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FlutterDash Quest session 1 Completely Comfy 312047[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to the first session of FlutterDash Quest in which you are anon attempting to form a cute 3 way relationship with Fluttershy and Dash.

I'll basically be modelling this after Aspirant's Quests in terms of how it will work. If you're unfamiliar with those, it's basically just going to be an interactive story with input from the questers about what anon should do with the occasional rolling/voting to determine special actions.
This is my first time running something like this so please pardon any little mistakes or slowness.

Completely Comfy 312049

You wake up to a particularly cold winter day, resting in bed in Fluttershy's cottage. As you lie there just thinking about the last three months you've spent in Equestria, you realize it still feels like you've only just arrived. You don't really remember how you got here, or much of your life before waking up just outside of Ponyville, but living among these ponies in this new world has been pretty exciting.
It's a good thing Fluttershy and Dash were there that day when you wandered into town. They handled seeing a human for the first time pretty well, all things considered, though thinking back on it that may have been mostly Fluttershy. She was the one who let you stay in her cottage and feed you after all, but Dash was always over visiting and keeping you company. This last thought makes you smile, it's no wonder the three of you became such fast friends.
But no time to sit around all day, Fluttershy said she's cooking a big breakfast this morning in preparation for your trip with her and Dash to see the butterfly migration.
You get dressed and head downstairs. Fluttershy sees you and smiles while carrying a bottle of maple syrup in her mouth to the table. Dash is already half way through her pancakes and tries to yell "hey" to you with a mouthful, but just ends up spraying bits of pancake everywhere. You take a seat as Fluttershy sets the syrup down and asks "Are you excited for a big trip today?"

Anonymous 312051


*Anon shoves Fluttershy aside and takes his seat to begin munching on pancakes*

Anonymous 312053

so it ends with a threesome?

Completely Comfy 312056

It could!

Anonymous 312059

"You bet. How bout you, Dash?"

Anonymous 312060

"Am I! By the way, these pancakes look great, Fluttershy."

Anonymous 312062

"It'll be my first butterfly migration watch here, of course I'm excited!"

Joseph Smith 312065

Two is not enough.

Anonymous 312068

"Sure. Are the butterflies coming or going?"
Should we ask if there are margarineflies as well? This is Equestria, after all.

Completely Comfy 312069


Dash finishes her last big bite of pancake before speaking this time, "Well the last couple of trips have been pretty boring, but at least you're coming this time so that's pretty cool."

You kind of wonder why she would bother going with Fluttershy more than once if she didn't like it but you let it be.

"By the way, these pancakes are great Fluttershy."

Fluttershy blushes a little, "Oh they're nothing special, just a little recipe I got from Pinkie. Next time I might even try adding some carrots, wouldn't that taste good?" You decide not to answer that one.

The three of you talk for a bit about the day you have planned while finishing up breakfast. Fluttershy asks for some help carrying her picnic basket and then you all head out the door.

It's about a mile walk to the migration site, what do you want to talk about?

>talk to Dash on the way about something

>talk to Fluttershy on the way about something

Anonymous 312070

"Well, Dash, you must like butterflies since you keep coming back to watch."

Anonymous 312071

Ask Fluttershy where the butterflies are migrating to.

Completely Comfy 312072

>"Well, Dash, you must like butterflies since you keep coming back to watch."

"Yeah they're alright I guess. They can fly at least so they could be more boring."
Dash seems to be entertaining herself well enough on the walk and his humming herself a little tune. I don't think she quite caught the drift of your question.

>"Where are the butterflies even going Fluttershy?"

"Oh I'm happy you asked, these are actually a rare breed of Danaus plexippus that migrate north for the winter in large numbers but only on odd numbered years, isn't that exciting?"

Anonymous 312073

"Do they go further south on the even numbered years?"

Anonymous 312075

Ask Fluttershy a bit more about the butterflies, like what they're up to the rest of the time.

Maybe go over to Dash and start humming our own tune just to play with her a bit

Anonymous 312082

Ask Dash if she's ever accidentally swallowed a bug while flying around.

Completely Comfy 312085

>"Do they go further south on the even numbered years?"

"Maybe! aren't butterflies neat?"
You get the feeling she could talk about them for hours, so you're not sure how in depth you want to get into with that.

You go over to Dash and try to hum along with her, but you're not very good at it. After a minute of trying you both laugh at your musical attempt.

After walking and listening to Fluttershy talk about butterflies for what seemed like hours, you arrive at the clearing. There aren't very many butterflies here yet, so the three of you set up the blanket and sit in the warm sun to relax.

Anonymous 312086

Is it legal to keep a small butterfly in your house like a dog

Completely Comfy 312094


"Are you two hungry yet?" Fluttershy asks while pointing to the picnic basket. "I brought some cucumber and carrot sandwiches while we wait."

This prompts you to ask Dash if she's ever accidentally eaten a bug while flying. She stares at you for a second blankly before cracking up laughing.

Anonymous 312095

Challenge Dash to an arm/hoof wrestle while waiting for the butterflies to arrive.

Anonymous 312098

"Don't laugh. The monarch butterfly is incredibly poisonous. Right, Fluttershy?"

Anonymous 312099

Bet Dash that the winner gets the other's sandwich

Completely Comfy 312103

To pass the time you challenge Dash to a hoof wrestling match, what could go wrong?
"You're on" Dash replies while quickly flying over to a suitable rock to use as a table.
Fluttershy claps her hooves together excitedly and grabs a sandwich for herself before plopping down next to the two of you for a good view.

"3, 2, 1, GO" Dash yells putting all her strength into her tiny foreleg."
Holy hell she's stronger than she looks, she slams your arm down lightning fast before raising both of hers in victory.

"Ow" you utter
"uh hehe, oops" Dash says a little embarrassed.

After that fiasco, you and Dash have your sandwiches, too. At this point it's getting a little cold out so the three of you get under the blanket and cuddle on the grass, one pony on each side of you.
Fluttershy is beginning to look a little worried, "I know they should have come through here by now."

>Say something to comfort her?

Anonymous 312106

"Knowing this town, it's probably some magical disaster that we'll be able to solve in thirty minutes with the power of friendship. Want to go check it out?"

Completely Comfy 312112

>"Knowing this town, it's probably some magical disaster that we'll be able to solve in thirty minutes with the power of friendship. Want to go check it out?"

"Oh no I hope nothing happened to them that would be awful. Let's just wait and see if they'll come I know they will…"

With the sun beginning to set, you and Dash look at each other and frown. Fluttershy looks all but hopeful as she sits there with the blanket pulled up to her neck.

Suddenly a burst of colorful flapping butterflies emerges from the tree line and flies across the view of the setting sun.
Fluttershy lets out a relieved sigh as she squeezes your side with her hooves."I knew they'd come!"
Dash just stares open mouthed for a bit, "whoa, they look awesome at sunset."

The butterflies continue to flock across the sky for hours as the three of you sit under cover and just watch. Dash has already fallen asleep face down on your stomach but Fluttershy is still watching intently.

>Time to hit the hay or keep watching with Fluttershy?

Anonymous 312114

"Do you have something special for butterflies? You know, considering your cutie mark and all."

Anonymous 312115

Keep watching

Maybe rub Dash's back a bit

Anonymous 312118

Keep watchin'.

Completely Comfy 312124

>"Do you have something special for butterflies? You know, considering your cutie mark and all."

"Well when I was just a little filly, I fell a long way from a cloud in the sky. Just before I hit the ground a group of butterflies caught me!" Fluttershy turns her gaze from the view to turn and smile at you, "actually that was around when I met Rainbow Dash and-" she gets interrupted by a loud snore from the snoozing pegasus and you both quietly snicker.
You reach over and scratch Dash's belly and she quiets down while smiling in her sleep.

"-And we've been best friends ever since."
Fluttershy reaches over and gives Dash's wings a rub as well.

You decide to keep watching the butterflies a little while longer even though their numbers are starting to dwindle. With Fluttershy wrapped tightly around you for warmth, you are having a pretty good time.

After a few minutes Fluttershy looks up to you without breaking her hug, "I haven't felt as close to a friend like Dash until you arrived. You're not going to leave us anytime soon are you?"

Anonymous 312125

"Of course not. I'd never leave you… or Dash."

Wf+6 312126

Give her the grin.

"Oh I imagine I'll have to abandon you immediately… unless you keep making picnic baskets just like that one."

Anonymous 312127

Scratch her ears.
"Of course not."

Completely Comfy 312133

>"Oh I imagine I'll have to abandon you immediately… unless you keep making picnic baskets just like that one."

She actually gives you a startled look for a second before realizing you were just joking. She playfully nibbles at your hand in retaliation.

Pretty soon she's fallen asleep as well and you pass out soon After

You're the first to wake up. Dash is practically sideways on top of both you and Fluttershy and you careful roll her off of you, not that there's any waking her up.

You nudge Fluttershy awake and the two of you start to clean and pack up. by the time you're nearly finished Dash wakes up. "Oh morning already? Oh thanks for cleaning up you guys. You really should have just let the hoof wrestling loser do it Fluttershy."

Anonymous 312135

Challenge her to a wrestling match to preserve our honor.

Anonymous 312136

"Next time you'll be the loser. We'll see who's laughing then."

Completely Comfy 312139

Still a little sore from yesterday, you decide not to push your luck

>"Next time you'll be the loser. We'll see who's laughing then."

"Haha, big talk for a human."

"Dash you didn't even know what a human was until a few months ago."

She just sticks her tongue out at you at this remark, and goes over to help Fluttershy finish up packing. After that's done the three of you head out on your way back to town.

The three of you arrive back at Fluttershy's cottage and you go up to your room to wash up. On the way home Fluttershy said she's staying in tonight, but Dash said she wants to go out. They each invited you to join them, so who do you want to spend the night with?

Anonymous 312141

Flip a coin, it's only fair

Anonymous 312144

I agree. 1 for Fluttershy and 2 for Dash.

Completely Comfy 312147

Being terribly indecisive you flip a coin


Roll #1 2 = 2

Completely Comfy 312149

"Alright!" Dash yells showing no concern over containing her excitement."

"I was pretty tired after yesterday anyways," Fluttershy yawns. "You two have fun tonight."

You and Dash head on outside and let Fluttershy be.
"So where do you wanna go tonight?!

Anonymous 312152

We could get smashed on some hard cider.

Completely Comfy 312154

You ask Dash if she wants to grab some cider with you.
"What like a date?" she asks

Anonymous 312156

"Well, if you put it like that…"

Completely Comfy 312159


>"Well, if you put it like that…"


Roll #1 9 = 9

Anonymous 312163

Looks promising?

Completely Comfy 312164


Dash is taken aback by your coy reaction and loses track of her words trying to respond. "I uh didn't- I mean you wouldn't - but yeah okay that sounds fun…I'll pick you up at 8:00, I mean you know so we can go drinking cause-"

Blushing furiously at this point she just screams "Okay BYE" and flies off.
"I didn't realize she liked me that way" you think to yourself. Then it dawns on you. You kind of like her that way too. Is that weird? I mean you've heard Rarity yammer on about how pony and dragon relationships are perfectly natural so what's the difference?

Well, I guess tonight you have a date with a pony.

Anonymous 312166

Oh jeez, I kinda feel bad about fluttershy now.

Completely Comfy 312167

And I know it's only been a couple hours but going to stop for the night, I gotta be up early.

I'll be starting back up tomorrow afternoon around 5:00pm and we can have a full session unless you guy(s) can't make it.

Thanks for coming

Anonymous 312169

Thanks for doing this, it was fun

Anonymous 312173

This was fun.

Completely Comfy 312924

<Bit bogged down in work today, will resume tomorrow at the same time, sorry!>

FlutterDash Quest session 2 Completely Comfy 314172

<Quick Recap>
Yesterday you went to see the Butterfly Migration with Dash and Fluttershy. After a sore defeat in a hoof wrestling competition versus Dash, the three of you watched the butterflies again the setting sun and into the night, falling asleep next to each other.

After you got back, you sort of asked Dash out on a date to go out drinking with you. Now you're waiting at Fluttershy's for her to come pick you up.

Anonymous 314182

See what Fluttershy's doing while we wait.

FlutterDash Quest session 2 Completely Comfy 314187


It's nearly nightfall so Dash is probably going to be here soon. You hope she didn't get cold feet after the way she kind of left in a hurry earlier.
Fluttershy is fixing herself and a few animal friends some food before bed.
"Would you like a little snackie before you go out with Rainbow Dash? What are you two going to do anyways?"

Anonymous 314197

"We are going out to get a drink"

Anonymous 314199

"We're going out for some cider."
Don't forget to pocket some bits to pay for the drinks.

Anonymous 314200

Good idea

Completely Comfy 314202

"We're just going out for a few drinks"

"Well don't drink too much, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my favorite little critter," Fluttershy says jokingly. She walks up to you and plants a kiss on your cheek before going back to making her snack.
The awkward moment is interrupted by a soft knock at the door. Before you have a chance to answer it, Dash swings the door open and walks through. She's wearing a tiny white skirt that suits her blue body pretty well.

"You ready to go or what?"

Completely Comfy 314203

<I forgot to add you had already pocketed some bits earlier and are good to go for the night>

Anonymous 314204

"Well you look nice tonight. Dressed up for the occasion?"

Completely Comfy 314216

"Yeah, yeah. It's just something Rarity gave me, gotta get some use out of it I guess."

Fluttershy overhears the two of you talking and walks in. She sees Dash dressed up for the evening and begins to look a little flustered. She immediately looks down and starts pawing at the ground with her hoof.
"Oh hi Dashie, what a lovely skirt."
Dash notices her acting little more shy than usual. "You can come out with us too you know, we're just going for a few drinks."
"Oh I don't know, I have to watch over my animal friends and it's getting so late…"

>Coax her into coming out with us?

>Let her stay in and have some one on one time with Dash?

Anonymous 314217

"Come on and join us, we can get spike to look after your pets."

Anonymous 314218

coax, it can't be too late for drinks you know

Anonymous 314221

Invite her along.

Completely Comfy 314224


"Come on out with us, I bet we can get Spike to look after your friends for the night. It'll be fun."

"Well…okay. though I can't remember the last time I actually went out for cider at night. But if I'm going with you I know I'll have a good time."

Fluttershy smiles and runs excitedly upstairs to grab a few of her things. Dash peaks around the corner to make sure she's left the room before whispering to you "she's kind of a light weight, so keep an eye on her okay?"

Anonymous 314227

"Got it…wait, you saying you're a heavyweight?"

Completely Comfy 314230

>"Got it…wait, you saying you're a heavyweight?"


Roll #1 1 = 1

Anonymous 314232

suddenly I regret everything

Anonymous 314233

>and then Dash kicks us in the balls

Anonymous 314234

Completely Comfy 314242

Dash just stares at you with a completely blank face. I don't think she got the joke.

Fluttershy comes trotting down the stairs not a moment later wearing a similar looking white skirt and small saddle bag. Dash sees this and chuckles a bit.

Anonymous 314243


Completely Comfy 314244

You tell Fluttershy she looks lovely in her skirt and she sheepishly tries to return the compliment before realizing that you obviously are not also wearing a skirt.

The three of you finally head out for the evening, stopping off at Twilight's to ask Spike to watch Fluttershy's animals for the evening. Fortunately it was either that or categorize Twilight's checklists, so Spike gladly takes the job.

Where would you like to go have some cider?

>local cider pub

>at Sweet Apple Acres
>buy some and go off on your own

Anonymous 314245

<y-you too, haha you're not bad at this>

I say go to the pub.

Anonymous 314246

head for the pub

Completely Comfy 314247


You lead the way to the local cider pub. It's not terribly crowded and the three of you easily find a cozy booth and place an order for 3 hard ciders. Fluttershy and Dash sit next to each other, and you across from them. The two of them look kind of nervous, I guess you've never really been out drinking together.

Maybe you should break the ice

Anonymous 314249

"So I don't think I've ever heard how you two met each other"

Completely Comfy 314252

The drinks arrive pretty quickly and interrupt and the unusually awkward moment. The three of you down them pretty quickly before ordering another round and you start to feel a lot better. Dash starts to ruffle Fluttershy's mane playfully a bit and they both laugh.

>"So I don't think I've ever heard how you two met each other"

"I told you about that yesterday when Dash was sleeping on you!" Dash rolls her eyes as if to argue that she wasn't.

"But I've never heard the story from Dash's point of view"

"What's there to say? I saw another filly who was being picked on and I wasn't about to sit there and let that happen." Fluttershy gives her a thankful hug. She squeezes a bit too hard and Dash let's out a loud belch, which causes you all to crack up.

Completely Comfy 314254

<let's see how drunk everyone is>


'r2 1d10-2'

'r3 1d10'

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #3 10 = 10

Completely Comfy 314255

<oops, Fluttershy actually rolled an 8 minus 2 so she's tied with Dash>
<Look at anon though, what a champ>

Anonymous 314256

<higher is more or less drunk?>

Completely Comfy 314257

<higher is less drunk>

Completely Comfy 314258

After a few rounds, you're not feeling much of anything, but Fluttershy and Dash seem a little woozy. They both claimed it was "too cold" on their side of the both and swapped over to sit on either side of you.
Dash starts to tell you another story about her training days at the Wonderbolts Academy using the empty bottles as props.

Fluttershy seems pretty entranced by it all.
>Do you want to keep drinking or take it slow?

Anonymous 314259

Drink a tiny bit, but not too much. We promised Dash we would look out for Fluttershy, but if this keeps going as it's going we will have to make sure Dash is ok as well.

Anonymous 314260

Keep going, we're doing fine
Order some fries or nachos or something to share

Completely Comfy 314262

You order more drinks and some hay fries to share.
You realize it's actually not very cold at all in the pub, and the warmth from the two ponies sitting up against you causes you to feel a little warm, but the cold cider is a nice reprieve from that. Besides, you're enjoying sitting so close to both them at the same time. They are the two most adorable ponies you've ever seen in those matching skirts.
"I thought this was supposed to be a date with just Dash," you think to yourself.

<Drunk Check>

'r2 1d7'

'r3 1d8'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 6 = 6

Anonymous 314267

"You alright there, Dash?"

Completely Comfy 314270

You're starting to feel the cider, and the two of them are even slurring a bit so it's definitely hitting them.
You find yourself getting more intimate with both of them, too, with both your arms around the two tiny pegasi.
"I can't remember the last time I had this much fun" Fluttershy manages to squeak out. I think she gets even quieter when she's drinking.
Dash replies, "I can't remember the last time you drank this much." Not that she's looking much better.

>"You alright there, Dash?"
"Hey you're talking to the Iron Pony, I can go all-" She passes out face first into the bowl of hay fries in front of her.
"I guess she really does do everything fast" you joke to Fluttershy. You both start to giggle when Fluttershy suddenly leans in and kisses you softly on the lips before pulling back.

Anonymous 314273

"Now that was fast."

Anonymous 314274

"You don't waste time…"

Anonymous 314276

<it's kinda hard to tell if I should be responding to these or not>

Anonymous 314277

"Fluttershy, are you alright"

Completely Comfy 314278

<Oh don't feel like you have to wait for me to give you a prompt, input is always great to steer the direction of the quest, but I'll try harder to make it more apparent>

Completely Comfy 314282

"Whoa, that was fast too. Fluttershy are you alright?"
"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to. You just seemed so happy and you were laughing and I felt good and I just wanted to see I mean It's not like I've thought about this before but you felt so good sitting next to me and…"

>Kiss her back

>Hug her

Anonymous 314286

Anonymous 314287


Anonymous 314288

Do other things. Grown-up things.

Anonymous 314289

>Not rolling spaghetti checks

Roll #1 9 = 9

Anonymous 314291

Kiss her AND hug her.

Anonymous 314292

Kiss her back!

Anonymous 314293



we should wake up Dash with an impromptu 3way kiss!

Anonymous 314296

Wow, this quest seemed to blow up in the span of one post.

Anonymous 314298

Horny sells.

Anonymous 314299

let's not get crazy here

Completely Comfy 314300

<haha good call. I will accept this roll>

You confidently lean in and return the kiss, interrupting her apology. She braces herself placing her hooves back against the tiny booth while raising her head to meet your lips. You reach around behind her to pull her in closer and you can feel her feathery wings trembling the tiniest bit.

Anonymous 314301

Stroke her wings. Try to calm her down.

Completely Comfy 314305

Without breaking away from the kiss, you gently stroke her shivering wings. She lets out a tiny moan of pleasure and the wings unfold to their full length in an instant. Stretching up and outwards, her wings gently fall on your shoulders and wrap around your neck. Having the soft yellow wings embracing you is indescribably soothing. You hope this embraces never ends.

Anonymous 314306

inb4 Dash wakes up and sees

Anonymous 314308

I want it to happen.

Completely Comfy 314313

You break away from her mouth and smile, her wings still wrapped around you.
"I guess we should probably get Dashie home." You'd nearly forgotten she was passed out next to you in the booth.
"Oh, right."

You gently pick up Dash and rest her on your shoulder. Damn, Pegasi are pretty heavy after they've been drinking all night. You pay the tab and begin the short walk home. You hardly notice Dash's cute snoring as you enjoy the stars and full moon. Fluttershy can't help but constantly nuzzle up against you on the long walk home.

After getting back home, Fluttershy gives you a playful lick goodnight, before retreating back to her room.

"mmmmm can you spend the night with me, I'm cold" you hear Dash mumble half asleep as you set her down on the couch.

>Snuggle with Dash

>Go to Fluttershy's room
>Go to your own room and sleep alone

Completely Comfy 314314

><Long walk home, short walk home>

Anonymous 314315

We can snuggle with dash for a bit

Anonymous 314318

spend the night with Dash
I think we've earned enough Fluttershy points for now

Completely Comfy 314322

After setting Dash down on the couch, you carefully remove her skirt and set it down on the floor. She'd probably be angry if she got it all wrinkled, even if she'd never admit to caring about style. After grabbing a blanket from the closet, you scooch in behind her with your back up against the couch and toss the covers over the both of you.
Suddenly she does a 180 and flips herself over. You can feel her breathing up against your face as she places a hoof over you.

>Nudge her awake

>accept it and try and sleep

Anonymous 314325

put your hand over her and nap

Anonymous 314326

Wait for her to be sleep and then go home, it wouldn't be good to kiss Dash the same night we kiss Fluttershy.

Anonymous 314327

accept it and try to sleep

Anonymous 314328

>kiss her on the hoof and g2sleep

Anonymous 314329

Cuddle. Cuddle intimately.

Anonymous 314331

With little hearts and rose petals descending from somewhere.

Completely Comfy 314335

You place your arm over her as well before closing your eyes to try and get some sleep.
"ʰᵉʸ, ʸᵒᵘ ᵃʷᵃᵏᵉ?" you hear her whisper.
"Yeah, carrying your fat ass home really woke me" you say smirking.
Dash, not really knowing how to react having bragged earlier about her drinking stamina just gives you an angry little glare.
"Aww I'm just teasing yo-" Dash leans in and plants a sloppy wet kiss on your lips. Before you can react you feel all her legs and wings envelope around you in an instant.
She breaks away from the kiss, but keeps her face up against yours breathing quite heavily now.
"I'm not THAT fat"

Completely Comfy 314336

>woke me up*

Anonymous 314337

"Yeah you are" and then tickle her belly.

Anonymous 314339

Oh well, kiss her back then!

Anonymous 314340

"Nah, you're not."
Kiss her again.

Anonymous 314341

those plush lips say otherwise~
rolling to keep spaghetti from spilling from plate'1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Completely Comfy 314342

<Bah, I keep getting caught up in the moment and forgetting>
<Anon sure is confident today>

Completely Comfy 314344

"Maybe just a little bit" you tease while rubbing her fuzzy belly. She drops her wings back to her sides and quietly moans in pleasure.
"We really should get some sleep though, it's way too late for this pegasus," Dash says while giving you a tiny peck on the lips, much softer this time but with a little tongue.

Suddenly her eyes open wide and she stares blankly for a moment, "That's weird, you kind of taste like Flutt- never mind." She yawns before grabing some covers and turning herself back around, snuggling her warm backside up against you.

"Well that was quite an evening," you think to yourself before comfortably passing out on the soft couch.

Completely Comfy 314345

File: 1358903633606.png (284.22 KB, 945x945, 3.png)

And that's all for tonight.

I can run the next one Thursday night so I'll see you then unless that's a bad night for a few people.

Anonymous 314346

Should be fine. I'm really enjoying this.

Anonymous 314347

works for me

Anonymous 314348

This was my first session and I enjoyed it a lot, will try to be here next thursday, thanks.

Anonymous 314349

Will there be some dashxfluttershy stuff later on?

Anonymous 314351

pretty sure we can make that happen

Anonymous 314522

Cute quest.

Hope it doesn't take a wrong turn into something raunchy.

Anonymous 315003

I hope so as well, the OP has been doing a good job so far with the cute.

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