sighs.
"The Mistress can tell you more."
"We don't know. They are artifacts of Cifu; it might be difficult."
"It opens the secret door that leads inside the Citadel. A key."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411252

"W-wait! If they are corrupt…
How are we supposed to cleanse them?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411254

"As long as it is possible, we shall not despair."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411255

turn to the Mistress

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411256

"How difficult it is doesn't really matter, since we'll have to find a way."
And I'll turn to the Mistress.
"So, where might the rod and the crystal be?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411259

"Mistress, where can we find these things?"


"Bah. I heard enough. I'll be ready whenever you leave."
I should deal with this lust now, before it gets out of hand or someone notices. Find a empty room with a door that can be locked.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 411261

Grail nods.
"I'll go with you, if you wish."
"The Spyglass could, and I do emphasize could be in the Drakebridge settlement. The nobles won't give it to you though; not for free. Greed is the tape that binds their souls together. The Crystal, however…"
She points her hoof to a large empty spot in a forest.
"It's in this temple."
You find a suitably empty room.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411263

"What can you tell us about the temple?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411264

"I can't imagine they'll want something as easy as coin. We should probably get the crystal first, especially since that's more likely to be corrupted since it's been unattended for who knows how long."


Right… lock and barricade the door and… well… work away this damn lust.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411266

"I will not stop you if that is what you feel right."

Then to the Mistress.
"A Ba full of greed… And what of the temple?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411267

"Of course.

Mistress, I would like to speak with you inprivate when you have the time."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411270


Neith left suddenly.

Let me follow her to her locked door and see what happens as I;m outside.

Airia [druid] 411271

"What's in the temple?"

Nasse-Setä 411272

"It's old. And full of corruption."
The Mistress shakes her head.
"It was built to protect the crystal…"
"Absolutely. Grail can brief the rest."
She then walks outside the map room.
You start cuddling with the pillow.
It doesn't really help.
You can hear some muffled sounds.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411274

"Inquisitor? Are you well?"

"…Don't be shy."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411275

"Are these the most up-to-date maps for us to find our way to the temple?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411277

"What's so special about the cry-"
My eyes widen.
"Is it heart shaped?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411278

"What can you tell us of the temple's defenses? What might the crystal be capable of if it is corrupt?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411279

follow her outside
"Mistress.. It's concerning the succubus, and the goopony. I don't know if you could accommodate either?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411280

I just look down and blush.

ow do I feel? Is it too bad with that 2 lust or can I live with it.

Airia [druid] 411281

"Oh, how terrible.. I know how that is. The thing you wanted to protect turned against you."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411282

Dammit! I shou-


Ardet [Landkeeper] 411283

"I suppose there are traps on the way to it then?"

Nasse-Setä 411286

"Yes. Yes they are. We haven't had a chance to make any new ones."
"We don't know. I presume it's something simpler."
"Probably demons. No one has been there in ages. We don't know much about the crystal either; for all we know it only opens the door to the citadel."
You feel slightly warm.
The Mistress bites her lip.
"I…suppose we could."
"Absolutely. I'm sure of it."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411287

Back away with hooves raised, though obviously relaxed.

"How… aggressive. It is my specialty as a, ah, clown, to help with these problems. Sure you need nothing from me?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411289

"I have no further questions. Thank you both."
I go looking for an empty room with a lockable door.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411290

"I guess we'll be doubling as cartographers, then. I don't suppose we could borrow any of the enchanted weaponry that is in the armory?"
I'll tap my rapier sadly.
"This is, unfortunately, proving less and less effective."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411293

Press the tip of my sword against his chest, glaring at him with all the intensity I can muster
"Leave. Now."
Then go back in and close the door.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411294

"Any guardians?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411296

"Gella is.. a special case. I don't consider her to be a threat to any, despite her occasional needs. The succubus I do know you have your doubts on.

But, if she is willingly on the path to redemption then wouldn't that be enough to give her a chance?"

Persuasion to aid my argument! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 411297

Hah, Inquisitors.

As much as I'd like to see her break, we can't really afford that.

Wait outside and play with my own rapier while listening for sounds.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 411298

Go to the temple and look for Emily or any priestess or priest.


Oh and get back to work.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 411306

You find it.
"Maybe. You'll have to ask the Mistress."
"Not anymore, surely."
"I'm sure we can find some accommodation."
Emily is hanging around the entry hall.
Maybe you could try to use your sword's handle as a dildo…
No, it freezes inside your cunt.
You can't hear anything.




Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 411310

Ah foo, I had a couple more questions. Thanks for running, though.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411311

"This sounds perilious… Which artifact do you propose we try to acquire first?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411314

Lock the door, wash my body off to remove any traces of the demons, then relieve my building tension.

Roll #1 4, 3, 6, 1, 7 = 21

Rose 411318

Sounds like this is getting serious.

I'll… wait.


Looking at Klandin, I should probably roll 5d10's for this, huh?

Roll #1 6, 3, 7, 1, 7 = 24

Nasse-Setä 411813

The Mistress gathers you in the temple's courtyard.
"We will gather a small convoy to lead you to the temple. If you wish to visit the town, or have needs within the temple, you have about an hour before it will be ready to leave."
Emily nods besides her, adding:
"If you wish to ask something, I will endeavor to answer your inquiries."
She ponders for a while.
"Oh, right. Paladin Grail left for Drakebridge, scouting ahead for you."

The sky is clear blue, with the sun shining down on the town. You can see the main avenue is bustling with activity; it's a beautiful midweek day.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411815

"I don't suppose you could send someone to the other place while we fetch the crystal, to see if they won't be willing to barter for their piece?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411816

Does this mean all of my lust is gone? Cool.
"Good. It's about damn time."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411817

"Priestess Emily, I wish to speak with you."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411818

I approach the mistress and whisper to her.
"Is it alright to ask… can I speak with the succubus?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411819

"What is our next destination then?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411820

Shift calmly beside Emer.
"Should we ask them for… Protections?"

Nasse-Setä 411822

"That is what Grail is doing."
Emily nods and steps to the side.
"I believe it's Lord Riveldi's business. She is his charge."
"The Temple which houses the crystal-key to the Citadel."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411824

I nod.
"The one full of dangers, correct?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411825

>not writing our results
"I cannot think of any questions that I have."

"How is your succubus doing?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411827

I'll blush a bit at that.
"Well, I don't see why not."
Clearing my throat slightly, I'll move up next to the mistress.
"I don't suppose I could take a small supply of preventatives along with us? Just in case?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411828

follow her to the wall
"I spoke with the Mistress about this matter and, to be frank, I would like to know your stance on keeping Gella and Candi here."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411829

Giggle a bit and stand back as he goes asking.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411831

I frown.
"What will happen to her? Can I ask Lord Riveldi if I can speak to her?"

Nasse-Setä 411832

She blushes a bit.
"Um, I mean, sure, if this is what you heroes want."
"Contraceptives? Condoms? A whistle?"
"Yes, of course."
The Mistress nods.
"Now, I must hurry for the preparations."
She then turns and goes inside the chapel.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411834

"The first two."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411835

Hey, my lust is gone right?

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411837

Cock my head.
"A whistle?"
You. Roled 44/50 and I expect to see the results!

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411838

"Thank you mistress, I will head out for now."
I bow with a smile before finding Lord Riveldi.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411839

You also rolled a 0 which you disregarded

Riveldi [Warlord] 411840

"I know that.. Candi would cause some concern, so I won't leave her here. My reason for asking is that you take care of Gella. She hasn't shown any signs of corruption and I would feel bad if she follows me further into danger.."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411842

Nod at the Mistress and make sure that I am ready for the trip.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411843

Approach him looking down a bit.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411844

Nope. Go read~

Klandin [Ascendant] 411846

"Feeling well rested, friend?"

Nasse-Setä 411847

"I will make sure the convoy will include some."
"A rape whistle."
For what?
Emily nods.
"I understand. I'm sure she will be fine with the Chapel."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411850

Blink a few times, not quite understanding.
"Why would anyone want to rape a whistle?"
Check the old-old thread.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411851

"Thank you. Might need all sizes, just in case the others need some as well."


Ugh. Go back to that room then to fix that. And make sure the damn door is locked. AND that nobody is listening in.

Roll #1 5, 3, 1, 10, 6 = 25

Klandin [Ascendant] 411853

What about mine?

"I have no idea. It seems to me that a knife would work much better."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411855

I nod.
"That I do. I am afraid our journey will be full of peril, and we shall need our strenght and resolve."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411856

Look at him, worried.
"Y-you want to r-rape a knife?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 411858

"Thank you, now. how do you feel about a redeemed succubus working in the chapel? Answer truthfully please"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411860

I'll chuckle a little at that.
"No no, Mercury. A person who fears for their wellbeing blows the whistle, and their friends come running to save them."

Nasse-Setä 411862

"No, you blow in it if you're about to get raped, and someone will come to your aid."
"S-she can, if she wants to. She would be kept under surveillance, however."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411863

I approach him.
"Can I talk with the succubus that helped us? I just want to ask some something to her.

"The mistress told me you are in charge of her."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411865

"What? I meant you should stab the attacker instead of blowing on a silly whistle."

"If you will all excuse me, I must attend to something before leaving."
I go find an empty room with a lockable door where I can take care of my business.

Roll #1 10, 10, 8, 2, 9 = 39

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411866

Nod at him and keep waiting.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411867

"Because of her nature, I figured the chapel would be a step towards helping her along the path of righteousness… in whatever form this world sees fit of course."
"I am. Candi"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411868

"…Oh. That does make sense!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411869

Smile sheepishly at the two.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411870

Wait at his side and wait for her.
"I like to talk to her privately if thats okay sir Riveldi."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411871

"It's alright. You never had to worry about knowing what they were before…"
I'll frown a little.
"And Cadence willing you won't have to need one either."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411874

"I… guess that's admissible. But She's in the dungeon and I'll need to wait outside. sorry but I don't trust any of you near her. Could you wait a moment?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411876

Grow gloom and stare at him for a moment, before melting once again.
"N-nothing. Thanks…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411879

"I just want to know… something. Cant I speak with her?"
I frown.
"But if thats your will, then I will wait."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411881

I'll look at her curiously for a second, then sidle up next to her.
"Hey. You can talk to me if you want. Sharing problems is part of being in a relationship, right?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411882

Try to contain a frown.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411883

Meh? It's more of a goofy expression than anything else.
But I will stay quiet and say nothing.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411885

And I keep standing around.
Anything interesting at least as we wait?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411888

"Alright, I won't pry too much, then."
Giving her a small kiss on the cheek, I'll just wait for the others to be ready. Unless there's something in town I could do… get a better weapon, maybe. Or borrow one from the armory here.
"Hey, Mercury, do you want to see if they'll let us borrow some equipment from the armory here? We might need the extra punch if we want to stay safe."

Nasse-Setä 411889

Candy is in the dungeon room.
"I believe you may me right, Lord Riveldi."
You find the toy room, lock the door and remove your armour.
After finding the latest Playmate and a fitting toy with proper amounts of lube you check the pages for stallions.
Your swollen balls tighten as you set on a steady rythm, your large prick pumping out gooish pre from the start. Looking at an article with a red stallion showing off his pride in various poses, you quickly reach your climax, splattering the bed with your thick goop. Poor is the maid who has to clean the room afterwards…or maybe not, in this world.
You find a rustic room with a bed and a washing basin. You decide to slip into the warm water and set to work, rubbing your virgin pussy with your rough hoof.
You're really new at this; in Equestria you almost never had to worry about things like these. If it weren't for the water, you might have some trouble with lubrication. After a while however, you manage to find the spot, rubbing up and down on your knob, finally getting an orgasm while splashing the tub's water to the floor. Everyone within five rooms could have heard the moans.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411891

I turn to Emily.
"What will happen to Candi?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411892

Nod with a smile.
"Yeah… I liked that sword…"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411894

"Well, then let's go pester the Mistress."
And that we do.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411896

Clean myself and get out of bath, then put my gear back on.

… does this room have a window? Open it.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411898

"If it doesn't work out, then you may call back on the Inquisitor Neith to end Candi. My main wish is that the succubus at least gets a chance at the freedom to choose a new life or to fall back on her own. Thank you for your time, and for taking care of Gella."
"When You're ready"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411900

I check the color and the semen/goo ratio before washing up and returning to the courtyard with my things.

Nasse-Setä 411901

You should have done that while there was a session running.
The Mistress is in a small briefing room off to the side of her office. She's got some mares buzzing around, carrying scrolls, quills, backpacks and other adventuring gear.
"Hm, how may I help you, heroes?"
"She will serve in the Chapel, almost as a Sister."
You can do anything. Explore the city, the Temple, speak with the party, Emily, Riveldi's pets or…hell, you could leave the town and get raped!
It's one of the inner rooms. Only an air duct there.
Emily nods.
"We will take care of your pets. Followers."

Nasse-Setä 411902

It's got that slight red tint to it, and it's very, very thick.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411903

I nod.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411904

Fine, just walk out the room and go to the courtyard again.

Riveldi [Warlord] 411905

"Pet? N-no she's not my pet!"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411906

"I was wondering if it would be possible to borrow one or two of the enchanted weapons from the armory. I'm afraid my rapier is proving less effective these days, and Mercury doesn't even have something to defend herself with should her magic fail."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411907

Hey Nasse, could you DM for us?
Nah, you and Fidget are doing great!
Never again.
Stay behind Emere.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411908

I don't have much founds yet.
Though, if we are not ready to leave yet, is there an armory here?

Klandin [Ascendant] 411909

"You look lost."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411910

"Oh, I was just wondering if I could get some additional weapons."

Riveldi [Warlord] 411911

shake my head of the frustration, and lead her to the dungeon. then unlock the door and wait outside


Klandin [Ascendant] 411913

"If you have money."

Nasse-Setä 411914

Yes, there is.
It's still as sunny as ever. Birds are chirping somewhere up there, hidden in the decorations of the chapel.
You head down to the dungeon. Candi is trotting around the room, looking at the chests and furniture laid out for her.
Emily shakes her head.
"I didn't mean to imply anything, Lord Riveldi!"
She ponders for a while.
"I suppose…"
She takes a piece of paper and a quill, scribbling a quick note for the armoury's keeper.
The heroes are to be allowed one item of magical ability, signed, Mistress

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411915

Follow him, I then enter the door and closed it.
I then see if Candy is here.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411917

Well then, find the rest of the party.

"Are you all ready?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411918

"I never carried much, nor do I have any currency they use here. There is supposed to be an armory here, isn't there though?"

Go there.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411919

"Thank you kindly. I shall see they are put to good use."
And then I'll head back to the others, and inform them of the permission.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411921

Look at the piece of paper as if in awe.
Follow suit!

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411922

I look at her, still a bit shocked of her looks, I then gather my resolved and approach her carefully.

"Ms. Candi, can I talk to you for a minute or two?|

Klandin [Ascendant] 411923

I wave at you as I see you looking out of the window.
"Ardet is looking for more weapons and the goat has disappeared."

I follow you.
"I do not have much to spare, but if you promise to pay me back I should be able to lend you enough to buy something simple. There is an armory here but I am not sure if they will let you take something."
I think about mentioning a way for him to make money.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 411924


And everyone but Blue is here, in the courtyard.
She looks at you over her shoulder.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411926

I cough and rub the back of my neck.
"You may be able to find a job at the ice cream shop. Maybe."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411927

I glare daggers at him.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411928

"Thank you for the offer, but I am not very keen on getting into debts….
Nor do I know anything about making sweets."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411929

And now I'm just coming back.
"Uh? Talking about ice cream? Oh I can help!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411930

"You can?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411931

I tilt my head.
"Why did you helped us back there? Just out of curiosity but you could have just betrayed us all back there, but you stick with us even though there is a high chance that our inquisitor might kill you after that."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411932

Cock my head.
"Well it is my talent!"
And smiling wild I will show my flank.
My armor covered mark, before frowning.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411933

I look uncomfortable.
"What? He wanted some money and I told him a way to make some. If he wants to that's his choice."

"Wise not to take money, but I am not a lender you need worry about if you do. The ice cream shop, ah, simply uses its employees to harvest ingredients."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411934

"Are you really so used to running around naked?"

"It's sickening."

Nasse-Setä 411935

She keeps rummaging through a box of toys.
"Master Riveldi ordered it."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411936

I give her a confused look.
"I'm… afraid I do not quite understand."

I smile at that.
"Oh, that's better. I know quite a few plants from the deserts at least, but I am sure I could find the right ones if they described them."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411937

Smile awkwardly as I scratch my head.
Oh, they are talking about that ice cream shop…
Slowly back away.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411938

"I was talking about the ice cream shop."

I shrug my shoulders.
"If he is the type of pony, er, zebra, that would do that then he should know about it. Better he earn his money rather than borrow things."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411939

"Y-yeah… Forget I said anything."
Shake my head.
"D-doesn't matter, really…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411940

"Bah. Doesn't it make you feel exposed at all?"

I roll my eyes.

Klandin [Ascendant] 411941

"Nakedness is the norm in our age."

"…never mind. It was wrong of me to mention that place."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411942

"Master Riveldi?"

"What do you mean by that?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411943

"I always worked for what I got before. And I am sure that since we are moving into a territory of danger, I was hoping we could use a bit of assistance."

I raise an eyebrow.
"A rather sudden change of heart."

Nasse-Setä 411944

"Master Riveldi is my master. He commands me, and I obey."
She speaks with excitement in her voice.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411945

"Well as somepony who saw both times… It feels nice. I mean, many ponies I know still go around dressed from time to time, but it's not cold anymore thanks to Princess Cadence, so we don't have to.
And this way the shine can be seen my many, many more ponies!"
"That shop. That ice cream shop we talked about earlier."
Look at the ground.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411946

I just find this… funny.
"How come? Why obey him in the first place? I thought demons are more loyal to their kin."

I then look down.
"Unless you are not a demon in the first place that is…. "

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411947

It takes me a moment to realize.
"Oh… You never went into much detail, but knowing this place."
Shake my head.
"Yes, I know I wouldn't want to aid such a thing. Not for money, not for something else."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411948

"They do not use milk to make their ice cream and they only employ stallions. Talk of this seems to upset mercury so I will leave you to put two and two together."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411949

I spit on the ground in disgust

Nasse-Setä 411950

She finally stops going through the chests and drawers of the room and turns to you.
"Demons need a master. They summon us to the world; we are their charges. At least, that's how I think it goes…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411951

I nod.
"Yes, it was mentioned earlier."
I sigh.
"Just makes me wish to be home once again even more."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411952

"I don't think they'd hire any of you either… Chocolate said all of the emploiees had a very strict diet!"

Nasse-Setä 411953

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411955

"Is that so? I thought demons are just corrupted equestrian creatures and I thought… "

I stop and hold my mouth with my hooves.
"Sorry, I was just rambling about."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411956

"Not those corrupted fluids we prevented from making earlier though, right?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411957

I nod.

"They must eat things native to this world, I suppose."

I look around.
"Where is that goat?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411958

"Oh! Oh no! They'd never do that… Maybe!"
"She must be exploring…"

Approach Neith.
"Inquisitor, the Mistress wrote a paper for us…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411959

"Hmmm? What paper?"

Nasse-Setä 411960

She shakes her head.
"Some may be. Did you have something you wanted to talk about or are you just here to ramble?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411961

"It allows us to choose a weapon from their wault… One of the magical ones.
You should d-decide, because… Well, you have experience and all, right?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 411963

"Unlikely. The guards would have shut the place down if they did."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411964

Do you think they would allow me to take a throwing knife or two? I would fight the demons bravely in exchange for them."

"That makes it less disturbing at least."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411965

"You want help picking a weapon? That's understandable. Come along then."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411966

"N-no you don't understand! It's one for all of us! W-we should choose wisely, a-and only the best s-should use it!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411967

"I know. And I already have my sword. So that leaves you weaponless."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411968

"I… I am just… whats the word?"
"Fascinated.. yes. fascinated by your kind."

I stop for a moment and look at her.
"We met one of your kind earlier, its too bad that we are able to swiftly dismiss that I dont got the chance to speak with her. I like to know how do you live, why are you like this? Why take stallions away or hypnotize them."
"I just find it… extremely fascinating."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411970

Look at her sword, just for a second, then back to the ground.
"M-make way lady Inquisitor."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411971

I nod.
"I understood, and I would not rob someone else from taking the magical weapon."
I stay silent for a moment.
"I can wait until we are better funded to get those."

Nasse-Setä 411972

"Why do you live? Why do you exist? We want to live, same as you. We just have to do it in a different way."
She looks frustrated.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411974

To the armory we go then.
"You do want a weapon, don't you?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411975

"I do need one, yes."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411977

I look down.
"Sorry if I am too forward in asking questions, My apologies."

".. different way? In what way?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411978

"How did you even manage without one so far?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411980

"I… Make ice cream. Always have. I'm not a fighter."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411981

"We might as well give you a proper one then."

Nasse-Setä 411982

File: 1368125713535.png (185.04 KB, 800x1131, Emily.png)

You go to the armour, where Chit'r is just checking the list of weapons, comparing it to what's on the rack.
"How may I help you?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411983

"You must have had very good protectors not to be afraid of strays then."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411985


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 411986

"I will just trust your judgment, Lady Inquisitor."
Pass the paper to Neith and stay quiet.
"I lived in the big capital. Nothing ever came there. Not from outside, at least.."

Nasse-Setä 411987

"We have sex. We take sex. We need it."
She facehoofs.
"Are you stupid? I thought you know who you were talking to!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 411988

"We're here to procure a weapon for a very unarmed ice cream maker."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 411989

"We've been allowed to borrow one weapon."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411990

"Ah, I see."

"The Medjai couldn't be everywhere at the same time. We offered our best, but our numbers were limited, and the lands of the pharaos great. The people, especially those who lived on farms were advised to be ready if a stray animal or demon were to escape our watchful gaze and attack them."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411992

"R… really, how mnay times? How do you seduce guys? How can I beco…"

I try to cover my face with my hoof
"Sorry… I am just too embarrassed that I just want for the answers to come directly from you."

Klandin [Ascendant] 411993

"Neither Equestria nor my homeland suffer much from stray monsters."

Neith [Inquisitor] 411995

"And that is why the inquisition was so successful. For 'punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit'."

Nasse-Setä 411996

He takes the paper and reads it.
"Hm. Okay. Take what you will from this room."
He walks to a large door off to the side and locks it, taking the key and hiding it in a pouch.
"We have magic!"
Her eyes glow green for a while. Roll against lust.
"We have looks! Seduction!"
She shakes her head.
"Sorry, I got lost in the moment.

Neith [Inquisitor] 411997

"What weapon do you want, mage? Sword? Mace? Daggers? Axe?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 411998


Roll #1 6 = 6

Ardet [Landkeeper] 411999

"Neither did our lands, but accidents happened from time to time."

Shake my head.
"I did not deal with criminals."

Nasse-Setä 412000

Okay, nothing.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412001

I'll take a look at said room, looking over the swords.
"The sword earlier felt good…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412002

I stare at her green eyes.
"M… magic? That is… fascinating."
"Is there a way you can… teach me?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412003

"This does not apply to them alone."

"Then see if you find something you like."

Nasse-Setä 412004

She shakes her head.
"I wouldn't, not without the Master's permission."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412005

So… Yeah, I should ask Kri.
"U…Uhm… S-sorry?"
Go near him and tap on his… Plates?

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412006

"It sounded like it did."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412007

I just look at her glumly.
"I.. sorry if I asked. Its just that your kind is a curiosity to me, thats why I asked."

"Are all… succubuses natural demons, or are there others who has become one through magic… or corruption?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412009

Hmm. Thinking. Thinking… I do like the weight of my rapier, but it's not going to be effective against things like another hork, or a goo. Let's peruse the enchantments. Any specific magic ones.

Nasse-Setä 412012

She nods.
"I don't wish to speak of it. I must leave my previous life behind."
There are no rapiers in this inventory.
What kind of a weapon do you want?

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412014

Well, how about a broadsword? something with a good balance to it?

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412015

I guess asking won't hurt.
"Excuse me…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412016

"I- I was thinking… What do you suggest?"

Nasse-Setä 412019

There are dozens upon dozens of finely balanced swords on the racks. Each of them brim with a magical force.
"A shortsword would fit your stature; you're a mage. It should only be defensive for you anyway."
He walks over to the racks, picking up a finely detailed silvery sword up, holding the handle to you.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412020

I put a hoof on her shoulder.
"You can tell me, if you wanted too. I dont spill secrets easily."


Roll #1 6 = 6

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412021

"I don't suppose I could borrow a few simple throwing knives for our journey?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412022

Hmm. I'll pick a frost one. Swing it around just a little, get a feel for it.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412023

"What sort off items do you have that could be of use to the entire party?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412025

Balance it, feel the weight on my hoof.
"A-and w-what does this…"
Can I tell the enchantment?

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Nasse-Setä 412031

"I have swords and shields. If you ask me, everyone should know how to use them. But they're the property of the church; if you want mundane items, go to the common street vendor."
"You should go ask from the kitchen."
He chuckles, his jaws making a chittering sound.
It leaves a cold vane of air behind it, it's blade having a blue tint to it. When you bring it close to the ground, it leaves frost where the blade rests.
It is finely balanced, but you clumsily almost drop it. You have no idea of it's purpose; it has finely detailed carvings all over it.
"It channels any energy you charge it with; hold it in a flame and it lights up like a torch; blow frost into it and it's cuts will freeze before they start bleeding."
She shakes her head.
"I will reform. I will not think of these matters unless my master wishes to."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412032

Let's try that.
With a firmer grip, channel frost through the blade!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Neith [Inquisitor] 412033

"Looks like a good sword for you to me."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412034

"Not kitchen knives, the balance is not the same."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412036

I just frown.
"I respect your wishes."

Nasse-Setä 412038

"We don't have any throwing weapons here. They're not very holy, it seems."
You fling an ice shard at a piece of armor.
Chit'r closes his helmet, looking angry.
"Alright, out with ye! Play with your new toy on the yard!"
She relaxes.
"Was there something else?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412040

Look extremely scared and terribly sorry, apologizing hastily.
"I- I- I just… Oh my! I'm so damn sorry!"
And then I'll show myself out.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412041

I nod.
"I understand. Thank you."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412042

I leave.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412045

I just look down.
"Nothing more."

"Just one more…. how come Riveldi become your master?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412046

I roll my eyes and go after her
"Don't let that idiot rile you up."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412048

"But I made a mess on their treasure room…"
I'll look down, holding the sword just a tiny bit tighter.
"It felt so natural…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412049

And follow them out.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412051

"And you like the way it feels. That's good. Make sure to practice. You show promise."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412054

Nod, with a smile.
"Yes Lady Inquisitor. Thank you."

Nasse-Setä 412055

"He…had the authority. Something in his voice demanded respect."
Everyone but Blue is in the yard.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412056

"Shall we head out then?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412057

I just smile.
"Alright, thanks for your time then."

Stand up and head out.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412058

"I've been ready for some time."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412059

"But… Blue?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412060

Also go back to the party and see if they are ready to head out,

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412062

"Ah! There you are!"
Run up to her with a smile.
"We are all ready to moveo out!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412064

I just nod lazily and follow next to her.

Nasse-Setä 412065

"You're ready then?"
The mistress walks out of the chapel to the yard.
"The convoy is ready for you. They're waiting just outside the gate. I took the liberty of making Emily the leader of our people out there."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412068

"That's g- Oh."
Step back and lower my voice.
"That's great, your Highness."
Bow slightly.
Ready to go.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412069

I just nod at this.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412070

I nod.
"Let us head out."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412071

"'You highness'? Why do you keep saying that?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412073


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412074

Look away.
"Well, she is the leader of these ponies…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412076

I roll my eyes
"You're a strange one, you know that?"

Nasse-Setä 412081

You head outside the off-white walls of the town. The captain salutes you as you pass her gate, going out in the clearing. There are three pack mules and two white mares wearing familiar dresses, carrying censers. Two armed guards accompany you from the gates.
The sun is still shining, and the forest looks calm. Emily trots up to you as you get closer to your small convoy, waving excitedly.
"Hello! We are ready to go!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412082

Look at her with a lost expression.
"Am I, Lady Inquisitor?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412083

"Same here. What is the purpose of the censers?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412084

"Good. What's with the censers?"

"That's what I said."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412085

"A bit."


Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412086

I just smile.
"So we are."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412087

Look back in front of me, thinking this over.
Maybe it's just because the Inquisitor has never tasted an ice cream…
Nod firmly with a smile.

Nasse-Setä 412088

"It's just for ritual purposes. It may help us enter the above ground parts of the temple."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412090

"I dont think our inquisitor will like the ice creams here."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412091

"Oh. Well then, let's be off."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412092

That was internal monologue.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412093

"Everything we can use to our cause is appreciated."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412094

"Lets go then."

Nasse-Setä 412099

You head off into the forest, following the road. The mares are leading, their censers smoking and slowly rocking to the rhythm of their trot. They are humming silently, a prayer to Cifu.

The day turns slowly without much incident. The forest changes to a swamp after a few hours of trotting past the place where you woke up in this world; the barn has rotten and finally fallen to the ground.
You quickly trot through the swamp into another part of the forest: The trees are darker here, mostly consisting of different pines.
Emily stops the convoy at the edge, looking around.
"We'll arrive soon, but we might want to make a camp here first. This forest is even less safe than the one we passed through."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412102

I nod and help them set up camp and make tents.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 412103

"Very well. If that is what you think is best."
I help set up the camp.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412104

"How much further will it be after we rest?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412106

Bring the sword to bear and scan around the underbushes with my gaze.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I fly up and scan the area for threats

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse-Setä 412109

"Maybe 3 or 4 hours. We don't want to have to spend the night in the forest."
You can't see anything but the branches swaying in the wind.
You can't see through the thick pine woods, but the swamp you came from seems clear.
You quickly set up two large tents: one for the convoy, one for the heroes. Both have a simple oven in the middle for keeping warm.
There's also a campfire outside, for the guards and to make food over.


Land again. How tired am I?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412112

"Okay, here is a crazy idea… What if I make it snow?
As in, all the branches and trees around us, covered in ice.
That'd keep us safe!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412113

I nod.
"I fully understand.
Do you need help with the night watch?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412114

How tired am I?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412115

I just take some food to eat while waiting for the others to do their things.

"Isnt that too dangerous? What if the tents support give up because of the snow?"

Nasse-Setä 412116

Rather tired.
"The caravan members will keep watch. You have a huge trial in front of you tomorrow, and should rest."
"Um, I'm not sure…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412118

I nod.
"As you wish. I will rest better knowing you have it under control, but I felt the need to offer."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412119

"No, it'd be ice, not snow. Like… Have you ever built a snowcastle?"
I'll just… Yeah. Tired and all.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Klandin [Ascendant] 412120

I yawn.
"I trust you guards can take the first watch?"
I eat some food then go lie down in the hero's tent.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412122

"I have been to snowy places but I've not yet built something out of snow. Its a bit hard doing it with hooves and all."


Let's go rest… for a while.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 412133


Nasse-Setä 412136

…didn't you leave her at the chapel?

Riveldi [Warlord] 412138

We left already? Well fuck, ok then nevermind.

Nasse-Setä 412144

"Yes, master?"
The tent is nice and warm. Everyone has a sleeping bag laid out on a camping mattress.
You fall asleep on the spot. Emily carries you to the tent.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412145

Well, I guess I go to rest too.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412146

Since everyone is going to their tents perhaps its time for me to rest too.
Go to a tent and try to have a good dream.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Riveldi [Warlord] 412147

take her outside the tent near the border of the camp
"With Gella, I understood that she required… certain fluids to survive. But you, what do you require?"


Get comfy and sleep. Rolling for dreams.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 412149

I keep sleeping.


Oh well.
Do I dream of nice things at least?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 412152

You don't dream of anything.
Yup. You lay down on a free sleeping bag, listening to the fire on the oven.
You dream of Luna. She's there, in your dreams, encouraging you. Some day, or night, this place will know her justice. But for now, you shall serve her, in another way. She turns around, lifting her tail…
"Um, I used to live of sex. But I'm not sure after my purification ritual…"
She gets closer to you, you can hear her almost purring as she lowers her voice.
"But I do still enjoy it immensely, master~"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412154

Wake me up when we wake up then.

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412155

Sleep until the morning.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412156

Wait what?

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412157

In the cold darkness of this night there is only sleep.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412158

gulp, blush, and glance to make sure no one's around
"W-well we ne-e-ed to be s-safe, just in c-case."

"But uh don't violate me like you did last time"

And then wake up the next morning after a heavy dose of quiet pls '1d10' fucking

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 412160

She presents her glistening marehood to you.
"Well? I trust you're not completely new to this, subject?"
You don't so much as look directly at her when she starts moaning.
But her moans are oddly masculine…
Your moans wake up the entire camp. Emily, who was having her guard shift, comes rushing into the bushes with a dagger out.
"It sounded like a Succubus was rapi-"
Her eyes widen when she sees you two just finishing it, globs of sperm coating every leaf, tree and blade of grass within a ten meter radius.
She gulps.
"Wake me up in the moooooorn…"
She then falls unconscious in the shrubbery.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412162

I bolt awake, then blush.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412163

Draw my sword.
"Is there an attack?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 412164

"I.. I hope this will account for a… a bit.."
now try and get up '1d10-2'

Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


Oh, so time to wake up?
Panicking, start shooting around.
Ice Storm Bolt x3, in the air.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 412169

What!? WHAT!?


Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412170

I just rubbed my eyes.
"Whats happening?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412171

And I'm… well, everyone else rushed off to see what that was about, so I guess I'll stick here in the camp.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412174

I guess i follow, but stay at a distance.

Nasse-Setä 412182

The pack mules are just climbing out of their tents.
"Sounded like a hork and a foghorn having sex to me…"
You fling some shards of ice in the air. Fancy.
You can hear something moving in the bushes off to the side of the camp.
Emily was seen running off there too.
The penis in your tight pucker makes it hard for you to move…you think you might get used to this.
You're now closet bi.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412183

That was a critfail.
Can I calm down?
See what's going on?

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Neith [Inquisitor] 412185

Charge forth!

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412186

If nothing, then just sleep I guess.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412189

I spread my wings wings and take to the air with a spear in my claw. Once I'm airborn I circle the area where the movement was.
"Who is down there? Show yourself!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412191

"…We have neither of those in the caravan, right?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 412192

Like fucking hell I will
"I told you.. not to violate me like that.."

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412194

"To my knowledge, no. But the inquisitors seem to have it well in hoof."

Nasse-Setä 412196

You manage to get up.
Candi stays on the ground, curled in a ball.
"I'm sorry, master, I couldn't help it…"
You can see a huge white area, and Emily, Riveldi and Candi there.
You rush into the shrubbery, and trip over the unconscious form of Emily.
And land face first in a puddle of semen.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412198

So… I see nothing? Where are the others, what's going on?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412199


Riveldi [Warlord] 412200

"Well.. I won't mind if you use that on others who are willing. But please don't use it on me. Ok? Now get up, we need to clean off before heading back to the camp, and help Emily to her bed. I need to take her watch"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412201

I circle lower and prepare to land, but pull up at the last second when I realize what all of that is.
"Wh-What? Candi, explain yourself!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 412202

I scream and quickly get back onto my hooves, swearing profusely as I clean myself off.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412204

"This was by my choice! But Emily didn't know and came running! She fainted and needs to be taken back. And I need some more privacy if you don't mind"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412205

Flicking my ear towards the yell, I can probably guess what happened.
Speaking more to myself than anyone in particular, I'll chuckle a little.
"Well, looks like someone decided to have a late-night rendezvous."

Nasse-Setä 412206

You can see Klandin circling over a group of bushes over to the edge of the camp.
Rushing off into the bush, you slam into Neith, causing you both to drop into another puddle of semen.
Candy is curled in a small ball next to Riveldi.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412208

"BY your choice? Are you certain?"
I look at all the white.
"This cannot be natural. Something must be wrong here."


Rolling to not fucksnap.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412210

"Gah! My apologies!"
Try to stand up.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412213

I'll park myself at Emer's side, drawing my sword.
"Who yelled?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 412214

"Ugh.. You don't need to apologize, just don't ram that up my… arse.. anymore and we're fine. Ok?"
Pull her to a stand '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412215

"Well, that one just now was the lady Inquisitor. Probably stumbled onto someone in the bushes. Riveldi wandered off there earlier, and from the sounds of it he's not exactly in danger."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412217

I scurry back onto my hooves and clean myself off again, gritting my teeth but keeping my cool… somewhat.


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412219

Look at him for a second, then at my sword, and realize just how silly I must look.
With a sheepish smile, sheate it.
"Okay… So… Not going to check on them?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412220

"Ram what up your ass? What in Tartarus is going on here?"

"You there, Ardet? Tell me now, is Riveldi corrupt or is this common for your kind?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412222

"Considering Klandin, Riveldi, Neith, Ardet, and sister Emily went to look? Pretty sure they're fine. I mean, we could go too, but that would leave the camp relatively undefended."

Riveldi [Warlord] 412223

snarl between my teeth
"That's for me to worry about, and you to help the priestess to her bed."
"Do you all really need to come running every time I try to have sex!? What is wrong with you!?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412224

Shake my head.
"I will stay here and…"
Trail off.
This ground looks inviting.
I should curl up and sleep on it.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412226

"You woke up the entire damn camp with that filthy demon!"
I spit on the ground
"Absolutely sickening. I will relish the day I can impale that filthy thing with holy steel."
I turn around, pick up Emily and storm away angrily, back to the camp

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412227

"Oh, nope, what kind of coltfriend would I be if I let you sleep on the ground? Let's get you back to your tent."
And I'll support/carry her back to her tent, and make sure she's tucked in comfortably. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Klandin [Ascendant] 412228

"Answer my question, zebra! What exactly happened here?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412229

I clear my throat.
"Uh, well it's not…common, but I heard stories in inns…"

Nasse-Setä 412230

You stand up and clean the cum off of your face.
You help Candy stand up. She's still sobbing a bit but she nuzzles you with her cum-stained snout.
Stealing her blanket is not very gentle-coltish.
Emily mumbles in her sleep as you lay her down on the convoy's tent.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412232

Only if I don't plan on returning it! Tuck her in. Right, this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


What is she mumbling about?
Bah… clean myself off with some cloth or something…

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412235

Mumble something in my sleep, with a little smile on my lips.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412237

"I. Fucked. The. Succubus. Do you want me to tell you whenever I need to sate the needs of those who follow me here? Because I'm feeling pretty randy- I think I'll have another go at Candi!"

"I am not mad at you, nor was I when you decided to redeem yourself."
wipe the cum off her snout and start to clean her off

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412240

Oookay it's time to leave it seems.
Back to sleep.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412241

"Really? That's…wow."
I perch in a nearby tree that is hopefully cum free.

"And what did she stick up your ass? A crystal? Some spellbound thing? How do I know she isn't trying to corrupt you?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 412243

hit my forehead with a cum-unstained hoof
"Look, no. If you really want to find out, then drop down here and lend and ear and I will tell you. Otherwise I'm going to the camp to start watch on Emily's time."
Did I wipe down Candi? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 412245

You even snuggle up to her, you both snuggle until morning dawns.
She licks some of her own produce off of you when you get to work. Before long, you're both clean. And Candi is full, too.
Candy blushes and quickly searches for her panties.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412246

I land beside you, but keep my spear drawn.

I grimace as she works.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412248


Look around awkwardly
"She… She has a penis"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412249

"She what? But she's a succubus. They are supposed to be the epitome of feminine beauty and females don't have those."

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412250

Just sleep until dawn arrives.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412251

"And other worlds don't exist besides that which Equestria sits upon! Ever since we got here there have been creatures big and small, smart and unthinking, but all have attacked or approached us for one thing. Our thing. And if there is magic that centers around this thing then obviously others will find a way to get that thing."

Nasse-Setä 412252

And with that, the official session ends.
Everyone goes to sleep after they're done talking, we'll continue tomorrow or Saturday from the morning.


Klandin [Ascendant] 412253

"This is. Hmm. Very well. I did not know you were that sort of stallion, Riveldi."
With that I go back to my tent and go to sleep.
Rolling for dreams.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 412254

"I AM NOT THAT SORT OF STA- he left.. great."
And then sleep

Nasse-Setä 412255

You dream of an omnibus reaming you in the ass, long and hard, using her magic to deny you your orgasm, until finally cumming until you feel like you could drown.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412256

Good dreams.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Blue Carnation(Goat Capra) 412257

Lets see if I have a good dream too.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 412861

The morning dawns on the camp, and the last donkey keeping watch wakes the party up.
You all could have slept some more, but Riveldi's little show woke everyone up last night, depriving you of an hour or two of sleep.
After breakfast the convoy breaks the camp and you start moving again. Emily leads you through the dark forest.
"We'll be at the temple soon enough. I'm not sure of how well guarded it is, it might even be abandoned."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412863

I like this morning already.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 412867

Wake up and make my mane pretty.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412868

"We should be still wary of the various traps however, correct?"


Rolling for mood after what happened last night

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412870

"If it's abandoned, likely all the better. Though the crystal might not still be there if it is."
The night wasn't half bad either~.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412872

Did that affect me at all?

I look around at our group.
"Are any of you the stealthy sort that could sneak close and tell us what to expect?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 412873

Temperatures are at normal.

"Good, we've squandered enough time."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412875


Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412876

You are a warm crystal pony.

Nasse-Setä 412877

"of course. Especially on the caves beneath the temple."
"you're right, If the charms protecting it were broken, it could be anywhere on the land!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412878


Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412879

"Well, let's hope that isn't the case. Otherwise, we'll have to track down a diviner or seer of some kind to get a lead."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412881

"We will have to advance carefully then. I know the traps laid to preserve sacred temples in my home were deadly."

Nasse-Setä 412885

"Enchantments! Protective spells! They might even have been corrupted…"
She nods.
She nods.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412887

"Yes, that was obvious but… How are we gonna get past them? You know the key?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412889

Nasse-Setä 412890

It did not.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412891

And my question?

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412892

"I'm afraid sneaking about was never a forte of mine. Sorry."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412894

"Is nothing safe from corruption in these lands?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 412895

"Evidently not."

Nasse-Setä 412897

"None of us are very…scouty."
"The corruption wouldn't be very threatening if it was."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412898

"Everything can be corrupted. Nothing is ever safe."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412899

Klandin [Ascendant] 412900

"Very well."

"Sister, would you care to accompany me on a flyover of the temple?"

Nasse-Setä 412901

"We can dispel any chants of Cifu."


"I don't see why not."
I flap my wings a few times, then take to the air.

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412905

"And do we know where exactly the artifact lies that we are looking for?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412906

"Take care, you two. If you fly too far, we'll likely not be able to get to you in time to help."
"Let's hope they're still intact."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412907

I take to the air and try to get a good look at the temple and any dangers waiting for us.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 412910

Your wings cramp, staying in an half-opened position.
"Um, well. Yes. It's in a large underground hall underneath the Temple. Or in the aboveground hall of worship. Or somewhere in between. Depending on how the fight for it's defense went back…back when it was overrun."
You flap your wings, majestically rising to the air, soaring…
Right to a thick branch, which dents your helmet and causes you to plummet to the ground. You're helpless.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412913

I try to stand up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I grumble and try to relax them so I can actually flap them hard enough to fly.

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412916

"Are you both allright?"

"Not making it easy then…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412917

I grumble even more
"Just fine… Give me a damn moment, okay!?"

Nasse-Setä 412918

You drop to the ground and pound it in pain, grinding your teeth.
"Lady Inquisitor? Are you okay?!"
You think you might have broken a leg.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412922

I try to Heal myself while on the ground.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412923

"You don't seem allright.
It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412924

"You alright, there?"


Get back on my hooves and ignore the pain, trying to take to the air one final time.

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412926

Walk over to Neith.
And wince.
"Y-you… Sure?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 412927

"I can fly on my damn own. I don't need help."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412930

"You just seemed to have trouble taking off."

"Are you fine too?"

Nasse-Setä 412931

You heal the pain and wobble on your feet.
You weakly hover on the ground, but the pain remains. You'll be easy pickings for any airborne enemy.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412932

Shrink down and scram.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412933

"Forget it. We will advance and fight whatever wishes to fight us."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412934

To hell with this. Land.
"Bah. There's too much damn wind."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412935

And after saying that I keep walking towards the temple.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 412938

"If we are lucky, they will fight head on. Please.. be careful."

"Look out for the Inquisitor. Among us, she is the most vulnerable. They love the ones like her, who claim resistance to their own needs."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412939

Keep on walking.

"We will take the land approach after all I see."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412940

"I pity to first incubus that tries to take her."

Nasse-Setä 412941

Emily licks her hoof and holds it up.
"Not even the treetops sway in the win-"
She then looks at you fearfully.
"But thenwhatdoIknow!"
After a while you can see a spire loom over the treetops.
"That's the bell tower of the temple! It's still standing!"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412945

"So that's either a good thing, or something decided to live there. Let's be cautious."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 412946

"The first, maybe. The fifth, or tenth? They will be reveling in delight."

Klandin [Ascendant] 412948

I keep walking and keep my eyes open for danger.

"We should all look out for each other equally."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412949

"That is a good sign at least."
Keep on trucking.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412950

"Just what the hell are you whispering about over there, clown?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412951

"L-lady Inquisitor… Please…"
Look scared at her.

Neith [Inquisitor] 412953

"… What?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412954

"You s-shoul- Could y-you…"
Look away.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412955

"What she means is that you might need to preserve a calmer temper."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412957

I'll raise an eyebrow.
And then nod.
"We are all on the same side, after all."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412958

"It's unusual for me to work in a group too, I will admit."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 412959

"That demons are frightening creatures that exploit our pride in ourselves. Be mindful, lady Inquisitor."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412960

"I should what? Speak your mind."

"And you should know when to shut your damn mouth and keep your comments to yourself."

"Then stop whispering behind my back like a bunch of damn weasels."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412962

"L-lady Inquis-inquisitor… I'm sure t-they didn't m-mean to offend you… Please. We are all in t-this together.."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412964

"Lady inquisitor, please. If I've anything to say about you, it will be to your face. After all, you'd ferret it out soon enough regardless, so why bother being rude?"
"It's been some time since I've been in a party this large as well."

Neith [Inquisitor] 412965

I glare at her for a moment, then huff and look away

Ignore him and keep walking.

Riveldi [Warlord] 412966

Where am I?

Klandin [Ascendant] 412967

"If there are guards they have heard us coming by now. Be ready."
I take one of my spears and hold it at the ready.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412969

"Time to get used to it, I suppose."

"I am only speaking the truth from what I can tell."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412971

Smile at this.
Nod and draw my sword.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412972

I'll have that nice fancy new Ice Sword I borrowed at the ready as well. No time like the present to get used to the feel of it.

Nasse-Setä 412974

With the party innawoods.

You come to the edge of an clearing in the forest, the courtyard of the temple. It used to be cordoned by a large stone wall, but most of it lies in pieces amok bushes and overgrown grass.
The temple itself isn't very large: The main building is made of stone with added detail, such as gargoyles on top of pillars that decorate the main entrance. Blocks of stone litter the ground and the road leading to it.
There used to be a side building too, but it's been completely blasted apart: even the ground is charred around it.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412976

I can't see anything obviously threatening at the moment, can I? Things lying in wait, rapevines, other suspicious flora or fauna? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412978

Proceed with caution.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412979

"Looks like this place was attacked."
Can I see any traps that have survived the fighting?

Klandin [Ascendant] 412980


Roll #1 6 = 6


This has been attacked.
Any traces of what attacked?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 412983

scan for anything moving while slowly approaching the temple '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Ardet [Landkeeper] 412984

And keep an eye open.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Spot check.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Stay frosty.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nasse-Setä 412990

No, not on the yard.
Some sort of vines line the overgrown walls, but they aren't moving.
You move up to the large wooden doors of the temple: The lock and handles are broken, torn off. It's easy enough to open them. Emily hurries in with you.

The room you're in is rather large; a bony figure lays in one corner, clutching a sword. A crumbled in door to the right, some larger doors to the main hall. Pieces of shattered furniture, ancient blood staining the floor.
One of the temple mares gives the skeleton it's last rites.

Klandin [Ascendant] 412992

I check out the doorway.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 412993

"Should we take the sword? If nothing else, we can return it to the main temple and it can be used to take avenge its fallen master."

Riveldi [Warlord] 412995

Check the larger doors to the main hall, lightly pull/push on them to see if they can be opened '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 412997

"B-b-but… What if he wakes up?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 413000

"Then we destroy him again."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413001

"Then the priests can lay him to rest. As they've already given him, or her, their last rights, it shouldn't get up…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413003

Examine the surroundings of the inside.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Nasse-Setä 413009

The doors of the mainhall have been treated similarly to the front door.
Emily and the mare shrug in unison.
The inside is made of smooth stone: it's slightly warm to touch. The ground is dusty, and made of planks. The room is absolutely cluttered with rubble, stone, wood, metal. This room isn't very tall.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413013

Carefully check out the doors of the main hall.

Klandin [Ascendant] 413014

Can I see any obvious traps in the main hall from here?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413015

Then, as reverently as I can, I'll take the sword.
"I will see to it that this is put to good use."

Nasse-Setä 413018

No. But then maybe you should try going in first.
The skeletal hooves fall to the ground with a grim clop.
Wood. Possibly mahogany. Badly splintered.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 413019

Stand ready to zap whatever horror comes out.
Jump back.


No trace of lust demons?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 413021

I roll my eyes

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413022

Enter then.
Keep watching out for any surprises.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 413024

I can't see through a crumbled door? Alright. I go through and check.

Riveldi [Warlord] 413029

Push my way into the main hall and to the other double doors '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Nasse-Setä 413037

The grand hall has a wide center corridor, and the room is lined with alcoves, each having a window in them; coloured glass shards litter the floor.
Some of the decorative pillars have crumbled, and the roof isn't in very good shape either.
Instead of the altar, there is a crude stone slab and a large figure on top of it.
No traps here.

Riveldi [Warlord] 413041

Can my zebra eyes see the figure from across the room? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Okay, let's try to make some shine in this dark place.
Do I even work that way?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 413043

"Wait a second, we missed something."
I go back and check out what is behind the other door.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413048

I'll just hang back with Mercury.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413049

What figure?

Nasse-Setä 413060

No you don't. Some ponies can see something shine in your pants though.
Roll against lust at -2.
It's caved in. The rocks are strewn across the entry room.
It looks like a statue of Cifu, except it's pound to it's crude pedestal by obsidian chains.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413065

Is.. Was Emily her name nearby?
Point at it.
"What do you think of this?"


They better not be looking or my coltfriend is gonna slap the shit out of them!

Roll #1 3 - 2 = 1

Klandin [Ascendant] 413067

I shrug and go check out the slab and statue.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Riveldi [Warlord] 413069

"Wait here."
Start to approach the figure
"Excuse me!"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413073

I'll just be flabbergasted at his lack of caution.

Neith [Inquisitor] 413080

I cock a brow and walk after him silently

Nasse-Setä 413094

You haunches feel notably warm.
Lust 2.
"i-i-it could be one of the guardians of this place, I-i-i think!"
The female figure stands with her hands held open, much like the painting in the chapel.
She looks to the ground, her face looking sad, as if she was crying.
The spiked chains hold her on the slab.
"SLUT" is crudely scratched on her pedestal.
She's made of stone, she can't respond.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413099

"A guardian statue?
A spiritual one?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 413101

"I think this may have been corrupted. At the very least, it has been defaced. Was this statue supposed to be enchanted?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413103

"Mercury, let's not fall behind."
And we'll catch up with the others.


That's so strange..
So, what can I see around?
Catch up.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 413110

"Yes. There were a few made when the Church noticed the first signs of corruption…"
"It was supposed to fight until destroyed to preserve the sanctity of this place, but the demons must have overcome her…it."

Riveldi [Warlord] 413112

"Candi, who was here before? Do you know?"

"..Emily, are there any other doors leading elsewhere in this temple?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 413114

"It is chained down. Should we risk freeing it or should I take care of it?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413115

"It could aid us then?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413116

"Can it be purified and unsealed? It might be good to have the protector of the shrine helping us."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413118

Fallen asleep on chair ffffffffuuuuu
Where am I?

Roll #1 42 = 42

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 413119

"At least it doesn't seem entirely corrupt if it isn't trying to entrap us."


"Yes! We s-should be able to!"
Try to figure how to release the spirit.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413124

"It's also covered in chains."

Neith [Inquisitor] 413126

"Can that thing even be trusted? We should destroy it."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413129

"You heard Emily, it was a guardian. On our side."

Nasse-Setä 413130

Candi shakes her head.
"…before my time…"
Emily nods.
"Yes, the stairs down are after the altar."
Emily shrugs.
"If we freed her, she could tell us what happened here…if she hasn't been corrupted. I believe we could perform rites of holding on her."
The chapel mares light their censers.
You could snap the chains.
In the temple with the party.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413132

"It was built with the intention of safeguarding the shrine, lady inquisitor. Imagine yourself in its place. Wouldn't you be itching to strike back at those who imprisoned you?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 413135

"It could very well be corrupted."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413136

"Then it might be purified."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413137

"Then we can try and release her whenever you're ready."
I'll look to the others.
"Assuming of course, there isn't any objection?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 413138

walk around the altar and look for those stairs '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413139

I enter the fray but cant seem to see what they are talking about.
"Destroy what? Let me see let me see?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 413141

"Yes, we should at least try! What's happened to her is terrible!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 413142

"Very well. Someone break the chains."
I replace my spear with my sword.

Neith [Inquisitor] 413143

"We should not risk it. I don't trust this damned place in the slightest."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413145

"It's a guardian statue, likely chained here after the temple was overrun."
"Lady inquisitor, sometimes trust is all some ponies have. And if it is corrupted, then you and the others should be strong enough to put it to rest."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413146

"From what I heard, we will need all the help we can get. If we can find aid, that's good.
If it is corrupted, then we are strong enough to destroy it."

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413148

And once Emily and the other priests have their ritual ready, I'll move to one side of the chains and ready my frost sword, waiting for the signal.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413150

"Who's her? What happened to her?"

A statue? I dont get it, what harm a statue can do?"

I approach it, does it look like hostile in the slightest?

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413155

"According to Emily, it has a spirit inside that makes it come to life when the temple is threatened."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413160

"Oooohh… nice.: I smile.

"It will be a terrible loss to just destroy such statue's…"

Nasse-Setä 413165

The stairs are strewn with skeletons, old weapons and dust.
They're rather wide, too; most the temple was purpose-built underground.

Emily removes her robes, putting them aside, and gets a small box from one of the pack mules.
Drawing a small circle on the ground, she starts chanting.
"Cifu, Haminan satama, kotkan juna-asema…"
The mares holding the censers circle her, waving their incense around the place, filling the place with a bitter smell.

One of the mules nudges Klandin on his side.
"They're about ready, ser."

Klandin [Ascendant] 413168

"Ready for what?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413169

Approach and watch the ritual.

In the meantime, is there anything worth looking or touching inside the temple?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413172

"Ready for what?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 413174

"Is this… The ritual?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413179

"Looks like it."

Riveldi [Warlord] 413185

start down them, and try to feel my way through the darkness '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Nasse-Setä 413187

Doesn't look like it. The guards are flying on the roof, poking and prodding the roof supports to see if they will hold. The pack mules are resting to the side.
"Ready for you to release her."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413189

"Release her how?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 413190


Nasse-Setä 413192

"I presume you strike the chains, ser. We can do that too, if you fear chipping your claws."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413193

"Ah, of course."
Well, they seem to be ready.
Strike the chains with my scimitar then.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith [Inquisitor] 413194

I'll just warily observe from a distance

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413195

And I'll take a swing at them with my frost sword. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413196

Just breath in and sit on the side line while watching the long and tedious ritual.

Sit next to her.

Klandin [Ascendant] 413197

I strike the chains with one of my spears.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 413199

You bop your snout on the large iron doors at the bottom of the stairs.
Candi giggles from behind you.
You strike her shoulder, causing an arm to fall off.
You strike one of the chains, breaking it.
The circle Emily is standing in starts to glow.
"…kolmen ristin kirkko, outokumpu, inari…"
You break the second chain. Only one remains, it's wrapped around her throat and along her back to the base.

Riveldi [Warlord] 413200

grumble at the lack of sight, then push/pull on the iron doors '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413201

Is the chain loose enough that I can just unwrap it? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Klandin [Ascendant] 413202

I break the last chain.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413203

Oh damn.
"My aim was a bit off… I hope that can be put back."

Nasse-Setä 413206

Your sword gains a large dent on it.
No. It's very tight, but you cut it off from the base, causing it to obliterate. The figure quickly kneels down, cradling her face with her remaining arm.
You push the door. It opens on it's rusty hinges, creaking loudly. Behind them, darkness. Melted pieces of a bar used to hold the door shut lay on the floor.


Oh, here it comes! Stand ready! Make Emer proud! Show the Inquisitor I have no fear!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 413211


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Klandin [Ascendant] 413212

"Is she supposed to do that?"

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413216

"Are you alright? Sorry about the arm…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413217

Put my sword away.
"Is that normal?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413219

Clear my throat awkwardly.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher) 413221

Ohh! Its coming alive!

"Is it okay? What are we gonna with it?"

Nasse-Setä 413222

Tap Tap Tap.
In the distance. Way, way down.
You stand in an reasonably heroic pose.
Emily stops chanting.
"Raise, guardian."

The statuette rises on her feet, towering over all of you due to her bipedal nature.
"Cifu returns."
Her stone eye sockets burn with a white light.
You could swear you can see something wet on her face…

Riveldi [Warlord] 413223

pull the door closed and then join the party again

Klandin [Ascendant] 413225

"Is it…crying?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 413227

"As a friend I hope?"


"You bet she is!"
Run over and comfort the statue!
"Shh, it's alright."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 413230

A rapier isn't going to work against stone.

I have a bad feeling.

Emer Ald [M C Pony Trickster] 413231

"Wouldn't you, after what happened here?"
I'll look up at the statue.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preaher)