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It is 1999 CR, and Equestria's Royal Space Fleet explores the stars in the name of her everlasting majesty, Celestia. You are an officer onboard the HMS Blue Dreamer, a corvette assigned to the long patrol between Equestria’s colonies on Castor IV and Denebola VII.

The Blue Dreamer is a small vessel, only 400 feet in length with four full decks. While not a survey or exploration vessel, the Blue Dreamer has a large enough compliment of sensors to perform basic scientific study of anything it might find on patrol.

The corvette’s main purpose is to escort merchant and transportation vessels between Equestria’s colonies and the home planet, and it is more than a match for the sorts of pirates who routinely harry civilian transports in deep space. But the Blue Dreamer is not a ship of the line – if it encounters a hostile ship of war, it is under standing orders to retreat and inform the High Command.

But faster-than-light communication is only possible via very powerful magic or quantum entanglement, and the RSF High Command only equips the flagships of the fleet with those. The only methods of communication available to the Blue Dreamer are high-speed communications buoys. A buoy is a one-way probe, equipped with an antifusion rocket that will propel it to its destination at 10000 times the speed of light. The Blue Dreamer is equipped with two, each programmed to travel to the home planet and deliver a message to the RSF High Command. These buoys are only for use in the direst of emergencies – not for love letters home. In other words, you are on your own out here – and the frontier is a dangerous place.

Forty souls crew the Blue Dreamer. You and your shipmates are voyaging in the depths of the void, and though you are very far from home, the ship and crew of the HMS Blue Dreamer are prepared to meet all challenges.

You are currently off-duty, in the officer’s mess, waiting for your duty shifts to start in about an hour.



File: 1351646917131.png (149.41 KB, 565x1651, schematic.png)


I sit down in the mess hall and lay my head on the table in front of me
"So boring… so tired…"
I stretch my sore wings a bit


I finish my rations and start tweaking the instruments in my leg a bit.


I take out my harmonica and start idly blowing a tune while I wait for my next assignment.
Luna knows there isn't enough that goes wrong with damn ship…


The soft tone of the alert notice interrupts whatever you're doing. The ship's intercom system barks out the voice of the first officer, Lieutenant Lotus Blossom.

“Unknown vessel approaching. Captain Giles to the bridge. All crew to duty stations.” You need to get to your stations.


"Oh good, something to do."
I slowly get up and shuffle to my station, stopping to stretch every few steps.


I look up and leave for my station, dropping my tray off as I leave.


I sigh and put my harmonica away, then start making my way towards my station.



You feel the ship rock violently to the side, its artificial gravity failing for a brief moment as something large and dangerous strikes the vessel. The floor rises to meet your face as you are thrown to the deck. Within moments, the quiet buzz of the alert notice changes to the blaring siren of the General Quarters order. Once more Lieutenant Lotus Blossom’s voice sounds from the intercom, “All hands to action stations. This is not a drill!” The ship begins to shake violently again.

Everyone roll to stay on your hooves/feet.


"The heck?!"

Roll #0 4 = 4


I brace myself and grimace at how easily we were taken by surprise.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"What the hell?!"
I brace myself and continue moving to Engineering.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Gabrielle hits hits her head as she lands on the deck and is dazed a bit. The rest of you manage to stay on your hooves.

But soon another quake rocks the vessel, threatening to shake your eyes loose from their sockets, and the blaring sound of the general quarters siren ceases. A moment later, the lights above you go out, and you feel your body slowly lift off of the deck – the artificial gravity has failed for good, it seems.

On the bright side, the ship seems to have stopped quaking. A moment later the dull red emergency lights come on – they should have enough power to keep the ship lit almost indefinitely, though if gravity is out you wonder what the status of the ship’s life support system is.



Jetpack the fuck to engineering!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Also, a basic note — with gravity out, things will be more difficult. You have zero-g training, of course, but that was some time ago. All actions will be at a -1 penalty until gravity is restored.

Towards which lift?


I grab along the wall and fish for hoofholds to lift B.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I rub my head and run to lift B

Roll #0 8 - 1 = 7


B seems to be the closest to Engineering, so that one.


You position your jet pack perpendicular to the lift door and let loose with a short burst. It's a little too much, and you hit your head on the bulkhead, giving you a small headache.

You kick wildly at the deck, which sends you careening down the corridor. Fortunately, you remember your wings as you try to bring your body to a stop, flapping them frantically to stop yourself. You manage to land right outside of the lift.

You find a handhold and try to push off, but you drastically miscalculate the amount of force required, you start cannonballing towards the lift doors. Roll to try to stop yourself.


"Son of a bitch!"
Rub my head and try to make my way into the lift and head down to Engineering!
I gotta check on the Life Support systems!

Roll #0 9 = 9


Clearly I miscalculated. I must remember this for future situations, such as my upcoming null-g minifacturing test.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Whoa there clumsy! I got ya'!"
Try to catch Blastwave

Roll #0 4 - 1 = 3


The lift door is sealed. Without power, you'll need to find another way to get it open.

You try as best you can to position yourself for the inevitable cash, only to send yourself spinning head over hooves. Fortunately this bleeds off some of your velocity, but not nearly enough to matter. The main result is that you land face first into…

…Gabrielle, who unwisely moved to catch you by sending herself hurtling into you. Blastwave feels a tremendous pain as his right front femur and his clavicle snap against the hardened bits of the griffon's exploration suit. Gabrielle feels her back leg twist uncomfortably as she lands against the bulkhead.


"FFFF-OW! What a bright idea that was.."
Bandage my leg up

Roll #0 10 - 1 = 9


Can I rewire it to run off of the emergency light power?

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


This is unacceptable!

Rolling to do something about this!

Roll #0 7 = 7


>10-1+2 = 11
You patch up your leg good as new. Better, in fact. You suspect that the bandage job might prevent a little bit of damage in the future.

>4+2-1 = 5
You grab some wire from your pack and run a quick patch job between the nearest light and the door's panel. This gives you a mild shock, but it seems to work properly.

When you press the buttons to open the door, however, it opens maybe a millimeter.


Well then your prosthetic leg is bent. -2 to all rolls with it until it's fixed.

You begin to think about physics. Ships like this run on antifusion engines, and there's a lot of power running through the walls. Or there would be, if the engine were operating, which it probably isn't. You don't feel it running, anyways.


Test the doors.
Can I at least pry them open now?

Roll #0 9 = 9


Can't do anything about that leg, but let's try to get that clavicle set. Bandage!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


A millimeter isn't much to stick your hooves into, but you can stick the tip of one of your screwdrivers in there. You suspect that you won't be able to pry it open if you try that. It needs to be open more to try that.

Maybe there's something around here that has more power than a dinky emergency light LED.

You grab hold of Blastwave's neck and throttle him a bit in an attempt to set the bone. It doesn't harm him much, but it clearly hurts a lot.


So the engine is out. That would be the most likely result of the power loss. I have to get down there, but I won't be able to do anything like this.

Rolling to fix my leg with Technobabble.

"AAAAGH! Your effort is appreciated but this is not helping!."

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Talent is bandage! 2-1 it+1 right?
"Stop squirmin' around!"
Try bandage again

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


>9 sorry I just realized what you're adding
This time you carefully set the bone. It hurts a lot, but his shoulder should be fine once you get him to sickbay to have the doc fuse it.

You fish some repair parts out of your bandolier and begin fiddling with your leg. It's soon as good as new.


The engine's out, and the only power running through the ship is the emergency lights…
Is there still power to the main computer core?

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Now how the heck do we get through…?"
Search for a vent or emergency access area to get through

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5


You tear open a wall panel in an attempt to inspect the power conduits. This sends you hurtling backwards, however.

Roll to try to stop yourself from crashing.


You can't find any, though you remember one of those dweeby engineers say something about them, so you know they're around here somewhere.


Activate my jet pack and gently throttle it to try and stabilize myself!

Roll #0 5 = 5


>-1 to all actions
…Why can't I ever remember to add that.

Roll #0 2 - 1 = 1


You wait too long to throttle up the engine, and the resulting backblast singes you badly. Your butt is burned. It will be difficult to sit.


"Come on… where'd those brainiacs say those things were?"
Look again!

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


I grimace through the pain and nod my thanks.

Scan the power feeds to see if I can reroute enough to the elevator.

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


At least this is zero gravity…
Screw it.
I look for the access tunnels.

Roll #0 7 - 1 = 6


You find one of the shafts, six feet in front of the B lift. When you open it, you find that it's totally sealed with rubble.

You find the other access tunnel, six feet from the other lift. It seems to be clear of debris, though you don't relish the thought of wriggling your tender butt down the tight confines of the tunnel.

You remember the ray gun in your leg and connect its power supply to that of the lift. You must have screwed something up, though, and you almost short out your prosthesis. You wisely stop fiddling before you trash it.


Either this or death…
Down I go!
Get to Engineering!

Roll #0 2 - 1 = 1


"Blocked! What crappy luck!"
I turn my head an notice Starry Night's rear
"Oh boy. Keep still buddy…"
Bandage it

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2


I do not have time for this!

I turn and head down the tube to Engineering.

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


You fling yourself down the corridor in order to catch up with Starry Night. You slam into him pretty badly, which sends you straight up into ceiling. You hit your head really bad. You have a concussion. -1 to rolls until it's healed.

The griffon's attack on your rear causes you to become stuck in the tube. It must have been all those fatty astronaut rations.

Your butt hurts even more now.

You again miscalculate the strength needed to send you down the corridor, and you smack into Gabrielle before hitting the deck very hard. Your arm is bent again. -2 to rolls involving it until it's fixed.

As you hit the bulkheads like bowling balls, you hear a voice from inside the darkened mess hall call out to you.

"Hey! Stop screwing around out there and come help me!"


"Ow.. friggin eggheads slammin' into crap like that…"
Bandage Blastwave's arm.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Wha- I keep in great shape! You shut up!
"What the hell Gabrielle!"
Kick at her with a hoof and try to unfuck myself and continue down the shaft.

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


"We need to restore power! What could be more important?!"

Technobabble on my arm again

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


you do an okay job, but it doesn't matter much since his arm is prosthetic, anyways.

You wriggle your burnt ass as much as possible to dislodge yourself from the tube.

Your efforts to get unstuck from the tube fail utterly. Contrary to what you wanted, you become only more stuck. In some ways, you become one with the tube, a single essence, if you will.

In many other, more important ways, however, you become very badly lacerated on some exposed wires in the tube.

You are bleeding in the tube. You need immediate medical attention.

>4+2-2-1 = 3
You completely fail to connect your power supply to the nearest lift. Fortunately, it isn't so bad a patchjob that you hurt your arm further. You do shock poor Starry's butt further, however.

"I'm stuck, help!" calls the voice. You can't help but note the universality of your predicament.


Fuck this.
Customize the shit out of this tunnel!
Widen it! I don't fucking care how just get me through!

Roll #0 2 + 1 = 3


-1 from headache, -1 from gravity
"Stop moving dummy you're only hurting yourself!"
Bandage dat ass oh god rng pls

Roll #0 3 = 3


I sigh and go back to the mess hall to see what the problem is.

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


You wriggle weakly. It's a sad display. Fortunately, all the blood in the tunnel acts as a makeshift lubricant, making you a little less stuck.

You pat Starry's burns. This does little to ease his suffering.

You once more launch yourself forwards, hitting your head on the archway into the mess hall. As you black out, you contemplate the irony of being a physicist but also being totally unable to solve issues of newtonian physics.

Which is a good point. +2 to your rolls for dealing with zero-g from now on.


Also, Blastwave, roll to wake up.



Roll #0 1 = 1


I'm lubricating myself through a passage with my own blood.
I'm not even gonna…
Just go.

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5


"I can't work like this!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


You fall into the deep, inky blackness of your sleeping consciousness. Try again.

You will also have a concussion upon waking now.

You manage to wriggle out of the tunnel, crying meekly.

You coil some bandages around his wounds, but you forget the antiseptic gel! You'll have to try again.


Crawl my wa-

Give myself a push to get some air, and jet my way to engineering.

Roll #0 3 - 1 = 2


I take out the gel and bandage one more time

Roll #0 1 = 1


Now is not naptime. Get up!

Roll #0 1 = 1


You can't even manage to push the button to jet you forward. Which is fortunate, since the lift is still closed so you would just slam into the bulkhead again.

You attempt to do so, but instead you just get some in your eye. It's really irritating.

You slip further into sleep. On the bright side, you are very well rested now. +1 to rolls to wake up.


Try to fix up my ENTIRE HEAD

Roll #0 8 = 8


You carefully apply a laser scalpel's "freeze" setting to your head. This reduces the swelling somewhat. You are no longer concussed.


This is embarassing. How can I sleep through all this?

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Wait, which way did I exit?
I thought I was at the bottom, in which case why the hell is the bulkhead to engineering closed when there's a emergency that requires repairs?


Now that my head's feeling a little better, try to bandage that bleeding mess in front of me

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


Your eyes flutter open. Your head is pounding from the concussion, and the soft red light of the emergency bulbs hurts your eyes slightly, but you're awake and active.

You exited back up the top of the access shaft. You were stuck at the very top of it, anyways.

The bulkhead to the lift is shut because it has no power to open the doors. Main power is out, and it seems that auxillary power has been lost, as well. All that is left is the small independent batteries for the emergency lighting and whatever other batteries are around. If you were able to supply the lift door with power, or if you pried it open or, perhaps, cut it open, you would have better access to a much larger shaft to climb down.

You bandage him completely. The wounds still sting, but he is no longer in any danger.


…God dammit.
Go to the mess hall and see what the guy is crying about.

Roll #0 4 - 1 = 3


"Now then, who was doin all that yellin'"?
Head to the mess hall

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


Well, at least I'm well-rested. Hopefully I can get my head looked at later before it affects my work.

Go back to the mess hall.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


You bang your head a little on the ceiling as you come in, but all considered it's not so bad.

You, however, bang your head badly on the bulkhead. That concussion is back.

You were already in the mess hall. You catch your two comrades as they attempt to make their way inside, keeping their injuries from being any worse.

You see Chappy, the ship's cook, entangled in a mess of wires over the kitchen.

"Well, what are you standin' and sleepin' and playin' grabass for?! Help me down!" he shouts.


"How the hell did you get entangled in a mass of wires?!"
Try to help her down and salvage the connections.

Roll #0 10 - 1 = 9


"Ow crap! You smarties take care of him. I'm not touchin' no wires like this. Might end up getting pissed and strangling him with 'em"
Bandage myself

Roll #0 6 = 6


I sit down and attempt to fix my leg again with Technobabble.

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


"I was tryin' to get out of here! Find out what would in Tartarus happened! I spent enough time in the guards before the accident," he wiggles his prosthetic legs, "I know how to handle myself on a ship."

You carefully cut extricate him from the jumbled wires. He looks none worse for wear.

You find some ice floating around the mess hall and make a nice pack to attach to your head. That and some anti-swelling meds get rid of the concussion.

The leg hisses and spits some sparks at you, defying your attempt to fix it.


Assess the wire…
Is there current running through it?
"Right… and that's why you got caught in a mess of wire that shouldn't even be exposed?

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5


"It came loose in the explosion. Weren't you paying attention! Something's happened!"

"Damned officers," he mumbles, "They never pay attention!"

There's no current running through it, but it's pretty good wire, better than whatever you have on you, and better-able to handle high electrical currents. It doesn't appear to be running to any vital systems, probably just Chappy's kitchen stuff. You take some.


I clutch the pack to my head
"That's great 'n all, but we gotta get movin'. Know any easy ways out of here?"
Do we -1 for speech?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Yes, we noticed. We've been trying to get to engineering, but the lift is out."

I wince and try again.

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


[s]no, just physical actions[s]

"I don't know any way out other than the lift, and those access shafts, o'course."

Your leg sputters to life again. It is repaired.

"Well o'course the lift's out! Everything's out! I bet we're dead in space.

"But I remember back in my days in the Royal Guards, we had a mission on Sirius II. We had to open up a pirate vault, but the local generator had been destroyed when the damned dogs blew it up and made their retreat. So the lieutenant rigged up a new one by running the power doohickeys on a ray gun to the vault door. It fried the circuits pretty bad but the damn thing came open, licketysplit!"


"Great. Any of you eggheads got something to fry a door with?"


"The armory's a floor below! How the hell are we going to get a raygun?"


"I may be able to help with that, if the medic would be nice enough to patch up my head."


"Sure thing"
Bandage his head

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


"…Are you sure that's how you bandage a head?"


"Well, Miss Medic there seems to have one of them fancy vibroswords. They have power packs, I think, but they're probably not nearly as powerful…"

"And the armory's probably got lotsa stuff to keep you from bouncing around out there. Magnoboots and such. We used 'em all the time back in my day. Didn't have any prissy gravity stuff back then, neither."

"And, yeah, your whatsit probably has a power supply, too! Now that's why you're an officer and I'm a cook!"

You wrap some gauze around his head. It's comfortable and soothing, but not particularly helpful.


"…You got a pretty big head there buddy"

"Oh this? Gotcha."
Hand it to Blastwave and bandage him again

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


You give him a dose of concuss-away and gently massage his temples until he's healed.


"I'll be taking that."
I take the vibrosword and try to wire it up to the elevator.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"My thanks. Now we could-"

"-or the engineer could do it."


"Eh, egghead's and egghead to me"


You gently float into the corridor and hook the vibosword up to the lift's access panels using the wiring you found. Contrary to Chappy's admittedly inexpert opinion, the vibrosword's power packs are more than capable of opening the door. They swoosh open in an instant.

The lift shaft is clear all the way down to deck 4. The lift car appears to be stuck up on deck 1. You can see that its lower access hatch is closed.


I hoof the sword back to Gabrielle and try to pry open the access hatch

Roll #0 7 - 1 = 6


"Now we're getting somewhere! Outta the way boys!"
Float up to the deck 2 door and try to open it

Roll #0 2 - 1 = 1


"I'll see what is wrong with the engines!"

I head down to deck 4 and engineering.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


You flap your wings too hard and bruise you back when slamming into the car.

You gracefully float up to the car and open the hatch. It's dark inside.

You float down. The doors here are bent violently into the lift shaft — evidently they were open when some sort of force blasted them inwards.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Join Blastwave and try to repair the doors and open them.
…Or if they are open, fly over to Engineering.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I'm just gonna get banged up the rest of today, huh…"
Pry open the door if I can. Possibly with my sword

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4


Sorry, the door was open, didn't make that clear
Once you float out of the shaft, you see main engineering. The main antifusion coil is blasted apart, evidence of a catastrophic explosion. This must have been why the lift doors were blasted inwards.

Main engineering is a large, relatively open space centered around the antifusion drive. The bodies of several engineers are strewn about, hanging over their consoles. You try not to look at them.

Which doors? The engineering ones (already open) or the ones from the lift car into Deck 2?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"I… Holy shit…"
Say a few solemn prayers and respects for my fallen coworkers and fly over to the antifusion coil.
How bad is the damage? Assess.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Hm. This is not good. I doubt this is salvageable.

Look around. Is auxiliary power intact?

Roll #0 4 = 4


Well I was already up at the deck 2 ones, right? those (not like it matters now!)


Auxillary power is down. You can't say why, but this is evident from the lack of power to the engineering consoles.

You're far too distracted by the deaths of you colleagues to think straight, and you just sit there in shock.


Th- there'll be time for mourning later. I gotta make sure everyone else on this ship survives.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You begin to pry open the doors with your vibrosword. By turning the sword on you manage to cut a wide enough gap to get the blade inside, but you can't quite get it to budge.

You hear moans from around you in the car.


Examine the room. Just because backup power isn't on doesn't mean it's not salvageable.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hey! Someone in there? Ya hurt?"
Open the hatch to the car

Roll #0 4 - 1 = 3


You get your head together and put the sadness away somewhere else.

What happened is obvious. There was some sort of massive power surge throughout the ship, and this blew out the main power couplings on the antifusion drive. That must have released a ball of hypercharged plasmatic matter, blasting the lift doors and doing… that to your comrades.

The power couplings are replaceable, but there's no telling how long it would take to get main power back online.

Backup power was shorted out do whatever caused main power to burn out, you suspect. But you're correct, the situation is salvageable. The main batteries seem to be intact, but the transducer coils between the batteries and the main power couplings are shot. You'll need to replace both the couplings and the coils to get auxillary power back. You know, however, that both of these parts would be in Cargo Bay 2.


It's worth a shot.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"We're going to need new couplings and coils down here. I know where to find both. If we get backup power online, we might be able to buy time to fix the primary core. Provided there's enough of a ship left to save by then."

I turn around and head back up the main lift for Deck 2.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


>cargo bay 2


I'm ready.



Without a new coupling, main power is out for good. No can do.

You do manage to remove the old couplings without a problem.

You float down to Cargo Bay 2. Its door is sealed just like the elevator shaft. You prepare to open the door by hooking up your raygun's power supply to its access panel, but you hesitate when you hear a very loud banging on the other side.

Looking around the car, your eyes gradually adjust to the darkness. You see Lt. Astro, the ship's chief of security, writhing on the floor in pain. His head is hurt from a bad knock against the car bulkhead.


I follow Blastwave,
"What's the hold up?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


You listen carefully against the door. Yes, it's a loud stomping and banging noise against the doorway, followed by what sounds like… trumpets.


"Easy buddy. You okay?"
Give him something to ease the pain

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


I pull out my communicator and speak into it.

"If there is anybody in Bay 2 who needs assistance? Please advise, I need parts in there to repair the engine."

"This door is sealed as well. There is someone trapped behind it who may need assistance."


Astro is healed. He wakes up fully recuperated.


With the main computer out, your communicator is largely useless. It would require some fiddling to make it stop trying to send its signal to the ship's computer to instead send out a general radio signal. And that would be of dubious value, given that probably no one else would configure their communicators to do that, too.

In any case, your shouts do not get a response of any sort you recognize. Just more stomping and trumpets.


"…I heard trumpets. What the hell…"
Try to pull up the video feed from the inside on whatever device can display it, assuming there still is anything left. If not, pull up the last recorded video.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I blink a few times and rub my head.
"Wha-Engineering? What happened here? The elevator was supposed to st-"

My eyes open wide.
"Oh! We were attacked! Where is the Captain? What happened here!"


"Easy does it. We gotta get you movin'"
I help him to his feet.
"Down here"
I exit the hatch and try prying open the door again

Roll #0 8 - 1 = 7


"I keep telling them that routing everything through the computer core was just asking for trouble…"

"I can attempt to open it like the elevator. Should we go in?"


"Hold up on that, I'm trying to see if I can get a feed or anything of what's in there."


I follow her out.
"We need to get to the armory and grab magnetic boots as soon as we can. Weapons too, in case whatever attacked us tries to board while our power is down."

"What for the tech to get the video feed."

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Yeah yeah. I just wanna see if any ponies are bleedin' to death in the sick bay"


You route the power from your communicator into the access panel display. This brings up a menu, from which you select the local video feed.

With so little power available, the video is very faint and grainy, but you can make out what appears to be an alien ship sitting in the shuttlebay portion of Cargo Bay 2. The access door is clearly open, and you doubt that the bay's forcefields are operational, given the state of main power.

It would be unwise to open the door.

The door slides open relatively easily.


You both float down Deck 2's corridor. Sickbay's door is open, though it is dark inside. You can hear somepony talking inside.


The door to Cargo Bay 2?


"…Oh fuck. Oooooh fuck fuck fuck…"
I turn to Blastwave.
"There's an alien ship behind the door. In the shuttlebay. I shit you not."
Can I think of any access corridors or vents that can stealthily get us into the cargobay to retrieve the needed components?

Roll #0 7 = 7


You also see that the blast doors between the laboratories and the airlock and armory are closed and sealed shut.

Those only come down when there is a hull breech, you remember.

Deck 2's door, sorry. That's where the doors from the lift car lead.


Make my way to the sick bay and see who's in there. I might have a job to do!

Roll #0 10 - 1 = 9


>Can I think of any access corridors or vents that can stealthily get us into the cargobay to retrieve the needed components?
There are two maintenance tunnels into the cargo bay. But with the cargo bay likely unpressurized at the moment, you remember that it wouldn't be a good idea to try to open those tunnels right now.


Oh. Where is everyone right now?
I use the rails along the walls to try and pull myself to the armory door.

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4


"Then those sounds are probably from enemy marines and the bay is likely unpressurized. We should go the armory."

I head back to the elevator and up to Deck 2.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


You proceed inside of sickbay. While darker than the corridor, your eyes adjust to the light, and you see Doctor Miwa, the ship's chief medical officer, tending to a patient on a medical bed. She sees you come in.

"Gabrielle! Thank the ancestors that you're alright. What is going on out there?"


Sorry, everyone split up. You and Gabrielle are on Deck 2.

Starry Night and Blastwave are on Deck 4.

You pull yourself to the armory. The door is shut.


You gently float up to Deck 2. You are now on Deck 2


I follow him.

Roll #0 7 = 7


As the ship's security officer I must know some way to access the armor in the event of a power outage.

I try to get through or around the door.

Roll #0 3 - 1 = 2


"Doc Miwa, you're okay! I got no idea what's goin' on. Just a lot of bumbling about in zero gravity until we find out what hit us."
I look at the patient on the bed
"Need help, doc?"


You also float up through the lift car and onto Deck 2. There is the open sickbay, the closed armory, and several closed doors leading to the officers' quarters.


Assess what's wrong with the armory doors. Is it just no power like the rest of the doors, or is there some other issue?

Roll #0 8 = 8


Head for the armory.

"Security officer. Bay 2 is compromised and possibly filled with alien marines. We need access to restore power. Can you help?"

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


You know that total loss of power is expected only to result in a total crew fatality, so opening doors in such an emergency is considered an unlikely scenario.

You also know, however, that in the event of the door being locked you can open up a maintenance shaft, shortly in front of where closed hull-breach-sealing blast doors seal off the entrance to the laboratory.

The doors are just without power.

I'm just going to use your roll here for something useful, since y'all have earned it by now

You quickly route your leg's power supply to the armory door and get it open.

It would probably be a good idea to change out the battery on your leg by now.


Oh and to be clear you don't actually need to roll to do the door-opening trick now. You've done it enough.


"We should stock up in case we encounter any of those aliens fucks."
I take a raygun and several charge packs for it, and some Proton grenades.


"I was afraid of something like that happening. Follow me."
I float my way in and look for a pair of mag boots to put on.

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4


You take some and hide them about your person.

You also take some mag boots, since it's what all the cool dogs are doing.

You find the mag boots in the mag boot section.

Inside of the armory are a variety of weapons and armor. If you need something, just look for it.

"We've got about six wounded here, but I and the rest of the nurses can handle it. We managed to get the door open after it shut automatically. There was a huge noise, and I think the hull was breached!"

"If you need any healing" she gestures to your bandaged head, "I'm sure I can fuse any broken bones and cure whatever ails you."


"Heh. Yeah doc do your stuff. My head's killin' me!"


I grab a laser rifle, several charge packs for both it and my leg, mag boots, and some vacuum-sealed armor.
I also swap out the power cell in my leg for a fresh one.


Is there anything in here that would allow me to breath in an oxygen deficient environment?


I put the boots on and grab myself a laser rifle and some heavy blast armor that is capable of operating in a vacuum. I also grab more power fells for my weapons. After that I grab a few space suits and ray guns and head for the med bay.


She scans your head with a mediscanner and administers a dose of phorazine, which instantly stops whatever pain you feel.

"Be on the lookout for the captain. Whatever happened, it probably happened before he reached the bridge. He left the sickbay just moments before the attack. Please find him. He was probably in the forward lift."

You do all that and put a heavy set of armor on. You grab a space suit. It's not well armored, but it will seal any tears quickly. It just barely fits over the heavy armor.

There's a whole line of space suits in various sizes and styles for crewmembers of different species.

You put on some heavy armor and fit one of the dog-sized suits over it.


"I'll make it priority number one after I stop by the armory. Gotta get somethin' to tie me down."
Head out to the armory and look for some magnoboots!

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5


Take the space suit and put it on.
Heavy armor will be too cumbersome to navigate with.
"So we need to retrieve some components from Cargo Bay 2, which is currently occupied by… aliens.
Anyone have any ideas? There's a shaft that we can use to get in, but the entire place is open to space. We open it up, and it might cause some really bad decompression…"


"Medic, see that you distribute suits to everyone in the medbay and that they either have them on or close by. Also, arm yourself. We have been boarded."

"You are an engineer, can't you figure it out?"


"The ship's power is completely toast, and the only way to get it back online is with components from the Cargo Bay."
…Does the ship has any systems for sealing off floors?

Roll #0 9 = 9


It does. Between each deck and between each section on each deck (A, B, C, and D, roughly corresponding with a fourth of each deck) are blast doors that will seal in the event of a hull breach in that section.

It would be possible to seal those doors.


>Between each deck
To be clear, this is in the lift shaft.

The section doors are on the main decks, in the corridors. You've seen these doors come down, between the labs on Deck 2 and the armory/airlock, for instance.


"Gotcha. And don't worry, I can take care of myself"
I pick up a small blaster, an armored sealed suit and a handful of grenades if there are any. I also load up on suits for those in the sick bay.

"Doc in the sick bay mentioned the Captain being near the forward life. Think we should be finding him fast."


So would it be possible to unseal the shaft into the Cargo Bay without fucking over the rest of the ship?


If you sealed the doors in lift shafts A and B between decks 3 and 4, this would prevent the rest of the decks from depressurizing.


Though remember that life support is out, so replenishing lost oxygen will be problematic until power is restored.


"Actually, I just had an idea. Dog, do you want to accompany me to retrieve our saving graces?"


"Right, and be careful with those grenades!"
I go to the forward lift. Is the door open?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I am looking for the captain, and if you call me "dog" again I will fire you out an airlock."


"I needed something to refer to you by and I don't know your name! Geez… so that's a no then?"




Well assuming I got boots on
I head over to the sick bay and distribute the suits

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Starry Night. So you're going to go look for the captain?"


The forward lift's door is shut. You hotwire the door open to find that the blast doors between decks 1 and 2 are closed shut — presumably a hull breach from just before main power went out. Looking down you see that the lift car is stuck on deck 4.


Yeah with the boots on you don't need to roll to move around anymore.

You hand out suits to Doc Miwa and the five nurses and techs. You also give out suits for the six wounded crewmembers.



I walk down the side of the elevator shaft and open the emergency access hatch at the top of the car. What;s inside?
Do I need to roll for this?


"So be it."
Back down to deck 4 I go.
I look for the door controls.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Alrighty, now about the Captain…"
I spot the doggie and follow him down



Also, before we go much further, I should note that the suits' communicators function in the same way as your regular comm systems. Once you seal your faceplates and go out into vacuum, you won't be able to talk to each other without a bit of effort.

You open up the hatch. You shine the lights on the space suit's helmet into the car.

Inside are two figures. One is a dark red pony, clearly unconscious but breathing. You recognize her as Ensign Ladybug, the ship xenolinguist.

The other figure is a griffin, obviously Captain Giles. His face is badly burned, and his breathing is shallow, but he is evidently awake.

He coughs, "It iz about time, mon sauveur." He laughs a little before wheezing some more.

You know where the door controls are. (Presumably you're in lift b). With a large power surge (say, a whole battery), you can seal way up from here.


Use one of the batteries I took and seal the door, with me on the same side as the access as the access shaft into the Cargo Bay.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Woah! We gotta get you two to sick bay!"
Bandage Giles

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


I look back up the elevator shaft.

I then look back into the car.
"Captain, we have been boarded by an unknown force. Can you remember what happened?"


You seal the door with only a little bit of trouble caused by the space suit — the gloves on it aren't really meant for fine work.

You are on Deck 4. Anyone trying to come down will have to do so through Lift A.


Take a few deep breaths and make my way to the access shaft, then unseal it and try to stealthily make my way into the Cargo Bay.

Roll #0 1 = 1


You quickly scan and heal the wounds on Giles' face. He's as good as new, though it will take some time for the feathers on his face to grow back. You doubt he'll even have a scar!

You trip on your way to the access shaft and skid down the floor a bit before gaining your balance. As you look up, you see that Lift A's car has slammed into the door between the shaft and Deck 4, leaving it awry.

"I left ze sickbay after ze alert started. I boarded ze lift with Mizz Ladybug here, but soon after ze car lost power, and we plummeted to ze deck below. When ze power, she shorted out, ze access panel blew up in my face! And ze Ensign hit her head. She has been out since."


"I'll see if I can get her up and about"
Try to use any medicine I have on me to wake Ensign Ladybug up.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Captain, you need to get to the armory and suit up. How bad is the damage to the first deck?"

"Careful there, tech."


Slammed into the door? How? Can it be repaired?

Roll #0 1 = 1


You administer a dose of Comanope and wake her up.

"Wh- what?" She cradles her head in her hooves, but she'll be fine.

"I do not know. I was on Deck 2 when ze alert sounded, and I got on ze lift only un moment apres ze attack.

"You need to get power restored. I shall return to ze armory and get suited."


When the lift lost power, the ship's gravity was still functional for a few seconds, and the car evidently plummeted downwards. It was then jarred into the door between it and Deck 4, damaging both the occupants inside the car and the doors.

It cannot be repaired, you think. But you should be able to seal the blast door in lift A between decks three and four — that will prevent and decompression of the decks above.


Can I… see who they are?

Roll #0 10 = 10


No. But you can hear voices talking. It sounds like a Griffon and a Diamond Dog. You suspect it's Lt. Astro and Captain Giles.


"Yes sir."

"Techie, work on finding a way in! I'm going to the medbay to try and find more hoofs to repel the boarders."
I make my way up the shaft and back into the medbay. How many of them are okay enough to fight? Are there any members of the security team there?

Roll #0 4 = 4


I follow, leading Giles and Ladybug up with me

Roll #0 10 = 10


You can't really talk to him. You're in the Lift Shaft. She's in Deck 4's main corridor. There's a bulkhead between you.

I'm sorry, I should have made that clearer.


Okay? Is there any way for me to get to her or is she completely sealed off?


You can pry open the door between Lift A's car and Deck 4. That will very definitely expose the lift shaft to the vacuum you plan on introducing to Deck 4, however. The ensuing decompression of Decks 2 and 3 can be stopped by shutting the blast door between decks 3 and 4, just as Starry Night did in Lift Shaft B.


Okay then.


You take Giles and Ladybug up to the Armory to get space suits. You also take them to sickbay to get checked out.

Doc Miwa is obviously very pleased that Giles is alive.

Ladybug is fine, though Miwa says she probably should take it easy, but these are extenuating circumstances.

"If there are aliens on board, I might be able to talk to them," she says. "Well… maybe."



"You sure you're okay to be movin' about? It's not like you fell on a pile of pillow ya know."
I give her a light tap on the head


The injured crewmembers are mostly technicians, though the ship's cartographer is also there. There is one member of your security crew. CPO Charmer, an earth pony.

He's injured, but he's probably okay to fight.

"Put me to work, L.T.! Let's get these green bastards off our ship."

She's obviously bruised and shaken, but she's able to move and talk.

"I can't fight or anything, but if I can help in some way, I want to."


So uh,
Can I get back up to deck 2 from Lift A? Or is it completely blocked on my end?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Alrighty ma'am. If we need to take you along we will."

I look around and see if there are any medical supplies that'll be useful to me

Roll #0 3 = 3


You could try opening up the door.
presuming you use that roll
You use a bit of debris that's floating around to wedge in the doorway. With a bit more pressure the door will be open enough for you to fit through.


You've taken pretty much whatever you can from the armory, and whatever Miwa has, she needs.


"Get armed, armored, and suited up, Charmer. We've got some intruders that need killing."

I turn to the rest of them.
"I plan on having the lower deck sealed until we regain control of that level. Anyone that wants down there needs to get down there soon."

I then grab a prybar out of the armory and try to pry open the elevator door on level four.

Roll #0 9 = 9


You walk down the lift shaft and easily pry open the door. You see Starry Night there.


None of the other crewmembers are going down. Giles will attempt to make his way to the Bridge. The ponies in the sickbay will stay there and tend to anypony else who shows up.


"Techie, can you seal this level once my subordinate gets down here? How good are you with a gun?"


I poke my head down the shaft and see what's up.
"Dropped a bit down there or somethin' fido?"


"It's Starry, and I'm not the best shot, but I can manage. And that was the plan. Who's your subordinate?"


"Are you needed up there? I need as many hoofs as I can get to repel the things that landed on this ship."

"Charmer. He should be getting here soon."


I drop next to them
"Nah, Doc and the rest can take care of the injured. I'm more into action anyway."


Charmer comes down. He's got a laser rifle from the armory and is wearing mag boots and a space suit.

"Reportin' for duty, sir!" He gives a little salute.

Ensign Ladybug also comes down. She awkwardly carries a ray pistol with her. It's clear she doesn't want to use it.

If you're done, you can seal the blast door and we'll call it a night



I nod at the two and wait for the eggheads to do their stuff


Seal dat door.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You hook up another power pack to the blast door, and it quickly seals shut with a thud.

The lower deck is completely sealed off from the rest of the ship. You stand before the sealed Cargo Bay 2 door, waiting to blast whatever is inside.

Paused until whenever.


File: 1351995183008.png (1.23 MB, 2000x1500, cargo bay 2.png)

An unknown ship attacked the Blue Dreamer, crippling the Equestrian vessel. Gabrielle, Starry Night, and Blastwave managed to get off of Deck 3 after a lengthy series of zero-g-induced shenanigans. They discovered that main power and auxiliary power are disabled, and only parts located in Cargo Bay 2 can repair the damaged auxiliary power unit. Main power will likely take much more time to get back.

They also discovered Lieutenant Astro, the ship's chief of security, in the aft lift. Later, they rescued Captain Giles and Ensign Ladybug, the ship's xenolinguist, from the forward lift.

Cargo Bay 2 appears to have been boarded by the aliens that attacked the ship. In order to prevent decompression across the rest of the Blue Dreamer, our intrepid crew has sealed off the bottom deck. They have armed themselves with whatever they could find in the ship's armory and are prepared to deal with whatever is inside the compromised cargo bay.


"Are we ready to do this?"


We're actually going to wait a few more minutes for Gaius. Sorry for the false start. You can play pretend horse talk all you want, though, while we wait.


I shift around in my suit
"Cramped piece of junk. No room for wings or nothin'.."

"You smarties can take the lead. I'll stand back and enjoy the view"
I snicker


Just a note: You can use your wings in the suit. The suits for Griffons and Pegasi have sleeves for the wings, though they're probably not very comfortable.

Of course, without an atmosphere, they won't provide much lift.

Also, don't forget about how "Sawbones" works. You'll need to designate someone as its target.


They have sleeves for use on planets with tainted or unbreathable atmospheres.


I turn back to her and raise an eyebrow.
"Enjoy… what view, exactly?"


I know. Takes up my initiative turn, right?
s'why I wanted a medic

"The lovely starry view outside. There's not a problem with that, is there mr. muscles?"
I grin and try to contain a laugh


"…We're in a hallway. There's not even any windows here."
I give her a deadpan look.


"You're sure good at payin' attention. Another reason why you should take lead. Besides, gotta keep watch in case you hurt that big strong flank again~!"
I Laugh. Can't hold it in anymore~


"Do you plan on talking our enemies down with that wit? Perhaps the diplomatic corps was asleep at the switch when you signed up."


Look around. What the heck does it look like down here anyway?

Roll #0 10 = 10


As you talk amongst yourselves, the door in front of you slides open in an instant, and you feel all of the air in Deck 4’s corridor and in main engineering blow past you. Your magboots strain to deal with the force of the atmosphere as it tries to push you out into space.

Everyone roll to stay attached to the deck.


Rolling for CPO Charmer and Ensign Ladybug.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"I ain't here to talk anything to death. Just to slap a few things around and heal up eggheads like you!"


Roll #0 1 = 1



Roll #0 10 = 10


Brace myself.

Roll #0 6 = 6


It's Deck 4's main corridor. This is the least-decorated part of an admittedly spartan vessel. Pipes and power conduits run along the ceiling and bulkheads. Towards the fore of the ship is the doorway to main fire control. Towards the aft is main engineering. On the port side is Cargo Bay 2, and on starboard is Cargo Bay 1.


Ladybug grabs hold of an exposed pipe and manages to stay on her hooves. Charmer is ripped off the deck for a moment and skids into Cargo Bay before regaining his footing.

You stay on the deck magnificently. Yours was a standing for the ages.

You slide forward a little bit but hold onto the deck.

Distracted, perhaps, by your conversation, you lose your footing immediately and are blown towards the cargo bay's open cargo doors. You are spinning out of control, but you are not out of the immense cargo bay yet. Roll to right yourself.


Try to smack these boots on the floor as hard as I can!

Roll #0 7 = 7


Jet after Gabrielle!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Inch towards the door and attempt to engage the safety locks with Technobabble.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


File: 1352000002242.png (50.12 KB, 1609x1022, barum.png)

You engage your suit's maneuvering thrusters and manage to regain control of your flight. You land in the middle the cargo bay, right in front of the alien craft. It is relatively large, for what appears to be a shuttlecraft or fighter. It's shaped a little like a slightly elongated metallic red disc, with two wings coming out of either side — probably for atmospheric flight.

You land beside her easily, relieved that you didn't have to chase her outside of the vessel.

You engage the safety locks on the door. The door is now shut.

You were right: There are aliens in the cargo hold. You see them to either side of the door you just flew through — two enormous grey figures.

They must each be as tall and wide as three ponies. They are dressed in what appear to be space suits, unless those huge, bulbous, shiny parts are some sort of bone instead of helmets. They seem to have four legs they’re standing on, and three long tentacles hang out of their helmets, covered in the same material as the rest of the suit. Each figure clutches what look like a ray pistol and a trident in their tentacles. Underneath the tentacles are four long spikes – it’s unclear if those are part of the suits or their bodies underneath.

Both stomp their feet three times before lowering their helmets and charging you. Obviously, they haven’t come here in peace. Both Gabrielle and Starry Night roll twice: once for initiative (with whatever you’re going to try to do) and once to dodge.

Blastwave and Ladybug are behind the now-closed door. They only need to roll once.

Rolling for Charmer:

'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Oh, shit, before we start fighting, Campfire asked yesterday what we would do for laser rifles. If you picked up a laser rifle in the armory, you can use its "disruptor setting" as a power attack and its "pulse setting" as a cleave attack.


Engage my jetpack's thrusters and try to shoot out one of the ray pistols!

Roll #0 9, 5 = 14


"Don't worry strong guy I got your back!" (sawbones)

I try to jump out of the way 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


"Damn! Ensign, brace yourself! We have to get back in there!"

Engage the nearest emergency bulkhead to the cargo bay door to seal off the rest of the deck.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


The doors in Deck 4's corridor slam down. If nothing else, this will prevent the aliens from gaining further access to the ship.

The door into the Cargo Bay also opens up.

No air wooshes past you when this happens. The atmosphere on Deck 4 already vented, it seems.

The left-hand alien (he has what appears to be blue writing on his suit) charges you. He's a little sluggish, and he only grazes you with one of his tusks. You get the wind knocked out of you, but you're not hurt.

You fire your ray pistol at the elephant that charged you (he has red script on his suit). You hit him square in the helmet with your gun, and he seems to be stunned for a second. He barely touches you as you jet up into the upper reaches of the cargo bay.

Charmer easily dodges the red-lettered alien's attack and takes aim with his laser rifle. As he dodges, however, he trips, and he shoots himself in the leg with his rifle. His suit seals the resulting tear, but it's clear that he's stunned. Charmer is now helpless.


I fire a knockout blast at one of the large aliens from my laser rifle.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Slam one of these losers!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Err, I meant 'shoot out one of the elephant's ray pistols'
Never mind that though
Aim for the head again! Break their suit!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Well I suppose one more deck's worth of air isn't a problem. I just hope we can salvage her…"

Charge everyone's weapons! Ice setting authorized!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Taking aim from the cargo bay's entryway, you switch your rifle to the "stun" setting and blast the blue alien squarely behind the head. He trips as he charges towards Gabrielle and skids across the floor. Amazingly, he doesn't seem to careen upwards any at all — he stays rooted to the deck. In any case, he is out cold for the moment.

You charge as best you can in your boots, but you do little damage to the blue-lettered alien.

Ah, I should have read more carefully.
You take aim at blue's helmet again, but a momentary malfunction from your jet pack causes you to miss. Red sees his chance and blasts you with his ray gun. He hits you in your own faceplate, but it's just a glancing blow. Glancing blow or not, you still see bright green spots in your vision, and it feels like your face is burnt a little.

You configure your multitool to distribute the appropriate megacharge, but your gadget just whirrs and spits at you. Red jabs at you with his trident. Your suit is ripped for a moment, but it seals quickly. The laceration to your ribs are a slightly more serious matter.


Rolling for Charmer to get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Come on champ, off that butt and on them legs!"
Lift up Charmer

Roll #0 10 = 10


Try to shoot him in the helmet again!

Roll #0 1 = 1


I aim at the red alien's helmet and shoot.
Marksman Shot.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Back off and take cover behind the doorframe, shooting as I do so.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Charmer struggles to regain his footing, and the red alien blasts him with his ray gun. Charmer's suit glows red from the heat.

You run over and help him to his hooves. He nods his appreciation as you administer a quick dose of euphorazine through his suit's medical port.

You miss wildly. The beam ricochets off of an ill-placed mirror and hits you in the face. You are badly burned, but Gabrielle quickly jets to your side, and her attentions keep you from being stunned.

You breathe out and squeeze gently, just as your instructors at the academy taught you all those years ago. Your patience is rewarded by the sight of the alien's helmet beginning to melt. Indeed, a small patch of it cracks before being patched by some sort of force-field. You can see the alien's eye through the small hole, and it's clear that he's pissed.

You valiantly take cover and aim at the red alien. Your shot hits him squarely in the tusks, and one of them is cut off in an instant.

The red alien charges Astro and Blastwave. Each should roll to dodge, in addition to whatever they are going to do. The first roll will be their action, the second the dodge.

The blue alien attempts to wake up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Screw then gun!
Fly over to the alien and try to Customize his suit's power supply into a ticking bomb!

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


I shoot at one of its legs with my ray gun as I jump up to the side.
'1d10' for the jumping.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Keep still buddy. Got something for that nasty burn…"
Bandage Starry Night

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Attempt to mount its back while I dodge, so I can shoot it in the neck.


Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 9 = 9


The blue alien continues to lie motionless on the ground.

This is an interesting strategy, and I'm tempted to give it to you just for that. But in the interest of keeping things interesting, I'm going to set the DC for that pretty high.

You land on the red alien's back and attempt to fiddle with what appears to be a power coupling on its back. The alien architecture is… alien. You aren't sure what leads where, but you manage to cross a few wires and shock him badly.

Your shot goes wide left as you jump to the side. Unfortunately, you forgot to compensate for the magnetic boots holding you to the deck, and you are gored on the alien's tusks.

You administer a few doses of painkillers and anti-irritation steroids to Starry Night before he jets off. He feels much better.

You dodge his tusks gracefully, but the landing wasn't so good. You hit the deck hard and bounce off of it. You are now floating helpless.

The blue alien again attempts to wake up.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh and Astro's helpless.


helplessly impaled on the mammoth tusks.


Oh, wait, no he's not. Sorry.


Not helpless or not impaled?


Not helpless.

You were gored, but you aren't helplessly impaled.


I confused your roll for Blastwave's for a second.


Rush over to where Blastwave is! Try to grab him down and shake him to his senses.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I take a deep breath just in case my suit is about to fail and push away from the ground as I shoot at the red alien again.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Yeah, you might want to set a few ground rules on the skill because holy hell can it be abused to hell and back
Screw this!
Grab a power pack and customize it to explode, then shove it in the alien's suit!

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Recover and right myself on the ceiling. I need some high ground.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


The blue alien begins to stir.

You engage your maneuvering thrusters and try to land near blastwave. A sudden blast from a ray gun causes you to alter course, and you land too far from your comrade to aid him.

Your suit seals whatever tears the alien's tusks caused. The deep breath you took does calm your nerves a little, and you land a shot squarely on his back, only a few feet from Starry Night.

Well, part of the idea is that what can be done is really up to GM discretion.
This is perhaps a more realistic goal. You attach a fuse to a power pack and set it to explode in ten seconds. You can't rip open the suit, but you can attach the bomb to his rump.

You jet up and attach yourself to the ceiling, giving yourself an excellent, if somewhat disorienting, view of the action.

The red alien sweeps his tentacles through the air, attempting to knock Astro and Starry Night senseless. Those two should roll to dodge, as above. The second roll will be the dodge roll.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Attach it to the power supply and flee!

Roll #0 8 = 8


You need to roll twice.


"Ohhh you're gonna be sorry for that punk!"
Slam the red one

Roll #0 3 = 3


I take aim and fire at the base of the alien's tentacles with my raygun as I push myself out of its reach.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Roll #1 7 = 7


Whoops, sorry.
Here's my second roll then.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Charge everyone again. Hopefully I'll have better luck with Electricity.

Roll #0 2 = 2


You attach the bomb to the conduit port you used earlier. You're not sure it's his power supply, but it seems like a weak point.

He attempts to grab you with his middle tentacle, but your jet pack takes you high into the air before he can connect.

You charge forward as best you can, but you only hit his side weakly. A laser blast from behind you slices open your right wing's sleeve.

You miss with your rifle as the red alien jabs at you with his trident. He catches your suit, but only hits a plate of the armor underneath.

Again your gadget only sputters in response. The red alien cuts open the front of your suit with a laser blast. Your suit quickly seals the cut, but you are still hurt.

The blue alien is awake. He charges Gabrielle. She should roll to dodge. Her second roll will be the dodge roll, as above.


Slam the blue bastard '1d10' as I sidestep it 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Now that I'm nice and close I try to sever the tentacle holding me with a marksman shot.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Bah, forget it then. I'll recalibrate it when this is over. Provided I'm not busy fixing the rest of this mess.

Trigger disruptor setting on my rifle and fire at the blue-marked behemoth.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Fire a shot at an alien that doesn't have a bomb on it while I wait for it to go off!

Roll #0 8 = 8


You muster all your strength and the force of your suit's thrusters to hit him as hard as you can. You connect, but so does he. You are caught on his tusks as he charges, and he tears open your suit and much of your flesh.

You deliver quite the blow to his face, but you don't connect with any of the tendrils.

Your laser rifle powers up and slices open the back side of the alien's suit. His tentacles wave in what you imagine is pain. He turns to face you and the rest of the party.

You turn to face the blue alien and fire a shot at the gash opened up by Blastwave. You miss the opening but strike the back of his helmet.

Your bomb explodes on the back of the red alien. A huge force of heat and light rips open the backside of his suit, instantly incinerating his back half. The front half of the alien is flung forward, striking the starboard bulkhead. His body now a cauterized mass of crispy flesh, he is very much dead.

The bomb had a great deal of force. Astro was nearby and should roll to dodge the blast. The lack of an atmosphere has prevented anyone else from being hurt, however. Your suits can more than withstand the heat and radiation at that distance.


Am I helpless on these tusks? If so rolling to get off. If not, bandaging myself up

Roll #0 10 = 10


I jet away from the blast!

Roll #0 7 = 7


Aww yeah.
Do a hoofpump in the air and aim for another alien!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Take aim and shoot him again.

Roll #0 8 = 8


No, you'd only be helpless if you crit-failed.

It's difficult to heal yourself while in a space suit, but you administer a few drugs and you feel as good as ever.

You engage your suit's thrusters at the last moment, and you jet back into the corridor, safely away from the blast. You can see Ensign Ladybug cowering behind the bulkhead.

Your love for death is unmatched. You square your ray gun with the blue guy and fire away. You don't slice anything open, but his suit glows with the heat of a well-placed laser blast.

Your ray blast strikes him in the head, stunning him momentarily.

He soon shakes it off, however. He engages his suit's jets and rockets towards the ceiling in an attempt to charge Starry and Blastwave. Roll to dodge.


Is it facing away from me as it flies off?
I take out my blaster and fire at it, taking time to aim right where the… heh… 'party parts' would be.

Roll #0 1 = 1


…you've got to be kidding me.

Jump off! Swing myself back to the floor.

"His underbelly! The armor may be weaker there!

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


You need to roll twice.


Fire up my jetpack and dodge, then take aim and fire at his suit's helmet!

Roll #0 8, 1 = 9



Roll #0 6 = 6


Actually, I guess that works if you just want that to be your action.


Well if I can take another, I'll potshot his belly.


"Stay put, Ensign!"
Do we have the facilities to incarcerate one of those aliens? Either way I time aim with my laser rifle and shoot the blue alien with a stun blast.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4



The thoughts of what happened to the other alien's "party parts" come to your mind, and you are so revolted that you throw up into your helmet. You are now helpless.

You dodge the alien's charge but go careening towards the deck, your suit's maneuvering thrusters not responding to your commands. You slam into the deck, injuring yourself only slightly. Nonetheless, you are now helpless.

You fire your ray gun right at him, nailing him squarely in the face plate.

But the alien's charge, perhaps fueled by rage at what you did to his comrade, is relentless. You are impaled on all four tusks. Gabrielle, sickened and dealing with her own problems, cannot help you as the alien's tusks push into your gut. You are gravely wounded and need immediate medical attention.

You'd probably need to keep them in the cargo holds, but you could do it with a length of psychoactive restraining cable.

Your shot misses badly, and the alien returns fire once he shakes Starry Night off of his tusks. He hits your right arm, burning it badly inside the suit.


"O-Oh Luna I can't take it. That crap's too gross to think about…"
I steady myself and get back up

Roll #0 3 = 3


Rip out the ray guns power regulators and empty the entire battery into the alien! Customize.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


I throw aside my laser rifle and shoot the alien with another stun blast from my raygun.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


I'm going to need time to process this…

Haul myself to my feet.

Roll #0 9 = 9


You struggle to get hold of your senses, but you can't get past the image of what happened to that alien and the smell of your own sickness. You remain helpless, and the alien takes a potshot at you.

Sorry, I didn't make it clear that you should have been helpless. Oh well, no matter.
Ignoring your wounds and the intense pain in your belly, you rip out your gun's power regulators. It can now only fire disruptor shots like a laser rifle (9 is a crit, 2 is a crit fail).

You are far too wounded and exhausted to fire it at him, however. You need immediate medical aid.

You walk forward, firing your ray gun repeatedly at the alien. You miss terribly, and he throws his trident at you. It hits you like an asteroid, and your suit is pinned to the bulkhead, helpless. Fortunately, it missed any vital organs or arteries.

You regain your balance and prepare to fight again.


Get up! I gotta fix up the egghead and the lieutenant!

Roll #0 1 = 1


C'mon… collect myself!
Ignore the pain!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Turn around and empty another disruptor shot into him.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I try pull the trident out so that I am no longer stuck to the wall, but still inside me so I don't start bleeding too badly.

Roll #0 2 = 2


You again fail to come to your senses. Or, rather, your senses overwhelm you, and the smell of vomit and the lasting memory of exploding pachyderm is too much for you to take. You remain on the floor, and the blue alien shoots your body once.

You try to right yourself and jet away from the alien, but he notices your squirming and slices open your back leg with his laser. You are bleeding badly.

A bright blue beam erupts from the barrel of your laser rifle, and it lands expertly on the alien's helmet. The back half of it is vaporized instantly, and you see its occupant gasp for air before a shimmering forcefield activates and saves him.

You merely twist the trident in your wounds, causing you a great deal of pain. This, combined with your lingering wounds from the rest of the battle, means that you are very close to death.


It's time to jet!

Roll #0 4 = 4



Roll #0 3 = 3


I trey to ignore the pain and growing darkness and shoot a stunning blast at the alien's suit's power supply in the hopes of disrupting it.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Shoot the closest thing to a power supply I can find on the armor.

Roll #0 10 = 10


You meekly jet away from the alien. It's obvious his attention are on Blastwave, as he only takes a half-hearted potshot at you. It lands true, and your leg is in serious pain. Your wounds are many, and you are close to death.

Your attempt to gather your strength is for not, as you notice your beak sliding around in the sick.

You shoot at what looks like a panel on the creature's chest. Your aim is deadly, and much of his suit explodes in a shower of sparks. It was evidently not his power supply, however, as a force field immediately comes online to protect the suit's wearer.

As it turns out, the trident makes for an excellent device for steadying your shot, and you carefully line up your ray gun against the trident's handle. Your fire, and a long white light extends from the gun's barrel to the alien's head. As he lines up his ray gun to fire at Blastwave, he falls to the deck once again, totally out of it.


Oh no. Ohnoohnoohno. Gotta help egghead
Get up pls

Roll #0 7 = 7


I shoot it again.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Get up!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I must study this armor!

Walk up and shove my barrel into one of the holes in his helmet. Hopefully it's not that strong…

Roll #0 5 = 5


You rise to your feet, remembering that you have a job to do.

Showing no mercy, you slice off one of the alien's tendrils.

You regain control of your flight. The pain in your gut is excruciating, but you can manage, for now.

You walk up and find that there aren't any holes in the armor — whatever holes you blasted into it are covered with a shimmering force-field.

You can see the alien's gray skin of the back of its head through the field, however.


I quickly rush to Starry Night and begin working on healing his wounds, staying silent as I work

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I aim at another tendril.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Your work is swift. You access the suit's medical port and administer a heavy dose of stabilizing drugs, and you are able to cauterize the wound through the suit. He'll need some work in sickbay when this is over, but he'll live.

You slice the other tendril off from a distance. Sparks fly from the suit, and the force fields' shimmers instantly die. His suit has failed, his atmosphere leaves him, and he is soon dead.


I breath heavily, feeling the drugs take their effect.
"Thanks… I think a few more moments and I would've been a goner."
Anyways, with that settled, look for those parts we came here for!

Roll #0 10 = 10


You jet down to the lower level and find them almost as soon as you start looking. There the power couplings are — Section 325, box 6. The transducer coils are not far from there. You grab what you need.


"No problem big guy."
Start patching myself up

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Examine those suits of armor and the alien shuttle. Can I learn anything from them at a first glance?

Roll #0 5 = 5


Take all of them.
And look around for ANYTHING else that might be of use.

Roll #0 7 = 7



They're made from some sort of highly-reflective metal. You can tell from experience that they're highly resistant to laser fire, but you'll need more time and some better equipment to analyze them further.

You find a box of emergency rations. Tofu-flavored! They've got a picture of a griffon with a chef's hat on the wrappers.


…Why not.
Collect them as well and move over to one of the alien suits.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Sorry sir, coming!"
I pull out the trident that's keeping Astro pinned

Roll #0 2 = 2


I was afraid of this. Cut off a sample to take to the lab later. Once the power is back on I can bring my work down here and dissect it all entirely.

"Medic, the security officer seems to be bleeding to death over on the wall. The engineer and I have to repair the engine."


You pick the one that isn't blasted in half.

Your expert eyes and your engineer's scanner can see that it is made of some sort of advanced composite alloy. You aren't sure what it is, exactly, however.

It's obviously a piece of advanced technology, though. The integral miniaturized force-field is far beyond the technology of pony-kind, for instance.

It is not in any way salvageable, since you have no idea what it's made out of, and it will likely take teams of engineers and scientists months to study it.

You slice off a piece with your laser and pocket it.

You call out to Gabrielle, but the lack of an atmosphere and the comm unit's habit of sending all info to the (currently non-functional) main computer means that she cannot hear you.

If you want to talk to someone, you'll need to either write it down (somehow) or touch your helmets together. It's inefficient, but it works.

Astro yelps at your ministrations. You keep him pinned to the wall for the moment, lest you cause more damage.


Give him some painkillers before I try again. bandage

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"G-get the me-medic down here."


Still, try to salvage as much as I can from the suit. It might prove useful later.

Roll #0 6 = 6


CPO Charmer crawls out from underneath the ship. Evidently he hit his head early in the battle and stayed unconscious the whole time. At least he didn't get killed.


Of course. The ill-designed communications system is still down. When we return to dock I am going to find whoever designed this ship and do something quite unpleasant.

Motion to the engineer and head back out towards Engineering.


This time your efforts work better. You administer some euphorazine, which improves Astro's mood a little, and then you pull the trident out of him. You quickly administer some more drugs through the suit's med terminal and cauterize the worst wounds. He'll need to get to sickbay soon, but he'll live.


You exit the Cargo Bay and open up Deck 4's blast doors. You have access to Main Engineering again.


I touch my helmet to Astro's
"You okay for now sir? Can you keep going?"


Examine Charmer. He badly hurt?


"I'll follow you as soon as I finish salvaging whatever I can from this suit. Might be useful later for something."

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I think so. Thanks."
I motiong for Charmer to follow me as I jet over to the the alien craft and start looking for a way in.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I follow the lieutenant and Charmer


He's okay. He took a bump to the noggin, and he might have a concussion, but all in all he won't die.

You can't really identify individual subsystems on the suit, and you think it would be unwise to start taking it apart without better scanners and other equipment.

You find a panel on the ventral side of the ship. You touch it, and it opens up. A digital display lights up, written in gibberish.


How big is the ship? Big enough to have multiple rooms or just a cockpit and troop bay?


I point over to the group examining the ship.
"You guys, can you keep watch down here? I'm going to go repair the power core."
I take my leave and head up to the Engineering bay.


I motion to Ladybug to come over. Maybe she can make sense of the gibberish


I follow.


Looking at it now, you can see that it barely had room for the two marines it carried. You're not sure how it's laid out, but it's obvious that the two were crammed in there, ass to tendrils.

It could easily fit a whole platoon of ponies in there, if that's the case. And they'd have a lot of headroom.

It takes up most of the cargo bay's landing area.

She makes her way over, trying not to look at the alien corpses — especially not the exploded one.


You arrive in Engineering. You bring the transducer coil and power couplings with you.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Get to work.
Repair dat shit.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Assist him.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Ensign Ladybug waves her translation tool over the digital panel. She taps her helmet to yours.

"We start by making some assumptions," she says, "Like, I assume that this is some sort of alphabet, and not a logoglyphic system." The scanner works for a minute before displaying some unreadable code to you.

"And then we say that one of these probably means 'open'…" The machine continues to spit out code

"And then…."

The translation tool's holographic display glows with a variety of symbols before they rearrange in a pattern you sort of recognize. It looks like pony, sort of.

"Well, this would be easier if we had a living speaker here with us…" Ladybug avoids looking at the dead corpse to her left, "but I guess that was impossible. But this button probably means 'open.'"

This is a relatively simple procedure, and you know how the system works. You quickly replace the coils and couplings before switching auxiliary power back on.

Within moments, the ship's normal lighting is back. You feel your body slowly sink down as the gravity returns, and your suit's readout displays that the ship's atmosphere has returned. The forcefield keeping the atmosphere from escaping from Cargo Bay 2 glows to life.


We're going to stop here for the night.


File: 1352338649031.png (105.38 KB, 1200x720, blue dreamer 2.png)

Our intrepid crew ruthlessly repelled the alien marines sent to seize the HMS Blue Dreamer. While the two huge pachyderms almost bested Astro, Gabrielle, Starry Night, and Blastwave, the brave Royal Space Fleet officers and crewponies carried the day, gruesomely exploding one of the offending mastodons and butchering the other with laser fire.

Starry Night and Blastwave soon repaired the ship's auxiliary power, restoring life support and gravity. Ensign Ladybug, the ship xenolinguist, has attempted to translate the writing on the aliens' ship, and she believes she can open it now.

The HMS Blue Dreamer is currently adrift, but its crew has snatched a small victory from the jaws of certain disaster, and it seems that they now have the initiative against their attackers…


"Hit button, stuff opens. Got it"
I press the button Ladybug pointed out


Run diagnostics. How well can auxiliary power sustain us, and what is our current operational capacity?

Roll #0 3 = 3


Assess our repairs.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Throwing caution to the wind, you press the button that Ladybug indicated. The ship immediately begins a clockwork striptease. The starboard side of the shuttle — which looked to be a seamless mirror of gleaming metal — folds back upon itself and reveals a large doorway, from which two or three of those mammoths could easily disembark. A long gangway unfolds downwards. In contrast to the gleaming exterior of the shuttle, the inside is a flat, grayish ceramic, it seems, somewhat angular, from what you can see of the contours of the bulkheads inside.

Auxiliary power can sustain the ship for at least seven or eight days, presuming the battery holds. If you get the solar sail out of storage, you could likely survive on auxiliary power until your basic supplies of food ran out. That would probably take about three or four months.

Your repairs are more than adequate. Auxiliary power is working perfectly, but main power is still offline.


I put my helmet to Ladybug's
"Stay put. We're going in once the eggheads get back."


The communicators on your legs (Starry Night, Blastwave) and wrists (Gabrielle, Astro) light up. "Security Team, zis is Captain Giles. Whatever you have done, it has worked! Report to me as soon as you can."

You hear the sounds of doorways opening outside.

She blushes at the image of your face so close. Your suit indicates that the atmosphere in the cargo bay is back, and you can take off your helmets.

And with the main computer back online, your suit's radio appears to be working, as well.


"Oh. Ahem… neat."
I awkwardly shuffle back and take off my helmet.
"Guess we pit stop at the Captain first. There a close button on this thing? Don't need anything else crawling outta this while we're gone…"


Walk back over to him and report in.


"Yes sir."

I adjust my leg a bit and head off up to the bridge.


Ladybug takes off her helmet and looks at her translation tool.
"I think it's the same button."

You open up the doors to the rear lift again. It doesn't seem like auxiliary power restored power to the lifts, but the bulkheads you sealed to prevent the atmosphere from venting out of the rest of the ship are unsealed again. How convenient. You climb up the lift shaft and onto Deck 1. Giles is standing in front of the sealed bulkhead into the bridge.


Erm, you go, too.


"You requested us, sir?"


"Oh well duh!"
I hit the button and hurry to deck 1.


I speak into my communicator.
"Captain, there is an alien shuttle in the second cargo bay. Until it has been secured I would like your permission to keep watch on it."


I idly walk over and survey the bridge stations.


He struggles with words for a moment. "I scanned through the bulkhead," he waves his scanner around, "The bridge is…"

He chokes up a little. "The bridge is gone. There is nothing left, and everyone who was on it is dead."

"Head to the secondary bridge in forward fire control. Access the ship's sensors and find out what in tartarus happened, and if whatever attacked us is still out there."

"We also need to get the communications buoys out of the cargo bay and prepare to launch them. High Command needs to know what happened."

There is no bridge to survey. The corridor leading into it is sealed off, and all you can see is a cold metal bulkhead. On the other side, you imagine, the bridge is entirely wrecked, if it is there at all.

He answers you quickly. "Whatever you think is best, Lieutenant. Find the buoys while you're down there."


"Aye aye, sir."
I look for the communication buoys.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I… What… The bridge is gone?"
I stare at him in disbelief.
"…Very well sir, I'll head over there and check it out."
Head over there and Assess on those sensors.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"G-Gone?! What the hell hit us that hard…"
I pause for a second and nod.
"Yeah… on it sir."
Make my way down to deck 4 where fire control is


"Interesting. Their ships must be as formidable as their infantry."

I head down to the secondary bridge stations and perform a diagnostic.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You're not overly familiar with the contents of Cargo Bay 2, really. You know they're in here somewhere, but you can't find the buoys for the life of you. You do find the ship's supply of dehydrated brandy, however — Giles's secret stash.

You head down to forward fire control. On your way down the lift shaft, you pass a few crewmembers who were stuck in fire control for the entire ordeal. They say everything inside should be working fine, though they left as soon as power came back online — they didn't wait to check out the recordings from the attack.

Once inside Fire Control, you inspect the secondary bridge stations. Other than a few fuse blowouts here and there on auxiliary systems, everything is in working order. The forward sensor array is totally offline — unsurprising, if the bridge is gone – but the dorsal array is in perfect shape, it seems. You should be able to perform a scan of the local area out to about 5 AU, even on auxiliary power.

The secondary bridge stations are in fine shape themselves. The ship, however, has seen much better days. Main power is still offline, which means that you have no ability to maneuver or fire weapons. That means that once you find the buoys, you'll probably just have to shove them out the airlock and activate them remotely, rather than firing them out the torpedo tubes. Oh well, they'll work fine that way, too.

The two of you replay the sensor recordings of the battle. At 1312:32 the alien ship appeared on sensors, it seems. The Blue Dreamer went to alert, but the aliens' first response to initial communications attempts was to fire several shots at the ship. The first shot was some sort of particle weapon, which struck the port side of the ship, only lightly damaging it. The Blue Dreamer then went to full alert, only to be hit by two more shots: first another particle weapon that blew a massive hole into the forward part of the ship — destroying the bridge and most of the laboratories — and then a disabling weapon that overloaded the ship's power system, causing that massive plasma ball that killed everyone in engineering and shut off power.


This is far more powerful weaponry than you've seen before — either in your training or against the pirates you face in regular action. If this is what those monsters possess, you doubt the Dreamer could win in a stand-up fight, never mind one in which it was surprised and attacked without provocation.


Make note of where it is and keep looking. The hole in my gut means I earned some, but now is not the time.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Fascinating. I almost want to see their fleet in action…"

Initiate an active scan of the surrounding area. Is the enemy ship still out there?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Wha.. what the hell are we supposed to do against that?! Oh Luna I don't wanna die here!"
I try to calm myself down with a prayer

Roll #0 7 = 7


You get helplessly lost in the stacks of cargo bins. You find the ship's supply of burlap-sack pajamas, a gift from the Royal Governor of Io to the crew of the Blue Dreamer. At the time, you were all told that the gift had some sort of cultural significance to the people of the colony, and that it was an honor. You suspect they were punishing you for that night you spent in Io City, however.


You remember your faith in Luna, which calms you a little. Moreover, you remember your training and your faith in your fellow crewmembers. You can make it out of here, you're sure of it.



Head over to the airlock.
I'm still wearing my suit, right?
I gotta see this for myself…
Assuming I am wearing my suit, exit out the airlock and travel over to the bridge.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Rolling to get unlost.

Roll #0 5 = 5


You're able to find your way back to the big alien shuttlecraft. The pain in your gut reminds you that you should probably have Doctor Miwa look at that.


You climb into the airlock and initiate the exit procedures. Doing this alone isn't exactly safe, but you know what you're doing, you think.

The airlock grinds open slowly, and you spacewalk towards the forward areas of the hull. You immediately see the problem: roughly two decks worth of hull have been blasted away.

You walk into the burned out wreck of plastic, aluminum, and steel that was once the bridge. All but the rear third of the deck is burned away, only a few wrecked consoles remain. You can see down into Deck 2's laboratories, which are also largely burnt and melted. You don't see any remains of ponies, mercifully. Only debris.


I calm down a bit and grin. Yeah… we got this.
"Captain said something about communication whatevers in cargo bay, right?"
Head to cargo bay and look for… something important. Maybe I'll remember on the way.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"By the stars… the entire thing. It's gone."
Fly closer and move through the remains of the labs. Anything?

Roll #0 8 = 8


I speak into my communicator again.
"Captain, someone else is going to have to look for those buoys. I can't find them and I think my guts are about to fall out. Permission to report to the medbay?"

Once I get his permission I go to the medbay.


You walk into Cargo Bay 2 and find the communication buoys almost immediately. They were by the space bat cages, under "b". Of course!

Even a non-dweeb like you knows that you need the communication buoys to talk with the dweebs back home. There's no way to send a radio signal faster than light-speed, so you need what is basically a probe strapped to a powerful antifusion rocket to tell anyone what went wrong.

You should probably take this to forward fire control, so you can program it.

The labs are more intact that the bridge, but there's really nothing left. A few computer consoles here and there, but most everything was melted beyond recognition.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant. We need you healthy and ready to shoot ze enemy!"


"Keep an eye on that alien craft for me."

Alright, I get myself to the medbay.


You head to sickbay immediately. Doc Milwa performs some emergency microsurgery to patch up the wounds in your abdomen, and soon you feel as good as new.


Woah buddy I'm not that mean. They're dorks, not dweebs
I take it to forward fire control, passing Astro on the way.
"Once I drop this off, I'll be right on it sir. Get yourself patch up!"


The dorsal sensor array sparks to life and begins feeding your console information immediately.

It doesn't take long to find the alien warship — it's maintaining a distance of a few hundred thousand kilometers above and behind you. It doesn't seem to be doing anything right now.

Your scan is too weak to penetrate the hull. You can see that it's roughly as big as the Blue Dreamer, though.


The buoy is big and heavy, but you manage to drag it down to fire control. You drop it off with Blastwave and go back to watch over the alien shuttlecraft with Ladybug.

"I don't know if we should launch that right away," she says. "If the mothership is still out there, there's no telling how they'll react to us launching the buoy. And what if they track it back to the home planet?"


Fly back inside then.
That was… terrible. Absolutely awful…

Roll #0 2 = 2


Indeed it was. You're a little shaken up from seeing what those aliens can do, but you manage to get inside and calm down.


A ship in the same weight class did all of this? Amazing…

"Sir, the alien ship is holding position above us. I'm going back down to Engineering to see if I can get primary thrusters back online. I doubt it will stay idle for long."

Roll #0 5 = 5


"…Good point. They gotta be watchin' us like hawks still."
I speak into my radio.
"Hey eggheads, leave the buoy thing alone for now. Might spook the baddies if do anything with it right now."


You report your findings to Giles. "Sacre bleu!" he mutters into the communicator.

You're no engineer, but as a physicist you understand the basic workings of an antifusion drive core well enough. The damage looks extensive. You don't think you can get it back online. You'll have to wait for help from Starry Night, probably.


Kick a wall.
"Those sons of BITCHES!"
Take a few deep breaths to calm myself.


Open comms.

"Engineer, if you are finished with your current task, then could you assist me down here? I would like to see if we can get motive power back before another boarding attempt, or worse, we come under fire again."


"Roger that."
Head down there and Assess the situation.

Roll #0 6 = 6


The antifusion core is almost entirely shot. Whatever it was that induced that plasma release did a fine job of destroying most of your reactor.

You can probably rebuild the reactor, but even if you're successful it's likely to take hours, possibly days. And it's possible that the situation is so bad that you'll need to get towed to spacedock for repairs.


"Thanks, Milwa."
While going back to Cargo Bay 2 I ask all surviving members of the security team to check in with me over the radio. Rolling to see if I get good news or bad news.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Make inventory of the parts I need then.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Rolling to see how well I'm watchin' this alien craft

Roll #0 8 = 8


You get okay news.

The security team, when intact, consists of two squads of security personnel. That's 14, including you, Gabrielle, and CPO Charmer, who commands the second squad. You only hear from 4 other security crewmembers: Crewmembers Tila, Breezy Skies, and Sugar Bowl, and Petty Officer Upanga. Doc Miwa tells you that there are two more in critical condition in sickbay, though neither will be able to fight for a while.

You watch it spectacularly.


You'll need a plasma coil and liberal quantities of nickel plating. You get some from the cargo bays and bring them to main engineering. You can try to fix the drive system at any time.


"Can we divert power from something and get underway? We just need to put some distance between us and them."


That is an interesting idea. Your knowledge of the ship's drive systems tell you that it would be possible to divert all of the power from the auxiliary systems to the main drive system, bypassing the antifusion core. But you wouldn't be able to go very far or very fast before you tapped out the batteries.

Maybe if you had another drive system, you could patch together something a bit faster.


I order all of them that aren't geared up to get geared up. After that I order CPO Charmer to stay with the captain as a guard while the others sweep all accessible parts of the ship. After that they are to report to Cargo Bay 2 and help me sweep and secure the alien boarding craft.


Get to work then. Fix dat shit.
"No. The amount of power this would require would be far, far to much for anything besides the antifusion drive core to generate. Not only would we be left without navigation systems, we'd barely go very far at all on that power."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Oh man, the lieutenant is bein' all in command.
Look at this diamond dog. Look at him and salute!

Roll #0 8 = 8


How did I reply to you?
"You stay here with me. When we go in you will be staying at the back."


>Fix dat shit.
You work as quickly as you can, stripping out the nickel plating from the inside of the antifusion core's magnetic relays and installing a new plasma coil.

Within half an hour or so, you have the repairs done. You start up the main antifusion reactor chamber and begin the main reaction…

And nothing happens. The main reaction core is totally junked. You're certain that you'll need at least a week in spacedock before the Blue Dreamer could even hope to regain main power.

You'll need to notify the high command to send help. In the meantime, you still have this alien vessel hovering above you.


"Yes sir! But… you sure? I'm a tough gal!"
I tap my claw against my heavy armored suit.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"What about the drive from the alien shuttle? It probably wouldn't be as strong as our own, but we need all the help we can get."


Nothing is totally junked.
Customize! Scavenge unused components and try to repair that damn main reactor core!

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"You are a medic. I want you to be the one dragging us out if need be; not the other way around."


Your remaining squad gets its gear and sets to work. They quickly comb the rest of the ship for any survivors who were missed, as well as any giant ferocious aliens who might be hiding out in storage lockers. They don't find any pachyderms, but they do find Chappy, who got entangled in the debris around his stove and was sleeping peacefully before they returned him to sickbay.

They board the shuttlecraft later and perform a thorough search. They can't find any secret compartments where any elephants might be lying in wait. Indeed, the shuttlecraft seems fairly stripped of anything — it's just a cargo bay attached to what seems to be a small cockpit.


"Alright alright. You're the boss!"


"Good work team."

I speak into my communicator.
"Captain, the craft has been searched and found empty. It looks like a simple boarding craft. If we have any techs to spare they might be interested in digging through this thing. Is there any word on the ship that attacked us?"


You've got it! If you take the dehydrated brandy from Giles's secret stash — high in nickel extract, like any Altairian liqueur — and combine it with the leftover lubricant from that night spent on Io, you could quite easily fix the leaking plasma injection system. That might fix the problem!

Okay, the failed roll to fix the drive system should have meant that the drive is totally fucked, but since you triple-critted that, we'll say you get another try, this time with a +2 modifier.


I told you. Nothing is totally fucked~
Continue with the repairs!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Lieutenant, I've moved down to ze secondary bridge. I'll command ze ship from here. I'll tell Doctor Miwa to send any technicians we have down to ze cargo bay.

"Ze alien ship is just sitting in space, maintaining distance."


"Thank you, sir. I will come and see it for myself if you do not mind."
I move up to the secondary bridge.


Your makeshift plasma-leak-b-gone does work, but evidently it was not the only problem with the engine. It's still refusing to give you any power.

One more try, since you didn't fail. No bonus this time, though.


You head down the corridor to forward fire control. Inside is Captain Giles, one of the sensor techs (Crewmember Buttercakes) and the fire control officer (Lieutenant Sundancer).


Come on…
Work damn you!
Whack it with a wrench! That'll definitely fix it!

Roll #0 1 = 1


I run back to the cargo bay and into the enemy ship. Can I learn anything about its power source?

Roll #0 4 = 4


I salute the captain then turn to Buttercakes.
"Ms. Buttercakes, can you show me the alien ship that attacked us?"


"Woah there buddy. What do you think you're doing runnin' into unknown ships all by yourself?!"


You bang on the drive core out of frustration. You bend the magnetic containment plates horribly.

In any case, the drive is going to take weeks to fix in spacedock. You might find a replacement somewhere, but you'll need to find an alternate route somehow.


Buttercakes calls up the sensor recordings from the attack:

At 1312:32 the alien ship appeared on sensors, it seems. The Blue Dreamer went to alert, but the aliens' first response to initial communications attempts was to fire several shots at the ship. The first shot was some sort of particle weapon, which struck the port side of the ship, only lightly damaging it. The Blue Dreamer then went to full alert, only to be hit by two more shots: first another particle weapon that blew a massive hole into the forward part of the ship — destroying the bridge and most of the laboratories — and then a disabling weapon that overloaded the ship's power system, causing that massive plasma ball that killed everyone in engineering and shut off power.


The drive in the shuttlecraft looks like a miniaturized antifusion core, according to your scanners. You don't know if it's in any way compatible with your engines, but you could probably rig up something.


I read it then give the Captain a slightly worried look.


"Security cleared the shuttle moments ago. We desperately need parts to help repair the drive core. So unless you happen to carry spare antifusion reactor parts in your triage kit, I suggest you stop impeding me."

"Antifusion. As I suspected. Any ship with that much power to throw around must run on similar principles, though clearly their methods of routing and distribution are far more advanced."

Technobabble to see if I can convert what compatible parts I can find.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


He gives you a knowing look and tries to look sufficiently captain-y.

"Ze situation is grave, lieutenant. We must make a decision soon.

"I think our best chance is to launch our communications buoy and attempt to board ze enemy with her own shuttlecraft."


"Fine egghead! Forget about there being some trap or remote detonated explosives in there! Don't come crying to me if some alien tech blows you in two!"


The antifusion core can easily be converted, you think. It's just a miniaturized version of your own drive, after all. Scanning it further reveals that, indeed, it has significant power behind it, and it should be able to power your own ship, though how well and for how long will depend entirely on the sort of repair job Starry Night effects.

Okay, you can change out the drives if you want. Starry will get a +3 to that.


"Clearing the ship was security's job. If it was done improperly, then they will learn from their mistake."

"Excellent…Engineer. The shuttle's powerplant can be mated to our own. It should provide us enough of a boost to escape. I suggest we begin the conversion immediately."


"Oh? The power core from the alien ship?…"
I smack my head.
"Why didn't I think of that! You're a genius Blasty!"
Get to work immediately!

Roll #0 4 + 3 = 7


Yes, it seems so obvious now, but you can see why it would be problematic. It takes the security team a few minutes to cut the drive out of the shuttlecraft and bring it into main engineering. Once you adjust for the variations in plasma containment frequencies and different voltages and outlet plugs, you get the alien drive working. It sits in a makeshift housing just above your own burned-out (and slightly bent) drive core, and connects precariously to the main power conduits for the ship's engines, but it seems like it will work.

You power on the new drive and hear the ship hum to life. The dim glow given off by the auxiliary-powered overhead lights increases to a series blaring fluorescent beacons, and all of the computer terminals around you blink to life.

Internal sensors read that main power is online. You don't think you can get full power out of this miniaturized drive, but you can probably do about half speed.

Of course, that puts you weeks from the nearest starbase, but you've got steering and weapons now.


"Sundancer, can we take them out, or at least slow them down long enough to get away?"


I smirk.

"Brilliant work, engineer. This is a great first step towards understanding their science and technology."


Lieutenant Sundancer looks at you, mouth agape for a moment.

"She shot us to pieces when we were at full power! We could try returning fire, but there's no telling what kind of damage we could do to her…"


"The only three options I can see are shooting at it and hoping we can get during the confusion, leaving without shooting and hoping they don't cripple us again, or trying to board them with their own boarding craft. I don't like any of those options."


"Well if we board 'em at least we won't be here if they fire again…"
I cringe


I let out a cheer.
"Thank you, Blasty. As soon as we return, I wanna get this thing analyzed… it's amazing!"


"A good analysis, Lieutenant," Giles says. "Zis is, as zey said at ze academy, a 'no-win situation.'"

He smiles a little. It's not an attractive sight, with half of the feathers on his face burned off.

"Nevezeless, we have a duty to fight to the end, and we must get word to ze High Command. Zey must know what happened here."

"I am taking recommendations."


"And if we move fast we can cripple their ship before they know what's happening. The problem is figuring out how to get from their landing bay to either their bridge or engine room, whichever we decide to target."


"Maybe the eggheads can whip something up to help with that?"


I enter the secondary bridge.

"Possible, but we have little to work with. We have no layout of the enemy ship to study, so any targets would be based on simple guesswork. Plus we have little provisions left to sabotage with, other than simple proton grenades."


"Well their ship thing's gotta have a way to shoot a signal to them to open up a bay, right? We just pretend we're one of them and sneak in. Then we blow shit up, tie their tendrils in a knot and shove it up their creepy alien butts, and come back! Simple as that."


"If someone can rig them to all explode at once and attached them to a timed detonator we should be able to destroy their engines. Their engines will be at the rear of the ship, so that should make things a bit easier."


"We have cannibalized their shuttle to restore power to our own ship, though. It can no longer power itself."




"Dammit! Are there any scout or escape ships around here we can fuse with this thing then?"


The Blue Dreamer has two small shuttlecraft.

Their power cores aren't nearly as powerful as what you pulled out of the alien ship, but you could try getting them back in, if you wanted to make the alien craft fly again.


Paused for the night.

Continue talking if you like, but adventure is on hold until Friday evening or, if not then, Sunday.


File: 1352516668339.jpg (75.41 KB, 585x398, spock pone.jpg)

Starry Night attempted to repair the main power system, but only succeeded once Blastwave realized that they could use the alien shuttlecraft's drive system to replace the Blue Dreamer's main power.

The crew discovered that the alien ship that attacked them is still lurking nearby. While main power is back online, the crew of the Blue Dreamer still needs a plan…


"I say we gut whatever smaller ships we still got intact and use 'em to make the alien's rig up and goin'!"


"It stands to reason that the reverse would be doable, but I make no promises for how reliable it will be."


"Just enough to get us there. If we don't die (and trust me, I ain't letting ya), then we swipe another one of their workin' ones to get back! Or we could try runnin', but I dunno how well a half-mutilated ship's gonna outrun alien tech…"


"True, our current setup does not provide us with the necessary power to escape. We seem to have limited options."


"Succeed or fail we will only be using it once."


"Well it's all you, egghead. Where are these ships we're gonna gut anyway?"


The shuttlecraft are in Cargo Bay 2.


Thanks disembodied voice~
"Oh right I forgot. Cargo bay 2, duh."
Head down there


I follow her.


I head out after them.


The shuttlecraft are here, tucked neatly towards the stern. They're easily dwarfed by the alien shuttlecraft.

Ensign Ladybug is still watching over the alien ship, studying its control panels with her translation tool.


Study the powerplants of the two shuttles. Can the same operation be performed?

Roll #0 3 = 3


I lean against the alien ship and knock on it with one of my claws
"Find anything neat about this thing, Ladybug?"


You know that you could try transplanting your own power plants into the alien ship, but you also know that the two shuttlecraft power plants aren't going to provide nearly as much power as the alien one did.

"I think I know a bit more about the alien language, but I can't be sure."

"Hey, if the ship that launched this thing is still out there, shouldn't they have, like, tried to kill us by now?"


"They tried to, remember? I think they are waiting to hear back from their boarding party."


"Don't jinx it! Maybe they think we're already dead, or that those big ugly jerks they sent with their… big.. nasty.. junk.. ugh"
I cough a bit
"Anyway, yeah. We'll see eventually."


"They must know by now that it has failed. There is no way they cannot tell we have restored power."
"Also, I could attempt to perform the same operation with the shuttle powerplants, but the alien craft would be operating at severely reduced capacity. We may not make it back at all."


"Well, yeah, but they should probably have been in radio contact, right? I think there's a transmitter on this thing, anyways…"


"So ya think they're gone? Then heck… let's launch that communication thingy already!"


"We can take another one of their landing craft. If push comes to shove we can cripple their ship then jump out an airlock and have this ship catch us."


"I have no idea how they work, but it would be better to spend time doing instead of thinking. Can you rig the grenades in the armory together into a bomb?"


"No, I mean that, well…

"I don't know what I mean. I'm just saying that if they wanted to just blast us out of the stars, they could have by now."


She looks at you, a more than a little horrified.
"N-no, I don't know how to do that. But I think Doctor Miwa said she has a tech or two up there. One of them probably could."


"That… that makes sense. They did send some of their own in here though. Maybe they're after somethin' we got?"


Oh, and if you want to blow a hole in the alien ship, the armory does have some breaching charges.


"The implications there would be staggering, though. We had better not dwell on them and focus on escaping. The Admiralty needs to know of this."


"Thank you."
I go to the medbay and ask the techs the same thing.


"Right. If they want something they're try to get it again anyway."


In medbay is Daisy, a torpedo technician. Doc Miwa clears her for action.

"I can do that, sure," she says when you tell her what you want. She heads down to the armory.


While she does that I start collecting some breaching charges. Are these meant to breach hulls or breach interior walls and doors?


I take another look at those drives. Can I jury-rig them to boos their output somehow?

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


There are some meant to blow open doors, but there are two sets of charges for use on a hull. They differ only in the power involved.


You'd need another power source.

The only thing that comes to mind that would be of sufficient power would be the ship's auxiliary batteries, but taking those out and putting them on your new shuttlecraft would leave the Blue Dreamer in rather dire straits should main power fail.


What about those alien power armors? Is there anything left to take from them? They must have some form of power source.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


I collect a few to blow open doors and the most powerful hull breacher. After that I speak into my communicator.
"Is there anyone aboard trained in the use of explosives willing to volunteer for a mission?"


Oooh rolling to see how well versed in explosive combat situations I am

Roll #0 9 = 9


You inspect the one that Starry Night didn't explode.

You're able to identify the power systems on the space suit. Obviously, it has a lot of kick to it, since it could power those force fields, but you doubt it will make up for the difference in power.

There's no telling what level of power you'd need to replace to get the shuttlecraft up to full speed. Perhaps not having full power would just mean that you'd need to take other systems offline in order to get full thrust.

Crewmember Tila is your squad's explosives specialist, and she eagerly responds to your request.


"Thank you, Tila. Come over to the armory and start familiarizing yourself with some things."


I suppose I could do that.

Get to work cobbling those drives together. Hopefully we won't end up too crippled.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


You're not an engineer, and so it's a little more difficult than you might expect. This sort of thing is easy to talk about but difficult to do.

You get the two drives rigged together. They'll work in concert, but you're a little worried that at the first sign of trouble they fall apart.


It will have to do. I've done more with less. Though I might want to enlist the help of a spare engineer to keep an eye on it…


She does, and you do.


Aw yiss I threw like 3 grenades before

"Any luck there egghead?"


I speak into my communicator.
"Ensign Ladybug, do you think you can figure out the alien craft's controls? We need to be able to fly that thing."


"It is…passable. I cannot guarantee it will stay stable under stress though. If we are going to do this, we will certainly need an alternative means of escape."


"Uh, yeah, I think so! I think there's some sort of autopilot for it to return home, but I'm not sure."


"Blastwave's file says he studied military science. He is better suited than me at coming up with that sort of plan."


"I can't make a proposal without considering all the variables. Normally I would be adverse to going onto an unknown alien ship at all, but we have no choice."


"We got everything we need then?"


FUCK. I was at the store! Sorry!
"Ahem, would someone mind filling me in on the plan? I was just going over and double checking to ensure that the engine is properly mated with our own."


"We get over there, blow up their engine, then take one of their ships and come back. After that we play it by ear."


"I have mated the shuttle powerplants to the alien craft, but have doubts about its effectiveness. Can you assist?"


"Just the engine? Heh."


"Did you forget how close we came to getting killed when fighting only two of them?"


"I'm just sayin', a farewell gift going off in one of their bridges wouldn't be such a bad idea!"


"If we can manage it I do have a few breaching charges."


"I could… make those stronger, if you really wanna give them a going away gift"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"We only have so many, and no facility to handle things if something goes really wrong. I think we should leave them as they are."


Giles' voice barks out from your communicators.

"Zat ship is starting to show some activity, gentleponies. I need your plan!"

You see that the power plants are well enough welded to the deck and mated to the alien power system. You're not totally sure how well it will work, since this is an alien power system, but you think it will work.


I speak into my communicator.
"We're gonna fly over there and explode some crap, sir!"


"Alright. Everyone who is going get into some armor and a space suit, grab a weapon or two, and if you know how to use explosives grab some breaching charges. Tila, I want you carrying the hull breacher. After we have everything get down to the alien ship."
I put on a more intact suit of heavy blast armor and an intact space suit, grab some more power cells for my raygun and laser rifle, then go down to Cargo Bay 2.


"If you say so…"
I still have power packs for my blaster, right?
Modify those then. Make 'em into bombs!
"Yeah, it should work. Not too familiar with the tech but it… looks like it should work, at least."
I join him and grab something a bit heavier than my jumpsuit and a laser rifle.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Tila suits up in her combat gear and space suit and drags the heavy breaching charge down to the shuttlecraft. The sight of the little goat handling the huge charge is more than a little comical.

You get some armor and a fresh space suit. You grab a laser rifle.

You modify your power cells, but the job isn't the best. -1 to attack rolls with them, and they might explode early or late.


"Tila, I can carry that if you need me to."


I head up to get a fresh suit of armor and some fresh powerpacks and grenades.


I hop in the ship and look for a comfortable spot

Roll #0 1 = 1


She really doesn't want you touching it. You reach for it and she growls at you a little. "No, sir!"

You do all that.

Who are you taking with you to the ship, exactly?


You find that there aren't really any comfortable spots. Indeed, the inside of the ship is spartan, even by the standards of the Dreamer. There only seems to be standing room for the passengers — what appear to be harnesses hang down from the ceiling. There aren't any chairs or couches, not even for elephant-sized creatures.


Can we spare any of the security team?


I lean against one of the harnesses and pout


There are three other security team members — PO Upanga and crewmembers Breezy Skies and Sugar Bowl.

They could easily fit in the shuttlecraft.


Can I combine all of them into a massive, single charge?
"What, you upset they don't have seats? What would those things even sit on anyways?"
I chuckle and look around for something vaguely comfortable looking to sit down on. '1d10'

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Roll #1 3 = 3


Tila, the xenolinguist after she gets armed and armored and suited up, all the PCs.

I think we should leave them here, just in case.


Yes, and you do. It's a big bomb now. You think it could take out a heavy tank.

There's what appears to be an access hatch on the deck. You sit on that.


"Are you certain that's the best place to sit? I doubt this was designed for creature comforts."

Roll to find a place to sit since it's what all the cool kids are doing

Roll #0 9 = 9


You send Ladybug up to get armored. She still has her ray pistol.


"Oh man look at that thing! You outdid yourself! Those jerks are gonna feel it when it goes off~"


Access hatch?
What might be in there?~
"Just gotta find their engines- or hell, even the floor below!- and BOOM, they're done!"


You find a rag or towel or something that was tossed in the back of the shuttlecraft. It smells a bit, but it's comfortable, and it won't smell once you get your suit's helmet on.

You open it up. There's some wires and stuff.


Close it and go back to sitting on it then.


I'm going to put this on pause for the night.

We'll resume Sunday evening. Please tell me (in the general) what time would be good for you.

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