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The following events take place in real time on the day the crew sailed into Dixie.


So. One serving of mushrooms.
"Oh, and I also met this necromancer from before the fall of Luna.
Said she served under King Frostmourn of the North."


"Gravedigging? Be careful, ponies around here might take offense."

"Dey will… gotta be careful 'til we set sail, Felfire."



"Nothing like that. I communed with the blood in a painting, had questions about the artstyle…"


"I saw that Pegasus with a repeating firearm, the second drawstring won't do me much good. I'll take that reservoir if I can then, the more options available, the more useful I'll be."


Well, I suppose I missed talking with Chivalry, so I'll be waiting for Light Heart… Liberty Belle to come back so I can visit Glory Belle.


"Huh? What's this paper about?"


I look at the bored pony pushing carts of honey.
"Greetings. My friend refers me to this place to sample your good honey. Can I get or pay some for me and my friend here."


"Open it!"


"You return again. Make it quick, I have a meeting to make."

"Blood painting? No wonder it's ancient."

"I can work with that… Now… you have some options. If you want something with more impact, though, I'd recommend trading up to a gun, and we could still work in the reservoir. You're sure you want to stick with a bow?"

Noted. You wait outside the office.

He's already gone. The paper has a picture of a broken chain. It has directions to something called the "ABC Cafe" in Dixie. Apparently you're supposed to "Ask for Jacques."

"Of course… you want straight honey, or a honey product? We have so many delightful options to choose from."

His voice is a bored monotone.


"…Who was that man momma?"


I show him the samples.
"I need help identifying a certain toxin."


"I've requested a firearm from some of the Hamburgerburgians on our ship, so I wouldn't like to walk in with another one when I asked them for one of theirs. They're trying to see what they can do with making a quiet one with range, since I can't be calling attention to my position like all the colts and fillies running around now."


I shrug.
"No idea… do you think it's smart following directions without any indication as to what they're for?"


"Honey products would be great, I would like too…" I stop for a moment then look at Ms. Stream.
"You'd like to suggest any honey product to me? You could also pick yours, I'll pay."


"Damn right.
And the librarians kept on winking out.
I swear I could kill them just to commune with them in peace and finally get an answer to my questions.
Anyway, there are plenty of books I have my eyes on."


I scrunch up.
"No… what do you think they want with us?"


"I… have no idea. There's a broken chain on this picture, that's some indication I guess."


"I'll look into it when I have some time."

"Fair enough. I'm not sure what else we can do without scrapping the base entirely and going to something bigger…"

"Well, they're a bit dessert-y, but I like the sopaipillas."


"Do you know of anypony else on the fleet who could help with this?"



"Should we go?"
Can I see the cafe anywhere near here? Or is it off somewhere else?

Roll #1 7 = 7



Abilio groans. "Am I going to have to make you stay on the boats like Emrille?"


I'll start idly tapping my hoof. I've left Spring and Summer alone for quite some time… Is Mera still near the boats?


"I guess? We should be very careful though… These ponies all appear very friendly but they are still slavers who capture unicorns!"


"Doc Peg might be able to… or Blue Topaz."

It's a few streets over and then a few blocks down. Downtown, basically.

She's on the beach.


"I can contain my impulses, thank you for your concern."
Smile and flutter my eyelashes at him.


"Very well, thank you commodore. Good luck with your meeting."
Head out again and meet up with my followers, then head over to Peg's office again.


I'll look to Smitts' door, then back to the beach, then back at the door… and then head down to the beach.
"Hey, Mera! Do you know where miss Spring and miss Seas went?"


"It's the thought that counts with this one. I know its an old weapon, but it belongs to an old horse who just can't part with things as easily as he used to. Just try to do what you can for her."


"Hmmm.. that sounds delicious." I turn to the bored store owned.
"A bag of Sopaipilas for my friend and me." then find a seat for me and her.


"We'll see. I swear, if somepony ruins this negotiation I'm throwing them into the ocean. But enough dreary talk. Have you liked your stay in Dixie?"

He looks at you expectantly.

"They went back into town, I saw. Wandering, looked like."

"I an strengthen it with some metal reinforcements to make it less likely to break, but that's about it."

"Right away."

He goes into the back to cook. She joins you at the table.


"Maybe they might be nice?…"

I guess I start walking that way.


It's not a terrible walk, and the streets are pleasantly clean and easily laid out, so you make smooth time.


"Yes. I'm actually trying to enjoy myself. But there is one last thing I need before nightfall."
Turn to Terrebonne.
"Is there a place were fireflies gather around here?"


Present the samples.
"Doctor, could you take a look at these? These are toxins collected from a tarn."


"Didn't you want to go with them? I know Dixie's supposed to be a nice place, but we are their guardians…"
I'll bite my lip.
"I don't suppose you can help me catch up to them? Short legs don't run very fast…"


"I really don't know about that. Seems like a bad idea with just the two of us…"


"It's all I can ask."

"Oh, and before you begin, what can you tell me about this town. What do you think would catch the eye of a seasoned mercenary like me besides your armory here?"


"South a'here dere is a lake. South a'it dere is a grassy meadow. Try dere."

He studies it for a moment, then shakes the beaker slightly and pours it out onto a rag.

He pantomimes something by drawing his arms in, then rapidly moving them out.

"Oh, I thought you were with them for some reason. Right, you are."

She runs up and grabs you, tosses you on her back, and runs off after them. You catch up shortly.

"Well, there's the chapel here. If you're the readin' type, the library's quite nice. If'n you like birds, there's the great aviary nearby. There's a few statues about for heroes here 'n' there. You like quaint little sheep people, there's a shantytown of 'em not far out west. You want work… well, Lieutenant Governor's always lookin fer hands to run off them forest gumps. Gumps are very dangerous, gotta have experts take em on in groups.."


"This Dixie town sure is an interesting place, as interesting as the ponies who lives here if I may add." I smile at her.

Roll #1 1 = 1


My eyes widen.
"Explosive. How unstable is it?"


Nod slowly.
"What are you two going to do? Need help with anything before I leave? Anything worth checking out?"


Does the place look dangerous?

"It might not be so bad!"


"Thanks. I was actually out at the old tarn talking to a tree. Turns out the water there is poisoned. Something came out of the earth, poisoned the water and plantlife, and then exploded at some point."


"I'm not sure if we're in a position to take chances."


"The library sounds nice, haven't really had a good read in a while, but I can look at them on my way back. I'll take the opportunity to sight see those statues. How long will it take for the crossbow to be ready?"

Afterwads, ask for directions to the statues and head there.



She seems a little annoyed. "What are you implying?'

He raises his hoof to about eye level.

…What does that even mean?

"We'll be headed back shortly. This was just a leisure trip."

It looks like a cafe.

"Well, let's go!"

"An hour or so."

You stop by the most prominent statue in the city. It's a diamond dog. The plaque reads: Perseus the Explorer.



how hard would it be to steal money here? I want that bird. '1d10' spot check as I walk around

Roll #1 7 = 7


You could probably do some good pickpocketing in town. Robbing a store might be tricky, though there are stands.

You should probably beware being caught. Though in Reptil security was higher, the "guards" didn't care if you stole. Individual thievery should be easier here, but if you get caught you might sour up this whole non aggression thing the fleet has going for it here.

Alternatively there are probably legitimate ways to make petty cash here, like doing favors or begging. You were like ten bits short anyway, right?


I raise an eyebrow.
"I am just saying that the ponies in this town are migthy interesting, and if I dare may add that you are included in the list."
Give her a confident smile.
>this roll will be lower than 6

Roll #1 9 = 9


yeah, I have 20 bits now, and I owe the guy 30 more
Okay, I'll see if I can find some legit work, are there any posters or signs about? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


She still seems a little on edge. Your food arrives: it smells heavenly.

Quite a few, in fact.

Let's see… there here's a sampler of jobs that are only looking for one pony.

WANTED: Harpist
WANTED: Foalsitter
WANTED: Public Speaker
WANTED: Exterminator

Any of these seem like they won't be too hard. They seem to be pretty varied, too.


pick up the exterminator, and the foal sitter, what are the details on them.


Oh God, take a bite now.
"Mmmm.. !! This is good!"
I give her a share(and lots of it) and ate some of the sweet honeyed food.

I then look at her.
"I got to ask. Does my presence scare you little pony?" I look at her as I take another bite of my food.


"… Highly unstable? Is it a natural phenomenon? It cannot possible be."


WANTED: Exterminator
Require an exterminator at old Malcolm estate.
Pay is good.
Subtlety not required.
Mostly requires cleaning out Tartarian Cockroaches.
Please clean up after yourself.

Inquire at Happy Farms Real Estate, 16 Oak Street.

WANTED: Foalsitter
Require foalsitter to take care of infant twins for a few hours this afternoon while we attend the opera.
Minimum wage.
Must like children.
You will be screened for trustworthiness.
Must pass an interview.
Inquire at Pasture Estate, 2 Robin Way.

"Just some of the stuff you've said seemed a little… weird. I guess it's nothing…"

He gives you a weird look and shakes his head. He points at your belt.


>screened for trustworthyness
uh… nope, gonna put this one back and go to the Happy Farms Real estate.


Uh… alright, I'm lost on that one.
"I'm sorry?"


He pulls the pistol off your belt and shows it to you.

You wander down there. Its a quiet little office. There's a pony wearing a ten gallon hat rocking on a chair on the front porch.

"Well, well! Looks like somedog new in town, eh? Why don't you come in for a glass of sweet lemonade. It's awful hot out today."


"Gunpowder? A component of it?"


He nods.


"Really, if that is so then I will still ask forgiveness if I have scared you." I nod at her.

I then take some bite.
"I would like to explore Dixie more but I think it will be better if we sit down and exchange stories about it. It can get tiring to go around walking dont you agree. Plus the plantations are huge."


I smile a bit and show the flier. "Do ye still need someone for this?"


Do I know the components of gunpowder? I'm no scientist pone!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I guess I know something at least.
"Sulfur? Saltpeter?"


"Alright… do you have any particular questions…?"

It's unnecessary. You realize that the powder he has collected in the rag IS gunpowder. That tarn is full of gunpowder. Ew. You were breathing that stuff.

"Right, right, come on in. Help yourself to a glass, I'll go get the contract in back."

The office is a little plain, but nice. It's cooler inside, and there is a big pitcher of tasty-looking lemonade. There's a bookshelf, but none of the books look like the kind of thing you'd read: they're all account books from years long passed.

He comes back with a sheet of paper.

"Now this here is just a liability release in case something happens to you, but t'be frank, you're not fighting gumps out there. These are technically demons, but they're still insects. Biggest trouble will be gettin 'em to leave is all, not really a threat t'yer health. And as the flier said, we'll want you to pick up after yerself. If ya have a pet like a Black Jay or somethin that eats magic bugs, feel free to use it. Contract is for 21 bits. Honest day's work."


"I may have inhaled some of it… how toxic is it, really? Can it cause mental instability?"


I nod "Aye, that sounds fine to me. When should I start?" I sign the paper.


I smile and take another bite of the food.
"Well it is not bad to get temporary employment in Dixie, I was thinking to go to one of the shops but most shops usually have full staff, well on my experience that is." I take another bite.
"So, what I thought was that I will go to one of the plantations and try to get myself temporarily employed. I'd like to ask what plantation would be good but I heard the plantation under the Mather estate if I am correct is a good one. Do you know anything about the place Ms. Stream?"
Should I roll?


Missing text
>"Well it is not bad to get temporary employment in Dixie, earning one's keep is important dont you agree? I was thinking to go to one of the shops but most shops usually have full staff, well on my experience that is."


He raises a hoof about as high as his knee.

He thinks on it a while and shrugs.

"Whenever you're ready. The house isn't been shown for a couple weeks, so you have all the time in the world t'finish – just as long as the world lasts two weeks. Heh, heh. Whenever you finish, you get paid. I'll send somepony down to make sure it's cleaned out. You have any questions for me?"

"Well… Mather? They grow mostly cotton… I don't know if they'd want a diamond dog this time of year. No offense, but it's mostly picking cotton, and your paws would probably get all cut up. You know that cotton plants have all those nasty brambles, don't you? Though… the farmers do like to hire some dogs during the planting season – you know, to help dig out the irrigation and help plant. You know… I think I heard – and mind you, this is just a rumor, I haven't actually spoken to anyone on that plantation – but they might be putting in a well. That would be good work for a dog."


"I will assume that means not very… hmmm…"
This is very odd…
"It did seemed to have killed most of the plantlife. Perhaps there is more to it? Two of the ponies who used to be around that place have seemingly gone insane."


"thar be a safe way to get of the bodies without a black jay, or be it fine to just bag em' up? I'm actually doin' this fer funds to buy one.."


"Bagging them will be fine. They aren't poisonous."

He makes complex gestures. This does not seem like an easy conversation to have with somepony that isn't talking.


"Could you… write that answer down please?"


"Alright I be headed to clear them out right away then, whar in the house be the little demons?"


"A well you say? Well that is mighty fine work, well surely that is good to hear. Coin is coin no matter the workload is dont you agree?" I hand her one the sweet pastries.


Don't worry about your health. A gulp or two of gunpowder won't make anypony sick. Really, you should only be worried if you're opening powder cartridges with your mouth over the period of years. That could make you sick with lead poisoning or maybe salt poisoning. The latter would cause irritability and erratic behavior.

Again, this is only over a long period. You shouldn't be worried.

"That's the tricky part. They scatter in light. If you have some way of seeing in the dark, I recommend using it. They are magical insects, so any type of magical detection will pick them up."

She nods and accepts it.

"Yes, it's easy to envy plantation owners. I suppose every southern belle would like to marry into one of those families."


"Salt poisoning… I wonder if they… Hmm… Is there a way to cure it?"


I frown "Sounds tricky, but I think I can manage it. I'll just look around in the basement first?"


If salt poisoning is all there is to it, cutting sodium out of the diet and drinking plenty of fresh water will cure it. Really, the lead poisoning and arsenic poisoning are more dangerous but less maddening or likely affliction. You can get salt poisoning just from drinking too much sea water: I see many patients for it.

"Sounds fine by me. Like I said, you're free to use your own methods however you like, just clean up when you're done."


I nod and go down to the basement.


"Well not all of them." I take a bite of the sweets as I remember a certain someone on the ship
Order us a drink while chatting.
"Hmmm… forgive me if I ask too much but I take it that marrying a plantation owner is one of your plans?"


"Very well doctor, thank you for your aid. This has shed plenty of light on the situation. Have a nice day."
Leave his office.
"Now where did mister Curry go? Ah, no matter."
I'll go… visit the governor again. Even though I don't trust him in the slightest.


You hike out to the estate on the southern road called Corn Boulevard. There's the old mansion up ahead: you notice the small fields are empty this season. Producing the key you got at the agency, you head in the front door. This is a relatively small mansion, but it's still a mansion and plantation house. It's cozy.

Looks like most of the furniture is cleared out, so there's nowhere to hide. There are stairs up and down to your left. Up ahead looks like a sitting area, and to your right, there's a music room.

"Oh, I don't know about that. Maybe someday. I suppose I should think about it. Ah, sorry. You're just reminding me of my parents. Let's talk about something else."

You head down to the governor's office.

"Back so soon, Liberty? How was Usher holding up?"


"Not very well, as expected. But I did find some things out… are you quite aware that the area around the former house of Belle is tainted with gunpowder?"


"My apologies." I bow a moment.
"Do you know any particular dog like myself in town? I've gone from village to village and I would like to talk to some."


"That would explain all the dead plants. But like I said, Liberty, I haven't had a spare man to send over and examine the estate. Now, as I recall, your family did have a large personal stock of gunpowder – not too unusual, everypony has their rights. It's possible that when the house sank, it spilled out into the tarn.

To be totally frank with you, that explains why nopony wanted to go near that water."

"There's a little pub down a few streets over called the ABC Cafe. Dogs in town like to hang out there."


uhh.. go to the music room and look around "do ya here em' monty?" '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"There was an explosion, it is not too far-fetched to assume this happened after the stockpile was set off."
Tap my hoof against my chin.
"Was the plantlife affected before the incident happened?"


You set him down and he slithers about feeling for vibrations. He leads you to a crack in the wall.

"Now, I reckon if you wanted a surefire answer, you might ask the beautician board or somepony that keeps up with that. I do believe I heard something about the plants dyin' up there, but you know how I feel about spreadin' rumors. It's unneighborly, and disrespectful of the dead."


"Whereabouts can I find these people?"


uh, a crack, how big? does it lead somewhere? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


It leads to the space between walls. It's a crack in the wall large enough for bugs to get and out.

"I think they have a little booth up at the fair grounds. You do know that little convention is going on today, don't you? Why don't you stop by and have a frank?"


"So how are they, I hope they dont make much trouble with all the beautiful mare's around here."


"That is a very good idea governor. It may help put my mind at ease, thank you. I will leave you to your work then."
Nod politely and take my leave, let's go see this convention then!


Oh, they hate light, is there are way to shine light into the hole? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Every once in a while they get rowdy, but the Olives keep them in check. Honestly, there are still a few polite ones among them, I don't mean to sound rude."

You head down and find a little convention on westernization and modernization. If you had outdated skills, you might update them now, but you don't.

There are still fairground games, presentations, and local groups like charities present, though.

You search around for a candle, but can't find anything.


Any interesting presentations? Can I spot that booth around here somewhere?

Roll #1 4 = 4


uh, maybe he won't mind if I make the hole a tiny bit bigger so monty can get inside and chase them out? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Olives? Is that some sort of guard?" I look at the owner waiting for our refreshment.


Well, there's a modern art seminar. And a gun show, as will as a production on modern magic.

You do see a beautician booth. They're raising money to fix the "Belle pond."

You break off a bit more plaster than you intended.

"Kind of. They're like a protector order.


oops, well.. have monty go in and chase out those demon bugs. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8




Meh, don't really care for any of those right now.
Head over to the booth.
"Good day. How goes the effort?"


"Besides rowdy dogs who woo mare's what else do they protect the townsfolk from? This place looks peaceful enough if you ask me."


"Out in the forest surrounding the town throughout the land, there are terrible monsters known as gumps. Besides that, sometimes Equestrian scouting vessels come to spy on us, and there are… some extremists that like to ambush poor innocent mares and stallions on the roads. Highwaydogs."


"Well, it's not as popular as the effort to fix the chapel roof, but it's a health and safety issue. Do you have a donation?"

Monty slithers inside. You hear some rumbling, and eventually he slithers out.


Give her some bits.
"Could you tell me a bit about the issue?"


"…what happened in there? Where be the bugs?"


"Well, don't care to speak ill of the dead, but everypony knew for years the Belles were polluting their little pond. No one realized how bad it had become until somepony tried to search the water for survivors after that terrible collapse!"

Hiss… I'm full…


Scouting vessels, got to tell the commodore later.
"I see, looks like they are doing a good job after all as I can see."

I then put a paw on the table
"You're a delightful mare Ms. Stream. In the spirit of honesty, is it fair for a dog like me to call you attractive?" Give her the looks.
>rng will give me a roll lower than 6

Roll #1 9 = 9


She laughs. "I'm afraid I'm too modest to accept that, Mister… I don't believe I caught your name…?"


"Hmm, you ate them all? any more left?" pet monty for a job well done. "I would have helped you crush them if you chased them here."


"They were polluting it? How exactly?"


"Enjoy it then. I will probably come back late. It's been a while since I left the ship and had fun~"
Stretch a little and leave the table.
"Oh, Terre, you want to know the best part?
This necromancer in the painting knows about fusing corpses.
The same research Doc was up to.
Can't wait to have them talk!"


There are a few laughs all around.

"You must be from out of town."

"It'd be pretty impolite to knock on their door and ask what they're doing to their pond."

"Whatever it was, it's caused gunpowder to seep up through the ground."

The chuckles. "Yas. Doc, talk."


Oh boy, great.
"Very well then… do you at the very least have an idea when it all started?"


Roll my eyes.
"And drink a little, too."
Off to the apothecary I've seen earlier.
I need to buy a jar to put the fireflies in.


He nods.

You arrive back at the apothecary.


"Years ago. At least two."


I nod.
"Very well then, thank you. Good luck with your effort, miss."
It's starting to take shape… Chivalry left two years ago, didn't he?
Go to the abbey. Need to speak to Glory.


Well, that was easier than I thought, let monty back up on my arm, I'll just check around to be sure before I head back. '1d10' to check the other rooms for signs of demon roaches

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I need a jar. And maybe a net mounted on a pole.
Going bug hunting."
Smirk confidently.


You head back to the abbey.

Glory is still reading. "Oh, you're back!"

You wander through rooms until you trip down the stairs to the basement. It's pretty painful. Then you realize you've been surrounded by Tartarian cockroaches.


Also it's really dark down here without a light.


"Sure. Fifteen bits."


uh, get back up '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Sigh and cut him a piece of the doubloon. 3/10ths should do it.


"I am. With some news."
Procure the sword and show it to her.
"I found this at the old mansion… what do you know about it, Glory?"


You roll to your feet like a crashing river of desire. Misogi!

Yep. Someone figured that out at last.

"That's one of grandpa's swords. It was on the mantlepiece."


I never had to buy anything before today!
Alright, armed and ready, to the lake I go!


I nod.
"I thought as much. I'm told it has magical properties… did he ever tell you about it?"


"Just call me Mr. Schimp." I smile at her.
Mr. Shimp.
I lied.


yea, being a monk is awesome. '1d10' smash some bugs.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You wander south to the lake. Many lazy sheep lay about his place casting nets and rods.

"He didn't think it was right for a mare to hold a sword…"

"Mister Schimp then. Pleased to meet you."

You roll around and show them your Way of the Surprising Paw style by smashing them with your paws in surprising ways. A few of them scuttle off to corners.


Wait a miiinute.
What bait are they using?


'1d10' kill them all!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ah. Right."
I chuckle softly and put the sword away.
"While I was at the mansion… I noticed the water was very polluted with gunpowder. Why did that happen?"


"Thank you, thats very kind of you." I nod at her and pay the necessary bits to the owner of the honey shop.
"Say any place you had in mind that we may visit? I have a days worth of roaming around before I go tend my business." I smile at her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Most of them appear to be casting empty hooks.


You smash the lot of them down here.

Well, this floor is clear.

"Gunpowder…? Is that's what was in the moat?"


Sit near one.
"I'm sorry, but could I ask you something?"
Gotta speak quietly, otherwise the fishes will run.


whew, okay, I'll come clean them up in a moment, go check upstairs. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm here


I nod.
"The whole area is now severely polluted? Was the family not aware of this at all? From what I hear, it started two years ago."



Upstairs… hm… you don't see anything up here.

Yes, what were you up to?

"I think they knew, but never cared… They said it wouldn't hurt anything."


Going to the mansion with Sateo and Chip.


check each room up here '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Why do you cast empty hooks?"


"Before it happened… Do you remember whether or not it was storming outside?"


Is it time?


But now Chip is out on a date and Sateo is exterminating!

"Well… there's a sort of fair on right now."

You search under the mattresses and find them scurrying around under each.

"The fish will come eventually."

"I was at the library… but it was rainy that night, I think…"


Waiting for wf's reply


"Do you remember any lightning?"


>But now Chip is out on a date and Sateo is exterminating!

Break time or something!
All 3 of us want to do it.


kill them '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Just nod and back away.
Not even Abilio is this crazy.
Off to finding these fireflies!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hmmm.. look outside, what time of the day is it?


"can I be of assistance?" I politely ask as I follow along.


Alright, go group up again.

"Could be… it was a while ago…"

You smash some bugs, but others get away.

You head down south and find a pleasant field.

It'll be hard to find fireflies before dusk in this meadow.

Early afternoon.


Okay I go group up with the Knave again.


"Ready to go? Stick closer to me this time. As long as you stay really close to me, I can tip you off to where guards are positioned."

Sneaky rolls get +2 while stacked up with Knave of Clubs.

"Let's go find the creeper and the cleaner."


"I… have a theory. The gunpowder may be what caused the incident. It seems like a rather… obvious thing to happen. I do not know exactly how, but perhaps lightening struck somewhere and caused a fire, which was then spread by the amount of gunpowder in the area."


>early afternoon
Well I had no idea.
Make just one try to spot the little things.
You should just look around, if you want. I'm looking for ingredients for a soul catalyst.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Right, the creeper is probably around mares somewhere."
Go look for Chip


"They said there was an explosion… that could be the case…"

She seems a little gloomy recalling that night.

You feel the demon overtaking you. It is a bad pain.

You lash out at Kilana. '1d10'

You wander around town and find Chip at a honey place with an earth pone.

Roll #1 10 = 10


We feel your presence… once again.

You really smash into shadow Kilana with one of your hooves.

Kilana: 3/5


take a break and go see if my dogs need me.


Oh fuck no.
Suppress him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' back away. "What did I do?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Chip, we've got to go, we've got business to do.."


"It is a theory, but it does sound plausible. Sorry for having to bring this up…"


I look at her with saddened gaze
"I'd love too. But suddenly, I have some pressing matters to attend too for a moment. If you will find forgiveness in your heart and let me go out for some time, can we meet again later? You could tell me where it will be best for us to see each other for later. Preferrably by the early evening." I smile at her.


We are not yet ready to rest…

You're gaining ground… slowly.

She advances and disrupts your shadowy form again with another blow.

Kilana: 2/5

"Right… of course… so you think it was all just a mistake…?"


"Alright… stop by the fair sometime tonight."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"I certainly hope so. Otherwise… you may be in danger as well."


why is she attacking me.. '1d10' try to dodge her.

Roll #1 2 = 2


go find Tony..


"I will try my best to see you Ms. Stream and I love the time we have spend together no matter how little it is. Farewell." I bow to her and leave.

Shit its early afternoon already. Go find Tony and Sateo,


I suppose we're all together no<


We will… return…

You aren't quite used to this body yet, but it's okay, because she seems to be back under control.

"I'm not worried… the lieutenant governor stopped by earlier and said that he would post some special guards to keep me safe."

You group back up near the statue of Perseus in town.

You all get +2 to sneaky actions while stacked up with the Knave of Clubs.


"Will we leave right away or wait till dark?"


Get fucked.

Regain control, stand still.
Pant on the ground, standing shakingly on my hooves.

It's not you.
Remember when you asked about demons?
Well it's just half under control.


Are those guards outside right now?
"So… tell me about your work for the Governor, Glory. I am interested to hear."


I go quiet for a long moment "Why?" I finally ask.


"Up to you mate."


"Glad to see you here. Looks like I made it in time."
"As for going now or waiting for dark its your choice."
"Also a bit of information from the inside, there are farmers in the mather mansion looking for dogs to dig wells for them. Got any idea on how to use this to our advantage?"


I told you. A demon inside my body. He overtakes me at times.


Cock my brow.
"I suppose it could be a way to get in closer without suspicion.


You saw a couple Order members by the door when you walked in. And speak of the Devil! They enter the room before she can answer.

"Did you call, Miss Belle? It sounded like you were asking for your guards."

"Ah… no, just mentioning how much I appreciate your work."

"Of course, Miss Belle."


"No, I understand that part.. Why do you have a demon?"


They sure love to make clear they have this under control.
"So… your work?"


I delved into demonology. Didn't exactly go all as planned.
Fucked up the sigils.
The demon entered my body without bonds to stop it.


I nod.
"Perhaps, so we go to the side entrance and ask if the farmers are looking for well diggers?:


"Good job chip!" I smile wide and give you a slap on the back. "They'll just hire us, easy! I actually got myself a temp job earlier, killin' some bugs, easy to get hired." I add in a hushed tone "and better than riskin' messin' up the fleet's thing by stealin' here.. "


"Oh, it's for the governor… er, lieutenant governor. I'm not supposed to really talk about it, I don't think."

She gives you a weak smile.


"Right, I suppose we should go now then…"


I go quiet again, speaking very carefully when I do. "You had a good reason at least?"


"Any time you're ready."


Anyway, time to walk back to the fleet. I should tell the Commodore about that stuff… The Construct Catalysts, yes.
Yes. My mentor was about to leave. I wanted to show him I could do something for once.
Not be a screwup.


Structure catalysts. You hike back to the fleet and board the Eagle's Roost to get to his cabin.

There's a note on the door: "Gone to port authority."

Hm. Looks like he's out finalizing those sales.


"Now, before some other idiots get the job.
And while we're looking for Broomhilde one of us should try to dig an escape tunnel."


"Of course, of course. But surely you could tell me some things? You're my niece, can't an aunt show some interest in your work?"


"that is.." I shake my head "Do you still practice demonology?"


The engineering corp.
They should at least be able to tell if it's feasible or not.
After this? Hell no.
And the sooner I get rid of it, the better.


"Who can we work without? The cleaner? The creeper? The locksmith? Or me, the lookout?"

"It's magic research… for helping defend the city."

You grab a random carpenter.

"Yeah, whaddya want?"


"I need to talk with the head carpenter. Gotta ask about some big changes to the ships."


"Do you like doing it? Does it earn well?"


"Good, then there is still hope for you." I sigh, "I'll just come out and say this then: I don't approve of demonology, its not safe."


we need tony and the look out for sure.




You sound like Fervored.


"We could use you in the mansion….
And sateo can crawl into small spaces if necessary…
That leaves…"


"Ask Third Mate Chip, on the Eagle's Roost, or Second Mate Rusty Wrench on the Darklantern."

"Oh, yes… they pay me well, and I get everything I need. Like, normally the library doesn't let ponies keep books, but the governor had them make an exception for me. And they told me they have a cottage for me when I leave the abbey."


Why did the Count say we needed Chip again?


I'd rather very very much avoid Chip.
Maybe this is my chance to start a normal talk with him.
I'm too old anyway. Right?

Off to his cabin.


"Who is that?" I attempt a frown when you laugh "I am serious, here. You'd die if you kept meddling with it, why didn't your mentor warn you?"


I nod.
"Very good, that sounds like quite the deal. Especially if you enjoy what you do as well, that is very important."
I pause for a moment.
"Is there somepony special in your life?"


Somedog good at fighting.

You knock, but it seems like he's out at the moment.

"Um… not right now…"


He… He tried.
I didn't listen to him. Found another necromancer who could teach me that and just tried to show him I, too, could.
Bad idea looking back at it.
Now I focus on other researches.
Preservation of the body. Resurrection. Souls. This kind of stuff.
Fervy… He is somepony important to me. But he, too, is just a soul.

Well, can't help it.
Suppress the idea of just what he might be doing and instead go to the darklantern and try to find Rusty Wrench.


"Since Chip is our fighter, he can come in as backup, should we need it.
Otherwise if he could dig an escape tunnel we could sneak in and escape with Broomhilde quickly.
How does that sound?"


"That is unfortunate. It is always good to have somepony to rely on during difficult times. But you are still quite young, so I suppose you are not in a rush either."


I shake my head at that story. "At least you know better now.."
"So, Fervored he's a soul? Did you know him in life?" I look curiously at the ships and water as we walk.


No. He lived long, long ago. Probably even before your time.


I nod at this.
"I could do that. Plus I am no stealthy type so that would be best."


"Aye, then its all settled?"


"…hm.. you don't know many ponies do you?" I comment absently.


"I think that's all we can plan for, let's go."


Become hard in face, and look ahead as I answer.

It happens when you spend your whole life running from your past.



Hm. He's not in his room either. They could be making the rounds, either.

"Right… uh, and yourself?"

You head out to the plantation's edge again. You're currently on the north side, with the watchtower and plantation. The south side has the entrance to the mansion.


"Is that why you hang out on a ship?"


Ask if anyone here has seen the two of them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


No. This is a recent turn of events. It's the first place in a long time I've been able to settle down in.


"That sounds familiar, I'm certain I've heard of him."

Is there some information around on him, or will I have to recall it. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"I do have somepony special yes. We have been together for a while now."


Walk over to the entrance.
Look and greet the guards.


Follow Tony.


"I see.. kind of odd that you say you've settled down on a ship.. are things that bad for necromancers on land?"


Chip apparently went out with his dog buddies into town. Rusty Wrench is picking up equipment in town.

Right, right. That old diamond dog explorer from Novdogod. Depending on who you ask, he discovered this continent, and was the one to set up the fort that would eventually develop into Dixie.

"Oh, that's good. Does she… know you got younger?"

"You have business here, diamond dogs?"


"Oh of course, I am about her age now, so she supported the idea. Bless her heart."


"Yes, as a matter of fact, we heard the mather plantation was looking for some well diggers.
Is this true?"


Any trace of Face or Light Heart?
It's… The opposite actually. You could say I am a necromancer because of what I am running from, not the opposite.


Let's go look at some of the other statues around here.


I nod. "Aye, we dig very well."


"She…? Oh…"

You knock on Light Heart's door and Skylight answers. "Yes?"

"Hm… alright…"

He glances at your dirty paws.

"Come around back, we'll open the gate."

There are a few more pony statues, all of them are earth ponies. The plaques say Governor and years they were in office.


"Would it be too soon to ask what you are afraid of?"


I nod.
"Thank you very much."
Walk around back.


"Is Light Heart around?"




"Hmm, the current Governor was hiring, so let's see if he has a statue, so I know what he looks like if I run into him."


"That is not a problem, is it?"


"…Alright..you can tell me when you feel ready.. I go silent again.


Look, it's a really ugly story and it's not worth telling.
But it's been something like ten years now and I couldn't still be around if I hadn't learnt to live with it.
Just, at times, I get worse. Because of man little things.
So if you really want to know we can sit somewhere and I can tell you.


"She's in town seeing family, I think."

You head around back and a guard opens the gate for you. You can see unicorns in the fields harvesting large amounts of cotton with telekinesis. They're singing as they work. Most of them are laying down so they don't have to exert themselves. Large bags of cotton are laying at the end of each row.

The guard leads you over near a set of small houses.

"The servants' quarters need water. The unicorns are getting thirsty during the day, and it's hurting productivity. There's an aquifer below, but it's very deep. Dig as far as you can here."

"Well, I don't know if grandfather would approve… because, y'know, the line… but it doesn't bother me… And besides, Chivalry is the heir anyway…"


"Well, doesn't matter then."
I have to run out, might take me anywhere from 1 hour to 2.
Go back to the library and enjoy reading those books.


I would like to know what you are so troubled by, if you don't mind sharing it with an old ghost. Perhaps after you finish getting a carpenter?


"Sure thing. Now if we could discuss the matter of payment first."


You read those books, except for the one in Trotantine.


I nod and look over the site, does it look soft? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I smile slightly.
"Father would no doubt disapprove, indeed. But it is not like continuing the line is impossible for me, even in this relationship. All one needs is a bit of magic."


"Wait, when did the dogs give up control of this area? They may live in underground fortresses, but they won't give up the top part so easily."

Try to find a plaque or recall some information about when the Ponies took over. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"The master of the house has authorized the payment of nine hundred bits total for the job, to be paid upon completion. He also has some special specifications. As you know, it will need stone walls, and to draw directly from the aquifer, but it also will need a pump line put in, and a grate over the top to prevent the servants from falling in by accident."

The dirt is pretty well packed, but… well, it's just dirt. Your claws can cleave through stone if the need arises.

She scrunches a little. "R-right."

A cunning plan. You do so. Okay, you've got his face. Then again… his office is also public information. Didn't you overhear him saying he has an open door?

You recall that over the years, more pony settlers flooded in while the dog population remained just enough to maintain a fortress. Eventually, a revolution took place, and the distant empire of Novdogod couldn't get troops over in time.


I chuckle.
"I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit weird to you. But you would be surprised what hidden treasures one can find in this world."


Note that all down on a piece of paper.
"..Grate…got it.
We'll take it from here, mister..?"


"Conquest by population. I'm sure the dogs are pretty sour about that."

Time to head towards the library and its delicious books.


Well, I crack my knuckles? and look to tony for a sign of when to start.


"I'm going back to the front of the house. You can report your progress to the master of the house, Master Hawthorn, or to the owner of the estate, Master Mather. Around lunchtime, I suggest you take a break. The Lady Mather typically offers free lunch to workers."

You head down to the library. Felfire is here. It's quite big: three floors.


"It sounds like you kept busy…


I nod.
"And I promise you, Glory, I will find a way to help you with your heart somewhere. I do not wish to see you suffer through the same things I have."
Pat her on the head and smile.
"Now get back to resting. I will be around later, alright?"


"That's very generous of her. Allright, we'll take it from here."
Nod to the others.
"Let's get to work."


"Alright. Please stop by before you go leave the city."


Felfire seems deep into her book, so I don't want to interrupt.

Ask a librarian about what each of the three stories holds, or if they have any recommended books.


"Oh I will. No need to worry."
Get up and leave. I just had an idea.
See if I can locate miss Terrebonne.


I nod and start to dig '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The third floor houses books on magic, science and the arts.

The second floor houses books on genealogy, history, reference, and nonfiction.

The first floor has personal interest and fiction books.

There's also a basement with some displays.

Where to?

You start digging down on the spot. You don't feel an aquifer nearby. It'll be a long dig.


See if I can find Terrebonne?



Roll #1 2 = 2


I'm going to help him digging.
"What you guys say? We could try to sneak in now, or wait till that lunch. With some luck that broomhilde might bring it."


Dig dig hole '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's see those displays first, then.


'1d10' dig dig dig…
"Hm, If we wait until lunch Chip will have our escape route finished?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


You wander around on the boats for a while and can't find her.

You cover a lot of ground, by which I mean you uncover a lot of ground. Dig dig dig.

They're mostly artifacts from the Equestrian north. Old prosthetics, suits of armor, and even an ancient teleportation array.

Whew… you got winded fast. As soon as you hit the rock layer, it got real.


"It's a long dig for that escape tunnel.
We could use some extra time.
If anyone asks why there's another tunnel going the other way, say it's for the pump line."


She must be in town, I saw her in that sheep trade post earlier today… keep searching.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh, what do ye think they have that pony doing, her talent be a mirror.. maybe she helps the others look nice?." keep digging. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Teleportation Array? I wonder why we don't use those to travel more than the ships."

Any information about the Teleporation Array, any notes on who and how they were developed?


"Possibly, then we shouldn't count on her bringing us lunch."

Start on ecape tunnel '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's slow goings down here in the rock layer.

There's a little sign describing them. Apparently they required dedicated spellcasters and they were extremely tiring. Their popularity faded because of a few accidents and because of the trouble with keeping mages employed. Also, they have to have a "receiving" side set up– you can't just teleport anywhere. In any case, it says that the librarians here sometimes do demonstrations with it.

You head out to the sheep village, but they aren't there. You must have missed them. Terrible luck.


I guess they must be in the actual town then! One more look!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hurr Dig Dog Stronk '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Let's ask if we can get a demonstration then. Never too old to try new things!


Roll for digs 4 turns of digging might be enough?? '4d10'

Roll #1 5, 10, 2, 7 = 24


You finally catch up with them boarding the ships.

Abilio and Terrebonne are returning.

Like men from the Kel-Morian Combine, you dig deep. Finally you're making some progress.

You aren't, though.

You go up and ask the librarian at the desk for a demonstration.

"We've already had one today, though… If you can get all the librarians back together, we'll do it again."


"Gives me a chance to look around. How any others are there and where can I find them?"


Abilio too? Perfect.
"Miss Terrebonne, mister Abilio, may I steal a moment of your time?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Mera and I were catching up with Spring and Summer.


You caught up with them! But Sol isn't here.


"That's… questionable. Have you been studying time magic?"

"There are four other librarians, spread out across the other floors."



I chuckle.
"Nothing like that."
Take out the sword.
"Miss Terrebonne, this sword belonged to my father Victory Belle. At this moment of time he is deceased, so I was wondering if it would be possible to speak to him beyond the grave."


"Thank you for your time. If the other one is in this floor as well, I'll go look for some books at the same time."

First Floor, Personal Interest and Fiction. Let's see what titles catch our eyes.

Look for the Librarian as well, maybe she would know something interesting to read. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


Okay. I had basically no aim right now except maybe reading and being happy.
What do?


In personal interest you spot the book Cooking With Evil by Auvergne. Huh. Weird title.

"Do you have his body?"

You could talk to your minions or wander town or something. You notice Friesian Cross is here in the library with you.


I shake my head.
"He died in a explosion, I'm afraid. I was hoping that a personal item of his would perhaps suffice."


They exchange glances.

"It may be possible. Just difficult."


"Why would any horse in their right mind name a book this way?"

Pull it out and read it.


I could talk with my minions if they weren't MIA.
Or I could wander town if I didn't have a demon ready to mindrape me one tenth of the times I do something.
Let's approach Fresian.
"I saw you already, haven't I?
You are with the crew."


"Yes, I'm Friesian Cross. Just got picked up in Reptil. Judging from what I've been told about other crew members, I take it you are the Necromancer, Felfire?"


"If there is a chance… it would help me greatly."


It's written by a pegasus adventurer who professes to have great recipes for cooking even horribly disgusting monsters you've killed, like oozes, slimes, Smooze, wyverns, giant mantis, et cetera.


"It's not an exact science."

"Dere is a focas dat can do such tings, but it may not work right away."


"Well now that was quick. What gave me away?"


"I may as well give it a chance. I will pick up any lead."


I'm going to write some of these down. Even if I never get the monsters, the recipes might still be good.

"I apologize if I was too upfront about my knowledge of you, but the rest of the crew that knows you has been pretty specific about what you look like. Plus, you were so entrenched in that book, gave me plenty of time to check."

"Since I know a bit about you already from second hoof and paw, why don't you ask me anything you'd like to know."


Terrebonne leads you back to her cabin and shows you a mirror.

"I'll need da sword."


Noted. Literally.


Sit down somewhere.
"Okay. What are you looking for in here?
Haven't seen other crewmembers around books often."


Nod and hoof the sword to her.


She accepts and takes it over to the mirror before muttering something and casting a spell. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


She shakes her head. "We can try again tomorrow."


"He, if you like to read, you've just met the right thoroughbred. Picked up my mark from reading all kinds of books as a child when I was in Lethuania and kept it up when we moved near Prance. Right now, I wanted to see the teleporterr in action, so I'm also looking for the librarians while I see what they have. Pulled out this cook book by a crazy fellow, but he might have a few good ones in here."


I just nod my head slowly.
"Thank you for giving it a try, miss Terrebonne."
Now… Abilio again. Is he around still?


He went back to his office, which is one room over.


Easy as pie, head over there then.


"Oh, you lived near Prance?
Remember the language?"




Present the sword.
"Miss Terrebonne's attempt was unsuccessful, but it having belonged to my father is not the only interesting thing about it. It has magical properties and I wish to find a way to unlock it's full potential. From what I hear… it has something to do with the sea. Do you believe you could help me?"


"Not much of it. Moved when I was a bit older to just near the border of it, and then joined a Mercenary group since I liked traveling shortly after. Are you from there, or do you just like the language?"


Cock my head.
"Let's say… From somewhere around there, yes.
Anyway, the librarians are dicks. I'd avoid them if I were you."


"Possibly. I'll have it sent over to Blue Topaz."


"Hm, they didn't let you check out a book or something?"


"Ah, an excellent idea. Thank you mister Abilio."
Leave the sword on his desk.
"As for the matter with the portals to Autumnsreach…"


"First to Stonebriar, now to Autumnsreach. You do find yourself busy, don't you?"


"I misspoke. Stonebriar, of course. Not Autumnsreach. Sorry, I have quite a lot on my mind."


"No, they are all over the loon spectrum.
One just teleports away if you ask her something she doesn't know or talk to her the wrong way, another one only wants to be approached by whispers…
Oh, and checking out books is straight out impossible if you are not a citizen here."


"Well, if we aren't citizens here, and moreso that we are going back out to sea, I can understand their apprehension at letting us borrow books. How about I help you try to corral those librarians and see if we can get them to hoof over a book you'd like. That way I can get them to show me the Teleport array while I seek out other books. Is there any one in particular you are looking at?"


"Yes, I can create one. It will be a considerable walk… Do you need much time on the other end?"


"Oh believe me, I've found one too many books already.
This place is a goldmine."


"Of that I am not certain. Perhaps it would be wiser to wait until we hit the island of Roads, yes. Nevermind that then."
Tap my hoof against my chin
"One other thing… about those solutions to the heart issue… I have found out that my niece suffers from the very same condition."


"If you really want them, then I won't mind helping you try again at those Librarians. The two of us working together should definitely get us success."


"I see. And she wanted to undergo the same procedure? How old is she currently?"


Raise a brow and smirk.
"Okay. Call me when you have a plan."


"She is wishing for a cure, yes. Currently eighteen years old. Stress has made the issue worse for her."


"Hm. Well, I'm willing to cast the spell again, but you should make sure she's alright with it. She has fewer years to spare than you did."


"Well, where did you find the whispering one? While I ask her if she can help set up the teleporter, we can ask again about borrowing a book or two, or at least buying the if they aren't coming back."


"You misunderstand me, I was inquiring after the other methods as well. Like I said, she is looking for a cure. While I am certain she would agree to using age magic, it is only a temporary issue. I know there are more permanent solutions, so I was hoping you could recite them for me so I could then present them to her to choose."


>it is only a temporary issue
Solution rather.


"You know what, fine.
Let's try.
Maybe they just don't like me."


"Heart transplant might be a possible if you could find a suitable, healthy heart that won't be rejected. Alternatively… an experimental soul transplant into a different body. It's possible a mechanical heart could take the place. If she joined the fleet with us, she could have access to regular castings of the spell to keep her issues at bay. I'm not certain other than that."


"They said they had just done the teleporter show earlier, so they might have been tired when you asked. Let's try now that they've had a chance to catch their breath."

Any Librarians around that we can start chatting with?


There's the librarian at the desk that you spoke to before. You see another librarian putting back books in fiction.


"Yeah, the show was for me.
There isn't really anything good over there. Why do you even want to go?"


"I'm not certain she would approve of a pirate fleet. Aside from that, she works on important research regarding catalysts and the defense of Dixie for the Governor, so I assume he would not be pleased with her leaving."


"Well, I can't think of alternative options, so if there are others beyond those I listed, you may have to hunt them."


"Any ideas on where to start? Doc Peg perhaps?"


"Oh, I just thought it was interesting, and seeing as how I might not get a chance to see it anywhere else, I wanted to try it out. How did it look?"

Walk up quietly to the Librarian, tip my hat, and introduce myself to her.
"Excuse me, I'm Mister Cross, and I just came in to your library and was wondering if you could help me with a few things."


"Cold. There's a blizzard going on over there.
Oh, and there was a yeti that almost killed me and Seekkill."


"As I recall those are the solutions he suggested. Do you have any ideas?"

"Of course. How can we help, sir?"


"I recall the old commodore Tallow gave me a vial of strong medicine once… what was that based on?"


"You'd have to ask Doc Peg. He was the one who made it. However, as he suffered a similar condition as the one you have, I doubt it is a permanent solution."


I nod.
"Quite true.
I am not certain what other options there could possibly be. It is outside my expertise."


"Did they send you all that way north? Or was there an error? And how did you get back?"

"Two things, really. My friend and shipmate here has found some excellent books to her liking, but she'd like to know if there is any way she can take them along with her on her long sea voyages. It gets awful boring and quiet when you spend so much time at sea. As for the second request, I noticed you had a teleporter array and wanted to try it out for myself, but the other Librarian mentioned you had done it early, and I'd like to not impose myself if you've spent yourself for the day."




"No, that's the only place it links to.
A few rocks in the middle of nothing."


"I believe Tallow thought that the hydra heart would cure his heart disease. It's possible that therein lies an option."


"Ah, she wants to use it again? I suppose we can… As for the books, you'd need special permission to buy them I'm afraid, sorry. It's just that it's very hard to get an extensive collection like this, so if everypony bought them, we'd… well, we wouldn't have so many books here for everypony to enjoy."


So I got back my old Elemental Shot, right?
Because that western bullshit was complete fucktardery


"Okay, who do we go to for the permission?"


"Indeed, however we would need to find a hydra first and successfully kill it in the right manner. And even then I do not exactly know how this hydra heart could help."


"If it's too much trouble, I'd just like to see how it gets started up. I'm a fanatic of all this historical stuff. As for the books, I could understand not wanting to let them, but my friend here would like some and we'd like to know what we can do to get her some."


Where are we?


Fucked if I know at this point


No, you just have the fixed version of Elemental Ammo, which functions similarly to your Elemental Shot. The difference is that now you can apply it to Marksman Shot, Barrage, Distance Shot, etc. and if you just want to do a "normal" shot, that's a normal basic attack.

"Only the lieutenant governor could approve that."

"Hydra hearts have mysterious healing properties. It is said that the consumption of a hydra heart can cure any ailment. You are correct, of course: finding one would be difficult."

"There are book stores in town if you just want to shop for books."

At the fair!


"They are not exactly the most common of creatures."
I think for a moment.
"Are there any other creatures that have the same type of properties that you are aware of?"


Great! What's there to see here? Any strength games?




So to tracker shots and normal attacks alike.
That's actually pretty cool.
I'll still call it shot instead of ammo though.
And what about those two elements again?


Took you long enough, little faget.
Follow her.


"Would you happen to know if they carry any duplicates of the books there? Since you mentioned we'd have to ask the Lieutenant Governor, could you at least explain or show me how one goes about setting up the Teleporter Array? It's not every day I get to learn first hoof about a historical artifact."


"Friesian, look, doesn't matter, okay? Just let it go. I will take notes from the books and that's it."


There are a lot of diamond dogs hanging around here. At the counter, the bartender is cleaning glasses.

There are several ponies here too, though.

Of course!

The "No Magic" Strength Challenge is an Iron Pony competition of great prestige. It's six events long and requires you to use only your own muscles for victory.

"If there were, I am certain they would be hunted to the same point of extinction as hydras, wouldn't they?"

Mineral and Plant. There's no good translation for them from their original name in Elemental, as Abilio pointed out before. The most literal translation of each would be "not star" and "cellulose", but those aren't very easy names, are they?

What an enlightening lecture you attended.

"As I said, there are book stores in town that might have duplicates. As for the teleportation array, it's actually fairly simple. Each one of the mages sits at a different point of the pentagon and casts a spell. It requires great concentration, but there isn't much to see aside from the spell itself."


I wonder what Abilio will think about me learning those last two without him.
Turn to Tela.
"See anything worthwhile?"


Diamond dogs?
What are they all doing here? Is there anything they're doing in particular?
…Do I spy that symbol anywhere?


"Yes, yes…"
I shake my head.
"Nothing is ever quite so simple, I suppose. Thank you, mister Abilio. I will go see Doc Peg straight away."
Take my leave and head back over to Peg's clinic.


"You know what? I will go check these stores out.
What's my best bet?"


Absolutely disgusting.
"I think that unicorn said something about asking for Jacques."


Not a sign of it anywhere in the room.

They seem to be enjoying their drinks and talking. There's no alcohol here, it's all coffee.

You head in and he looks up expectantly for the third time today.

"I would try The Best Defense. Don't let the name fool you, it's a book shop. They have general script… unless you're looking for a particular kind of book…?"


"Care showing me the spell, then? I'd just like to see one in action, since I always just had to imagine what the heroes in my old books saw in their adventures."

"If that is what you want, then I guess I have no choice but to get some writing utensils and help you. Let me just see the spell and I'll be right back with them."



"How about that Iron Pony competition? For me of course, you don't have the strength for that shit."


"Actually, yes.
Necromancy books."


"Um, mister drinkspony? Is there a… mister Jacques here?"


I was with my chick, right?


"I am sorry for bothering you again. It is about my condition. I have a niece who is suffering from the very same one and I wish to cure her."


"Sure, want to embarrass yourself?"


"Like I said, it requires five spellcasters. If you go find the other four librarians, I suppose we could do it again."

"That might be tricky… Try Legitimate Business on Yew Avenue."

"Oui mon amie. You look just right."

Yes, trying to get it to hunt rats.

He continues his expectant look.


"Have you heard of any other methods since I inquired last time?"


"Oh, and one more thing.
Are there any music stores around?"


I pick it up and put it down so it is facing some rats.


"How? By plowing you into the ground?"


"No, I'm suuuure you are the strongest mare."
Snicker a bit.
"Go on, I'm sure nothing can go wrong."


He shakes his head.

"Light and Darkness, that's on Robin Road."


Roll #1 7 = 7


She leaps forward and pounces on top of a rat, catching it quickly.


Alright! Let's see if we can enter the Iron Pony competition!


"Are you interested in music too? You've got a varied palette there."

"No, I guess that would be fine at the moment. I'd rather not be a bother at this point."


"What of the medicine Commodore Tallow used? How hard is that to produce?"


Leave for the necromancy shop.
"I had little to have fun with."


"Good. Kill and eat."


"Well, let me see what I can find here. I'm a fast reader, so I might see you at that bookstore."

"Seeing as how my friend is leaving, you wouldn't happen to have any suggestions for some good history books to read at the moment?"


"Oh, I did find something for music alright… But that's more of a unique piece.
A magic book that plays music."


"Very well then, ask if you need any help."

He raises his hoof about chest high.

You look around for a shop named necromancy shop, but you can't find any.

She digs in and snaps its neck.

You approach the registration desk.

"Here for the competition? Just fill out these forms, very simple."

They have information like name, age, sex, any health conditions, and finally a legal release.

"What kind of history do you like?"


Okay let's do this properly.
Off to Yew Avenua, to the shop named Legitimate Business.


"I am not sure I follow…"


I keep watching.


"…Huh? I look just right?"
I tilt my head and scratch it in confusion.


What's that last thing?


Enter all those, no problem.


"When we get back to the ship, you'll have to show it to me. Pleasure to finally meet you, we should talk more when we get back to the ship."

"I feel like a child when I bring this up, but is there anything about adventurers, or at least a group of travellers? I know some of those might be in the fiction section, but there must be a few cases where the claims where verified and historians and researchers have written about them."


"Oh, I'm not that good.
But I will try.
Where are you stationed?"


"The Seaworthy is where my services have been requested. Yourself?"


He raises his front hooves and alternates height with them.

It's a nice quiet building with an old Gothic-inspired facade.

She gnaws on the bones for a while.

Mmmm… talon lickin' good.

"For la resistance mon amie. Le effort to free the slaves of Dixie. If there is a cause better intentioned I should see it, but I don't, because this is the best! Come, join us in the back room."

He indicates a door behind him.

It says if you fuck yourself up by messing up or getting dehydrated, they're not responsible or culpable.

"Here you go… you're number 22."

"Try the Submariner's Collection. That'd be SUB-101."


"The spooky ship.
The Fancy."


"Go get 'em girl.
Make me proud, and I might even reward you tonight."


I scratch my head, looking lost.
"Perhaps writing it down may be wise."


Step inside.


I raise a brow.
"How do we know this isn't a trap?"


I walk over and give her a quick scratch behind the ears.
"Good. Still hungry?"


Sweet! Put it on my back!
"What's up first?"

"Oh I will."


"Thank you kindly."

Let's head over there and read it.

"The Spooky Ship, got it. See you later, Miss Felfire."


"You mean-"

I scrunch up.
"Maybe it might be… but momma! If it isn't then Luna would be really happy with us for doing it!"


"That's true… but we should be careful here."


It's not very difficult to make once the ingredients are compiled. There's an inherit cost over time, though. And of course, if it's for your niece, I can't just keep making it for her.

"Yes?" There's a blue pone wearing a black mane wig and ivory white powder on her face.

"The shot put. You have some time before the competition starts, though."

You look it up. It's full of stories that have nothing to do with submarines, but plenty of heroes.

She gives you a beaky look and repeats, "Hungry!"

"Shh… keep your voices a little low. La resistance is obviously not legal. It's soundproof in the back room."


I nod.
"Of course. What do you mean with an inherit cost? What kind of cost do you mean?"


"I'm looking for a few books."
Show her the list of books from the library.


Let's get warmed up here, do some exercises!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I scrunch.
To the backroom we go.


"My kind of book."

Let's just go to a random page and see what characters I get.


Into the backroom!
I run in there.


"Good. Show Seekkill hunting skills."



Roll for each.

You feel pumped up. Like a metapod that's just used harden.

Almost astonishingly, the backroom isn't full of kidnappers that enslave you.

There are a bunch of flags with the broken chain emblem, and a bunch of ponies. They're mostly earth ponies with a few unicorns. There's also a diamond dog in the corner.

"Hungry!" She repeats several times before chirping and then beginning to preen.

Hm. This story is about Melody Maker, Starberry and Mwandishi. Apparently they were escaping from slavery when they were attacked by diamond dogs! They had to establish initiative back then, which just goes to tell you how old the story is.


Apotheosis in Antioch
Crows Head Findings: Longevity
A Study in Black
Modern Colloquiums on the Noble Practices
Academy Commentary on Neurology
Necromancer's Hoofguide to States of Decay
Understanding Rigor Mortis and Other Posthumous Afflictions
Dawn of the Dead

Roll #1 5, 10, 10, 2, 6, 10, 1, 3, 9 = 56


I laugh. I watch her preen for a bit to make sure she does it right, then roll some dice.

Roll #1 1, 2, 4, 4, 1 = 12


"This story must be from the beginning of time with its age."

Turn a few pages over and see what else is there in this book?


I tilt my head to the side then scoop them back up.
"Hungry stay here. Seekkill be back later."
I leave. The spirits say I have somewhere to be.


"Uh… hi?"
I slowly back away back underneath Spring and peek out from beneath her.


Rolled 1 more there.


"Ah. I see. Hmm… How high do you estimate the chances at success for a mechanical heart are? She is quite young, only eighteen."


Well that's a relief.
Just stand there and look them over silently.


Hell yeah!
What do the other competitors look like? Strong?

Roll #1 10 = 10


What a pleasant way to waste some 10s.

"You won't believe it, but we actually do have a bunch of those oddball books. Here we go…"

She produces CHF:L, ASiB, ACoN, and NHtSoD.

You read about Pejula, Sugar Puff, and Atardecer, three rough types out near Dust that took down the infamous Billy the Unicorn.

You head out. But to where? The world may never know. Unless you say.

One of the unicorns comes over. "Well! Looks like we have some new members in the Resistance!"

He scrunches.

I don't work with mechanical organs.

So strong. It'll be a legendary competition, no doubt.


I scratch my head again.
"… Who is the crewmember responsible for that type of work then? Do you know of any others who may have alternative methods?"


"You sure are quick to assume… What's this all about? Who are you ponies?"


The skill conference thingy.


That's fine, I'll send them all home.
Let's get ready for the first event.


"You're letting us become memb-"

I wait for them to answer her questions.


"I'll remember this book if I run into the Lt. Governor. I'll ask Felfire if she has a list, just in case."

Put the book back and head to the third floor and look at the books about Magic and Art. And keep an eye out for a Librarian, might want to ask them for recommendations.


Maybe Topaz could make that sort of thing? She makes all the fine mechanisms.

"You wouldn't have come if you didn't believe in freedom! And we… are the Resistance! Or as some call us, the Underground Train Tracks. We're all about freeing unicorn slaves."

You go to enjoy yourself at the fair. Tela and Emrille are here. You see a seminar on modern hunting if you're interested. There's also an art seminar, mister connoisseur.

Plus, free food, free drink, games, competitions, and all kinds of leisure.

You do some leg stretches until it's ready to start.

"Of course!"

You wander upstairs.


I'll check out the art seminar first. I already know how to hunt.


Let's try to find a Librarian while we look around. [1d10]

Any books catch the eye in the mean time? [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Interesting. Thank you, doctor. I suppose the heart transplant would be much harder?"


I bet that means they cost even less, riiiight?
"And now it's your lucky day, because I will be taking them off your hooves. For cheap."


"How do you free them?"


"So… how do you work? How do you free this slaves? How bad is Dixie?"


Uh… get to my designated spot?


File: 1375473950138.jpg (82.94 KB, 1600x1200, simple-modern-art-paintings.jp…, IO exif Google TinEye)

There is a pleasant discussion about understanding modern art. For the first time, you get it. You fully understand the subtleties of modern art that no one else could possibly know, and you can lord it over them as much as you like.

Plus there were free bagels.

There's a shy looking librarian dusting shelves.

You spot a book on catalysts called The Colour of Magic.

He shrugs.

Both difficult, high risk.

"Hmmm… give me an offer."

"Sometimes we break open servants' quarters at night, sometimes we help solitary escapees. Those days are over, though. We finally created an arrangement to free all the slaves. You've come at a historic time."

You get in line. You're the 22nd, of course. Get ready to rumble.


"What kind of arrangement?"


I eat a bagel and go to the hunting seminar.


"We have?"
I slowly peek out from underneath Spring a bit more, ears perking up in excitement.


"One hundread for the four of them."


I'm always ready to rumble.
Wait my turn.


Pull out the book, but go talk to the librarian before opening it.
"Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if you could recommend any books on magic and art to an old horse like me."


Oh deary me… what am I to do…
"Very well… thank you, doctor. I will go present these shortly."
Leave his office. I need to think about this…
In the meantime, I'll go visit this library, I think. Might be some interesting books to find.


"Go get 'em girl!"



You feel all kinds of educated and modern. Skills updated.

"Okay. We'll do it."


She winks away.

"You're up."

You head down to the library. Friesian is here.


Sure is a reply to Summer.


Well that was easy.
"Could you pack them?"
Give her two doubloons and then give one more look through the shop.

Roll #1 3 = 3


There are a bunch of odd curios but you don't feel edgy enough for this kind of stuff anymore.


Wise words.
Music shop, Light and Darkness on Robin Road.


You quickly ascertain that the name comes from all the pianos inside. They sell sheet music, though.


I go and check out the competitions.


I guess I can cheer for Tela.


Alright so… I really doubt they have any books here that could help with the cure for the heart problem. Glory works here, she would have found something.
Hmm… what kind of books do they have here? I wonder, anything on House Belle?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That doesn't answer my question…"


"I would like something to play music, actually.
Not an instrument, more like a magical box or something that could play for me."


Alright. Time to show off my mega earth pony strength.
Get up there and throw that fucking ball.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, the big iron pony competition has started.

There's a for-fun competition of bobbing for apples going as well.

You try nonfiction and history, but turn up nothing.

"Some diamond dogs are going to help us get rid of all the slavers."

He indicates the diamond dog in the corner.

"We have phonographs."

In your dream, you are the star, it is you.

You charge up and rocket that ball away like it's a baseball, and it lands a heroic distance. You think you won this round.


Feck. I'm entering the cafe after the unicorns.
Bother bother.


They've disappeared in here somewhere.


Maybe it's a bit arrogant of me to assume they'd have something for a minor house like ours.
Hmmm… Any librarians around?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I am very interested in one.
How much?
Oh, and which recordings do you have?
I would like something sweet, maybe a violin…"


I didn't happen to overhear anything, or notice anything out of place? I can be perceptive, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I raise a brow.
"I doubt it's out of the kindness from their hearts. They're notorious slavers themselves."


Retreat off of the field. Which event do I have to ace next?


You see a couple at the front desk.

"They're expensive. Five hundred bits. Though we do have a few different cylinders that you can preview and decide which you like."

You? I think you're thinking of a different pone.

Mera carries you inside.

"These diamond dogs aren't slavers, just like not all ponies are slavers."


Long jump.


I'll check out the iron pony thing.


Approach them and speak in a hushed tone.
"Excuse me. Is this where miss Glory Belle works?"


Well fuck.
I doubt I have 10 doubloons to throw at them, right?
How much is left in my pockets?


"Hmph. Then what's their stake in this?"


"Oh, dangit, where did miss Spring and miss Seas go? They were right here a second ago…"
I'll slump a little on Mera's back.


No probs. Wait my turn again.


Tela is competing. She just won the first of six competitions. Long jump is starting now.

"She frequently studies here, if that's what you mean."

"They're concerned members of the Resistance, like you and me! No need to be racist. You… aren't racist, are you? Being racist in front of your young daughter? Surely not?"

"Well, let's get a coffee."

It's time.



"Ah. Which kind of books does she tend to read?"


I'll nod.
"I just keep seeming to run into situations where I know absolutely jack. I really should have gotten out more…"


You have 7.5 doubloons.

"We don't pry, but she studies on floor three usually."


"… Of course not. It's just unexpected is all."


You approach the counter. The barista notices your horn and inquires, "Looking for Jacques?"

"Good, good! Have some coffee, over in the corner. It's good."


"Surely she must lend books from you every so often? Or does she simply read them on site?"


Yep, no way I can afford one.
"Alright, can I listen to some samples?"


Get to my spot, get a good view of the place and then charge and jump!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"She usually reads here instead of taking them home."

"Sure. Here's one of my favorites:"



You do really good, tying with several other ponies. Still, you're in the lead.


Can I join?


Poor myself a cup.
"We have to leave Dixie tonight. The ship we're on leaves port then. I'm not sure how on earth we could help."


They're already finished two competitions. There are other competitions if you want to compete.


"Good fortune! We are making our move tonight."


I'll look at her a bit curiously.
"If he can help me find the two unicorns I was traveling with, sure."


"I see… Thank you."
Third floor I go.
What kind of genres are stored here?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What kind of move? A big move? … An attack?"


God I'm good at this.
What's next?


I look for more competitions.


"You have great taste…"


"He's in the back room."

"Yes, tonight we rise up and free all the slaves, and kill all the earth ponies in Dixie. Well, except the ones part of the Resistance, of course."

Art, science, and magic.

One hundred meter rainbow dash. It's called a rainbow dash because you're racing for the gold at the end.

You find several more competitions listed:

Obstacle Course
Ultimate Cage Match
Hide 'n' Seek
Scavenger Hunt

"Thank you. Would you like to hear more?"


I bet she only does so good because I'm cheering for her.
And because I promised sex.


I'll do the scavenger hunt.


Nod eagerly.


"K-Kill? Why!? That's mass murder!"


She mentioned something about catalysts… find some books on that stuff.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Thank you!"
I'll look at Mera.
"Maybe miss Spring and miss Seas are back there too? And we can still get the coffee."
I'll hop down off Mera's back and head to the back room.


Doesn't sound too bad.
Wait for it to start. Stretch a little beforehand.

Roll #1 6 = 6


There's a sign up table nearby.


"Look, sometime to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. You think those slavers are just going to give up their ways?"

You find An Intro to Catalysts.

There are many ponies here, some are unicorns. Spring and Summer are here. There's a diamond dog in the corner.

It's your turn. Line up with the other six ponies in this group.


That seems a bit too basic. She must have worked on a more advanced level.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll sigh in relief.
"Miss Spring! Miss Seas! Thank goodness I caught up with you!"


Anatomy: Unicorn Horn


"So vibrant…"
Close my eyes and let the music carry me for a moment.
"Alas, I fear they might be out of my price range."


I shake my head
"What of the children? And the ponies who don't participate or own slaves?"

I glance back at him.


Line up.
When the signal is given, go fast. And I mean really fucking fast.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh, actually, open that up. I wonder… can unicorns feel their horn like they can other bodyparts? How sensitive is it?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I sign up by scribbling on a name line.


"It's alright, I expected as much. Most of our customers are just window shopping, anyway. Have you price a grand piano recently? Everypony who can afford one has one."

You're reluctantly crouched at the starting line, your legs pumping and thumping in time. The green pony waves, the flags go up, churning and burning you all yearn for the cup.

You end up having one of the best times over all, and you're still leading the pack.

"If they survive the night, we'll just evict them or re-educate them. Don't act like we're monsters."

Hm… it's bone covered in skin.

"Alright Mister… Kill. Line up over there, they are going to distribute lists."


I line up.


Well now.
Very well, put that book away and keep looking for more advanced catalyst topics.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'm so good at this! Haha! Three more events right? I may just win this thing!
What's up next? Take a breather.


"I wouldn't have where to put it, sadly."


The group is still in the estate right?


I'll stop and look between Spring and the pony she's talking to.
"I… stepped in at a bad time, haven't I?"


"But that's horrible! You'll be ruining as many lives as any slaver would!"

I sigh.
"These ponies are abolitionists who want to free the slaves here in Dixie tonight, but they're also planning on killing everypony who doesn't join!"


"That's… well, I'm no friend of slavers, but even I think that's a bit heavy-hoofed."


They give you a list of odd objects.

Jade sphere
Adamantium necklace
Mirror with mahogany frame
Linen tunic
Marble Tablet
Cotton robe

Modern Chemistry

Next up is the 100m swim.


"There's no other way. Do you believe in freedom, or not?"


I fly off and start looking for the objects,

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


That doesn't sound very magical at all… that's more science!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"There is no other way than slaughtering innocents alongside the guilty? Even if they surrender?"
I stomp a hoof.
"Are you out of your darn mind? You should focus on freeing the slaves and driving away the slavers! Nothing more!"


"I believe in freedom, but not at the cost of one's ponanity."
I'll nod to the diamond dog.
"Or sense of consequence. And what if your plan fails? The ones you seek to save would be punished harshly, and the pro-slavery lines reinforced. I'm all for a free society, but bloodshed isn't the best way to go about it."
I'll shrug.
"I can't say I have much sway here, especially since I haven't heard the rest of the conversation, or your reasons for this… purge, but riding the wave of freedom on a sea of blood just doesn't sound right."


Oh well.
Back to the ship. Drop the books in my room.
Is Sitar around?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Good practice in case the fleet gets fucked, I guess.
Take off my equipment and ready myself.


Whistle at her when she does so.


He should be in the library with me.


"Wait! You're supposed to come to the treasure room."

They share a floor.

Tattoo Catalysts

"You're getting too ahead of yourself. We'll worry about who gets banished and who gets executed after we win the war. As your friend brings up: it'll be a fight just to win."

He's out.



I have no way of knowing that.
Well shit.
I guess I will have to ask him later.
Back to the library, check on Zivur.


I go to the treasure room.


Hmmm… did she have any tattoo catalysts on her body? I think not.
Keep looking.

Of course not, just reminding Wf.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3 = 3


Light Heart is here, too.

This is a room full of random items. Clothes, jewelry, mirrors, all that sort of stuff. The other competitors are getting ready to sort through it all looking for loot.

Catalyst Buyer's Guide

You get waterlogged pretty fast and finish pretty late.

So much for your lead.


That's some unexpected luck.
"Heart! I was just looking for you earlier."


Once we are allowed to start I start looking for the items on my list.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Why would she need a buyer's guide if she can most likely make them herself?

Bah, this isn't getting me anywhere.

Nod at her.
"Miss Felfire. How are you?"


"I'm not really sure we should be helping ponies who clearly lack morals…"


"A lot lighter on the purse after a few rounds of the town.
But I found all what I was looking for and more.
What are you here for?"


Get out of the water and stomp my way to the next event.


I'll shake my head.
"No one should have to die! That's not just at all! It's just revenge, and it'll come back to bite you if you aren't careful."
I'll frown.
"Normally I would be with you in an instant, but I haven't seen any sort of mistreatment. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, or maybe the townsfolk are really good at hiding it, but I have seen nothing with my own eyes that warrants killing all of them."


"I am attempting to find out what my niece is working on. She works for the governor on magical projects that have to do with catalysts, but she does not wish to tell me the specifics."
I shrug.
"I suppose it does not matter, I am merely very curious."


You get a slow start when you find a ruby sphere and a mirror with an oak frame. Ugh. Too much fancy junk here!

"So you support the slavers? How could you betray your own race like this?"

The next event is the supreme balance competition. You get up on a log and stand there… using only one leg. As long as possible.

"Isn't slavery enough of a reason? Those ponies should have the right to self-determine!"


I keep searching.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"I don't support any side if this is how you go about things! Least of all the slavers!"


Oh crap I don't know about this… but alright.
Let's give it a try.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Were all these flag poles around when you last came to this town?
Because I might just be starting to make a few connections here…"


"Of course they should! They've also a right to a fair wage for their labor, but simply murdering everyone who doesn't agree with you makes you no better than common bandits or raiders!"
I'll shake my head.
"I know what you're doing, and I think it's admirable that you want to change Dixie for the better, but I just can't agree with the methods."


Were they?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You wander through the scavenge and can't find anything from your list. Frustrating!

"Then how do you propose slavery be ended? You think ponies haven't tried asking for freedom?"

You do pretty well! You're definitely recovering from the slip up in the swimming competition.

Now it's time for the dreaded baking portion. You'll lay on a sheet of metal in the hot Dixie sun for as long as you can take!

There were flags, but there were less.


I keep trying.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"There were… less back then."


Aha! A jade sphere!


"And I found a very interesting book.
Come with me."
Take Light Heart to the book about Construct Catalysts.


"Well, there must be some form of governance in place here. Why not get an anti-slavery advocate into several of those positions, secretly if you have to, and then make slavery illegal? Those who were slaves would get a parcel of land to call their own, and if anyone, dog, pony, or otherwise wanted to use their labor, they would have to pay a fair and balanced wage?"
I'll scratch my nose.
"Sure it will take longer than a bloody coup, but think of the example you'll be setting."


Oh fuck me. Seriously?
Okay… H-Here I go…

Roll #1 10 = 10


I start looking for the robe and tunic.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"I'm sure they have, but I can't see why this would mean that you'd have to murder everypony! Even those who surrender!"


Roll to re-locate.

"You really think ponies around here will vote for that kind of thing? We wouldn't be a resistance if public opinion supported us."

You sure can beat the heat! You're back in the lead after a time like that.

The last competition is coming up… Pig wrestling.

You drop your jade sphere and it rolls under an ornate couch.

"Hey, we don't have to kill ponies that surrender. We could just banish them for life and seize all of their property."


Uh… okay? What kind of rules apply?


I grab my sphere and keep looking for the items of clothing.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"You're going to destroy entire families with this. Why not just focus on the slave owners and leave the others alone?"


It was here somewhere!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What was it about? I could help look."


"That's what bribes and plants are for."


"Construct Catalysts.
They are huge.
And I suspect this city is filled with them."


"I am not quite sure what those are…"
Search for any books on this topic anyway.
"What do the flagpoles have to do with it?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


No holds barred. Except magic.

Wrassle you a pig. If you get it to the ground, you win.

You can't seem to find it…

"The others are actively supporting slavery by voting officials into office that support slavery."

"You sure sound high and mighty now, Mr. Set an Example. Will they sing our praises in the centuries to come for defeating democracy with backroom deals and becoming no better than EQUESTRIANS?"

Oh boy here we go.

You start to convulse and collapse.


I keep trying.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Doesn't sound too hard. Alright, let's do this.
Get in there.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"They are about the right s-"
Shadows, to me.

Fervy! Run to the boat. Get me Doc Peg here NOW!

I will go through her stuff to look for a fix, a medicine, anything.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Well I suppose the stress has finally caught up on me… Then, I do have two medical ponies with me.
Let them help me out here.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"They'll sing your praises for preventing bloodshed, and being wise enough to know that you rose above the level of your oppressors. Besides, you would wind up writing the history books if it works, so that fact would be lost in time."
I'll stomp a hoof slightly.
"And there's one thing Equestrians have over you right now: there's no state-supported slavery in their country."


"That's hardly enough to justify murder and exile of an entire population."


You reach under the couch and retrieve your Jade Sphere.

You use your big flank to quickly smack-down that pig and capture it quick. You barely got any mud all over you!

He goes off.

But Happy Puzzle and Rosemary take care of her.

…That's who you had, right? Or was it Skylight…?

"Except for sheep. They're enslaved over there. In any case, you pose a good point. Since we'll be writing the history books anyway, we'll just omit the bloodshed."

"Then how do we free the slaves?"


Sitar, HP Lovepone and Skyly.
"Thank you… It appears the stress of today is getting to me."


Let's find that clothing.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The hell?


I'll shake my head.
"So you're just going to kill everyone, then. Just like how the Belle manor exploded all those years ago due to that 'mysterious' explosion. That poison didn't get in the tarn by itself."


Groan, dismiss and summon again Fervy.

Thanks, but seems like everything went alright.

"Bad day?"


"By taking out the slavers and driving them away. Without slavers, the ponies you are so eager to kill will not have anypony to vote on that support slavery. And they'll likely be to frightened to do anything about the abolition of slavery."


"Yes, most of my family has died in the years I was gone. I spent most of the day attempting to figure out how."
I look around.
"… But the walls have ears, so I will not indulge you on all my findings in this place."


You quickly locate the cotton clothing. Whew! Just a few more…

"Years ago? That happened a couple weeks ago, kid."

"Good idea. We should instill fear into the populace. You should help Raising Sun with his plan to burn trees in the yards of citizens to scare them into leaving town."


I don't have a big butt!
Bah. Wipe off the mud and get out.


Nod quietly.
"Anyway, I think that's what you are looking for.
I had half an idea to place the same things on our ships, but couldn't get a hold of the head carpenters or the commodore to see if it would be doable.
Go talk with her, see if it rings any bells.
Actually, pretend you know already.
That usually works."


I'll blink.
I'll think a little.
"Huh. I suppose I never did ask her when that blew up."
I'll plant my hoof down again.
"Regardless! That still doesn't explain how the tarn got poisoned, or why it exploded."


I keep searching.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Yes you do.


"Your logic is as flawed as your morals. Don't you dare act all high and mighty on me. I know what it's like to be driven away from your home and losing everything you worked for in life. I wont support a movement that aspires to do the same to ponies for the sake of politics."


"Interestingly enough, her cutie mark is a flagpole. I believe you may be right about this."


"Look, we've been pretty upfront about our plans to kill the decadent slavers that live in this town, so there's no reason for me to lie to you when I say we didn't have anything to do with that. It was probably punishment for their decadence."

You climb out of the mud and you're awarded a blue ribbon. Nice job!

Aha! One linen tunic, hold the communism. You found it under a lampshade.

"This isn't about petty politics, this is about giving ponies their lives back."


I'll frown a little.
"I suppose…"
I'll look around a little.
"You know, I just had a thought. Are you guys the loyalists?"


"While ruining the lives of others, regardless of whether they are slavers or not."


A blue ribbon? What's it say? Did I… win?


"Now the scary part."
"This city is holding a gun right at the head of our fleet, and smiles as she does so."


"I did warn you about Dixie, miss Felfire. As long as we behave, they will keep smiling and let us go about our business. But they will not hesitate to lash out if we offend them in some way."


"What? No, we told you, we're the Resistance! Loyalism is like, the opposite of Resistance."

"How are you not getting this? It doesn't matter if they can't afford slaves: they're VOTING FOR SLAVERY. They're all slavers at heart!"

1st Prize


More, please.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


That's… it? No money? No prizes?
I scrunch and look around, a little lost.


"That is a very black and white view on things."


Fly over and pat her head.
"You might not be that hopeless after all."


"What if it's not Dixie they're loyal to?"
I'll shake my head.
"Anyway, from my experience, ponies are usually pretty stupid if something doesn't concern them. As long as they're fed, happy, and have all their comforts, then they don't care a whit what happens to anypony else. They just go with whatever is easiest. Right now, that's slavery. It's what they know."


"Not complaining. I saw some great stuff here.
Lot of rare books.
It's a shame I couldn't afford that one phonographe, but there will be an occasion."
Look over her shoulders.
"Mind if I have a chat with Sitar?"


"Damn right! I'm the fucking iron pony!"


"I guess you deserved a reward from me for being such a good iron pony, huh?"


"Of course not. Please go ahead."
I'll continue searching for this book in the meantime.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Damn right I do! I thought there'd be money!"


"Oh I'll give you something much better, don't worry~"


I cock my head.


Pat her head again.
"You'll see, Tela, you'll see."


That fucking jade sphere rolled off again. This is killing your time.

But you have Southern Pride! … There's probably some prize money if you go back to the registration booth.

"So voting for slavery is innocent now?"

"That's why revolution is needed!"

No luck.


I try to find it then give what I have to whoever is running this.


"Voting for slavery is just being stupid and uninformed."
I'll sigh.
"And a bloodless revolution would be much preferable to terror tactics and making orphans."


"Of course not, but there is a middleground between letting it slide and exile murdering them!"


Search book.
Also, to Sitar!
"Hey, I miiiight just need your help.
Just a bit."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yay! Go there!


"Are you certain this book is still here, miss Felfire?"
Restart looking.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I sure as hell didn't move it.
They won't let me check out anything unless I become a citizen.
Good luck with that."


"I am a citizen."



"And what is that?"

"But that will never happen. Dixie was formed by revolution, and it won't see reform until revolution."

You can't find it.

"Hm? Yeah?"

You're suspecting it's not.

You show up at the booth.

"First prize? Congratulations. One HUNDRED bits."

+2 Doubloons

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"Yes. I knew that.
And I came looking for you, but you were out already.
You should get a card."


You recover your sphere and turn in the three you found.

"Are you giving up? You haven't finished."


"Say, how do you do that… Flying instrument thing?"


"No. Can't hold everything. Keep dropping things."


"And then the cycle will continue until the earth has more blood in it than the creatures who walk on it! There has to be a better way!"


Smirk at the money.


One last look and I'm giving up…

"That may not be a bad idea, yes."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"My far out signature. Maybe I'll like… show you how… some day."

He's pretty out of it. Must be back on the drugs.

"Ah. Okay, I'll hold these here for you, then. Good luck searching."

"Tell that to the unicorns who have to sit and labor while we are indecisive!"


Modern Structure Catalysts


"Yeah! Thanks!"
Grab the money and smirk.


"Is this it, miss Felfire?"


"What'cha going to do with that money, huh?"


"Thank you."
Back to searching.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"On what planet are you?"
"Yes! Exactly the one!
We should check it out."
Go back to where I left Zivur, pick up the necro books I wasn't able to buy and the music book.

We are leaving, to the ship.
I found these books somewhere else.


"Paying reparations, jailtime, community service, anything that doesn't involve bloodshed and banishments!"


"Buy a new and better special somepony."
I smirk


"From that money?
You could hardly find somepony to agree to you."


Alright, let's head back to those librarians.


Mmm… This tablet is made of stone, not marble. Maybe you should try under that pile of slippers.


You now have a stack of books.

"So we just waltz up to town square one day and ask them to pile into jail cells? Only force will make them do that in the first place."

You find two at the main desk.


"I would like to check out some books from the library."


"Very good. Do you still have your library card?"


"Eh, I think you're only worth a doubloon. Imagine what two doubloons will get me."


These ones."
Hoof her the books.
"Especially this one."
Point at the music book.
"Can you still do the trick like this?"


"…What trick are we talking about?"


"What is that you smoke, exactly?"


"I'm afraid not no. I do still have my papers."

I raise a brow.
"I did not know that you were a musician, miss Felfire."


"…Smoke? My groove…?"


I try there.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


"A mare me?"


What's your groove?"
"I am not. Not a good one.
It's a magic book."


"A less sluttier version and a prettier version too!"


"Here, we can expedite this for you, just fill in your citizen number here, and your name here. You'll need to return these before your ships leave."

Hm… you have a good feeling about this pile, and you even find some marble slippers (what?), but no marble tablet here.

"It's… special… Commodore makes it."


"Prettier than this?
Unless, I looked a bit more like Light Heart.
You should have seen her when she came out of the sea today, mhhmhmhmm~"


"Of course."
Do as told.


I look for the mirror.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


I huff.
"Fucking whore…"


Narrow my eyes.
This guy is a fucking genius.
No empathy at all.
Holy fuck how can you be so stupid.
Walk straight, uh?"
Back away.


"You know, she did sound like she was making me an offer I could hardly refuse…"


Aha! It was right over there, on top of the stack of chairs! Of course!

They file the paper. "Alright, you're free to go. Enjoy."

As you walk out, there's a pony in the black leather and shining buckles of the Fraternal Order waiting for you.



"Take it then. Go slobber on her cunt all you want. See what happens."


And now for the next item.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


You tear through several jewelry boxes and find the necklace inside one. Just the tablet left!


I like your music."
Pick up the music book~
And raise a brow as I see the pony.


"We both have good time?"


"Thank you, miss."
And of course there is.
Nod at him.
"Good day. Something ahoof, sir?"


"I'll fuck you with my sword. In every hole."


Let's find that tablet!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"I see you are still a bit new to the concept of sex…
It's done with your genitals, not swords."


"Oh… thanks."

It's a mare! She has long orange mane, but blue coat. She extends a hoof with a vanilla folder.

"This is for you, Miss Belle. Courtesy Governor Gray."

Aha! IT WAS under the pile of slippers! Go turn 'em in!


I turn them in.


She sounds pretty.
"Thank you."
Take the folder and read it.


Stand back with my books and watch.


"In that case, I'd be willing to experiment on you, Emmy."


"Let's practice the basics first, huh? Huh?"
Nudge her neck with my wings a bit.


"As long as you stay faithful."


"As long as we get it on!"


"Yeah whatever, squirt. Grow up first again."


"But that depends on Curry growing up first for Abilio's science and we all know Curry fails at everything!"


The official pats you on the back and pins a ribbon onto your armor that says:

I Tried

"Good hustle!"

It's a collection of evidence surrounding the deaths of Victory Belle and his wife Chastity Belle. Apparently they were returning from the theater one night and they were assaulted by diamond dogs known as Loyalists. There are several witness testimonies and there are sketches of the corpses. The paw symbol – prominent in the flag of Novdogod – is carved into Victory's shoulder.

There's also a note:

I felt terrible that you wouldn't be able to pay your respects. I personally paid to have your parents embalmed and for a funeral to keep the financial burden off of your family. It's been years, but you should still stop by the family crypt.

Right. Only Gentile and Charity were in the family mansion.


I look for another event.


There's still the Ultimate Cage Match, the Obstacle Course, and Hide 'n' Seek.


Hide n' Seek.


Clench my jaw and stay quiet for a while, then look up to face the mare.
"These Loyalists… do you have any idea where they have holed themselves up?"


"Ugh. I fucking swear… why did you ever agree to this shit?"


They take you down to a big mansion near the fair grounds.

"Hide in this house. The longer you stay undetected, the better you place!"

She pushes up her cockel hat slightly.




Obviously that second certainly is an error.




"Seekkill not seeking?"


"For science."
Take a pause.
"Pffththahah, not really.
For the money."


"Anything for a bit of gold, huh?"


She shakes her head. "If it were that easy, the Fraternal Order would have removed them years ago. They just burrow away as soon as we try to storm their position. They move through the ground like water. But the governor has authorized me to tell you that he has your niece working on a project to finish them off once and for all, without a chance for escape."

"That's the second portion. First part of hide and seek is hiding."


"Well if we ever had financial troubles and a good looking mare asked me that I should have sex with her, I'd do it.
For us."



I go into the house and look for a place to hide.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"Have you tried to infiltrate their ranks? … Is there some way I could possibly help with this, miss…?"


"Oh aren't you just the most generous little shit there ever was."


"They're all diamond dogs. They seem to have a loathing for all ponies. Infiltrating them seems to be a non-option."

You see plenty of good places to hide: this house was designed for helping ponies hide. It's just a matter of how well you use the spots!


"I know, I know.
The sacrifices I make!"


"Can't you just pay off a diamond dog from the streets and use him as an informant?"


I get into a spot you would need wings to get to and do my best to stay hidden.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I have diamond dog friends, for one."


"What about a stallion? Quickly suck off a dick or two for some coin? Sounds like your kinda thing."


"Pardon the pun, but they seem to be good at finding moles."

"The question is: would they be able to stop them from escaping? We have plenty of reconnaissance. The problem is that they're good at escaping. They can liquidate at a moment's notice."


Those I can just shoot and get the money.
The blood rush from that is almost the same."


You swoop into position in the eves. You have 4 Sneaky Points.

There's a pony below walking around. Be quiet! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"What about taking out their leader? Who is in charge of this whole organization?"


How is this going to work?




"Sounds like denial to me."


"An enigmatic diamond dog known as The Count. We can't seem to find his real name anywhere, but he's supposedly descended of Perseus, the founder of Bowlshoy – or as you know it, Dixie."

Just beat my rolls to retain your sneakiness points. At some points, you might have to move to evade super detection.


"I ain't you."



Roll #1 1 = 1


You immediately fall out of the eves and get spotted.

"Aha! Found you!"

…Well, you can still perform well in the Seeking portion, right?


"I see… So there is no way for me to help the Fraternal order?"


"What, are you afraid of dicks?"


"No, but can't a mare just not-like dicks?"


"Unless you have a way to trap them so that they can't dig away, I don't know of one. Just enjoy your stay in Dixie, spend time with your family, relax, and leave when it's time for you to go."




"It is rather hard to relax given the circumstances."


"I dunno, it's kinda freaky."


Alright… ponies are hidden within the house. You want to eliminate as many of them as quickly as you can. There are ten ponies here, and two other searchers to assist you.

"I understand miss, but we're here for your protection."


"That's what you think, huh?"
Lick her cheek.
"There, now you are infected with the dyke."


"Of course. Thank you for the message. I will… go pay my respects to my parents."


"I'm not afraid of dicks like you are, so I guess I'm immune."


She nods.

"Enjoy your stay."

With that, she departs.


I start seeking.
My two helpers help.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #2 3, 3 = 6


"Well I know you love 'em."


"Not nearly as much as you love cunts."


You don't have to roll for them, they're searching other floors.

You immediately pick out three ponies here in the living room. One was just behind a chair. Stupid! Seven to go.


"Miss Felfire? Come with me please."
Let's go visit that crypt…


Because those are more fun!"


I keep going.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"Alright, let's just stop talking about this shit already. What now?"


"Why do you think I stuck around…"


"Yeah, well, I will have to talk about something with you… but let's save that for later."
Look around.
Anything that interests me here?


Aha, in the kitchen, you find another in the freezer.

You hear another get called out upstairs.

Five to go.

You head out to the Dixie Cemetery. It's large and ornate. The Belle family tomb should be just ahead…

There it is, up on the right.


Ponies cannot hide from Seekkill.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"I just can't condone the methods. So while I can't help you with murdering ponies who don't all deserve it, I won't turn you out."


Enter the tomb… staying deathly quiet the entire time.


So it would seem! The laundry room yields another. Two more are found on different floors.

Just two left.

"Are you seriously saying that slavers don't deserve to die?"

Your hoofsteps echo throughout these hallowed halls. Sun symbolism covers what little you can see… but soon you descend into darkness. There are unlit candles down here.


I know my last rites.
Stay as silent and walk just as slow as her.


Light some of the candles if I can and find their tomb.


"No. But their families, their children… the ponies they've bamboozled into following them? That just seems like burning the garden for one bad plant."


I keep looking.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5



"Will you stop getting so hung up on that? We can exile them and strip them of all their possessions."

Hm… no more on this floor, you think.

You light some candles and locate their double coffin.

There's food, dancing, music, games, presentations…


Any shooty games?


I go to the next floor and continue my search.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


I sit down sullenly in front of the coffins and stare at them for a while, before turning to look at Felfire.
"Miss Felfire. I would like you to call upon my parents. There are some thing I must know."


"And then what? Let their resentment simmer elsewhere, to come back and burn Dixie to the ground? A peaceful solution should be the one you pursue! Let the land and possessions be used as willing reparations between former slaves and their previous owners. Put their owners in indentured servitude for a few years, or just show that what they're afraid of happening if slaves had power wouldn't happen."


"Stand back."

Call Fervored and Zivur.

Have them open the coffin, lifting the stone and revealing the bodies.


There's a 'hit the target, dunk the clown' booth.

You try to climb the stairs and fall down them. Ouch!

"I see now why we can't see eye to eye. You believe in slavery. You disgust me, and I will speak no more to you."


I go upstairs and search.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


I'll frown at him.
"No, I don't. I just don't believe in the methods you have chosen. I have killed slavers before, but that doesn't undo the harm done to their captives."


Can I use my gun for that?


They're a few years into decay. It's not a pleasant sight.

Aha! You spot the last two upstairs in some closets, and up above in the eaves.

Your score was quite good for the seeking portion, even if it was terrible for the hiding portion.

You get an "Honorable Mention" ribbon.

"You said you would put ponies into indentured servitude. That's a codeword for slavery. You support slavery. Get out of here, slaver."

You'll break the target! You're supposed to hit it with a ball.


I'll frown deeper.
"Indentured servitude ends. It's no different than serving a prison sentence with labor. Slavery is a completely different kettle of fish."
I'll snort.
"But I see that I'm just talking to a wall here."
And, with Spring and Summer in tow, we'll leave the back room of the coffee house and regroup with Mera.


Eh, I guess I can try with a ball too.


Silently, move my hoof over the chest of one.
Seance the male. '1d10'
Then, shift it across to the other, as to catch the same thread of magic.
Seance the female. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Yippee. How about that cage match?


You depart the Resistance meeting.

"Step right up, step right up and sink the clown."

The clown whistles at you. "Wanna try little filly?"

Only Victory seems to respond.

"Stay close, my love… Hold me tight… and our embrace will never break."

A punch of tough earth pones are getting padded up nearby.

"Rules are simple. First to knock down the other pony wins. Killing disqualifies you. It's a best of one tournament with thirty two entrants. Good luck!"


Give the lady one more nudge before standing back.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"No more rules?"


"Oh, you bet."
So did I get the ball yet?


"So, Mera, how's the coffee?"


You accidentally break off her head. Oops.

"That's all. Go nuts."

They pass you a ball.


I bite my lower lip.

And wince for a moment.


Fix that.
Speak softly.
"She seems unresponsive. I'm sorry."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah. It was okay. A little dark for my tastes."

You sew it back on.

G-good as new, right?


"You've had coffee before?"


"Try again."


Get Ready.
Get the Target.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"In Reptil, remember?"


I cackle and go into the cage. Is it big enough for dive bombing?


"Very well."
Once more, try to Seance the lady too.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll think for a minute.
"I don't, actually. Was it at that restaurant with miss Spring and miss Seas? Where she ate those eyeball tomatoes?"



Aaaaand it goes wide.

She seems too far into the void sleep to wake…

You could still talk to Victory, though.

"Before that, actually, we were out on the town."


I fly up and start circling while waiting for my opponent to enter.


"Fu-uh, -dge!
I'll get it right next time! Give me another ball!"


I'll scratch my head.
"I can't remember when for the life of me. I guess the events of that day must have driven it from my mind. I suppose getting shot will do that to you."
I'll shrug.
And then wait for Spring and Summer to get on the ball so we can leave this den of murderers.


I am not a screwup.
Give it one last shot.
It's only been a few years. I've pulled ponies out of the void after much longer periods of time.
I could talk with necromancers from lost empires.
One last try.
Get through to her.
Place both my hooves over her chest, and chant her name, slowly, calmly.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Where am I?


"This must be one of the Librarians Felfire warned me about. But, I think I have a better idea on how to catch her while I'm here."

Sit down in the center area and open up the book, what's in it?

At the same time, keep both ears on alert. Why look for her when I can her? [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


With your mother. Whether or not you followed Curry out of the meeting room is probably up to you and Groves.


A tough armored earth pone.

They pass you another.

"Throw it strong!"


You finally get her to answer.

"I'll stay with you… until our last breaths… Victory…"

Curry just finished alienating the Resistance by suggesting enslaving the slavemasters.

When you can… her?

I guess you mean hear.

You don't detect movement on this floor. She probably left the floor.


I study him with Hawkeye and dive bomb him!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5



"My mare just won the Iron Pony competition, of course I will!"
Throw it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Outside again.
We got into a fight with those ponies and buggered off.


Take a deep breath and stand back.
Nod Light Heart to move forward.


"Maybe next time."

Pop open the book and see what it is about.


Step forward.
"Father. Mother. Can you hear my voice?"


I scrunch up as we're walking around outside and tug on Spring's leg.
"Momma? Can't we… can't we tell them Luna would be very disappointed in them for wanting to kill everypony who doesn't help them?"


You bash into him, doing a little damage. He grunts in response.

This time it his, but your weak little filly arms can't move the target. How embarrassing.

"A little harder, sugar!"


"You've returned after all these years?"


I punch him again.

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8


"Yes. I… did. As I promised I would."
I pause for a moment.
"I admit I did not expect to find what I found."


I smile sadly and pet her mane.
"We're not in Equestria anymore Summer… these ponies don't follow the sisters. They dislike them."


"Don't call me sugar!"
Come on, I can do this!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"And if their opinion of Luna is the same as the one towards slavers… We likely wouldn't have made it out of there."


"Hmph, I can't get her out of my mind."
Try reading on the second floor and keep an ear out for her.


Roll #1 2 = 2


He takes it in the gut.

"I'm not done yet!"

"A city beset by unrest… perhaps it was best you left… but it's good you return."

Finally you nail the target and sink the clown.

"There ya go!"

Hm… you don't hear her about.


I sigh and frown.
"I miss home…"


"What… what happened to you two? I have been running around Dixie all day trying to find out what caused all of this."


One more floor, try to hear or see her.


Roll #1 8 = 8


"We're not going back to Equestria any time soon I'm afraid…"


Take that!"


"One day, though. I promise. Even if I have to swim you there myself."


"Yes pony is!"
I use Hawkeye and hit him again.

Roll #1 5, 4 = 9


"We were attacked by diamond dog ambushers."

You think you hear her nearby.


He strikes back and deals you a couple hits.

Seekkill: 3/5




I frown a bit deeper and try to climb up on top of Spring's back.


"So it's true…"
I wipe my forehead with a hoof.
"The Governor claims a group called the Loyalists were behind it. Unacceptable that they would get away with this."


"Okay, it seems she doesn't like being approached. So I'll do the next best thing and have her come over to me."

Read the book while tapping my hoof on the floor just loud enough to be heard. If she comes to me, it'd be rude to just wink away.


Rolling for reading. [1d10]
Rolling to get the attention of the Teleporting Librarian. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"It's up to you to take care of the heir of the house now, Liberty. Help your sister raise Chivalry."

You wait awhile pretending to read your book, but tapping the floor doesn't lure anypony over.


I shake my head.
"The house of Belle is gone, father. And Charity and Gentile with it."


Where is the group of merry dogs are? Are we digging the wells right now?


"The House is not a building. The House is more than that. As long as one Belle still draws breath, there is a House of Belle. Who is left in the line?"

Yep, digging the well.


Uhh… have awe arrived to the location where we will dig?


Well, might as well hit the stationary store while we're here. Need paper for those books.


"Glory and Chivalry are both still alive. Chivalry… is not doing well. His mental state is more than worrisome."
I pause.
"… Which I believe is your fault. The pollution of the area around the mansion…"


File: 1375551159194.png (13.17 KB, 1298x269, family tree.png, IO Google TinEye)

You are physically at the location. You're supposed to dig DOWN from here.

You stop by a store called Mightier Weapons.

"Pollution? I kept the House beautiful. Which you would know, if you hadn't abandoned the family."


Lets just examine the location. How far are we from our location to the mather estate? Can we dig from here to there and how long will it take?


…You're ON the Mather Plantation.


"I left for a reason, father. With my condition, it was unlikely I would survive my 30th birthday."


Whoops, sorry I meant how far are we from the mansion.
Or specifically, how far are we from the place where we were last time(in where Broomhilde is being held/staying)


Well, they say the pen is mightier than the sword…
Let's look inside. Is it actually a bookshop, or is it just a fancily named weapon store? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


About thirty meters.

It will take you an average of five turns to dig there.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not going to judge and point hooves. The important part is that you take care of my grandson so he can take over the family account. Get the mansion back. I'm unsurprised that Gentile lost it. He wasn't like us. I can't see what your sister saw in him."

It's a shop just for writing materials. Pens, paper, compasses, etc.


I think I was digging a well? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wonderful. And hopefully reasonably priced! In we go.


"Chivalry attempted to kill me, I'm a little wary of him. The mansion exploded and sunk into the tarn, so it would have to be rebuilt."


Lets help Sateo made the momentum.

I then whisper to my companions
"Lets dig deep so the ponies dont suspect something, After a certain depth we divert our digging and make two tunnels one that leads to the mansion and one for escaping. Is that an okay plan or is there something better?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


How about that escape tunnel, any luck? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Aye, that be a good plan mate, Tony is started at it, help him' wit' it mate, the tunnel be longer than the well. "


I nod at that and help Tony with it.


YOURS ARE THE PAWS THAT WILL PIERCE THE LIMESTONE! In a mighty storm of digging, your sweat seeps into the same earth. A sense of camaraderie bonds the three of you, and in record time, you bust through to the aquifer below, and even get the stone paneling done on the walls of the well.

You take a little break, relaxing in the cool waters below, to reward yourselves.

Bonus Acquired: Super Dog Bros.: passive; Whenever the three of you dig together, all your Burrow rolls get +2.

Inside, there is an earth pone that looks like he's wearing a bird on his head.

Wait, no, it's just a hat made of quills.

"See what's happened with the corrupting influence of that Gentile? You should've been here to be a role model, Liberty. But you were always resourceful. I'm sure you'll make the family name proud. Surely."


"That went pretty good."


Fabulous. I'll walk up to the desk.
"Excuse me, sir, I was looking to buy a few blank texts and enough ink and quills to fill them."


"I believe Chivalry's condition comes from a case of lead or salt poisoning from the pollution around the mansion. He left the house two years ago and lived in recluse during that time. Why the dislike for Gentile, father?"


"Aye, We are the best!" I smile at chip and tony. "Now we can get the pony?"


I think I just dunked a clown.


"I didnt know you two are great diggers."
I nod at him.
"We should ought to do more of this next time."

"We did make a tunnel to escape right? Should we do it now "


"Are you a citizen of Dixie?"

"He's not one of us, in more ways than one, Liberty. You know this."

He did get dunked.


"Please, enlighten me."


"We should start on the escape tunnel first."

Start digging on a horizontal tunnel towards the wall a bit above the water.'1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Talk to the guy who gave the balls.
"Hey, you don't happen to know, are there any actual sharpshooter games?
You know, with guns?"


I'll shake my head.
"No sir, I came in on a boat just this morning, and we're leaving port this evening. From the looks of your store, this is the best place to buy books, quills, ink, and maybe even ink remover in case I blot something wrong…"


Help him

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


'1d10+2' "Arr!" I say joyfully and dig with you.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"He doesn't keep the Old Faith. He's not from Dixie. And he doesn't know the first thing about how to handle money, an estate, or apparently, children. Now enough about old grudges: I need you to take care of Chivalry. And by the sounds of it, Glory, too."

You start chipping away a small tunnel to the side. You're about half way.

"There's a little experimental clockwork booth over yonder, but I'm not sure if it's working yet. They've been trying to fix it all morning. More of a curiosity than a real event."

"No, no, don't worry yourself, little colt. Here, have some on the house. It's only right to be good hosts."

He gives you three blank books, three quills, and three inkwells.


"Oh, I'll check that out.
Where is it?"


"See the big top? Over on the other side of that, next to the pie-eating competition."


'1d10+2' a little more then.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I'll beam at him.
"Thank you so much, sir!"
I'll fish out my doubloon.
"How many more of the blank books could I get for this?"


Digging like a motherfucker '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Fly there!


Lets see, dig some more until we make our escape tunnel.


"Glory works for the governor… apparently on a large amount of catalysts to defend Dixie with. I will… attempt to help Chivalry. He is still kin of mine."
I shake my head
"But one thing I was wondering is, why did the Loyalists target you and mother specifically?"



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"They just want to kill all ponies. Any attack of opportunity. It's because of all the attacks that old Cloud had to expand the Order. They got his predecessor, too."

The three of you push through and use your dog senses to determine that you are below the mansion.


You glide on over and find some earth pone mechanics working on some gears next to a booth. The booth says "Shoot the Equestrian!" and has some targets that are apparently rigged up to move.



Under the mansion?
We were trying to make a tunnel underneath the wall for quick escape…


"I'll take them, thank you."
And I'll float my doubloon over the counter.


….uh..I guess this is a good thing, but we need to make our tunnel lead outside the mansion too so we can run away with broomhilda


Land beside.
"Having troubles?"


"That sounds rather grave."
I pause for a moment, then remember the sword.
"I… found one of your swords in the rubble of the mansion father. The sword of the sea."



Oh, my bad, then.

The tunnel leads there instead, in that case.

You take care of that transaction.

"Just having some trouble… these new mechanical contraptions… too complicated."

"Gentile was always too stupid to figure out the simple riddle. I knew you'd make me proud, Liberty."


"What went wrong with it?"


"Alright thats fixed."
:ets head back and make a separate tunnel that leads to the mansion.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"We're not sure."


So we've got an escape tunnel then.
"Okay, how do we get into the house.
Making another tunnel? Or should we sneak in above?"


"I have not found it out, father. I only found the sword today. What is its secret?"


"Pleasure doing business with you, sir."


"Can I take a look?
If it's anything like a gun, I might be able to help."


"I be unsure of what the best way in is."


You start the tunnel to the mansion.

"How don't you understand it if you decoded its name?"

He nods. "Good day."

It's a crank-shaft mechanism that feeds gear teeth.


"Maybe tunnel as well.
If we're sneaky enough."
Dig with Chip '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


I don't know much about mechanics and shit, but at least a bit.
Do I see the problem?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Alright, and laden down with books, we'll make our way back to the ship to drop those off. And the iron I'll leave at Terrebonne's room, if she's there. Because that's where I think Felfire sleeps.


"I assume it has something to do with the sea. Aside from that, I am too busy to occupy myself with riddles, so please enlighten me."


'1d10+2' tunneling

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Well we could try digging a tunnel 'near' the house, not directly above it. As for sneaking insied, well I am not that good at sneaking if you tell me."


You make a little bit of progress.

Nope. Hm.


"You'll earn that weapon when you decipher it, then. Besides, you're right: you have more important things to do than concern yourself with a blade. Go care for my grandson."


also continue digging

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You are close.


"Wait a sec, be right back!"
Fly off to Light's cabin!
Is Stein there?


"That blade could help me protect your grandson and granddaughter from the very same people who killed you and mother. This is not the time for your games, father."


"You should wait here. If you hear trouble, come to help us, otherwise wait and the moment we're back with broomhilde close the tunnel behind us."

Dig dig '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Okay… still plenty of the day left, Spring and Summer are on the boats, so… hm.
What's left to do in Dixie? I guess Mera and I will try and track down Liberty Belle.
Spring and Summer should probably stay on the ship, but I know they won't… I'll have Mera safeguard them and follow them around, and then go look for Light Heart.
Time to gather some information. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I nod at this.
"Alright, I'll stay put and wait."


He is.

"It's not a weapon. It's not even useful to you. You should give it to Glory or Chivalry."

You detect that you are below the mansion now.

You walk up to a random mare to pull on her skirt to get her attention, but it comes off completely. She screams incoherently at you.



'1d10+2' help dig

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"I'm so sorry! Ma'am, I'm so sorry!"
Quick, magic it back! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Listen very carefully. Any noise above us?
Or does it seem calm?

Roll #1 3 = 3


You bust your head out of the ground through the tiles in the kitchen.

A chef-slave screams and flees the room.

You can't seem to magic it back up. Or look away.


Now that Sateo has his head up there, there's screaming.


"Hey there Stein.
I need you for like ten minutes to fix something. Could you help?"


"If you insist on being stubborn… Very well."
Put the blade away.
"… Mother?"


….oops. duck back down.


Cover my eyes.
"I am so, so sorry!"
Come on, you stupid horn, work! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Poke my head out with Sateo.
"Look what you did.
Let me do the talking."


"Sorry, it was one pony.."


Oh dear.
Just ready my lightning Cutlass in case.


"Don't worry. It's not going to be an issue."


"Yes, Liberty?"

"But vat if Light Heart comes back und vants me for zometink?"

Nope, you can't look away.


Some Order ponies come over. "Is there a problem…?"

You hear a bunch of hooves up above.


"You have been awfully quiet."


"I'm sorry! I just tried to get her attention to ask a question and then… and then her skirt came off and I tried to put it back but it didn't work and I'm sorry!"
My eyes will still be covered.


"Then she will find me.
This won't take long, don't worry."


"I'm just… tired. And I agree with your father. I think it's time… to go back to sleep…"

"Do you want to press charges for harassment?"

"N-no… just… make him leave me alone…"

"You heard her. Move along."


Roll diplomacy.


"Pretty please?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'm so sorry…"
Quickly scoot off.
That went terribly. Harassment charges for an honest mistake? Good grief. And for a colt, too! If I were actually this age, I'd hardly know better.
Alright, let's try that again. Different pony. Let's… let's ask a stallion this time. And no pulling of clothing. Just a simple "excuse me" will do. Now, let's find out where Light Heart went. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Right… one more thing… how were relations with the other houses before you both passed away? Any rivals? Friends?"


Get up from the hole and start making measurements.
When the guards arrive say "Ah, you'll be happy to know we successfully connected the kitchen to the well."
Con Man '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He shakes his head.

"Sorry, mein fraudlein."


"The Belle House was always in good health and popular."

Unfortunately, it seems the Master of the House, Master Hawthorne is there.

He whispers something to a guard, and the guard nods and runs off.

"I knew diamond dogs were stupid and untrustworthy, but you set a new record. Care to explain WHY you were doing that?"


Roll my eyes.
"If you didn't argue with me, we would have been done already!
She told you to help me when I asked, remember?"


"Excuse me, but… you wouldn't happen to have seen a pegasus mare pass by within the last hour or two? She would have been traveling with a unicorn mare the same color as me, and a seedy-looking pony who I think is supposed to be a bard."


Look surprised.
"We thought you wanted us to connect the well to the kitchen? To get some fresh water here."
Con Man '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"That is good to know."
I look between the two caskets.
"I believe that will be all, thank you. I will leave you back to rest now… I… I love you both."


That's the least convincing lie you've ever told – well, except the last one, and you know it.

"Right. Well, I should have known better than to contract dogs. You're all untrustworthy. Kill them. All three."

The six guards in the room bear down menacingly as he departs.

"Zat was for one tink. Now go play or sometink."

"I haven't seen a pony like that near here."

They speak in harmony. "We love you too, Liberty."


…fuck get up there and help '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I am an officer on this ship too, you know.
She might rank above me, but you don't, and I ordered you to do something.
I'm sure she will be very disappointed to know that you are unwilling to cooperate with her partners."


"Rest in peace."
Motion Felfire to cut the connection.


Go past the guards and Suppress hawthorne.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Also add that +1 from my weapon if its viable in the situation.


I'll frown, and then sigh.
"Thank you anyway for your time."
Now, ponder ponder. Where else in Dixie would she go? I guess she'd visit family? And aside from Glory, the only place they would be would be… the graveyard. Let's find the graveyard! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


So tired of this shit.
Telegraphed Strike on one of them '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Silently, step forward and close their eyes with a hoof.
Let the link go.
"Rest now."
Motion the shadows to close the tomb.



They go silent.

It doesn't.

The guards shove you back and Hawthorne safely leaves.

You take on one of the guards, kicking him in the gut. He almost keels over.

Guards rip into you, flaying you alive.

(Living Paradox)

There are three additional guards: you each take one unopposed attack.

More guards are coming!

Chip: 6/7h
Sateo: 4/5h
Tony: 5/5h, 0/5w

They push the tombstones, grinding them closed.


Thanks, guys.

Turn to Light Heart.

"Was this all?"


Fuck it, just escape I guess. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Come the fuck on!"


get out '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Specify where to


I stare at the tombs sadly for a moment, before turning away.
Bah. That left a sour taste in my mouth.

"Yes. Thank you, miss Felfire. It was nice to say my farewells to them. Let us leave this place so they may rest."


into the hallway if that isn't completely filled with guards by now.
Otherwise into the hole again.


Ready to leave.
"So. Let me get this straight.
Your whole family got killed.
Why aren't you just gathering the remains and ressing them?"


All the while i cut one of the guards using my cutlass



Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"You saw the corpses, miss Felfire. My mother and father have been dead for quite some time. And my sister and her husband were burned to a crisp. I doubt they left a body at all."


Start thinking.
"Well if there were ashes…"


"The problem would be locating them. The house burned down and sank into a tarn. I tried to enter it before, but I was unable to. The ashes are most likely washed away and spread out."


"I can see why that would stop me from fixing their bodies, yes.
But honestly, I don't think it's too late for your parents.
Not physically, at least."


"I haff more important tings to do. I am nearly done fixink ze motorcycle."

You swing wide, he sidesteps and kicks you in the gut.

You leap into the hole.

Sateo gets clipped by guards.

Unopposed attacks go through.

Chip: 2/7h
Sateo: 1/5h
Tony: 5/5h, 0/5w


"Then you can take a ten minute break from that and finish it right after."


get chip back in our hole '1d10' "Too many.."

Roll #1 5 = 5



"Are you… certain? They died about four years ago. Their bodies were embalmed, but…"


Help Sateo down '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I could bring back a mangled body of hundreads of years ago, if need be, with the knowledgence I have.
It's the soul that must want to come back.
Your mother was hard even to commune with."


Alright lets go back to the hole
>rng will stop me.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Aaaaalright Mr. Meta. You go find Light Heart at the graveyard.

You jump down and jerk Sateo along, too.

Ponies are swarming above and preparing to jump down below.


"I'm not comink. Here, take this:"

He passes you a wrench.


"They were quite religious… but perhaps I could convince them. Having them back would be quite the blessing."
I nod.
"It may be worth a try, but there are some things I need to find out first. These Loyalists… they must be punished for what they did. Nopony touches my family and gets away with it."


Collapse the hole as we get back to the well.
Dogs can do that quick '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Some fucking help you are."
Go back


Ah damn
Grab one of those who jumps in and help in collapsing the hole

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


'1d10+2' but you have bros to help

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Nod slightly.
"Say, do you think these loyalist will have a gramophone?"


"Hmmm? I do not know that, perhaps they do, perhaps they do not."


And what's meta about it? I could have gone to the wrong graveyard!
"Hey, Light Heart! Got a little news for you."


Shake my head.
"I was trying to make a joke.
Thinking about it, I'm the only one who could understand it anyway."




I return to your side now that you are out of the tomb.


"Ah, mister Curry. How kind of you to show up. What news?"

"If you say so, miss Felfire. I believe we had one in the old mansion, but I am afraid I cannot grant you access to it any longer."


"The anti-slavery resistance is planning on attacking the town. They didn't admit any connections to the Loyalists, but I can't help but be suspicious of the one, single Diamond Dog that was there."
I'll shake my head.
"And I couldn't make them see reason. Also, Apparently your house only exploded a few weeks ago, not years. And the Resistance had nothing to do with it."


And now you met half of the crew.
"Who cares.
You were about to kill some ponies, right?"
"Got yourself half killed once again?"


It seems you have more friends than you first implied Felfire..


I wouldn't call Light Heart a friend. But we are not at odds.


"Nope! But I did get a bunch of books, quills, and ink. Also, I dropped those pieces of metal in Terrebonne's room, since that's where I remember you sleeping."


"Smart kid.
Wanna go firefly hunting later?"


I shake my head.
"It truly seems Dixie has become more dangerous over the years. Such a pity. I was aware that the mansion only blew up mere weeks ago. It were my parents who were killed years ago, by the Loyalists."

"So it seems. The Olive order seems unable to take them out, so perhaps I should take matters in my own hooves."


you went with her to see her dead family just now? I nod to the tomb that's something I would only ask a friend to do.


"Sure. Never tried catching fireflies before."
"So, did you ever figure out what was coming up out of the Tarn?"


Values have changed over the centuries.
And I guess she trusts me more than most.

"I have nets and jars already.
Don't disappoint me."


is it really that different now?


"Gunpowder. I remember how my father kept a large storage of gunpowder in the basement. It seems that after he passed away, the mansion fell into disrepair and started polluting the surrounding area. It also explains Usher and Chivalry's conditions. They may be suffering from lead or salt poisoning, which affects their mental states."


I don't know. What was it like back then?
Being a necromancer.


I'll smile at her.
"What's the worst that could happen?"
"Ah. Sorry I missed talking with Chivalry. Is there some cure for it?"


"Being alone with me is not the smartest idea…"
I'll grin maliciously at him.


"Doc Peg may be able to help them, yes. If it isn't too late already."


"Ah, c'mon. I've been alone with you for most of the day, and the worst you've done is make me carry a bunch of pieces of metal and help pick out perfume and books."
"So… we'd have to find Chivalry again?"


"Indeed. And convince him to be treated or subdue him if he refuses. Aside from that, the Loyalists remain an issue. And that Resistance you mentioned too, of course. I cannot leave what remains of my family behind in a dangerous Dixie. They are too weak this way."


Being a necormancer? It was secretive, I worked with assassins, trained with them for part of my time, I had my close friends and those in field that knew what I really did.

Living, well, that was something else. I was paid well by the king, so I lived as a noble zebra in a land of ponies. They ignored my stripes and I helped those I could spare the time for. I had my favorite jeweler.. I can't remember his name now, but he was lonely, used to move around in sort of a large group, but the money was good in my hometown so he stayed.. I told him to find an apprentice and I came back a month or so later to get something done and he had one! A bright young colt.. I sang them a song in memory of their union.