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File: 1441497711095.png (29.63 KB, 795x597, pb.png) Google

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Monstergirls and sometimes not monstergirls

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File: 1487120330561.gif (Spoiler Image, 294.77 KB, 512x409, AkuGreatFlamingEyebrows.GIF) Google

One bad dude.
But he doesn't have GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!


Because for once there is activity that isn't just the ravings of a certain someone.


File: 1487167884755.png (542.33 KB, 1139x959, leostory.png) Google

He's a Dark Elf. If there is some act of Hedonism, it is highly likly he has done it, possibly in a way to drive someone to suicide or maybe just for kicks

well, he'd be too much of a aku rip-off then. He probably leans more towards Exdeath in that regard.


Also I suppose I should just say that making antagonistic characters is a dangerous buisness for a supposidly comfy setting that is Monstro Village, so here's a list I'm using

1. PB is basically a false threat, in that there is nothing she could do or say that won't have consequences and basically she'd have to be a uber retard to be anything other than pissed off

2. Leo is a dick, and borderline antogonist because he could easily fuck up your comfy life with his power. However, I think Anon himself can ONLY be effected by Projection - pic related - so you can spell it out that if Leo tries to controll you, your going to teach him why you don't fuck with Anonymous.

3. Melchior gives me some Hello Neighbour vibes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziaf3RrG80U). He's classic demon material, but he does help the town in his own way - It's better the devil you know, than someone who wouldn't fuck around with burning the town to the ground.

4. I created Eldest to represent how fucked up being a wild murderhobo for who knows how long would actually be. He's basically unable to live normally in civilization, prefering the life of a hunter that tracks down those worse than himself and rips them to shreds, possibly at the request of his mom

5. Eldest's Dad. Hey, I said The erlking's flunkies have their ways of reviving. His is that whenever you remember him, or even think about him at all, he can manipulate your mind. Even when he's dead. Appearances, memories, thoughts and feelings, all these things are at his mercy, and he doesn't DO mercy, unlike his son who can at least understand the concept of restraint.

6. The Erlking. He's a ancient evil, of cource he's the worst on this list. It's sort of why I made him - so that everyone can have a reminder of how bad someone can actually be. Possibly will die like exdeath.


File: 1487170849424.jpg (49.86 KB, 514x536, 1479063468015.jpg) Google

Does Weaver even visit anymore.


No, because this one autistic pederast homonculus has taken over the thread.


File: 1487188119006.png (Spoiler Image, 101 KB, 555x291, RUNPUCKRUNVERYFAST.png) Google

actually, speaking of leo being a antagonist/rival

I realise Puck has gotten very little notice

I'm pretty sure Puck is a jerk mostly because PB is mean to him (sometimes rightly so) and because he hangs around Leo (genuine bros), and he doesn't actually interact much with most people on his own (he's probably around either PB or Leo)

Obviously he's gonna have to interact with Anon sooner or later and, depending on how much of a jerk he is to him, he might have to learn the hard lesson that somone the size of your palm shouldn't antagonise a man who knows a basketball sized spider that is in his room.

And may or may not be currently behind Puck. And not wearing anything.

Does he want to talk about his issues to Anon now or take his chances with the big titty spider

also because Puck can shrink people - possibly just by making them match his size -, it's highly likly Meara COULD be convinced to be more co-operative to Puck's problems. Meara being the big spoon for Anon would be a change of pace


File: 1487194966821.png (616.81 KB, 2087x3177, gillou_bikini_by_chongothe….png) Google

I can't help but notice that you keep complaining, but post no content.
I'll take a poster with content and ideas over a whiny pissant with no content any day, no matter how odd the former's ideas are.


>Meara mawshot
Didn't know I wanted this.


File: 1487198613311.png (21.36 KB, 219x192, pucksfacewhen.png) Google

It was the first thing I thought of when I realised the height difference between Puck and Meara

However, I don't really want fear and web bondage to be something to keep Puck in line, because that fear is Meara specific. Instead, it would be better for Puck to think of Anon as a legend.

So, let's say that Puck's mini/shrinking spell does work on Anon. He'd probably have to be around for the spell to continue functioning or be dispelled by Puck. Therefore, the best way to win Puck's respect is to take this chance to hit on Meara, someone who Puck would instinctually be cautitious about due to being a tiny winged thing.

Unfortunatly for Puck, this means he'd probably have to be there and watch you two go at it in various make out session styles, such as Paula style, PB style, Caimon style, Veronica Style and Dewbon style.

But maybe if Puck was a good boy and helped Anon more often, He'd put in a good word for Puck and Meara COULD consider letting him do more than just watch, since he's proven to be ever so helpfull and all…

PB would probably be instantly suspicious of Puck actually being more helpfull for some reason from then on, but thems the breaks


This is all assuming that Puck doesn't develop a fetish for voyeurism.


>various make out session styles, such as >Paula style
Enthusiastic, but inexperienced. Kinda sloppy.
>PB style
Rough. Primarily wants to satisfy herself. Will call you names afterward.
>Caimon style
No lips, so lots of tongue. Lound and messy.
>Veronica Style
Lots of touching and stroking. Almost as much tongue as Caimon.
>Dewbon style
Slow, steady, and passionate. Your entire face gets involved.


File: 1487217722337.png (28.37 KB, 365x449, tumblr_olagjfCh0Y1r5h2ogo1….png) Google

>tfw no Monstro Village Dating Sim that wouldn't involve this sperg in the writing


File: 1487218130464.png (168.44 KB, 900x900, gillou_bikini_by_chongothe….png) Google

>no content


File: 1487218354023.png (103.19 KB, 903x784, 2ae65205feec972a5e336b30a0….png) Google


>tfw no Monstro Village Dating Sim at all


File: 1487254016869.png (63.32 KB, 763x1091, straightfrompathfinder.png) Google

Well, he might, but something tells me he'd much rather get in on the action just from what Weaver has revealed about him

I mean, he hangs out with Leo. It is much more likly he fights between "Meara is is a giant spider stay away" instincts and "holy shit look at the size of her tits" personality

If, say, he could get in on that action safely - for example, him and a shrunken anon could have one huge spidertity each to satisfy - He'd probably work towards that goal rather than "I'll stay here and watch Meara and anon go to town on eachother - holy shit did she just put his entire body into her- is anon actually just fucking her from inside- this is the weirdest boner"


File: 1487277197961.png (43.55 KB, 225x229, daddiesgirl.png) Google

also for anyone not into the meara circlejerk we have going on here's >>15974 done

variety is the spice of life


Man, fantasy falconry is weird.


Yep. It makes for good excerise for both parties though. Paula will only be small enough to have those experiences once in a life time, so might as well make the most of it.

Also Chibi-chaser has done a thing


Man that's a glowy set of genitals
Wonder if she can use them to see in the dark


I love the concept.
She's like a living nightlight.
Imagine making love in the dark.


File: 1487334880788.png (135.23 KB, 1321x389, ITSPOTTERYTHEPOTTENING.png) Google

I just had a idea regarding pb

in that she's probably get really salty if you paid too much attention to/dated a girl that wasn't her, and probably would "date" (read: force herself onto) another guy as proxy revenge

it would probably end terribly but at least it gives me a reason to use some of the monsterguys Weaver has just lying around waiting to be relevant

Also it allows a secondary relation to anon, in that Leo and Puck can either bend the knee for his help or get wrecked, Paonne made his bed a long time ago and Anon will probably screw him over the moment he slips up on the lesbian act, Polt never gets laid depite really wanting too and is probably miserable because Caimon doesn't help him with PB, Scotch being the most interesting choice simply because if he gets too forward, all Anon has to do is make a phonecall to a cetain someone who will be super pissed off at him


So many characters.
Who's Scotch again?


File: 1487356024749.jpg (157.08 KB, 428x1272, 1450354192402.jpg) Google

Scotch is the giant yellow rabbit. Was concieved as a character for Femanon, before Weaver realised nobody really wanted to see femanon get railed by monsterboys over anon hoarding his own personal harem. Also, there was no /ss/ candidate so it was bound to fail anyway

However, I'm a stickler for details and, if something REALLY doesn't fit the narative of Monstro Village, then I can put it aside untill I can find a way to make it relevant.

Fortuantly for me, Weaver posted something on his tumblr to say that Scotch does occasionally make runs back and forth between where he lives and Monstro Village, and therefore, I have a small lifeline to a out-of-the-way settlment positioned pricariously around a dimensional rift (another seemingly useless trivia information Weaver released). Therefore, Anon could find out Femanon exsists just by talking to him, or otherwise knowing where Scotch goes and keeping his ear to the ground for relevent information from people who ARE willing to talk to Anon about Scotch, and it'd possibly be easy to find her contact details anonymously and begin anonymous buisness such as anonymous phonecalls, anonymous transactions and anonymous e-mails/internet stuff (they are anons, they will act like anons, everything is anonymous because it's what they are)

This way I have a excuse to introduce the monstero village ship captain and his crew, because then if I get them invovled in this buisness Monstro Village could technially become a town where lots of cargo sits in warehouses to be transported via land or sea, and thus I now have the groundwork neccessary to go on a sea-faring adventure if PB ever decides for a change of pace from regular adventures, and femanon can have be sent excess monsterboys that are just hanging around the town waiting for relevency and has Scotch as a way to quickly get anything she needs from a trusted location she invested in for the purpose of getting stuff quickly

two birds, one stone


I just wanna hot monster to sit on me.


I want Gillou to sit on my lap while we watch a movie together!


Anon, I'm sure it'd be a lovely view, but you wouldn't be able to see the movie.


Well, I guess trying to look through her, the movie will be magnified


I'm fairly certain Gillou isn't transparent.
Gumberry is, but then everything would have a pink filter over it.


File: 1488030799812.png (139.37 KB, 762x618, cardgamesonmonstergirls.png) Google

boop, colours

mostly just wanted to give Elinda more stuff, she has increasingly little focus because she sort of suffers from the same thing as Gnath, really - it's too easy to focus on the sythe hands that slice through everything over the fact she has wings and can sorta fly, probably sounding like a Half-Life 2 Antlion


File: 1488149758378.png (284.37 KB, 805x763, QueenofAirandDarkness.png) Google

I realise people might not want to talk at length right now, but I'm having relevancy problems and I'd like some feed back

Basically, I realized one of my donut steels, PB's Mom, could actually fit the role of The Queen of The Night (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP9SX7V14Z4) for a story idea, which is a classic Mozart song where the Queen sings that her daughter either kills the man she loves or she gets disowned.

The dilema itself would be sound enough for good later story character development for PB (does she choose her bad-guy cred or love?), but the problem lies in the narrative relevancy

I mean, first I'd have to build the narrative of PB's life - she was born and cursed, dumped into a school/orphange, proceeded to be a failure to all expectations, became a porn character possibly at age 12 - and then I'd have to build the narrative of her mom - how she was cursed by her father to inherit her father's empire exactly because she fought against it for her freedom, how what happened to her Eldest and Secondborn sons convinced her she had no buisness raising children, and that she is basically a Princess Celestia tier Demi-god complete with the "I miss my [x]" issue - and somehow, I have to come up with a decent way of putting all this across without it being xbox huge wall of text/pannels

basically, does anyone want to know about PB's family past? Would it be relevant to the story to reveal it at all, should I only reveal relevant portions like "PB's Mom did all the magic/horoscoping stuff that is on PB's medical/personal record to decipher exactly how terrible her daughter's future was going to be"? What relevant ideas should I put in reserve, for example do I want to have a Going to the Gala arc for the reveal the Gala is hosted by PB's Mom, and then maybe pull out a small nuclear bomb so everything can go to hell by reminding everyone about the story of Anon and PB going to Monster Vegas and came back with identical rings, one to identify Anon so nobody mistakes him with another anon, and the other because PB just wanted to put a ring on Anon's finger before any other girl got a chance and now gets to gloat, and now it's certain PB's mom is going to notice this and flip her shit, leading to the above dilema?

It's all a big mess and I just wanted to draw some silly pictures for everyone and maybe polish PB into more of a relevant waifu than only-does-bad-things-the-character. Sorry for the long post.



I actually really like your art.


File: 1488566045964.png (25.72 KB, 362x143, babie.png) Google

thank you

I try my best to vent on a canvas, although some of my ideas just don't come out

Currently I'm trying to make monstro tower girls parents relevent - Veronica and Elinda are probably the only girls who have Parents that live in-town - and also not detract much from what goes on normally

take my PB example, currently I have a pretty strong image of what the right way vs wrong way is for her. It'd be EASY to say that her parents are trailer trash or her fmaily is not worth knowing or completely unpleasent just like PB, but I decided I wanted to take the hard path and maybe make them tragic anti-villains at best.

I just thought that that the image of PB's mom being so… reluctant, to hold her own baby and involve her children in her life simply because of how crazy her life turned out, and how she wants them to take hold of what THEY want rather than what is forced onto them by being involved with her and just… lets her little baby girl go in the hope that one day, she'll be strong enough to take the things she wants in life such a strong yet sad image

I don't even know how to properly go about putting it down y'know


Just take your time.


File: 1488809472462.png (86.29 KB, 493x452, howtobreakacontinentinfive….png) Google

I will.

As a example of how weird my ideas are: Agua probably comes from a cactus valley in the northern badlands, Elinda has a single mom, Paula's mom is super fluffy, Wosyet technically has two dads, Veronica's parents would be mortified if she dated a human, Gillou's mom is actually THE LAKE, and currently I'm deciding wether I want Dewbon to have two parents or one Patriarch for pottery/mythology reasons, I'm leaning more towards singular Patriarch for simpler weirdness like "Dewbon's old man is actually that huge moutain right over there, no really"


Please! By all means! Expound upon your ideas.
I'm actually curious.


File: 1489071413428.png (108.28 KB, 781x627, tumblr_oladix80za1r5h2ogo1….png) Google

So do we know enough about the monstro girls to make profiles of them?

Not including head canon stuff.


File: 1489074491498.png (1.9 MB, 1800x3400, Tower Girls pt. 1.png) Google

Monstro Village Girls in a Tower Girls scenario. y/n?


File: 1489177240749.png (511.07 KB, 1069x837, mostpunchablefaceintheworl….png) Google

sorry for the long delay, I got busy and explaining my ideas takes a while to sort out in my head

Right, so basically, my problem is I have to remember constantly that this is a romance story. I mean, you have fun with monstergirls, so it shouldn't get too heavy with story or fluff unless it'd bring you closer to one or all of the girls somehow. But my problem is that PB is such a oddity amongst the girls, she slowly becomes the narrative protagonist simply because her being the underdog and overcoming all the psych issues and bullshit hurdles placed in her path is more interesting to read than, say, Paula Veronica and Elinda college girl problems. But I also have to know when to ease of the goblin wild ride and let PB rest so I can have nice, relaxing and comfy stories with other girls for a while. It's a hard balance.

So right now, working on that aim, I am exploring the idea of "acceptable violence". I'm currently using Gnathadeli to frame it. So, Gnath would be the most likly to scratch or bite Anon simply because she has no eyes, and I think of house rules like maybe if Gnath bites too hard she has to wear one of those dog cones on her head. This rule then can apply to the other girls, so if PB bites you SHE wears the cone of shame, if Caimon bites you SHE wears it, and so on and so forth for more and more humourous situations like Anon has to wear it or Meara wears a super tiny one and that sort of thing. It's a fun idea, I should stop there right?

However, unlike the other girls, Gnath included, PB has a history of violence, and so once again I have to devote special attention to her so that I can have a reason for her to attack random people less often now, which basically means CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ARC OH BOY. It gets a little irritating that PB sort of takes centre stage like this all the time, and I do hope Weaver bothers to give attnetion to issues like this one day

Anyway, so far I've ended up with pic related, who started when I realised a Weaver character would look super smug doing ANY other expression, but has become a sort of wild card Anti-PB character. He's not looking to win, he's not looking to lose, in some cases he just isn't even looking, he's here to wind everyone up with his position and disposition and ESPECIALLY make PB's life worse… AGAIN. Just because he's petty. Spoilers: guess who's going to be punched in the face by PB the moment Anon finds out a legal loophole, like if there was some evidence that PB was anatagonised she could defend herself without risking jail and oh dear, look who just happens to have been recording most of the blatently anatagonistic conversation

I'm pretty sure this is the part where a Anon-PB wild makeout session ending should be implied, possibly just by having PB wear the cone the very next time we see her and Anon having quite a few more bite marks on him, but honestly I havn't really gotten this far yet


File: 1489194175894.png (86.89 KB, 800x568, tumblr_n10sc8Paml1r5h2ogo3….png) Google

Now what's this about Bitch having this true love curse that keeps her from getting pregnant? Is this something Weaver only mentioned once?


Do you forget or do you choose to ignore things? >>14675

I recently went through bot Weaver's tumblr and these threads. Apart from the ramblings of a certain someone I don't remember seeing anything about any curse.

And here's an awful Gillou scribble to appease >>16483


File: 1489200094839.png (41.74 KB, 500x500, oops my top slipped.png) Google

forgot the pic


File: 1489504998192.png (197.13 KB, 800x872, tumblr_nmtrlrAmWs1r5h2ogo1….png) Google


>Princess Bitch with Goblin Princesses insatiable desire to breed

>"Anon, get the fuck over here. Leo won't put out and I'm looking to get triplets."
>Hands you a cup of the Stud's stout and drags you by the collar of your shirt to your room


File: 1489520777723.png (93.17 KB, 593x325, naturedocumentry.png) Google

Alirght. Finally can sort my fucking shit out. Sorry for the ridiculously long posts latly.

FIRST - Gnathodeli. I'm gonna draw the other girls, PB wait your goddamn turn

Well, Weaver did play around with PB being cursed. It's likely PB probably has accumilated some curses. However, PB is a porn character, so logically she'd need something that would help her fufill that purpose - AND she is also supposed to be part of Anon's normal everyday life, so that something would also need to be removable for the sake of romance/waifuism.

A True Love Curse fufills both requirements and is simple to understand. Anything else gets bogged down by the mountain of awful implications and isn't very simple, at all. Remember: Waifu romance is serious buisness.

THIRD- and this is a long one
No, I havn't forgotten. But the thing is, the sitation has changed, and I need to address those changes. See, the thing is since then Weaver has also confirmed that Narrative is basically what magic runs on. So PB has to have a consistant, if slightly full of holes and not nailed down narrative - from her birth to how she is now living in monstro village - in order to be cursed, or effected by Leo in the first place. And yes all the girls are going to need this treatment, but the difference is their lives are NORMAL - what the story wants and thus allows for more vague ideas - and Pb's life is that of A PORN CHARACTER - which is not normal and thus needs lots and lots of tender, loving care and carefully trying not to retcon or plot hole ANYTHING, all just so that PB can eventually qualify for "normal life" at a much, much later date (the end of the story by this point)

tldr: Weaver wants Anon to be the protagonist, but the narrative constantly beats me up with Frodo tier why-don't-we-use-the-eagles-to-go-to-mordor logic questions involving PB, so I think she's the main protagonist, Anon is the Deuterologist who's job it is to introduce the setting and ask the audience's questions, but who will slowly lose his "protagonist" status as he becomes a normal part of the town.

For example, a narrative question is: Why is PB living in Monstro Towers and not Melchior's whorehouse if she's a porn character? and the narrative answer is: Because Dewbon thwarted the plans of a Greater Demon - Melchior - by also offering her a place to stay when PB had no other choices left. The consequences of this lead to Anon having a guarenteed space in Dewbon's Appartment, as nobody wants to live with PB as a roommate, and because humans have no magic, they have no set story purpose, meaning Dewbon would be the first person to see, hear or interact with him in the story… Which would mean the begining of the story, and thus the begining of our projections.


Sounds good to me.

The story is what you make of it, Anon.
Just keep doing your thing.


File: 1489775421155.png (86.19 KB, 483x287, NOWAYGOBBO.png) Google

I intend too, but it's a bit irritating that there is so much confusion when it really isn't that neccessary

For example, Narrative Question: How can Elinda hold a Phone with her mantis arms? Answer: Because it's a HANDS-FREE phone. Most people would just be annoyed by the pun, and not consider that lots of monsters wouldn't have hands, so obviously someone would invent a phone that doesn't need thumbs, right? Elinda could still scratch her phone badly, sure, but it's a logic that holds regardless of what is thrown at it.

Also "Anon is not a character", while technically true as a argument (projections arn't characters), probably should be revised to "Anon is HIDING things about his character", because it makes anon more drawable and it fits with Anonymous nature: to hide as much information about yourself as possible. Depending on what I want to do with Wosyet, it's even possible that information on anons identity is "Sacred" - it's supposed to be hidden away and protected, so the story itself might not even be able to touch it (which is why his name is auto-censored in panel 1)

And I've noticed a weird thing accuring lately in that nobody thinks PB, the porn character, would want to fuck Anon, the guy custom-made to be a lady love machine, so have a meme. I mean come on, is it so hard to imagine that PB, who would climb buildings and trees and mountains to get what she wants, wouldn't climb onto Anon's dick given the right circumstances and motivation?


>turning down delicious green pussy
Absolutely, disgustingly plebian.


File: 1490041710066.png (99.21 KB, 402x313, atthegalaaaa.png) Google

I know right, it's sort of sad that I can basically water down their relationship to meme-shitpost tier instead of actually-cute, semi-beliveable tier

She's probably the only girl with the right build for skateboarding and classical dancing (tango, waltz, etc), would probably be great in paintball or go-karting, there's a high possibility that if you go camping/adventuring she'd end up swoocing right into your sleepingbag

And obviously there's benny hill booking it from trouble to Dance of the Goblins (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lACoAxJkfO8), complete with scooby doo hallway-with-lots-of-doors-and-pillars gag

Also if your interested depending on if PB has the "goblin pregancy" feitsh applied to her like the towergirls gobbo, you probably COULD cheat at cuminflation by having a threesome with Gumberry. I mean, if you put Gumberry smack bang in-between, sooner or later it's just going to be Anon fucking a much rounder PB, and good luck getting your slime back

But oh no, let's just focus on how much of a cunt she is. Because that's fun.
As a final note: I'm extremely glad I mentioned "Wosyet" and "Sacred" in the same sentance because I'm now inspired to create a punny title for her creator:
Sage Goes-In-All-The-Fields.


File: 1490289572778.png (55.88 KB, 566x665, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo5….png) Google


Because she is a cunt? Granted, I have a Love/Hate thing going on for this cute, yet bitchy, character.


File: 1490291959117.png (28.16 KB, 500x639, tumblr_n1qy96HlpG1ts9xvyo1….png) Google


>Forgetting about the Stud Brew

Nigga, you gonna cum buckets
Put a life Pearl into a cream pie and make Gumberry a boyfriend


File: 1490387830908.png (72.01 KB, 452x233, manicallaughterintensifies.png) Google

But the problem is, it's hyper focused on and there's literally nothing else - at least nothing FUN - you can do with her, minus take dangerous steps into autistism/headcanon like me.

It's why I've gravitated towards "PB is at a crossroads in her life, she could come to like/love you or stay a frosty cunt" rather than "PB is a no-fun ultracunt, you can't date her and she ruins everything because I say so". I mean, could you imagine if all Gnatodelli did anytime she appeared was scratch the shit out of Anon, and did nothing else? I'd bet the 3rd or so time it happend people would be fed up of her and would consider just getting a gun and shooting the wild animal that does nothing but maul Anon half to death.

Ultimatly, it should be fun being with the "bad girl" Tomboy of the tower, and not be something like "Anon should save himself the hastle and shoot PB in her sleep"

I dunno if PB can actually cook or brew anything though, except for trouble. But PB is generally the "safe" character when it comes to fetish stuff due to porn character reasons, but there's lots of overlap, like you COULD try and fuck PB when she's shrunken by Puck but that sort of takes Meara's thing, and since Meara has precious little stuff about her anyway you might as well say "Meara's the mastermind behind PB's current sitation right now"

So basically it turns into a threesome between Anon, Meara and a tiny PB, where Meara basically coaches her on what to do the entire time and PB will inevitably become more cum than Goblin when Meara joins in

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