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Space Quest: Tangents (thread 5): zulu 304738[Last 50 Posts]

Last time on Space Quest: Tangents – (>>241367)

After finding a map to the cult's fortress in one of the nearby mountains, our intrepid crew took Grey Eminence's advice and followed an old sewer into the mountain. But instead of finding an easy route into the cult's lair, they were ambushed by a platoon of cultists.

After a long struggle against the cult troopers, the landing party managed to heal themselves and repair one of the robot wolves the cult used against them.

You stand now in the middle of a cavern. Behind you is a tunnel that leads back to the surface, as well as Second Mate Sunshine and the truck. Ahead of you is a tunnel that presumably leads further into the cultist base.

Gibson [Hacker] 304779

Reporting in.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304781

>no javascript
This will be fun.

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304786

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304790

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304791

Here and ready.

zulu 304793

Grey Eminence speaks up.

"The base lies further into the tunnel, master," he says to Clinic.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304794

"No more surprises like this one. Clinic, make him spill his guts on the exact count of cultists remaining, minus these ones, as well as any equipment they may have."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304800

"That would be helpful…"
I stand back behind the party and lean against a wall.


"Grey, how many cultists remain alive now? What sort of equipment and weapons do you expect them to use against us?"

Roll #0 2 = 2

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304806

"As long as you're all feeling better we can go in." I pet boltzy and sit against a rock. "Yeah, everything turned out okay."

Gibson [Hacker] 304807

So how heavy is that stereo I picked up?
And how durable?

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304808

"Thank you for helping me with that gate. It was much stronger than I thought it would be."

zulu 304809

"My lord, there were maybe thirty of my brethren here when I was alive. Five you killed in the village. You slew another ten just now. That leaves perhaps fifteen remaining, including the High Priest.

"They are all heavily armed, master, and the more senior acolytes and priests are skilled with magic."

"Forgive me, master, but death leaves my memory with many holes. I do not remember much else."

It's remarkably light — it looks like a relatively recently PONI VX-900 model stereo system with integrated ponyweb network access. Were you on the homeworld or one of the more advanced colonies, you would no doubt be able to access almost any song in the known universe.

But out here in the boonies it's pretty much limited to the memory card you put in it. At the moment there's a small chip labeled "HYMNS" plugged in.

The VX-900 is known for being very durable — a favorite of frontier colonists and inner-city breakdancers alike. It can survive being submerged in up to 300 meters of water, as well as temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade.

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304810

"Ha, well what are friends for." I smile a little trying not to be awkward, after all what if he doesn't think that we're friends.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304813

Tapping my hoof in irritation, I'll snap at him.
"If you weren't already dead, I'd probably threaten to put a few more holes in your memory. But that would be doing you a favor right now."
I'll go scavenge ammo packs from the dead cultists. Looking for anything else of interest that wasn't already picked up by the others.

Roll #1 4 = 4

zulu 304814

"Don' take that tone with me, cur. Were I alive and you not able to gang up on me with your friends, I could destroy you with hardly an ounce of effort."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304816

"F-Fifteen more? I hope we can avoid most of them."
I hang my head and look at the ground.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304817

"Maybe I will find a way to fill those holes back in my lab. At the very least I should learn how to keep so many holes from forming in my next experiment's memory."

"Friends? There is no need to mock me, I've heard what some of the crew says about me when they think I can't hear."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304818

"Well, too bad for you that you're dead. Or undead. Or whatever it is Clinc's done to you."
Since I'm not really finding anything, I'll turn to Clinic.
"At least make sure he remembers where they keep prisoners. They can't have moved them that quickly, and if we're lucky, we'll be able to get them out of here without jumping into more combat."

Gibson [Hacker] 304820

I wipe the memory card in it, copy what's on it then format it and load my own music on it, then
Any air vents around here? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Gibson [Hacker] 304823

>then put it away on my person

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304824

"They most likely won't be all there at once, that would be silly. They'll be spread across the place."
I frown a bit. "Why would I mock you after you helped saved me? Hotshot and I would have died if not for the rest of you.. and Boltzy was so scared too.."

zulu 304825

You notice some small holes in the ceiling immediately over the center of the cavern.

They're pretty small and high up. You wouldn't be able to fit in there, even if you could reach them easily.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304828

"I just don't want to freak out and g… gut anyone with my horns again.."
I inch forward while looking for anything dangerous '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

zulu 304829

Ack! It's a demon! Coming right for you! Roll to dodge!

Gibson [Hacker] 304830

"…To be fair, gutting someone with your horns is badass as all hell."


"Biologically speaking he is alive. I am almost certain of that. However, the only thing keeping his mind active is the mixture of scientific progress and necromantic magic running through his veins."

"Grey, tell us how to get to the prisoners."

"Because-um, well it was the least I could do. We are part of the same crew, after all. Your welcome."
I look away and cough awkwardly.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304832

Does this make me feel horrible? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

zulu 304833

>"Grey, tell us how to get to the prisoners."
"They will be in the mines. We must take this tunnel…" he points ahead of you, "and follow it into the main complex. Where this tunnel ends is the mines."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304834

I give a very weak smile
"I-It's not something I like doing, but… maybe. A tiny bit at least.."


Roll #1 6 = 6

Gibson [Hacker] 304835

"How far does the tunnel go? You'd think they would've heard something with all that fighting. Unless those fucks are deaf or something."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304836

"Are they guarded? I would assume they are, but by how many?"
After a moment, I'll remember he doesn't take orders from anyone but Clinic.
Motioning to him, I'll ask Clinic to repeat the question.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304837

"Would you be able to reprogram one of the sharping machines in the armory to sharpen my horns? I want to be able to have more than a laser scalpel with me next time we land on a planet."

"Thank you, Grey."
I look at everyone else.
"Are we ready?"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304838

I giggle a bit. "Yeah, but at least you're not defenseless, should make you feel better about going inside."
"Well, you've certainly done a lot for us today."

Gibson [Hacker] 304839

"I… could try?"
I walk over to him and poke his horns a few times to test there hardness.


"Answer Hotshot's question, Grey."

Roll #0 8 = 8

zulu 304841

You manage to dodge out of the way as a blob of sewage erupts from one of those holes in the ceiling and plops about a meter in front of you, right in the center of the drainage canal that runs through the center of the cavern.

You don't get any on you, fortunately.

"Normally most of the acolytes are in the mines, guarding the prisoners. If the prisoners are still working, they and the guards will be scattered throughout the complex."

"At least a few hundred more meters. Sound carries well down here, but whether or not they heard you relies upon luck."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304842

I'll nod.
"Then that means we need to go quiet. Belle, could you radio Sunshine and fill him in on this? We're going in deeper, and we may be coming out with ponies."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304843

I step back and shake my head.

Gibson [Hacker] 304844

I look down the tunnel. Can I see anything with my augmented vision via the goggles? '1d10'
"Heh. Going in deeper."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304845

How hard are they?

"We'll be right behind you."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304847

"Right." I radio over to sunrise. "Hello, Sunrise, we're going in, and might take some captives."

zulu 304848

There's several hundred meters of rock around you. They're at about 10 degrees celsius and made primarily out of interlocking layers of basalt and granite.

"Sunshine here. Okay, landing party. Should I follow you inside?"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304849

"We should be alright, do you feel safe on your own?"

Gibson [Hacker] 304850


"So we gonna get going or what?"

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304851

"M-Maybe you should guard the truck. I'd feel bad risking anyone else…"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304852

"Yes. It wouldn't be good if another one of those alien monster boars or a lucky cultist found you alone."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304853

"Belle, didn't you fiddle with one of those Steel Wolves? That could keep him company while we try and free the prisoners."

zulu 304854

"There's nothing out here, and I'm pretty well hidden. Don't worry about me."


"Or, uh, not? Look, I'll be fine out here."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304855

"That's true. Its working just fine and would be a good guardian."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304857

"I'm ready to get out of here at least."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304858

"Your choice. Try to keep your body in one piece so I can try fixing you if you die."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304859

"Your choice. Try to keep your body in one piece so I can try fixing you if you die."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304860

"Okay, Belle, You're pretty quick. You and Pera run that to Sunshine and set it up. Make sure the IFF is working properly. The rest of us will wait here until you get back, and take stock of our medical supplies, and ammunition. Then we'll move onwards. Got it?"

Gibson [Hacker] 304862

"So… we're just gonna wait here until they get back?"
I groan and go back to looking down the tunnel, seeing if I can see anything, anything at all. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304863

Quickly drag Belle along back to Sunshine

Gibson [Hacker] 304866

"Don't get distracted mackin' on her!"
I shout as she runs off and chuckle.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304868

"Don't groan. The more prepared we are, the less likely we are to get shot to bits."
Picking up dropped guns, I'll start pilfering their energy packs.
"Now you can help, and make time go faster, or you can mope."

zulu 304870

You get a better view of the interior of the mountain this time. You're no geologist, but there's good evidence that this mountain is a dormant volcano. There's a large amount of heat emanating from a pool of what is probably magma a few hundred meters below you.

You and Belle run and set up the wolf. It clatters as it unrolls and begins patrolling the area around the truck. Sunshine thanks you.

You're now back with the rest of the party.

Clinic Love [dice+1d10] 304871

"That's how it looks unless you want to try fixing that support weapon up so I can drag it behind us."


"Yes, unless you want to try fixing that support weapon up so I can drag it behind us."

Roll #0 3 = 3

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304873

"Yeah, no problems." I smile as we walk back to party. "So, we're all ready to go now, Sunrise will be fine."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304874

Didn't hear

"Back. C-Can we hurry up so we can leave fast…?"

Campfire 304876

Why the hell was I even trying to roll?

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304877

Sure, sure. But remember, we go in quiet. Clinic, you, your pet corpse, and myself will take point. Gibson, you'll be center. Pera, you and Belle take the rear."
Doublechecking the battery pack in my rifle, I'll motion the others.
"Now let's go save some colonists."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304878

I nod and follow

Gibson [Hacker] 304879

I take position behind him and check my equipment.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304881

"I'm not giving him a weapon until I've had a better chance to test what exactly he is and isn't capable of doing. Grey, stay at the back with Pera and Belle."
I draw my laser pistol and take position behind Hotshot.

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304882

I follow as quietly as possible.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304884

"He's pointing the way, though. You don't want him shooting, fine. I agree. But he needs to be up here, not in the rear. Have him in the middle with Gibson if you're scared of him getting shot."

zulu 304886

File: 1358396024478.png (52.9 KB, 720x720, mines.png)

"Of course, Doctor Love."

You all proceed down the tunnel. As you follow it's length, you find it gradually gets wider and drier, until it finally empties into a squarish chamber. There's clear evidence of mining going on here, carts full of debris, pick-axes, and irregular scoring along the walls, but there are no ponies here — prisoners or otherwise.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304887

"I was planning on him telling us which paths to take, but if you insist. Grey, stay close to Gibson."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304889

I'll whisper to Clinic.
"Ask him where they store the prisoners. And make sure he answers quietly. Last thing we need is him shouting the mountain down on us."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304890

I hop up and down to see if I can spot anything interesting from the back '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304891

Look down the left path. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Gibson [Hacker] 304893

Grab her and try to quiet her before she alerts anyone. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Which way, Grey?"

Roll #0 1 = 1

zulu 304901

You jump as high as your little goat legs can muster, which is actually pretty high. You didn't win the regional high jump competition in high school for nothing, after all! Unfortunately, the ceiling here is pretty low, and you badly concuss yourself on the rocks immediately above.

You try to catch her and jam a hoof in her moth before she alerts the whole mines, but she lands right on top of your head, sending you tumbling to the floor. Pera screams in pain. You're pretty sure something had to have heard you.

"Oh, straight ahead and to the left, Master, I am sure of it."

You don't see anything. It's pretty dark, after all. But you do smell something foul.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304903

I wince and tear up as I get back on my hooves
"S-Sory oh gosh I'm so sorry."
I look down in embarassment

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304904

I will sigh and curse under my breath at the same time.
Readying my rifle, I'll stick to the side of the wall and hiss at the rest to get against the walls and stay still. Hopefully it's dark enough in here to hide us.
"And not one peep out of any of you unless it's 'they've spotted us,' got it?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304905

I wince.
"Are you two okay?"

"We should keep moving."
I move down the tunnel that Grey indicated with my gun drawn.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304906

"Not one step, Clinic. We need to make sure they haven't heard us first."

Gibson [Hacker] 304907

I rub my head and wince.
I get back on my hooves and try to listen out to our surroundings. Can I hear anything, or is my headache too painful? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304908

"Sure is smelly down here.. "I trot down the left path.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304909

I sniffle and nod, then follow while keeping an eye out for anything. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 304911

I press against a wall like he is doing.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304913

I'll listen up, see if I can't hear anyone coming.

Roll #1 7 = 7

zulu 304914

Your ears are ringing, and you can't make out the sound of anything distinct.

You don't see anything… but you can hear the sound of hooves on stone. From where, you can't tell — the echo in the mines is just too bad.

You, too, hear the sound of hooves

You can't make out anything in this dark until..

A torch is struck. Three cultists try to grab you! Roll to get away!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I shoot at one of the cultists trying to grab her.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Gibson [Hacker] 304917

I try to knock one of the cultists trying to grab Belle away! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304919

Eek! I headbutt one without even thinking! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304920

Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting this.
Firing at the nearest. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 304923

'1d10' "What is this? "

Roll #1 6 = 6

zulu 304928

You wriggle free of the cultist who grabbed you. Boltzy bites him on the leg for good measure.

Hearing the cultists yell and Belle scream, you run down the northwest tunnel and use your pistol to blast the first cultist you see through your goggles. He falls to the ground, stunned and wounded, his coat singed and his ears bleeding.

You follow the brave little computer nerd down the tunnel. You ram the cultist carrying the torch — a square shot to his ribs. He is knocked back but remains on his hooves.

You also follow Gibson, firing several short bolts of plasma fire straight ahead as soon as you see one of the cultists in the dim torchlight. You slice off one of his ears, and he keels over in pain, screaming.

You turn and run down the appropriate tunnel, only to find that it's a bit tight for you, obviously not built for Buffaloes.

You're stuck in the entryway, unable to either fire at the offending cultists or protect yourself from any who might come into the main cavern. You are helpless.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304930

I'll shoot at the one Pera ran into. '1d10'
"Someone get Clinic out of that tunnel!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Gibson [Hacker] 304931

"Dammit Clinic! What the hell!"
I try to push/pull him out. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look down impressed at the damage. "Whoa, that really was badass." Are anymore around? Have Boltzy look too.

Roll #0 3, 10 = 13


I try to wiggle myself free.
"Damn it! Not again!"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304935

I blink in surprise and headbutt again! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

zulu 304946

You wriggle as much as you can, but you don't budge. You're pretty sure you can hear Grey Eminence laughing behind you.

The cultist rears up on his hind legs, preparing to fire his ray gun. Just as he levels the rifle at Pera, you fire a shot straight into his stomach. He falls over, stunned and wounded.

You grab hold of his front hooves and pull with all your might. He just. Won't. Budge…. until you finally hear him come loose with a loud "pop." He almost bowls you over in the process, but he is free of the entryway and able to move in the tunnel. As a bonus, the entryway is now considerably widened, ruined forever for smaller users.

Both you and Boltzy note that all three cultists are still very much alive and trying to kill you, though all three are on the ground.

You rush forward to headbutt the stallion you hit just a moment before, only to find that Hotshot has rendered him moaning and bleeding on the ground. You are going far too fast to stop your charge, however, and you slam into the nearest wall, concussing yourself once more. You are on the ground, helpless.

zulu 304950

The other two cultists try to get up.

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304952

Using telekinises, I'll rip the Cyanide teeth out of the cultists before they can bite down on them. I want answers from living ponies this time, dammit.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304953

"Ow, f-fuck… not again.."
Get up '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Gibson [Hacker] 304954

I kick one of the cultists upside the head.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I rear up as high as I can and bring my weight down on one of the living cultist's legs.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Disarm one of them.

Roll #0 4 = 4

zulu 304964

One of them leaps to his hooves and drags the other up. They take aim with their rifles and prepare to fight you once more.

You try to open up the mouth of the cultist who is still on the ground, but he resists, biting down hard and preventing you from gaining entry.

You roll around on your back and waggle your goat hooves in the air in an attempt to get up. One of the cultists kicks you in the side for good measure.

Seeing this assault upon Pera, you try to whack him in the head right back. He dodges easily, however. You're no kung fu artist, no matter how many hours of Sleeping Diamond Dogs you may have played.

Like a wooly brown freight train you charge in and stomp on the cultist on the ground. You break his leg badly — it's shattered in several places, you're sure. He yowls in pain and curses at you in an alien tongue.

You grapple with the nearest cultist in an attempt to wrest his gun from him. In the tussle, he draws a knife and slashes your leg, forcing you to withdraw.

The cultist with the shattered leg tries to get up.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304966

Hop up '1d10+2' and try to hold back tears 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Gibson [Hacker] 304967

I try to rip out the false tooth so he doesn't kill himself. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304969

I'll switch to rapid fire and shoot at the two cultists who just got up. '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 1 = 9


Alright, "Time for tactic 3." I dash to the right of the cultist while I have Boltzy jump off and go left to try and get behind him. If sucessful boltzy uses a stun ray while I hold the cultist in place.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Roll #1 6 = 6


I try to force his mouth open and cut out his fake tooth with my laser scalpel.

Roll #0 3 = 3

zulu 304984

He gets up, though he's forced to lean against one of the walls and stay off of his front left leg. Attacks against him can be made at +1 from now on.

You hop up, but you can't fight back the tears. This has been a very stressful day, indeed!

As you try to grab his mouth again, he shoots you in the chest. It mostly misses, but you still let out a bit of a yelp in pain from the resulting burn.

The "pulse" thing is supposed to work like cleave, so you don't need the second roll. You just get a crit range penalty, basically.
You let loose with a rapid barrage of laser fire across the small room, blasting two of the cultists across their bodies.

Let's keep the independent actions for Boltzy to a minimum

As you try to run to the side, the cultist simply shoots you with his laser gun. You are knocked back a little, burned from the extreme heat.

As you reach out to the injured cultist, his comrade strikes you in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle, stunning you very briefly.


I try to crush the cultist that just hurt me against the wall of the tunnel.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304987

Score. And I'll keep that in mind.
Keeping up suppressing fire amongst the three cultists. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304988

P-Play an inspiring song on my harmonica to calm me down.. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sorry, just treating her like a minion.
Find some cover and fire from back there.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Gibson [Hacker] 304991

Oh fuck this.
I shoot the cultist that shot me! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

zulu 304994

He shoots you right in the top of the head as you try to bum rush him. You halt your charge as you shake of the resulting migraine.

All three are struck with a smattering of pulse laser, though all are only stunned a little.

You buzz out a resounding version of the old goat spiritual "What a Lovely, Lovely Dress You're Wearing." Everyone feels invigorated.

+2 to all rolls next turn.

Yeah, I know, but you didn't pay for her or anything, so it would be a bit unfair

You dive behind a wooden table and take a few potshots at the nearest cultist. He takes a glancing blow to the spine.

Bam, right in the face, but he remains on his hooves, albeit a little staggered. He roars in pain.


But I did? She's my multiclass skill unless you changed it.
Fire again.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 304997

Shit, that probably alerted the rest of them. Try and finish this off quick. One more quick round of laser fire, all three cultists. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Pera [Xenolinguist] 304998

Invigorated, I smash my horns against one of them '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I back up to charge again, then shoot him with my laser pistol.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Gibson [Hacker] 305001

NOW try to rip out their fake tooth. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Gibson [Hacker] 305002

+2, +2!

zulu 305009

>But I did? She's my multiclass skill unless you changed it.
So she is. Nevermind.
You blast him right in the heart. He crumples over, dead.

You hit the remaining two with a line of fire that catches them both in the head. They fall to the ground, helpless.

You ram one of the helpless cultists. Your sharp little horns slice open his belly, and he is badly wounded.

Your bolt of laser strikes the helpless cultist in the face, and he immediately stops moving.

You grab hold of the crippled and helpless cultist and thrash him a bit before finding and ripping out his cyanide tooth with your magic. You also take away his gun for good measure, and sit on him in order to prevent him from moving.

Two of the cultists are dead, and one is immobilized. None of you hear any signs of other cultists coming. Behind you is the tunnel back to the main cavern. Ahead of you is a solid metal door. It appears to be opened by a nearby keypad.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305010

"Cease fire! We're interrogating the survivor. Patch him up just enough to keep him from bleeding out."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305011

"That went better than it could have gone."


I nod and put a salve on that burn.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305014

I look at the cultist.
"Oh dear… can you still speak?"
Hold my translator up to him just in case '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Gibson [Hacker] 305015

I keep sitting on him.
"So you gonna interrogate this guy?"

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305017

"I figure so. And he doesn't like me, I can just surrender him to the tender mercies of the good Doctor."
I'll saunter over to the pinned cultist.
"So, are we going to do this the nice way, and you live, or do we do this the bad way, and I turn you over to that rather large buffalo over there, who, I should mention," I'll lean in and whisper to the cultist. "Has a rather odd fascination with small holes and his peculiar endowments. So unless you want to get out of this intact, I'd advise speaking up. Now, where do you keep the captured colonists? How many of you are there in the facility? And how long have you been operating here?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305020

I sit down and watch the interrogation.
"Let me know if you need my help."

Gibson [Hacker] 305024

Can I hear what he whispered? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

zulu 305025

He curses at you. Your translator spits out the appropriate translation from Draconic. It's… most unsettling.

"Bromion take you, defiler! May you rot in the bowels of Tartarus!"

It takes a while to find the right salve, but eventually you heal his worst wounds.


Can I, for that matter?

Roll #0 6 = 6

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305029

"Hey, I was just watching out for you. I'm even being rather generous. I'm giving you a chance. Now, you can either tell me where you took the colonists, and how many of you are left, or I can let the Doctor extract the information from you… after."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305030

I spread my front legs and lean back a bit while grinning at him.
"Did you mention bowels?"

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305032

I step back with a shocked expression on my face.

The shocked expression is not going away anytime soon oh jeez

Gibson [Hacker] 305034

…Can I look away? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"now.. things don't need to be too hard, you can just answer a few questions and walk away.. doesn't that sound nice?"

Roll #0 4 = 4

zulu 305037

"Are you deaf? You will be pulled apart by the demons of the hells!"

"Nothing can be worse than the retribution of my god. Torture me if you will, but I shall die as one of the exalted."

You manage to pull your eyes away from it.

"Foul harlot, your eyes will be pecked out by crows and magpies."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 305039

"Your god? Who might that be? We can't make heads or tails of you little trinkets. "

zulu 305040

"Bromion! Stupid whoreface."

Gibson [Hacker] 305041

I whack him on the head.
"Do you want us to just off your sorry ass?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305042

"No, by bowls I meant-whatever. He doesn't look like he's going to break, Hotshot. Want me to call in my experiment before you give him to me?"

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305043

Rolling to look intimidating '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305044

I'll give an exaggerated sigh.
"Well, I tried being nice."
I'll walk over to Clinic, and pat him on the back.
"Do be gentle, he's not that big of a fellow. And we do need him to talk."
Sinking to a whisper, I'll continue.
"Make it look convincing, however. Pretend you're going to mount him, take your time about it, and then, well, hopefully you won't have to go through with it. I'm sorry I put you in this position, though."
"That might work as well. It's worth a shot, anyway."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 305046

I scowl. "Its not a good idea to insult me. Boltzy might get mad if you do, she might go for a low blow if you keep it up."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305048

"Having my minion tell him that dying will only make it easier for us to get the information seems a bit cliche. I don't think I've ever heard of your strategy being used before."
I stand up and stretch, then slowly walk over to him.
"Hold him still for me, Gibson."

zulu 305050

"Get dunked, mule."

"Be swift about it, infidel. I will go to my god's gardens. You will rot in his belly."

You rear up on your legs and roar with all your goat might. Your bleat is the bleat that pierces the heavenly veil.
"I- uh…."
He's at an utter loss for words. Your fearsome visage has shocked him into submission.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305051

"I'll not stop you if you think that will work better. Grease the chutes, as it were."

zulu 305053

He's silent now, but clearly he's no closer to giving you any info.

Gibson [Hacker] 305054

"H- Huh?! Bu-"
"Pera's got him scared! Y- You don't need to… do that thing…"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 305055

"Why does this Bromion want this planet? Is it important to him?"

zulu 305056

"It is a home. A home away from ponies who seek to destroy his works."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305057

"What you meant was 'sorry ma'am I will be respectful when I talk from now on,' RIGHT ASSHOLE?"
I glare at him and huff

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 305058

I stop walking.
"Damn, Pera. Maybe we should let you handle the prisoners from now on."

I wink at him and take a few steps back.
"If you say so. Grey, come here."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305059

I'll shrug.
"I'm gave him his chance. Though it seems it required a goat's touch to get anything out of him."

zulu 305060

He huffs.

"I will tell you some things, but I will not betray my god."


Belle Nitron [terraformer] 305062

"What are his works exactly? All we've seen so far has been destruction of ponies homes their lives…"

zulu 305063

He looks at you, perplexed.
"His work is his own self. It is this fortress. It is his riches."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305064

"Good. Now where are the rest of the colonists?"

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305065

"And what of the ponies taken to work inside your Bromion? Why the mines?"

zulu 305066

He nods at the door before the party.
"Through there. We took them there when our scouting party went missing."

"The mines produce his glory."

Gibson [Hacker] 305067

"What the hell are you talking about? His own self? His riches?"

zulu 305069

He smirks and scoffs at you.
"You are an ignorant fool. He will destroy you, I am sure. He will smite you down and nothing will be left of you but ashes."

He turns to Pera. "Nothing but ashes, ma'am."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305070

I stomp my hoof in front of his face
"No more being vague. What glory? What are you fucks doing here?."

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305071

"And how long have you been in… 'His' service?"

zulu 305072

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305074


Roll #1 1 = 1

zulu 305076

"Since birth. I was born in this mountain, and I shall die in the same sacred place."

"You shall perish, goat. Know this before you die."

He stays silent. It's quite obvious he isn't going to answer any more questions.

zulu 305077

I guess that was a bit redundant.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305078

"Well, we can't just let you go. You'd warn the rest. But… I'd feel sort of guilty about just killing you. Anybody got any rope?"

zulu 305079

How convenient. There's some rope in the corner.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305080

How serendipitous. I will proceed to hogtie him. '1d10'
And then I'll double-check it make certain it's secure.
"Pera, can you gag him so he doesn't bite off his tongue?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

zulu 305081

He's tied up very well. Pera stuffs a bit of cloth down his mouth. He'll be fine.

Gibson [Hacker] 305082

"Why don't we just take him back to the truck? I imagine Sunshine will appreciate the 'company.'"

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305084

"You want to carry him? We'll get the colonists out, and then we can drag him along behind us on the way out. Once we've got everyone out, we can just head back to the ship and call in the actual military to clean this place out."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305085

"W-We roughed him up pretty bad. I'd hate to leave him here tied up and injured."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 305086

"Yeah, its best we get him on the way out."
"I can try to patch him up before we leave him." how bad is he hurt?

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305087

"As long as he's not bleeding out, he'll be fine for the five minutes or so it'll take us to get to the colonists, and get them moving. Patch up what looks troublesome, and then let's go."

zulu 305088

You've more or less healed him. He's just got a few bumps and bruises.

We're actually going to pause here for the night. Sorry if y'all wanted to play some more. How does… Monday night sound?

Preliminary, since I don't remember Campfire's schedule right now. Subject to change.

Hotshot [M. Unicorn Bounty Hunter] 305089

Sounds fine to me.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 305091

I'll be around

Last time, on Space Quest: Tangents zulu 313194

File: 1358821774401.png (55.89 KB, 720x720, mines 2.png)

Our crew pressed further into the cultists' compound, reaching the mines that lie underneath the fortress. There they fought with a few cultists, killing two and capturing a third. Interrogating the captive revealed little but more cryptic words about the nature of the cult or their purpose, but the landing party now knows where the missing colonists are: Through the steel doors immediately ahead of them.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313205

Well, we can't ask if the door's locked or trapped, so I'll check it and see.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313208

I check to make sure Grey is still following us.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313209

I stay in the back, nervously checking our backs

Roll #1 9 = 9

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313210

"We're close.. just hold on colonists.." Look around for a switch or something. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

zulu 313215

It doesn't appear to be trapped, but it is very clearly locked. There are no obvious ways to open the door physically. There's an access pad to the right of the door, however, and it blinks at you, asking for a password.

He's still in the main cavern, immediately outside of the archway you smashed through.

You turn your head about, but you only see the captive you have tied up. He's against the northern wall, laying on his side, mumbling something under his breath in Draconic.

You can tell it's some sort of prayer.

There's the access pad to the right of the door. It blinks at you and asks for a password.

You can tell, however, that there's a hidden electrical panel beneath the keypad, presumably powering the door and the locking mechanism.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313219

"Grey, follow me."

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313224

"Well, he's probably not going to give us the password, not after that treatment. So, any ideas? Belle, Gibson, do either of you think you can hotwire the door and not have it lock itself forever?"

zulu 313225

"Yes, my lord."
He is now next to you. Lacking both a need for respiration and a pulse, he stands eerily still.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313228

"Ah. Or Clinic, do you think you can get the code out of Grey?"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313230

"A password huh.."
"I'll give it a try hot shot, maybe I'll have better luck with it than the last panel?" '1d10+1' can I rewire it to be "unlocked"?

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313231

Look at the captive and speak in draconic
"D-Don't worry, we'll come back for you"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313232

I look him over.
"Hmmm. You and I are going to need to pay a visit to the ship's infirmary when we get back. Once your holes are patched up I cantry restarting your heart."

"I can try if Belle can't get the door open."

Gibson [Hacker] 313233

Sorry about that!
I try to hack the panel!
Using the interface too.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

zulu 313244

The two of you access the electrical ports and quickly rewire the system. The door tries to lock itself down when Belle switches its power feeds, but Gibson immediately convinces the door's computer to accept the new wiring. Door lurches open.

The interior smells foul, like a trash heap or a Diamond Dog Abattoir, but in the dim light you can make out rows upon rows of bunks, with many, many ponies and donkeys packed inside, hanging off of and crammed between the beds.

A gasp goes up as the ponies in the front see that you are not colonists.

"Wh— who are you?" says one in the front.

zulu 313248

>you are not colonists
…nor are you cultists.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313251

"The rescue party. Are there any colonists that aren't in here?"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313252

I look at him inquisitively "Its clear who we are, we're the search party. I think the question is.. who are you? Where are the colonists?"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313253

"We're the ponies who were sent to resupply your colony. Once you guys didn't show up, we got kinda worried and decided to check things out. Who's in good enough condition to move? We've got a truck out back."

Gibson [Hacker] 313254

"We're here to save you."
Night vision on!
Can I see shit? Is it just bunks in here? What's in the far back?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313255

I let the others do the talking while I poke my head in. Can I get a count of how many are in here or if any are injured?

Roll #1 6 = 6

zulu 313256

Sorry, I missed this the first time around.

You mispronounce a word or two, but overall it's a pretty good rendition of a very difficult language.

Nonetheless, he's not impressed. He spits on the ground.

"You'll be devoured, scum."

zulu 313257

"Er, ma'am scum."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313258

Glare at him, THEN poke my head in

zulu 313262

"Five others. I don't know where they are, exactly. They were just taken to the cavern above the mines when the rest of us were locked in here earlier today."

She looks at you incredulously.

"Uh, we are the colonists. I'm Bittertongue, the mayor. Well, former mayor. I was worried the RSF would never come. But you ponies don't look like soldiers…"

"Oh, well that explains that.

"I don't think your truck can fit all of us. There are two-hundred and thirty-three of us, not counting the five taken. Most of us can move just fine.

"Nobody here isn't wounded. It's been back-breaking labor for weeks now. Dig dig dig all day. But we can move. Have you, uh, cleared out the weirdos?"

You see that, yes, there have to be hundreds of equids in there, all jammed into a space clearly not meant to fit more than fifty.

Gibson [Hacker] 313265

"We… I don't think we have? There should still be some around… is this the only entrance to the place?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313267

"Not all of them."
I look at the party.
"We should get them out of here. I take more care packing away my junked corpses than the cultists took sticking them all in here."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313268

"I-It wasn't the most pleasant or… cleanest way, but the way should be clear to the surface"
Feeling nervous in the presence of all those ponies, I back out of the doorway

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313269

"We've cleared out the ones between us and the truck, anyway. We were hoping to sneak you all out and then just call in the military to take care of the rest, but…"
I'll sigh and look over the group.
"Well, sneaking out just go a whole lot harder."
I'll look over the rest of the party.
"Alright, here's what we're going to do. We'll start filing these folk outside, as quickly and quietly as possible. Once you've got to Sunshine and the truck, radio the ship that we've found and are liberating the colonists. Have them try to raise any military presence if they can."
I'll turn back to the colonists.
"On a further note, are the parents of a foal named Honeybee among you? We found her in the town, and she's safely aboard the ship."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313270

"Can you make your way out of here? The path should be safe enough for you to walk back.. Leave a description of the five taken with us and we'll track them down. " I pause a moment. "Unless you want to fight by our side?"

"Oh, and.. are any of you missing a little filly? We found one back at the settlement."

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313271

I nod and start walking back to the room we were just in.
"Grey, follow."

zulu 313272

"There are only two entrances that we know of. There's the front entrance, and then there's that sewage tunnel that runs out back. They keep that pretty well-guarded, though."

"Oh, you came in that way? Then, no, I'm sure the top levels of the tunnels are still packed with cultists.

"Look, we can all go. I understand if you don't want to risk your lives for five ponies. Their high priest will be up there, as well as his guards, but if you just leave then those ponies are surely doomed."

"Honeybee?! Oh, thank the Princess she's alright! We were all worried that she was killed or worse.

"Her father was taken up to the upper tunnels a week ago. We haven't seen him since. That's happened a few times. We presume the dozen or so ponies that has happened to are… dead.

"But her mother was taken to the upper levels this morning… To think she might die not knowing that their daughter is safe…"

"In any case, it will be days or weeks before the RSF could arrive. Communications buoys can only travel so fast, and so can fleets."

"Normally we only come in here in shifts. But they packed us in early this morning so they could free up some guards. We figured something was happening outside, and a few of us heard them talking about a missing patrol."

"I'm sure we can make it out safely from here. While I would love to fight those bastards, I think the colonists need my help in getting back to your ship safely.

"We do, however, have two security guards who weren't killed in that first attack. Ferny and Redtail. Neither have weapons, of course, and I'd rather they stay with us…"

He returns to your side.
"So, you're all big heroes. Well, back to the ship I suppose!"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313274

"Pera, you go with Clinic and watch the front. Gibson, you and Belle follow up with the middle of the group. I'll stick behind here and make sure everyone is out, and then follow behind."
I'll sigh, and continue.
"And then we're coming back to see if we can't get those other five colonists out of here. I'd never be able to look Honeybee in the face if we didn't at least try."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313275

"I'd rather not leave anypony behind if none of you mind…"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313276

"Not until we go after those last five colonists."
I stand guard in the room and wait for the colonists to get moving.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313277

"Also, give those two guards the cultist's rifles. They can help watch the middle, or stick to the rear with me."

zulu 313278

Bittertongue speaks up again.

"Are you planning to march with us all the way back to your ship — which I assume is on the eastern plain outside the colony — and then back here?

"If you plan on saving those ponies upstairs, time is of the essence. It's going to take us hours to get to that ship, and by the time you get back they will have figured everything out. They'll likely kill the ponies and then they'll try to kill you."

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313279

"Oh goodness no. We're just getting you outside, to the truck. There, you'll have more than enough space to either hide or defend yourselves if it comes to that, and we could fly the ship in closer."

Gibson [Hacker] 313280

"Does anyone even know what's upstairs? What if it's a trap? They could already be dead for all you know!"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313282

"We've got to at least make sure. Or do you want to tall Honeybee that we managed to save everyone except her parents?"

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313283

"They have a point hotshot, I think we just give them the rifles and they can see themselves out. "

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313287

"We at least see them outside of the volcano. If they want to drag the cultist with them on the way out, that's fine. If they don't, well, we'll drag him out as we hopefully escape with the last five colonists."

zulu 313289

"We, uh, don't get to go up there often. And if we do, we rarely come back.

"All we know is that the weirdos keep talking about something called "Bromion," and we have to mine gems for it. We figure that's up there, whatever it is. And the high priest. He comes down here occasionally to harangue us about mining harder for his 'god'.

"So I don't know if it's a trap. The only other tip I can give you is that there are two other tunnels in the main cavern in the mines. The one to the south leads to the geothermal station. If you shut that down, maybe it will be easier to stop whatever the cult has planned…

"Of course, then they'll definitely know you're coming, if they didn't already."

"That can work."

"Hey, yeah — if you guys killed whoever was guarding that sewage tunnel, there must be a lot of rifles back there. A few of us had to go down there occasionally to bring the guards water — there was always at least a full squad or two guarding it."

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313290

"Well, we sorta took all the ammo for those rifles, but we've got three here that are still in decent enough condition. I can also toss you another dozen or so batteries if you want to scavenge those rifles.
"But let's get moving, folks."

Gibson [Hacker] 313291

"Well can we get a move on already? Seriously, they could be organizing or something shit while we're just standing here and talking…"
I fiddle around with my goggles. Any kind of wireless signal nearby that I can hijack?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313292

Hold up a second.
"Gibson, did you remember to shut off that turret down there? It might not recognize the colonists as friendly."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313293


Roll #1 6 = 6

zulu 313294

There's a faint wireless telecom signal coming from the tunnels above you.

"Yes, some ammuntion would be good."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313295

One more '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313296

I pause and give a puzzled look.
"Y-You're mining gems… for fanatic cultists who speak draconic…"
My eyes widen
"Is… a-are they working for a dragon?!"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313297

I'll sort out 12 batteries from our "liberated" stock that we scavenged from the cultists.
"Alright, where were those two security guards? They can take point."
I'll levitate rifles to them as the come forward.

Gibson [Hacker] 313299

"It should be off still."
It is off?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313301

"A dragon? This far out in space?"
I'll consider that.
"Can you raise Sunshine on the comm? We might want to relay your suspicions, have the Captain check for any records of Dragons in this sector."

zulu 313302

You make contact with the turret and find that, yes, it is deactivated.

Ferny and Redtail take the rifles and ammunition and start heading down the sewage tunnel with the first group of colonists.

Bittertongue gasps audibly at this suggestion.

Gibson [Hacker] 313303

"Turret's off."
…So that's all the wireless signal was?

zulu 313304

No, the wireless signal is something else, but it's too faint to connect to. There are several meters of solid granite above you right now.

zulu 313306

So what is your plan? The first colonists have gone down the sewage tunnel. About 2/3rds of the colonists are still in their room or are in the main cavern.

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313308

"They'll be safe, lets go ahead now." I sigh and check on boltzy, she's not scared of any dragons right?

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313312

I call the captain directly and ask her if the ship's computers have any notes on dragons in the area.

zulu 313313

Roll to see how scared she is.



Roll #0 8 = 8

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313316

We'll stay here for the moment until the last group is on its way, and then head upstairs, I suppose.
"We stay here until the last group is away. We don't know if the cultists have regular patrols or not. And we need to know a few things before we go haring off."
Walking to the tied up cultist, I suppose I can prod him for more information, now that we have an idea, or at least a guess, of what we're up against.
"So, how long have you been serving a dragon and calling it a god?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313318

"Weren't there two armed colonists? Have them stand guard here while we go and kill the rest of the cultists."

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313319

"There were, and they're escorting the first group. Like it or not, we're sticking here until they're all out, or at least on their way."

zulu 313320

She gives a little salute and punches the air. She's ready for anything.

The connection is filled with static, but you successfully call the Drifter and relay to Captain Rosewater your theory.

"There's the Royal Dragon Preserve on Lagnov VII, but that's on the other side of the colonies.

"There's always tales of dragon cults that stole dragon eggs from the homeworld and colonized uninhabited worlds, but I figured those were just stories…"

The next group of colonists leaves, filing into the sewage tunnel.

He spits at you. "Bromion will incinerate your eyes, unbeliever!"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313321

"So it's a fire-breather, if it's anything, then. Great. And just how long have you been force-feeding it gems, anyway? Long enough for it to grow fat and lazy, I suspect?"

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313322

"Let's leave him be please. I doubt he has anything else to say to us."
"…Not that he would want to…"
I sneer at him and start making my way to where the colonists said the guards were.
Maybe there's some weapons left over

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313323

I stamp impatiently.
"I don't like wasting time like this."

Gibson [Hacker] 313324

"Neither do I."

zulu 313325

He snarls and spits in your direction.

You quickly realize they were talking about the sewage tunnel you all came through, and you remember that you've already satisfactorily checked out that area.

The last group prepares to go into the tunnels, when…

Everyone roll.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313326


Roll #1 2 = 2

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313327

"Well, you could always check those two corpses for anything useful. Maybe even do a patch job on your… zombie? What do I even call that, anyway?"
"Look, we're almost done here, so be patient. Now that we might be up against a dragon I'm considering going back for that turret, but I know we don't have the time for that."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Aw yea! I give her a little prop up on my shoulder.
"Agreed, we can't just stand around here.."

Roll #0 5 = 5

Gibson [Hacker] 313329


Roll #1 9 = 9

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313330


Roll #1 5 = 5

zulu 313331

Five ponies emerge from the tunnel on the south wall.

"There they are! Get them!"

The remaining colonists scream and begin to stampede towards the sewage tunnel as Mayor Bittertongue frantically tries to direct them. You are all caught up in the stampede and can't react to the cultists' arrival.

Leaping away from the stampeding colonists, you fire your rifle at the leader, burning him badly on his face. He screams but remains on his hooves.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313332

"Everyone, stay calm and keep moving!"
Since I can just float my rifle up, I can at least get a clean shot, so long as I can see the enemy. Time to get fancy and shoot from nowhere near the hip. Going for the leader.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313333

Drop to the back and play a song. Maybe it'll calm down the ponies running out!
Inspire '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Gibson [Hacker] 313334

"Ha! Take that you son of a bitch!"
Fire again!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313335

I guess I spend this time making my way through the stream of colonists.


Focus, control, get out of this mess.. Break away from the crowd and fire at the cultist with my lazer gun.

Roll #0 1 = 1

zulu 313337

Levitating your rifle above the crowd, you deliver a wicked blow to the lead pony. His face opens up with a huge gash, and he collapses to the ground, clearly badly wounded.

You play the beginning of the theme from "Horsesaka Gun Girls Academy," a classic animated series. Perhaps not the most well-known theme, but a jaunty one. Everyone feels a bit better, and the crowd slows.

+1 to everyone's next rolls.

You aim your pistol carefully and strike one of the other cultists in his flank. He yells and fires a wild laser bolt in the air in pain.

As you try to leave the crowd, you trip over a large rock and fall to the ground. Were the crowd still stampeding, you'd likely be injured badly, but everyone manages to avoid you.

You make your way through the crowd, pushing everyone with your massive frame. Grey also escapes the crowd.


I shoot the nearest cultist.

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313341

I'll trust that Belle can pick herself up, and attempt to suppress the other cultists with some cover fire. Rapid fire mode the four standing cultists

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313344

Take out my blaster and shoot one

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Gibson [Hacker] 313348

Continue shooting!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

zulu 313353

okay we'll skip Andy
As you take aim, a group of colonists bumps your rear, sending your shot careening into the ceiling. This dislodges a stalactite, which falls on your back. It hurts bad, like getting speared in the back with a 40-pound rock. Oh, that's actually what it is. Nevertheless, you stay upright.

You leap on top of one of the colonists, perhaps attempting to emulate a tri-vid action hero, and begin to fire. Your newfound platform immediately bucks you off, however, and one of the cultists shoots you while you're down.

You're helpless.

Drawing your pistol and advancing through the crowd, you blast the cultist Gibson just shot, hitting him in the legs. He falls to the ground and moans in pain.

Taking cover behind a large rock, you peak out and shoot one of the two remaining cultists. He grunts as you burn his chest.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313355

Not how that was supposed to go… Got to get to my hooves and get back in the fight. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"My back!"
I shoot at the cultists again.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313357

Oh fuck it. Charge at one of the two standing cultists and flip into him '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Gibson [Hacker] 313359

Keep shooting!

Roll #1 7 = 7

zulu 313362

You scramble to your hooves and shoot one of the two remaining enemies. His throat sliced open, he drops, dead.

The last cultist shoots you before you can get him, hitting you in the front knees. You falter and hit the ground hard.

Running as fast as your little goat legs can take you, you leap over a rock the cultist is hiding behind and slam into his head. He shakes off most of the blow, but you can tell he's stunned a bit.

While he's stunned from Pera's attack, you shoot him in the head. He falls over dead.

All the cultists are defeated. By now the remaining colonists have filtered through the tunnel. Only Mayor Bittertongue remains.

"Thank you. I can see why you were able to get this far."

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313363

I'll help Clinic up if he needs it. '1d10'
"Yeah, but we've still got a ways to go. You follow your people, and we'll be along as soon as possible. Hopefully with your missing settlers."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Gibson [Hacker] 313364

Oh man oh man oh man, an audience.
I try to strike a cool pose. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313365

"Nnng. No problem."

I shake myself off and go up the staircase.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313366

I perk up, proud of myself that I did no direct killing.
"Let's get going. The sooner we find the others the quicker we can leave..!"

zulu 313367

You heal Clinic of his wounds with a medpack. You also heal your own wounds.

Bittertongue nods and heads through the sewage tunnel.

There are two ways out. The tunnel to the south, according to Bittertongue, leads down into the power generator. The tunnel to the Northeast leads towards the upper tunnels.


Shake myself off and go upstairs after them. "Great job out there." Fell asleep on my desk sorry.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313371

"So we've got a choice. We can either sabotage their power generator, and maybe cut most of them off, but put them on alert. Or we can go on ahead, and suffer whatever automated defenses they have in place. They probably have more than one turret. I know I would if I were a mad cultist worshiping a dragon."
Noticing I'm now talking to a mostly empty room, I'll head to catch up with the others.
"So, Gibson. Think you can hijack any more turrets that they might have waiting?"

Gibson [Hacker] 313372

Aww… no reaction.
I head south to the power generator, watching out for traps/more cultists '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313373

Follow and do the same '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313376

"Yea, lets play smart not hard." I smile, and walk after gibson.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313377

"I don't think we have time for that, you three. We should get to the prisoners quickly."

zulu 313378

There are no traps to the south. There's a small elevator at the end of the tunnel. The shaft seems to go down for a long while… several hundred meters at least.

You can see that it's on an independent battery. It should stay active even after you turn off the main power.

Gibson [Hacker] 313379

"For goddess' sake…"
Can I pick up that wireless signal any stronger up here? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313381

"Y-You're right… it could take forever just to ride this elevator to the bottom…"

zulu 313383

No, but upon further analysis you think it looks like a network for a system of automated defenses.

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313389

I slowly start making my way back towards the northeast tunnel.
"So are we going to rescue them…?"

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313391

"That is the plan. Or at least as many of them as we can."

Belle Nitron [terraformer] 313392

"I was just following Hotshot's lead.. what do you think we should be doing then?"

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313393

"Yes, now let's go."
I go up the staircase.
"Grey, stay at the back of the group."

Gibson [Hacker] 313395

"Yeah. Isn't going to do us any good if we all go and get slaughtered."
Can I make any kind of connection with the wireless network? Anything at all?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313397

I nod and follow

zulu 313398

No. You just get sputters back.

So are y'all going to the northeast or to the south?

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313399

"Any luck getting in there?"


I help look around for anything that might link up to their network.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Gibson [Hacker] 313401

"No, nothing. Too much rock."

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313402

I say northeast

zulu 313403

It's quite clear that this fortress isn't run with the latest technology. There are no network connections as best you can see.

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313404

Whichever direction is up.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313405

We'll head northeast, and head upwards.
"Alright, remember, we go quiet. They probably already know we're here, but that doesn't mean we have to make a lot of noise. If we can get the drop on them before they surprise us, we can get through this with a minimum of fuss. Plus, we'll probably be able to save the last few colonists as well. I'll take point, and we'll try to make this as painless as possible for ourselves."
Weapon ready, I'll lead the way up the northeast corridor.

zulu 313410

Okay, Northeast it is.

The tunnel curves sharply back towards the south, and you pass a guard post. It's apparently abandoned, but there's a good assortment of gear here that has been left behind.

You can search for new equipment here.

zulu 313411

I'm probably going to call it early after y'all search the guard post.

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313412

Hmm. Might find something useful… let's give it a look.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Gibson [Hacker] 313414

Probably a bit of a stretch, but any interface gear?
Barring that, any kinda AI controlled stuff?

Roll #1 7 = 7


rolling to search.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313416

Hm… anything they use for sharpening blades? Or maybe some sort of melee weapon…

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look for any weapons better than the raygun I've got right now.

Roll #0 2 = 2

zulu 313419

You find a J7 Laser Rifle, a favorite of expensive mercenaries and special-forces types. How the cult got it is a good question.

The rifle provides +1 to all attack rolls. It comes with an attached grenade launcher, which reduces pulse rifle (cleave) critical failure range by one.

No interface gear, but you find one of those robot wolves. This one seems unused and charged — ready for easy reprogramming and use against the cultists.

+1 on its attacks.

There's a medical scanner and supply of pharmaceuticals here. +2 to Natural Remedy rolls.

They don't seem to have any blade sharpeners, but there's a stun wand here, and a good model, too — the "ClubsAll 9000," the official electro-truncheon of the Royal Canterlot Gendarmerie. +2 to attack rolls, and it can deal non-lethal damage if you wish.

You find little… until you come across a T-17 Laser Pistol. The T-17s were the standard sidearms of the Royal Guard until they were phased out about twenty years ago in favor of more powerful models. Still, it's very accurate, and more powerful than the civilian-grade laser gun you've got now.

+1 on attack rolls, can reroll one non-critical miss per combat.

There's still some stuff here. It's well-stocked. This may have been their main armory, you think.

Gibson [Hacker] 313421

I immediately set to work reprogramming it.
Plug in!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313422

I'll check for some better armor. Mine's probably got a hole or two in it by now… '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pera [Xenolinguist] 313423

Better than expected!
No one happened to leave a harmonica around huh? Even cultists can get bored… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I look around for any good armor that Grey could wear.

Roll #0 10 = 10


And I take that gun as well.

Roll #0 10 = 10

zulu 313430

You plug into it and reprogram it to shoot cultists. You also fix some of the problems with its software — it should be able to manage its systems more efficiently now, allowing it to take more damage before becoming disabled.

There's a set of combat armor here. Clearly military surplus from about thirty years ago. Nothing special, but it will give you an extra three hits.

As luck would have it, there is a Digitizer D-Lux 350, one of the finest harmonicas ever made. A rarity even on the homeworld, these were discontinued a few decades ago because their sound was just too beautiful for this world.

+2 on Inspire.

You find some more combat armor in his size. It's a bit nicer than the set Hotshot found, though — it has integrated medical systems, too.

+3 hits, may cast heal on yourself once per combat.

You take the gun and also find the medical pack for Hotshot's armor. His armor will now have the above healing ability, too.

Andy seems to be asleep, so this seems to be like a good place to pause for the night. We'll pick up again later in the week, hopefully.

Gibson [Hacker] 313431


Roll #1 3 = 3

Hotshot [M. Uni. Bounty Hunter] 313432

but you can't ride it

Clinic Love [Mad Scientist] 313433

I hoof the medical pack to Hotshot and give the armor to Grey.
"Put this on. I don't want to risk losing you before I can run all my experiments."

zulu 313435

"Of course, master." He shuffles into the armor.

No saddle, but you can find some blankets and padding. It would be possible, though perhaps very inefficient, to ride the wolf around. What benefit it would provide you, other than saving you some effort, is unclear.

zulu 313437

Paused for reals now

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