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You have seen the end
You know it is close

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES Neith had been chosen as the new Lady of Frost, and the party had regrouped outside the gates of Tambelon.

A mysterious white alicorn had been spotted back at the Gardens of Chaos, and many questions remained unanswered regarding the true nature of the mission at hand.

Twilight Sparkle stands ready to teleport you back to the Palace of Lights when requested, or you may do something else first if you wish.


"Are we ready to go back to the Gardens?"


"There is the matter of the new arrival, still.."


"Yes we are."


"Do we have anything else to do here?"


"I stand ready. A strange falling star would merit attention."


"Yes we are."


>In Tambelon
Search the castle ruins if you want to
Walk around town and talk to the dead
Go visit the market again
Go check on the ones you met earlier
>Outside Tambelon
Go take a bath in the lake
Go to the Garden
>In the Garden of Chaos
Look for the White Alicorn
>At the Palace of Lights
Get some answers
Meet old friends
Get your next mission


"Then we should be off"
Head to the gardens


"On second thought, I think investigating the ruins of the Library might be worth doing. Who knows what might have survived?"


"That's not a bad idea either."


"…you have a point"


"It might be wise to burn all that remains. Tomes on necromancy and books of heresy should not be scattered around in public, lest more people will start getting ideas."


You glance back at the ruined library, and can see torn pages spell out "Pls go" in white against the dark stone


"That might be worth investi-"
"…Well that's oddly specific. I'd say this definitely warrants further investigation."


"Hmmm this is a signal."


"Everyone here is dead already, though the economy of souls may persist."

"…well okay then. In another life I might have taken that as a sign from the gods."


"This is spooky, almost too spooky. I vote we go to the Gardens."


You are not the leader because Radiant is not here.


"Well since these are ruins now. I'm heading off to the gardens, leave my body where it falls"


I smirk.

"Afraid of a little omen now? Though we have spent enough time in the company of Death."


Use freeze on the ground he walks on to make him slip


Radiant has no authority!

Rolled 2 = 2


It's either going to be me or Gaius.

"It's just weird is all. Let's get going before that alicorn disappears."


"I feel a chill… is Someone undressing?"


You freeze the ground near him, causing an undead pony carrying a large amount of flaming oil in barrels to slip and roll all the way to the library ruins, destroying anything that was worth finding there


The landscape has stopped shifting for the most part, and only a few signs of life remain.
The crater left by Discord's death still remains.
Curiously, the surroundings seem to react more actively when Neith is closeby.


I shrug, good enough for me.

Any sign of a giant white alicorn at all? Hoofprints?

Rolled 9 = 9


Walk past the crater somewhere

Rolled 6 = 6


Inspect around.

Rolled 1 = 1


Examine the surroundings more closely. How are they reacting to Neith's presence?

Rolled 8 = 8


"Hm, interesting. Any guesses as to why you are so popular here?"

I search the area.

Rolled 9 = 9


I fly up and see if I can find any sign of the alicorn.

Rolled 8 = 8


I shrug indifferently

"They fear me, I suppose."


You can see the Alicorn not too far away. It seems to be fighting some of Discord's surviving high priests.
You realize that among your demigod friends, you are a very lowly pony who can do little more than wave a knife around and hide.
Things seem more… chaotic near her. Plants sway in odd ways, rocks float, water flows backwards. You assume it has to do with the Twisted Soul.


I land by the others and point them in the direction of the alicorn.
Do we know that she absorbed Discord's soul?


"Any sign of our guest?"


Yes. You shared in it's power when you all combined earlier.


Thats almost funny.

I do.


"They certainly don't act like it. Maybe they just recognize the smell of their master in you."

I glance at her before taking off in the direction of the alicorn.

"Let us hope those priests don't share their adulation though!"


"Right.. I'll see you all there"
Head towards the alicorn's position


"They will only be met by my sword in return."

Follow him


I follow them.


I follow her.


As you arrive to a clearing you see the Alicorn, somewhat bloodstained, blasting one of the high priests apart with a spell.
She is large, with a pure white coat and a deep red mane. Her horn pulses with visible power. Overall her appearance is very intimidating, as if she was as powerful, if not even more so, than the very gods you have faced.

The high priests seem to share this sentiment, and the surviving three appear terrified.


"Who are you?"


" well now…"


"What kind of alicorn are you?"


"Who are you?"


"You there, Alicorn! Explain yourself!"


I stay above her, wary and waiting.


She does not reply, as she is focused on the battle at hand.
A high priest tries to leap at her with a rubber chicken, but she blasts his hoof off with a single spell, leaving the bleeding pony to crawl away for help


"Should we help them?"


Well then, take out my whip and get to work on those priests!

Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


Backstab the priest.


Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


"Priests of Discord are no allies of us…well, most of us."


Stay back and watch instead


"I know, but I've got a bad feeling about that alicorn. She feels wrong, you know what I mean?"
I hang back


"She does feel a bit… off, now that you mention it."
I also hang back.


You whip one of the surviving priests across the neck, causing him to stumble and get caught by the Alicorn's magical attack.
He dies horribly.
Noticing the one crawling away, you plant your blade in his brain, finishing him off.

One priests remains, and the Alicorn picks him up telekinetically.
She seems very angry about something.
The priest just whimpers


I whisper to the others near me.
"Should we tell her?"


"Discord has been slain. Now who are you!?"


"She seems awfully angry… that might not be the best idea."


"sure why not?"


"I am not sure. She acts as if possessed."

"…no good will come of this."


"Yes we should."


The high priest's head explodes and the Alicorn turn to you
SLAIN? By who? When? HOW?


"By us. On order of the three lights. With the help of the conduit and the elements of harmony. NOW WHO ARE YOU!? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!"


The Alicorn seems incredulous, but not directly hostile.
"Three lights… conduit… what manner of idiocy is this… "
She then looks over you
"You can call me Faust. I have… business with the gods of this world. Tell me then, if Discord is no more, has a similar fate befallen other gods?"


"Grogar has just fallen, as has the avatar of True Death. Tirek was to be our next foe."


"Grogar has been slain as well, soon Tirek will join him in that regard. This is a crusade, a holy war against the wicked."

Think to myself for a moment.

"Where are you from? I cannot remember any alicorns named Faust. Who do you serve?"


Take a deep sigh, then close my eyes and lower my head


Oh dear…
I take a deep sigh and shake my head. No way this isn't going to end in a fight.


"Tirek… that fool. What has he done…"
She opens her wings
"I serve none but the one true creator. You. Show me where this Tirek resides. Or the 'lights' you spoke of. Either way, I must see them at once."


"Let's take her to the Three Lights. Maybe they will answer our questions while she is around."


"What is your goal here exactly? Who is this 'true' creator?"


"From what we learned, I vote the lights as well"


"We can only hope. Explanations have been a long time coming, and this greatly complicates matters."

I ponder.

"A 'true creator…?"


"The one who created ponies and the world they live in. The true world. Now let us hurry, time is short."


"Follow us, mam."
I take flight and head towards the palace of the Three Lights.


"…well everyone?"


"… I have never heard of such thing."



Twilight chimes in
"What's the holdup? My teleport has been ready for a whiel now"


We picked up a guest.


"Surely not some dead guy from Tambelon?"


"She's a bit…larger. Can you account for that?"


"Turns out none of them wanted to leave after we killed Grogar and True Death. We found an alicorn that claims she is a servant of the Creator in the Gardens of Discord."


"I… guess? Who is it?"


"She's an alicorn who calls herself 'Faust' and says she is a servant of the True Creator."


"A.. creator? Well there are stories about that but I don't really know anything proper. So, are you all ready?"


"I don't know if we should be relaying too much information all at once"



"Faust, we're going to be teleporting in a few seconds."


"We should be"


"I know."


"My name is Aenoi, its an honor to meet you. However much that accounts for"


"Okay, here goes!"
You fall through nothing for a moment, then reappear in the Palace of Lights
The Sun and Moon are on their thrones. Two griffons, clad in golden armour, stand by the thrones. A bit further away, two pegasi and a unicorn are chatting.
On closer inspection the Unicorn seems to be Valiance.
Manifest Destiny is moving nervously at the side of the room.

Faust looks around and then focuses her sight on the Virtuous Sun and Vigilant Moon
You must be the gods of this world
That we are. Yes. And who are you?
A messenger. A harbinger. An avatar of the True Creator.
Interesting. How can we help?
They begin talking.
You can use the time to talk tot he others.



Go to manifest destiny
"I have a request, but first what is troubling you?"


"You look worried, Manifest. Anything you want to tell us?"


"What manner of a monster have you brought with you here… And why? She terrifies me…"


I wander over to Valiance.

"Ah, Sir Valiance. It is good to see you at least made it this far. What are you doing here?"


"We both had questions for the Three Lights."


"One who seeks reason from this recent chaos, I would guess. I have my own questions on the matter, but that is for later."


"You heard her, calls herself an avatar of the true creator. She doesn't seem evil to me, just determined."


A pegasi and a unicorn?
Wonder who they are…
I walk over to them.
"You know these ponies Gaius?"


>A pegasi
Pegasi, derp.


"We met. He was a knight sworn into Celestia's service who ran afoul of Tirek's dark magic. It seems so long ago now."


"This is not right… she is no avatar of the creator… no… that cannot be right…"

"Well met, well met indeed. I am here to serve, in afterlife as in life proper. The Three Lights saw it fit I be among their elite guard in preparation for a coming battle."
The two pegasi look over to you
They look remarkably similar. Possibly siblings or other close relatives.
"Greetings. I am Dearly Decorated, and this is my son, Gracious Glory. We were called to join preparations for a possible coming battle."


"Then what is she? While you answer that why did the Three Lights see fit to break the promise they made with the other gods and attack them?"


"Whatever she is… she is trouble. I can feel it… as for the gods… I am a humble servant. I am in no position to comment on their behalf."


"Pleasure to meet you."
I hold out my hoof.
"You mention you were called? For doing what, if you don't mind me asking?"


"Interesting. Who else did they summon to serve them?"


"Be that as it may. I don't know how long we'll be here so I must ask: may I look for more armor?"


"How big a threat do you think she poses?"


"To prepare for war. Just in case."
"The two you see by the thrones - Fairness and Fearless, champions of Virtue and Vigilance, once fought alongside me, and trained Gracious. They were summoned to guard the Lights."
"I would suggest you ask the smith Narpa for it, not me."

"I fret to say… but possibly absolute…"


"Do you believe the Lights' actions will cause her to turn violent?"


"I meant what did you do prior to being summoned that made the Three Lights take interest in you?"


"Right, my apologies. "
Head to wherever Narpa is
its been awhile and I forgot who's who


"Perhaps. But I cannot know. She is an enigma to me. A dangerous one."

"I was once among the top warriors in Equestria. Gracious fared no worse, serving Celestia in life and death. Valiance… well I'm sure he can tell his story better than I."
Narpa, the smith of the gods, is waiting by his massive vault
"Welcome back. What is it you seek?"


"Strange that they would limit their choices such, when there are plenty of other strong warriors to choose from otherwise."

I turn to leave.

"Well, it you will excuse me I have something I wish to look into."


"Mmm. Gotcha. Well, if you don't mind me, I have a few things to attend to. It was a pleasure meeting you."
I leave and head to Narpa to pick up my armor.
Narpa's the blacksmith, right? I've completely forgotten who's who…


I follow him out.
"What are your thoughts on the new alicorn?"


"Hmmm… we shall remain vigilant in that case. She best not start preaching heresy."

I take my leave and practice shapeshifting again

Rolled 4 = 4


"We are not all who were summoned. Merely the only ones present.
I bid you farewell then."
Narpa presents you with your armour, now polished to a mirror finish and repaired of all former damage
"Better than when it was first forged."
You find a small pool in the palace gardens

Learn to shapeshift in water: DC5
Learn to shapeshift anywhere: DC7
Master shapeshifting: DC10


"Honestly? I don't trust her. She may know more about the divine than we do, and this talk of a 'true creator' coupled with what Grogar told us about Beyonders is disturbing."

I take out the book I took from the library.

"Pair that with her obvious power and she is incredibly dangerous. Odds are her goals will intersect with ours before long."


"Stronger/lighter Armor and a shield. If my guess s correct then my hoices in tambleon will greatly affect how my life ends."


Okay. I can do this. I need to succeed here so I can hone my skills. This could come in VERY useful so concentrate!

Rolled 7 = 7


"I hope we can stay on the same side as her. I hate to run like this, but I just remembered something the previous elemental Lord of Ice told me. If you need anything I'll be inside Napa's forge."
I leave for the forge and ask Napa if I can climb inside and practice my shapeshifting.


"Much, much appreciated. This armor holds a lot of sentimentality for me… and to see it in such excellent condition really lifts my spirits. Thank you so much, Narpa."
I give him a small hug, return the Crystal Armor and equip my own armor, then head to the library. Any necromancy books, so I don't have to keep awkwardly translating?

Rolled 10 = 10


"Very well."

I open the book and start to practice my own new abilities.


"You may take what you need from the armoury. There should be Ironwood and Ironwave armour of all grades,and many kinds of shield.
As for morality and mortality, I have no real understanding of them. Perhaps the gods know better."
You let your body once more melt into water, and this time it does not shatter. You flow yourself around a little, getting used to exceeding the limits of flesh. After a while you feel confident enough to try some other forms. A stallion, a donkey, a bucket of water, more wings, no wings… you think you got the gist of it.
[French Necromancy And Why It Can Go Die In A Fire - a short memoir by sir Plotte Devais esq.]
Your spells are no longer in french.
Basic shapeshifting: DC6
Master shapeshifting: DC10


Let's see what I can do.

Rolled 2 = 2


Luna, lend me your strength…

I focus on the imagery the book and attempt to master my abilities.

Rolled 4 = 4


"I see. Thank you"
Take my leave and look for something strong but won't hinder my magic in both shields and armor

Rolled 3 = 3


Good… Good!

That will have to do for now.

Go back to the throne room. What is happening right now?


You take the form of a magnificent flaming alicorn, truly the most demanding of all transformat- no wait that's your default form.
Looks like you're kinda bad at this.
Your butt turns into Nightmare Moon's again. Looks like you focused on the wrong imagery.
Getting rid of it is DC8
You find Medium Crystal Armour and a gold lined shield that bears the symbol of a bandaged heart.


I try again.

Rolled 7 = 7




Can I look for a new sword?

Rolled 7 = 7



I try again.

Rolled 8 = 8


I'll take judgement and save the second one.

As for Groves?


You tuck the fire wings away and grow smaller in size. Then you grow horns and cloven hooves.
Finally you return to normal. You may now shapeshift into a new form as a basic DC6 spell.
Yes if you know exactly what you want to find.
You got rid of the butt.
You may try one more time if you want.
Can enter whenever you want to do it


I suppose I might as well use this time to look up what other elemental creatures/avatars there are.

Rolled 6 = 6


A better rapier this one is kinda weak.


Okay, one more try…

Rolled 7 = 7


Can I keep practicing to lower the DC or will that have to wait for later?
If I can't I return to the throne room.

Can you do two characters at once?


I could, but I don't really want to bother DM with it



I guess I'll leave Card Trick out of this then.


"This is nice, buuuuuuut…"
Look for a crystal greatshield

Rolled 3 = 3


I could wait with summoning Groves of course


Your choice. I'm going to have fun either way.


I'll wait until after Tirek I think… unless that's the end of the quest


You find some rather conflicted information. While some sources only refer to the Elemental Lords of Fire, Ice, Lighting and Earth, others point to non-elemental avatars like the ones of Day and Night, Compassion and Betrayal, Loyalty and Honour, and other abstract concepts like Generosity and Kindness.
Your rapier SOMEHOW gets +1 to its grade
Just like that.
Focusing harder, you are able to reshape yourself into proper corporeal constructs rather than just mist and illusions.
You can shapeshift into other things at DC6
You can try again later
Faust has finished with the gods.
She gives a disgusted look at the Avatars of harmony and leaves for the residential area.
No such thing exists in the vault
You instead find a rune shield, which stops all spellcasting when used.
It is if you beef it. I remove the "no TPK" rule after him.


"Are we all ready to speak with the gods now?"


I suppose I can go have a chat with the avatars of harmony

"You there! Don't you realize how much potential firepower you are wasting by sitting here cowering like a bunch of craven dogs? You could be taking the fight to the evil gods!"


I leave the library and return to the rest of the party in the… main hall? Wherever they are.


"Not this bullshit again…"


"Neith, we already talked with them about this. They are from a more peaceful time and are neither fighters nor killers."


what did I miss


Not bad. I could get used to this.

I head off to see Narpa.


Look for a shield of stronger healing. If I can't then rejoin the others

Rolled 4 = 4


Faust came with the party to the Palace of Lights and spoke to the gods, Valiance, Gracious, Gracious' dad and some others have been summoned as war preparation, Manifest Destiny seems scared after seeing Faust


I want to talk with the Sun
Can I?


"What do you require?"
You find a shield that makes partial heal successes count as proper successes. You then head back to the others.
he is right there on his throne. Go ahead.


Just one more question, did any of the others mention that anything about the talk we had with Grogar and the possible lies on the 'War of the Gods'?


"What progress have you made on my effects since we last saw each other?"


Only to Faust
"They are almost as good as I can make them now. Very formidable."



Is Destiny around? I want to ask him about the strange tool.


Twilight looks a bit hurt
"I do my best to help…"
"Oh what is this then? Where did you get it?"


Well then

I go in front of the Virtuous Sun, and kneel down.
"Oh, Virtous Sun, if I may ask a simple question…"
I look up, right into it with a determined look.
"Have you betrayed me?"




"In the library of Grogar."


"Cheer up, Twilight. You help us quite a bit."
I go back to the forge and ask Napa if he can make my knife stronger.
I need to go get ready for a party. I should have some time between when I finish getting ready and when I have to leave.


"May see them?"


I keep looking, with determination on my face.
"Would you lie to me, Oh Virtous Sun?"


I wave a hoof dismissively

"Acting like a glorified taxi is all you can do? I've seen what your elements can do. Turning immortals into mortals is probably only one of the many things you can do with it. If you fought alongside us we could find out what other powers they hold! Think of all the evil that could be purged!"


I glance at her angrily.
"I've been over this with them. Only I was brought out of my stupor of stupidity by my friends. I was wrong. And since I doubt you have any friends, I order you to stop this nonsense. Now."


"Well now. It is quite strange. Not sure wha-…-it can repair mutated flesh, if the user is skilled enough."
"Certainly. Come back when you need it again."
He presents you with everything you left.
"Would it matter? You are my avatar, an extension of my will."
The Avatars of harmony mill around awkwardly, then Rainbow Dash steps forth
"I'll come with you."
The others look shocked.


"….oh great, the Radiant of ice is going on her own power trip"

Sit in the main hall and meditate on recent events

Rolled 5 = 5


"What kind of skill are we talking about?"


"Steady, calm cuts. Nerves of steel."


Keep kneeling and looking determined, almost gritting my teeth as I speak.
"Yes, it would matter. I was lied to. I was betrayed. And it broke my heart and spirit. I promised to myself that I will never be lied and walked on a leash again. It is one thing that I follow the Sun because what is right. But I will not follow it if the Sun decieves me for it's own gain. I am honest before you, oh Virtous Sun. As your Avatar, your extension of will, I demand the same. Are you honest with me, Oh Virtous Sun?"


"Very nice. I feel I may need these in our next task."


Ignore her, she's too busy talking with her idol anyway

Use the essence of Discord to overhear this.

"You stay quiet and try not to attack anyone!"

"The elements need to be combined to have any power, from what I understand. All six of you would need to join us for it to be of any use."


"Good to know."
Im going with Neith now.


"Then speak your mind fully, Avatar of Light. What are you getting at?"


Loudly drop my shield

"And what of it, that I don't? I hold no pact of loyalty or reason to listen to you! Tell me why I should care what you say or intend to do? You refuse my healing, dishonor my 'comrades,' and now you MAKE DEMANDS!? Should I betray this cause, you will die with me"


The Avatars of harmony look very worried
Manifest Destiny seems to be talking to himself
But they should not be risked
Danger? Of course there is-
-oh. Oh no. Oh no no no…


"We have fought Grogar as you have asked me to. I have served you, brought justice under your name. I decimated our enemies with the Wrath of Your Heat. But we did not outright killed him. We have interrogated him. You spoke of War, when he wasn't amassing forces. He wasn't preparing to launch an attack. We assasinated him. I have become what I grew to despise, simple henchmen, assasins without a cause."
I look down to the ground, with a tear in my eye.
"And on top of that, instead of being here in Paradise, Celestia was kept in eternal suffering in Hell itself, in Death…"

I look up again.
"I demand an explanation, oh Virtous Sun. Without lies."


"Please ignore Neith, she doesnt know what she is talking about."


Roll my eyes at this

"Oh, it's drama o'clock already? I did not notice. You were the aggressor, I was the one doing my job. I have not attacked anyone from our group, unlike you."

"Why not? What makes them so much more important than us? Anypony can be replaced. Celestia and Luna may have died, but their avatars were passed on. Tirek is prepared for our arrival and we will need as much aid as we can get."


"Because you are not a element of harmony idiot."


"And what if they can't? What if there are no suitable replacements?"


"Celestia, the brightest of my Avatars, gave all of her to serve me, down to the last light of her soul. I could not save her even if I wanted. I would need to expend the power of another god to repair a soul as spent as hers.
Yet you speak of cause. Of right and of wrong. She knew of right cause. She knew our vision was worth her all. A vision of a world without evil. Without chaos and death and destruction. Without madness and sorrow and corruption. A perfect world."
Manifest Destiny coughs
"I fear… I may disagree."


"But what if one of them die? No more conduit."


I laugh a bitter laugh.
"Controlled by you and the Moon, isn't that right?"


Glare at her

"Elements are avatars, just like the mage and the paladin are. And just like I am now too. If we die, these avatars get passed on. The former avatar of frost told me herself."

Perk up a little at this.

"Of course I am."


Walk close to her
"you might want to keep a watch closeby then"
Walk to the library if there is one


"Am I supposed to be scared now? Is that it? You don't have the guts to try that again, preacher."


"But… the conduit is no longer with you, I see. Its power beats within you."
He pokes your chest
"And the joyous laughing one."
There is one.
It mostly has books about nice things.


"But is not right, just look at the yellow one she cant even hold her head up."


"Of course. Balance be damned if you three can rule over all, isn't that right? Mischiev, death and sorrow be damned if you all could rule over Heavens, right? Without caring what it will cause to the mortal world? As long as you have foolish, gullible followers you can send into peril so you can grab all the power you can get?"


Run up and use Cheapshot + power attack on Neith with my cursed greatsword


Protect on Neith!


"Take it outside"
You and Neith are teleported to the yard. Fight there.
Sol can come too.
"You seem very fond of the bad things of the world. You feel they are natural. They are not. Before the Dark Gods took their places, such things never existed. You have become conditioned to think they should exist. This is what lets the Dark Gods keep their power. They are only real, because mortals think they should be."
Fluttershy hides behind Applejack as Manifest Destiny leans in closer
"It might be safer for them with you…"


"Explain yourself Destiny."


"We have killed death. No living being can die now. That is good yes…"
I laugh a bitter laugh again.
"Then again, no murderer will ever die again. No rapist will be executed. They will all live. Because of the greater good. What about that?"


"Aenoi. Stop it, or I will be forced to fight you."


He glances at the empty space behind him
"It.. it is hard to explain."
"And without the corrupting influences of the Dark Gods, no such act will be committed again."


Pull two chairs out of nowhere
"We have time."


Completely not expecting an attack like this for once myself, I get struck hard and only manage to keep standing with the help of Sol

"You fool…"

Activate Fervor and use Crippling shot on his legs

Rolled 2 = 2


"What do I care? Even as I reach clarity of purpose the demon-paladin finds reason to continue the past! I would rather Radiant end me but no time to be picky!"
Rolling for initiative

Rolled 8 = 8


"Clarity of purpose? What 'clarity of purpose' have you reached that possesses you to attack your friends?!"
Also rolling for initiative.

Rolled 4 = 4


He looks deeply uncomfortable
"…the master fears this… Faust… may be looking to kill us all."




"Why would she want to do that?"


"If she is… what she claims she is… the master… fears she may have come to cleanse this world."


"Cleanse it of what? Life?"


"A fresh start probably."


the round pierces and shatters my kneecap, rendering me helpless
"I am a healer, not a soldier, not a murderer. I would've fought you all in true death had I been in my previous state of mnd! But fine! Fuck it!

Roll to get up

Rolled 5 = 5




"Why? And who is your master?"


"You have completely lost your mind."

Freeze his legs to the ground to keep him in place.

"Knight, you talk some sense into him. He could still be useful."

Rolled 1 = 1


I strike him with the flat of my blade and Suppress him!
"You call yourself a healer yet all you wish to do is kill the people you've been tasked with healing!"

Rolled 6, 4 + 3 = 13


"My master… our master… THE MASTER. The creator.
He tells me to be wary of this Faust. He feels worried."


"Do you claim to know me, oh Virtous Sun? Then you do know that when faced between choosing over free will or slavery under the greater good, I chose freedom. Do you want me to go against free will, oh Virtous Sun? Do you want me to oppose free will, death, and all the misfortunes that might happen to one pony just so you can sit on your throne, undefied? Do you want me to lull all mortals into a so called perfect world so you can do as you please on the realm of Gods, oh Virtous Sun?"


"Creator? Is he another Beyonder to? Why doesn't he stop her himself if he is worried?"


"But Faust said she was the creator."


Thank you based protect
I freeze myself to the ground instead, but quickly manage to get myself free from the ice


nope, youfreeze yourself and are helpless
"And how many of those I attacked are dead? HUH!? YOU SEEM TO KNOW! TELL ME!"
Try to kick her off

Rolled 8 = 8



Rolled 9 = 9



Use crippling shot on him again to get him back on the ground

Rolled 10 = 10


As Aenoi is Helpless on the ground, I move in to try and restrain him with some rope so he can't get up.
"Nobody's asked you to attack anyone! That was something done of your own accord! If you didn't want to hurt anyone, you could've just said so!"

Rolled 4 = 4


"Had you gone by your divine duty and done as asked, the answer would have been yes. But now, in your short sighted insistence on some misbegotten concept of free will, you have roused the fury of Tirek against us in full. If you do not with the mortal world to be ruled solely by the Demon King of Destruction, you will gather the others and go defeat him before he can attack us here. THEN we can talk further. We will keep Faust here, where she is as safe as she can be."
"That is just it. As a Beyonder, he has no power over the creation of another Beyonder. He can only observe them, and attempt to influence them while they are in his realm."
"There are many realities, and thus, many creators. The Master seems to know her… but I do not fully comprehend what he wants me to say of it."


Helpless w/3 wounds left
"Oh its nice to see you being useful from afar.. getting others to fight your battlesHow nice~"
Its not hard to restrain me but you miss by a foot

Roll to get up

Rolled 8 = 8


"Should we kill Faust then?"


Suppress again!
Where'd you get the 3 wounds left from? Crippling Shot and Suppress only render you helpless, not actually damage you iirc.

Rolled 6, 1 + 3 = 10


"Attack? With what? You have us, in full force. He will hovel in his dark castle, fearing for our coming… yet you send me once again, to assasinate other who goes against your will… if he dies, THEN you can claim everything that ever existed… but at what cost? So that the mortals can trade one slaver for another?"


"Why doesn't he just kill her and take control of her creation?"


"I don't care, stay down I said!"

Crippling shot again

Rolled 3 = 3


"I simply do not know. She is powerful beyond all reason. Taking her on… would be dangerous. And explaining this to the gods… would be even harder."
"Tirek is amassing his armies of Midnight as we speak. Grogar warned him of this, and he is soon ready to mobilize. he knows what you did to his allies, and he will spare nothing to destroy us all. If you cannot stop him, he will remain as the sole god of this world, free to rule all as he pleases. We will give you all we can to aid you. This is why we have some of our top heroes here. To aid you against Tirek."
"Beyonders are incomprehensible to us. Perhaps he cannot?"


In switching from the rope back to my sword, I accidentally trip over my own hooves and get them tangled in the rope, leaving me Helpless on the ground.
Rolling to untangle myself and get up.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Yes. He is amassing forces because our previous attacks. And now we will end him. And what after that? After we ended him? Because you send us there because you know we will suceed. What then?"


"I'll leave you and Dawn to sort this out while I go see what Aenoi and Neith are doing."
I stand up and go outside.


in case you didn't realize my kneecap was shattered and I'm being riddled with bitchbullets
"If you want this to stop then CUT MY HEAD OFF!"

The recoil makes you miss by a long shot

Roll to get up

Rolled 3 = 3


"Then we may begin rebuilding the new timestream, removing the age old corruptions left by the Dark Gods. Or indeed, you may attempt some form of last stand rebellion, abandoning me and all you have held dear in your heart just because you feel bad things should happen to mortals."
They seem to be fighting. Rather loudly.


"Maybe we should wait, until we finish Tirek."


Freeze his legs to the ground!

Rolled 1 = 1


"What are you three doing? Sol, explain why these two idiots are fighting each other again please."


"Perhaps. I can only hope it will not be too late."


In my haste, I accidentally freeze myself stuck to the ground, leaving me helpless


In my attempts to free myself of the rope, I make it worse and somehow manage to wrap it around my neck, where it begins choking me.
Rolling to free myself again.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Do you think we have a chance against her?"


Gaaaaaaah! Get up again!


Rolled 2 = 2


"I would not dare do it myself. If she is what the master fears, she may be more than a god in her own right…"


"You know that I would never abandon the two things I have ever held dear. I would give my life for both. And I would not fight you… but what you are claiming to achieve is tyranny."


Roll to get up

Rolled 9 = 9



Still stuck as a duck

Damn ice


I spread my wings as far as they go and rear up before yelling in a voice as loud as a raging fire.


"It is not your place to judge the gods, Avatar Radiant. This is not for power or greed. Such mortal desires are beneath me. I am incapable of them. What I do, I do for the greater good."


"So wait is the only thing we can do."


Oh I can yell too!


Rolling to get up again


"Wait or act, both are risky. The call is up to you and your friends. I can only say facing her will be difficult."


"Who watches the watchmen…"

I stand up.

"I'll follow your lead. I'll kill Tirek in your name. But I will not let tyranny nor slavery define the world of mortals."

I bow and turn to leave.
Even if that means that I will have to go against your will


I walk over to Aenoi and try to turn myself into a ring of fire surrounding him.
If I succeed I ask him a question.
"Aenoi, why do you keep attacking your teammates?"

Rolled 3 = 3


"Stay out of this knight"

se mend on myself


Rolled 7 = 7


Rolling properly this time

Rolled 8 = 8


"Are you going to help us? What about the gods?"


Bah, nothing. I just stand next to him and glare down at him.

"You want to die? Why do you want to die?"


Then know that you will die standing. Standing at my side, or standing against me.
"I am a herald, not a warrior. As for the gods… I doubt they even know of the Creator."


"I'm a bardic lifebinder who is outclassed in every field of my expertise. I have no reason to stay. And it doesn't help that I'm mocked at what I do, I have NO further purpose here… please"


"Just because you are still just a pony doesn't mean that you will always be, just look at Neith. If you really do want to die then man up and do it yourself."
As I say this I try to turn myself into a protective ring of flames around him.

Rolled 4 = 4


Fire says fuck you, Campfire, I ain't doin' shit.


"I will only stand by the side of one firmly. And sadly, we both now that is no longer possible. As of now, I serve you, oh Virtous Sun."


I get myself back up and walk up to Aenoi, freezing him to the ground

"How badly do you want to die, clown? Because it is getting harder and harder not to just end your miserable life right now for me."

Rolled 9 = 9


"If you wish to ever see peace again, make war now with all your heart. If there is anything else you desire, ask now. This may well be the last time we meet."


"Hey Radiant we have to talk, in private."


"What? Who's been mocking you for what you've done?"

Rolled 5 = 5


I look at my sister.
"Excuse me, oh Virtous Sun. This will only take a moment."

I walk over to Dawn.
"What is it, sister? And where is private enough here?"


"I dont know but we have new players on the board."


I give her a puzzled look.
"New players? What are you talking about? More Gods involved?"


"…I do not wish to take such power. But fine."
"Do it. Satisfy yourself. I had other plans but this seems quicker"


"Something like that "Destiny have another master and he said Faust is dangerous."


"Another Master? Other than the Three Lights?"

I laugh with disbelief.
"This is just getting ridiculous… And of course she is dangerous, what did you expect? Everything here that is not us is dangerous!"


Grit my teeth angrily

What plans? Use the twisted soul to peer into his mind


"He said we should either kill her or wait."


"We shall wait then. We have enough on our hoofs as of now."


"Oh and I have a surprise for you! Are you ready?"


I wait for Neith to use the Twisted Soul to find out what drives Aenoi.


"I hope it is a pleasant one, as I've had my share of bad suprises lately…"
I squint my eyes at her.
"I also hope it's not one of your silly jokes…"


I have one chance, die then reincarnate, sneak past everyone and head to clear as much of the way as possible. Seriously fuck you, stupid pegasus. I hope I don't have to see your stupid face again


Hop on her back
"Tell me how much you love your lil sister!"


Repeat this out loud for Campfire and Sol to hear.


I smile at her at that, and look back at her.
"You know how much. I'd-give-my-life-for-you-sister much. As I always have, since we were little fillies."


"Sneak past everyone and do what again? What are you planning Aenoi?"


"Good answer!"
Show her the twisted soul
"We can bring her back with this!"


Stare in shock but angrily add
"Well since you know maybe you'd like make SURE I'm dead now won't you? Stupid pegasus"


"I'm going to kill as many of tirek's minions as I can."


"Really now? That's your plan, clown? Pray tell, why do you need to die for it to work?"


"It was a ploy. To get you to look away and not focused on me"


My smile turns into a frown.
"You saw her… and when she was in our avatar form, she told me that she can no longer be, only within us… Even the Sun told me he isn't powerful enough…"
I smile a bittersweet smile at Dawn.
"Thank you for trying to help, but she is gone."


"Nu-uh! She is not gone, not yet, ask the Sun."


"But why alone? I… I'm impressed by your determination actually. Something I would do myself if there was no other choice. But we are strong enough to take Tirek as long as we move in a group. As angry as I am at you, you are more useful in our group than venturing out there on your own."


"Dawn, I talked to the Sun. The Sun said that it's not within it's powers to bring Her back to me, that it's a task even too big for him."


"Why do you not want us focused on you?"


"He said nothing within his power but now he can use this soul."


"You heard me already, and if I must repeat myself. Because fuck you. And fuck the high horse you got your powers from"


Turn to the rest

"He has clearly gone insane."


"When you're standing watch do you focus on the stealthy rogue hidden from your sight? No. You're focused on what you can see, what takes your knightly interests"


I grab her from my back, pull her down, and look her in the eyes, holding her face in my hooves.
"You mean that the Sun can bring Celestia back? Right now? With this? Just like that?"


"…You're point? That still doesn't answer my question."


"Yes, he can also bring Luna back with the twisted soul."


A tear of joy rolls down my cheek
"That's wonderful news! We should take this Soul to the Sun right away! Right now!"

I hug my sister tightly!
"Thank you! Thank you so much! But how did you know?"


"You know im a smart pony."


I ruffle her mane
"Of course you are. The smarterst pony alive… I don't know how you do it, but I couldn't have a better sister than you…"


"Interesting. I did want to use it for myself, but let's try this."


"Hey stop it! I can say the same thing about you big sis."

"Well there is another way."


I ruffle her mane even more, smiling like there wasn't a problem in a world for us, like we were just fillies again, like we weren't fighting in the war of Gods themselves.
"Say pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!"

Then I look at her confused.
"Other way?"


"Not really. We have two souls, yes? One for each alicorn."


"Stoooop please I have to fix my mane now!"

"Oh we are going to resurect Luna?"


"Well, if you can use this Soul… And we'll get a third Big Soul soon enough…"


"If we want. Having 2 alicorns on our side can make a difference greater."


"Resurrecting both Princesses would be the right thing to do, not just one of them."

"I don't think I'd want to risk the life of Celestia just after we revived Her…"


"Ok then, lets go we need Neith."


"Maybe. I am more concerned with how they'll be helping us throughout our objectives here."



"Neith? Yes, let's look for her then."

"I'm sure they will be able to help us, one way or another."





"To get. Away. Easier. T won't be completely easy but a hell of a lot more than trying to kill you all."

"What now?"


"You stop being a raving mad idiot and keep yourself in check. This is your last warning, next time you are dead, and I'll make sure you wont be able to return in that case."


"Let me go and see how much I listen"


"Enough about whatever that is. We'll need to remove the souls you absorbed."


"Aenoi pls, pls"


We went outside to look for them then.

"He is right. We'll use these Souls for a better cause."

"Hush now, you."


Stomp my hooves in frustration on the ground



Calm myself down

"What do you mean, mage? This essence has proven a very useful tool so far."


"I'm sorry Dawn"


"To bring her back inquisitor."


"We'll be needing it to resurrect the alicorn sisters. I wanted Grogar's soul, but I'm willing to part with it as well."


"Aenoi… We've been over this once… Come to your senses. That is an order."


Cock an eyebrow


"Resurrect!? That's necromancy! They specifically told us they wanted rest!"


"Not ressurect… Remake… Or so the Sun said. They wanted rest because their souls had ran dry… now they can be reborn anew."


"Princess Luna and is not really necromancy the Sun is… Remaking them."


"Soul magic a necromancy? Interesting idea…

They can have their rest once they're done helping us on our objectives. For now we need to give them a choice."


"Radiant Dawn, I hold no loyalty to you anymore and once I break free from these icy holds I WILL KILL YOUR SISTER AND MAKE YOU WATCH HER DIE"
Try to break free/get up

Rolled 1 = 1


I watch at him struggle.
"By the Sun, you are pathetic. What are you aiming to achieve?"


"Goodness, you are quite insane. Just note that if you kill any one of us there'll be nothing stopping me from using your soul to power myself."


"Oh dont be like that we are friends."


"The Sun proposed this?"

Put a hoof to my chin to contemplate this

"I suppose in that case… Hmmm, it's a shame to lose a tool as powerful as this one though."

"Some moronic plan of his."


"What does it matter. You said I have no more chances.what are you, a coward?"
Try again

Rolled 9 = 9


"I said STAY DOWN!"

Use freeze on him again

Rolled 2 = 2


"Pathetic.. well since you're all incompetent, I'll be off."
Head to the gardens of chaos



"Avatar of Ice? Pfffft"

Contribute with my own freezing spell to bring him down.



Rolled 8 = 8


Gracious Glory, Dearly Decorated and Valiance arrive on scene to see what happened to the pair who were sent on time out earlier
"Is there a problem, champions?"


"No. But I'm not a fool like you. Stop this foolishness before it claims your life."

"Looks like Aenoi has been under too much stress lately.."

"There is no price high enough to bring them back. Give it to the Sun."


"Our friend is acting all weird."


"Wastrel scum."

Go back to the main hall, I don't even care about the idiot preacher anymore.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Bad news at a worse time."

"Aether Node, what is your side of the story?"


"Does it matter at this point? Since you can be called then aid THEM. Now let me go"


"Fool that he is, the worse he's going to do is get himself killed. I say we stop wasting our time here."


"If you no longer stand in service to the lights, we can arrange for your permanent departure from this realm."


"Aenoi… What have you become…"
I turn away with disgust.

"You do what you must…"


"Then do what you must"


"Good bye Aenoi."


"I wonder what would have happened if I never saved you back then."


"Aether Node of Equestria. Your services to the lights will not be forgotten. Your choices here will not overshadow your past deeds, and you depart now as a friend in peace, not a foe."
The trio raise their swords
"If you wish to give any final regards to anyone, now is the time."


I turn back to face him one last time anyway.
"Take care, Aenoi. Take care."


Laugh at this…

"You're all assholes. But I love you all."


"You will always be my faggot friend Aenoi."


"Cool story bro"
A large sigil, much like the one used to summon you all here, appears under Aenoi. In a flash, he is gone.

Back in the real world, but a moment had passed. He was once again helping the wounded in the aftermath of the Siege of the Necroponelis.
And none the wiser of what had just happened.



"Right, how do we extract the soul?"


"I dont know."


"Glorious Sun and Moon, I wish to use Discord's twisted soul to summon the princess of the night once more."


The gods can deal with those kind of details once you propose the plan to them


Alright, what Neith said.


"And the Sun. We also want the Princess of the Sun back.
Mainly Her. Most importantly, yes."


Glare at her.

"We are not doing this to fulfill your sexual fantasies, paladin."


What do you mean? That we'd…
I believe they want us to… empower ourselves with those souls to bring back our old avatars
Is that it, champions? We can try if you so desire.


"Is this necessary at this time? Just offer the souls, now."


"Yes, that is it."

Ready Sight Beyond Sight for what they're about to do with the souls.

Rolled 4 = 4


"YES! I mean, yes, that is what we want."

"Excuse me, Inquisitor? You claim this after what you've tried to me in Grogar's Library? Stop being a hypocrite, and stop these vile claims before you get your jaw broken."


"I tried absolutely nothing."

"Don't order me around mage."

"Yes, that's what we just said."


"Of course you didn't… Quite now, don't ruin this moment for me."




File: 1345944888541.png (224.11 KB, 571x308, 1335093738381.png)

Looking at the gods in this way makes your head hurt, as all they seem to be are swirling masses of impossible energies formed of mortal visualizations of concepts they barely even have a rudimentary grasp of.
You do offhandedly notice a rather worryingly large shape looming behind Manifest Destiny.
Then be still. This has never been tried before.

The Sun and Moon stand up and focus their power, extracting the hollow soul of Grogar and lifting Neith into the air.
She screams out as a part of her soul, the part that once was Discord, is torn out. She slumps down on the floor and takes a few weak steps back before sitting down to watch.
The gods unravel the souls into strands of energy and feed their own power into them, creating a maelstrom of magic in the throne room. The Laughing One joins in the ritual from behind you, channeling its power through your hearts, ripping out the fragments of Celestia and Luna left there from your fusion as the lord of harmony.
Slowly the fragments begin to separate and fuse anew, flung around the magical vortex and blasted with energy from the empowered souls.
Then, in a climaxing burst, the souls of the two dark gods explode, funneling their power into the partially formed Alicorn Sisters, momentarily blinding everyone present.

As you regain your vision, Celestia and Luna lie before you, exhausted and weak, but alive once more.



Try to heal Celestia.

Rolled 3 = 3


I run over to Celestia.
"Princess Celestia! Celestia! Are you all right?"

Do everything within my powers to help and try to Heal her!

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


Try focusing on the shape.

Rolled 4 = 4


Broken out of my two and a half hour momentary stupor by the feeling of a wrenching in my chest, I immediately head for the throne room.

"What is-"

Taken aback by the sight I see, I run over and attempt to help Luna to her feet.

"Princesses! How is this…What happened?!"


Slump down on the ground

"That was… less than pleasant."


You rush to the former Sun Avatar's aid. Together you help her stand up, and as you do you notice the two griffons from earlier, Fairness and Fearless, are tending to the gods themselves. It seems this sort of a deed took a visible toll on the lights.
It certainly is not a pony.
However it is very distorted, as if it did not like you looking at it.
Luna, still on the floor, weakly tries to look your way
"I… don't know."


"Celestia, can you hear me? Oh please, please be all right…"


Try looking at the gods now that they have been weakened.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Whatever it is, it must be a miracle. And so soon after I had lost faith in them…"

I look at the others as I continue to try to help her.

Rolled 7 = 7


"R-Radiant? Radiant my most faithful follower. It has been… too long."
You can visibly tell how their forms have grown weary. They still appear as swirling masses of nonsensical energy, but you can make out clear gaps in their shape and notice some energy bleeding out of them. Slowly, the energy flow is starting to stabilize within all of them, and their souls are beginning to grow brighter once more.
You prop Luna up against you, helping her maintain her balance.

The gods look over you, sounding a bit winded
It is done.
If there is something you still need to do or someone you must still see here, now is the time
Once you are ready, speak with us and we will explain your final mission.


"Certainly. Though I must question the aftermath of what we will be doing…"


"Tell us."


"Shhh, I need a moment here…"

"Yes, Celestia… too long indeed…"
I hug her with tears in my eyes.


Just tell me how I show up.


I talk to Manifest Destiny, if he's around. If not I find him.

"Is now the time to tell us what you know? I have some.. interesting ideas now."


Not interested in the tearful reunion between the paladin and the princess of the sun, I follow him.


You are now in the palace of lights
You have been summoned to serve as part of the war effort against Tirek, the last of the Dark Gods.
Any gear you may need in the future is with Narpa.
You are in the Throne Room, with the gods.
He still seems uneasy
"I… have listened to the master's guidance for ages now, yet even still I do not fully understand the working of him… and those of other Beyonders… It is all very complicated. But I have faith in the master."
He smiles softly and his mane moves a little on its own.


"Faith enough to tell us so we can see this plan for ourselves? Circumstances have changed, this is more important that ever."


"Perhaps… it would be best if you ask the Master yourself…"


"-and that's why I don't dance anymorwhere am I? War with Tirek? Free gear with Narpa? What?"


"Please take me to him, this.. 'master' of yours. If he is nowhere near, I will need to just hear from you."


"Well then we should go see hi-"

hearing this familiar voice, I turn around completely baffled

"Card Trick?"


"Well what do we have here? You must be a new arrival. Let me guess, war of the heavens, right? Well, you're not the first. But there's no glory here.. you'd have done better to stay in the land of mortals… But, too late now."


Card Trick of Equestria. Know that in your services in life, you have been chosen among many other heroes to serve in the war in the heavens. Know that soon the fate of all mortals will be decided, and a new ruler of all will be chosen - either the Demon King Tirek, Lord of Destruction, or the Three Lights of Virtue, Vigilance and Joy.
If you need arms or armour, speak with the smith, Narpa, at his forge near the Skyvault. If not, the other heroes who fight at your side can be found in this palace. If you require more information, we can answer, as can any of the others here.
"He is… not far."
You can see a depression appear in his coat for a brief moment, and feel a notable presence nearby.
>hit: Lens of Truth


I stare for a few seconds at the giant pony made of ice before speaking.
"Yes? How do you know my name, miss Ice Pony? Why does your voice sound so familiar? What are you, if you don't mind me asking?"


Activate lens of truth. Do I have to roll?


I look away from the ice pony and give a quick bow.
"Oh! Thank you! If you don't mind I'll go see him once I'm done in here."


"Not far? What does that mean? Is he here in the realm of gods or not?"

Drop the elemental form if that's possible

"I'm just your average friendly neighborhood inquisitor, Card."


"Card Trick? Is that really you?"
I stop spacing out and walk over to him.


File: 1345983950803.png (1.74 MB, 1274x1024, TPGanonTwilightRealm.png)

Nah. It is just a lens you hold in front of your face.

Behind Manifest Destiny you can see a mass of energy that resembles parts of a Beyonder. It focuses its gaze onto you, but nothing happens. It briefly looks confused, then speaks inside your mind.
>What manner of pony are you, to look upon the creator and not flinch? What drives you to such deeds? Bravery? Or madness?


I run over to her and lock her in a tight hug.
"It's been so long! How have you been? Aurelia and I tried to find out where you went after we parted way so we could send you letters, but we never found out. It's so good to see you again and that you're safe and sound! How did you do that ice thing? Did you figure out how to harness your aloofness? How do you look so young after all these years?"

I reach out farther than I should be able to and pull her into the hug as well.
"How have you been? You look older than I remember. How were your travels after that business with the dragon? Fight anymore Necromancers? Did you make any new friends?"


Normally, I would flinch, but behind all the revelations that have come, few things would surprise me.

"Above all, desire to find truth and elucidate it to all. Such is the very reason for my existence. Now, I ask, who are you? And what relation do you have with the events surrounding us?"


>I am the creator of existence. The one who made even the gods. The one who wrote the very laws of the universe and set all events into motion. All that is, is because I will it to be. All, but one. All, but Faust.


Flinch a little at the sudden physical contact but return the hug awkwardly nonetheless

"Careful now… I've been around here and there, doing inquisitor business as usual. Until I was summoned to partake in this holy war that is. Could you… can you let go now?"


I hug him back,
"That's because I am older, silly! I'm a grown mare now! Not just some shy filly!"
I let out a hearty laugh.
"Life's been well! After that business with the necronancers I continued traveling, looking for ponies in need. I even ran into Neith again!"


Look hard and deep will unshaking will and activate Sight. This one may be lying, but if it is true, this changes the circumstances drastically once more.

"Are you really? If so, why are we being sent to kill the gods of dark, when they have done nothing to provoke the lights' wrath? What damage to our world can we expect, and how might we… or you fix it?

And if you did not create Faust.. what is she?"

Rolled 5 = 5


I give her one last squeeze for old time's sake and let go of her.
"I'm not surprised to see you hear. You'll have to tell me and Aurelia all about your adventures once we find her."

"You grew very well! You wear that armor with pride now, instead of just wearing it like regular armor. You said you met Neith again? This is a story I have to hear now."
I sit down and wait for her to tell the tale.


>I set events into motion, but permit them to move at their own pace, unless intervention is truly required. I do not care for outcomes, save for a chosen few, which I guard from harm. You need not worry. As for Faust, she is an avatar of another, sent here to destroy what I have created.


"As it turns out, I was chosen as the new 'lady' of frost."

I stay quiet for a moment, mulling this over.

"I haven't really figured out why. Either way, I did happen to die while I was here. Decapitated by some kind of undead monster from what I hear."



"Would it be safe to call you a neutral god? If so, I will have no quarrel with you. If we wish to save ourselves, is destroying Faust our top priority?

And if we, your creations, are defending your creations, what assistance can you offer us?"


"Well, err, I met her before this I should say. It was some time ago…"
I pause, trying to recount the story,
"I was involved with an adventuring party who somehow became involved with the Duchess of the region- who even knighted me I might add!- and we were tasked with delivering something to a… researcher, if I recall clearly, in one of the mining towns stone ways away. Lo and behold, Neith was there as we arrived!"
I sigh as I reminisce about the past.


"Really? I'm glad you let yourself be brought back. What do you mean when you say Lady of Frost?"

"A knight? Congratulations! Is there anyone else here that I might know?"


"I no longer know what to address you as, most faithful Radiant. For indeed, you now hold my old title as your own. In a sense, you now outrank me."
She gives a soft, if very tired smile.
>I will not intervene. So long as my throne stands, I can recreate anything that is lost. But recreating everything will be a bother. Go about your business as you will, but know this - Faust is truly alien in this reality. She is a construct of true destruction, one who seeks to wipe out what I have created.


"The avatar of Ice, more like. All four elements have avatars that represent each element, just like how Princess Celestia and Luna represent the Sun and Moon. The avatar of fire was the one who resurrected me when I died… Speaking of the princesses, if you want to talk to them, now is the time. Or if you want to talk to that Pink clown too, she's around here somewhere."



"Aside from Neith and I? I don't think so, unless there might be someone you after we split up."
My eyes light up with realization,
"Oh! You still keep in contract with Aurelia? Please, do tell what's happened with her!"


"You will do nothing?"

"I cannot pretend to understand the mind of an almighty, I will not question you further. But what is our best course of action now if we wish to preserve ourselves, and perhaps by extension, your throne? To assassinate Tirek as ordered or hunt down this Faust as soon as possible?"

At the same time, activate sight on him. Neutral he may be, his words are worrying and could easily mean my worst fears. There must be a weakness we can exploit, even in an almighty…

Rolled 5 = 5


"I wouldn't know what to say to Pinkie Pie except for thank you."

"She's the same as ever. We keep wandering around Equestria doing good deeds, making money and friends, and getting into trouble. I wonder where she is right now…"


"Ranks don't mean anything. You are still the better pony, a pony that I will always look up to, no matter what!"


There he is
This is not the Creator. It is some form of representation of him. A projection of sorts. It cannot be harmed, nor can it harm you. His real body must be elsewhere.
>If Tirek is not stopped, the heavens will fall to him. Faust may bide her time, or strike, but I cannot know. Her mind is beyond my vision, and her actions outside my command. Do as you must. I ill wish to change the course of reality. Manifest Destiny here will act as a link if you find yourself in dire need. But remember. I am not at yours to command, pony. I am not your servant, nor your benefactor. Do not get any ideas.
An ethereal hand pets Destiny's mane


"Kind words born from a kind heart. You have indeed come far, Radiant. So far from the once so hot-headed, brash youngster.
The sun chose well in picking you."


Shudder slightly at the obscene gesture, but be briefly in awe of the Beyonder's power to keep his servant under control.

"You have acknowledged the new circumstances around us, being our benefactor will be to your benefit as well. If this cannot sway you, then so be it."


>I have told you more than I intended to. In a way, I have already benefited you far more than was planned. But to give too much away… well, that would not be any fun. Run along now. You have a dark god to defeat.


"Right. Now what have you been doing lately yourself, bard?"

Good… good.

I'll let him go to Narpa first, introductions and all that jazz can come later.

He needs a better dagger

Rolled 8 = 8


"Neith, have you made any new friends here?"


Fun? Fun?! So we have another one on our hands…

"…I see. Thank you, then."

Leave and go to Narpa.


>Do not so hastily disregard me, pony. I would ill have created an entire reality if observing it did not amuse me.

Groves and Freke arrive at the Skyvault, where Narpa is waiting
"What is is that you require, champions?"


"Wandering around Equestria with Aurelia and whatever friends we happen to make. We saved a few royals that were on vacation not too long ago and got a pretty nice reward. We got to go buffalo jousting after saving the calf of one of the tribe's chiefs. A mistake when dealing with a cult of Discord worshipers meant we could only speak in riddles for a few months, but that was at least a decade ago. Tell me more about being the Lady of Ice. What sorts of things can you do?"


Show Narpa the soul staff.

"Good day. I've recently managed to acquire this staff from one claiming to have been a student of yours. While it has served me splendidly, the volatile, raging soul within may pose a problem should I ever slip in my spellwork. Is there any way you can calm it without compromising any of its power, or at least very little?"


"Oh, hello there Freke. You've been summoned out of the blue too?"

"I'll need a new and better dagger, one that is nice looking too."


"I can't believe I missed it, but was the the sigh of young love? Did you meet somepony special?"


"Indeed. There are some… circumstances that are difficult to elaborate on for now, but be wary around the gods. Prepare for the worst."


>tribe's chiefs


I shake my head

"There was a preacher with us that hated me so much he attacked me twice. He said that he'd rather die or kill me than spending one more moment with me. That should answer your question quite nicely."

"Change shape and whatnot."

Try to demonstrate this by shifting into something

Rolled 3 = 3


Narpa's expression does not change, but his sword vibrates a little when the staff passes it
"Oh yes. I can see his work in this. Soul forging… An art I thought only I ever mastered. Yes. I can place some safeguards… but it will lower the sheer power of the catalyst. However, I can make them easy to remove if you so desire."
>The staff will can be used as +3 or +4, but miscasting at +4 will have severe consequences.
"A dagger. Certainly. There are many in the vault."
>You may pick a +3 dagger, or a +2 dagger with a bound spell of your choosing.


You turn your face into a butt


I collapse to the floor with laughter.
"Neith, when did you get a sense of humor? That's hilarious, I've never seen anything like it!"


"Excellent, thank you. Do you have those extra teleport beacons ready, by the way? Something to resist mental domination may also… be of use in the future."


I shrug

"The reward will be nice I'm sure. So that's good."

I'll pick the +2 dagger with… commune? If that's possible at least. If not then just the +3 dagger


"Sounds like quite the adventures you've had!"
"I- Er-"
I blush and look away.
"Am I r- really that obvious? To answer your question… y- yes. A lovely Zebra by the name of Zivur. Met him back when I was with the party working for the Duchess I mentioned. Continued traveling with him for quite some time after that, until this all happened… and now I'm not quite sure what happened to him."
I join him in laughing on the floor.
"When did you get a sense of humor Neith? That's hilarious, especially coming from you!"


I mutter some curses and try to shapeshift into something more sensible

"Oh shut up…"

Rolled 3 = 3


"If there will be one. Gorge yourself on this armoury for absolutely everything you can think of that you can use. All of us will need as much power as we can get."


the butt now has a tail too.


Stomp my hooves a little on the ground in anger


Rolled 2 = 2


"I do have a second one. It is over there, by the crates.
As for mental resistance, I can offer some enchanted earplugs, but I only have one set."
You find a dagger. A sleeping face is forged onto the blade. It can be used to speak with the dead.
You morph into a large winged butt


I try to stop laughing and speak.
"A zebra? I didn't know you were in to that sort of thing. Is he nice? What sort of skills does he have?"

I start rolling back and forth on the floor as I laugh.
"No need to talk out of your ass, Neith."

I laugh so hard that I start crying.



Try and look for a better Crossbow while I'm at it.

And some light ironbark armor too!


I take a few deep breaths and try to calm myself,
"Into that? What are you implying Ca-"
Rolling not to break out laughing even harder this time.

Rolled 5 = 5


"Shut up idiot! Damn you!"


Rolled 7 = 7


"Thank you very much. Now, one last request…"

"The art of soul-forging should open wondrous powers. I would like to see power that can damage the soul, enough to wound even entities like gods significantly. Surely it will be of use against… Tirek. Yes."


You find the light ironbark, and a crossbow with some very fancy sights and stabilizers, making it +2.
You just kinda snicker like a dick
You morph back into a pony.
A pony with no butt.


"This is just rich…"

Walk off angrily somewhere before I lose my shit

Rolled 5 = 5


"Gods can only be harmed by weakening the power they draw from, or indeed striking them with the opposite power. This is the basic principal behind the Harmony Conduit you used against Discord and Grogar."
You find it hard to walk without a butt, as your back legs are just sort of jutting out of your belly.
Slowly, you drag your buttless self to another room.


"You've not reached that point in your relationship? You haven't even heard the stories? It seems like every time me and Aurelia find a tavern with a drunk zebra stallion in it he has to sing his own praises."

"I'm glad you grew a sense of humor, Neith. I'll see you around!"
I wave goodby as she walks off.


I giggle as I watch her go.


"Very interesting. Do you have something embued with Dark, then? I wish to.. study it to formulate more countermeasures against Tirek."



Okay, let's try to undo this damage, I need to control this shit better

Rolled 9 = 9


"I'm really sorry Neith, but that was just too funny!"
I give her a great big innocent smile as she walks off.
"Hu- Oh. Oh."
I deeply, deeply blush.
"Er- Wel- He- I don't eve-"
I pause and try to collect myself.
"We, er, have reached… that point in our relationship, and um…"
The stories are true. Very, very true.


He tosses you an ornate key
"At the back of the vault. Study it. Do not take it."
You reform your butt. It is shapely and muscular, yet firm and smooth. Overall a fine butt.


"Yet all the titles and power n this world and beyond could make me as happy as seeing you be healthy and well again."


"Lucky you then. I wish you two both the best and hope you get back to him soon. What does he do, by the way? Is he a knight like yourself?"


"I would much prefer to take a specimen with me to continue examining on the way to Tirek, but if you insist…"

Go where he points and use the key, opening the vault.


"Perfect! This is already turning out to be a very beneficial job."

Go back to the main hall, who is still there right now? Are the elements of harmony still around?


"Thanks! I wish you and Aurelia the best as well! A- assuming-your-still-in-a-relationship-of-course, hehe…"
I scratch the back of my head.
"He's… a necromancer, actually."


"We'll be together until one of us dies, even longer if a necromancer that knows how to truly bring the dead back to life is around. Speaking of necromancers, I assume your Zivur is a nice one?"


"I am glad to hear that, Radiant. Let us enjoy this moment while it lasts. I fear we may soon be facing the battle of our lives."
She wraps her warm wings around you.
Inside, you find a fragment of a mirror. No larger than a shard of a dinner plate, and jet black.
Yet it whispers constantly.
And angrily.
Radiant and Celestia are hugging.
Gaius is tending to Luna.
The Sun and Moon are on their thrones.
The Elements of Harmony are along the sidelines, talking among themselves.
Manifest Destiny is enjoying an invisible belly rub.
Gracious Glory, Valiance and Dearly Decorated are looking at some maps.
Fairness and Fearless have returned to their posts by the thrones.


Activate Sight. Learn what I can. Especially if there is some way I can emulate its power.

Rolled 2 = 2


"He's incredibly sweet…"
I let out a happy sigh as I remember times long past.
"Very skilled at his craft as well."


"That's good. I'm glad you found one of the nice necromacers, they are a rare breed. I need to go see Narpa about my weapons and armor then try and find, Aurelia, but you can walk with me if there is anything more you want to talk about."


You look at the mirror for a while, and watch your reflection. Then you gaze deep into it, only to see your reflection sidestep and laugh, then gaze back at you from an angle.
The mirror emits a low, scary chuckle as if it was pleased with what it saw.


I hug her back, and bury my face into her neck, trying to hide tears.
"I've missed you so much… and when I even saw you d-die again and again I… I was…"


Huh. So many interesting individuals.

I think I'll approach the six ladies, seems like the most sensible thing to do in this situations

"Hello there. I think I've met some of you before. Only you were old and wrinkled."


"Mental manipulation, altered aspects of the self… let's keep trying."

Sight again.

Rolled 7 = 7


They all look very puzzled
"And… you are?"
You gaze deeper into the mirror and see a reflection of the vault. No. It is not the vault. It looks like a castle. Dark and foreboding. Your reflection is there, looking as a similar mirror shard. You can make out a massive shape in the darkness behind him.
And a slow, menacing heartbeat.


"Indeed, sadly…"
I join him walking towards Narpa.
"I don't have much else to do here really, so I might as well join you. It really is a joy to see you again, Card."


Rather disappointing. This appears to be only a view into Tirek's domain, not of Dark as a concept and power itself to be msnipulated. Still…

Sight one more time to see what more I can again from this.

Rolled 8 = 8


"You may call me Groves. I usually keep myself on the background, unless there are pretty ladies involved such as yourself of course."

I think for a moment, then point at Twilight and Rarity.

"That's probably why I didn't talk to you when you we're all… shriveled… But look at you now! Like six beautiful flowers just waiting to be picked! Do tell me your names!"


"And you too."
I give her a friendly hug as we walk.
"Are you and Neith going to be assaulting Tirek's realm with the rest of us heroes or do the gods have something special planned?"


Observing the scene, you begin to realize this mirror, rather than acting as a portal or vision device, is altering the properties of your magic. The results are similar, but the methods different.
Try doing something else to it.
They give eachother an awkward look
"I am Twilight Sparkle, the element of Magic. These are Rarity the Generous, Applejack the Honest, Rainbow Dash the Loyal, Fluttershy the kind and… gah where is Pinkie?"


I return the hug, then continue walking.
"I'm not quite sure, to be honest. There's been some debate over what we should do that I haven't quite been keeping track of, due to some… drama, with other party members that I'd rather not discuss."


Oh ho? Oh ho…

Send a small lightning charge into the mirror shard.

Also, we got +1 skill points from defeating Grogar, right?

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


I'm ready to get to the forge whenever you are.

"I understand group drama. I remember this one prick of a stallion from a long time ago. That was back when I died the first time."


2. One for Grogar, one for True Death.

The bolt hits the mirror and rebounds back. Only it is not lightning. It is ice, the opposite element.


"More like Rarity the beautiful…"

Swing a hoof around her neck

"So, you come here often to uhhh… fight… evil…. Gods?"


I'm fine with showing up whenever you want to.
"Died for the first time? Did you have a run in with a friendly necromancer as well, I take it?"


Can I use it to learn magic bolt now?

How very interesting. Is it nothing more than opposition of aspects?

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


"Celestia? Do you think that if we win… do you think we will live for eternity here?"


I was trying to reply to DM. I'm just talking until we get there.
"Nope. One of our party members died and I broke my neck trying to save him. It wasn't my time so Death brought me back and we were even able to exchange the life of the pony that killed him, I can't remember his name, for our dead party member."


"Weeel I don't want to brag but this is not my first outing to fight such things"
"Greetings. What do you require?"
The mirror appears to be a physical manifestation of the twisted powers of Tirek. It perverts whatever hits it into an opposite.
And if this small shard can manage that much… the rest of the mirror could be much more powerful.
"Under the light if the sun? I could think of no better place."


Oh, sorry.
"…You made a deal with Death?"


One last experiment, and I will have a new objective for Midnight Castle.

Focus my power and try firing a bolt of pure magic energy into the mirror.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


A large blob of nondescript physical mater rebounds from the mirror where the spell hit.
It seems this mirror indeed does turn things into opposites.


"Oh my, I imagine your outings must be quite extravagant in that case. Beautiful and adventurous, I like that a lot."

Switch over to Twilight now.

"And what about you? I've seen you before as well, you were pretty good with magic!"

Whisper into her ear

"When this is all over, you want to touch horns with me and exchange some magic?"


I show him my mace, repeaters, and armor.
"Narpa, what can you do with these? The mace feels like an extension of my hoof, but could stand to hit harder. What would you recomend for my repeaters? Can you add anything to my armor to help protect me from Tirek and his minions?"

"Nope. He just sort of sighed, put his bony hand on his bony face, and told me he'd fix me when he got out of the bind our dead party member had put him in before stealing his scythe."


The implication appears to be that we will have difficulty harming the gods of Light, if we are aligned with them. But if we can claim an opposing power…

Leave the vault.

"Oh, what have we here, another new arrival? Gorge yourself on the gear here, you'll need it."


"Huh… Can't say I've ever had any dealings with death myself. Good to hear you've made it, though, however bizarre the circumstance that allowed it."


"Then we shall win…"
I let out a sigh
"I am getting tired of all this fighting… I just want to rest by your side already…"


Damn phone


"You can't just upgrade my own?"

"Me too. Ghost me and living Aurelia just wouldn't work out."


File: 1345991700203.png (200.71 KB, 572x589, 1318554241359.png)

"Not even the dead have seen the end of war. We must still press on. Then, once we have won, we can think of the future."
She takes a step back
"Is this really the time for that?"
"The fire of darkness burns through any armour I can make, but come back before you leave for battle and your gear will be improved."


"Go ahead, but take whatever else you may need to. The smith of the gods will have things beyond your imagination."

Go out to where the elements and the rest are.


I move in closer on her

"There is always time for fun things!"


"Thank you."
I strip down to my jaunty cap and saddlebags and leave everything with him.
"Well Sol, this is goodby for now unless you really want to help me look for Aurelia."


"She's a friend of mine as well, you know. And it's been ages since I last saw her! I'd love to help you look for her."


"…I don't entirely disagree"


"She'll love to meet you again. I hope we find her before the battle starts, but part of he hopes she wasn't brought here."
I run out of the forge and go looking for Aurelia.
This was fun. I can't wait until next time when Campfire gets to make fun of Neith and her butts.


"Excuse me, Twilight Sparkle, but I'd like to have your opinion on the nature of the 'opposite' of pure magi-wait what is going on here"


"Will you be coming with us? Because… because I don't think I could bear to see you get hurt or worse again…"





I follow him.


Swing a hoof around her neck with a large smile

"See? All that brain mass you own led you to that conclusion, so it can't be wrong!"


"If I and Luna do not join you, then you will be unable to call upon the Lord of Harmony… my safety cannot come before the entire mission."
She looks very awkward and blushy.
"Well I… um… you know."


"Oh don't be so skittish, I wont bite."

Whisper in her ear again

"Unless you're into that and want me to"


The other elements are not really giving you approving looks.
Twilight just silently blushes


"Then I'll do my best to protect you and keep you out of harm's way… I won't let you die again… Even if it costs my life."


"Oh don't be like that ladies. Like I said, it would be a true shame to let a collection of pretty mares such as yourself unwooed."


"I would rather see none of us die. Least of all you. But what must be done must be done. So wills the Virtuous Sun.
I have never faced Tirek before, so I do not truly know what awaits us."


"Big words don't weigh much."
"Y' seem ta have your priorities a bit mixed up."


"If we face it togheter, there is nothing that can stop us. The Sun may give me my powers, but my Faith and Strenght come from you… Your presence will make me stronger than any foe that we might encounter."


I snort and wave a hoof dismissively

"Ladies please, I cannot hope to put my words into actions for all of you."

I think to myself for a moment

"Two mares at a time is enough, any more and I wont be able to give you proper attention."


File: 1346000283044.gif (1.4 MB, 352x400, 1332747154360.gif)


The Elements are not really sure what to think of you.
You may stop now and suffer no further consequences, or roll 6d10 to see their reactions.
The rolls, in order: Twilight / Rarity / Dash / Applejack / Fluttershy / Pinkie, who was hiding behind you this whole time.


No pain, no gain!

Rolled 7, 10, 7, 1, 7, 8 = 40


Twilight seems rather unimpressed by your boasts. She thought better of you, but you blew it.
Rarity on the other hand gets a sly glint in her eye and leans in a little closer
Dash share's Twilight's sentiment. She can spot a load of hot air a mile away.
Applejack however just seems mad. She huffs and turns to leave, then swiftly bucks you as hard as she can where it hurts. You might want to get some ice for that once you can stand again.
Fluttershy looks away from all this, not really wanting to be a part of it.
Pinkie trails a look as you fly through the air, and gives a little smile at what she saw.

With that small scene over, the elements return to discussing the coming battle.
Rarity does occasionally glance your way though.


Cough and try to get back up

"Oof, Talk about Earth pony strength… If any of you change your mind, all you have to do is ask, my heart is always open to you!"

Ask Freke for some ice to soften the pain

Rolled 2 = 2


You kinda drag yourself along for a while and then bump into a pillar.


This is a pillar, not Freke

Get up and get me some ice

Rolled 6 = 6


I turn to Celestia again after some time spent silently hugging.
"Wait… now that the Conduit is broken, and the Harmony is inside us… What will the Elements do now?"


You weakly get up and stumble over to Neith, then teabag her icy face.
"They are still vital in channeling the power of harmony, though I and my sister could once wield that same power ourselves. Perhaps it was the combination of these two that allowed the Lord of Harmony to be formed."


"Haaaaa… much better!"


"So we still need their power if we want to make Tirek a mortal? What if we encounter another problem with communication like against Grogar?"


"If you fear that risk… then we might need to bring them along with us to Midnight Castle.
It will be the final battle, and we will need all we can get to defeat Tirek in time."



Throw him off of me and use crippling shot


Walk away to the palace gardens, to find some solace I can obviously not find here

Rolled 3 = 3


Scramble away from her back to the main hall



"I hardly managed to get them to channel the Conduit the last time…"
I frown a bit.
"But I've already seen that will encounter problems. Loyalty and Magic might have a chance… but just look at Kindness… I'm afraid that they might not survive."


Gracious, Dearly and Valiance finish with their maps and walk up to the thrones.
"Virtue, Vigilance, we have a plan ready."
"If Tirek wins, none will survive. God or Mortal. None."


"And what happens if we lose one of the Elements before we get to Tirek?"


"Then either I or Luna must try and take their place temporarily."


"Then… I think someone should warn them… Or at least try and get them prepared for what is coming… I'll do it… but could you hug me with your wings again before I do? Please?"


"Radiant! Good to see you again too! How is my favorite heavy armored fanatic doing these days?"

Pull her in for a hug and pat her back


"Ah! Groves! Well, I've been feeling great since Celestia is here with us again… Now if you could give me a moment…"
I gently push him away.


She gives you a soft smile, then wraps her wings around you again
"It is ok to be afraid, Radiant. Just do not let fear cloud your vision."


My eyes widen and I grin widely, poking with me elbows in her sides with a dirty laugh

"Hohohoooo, I get it! Well you have fun with that. We'll talk later"

Who else is here that I can bother


"I'm not afraid… just… worried…"

After embracing her for a bit, I reluctantly break off of it, then turn to Groves.
"I have to talk to the Elements now. Have you met them already?"


I call after him.
Then I blush and look at Celestia.
Did I spill much spagetti in front of her again?

Rolled 1 = 1


All of it.
In divine amounts.
Every hungry pone in the world could be fed by this spaghetti.
Also, Celestia looks a bit let down bu your words.


Are you certain this is the best course of action, Dearly Decorated?
"Positive, oh sun. Intercepting Tirek before he can mobilize will buy us the greatest opportunity to stop him, and even if we fail, it will buy time for you to mount the defenses of the palace."


"I'm sorry! I mean I could mean it like that if you want to!"

Rolled 1 = 1


"Whats the plan?"


"Radiant please just… just shut up for once, ok? Don't ruin this for me."
The three knights turn to face you
"We will accompany you to Midnight Castle, and intercept Tirek before he can launch an assault against the Palace of Lights. Only the most skilled of us will go, as Tirek can bolster his army with any he catches in the Power of Darkness.
This should see Tirek slain before he can move out of his castle, or at least before he reaches the palace."
Valiance looks a bit worried and rubs his leg.


"Dont worry Valiance you wont fall twice."


I look down at the ground.
"Sorry… I… but…"
I try not to cry…

Rolled 2 = 2


"Sounds like as good of a plan as any. I'm just a simple rogue, so I have no further input on that."

Pat her on the back

"Helloooo there Dawn, looking as good as ever!"


Oh you cry alright
You cry like a bitch
And you rub against Celestia while crying, getting tears and snot all over her coat and mane


"Groves? is that you?"
Hug him.


"I am so sorry! I didn't want to disappoint you again!"

Rolled 2 = 2


Hug her back

"You know it's weird, one moment we're fighting beyonders and the next we're all summoned to fight against and for Gods! Talk about promotion, hah!"


"You should see our friends now, they are all demigods."


You push Celestia over and knee her in the jaw, blubbering something about wanting to disappoint.
Celestia throws you off her and across the room, only to get blasted down by the Sun itself.


Curl up in a fetal position and start to weep.
"She just returned and look what I've already done… I bet she hates me now…"

Rolled 6 = 6


Celestia pulls herself up. Her wings look a bit messed up and she is a little scorched but otherwise fine.
She comes to comfort you
"I do not hate you, Radiant. But I did think you had gotten over this sort of things by now."


"I thought I did too… but… and now I couldn't even protect you from our ALLIES… not to speak about what will happen against our enemies… I'm a failure…"


"If you were a failure, you would have died long ago. But here you are, replacing me as the Avatar of the Sun. I have you and your friends, all who look up to you, to thank for being here. You are no failure, Radiant Dawn. You must realize that before it is too late."


"But as hard as I try I always just make a mess out of things, especially around you…"
I slowly stand up.


"Then stop saying dumb things and act like your post demands of you. The battle that decides the fate of the mortal world is at hand. This is no time for being a silly filly."


I finally stand up to my full height and raise my head.
"Yes, yes, you are right. I'm sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to speak with the Elements, warn them, so they know what is coming…"
I slowly add as I start walking.
"And I'll make up for this incident somehow, I promise!"


The Elements are chatting with eachother.
Twilight asks what you need


"Gather around, Elements. I'm afraid I have grave news. Are all of you still ready to serve the Sun and the Lights by channeling your powers for Harmony?"


I join her, standing besides her with a cocky grin


"Are you sure this is going to work?"


"Of course"
"Why else would we be here"
"You bet, sugarcube"
"uh… yes"
"…oh I hope the poor thing isn't hurting too bad- I mean yes."


"No. But Celestia herself said we have no other choice."

"Then… I'm truly, truly sorry, but you'll have to come with us into the fray. We already had connection errors during fighting Grogar. If Tirek has any sense, and he probably will, he'll try and jam the magic connection as well. And without your help, we are helpless against him. We need you to be there to activate your powers. And I won't lie to you. Some of you might not life to see the end of the battle if it will be as fierce as we expect it to be. Do you understand the weight of all this, Elements?"


"We should get them some armor and weapons."


"Yes, I already though of that. Just wait a bit, I'll get to that in a moment."


They all look rather grim and then slowly nod
"We already knew this was coming. We will give all we can to preserve the world and heavens. Even our lives."






I already have the +3 so im good.


The time has come to witness the killing blow
You fought well. But it ends now.








And so it begins.

Narpa has reinforced your weapons to +3 by now.
The Elements and Alicorns will be joining you unless otherwise decided.
Gracious Glory, Dearly Decorated and Valiance will be leading an assault against Midnight Castle. You may join their assault or go a different route.


Here. Could I purchase Second Wind with some of those skillpoints?


I turn to the Elements.
"Now, if you'll come with us, you'll have to get some armor. Would you like to get some tips from me what to choose? Maybe I can help you with it."


"I said we sneak in."


"While normally I would disagree. certain… circumstances have changed. for your safety, all of you must follow us. That includes your Highnesses, you both must follow us as well"


"Well, sneaking might be a problem for me sister, since… you know."
I point at my heavy armor and glowing eyes and Halo.


I don't even remember what that does.
"Why thank you miss…avatar radiant. We are not really too well versed in this sort of thing."
The princesses nod
"We could not imagine otherwise."


"Can we cover your armor and halo with a bag or something?"


"I'm certain Narpa will have a means of cloaking you. Ask him for some when you lead the elements to be fitted."


"I'd rather fight with the other forces to make sure you have enough time to sneak…"

"Okay, then, form a line!"


"I dont think I have a chance against him alone."


"No, stealth will be our best option. We will have the princesses and elements to account for as well if we get caught in a large-scale battle."


The Elements nod and form a neat line before you.
Twilight looks worried
Rainbow Dash seems fearless and determined
Applejack is calm
Fluttershy is squeaking
Rarity is checking out Groves
Pinkie is looking the wrong way


"I agree. Midnight Castle is a fortress, and Tirek has had much time to prepare."


"Gaius, I need to speak with you for a moment. I don't think there's anyone outside, I need you to follow me."

Go outside if there's no one there.


"Oh? If you wish."

I spare a concerned glance at Luna before following him outside.


I point at Twilight.
"You, you get some Crystal armor. It will give you enough defense without hindering your spellcasting abilites. You might also want to pick up a performance enchancing staff."

I point at Rainbow Dash.
"You, you get some of that fancy named armor that I can't remember the name of, but Narpa will now. Mithril or something. It need to be light for you to maneuver in. You'll need to swoop in and out with a sword, preferably with electricity or otherwise paralyzing trait."

I turn to Applejack.
"I think you could handle some heavy or superheavy armor, and probably a blunt weapon. You'll need to be on front of the vanguard to do that, but I trust you will do this to your friends. Or you can stay back with her."

I point at Fluttershy.
"I'll be honest with you, we won't get much use of you in combat. You should get something that makes you invisible. You can also try and ask Narpa if he has anything that might keep you safe in case you do get attacked. If he doesn't…"
I frown a bit "Come back to me…"

I turn to Rarity.
"Hey, lady! This is not the time! You also get some Crystal armor like Mag- I mean Twilight, as well as a staff. If you don't know any combat spells, ask Narpa for a staff with one that has."

I look at Pinkie.
"Hey, over here, and…"
I look puzzled for a second.
"Errr.. I've got nothing. You are like a kid… I'm not sure if you could be send to combat as well."


Check to make sure no one can overhear us before speaking.

"I need to tell you this in case I am somehow incapacitated before I can tell everyone else. Listen carefully, and keep this to yourself until we are out of this place."

Look around again.

"I recently confirmed Manifest Destiny's stance. He appears to be serving a power far greater then even the gods, one who refers to himself.. itself as 'The Creator'. I managed to contact it, and it has confirmed that the white alicorn present a major threat to the existence of reality as we know, being the only thing that it has not created, an outsider that wants to demolish us, if you will. At this point I do not know if it is wiser to follow this chain of events and assassinate Tirek as ordered or hunt this white alicorn, but it seemed quite nonchalant about us just following 'orders'."

Look around again.

"Whatever happens, something major will shake everything. Prepare for absolutely anything. Killing the lights, killing 'outsiders', and should my suspicions about the mind of the Creator be true, killing it as well. All we know may come to an end soon, and there will be no telling what happens then."


I grumble. "Yet another deity? Why am I not surprised. I grow weary of being moved about like a game piece."

I look back up at him as I continue.

"I cannot believe I am saying this, but it does make sense. I had several misgivings about this alicorn from the beginning, and this does all fit her grudge with the higher powers. In truth, I'm no longer certain who to believe, but Tirek still represents a clear an present danger."


"…perfor…mance…staff. Got it."
"Hokay miss avatar."
"Certainly darling."
"Oh don't be silly Radiant. The very powers of the laughing one are mine to command as I see fit."

The other five leave, talking among eachother


I yell after them.

I turn back to Pinkie.
"Uh, then what sort of combat will you do? How will you not get hurt? How do you even want to damage our enemies?"


"Oh you silly filly, I am on par, if not even beyond the level of power you wield. I doubt even you could hurt me."


"At this point, we are surrounded by threats. Tirek, the Lights, Faust… and that Creator. He strikes me as an almighty but neutral, uncaring figure, but those kinds could change their minds at any instant. I don't know how we're going to fight it or Faust, but we are the only ones who can do this now. I will speak to the rest of us once we're out of here, but I need you to warn everyone if I somehow am stopped."

Stare in the distance for a while.

"Go gorge yourself on gear at Narpa's. I suspect Faust will attempt to strike the Lights once we leave, hence why I approved of letting the princesses and the elements follow us into Midnight Castle. They will be worse off if they do not."


"I'm not doubting your powers if you are indeed the avatar of the Laughing One, I am simply curious."


"For instance, like this."
A well timed anvil falls on you.
Nothing broke, but it hurt like fuck.


Heal Radiant.
"That was a little too much Pinkie."


"Very well. I will keep your words in mind. For whatever it is worth anymore, I wish you whatever luck has left to offer."

I return to the forge, sparing a glance at the sudden anvil lying on top of Radiant.

"Sir Narpa, is my gear ready? I believe I will require it soon. And I don't believe that form of training will have any benefits, Radiant."


"Ow, why you little…"


I turn back to Pinkie.
"You could have just said it…"


"Oh ok fiiiine."
The piano lands a bit further away, not harming anyone.
The kitchen sink thumps on it shortly thereafter.


I go look for Twilight and ask her how she plans to arm herself to augment her magic.


I grumble a bit.
"Just like Discord… just like that Sun damned trickster…"


"It is nearly as good as I can make it. If you are ina hurry, then take it now."
"Hey! I take offense to that!"


"Well I take offense for you dropping an anvil on me! What if it broke my neck? What would you have said to the Sun?" I mimic her voice "'Whoopsie, I killed your Avatar because she asked me a question!"


"I will reclaim them, then. My thanks. I assume you have the proper equipment for our princesses as well?"


"Oh you. I know where I drop my comical heavy objects. I was never aiming to actually really hurt you."
A large iron spike falls on the sink, splitting it in half

The other Avatars return, wondering what all the commotion is about.
Twilight is wearing rather bulky, poorly fitting crystal armour which makes her movements awkward.
Rainbow Dash has traditional style pegasus armour and some additional weapons hooked up all over it.
Applejack is probably somewhere inside that walking mountain of iron.
Rarity is wearing what seems to be an extremely fashionable dress.
Fluttershy is nowhere to be seen.

"Their personal equipment has been kept ready for them."


If everything's done, go wait in a chamber adjacent to where the lights are.


I roll my eyes at Pinkie, then just simply point at all the dangerous heavy objects that fell down.
Then I turn to Twilight.
"That armor seems to fit you poorly, restraining your proper movement. I've seen that sort of thing kill a knight. Was this the only one?"
I turn to Dash.
"Good, good. Just make sure you know how to use those weapons, and bail out and just fly back to the others if you are in too much danger. We can't risk losing you."
I turn to Applejack.
"Well, that is some armor. I doubt you'll get too hurt, unless they have some dark magicians…"
I turn to Rarity.
"A dress? You want to go to combat in a dress? Where do you think we're going, a Ball? Do you think we'll have some tea and a pleasant chat with the demon hordes of Tirek?"

I try to calm down, then look around for Fluttershy.
"And with you, I'm either pleased that you found something that makes you invisible, or extremely dissapointed for not showing out. You can reveal yourself for now. Did Narpa have something for protection?"


"Is that the best fitting armor he had for you, Twilight? Applejack, can you even move in that?"


"Whats wrong with the dress? I think she looks fabulous."


Twilight kinda shifts inside the translucent mass of crystal
"Well… it was the most protective"

There is a very hollow "I'll manage" inside the iron chunk as it slowly stomps into line

Rarity huffs. "Darling please, form must always go hoof in hoof with function." She tinks the dress against a pillar, revealing it to be chameleon armour.

A tree in the yard meeps.


"Incidentally, Twilight Sparkle, what do you sue to augment your magic?"


"Clever… Try and not to die, just in case."

I turn towards that tree.
"I have asked you a question, Fluttershy, Element of Kindness! Your life might depend on it! Did you manage to find a trinket to protect you from harm?"


"Better the hit you don't take than the one the armor takes for you."


"I guess if you can teleport it won't matter too much."

"Radiant, when you were talking with the gods did you mention that we killed True Death? That might be something they would want to know."


"Oh, right… that… I guess not? I thought they could feel and know when such things happen?"


"Regarding things like that… I'll speak to all of you later, circumstances have changed. Or if you want to hear it sooner, we can step outside."


"I… um, assumed my horn was enough? I'm not really well trained with external catalysts."
The tree waves a pendant in one of its branches.


"Good, good. That is all."

I turn around and sigh with relief, putting a hoof over my Sun Pendant.


"I could say something very racist about assumptions, but I won't. You are the Sun's avatar should you should tell it."

"If you can find something that makes you better without any drawbacks then there is no reason to not take it."

"I was wanting to try and take a quick nap in Napa's forge before we left for the battle so you had better tell me now. I'm sure Gaius can handle arming and armoring the Avatars of Harmony."
I step outside.


"Alright. To be brief, I found out where Manifest Destiny's loyalties lie, to a being far more powerful than the Gods, calling itself the 'Creator'. It seems to care little for us, but Faust is apparently an outsider of some sort that has come to destroy us, his creations. Be prepared to face anything at this point, stock up on gear, bleed the avatars or whatever dry of any potential of your powers you have yet to realise, absolutely everything. I fear Tirek is only the beginning."


"Kill Tirek, come back and deal with whatever mess Faust has made, and then play it by ear from there? Got it. When you are all ready to go just bang on the side of the forge a few times to wake me up."
I go back inside and curl up inside Napa's forge.


The Elements mill around a bit
"Should we… change something?"


"Ms. Sparkle, get an augmentation of some sort for your horn if you've no experience with external spellcasting catalysts. I believe that's about it."


"Well, Twilight, I'm not sure that an armor that lousy fitting will keep you alive… And I'm only worried for Applejack if she gets attacked by something fast moving or get hit by magic. That might be dangerous. Sometimes less armor is more. Also, Rarity, do you have any combat spells, or did Narpa provide you with something so you can cast them?"


"Rainbow Dash you should stay around Applejack in case something fast attack her."


"Do you think Dash can actually use all those weapons?"
I lean close.
"Can you fly around her with sword drawn, to see if she can actually fight? Don't harm her, just give her a scare, okay?"


"In addition, I doubt you will need most of those weapons."


"I dont know, to be fair they all look useless to me, except Twily."
Try to scare the shit out of Dash.

Rolled 5 = 5


Twilight lumbers off, almost tripping over herself.
Rarity tosses a dagger into the air and catches it, opening into a fan of blades
"I'm not one for fighting magic, darling."
"Hey! More weapons means more bad guys beaten, right?"


"At least you can defend yourself somehow then… Okay."
"Also, Applejack, are you absolutely sure about not changing to a simple heavy armor instead?"

I wait to see what happens.


Shout out after her
"If you can't find any better fitting crystal armour, just wear some light robes, you need to keep your mobility!"


"Look sugarcube you said "heavy" and this right here feels well heavy."
Dash makes an awkward dodge, dropping two swords, then tries to fight back, dropping an axe too.


"No, more weapons means more time wasted choosing which to wield. The best weapon is the one you know intimately, like my spear or Radiant's hammer."

"See? You handicap yourself."


"See? I told you Radiant."


I facepalm at Dash.
"Let's just stick with one sword or weapon, okay?"

Then I turn to Applejack.
"Yes, and my armour is heavy too, but still comfortable and gives enough mobility. You on the other hoof… I'm doing this for your own sake."

"They won't have a problem surviving, they'll just need to stay back, and let us handle the frontlines."


Dawn floats down, looking embarrassed, and collects the stuff she dropped.
"Looks like I got a lot to learn…"

Twilight returns, in more fitting but far less covering armour, and with a silver coil on her horn.


"Well ah do feel mighty secure in here at least"
Talking AJ into wearing non-superheavy gear: DC5


"Excellent, you'll need to be able to dodge or teleport at a moment's notice if we get into a skirmish, and that coil looks very prett-efficient.

Do you know any shielding spells?"


"Do you? Mind if I see how secure you feel in it after when actually attacked?"


"Come at me sugarcube"
Hurting her is DC8


"This should be interesting."


Sit down and wait for the battle.


"You asked for it…"
Land a heavy blow on her armor with my hammer.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


You bounce off the mass of iron covering applejack, do a little somersault and land on your face


"It was merely an act!"
Fly up and try again!

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


This time you actually manage to knock the superheavy gear around somewhat. Narpa's enhancements to your hammer have truly helped.
"Whoa there. Best two outta three."


Power Attack.
This won't end well…

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


And indeed it does not.
You strike your hammer at the armour, and it rebounds, smashing you in the face.
Roll for severity of facial injury.


Why don't you go fuck yourself, DM

Rolled 5 = 5


Cast heal on her.

Rolled 8 = 8


"Anyone laughs I'll break his or her jaws!"


"Take humor where you can find it, o shining light. And in front of our ladies, no less," I respond, gesturing to the princesses.

Roll to not snicker.

Rolled 10 = 10


"I can't afford to laugh considering what we're going to do after this, you know."


Looks like your left eye took a pounding. However, thank to Dawn's swift healing, it did not go blind.
You do have the mother of all black eyes though.
This is dead fucking serious.
You can now control your laughter perfectly at will.


"Okay, you'll be fine with that armor… And thanks, sister…"

I turn and walk a bit away from the others, then try and heal that black eye a bit more myself.

Rolled 1 + 2 = 3


The Alicorns leave to get dressed as Rainbow Dash comes back, now only carrying two swords and looking mopey.

Aaaand now you can't see with it any more.
And it's leaking nasty looking pus.



Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


"We can practice again if you want to Dash."


Well it is no longer leaking anything.
The sight might come back in time too.
"Nah, I think I'm cool now."
I don't wanna look lame again…


"If you said so but droping your weapon in the battlefield is so lame.


Stomp my hooves angrily at the ground.


"Get an augmentation or implant from Narpa or something. It may help."


"Leave me be! I'm not going to wear an eyepatch!"


"What? No, why would an eyepatch help you? I'm suggesting install a lens or some magic implants in there, it may function better than your normal eye too."


"Calm yourself. Aesthetics mean nothing in battle, and you must protect that until it heals."


"I'm not installing nor wearing anything… bah!"

I walk away from them, and find a quiet place to sit down to.


Getting sight back in your eye is DC9, and those rolls gain +1 for every successful heal you gain from here on.
Attempting to spam heal to get it fixed in five minutes can result in complications. And by complications I mean cancer from the over-speed cell regrowth.
"Yes. Indeed my bloodline is the one that developed the Protective Bubble spell."


"Excellent. You may need to cast it at a moment's notice on any of us, or on yourself since you're relatively unarmoured. I personally have no knowledge of how to cast it, so this is good to know."


You hear very well synchronized hoofsteps.
Sounds like the princesses are back.


Look up with my head held low.


I turn and bow in their direction.


File: 1346181099166.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1200, 1318776588635.png)

And what a glorious sight they are to behold.
Celestia's suit is more well fitting than the old one she gave Radiant, and notably more ornate than the one she wore when fighting Ironhide. Solid and heavy, befitting her notable stature, this golden suit reflects her inner light in a near blinding manner.
Luna's, though lighter, is perhaps even more decorated, through subtle patterns in the rich cloth and metal inlays along the lengths of the plates. Ivory and porcelain form a starmap along her flanks, and her helmet shares much of the design of the one once used by nightmare moon.
Picture unrelated


My jaw drops to the floor, then I bow deeply before them.
Try to hold my head so they don't see my 'wrong' eye.

Rolled 6 = 6


"I see you are ready to go princess."


"My ladies…even in war, your beauty is striking."

I hold my bow.

"I am humbled by your joining us on our quest, and pray we can protect your charges. In your names I serve."


You keep the eye problem under control.
"Quite the contrary, Lord of the Night. We are here to serve you in the coming battle."

The Sun and Moon look like they wish to send you off.
This is your last chance to do anything before the point of no return.


"I couldn't… y-you? Serving us?"
"I can't even keep the light of my own eye safe…"


"You are the new chosen avatars. We are simply some old flames kindled for one final act of service."
Gracious Glory nods knowingly.
Valiance looks a bit sad.


"I swore an oath long ago, and I intend to uphold it, no matter how strange or dire our situation has become."


"Something wrong Valiance?"


I look Celestia in the eyes.
"Avatar or not, I will still give my life for yours."


"Just… bad memories."
"No, Radiant. No. You will not. You can not. This world needs you, the avatar of the sun. It needs all of you. Me and my sister have already served for as long and well as we can. It is time for a new day to dawn. And it will dawn with a new avatar of the sun."


"That might be true, yes… but no power can change the nature of a pony. I know what my duty is. I know what this quest requires of me… but I also know that I won't be able to restrain myself for giving everything that I have for your safety if the need arises in the battle."


"Of course but dont worry about it, you already prove yourself and now is time for payback."


I rejoin the party.
"I hate to interrupt, but have you told the Sun about True Death yet?"







I point towards the palace where the Sun is.
"Get to it. Better you carry the news than Gaius or I."



File: 1346868497219.png (228.47 KB, 613x518, totg chapter 4.png)

Why do you still struggle
You have already failed

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they were just about to warp to Midnight Castle.

The Elements of Harmony as well as Luna and Celestia will join them.
Valiance, Gracious Glory and Dearly Decorated will lead a frontal assault against the castle to buy time.
Fairness and Fearless will remain to protect the gods.

This only leaves one final question - should Manifest Destiny come along, or stay behind?

Best decide quickly. The armies of the Lord of Destruction are gathering as you speak.


I'll let the others decide that.
I quickly go to the Sun, and ask him if he news that we killed that.
But before that, let's heal that eye…

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


We should leave that up to Manifest Destiny. We'll leave that choice to his.. master.


"I for one am a supporter of the phrase 'the more the merrier', why not after all?"


"We should leave that choice to him. He is.. capable if deciding what is best for his interests."


"The master seems very silent about this… It's like he doesn't want to tell you what he knows…"
The Sun stares off into the distance
So, even death can die… Or, perhaps that is too dramatic. Death as a concept is most likely impossible to kill. However, you did, in a way, kill the afterlife. Or AN afterlife.
Also, your eye starts glowing again. Not as bright as it once did, but still better than the dim slab it used to be.


"It is not in his interests he is acting, however. And we do not know if those interests coincide with ours."


"In that case.. you should stay behind. Faust will likely strike while we are away, and your Master should find some means of fending her off."


I'll just walk along silently as well


Where is the Rarity by the way? Is that nutkicker still around her?


"How does this affect the coming battle, though?"


The Elements are gathered in the throne room, and are making the final adjustments to their battle gear.
You need not worry of death when facing Tirek. For he will grant you no such blessings. The Lord of Destruction will twist your bodies beyond reason and annihilate your very being if he so pleases.


I smirk.
"I was curious about them. Will we be able to kill him and his minions?"


Certainly. This is what the Harmony Conduit was created for. It is the antithesis of Tirek's Power of Darkness. And with it now infused to your souls, your blows will be anathema to him and his mutant children
Manifest Destiny nods
"So be it then. I will stay here and hold my ground."
He looks to the sky and a shimmering sword appears on his hoof
"The master protects."


"I'll be riiiight back guys."

Slip into stealth I don't need to roll for that anymore since End Times right? This version of Groves comes from right before we faced Distortion and find the elements


"If that is what must be done, so be it. May your master watch over you, emissary."


"Hmm… hmm. If our business is done, let's go see the gods. We need to get this done quick…"


"Thank you…"
I bow before him, then try to find Celestia again.


They are checking their stuff.
Rainbow Dash is trying to hide knives in her armour.
Twilight Sparkle is making a checklist to check she has everything ready.
Rarity is adding some ribbons to her dress.
Applejack is somewhere inside that colossal superheavy suit, eating an apple from the sound of it.
Pinkie looks the same she always did.
Fluttershy is not here, but the tree outside is feeding a squirrel some nuts.
"Speak with the Sun to confirm you are ready. Lady Twilight will teleport you all once everyone is done here."
She is not far away, checking if her armour is on right.


Enter where the sun and moon are and wait silently for them to brief us, still while thinking of schemes for this turn of events.


Walk there and bow before her.
Try to hide my bad eye.
"Your Highness… Are you ready?"

Rolled 1 = 1


I nod and return to the others, taking my place beside Luna.


Hah! I'd like to see Applejack hit me from behind that wall of armor!

Re-appear out of nowhere in front of Rarity

"Hello there ladies~"


I sit, go over my gear, and patiently wait for everyone.


I do the same

Maybe try and practice shapeshifting? CAREFULLY!

Rolled 1 = 1


Your mission is simple. Locate Tirek and slay him before he reaches the Palace of Lights. Then return to us so we may begin restoring the mortal world. We will send an army to fight Tirek's main forces so you have less to worry about.
You gaze at the princess with your dead eye, and see the light in it fade away forever, this event reflected a hundred times over in the mirror polished armour of Celestia.
You are now half blind.
The sounds inside the superheavy suit stop.
Dash and Twilight ignore you.
Pinkie raises an eyebrow.
Rarity spins around and smiles
"Dahling! You came back! Oh, you're not still hurting there, are you?"
The superheavy armour makes a hollow laughing sound
You assume the form of water, and to your horror, forget how to maintain integrity of shape. You begin flowing and splashing everywhere, limbs dropping off and reforming in the wrong places, your voice distorted to a drowning garble.
You panic and try to grab the others for help, but you only drench them in your wetness.
After what seems like a chaos fueled eternity, you reform, panting heavily and coughing up water.
Everyone present is wet now, and they all look annoyed.


"…Was that really necessary Neith?"


Look at the disasters around us.
"This.. oh, bah. But still… can I really discount the probability of a malevolent force acting on us?"

Turn to the lights.
"Understood. We will depart when we are ready."


I try to open my mouth to say something to her, end up just sitting down with mouth hung open, raising a hoof slowly to my eye, not even caring about Neith's splashing.
"I… I can't see…"


Wave a hoof dismissively

"No worries my dearest lady, I have faced worse pains than that! And with you around… well let's just say you make it all just so much more bearable and worth it."


"Please, calm down. We need to focus on the task at hand here… please."


I fear for our prospects.

"Radiant? Is all well?"


Celestia looks concerned
"Oh my, what happened to you? Perhaps you should get that looked at."


"Yo-you don't understand! I can't see!"

"I tried healing it myself but it didn't work! Who could heal it? The Sun can heal it right? Even you can heal it, right Princess? Right?"


"I didn't do that on purpose! Something keeps messing with my integrity! It's probably Tirek's vile powers trying to dishearten us, I just know it. We should deal with him swiftly so he cannot corrupt anything more."


Rarity giggles, then puts on a more serious face. "Well I'm glad you feel that way dahling. But I don't know if now is the best time to be amorous."
You hear a sharp squishing sound. As you turn to look, you can see two crushed apples under the massive iron hoof of the superheavy armour.
"I… can always try."
Rolling to Celestia Heal

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


"Just.. stay calm. Focus on your good eye.. Can someone else heal her? Lights?"

"We will discuss that when we are out of here. Calm down."


The eye lights up again as Celestia softly pokes it with her horn.
It works perfectly, at least for now.


"Just try not to do that again. I don't want to get wet and you don't want to evaporate."

"Not having any luck, friend?"


"Wonderful work, Princess. Are we ready to depart?"


Wipe my brow as I see the two apples being crush but keep smiling anyway

"Oh Rarity, don't be silly. A beautiful gem such as yourself should always be taken care of and praised. It's only natural! But perhaps you are correct, I fear battle will be upon us soon and I can only pray you and your lovely friends will remain unscathed."


I blink with it a few times before breaking out in a giant smile.
"Thank you so much Princess! I knew I could count on you!"
Hug her as a thanks!
**No I'm not going to roll**


"You may want to take care of that. Were we in any other situation, I would suggest a patch."


"Shall we.. shall we get going now? This is an urgent mission, after all…"

IU look around nervously, as if expecting some eldritch entity to come bursting in at any minute.


I stomp my hoof on the ground angrily

"It was an accident! I lost control!"


"Yes… I can see now, so we may go."

"Princess Celestia healed it, there is no need for that now."


"I'm ready."

"Believe me, I know about losing control. Always be careful when using your abilities because you have no idea when everything is going to go wrong."


"Well dahling I'll hold you to that if we make it back alive"
The massive armour chuckles a little
Pinkie pokes you in the balls from behind then hops away giggling
She smiles softly and wraps a wing around you
"Dearest Radiant, I only wish to serve now."

The Sun and Moon both rise and the Elements take their places before the thrones alongside the three generals.
If there is nothing else, please, come hither.
Your greatest battle is upon you. If you are ready, then the time for war is upon us


"Alright then… Twilight! Begin the teleport!"
I sound much more anxious than my usual self.


Is Card still around by the way?


I nod and turn to Luna as I step forward.

"Are you ready, my lady?"


I step forwards.
"I am ready."

No. I just brought him in to act friendly towards Neith in front of the others. There weren't really any others around at the time so that plan failed.


I jump back a little at Pinkies touch but regain my composure swiftly

"Ladies, and Applejack too, I'll take my leave!"

Slip into stealth mysteriously do disappear


I shift around uncomfortably, and wait to be teleported.
"I still can't get used to the thought of you serving me. It's just… not right."


**It was done in front of everyone though, right?**

"I'm ready. I always am."


Good point. He forgot to mention that she used to be a vampire so I'm beating myself up a little about that.


We'll he's still there as a back-up character right? That's why I brought in Groves


I'm sticking with Campfire. I'll get plenty of chances to play Card Trick again assuming Nasse quests.


[S]Actually, he said he doesn't know if his next quest will be in the Trotheim continuum. Might have to roll new characters for it.[s]


Aw. Well maybe if Campfire somehow dies? You can still use Card for RPing only like I'm using Groves right now. And Nasse quest will be with new characters preferably

We should be discussing this in the meta thread


Then let it be done
Stay safe, and return victorious
Destiny nods
"The Master will see you to the end, slightly displeased as he may be."
The Three Generals bow to the lights
"We will head to the army and send off"
"We will fight to the last soul and body"
"Tirek cannot hope to win. I know him now."

Twilight powers up the teleportation sigil on the floor and casts a final look to the Sun and Moon
Our light be with you
Twilight of the gods

You all vanish into nothing as Twilight rends open space and drops you through reality.

Eventually, you open your eyes and see you are on the shore of a stormy lake.
In the middle of this raging water rises a jagged rocky spire, at the top of which lies a Tirek's seat of power - Midnight Castle.
In the far horizon, a wave of light is moving. It is the army of the lights.



Turn to the party.

There is a.. change in circumstances that I must inform all of you of for now. May I have your attentions for a bit?"


I sit down and look at him.


I'm interrupted as she teleports us out.
After we arrive, I say
"…fucking seriously. Can somebody please explain to me what the fuck is going on here?"


"So this is it… our final confrontation…"

"Yes? What is it?"


"Ali? What are you doing here? This feels almost as awkward as one of those high school class reunions now…"

"Speak your mind mage, what is it?"


I stand back up.
"Who are you?"


"So it begins. Moon protect us."

"Is it what you warned of before?"


"You know this Diamond Dog, Neith?"



Look nervous for a moment

"Maybe… Yes."


"Neith? Holy shit, it's been ages since I last saw you…"


"You already know this, Campfire and Gaius."

"Recently, I managed to confirm Manifest Destiny's loyalties. He appears to serve a being calling itself the 'creator', that is to say, higher than the gods, being a demiurge who created everything. It claims that Faust is an anomaly, not one of its creations, yet here in its world and seeking to destroy its work, and appears to care little for our individual fates."

"It sees Tirek as a small threat compared to Faust, and I fear going after Tirek is only the beginning. There is no telling what will happen after, be it having to face Faust, It, or.. anything. We should be prepared to face absolutely everything. All we can do is hope the lights and Destiny can fend of Faust when she arrives."

"That is all. Be wary for your safety."


Rub the back of my neck uncomfortably

"Right… that it has."

My attention is pulled to him.

"A demiurge? But… what kind of madness is this? There is only the Sun and Moon!"


"…not our final confrontation then. When will all this end? Is a peaceful eternity with… is it too much to ask for?"


"Well, if Neith vouches for you."
I sit back down.

"Yes, but what made them?"


"Not anymore, it seems. It claims to have created all the gods, Sun, Moon, Destruction and Death alike."

"That, it seems, is what we must eternally struggle for. We can ill afford to lose hope. If the gods do no care for the affairs of mortals, we with power must."


I similarly rub the back of my back,
"So… do you have any idea what the fuck this is all about?"
"The Lights? Manifest Destiny? Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?"


"I'm not losing hope, but this endeavour is starting to get more tiresome and mysterious by each passing moment."


"It will only continue to do so. Do not give in to despair."


"Indeed. I grow weary of being thrown about like playthings by beings beyond our comprehension."


I sit back on my haunches, thinking deeply for a while.

"This is insanity. Utter insanity."

"We are currently part of a holy war led by the Light Gods fighting against the Dark Gods, dog. It's complicated. We are preparing for war against Tirek as we speak."


"Is she an old friend of yours or something Neith?"
"Agreed. If we lose hope, we lose any chance we have at survival and success."


Celestia and Luna are talking to the Elements.
Rainbow Dash confirms there is indeed a side door near the waterline, but it is closed tight by some mechanism.


"An old companion! Yes! Nothing else!"


"A holy war led by the fucking gods?"
I pause,
"Why the fuck did they call me then?!"


"The Lights are the Sun, the Moon, and the Laughing One. Manifest Destiny is their adviser and, according to Freke, the pet of an extra dimensional being."


"Freke, can you use your magic to tell if there's any way to open it?"
I also stand near Celestia.


I nod.

"Well, we have our way in."


I shrug

"That's what I wondered when I was called here. And now I'm the avatar of ice for some reason. Gods need champions and crusaders to fight for them."


"You seem flustered."


"Right, give me a minute…"

Sight beyond Sight.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


"Stay calm, Neith. Once Tirek is dead you can get some tutoring from Nature so you don't have as many accidents."

I walk over to them and wait for a chance to ask Celestia and Luna if either of them know any legends about Midnight Castle that could tell us about another way in.


I point a hoof at her angrily

"You should know being the expert on that subject!"

"Yes, that would be useful if I want to attain this role. I'm still not used to it."


The lock mechanism connects to a statue above the door.
There is a guard patrolling that area.
"In the legends of old, it is said that the Nightslayer entered via a secret passage, and found an unlikely ally inside the castle to help her slay the Demon King."


"I meant the upcoming battle. Is there more behind that than I thought then?"


"Well of course you won't get used to it if you keep walking around looking like a normal pony."

"Did it give a general idea of where the passage was or how she found it?"


"The lock mechanism seems tied to the statue above, but there is a guard."

Rolled 6 = 6


"Just stay quiet you."

"Well last time I tried to do something with it I made everyone wet."

Don't I have it activated right now?


"Supposedly in a sta-"


"Think you can bring him over here so we can get a closer look at him?"

"Just walk around in it to get comfortable in your new sk-well it's not really skin but you get my point."
Dunno. Ali didn't react so I'm assuming Neith went back to normal pony form after she turned into a puddle.


"As long as you can concentrate on fighting and avoid incidents like the one in the library, I will."

"We might be able to take out the guard quietly, but even that could make for too much unwanted attention."


"I'm sure the princess will keep you too occupied anyway."


Activate my avatar form then

Guess I should roll?

Rolled 5 = 5


I chuckle.
"Still the same old fuckin' Neith."
"So I take it there's no way to back out now? Fuuuuck…"


"Hm. What sort of beast is this guard?"


"Hmm, teleport the guard over? interesting idea.. you sure?"
Set down my teleport beacon


Your skin freezes over and the flesh within becomes liquid.


"Yes, I will do my best to protect her from harm…"


"Stay focused, Radiant. Our oaths may hold fast, but do not let it blind you to the danger."

I bow slightly.

"If you will pardon my frankness, mi'lady. I'm…not used to your presence."


"What are our options for disposing him? Can't someone just silently take him out?"


Luna shrugs
"'Tis no bother. So long as thou remainst focused on the task at hand."


"Bah. Let's pull the guard over. Everyone, get ready."

Teleport the guard to the beacon here.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"It would be quieter than us going over to him."


"I'd appretiate if you didn't use the word 'blind' just yet…"


You yank the guard off his balcony and onto the beach.
He is very confused and does not make any noise.

He is a massive thing, somewhat like a Diamond Dog, only much taller and scaly. His jagged halberd looks evil to the very core. Dark flames spew from his nostrils as he breathes.


"That's… pretty fucking new. So you really weren't kidding when you said you were the 'avatar of ice'. Sweet fuckin' Celestia…"


"Guys? GUYS!"

Freeze its mouth and legs.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


Power Attack and Blast.

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


"This is a tremendous honor, why would you want to back out?"

"Indeed. Strange that I was chosen, I'm well versed in the art of frost magic."

Stab him with my sword!

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


>NOT well versed in the art of magic


I cut his throat with my knife.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"Now, have at it!"

Spear strike.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


Your blast ice at the hulking guard, freezing its legs in place
It struggles to free itself as >>101950 Radiant strikes it, but only manages to bruise the armoured foe.
Neith and Campfire both shank the guard, making it reel heavily
And finally Gaius impales it.
After a short struggle, the guard flops and dies.
It drops the halberd on the ground as it dies.



Claim the soul to add to my stock.


I press one of my hooves against it to see if the scales make it resistant to fire.


The soul is absolutely miniscule. As if it belonged to a far far tinier creature than the hulking corpse implies.
Also the soul feels corrupt and dirty.
They have a slimy sheen to them, but after a while you burn through.
The resistance is there, but it is far from an immunity.





"..ugh. Well, fuel is fuel, I'll just need to use it sooner and insulate it with the other souls."


It ends

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they had reached the outer walls of Midnight Castle and slain the guard who was watching a side entrance.

The army of the lights will arrive in a while to draw away attention, but every moment wasted is a moment more for the last of the Dark Gods to prepare.


"So how do we open this side door again?"


"We can just blast it open."

Do just that, Blast on the door

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9





"You know, there was a lever. We are supposed to be unseen.


Well, yeah, sure, that works too.
You shatter most of the thick wood on the door, making a hole big enough to squeeze through if you don't mind scraping yourself on the broken lock parts.

Now you just need a way for the rest of the party, who, unlike you, are NOT water elementals, to cross the lake to get to the door.


Easy, use shivermist on the lake to freeze it.

Rolled 1 = 1


As you blow a freezing mist over the lake, a wave catches you and pulls you under.
Being the Lord of Ice, this is not a problem per se. The problem is you now have a large cone of ice sticking out of your face thanks to the water freezing.


"Well done. Were you planning on disguising yourself like that?"


Well, walk over to the door I guess?
"Impressive, but are you planning to stay there?"


Grumble a little and remove the cone, then try to freeze the lake again.

"Just a slight misstep."

"Shut your beak, you."

Rolled 7 = 7


"Hehe nice work."


You freeze a path across the lake. It is a little flimsy though, so any who cross it should roll a DC4 check.
Except Applejack, who needs DC7 due to weighing a fuckload. And Fluttershy, who, being a tree, floats.

Rolling AJ - Twilight - Dash - Pinkie - Rarity - Luna - Celestia

Rolled 3, 5, 1, 7, 7, 9, 1 = 33


Try to help Celestia!

Rolled 2 = 2


Help her with Celestia.

Rolled 6 = 6


I help Rarity cross like a true gentlecolt.


I rush to catch the others.

Rolled 7 = 7


Groves and Rarity walk over calmly, watching their path to avoid cracks.
Applejack steps on the bridge and immediately falls through it, sinking into the lake.
Twilight, Pinkie and Luna hurry over before the ice collapses under them
Celestia and Rainbow Dash aren't so lucky though, and in their efforts to grab applejack, both fall into the water.
Radiant, thinking fast, leaps in to save them.
She passes them rather quickly, seeing as she in full plate, which is now known for its buoyancy.
Dawn and Gaius then dive after the lot, and drag them to the other shore.
Cold and drenched, the four feel kinda dumb about the whole ordeal.
Applejack takes off some bits of the armour to pour water out.


I chuckle a bit at Applejack

"My dear friend, armor like that is not very suitable for these sort of environments. It would have been a shame to lose you because of such a silly death."


Peek inside the door, what can I see?

Rolled 8 = 8


"Are you all right, Princess? Is everyone else fine too?"


I'll play until I get called away, so probably for just a few minutes.
"Maybe she should take some of her armor off? If all the guards in here are as strong as that sentry we don't want to call there attention with all the noise she is going to make."


I shift in and out of intangibility to dry off.

"Phew. Is everybody well?"




"Ah dunno 'bout that. There won't be more lakes in there, but there will be lotsa sharp things hittin' at me… But if ya says so."
She drops the helmet and the heavy flank pads, downgrading her gear to heavy armour.
Seems like a small storage room connected to a stairwell.
This must be some form of emergency exit or boathouse.
There are no guards here.
Celestia squeezes water out of her mane
"I'm fine, Lady Radiant."
The elements nod
Dash seems to have lost her spare daggers in the lake though.


Walk inside and inspect the stairwell

"Are the rest of you lot coming or are you going to keep standing outside and complain?"

Rolled 9 = 9


"Let's just stay with Radiant, okay Princess? You make it sound like I'm above you…"

Walk in and inspect the stairwell.


Follow them.


I enter and search the room.


I follow everyone.


And what a stairwell it is. Hewed from the most pristine dark granite, with exquisite natural patterns and a fine polished finish.
It leads upwards at a comfy 35 degree angle and loops around before reaching a door.
"That is entirely correct then, Radiant. You are the master here, I am but a servant."
The room has some empty shelves and racks in it, as well a closed chest chained to a wall.
You can hear steps on the floor above, the sound of metal scraping, and soft breathing.


Up the stairs and peek inside the room behind the door

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


Rolling for stealth.

Rolled 9 = 9


Inspect the chest. Is it locked?


I ready my hammer and make my way toward the door slowly, but glance back.
"Then I order you to act like you are still the Princess and I'm still just a regular paladin of yours."
I smile at myself of how witty I am.


The hinges seem rusty. Try rolling if you want to open it.
"By your will, Radiant."
Being a very clever pony, you leap up and grab the ceiling, moving along it entirely unseen above the well lit floor.
You slip a little on the stairs and make some noise.
Inside the next room two guards are talking to some kind of hideous monster.


I try to open the chest. Earth pony stronk!

Rolled 8 = 8


Motion the rest of the party to follow and charge in, unleashing my whip on them!

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


Stronk indeed!
You pull the rusty old chest open.
Curiously, the inside is decorated like a mouth, with rows of sharp ornamental teeth.
There is a map in the chest.


"I'm just a Paladin, you don't have to bow to my will, Princess."

I dive in behind her and Blast one of the guards!

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


"That… really doesn't seem safe."
I poke the inside with my sword.

Rolled 6 = 6


"Interesting," I whisper. "Investigate and procure it if possible."

I rush in to back them up.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


"Maybe a unicorn should take it."


You wrap your whip around your own neck and pull yourself into the room, splashing across the floor.
The guards grab their weapons and the monster takes a step back.
"If that is how you wish to roleplay this, Avatar of the Sun, then so be it."
After her words you leap in and strike a guard, staggering it. The other guard slams is halberd into your back and then pushes you away. Your back tingles a little.
The monster runs for the door.
The chest bites down on your sword
Before the guards can further attack either Neith or Radiant, you dash in and slam your weapon into the staggered one, collapsing it on the floor.
You then assume an incorporeal form and surround the other one, clawing at it. Your attack stops both guards but fails to kill either of them outright.


Back stab one of the guards.

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


I go to stop the monster from escaping.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


I pull my sword out of the chest and run back to help the rest of the party. I attack the nearest guard with my sword!

Rolled 1, 8 + 3 = 12


Attack back the one with the halberd!
Use Blast again!

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


Confound it all! Gather my shit and use Blast on the monster!

Rolled 6 = 6


You drop from the ceiling to finish off the stunned guard. However he reacts in time and lifts his halberd in your way.
You feel it bite deep into your belly as you fall helpless.
You also suffer (my roll) mutation damage*
If your mutation score goes over 100, you become a Midnight Dragon and lose your mid to Tirek
You break away from the guard and instead use your endless starstuff mist to engulf the monster. You can get a good look now. It looks like a beyonder, only hairy and winged. It has a strange, long face and it is quite muscular.
It seems to be entirely lost in your fake pocket dimension, and open for attack.
+1 to rolls against the Mutant Beyonder
You stab the grounded guard in the face, cleaving off a large chunk and killing it.
However as you turn you see the chest followed you. It also has legs now.
You blast the other guard, sending it crashing into the mimic, which bites down on the guard, decapitating it.
Finally, you pull yourself together and charge the mutant beyonder, who fails to see you coming and is nearly brought to its knees by the blow.

The Mimic and Mutant Beyonder remain.

Rolled 10 = 10


Fly to Dawn and heal her!
and I totally forgot the +1 from Celestia's presence until now

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


The bleeding stops and the wound itself heals, but there are small writhing tentacles and hard scales pockmarking her belly.


Try to get up.

"Dont worry is just a fleshwound."

Rolled 4 = 4


I press my attack, squeezing the monster in my ethereal grip.

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


Shivermist his ass! Put this avatarform to use!

Rolled 3 = 3


"There's…something more… we should check that later…"
I also stand up and Bless the weapons of the entire party.

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


I do a bit of circle strafing to put some distance between myself and the mimic, and attack the last Beyonder!

Rolled 2, 10 + 3 = 15


"The mutation."


Fuck it, try to fix the mutation with the tool.

Rolled 9 = 9


With Radiant's help you stand up again.
You swirl in closer, crushing the Beyonder, but it holds its own, and tries to peer through you
And it succeeds. Seeing Neith behind Gaius' gripping mist, the beyonder bursts out and kicks the Lady of Frost across the room like a football.
Radiant focuses her power and her halo bursts with a pulse of light. As it touches your weapons, they react in turn, glowing with a golden sheen.
All your weapons are now blessed.
You run away from the mimic and stab the Beyonder in the leg, causing it to collapse on its back with a sharp scream.
As you grin victoriously, the Mimic bites off your tail and laughs.
You take out the fleshcrafter and lie down on your back. Slowly and meticulously you slide the twisted blade under a scale. You wiggle the blade a little to get it firmly in, then twist and pull back, popping the scale clean off.
You then repeat this process with most of the other scales you can reach, and then focus on the small tentacles. Pressing the blade against them hurts as they are very sensitive, but you bite down and pop one like a bad pimple. It bleeds dark ichor on your coat but you slice it open all the way, panting as the pain starts to get to you.
After a few more excruciating cuts, your belly only has a few scales and two tentacles left. However, you are dizzy from the pain so you can't do more.
>Current mutation level: 1/100

The beyonder is helpless
The mimic is still unharmed


Gah! Damn these things!

Shivermist on the Mimic!

Rolled 8 = 8


Thinking on your feet again, you reform your body and toss a freezing shower at the Mimic, slowing it down to a crawl and making it very easy to hit.


Finish off that Beyonder!

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


"It bit off my tail!"
I turn around and slash at it with my sword.

Rolled 3, 4 + 3 = 10


Hooooo! Now you fucked up!

Stab the mimic in the throat!

Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


Before the Beyonder can regain its footing you stab it through the heart. It convulses for a moment, then dies silently.
You stab and prod at the wooden chest that makes most of the Beyonder.
You scrape it a lot, but it does not seem particularly hurt.
Being a chest with legs, it has no throat per se.
You stab it in the lock, breaking it.

The mimic is beginning to thaw.


Attack the hinges I guess?

Rolled 9, 1 + 3 = 13


What a clever pony you are.
You break one of the hinges, causing the lid to nearly come off.
The mimic then shakes off the cold and kicks you down, rebdering you helpless.


Keep stabbing it!

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


I turn and attack the mimic.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


The Mimic grabs you and shoves you in its mouth, then starts chewing.
Roll for severity of damage.
You may negate the damage by turning into water, but if you do, the map will take damage instead as you get it wet.


Fuck you avatarform! MISSION FIRST!

Roll to see how fucked I am

Rolled 9 = 9


I attack the other hinge!

Rolled 2, 6 + 3 = 11


You are more or less unharmed. Luckily you are not a very big pony, so you fit snugly inside the mimic and the teeth miss you.
You scrape the hinge and then stab it, nearly breaking it.


Blast it from the inside! then!

Rolled 6 = 6


Keep at it!
I'm gonna wreck it! To save Neith!

Rolled 6, 2 + 3 = 11


Your combined efforts to break the mimic finally pay off, and the lid pops off with a loud crash.

Neith hops out, grabbing the map with her.
The mimic looks very confused and tries to find its lid.


Start bashing it with the flat of my blade!
Turn it into firewood!

Rolled 9, 2 + 3 = 14


"Well, what does it show?"


Keep at it! Blast it to bits!

Rolled 3 = 3


You lean against a wall to catch your breath.
All this blasting is making you sore.
Meanwhile, sol carves out massive chunks of the chest, causing it to collapse into pieces, killing the mimic at last.
Her tail was destroyed in the process though. Oops.


…How destroyed are we talking here?

Rolled 9 = 9


"Are you alright, Knight? Well done there."


It'll grow back.
Get a toupee or a brush or something in the mean time.


What are we doing?


I look at the dead mutant beyonder.
"How did Tirek manage to get his hands on this one?"


"Beyonders seem to make a habit of falling into thralldom with darkness."


"Interesting, indeed. I had some ideas about what the 'Power of Darknes' would entail, but we'll just have to see for ourselves.


"I'm fine. My tail… not so much. N- not that it matters that much!"
"You guys have more experience with these creatures than I do. I have no idea."


You are inside Midnight Castle.
You have just found a map and killed some guards.
Twilight clears her throat
"Old legends of Tirek and the Nightslayer sometimes mention a Beyonder who was Tirek's slave - a mutated monster that was once a benevolent prince. Though his description does not really match this thing."


"I have never seen such creatures before, as far as I'm concerned they are wicked and should be purged at all cost."

"Good, you did well."


"If the power of Darkness is meant to 'oppose', and if he is able to summon Beyonders, then what does this suggest about Tirek's capabilities?"

Someone check that map too.


"Could he have found another prince or changed its appearance?"
Is anyone else having trouble quoting with quick reply?

"Not all of them are bad. One helped us out, I heard, during our time as time travelers."


Right, check the map out

Rolled 3 = 3


"Wait… if that map was in a trap this whole time… why would Tirek keep a map of his own castle, anyway?"

Sight Beyond Sight to verify whatever I can about the map's reliability.

Rolled 5 = 5


"True, but every one since has either acted against us or been a servant of evil. I still do not trust their kind, especially with Faust and this so-called "Creator" allowed to run free."

I look over at the map.

"Well? Does it show a route through the castle?"


"…Time as time travelers?"
I shake my head.
"Never mind. I don't even want to know…"


The map seems legit, if a bit hard to read since the markings on it are written in some horrible demon language.
If you read it correctly, there is a room of some importance on this floor, most likely along the corridor that goes by this room.
The floor below you contains the dungeons.
The throne room seem to be two floors above you, on the same level as the castle battlements.


"There is no evidence that wither of them have anything to do with Beyonders… yet. Although I really feel we would do well capturing one alive."


"I'll trust your word that he started this, then."

"It was fun. Lots of good books and good wh-company. Pitty that everyone else forgot me and Zebro, though. I hear they made it all the way into Tartarus."


"Let's check the nearby interesting room first, shall we?"

Sight Beyond Sight through the wall to check for guards outside the room's exit.

With talent+staff boost, bonus is +5 right?

Rolled 1 + 5 = 6


Right, let's check out if we can find that room on this floor

Rolled 9 = 9


You see way more than you ever wanted to know about mutated monster anatomy. Way more. That image will haunt you for the rest of your life.
Judging from the map, you should turn right and it will be at the end of the corridor.


"What does the map say?"


"What.. I… gah."

Peek my head out the corridor to check for guards, then.


Let's follow the map then

Stay frosty though, just in case

Rolled 10 = 10


"Wait, what does it say? Do you know where you are going?"


I follow her.


I follow her.


Well shit that was easy.
You go out the door, turn right and keep walking. There were five guards here but three were asleep, one was looking the wrong way and the last one was too busy tying a noose for itself.

You find a rather ornate door.
On it is a plaque with something written in demonic.


Use Fourth Eye and attempt to understand the demonic writing

Rolled 10 + 5 = 15


Can I decipher it? I've seen heretical texts before in my life.

Rolled 8 = 8


Well that's easy peasy lemon squazy. This is the room of the mirror of darkness.
You now have a perfect understanding of written and spoken demonic and can pass as a native speaker.
Yep. Looks like this is the mirror of darkness room.




"There is an artifact of interest here. Let's go in."

Carefully open the door and check inside.


Follow behind him closely


There is a huge object in the middle of the room. It is covered with a heavy, dark cloth.


"An artifact? What are you talking about?"


"What is it?"
I follow him in.


"Hmm… just a bit more…"
Use unicorn telekinesis to remove the cloth while standing as far away as possible.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9



"The Mirror of Darkness, an artifact with the power to turn things into opposites through the power of darkness. I believe it may be of use to… defend us from Tirek, yes."


"That doesn't sound useful. That sounds dangerous to us."
I step away so that I am not standing in front of the covered object.


"Such a cursed thing could only be fashioned by Tirek himself. How could it possibly aid us?"


"That sounds awfully dangerous… are you sure we could use it?"


"Sounds like a vile artifact to me. We should destroy it!"


"No, no. If I'm right about this, using the mirror to transform his own powers and abilities will make them ineffective on us at best. If his 'dark' is turned into it's opposite, he may end up helping us with each hit. Either way, it's worth a shot."


You move the cloth, revealing a massive dark slab.
A small fragment is missing from a corner.


"So this IS the same thing the gods had sealed. Yes, let's see if there's any way to use it…"

Sight on it to check for ways to use it. Is it possible to break off fragments to carry with us?

Rolled 1 + 5 = 6


"You said it turns things into the opposite through the power of darkness. Using it against him you be like trying to set me on fire."


There is a glimpse of your face in the mirror.
It had a very evil smile on its face.
This is all you saw.
Then a part of your horn breaks off.


"I agree. Tirek has shown he has long since mastered the art of corruption. Dallying with his tools is not something I wish to do."


"'Darkness' itself seems to be a fluid concept, meaning little more than opposition. The idea is to use it to shield us from his attacks so that his moves end up like trying to set you on fire."


"See? We should go."
I walk towards the door.


"F- F- Freke! You h- horn!"



"..The idea was to transmute his attacks into that resembling the harmony conduits power so that it would be harmless to us, if Darkness is what I understand it to be, but.. never mind for now."

Are we done here?


"Gah, we should destroy it now!"


For now.


"..I think I can still cast effectively, it doesn't matter. It was still worth an attempt."


"For your sake I hope so. Let us take that as a warning."


"If you can find a way. For now, I'm not sure what to do but leave it be."


Luna, Celestia and Twilight talk to eachother for a while, glancing at the mirror.
Dash and Applejack just share a confused look.
Rarity tries fixing her hair with the mirror.
Fluttershy is still a tree.
Pinkie walks around it and smiles, then hops back.


"Were there any other rooms of interest? If not we could bring the mutated beyonder back to life and try interrogating it."


I grumble a little at the pink one

"What's so funny, you pink clown?"


"Miss Rarity, what do you see in the mirror?"

"And can you shed any light on this, Princesses?"


I grimace.
"Distasteful, but it may be our only way to gain information in this place. Do you think you can accomplish that on a corpse so badly corrupted?"


"Oh yes, that's a good idea. Bring the corpse over here."


"I would prefer we use Radiant's staff on him first."

"Let's go."
I go back to where we left the corpse.


"I just looked so funny in there"
"Oh no, my mane is a mess and this mirror isn't helping at all!"
"Tirek is not a foe any of us has seen in person."
"But we are fairly certain this mirror works as explained - it alters things into their opposites."
You drag the dead mutant beyonder back to the mirror room.
Radiant kindly hands over the Lifebinder Staff to whoever needs it.
That poor guard must have had a really bad day to hang himself in the middle of the day like that.
The other guards seem to have gone somewhere.


Take the staff.

"Alright, let's try this…"

Attempt to combine the ability of both staves for an easier time reviving the corpse.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


"Surround him. Don't kill him, but defend yourself if he attacks."
I stand between him and the door after shutting it with my telekinesis.


Draw my sword

"This is my area of expertise."


"Very well. I pray this works."

I take a ready stance.


You place both staves upon the Beyonder and chant a short spell. Power shoots through the Soul Staff into the Lifebinder Staff, zapping the dead beyonder with notable force.
Though its body is badly broken and battered, it gasps back to life and looks around wildly.


"Can you speak? Stay calm, we will not hurt you if you comply."


I stiffen up a bit, still slightly paranoid about them.
"Yeah. We don't want to hurt you. Can you understand us?"



Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


"Ja toinen… ei perkeleen kukkaketo"
"Yes, yes of course I can speak. I'm amazed that you can too. I never knew ponies could speak."


"Did anyone understand that?"


Bring my sword up to his throat
"Tell us everything you know and I'll finish you quick again. I promise you wont have to find out what your left testicle tastes like."

Rolled 1 + 1 = 2


"Not a word. The dialect sounds different from what other Beyonders spoke, though."


"I didn't understand a word. What language is… he?- even speaking?"


"I am versed in your tongue, it seems. Anyway, there are a few questions we would like you to answer."

Turn to the party and ask what they want to ask.


"I want to know who he is."


The beyonder grabs your sword and puts you in a chokehold
"Tell this one to calm down!"
It points at Neith


Shape into water! Get free!

Rolled 7 = 7


"And if he has any knowledge of Tirek's plans."

I roll my eyes.
"And if it can ignore the barking of our impatient companion."


"Neith! Calm down, he says he is not hostile!"

"Alright. Who are you, why are you in the service of Tirek, and what can you tell us about him?"


"Hey! Put her down!"
I run over and try to pry Neith out of his grip.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Neith, blustering like that when we have him surrounded is going to do more harm than good. Freke, could you tell it to let her go?"


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