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The time is now
It ends here



"Oh, uh.. yes."

Talk the the beyonder in demon tongue.
"You need to let go of that pony, even if she is a bitch."


Neith breaks loose as she turn to water.
Sol slips on her and hits the beyonder, who angrily shoves her across the room with a single push.

It then turns to Freke
"I am Arachot, one of the High Demons. I serve Tirek not because I wish to, but because my flesh belongs to him."


Reform myself and huff indignantly

Rolled 3 = 3


"Can we please hold still while Freke does the talking? Please?"


"Only because your.. flesh belongs to him? Interesting. We don't particularly like Tirek either, so… yes, would you like to help us kill him in any way?"


"There is very little I can do against him. He is far stronger than I. At best, I could guide you in the castle. Perhaps walk you past the guards without drawing attention."


"Yes, that would be most helpful."
Fourth Eye to check if he's lying.

Turn to the party.
"Anything else you want to ask? He has agreed to help us, he does not like Tirek very much either."

Rolled 6 + 5 = 11


"Oh we're trusting this thing now? WE SHOULD KILL AND BURN IT!"


He seems about as legit as a horrible twisted demon alien mutant can be.


"You can do that once I've confirmed if its trustworthy or not."


"Freke seems to be a good judge of character. What does he have to say about him?"


"Ask him how he came to be controlled by Tirek."


"The mage? A good judge of character? All he looks for is power! He's in this crusade for selfish reasons of greed."


"Truthfully? This is most welcome. Any information he could provide about the castle or Tirek would be most helpful."
I look away.
"And I offer my apologies for, well, killing him."


"Those seeking to leave the world better than it was must first attain power. Only then can anything be done. Not that I'd expect you to understand any concept of 'bettering the world'."

"How did you come to be controlled by Tirek, anyway? How does Tirek find his minions?"


"Tirek has destroyed many lands before his conquest of Ponyland. Mine must have fallen long ago, for I cannot even recall an age in which I did not disdainfully serve him."


"Spare me of your self-righteous nonsense, you are a selfish wastrel with some fancy magic!"


Turn to the party.
"He says that he himself has been forced to serve Tirek for longer than he can remember, and that his minions come from conquered lands. If we are done, we can put him to work."

"Hmm. Have fun with your viewpoints."
I don't even bother looking at Neith to answer her.


The Beyonder stands up.
One of its arms and both wings are broken, but it can walk.
"If anyone asks, I will say I have taken you prisoner. Come. I can show you to anywhere you need to go."


"And you are a loudmouthed zealot whose mouth outpaces her deeds."

"If he wishes. I am not all comfortable with accepting a Beyonder's aid though."


"We can go with him, we will act as his prisoners. I suggest we try and hide our faces, though. The Princesses may also wish to hide their wings or horn.

If we're ready, let's leave. Where do we want to go, Tirek's chamber?"


"Ultimately. Does the map indicate any other areas of interest?"


I glower at him
"I'll be watching you…"


"Hey now! Neith is a great pony who has done great things! Why do you suppose she was summoned here?"
"Will they really be convinced by a lone guard escorting… well, us? With all our fancy equipment?"


"The throne of darkne-"
Before he can finish his words there is a massive cash outside. Sounds like the Army of Light is here.
Aside for the mirror room and throne room, some others have been marked, including the dungeons and one of the towers.


"How flattering. It was always nice to have females interested in me."

"Shall we check the tower? It might yield better than the dungeon."


"Perhaps, but we had best not tally. The army's sacrifice should not be wasted."


"What we're looking for is anything to ensure we don't fail. Tirek is more likely to store something precious in a tower, if there are prisoners the army can release them."


"Aren't you the comedian."

Turn to Twilight

"You! What do you think about all this? You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders."


"I know, it's funny because I'm implying you count as a lady at all."


"Well, we should remember that the Nightslayer herself was a Beyonder, so their help can be invaluable.

As for facing Tirek, we have the power of harmony at our side. It is what once destroyed his worldly form, so I see no reason it wouldn't work here."


"I never implied I was, now did I?
You just focus on building that perfect little delusional world of yours."

"Hmmm… maybe you are right then."


"I certainly hope you enjoy building your own."

"Shall we go off, then?"


The beyonder nods
"This way if we wish to reach the tower."

You head back to the corridor.
Some guards rush past and ignore you. They seem to be in a hurry.




"Let's just hurry there while they're distracted."


"Odd that they ignore us so easily. Is it the Beyonder's presence?"


"I don't appreciate you saying those things about Neith, Freke.
And yes, let's move on already and stop arguing."


The party heads up to the higher floor quickly, and only stops for a short moment as one of Tirek's flying minions crashes through a wall, followed by Gracious Glory.

You can hurry along or help Gracious


"We are meant to infiltrate quickly. Someone heal him and let's move on."


How does he look? Was he the one who threw the flyer inside?


He looks a bit shook up but not injured. He can most likely deal with this one foe on his own if need be.


Let's keep going, then.


I draw my sword and strike at the flying minion!

Rolled 4, 8 + 3 = 15


I follow.


"Crazy knight…"

Help her! Slash at it with my sword!

Rolled 4 + 5 = 9


You assault the stunned minion and with Gracious' assistance cut it to ribbons.
The pegasus paladin wipes his brow and asks if there is anything you need from him before he goes back out.


"I'm good! Just happy to be of assistance!"
I straighten up and give him a salute, then run off to catch up with the rest of the party.
"Thanks for helping me, Neith."


I shrug indifferently and rejoin the party too


Gracious salutes and leaps back out the hole he made in the wall.

The Beyonder takes you up another flight of stairs to the battlements.
Several guards are fighting the army of light here, but you slip past unnoticed.
Dearly Decorated is nowhere to be seen.

The beyonder unlocks a door on a tower and leads you inside.


Let's see what's inside.


Just follow the rest of the party


I follow the rest of the party.


I follow and inspect the area.


The room is pretty tall, and there is a big sword stuck to the floor, tied down with ropes that have inscribed seals attached to them.


I can read them, right?


Take a gander at the sword
"What, anypony who can pull it out becomes king or something? What is this?"


"Freke, what does your mage sight see? This blade must be enchanted."


They seem to mostly be prayers and warnings.


"Prayers and warnings, it seems. Likely one of Tirek's weaknesses. Hang on…"

Try to determine its purpose and risks with Sight.

Rolled 1 + 5 = 6


"It looks more like it's cursed to me Neith. I'm surprised you don't think the same."
Do the ropes look like they're doing anything to the sword?

Rolled 7 = 7


It is the holy blade of harmony, one of Narpa's lost creations the single most potent slayer of evil in the universe.
No wonder Tirek had it locked up.
They seem to mostly be holding the seals. And possibly holding the sword down


Does the sword look evil?

Rolled 4 = 4


It mostly looks big. Well oversized for a pony. Maybe a Beyonder might wield it. Or a really big diamond dog. Or a huge griffon.


"It might be usable with telekinesis."


What did I miss?


Celestia was horribly maimed


Lies and Slander!


S' true.
She confessed her hidden love for Tirek, so we had to put her down.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Can you free it?"


The party befriended a mutated beyonder.
You also found the location of the Mirror of Darkness.
Gracious was seen not too long ago but Dearly Decorated is missing in action.
The army of light is assaulting the castle.
You are currently in a room storing a large sword bound to the floor.


I try to get my mind out of the gutter from my stunnedness and inspec the sword then.


It's too big for a normal pony to wield. A beyonder might be able to use it, or a big diamond dog or griffon.
Several seals are attached to ropes that tie the sword down.
Freke translated them as being full of prayers and warnings.


"We should destroy it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hooves."


"Do you think this sword could be of use for us, or shall we just abandon and ignore it?"


"I don't trust it. It just feels… evil to me. Maybe we should destroy it, like Neith is saying."


"I doubt any of us could wield it. Though I cannot speak for its usefulness."


Well make a goddamn decission


"We should just leave it be. If we destroy Tirek, this sword will no longer be a threat to us either."


"What if somepony finds it and uses it for wicked purposes? We should destroy it."

Can I just Blast it to pieces or something?

Rolled 4 = 4


"Very well."


"I still think we should try using it, but at least don't destroy it."


"Well, feel free to do so then. I have no intention of touching it."


You go to blast the sword but the moment you touch it, the ropes catch fire and burn up.
The sword unexpectedly pulls itself off the floor and float in the air, then goes for a strike.

Party, roll to dodge.


Ack! Dissolve into water!

Rolled 3 = 3


"Damn it, inquisitor!"

Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 8 = 8


"I told you all it was evil!"
I draw my sword and try to strike it out of the air!

Rolled 7, 3 + 3 = 13



Rolled 4 = 4


You dissolve as the sword hits, and splash all over the walls.
Rebuilding yourself is DC5
In your hurry to yell at the ice avatar, you fail to notice the giant weapon the strikes you and sends you crashing helplessly on the floor.
You must be a little out of shape as you fail to outrun the sweep and get hurt somewhat as it slashes you
You, however, nimbly fly over the blade
and you finally parry the giant weapon, ending it's spinning rage.

The sword sits in mid air


Try to get up.

Rolled 1 = 1


"Is it still hostile?"

Sight it again.

Rolled 2 + 5 = 7


Get my shit together

Worthless avatar bullshit

Rolled 6 = 6


I rush over and help Radiant up!

Rolled 2 = 2


Knock it out of the air.

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7


As Radiant tries to get up, Sol kicks her in the face.
You recombobulate yourself once more
You attack the sword but it does not fall.
It does crack a little though.


"Knight, what in the name of the Sun?"


"O- Oh! I'm so s- sorry Radiant!"
Continue trying to help her up.

Rolled 10 = 10


Freeze it! Freeze that thing!

Rolled 6 = 6


"Mage! What is going on?!"

Keep attacking.

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7


"It's… being held by a ghost? Try attacking the space near the sword!"

Shoot lightning at the ghost.

Rolled 5, 6 + 2 = 13


You help Radiant up, clean off the hoofprint on her face, give her a nice hug and a warm smile and make everyone feel a lot better about their impending doom.
Yay for you.
How odd, your attacks seem to miss the ghost entirely, as if it wasn't even real.
The sword just crack further though, and now looks visibly damaged.

It winds up for another spin


Freeze the sword I meant!

Rolled 2 = 2


Now strike the sword! Break it in two!

Rolled 3, 6 + 3 = 12


I glance at Sol with squinted eyes at first, then look back at the sword.
"Stop that thing already!"
I Power Attack it.
It's a +4 if Celestia is around, is she?

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


"Damn it! just attack the sword, then!"

Freeze the sword as well.

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5



Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


You form a snowball in your mouth
Your first blow glances off the blade but the second cracks it notably
Wanting to show off in front of your servant princess, you deliver a massive blow to the sword, causing it to explode into tiny fragments, and a wall of the tower to collapse, revealing a rather scared looking unicorn, his horn still glowing as he holds the broken sword aloft.
Due to no sword remaining, you decide to make a snowcone instead. Mmm. Raspberry flavour.


"Aaaaah! Why did you destroy it? That looked so valuable!"


I glance at the Princess.
Is she giving me an approving look?
Or an amazed one?

Then I also turn to the unicorn and point my hammer at him.
"Explain yourself!"


"Hey! Who are you?!"


I glare down at him.
"Who are you, and what are you doing in here?"


She looks very happy to serve such a powerful master

The unicorn looks understandably shocked.


"Priest of WHO?!"


"Priest of Tirek? You know what followers of Tirek deserve, don't you?"


"Priest of who? Tirek?"


"First of all do you have any valuables on you? This is important…"

Motion to Radiant

"Because Sunhammer here will wipe you from the face of the earth, including your belongings."


"Of course I'm a priest of the Great Destroyer! Why else would I be here?"
"Well you just destroyed the Sword of harmony so so much for that. I do have a pendant but it's engraved with a picture of my balls just so nobody ever has a reason to take it from me."


Quickly snag it away from him.

Is it made from gold or silver? If so I can just melt it down


"I don't like that tone of yours, wretched!"
Smack him with the hilt of my hammer.

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13


"Why would you…"

I grimace at him.

"You are disgusting."


"A pendant engraved with your…"
I give him a weird look.
And him an even weirder look for grabbing it.

"So what are we going to do about it?"


it's made of barbed wire and scrotums.
It bites into your hoof and sticks hard. You now have an unholy ballsack pendant stuck to you.
The priest smirks.
You break three of his ribs and his collarbone, collapsing one of his lungs and crippling a leg.
"Because go fuck yourself that's why"


Give him an odd look

"What, you don't have a ballspendant? Tsssk, griffons…"

"Melt it do-"


Get it off!

Rolled 1 = 1


"There is no Light for you, wicked."
I grimace at him before Blasting him down with my hammer.

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13


"Wait! He needs to tell me how to get this off of me!"


"W- Wait, Radiant, stop! He might have useful information!"


"You shouldn't have touched it in the first place."


The cursed amulet fuses with your hoof, becoming a permanent part of your body.
It counts as 1d10 mutation.
You then smash his skull in, exploding chunks of brain and meat all over the floor, walls and party members.

You hear a jingle that tells you you have solved the puzzle and can now use the mirror of darkness if you want to.

Rolled 5 = 5


Let's move out.



"Lady Radiant, must you be such a wench to me all the time? What have I ever done to wrong you?"

Rolled 2 = 2


"Well, that was…odd. What do you make of it, Radiant?"


Pinkie's ears wiggle and she does three hops
"OH! OH! That means we can now use a thing we saw earlier in the quest! …or that my god is about to die soon. I always forget which."


"We are in the palace of Tirek, and you let your greed control you. What did you think would happen?"

"Trickery that should have confused and stalled us, nothing more."


"You did kind of let your greed get the better of you. In the palace of Tirek no less."
"What thing? Do you mean the mirror?"


"What thing do you mean, Pink one? Stop speaking in half riddles!"


"You break my heart ladies, I merely saw an opportunity to enrichen myself and grabbed it."

I tear a piece of cloth off of my robe and wrap it around the mutation to hide it.


"Normally I pass on the opportunity to seize one's scrotum, rogue, but whatever you find enjoyable."


"Yes. The mirror. Or the Laughing one. Not sure."


"Well, the Laughing one is out of our reach now. We must check on the mirror then."


"To be completely honest I had not anticipated it to be made of scrotum. I think that is a fair mistake to make."


"He said it was. Were you not listening or something?"
"Yes. Let's."


"He said it was engraved with the image of his scrotum. I assumed it was made of gold and that it could be melted down, gorgeous."


As you head back across the battlements you see the army of light has suffered visible casualties.
Luckily, nobody pays any mind to you due to the beyonder leading you around.

You arrive at the mirror room and OH SHIT CLIFFHANGER



WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they had witnessed the Army of Light taking notable losses and returned to the Mirror Chamber in hopes of finding a way to use the Mirror of Darkness against Tirek.


"So what's the deal with this mirror again?"


"Maybe we can reflect his power."


"The mage said it was an artifact that twisted a reflection through the power of darkness."


Twilight checks her notes
"According to Freke, this mirror reflects the opposites of things. He tested a piece back at the palace of light, and it reversed the element of any spell that hit it."


"And how can we use this power against Tirek then? How can we use the power of darkness against the God of darkness?"


"I do not know. Campfire likened it to attempting to set himself on fire. It seems impossible."


"So his dark spells become light spells?"


"That is the theory, yes. Perhaps we need to test it to be sure, by hitting it with the power of light. Or if we want to go all out… we could even try striking it with the power of harmony."


"The mage is untrustworthy. This thing is vile and dangerous."


"That would be a bit too risky… We'll just have to see how it reflects normal light, and we'll see."

I look in the mirror.
What do I see?


"Why dont you cast a frost spell in the mirror?"


You see an infinite expanse of darkness inside it, and yourself standing in the middle of it, looking back at you.
There seems to be a little blood on your lip.


I make the Light of my eyes brighter as well as flaring up my Wings of Light.

I also check my lips with a hoof…


"What is it?"


I look into the mirror.


"Maybe I can render it useless that way, true."

Shivermist on the mirror

Rolled 2 = 2


The mirror seem to darken a little in reaction. Your reflection does not seem to have wings. Probably because the mirror is not reflecting them properly.
Curiously, there is no blood on your lip at all.
Also, your reflection smirks.


"I think it's… just me?"


"What do you see, Radiant?"


You blow a faint mist of frost on the mirror.
As it touches the dark surface, it erupts into flame, almost burning off Radiant's mane.


I turn to Neith.
"Hey, watch it!"

"Myself I think."

Did I just…
Blink a few times.
That must have been just a play of Lighness and dark.


"We have to destroy this thing. I don't trust it at all. It can only be vile."

Rolled 10 = 10


"It works!"


>Light and darkness


"Vile? Are you crazy? This is strong enough to defeat a god, a dark god.


"Well at least we know it works…"
"Yourself? That's odd… is there anything different about you?"


Celestia comes stand at your side, also observing the mirror.
As she light her horn to see better, you can see her reflection appear.
The reflection is wearing different armour from her. She also looks bloodied and has a cruel sheen to her eye.
You have every reason not to trust it. Just look at your reflection. It's wearing a pretty dress and smiling and it has a braided mane and a basket of flowers.
That is wrong on all too many levels.


"It's a tool of Tirek himself, it can't be good."

"Yes, seeing yourself when you look in a mirror is unheard of isn't it?"

Rolled 10 = 10


"Perhaps when they look like you do."

I point the mirror-Neith out.


"So? You didnt have problems with Discord soul."


Your assumption is absolutely correct.
This mirror is made of crystallized darkness, and its twisted properties are entirely untested on dark magic.


Does my armor look different too?
"Something is, yes, but I can't…"

My eyes widen a bit.
"This is just a wicked trickery, nothing more. It's a tool to discourage us, nothing more… we are not like that!"


"Is it just me, or does Neith look… completely different than she normally does?"
I take a look into the mirror myself.
"This is hardly a normal mirror Neith."


I wince back a little

"What… What matter of vile sorcery is this? This mirror is trying to trick us!"

"This thing is obviously dangerous! W-we need to destroy it quickly!"


"What did you see?"


No, yours is the same.
Or, close. It lacks the embracing hooves you added yourself.
Your reflection's armour is lacking all of its usual dents and scrapes, as if it never even suffered a single blow.
Luna and Twilight also look into the mirror.
Luna recoils as Nightmare Moon gazes back at her in the mirror
Twilight just cocks her head and wonders why her reflection looks so old.


"Princess? What is it?"

I step next to her and peer in.


You, too, notice Nightmare Moon where Luna's reflection should be.
Your own reflection seems to be missing an eye and wearing lots of expensive fabrics and jewels


"It tries to make us look like we are evil ourselves, nothing more."

I put a hoof on my Sun Pendant.
It's a simple mirror, we are good ponies, not bloodthirty animals…


"Thats it? I was expecting more from him."


I recoil in disgust.

"Such shameful vanity. And that monster again…"


You can't even seem to find yourself in the mirror. In your place there is just some priest sitting and praying, holding a small pendant.
Celestia's reflection laughs and drops a bloodied sword. It is not overtly decorative, implying it is quite old, but it does look like it belonged to someone important.
Celestia cringes
"Sadly, that reflection does remind me of some… bad memories."


"Right, this thing needs to go right now. Princess Celestia, do you think your elements can destroy it?"

Rolled 7 = 7


"You are all seeing twisted versions of yourselves? I wonder…"
I go back to my pony form before looking in the mirror.


"But why… how? Has this… reflection of me, never even gotten into a fight before?"
"I'm not quite sure what my reflection is supposed to be…"
So pristine armor? That can't be all there is to it… I continue looking into it.


"Sitting and praying all day? No thank you."

"You never fight, you never protect the innocents."


I look up to her.
"What do you mean? We all have been in battles against darkness before… and the cultists and heretics all chose their own fate… that reflection has nothing to do with the real you! That's what it tries to do, discourage you, make your will falter! Don't let it, Princess!"


You see a very muscular pony with a wild manecut and pristine coat.
He kinda looks like a smug dick.
"I do not know for sure. Twilight?"
"Well, princess, if my theory is correct, the mirror is composed of solidified darkness, OR glass created with the Power of Darkness. In either case, the power of Harmony should be its opposite, and will either shatter it… or reinforce it if the mirror can convert it into an opposite as well."
Celestia pats her students head
"Always such a clever one you are, my Twilight."
Your reflection also seems to prefer standing behind the others, and doesn't really even look at them.
"It is a worryingly good illusion though. It looks exactly like I did over a thousand years ago."


"You don't mean the blood and all, right?"
Try not to look to jelly at her patting Twilight on the head as well.

Rolled 7 = 7


"It has Nightmare Moon as well. Perhaps it not only twists our reflections, but preys on our memories as well."


"What if we tried to physically shatter it? I'm not saying we should do it while we are crowded around the mirror, but what might happen?"

"I've never been that buff."


"I for one am not interested in flowers and rainbows. It's just trying to throw us off guard."

"We need to try that then. I don't see any other way."

Rolled 9 = 9


"Reinforce it?"


You look very serious and to-the-point.
Twilight ponders for a moment
"I think Princess Celestia is referring to the Equestrian Expansion Era."
"Well if you look here, there is a part missing. It can obviously be smashed somehow."
"Absorb the power and make it thicker."


"The what now?"


I draw my sword and try to scratch the mirror. Particularly the part where my reflection is.


File: 1347215794371.png (200.7 KB, 572x589, 1318554241359.png)

Twilight gives you a look like you're dumb or something
"Not one for history, are you, sun avatar?"


"The Equestrian Expansion Era. It's uhh, well I sort of got expelled before we really went into too much depth, but from the sound of it I would have to say it has something to do with Equestria expanding. Context tells me that it was done militarily."


"Well the last thing we want to do is make it stronger. But if it is forged of pure darkness I doubt physical force alone could harm it."


"Oh I remember that, especially the north invasion."


"Well excuse me, I was busy protecting Equestria with my sweat and blood from cultists, monsters and the undead so you could read your books in peace, Magic."


"No need to get upset. I'm sure your princess doesn't think less of you because you never went to school."
I smile to show her that I'm teasing.


I nod.

"Indeed. Crusades under the banner of the Holy Sisters sent out to bring all possible territory under their jurisdiction. I studied many of their battles."

I look at the princeses.

"It was uncharacteristically zealous of you, my ladies."


I roll my eyes.
"And what did you learn there, Campfire? How to burn off your testicles?"


"Now Radiant you dont have to be mean with your friends."


"Oh please, even I know about the Expansion period. It was our princesses finest hour."

"There is nothing wrong with some righteous zeal."


"The massacre of innocents is always a good thing isnt?"


"Good to see some here are knowledgeable on the subject. Yes, indeed during the Expansion Era, Equestria went from the initial three united kingdoms to the massive empire we all know and love"
Celestia looks very awkward about this being brought up.
Luna finds her sister's reaction amusing.


"Wait wait wait, innocents?"


"It was a war of conquest. Civilian casualties were of course a consequence."


"If some innocent blood must flow for the greater good of ponykind then so be it. It's a necessary sacrifice that must be made."


I frown and take a few steps back.
"Hey, that was uncalled for! Besides, it was just burn damage, everything was still where it should be and everything is as good as new now that I've risen from my ashes."
I quickly look at Celestia then back to Radiant.
"But, Radiant, if you want to play hardball I can play hardball. Tell me, are you still misusing cucumbers?"


Celestia is sweating
"…Can we please change the subject?"


"You studied it? My father fought in it. This armor is a remnant of the Equestrian Unification Wars."


"I dont see how killing ponies is good for the ponykind."

"Campfire pls."


I stomp my hooves angrily.
I look to Dawn.
"And I'll have some words with you, sister…"

Then I turn back to the mirror and look at my reflection.
"Now, what do we do with you?"


"Princess you disappoint me, these are things that happened and should not be hidden away."

"Because if it hadn't happened ponykind would still be spread out and scattered. Fighting each other for land in endless wars. Sure there was some blood spilled back then, but it was worth the sacrifice in the end."


"Im sorry…"
Glare at Campfire.

"Dont forget about that golden throne."


I start laughing.

"Sorry. I'll stop now, but if Radiant wants to try slinging uncalled for insults at me again she is welcome to do so once we have gotten out of this place."


Most of the reflections in the mirror are leaning against eachother, choking on laughter.
Mirror Sol is not joining in.
Mirror Neith and Mirror Ali seem to be doing something highly inappropriate.
"It was a different time that called for different means."
Mirror Celestia rolls her eyes


"Hey, Neith? Care to shed some light on what's going on back there?"


I wince back eyes wide in panic


Blast that damn mirror!

Rolled 1 + 1 = 2


I start gritting my teeth.
Rolling not to lose my temper.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Seriously, what's so special about cucumbers?"
I tilt my head at him.
"Seems like my reflection is quite the stone fa- oh sweet Celestia are they doing what I think they are?!"


Look over the mirror
"Can we go now?"


I glare at them.
"Petty miscreants. This artifact mocks us at every opportunity."


"But is it mocking them, or showing something from the past?"


You stab at the mirror, only to be met with a blade coming out back at you.
Looks like Mirror Fluttershy did not like your idea.
The blade is sunk deep in your chest, and you collapse in pain.
Actually you are quite worked up.
Even a bit mad.
"Yes, please do go, kehehehe~"
As the blood from Neith stains the mirror, the front of it seems to become less solid, and the mirror images begin walking out through it as if it were water.
First come Fluttershy and Radiant. Soon after them, Rarity, Gaius, Campfire, Freke and Nightmare Moon.
Finally the others push through as well, with Sol, Neith, Ali and Dawn at the rear.


Vanish and Backstab the fake Dawn.

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


"Ack! I knew it was dangerous!"

Get back up!

Rolled 8 = 8


I stab mirror Fluttershy in the neck.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


"What? What is this? You are just reflections, not real!"
Ready my hammer and cast Prayer of Protection!

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


I attack the mirror Fluttershy.
I can use Sol's updated cutie mark, with the +2 to rolls made against people who've attacked her allies, right?

Rolled 4, 5 + 5 = 14


"Wh-what is this?!"


You vanish in a puff of smoke, and stab the praying priest. She does not try to fight back, but clutches her pendant harder and tries to crawl away as she mutter a prayer to heal herself.
You stand back up, ready for battle.
The yellow and pink pony glares at you, holding the still bloodied sword in her wing. She scrapes it against the floor, making some sparks and pulls it back for a new strike.
You duck under her swing and kick her in the jaw, sending her recoiling upwards, arching her neck back. With the target wide open, you stab your blade into her windpipe and rip sideways, taring the entire throat open.
The pony tries to scream but the blood pouring into her throat is blocking all sounds. She collapses, gasping for air as Mirror Campfire steps in to help her.
Mirror Radiant lets out a shrill battlecry BLOOD FOR THE SUN! BLOOD FOR HER THRONE! and charges you, smashing you down with a tackle as you focus on the prayer. As you try to make heads or tails of what happened, your copy swing her own hammer at the top of your head and them the base of your tail.
After she makes sure you are quite helpless from the pain, she proceeds to smear some of the blood from her hammer as war paint on her face and teeth.
yeah sure why not
Before Mirror Campfire can do anything to help his wounded ally, you shove him aside and jam your sword into Fluttershy's hoof, forcing her to retract it from the gaping wound. You then pull back and stab again into the throat, swinging upwards, lifting the entire pony off the floor by her neck, severing the head from her body in a glorious shower of blood.
Mirror Sol sits back and laughs at her comrade's misfortune.


Backstab her again.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


Now draw back and attack Mirror Radiant!

Rolled 4, 6 + 5 = 15


"Just what in the name of the Sun are you doing?!"
Ignore the pain! Stand up!

Rolled 7 + 1 = 8



Draw my sword and charge at the nearest mirror thrall

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


I stab my knife through a weak point in mirror Radiant's armor.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


"This must not stand!"

I grab my spear and charge the aberration of Nightmare Moon.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


As she crawls away, you quickly catch up and plant a dagger into her spine. A large bloodstain begins to form on her white robe.
"Please… I mean you no harm…"
Roll to dodge her Divine Wrath.
"Bleed for me, lapdog. Bleed like a good little piggy!"
She raises her hammer to strike you down again when >>108615
Sol jabs her sword under her armour, causing her to crumple. She then bucks the large armoured pony away, sending her skidding to a wall.
You charge Mirror Celestia.
The massive alicorn swing around and headbutts you, cracking your icy skull around the eye socket. She then lifts you with her telekinesis and motions to Nightmare Moon, who begins stabbing and slashing at you as you dangle helplessly in the air.
"Just like old times, sister"
Taking note of Sol's clever attack from earlier, you too try to sneak in a blow under Mirror Radiant's armour.
However you leave your back turned to the rest of the fight as you go for the sidelined foe, and soon feel a sharp pain in your side as Mirror Rarity attacks you with a long rapier.
As Nightmare Moon is focused on smashing more and more parts of Neith's frozen anatomy into indistinguishable messes of sherbert, you jam your spear into her wing and leap into flight, ripping a chunk of the wing out and toppling the dark alicorn.
She quickly regains her footing and reveals her fangs.
"it's like looking into an ugly tranny mirror…"


"Are you going to heal your deviant friends?"

Rolled 3 = 3


Dissolve into water to escape then

Rolled 4 = 4


"I'll handle this Sol, you help the others!"
I activate Fervor, leap up and Power attack and Blast my evil counterpart.

Rolled 10 + 4 = 14


Attack Mirror Celestia now!

Rolled 3, 6 + 5 = 14


"Dawn, focus your attack on the ones trying to kill us!"
I try to force Rarity's rapier down with my magic and attack her with my knife while she's open.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Mass teleport fake Radiant and other normal into the walls and telefrag them.

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


"Don't flatter yourself, you abomination. I've beaten you so many times it's become tedious."

I assume my avatar form and crash into her.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


"My friend will come to my aid"
A massive wall of force explodes outwards from the priest, tossing you high into the air.
Before you can land, Mirror Rainbow Dash shanks you in the shoulder with her dagger
"Ha. Look at you, thinking there is such a thing as ESCAPE."
As you dissolve into water, Mirror Celestia expands her magical grasp, ripping you apart into a wide field of water, then begins to let droplets fall out here and there, smirking as you struggle against her torture.
There comes a point in every life when a pony reaches its peak potential and grasps fate by the throat, then slams it to the ground with the rage of a thousand suns.
This is yours.
You look upon the twisted mirror image. She is bleeding from several bad cuts, slowly dabbing the blood on herself in some perverse ritual.
She is the very antithesis of what you seek to be - a mindless bloodknight, an attack dog, a bully and an executioner without honour or cause.
And now, she will see her end in your eyes.
You raise your hammer and look down upon her one last time. She looks up, her dark halo slowly fading away
"My blood… in her name"
And in a swing, it is over.
The mirror armour of the sun collapses into her body, cutting apart organs as it shatters. Her bones give way under the force of your blow, forcing blood through her nose and mouth.
Her entire body explodes in half as your hammer cracks the floor on impact.
She is well and truly dead, and you still stand.
You charge the armoured alicorn, and throuhg your blows are mostly deflected by her heavy armour, you force her to release Neith.
You grab Rarity's rapier with your magic and yank it up, than down again, forcing her off balance.
As she stumbles, you stab her in the eye. She screams and stumbles backwards as Mirror Groves steps in to protect her.
Seeing Mirror Radiant fall, you instead grab Mirror Dawn and shove her inside a wall, fusing her into the stonework, killing her on the spot
You do crash into her. Thing is, she is several times your size, and does not care.
Instead she pins your wing down and rips your spear from you, then proceeds to jam it through the wing as revenge.

Mirror Celestia falls back a few steps and casts a spell.
The weapons of the Mirror Party all glow with a dark sheen.
>All fails now count as crit fails, and cause mutation


I try to stab mirror Celestia in the leg with my knife.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


Backstab Dash.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


"Is this time? Hmm…"

Burn off some of the excess soulmass in me and CAST 9 STORM BOLTS
Focus as many of them as possible on mirror Celestia.

Rolled 5, 3, 9, 4, 7, 10, 1, 5, 1 + 4 = 49


"That doesn't look good!"
Now that Neith's free, start attacking Mirror Nightmare Moon! Free Gaius!

Rolled 4, 1 + 5 = 10


"Damn you! You phony!"

Shivermist on Negacelestia

Rolled 9 = 9


"Light always beats darkness… The Sun always rises!"
Activate Last Stand and Blast Nightmare Moon!

Rolled 8 + 4 = 12


I roar in pain and Blast her off of me.

Rolled 6 = 6


Mirror Celestia shakes her head a little after the blessing, and you take the split second opportunity, leaping over Mirror Applejack and tabbing your knife deep into Mirror Celestia's leg. The blow damages her let armour notably.
You take to the air to catch Mirror Dash, and after a fierce aerial chase you find an opportunity. However she screams that she is the real Dash, causing you to hesitate just long enough for her to slash you in the face with her dark weapon.
You fall down to the floor and suffer 1d10 mutation damage
You focus on the arts of Soul Magic as you learned from Starswirls so long ago. From the soul, a focus of magic is born. In the loss of one's self, true power is unlocked.
But you are no mere mortal pony. You are Freke. The master of the soul arts. A true lord of magic.
You draw from the heaving soulmass within you, powering your spells beyond any limit you ever dared imagine. The Soul Staff roars with thirst as it feels the evaporating souls all around it.
Slowly, an arcane matrix form around you, focusing into nine glowing orbs of pulsing magic.
Both Twilights freeze for a moment as they see thus display. They understand all too well the sheer power they see before them.
And soon, so will everyone else.
You let go, releasing the bolts. Many of them arc in different directions, swirling around the room. Mirror Celestia yells out an order to guard her, and Mirror Freke takes one of the hits. However most of the othe bolts find their target, bombarding the mirror alicorn with several powerful hits.
However, at the climax of your spell it all goes wrong, as the Soul Staff goes out of control, blasting you with a massive backlash of power, cracking the staff and sending you flying across the room.
As you shake yourself, you realize the backlash left some of your flesh mutated.
Your first blow forces Nightmare Moon to leap back, but as you try to go for a second one, she envelops you in a swirling dark mass, stabbing you from all directions before you can retaliate. Each blow finds a hole in your defenses, and most terrifyingly, the one blow you do deflect cracks your sword.
It can no longer attack twice per turn, and you suffer 1d10 mutation damage.
As Mirror Celestia tries to recover from her magical beating, you blast her with frost, freezing her legs and wings.
With a furious scream she demands Twilight to help her. The obedient pony steps in to guard her, casting Protective Bubble on her beloved princess.
As Nightmare Moon is focused on assaulting Sol, you charge in and blast the swirling mass, breaking her attack and sending her tumbling over to Celestia and Twilight.
Finally, you rip your wing free.

Mirror Celestia nods to Mirror Twilight, who in turn signals the other Mirror Elements.
They all teleport to a safe distance and begin to power up a spell of some sort, lifting into the air slightly.

Rolled 4, 2, 10 = 16


Vasish and Backstab Dash.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


"The elements! Take out the mirror elements before they can cast whatever they are doing!"
Prayer of Protection the party!

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


Ignore my own wounds for now because…

"Stop them! STOP THEM!"

Chain Lightning, beginning with Mirror Twilight.

Rolled 4, 10, 8, 8, 8 + 3 = 41


Continuing to roll

Rolled 3, 10, 9, 4, 9 + 3 = 38


As soon as I'm released, jump off of whatever's near and try to attack Mirror Dash!

Rolled 7 + 5 = 12


Stab mirror Twilight in the throat!

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


I retrieve my spear and attack by enveloping the elements in darkness.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10



Rolled 1, 10, 2, 4, 1 + 3 = 21


I active my avatar form and hit the mirror elements and mirror Celestia with Unrelenting Fire.

Rolled 3 = 3


Ignoring the fact that one of your wings feels leathery and weird, you take flight once more and circle around, vanish, then reappear and stab the floating Mirror Dash.
Despite the deep cut, she seems unbothered.
How curious.
You draw on the power of your friends and allies, you love and your zeal, and project and impenetrable blessing upon all those around you.
Your muscles still tingle from the magical backlash that left you with mutated fangs and slit eyes. But who cares for such bodily oddities. Your mind is as clear as ever, and the flow of magic is one with your inner harmony. You stand upon the very central streams of magic, the focal point of the arcane winds. Like an endless black hole of power you draw from them, gathering a massive lighting storm at your horn tip.
And then, it all becomes clear. So clear.
You are not a wielder of magic. You ARE magic itself. A lord of magic. THE lord of magic.
Let this world all others tremble, for powers most others only imagine, you now wield as easily as most others may wield a simple sword.
You unleash the spell, scourging through Mirror Twilight and the other Elements. The lightning bounces from one to the next, arcing forward and leaping from pony to pony, burning flesh and fur, exploding veins, mispacing hearts, boiling eyes and cracking bones.
Mirror Twilight tries to fight back, attempting to halt the spell and focus it back at you, but her efforts only cause it to explode, scattering the Mirror Elements across the room.
Basking in the afterglow of your magical ascendance, you fall flat on your face and pass out.
Your unrelenting flame surrounds Mirror Celestia, and in the midst of it you see her grin. The fire melts her free and she thanks you by inhaling the flame and breathing out a massive gout of dark fire, which catches you head on, mutating you beneath your fiery exterior.

All of the Mirror Elements are helpless
Mirror Celestia and Nightmare Moon still stand
Mirror Neith, Ali, Campfire, Sol and Freke still stand

Rolled 9 = 9


Try waking up.

Rolled 1 = 1


Help Freke back up.
What have all the Mirror beings that haven't attacked been doing this whole time?

Rolled 1 = 1


Charge and stab mirror Celestia in the throat!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


I stab mirror Celestia in the mouth with my knife.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


Cast heal on me.

Rolled 8 = 8


I try to stand up from the exhaustion that Last Stand caused.

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


I turn and tackle Nightmare Moon again.

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


Neith has been busy braiding her tail and giving light foreplay to Ali, who has been mostly busy defending her from danger.
Sol has been laughing at everyone's misfortune, while staying out of the way.
Applejack kept insisting she was helping and did nothing.
Campfire and Freke were pounding beers and yelling DUUUUUDE a lot.
As you recap all this, Nightmare Moon materializes behind you and engulfs you in dark fire, causing a massive 2d10 mutation damage.
It feels too good right now.
You just want to lay down for a while and enjoy this feeling of godlike power spreading through your body.
Only that's not power. That's 1d10 mutation.
You assault Celestia before she can cast anything further, and with a combined effort shatter the shield Twilight placed around her.
You feel your wounds grow shut as you stand back up, once again in fighting shape, if somewhat mutated.
Celestia comes and helps you stand up.
She gives you a reassuring smile.
You slam into Nightmare Moon, forcing her into flight, only to be brought crashing down as you grasp her with your claws and powerbomb her into the floor.

Celestia is no longer shielded
The Mirror Elements are still helpless
Nightmare Moon is hurt
The remaining Mirror Party decide to stop being useless and take up positions in front of the Elements.
Well, except Sol, who sits back and calls them faggots who should suffer horribly for being so worthless.

Rolled 6, 10, 7 = 23


Stop dreaming about pretty, smart mares admiring my staff of power and wake up

Rolled 8 = 8


Vanish and backstab mirror Twily.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


I try to cut out mirror Celestia's throat.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


Stab mirror Celestia in the throat! Sink my sword deep inside!

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


I shriek as the fire engulfs me, and try to break my way out of it and attack Nightmare Moon!

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


I smile back at her.
"Thank you Princess… could you take the task of shielding us from harm? I think my weapon will be needed in the fight again."

After that, I leap up and try to Power Attack Mirror Campfire's horn.

Rolled 8 + 4 = 12


I roar as I lay into Nightmare Moon's soft underside.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"Radiant, kill the elements!"


You wake up.
Your vision is distorted from your mutated eyes, and your mane is turning into spines.
You vanish across the room and strike your blade into the vitals of the helpless old Twilight. She looks upon her princess a final time as her eyes flutter and roll back. She silently mouths "I loved you" as she dies. Mirror Celestia just snorts and returns her attention to the task at hand.
The real Celestia looks ashamed and takes a step away.
As Campfire charger Mirror Celestia alongside Neith, the Alicorn grasps the Lady of Frost with telekinesis, and with a cruel grin, smashes her into the Lord of Flame, causing both elementals to go haywire and collapse from shock.
Mirror Campfire and Freke toss two cursed daggers into the now helpless lords, then brohoof and headbutt eachother.
Both avatars suffer 1d10 mutation
Mildly dazed from the headbutt, Mirror Campfire turns around just in time to see your hammer plant into his face, collapsing his horn inwards and causing it to explode in a cascade of electricity.
His thick skull took the rest of the impact though.
You slip under Nightmare Moon in an incorporeal mist, causing her head to perk up momentarily. However she is in for quite a less pleasant time than she might have hoped for, as you resume your real form and cut deep at her belly, then swoop out and jam your spear into her dark mareparts, pushing it all the way through and out her back, causing her hind legs to collapse.

Rolled 8 = 8


Can't afford to look at myself now. Have to save our lives.

Mass telefrag mirror Celestia and surrounding enemies into the floor, or at least trap them.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


What about >>108866?

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Backstab Dash.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Grumble as I try to collect myself

Rolled 6 = 6


Turn my attention to Mirror Freke and Blast his horn as well.

Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


I try to stand.

Rolled 8 = 8


Circle around and Blast her face.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


With Nightmare Moon now incapacitated, you lay into her with your broken sword, severing one of her wings
You don't really seem to be doing a lot of looking at all.
As >>108889 Radiant charges at Mirror Freke, the real Freke grabs her by teleport and teleports her inside himself.
After a terrifying existential moment of chaos, he teleports himself out of the fusion, but neither of you make it with your bodies intact and as a result end with 1d10 mutation each.
Mirror Dash tries to crawl and hide behind Mirror Applejack but you catch her before she makes it, slamming a hoof on her back and grabbing her mane, pulling her head back and pressing your dagger into her throat.
With Nightmare Moon already so madly mangled, she has no real time to get away as you blast her face, sending her entire massive body careening through the air. As she spits out broken teeth and pieces of her skull, she looks at her sister and asks if it is time.
Mirror Celestia agrees. It is time.
You get back on your hooves just in time to see Celestia pick up the dead elements with her magic and pulse life back into them. Though horribly mangled, the elements once more turn their gaze at the Princess, who wrings Twilight like a sponge, releasing the spell she was trying to power up earlier.
It links to the other Elements and Nightmare Moon, pulling them into Celestia as the entire group vanishes into a swirling iridescent vortex of energy.

The surviving Mirror heroes take guarding position before the vortex.
Well, except Sol, who is too busy hiding behind some pillars and screaming insults at both friend and foe.

Rolled 4, 3 = 7


"Freke, what the hell are you doing?!"

I take up a defensive position before the Real Celestia, and prepare to make a Prayer of Protection as soon as it's needed.


"Nggh! No, don't lose focus. Ignore the fact that you had a mare inside you…"

Cover the Vortex in freezing Shivermist. They're not getting away so easily.

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13


I help in this regard

Shivermist on vortex

Rolled 3 = 3


Heal anyone hurted.

Rolled 4 = 4


You blast the vortex with ice, only to realize that that doesn't really seem to have any notable effect on it at all.
Looks like this vortex is some sort of incorporeal demistate that is not affected by physical phenomena.
You mend any superficial injuries among those nearby.

The vortex is beginning to reshape itself.
It will be complete in two more turns.


"Quick, everyone form the Avatar of Harmony!"
I get ready to join with the others.


"Got it!"
I prepare myself for that too.


"What are they doing?!"
I get ready as well.


"Great, that thing again."

Ready myself




"Very well!"




File: 1347228835457.png (482.36 KB, 665x571, harmony harmony oh love.png)


Celestia and Luna nod to one another, ten to Twilight, who in turn nods to the Elements.
Celestia touches Twilight's horn with her own, igniting a rainbow spark.
Twilight takes her place behind the Princesses, and the Elements gather around her. Their pendants resonate with power as they ascend to the air, and as Twilight opens her eyes and a massive rainbow of energy surrounds the elements, wrapping around them and branching off to surround the alicorn sisters as well. As the energy builds withing them, they cross horns and allow their physical bodies to dissolve into energy and fuse into a single, larger form.
The elements melt away as well, surging into the newly formed construct.
Finally, you all feel your bodies lifted into the swirling mass, becoming part of a single consciousness and form.
With the core of harmony beating at your heart, you unite your powers into a perfected singularity beyond even the one you used to slay Grogar.
Behold the rise of True Harmony.



Use the soulmass and the latent power from our combined form to charge Arcane Instability.

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


Activate Fervor and Blast them!

Rolled 1 = 1


Try not to think that you are in one body with Celestia again, try not to think that you are in one body with Celestia…

I use Prayer of Protection on ourselves!

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


Fervor and Blast then!

Rolled 3 = 3


I pop Fervor and blast the guards around the vortex with Unrelenting Fire.

Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


Backstab… it.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


Embrace it, Radiant. It is a good feeling.

Unrelenting Force.

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


No, embrace it. That is your reason and most passionate desire, after all. IT will drive you.


twilight? Twilight! Protective Bubble around us, now!


But it's so strange and unusual…
…and warm and fuzzy…


True Harmony lurches down and charges its massive horn, draining from the collective soulmass inside it. The horn ignites in white hot power as its magic reaches critical mass.
It then raises its eyes above and shimmers for a moment, as its becomes coated with a protective shell
True Harmony lashes out, but the Mirror Heroes leap out of the way of its attack
True Harmony strike again, knocking over Mirror Freke
Next, True Harmony unleashes the magical focus, as well as the pent up holy fury inside it, blasting out two massive waves of harmony energy which strikes the Mirror Heroes, stripping skin from flesh and flesh from bone, sending the disintegrating bodies tumbling into the walls, exploding into scorched meat chunks.
In their final moments, Mirror Neith and Mirror Ali embrace deeply, Neith asking the dog to marry her.
She has no time to reply before they are torn apart by the power of the blast.
Mirror Sol peeks out from behind a fallen pillar, wets herself and hides again.
Finally, True Harmony turns to strike at the vortex, only to be pierced by a drill-like blast of dark energy.
As the harmony lord reels to keep balance, the energy vortex vanishes, revealing an equally massive, if inverted and more muted energy being - The Lord of Disharmony.
You suffer 1d10 mutation damage and miss a chance to strike back as the Lord of Disharmony begins to charge a spell.

Rolled 3 = 3


The Lord of Disharmony focuses its power and prepares to unleash a mighty attack.

Overpowering its magic with the Shining Harmony Breaker: collective DC my roll.

Rolled 10, 3, 8, 6, 6, 4 = 37



Rolled 1 = 1


Do our automatic 10s apply here?



Disrupt it! DISRUPT IT!
Cast Protective bubble around us as well.

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9



Rolled 8 = 8



Rolled 1 = 1


YOU focus!

Rolled 4 = 4


Radiant, YOU need to focus!

Rolled 4 = 4



Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


>>108993 1
>>108997 5
>>108998 8
>>109000 1
>>109001 4
>>109003 4
>>109005 3
You blast out the Shining Harmony Breaker, only to be met with an equal spell from the enemy Harmony Lord.
For a moment the beams collide, but his quickly overpowers yours, blasting True Harmony with corrupting energy.
You all take 13 points of Corruption Damage.

True Harmony consolidates its position and steps up to fight another round.


I transfix it with our gaze.

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


I activate Last Stand to make us immune to damage, then Power Attack our foe!

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7



There is no losing here. The only thing to do is to gaze upon power, and show ourselves as mightier..

Again, drawing on the collective soulmass, cast another barrage of Nine Storm Bolts.

Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


whoops, rolling

Rolled 10, 8, 2, 4, 2, 2, 7, 1, 3 + 4 = 43


Vanish and Backstab.

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


Save it for our victory!


Rolled 9 + 3 = 12



Rolled 1 = 1



Rolled 2 = 2


True harmony turns its soul piercing gaze upon its foe, freezing it in place with a stare that could split a mountain.
With the Lord of Disharmony stopped for a moment, True Harmony braces itself and lunges out, smashing the enemy avatar with all its mass, causing a large amount of its energy to break off.
With the for reeling, True Harmony summons up a mass of magical energy, shooting off seven bolts into the Lord of Disharmony, each blasting away a large chunk of it's body.
However, before the barrage is done, the foe retaliates, summoning a spear of dark energy that pierces True Harmony.
Undeterred, the massive avatar vanishes and reforms behind the Lord of Disharmony, shaping a hoof into a long blade and stabbing it in the neck
With the enemy once again disorientated, True Harmony spins around and delivers an explosive kick the head of the enemy, nearly taking the entire thing off with a massive blast.
As True Harmony then prepares for a finishing blow, the foe regains its composure and breathes out a massive gout of dark flame, engulfing True Harmony.

Reeling from the damage and panting from the exhaustion brought by fervor, True Harmony catches its breath for a moment, allowing the Lord of Disharmony to focus up and take a stand.
It cracks its neck a few times, and checks the massive holes around its body, then lowers its head into a charging stance.

Rolled 6, 2, 3 = 11


Blast on it!

Rolled 5 = 5


Don't let it attack again!
Cleave at it!

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13


Gonna try that again…
Blast it!

Rolled 6 = 6


I join with the others and Blast it as well.

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


Backstab him again.

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7



Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


True Harmony slams down on the crouched Disharmony, slamming its head into the floor
As it tries to recover, True Harmony sweeps its legs from under it and then kicks it after it falls, exploding a large chunk of energy out of its lower body
Before the Lord of Disharmony can even move, True Harmony leaps into the air and bodyslams it, causing it to vomit out a large amount of energy and some broken pony parts. Seems the damage has forced the ponies that form it to regain physical form.
As True Harmony gets up to strike again, the Lord of Disharmony conjures a dark blade and impales the energy being, causing 1d10 mutation
Undeterred, True Harmony summons a blade of its own, and jams it through the head of the enemy, shattering it.
Finally, True Harmony breathes a cold wind over its adversary, freezing what remains of its body.

The Lord of Disharmony's chest opens up, revealing Mirror Celestia.
She seem to have grown into the walls of the Lord of Disharmony, attached via pulsing veins of energy.

Rolled 8 = 8


Drawing upon each of the Mirror Elements, herself and her sister, Mirror Celestia powers up her final attack.

Outroll me to counter it and kill her.

Rolled 71 = 71


The mirror! We need to use the mirror! Celestia, help!

I try to levitate it before us as best as I can.

Rolled 5 = 5


Ill do the same.

Rolled 4 = 4


I help.

Rolled 8 = 8


I do likewise.

Rolled 9 = 9


Sure, I'll help the sunfetishist

Rolled 7 = 7


I heard that!


Your life is on the line as well, frozen one

I lend my strength to their efforts.

Rolled 7 = 7


With a massive effort, True Harmony dislodges the mirror of Darkness from its base.
Mirror Celestia shrieks in joy as she unleashes her attack
However, her joyous scream soon turns to one of terror as the massive dark slab falls between you and her, reflecting her massive swirling lance of disharmony back at her as a mighty variant of the Shining Harmony Breaker.
She barely has time to finish her drawn out profanity before the beam piercer her, slashing the Lord of Disharmony in two, and causing its entire body to collapse into itself, forming a dense chunk of soul - the Mirror Soul.
Consuming it will grant the Mirror Coat spell, which will act in the same manner as the Mirror of Darkness does for one turn, reflecting any attack back at the caster.


Do you think they were real, or were they just twisted puppets of Grogar?


Yes! We did it! I'd hug you Celestia, but that's sort of impossible now!

They were just illusions, nothing more, do not overthink it. But what is that Soul?


Considering they came from the Mirror, I doubt they were real.
I am curious why the mirror Neith and Ali were acting so… close.

Rolled 8 = 8


Supressed feelings?


"A magic mirror"


We all share the same mind. We know exactly why we were acting that way.


Not something I am proud to admit, but the truth lays bare before us.


Shut your pieholes.

Break off of the form


So what will we do with that?

I point at the Soul.


What now?


"Absorbe it or give it to Narpa."


I say we keep it an let Narpa forge it into a shield or suit of armor.


Celestia, Luna and the Elements break off from the form, breaking down True Harmony back into individuals.

Pinkie staggers for a while, then screams and collapses on the floor.
The others rush to help her.


Maybe Narpa can do something interesting with it. Unless someone just wants to absorb it.
We continue on to Tirek?

Rolled 3 = 3




I break off from the elemental form as well.
"Pinkie, what's wrong?!"


That's a goo-

I break off too.
"What's going on?!"


"Don't mention it."

"I see the pink clown finally descended into full insanity."


She is no longer glowing and her voice lacks the echo it had earlier.
She is shivering on the floor and quietly whispers
"Oh no… oh no… the laughing one… oh no…"


"But im ok."


"What? The Palace of the Sun? WHAT HAPPENNED?"


"So, Freke was right…"

I glance at Radiant and Campfire.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


"I don't think so."
I go back to my pony form and check for mutations.


"It can't be Tirek, that's for sure… damn it! We need to finish here as fast as we can! Dawn, secure that Soul!"
I ready my hammer.
"Everyone else! We are moving out, NOW!"


"Wait. We need to rest and recuperate."

I revert and examine myself.


"We should try and get rid of as many of our mutations as we can before facing him."


"And risk losing the Three Lights?"


That's right…
I also check myself for mutations. How bad is it?


I do the same


"Yes maam."
Separete my body and pick the soul.


"And risk losing ourselves as well as everything else?"


"I'm sure these mutations will be gone as soon as we finish Tirek."


"Even if they aren't, it's a small sacrifice to make for ensuring evil has been purged."


Physically, yes.
But curiously enough, you don't seem to see past the fourth wall any longer.
Also, perhaps worthy of notice, is the fact that you have scales all over your legs and neck, and several tentacles growing from your back. Also, your wings resemble those of a bat.
God DAMN that's not good at all.
There are random fangs and claws growing out of your hooves and shins, your nostrils have become distended along your muzzle almost up to your eyes, your horn is growing more horns and you have a second, bald tail.
Pinkie stand up weakly
"I… I think the laughing one… is gone…"
You have several extra claws on both talons, and some tentacles under your chin. You also have teeth now, which is rather odd.
Somewhere between horrible and catastrophic. You barely even look like a pony any more. Your coat is entirely replaced with jagged scales and you have large tusks.
You are only barely half pony at this point. Most of your coat is gone, your tail is nothing like a pony's and your horn has curved backwards.
It's not as bad as most of the others, but still bad. The amount of scales, tentacles and vestigial organs you can count on your body go far beyond what you'd admit.

Celestia and Luna are doing their best to ignore the tentacles growing from their wings, the fact that their horns have twisted into strange abstract shapes and that they have large bald patches in their coats full of scales.
Rarity looks at herself and faints.
Rainbow Dash is trying to figure out how to fly with one bat wing.
Applejack idly picks at the large scales covering her front half.
Fluttershy is quietly whimpering in a corner, her back covered in spikes and tail mutated into one resembling that of an alligator.
Twilight's eyes have become warped and derped, and her her horn has two more horns growing out of it.


Try to use the tool on me.

Rolled 9 = 9


"I almost lost my mind to Discord. I'm not going to lose my body."

"Could you get the rest of us when you finish?"


"We may all need to use that now."


"The laughing one gone? Just what is happening back there?"

I then glance at Celestia.
Then I check myself.
"Sun help me…"


"By the GODS!"

Use that tool! I don't care if it kills me but get rid of everything!

Rolled 1 = 1


Catch Rarity as she falls!


"Take it."


"A- A- Am I even still a pony?!"
I poke the ends of my… tusks. Are they at least sharp enough to be useful?


It's not horrible.
Ok yes it is.
Haphazard scales and tentacles climb and writhe all over your skin and upon closer inspection your tail looks more like a nest of worms
How very heroic of you, mr pony with toenails growing around his eyeballs.
You take a deep breath and press the Fleshcrafter against your skin. You know from experience this hurts. Hurts bad.
You slide it under a scale on your neck and twist. With a wet ripping noise you dig a scale out, and pant for a while to relieve the pain. Then, you put the blade under a second one, and twist again. This one bleeds a little as it comes out like a stubborn tooth. And there are only a few hundred left. This will take a while.
After perhaps fifty excruciating pulls, you drop the knife and grind against the floor just to take you mind off the pain. Then you pick it up again. Those larger tentacles need to go. You know there is no use going slow here, so you just bite down on your dagger hilt and slash.
With watery eyes you drop both blades and curl up and you try not to scream. It was like severing a limb. A limb made mostly of nerves.
You crawl into a corner and rock softly. That's all you can do now.
You grab the blade and jam it under your wing. You disregard the blood. You disregard the pain. IT. MUST. GO. With a slow, sawing cut you rip off both your wings and your entire tail.
You then stab at your gut for a moment, hoping to pop some of the mutated organs before the others pull the knife away from you.
They could take someone's eye out for sure.


Stay in my corner and try to hold my tear.s

Rolled 1 = 1


I rush to her.
"Dawn! Are you all right?"
Try to heal her to ease the pain!

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11



Go back to my avatar form!


I shrug indifferently

"Could be worse, I suppose.

Miss Rarity! Don't despair now, we'll fix this!"


There is nothing not to cry about. You are a hideous thing. Once the prettiest face in Equestria, you doubt even Dagger could see you as anything more than a monster.
But at least you still have a big sister who loves you and cares for you.
It makes it all better.
At least for the time being.
Your water is murky and your ice is jagged. Also you are still missing your wings and tail, which writhe on the ground as if trying to run away under their own power.
Well, she looks the same as ever.
At least her front end does.


I cast Pain Immunity on myself and ask someone if they could use the fleshcrafter on me.

Rolled 7 = 7


Stare in disbelief as she mutilates herself.


"No im not! Look at me im a monster!"


"Only if you offer me the same courtesy."

I lick my new teeth.

"…how do you ever get used to these?"

Rolled 6 = 6


Can I try and sharpen the tusks?
Also, do the scales give me any kind of natural armor?

Rolled 1 = 1


"Shhh, it's okay, calm down."
I pat her on the head.
"You'll be fine and back in your perfect pretty state once we are done with Tirek… don't worry…"


Look up
"Are you sure?"


"How do you get through life without them?"
Rolling to use Pain Immunity and the Fleshcrafter on him.

Rolled 3, 8 = 11


"We'll get rid of Tirek. Destroy him if you will, and revert all these changes!"

"See, even she agrees!"


"No. But that's what I'm hoping for."
I smile at her and give her a hug.




Cry again
"You are lying! Im going to look like this forever"


"Would I lie? Light is more powerful than darnkess. We'll cure you, and remove these mutations."
I lower my head and whisper in her ear.
And at least you won't have to live with a face like mine
I smile at her again.


With Campfire suppressing the pain with magic, you cut into him confidently.
With a few slashes, his horn is molded back into shape, and with the pain not being a problem, you peel open some of the tentacles, snapping them off like fleshy tree branches.
The pain is not dampened as much as you hoped, but at least some results are getting done.
Gaius cries out as you dig the blade under his chin and rip sharply, taking off all the tentacles at once.
To you, it was an easy quick little slice.
To Gaius, it was like someone cut his dick off about 20 times in the span of a second.
You attempt to sharpen the tusks. Then you realize they are extremely sensitive to the touch.
The scales offer no real protection your armour didn't already give.


I giggle
"Yeah you are right, im sure Destiny can fix us."
Thank you


"You're welcome. Now come on, stand up."
I help her up.
"Now if you'll excuse me…"

I trot next to Celestia.
"Princess, do you think you could…"
I point at the tool.


"I can try."


"For FUCKS sake! You're KILLING YOURSELF! Wha-"
I pause, remembering something.
"How are you going to accomplish the mission if you go and fucking off yourself?!"


I let Groves rest and try to remove some more of my mutations.

Rolled 10 = 10


I grit my teeth and cry out as he fixes my body.

"That was…excruciating. Thanks you."

I stagger over to Luna.

"Princess, do you require aid?"


I yelp as I try to sharpen them.
"Hhaaa… let's not try that again. Does someone mind using that tool on me?"


"Th-thank you…"
I whisper to her.
"To be honest with you Princess, I'm a bit afraid of this thing…"


"I didn't off myself! I just cut away the bad parts! I'm fine now damn you! All we got to do is kill Tirek and finish the crusade!"


You slide the blade across the rows of scales, neatly peeling them off like kernels off corn.
The pain suppression helps a lot and soon you have a lot less scales, if a lot more small cuts on your body.
"That would be lovely, yes."
"Just hold still."

Rolled 8 = 8


"All right. Forgive me if I cause you harm…"

When I get the chance, I use the fleshcrafter on her.

Rolled 2 = 2


I cast Pain Immunity on Sol so she will have an easier time of fixing herself.

Rolled 10 = 10



Your names both start with G and I am trying to multitask so I get mixed up.


Celestia levitates the knife and digs into the writhing mass at the base of your tail.
If this was anyone else, the experience would be a horrible rollercoaster of pain and embarrassment, but with Celestia doing it… well~ you can deal.
After a while she moves up and cuts off some of the scales as well before wiping her brow.
It's a good thing you said you were sorry.
Overall you cause almost more harm than good. You only remove a few mutations, but leave deep, visible scars all over her neck and sides.
Being a princess, she does not whine or make noise, but the tears in her eyes tell a clear tale of deep, endless pain.
Sol gains +2 to her fleshcrafting roll from your aid.


"Uh, Celesita? Can I use that blade?"
I try to use it on myself.

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


I close my eyes and grit my teeth, but say no more.
"Thank you Princess… Thank you…"


"Oh no. Princess, I'm deeply sorry…"

I look away and back off.


When Sol finishes I take the fleshcrafter and try to remove more of her mutations.

Rolled 8 = 8


Celestia levitates it over and you get to work.
Thanks to the pain immunity, you take your best chance and slash off the offending tusks. Having big sensitive fleshy things poking out of your face was just WRONG.
You then bandage the stumps and snip off a few smaller tentacles before putting the knife away as you feel the spell fading.
She touches her new scars and frowns a bit.
"'Tis the thought that counts…"


You pin her down and tell her to bare it as you jam the blade under a row of scales and start popping them off like toenails.
She twitches and whimpers with each one, but after roughly fifteen minutes of work, she looks a lot more normal.


"Let's see if I can unscrew myself then."

Carefully take the fleshcrafter and get to work on myself

Rolled 6 = 6


I take a few deep breaths before standing up again,
"What th-… th- thanks."


"No problem."


Take out my bottle of water and splash it over myself. That should heal me right? RIGHT?

Rolled 10 = 10


You take a moment to ponder what mutation to start from, but Applejack courteously offers her expert assistance by stepping on the extra scrotum you have on your hoof.
You yelp and slash it off quickly before she crushes it, then pop off the scales around your eye, returning your face to normal.


What a clever pony you are.
Your water becomes far less murky and your wings return.



SOL 44



"Did those hurt to walk on, Groves?"

"See, Neith? Being an elemental has its perks."


"You have no idea."

Rolled 1 = 1





File: 1347239501612.jpg (93.11 KB, 600x500, 1337415761980.jpg)

"Ah s'pose it somethang like this."
Applejack kindly demonstrates how much it hurt on your other pair, then walks off with a smug look.


I poke Neith.
Is she really made of water?


"Oh really?"

Slip into stealth


"Yeah really ya sneaky snake of a pony"
Water with an icy exterior


She never actually complained about it IC
"I never said anything bad about it, now did I? Though now that you mention it, this is the first time it has done something actually good."

Wince back

"Don't touch me!"


Backstab her.

Don't kill her of course, just make sure I hit somewhere where it will hurt as fuck.

Rolled 3 = 3


Continue poking her, giggling.


"I could feel the frustration in you while we were part of the Avatar of Harmony. I felt the same way at first because it seemed like I couldn't stay in my Avatar form for more than a few minutes before losing control. Time will help you, but if you cannot wait the Sky vault or this castle's treasury should be able to help you."


"… I hate that harmony avatar… Perhaps you are right. Perhaps I'm too hasty in assuming I control this powerful elemental form. It has yet to be tamed it seems."

Back up a few steps



oh ok fine I'll let that failure slip to make up for counting the 1 earlier. Happy?
Applejack has no idea you're coming for her, and being a sneaky git, you take your time to find your mark.
AJ soon learn why there are certain parts of armour you should not strip off to reduce weight. She collapses with a scream as you repay her for all the kicks in your own backstabby fashion.
You sheath your weapon and crack her a smile as she curls up and whimpers a little. Damn it feels good to let someone taste their own medicine.
Feels like victory.


Leave stealth and walk away smugly, looking at Campfire.

"I don't like that pony."


"I don't blame you."


Continue poking her, this time with both paws, alternating between the two.


Applejack weakly replies that the feeling is mutual.


Release a jet of water at her face in retaliation


Fall to the ground, laughing like crazy.
"It's just… so much fuckin' fun!"
Poke her a few times in the nose, still laughing.


I let out a small giggle at that.
"Now we know why the mirror images did what they did…"


"Yes. Though I do have to wonder how mine lost an eye, the vainglorious bastard."


"I feel a little sorry about helping kill some of them. The reflections of Dawn, Ali, and Neith didn't attack us."


My eyes widen as I realize something,
"I don't think we ever took care of my reflection…"
"Didn't the Neith reflection say something to the Ali reflection before they were vaporized?"


"Oh HA HA! Stop acting like an idiot already! You're making me and yourself look like a fool."

"You just shut up and worry about your princess!"


"I can tell you what I thought I heard, but I'm afraid Neith will try to drench me."


"They were still spawns of evil and dark forces."


"Knowing her self-control, she will likely do that anyway."


"What are you implying, Nightlord? Took you a while to get your own form sorted out yourself! Almost killed a few of us too!"


"That embarrassing, huh?"
"He's making a joke, Neith. Please calm down."


"Embarrassing to her, but I thought it was sweet and sad."


"S'not my fault that you're made out of fuckin' water!"
Get up, still laughing but not nearly as much and start lightly swishing my hand over her, seeing if it'll create some kinda waves in her.


"Wait, you are right…"
I grab my hammer, and start to cautiously thread around the pillars, seeing if she is still there.


"Easy, I want to try talking with her first."


"If the rest of our reflections are to go off of, she should be a coward. She'll probably stab you in the back the moment you turn around and flee."


"Don't worry, I won't kill her, but she could be dangerous."


"Indeed, though with such odds against her she may have already fled by now."


Yep, there she is.
She only moved enough not to sit in the puddle she made earlier.
Looks like she isn't on the brave side



You have seen the end
It is all your fault

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they had defeated the lord of disharmony and acquired a soul that would let one of them mimic the twisted powers of the Mirror of Darkness.
With the mirror cracked and the false heroes it created banished back into it, only the cowardly Mirror Sol remains as the others snarl at the party from inside the mirror's remains.

Also, Freke managed to remove 8 points of mutation via clever use of frost spell based anesthesia.

The Princesses and Elements have regrouped and put their gear back on, though nobody even saw some of them take it off in the first place.


What about NegaSol?


Put the mirror in my bag.



You put the three meters tall slab of polished black glass in your bag.
You can no longer move since it weighs several times as much as you do.
You are not quite sure how you got it in the bag to begin with.


"Does any other need the fleshcrafter?"

I look at the elements to see if they've used it yet.


"What are you doing, Dawn?"


You know what? I dont want it anymore.



Twilight has already had a go accounting all the cuts on her visible through her crystal suit.
Rainbow seems to have lost some feathers, so it's safe to assume she used it too.
It was hard not to notice Groves and Rarity sharing the blade.
It's more or less impossible to say in the case of Fluttershy and Applejack, since one is a tree and the other is mostly iron slabs.
Pinkie seems unaffected by the mutation, but exhausted from the divine backlash earlier.


"Are we done here then? We need to handle Tirek already before something happens at the Palace again."


"Now that we have dealt with that vile mirror, we should make haste once again. Tirek and his minions are still out there."


"Right, but what are we going to do with Pinkie?"




"Who cares about the pink clown? She'll just have to keep following us."


"She has to come with us, we can't leave her here. She just needs to stay out of harm's way."


"Someone should carry her."


Luna hoists Pinkie onto her back
"I can carry her."


"Thank you. Princesses, both of you should try to stay out of harm's way as well, or protect the Elements if there's no other way than fighting."


"Thats so nice Princess, thank you."


"What about my… reflection?"


It peeks over a fallen pillar and growls a little


I bow slightly.

"Your generosity is most welcome, princess. Thank you."


"You should do something about her Sol."


I move towards it.


"Be cautious, we can't know what it can do."


It hides again


"It behaves like a wild beast. Is it really worth speaking with?"


"Come out and we might spare your life!"


It shouts some creative profanity at you and dashes out to hide behind a column further away



Freeze her shut on the ground

Rolled 2 = 2


"How interesting."

I look at Sol.

"Do you use those words often?"


You freeze your body stiff and fall over like a log of wood.
Mirror Sol points at you and laughs at your misfortune


"Well then."

Fly up and over her, then land behind her, so she can only go towards either me or the others.


Get up and try again

Rolled 8 = 8


The mirror pony freezes at the sight of Radiant, and in an ironic twist, freezes in a more literal sense as Neith's icy blast sticks her to the ground.
Mirror Sol looks around and panics, then tries to hide inside her own armour.


"Shouldn't we just put her out of her misery?"

Take out my pistol

Rolled 4 = 4


I prepare my hammer.
"This is a creation of vile, twisted magic from the mirror, mocking one of our companions. Anyone objects to putting it down?"


"Just finish her, we have things to do."


"Well I do, at least"
Comments the mirror pony


"Are you evil?"


"No of course not you spitting image of a town bicycle."



Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


I grimace.

"Interesting euphemism. Where do you come from?"


"Finish her Radiant."


How many mirror pones are left, and how mutated am I?


You blast the mirror pony to the ground, breaking the ice.
She spits out some teeth, then runs to hide behind another fallen pillar, calling you a dickless half-stallion with less strength than a filly as she goes.
From behind the pillar she gives a short monologue
"I, Solstice The Unbreakable, daughter of one of the greatest heroes of Equestria, come from a long line of glorious heroes and champions, true leaders and paragons of ponykind. I have traveled and conquered so many lands I might as well call the world my home."
Only Mirror Sol remains, the others are stuck in the broken mirror.
Your mutation level is 39, and you have scales all over your back and hindlimbs, as well as small tentacles on our chin and near your horn.


I snarl.
Activate Fervor, leap up, Blast again!

Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


Try and freeze those tentacles at their base to numb them and stop any blood flow to them.

"I am going to need to remove these, someone lend me that tool."

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


"Here take it."


"Of course. And how much of this is true, little pony?"

I fly up and follow her with tendrils of ether.


You blast the pillar apart, sending Mirror Sol crashing to the middle of the room, her armour falling off as she flies.
She comments that she was wrong about the strength part. But only that.
She then coughs up some more teeth and falls over as she tries to stand up.
You chill the tentacles enough to numb them, and manage to cut off most of them on your head without too much pain.
After a while you need to stop though since they are starting to bleed again.
Your mutation level is at 36


Power Attack her!

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13


Your reply is a wet crunchy sound as her little head explodes into random chunks of bony meat under Radiant's hammer.
The mirror pony then reappears in the mirror, moping.


"You're in a violent mood today, aren't you?"

How is Rarity faring?


Observe my mirror self and see if I can guess exactly what these 'mirror' selves are reflecting.


"I just sent it back to where it belongs."

I check the mirror to see if all of our evil counterparts are there as they should be.


"good job sis."

Inspect the mirror again.


"Was that truly necessary, Radiant? It did not seem to warrant such effort."


"Mirror Sol seemed to be no threat, but let's not take any risk here. I still need to figure out exactly what the mirror selves reflect. Are they hidden sides, or merely 'opposing' traits?"


"It was a twisted spawn of evil, it's friends tried to murder us. It was a necessity."


She is busily reshaping her chameleon armour to cover up the remaining mutations in her hind quarters.
Your mirror image gives you a dumb look and takes a sip of its beer, then grins.
He looks like a moron.
Seems so.
All of them, including the elements and princesses.
The mirror ponies seem stuck in there. They dont look happy about it.


I laugh at them.
"What now guys?"


"No need to be cheeky just becasue we defeated them."



I examine their reflections.

"Do you think they will stay imprisoned?"



"As long as we dont bleed on the mirror I guess."


"I am interested in that Mirror Soul, but hang on…"

Fire a lightning bolt bolt at the mirror to see if it still has its reflective properties.

"Also, we need to get to Tirek as quickly as possible. The Gods are being compromised as we speak, I was hoping leaving Manifest Destiny and his Master behind would stall this long enough, but.. it seems not."

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


The reflections seem to be opposites of the ones they represent. Or perhaps they are echoes of the past and reminders of old mistakes, like Celestia suggested.
The remaining unbroken parts seem to possess the same reflective qualities as the shard Narpa had.


Break off a few shards and stow them.


I huff.
"As if I'd ever drink blood…"


You store a few shards.
They are very sharp and fragile, so using them will require a roll.
Your mirror image shrugs and then grins


"Nor would I take such trinkets so shamelessly. But these duplicates of us would. These are opposite apparitions of us."

I turn around.

"Regardless, they are harmless now. Should we move on?"


Snarl at the mirror
"This is ridiculous! How could it possibly know all these things! The magic behind it must be wicked beyond belief!"


"You can grin in there, you won't be able to hurt anyone out here now."

"I belive we should, yes."


Your mirror image is too busy playing with Ali's image's tail to listen to you
Your mirror image starts counting some coins
"How can you be so sure?"
Looks like it can still talk at least


"You are in there, we are out here. You're not going anywhere, and even if you would we'd just send you back again."


I grimace and try to cover my mirror image with something to hide her from sight


"Such materialism is worthless. What could I ever gain from collecting such worthless trinkets?"


"To be fair you look cute with your mane done."


"Let's hurry."

"Oh, and, Radiant and Gaius…. prepare yourselves. You may feel a shock if the Sun and Moon get compromised like the Laughing One did."


You push the large cloth used to cover the mirror in front of your image.
"Wealth is the root of power, Gaius. We both know that much. Everyone has their price, and many have found mine. Loyalty is a commodity for sale like any other."
"Big talk from one who kills the helpless without mercy yet calls others blood drinkers."


"Dont listen to her Radiant, negasol is evil."


I cast her a destructive glare but don't say anything more


"That… that shouldn't happen. We'll be done here before that could happen."

"Don't worry, I know… Let's not listen to them any longer, don't let their venom seep into our minds."


Your mirror image is tending to mirror Sol
"What weight is there to the words of a murderer?"


"You are not ponies, thus, you can't be murdered. You are just imagery, a creation of this mirror's magic."


"Oh dont be like that~"

"I may be a murderer but she isnt."


"Hopefully. But if Manifest Destiny and his Master could not easily drive Faust off…."

I turn to Princess Celestia and Luna.

"Would you take up their mantle should the Sun and Moon fall, you Highnesses?"


"You may be right…"

I laugh derisively with the full power of my dark voice.

"Such notions are ridiculous. Shower yourself in as many trinkets as you like, coward. Without a true cause, battle is meaningless."


"Like that would happen. They aren't as weak and frail as that pink clown is… was."

"Shut it."


"Are we? Is the blood on your hammer not real enough to sate your hunger? The screams of pain not the pitch your ears hoped to hear?"
The sisters look at eachother in surprise
"And what cause is truer than the cause of oneself? Life for another and die for another, you only betray the one life you were given."
Pinkie tries to protest but slumps back down before voicing any overtly nasty opinions.


"Yes, Gods. Should the Sun and Moon be struck down, if we can salvage any of their power.. I would like to give them to you two. You have led Equestria for millenia through strife, into Golden Ages… I, personally, would rather entrust the world to you two than to the… warmongering scum currently in power."


"Then pray tell, what happens to a pony if it is killed? Does it die, or does it return to the inside of a mirror?"


"You can come tell us in time once you've seen it first hand."
The alicorns looks concerned
"We are simple servants - indeed, that is all we have ever been"
"To become gods ourselves… is a strange idea to say the least"


I stomp my hoof on the ground angrily at this



"Then it is time for those truly righteous to overthrow the old, who have rotted with power and can only think for themselves. They have given in to wickedness and have lost their purpose, while you two, over the course of your rule, have always had the ponies' best interest at heart."

"Do you not agree, Gaius? Radiant?"


I turn my back to the mirror. They are not ponies, just vile trickery…

"I wouldn't mind if you'd became a God, Princess…"

"At least the Princesses are not leading us blindly on a leash like the Sun and the Moon does."


"You don not live for yourself. You live for the petty rewards you get by selling yourself. Shameless, disgusting cur."

"I would support this idea, my ladies. You led your country with strength and virtue for many centuries."

I roll my eyes.
"Please, you don't know the meaning of the word."


"Think about a mercy kill Neith."


"Goodness, you really are funny at times…"

I laugh bitterly.

"You saw it for yourself. We have been lied to and now we will have to clean up this mess. It is only fitting that they be punished."


The alicorns bow
"Well, if it is the will of the Avatars we serve"
"Though it will be a very strange thing to get used to"


I frown.

"I don't agree with your reasoning, since it implies nothing more than a cycle of endless warfare. But given the crisis we face now, we may have no choice."


"They have done before! Not that there was anything wrong with that!"

"You shut up, you."



"I disagree with assasinating the Gods. We shall only do this if they are dying because of… whatever is happening at the palace."

"I had a hard time getting used to being the Avatar so… I think you'll manage, if it comes to that."


"Thank you. If you will serve mortals and swear never to become drunk with power than I… I shall swear my allegiance with you two."

"Please excuse me, I was wording it in a way I hoped she would understand. I have no desire for vengeance of any sort, just the removal of beings who have become just as dangerous to us all as the Dark Gods."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Why not? If we find that they are dying, and it would only take one strike to make the world safer for us all…"


The mirror images seem to be enjoying your bickering.
"We cannot make such plans yet"
"The sun and moon still live"


"That's it! I wont allow you to kill the lights because of your sick fetish for power! You are insane and dangerous!"


"We will NOT kill the Sun and the Moon on purpose. Am I clear?"


"And you lot shut your mouths!"


"And so long as they do, we shall carry out their wishes. Tirek still waits."


"Come in here and make us you mindless attack dog"


"Did I ever talk about taking any of that power for myself? I have no interest in ruling over anyone, only making sure that those who rule me and all mortals can be held accountable."

"Yet you agreed that they 'lead us blindly on a leash'. Do you really propose we do nothing about it?"

Turn to the mutant beyonder.
"When we're done, we need to head for Tirek's room immediately. Can you plan a safe route in the meantime?"


"That's all you can do, throw insults, worthless pieces of evil…"

"We confront them about it with words, not by steel!"


"I don't trust you. I've seen what lurks in your mind. You are a selfish hound with no sense of loyalty whatsoever. Unreliable and dangerous!"


"I see. That is reasonable."

"I give my loyalty only to those deserving. Beings drunk on power with no sense of devotion to their own people deserve none. Now, shall we go?"


"Throwing words is still better than just throwing your weight around"
It nods
"I can, yes. Though Lord Tirek is no fool. He will be well guarded. We are lucky he is missing dragons to pull his chariot at least."


"You're drunk on power, you soul-gobbling maniac!"


"Yum yum."


"Let's save it for Tirek, shall we?"

"Am I supposed to get mad at that?"


I stomp a hoof in anger and snarl at him

"I hope you try to do something so I can plunge my sword in that gut of yours."


"You don't need to get mad, Radiant. You have already gone mad long ago. Look at you. Talking to a mirror as if it would talk back."


I ask Applejack and Fluttershy to remove their armor so I can see their corruption level.


"Ha.Ha.Ha. I'm dying of laughter. You'll have a lot of time to think up such jokes while spending your eternity there."


"Cool your temper, ice sculpture. Nobody has done anything yet."


"But Radiant, it is not we who are stuck in a mirror. Perhaps it is you, and in your blindness you have simply not realized it."
Fluttershy peeks from inside the tree.
She looks mostly uncorrupted.
Applejack says it's better if she kept the armour on.


"Hmmm. How? Splash against it?"


"If you don't allow us to remove those growths, it becomes easier for Tirek to turn you into his minions."


Glare angrily at him

"I don't need someone who almost killed us all several times to act condescending towards me."

And at him too.

"Very amusing."


"Aren't you getting tired of this? I'm not going to fall for your tricks."


"I just thought I'd amuse you with a few lies that you will end up preferring over the truth. I know the truth Radiant. And you won't be able to take it if given a chance to learn it."


"Truth about what?"


"About you and your friends."


"Applejack, take that armor off and let us work on you."


"What would you know about me and my friends?"


Chuckle a little

"My, quite the charmer are you not?"


"None of us is in the position to talk down to another, so pipe down, snowpony."

"Take care, Radiant. They are liars and cheats all."


"It's almost like you want her to stomp on your balls again."


While waiting for the party I start playing with my reflection in the mirror


"I will do my best to avoid a repeat of that. Besides, I already got payback for that."


"Ah'd gladly…"
"More than you can imagine. I have seen the end Radiant. It is not pretty."
"Ah said ah'd rather not."
Talking her into it is DC5
"You'll be gettin' some for that later you…"
He tries to high five you


Turn to Applejack
"You really want to risk becoming Tirek's minion?"

Rolled 10 = 10


"Must you be so hostile? You started it after all, I liked you before all this happened."


"The end? I've heard that so many times before… The end. The end. The end. What is the end?"


"Oh fine…"
She removes all of her armour.
Underneath, she is more dragon than pony. You estimate the corruption to be above 90%.
"Ah just got the worst possible first impression of ya is all, and ya have done little ta remedy it."
"In the end, oh Radiant. In the end there will be nothing but tears. False tears of a false pony serving a false god!"
The mirror image lets out a shrill laugh.


I give a low whistle then cast Pain immunity on her.

Rolled 4 = 4


"MOTHER OF FUCK- alright, alright, just stay still…"

Begin freezing off spines and tentacles to make extraction with the fleshcarver easier.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


"I beg your pardon? Imagine what kind of a first impression I got from you then. I was merely trying to be polite and you just assaulted me! Bad form miss, bad form indeed."


I stomp my hooves.
"I know it would just turn out to be another of your mind games!"


I grimace

"You look absolutely vile."

Seeing he has the freezing covered, I just stand back and keep waiting


"And what, pray tell, could even qualify as a god now? Every impression I had of the concept has been shattered by now."


"Relax, Radiant. You have an even hotter head than I do. Chill out."

"I know what you mean. By my old definition you, me, Neith, and Radiant are all gods."


It tingles a bit. That's about it though.
You numb the scales and stiffen the tentacles.
+2 to the Fleshcrafter roll.
"Ya keep tellin' yerself that, Clopsanova…"
"Games? Oh ho ho~ OH the irony of it all."
"All in due time, nightmare. All in due time. You will see the truth, and it will be more than you ever imagined."


"Rarity. You must have a steady grasp with your telekinesis to make dresses and such. Have you ever tried being a surgeon before?"
I levitate the fleshcrafter over to her.


"The Light guides me, the Light gave me strenght to come so far, and the same Light will prevail… Whatever you think might happen, it won't. We'll stay strong, with our power and the power of our friends!"


"Alright, just keep still…"
Start cutting away the more protruding growths.

"Speaking of which, I had an interesting.. epiphany of sorts a nit before we formed the Harmony avatar just now. Like I had become something.. above mortality, as if I had become the very substance and essence of magic itself. Can you shed any light on this?"

Rolled 4 = 4


"You're very words hurt me to my most inner core, my dear lady Applejack."

"I am very well versed in the art of telekinesis, I could tend to her!"


wait nevermind, let campfire do it

Rolled 10 = 10


She takes the blade with her own telekinesis
"Well dahling I've never tried, but then, how different can it be to fixing a dress made by Sweetie…?"
Your guidance helps her understand the finer points of medical amputation.
"Well, here goes. Bite down Applejack."

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


"This is for being so good and making me look so bad"
Oh no, mutated flesh is not like fabric at all!
The fleshcrafter slides off a scale and cuts off Applejack's ear as well as slashing her forehead.
Well, at least one tentacle fell off.
Rarity drops the fleshcrafter and gasps

Applejack is in no better condition.
She no longer trusts the usefulness of the Fleshcrafter.


"Unless magic is an element like fire or water I have no idea. You still look pony so I doubt it's that."

"Something tells me that's a bad idea."


I can't help but snort at the unfortunate mare

"Yeah, you're right. Your idea worked out very well!"


"Applejack, you can either stay hidden while we fight Tirek, or we can kill you and see if you lose your mutations when I resurrect you. I'd prefer the first option."


"Petty thug."

"As would I."


"Mmmrrrgghhh.. at this rate, Applejack, you may want to hide for our next fight against Tirek. Just a bit more and you'll turn into a monster, unless you want someone else to try removing your growths…"

"Hmm. I'll have to ask someone else about that…"

Turn to Twilight.

"You, uh, did see what happened a bit before we formed the Harmony Lord, right? All the powerful magic I was wielding.. was it some sort of phenomenon you could explain? I mean, uh.."

Rolled 4 = 4


Rolling to see if I heard that

Rolled 2 = 2


I hastily add.
"That came out wrong. They way it works is basically the same as how a phoenix works. It's saved my life twice, and Neith's once."


"Well, even I have more accuracy than that…"


"Ah knew the risks comin' here. An ah ain't hidin from nobody. Y'all would not run either. Not now with everything at stake!"
She thinks for a moment
"I have never actually seen elemental transcendence, but it is entirely possible you underwent some form of it by casting a spell of sufficient power to alter your entire being. HOW you did that exactly, is what I'd like to know."
You can unlock your Lord of Magic form with a DC6 check.
You only heard your own thoughts on private matters.
"Ah dunno. Sounds mighty strange ta me…"

the Mutant beyonder looks out the door and shuts it again quickly.
It looks worried.


"Applejack, you can't stay in a state like this. One way or another, the mutation has to go."


"You'll only make it more difficult for us when Tirek turns you into his minion and you attack us as well, Applejack."

Turn to the Beyonder.
"What is it, must we go now?"

Rolled 2 = 2


"I vouch for the mage's plan. It worked well for me. If I wasn't a elemental lord I would have asked him to purge me with fire as well."

Rolling to sound convincing, somehow.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Have we been discovered?"


"Those are your choices, AJ. The third option is that I fuse the joints of your armor together then come back when this is all over."


"Gah fine. Ah'll be the read guard then."
"The fighting is slowing down. It seems Lord Tirek is winning. Only shreds of your army remains."


"We've wasted far too much time then. Tirek must be assaulted now."


"Then we need to go now."

"And thank you, Twilight. That was, uh, very insightful of you, yes."


"Then we have no time to lose. Lead the way, unless you think a servants entrance to his chamber may grant us an edge."


"We move out, now."


I whistle

"I suppose we should go and save the day then. Be heroes and take all the treasures and whatnot."


The beyonder straightens itself
"The others will be with him. I can fight for as long as my body lasts, but I will be outnumbered.
Remember what you have learned, heroes. Remember his weakness. And know that all his evils will be undone once he falls."

He offers you a long chain with shackles on it
"Put this on."


"To merely disguise as captives, yes?"

Fourth Eye to check for his lies.

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


I look at it.
"Freke, is this thing enchanted?"


"What is that?"


He is full of shit.
This demon is a traitor and wants to serve you to his master on a silver plate. He has deceived you from the start and delayed your path to Tirek so that the army of light would dwindle and die.
He and he alone is the cause of all your mutation, suffering and misery. All of it.



Check the chains this time.

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


Yep. That's a chain.
Iron. Looks old but the concept of time is irrelevant in this realm.
Not hard to break even if locked, and easy to simply leave unlocked.
Unremarkable otherwise.


"Just put on the chains, they're easy to break should we need to."

Turn to the Beyonder.
"Lead us to your master, won't you?"


I don it.


I go back to my pony form and put the shackles in place.


"I don't like this a bit…"
I put them on.


"If this is a trick then gods help me…"

Put them on

The Stalker does the same


"I will do just that."
Once you have the chains on you, he pushes the door open and starts dragging you along.

Dead mutated ponies, griffons and other beings lay scattered on the castle battlements. Dozens are still in flight, fighting Tirek's minions.
There is no sign of Gracious, Valiance or Dearly anywhere.

The Beyonder takes you back inside a tower and one level down. You soon arrive at a massive red wooden door.
"This is it. Beyond this door is the throne of Tirek."


"Any final tips before we go inside?"


Activate my Avatar Form.

Rolled 7 = 7


Is everyone's weapon still Blessed?


Freke helpfully acts as a translator
"You will need to be fast. Tirek will have no intention of remaining here. The Lights have declared open war, and he will spare nothing to kill them with a counterattack."


Your body swirls and twists, breaking into a translucent, ethereal form resembling a massive collection of souls given form.
>In this form all your spells will be critical hits (or misses)


"Cool. You almost remind me of being inside True Death."


"Wonderful… hahahahaha…"

"Shall we go, now?"


"Most impressive. Though it is no assurance of victory, as I am sure Neith can tell you."

I revert out of avatar form.

"We may not want to give it away as well."


"Just say when you are ready."




"As ready as we'll be."


"As ever."


"Let's just go and kill this thing already."



"The moment the door opens, we kill him. But if you all won't.."

Revert as well.



Do the same


Never mind, reverting is a bad idea


It is time.

Aracot the mutant beyonder pushes the massive doors open and steps inside with the party in tow.
The throne room is massive. The roof is so high there is a constant echo. Five more demon beyonders and several mutant guards are stationed around the room.
And at the center is a massive black throne, cloaked in shadow.
A strong heartbeat echoes through the air.

Aracot kneels
"Master. I present to you the champions of the lights. The avatars of the elements. The elements of harmony. And the old princesses of Equestria."

A soft laugh echoes through the room.
The door behind you closes.
If you want a cool heroic monologue / entrance, now is the time


I flare up my Lights and step forward.
"Tirek, Lord of Darkness! Your evil will be tolerated no longer in this realm or beyond! The Bringers of Light and Harmony will destroy you and your blight once and for all!"


Sight Beyond Sight to find the source of his power, or at least where it us most concentrated.

Rolled 3 = 3



"Your evil ways are a wound in reality, Tirek, and we are here to cauterize it."
I burst into flames and spread my wings as I speak.


It is the heart-like flame he keeps in the bag around his neck.
The Rainbow of Darkness.
The very antithesis of harmony.


Mark him for Death

Rolled 2 = 2



"Soon, Destroyer, the last of the powers shall fade. When the End is over, you will be but a record in the knowledge of mortals."


You mark Rarity for death.


I also glance back at Celestia, and smile at her a little.
With her around, nothing can go wrong…


File: 1347576501697.png (108.31 KB, 364x393, Tirek rising.png)

A massive figure stands up on the throne. Towering over even Celestia and Campfire, the Lord of Destruction rises to meet you.
So, you are the assassins who killed Grogar and Discord. You have no doubt come for my head and the Rainbow of Darkness. Well. Here it is! COME, LIGHT'S CHOSEN. COME AND FACE YOUR END!
The guards move in to block the door. Aracot, having made peace with his end, turns to hold them off for as long as he can.



"Tirek, your reign of mad destruction ends today!"

I power up.


"'Our' end? Amusing."

Teleport his bag behind us.

Rolled 10 + 4 = 14


I fly up and blast him with a fiery Unrelenting Force.

Rolled 3 = 3


"We-I mean our resident moon fetishist also killed the spirit of Nightmare Moon! That counts as a kill as well, right?"

Mark for Death on him again pls RNG

Rolled 3 = 3


"Elements, Friends, we must activate the powers of the Harmony to make him mortal now!"


Auto 10.


You mark your own balls for death.


This too.


"Right, that stuff again."

Auto 10


You warp the bag out of his hand and out of the room.
Two guards run out the door to get the Power of Darkness back.
They will return it in three turns.
Well then. We can always do this the old fashioned way as well.
Tirek cracks his knuckles and arms himself with a jagged dark halberd.

Tirek swats you out of the air with his weapon, it's cursed edge searing your flank like a thousand needles of hate.
As you fall before the Demon King he stomps his massive hoof on your leg. You don't have time to register pain, but the snapping sound causes everyone in the room to cringe.
Tirek then picks up your body and with a roar tosses it acorss the room and against a wall, rendering you helpless.
With the aid of Celestia, Luna and the Elements, you spark up the power of Harmony and charge the mighty Shining Harmony Breaker.
…You're not going to do another cheesy line are you?


"Now you see me…"

Slip into stealth and backstab him

Rolled 5 = 5


I grit my teeth and stand back up.



Rolled 2 = 2


I heal Campfire.

"Not so fast, wait for him to turn into a mortal!"

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7


Nevermind that, I suck cocks


"YES WE ARE" the elements shout in unison
"For the light of day"
"For the moon and night"
"With heads held high our hearts ignite"
"All may seem lost"
"But we still can still fight"
"So look to your hearts"
The princesses join in
Tirek blocks your blow, but misses his counterattack
With Radiant's assistance Campfire stands back up.

And as Tirek turns back to face the party, his face twists in horror. He remembers the Rainbow of Light all too well. The legendary weapon of the Nightslayer.
It has been millenia since he last felt it.
But it is too soon.

The harmony lance smashes through Tirek's defenses, surrounding the Demon King before exploding with notable force.
Two of the guards are caught in the blast and turned into common birds.
Tirek stands back up again and spits
That was low, even for the Lights. Well. No matter. Weakened or not, I can still deal with you, and soon, show the Lights how it feels to lose everything.

You have one turn before the Power of Darkness is returned to Tirek.


I hit Tirek with an Inferno.

Rolled 6 = 6


"The one to lose everything is you! For the Light! THE SUN ALWAYS RISES!"

Fervor and Blast him!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


Mark for death! WORK ALREADY!

Rolled 9 = 9


Chain lightning. Starting with Tirek

Rolled 6, 1, 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 7, 7, 5 = 44


Using my +3 by the way


File: 1347579850597.png (903.86 KB, 900x900, tirek.png)

At last.
The mark of death appears upon Tirek's chest
Drawing power from your faith
From your friends
And from the blessed steel you wield in your hooves
You charge at the Lord of Destruction. The Demon King of Darkness. Tirek.
He swings his weapon trying to take your head off, but you duck under it, roll, leap up and smash in his marked chest.
And it is glorious.
The blast explodes outwards, causing Tirek to skid back as his armour cracks.
You land on your hooves.
You are Radiant Isabella Goldentail Dawn. The Sun's Embraced Fury. The Avatar of Light. YOU WILL NOT BE DENIED SO LONG AS THE SUN SHINES!
As Tirek regains his composure, you unite two warring elements into a combined bolt of fury and fling it at the massive demon centaur. Wreathed in flame and convulsing from the lightning, Tirek roars out and flings his halberd, barely missing Campfire, but impaling Freke's shoulder as he is too focused on the spell to dodge.
The wounded limb combined with the massive weight of the weapon drops him to the floor.

As the party turns to gasp at this, the door opens and a guard tosses Tirek the bag containing the Rainbow of Darkness.

Celestia and Luna, who had been focusing on fighting the guards, turn to intercept it, but suddenly fall over with a scream.

Shocked by this, Gaius and Radiant turn to see what is wrong, only to collapse as well.

So long as the sun and moon stand, none could oppose you.
But the lights are no more.

Tirek laughs and begins to open the bag.
And so in darkness, the champions of the light will meet their end.

See you guys next week~



WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES the Lights were no more, and dark had overtaken all creation.
Tirek, the last of the gods, was preparing to unleash the power of darkness.
Radiant, Gaius, Freke, Celestia, Luna and Pinkie were helpless.
Applejack was almost entirely corrupted.
The mutant beyonder Aracot was fighting a losing battle against its kin.
Twilight had a bright idea.
And an old friend was hurrying down the corridors for payback he had been waiting centuries to dish out.

This is the battle that may well decide the fate of all creation.
This is your moment.

Find a way to win.


Im not helpless?


You aren't an avatar, so the backlash was not as bad for you.
You can pretend to be helpless if it makes you feel important.


Nah its ok, try to take the bag and fly away.

Rolled 9 = 9


Marksman shot! Hit Tirek where it hurts!

Rolled 8 = 8


"W-what? No! NO, THIS CAN'T BE!"
Try to stand up! I MUST have some Light still inside me!

Rolled 8 = 8


"Aagh! What was that?!"

Attempt to get up.

Rolled 9 = 9


I always pick the worst days to miss…

Anyways, Suppress on Tirek!

Rolled 4 + 5 = 9


You swiftly fly at Tirek as he is about to unleash the Power of Darkness.
You grab the bag but he holds on.
DC5: buy the party an extra turn of time
DC8: take the bag away
Light or no light, you can still stand AND YOU CAN STILL FIGHT!
The princesses stand up as well.
You take aim and note the crack in Tirek's breastplate left by Radiant. You fire a shot into it, causing the Demon King to flinch a little.
You charge at Tirek and try to push him over. However the colossal god is too large for you to topple so easily, and he kicks you away with one of his hooves, knocking the breath out of you for a moment.


Try yo take the bag.

Rolled 6 = 6


Suppress his ass!

Rolled 4 + 5 = 9


Grit my teeth, lower my head and charge in to Blast him!

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


Wait, shit, ignore +2 of that +5. He didn't attack any of my allies this turn.


Hahaa! The obvious weak spot in his armor!

Line up my crossbow and fire another Marksman shot

Rolled 4 = 4


Fly around and stab him in the back!

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


You wrestle with Tirek but his amazingly strong grip is too hard to break.
However your efforts are not wasted.
The others get to make another before Tirek uses the bag.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
After what could be described as an instant replay of your previous attempt, you begin to wonder why you thought that was a good plan as you try to catch your breath.
As Tirek wrestles with Dawn, he rears up and slams down on you before you can swing your hammer.
You try to shake it off
as Tirek turns to block Groves' bolt, kicking Radiant away in the process, sending her tumbling into Groves.
The distracted Demon King makes for an easy mark, and you plant a blade in his back, causing him to bleed notably.

Not that it matters. Due to Tirek's Unholy Strength, you fail anyway if your base roll is under 5


Stab his hand and try again.

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


"Oof! Not in public Lady Radiant! I have a reputation to uphold."

Crawl from under her and Mark Tirek for Death

Rolled 1 = 1


>Not that it matters. Due to Tirek's Unholy Strength, you fail anyway if your base roll is under 5

Gonna try that one last time! Suppress! If he's down he can't use his bag!

Rolled 3 + 5 = 8


No time to falter! Power Attack him!

Rolled 8 + 4 = 12


I swing around and Blast.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


You sing your dagger deep into Tirek's knuckles, causing him to drop the bag.
before you can grab it though, you are stopped by a loud moan.
It is uncertain what exactly happened, but the aftermath is a very blushy, angry Radiant and a very sad, curled up, crying, helpless Groves.
Tirek grabs the bag with is other hand, then bucks Sol away, smashing her against a wall and leaving her helpless.
I grow tired of your hugs, pony.
Whatever happened back there gave you some extra energy to fight with. You charge Tirek and smash his armour again, cracking it further.
As Tirek reels, Gaius smashes into him as well, blasting the Dark God and causing him to skid to the back of the throne room.

A dark flame erupts from the bag.

Sol and Groves are helpless
Using a Mirror Shard is DC6
If someone wishes to consume the Mirror Soul they may do so, or they can toss it to Twilight and she will use it instead.
If you use a Mirror Shard, specify what you want to reflect the damage at.
You may also forgo protecting yourself with the shard to protect someone who is helpless.


Reflect the dark flame to Tirek.

Rolled 6 = 6


Get up! It can't be that bad!

Rolled 5 = 5


This is no time for resting!
I try to get back up!

Rolled 1 = 1


Use a shard to direct it right back to Tirek!

Rolled 1 = 1


Frantically, I take a mirror shard and use it to protect Sol.

Rolled 5 = 5


You quickly pull a shard of the dark mirror from your bag and angle it to reflect Tirek's dark fire back at him.
As the dark flame hits the mirror, it bounces back, shedding its smoky exterior and revealing a rainbow lance of Harmony that strikes Tirek head on, causing him to collapse to a knee.
You pump your hoof in triumph, and then look back to see-
>continued after I do the calculations

Rolled 1, 10, 1, 4, 4, 3, 2, 7, 3, 9 = 44


still going

Rolled 3, 5, 4, 2, 9, 10, 7, 9, 6, 7 = 62


And a few more

Rolled 3, 10, 9, 9 = 31


Last one

Rolled 2 = 2


The Rainbow of Darkness has surrounded your allies who have failed to use their shards in time.

Groves whimpers as he sinks into the black flames.
Radiant flinches as the flame slashes past her and Gaius, who shields himself with a wing.
Sol, still laying helpless, takes it badly, and her armour buckles from within from all the mutations she suffers.

Twilight thinks fast and levitates the Mirror Soul to herself, activating its power to shield the Elements.
She forgot to relay the plan to the others however, and Applejack rushes to protect her, only to be consumed by the dark flames before Twilight's eyes.

As the Power of Darkness returns to Tirek's bag, two massive Mutant Dragons stand in the room.
Groves and Applejack have lost their minds and bodies to darkness.
With the loss of an Element of Harmony, you can no longer form the Lord of Harmony or use the Shining Harmony Breaker.

Tirek struggles to stand
This is enough. GUARD! Take the dragons to the Chariot of Midnight! It is time.

The mutant dragons are herded away by the guards, leaving the remaining elements, the princesses and the mutant beyonder to fight Tirek and his five other beyonders.


Stand up, and charge him to Blast again.
"You're not going anywhere!"

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


"N- No! Groves! A- A- Applejack!"
C'mon Sol, get up! You gotta get up and fight!

Rolled 2 = 2



Vanish and backstab Tirek on the leg.

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


"Foul beast, you're wicked deeds only fuel the hatred and determination to destroy you!"

Shivermist his ass!

Rolled 5 = 5



Rolled 1 = 1


Aghast, I call upon my Nightmare Form and use Blast again.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


You charge Tirek again but he deflects your blow.
You jump away just in time and see the gate behind you shut as the guards take the Dragons away.
One of your legs is longer than the others now.
You stumble and slam your face on the floor, knocking out a loose, elongated tooth.
You vanish and reappear under Tirek, who lifts up his gigantic hoof and slams down on your unprotected back.
Judging from the snap, something broke.
Judging from the pain, it is impossible to say if it was a wing, a leg or your spine.
Regardless, you can no longer move on your own.
You breathe your icy breath at Tirek, who steps back to avoid it.
One of the Mutant Beyonders then punches you in the head for making a grammatical mistake.
You are knocked unconscious.
As Tirek steps away to dodge Neith's ice, you summon up your nightmare form, growing in size and ferocity. You leap across the entire room and slam your blessed spear into the cracked breastplate of Tirek.
You stare into his glowing eyes as you force the weapon in deeper and deeper, twisting and shaking all the way.
Finally, you unleash the force of the Night and Nightmare in a massive explosion of force centered deep withing Tirek.
The blast annihilates Tirek's remaining armour, and leaves many of his ribs and organs hanging bare.
Such is the power of the Night.
Such is the power of Nightmare wing, Lord of the Night.

Tirek reels and grabs the wall for support.
Two of the Mutant beyonders break off to defend him.
You can hear rapid hoofsteps from behind the throne room doors.


Try to heal me.

Rolled 4 = 4


For fucks sake

Wake the heck up and get back up on my hooves

Rolled 8 = 8


For fucks sake!
Try to get up. Again.

Rolled 10 = 10


Radiant activate fervor and Blast Tirek.

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


I press the attack. Tirek must be destroyed!

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Your wing makes a sound not much unlike stomping on glass.
You wake up, toss the Beyonder back and stand up.
You grab your sword and slash off the elongated part. It was superfluous anyway, and what's a little pain in the face of death or victory?
You stand up and stand ready.
Your massive form pushes the Beyonder guard aside and toy slash Tirek's exposed organs, causing him to drop to a knee before the guard muscles you away.
Radiant charged headlong into Tirek, whose guards step in to defend him and throw the valiant paladin across the room, into the main door.

As the dust and wood fragments settle, Radiant is standing next to Valiance, the knight who once gave himself to Tirek in order to protect Canterlot.
His sword held aloft by magic, and his armour stained with the blood of countless mutants, the white unicorn has come for revenge he has waited centuries to deliver.



Rolled 2 = 2


Attack Tirek while he's open!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


"Valiance? Just in time! We need all the help we can get!"
Stand up and Power Attack Tirek again!

Rolled 8 + 4 = 12


I swing my spear around and drive it back towards him. Power Attack!

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


I shoot a fireball into Tirek's exposed guts.

Rolled 6 = 6


Chain Lightning Tirek and the Beyonders!

Rolled 2, 7, 3, 1, 5, 6 + 4 = 28


You burst up into a far taller, more intimidating form atop a spire of water and summon a storm of ice above the battle.
This will be your moment to shine.
Your moment to prove that you are worthy of your title.
However before you can unleash the attack, the Mutant Beyonders swarm you, forcing you down, and beating you helpless.
You charge in to strike Tirek, but one of the Mutant Beyonders manages to intercept you, taking the hit instead.
"It has been a long time coming, Paladin."
You charge into the fray, knocking the mutant beyonders away left and right, then leap into the air and bring down your hammer on Tirek, smashing him against the floor.
As the Lord of Destruction struggles to stand back up, you unleash the fury of the Lord of Cinders and blast open his exposed innards with a fiery explosion.
Tirek heaves and throws up some dark bile.
Gaius charges up a strong stab, but Freke's momentary lapse in concentration leads to him hitting Gaius with his lightning.
Reeling from the shock, Gaius is too slow to react and Tirek grabs him, spinning him around and throwing him into the party, knocking them over like bowling pins with the huge griffon.
He then opens the gate and flees to his Chariot, as the remaining three Mutant Beyonders block the way.


I cleave all three beyonders!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11



Get up! I'm going to unleash a tsunami on these wastrels!

Rolled 3 = 3


"Stop him! STOP HIM!"

Shivermist on Tirek.

Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


I use Inferno to try and block his path with fire.

Rolled 7 = 7


I go after hi-
I beat down the guards attacking Neith!

Rolled 8 + 5 = 13


"Pay attention, mage!"

I drown the mutant Beyonders in night.

Rolled 10 = 10


You smash the three beyonders with your weapon, sending them tumbling
Well, it's more of a puddle than a tsunami, and it's less on them and more around your hind quarters.
You struggle to remember the right spell, and as you summon a variety of astral confetti, horn noises, images of cats and a hovering lamp, one of the beyonders rips Tirek's halberd from your shoulder and smashes you in the head with it.
Tirek hesitates, then charges through the flame anyway.
He is gone now.
You assault the guards, striking in all directions, forcing two of them back and decapitating the third.
You consume the remaining ones in darkness, and as they seem lost, Valiance leaps forth and slashes one open from head to tail, followed soon by Aracot grabbing the last and breaking its neck.

In the distance down the hall Tirek fled you hear a deep laugh and a loud explosion.


"Sun damn it all, what now? We must stop him!"

Charge down that hallway!

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


Magic Bolt away the Beyonder on me and follow behind Radiant.

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


I pursue.


I pull the flame back into my body and charge after Tirek.




Rolled 4 = 4


Help Neith up!

Rolled 7 = 7


You charge down the corridor
You follow Radiant's behind.
Roll for mental damage.
Neith finally gets on her hooves and you follow along with the Elements, princesses, knight and beyonder.

At the end of the tunnel is what looks like a stable or pen of some sort. The outer wall has been blasted open, revealing the castle battlements.
Up in the sky you can see Tirek in his chariot of midnight, pulled by four mutant dragons.
Two of them are Applejack and Groves.
Valiance says the other two are Gracious Glory and Dearly Decorated.

Tirek is laughing as he rides into the lightless sky

But this night is not lightless.
Not yet.
For you can still see the sun and moon, though faint as the faith of the dying, in the sky.
The last hope of the lights is imprinted on you. You are the last chance all of creation has against Tirek.

Each of you is gifted with tireless flight for the time being.
Use it to chase down Tirek and his minions before they can reach the Palace of Lights.

You have a short moment to form a plan.


"One way or another, we need to down that chariot, NOW!"


"If we can break the chariot away from the dragons he may fall and drown."


Nggh… no, no, find inner peace…

"The harmony avatar.. the harmony avatar! We may just be able to counter mutation if we hit the dragons with opposing power to Tirek's Darkness… "

Rolled 1 = 1


"We can't activate it without Honesty!"


"Damn it! Our only option can't be brute force! There has to be a way more efficient than disabling the dragons…

I could try teleporting Tirek off his chariot."


"Then we…have to hope for him to use his power again."

I finger a mirror shard.

"Whose aim is best?"


"What are you waiting for then? Do it!"


"Do it! What other choice do we have besides directly pursuing him?"


"I don't think we're in range, but if I have the beacon with me…"

Set down a teleport beacon and try teleporting Tirek to us.

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


More like inner piece of ass.
Staring longingly at that muscular, well trained rear has awakened deep feelings within you.
Far stronger than any you can recall for any pony, creature or thing in your life.
You wish to have it for yourself and for none other.
You wish to embrace the ass.
Indeed, you must embrace the ass.
It is your calling in life.
Your very destiny.
In the realm beyond the beyond, a die turns, and laughs.
momentarily ignoring the ass, you focus on trying to teleport Tirek.
Do you have Improved Teleport?


Yes, I do

Oh dear, oh no…


You focus on the blessing of the ass, and pull Tirek's entire chariot of midnight back to the castle.
He is now circling the castle
Tirek unleashes the power of darkness again


Use a mirror shard and reflect it back at the dragons pulling him!

Rolled 1 = 1


Throw a mirror shard up.


[i]Combat, the very bloodshed she lives for… oh yes, I am going to see it again.."

Rolled 5 = 5


Reflect it at the beyonder!

Rolled 9 = 9


Use a shard and reflect it at Honesty!
Or, well a dragon.
I'm not sure which is which.

Rolled 1 = 1


Reflect it with a shard, point it at one of the dragons!

Rolled 10 = 10


I levitate a mirror shard and reflect the power of darkness at Tirek.

Rolled 1 = 1


You cut your hoof with the mirror shard and it shatters before you can use it.
You are wreathed in darkness.
You fumble with the shard, but Twilight leaps in to guard you with a mirror spell, then she passes the Mirror Soul you.
She winks with her eye and wishes you luck.
You pull the shard out with such force you jab your own face with it. In anger you toss it on the floor and smash it, only to realize how stupid that was as you are consumed by the dark flame.
You fail to lift the right object, and try to block the dark flame with a length of rope.
It does not work too well.
You however, manage to angle the shard perfectly, focusing the darkness into a mighty beam of Harmony, and guess a dragon out of the four as you guide your shot.
It is a good guess, and the dragon your hit bursts into dark flames and vanishes. In its place, Applejack drops from the sky and you catch her.
"Whoa nelly. Lets not do that again ok?"
With the return of the Element of Honesty, you can now use the Lord of harmony and Harmony Breaker again.
You angle your mirror away from Tirek and bounce the dark flame as reflected harmony at the Mutant Beyonder who helped you overcome the challenges of Midnight Castle.
As it vanishes in the swirling energy, it chuckles softly.
A moment later, out walks a tall female Beyonder. Twilight gasps and stutters.
The beyonder smiles and nods her head.
Your mysterious helper was all along Meg'Ahnn the Nightslayer. The legendary beyonder who banished Tirek from the world of mortals in ancient times.


"Hmm? Thanks!"

Consume the mirror soul.

I wonder why she was winkign at me? Does she think her meager measure of power would appeal to me? Paling in magic, yet paling in physique, nothing like sweet, sweet Radiant, whose struggles look ever so charming…

Suppress a smile as I watch Radiant.


It's just a cut on my face, had worse…
"Nice shot, Inquisitor!"

I turn to Freke.
"Use your teleportation or something to bring those dragons down!"

Rolled 10 = 10


Look at her mouth, listen to her voice. Sweet, sweet Radiant, whose thoughts and voice, on occasion proof of idiocy, and yet

-"Yeah, alright!"

Teleport the dragons to the beacon here.

Rolled 4 = 4



We have tireless flight now, right?
I fly after Tirek and try to strike him!

Rolled 5 + 5 = 10


Use Shivermist on Tirek!

I blink my eyes a few times in bewilderment


Rolled 6 = 6


"We should for the Avatar of Harmony again! Quickly, before we loose somepony else!"


But I will go ahead and shoot Tirek with another fireball.

Rolled 10 = 10


"I agree! We need to seize this chance!"


Oh dear, that would mean being in the same being as Radiant. Dear Radiant…



You fly up to the circling chariot and slash Tirek's exposed guts, causing him to steer the chariot off course
With Tirek struggling to shoo Sol off him, you freeze him in place, at last finding good use of your avatar form
Spurred by Radiant, Freke grasps the Dragons with his spell and teleports them to the castle rooftop, causing the chariot and the frozen Tirek to crash down.
With his target immobile, Campfire unleashes a massive fireball that blasts the Lord of Destruction aside and sends him tumbling across the rooftop, leaving a massive trail of blood as he rolls.


Fly down and stab him in the heart!

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


"Everyone! Form up now! Show the Nightslayer how our species has progressed in her absence!"



Form the harmony lord.


Join the harmony party

"I hate this thing…"


Right, Avatar form!


"I am here too, you know."

I take my place at their side.




"All this time spent with ponies…I wonder sometimes."


"I said I was sorry."


"It was pretty racist, mage. And they call me ignorant…"


"Once we form up we will all see that I meant nothing bad by it, alright?"


You fly down and crash horribly, breaking much of your armour.
You then struggle up and join the others

Celestia and Luna take to the air as the Elements power themselves up.
The sisters once more form the core of True Harmony, and the Elements combine into it, enhancing the size and power of the already formidable avatar.
Finally, the heroes allow their minds and bodies meld into the single gestalt entity, allowing them to become one with the others, uniting into harmony on an absolute level.
The massive rainbow warhorse stands tall, lighting the entire surrounding area with its aura of power.

The Nightslayer touches you, and the harmony energy flows into her hand to form a sword.
"I told you long ago, Tirek, we have a power of our own. It overcame your power of Darkness in the past. It will overcome it again.
May this be payback. For all the lives you have corrupted. For all the worlds you have destroyed. For every moment of pain and suffering."
Valiance levitates his blade to the ready as well.
"Know this, Tirek. I once allowed you to enter my heart. But I do not belong to you. And I have come here to prove it. See your end in the eyes you once sought to claim for your own."



Rolling to see how well I can control my new obsession
10 means I return to normal

Rolled 9 = 9



Attack, now!


Cast Mirror.

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


Turns out your obsession was a freak mutation rather than actual attraction.
It will go away once Tirek dies.
True Harmony is now protected with a mirror coating


Tee-hee, hello Celestia!

Let's do that finishing move of ours! Tirek is weakened enough already!

Rolled 10 = 10


Someone else remember to reflect his darkness back at him. Charge the Shining Harmony Breaker!
I forget, did we lose our auto 10s?


Let's get this over with and purge this vile being already


M- my armour!…

This is no time for moping about! We gotta defeat Tirek! SHINING HARMONY BREAKER!

Rolled 1 = 1


Activate it!

Always with that obsession, haloed one…

Rolled 7 = 7


Keep your minds clear! We must stop him and return!

Rolled 1 = 1


If everyone else is rolling…

Rolled 6 = 6


Let's get this over with and purge this vile being already*


Tirek struggles up one last time and slams the bag on the ground, unleashing the full force of the Power of Darkness
The power of darkness consumes the entire sky, blocking out the sun and moon, swallowing all light and consuming all of True Harmony.
But the lights in the sky matter not.
For there are still lights within your hearts.
And those lights have been forged in friendship.
Tempered through mutual suffering.
And sharpened in a quest that had brought you from canterlot to the heavens themselves.
And that quest can now finally end.

Tirek's victorious laughter soon turns to a gasp of terror as he sees the power of darkness fade as harmony overtakes it.
As it subsides entirely, he sees the Nightslayer mounted on the glorious True Harmony, wielding in her hand the entirety of the mirrored rainbow of darkness.
Long ago, a shard of the Rainbow of Light was the undoing of Tirek's mortal avatar. This day, he sees before him not a shard, but the whole rainbow, restored to its absolute glory.

Time itself slows down as you begin your final charge.
You focus the force of the Shining Harmony Breaker into the Rainbow of Light. The Nightslayer readies it as you charge at Tirek, who, though torn and bloodied, still stands to charge back at you.
And as you pass eachother, all of creation holds its breath for a moment.
Then, in the blink of an eye, it is all over.
Tirek falls, the rainbow of light jutting from his broken chest. The rainbow then explodes, consuming his entire form and demolishing most of Midnight Castle.
As you land, separated once again into single ponies, you see Tirek's corruption is no more. Your bodies are as they once were.
Indeed all that remains is Tirek's Dark Soul, that slowly hovers among the ruins.


I slowly realise what my thoughts were like as the corruption of Radiant's ass wears off.




"Yes! Yes we did it! We did it!"

I pull Celestia in a hug!


I exhale as I revert to normal.
"Now, we must-"

"Moons alive, mage! Your attraction to Radiant was disturbing, but is that necessary?"


I inspect my armour again. How bad is the damage? Is it repairable?

Rolled 10 = 10


"The beast is finally dead, slain like the rest of his vile kin. We have done well today, this will look well on my schedule!"


"It was perhaps the worst of nightmares. Just.. dear gods."

I go pick up the soul.


I drop out of the Avatar of Harmony and turn Megan before giving a slight bow.
"It is an honor to meet you, Meg'Ahnn. How did Tirek capture you? How can we understand you when you speak?"


"Still on about that fucking schedule?"
I sigh and shake my head, then turn towards Mag'Ahnn.
"So this is that fuckin' legendary demon slayer or whatever? She kinda looks like a Diamond Dog, except all… naked. Eugh."


I look at Radiant and compare her with Sol.

"If you say so. I can't really judge how attractive she looks to you ponies, but she does look better now that she has been purified once again."

"Indeed, I am grateful for your assistance both in the castle and in combat. Perhaps I have been wrong about all Beyonders."


Stomp my hoof on the ground

"That 'fucking' schedule is important, dog. It's called setting yourself goals."




"Your taste is your own."

"I must as well thank you for your assistance, to think I would see the myth before my eyes… What will you do now that you are free?"


With a skilled enough smith, all that will remain of the damage is a bad memory.
Celestia embraces you
"Oh Radiant, my most faithful warrior, it is at last over. Now the sun can forever shine on the world we have fought so hard to protect."
It is cold and evil to the touch. It makes your skin crawl like a next of maggot eggs had hatched in your bones.
"It was long ago, after the defeat of Tirek and many other threats to the land of ponies, that I retired back to my own land along with my compatriots. I had hoped my adventures would be over, but Tirek, seeking vengeance, invaded my world. Without the Rainbow of Light, I was unable to defeat him, and my world fell to his rule. It was a great victory to him, and he kept me as a trophy in his palace in the heavens. As for how I speak your language, well, it is not too different from how your kind spoke in the days of old."
"A talking dog? How curious. Hello there."
The Nightslayer shifts go cover herself up a bit.
"Beyonders? Is that what you call Humans these days? Well, you should not trust all humans. There are good ones and bad ones. And some times it's hard to tell who is which."

Twilight is making some calculations
"I think I can get us back to the palace when you're ready to go"


I smile and hug her back, before my expression darkens as I hear Twilight, and I pull away.
"I'm afraid we're not done yet… The Sun… something happened at the Palace with the Lights."


I ajdust my ears trying to get a good reception
"This isnt working, we should go now."


"Oh, right… we should hurry, we may be able to salvage the Sun and Moon's powers when we get there."


"Yes, I felt it as well. It was…not pleasant."

I turn to Meg'Ahnn

"Will you be accompanying us?


"That's a relief…"
"Right! We should hurry back!"


"I fear there is little I can do to aid you. With Tirek gone, I am at last free of his imprisonment, so I to my home to see what time I have lost."

Twilight asks if you are all ready


"I think Ali meant your coat, not your clothes. Being hairless is strange, but nakedness is no big thing here."

"Freke was right about Faust? We need a plan before going back."

"Good luck reclaiming your home. We all owe you a favor after that, so if you need help simply call us once we have resolved our problems here."


"Let's go. Their loose souls need to be claimed immediately."


"Yes, let's go and try to stop whatever is happening there…"


"I see. Be safe."

"Faust will have taken what she wanted and most likely left already. The important thing now is what we will do with the Sun and Moon's power."


"Very well. I do hope to see you again some day."
I signal to Twilight that I am ready.


"The gods screwed up very badly by starting this war. I say that we should replace them if we can."

I do the same.


"Good luck then. And I believe we're ready to head back?"


"This all seems very heretical to me…"


"We have reached the point that basing judgements on the whims of a higher power has become meaningless. If you cannot think for yourself, then you only make it worse now."


"Yes.. yes. The princesses shall take their power, then, though we may need to extract the souls powering them first."

"It won't be heretical if there's nothing left to defy, won't it?"


"We can't judge the Gods! And look on the bright side, all the evil Lords are dead! We can't just kill the Sun and the Moon!"


"Nothing is above questioning, for there are none who are truly righteous. If we will not contest their tyranny, who will?"


"Killing the Lights is an evil deed. The gods' wills are inconceivable!"


"I had always thought you Inquisitors were strict about replacing your higher-ups if they failed."

"That could prove impossible. Radiant would make a good Sun, but Gaius possesses something that makes me think he cannot be the Moon."


"These aren't just your average higher-ups, these are GODS! Besides, they did not fail, the Dakr gods were defeated after all. We won."


"I don't think I would be a good Sun…"


File: 1347833326266.png (224.17 KB, 613x518, totg Chapter 5.png)

Twilight nods and powers up her teleport spell.
You all wave goodbye to the Nightslayer as you vanish is a flash of magic.

You reappear at the palace of Lights.
To find it in ruins.

The gardens are devastated, with the statues smashed and trees broken.
Broken and burned bodies lay everywhere. The smell of blood and smoke makes the air heavy.
Valiance, Gracious and Dearly rush off to inspect the damages.

And most horribly of all, the Laughing One is laying motionless on the main stairs of the palace, before the remains of the destroyed main gate.




"What is evil about removing from power those who see fit to pull the world into ruins for their own amusement?

And even if it is 'evil'… history is written by the victors, is it not?"


Won.. what? hmm?"

"Hmm.. we'll just have to ask the Princesses for their experience in helping us."


"R- replace the gods? Can you even do that?!"


"This looks like failure to me, Neith."


I blink.
"I appreciate the honesty, but what do you refer to?"


"Oh no…"


"We have to find the Sun."


"Oh no… oh nononono!"


"Now, it begins."

I move to inspect the Laughing One. When we restart


"Casualties always fall in wars."


"The thing that Luna gave you? That thing that nearly made us kill you? I am not entirely sure what it did to Princess Luna, but if she, the avatar of the Moon, could not handle it then you taking it into your body might be a bad thing."


"You are missing the point. What exactly have we gained by disrupting reality for the whims of the three scum?"


"It may not be a problem, he seems to have finally taken control over it."


"You are pretty dense for a mage, aren't you? For one, that Beyonder's world was saved. Secondly, Tirek has not taken over our world like he did to hers. I say that's a decent result."


"An externality, the beyonder. Good for her, but what of us? Would Tirek have attacked in the first place if it were not for the Lights ordering us to slaughter in their name?"


"Mmm, true. Though I am at peace with it at last."


"Of course you would. As long as Princess Celestia is around to give you tips."

"The three lights got many, many good people and one of their own killed in a power struggle. That level of incompetence cannot be allowed."

"It may, or it may be like mixing sodium with water."

"You show us that there is hope for those that must become the new Chaos, Death, and Destruction."


"If you want to place trust in the notion that an evil God would have never tried to take control of our world like he did to others then… yes, I suppose this Crusade has only helped other beings. Either way, evil was purged and good times were had, A victory on our part as far as I'm concerned."


"How many died because of us?"

I point at Celestia and Luna

"Did we not sacrifice souls to fulfill or own selfish needs of resurrecting our loved ones either? We're not better and that is fine by me."


"I had no say in their revival, and I will leave the final decision up to the others, just as long as they do not try to replace Nature."


I look at the ground, ashamed by Neith's berating.


"Resurrecting 'loved ones'? Are you really so blind? They are our future Sun and Moon."


"Oh please, don't try and justify it. When you saved their souls and resurrected them afterwards you hadn't even shared your little plan with the rest of us yet. I've gazed into your mind and saw you for the mad pony long you are ago. Same goes for your zebra and tracker friend. You were so quick to save them yet ignored all the other souls in tambleon, going as far as to use them as currency for buying…"

I spit on the floor in disgust

"For buying material things. You are a disgusting powerhungry wastrel, nothing more."


"Oh dear… you really are a close-minded simpleton, after all.

Firstly, I don't know the zebra and tracker, it was the others who wanted them saved, and I decided to go along with it because it would give us more manpower. Would the other souls have been of use, hmm?

Secondly, are your weapons and gear merely 'material things'? I needed power to fight for all our sakes. Didn't you just say something about casualties being inevitable, hmm?

You cannot imagine how amusing it is to have this failure of an avatar of ice look down on me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…"


"And you were an expert mage the within a few days of learning to use magic?"


"Freke! Don't insult Neith! I can't imagine you were so great when you were first learning how to use magic."
Sol gives him an annoyed glare.


"Well it's these others that are going to be replacing the current Gods, or are you really as arrogant to think that you were going to ascend to godhood? The souls should be left alone, not used as a currency for buying your material needs. I didn't buy any using damn SOULS and got along just fine, did I not? Casualties are inevitable, I completely agree. The Lights seem to think the same thing which is fine by me. You, the person who used souls as money, on the other hand feel like you've been wronged in some way. Nice ad hominem by the way, that really got me angry."


"…I have overstepped my boundaries, I apologize. But the rest still stand."

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