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Unnamed Text Adventure Quest Nasse-Setä 398613[Last 50 Posts]

content warning: NSFW

You awaken to an unfamiliar smell, an unfamiliar sight.
You don't remember much about where you last were, except that it was home and this is not. It's an old barn, half collapsed on itself. Sunlight shines in from the broken roof, illuminating the hay making up the floor. The air smells slightly of sulfur and rotting wood, and hay, naturally. The barn is dark despite the beams of light, as the large double doors are closed and any lamps or torches have long since burned out or been removed.
There are others with you. Ponies you don't know. What should you do?

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398614

Well, wake up, for one. Look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


First of all… Well I should really stand up, no?
Check if I'm injured and what I have on me.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Dust myself off and make sure I look fabulously pretty. Do I?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 398617

I draw my sword and push off from the ground with my wings.
"Who are all of you? Explain yourselves, now!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398618

"D-don't shout like that! I'm just lost!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398619

I'll look at him.
"Well, why don't you explain yourself first, featherbrain. And quit waving that poker around."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398620

I open my eyes, what do I see.
"Huh?" I exclaimed as I smell the foul

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Your… shining plate. Very impressive. I am Rose Charmer, here to bring you joy from the Laughing One. Now, it looks like I know as much as you do about here!"

Jump up, land gently and bow.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398622


Nasse-Setä 398623

Oh no. It seems you only have your small hoof blade and hoofband with you. Well, at least you're not injured.
The rafter seems to have collapsed, creating a steady climb up to a hole in the roof.
It's like someone made you a bed of hay and laid you carefully down on it. You look as fresh as morning dew on a daffodil.
The barn is dark, and made of wood. You also see the raise to the hole in the roof, and that the barn door isn't barred.
You land on your snout with a thud. It looks like you have a permanent scrunch now. Obviously, this doesn't inspire anybody.

Klandin [Ascendant] 398624

"I asked first, pony. Abducting people is not a wise move, especially if one is a paladin."

"I know nothing, Jokester."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398625

snort out the smell form my nose and look around for my stuff '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398626

Stand up and look around, perhaps I'll open the barn door slightly and look outside. Curiosity taking place of reason.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398627

Oh good. I am armed then.
Slowly back towards a corner as he speaks.
"H-hey! Who abducted us?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398628

I'll gesture to the rest of the barn.
"Well, if we're abductors, we're doing a pretty terrible job of it. Besides, what sort of kidnappers would leave a hole in the roof good enough for a gryphon to get through?"


"That is what I am trying to find out."

"It never hurts to be too careful. Wait here while I check outside."

I fly up out of the hole and look at the surroundings. What do I see?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398630

I give him a glance.
"W… where are we?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398631

"In a barn, of course. Beyond that, I've no idea."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398632

"That's plain genius!"

Look up at the hole.

"How are we gonna leave?

Nasse-Setä 398633

Most of your stuff is with you. The saddlebags are laid beside your bed of hay.
The barn door is surprisingly heavy, and the hinges are rusty. You can hear a snap, and it looks like the door is gonna fall on you. Better try to dodge.
The barn is at the edge of a forest. On the other direction, you can see plains and hills, almost as far as your eyes can see, and some mountains in the distance.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398634

I lower my ears upon hearing this and proceeded to peek outside the barn door.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398635

"Eep." I try to step back from it.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398636

Stroke my mane and turn away.

"Looks like.. we didn't come in through the doors. They would have snapped."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398637

"Well, miss… what's your name?"
At the sound of the door falling I'll hop a little to the side away from it, and then make a sweeping motion.
"And that's how we'll get out."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398638

Doors falling!

Klandin [Ascendant] 398639

"We on some hilly plains at the edge of a forest. There are mountains in the far distance. I can't see any signs of civilization or what took us here."

"If any of you need help getting out of this hole I can fly you, but I want a name and some background information first."

"Be careful."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398640

is there a way out? if not then Shatter a way out '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398641

"Well, Mercureep, the name's Emer Ald. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, though I would have preferred it over drinks."

Nasse-Setä 398643

you step away, but it seems the lower hinge is still holding. The door slouches in a sort of half-open position. Through it you can see a small fenced area and the woods.
You blast the doors to bits. You could easily fit a combine through them now.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398645

"I've no idea, sorry."

I slowly try to step over the door(careful not breaking it) and go outside, what do I see?"

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398646

Fly down gracefully and shake both their hooves.

"Rose Charmer."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398647

good, now walk out and scan where I'm at '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398648

"Charmed, I'm sure."
And then we'll make our way out of the shattered doorway.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398650

Shake my head in embarassment.
"No, it's Mercury!"
"Looks like we won't need to fly! But I'm Mercury, I have an ice cream kiosk in the Crystal capital!"
And then I will step out of the door.

Klandin [Ascendant] 398651

I look down at you.
"You do not know your own name, goat?"

I fly off the roof and down to land beside them.
"Klandin, warrior priest of Celestia"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398653

"Then you are a fellow servant. I would love to work with you!"

Now let's get out of the BArn.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398654

"Well, that's certainly a prettier name."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398656

Frown for a second, but look at the ground in shame.
"Well yeah the door falling had scared me…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398657

I stop for a moment and ponder.
"…. Blue… Carnation."

I then look at him
"Yes.. thats my name."

Nasse-Setä 398658

The forest. It doesn't quite remind you of any forest in Equestria; it's not dark like Everfree but it's not very inviting either. Among normal trees you can see weird bushes that have long wonky branches on them. They protrude several feet away from the bushes themselves, and seem to have buds at the ends.
You're pretty sure this is the inner yard of the Canterlot castle.

The party is in the barn yard. There are some old pales of hay piled along the walls, and old, half-rotten fences surround the area. The remains of a road lead into the forest.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398660

What? Just a forest?
No signs of civilization anywhere?

Start trotting around calling for ponies.
"Hey! Anypony? Heeeeey!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398661

I'll chuckle a little.
"No need to be so glum, Mercury. Falling doors are rather startling things, and if you'll recall I ended up about a foot in the air when it came down."
"Well, there's a road, at least. Do we follow it and hope it goes to a town?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398662

"Did you hurt your head?"
I look over your head for injuries.

"Do we look through the barn for any clues about our abductors, go into the forest, or make for the mountains?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Riveldi [Warlord] 398663

mutter about the illusions of canterlot

then follow the road, hopefully it'll lead me to the main palace

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398664

I look around and smell the grass, I then try to look for clue's. What is this barn? What does it store and what does it grow?

I look at the plant too, its quite wierd in an interesting way…

Roll #1 7 = 7

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398666

Buds at the ends? Oh dear. I'd know what this is.

Arm myself.

"It looks like we're either on a domain of.. good fun, or bad fun, guys."

Klandin [Ascendant] 398668

"What do you mean?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398669

"I'd like to know where is everypony instead…"
Scratch my head.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398670

"What do you mean by that?" I look at him worried.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398671

"Civilization, hopefully! I'm sure that Klandin fellow can be our eye in the sky, along with Rose."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398673

"But somepony must have brought us here!"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398674

"Well… let's see… ah! You know the feeling you might get when you see a very pretty gryphon hen and want to have fun with her? Or maybe you like gryphon roosters like yourself! Well, this place might be full of… things that try to bring out those same feelings in you, but you have to be careful, because they might be just trying to play with your feelings!"

"In your case, a very handsome billy! Or nanny, whichever you like!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398675

"And if we find that pony, well, we'll give them a stern talk-to. Until then, it's likely best we all stick together. Safety in numbers, after all."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398676

"Like I said before, I don't think anyone brought us in through the door. Was there a hole in the roof they could have brought us in from?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398678

"Speaking of them, could you look through the barn I while check Blue Carnation for injuries?"

"You mean you think the forest was enchanted by some perverted illusionist?"

Nasse-Setä 398679

Your shouts resonate in the forest, but no one answers.
She has horns. That's not normal for ponies.
The barn is wrecked, whatever it was used to store is long gone by now, but you'd guess it was a hay storage.
As you approach one of the plants, you could swear some of the buds turn to you.

The party walks along the path, a bit ways into the forest. Not much changes, though the road is barely visible.

Klandin [Ascendant] 398682

I keep my eyes and ears open for any bandits, monsters, or other threats ass I walk ahead of the party.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398683

Nod and join by him once I've done circling the place.
"Well yeah, but we would have felt that! The whole flying and so on!"
And then I guess we do check this place and nothing happens.
Keep close to the others and follow the path, head low.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398684

keep an eye out for anything unusual, despite the Canterlot illusion prank '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398685

I'll make certain we stay on the path. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398686

"That's… one possible explanation! but let's stick together for now. We can be safe together!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398687

"Come along now, Mercury, why keep such a pretty face pointed at the ground?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398688

I frown a bit as I follow the party into the forest, It makes you not trust the environment for some reason.

Be careful not to trip on anything though as I follow the rest of the party.

I nod and keep close the party.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398689

"I don't want to lose the road…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398691

"With as many eyes as we have between us all, we should be fine. You never know what you might miss if you stare at the ground the whole trip."

Nasse-Setä 398692

You trip and fall face first in the dirt, getting your eyes full of it.
You can see a thin branch has curled itself around Klandin's ankle. He can't see this obviously.
You take the lead. The path becomes increasingly hard to follow as you go on.
You move on with the rest of them. Still, it feels like dozens of eyes are watching your every move…

Klandin [Ascendant] 398693

I try to stand up and get the dirt out of my eyes

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Come on! As long as we're together with each other, we can make it!"

Pull 2 others close to me.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398695

"Why are we following this road?" I called out to the party?"

Seeing him fall down, I tried to help him up.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398696

Hmm. Well, guess I'll have to focus a little. '1d10'
"Because it's the only one there was?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Riveldi [Warlord] 398698

take out my sword and cut the branch away! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398700

"Ah… You might be right…"
Look up with a worried look and scan around.
Okay, keep moving and have an eye out then…

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 398703

You manage to get up and clean your eyes to see two of the buds right in front of your eyes.
They slowly open, releasing a cloud of yellowish pollen. You cough and sputter as you inhale generous amounts of it.
Klandin's libido increases by 1.
Blue can feel an odd tingle in her loins, as her lust increases by 1.

You sever the tentacle holding Klandin in place, and only narrowly avoid the cloud of pollen.
And then it's gone. You can't even seem to track it down behind you. All the trees look the same! What are the rest doing falling behind?!
You can see every branch of the nearby bushes extending towards Klandin and Blue.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398704

Well, let's head on back that way, then.
"What's going on?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398705

Did that 12 do anything?

Can I see what's going on or do I have to roll

Nasse-Setä 398706

Sorry! everyone gets +2 to their rolls for two turns starting now.
Yes, you turn around and see what's going on.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398707

"Ack! Wha… what?" I try to cover my nose and stay away from the yellowish smoke.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Magic bolt on those branches! Ice!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Riveldi [Warlord] 398709

pollen!? tentacles!?

"What ill-intention is this!?"
scan for anything else that mimics this disgusting behavior '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398710

+4 then.

Klandin [Ascendant] 398711

I start coughing and back out of the cloud of smoke.
"What-bleh!-What in Celestia's name was that?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398714

"Get out of there! Over to me!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398715

Well, it seems everyone has everything well in hoof. So, I'll just… sit back here and cheer them on, hopefully inspiring them.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398717

Ah, wait, that should be a +2. So an 11. Huzzah.

Nasse-Setä 398718

There are multiple thin tentacles littering the ground, snaking their way towards the party members.
You back away from the cloud, straight into a couple of branches poking you from behind.
All of this halts as Mercury casts the largest hail of ice you've ever seen on EVERYTHING in the area. The branches, bushes, tentacles, trees, and even the ground freezes.
After a while, snow starts falling. Flowers are wilting in a square kilometer area.
Even the cloud of pollen is blown away.
Everything is eerily quiet until you can hear a bird shriek in the sky.
Everyone has +3 to their rolls next turn thanks to your added inspire to the one before.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398722

"I say, Mercury, that was one hell of a shot."

Klandin [Ascendant] 398727

I whistle.
"Mercury, that was amazing. Have you ever considered a job teaching the magically inclined servants of Celestia?"
I look up at the source of the shriek.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Fantastic work, Mercury."

Wink and give a hoof up. Now fly up a bit and look at the bird if I can.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398729

How lovely. I'm still scared for that bird…
Do I see him?
Shake slightly.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Riveldi [Warlord] 398730

sheathe my sword and look in the sky '1d10+4'
"Griffon? This far in canterlot?"

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398731

Get out of the frozen branches and snort for a moment, trying to clear my head off those… thoughts.

I then look around.
"You did this?" I look at Mercury.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398736

I'll walk over and give a good, nonsexual pat on the back.
"Greatest ice show I've ever seen. With you watching our backs, we're going to be just fine, I'd wager."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398737

"N-no! I just use it to make ice!"
I'm getting all crystal clear.
I forgot. Crystal Emotions, that's a 12.
"I don't think this is Canterlot…"
Shake my head violently.
"I'm not a fighter!"

Nasse-Setä 398741

It is just a common crow, scared to flight by your spell. You probably froze the poor thing's nest.
You get a glob of bird poop on your beak.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398743

I'll smile.
"Even so, Mercury, you've saved the day."
Give a little bow.
"And for that, I'm certain everyone's quite grateful."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398746

I nod.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398747


head further down the trail, keep watch for anything that does whatever just happened '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398749

More crystal sparkling here.
Slow down, c'mon!
Look at the ground, meakly whispering something.
Okay, can we just walk down the road then?

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Klandin [Ascendant] 398750

I wet a rag for polishing my armor with water from my canteen and wipe my beak off. After that I look at the frozen vines more carefully.


"We all are, aren't we? Let's let this kinship get even closer!"

Lead the way forward.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398755

And I'll help keep us on track.
I'll politely not inquire about what she whispered.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398756

I shake my head.
"Yes lets, I dont want any of those vines crawling around here." I said in an unnerved voice.

Follow them down the road.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nasse-Setä 398767

The branches get more rare the deeper you go, and even the ones you see don't move anymore.
You think you've earned their respect.
You lost the road long ago, but somehow you feel the way the trees are laid out would make a logical path. You soon happen across a ditch and an actual, paved road.
The wines seem rather thick, you'd imagine they'd feel rubbery if they weren't frozen. They have small ridges on them.
There's the road.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398771

Keep going, hold an ear out for anything that moves up ahead '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 398773

I flap my wings and take to the air to catch up with the group.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398774

what of the two ends of the road? which end leads where, and what do I see?

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398775

Cheer up even more!

"Maybe now we can leave this place!"

Follow the road!

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398776

"Ha ha, friends, we've found the road. Now, which way do we walk on it?"

Nasse-Setä 398778

You take to the air, but don't see anything interesting one way or the other along the road; at best a small clearing in the woods if you go right…
You can hear some crickets chirping.
You can't see anything but paved road and woods to the both directions.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398779

Move forward ahead by running past the party, can I see whats ahead? What lies at the end of the dirt path?

scouting ahead.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398781

Onto the road. Any sign posts, way markers, or signs of civilization? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Riveldi [Warlord] 398782

"These illusions are believeable.."
head further into the forest then. Hopefully I can come across a lake or clearing to see further '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398784

Just follow Klandin.


Klandin [Ascendant] 398786

"Everyone wait where you are, there is a clearing to the right of the path. I'm going to go check it out."
[1d10] for aerial recon.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Klandin [Ascendant] 398787

Should still have that +3 from the inspire.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398788

"Ah… maybe you shouldn't…"
And he's gone. Fool Zebra.

Nasse-Setä 398795

You scatter every way along the road, not doing much but getting separated.
You fly to the clearing. There are tree stumps littered around, but they don't seem hacked, more like something just ran the trees over. You can hear a noise coming from the end of the clearing.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398797

No way, I stuck with that kind pony, Emer Ald was his name?
Brb food.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398798

I'll shake my head then. Nothing down this way so far.
Back to Mercury and the others.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398800

"Klandin! Can you.. can you go back and gather the rest? I'll join up with you once I figure out what's here.."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398801

well shit

keep a look out for them but head along where I'm sure the road was '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 398802

I motion with a claw for you to go back and lead the party to the clearing.

I sheath my sword and draw a spear.
"Be you person or beast, whatever you are, I command you to come forth in the name of Celestia!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398804

I look around, oh no no no.
"Mercury? Rose? Where is everybody?" I called out and try to retrace my steps.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"You should know what this place is like. Beware."

Fly back a bit and try sounding off to call everyone back.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nasse-Setä 398809

You find Riveldi >>398801 walking along the road to the direction Klandin flew to.
You don't get an answer. You could swear the noise is almost like…panting.
You two group together and find Riveldi with a little help from >>398808

Riveldi [Warlord] 398813

Keep walking, and look around. where the hell did I end up? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398814

Grand, we're all back together. Except for Klandin.
"Where did that feathery fellow fly off to anyway?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398815


I called out to Riveldi
"Hey, where are the rest of the gryphon and ponies?"


I fly closer to the source of the noise, but keep in the air so that I will have the advantage if a fight breaks out.
"I said reveal yourself!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398822

"Over here!"

Lead them to Klandin.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398823

"I don't- "
Follow this one

Nasse-Setä 398825

You're walking along the road, keeping an eye on the unchanging forest. Ahead you can see a clearing of sorts, with Klandin hovering in the air to the right of the path.
You can see two naked female satyrs rubbing themselves against what looks like a stone pillar with an undoubtedly a phallic shape. They seem too tranced to pay any attention to you.
The female's hair is messy, their coats unclean and the horns protruding from their heads are crooked and black.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398829

"What do your griffon eyes see?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398830

"Oh, is this the village?"
Keep walkin!

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398831

Well, let's join him, I suppose.


"Cease that this instant, whatever you two may be! This is your last warning!"
Rolling to try and yell loud enough to ge ttheir attention.

"There are two…things here. Females. Rubbing themselves against a large stone phallus."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398836

"I dont what?" I began to follow Riveldi.

"What is that?" I look at it and try to see what it is in the clearing.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398837

"Well, don't just stare. Dreadfully rude of you."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398839

Look surprised and blush violently, hiding behind Emer.
"I-if that's a joke it's not funny!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398842

I just frowned at his joke, then shake my head again removing those mental images of my head.

Riveldi [Warlord] 398844

walk up and follow his line of sight '1d10+1'
"Saytrs? That's new"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Klandin [Ascendant] 398845

"It's not. If any of you know the magic to detect hidden evils and intentions I would be grateful for your help in identifying these things."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398846

"They.. they.. leave them be. Let's not get involved, okay?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398848

I look away from thee strange creatures and down to you.
"You have heard of these creatures before?"

Nasse-Setä 398851

You walk to the clearing, seeing the stumps of the trees but not much else. The road continues on.
If there's anything here, it's hidden in the forest.
You can see them rubbing their teats, oddly placed at the chest, on a large stone phallus that is mounted on top a large rock, sometimes kissing each other.
Roll against your libido not to gain lust.
As you yell they turn at you, making a hissing sound. You can see sharp rows of teeth in their mouths and bloodshot eyes, but they soon jump off their rock and run to the forest, leaving you alone with a stone dick that's very slowly moving.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398854

"Yeah. Let's walk away!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398856

"Let's just keep following the road. It has to lead to a town eventually."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398857


Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398859

Widen my eyes in shock.
"What if it's a town of those things?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 398860

"Lets… just keep going. I'm sure we'll find the end of this illusion and the gate to the main palace soon."


"What the…It's moving?"
I hit the stone phallus with Spellbreaker.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398864


Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398866

"Then we hope that they're not involved with something so that we can get some supplies, and then keep going."
I'll smile a little at her.
"Besides, with as many of us as there are, we should be fine."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398867

Oh I can't watch.
Turn around and look away from the giant, slow-moving stone phallus.
Stay quiet for a while.
"If we can get some fruit I could make ice cream…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398872

Fruit, hmm?
Well, don't suppose there are any low-hanging fruits about, are there? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"With as many of us here… yes."

Try to look Inspiring

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398875

I frown and follow Riveldi.

"This doesnt look like Illusion to me." I look around the place.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398879

I could swoon right about now.
But I'm standing tall and am full of confidence!
Smile at him.
"Yeah! Great thinking!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398880

"If it is full of those things, and they are evil, then we destroy the town. If there are too many for us we go around it and continue to search for civilization."

Nasse-Setä 398884

Thankfully you miss, as a face appears from the ground. Not a pretty one by any means. It has a large potato-shaped nose and shaggy hair for a beard that you thought was just some moss on the ground.
It speaks with a thunderous voice.
As it rises up it fells more trees, perhaps explaining the clearing.
No. The trees are mostly pine trees.
You're as inspiring as the bronze statue of Celestia in the great Equestrian museum.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398885

Look shocked at the mention of destroying the town.
"But it's their town!"
Cower scared behind Emer once again.
"S-shouldn't we leave them be?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398889

"What the!?!" I step back from the large potato head thing and held my crossbow.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398891

I'll startle a little at that, but can't jump back because Mercury is there.
"Goodness gracious, what are you."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398892

"What did you just do…"
turn and look to see how large this thing is


"Ah! Excuse us. We were passing through and hoping to find a town of some sort. We are lost, you see."

Use my Compassion.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Riveldi [Warlord] 398895


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 398896

I stand, err, fly, firm and unflinching.
"I am a paladin of Celestia the Incandescent. What manner of creature are you, and what land is this?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398902

Nope. Nope hard.
Hide behind Emer.

Klandin [Ascendant] 398910

"Not if they are evil. The light of the sun will seek out all, and those that are evil will wither and burn beneath its righteous rays."

Nasse-Setä 398914

You throw your crossbow up and accidentally fire it. The bolt jumps off the creature's skin.
"I'm a Hork! The greatest, strongest giant you'll see in these lands!"
>counts as 10
The Hork turns to you and speaks in a soft voice:
"Well I was going to rape you for scaring away my sluts, but I suppose since you asked nicely. Just follow this road a while and you'll end up by a settlement."
He then turns to the party.
The ground shakes as he turns to leave and walks in the forest.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398917

Meek weakly.
"That's kinda extreme…"
I… I think I might just faint.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398919

I hide my crossbow and hope no one sees what I;ve done.

"Wha… whats is that creature all about?! Lets scram out of here."

"Me too." I panted.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398920

I'll wave after him.
"Thanks kindly!"
Then turn to Mercury.
"See? Just follow the road to town, and we'll be good."
"You doing alright, by the way? You can lean on me, if you need to."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398921

"..sluts… oh, dear."

"Ah! right, then! Let's get to the settlement and see what we can find! remember, stick with each other! come along now!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 398922

keep a disgusted face as he walks away
"Disgusting. We should hurry."

Nasse-Setä 398923

Oh. Right. He towers above you, easily three or four times your height.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398924

Also, scramming out of here and follow the road as the giant have said.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 398927

I watch him go and land next to the others.
"Next time we won't be so lucky? What did the giant mean by that?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398930

"He means something we dont want, lets go now…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398931

Nod weakly.
Let's just walk away.
"I just want to be back home…"

Riveldi [Warlord] 398933

"Next time We're going to end him before he gets a chance to explain himself."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398934

"Well, I would assume you taking a swing at his equipment riled him up a bit. And judging by his attitude, and those vines earlier, this isn't exactly the most benign place."
I'll shrug.
"You could stand to be less of a fire and brimstone sort."
"We'll get there eventually."

Riveldi [Warlord] 398935

and then head along the road, make sure not to come across anything of this nature again '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 398936

"I have no qualms with that."

"Less of a fire and brimstone sort? What do you mean? The guilty and wicked deserve justice."

Nasse-Setä 398937

You walk along the road for a while. The forest seems to get more light as you go, and you are even seeing rocks on the side of the road; 20 miles, 15 miles…

After walking a bit, you can see two ponies ahead of you.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398939

"Even so, if they've done no wickedness you're kind of jumping ahead a bit to judge them."
"Oh, hello there!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398941

Hey, ponies.
Shout for them.
"Heeeey! Can you help us?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398942

I whisper to the party.
"Be ready for anything."
I call out to the ponies.
"Hello there!"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398943

"Guys! Let's discuss this later, alright? Let's just.. have fun together! Yeah!"

What are their cutie marks?

Riveldi [Warlord] 398944

scan them to make sure they're ponies '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398947

I nod to Klandin and ready my crossbow.

What do they look like? I also scan the surroundings just in case.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 398952

The ponies stop. It's a mare and a stallion, Leashed together by a leather string that goes from a collar to a collar.
The mare speaks while the stallion opts for a dreamy, out-of-this-world look.
The stallion has a bucket on his flank, but you can't quite focus on the mare…
Now that you look at them, it looks like the stallion's pride is hanging from it's sheath, dripping white goop on the ground.
You see no movement anywhere nearby.

The mare speaks up in an annoyed voice.
"Why have you stopped usss?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398955

"Just saying hello! And this is the right way to town, isn't it? You're the first ponies we've met today, aside from each other."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398956

Scramble behind the others!

Riveldi [Warlord] 398959


"What is wrong with your stallion friend? Why are you leashed together?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398961

"…Hello there! Just looking for town. Mind if we ask what you and your special friend are doing, though?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398962

Deviants. This is a private enough area, however.
"Because we are travelers from a distant land and have questions for you both. First: What is this land called?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398966

I frown, put down my crossbow and step back seeing the two ponies.
"This is getting weirder and weirder by the hour.:

"Leather Land I suppose."

Klandin [Ascendant] 398969

I let a small grin appear on my beak before suppressing it.

Nasse-Setä 398970

"I wouldn't knoww. I don't live in a…town."
"He isss my peth."
She looks down his staff.
"He needs to be milked~"
She licks her lip with an oddly reptile-like tongue.
"…just making a way to our…my abode."
"Call it what you will; for me, it's a playground~"

Her voice is oddly hissy.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398974

Speak low to the others.
"I think she wants to hurt him…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 398975

I place a claw on the hilt of my sword.
"You are no pony, are you? Reveal yourself, changeling!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398977

I gulped.
"ehehehe…. wow, you and your friends have a good time and me and my friends are leaving."

LETS GO NOW! My face shows a sense of urgency.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 398982

Look gloomy, about to cry.
"B-but we can't leave him alone!"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 398983

Get ready to draw my Rapier.


Riveldi [Warlord] 398985

"You will do no such thing"
Command '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 398986

Seeing his face, I look again at the couple.

Is the stallion happy?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 398994

"He doesn't seem to be too… displeased with it. Or have his senses, for that matter."
Seeing her out, I'll speak to the stallion.
"How about you, sir?"

Nasse-Setä 399001

He is. He looks positively ecstatic.
"Oh, but I think I willl~"
"I'm no changeling, you puny mortalsss!"
In a pink flame, the "pony" grows two horns, her tail becomes a whiplike appendage ending in a heart and her wings become leathery and batlike.
The succubus smiles at you, and you can see two fangs on her mouth.
She scrunches her snout and wiggles it a little. "Speaking in pony form is always such a pain."
She then gives the stallion a kiss on the cheek.
"Now don't worry darling, I'll make you feel all better~"
Then she gobbles the whole thing down her throat, the flare making an impressive bulge at the bottom of her throat.
She looks at you defiantly and gurgles:
All male characters roll against gaining lust.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399005

Oh my.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Riveldi [Warlord] 399006

disgusting abomination '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


That thing take away all that is fun about fun. It's not safe. It's not fun..

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399008

Look around baffled.
"G-guys? Should we…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399009

Rolling against lust.

"Demon! Kill it!"
I charge my spear with sunlight and throw it at the succubus.
Rolling for Blast.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399010

I frown at the creature.
"I told you guys that we should leave!"

Fire her with my crossbow.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399012

"Weee…. should probably keep walking."
I'll facehoof at that.
This will not end well.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399015

Oh, everyone is shouting!
Curl up.



Can I intercept that?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 399044

No lust.
Your blast hits the succubus as she's still suckling on the cockhead of the stallion, throwing her, and by extension the stallion to the ground several feet away.
"Cocky pidgeon! I'll teach you some manners!"
Your shot goes wide, but the succubus is too focused on Klandin to care.
No you can't. You manage to throw him off balance though.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399047

She's gonna attack my friend!
Ice Magic Bolt!

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399052

And I'll just… well, wow.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399053

Correction, 16.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399054

I glare at you.

"Bring it, whore of Tirek."
I stand my ground and draw my sword.

I whistle once again.

Nasse-Setä 399058

A bright flash of green light envelopes her horn, and then…nothing.
Her eyes go wide. "Oh..NO!"
And then she does it again. A giant shard of ice flinged at the succubus causes a huge explosion, shards everywhere, snow falls and nearby trees die from hypothermia. You can hear a little bell jingle off in the distance and flocks of birds moving south for the winter. After the dust and snow has settled, only thing that remains is the unconscious stallion and a perfect ice hockey ring.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399063

"Mercury, I may just be falling for you."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399064

Okay, maybe I…
Overdid it?


Rush to the… Well shit.
There is nothing to save now.

"But I k-killed her!"
Try not to cry.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Riveldi [Warlord] 399068

"…I'm starting to think I'm no longer near Canterlot as I intended to be."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399070


Roll #1 4 = 4


I rush over to the stallion and use Heal on him.

"She was a demon. Her kind is evil and deserves death. Did you hear a bell, by the way?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399073

I'll walk over and pat her on the back.
"Perhaps, but it was either that, or let her have her way with everyone else."
I'll smile a little at her.
"But you protected everyone."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399074

Nod slowly, still sobbing.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399079

Maybe… maybe a hug would help? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

GreenField(Capra Goat) 399080

I wipe my sweat and ready my pack.
"I told you that we should leave. I felt something wrong in that whole scenario."

"Its alright, at least all of us got out safe."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399085

Hey, I can do.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399088

"You're quite welcome, Mercury. Once we're fit to continue, we can keep walking."

Nasse-Setä 399090

It doesn't seem to do much, except get him hard.
He mutters something unintelligible.

After a while he wakes up.
"…How can it be so cold midsummer?"
His eyes are still rolling in their sockets when he tries to stand up.

GreenField(Capra Goat) 399093

Alright time to get back on the road, scout ahead and see whats at the end of the road.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 399095

"Hm, get up. We're heading to a town."
go down the road and make sure nothing out of place continues '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399096

Let go of him.
"We should check on that pony…"
Near him.
"Ice cream gone… wrong?"
Try to put up a brave smile.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 399097

I ignore his erection and step back once he stands up.
"Tell me your name, and how you came to be the thrall of a demon. Speak the truth and the sun will shine down upon you."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399100

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399101

I'll nod, then turn to the dazed stallion.
"Say, what's your name?"

Nasse-Setä 399108

"Ice…Cream? I was just going to my job in the ice cream bar and my girlfriend was there in the alley and…"
He sits down but stands up almost as fast.
He looks between his legs and blushes.
"I mean, I mean, I met this mare and she was super sweet and then I just remember a light and spinning…and bliss…"
"Uh, everyone in the town calls me chocolate."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399112

"Well, mister Chocolate, perhaps you'd like to accompany us all back to town?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399113

"Oh, she was kinda mean, with her sucking you dry of love and all that…
You should go back to town…"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399117

"Where is the town?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399122

Nasse-Setä 399125

You walk along the road aimlessly while the rest stay behind talking to the stallion.
"uh…who are you anyway? I've never seen you before…"
He gasps
"you aren't corrupt are you?!"
"It's just…uh…It should be in that direction, at the end of the road."
He points at the direction Blue Carnation wandered off to.

Fast travel y/n

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399126

"What's 'corrupt'?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399128

"Corrupt? I should hope not. And what do you mean corrupt?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399129

Klandin [Ascendant] 399134

"That is how succubi work. You are lucky we found you before she stole your soul. As it is you will need to be checked in a temple to make sure she left her mark on you."

"Corrupt? No, we are not."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399135

Nasse-Setä 399146

"Corrupt! Like the capra of the woods! Or…Anything! Even plants here can be corrupt! Everything tries to suck the love out of the world, it can really be hard to be a goddess-loving pony here in the wasteland!"

He leads you onwards on the road, and after a while you arrive on a large clearing in the edge of the woods. Stone walls isolate a town from the rest of the world, inside you can see the spires of a cathedral or a temple rising above all. Guards walk the walls, both bi-pedal and pony.
As you approach the gates the guards cross their spears and let out a peculiar whistle. Soon, a Capra walks out, wearing some heavy armour and an axe. She's not much unlike the ones you saw doing the Hork in the woods.
"Who're you and what's your business here?!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399148

"Emer Ald, traveler. Woke up in a barn some miles out, and followed the road here. Hopefully we can find shelter or at least supplies."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399149

Look at him in wonder and fear, hiding behind Emer.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399150

My claw goes to the hilt of my sword.
"I have the same question for you. We saw creatures like you in the forest, and they did not seem friendly and good."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399152

"Your efforts are admirable"

to the capra
"I wish to seek some shelter from the perils of this new land."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399156

"Wha…. uhhmmnm, we seek shelter for the night. Can you let us in friend?"

Nasse-Setä 399162

"Choco, the priestesses want to see you."
Chocolate nods and bows.
"Yes, mistress."
Before running off he shouts over his shoulder: "visit my ice cream shop if you get in!"

Then the capra turns to you.
"We are nothing like those corrupted sluts! They're nothing but animals! A wonder if they can even talk! I could have you banned from access just for that insult, and know that this is the only safe settlement within hundreds of miles!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399167

"What? We didnt even say something insulting." I frown.

I then sit down.
"Please let us in, I dont want to be left along outside of this… forest." I frown looking back.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399168

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"All of us, or just him? Because the wilds is no place for my friend Mercury here."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399171

"B-but I wanted to try that ice cream…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399172

I place my claw back on the ground.
"My apologies, mam. I meant not to offend, but to find out if you and others in the town would bring harm to me and my companions. We have no knowledge of how we came to be here, but in less than half a day we have already have encountered crawling vines, strange creatures, and a succubus."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399176

"Will you allow us passage or not?"

Nasse-Setä 399181

She calms down noticeably.
"A succubus? You too? Had better check at the temple today too, then. But know that we have our own rules here, and your word has no more power than a beggar's!"
"Yes, I see not all of you are as tough as your mighty leader."
She gives you a sweet smile.
"Just remember to behave."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399184

"Any particular rules we should be aware of? Ignorance is usually no defense, after all."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399185

I smiled with glee and wait for the door to open and look at the others.
"Lets go in."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399186

Perk up a little but wait before rushing into town.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399187

"My word is the word of Celestia. The righteous and just have no need to fear it. To who is your temple dedicated?"

Nasse-Setä 399193

"Who is Celestia? I've never heard of such a minor deity. Our temple is dedicated to Cifu, the goddess of Prostitution and Love."
"Don't kill. Don't steal. Don't bother the priests and priestesses when they're doing their services. Cause a commotion and you will be detained. Now go, and enjoy the sights!"
The gates to the town open.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399197

I'll nod.
"Well, Mercury, let's hit that ice cream shop, shall we?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399199

"Prostitution and Love? What kind of services are these priests doing?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399200

My beak nearly hit the floor.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399201

And off we go!
"I wonder if he knows how to make shaved ice…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399203

"Speaking of, you said you owned an ice cream store back in the Crystal Kingdom. What was it like?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399205

Go inside, glad we are out of that forest.
Find an Inn to stay for the night and hurry.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399209

"I still do own it! And it's beautiful and big and messy and full of colors!"
My eyes go wide and my mantle starts lighting up.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399213

I'll chuckle a little.
"Once we get back, I'll have to stop in. How many flavors did you serve?"

Nasse-Setä 399217

"Anything they deem fit."
"Go inside or I'll lock you out."
The capra captain walks off.
There are dozens of inns, and all of them offer some extra services. You choose the one with the red lanterns on the front.
"How many of you will be staying?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399218

I gotta help myself here…
"All of them?"
Choco's shop?

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399221

"Me but there are others." I frown.
"What kind of Inn is this? Can I go in?" I look at the guard.

Riveldi [Warlord] 399222

"And.. what do they look like? What robes do they wear?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399224

I hurry into the town and rejoin the others.

"Hello once again. What are your opinions on this place? Where are the others?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399225

follow this guy

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399227

"Well, now I have to go."
Smile a little.
And then the mood is ruined.
"Opinions? It's just another town. As for the others, they seem to have scattered. I'm sure they'll be fine, though. Not like there are any more succubi in the walls, right?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399234

"I'm scared of the things on two hooves… They look so… Strange."
Ugly. That's the word I'm looking for.
"I wonder where home is right now…"
Look up at the sky.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399236

"The only temple here is dedicated to a goddess of prostitution and love, and they have never heard of Celestia. This place is a buffet for a succubus. Be that as it may, the guard requested that we visit the temple before doing anything else because of our demonic encounter. I would much rather deal with a holy prostitute than an unholy one, and most definitely do not want to be shut out of the only civilized place we know of."

"That they do."

I walk towards the temple.

Nasse-Setä 399239

You walk down the main boulevard. It's lined with different inns, bars, pubs, strip clubs, whorehouses, stores and, surprise surprise, an ice cream shop. An older stallion is minding the counter currently.
"Ah, hello, chocolate said you'd be coming in, the first round is on the house. I'm sure you'll love our cream! What'll it be?"
"It's a hotel. A pleasurable hotel. Of course you may. Talk to the reception if you want a room."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399244

"Well, I could say something sappy like 'where the heart is', but that's a sort of non-answer one would tell children."
I'll give a small chuckle.
"But, even though I don't know, maybe the priests here can point us in the right direction."
"Which flavors do you have?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399247

Jump like an excited lil filly in a candy shop.
"I want to try your specialty!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399250

The temple can wait, I suppose. I would know if the demon had any ill effect on me.
"What do you offer, sir?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399253

I just raise my eyebrow as I enter the place and go and ask the reception.
"This is an Inn right? I mean a place where one can stay for the night?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399255

"Lime. Also, what is the currency used here? It may be different than my own"
drop a coin for his inspection

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399264

We should go to the temple. After ice cream!"

Nasse-Setä 399269

"Any flavor you like."
He looks at the coin.
"Hmm, it seems to have enough gold in it to work here."
"Vanilla-Blueberry with sprinkles! Your orders will be here shortly.

Nasse-Setä 399270

"Yes, absolutely. Do you want any extra services? Rooms for how many?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399273

take the coin back, and then eat the ice cream

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399274

"I'll have vanilla-orange swirl, if you have it."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399276

"I will have…."
I take a coin out of my bag and flip it.
"Chocolate. In a cone, please."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399277


"How much is one room? There are like…. 5 or 6 of us I think."

"Also, what is this extra service?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399279

Clop my hooves happily and find a seat.
"So, where did Chocolate go?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399287

And I'll sit next to you.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399288

"I believe he was told to go to the temple."

Nasse-Setä 399289

The old pony brings you your cones back. The ice cream tastes delicious, it melts right away. It does have a silly undertone to it though…
You can definitely tell they use a different recipe than you used to, here.
"He's still at the temple. I'm sure he'll be back shortly."
He returns to behind his counter.
"Did you know we let our regular customers make their own ice cream, from the tap or all by yourselves? Be sure to come back if your sweet tooth starts aching!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399293

"That is rather interesting."
I'll make quick work of mine.
"So, Mercury, how's it stack against your shop?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399294

"Really now? I am sure the foals love it, I know i would have liked that as a chick."
I lick away at it as I join the others at their table.
Can I identify the undertone? [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 399295

what the hell is this undertone I detect? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Riveldi [Warlord] 399296

a fucking delicious one! order another!

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399297

"Y-you dooo?"
That was a musical note right there.
"That's great! I have an ice cream shop too, back home!"
"He went to pray for his rescue?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399300

Oh right, try to decipher the undertone.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399304

Nasse-Setä 399316

It's sort of salty… but you're not sure at all.
It's definitely salty…the texture is creamy…but would you know what to compare it to?
The stallion brings you another one.
"For five ponies? I'd say you'd be better off asking shelter at the temple. But if you have the coin…"He gives you a list of all the services, including spanking, pleasure mares and -stallions, a chest of equipment and 'a surprise'

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399319

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399323

I frown.
"Aaahh…. eehhrr… no. Just no, thank you." I smile at her while blushing.
WIth that I head outside and try to find the main group.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 399325

You almost walk past the ice cream bar before remembering Chocolate mention it.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399326

I lick out the ice cream from the bottom of the cone before eating it then order another, strawberry this time.
"I had forgotten how good ice cream was. It tastes wonderful."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399327

finish that shit up! seriously what the hell is this strange salty thing? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399328

I know all the flavors! All the ones I use for ice cream in my innocent pony kingdom, at least!

Take another long sip! '1d10'

"What is this salty flavor?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399330

"It's different! I can't really tell how…!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399332

If there's any of mine left, I'll give it another taste. '1d10'
"Could be the milk they use. Or something else."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399333

Walk inside the ice cream bar.

"There you are?" I smile at them unsteadily.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399336

Wave at her with a smile.
"We got free ice cream!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399337

"Hey there! Apparently the first one is on the house, as thanks for helping Chocolate."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399338

"Yes, here I am. What have you been up to?"

Nasse-Setä 399340

"I'm glad you like it. We make it ourselves from the beginning.
You have absolutely no idea, but it's delish.
"Oh, it comes with the…base ingredients. Maybe you should hurry to the temple or I'll have to start charging you for those cones!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399345

"This is great stuff, I'm not sure when I last had ice cream this good."

"So what do we do in this strange new world?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399346

"Finding a place to stay. The first place I've gone too…. is not a place for goats like me." I close my eyes and shake my head. Damn you idea's.

"Ice cream? Can I get one?" I smile

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399349

Well, I'll polish off whatever's left of mine, and then get up.
"Just pick a flavor, and they'll probably have it."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399351

"Yes. Now about that strawberry cone for the road?"
I lick the last of the chocolate off my beak and try to identify the flavor.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nasse-Setä 399352

"Absolutely! What flavor?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399355

"Alright! Let's see what Chocolate is up to!"
Get up and ready to leave while eating my cone.

Nasse-Setä 399356

It's probably that they don't skim their milk. That must be it.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399358

"One question before we go, though. Which way is the temple?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399361

"Hmmmm….. how about vanilla?" I smile

Nasse-Setä 399362

"You can't miss it. It's the largest building in the town. Just follow the main street."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399366

"Thanks kindly."
And I'll wait next to the door for the others.

Riveldi [Warlord] 399368

"Hm, I'll see you all whenyou're finished with that"
walk out side to the temple

Nasse-Setä 399369

"Of course!"
He goes to the back room and shortly thereafter returns with a cone.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399372

Off to the temple!

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399373

I sit next to the others as I enjoy my cone. How does it taste like?

"Let me just finish mine. Then we shall head to the…. why are we going to the temple?" I the lick my icecream.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399374

And along with her I'll go.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399376

"Chocolate is there. I wanna check on him!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399377

"Thank you."
I leave a coin and follow the others to the temple while eating it.
One last roll [1d10+2]

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399379

I nod.
"Alright, I'll catch up with the rest after I finish this." I point to my cone.

Nasse-Setä 399382

You walk along the main boulevard and soon get to the chapel. It's not like anything you've ever seen before; it has multiple small, black windows, and despite being multiple stories high, only has one large glass painting, depicting a female figure holding a heart in one hand and a ballgag in the other.
As you enter you see the main hall of the temple is rather small; it only takes up 1/10th of the whole building at best. It's narrow, and you can see rafters going up way to the tenth floor. each one is filled with doors to numerous smaller buildings. In the distance you can hear multiple sounds, most best left undescribed for now. A mare wearing nothing but a heart-shaped earring approaches you.
"Welcome to the house of love. How may I serve you today?"
Fat milk. That's it.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399385

"Just checking in on Chocolate, who we helped earlier today."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399387

"We encountered a succubus in the forest and have come here to make sure we are free of any lingering taint."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399391

Finish my ice cream and head to the temple.

Riveldi [Warlord] 399393

"What these two said"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399395

"Ooooh, is this a temple to empress Cadence?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399397

"House of love? Isnt this the church?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399402

"I thought she was still considered a Princess?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399406

"Well she's ruler of the Crystal Empire, some of us like to call her with a more formal title…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399408

"She rules the crystal empire. That makes her an empress."

Nasse-Setä 399410

"Ah, yes, please follow me."
She starts walking through the main hall towards some double doors at the other end.
"No, it's dedicated to Goddess Cifu."
"It is both, child."
"Yes, I remember Chocolate telling you about it. The head mistress will want to meet you in the hall of worship."

She pushes open the doors. The hall isn't that large either, but it has another glass painting of the deity, a small booth for a speaker and an altar. Weirdly enough there are no benches; only thin mattresses large enough for three to four ponies at a time. Chocolate is talking with a pony clad in black at the other end.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399411

"Well, Celestia and Luna rule the Kingdom of Equestria, but they're not queens…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399413

I jump down to the mattress and lie in it. So tired.
"So what are we going to do in bed?" I ask them.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399414

"Well, they need a king to be queens~"
Daydream a little about the happy couple ruling the crystal empire.
Oh hey, Chocolate!
Go up to him!
"Hey! Are you alright?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399415

I go into the hall and wait for the black clad pony and Chocolate to finish talking. I also avoid looking at the mattresses.

Riveldi [Warlord] 399416

follow the party to chocoface

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399417

And I'll follow over as well.

Nasse-Setä 399421

The mare that brought you there.
"During services, we give our appreciation to the lady."
She nods to the naked picture on the glass.
"Ah, yes, hello. I'm fine. I performed the rites, it's just that the head mistress wanted to talk with you."
He nods towards the black pony.
"I need to go back to work now though!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399428

"We stopped by the parlor. Ice cream was excellent, though the flavor was a bit different than the ice cream we're used to."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399430

"A good day to you"
turn to the pony in black
"You wished to see us?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399433

What sort of figure is it, exactly? Pony? Capra? What?
"Thank you for arranging some free ice cream for us."
I turn towards the figure in black.
"You are the head mistress, I take it?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399434

"You wish to see us right?"
I blushed at the naked picture and stand up from the mattress.
"What kind of… appreciattion are you and your devotee's do here?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399436

Cock my head.
"The head mistress? Why?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399439

"Probably to give us a once-over to see if we had gotten any taint on us. Not that the succubus had much opportunity to do so."

Nasse-Setä 399441

"Did my dad let you make your own cream?"
She looks like a normal pony, at least from what you can see. She wears a skintight suit with a veil that covers most of her head. A cape is sprawled on the altar.
"She said something about some prophecy…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399444

"He said that was for repeat customers. Be sure to thank him again for us when you get back."

Riveldi [Warlord] 399445

"Understood, are we to speak here?"
stay standing

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399447

"Oh right, I gotta ask! What do you put in the ice cream? It's so different from mine!"

Nasse-Setä 399451

"Orgies, usually."
"I will! Hope to see ya again!"
"Yes. No one else is here, and this is a holy place. We will be safe.
"Nothing special! We make it like everyone else!" with that Chocolate runs away.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399452

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399453

My ears will flick at the mention of orgies.
"You… what?"
I'll look at her quizzically.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399455

I frown and blush a little.
"W… why? This place is full of…. scandalous acts and sites. No wonder why Succubi's are attracted to it."

I then step out of the bed and made sure my coat is not tarnished by anything…. sticky or white.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399456

"Or- What?!"
Look baffled, and exchange a look with Emer.
"S-should we just leave?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 399457

"Forgive my forwardness, but what is it you wish to speak of?"
persuasive speed roll '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399459

"This… is still a church. Perhpas we can get information." I frown.

cleaning coat in case there is anything sticky in my body after I lie from those mattress.es

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399460

"Well, I don't think we'll be forced to… partake, but…"
I'll shuffle a little.
"She did want to speak with us."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399461

I meant the figure of their goddess.

"What did you wish to speak to us about and when will we be checked for taint?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399475

"Okay. But you talk. I'm scared…"
"It's no church I recognize…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399476

"Well, you don't need to worry. These ponies have so far been nothing but pleasant. I'm sure everything will be fine. Really."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399477

Nod weakly.

Nasse-Setä 399480

"We sometimes have sexual intercourse on a grand scale to celebrate her, and our, purity."
The mistress turns to you.
"All in due time."
The figure is of a naked humen.
"Yes. Chocolate tells me you just woke here today, without a clue of where you are?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399481

"Still, if anything does happen, I'll protect you. It's only fair after you've protected all of us so well."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399482

"That is the gist of it."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399483


Riveldi [Warlord] 399484

"That is correct, where are we? What is this place? What are Horks?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399485

Naked, what's so strange about it. We are always naked.
Nod weakly once more.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399486

Say nothing to this, but brighten slightly.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399487

I blushed harder, dont think about such acts.

"Yes, we awoke inside a barn in the middle of a field. Its all too surreal."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nasse-Setä 399501

The mare turns to the altar and offers a silent prayer. Then she turns to you:
"I have a reason to believe you may be the group of heroes that will deliver this land from evil. It's been prophesied in one of the stone tablets left by our gods. You must make a pilgrimage to this holy site so we will receive our answers, and you may find your way home."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399508

I look around.
"This one? Well, here we are."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399509

"Well, if it's literally this site, then… the way home is…?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399511

"Pilgrimage? Where?" I tilt my head.
"We are just ordinary citizens, not heroes."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399515

Listen carefully.

Nasse-Setä 399521

"Not here, of course! The tablet is on an island not far away from the city gates. I will send a priestess with you on your way. But that is not today's problem. You should rest. Do you have any questions?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399524

"Where… exactly are we? This certainly isn't Equestria, or the Crystal Empire."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399527

Nod along.
"And we hardly have any money!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399531

"Where is this place in relation to Equestria and what is it called? Furthermore, why do you worship a goddess of sex? It seems to me that doing so would pull succubi and their ilk to you like moths to a fire."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399532

I hurried next to the priestess and whisper.
Why is this world so… lewd.." I blushed.
"Is there really a way home?"

Nasse-Setä 399539

"I do not know of this Equestria or Empire of Crystals."
The mare bows. "The church will provide for you."
The succubi are creatures of corruption. We worship pure love. If we provide enough, there won't be any left for the succubi and their ilk. If we can, we convert all who we meet. We arrange support for those thrown out of the city so that maybe, one day, they might rejoin our society."
She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Worry not child. You will get home. Do try to enjoy your stay."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399548

"So, details on the trip tomorrow, then? I don't suppose there are guest rooms set up for travelers?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399550

"You provide more physical love than they can take? That is an…interesting way to go about it. Do you have any maps of this land that we can look at? Is this really the only civilized place around?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399557

Look down, in shame.
"I killed her…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399558

"And you saved Chocolate."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399560

I shiver.
"Alright, I'll try."

Nasse-Setä 399565

"In a wide radius, I'm afraid. There are many woods, lakes, and mountains in this region."
"Don't worry, child, I'm sure she managed to escape. They always find a way."
The mare smiles for the first time.
"What do you think those small rooms in the main hall are for?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399571

"So we can rest here right? Can we borrow the rooms?" I smile.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399573

"How does a town come to be so isolated? Mercury turned a sizable portion of the forest around us into ice when she attacked the succubus. How could the demon have escaped that?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399574

I'll ponder a moment, and then grin.
"Cuddling? Seriously, though, they'll do."
I'll turn to Mercury.
"Want to share a room, or split up?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399576

"Oh… Okay…"
I'll brighten up visibly at this.
"I'd feel safer with somepony near."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399577

"So we can rest here right? Can we borrow the rooms?" I smile.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399578

"Then I am at your service."
I'll bow slightly.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399581

Giggle a bit, for the first time since we came here.
Hide it behind a hoof though.
"Choose a room, my knight."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399587

And we'll go off and find a nice, cozy room on one of the side chambers.

Nasse-Setä 399591

"More than cuddling. But we do offer privacy to lovers."
"Yes, absolutely. Our priestesses will cater to your needs."
"They know spells. She could have easily teleported away."
The mare sighs.
"We wage a war for survival against the spreading corruption outside our walls. If you are the heroes, you can save us from that corruption. Stop it from spreading."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399596

And once I find one, I'll hold the door for her with a smile.
"After you, Princess."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399602

"Wait, this sounds interesting!"
Stop to listen to the priestess.
"What's with this corruption? Even Chocolate spoke of it!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399603

"As a warrior priest of Celestia, the goddess of the sun, it is my duty to fight against all that is evil. I will fight against the corruption wherever I find it."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399605

I'll nod and bend an ear to the conversation.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399608

"Oh…. th… thanks I guess."
I then ponder for a moment and whisper to the priestess.
Are there other than priests who can cater to my needs?

Do I still feel the effect of the pollen flower?

Nasse-Setä 399613

"It is spread by the foul demons. One day they just overran most of the cities we had. No one knows exactly how it happened, but some presume a changeling infestation in the old Citadel of races."
"Of course, child. What do you desire?"
The effects of the pollen are not gone yet.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399617

"Yes but what is it? What does it do?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 399619

"Changelings in league with demons? That is very troubling. Please tell us more about the corruption."

Nasse-Setä 399626

"It can twist any living thing into a perverted tool for the demon's pleasure. Some turn into mindless sex slaves, some grow extra genitals, horns, almost anything you can imagine. Not all corruption is to be condemned; sometimes you can't help it, and you can fight off it's signs. I will teach you more after your pilgrimage. Now, rest."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399627

I look down.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399631

I'll nod.
"Thank you for your hospitality."
And then head back to that room.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399633

"Uhhmmm have you heard of this flowers that with vines that ends in a bulbous tip? It attacks us last time and spray some kind of pollen to my face…. up until now I feel…. funny." I look down blushing.

Klandin [Ascendant] 399635

"That is even more troubling, but at least it can be purged from the body without purging the body itself. I would like to speak more in the morning."
I turn to leave.

But stop when I hear you.

"I was sprayed by the same flower, but I feel no different."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399636

"It's… Oh princesses…"
Cover my mouth with my hooves.
"D-did you hear?"

Nasse-Setä 399637

"The effects depend upon your sex drive. It's the plant's way of reproducing. You can just take a long hot bath, and you'll probably feel better. Or just sleep overnight. Unless you want another kind of relief."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399641

"Is the pollen dangerous? Does it spread corruption?"

Nasse-Setä 399645

"Not that I know."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399646

I nod to Klandin as he ask the question.

"Ahh,… err…."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399649

Oh well, I will go to said room too, meeting up with Emer Ald.
How is the place?

Klandin [Ascendant] 399654

"Good. I would still like to wash it off, however. Where may I find a place to bathe?"
Once she tells me I goo there and clean myself.

Riveldi [Warlord] 399658

"I appreciate your hospitality, but will we be ensured our privacy in those rooms?"

Nasse-Setä 399664

The party are shown to their rooms.


Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399666

I whisper to the priestess shaking.
"What kind of relief are we talking about…. "

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399667

"About the changing body parts? Might be interesting to some, especially in this place. But personally, I don't think I need more than one."

Klandin [Ascendant] 399672

I go to sleep. Rolling for dream quality.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399673

"No way. I like the way I am. No new parts for me."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399675

"Well, there could be worse things. I've always kinda wondered what it's like to fly…"
Shake my head.
"But that's something entirely different. Anyway, which side of the bed would you like?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399697

"But she didn't say extra wings or… Or a horn!
She said…"
"Extra… Bits!"

Nasse-Setä 399704

The rooms are not very large, at least not the ones given to you. They have a mirror, a bed, (double for Emer and Mercury) and a wash basin each. No windows unfortunately, since the rooms are in the inner part of the chapel. There's also a chest that doubles as a night stand. You presume if you needed something, you could ask any priestess.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399707

I'll chuckle a bit at how dramatic she's being.
"So long as we don't get corrupted, then we won't have to worry about them. And I'm sure there's ways of getting rid of them if it happens. Otherwise they'd probably be tripping over them everywhere."
I'll gesture towards the bed.
"Now, left or right?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399713

"Oh. That's right, I was just being so silly!"
Look at the bed.
Try left. '1d10'
And then right. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399715

This side is terrible. You shouldn't sleep here."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399717

If not, then good night.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399721

I'll shake my head.
"If I slept anywhere else, I would probably end up on top of you. I think I can handle a few lumps for one night."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399723

"No, really, I will take this one. What if tomorrow you are too tired to fend off those things?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399728

"Then I'll simply have to rely on the magical prowess of a lovely ice cream shop owner."
I'll give a little grin.
"My pride as a gentlecolt wouldn't let me give you the uncomfortable side of the bed, regardless."

Nasse-Setä 399737

"Our priests -or priestesses- can offer you anything you need. All you have to do is ask."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399740

"It was just luck, really! And I still must have hurt that mare… And those plants!"
Try to shift around the bed, moving on the side as much as I can.
"Maybe I can make room for two…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399746

"Mercury, please."
I'll put a hoof on her shoulder.
"Rest comfortably. You've more than earned it today."
And I'll head over to the other side of the bed, strip down, and settle down.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399754

Pout a bit.
"No way. Come here! Look, plenty of space!"
Is there space at all?

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399757

Give him an awkward smile.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399761

"Can someone help me in here, prefererably male. I really feel odd lately." I blush and look down.

Nasse-Setä 399762

"Yes child. I'll have someone sent to your quarters right away."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399773

I'll chuckle a little.
"It seems you've twisted my arm, Mercury."
Let's settle in near the middle of the bed.
"Now, would you prefer I face away from you, or…?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 399778

With that, I go back to my place and lie down in bed. I then go under the sheet, both shy, embarrased and a bit excited.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399782

Sparkle a bit in flat out surprise and start stuttering.
"A-ah-I don't know! Just how you feel more comfortable!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399788

"I would feel most comfortable if you were comfortable as well."
I'll hold out a hoof.
"So, I can either roll over and face the wall, or you could make yourself comfortable."
I'll grin slightly.
"Or I could sleep on the floor. That's always an option."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399802

"Oh c'mon! I told you already! We gotta sleep well! Both of us!"

Turn on my back, facing the side of the bed.
"I-is it okay like this?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399806

I'll scoot a little closer and assume the position of Big Spoon.
"It's perfect."
Now am I comfortable for her? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399808

Nope. Nope, backing off.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399809

I'll just stand still and talk in a worried tone.
"W-w-what happened?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399814

"I fear I might have done something you would be uncomfortable with. So I'll simply stay on this side of the bed, so it doesn't happen again."
Then I'll settle on the lumpy side of the bed, facing away.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399817

Darken a bit.
"Okay… S-sorry for that…"
I will stand still on this side, hugging the sheets.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399819

"I'm the one who should be apologizing, really. Embracing you like that was incredibly rushed on my part."
I'll grimace a little facing the wall.
"I should have asked first whether or not that was uncomfortable for you."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399822

Not like you did ask if it was uncomfortable for me!
Was it? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399824

Not even a bit~
Huff something to myself.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399830

I'll roll back over to face her.
"I'm sorry, I don't quite think I caught that."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399837

I'll be still facing the wall, talking in a low voice, like if to myself.
"I said that I didn't really mind.."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399839

I'll scoot a little closer.
"Then you wouldn't mind if I tried for a more comfortable position, then?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399841

"Depends. Are you gonna push away like that again?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399843

"Only if you're uncomfortable, or want me to."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399848

"Alright. Try it. The sheets are so cold…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399851

Cuddling up. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 399853

"That's nice…"
And then I will drift off to sleep.

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 399855

There we go~
And I'll follow shortly after.

Nasse-Setä 400325

Blue's lust lowers to 0 after a night well spent.

Next day the head mistress calls you out in front of the chapel to send you on your way. The sun is shining and flocks of birds are returning to the forest, a little confused about why the snow went away so quickly this year.

As you walk out to the yard, you see the mistress has chosen a more revealing outfit today, one that leaves her head bare. She seems to feature small, stubby, goat-like horns on her forehead, barely visible through her well-kept mane. She is talking to another priestess, an unicorn mare.
The mistress turns to you as you approach:
"Blessings of Cifu upon ye. I trust you had a good night's rest?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400326

"Most comfortable. Thank you for the hospitality."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400327

Nod happily.
"The bed was comfortable. And warm."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400328

I just look sideways.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400329

"Very, and thank you for your hospitality. The room reminded me of the temples back home. If there is time, may I continue with my questions from last night?"

Nasse-Setä 400330

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, little one."
"I'm happy."
"You may, but Emily here can answer you when you get underway."
She nods to the priestess she was talking with.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400331

Look at said new priestess.
"Uh, hello! So are you gonna explain us about this pilgrimage?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400332

"You mentioned those plants that sprayed me and Blue Carnation did so in order to reproduce. Would it be incorrect of me to thin that those vines do not reproduce in the…standard…plant fashion?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400333

I'll nod to the unicorn, and listen for now.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400334

I give a worried look.
"Yes… what is this… pilgrimage about? Not that I am not willing to do such pilgrimage, I want to go home, but it will not be bad to have some doubts about it."

Nasse-Setä 400335

"Yes. We will travel the thousand steps to the bottom of the world while whipping ourselves in penance to the glory of our goddess."
Her voice is calm and soothing, and she gives you a coy smile.
The mistress coughs.
"I'm sorry, Emily loves to jest." She gives Emily a stern look at continues. "You will travel to an island a few miles outside the town. The tablet of prophecies is situated there. I wish for you to study it, and the Goddess will show you the way."
She nods.
"Are you sure you want the specifics?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400336

But a thousand steps are less than a few miles…
Look slightly unsure.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400337

"I do not think any of us want to hear the specifics. It will be enough to know how big a threat they are and what to do if they succeed in their efforts to reproduce with one of us."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400338

"Of course, a sense of humor is always appreciated from the clergy."
I'll nod slightly.
"I assume a boat of some kind will be waiting for us?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400339

"Oh! I.. ahaha, you speak in jest. I thought the first one is serious." I smile.

"I am curious about this tablet that you are saying, studying it is my pleasure. So when shall we leave?"

"Boats and supplies might be cool." I smile.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400340

I then look down and shiver for a moment.
"May I inquire, but there will be dangers along the way am I correct? I just need to know first hand."

Nasse-Setä 400342

"You will be safe, seeing you made it in to the town in one piece."
Emily puts her hoof on your shoulder.
"Don't worry, I will keep us all safe."
"Unless you enter the forest, the plants shouldn't be a problem. Even so, they are immobile. Should you get…'impregnated' so to say, you may feel slightly nauseous until it's seed leaves you."
"A boat will be there. We will get supplies from here, tents, torches, anything. Do you want something specific?"
"The road of pilgrimage is one of the few roads still closely guarded by civilization." At best, the creatures of water may come to greet us. They are usually not hostile."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400343

Smile awkwardly and take a step back.
Wait, are they talking about plants raping ponies? Male ones, at that?


Roll to make sense of a conversation I wasn't following!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Klandin [Ascendant] 400345

I nod and fall slightly behind the group and begin to pray silently for Celestia's protection.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400346

I nod.
"Perhaps equipment for travelling are the only one things that I ask, Equipments like tent, bed roll, torches, lighting equipment like flint and tinder or tindertwigs might be nice. Food and water too of course. Do I need to bring writing materials too?"

"No matter, at least we have ourselves to protect each other."

I shudder.
"Wha… what are you talking about? Those plants can… rape? They can do that?"

My eyes widen in fearand curiousity

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400347

"Food is always a good thing to have. Torches might do well, and a tent might keep us somewhat safe from prowling things."
I'll sit and start ticking off things in a mental list.
"Firestarters for the torches, or we could go with lanterns and some oil, since those might last longer than torches. Rope might come in handy at some point, and I think we might have everything else we might need between the lot of us."
I'll flick an ear towards Mercury as she moves back, but otherwise focus on my list.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400348

"N-no chance! Aahahah!"
Give a nervous laugh.
"I'll just freeze them like on the way here!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400349

"Oh ropes, that I forgot about that."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400350

I'll smile absently at that.
"Not to mention the rest of us have enough swords or sharp things between us to make a quick cut away if needed."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400351

I give out a breath of relief and shiver
"And that you will, thanks for that magic of yours last time. That was a close call."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400352

"Yeah, lot of firestarters.
I really can't do fire…"
Fidget with my hooves.
"I just wanted to stop that strange pony, really…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400353

I look down.
"You mean the… succubus? We stop her and that we've done."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400354

"Oh heavens no! I just hope to never meet one again!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400355

"With luck, we won't."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400356

I look at the male party members.
"I pray to the Gods, for the sake of our other compatriots."

Nasse-Setä 400357

You make sense of it.
"You will have all of that. It's all prepared, even. Emily will meet you at the gate in an hour."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400358

"Thank you for your aid, Priestess. Hopefully we can one day return the favor."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400359

"Oh! I should go meet Chocolate one last time then!"

Off to Chocolate I go

"We meet at the gate in one hour!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400360

I'll trail after her. Another ice cream might not be a bad idea.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400361

"Thank you thank you." I bow down.

"Hey wait!" I follow them to the parlor.

Nasse-Setä 400362

"I'm sure you will."
You head off to the ice cream shop.
The doorbell dings as you enter, and Chocolate greets you.
"Hi! Great to see ya again! Want more?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400363

"I really liked vanilla, perhaps I might also stroll the city for a moment to see the sights." I smile.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400365

"Perhaps. Though I don't suppose I can buy one for a song, as I'm rather short on coin."
I'll give a sort of apologetic smile.
"Settling back in, Chocolate?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400366

"Well actually Chocolate, we are about to leave.
Some stuff the priestess asked us to. So I wanted to know if we could make that ice cream together now, because I really don't know if I will ever come back!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400368

| look at them and scrunch..
"So I am the only one who will take some icecream."

Nasse-Setä 400369

Chocolate blinks, clearly confused.
"So you want to make your own cones? Don't worry about payment, it's just one cream!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400371

"Well, if I can make my own with Mercury, I can at least pay off mine with labor."
I'll shrug.
"Are you sure?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400372

Giggle a bit.
"Well I'm here just to say goodbye to a fellow ice-crafter!"
"It'd mean a lot to me, see how you make ice cream in such a far away land!"

Nasse-Setä 400373

"Oh, I'm sure it's not that different from how you make it!"
Chocolate opens the small saloon door leading to the back room.
He nods.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400374

"Oh…. I am sorry to assume its free. My apologies."
My face then brightens up.
"Perhaps I could help you guys in making icecream. This goat will do her utmost." I stand proud.

"Perhaps making icecream is not a bad thing to learn I suppose. We could start now if you like."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400375

Enter inside the room and follow Chocolate.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400376

And I'll follow behind as well.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400377

"Ooooh, so you have the fruit canisters and the milk, and then a good iced surface to cool it all?"
Follow in.

Nasse-Setä 400380

The back room has a few tables, boxes of cones, and a whole row of small cabinets with different fruits and flavors on written on them.
"Uh, well, you see…you take a cone."
He gives each one of you one.
"And then choose a flavor, take the tap on your hoof and squeeze. Then just let go after you're done."
He points towards the cabinets.
"Go ahead!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400383

Well, let's walk down the cabinets. What flavors are there?

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400385

I look at the cabinet and try to find if there is vanilla. If there is, squeeze the tap and fill my cone with it.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 400386

I look at the cabinets.
"Which on of these is chocolate, Chocolate?"
I smile a little at my joke.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400387

That's… Really convenient!"
Giggle a bit and go for the cabinets.
Let's go Cream and Mango for this one!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 400389

He points you at the third cabinet from the right.
He's clearly heard this joke a few too many times.
Every flavor.
You open your respective cabinets, Cream and Vanilla.
The cabinet has an equine penis hanging from a glory hole in it, and the floor is stained with sperm.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400390

"Thank you."
I take my cone and open the cabinet.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400391

I blushed hard, do I drop my cone?

"Wha.. what is this vulgarity?" I step back as I stare at the equine rod in front of me.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400392

Well, let's open up-
And I'll turn.
"What's the matter?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400393

"What the-"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400395

I speak while still opening my cabinet.
"What is it?"

Nasse-Setä 400396

You're greeted by a throbbing equine dong. It's dripping clear pre.
Very noisily.
Chocolate comes to you.
"What? Is the tab clogged again?"
He grabs the dong and shakes it a little.
"Sorry about that." He takes another cone and squeezes the dick, which spurts globs of sperm into the cone, eventually creating a neat swirl.
roll against libido
Chocolate speaks.
"Oh, the tap was just a bit messy."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400397

"Tap? But… that's a penis."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400398

"Its a…. its a…. "

Hold the cone in my hoof and shake steadily while staring at it and its content.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400399

"W-we ate this?"
I should try not to throw up.
Turn around and run out of the shop!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 400400

"Chocolate. lease tell me why there is a penis in here."
I look at the shocked expressions on everyone else's faces and open a few more cabinets.
"Chocolate. Explain. This. Now."

Nasse-Setä 400401

No lust for you.
Chocolate looks at you go, puzzled.
"Was it something I did?"
You feel slightly nauseous. Or horny. You seem to have a hard time telling.
"Well, they make the cream! We just put it in ice for a while and serve! That's how everyone does it, right?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400402

I'll shake my head.
"Not where we come from. Though… I suppose that does explain the saltiness."
I'll start moving towards the door.
"I should probably go check on Mercury."

Klandin [Ascendant] 400403

"No. No that is not how everyone does this."
I walk up to him until our faces are nearly touching then simply stair at him for a few seconds.
"You…actually believe what you are saying, don't you? You think this is how ice cream is made."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400404

Guess I am not sure myself.
So that's whay it tastes like, uh?
Too different from how I make ice cream back home…
Look at the cone for a bit, before trowing it away.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400405

And I'll join you shortly outside the shop.
"You doing alright, Mercury?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400406

"Y.. you made us eat this… for shame. This is not normal, what kind of town is this."
Put the 'iced cream' down and glance at the contents of the cabinets before shuddering and going outside.

Nasse-Setä 400407

"…Uh, yes? Is there a reason I shouldn't?"
You leave the embarrassed Chocolate fidgeting in front of Klandin.

Nasse-Setä 400408

He yells after you though:
"But you liked it, didn't you?!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400409

Look at the ground.
"I feel horrible…
He clearly means it! But that's so strange! And unrespectful!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400410

I stop for a moment.
Honestly? Did I like it?

"But why…. all those gobs… I cant imagine." I look away

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400411

I'll holler back.
"It was interesting."
"Perhaps they're volunteers? Maybe they don't have cows here, and they… had to make do?"
I'll shake my head.
"I guess you could say they should be commended for making something taste that good with what they had available, but…"
I'll shake my head again.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400412

"Cows? The kind of …. milk. that stallions produce are not good substitute for cows milk, you know that." I shiver.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400413

"Feeding someone semen without their knowledge is not only wrong and disgusting, but could easily be seen as rape as well."
I get even closer and stand taller.
"Do your customers that order from the front know exactly what they are getting when they order here or do you only think they know?"

"Whether or not we liked it is beyond the point. There is a place in the world for erotic confectioneries, but that place is not an ice cream parlor that any child could walk into."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400414

Shake my head.
"It's not that! I don't think they are slaves!"
"But that taste is meant for just one mare to know!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400415

"I wouldn't actually. This is my first encounter with that particular sort of… recipe."
I'll shake my head a third time.
"We aren't in Equestria, the Crystal Empire, or anywhere on earth, I think. Not anymore. Maybe they do things differently here? Horrible as it may seem to us, it could just be an everyday thing to them."
I'll rub my nose a little.
"This place worries me."

Nasse-Setä 400416

Yes you did.
"They know. Everyone knows! We make the best candy flavored horse semen in the land! The workers here sometimes even eat their own produce! It's all voluntary for them, too. The customers, well, sometimes they'd rather not know whose produce they're eating."

Klandin [Ascendant] 400417

I back off a little bit when he tells me everyone knows.
"Everyone? Really? I suppose that in a town that worships a goddess of whores and lust with orgies I should not be as surprised as I am."
I rub the bridge of my beak with a claw and make an exasperated noise.
"You are telling me that every flavor here is made with a different kind of pony semen? Strawberry? Vanilla? Double Fudge? Rocky Road? Turtle Pecan? Pistachio?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400418

I shiver… in delight and smile a bit.
No.. thats wrong, what am I thinking?
I whimper realizing that moment of weakness.

Got to take some fresh air, go and walk around town, perhaps I can take my mind of it and see something interesting.

I snort shake my head.
".What kind of….. I really dont want too talk about it."

"You know what, I got to take some fresh air, perhaps I got to clear my mind too."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400419

"And you are just okay with being fed that stuff?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400421

"Not at all. I would have preferred remaining ignorant of the ingredients, and just assumed it was a pinch of salt added to the mix."
I'll sigh.
"But, Chocolate didn't do it out of some perverse plot, nor did the store owner. To them, it's just business, and providing a service. One I probably won't use again, but still. They must be doing well if they haven't been shut down."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400422

Sigh and stand up, looking ashamed.
"Should I go and apologize to them?"

Nasse-Setä 400423

"Everything. And you can mix too."
He sighs.
"I guess I should go and apologize to everyone."
You wander off into the streets. Gosh, there are a lot of brothels around here. Bars and inns too. Some stores, blacksmiths, clothiers, a bakery… even a theater.
You could find ANYTHING here. So what do you want?

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400424

"I'll go with you, if you do. And you could maybe explain how you make ice cream back home. They might have a boom in business."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400425

"Yeah, please.
I think I can find the courage to face him again if you are here."
Go back inside, find Chocolate.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400426

I frown and shake my head, no no more brothels, no more dicks inside cabinets.
That icecream do taste goo..

Walk back to the temple and storm inside, I got to tell them about the incident.
"Priestess, I have to tell you something.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400427

And back in we go.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400429

"Yes, you should apologize. I know now that you meant no harm by this, and in fact thought you were doing us a kindness by offering us free cones. I forgive you, Chocolate, but do not do if the others will do the same."

Nasse-Setä 400430

Now that the ice has melted, the notion of eating some random pony's sperm seems…arousing.
Roll not to gain lust.
You meet Chocolate as he's making his way back to you.
"I'm sorry! I didn't know you didn't know! This is seriously how everyone makes ice cream around here, I thought it was common knowledge! I wish you can forgive me. I'd offer you free cones but I don't think you're interested anymore…"
You find a pony wearing a familiar heart-shaped emblem.
"Yes, child?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400431

"We should apologize as well. You were doing us a kindness with your offer, and we might have overreacted. You see, that's not how ice cream is made where we come from."

Klandin [Ascendant] 400432

You have a job to do, Klandin. You have ponies to protect, evil to smite, and a journey to prepare for.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400433

"No Chocolate, it's okay…"
Put a hoof on his shoulder
"If this is how you do it, this is how you do it. It's just so different from my way.
And back where we live, these things are private between stallion and wife…"
Look a bit embarassed.
"I had never even tasted it before…"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400434

I walk near her and point outside.
"I got to report that the ice cream parlor is… serving ice creams with something bad mixed in it."

I shiver at the thought before shaking my head.
"They are mixing stallion fluid in their ingredients. We saw them inside the cabinets… g.. glory holes where they squeeze the juice out and mix it in…. " I stop speaking.

Nasse-Setä 400438

No lust for you.
No. Chocolate and the others are in the back room, talking.
He nods.
"I'm so terribly sorry. I had no idea. But it was good, wasn't it? The workers here have a strict diet in order to guarantee our quality."
The mare blinks.
"That…Chocolate's ice cream shop? Everyone knows how they make it. the 'secret ingredient' is just a sales ploy. I don't understand why you're so…worried."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400440

"The taste was interesting, and very similar to how we do it back home. It's just the saltiness that threw us off, I think."
I'll pause for a moment.
"They are all volunteers or paid, right?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400441

I step back in fright.
"W… what? What do you mean? The icecream is made of semen and everyone knows about it and eats it. What kind of place is this?"

"I.. I got to admit it taste… no.. no.. " I sit down and try to clear my head.

Nasse-Setä 400442

Sorry, 1 lust to Klandin.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400443

"Yeah, they are quite tast-"
Put a hoof over my mouth and shut myself up.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400445

Is it tomorrow? Where am I?

Campfire 400446

But we are all safe inside the walls of the town and I am sure the others know the kinds of things they will need on an adventure.

"Do you two know what you will need for our journey and where to procure it?"

Nasse-Setä 400447

Roll against lust
She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"You're a visitor to our world, child. Many of the things here don't work as you'd think."
"Paid workers! You can get really sore, and we're always looking for potential employees all the time to shorten shifts during rush hours!"
In the dick-room of the Ice cream shop.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400448

"The priestess said she'd take care of that!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Riveldi [Warlord] 400449

"Are we ready to move?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400451

"Everything will be waiting at the boat, or so the priestess said."
I'll nod slightly. Might have to keep that in mind.

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400452

I look at her.
"So those…. workers do know they serve it to their customer? Is it normal?"

"Why is everything so lewd? It feels… bad." I frown.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400453

"Are ponies the only employees here, or do you employ those vertical goats as well?"

"Very good."

"We were told to meet at the front gate in an hour. I do not believe that it has even been half of that yet."

Nasse-Setä 400455

"We don't view it as 'lewd' or obscene. I suppose it depends on what you've seen of the outside world…"
Chocolate shakes his head.
"It wouldn't be horse semen if the Capras worked here too."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400457

Turn from Chocolate to Emer.
"We should go now. The priestess will be waiting for us."

Riveldi [Warlord] 400458

"Then I will see what else I can purchase here. I'll meet you all at the front gate"
then leave and look for '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400459

I stand up.
"I… I see now, I understand now… a bit as to why everything is so.. vulgar. Its just… shocking so to speak."

I then breath, trying to calm down.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 400460

a store that'll enhance my size

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400462

"If you like."
I'll bid goodbye to Chocolate, and then head off with Mercury.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400464

I nod.
"Spend what money you have well."

Once everyone is gone I move closer to Chocolate and whisper to him.
"How quickly can you turn the raw ingredient into the finished product."
I pause as I remember what I saw of him yesterday.
"And what is your flavor?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400465

"Well, it is our ticket home…"

Nasse-Setä 400466

Description here >>400423
>You wander off into the streets. Gosh, there are a lot of brothels around here. Bars and inns too. Some stores, blacksmiths, clothiers, a bakery… even a theater.
>You could find ANYTHING here. So what do you want?
You calm down.
"You should meet the other heroes, as not to be late from your mission."
You can see an alchemist's shop in a corner. It sign looks like a bubbling vial.
"Eden's cauldron" is the name.
You head out. Description earlier.
Chocolate thinks.
"Well, it doesn't take 5 minutes to freeze enough to serve here. Can you guess from my name?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400469

Walk inside and look for whoever runs the shop
"Excuse me"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400470

I look down for a moment.
"Oh no! no no no!" Find Mercury and Emer ald.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400471

Hmm. Maybe I can earn a bit of coin for our travels, if going to the shrine is just a step.
"Say, Mercury, how would you like a dress?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400472

Look at Emer with a confused expression.
"I'd love it but we don't need a dress!
We are going on a pilgrimage, it'd ruin!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400473

"I've already had chocolate twice and was hoping you served slightly different flavor."
I look around.
"What goes well with chocolate? With your help I will be able to take care of this…warmth that has been building in me and catch up with the others before I have been gone long enough to be considered derelict in my duty."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400474

"A cloak, then? I think I might be able to earn enough coin with a good song or two to get enough to buy you a decent travel cloak."

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400477

I approach the two.
"Glad to see you two are still here. I thought the group has left the place and leave me in this town." I scrunch

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400479

"Oh I'd love to see you play!"
"It's not a big deal, we all have to meet up by the gate anyway…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400480

"Ah, come on, we wouldn't leave you here. We came in together, we go home together."

Nasse-Setä 400482

An old capra greets you.
"Hello, don't see Zebras here everyday. What can I do fer ya?"
You find them outside the cream shop.
"Well, vanilla works with everything. Or maybe…blueberry? Pear?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400486

I smile.
"Thanks, perhaps I got to stick with you guys for now. I hope that bastard is taken care of I presume." I nod to the ice cream parlor.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400487

look around nervously and lean forward
"I'm looking to enhance a part of myself"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400488

"Well, I'm not much for instruments, but I can sing a bit."
I'll scratch the back of my neck.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400489

Look a bit apprehensive.
"Oh no, it was my fault for not asking! And for not recognizing the flavor! He just wanted to help us!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400492

Nudge his chest with a hoof.
"No fair, you gotta show me now!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400493

"Pear? That sounds….I'll go with vanilla."
I grab a come and walk to the cabinet labeled Vanila and look at the cock hanging there.
"So I simply place my cone under it like this-"
I do so.
"And squeeze it?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400494

I look down.
"I speak not minding my words, apologies."

"So I suppose he got a good bit of scolding from the others I suppose."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400495

I'll shake my head.
"He's hardly a bastard. The ponies who volunteer are actually all paid employees, the ingredient is well known, and he thought we knew. It was a misunderstanding on both parts."
I'll chuckle slightly.
"Me and my big mouth. Alright, let's find a decent corner to set up on. I don't suppose anyone has some form of hat?"

Nasse-Setä 400496

He doesn't even blink.
"I'm gonna need something more specific, lad."
Chocolate nods.


I make sure my cone is positioned correctly and give it a good squeeze and a little tug.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Riveldi [Warlord] 400499

frown at him
"My dick."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400501

Shake my head.
"We actually apologized to each other…"
"I'll be right behind you!"
Perk up and smile.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400504

Right. Well. Audiences. Great.
And I'll find myself a nice side of the street, and get to singing. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400506

"As I said, I speak too much. I apologize."
I then shiver and scrunched
"I still find it…. disturbing so to speak. Squeezing those penises and giving it to the customer for consumption… "
I try to slow my breathing.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400507

Roll against lust.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400509

"So, its settled. The priestess told me, that its normal around here."


Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400510

"It really is strange, but seems like everypony here does it…"
"That was just… So good!"

Nasse-Setä 400511

No reaction again.
"Right. Smaller, larger, thicker, spunkier?"
The cock is mottled black, and surprisingly not very long. It is however, thick and throbbing. It's so fat you can see it barely fits through the hole, and if it were to swell even a bit it would surely hurt whoever owned it.
For now, however, you squeeze it, and it shoots the goop into your waiting cone. It's odour is sweet, and it looks thick. The cone almost overflows as you tug on the shaft, a string of semen flying on your beak.
You can't help thinking of this pony.
+1 to libido.
Ponies, capras, and other creatures pool around you as you deliver your interpretation of "Invisible Touch". After the concert is over, you have two new pairs of thongs and enough money to spend a weekend in a five star hotel.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400513

"Yes to the last three. But nothing absurdly out of proportion, mind you."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400514

My coat will have taken on a bit of sheen from that performance.
I'll smile a bit at Mercury and Blue.
"Well, that was a better take than I expected!"
I'll delicately set the thongs aside, and start dividing the money amongst the three of us.
"More than enough for both a dress and a set of traveling clothes, don't you think?"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400515

I look at the thong and blush.
Put it inside my bag.

"I am glad to help." I smile at Emer.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400516

I should move just a lil bit closer then…
"I still think you shouldn't but…"
BLush furiously.


I lick the semen off my beak.
Rolling to not gain more Lust from that.
"This cone is almost full, chocolate? Do I pour some out to make room for the next ingredient or do you have a tank to keep the excess in?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400519

"The more the merrier, after all."
"Well, who knows if we'll come by here again. Might as well enjoy it."
Now, let's all head to a clothiers. One that doesn't sell fetish wear.

Nasse-Setä 400522

The capra writes something down.
"Do you prefer magic or potions?"
You're at two lust. Your griffon dick is almost poking out of it's sheath.
"Yeah, ya can just pour it in the cabin."
His dong is hanging out already.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400524

"Whichever is painless, how much will it be?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400525

Whristle cheerfully and stick close to him.
"We should buy you something nice!"

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400526

I nod and follow the two of them.
"Perhaps I can help in picking out the clothes? I may have a knack on it."

"I promise I wont eat them."

Nasse-Setä 400527

You find a decent looking one, titled Madame Frou Frou's. It has a collection of capes and dresses on the display.
"Magic will feel less painful. 50 coins in front."


I pour half of it out inside the cabinet then turn and kneel beside Chocolate. After positioning the cone I start to stroke his length.
"It's been so long since I have done this. My life is busy, and my duty is more important than my life, much less anything else. I am glad I have this small chance to relax before returning to service."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400530

"Come on, now, I just sang a little song is all. Besides, I'm certain whatever we find would look much better on you."
I'll chuckle a little at that.
"Well, this looks like the place."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400531

Giggle a bit.
"There are so many strange goats around, maybe they share some fashions with you?"
Walk inside.
After Emer.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400532

In we go, then.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400533

I hope I have that '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue Carnation(Goat Preacher) 400537

Walk inside the store as I follow them.

"Well, I maybe a goat but I do try to act normal." I smile to both of them.

"Ah clothes." Look around, lets see if my fashion sense is good.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 400548

His shaft hardens to it's full length as he chuckles.
"Can't…hnn…say I know that feeling…"
Your stroking is soon rewarded with a few droplets of precum as the shaft starts to throb.
"I'm sorry, I've…I've done my shift for today, you'll have to put some effort into it. It feels like you've done this before."
If you should describe the store with one word, "Soft" would probably be it. There are pillows laid about, and there's even a few sofas next to the dressing room. Multiple dresses hang from the walls, there are capes on some shelves, and a mare jumping around merrily.
"Hello, I'm madame's assistant, you may call me Needle! How can I help you?"
The shopkeeper looks at your bits.
"Hm, I think, a potion might be more for your liking. The first time might wrench your gut a bit, but you'll get used to it."
He walks to some shelfs and returns with a bottle of green liquid labeled "enhancer"
"Drink it all at once, and the transformation will happen in moments."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400550

I pointed to my two companions.
"Both of them need clothing, something stylish and modest."

Riveldi [Warlord] 400551

"Hm.. nevermind"

see myself out the door and head to the gate


I start to alternate between slow, long strokes and fast, short strokes near his head.
"A few times. My wandering life means I've had an encounter or two with races other than my own."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400554

"Hey needle! We need something that will look stunning on our friend!"
Point at Emer.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400555

I'll demure slightly.
"I'm more here to find a dress and traveling outfit for Mercury. I already have a serviceable outfit."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400558

I tilt my head and laugh.
"Now I am confused on who the two of you that needs an outfit?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400560

I'll chuckle a bit at this.
"I suppose we could both get something."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400564

I thought for a moment and look at the two of them.
"Perhaps I should wait outside, leave the two of you to pick whats needed. I already got my own so to speak." I smile

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400568

Cock my head.
"Why, did you already buy a dress?"

Nasse-Setä 400570

You can see Priestess Emily, your guide waiting for you with a pack donkey.
Spurts of sperm fly into the cone as he starts to come.
"Do the thing near my cockhe-he-he"
Another string of delicious spunk flies out on your claw.
She looks at the both of you for a while.
"Alright! I think I know of something!"
She goes searching through the shelves.
"How about these?"
The capes are lined with light fur, and their clasps are decorated with silver feathers.
"We have every colour!"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400574

"Well no, but I am already satisfied with what I have." I point to my nice hat
I then whisper to Mercury"Go for it." I nudge her and wink before I leave and go outside.

Perhaps I got to apologize to Chocolate…. I frown, Perhaps visit him?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Riveldi [Warlord] 400576

"Good day Priestess, I appreciate all you're doing for us."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400578

"Those look lovely."
I'll look at Mercury for a moment.
"Any preference?"


I focus my strokes on the head of his cock and the inch of flesh above it. Every now and then I tighten my grip just enough for him to feel the claws but not be hurt by them.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400581

"This is… Magnificent!"
Take a cape and spin around in joy.
"Blue! I'd love it blue!"

Nasse-Setä 400582

She nods.
"And I'm glad you're with us, heroes."
Your choice. I believe the dice say yes.
He spurts the cone full of his thick spunk and then collapses, resting on his front hooves.
"That…was pretty great."
Needle brings you two blue capes.
"I presume you'll want your partner to have the same colour?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400583

"I wouldn't be against it."
I'll glance at Mercury for a moment.
Partner, eh?

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400584

Go inside the parlor, perhaps I can apologize to my outlandish reaction upon seeing a….
Oh you kid yourself, a dick is stuck on a hole and you expecft to fill your ice cream cone of its thick spunk then fill it with ice so that you can delight on licking it sweet and delicious,,,,

No, I will just apologize and have some small talk then leave.

Go inside and meet Chocolate.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400587

"But wouldn't something more green or yellow suit you better?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400588

>Wrong link

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400589

"Perhaps a nice deep green, then."

Nasse-Setä 400590

She brings you a deep green cape.
Klandin is standing there with a cone of cream in hand. Chocolate is shaking as his dick retracts into his sheath.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400591

Alright. Now, I'll just pay for this with my earnings from the street, and we can go meet up with our guide.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400592

"How far is this shrine we're to head to? Are there any other towns to expect along the way?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400593

"Wha…. I… " I look away.hiding my blush.

"Uhhmmm… I do not want to… ask what you two are doing. I came here to apologize to Chocolate for my behavior earlier." I the gulped.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400594


Roll #1 6 = 6

Nasse-Setä 400595

"The distance is not very long at all. Depending on your experience at the shrine, we might even make it back here before nightfall.
No lust.
Chocolate tries to pick himself up.
"Apology accepted…I know it can be a bit of a shock finding out."
Emily greets you.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400596

"How fortunate! I had some urgent business to attend to before I awoke here. Hopefully time will not be against us"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400597

"You look lovely in it."
Smile candidly at him.
And wave at Emily.
"Hey. We are ready for the trip!"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400598

I frown.
"Its shocking so to speak.. thank you for accepting my truce. Its just so… new to me."

I gulped and close my eyes in shame.
"I…. I do find the ice cream… tasteful. If that is to be considered a consolation….. "

Klandin [Ascendant] 400599

Let's hurry this along, I feel bad for making Groves wait.
I help him up and stand by as me makes the ice cream.

Anonymous 400601

I am in absolutely no rush at all

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400602

"Not half as lovely as you."
And I'll smile back.
And I'll greet the others gathered with Emily. The donkey too.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400603

Groves can suck a dick

Klandin [Ascendant] 400604

I'm still embarrassed that Klandin failed that roll and ended up being the first PC to have sex. I had imagined that his first would have been after bad rolls in combat.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400605

"Oh shut up!"
Playfully bump into his side.

Nasse-Setä 400606

You get your ice cream and everyone gets to the gate.

"Are you ready to leave, heroes?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400608

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400609

Okay here I am what are we doing

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400610

Look around, then nod.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400611

I'll chuckle a little.
"You can't silence the truth, Mercury."
I'll nod.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400612

I finish my ice cream before leaving and wash off my claws.
"I am ready mam."
Stupid, stupid, stupid. That ice cream didn't help. It made it worse!

Riveldi [Warlord] 400613

waiting to leave the city

Nasse-Setä 400615

You set off, following a road out of the city.
The landscape is a familiar hilly plain, only punctuated by road marks every few miles.
Emily speaks up:
"If you have any questions, you may ask them now."
Or you can fast travel.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400616

"Can you tell us about the strange races here? In Equestria the only two legged races are diamond dogs and young dragons."
Can we fast travel and get an explanation when we get there?

Riveldi [Warlord] 400618

"Are there any places that are still standing? What was the name of the town we were at?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400619

"Are there any other creatures or plants that would try to attack us like the vines in the forest? Or what that strange giant thing was? A hork, I think it said."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400620

"Maybe with a particularly cold ice cream…"
"What do we have to watch out for, during our travels?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400622

He didnt even gave me an icecream again but whatever.

"Are you a stalwart pilgrim Emily or is this pilgrim thing a rare occasion?" I ask her.
naah no fast travel for me, we're going to miss all the encounters.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400623

"Is negotiation viable for most of the encounters we may come across?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400624

"I do hope I don't have to wait until we return home to try it~."
I'll teasingly smile at her.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400625

"Maybe if we find some nice fruit and have the time, once we reach this island…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400628

"Then I look forward to it."

Nasse-Setä 400631

Emily ponders for a while.
"There are the capra, they're sort of like goats, except with hands and teats larger than your claw can hold! They're usually very merry and clanlike. Of the rarer races, there are Myrmids, they're insect-like, tall, and clad in natural armour. They're usually rather…distant, from my experience. Then, of course, there are horks. They're almost like giants, earth elementals. Most of them prefer to live out in the woods, but we have a few in our city. We don't disturb them much. We call the town 'Interaciala'. Not very many other settlements remain, like our guard captain likes to announce; 'WE'RE THE ONLY SAFE HAVEN WITHIN 100 MILES!' but there are some."
"If it talks, you can try. Some demons are devilishly intelligent."
She giggles.
She looks at the sky.
"This is a pilgrimage every priestess makes when they're initiated. Other than that, I much prefer serving my Goddess in the town."

You can get your questions answered at the boat if you want to fast travel, there won't be any encounters in the plains for now.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400633

Riveldi [Warlord] 400634

No encounters? Lets go then

Klandin [Ascendant] 400635

Gotta go fast.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400636

"I see. Thank you very much. May the Laughing One smile upon you all."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400637

"I see, so how does it feels like? I mean going to this pilgrimage?" I warmly smile at her.
Fast travel then.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400639

Fast forward, then.

Nasse-Setä 400648

She blushes for having ignored you.
"I'm sorry, I'm not very well versed in adventuring. Everyone keeps telling us to beware the succubi and the monsters. They say they live off of our bodily fluids, and I'm not talking about blood and sweat!"
"It's a long walk to meditate in front of a stone slab with some carvings on it. It's been at least a decade since anyone had a vision there."

You arrive at the boat that will take you to the island, which you can see off in the distance.
The sand is warm, and there is a small pier with a rowboat tied to it.
The donkey starts unpacking his load.
"He will stay behind and make camp here in case we'll have to stay for a longer period of time. Now, please follow me."
She gets on the boat and waits for you all to board before she starts rowing towards the island. It's a medium sized speck of green in the sea of blue. As you get closer you can see a white beach of sand, a green forest of leafy trees and a wide path leading into it.
After you land Emily asks you to wait by the boat as she offers her prayers at the entry shrine.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400649

Keep watch along the waters '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400651

Well, this is a nice beach. Sky's nice too.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400652

I stop licking my claw clean as I hear your voice.
"Oh! I am sorry, miss Carnation. I thought I would have time for a quick…ice cream before we left."

I sit down by the boat and look at the shrine.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400653

Pray, too.

I can only hope I feel the presence of the Laughing One, and that she will let me protect the party with our brand of fun should the demons tempt us with theirs.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400654

"Oooh… so this is the place." I curiously look around as I look around near the forest. Perhaps study the green foliage.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400658

Boat! Floaty! Nice!
Never been on a boat, this is so exciting!
Look around!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 400659

And a roll to notice any details that are not immediately visible.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400660

I blush a bit.
"You find it tasteful too?"
"I… aahhh.. I would never wanted too. I just said it taste good. I mean the ice cream, yeah."

Founding myself saying that, I cover my mouth in shame

Nasse-Setä 400663

There's grass and some flowers growing in the forest. Moss and ferns too.
The waterline seems to be getting closer to you by the wave…
The entry shrine is a small stone statue of the lady with a few select flowers at the base in a bronze cup.
You can feel something cold sloshing against your hind legs…

Klandin [Ascendant] 400665

"It is not tasteful, but things of this nature never are. It is enjoyable, however. If we still have time before we must leave there is some fresh material in the vanilla cabinet."

"Odd. I did not know that lakes were affected by tides."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400666

"Why wouldn't they be? Water's water, right?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400667

slowly back away from the rising water
"I do not like this."
is the water still rising? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


So strange.
Turn around and look at it.
Is it some more ice cream?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 400672

"Maybe? I am not sailor or water expert."

"No, it is just semen. You would need to scoop it up."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400674

Perhaps check the shrine that Emily is praying too, what does it look like?

"Ah… well.. I wouldnt dare." I frown a bit.
"But I could try…. " I look down defeated.

I slowly grab a cone, then check the vanilla cabinet and see if the tap is still in its place.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400675

I didn't actually say a single word.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400678

I'll look at Mercury, who's still near the water's edge.
"See anything weird?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400681

I check the water out anyways. We probably cannot be too careful here.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400682

Shake my head.
"I feel something on my leg…"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400686

"It might just be a wave, but we probably shouldn't stick too close to the water. Cadance knows this place probably have fish that have legs and can breath out of water."

Nasse-Setä 400687

No, but the water left some puddles in the sand, which seems a bit odd, considering there is nothing for the water to stick to.
There's a light blue puddle behind you. Funny, wasn't there before…
Yes, the ponyshaft is still there, but you two get to just RP this encounter out yourself.

Suddenly you can hear Emily's voice.
When you turn to see what she was screaming about, you're instead greeted by a pink blob of goo. It seems to have Emily inside it.
The creature is made of some sort of goo, and it ripples ever so slightly while "standing" in place.

All the puddles on the ground erupt into their own, smaller, light blue blobs of gelatinous mass.
As you look over your shoulder, the amorphous blob assumes a pony's face. You're staring into your own, transparent, blue eyes.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400689

"Yes probably you are r-"
Freeze for a second. Then cock my head.
"Hello there?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400690

Rapier out, for all the good it'll do.
"Everyone, it seems we're under attack."
Inspire. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400691

"No Emily!" I screamed in panic, take out my sword and attack it.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Riveldi [Warlord] 400693



Roll #1 6 = 6



No, a physical weapon wouldn't work very well… no, if I can't do anything, let the party do it.

Flick my mane and look fabulously heroic!

"We'll save you!"


Roll #1 9 = 9

Klandin [Ascendant] 400696

I charge my sword with the light of the sun and Blast the cube holding Emily.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Nasse-Setä 400701

combined +2 to everyone's rolls next turn
The pony tilts it's head with you, but instead of speaking, a little bubble forms inside and it pops on the surface.
Taking into consideration you were a good 30 meters away, and there's a wall of goo between you and the goo that captured Emily, you are glad you're still able to move as the goo ponies grab you by the hooves and you trip to the ground.
Slimy tendrils slip up the inner side of your thighs as they explore you…
Same as you, except the goo pony that stops you violently kisses you, her tongue making all the way to the entrance of your throat.
Roll not to gain lust without any bonuses due to your heightened lust already.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400702

Oh, and that inspire comes with a +2

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400703

Heep and pull back!
Look at what the other did to Emily, and then scream!
In panic, Ice Bolt this one blob!

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11

Riveldi [Warlord] 400704


Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400705

Well, this probably won't do much, but let's put that rapier to work.
'1d10+2' on the one menacing Mercury.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400706

"Wha… no no… stay away! " I try to wriggle away and escape its clutches.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Can I fly to Klandin to help him out? If I can, do so.

My Inspire should have been 9+2, so total of +3 to all

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400708

That's a 12 then!

Klandin [Ascendant] 400709

I cough as hard as I can and try t cut her away with my sword.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Nasse-Setä 400711

She freezes in place, a statue to your skill with ice.
You're paralyzed as the tentacle coils around your testicle sack and your hind legs become enveloped in goo. You can see the slime under you assume a female zebra shape.
Your lust is now 2.
Another puddle forms into an image of a pony in front of you as you try to advance. This time it's a mare with a long, literally flowing mane, looking at you with a begging expression.
You struggle free as you see the slime appear as a canine form in front of you.
No lust increase, but your sword doesn't do much. >>400707 Rose pulls you free from the slime though.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400714

shit get out from this thing! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400715

"W.. what are you?!" I look at it wide eyed
I grit my teeth in fright, seeing Riveldi in danger, I try to gather my courage and attack this…. gellatine beast in front of me.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400716

Turn around and buck it, trying to shatter it!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"I doubt our weapons will be especially effective against slime. Now, where's that lovely frigid mare?"

Flick my mane again! Look pretty and Inspiring!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400718

"I'm sorry, but you can't eat me."
Stab. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400719

"One costumer at a time, please!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400720

I blast the goopony.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Nasse-Setä 400727

You struggle your other leg free as the mare tries to turn you on your back.
You jump straight into the beast's lap. The goo moves around, reaching around your flank, tickling your teats.
Roll against lust
You shatter the goo pony before it melts.
+1 to everyone's rolls next turn
The goo pony bubbles a bit as your thrust penetrates it.
It then tries the same, except it rams it's hoof straight down your throat, causing a gagging reflex.
Roll 1d10 for results
You blast one of them into small gobs which then roll together and back to the lake.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 400729

The goo zebra only ineffectually sloshes against Riveldi.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400730


Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0

Klandin [Ascendant] 400731

I fly up above the fight and out of range of the goo creatures. Once I am there I start to circle.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400732

Wait, forgot inspire. So that's just a 1.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400733

Fuck no! Pull myself free damn it! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400734

"Please no…. " Shit escape its clutches.
'2d10' escape and against lust

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400735

Cry out for him as I Magic Ice Bolt another goo pony!

Roll #1 7 + 5 = 12

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400736

Oh wait! Ruse. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Come on, look confident, flick my rapier about a bit…


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Nasse-Setä 400738

The goo pony locks you on the ground and quickly envelopes your sheath and balls, starting to vibrate around them softly. She leaves your body clean from abdomen up, though she keeps kissing you.
You gain '1d3+2' lust.
You manage to free yourself of the goo pony, which backs away, looking rejected.
+1 to your lust. So you have 2 or?
The beast brings it's snout near you and licks you with a gooey tongue, while it envelopes your nether regions, prodding on your entrance.
You throw yet another pile of goo to the lake.
+1 to everyone's rolls next turn.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Nasse-Setä 400739

Emer's head is poking out from his sheath, the goo tickling it further.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400740

Now, take out my Khanda and SHATTER THE FUCKING THING FROM EXISTENCE '1d10+3'

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400741

Off. Get it off. Pleasurable or not, I prefer to be the one to make such decisions. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400742

That's just wrong!
Take off my cape and try to use it to scoop the goo pony enveloping Emer up!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 400743

"Burn, foul monster!"
I dive bomb the goopony on Emer Ald with my spear and Blast it.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400744

"No no… " I try to buck it away.
Try to wriggle away and escape. After that perhaps I can attack it or heal the other party members.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Since everyone is helping Eme, go over to Blue Carnation. Flick my mane, and strike a fancy pose.

"Fear not! I'll save you!"

Place my hooves on her, rub her a bit, then Glorify her!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Nasse-Setä 400750

She keeps kissing you and teasing your shaft's head. It feels like dozens of small, soft lips are kissing on your balls. Roll against gaining more lust.
The rump of the goo pony bumbs you away, but then…
The pony basically gets flinged into a million directions from top of Emer.
The goo reforms it's hind legs. You can see it's large penis is hardened and ready to try for you any time.
Nope. She gets to roll against lust again though.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400752

I'll gasp slightly and roll so that I'm not exposed to the world.
"Thank you."
And then I'll inspire. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Riveldi [Warlord] 400753

"You! Cease this indecency NOW!"
Command on one of the goo pones then

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400755

"Focus on the fight!"

Ice magic bolt!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Riveldi [Warlord] 400756


Roll #1 8 = 8

Klandin [Ascendant] 400759

"Unless we can find a Lunar priest protecting others will be just as much my job as hunting the evil. Stow that thing. I don't care how hard it is; you must focus on the fight."

Back into the air I go.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400760

"Stop.. please!" Shit kick it away!

'2d10' escape lust

Roll #1 8, 1 = 9



Just get the Goo off! Attack with my rapier and pick it apart!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 400763

You're devastatingly horny, and can think of nothing else but getting release as soon as possible as you rub your length against the coarse sand.
One of the goo ponies turns to you, mesmerized.
You freeze the goo around Carnation.
No lust, but the front legs of the goo are frozen around you.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400764

"Now just.. stay where you are!"
how many are left?

Klandin [Ascendant] 400765

I dive down and Blast the goo surrounding Emily. I do my best to strike the goo as far away from her as possible.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400766

"Ah! Finally!"
Rush to carnation and break the goo off her.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400767

I just look at Mercury with frightened eyes, is she trapping me?
Wriggle away from the goo's grasp. Try to see if I can slip away from its legs.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nasse-Setä 400768

You can only see Emily, her coat matted. She's laying on the sand, panting.
Your dive ends digged in the sand.
Three or five, it's hard to tell. It seems they are retreating back into the water.
You manage to free Blue.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400769

Shout towards the fleeing goo things.
"And stay away!"
Then, run over to Emer and see what condition he's in.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Klandin [Ascendant] 400770

I take a moment to catch my breath.
"Emily, are you alright?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400771

What about that goo wall?

…is there anything else here that would be a sexually deviant problem? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400772

Step away from the goo, weapons are a bad idea. Let Mercury handle it. How many goo's are left.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400775

Seeing Emily paralyzed I rush to aid her.
"Emily! Wake up." I shake her and heal.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nasse-Setä 400777

The goo leave.
You grab a hoof full of awfully hard horse cock.
She sits up, her belly looks more distended than is normal. She looks down at it.
"Oh no…"
I'm gonna let that slip for now.
The wall of goo were the goo mares.
You can see the retreated slime ponies hanging near the island in the water.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400778

I'll groan slightly.
"If you're not planning on doing something with that, then… just. give me some space…"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400779

"Emily, what's going on?"

And then seeing Eme Rald

"…don't be shy. Want some time off?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400781

Scare them away '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400782

Eep and let go of him, blushing furiously.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400783

I look down at the bulge in her belly with a disgusted and angry expression.
"This is my fault. I should have saved you."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400784

"why don't you duck behind a few bushes and do what you need? Don't be shy. You can't afford to stay like this here."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400787

"It's all our faults."

Put a hoof on him.

"We did everything we could. Let's keep doing what we can."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400788

I'll blush as well.
"Right. Just… look the other way for a minute."
And then I'll make my way to the bushes and try to quickly rub one out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400789

I look at her inflated belly a bit frightened but curiousand fascinated

:"W… what did they do to you?" I frowned a bit.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400790

I look up at the two of you.
"The Pinkie Pie worshiper is right. Better you two take care of that problem than a goo monster or a succubus."

"We should have done more. If I had known that the goo monsters could impregnate ponies I would have intervened sooner."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400793

"H-hey! I'm not her mare or a-anything!"
But then turn towards Emer.
"B-but if you n-need help, I c-could try…"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400794

I look at Klandin alarmed.
"Impregnate? But its too fast." I shiver in fright and excitement.

I shake my head trying to clear it of bad thoughts.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400795

"We acted as much as we could to save everyone, alright? Now…"

Look about Emily. Could I Heal her to get rid of it?

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400796

"I tried to heal her but for some reason it wont work for me." I scrunch.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400797

I'll blush furiously from behind the bush.
"I-I might need the help…"

Nasse-Setä 400798

Your friendly goo pony coils around your front leg and hugs you.
She struggles on her feet, a clear liquid leaking from between her haunches.
"D-don't worry, I'll manage. The goo mares aren't evil by nature; they just live of off our…sexual fluids. Usually they aren't so aggressive…"
"A part of the cube went inside me."
She manages a chuckle despite all of this.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400800

shiver from the touch
"Oh.. you

…can you talk?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400802


Go and check on Eme rald, then.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400803

"They were creatures made out of goo. the natural laws here do not work quite the same as they do in Equestria."

"Do you want privacy while, ahh, expelling it? We can set up a perimeter while you do so."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400804

Sigh, and move towards the bush, then sit behind Emer, giving him my back.
"Ok-okay. What should I do?"
Gulp down.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400806

"Well, for a start you could try… rubbing it."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400809

"Are you even sure its friendly"
I look at her a bit worried,.
"You are still able to laugh after what they have done to you? Its inside you right now."

I look at her belly.
"Is there any way I can help you?"

I frown.
"Its very… distrubing at the least."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400811

"I… I have ne-"
No, shut up.
He helped me yesterday with the bed.
It was so cold and he did warm me up.
Time to pay the favor back.

Turn around, close my eyes, and reach with my hooves for his member, trying to find the base as I rest upon his back.
Then, slowly start to rub up and down.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nasse-Setä 400814

Some bubbles form near her mouth, but she shakes her head.
Emily speaks up.
"They don't exactly have anything to make sound with."
Rose is on the other side of the bush, listening in.
Emer and Merc don't know this of course.
"I can't exactly expel it just like that, but don't worry, I ca-ha!"
A small red tentacle appears from her mouth, but she swallows it.
"Ugh. I hate it when they do that. I'm fine, we can finish our quest and I can get help at the chapel when we get back."
She shakes her head.
You find the base of his shaft, slowly starting to rub up and down, massaging the sheath in the progress.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400815

I take a frightened step back when I see the tentacle come out her mouth.
"If you say so. Come on, Rose can watch over the others."
I quickly move into the temple.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400816

At least they seem to be starting well.

Better stay to make sure.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400817

I'll exhale slowly, and my left leg will twitch a bit.
"That feels good. Really good."


Okay… This is strange…
"Is.. Is it okay? Am I doing it right?"
Pick up the pace a little, going all the way from the base to the top.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Riveldi [Warlord] 400819

"Strange beings they are.."
pat it on the head
"What of the shrine?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400824

I frown seeing at what the thing is doing inside her and let step back.
"Alright then, we will wait, but do tell when you need help. That thing…. does not look healthy to me."

Breath in, now what do I do with this funny pent up feeling that is bottled up inside me?

"We shall study it says the priest, but it appears the creatures here are intent on studying us I presume." I shiver.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400825

I'll nod.

Nasse-Setä 400828

"Yes, please…follow me."
She starts walking along the path slowly.
The forest is light and colourful, not like the drab and forbidding forest that you entered this world through.
You can even see rabbits jumping in the distance once.
You now have three lust, and your hindquarters start feeling wet.
The scent is in the air for everyone to smell too.
You rub him sensually, gaining pace, making the shaft throb in your hooves.
Roll not to gain lust.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400830

snort out the goat smell and follow her, keep a look out for anything not friendly '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400831

Please, this is only a friend helping a friend!
Not everything related to jerking off has to be sexual!
'1d10' not to gain lust.

Also, that throbbing-
"It feels weird when it moves…"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Klandin [Ascendant] 400833

"Rabbits? Are those real rabbits or will they attempt to rape us as soon ass we avert our eyes?"
I keep walking keeping my eyes open for threats and breathing through my mouth so I don't have to deal with that strange smell.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400834

I try to close my hind-legs as I follow Emily. Not now…. you are here to study.

"How far are we?" I ask her with my head looking down.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400837

I'll twitch slightly.
"Well, it… it has a mind of its own sometimes."
My breathing will quicken a little.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400839

I keep forgetting my rolls.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Neith [Inquisitor] 400841


Nasse-Setä 400842

This is completely nonsexual jerking off to you.
Emer can feel a pressure swelling at the base of his shaft as you continue your gentle ministrations.
"We shouldn't hurry so we can have all of the heroes with us at the tablet."
You could swear you can see something leaning against a tree a little ways forward.

Neith, you woke up on this island a day ago, with no idea how you got there. Without a boat you haven't managed to escape either.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400845

Well, if something's coming, I'd better give a small warning.
"I'm… I'm getting close."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400846

Best not to disturb them for now since they seem to be well.

Return to the others. How's Blue Carnation?

Klandin [Ascendant] 400847

"Something ahead."
I draw my sworn and take to the air.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400849

slowly put a hoof on the hilt of my khanda
"You there! Identify yourself!"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400850

Okay. Then keep going.
Maybe use a hoof to stroke and another to massage his lower reaches…
"S-should I stop?"
Keep going.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400852

"Ah.. ahaha yes yes I agree." I try to laugh.

With that I sit down in a corner and wait, Do I slowly grind myself in a corner?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400854

I'll shake my head.
"N-no. Just warning you so you can… can point it somewhere else when it's time. Don't want to m-make a mess on your new clothes…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 400856

I come into view and draw my pistol to aim at him

And then lower it as I hear that.
"Hail, gryphon. I am sister Neith of the Holy Inquisition. About damn time somepony showed up on this wretched island."

Nasse-Setä 400858

You if anyone should be able to smell that.
You manage to restrain yourself.
As you grab his balls, he spurts his stuff out. Loads of it too, the goo pony really teased him there. The shaft throbs even harder, until eventually Emer's orgasm is over, and his dick wilts a little in your grip.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400859

We are in a spooning position, with me behind you reaching over your back, eyes closed.
"J-just help me then! Take my hooves and point it away!"
Ops, too late.
Let go of it and check my hooves.
Are they clean?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 400860

"An Inquisitor? And one that recognizes the name of Celestia? A lucky find in the strange land, maybe too lucky. Which of the Sisters do you serve, and what is her domain?"
I keep my sword drawn.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400862

I'll pant slightly.
Blush furiously.
"And sorry."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400863

"Hey, hey. You might want to.. take care of that. Why don't you take a bit of time off like the others?"

"..unless you need help?"

"An Inquisitor? Oh, well. Welcome to our party of lost ponies. Looks like you can be lost with us! I am the Preacher of the Laughing one known as Rose Charmer."

Riveldi [Warlord] 400865

keep my hoof on the hilt of my sword and turn to the priestess
"how much farther?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400866

Shake my head.
"It's okay. I did owe you a favor from last night. I can't imagine how cramped it must have been, sleeping there."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400867

"You were very comfortable. And pretty warm, too."

Neith [Inquisitor] 400868

"The Inquisition serves both sisters. Though I serve princess Luna in particular, guardian of the nightsky and dreams."

I give him a disgusted look
"Why is it that I never seem to be able to escape from you clown worshipers?"

Nasse-Setä 400872

That depends on how you'd determine a success on that one. I guess they are.
"Not much longer. Five minutes at most."
Your goo pony rolls forward to see Neith better.


Flick my mane and look incredibly pretty

"Perhaps it is the will of the gods. Shall I give you your complimentary red squeaky nose? One of us, now."

Did that seem Inspiring?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400874

At this I won't answer, preferring to turn around and leave. With a mild sheen across my face.
I'd say a success is a yes, to any question, no?

Let's rejoin the others.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400875

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400877

I look at Rose a bit furiousand a bit self concious

"H.. help?! In what?" I try to give a forced smile.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400879

Yes, rejoining the others.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400880

I sheath my sword and land in front of her.
"It is good to see you here, sister. Do not mind him, after what I have seen here I believe a worshiper of Grogar or Nightmare Moon would be a good enough companion to fight the evils of this world."
I look at the goopony rolling up to her.
"Have you encountered these before? The zebra seems to have tamed this one."

Riveldi [Warlord] 400881

"Then we should hurry, I don't trust this newcomer anymore than I would trust the pile of goop. I'll be ahead."
rush ahead of her and scout around '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400882

"Don't be shy…"


"It's obvious. This land is full of things meant to grab at your fun places. You need to let yourself go or they control you with their own brand of unclean Fun. Do you want me to help you?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 400884

I point my pistol at the goo pony
"What on earth is that thing?"

I shake my head, still looking mildly disgusted.
"The gods should know well that clowns do not belong on the battlefield, but in a circus."

"I have not. Where exactly are we, gryphon? I have been stuck on this island for days without seeing anypony."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400886

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, dear. I wonder what shall happen to you in this land…"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400887

"I have not yet gotten the name of this land, but the creatures living here have never heard of the Sisters, Equestria, or its surrounding regions. The monsters here are creatures of lust, and the people are quite free with their affections."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400888

I look at him still not up to it.
"Ahhh… I errr.. what kind of help can you offer?"

I stand up, keeping my hind-legs together.
"Then lets head up, I mean better be there fast right? Or perhaps we can wait."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400890

"And of Cadence either, don't forget!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 400891

I frown.
"You have to be joking. What is this vile place called then? Is it truly filled with heathens then?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400892

"They have their own gods, it seems."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400895

"Whatever you need. Let us hurry."

Quietly duck somewhere where the party can't see us and take Carnation with me.

Klandin [Ascendant] 400896

"Like I said, sister, I do not know the name of this land. Because they have never heard of Equestria I do not blame them for not following the light of Celestia. The people I have met so far are kind, but different. Different in behavior and, in some cases, body shape."

Are we at the shrine yet?

Nasse-Setä 400898

the goo pony forms it's own hoof holding a pistol. Good thing she doesn't point it at you, and she soon loses interest in it.

You continue along the path until you arrive by a cliffside facing the lake. There is a large stone tablet set standing there in a circle of stones laid out like in Stonehenge.
Emilia speaks up.
"If you please, read the inscriptions and view the images in the tablet. I will stay down here to wait for Rose and Blue Carnation."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400900

I keep silent as he carries me away.
"Wha.. what will you do to me?" I shiver in fear and excitement

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400901

Well, let's take a look. First one, then.

Riveldi [Warlord] 400903

"Why us?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400905

Still confused by all this, take a look at said tablet.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Klandin [Ascendant] 400906

I do so.

Neith [Inquisitor] 400907

"Bah. This sounds fishy. I will investigate further then. This could be Discord's work. Or worse yet, Tirek."

I shake my head at the goo pony and turn to the priestess
"You. Your name."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400909

"Uh? Who is Tirek?
And isn't Discord working for Celestia and Luna now?"


"Whatever you need."

Give a reassuring, Inspiring smile.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Klandin [Ascendant] 400912

"I am thinking it is Tirek. We were told this world was civilized before it fell to an alliance of changelings and demons."

"An ancient evil, and I refuse to believe Discord is working for Celestia. It must be a trick of his."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400914

"Must be some sort of demon. Probably not as mischief-oriented as Discord, though."
"Well, maybe that's the joke? He really is, and no one believes it?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400915

"But it made great news last year!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 400918

I snap my attention back to him
"Demons!? Changelings!? This hellhole is corrupted then!"

"What the hell are you talking about? For that matter, what the hell is wrong with your coat?"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400921


"Most of it is. There is a single town that is left, and they are kept safe by the blessing of an alien goddess."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400922

"Haven't you ever seen a Crystal pony before? I mean, sure the kingdom was magicked away for a thousand years, but we've been kinda all over the place since Princess Twilight and Princess Cadence freed us."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400924

"Uh? What?"
Turn around in circles, looking at my tail.
"What is wrong with my coat?"

Nasse-Setä 400926

"You are the heroes. The chosen ones. This is why we are here."
she bows as much as her belly allows her to.
"Emilia, my lady."

You gaze at the tablet. Most of the writing is gibberish to you, but you can see several equine figures in the tablet, 7 in fact. Or is that 8? It's hard to tell, the stone has been worn down in time. One of them is clearly a griffon. They seem to be fighting some sort of a tentacle-y monster.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400928

I blush and approach him while wiggling my tail. With that I whisper..
""Please be gentle, past partners of mine in the past are quite… hard and fast on me."

With that I raise my rear end while waiting for him to do the first move.

Neith [Inquisitor] 400929

I glare at him
"So, you are a local too then. A corrupted one with some sort of shiny enchantment of sorts at that."

"So this Cadance and Twilight protect it? Are all the ponies here like… that?"
I point at Mercury and Emer Ald

"… You are pregnant, sister?"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400930

head up and look at the images, then try to make out the consistencies in the gibberish '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400933

Look at the tablet.
"More vines?"
"What are you talking about?
Nobody here has ever heard of Princess Cadence anyway! And we are just normal crystal ponies, stop pointing like we are freaks!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400934

Can I make out anything more? '1d10'
"What are you talking about? We're natives of the Crystal Empire, located north of Equestria proper, and under the guidance of Princess Cadence."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We'll need to do things quickly, but, alright. Just relax, and let yourself in it…"

Rub her all around first. Glorify!

+2 from 11 Inspire, right?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Klandin [Ascendant] 400937

"More tentacles? At least it isn't a demon."

I pat you on the back with a claw.
"So long as you are with us I doubt we will have to worry about this fight much. If they can talk amongst themselves they may even surrender as soon as we approach."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400940

Step sideways, clearly taken by surprise.
"W-what? I'm not some mighty mage!
I just make ice cream!"
And hoofjobs, those too.

Neith [Inquisitor] 400941

"Just what the hell is a crystal pony? Some sort of mutated earth pony following a false princess?"

I glare at him
"Are you saying the princesses permit this travesty to exist? I have never heard of this 'Crystal Empire' and the princesses would never allow some princess pretender to threaten their rule."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400943

"But your magic is proving most useful."
"Permit? They encourage. They kept Princess Cadence safe, oversaw her marriage to the captain of their Royal guard, and helped restore her throne. Tourism has been a great source of revenue."

Nasse-Setä 400944

Emilia blushes.
"You…could say that."
You're not even sure you can read anymore.
There are lots more on the tablet. You're not sure what it all means, but there sure is a lot of stuff on it.
So, uh, do you want to act this one out by yourselves?

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 400946

I was hoping you could give us funny results for our rolls

Riveldi [Warlord] 400948

head back to the priestess
"It's all gibberish, what now?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400949

"A false princess?"
Frown even harder.
"Cadence is no false princess! You take that back and apologize right now!"

Klandin [Ascendant] 400950

"No, the princesses Cadance and Twilight are unknown here. They worship a goddess named Cifu. Those two are crystal ponies."

"How does a member of the Inquisition not know of the Crystal Empire?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400951

I frown at him while waiting with my rear raised/a bit impatient
"What are you doing? Is this some kind of ritual?

I straighten myself while looking down blushing.
"WIll you help me or not? I can understand if you dont."

You can help.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400952

There are other tablets, right? Maybe they'll make sense. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Neith [Inquisitor] 400954

"Then explain to me why I have never heard of this 'Crystal Empire' and this 'Cadence'."

"You should not be here then, why not go back to your heretical temple? You're nothing but a burden."

"The only two princesses are Luna and Celestia. They and they alone rule ponykind by divine right."


"Just relax. I do this all the time…"


Get working.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Klandin [Ascendant] 400957

"You lie to yourself. You magic was strong enough to confuse the birds about the current season."

Can I make any sense of the gibberish writing?

"Are you sure you have taken a bump on the head, sister? Can you remember the name of the head of your order?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400959

"You've been living under a rock? It's [insert Equestrian year], who hasn't heard of the Crystal Empire just appearing in the north after a thousand years of there being nothing?"

Nasse-Setä 400960

You J-J-JAM IT IN right up her sphincter in one fast, brutal movement. That's gotta hurt.
"This is the tablet of prophecies. The only one."
"Maybe the goddess will grant you a vision soon."
"I only got impregnated when we made land here on the island, lady."
You bet if you had some time and paper with a quill you could write this in modern ponese…

Everyone studying the tablet roll 1d10

Klandin [Ascendant] 400961

"And I must ask that you be polite to our guide."


Roll #1 7 = 7

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400962


Roll #1 7 = 7

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400963

With that I smile and try to relax. I then raised my rear and wait to be mounted.

I cringe in pain. I do have a feeling that he is a lousy fuck.
"O… ow… you." I try to hold tears.
Perhaps I can help him smoothen the process.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400965

"It's just because there were so many of you supporting me.
And I couldn't let you down!"

Riveldi [Warlord] 400966


search around the place then, make sure nothing like the goo incident happens again '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400968

"And we in turn can't let you down either."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Neith [Inquisitor] 400970

I glare at him
"And what of you, gryphon? Perhaps you have been corrupted to the point where those demons have inserted false memories into your head to make you more accepting to the idea of overthrowing the sisters."

"… What year did you say it was?"

"You don't look the part. You seem like you've been pregnant for months."


Oh boy

"No need to worry, This will help."

rub her fun hole with a hoof and GLORIFY OH GOD PLEASE

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400973

"It's [current Equestrian Year, Harmonious Era]. What year did you think it was?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400974

"[insert Equestrian year]! The empire reappeared just little over a year ago now!
And what's this of demons!"
"But you haven't! And I couldn't get to you in time before that goo-thing could..:"
Shrudder a bit.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400976

"It was my fault attacking it with a rapier. Stabbing goo was not a smart idea."

Klandin [Ascendant] 400977

"I do not wish to overthrow the sisters, sister. Cadace rules the crystal empire to the north of Equestria's borders with the blessing of princess Celestia and princess Luna. Princess Twilight is the first new alicorn the world has seen in over a century and is the bearer of the Element of Magic. The ruling sisters have not given her and as of yet, but there is talk that she may take control of Ponyville on the border of the Everfree. I am still waiting to hear the head of your order."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400978

"See? I couldn't hit all the ponies at once!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 400979

"That can't be! It's [Insert Equestrian year minus 1200 years]!"

Nasse-Setä 400981

In a flash of bright light, you appear floating in the air some 50, maybe even 100 meters above the shrine. You seem to be suspended in mid-air.
A lousy fuck is the perfect description of this. He keeps pounding your dry hole, you're sure you'll need a healer after this.
"I have a few young goo mares inside me."
She offers a hoof for Riveldi's commanded goo pony to wrap around.
To the rest of you it just looks like Emer is studying the tablet very, very intensely.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 400983

Well. This is new.


Have the demons cursed it so purity is no longer well?

No matter. Rub her all about while working! Inspire!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400985

I just whimper underneath him.
"Stop… Rose… please it hurts." I grit my teeth, trying not to pant.

Try to wriggle away from him.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400987

"Uh… No.
That was so much time ago!
Even before Luna was banished to the Moon! Heck, even before our empire disappeared!"
Chuckle a bit.
"I kinda had the same reaction, you know?
Now they have this thing called a dishwasher that is really the best!"


Let her go, then!

"Sorry.. looks like I;m losing my edge."

Just… just lick her party hole, then. Least I can do if my rapier seems unable to do much.

Roll #1 2 = 2




Roll #1 3 = 3

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 400994


I smile at him and put a hoof on his shoulder.
"Its alright, I.. I can manage." I forced a smile as I try to calm him down.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"I-I'm sorry. I think I'm losing my edge."

Here, I hope running a Heal through her will make her feel better.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Neith [Inquisitor] 400996

"… What?"

"Lord Inquisitor Trotquemada, of course."

"Just what the hell are you talking about? Luna banished? What on earth is a dishwasher?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 400999

"Oh, a dishwasher is this thing that you put dirty dishes in, like, plates and glasses and ice cream canvas, and they all sparkle clean after a hour! I couldn't believe it when I first saw one!"
Giggle in excitment remembering that day.
"Oh and that whole Luna banished stuff? Bad things.
She's back and she's good, to me is like she's never gone!"

Nasse-Setä 401001

It does.
An ethereal voice speaks.
"Hello. You are one of the heroes."
"It is a long story. Maybe the others will tell it to you."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401002

:"Dont worry, its just carnal pleasure, nothing to worry about." I forced a smile, while I wriggle away from his grasp and stand up. With that I clean myself a little.

"Perhaps we should go back to the maingroup, ahaha… "

Does my lust go down, up or does it remains the same.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Neith [Inquisitor] 401003

I frown
"We will need to discuss this further when I've had time to process all of this, crystal pony."
I look her over again
"That coat looks ridiculous. Can't you… turn it off or something? Stop it from glimmering?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401004

I'll look around as best I can.
"So it would seem. And who, exactly, am I speaking to? Making assumptions here probably won't work in my favor more often than not."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401005

"But it means I'm happy! Something really bad should happen for it to go opaque again!
And it's terrible!"


"We should, yes."

"… I'm sorry."

Roll for a good kiss on the cheek before going off.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Neith [Inquisitor] 401007

"It makes you look like a massive target if anything."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401009

"Not like there are much evil creatures in the crystal empire since Sombra is gone for good!"
Answer with a smile.
"And we've been told these guys just need some love."

Nasse-Setä 401010

you lose one point of lust due to the pain.
"The people call me Cifu."
There is nothing in the surrounding forest but the woods and plants. Not even a wind blows among the leaves.
Maybe you should try her cheek or lips instead of an eyelid though.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401012

"Right. This being your shrine and all. I was told you might be able to tell us how to get home, but from what I could make out on that tablet down there, it's not going to be as easy as just walking through some magic portal back to Equestria."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401013

"And who the hell is Sombra? Another heretic pretender?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401014

We're back with the group already, right?

Nasse-Setä 401015

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401017

"He enslaved us all with his dark magic, and then disappeared taking the whole kingdom with him for a thousand years!"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401018

I just laugh to all his odd ways, kissing the eyelids? Perhaps he is a virgin.

"Come on lets head out," I stand up straight and follow the trail.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401020

"Cifu… I do not know your name."

Ready a Rapier draw.

"Please, I wish to know, who are you?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401021

Currently she's only in my head. Emer just looks like he's staring at the tablet really hard.

Nasse-Setä 401022

"I can. Your return home will be the reward for saving this world.

Neith [Inquisitor] 401023

I shake my head
"Another example why practitioners of the dark arts are not to be trusted. All they do is destroy and corrupt."
I look around
"How long have you been in this… filthy land?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401024

"From the horrible thing made out of tendrils that's on the tablet down there? What is it, anyway?"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401025

Oh, never mind that, then.

"About a day and a night, now, Inquisitor."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401026

I stand next to him and ready my crossbow.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401028

"Since yesterday morning, really.
Got go meet some strange plants, saved a guy from a succubus, changed season, learnt how they make ice cream around here…"
Tap my chin with a hoof in a pondering manner, while looking skyward.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401029

I look at her.
"You are new, are you a loca priest?" I smile at her.

Nasse-Setä 401032

"It is just something they carved to represent the corruption wrecking this land. You will find your answers if you search the ruins of the Citadel."
The voice starts to fade.

Neith [Inquisitor] 401034

"And all of you are… from the future?"

I look more and more disgusted as she cites the happenings in this land
"The Sisters would do well to launch a crusade upon this land and purge it from corruption."

I look her over
"No, goat. I am sister Neith, member of the Holy Inquisition. And apparently, about 1200 years younger then you are."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401035

"Is there anything else you can tell us, before you go?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401037

"Oh, they don't do that anymore. I know, shocked me too!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 401038


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401039

"Looks like all ponies live in harmony and love now."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401040

I start reading the inscriptions while the others talk.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401041

"Holy inquisition? I havent heard of that before." I put my hoof on my snout.
"So…. do you investigate…. anything that is holy? I mean inquisitive is in your name as is holy and… yeah." I trail off.

I look around the place, what does the temple look like? Anything of intrest?


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Why, nothing of the sort occurs in my day and age. Ever hear of Harmony, Love and Peace?"

Follow suit.

Does my experience help me understand anything better?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401045

"Holy inquisition? I havent heard of that before." I put my hoof on my snout.
"So…. do you investigate…. anything that is holy? I mean inquisitive is in your name as is holy and… yeah." I trail off.

I look around the place, what does the temple look like? Anything of intrest?


Roll #1 9 = 9

Neith [Inquisitor] 401046

"So the Sisters succeeded then. The Inquisition succeeded."
I let out a approving grunt.

"We hunt down the wicked, smite the evil and purge the corrupted. Our order deals with things such as demons, the undead, heretics, heathens and so on."

"What of them, clown?"


"Principles one should live by for Joy, Honourary Clown."

Look Inspiringly handsome by flicking my mane.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 401049

"Mind the gap."
Then you start spiraling down to the ground until you meet with your body again.
There you are, a bit wobbly and blinking like you'd kept your eyes open for the last 20 minutes.
Nothing really, just a few flowers growing there and there.
Not at all.
They tell of lost heroes wandering the land and defeating the evils corrupting it, of it's dangers. Nothing new to you, honestly.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401050

"Mind the gap? What the hell kind of advice is 'mind the gap?'"

Klandin [Ascendant] 401051

"The tablet says we need to wander around and fight evil. Shall we return to camp now?"


Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401052

"Yep. Pretty cool actually, I can now keep an ice cream shop in peace!"
"Uh? Are you okay?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401053

>arg double post.

"Oh! Holy warriors of Celestia. Now I get it." I smile at her as I approach.
"It s good to know good people like you are here. It will be great if you can accompany us, if you like of course."

I look at Emily.and approach her.
"So what are we exactly going to do here? Are we going to pray to the Gods? Perhaps give some sacrifice?" I smile at her

Study the flowers, perhaps take a bite and chew on it? What does it taste like?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Neith [Inquisitor] 401054

"My life is devoted to the Inquisition. Nothing more."

"Good for you."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401055

I'll blink a few times.
"Seems their deity, Cifu, decided to talk to me. Our ticket home is freeing this world from the corruption that plagues it."
I'll tap the tablet.
"Basic hero stuff, you know. This thing's supposed to represent it, and we're supposed to kill it. Or stop it."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401056

"Ah. A bit of advice for you, then: When the monsoons come, it is the mighty, stoic trees that are ruined, and the flimsy grass which easily bends with the wind remained unharmed."

"And it refuses to bring us home until we're done? desperation…"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401057

"But I gave up hero stuff a thousand years ago!"
Whine a bit.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401058

"Did she give us a target, or are we simply to fight whatever corrupt thing we find until she sends us home?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401059

"It's about the only lead we've got."
I'll shrug.
"Not much helping it, I'm afraid."
"Nothing concrete. But, if it's anything resembling corruption itself, then it's probably going to have at least as many tendrils as those vine plants. Or something."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401060

"I will tag along, goat. For I need help to fulfill my task in this corrupted hellhole."

"'Freeing this world of corruption'? I did not need some heathen god to order me that. In the name of our wondrous imperial majesties Luna and Celestia, I will cleanse these lands and purge all who stand in our way."

"I don't need your condescending poetry right now, clown. Save it for somepony else."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401061

I frown.
"Maybe the head mistress can give us a target to go after. Some sort of demonic ringleader to focus our wrath on."

"And I will fight by your side, sister."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401062

"Oh, more raping plants? I was almost worried!"
Roll my eyes.
Chime in.
"And in name of the savior Cadence, too!"

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401063

"Maybe it's best if I discussed this now…"

Signal to everyone to pay attention.

"You know the nature of the corruption of this land. Carnal desires, that sort of thing. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting have fun with your party parts, but demons, they corrupt it and turn it into something… awful. They sue it to hurt people and that's not very Fun, alright? So, what I'm trying to say is… if any of you need anything, don't be shy. We need to be here to help each other. If you need to have some Fun, get one of us to help, okay?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401064

"That is good to hear. Welcome to the club." I extend a hoof and shake hers.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401065

"Well, Cifu mentioned something about a ruined Citadel. That's where we'll find our answers."
I'll blush a little at that.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401066

"Remember, ultimately, Party Part Fun is the gift of the Laughing One. Enjoy it, but be safe!"

Neith [Inquisitor] 401067

I look at him in sheer disgust.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401068

Near Emer and try to keep a straight, no-blush face.
"Do you think these things might actually be dangerous?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nasse-Setä 401069


You can keep RPing

Klandin [Ascendant] 401070

I raise an eyebrow.
"Are you seriously saying that if any of us get a little hard or wet we should go to another one of us for release? If it becomes that necessary simply find a private area and relieve yourself."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401071

I frown at him and step back, remembering his version of fun.
"I… I dont know, I am a bit skeptical. Perhaps the demons that you ponies think are not demons at all."

"Or I dont know, those goo's does not look like demons nor are evil if you ask me."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401072


"Of course, if that's fine with you. But you never know what might come out here…"

Give a nonchalant shrug.

"You'll understand in time."

Oh, right, how inspiring was that?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401075

"Some of them, maybe. Like that succubus. Or the vines. And that Hork thing in the forest."
I'll shuffle a little.
"Or were you talking about the rest of the group?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401080

Shake my head.
"N-no! I like them! I like you all! I'm just worried for these strange things! What if we fail?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401081

I look down trying not to look at Klandin.
"Companionship is something to consider. It feels more… appropriate if you are with someone… and if done right, that is my stance."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401083

…I'm sorry. You won't give me a chance to make it up to you, will you? At least.. try and find another stallion who can help you out, if you won't.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401086

I'll give her a little nudge and a smile.
"C'mon now, with you, that big catbird there, and the others, we should be fine. We'll be fine. And we'll go home, and you and I can share some ice cream in your shop. We'll laugh about this years from now."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401087

"The goo does have an odd effect on females, and I do not wish to see if males are vulnerable as well."
I shudder at the thought of where they might leave a piece of themselves.

"It is very generous of you to offer all of us to each other. Perhaps you do not realize that we are all not as affectionate as the two crystal ponies are for each other?"

"True, but it takes time and leaves two people vulnerable in the event of an ambush rather than one, and if one of the participants is secretly corrupt companionship will allow the corruption to spread easily."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401089

"Companionship is not for me. I must carry my burden alone. I am just one inquisitor, expendable in the grand scheme of things."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401090

Smile back.
"Alright then. You will protect me if those things get too close, right?"
Stick out my tongue playfully.

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401092

I'll smile rakishly, and steal a small kiss on her cheek.
"On my honor."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401093

"We may have to be. Or at least, close enough so we can speak about it openly. Hiding anything like this would be our undoing."

Oh and
How attractive do I find the catbird


Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 3 = 3

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401095

I shake my head.
"Perhaps next time… but not right now. You are kind of nervous more than I am and you are not doing it appropriately. Part of it perhaps you are not accustomed to goats like me."

I then whisper to his ears and shiver.
and partly because you are quite big.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401096

Blush, perk my ears up and look surprised in general, mouth slightly open.
Then close it and turn away, shaking my head slowly with a small smile.

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401097

Meh. Just a catbird.

"We're here if you need anyone to, ah, help."

"…oh dear. Well, there are ways to work around it. Just come to me if you need anything."

These two will be fine.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401098

"I agree with you on the last part. Hiding any encounters or emotions could prove fatal, if not at the claws of a monster then a the claws of one who lives to fight evil."

Emer Ald [M C. Pont Trickster] 401099

I'll chuckle a little at that.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401100

"B… but thats impossible, a male cant get pregnant. Well thats obvious but what you are stating is absurd."
I shudder at the thought that a male pony… or any other race getting pregnant

"I mean just look at Emily, it doesnt do her any harm… though it still frightens me at what it does to her." I frown.

I then stick close to Rose and compare my rear hole to his lance.
Blue: 2
Rose: 7

"See now? Dont worry, I can take your whole length, like most goats can.You just have to be gentle like I said." I give him a warm smile.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401102

"Vines cannot reproduce with things that are not vines, goo cannot do what we saw it do earlier, and succubi are not so brazen as to casually feed in front of a party of armed travelers. Things in this world do not work the proper way. If I can help it I will not aid corruption, and I certainly will not be the one to bring more of it into this world."


"I'll just have to be gentle~"

Run another heal through her.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Neith [Inquisitor] 401106

"It sounds as if there is no shortage of corruption in this world."
I spit on the ground in disgust.
"Much work to be done."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401108

"Do you two need privacy now? Me and the Inquisitor can stand guard."

"Much work indeed. By the way, I feel like I should inform you that there are new races in this world. Capras, which are goatish things that stand on their hind legs; and Horks, which are stoney giants. If they are found in town they should be safe to be around."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401110

"No need. Just doing touch-up work."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401111

I look down a bit ashamed.
"Then I will give my aid if I can. As long as it is evil I will fight it back."

Seeing him sweating I put a hoof on his shoulder.
"Please, calm down. I am not going to bite you." I chuckle.

"Privacy? Uhmmm … uhmm… well I dont know if Rose…. well, is into it right now." I keep both my hindlegs together and blush.

Neith [Inquisitor] 401112

"I will keep that in mind, paladin."
I look him over
"Which order are you from? Not many griffins choose to fight for the Sisters. Not during the timeperiod I lived, anyway."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401114

"Very well."

"Good to hear, Carnation. If he is not, and you require attendance, then see to your needs. We cannot afford to collapse in the middle of a fight like Emer nearly did."

"The order of Celestia the Gloriously Incandescent. It is old and them members in this peaceful age are few, but it has always been open to nonponies. Would you care to take a perch up above, sister? I am about to do so, and if we can each focus our attention on half the island rather than the full thing we shall keep guard much better."
I give my wings a few flaps to stretch them out.

Neith [Inquisitor] 401116

I grumble
"I can't."

Rose Charmer [Preacher] 401117

"Allow me to do the same."

Fly up and refresh myself.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401118

"Are your wings injured? I can give you a lift if they are."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401119

I unfurl them
"No, not injured. They are small and weak. Some… birth defect. Bah."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401121

"I can fly though, but I'd rather not right now."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401122

"Thank you, friend."

I offer you a claw.
"Will you accept the help of a fellow follower of Celestia, and her sister, so that we may guard the ponies who are not as capable as us?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 401125

I grumble
"No. I'll do it myself."
Flap my wings and take to the air with some uncertainty, then fly over to a place to perch on and overlook the area.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401126

I fly up to a perch as well.

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401127

I blush hard.
"Well…. if Rose finds it in himself, perhaps I can give him a second chance. I believe in companionship… after all."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401129

I keep my eyes on the area I am watching.
"A second chance? Did he bumble the first attempt?"

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401133

I look sideways as I scratch my head with my hoof and frown a bit as I lower my voice.
"W.. well, kind of actually. He's beeeen… a bit enthusiastic since he ram it all up to the hilt. Its painful to put it lightly." I lower my head.

Klandin [Ascendant] 401134

"Ah. Yes, that can be painful."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401137

I nod.
"Well yeah, I am still not kind of use to such coupling and to different races and their sizes, even now."
I then look at my rear as I breath out in stress and bit of frustration
"I got to take care of this sudden heat of mine later. As you said, this world is dangerous if things like these are not attended too."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401139

"Do it now, while the three of us stand guard. There must be some old room in here where you can find privacy."

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401142

"Well…. perhaps I'll take care of it." With that I nod and leave to one of the old rooms and play.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Blue carnation(Goat Preacher) 401143

That is satisfying, with that I rest in the temple.

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401971

So, here we are, on this strange island.
I will approach the newcomer with a smile.
"Hey there."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401972

I turn to look at the source of the voice
"Oh, you. What is it?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401975

"Well, I was wondering, since you are an inquisitor and all…"
I will start fidgeting with my hooves.
"Do you have an idea what got us here?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 401977

I shake my head
"I don't remember how I got here to this…. hellish world. My guess is that there is dark magic involved. The fact that we are from different timeperiods makes it all the worse. What do you remember? Did you anger anypony that could have done this to you?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401979

Slowly shake my head.
"Not really.
Life is peaceful in the Crystal Empire, and I just had a small ice cream shop."
I'll look aside, pondering.
"Maybe Pony Joe from Canterlot set me up to this…"

Neith [Inquisitor] 401981

I spit on the ground
"Whoever the heretic that caused this may be, he or she will pay dearly for doing so. I will see them burned on the stake personally."
I shake my head
"And after that, call for help to cleanse this world from the overabundancy of corrupted filth."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401982

"Why would a shop owner from a different region go to such lengths to get rid of you?"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 401983

"Maybe she was so good at her job she started to freeze out the competition?"

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401984

"He knows he can't compete against my ice cream at the next National Dessert Competition, of course!"
"Oh. The stake. They stopped doing that."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401985

"I could have sworn Joe sold…coffee? Breakfast? I cannot remember, it has been a year since I was last in Canterlot."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401986

"I am sure Equestria will understand the need for reintroduction of such methods once they've seen just how vile this place is."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 401988

"Considering the fact that they managed to reform Discord, they'd probably end up trying to reform these guys too."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401989

"Donuts! He does donuts!
With all the sprinkles and sugar and fried and warm!
The very opposite of my ice cream, basically!"
"I can't say I miss those techniques.
It's kind of nice to wake up after a thousand years and see the world is a much more relaxed place. No inquisitos running around, no big conquests.."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401991

"Assuming that this world is on the same plane of existence as Equestria."

"That is most likely the way it would go."

"Oh! Yes, I remember now. I had a very good donut last time I visited Pony Joe."

Neith [Inquisitor] 401992

I snap my attention over to him
"What did you just say?"

"Do I need to remind you that it is only thanks to the sacrifices my brothers and sisters made that your future was possible? The problems of the old days did not fix themselves. With fire and sword, we have always strived to protect Equestria's ideals and its princesses. From what I hear about your future, we must have succeeded."

"We got here. There must be a way to get back out. And a way to create a stable portal to march our armies through to bring down the hammer onto this place."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401993

Narrow my eyes, fuming.
"Well next time you pass by the crystal empire I will make you the best ice cream of your life.
Something you will never forget, a thousand times better than any donut!"
"But why bring it here too? The ponies don't seem to mind."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401994

"Discord was reformed by the holder of the Element of Kindness. I am certain it is a trick off some kind, but most others are content to watch and let him make the first move."

"it may be possible, but would it be worth the cost in lives and souls to bring a barely populated plane to order? Nearly all that remains of Equestria's military are the Royal Guard and princess Luna's Batguard."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 401995

"That Discord's on Celestia's side now? Princess Twilight and her friends managed to get him to behave, more or less."

Klandin [Ascendant] 401996

I laugh.
"That would be hard, because Pony Joe's donut was the best I've ever eaten. I will though, so long as you promise your ice cream is made in the traditional way."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 401998

"Do you think the Wonderbolts count as military?"
Giggle a bit.
"Wouldn't want it any other way. Oh pon, I was so embarassed when I saw… That!"

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 401999

"Right. That."
I'll turn to Neith.
"Fair warning, the ice cream here is made with a rather special ingredient."

Klandin [Ascendant] 402001

"At some point in the past, certainly. Today, not so much."

"It was certainly an…unexpected surprise."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402002

"They are ignorant fools then."

"Then we will bring out the armies of old instead."

I look at him in disgust
"I truly hope you are joking. There is no controlling Discord. He is a free and wicked spirit."

"Bah. I don't like ice cream anyway."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 402003

I'll just shrug.
"Well, regardless, he's out and about and not causing trouble. That's about as under control as he gets, right?"

Neith [Inquisitor] 402005

"I don't believe that for a second."

Klandin [Ascendant] 402006

"And risk destroying the future over a world inconsequential to our own world? If we will play with time why not take some future army that has an even better understanding of magic and metallurgy?"

"Supposedly he changed his ways after learning he had no friends."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 402007

"Well, seeing's believing, as the saying goes. We'll just show you when we get back."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402008

"But it's not up to us to say what they should find right.
We are guests here after all. And they are really kind!"
"I was so embarassed when I couldn't tell the taste!
And it was my first time tasting anything like that, too!"
"Oh but it is true. He is all over Equestria fixing things with his magic."

Neith [Inquisitor] 402010

"Ponykind should be ruled by the sister only. They rule by divine right, so even this world should belong to them seeing as how it is inhabited by ponies."

I grumble
"And then it turns out to be an elaborate ruse…"

"It does not matter just how kind they are. A heathen is a heathen."

Emer Ald [M C. Pony Trickster] 402012

"If it does, the Elements of Harmony can just turn him back to stone, like he was for a thousand years or so."

Klandin [Ascendant] 402013

"I am surprised the taste was not more obvious. One would think that ingredient would stand out."

"It is inhabited by many other creatures as well, and they are no where near as segregated as the modern or past, worlds. I would prefer to tame the area outside the town's walls before bothering with what is found within the town."

Mercury [Thaumaturge] 402015

"I doubt the Princesses would mind."
"They had a really strict diet I've been told. Maybe that's the reason.
I wonder how the others would taste…"
Look around at all the males in the party.