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Northlands - Thread 23 DM 295210

I think I lost count at some point, but we should be well over 23.000

With the king returned from the Master's Altar, he sought out Manifest Destiny and confided in the old cleric's wisdom. He learned a lesson of how Manifest had come to witness the Master, and how he had learned of the Ten Aspects of Destiny.
Indeed, the two had much to talk about, and the old pony felt much more at ease now that he, at long last, could speak to somepony about the thing that had branded him from even before his birth.
And as a token of thanks, he gave the king something his father had passed to him long ago. A small pendant.

Meanwhile the others probably did horse things.

The challenge has been sent to Ebonreth of Eaglecrest.
The tournament will be in a week's time.

Venia [Battlemage] 295213

Venia was with Valeriana and Pumpkin discussing things, iirc

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295214

"I still don't like this. But you are both adults. So what happens with Highhorn?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295215

I probably kept training Frostmourn too.
How is he shaping up?

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 295216

"I'm all for giving him every chance he wants.
…as much as this hurts to say, I am ready to at least try moving on."
Tired and irritated, mostly.
I think you also had some emotional drama about being a bloodknight.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295218

Yes, but he asked.
And as long as it's working I don't care if he hates me for it.

Celaire wasn't mad at me for leaving for a day, right?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295219

"Yeah but I mean, how do you think he'll take… This?"

DM 295223

He leans against his armour
"Are we… quite done here?"
Now lets see how mad he was
1 = devastated
10 = chill
"Well, I will know when I ask him."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295226

"I'm sorry for just storming out like that…"

Flap down my ears but look him in the eyes.

DM 295228

"I hope you at least learned something from it, my sun…"

Venia [Battlemage] 295229


I sigh
"I'm sorry Pumpkin. I just couldn't ignore these feelings, not after what everypony told me."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295231

"Right. I'm really meddling a lot, uh?"
Give her half a smile.
"Say, I wanted to go hunting with the king one of these days. Any chance you could teach me how to use the bow?"
"It's quite alright Venia. I mean, I know fuck all about love myself. Look what a mess I've done lately."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295233

"Yes… that I should always rely on my friends and loved ones when in trouble…"

Give him a hug?
He still accepts hugs, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 295234

"…the bow, or a bow?"
Yes he does.
He knows you're not the most clever horse around, but you are still his sun…
…now tell me everything."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295235

Smile sheepishly.
"I think it's about time I learnt how to use the bow.
Gotta carry on the family name, after all."

DM 295236

"…I really am not entirely sure about that one. This bow is very special to me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295237

Keep hugging him even as I speak.
"I was just so mad and dissapointed at myself and I've been in this crazy state of mind ever since I discovered all those things back in Rockeye, and when you said that I didn't change at all I just… wanted to get away. Anywhere. Then the next day it got even worse, and you said we aren't crusaders or fighters but I am and all I can do is make a mess of things and hurt other ponies and… my wings started doing that thing again, and I was just so lost again…. I still am…"

Venia [Battlemage] 295238

"… the Whitewood one?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295239

Lie on the floor.
"From your mother, right?"

DM 295240

"…then we will work together to help you overcome it. To become something more than just a strong hoof and a loud voice. To aid you in finding a different kind of inner strength.
…I once met a wise pony. Far wiser than I. And he said that at the heart of every storm lies a calm eye. And those who find that tranquility will not be harmed by the storm around them, but rather protected by it's raging power.
He told me to seek the Walking Saints, the Ascendants of Hardflank, if I ever needed a guide for my path to that eye of my inner storm."
Two of the shadows motion questioningly towards a locked chest

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295241

I look up to him.
"So are you saying we might find a solution if we travelled to Hardflank? But when? I still need to train Frostmourn and I need to be by his side in Eaglecrest but I cannot fight with these wings."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295242

"I can understand if it means too much to you."
Smile weakly at her, and put a hoof over one of hers.
"There are things that just should not be used, at times."

Venia [Battlemage] 295244

I look at the chest, then at Pumpkin, then back at Valeriana.
"… It's probably time for me to leave now. I'll leave you two to your bow training."
I get up and take my leave to go find Frostmourn

DM 295251

"Hm… well last time you found aid, at least temporarily, in doing good deeds.
…or you could… dare I say, for just a while, embrace your fury. Let it drive you on in that arena. And see if letting some of it out would help bring you closer to a solution."
"That bow has many dark memories in it.
…among the darkest is the fact that it fired the arrow that doomed Venia."
He is recovering from his training session
"Oh… hey Venia"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295253

I shake my head.
"I can't risk it. What if I kill somepony?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295255

"Frostmourn! Just the pony I needed to talk to. Do you have time to come along for a walk?"

DM 295256

"Not like that'd be anything new for them…"
he tries stretching his legs

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295257

"And yet she was here just a minute ago, telling you how much she loves you.
That must have been a really nice arrow if you ask me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295258

"Not for them. But for me. I don't want to kill somepony in an arena just beause I let my anger get the best of me."

DM 295259

She smiles a little
"…well, let's hope so.
But I'm not letting you use my bow until you learn at least the basics of archery."
"That is a decision only you can make."

Venia [Battlemage] 295260

"… well?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295261

"I can't… I don't want to… what if I started living on bread and water again so I can give my money to a baker and tell him to give free bread for the poor as long as he can from what I gave?"

DM 295262

"…I can manage. So, where to?"
"Well… if you think self sacrifice would help your heart feel better."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295263

Chuckle a bit.
"More time with you, will be worth it."

Venia [Battlemage] 295265

"Have you heard about one of our newest residents in the palace, Windy Hills?"
Lead him along towards her room
"She's a sculptor, a skilled one at that. We freed her in the Underkingdom, though she broke her back in the process."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295266

"I know a lot of ponies would be grateful for the food. I'll do this right now. And then see if I can help any other ponies after that."

Collect almost all the money I have home.

DM 295270

"Very well.
…do you intend we start right now?"
"I have heard of this girl, yes. What of her?"
Celaire awkwardly pushes a gift he had under the bed
You collect a month's pay from your socks and piggy banks.

Venia [Battlemage] 295272

"Valeriana told me the golemcrafter of Ironfoe was looking for apprentices. A sculptor would probably have the natural skill required to learn the art of golemcraft more easily, don't you think?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295273

Look at him with a smile.
"So are you coming or do you have something to do?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295275

"You have anything else to do? I can disappear if you want to be alone."

DM 295276

"Good thinking! I'm sure Golden Oats will be thrilled!"
"I… well, I can come along."
"I was just going to test the communication relay.
…but if you want to be with me, that's fine. I'll do it later."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295277

"Only if it's not a problem for you, my dear…. I wouldn't want my wings to burst out accidentally and spook you with it… if the hammer freaked you out, then you don't want to see those."

I sigh and turn away.
"Me at my ugliest, my black heart growing out of my back…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295278

Trot off with an happy smile and pick up a bow.
"So, what do we practice with?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295280

"I'm sure he will, despite how busy he is already. She was actually asking to meet you and I promised I would introduce you to her if that's alright with you."
I pause
"… don't mind her behavior she's a little… uh… feisty."

DM 295286

"…well… maybe I have something that can make you prettier again?"
A shadow drops you a normal bow
"is that too big for you?"
"Hm? What do you mean? Mean-spirited?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295290

I turn my head slightly.

Venia [Battlemage] 295292

I chuckle
"No, not at all. She just tends to be with her head in the clouds, that's all. You'll see."
When we arrive, knock on the door.
"Windy? I'm here with the King, can I come in?"


I'm probably bigger than her right now.
How comfortably can I hold it?

Roll #0 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295294

"Kinda. Not having magic is a bit of a problem."

DM 295296

She still considers you a child
Also the bow is really awkward
There is a surprised squeak and then a little muttering
"C-come in? S-sure!"
"Well too bad. Try being creative."

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 295298

He gives you a soft kiss and pulls out the gift
"…I'm sorry for making you mad"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295299


Venia [Battlemage] 295300

Open up and walk in, holding the door open and allowing Frostmourn to pass.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295302

"Oh, you shouldn't have… it wasn't your fault… but thank you."
Kiss him back, then open it.
What is it?


And then all my fears got confirmed.
But Pumpkin doesn't care.
And it's all your fault.
"Right… So."
Flap my wings and hover a few inches from the ground.
Grasp the body of the bow in one hoof and the string in another, trying to pull on it.

Roll #0 6 = 6

DM 295306

Looks like he has been saving up a little.
It is a sun-themed tiara
She gets all jittery looking at the armoured king enter
"A-a-are you?"
"High King Frostmourn. I've heard much of you, Windy Hills."
"Good. Now we're getting somewhere."

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 295307

Windy swallows and stares at the king, giggling a little

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295308

Grin and keep steady.
"Fetch me an arrow, I want to try it!"

Venia [Battlemage] 295309

"Hm, well, I've told the king about your skills already. Now I know it's still a work in progress, but why don't you show the statue you've been working on?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295310

"It's… it's beautiful! Thank you so much!"
Hug and kiss him again!

"It is just like that one I wanted back then… I don't know what to say."

DM 295312

A shadow brings you an arrow and opens the window.
Valeriana steps up next to you and fires an arrow into the top of a tree at the edge of the castle ground
"Hit that arrow."
She nods sheepishly and unveils the statue
She has continued work on it. It looks a lot like Anvil. Well, a slightly more heroic and… enhanced Anvil.
Frosty looks impressed
"Quite a feat."
"Might you be interested in a job?"
"Just promise me to never run away again. And that you will, from now on, seek help from others, not from solitude, ok?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 295313

Her leg twitches a little
"…yes. Yes yes yes yes yes YES!"
"My, such enthusiasm. Well then. I would like to introduce you to Golden Oats, the-"
"…exactly. You would work as-"
"You catch on quickly."

Venia [Battlemage] 295314

I chuckle and look at her leg curiously
"Did you just… move that?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295315

"I promise I will never run from trouble like that and face them head on. With the help of my friends. And you~"
Give him another kiss, then put the tiara on the table.
"But I don't feel I deserve this yet."
Turn back to him.
"What do you say that this will symbolize my purity? That I have gotten rid of the evil inside of me again? And once that is done, I will wear it proudly, and it shall remind me not to lose faith in the future."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295316

Well fuck.
Let's try.
Aim down sight.
Switch to your pistol, is faster than reloading.
Breath in.
Hold it.
Hold it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 295318

"I… I think so?"
"I see Embers has done a good job then?"
"Oh yes! He is a darling he is.
…I can even feel them a little now…"
"If that is what makes you happy, my sun…"
You let go
…of the bow
The weapon snaps back, painfully smacks you on the nose, rebounds and falls out the window.
Down below you hear a sharp yelp of pain.
"…smooth. Go get it back."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295319

"I was this close…"
Fly down and see how much destruction I brought havoc.
"Everypony alright?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295320

"You don't think it's a good idea?"
I frown slightly."

Venia [Battlemage] 295321

Smile at her
"I'm really happy for you, things are finally starting to look up!"

DM 295322

"What matters to me is that you are no longer angry, Goldentail."
"And how~ that guy Pumpkin sure was pleasant, even if his stalker mare was a little creepy."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Venia [Battlemage] 295323

"Stalking mare?"
I frown
"Well okay then. Either way, you wanted to meet King Frostmourn, so here he is. Nothing you want to ask him now that you got the chance?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295324

I sigh.
"You haven't seen me get really angry… heh, and you even wanted me to release it."

DM 295326

Looks like one of the guards had it fall on his head.
"Careful where you throw this junk!"
"Um… c-could I ask him in… um… private?"
"That I did. But not on me.
…so, my sun, how will we proceed?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295328

"First of all, we go to a bakery!"

Go and find a bakery in the poor district!

Venia [Battlemage] 295329

I chuckle
"Of course, I'll leave you be in that case."
Nod at Frostmourn and take my leave

DM 295330

The exacts of the conversation are hard to make out through the door.
You may try to listen in if you want to.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295331

Give him a sheepish smile and take the bow back.
"Flew off my hands! Sorry again!"
Fly back to Valeriana and assume the stance again.

Venia [Battlemage] 295332

What a rude suggestion!
Do it. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 295334

"I'll give you two more chances.
You may proceed."
You only hear parts of the conversation that leave a lot up to interpretation
>So you can feel it there?
>I'd love to feel it
>Not sure if I can help
>Can I see it
>If you want
>It seems so strong
>I have grown very proud of it
>I want it… no.. I need it

Venia [Battlemage] 295336

I blink
Okaaaay, time for me to leave!
Uh… Let's go check on Sunrise! Yeah!

DM 295338

She is studying some maps

Venia [Battlemage] 295339

"Good afternoon, Sunrise!"


"Very well."
Again. In position. Keep steady…
Plant my back hooves on the ground. That should help.
Take a deep breath and hold it.
Close the gem eye, align the good one.
Arrow, Bow, Arrow.
Release it.

Roll #0 6 = 6

DM 295341

"Venia! What's my favourite magic teacher up to today?"
Your arrow hits the tree.
…on the very bottom.
"One more."


Just nod.
Look at the tip of my arrow.
Look at the tree.
At Valeriana's arrow.
Close one eye.
Stand steady.
No tricks, no divine fury burning behind me, no words from the outside.
Try once more.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Venia [Battlemage] 295344

"I was about to ask you the same."
I take a look at the maps.
"I've got some time to spare right now, I could practice with you if you're not too busy yourself."

DM 295349

You shoot the arrow at the wall. Roll to dodge it bouncing back
"I was just looking up some of the stuff Frosty talked about.
Got any new spells maybe?"


Midair roll!

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 295351

"Oh? What did he talk about? Eaglecrest I assume? But no, not particularly. But I'd like to teach you how to use my Protective Bubble at least."

DM 295352

The arrow barely misses you, and a shadow catches it.
"Well that was a miserable show.
I don't think bows are really for you."

DM 295353

"That, and Timberjaw, and Rosefall too.
And yeah, I'd love to learn!"

Venia [Battlemage] 295354

"… Planning on joining us when the time comes?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295355

"That's it? Was I such a disaster?
Five minutes ago I didn't even know how to hold a bow!"

DM 295356

"Well I think I should represent us by at least watching the arena battle.
…not so sure about the siege though."
"A disaster is putting it lightly.
Now if you want more training, yes, I can help you. But forget about my bow. You'd just break it at that rate."

Venia [Battlemage] 295358

"The siege? You mean Frostmourn's plan? I know what you mean but… I don't see much alternatives myself."

DM 295359

"Uh… I'm talking about Timberjaw, are you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295361

"… no? Wait a minute, Frostmourn plans a siege on Timberjaw!?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295363

"Yeah, of course. I wouldn't want to touch it before knowing how to use it.
I'm not that dense."
Put up a wounded face.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295364

Did I find one?

DM 295382

"…uh… I guess I'm kinda talking past my mouth here. But no. …not necessarily."
"Good. Because no son of mine is going to grow up into a blockhead. Not take the bow and some arrows and meet me in the forest."
You found two bakers. An upstart who opened a bakery after her son sent her some money he made by selling gems he stole from the mines he works on, and an older, rich and well known baker who is friends with the royal chef.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295384

Grin and take the stuff.
"Just like old times!"
She's already gone, uh? To the forest it is. The old place, I guess.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295385

Wait, wait, stole from the mines?
This is common knowledge?

Venia [Battlemage] 295387

I wipe my brow
"Okay, let's not discuss this then. I'll ask Frostmourn directly instead. I don't want to get you in trouble for saying too much. Why don't we get straight to practice instead? Teach you the lifesaving shield spells that have been passed on in my family for generations?"

DM 295392

Not really.
But the mother's wording left little to the imagination. I guess she doesn't know the gems mined from there do not belong to the miners, but are property of the crown, and the miners are paid in gold.
She is sitting around in a small clearing.
"Good, you're here. Now leave all your stuff here. All weapons. All trinkets. Everything but the bow."
"I'd love that.
Say, will you be coming to Eaglecrest then?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295395

I groan and speak with Celaire.
"This just got complicated… do you think she'll be more generous if we tell her the truth?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295396

"Darn straight I will! I'd like to test my skills there for sure! There's a reason I work so hard to keep myself in good shape."
Lead her outside

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295398

Drop daggers and the Moon crest.
"No Moon, no daggers. Not today."
Fling the bow across my back together with quiver and arrows.

DM 295403

"Well, I don't really know. She might just get angry at her son, or she might close shop thinking she, too, is a criminal…"
"…you're going to fight?"
So the hunt begins."
She tosses three apples into the air, and three shadows rush to nab them before disappearing into the darkness
"Bring me all three, with arrows through them."

Venia [Battlemage] 295404

"Of course! Why not?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295407

"That's why we need to tell her that she shouldn't close! To pay for her son's crimes with the generosity of her own!"

DM 295408

"Well I just… uh… never really thought you were a fighter."


"No eye, right? Yeah, I can do this."
Fly up into a tree and start looking at the forest behind me.
I'm looking for her Shadows. This will be easy.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 295413

I gawk at her
"W-what? Why not?"

DM 295416

"This is your heart we are purifying here. Only you can know what to do"
One waves at you from a treetop
…then another pushes you from behind, dropping you from your perch
"Well I always saw you as… you know… Anvil's mare. And well… as a magic trainer."


Recover midair flaring my wings out, looking at the shadow that pushed me as I take out the bow.
Fly little arrow.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295422

"Ugh… but I am not a very clever pony…"

Walk in the bakery.
"Good day Ma'am. I have something to tell you. About your son."

Venia [Battlemage] 295428

I give her a cross look
"Hmph, Anvil's mare… You really think all I do is sit on my ass all day and cast spells?"

DM 295438

You hit the shadow, making it vanish from sight
…a decoy! It had no apple!
"Hm? What about him? He is a nice boy. Makes sure his ol' ma' has enough to feed herself with…
"I guess that's… kinda all I ever saw you do?"


What a risky tactic, one shadow is holding more than one apple!
Get my bearings together after landing and run after the other shadow I saw earlier.
Don't wanna shout now, do I?

Roll #0 1 = 1

DM 295444

You slip on some wet moss
Roll for damage

Venia [Battlemage] 295445

I scrunch, a little insulted by this
"Well I'll be! I went down the Underkingdom! Fought the elite guards in Ironfoe before you were even born! Fought against those Lordblades years back! I don't shy away from danger!"

DM 295446

She looks a little awestruck
"Forget training! Now I want to hear your stories! TELL ME!"



Roll #0 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295450

"About that…"
Take a deep breath.
"I am sorry to tell you this, but the miners get paid in gold. The gems were stolen."

Venia [Battlemage] 295451

I huff
"I don't know if I should, I'm just a boring old frail mage after all! Let's see what you can do with your magic first!"

DM 295453

You fall on your butt.
But you also caught a glimpse of one of the shadows.
And this one had an apple
…does this mean I'm in trouble? That he is? We both are!?"
Her ears droop down
"I.. din't mean ta insult you…"


Stalk it. Stealth.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Usher her along to the training grounds
"Well then, let's see if I at least taught you something!"
Put up a Protective Bubble
"Hit me with your best spell!"

Roll #0 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295459

"There might be a solution to fix this. But you have to cooperate in all your honesty to right the wrongs he did."

DM 295460

It hops along the tree branches, unaware of you. Finally it stops to look around.
Now is your chance.
She looks a little hesitant but then focuses and fires an energy orb
"Oh dear… to think my baby boy is a criminal…"

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 295463

The spell explodes on her as soon as she releases it.
Lets see how badly she got hurt

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 295465

Only spooked
"…phew. That almost ended badly!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295466

"Don't worry, it's okay. I'm sure he just wanted good for you. Still, as I said, if you cooperate, we can avoid sending him to the dungeons."


I shake my head
"Doing it wrong."
Point at a training dummy and launch my own Electric version of a Energy Orb at it

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Aim. Pull on the string.

Roll #0 8 = 8

DM 295472

"Anything for my little dear!"
The dummy explodes into pieces, leaving only singed straw in its wake.
Sunrise takes a step back
"Y-you're not mad at me are you?"
Your arrow flies with remarkable accuracy, striking the apple and yanking it out of the shadow's grasp.
It lands a short way away next to a bush.
The shadow bows and skips away

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295473

"You made this bakery from that money, right? All I ask is that you repay that price by giving away free bread for the poor who need it. Can you do that?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295474

Look back at her.
"No, no I'm not. Just a little insulted, that's all. Just try again, alright? Give it all you got please."
Prepare myself for the incoming attack. Help her fuel the spell if need be '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Wristle a happy tune and trot towards the apple, taking the arrow with me and carefully placing it in the quiver upside down, so I won't mistake it.
Now, start scanning the underbushes for the last two shadows.

Roll #0 8 = 8

DM 295477

You can see one of them walking down the path nearby
…a clever ruse. It has no apple.
"But… how will I eat if I give away my merchandise? I am not rich, and I get few customers…"
"Well at least you were a good teacher! Eat this!"

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Remain stealthed and keep looking. She has only fifty or so shadows, can't take me more than a week!

Roll #0 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295480

"You should tell the needy that here they can get enough for their families to eat. Don't let them abuse your kindness though, everypony should get only the amount that they truly need not more. As for that… I can give you money. But only if you promise that you not only help distributing the food, but talk with your son about what he did and that he should never do it again."

Venia [Battlemage] 295481

"Good! Much better! As you can see, I myself am still perfectly safe inside my bubble. It could probably take another two hits like that before collapsing. Every time it is hit by something, the bubble absorbs the force of the blow and weakens slightly."

DM 295482

The energy orb strikes true, weakening your sheild
"Told ya!"
You notice something red above you as a shadow dashes past
…the other shadow is gone now.
"I will need to arrange a trip to the mines then…
…that will take days"
She nods eagerly
"Makes sense to me!"


Strike for the red. Mine.
Be fast and steady, pull on the string and fly the arrow.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 295484

"Try another, why don't you? The good thing about these shields is that you can also cast them on a different person, granting him or her protection. That's why the Royal guard of Rockeye were all trained to use this spell, so they could protect the king with it."
Once again, I try to help fuel her next spell '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295485

"Why don't you write a message and have a courier send it? It's the better to send a courier than the guards, isn't it?"

DM 295486

Be the arrow.
As your mother would.
Feel the string tighten. It whispers. No. It speaks. No.
…it sings. Sings to you the song of its intentions. Of how it will carry you to victory and beyond. How it exists to serve you and you alone. Take it's hoof, dear arrow, and entrust yourself to it, so it may send you onwards to glory.
Be the arrow.
Feel the string.
The apple neatly plops down into your hooves, arrow through it.
One to go.
"Okay! Here goes!
"W-well if you say so…"
She heads to the back to write a letter.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295487

Wait for her patiently.


With a more than satisfied smirk on my face, carefully place the arrow and apple together with the other.
I'm the predator tonight.
The forest, it's mine.
I grew up here, I found a family here, not once, not twice, but three times. Be it by magic, by training or by blade, the forest was always my home. Find the last apple.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Venia [Battlemage] 295489

"A little weaker, but a good attempt nonetheless."
Drop the shield
"Now, you've seen what they can do. Let's see if you can learn how to cast it yourself. Concentrate your magic on forming a barrier. Turn that energy into something structured around you! Instead of focusing your magic on creating something that destroys, create something that protects!"

DM 295490

She eventually returns with a closed letter
"Okay… his name is Butterside. He works in the Deep Roads mine…
…so what will you have me do now?"
You catch a glimpse of a shadow near a cliff
It is holding the final apple
On a stick
Over the cliff
"Uhm… …oh crud. Well, here goes!
…Frosty is so much better at this than me…"

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 295492

"Nonsense. Frostmourn doesn't even know this spell! And you learning it will surely impress him!"
Look at her as she fails to cast it properly
"Here, let me try and help."
Try to guide her the best I can with my own magic '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295493

Give the letter to Celaire.
"If you would, dear."
Turn back to the mare.
"As I said, we need to organize how we are going to provide food for those who need it most."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295494

I got the drop on it.
Of course mother's got the drop on me.
Walk silently towards the edge of the forest and observe it.

DM 295500

"O..okay. Um… here goes?"
Celaire nods and bags the letter
The baker wring her hooves
"Well… I could… hand out stamps? So any needy family could get a little free bread from the leftovers of the day?"
It stands there, looking away

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 295501

And miscast roll

Roll #1 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 295503

Flick her catalyst before she hurts herself! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 295505

You smack her catalyst, breaking the faulty bubble that was about to implode on her
She looks scared
"A-are we done for now?"



Roll #0 1 = 1

Venia [Battlemage] 295508

I shake my head
"Come on Sunrise, don't be scared now. I'm here to help you along. Just try again, alright?"
I give her a comforting smile

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295509

I shake my head.
"Not leftovers. You are going to bake whole bread and give it away. I can help you with some money so you won't have to close up shop, but I can't guarantee you will get rich. This sacrifice is not too much to atone the crimes of your son and to help other ponies, is it?"

DM 295512

A sharp pain in your left wing
Looking over, there is an arrow piercing it.
"Okay… one more. But only if you promise to tell me stories later!"
"I never intended to get rich… I just wanted to do something good for everypony. Myself included."

Venia [Battlemage] 295514

I chuckle
"Alright, sounds like a deal to me."


"It's on."
Vanish and appear behind the shadow, with my bow ready to fire.
Try to pierce through both the apple and Valeriana in one shot.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295522

"And don't you think that helping starving families is good for you?"

DM 295532

"Well… I was just afraid it would drive me out of business. As said, I don't get too many customers, and well… I can't exactly hire assistants to help me around either."
Your shot hits the apple, and the shadow shrugs, then drops it off the cliff.
Moments later it reappears, carried by an arrow shot from below.
It lands in the hooves of a shadow.
Another shadow next to it points another arrow at you
She breathes out
"Ok, last try!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295533

Give her my money.
"This should help then. I trust that you will not betray me and spend this on anything else. And if you really need it, I might be able to help out every now and then."


I have to take that apple.
Fly an arrow at the shadow aiming at me, then charge towards it and take the apple.
Can I fly with an arrow in my wing?

Roll #0 1 = 1

Venia [Battlemage] 295535

"Well then, that's all for now. We'll continue tomorrow, alright?"
Pat her on the back and lead her along back to the palace
"Don't worry, you'll learn in time."

DM 295538

Especially not with one in each wing.
The shadows look at each other, split the apple in half and flee in different directions.
"…bless your heart.
How long do you wish me to give out the bread?"
"It really is a hard spell to cast… at least for me.
…am I just dumb because I'm an earth pony?"


Who the fuck needs that.
Earth ponies don't have flight, they can pull it.
Fling an arrow at one shadow, at least try to slow it, then chase the other.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295540

"As long as the money last. As long as you can."

Venia [Battlemage] 295544

I give her a look
"Sunrise… I don't know where on earth you would get an idea like that from. You're not dumb, not in the slightest. Come on now, that's just a terrible thought!"

DM 295548

You throw your quiver.
You no longer have arrows on you, unless you waste time gathering them from the bushes.
"…very well.
Was that everything then? I'll begin the handouts tomorrow."
"Well sometimes I just feel dumb. Like… well, maybe Frosty is just so smart I feel left behind."


No matter. As long as I have the other two apples, I can do this.
Appear in front of one of the two shadows and trip it with the bow!

Roll #0 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295552

"That was all. And thank you. In the names of the ponies and the families who will be able to eat because of you tomorrow. If you ever need me, I am Radiant Dawn."

DM 295553

The shadow hops over you
CHANCE! Grab the apple half!

Venia [Battlemage] 295554

I give her a hug
"You're not dumb sweetie, not at all. Frostmourn is a very good strategist and is dedicated enough to make complex plans. Not everypony is like that. Heck, I'm not like that either! I just follow my heart and try to contribute as much as I can to ponykind."



Roll #0 10 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295556


DM 295557

You now possess two and a half apples
You finally reach the clearing again, with Valeriana standing at the top of a tree.
She has the last half on top of her head, and is aiming the whitewood bow at you.
"Think you can hit the apple before I can hit you?"
…so about the stories?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295558

DM 295559

"…thank you Radiant Dawn. For allowing me a chance to make up for my son's crimes."


"Sure as the moon in the sky I will try."
If I have an arrow.
I do have at least one arrow ready, right?
Wait, I have better.
Use the arrow with one haf of the apple on it to hit the other half.
And might RNG have mercy of my soul.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295562

"You are welcome. Forgiveness is a virtue."
Smile at Celaire.
"And you seem to be a good pony. I know you will use this chance to make the lives of others better."

Venia [Battlemage] 295563

"Mmmm… right."
Find us a nice, comfy place to sit down at.
"I'll just start with how I ended up here in Wintergrasp then. That was about twenty years ago… I'm not sure if anypony ever told you, but I'm not originally from the North. I was born somewhere in an inn in current day Equestria."

DM 295564

"I will do my best!"
Celaire nods
"And I will ensure your son gets the letter. Good day."
"Equestria? Huh… I always thought that was just a mean rumor."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295565

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295566

"Good day!"
Wave goodbye to her and leave.
"We are not done yet Celaire. I want to try something…"

Go to the other bakery.
The rich one.

DM 295567

You fire your arrow and immediately recoil back to avoid the arrow that strikes very precisely where you stood just a moment ago.
You hear a short thump.
Behind the tree is an arrow
With a whole apple on it.
"Good shot."
It smells really nice in here
A jolly looking baker greets you
"Welcome friends!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295568

Vanish and appear beside the arrow, pulling it free from the tree.
"You were not that bad either."
Smirk at her.

Venia [Battlemage] 295569

"Mind you, my parents never actually settled down anywhere. We traveled around from town to town, from city to city and from country to country. I grew up trudging through swamps and venturing into caves. Not a comfortable life, true, but an exciting one nonethless. I saw the Neighara Falls, Everfree Forest, the Badlands and even Canterlot! Though we never actually got close to Canterlot, we just observed it from a distance."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295570

"Good day! I am Radiant Dawn, Paladin of the Sun, and I have a… request, of sorts. A plea, if you may."

DM 295574

"Next time I'll actually fire."
A shadow steps out from behind her
"If you think you're earned some rest then go."
"I hear Canterlot is really pretty and full of rich ponies."
"A plea? A plea for cake perhaps?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295577

Look at my wings, then back at her.
"You serious? I can still walk!"
Then, change my smirk into a smile.
"But if you want to make that call, I'll let you be."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295578

"No. I ask you to… do charity. Give away food for ponies who need it. I cannot offer you anything since I gave all my had to another bakery, and it will give free bread for the poor. So I came here only with words, to ask you that you find the Generosity in your heart to do good. It doesn't have to be too much, just a bit of free food for those who really desperately need it every day."

Venia [Battlemage] 295580

"It looked impressive, I can tell you that much! But anyway, we're getting off-track here…"
Start telling her about /arc/q/raw/dm/northlands_1/69562.html and of course
/arc/q/raw/dm/northlands_1/74497.html as well.

DM 295583

She draws her bow
"Try to actually hit me.
I'll do my best not to leave any permanent damage."
She listens, eyes glistening like stars
"So… Valeriana and you… were enemies?"
"Well, usually I sell yesterday's bread for half price."

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Well fuck. Can I just Vanish and avoid the arrows like when I took the book to her?
And then, Counterattack with my own bow!

Roll #0 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295587

I shake my head.
"And can't you give it away for free then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 295590

"Yes! Although that's actually putting it lightly. I loathed her and wanted to have her locked up or killed."
I pause
"I was a dumb mare back then though. Young and stubborn. Stupid."

DM 295599

"Well I suppose I could, but then ponies would just hoard it all. Most of those who boy the old bread are students and the poor anyway."
You avoid the arrow with just a cut on your flank
You reappear on a nearby tree and fire
She turns to avoid it
"Guess that's common in young ponies"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well this is her game, I'll give her that.
But I hardly give up.
Shoot again.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295603

"That's why I'm begging you to give it free for the poor. Don't let them hoard it, remember their faces and their names, just please. You would do The North and Ponykind a huge favor if you contributed to this act of Goodness."

Venia [Battlemage] 295604

"Maybe so. Still though, I said some mean stuff to her back then. A world of difference compared to today."
I chuckle softly

DM 295607

She looks at you calmly and attempts to shoot you through your own arrow
"Do you think it might be good for business?
Oh! I could make it an event! For every cake bought, a free one will be given!"
"So what made you not hate her?"

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295610

"I don't think those who can starve can afford cakes. Please. I know it is not good for business, but do you hold your own riches higher than the lives of others?"

DM 295611

"Of course not. I thought I'd let my richer customers pitch in to help support the project with that idea"
He looks a little hurt


That's one hell of a bow.
Let's get creative.
Vanish to avoid that arrow, appear on a far off tree brench.
Shoot a barrage of arrows at her, it doesn't matter if they hit.
I just have to Blind her.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Venia [Battlemage] 295614

"I learned a few things about why she was the way she was. Talked to her a bunch and saw a pony behind that shell of hers. I just slowly warmed up to her, started respecting who she was and what she had done for us. Then we got really drunk together a few times and opened up even more to each other. These days, she's one of the most important ponies in my life without doubt."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295615

"Oh, excuse me. You mean every cake the rich buy a poor soul gets one for free? That is a great idea! It would not only maintain your business, but it could urge others to do good as well!"

DM 295625

"Foolish little boy… you need to know when to give up."
She prepares a blunt knockout arrow, drops backwards off her tree aid fires it in a high arc at you
"Whoa. That's… that's quite a story!"
"Yes, I am a genius, I know. I need to contact my good friends at the palace right away!"

Roll #1 2 + 6 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295629

I nod with my head.
"Thank you. Honestly. You have done the ponies of the North a great service today."

Leave and go home, smiling at Celaire.


"I'm a Swansong. I don't give up!"
Finish this. Hit her with one arrow.
Fervor still up!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 295635

"Well, I've been around for a while. I've got quite a few stories similar to these. Although, I'd like to know something from you now. How were those drinks I gave you?"

DM 295645

The gently catches the arrow and snaps it.
"Time for bed."
"…I was in no condition to do anything the next morning…"
"Well yourself. I cannot know how your heart feels.
Do you feel any better?"


"Not yet!"
Vanish. Appear on another treebranch.
Arrow her!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Venia [Battlemage] 295647

I chuckle
"Well then, I assume Frostmourn got what he wanted?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295649

"I do. I think we did good today. For a lot of ponies… but… please don't hate me if it didn't work yet, okay? And… brace yourself for the worst."

Summon my Wings.
Hopefully they will come out painlessly and will be made out of Light and won't look absolutely terrifying.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 295653

Fervor ended last turn buddy.
But before you do pass out, you notice a visible cut on Valeriana's cheek.
"…that's my boy."
"Oh he got it alright. Now I just hope he never asks for it again…"
Painless, yes.
Terrifying… less so.
They aren't as clearly evil any more, but still a long call from their former incandescent glory.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295656

How do they look now then?
Bite my lip and give Celaire a worried look.

DM 295659

They have a dull golden shine to them, with swirls of energy passing around inside in pulses, like blood in golden veins.
Celaire looks at then

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 295662

…and is terrified
"…what have you become?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 295663

I could totally Escape Artist out of this.
But yeah, I'm kinda tired.
Let's sleep.
Give her a smile as I pass out.

Venia [Battlemage] 295665

"Well, at least you gave it a shot. I'm sure Frostmourn really appreciates that."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295670

Try to draw them back!

Take a tentative step toward him.
"Celaire, please! This… this is why I need your help! I can't do this without you!"

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 295691

"He'd better… I'm still a little sore."
"I… …my sun… what has become of my sun…"
He draws in for a soft hug as your wings vanish
"Good night dear… one day you'll be a fine shot."


Roll #1 3 = 3

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295695

Hug him back.
"This is just temproarly… you don't hate me, right? R-Right?"

DM 295704

"I could never bring myself to hate you…
…but fear you… that is a different question entirely."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 295708

"I am still the pony you love! You've seen I haven't change! It's just… that is not me!"

DM 296513

Drama 'n' shit
What were we doing again?


I should decide if Escape Artist up or not.
What would she want?
I'm no kid thou.
1 - EA
2 - nope

Roll #0 4 = 4

Venia [Battlemage] 296517

I was talking to Sunrise after trying to teach her PB


>rolling a d10

Roll #0 1 = 1

DM 296520

She took you to rest at home. Your call if you want to jump up on bed or not.
I thought you were telling her stories to prove you are an adventurer and not a schoolteacher

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296521

Nah. Open my eyes, look around.
"… Mh."

Kilana [deathsinger] 296523

I believe I need to see winter breeze.

Venia [Battlemage] 296524

"Well, that's pretty much all there's to tell about how I got here. I could tell you more stories but… I feel like you need to work for them first."

DM 296525

Looks like you are in bed.
Peaches and Sunrise are sleeping at your sides.
She is in her quarters, double-checking her list.
Have you decided about dropping out?
"Work? Aww…
…well, what do you want me to do then?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296526

>Because I'm just that swag
Well I have rested enough I guess. Slip out of bed quietly.
What time is it?

Venia [Battlemage] 296527

Tap her catalyst
"Work on your spells more. Not necessarily today but still."
I get back up
"If it's good with you, I'll come fetch you tomorrow again for more training and storytimes."

DM 296528

A few hours to dawn.
Your wings hurt.
"Um… well ok. I guess that's fair."

Venia [Battlemage] 296529

"Hm. I think so too. Now, if you don't have anything more you want to ask or tell me, I'll go see Anvil."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296530

Give it time.
No shit I got arrowed clean through them.
Let's see what's there to see and do in the wee hours of morning, in the castle.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Kilana [deathsinger] 296531

"Hey Winterbreeze, what are you lookin' at?" I trot over to her.
I decided.. that I shouldn't be such a faggot about it and just try to play again.

DM 296535

Well there's spying on Frosty and Sunrise, waking up Valeriana, wandering around, checking out the slums…
I'm glad to have you.
"Just some preparation notes. Can you believe it? My years of work will soon pay off!"

Venia [Battlemage] 296536

No then?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296538

Damnit that's a good idea! What could ever go wrong in the middle of the night walking down the slums?
Just do it.. Stealthy.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 296539

Seems so.
Anvil it is.
"Hey there dear!"

Venia [Battlemage] 296542

Walk up to him and give him a small hug
"Hello sweetheart, are you busy with anything?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 296543

"..Oh, Is it something I can help you with?"
Its a good quest after all.

DM 296545

It is… incredibly quiet here.
Most of houses are unlocked and empty
Indeed it seems not many ponies live here any more. Not after the Deep Roads offered them a new home.
"Not particularly, no. Why?"
"That depends. How well versed are you in Dark Tongue?"
I'm glad you think that way

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296547

Venia [Battlemage] 296548

"Good! Time to work out!"
Take his hoof and lead him along to the training grounds

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296549

Well this is good. Better than the old shit.
I wonder what's left of the orphanage.

DM 296551

"I know… it just… felt terrifying to see it."
"He-hey! What is this all about all of a sudden!
…oh fine."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kilana [deathsinger] 296552

"..the dark tongue.. " I pause thinking about the implications. "You mean the tongue of demons right?" I shake my head "One would need a demon to properly learn that.."

DM 296553

Looks like it burned down.
Nobody even bothered to clean up the site. Maybe it was recent.
…wanna go search the ruins?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296554

"I told you it's… it's not the real me! I hate it! I… I don't even know why I have it! It must be the curse!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296555

Yeah. Search for something.
A clue. Old pictures. Anything.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 296556

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on making you do anything crazy like Radiant would. You're not as bad as Frostmourn is after all."
Pick up to training swords and toss one over to him
"Let's do a quick spar to warm up! First to three wins!"

DM 296568

"Or years and years of reading rare texts. Like me."
"…are you sure of that? Because I fear it may be a manifestation of your inner… rage."
Well you find the charred remains of a dozen or so kids.
Three of them in the remains of a closet.
There is a chair leg near the closet too.
A scrap of paper is poking out from behind a bed's back. Under the bed are two more bodies.


"I'll start then!"
Charge in and strike!

Roll #0 3 = 3

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296573

"I'm not that hateful!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296574

… Why? Oh god.
Take the piece of paper and see if there's anything written on it.

Kilana [deathsinger] 296578

My eyes brighten. "Amazing! So, that's what you were doing all those years. ..you know.. I was a bit consumed in my own studies at the time.. and its finally starting to pay off for me as well. If we can convince rockeye students to come here, we'll have our own dark academy. Just imagine how much more productive we'll be if we can do that."

DM 296592

It's a drawing.
From the look of the paper it's old. Probably at least ten years old.
In the drawing is a blue pegasus standing in front of the moon, and a red heart around him.
It is signed
He is caught off guard but tries to defend himself
"I certainly do hope so. But it is often hard to tell what lies buried in the depths of the heart.
…I sure found out the hard way."
"Indeed. No more reading in candlelight after dark. No more hiding…"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296594

"What do you mean?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296598

Right. Focus. Stash this away, I will find a place for it later.
I must find clues. Whatever happened here. Who killed these kids. Why nopony cared.
Reach the headmaster office. Fervor + SbS to look for clues.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296599


Roll #1 1 = 1


Urgh. Can I reroll that?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Not bad!"
Get back up and back off
"You try! Break my guard!"

Roll #0 4 = 4

Kilana [deathsinger] 296605

"Yes.. It will be nice. A safe way to learn and study these misunderstood arts." I smile. "So, what exactly are you doing anyway?"

DM 296618

"Tell me, Goldentail, how would you describe me?"
Last time I let you reroll anything. Try it again and you can reroll your character as a Trickster.
There is a body in bed
Another wedged in the remains of a collapsed window
One under a fallen support beam
Two in a tub, their bones boiled clean and white
And under the floorboards, four more. With a tinderbox.
…the boys must have been playing with fire.
The front door's lock still remains. It is bent out of shape, and the key is partially inside, almost undamaged.
There are no adult bodies.
"I may be getting old but I am not that weak!"
"Planning the culmination of my studies. An attempt at the most advanced spell I could find."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296621

"Honest, a stallion of few words, humble and handsome."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296622

Got it. What happens on a 1 with sbs anyway?
Who was the responsable for this place? I need to find him, her, whatever.
Head for the offices and see if I can find clues.
The old fashioned way.
Otherwise, tomorrow we ask Unyielding.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [deathsinger] 296623

Ah, mages are certainly dramatic. "Oh, I see. A true test of your abilities. I assume you're taking all the needed safety measures for such a thing? The more powerful the spell the more horrible the backlash when it fails.."


"Ough… You're right about that…"
Shakily get back up. Allow myself to recover and then charge in again

Roll #0 7 = 7

DM 296635

The last entry in the matron's notebook is "going out shopping" and a list of things.
It seems Parsnip was left in charge while she was gone.
A quick search of the registry tells you Parsnip was a lad of thirteen, authoritative but obedient. He had a way of making the younger kids shut up but was never a bully.
Returning to the crawlspace under the floor, you take a closer look. There are all kinds of things here. Pillows. Books. Bottles.
Obviously stolen stuff.
The crawlspace had been dug out to be more spacious, and you can tell this was some kind of secret base.
Looking over the bodies again, you can tell three were girls. The last could well have been Parsnip if his size is any indication.
…maybe he had tried to impress the girls with whatever stupid idea his adolescent mind came up with…
And it came up with fire.
"Oh yes. I am just double checking the initial preparations here. So far so good. Nylis has been a big help too~"
He stands his ground and headbutts you

Roll #1 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296638

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296643

How old was the last entry?
Stash the book away.
It's near dawn, but the moon is still high.
The guilty pay the price.
I will have to find the matron's home.

DM 296644

"Would you believe you if I said I was once so driven mad by grief I nearly killed my companions for accidentally hitting me?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296645

Well shit.
"Well fought!"
Get back up and rub the painful spots
"You really got the drop on me…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 296646

"Yeah, you two seem really happy together.. " I smile a bit. "Did you make use of those uniforms yet?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296650

"…You nearly killed your friends for that?"

DM 296661

The entry is a few days old
You can ask the guards where she lives, or the archivists, or record keepers, or Unyielding.
"I may be a little on the rotund side, but I used to kill wild animals for fun. That never really leaves a pony."
"Hm? On yes those. I think they should arrive any day now."
She puts the list down
"So what have you been up to?"
"Yes. Yes I did. One of them was trying out some moves and ended up slashing me in the neck. I don't know if the words he tried to get out were insults or apologies. I had no ears. No eyes. Only fury. I felt betrayed. So betrayed. So alone and lost and against the world.
He barely made it away alive."

Venia [Battlemage] 296664

Give his flank a spank
"Don't get cocky now! Let's run a few tracks around the yard, come on!"
Rolling for speed '10d10'

Roll #1 9, 4, 7, 9, 8, 6, 5, 9, 7, 1 = 65

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296665

"But I never even saw you really raise your voice except when training the Warriors of Sunlight! You've perfectly calmed down!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296670

I will have to stay silent about this.
Unyelding it is, tomorrow morning.
For now, spend the early hours gathering the bodies in the main dormitory, each one on a bed.
gather them all.
Then, go bother a guard.

DM 296671

"Well you sure are full of energy today…"
"That I have. It did take years and years, but that I have."

Roll #1 4, 1, 8, 5, 9, 10, 7, 9, 7, 9 = 69

Venia [Battlemage] 296681

"Eaglecrest tournament soon, sweetie! I have to be in good shape!"
Once we're done, pat him on the back
"That was good! We just need to do this more often and we'll be golden!"
Get on the ground, time for pushups! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [deathsinger] 296684

"If you mean my research, I'm currently studying nercomatic construction, its tricky stuff." I pause a bit remembering about those zebras.. "Thou, I haven't seen him for a while, I'm engaged to nice stallion. He aims to be arch mage someday. Otherwise, I've just been reminiscing about the past, sometimes a girl just needs a walk down her old school hall to remember how far she's come."

DM 296705

You flag down a guard patrolling the nearby road
"Yes? What is it?"
"C'mon, put your back into it. Or do I need to give you some incentive?"
"Constructs? Interesting. Have you spoken to the king about his golems? I hear they are based on Necromancy as well."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296708

"I started the process too! I try to be less angry at things…"

Venia [Battlemage] 296710

"Oh come on! You're supposed to be the slow one!"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296712

"The orphanage. It burnt down. Days ago by the looks of it.
And the kids were still inside."

Kilana [deathsinger] 296721

"Oh, why didn't I think about that." I laugh a bit at myself. "I guess its because the king doesn't seem to be a necromancer himself, but he knows a lot more than he appears to after all."

DM 296731

"Had it only been that easy.
I did tell of the wise pony I met. He told me ways to work with my anger. To deal with grief and to see hope instead of despair.
…and a part of that was letting the anger out."
Your front hoof slips on some snow and you end up prone, butt in the air
"Well well, is this an invitation?"
"I think I heard about that. Indeed it's why I patrol here now. They had to give the old guy a month off to deal with what he had to see…"
"He is a seeker of knowledge at heart. I hear he got along well with the remarkable Arsenalis Longshanks himself, finding a kindred spirit of sorts.
And while he does not wield necromancy, he does seem interested in its fringe uses beyond corpse puppetry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296735

"And nopony was sent to clean up? To bury the bodies?"
Speak with trembling lips and a clenched jaw.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296736

"You keep insisting on that… but I'm afraid of doing that."

Venia [Battlemage] 296737

I groan and get back up
"No… today is just not my day."

DM 296744

"Look kid. We did all we could. But seeing that place made two of our guards quit the job. Nobody is going in there…"
"It is how I found release. That is why I suggest it.
Though I heard a tale once. From a mask merchant. If you care for it?"
"Aww, don't feel bad. Look, how about… one more pushup challenge? And I'll just use one hoof."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296750

"Of course. Go on. I'm listening."
Perk my ears.

Venia [Battlemage] 296758

I give him a dull look and make a snowball, then throw it at him
"Very amusing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296760

"Fine. I'll bury them myself. And if any of you wants to help just dig up a bunch of graves."
Turn around and walk home. Somepony else has to know about this.

DM 296774

"She told me the tale of a warrior, who sought love from a gentle and kind mare. But she refused, stating she could never love one as angry and short tempered as him.
But he then met a starving creature. A demon of Tartarus, who asked only for some emotion to feed on, and it would bother nopony.
So the warrior agreed to let it eat his rage, so he could at last be calm and free to marry his beloved.
And marry they did. What came of the demon, the story does not tell. But the warrior died years later in battle, failing to call upon strength he once had in his anger. But he died happy, knowing he had at least been able to love his beloved."
He tries to avoid it and throw one at you
She opens her eyes
"Nhm… what's up?"

Roll #1 4, 7 = 11

DM 296776

Looks like he ate a snowball to the chest.
Dodging is throw is MIN7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296779

"Take a shovel and follow. We have to dig a few graves. And I think most of the guys will want to help us, too."
Let's head for the catacombs.


Avoid it and counter with my own!

Roll #0 2, 10 = 12

DM 296788

Not a lot of life down here. They have been relocated to the Deep Roads after all.
You get a snowball in the eye, but get off a critical toss!
Lets see how well he takes the hit

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 296789

To the side of the head
"Hah! Good one dear!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296790

"I do use that emotion in battle… but it is not pure wrath! It is much more! It has to be in order to work! When I fight like that, it is halfway between rage and serenity….and I would never bargain with a demon either."


Time to tackle him to the ground and make him eat some snow!

Roll #0 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296792

Them too? Oh fuckdamnit.
"Looks like it's only the two of us.
Anypony of the orphanage you were still in touch with and might want to call?"
Well we are at the city graveyard, right? Start digging.
"And if you don't want to help once you hear what it is, I can understand you."

DM 296795

Well they are there to help oversee the HQ and all.
You know, that's kinda their home now.
"That place? Nope. Nobody. I didn't exactly make lots of friends there…"
he tries his best to reverse the move
"it was just a story dear."

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 296796

Aaaand he ends up with his head in a snowpile
"Hey! You're getting kinda frisky, aren't you~"

Kilana [deathsinger] 296798

"Well, that's true. and a curious king is good news for us. If you're not busy tomorrow we should hang out for a bit. Get out of the lab for a bit to eat, you can bring Nylis too."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296802

"What if it was true? What if a demon tries to find me because my anger?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296803

"I see.
A few days ago, it burnt down."
Keep digging.

Venia [Battlemage] 296807

I snicker and let him go
"Well, I can't just let you get away without introducing you to the snow, can I? Besides…"
I turn around, swishing my tail in his face
"… you'll have to catch me!"
Run! Run like hell! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 296813

"Sounds delightful. I'll have to see if she is free."
"Then how would you deal with it?"
"…burnt down?
"I'll take that as a challenge then!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 296814

Looks like he is winded by now

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296817

"With all the kids inside, that's how. Trapped in there."

Venia [Battlemage] 296818

I chuckle and stop, allowing him to catch up.
"Good effort, sweetheart. Not enough though~"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296823

"A demon from Tartarus? Banish it back from where it came from."

Kilana [deathsinger] 296824

"I'll see you then. And good luck with your project." I say to her before leaving.

DM 296843

"…who started the fire then?"
"Puff… huff… oh dear, looks like I need my second wind right about NOW"
he tries to snag you
"Do you honestly believe you could?"
"Thank you! I'll be sure to drop by!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Jump away!

Roll #0 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296850

"A demon? Of course! They have no place her under the Sun. Tartarus is where they belong with all their vileness."

DM 296853

he falls flat on his face
"Fine.. fine… you win"
"I do hope we never have to meet one…"


"A kid. Was playing around with stuff.
But he did not do it on purpouse.
They were alone. The matron locked them inside, went out minding her own business."
Keep digging. Don't think about them.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296866

"I hope too… now don't you think we should be out doing some good deeds?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296881

Pull him back up on his hooves and lock him in a deep kiss
"You tried."

DM 296895

"And what of the matron?"
"Well, if good deeds were so easy to simply find and do, I'd do them more often."
…had fun?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296898

"We need to try if we want to get rid of this… thing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296900

"I do not know yet. But I will find her. And I will have justice."
Make way for the orphanage.
"This might take a while and the view inside is not pretty. If you don't want to see kids horribly killed, go away now."

Venia [Battlemage] 296901

I nod
"It's moments like these that make me feel like I was a filly again…"
I sigh wistfully and motion him to follow
"Let's go warm ourselves up, alright? I want to ask your opinion on something."

DM 296907

"Well.. any ideas? What does your heart tell you?"
"Pumpkin… this was my home just as much as it was yours. And I am your partner. Where you go, I go as well."
"Very well. A warm drink would do me well."

Venia [Battlemage] 296913

"Mmmm… me too."
Get myself some tea and whatever Anvil wants, then settle down somewhere comfortable.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296914

"My heart tells me to wander around a bit. Maybe we can find somepony in trouble?"

Head out and wander around.
Hopefully we can find something, but nothing major.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296916


Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296917

Nod and step inside, wrap each one of the corpses into sheets and take them to their new graves, one at a time, no matter how long it takes.
Don't talk.
Once we are done, sit down in front of the open graves.
"Any last words for them, Peach?"

DM 296921

"So.. what did you want to talk about?"
I'm going to pause soon.
More good deeds next time.
She turns to look at the graves
"…find more joy in Tambelon than you did out here, buds… It was not yet your time…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296929

"Right. Not their time."
Stand up and take a deep breath in.
"I'm sorry buds. For the things that you went through. For not giving you a proper funeral. For being luckier than you."
Turn to Peach.
"Can you go find Lady Radiant?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296930

"Right, there's been talking going on lately about Equestria and the future conflict they might cause… I've been asking around several ponies and… I'm toying with the idea of going to Equestria somewhere in the future. On a diplomatic mission. Now before you start panicking, this isn't something set in stone. I've just been thinking about it…"

DM 296932

"I can try."
"…is it something you want to do?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296939

"I'm not sure. It's more something I feel I should do. For the sake of all ponykind."
I pause for a moment, sighing sadly
"For our children…"

DM 296940

"…I've already prevented you from doing so many things you dreamed of…
…I won't stop you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296942

Nod at her as she goes.
Turn to the graves. Sit down again.
"I should have been a priest. Or a singer. That would have been beautiful…"
Meditate a bit, can I?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296943

"Wait, when did you come in?!"

DM 296944

You only know one song.
It is the saddest song you've ever heard
"Just now. Pumpkin needs you. Right. Now."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296946

Get my gear and everything ready.
"What is it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296948

I move closer to him
"What I ended up doing with my life was my choice. And while I admit that sometimes I wish I could have seen more of the world, nothing has made me happier than spending our years together."


It'll eventually be time for us all, won't it?
Sing them the shadow song.
Sing it more for me than for them.

Roll #0 10 = 10

DM 296958

"You'd best… just follow"
She takes you to the graveyard
"…Still. This is something I know you feel is important. So in the name of our love… I will not stop you."
Death comes for all.
It came for Valeriana's mother
It will come for her
It will come for you
Best accept it. For it could all be over in the flick of a little tinderbox.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296960

I follow.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296962

"Nice to see you could make it, Lady Radiant."
Give her a sad smile as I sit behind the open graves.

DM 296963

Oh look, dozens of open, unmarked child sized graves

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296966

I glance over the sight with disbelief.
"W-What's this… What is this supposed to mean?"

Venia [Battlemage] 296972

I put a hoof around him and lean my head
"Thank you, my love. I'm really happy to still have you around."

DM 296974

"We really should get married…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296976

"The orphanage came down. The kids, they were still inside. Locked. They burnt alive. No guard or pony dared to clean it up, so we went in and dug graves for them all.
But I am not a priest. I can't give these kids rest."

Venia [Battlemage] 296978

I nod
"And start a family…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296982

Roll not to tear up.
"Sun have mercy… how…how did this happen?"

DM 296984

"After the tournament then?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296988


Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 296989

"Just know it happened, and it shouldn't have."

Venia [Battlemage] 296990

I smile
"Mmhm, after next week~. Be sure to root for me when I leave, alright?"

DM 296992

"You can count on that."


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 296994

Looks like I do tear up.
Close my eyes and start muttering prayers for those unfortunate souls.

Venia [Battlemage] 296996

"And don't worry, I'll come home in one piece. I promise."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 297004

"I'm sorry for having you see this."
Cover the graves. Give them sleep.
Go back home.
Goodnight DM.

DM 297008

…I'll be waiting~"


DM 298198

This is probably the last session before Eaglecrest, make it count

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298202

Find Unyelding, if he's already awake.

Venia [Battlemage] 298203

Cuddle around with Anvil some more, then leave him to his work and go find Frostmourn.

DM 298204

You can wait a few hours, or you can wake him up
He is soaking in a warm bath to relax his muscles

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298205

I will wake him up. Sneak into his room and stand besides his bed.
Talk in a low and dry voice.
"Unyelding, we must speak."

Venia [Battlemage] 298206

I smirk
"Did Radiant bring down the hammer on you again? Poor High King Frostmourn…"

DM 298207

"huh? mhm… what's the trouble?
…what time is it even?"
"The training really bites in a little later… I need to calm my body before the tournament."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298208

"The crack of dawn. I needed to talk with you while out of your official hours."

Venia [Battlemage] 298209

I sit down next to the bath
"On a scale from calm to terrified, how bad are you feeling now?"

DM 298210

"do I need to get out of bed for this?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298211

"Up to how good your memory is.
What's the name of the matron of the orphanage in the old slums and where does she live?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298212

I give him a look
"Frostmourn, there's no need to hide it from me. I just want to know where you're at right now."

DM 298213

"No clue. I remember her, but only by her job. Had a little argument with her some time back… she didn't want to move the orphanage to the Deep Roads even tough almost everyone else moved there."
"I fear I will die."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298214


DM 298215

"Because she didn't want to leave her home."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298216

"Damnit. Are you aware that the place burnt down?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298217

"Well, I can see that. Do you not trust your plan is going to work or… do you not trust your own strength?"

DM 298218

"…I did hear about that from the guard reports, yes."
"Neither. Unless I can wound him enough… I fear the plan may not kill him either."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298220

"So if the orphanage was her home, where is she now?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298221

"I see. Have you thought about anything that could remedy that?"

DM 298227

"I believe she had another house in the slums where she had guests stay. Hard to tell, she wasn't the smalltalk type."
"Not really…
..well, maybe. But I would rather not."

Venia [Battlemage] 298229

"And that would be…?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298230

"Is this info anywhere to be found on books in your office?"

DM 298232

"…lets just forget it for now. I'd rather not think of it as an option."
He sinks down to his nose in the bath
"Ask Rolled Scroll, he keeps the citizen records and usually is at work even at this hour…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298235

Tried to find someone in trouble or some good deed to do.
Rolled a 2 for not being too major problem.
What do.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298236

"This is something I would like to avoid. The less ponies know, the better it is.
I might have to carry out an execution, Unyielding. Because the guilty pay the price."

Venia [Battlemage] 298238

Put a hoof under his chin and make him face me
"Come on Frostmourn. You asked me to be your compass, I need to know what is on your mind for that."


OC shipping?
I need a good plan to impress those rock eye students. I am pretty young after all. Anything in my notes that I can use to make something impressive?

Roll #0 8 = 8

DM 298241

Well there was an orphanage that burned down.
He yawns
"You sound so dramatic…
…look give me a few more hours of sleep and I can do it."
"…The Master may be a source of aid…"
Well you could try reviving the Deathguard to serve you.

Venia [Battlemage] 298244

I cock my head
"The Master? Don't tell me you believe that nonsense too now… Pumpkin already told me about that stuff."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298245

Pumpkin should know more about it.
Can I find him?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298246

"A lot of kids died Unyielding. And it might all be the matron's fault."
Sigh weakly.
"I will find you later today then."
Leave. Get on the roof, climb over there, use the stairs, whatever.
"I should have been a singer, Peach."

DM 298248

"…I said I'd rather not talk of it."
He went to check on the king, you can probably find him at the palace.
"Nah. Your voice ain't good for that.
…Radiant seems a little lost down there."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298250

"Mh? Oh."
Well, go meet with her.
"I'm sorry for asking you to see that, Radiant."

Venia [Battlemage] 298251

"And why not, exactly? How can I help you if you hide stuff like this from me, Frostmourn?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298252

Not bad, not really original though.. and might give them the wrong idea. Maybe if I take that idea and make a many headed guardian out of wolf bones?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298254

"Ah, Pumpkin. I was looking just for you… and, about that, yes… we need to get the end of this."

DM 298255

"Because you don't share his mark… and thus, I doubt you can understand."
it might be easier to add junk to the existing Deathguard, but you are free to make your Death Construct out of anything you want.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298256

"I already have."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298257

I raise an eyebrow.
"Oh? Who is responsible then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298258

"His Mark? What mark? What happened?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298260

"A kid. He thought well that playing with fire would have been a good way to impress the ladies."

DM 298261

"When I saw him at the Altar… he allowed me to ask him one question, for the price of accepting his mark.
Much like Manifest once did…
…and by now you have the entirely wrong idea and think I took some demon pact that will disfigure me and turn me evil or something."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298262

"And nopony tried to stop him?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298264

I gawk at him
"Accepting his Mark!? The wrong idea!? What kind of cultist crap is this!? What did this thing even tell you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298266

"No pony was there to."


Easy doesn't win you an academy does it? I'll need to go hunt some wolves then, archery is best for that.. do I even know how to shoot a bow? Maybe I should just hire someone.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298270

"What of the matrons and patrons? Why didn't they help the kids escape?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298272

"I told you. There were none. The matron left and locked the kids inside.
Then, it happened."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298273

"She locked them in… with a fire…"
Take a deep breath.
Can't get angry again.
"Where is she?"

DM 298276

"He showed me many things. Many paths. Many ends. And he said that of those paths I cannot pick mine. Only my friends can.
I confided with Manifest, and he assured me the Master is not malevolent. Merely… capricious. A prophet more than a god in his own right. A prophet to a mindless being represented by the Ten Truths…
…that little trinket on my clothes there."
You're a wizard, not a hunter.
King Unyielding used to be a hunter though. And Valeriana is a great shooter.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298277

"Seriously? You think ponies this cruel exist?
No, she locked them in to go buy something.
I don't know what.
Then, while she was gone, the kid she had left in charge did what he did and the fire happened.
And as for her whereabouts, I still don't know.
But if she's really responsable the moon will guide me to her."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298278

"Do we have a name?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298279

"Ugh, is this one of those experimental phases of yours again?"
Walk over and inspect that trinket more closely '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298280

"We will, in the morning. But I would rather do this alone."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298281

"And why is that? Pumpkin, I want to get justice as much as you do and… well… I need to."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298283

Asking the king himself? Unyeilding probably has more pressing matters than a hunting party. I'll just ask Valeriana about it. To the tower.

DM 298284

"…I told you you would never understand."
The trinket is a simple geometric shape, with its sides numbered from one to ten

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298285

"Because it was my home. Because those were my brothers. Because this matron could very well be the same pony who even named me.
And because if she is to blame, I want to be the one to kill her."

DM 298286

She is reading
"Kilana? Well well, you're a rare sight. What news?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298287

"Well I'm sorry I wasn't there to see this hack myself."
Put it back down, what nonsense.
"Show me this mark of yours then."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298288

"You WHAT?! Pumpkin! That is not the way! You cannot just kill her! If you do, so help me the Sun I won't let you get away with that! That is not justice, that is murder!"

DM 298289

"It is not a mark of the flesh, but a brand of the mind.
I now know he is no mere tall tale, or fabrication of one pony's madness.
…you're not buying any of this are you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298290

"The sentence for killing is death. The sentence for killing kids is no different.
So if she is guilty I'll carry the sentence. No way around it."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298291

"Rare sight? Am I really that busy now?" I pause coming closer. "What would you say to a hunting expedition? I need some dead wolves to work with, and we'd get to spend some time together."

Venia [Battlemage] 298292

"Of course I'm not! Aside from that little trinket there's absolutely no evidence whoever told you this was even real. It could have been an illusionist messing with your mind for all we know."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298293

"That is not for you and only you to decide."
I sigh, and put a hoof on your shoulder.
"Pumpkin, I know this hurts you very much, but please. This is not the way. Killing her will not bring those foals back to life. And it won't make you feel better either."

DM 298294

"Dead wolves? What are planning dear girl?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298295

"I need a way to impress the academy when we leave. Wouldn't they be impressed if I built a ceberus?" I smile confidently.

DM 298297

"Or maybe I've taken up gambling and needed an excuse for the die.
Well, that's that then. Forget I ever spoke of it.
What else?"
"A cerberus? That's a lot of dead wolves we'll need…
Do you have further plans for such a beast?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298298

"Don't be a fool, I'm a Northblade. I don't feel a thing. Not until I take the mask off.
It's not about feeling better. Is about punishing the guilty.
Taking retribution is not something we decide to do, if she is guilty she has to pay.
And I can tell a lie from a truth with a lone glance.
So yes Radiant, it is for me to decide."

Venia [Battlemage] 298299

I sigh and walk back over to the bath, holding his hoof
"Frostmourn… I'm just worried, okay? You know I care deeply for you, right?"

DM 298300

"Of course I do.
But can you blame me for trying to seek power when I need it most?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298302

"Once we establish the academy I'd have it be a visible guardian to help the students feel safe. 3 or 4 wolves should be just fine, and they usually travel in small groups anyway right?" It seems she's a bit unsure. "You don't think its a good idea?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298303

"But why turn to this Master? Why not stick to the Sun? Even I still have that paladin side stuck to me after all those years. Sure I'm not as dedicated as Radiant is, but I can still draw strength and power from it!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298304

"I won't let you kill her, Pumpkin. Not even when she is proven guilty. Because if you take her life it is over in a heartbeat. If she is thrown to the dungeon for the rest of her life the weight of her deeds will be punishment enough."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298305

Arc a brow at her questioningly.
"Do you even know the law?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298307

"The 'life for a life' law? As far as I know, Frostmourn already took a step against that old and barbaric method."

DM 298308

"I was just curious. Why not use the Deathguard we recovered?
Oh, are you doing this as something of a proof of your skill?"
"It never really spoke back to me…"

Venia [Battlemage] 298311

"… but did you never feel empowered by it? At all? Not even uplifted by its warmth?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298312

I nod. "That's the general idea. Anyone could probably raise an already made death guard, but making your own is more impressive. Plus, making it out of a wild beast will be more suited to the direction we want to research I think. Don't want them to think we do that to sentient creatures right? "

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298314

"I'm starting to think you are the one that has to feel good about herself.
Look, you want to dispense your justice on her, do so after I've talked with her.
I need to hear from her mouth and look into her eyes as she regrets every moment of that night."

DM 298317

"Venia, in case you haven't noticed, I am not too deeply religious a pony. My armour is decorated only with the symbols of my kingdom. My power drawn from spells of my own learning and creation.
…I thought that would have made you proud."
"Well, I'd be glad to help. Meet me at the edge of the woods with everything you need."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298318

"I want to hear that too, but I'm not leaving you alone with her. Especially not after this."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298320

Chuckle a bit.
"I'd love to see you trying. We haven't had a serious spar in quite a while."
Give her a serious look.
"I'm not going to kill her. But I'm not leading her to that pony either. I need to talk with her first. And I need to do it before anyone warns her.
Without looking like a guard.
I need to bring forth in her all the deepest fears she has in the night, I want to see her as scared as those poor kids who hid in a closet to escape the fire.
Those kids she should have looked after."

Venia [Battlemage] 298321

"I'm not deeply religious either! It's just… strange… Makes me wonder if I should have spend more time teaching you about divinity…"
I shake my head and give him a warm and sincere smile
"But yes, I am proud at how hard you've worked. You've already achieved more than most ponies ever do in their entire lives."


"Alright. See you there." Now to gather everything in a satchel.. I need rune engraving tools, my notes for reference, a few drawing of what the Cerberus should look like, and where I'm putting these runes. The scythe is with me of course, a few daggers in case the wolves reach me, a bit of rope is always good to have. I can probably skin the beasts with my knife.. That should be everything.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298326

I sigh.
"Pumpkin… maybe she just made a mistake. A grave and serious one, but maybe she regrets it. Do you think being cruel to her will help?"

DM 298327

"It is too late for me to step onto the path of a zealot now. I understand things in a different way.
…this conversation sure got dark fast."
Also you took half your wardrobe and several big rocks to chisel into runestones.
Your back is killing you.


Well, that was silly.. but at least I'm prepared right? I brought the stuff I listed too?

Roll #0 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298330

"Yes. I do. No matter the cause or reason she did it, she deserves to feel that kind of fear. My only regret is that I will only be able to do it once."

Venia [Battlemage] 298332

"I know, I know. But this is stuff I need to know about."
I look at him seriously now
"I still don't approve you turning to the Master though. If anything, that stuff sounds like some kind of a cult. On the other hoof, maybe I'm just being too conservative again."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298333

"You are supposed to be a good pony, Pumpkin! And that is just, evil!"

DM 298334

You just kinda over-prepared
Valeriana is sitting on a branch at the edge of the woods
"A fine morning to you."
"I have seen things you could not imagine. I knew I could not put into words what he showed me.
…I don't ask that you believe me. Only that you do not worry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298335

"No. That's just. Her failure killed kids in the most horrifying way possible. She deserver that little. Bit. Of fear."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298336

I smile up at her. "It is a fine morning. Didn't keep you waiting long did I?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298338

"And inflicting terror on her will help how? In no way!"

Venia [Battlemage] 298340

"… alright then. I'll trust your judgement on this."
I ruffle his mane with a small smile
"I already held you back when you were younger, I don't want to make that mistake again."

DM 298341

"Not too long. I have a shadow scouting for us. The prey awaits."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298342

"I did not say it will help. I said it is just. She deserves it. She deserves the fear.
Are we quite done here?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298343

"You speak like you are above her. Like you never made a mistake in your life. Like you never killed."


"excellent!" leave all the heavy stuff here, and stealth so I don't spook the prey. "You know, I've never really hunted before."

Roll #0 5 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298345

"I never have."

DM 298347

"Save your judgement for later…
…for you are one of the most important ones who will end up picking my path for me."
"Well, the first thing to pay attention to is the tracks. Can you see any?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298348

"The way you talk about it suggested otherwise. Not the point. Just because you are a Northblade does not allow you to terrorize ponies, not even if they are guilty."

Venia [Battlemage] 298349

Splash some water at him
"Stop being so cryptic! Let's just drop the subject alright? Like I said, I'm trusting your judgement that this will be worth it."


"Right.. the tracks.." Do I see any?

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298351

"Quite the opposite. Being a Northblade means I can do whatever I deem necessary.
And this, this I do find necessary.
Because she might not deserve to die, but she deserves to fear."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298352

"I think she will have enough time for that in the dungeon. Or wherever she will end up. Pumpkin, please, just this once, listen to me!"

DM 298354

Yes. There are clear wolf tracks in the light snow here.
"Good. Where do they lead?"
"Glad you finally agreed to drop it."
He splashes you back

Venia [Battlemage] 298355

"Glad you're loosening up!"
Push his head underwater for a moment


Aha I know this one. "to their den!" follow the tracks.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298358

"No. This has nothing to do with you. Do you even realize how much this touches me? How personal it is for both me and Peach?
That was the place we grew up in. The place we both loathe more in the world.
And it was filled with ponies just like me and her. All dead because a shithead left them alone!
You have no right to sindacate on this, not with this pony, not this time!"

DM 298359

The tracks wind around for a while, until you reach a small rock formation

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 298360

he jumps up, coughing water

Venia [Battlemage] 298361

I chuckle and pat his back
"There there, no bathwater will conquer you."

DM 298362

"And here I was hoping to have a relaxing bath to calm the body and mind…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298363

"You are letting your anger cloud your judgement. Fine. Want to see what happens when you let your anger get the better of you?"

Wings of Light.
How terrible do they look/Painful they are?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298366

Need a description on that.


"Ha, are they always this hard to follow? Say.. how has the magical communication been going? Any romance on the horizon?" Look around for and entrance or some furred animals.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 298368

"Oh fine, I'll leave you alone then. Have fun relaxing!"
Leave, I should go see how Raging Storm is faring anyway

DM 298374

The light is dull and flickering, and the tendrils themselves twitch and lash out on occasion, flashing dark as they do.
"It has been… experimental, shall we say."
You can see a tail poking out of a cave entrance
He is visiting Doc Doc.
…looks like he has had all his legs replaced, and has some sort of pump apparatus grafted to his back, with tubes going to his chest

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298376

"And that happened because you lost control?"
Move besides her.
"Wanna talk about it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298377

I blink
"Raging! How are you faring these days?"

DM 298380

"Much better, thank you lass. Quite the pony that Golden Oats."

Venia [Battlemage] 298382

I wince
"You uh… you certainly sound… lively! And yes, I've actually heard quite a lot about him."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298383

I nod.
"Yes, because… this, this is pent up anger and violance I try so hard to contain. Every now and then, it manifests like this. I think it might have to do something with the curse, but I am not sure…. but do you see now? See where anger and a vision of red leads you?"

Try to draw them back.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 298384

"Ah yes the voice. Well, seems I had some more rot in me than I thought. They had to cut out a bunch and replace it with new stuff."
They lash out and refuse to listen to you

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298385

Keep calm.
Close my eyes, take a deep breath, think of the Sun.
Try again.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [deathsinger] 298386

"Oh.. sounds fun." I pause seeing the tail and point at it. I ready a dagger.

Venia [Battlemage] 298387

"Ough, I'm sorry to hear that. Uh… did it hurt?"

DM 298388

"Yes. But knowing I could serve once more helped endure it."
They do retract, but not without pain on your part.
"Want me to take the shot?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298389

I grit my teeth and bear it, then open my eyes when they are gone.
"Sorry you had to see that, Pumpkin."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298390

"Yes please."

Venia [Battlemage] 298391

I cock my head
"Serve once more? Raging… you're not planning on marching on are you?"

DM 298393

"Of course I am. My life belongs to this kingdom, and I intend to serve for as long as I live!"
She lines up her bow and fires.
A sharp yelp later the tail goes limp

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298394

"I think you are misunderstanding me. I'm a Northblade. I have no emotions while working. And this is just another job.
A job that means a lot to the pony part of me, but a job I'll carry out regardless.
There is nothing frong in showing the wicked some fear, making them pay for what they have done."
"I think you should have shown them to me sooner.
You were the one who taught me about honor and devotion in the first place.
You are the first pony I go to when I need a spiritual guidance, even before Manifest.
So if your beautiful wings have changed, talk to me. Don't classify me just as some other kid."

Venia [Battlemage] 298398

I give him a worried look
"Raging… Really, nopony will blame you if you decided to retire…"

DM 298401

"I will."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298402

"I know. When this all happened, I tried to fix it alone. I needed Southern Cross and Celaire to show me it is easier with friends. And thank you for your trust. Still, I am asking you… no, I am begging you, please, don't do anything like that. You are a good pony, Pumpkin, you don't have to be like that! I know that you think you should, but you shouldn't!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298405

Sigh and lower my head.
"Only if you promise to come to me, nect time."
Let's find Unyelding's help. We must find this matron.

DM 298406

He is up now
"So… back again huh? Still looking for that name?"


"Oh, perfect aim." go get the body. and check for others..

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298409

"Yes. Is not something I'm going to give up.
I still need the names of the kids, I've had to bury them on unmarked graves."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298410

"I will. Thank you, Pumpkin."

Venia [Battlemage] 298411

"Well, I suppose I can't hold back a pony that wants to serve no matter what right?"

DM 298414

Looks like four more wolves are sleeping in the cave.
"Well you'd best look in the orphanage registry for those.
As for the matron, lets head to the records."
he leads you to a large archive, sends the archivist off and pulls out a large tome
"Should be in here."
"All I have left is my service to the king. What else could I do? Go die of loneliness in some old house, crying over lost glory?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298416

I am there too, right?

DM 298420

If you followed Pumpkin, yes

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298421

"Just, let me talk first."
"I'd be disappointed if she didn't know them all by heart."
Well yeah.
Also, brb dinner, you finish this conversation.


four more.. I motion to shadow to that there's four, well, she already knows that, but its good practice. Maybe I'm skilled enough to hurt one with a knife. toss a knife at a sleeping wolf.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 298425

I shake my head
"No, you're right. I can feel this is important to you. I wanted to to talk to you about something else though…"
I pause for a moment, hesitating
"… about the reason why you left us… about mother. If that's alright with you, of course."

DM 298426

it jams into its butt, waking it up
It looks damn angry

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298430

"I'll let you, but I'll be there."

DM 298432

"…of course, lass. Ask away."


Well shit. Apparently not so skilled. Climb up a tree.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Venia [Battlemage] 298434

"I-I just wanted to know… you're the last one that saw her before she…"
I pause, clearing my throat
"… what was the last thing she said to you? Was she… happy?"

DM 298435

The wolf claws at you, causing you to yelp and wake the others up. They surround you…
"She wished she'd get to see her grandchildren."

Venia [Battlemage] 298437


Roll #1 10 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 298438

"… ah."
I look away
"Of course she did…"


….Well shit, stab the wolf, aim for the neck.

Roll #0 8 = 8

DM 298441

"Those were her words. I do not judge you… or her for them."
You hop back to avoid the attacking wolf's jaws and stab it in the neck.
The wolf yelps and falls down, pawing at the wound.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298442

I guess I check the book we found.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 298443

"I-I should have been there… At her side…"


Right, now to finish it off with a stab to the heart.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298445

Okay let's say I have her name and adress and me and Radiant are at her doorstep for convenience's sake.
What's her name?

DM 298461

After a lot of flipping though pages you do find the name and address, and move on to find her
You can pick one if you want, or I can.
"You cannot be everywhere at once Venia. And being there for those you love means more than just being there in person. She died in peace, in her sleep."
Another wolf slaps your hoof away, leaving deep cuts on it

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298465

"I remember utter shit from my past" is the rule of thumb for my backgrounds.
And you can think up clever names, I cannot.


Shit Kilana, get it together. You're a sorceress, use touch of death on these foolish wolves. Starting with the one that slapped you.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 298472

"I know but… still. I can't help but feel that I failed her as a daughter sometimes."
I sigh and look back at him
"It's to late to feel sorry now though. I'll… I'll make her proud. One way or the other I'll do something that would have put an approving smile on her lips."

DM 298475

Looks like the matron was called Sparing Rod.
Nobody answers the door.
The wolf grays out somewhat, and falls back, whimpering.
An arrow kills the downed wolf
"Need help down there?"
"I have every reason to believe you lass. You were always a strong child."


Sight Beyond Sight. Is she in the house?

Roll #0 2 = 2


So, she's still watching my back. "Yeah, I could use a hoof." stab the aged wolf, should be a fast kill.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298481

Is this the only door?
Walk around the house if I can, see if there is another one.
If yes, knock.

DM 298482

Your eye feels a great pain.
It is about to bite your hoof but an arrow pins its muzzle to the ground
"Okay, just yell if you need more"
No other doors. Slum house, jammed between two others.
Window on the top floor and bottom floor.

Venia [Battlemage] 298483

I keep looking at him, then move in to hug him
"Thank you though… for being there for her. She never really showed it to me but… I know her heart was aching."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298484

But I had it fixed! The DC should be two!
Open the door.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298485

Walk back.
"No other door."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298486



Nod at her, finish off that wolf before it can get back up.

Roll #0 8 = 8

DM 298489

how about the DC is 6 like for a real mage for 8 like if you actually learned it from a book?
But weak. Easy to pick, easy to break.
"I did my best to be a good stallion to her. But in the end, I think she knew my heart yearned for battle, not settling down…"
You kill the wolf and take up better positions.
Two remain.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298491


Turn to Radiant.
"I'll open it from the other side."
Wink past it.


Better positions? Good.. I should be able to get another wolf alone. Try again with a knife.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 298495

"She probably didn't want to settle down either."
I sniff and hug him a bit tighter
"I think she just stayed around here for me… to give me some time to have a taste of how normal ponies live."

DM 298496

You wink into the house
Looks like nobody has really cleaned up in here for a while.
There is a half-eaten meal in the kitchen. Days old from the looks of it.
You fake out the wolf into leaping, then slash at its belly, dropping it on the ground.
It tries to wrestle itself back up.

DM 298497

"And what do you think, now that you have had your taste?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298501

But the house was locked. From the inside? Can I pick the lock, if it's there, instead of breaking the door?
Then, turn around and shout at the air.
"Sparing Rod? We need to talk."
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Go for a killing blow on it.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 298507

"Ah… I've enjoyed my years here. I've made a lot of friends and learned a lot from them too. I yearn to go out there again though… into the wide world. Then again, I'm not sure if I'd be able to miss everything I have here for too long."

DM 298511

You turn the key in the lock and let Radiant in.
Upstairs, you hear a chair fall over.
You kill the wolf and turn to face the final one
"Wanna take it on your own or?"
"Only you can know the answer to that, I'm afraid."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298512

Walk inside.
"Remember, Pumpkin, no terror."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298514


Roll #1 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 298515

"Mmhm… I know."
I release him from the hug
"Thank you though, again, for being there for mother. I'm really happy to have you back with us, Raging."


"No, we're here together. Take a shot when you see one." Perhaps I can bait the last wolf to be vulnerable again.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298518

What's gotten to him?
Run after him upstairs!

DM 298521

"I only wish to serve once more, and find a proper end. In battle."
You get a few deep slashes on you before Valeriana pins the wolf's leg to the ground

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 298523

You silly old horse.
Your shouting spooked her so much she fell off the chair before she even got the noose on.
She is unharmed.

Venia [Battlemage] 298526

I look away
"Let's hope that doesn't happen anytime soon…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298528

Gulp down and stare at her.
"Now, step away and sit."


"Thanks Valeriana." Finish the kill.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298531

I keep silent for now, glancing between Pumpkin and the mare.
How does she look?

DM 298532

"Indeed. But I would much rather die with honour as a warrior than of some disease as an old, forgotten stallion."
"W-who are you two!?"
It rips the leg free! It has you by the neck!

DM 298533

She is quite old. Saggy in many places, with a face deeply scored by worry and stress. Still big though. In her prime she could have probably matched you.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298534

"She? An elite warrior of the High King. Me, I'm just an old orphan."


"No, you will die." touch of death on this wolf.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 298537

"Well, I'll leave you be then. Sun and Moon bless you, Raging Storm."
Take my leave and go find Valeriana

Venia [Battlemage] 298538

I turn around as I walk away
"Actually… one more thing. Will you join us in Eaglecrest?"

DM 298540

"Wait… I think… I might even remember you. You were a runaway right? …what was your name?"
You slam your hoof into the wolf's chest, causing its hear to grow weak and stop.
It flops limply on top of you
There is a shadow in her tower
"I'm out hunting with Kilana. What's up?"
"I am not sure. Would you think I'm ready for it so soon after the operation?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298542

"You have to decide that yourself, Raging. How do you feel? What does Doc Doc say?"
"Oh, nevermind that then. I just wanted to talk… about us."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298543

I keep silently listening.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298544

"Pumpkin. The blue kid called Pumpkin. Still, better than Snow I guess."
Talk with thin lips, give her a cold gaze.

Kilana [deathsinger] 298545

Smile a bit, and move it off of me in to a neat line up of wolf corpses. "So, this is hunting then?"

DM 298560

"I am rather… unsure of myself right now. I feel strong… but slow."
"Well I'm all ears"
"Pumpkin… I remember a few by that name. When did you live with me?"
She hops down
"No, that's panicking with a knife. But hey, rough technique aside, a good catch!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298563

"I left eleven years ago, when I was still eight."
Call Peach down.
"She was with me too, back then."

Venia [Battlemage] 298565

"Still a week to go before we leave. You've got time to decide. Just don't do anything crazy if you're not sure you can handle it yet."
"Talk to the shadow about this?"
I bite my lower lip
"Well okay… I was just thinking about Pumpkin. About how he reacted to us. I don't think he likes this, Valeriana. I don't think he likes it at all."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298570

I frown a bit. "You're right I'm no huntress. But it was nice to see you in action again. Almost like old times.. Has it really been so long since we did something together?"

DM 298575

"…I think I remember you."
"Very well. I will consider it."
"Then talk to him about it"
"Sort of. Last time was… the underkingdom."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298577

"And we are not here to talk this."
Give her a hard stare.
"You left them to die, Rod. All of them."


"We'll have to do something about that. Meet up when there isn't a crisis on hoof." I take a deep breath. No need to drag these corpses alone when they can walk. raise dead on one of the wolves.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 298580

"Alright then. Good day, Raging."
"I will! But I wanted to hear your thoughts first. What do you think?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298581

I wince, but still say nothing.

DM 298582

"I tried to save them. I tried to open the door. But the lock was melted. The windows had collapsed.
…all I could do was try to get help. But it was all too late.
…their screams have not left me. They never will."
She glances at the noose
The corpse flails a little, then rapidly decomposes into goop.
"I think the boy needs to accept it."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298583

What… Okay then.. just drag them back.. I can probably drag two back on my own.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298584

Close my eyes, breath in, breath out. Close my eyes and take out a dagger.
"Do you want peace, Ro-"
Open my eyes, sheate the blade.
"I should have been a singer."

Venia [Battlemage] 298585

"Accept it… well that would be the golden solution to it all, wouldn't it? I've talked to him before, I know he's missing something in life… a father figure."

DM 298588

Valeriana helps you bring the other two.
You now have 4 dead wolves
"As I remember, you were mostly a thief and a troublemaker."
"…you're talking of his infatuation with Ilistar."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298590

Awesome! Now. to get to work. Is this a good spot to work?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298592

"Did me a world of good."

Venia [Battlemage] 298594

"… It's not just that. It's his craving for a father figure that made him infatuated with Illistar in the first place."

DM 298597

You take them to the cellar with the Deathguard for fast reference.
Taking parts of the Deathguard is allowed, and if you use its heads you can talk with it about the Underkingdom's past
"So what is this all about then? Why are you here?"
"So what are you saying, exactly?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298603

"Because this morning I had to bury two dozen kids in unmarked graves and I just wanted to look at you in the eyes once more."

Venia [Battlemage] 298606

"I don't know what I'm saying. I guess I'm just sharing an observation with you. Pumpkin is looking for a male figure in his life and has now set his sights on Illistar."
I pause for a moment
"And I assume that you don't even mind it either."


Damn, that sounds really cool.
Build the body first. Start with the middle and branch out from there. It will need a big torso, enough to support the multiple heads. Slow and steady is better here.

Roll #0 9 = 9

DM 298610

She just silently stares at the floor
"…there was nothing I could do."
"Venia, that is a very difficult subject for me. He was special. Pumpkin… reminds me so much of him. But I'm hoping I could leave that all behind now that I have you and Highhorn at my side…
…I just fear it may cost me my son"

The Deathguard's hefty torso, along with the extra bodies of the wolves, builds a formidable main body

Venia [Battlemage] 298612

I look away
"After all these years you still can't just forget about him… How special could he have been?"

DM 298615

"He saved me from starving on some back alley of Canterlot after I threw my life away to spare and help you. Is that special enough for you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298616

"You could not leave them, for one."
Give her my back.
"I'm not here to judge. If I were, I would have killed you already.
I'm not here looking for answers, either. Nothing can bring all those kids back.
Radiant, she's in your hooves."
Turn my head to look at Radiant.


Off to a great start! Now the legs. Got to make them thick. and those wolf claws will be a great addition to its offensive. One by one..

Roll #0 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298619

I nod at Pumpkin, then look at her.
"I am sorry, but as the matron of the orphanage, keeping them safe and sound was your responsibility, which you have failed, and foals paid the price with their lives. I am afraid that I will have to take you to the dungeons."

Venia [Battlemage] 298620

I wince
"… that doesn't take away all the bad things he's done… How inconsiderate he was towards you."

DM 298621

"I held Apricot's hoof until it was cold. I told her the pain would go away. That she'd find a better place."
An arrangement of leg bones from all sources make for a strong structure of a leg.
Long, deadly claws on each leg help emphasize it's power.
"…I could not stay there. I could not bury the children I was tasked to raise and protect…
I want to be with them again."
"And how I betrayed my vows to him.
Venia… talking about this won't make my feelings go away…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298622

Still don't look at her.
"There is nothing on the other side, Rod. I've been there. Just darkness and silence. She's in no better place."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298623

"You will, in your due time, but not until then. I too wish that this wouldn't happened, but it did. And I cannot let you get away with it."

Venia [Battlemage] 298624

I stomp my hoof
"To hell with the vows! That's not what love is about! It's about two ponies willing to make sacrifices for one another! No piece of damn paper will change that!"

DM 298625

"…she did not need to know that when she was hanging from that window… begging me to make the pain go away…"
She glances back at the noose
"I had no intention of getting away"
"…and when it came to making those sacrifices, I took our child and ran away.."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298626

"Suicide is a way to get away. The easy way out."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298629

"I'm not saying this for her. I'm saying it for you. So you know what awaits each and every one of them."


Beautiful. Now the heads.. can I combine the wolf jaws/teeth with the death guard heads?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Venia [Battlemage] 298635

"… he should have made his own sacrifices and put down the mask then. No child deserves a father that does what he does."

DM 298640

"Have I not suffered enough? Have I not paid a high enough price?"
They look kinda gnarly, but it all seems to fit together reasonably well.
"…he made many sacrifices for me. But he could not betray the deities he serves for any mare. Nor could I ever ask it."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298643

"You did. And I wish you had rest…"
I sigh and shake my head.
"I don't even know what to do here… It is obvious you never wanted any of this to happen, but your actions cannot go unpunished some way."

DM 298644


Roll #1 4 = 4

Venia [Battlemage] 298645

"For you, yes. But what about his child? Are these so called deities so heartless they would deny a child of living a normal life? You took matters in your own hooves at least. Hid him away from all this. That makes you the better pony here."

DM 298646

"…then let me make it easier for you"
She grabs the chair and charges you

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298647

Stand still.
Divine Protection.


Vanish. Grab her from behind and subdue her.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


gnarly is good right? Double check it for mistakes.

Roll #0 9 = 9

DM 298652

Te breaks the chair on your with no visible damage
Pumpkin then kicks her legs out and pins her down
"Just… let… me… die."
"Venia… you are bringing back some very bad memories…"
You straighten the spine a little, set the shoulders into a good pose and smile.
That looks like a cerberus.


Aw yeah. Time to raise this thing.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298654

Bolster myself.
"Only a coward runs from responsibilites."

DM 298656

It slowly rumbles to life.
The legs grasp at the floor, the heads move to observe the room.
It finally focuses on you
"I. Did. Not. RUN!"

Venia [Battlemage] 298657

I look at the shadow silently for a while, before speaking up again
"… I'm sorry. I-I really went overboard there. I'm really sorry Valeriana…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298658

"You want to now. With running away."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298659

Let go of her and help her up.
"I think we should grant her wish."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298660

"Welcome to this world again. You may call me your master, for I have assembled you. I am known as Kilana, what would you like to be called my Cerberus? "

DM 298663

"You'd better be. I would not be here without him. He may not have been perfect, but he was still better to me than almost anyone I ever met before or since."
She just looks at you with tired eyes
"I've lost everything. I have no desire to go on.
…please make their screams stop."
We had names… once. Long ago. But those names have not mattered in centuries.

Kilana [deathsinger] 298664

"Then you can be given new names. A name to fit your new form. " Do I have a mirror to show them what they look like?

Venia [Battlemage] 298665

I nod
"I know… Even I was horrible back then… I just was again… dammit."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298666

I look away.
"I can't…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298667

"I'm a damn executioneer, not a judge.
Let's move, they will want to see you."
Lead her to the graves.

DM 298668

You do
Ah. We have been given a new form. So tell us Master… what is our name?
"Thanks for rekindling that gratitude towards him…"
She comes alone
"…do you know how it happened?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298669

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298670

"Does it matter?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298671

I look down
"I am so sorry… do you want me to be here when you come back or not?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298672

"What do you think about.. Codar?"

DM 298673

"…I just thought… I might have been at greater peace… had I known where I went wrong."
"That depends entirely on whether you want to talk to my face or not. I will be up in a few minutes."

DM 298675

It is unlike our old names…. but we accept it

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298676

"You went wrong when you left them alone."

Venia [Battlemage] 298677

I slump back on my haunches
"I'm not going to shy away from you. I'm the one in the wrong here."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298678

"Well, Codar. What was your old life like?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298680

I turn to Pumpkin.
"And the colt?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298681

Give her a death stare.

DM 298683

"B-but I left… Parsnip… in charge."
"Yes… Parsnip was always a good boy. Never got into trouble. Always has a way with dealing the smaller kids…"
She sobs a little
"…I miss him…"
She eventually shows up in person
"Still here I see."
In life… we strode alongside the king, Perce. We helped him seek a new home for our clan in the North. We and the other Deathguard. In death… we kept him safe.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298685

"He misses you too, I'm sure."
Pull her in for a hug.
"I'm sorry it had to end like this."

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

DM 298686

"…I'm sorry I never gave you the love you needed, Pumpkin."

Venia [Battlemage] 298687

"… yes."
I look her straight in the eyes
"I owe you. Big time. And all I've done today is hurt you even more. The least I can do is be here for you."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298689

Take a deep breath or too but stay silent. This is their moment.

Kilana [deathsinger] 298691

"Yes, that's true. But why did you come north?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298692

"You know, I have a mommy now. And a brother, but I still have to look for him."
Keep holing her close, stroke her mane slowly.

DM 298695

She smacks you
…she really took it poorly
"…I hope your new mommy is a good mare…"
We had no place in the south. Equestrians do not like us. We do not like them. We thought we could be safe here.

Venia [Battlemage] 298699

I rub the spot where she smacked me with a hoof
"I know… I messed up badly."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298700

"She is. The best kind. She's teaching me how to use a bow now. I even got to hit her before she knocked me out."
Chuckel a bit, but say it with the utmost seriousness.
Then, slowly, break the hug.
"What do you want to do?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298701

I look at them with pity. "The equestrians are vicious indeed. Did they drive you away simply because you were different or because of something else?"

DM 298706

"I want to die. I have no more children. I have no home. I have no future…"
It is in our nature to hoard gems. Often we ended up undermining their cities, or raiding their vaults. Well… not we. But our kind.

Venia [Battlemage] 298709

"… I should have spoken to you in person… And those wounds… they could have been healed better if we had just talked about this more before."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298710

"Oh, it must have been hard to give your gems to dragon when you came here then. King Perce's plan must have seemed terrible to you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298712

"It's what they would want?"

DM 298713

She raises her hoof again
"Choose your next words with extraordinary care."
It was better than death in the beast's claws. It was better than leaving it to die after we killed its mother.
"…I cannot know. They are gone now."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298714

"What if we ask them?"
Turn to Peach.
"Ask Kilana to come here. Tell her to bring a catalyst."

DM 298715

She looks shocked
"…you… partner with corpse-wizards now?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298716

"Perhaps.. tell me more about your time in Equestria. Did your King ever meet the princesses? "

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298717

"Wait… I think they should rest. No reason to disturb them more…"

DM 298718

Oh no… our clan war from the northern borderlands. We never went close to Canterlot. But we fought guards often. And caravans even more. They seemed to want us as trophies, or slave guides.

Venia [Battlemage] 298719

I look at he quietly again for a while
"I don't know what else to say, so I'll just shut up before I hurt you even more."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298721

"They kept slaves?" I look slightly appalled. "slaves of your people, or other ponies as well?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298722

"Necromancy is something beautiful. I would not be here if it wasn't for it.
It's silly to fear the magic, you should fear when fools that try to wield it."
Sit silent for a second.
"Why do I even bother explaining this. Why do I even care. You were shit to me, should have been shit to the other kids too."
"You are right. Maybe they should."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298724

"I'm absolutely sure they should."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298725

Give her a condescendant look, but stay silent.

DM 298727

She lowers her hoof
"Good. Now if you don't think you have some way to at least try and help the situation, get out of my sight."
Of many races. Our kind was desired, for we were strong, nimble, and able to do things many other races cannot.
"Then let me rest with then… let the story of this failed matron end at last…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298731

Take out a dagger.
"How do you want to do this?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298732

"Pumpkin…Sparing Rod… Please…"

Venia [Battlemage] 298733

I put a hoof on her shoulder
"I could be here for you… if that would soften the pain for you…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298734

"Do you see any other solution? She is old. Weak. The dungeons would be a worse punishment than death."
Keep looking at Rod.

Kilana [deathsinger] 298735

"I see.. I suppose all empires have a ruthless past. I can only hope they have moved on from such barbarian tactics.. What has their society like? Was it a caste system?"

DM 298737

"I just want to find a way out. I cannot go back to what I was. I…
…as Pumpkin said. I was shit. To the kinds I was tasked with protecting.
Just… make it as fast as you think I deserve."
She kneels down by the graves
"I'm so sorry… children…"
She glares at you
"One more word of him though in that insolent tone and you won't have a mouth to speak with."
She then walks to her bed and lets a shadow put a pillow under her face
The ponies? We do not know. We lived in the northern borderlands. No real cities. Only outposts. And we kept moving north after every battle…

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298738

"I…I can't stay for this… I'm sorry…"
Turn away.
Walk away.
Go home.

DM 298739

The sun is rising high
Does your heart feel better now?
Does it, Radiant?
Does it?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298740

How could it?!
If anything, it feels worse! Much worse!

Venia [Battlemage] 298741

I walk over there and pet her mane quietly. How does the shadow look? Angry? Sad?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298742

Stand unmovable besides her.
I've never killed anyone, not without an order.
She cared for me. She named me. Now she cannot live with the pain and I can't help her.
"I should have been a singer."
This is not a mission, right?
I can shed a tear.
What's the most painless and fast way to kill I know?

Kilana [deathsinger] 298743

"Ah.. well perhaps you have something else you can share with me.. did you king discover the secret to becoming a lich? "

DM 298746

A sad turn of events, indeed.
How long can you last like this?
You really pushed the exact wrong buttons…
Your mother taught it to you long ago.
A single stab to the throat.
"…no. You should have become somepony others would look up to. Somepony proper. Not a skulking thief. You had potential for more…
…I'm sorry I failed you."
Our king had many secrets. From his old age to his skills in creating… well.. us. He had a vault, hidden deep beneath the caves, where he kept his greatest secrets.

Venia [Battlemage] 298751

I sigh and stay by her side
Well done Venia. Way to let yourself go.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298752

I don't know.
Once home, find Celaire, and hug him immediately.
And keep holding him.
Try to find at least some peace from that.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Kilana [deathsinger] 298753

"So he didn't share his secrets with you?" we left those tunnels open for travel.. should be able to go back there someday. "Where was this vault? In his throne room?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298755

Right. We did it the first time we trained, when I tortured that ponnequin.
That was the first time she looked impressed.
"You did not fail me. I've a family now. A wife, a partner, a mother.
More ponies that you could ever imagine count on me, even if they don't know it.
I've cleaned the streets of the slums, found a job for everyone in the mines.
I'm helping the king build a better north and so is Peach.
You did not fail the two of us."

DM 298760

Valeriana slowly breathes into her pillow, then pats the bed
"…I don't want to be alone right now."
What peace can there be? Even if you can last like this for the rest of your life, are you even yourself any more? Or are you just some bloodthirsting demon-spawn? You know damn well he will kill that old mare. You left her to die. You are every bit as responsible for killing her as if she were dangling off a bridge and you walked away to let her fall.
Below the throne… and dragon… to open it, the scythe is needed.
"But I failed all of them…"
She looks at the graves
"…why do you torment me more? Why, Pumpkin?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298761

"Thank you Codar. Tell me.. are you comfortable in your new body?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298762

"I know…"
I crawl in bed next to her
"… I could call for Pumpkin instead…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298763

"I just hoped you would rethink this. I cannot take the decision for you."
Turn to Peach.
"This is not a mission, you don't have to see this."
Then, look at Spared Rod again with a grave face.
"Are you sure? I won't ask again."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298764

I think the tears can flow freely, no reason holding back.
"I'm so sorry… I couldn't save her… couldn't help her any way… I… I failed to save any of them…"

DM 298765

We find it… acceptable
"…I have nothing left. Just let me rest with the children."
Celaire holds you close
"We cannot always succeed. But we must not let failure kill out hope either…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298766

"But… I…I let him do it… I let Pumpkin kill her…"

Venia [Battlemage] 298767

"Alright then…"
Scoot a little closer and embrace her.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298768

The Northblade could do it.
The Northblade could kill her and go sleep tight in the embrace of his mares like it was nothing, forgetting about it the day after, never blaming himself.
But I'm a pony today.
Could I?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [deathsinger] 298769

"Anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"

DM 298770

"…we cannot be held accountable for the decisions of other… can we?"
"…finally you get the hint…"
Can you, Pumpkin?
Can you?
Give us a purpose. A mission.

Venia [Battlemage] 298772

"… My mind hasn't been quite up to speed lately."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298773

"No…but still… I… I was helpless to do anything. I didn't know what to, and now… now they are all dead… and I just feel worse than before…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298774

Sheate the blade. Stand up.
"Go away. Somewhere. Run. I don't fucking care. Do some good. Use the last few years you have left to help ponies. And when you do, tell them that Parsnip, that Apricot or some other one of those kids did it."
Turn around.
"Your life is not yours anymore, it belongs to them. So I cannot take it and neither can you."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298775

"A purpose? How about getting revenge on the Equestrians? They now threaten our homes and lives. They have us cornered and we don't intend to let them win so easily. Serve me as your master and help me further the strength of the north. I will form a dark academy to teach dark magic to our ponies, and we will safe guard that knowledge and study for the betterment of our future. How is that for a purpose? "

DM 298778

"I noticed…
…I could use a massage…"
"…we will need to find another way then. Something else you can do to help."
She says nothing. She simply stays t watch the graves.
We I will gladly guard that which the master wills us to.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298780

Well I don't care. Her life now. She wants to die, she can do it. Go back home.
"Did I go wrong there, Peach?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298781

"Of course."
Do as told, help her relax '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298782

"What could I do?…I can't do anything…anything but harm others…."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298787

"Good, then I will have you guard me and later on the dark academy. You're well equipped for this Codar. I'm sure you won't let me down." I smile proudly at him. Now.. I would normally show my teacher.. and I don't know what's going on up there.. so I'll just head up and see the door closed and maybe knock.

DM 298797

I… I really.. don't know.
…Is this what your days are like as a blade?"
She calms down a little as you ease her muscles
"I went out training with Pumpkin the other night you know. He wanted to learn archery…"
"Don't say that. If you do, you might just end up believing it, and making it true."
We will remain here until you ask us to go elsewhere.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298801

"No. Those are easier. When I wear the mask, I don't have to judge, only execute. That's good. I've trained all my life for that.
But choosing, killing someone or let them rot in their sadness… That's something I never had to do."

Venia [Battlemage] 298802

"… how did he fare? I've always been terrible at it myself."
Keep massaging her with my telekinesis while keeping her in a embrace

Kilana [deathsinger] 298803

"I'll come for you in the morning. We'll be going on a trip." Uh, are any of Valeriana's shadows downs here watching, aka does she know there is a Cerberus in her basement?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298805

"I just… I don't even know what to do anymore… I… I can't be really myself because I don't know who I really am."

DM 298807

"…I don't ever want to face a question like that on my own…"
"He did good after a while. He needs a certain kind of atmosphere to truly shine. So I shot both his wings. That really did bring out his will to win…"
She touches the cut on her cheek
She gave you some privacy. The closest shadow is hanging from a rafter outside the basement door
"I fear anything I say at this point will sound hollow and pointless.
But all I can suggest is that you truly ask yourself, what is it your heart desires, and do it."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298810

Listen to my heart.
My heart wants to remember…
Wants something…more.
Can I remember? Anything important?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298813

"Everypony has to. Is the price to pay for being alive. But I want to know what you feel, partner? Did I do the right thing now, here?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298814

I pause
"… well, I suppose our training methods do differ. Sunrise was already worried when I blasted apart a training dummy…"
I frown slightly
"… I'm really losing control a lot lately…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298817

Alright. I'll speak to her shadow. "My work is done. I've made lovely guardian. His name is Codar, Is it okay to leave him here over night?"

DM 298818

You may take 10 to remember a clue about a thing of your choice if you think you've suffered enough for now.
Or I can go with that 2
"…I think she should have been allowed to die."
"The damage isn't permanent. I wouldn't dream of ruining him.
…do you want to talk about your problem?"
"Feel free. The cellar is off limits to the everypony anyway. He will be safe."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298819

"Noted." Keep my head high and look forward.
"But she would have regretted it."

DM 298820

"The dead have no regrets, right?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298822

Only because I want to see Radiant mare up againbut I give you permission to use that 2 anytime later in exchange

DM 298823

This pact is sealed select what memory you want a clue about

Kilana [deathsinger] 298824

"Alright, thanks again for your help today." I leave her tower quietly. and go to my room. Got to clean myself up a bit. Its not too late for lunch right?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298825

Can I select any memory?One of the memories that made Radiant the most glad and happy?Even made her learn something new?

Venia [Battlemage] 298827

"I'll cope with it. Maybe the tournament will calm me down. Or maybe I should just get a couple of bottles of wine and get criminally drunk…"
I pause
"I wonder what it must be like… having wings I mean. Actual wings of flesh and bones. Being able to fly and feel the wind ruffling your feathers… a feeling of pure, unrestrained freedom. It must be really nice…"

DM 298830

State the memory for approval
Never too late for lunch my friend.
"I hear they are sensitive, fragile things."

Venia [Battlemage] 298831

"… so are horns. And eyes."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298832

"I do.
Maybe, just maybe, I don't want to kill a pony. Not yet."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298834

Celestia smiling at her for the first time? Complete with the utter filling joy she felt at that very moment?

DM 298845

"And many other things.
So I suppose you are right. Flight is a rather magical thing."
"…didn't you kill someone back when the spies turned on us?"
A dangerous memory. But if you so wish.
You get a flashback
A heavenly smile, upon the face of a white goddess, beaming down upon you
And your heart, aflutter with joy.

Kilana [deathsinger] 298846

Alright, then lets get cleaned up and see if we can still make lunch Winterbreeze.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298847

I stop crying and pause abruptly.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298848

"I killed many ponies if you count those. But that's not me, that's the mask, that's the greater good.
I never killed a pony."

DM 298852

She hurries along herself as well, certain she is late
"What is it my sun?"
…do you really think of yourself as two different ponies?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298853

"Although without my horn, I wouldn't be able to give you this massage either."
I nuzzle her neck and plant down some small kisses
"… nor would I be able to do other things."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298854

"I… I just saw… I just saw the most beautiful thing ever. And I felt… happy."

DM 298855

"…Are you trying to improve my mood with implications of sex or something?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 298856

"Hey girl!" I call over to her.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298858

But as long as I'm not allowing a kill to become something personal, I can say I've never killed."
Keep walking.
"After all, what's one more lie."

Venia [Battlemage] 298859

"I would not dare to do so. I'm just making an observation here, that's all. Discussing all things magic and all that is connected to it. You could say I've done quite the study on the subject of magic."

DM 298861

She sits down with you
"Hope I'm not too late?"
"A lot, partner. They do pile up. And then you lost sight of the truth…"
"They say that's something every Unicorn should do…
…I never bothered. I was always happy with what little I had in magic."

Kilana [deathsinger] 298864

"Not at all. Exciting morning then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 298869

"Well, you know some magic right? You already told me about the arrow and everything. And you told me how to resurrect somepony too. That's pretty magical if you ask me. Just different magic then what I use."

DM 298871

"Care to share?"
"A little busy. Had to check a few final things, and Nylis has gone off somewhere…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 298874

Smile at her.
Let's find mother. I have to tell her.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 298879

"I… It was a godess… and she was, she was… she was smiling at me in the most heart warming way and I… I felt just so… complete. Content…. Happy."

DM 298883



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