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A storm is coming. Both literally and figuratively.

As the seas begin to swirl and agitate in anticipation of the coming rain – skies already blotted out by gray and shadows, streaks of lightning about – the air grows thick and humid.

The Island of Roads awaits: the trip will take many more days… but what's your move once you get there? Where will things go from there? No doubt it will determine your ultimate fate.


So, did I get Stein to synth the Belial's element finally?


He slept all day yesterday. At least someone is getting sleep, when anxiety and restlessness seems to plague much of the crew. You should visit him today.


I think I was about to spend time with Grey Worm last time…
Ah fuck, time for minion maintenance instead. Wark around?


What a little fucker.
Go to him then. And bring a bigger stick.


From the deck look at the horizon. Is the weather clear?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You walked in on Rosemary reading Forbidden Horrible Secrets to Grey. You were going to teach her, but instead spent the day with the duo.

This morning you awake and drag yourself over to your other cabin. Wark isn't in here, though most of the residents are. Onik is done practicing for the morning and surveying her 'motorcycle'. Skylight is out, but Curry, Mera, Spring Water, and Summer Seas are here. Stein is up and about, pointing to various points on the motorcycle and explaining them to Onik. Red is here, but asleep.

You speak softly, but carry a big stick.

Not at all. The seas swell and wane in rhythmic time. Huge clouds of darkness swell about the sky, permitting not a single ray of light to pierce the veil.


Clear my throat.
"Mister Stein?
I think it's time."


Light Heart has arrived.

He turns around and raises a fluffy brow. "Time for vat?"


What about Happy Puzzle?
Anyway, walk over to Stein and Onik.
"I see your motorcycles has finally been repaired, Onik?"


"Time to help me with that one thing."
"Hey, can you tell him to stop sleeping already? He's spent the whole past day wasting away in bed."


Go to Captain Movp
"So what do you think? Should I warn the others?"


I shrug a little.
"Mister Stein is free to do as he pleases when I am not in need of his services, miss Felfire."


"I kinda do though."


HP Ponecraft stays with Weeping Sitar in your other cabin – the one you woke up in.

Onik gives an expressionless nod. "Yes. I'm pleased."

Stein remarks, "Yes, it vas no small effort, but not uninteresting, mein fraudlein."

"Zat vas because I had been workink on a big project."

General Movp, though he's actually the second mate.

He's at the helm. "We'll weather the storm, I think. It looks worse than it is."


Raise a brow.
"You work in your sleep?"


"He has been quite busy helping Onik as well, I cannot blame him for not having enough time to attend to everything."

"You look quite pleased, Onik."
I chuckle and turn to Stein.
"Do you understand the mechanisms now then?"


Roll my eyes and stay silent.


"What do we do? Should I raise the mast?"


"Had been. Past tense."

"More or less… most of it vas guesswork. In truth, ze damage vas mostly superficial. Perhaps I could study zis technology further, but zat vould take away time from mein other pursuits. I am similarly close to a shockink breakthrough, mein fraudlein."

"Once it gets closer… we'll batten down the hatches and draw the sails. I know my weather, it won't buck a ship."


Take a deep breath.
"So now you are free again, right?"


"Oh? Do elaborate then!"


"I suppose, yes, once ve're finished talkink."

"It was a pun, mein fraudlein. I'm workink vit electricity. Like, uh… lightnink."


Nod slowly and keep listening to this stuff.


I nod at this and warn the other sailors of the coming storm so they could be ready.
Also go to my place or to Doc Pegs to Warn Nurse heart of the coming storm.


"I did notice you have a rather interesting sword in your possession. Does that have something to do with it?"


Nurturing Heart is already up and in the clinic, so you find them at the same time. You step in, and they turn to you expectantly.

"Yes… it has an amber core, streaked vit silver and platinum… very efficient conduction for static."


"How peculiar… are you aiming to improve it further then?"


"Storms brewin Doc Peg, so I will advise you to put your things together and get ready."


"Harness it elsewhere… it's complicated. I theorize ze energy can be used as an impulse to fuel ozer devices… But ve lack such containment measures."


He nods at you.

Nurturing Heart asks, "Should we… stay here?"


"Wait. What if we used magic lightning? Like, an elemental bound to someone's control!"


"Stay here with the Doctor so someone can watch you. Perhaps there maybe some injuries if the storm is a strong one so I think you two need to get ready."
I then head outside and look at our ship, anything that I need to prepare for the coming storm?

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


I nod at Felfire's answer.


He shakes his head. "It's not a question of ze source, but of maintaining it efficiently und vit durable materials."

Nothing you can think of other than what Movp suggested.


Perhaps lets find the others, go find Light Heart to warn her and her mateys.


"An elemental doesn't just die off…"


He shakes his head. "You don't understand. I told you, it's not about ze source."

He groans. "Nevermind. It vould take too long to explain it to you."


You locate Light Heart and Felfire in Light Heart's cabin on the Sirocco.


"I'm no engineer."


"Is there a way I could aid in your research?"


Knock and open the door slightly.
"Storm on the horizon you two so get ready. Warn the others, I'll see if I can do something to the ships to minimize the damage."


"How big?"


"Ah, lovely. How dangerous?"


"Most likely enough to last for a day and if we are unlucky it may last three days, so just get ready. Also since both of you are most likely not yet accustomed I will advise you and the others to stay indoors, specially you LH with your condition."


Nod slowly.


"Hm… I mostly just need time… more amber und other materials. Really, zat's not ze problem so much as that dedicating my time to it vould preclude studying zese combustion and mechanical vonders."

#Timelost Engineering: Restore timelost artifacts, allows finding additional timelost artifacts scattered through the world. Mostly at the mercy of what can be found, though sure to be interesting and useful.

#Industrial Engineering: Continue study of electricity and mechanics to be at the forefront of modern inventive feats. Mostly practical: can help improve the fleet and modernize facilities.

"It's not as zo I have to make a decision right away, anyway."


"Alright I have to leave you two for now."
Go outside, is the storm near?


It's approaching, but you still have some time.


I nod.
"Indeed. Perhaps we can discuss this further in the future then."
Turn to Onik again.
"Now that your motorcycle has been repaired… will you leave the fleet once again?"


Turn to Stein.
"I guess a coming storm is not the best moment to setup the machine, right?"


She gives her characteristic blank expression.

"Maybe. I lose a lot of time out at sea. It's time I could be putting toward seeing the land."

"Ach, if we had sometink to keep it down… sealant or bolts maybe."


"Bolts. Come with me, let's start looking for that stuff."
Off to Chip!


Double check on the ships, anything I need to do.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


He's just outside, milling about.

Hm… you think everything's in place.


"Hey Chip. I'm in need of a few bolts and screws."


"What else will we need?"


"Well if it means anything at all to you, I would be sad to see you go. Are you that concerned with losing time? The world may be a big place, but you seem young enough to still have plenty of years ahead of you. There is also the option of age magic…"


I look at her.
"Right now? I mean there will be a storm."


"That's why I need the bolts!"


"Mein calcinator und das crank centrifuge. Ach – und water."

She glances out the window.

"I heard once that you could see the entire world if you spent no more than three days in each place you visited. I'm not sure if it's true, but it seemed a reasonable amount of time. And besides… if I stop moving, I won't be a traveler anymore."


"Is… why would that concern you? The fleet will keep moving no matter what."


"Alright follow me."

Go to Ms. Topaz Place.


"Topaz should have them all."


"There aren't birds this far out to sea."

You head deep into the hold of the Darklantern, shadows playing about the walls, flames dancing in their little lantern cages.

Topaz is at her desk, tinkering with something.


I cock my head.
"You… need birds?"


Approach her and look at what she is making.
"What is that?"
What is it?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Another look out the window.

"Somepony once told me… that watching the birds fly made them want to go on a journey."

It looks like a replacement ring for the compression seal on the fleet mint.

"It's a replacement ring for the compression seal on the fleet mint. The old one is getting worn since we pillaged it from that bank in Stonebriar."


"Ah… well wings do signify freedom, do they not? Who was this pony? … Somepony special perhaps?"


She smiles (?) slightly before returning to a neutral state.



"Wow, I see. You made it all yourself?"
I then look around at the work shop to find some bolts and screw.
"Do we got spare bolts and screws?" I ask her.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What made you want to travel so badly then? Did something happen?"




"I might need a bracier, and a small hoofcranked centrifuge too."


"No, I haff vun."

"No… something didn't happen."

She gives a tiny tilt of the corners of her mouth again before it vanishes, and she wheels her device outside and up the stairs.

"Bolts? Screws? Sure. You may have to reforge them to your specifications if you need a certain size."

She gestures at a cabinet. "Third drawer."


"Oh, that's great."
Third drawer it is. Pull out the bolts and screws and show them to Stein.
"Right size?"


I scrunch up and go after her.
"You are being rather cryptic about this whole matter…"


I suppose I'll get back to copying that thing about horrible facts of nature…


"What size do you need by the way?" I scratch my head.


Motion over at Stein.
"You should ask him.
I'm no good with this stuff."



He shrugs. "Ze size doesn't matter, I'm going to drill some holes."

"I thought it was rather evident."

You wake up in the hammock you've been sharing with your sister. She's curled about your little body, but you carefully extricate yourself and find your books.

Hm… it's missing!


I tug on Spring's leg.
"Do you think Emrille can teach me how to shoot?"


"Great! Are these enough?"


Who'd take that? Scour for traces of the book takers! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Look At Stein
I just shrug and make some screw and bolts for the two of them.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Hm… you're not exactly a tracker, but you can tell someone went through your books.

"Zat should vork… now ve just need a vork space."


"How big?"


"I can guess, but guesses are a good way to create confusion and misunderstandings."


"Well its going to rain outside so I think this place is okay to work in, with Topaz Permission of course."

"What are you two making by the way?" I scratch my head.


Nopo is still gone.
"Hmmm? Why would you want to learn that, dear?"
I give her a concerned look.


Bah. I'm pretty sure the door was shut, so that puts the pool of suspects at the ones who aren't here right now. Light Heart is also amongst the list, as I think she said the door wouldn't open unless she opened it. Hmm. Who isn't here?


I know! She's just gonna be asking around for her.
I idly scratch my chin with a hoof.
"Because she likes to shoot stuff?"


"Well yes, she does… but do you? You're a little young for that, I think… not that there's anything wrong with knowing how to defend yourself, but still!"


"Vell… ve could vork back in ze room, but more room vould be better. Besides, ze fraudlein may not care for drilling holes in her floor."

She slides onto her bike and gingerly feels the handlebar grips.

"When I was young, they cut the bones out of my wings… So that they can never be healed."

The door stays open because otherwise her followers can't get in and out.

Wark and Red aren't here, though.



"I've never really tried it before… Can I?"


Are the holds of the pillanger's fancy still empty?


Hmm. I thought we shut it so long as at least one of us remained inside. Might as well head out and see if I can't find the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod slowly.
"You did say your wings were clipped before…"


They're full of foodstuffs.

Light Heart is out on deck.


I just shrug for Stein not answering me and turn my back to Ms. Topaz.
"I also came here to warn you that a storm is coming."



I give her a deadpan look.
"You shot Emrille before. Don't think I don't remember!"


I'll go and pester her.
"Excuse me, Light Heart? Sorry for bothering you while talking to miss Onik, but if I could just have a moment…?"


I'm sure Cline won't care for a few holes.
"Gather the materials and follow me Stein, I have the place."
Guide him to Cline's chamber once he's done gathering that stuff.


"In my homeland, when a young pony becomes old enough to get a mark, my kind have their wings removed." She flexes hers. Even though they are not capable of flight, they do not look very atrophied.


"Yes, ze outside vould be unsuitable and zis place is… limited in space."

"Yeah, I wouldn't much care for him messing up my system, either."

Passive aggressive!

"Thanks for the warning though, Chip. I'll see to it the ship makes preparations."

You arrive there.


Open and show him inside.
"Here. This should be large enough."


I then put a paw on her shoulder
"Is there anything I can help with? You are a bit old to go outside and it will be bad for all of us if you got carried away by the wind or something."


"Such a strange custom, why deny your children such a great-"

Interrupt myself and look at him.
"… Yes mister Curry?"


I frown and look at the ground.
"I'm really really really really really sorry… I was just being really really stupid because I was so angry at her for bad reasons…"
I sniffle.


"It's fine, as long as you remember that pulling a gun on somepony isn't the best of solutions…"


"Sorry, I was just wondering what had happened to a book I was transcribing. Horrible Facts about Nature. It was missing from the room when I woke up."
I'll nod to Onik.
"Sorry for interrupting."


"Miss Rosemary took it, as far as I know. She wanted to read a story to Grey."


"So you're saying I can go ask her to teach me?"
I pull you into a hug.
"Thank you!"


He glances around. "Yes, I zink zis vill vork."

"Just tell that useless lump of a first mate of mine to get the crew ready for a storm."

She gives you an emotionless expression.


"I- What? No- I mean… fine. But you have to promise me to be very careful, okay? I'll be keeping an eye on you!"


"Ah, I see. I do hope they're being careful with it… It's very old. That's another reason I was transcribing it."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"Where might I find them, if you don't mind my asking?"
I'll give her a little half smile.


"Tell me how I can help you set it up and I will."
Stand in a corner and summon the three shadows to my side.


"Alright I'll do that."
Wait who is the first mate again?


"Just help me set these up next to each other… I'll drill some holes and secure the bolts."




"My room in Landgrave's estate. If you wish you can go ahead and visit them there. You only need to make certain to look presentable and tell the servants you are with me."


Have the shadows keep the stuff in place.
"Is this a job I will be able to do alone?"


I'll look down for a moment.
"Does… does that mean I have to wear that ridiculous outfit again?"


"Ah yes."
Find him, how about the weather is it catching up?


I chuckle.


I'll frown heavily.
"Even the hat?"


"Thank you thank you thank you!"
I give you a squeeze and let go.
"Do you think that I should bring my own gun? I don't wanna damage Emrille's expensive ones…"


"I don't zink so."

He pulls out a crank drill and begins making a hole in a flange.

You head back to the deck. The storm looks quite close.


"I see."
Well, wait for him to finish and help however I can.


"Especially the hat."


Perhaps its time to find Landgrave before its too late. Isnt Light Heart friends with him? Go and find her.


"We'll see Summer, we need to talk to Emrille about this first… you could always use mine."


I tilt my head.
"When did you get a gun?"


Were it possible, my frown would get even deeper, and then I'll sigh.
"I need a different thing to wear. Thanks for telling me, though. Again, sorry for interrupting your conversation."
Then it's back to the room, get the outfit, and head to Landgrave's… Wait, shoot, I never asked where it was.


Turn back to Onik.
"So why clip the wings? It seems like a very strange custom…"


He bolts down his equipment as the ship slowly creaks side to side.

Preparing the crank centrifuge alongside an alembic. Off to the side is a calcinator. You have no idea what any of these are, but they look very science-y.

"Bring ze pesticide here… pour it in, und mix an equal part water."

She's back on deck of the Sirocco, speaking with Curry.

Indeed you didn't. You might be able to reason where it is, though. What do you know about this so-called Landgrave?

She appears to have drifted over to the side of the deck.


Dammit, I can't that mare stand still for a second?
Walk over to her and ask the same question!


Go and meet her.
"Do you know where Landgrave is LightHeart? I need to meet him."



You get cut off by Chip.


Just that I haven't met him. And that he's a unicorn. Maybe. No one really tells me much. But, he's got a room, so that must mean he's somewhere in the ship. Probably not the Sirocco, so… probably on the Seaworthy? Let's look there. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"The Darklantern, mister Chip. He is the first mate there."



I wave a hoof
"Forgot I ever said anything."


Science is bullshit. We make magic.
Bring the pesticide and the water, from the pump down there in I can't remember which ship.


Stand back.
"Okay, sorry for bothering you geez."

Go to the Darklantern and find him there.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I did not actually yell that, you know.


Ah my bad.


I scratch my head in confusion.
"So who should I ask? Do you think miss Light Heart can get me one?"


You wander around for a time and pick up no clues.


You pour them in, and he cranks the shaft rapidly. Something fluid pours out of a tube into the bottom of the alembic, which is heated, and evaporates out a mist.

He then takes this and transfers it to the calcinator and cooks it for a few minutes.

"Blow out the candles."

He puts out his own equipment, too.


First mates have… golden handles.

You knock on a cabin, and a nicely dressed pone answers. "Yes?"


"In any case, do continue."


Deep breath….


Must not be on this ship, then!
On to the next ship, the Darklantern! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hmmm, maybe… she does use pistols herself after all."


Wait isnt this the fancy pony?
"I am looking for Landgrave, may I meet him?"


"Let's go ask then!"
I run out and start looking for Light Heart.


"It was said to be fair."

Summer shows up and interrupts.

He holds up the calcinator to you. A small pile of dust glows in the base of the dish.


Hm… no, that's the hold, where Topaz lurks.

He glances up and down at you. "What is your business with Master Landgrave?"

You interrupt her conversation with Onik.


"Is that it?"


Hey, Topaz knows stuff.
"Excuse me, miss Topaz? Can I bother you for just a moment and ask where I can find Landgrave's quarters?"


I walk over to Light Heart.
"Miss Light Heart? Can I borrow a gun?"


Look at the servant with an irritated glare and close my arms..
"Alright if thats the way its going to be then tell him this. Tell him that his underlings needs commands from him for a storm is coming and if he did not do his duty to them there is a large chance the ship will sink."
"I hope he understand that."


"I was more wondering about-"

I let out a small sigh.
"What for, if you do not mind me asking?"


"I wanna ask Emrille to teach me how to shoot!"


"Lovely. I do need my guns for my own use but… miss Rosemary owns one as well, and she never uses it. I am certain she would not mind lending it to you if you wish to use it for practice."


"Yes… not too hard, eh?"

"He's the first mate."

She doesn't look up from her work.

He frowns at you but nods. "Very well, I'll make sure he gets the message."


"Really? Thank you miss Light Heart!"
I look around for Rosemary.


"Not… At… All…"
How much pesticide is left?


"Okay… and where is his cabin? No one ever actually told me where the mates sleep."


"She is my room in Landgrave's estate on the Darklantern."

"I was more curious about why you are travelling now as a result of the clipping…"


"Oh… But she's always around with you? Why's she over there now?"


"Perhaps you should ask her, she is a free pony."


"Make sure he does."
Alright go outside and look What preparations are made to our ship? Also how is my crew doing?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


About half.

"All of the first mates have golden handles."

She watches as you converse with Summer.

Movp has already ordered the crew to draw the sails. It's a bit of a ramshackle vessel to begin with, but due to its size, it's unlike the storm will faze it.


"Let's finish this."


"Thanks! Sorry for bothering you."
And I'm off in search of golden door handles. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"But she's always stuck by your side…"
I scrunch up and scratch my face in confusion.

And then I notice our observer.
"Hi miss! I don't think I've seen you before. Who are you?"


Go to Movp.
"I really should have ordered the men earlier to do that. With this storm we might get delayed going to our destination."

"Hows the cargo of food, will it survive this storm?"


"Very true, but there are other ponies that require her skills aside from me. She is looking after Grey Worm at the moment."


"You want more?"

You head up and find one on the second level.

She gives you a straight faced expression, emotionless. "Onik."

She's been one of Light Heart's followers for a few weeks since Reptil.

Also Rosemary has been sleeping in the other room with Light Heart for a while, too: since you started sleeping in Light Heart's cabin.

"I'm not worried. The Eagle's Roost is too big to let a storm bother it."


"We have more materials, why stop here?"


At last. Now I just… have to put on that stupid outfit. And the hat.
So, get into that, and knock.


"Miss Onik, we will continue this conversation some other time. It seems today is a bad day for it."
Where the hell is the captain? Al-Jinn?

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod at this.
"Looks like our work is done, time to just let it pass by I guess."

Go back to Ms. Topaz chambers and observe her work.


"Huh? Did I interrupt something?"


"Do not worry about it, little Summer."


"Very vell… mix it again."

A finely dressed pone answers the door.

He glances down at you and raises a brow. "Yes?"

That's right. He's at the helm right now.

Onik departs wordlessly.

She's working on some kind of metal casing now.


Go on and mix it again.
This is some sweaty job, but someone's gotta do it.


Approach him.
"Captain. I hear we have grave weather incoming."


I'll stand up a bit straighter.
"Are miss Rosemary and her ward in? I'm looking to recover a book they borrowed from me while I was asleep."


"And what is that?" I look at it closely.
What is it?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


He nods. "I'll take the helm today. You can have double duty tomorrow."

"Ah, yes. Second floor, third room on the left."

He moves aside. There's a whole mansion in here! No way this would fit inside the ship. It's quite regal: columns, a water feature, a large chandelier and a grand staircase. The floors appear to be marble. There's a sitting room nearby with a grand piano.

You're not sure.

"It's a casing for the mint."


He repeats the process and produces more dust.


"Good. Any preparations you need my aid for?"


"Oh… if you say so, miss Light Heart."
And with that, I depart to Rosemary.


Collect it all in a safe container.
"This was faster than I expected it to be. Let's tear down this contraption."


Alright, I'll go up stairs that I know have no place on a ship, and go to the third room on the left.


"Anything I can help with that?"




"The Sirocco is the lightest ship in the fleet save for the Hourglass, which is much smaller. We'll be more affected by the waves. Head down to the hold and ensure that the quartermaster has secured the cargo."

You find Landgrave's room. Haven't you been here before at least once when he was your tutor? Anyway, the servants recognize you and let you in into the mansion. Curry is here, headed upstairs.

He unbolts his equipment.

"Ve could have used a slower method – settling it or sometink."

You locate the room and knock. Rosemary answers.

"Oh! Come to join us for story time?"

She levitates you over to the bed where Grey Worm is and pulls out the book in question.

"I still need a clamp. It should be steel… maybe twenty percent Iris Blood. I have some in the forge already."


"Understood, captain."
Leads go see Mellow in the hold. I doubt the hold is very big anyway.


Alright lets do this, Make some steel alloy with iris blood.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


It is quite small. Marsh is securing some rigging.

You try to pull some heated metal out of the forge and severely burn your paws.


"arrghh…. "
I'll not stop now. I'll have this wound checked later. Lets do it again.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Mister Marsh, securing the ship I see?"


You pull the heated Iris Blood out of the forge with tongs – you'll need to purify some metal to make steel, but which metal did you need, again?

Looking through the nearby piles, it looks like you have these options:

>Native Copper

>Alluvial Cassite
>Dark Iron
>White Copper
>Pig Silver

"Yes, nearly done here, though the lines aren't totally secured, I think I've got this one. Were you sent down to help by Al-Jinn? I had thought you were at the helm today, but I gather he was concerned about your experience sailing through storms. Are you confident about your abilities in that kind of situation? It's more difficult than it sounds, if you don't realize. Nonetheless, the work is quite nearly done here – unless you want to grab that last box that's sliding around and rig it to a wall. It's just grain, nothing too heavy. Really, most of the cargo is being held on that behemoth, the Eagle's Roost. Some ship it is, eh? Not sure I'd call it a ship at all."


Wow, he sure likes talking a lot.
"The captain did send me down here, yes, he took the helm from me. This means double duty for me tomorrow."
Walk over to the box of grain and secure it.
"It is quite the mastodon, I must say I am glad I do not have to worry about steering it. The Sirocco is far more nimble."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I grab dark iron and fashion them to make steel.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


>make this +2


Yes he does. Hadn't you noticed? In any case, you secure the box.

"Very good then. I wouldn't worry about tomorrow, I expect clear skies after we break free of this cloud cover. Speaking of which, I hear rain – no doubt the storm has finally reached us, or us it. It'll be a day to stay in the cabins if I've seen one. With the winds and the withdraw of the gangplanks, it'll be impossible to cross between ships. I suppose I'll round up some of the crew and have a poker night or something. Keep the morale up. As for the Sirocco's nimbleness, I agree, certainly, but I do miss having some of the accommodations of a larger ship. For instance, this vessel is not equipped with a galley like the Seaworthy or Eagle's Roost, meaning there's nowhere to stew up a meal, we're reliant on plain food or food prepared by our neighboring vessels."


You cook the dark iron for a time and remove the impurities. They sink away and you're left with shining steel.


Now combine the two(80% steel, 20% iris blood) and make the clamp that Topaz needs.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I didn't, actually.
"Ah yes, a fine suggestion indeed. I believe I will do the same."
I shrug a little.
"Still, the Sirocco remains the best place to be if we ever need to make a quick getaway, no? In any case, I will go round up some people before the storm gets too bad. Have a pleasant day, mister Marsh."


You create an alloy of exact measure in a big stir pot made of some extremely powerful alloy.

You pour it out into a mold and cool it with a billows, then extract it with tongs and prepare to shape it.

He nods and finishes tying something off. He remarks something else about the weather and cargo, but you're already headed off to finish your business before the storm gets too rough to traverse ships.

He's right: the gangplanks have been withdrawn. You'll need to fly it if you want to get across.


Hammer away

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Blessed be the gift of wings, right? Now let's see… do I spend the time on the Sirocco or the Darklantern?

I think I'll go with my room on the Darklantern. Fly over there. No doubt the winds will soon be too harsh for me to fly without trouble.


Sparks blazing, you give form to the alloy, shaping the body of the clamp. You grab a drill and create hole for the crank screw while the metal is still hot. Your hands are really killing you now. Better finish quickly. You need to take the scrap alloy left over and make the crank screw.

You sail over, and you already feel uneven currents that make it difficult to stay aloft, but you uneasily come to a running halt on the Darklantern.


Arggh lets do this, dont mind the pain just get it finished.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Neat. Let's go see how my little ponies are doing in my room.


Apparently you can ignore it. Your paws seize up and you hit them squarely with a hammer. Ouch! This will have to do… you need to get these paws treated.

Little ponies is right.

Rosemary is here reading the book to lil pons tucked into bed. In a neat row under the covers are Red, Grey Worm, Curry, and Summer Seas. They look varying degrees of pressganged.


How adorable.
Are HP Lovepone and Sitar here as well?


I put the clamp to cool down then grin at Topaz before going to Doc Pegs office for treatment.


Yes. Sitar is here because Onik was sleeping in his spot in your other room and apparently he can pass muster for getting in. Really they should be switched.

Happy Puzzle you saw on the first floor painting.

You almost fall off the ship when you realize that the gangplanks between ships have been withdrawn. You can't get to the Pillager's Fancy to see Doc Peg or Nurturing Heart. Similarly, you can't cross the the Sirocco and find Summer Seas or Spring Water.


Oh god, she's painting again?
I'll have to check on her in a moment.
Look at Rosemary.
"There is a large storm coming, it appears I will be stuck in here for the time being."


Damn it all, I grit my teeth.
Hmm… perhaps there is a medical staff in this ship. Go back to Ms. Topaz office and see her.
"Do we got our own medical staff here?"


She nods. "I gathered up the little ones so that they'd be safe."

Curry appears as indignant as possible while safely tucked into bed.

"On the Darklantern? Hm… Landgrave might have a doctor."


I smile.
"Very thoughtful of you, Rosemary. Do you have enough material to keep them occupied? A storm like this… may drag on for quite a while."


I just frown upon hearing the name.
"What is with the guys mansion magic thing anyway? It looks really weird and his servant dont respect the crew or anything. I even have doubts they would allow a 'commoner' like me to enter such a place."


"Well, this book seems to go on for a while, though I guess more options can't hurt…"

"Landgrave is an oddball, and he's useless at sea as far as I'm concerned, but he has some kind of deal going with Smitts. Had one with Tallow, too. Still… there's money in it if you play his little games. Freshen up and they'll let you in."

She gestures at one of the nearby large cages of goods. "Look for some nicer clothes. But first, go wash up. In the bilge, I set up some fresh water pumps. Use those."


I nod.
Look around the room, anything around here that looks interesting? Rummage through the belongings of the others if need be.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Looks like the type who will play with others if you ask me." I just frown and wrap my damaged hand with clothing before going to the bilge to wash myself. Avoid my hand to be in contact with the water.

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's a nicely furnished room. The lighting is coming from a few candlesticks, and there's a sizable dresser.

Happy Puzzle's gear is here. She has some weird ninja stuff you could investigate.

Though Onik stays here, you couldn't tell it: she travels pretty light, and it all stays on her motorcycle.

Rosemary doesn't have anything. You're reminded of how you tore her from her home and probably all her worldly possessions.

Grey Worm doesn't have anything. She was a street orphan. Well, the first isn't strictly true: she seems to have collected shiny rocks and shells on the beach in Dixie and stacked them here.

The fresh water feels good on your hands. You carefully avoid letting saltwater get on them, though, which would cause terrible pain. Eventually you get clean and return to the hold to pick out some clothes.


Don't remind me of what I did to Rosemary… if we're lucky, we can go and regain some things.
What's in the dresser? Just clothes? What about Happy Puzzle's belongings?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Get myself dressed up.
Hmmm how long is it did I get all dressed up? I really dont remember.

Anyway pick up some good and comfortable clothes and check myself if it fits me.


Roll for clothing quality.

The dresser is stuffed with clothes and rummaging through the sock drawer, you find a lockbox.

HP's stuff is an assortment of doctorly tools such as stethoscope, bandages, splints, gauze, cotton balls, hoof puppets, etc. and ninja tools like throwing stars, some kind of… extremely short staves chained together, a neighponese sword (how did that fit in the doctor bag?), a very odd looking bladed… counter-weighted weapon that you're not sure how to use with less than at least three hooves. There are darts and knives in here, too. And… quite a lot of eggs. Oh, there are also some scrolls in here.



Roll #1 1 = 1


A lockbox? Oh my, maybe a good challenge for my skills.

What kind of hoofpuppets? What do they represent?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You pick out some nice black leather equipment that accentuates your groin region. It even has all these fancy straps and spikes.

You'd say you look like a real pimp gimp.

They're smiling nondescript pony puppets, probably for bedside theater. One of them is blue with a green mane. The other, though… she's tan with red hair, hat has streaks of yellow. You think the second puppet is hotter. You'd at least make out with her if she was real. Wait, focus, Light Heart!

The lockbox has a small padlock on it, not too difficult to navigate.


It's locked, right? Take out a lockpick and see if I can open it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's a trivial lock for you. One tumbler, and not even warded. You pop it open in less than a second.

Opening the box, you find some sort of odd… puzzle cube. There are nine squares on each side. The squares are an assortment of six colors, but they're jumbled up, in no discernible pattern.


Eh? How strange, maybe I'll play around with it later. Or…
"Anypony wants to try their hoof at this puzzle?"


Gray waves a hoof at you, smiling.


I smile back at her and toss it over.
"Good luck."
Now let's take a look what's with these scrolls.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I present myself to Ms. Topaz.
"So how do I look? Strapping eh?"


She sighs at you. "Good luck with that."

They're in Neighponese. You can't make heads or tails of them.


Huh. Guess I'll have to ask her about them then.
Head downstairs and go see her.
"Miss Puzzle? Painting vigorously again I see."


"Whats the matter, doesnt it look good?" I look and trace the area where the leather hugs my groin


Yes, still using her odd beauty from chaos style of painting.


She shakes her head without looking up from her work. "Go ahead, try."


"I am glad to see you are keeping busy."
Watch her paint a bit.
"Oh I was wondering, I saw some scrolls in Neighponese lying around in the room. What are they for?"


"The ones in my bag?"




Look at myself in the mirror and see why Topaz is not satisfied with how I look

Roll #1 1 = 1


She frowns. "Why were you looking through my bag? You don't trust me just because I'm a ninja?"

Nope, no idea. You look great.


"I realize it was a rather rude thing to do, but I was looking for something to entertain the little ones with. There is a storm going outside, so we are bound to the Darklantern for the time being."


Alright, lets go to the front door so I can have this paw healed.


She sighs. "Those are from my clan. They're about the fate of the Elements of Harmony. Please let it rest."

She punctuates this by splashing a big smiley face on the canvas.

You think Curry had a book about those. You hear a door slam.

The servant pone opens the door, takes one look at you, and slams it shut.


"The elements of harmo-"
I perk up as I hear the door slam shut and walk over there.
"Something wrong?"


Scratch my head.
I came dressed up.
Go back to Topaz Chamber.
"He closed the door immedietely, I knew there is something wrong."


The front door slammed. One of the servants looks perturbed.

"I'm surprised it took you that long."


"Something ahoof, sir?"


"I'm not really that good on picking clothes." I shrug and smile.
"Say, what is the best clothing that I would need to get inside? Care to help a sea dog like me?"


"A diamond dog wearing something truly disturbing was trying to get inside. Truly a deviant."

"Pick something fancy. That covers most of your fur."


I raise a brow.
"A diamond dog you say? There are a few of them on the fleet… Let us hope he wises up and puts on something more fitting for an estate such as this."
Oh well, back to HP I go.
"So… the elements of harmony? What are those?"


She raises a brow. "Didn't I tell you about the Harmony sects before? You seemed a little disinterested after I told you it was more of a philosophy than a religion."


Alright lets do that.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You find a tuxedo suit and put that on. The name's Bond. Chip Bond.


"You did mention them yes… I nearly forgot. And my apologies for not appearing as interested in them, but you mentioned Celestia as well and… I am not the biggest of fans of Celestia."


"Anyway! I'm just carrying them around. They probably won't be important in our lifetime. They're riddled with riddles of ancient prophecy and stuff like that. I can't read most of it! It's a dreary topic."


Go and show Ms. Topaz.
"So how does this look?" I smile


"Have you searched for somepony who can read Neighponese?"


She nods, again without looking up.

"That will work."

She shrugs. "I can read some of it. It's not too important to me, though… A long time ago I decided to focus on my medical career. If I went back to that culture… I might lose my identity as more than just a ninja!"

In spite of the gravity of the statements, she still seems pretty cheerful and continues painting.

Perception check.


"That sounds rather grave. What was Neighpon like? I have never been there myself."

Roll #1 3 = 3


You're not sure you know her well enough to advise her about her future.

"Broken apart! Ponies there don't smile enough. It's very serious."


"That sounds quite dreadful, is that why you left? Not enough smiles for you?"


Alright lets go to the front door and knock again. Give a confident smile.


"I wanted to pursue my career in medicine!"

The servant pone opens the door. This time he surveys you up and down, and after a moment nods, and moves aside. "Welcome to the house of Landgrave."


"Are there no doctors in Neighpon? I do not understand."


"My family didn't approve of being a doctor…"


I look at him and whisper.
"I lost a bet so its a prank when I show up dressed like that."

Anyway, look at him and show him my hands.
"Ms. Topaz told me Sir LandGrave may have a doctor on board that can treat me."


"Why so? It seems like a respectable position to me."




"Because they're ninjas!"

"…Right. Lord Goldenblood's doctor is in the parlor, painting."


So it seems I got shoved into the bed with nary a word nor successful protest.


I heard there was a storm is there a storm?


"So they force everypony in the family to become ninjas as well? That seems somewhat unfair."


I nod at this. "Thanks."

Head to the parlor and look for the good doctor.
By the way, what does this place look like?


I was on my way to Rosemary, right?


Yes. At least Rosemary is a pleasant reader.

Though you surely protested loudly. At least you got an agreeable spot next to Summer.

"I don't really want to talk about it."

She still says it cheerily, though.

It's a magnanimous mansion! Marble floors, columns, water feature, chandelier, grand piano, grand staircase, the works! It's three floors, too.

In the parlor you find Light Heart and a pony in a catsuit painting.

You were, but once you arrived she scooped you up into bed with Curry, Grey Worm, and Red, and started reading you a story!

At least it beats being out in that terribly stormy weather outside. It's getting pretty bad from what you last saw, and it's warm and cozy here.


What's she reading?


"Still, you have piqued my curiosity. I would love to read be able to read those scrolls. How did you come into service of the Lord-Mayor of Stonebriar anyway?"


Terrible, Horrible Forbidden Secrets of Nature that Ponies Were Not Meant to Know – Kids' Edition

It's the riveting (?) tale of a weirdo diamond dog who lived out in the swamps. By all accounts, he was amazingly talented at magic, but was always not motivated to continue or dissatisfied with his own marvelous spellcraft. He also didn't like the neighboring swamp ponies.

"I was the valedictorian at the Stonebriar Academy for Natural Philosophy."


Approach them.
"I didnt know there is a place like this in the ship." I look at LH.


"Um… Rosemary? Sorry to interrupt your storytelling, but Summer would like to ask you to borrow your pistol…"


I guess I wait for her to fini-

I nod after she finished her request.


Rosemary bites her lip.

"She's a little young, isn't she?"


"Ah, now that is quite impressive miss Puzzle. What kind of work did you do for him, aside from providing medical services?"

"Ah, mister Chip. Fancy meeting you here. Is it not a marvelous place?"


"She's older than I was when I started learning how to fight."


"That's a breach of doctor patient confidentiality!"


"She is but… I agreed to let her learn how to defend herself. Don't worry, I'll keep a close eye on her at all times! We just need it for a short while, hopefully."


She ruffles your hair.

"Alright… but it's probably too rainy today… the powder will get wet."

She carefully extracts her pistol and turns it over to Spring Water.


I chuckle.
"That is true, but natural philosophy is more than just being a doctor, no? Surely you must have other skills aside from medicine."


"Oh yes, we wont be trying anything today. Thank you Rosemary."
Put it away for now and smile as Curry gets ruffled.


"I'm not that young!"

"Oh… aw. Can I shoot it indoors somewhere?"


Well, at least that absurd hat stayed off. I'll futilely try to straighten it back out.
"That would be less than ideal. Though, after the storm is over I could walk you over to the Hamburgerburgers on the Seaworthy. They seem to know how and where to shoot a gun."


She points at the canvas. "I paint, and cheer ponies up! And I can cook."

Red remarks, "I reckon I won't care for it if you start shootin' up my ships."


"Actually, we were going to ask Emrille."


I suppose now I actually notice your attire.
"…Curry, why are you wearing that?"

"Wait, your ships?"


I'll think a moment.
"Okay, she knows how to shoot, at least. But there are probably dozens of better teachers on the fleet. Including yourself, miss Spring."
I'll be quiet for a moment.
"…because I don't think they would have let me through the door in my usual state of dress."


"It is a bit weird to have such a place on a ship but I cannot deny that it looks… well great." I nod.
"Hey mind if I borrow the doctor for a sec?"

I then look at the pony in a catsuit.
"I presume you are the doctor?" I show my damaged paw.


"Of course, common skills for a natural philosopher."
I chuckle.

"Go right ahead."


I perk up.
"Oh! Yeah! I want Emrille to teach me how to shoot."


"But Summer wants Emrille as a teacher."
I lean in to whisper.
"It might even help mend their relations a bit."


"But why? I thought you and she hated each other."


I frown and lower my head.
"I was stupid… I never even thanked her for all the nice things she's done…"
My frown deepens and my eyes fall in sadness.
"Do… do you think she won't want to teach me because of how mean I was to her?"


"Yep. I been here a few days. Reckon I'm just about king at this point."

She nods cheerily.

Then she tells a joke that makes you chuckle. "Laughter is the best medicine!"

You're about to protest when you notice your paw is healed.

"A graduate must have a well-rounded education."


"I hate to admit it, but I cannot cook or paint at all."


This is an incredibly startling reversal of attitude towards Emrille. I'll glance quickly at Spring, and then back to Summer.
"She, uh… she'd probably teach you if you paid her. But you'd have to let your mother work out a fair payment rate for the lessons."


She boops your nose with a brush. You're relieved to realize it was a clean one.

"You didn't go to the Stonebriar Academy. You just blew it up!"


"Wow, that is fast." I look at my healed paws.
"Whats your name if I might ask?"


Scrunch as she boops me.
"Hardly, I did not fire those cannons after all."


"I'm sure I can talk her into teaching her."


"What? You are studying in that place?"


"I certainly hope so, though there are, as I said, probably dozens of more patient and better teachers on board. Yourself included."


"Happy Puzzle! But you can call me H P If you like."

"I don't blame you for it, but you did tacitly consent to it."


I raise a brow.
"… No. But I was also not responsible for blowing it up."


I perk up, my frown turning into a smile.
"That's a great idea Curry! I have plenty of gold, and she likes money! And she's already paid so much for things for me and my momma…"

"But… I want Emrille to teach me! And… she's really good with her guns! She's probably one of the best shots on the ship!"


"I know you dislike Emrille, but you can't deny she has good marksmanship. Maybe there are better shots on the ship, but I don't know them and certainly don't trust them any more than I trust Emrille. Besides, I'll be keeping an eye on things!"


I'll shoot another glance at Spring.
"…right. But that gold is tied up in your mother's care, and is under lock and key with miss Topaz. You will have to go through both if you want to use the Temple's money."
I'll still look doubtful.
"Just… Do you want me to ask Mera to join you two? Just in case?"


"I would have preferred it not happening at all, to be fair. It was not my decision to make, I only followed my orders."


"Well that I agree, it was Sunny skies who has done a lot of work for that I think. He was pretty active on the exploding part really."

"Happy Puzzle. Nice to meet you." I bow down a bit.
Does she look good?


"Don't worry, I'm sure I can persuade Emrille to set aside some time to teach Summer. And of course you can, if you want to!"


I scrunch up.
"Um… Curry? I don't think Emrille likes you very much… she might get mad if you're there… could you please not come with us?"


Her catsuit accentuates her sleek figure.

She smiles and vigorously shakes your paw.

"It's over now, anyway."


I nod.
"Indeed it is. Although… I may visit it again soon with miss Rosemary, would you terribly mind coming along?"


I'll nod slowly.
But then raise an eyebrow at that.
"I wasn't planning on it, considering the Commodore doesn't want us near each other unless necessary…"


"So I see that you are a doctor and a painter too I might say." I just let her shake my paw.
Is her paintings good?


"Thank you Curry!"
I smile, and then promptly scrunch up again and start thinking.
"…Does Emrille like miss Mera?"


"She's neutral to her, as far as I care to know. The better question is if Mera likes Emrille enough to be in her company."


"… Where is Mera anyway? Swimming?"


So, I got onto the dark lantern to test out the black jay's magic finding abilities or something and then ran inside because a storm?


"If miss Mera doesn't like Emrille then maybe she shouldn't come along too…"
I scrunch up again.


"Or in her tub. It depends on whether she wants to ride out the storm outside or inside."


I'll shoot another glance at Spring.
"If it's to keep you safe, Mera will go. I'm not certain she actually dislikes Emrille, since I haven't asked her at length about anything. Or anyone."


"Keep me safe? Why would Emrille wanna hurt me?"


"You might fall off the boat, or…"
I'll stop for a second.
"Summer, are you feeling well?"


It's abstract. Roll for comprehension.

You retreat belowdecks to the first gundeck. The gun ports are closed to prevent waves from washing aboard. It's still chilly here, but at least you're out of the rain.

"If you want!"


"Huh?… I'm feeling fine Curry, why are you asking? I don't look sick, do I?"


I focus my eyes to understand what it means.

Roll #1 8 = 8


There is probably magic down here, pay attention to the black jay and look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Take a look at her art as well actually.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"No, it's just… Nevermind, it's probably nothing."
I'll shake my head.
"Ah, miss Rosemary, a moment. I don't suppose I could have that book back? I was transcribing it into a new volume. It is rather old…"


I scrunch up and perform a magic checkup spell on myself just in case.

Roll #1 2 = 2



From the chaos… and the blues… You'd say it's a depiction of the storm outside.

The sprackling of paint is meaningless to you.


He doesn't seem any more alerted than on other boats. He seems to get more anxious as you progress down the stairs toward the hold…

"Ah, are you sure you wouldn't rather have me read it to you, little one?"


"Do you sense something?" I pet the Jay and examine the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Magic all around… dulling senses…


"I will leave you to your arts, miss Puzzle. We can speak more soon enough."
Go find Landgrave.


Stand back for a bit and look at her with a mix of amazement and a little fear.
"You made this? Mind I ask how?" I give her an uncertain smile.


"Lightheart, mind if we talk later about certain matters?" I smile at her.


"I do have a few things on my mind, but sure."


You find him in the main smoking parlor enjoying a large cigar.

"Ah, Miss Heart. Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?"

She gestures at the paint buckets and her brushes. "Just a matter of practice!"



Might as well timesplit a little here as not to waste time…
"I'm afraid I must decline, they are bad for my heart you see."


You're fighting fit. Healthy as a button. Or cute as one? Some mixture of the two.


I then look at her painting again and look back at her.
"Its really a work of beauty I tell you. There is something really familiar about that the painting you made is more than meets the eyes. Sort of like that storm outside mind I tell. Both looks quite similar."


"You abstain from far too many of life's pleasures. What DO you keep yourself occupied with?"

"Yes, indeed! Take a look!"

She splashes blue across the canvas, and suddenly the abstract sprinklings of paint come into focus and make sense: they're refractions in the waves!


"I'm hardly little. Just shrunken down. And once it gets transcribed, it will be a bit more durable."
I'll grump a little.
"Though you might as well finish it while we're in here due to the storm."


I nod. "This is a magical ship then, I knew it!" Try knocking on the door.


"Alright! And if you want to start copying, there's paper and ink around here somewhere…"


Yes… all of them are.


"Mostly business. As for my free time… that is usually spent with miss Rosemary. I like to consider her a pleasure as well."
I chuckle.


Phew. That's good.

I guess it's time for me to depart then!
"Bye Curry! Bye Rosemary! Bye you two colts! Thank you for lending me your gun miss Rosemary!"
And then I leave.
Do I see anyone outside?


"I had started a copy back on the Sirocco. I was just wondering where the book had gotten to. I can be patient and wait out the storm, miss Rosemary."


I just stare at it, a bit amazed and a bit fearful too.
"So this is how ponies paint. Not to mention you're a doctor too." I grin at her.


"Wait! It's storming outside!"
Run after her.


"Ahoy thar, May I come in?" can I see past the pony? '1d10'
All of them?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll look at the two fillies sharing the bed.
"I'm fairly sure she didn't mean to call you boys."


"Are mares what get you up in the morning, Miss Heart? I have mares. Arabians. Neighponese. Prench. Germane. Domestic."

"Not staying for the story?"

Grey and Red speak up, "Hey, we're not colts!"

You depart to the second floor of the mansion. On the first floor, you see Chip and Happy Puzzle. You hear Light Heart and Landgrave on the third.

"I try to keep busy!"

You join her in the hallway near the balcony.

Which pony?

"Come in. What do you need?"

This is the hold. Blue Topaz is here.



Lets try our luck and see if we can take take her time off.
"So how did you end up here? Mind to tell a sea dog about your tale?" I give her the smile
>p.. pls rng

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Mares? Oh no, not them exclusively. I am a very openminded mare myself, so I do not let gender stand in the way of things."
I smile slightly.
"But that does sound like an impressive collection, do you happen to buy them from the same store?"
I chuckle.


Blue Topaz, that's chip's friend.. no one else is here?
"A bit of shelter until the rain passes, I was looking for Chip, but I doubt I will find him now."


Happy Puzzle?…
Do I recognize her?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'd rather not talk about it, sorry!"

She returns to painting.

"I have dedicated retainers for obtaining. They're acquisition experts. This particular cigar is from Celestia's collection. Did you know she smokes? It doesn't quite fit her image, does it?"

Just her. The hold is her domain.

"He's up in Landgrave's cabin, as far as I know. He had trouble getting in, but I expect washing up and putting on that tux helped him get in."

She seems familiar… but she's wearing a catsuit, so it's hard to recall.


"I think that's Light Heart's new doctor…"


I wave down.
"Hi mister Chip! Who's that you're talking to?"

"New doctor?… Why is she wearing that weird suit?"


"Alright." I nod to her and began to leave.
"Oh by the way, thanks for healing my paws. I'd like for us to meet someday." I wave with my paw and go outside.


I chuckle.
"I am certain the benevolent ruler of Equestria has many more secrets under her belt."


"I… don't know?"


I frown "I don't have anythin' like that Miss, I'll just have to wait for him to come out.." I smile at her


She nods. "Bye!"

Where to?

"Yes. I suppose I just find it amusing."

He takes another puff. "Did you need something?"

She gestures at one of the large cage nearby. "Find yourself something nice."


"You mentioned neighponese mares… I happen to be looking for somepony who can speak the language."


what.. examine the cage '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It looks weird…"

I walk down to Happy Puzzle.
"Miss Doctor? Why are you wearing that weird suit?"


Well, I guess I'm stuck in Rosemary's bed until Storytime is over. Unless…
"Well, miss Rosemary, while I'd love to stay and listen to your reading, I mostly just came to find out what happened to that book and why it disappeared from the room on the Sirocco. I'll leave you to Red and Grey, and try to make myself as small a nuisance as possible on the ship until the storm is over. Please return the book once you've all finished, and you're able."
Hop down from the bed, and scoot out the door.


Just peek for a moment outside of the ship.
How is the storm coming? Am I stuck on this ship for the mean time.


"It can be arranged."

This cage is twelve feet tall, twelve feet wide, and twelve feet deep. It's full of random assorted clothes.

"It gives me free range of mobility! Do you like balloon animals little filly?"

She pulls out a balloon and blows it up.

She frowns. "Are you sure? It's a stormy day, and you look cozy!"

She tucks you in a little tighter.

The storm is already here. You couldn't detect it on the mysterious mansion, but the ship is shaking in the heavy waves and pouring waves. The winds are powerful and stir the uneasy seas.


"That would be quite excellent, Landgrave, thank you. One other matter… I require some sheet music. A friend of mine asked for some romantic pieces of music for an event she has planned, do you happen to have any suggestions lying around?"


"N-no, that's perfectly alright! Besides, I wouldn't want to intrude on your time with your children."
Break free from the warm embrace of the cozy bed! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"… Doesn't it make you sweat?"


I scratch my head as she takes out the balloon.
"Why do you have balloons?"


"Rook's Serenade in F Minor."

It's too cozy. It's simply the coziest there is.

"Red isn't my daughter, she's just enjoying the story like you!"

"It breathes!"


Whelp, it would be safer to stay in door. I dont like this nice suit from getting wasted.

Alright perhaps Light Heart is here. Lets find her.


is there anything my size here? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I want to make you smile!"

She makes a balloon pony for you.


"For a single instrument or…? Do you happen to have it on paper?"


"Huh? I thought you and Light Heart had adopted both of them."
Can't… fall prey… to the cozy bed! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You hear her upstairs on the third floor.

Yes… you find a nice button up top an some slacks in diamond dog shape and your size.

"It's for a string quartet plus bass. We do have it, in the concert hall."

Nope. Too cozy.

Red takes offense. "I'm a king! I ain't need adopting."



I scratch my head.
"So why do you have balloons?"




Go up there and look for her.


"To cheer up little fillies that are feeling blue on a stormy day! Do you prefer cake?"

She's in a smoking parlor with Landgrave.


"Hmmm… that is unfortunate, she only has a single pony to play music for her."


"Cake? Huh?!"
I look at her in even more confusion.


"But you're a girl. Girls can't be kings. You're stuck as a queen, or Princess."


"… You have cake?"


"I'll bring this back soon." I smile widely feeling fancy. "If you don't mind me askin' why don't ye go to the mansion too?"


Should I meet her with him around?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Yes with swag and confidence go and approach her.
"Greetings." I nod to both Landgrave and Light Heart.


"Well you simply won't find fine music for less than four players."

"Do you want something to eat?"

"I reckon I'm gonna doff you into the dungeons!"

"Sure do! I'm a cook!"

"I have differences with Landgrave."

"One of your associates, Light Heart?"


"Oooh… so, wait. You're a cook and a doctor… and a painter?"
I scrunch up in further confusion.
"Who are you?"


"I'd like to see you try, shortstack, but that will have to wait until later. It's rude to cause a ruckus in a room that isn't yours."
I'll shrug.
"Besides, it wouldn't be fair for you."


"Not even a violin solo? That is unfortunate…"
I perk up as Chip enters.
"Ah, mister Chip. He is the third mate on the Eagle's Roost. We have gone on several missions together, yes."


"Oh, I see.." I give her a polite thanks and go to find the mansion door. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"That I am." I smile.


I scrunch
"Is there something you can't do?"


"Happy Puzzle!"

To alleviate possible confusion, this is not the name she provided in Stonebriar.

"You must think I'm gonna fight you straight up, but I got servants for that. They'll right arrest you!"

"We might have something, but it seems hardly worth it. Solos are for cadenzas."

You locate it. It's the one with the golden handle.

He raises a brow. "Do keep in mind that my estate is not fleet property."


She winks at you. "I can't let somepony be sad without cheering them up!"


"Sure you do."


[knocks on the door]


"I don't think I've seen you before… Are you new?"


"Ah… but it is possible, no? And of course we are aware of that, I assure you that mister Chip will cause you no trouble."



"Okay, you too, how about we get back to the story!"

Rosemary ruffles your manes. Red gets a little huffy.

A servant pone answers.


"I'm more than twenty! That's pretty not new!"

"Very well then. Check the concert hall."


I just nod at this.
"I will keep that in mind."


"I mean are you new on the ship! Did you join us in Dixie?"


"I suppose you're right about that."
I cock my head.
"Where did Light Heart find you? You just appeared one day as yet another associate…"


I'll just grumpily try to straighten my mane back out. I really wish ponies would stop doing that.
I suppose I'm stuck here until she's done, though.


alright, time to speak as fancy as possible "Ello' I am seeking a certain Diamond Dog of Note and believe him to be attendance at this event." '1d10' for pulling off fancy talk

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I will, thank you Landgrave. Now do tell me, what are the plans for Roads? I assume you will require my services in some form?"



"Nope! Where did you join us?"

She bends her legs to get down on your level, smiling playfully.

At least it's cozy and warm. You stay for the end of the story. The part where she tries to read the encoded chapter is amusing.

All in all, the reading was mostly pleasant if a little embarrassing. You think you picked up some details that you may have missed before. For instance, you don't recall having read that he had made a sort of weather-controlling magic.

Roll save against dozing off in cozy bed.

You try to emulate Tony's speaking style and come off as a total chav. Have a butchers at this ya bloom idyit. Right way a speaking innit? Oi I'll sock you, ya aggro blimey. Crickey, this is a piss poor skive. Better leg before you get sussed up and shambolic.

"Yes… but we have more than three weeks of travel yet. We'll discuss it over breakfast, later. In privacy." He nods at Chip.


I can stay awake. I'm not a kid! Mentally. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I nod.
"Understood then, I will leave you be and go see the concert hall."
Bow my head slightly and head off.


Looks like thats my cue.

"I'll meet you later." I smile at her and leave.
Hmmm.. thats a bad start.


I immediately frown
"I- I don't wanna talk about it."
I sniffle.


Some time after a servant pone brings a glass of warm milk, you doze off, and dream of being cared for by your mother and father back at home. You awaken a little later feeling refreshed, but concerned about your claim that you're not a kid mentally.

On the first floor you locate a large room with a stage complete with red curtains for performing.


"When the pirates raided our town and captured us…"


Instead follow her.
"I think I tried to meet you at a bad time does it not?"


She frowns and pats your back. "How can I cheer you up? Do you like dancing, or riding?"


…so, did it work? Smile and straighten my suit to be sure I'm impressive.


I'm not. And to Tartarus with my parents, they threw me in the ocean. I need to step up on getting that mark so I can grow back to normal, so I don't have to wear this ridiculous sailor outfit ever again.
Am I the only one awake?


Wow, that's pretty impressive. This places continues to surprise me.
Anyone around?

"I have been extremely busy lately, I'm afraid. Too many things to take care of…"


Not even a little. The door was closed before you even finished your spiel!

Red and Rosemary are gone. You've awakened in bed with just Grey Worm. If either of you were older, this might be a little dubious, but you realize that at your current age, you probably couldn't make a move if you wanted to.

It's empty.


I put my arms at the back of my head.
"Hmmm.. care to share some of it? I am here if you need some muscles."


Like hell I couldn't. That's what makes it dangerous. Can I get out of the bed without waking her up, though? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hmmm… any sheet music lying around?

"I'm afraid muscle is not what I need. Not quite yet anyway."

Roll #1 6 = 6


I frown.
"I- I…"
I sniffle again.
"I- I wanna go-"
I stop mid sentence and lower my head, heavily conflicted by my emotions.


"Just call me if you need it. I'll do my best if you call for me."

I then look around and whisper.
"Hey I'd like to ask something by the way, that is the reason why I am looking for you."


I raise a brow.
"Do tell."


Put a hoof around her and pull her close.
"Hey now, don't cry…"


You carefully slip out.

You wander back stage and find a few pieces on stands.

She pats your head gently, then runs off to the kitchen and comes back with a big heaping plate of caramel apples.

"Have an apple!"


I whisper
"Why didnt you introduce me with that doctor pony?! She looks like a hot number."


My eyes widen.
"Did you make those?"


Is the book still around, or did Rosemary take it with her? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well, I just reheated them now, to be honest! I left them in the ice box!"

It's lying on a shelf. You quickly see through its deceptions and retrieve it.


Look through them… any that catch my eye?

I chuckle.
"She is quite dashing, is she not? I was thinking about getting to know her better myself, but I have just been so busy…"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Good. I'll have to note that there's a weather spell mentioned in this.
Now, to make my way out of Landgraves's mansion… I'll just peek my head out the door to hear if the storm is still going.


"Still… could I try one?"


I nod at this.
"Very dashing yes. And the way she looks at you and her soft laughter." I just shake in excitement.

"You have to introduce me to her."


Yes. In fact, the ship is shaking back and forth, heaving severely with the waves. There is a heavy downpour on the decks that is kicking up so much water that a mist obscures your view. Water is nearly up to your fetlocks, but it's slowly draining off deck and downstairs.

You didn't notice any of this at all inside the mansion!


She passes you a caramel apple. You tentatively take a bite. It's sugary sweet! The best thing you've had in weeks!


Knock again and try asking normally. "May I come in?"


I raise a brow.
"You are not planning to steal my doctor, are you, mister Chip?"

> >>467472


I sniffle.
"N- No thank you…"
I hug Spring.
"…I- I don't wanna go home yet."


"Oh my… these are really good!"

"… You don't?"


Someone knowing that weather spell would be useful right about now…
Shut the door, and sit down. That book would be destroyed by the wind and rain before I took a half-dozen steps. Looks like I'm riding out the storm inside. Might as well go find the others. Maybe look around the main foyer.


I look at her a bit astonished.
"Stealing Ms. Puzzle? What do you mean?"


I shake my head in the hug.
"N- No…"


He looks you up and down. "I don't recognize you, but you look dressed for an occasion. What's your business here?"

Hm… most of these are single parts, and you're not great at mentally imagining music or piecing them together. Most of the names are technical, too. "Cantata in C Major", "Serenade in F Minor", "Mazurka in G Major".

"Thanks! The ingredients are really what count."

Spring, Summer, and Happy Puzzle are chatting nearby.

Summer seems upset.


"But why? Since when do you not want to go home?"


Have the stuff and cleaned up, right?


I chuckle.
"It was merely a joke. I simply like keeping my medical ponies close to me."

Hmmmm… maybe I should just get Felfire and that shadow to come over? Or actually, just take these with me for now and show them to them when the storm is over.


Well, let's head on over.
"What the matter?"


Yes. But as you return to the deck of the Seaworthy, you note that a huge storm has set in, and being on deck is not wise: you may lose your hard-won element.

Stein tuts: "They've withdrawn the gangplanks, and flying isn't safe in this weather…"

Up to you.


"I- I just don't…"
I reach a hoof up to rub my eyes and hug you tighter.


I then look around.
"Then could I borrow her? You have to introduce me to her in some way, what she likes and what she does not like and stuff."

I then look at what she is doing.
"Musical notes?"


I can leave it in Cline's room. Who else serves on this ship?


"I'm looking for Mr. Chip, I heard he was attending.."


As I said, I'm taking them with me. Landgrave did give me permission after all.
Now let's see… that's taken care of. Maybe I could explore the Darklantern for once. I don't even remember who the captain is these days…

"I will not make any promises, but perhaps I will. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to leave."


I frown slightly.
"I don't understand… why?"



Now that LH has left, lets go a little around this place and see if there is anything noteworthy that catches my eye.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Where am I and what is happening?


Can I go see who else is on the Darklantern? I'm kinda curious.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I- I just don't… not right now."


You recall that the captain is Thirsty Umlock, the furious foreign bull. His first mate is Lieutenant Sunnyskies, the pegasus you worked with in Stonebriar that specializes in explosives.

You know Ruxiang "the Eye" used to be on this ship, but since his transfer, you're not sure who else holds a position here.

"Ah, I see. In the concert hall, then. Watch your step, it's slippery outside. I'll have to ask you to wipe your paws."

He indicates a mat and closes the door behind you.


Given that Landgrave is the First Mate but removed from fleet succession, that would make it the previous Second Mate – Blue Topaz.

It's all rather noteworthy. Very ritzy and upper crust.

You can either awaken in your nest on the Seaworthy (where Felfire is), or escape to a different ship before the storm makes it too difficult to travel between them. Most of the players are on the Darklantern.

You know that Chip Summer and Curry are here in Landgrave's mansion, and you know the nobles inside. Or… NPCs?


I just look a little weirded out, but drop the subject for now.

"So uh… where are you from?"


"We can't just leave her sobbing! No food or balloons or dancing or painting… what about a puppet show?!"


Oh, her.
I doubt she would even appreciate a visit from me.
What about the second and third mate?


I'll put my chick in one of my pouches and head to the Darklantern.


"What's going on?"


I fear I'd have nothing to chat about, with them. But go to the door of the last mate I don.t know about, see if there's anything telling who he is.


wipe off my paws and head in that direction.


I frown and shake my head.

"Oh… hi Curry."


"Summer is being… strange."


Not my kind of place mostly. I like a little spit and dirt, not too much of course but this place is too much for me.
Lets head/peek outside and see how the storm is coming too.


"So I'd noticed earlier."
I'll walk up to Summer.
"What's wrong?"


The only surefire way to find out is to go knock on cabins or ask menials, you suppose.

The storm is getting bad, and you don't like wet feathers. You take refuge on one of the lower levels of the Darklantern. Chip walks out of a nearby room and checks on the storm.

You head into the concert hall and spot Chip and Light Heart on stage.

"What cheers you up and makes you want to smile?"

You check outside. Seekkill is here: the storm is terribly rough outside. Not good for traversing.


Let's do that then! Onward!


That'd be the second. You wander for a while and then realize that it must be the quartermaster. Heading down to the hold, you find a silver handle on the door of the fleet chief engineer, Rusty Wrench.


Where to: doors or menials?



Menials. I'm sure there are plenty in the hold.


Oh this is interesting. Knock.


"Hey! What are you doing outside! There's a storm going on!" I called out!


I get farther out of the rain.
"What Chip doing?"


I shake my head.
"N- Nothing's wrong…"
I try to gather myself. I can do that, right?

"I just want this rain to go away so I can go and learn how to shoot from Emrille…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


In the bunkhouse. They're mostly huddled around lanterns and wrapped up in thick blankets, trying to keep warm. Some are drinking or playing cards.

The buffalo opens the door right away, kit in hoof.

"Sorry, storm. Something important? Burst hull."


"You should just go to the shooting range!"


"No, not as much as a hole in the hull…"
Look around for said hole.


"Something's wrong, miss Seas. Why are you trying to hide it from me? I thought I was your guardian? And if not that, at least a friend?"


"My beloved little pirates, could any of you kind souls enlighten me about where the officers on this vessel are holed up?"


"You're acting very strange Summer… Did you do something wrong?"


Can I see anyone else around me, or at least pick up their scent?


"You're getting wet, here follow me."
I go outside and lead Seekkill to Topaz place.


I follow him.


He heads deeper into the hold, past you, down the stairs. You follow him out of curiosity.

Deep in the dark of the bilge, water is up to the neck level. The menials have retreated from this room, but Rusty charges right into the water and pulls out his kit, which starts floating, and creates a veritable storm of carpentry.

You can't quite see what he's working on because it's below water.

One of them meanders over. An earth pone about twice your size. "Who you callin' little, lady?"

A few others back him up with varying degrees of enthusiasm, ranging from essentially defeated to bored-and-wanting-to-smash-something.

Chip is nearby.

This ship is thick with the scent of the sea, wood, and many different stinking pirates. Someone you want to track?

You lead him deep into the hold of the Darklantern. The elderly mare known as Blue Topaz is sitting at her desk here, in front of cages of loot. The room is lit by a nearby forge's fire.


"Huh? Where's that?"

"I didn't do anything wrong!"


"Here you can get some rest."
I then look at him.
"What are you doing outside? Its dangerous out there."


"I never said you did, but something is bothering you."


I chuckle.
"It was merely a figure of speech. A little bit of humor to lighten up the mood in this dreadful storm is not out of place. But please, do tell me where I can find the officers. It is rather important, you see."


"Is Topaz pony that pays? Topaz have pay for Seekkill?"

"Seekkill coming to Darklantern."


Squint my eyes and look closer. Maybe he's gonna need some help.


"Did somepony threaten you then? Are you afraid of something?"


"Nopony threatened me… I just want this rain to go away so I can go have Emrille teach me how to shoot…"


"You made me worry out there. Dont do stunts like that aye?" I pat his back.

I then look at my dress. Is it still in good condition?


She pops you up onto her back and gallops off!

Soon you find yourself at the mansion's shooting range. It's pretty spartan, but there are paper targets set up at the end of a long, wide room. There are desks for resting rifles on.

"Alright, alright. Cap'n's in the hold. Mate's in his little magic room. Second's off ship right now. Third's at the helm."

I actually jumbled up the ships because I was busy. Rusty Wrench is actually the second mate from the Darklantern, but he's visiting to help care for the weaker-hulled Seaworthy. You recall who is the second mate here on the Seaworthy: you were just in his silver-handled room!

In any case, you can't really make out much below the dirty water.

"Yes. Here's your pay."

She takes your bits from the tournament, adds them to your account, then hoofs you four doubloons total.


It's pretty wet, but it's okay.


"You're rather fixated on Emrille teaching you."
I'll shake my head. Youth, I suppose.
I'll follow after Puzzle.


How boring…
"Thank you kindly."
Bah, nevermind then. Boring. I don't want to sit out in the rain to talk to whoever the third mate is.
I'll go back to the mansion and find Rosemary. Is Stein around somewhere too?


"Oh kay?"

"Thank you."
I put them in a pouch.


Okay. I will just wait.
So the seaworthy has just 3 officers, Umlock, Skies and Cline?
This guy sure is taking a long dive…


I look at him a bit weirded out.
"Hmmm I havent seen you so much this days? What are you up too ei?"


"Seekkill up to nothing. Seekkill not get chance to hunt in Reptil, Seekkill not get chance to hunt in Dicksee, Seekkill cannot hunt on ships. Seekkill bored."


I look around the room.
"So this is the shooting range?"
I guess… I guess I might as well try to shoot the gun.

Roll #1 3 + 0 = 3



Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3



We didn get a chance to hunt in Reptil….

Hmmmm… weird.
"Wow, now I can see your predicament. Looks like that is a very bad thing after all. I thought you and Felfire hunt together?"


Doesn't appear to be.

You locate Rosemary slicing a banana for Red in the kitchen.

She nods without looking up.

There's the third mate, of course: the quartermaster, Lockermaster Jones.

"Yep! Now smile!"

You miss the target pretty badly. Bad, bad!


I shake my head.
"Felfire change. Not fun any more. Not want hunt anymore. Still act strange when Seekkill touch her."


I smile and walk up to her.
"Hello there, you two."


I don't smile, I frown.
"It just isn't as fun without Emrille…"


"Careful, miss Seas! You have to remember to aim, so that no one except the target gets hurt."


"Well she is acting pretty strange if you ask me. So how about you and me hunt together?"


I'll sidle up next to Spring.
"Don't you think she's been acting a little… strange? She was never this fixated on Emrille. At least in a positive sense."


"Welcome back."


She frowns deeper at you, and tries tickling.


I- I can resist that, right?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"First the hoof thing, now this…"
I frown.


Nope! You burst out laughing. At least you didn't pull an Epona.


"Hungry, Red? This mansion must be quite the treat to you."


"H- Hey!"
Can I tickle her back?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sound good, but nothing to hunt on ship."


"I reckon it's about my birthright. I'll be keepin' my throne here."

Though your hooves are short, she leaves an opening, and you strike!

"Ah ha ha! M-made aha ha you smile!"


I smile a bit.
"Oh I am certain you will… Though I'm not quite sure whether Celestia will appreciate a rival monarch in her realm. Have you considered this?"


I shrug.
"Perhaps when we dock or perhaps even when the storm calms down. Maybe we can hunt."
"What do you have in mind by the way?" I look at him.


"I don't think the hoof thing is connected to this. Do you remember when she changed her opinion of Emrille so suddenly? Because as far as I knew, she didn't like her at all while we were in Dixie."


"I'll be sendin' her an ultimate letter and offering her a little county if she plays nice, I reckon."


"O- Only because yo- hahaha- you cheated!"
I keep trying to tickle her!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well I'm glad for one… maybe she and Emrille had a secret talk and made up? I did tell Emrille to make amends with her, and told Summer to do the same…"


"Anything we can catch."


"Celestia is quite powerful, she has many allies loyal to her. How do you intend on winning them over?"


Nope. She has out-tickled you. She's simply the best. You grow fatigued from laughing and flop over, unable to stop. Eventually, she frees you.

"I'll give 'em each a couple rounds and I reckon by the time I clean up the first few the rest will learn their place."


"But this quickly? And why is she insisting on it being Emrille, or caring whether or not she likes whoever attends the gun training sessions? It just doesn't add up. No one changes that fast. Especially a child."


I chuckle.
"Such grand plans for a young filly. What do you think, Rosemary?"


"Alright, just tell me when you have plans then I will see if I can help."

I then stroke my chin.
"Wait, did you enjoy it when I brought you to that place in Reptil? Didnt you pick a lovely one?"


She smiles. "She'll do fine."


I scowl.
"Seekkill not like that."


Brush up to her.
"Any ambitions of your own you would like to share?"


I just scratch my head.
"Well I didnt know, my apologies."


I giggle for a few moments more before stopping and trying to get my breath back.
"Wha… why'd you go and do that?"


She brushes back. "I'm going to marry a vicious pirate queen and live a life of adventure."

"Because! It's important that everypony feel good, and you looked grumpy gloomy!"


"It fine now. What Chip do on ship?"


I chuckle.
"A vicious pirate queen… what kind of a dreadful individual would ever wish to become such a thing?"


"Nothing much since this storm is passing through. I was trying to woo someone but it looks like she is a hard one to get. Plus I cant get back to my bed since we are essentially stranded here."


Red remarks, "Well, if you can't be a king, it's the next best thing."

Rosemary adds, "They're probably disreputable!"


I shrug.
"Something must have happened between those two… frankly, I'm just happy they aren't at each other's throats anymore. Maybe she's just going through a phase? She's getting to that age quickly…"


I nod my head.


"I would suggest treading carefully around such vile ponies. Who knows what goes on in their heads?"


"You're weird miss Happy Puzzle. None of the other ponies on the ship care about other ponies… well, except Emrille. And mister Chip and mister Abilio and mister Doc Peg. And mister Keymaster…"


I'll shake my head.
"I don't know. I can't help but worry a little."


I then stand up.
"I suggest you stay here where its warm and safe. I'll see if I can get myself dressed up."

Approach Topaz.
"Looks like that Landgrave guy is a total snoob."


"Who else on this boat?"


Has the buffalo came out of the water yet?


"They're certainly unpredictable. And have all kinds of weird magic."

She pecks you on the cheek.

"See! Plenty of friendly ponies! But I believe that everypony should laugh and smile. It's part of being a follower of the Element of Laughter!"

"Yes… I had thought you'd be more akin to my line of thinking. I'd much prefer a mate that can work with their hooves."

Oh, yes. Hole's patched, and now he's working on a bilge pump, and hollering at menials to come back down and help pump.


Help him. And call upon my three friends to help too.


"You're a follower of the Element of Laughter? I'm a follower of Luna!"


My ear will flick at that.
"Element… of laughter? You mean like one of the elements of harmony?"


She smiles. "They're not exclusive, you know. I knew a few ponies who followed Luna. Elements are more like… a philosophy!"


With all of your work at once, the bilge gets down to safe levels quickly, though the menials don't look happy about getting soaked.


"Well I am certainly glad to have you with us. To have a pretty nurse like yourself taking care of my medical needs… truly heaven."


Screw them. It's just water.
"This was fun."


"Huh. Those seem to be popping up a lot lately… I know there were the five major sects in Autumnsreach, but to think they spread out further…"
I'll puzzle it a little.
"How did you come to join the Laughter sect?"



"I am a dog who tries to work hard, but what do you mean by being more aligned with your thinking?" I scratch my head.

"Hmm… Light Heart is in the mansion of Landgrave but you need to get dressed up to get in there. Besides that I really don know." I shrug


"I'm not mad! I was just saying 'cause you told me who you worship!"




She chuckles. "Add blasphemy to the laundry list."

Red sticks out her tongue. "You're actin' all lovey dovey. I seen it afore."

He nods. "Good reflexes. You are?"

You replied to Chip!

Topaz doesn't look up. "My useless first mate, Landgrave. The second mate – a good one, but off ship at the time. And third mate is the jack o' swords. He's manning the helm."

"I grew up near a Laughter shrine. It was the happiest part of my youth!"

"It's okay! I was just telling you, you can believe in laughter and still believe in Luna, too!"


"Felfire. Terrebonne's student."


"Well its a fancy place, many things that is kind of weird for both of us if you ask me."

"Ehhh… so I see how the condition of this ship is with those in charge. Is there anything that can be done with that." I frown.


"I thought it was fairly obvious before, Red."
Put a wing around Rosemary.
"She watched over my body when I died, and made sure to bring me back. That is some dedication from a nurse, no?"


Living next to one of those places? How bad was the rest of her youth?
I'll chuckle.
"I suppose that's why you follow it so strongly. I was never much one for the Five. I hear there's a sixth out there, somewhere, but it's not quite been proven."





"I see. Pillager's Fancy?"

"Landgrave is immovable, I'm afraid."

Rosemary blushes.

Red continues acting sick. "When I'm King of Equestria, I'mma round all you up and put you on one island. You can be the duke of that."

You think she means lesbians, but then she adds, "Ponies that act lovey dovey. They'll call it Love Island, so ponies will stay away!"

"It appears when the other five come together! I've seen ponies try to make it appear, but it rarely works. I've never seen it, anyway. I read about it, though. Have you ever read a book about the Elements?"

"What brings you to my forge, griffon? You haven't visited since I designed those gauntlets."


"Chip say follow so I follow. These gauntlets good gauntlets."


Nod slowly.
"The storm got me."


"I would be honored to look after a island filled with couples. It would net be quite a lot of subjects."
I chuckle.
"Love is a powerful thing, Red. Do not underestimate it."


"Not in depth, but I have run across one. It's pretty old, though. I was planning on transcribing it before it decides to fall apart."


"Bilged before?"

"Good. A smith always likes to hear her work is well-made."

She sticks her tongue out again. "Since when did anypony win because of the power of love? I reckon never."

"Oh? How exciting! It's good to see young ponies getting excited about reading!"


I just shrug.
"How come?"

"And also I brought Seekkill here since he is getting wet outside with that storm coming through."


"As I said before: he has some agreement with the commodore."


"I'm not exactly young, you know. I may look like a colt of only eight or so, but I'm actually closer to 40. I think. You tend to lose track of birthdays."
I'll shake my head.
"Anyway. After I get that copied down, I might let you borrow it for a little while, since it seems like something you'd like to read."


"No. Only to get fresh water. Once maybe.
Usually I'm holed up studying…"


I nod.

"Where Curry?"


She doesn't seem fazed by that. "You're cute, for forty! Maybe you can give me the summary, though. I'm pretty busy these days!"

"What now?"


"It mostly looks like prophecy, but as I've said, I haven't really looked at it in depth yet. That's probably going to happen while I'm copying it down."
And I don't see why she would be, since Light Heart made no secret of her use of Age magic.


"If you say so, Red. Now, have fun you two. I have work left to do."
pat Red on the head and turn to Rosemary, whispering in her ear with a knowing smile.
"This evening. You and I alone. In my bed. Alright?"
And then I'll head off to my room to see Grey.


"I'm not sure I'd be much help. But I have pony power."
Motion at the shadows.
"So if you need help, I can follow."


"Well cant be helped I suppose." I just shrug.
Look in the mirror. Is my condition good enough to go back to the mansion?


"Curry? I honestly dont know if you ask me." Perhaps he is somewhere around this ship I suppose."


"I see. Well, I bet it's good!"

She nods.

You return to the room. Grey Worm is snuggled into bed sleeping.

He taps the hull. "Fine now. Let's retire."

He leads you back to the hold of the Seaworthy. Normally the door is solidly shut by Jones, but Rusty Wrench seems to have rank on him or something, and opens the door no problem. He leads you into a side room and pulls a pot off a little stove.

"Want coffee?"

You're mostly dry now. Probably.


"Seekkill try find Curry if Chip not have things he wants do with Seekkill."


Hows that cube thing looking?
Walk up to the bed and watch her sleep for a moment, then carefully poke her with a hoof.


"Well, we'll find out, I suppose. It was nice seeing you again, miss Puzzle, by the way."


"Sounds like a grest idea."
Look around the room.
"You are stationed on the Darklantern, aren't you? How did you manave to cross ships?"


Perception check.

The cube is still pretty randomly assorted.

"Before storm."

He pours you a big cup of coffee. And another for himself. You can see the steam coming off of it.


She gives you a smile and nods vigorously.


Anything good to protect these clothes in the rain? Lets look in the drawer.

Or perhaps I can get something extra and put it in my bag of holding.

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 4 = 4


"makes sense."
Slowly sip the coffee.
"Long time on ships?"


I guess I'll just… head back to the main area, then. Spring and Summer should be fine with Puzzle, and I can't really leave until the storm blows over… Guess I'll just sit in one of the chairs with the book on Terrible Horrible Facts.


I go looking for Curry.


You can't find anything else but more clothes, which would just ruffle and wrinkle if you slide them on over.

You can't make heads or tales of the cube.

Grey Worm is soundly asleep.

"Very long. And yourself?"

Having gone through it twice now – nearly thrice, rereading it yields little new epiphanies.

You track him based on testimony to Landgrave's cabin. You're not sure you'll be able to get inside, but it's worth a shot.


I knock on the door.


Hmmm… maybe I should just let her sleep…
Fuck it, let's go do some networking. Let's leave this mansion and go visit Topaz' hold.


You tap the door with your talons and extend your spooky beak.

A servant pone answers the door, takes one look at you, and shuts it. Too spooky!

You did glimpse Curry in the foyer, though.

You pass Curry in the foyer. At the door you pass Seekkill who is being denied entry. You should head downstairs if you want to get to the hold.


I'll sigh.
Not much to do without the rest of the books…


"I've been traveling from port to port since I was…
I don't know. Very young.
But these ships… Just a few months now."


Perhaps wear those second grade clothes and hide the suit in the bag if I can fold it neatly inside. Go outside then see if I can enter.


Also reason the servant that I will change.


"Mister Seekkill?"


You could go find ponies to talk to or explore the mansion while you're here. Or go explore the Darklantern.

He nods. "And necromancy?"

You arrive at the door. Seekkill and Light Heart are here.




"Do you need something from the mansion?"


Am I still with Puzzle?


"Roughly the same. Maybe even sooner than that.
Gotta have something to pay with, after all."


"Want to talk to Curry."


Yep! Curry chatted about elements for a time and returned to the foyer.

He nods slowly and is quiet for a time.

"And now?"


Raise a brow as to ask what he means.


"Ah. A moment then."
Head back inside and fetch Curry.
"Mister Curry? Mister Seekkill is outside to see you."


I suppose. But the book might not survive the trip…
"Huh? Oh, okay."
And I'll go out into the hallway.


"Hey!" I stop by and greet the two of them.


"Right outside the mansion, hard to miss him."
And then I'll head out to the hold of the Darklantern.


"What now? For you?"

Curry is now with you, too.


"You're inside too?" I look at Curry a bit surprised.


You head down into the deep dark of the Darklantern. Here, in the depths of the hold, Topaz is at her desk, tinkering by the light of the forge.


Grin wide.
"Learn aaaaaall the magic!"
"Honestly, I just want to relax. Settle down. The Pillanger's Fancy is looking more and more like a home."


"Yeah. I had to get this book back because miss Rosemary had run off with it. And then the storm hit, so I was stuck."


He nods sagely. "Contentment grows. Quiet here. Easy life."

Another blast of thunder goes on outside, as if you counter his point.


Let's see how long it takes for her to tell me to fuck off.
"Captain Topaz, good morning."


"How many of us are stuck here?" I look at him in confusion.

"and you're so small."


I'm still outside.


I listen to the rain outside for a bit.
"Momma? Do you know when the rain's gonna let up?"


"I guess the same's for you, then?"


I'll shrug.
"Between you, me, Light Heart, and the rest…? A good hoof-full. Spring and Summer are here too."
I'm in the hallway.


"They said by this evening… so still a while."


She doesn't look up. "Third Mate Heart."

"For all. I think."


I fidget a little.
"Summer and Spring eh?"
"Oh Seekkill wants to talk with you by the way."
I point at the door.


"I dunno. Maybe there are some for which the fleet is just a stop. Like the Fullmaster."


I smile anyway.
"I do not think I congratulated you with your promotion yet. So congratulations."


"You think? Commodore material."

"To you as well. I wonder if you enjoyed our last stop."


"He refused. Didn't you hear?"


"Summer's learning how to shoot, and she's hung up on having Emrille teach her for some reason."
I'll shake my head again.
"Thanks for telling me, by the way."
I'll head to the door and open it up.


"But stayed. May yet."


I walk through the open door.


"Would you support that?"


My mouth just hang open.
I then follow him towards seekkill.


I pout.
"I hate the rain…"


"You do? How considerate of you. It was quite pleasing, if it wasn't for certain events."


I ruffle her mane a bit with a smile.
"Well pouting isn't going to make it go away quicker! Do you want to do something?"


"I wanna go learn how to shoot from Emrille…"


But you can't open the door to the mansion. You must knock.

He shrugs. "Why not? Seen worse."

"You seemed interested in Dixie at the meeting." She still hasn't looked up.




"Indeed. I am from Dixie, after all. There is quite a bit of wealth to be found there. Did you enjoy it?"
At least she's willing to chat!


But Curry was inside?


I scrunch.
"Come on Summer…"


"Flambe Shot. Before Tallow. Deep Burrows. Before Shot. Rosselsby, too. Before Burrows. Seen many. Found wanting."

"It was quiet, at least. I had intended to see the new recruits trained, but Smitts decided against a raid."

He said he went out into the hallway.


"You really have been here a lot…
What did you do, before the fleet?"


"And now we head for the stronghold of Roads… it sounds like a rather daunting place. Have you been there before?"


"I can't even go hang out with Emrille…."
I sigh.


Oh. I thought he meant a mansion hallway.


Apparently I got stopped by Chip somewhere, or we're just misreading locations.


"Made wheels. No life. Not worthwhile."

Whatever, no big deal. Let's just say you're snuck into the mansion with a bunch of servant pones eying you warily.



"Hi there, Seekkill. I hear you were looking for me?"


"Yes. It is a small, worried place. Important for so many irrelevant reasons."



"Summer please. Just stop thinking about her for now! Tomorrow is another day!"


>follow you outside but well


"Is it at least a pleasant hold to spend time in?"


"Something here gave you purpouse, then?"


"Why? What's wrong with thinking about Emrille?"


"Nothing, but… you just can't talk about anything but her!"


"…Why not?"


"If you care for history or trade. It is not a very quiet place. But business has own merits unto itself."

"Perhaps yes. Or routine. Old habits. Long time."


"Seekkill bored. Why still small?"


"Because… it's freaking me out a bit!"


"Because I haven't found what I was looking for yet. I could still probably fight you, if you're that bored, but I would have to rely on magic instead of my normal strength."


"Any business you need to take care of yourself there? Perhaps something I could help with?"


"Huh?… Why is it freaking you out momma? What's wrong with Emrille?…"
I tilt my head in curiosity and confusion.


"You just seem completely obsessed with her. It's odd!"




"All you do is work on the ships? Ever joined a raid?"


"What you looking for? Now not good time for fight."


I look at him and look at the mansion.
"So where are you and the others staying in here?"


"I'm looking for a purpose. I want to see if I can change my fate."
"Most of us ended up stuck in Light Heart's chamber. Her two adopted fillies were there as well, with miss Rosemary sticking us in beds despite all protests."


"Oh. Why?"


My eyes just widen upon hearing all of this and gulp.
"I… I didnt know that."


"Curiosity, mostly. And I don't think my previous talent will be of much use in the future…"
"It's not as great as you think. You get no respect at all when you look like this."




"To see if I could, through my own efforts, change fate? I don't know. I just seemed to be… well, rather useless as I was, so I wanted to see if I could become better than that."


"What was it?"


"My old talent? I was very good at fighting on boats."


"Oh. What talent you want now?"


"I don't know. That's the thing. I'm looking for my purpose, and that usually takes a while, even the normal way. I didn't find that out until I was in my teenage years, so who knows how long this will take."


"Pony should become gryphon instead of become colt. Gryphons better."


"Well I can tell that if you ask me. Though you have to earn it like what Summer did."


"It doesn't quite work that way, I'm afraid. It has to be something that I, as a pony, can do well. And not just well, but something that defines me."
I'll nod.
"I don't think I'll get for a good while, though."


"Pony good at being colt?"


I'll shake my head.
"Again, that's not quite how it works. Ponies, at certain points in their lives, discover a talent they have that they can do better than most any other pony. In miss Seas' case, that's healing. In Emrille's, it's shooting. In mine, it was fighting on a boat."


"Maybe tasting good? Seekkill hungry and can help you find out."
I clack my beak and leer at you.


I'll just give you a deadpan stare in return.
"I'd hardly be a mouthful at this size, and it wouldn't grow back. Sorry, I think I'll pass."


"Then you got to stick more on the job if a job is needed. Maybe one day you will get the respect you need." I fold my arms.

I then stare at him.
resist cuteness

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh kay."


I slowly extend my paw and pat his head.


"I'm hoping these books I've got in Light Heart's cabin on the Sirocco will offer some insight in what to do. Or at least paths that are available."
"Once the storm clears up, we could always see how well I can fight at this size."
I'll just sigh.
"You'd be surprised at the number of ponies that can't seem to contain themselves, mister Chip. I've had my head patted more in the last three days than I care to mention."


"Maybe. You throw well too."


"I prefer my hooves on whatever passes for the ground unless I can't proceed without aid."
I'll shrug.
"Though, if you try that again, you might want to make it a little less rough. You wouldn't want me to get sick all over your feathers."


I pick you up and toss you a few times, then carefully set you on my back.
"Seekill need take you flying some time."


"I'll admit, I've wondered what it is like. But not too high. Knowing my luck, I'd fall."


"I, its hard to resist," I just look at him and continue to pat.

Resist to carry him.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Reach out my hands and carry him using my two paws.

"I cant believe you are the same Curry that I know." I grin.


I'll wiggle a little.
"And yet, I am. The same nearly 40-year-old bearded pony. Now put me down, mister Chip. There is only so much indignity I can bear for a day, and wearing this blasted costume has taken most of that."


"Curry is cute beakful."


I slowly lower him down but not before patting his head again.
"Apologies, youre just too cute to resist."

"Anyway, you two are talking about fighting each other right?"


"So I hear."


"We've done so before. I came out the victor that time."


"Seekkill not feel like fighting now."


"I don't much feel like fighting either. This book is far too old for that, and the weather outside would ruin it before I could go five steps into it."


Let's look for Light Heart.
I'm sure she'll be glad to know I'm mare sized again.
Be sure to wear my 9/10 attire and fancy repeater


I'm probably hanging around my cabin somewhere. We should assume this is BEFORE the storm hits.
"Oh? What is this I see? Filly no more at last?"


Do a little spin and smirk.
"I thought you'd like this piece of news."


"You look very good indeed."
Look at her flank.
"And the cutie mark…?"


Click with my tongue, but show her my ass with the new, improved mark.
"Tsk tsk tsk, I'm with Tela now!"


"Oh I am well aware of that. Still, it is good to see it ended up being a worthwhile experiment. Welcome back to the wonderful world of adulthood, miss Emrille."


I let out a laugh.
"Feels fucking great! And I can use this beauty again!"
Kiss the barrel of my rifle.


I nod.
"It is good that you will be at full power once again. We may end up needing it in Roads."


"Will we? What's the plan there?"


"The commodore and Landgrave have yet to specify, but I assume it will be big. They mentioned a vault…"


"I hope it will have a fucking golem again."


I chuckle.
"As long as Rhett does not show up, we should hopefully manage. We have quite a bit of experience under our belts after all."


I still shiver a bit.
"That fucking guy…
But yeah, I doubt he can catch bullets like Al-Jinn.
And in that case…"
Crouch down to a sniping position and pretend to pull the trigger with my wing.
"Bang. I doubt his skull is bulletproof."


"I do not doubt your skills of course, but I doubt he will be alone. You remember Stonebriar, no?"


"Yeah, but he is the leader and shit, right?
Shoot the brain, the body dies."


"Not always, sadly. A dying body can still lash out, I thought our fight in Reptil made that much clear."


"Yeah, but since then, I got this baby done!"
Pull the lever of the repeater a few times.
"If I had this by that time, I could have offed them much faster."


"Hmmm… let us hope so. In any case, I appreciate your return to adulthood."


"I'd appreciate it if Tela would apprecaite it too, but she is so fucking… finicky. So, I need to ask you for something."


I cock my head.
"Whatever do you mean?"


I groan.
"She won't fuck until I get a room!"


I laugh heartily.
"Oh my, that is quite disastrous. Is she that shy?"


Roll my eyes.
"Yeah. And that she wants the first time to be 'romantic'.
And what can I do? I want to please that whore."


"I suppose that is respectable. I do have two rooms at my disposal, so I can let you use one of them if you so desire."


"I'd appreciate that.
It would be the best to get a room for just the two of us, even a small one…
I don't suppose you know the know-how to get shit like that? Or fuck, even make one with the help of Chip somewhere! All I need is a bed for two-"
"Maybe ocasionally three mares, and that's about it."


"I'm afraid you'd have to ask the captain of your ship for that. I do not have the power to grant you such things."


"Well, you're the third mate of the Sirocco, aren't you? And you are a lot more persuasive."


"But you are not a crewmember on the Sirocco, miss Emrille."


"True… maybe I should ask Abilio.
He knows this type of shit.


I nod.
"Indeed. Still, I can let you use one of my rooms if you so desire."


"Yeah, I'd be really thankful for that. I just need to know when. Hopefully as soon as possible."


"I do need them for my own use at night, of course. So it would need to happen during the day."


"I can manage that. I guess I should ask right before too, right?"


"We have quite a lot of days ahead of us, but if you wish I can arrange for tomorrow already, barring no unexpected circumstances."


I pout.
"What? Only tomorrow?!"


I nod.
"I'm afraid my partners are resting after that stressful day in Dixie yesterday. I would not want to disturb them."


"Ahh, fuck…"


"My apologies. Though perhaps I can persuade miss Rosemary to leave the our room for a while today. I will look into it."


"Thanks. I'd appreciate it a lot.
Y'know, I could really use Tela's help as soon as possible.."


"Her help?"


Smack the air with my tail.
"Don't play stupid."


I chuckle and lean in a bit closer, nearly whispering.
"I could relieve you of your cravings if you so desire."


Smack her ass with my wing.
"I know I'm sexy, but Tela would shove a sword up both our cunts if I cheated on her. So how could I ever hurt her like that?"
"I just need a place where the two of us can get it on already. She's a mare-virgin, bless her soul. It will be a delicacy to pick her dyke flower."


"Ah. Such a pity."


"Listen, after she's used to it and everything, maybe you could mention how much fun threesomes are sometime, huh?"


I chuckle.
"Oh my, what deviancies do you think I am capable of? What would miss Rosemary say if I did not sleep with one, but two other mares?"


"Foursome then?"


I smile.
"Perhaps. Who knows?"


"Good girl~"


"Is forbidden. High value."

Presumably you left to see Emrille.


Storm's still going?


"But would you like to?"
Grin a bit.


I think I should visit my hamburgers


Nope, I specifically stated this happened the day before.


You peek outside. You can't really judge time of day, but the storm seems to have calmed somewhat. It's still too rough to travel, but it may be safe soon.

He shrugs.

You're on the Darklantern as you were speaking with Light Heart. The Hamburgerburgians are on the Seaworthy, and the storm is still too intense to cross between ships, even by wing.


At least Abilio is on the Darklantern too, right?


Oh very well then.

"I'll be overseeing our sales. I am sure it will keep my quite busy."


So is the storm over yet in this time period?


Fullmaster Abilio is probably on his own ship, the Pillager's Fancy.


You're still stuck for now. It looks like you'll have to amuse yourself someway else.

Of course, Emrille might be on this ship.


Bah. Looks like I'm stuck exploring the underdecks of the Darklantern. So, let's go exploring. I remember the brig well enough, but let's check out… hmm. That quartermaster, the one I got the robes from. I wonder if he'll be open to trade for a gently used sailor outfit for something less embarrassing. So, down to the quartermaster's.


"Oh well.
I'm not too hot for raids either.
Go figure, I have too many corpses lying around lately."


Is she?!
I take off looking for her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Fucking damnit! He should try and create some more stable ship to ship version of those fucking tartarian gates!


Since I am inside the mansion Let go around and explore a bit.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You head back down to the lair of Blue Topaz, whom you just asked for directions to Landgrave. Light Heart is here.

"Long sail. Roads far."

You locate her on the second deck.

Summer arrives.

You feel a little tired and recline on one of the couches in the foyer.


Wait, Topaz is the quartermaster? I thought it was that guy behind the locked door. Anyway, I won't pester her so soon after I already had.


"Ah, of course. How long have you served the fleet, captain? I am curious."


Hmmm hey is Ms. Puzzle still around.


"Beats me why we are hauling ourselves halfway across the world…"


I wave to her and run over to her.
"Emrille! Emrille! Can you teach me to shoot?"


I raise an eyebrow when she appears.
"As long as you don't point it at me.
Do you even have an own gun yet?"


your own*


I levitate the gun Rosemary gave me out of my bag and nod.
"So can you teach me now? Or… o- or are you still mad about before?…"
My enthusiasm dampens and I become crestfallen.


I scratch my chin with a hoof.
"Well… maybe I can forgive you. But time is money, y'know what I mean?"


"Time is money? Huh?…"
I look at her in confusion, still sad.


Fleet Admiralty
Commodore Smitts

Eagle's Roost
Captain: Forever September
First Mate: Flux [Quartermaster]
Second Mate: General Gerard Movp
Third Mate: Chip

Captain: Al-Jinn the Unscarred
First Mate: Ruxiang "the Eye" [Jack o' Swords]
Second Mate: Mellow Marsh [Quartermaster]
Third Mate: Light Heart

Pillager’s Fancy
Captain: "Fullmaster" Abilio
First Mate: Miss Terrebonne [Fleet Resurrectionist]
Second Mate: Doc Peg [Fleet Doctor]
Third Mate: Dolly Doldrums [Fleet Windmaster] [Quartermaster]

Captain: "Thirsty" Umlock
First Mate: Lieutenant Sunnyskies [Jack o' Swords]
Second Mate: Marrowbone (Culled Cline)
Third Mate: Lockermaster Jones [Quartermaster]

Captain: Blue Topaz [Quartermaster]
First Mate: Landgrave [Fleet Diplomat]
Second Mate: Rusty Wrench [Chief Engineer]
Third Mate: Medium John Bronze [Jack o' Swords]

Officer Corps:
Jolly "Face" Rogers [Fleet Diplomat]
Cloudy "Lucky Stripes" Stripes [Fleet Navigator]
"Tough Guy" Salty Slugs [Fleet Cannon-master]

"Longer than you've been alive."

Oh yes. You can see her tail swinging side to side as she paints in the other room.

"They lead. We follow."


"Asking ourselves questions is key to discovery.
It's part of what makes magic go on."


"Time is money.
And teaching an amateur to shoot a gun takes time.
Which means…"


Huh. Well, she's talking with Light Heart, so I guess I'll just eavesdrop for now.


I smile slightly.
"I had a suspicion that was the case. Quite impressive indeed, piracy tends to be a high risk occupation."


Enter and watch a bit from a distance what she is painting and watch her flanks too of course



"Oh! I can pay you!"
I levitate…
How much gold do I have on me?


I smirk.
"Now we're talking!"


"Discovery matters? Only contentment. Ergo means."


"Any action is only as risky as you let it be."

She has started a new piece with flecks of whites and reds.

I'll be straight up with you. I am not sure if you or your mom had your money, but it's 8 doubloons (~400 bits).


Pretty sure I had it.

I search through my bag and levitate out two doubloons.
"Is this enough?"


Take them with my wing, smirk even wider, and put them away.
"Yeah, that'll do.
Now show me that piece of work."


"Discovery is exactly how many attain contentment.
Hard to believe, I know!"
"But for some reason, I just can't be happy with following orders I know nothing about."


I nod.
"Unfortunately, my skills do not lie in smithing, so I am not nearly as valuable to the fleet as you are. As such, taking certain risks is necessary if I wish to climb up the officer's ladder."


"Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I hop over and give you a hug.
"Uh… You mean the gun?"
I levitate it over to you.


Push her a bit away.
"No need to get cheesy just because we made up."
Now, let's inspect it.
What kind of pistol is it?


Look around, is there some sort of refreshment parlor here? Perhaps I can serve and me some wine or something


It's just a standard flintlock. Nothing special.



Waiting the tempest out while talking to the chief engineer of the fleet.


Is anyone I care about still at that party, or did they all leave?


"Okay, you can handle this."
Give it back.
"I'm not sure if we can do it on this ship though."


Seems like this fleet has done some good things, you know for a bunch of thieves that is.


Nopony can be truly, absolutely evil.


Perhaps, but some ponies can get pretty close.


Like us necromancers, uh?


"The mansion here has a shooting range! Can't we use that, huh Emrille?"


No, like ponies that pretend to be gods..


"It does?
I guess we can then.
Just listen to my instructions, because I'm not responsible if you fuck up and shoot off your own leg."


It's a common fault, isn't it?
Did I ever tell you of that time I pretended to be a god, too?


No, you hadn't mentioned it yet.


There was this powerful spirit imprisoned in some kind of old dungeon in the middle of a city.
I brought the key that freed her, and then she asked me if I was a god…
Well, if something asks you if you are a god, let me tell you, go with yes and your best poker face.


"I won't! I'll follow your instructions! And thank you!"
I grab you by the hoof and start trying to drag you over to the range.


Pull my hoof up and flutter up in the air.
"Easy there, calm down or you'll never learn the basics!"
Follow her though.


And how did that work out for you?


I didn't get eaten alive, so I'd say well enough.


"So where do we start? Huh? This is gonna be so much fun, learning how to shoot from you!"


So you lied to protect your life, that's acceptable enough. But there are ponies that lie about their powers, in order to rule over others, to take what is not theirs, and that is not right.


They will have to answer for that, one day.
Not to me, not to you, not to some other god.
But to those they duped.


"Okay, let's see…
It's been a while I told this to somepony who is completely new…
In your case, when you don't want to use it, don't point it anywhere near others. Especially me. Point the barrel at the ground."


I fear that the day may never come for some of those.
I frown
I sadly can not say, that I never bluffed about my powers or used my position wrongly. But I can say that I at least answered to someone with better judgement than anypony will probably have again.. Frostmourn..


What, you were in love with him or something?
Chuckle a bit.


I attempt to roll my eyes at you.
He was my King, the first High King. He was.. worth following.


He shrugs. "Your war."

"Perhaps. What brings you to my chambers after all?"

Hm… there's a fine dining room.

It wasn't much of a party so much as a group of ponies trying to wait out a storm.

I guess it depends on who you care about. You see Chip here in the foyer.


"The storm. That and curiosity."


Summer is brb, so I'll wait until then


I'll try coming over to him. "Hey Chip. This place.. is really fancy, do you come her a lot. "


She remarks as she doesn't bother to look up from her tinkering, "The heat of the forge is rarely suitable for the dainty. Can you handle it?"

Indeed, all of the light from the chamber comes from a large furnace nearby which is putting off a lot of heat.


I smile.
"It is quite hot, but I believe I can manage it. Not that I would spend days in here, mind you."


On a second thought, no…
Let's head to the mansion.


You knock on the door. A servant pone answers and gives you an expectant look. "Yes?"

"Very well then. Stay if you like."


"Officer Emrille.
I need to use the shooting range."


What is she working on anyway?
"You don't mind? Most kind of you."


One day, you will have to tell me all about him.
"Guess you learnt to better pick your battles, uh?"


"Deepest apologies, miss, but this estate is not fleet property. Have an excellent evening."

He closes the door.

Something metal. You're not really sure. She's making minute adjustments to the shape of the metal with a screwdriver and hammer.

"I suppose. Opportunity cost. Weighed benefits. Uneventful: happy."


"Yeah but I'm not gonna make a big deal out of this.
I've learnt patience, after all."
Speaking of which, the storm still going?


"This reminds me, I have a smith in my service as well. Have you met him? His name is Stein."


Roll my eyes and knock again.
"I'm under Light Heart."


Go there and find something suitable that I can prepare.


perhaps wine would do.


Yea, just ask when you have time.


Well there's a storm brewing, and I'm stuck here with a boring buffalo.
Entertain me.

Smile a bit.


You can hear the thunder outside.

It'll let up by the end of the day. If everyone is done for the day we can just skip.

"I'm afraid her room is at maximum occupancy."

You start rustling through the various food supplies and find your way to a wine cellar. Just as you open it up, you hear a shout:

"Ai! Ai! What are you doing in my kitchen?"

It's a Zebra in a chef's uniform.


"Suit yourself."


Yes, this is not exactly the most important thing in the world and we have a month before Island of Roads anyway.
I should gather the materials and go visit Marrowbone again tomorrow morning, same time as usual.



Well, he was brave, and capable in a fight. He lost two of his legs and didn't let it hold him back. He was a brilliant strategist, and a great negotiator. He actually made most of the northern alliances peacefully.


"I haven't. He must be on the Sirocco."


"Yeah, well I'm not going to the room. I'm going to the range."


Wait, how did he even stand?
And why not just use magic to regrow the legs?


"A shame, he is quite capable."


"Master Landgrave has made it quite clear that the amenities of his estate are for residents only."


He had fake limbs built, a nice little invention really, they moves with you by having part of a soul inside of them..
Magic to regrow limbs.. There was one spell, but it was slow.


"I'm sure."


Guess time has passed.
So, fake limbs with pieces of a soul…
I bet you had a hoof in that.


Rolling not to nod off while waiting for Light Heart to finish her chat with Topaz.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'm still up. But boy do they chatter on…


Point at Summer.
"She is a resident.
Therefore she can use the shooting range.
I'm her teacher.
Therefore, I need to be there too."


"She's not a resident."


Hmmm, how is the storm outside doing?



"Okay, well, she is under Light Heart, and so I am, what's the big fucking deal? If she'll have to drag her ass all over here just because you were too stupid to let us in, she will not be pleased."


Not at all. I did meet the old stallion, he was a little odd, but over all brilliant.


Step back.
"Ah I was looking around and see if wine is served here. I was planning on serving some to Ms. Puzzle."

I then close my arms.
"And you are?"


You can't skip ahead in time until everyone is done with the day.

Based on the thunder, its still raging. You can skip to the end of the day if everyone is ready.

His response is polite and measured.

"If you'd prefer, I can consult Master Landgrave."

"Master Chef Ramses. As in the Master Chef Ramses whose kitchen you are pilfering wine from."


"I could consult him too."


But why. Not like I need anyone of them!
I literally need to do one thing that can be cutscened and then fuck one npc and it's been dragging on since we left Dixie now!


"I am attempting to do you a favor. If you'd prefer, you can speak to him directly, but I would not advise it, miss."

Time shenanigans have taken their toll.


Well I'm ready.
"Miss Topaz, I will leave you be for now. Have a nice day."


You depart.

Light Heart

[Not Ready]


"Fine, you try then."


I just need to pester Topaz on whether or not I can trade in this ridiculous outfit for something more suited to adventure. Since Light Heart has finished, I can do so.
"Pardon me, miss Topaz? Sorry for bothering you again, but I was wondering if I could trade this outfit in for something more… appropriate?"


"I suppose you can dig through the clothes cage."

She gestures at one of them nearby without looking up.

He disappears. A few minutes later he returns and says, "He's asked that you leave. Deepest apologies, miss."


"I didnt know LandGrave has a personal chef working for him. Also I apologize for going around your kitchen."


"Thank you."
And I'll head over and start rummaging through the clothes. Do I find anything in my size that would be appropriate sailing-wear? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Roll my eyes.
"Fucking really..

Find Light Fucking Heart.


"Good, good. I take great pride in my kitchen! I work every day dusk until dawn keeping every inch clean!"

Most of the stuff your size is pretty kid themed. You find a dress that would probably look better on Summer unless you want to fool ponies into thinking you're a filly.

Eventually you find a little cloak around your size. It's not much but at least it's not a sailor suit or a dress.

You locate her near the hold.


I'll shake my head. This is getting ridiculous. But the cloak will do. Switch it out for the Sailor Suit + Hat. That can just sit here and I'll never have to worry about it again.
With the cloak on, I'll close and lock the cage, if it's got a lock.
"Thanks again, miss Topaz. I'm pretty sure I won't bother you for the rest of the day."
And with that, I'll depart the hold, and find somewhere dry to sit and watch the storm until it's over.


"Well that makes it my duty too if thats the case."
I then relax a bit.
"Say does Ms.Puzzle paint all day long?"


Landgrave is being a sissy again."


You head up to the gun deck.

"Sometimes she comes into my kitchen to bake. I allow her this only because she has demonstrated her care for my kitchen."


"Well isnt that a surprise, she looks like a very active doctor."
"Say what do you think of her? Anything you can tell me?"


"Hmmm? I beg your pardon?"


"She seems to put much passion into her cooking. That is all I care about, in any case."


"I see. Thanks"
I then look around.
"Do you have any wine here and perhaps two glasses. I'd like to serve her some."


He considers it a moment.

"Well… you must be subtle about it! I am not supposed to let just anyone have the wine. But if you get caught, I know nothing about it!"


"He won't let me use the gun range in his fancy mansion. Or so that faggot at the door says."



Feel free to finish your faff


"Miss Emrille, I do hope you have not been antagonizing Landgrave in my name."


…I told that guy that we are under you, though. And that's just the truth."


"Then I will invite you over as a guest of mine, as long as you promise to behave."


"Actually, I planned to start shooting.
Like, what they do at shooting ranges."


Relax my pose a bit.
"Don't play stupid with me. You know what I mean."


"No swearing and shit?"


"Yes. You can handle that, can't you? I'd rather you not mess up my reputation there by acting like a scallawag."


"I managed in Dixie, didn't I?
And don't tell me I don't look fancy."


"Sure, sure. Just a little reminder."


"Why are they so elitist anyway?"


Roll my eyes.
"They're all nobility, why do you think?"
Tap a hoof against her forehead.
"You're smarter than that, aren't you?"


"Lots of money… I like that part."




And sometime between here and nightfall, we will all be back in Terre's room.
Kilana, Zivur and Fervy summoned as usual.

So this old stallion, the one who created limbs with souls… Was he your master?


No, my master was a shadow user like yourself, she had thousands of shadows of herself.


Of… Herself?

I will look slightly baffled for a second.


Did I say something confusing? She had many minions, all made from her own shadow, and she used them to spy across the nation, she could speak throu any one of them.. It was truly amazing.


I… I can't imagine splitting the same shadow over and over again.
It must really be a feat.


She was amazing, she spend many years perfecting it. She helped us stay in touch by passing messages instantly from different locations. I laugh a bit The best I could do for that sort of thing was make my undead bird fly back and forth, or borrow Pumpkin's communication crystal


So you ended up traveling a lot?

Eh, an undead bird. What a cute idea.


Well, yes. The Northlands wasn't going to get united by us sitting around drinking tea. I nod
We had to travel all over to get everyone together, most inconvenient, but that's why Nylis invented the Teleportors, so that we could travel instantly to our allies.




Oh, right.. I suppose you don't know much about it.
I do some gestures to show general placement as I list off the countries.
Aside from Wintergrasp, there was Rosefall, Ironfoe, Hardflank, Timberjaw, Rockeye, Eaglecrest, Stormheart.. and the Snowborder Alliance.. we wanted to unite them all so that we'd stand a chance against Equestria.. I shake my head When we go back that way, I'll have to show you around.


I will have to bring really heavy clothes.



I smile
Yea, I could help you pick out something. It would be great, we'd go around just us mares and..
I frown at my shadowy body
I suppose you'd have to do all the talking, but at least we're the same size.


Hey, never let anypony tell you to shut up because you are a shadow!


At least not here on the ship.


I look surprised.
What, won't you get into trouble if I'm just walking about talking to people?


Not really. Stick to the necromancers though, menials might not like you and I'd rather avoid fights.


You once said this place was like an academy, do you have students?


No, not really.
You could say I am the closest to a student there is, around here.


That's.. too bad I sigh
You know, I wanted to settle down and teach, to let everyone understand that necromancy can be used to do good things, and to defend yourself. It would have been great, legitimize the dark arts by having ponies get proper training and eventually licences to prove they are safe and trustworthy. Just imagine, if it had gone well, there could have been a necromancer in each town, who helped you talk to your lost family, or revisit history..


Looks like you and the Fullmaster could share one or two stories about that…
He too views necromancy as something that should be taught and preserved.



Really? I smile at the thought
Can you introduce us sometime?
But then.. he's here with pirates.. because the world still rejects that line of thinking?
Something you want to add Zivur?


Basically, yes.
But keep in mind, he is a Tartarian Guardian.
His studies, mainly in demonology.


I look a bit disturbed at this
Uh, and how important is he on the ship?


He is the captain. And maybe, even future commodore of the fleet.


T-That sort of… um… what the C-Crow's Head Society d-did in the early y-years…


I sigh
I suppose I really should meet him.. but then it makes more sense why he'd want to hang out with a group of thieves.


Really? Is that where you learned necromancy?


Shake my head.
N-No, no…
I l-learned it b-back in my v-village because… b-because I w-wasn't any g-good at a-anything else…


Hey, that's okay, it takes some time to discover what you're good at.


N-No one really a-approved that I-I'm good a-at that apart f-from my mentor..


Well, don't worry about it. They're just a bunch of assholes. Necromancy is perfectly fine when used properly.


There are few places in the world for us…
Fuck those guys.


T-They w-weren't j-judging it f-for what it w-was…


There has to be someplace.. I frown Hey, we could go to wintergrasp, if Equestria really doesn't care about it, we could set up there and be left alone.


Kilana, there is nothing there anymore. Just snow and a few stones.


T-That sounds cold…


Yea.. I frown.
then why did your fleet of ships go there?


But they didn't. I did, with the teleporter in Dixie.
Only to take a rare ingredient for a spell.


W-What was it?


A crystalized mushroom. For-

Smile a wicked grin.

A Soul Catalyst! Can you believe it?


…y-you have a S-Soul Forge for it?


I sit down.
I nod slowly
You would need one of those


Nod with that same smile.


So.. why do you want to live forever?


Ooh… t-that's… r-really nice…


I don't. Not anymore.
The Catalyst will be the only step I take.

But remember, it's a secret.


Sound ironic.
… I-I'll try not to c-chat it up with too m-much people then…



I know you have your eyes on Terrebonne after all~


Hm, but what is the purpose of stopping there?
I smile and chuckle a bit.
Yea, me too then.


Okay, glance around a bit scaredly.


I just don't seek eternal life anymore…
It was a joke, Zivur.

Smile warmly at him.


I relax a bit, but not too much.


Well, its your decision
Hm.. do you have an outfit prepared for the occasion?


Why would I need a dress for that?


I.. frown
meant more of a loose fitting thing, like a robe, but i suppose you can just do it naked.. that's probably normal


I don't exactly have a wide wardrobe, you know…


A-Always naked…


..why not?
What's the point of being a thief if you don't steal the good things?
Is that.. good?


I-It's terrible… a-and e-everywhere, everyone d-did it…


Groan at this point.

I told you. I'm not a real thief!


It certainly sounds awful.
I sigh as well.
Then.. is there really no where else for you to stay, no where you can make a legitimate living?


Hey, I like it here. It's not as bad as it sounds.
I'm doing even less stealing and murdering than I used to!


Speak to myself more than to them.
A-At least she wore a-armor m-most of the time…


Your misterious beauty?


I laugh a bit
Yea, your pirate friends must be happy that you're doing less work for them



Um… y-yes, yes…


Some are. Some… They really care.
Stay quiet, as to tell him to go on.


Did you want to continue your story from earlier?


…S-Should I?


Well, only if you feel like it.. I am still hoping that it ended up okay..


W-Were was I?


Something about a dance…


…ju-just that or?


And how the stallion decided to run…


Give him a knowing look.


I have to know if the couple get back together, their romantic dance was ruined.



H-He wasn't running, he ju-just… left.


Nod slowly.


but did he come back?


N-No, no.
Not a-at first.
T-The mare was s-sad even, because t-the group left with a c-caravan to the distant c-city….


listen closely


…b-but the stallion c-couldn't handle it. H-He realized h-he made a mistake.
S-So he followed them a-as fast as he could a-after a while.
H-He was almost too late…


Did she run over to the stallion?


N-No, no…
She was b-busy fighting the marauders who o-overwhelmed them and the guards in numbers a-already!


At a dance?


But she was winning despite the greater numbers?


…d-did I mess up telling the s-story s-so bad?
T-This was already l-later…

W-Well, with t-the stallion's h-help, the fight was m-managable, but fierce…


Ooh, this is getting even better, and I think felfire just lost track of where you were.


T-The bandits had ponies w-with bows and c-crossbows on high p-places… they d-deviously ambushed the caravan in a valley, cornering it from both s-sides… and the original g-guards kept dying…


I frown
didn't the caravan have archers as well?


Oh, so you raised their bodies and sent them against the bandits!


T-They went down f-first…

I-I didn't! I a-already had Pier-
I mean, uh….


Grin a bit.

Go on…


Oh, then what happened?


I grumble.

T-The fight was won, but with great losses…
O-Only the group and t-two cart pullers made it…


That's unfortunate.. but at least the stallion and the mare made it out okay?


T-They were a b-bit hurt, but yes, y-yes…


Well that's good to hear.



H-He was still upset though… u-until a little a-accident happened…



H-He checked one of the carts…
And it had wine in it…


Stay silent and wait for what's next.


H-He got really drunk…
I mean….

really really d-drunk… and he walked up to her…
and then he… t-they shared their first g-greatest kiss ever…



Smile broadly.

Takes courage.


A-And half a barrel of wine… s-so they…

Look around and lower my voice.
S-Spent the rest of the night k-kissing and cuddling…


It's nice to see they found happiness, eventually.


…. y-yeeaaah…



What a fantastic story! I was really worried for them.