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FlutterDash Quest session 3 Completely Comfy 316793

Last time on FlutterDash Quest:
While having a fun night out drinking with your two favorite pegasus ponies, you had a couple of unexpected romantic encounters. First Fluttershy kissed you, then Dash later in the evening. Neither of them know about the other…yet.
We left off last time falling asleep on Fluttershy's couch next to a snoozing Rainbow Dash.

Completely Comfy 316803

You awaken with a slight headache from the night out of cider drinking. Dash is still sound asleep next to you, taking up most of the couch and covers despite being half your size. You can hear Fluttershy humming to herself and pots and pans clanging around in the kitchen.
You quietly slink off of the couch, careful not to wake up Dash and walk to the kitchen where Fluttershy greets you warmly.
"Oh, good morning, I hope you're hungry. I made chocolate chip waffles. Did you sleep well?"

Anonymous 316811

Would be good to talk about that kiss?

Anonymous 316815

"Very well, how was your sleep?"

Completely Comfy 316816


You consider talking to her about the kiss last night, but it might not be a great idea with Dash just in the other room. Even if she is the world's heaviest sleeper.
You nod yes, "how was your sleep?"
"Oh speaking of that, after I went to bed last night I found little Spike and Angel asleep together in my room. I had almost forgotten I had asked him to watch my pets last night! They looked soo cute together that I let Spikey stay until morning. When I was showing him out this morning I noticed you and Rainbow Dash sleeping on the couch together, is everything okay with your bed?"

<Spaghetti roll '1d10' with a reply>

Roll #1 2 = 2

Completely Comfy 316817

<oops disregard that roll>

Anonymous 316821

Session 3? When did number 2 happen and where can I find it?

Anonymous 316823

"Yeah, the couch was nice. By the way, Fluttershy you lasted even longer than dash last night, you're a tank."

session 2 is in the session 1 thread

Completely Comfy 316824


<I probably should have just made a new thread for session 2 in hindsight>

Completely Comfy 316829

>"Yeah, the couch was nice. By the way, Fluttershy you lasted even longer than dash last night, you're a tank."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Anonymous 316836

This is going pretty fast.

Completely Comfy 316840

Fluttershy is a little embarrassed at the compliment but you can tell she enjoys the praise.
"Oh yes, well, I was just happy to be having so much fun with my two very best friends."
She walks over and places some waffles down in front of you and give you a little peck on the cheek. Suddenly the intense kiss you gave her last night comes flooding back to you. Funny that this pony is giving your stomach butterflies.

About half way into your first waffle Dash trots in sporting an impressively messy bed head.
"Mornin" she yawns before giving you a playful little push. "I got some cloud work to take care of today, so I'm gonna take off. I'll catch you guys later."

>Fast forward through breakfast

>talk to Fluttershy about last night

Anonymous 316841

Talk to fluttershy more about last night

Completely Comfy 316843

<Hopefully not too fast. I wasn't trying to make a monster like Renne Quest, just a little something for fun>

Anonymous 316849

Tell Dash goodbye. Once she's left talk to Fluttershy about the kisses you shared with her last night.

I meant that I wasn't all that kissing by the second session. I'm not complaining, just saying that I was surprised.

Completely Comfy 316855

After the two of you say bye to Dash, Fluttershy comes and sits down next to you at the table with her own breakfast.
"So about that kiss last night, you and Dash have done so much for me since I've been here. It felt great to be able to share that with you last night. I really like you Fluttershy."
You think maybe you should have chosen better words but she grabs you in a giant pony hug before you have a chance to react.

"You really mean that?"

Anonymous 316859

Give her a big squeeze "Yeah"

Completely Comfy 316865

Returning the hug you simply whisper "yeah."
The two of you sit there for a moment just enjoying each other's caring embrace. Fluttershy is the one to break away from the hug, and pushing herself a little higher off of her seat with her two hooves she reaches your face and gives you a surprisingly passionate kiss. Helping her out, you scoop her up by her bottom and pull her up and closer. Fluttershy giggles at this and excitedly starts to ramble on out of nowhere,

"Oh my gosh I've never had a special some pony before. I can't wait to tell all my friends. Is it still a special some pony if you're not a pony? I hope they don't care about that. Oh no what will Rainbow think?"

>give her advice about what to do

>try and calm her down
>don't say anything

Anonymous 316868

Calm the flutterbutt down

Anonymous 316873

Calm her down, let's go slow.

Anonymous 316874

"What do you mean what will Rainbow think?"

Completely Comfy 316876

You try to calm her down


Roll #1 9 = 9

Completely Comfy 316886

You gently stroke her wings to try and calm her down and it seems to do the trick.

"I guess I'm just worrying a little too much again. Dash is always telling me lighten up and not sweat the small stuff."

>"What do you mean what will Rainbow think?"

"Well you and her are my very best friends. I know Dash cares about me so much, and, and" she lowers her head a little bit, still resting in your arms. "Do you think we should tell her right away?"

Anonymous 316890

Do we tell her that Dash has a soft spot for us?

Anonymous 316891

<Ugh this is a hard one>

I guess we should let her know.

Completely Comfy 316897

You decide to tell her that Dash kind of likes us too.
1=Hint at it
10=Full disclosure


Roll #1 9 = 9

Anonymous 316900

Looks like she's getting the full report

Anonymous 316902

Flutter9 Quest

Completely Comfy 316905


Before you answer her question you set her down and tell her about Dash giving you a kiss last night, not leaving out hardly a single detail. Strangely enough she doesn't seem that upset by it. She just sits there with a blank expression, and kind of…smiling?
You consider apologizing for the "incident" but she again cuts you off,

"I've known Rainbow since I was just a little filly. Growing up, we've shared almost everything together. If Dashie likes you too, then I just hope you have a big enough heart for the both of us." She reaches in a gives you another big hug.

Anonymous 316908

But what will Dash think?

Anonymous 316914

Will she really be okay with that?

Completely Comfy 316925

You're not really sure how to feel about this, but you have to admit that you do care about both these ponies a lot. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?


You ask her if Dash will be alright with this.

"Well we don't have to tell her just yet. You two can go off and have fun together and we'll let her know when she seems ready. She's really more sensitive then she lets on." You think it's pretty cute the way Fluttershy is actually trying to defend Dash's feelings instead of the other way around, so you agree to let Dash know eventually but not just yet.

Completely Comfy 316927

Fast forward to a couple days from now. You've just spent a day working on AJ's farm for a couple extra bits to help out around the house. You arrive back at Fluttershy's cottage and find a bandaged up Dash having her wings preened by Fluttershy.

>Laugh at the two of them, they make quite a scene

>Ask what happened and why Fluttershy is doing that for her
>Worriedly ask if Dash is okay

Anonymous 316928

"Have you ever thought about Dash in 'that way?'"

Anonymous 316930

>we've shared almost everything together
Should we ask how she would feel about sharing one thing mo-


Option 2 and option 4.

Completely Comfy 316933

<Let's just say you didn't want to ask her that just yet>

Anonymous 316934

1 and 2

Anonymous 316936

Ask if Dash is okay

Anonymous 316939

>Option 2 and option 4.
And by that I mean ask what happened and why Fluttershy is doing that for her, and start preening the other wing.

Anonymous 316940

<aw, I was kinda hoping for the preening to go the other way around>

1,2,3 combo

Anonymous 316941

>start preening the other wing
lets hope anon knows enough about that to help
should we roll for it?

Anonymous 316942

Never roll unless a roll is called. The RNG has been nice so far but that can change on a dime.

Anonymous 316944


Completely Comfy 316946

You can't help but let out a hearty chuckle at the two of them but they seem too preoccupied to notice.

You ask in a concerned tone "What happened? What are you doing exactly?"

Dash explains to you while wearing a painful grimace "I was trying a new - OUCH- softer Fluttershy"


"I was trying a new trick and it didn't work out so well. And I did -ahaHh- I did NOT want to spend a few days in the hospital again. Besides, Fluttershy here is great at fixing up cuts and bruises."

"But what is she doing to your wing?" you asked still confused.

"Oh that. My wings got a little ruffled after she bandaged me up so she's putting them pack in place for me-EEE OW."


"Need some help with that?"

<first 3 rolls of 1d10 for Dash's reaction, need a 10 to get her permission, 20+ for her to be ecstatic about it.>

Anonymous 316950

<hold on to your butts>


Roll #1 6 = 6

Completely Comfy 316951

<And then everyone disappeared>
<rolling for the sake of time>


Roll #1 6 = 6


Here goes nothing

Roll #0 2 = 2

Anonymous 316954


Anonymous 316955

Might try too.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Anonymous 316956

Anonymous 316957

Oh shit, fuck the refresh.

Completely Comfy 316960


"Yeahhh, sure. Why not. Just be careful alright, it doesn't normally hurt but I fell on my wings pretty hard."

You look at Fluttershy carefully using her mouth to clean and place the feathers in a row. It doesn't look so hard.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Completely Comfy 316962

<9 quest continues>

Taking a seat on the other side of Dash, you delicately grab one of her out of place feathers and move it back into alignment while gently running your thumb and forefinger along it's length.
Dash breathes a sigh of relief, "h-hey you're not too bad at this." Fluttershy turns and smiles at you with a mouth full of blue feathers and Dash slouches a little, seeming to become a lot more relaxed.

A few moments later you're nearly done. Dash perks up and asks, "hey, after you guys are done, you want to go do out and do something again?"

"Oh I don't know Rainbow," Fluttershy squeaks, "I'm awfully busy today cleaning up the house and lawn. My little animals can make such a mess."

>Coax Fluttershy to come out again

>one on one time with Dash

Anonymous 316963

Lets get some alone-time with Dash

Anonymous 316964

Time with Dash!

Anonymous 316966

Give Rainbow Dash the D

Completely Comfy 316968

"Oh alright Fluttershy. I guess it's just going to be me and the master fingerer here." You decide not to tell Dash about that word's other possible connotation. "So where do you want to go? See a movie? Grab something to eat? Go bowling?" (Something else?)

<It's too soon for Delicate belly rubbing>

Anonymous 316970

Bowling sounds fun.

Anonymous 316971

Frisbee in the park?

Anonymous 316972

One of these

Completely Comfy 316974




Roll #1 1 = 1

Completely Comfy 316977

"Bowling sounds fun"

"Alright! I haven't done that in forever. Hey Fluttershy, do you have a shirt I could borrow to cover up my bandaged wings?" Fluttershy nods, quickly running off and returning with a yellow shirt with frilly pink butterflies around the edges. "Ehh, alright. thanks Fluttershy."
Dash slips on the shirt, secretly turning to you and pointing a hoof at her mouth while making a gag noise. The two of you laugh, and Fluttershy sees you off as the two of you make your way out the door.

<Would you guys like to stop here for the night or finish up with our date with Dash? I can keep going for an hour or so>

Anonymous 316981

I should go to bed but I'll try to stay if the others agree.

Anonymous 316983

I can go for another hour if the others are willing.

Completely Comfy 316984

<Okay, I'll keep goin then>

Completely Comfy 316985

You arrive at the bowling alley just as it begins to get dark out. Dash seems a little annoyed at having to walk everywhere since her wings got hurt; she's usually hovering around everywhere.
It's not very crowded today, and you pretty much have the building all to yourselves. You grab some hay fries at the concession stand, pick a lane, and head over to start your game.

Dash puts herself in the computer first, and bowls a strike off the bat.

"Still got it" she says casually rubbing a hoof against her chest.

You're up
<Taking the first 1d10 roll to determine pins>
<I'll just do this once to get a feel of how good you are>

Anonymous 316986



Roll #1 9 = 9

Anonymous 316987

File: 1359085658522.jpg (85.76 KB, 500x487, 1357164358412.jpg)

Anonymous 316988

Aw yiss.

Completely Comfy 316989

<The legend of the 9 Quest>

Anonymous 316990

9Quest continues

Completely Comfy 316994

You knock over the first nine pins and pick up the spare pretty easily. You can tell Dash looks a little surprised but is trying not to show it.

"Looks like I'll actually have some competition," she says smugly.

You're about half way through your game when you notice the place has gotten even emptier in the last 20 minutes or so. Just as Dash steps up to take her turn the lights in the entire place flicker and shut off leaving the two of you in complete darkness.

"Hey what gives?" You hear the angry thud of Dash's bowling ball hit the floor as she yells angrily into the darkness to turn the lights back on.
A few seconds later some emergency lights turn on, dimly lighting up the bowling alley.
A deep voice comes on over some loud speakers telling you they just had a power outage and things should be back up and running momentarily.

"Jussst great. Don't think this gets you off the hook, I was totally going to crush you this game," Dash says as she walks over and plops down next to you in the seats.

This might be a good time to talk about a few things
>Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>Talk about you and Fluttershy
>Don't mention any of that

Anonymous 316997

ask about the kiss

Anonymous 316998

Ask her about that kiss.

Anonymous 316999

Talk about the kiss!

Anonymous 317000

talk about the kiss first
we can bring up Fluttershy depending on how she answers

Completely Comfy 317002


You and Dash sit quietly for a few minutes, just waiting. She looks kind of adorable in that girly yellow shirt Fluttershy lent her, which reminds you of how cute she looked the other night lying in bed next to you when she kissed you.

"Hey Dash, do you remember a few night ago after I brought you home from the cider bar, when we were laying in bed and one thing led to another and-"


Roll #1 4 = 4

Anonymous 317003

File: 1359086842766.jpg (17.28 KB, 193x243, WORRY.jpg)

Completely Comfy 317005

>moderate spaghetti

"You mean that WASN'T a dream?" A worried expression spreads across her very red face. "Oh Celestia what have I done." Dash begins to sob gently into her hooves. I guess she really is sensitive on the inside.

>Comfort her

>ask her if that's really how she feels
>tell her that you like her, too
>something else

Anonymous 317006

1 and 3

Anonymous 317007

>Comfort her
>ask her if that's really how she feels
>tell her that you like her, too

In that order.

Anonymous 317010

I like this idea.

Anonymous 317011

1 and 2
might want to hold off on 3 until we've told her about Fluttershy

Completely Comfy 317017


You tell her not to cry and place a hand on back.

"Oh sorry, I forgot" you apologize quickly pulling your hand back.
"Is that really how you feel? I'm not the best with words but I really like you that way too, Dash."
She stops crying and without a word reaches around behind your neck, jerking you in close for an unexpected kiss. Not wanting to hurt her back again, you return the kiss but sit with your arms out as she clings onto you.

She pulls back from your face, her eyes a little red but grinning now. "Oh just hold me you jerk."
You reach over and grab Dash's lower back very carefully while pulling her onto your lap. She chuckles and lunges at you for another kiss as the lights in the whole place burst back on all at once
The two of you barely notice.

>tell her about Fluttershy now

>tell her later and just finish bowling

Completely Comfy 317019

<place a hand on her back*> sorry

Anonymous 317020

I think we should do it, she has the right to know.

Anonymous 317023

we should tell her now
putting it off could have…unforeseen consequences

Anonymous 317024

Anonymous 317025

Tell her now. What could possibly go wrong?

Completely Comfy 317033


After a few minutes of enjoying each other, Dash slides off of your lap and nods over to the bowling lane, "Well we still have a game to finish." Dash takes her turn and bowls a three but barely seems to care. She looks like she's walking on clouds, well at least in a happier way than usual.

Before you take your turn, you decide to tell Dash about you and Fluttershy, telling her about the kiss she gave you at the bar, and then about how she's even willing to share you with her. As you sit their explaining things to Dash you realize you're starting to love the idea of being with both these ponies at once.
You sure hope Dash sees it that way.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Anonymous 317035

I'm gonna need two dicks for this one.

Anonymous 317036

Aw yeah! Shame I need to go to bed. Will read it tomorrow.

Anonymous 317038

Completely Comfy 317044

"Wow, Fluttershy really cares about both of us that much to let us do that?" Dash plops down right on the floor, shocked by the proposal.
She holds a piece of her yellow and pink shirt in her hoof, just thinking and staring at it for a second before looking back up to you.
"Well if Fluttershy is okay with it. I mean she's such an awesome friend, I don't know what I'd do without her."

"So you're okay with this?" You ask, a little amazed she took the news so well.

"Okay? This is going to be AWESOME. I was afraid she might be upset but you're even caring for Fluttershy too?" Dash is excitedly trotting in place now. "Oh man I can't wait to tell everyone, I mean you're almost as cool as I am, this is so awesome."

Laughing a bit at her little display you calm her down and finish the game.
<Let's see if Dash could beat your 9>

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Anonymous 317053

<ah, should have made a bet with dash for something, like the loser has to do something for the winner, but I guess it's too late now>

Completely Comfy 317054


It was a close match, but your back to back strikes at the end won you the match. Dash even took a break from her excited rambling about the two of you to actually look upset that she lost.
You only bowled one game but it was getting kind of late, so the two of you headed back to Fluttershy's cottage for the night. Dash was pretty excited and a little nervous to tell Fluttershy the news that she was happy with their unusual arrangement.
She even had a few butterflies of her own in her stomach.

Completely Comfy 317057

File: 1359089221278.png (293.25 KB, 1015x1024, 8.png)

<Oh that's a good idea for next time perhaps>

And that's all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed it.

I'm thinking this Sunday evening for the next session if that's good with anyone still hanging around.

Anonymous 317061

>Sunday evening

Oh man I'm so happy. I am gonna be gone all weekend so I thought I was gonna miss the next one. I'll be there.

Anonymous 317074

I had fun.

Completely Comfy 322727

<Next session will be tomorrow, Monday evening instead. Can't do it tonight, sorry!>

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