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Unnamed Text Adventure Quest - Thread 2 Nasse-Setä 402444[Last 50 Posts]

After reaching the relative safety of Interraciala the party spends the night in the local temple of Cifu, where the high priestess warns them about a prophecy that might involve them.
They travel together with Sister Emily to the nearby island, where a tablet grants Emer Ald a vision of the godness Cifu, that calls them to cleanse the land, purging it from corruption.
There they are ambushed by a group of Goo Ponies, gaining two new allies in Gella and the cold-tempered Neith.

Riveldi [Warlord] 402447

"Lets go Gella"

head towards there

Nasse 402448

Gella waddles after you. The ground is soft and the evening sun is still shining on the spot.
She looks at you excitedly.

At the tablet, Emily speaks.
"If Cifu could punish them all, we wouldn't be in this position, would we?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402451

"Do you have a map of this place? Just to see how far we will have to travel."

Riveldi [Warlord] 402452

"Alright.. well- uh…


First thing's first! whip out my small member

Neith [Inquisitor] 402453

"The Sisters would never allow this…"

Nasse 402456

"Unfortunately, no. The distance to the city is perhaps 15 miles?"
"That is what you keep claiming."
Gella looks at it as if she'd never seen a bigger one, as your equine dong slowly unsheaths.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402459

Sigh and rest on the grass, looking at the evening sky.
"I miss home already…"

Anything worthy of note in the sky?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 402460

"It's the truth, sister. That reminds me, what skills do you have? Can you heal?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 402462


Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 402464

sit on my haunches and wait for her to approach because I have no fucking idea what to do from here with a goopone

Nasse 402467

"I can. I can also help you get rid of corruption and your…lust, should you wish so."
Not much. Some seagulls fly overhead. It's a few hours until nightfall.
Gella approaches you slowly, forming her head into a zebralike one. She gives your shaft a few licks up and down, waiting for your response.

Neith [Inquisitor] 402468

"Can you fight?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 402470

nod at her to continue

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402472

I might juuuuust rest under a tree at this point.
May Cadence watch over me.

Neith [Inquisitor] 402473

Neith will keep watch, you can be sure of that.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402474

Good icicle~

Nasse 402477

She bobs her head all the way down, mushing her snout against your base. You can see your dick twitch all the way down her "throat" as she starts flowing all along your shaft. It feels line dozens of tongues licking you all over, teasing your head as she locks her eyes to yours.

Riveldi [Warlord] 402480

grunt and gently thrust into her '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse 402483

She slides up and lets her tongue out of her mouth, wrapping it around your length and balls, squeezing and massaging gently, as you feel your shaft throb and pressure building at your base…

Riveldi [Warlord] 402486

give one more thrust before finishing '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Neith [Inquisitor] 402487

Nasse 402489

Her eyes shoot wide open as you start coming, shooting globs of thick seed into her gooey form. She suckles your head until you think you could faint. Just as you are about to, she releases you from her mouth, and huddles against your chest, making a warm blanket over you.
She seems very content.
"Not as well as your companions, I'm afraid. For that you'd want a prostitute paladin."

Riveldi [Warlord] 402490

warily pat her on the head, and then rest for a few minutes..

then get up, get my gear back on and rejoin the party.

Neith [Inquisitor] 402491

"Well then try not to get in my way and let us do the fighting. Maybe I can teach you how to at least to defend yourself so we don't have to worry about looking after you all the time."

Nasse 402493

"Oh, I am not a burden. All sisters know self-defense."
She rides on your back all the way.
"I see she's full. That should last for a few days, unless you want to feed her again…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402494

I cock a brow and draw my sword.
"Is that so?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402496

Approach Neith and put a hoof on her shoulder.
"Please calm down, you do not have to do that to see if she can fight or not." I give Neith a worried expression.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Riveldi [Warlord] 402497

"Not at the moment, no. How is our business here coming along?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402498

I stare at her for a moment, then grumble and sheathe my sword again as I pull away.

Nasse 402500

She looks worried for a moment.
But she relaxes. "In my current state, I might bot be as good as I normally am."
"We are only waiting for lords Klandin and Emerald to finish studying the tablet before we'll return to the camp, then we'll sleep there and leave come morning."

Riveldi [Warlord] 402502

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402503

"Should someone keep watch, at night?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402505

"I will."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402506

"I appreciate the gesture, but it's a whole night, you are only one pony."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402508

"Thank you."

Smile at Emily
"I believe many of us can handle themselves in a fight if given chance. Though not as professionally trained as you do but…. sincerely I just dont like seeing two ponies fight even if its just training."

I then look at the tablets curiously.
"Can I also study it? Can I canI?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402509

I glare at her
"I am a worshiper of the moon, I know of ways to rest under moonlight while staying awake and alert."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402512

Shrink a little.
"S-sorry! I didn't know!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402513

"Wow, does the Equestrian army train you like that? Can you teach me?"

Nasse 402514

"I suppose you could…"
"We will have shifts. You heroes need your rest."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402515

"I just take short naps during the day. Inquisitors are trained to function on as little sleep as possible. We don't have time to rest while we're chasing down heretics after all."

"Of course not."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402517

"Uh… Y-you should maybe… Teach us how to survive?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402519

"Hmmm… that is pretty hectic I imagine. I cant imagine living that kind of life.

"Me too perhaps, after I study the tablets." I smile

"Is that so? Yes, I will head there." Go to where the tablets are located and see if I can read it/understand whats written on it.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 402520

"If there is time, yes."

"Few ponies choose for it. Some… are forced into it."

Nasse 402521

It's nothing new to you, just the same story you were already told by the priestesses. The words open no new meaning to you.
"Perhaps the mistress at the temple can help you?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402523

"Mistress of the temple? Where is she? Can I visit her?"

Nasse 402524

"Back in town? Don't you remember her?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402525

Cock my head.
"And did you… Choose it?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402526

"That's none of your damn business, mage."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402527

I put a hoof on my snout to think for a moment.
"Oh her! I remember, she helped me back understanding about the…. cone and such."
OOC: is that the mistress if I remember?

"In what way can she help me?" I look at her curiously.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402529

Smile slightly.
"It just looked like you wanted to take something off your chest."

Nasse 402530

"She can help you talk to Cifu."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402531

"We met just hours ago, this isn't the time or place to exchange life stories."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402532

My eyes widen in curiosity and approach Emily closer.
"Cifu? Who is she? Can she help us?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402534

"True. But you gotta have some story you are proud of and you wanna share. Just for fun."

Nasse 402535

She sighs.
"I need to sit down again…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402536

"Well there was this one time where I was bitten by a vampire and slowly turned into one myself. That was fun. We hunted him down and killed him in the end though."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402539

"Vampires? They exist? Do they sparkle in the light like in the books?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402541

"You can't be serious."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402543

"Never seen one in real life, books all say they sparkle and jump dozen of meters and are all noble and stuff."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402545

I roll my eyes
"Whoever wrote that book is an idiot then."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402546

"So how was it?"
Sit down in front of her, a large smile and starry eyes, looking at her expectandly.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402547

"But I like those kind of vampire stories., Sheila the pony and Duncan the vampire makes a good couple."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402548

Giggle a bit and nod.
"Don't they? So romantic!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402549

"We walked right into a trap he had set up in his lair, but in the end we managed to push on and confront him in battle. We killed him, pierced his heart with a stake and chopped off his head. That was the end of it."

"There is nothing 'romantic' about them, they are dangerous beasts. Nothing more and nothing less. Merciless and bloodthirsty."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402551

Gulp down at the 'chopped off his head' part.
"Was all that really needed?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402552

I nod
"That is the only way to truly kill a vampire."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402553

"Indeed, both of them are cute, Though it gets more cuter ever since the author introduced that were badger."

I look down.
"Are they really that dangerous? I read about the folklore and old stories about such creatures but the modern interpretation… I mean the interpretation of vampires in our time is that they are monsters that are just misunderstood."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402554

"Uh. And what of the bite he gave you?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402555

"Yeah, what about the bite?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402556

"The more I hear about modern times, the more I fear for the future of ponykind. Vampires are in no way misunderstood. I know what I'm talking about."

"One of my companions managed to rid of it."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402557

"Yes but was it… As sexy as they say?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402558

"… What?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402559

I nod along with Mercury, blushing lightly.
"Did he do bite her under a full moon with a candle nearby as their only illumination?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402572

"Just what kind of heretical books have you two been reading?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402580

"It's a top selling novel, all girls have read it!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402589

I nod along with Mercury.
"Its so cute…. and a little sexy, I should have brought my copy along my bag if I had only known that we will be transported into this place."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402651

"And nopony stopped this piece of crap from getting published?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402658

Turn to her with a little shrug.
"It makes for a nice bedtime story."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 402674

"Bed time story?! Nuh uh, it has a unique style of writing and the tension between the werebadger and the vampire because of their love for this pony is pretty… intense. There is this part in where she was trapped between the two and… " I stopped when I notice I was panting and shivering a bit.

I then think a bit then look to Neith, a bit embarrased.
"To tell the truth, we really dont know what a vampire looks or acts like. Perhaps the writer too dont know, perhaps the lack of vampire is an indication that the inquisition succeeded in…. stoppping them."
I then sighed,

Neith [Inquisitor] 402778

I shake my head
"Unbelievable. Such ignorance and naivety… it's frightening to think how easily it could be exploited."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402797

"Eh, not like these are accurate books. They are just for fun.
Didn't you do anything for fun, back in the days?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 402921

"Her idea of fun might be quite different that our own. She doesn't seem the type to relax."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402931

"Can't hurt to ask."
Turn towards him.
"Oh! And what is your idea of fun?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402947

"I read a lot. Less so when I was on the road. The inquisition is my life and doesn't leave me with any free time."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402958

"Yeah but you do read! What about, uh?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 403081

"Holy tomes, encyclopedias, history, different cultures of other races. Useful knowledge for the road."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403094

"So you gotta know a lot about the world! I never got to explore much before Sombra came…
What was it like? A thousand years ago, I mean."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403097

I'll listen with interest as well.

Neith [Inquisitor] 403146

"Heretics everywhere, crime in abundance, corruption seeping its way into every layer of society, wicked ponies doing vile things that would make the sisters cry if they saw…"
I shake my head
"And it is up to us inquisitors to end it all, no matter what the cost may be."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403152

"Then, maybe, you could come back to the future with us.
There is nothing like that anymore!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 403153

"It wasnt so bad as far as I remember in my time. Though perhaps that has got to do with your works on your own timeline that is."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403154

"But what if she's one of the ones responsible for our future? And her being gone from the past changes it?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 403160

"That would be abandoning my oath."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403165

Blink a few times.
"But she's here now, which means it's okay for her to leave, right?"
"But you could stop fighting and finally live in peace!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 403174

"I fully intend on returning to my own damn timeperiod. I made an oath and I can't abandon my sisters and brothers."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403175

"Not if she goes back to her time and continues her fight."
I'll shrug.
"I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about time travel or anything, but there's really only two ways I can look at it. Either she goes back to her time and lives out the rest of her life there, which ends up in our future, or she comes with us, and nothing changes dramatically because she was supposed to come with us."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403179

"So if she comes with us she was supposed to and everything will be fine!"
"Oh I'm sure the sisters will tell you it's okay!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 403182

"It is better if all of us goes back to our respective timeline….. uncorrupted if possible." I shiver.

Neith [Inquisitor] 403184

I glare at her
"I meant my fellow sisters in the inquisition, you idiot."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403189

"But weren't you inquisitors always traveling alone?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403194

"I'm sure she had friends, at least. Ones outside the inquisition."
I'll look at Neith.
"You weren't always alone, right?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 403199

"Not always. And that doesn't change the fact that I would be abandoning them and my oath. I'm not going to go on vacation while they do the work for me. Especially not to a place that idolizes vampires."
I practically spit out those last words


Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403204

"To be fair, nearly every stallion of any race things those books are a crock. And that the main character is just an author self-insert."
I'll shrug.
"So, tell us about your friends back in your time. Traveling companions. Maybe they made it into history books."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403208

"Hey, those books can be fun! At times…"
Look at the ground slightly ashamed.
"R-right but… Wouldn't the Sisters want you to have a reward for all your efforts?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403214

"If you say so, Mercury. I always preferred stories about Frostmourn's Companions."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403216

"That's not funny. My grandparents died in that war."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 403218

I scrunched upon hearing this and approach Emer.
"What are you saying! The book is good and is very romantic, you are judging it by the cover!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403220

I'll look at her curiously.
"Really? I'm sorry."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403222

"What, yours never fought it? It was something like two hundread years before Sombra froze us!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403228

"My grandparents kept to themselves, really. They were just peasants in the middle of nowhere. The only thing that changed for them was who was king."
I'll think a little.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403236

"Stupid ponies with their stupid wars."
I will rest my head on my crossed forehooves.
"That's why I'm happy to live in the future.
Nothing like that anymore."

Neith [Inquisitor] 403237

"What's it to you who they were?"

"I don't do this work for the rewards, mage."

"Frostmourn the heretic was a king who opposed the Sisters. And like all who do so, he fell to Their might."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403239

Groan in desperation.
"Please, let's not start this again!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403245

"Well, if they were heroes, and did good deeds, they're a great example to follow, right?"
I'll frown a little at that.
"He also built roads, united the north, abolished slavery, and made travel between the kingdoms nearly instantaneous. Just because he had a different view point didn't make him evil."

Neith [Inquisitor] 403250

"And yet he was unwilling to bow to the rightful rulers of ponykind."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 403253

"Okay that's enough politic for me."
Frown, my coat losing its sheen, and stand up.
"I will be somewhere else."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403256

"I don't want to argue politics and theology with you, inquisitor, since that would probably end up with me dead because you don't agree with something I say."

Neith [Inquisitor] 403258

"I'm glad you realize so. Saves me having to clean my sword."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 403285

I'll watch her go, my coat losing a bit of its luster as she leaves.
"Hrumph. It's a wonder you had any friends with that attitude."
And then I'll get up, and head outside. Wander around a little.

Neith [Inquisitor] 403294

A glimpse of sadness appears in my eyes as I recall a certain event from the past, but I shake it off.
"Bah. Run away then."

Nasse-Setä 405412

You return to your base camp peacefully. Gella swims among the other goo ponies for a while before returning to you, looking confident.

The donkey has set up four tents for the ten of you, and now he's guarding a crackling campfire.
Emily speaks up.
"Uh, me and Crankshaft can sleep in one tent. Someone will stay up as a guard…that leaves nine ponies… four tents…"
She seems to be counting her hooves.
"2 for three tents and 3 for one?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405418

"Oooh, I don't mind staying with three. If it shall make the rest of you feel better."


"I only need a cloud."
I look up, is it a cloudy night?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405420

"Uh… C-can't we make the trip back before nightfall?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405422

"Perhaps I might take one of the tents though I dont know who will be the one who wants to go with me."

"Want to sleep in my tent?" I smile as I approach.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405424

"Sure! We can rest some!"

Tityroi [Arcane Blade] 405425

"Two should take each watch. I will take the first unless inquisitor Neith wishes one. I can also sleep in a cloud."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405426

"Inquisitor, you should join us!"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405427

Oh yeah, I could juts use a cloud too.. wait. No, not here. It can;t be safe…

What do the clouds look like?

Neith [Inquisitor] 405432

"I'll keep watch over our camp under the moonlight, mage."

"I don't exactly plan on sleeping."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405433

"Beware not to catch a cold then!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405435

"I can help take watch for a little while."

Klandin [Paladin] 405439

"The saying is that a tired warrior is a dead warrior. I do not believe many things we encounter will want to kill us, but being tired on the road may lead to you or one of us becoming compromised. Pick a watch and sleep when it is over."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405441

I grumble
"Pegasi can handle some cold and my armor will keep me warm. I wont catch a cold."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405442

"Ah you did said you rarely sleep. No matter thanks for volunteering." I smile.

Look around where is the tent that me and Mercury would share? Is it designated or can I pick from any of the four available.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405445

"I slept earlier during the day, I don't trust this place enough to sleep while it is dark."

Nasse-Setä 405448

Not a very cloudy one. There are only a few sparse clouds floating past the moon.
On the other hand, it's gonna be bright.
"I'm afraid the sun is almost down already. It would take us at least until midnight to get back, and they don't open the gates at night."


Fly up and start collecting clouds to the best of my abilities.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405451

"Well, so long as we're alert, nothing should really happen. And if we camp here, then the tamed goopony could ask the others not to attack during the night."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405452

"Oh. Okay…"
Well, get in a tent then!
"Let's find one!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405453

Klandin [Paladin] 405455

"Then sleep in a tent in the middle of the camp. Whether the watcher raise the alarm or are taken by the creatures, I am sure enough noise will be made to wake those of us that sleep. Please, sister, do not be foolish. If we fail these ponies, we fail the Sisters."


So the clouds don't look dangerous, then?

Well, are they?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 405460

I glare at him
"Don't question my judgement, paladin. I said I slept earlier already. I don't need sleep. Not tonight."

Nasse-Setä 405462

You collect something resembling a stool.
Gella nods excitedly.
They're all the same.
Neith just stole all of the ones nearby.
"If you wish, you can sleep in my tent. I can take watch while you sleep, if you wish for privacy."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405465

Dive into one, doesn't really matter.

Klandin [Paladin] 405468

I bow my head slightly.
"Very well, sister. I shall take the edge of the camp closes to the lake."
I move to my watch position and sit down.


Good enough for me.
Perch on top of it.
… How tired am I really?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith [Inquisitor] 405470

Fucking exhausted. Great.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405471

"Looks like I'm keeping you company for the first two hours or so, then, inquisitor."
And I'll sit down next to her.


…eh. I'd like to try a cloud.

"Room for another, Inquisitor?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405475

Didn't mean to roll there

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405477

Follow her inside her tent and find an appropriate place to sleep. Am I tired?

"Good thing they got tents here, I have not thought on bringing camping equipments to this pilgrimage."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 405478

You need to roll 1d10 every turn not to fall asleep.
First fail and you fall.

Emily walks into a tent.
"I'm sorry, but I'm exhausted. If you don't mind, I will sleep now. Wake me up for my zhifzzzz–"
The tents are warm and they have soft blankets on them.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405480

"Just call when it's my turn to guard, okay?"
Time to… Sleep…

Roll #1 5 = 5

Klandin [Paladin] 405481

"Emer, she says she is fine. You can take the second watch."

I keep watch.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405484

"Oooh, joining in? Then with three here they can have more space! Good thinking there~"


I fly off of the stool
"If you want it, you can have it."

I grumble
"I changed my mind. That encounter with Cifu drained me of all my energy."
Find a nice spot in a tree to sleep in instead.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405488

I'll just raise an eyebrow at that.
"Very well. Wake me up when it's time for my watch."
And then I'll head into a different tent than Mercury, since she's got Carnation with her.

Klandin [Paladin] 405492

"I will wake you in a few hours."

"Never mind, Emer. It looks like we will have the watch together."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405493

"Very well."
And I'll set up near the perimeter.



Bring down the stool. I'll keep watch with Klandin.

Rolling to not sleep

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse-Setä 405495

You find a decent branch in a nearby tree, and go to sleep.
You toss and turn for a while before stealing Carnation's blanket and falling asleep.
Nothing moving.

A few hours pass peacefully. Next watch.

Klandin [Paladin] 405499

I wake Neith then crawl into a tent and fall asleep.
Do I have good dreams?

Roll #1 5 = 5


That's much better.
Get up to the top of the tree and keep watch from there.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405503

And I'll head into Mercury and Carnation's tent. Any room? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Just a bit more. I'm used to all-night action.

"Aren't two heads better then one?"

Keep watch with Neith.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 405506

You wake up the both of them rumbling around.
No dreams.
Nothing moving still. The waves gently lap on the sand of the nearby beach.
Suddenly Emily starts panting loudly.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405507

"Hmph, I suppose so."

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405510

"Did you hear that? Emily, is something wrong?"

Go to her.

Klandin [Paladin] 405511

Is it loud enough for me to hear?

If so, does it wake me up?

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405512

Clear my eyes.
"Emer? W-wha… Oh, is it my t-turn?"
"Uh? E-emily is in pain!"
Scramble to my hooves and run over there!

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405515

"sorry, sorry."
Oh bother. Well, let's go after her, I suppose.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405517

Do I wake up from all the comotion(Emer inside tent, emily panting etc)

Roll #1 4 = 4

Riveldi [Warlord] 405519

can I wake up? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405520

Yes, it is stated in his post.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405523

I fire a pistol in the air to wake everyone up.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405525

"Wha… whats happening?" I look at Mercury rubbing my eyes.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405529

"Emily is in pain!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405533

"w.. WHAT! Lets go check it out!" Stand up and follow Mercury towards Emily's tent.

Nasse-Setä 405549

Emily is panting and writhing in her tent. The mule already woke up and is pacing around, unsure what to do.
"I…think…they're coming out!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 405553

"Oh…. shit"

"Does any one know how to help?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405555

"Quick, get her to the water's edge. That should make it easier."
And I'll move up next to Emily, and help support her up. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405556

I stop, then scratch my head.
"Coming out? Whats coming out?"

I then look at Emily.
"And whats wrong with her?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405557

Raise a brow.
"Who's com- Oooooh!"
Wince and take a step back.
Shake my head.
"I only make ice cream, never helped mothers before!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405558

"The slimes are making their way out."

Klandin [Paladin] 405559

That woke me up.

I rush over to the tent and draw my sword.
"Will they be hostile?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405560

Right. I'm going to keep watch in case something decides to sneak up on the camp.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405561



"Healers, come in, now!"

Go into the tent. Ready a Heal to relieve some tension.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405562

"Slime… oh! Are they? I mean.. "

"Euugghh.." I blush at the thought.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405563

I also come with Rose charmer ready to heal
"Let me help Rose, I think its the best that I can do to relieve her from the pain."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405566

"Inure her pain!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405571

Are we rolling if so this is my heal roll

Healing to relieve pain
>inb4 a 1 rng

Roll #1 6 = 6

Klandin [Paladin] 405573

I walk over to where Emily is.
"Do you have any experience with this? What should I do?"
I try to Heal her to take the pain away.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I have no experience with Inuring, unfortunately. All I can do is do simple Healing, if that works…"

Rub my hooves around her and run heals at points to try and relieve it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 405580

You wobble to the water's edge. Gella is looking around nervously before going into the water.
She's panting heavily.
A spurt of fluid wets her scrotch.
"YOU! This is not very…easy..:"

You stretch her vagina open, making her scream in pain.

Klandin [Paladin] 405582

I cringe and back away as it starts.
"I'll, uh, make sure nothing sneaks up on us."
I take a few steps away and keep my back turned to everything going on back there.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405584

I'll shoo Rose away from there.
"Alright, just breathe. In, out. In, out. Relax, and then push."



No, focus, the will of the joybringer is with me! Glorify myself!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405588

Okay, time to stand beside her then.
Take her hoof.
"C-c'mon, bite on something, it c-can help!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405589

"Oh nooo!!!" go out and run around in circles in panic.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 405590

"Unnatural filth…"

Klandin [Paladin] 405594

I shudder.
"Disgusting is what it is."

Riveldi [Warlord] 405596

keep watch around the camp, such sounds will draw someone '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



Good enough! Focus…

"Relax. This should help in your contractions. Think of it like… pushing out a fun stick!"

Press on her shoulders, find some good points, and Heal!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Neith [Inquisitor] 405599

"I fear to think about this type of corruption spreading to Equestria. It must be rooted out at the base before it finds its way to the homelands."

Klandin [Paladin] 405601

I nod and take a few breaths.
"Your pardon sister, but I have a duty. It is not always pleasant, but I must help others."

I go back to Emily and Heal her again.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 405604

The area around you is very light in vegetation. Just some bushes and trees here and there, mostly it's just the same plains you've always seen.
She bites her teeth together.
"Oh goddess, it's happening!"
Just as you approach her a puddle of goo forms on the sand.

Klandin [Paladin] 405607

I move so that she is between me and the puddle and keep Healing her.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405610

Create a small icicle for her to bite!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405611


Hahahahaha fuck

Go out and collapse

Is my suit still nice and lacy, at least?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405616

Do I stop panicking?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405618

Do I faint out?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405619

"Okay, relax, just let it happen. You're doing great. Breathe."
And stroke her mane. That's comforting, right? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Nasse-Setä 405626

She bites down on it and gives you a pleased glance.
Two small goo ponies pop out of her. Then another. And another.
They stare at you excitedly as Gella comes out of the water.
It's not lacy at all. It's all gray and dull.
RNG says yes.
She squeezes your hoof tightly as the last of the young goo drips out of her. She looks…normal, you'd say. Her mane is a mess and she has tears on her eyes, but she seems ok.
"Are…are they healthy?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405628

"They look… Gooey?"
Try to make a reassuring face and check how the slimes really are.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405629

"They're certainly active. How about you? Doing alright?"
I'll pat her back.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405630

Suppose I'm just a broken Preacher now.

I wonder how a Rapier up me feels?

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405632

Just lie back and let it pass.

Klandin [Paladin] 405640

I shudder and ignore them.
"Is that all of them, Emily?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 405641

still calm at our small camp borders? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Nasse-Setä 405648

They are staring at Klandin intensively.
Other than that, most of them seem to be of similar blue as Gella.
"I…am…exhausted! But thank you for your help, heroes!"
One red one jumps up her throat.
"I am pretty sure."
She lies down on the sand.
The grass is swaying in the wind. You think it's the wind…

Klandin [Paladin] 405653

I look at the red one and then at the blue one.
"Why is that one a different color?"


Well, she's okay at least.

Does that make me feel better?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405656


I'll lie outside the tent and do nothing.

Riveldi [Warlord] 405657


head back

"Is she ok?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405659

The donkey can help me get her to her tent.
"You're welcome. Now, let's get you somewhere more comfortable than the beach."
"Rose, do you think you can help get Emily back to her tent?"

Klandin [Paladin] 405660

"I think so."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405661

"Ush, it's okay. They are all fine. And you look like a wonderful mother."
Smile at her.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405662

"What's wrong now, clown?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405670

Try to regain my conciousness.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 405672

"Just a matter of how they feed…"
She falls asleep, completely spent.
Gella waddles over the blue goo ponies and absorbs them into herself.
Soon, four heads rise from her back. It looks like she's carrying them.
The red goo is staring at you.
She smiles in her sleep.
You get up with a horrible headache.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405676

"A-Alright. Emily, please, behind me."

Lead her back.

"Why, I believe I've become like you. Having sunk to such a low, I am depressed."

Klandin [Paladin] 405680

"So how-oh."
I look at the red goo.
"Well? What are you looking at?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405681

"Emer, help me carry her back to her tent!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Riveldi [Warlord] 405682

go back to sleep, in one of the tents this time '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith [Inquisitor] 405685

"Welcome to my world then. Don't forget to look up in the sky every now and then."
I turn and leave, heading back over to my watchpost.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405688

Stand up and look at the others.

"So you ponies have helped her with that goo problem? I havent been of much help since I really dont know what to do."

He;[ them carry Emily

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405704

And I'm sure, with the lot of us helping her, Emily is safely returned to her tent.

Nasse-Setä 405705

You have a nightmare about drowning. Come morning, you notice it was Gella sleeping over you.

She climbs up your leg and rests at the base of your tail.

the rest of the night goes past quickly. The mule wakes the party up at sunrise, everyone except Emily, who is still fast asleep while Crankshaft makes you breakfast.


Right, food.
Eat some grass.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Klandin [Paladin] 405711

"Woah! Hey!"
I try to knock her off my butt.

Klandin [Paladin] 405712


Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405715

Slowly wake myself up, crystal ponies don't get pillow hairs.
"Mhh? What's the smell?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405716

Wake up and approach the mule.
"Whats cooking?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405718


Right. We still have to live, don't we?

Nasse-Setä 405719

As you wake up she's nowhere to be seen…
Delicious grass and morning dew.

Emily slowly wakes up herself, still looking like she just came back from the land of the ded.
"I think I'm fine…we should break camp and head back as soon as possible…"

Nasse-Setä 405720


Riveldi [Warlord] 405722

Stretch, and scout outside our perimeter '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405723

"Uh? Is something the matter?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405724

"Right after breakfast, and you get a bath. I'm sure Gella can convince the other goo ponies to let you have some peace for that."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405725

"Not after I've taken my fill."
Take some of the daffodils and eat.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Paladin] 405726

I look around the tent for her [1d10]. If she isn't there I poke my head out of the tent.
"Has anypony seen that red goopony? She kept following me last night and now she's gone."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Neith [Inquisitor] 405728

It will do in a pinch.

"Getting attached to the local wildlife, brother?"

Klandin [Paladin] 405731

"I want to make sure she isn't up to anything."

"Emily, is there any food fit for a gryphon?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405732

"Well, when the local wildlife hides inside ponies, or gryphons, it helps to know where it is."

Klandin [Paladin] 405736

I shudder.
"I think I would have felt that."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405739

"We would have felt so, rogue."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405741

"Just saying. Not like I expected it to happen."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405743

Whimper slightly.

Nasse-Setä 405745

You could swear you can see small hoof marks running around the ground near your camp…
"Not at all. I just wish to get back to the temple."
Nowhere to be seen.
"I think she might have just gone back to the lake."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405746

"Please somegoats are eating here."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405751

Nod and help with the camp.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Paladin] 405752

"What did you say was the difference between the red ones and the blue ones?"
I pull some fruit and dried meat out of the packs if I can find any and start eating.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405753

Continue eating in silence.

Klandin [Paladin] 405757

"Something wrong?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 405758

…follow them for a short distance away from the camp '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 405761

I'll help break down camp. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Neith [Inquisitor] 405762

"The red ones are spicy, the blue ones are- ah to hell with it."
Just get back to watching the area for threats

Nasse-Setä 405764

They lead to a shrubbery and then disappear.
"The red ones usually feed inside you."
You two help the mule get everything on his back.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405765

I look at Rose.
"Why so glum?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405769

"We.. may be damned. I cannot feel the presence of my goddess here. As much as I have tried to maintain the mandate and ensure all your safety in this blasted land, I seem to be breaking."

"Ah… if something happens to me, please remember to stick with the group. You will all need each other."

Riveldi [Warlord] 405771

look back at the camp, then into the bushes

…yea nah head back to the camp

"Are we ready?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405772

"Come on, all of us have their ups and downs. As far as this goat remembers, this pinkie god is random. Perhaps its just your bad day, thats all."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405773

"Yeah. Everything's packed."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405775

"Looks like."

Klandin [Paladin] 405776

I smile.
"You should joke more often, sister."

"ah. Now I am even more concerned about where it has gone. None of you felt anything? No strange dreams?"

"Cheer up, Rose. If we cannot count on the follower of Pinkie Pie to be cheerful then we are already lost."
I pat you on the back then finish my meal and stand up.

"Are we all ready to leave?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 405778

"Good, how is our priestess faring from last night?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 405779

"I should hope we are, soon if anything."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405780

"She's recovered."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405781

I pack my bags and item. With that I raise one hoof to salute.
"ready to leave if all are ready."

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405782

"…Right, yes. My first order of business would be the fix my suit. It's a mess! Yes, yes…"

Quickly pack up and prepare to leave.

Riveldi [Warlord] 405785

"Good, good.."
how ready are we to head back?

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405786

I think we are ready ready.

Nasse-Setä 405787

You make an uneventful trip into town. You arrive at around 9 in the morning. The streets aren't as busy as they were a day ago, but there are still some Capra and some…insect-like creatures moving about.
Emily speaks:
"We should make for the temple as soon as possible."

Klandin [Paladin] 405790

I follow her to the temple.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405791

I look at the strange creatures warily.
"Hmph. I suppose."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405792

Look nervously at one of those insect-like things.
"Y-yeah. We should!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405794

I smile back, with that I ready my items and prepare to follow the others.

"Well I can see that, we have completed the pilgriamge. Thats good right?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 405799

Well, the insect creatures are walking about openly.

Just ignore them.

Nasse-Setä 405800

You go to the temple, where the head Mistress is waiting for you in the entry hall.
"I see your pilgrimage has been made. Did you find out anything?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405801

Stand in the back, looking around '1d10' nervously.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Paladin] 405803

"Cifu has brought us here to cleanse this world of corruption."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405804

I lean against one of the walls and just look at her.

"What's wrong with you, mage?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405805

I look at her, blushing a bit.
"Many things priestress… goo ponies for one,"

Nasse-Setä 405808

Some nurse seems to be dragging a rather excited stallion patient to one of the rooms…
"That is great news! So you are the heroes of prophecy!"
She raises a brow.
"I will talk with Emily for a while, if you please."
She drags Emily a bit further away, out of earshot.

Riveldi [Warlord] 405809

"Gibberish writing, and there might be a purpose for our being here."

Riveldi [Warlord] 405810

can i hear what's being said? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Klandin [Paladin] 405814

"It seems like it."
I look back.
"What is wrong with that stallion?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405817

"Hmmm… | I tilted my head as the mistress goes away. Seeing the stallion I approach the nurse.

"Is he alright? Whats wrong with him?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405819

"N-nothing your highness. I'm just slightly apprehensive…"
Maybe I should ask them…

Neith [Inquisitor] 405821

"… Your highness?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405824

Look sheepishly around.
"I'm not exactly sure how to adress a member of the inquisition…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405827

I raise a brow
"Just call me Neith if you're that confused."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405828

Nod weakly.
"Yes, Lady Neith."

Nasse-Setä 405829

"…oh dear…"

The mistress returns to the party.
"I heard the story from Sister Emily. I must apologize for the incident with the goo ponies."
Her expression lightens lightly.
"But at least you are confirmed to be the heroes of legend! …that reminds me…"

She whispers something to Emily who hurries off.
"She'll be back soon. In any case, the temple has decided to grant each of you a stipend of 200 coins."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405830

"Just… Neith. Or Inquisitor. I'm not a lady."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405832


I look back.
"200 coins? Thats great!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405835

"A… Stipend, Mistress? For what?"
"Ah… S-sorry then, Neith."

Klandin [Paladin] 405836

"Thank you for your generosity, madam."


Nasse-Setä 405842

The nurse giggles.
"He must release some tension!"
"Stipend for being the heroes! It's not much but it's the best we can offer right now…"

Emily runs back into the hall with a pony. That's you Andy

"Ah, yes, it seems we found another one. I believe her name was…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405845

I roll my eyes
"Don't apologize."

I shake my head
"I'm not a mercenary. You can spread my stipend to the rest of the group^."

Klandin [Paladin] 405847

"Ah. Was he a victim of the local wildlife?"

"Sister, it will be useful to buy replacement weapons and gear. Food and other supplies are also things that would need money."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405849

I look at the nurse curiously.
"Is he nervous about something? Perhaps I can help."

Airia [pegasus druid] 405850

I flutter along behind her, smiling . "Airia, I'm a simple cleric of the land where I come from, really just took care of plants. What a pleasure to meet real heroes."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405851

"That's too much for-"
"H-heroes? No! I just make ice cream!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405854

"I have my gear commissioned by the inquisition. And I don't trust any food made by these people. I'd rather survive on grass and flowers."

"Hmph, I'm not a hero."

Klandin [Paladin] 405857

"And where is it that you come from, Airia?"
I look suspiciously at the vines on your cutiemark and pendant.

"There is no Inquisition here, sister."

Nasse-Setä 405859

"Please, ms. Inquisitor. It's a gift, not a bribe."
"Ah, yes, Airia. We presume she might be meant to be with you."

Airia [pegasus druid] 405862

I look confused. "Well, heroes or not, you have names don't you! Who are you?"
To mercury I ask "Are you called sprinkles?"
"Where I'm from." I think for a moment "Have you heard of the everfree gardens? It was quite a new development.."

Riveldi [Warlord] 405864

"This is more than good. My thanks"
then snort at the grass and flowers part

Neith [Inquisitor] 405866

"Of course there isn't, which is why it's good that I already have my gear."
I motion to my pistols and my sword

"Bah, if you insist."

"I am sister Neith of Equestria's holy inquisition."

Klandin [Paladin] 405868

"The Everfree gardens? I have heard of the Everfree forest."

I look at the others.
"Shall we look around and see what the town has to offer now?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405871

Raise a brow.
"No, we are crystal ponies! Don't tell you have never seen one either!"
"You mean other than those shops?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405872

Okay just leave them be.

I approach her.
"Are you a local or a newcomer too?"

Klandin [Paladin] 405874

"The shops, yes. Weapons, armor, anything useful."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405875

"Oh, right! That stuff! That stuff…"
"I'm not much of a fighter anyway."

Klandin [Paladin] 405882

"What stuff were you thinking of?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405883

I raise an eyebrow at hearing that as well.

Airia [pegasus druid] 405885

"Neith? What a pretty name, like a flower."
"Well, that's where I lived." I smile "I helped make sure it was nice. Luna liked that."
"Crystal pony huh? I don't think I've seen one before, just stories, lived far north of everfree from what I was told."
I offer a hoof to you "Yea, I'm new here. What's you're name?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405889

I reached her hoof.
"My name is Blue Carnation. You can just call me Blue if you like. How about you?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405891

"I wouldn't want to run into another shop like the ice cream one…"
"Oh, so you have. Good."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405892

"More like a nettle."

Klandin [Paladin] 405895

"Well then, let us be off. Perhaps there is a magic shop for Mercury."

I look around.
"Where has that zebra gone to?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405901

"Ah yes that would be great, though I dont want to spend all of my coins but checking whats in store might be nice."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405902

"But I'm not a m-"
"You know what? Fine. Let's find a magic shop."

Airia [pegasus druid] 405904

"Airia, or Airy, is what I go by. My old teacher called me vine heart after my mark, but he was a grump and couldn't lighten up so I kept my filly name"

Nasse-Setä 405907

Emily walks with you.
"Um, if you don't mind me, I need to visit the Alchemist…Oh, and here!"
She hoofs you a note.
"It's the most common items you can find around town!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405910

"Oh, they have an alchemist here?"

Klandin [Paladin] 405912

I look over the note and raise my eyebrow over a few items.
"Thank you, Emily. I assume we will be seeing you around."

"I am going to the armorer's shop. If anyone wishes to they are free to join me."
I go to the armorer's shop.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405913

Yeah, I should too.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405917

"I'll go to the Smith then."

Riveldi [Warlord] 405918

wait for everyone to leave, then get lost in the crowd and head towards that enhancing shop I went to earlier

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405919

Perhaps I should check the alchemist, they might have good potons back there.

go to the alchemist.

Nasse-Setä 405920

You spot Emily walking toward's "Eden's Cauldron" too.
…And the goat too.
You three head to the smith, who is one of the giant people. He swipes some sweat of his brow and speaks in a low, thundering voice.
"What can I git ya?"

Airia [pegasus druid] 405921

Seeing the others head that way I follow.
"Well, I can get close to make sure the weapons are good quality"
"Thanks again priestess." I say before I leave.
"Don't be so hard on yourself"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405924

Uh. Thinking again, I will go to the smith too.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405926

"A sword. A better sword than the one I have."
I unsheathe my broadsword
"I have a feeling I'll need it."

Klandin [Paladin] 405927

"Are there any improvements you can make on my armor?"
I show him my shining steel platearmor and helmet.

Riveldi [Warlord] 405930

wait for them to do their business, then head inside and buy a confidence spell for now, and 3 heal potions, and a purify spell for later use
I should have 60Coins left

Nasse-Setä 405933

Alright, you have those items.
He snorts.
"Haven't seen any o' this stuff before. What's yer price?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405934

"Oh my…" I look at the selections.

Perhaps buy 2 heal potions and 2 purify and 2 lust potion.

That leaves me 70 gold right?

Klandin [Paladin] 405935

"At most half the cost of buy a new set of heavy armor. All I want are improvements made to it."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405937

You know what? I should go to the armor shop again.
"Uh… I'd need something really light. Like a robe or similar…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405938

"It says a 150 coins for a masterwork weapon on our list. If you can improve this sword to be just as effective, it should cost less. Unless I just sell it to you and get money in return to spend on a new sword."

Nasse-Setä 405944

He looks at your sword.
"100 coins."
Without further discussion, he throws the sword into his furnace.
He grunts and takes your armour as he starts to hammer some patches into it.
After he's done he grabs Neith's sword from the furnace with bare hands and gets to work on it.
"Fine steel ya got 'ere."
A mare hops out from behind the stall.
"Ooh, we've got just the thing for you!"
She shows you a black robe with what seems to be like two neck holes.
"Only ten coins too!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405946

"But… That's so gloomy! And dark! And… Tight? And why are there two neck holes?"
Cock my head.

Neith [Inquisitor] 405948

I grunt.
"Good enough. I'll come back later."
Time to go buy some purify spells. Two of them. That should leave me with 40 coins.

Klandin [Paladin] 405952

Once I make sure it is cool I put it on and fasten the straps.
"Thank you, sir. You have good work…horkship."
I pay him and follow Neith to the alchemist where I buy two Purify spells.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405954

Pocket those items and head to the dress/armor maker and check if they are there.

Nasse-Setä 405961

"The other one is for your butt, of course!"
She turns around, showing her dress with a similar cut.
Wiggling her bare rump at you, she smiles.
"It drives all the stallions crazy!"
The alchemist rubs his temples before making the spells.
"Busy day, today…"
Klandin and Neith come across you on their way to the alchemist.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405964

I blush and nod to them and hurried to the armor maker to see their wares.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405965

Roll my eyes.
"I bet. But a black dress is terrible for travels, isn't it? Don't you have anything lighter? Without holes for my butt, if possible…"

Klandin [Paladin] 405967

"At least you are making some coin."
I put my spells in my bag.
"How do these work?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 405969

"How do these work?"

Nasse-Setä 405970

She rubs her chin.
"We got different colours. How about white? Light blue? Green?"
Then she looks at you, confusedly.
"Why wouldn't you want to show that flank of yours around?"
"You break the seal and open the scroll. Watch out, one use only."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405975

"Right. Thank you, alchemist."
Back to the smith I go

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 405976

Airia [pegasus druid] 405977

I wave at you "Did you find what you were looking for?"

Klandin [Paladin] 405980

Having nothing better to do, I follow you to the smith.
"What are your opinions on the town so far, sister?"

Nasse-Setä 405982

You know the wares. You saw the list.
"What'dya want? The children's menu?"
The hork chortles.
He's hammered the sword out for you.
"It's sharp as death's sword now."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405983

I nod
"Yes. Purification seals in case somepony gets corrupted in this vile place."

"Just another town like the ones we have in Equestria. The difference being their faith and the… foreign creatures walking around."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405984

"Because I need this for a travel, not something like that… But if you have it, I will take a light blue one. Better than nothing, I guess."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405987

"Just how I like it. Well done, Smith."
Pay him the 100 gold and check out my improved sword.

Nasse-Setä 405988

She hoofs you a light blue one.

Sorry, I'm gonna [PAUSE] now

Klandin [Paladin] 405990

"That is much the same impression I had."

Airia [pegasus druid] 405991

"Sounds useful."

Neith [Inquisitor] 405993

"From what I heard, there are some underlying differences as well. Particularly in their ice cream shops."
I let out a disgusted huff

"Let's hope it wont be a necessary precaution."

Klandin [Paladin] 405994

"Yes, that is true."

Airia [pegasus druid] 405995

I frown "Ice cream shops? And you don't have to worry about me being corrupted at least, they can't taint what they can't touch right?" I smile

Neith [Inquisitor] 405997

I look her over
"Sneaky type, I take it?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 405999

Might I pomf over there?
"Yes, looks like they don't use fruit after all…"
Shrudder slightly.

Klandin [Paladin] 406003

"They use a different kind of milk."


"In a way." I take a deep breath and do a little spin. Changing into a miniature version of myself with clear insect-like wings
"Oh, I see. A more natural substance then.."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406006

I nod.
"Should we tell her?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406007

"More natural than fruit, milk and ice?"

Klandin [Paladin] 406009

I nod my head but step back when you transform.
"How did you do that?"

"If you want to, but she may have guessed."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406010

Wait. Miniature pony.
"Whoa. Freaky."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406011

I take a step back
"What kind of magic is that? Witchcraft?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406012

"Don't be silly, there is no such thing as witchcraft!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406013

"The Inquisition disagrees."

Airia [pegasus druid] 406014

I fly around the group they look so large now. "No its, natural magic, like making the vines grow how I want.."
I try to explain simply.
I come to rest on your nose, "I think I've already guessed it pretty goat."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406017

"The inquisition is silly at times."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406018

"Shamanism then."

I glare at her but say nothing.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406019

My eyes focus on her
"Haha… so you already know then. Then that saves us the trouble of being embarrassed."

Airia [pegasus druid] 406023

I nod "Quite a dirty trick to use that"
"There you go, so you do know a bit about it."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406025

"I studied every form of magic there is in the world, so yes, I do."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406027

"But… Doesn't that put you in danger?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406028

"Yeah kind of is, I mean we didnt even know whats the content of the ice cream before Chocolate decides to teach us how to make some." I blushed remembering the details.

Klandin [Paladin] 406031

"It was quite a surprise."

Airia [pegasus druid] 406032

I smile. "Good."
I blink "If I was in danger I'd summon my guardian, or just tie whoever it was up in vines."
"Such a strange culture here." I leave your nose to stand in front of you, and change back.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406033

"Can we stop talking about that? I'm so ashamed about not recognizing it sooner!"
"Oh! That sounds useful!"
Giggle a bit.

Neith [Inquisitor] 406035

"Bah. Just hearing about it makes my stomach churn. A business like that would be torn down in a matter of hours in Equestria."

Klandin [Paladin] 406036

"Your guardian?"

Airia [pegasus druid] 406039

"It really is." I giggle along with you. "Safe too."
I roll my eyes "I'm not going to summon it for no reason, but its a golem made of vines, and rocks and such. He'd help protect me just like he did from the wolves that one time.."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406040

"I think even diamond dogs would burn a place like that if they find such elicit business on their door step." I shiver in fearand an odd delight

I nod to her.

"I got to say their culture is.. strange and a bit of a curiosity I might say. Odd is the right word." I smile at her seeing her transforming into a normal pony,.

Klandin [Paladin] 406042

"Is that sort of thing common amoung diamond dogs?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406045

"I'm sure the diamond dog I used to travel with would say no."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406046

"Wait, what are diamond dogs?"

Klandin [Paladin] 406048

"Tall, bipedal dog gorilla beasts."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406049

"I believe not, I cant imagine that a male dominated society would condone that."

"They are a race of big dogs, bigger than a pony sometimes that likes to hunt for diamonds and such. Hence the name."

Airia [pegasus druid] 406050

I frown "Diamond dogs, they dig holes. Don't like ponies much If I recall."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406052

"… You never seen a diamond dog before? With how shiny you are, I imagine they would be attracted to your kind."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406053

"Uh. Never seen one up north…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406054

"Wait what?"
Eep in distress, recoiling.

Airia [pegasus druid] 406056

"Neith has a point, Diamond dogs are supposed to be like crows, take anything that sparkles."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406057

I stare at Mercury for a bit.
"To be truthful I do think they will find her very attractive now that you say. Perhaps keep her as part of their hoard along with the diamonds and gems."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406059

"I suppose you haven't then. Maybe the Sisters repelled them from Equestria in the future."
I shrug

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406060

"But why?"
Anger crosses my eyes.
"They just have to try! I'm gonna freeze their hides solid!"
"I haven't moved much from the Crystal Empire after those thousand years…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406061

"They like things that are shiny and sparkly, that's all there is to it."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406064

"That you will do, dont let them near you if you can help it."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 406069

"Well, that's nice."
"You sound like you met some of them…"

Klandin [Paladin] 406072

"The only few I have met have been part of my order, and I could count then on a single talon."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406078

"I did, good fellows if in a good mood. They are delightful at times but sometimes downright evil in some cicumstancfes."

Nasse-Setä 406490

Morning dawns in the temple, waking you up.
You're greeted by Emily as you come down to the entry hall.
"Hello, heroes! The morning services just ended and I was going to head to town for some breakfast! Do you care to join?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406492

"As long as it's not the kind of food you people seem so fond of."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406494

I'll look into my coin bag. How much is left in there, after the cost of that dress and the cloaks?
"I'm sure it's perfectly… chaste?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406498

"What sort of breakfast?"

Nasse-Setä 406500

She tries to look innocent.
"Um, the, um, ice cream is quite an unique item!"
She nods enthusiastically.
You haven't spend any of your 200 coin stipend.
"Well, uh, food? Hay fries, maybe? Daffodils? Some sallad? The Capra make almost anything into food."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406501

"Of course, I must thank you for yours and your church's generosity in all of this."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406503

I narrow my eyes at her
"Good. I would be exceedingly angry if I ate something and I found out it was something 'unique'."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406504

Well, I'm looking forward to breakfast.
"Well, there are certainly worse things that it could have been made from."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406505

"Alright. I think I can find something that will suit my tastes. And yes, the zebra is right. Thank you for the church's generosity."
I check the room's mirror to make sure I don't have bedcrest then follow her to the dining room.

Neith [Inquisitor] 406506

"That doesn't change the fact that it is sickening."

Nasse-Setä 406508

"Oh, no need to thank us! You are the heroes who will save our lands!"
She bows and then starts trotting happily towards the entrance to the town.
"Well, you had better avoid the hot beans then, they're made of minotaur testes. But as far as I know, only one hork in town sells them. Not very popular, they're too large to fit in your mouth unless you're a hork."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406509

I'll follow after her.
Maybe get Mercury some nice traveling gear, aside from the cloak.

Neith [Inquisitor] 406510

I actually gag upon hearing that.

Riveldi [Warlord] 406511

Follow her, keep an eye out for other ponies here '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 406512

I turn green when she mentions the hot beans but keep following her.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406513

"Certainly sounds unpleasant. Especially for the minotaur involved."
I'll shake my head.

Nasse-Setä 406515

the morning streets are rather filled with people and ponies going around. No one stands out though.

Emily walks up to a capra wearing a cook's hat behind a stand on the street.
"Hi Joe. I'd love a sandwich today."
"Sure thang, comin' right up."
Emily turns to you.
"Or, would you rather eat at some fancier place?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406516

"Here is fine. I'm not one to stand on ceremony, at least. Any recommendations?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406517

"This is good for me. Food is food, and delicious when one is hungry."

"How did so many ponies happen here?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406519

"This is fine, Emily. Joe, what would you recommend for a gryphon?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406520

"Hmph… filthy…"

"This is just fine."

Nasse-Setä 406523

"he makes the best greasy sandwiches…and hay fries."
Joe gestures towards his menu, which includes sandwiches with every imaginable filling, hay fries and some sallads along with steaks and fish.
Emily shrugs.
"I'm sorry, I'm not very well versed in our world's history. I think…we just were. With the other races. How did you come to be in Equestria? Or did you mean into this town?"
Joe puts a fat steak on a pan.
"There's meat for everyone here."
Emily gets her sandwich and starts munching on it.
"What would you like, lady Neith?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406525

"I'll take a hay sandwich."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406526

"Fish salad sandwich."
I'll nod to myself.
"Fish oil's good for the coat, you know. Gives it a good shine."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406528

"I'll take an apple with that too, thanks."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406531

After waking up and getting myself fixed, I go to the dining area to check them out.
"Hey whats cooking?" I approach them

Riveldi [Warlord] 406532

"I'll have a couple hay sandwiches, thank you"

"The three pony races came to form Equestria after a mutual agreement, their origins from there I do not know."

Nasse-Setä 406534

He throws you a red apple.
"10 bits for all'o this."
"7 bits."
He hands you a thick sandwich.
"Five bits."
He gives you the sandwich, dripping with grease from the fried hay.
You're on a street outside.
Emily nods and Joe puts some sandwiches together.
"10 bits."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406535

Am I with the party or on some random street?

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406536

I'll hoof over seven coins, and look hungrily at my sandwich.
"There wouldn't happen to be a place we can sit down and enjoy all this, would there?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406538

I pay him and take my food. Is there a table or bench nearby where I can sit and eat?

Riveldi [Warlord] 406539

Pay for the food and go find a table to eat at, I'm no unicorn

Roll #1 10 = 10

Neith [Inquisitor] 406540

Pay up and start eating away from my sandwich.

Nasse-Setä 406541

I presume you're with the party at Capra Joe's food stand.
"Come here!"
Emily is already sitting on a bench in front of a large round construct full of notes from townspeople.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406542

Approach Emily first, food comes later.
"What are those?" I point to the notes.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406543

Well, let's head over there and then get to work on this sandwich.

Neith [Inquisitor] 406544

I'll sit over with her then, looking at said notes

Klandin [Ascendant] 406545

I join her and start eating.
"Is this some sort of bulletin board?"

Nasse-Setä 406547

"Townsponies leave them here if they have a need for some services, wanna sell or buy something, stuff like that. Like a notice board!"
It tastes fishy.
"Hey, look, the town alchemist is looking for a party of adventurers! Maybe you could go ask him what he wants? Maybe we could…"
She blushes.
"I mean, there isn't much we can do here while the Mistress researches on the citadel anyway…"
She nods.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406549

"Oh! Let me see let me see." I go and check the notice board.
Beyond the call of the alchemist, are there any other notes that require our help?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406550

finish my food and look at the notes
"So what now? Where do we go from here?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406552

I raise a brow
"Why are you blushing?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406553

I'll chew for a moment, and swallow.
"Well, maybe we can earn a bit of coin as well. I still have enough from my impromptu performance the other day, but a little more coin never hurt. Especially since we'll be traveling eventually."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406555

"Awww… I was just checking if there are more work, more of us working on different notices will net us more profit right?" I smile

Klandin [Ascendant] 406556

"If that is the job you recommend, certainly."
I finish my meal and throw the stuff it came in away. After that I read the board to see what other jobs are being offered.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406558

"That's a good way to look at it, too. The more jobs we do, the more prepared we can be when we head out."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406559

"Aye aye!" I nod my head.

Nasse-Setä 406561

"Um, I find it unlikely you'd have me with you…"
Most of the other jobs are rather boring. Stuff like weeding at a local farm, harvesting rapeseed from the tentacley plants…
Emily nods.
"Well, it's your decision, of course."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406562

"What are you talking about, sister? Something you need taken care of?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406563

"So what do we have to face up against? What was on that tablet?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406564

These people have marriages here? Surprising.
"If you wish to come along with us, miss Emily, I would not object. Having a local guide could prove useful if this job takes us beyond the walls."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406565

"Well, I'm fine with helping the alchemist, so long as he's not harvesting vital fluids."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406566

Hahaha… I dont like the sound of those plants.
Though I wonder what they taste like?

"Hey Emily, so what is this job you are telling us?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406567


Nasse-Setä 406568

"No, it's just that I'm merely a priestess, and you're heroes!"
"Cifu spoke to your friend, Emer Ald. She told us you need to travel to the old Citadel of Races to find the key to defeating the corruption. Beyond that, we don't know. The priestess already sent out scouts to find any info we might need."
She hoofs you the note.
"To any adventurers, do-gooders, questers, and passers-by: Eden of Eden's Cauldron is looking for assistance. Big reward. Come by the shop for more info."
Emily nods.
"Let's go!"

The roads are a little clearer now, and you arrive at "Eden's Cauldron" soon. Surprisingly, the shop seems closed.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406569

Knock knock.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406570

Go to the door of the shop and knock on it.
"Hello! Everybody here?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406571

"Hello in there! you put up a job posting?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406572

"As long as you don't get in the way."
Knock firmly on the door

Nasse-Setä 406574

The door opens. Eden is reading a large book by a table off to the side.
"You certainly are loud."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406575

"My apologies. What do you need help with?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406576

"Oh sorry." I step back.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406577

"Some of the group are a little… enthusiastic."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406578

Barge inside
"It said you need aid. What needs to be killed? Demons? Undead? Degenerates?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406580

stay back and let the others do the talking, but look around at what things are being alchemized here

Nasse-Setä 406582

"Something has been biting into my business as of late. People no longer come to me for all their alchemical needs. Look at the vials on the counter."
there are four vials on the counter.
The large cauldron in the center of the shop is smoking slightly, but it's empty. The shelves behind the cashier's counter are full of vials and boxes and jars. You should know, you've been here twice before.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406584

I examine the vials.

Neith [Inquisitor] 406585

Look at them.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406586

I'll glance at the vials. Empty? Full?

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406588

"Why do they dont come to you? Is there something wrong? Perhaps we can help you get your touch back." I approach her and look at the vials.

Nasse-Setä 406590

Emily spins the vials around in their hooves.
"Um, it looks like a standard 'enhancer potion' and a love potion…"
Eden stands up and walks to the counter.
"No, look closer. The liquids are clearly oddly coloured. If you shake the other ones, you can see a black swirl come up. Don't you get it? Someone's spreading fake potions around! Sure they have the same effects as my 100% natural, but still appropriately priced items, but they are corrupted! Goddess knows what will happen if you drink one!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406591

I take a step back.
"Corrupted? What does that mean?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406592

"Do you think it might be a succubus? Or some less scrupulous alchemist?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406593

My eyes light up as he says they are corrupted


Klandin [Ascendant] 406594

I grimace and put my vial down.
"I take it you wish us to find the one responsible and kill him? Where do we start looking?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406595

I frown, remembering the sultry pony back then.
"It cant be… we banished her. Mercury banished her."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406596

"Well, you didn't think there would be only the one we ran into on the way into town the first time, did you?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406597

"There is more than on succubus."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406598

"Bah, they are supposed to be very rare. I suppose this world has plenty more then."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406599

"Well, considering the corruption's had who knows how long to fester…"
I'll just leave the sentence unfinished.

Nasse-Setä 406600

Eden sighs.
"Side effects! I mean look at this!"
He unscrews the enhancer potion and drops some on the counter. It immediately turns black and a small tentacle grows out of the wood, but dies quickly.
"That's what I want to find out, and what I'm going to pay you for!"
Emily shakes her head.
"This could be bad."
"Anywhere! You can find these fake potions lying almost by the city gate!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406601

I gulped.
"More than one…. "

I grimace.
"Awful, what would you want us do about these potions? Do you want us to find who are selling these corrupted produce?"


Storm outside and head to the city gates in search of more of these potions

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 406603

"On the inside of the city gate or the outside?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406604

I'll look at that a little curiously.
"Have you tried… purifying them? While still maintaining the effects?"
I'll nod slightly.
"We're still on the job, of course, but I'm sure you can whip up something to counter the corruption that's in these, right?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406606

I nod to Emer.
"Perhaps there is a counter."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406607

"Who works with you?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406608

"Whether or not he can do that is not important. What is important is that these exist and that someone is leaving them around."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406610

"I know. But while we're looking for the culprit, it would be nice to know someone is working on a counter-agent for them."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406613

"If there is no counter to this right now, then we have to act fast. If it spread then everyone might get a sample and… " I shake my head slowly.

Nasse-Setä 406614

He snorts.
"I can."
"I run this shop by myself. Why?"
You rush out of the city gate, running along the road for almost a kilometer, until a glint catches your attention. It seems to be coming from a base of a tree.
Emily looks at you go nervously.
"Uh, heroes? Should we follow?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406615

"Yes, Emily, we should. Full of fire as she is, the inquisitor is only one pony."
And away we go.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406616

I sigh.
"Yes, yes we should. I thought the Inquisitors of the olden days were trained well enough to not rush off alone."
I run out of the shop and fly after her.


My heresy sense is tingling.

Approach the glinting object carefully and inspect it.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406618

Follow Emily and Emer
"Hey. shouldnt we split up, this way we can cover more places and find out where these vendors are."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406619

nod and follow the inquisitor

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406620

"They might be operating outside the city, with a few dealers inside. We cut off the supply line, they dry up. And the supplier is bound to have names."

Nasse-Setä 406621

The party comes across Neith sniffing at a long vial full of a white liquid. The tattered label reads "milk". Looks like it was just dropped there.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406622

"Is that one of them? Did you shake it and see?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406623

"Seems fishy."
Shake the vial

Riveldi [Warlord] 406624

look at any foot/hoof prints that scurried from here '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Klandin [Ascendant] 406625

"Neith! Did they not train you how to act as part of a group? You abandoned your squadmates and rushed into hostile territory! We had to come here and make sure you didn't get yourself killed or raped instead of questioning the gateguards about the vile vials!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406626

I just scratch my head seeing the vial.
"This will take us hours, even days if we go by it one by one."

Nasse-Setä 406627

You are positive that there aren't any.
the white liquid swirls and you can see some dark matter swim around in it.


Fling the bottle against the tree to break it, then get back to hunting suspicious looking individuals/vials

"I am a big girl, paladin. I know how to take care of myself."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406629

"And you are still only a single pony. What if you'd run into a succubus? Or a copse of those vines?"
Speaking of, I'll look up. There aren't any in the trees, are there? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 406630

"…what would leave corrupted vials… and not leave any prints on the ground..?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406631

"Oh!" Step back after seeing the vial being thrown.

I approach Emily.
"We must split up, that way we can find out more vials."

Run to another direction at the edge of town and find if there are any vials lying around

Roll #1 8 = 8

Neith 406632

"Something that flies. Like a succubus."

"Your concerns are noted, paladin."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406633

"It does not matter, Neith. We fail the sisters when we fail each other."

I fly into the air and try to spot any more vials or signs of what dropped the vials.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 406634

You crush the vial in your hoof instead, soiling your coat.
No, there aren't. You can see something in the distance though. Something rather large, flying around.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406635

"What the heck is that…?"
I'll point it out to Klandin and Neith.


Clean off my hoof on the grass, then see if I can identify that… thing.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Riveldi [Warlord] 406637

zebrascan! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Nasse-Setä 406638

It looks to be indeed a succubus, carrying a satchel. She's dropping potions quite a ways into the distance.
The substance doesn't clean from your hoof.
Emily offers you a handkerchief.

Riveldi [Warlord] 406639

run in the direction that it's flying, and try to catch up to it! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406640

Well, looks like we're going after him.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406641

I'm guessing I saw that, so I fly after.
"Succubus! Land now and explain yourself!"


Take it, clean my hoof and take to the air!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 406643

No chance, she's so far away she could disappear just by trotting away from you.
You're so far you only manage to catch her attention. She turns to fly away.
Not with those wings, you aren't.
"Lady Neith! Are you okay?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406644

"Bad choice!"
I fly up higher then drop down and throw a spear charged with the power of the sun at her wings.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406645

Looks like we were a little late here.
But better late than never. It's a straight shot to where the Succubus is flying over, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm fine! Shut up!"
Shoot that filthy demon!

Roll #1 6, 6 + 1 = 13

Nasse-Setä 406647

You drop the succubus into the forest, and can tell her location from the loud whimpers she makes.
Meanwhile, Emer gets lost in the forest. Oh dear, those bushes look familiar…

Riveldi [Warlord] 406648

catch up to where the succubus dropped '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 406649

I draw my sword and land.
"Tell us about your potions, demon."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406650

Right. Avoiding them. Let's… go some other direction. Towards the whimpering but around the bushes. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Neith 406651

Run towards it, sword drawn!

Klandin [Ascendant] 406652

"We need it alive to answer questions, sister."

Nasse-Setä 406653

The succubus fell on a clearing. The bag she was carrying fell a few feet away, it's completely soaked from the liquid of the vials.

She's whimpering, holding onto her other leathery wing, which is bleeding.
"Go away!"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406654

"We can't let you sell tainted goods, succubus. Sorry."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406655

"Tell us where you are making these potions and why you are spreading them around. If you are completely honest with us we ma have mercy on you."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406656

Command '1d10'
"You will give no such orders to me."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Neith 406657

I bring my sword up to her throat
"Where the hell are your friends, beast?"

Nasse-Setä 406658

She hisses at you.
She reveals her fangs but curls into a tighter ball, holding her wing, trying to stifle a tear.
"I get them from a distillery…"
She sniffs sloudly
"We just spread them. For rewards."
She just stares at you defiantly.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406659

"Where is the distillery?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406660

"Could you tell us where this distillery is?"
I'll think for a second.
"And… just so I'm not making assumptions, what sort of 'rewards?'"


"Where is your distillery, beast? Who is in charge of it??"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Riveldi [Warlord] 406662

"If you cooperate then you will be healed. If you help us then you will be forgiven of your short comings. What say you to this offer?"

Nasse-Setä 406663

"At the base of the eastern mountain…"
She curls into an even tighter ball, looking sullen.
She shows you her tongue.

Nasse-Setä 406664

For the first time, you hear excitement in her voice.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406665

"How many demons are guarding it?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406666

I'll look to the others.
"Well, she's given up the information. I assume we're taking her with us to verify it, and then once we have, we get started on her community service?"


Strike her with my hoof
"Insolent whore! GIVE US DETAILS!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406668

I'll wince.
Inquisitors were certainly violent back in the day.

Riveldi [Warlord] 406669



Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 406670

"I don't know. I've seen at least 10 different ones."
Despite Riveldi's best tries to stop her, Neith's strike sends the Succubus flying through the air and landing on her wounded wing. She just stays on the ground, sobbing.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406671

I'll shake my head at Neith.
"She was already cooperating, inquisitor."
I'll move over to the downed succubus.
"Hmm. Klandin, I don't suppose you could patch her up a little?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406672

slowly walk over to the succubus, gently pull her wounded wing out, and use, one both or all of my healing potions to reset the wing.
"Will you aid us?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406673

"Very good, Neith. I believe your point has been made."

"What types of demons are at the factory, succubus.?"

I recoil.
"Of course not. I do not wish to possibly aid in her escape."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406674

I glare at him
"So weak willed already that you would strike your allies to protect this corrupted filth?"
Lift the succubus up by the neck
"You better start talking before I start tearing those wings off. Tell us what we need to know, and we'll give you a quicker death than you deserve. For all the innocent ponies you've left to suffer and lives you've destroyed. Your little act of feigning weakness wont work on me."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406675

I'll frown at him.
"She was promised healing in return for cooperation. She's cooperating. Don't tell me the inquisitors of the Sisters don't keep their word?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406676

"I never promised her healing, nor gave you permission to promise away my skills. I promised her the possibility of mercy if she cooperated."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406677

"Does threatening to rip her wings from her sides sound like mercy to you? Does planning to kill her regardless sound like mercy?"
I'll shake my head.
"Not to me. Besides, if the potions can be purified, who's to say the Succubus can't?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406678

"Corruption extends from appearance to behavior, and I would sooner rid this world from your corruption than to allow you to prey on the battle worn!

Unhoof the succubus!"

Nasse-Setä 406679

One is enough.
"I wi-"
She gurgles on your grip.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406680

"I was not to one threatening to remove her wings. Your purification idea intrigues me, however."

"Sister! Unhoof the succubus. We will she what can be done with her."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406681

Drop her.
"Very well, zebra. Have it your way then. But when she inevitably betrays us, do not come crying to me."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406682



Neith [Inquisitor] 406683

"Ending her would be a good start."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406684

"I have not come to you for anything other than to stay your violence, murderer."

to the succubus
"What is your name?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406685

"You mentioned that some Inquisitors were forced to join the Inquisition, correct? I take it that not all Inquisitors have shining and pure histories? I am not suggesting you take her as an apprentice, but having her purified and on our side will be a large boon."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406686

"You are nothing more but an inexperienced child playing with fire. You know nothing of these things."

"A waste of time. Purification is nigh impossible."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406687

"Perhaps things are different here."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406688

"Night impossible, not completely. That means it's only improbable."
I'll shrug.
"And if she wants to be purified, it might even make it possible."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406689


I came back running back to the party.
"What happened here?" I look at them.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406690

"We found a succubus and she wisely decided to cooperate with us."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406691

"Found one of their distributors. Currently she is in custody."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406692

"I am an inquisitor, not a redeemer."

"It seems our group enjoys sympathizing with demons."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406693

look at the goo pony, then the zebra,then the priestess
"And you are an ignorant old mare. Look around you, these are the inheritants of a corrupted world. They know little to nothing of Equestrian values or morals. They know little of the light of your princess.

They. Are. Lost.

And killing them only shows how far you've strayed from righteousness."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406694

"There's always a first time for everything."

Nasse-Setä 406695

She coughs a few times.
"Candy Cane…"
Emily looks at the succubus a little apprehensively, but Gella is already making friends with her.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406696

"Emily, what are your opinions on this? Is it possible? Has it been tried before?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406697

:A succubus? Really? Are we not going to banish her?"

I look at the succubus.
"So where have you hidden the other vials."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406698

"We're giving this one a chance to cooperate."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406699

".. But." I lower my weapon.

"That is highly dangerous dont you think?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406700

"There is only release in death for these creatures. And for the ponies, there is only conversing to the True Faith."

"I want nothing to do with this. There is no redemption for these things."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406701

"Alright Candy Cane, help us as you agreed to do."

"Banish to where? What place on this world is safe? Even the walls to the town we reside in are not enough. For if a succubus can fly over them, there is little to stop a horde from diving down and wracking all who are left untainted!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 406702

"Idiocy leads to dangerous situations. If they wish to ignore my expertise on this field, I don't have the power to stop them."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406703

"Of course we realize the danger."

"We should try. If she does not cooperate I believe she knows what her fate will be. Lessons learned her could have value back home."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406704

"Well, yes, but if you don't at least try to trust other folk, you'll never find more friends, right?"
"Fine. Then it's all on us, and if it does end badly, you're well capable of saying 'I told you so.'"

Nasse-Setä 406705

She starts trotting out of the forest and onto the road.
"Cum on then!"
Emily fidgets her hooves.
"The…Goddess teaches us to forgive…but I don't know…"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406706

"What true faith? The faith of blood? The faith of death by your hooves should none convert as you say? I'm surprised you still live, much less stand in the light of your own bigotry. If you feel the need to cleanse this place. Then leave and do it on your own!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406707

apprehensively follow, and scan for any possible traps along the way '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406708

Well, she's the one who knows where this factory is…

Neith [Inquisitor] 406709

"Blatant idiocy."

"If it ends badly, you will likely be corrupted. The only thing left for me to do is to kill you then."

"See? Even the priestess agrees."

"I will not let your idiocy make matters worse. I need to be near, lest you would cause all these ponies to fall."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406710

I lower my weapon.
"IF almost all of you are willing to trust her then I have no choice "

"Huh, hey wait! Where are you taking us?"
Follow Candy cane.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406711

"I am sure the guards have shackles and other restraints we can use to make her safe. If she must stay outside the walls we will stand guard while you fetch the headmistress."
I follow her.
"Where are you leading us, Candy Cane?"

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406712

"The priestess is reluctant, no saying to kill her. For all we know, purifying a succubus has never even been tried!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 406713

"Then watch them, but do not follow me. Do not be near me. Do not listen or interact with anything that has already done so with me. My fall will be my own, and I'm sure you'll revel in spilling my blood."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406714

"Very well then, crystal pony. I'm sure the locals and the expert on all things vile have no clue what they are talking about and that you know it much better than I do."

"Is it necessary to be so dramatic? You're a reckless idiot, no matter how many big words you use. It's that simple."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406715

"There are ways to remove corruption, Neith."

"If you fall we shall try to pull you pack up."

Nasse-Setä 406716

Her pantie-clad rump wiggles in front of you elusively.

"To the base of the mountains…"
She lowers her head a bit.
Emily shakes her head vigorously.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406717

"I'm just willing to give it a shot, since you're here to stop it if it doesn't work. Isn't that what inquisitors are all about? Making the world safe to try things that would make the sisters happy? And wouldn't reforming one who was so deeply in the other end make them happy?"
I'll tap the side of my nose.
"They did reform Discord, after all."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406718


I look at the others.
"Do we let her take us to the distillery and let her prove her loyalty first, or take her to the town and try to purify her first?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406719

Follow Candy cane while I stare at her and the general area surrounding us with suspicion.

"They did? All I remember is that they turned him to stone or something."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 406720

"You respond to little else. Simple killers understand nothing above rude gestures anyways."
hot damn, but stay focused on the tassk at hoof. and make sure we're not being led to the center of attention '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406721

"Well, once we know where it is, we can head back to town to make certain we're prepared for whatever's in there. And finish our job."
"I say town, once we've got the location down."
"They did, but then later unstoned him and made him behave. Crazy stuff, that."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406722

"That thing is clearly beyond saving."

"Inquisitors do not redeem. The sisters personally created our order to hunt."

"Stupid child."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406723

"They destoned him and turned him to the service of Equestria."

"Nightmare Moon ate foals and tried to bring about the end of the world. She was purified. We do not have the same tools here, but it gives me incentive to try."

Nasse-Setä 406724

Wiggle, jiggle, wiggle…
Her tail swishes back and forth in the beat of her cheeks.
The mountains soon come into view, and you can spot two large metallic towers, probably canisters, filled with the demonic fluids.
Candy waves her hoof towards them.
"Those are a part of the distillery. We are close."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406725

"Well, now that we have a landmark, we can head back to town to make certain we're properly prepared."

Nasse-Setä 406726

Riveldi, roll against lust

Klandin [Ascendant] 406727

I look around for any demons that might be watching us.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406728

I stare at as we approach.
"are you going to destroy that?"

"Are you sure? We are here already! Why waste time going back?!"


"Good. Torching down that place will be a first step in the right direction."
Spotcheck to see if anyone is watching us

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406730

"Well, for one, no one else knows it's here. Two, we might not have the supplies to blow it up. And three, Mercury's magic might be what turns the tides."

Nasse-Setä 406731

I fully support this action, actually

Riveldi [Warlord] 406732

I'm on the job right now, I can't into zebralust '1d10'
"How large is this place?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406733

"I really dont know, but every moment we waste is time for that plant to produce more vials like last time."

I nod in agreement and help her in spotting if anyone is nearby.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 406734

No lust.
"Oh, there's just a small building in addition to those tanks."
You can see two guards near the base of the mountain, but nothing else. They haven't spotted you.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406735

'See anything, sister?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406736

I waited for Neith's answer.

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406737

"Doesn't matter how many they have if they don't have distributors. And we won't have stopped the ones already out and about. If we strike now, we go in unprepared. Better safe than sorry, after all."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406738

"Guards down the hill. Near the base of the mountain. They haven't seen us."

"Then let us go collect that mage to help us out."

Nasse-Setä 406739

You walk back to town. This will happen next time.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406740

I then lower my head.
"Alright, lets head back. At least we know now where their headquarters are."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406741

"And some supplies. Plus inform the watch, and the alchemist. Since just finding who was doing it was the job. Then we'll be free to come back with no loose ends."

Riveldi [Warlord] 406742

"How many are armed? Willing to fight? Do you know this?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406743

I nod to this.

Klandin [Ascendant] 406744


"Candy Cane. Can you get us close without raising the alarm? I would prefer the fighting to start on our terms, rather than we we are seen charging the gates."

Neith [Inquisitor] 406745

"And I will gladly destroy it and level it to the ground."

Klandin [Ascendant] 406746

"If those two towers are full of…fluids…then simple destruction might not be wise."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 406747

"This is absurd, then how are we going to take it down? Any suggestion?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406748

"Brute force will destroy the demons that stand against us or refuse to repent. I will trust the locals to know how to neutralize what is in the tanks."

Emer Ald[M C. Pony Trickster] 406749

"The alchemist did say that she could purify what's in those bottles. So she'd just have to multiply whatever she uses by enough to render the tanks… neutral?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 406750

I shrug.

Nasse-Setä 407172

You approach the city gate with Candy in tow. The town guard are only too ready to close the gates as you approach.
The other, a pegasus in light armour, whispers to the Hork, a rather massive one at that, brandishing an axe larger than any of you.
"Hold 'em here, I'm going to get the cap'n…"
She then flies away.

Meanwhile, Mercury is in the entry hall of the chapel.
"…hm? Oh yes, the other heroes left for breakfast a few hours ago. I thought you knew."
The priestess continues on her business.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407174

"We have a captive and would like to speak with the headmistress about some things."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407175

"We caught some corrupted filth. My companions were too softhearted to end her life."

Nasse-Setä 407177

The guard rubs his chin.
"Me's not sure. Boss ses we dun let 'm demons in."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407178

"Of course we don't want to let her in."
I turn to Emily.
"Emily, please go inform the headmistress of our questions."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407179

I take out my sword
"We could just execute her."

Airia [druid] 407182

I frown "If you think that's best."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407183

"Only if we cannot make her useful to society and safe to be around."

Nasse-Setä 407184

"Um, you want me to get her?"
Emily walks up to the Hork.
"Can you let me in?"
"Uh, me's…heck it, in ya go."
He opens the gate just enough for her to enter.
The Hork scratches his head.
"Aint'ya dem heros that the sis's are all riled upbout? Bein' heroic and merc…meci…"
"Merciful. You can go, Dun. We've got this."
The captain walks out of a small door in the huge wooden gate.
"Quite something you've brought us."
She sneers at Candy who hides behind Riveldi.
Do you want to be with the party or at the chapel?

Neith [Inquisitor] 407185

"It's too dangerous already."

"These idiots insisted on sparing her life."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407188

"If she steps out of line we destroy her. She knows this, and I doubt she wishes too be destroyed."

"I have a theory I would like to test, but before I do I want to know if it has been tried before."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407192

"I don't expect you to live with it. And if you feel so offended, then throw a sheet over her and let us pass."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407195

"It would be best to keep her out of town, I think. If she must enter town then her legs should be shackled."
I tap my beak with a claw.
"The sheet may be good to keep people from panicking."

Nasse-Setä 407196

The captain nods.
"Well, we ain't got many rules in this here city, but one of o' most important ones is "no corrupted beings, no demons."
She gives Candy another abrasive look.
"At least not without a heavy chain and an entourage of guards."
She snorts.
"And what's that?"
The captain seems to be thinking.

Emily hurries back through the door, with the Mistress on her heels.
"You what?!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407198

"Headmistress. We were wondering if anyone has ever tried purifying a demon. Something similar has been down on our world which makes me wonder if it is possible here."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407202

"And here I thought your religion extended to forgiveness. How wrong I was."

Nasse-Setä 407209

"I…wouldn't know. We've done nothing of the sort…maybe in the hall of records…"
The Mistress shakes her head.
"I meant no offense, heroes, I'm sure your decisions are right. It's just…I wasn't expecting this. Apologies for my rudeness."

A capra brings a bright pink blanket dotted with small blue hearts to the captain.
"I'm sorry, we only had your nap blan- HERE YOU GO!"
He runs back in after seeing the captain's expression.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407211

"Hm.. I can wait for another to be fetched, if one needs to be bought then I'll gladly pay."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407213

"Is there a dungeon or prison cell where she can be kept while research is done? Preferably one with as little visual contact with the outside world as possible?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407214

I narrow my eyes at her
"Let me put this straight, I did not agree to this. This zebra is a ignorant child who has no idea what he is doing. If you want to kill it now and remove the problem, I'd be glad to help."

Nasse-Setä 407216

The mistress just looks pale through her coat.
"I…wouldn't know. We tend to not attack them unless they attack us…"
"This will do!"
The captain throws the blanket on top of Candy.
"Hey! I can't see!"
The mistress thinks for a while.
"Well, I suppose fetish night can be moved back a few days…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407217

"For safety's sake that may be best. Holding an orgy with a succubus nearby could prove disastrous. Now if you could lead us to a holding cell where she may stay while we search for answers? I am assuming the cleansing spells the alchemist makes are not strong enough to do the job here"
I step through the gate.
"And someone please shackle the demon."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407219

"Fetish ni-"
I sigh and facehoof
"We should kill this creature. Right now."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407220

"We may be able to learn things from her, sister. Collecting intelligence is an important part of fighting a war, or so I have read."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407221

"We have already. I read books on the damned subject."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407222

"Collecting local intelligence, sister. Perhaps the concept is from after your time."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407225

"We know of their hideout. Give me some time and I'll get the rest of your questions out of her."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407226

"A willing accomplice that can provide us information both ahead of time and when we need it is preferable. The zebra seems to have a knack for controlling things so if we can remove the corruption from her she could prove a valuable ally."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407230

I shake my head
"A prisoner is nothing more than a nuisance. She could lead us straight into a trap for all we know. But very well, I see you have made up your mind already. Just know that I wont hesitate to do what needs to be done when the time comes."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407233

"You seem to be under the delusion that I will not kill her if she cannot be cleansed."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407236

"I am under the impression that you are an incompetent weakling, bred by years of harmony and peace."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407238

"You won't need to"

"Will this do? Or are you gonna ask I lead the succubus around with a collar on?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407239

I bristle.
"And you may be zealous to a fault."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407240

"I only do my job, paladin."

Nasse-Setä 407241

The Mistress shakes her head.
"Please follow me, and do try to keep her quiet."
The captain nods in agreement, but still opens the gate for you to pass through.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407242

I follow her.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407244

"Don't take this off."
follow the Mistress and lead the succubus through the city to wherever

Nasse-Setä 407256

You enter the chapel. The mistress takes a quick turn to the left and opens one of the doors which reveals a set of stairs leading down.
Emily is waiting for you at the bottom of them, There's a cold dungeon corridor here. It's lined with heavy barred doors. You can see different BDSM equipment in each one as you walk along to the end, which has a thick wooden door.
"She can…Will stay here. I have the key, but I can give it to one of you."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407257

"The zebra is her caretaker."

Neith 407260

"I'll take it."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407262

"I will take the key"

Nasse-Setä 407265

The mistress looks between Neith and Riveldi for a while.
She hoofs it to Riveldi.
"Please do be careful as not to cause any trouble with the sisters."
She opens the door, which makes a creaking noise.
"I will go make some arrangements."

Emily takes the pink blanket off of Candy.
"Um, please enter..:"
You enter the room. It's rather large, with a double bed that has some kind of a contraption strapped to it; it reminds you of the equipment they use to hold up limbs in hospitals.
"There are toys in the chest in case you get…anxious."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407266

I look around the room.
"This looks like it will do. Will you direct us to the archives now?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407270

"My utmost thanks in this regard."

wait for everyone to leave, then look at Candi

"Up on the bed, legs in those… things"

Nasse-Setä 407273

You head out with everyone in the party.
Emily leads you back upstairs and to the fourth floor. You follow her along a corridor, then past a balcony overlooking the prayer hall, past a room full of statues, and then through some double doors into a room that smells of paper.
"Here we are."
Candy walks up to the bed, slowly, and then hooks her other hoof on one of the straps.
"What are we going to do on the bed, master?"
She wiggles her pantie-clad rump seductively. Roll against lust.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407275

I start searching around for books about removing corruption.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 407277

Rolling '1d10'
"Keep you from getting creative with the odds and ends here. The others already consider you too much of a threat, hopefully keeping you tied up will lessen their suspicions for now. Now move."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nasse-Setä 407279

[Corruption - The diary of a survivor by Aponomous]

She pouts a bit as she sets her other hoof on a strap. Her bottom is suspended in the air, ready for the taking.
"You're not going to leave me, are you?"
You could swear you can hear a faint hum in the air.
Roll against gaining lust at -2.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407281

I read the book. Any clues about whether or not the demon can be salvaged?

Riveldi [Warlord] 407284


Roll #1 2 - 2 = 0


I'll explore the temple a bit to inspect and learn more about it.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407289

So. I was in bed. Then woke up.
Look at the priestess, jaw agape.
"W-what? They l.left without me?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407290

And we just came back to fetch you.
"Hey there sunshine. You certainly slept in."

Nasse-Setä 407293

"…corruption is a horrifying thing. One of the refugees had grown a second horn on his head! Not even a purification spell didn't help him then…didn't know what do with him – …A complex ritual, but not sure if it can help him –"

You can find anything else about removing corruption in that book.
Your spaghetti and the confidence scrolls fall on the floor, with the effect of the scrolls opening and putting their effect on you. Roll 2d3.
You come across a brightly lit room full of ponies and capra.
"Hello, we are just about to have a cuddling hour. Would you care to join us?"
"They didn't seem to want to wake you up. I'm afraid they already returned and have scattered around the chapel…They brought in someone or something from the outside."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407294

Well this is not awkward at all. Or it terribly is.
I was about to panick in front of them!
Keep my cool?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407297

"Something, mistress?"
Smile, but then pout slightly, before finally growing red in an ashamed expression.
"B-but you should have woke me up!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407298


Roll #1 1, 3 = 4


Walk past them and keep exploring.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Klandin [Ascendant] 407300

"I found something about a complex ritual, but the book says no more about it."
I put the book down on a table and search for more about the ritual in the library.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407305

"But you just looked so peaceful. I didn't want to bother you."
I'll smile a little.
"Especially after last night."

Nasse-Setä 407308

"Please, I'm merely a sister. The Mistress is in her office."
She avoids your question.
You come across an armory hidden deep within the chapel. A weird insect like humanoid approaches you.
"What does this one want?"
[Rituals of her Greatness by Altia the Horny]
Roll to read it.
Your new, proud, large horse shaft sprouts from it's sheath, already leaking precum.
Your lust is set to five, you can't help thinking of anything but plowing into that rump suspended midair in front of you.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407309

"I think I found something."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 407310

I look him over
"Who are you? What are you?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407312

And then I will just look down, as red as I am shiny.
And I'm not clever enough a pony to notice.
Especially after what is happening.
Time to look at the walls!

Riveldi [Warlord] 407314

WAIT! is gella with me?

Nasse-Setä 407321

Gella is indeed with you.
She approaches you, eyes glued to your sizable pride.
"Hey! No fair! You'd rather fuck a pile of slime than your faithful pet?"
"I'm a Myrmid. Surely the priestesses have told you about us."
He crosses his arms across his chest.
"…Consent of the partner is one of the most important thing in having a purifying experience…"
She then goes on about the right ways to have sex and the purifying effects of caring for your partner, and how you can get the goddesses' attention if you burn rapeseed mixed with holy liquid in a censer in the same room.
Roll again.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407322

"No, they haven't. Is this your armory?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407324

"So, Mercury, I believe we need to get you a replacement cloak, after what happened to the last one."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407325


Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407327

"But what of looking for the others? And our mission!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407329

"Our mission is still going to be there. And the others are busy taking care of the new addition to the group, or otherwise looking up certain things."
I'll tap my chin.
"As it is, we still need to run by the alchemist and tell her about something important. I'll fill you in on the way."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407331

Undo my armor, get on my haunches and pull gella onto me!

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407332

"Wait, what new addition? Oh, I hope that alchemist has something nice…"

Nasse-Setä 407337

You have learned Synchronized.
"The Goddesses' armoury."
He turns away and enters the room, leaving you in the hallway.
She warps herself around your length, squeezing and tugging at it as her gooey face comes close to yours. She hugs you and gives you a forceful kiss.
If you could care, you'd see Candy pouting like there's no tomorrow.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407338

Follow him
"Of Cifu."
Gee, I wonder what kind of perverted items they have stored here.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407339



Roll #1 4 = 4

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407340

"She should, though it's mostly in the range of enhancements and tinctures."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407341

I find the headmistress and show her the relevant passages.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407342

"Oh, like, shinier coats and new mane colores?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407344

"I'm sure those are there too… Maybe…"
I'll be vaguely uncertain about that.
And let's get to the alchemist.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407346

I sure do love walking to the alchemist!

Nasse-Setä 407349

Her kiss is interrupted as you start stuffing her with your cock, her form rippling from the force of the impact. Her mouth makes moaning motions, but she of course can't make anything but a low bubbling sound.
"Of Cifu. But this is purely for combat. For the paladins."
You can see large warhammers, beautiful swords and wicked axes on racks and shelves full of different armours and jewels.
"Most of this is enchanted one way or the other."
The Myrmid sits behind a desk and continues polishing an open helmet with Cifu's heart on it's front.
The mistress reads the passages.
"…You propose someone has sex with…it?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407350

I inspect the equipment
"Enchanted how?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407353

Just a..




Roll #1 5 = 5

Klandin [Ascendant] 407354

"If the zebra wants to keep her around he should be the one to do it. I have no interest in succubi. I will go inform him of what I have found if you would be so kind as to check and see if this ritual is possible here."
I give her the book and go back to the dungeon.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407356

Nasse-Setä 407361

"Well, the alchemist should have plenty of rapeseed, we will produce the holy liquid and the censers…"
You head back down. The door to the succubus's room is not locked.
The alchemist raises his head from his book.
"Hm? Did you stop the distribution of the fake potions already??"
She regains control of her actions as she squeezes again, making you put more force in your thrusts. You start feeling slightly exhausted.
3 stamina remain.
"Many enchantments. Power, defense, desire…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407362

I'll raise a brow at that sentence and look at Emer, but say nothing.
Have a look around.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Neith [Inquisitor] 407363

"What kind of enchantments?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407366

I don't care what remains as long as nothing remains in these balls and my lust


Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 407367

"Rivaldi, I found-"
Once I realize the door is not locked I draw my sword and enter.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407368

"Not quite, though we found where they're being produced. They've got a pair of farm silos that are probably full of the stuff, and they've got succubi making drops outside the walls in return for favors. Since destroying the silos would probably poison the land, I thought that, since you can purify the potions they're making, you'd be able to purify whatever might be in those silos. After we've cleared out the ones making the tainted potions, of course."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407372

"I'm- mgh.. I'm kinda bUSY right now! Close thedoorplease!"

Nasse-Setä 407373

The alchemist's shop is a little dark compared to normal, but still somewhat cozy. There's a large, steaming cauldron in the middle, a desk to the side and the cashier's counter directly against the entry door. Behind the counter are shelves upon shelves of vials, boxes and papers.
The Myrmid rolls his eyes.
"Do you not have magic in your land?"
He grabs a sword from a rack and swings it lazily across the air. It leaves a flaming trail after it.
"Too many to list them all out. Now, if you could have one of these, the Mistress would have told me already."
Klandin enters the room to see the Succubus strapped to the bed and Riveldi pounding away at Gella, whose mouth is wide agape and her tongue lolling out of her mouth.
She jiggles from each pound and looks like she's screaming from pleasure.
It feels amazing on Riveldi, too, the goo massaging his cock and balls.


I leave again.
"I see you intend to be difficult about this. Have fun polishing that helm."
Leave this temple and just wander around town.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Riveldi [Warlord] 407379

pull her close and start on longer strokes, make her "plop"


Roll #1 10 = 10

Klandin [Ascendant] 407380

He's…bigger than I thought he was.
"Riveldi? What in Tartarus are you doing?"

Is this turning me on or is it 2straight4me?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 407381

"FIXing a BAD situATION~!"

Nasse-Setä 407383

You have a feeling you could find anything out here if you wanted. But what do you want? There are a multitude of shops open, bordellos, theaters, bars, toy shops, anything.
You grab her and almost thrust your large prick through her form, making bubbles form in her abdomen from the pace.
Plop…plop…plop…You pound in her until your dick twitches and throbs. You're on the edge.
You come next turn. And extra +2 to the roll.
Almost sexy enough…

Neith [Inquisitor] 407384

Bars are usually good places to pick up information. Go there.
Maybe I can get a drink too.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407385

But can't I read even a label?
Near said cauldron, see what's boiling.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Riveldi [Warlord] 407386

"NNNNNGH!" '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Klandin [Ascendant] 407387

"Be glad Neith wasn't the one that caught you. Tell me when you are finished."
I leave the room and close the door.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Klandin [Ascendant] 407388

I then look around. If no one is watching I press my ear up against it so I can listen.

Nasse-Setä 407391

The alchemist snorts.
"We'd need barrels of purification potion."
You enter an appropriately named bar.
It's called "Heat".
The bartender is a mare.
"Hi luv. What can I get ya for?"
The bar itself doesn't seem too much of a slum, it's clean and most of the customers can stand on their own. Of course, it's still early…
Nothing. It seems to be steaming on it's own.
>+3 from the racial
You come. And come. An endless stream of cum fills Gella, and she grows in your eyes, until she covers you up to your neck. Your cock shakes inside her, releasing your thick seed. Gella seems to be lost in her own lust, keeping her eyes closed and scruching.
When you're finally done, she collapses on top of you like a wet but warm blanket.
You can hear the succubus moaning and Riveldi moaning so loud the sisters upstairs are probably blushing. Roll against lust.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407392

How tasteful.
"Wine, if you have it."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407393

"Well, once we've cleared the place out, you'll have all the time to make it. Though, one thing."
I'll think for a moment.
"Have you ever tested your purification potions on succubi?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407394

"Hurry and clean up, we need to talk."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407395

Anything important going on?

Riveldi [Warlord] 407396

I remember what happened last time she slept over me, despite my exhaustion try to wrestle myself out from under her '1d10-1'

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

Nasse-Setä 407398

Horny. How much is that? 3 lust? 4?
You manage to wiggle out. You can see the succubus giving you a sultry gaze, her panties wet.
"You should have given that seed to me, master."
"No. They dun' take kindly to it."
She gives you a bottle with a grape label.
"First bottle's on the house, hero. Now what brings ya to my establishment?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407399

That's… Unnatural.
Point at it with a hoof.
"What is this?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407400

I eye the bottle, ignoring her question
"What's inside this? How is this wine prepared?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407401

"What if I said we have a willing subject?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407403

"Behave next time."
get ready and open the door to speak to Klandin
"Forgive my unattending the search, did you find something of use?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407404

I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm myself.

"I found a way to purify your-"
My eyes go wide when I see how big and white Gella has gotten
"-uh, purify your succubus. It should work so long as you are willing to f-have sex with her and she is willing to become pure."
I look over his shoulder at Gella again.
"Just how many times did you screw it in front of the succubus, Riveldi?"

Nasse-Setä 407405

"We buy it from the farm outside of town, and we distill it here in the city. We make our own wine, the traditional way! Don't worry, it's safe!"
The alchemist looks over his shoulder.
"My cauldron. I make everything in it. Why?"
He shrugs.
"Well, it wouldn't hurt to try. I mean, not like anyone would miss her if something went wrong, right?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407406

What is the party doing now?

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407407

"Well, I don't like to think of it that way. But… well, it's not like anyone's tried it before, right? We can see if she'll drink it, if you can provide one."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407408

I glare at her
"You didn't answer my question. How? What?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407409

turn to Candi
"There is a possibility for you to be saved after all. Provided you are willing"
then back to Klandin
"On- …what?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407410

"Because it is…"
Cock a brow.
"Steaming! Like something's brewing inside!"

Nasse-Setä 407411

Sorry. Klandin and Riveldi are finding a way to purify the succubus. Neith is drinking in a bar. Emer and Merc are at the alchemist's.
He snorts.
"I'm coming with you."
He grabs a pencil, a notepad and multiple vials with him in a leather bag.
"Let's go."
"Grapes from outside the city. We stomp on them to make the juice come out and let it brew in a barrel in a basement."
The mare is starting to look a little annoyed.
Candi nods.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407412

"Your goo pony. She's huge. You do know that having sex anywhere near a succubi is risky business, right? What possibly convinced you to screw her however many time it took to make her that large?"

I look at Candi. Is she tied down?

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407413

And back to the temple we go, then.


Pour some in and drink. How's it taste?
"What is the word around town?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 407418

"Ugh… Look"
do the cliche glancing around before leaning in
"I bought a spell that would make me.. larger and I was waiting for a private time to use it. But as I finished tying the succubus down I lost my footing.. and unknowingly activated the spell. It worked in seconds and I couldn't contain myself. Thankfully Gella was here to relieve the problem so I didn't have to risk anything with the succubus, as that inquisitor keeps reminding."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407419

"Good, now say here and don't cause any trouble."
motion gella out of the room and lock the succubus in the room

Nasse-Setä 407422

From her hind hooves to the BDSM contraption of the bed.
"That's what happens to cauldrons when you brew magic in them."
The alchemist huffs as he walks along the streets.
You arrive at the temple and run to the head Mistress.
"Oh! Eden! I was about to send someone for you. We need rapeseed. Do you have any?"
"Well, of course, I brought my emergency kit. These heroes wanted to try a purification spell and/or potion at the succubus."
You lock the door, leaving the succubus alone.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407424

I follow him out before he closes and locks the door.

"Okay, but that doesn't answer why you went back in however many times it took to make her that size."
I follow him out and only glance at his rump a little bit when he isn't looking.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407425

Guess I'll go look at the Succubus, too.

Have I already bought that open bottom suit?

Neith [Inquisitor] 407427

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407428

Look from Eden to the priestess.
"Uh… Is this succubus the new friend you spoke about?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407432

"She did agree to help us take out the tainted factory."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407434

"I didn't do her more th-

*MHM* I only went in her once. Whatever that spell had did more than I thought I paid for. Why do you keep bringing this up?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407435

"Tainted whaaaat?"

Nasse-Setä 407436

You're in the basement with Klandin and Riveldi.
Effects of coffee…fading…
The wine tastes sweet and fresh. Really good for you.
"I heard you heroes brought a demon in the town. I don't believe such gibberish of course…"
That zebra has some balls.

The Mistress looks around him.
"I'd rather you didn't mention her out in the open. And a mere purification spell won't be enough in this case. We need a ritual."
She receives the rapeseed from the Alchemist and rushes off.
He looks at the mistress go.
"Huh. Should we head down to meet the patient?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407438

"They did. They wouldn't allow me to kill it. Filthy beast is locked up in the temple."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407440

My eyes go wide again and I look away.
"Because I want to make sure none of us have been tainted. If we are seeking to purify the succubus we must accept that she may-no will, whether she wants to or not, try to corrupt us."

Alright, Nasse.
Rolling against lust.

"Hello, Charmer. If you will pardon me I must speak to the headmistress about something."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407441

"There's a factory out there producing corrupted potions and leaving them along the walls for folk to find. Since that's bad, we're shutting it down."
Well, let's follow them down.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407442

"Wait would that mean all of them could be purified?"
"Potions of what?"

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407444

"Is it about the succubus? I'm afraid I think I am mostly powerless while I'm here, though I'll try to think of something."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407445

"It might mean they could be. It'd be a long, hard task, though."
As for her other question…
"Well… a different sort of 'enhancement' potion."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407446

"We found a solution to the corrupt succubus problem."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407448

"Ah, thank you for looking out for my well being in that regard. I don't know why, you were ready to slit my throat just like the inquisitor, but thank you nonetheless."

"Ah- Hellowhatareyoudoinghere?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407449

Roll my eyes.
"Right. taht kind of stuff."
And try not to think about how I might have killed another pony just like me.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407450

"Excellent. What do you have in mind?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407453

"Slit her throat, not yours."

"There is a ritual. but I really must be going."
I push past you.

Once I am past them I quickly return to the room I stayed in during my first night here.

Nasse-Setä 407455

The bartender scrunches.
"Well I ain't one to question the prophecy, but that sounds rather dumb to me."
Your cock comes out of it's sheath and your mouth waters.
lust 4.
Better hope no one sees…
You run upstairs and ask a Priestess about the whereabouts of the Mistresses' location. Apparently she's in the ritual chamber of the first floor.
You head down and pass Klandin on the way down.
Rose and Riveldi are here.
Oh, never mind. The room you stayed in is currently reserved.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407457

"I think so too. In fact, I think it's downright dangerous. You rally a mob and go kill her."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407459

Find a room. An empty, private room.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 407460

Roll again. You can't find a sort-of-empty room.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407461

What's the succubus look like anyway?

Klandin [Ascendant] 407462


Roll #1 1 = 1

Riveldi [Warlord] 407463

"Both of us would be dead in either ca- "
he left

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407464

"Hello! How's it going so far? We brought the alchemist."

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407470

"Has he a cure?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407472

"With a cure? How does it work?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407475

"Well, he can try at least. Though I heard it would take a ritual instead of just making her drink a potion or five. Still…"
I'll sniff the air a bit.
"What is that…"
And then I'll see the large, bluish-white blob that is Gella over on the floor.
"Oh. Never mind."

Nasse-Setä 407477

the bartender shrugs.
"I dunno, we don't want to break in the chapel."
The ponies by the bar grunt in agreement.
She's wearing panties and she has leathery wings and small horns, plus a thin tail.
the alchemist smacks his lips.
"Indeed. Can I see the patient?"
You rush blindly into a room.
It's the ritual bedroom which is just being prepared by some priestesses headed by the Mistress, who sees your considerable pride hanging loose.
"Ah, so you wish to perform the deed? That is fine by me. I trust in your spirit's strength."
She lights the censers around the room and the priestesses leave.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407484

"And what if she starts spreading her corruption from within? What good are your walls and enchantments when the very things that bathed this land in corruption is allowed within this town? Who is to say that she isn't busy corrupting others at this very moment? How long before this entire town is infested? The last safe haven fallen because of a few idiots letting the corrupted roam free inside your town."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407485

push my face in a hoof
"Can we please stop mentioning Gella"
"Don't lose yourself"
unlock the door

Klandin [Ascendant] 407486

"What? No! No, I mean, I won't f-have sex with a succubus. Even if I were interested, I wouldn't do it. Mares do not interest me."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407488

Just now taking notice of her, I will look at the white… Thing inside the goopony and blink a few times.
"Is that…"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407490


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407491

Sheen totally gone, I will hide behind Emer.

Nasse-Setä 407493

Gella purrs contently.
The room smells more like a needy mare than you remembered.
"Ah, I see. It would help if she could sit upright."
He then unhooks her hooves from the contraption.
"Now, dear, drink this. It might feel bad for a while."
He then offers Candy a vial.
She grabs it and lifts it slowly to her face.
The mistress giggles.
"Now, don't worry, we won't judge you."
She then moves out of the room and locks the door behind her.

Nasse-Setä 407494

"Well, look at it this way; What if your…goddess brought in something you despised? Would you told her to piss off?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407495

"Hey now, no need to yell. It's damn impressive, actually."
And let's see what happens here.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407497

I try to open the door.
"Why have you locked me in here?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407499

"Drink. Candi."
"Not something I'm proud of considering what lead to this. Please."

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407501

Let's see how this goes…

Nasse-Setä 407502

She chugs the potion down.
"Um, I don't think it's…"
She then curls into a ball on the bed.
"Ow, my stomach!"
Emily appears on the door.
"The mistress wishes to tell you that the ritual is ready. Apparently Lord Klandin is willing to perform it."
There's no answer from the other side.

Rose Charmer [P Preacher] 407504

"What's going on? Do we bring her into wherever the ritual is now?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407505

I look around. Are there any other windows or doors?

Riveldi [Warlord] 407508

Walk over, undo her ties, then heft her on my back
"Someone cover her, I can't from here"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407509

Nod and bring a blanket.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407512

And I'll just sorta follow along.

Nasse-Setä 407514

No. Only the large door you rushed in through. There's a cabinet though. It's full of different potions and spells, including many purification scrolls.
You bring her up to where the Mistress is waiting.
"Great. Ser Klandin seems to be willing to perform the deed."
Candi groans slightly.


Riveldi [Warlord] 407515

"Thank you"k
now head over to wherever the ritual is taking place

Riveldi [Warlord] 407518

"No. I got everyone into this mess, and I will perform the ritual. If it fails then I'm sure at least one of the party would enjoy killing this failure of a zebra."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407523

I look through the potions and spells for anything that could lower my lust.

Nasse-Setä 407861

Klandin rummages through the cabinets for anything to ease his lust. Onahole? No, that would take too long. Plenty of potions here, but most of them seem to have an alternate effect.

Meanwhile the others are standing outside the bedchamber with Candy Cane under a blanket.
The Mistress smiles faintly. "You will have to settle who gets the honor with ser Klandin."
She then nods and unlocks the door to the room.
It's dark and smells of sweet incense. The large bed could fit four ponies with ease, and everything is plated with satin.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407862

Cock a brow.
"The honor?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407863

"Your goddess has nothing to do with it."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407864

I'll be curious as well.
"How… exactly does this ritual of yours work?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407865

"There is no settling anything, this succubus is my charge and I'll do what is necessary to see her purified."
motion Gella to stay out, then walk in and slide the succubus off me
"Klandin, I am doing this."

Campfire 407866

I nod quickly.
"Thank you. Stay safe."
I make my way to the exit while keeping my eyes off of you.

Kalndin [Ascendant] 407867

Airia [druid] 407868

Watch quietly.

Nasse-Setä 407869

"They will make love to her under the purifying incense of Cifu until she either…fails or comes to light."
You throw Candy on the bed. She seems a little out-of-it.
"I'm fine…"
You and you're boner are now outside the chamber. The Mistress locks the room after you.
"This is just to make sure. We all have the utmost faith in the Heroes."
"But our Goddess guides our every action. If she didn't want that…thing inside, she would have done something about it."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407870

"Are you sure all of us should be in here? I mean… it's not like there has to be an audience, right?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407871

"Your goddess is too weak to reach out anymore, she admitted so herself. They think they can purify that thing. They are wrong, there will be traces of corruption left even if they 'succeed'. And that trace of corruption will be the seed of your downfall."

Kalndin [Ascendant] 407872

"Of course. Mistress, if you could please show me to an empty room?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407873

"Oh, of course. Fucking."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407874

"Good, now since you've been obedient so far.."
start to take my armor off,
" ….*sigh* This will serve two purposes"

Kalndin [Ascendant] 407875

"It is worth a try. Either it works or we kill her and purify the zebra."

I do a doubletake.
"Are you feeling well, miss Mercury?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407876

I'll raise a brow at that.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407878

"It's fine. I'm just coming to terms with this place…"
Look slightly ashamed.

Airia [druid] 407879

I frown "Seeds of corruption.. we'll just have to weed around her if corrupt plants sprout, pull the ideas like little weeds."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407880

"It's alright, just… a surprising shift from just yesterday, is all."

Nasse-Setä 407881

"Oh, I don't plan on staying."
"Would you require any services with it?"
She gives you a knowing smirk.
Even Emily looks at you a little weird.
She shakes her head a bit.
"Yes, master?"
Neith is the only one not in the temple right now.
The bartender takes a bottle for herself.
"Ya know, I don't usually get visitors as depressing as ya…"

A pony rushes in the bar.
"Oi! A Paladin is coming to town!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407882

Right, well, if we don't need to watch, we can leave.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407883

Move closer to him, looking at the ground.
"I know. I'm just… Stressed out."
Brush against him.

Kalndin [Ascendant] 407884

I nod distractedly.

"No. This is a personal matter. I do not wish to worship your deity, though I mean no disrespect."
I shift uncomfortably on my paws and claws.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407885

I'll nod.
"Well, if you ever need to talk, or… relieve stress, I'm willing to lend an ear. Or a hug."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407886

put my gear by the door, then walk over to her
"…uh… right"
tentatively kiss her belly '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 407890

You can smell her wet panties as you trace a few kisses down her soft belly, making her moan slightly. The scent of the incense seems to intensify.
You can feel your sheath tighten.
The Mistress starts to walk away from the room.
She speaks to Klandin in a low voice;
"Well, I'll give you a toy room. Second floor, the first door from the stairwell will be free by the time you get there."

Everyone else can do whatever they desire.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407892

"So, Mercury, how about we go shopping for that new cloak? Maybe the next one we get can be a bit more… slime-proof."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407893

"Alright. But maybe this time I can help you make some money."

Riveldi [Warlord] 407894

pause at her soaked panties, then look up at her as I lick the moisture from them '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407896

"Well, we shouldn't have to worry too much about that. Though, who knows, maybe Chocolate might like to branch out into more… normal forms of ice cream?"
I still have 200 coin, right nasse?

Klandin [Ascendant] 407897

"Thank you."
I anxiously flick my tail.
"Before I go I need to ask a question. Why does my arousal not decrease here? In Equestria, if I began to stir all it took to clam down was a few hours of ignoring those feelings."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407900

Giggle a bit.
"We should just go and look for some fruit.
Oh, and I have to ask for a refund for that…Dress."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407902

A small smile will play across my face.
"Oh, I dunno… you filled it out pretty nicely last night~."
Chuckling a little, I'll continue.
"Though, I suppose that's more of private wear than public wear."

Neith [Inquisitor] 407903

I roll my eyes.
"I see my warnings are falling on deaf ears then. Very well. Ignore your issues then, I'm sure that will solve it."
I drink up my wine, get up and walk over to that pony whom just rushed in.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407905

Smile warmly at him.
"Then I will keep it. Just for you…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407908

"I'm honored."
And then we'll head back to that cloak and clothing shop where we got the first cloaks.

Nasse-Setä 407910

"That must we wonderfully easy on you. It's been like that in our world as far as I remember; it can take days of agonizing desire before 'cooling down' on your own here."
Unless you bought something with them. Which you shouldn't have because you weren't here when everyone else went shopping.
The sweet smell of the incense is replaced by that of a needy mare.
You suckle on her ample mound as she lets out a hissing moan.
"Ahn~ T-there's something you should know..:"
Your pride slides out of the sheath, hardening slowly.

Neith [Inquisitor] 407911

"Where is this paladin?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407912

pull her panties down with my teeth
"What is it?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407913

Great! Then we're back at that shop where we bought the cloaks.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407915

'I should have known it would be different here. Thank you."
I hurry up to the room and close and lock the door behind me. After looking around to see everything that is in the room I slowly make my way over to the toy chest, if there is one, and open it.

Nasse-Setä 407919

The stallion stammers.
"Um, uh, she, eh, is about to enter the town! A guard saw her approach from the walls. She might be in the main avenue already!"
Madame's Boutique?
Needle is there again.
"Ah, hello! How may I serve you again?"
Of course there is a toy chest, it's a room intended for solo play after all. There are multiple picture books on a shelf too.
The chest itself is filled with all manner of different dildoes, some Horse-like, some griffon-like, others from races you don't recognize. Of course there's a wide variety of buttplugs too, some with tails attached to them.
There are some male pleasure toys too, onaholes and fake vaginas and such.
You are booped by a medium-sized penis.
"Where do you think I got the "Cane" part to my name?"
You can see she has a vagina, nice and tight, currently glistening with need, and a human penis in addition to a nice and clean anus.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407921

"Hi there! Don't suppose you have another of those cloaks in that's a bit more slime resistant, do you?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407922

I will just quietly stick by Emer's side this time.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407924

look at it apprehensively, then try to ignore it while lining up with her '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith 407925

"Well let's see what your holy warriors are made of then."
Let's go see what's what.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407926


Roll #1 1 = 1

Klandin [Ascendant] 407927

I take one of the fake vaginas and pour a bit of lube into it, then take a magazine and open it to a picture of a hunky gryphon. Once that's one I sit down and set it in front of me wile I slowly slide the toy down my shaft.

Klandin [Ascendant] 407930


Roll #1 5 = 5

Airia [druid] 407932

I'll just explore nearby.

Nasse-Setä 407933

"Um, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid not. Wait a second. MADAME?!"
Needle turns to you.
"I'm sorry. Madame's a bit sick today. She has a sore throat, and all. A slime-resistant cloak would cost 75 coins."
It sort of is there. And your eyes are glued to it. It slowly grows until it's erect, throbbing and pink. She waggles her hips a bit, making it wave in the air.
Roll to see if you like it
You walk to the main avenue, which is surprisingly empty considering it's lunch hour. Only the food stall keepers are about.
That is, in addition to a lone tall figure making her way towards you. She seems to be clad in black, gold lined plate armour. You can't help but notice it leaves her flanks completely exposed.
She wears a blue hood over her features, passing you without so much as giving a nod.
It's almost painfully tight, until it just…plops down to the base, giving you a nice, squeezing feeling. Then you notice the transparent red pre you're leaking on top of a proud Gryphon male presenting his huge sack towards you on a Playmare.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407934

ugh '1d10'
"It's nothing"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407935

"I'll take it, then."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407936

Give him a small tug on the side, to catch his attention.
"I wanna pay for it."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407937

Oh, shit!
I take a bead on my claw and examine it; completely forgetting about the toy and the picture. It's not blood, is it?

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407939

"Are you sure? I mean, I do still owe you for the one you lost saving me the other day…"

Neith 407940


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407941

Shake my head slowly.
"If I had been quicker, you'd have not needed to be saved anyway! And then I will have to get something for you too, and then for the Inquisitor and the priestesses and-"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407942

I'll put a hoof to her lips.
"Ush. That can all wait until we've got a bit more coin in our pouches. For now, let's just get you the cloak you'll need for traveling. We'll have plenty of time after we clear out that factory."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407943

Stand still, looking from the hoof to his eyes.
Then plant a quick, almost hidden kiss on it, and pull back, saying nothing else.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 407944

That's a dick.
You can't quite get over it as you line your large zebra staff to her winking entrance.
"P-put it in!"
She grinds against your head with her slick folds.
Despite your dick being in the vice, you can tell that's not blood. especially as it always seems to gather into a perfect ball, no matter the surface.
The paladin grunts and continues on her way.
Needle looks at you two talk.
"Um, are you planning on robbing us? Because I already took the cash to the bank."

Neith 407945

"What news?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407947

Look distressed and widen my eyes, scrambling behind Emer.

Riveldi [Warlord] 407948

push against her slowly, make her feel each inch slide into her mare(?)hood '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407949

I'll shake my head.
"No, but we might be bringing more business once we've settled in a little and gotten something more regular than adventuring work."
And I'll take out the 75 coins for the cloak.
"Here you are, sorry about the delay."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407950

I move the magazine aside and slowly stroke my shaft with the toy while watching the head of my cock.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 407956

"Oh! Cool! Well, just a second!"
She rushes to the back room and comes back with another travel cloak, this one shinier than usual.
She mumbles something to herself.
"Need supplies…activities around Citadel…"
She stops and turns around.
"What does a common citizen care?"
You're not sure which one of you feels more as you slowly slide inside. She wriggles, her tight cunt contracting at each inch of zebra meat entering her. She's definitely a moaner, you bet the whole temple can hear her whinny and scream.
"Ahh! Aaaaah! Faster!"
You can see your balls have swollen and turned colour into a deep red as they churn and turn against the bed you're sitting on. Your head twitches inside the confines of the fake marehood as you stain it with more slightly pink precum. It's starting to pool inside the toy.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407958

"Oooh…" Look with a smile at said shiny coat, then at Emer, and wait for him to act.

Neith 407959

"I'm not a citizen. I am sister Neith of the Equestrian Holy Inquisition"

Riveldi [Warlord] 407960

try to pick her up with a hoof and start to plow into her '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407961

"Thank you very much."
And I'll hoof the cloak to Mercury.
"Now, I believe I owe you lunch, in order to make up for missing breakfast. There's a nice food cart just down the way, or we could try and see what restaurants they might have around."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407963

I pump the toy up and down faster and move a claws down to fondle my sack. [1d10] While I do that I examine my balls. How much bigger are they? How sensitive are they? Do they feel different?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407966

I will take said cloak and wear it with a smile, getting cozy in it.
"You already did so much… What if I looked for a place to eat instead?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407967

"Then I'd follow. Lead the way."

Nasse-Setä 407968

She drops her hood, revealing a ragged, short mane and a tattooed face. She's wearing a heart-shaped necklace, conflicting with her serious face.
"You what?"
She drops her warhammer to the ground from her belt, grabbing it on her hoof.
You give her a few short pushes before popping out of her. Quickly realigning yourself, you try to keep going despite losing your momentum.
They feel really full and sensitive, you'd approximate they might have even doubled in size from last time. You can't really feel pleasure from the toy as you emptily shake it up and down your aching length.


And off I go, to the main plaza, looking for a nice, homey place to have lunch in.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 407971

lift my head and remind myself why I'm doing this

then Start fucking her in earnest '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Neith [Inquisitor] 407972

"I am not from these lands. Nor am I from this world. Your… goddess, Cifu, brought me here alongside with another group."

Klandin [Ascendant] 407974

I pick the magazine back up and hold it up to look at while pumping as fast as I can.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 407981

Well there's Neith and the Paladin near Capra Joe's stand. He had some good food.
Her cock flaps against your chest until you just feel like you can't do it anymore.
You pull out, leaving her feeling rather unsatisfied.
"I'm sorry…"
She then flips you on your belly, squishing your penis between you and the satin soft bedsheets and aligns her shaft on your butt.
"This might feel a bit…odd at first."
She snorts.
"The heroes of the prophecy."
You can almost smell the sweat of his balls on your beak as you pump furiously on your shaft, feeling a swelling on your base…


Go near them then!
"Lady Inquisitor."
I'll bow slightly in front of Neith.
"Is this a good place to eat?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 407983



Roll #1 3 = 3

Neith [Inquisitor] 407985

"So I am told. I frankly don't give a damn what your goddess has to say. As far as I'm concerned, this land is filled with heathens, slowly being corrupted. And as a inquisitor, it's my job to purge corruption. My guess is your goddess brought me here for that very reason."

"… Why are you bowing? And yes, it's decent enough."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 407987

"Old habits? Anything the matter?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 407988

I close my eyes and try my hardest to imagine that the gryphon is in the room with me, and that it is his flesh around my shaft instead of some cheap toy.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407993

I'll wave to Capra Joe, and then nod to Neith.
"So, who's your friend?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 407995

"A paladin."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 407998

I'll turn to the paladin.
"Nice to meet you. Name's Emer. And you are?"
I'll extend a hoof in greeting.

Nasse-Setä 408006

She slowly inches inside you. It hurts, quite a lot, despite her small, feminine size.
She leans over to you.
"S-sorry…I need my release…"
She then starts slowly thrusting in an out of you, while your aching cock rubs against the bed dress.
"At least we work in the same field then."
But no. It's just cheap plastic, squeezing the blood out of your cock. And see; you're so spent you can't do anything but lay down on the bed. Your cock aches and stands in attention, begging for release which you can't give.
"My name is Grail."
She shakes your hoof.
"Paladin of Cifu."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408008

Lady Grail."
I'll bow for her too.
"It's an honor to meet a paladin of Cifu. Never actually seen one before!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408009

I pull the toy off and drop it off of the bed. After I lie there and stare at my cock wile whimpering softly and cursing this world.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408011

"I assume you came to town for supplies. What is the latest news out there?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 408012




FUCK '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408013

"So you're a paladin, then!"
I'll cock my head slightly as I notice she's not wearing anything along the back end.
"Where is the rest of your armor, though?"

Nasse-Setä 408020

"You are. The church sent out scouts to find information of you. The demonspawn are getting restless. We're about to have a fight in our hands!"
"Torn off by a damned minotaur raider."
She nods.
You manage to turn the situation upside down, you're now pinning her under you, though she is still deeply planted in your rear.
"F-F-feels s-so good…"
She tries to buck her hips upwards.
You can feel you're almost at the end of your stamina.
After a while someone knocks on the door.
"Ser Klandin, is everything alright?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408022

Riveldi [Warlord] 408023

yank her dick out of me and shove my own dick into her ass then! '1d10'
see how she li- wait

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408024

"I'll say we're about to have a fight. We found a small factory where they're producing tainted potions that they leave scattered around town. We've plans on shutting it down and with the alchemist's help, we'll be able to neutralize the corrupting agents they've got stored there."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408025

"Good. Saves me the trouble of having to find them. If they want to throw their lives away in an assault, it only makes it easier for me."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408029

Behind Emer!

Nasse-Setä 408038

"Do you require assistance?"
You thrust into her anus, the tight warmness enveloping your shaft as you start coming.
You shoot her stomach full of your zebra spunk and she trembles as her own cock spurts string after string of thin semen…straight on your face.
She huffs. "Seems they're getting bolder by the time!"
"I would tend to agree, but I don't think they still have the guts to confront a settlement…perhaps Drakebridge peak…"
She shudders.
"Yes. Some Demons have taken to using large, unintelligent specimen as mounts."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408041

"… unintelligent?"
I cock a brow
"Minotaurs are supposed to be intelligent."
I shake my head
"Nevermind that. Where is the largest threat? Drakebridge? If so, I will travel there to hunt."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408043

"B-but shouldn't minotaur-"
"N-no! Not alone! I will help you!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408050

I sigh.
"Yes. The door is locked so you will need a key."
Have my balls gone back to normal or are they still swollen?

Nasse-Setä 408056

The Paladin shakes her head.
"The largest threat is the Citadel. That is what you should be worried about. Hopefully the scout reports come soon."
"Most of them are, but the larger they get, the smaller their brains seem to be."
Still swollen. Still slightly red.
You can hear a key turn in the lock as Emily and the Mistress enter.
"What is wrong, lord?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408059

Look at her armor.
"S-so not even that c-could protect you?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408061

"Right. That is where I will go then, paladin."
I turn to Mercury
"If you want to tag along, do so. Same goes for the rest of those nitwits. But I wont wait for them."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408062

I motion for them to shut the door. Once they do I speak in a tired voice.
"I need to get off but I can't, and there is something wrong with my…"
I gesture towards my crotch with a claw and let it fall to my side.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408063

"I just need… Some kind of protection.
Oh. And I still haven't had lunch…"

Nasse-Setä 408073

"Hm? No, I wore a ceremonial robe under this. They ripped 'er right off."
"What of the distillery?"
The Mistress nods. "Emily, leave, and close the door behind you."
Once Emily's done that, she turns to you.
"If you'll allow, I will help you."
She licks her lips.
Capra Joe's made a few sandwiches.
"I figured you'd be hungry. Here's some for your whole group."
He waves his hand over the paladin, Neith, and you.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408074

"Did you not just say this is urgent?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408080

"Mares do nothing for me, not even that plastic one."
I whine slightly as I try to play with my cock then move my claw further down to my rear.
"I ne-need something solid."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408084

"Tell me these minotaurs don't do like the Horks…"

Nasse-Setä 408090

"I can't see what you could do that the church's scouts can't. There's a time for fury, and a time for patience. For now, I'd opt for patience."
She looks at you quizzically.
She pushes your head down on the bed and climbs on it herself..
"Believe me, ser Klandin, I've handled quite a few hard cases in my time~"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408092

I'm too tired and horny to resist.

Neith [Inquisitor] 408094

"Agreed. Just be sure to make things more clear next time. We'll tackle the distillery first. If you want, you can join us and see what you paladins of Cifu are made of."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408096

"Hopefully they aren't as… bold in there intentions."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408103

Fidget around with my hooves.
"Y-you know what I'm talking about! Sister Emily told us that if we are ever caught by one without his…
Mistresses, he might do…"
Gulp down and stop.
Nod, closing in on him.

Nasse-Setä 408114

"I'm going to take that as a challenge."
She smiles wryly before continuing towards the temple, munching on her sandwich.
She looks at you grimly.
"Well, the mounts are just like…bulls if their riders die. Normal minotaurs…well you can smell their lairs from miles away. You shouldn't worry about them just yet.
She circles your anus with her soft tongue, kissing on your swollen ballsack occasionally.
"mm…I can see you're full of precious seed, my Lord"
She gives your testicles a tentative suck.


"We won't then, mylady."
Start eating that sandwich.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408117

"We'll do our best to avoid them, then."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408119

Not like I have anything better to do than to follow her
"Don't be stupid. This isn't a challenge or some damn game. Where do you paladins get trained anyway? Doesn't look like there is an academy around here."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408120

I close my eyes and try to pretend she's a stallion.

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Riveldi [Warlord] 408122

Fall to the pillows and pull out
"You.. you better get this off me"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408123

I relax and spread my rear legs apart.

Nasse-Setä 408138

"We all start as sisters of the chapel."
She points her hoof at the large form of the building in the distance.
"Some of us get the call of war from Cifu; to protect her and the Faithful. Some of us just like the rough stuff."
She shakes her head.
"The Mistress used to travel the land. She appointed a small temple near The Eight Lakes for our training, but it's no 'academy.'"
She nods.
Nice and greasy~
She tugs on your testicle until finally moving back to your pucker, circling it for a while.
"I told you, I have experience."
Her warm tongue then enters you, exploring your insides excitedly.
You can feel your boner ache anew, but this time it's pleasurable.
She crawls to your side and licks her semen off your face.
"I couldn't help it, master…"
She licks the glop off your snout.
She slowly falls asleep next to you, completely spent by the purification potion and incense.

Klandin [Ascendant] 408143

I start to breath heavily and massage my shaft with a claw while she works.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408145

And I'll enjoy my lunch with Mercury.
"Funny enough, this was the place I was telling you about."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408146

"That explains why there are not many paladins around. Back in Equestria, paladins are trained by the dozens in paladin academies. Inquisitors like me get trained in different academies. That is how we protect ourselves from heretics, corruption and vile creatures roaming the lands."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408147

Giggle a bit.
"Looks like it's not such a large city after all.
Or we just think alike…"

Riveldi [Warlord] 408148

give a tired but slightly content sigh, then slowly get up, rub my slightly pained ass, and start to put my gear on
"Time to see if this worked."
and knock on the door

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408152

"Could be."
I'll smile a little, and continue eating.
Good ol' greasy food.

Nasse-Setä 408162

A sister opens the door for you.
"Are you done, Hero?"
You can see from her blush she heard everything that went on.
"Our small cloister is well protected; everyone knows everyone. There's very little privacy; very little space where one could practice heresy without someone knowing and bringing it to light."
Suddenly she stops her ministrations and climbs out of the bed.
"Now you just stay like that until I tell you otherwise~"
Her voice is soft, yet commanding. You can hear her open something, then some snapping, strapping, and a hum of magic.
She then walks to the bed, gently grabbing you from behind your head. You come face-to-face with a large, fat, dripping horsecock.

Riveldi [Warlord] 408165

"I am, thank you for cooperating with my request. What is to happen now?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408167

"And yet here you are, asking help from ponies who don't even belong in this wretched land."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408170

"I think she meant heresy within their ranks, lady Inquisitor…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408171

My other claw shoots to my now empty ass. I lick the pre off the head and start to tease the hole with my tongue.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 408173

"It must have started somewhere, mage. Clearly they weren't as well defended as Equestria."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408176

"Equestria is a big place…"
I will keep enjoying my sandwich.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408181

"And so is this place, I think. Perhaps it's because they were cloistered away that the corruption managed to get so far."

Nasse-Setä 408190

She looks at you apprehensively.
"The cloister was only made up after the fall. I agree if the old Civilization had been more zealous, you wouldn't be here."
"You should either go find the Mistress, or take her to the chambers down below and wait for her; I hear the Mistress is rather busy with Ser Klandin right now."
You can see Emily hurry down the hallway to you.
"Ah, Klandin!"
She nods a little.
"How did it go?"
You can feel magic flick your claws off of yourself.
"Now, give me a good slobbering, it's all the lube you're going to get, my hero~"

Neith [Inquisitor] 408195

"And now you have to deal with me, lucky you. Some might say that's a bigger punishment than all this."
I shake my head
"This is what happens when ponies stray away from the Sisters' guiding light."

Klandin [Ascendant] 408198

I grab it with both claws to hold it steady then swallow as much of it as I can.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 408199

"Time will tell, however I'd rather not speak much on it in public."
throw the sheet on the succubus and pick her up and take her back to the room.
and then tie her back into those straps

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408211

"Even so, they are making some sort of headway. Even if they had to rely on a prophesy and outside help."

Nasse-Setä 408212

You're almost to the temple.
Your beak pinches her base as she slowly starts to pump in and out of your throat. In…out…in…
This goes on for some time until she pulls out of your mouth, and goes back to your rump.
"Now, my hero…the main dish!"
She lines her dick with your tight asshole.
You quickly hurry back downstair, where Emily helps you strap the succubus to the bed from her front hooves, this time. She's poised in a half-sitting position when she wakes up.
"Wh- what?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408214

Poke Emer on the side.
"Did you see the paladin's armor?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408216

I roll over onto my stomach and move my tail to the side.
"My wings get cramped if I'm on my back."

Neith [Inquisitor] 408217

"Celestia and Luna. Alicorns and rightful rulers of all of ponykind. They sit on the throne of Equestria by divine right."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408220

"You mean the half-plate with no back-end? Kinda hard to miss."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408224

"Maybe I should get something to protect me too… I just never wore armor…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408229

I'll think for a moment, and then nod slightly.
"At least for that part of you. I get the feeling more things here will aim for that than they will anywhere else…"

Nasse-Setä 408231

She plunges into you with new fervor, quickly hilting inside you.
"You're very tight, if I say so myself, Klandin…"
She gives you a few thrusts.
"I might have some trouble not coming myself~"
Grail nods.
"Like our Mistress leads us by the divine right given to her by Cifu."
You are in the chapel's courtyard.
"I'm going to the armoury first. You can find me there."
She then trots inside.

Roll #1 10, 9, 5, 7, 2 = 33

Klandin [Ascendant] 408234

"N-normally I'm onnnn to-o-op~"

Roll #1 8, 3, 4, 7, 4 = 26


I'll leave her to her stuff for now then.
I look up in the sky. Maybe a prayer to the Sun wont hurt…
Never been a big praying pony, but these are strange times.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408242

Lean against him with a smile.
"But it's okay. Even if they get there, I'm still yours…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408246

I'll lean back into her for a moment, and nuzzle her slightly and chuckle.
"Goodness me, who knew that an ice cream maker was such a firebrand."

Nasse-Setä 408249

She's clearly the winner of this session as she comes into your bowels, filling you with her mareseed as all it takes is a tug from her magic to erupt your cock into a spray of seed and goo. Your balls throb and spasm as you empty your load on the bedsheets, with the Mistress giggling delightfully on top of you.
After a while of basking in the afterglow, she demounts you and the bed, unclasping the strapon she wore.
"I hope you feel relieved, hero."
Looks like it's going to rain soon…

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408254

My eyes will widen at the nuzzle, and I will be taken by surprise.
Sigh and move closer, looking at the ground.
"Did I already say thanks too many times?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 408259

I take a few seconds to enjoy the warmth inside me before answering.
"Very revealed. I didn't know a mare could be so skilled with a penis."
I stand and jump off the bed before examining my balls and the mess on the bed.
"Headmistress? What do you make of this?"


I grumble and go inside.
Why do I even bother? I'll just sit somewhere and try to relax.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408262

I'll be slightly confused
"Wait, did you… Ah, I get it. We missed a step."
I'll stop her for a second and bring her face up to meet mine.
"Mercury, would you do me the honor of going steady with me?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 408266

Smile at this.
It was time he said it already, damnit.
"Yes. Yes Emer, I would love to~"
Lean forward and kiss him.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 408269

Such passion~.
Let's see if I can't return it in kind. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Nasse-Setä 408277

She licks some of it from the sheets and smacks her lips.
"Definitely a goo mare infestation. It's not fatal, at least."
She looks at your worried expression.
"Nor particularly corrupting."
Sittin' in the rain, I'm sittin' in the raaaain~

Mercury topples Emer over in the middle of the street, kissing him passionately and deeply.


Klandin [Ascendant] 408280

"Not particularly corrupting?"

Nasse-Setä 408308

You wake up in the desert. Or a desert; the air feels different than in the old Saddle Arabia. One thing's for sure; this is not your camp where you went to sleep.
The wind blows sand in your face as you climb a nearby dune, seeing only endless sand and a mountain range off in the distance.


Ardet [Landkeeper] 408309

How could this be?
Check my compass.
And my map.
Maybe I was just absent minded and didn't remember where I camped?

Nasse-Setä 408310

Your compass has no needle. The base is spinning rapidly this way and that, making no sense. Your map isn't much use either; according to it the nearest mountain range are the Capralachian mountains, nowhere near your campsite.
Obviously, your tent is not here; only your sleeping bag and supplies.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408311

This makes no sense!
What kind of sorcery is this?
Put them away.
What is the time from the position of the Sun?

Nasse-Setä 408312

Midday, maybe a little before.
You can hear a hissing sound from behind some dunes to…Well, your right.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408313

I can't tell the direct-
Turn around to face it!
Is it a snake?

Nasse-Setä 408314

What a surprise. A snake.
Though it's a huge snake, taller than you, and…it ends in a mare's upper body. She obviously has a snakelike tongue and fangs, her scaly body changing into a soft coat around the waist. She is wearing a rather open piece of armour and wields a spear.
"This prey isss…new."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408316

Pull out my scimitar and take a ready stance.
"By the Gods, what sort of demon are you?"

Nasse-Setä 408317

"I'm a Lamia, a queen of the sand!"
She licks her lips and then lets her long tongue loll out of her open mouth.
She circles you faster.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408319

"In the name of the Medjai, begone!"
Attack her (it?)!

Nasse-Setä 408325

She barely parries your slash with the shaft of her spear.
"This one hasss ssome fight in it!"
She retreats a bit before plunging towards you.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 408327

She completely misses, ending face-first in the sand.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408330

Use this window of opportunity to cut her down!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Nasse-Setä 408335

You slice into her arm, causing her to drop her spear. She struggles to get up from the ground, grasping her hand.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408343

No rest for the wicked.
Slash at her again!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Nasse-Setä 408347

Your attack rips a piece of her armour off, making her retreat on top of a dune.
She hisses at you loudly.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408352

Keep her in my sight.
Start making my way to the top of the dune carefully.
"Submit to me, demon, and I will make your end quick!"

Nasse-Setä 408360

She pounces on you '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408364

The best defense is offense!
Charge back!
Slam into her!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Nasse-Setä 408366

She coils her snake body around you, making you helpless as she squeezes you.
Bringing her face up to yours, she picks her spear back on her good arm.
"The prrrey will ssssubmit!"
She squeezes extra tight on your crotch, roll against gaining lust



Try to free myself from her grasp!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 408376

You can feel a warmness in your crotch, but manage to concentrate on breaking her squeeze, throwing her off-balance.
Her other hoof is still bleeding.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408379

Help her with that.
Try to sever that hoof with my blade.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Nasse-Setä 408382

You hit her again, but lower. She cries in pain and retreats out of your grasp again.
"Thiss prey is sstrronngg!"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408387

Circle around and don't let her have the high ground advantage again.
"I am no prey of yours."

Nasse-Setä 408389

She licks her lips.
"Thisss one wisshes to preserve it's arm."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408393

Too bad.
Charge at her again, slam.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Nasse-Setä 408396

She flies into the air from the force of your blow, flying behind a dune between you and her.
She lies on the ground, moving.
"It would kill a prisssoner?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408400

Keep my weapon ready, close the distance between us.
"What good would come from keeping a demon of the sand alive?"

Nasse-Setä 408416

She throws her spear away, licking the air.
"I could…pleasse it…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408422

Let out a snort.
"I am not falling for your cheap tricks."
Get ready to end her life if she tries anything.

Nasse-Setä 408424

She looks at you with a sultry gaze.
"It isss lost, is it not? I could show it a trade possst."
She flicks her tail before slowly trying to get up.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408426

Place a hoof on her and press her back down, still aiming my scimitar in her direction.
"I don't trust you, demon of Apep."

Nasse-Setä 408433

She licks your hoof as you press on her throat.
"I wissh to liiiive…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408439

Narrow my eyes at her.
"Keep that forked tongue in your mouth before I cut it…
I will give you one chance to show me the way to that post. If you try anything, I won't hesitate to kill you."

Nasse-Setä 408464

"Will you let me up?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408471

Step back from her.
Don't let my guard down.
"You can't get your weapon back."

Nasse-Setä 408472

She hisses but rises up.
"It follows."
You start snaking your way between the dunes. The trip takes you through hours and hours of sand. Sand. White sand. Yellow-ish sand. Sand that smells like ash. You're moving towards the mountain range.
"An oasisss nearby if it needs to drink."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408474

"How long until the trade post?"
I still have my flask, right?

Nasse-Setä 408477

Yes you do, though it's only half full.
"An hour or two."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408480

Drink a bit from it.
"I can manage then. We won't waste time and stop. Just go."

Nasse-Setä 408488

You keep trekking until you can see simple, white, stone buildings in the distance.
"I can go now? Thiss is the post."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408494

Draw my scimitar.
"How do I know you won't try and terrorize the next creature you come across like you tried me if I let you go?"

Nasse-Setä 408500

She hisses.
"I can't make promissesss…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408501

Take a threatening step towards her.
"That is why I must kill you."

Nasse-Setä 408503

She retreats slowly, looking around her.
"Diess it kill wolves that prey on rabbits too? Camels that prey on grass?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408507

Follow, don't let her get out of reach.
"Those are natural. You are not. You prey on unfortunate souls lost in the desert."

Nasse-Setä 408521

She quickly turns around and tries to run away, rising up a cloud of dust and sand after her with the waggling of her tail.
Your pursuit roll is at a -2.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408523

That wretch!
After her!

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3

Nasse-Setä 408530

She quickly disappears into the dunes in front of you. Better give up pursuit before you lose sight of the trading post. As you approach you can see it's a small, walled settlement, mostly of white stone bleached by the sandstorms.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408544

Should have killed her while I had the chance… at least she is wounded and without a weapon.
Do I see an enterance?
This doesn't seem familiar to the settlements I know…

Nasse-Setä 408559

Yes. A gate is positioned facing you right now. It's flanked by two towers.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408565

Well my weapon is sheathed, and I mean no harm.
Do I see any guards?
If not, knock on the gate.

Nasse-Setä 408567

"Halt, you!"
A robed figure stands on the other of the towers.
"What is your purpose?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408577

"I camped in a desert I know and I woke up in this, my campsite gone and the lands unknown for me. Shortly after I was attacked by a a snake demon. It begged for it's life and showed me the way to this place, claiming it was a trading post, but got away before I could prevent it to cause any harm ever again. I seek refuge from the desert and whatever else may lurk out there."

Nasse-Setä 408581

"Wait there."
The figure disappears for a while, then you can hear mechanical clanking and the gate raises higher.
A pony wearing a cowl and a saber on his flank approaches you.
He looks you over.
"Hmph, pure enough. Come in."
He then trots back in.

You can see there's a caravan about to leave inside, a bar, an inn and a general store in addition to the barracks.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408586

I bow with my head.
"Thank you for your hospitality."
Follow him.
"Forgive me for asking, but what is this place? Which desert is this one?"

Nasse-Setä 408590

"This area is just called the Wastes."
He laughs.
"The wastes of the Wasteland!"

You can hear some of the folks of the caravan talking.
"A lot of people found…"
"Heard something about the prophecies…"
"…No idea where they were! Woke up in a forest!"
"…we gotta visit the temple when we get to Interraciala…"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408595

"I never really heard of it. Excuse me for a moment."
Walk over to the caravan folk.
"Greetings, fellow travelers. I overheard you talking about people waking up in places where they do not belong. I am one of them, waking up in this desert."

Nasse-Setä 408598

The ponies whisper to each other for a while.
"We're gunna get our boss! Wait here!"
One of the ponies rushes off, returning shortly with a tall figure. She walks on two legs and wears a travel cloak and hood which hides her face. She speaks with an odd, echoing voice.
"You're a hero of prophecy?"

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408604

Two legs?
What sort of creature…
Bow slightly.
"I am no hero. I just do what I must to protect the desert and it's inhabitants from evil that may lurk in it."

Nasse-Setä 408616

The figure is silent for a while.
"You woke up here. Had no idea where you are."
You swear you could hear some sort of a jittering sound.
"Would you like a transport to the city of Interraciala? It's the current de-facto capital of our known world."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408619

"That's correct."
Glance around.
Maybe it's just some scarabs?

Nod again.
"I would be honored, if you are headed there and it can provide me a way home."

Nasse-Setä 408622

"It is your best bet, I'd wager. The trip will be long, and take you out of the desert."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408627

"How long?"
Drink the rest of my water.
"I want to be prepared for the journey."

Nasse-Setä 408631

"2 to three days. We leave within the hour."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408635

I nod.
"I will meet with the caravan before you leave then.
And just one more question… you don't seem to be neither pony, zebra, nor camel."

Nasse-Setä 408636

He shakes his head.
"You're clearly not from our lands."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408640

"I thought that much was clear already."

Nasse-Setä 408654

She lowers her hood, revealing her face.
She looks almost like an insect. Her eyes seem to have two pupils in each of her large eyes. It almost looks like she's wearing half of a helmet over her lower head, covering her mouth.
"I'm a myrmid."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408659

I take a step back.
"You… look like Khepri! Like a scarab!"

Nasse-Setä 408666

She chitters silently.
"We are many in this land. Not as many as ponies. Or those damn Capra. But still."

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408676

"There are more of you?
…And what are capras?"

Nasse-Setä 408681

"Goatfolk. Easy-going and always so damn happy!"
She sighs.
"The priestesses at the temples will explain it all to you. Be here within the hour or not."
She then puts her hood back on and walks to supervise the rest of the caravan.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408687

I nod at her, then head to the inn/bar.
Find the barkeep/barmaid and show my flask.
"Greetings. I am a weary traveler about to undertake a long journey, and I would like some water with me. I am afraid that I am at your mercy for I don't have any currency to give in exchange for you."

Nasse-Setä 408691

The barmaid is a Zebra.
"That's fine, luv, we have a well. Anything that tastes like anything will cost ya though."
She motions towards the back door of her establishment.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408697

Smile slightly.
At least not every inhabitant is unknown.
Shake my head.
"Simple water will do, thank you. That is the way to the well?"

Nasse-Setä 408701

She nods.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408702

Head back there.
Locate the well.
Fill flask.

Nasse-Setä 408707

Yup. You walk back outside. The ponies are hurrying around the horses and mules they're using for the caravan.

Ardet [Landkeeper] 408710

Like Saddle Arabians?

Nasse-Setä 408714


Ardet [Landkeeper] 408716

See if they are chatty.
And get ready to head out with the caravan.

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