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Diamond Dog Fortress Campfire 387697[Last 50 Posts]

The mining crew has been slowly but steadily expanding the entrance to the new fortress over the past few days. The fortress's military has been nearly doubled by a wave of migrants skilled with bows and crossbows. The arrival of two caravans caravans, one of zebras and one of ponies, have arrived at the fortress and broken the monotony of day-to-day life. They are now unloading their goods at the fortress's subterranean trade depot.

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387702

Well, no patients for me right now. Might as well check and see what they have to offer.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387703

So we continue where we left off?

Koka [Monk] 387704

Time to check what they are selling!
Might have some delicacies.
Bring Cook along.
And keep an eye out for tasty stuff.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aidi [DD Knight] 387706

Let's see if we can spot what the mad dog is looking at. The caravan will have to wait.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387709

So is this a new day then?

Boyar (Preacher) 387714

Actually there is.
"I need you to heal Road, the donkey slave. She was wounded and poisoned some time ago."

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387716

"Poisoned? Very well. Show me the patient and I will tend to her."

Boyar (Preacher) 387719

"She should be in the creche with the small pups. Find her there."

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387721

"Will do."
Let's go find this jenny.

Campfire 387726

It's been more than a few days since you last played. Might want to start by waking up or some such thing.

The ponies all stop what they are doing and look up when they see Cook following you. You can almost feel the temperature drop several degrees as they all stare at you.

He fainted and the strangeness left him as soon as he finished what he was working on. A few hours later he woke up and gave a name to his project. It is Tenebrousprestige, a phylite mechanism of the highest quality. It is encrusted with oval phlylite cabochons. It is adorned with hanging rings of phylite and citrine. On the item is an image of a potato in limestone.

You find her there playing with a large number of diamond dog puppies. She looks up as you enter.
"Is there something you need, Master?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387727

Alright, I've got those things for the smith dogs.
I'll wrap them so they don't look at them before it's time. The fantastic one is going to the polite dog, the not-so-fantastic one is going to the rude dog.
And while I'm still here, I'll set that diamond-shaped gem in the locket. Shouldn't take long. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Koka [Monk] 387730

Gee, what the fuck do I care.
"So Cook, wha'ya want'a cook t'day?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387732

Try to wake up then.
Did she bathe though?


"Yes. Not calling me master for one. Am here to heal."
How hurt does she look?
"How do you feel?"
Preliminary Heal

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387735

Well time to wake up I guess.
I rise and look over my slaves. Are they still asleep?

Campfire 387739

You set the gem into the locket nicely.

You feel a paw clench around your shoulder and hear Prophesy's voice hiss in your ear a few seconds later.
"What the fuck are you doing here with him, dog?"

You open your eyes and stare at the sandy ceiling of your small room.

She looks good except for one of her legs that hangs limply.

Nope. They are awake and quietly getting ready for the day.

Aidi [DD Knight] 387743

>phylite mechanism
Google wasn't much help, what is that?
"Alright, that was an easy operation. Can someone take the dog to the infirmary to have him checked out. Everyone else is free to go."

Let's head back to the outpost. We need to meet with the the Equestrians in charge of the caravans.

Koka [Monk] 387744

Look surprised.
"He gotta choose da ingredients! Not me!"


Try to Mend it back to a healthy state.
"What happened?"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387746

Clever slave
Stare at it for a while then.
Does it remind me of anything?
Maybe of what I should be doing?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387748

Damn straight I do. I'll scribble out a note similar to the one in Gem's locket, namely that the pony is named Luster, he's mine, anyone touches him yadda yadda yadda.
Then I'll take that, the unpolished dick rock and other unpolished gems that need it, a few cloths, and place them in a basket to carry back to the room.
But first, we'll swing by the smiths. See how their bitches liked the rocks.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387755

Aww damn.
"Well… since the three of you have been such a big help to me, I think that you deserve a day off. What do you say?"

Boyar (Preacher) 387756

Go up and greet the trading caravans, I suppose.

Campfire 387768

It is one of those and it is made out of phylite. Also, that all happened a few days ago.

You go down to the trade depot and find that the new diamond dog runt has brought her pony slave with her while browsing. Needless to say, this has not gone over well with the pony merchants. A few of them have started packing up their wagons.

He paws dig deeper into your shoulder.
Get him out of here. Now.

Her leg glows and straightens out. She shakes it a few times before putting her wait on it and standing up. She jumps a few times then leaps at you and hugs you as hard as you can.
"Oh thank you so much, Master! I never thought I would walk right again after that Bushwoolie stabbed me!"

It reminds you of mining. Thinking so early in the morning hurts your head, but you manage to remember about your zebra slave and her good brain.

The smiths are happy to get your gifts, and even happier when they see the quality.
"We were gettin' worried that it was takin' you so long."
"These were worth the wait though. They're beautiful."

They stare at you.
"A day off?"

The zebras are a bit tense, but also eager to laugh at the ponies. The ponies have all stopped unloading their wagons, and a few of them are loading their wagons back up. You are quickly able to see why. Koka has brought her pegasus slave with her to browse for goods.

Koka [Monk] 387773

Whimper and gently tap Cook's back, motioning him to move back inside.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387778

I'll nod.
"Yes, yes. I just hope your bitches like them as much as you do. I'd only be doing half the bargain if you were the only ones who liked them."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387779

Look around.
Is she here?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387780

I nod.
"Yes, a day off. A day where you can do what you want. All I'm going to be doing is bartering with merchants over metal, so I do not think that I will be requiring your assistance today."

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387782

Damage Control. Try to make it clear that all slaves came from outside and that they are being taken care of.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 387784

"Koka, it would be best if you went back inside."

Try to smooth over relations with the ponies.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387786

I grumble as she hugs me
"Don't call me master. Just call me doc or doctor. I'm just doing my job."

Koka [Monk] 387787

Yep, back inside with my tail between my legs.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387789

And I suppose a roll to give them a reassuring smile.
w/ Compassion

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 387801

"The Alpha will speak with you later."
He lets go and walks away.

They grin.
"Even blind bitches would like these."

She is sitting by the door.
"Yes, Master?"

"We want to help you, Master."
"Can we help you with the merchants?"

They don't buy it, or maybe they just don't care. Several more off them start packing up their wagons.

Thinking quickly, you have several dogs gather a large amount of wealth and dump them in front of the head merchant's wagon as a gift. He looks at the items, then whistles. The other merchants begin unloading their caravans again.
"You are very generous, dog. I am glad you were willing to part with your wealth rather than let us leave. Wars are nasty business."

"Yes, Doctor."

Several zebras laugh at you as you leave and return to the fortress with Cook. Cook is shaking.

Your smiling helps a bit.

Koka [Monk] 387804

"Dat was strange. So strange. You okay?"

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387805

"Good. Now tend to pups. Need care. Ask for me if something is wrong."
Leave her to her job and go outside to check out these caravans.

Boyar (Preacher) 387810

"Indeed. Let us continue trading."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387811

Get up and poke her.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387812

I'll nod again.
"Good. And try not to keep everyone else awake while you're at it, alright?"
And then I'll head off to the room to check on Gem and Luster.

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387817

Now that the immediate problem has been dealt with, let's get them to loosen up their purse strings.

"Gentlehooves, I am the Fortress's Negotiatior. We've established a small room where we can broker deals quietly. If you'll follow me."

Since we have the upgraded trade depot, what's the additional bonus for it?

"Have the dogs go over what they need, and give me a list of what we should broker for. Let's try to avoid any more issues, please."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387821

I scratch the back of my head.
"Well it's… erm… perhaps we should discuss this over breakfast instead?"
I lead them to the mess hall and grab food then find a table.
"It's… I'm just going there to arrange a purchase. I guess you could come along if you want, but… I really don't have any kind of task I could give you. Wouldn't you much prefer to have a day to yourselves? To relax and play and have fun?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387823

…And another smile w/ Compassion.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 387849

"N-n-n-n-no. What did I do, Mistress?"

There are all sorts of good here. There are gems, toys, food, drink, bars of metal, all sorts of cloth, weapons, armor, musical instruments, and more on display.

"Which of our wares most interest you?"

"Food for us, then digging in the mines."

They chuckle as you leave. You walk in on Gem gently rocking her foal back and forth in her hooves.

A unicorn mare and zebra stallion walk over to you.
"A private negotiating room? How civilized."
The bonus is thieves won't be able to get in now.

They relax as you smile at them.
"Thank you for the offer of free time, Master, but we would not know what to do without you or another diamond dog giving us tasks."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387850

Well, that's disgustingly adorable. I'll quietly pad over.
"Just going to sleep, then?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387852

Scratch my head and point at the little chest in my room.
"Count gems yet?"

Koka [Monk] 387854

"Ah don' think it was ya. Must ask Alpha later today."
Sit on the bed.
"C'm here. Nuthin' bad happened. Kay?"

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387855

Any of the caravaneers that are hurt or in need of medical attention?

If not I'll just idly stick around until I'm needed somewhere.

Campfire 387861

She nods.

"Gem counting is for gemcutters, Master, and so are those gems. You should give them to the gemcutters before they get mad at you."

He hops up next to you.
"But everyone was so angry at me, Mistress."

Nope, they are all fine. A zebra walks over to you.
"You look like a dog of taste. Can I interest you in any fine silks?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387863

I sigh.
"I suppose I can give you a few tasks."
I grin.
"Play your flutes. Play and try to solve the puzzle I made you three. In fact… I'll even get you something to draw with and you should do that. Does that sound reasonable?"

Koka [Monk] 387864

Shake my head.
"Ah think dey angry at me, Cook."

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiatior] 387865

File: 1365204101142.gif (202.57 KB, 377x399, Capitalism.gif)

I'll accept it.
Let's get some small talk going. Ask about where they came from. What other fortresses are they visiting and if they need anything to trade with them. All the while, let's give them some food and drink. Gotta keep up appearances.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387866

"Kopaz no gems?"

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387868

I grumble
"No. Hospital stocked aplenty."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387871

"I've his tag here. As he's too young to carve his own stone as you did, I took the liberty of doing so."
I'll gently place the locket around Luster's neck.
"And now, you are both properly owned."
I'll nod slightly to myself.
"Here, I've brought you a few things to polish when your hooves aren't occupied by Luster. Some caravans have come in, and I need to see if they have anything I might need."
I'll set the basket down next to the bed.
"…Was there anything you needed, by the way? Until the foal is old enough to care for itself, his health is my responsibility."

Campfire 387880

They smile andd nod.
"Yes, Master."
"Thank you, Master!"
They quickly finish their meal and run out of the dining hall.

"But why would they be angry at you, Mistress?"

They relax as they enjoy the food and drink.
"We mostly trade with various goat, pony, donkey, and zebra towns, cities, and fortresses. We only trade with one diamond dog Mountainhome to the south."

She thinks for a bit.
"Kopaz some gems, but Kopaz should give most gems to the gemcutters."

"Perhaps some fine gems, then? Maybe a sharp knife?"

She smiles and sets the necklancce by her on the bed.
"I will put it on him when he wakes, Master. Thank you for asking, but I have been caring for his needs myself so we would not trouble you."

Koka [Monk] 387884

Shrug and wince as I feel the burn on my shoulder where the other dog dug his claws.
"Because Ah'm a silly dog. Can only cook right."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 387885

I smile as they rush out.
And with that… I go to find some kind of drawing material. Do we have paper or something?

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387886

I let out a irritated grunt and facepalm
"We make our own gems. I have a collection of knifes in hospital. No need to buy."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387887

"Cutters give gems back?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387888

"Like you, he is my slave. Any master worth their stones is supposed to care for the needs of his slaves so they serve him without question."
I'll shrug.
"But if you don't need anything further, I can go to the caravan with a clear head."

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387894

Let's ask them about any big news going on outside. We've gotten more dogs, but that still doesn't give us a good picture of what is going on in the world.

Keep talking about discounts and the like throughout.


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Campfire 387904

"You can teach well too, Mistress."
He looks at your shoulder.
"Did he hurt you?"

Not much paper. there is some tanned leather, but that is saved for official purposes. You are, of course, the Alpha's brother so if you want it it won't be hard to get. You remember your old fortress having dyes, but you haven't seen any since coming here.

"Surely there must be something that interests you. Imported alcohol? Exotic meats?"

"Maybe if you ask them nicely."

"I have all I need, Master. Thank you."

They mention that the last of the southern gryphons will be meeting their end soon if they continue on their current course. The pony still remembers the insult from earlier, but the zebra seems willing to let some of his items go cheaply.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387907

And I'll head up to the caravans. See what's for sale.

Koka [Monk] 387909

"A bit…"
Try to massage it with my paw.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Moloch 387910

Hmm… perhaps… Oh!
Do we have any chalk?

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387911

I think for a few seconds.
"Dig and ask?"

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387920

Let's move on, then. Let's ask how we can help them. What are they looking to sell on their next stops that they would like to buy from us?


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Koka [Monk] 387924

Look at cook and sigh.
"Coul' ya try?"

Campfire 387931

The same as always. Each group of merchants has a small selection of metal bars, some useful and some not. Each of them have several gems for sale, as well as barrels of cloth and silk, weapons, armor, fruits, meats, vegetables, drinks, toys, and instruments.

The pain fades as your paw rubs it.
"I am sorry he hurt you, Mistress. Do you need to go too the hospital?"

His eyes widen.
"Of course, Mistress."
He sits behind you and starts rubbing your shoulder with a hoof.

None of the miners have found any chalk, unfortunatly.

She nods and you can hear a loud rumbling gurgle come from somewhere nearby.
"Sounds like you are hungry, Master."

"We want whatever you have to sell. Things covered with gems, things made out of uncommon metal, and things carved from stone are all things your race seems to excel at."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 387933

He pinches and bruises your shoulder terribly.
"Mistress? How am i doing?"

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387936

I roll my eyes and just shake my head.

I cock a brow as I see him and walk up to him.
"How is that mare doing? Gem?"

Koka [Monk] 387937

"It hurts…"
Grit my teeth and shut my eyes.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387939

"Food where?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387942

I'll make a note of the metals, and perhaps a toy or two. We've got to get the youth playing with these things to familiarize themselves with them. A toy hammer now could be a smith's hammer later, or a hammerdog's weapon.
I'll head over to the Alpha and point this out.
"Ho, Alpha."

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387944

Let's try to get a better deal out of our materials then, since I can't get a deal from buying their things.

At the same time, let's inquire about what weapons they might be offering.


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Campfire 387955

"Sorry, sorry!"
He tries again.

The zebra scowls at you and walks over to another diamond dog.

"The dining hall. Follow me, Master. She leads you to the dining hall."

You do so.

The zebra is already willing to give you a discount on his things and now he is willing to pay slightly more for your things, so long as you sell in bulk. The pony is polite, but uncooperative.
"Our weapons are the same as we always offer. Spears, swords, axes, etc."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387957

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387959

Follow her, and eat my food.

Campfire 387963

She eats while watching you eat. When you finish she stands up.
"Time for the mines, master."
She walks off again.

Koka [Monk] 387964

"Ah!" Roar in pain and stand up.
"Betta if da doc looks it…"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387968

Follow her to the mines.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387969

"She is well enough, despite the eye. Her foal is healthy as well. Seems she was with it during the event, and has perhaps softened the blow somewhat for being taken off of cutting duties. She can still serve as a good setter, I think. Her foal, however… I think perhaps he could stand to learn a few medical spells so that, if something like this happens again, we won't have to rely on doctors."

Campfire 387973

The two of you are now standing in the same place where you were counting the gems and saw the diamond dogs carrying the buckets.
"Well, Master? Where do you want to dig today?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387976

"Dig deep? Many gems?"

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387979

"Can teach her if needed. I do not like being the only practitioner of healing magic. If I die, no more healing for the fortress…"
I shake my head
"Bad situation."

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 387981

Let's go and check in with our militia and see what weapons they would like stocked up on.

After that, let's keep trying to stay in their good graces.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387984

"The foal is male. Named it Luster. I intend to put him to work helping me cut gems once he's old enough, and after he's learned medical magic."
I'll rub my chin a bit.
"Still need to cut that glass eye for Gem. Eyepatch doesn't go well with coat color. Too bad there are no purple gems to make the colors match her other eye."

Campfire 387987

"Follow me then, master."
She leads you down, and down, and down. The air is cold and damp here.
"Go ahead, Master. Dig."
She looks slightly uncomfortable as she tells you to dig, but the look passes.

You take them to meet the militia, and one of them members mentions how well the pony and zebra salves are doing at making armor and weapons. Both of the merchants share and glance and fold their ears back.

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 387988

"Send him my way when he's old enough. Maybe this time I wont be strapped to a hospital bed."
I grumble

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 387990

Maybe she forgot something…

Then, start to dig!

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 387994

"Let's hope so. And let's hope he takes to your lessons and doesn't end up lopping off things he shouldn't."

Campfire 387998

"Remember what, Master?"
You start digging, but only find stone which you leave in useable chunks.

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 388000

Take them to the Caravans!
Thank them for their support and patronage!
Don't show them anything else inside the fortress ever again!


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Lorik [Doctor/Cleric/Stonecrafter] 388007

"Will make sure that does not happen."
With that I'm off to bed. Night.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388008

"Zebra had forget look. Zebra remember!"

Keep digging!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Campfire 388010

They are both grumbling to each other as they follow you back to the caravans. Soon both ponies and zebras are starting to back up.


"I'll remember, Master. Don't you worry your giant head."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388016

"Not Giant. Dog."
Any more luck with the digging?

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Aidi [DD Knight/Negotiator] 388018

Try not to cry again and offer them a small box of gems as a small peace offering and token of appreciation for them dealing with us.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388019

I'll head back to the shop. Cut a few gems. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Campfire 388024

You find a long vein of dutiful red gems. You carefully dig through it and leave behind large chunks of them as you go. Your slave picks up one of the smaller ones.
"Oh, these are beautiful, master."

You offer them a box of gems. They dig around through it and one of them discovers a gem cut into the shape of an erect, bulging diamond dog penis. The pony throws them gems in your face and the zebra scowls at you.
"You have done a wonderful job insulting my races ancient enemies, and yet I doubt we will be returning next year."
The caravans are slowly pulled away from the depot.

You slice open your paw on accident.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388027

You know, I'm not even angry.
Bandage it up, head to the hospital.
"Doctor, I'm beginning to think my shop is possessed."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388028

I grin at the gems.
"Yes, yes! Gemcutters? Kopaz keep these?"
Point at some of the red ones.

Campfire 388031

He takes the bandage off your paw and starts spreading a slave on the wound.
"You sure? There's one only been one death here as far as I know, and the corpse was taken care of properly."

She smiles.
"We need to find the gemcutters to ask them, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388032

I, uh, I thought I had that one set aside so as to play a small joke on Gem. What idiot dog took that to the depot?

Aidi [DD Knight] 388035

Go to bed and sulk.

I'll be leaving soon, so count me out for the moment.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388036

"Then perhaps Glitter is just trying to tell me something. This is the fifth time in two days I've nearly killed myself in that shop."
I'll shake my head.
"I refuse to believe it's because that oafish mare isn't in there."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388037

"Gemcutters where? We take these?"

Campfire 388044

An idiot dog name [s]someone rolled a 1.[/s]

That you do.
See you.

"I wouldn't call a scratch a life threatening injury. I had a woodcutter come in hear almost a year ago with his chest cut open from wait to shoulder. Some horrible accident did it but instead of coming straight to me he closed the wound with sap and kept cutting wood until he met his quota."

"Somewhere above us. Pick up the gems, Master. I will follow behind to grab any you drop."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388047

"No. Zebra get cart! Zebra pull gems!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388048

Fucking Urist.
"A gemcutter's paws are his life, just as a doctor's are his. And I can't afford anything happening to mine until I have a successor."

Campfire 388053

"Yes, Master."
She runs up the stairs.

Based off a story I heard from another volunteer while doing mission work in Oklahoma. The woodcutter accidentally chainsawed his chest and closed the the wound by wrapping his chest in duct tape.
"You need to toughen up a bit, in my opinion. Dig some more to keep your paws tough. Use them or loose them, as they say."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388054

Wait for her.
Take a closer look at the red gems I mined in the meantime.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388058

I meant the dog with the dick gem, but that's pretty hardcore.
"Bah. Last time I tried that, I ended up finding the one weak seam of stone in the entire damn mine. Had to be dug out. And my paws must be limber regardless. Callouses stiffen them."
I'll shake my head.
"It's an unfortunate thing, but sacrifices must be made so that we have cut gems that are works of art, and not just merchandise."
Is he finished with it yet? I've got work to get back to.

Campfire 388066

They are red and pretty, if rough and uncut. these ones don't seem to want to stab you. You hear some banding before your zebra comes down the stairs with the cart.
"Hear it is, Master. Will you use your big strong paws to fill it for me?"

He's finished.
"Don't be too hard on yourself. Cave-ins happen from time to time. There's an entire branch of science behind causing them, actually."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388071

Blink at her.
"Zebra can't?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388073

"True, but I'll leave digging stone to the larger dogs, and do what I am best at. Cutting, shaping, and setting gems. That is what I can do for this fortress despite my size."
I'll rub my chin a bit with my good paw.
"Dirt I don't have a problem with, though. Soft enough to not callous the paws, but hard enough to keep me from getting out of practice. Did you know I was the one who dug most of this area?"
I'll gesture vaguely around the hospital.
"Alpha didn't even think about it, so I had to do it myself, then yell at some dogs to get the paving in. And the supplies."
I'll shake my head.
"He talks good, the Alpha, but his construction sense…"

Campfire 388076

She picks a clump up with her her mouth and puts it in the cart.
"I can, Master, put it would be faster if you did it. The faster we fill the cart and get it to the gemcutters the faster you can get back to digging."

"You dug most of this place? Thanks. I'm not too surprised about the Alpha not thinking about setting up a hospital."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388082

"And Kopaz keep shiny red gems?"

She is right.
Let's start packing those gems in the cart.
Do I need to roll for this?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388084

"And that brother of his… They're an odd pair, but so long as I have my shop, food, a room, and this place in case of an accident, I could honestly not care less. Most of the diggers and builders have fair heads on their shoulders."
I'll get ready to head back to the shop.
"Still, I probably will find a spot to dig somewhere. The room I'm in now might be a bit small for three."

Campfire 388090

"Kopaz take gems to gemcutters and ask."

He nods.
"There are a few boreholes around that lead to the aquifer. No one should mind if you dig in one f those."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388092

Pack the rest of the gems in and slap her flank to indicate she should move.
"We go gemcutters! Go!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388093

"I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully I won't be bothering you again today."
And back to the shop.

Campfire 388095

She jumps when you slap her, but harnesses herself to the cart and starts pulling it slowly up the stairs.
"Why don't you lead the way, Master? Maybe you can find the gemcutters?"

Back you go.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388096

Take the lead and… try to find the gemcutters?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388098

Now, let's get to work, and see if I can finish something without murdering myself or getting interrupted. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Campfire 388101

You are back at the top of the mines. You can go up to where you remember seeing dogs working, or you can go sideways to where you went with your zebra a few days ago after following the bucket dogs.

You cut several gems in several different styles.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388106

Smell my zebra.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388111

I wonder. Let's see if I can't take one of those white gems, and carve it into a scalpel. Might be interesting to see if I can carve something that has an edge. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Campfire 388113

She smells like gems, leather, dirt, rock, sweat, your room, food. She also smells like a pony, except spicy instead of soft and sweat.
"Uh, Master?"

With quite a bit of work you turn it into a fully functioning scalpel. So long as it isn't dropped too many times it should work perfectly fine.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388117

"Kopaz need look good. Gemcutters will give gems. Kopaz needs slave to be good first."

Lead her to the way where those baths and buckets were.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388119

I'll smile a bit at that. Then set it aside. Might want to give that to the doc later.
Keep working. Let's try setting some gems, now. There are a few doodads and whatnots floating around, correct? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Campfire 388126

She follows you back to the bath area. There is a smoothed pit in the ground large enough to fit three or four diamond dogs and a small hole in the wall. next to the hole is a lever, and between the hole and the pit there is a small waterway. There are no other diamond dogs or ponies in here.
"Master? What are we doing here?"

You set gems into skull totems, bracelets, crowns, scepters, toys, instruments, and even a few quivers. They are all sparkly and nice looking when you finish.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388129

Can't answer now.
Need to think.
Pull the lever.
Maybe that gives water?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388136

I'll smile wide.
"Ah. This. This is what I live for."
Putting them into a small bin, I'll haul them off to the storage area and deposit them, then pick up another load from the craftshop.

Campfire 388139

Water starts flowing out of the hole and into the pit. It starts to fill quickly.
"Master? Hello?"

You pick up several different odds and ends from the crafters and take them back to your shop.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388141

Any buckets around?

"Out of cart."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388143

Now let's see if I can't keep this run of quality going. Time to carve some eyeballs. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Campfire 388148

She unhooks herself from the cart.
"Master? It is starting to overflow."
You can see a couple of buckets by your feet.

You carve some nearly perfect gem spheres.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388149

Reset the lever, I got enough water.
I might not need the buckets though.
Stand next to the water.
Point next to myself with a finger.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388152

Hmm. Those will have to be smoothed. Reduce irritation in the socket.
Later though. Let's see if I can't get a nice gem iris in there. We'll try with one of the smaller red gems. '1d10+1' to set it.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Campfire 388159

She slowly walks over to you and says nothing.

You carve one and set it with gem dust mixed to match the color of her iris perfectly.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388161

"Zebra said look pretty. Dogs not laugh. Zebra look pretty gemcutters give gems."

Put a paw on her.
Then push her into the water.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388162

I'll smile at that.
"Now if only there was magic to make it work like a real one."
I'll think for a moment.
"Though perhaps… that magic doctor. Perhaps if his magic is strong enough…"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388168

I go to the depot and ask for their metal and chalk prices if they're still here.

Campfire 388169

She falls in with a shout and warm water splashes up on you. She finally gets her hooves under her and glares at you.
"You could have told me you wanted me to take a bath, Master."

Campfire 388172

They are gone.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388173

Crouch down and pat her head.
"Clean. Be pretty. Kopaz want gems."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388176

…please tell me someone bought metal.
Or traded the halberds.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388178

Shake my head a bit and then set the eye aside, wrapped in a small cloth so it doesn't roll around.
Then, I'll keep carving gems. '1d10+4'
I did bring up metal, and I assume the halberds were part of what was traded for them.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Campfire 388180

She bobs up and down as you pat her head.
"Yes, Master."
She grumbles as she scrubs her coat with her hooves.

Yes, but for a steep price. The halberds are reserved for the diamond dog caravan.

You carve several more gems of all sizes and colors.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388182

Wait for her to finish.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388184

Hmm. What else can I carve? Maybe a nice figurine? '1d10+4'

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388186

I suppose if the caravan is gone, I don't really have anything to buy… damn.
I guess I have no choice but to get some tanned leather. How much of it do we have?

Campfire 388190

She scrubs herself quickly and steps out a few minutes later. She walks over to you and shakes herself off, drenching you.
"How do I look now, Master?"

You carve a gem figurine of the Alpha sleeping while other dogs work.

Not much. Only four hides.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388192

Shake the water off.
Get a bucket.
Fill with water.
Throw water at her.
"Now good."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388193

I'll snicker a bit, before shoving that where someone can't see. One of the cupboards.
"Idle paws lead to some funny things, I suppose."
Let's try to carve something else. Perhaps a famous dog in history. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388194

…Damn damn damn. Definitely can't take that.
I suppose I walk back to my assistants empty pawed then…
Where are they? How are they?

Campfire 388199

"Will we be going now, Master?"

You carve yourself, the dog that should be the most famous.

They are busy playing their flutes. The noise they are making almost doesn't sound completely terrible.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388201

I'll wait by the door then until they're done playing, then walk inside applauding.
"Very good! Very good indeed."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388203

I nod.
"Yes. Pull cart. Find cutters."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388204

I'll lightly tap my paws.
"Bad paws. Pride is all well and good, but we're getting as wrapped up in ourselves as that fool alpha."
Let's try a more historically notable dog. Lord Bowie, progenitor of Diamond Dogs. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Campfire 388210

They smile as you praise them.
"You really think so, Master?"

She hitches herself back up to the cart and starts pulling it. After a while she leads you to a workshop in the side of the pit and knocks at the door.

The carving isn't very detailed, but then again, know one knows much about Lord Bowie.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388212

I thoroughly nod.
"I really do think so! You're starting to sound wonderful."
I walk inside now.
"So. How was the three of your's day?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388213

Lower my voice slightly.
"Be a good zebra."

Then wait.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388214

But I forgot his crystal orbs! No statue of Lord Bowie is complete without his shiny balls!
This train of thought is immediately interrupted by the knocking upon my chamber door.
"Yes, who is it?"

Campfire 388217

"Very good, Master. We got better at our music."
"We couldn't figure out the box though. Sorry."

"Yes master."
You hear a voice call out from behind the door asking who it is.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388218

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388219

"And whaddya want? Something carved?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388220

"It's very alright. Did you enjoy yourselves?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388221


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388223

"No shit."
Sighing, I'll get away from my chair and open the door.
And then look up. This fucker's huge.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388227

Point at the cartful of gems my zebra is pulling.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388228

I'll instead focus on the thing she's got tied to her forehead.
"What is that hideous thing you have attached to your zebra. Raw stones make terrible ornaments. You, zebra, inside. You, Kopaz, start unloading the cart into the bin with the other uncut red gems."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388230

I bop the zebra on the back of her head.
"Zebra not pretty!"

Then start unloading the gems to the bin like the little dog said.

Campfire 388231

The zebra, slightly in shock, steps inside.

She stumbles as you hit her.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388234

I'll gesture the zebra over to my chair so I can get a good look at it.
"Lemme see that."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388236

Keep unloading the gems.

Campfire 388237

She slowly takes it off and hands it to you.

You are quickly able to unload the cart.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388239

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388240

Head inside.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388241

I'll look it over. What's it's color?
"Zebra, name and occupation."

Campfire 388243

They nod their heads.
"Yes, Master. We enjoyed following your orders."

You are in Pomelo's workshop. He can describe it if he wans.

It's purple, like her eyes.
"Zebra. Slave."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388245

It's not that big, but there's a few bins of uncut gems within arm's reach of the table, and a few things actually on the worktable already.
"Hmm. You just haul things? Who owns you? Miners?"
I'll look at Kopaz.

Campfire 388246

"I am owned by Master Kopaz. I do what he asks of me and help him remember things."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388248

"Zebra slave. Useful. Remembers. Look good so other dogs not laugh."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388249

I'll nod slightly.
"Thought of any better names than just 'Zebra', Kopaz?"
I'll set the purple gem down on the table, then look at the zebra again. Size her up a bit.
"Hmm. Ah."
"I see."
I'll take the purple gem, and then carve it into a simple, thick ring. Something that her headband can easily be tied to. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Campfire 388251

You carve in into a large, beautiful ring with smaller rings for the straps to be tied into. You cut and carve until the gem catches light within itself and throws it around so much that it looks like it is glowing. The zebra stares at it with wide eyes.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388252

I think for a moment.
"Zebra no good name?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388253

I smile.
"It is very good that you enjoyed yourselves today. Very good."
What time is it about?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388254

"Of course it is. Good stone."
"It's fine, if you want her to get confused with the other zebra we've got running around. Since you're using her to remember things, why not just call her Memory?"

Campfire 388255

The sun is starting to set.

"Will you put it on me? I don't want to risk dropping it."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388256

She's got a really pretty thingy… I'm sure no dog will laugh at my slave now.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388257

"It is too late to begin working on anything though… perhaps we shall just get some dinner? I am very proud of the three of you today, so please do not feel guilty."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388258

I'll look at her askance for a moment.
And then I'll tie it back up on her. Much better than that lump of rock. Fits nicely against her forehead. Even if it is hidden a bit under that wet mane.
"The thing used to remember other things. Memory."
I'll tap my head once or twice.
"Sound good to you?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388259

Glance at my zebra.

Campfire 388260

"I like the name, Master. May I have it?"

"We would like to eat, Master."
"Thank you for not being mad at us."

She twitches her ears a few times and pushes at it with a hoof until she is satisfied.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388261

I nod.
"Remember! Memory!"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388262

I walk over to them and pull them into another hug. Rolling for comfort.
"I could never be mad at the three of you…"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388263

"Uh huh. Now, was that it, or was there something else?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388264

Poke at my zebra.

Campfire 388265

She smiles.
"Yes, Master."

They hug you back.
"Thank you, Master."

"You had a question for the gemcutter, Master. You wanted to know if you could keep some gems."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388266

I nod, then point at the red ones I just brought.
"Kopaz dig much. Kopaz want gems Kopaz mine. Keep them."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388267

"Well, shall we go get dinner?"
I lead them over to the mess hall and…
Do we have anything sweet?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388268

"Unfortunately, gems are one of the major trade goods of this fort. So while you can't keep all of them, I think I can let you run off with one or two from each new vein of gems that gets dug up by you."
I'll point a little at the zebra.
"Today you got something masterfully carved. Next dig, I may even make you something. Or you can keep the raw gem."

Campfire 388269

There are some pieces of bread with strawberries on them.

Barkspawn(DD Inq/trap/mine) 388270

Go and find Aidi for jolly trap-cooperation
Oh shi.. Knight is asleep.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388271

I shake my head.
"Not all. Just few."
Point at the red ones again.
"Really good gems."

Campfire 388272

I will be stopping soon, sorry.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388273

I'll roll my eyes.
"You can pick two. Do you want them cut, or uncut?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388274

I take three of them and bring them to my assistants.
"And one last reward for the three of you. I've heard that these are supposed to be pretty good, so please do enjoy! They're all yours."
I pass them out to them.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388275

Scratch my head.
"Cut one?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388276

"One cut, one uncut. Fine. Pick the two you want, and I'll cut one of them."

Campfire 388277

They start eating them and looks of pure bliss appear on their faces.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388278

Walk to the bin and pick two medium sized gems.
Put one away and show the other to the small dog.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388279

I chuckle and smile.
"Are they that good?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388280

I'll grumble a little. Those are good gems.
"Any preferences?"

Barkspawn(DD Inq/trap/mine) 388281

Damn sorry for missing it, perhaps I missed the post since I feel asleep earlier.
Again sorry.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388282

"Pretty gem. Not jewel."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388283

I'll roll my eyes again.
Whatever, I'll just cut it into a nice, eight-sided shape. Easy, pleasing, pretty. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Campfire 388284

They can't hear you. Their minds have gone to a world of deliciousness.

It's my fault, sorry.

You make a very beautiful eight sided gem. Are you sure you want to give it to a dog that cannot appreciate its beauty or value?

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388285

I smile at the gem and hold out my paw expectantly.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388286

I chuckle and finish up the rest of my food, happy that they're finally enjoying themselves.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388287

How is he any different from anyone else I've carved gems for? None of them really know their value. It's not like I've got a rival gemcutter I can swap boasts with. The glassmaker is as close as I can get.
He's just another customer, and this is just another masterwork wasted on one.
"One cut gem, as promised."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388288

I take it and inspect it for a while before putting it away.
"Thanks. Will dig more. Bring more gems here?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 388289

"If they don't fit with the others in the gem depot."
I'll look at the zebra.
"Two gems from each dig. That's it."

Campfire 388290

They start to come down from their strawberry bread high.
"That was…"
"It was wonderful."
"Thank you so much, Master."

"Two gems for each vein he finds. Right."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388291

I nod, then tap the door a few times and poke Memory's side.
"This place. Remember!"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388292

"You're very much welcome. We're they really that good?"

Campfire 388293

I remember.

One of them speaks with a dreamy voice.
"They were perfect."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388294


Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 388295

I give them a smile.
"Well that is very good to hear. You earned them with how much you've helped me, you know."

Campfire 388296

"More digging."

"Thank you for rewarding us, Master."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 388297

I nod.
"Cart. We go."

Turn to the runt again quickly.
"Thanks. More dig now."

Campfire 388298


Campfire 392811

Snow lays heavy on the ground and trees. Work slows down as diamond dogs become unwilling to leave the warmth of the fortress and continue excavating the site of the new fortress, but it seems like some diamond dogs are willing to brave the cold.

"Traders coming! Diamond Dogs from the mountainhome!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392812

Grand. Time to see what goodies they have.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392813

What do

Aidi [DD Knight] 392816

"Yes, let's get dressed and get everything prepared!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392822

Also, check on Gem and Luster's wellness levels. Are either fit for duty?

Campfire 392831

They have some uncommon metal bars, many beutiful gems cut in ways that only diamond dogs can, stone blocks, raw glass, clay, sand, ropes, instruments, slaves, animals, food, drink, weapons, armor, cloth, and leather.

Zebra, the purple gem ring on her head glowing in the torchlight of your room, answers from the floor.
"I believe I can hear something going on outside, Master. Shall we investigate?"

You graba few dogs and have them start carrying things to the trading depot.

Gem is once again fit for duty, but Luster is still too young.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392833

"We look?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392836

Wonderful. She can help carry stuff, if the foal can walk on its own.
Let's peruse the slaves, and make a mental note about the metal bars.

Aidi [DD Knight] 392837

This time, we'll assign a dog to guard the entrance to MY trading depot. No slaves allowed. Small purchases are fine for individual use, but bigger purchases for the Fort should go through the Alpha, his subordinate, and I.

Campfire 392840

She leaves the room.

Gem follows you with her colt riding in one of her saddlebags. There is a bar of sterling silver, a bar of silver, four bars of black bronze, one platinum bar, one copper bar, and one electrum bar. There is one slave of each gender of each of the following races. Earth pony, unicorn, pegasus, gryphon, goat, zebra, and buffalo.

You go to give orders to the militia, but see them already geared up and headed towards the trade depot. The head trader nods when you tell her how you wish the trading to happen.
"Do you have what we requested, miss?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392843

Follow her.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392844

>"Do you have what we requested, miss?"
Roll to remember.


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392845

Hmm. Nothing to make steel, I think. I can still suggest the bronze.
Could use another female unicorn so that Gem isn't laid up all the time. Or any of the other ponies. They can interbreed, right? Right.
Would be suspicious if I bought her, though. Doctor might like another unicorn.
Let's take a look at that Earth Pony Female. How's she look?

Campfire 392862

She leads you out of the fortress, down into a hole in the ground, past several armed diamond dogs, and into a large, loud room. In here are four large wagons and dozens of diamond dogs talking to each other. Around the wagons are bins and barrels full of all manner of things, as well as cages full of animals and members of other species. A strange look passes over your zebra's face, but quickly disappears.

Yes. Lots of halberds, pieces of armor, shields, and splints.

Can they interbreed? Who knows. The earth pony looks okay, but it is hard to get a good look at her while she is inside the cage.
"Interested in buying her?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392865

"Perhaps. How much?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392868

Do I notice that?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392876

We've gotten some more weapons made and brought in. How much do we have for trade, and what do we need in exchange. What can help the Fortress at this time?

Lorik [Doctor] 392877

What's happening? Another caravan?

Campfire 392880

"Show me what you have to offer."

Nope. there are so many new sights and smells down here that you are having trouble noticing much of anything.

The only thing the fortress needs at this time is more slaves, fish, and meat.


Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392883

Try to take in all that information.
"What now?"

Lorik [Doctor] 392884

Well I guess without any patients to tend to - even though that can change quickly around here - I'll go check out what they have to offer.

The hospital is still fully equipped and stocked, correct?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392886

Well, I'll show a few of the gems I've carved. At least one of the spherical citrines, if they didn't go out with the last caravan.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392888

"We have a few weapons and other goods available for trade, but we are looking for some more slaves and some meat. What do you have up for bidding?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392889

Not the dick rock. Definitely not that.

Campfire 392892

"We should browse, master. I have a bag full of the gems you were allowed to keep from the mines."

It's fully stocked, and even has bars of some experimental mixture of animal fat and lye.

The diamond dog chews on his lip as he looks at your gems.
"For the earth pony mare I want two of those round ones and one of the flat green ones."

"We've got one of each gender of the common races for sale; no bears or alicons. For meat we have prepared meat and fish. If you want fresh stuff we have some animals for sale. We also have cheese, if you want that."

Care to roll?

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392893

Let's have a look around.

Lorik [Doctor] 392894

That's good.

I see Pom and Gem are browsing too, so I'll approach them
"You two. Good day."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392895

I'll hand them over.
But I might as well roll anyway to see if it landed in the stock somewhere else. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392898

"Hello, doctor. They've unicorns in stock, if you wish another aide. I suggest a female, if for no other reason than to distract the two stallions floating around from mine."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392900

"Let's make a deal, then. Let's start at about…"


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Lorik [Doctor] 392902

I grunt
"Good. Will do just that. How is Gem?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392906

"She has recovered, and her foal is growing well."
I'll rub my chin.
"If your magic could grow her eye back, I would be overjoyed, but if not, I have a suitable replacement eye carved. It even matches the color."

Lorik [Doctor] 392909

Take a look at that eye.
"Could regrow it. Should be done in the hospital though. Mending spells can go wrong."

Campfire 392912

She leads you over to the save cages and looks at the zebras briefly before moving over to the gems. She picks out a few gems, colored and cut in ways you have never seen before, and holds them up to you.
"Do you like these, Master?"

Nope. The dick gems are safe in your gem pouch. Careful you don't offer them on accident.

Each of you two are equally aggressive, and every bargain made by one of you is offset by a bargain made by the other.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392921

"If you could go lower, we might have better things to offer next time you pass by. We'll have improved our production ability thanks to any slaves we buy."


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392923

I nod quickly.
"Yes, yes, good gems!"

Campfire 392932

"Reasonable enough. I'll lower the price on the slave and tools."

She barters back and forth a bit with the trader and ends up trading away most of the bag of gems for three cut ones: a rectangular pink one, a circular violet one, and a circular peach one. She puts them all in her bag.
"I will hold these for you so they do not get lost, Master. Do you want to look at the food now?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392937

"We'll see, then. If it works, I might have something that you would like in thanks."
Well, thank glitter for small miracles. Let's get a look at that earth pony slave, then.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392938

"We count gems back room?"
I nod.
"Yes, food."

Lorik [Doctor] 392940

Do I have anything to trade in return for a unicorn?

Maybe I could start breeding a unicorn healer army.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392942

File: 1365651947496.png (19.39 KB, 97x123, What+material+wealth+do+you+wi…)

"I thank you for your consideration. May the heavens have many more deals for us in the future, and the Earth an ever increasing bounty. If you don't mind, I know I'll be needed by some of the other dogs below."

I might jsut have gotten some.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 392952

Pls tell me I didn't miss the trade caravan…

Campfire 392961

"How wrong, sir?"

She is thin, has protruding and close-set eyes, is gaptoothed, her ears are tall, her head is short and narrow, her coat is pink, and her pale blue mane is straight and has been arranged in double braids. She bows and speaks in a high pitched voice.
"Thank you for purchasing me, Master."

She leads you over to a pleasant smelling wagon. She browses through everything that is offered and comes away with several cuts of meat that smell unfamiliar, some bright red looking bugs with two large pincers and a segmented tail, some fish, and some small blocks of a pale yellow substance.
"Shall we go back to the room now, Master?"

You still have plenty of cut gems.

She smiles.
"Of course, I will go find your Alpha to discuss next year's business."


Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 392965

I go there and try to find a tradesmen, then discuss their metal prices.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392966

"That all?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 392968

Let's inspect the slaves we just got credited to us and check up on our dogs looking around for their own deals.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392971

I'll groan a little inwardly at the high pitch of the voice.
"Yes. I expect you to work hard and not make me regret that choice."
And that's all I needed from the caravan, but I'll let Gem finish talking to Lorik.

Lorik [Doctor] 392973

"Very. It could hurt you."

Right. Find that female unicorn slave for sale then. I already have a male one.

Lorik [Doctor] 392975

Wait no, she already got bought

Campfire 392978

"A runt already bought most of my metal. You want a bar of platinum?"

"The other diamond dogs did not let you keep very many gems, Master. I did the best with what they let you have. Would you like to go back to your room and enjoy the food now, Master?"

The slaves were discounted, not given for free. A familiar merchant greets you.
"Hello again. Would you like to make another bulk purchase?"

"I will, Master. Will you be taking me as you own?"

She looks at her foal.
"How badly?"
The female unicorn slave is a few cages down. the specifics of how she looks are obscured by the cage.

Nope, an earth pony mare was bought.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392981

You can still claim her from the pens.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 392983

I frown.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392986

"You will be the second. Gem is your supervisor, if I have no tasks for you."
I'll gesture to the unicorn.
"And I'll need to give you a name at some point."
Does she have a cutie mark, or no?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 392989

"A runt? Who? Did you happen to catch his name?"
I tap a paw to my chin.
"And… do you have any chalk?"

Lorik [Doctor] 392990

"Permanent damage very unlikely. But it could be painful if it fails. Recommend trying though."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 392996

"If it succeeds, I can resume the gem cutting lessons after the eye has fully healed. If not, I have the false one ready to go."
I'll glance at Lorik.
"But please don't fail in this, Doctor."

Lorik [Doctor] 392998

"Mending is my talent. Nobody is perfect though, so failures should always be taken into account."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393004

"Maybe. I negotiated a discount with the head of the caravan, but maybe there are a few you'd like to be rid of more than others?"

Campfire 393009

"Follow me, Master. We can grab a barrel of drink for you from the kitchen stores."

"Thank you, Master."
She bows. The unicorn has a ball and chain for her cutiemark.
"Master, what will you have me do?"

"No and no, sorry."

"Will you please try once we get to my master's room or the hospital?"

He smiles.
"We would like to be rid of all our wares, mam."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393010

I sigh.
"Paper then? Any sort of drawing surface and required material?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393011

I nod.
"Drink good."
Then follow.

Lorik [Doctor] 393013

I nod
"That's my job. Will be there shortly."
The unicorn mare, where is she? I can't breed a pure unicorn army without her

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393014

I assume you meant Earth pony, there.
"Nothing, at the moment, aside from following."
I'll look at Gem asking her question. She's getting a bit independent.
"We will arrive shortly. I need to pick up something from the shop. Your payment, if successful."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393016

"Thanks for the information."

Let's check on any of our nearby dogs looking at goods or trying their paws at negotiating. I wonder that the other dogs are looking for.

Campfire 393021

"We have some paper and dye. If you let the die thicken it might work as ink."

The two of you grab a small barrel of sugarcane rum and some platters from the stores and return to to your room. The zebra starts setting out the food on the platters on the chest by your bed.
"I bought some meat, lobster, fish, and cheese for your master. If you want a drink I chose a barrel small enough for you to lift and drink from."

She is right next to you.
"What do you wish of me, Master?"

She really wants her eye back.

Most of them are buying cloth, food, alcohol, toys, or instruments.

Lorik [Doctor] 393028

So she is bought already? This is confusing!
"Your name. And call me doctor, not master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393029

Well, in that case, let's roll. To the shop, to pick up that crystal scalpel and the false eye. And then to the hospital to meet up with Lorik.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393030

Before the food.
Point at her.
Then point at my chest.
The storage chest, I mean.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393031

"And how much would that be? That should work."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393032

Let's try to help our dogs by buying some knick knacks for the fort. Small things that can keeps dogs and pups and slaves entertained.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Campfire 393035

I thought one of you bought her?
"I haven't one, doctor."

You grab them and go to the hospital with your slaves.

She carefully opens the chest so as to not disturb the food, then upends the bag. You can hear three clunks as the gems inside fall into the chest.

"Not too much. What have you got?"

You start ordering various dogs to buy various things that they don't really need.

Lorik [Doctor] 393037

I don't even know anymore.
I roll my eyes
"Then choose one."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393038

I bought the Earth Pony, Lorik bought the Unicorn. Or wanted to.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393043

I smile.
"We count gems after food?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393048

What do I have exactly that I can trade? Did someone trade those halberds already?

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393050

"Aidi, calm yourself and think."

Let's check what we just ordered and see if we can find a place for it. The rest we turn around and negotiate back.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Campfire 393051



"Sure thing, Master."

With one halberd you could buy every slave, your paper and dyes, several barrels of alcohol, and a lot of food.

There is a place for the stuff, but the merchants have a strict "no buyback" policy.

Lorik [Doctor] 393053

"No! What kind of name is that?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393054

Okay, dig in the food!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393059

So… did any of them get traded? How many do I still have of the perfect halberds?

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393062

File: 1365655310977.jpg (13.52 KB, 600x242, recettear house at the end of …)

>No buyback policy
We'll have a few more miscellaneous items top trade to the next caravan.

Actually, one last shopping adventure. Let's look for some combs and brushes for the slaves. We need to keep them clean to keep them healthy.


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Campfire 393066

She cowers.
"I am sorry, Master. What name do you want me to have?"

It is very good, and there are a lot of flavors that you have never tasted beefore. the cheese is strange, but goes very well with the meat. After the zebra mare shows you how to eat the lobster, you find that it is also very good, not to mention fun to break apart and eat.

You've still got five or six.

You find some basic combs and brushes, as well as a few fancy ones that are more expensive.
"Do you want to buy any slaves to go with those? Gryphons are great for fighting and pest control, buffaloes are good for fighting and pulling things, and all of them are excellent sources of milk and such."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393068

I retrieve one then.
And wander over to Aidi then.
"Hello, erm… Aidi? Yes, Aidi. Are you here to purchase wares too?"

Lorik [Doctor] 393069

I rub my temples
"Not your master. I am a doctor. Your name is yours to decide. 'Slave', 'pony' and 'unicorn' are invalid names."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393070

"Sort of, maybe. I was looking for a few things for the slaves. Are you interested in something?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393071

Keep enjoying the foods and drink then!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393072

Well, while we're waiting for Lorik, I might as well question the earth pony so I can get a good feel for what to name her.
"What were your duties, and your talent?"

Campfire 393073

She is cowering and staring at your feet.
"U-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-h cou-cou-ocu-cou-coul I be name P-P-P-Paws, D-Doctor?"

You eat a few of the last pieces of food and pop off the top of the barrel with one of your massive paws. You down half the barrel and the room starts to spin.

"My duties are the same as any slave's master: to serve. My talent is the same, Master."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393074

Okay, try to stay on the ground.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Lorik [Doctor] 393075

I sigh and kneel down, patting her on the head
"No need to be scared of me. Think about it further. Should not have rushed you. Come with me now."
To the hospital!

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393076

"Some, paper and… well, ink, but they only have dye but that could work. Hopefully. For, um… templates! Yes, templates. I heard that all the metal was already bought up? Do you know who did that?"
I scratch the back of my head.
"And… um… erm, I don't suppose you'd have any ideas for… rewards? For my ass- slaves? Just a bit of positive reinforcement, since, well…"
I show her the 10/10 silver halberd.
"With their help, I wouldn't have been able to make several of these. Absolutely perfect quality."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393077

"Pfah. That doesn't really give me many ideas of what to name you. I'll think of something."
I'll look at the braids for a moment.
"Spinel. That's your name."

Campfire 393083

You shake it off and stand up, your massive body absorbing the alcohol like a sponge.
"Shall I fetch you another barrel, Master? More food, maybe?"

Her shivering stops as your paw touches her.
"Thank you, Doctor."
She follows you to the hosptial where Pom and his slaves are waiting.

His yes widen when he sees the Halberd.
"A runt bought most of the metal and I do not know his name, sorry. I have a bar of platinum and a bar of electrum if you want it. Rewarding your ass slaves? I would not know, sir, you might wish to speak to the slave master for tips on that sort of…thing."

"Thank you, Master."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393084

"We've been negotiationg quite a bit, so the metal just blurs in with everything else. Any such deal are for the fort, though. Check the store houses, any we bought should be taken there."

"For the slaves, you can join me in shopping for them. You seem rather proud of the ones you have, and I was already buying a few trinkets for the ones I have working on the farm."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393088

I nod.
"More drink."
Sit down on the bed, just in case.


Now, time to take a look at Gem.
"Are you ready? Good. Time to mend."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393090

Praise be.

Campfire 393103

She leaves and returns with three barrels that are big enough to need both your paws if you wish to drink from them.

You clasp her head between your paws and blinding beams of light shine from not only her eyes, but her foal's eyes as well. When her eyes open you can both see that her iris and pupils have been replaced with gems. She blinks a few times.
"Sir? My vision seems…sharper."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393104

Chug chug chug!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393105

"What? No! They're not… 'ass slaves'! They're just slaves! It was a slip of the tongue, that's all!"
I frown.

"Alright then. So, what are you getting your… slaves?"

Lorik [Doctor] 393106

I snap my finger
"That's new. Does it hurt?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393107

I'll take a close look at those eyes. Both of them.
"This… this is fascinating. They're beautiful. They make the false eye I made look like utter garbage."
I'll check the foal's eyes as well.
"If I knew magic could do this, I would have done it to myself."
Smiling, I'll turn to the doctor.
"I dare say you more than earned what I was going to give you, doctor. I might even have to make you something else, as well."

Campfire 393108

You down one of the barrels in one go and fall down face first, nearly crushing your slave.
"Master, are you alright?"

He holds his paws up.
"It is none of my business how you use them, sir."

"No, sir."
She blinks a few more times.
"This will take a little bit to get used to, I think."

She starts when she sees you checking the foals eyes, but calms down slightly when she realizes that he was not harmed.

Lorik [Doctor] 393111

"Doing my job. Nothing more, nothing less."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393112

"They tend to get dirty working the fields, so a few small things like combs and the like to clean them. Perhaps a small accessory would be great boon to your slaves? Otherwise, I can get a few more brushes. Maybe they'd like a brooch or a hairpin?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393113

"Drink… strong…."
Can I stand back up?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393114

"Still, a competent worker deserves a reward for their work."
I'll give him the white crystal scalpel I carved.
"This should serve you well. So long as you don't drop it too often."

Campfire 393115

She hugs you.
"Thank you anyways sir."

You legs are wobbly and the room spins, but you stand back up. You zebra mare starts pushing you towards the bed.
"You should sit down, Master, and have another drink to calm your nerves."

"We have a fine selection of those, miss. You could get the lot of them, plus the brushes and combs, for that halberd your friend has."

Lorik [Doctor] 393117

I inspect it.
"… Thank you."

I grumble
"Yes yes, not need to get cuddly."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393118

I'll rub my paws together.
"Alright, now I think it's time we both get back to work, doctor. You have a slave to train, and I've got one I need to order a bed for and show around."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393119

Try to sit down without problem.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393120

"Well, my… slaves aren't the type to get dirty. Though maybe a comb would be good… And two of them are, erm… stallions? Yes, stallions. Do you think that a brooch or a hairpin would work for them as well?"

"Only a set of combs and brushes? I would think that a halberd of this quality would fetch at least a higher price."

Lorik [Doctor] 393122

I look at his new purchase.
"Right. Slave."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393123

"Her name is Spinel. And she will be performing a very useful task. Hauling things, more often than not."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393125

"Perhaps a small scarf, or some protective gear would be nice. Something small and simple. It doesn't have to be generous, just giving them something to call their own from their master would raise their spirits."

Campfire 393130

She lets go and walks back to Pom's side.

You slump over and lean against the wall by your bed. The mare brings you another barrel and knocks a hole in the top with her hoof.

"The combs and brushes as well as the jewelry, paper, and dyes. Do not worry abut the stallions, they will wear whatever you tell them to."

You slave perks up.
"Yes, Master?"

"Careful about raising them too high. it would be hard to do, but there is always the possibility that they decide to stop being slaves."

Lorik [Doctor] 393133

"Mmmm… nice of you to still call her slave."

"No, not you."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393136

Chug chug chug!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393137

"A small piece of cloth or material can't bring down a fort like this. Besides, as broken as the slaves are, we need to keep them happy enough that they don't even think of striking back. If we were to become tyrants, I know some of our own dogs would leave in fear of the lash being turned on them."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393139

"It's what she is, doctor. There's no use sugar-coating it. However, unlike other dogs I have plans for my slaves other than just using them for convenience. Since you restored her eyes, Gem will continue learning the craft. Luster will go to you for a few lessons on medical magic, perhaps even that trick you did to fix Gem's eye. Spinel will, for the most part, haul materials and goods until I can find something to teach her."

Campfire 393140


You empty the barrel and the three zebra mares in front of you offer up three more barrels of booze.

"As broken as they are they cannot think of striking back. Buy what you will, though."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393141

"Where two from?"

Accept one barrel.
Then drink.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Lorik [Doctor] 393143

"Yes yes, I know you don't understand already. You've made that clear. Don't let me keep you from your job."

Campfire 393144

You drink it all down. Things don't get much worse for you, but the world is alreaady spinning and your vision is blurry. The three zebras speak while running around the crazy room.
"The kitchen, Master, do you want some more? You do not look well."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393149

I'll just roll my eyes.
"Take care with that scalpel, doctor. It does have a good edge."
And then off to the woodcrafters to order a bed. After the order's placed, I'll walk Spinel around so she knows where everything is, and then head back to my room. I might need to consider expanding. How big, currently, is it?

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393155

Wave a paw around.
"No kitchen…"

Lorik [Doctor] 393157

"Yes yes."

"Now… you."
I point at the unicorn mare
"Did you come up with a name yet?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393158

"Sorry, maybe I misworded it. But many of the dogs we have are protective of their slaves. We turn the lash harshly on the slaves, their owners might remember that they can leave and take their own goods with them."

"If anything, we've been successful, so do you have any candies I can buy for the others?"


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393160

I lean over to Aidi.
"Is… is that it? I really don't quite know how to barter very well…"

Campfire 393161

She hops up next to you on the bed and steadies you with her body.
"I think you might be drunk, Master. You were able to drink a lot more than normal diamond dogs. I'm glad to have such a strong master."


"Of course. I can throw some of them into the offer as well."

Lorik [Doctor] 393163

"Why paws? You have no paws."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393165

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393166

"Not much to it. Let me know what you'd like, and we can add it to the deal. Go around and look until your heart chooses."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393169

I guess I wander around a bit.
Do I find any neat… clothing items? Hats, jewelry, anything that I think my assistants might like?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393172

"…Kopaz good dog?"

Campfire 393175

"Y-you got angry and told me to choose a name after buying me and I was looking at your paws so I chose Paws."

The gryphon slave in one of the carpenter's workshops offers to have a buffalo deliver you one of the excess beds. You room is three units wide and three units deep. If another bed is added and another chest to hold extra things then your room will be quite cramped.

All the clothing is bought, but you see some leather, silk, and various cloths and fabrics for sale.

She nuzzles against you.
""You are a very good dog and a very good master. Am I a good slave?"

Lorik [Doctor] 393177

I snort
"I shouldn't have gotten angry. You should get a name you like."
I poke her chest with my paw

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393178

I'll politely decline the offer, since I got an earth pony pretty much for that exact purpose. But this room is far too small. My shop is below the aquifer, right? So I can dig wide without a care in the world?

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393181

I smile like an idiot at the praise.
"Slave good. Slave look good and make Kopaz look good. Other dogs want slave like Kopaz, but only Kopaz has slave like Kopaz."

Sol 393182

Well damn!
How about jewelry? Everyone loves shiny things, right?
Any… neat looking necklaces? Pendants? Bands? Anything that my assistants might like?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393183

Leisurely walk up to the source of action and take a look at what they're selling '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 393191

"If you like my name, I like my name, Dcotor."

You shop is in the open air at the bottom of the plug. If you wanted to be far away from the protection of the fortress you could carve a room near it, or you could simply wait for the new fortress to be dug out.

She nuzzles you again and leans deeper into you.
"Thank you, Master; you're a handsome dog without me, but with me there isn't anydog that looks better. You were very smart to choose me and make me look pretty."
She looks up into your eyes, still spinning along with the rest of the room.
"Will you…will you let me look even prettier for you, Master?"

The only jewelry are hairpins and brooches.

Everything, including slaves.

Lorik [Doctor] 393192

"No. You will choose. Not me. You will be an assistant, not a slave. And you need to think for yourself and not rely on me alone."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393194

Tilt my head.
"Even better? Make Kopaz look better?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393197

"For the time being, until the new underfortress is finished being dug out, it seems we'll have to all share the bed. Once it's finished, I can rebuild the shop closer to the gems, and dig myself a nicely sized room. We'll figure out the sleeping arrangement tonight."
And then I'll head into my shop.
There aren't any pink gems floating around, are there? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 393198

"Hihhihihihihhahahahhaha! Oooh what interesting wares for sale~

One, two, three four… One is enough because I can't afford more..

I'd like a unicorn slave if there is one '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 393202

"I choose Paws, Doctor."

The three of her nod.
"If you make me look better, you look better. If you give me one of the gems I bought for you I will look even better."

There are a few.

There is a unicorn stallion, and you can just barely afford him.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393205

Perfect. Let's carve that little pink thing into a square. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 393207

Hmmm….. are there any other more affordable here? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Lorik [Doctor] 393209

I let out a long sigh
"It is not a name you should have."
What is her cutie mark?
"What do you like to do? What are you good at? Aside from 'serving'."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393210

…I guess I pick a few.
Are there any pretty ones? Maybe.. exotic looking?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393211

I narrow my eyes and try to poke the headpiece she has.
"Not pretty gem?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393214

"Let's go with something simple for now. It'll be easier to get a deal on them."


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 393215

You make a pink square. It doesn't look very fancy but the lines are perfectly straight.

There are slaves of each race, male and female, except for bears and diamond dogs. All of them are affordable. The female earth and unicorn slaves have already been bought.

"I am only good at serving, Master."

They are average looking. Perfectly average.

"It is a pretty gem, but with two gems I can look even prettier and you can look even better. Think of it, Master. You will have the best looking slave in the world, and all the bitches will be throwing themselves at you."
She smiles up at you and moves a hoof into your lap.

Do you want to go ahead and purchase all the things you were talking about with that roll, as well as some hidden jewelry?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393216

I frown.
Dig deeper! I gotta find something interesting.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393217

It'll do for now.
Any more lockets in the bin of goods, or am I going to have to pay a visit to the smiths again? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393220

Yes, we've just been adding more and more to the pot. It's why I've been hanging around the caravan.

Campfire 393221

You think Aidi might have found everything interesting.

Just that gold ponyskull necklace. You prick your paw on it as you pick up up and the blood is absorbed into it.

Lorik [Doctor] 393222

"Ugh. Don't call me master. You are not a slave anymore, understood? What do you like? Which colors do you like? Which flavors?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393223

I sigh and walk back to Aidi then.
"It appears there is nothing particularly interesting here…"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393227

I'll look at that for a second, then shake my head.
"That needs to go out on the next caravan, no matter what."
Looks like it's back to the smiths.
"Gem, you can retire to the room for now, after fetching food for yourself and your foal."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393229

"Kopaz has best slave… Kopaz best…"
I grin again.
"One gem. And Kopaz chooses!"

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 393236

Then I'll buy a male earth pony and a female pegasus pony if I have enough. '1d10'

otherwise go with the earth pony for now.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393237

"Before you leave, how about we try to strike one last bargain. How much for all of the slaves?"


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Campfire 393238

It's all yours.

She freezes.
"I'm not a slave?"

"Yes, Master."
You visit the smiths.
"Ah, there you are."
"Thank you again for those gems. They served us very well."
"What do you want?"

She pouts.
"You're drunk, Master, you can hardly stand. Why not let your slave pick out the gem?"
She runs her hoof up and down your chest.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393242

I'll hold up the square gem.
"Decided to pick up a new slave on that caravan that just came in. Gonna need another locket. Same rates as last time?"

Lorik [Doctor] 393243

"My assistant. I will train you to become a healer like me. Other unicorn is here already. I will train him too. I do not consider you a slave."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393244

Shake my head, try not to hiccup or sway too hard.
"No… good gems… Kopaz pick."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 393245

You have enough. In fact, you don't even have to spend your gems because some dog with a silver halberd helps you buy them. They each look up at you.
"How will we serve you, Master?"

"One halberd."

"We're going steady with the bitch we found, take it for free."
They toss you a silver locket.

"I will still follow your orders, right, Doctor?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393246

And I'll take it.
"You're both on the same one?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393248

Lorik [Doctor] 393249

"Until the day you become competent enough to be a doctor of your own? Yes. But you are still expected to make snap decisions on your own. Lives may depend on it. That is your responsibility as a healer, understood?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393250

Campfire 393251

"Yes, Master."
She scoots away from you. You are able to make the room's spinning slow a little bit.

They laugh.
"We work best as a team, always have."

Aidi bought everything, talk with her.

"Yes, Doctor."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393252

That's what I'm trying to do! He missed my post!

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393253

"If you have a halberd to spare, we can buy a variety of slaves for the fort and more help for yourself. It'll help the next time a caravan comes through, since we'll have more to trade. I'll even make sure to keep a paw out for something nice for you slaves."

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 393254

"Braiq Thanks thee oh jolly stoic friend."

"Serve Braiq, no master. Pfftahahehehehahahah.. You, help with digging and hammering, you with with the wings. Alleive this one after work is over."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393255

I'll shake my head a little.
"Well, I guess that's why it was so quiet."
I'll wave them farewell, and then head back to the shop. Time to set this rock. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393257

Take some deep breaths.
"…Kopaz pick in the morning."

Lorik [Doctor] 393258

"Good. Are you religious?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393259

Sorry, slow internet.

Did I just buy EVERYTHING!? Moloch can go through it and claim what he wants.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393261

Hey stop that name

Campfire 393266

"Halberds were requested elsewhere this year. Next year they won't fetch anywhere near this price."

They nod.
"Thank you for adopting us, Master. We will do s you ask."
the pegasus shuffles.
"What do you mean by alleviate, Master?"

"No, doctor."

You make it look very nice.

All the things you were talking about, not everything.


"Too bad."
Now, can I begin teaching her? How does one teach healing magic anyway?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393270

Let's scribble another owner's note (This slave belongs to Pom, yadda yadda), stick it in there, and then hang it around Spinel's neck.
"There. Now it's official."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393271

"I have plenty to spare. I have… about 5. 6 if you count a slightly less than perfect one."
I guess I bring them all over and show them to her.

"Do you know what will be fetching a high price next year?

Campfire 393273

You teach her next time, when I am awake. She gets bonuses to her rolls from lessons and demonstrations. She also gets a large negative modifier because she is unskilled.

"Thank you, Master. What did you write in it, if I might ask, Master?"

He shakes his head.
"Sorry. If you want, you can buy many other things as well. You clothing is looking a bit tattered, when was the last time you had a new set made? We have all sorts of cloths you can buy if you like."

"Are you sure you don't want me to pick for you, Master?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393274



pfft- I mean- no I want to mean- whatever I say I mean for you by "alleviate"

…massage his muscles- bring us water, He and I will be working under hard duress day in and night out. What I wish for you- to feed and make sure he does not give out while helping me


Lorik [Doctor] 393276

Right. I'll go on stand-by then.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393278

"Erm… uh… my clothing is fine, really. It's befitting of my profession. Nice clothing will just get damaged and eventually ruined."
I scratch the back of my head.
"And besides… Aidi, didn't you purchase most of it already?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393279

"That you belong to me, what your name is, and that if anydog takes advantage of my property, they will pay with their hides. This includes using you for their own sexual needs. If and when you go into season, tell me so that I can arrange something with another pony slave. One surprise foal is quite enough, and now that there are more of you, tracking parentage will be more difficult."

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393280

I nod again.
"Me–-Mem–- Zebra impatient. Kopaz pick."

Knight 393281

"I bought many things to benefit the fortress. Go ahead and get something for yourself. We can add it with the discount I secured."

Campfire 393286

She nods.
"I understand, Master."

"I do not believe she purchased any cloth, Master."

She nods her head.
"Master, you may wish to arrange something ahead of time. The urge strikes fast and hard…no pun intended, Master."

She nudges you.
"Pick them, Master. Surely a bit of alcohol is no mix for a big, strong dog like you? The biggest and strongest in the entire fortress?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393289

"Oh? She hasn't?"

"Well, alright then. Thank you… Aidi."
I guess I head off to look for clothing now.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393292

"Hmm. I'll have to take a look at the male slaves, then."
I'll scratch my chin a moment.
"Spinel, do you know if pony races can interbreed?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393304

Let's help him find something nice.


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393305

After words like that, I am sure I can walk over to my treasure chest.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 393310

You find some dig dog lingerie. It is horrid looking.

She nods.
"Yes, Master. The mother breeds true."

You thankfully don't see what he found. There are various kinds of cloth, silk, and fabric that can be woven into clothing for sale.

You stumble you way over to it and open it, scattering the platters and bits of food everywhere.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393312

"Good… good.."

now turn to the dog who helped purchase these two

"My many thanks- I will say to suffice-

what was it?

….yes, Thank you.


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393313

"So if I were to arrange you with a unicorn, in the event a foal is produced you would give birth to an earth pony? Every time?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393316

Wave a paw around.

Then look at those gems.
How do they look again?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393317

…Eugh. Why would someone even… I don't even wanna know.
I keep looking.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393321

"We can get some of this cloth to make things for the fort, but let's look around for something you can give."


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Campfire 393324

She nods.
"Every time. That is what I was taught."

One rectangular one that is pink and two circular ones that are violet and peach.

You find the cloth bins.

You still have a halberd to pay with.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393327

I nod.

I just gotta find one nice thing… I can't do anything with raw cloth!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393330

Pick out the circular peach one for her.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393331

"Interesting. Will keep in mind."
Well, not much else to do, so I'll have her follow me to the meal hall to pick up something to eat, and then we'll head back to the room to meet back up with Gem and Luster.

Campfire 393332

The bars of electrum and platinum are still there.

She smiles and takes it. She looks at it for a bit before placing it into the circle of the purple gem on her head. They both catch the light of the spinning room and flash as she moves her hoof away.
"Don't I look pretty, Master? Let's get you back in bed so you can sleep off that alcohol."

That you do. She keeps saying how glad she is to be your slave.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393333

"The fort has what it can get for now. I want to see what you get for your little slaves. It might inspire me to get something extra for mine."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393334

"Yesyes… come"

take them and head to my room, once there look to make sure there's a spot I can carve into without a cave-in and doesn't break through a wall '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393335

I nod.
"Good slave…"
Wave my paw at the fallen plates and stuff again.

Then try to drag myself into bed.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393336

I take them I guess.
"I was kind of… erm… alreadylookingforsomethingforbothmyslavesandme… Y- You're help is well appreciated, I mean! But… how much more can we get?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393337

I've been getting that a lot lately. Once in the room, I'll have a talk with Spinel and Gem.
"Tomorrow, we go to the pens, and to the owners of male slaves. After we get the characteristics of each, we'll work out who gets which one in order to prevent a surprise foal. From the list there will be a section of approved candidates based on their condition and characteristics. Is this clear?"

Campfire 393338

There is no room to do any digging and the wall is made out of sandy clay, which is no good for proper carving.

"Yes, Master."
With her help you are able to get back into bed.

You get 'em.

They booth nod.
"Yes, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393339

"Good. Now to work out the sleeping arrangements."
There's still only the one bed, isn't there?

Campfire 393340

The second bed has been delivered. because of space constraints they have both been pushed together. An extra chest was also delivered, it has been stuffed full of pillows to serve as a makeshift cradle.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 393341

"Eugh- not good- not at all. You, come. Pegasus, stay."

is the caravan still here? head back

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 393342

Well, that saves me the idea of a dog sandwich.
Gem and Luster will take one bed, Spinel will sleep on the bottom half of the other, in Gem's old spot.
Those dogs down there better dig faster.

Kopaz [Dig Dog Miner] 393343

Stare at the ceiling.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393344

Did Aidi go to bed or something?

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 393345

If Moloch has what he wants, we can conclude the negotiations here.

Exactly how many slaves did I get and which are available?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 393346

I go check for the toys. Anything neat?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 393347

Still here.

The beds are taken as you will it.

It spins.

I will calculate that next time.

There are some neat toys.

The negations conclude as the last of the diamond dogs there buy what they want.


Campfire 394070

It is the day after the traders have left. Moloch's silver halberds let the fortress buy much more than it normally has. this sudden influx of material wealth has left the halls emptier and quieter than usual as the overstuffed and hungover diamond dogs make their way about the fortress. Each of you wake up in your rooms.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394071

And up I get. Got business to attend to.

Lorik [Doctor] 394072

Go collect the two unicorns.

It's time to plot my coup on the hospital from that other nitwit doctor.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394073

And by business I mean assigning mating partners for my two slaves.

Campfire 394074

Spinel is making the other bed while Gem nurses Luster.
"Good morning, Master. Did you sleep well, Master?"

You go with Paws to the hospital, but the doctor stops you when you try to leave with his unicorn.
"Where do you think you are going with my slave?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394075

I'll nod.
"Yes. Small question. Do either of you know how to read?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394076

So we have new slaves?
I guess I head over to the pen to see the newcomers. What've we gotten?

Lorik [Doctor] 394077

"Alpha didn't kick you out yet?"
I frown.
"Will teach him proper healing magic. I don't trust you to teach them properly seeing how you insist on employing ancient techniques."

Campfire 394078

They both nod.
"Yes, Master. Reading well and speaking clearly are two things all slaves are expected to know. The diamond dogs that run our training pits insist on it."

The new, unclaimed slaves are a follows:
Two buffalo, one of each gender.
Two zebras, one of each gender.
Two goats, one of each gender.
Two gryphons, one of each gender.
One unicorn stallion.
One pegasus stallion.

He growls at your comment.
"Take him to one of the empty treatment rooms so he is nearby if a patient comes in."

Lorik [Doctor] 394079

I roll my eyes.
"Nevermind. Keep him."
I've got a better idea. Go to the slavepens and get the unicorn stallion from there.

Completely untainted by that doctor's idiocy!

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394080

"Perfect. That means I can leave you written instructions, and you'll be able to read the list of approved sires for your foals. Once Gem has finished nursing, and we've gotten food of our own, we'll start making the rounds to take stock of the males."
I'll think for a moment.
"Zebras are equine. Is it possible to produce offspring with them, or should I strike them from the list of potential candidates?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394082

That's a lot of slaves…
I frown. Maybe introducing my assistants to someone new so quickly might be a bad idea…

So I guess I head over to the… storeroom or whatever. Where we keep all our purchased goods.
Do a survey of the metals we've bought and… the jewelry. And maybe toys if any were bought.

Campfire 394083

You see Moloch there inspecting the slaves. The unicorn approaches and bows when you motion to him.
"How may I serve, Master?"

Both of them look at each other. Gem looks back at you and speaks.
"I do not know, Master. If it is, I have never heard of it."
She goes back to focusing on her colt and Spinel takes the chance to speak.
"I can try if you want me to, Master."

Campfire 394084

The toys that were bought have already been taken by diamond dogs with pups. The jewelry consists of several brooches and hairpins. There were only three black bronze bars bought. The other goods are mostly leather, cloth, silk, food, and drink.

Lorik [Doctor] 394085

"Doctor, not master. Come with me, time for class. Start thinking about assigning a name to yourself. 'slave', 'servant', 'pony', 'unicorn' or 'stallion' are invalid names. No need to rush."
I look at the unicorn mare and shake my head, then head off to the hospital again.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394086

I'll scratch my chin.
"I'll leave that up to the slave trainers, if they feel the need to amuse themselves with the unclaimed. I'm not willing to risk any of my slaves to idle curiosity. Current pool of potential… suitors shall be only pony races."
And then we'll just wait for Gem to finish, and then head to get something to eat. First stop after breakfast is the slave pens, to see if there are still unclaimed male ponies to look over.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394087

I guess I search through the jewelry for anything particularly interesting or exotic. Something we haven't yet produced here.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 394089

"Are you adopting me, Doctor?"
He follows you to the hospital.

"As you wish, Master."
Gem finishes a few minutes later and places her colt in her saddlebags. After breakfast the four of you arrive at the slave pins. There is one Pegasus stallion that is unclaimed.

All of the jewelry looks to be diamond dog made, and nothing too fancy. You might be able to make something better yourself if you worked with Pom Rainian.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394091

Well, let's give him a look-over. Colors, size, general health. That sort of thing.

Lorik [Doctor] 394092

"Recruiting you, yes."
Once we are there I tap their horns with a paw
"Both of you can use telekinesis? Good. Very useful precision tool. Even more so than paws. What have you been taught already?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394094

I grumble.
I need something good… something amazing, even. Something they can be proud of.
I head over to Pom then. Hopefully he isn't too busy…

Campfire 394095

The stallion stands at attention as you check him out. He is a stout pony with a high voice. His jade eyes are narrow and his teeth are gaped. His beige mane is tied in a way that resembles his tail. His coat is chocolate colored. His wings are dark olive.

"We have both been taught how to manipulate fine objects with our telekinesis and carry large and heavy objects with our telekinesis."

You find him in the slave pins looking over a pegasus stallion.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394096

"Oh… are you busy at the moment Pom? I can come back later if you are…"

Lorik [Doctor] 394097

"Good. You two know each other well?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394098

"Name and current duties."
"Not incredibly. Picking out acceptable sires for future foals so we don't get another surprise. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but being more certain of a slave's parentage helps maintain a certain pedigree. And minimizes risks of bad traits."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394100

"Ah… erm… that's uh, interesting."
Juuuust gonna pretend I never heard that.
"I was perhaps wondering, if, you, erm… wouldn't mind assisting me in making some jewelry?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394102

Head to the woodcrafters

Campfire 394103

"We were both raised in the same salve pin, Master."

"I have no name and no current duties, Master."
The stallion's ears perk up when he hears what you are looking for, and he stands a little straighter.

There are three carpenters workshops in rooms right next to each other. You can hear work going on in each one.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394104

head into one
"Excuse me… kin. I must require- I'd like to know the cost for a bed- to lay- and sleep on"


So, time to teach basic healing?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394106

"Yes, yes, you and everydog else. It is my job."
I'll keep looking over the pegasus.
"Reminds me that I'll need to look over Brown again. If memory serves there are only seven male ponies of the three types in the fortress, so I need to make certain that they are not only healthy, but agreeable. Will also need to know which other dogs have male pony slaves, since I'll need their permission to use their slaves as sires."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"Most likely they'll demand the first foal, after its weaning, and then a sum of gems after that. Or perhaps I can just buy them off with gems."
I'll look him over.
"For now, you are Sage. Until you are claimed and renamed, anyway. I would suggest finding duties topside, as birds don't tend do well underground."
I'll give him one last look up and down.
"You are under consideration. Once my final choices are made, you might see these mares again if the mood strikes them."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394108

"Erm… I-, erm… I'll… think about that?"
I scratch the back of my neck.
"When are you going to be free to make something? I have… some specific requests, that I'd like made, if that's alright."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394110

"Assuming the other owners of the male ponies are agreeable, I should be free by lunch. You can bring Brown with you, and I can check him there. Then you can come to my shop and make your requests."

Campfire 394111

A burely diamond dog looks up.
"Bed's free. Why, do you not have one?"

You teach them each the basic concepts of healing with magic by accelerating the regrowth of living tissue.

"Thank you, Master. Do I have your permission to go topside and search for diamond dogs that need me? Our orders were to wait here to be claimed when we were needed."
He quickly looks at you slaves then goes back to staring ahead.
"And, uh, Master, mares can breed out of season. It may take more than one try though."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394112

"Alright. Will do then."
I suppose I depart then.
And stop by the depot to pick up my purchase of paper and dye/ink.
Is the dye/ink immediately useable now, or do I have to do something for it?

Lorik [Doctor] 394113

Take that scalpel Pom gifted me and make a small cut in my paw.
"Both of you. Focus your magic and try to heal. Try."

Crunch [Knight] 394114

Progress report on slaves and militia?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394115

"Permission granted, so long as you don't get in the way."
And I'll give him a flat look.
"If that was a request to give it a shot before I finish checking the other candidates, it wasn't very subtle. And I said if you are approved they will find you when the mood strikes them. In or out of season. Dismissed."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394116

"Maybe- yes- no- I have slaves who should be comfy. Comfy slaves are stronger slaves- I like beds anyways… heh"

If I already have a bed then would 2 more cramp my room up? if so then just one bed would suffice

Campfire 394118

It seems that another dog overheard your conversation with the merchant and, thankful for the wealth you brought the fortress, has turned the dye into ink. It is all ready to go.

They both try.

Your carpenter gryphon is now working as well as any diamond dog, and your vermin hunting gryphon is keeping the fortress clear of vermin. The military is twenty members strong and has been split into a squad of melee fighters and a squad of ranged fighters. Switch is in command of the ranged squad and you are in command of the melee squad. Neither are battle tested, but your squad has killed three bushwoolie thieves.

He quickly runs off. Both of you slaves and the two buffalo cows laugh as he leaves.

You cannot fit two more beds into your room. One more bed will fit if it is pushed side by side against your bed.

Roll #1 4 - 3 = 1 / Roll #2 6 - 3 = 3

Campfire 394119

The unicorn mare's horn flares wildly and the small cut on your paw turns into a wide gash.
The stallion tries to fix this but his horn only sputters.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394120

I'll have to make a note of that. He thinks he's clever. Might be a good trait.
Next stop, the Hospital, to check in on Voice.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394121


I wince slightly but don't make any noise as I Mend the gash shut.
"To be expected. Could have been much worse."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394123

I give him thanks and take the ink and paper back to my assistants then.
"I have a gift for you three."
I show them the paper and ink.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394124

Then have my stallion help me take the bed back to my room, assuming it's been made.

and squeeze it to fit!

Campfire 394125

The doctor greets you as you enter.
"You cut your paws open again, Pom?"

The two of you take one out of storage and muscle it back to the room, then squeeze it into place.
His stomach grumbles.

They hang their heads.
"We are sorry, Doctor."

They look at the paper and ink.
"What do you wish us to do with it, master?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394126

"Not this time. Here to check on Voice. Making a list of acceptable sires so I don't get another surprise."

Crunch [Knight] 394127


I'll go take a look at what my slave has carved so far then.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394128

"Draw. In fact…"
I grin.
"I could even hang them up around the room! As decorations and such. Wouldn't that be nice?"


I roll my eyes
"Don't be sorry. Learn from your mistakes. I did not expect you to succeed. Only wanted to show you how miscasts can affect patients."
Can I teach them further?
Maybe I could ask someone to catch some rats to train on…

Roll #1 2 = 2

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394130

"Oh you poor poor thing- come- you too pegasus- go to eat and feed yourselves."

Campfire 394131

"Ah. If he sires a unicorn with yours I want the first one. If he sires anything else I'll think of the price when I see the foal. Deal?"
He extends his paw.

Your slaves has carved all manner of things. She has carved furniture for rooms and crafts that were sold to the last caravan.

"Thank you, Master."
The walk over to you and mill around, not sure where they are supposed to get food.

Crunch [Knight] 394132

I nod my approval.

"Looks like you've been learning well."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394133

I'll think for a moment.
"First foal is yours, after weaning. Subsequent foals default to the mother and her owner. However, if they are a result of Voice, then I will offer them at a special rate. Acceptable?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394134

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394135

look at them quizzically
"Come, come"
lead them to the feeding stores and feed them, and eat as well

Campfire 394136

She bows.
"Thank you, Master. Working with two skilled carpenters nearby has been very helpful to me."

"I only want unicorns. If he has a foal with your earth mare I will think of another price. Maybe some gems to decorate the rooms with."

They all nod. The zebra speaks.
"What do you want us to draw, Master?"

You take them to the food storage area behind the kitchen and start eating, ignoring the dining hall. Once they finish eating they look at you expectantly.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394137

"Wha-… I want you to draw what you want to draw. That is what I want."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394138

"Your first is free, as siring rights apply. Subsequent foals, however, are mine to sell as I see fit. If I wish to sell you unicorn foals, I shall set the price. And I'm being quite charitable, and will set the price according to the health, stature, and condition of the foal, reduced out of consideration for your slave's input. Is that acceptable, or should I pester the other doctor to see if he is more agreeable to my terms?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394139

Need to teach them
"Yes- what do you want- I can't read minds"

Campfire 394140

They each nod.
"Will we draw now?"

He grumbles.
"Fine. Do you want it done now or later?"

"When will we begin work, Master?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394141

"If you want to! This is something that you do on your time. I am giving you the day off today because you have done such a good job of helping me, so… do what you wish! Play your flutes, play with the puzzle, draw, play, do what you wish! That is what I want you to do for today. Is that alright with you three?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394142

"I will inspect Voice now and get his general condition. As there are only seven male ponies in the fort, I have to be picky to ensure good breeding. If he passes consideration, and either mare is in the mood, they will have permission to seek him out, so long as he is not occupied with his duties. Agreed?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394143

scratch my chin
"You will help me, you- pegasus- what do you do- what can you do- what is your name?"

Crunch [Knight] 394144

"Indeed, but you have learned well. Maybe you had a talent for it, Sawdust."

Campfire 394145

They nod. The zebra and unicorn take some paper and ink and go to one corner of the room. The earth pony mare grabs a flute and goes to the other corner.

He calls over his should.
"Voice! Room seven! Get up on the inspection table!"

"I can fly and manipulate small objects with my wings. I can work long hours without food or sleep. I can read and write. I can carry things. I do not have a name, Master."

She fluffs her feathers and looks away.
"You do me too much honor, Master. I have been working at this for years, ever since you took me as your slave."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394146

And then to room seven.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394147

I smile at them willingly enjoying themselves, and depart.
I guess I'm off to Pom.

Crunch [Knight] 394148

"Well I am pleased to know my choice was well-made."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394149

"What a shame- a true shame- a reading writer who has no name…



find an name- a name that fits you. Got it?

Comecome We shall look for work and then some..

Where's the best place to look for work? THE SMITH'S head there

Campfire 394150

Voice is sitting on an examination table in the middle of the room. You notice his horn dim and a comb scoot under the bed as you open the door and enter with your slaves. He gives you a small bow without getting up.
"Hello, sir, ladies."

You follow his trail to the hospital. The doctor greets you at the door.
"Pom? He's inspecting one of my slaves now, can it wait?"

"I am glad you are pleased, Master, and that I can serve the fortress this way."

You take your slaves to the level of the mine that has been dedicated to the metal industry. Two muscly diamond dogs look up from their smelters as you enter.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394151




Do you have work- a dog's kind of work- work with metal- oh so shiny metal- and two ponies to help with the hammer and kettle?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394152

Well, at least he's presentable.
"Up. Let's get a good look at you."
I'll need his description again.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394153

"He… asked me the very same thing, but I, erm, suppose if he's occupied now then I can talk to him later. Please do tell him once he's finished to come talk to me."
And then I guess I leave again and go back to the forge.
Do I notice Braiq?

Campfire 394154

File: 1365743346184.png (3.23 KB, 1891x61, Voice.png)

They glance at each other.
"Do you have any experience with metalworking?"


How can you not notice him? He's an odd dog with two slaves.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394155

I'll walk around him a bit.
"So. How's the work I assigned you going for you? Making yourself useful here, correct?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394156

I walk over to him.
"Yes? Are you… here for something?…"

Crunch [Knight] 394157

"The fortress provides for us if we provide for it. Keep up the good work, Sawdust."

Now where's that other one?

Campfire 394158

He nods.
"Very useful, sir. I have been learning a lot about healing from the doctor and haave helped many diamond dogs, sir."

Hunting by the butcher's shop.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394159


Maybe- some- a bit- I have a hammer if that works…

smile as innocently as possible at them '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394160

"And magical healing in addition to surgical techniques? If you'll notice, the other doctor, Lorik, managed to not only restore but improve the eyes of Gem. A valuable skill to learn. I intend for her foal, Luster, to learn how to do it as well, so that I have someone who can respond in an emergency if necessary."
I'll look up at him.
"Acceptable. Though I would suggest finding a better hiding place for your comb. You are a strong candidate. Dismissed."
And then I'll head out with Gem and Spinal to talk to the doctor dog.
"Do you recall the other owners of male pony slaves aside from Moloch and that new cook?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394161


Iii'm gonna try and Read this guy's Intentions.
He seems… strange.
'1d10' w/ Compassion

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 394162

Your smile is only a little unnerving.
"There's a free forge down that tunnel."
One of them points at a tunnel.
"Go use that one."

"He has never tried to teach me, sir. He started a feud with the doctor when he showed up last year and has never tried to make things right."

"One was assigned to the farmers, one to the cook, and the other two should be in the pins."

Crunch [Knight] 394163

Stay and watch him. I shouldn't disturb him while he works.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394164

"There was only a pegasus in the pens, so I'll assume the other doctor might have acquired it. One can only hope he teaches it what to do in case their magic fails."
"I see. Unfortunate."
And I'll bid farewell to the doctor and voice, and make my way up to the farms.
Since Sylt's not here and Groves is asleep.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394165

Intention: Work-food-mine-gems-metal-fuck-food-sleep-fuck-metal-work-
Mood: amiable

Keep up the grin
"My thanks- many thanks- good talk- yes good



Come you two lets get to work

cackle as we head down the tunnel to our forge.

Look around to see what equipment I have (Spotcheck) '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394166

I'm just gonna leave him be and hope he doesn't hurt himself or something.

psst >>394153

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394167

You're in the forge. And the doc never mentioned you. For all I know, I'm waiting until lunch for you.

Campfire 394168

He has a small put with him full of sticks. Every time a group of flies becomes thick enough he pulls a pair out of the pot and stretches out a slimy sheet of cloth spread between them. Once that is done he charges the group of flies and starts to swing his construction around until the flies have mostly scattered. When that is done he tosses the sticks into a pile of similar sticks and cloth and returns to his pot.

You have everything here that you would need to make any sort of metal thing, whether it be weapons,a rmor, tools, trap components, toys, crafts, etc.

You can see several diamond dogs, half a dozen buffalo, and an earth pony working in the dirt.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394169

I'll head to one of the nearby farmers.
"Who owns that slave there?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394170

"Here you two- cloth- for your ears

metal on metal is harsh to ears- not valuable with harshed ears

crack my knuckles and get to work on…. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394171

Steel shoes for my ponies, I'll get to work on making steel shoes fit for my stallion and pegasus '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 394172

A dirt covered dog stands up from on of the fields.
"They are owned by the autonomous collective-"
A dog working next to him whacks him on the back of the head with a paw.
"Sorry, I mean to say we all do. He and the buffaloes belong to the farmers."

You make some misshapen, lumpy bits of copper that sort of mimic the shape off a horseshoe.

Crunch [Knight] 394173

Interesting choice of tactics. Are flies the only thing we have to worry about now?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394174

"I need to look him over for siring considerations, if he can be spared for a few minutes."
Bloody peasant.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394175

look at them, then point them at the two ponies

"Fit do they?"

Campfire 394176

Flies, mice, rats, small lizards, and other insects.

There are a few wolf-whistle from the diamond dogs, and even a few buffaloes. One of the diamond dogs nearest the earth pony claps him on the back.
"Ard, go with this dog and let him look at you. Good luck."

They look at the lumps and shake their heads.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394177

Well, no need to stand on ceremony. Let's get a look at Ard.
"Name and duties."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394178

scowl at the horseshoes

"What shame, true shame, help hammer- melt them down then hammer and shape to fit"

'1d10' to rework these

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 394179

He is broad-bodied and very muscular. His teeth are gapped. His somewhat broad head is short. His somewhat narrow copper eyes are slightly wide-set. His ears are narrow. His mane and tail are straight. His coat is carmine. His mane and coat are unkempt. His mane and tail are rose taupe. He is covered in dirt and mud.
"Ard, sir. Tilling, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, hauling, and plowing."
One of the farmers snickers.

With a liberal application of heat and your hammer you beat them all into shape. They are nothing fancy, but they are sturdy, at least for copper horseshoes.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394180

I'll give that farmer a very blank look, and then return my attention to Ard.
"You've been with us since near the beginning, haven't you? I seem to recall you being purchased in one of the first batches of slaves."
I'll pick a few spots of dried mud off his coat.
Good musculature. Fine match for Spinel. Could use a little work on the appearance, but he is a farmer.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394181





how about these? They work- can fit- better on hooves yes?

now for more ideas… '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394182

Make some dog armor! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 394183

"Yes, sir, and I have been working hard ever since I was assigned to the farmers."

You pound out some copper greaves sized for diamond dogs.

Crunch [Knight] 394184

Nod at him and go back to the workshop.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394185


s-stallion, help- learn-

pegasus- take note- write down the number- get writing things-

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394186

"Good. It's the combined labor of all of you that keeps most of the fort fed."
I'll tap my chin a bit.
"Accepted for consideration. If you pass, either of these mares may seek you out as necessary, so long as it does not distract you from your duties. Is this clear?"

Campfire 394187

He nods back. The female gryphon is detailing a wooden crown when you walk in.

The pegausus leaves then returns with writing things. The earth pony stallion steps forwards.
"Master, I have never done this before. If you give me a lesson I may be able to serve you better."

He nods.
"Yes, sir."
He gives the mares a wink then rejoins the farmers.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394188

And I guess I now go and find Pom.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394189

I'll shake my head a little as I head back inside to hunt down Moloch.
"Why do they think they automatically pass? Do they think they're the only ones I'm considering?"
I'll shrug.
"I suppose this just means I have good taste in slaves."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394190

"Ah, Pom. Are you free yet?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394191


Lessons you require- lessons you need- lessons give mastery- and mastery is good indeed


Pegasus count and write number of armors.

stallion, come I will teach

first lessons, hammer use and shaping '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394192

"For the moment. That new doctor is nowhere to be found, nor is that odd cook. The one with the strawberry bread. So, as it's before lunch and the arranged checking time, we might as well get to those requests. To the sho-"
I'll cut off as I see the other earth pony slave near the forge.
"Hm. That's another one to the list to check. Anyway. Shop first, then I hunt that one down."
And I'll lead the way back to my shop.

Campfire 394193

The pegasus starts taking inventory. The stallion nods his head.
"I think I am ready to try now, Master. What should I make, Master?"

The farm and the forges are in two completely different places.
You are now at your workshop in the plug.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394194

I thought I left the farms to hunt down Moloch. Ah well.
Right, inside then.
"You'll have to forgive the lack of seating."


Get to work on something to pass the time.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394196

"Ready to hammer- yes you are- but not all for hammer time- now you learn control- control gives precision- precision… gives good works"

show him this '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394197

"It's fine."
I shuffle my feet a little.
"So, erm… I was thinking of requesting something to… uh… identify! Yes, there we go. Identify my assis- slaves. And… also as a sort of reward to them. So that they're happier as they work."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394198

"You mean like the lockets I made for each of mine? And the strawberry stone for that cook's? And the thing that mentally deficient Dig Dog's zebra wears? Do you know she was wearing that uncut stone on her head? IN public? It was hideous. I couldn't leave it like that, my pride as a gemcutter wouldn't allow it."
I'll calm myself slightly.
"But that's off the topic. You wanted to request something. Locket? Just a carved stone with a bit of cloth to tie it on them? Mane ornament? Do you have the gems picked out? What colors?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394199

I scratch my head.
"I didn't exactly put much thought into this… what would you recommend for two stallions and a mare?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394200

"One of them being Brown, I'm assuming."
I'll sigh a little as I go digging through the gem bucket.
"Let's see… what are the other two's colorations?"

Campfire 394201

you start carving scepters and rings alongside your gryphon slave. The stuff you make looks as good as hers does.

You nearly break the bones in your lower arm when you miss your target and hit yourself instead. The slaves drop their things.



Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394203

"Zebra has… well, zebra colors. Black and white. Earth has… a purple coat with a tan mane. And yes, the third is Brown."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394204



Pegasus, make sure the inventory- agh- all written- stallion- copy greaves and don't hurt- nngh- don't do this

take my broken-arm ass to the doc's wherever the doc's is

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394205

oh wait, drag my nearly-broken arm ass over to the doc's

Campfire 394206

The stallion starts pounding away as you leave.
You arrive at the hospital in another section of the fortress. The doctor greets you as you enter.
"Name and problem, please."

You and her keep on making beautiful wooden things.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394207

I'll be talking mostly to myself for now.
"Another zebra… pfeh, such a dull name. Doesn't give me anything to work with design-wise. Had to name that idiot dig dog's zebra too. Clever one, that, picking such a stupid dog. Hmm… can't use white, would look awful. Needs color."
I'll shuffle through the bin.
"Purple coat, tan mane…"
I'll turn to Moloch.
"Eye color. What was the eye colors for both of them?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394208

"Hehehehahahahahah! Braiq is my name! and I almost break'd my arm! EEHIHIHIHIHHIHEHEEHAHAHAHA!

but really my arm hurts to shit- hit it with a hammer- I need it fixed

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394209

I tap my chin.
"Right. Earth has jade eyes, zebra has copper eyes, and Earth has rather striking golden eyes. Does that help any?…"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394210

Back to digging through the gems.
What colors are available to me, Campfire?

Campfire 394211

He makes some greaves that are almost as good as the ones you made, but you won't know that until you get back.

He recoils slightly as you laugh.
"Follow me. Are you already medicating yourself with anything? Have you smoked any substances?"
He leads you to a room in the back.

Grey, dark green, orange, white, dark red, pink, yellow, light green.
You also have a pair of precious rubies.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394212

I'll pull a dark green one for the Zebra, light green for the earth pony, and Brown… Brown gets a dark red one.
Also I'm totally hiding one of those rubies until I get a fancy slave that deserves it. But I'll hide it after Moloch leaves.
"Right, these three colors should do."
I'll set the three gems on the table.
"Now, how do you want them cut? Standalone shapes that you can use as pendants? Set into a mane clip or comb? A locket, like mine have? Convenient to store ownership information."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394213

"Aw- why can't I laugh- must all dogs be mundane- think-work-fuck-act alike?

Medication- I don't medicate- leave to healers and patchers- they know What I do not- I dig- I hammer- I enjoy what I do what I enjoy.

Lorik [Doctor] 394214

This still going?

More medical training '1d10'?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394215

"Two pendants and a hair clip would be preferable."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394216

"Mmhm. Do you have the clip, so I can set the stone after it's carved? And were there any preferred shapes for the pendants?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394217

"I don't have the clip at hand at the moment… but I could make one. And… uh, what shapes would you recommend? I'm… not one for jewelry."

Campfire 394218

He hands you a strip of chewed looking leather.
"Put this in your mouth. This might hurt."

You give them another lesson.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394219


bracing for pain '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394220

I'll keep myself from rolling my eyes too much as I study the gems.
"Hmm. If you want simple, I can just cut them into prisms or something similar to what I did for the dig dog's zebra. would give you plenty of space for a strip of cloth to tie it on there. Or some leather."
I'll rub my chin.
"Is the clip going to be bone, wood, or metal?"

Lorik [Doctor] 394221

From what I understand, there is a gryphon slave out there who is tasked with hunting vermin. Can I find him/her? He/She could provide me with testsubjects.

Campfire 394222

He squeezes up and down your arm with his paws while watching your face. After a bit of doing this he lets go.
"Lucky you, your arm isn't broken. I'm going to make you a sling. Keep your arm mobilized for and check back with me after a week has passed."

You find him relaxing by the kitchen and sipping from a mug.

Lorik [Doctor] 394223

"You. Your job is to hunt vermin, correct? I need test subjects for my new assistants to practice on. Can you provide me with live vermin?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394224

"Well… why not metal? If I polish it it will give it a nice sheen and… probably make it look better?"
I scratch the back of my head.
"Would… so it'd just be a solid gem pendent then? I don't need to fabricate something to hold it?"

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394225

scowl at the sling

"Agh, and how do I metalwork- mine- dig?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394226

"It could be. Or if you didn't want to put stress on the gem you could make a base for it. The advantage of a base is that you could use a chain to tie it around the neck as opposed to cloth or leather. Much more durable, and much less wear and stress on the stone itself. However, I wouldn't advise it if you plan on keeping them in the forge, as you know quite well what happens to metal as it gets warmer."
I'll shrug.
"Not that I'm expecting you to put them that close to the fires, but still. They aren't dogs, after all."

Campfire 394227

He slinks off into the barrels and comes back out a minute later with a mouse hanging from his beak by its tail.

He shrugs.
"Do it with one arm and have a slave hold whatever you are working on steady?"

Lorik [Doctor] 394228

I grab it and nod.
"Good. I'll need more of these things in the future. Put them in boxes and forward them to the clinic. Tell that idiot doctor not to let them loose."
I turn back to my assistants, take out my scalpel and cut off the tail of the mouse.
"Try and mend. Hold mouse with your telekinesis."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394229

"Well, metal is affected by heat, yes, but even a good day's work shouldn't cause it to heat up to the point that it gets damaged or the gem falls out or something along those lines."
I pause.
"So I think that will be what I'll go with then. What would you recommend as a cut for it then? I'd like all three to have similar cuts, if possible.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394230


nod my thanks and head back

"Pegasus- inventory?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394231

"Not different for each? Easier on me I guess. Easiest would just be square cuts, similar as to what I did for Spinel and Luster's lockets. A rounder cut, like how Gem's is, might be a bit harder."
I'll shrug.
"But it all really boils down to you. You're their owner. You could give them pendants shaped like a dick and they'd be happy for it."

Campfire 394232

Are you sure you want untrained ponies to try using the improved version of a spell they don't know?

"We have lots of copper and silver to work with sir. There are a lot of breastplates and weapons but not much of any other kind of armor."

Lorik [Doctor] 394233

Oh fine. Cut the mouse then and let them try and heal that then.

Hopefully it wont explode in bloody chunks or something.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394234

"A square cut works, I guess."

Campfire 394235


Roll #1 3, 7 - 2 = 8

Campfire 394236

The stallion is almost able to heal the mouse, but his magic fails at the last instant.
The mare tries but loses control of her magic. The mouse dies painfully.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394237

"Alright. Once you bring me the bases, I can get to work. And don't forget I need to look Brown over later."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394238

"Greaves- what about what we make?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394239

"Alright then."
And with that I go back to my shop and try to…
Ah whatever.
I'll just make a batch of six, three copper three silver.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lorik [Doctor] 394241

I scrunch and point at the mare
Then point at the stallion
"Much better than before. Improvement already visible."

Campfire 394242

"The sheet of paper the smiths gave me says we need to make foot protection, leg protection, and paw protection. Boots, greaves, and gloves."


They don't look very good.
I thought you loved your slaves?

The mare hangs her head and the stallion smiles.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394243

>not taking the 9 from

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394244

Oh come on!
I accidentally doubleposted!

Campfire 394245

Missed that.

You make some very nice looking copper and silver bases. You even do some basic engraving.


Back to classes.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394247

Alright. Now for the little chainlinks.
Same thing. Six sets, three copper and three silver.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394248


Good! Good! And good work with hammering, stallion!

Now- get supplies- hold them down

Time to make gloves


Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 394249

They don't learn anything from the lesson.

You make them, but they look pretty average.

The stallion dives away at the last moment, narrowly avoiding your hammer.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394250

give him a deadpan look
"Hammer works. Trust hammer and aim will follow.


You hammer

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394251

What works works.
I bring them back to Pom.
"Erm… I made two sets of each, because I didn't know which would go better with the gems."
I show him the 9/10 silver and copper clips and pendants and 6/10 silver and copper chains.

Campfire 394252

"You want me to try?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394253

I'll look 'em over.
"Could make it with whichever set. You want a gem in both sets, I might need a favor at some unspecified point in the future."
I'll hop down and dig out a second of each colored stone.
"So, you want me to cut both sets, copper and silver, or just the one?"

Lorik [Doctor] 394254

Right, that'll be enough then for today.
"We will continue tomorrow. Much work ahead of us."
I boop the mare on her nose
"You need to control magic better. Very violent."
Assign them a bed somewhere and give them food if they are hungry. And make myself clear to the mare that I don't want any of that pregancy bullshit yet. Doctors are not for sexually.

Campfire 394255

She nods.
"Will either of us be sharing your bed instead?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394256

"No, just one set please. Just… I don't know which would go well with each color."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394257


yes of course!


go ahead! You learn by experience too!

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394258

I'll roll my eyes a little.
"Silver tends to go with most everything. Copper can go well, especially with darker colors, but leaving copper jewelry on for too long could cause discoloration of the hair as it oxidizes or reacts with oils or grime."
I'll place the three backup gems back in the bin.
"So, personally, I'd go with silver."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394259

Use those inspiring words! (Inspire) '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 394260


Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6

Lorik [Doctor] 394261

I give them the constanza face
"No. You have your own beds. Use them. And don't let anydog tell you otherwise."

Campfire 394262

He makes some stuff.

Please hurry.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394263

"Right, right… Those normally aren't thinks I really consider, since, well… they never really come up in the things I usually forge. So silver it is. Thank you very much, Pom. Do you need any assistance now or in the near future? I do believe that this is probably at least worth a favor or two, no?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394264

Fine fine. I'll shoo Moloch out of my shop so I can work. Maybe I can even use this as a small refresher course for Gem. So let's cut '1d10+4' and set '1d10+1' them rocks. Two pendants, one hair clip.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394265

"I'm a gemcutter. It's my job. But I might just call in one favor down the line. When I need it."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 394266

And that setting's terrible. Won't stay in there at all. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Campfire 394267

They nod and get into their beds.

You cut the gems real nice, but can't quite get them to stick to the jewelry.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 394268


Good! Good!

feed them again then go back to our room so the mare can loosen the stallion's muscles and we all go to sleep or whatever

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 394269

"Alright then. Thank you. I'll return for them tomorrow, and… bring Brown as well."
And then I leave.
I'm assuming you're too tired to write anything about what my assistants have done today?

Campfire 394270

You get into bed and the two ponies get into there. The mare massages the stallion with her creepy wingers.



Campfire 397560

The sounds of diamond dogs eating, drinking, and laughing comes from the dining hall as they always do, but this time the sounds of metal clanging and paws stomping joins them. Inside the dining hall are more than two dozen armed and armored diamond dogs feasting while Boyar and Prophesy stand at the end of the room on a hastily built podium under a giant map of the peninsula. Prophesy raises his paws and shouts to try and grab their attention, but the dogs ignore him and continue to eat and drink. Growing impatient, Prophesy punches the wall with his fist hard enough to drop a few small chunks of dirt and lets loose with a loud, long howl. The pack of dogs grows quiet and turns to face the front.
"Very good. I have heard your desires for a raid, and spoken to the Alpha about it. He wishes to speak with you all."
Prophesy looks at Boyar and takes several steps back until he is almost against the wall.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 397561

If I'm still in charge of the militia, I should probably be hanging around here. Y'know, for security. With the rabble and all.

Crunch [Knight] 397562

I take a long swig and slam the mug down.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397563

I suppose I should attend. Out of politeness, if nothing else.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 397564



Boyar (Preacher) 397565

"Brothers, sisters, pack-mates – we've struggled long and hard to make it this far. We've turned our tiny outpost into a mighty fortress. But the time has come to make our neighbors fear our presence and know that is we, the dogs, who rightly rule!

"And so we must embark on our first raid. Not far from here is a small village of goats. We will go there and take what we wish from them. Our host will lead the way, and we will teach these little goats the true meaning of fear!"


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Campfire 397566

You control a squad of nine archers, both bowdogs and crossbowdogs.

A goat slave fills you mug again.

A goat with helmets hanging off his horns greets you.

You join the rest of the diamond dogs staring forwards intently.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397567

"Ho, goat."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 397568

Nod quietly.

Crunch [Knight] 397569

I grunt at his speech, wondering if the militia is up to this.

And I stare at the goat as he fills my mug.

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397570

I rub my paws, still restless and worried of Spring Green's fate.
With that I eat heartily and drink, waiting for the speech and the orders to move out.

"Goat, bring me another chicken and ale."

"Yay!!" I raise my mug

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 397571





My stallion smith-learner did good right? the armor we made was enough?

Campfire 397572

They go ballistic. There is stomping, barking, mug-slamming, yipping, howling, and general noise-making. Even the slaves waiting table and holding gear get in on it and stomp and howl along with their masters. After this has gone on for almost a minute Prohpesy looks at you and quietly asks if you want him to quiet them down again.

He snaps back to his senses.
"Will you be joining the raid after that speed the Alpha gave, master?"

He lowers his head and rushes over to another empty mug.

"Yes, master."
One of the goats runs off.

Yes, the pack''s militia is now armed with breastplates, helms, and shields. The melee fighters also have boots and greaves.

Crunch [Knight] 397573

I look back down at my mug.
Could be worse. We could be going after a buffalo tribe.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397574

"Possibly. I can't say it didn't put an itch in my paws, but if there is business to be take care of first, who am I to shelve it?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397575

I stand up.
Alpha, when will we head out!"

I wait for the chicken and ale.

Boyar (Preacher) 397576

I motion for everyone to quiet down.

"I'm sure Prophecy has more to say about the planning and operations for this little adventure, and perhaps Crunch would like to say something to his guardsdogs."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 397577

Approach the Alpha. "When?"

Boyar (Preacher) 397578

"Soon. Prophecy and Crunch will let you know when the time is right."

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 397579

"Good… good!


hihihihi! I'll need to reward us- him- me- after all this.

then ask a goat if they can send some food to my slaves

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397580

I smile with glee, perhaps I could visit Spring Green and see if she is alright in the hospital.

Crunch [Knight] 397581

"I've trained the dogs well. They deserve some meat to test themselves on!"

What's the general feeling among the militia?

Campfire 397582

Your plate is gently pushed aside and a small roast is placed in front of you.

"What business, master? It is only right that you join your brothers and sisters in dominating the lesser races."

The goat quickly returns with your plate and mug. A few other voices call out after yours.
"Yeah! And where are we going!"
"Who're we raiding?"
"Who owns the captives?"

The quiet down, but there is still an excited buzz in the air. Propehsy steps forwards.
"There is a small goat town a few days travel from here at the top of a mountain. Every winter the large river that flows from the peak freezes and they cut steps into it to connect themselves with the outside world. This would be the easiest target but it is the Alpha, of course, that decides. We also know of one town for the ponies, the donkeys, and the zebras that are nearly a week away from here."

"Your name, master?"

The doctor spoke with you yesterday and told you that your slave would be ready to return to you within three days.

Eager for real bloodshed instead of the bushwoolie thieves that prove no challenge.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397583

"Gems don't cut themselves. Though… hmm."
I'll ponder a moment.
"You, come to the gemcutter shop before the rest of the troop leaves. I need to leave some instructions for my slaves. And bring me a spear roughly my size. I get the feeling a club isn't going to cut it."
And then I'll head back to my room, where I assume Gem and Spinel are, along with Luster.

Braiq [Wardancer Miner/Smith] 397584

"Braiq my lovely- Braiq- like Break- or Brake-




Crunch [Knight] 397585

Well let's hope the Alpha's decision comes soon then.

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397586

Three days from now or has those three days already passed?

Anyway I take my food from the goat and the ale and eat it. I then stare at the goat.
Is it cute/good looking?

Campfire 397587

He bows and runs off. You go back to your room and find Gem and Spinel talking as Luster pushes a wooden ball around. They stand as you enter.
"Hello, Master."

The goat bows.
"I will have food sent to your room, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397588

I'll nod a little at them.
"Gem, Spinel, I'll be leaving the fort for a few days. However, I don't wish for the gem cutting to fall terribly behind, so if you're up to it, Gem, I'm going to give you a refresher course on gemcutting. Spinel will be able to foalsit, and help you keep a steady, but not overwhelming, flow of materials. Good?"

Boyar (Preacher) 397589

"The goat village seems like the best course of action to me. It is nearby, and so we should be able to access it easily. And while they will be close, and so they may try to retaliate against us, I think their neighbors are more likely to feel that we are their problem rather than that of all the four-legged folk."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397590



check my gear and be ready to follow these guys '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Campfire 397591

From now. You look at the goat as he runs around the room. You suppose he's cute enough with those little curly horns and fluffy tail.

She bows.
"Yes Master. Do you wish for me to work with the other two gemcutters here while you are gone?"
There is a knock on your door.

A dog in the crowd yells.
"Better not leave any there, just to be sure!"
The rest of the dogs laugh and stomp their paws again.

Your gear is polished and ready.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397592

Where'd Pom disappear to? I'll go find him.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397593

I frown.
What's he gotten into now…
I guess I look around. I'm assuming I heard Boyar's little speech?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397594

"Other two? When did… No. Not unless it's necessary."
I'll open the door.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397596


… head to my room then

Campfire 397597

You pick out his scent and follow it back to his room. You see a goat with a short spear standing outside it talking to him.

Yes. What sort of brother would you be if you weren't here to heear this?

"Here is you spear, master."
The goat offers you a short copper spear.

You return to your room and find your slaves chowing down on a plate of vegetables. They stand and bow as you enter.

Crunch [Knight] 397598

Go meet with my dogs. I assume they were all present at the speech?

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397599

Its a he….. nope.
Eat my food and approach the Alpha to ask him questions or his second in command if not available.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397600

I frown and march off to Boyar, pulling him aside and away from everyone if he's not too busy, hissing at him.
"Boyo! What are you thinking?!"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397601

wave them to sit down again

"I'm going away- a ways away- will be gone for days


You, and you- should stay alive- with proper choices and freedoms to do.

look at them with a wide eye and a big grin

"Do not die on me."

Boyar (Preacher) 397602

"I told you not to call me that, Molly."

"The dogs are restless. They need focus. We let them loose for a while and they'll be placated and happy."

Campfire 397603

They are, and are still sitting at their table. Your second in command stands up as you approach.
"Did the Alpha give the word to start gathering provisions? Will we make our battleplans now or later?

It looks like Boyar is being talked to by his brother. Prohesy stops you.
"Yes, dig dog?"

They bow deeper.
"Yes, Master. We will not die if we can help it. Shall we work with the smiths while you are gone?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 397604

"Arming yourself? You aren't planning to go on the raid, are you?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397605

"Will leader send scouts to whatever village that we raid? If so, Bark may want to volunteer to scout too."

Switch [Pilgrim] 397606

Should also point at >>397594

Crunch [Knight] 397607

"No word from the Alpha yet, but it never hurts to prepare in advance. Start drafting some plans. If for some damn reason we don't go on this raid, we'll have to use them eventually. I know I'm not the only one getting sick of going out only for traders, am I right?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397608

"Good. You are dismissed."
And then I'll turn back to my slaves.
"Now, Gem, I'm going to give you another few pointers before I go. Spinel will assist with Luster, and once I return your lessons will begin in full again."

Campfire 397609

"That is the Alpha's decision. He will be leading the raid so the final battle plans are up too him. I would assume he will use scouts though."
He looks you up and down.
"Are you sure a dog a big as you would make a good scout?"

The diamond dogs in your squad laugh.
"Yeah, this is going to be great. We will be waiting for you in the barracks, boss."
They get up and leave.

The goat runs off. Gem sits down.
"I am ready, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397610

"There might be something worth taking. Perhaps a slave or two, if we don't put them all down."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397611

"heheheahaha!! Yes!

practice and focus! take inventory- take water, food, and sleep breaks! Do not overwork- become rotten- stale- weary.

Not good for a slave of mine. If asked then say I give word- should do- must work- yes

I will see to your learn-ded-ness when I come back.



now head back to the dining hall

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397612

I wince from the childhood nickname.
"So you're telling them to go on a raid?! That's the exact kind of behavior we chose to separate from! We both know that it only leads to bad things!"

Switch [Pilgrim] 397613

"I'm not concerned about the spoils, I'm concerned about keeping the fortress artisans breathing."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397614

And here's teaching. '1d10'
Since I don't actually have teaching, and I don't have anything to demonstrate on, this is likely going to go badly.
"Fine. I intend to keep breathing as well. My slaves aren't capable of supporting themselves and carrying on my craft if I die now."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Crunch [Knight] 397617

Wonderful. Now look around. What's everyone else doing?

Campfire 397618

"Yes, master."
You walk past a column of armed and armored diamond dogs on your way back to the hall. A slave goat quickly cleans off a place at one of the tables for you.

You can teach your own slaves a skill without Slaver. Slaver is used for turning captives into slaves, and slaves into hunting slaves or war slaves.
Gem nods and smiles as she listens.
"It is good to learn from you again, Master. Please stay safe."

Switch's squad is still here and are talking to each other. Barkspawn, Prophesy, Boyar, Moloch, and Braiq are here. there are four goats slaves running around cleaning and waiting on Switch's squad.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397619

You could ask me, since I now have 3 points in slaver, y'know.

Approach so that our height difference is more obvious.

"You are not a warrior. I am trying to protect you. As I inevitably will be forced to if you insist on joining battle."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397620

"It feels good to teach again. Would that I had time to guide you in cutting."
"No, I'm not a warrior. However, somedog needs to go and make certain they don't burn the whole place down."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397621

I look at myself.
"Is Bark scout material, Bark just want the experience but if Bark is unfit, then Bark will not push for it."

Crunch [Knight] 397622

Well let's go check on Switch's squad then. How do they look?

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397623

motion the goat closer then whisper


Switch [Pilgrim] 397624

Couch down so we're at eye level.

"I am not meaning to insult you. I am just trying to tell you –"

Growl a little in frustration. "I do not know how to say it. Words are jagged and refuse to serve me to talk good. If you come, stay near me so I can make sure you don't die, okay?"

Campfire 397625

She smiles again.
"Don't worry, master. My foal will be old enough in a season or two that I can return to your workshop for a few seasons of work before the urge takes me again."

"It is the Alpha's decision."

"Yes, master."
He runs off and returns with a mug f ale for you.

Boyar (Preacher) 397627

"I am still a believer in your new ways, brother. But nothing will get accomplished if the dogs do not believe in us, and they will not believe in us if we do not show our strength. Consider it a concession to political realities."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397628

I'll nod sightly.
"As you like it, then."
I'll grin a little at that.
"Good. I'll expect us to catch up to that blasted Moloch's smithy slaves during that time. As upset as I was at that unicorn being taken to work there, they do make good work. And I have a few strength training lessons for you, as well as you practicing your magic."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397630

"Alright then. Bark leaves for now."I then nod.and head to the hospital to check on Spring and to calm my nerves.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397631

I sigh and place a paw to my head, my anger fading.
"Politics… what you say makes sense. Very well then, Boyar, I will trouble you no further."
I briefly look around and give him a quick hug.
"And… thank you for believing in me still."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397632

take several swigs then look at my armor to see if I'm tied to any of these dog units

Campfire 397635

She smiles as you enter your room.
"I am sorry for being gone so long, Master. The doctor says I can return to you soon. I have missed serving the fortress, Master."

You are not.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397637

Nod slowly, then sort of vacantly add,

"Your slaves seem fond of you. You surely please God Noblesuperior. Do you pray often?"

Campfire 397638

They look good. The nine of them are not as heavily armored as your diamond dogs and have a male to female ratio of almost 1/1 as opposed to your squad which has only one bitch. None of them have their bows or quivers with them.

Crunch [Knight] 397639

It's fine. I won't be up for much longer anyway

"Well, what about you all? Are you feeling ready?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397640

"My prayers are my work, and they are to Glitter Bronzelilac. I can respect the faiths of others, so long as they don't let it blind them to things that must be done."
I'll huff a bit.
"And of course they're fond of me. They should be, since I'm teaching one the Craft, and the other… the other I'll find something for."

Boyar (Preacher) 397641

Return the hug.
"Heh. You are welcome."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397642

I stroke her mane and smile.
"Bark is happy to see you well, that is enough."

I look around.
"Is Pony Filly okay? You will take care of her right?" I look at her with a worried expression.

Campfire 397644

They pound the table a few times, but are a bit less rowdy than your diamond dogs.
"Ready, sir. We want to bag us some fresh loot."

She presses her head against your paw and motions with a hood to a small bundle by her side.
"My foal is fine. The doctor wanted to keep her here until her immune system kicked in."

Prophesy coughs.
"I believe they are waiting on your order, Alpha."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397645

"Well… good luck, brother. Please return in one piece…"
And with that, I depart.
Maybe I can go do some quick work to take things off of my mind…
Actually, I stop by Pom.
"Pom. Did you by chance finish my pendants yet?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 397646

"The Master of Masters is worth paying your respects to, Gemcutter."

Eventually, just sigh. "I can see you are busy and do not have time for company. Perhaps another time."

Depart. With Aidi busy not here, I don't have much of anyone to talk to. Who are some of the new faces in the fortress?

And I suppose I should take a slave if there are some yet unclaimed.

Boyar (Preacher) 397647

"Yes, right. To the goat village!"

Lead the dogs outside. Oh and get one of the slaves to fetch me some armor and a sword or whatever.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397649

Traveling smith is a go!

….relax where I'm at

Crunch [Knight] 397650

Give my assurances to them and head out after the Alpha.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397651

I'll just scratch my head a little as she goes.
"I can't help but feel I may have missed something. No matter."
I'll turn back to the slaves.
"You three behave in my absence. But remember, you are all my property, and you have the right to refuse being used by other dogs. Especially when it comes to relieving certain tensions. I will not have you squandered on base tasks best suited to the lesser slaves."
And then, spear in paw, I'll head out to the troops.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397652

Ah, yes, gather my squad and move out.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397653

Follow the Alpha

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397654

…Oh dear.
Oooh dear.
Which dogs aren't going along on the raid?

Campfire 397656

There is Braiq, a new diamond dog. There is also your squad of soldiers if you want to chat with them before heading out.

You muster the squads and lead them out of the fortress. A donkey slave fetishes you a copper breastplate, a steel shield, a steel helm, a pair of copper greaves, a pair of copper boots, your sword, your staff, and your robes. A few farmers are hitching one of their buffalo to a cart full of supplies.

You relax as Boyar leads Switch's squad out of the dining hall.

They both nod and hug you goodbye.

You gather your squad as they follow Boyar and lead them out.

Most of them. Almost all of the hunters and woodcutters are part of the militia and will be leaving along with a few dogs from other professions that joined. There's always room for one more.

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap) 397657

I smile.
"Thats good, rest well pony, Bark will wait."
Return to my station and rest for awhile.
Will leave in 15 minutes.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397658

I hope I join them soon.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397659

I won't delay the attack just to chat with my crew. Get going. Let's start the attack.

Campfire 397662

"Yes, Master."
You join the diamond dog fighters waiting outside.

You follow them out and join the mob of diamond dogs outside.

You and your squad stand ready. If only the Alpha would give the order and lead his pack to glory.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397666

I frown.

Is there any nonlethal weaponry in the armory?

Boyar (Preacher) 397667

"Okay, let's commence hostilities."

Campfire 397670

It's all nonlethal if you use it in certain ways, but your best bet would be to use your fists or snap a branch off a tree.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397672

I guess I break off a branch, and try to shave it down to be more easy to handle.

Also, I pay a quick visit to my assistants and give them each hugs goodbye.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 397680

The dogs cheer and march off after Boyar into the snow. The rest of the diamond dogs in the fortress come up to see you all off and cheer you all on, and only return to work once the last of you disappear into the trees to the south. Within in hour all of you have passed into the lands beyond the fortress, and every sight is a new one. The heat of excitement wares off soon afterwards and leaves every dog is shivering under their cold weather gear as they tromp through the thick snow. Many have grouped together in small groups and some are leaning against the buffalo as they help him pull the cart of supplies. They suffer in silence though, and eventually the sun starts to set.

A diamond dog taps you on the shoulder.
"Alpha, shall we scout for a place to rest? There may be hills nearby we can dig into, or already formed caves that we can expand as needed."

You hug each of them goodbye and they hug you back.
"Stay safe, Master."
You join the other dogs as they march off.

Boyar (Preacher) 397681

"Yes, scout ahead for a place to camp. I want scouting parties to stay ahead of the column at all times."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397682

I frown as I march alongside them.
Why did I choose to come along…
Maybe I can help spare some of the poor goats from death or slavery…

Campfire 397683

He and a few of the other diamond dogs run off into the woods around the column.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397684

take a tangent stroll and look for some animals to kill/skin '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Campfire 397685

They return twenty minutes later.
"We found a cave wide enough to get the wagon in and big enough to hold everyone. It's empty."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397687

I'll just be walking along with my spear on my shoulders, thinking about the shop. And whether my slaves are doing well.
And if Gem hurt her eyes again.
Or if Luster wandered too close to the smithy and got hurt.
Or if Spinel ended up in the mines.
Worry worry.

Boyar (Preacher) 397688

"Excellent. No signs of it being inhabited previously?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 397689

"Ugh, where am I? Why am I in bed?"

Try to wake up.

"I remember buying from the caravan with Moloch, and then darkness."

Look around, is everything okay?

Switch [Pilgrim] 397690

I am pretty sure I would have dragged you on the raid, only friend of mine.

Aidi [DD Knight] 397692

"Sorry, but my head has been buzzing for a bit. I hardly recall the last few days."

Switch [Pilgrim] 397693

"Will you be alright? Let me take a look."

Don't die on me! Give her the healing hands. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 397694

You spot a few rabbit holes close to each other. Smells like they are full of rabbits.

At least your worrying helps distract you from the cold.

"No, Alpha. No signs of Busshwoolies or any other smart creatures that we saw. The cave is big."

The chuckle of a buffalo wakes you up.
"I didn't know you had a buffalo wool bed, mistress."
You suddenly remember waking up next to a very fancy mechanism for making traps with. The name Kinddnessmachine flashed into your head when you first saw it. This was weeks ago and you afterwards went back to doing the stuff you do.

She is fine, but you slap her just to make sure.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397695

start digging for dem rabbits! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397696

At least.
Though I'll frown a little. I'm worrying over those slaves like pups. It's unlike me to care so much.

Boyar (Preacher) 397697

"Good. The soldiers should set up in the cave, but I want a constant watch at all times. Also at least one scouting party should patrol nearby and make sure nothing sneaks up on us."

Aidi [DD Knight] 397698

"I'm awake!"

Let's check our inventory. I should have the shield and an Axe with me, but I'll put the Axe away for now and prepare something to help me catch stragglers.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397699

Well, I guess I have nothing to do now but fret and worry over my own assistants back home.
I do hope they are being… well, good. And enjoying themselves and not working…

Boyar (Preacher) 397700

"Moloch! I did not think you would be coming with us."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397701

"Yes… I decided that it might be best if I come along."

Campfire 397702

The white hairs burst out of the hole as your start to dig, and out of the other holes as well.

A bitch with a bow slung over her back taps you on the shoulder.
"Worried about the fighting, shortstuff?"

"Yes, Alpha."
One of the scouts disappears into the woods while the others work on changing the course of the pack. A few diamond dogs with axes run ahead to clear the path and soon enough all of you are standing in front of a cave that is wide enough for two and a half diamond dogs to go through at a time. The scouts light torches and enter.

You have something. You also notice that Braiq has disappeared, possibly to go hunting.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397703

"Are you ready for battle, Aidi?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397704

now start impaling them with my pickaxe I can grab them later! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Knight] 397705

"I may not look it, but I've been training in the barracks in my spare time."

Flex those upper body muscles.

"It looks like Braiq has gone off on his own hunting. Let's keep together with him so he doesn't get lost."

Let's seek out Braiq. Supplies are important, but staying together is vital.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397706

"Why should I worry about fighting? That's what you lot are really for. I plan to make myself as small a target as possible, until their backs are turned."
I'll shrug.
"I'm not exactly a heavy fighter, as you can see. Mostly just here to see what we can haul back with us, and if they have anything I might like personally."

Campfire 397707

You manage to hit a few, but most are escaping.

You don't find Braiq, but a bunch of bunnies start hopping past you.

She laughs.
"Only here for the loot? I respect that."
She ruffles your ears with her paw.
"If you want the choice stuff you will probably want to fight though. No dog will be to happy if you try to take stuff from goats they've killed."

Switch [Pilgrim] 397708

"That's good. I am ready too, I think."

Follow her. Seek him out. I've got survival, so DC-3.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397709

argh! dig deeper! root them out! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Knight] 397710

"Bunnies! Delicious meat on feet!"

Let's try to grab some.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397711

I'll huff a bit at the gesture.
"I don't intend to slack. But so long as the houses aren't burning, there should be something of some value in them."

Boyar (Preacher) 397712

Go ahead and enter, I suppose.

Campfire 397713

Your nose is too cold to work, and you end up wandering around without finding any trace of him.

The last rabbit bites you on the tail, hard, before vanishing. All in all you managed to get four rabbits.

You are able to grab some squirming bunnies up from the ground as they run by.

She sticks her tongue out and ruffles your ears one more time before removing her paw.
"Careful with those thieving paws. So long as the others see you doing a bit of killing they shouldn't mind too much."

You enter and the rest of the diamond dogs do too. They begin spreading torches around and starting cookfires.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397714

>tfw ignored by my own brother ;_;

Switch [Pilgrim] 397715

"Got the rabbits? We need to regroup with the column."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397716

snarl at the damn thing, then round up my four rabbits and follow our army tracks to wherever they left off to! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight] 397717

"Yup, the other dogs will really love having some of these for dinner."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397718

"Well, we'll see how good this goat-sticker is, then."

Switch [Pilgrim] 397719

We head on back, then.

"Yes… something warm will be good."

Boyar (Preacher) 397720

"I'm glad to have you along, Moloch. But try to stay out of the way when the trouble starts, will you?"

Campfire 397722

While following them back you take a shortcut you found and your paw breaks through the snow casing your to trip. There are several loud squaks and crunches. When you get up you see a bunch of dead rabbits where you fell. You must have squished them.

"Looks long enough, but it could be thicker."
She and a few other diamond dogs laugh and walk over to another part of the cave to get a fire going.

Everyone in the cave, please roll 1d10.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397723


Roll #1 9 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397724

"I'll… I would rather hope that I do not encounter a situation where I will have to fight. I merely came along because I can't have my younger brother getting hurt."
I snicker.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397725

sweet! take them as well!

If I'm with the others now then I'll roll the '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 397726

"Your concern is appreciated, brother."

I'm going to need to hop off soon

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397727

I guess if he's in there I am too.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 397728

The two of you can hear some growling coming from different parts of the cave.

The two of you hear the growling, but can also feel faint vibrations through the floor of the cave that match up with the vibration pattern caused by bears.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397729





drop my dead bunnies and head deeper into the cave! spot check to find 'em! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397730

I perk my ears up.
"Brother, it… there are bears in this cave."
I take up a defensive position by Boyar.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397731

I'll frown.
"Bears. Nothing good comes from bears. Except meat. Maybe the bones. Let's kill them and eat them."
Ready the spear for when the bears present themselves.

Boyar (Preacher) 397732


"Form ranks! Rear ranks withdraw from the cave, two at a time! Do not falter, dogs!"

Try to inspire them with my voice.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Aidi [DD Knight] 397733

Going to put away those rabbits for preparation later, at least until >>397732.

Since I was outside when I heard, let's get the shield ready.

"Did I bring the bow in the cart?" I ask myself.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397734

Join them. Form the ranks. Draw my bow. Get ready to take 'em out.

Campfire 397735

You run forwards and bounce off the one bear that you missed. A paw as big as your head strikes you cheek and sends you flying across the cave.
0/5 Hits
4/5 Wounds

The three of you take up defensive positions with the other dogs.

A few dogs retreat from the cave. The others, already forewarned about the bears, are emboldened by your words. They form a defisenve line with some archers behind them as the bears charge.

Roll #1 1, 6, 9, 4, 8, 2, 1, 1, 4, 1, 7, 7, 9, 9, 8, 8 + 3 = 88

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397736

Set against the charge. Cheap shot to let the Bear's weight do the dirty work for me. '1d10+1' due to inspire.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397737

getup GetUp GETUP! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 397738

Keep shouting for the glory of the fortress!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Aidi [DD Knight] 397739

Rush over and Protect the dog on the ground. Let's try to get him to safety.

Switch [Pilgrim] 397740

First things first. Take out the bears.

Which one looks the toughest? Take him out. Trick Shot, Poison. '1d10+4'
2 Talent, 1 VP, 1 Inspire

Oh boy. If you get mauled, I'll heal you next turn, don't panic.

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397741

I guess… oh dear…
I try to knock out one of the bear's legs!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Campfire 397742

You try to get up…

But you are able to stop the obviously injured dog before he can. He needs a doctor.

Your shouting further inspires your troops.
+1 to all rolls next round.

You take a stand near the end of the line and step out of the way at the last second; striking at the bears legs as you do. His think skin keeps him from feeling much.

Your bolt hits a charging bear in the neck. It trips and tumbles before coming to a rest a few feet in front of the line. Green foam pours out of its mouth.

You strike a bear in the leg with your hammer as it rears up and prepares to fall on the line.

The bears roaring bears hit the howling line of diamond dogs with a thunderous crash. Several diamond dogs gone down right away as the bears hit them, but their packmates are able to strike back and force the bears away while pulling them to safety. Dog and bear blood splatters around the entrance of the cave and turns the windblown snow red. When the sounds of battle finally fade there are three bears lying dead on the ground. Thre other bears, one of them poisoned, lie crippled.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397743

Would that I had Backstab. Oh well. Let's make those Cripples a Killed.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Boyar (Preacher) 397744

"Keep fighting, you dogs!"

Try to heal one of our wounded.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim Slaver] 397745

Charge up next to Aidi and get to Braiq with a growl.

"You are not about to die yet."

Don't die on me!

1 for wounds
1 for inspire

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Aidi [DD Knight] 397746

Stay and Cover Braiq while Switch helps him.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397747

I wince at the bloodshed lying around.
I guess… I run back to Boyar's side.
"Brother, are you alright?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397748

Try to get up again! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Boyar (Preacher) 397749

"I am fine. Try to get some of the wounded out of the cave!"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397750

Hut ho off I go I guess. Try to drag them out of the cave.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397751

"Heheahah- aaghh

If you should say so brother!


Campfire 397752

Without pausing for breath you calmly and quickly dispatch each of the wounded bears with your spear. there are some impressed whistles from the crowd.

All the bears are now dead.

You run out of the cave and heal one of the wounded dogs. Three left.

You try to get up again.

And you stop hm before he can lift his head off the rock that was keeping part of his face attached. You wrap some ointment soaked bandages around his head while chanting some magic words. After finishing the chant you unwrap the bandages and reveal his head, good as new.

You help drag the last of the wounded out of the cave.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397753



Thank you brother! this was a momentous battle of be bearing brothers!


Switch [Pilgrim Slaver] 397754

Pokerface as I am yet again addressed as male. No hope. Everyone always thinks I'm a male. May as well just take a bitch as a mate and get it over with.

"Right. Brothers. Let's finish this."

Help Boyar by healing another lost dog.


Add +1 per wound off these poor pups.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 397755

Inspect the dead bears. Are they cookable?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397756

Well, let's clean off that spear head on one of the dead bears. And then take a seat at the fire. Shit's cold.

Boyar (Preacher) 397757

"Chop them down, boys!"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397758



Roll #1 1 = 1

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397759


If I don't need to roll then get up and scout further into the cave! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim Slaver] 397760

Don't Die On Me.

I am sure he needs it at this point. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 397761

You seem to have run out of good bandages.

All except the poisoned one.

You wipe off your spearhead and sit by the fire. A few seconds later the bitch from earlier joins you.
"Are you sure you aren't a fighter, little guy?"

You stand up too fast and pass out.

Maybe you should let him sleep.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 397762


rolling for how long I'm out '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 397763

hey what about my inspiring speech?


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397764

"Cutting gems requires precision and deft hands. Carving the eyes out of bears, apparently, doesn't take much more than that."
I'll glance towards the wounded.
"Should have brought that doctor along. His magic would probably make healing the wounded easier."

Switch [Pilgrim Slaver] 397765

Hm. I thought we said at the outset that I was using poison not poisonous to diamond dogs specifically so that it wouldn't ruin meat when I hunt.

Ah, well.

Aidi [DD Knight] 397766

Take out the axe and chop down the non-poisoned bears.

Tonight, we feast for our first victory.

Campfire 397767

One of the diamond dogs stops you and points at some of the dogs who are just coming back into the cave.

Oops, getting tired.
You give a very inspiring speech and the medics quickly heal the wounded dogs while the hunters start skinning the bears and rabbits before starting to cook them. A few dogs leave and come back several minutes later with timbers large enough to spit bears. Before long four large fires are going in the middle of the cave and the smell of roasting bear fills the cave. A few barrels are pulled out of the bottom of the wagon and spigots pounded in. Before long nearly every dog has a frothy mug in hiss paw.

7 rounds.

"The fortress needs him. Anyways, be sure to yelp if you need my help in the future."
She gets up and joins a group of archers around a roasting bear.

That was a while ago, sorry.

Boyar (Preacher) 397768

"Excellent work, dogs. Excellent work."

Okay, let's settle in for the night. Make sure guards and patrols are posted and watches are decided upon.

Switch [Pilgrim Slaver] 397769

It's okay.

"Good battle tonight. Strength."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 397770

I'll give her a small nod as she goes back to the bowdogs.
Seems I'm attracting a few protectors. But why, by Glitter, are they all female? It's the poofy tail, isn't it? They think I'm just cute. Or something. I'll never understand bitches.
And then I'll eat some bear.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397771

I finally calm after the hectic aftermath of the fight and approach Boyar.
"That was… rather unexpected."

Campfire 397772

A few of the diamond dogs volunteer for first watch and disappear outside or into the darkness of the cave after taking a freshly roasted rabbit each from the cookfires.

A few dogs and the buffalo slave turn your final word into a toast and smash their mugs together.

It's very tasty bear.

Roleplay all you want but time won't advance. I will be around for a bit longer for anyone that wants to interact with an NPC.

Boyar (Preacher) 397773

"Indeed. The scouts made a grave error – one that could have gotten many of us hurt much worse than we did. No matter. One must learn from one's mistakes."

Aidi [DD Knight] 397774

Let's try to save the pelts. They could be useful in future "negotiations."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 397775

You aren't quite sure what to do with them, so your clean them off with snow and pack them in the buffaloless cart.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 397776

I nod.

Aidi [DD Knight] 397777

Progress. For now, let's bundle up next to the buffalo and make sure the slave has had his own food.

Campfire 397778

You hand your winter gear by a fire to dry and wrap your blanket over your shoulders like a cape. The buffalo is easy to spot, so you walk over and sit down next to him. He finishes his plate and looks down at you.
"That was a great fight, eh Aid-Mistress?"
he blinks at his slip of the tongue and the other diamond dogs around the fire, all farmers, laugh.
"Care for some bear, miss?"
You notice a half-eaten plate of bear in front of him.

Aidi [DD Knight] 397779

"It was quick and ended in our victory with minimal damage. It was the best kind of victory, and I can't help but hope that they all go that way. And don't mind if I help myself to some bear."

"I was meaning to ask, how have the two calves been doing? I've been busy with so many things."

Campfire 397780

One of the farmers hands you a plate for your meat. The buffalo chuckles.
"Last I checked there were four, and two or three more are on the way. The first one born in the fortress is old enough that he is working alongside us at the farm now."

Aidi [DD Knight] 397781

"More buffaloes."

I smile at him.

"That'll definitely cut the load on everyone. And with more Dogs coming, I'll make it all easier. Hmm, you're taking this quite calmly. Have you seen battle before?"

Campfire 397782

"Bushwoolie thieves get into the slave pins every now and then. Whatever buffaloes are in there at the time take care of them quietly."
One of the farmers speaks.
"They turn 'em into bloody, furry pancakes is what they do."

Aidi [DD Knight] 397783

"Well, make sure the one you're attacking isn't me. I've got a few ideas of what to do after we get through this. Get some rest now, we'll need you for tomorrow."

Campfire 397784

"What sort of ideas, if I can ask, miss?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 397785

"There are plenty of places out in the world with untapped bounty, waiting for the taking. I was thinking of working with the militia and some of the other slaves to try and take those for ours."

Lean back and sigh.

"Of course, that's the dream. I'd like to help out Switch and Crunch and the rest of the dogs, but I've been so busy I don't even know how many foals there are. I'll probably stick to teaching reading, writing, and some arithmetic to any slaves so I can find a niche for them, and probably to our own pups as well."

Campfire 397786

The buffalo offers you his side to lean against.
"We all know reading, writing, and arithmetic, mam. Our trainers thought us those things to increase our value. I am sure that if you put your mind to it you could expand the fortress's influence over a wider area. It would be an honor to help this pack turn their fortress into a Mountainhome fit to rival the one I was born in."

Campfire 401149

File: 1366511001886.jpg (222.93 KB, 1280x850, ice cave.jpg)

The war party has chosen a large cave system to spend the night in before resuming their journey to the goat village the next morning. After a fierce but fast fight with a pack of bears (the strange, animalistic ones rather than the wise, reclusive ones) they have decided to celebrate with a bear roast and stout drink. Every diamond dog that is not currently guarding the cave entrance or the deeper tunnels is sitting or standing around a fire and enjoying warmth, good food, good drink, and good company.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401152

Well, how well-cooked is the chunk of bear? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401154

Do we have slaves? Order them to get me some drink and some of the bear roast.

I then sit next to Pom.
"Is place open for Bark to sit next to Gems-shiner?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 401155

"Stretch, stretch."

"How much further till the village?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401156

I'll frown a little at my meat. Undercooked. Oh well.
"Yeah, sure."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401157

I look at his meat.
"Something wrong?"

Campfire 401158

The outside is charged black and the inside is still bloody and raw. This morsel is ruined no matter what sort of taste you have.

There is a buffalo slave that is drinking with Aidi and the farmers. One of the farmers stops the buffalo as he starts to get up and shouts back at you.
"Get your own drink, big dog!"

"A few days walking and then a long climb up a frozen waterfall or river or something."
The dog looks a little cross eyed.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401159

"Burned outside, raw inside. Tastes terrible. Gotta knife?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401160

"Knife, wait Gem-shiner, I'll get it." With that I stand up adn get a knife.

I grumble as I stand up to get my own drink, bear meat and two knives for both me and Pom.

Aidi [DD Knight] 401161

"We should have plenty of supplies then, not to mention the boon we got from here. I hope it goes well for everyone here. Wonder what we could find there."

"Oh, now might be a good time to ask you and the other dogs. How were your weapons? If you'd like something different, I might be able to get some from caravans if we can't fill the need at our home."

Campfire 401162

You get the stuff.

"Thanks, Aidi. We've all got what we want, but if you could find us steel weapons that would be perfect. If we have to match our copper swords with steel swords we will get slaughtered."

Aidi [DD Knight] 401163

"Gotcha, steel weapons are on the list. If you can be so kind as to give me list of which you'd prefer, that would be most helpful. So, are we waiting on a few other dogs to get up and go?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401164

Well, time to carve the burned bits off of the meat. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 401165

"We'll get you a list once we loot some paper and ink from the goats."
There is a bit of laughter from the others.
"We're waiting for morning. It's still first watch right now."
This was supposed to be a session for the two squad leaders, but they never joined.

Didn't your mother ever teach you how told hold a piece of food you were cutting? Evidently not, because you do it wrong and carve up part of your paw.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401166

I'll hiss slightly and drop both meat and knife.

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401167

Return back to Pom and gave the knife to him.

"Here's knife gem-shiner." I hand it to him then partake to my meal. Is it good?

Roll #1 3 = 3

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401168

Slow internet

Aidi [DD Knight] 401169

I was just posting to add to the scene. Plus Aidi and Switch are close.
"It better be legible, or I can't promise anything. Last time I got a list it was just a bunch of paw prints."

Campfire 401170

A familiar, female voice can be heard coming from above you.
"Something wrong, little guy?"

The meat is charred on the outside and raw on the inside. The bear must be sitting too low on the flames.

"Don't worry, Plow's been teaching those of us that didn't know how to write."
He reaches over the dog sitting next to him to scratch the buffalo's ears.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401171

"Just an unfortunate… accident. Any healers with us?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 401172

"Really now? Remind me to make sure I brush Plow's coat more often for that. Maybe I should look out for some shampoos and perfumes for everyone too? Oh, did any of your pups get the toys we had bought? We got a bunch from the last caravan."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401173

I frown at the meat and put it aside.

"Bark thinks army wont go and raid without healer, large chance that there may be here."

Campfire 401174

"A few."
She kneels down next to you and grabs you paw before turning it over in hers.
"Hmmm. That's pretty deep."

One of the diamond dogs tosses you a brush and Plow blushes under his wooly coat at the mention of shampoos and perfumes. Several of the dogs speak at once.
"That was you?"
"My pups love them!"
"We never thought we would find enough toys for six pups!"
"Thank you so much, our pups love those toys."
One of them passes you a freshly filled mug and a plate of meat fresh off the bear.

The bitch kneeling by Pom speaks.
"I know a bit about healing small wounds."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401175

"Then by all means, I would appreciate the help. A gemcutter's paws are his life, after all."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401176

I nod.

Stand up, is there anything to do in camp beside eating and drinking? If not perhaps I might go and grab some food again.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Aidi [DD Knight] 401177

"I think you'll have to thank Moloch too. His weapons were the extra leverage I needed to secure the deal. If there's anything else you need, don't be afraid to tell me or leave a note at my trading room. Anythign you need, I'll do my best to get."

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401178

I nod.

Stand up, is there anything to do in camp beside eating and drinking? If not perhaps I might go and grab some food again.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 401179

"This might hurt a little."
She scoops a bit of good out of a pouch on her belt and rubs it into your wound. It starts to burn like fire as she wraps bandages around it. Afater a few seconds, however, the burning ceases and there is a cool, tingly sensation where the cut is instead.

A few diamond dogs are wrestling by some of the fires and others are throwing dice or playing card games on dry patches of the cavern's floor. A few diamond dogs are carving holes into the walls with their paws.

She looks between the two of you.
"Are you two friends? A runt and a dig dog make an odd combination."

Did you ever spend that third skillpoint?
"We'll let you know if we need anything."
He turns his gaze from you to plow.
"Hey Plow, up for a game of Solid Rock?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq/min/trap/slaver) 401180

I look at her.
"Bark tryin to be friend with as many dog, if Bark can." I grin.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401181

"Better. Thank you."
At her question, I'll just shake my head.
"We've just met. He's good enough so far, though. Smarter than that other dig dog anyway. The one with the zebra."
I'll shake my head at that.

Aidi [DD Knight] 401182

I was going to wait off until the end of the raid. It might lead to an interesting development. Also, don't I have 4 total?

"You guys make it feel like you have always been packmates. I like it. I haven't been at the farm as much as I would like to, so tell me, how are the crops coming? Have the militia been taking up the fields to do their bow practice?"

Campfire 401183

She grins back.
"That's pretty smart for a dog of your size. usually the bigger you are the smaller your brain is."
She laughs.

"I've seen him too. The poor guy'd be lost without his slave from the looks of him."

Yes, you do. The version of you character sheet that I have only has two spent, and these are things that would be done wile at the fortress; not while raiding.
As Plow and the diamond dog talking to him stand up and separate from the group the others talk.
"We work hard together, and have tons of fun together after the work is done so of course we act like we've always been packmates."
"The crops are great. Those ones growing in the sun are doing well too."
"And they make a great brew!"
"The archery targets got built in a dug out part of the barracks, not the fields."
"There's only three targets though, so it's hard to find a time when they aren't all taken."
One off the diamond dogs taps you on the shoulder and points behind you.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401184

"He digs well enough. Greedy though. Think his slave's going to be running him rather than the other way around."

Aidi [DD Knight] 401185


What's behind me?

I meant I was going to wait until after the raid, when we get back. It could be a decent RP opportunity to have Aidi change a bit depending on her experiences.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401186

"Bark is friedly most of the time, Bark can also be smart but one must give time to make Bark capable of doing something smart."

I then tilt my head at her.
"What is your name…. friend?"

Campfire 401187

She starts laughing.
"That would be something to see, wouldn't it? Wonder what will happen if the big lug finds out."

You see Plow the buffalo lower his head and charge at the diamond dog who left the fire. Instead of moving, the diamond dog drops low into a fighting stance and puts his paws forwards. A split second before Plow plows into the diamond dog he grabs the buffalo's horns and digs his paws into the ground. The diamond dog skids along the ground and leaves two deep gouges in the stone behind him before finally bringing the buffalo to a stop mere feet away from the cave wall.
The dogs sitting near you start laughing.
"What was that, Glassbottle?"
"He nearly smashed you against the wall!"
"Sit back down and let a real dog dog try."
Glassbottle the diamond dog slowly walks back to the fire while rubbing his arms and a few other diamond dogs stand up and move over to where the scratch marks in the stone begin.

"Poet Stakeshield."
She holds out a paw.
"Bark? Is that all there is to your name?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401188

Shake her hands.
"Bark.. Spawn, Barks old master gave that name though Bark dont get it until Bark realized Bark is a Dig Dog."

"Poet… you also part of raid effort?"

"Who does Gem-shinner refer too?" I scratch my head.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401189

"If he's smart, he'll probably give her a sound beating to remind her who's in charge."
I'll shake my head.
"Unfortunately, he's assigned her to remember things for him, so he'd forget within a day."
"I go by Pom Rainian, Barkspawn."
And I'll nod to Stakeshield.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401190

"Pom… Bark will take that in his head." I grin.

"Are you part of raider attack too?"

Campfire 401191

She shakes her paw a little bit and winces slightly when you let go.
"Barkspawn? That's a good, doggish name. Yes I am part of the raid effort, I'm one of the two ranged fighters in Boss Crunch's squad."

She doubles over laughing.
"He can't even remember anything without a slave's help? Oh by all the gods under and inside the mountain this is too good."
She tries to sit down and falls onto her rump. After calming down a little bit she wipes tears from her eyes.
"I'm going to keep an eye on those two. I want to know what sort of things a slave does when it realizes it has become the master."

Aidi [DD Knight] 401192

"Whaa? Isn't that kind of dangerous? How long have you been doing this?"


"Can I try?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401193

"More or less."
"So long as it doesn't impede his work, I could care less."
I'll smile a little.
"Though, it is rather funny seeing him being led around by the nose by that zebra."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401194

Hmmm… weird, why does she wince?

"So what does Poet plan to get in raid? If Poet want she can stick near Bark for protection just in case."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 401195

"It's really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, so be careful."
One of the dogs barks a couple of times.
"Hold on, guys, Aidi wants to try her paws and catching Plow!"
The three diamond dogs that were getting ready to take a buffalo charge head-on stand up and wave you over. Plow walks closer to them and looks at you.
"Are you sure, mistress?"

"It really is. She must have been the one that convinced him to buy that headdress for her, because there's no way you would have made something like that for free."
She laughs a few more times then stops and speaks to you in a very serious voice.
"You don't make those for free do you? Because if you do make them for free i want one."

She must be intimidated by your handsomeness, ruggedness, strength, and good looks. The bitch see what all male diamond dogs aspire to be and see doesn't know how to handle it. No other explanation makes any sense to you.

Aidi [DD Knight] 401196


"I think."

Assume the stance and do my best.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401197

I'll shuffle a little.
"She was wearing the uncut rock on her head like trophy. It was hideous, and I couldn't stand it."
I'll frown a little.
"Probably should have charged something for it. The smiths I made something for in return for a few items."
I'll think for a minute.
Have I really been giving a lot of these things away for free?

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401198

I strike a manly pose in the background while she was speaking to Pom

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 401200

Plow looks worried.
"If you are sure, mistress."
He lowers his head and charges at you. He isn't moving as fast as he was when he charged the other diamond dog, but the sight of a buffalo that outweighs you by a factor of ten and stands at least a head taller than you leave only room for panic in your mind. Before you have a chance to dive to the side his horns impact your paws and they close by instinct. You are able to stay upright for nearly a second, but your paws quickly lose their purchase on the ground. You are drug under the buffalo, hanging onto his horns hard enough to make your knuckles pop, for a good twenty or thirty feet before Plow can come to a stop and get off you. As you lie on your back a worried buffalo face and several worried diamond dog faces enter your field of vision.
"Are you okay, Aidi?"
"Sorry! I'm so sososososo sorry!"

You've been giving a lot of stuff away for free or for favors. Most of the freebes have been to the diamond dogs you left too found the new fortress with, but others you could charge without taking any kind of shame.
"It's beautiful now. that peach colored gem you stuck in the center goes beautifully with those blue circles."
She sighs at the beauty the memory.

She glances at you then goes back to talking with Pom.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401201

I tilt my head.
"Does Poet find Bark poses strong and masculine?" I grin at her.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401202

I'll cock my head slightly for a moment. Wasn't it just purple stone?
I'll shake my head.
"Well, you patched up my paw, so that's worth something. Once we get back, I'll see if I can't whip you up something nice. Providing we all live, of course."
I'll just put my head in my good paw.

Aidi [DD Knight] 401203

"That was, that was fun. Can I go again next week, after a really long nap?"

Campfire 401204

She looks you up and down.
"You're sort of flimsy looking for a dig dog. Why do you ask?"

"You will? Oh thank you thank you thank you."
She wraps you in a bearhug.

They all laugh very relieved laughs when they hear you speak.
"Want us to carry you back to the fire?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 401205

"Please. I think that just turned my bones into mush."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401206

Ergh. Hugs.
"You're… welcome."
My feet will dangle a bit uselessly, as I assume she didn't feel like stooping down to hug.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401207

I tilt my head again.
"Bark thought Poet is giving signals."

"Wait, Bark is making a fool out of himself, is he?" I frown.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401208

"Just a little. You probably get points for confidence, though."

Campfire 401209

They carefully pick you up and set you face first on Plow's back. He carries you back to the fire and stands there while you hear the diamond dogs messing with fabric. Plow speaks while the diamond dogs do their thing.
"You did very good for your first try, mistress. Normally diamond dogs will jump out of the way until their third or fourth charge."
When prompted to by a diamond dog Plow kneels down and you are lifted off his back and slid into your sleeping bag then laid down on the ground near the fire. A pillow is carefully place below your head and another blanket is laid on top of you. One of the diamond dogs speaks.
"He's right, Aidi. You did pretty good. Want anything?"

She didn't. She holds you tight against her chest while your legs dangles several feet up in the air. She gives you one final squeeze then sets you down.
"Sorry, but as a hunter I never get anything that barters well. Most of my stuff goes to the butchers and bone carver."

Her eyes go wide.
"You thought what?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 401210

"For my body to stop shaking and my heart to stop. I'm full, go ahead and eat."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401211

"First aid is always a useful service. Though, if you've got a gem in mind, I could probably get to work on it when we get back."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401213

I scratch my head.
"Bark thought Poet wants Barks." I give a half smile.
"Bark must have mistaken, Bark ask for apology."

Campfire 401214

One of them looks at Plow.
"You slept like a puppy while he carried you when we left the fortress. Want him to…lie down next to you or something? Maybe a stiff drink? We have real hard stuff if you want it."

"I don't have any gems of my own, sorry. Just some fancy looking feathers and a tanned hide."

She bites her lip as she looks at you.
"It's my fault, big guy. You aren't the first dog to think that. Some say I'm a bit of a flirt."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401216

"I'll see what I can dig up, then."

Aidi [DD Knight] 401217

"I'll be fine. I'll be probably thrash around like a pup looking for milk with the way my heart is running. We're going to get real busy soon, so go ahead and have some fun now. You all seem to enjoy it, even the other dogs might join."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401218

I laugh then give a slight bow.
"Bark will then leave Poet be, Bark gets a bit restful without companion or anything to do. At worst, it clouds Bark mind if time takes its toll."

Campfire 401219

"Thank you!"
She gives you a quick hug that leaves your paws on the ground.

"Alright, Aidi. Sleep well."
They leave your field of vision. Soon you can hear the thunder of hooves followed by the scraping of hard paws through hard stone followed by cheering. This repeats with the cheering occasionally replaced by booing or laughing.

"Don't take it the wrong way, Barkspawn. I don't mind as long as you don't try to make things serious."
She sticks her tongue out at you and smiles.
"It's always nice to have a big, strong guy interested in little old me."
She laughs.
""If you really want something to do you could try stopping that buffalo. Those dogs look like they are having fun."
She gestures towards the other side of the cave and a diamond dog is being pushed along the ground by a charging buffalo.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401220

"Sports!, Bark can do that to pass time." I smile and go to it.

"You wanna watch Bark tackel Buffalo?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401221

"Yes, yes. Too generous for my own good."
I'll look at the bear meat. Should probably try eating more. Hopefully it's cooked right this time.

Campfire 401222

"Go for it, handsome."

Poet must have messed with the fire shortly after stopping at your fire, because the bear has started to cook correctly. The meat is a nice brown color and smells wonderful.

Aidi [DD Knight] 401223

I smile.

"I bought ALL the slaves, and now the dogs are happy. I bought toys, and the pups are happy. I love being the Negotiator. May the Earth continue to bless our fortress with her bounty."

Time for me to clock out.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401224

Hot damn. Cut myself off a piece and eat it once it has cooled off a little.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401225

Go to the challange and strike a manly pose..
"Bark will stop that buffalo if no dog can!"

I then put my two paw together and get ready to stop the buffalo.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Campfire 401226

It's missing the seasonings and food pairings it would have had if prepared in the fortress, but it doesn't need it. The taste of something you and your companions helped kill cooked in its own juices over an open flame in a room full of your (nonbiological) family cannot be matched by anything else. There are better tastes, sure, but none of them are quite like this.

The diamond dogs cheer as you take position at the starting area and challenge the buffalo. He lowers his head, snorting and pawing at the ground, and charges at you. The surprisingly fast buffalo hits you before your slow mind can realize that your stance is too tall. You feel a sharp pain in your legs, then your chest as the buffalo hits you and you roll up onto his back. The pain spreads to the back half of you body as you land hard on the stone ground. Diamond dogs swarm you, and you can see the buffalo's face swim into your blurry vision as well.
"Are you okay, digdog?"
"I am sorry, master! I thought you could take me!"
"Are you okay, Barkspawn?"
You can recognize Poet's voice among the babble.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401227

I'll look over at the sprawled dog, idly chewing on the meat. Then I'll shake my head.
That's one way of getting her to pay attention to you, I guess.

Campfire 401229

You fall asleep to the sounds of your packmates and your slave enjoying themselves.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401230

"Uhhh…. that.. hit hard? Right.. Poet?" I blurted out, with that I try to stand up.

Campfire 401232

Look at him. The big guy got hurt and now a bunch off diamond dogs, both male and female, are paying attention to him and helping him. You don't need that though. you are above such silly notions of friendship and closeness.

She smiles at you and helps you to your feet with another diamond dog.
"He sure did. Want me to help you back to the fire?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401233

Damn straight. All I need's my craft, and my slaves to carry it on after I'm dead.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401234

I nod at her and winces at the pain.
"Wha… what happened? Bark did put up a show right?" I chuckle.

Campfire 401236

Yeah, who needs a real family. Losers, that's who.
you spot a diamond dog carrying a barrel of alcohol around offering refills and a few others carrying dirty plates towards a hole filled with melting snow.

"It was certainly a show, Barkspawn."
Poet grunts and strains as the other diamond dog lets go of you and she supports you with her shoulders under one of your arms.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401237

I look at her for a moment before catching on.
"Ah… Bark is sorry, lets go." I try to steady my movement and go to the fire with her.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401238

Drop off the plate at the snowhole, and then grab a mug of booze and return to the fire.

Campfire 401239

She helps walk you over to the fire then lowers you down as slowly as she can, which ends up being a bit too fast. You both hit the ground uncomfortably hard in the sitting position.

The booze is a familiar, and traditional, diamond dog brew meant to be drunk by victorious warriors. Seems like somedog got a bit ahead of himself when he cracked open this barrel.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401240

Were I a superstitious dog, I would take this as a bad omen.
"Have fun cow tipping, Bark?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401241

Where is my injured ass?

Campfire 401242

On the ground, attached to your body. Poet is sitting next to you and your arm is still over her shoulders.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401243

Are you sure? I don't remember being dragged anywhere

Campfire 401244

Oops, I got you mixed up with Lemon's character.
You are sitting around a fire and roasting a bear with several soldiers who are laughing and sharing tails.

Campfire 401245

Tales. They are sharing tales. Also: Your injuries were taken care of.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401246

>sharing tails

Cackle a bit at whatever is funny, then take a look for anything that's further into the cave '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Campfire 401247

You laugh for a bit then take your leave. Sneaking past the guard off the tunnel you pick is simple enough. After walking for a little while you notice part of the icy wall that is a slightly different color than the rest. It looks almost as if thee is light behind it.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401248

"Sorry for making Poet help Bark, should have not taken buffalo… ow."

I smile at Poet.
"Thanks for helping Bark in getting fire, warmth eases Barks pain.".

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401249


head back



Would any of you be interested in helping this digger in the cave look around?

I see something of use- question- interest- would be nice to be safe when looking

Campfire 401250

"Don't mention it, Barkspawn. Watching that buffalo send you flying is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. How bad are you hurting?"

A few diamond dogs are curious about how you got past the guard, but more are curious about what you found. Eight of them gather around you.
"What did you find?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401251


Light in the cave- not of sun- not of torch- maybe of torch- But light is light, am I right?

Campfire 401252

"Show us!"
"Yeah, show us!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401253

What a bunch of noise. But now my curiosity is roused. Up I get to see what they're all yapping about.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401254

"Come with me- we'll go and see- the light in the cave- one for all first seen by me!


Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401255

lead them over there

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401256

…right, he's that mad dog that came by and bought another of the male slaves. Still needed to look that one over. Egh.
Follow him anyway. Might be something interesting.

Campfire 401257

You lead them back to the place you found and show the the patch of lighter colored ice.
"Are you going to dig it?"

You follow him until he stops. You don't see anything special until he points out a lighter colored patch of the icey wall.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401258

Check myself, am I hrut that bad?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 401259

You are in a serious amount of pain but nothing is broken.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401260

Hmm. Do some gems glow? I've never carved a glowing gem. Oh I hope it's a gem.
"Well, did you come to brag about a wall, or are you going to dig whatever's in there out?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401261

"No help to dig- what a shame- true true shame…"

Lets see if I can mine this stuff '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401262

'Nothing broken so far, but Bark will do fine. Bark just need rest." I grin at her. With that I lay down and try to get comfortable.

"Dont worry too much, Bark stronk." I jest by flexing my muscle.

Campfire 401263

You've never heard of a glowing gem before, unless the gem was charged with magic.

Your paws bite into the cold ice like it was stone. The are think enough to not be cut by the jagged pieces that form as you dig, but they do become numb. After digging about five feet through the wall there is a loud crack and the ice in front of you falls away. You have dug into a narrow crevice, just wide enough for you to walk along. A little bit of sunlight filters in through the snow twenty five feet above your head. At the end f the crevice you can see something gleaming.

She giggles as she watches your show of bravado and fake-swoons.
"Such a manly dog. Is your brain to small to let you feel pain, big guy? There's no way you came out of that with some sort of pain."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401264

Well, I'll crowd around the hole.
"Well? What'd you find? Is it a gem?"

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401265


use my pick axe then, chip away the gleaming thing '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 401266

All the other diamond dogs that came with you have the same idea.
Roll to not get pushed to the back of the crowd.

You pull a pickaxe, why you have a pony digging tool only you know, and strike at the gleaming object. You pick bounces off and you hear a metallic clink.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401267

Dog I am small. I can just scoot under their legs and catch up to Braiq. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401268

my pickaxe is my weapon though!

cackle loudly and hit harder into it '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401269

"Shouldn't you be digging it out instead of trying to break it?"

Campfire 401270

You scoot under their legs, your small size keeping you from brushing against anything uncomfortable, and emerge into the ice tunnel Braiq dug. You run through it and come out into the crevice described above. You can see Braiq hitting something on the ground with a pickaxe.

You hit it harder and feel your pick go through it and bite into the rock beneath.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401271


now pull the loosened rock out and start mining properly now '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 401272

You pull the loosened rock out and look at it. It is unlike any rock you have every seen. It resembles a shirt made of tiny steel circles all attached to one another. There is small hole in it.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401273

"Oooh- hehe- ooooh ahaha"
hand it over to whoever's behind me and start mining for more '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 401274

You hand it to Pom and find a steel helmet with a pull-down face shield and a pair of steel gauntlets.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401275

put on the gauntlets and then pass the helmet back, is there any more? Keep mining if there is '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401276

And now I'm starting to get weighed down a bit.
"You're probably not going to find the rest of whatever died there."

Campfire 401277

Nothing but some old bones.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401278


What a shame- true true shame- well that's all that's here.

Oh, and thanks for helping me.

start heading back

Campfire 401279

You shove past the diamond dogs that came with you.
"What did you find, dog?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401280

So he's just making me carry all this shit. It's not even gems, he can carry it his own damn… fuck, he's gone.
Grumbling, I suppose I'll make my way back to the tunnel.
"Wasn't even gems, just some steel stuff off of what was probably a dead dog. Probably drowned and then froze in the ice who knows how long ago… Beh."

Campfire 401281

"We'll take it if you don't want it."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401282

"It's that lunatic's. He just dumped it on me. Serve him right if I passed it out."
I'll huff.
"But it's probably not smart to piss off a smith. Last thing I need is shoddy work because I irritated the bastard."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401283

"ARMOR! Hehehahahahaha!"

Campfire 401284

"Is it magic?"
"What's it made of?"
"Was it in a chest?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401285

"Who knows. And it was on a chest. Or what was left of one. Did you not hear the 'he found it on some dead thing' part?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401286

I look down, embarrased a bit.
"It hurts, Bark do feel pain and it hurts, if Bark just know to make pain go away."

Campfire 401287

"Did you recognize the body?"

"I know how, don't worry."
She pulls some herbs out of her bag and holds them out to you on her paw.
"Chew these until you mouth starts to tingle then swallow them."

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401288

"It's hard- durable- light!

But all that's left on one body!

and then start cackling again

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401289

I look at the plant, having a little doubt since I dont like green, I take it and eat it as she instructed.

"Whats thish?" I ask while chewing away.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401290

I'll roll my eyes. These dogs are idiots.
"Considering it was bones, and buried in ice, no."
"You, take these things. I'm not some carry-dog. Or use them. Whatever."

Campfire 401291


"An anesthetic I snagged from the hospital."

"Maybe it was some ancient hero."
"Or a murdered knight."
"Or a dingus that fell down a hole headfirst."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401292

"It's most likely the last one."

Campfire 401293

"Can't be, it's the wrong color."
"I think it's just steel, guys."
"This is boring, let's go watch that buffalo throw dogs around."
They leave.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401294

"Take them and check in the light! Ehehehahahah!

Nothing of interest for now!


grab the helmet and shirt then toss them to the dogs before heading back to the cave entrance

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401295


if they hit the ground then pick them up, put them on, and head back to the cave by myself!

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401296

"Uhhmmm.." I chew on it.
"You… are a nice dog… Poet. Thanks for sparing Bark remove-pain plants. If Poet needs anything just ask." I smile at her.

Campfire 401297

You do so. You are now wearing a steel helmet, steel gauntlets, and a steel shirt of chain mail over your copper breastplate.

"Thanks Bark, I'll remember that. If you don't swallow that now you won't be able to feel anything in your mouth for the next two days."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401298

I'll grit my teeth for a moment.
How has the fortress survived with such stupid dogs?
I'll just head back into the cave proper and find a spot next to the fire. Probably a little ways away from Poet and Bark. Other side of the fire. Then settle down to sleep. That town better have something worth the trouble.

Campfire 401299

You unroll your sleeping bag, fluff your travel pillow, and get settled in.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401300

Damn straight I do. Rolling for comfy. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 401301

Damn rock. Get out from under my sleeping roll. Hrmph.
Camping's for idiots and packdogs anyway.

Campfire 401302

You find large rock under your sleeping bag.

And toss it away.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401303

"Oops." Swallow it.
I stare at her, time to make a little move.

"Bark is going to rest, if you want you can assist Bark in setting bedroll and sleep?" I grin at her.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 401304

Dig a small hole into the wall and sleep there '1d10'

I'm out, thanks campy

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 401305

She looks at you with a blank face before a grin slowly appears.
"Cheeky dog. Alright, I'll help the wounded bullfighter set up his sleeping bag."
She stands up and makes her way over to your stuff. Once there she makes a little show of bending all the way over pull your sleeping bag and travel pillow out of your rucksack. She slowly straightens up and tosses you your pillow before unrolling your sleeping bag by the fire and turning to face you with an amused look on her face.
"Happy, bullfighter?"

You dig a small yet comfortable hole into the wall and doze off.
No problem, thanks for playing.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401306

I give her a knowing smile.

I lay down, make sure to sleep on the edge and make some room. Perhaps she might have the woundrous idea of laying beside me.

Campfire 401307


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 401308

She frowns.
"No dice, Barkspawn. I already told you I wasn't interested in anything serious. Sleep well, we've got a long march ahead of us tomorrow."
She turn and walks back to a campfire with a few other diamond dogs around it. She talks with them for a bit then beds down.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 401309

"Aww.. " I just frown, perhaps let sleep take over me.

Campfire 401310

You fall asleep. The faint image of a fine bitch's booty drifts in and out of your dreams.


Campfire 403632

The final watch of the night begin cleaning up the cave to remove as much trace of your pack's presence as possible and wake up the other diamond dogs. Before the sun was halfway over the tops of the trees over two dozen diamond dogs and a single buffalo file out of the cave's mouth and into the snow covered wilderness. It seems that the small feast last night caused somedog to have an idea, because an order has come down from the top for diamond dogs to be dispatched to hunt for tonight's meal.

>Everyone else

Tell me when and where you are.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 403637


Time to take a walk in the woods..

head out and search for food, nice large food '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Barkspawn(DD inq) 403638

Asleep in my bed.

Lorik [Doctor] 403639

That's a very good question.

I guess I came along on the raid. Not that I support the idea, mind you. But somebody has to keep these idiots alive.

Crunch [Knight] 403642

Last I did was go off to raid, or something. Are we still doing that?

Boyar (Preacher) 403647

I'm outside the cave, probably talking to our scouts or something.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 403651

I'm probably…
Absentmindedly walking through the woods, I guess.
Maybe try to find something interesting.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 403655

You keep low to the ground and move as quietly as you can through the deep snow. After a while of this your ears pick up the sound of snow crunching from up ahead. Sneaking forwards you spot a deer trying to shovel snow from the ground with its antlers, probably to get at whatever is left of the grass underneath.

Spring Green prods gently in the side with her hoof. You reach out an arm to pull her into a hug but somehow miss Poet, who punches you in the side of the head. You open your eyes and see a male diamond dog standing over you in his battle gear.
"Wake up you stupid mutt. It's marching time."

Tell me if you want to be in the cave the night of the bear feast or marching along the next day.

Still doing that. Want to talk with the Alpha about how the raid should go?

From the looks on their faces and the way they are acting it seems like the feast last night was a huge boost for moral. Some of them want you to send out hunters so that tonight's camp can eat just as well as lat night's.

Lorik [Doctor] 403656

I'll march along.

Barkspawn(DD inq) 403659

"Marching again?" Stand up and gather my stuff. Put on my jacket and ready my shield.
Marching time.

Try to be as cool as one can be.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Crunch [Knight] 403660

Yeah, sure. Where is he?

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 403663

I could use a fucking spear or bow n' arrow right now..

get closer '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 403664

Boyar (Preacher) 403668

How far are we from the goat village? Will it be another day at least?

Campfire 403673

Many of the diamond dogs marching along in the double file are moaning under their breath or walking funny. Your professional opinion tells you that it is because of the game of Stop The Charging Buffalo they played lasts night.

You make several stupid, tired mistakes while sticking your things back into your pack and strapping on your armor. A few diamond dogs, Poet included, stop to laugh at you.

He's still at the mouth of the cave talking to the scouts while the diamond dogs march out.

Sorry. Are you with the party or at the fortress?

I can timewarp you all to the mountain, but I highly suggest talking to at least one of the PCs that leads the milita, or talking to the milita NPCs yourself, and hammering out some sort of attack plan. Don't forget that this is based on DF, so if you go in unprepared be ready to carry a whole lot of diamond dogs home on their shields.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 403675