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Light Heart finished talking to her dead parents.

Felfire finished spilling her guts.

Emrille finished dunking a clown.

Da Dawgs got run out of that mansion once again. It seems the Knave of Clubs has a suggestion for how to sneak in next time.

Seekkill was at the fair.


Actually, I was heading back to the fair after Stein was an asshole, again


Brilliant. I'm going to have to look for Chivalry again.
Let's head back to his former shack and see if those sheep have seen him around.



Looks like you'll have to find a different way to fix the event machine, if you want to.


You head back to the sheep village.


But how?
I know how to fix guns, but I didn't see what was wrong with that thing!


Ask around and see if someone saw him.

Roll #1 10 = 10


That's puzzling. Almost like why they call it a puzzle.


Apparently a pony did pass through on their way back to a nearby cave network.


Okay, go back and see the whole thing again!


Okay. I need some preparations. Head back to, my cabin first. Is Wark here?


"I've been dawdling long enough." I whisper to myself. Open up the book and get to reading.


I should go check on Abilio, see if he's free.


Off to the side there's a gearbox and a crank. There's a spring shaft mechanism that feeds a screwing pole that moves targets down the line.

He's still out. Mysterious.

Seriously that was a long walk. You're spending a long time walking back and forth from the sheep village.

As if this isn't dawdling!

You read a story that you assume is a fictional comedy about the antics of a gay unicorn and goat that find a dungeon in a cemetery. They've got some other weirdos, too, like a buffalo and a crotchity old lady.

He's in his office.


"Do you have a few minutes to talk?"


"Perhaps. What is it?"


"So still no luck figuring it out, huh?"


God here we go again.
Where are we btw?


"That thing inside me. Do 7you think it's time to…. pull it out, you know."


Goddammit. Fuck.
"Miss Skylight, you are dismissed for the time being. Mister Stein, I need your aid once again. I must find my nephew again and convince him to be treated for his condition somehow."


"We think the gears are rusty or something."

You fled the grounds.

You're out on the road outside the plantation.

"If you are prepared."

"Very vell, mein fraudlein."


"Pull that crank. I want to see what happens. Maybe we can figure out what's wrong then."


I need… torches.
Or a lantern. And rope. Shouldn't be too hard to find on a ship, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look at the dog look out
"Knave of clubs? Whats that?"


All the lanterns are bolted to the walls, but you find some nice sturdy rope.

He pulls on it, but the mechanism doesn't move. It shudders with stress.

"What do you mean?"


Check the spring from a bit closer.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I have… a calmer mind than ever."


Whats a knave of clubs?


Let's find a librarian to return the book to and ask about anything else going about in town.


I wish I didn't give away that lantern to that maid in Stonebriar…
What was her name again? Lacy something?

Go buy a lantern if need be. Or torches. I don't care, I just need a light source.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You don't have a whole lot of experience with springs. The odd metal coil confuses and frustrates you.

"We should leave the ships, just to be safe. Meet me on the beach."

With that, he walks into a Tartarian Gate.

It's another name for the Jack of Clubs, a playing card.

You return the book to a librarian, who pleasantly nods and adds it to a stack of returns.

Lacy Doily.

You stop by the fair and they're giving out magic glowing necklaces for free! They're surprisingly bright. You nab one for each of your followers and yourself.


"fucking… did you check the spring yet?"


Makes me wonder if Goldenblood still has her in his service…

Excellent. Now… I want some extra protection. Are Emrille and Tela around?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Excuse an old timers interruption, but could you tell me what's going on about in your town? I'm only here briefly and I'd like to experience as much as possible."


"The spring is definitely not the problem, we just replaced it. It's alright, little filly. We'll get it fixed up."

You spot Emrille by a booth, but Tela must be off elsewhere.

"Well, there's a fair in town – you should actually hurry over if you want to see the fireworks."


He could have waited for me…
Okay, on towards the beach.


does this mean I am stuck without the others?


"No, now I want to help fixing it…"
Check the gearbox again!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Miss Emrille. Could I steal away some of your time?"


You could go back and enjoy your date at the fairgrounds.

You might just run into Light Heart while you're at it.

You arrive at the beach. Abilio is drawing something in the sand with a hoof.

The secondary gears aren't turning… it must be the beginning of the mechanism.


"Thank you much."

"Too bad that little Diamond Dog isn't here, he would've liked it."

Let's go to the fair. What's going on right now?


Be careful not to step over it.
"Can I have Fervored at my side, for this?"


"I have to go meet someone.. I'll leave for now." I look at the three dogs and go to the fair while keeping my head low. Is Ms. Stream there?


Roll #1 7 = 7


You arrive at the fair, as evening is coming. There's free food, music, games, drinks… why didn't you come here sooner, you bookworm?

Light Heart and Emrille are nearby.

"If it makes you feel better."


"Those gears, check those. They aren't turning."

I look up.
Oh, yeah, what's up?"


You do spot her eating a funnel cake.

Light Heart, Emrille, and Friesian Cross are also nearby.


"Yes. It would."
Summon Fervored.

You watch over me, okay?

And with a smile, turn to Abilio.


Let's head over to Light Heart and Emrille.

"Hello there, enjoying the fair?"


"I am attempting to track down my nephew once again. He has a condition that requires treatment. I am not certain whether or not I will need your aid, but it may come in hoofy."

I shake my head.
"Not quite. Distractions all around. I do not have the time to relax today."


Of course.

"Carefully enter the rune circle."


Nod, and carefully step inside.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"So may or may not need me to shoot somepony."


"Very well, but I overheard you talking about your nephew's condition. Can you describe him in case we run into him?"


"I do not want to shoot him, miss Emrille. But he may have animals under his control that require being shot if they choose to attack."

"I know where he is. He has grown extremely paranoid and tends to hide away from civilization, so it is most unlikely that you will run into him. However, if you hear anything regarding the Belle family, please let me know."


You navigate the runes. It takes a little longer than you would have liked, but you don't damage anything.

"Stand still."

Roll 5d10


"What kind of animals,?"


"So far I have only seen bees."


Still. I can do that.
Close my eyes.

Roll #1 5, 6, 1, 5, 3 = 20


"Those are a bit hard to shoot, but I can manage."
"So are we going or what?"


"understood miss Light Heart, but do try to find some time to rest. I'll let you know if I hear anything."


I nod.
"Yes. Please follow."
Let's head out and find that cave system.

"There is no time for me to rest. The fleet will leave shortly."


What are they doing here? Well this is Dixie after all.
Approach the little mare and wave at her.


"Where are the caves? I'll need to pick up my crossbow since it is with a smith."




"You wish to join? Very well, but make haste."
Give him the directions to the cave system.


"It's up to us older folks to look out for the youngsters."

Return for the crossbow, then head out with Light Heart.


When you open your eyes, you're in the burning realm of Tartarus. Fervored Freedom and Abilio are gone.

You think your shadows are your friends? No… I am the only one who understands you. I've been inside! I know the rage and hatred you harbor… And now… we will let it loose! You will become a bastion of darkness. The greatest lich to ever unlive!

The fires and smoke intensify and raise around you as the Tartarian rages and grows.

You yet again make the lengthy trek out to the sheep village near the cave system you found Chivalry in originally.


Find a safe spot to stand on.
Can I… Talk in Tartarian?


This has been going on for far too long, it's time to finally end this. No more bullshit.
Enter the cavesystem.
"Be on guard."


You're not fluent. Fortunately for you, he's talking in Common Equestrian.

Stein nods. "Will bee careful."

Happy Puzzle cheers: "Bee vigilant, too!"

Sitar adds, "Joke about honey goes here."



"I'm surprised you came back."


"It's a bit too late to play nice, after you did all that I hate.
Inside of me?
You think that's so god-fucking-damn easy?"


Ready my gun.


Alright. Let's see if he's really in here.

Roll #1 5 = 5


If I made it in time, have the crossbow ready.


Oh, I realize that I'm going to have to break you first. Perhaps even kill you from within. Its a shame. We could have had a powerful alliance.

You trudge through the cave system… it's quiet… too quiet…

Up ahead, the path splits. To the left, you hear the sound of hives.


I just smile at her,
"I dont like leaving a mare waiting for me." I approach her.
"A fair, whats being celebrated today?"


"Kill me, and you will die too as soon as those on the other side realize what is going on.
And I'd rather kill myself than break.
You can't win."


Motion the others to keep quiet and head right first.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod in acknowledgement.


Nod back and follow.


"It's the beginning of harvest season. What do you do for a living?"

You know nothing of Tartarians, and your mental fortitude is weaker than ever. You can't win.

You quietly hike through the darkness and find the alcove that you were kept prisoner in when you were first brought here… dead end.


"You are so wrong, I almost pity your idiocy."


And I was… with Light Heart. Right. Because I wanted to help find Chivalry too.


At least we've ruled this part out.
Returning to the split path… Oh boy, how the hell are we going to deal with these fucking bees…
Maybe we can try the same tactic as before and try to make a roaring fire right on that path, then drive the smoke inward to fuck up the bees' senses.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I see that explain things." I smile and sat next to her.

"My job? I'm a pirate."


"So what's the plan?"


"Fire. It dulls the senses of the bees."

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Tartarian charges and engulfs you in darkness.

'1d10' (Autocrits)

You can't seem to get it to spark.

She shifts uncomfortably. "Are you serious?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Felfire: 0/5h, 4/5w


…Maybe that campfire spell I tried earlier will behave? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


How hard can it be?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Smirk through the pain.
"S-see? Your tongue is not as m-might as you think…"
Get up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Here, let me try. Let's see if I still remember from my military days how to start one."


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well give me something to flamable to shoot at and we can create some."


No. Embarrassing. Terrible. You might have drowned Friesian. Why did you think water would help?

You pull yourself up.

You're a glutton for punishment. You'll enjoy being broken.

Felfire: 5/5h, 4/5w


I give her a wide grin.
"Looks like the ponies of Dixie are not adept on knowing a joke from what not. I'm just messing with you Ms. Stream." I flick her ears playfully.

"I'm a drifter so I dont have a definitive job, what I am good at however is fixing tools and things. How about you?"


I facehoof.


"Water will cause more smoke to rise. Trust me."

Try to light it again. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll help. Light that sucker (read: the fire) up. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I help keep the rivers clean. I'm part of the beautification committee."

You dose the wood in more water and have no luck.

Finally Curry gets a little spark…


"I told you. Stop presuming so much.
Your ignorance, your gradassery…
You can't begin to understand the mind of a pony.
And this will be your downfall."
Punch him.
Because fuck you, demonic creation.
I am not scared.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He hisses as you strike back.

You have no chance to survive. Make your time. We are immortal. You can do nothing but scratch our presence.


Alright! Now, come on… grow a little bigger… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Now please make it grow into a fire.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I continue holding my hoof at my face.


You throw on a bunch of leaves to make smoke, but end up smothering it.


Try to get some other flammable material near it and hope it grows.


Roll #1 1 = 1


Alright, seriously, come on now. Campfire, ignite. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"See fuckface, there's something you are wrong about.
My kind..
We, too, are immortal.
Through friends.
Through faith.
You… You are just a bunch of soulless demons."
'1d10', punch again.

Roll #1 2 = 2


To be safe, you set down your crossbow.

Seeing a nice piece of wood (with odd strings on it) nearby, you toss it into the fire.

The crossbow releases and fires a bolt into a nearby hive.

Uh oh.

He dissolves and appears behind you, lashing at your back..

Felfire: 0/5h, 3/5w

You cannot escape us. We are all around you. Inside of you. Just make things easier and submit.


"Whelp, okay, guys, I'll take it from here."
Fire shot, ignite that hive Curry just shot.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Hmmm… I didnt know rivers need caretakers."


Okay, we need that fire right now. And smoke. Lots of smoke.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll grimace.
And now I'll be on the lookout for bees.



Get some water on her and keep her safe.


That's gonna leave a scar…
"You can't even change the mind of a poor, half broken girl.
What a pathetic little demon you are."
Stand up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Save against swarm of 36,000 bees.

"They do! Rivers won't get clean on their own."


The demon kicks you again.

Changing your mind is unnecessary. This is more expedient.


Oh right:

Felfire: 0/5h, 2/5w


Get out of this cave and jump into the pond of water that's nearby!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"For fuck's sake…"
Follow Light, under the water.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh. Oh dear.
While hoofing it out of the cave, Improved TK to stop as many bees as possible. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Don't worry Behemoth, I got you."
Jump in.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"I told you already."
Smirk, but cluch my guts in pain.
"Death, I welcome it. Death is a friend to who has lived in slavery her whole life!"
Stand. The fuck. Up.
I will break its neck.
"And I bet you are a slave too, uh?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I see, you ponies do take care of even the small stuff eh?" I close my arms.
"Say want to grab a drink?"


The three of you flee successfully, diving into the pond, but

Emrille gets caught on her way out and doesn't make it. The swarm begins to overcome her!

Emrille: 3/5h, 3/5w

You pull yourself back to your feet.

Not anymore. And to think, you could have joined me in this great covenant.

"What do you take?"


"Like to take something alocholic?"


"I meant 'what do you drink?'"


Just jump in the fucking water!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Grab and… wait, shit, TK's on cooldown.
"Grumpy trees! Can you help that foul-mouthed little pegasus there? Please? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Try to pull in Emrille.


"Grumpy tress?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Submission to you is not a covenant I'm willing to take."
One more punch, before my brath runs out.
One punch to see Fervy again.
One punch to reclaim myself.
I swear, if I get out of this alive, if I get out of this as my own mare…

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fucking hell. Time to do something really stupid.
Fly as fast I can over there, grab Emrille, and drop into the water.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Apple cider is fair to me if its available." I grin at her.


"Some of the trees can move. And attack ponies. I thought maybe they might help if asked nicely?"


Friesian pulls Emrille below as you all get a little bit stung.

Eventually the bees disperse, and you can enter safely.

Emrille: 1/5h, 3/5w
Curry: 3/5h
Light Heart: 3/5h

He rapidly shifts to the side and impacts you with a burning fist.

I want you to plead for mercy.

Felfire: 0/5h, 1/5w

"Uh… alright. I'll get some."

She walks off.


"I fucking hate things that I can't shoot in the head…"


Let out a moan of pain and collapse on the ground, closing my eyes.
"Sorry… to… Disappoint…"
I will miss you, Fervy.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I really should have helped her.
Wait for her return.


Stare at him for a bit and shake my head.

"Mighty bad looking stings there, miss Emrille. Here, use some of this on those marks.."

Natural Remedy [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm none too fond of bees, either… For a first impression, they didn't leave a good mark."


"Terrible creatures, are they not?"


Something must still be fueling you, deep inside, because you pull yourself up once again…

You think you see the sparkle of sun and moonlight in the distance, but maybe it's the fumes playing with your head.

Strike true! (Inspired, +1)

Eventually she returns with some mugs.

"Careful, it's strong."

You freshen her up good as new with some aloe vera you spotted nearby.


I needed that."

"I hope they all fucking burned to death."


If the bees are gone, can I salvage some honey from the hives they left?


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Blasted be the day…
I hoped there could be joy in power…"
Go fuck yourself, demon.
Give one last, desperate charge.
Because it's now or never.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Lovely. Now let's carefully head back inside…


I'll follow. The stings itch a little, though.


"Sorry, got distracted while trying to find some more. Here, there isn't much, but try running this aloe on them."

Hoof them over and see if it still works. Natural Remedy.
Light Heart [1d10]
Curry [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Because if there's one thing you know… it's that somethings are just worth fighting for.

Your wings snap open, and you charge forward, light of dawn and dusk at your back. In your addled mind, you see the souls of Kilana, Zivur, Magenta, and Fervored Freedom cheering you on. Even Abilio and Terrebonne are looking on approvingly.

You see the smug look on the Tartarian's face shift at the last second to surprise – then fear – as you burst through him and send darkness shattering everywhere, exiled to the corners of the void.

No… IMPOSSIBLE! IMPOss…iiiiiii…bllllllleee!

You snap out of your trance on the beach, gasping for breath. Fervored is holding you tight. You're free… and you feel the cool wind on your face. The waves of the tide, now shifting into high, gently wash up and wipe away the rune circle.


You should probably ask the earth pony now standing in the middle of the hive room with bees swarming around him.

"You came back… back to trap me again! And you brought them! Leave me bee!"


I really want to shoot this guy.


Fall back onto the sand, and start smiling. Laughing. Shouting aloud that I love this world.
Then, hug Fervy, and bury my face into his shoulder.


"What if we say we can cure you? Get rid of the tarn water that's inside you and help you?"


Oh boy.
"Chivalry dear, you were right. Something was wrong with the water. It was tainted with gunpowder. I need you to come with us so we can check and see if you are affected as well."



You feel warm and safe in his embrace, even if you are shaken and feel frail inside. But you have something better than health filling you: confidence and freedom.

He twitches and shakes oddly.

"You… burned my kittens!"


"I did no such thing! Though they did try to sting us to death."


Roll my eyes.
I'd do it again!
But let LH talk.


"That was an accident and we're sorry for it. But you have to listen to us, this is very important. You could die, so let us help you. Please."


Time to stand up.
Lean against him, and slowly come to a sitting position on the beach, opening my eyes once more.
Abilio still around?


He gives you a weird look. "Okay… but first… prove you're sincere…"

He walks back into the depths of the cave.

…The hives are much quieter now. You can probably walk by safely.

Of course. He's observing quietly, but not ruining the movement.


Whisper to the others.
"He is weirding me the fuck out."


Oh dear, what's going to happen now?


"At least he's in enough control not to attack us."


I'll follow after.
"He's been driven mad by gunpowder poisoning. He can get better, though."


In the back room he is set up in a little coven. It's familiar from the first time you visited, with a sort of rough mattress flung on the floor and a few random effects scattered about.

Chivalry offers you a pope.

"Smoke'um peace pipe. And smoke it peacefully! Or I have to kill you."

He eyes you suspiciously.


Speak softly, with a broken, rasping voice, but a smile.
He wasn't so though…"


"I would hate to die at the hooves of my own family."
Eye the pipe and… inhale, I suppose. Not exactly a smoking pony.


I'll look at Light Heart for a moment, then sit.
"Fair enough."
I guess I'll… wait my turn?



Roll #1 9 = 9


You manage to get by without even coughing!

It tastes surprisingly sweet. Like honey.

He seems satisfied.


Roll #1 10 = 10


You would make parents everywhere proud, smoking so well as a colt. It's very sweet and pleasant. He seems very pleased with your smoking.

Abilio raises a brow. "We should have to see the doctor."


"I wonder if it's like those Narjilah I had tried out when I was coming back from the East?"


"Did he… Mess me up?"
Try to stand.

What happened while I was gone, Fervy?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Not bad, Chivalry. Pleasant even."


You were in a trance, and thrashing. At the end, your wings popped open.

He offers you the peace pipe.


I'll nod.
"Tastes kinda like honey."


I wait for my turn too


"Let's try the local flavor."


Roll #1 4 = 4


I taught that fucker a lesson…

Look down.

Thanks to you.

Let's walk to the doc.


You break out into a fit of coughing. He seems a little agitated, but you still manage to pull yourself into a weak, eye-watering smile. Good enough for him.

It was your inner strength that did it.

You hike back to the ships and Doc Peg checks you out.


Relax back on whatever table or bed he has and close my eyes.
"Is it bad or not?"


"It has a unique taste."


He shrugs and runs his hooves over you, horn glows, and you feel better.

Emrille's roll: '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Emrille manages to keep it down, and Chivalry seems pleased.

"Good. Peace pipe well smoked. I'll come with you."


I'll smile.
"That's great."


Get off the bed and smile, shaking my head slowly.
"It's a great day today."
Now, back on deck.
What time is it?


I smile.
"Excellent. Thank you, Chivalry. Now please, come with us to see a medical professional."
Lead him out of this place and back to the fleet!


Time for dinner. Six or seven.

It's definitely dusking out.

He follows you back to the fleet. It's dark out now.


Let's bail


Now… to visit Doc Peg. Is he in office?


I have to hurry to the lake!
Take the bug-catching stuff and head over there!


Well not exactly the lake, the marsh south of the lake.
The place with the fireflies.


I'll go visit Felfire. See how she's doing.


Oh wait, there she goes.
"Hey, wait for me!"
Can I catch up? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Curry! We have to hurry back to the lake!"


"I am hurrying! These legs are so darn little!"


Yes. Felfire is exiting.

You hike out to the meadow south of the lake. It's a long hike.



But I can fly!
And my shadow can carry 16-yo curry, right?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Enter his office then.
"Doc Peg. This is Chivalry. I would like you to examine him for lead and or salt poisoning."


He's not even that. He's like pre-cutie mark age currently.

Let's say so.

He nods.

You watch him treat Chivalry for a time, then he writes,

I need to repair systemic brain hemorrhaging due to salination of the blood. This will require unconsciousness, and he will have to sleep several days to recover.


Lets fly to the grassy plains!
And look for fireflies.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Flying is neat!


I'll help look for Fireflies too. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I nod and turn to Chivalry.
"Chivalry, it looks like you are ill. Have you been drinking enough water?"


"Yes, out of the lake."

Which is fed by a river… from the ocean.

Felfire is still a little mentally shaken. Her shadow dissipates and she herself falls.

You crash down into a little pond below, but that still hurt a lot!

Also you scared away all the fireflies.


"I'll be at the fair if you need me.
Oh, and could I borrow Stein?"


F-fervy left me like that…
Stand up… I feel like shit.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh no!
"Felfire, are you alright?"


"I see. The water from that lake is fed by the ocean, which is of course filled with salt and other nasty things. That is more than likely the cause of your illness. As such, you will need to be treated for it, lest it makes things worse for you."

"Of course."


You're too busy drowning, m8

She's drowning.

He gives you a weirded out look. "I am not a wrench."


Glub glub.
Swim up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Right, thanks.
Come on Stein."
Back to that thing


"Chivalry, this is very important. You must agree to be treated for this or you will eventually die, do you understand?"


Help her out with… uh… Ah! One of the nets! Give her something to grab onto. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh, sorry, for clarity, Stein says, "I am not a wrench."

Chivalry shrugs and says, "Alright."

She gets out on her own.


So is he not coming?


I guess I'll just be holding the net, then.
"Are you okay? That was a pretty bad fall…"


"Yeah, doesn't…"
Cough out some water.
"Doesn't matter…
Lets get those bugs before we have to leave…"
Shake the water off me and look for those damn bugs.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I turn to Stein.
"I meant no ill against you, mister Stein. But we all have our duties. If miss Emrille requires your skillset for something, would it not be polite to agree to helping her?"


You scared them away with your splash.


I guess.
We will have to move further in.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"There… there might be more."
Ask the plantlife around where the fireflies went. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


He grumbles. "An individual should be treated as an ends unto himself."

But he does go after Emrille.

He goes with you now.

No signs of fireflies anywhere. You doubt any live fireflies hung around at all.


Time to be an evil necromancer.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I handed her one of the drinks and raise my glass
"Cheers." Drink with her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Let's go to the thing that needs fixing now


I'll frown, and droop my shoulders.
"I'm sorry, Felfire. If I hadn't insisted on coming, you'd have gotten here without stressing yourself…"


"We will talk of this when we leave Dixie, I promise."

Turn back to Chivalry.
"Now… this will require you being put to sleep. Are you comfortable with that? You will also need to rest in bed after it, to recover."


"Shut up and look, there must be even a few knocked out by our fall!"


You wander for a long time, and eventually find yourself lost deep in the spooky woods.


You don't take it well, you already feel dizzy.

"What shall we toast to?"

You show up to the fairgrounds, and they've already got it running.

"Okay… but after this, I'm going home to my cave."


Fly up and find the way again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Help look for more fireflies, dead or alive.'1d10'
And keep a running conversation with the trees. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2



"You can go now Stein."
Go there.
"So what was the problem"


I nod.
"If you wish that when you have fully recovered, I promise I will arrange transportation back to Dixie."


You try to fly up, but a gump grabs you by the tail and slams you against the ground.


The gump slashes at you with its branches.

Felfire: 4/5h
Curry: 4/5h

"Looks like the cogs were ground down. We just sharpened them up, and now they're gripping fine."

He departs.


Fly back, Raise Curry's shadow with Fervy in it.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Son of a!
"You… you trees! Can't you just leave us alone for one day?" '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You summon FF.

Trespassers! Trespassers!


"Knowing each other is enough for a toast does it not?" I smile at her and wait for her turn to drink


She clicks the glasses and takes a sip, then looks at you expectantly.





"Where are we even trespassing!? We came in here by accident looking for fireflies!"


"What's its problem now?"
Fervy tries to subdue the thing.
And I will summon Magenta into my shadow, if it's open.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


But I already drank, cheat
Drrank my cider

Roll #1 2 = 2


"We're leaving…?"

"Yep. Sure is."

Wooo'o'oooooooo'ooooo'o'oooo'oo, the grove forbidden to meat.

It smashes him to the ground, and you summon Magenta.

FF: 3/5

You get so drunk you can't see straight. You sway in your seat.


Both shadows seize it.

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16


"Tonight, yes. You could of course choose to be treated in Dixie itself. We will just need to admit you to a hospital or perhaps the abbey. It is your choice."


"Then couldn't we just leave? You'll have fulfilled your part of guarding the grove, and we'll be gone! It's pretty obvious there are no fireflies here, so if you could just point the way we'll be gone."


I rest on the table as I try to get a hang of myself.
"I didnt know this pony stuff are strong ms. stream." I smile.


They knock over the forest gump, shaking the ground and rattling all of you.

In answer to the sound of a tree crashing to the ground, you hear a WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO coming from the forest.

It's been knocked over and is groaning in pain.

"I must return to my cave to care for the kittens."

"You DID ask for the cider. It's very strong."


Stand on ready.
Tell me that's the wind…"


"Of course."
Turn to doc Peg
"Do you believe the local doctors could cure this illness as well?"


"We should be leaving. Now. Those are it's friends. Apparently this grove is forbidden to those with flesh."
I'll poke my own leg.
"So that means you and me. Let's hoof it back the way we came."


Yeah, let's fuck off to where we came.
"I'm not leaving this place without fireflies."


"I probably should have left the picking to you." I scratch my head.


"Well, there aren't any that way."
I'll look at the trees again as we pass by.
"I don't suppose any of you know where we could find fireflies?" '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


He shrugs.

You fuck off to where you came.

Having their protector knocked over, they're not much in a talkative mood.

Go away!


"I suppose I ought to go ask. Come, Chivalry."
Alright then. Let's head off to the Abbey.


"Well, it's been a busy night, but not unpleasant. Good."


"We are! If we knew where some fireflies were, we'd stay gone!"


They should be thankful I didn't cut that thing to pieces.

Back to square one.
But this time, let's do it the smart way.
Sit in a clearing and send my shadows to look for them.

Roll #1 4, 2 = 6


He trails you back to the abbey.

Eventually Magenta returns with information concerning some dead fireflies.

She leads you to the Grave of the Fireflies. You killed these with your big splash of water.


Great. Place them in the jar.
Now, for the special touch.
Use my magic to make sure their bodies are whole.

Roll #1 9 = 9


So shooting gallery, huh


I'll sigh.
And then watch. That's neat.


"How do you feel about your sister, Chivalry? It has been some time since you left her. Did you two get along well?"


I just look at her and relax.
"I am sorry if I am boring you Ms. Stream. I didnt know how to entertain s lass such as you since Dixie is very different both in class and culture."


You don't have much experience patching up firefly bodies, but you do your best to magic them whole.

Yep. "Shoot the Equestrian"!

"Just another brick in the wall."

"It's quite alright. It has been a pleasant evening."


"With my own gun?"


Giggle a bit.
Time to fly back to the ships.
"We are done here.
Killer trees notwithstanding."


"We have air-rifles set up. It's okay, you can rest it on the counter if it's too heavy for you, sunshine."


You fly back. It's getting late.


I guess I get towed via shadow. Flying really is neat.


Well that's a little sad…
"I believe she cares deeply for you, Chivalry."


Roll my eyes.
Marksman shot that thing with the air rifle.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I must be bruised and dirty right now, uh?
Time to take a bath!
Yeah right, like that's even a thing.
Observe the town from the ship.
Is Smitts back?
Are the carpenters?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I nod at her.
"Any activities you have in mind that we can do together in the fair?" I smile.


You might be able to borrow Mera's tub…


Look him over.
"You alright after that fall?"


"I missed her, but it was too late. They already had her in their thrall."

Nice shot!

"Nice shot!"

It was a nice shot.

They must be out enjoying the fair. You should go!

"Well, it's already pretty late. You think you can win any of the challenges?"


"I see…"
Well, let's enter the abbey and look for a nun.


"It was allright.
So where is the prize money?"


I'll shake my foreleg about a bit.
"Right as rain. The benefits of being in the woods right after. As long as I don't die or lose limbs, I can knit myself back together."
I'll scratch my nose.
"Well, so long as I'm in natural terrain. It's why I crawled into that shrub after the ten-headed rat attacked me. Got rid of the poison, too. How about you? Are you okay?"


I didn't realize there was a fair.
I wonder if they have cotton candy…
It's not too late, right? Let's go check.


How late is it already?


"You won't believe it, but I just went one on one against a bloody demon, so a stupid plant isn't gonna ruin my day."


"Prizes? This is just for fun. Did you have fun?"

It's late, so they're mostly shelled up.

They stop you at the door. "This is the mares' side."

You head on over. There are games, drinks, food, dancing, music, and even seminars on magic.

Nine-ish. Better get back to the ships soon.


"A demon? Really? Shoot. I wish I was there, I could have helped! Instead I got attacked by bees…"


"Nopony could.
It was one on one, after all."
Look him over.
"What's with bees now? Light Heart's niece or something?"
"Hey Curry, c'mon here."


"It wasn't even a real target! I'd have more fun if, there was some money involved or I the target would offer some actual challenge!"


I gesture at Chivalry.
"He needs medical aid, where can he get it? I believe he may be suffering from salt poisoning."


"Brother, I think. Chivalry. Went crazy after drinking too much gunpowder-tainted water. The whole family did, except maybe Glory. Never got to meet her. The gunpowder is also what blew up their mansion."
And I'll trail after.


Ah shit.
"Well it is late indeed. A pleasure for having your time Ms. Stream. May we meet again in another time." Bow to her before leaving and going back to Tony and Sateo,


"Rich ponies are crazy."


"But it's moving! I guarantee you've never been to a shooting range with moving targets! It's the shooting range of the future!"

"On the stallion side."

He nods.

You regroup with the other dogs.


You head into the magic seminar.

You watch their fancy Western ways, and find yourselves much more enlightened and modernized. How silly of you to use those old outdated forms!


Alright alright, to the stallion side I go then.


Marksman shot.
Hit it again with the air rifle.
"I've shot at moving targets more than enough, believe me."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Who would have ever thought i could do so much stuff with shadows.
Now I have enough to darken a whole room!
Okay, look for cotton candy.

Roll #1 5 = 5


But muh improved TK! Nearly a thousand years of tradition!
"Well, this was poison. Didn't get there naturally, even if it did leak from the powder stores."
And I've never really been to a fair. Wonder if there's anything to do for free… '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


They stop you at the door. "This is the stallion half of the abbey, we can't let you in."

"But not on a shooting range!"

You nail another target.

They're sold out.

There was a lot of free stuff, but it's all out.


Just to be clear, this frees up that skillpoint that used to be in Improved Spellcasting, correct?
Well, dang.
"I guess that's what we get for coming here late…"


Worst. Day. Ever.
Hey let's go over to the games!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No, at things that shoot, bite, slash, explode and otherwise want to murder you."


I motion at Chivalry.
"I need him to be admissioned for treatment."



Most of them are closed, the stands being taken down. Emrille populates one of the only ones left.

"See? This is so much better."

"Do you know what he suffers from?"


"Salt or lead poisoning."


"We'll do what we can."

It's gettin' late.


Mock some tears.
"I wanted some cotton candy…"
Go over there and watch.


"Not really.
Less exciting."
Marksman shot at another target.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"See to it that you do please. And take care."
Turn to Chivalry.
"I suppose this is goodbye for now then."


"Well, how hard can it be to make?"


"But safer!"

He nods. "Farewell."


Offer to hug him and see if he takes it.



"Good stuff."


"Less exciting."

I really wish I could use my own rifle again."


"something happened to it?"


He accepts and returns it, then walks into the abbey.


"Not everyone shoots stuff for a living, Emrille."


Deadpan a look and point at my height.

"They have terrible jobs then.
Did you get a mark yet?"


"Please take care, Chivalry."
Now… I promised Glory a visit! Go there quickly!


She's still in her bed.

"They told me came!"


"Not exactly an expert on how rifles work, you know?"


"I'm sorry?"


"Sorry, they told me you came. I was a bit excited. They said you were trying to bring someone in, but then you left."


"Canterlot wasn't built in a day."


"It's too heavy for me to use.
That's why I need-"
point at Curry.
"That loser to get a mark so Abilio can magic me back to a mare."

"But you are not Canterlot, you are like an outhouse."


"So I guess that makes you a latrine. Or just a hole in the ground."
I'll shrug.
"I didn't come here to argue with you, though."


"You two could almost be mistaken for brothers, acting like that."


I chuckle.
"Stay calm, Glory. Now… I have been busy and… I found your brother. Now before you get excited, I'm afraid he is very ill. Salt poisoning, to be exact. I admitted him to the abbey for treatment, so hopefully he will fully recover from it."


I'll just give Felfire an exaggeratedly disgusted look and feign a gagging motion.


"Good heavens, no.
Not in a million years."

"I see you found it in you to mouth back to me.
I really hope none of my bullets will go stray once the next fight starts.
That would be just terrible."


Chuckle at their reactions.


"At least I'd be free of your company."
"So, what are you going to do now, Felfire? Not much time before we need to head back to the ships to leave port…"


"You won't believe it, but I'm done.
I've everything I need, unless suddenly someone showers me in doubloons and I can run off to buy a phonographe."


"You just get working on that mark now."


"Oh, I hope so. I've… been worried about him, these years…"


I nod.
"He may behave a little strange to you at first, because of the illness, so do not be put off by that. Now… unfortunately I must leave soon…"


"Well, I spent my entire wage on blank books so I can get to copying the other ones down, so I'm afraid the most I can do for you is caterwaul with all the grace and beauty of a tone-deaf whale."
"Bah. It'll come up when it's good and ready."


"Doesn't metter, Kilana can play music.
Actually, I should introduce her to Terrebonne and the others…"


"Oh… I see…"


"Don't make Tela wait even more."


"My current occupation requires me to move quite a lot, I'm afraid. I will attempt to write to you as often as I can, but getting back to me may be hard."
I hesitate for a moment, before continuing in a low voice.
"I suppose I should admit to you that… my work is not exactly something you would approve of. Nor would the rest of the family…"


'You made a new friend?"
I'll just roll my eyes.


"Will it be another ten years…?"



"Necromancer. Found her spirit in a painting."


I shake my head.
"Absolutely not, Glory. I will not repeat the same mistake twice. I will find my way back here as soon as I can. And… I will find a suitable cure for both our conditions. There are some options open already, but I am not satisfied with them."


"Ah, well, there you go. Plenty of common ground to bond over. Hope she gets along with Fervored, though."


"Yeah, she hates equestrians…"


"That'll be a stumbling block. But if they died at different times, then there shouldn't be much of a problem, right?"


That's what I'm hoping for…
But she seems nice.
I don't think she will run for so little."


"Well, one can hope. Still, it's good that you're making more friends."


"It's been a great day today~"
Flutter a bit in the air.


I'll nod.


At the fair, I spot Summer to promptly flutter and touch down in front of her.
"Hey, stop for a sec."


I frown and keep walking past her without saying anything.


Flutter in front of her and stop her with a hoof on her chest.
"I said something."


"I don't care!"
I stomp past her, huffing.


Sidestep so she can't avoid me.
"Well you better, unless you want to make momma' sad."


I frown deeper and prod her in the chest.
"Don't talk about her!"


"Or else?"


"Or else… just don't talk about her!"


"You're right, I'd do something else than talking with her, but that's not why I'm here now."


I stomp my hoof and try to push over '1d10', before storming off.
"Shut up and leave me and my momma alone!"

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 7 = 7


Nope, I've got you.
"Calm down already, and start listening, unless you want to make trouble for her.
You don't want that, do you, or are you that selfish?"


"What are you gonna do to her you witch?!"


I let out a laugh.
"ahaha, oh, wow, witch.
That's rich coming from you."
Chuckle a bit more.
"And that doesn't matter, as long as you cooperate."


I frown and stomp a hoof again.
"What do you want?"


"To make peace."


"…What are you gonna do then?"


"As I said.
Your mother will be very sad and disappointed in you if you keep being the spiteful little creature you are at the moment.
So here, I'll start for you."
Mimic her voice.
"Thank you for that lovely dinner, Miss Emrille.
You're welcome.
See, not that hard, is it?"


"No! I'm not gonna say thank you! You need to apologize for trying to poison my momma!"


"Poision her, right.
With the food.
That you ate.


"…The poison probably wore off!"


I smirk as I get a devious little idea.
"Did it?"


"Yeah!… Or- Or- You poisoned her drink!"


"Nah, it was the food.
Didn't calculate it to end up in a filly though…"
Keep smirking.


My eyes widen and shrink.
"Wha- Wha- What did you do?!"
I slowly back away from her.


"Oh, it wasn't as much of a poison as a potion.
It could make a pony more fun. Y'know, make somepony react to jokes better, relax, all that stuff.
I thought your mother would need it… but if you ate it…"


My eyes narrow and I frown again, ignoring her last statement.
"So you did drug my momma! With some… some kinda thing that'll help you get her to have sex with her!"
I charge at you, intending to tackle you.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shit, fly up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'm pinned.
But I only laugh.
"You really can only think about sex, can't you?
Think for a fucking second."


"Give me the antidote!"


I narrow my eyes.
"Oooh, somepony is fiery.
I like that.
Fine, I can give it to you, but it won't be free."


"Why should I give you anything?! Curry and mister Abilio and miss Feelfear and and- they're all gonna make you give me the antidote!"


"I could just pour it out in the sea if you'll have that attitude…
I might give it for you for free though. Just this one time I'm so generous.
You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?"


"Give it to me then, so I can hurry up and give it to my momma so we can drink it!"


You don't get it, do you? Damn, and you are supposed to take care of our health."


"I don't get what? That you poisoned me and my momma?!"
I huff and angrily stare down at her.


Roll my eyes.
"If you ate it, then she doesn't get effected at all. Full doses and all that crap? She is a grown mare, and you are just a small little filly."


"I'm not that small!…"
I frown deeper.
"How do you even know about that? Since when did you know anything about medicine?!"


"I don't know about medicine. I know about drugs and poisons. Being a merc means a lot of things, and that includes smuggling.
Not that it matters. Now let me stand up and I might give it to you."


I reluctantly let off of her and let her stand up.
"Of course you'd do that too. I bet you don't even know how many ponies die of overdosing every day!"


"I bet you don't even know how much I don't care.
They are killing themselves, why should I feel bad for their stupidity?"
Stand up, looking at her with a shit eater grin.
"Now, I said it will be free, but not that I won't ask anything."


I frown at her response.
"Ask anything? What are you gonna ask?"


"A little favor, nothing more.
It won't be a big deal. And it'll make everypony happier."


"…Fine! Just say it already!"


"Stop being a bitch to me.
Be nice.
Or even if you won't be, act like it. That will make your mother happy, and if she is happy, she won't be a bitch to me, and that will make me happy."


"Fine! Fine! Fiiiine! Just gimme the antidote already so I can go and share it with my momma!"


"You got something stuck in your ears?
I told you, a grown pony is only affected by a full dose. A smaller one… don't know. There might be side effects. I think the alchemist said something about limbs going limp…"




"Y'know, she warned me not to overdose and stuff because then it would cause wing and horn aches, limbs going limp for no reason, nausea… I think those were the symptoms."


"I- I haven't had any of those things! So you must just be lying and you're only telling me that because… because… you're just lying!"


"I guess you won't be needing the antidote in that case.
Oh well, I'll just sell it to somepony then."


"W- Wait! I still need it for me and my momma anyways!"


I smirk.
"You do?"


"Yeah… s- so you aren't gonna try and get her to have sex with you again!"
I frown.


"Nah, too much trouble.
I'll have to do with Tela. And she'd beat me up if I cheated on her anyway.
So I guess if Spring doesn't need it because I won't be able to try anything, and you were not poisoned…"


"Give it to me anyways! You said that it can cause… all those things, right? I want it so me and my momma don't get that in the… future!"


"I told you, if it didn't affect her so far, it won't later.
It didn't work. It wasn't enough. You soaked it all up.
Lucky it didn't work on you either, huh?"


"Just gimme the antidote!"


Boop her nose.
"Say please~
And I want to see you drinking it."


I frown.
"And why do you want to see me drinking it?"


"Because I just told you it's valuable.
I don't want you to just run off and sell it or something. I know that's what I would do."


"Fine, fine! Gimme it!"


Smirk, hop next to her with a flutter of my wings, and give her the love potion.


I reluctantly look at it.
"So this is it?"


"Yeah, what else would it be?"


"I still don't trust you…"
I reluctantly open it and sniff it, then take a small drink of it.


Roll my eyes.
"Your funeral if you don't."


I frown and drink it down to half of it.


Motion for her to continue.
"Bottom up. You only took half a dose against a… let's see…. considering your size, what, three or four dose? I think you want to finish that off."


"But… I need to save some for Spring!"


"No you don't.
For the last time, it didn't do shit for her. It can still mess you up."


"It better not do anything to her…"
Bottoms up I guess. Down the rest goes.


Pat her head.
"There, see, that wasn't so hard, was it?
Now, not a word about this to anypony. Tela would impale me on a sword, and if she does, I'll find you. Is that clear?"


I furrow my brow.
"Why shouldn't I tell anyone?!"


"I wanted your mother to relax and be happy, not to stress even more. Y'know, I'm not as terrible of a pony as you think I am. I do care."


And then I huff and leave because this is gonna go nowhere productive if it continues.


Smirk as she goes.
"Ta-ta! And remember, stop being a bitch!"



"Alright… well… come here."

She offers you a hug.


"Stay strong, Glory. For the family. The mansion may be gone, but the House of Belle lives on in our blood. And… I believe uncle Usher may be suffering from the same condition as Chivalry. So be dear and inform somepony of that."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Let's head back to the ships now


"Alright. I'll miss you."

You return to the fleet.


Let's head to Abilio.
Knock on the door.
"It's me."


"So it is. Yes?"


Take out the sword and put it next to her bed.
"This belonged to your grandfather. He told me Chivalry should have it, but I will trust you as its safekeeper, okay?"
Turn around and start walking out.
"We will meet again soon. Good night Glory."
And then I'll leave.
Bah. One day was not enough. Is the governor still in his office at this hour?


"Can I come in?"


"Go ahead."

She calls as you go, "Good night, and good luck!"

Possibly. You stop by and ask his secretary, and apparently he's out overseeing the fair being closed up to go back into storage.


"Hey there.
I hope you won't mind, but I did went to town.
And managed to cause no trouble!"


Alright, let's see if we can find him there then.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm surprised. Perhaps they just let you get away with it because they think you're a filly?"

You eventually do locate him overseeing the cleanup of seeds from the watermelon eating competition tent, after wandering in the dark for some time.


"Good evening, governor. How are things?"


Anyway, I think I had a revelation. About the elements and stuff. Is that possible?"


"Oh, it's a pleasant evening. I understand you're departing Dixie. That's a plum shame, m'dear, but I suppose duty calls."

"You didn't go to one of those ridiculous westernization seminars in town, did you?"




Right. What time is it?
What of the others?


I nod.
"Indeed. It is quite hard having to leave my family behind once again. But I put my faith into Dixie that it will keep them safe. It would be most unfortunate if something happened to them again."


So who are the pirate members in the fair?


"I'm sure you're just riding high off of all those supposed lessons they were teaching. Just get some sleep."

Game time.

Wait, no, evening. Eight or nine you think.

Emrille is on fleet, Light Heart at the fair.

He puts a hoof on your shoulder. "Well don't you worry, darlin'. I'm goin' ta keep a close eye on Glory and Chivalry. You take care now, y'hear?"


Just Light Heart now.


"Want me to prove it?"


Damn that's really late. Let's go back to the ship…
I need a bath.
Do we have baths or we use salt water of all things?


Wave at LightHeart.
"So how does it feel being back little pony?"


I nod.
"I will find a cure for her condition, governor. I swear it."
I look around the fair a little.
"Say I'm curious… is everything peaceful tonight? I heard some… unsettling rumors about tonight."


"Bed, Emrille."

You think you spotted a real bath once on the Darklantern.

Then again, in this time period, most ponies don't bathe at all.

He chuckles. "Oh, we let him go, he was just a colt."


But I want to be in top shape…
Okay, first of all, are the carpenters back?


"Ah, mister Chip. Today was rather stressful for me, I'm afraid."

I shake my head.
"Not quite what I meant. One of my ponies mentioned a Resistance movement on the loose?"


Probably. Why don't you go to their rooms?

Then again… didn't you see Chip at the fairgrounds?

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about those hooligans. They like to get drunk and shout, but they're mostly harmless. They're not a threat to anypony, really."


"Does it now? Looks like you and me are in the same boat, but besides that knowing the townsfolks is what eats my time.." I smile at her.


>Emrille is on fleet, Light Heart at the fair.
No, looks like I didn't.
But my esp powers tell me that dog is surely there!
Let's brave the fair once more!


"But why?
I don't want to sleep yet! I can show you!"


am i still frozen in time?


I nod.
"Of course. Though my pony told me that he suspected the Loyalists are working with them now. And we both know they are more than just hooligans. They were the ones who murdered my parents in the first place."

"My time was spent trying to piece a puzzle together, unfortunately. It was quite stressful, but I managed. It is a shame there was so little time."


hey what's this, a social thing, can i go?


No, he was there on a date when you went to the seminar, you would've seen him.

Anyway, you find Chip and Light Heart talking.

"You may not be tired yet, but if you don't sleep now, you'll be cranky in the morning."

Presumably you lurked after Chip to go enjoy the fair.

You ate '1d10' free foods, had '1d10' free drinks, enjoyed '1d10' free carnival games, and went to an enlightening seminar on '1d6'

1. Music Appreciation
2. Modern Art
3. Classical Literature
4. The Importance of Nature
5. Dog Studies
6. Sailing

"The Loyalists did that, not the Resistance, peach. In any case, it's under control. Enjoy yourself. Now then, I need to go see if I can find an apple fritter before this place is closed down. If you have any more concerns, just drop a note off at my office. Good night, Miss Belle."

He trots off.

If she summons you.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 10 = 10 / Roll #4 2 = 2


I look at Dixie and at the fair as the music and the lively ponies goes about their business and affairs, without care for the world.
"Hmmm… there are more to Dixie but as the commodore and what we have agreed on the meeting, Dixie is just a stop." I


Do what? No. I have a house to exterminate so I can buy that bird. I'll get back to doing that.


Sure. Want to have a look around the fair?
Mind you, it's getting late.

"Hey Chip. I found something you should look over."


Roll my eyes.
"Don't give me that shit.
I also had an idea how to boost the cutie mark search of Curry."


"Fancy meeting you here!"
I then fold my arms.
"Look over? What is it?"


I shrug. Guess I'll just trust his word then.
And that about wraps things up for me. I guess the fleet will leave soon, so no more time to go investigate.

"Quite. The island of Roads will grant us more time. Now if you'll excuse me…"
Wave him off and head over to my cabin.


I don't think I get tired. follow happily


You return to the mostly cleaned out house. You finished the top floor and the basement, and one room on the first floor. Not much left now.

"What is it?"

You return to your cabin.


"I've had an idea for the ships.
You should look it over to see if it's doable."
Give him the book about Construct Catalysts.
I have to work some. Go ahead without me.

Seance her.


Have all of my followers returned? Even Wark?


"He is supposed to be good at telekinesis, right?
Well, good is not a word you can apply to Curry, but decent, right?"


finish up the first floor '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wark and Onik are still missing.


You wander around the various rooms for a while and can't seem to find any demon cockroaches.

You could look in the kitchen, the dining room, the guest room, the laundry room, or the sitting room.


"Hmmm? Ah you expect me to read books? Bah lets see." Open the pages and skim on it to see its contents.


Roll #1 7 = 7


…that's all? then I guess I'll clean up.. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I need to know if this kind of thing would be doable on our ships."


You want me.. to go without you? I shrug and head to the fair, sticking to the shadows.


Well they should get back in time right? I'd go look for them but it's dark outside!
"It appears that is all for today, everypony. Thank you for your aid, I could not have done this without it."


"So… what if we made him catch bullets?"


It's some fancy magical stuff. You understand the metallurgical principals of design, but you don't really get what it's supposed to do.

A cockroach drops from the ceiling onto your face. Oh, right, you're not done: just bad at looking.

The carnival is essentially closed. All the events, food, and drinks have been shut down and packed away. The only thing going on is the live music. There's a string quartet on probably their last piece playing nearby.

There are some nods and "hear hear"s. Your cabin is cozy and warm as opposed to the misty, cool breeze out on the water at night.

"That sounds like a bad idea, and you would do well to obey the commodore when he tells you to stay away from each other."


fuck.. '1d10' smash the roach.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You smash it right on your face. Ow.


Shake that off and look around for more demon bugs '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Now… I haven't given Rosemary and the two fillies any attention at all all day! Are they here as well?


oh, well.. at least I can get a feel for what ponies like now a days. listen to the music and look at what everyone is wearing as they walk by.


I look at Felfire
"I can understand what the books aim is and the designs, but you do know I am not adept at magic."


"That's not what I need to know. I can work the magical part out.
But could the mechanical pieces be build and mounted on our ships?"


"But I want to be a mare again! And that fucking loser is needed for that!"


They seem to be big fans of hoop dresses. The quartet plus bass is playing a serenade:


Rosemary and Grey Worm are in your cabin on the Darklantern. Red is AWOL.

You bag it and wander around a bit and can't see buts, but you know they're here.

"80% is a good chance. You should let me restore you now."


"And if it fails?"


ugh, keep looking, move stuff around '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"If you would let me keep the book I can make a work out of it and see if I can do it on the ships. But first we need to find a good dockyard in where we can put the ships on shore then our engineers can help to speeden up the process of repairing and upgrading the ships. After that is where you and the other mages come in." I then close the book.


"It's a book of the library. I will have to talk with Smitts about that."
Speaking of which, where is Smitts?


"Well, half chance if it fails that we can just give it another go. Half chance to start from scratch."

You find a few bugs under the icebox and squash 'em.

You detect no more than ten more bugs scurrying about in this house.


Right. I'm sure that little brat is causing trouble somewhere… but she'll no doubt be back before we leave.
Go to my room then. Greet Rosemary with a kiss and Grey Worm with a hug.


Probably his cabin.


oddly specific, but try to hunt down the last ten '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ah I see, if thats the case here." I hand it to her.


"…Fuck it.
Let's do it."


They seem pleased.

"You were gone all day."


You have strong dog senses.

In any case, you find nine more in the warmth of the laundry room. One left.

"Good, good. Stand back, and steel yourself!"


"Thanks for your time, Chip."
To his cabin!


Surprisingly pleasant, a little odd way to dress it will take some getting used to.. I will stand around and enjoy this while I wait for Fel fire.


Right, let's sweep the whole floor to find it '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Going back to the ship!


"See you later."
I then look around.

"Where's everybody?" I scratch my head.


Stand back.
Raise my shoulders and exhale.
"Okay… let's do this… and the stuff that I wear?"


"I was busy attending to family matters. Parents to bury, nieces to visit, nephews to cure… My apologies for not spending any time with either of you."


follow her!


"Yes, Felfire?"

Full retreat! You catch up at Smitts's cabin.

Hm… not in the dining room (thank heavens)… that leaves the guest room.

Seems everyone has headed back to the ships, save Sateo, who you know is out cleaning.

"Oh right. Unless you want to burst out of your clothes, you should probably remove them. Then again… does it matter? You won't need filly sized clothes ever again, presumably."

"Well, we have a long time to spend together. the Island is a long, long way away."

"So long! So long, Dixie!"


…must be a tricky bug, better look close '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I found something interesting."
Step in and close the door.
"So. You know the weapon of mass destruction Dixie has in their flagpoles, right?
With this-"
Show him the book.
"We could build some for the fleet!"


"Presumably, yes.
Still, it'd be a shame to ruin them."
Take off my stuff.
"Okay, now I'm ready.
Do it."
Brace myself!


Hm… not under the bed or the chest of drawers… Where be that bug?

"Indeed, I believe so."



Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d10' it must be under the bed

Roll #1 6 = 6


In a flash, you're properly aged again, cutie mark in tow.


You just checked under there!

You hit the wall in frustration, and the bug falls off of there onto your arm.


I nod.
"Quite right. I can use the rest after today. It weighs on my heart."
Look at Grey Worm.
"We will practice together during the following days, agreed?"


Success. man, being a minion is not that easy..


"The only problem is, this book belongs to their library. I will have to return it before we leave the docks."


show it that this dog is not to mess with! '1d10' squish

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Make a copy, or find a means to extricate it. No doubt a town as magic-obsessed as Dixie has it tethered to a teleporter or something."


Apparently you are one to mess with. It hops off and flees into the hall.


"Indeed. How long until we leave?"


"Just a couple hours. Plenty of time for a single book."


come on Monty, help me out bucko '1d10' catch up the bug

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile and pat her on the head.
"Very good. Now, where is Red?"


You throw Monty like a spear, and he gobbles it up in one fel swoop. Nice! Time to go get your reward.


Look back at the place and hike my way back to the ship, better not report our failure to the Count even if I wanted to help him on his cause.


"Good enough."
Now, I know for a fact that Curry has supplies to copy books.


Since we have settled the matter of retrieving Light Heart's nephew, is there still time to enjoy the fair?


I glance back at my flank, then grin, and spread my wings to flap them and rear up victriously.


Aw, yea! I go to the place from before, and knock on the door.


Rosemary speaks up, "Uh, the crazy necromancer mare said she was going to murder Red if I didn't make her get off in this city…"

You return to the ship. It's been an eventful night! And not half bad. You manage to keep yourself upright in spite of all the alcohol in your system.

Sure do.

"Very well then, I need to work, so please leave me."

You already did. You're on top of it when it comes to enjoying yourself. The funnel cake was good. You DID/DIDN'T get the recipe. '1d2'

"See? I told you nothing would go wrong."

"Finished? You stopped by mighty late, I was just about to close."

Roll #1 2 = 2


I nod "Aye, its done."


Wait by the ship and see if Sateo is coming. Odd that he is this late.


Also, summon Zivur and Kilana.

I need help copying a few books. Three, one for each of us. We have a few hours top.

Leave and get those supplies.
Or ask him where he bought them and buy enough to copy the two necromancy books I didn't find and this one about construct catalysts.


I frown slightly.
"… Miss Felfire said what? Did you send her off?"


"Honestly, if they pass on, that recipe goes with them. They'll deprive the world of another delicious cake. Oh well."

Since I seem to be back at the ship, let's check on the Hamburgerburgians and see if the firearm is ready.


Hop there and hug him before letting him go and flapping my wings again.
"Haha, yes!
A better cutie mark, now with proper size, with an awesome upgraded rifle!
This is fucking great!"
Try to contain my joy!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Alright, where are the quills? I ask.


C-Copy books?


"Good, good. Here's your pay."

He gives you 21 bits. You'll have just enough for that bird.

You don't see him yet.

"I had to! Or else she was going to kill Red. And she said she was going to have a diamond dog molest her, too!"

What will it be? Dip into Curry's stuff, or buy your own?

You return to The Fort on the Seaworthy. The Hamburgerburgians are patrolling and preparing for sleep.

You keep your joy in check.

He nods. "Yes. Another victory for science."


I'm going to buy them.
Yes. Copy books. I was able to find only four of the seven books you found at the library.
Buy my own, he needs that for other stuff and took all his pay for it.


"So that's a victory for you too, huh?
Gonna' write it all down?
Make sure to mention how awesome I was."


yes! go to that black building and find the guard from before!


"And it did not occur to you once to ask me first?"
I shake my head in disapproval.
"When did you send her off? I will not allow anypony to threaten somepony I took in into leaving."


Oh… d-did you find t-the one with the… um…


Yes. I found the one with your notes.


Buying? I thought you said you were a thief…


A pirate. It's different.
We work on a… Different way.


"Sorry to bother you before you rest, but do you know if Strom was able to finish that firearm I had requested? Or could anyone direct me towards him?"




T-That's… good…


You quickly stop by the bookstore and get materials before it closes.

"Yes, I imagine I'll publish a book on this one."

You return to the Fraternity building and drop off your pay.

He gives you a bird cage with a black jay in exchange. It cocks its head at you.


"I think she's still hanging around the docks… but you were gone all day and I didn't want her to get hurt…"

"Yes, he's at the rear of the fort."

You spot him working on fusing a scope to a cannon.


Hey there..I'm Sateo I greet my new pet as we head to the ship


Enlist Curry's help and copy all 3 books I couldn't find in the book store, and the Construct Catalyst book.
CC first of all.
One book each should make it smooth enough, spend all the needed time doing that.


Don't want to bother him while he works, but what does the firearm look like from where I am standing?


I shake my head.
"I cannot see miss Felfire do such a thing, Rosemary. I will go get her back here."
Let's go find Red. Dammit.

Roll #1 2 = 2


While I am waiting for Sateo, anything interesting happening on the ship or docks?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"My name will be immortalized as a master marksman mage, right?"
Let out a laugh again.


I feel you.


Curry is sleeping or something. He's not available.

Anyway, you should twice for each book.

You spot Sateo returning.

Your firearm? It looks like a longrifle with something fat on the end, sort of like the end of a blunderbuss.

It's so dark!


Hmmm… surely the streets must be lit up, no?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wave at Sateo as he comes back.
"Been finding you but I cant. So we leave Broomhilda's and the Counts fate in their own hands eh?"


'2d10' for Construct
'4d10' for other two necro books whose titles I don't remember and I'd love to have the list.

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6 / Roll #2 10, 5, 4, 3 = 22


"Sorry to intrude, but is it ready? It looks incredible from my point of view."


I run over to you waving and then frown. "We tired that twice mate.. Its no good.." I hold up my new pet. "Sorry I kept ye waiting. Had to get a Black Jay while I be in Dixie."


…try to help? '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 4 = 13



Roll #1 9, 10 = 19


Sure, but not the docks.

You copy over Modern Colloquiums on your own, but are 2slow with the other books.

Kilana finishes the Structure Catalysts book.

And Zivur, eager to preserve Trotantine texts, has no trouble with Apotheosis in Antioch.


"So you bought a pet! I would love and have plans on bringing a pet too but well… it didnt work out as planned." I smile and look at it.
"So what do you plan on it? Do you know how to train birds?"


"Yep, should suit you fine. It has a sound suppressor."


"…Of course."


Take to the skies and look from the air. I have to find her!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Do the others still have time to copy Dawn of the Dead?
Pant in exhaustion.

Thanks guys.
You really are life saviors.


"I'll read it, so no nasty writings about me!
…did you have some of my stuff? Like my clothes
My rifle is already at Light's cabin."


For necromancy!



I'm glad I met you.


that's what …friends.. are for.


"I'm grateful for it, and thanks to that Pegasus filly, I shouldn't have any trouble using it."

"Say, if you have some time, mind if I ask you a few questions? Where exactly is Hamburgerburg, I'm usually good with history and maps, but I can't recall where that is? And why are there so many on the ship? I know we have types from all over, but I didn't expect so many in one place."


I nod at that "This bird be a magic hunter, eats magic, and detects it. Special bird only found here. I've gotten birds to listen to me before It just take a bit of patience." I smile. "What kind of pet did ye want to bring? Maybe we can find one sometime?"


W-Well… m-my leg anyway…

I think for the first time, you can hear me chuckle too.


You're out of time and books. Better go return those to the library, the ships are about to depart.

"Oh, that's right. I turned your clothes into a school filly outfit."

He levitates the outfit up from a chair where it had been hanging and transfigures it back into your old clothing.

"It's close to here. We were stopped over for a gun convention in Reptil, but we were hired to join on as extra muscle."


See >>464754

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sure thing.
Return them all.
Even the music book.
Such a shame I couldn't buy that phonographe…
But now I have a rather large collection of rare necromancy texts! Ahah!
And after turning the books in, go and fall on the bedroll at Terre's place.


I then look at the bird with wide eyes.
"A mage hunter bird, quite interesting if you ask me."

I look sideways.
"Well, I was trying to hunt it down and lead it back to the ship but she's a hard to get type so I let it be." I just grin.


"Same reason I got brought aboard, but I was just going from job to job and this one came up first. What can you tell me about Hamburgerburg? What's it like?"


I scratch my head confused. "Do we have time to try and find it?"


You eventually spot the red filly throwing rocks at ships on the dock.


"Unlike most places in the globe, we're a civilized folk that have a representative democracy. We vote for representatives, like here in Dixie."

Some nearby ponies clap in reverence.

"And of course, being a free and independent body, we place great value on our guns as a symbol of freedom."


Swoop down and grab her.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I just shook my head.
"Naaahh perhaps it has gone back to its place and is now cooking something, or perhaps sleeping, plus the ship is leaving so we dont have time to get her. Perhaps next time."

I then look at the bird.
"Hmmm… I myself am confused. That bird can detect magic really?"


"Hmm… what about something fancy?
Like a grown up, serious, naval uniform or something?
Y'know, so I look like an officer."


Well, since I don't sleep.. I'll stand on deck and watch as we sail away. perhaps it will be a soothing experience.


"Okay.." I nod "It really can, Black Jays they are called, specially bred to find magic."


"Symbol of freedom? Come to think of it, I probably did the same with Behemoth here sine I've been travelling. Even now, I can't give her up."

"Still, thank you for the weapon. If you ever need anything, let me know."

Give a proper salute, and then exit the Seaworthy. Time to give this rifle a try.


"'Ey! Right ruddy way to treat a king that is!"

You sweep her up and glide back to the Sirocco.

"The term uniform is paradoxical if you are the only one wearing it."

It's dark, so you can't see much, but you brace yourself for departure.

Finally, the ships shove off…

What a serene view.

No time to exit, the ships are shoving off. You'll have to test her on deck.

You return to the ships so they can shove off.

And with that, the fleet left Dixie, now on for the long sail to the distant Island of Roads. No doubt critical decisions that would shape the lives of every crewmember would be made there.

#End of Chapter


"You know what I mean!"


Man, I should wake up early tomorrow.
As every other day, after all.
I have an appointment.


"Nice, that makes it easy for everyone to detect magic around the area eh? That is quite a nice pet I say."

I then look at the city disappearing in the distance and just sit on the deck looking at the stars.


I chuckle.
"You should be honored, I do not use my wings all that often, only for special occasions. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Red. You are free to stay as long as you do not cause too much trouble."
Just look at the city disappearing in the distance from the deck.
"… Goodbye Dixie."


Very well. now that it is quiet is probably the best time to try it it. Aim it at the sea, let's try to determine its recoil and range.

So this firearm uses a scope instead of sights, a very nice feature, let's see if Friesian can handle it.

Take a shot, like Emrille taught me. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aye, it'll be a useful pet I'm sure." I stand next to you on deck smiling.



"I said I'd make ya a duke, whaddya want, a medal?"

She does seem pleased, though.

"I'll see what I can do. One try. One."

He transfigures your clothes into a '1d10'/10 uniform.

Roll #1 9 = 9


No next day?
There's so much stuff to do for me in the morning!


I chuckle when Dixie finally disappears from sight and pat her on the head.
"Of course not. Welcome back, Red. You still have a purpose to fulfill here. Now, move along. You should sleep soon."
I'll head back to my room as well, tired as hell after a looooong day. I'll just collapse on my bed and hope Rosemary will look after me.


Oooh, fancy!
I require a description!


I look at him.
"Say, if you have time do you want to help me fixing the ship when we dock on the next town? I could teach you the basics of ship design."


"Aye! I'll lend ye a paw mate." I say cheerfully.


"I think I'm going to like this one. Hmm, a firearm. No extra parts sticking out like Behemoth except the sight. How about I call you Wyvern?"

The Hamburgergurgians were going to go to sleep, anyone else aboard I can ask for help on getting better with this firearm? Crossbow experience only counts for so much. Ask some of the crew on the ship if they would know who to talk to.


"Good, thats what I like to hear. We'll get started if we dock on the next town." I grin.
"Well and if Felfire did get that book of course." I scratch my head.


No morning. One chapter is enough for today.

This silk uniform is studded with sterling buttons and sports a fancy beltbuckle that depicts fire cutting through a snowflake. It is reinforced with leather padding. As an ensemble, it asserts 'style doesn't have to be sacrificed for tactically useful clothing'.

She runs off.

You pass out quickly to the sensation of wings being preened.

Perhaps Ruxiang "the Eye" could help you, on the Sirocco.


Good waifu…


Open one eye then.
Terre is here, right?


Dress up in it!
And put on my hat!
"I'm a mare again, I look sexy, I have a beautiful uniform, I can use my rifle again… I would call this day perfect if I earned some money too!"


I frown "Oh, its from a book?" I attempt not to look nervous '1d10' "Ye don't need me to read it do ye?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Would it be possible to get over there now that the ships took off? Any pegasus able to give me a ride over there? It's important that a soldier get acclimated to a new weapon.


"Eh? Nope nah nah… I dont like reading much but the pretty pictures shows a cool looking design and I attempt to see if such a ship is within my grasp to make."



He tuts at you and finally sends you to bed.

You've a stone cold pokerface.

Not until tomorrow when the ships run adjacent and the gangplanks come out. You'll have weeks to get used to the weapon, though. Isle of Roads is far off.


But I want to finally have sex with Tela before sleep now!


"Sounds fine then." I smile.
yep, can't read this.


Do I havve a locker, or a room, to safely tuck away Behemoth and Wyvern? I'd like to do that, then get out the notes I took from that cook book and try them out. I may not have monster parts, but let's try them out with more normal ingredients. Let's find out if that Pegasus replaced his brain with Feathers or if h's on to something.



"Uhumm.." I nod and rest my head on the post.

"Hmmm.. I got to meet someone on the ship so I have to go."


You don't have access to the ingredients on this ship! They let you be a cook on the Eagle's Roost! Maybe you should've asked for a transfer over there. That's where General Movp is as well.


"Okay, see you tomorrow Chip." I wave at you as you go, and let myself sigh with relief at not having to read..


Never thought of that. Get's me close to that chef too. Well, better call it in and get the bed ready. Busy day.




Now that I'm mare size again, first thing first, find my whore!


It's evening right? I'll just… be sitting on the deck, enjoying the evening in peace.


Around that time, yes.
Since you are paying attention somewhere else, I am just going to fly behind you then flap my wings to gust you with some fresh sea air from behind.


"… What the-?"
Turn around.
"Oh, it's you. Hey, you're less of a little shit again! Fucking finally!"


Dive in for a hug.
"I've been waiting for this!"
Smooch her then and there.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


I grin and try to take over by overpowering her.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


She is the Iron Pony, after all.
Just enjoy it though for a while, before breaking the kiss.
"You're a feisty little bitch, aren't you?"


"I thought you were stronger than that, you lousy little wimp. Am I going to have to whip your ass into shape with some exercise?"


"I still need to get used to my long legs and wings!"
Show her by giving her a winghug.
"And depends on the exercise. I have some in mind with you already~"


"Oh yeah? You really think the Iron Pony doesn't know how to exercise properly?"
I give her a smug look.


"No, I know that I know one type of exercise better than you do."
Smirk back.


I roll my eyes
"Well obviously I can't do flying exercises, dumbass."


>"Well obviously I can't do flying exercises, dumbass."


Give her a deadpan look.
Then smack her ass with my right wing.
I won't say anything, let's see if it clicks for her.


"Hey! Don't you fucki-"
"Uh… right. That stuff."


Wriggle my eyebrows.
"Right, that stuff~"


"Uh… yeah. Sure."
I look around sheepishly
"Not… here, right?"


I let out a laugh.
"Hey, if that's your thing, I'm not going to complain."


"Fuck no! Not in front of the fucking crew."


I snicker and nuzzle her a bit.
"Not like it will be a question after they hear your squealing."
Keep smirking.
"I bet you are a screamer."


Try not to blush.
"No I'm not! I'm not going to announce to the world I'm getting it on like you would you shameless slut!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yup, that's a blush.
"Oh we'll see about that~"


"I bet you're gonna scream, not me!"


"Is that a challenge? Y'know, I probably know more about getting it on with mares than you.
Unless you were hiding something from me."


"I've been with several stallions! Like… three of them! … No mares though, but whatever, it's almost the fucking same."


Try to not laugh at her too loud.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just a snicker.
"Suuure it is."


I scrunch up
"Well okay doctor whore MD, you know a lot about cunts. big deal. I'm sure that knowledge helps a lot in your life!"


"It helps me enjoying it a lot."




Stand up.
"Soooooo… you want to come to sleep with me?~"


"Uh… It's kinda nice out, don't you think?"


Start flying around casually and enjoying my old ability to maneuver and not having those stubby little wings.
"So you do like it outside, huh?"


"Heck no! I just wanna enjoy the evening a bit more!"


Keep circlin'.
"Don't you want to enjoy it together?"


"Sure, stick around then."


Land beside her.
"Isn't just sitting around here boring?"


"Uh… I like the stars… and stuff."


"You should see them from the top of a cloud!


I just roll my eyes


Winghug with one wing.
"Come on, it was a joke!"


Push her over and sit on top of her back.
"Whatever, squirt."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hey, no way.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Yes way.
You are fucking fat, do you know that?"


I snicker.
"Iron pony~"


"More like lard pony!"


Shift my weight a little.
"Don't be rude~"


"Then get off me!
Or get me off, that'll do too!"


I snort and get off of her back.
"Fine, you little crybaby."


Stand up.
"Is this how you'll treat your mare, huh?"


I fake a pout.
"Awww, is little Emmy a little grumpy?"


I smirk.
"Nah, after today?
I got paid, I got turned back to a mare, I'll get laid soon, why would I be?"


Grab her and pull her close.
"Good girl. What'd you get paid for?"


"Freezing a squid with my gun and bringing it's heart to Smitts to cook up some sort of potion for Light."




"You heard me."


"Oh and did I mention the heart of the squid had to be frozen before it was brought to the surface?"



"Who the fuck cares, I got money out of it!"


"True. That sounds like a weird-ass potion though."


I snort.
"Like you know shit about potions."


I raise a brow.
"And you're the potion expert here, right?"


Pat her head.
"No, but I don't try to act like one to seem smarter like you do."


"Hey, I worked with potion makers before! I pay attention to shit, unlike your unobservant ass."


"You were the test rat?"


"No, dumbass. Some mercs happen to just be good at that shit. The guy with the crossbow told me he knows how to make that kind of shit, for one."


I already know all the shit I need to know."


"That so huh? How educated are you anyway? Let's see… what's the capital of Equestria?"


"Canterlot, duh."


"Good girl. Uh… the names of the founders of Equestria."


"Uh… Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?"


I laugh
"Nope! You dumb shit! Hahaha!"


I shrug and look away.
"Who the fuck even cares about that?"


"Awww, it's okay Emmy~ It's okay to not be as smart as the Iron pony."


I stretch my wings again and turn away.
"I sort of had to drop out of school, if you don't remember."


I shrug.
"I never went to school, I grew up on a ship."


"So you had somepony to teach you?"


"Eh… my parents kinda did. Really, I just picked stuff up from all the officers and some of the crew."


"There's that for you then.
I learnt what I had my ways.
What the fuck do I care who some pricks were if I can hit a target with a flaming bullet from a mile away?"


"It broadens your perspective Emmy. Knowing who the hell was responsible for what is important."


"You know what's important?
Me, that's what.
On that note, I'll be in a book soon. Abilio will write a book about this whole mark thing."


I poke her in the side with a hoof
"Stop that. The whole self-centered bullshit attitude. Fuck."


"Okay, you are sort of important too now.
But I won't let you die…. well, not again, anyway."


A smirk.
"Neither will I. I need my little mare in one piece~"


Lean close to her eyes.
"You better! And treat me like I'm the fucking Princess of the world too!"


"Well I'm your queen, how about that?"


"I heard queens are massive whores."


"Princesses even moreso. They like suckling on prince dicks."


Smack her ass with my wing again.
"Somepony is getting cheeky again. Want me to spank you?"


Grab her wing with a hoof before she can do that. Fast reflexes!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Faster wings!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Haha, wow. Slowpoke.
I just snicker.


"Ouch, fuck, that even hurt me…"
Rest my wing on her ass.


Push it off.


Place it back again.
"Yeah, I need to get back in the groove of things with wings."


"Better start exercising~"


I smirk and lower the tip of my wing under her tail.
"I better~"


I jump up


I snicker.
"Something wrong?~"


"Fucking hell… not here."


"Aww, did you get sleepy after all?
Let's head off to bed then!"
Keep smirking.


"Fine… wait, where to?"


"Which one do you like more, beds or privacy?"


"… Both?"


"Well shit, I don't have a cabin yet.
So you okay with the bunks?"


I look away.
"… It's not really… you know… uh… romantic…"


I chuckle a bit.
"Well there's that one storage room…"


"Can't you just like… ask Dainty to lend you her room tomorrow or something?"


"Maybe when she doesn't want a whole bunch of people sleeping in there.
I mean, that place is pretty crowded."


"We could tell them to fuck off for a while!"


You end up bickering all night, and eventually getting sleepy and falling asleep in each others' hooves.

The sun rises on a new day. Once everyone is ready, we will timeskip to arriving at the Island of Roads.


"Next time we dock someplace and everyone gets off the ship, I'll ask. But you don't want to wait for that long, do you?
I know I don't."


Hold on Romeo.
I need to do a lot of stuff.
First and foremost, bring the materials to Marrowbone.


Well, I've got a lot to do before then.
Like write those books down. Specifically, the one about the crazy guy living in the swamp. That was the first one.
Now let's see if I can finish transcribing it down in a single day. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Brilliant. Get up stand up.
Wash myself.
Get clothed.
Fondle Rosemary a little.
And then head out for breakfast with Landgrave with her.


"Ugh… I really don't want the first time to be in some shitty storage locker. Or surrounded by the fucking crew!"


"Don't worry about it, I'll make you forget about your surroundings pretty quick."


I grumble a little.


do some morning meditation. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I knew you would come around."
Let's head to that place Light showed me.
Or something similar.


You check his cabin but find it abandoned as is typical. A spider has taken up residence in one of the corners and is weaving a fine web.

This seems like a massive waste of a room, but I suppose no one wants to upset a pony like Marrowbone.

Yes, the terrible horrible secrets that pony was not meant to know.

Unfortunately, the pleasant weather makes it hard to focus, and you end up spending the morning watching the waves with Mera on the side of the deck. What a lazy day… but you have a very long voyage to work.

Landgrave's posse is having a characteristically expensive dish this morning. It's actually a simple frittata: a mixture of eggs, lobster and 10 ounces of sevruga caviar.

General Movp is once again in attendance, too, and they're discussing the Count of Bowlshoy.

"Good morning, Miss Heart. Or do you prefer Belle…?"

What a pleasant morning for introspection. You think about all the times you were caught sneaking into that plantation, and are reminded of your fundamentals of the art of monkery: form zero, avoiding combat where you can. It's an enlightening thought, and makes you consider how you should branch out your studies today.

You have three unspent skill points that you may spend. You may only learn one new monk skill today, but unspent points will be 'banked'.

The hold it is. It's mostly quiet here, though through the decks you can hear partying pirates. Thy do know how to party.


Follow suit I guess…


"See, it isn't that bad, is it?"


Roll for good fortune.


Wake up and look at Nurse Heart.
"Good morning little thing." I nibble her ears.


I chuckle.
"Word spreads fast I see. Please, Light Heart will do. How was your time in Dixie, general?"


She shifts under you a little. "Good morning~"

"I missed you…"


That's not what I should be doing, pleasant as it may be. Maybe Skyly can help with the copying things… And Mera. I've got three quills, after all.
"Hey, Mera, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the ocean?"


Eh, I should ask him for it.
Leave the materials here and go outside.
Let's see if the whale is following.
I can't believe we didn't have an appointment today too!


'1d10' oh boy

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Far from fucking cozy though…"


"Missed you too, I've been away for a day or two and it feels like forever." I grasp her flank.

"Do you have anything particular in mind that we can do together?"


I want to get Tumble, so I can do something from helplessness.


"Enlightening. They have an excellent club, and I was able to speak at length with the locals. The fight's still in these ponies."

The Baron adds, "Unfortunately, we were not able to make a contact of either Governor Gray or Count Bowlshoy."

She laughs and ruffles your mane. "You're thinking about your nature studies again, aren't you?"

Well, he did say just for that week.

The whale is probably following, submerged. Looking closely, you think you see it.

You find a quiet spot in the corner with a bunch of rat bones.

She squeals a little playfully.

"It's a lazy day today~"


"Yeah, who cares? Just have fun?"

Sweep those away under a box or something.


You think a lot about how much more useful if you could keep moving while you're down… keep up your momentum… stay on the move.

You're inspired to draw techniques from the armadillo's coil and the ability to roll away… but you think you can do more: you'll turn it into an attack. A sort of… Tumble.


"Count Bowlshoy? The… leader of the Loyalists?"


What a dork.
Well now, let's take this occasion to bring Smitts the book about catalysts.


"Well, there's not much else for me to do at this size."
I'll pout.
"Besides, wouldn't it be neat? Having a little control over the ocean?"
Shaking my head, I'll continue.
"And what if it didn't stop there? What if I could expand that, so that I could take on attributes and powers of other things, like trees or rocks? Don't you think that'd be neat?"


"Oh this looks really classy."


I just cuddle her hard.
"Say after I jump on you~, we spend the day doing stuff together, what do you say Ms. Heart?"


"We can go back to the deck or bunks if you want to."




Aha! Oh, I should go find general Movp while its still early.


"Oh quit whining."
Shut her up with a kissu.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"That's correct. We spoke at length, but he was not interested in an alliance with ponies, unfortunately."

Smitts has done some remodeling. Since his office is so spacious, he had the engineers do some work to split it into a couple rooms in port. Now the 'first' room is a clerical office. Cloudy Stripes is there, and acknowledges you.

"Here to see the commodore, Felfire?"

"I guess. It's a little heady for me! I trust that Luna will guide me to the right thing to do, so I don't spend a lot of time on what-ifs!"

Alright… what do you want to do?"

Rumor has it he's headed to a meeting on the Darklantern. You track these rumors to Landgrave's cabin.


… Kissu.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Yes. I have something for him."


…The Necromancer Ship? I tread carefully then, can I hear anything going on inside? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Good. That means killing him will not be an issue for Landgrave. It is such a shame we did not spend more time in Dixie, is it not? Wonderful place to be."


"You're really not feeling this, are you?"


"Hey, neither are you!"


"Just drop it off. I'll give it to him."

That would be the Pillager's Fancy. The Darklantern is the ship-of-the-line made with ebony, mahogany, lead and other dark colors.

In any case, you put your ear up to the door and hear breakfast going on. The door opens and a butler pone addresses you:


"Yes, but it was always our intention to go to the Island of Roads. Business before pleasure."

The other nobles nod.


"Is he that busy?
I had hoped to talk with him."


"I was just getting warmed up!"


"I suppose that's one way of looking at it. But while it's fine to trust in Luna, you shouldn't forget to tie up your boat. A few precautions here and there can save you a lot of headaches later."
I'll grin a little at her.
"Say, want to go see what those loud banging noises are? The ones that come from the Seaworthy."


"Of course, of course…"
Keep eating.


"Then don't blame me!"
I fidget a little


"You're not nervous, are you?"


Try to sound confident!
"But this is an important moment, you know."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll my eyes and sigh.
"You are serious aren't you…


"Is General Movp busy this morning?"



Roll #1 10 = 10


I just smile as I hug her.
"Want to go catch or hunt some fresh fish from the deck, we can cook it together after we catch some if we are lucky."


"About this whole… romantic stuff."


She shrugs. "Is it important?"

"Banging noises? Alright."

The food is good. You can practically taste the bits in every bite.

They return to talking about the socioeconomics of Dixie, Dixie County, Dixie Nation versus that of the other major cities of the so-called wastelands, such as Enkilj and Dust. Clearly Dixie is the best off.

"Sir is having breakfast with the Landgrave."

You see past the butler pone, through the doorway, there is the interior of a huge mansion that couldn't possibly fit on a boat. In the far back, Light Heart and Rosemary are having breakfast with a bunch of nobleponies plus General Movp.

"Uh… alright."




Off we go to the Seaworthy.


Dust? I heard that name before. What's the story?


Just smile slyly.
"But of course after we've done this."
Mount her and do it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Try not to blush.
"Well… yeah. That's how it works… right?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


I stare hungrily. "May I go in? I work with Light heart.."


Pretty red there, Tela.
Sigh again.
"…yeah, let's go with that.
Fine…I'll try to get a fucking room for you."


Smitts steps out of the rear office.

"Still about the catalysts? We can't work on them until we make port."

You trot on over. It's a short walk.

You can't glean much exact information without asking directly, but they seem to be on this continent as well, further west, and plagued by drought. Good mineral wealth, though. Gold and black gold.

Fade to black.

You awaken afterward rested and feeling pleased with yourself.

He surveys your dirty paws. "Not so unclean as that. We are entertaining nobility."


Let's follow the banging noises. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod sadly and walk away. Maybe I can find a place to wash up? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Huh. Interesting. Strange name though, but fitting I suppose.
Not really in the talking mood, so I'll just be a good little spy and listen while eating in silence.


"Not that.
I need to track down you-know-who."


"Thanks. I uh… I just don't want to half-ass this, okay?"


Look back at Nurse Heart as I hug her
"So do you want to come with me or do you ave any particular activity in mind."


"Yeah, I get it.
Like it's a big deal after all those cocks you took.
Let's go back to the bunks or something."


I frown and walk after her.
"You know you're important to me Emmy…"


And do you think I would have given up on a fucking if I didn't care about what you want?"


"What, like it's your fucking decision only? We're in this together."


Facewing so I don't need to stop walking to raise my hoof.
"What I meant was I want the best for you, you stupid shit."


"You make it sound like you just sacrificed a great deal for my sake. I'm just saying you don't have to play the fucking martyr here."


"I was just looking forward to it, okay?
Y'know, for a while now."


"Yeah yeah, just don't be so damn impatient."


Flick her nose with my tail.
"Easy for you to say!"


"Sure whatever, let's go catch some sleep.


"Yeah, let's.
You can be the big spoon this time, but only because you won that competition."


I grin.
"You know it. Iron pony! What a fucking title!"


"You looked like you were ready to drown at the swimming part though."


"Ehhh… Just got a bit distracted!"


"Sure you did. By what?"


"Just… business stuff!"


I turn back to give her a deadpan look.


You locate all sorts of banging sounds on the Seaworthy. The clatter of pans as breakfast is being made. The banging of groins as menials get it on. And the Hamburgerburgians trying to get one cannon to fire into another cannon.

You head down to the bilge and soak in cold seawater.

They eventually talk about Enkilj, the city of ruins, populated mostly by raiders or the remnants priest of a once-great empire that collapsed centuries ago.

"You weren't able to call to him?"

"No… I am very empty-headed, I'm afraid…"


"Okay fine, I just got cocky and messed up my swimming."


do I seem acceptably clean now? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


That sounds… not fun.
Oh well. How's Rosemary looking?


"Don't worry, you were pretty good otherwise.
Surprisingly good, even."
"I almost swooned!"

Did we get to our bunks yet?


You're still really salty… and have mangy fur… plus you're soaked. At least the smell is gone. And all that earth under your nails from burrowing yesterday.

Being a quiet pone and eating her expensive breakfast.



Also, perception check.



"He never answered me.
But I will try."
Leave, and back to looking for the whale.


sigh and try again, I better be cleaner if I want to do anything.. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Trying to… what?
"Don't think I've met you lot. Mind if I ask who you are?"


I hope she's not getting bored of this.


Roll #1 10 = 10


I grin.
"If you want me to hoof you my signature, don't be afraid to ask."


"Sure, for a lousy reward!"
Let's get settled down to sleep on a bunk.


You think you see it again.

Well, you get your fur mostly cleaned up… those knots were a big pain to get unfurled, but it's all straight now. There is the problem of being really salty, though: this is seawater.

Drying out is as easy as laying in the sun, though.

"Mercenaries." One of them distractedly remarks while they try to line up the barrels.

You use your cunning and guile to detect that Rosemary is sneaking Grey scraps under the table, which the filly is cheerily munching on below, out of view of the servants and nobles.


"And, uh… what exactly are you doing?"


"Alright, lets go fising!"
After pulling out of her, clean her and myself up
Then go and grab some fishing supplies if we had any on the ship.

Roll #1 8 = 8


good enough then, I'll go on deck and walk around for a while.


Very well.

Tell your master I have all I need.


Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh that's just absolutely adorable.
Let's keep eating though, it'd be criminal to not enjoy this expensive meal.


"Artillery work. It's for adults, stand back, kid."

You eventually find some copper wiring in the smithing supplies, and you forge yourself a little hook. You'll still want a pole and bait, though…

You end up opening a link with a different spirit by accident.

Listen… I'm getting bored with your goodie two shoes aaaact. You're no fun, and I fulfilled my end of the deal aaaaaages ago. I think I'm going to go back to trying to sneak paaaaast club guaaaaaards for all eternity.

You finish up and the nobles split up to their rooms. General Movp dons his softcap and exits the mansion.

You sun yourself for a time, and eventually General Movp exits onto the deck.



If that's what you want, Magenta. I'm not going to stop you.
But think long about this, because there is no going back.
After all, you have all eternity.


I'll sit a few feet away.
"But why are you pointing that big gun at the other big gun? Wouldn't it break the one you were shooting at?"


Alright lets go and find a pole though. If not fashion one myself.

and of course for the bait, perhaps lets ask some fo the crew members like Ruxiang for example what bait is good for fishing

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Lean in on Rosemary.
"Sneaky mare and filly."


Yeah sure


"We're engineers, we know what we're doing."

Just don't summon me for a while.

You hammer one together in a jiffy.

Ruxiang is in the crow's nest of the Sirocco, if you care to ask him.

Grey pops her head out by your legs. "Shh!"


Go to the general. "Ahoy thar Sir Movp, it be a fine day to sail the sea."


Sure, sleep…
I'll give myself a goodnight 'massage' thoughhope that won't wake Tela up

Roll #1 6 = 6


I chuckle.
"Now, I need to go meet with the rest of our companions on the Sirocco. I will be back later."


Going to another ship might be a bit hard, lets ask the captain Movp instead.


I'll look at them a little curiously. What do they hope to achieve with this?


Alright. If this is what you want.

Close the link and sigh.
Well I guess it was just a matter of time.
She never liked me all that much, especially not now that I…
Think back at the sun and moon I saw the other day, but kick the thought out of my head for a moment.

Now, try to contact Cline directly, no more bullshit.
I have all the components.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He nods. "Good day to you."

He gives you an odd look. "Have I seen you before?"



"We'll be waiting."

They return to the room.

He's speaking with Sateo before you, go ahead.

They carefully aim the cannons and write down some notes before finally firing. The recoil and noise is ridiculous, but it works.

They all cheer and clap in reverence.

You connect to his whale, which reacts enough to come near the surface. Well, time to dive.



Okay so… time to head to my cabin to see how things are going there.


I'll clap as well. I hadn't expected that to work.


Not this time~
Fly over there.


"I do some work for Light Heart." I say. "That's what it is." I smile "Do ye have a moment to share stories? I've heard ye was once a great general, and could command many troops.."


He nods and doffs his softcap. "Oh, it's true. In my days in the academy I was feared by my contemporaries and colleagues alike. When I took to the fields, I put the fear into my enemies and my superiors. I could tell you a war story or two – from the eastern campaign."

You fly over above where the whale is.

They seem pleased by your clapping.

"Are you Hamburgerburgian? Clapping is an ancient tradition of our homeland."

The one on the Sirocco? Onik and Wark are passed out in a corner: looks like they must've made the ship. Skylight, Mera, and Curry are all out and about. Stein is sleeping too, on the bed. The motorcycle looks shiny and clean, probably finished.


Okay right.
Time to dive in front of the whale.


I'll shake my head.
"No, I grew up in Autumnsreach. To us there, clapping is just a way of showing appreciation for something interesting. I've never heard of Hamburgerburg, though. Where is it?"



I believe I was fighting?


"It's here, in the New World. We'll no doubt return to it after we finish our mercenary work for this fleet."

You zip zop doobity bop and into the water, through the baleen, and out the other side.

It was a little rough, but you're too excited to let a little baleen ruin your mood.

Culled Cline AKA Marrowbone raises a brow as he lights a candle.

And what a battle! You won the tournament. First prize. A hundred bits! (Two doubloons).

You were very proud.


I nod and sit down to listen. "Please do."


"So! I have all the stuff, the only think left to do is synthetize the Belial's element from the pesticide!
Oh, and the fireflies are dead, but the bodies are intact. Is it gonna be a problem?"


Say all that hastily, as I get my mane back into shape and try to be a bit less wet.


I'll look around.
"So… what do you guys actually do? I've heard a lot of banging noises, but it can't all just be firing cannons into each other, right?"


Sweet! I take it back to my nest.


And I think that's all. I'm beat and no one that Seekkill likes is here.


Y-you too;_;


>Seekkill doesn't like Curry


The new Felfire is boring to him.

I'm too tired to enjoy using Curry like a football.


You spend the morning being regaled with stories of battles of amazing micromanagement skill. Apparently, General Movp's preferred strategy was to hit everywhere at once in a massive pincer attack, overwhelming foes. You're not sure if it made you more of an army dog, but it did teach you a few valuable lesson about how to manage large numbers of followers.

Gained: Pet Mastery
Points Left: 1

The fireflies must be ground up. They do not need to be alive.

"When we get bored, we experiment with weapon design. This one was just for fun, though."

Noted. You return to your nest and sneer at Emrille and Tela who have taken up the hold as a place to get frisky.

Emrille is her proper age again.


"Okay, great."
"When do we start?"


"Oh, that's neat! What sorts of weapons?"


Whenever you are prepared.

"Small arms, artillery, bombs, that sort of thing."


I smile as I stand up. "Thank ye Sir, That was a most thrilling tale."


"I will never be as prepared as now.
Getting rid of that demon…
It's like my mind is clear for the first time in years."


"That would explain the banging. Did you need any help? I've got to earn my keep around here somehow, and I think I'd prefer doing it somewhere interesting beats scrubbing the decks…"


I hide my chick in my nest then lie on top of a box and keep sneering at them.


He nods. "Any time, any time… Now then, I must take the helm."

He heads off to the wheelhouse.

You must still extract the Element.

"I don't know if we'd get you credit. We're independent contractors."

You use your newfound hide and seek skills to secret away your chick for safekeeping. Nighty, night.


"I will need a place to do it.
Are you gonna use your room?"


>your room on the [Name of the ship]?"


Well, now that I can manage troops better. I will see if the Black Jay and Cheese get along. set them next to each other.



The jay surveys Cheese for a moment, then dismisses him without a sound.

Cheese has a sniff. Tough crowd.


I'll frown.
"Are you sure? I could always ask…"
I'll think a minute.
"Say, did you need anything run to miss Topaz, the main smith on the fleet? That would give me an excuse to bother her, since she also runs the ship's payout. Two birds with one stone, as the saying goes."


"Mind if I set the distillery there then?"


I frown at them This be a rough start, but I think ye two would work well together.. I pet cheese a bit.


I Movp available now?



Clean up when you're done.

He climbs up your arm and onto your shoulder.

We'll see.

He is

"Not right now. In fact, she's probably busy right now."


"I will. Right now it looks like a ghost house anyway, there are even spider webs."
"Do you have the stuff to synthesize the element ready?"


I shrug. and motion for the Jay to come with me as well. at this point I'd probably look for curry


Meanwhen, at another point in time, Curry tracks down Light Heart for a talk.


The door to my cabin is open most of the time, so I'm probably there.
"Ah, mister Curry. Good to see you. I trust you are well?"


I will roll in too.
"Hey Light Heart. You busy?"


'As well as one can be. I've got enough books to transcribe about half of the books recovered from the Lunar library, and eventually I should be able to at least make cost with them."
I'll wave at Felfire.


"Not quite no, I am taking some breather after yesterday, so today is my lazy Sunday."

"I hope your little business goes well then."


"As do I. Speaking of business, I believe you and I had a talk that was on hold."
I'll nod.
"Though I can wait until Felfire's spoken her piece."


"Good to know.
I had a few questions about yesterday. You never came back."
"Nah I'm here to chat personal stuff with her. Wouldn't be right to say it in front of you, too."


"Ah. Well, I'm sure I can busy myself outside the door for a few minutes."
I'll scratch my chin.
"Were those fireflies you caught good enough, by the way?"


I look between the both of them.
"Of course, of course. I must thank you both again for your cooperation. Sadly, I lacked the time in the end to get all of my business done. Still, there is always the future."


"Yeah, just perfect.
Nothing a few necromancy can't fix."
"Managed to get more info out of your niece?"


"Sorry I always had something to do that prevented me from joining you on your visits to meet Glory. I would have thought it interesting to meet her."
I'll shrug.
"As it is, I'll let you two mares chat in peace."
I'll smile.
"That's great."
And I'll go sit outside the door.


"Not quite, no. But she should be safe at least now. Even though the mansion is gone, she still has her work for the Governor to occupy herself with. House Belle lives on, which is what my parents would have wanted. It is only unfortunate that those murderers have not been punished yet, but I will have my revenge some day, one way or the other."


Just roam about and….

Nod at everyone then

Look at Felfire and approach her.


"That's half of the reason I am here.
Why not-"
Go quiet as he enters and look up at him.


"Oh, hey, mister Chip, I think they're busy…"


"Something you need, mister Chip?"


"I was looking for Felfire actually."

Look at her.
"Got the book for me?"


"You are late, I gave it to the commodore already.
Go see Lucky Stripes for it."


"Lucky Stripes? What has she got to do with that?"
I then smart my eyes
"What do you have in mind for the ships by the way?"


"Oh you should see it, Smitts got his cabin all changed up, and stuck Lucky at a desk working as his secretary."
"Nothing too big.
Just replacing the mast of every ship with a huge catalyst capable of annhilating anything in a single magic bolt."


"Miss Lucky Stripes? A secretary? Interesting, she always seemed to avoid everypony before."


"True that. Guess Abilio got her to open up."


"That is good to hear, I needed to speak to her about some things."


I scratch my head.
"Explain this to me, so instead of using canons we are going to use the mast of the ship as some sort of firing mechanism? I am lost."


"Well she is not that much of an open pony if you ask me but she is a very good friend of mine, I could help you introduce yourself if you like it."


"Not instead.
On top of.
It's magic. And firing is only one of the thing is can do.
Imagine casting a spell, but with a dozen times the strength."


"It is quite easy. Think of the masts as large unicorn horns, capable of casting high powered spells. Whether or not this will be practical with those sails in the way remains to be seen."

"Oh I have spoken to her before. You could say I have a soft spot for cripples."
I chuckle.


"I'm just talking out of my ass here, it could be any part of the ship long enough, doesn't have to be a mast."


"It would probably be wise to just slap a catalyst of such size just about anywhere. It could backfire on us after all. My niece worked on this very project, her expertise would have been useful in such an endeavor."


NOT be wise*


"Imagine the face of the governor of Dixie if we snagged her off his hooves."


"I would be lying if I said I was not considering it at one point. But she was guarded too well, unfortunately, and I did not want to risk any retaliation from the Governor. Perhaps it is for the best, she may be completely unwilling to cooperate with pirates such as ourselves."


"She's missing ouy on some great and free healthcare."
Smirk, then glance at Chip, then at Light Heart again.
"Maybe I will ask you the rest another time, when Curry and you don't have to talk.
I need some advices, too.
On some stupid stuff."


"Ah… well I see. If that is the case then both you and me have to talk about it, perhaps we need to talk about it with the other crew and engineers on what part of their ships do they want to be replaced if they want that 'catalyst' upgrade be incorporated on theirs."
I then look rt her worried.
"It wont burn down the wood if it is used extensively right?:"

"Ah thats good, she and Abilio are good crewmates. I still wonder if they have plans to retire but we will have to see that in the future eh?"

I then go to her closer.
"Hmmm.. makes me wonder if you got soft spots on dogs."


Look between then and start to back away towards the door.


"Of course. I will free up some of my time for you as soon as possible, miss Felfire."

"I always liked cats more, to be quite fair. Unfortunately, my father never allowed any pets to be taken in at home."


"I suppose my questions will have to wait as well. Hey Felfire, want to go sit up on deck for a while? Take in the breeze?"


"Sure. Breeze, I can do that."


"Hmmm… if thats the case the perhaps I could change y…"

I then look at him.
"Question? Is there something you have to talk?"


"Nothing terribly important."
And up we go.


"So how is it, being a kid?"


I then shrug and turn my attention to LightHeart as I go closer to her.
"Now where were we?"


"You were about to say something, I believe."


"Short. And no one really takes you seriously. You saw how Seekkill was tossing me around in the library. And this is after I wiped the deck with him."
I'll harrumph a little.
"And if it wasn't bad enough, it just seems to highlight how little use I am even further. Where I of my normal size, that rat thing wouldn't have been a problem. I'm certain of it."


"The storekeeper was a dick about it, too."


I scratch my head.
"Me? I mean wait?… Where was? Felfire talk and .. Ohoh yes"

Arrange myself
"Maybe perhaps I could change your mind about liking dogs." I slowly approach her.


I hope you realize were not alone in the room. It's being used by a lot of people.
"I wouldn't say I dislike them. I have absolutely nothing against them, I just happen to prefer cats."


I just whine.
"But cats are boring, I approach them and they just either scratch my paws or they leave the ship everytime we dock on the next port. Thats why I prefer dogs. or po.. I mean yes dogs."


"They are delicate but cunning creatures. Far more agile than dogs are, but also less willing to listen. They truly lack the same loyalty dogs possess, unfortunately."


"Hrmm.. you're right about that, preference and all I cant change that, I do believe in loyalty if its appropriate that is.." I just shrug then look at her.
"You dont look that stressed last time I saw you, so are you able to finish that job you are doing in Dixie? Hows your family by the way?"


"Not quite, unfortunately. I did not have enough time to spare. My revenge for the murder on my parents will have to wait until some other time. But I will have it some day, mark my words."


My smile turns to worry.
"Murdered? What? By whom?"

I then close my arms.
"So there was no reunion after all just like I imagine."


"Count Bowlshoy's Loyalist group. They aspire to see Dixie put under control of this count and hate ponies for taking it from them in the first place. My parents were ambushed, murdered and mutilated by this group simply because they were ponies, which is something I will make them regret. If time hadn't been such an issue, I would have annihilated them to the last dog and left their bodies stacked on a pile to rot as a warning to any who dare cross my family."


"Is he a diamond dog?"


I nod.
"Indeed he is. I believe the entire group is. Dixie was originally settled by diamond dogs from Novdogod after all."

Okay, I'll leave them to rest. I can always talk to them later.
I'd like to go speak to Cloudy Stripes. Is she up and about in her cabin?


So. The stuff to synth the Beliel's element. I have to set it up in Cline's cabin.


He raises a brow.

I told you to supply the Belial's Element.

You now recall that you were talking to Stein, the smith, about synthesizing the element, not Marrowbone. How silly of you. You must look pretty ridiculous in this situation. How embarrassing.

You check the navigator's chamber, but it's now emptied out. Hm.


"Dixie is a diamond dog settlement… then that explains the statue and why they….. "
I fold my arms and think hard before looking back at her.
"… you see, I think you may have noticed I was missing the whole time in Dixie." I gulp.


I am the idiot child, it's to be expected.
"That's all I needed."
Leave and go to LH's cabin.


Well Felfire did say she was doing secretary work for Smitts now. Let's see if she's by his office instead. Strange how she suddenly decided to become more sociable…

"I did send miss Puzzle to look for you, but…"
I give him a look as he gulps.
"… I assume you met this Count then."


I nod at this and raised my hands.
"Are you sure he killed your parents? Well ;ook, if I had known he has truely killed your parents I may have abandoned him to the get go. He was saying something about reclaiming Dixie and such and the pay looks good thats why I worked with him for awhile. Too bad that the job I did is lousy so it didnt come to fruition."


Stein is passed out on the royal assassin-size bed.

You stop by Smitt's office and find her not here either. Instead, there's a nervous-looking earth pony mare manning the desk.




Poke him with a stick.


"It does not matter. I lacked the time back then to do anything about it in any case. My revenge will have to come some other day."

I raise a brow. Who the hell is this?
"I am looking for miss Cloudy Stripes, I was told she worked as a secretary for the commodore now."


His puffy coat protects him from your lashing.

"N-not anymore."


Poke his ear.


"Ah, how unfortunate. Do you have any idea where she may be, miss…?"


It flicks several times.

"S-she's m-maybe on t-the boat w-with the tall unicorn…"


I should let him be until he wakes on his own.
Is Terrebonne awake?
How many floating points do I have?


"Ah, Fullmaster Abilio. Of course."
I look her over.
"I do not think I have met you before. Are you new to the fleet?"






I then fold my arms and think.
"Loyalty…. to whom. Its something that will make a dog like me think for a day or two."
I then look at LH.
"Not that I am saying I am not loyal to you and to the ship but these are my dog bretherens and they are reclaiming something that was theirs all along so I am a bit torn by this."


Right. So. Can't exactly introduce her and Kilana right away, but I'd love some more shadow-related training.


"You seem somewhat nervous."
Straighten my mane a little.
"Is there something in my mane? Did I say something wrong?"

"Frankly, I do not care about what was theirs long ago. My parents were innocent ponies and I demand blood for their deaths."


"So he is your only target after all is that it?" I raise an eyebrow.


"The entire Loyalist group, actually. They must pay for what they have done."


"I j-just really need this j-job!"

If she were telepathic she'd know that.


Go find her. Busy?


She's in her cabin, sewing.


"Oh. Then calm down miss. Showing confidence is rather important for a secretary, no?"
I cock my head.
"Please, what is your name? Where are you from? I admit I am very curious to hear now."


"Hey. Saw the books me and the others found yesterday?"


"P-please, y-you're going to make me l-lose my job."

She retreats under the desk.

"I haven' had da chance ta look em over yet."


"One of them is entirely in Trotantine, I can't even read it without Zivur's help.
Anyway, I wanted to practice some today. I feel…
More firm, more calm. It's strange to explain.
More powerful."


I chuckle.
"I do not quite think I am doing anything of the likes miss. But very well, I will not press it any further."
Be off then. Let's see if I can find Cloudy with Abilio.


"Perhaps it is time we continue your studies, then?"

You locate her moved into Abilio's cabin. She retreats to his room when you enter.


"I would love to."


I raise a hoof as she retreats.
"Miss Stripes please, I require your help."


"You know now da difference between a corpse, a shadow, and Tartarian by tautology now… go over dem again. Whats da difference? Da most important difference."

Abilio raises a brow. "What is it?"

Cloudy peeks around the corner.


I close my arms together thinking hard.
"Blood is blood so I cannot say what you are doing is wrong or anything. This is a hard decision after all."

I then relaxed.
"But Dixie is on the horizon, what can we do if we cant even reach their shores from here?"


"Geographical matters. I had assumed a pony in charge of fleet navigation would know a thing or two about such a thing."


"A corpse is enslaved, a tartarian is forced, a shadow is willing."


"I will return there some day in the near future, I hope."


I then look at her with confidence in my eyes.
"Just tell me if you do have plans, that way I can make a decision if I will go with you, what do you say?"


I nod.
"Of course. I will not force anypony to join me on a quest for personal revenge."


"That's… true…"

"More or less. Dere's an important distinction: a corpse has no capabilities beyond what ya make it do, like a puppet. A Tartarian has incredible powers, which if ya allowed it access ta, it would use ta kill ya, like a rabid animal. Shadows are inhabited by our friends. Dey can be trusted. I can teach ya ta bond more closely wit ya shadows and allow dem ta unlock some of dere abilities from life."


"So could I… speak to her in private?"


Abilio again raises a brow but steps out.


My eyes will shine a little.
I can't imagine…
Zivur would be so happy!
And the others too!"


I smile in appreciation at him and sit down on one of the chairs.
"I have a pegasus mare under my employment… she claims to have come from a so called 'Land of the Clipped Wings'. Have you ever heard of such a place? As the name implies, the wings of its citizens are always clipped off for a reason I am unaware of."


She taps you with a hoof. "Dis shadow bond shares yar magic by linking yar souls on da immortal plane. It is an intimate link, naught ta be undertaken lightly. Are ya sure yar ready?"

She shakes her head.

"I haven't heard of it."


"Hmmm… she mentioned some others as well. Namely, the Land of Many Sands, the Land of Migrating Hill and the Land of Prophecy. Do any of these ring any bells?"


Smile wide.
Summon my friends.
"We are. I trust them -and you- more than I ever trusted anyone."


I nod to her too as I leave.
"Maybe I could change your mind about liking dogs more than cats in the future but we will see." I grin as I leave.

Now where were we.
Ah yes go to Movp cabin.


Not magenta, since she asked not to be called.


"None of them. That's an… odd naming scheme, too…"

You see the shadows of the room drawn to Terrebonne's hoof, where they coalesce and coagulate before she prods at a point near the base of the wing – you remember, your Bethany Point.

Inside, you feel something… shift. Suddenly, you can feel your shadows like you never did before. Like there's a conduit: a direct link tapping you in, rather than how before you just had the power to summon and dismiss.

Fervored remarks: I can feel… so distinctly.

Maybe you want to wait for Kilana and Zivur.

You instead spot him at the helm.

"Ah, Mister Chip. What is it?"


Nopony is out for a whole week.


Enjoy the wait.


I nod in agreement, before realizing she can't see.
"Exactly. They are certainly related with one another. If I had to wager a guess, most of them must have quite a lot of desert in them. I like to imagine myself as a worldly pony, but I cannot for the life of me remember hearing about any of these, yet the mare in question insists she is speaking the truth."


"Well… the whole world isn't charted…"


"But these must be pony lands. And her equipment is so… advanced. It boggles my mind how it is possible that a land where pegasi have their wings clipped at birth and ride around on strange contraptions would not be common knowledge. Are you absolutely certain there is no error in translation somewhere? Perhaps these places have different names on your charts?"


Hug all of them.
Try not to panic.
It's like I'm a filly who doesn't know how to fly falling to my death before suddenly realizing I have wings.
The feeling…

I love you. I love you all.

Shadow group hug.
And between my smiles, try not to sob.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Do you know how to fish? I've been asking around but suddenly your name comes to my mind thats why I am here."


She thinks for a while. "Translation error seems… unlikely. The names you provide are… extremely simplistic and literal. Then again…"

She shakes her head. "No… It would be obvious if what you say is true."

You get a little choked up and lose yourself in hugs.

He chuckles. "I think I'm getting a little too old for fishing. Perhaps one of the younger griffons – there's an odd one that lurks the holds I see fishing frequently."


I cock my head.
"Please, speak your mind."


"Hmmm… alright thanks for the tip."

Go around the hold, do I see the gryphon he mentions about?
Or is it Seekkill he is talking about

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Nothing, I was just thinking… if her translation was poor and that's why it's so simplistic… but you're right, you would've heard of it…"

He was referring to Seekkill.


Felfire.. Stop crying.. its not fitting..


"Hmmm… it appears I am stuck then… Perhaps… do you happen to have any maps around here? Perhaps I can bring her over and let her pinpoint the location."


Breathe in slowly.
Sit down.
"Did I tell you what happened yesterday, when I asked Abilio to remove the demon?"

I can't. I'm too happy.


Hm.. I would offer to share a drink with you, but I didn't steal any alcohol. I'm not a thief.. I stop talking when you mention the demon.


"A polite one, but still. At least the weapon-store owner didn't charge me for the glass…"
And I was talking to Hamburgers. Something about Topaz being busy.


File: 1375829263303.png (22.45 KB, 937x623, world.png, IO Google TinEye)

She fishes out an old tattered one.

"Here… this will do…"

"He told me ya were successful."

Right you are. They said she's probably busy.


Too bad.
Hmmm.. lets go down to the stockrooms and see if I can find anything that might be good for bait.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ugh. Mostly just wood and rope down here…


I smile.
"Thank you, miss Stripes."
Take the chart and put it away.
"It pains me that we do not converse more often and that the one time I do come to you, it is to ask you a favor. I would love to get to know you better."


I'll sigh.
"Dang. I suppose I'll have to ask her when she isn't, then. If I get favorable news, I'll probably be back to ask if you guys need help with anything."


"That would have come out of your pay."
He hardly listened to reason, and I am no good by myself in a fight…
But I did it. One punch, after he beated and kicked me, after he tried to break my will…
One punch sent him back to hell."
"I feel new Terre. I feel different…"
Smile and fall on the bed.


How about meat? Do we got meat in our storeroom?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Considering I had a doubloon after one week of work? It would have probably taken me months. Glass is expensive stuff."
I'll think a minute.
"So, what'd you need those fireflies for, anyway? They're not just sitting in your room glowing up the place, are they?"


"Um… okay… maybe later."

"Alright, then."

"Confidence can change a pony."

So much meat. You know you probably shouldn't, but you snatch a little bit for bait. Officer powers.


"Now, don't ask a lady such a thing…
I need them to create the right atmosphere~"
Flutter my eyelashes provocantly.


Off to enjoy the fresh air.
Wait. Where is Sitar? Is he in any condition to…
Think or talk straight, now?


Just a few scraps. cut them up and put it in my pack before going outside and look for Nurse Heart if she is here.


I chuckle.
"Come come, miss Stripes. You and I both know there will be no later. I am not certain what my exact reputation among the crew is, but it cannot be that bad, can it?"


Who knows?

She's back in your cabin where you left her.

She frowns, then says firmly: "Please go."

Abilio cracks the door.