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…It's morning… just before 7AM. All at once, the ships seem to spring to life with activity.

Looking out the window… Oh, you've arrived! And it looks like there's a welcoming party on the pier.


"Fuck. The mind readers."


a welcoming party? We.. were expected? go see this welcoming party..


Go to the deck and see what the welcoming party looks like.

I then turn around, who of us on the ship who ill greet them?


Oh boy, this isn't going to be good.
Onik, Wark and Happy Puzzle may accompany me today if they wish.
And then, head outside. Let's see what this party is made of.


Yeah, cheers to them too, but I still need to speak with Abilio.
To his office I go.


Cool. Let's see what's going on.


Fuck, are we in fancytown?
Observe it from the fleet.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I gotta go find Felfire!
I go looking for her.


It would seem that none of the menials or other crew members have left the ships. They've formed up near the gangplanks to exit the ships. Smitts is at the front with a few other officers. There's another shore party arriving with much aplomb, too…

Yes… it seems it's right at 7AM.

He's out with Umlock, Al-Jinn, Smitts, and Topaz, waiting near the gangplanks to the shore.

This stately town is a serious upgrade compared to Reptil. Large, Prench-style structures dominate the streets. Further down the road, you can see groves, fields, and mansions, but here in town, there are a variety of shops and entertainment centers, such as concert halls and plazas. Flags are everywhere, as are ponies. The number of flags is quite nearly outrageous, and not one of them is pinned up: they're all on flagpoles, whether standing erect or hanging off the side of a structure.

The vast majority of ponies here are earth ponies, and they are in pleasant attire, dominated predominately by cotton and silk cloths. They are dressed in the styles of the day, and quite nicely at that.

Notable stand-out figures are one extremely nicely dressed pony at the head of a procession on course to meet with the Smitts group. He's being followed by guards and a small marching band.

The only particularly odd ponies about are a couple of ponies stationed near the dock peering across the boats and their inhabitants. Their dress is far from the formal of all the others here (as even the soldier pones are in highly ornamental dress): it is very functional. Black-dyed leather outfits, tightly drawn. Buckled down in several places with gleaming, shiny buckles. They wear black cockel hats that feature prominent buckles.

You find her on the Pillager's Fancy.


"Miss Feelfear! Miss Feelfear!"
I run over to her.


uh.. try to listen in on what's going on down there. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Come closer a bit but just stand there and watch
them continue the negotiation.


Flutter over to the other officers. My followers should wait for now.


Land next to him.
"Hey there.
I guess you are busy with landing stuff, aren't you?"


Oh boy. I can imagine why Itztli would have plans here.


Join the officers of the Pillanger's fancy wherever they are.
"What is it kid?"


Oh, earth ponies? That's great!
Even if they're stuck up! Try to listen in on whatever is going on.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll follow you with a confused expression.


"Mister Doc Peg told me to ask you about… uh… Moonbeam! He said that mister Moonbeam might know something about what happened to my leg."


And you only came now? We are about to dock!"



First, you enjoy a pleasant marching tune, then you block it out and listen to the discussion being held by the commodore and this very nicely dressed pony.

"Good morning, Governor."

"Well howdy, it's a damn pleasure ta have y'all here, and I just wanted to be sure I welcomed you in person."

He gives a grin and outstretches his hoof, which Smitts accepts and shakes.

"And you held us at the port…"

"Like I said! So I could meet you in person. It wouldn't be very hospitable of us to let you out on the town before lettin' you enjoy our hospitality. And besides, while you were waitin', restin' from yer drink, we got'ch y'all accommodations."

"That won't be necessary, though I appreciate it. We're just day traders, we're here to trade for some of your famous crop, and we'll be on our way this evening."

"Well it's a dayum shame. Still, better to try Dixie and go than ta never try her at all! I think you may find yourselves at home here – Hell, you may not wanna leave! That bein' said, if'n you need anything, please, come by my office. I will teach you the meaning of Southern Hospitality."

With that he gives another winning grin and shakes hooves before gesturing to the soldiers, who back off from the docks, and the menials begin flooding in the town.

The governor remains around to wave and smile.

"It looks like we just wrapped up."


"Great, does that mean you have time to conduct your experiments and make me a mare again with this new mark?"
Glance around, and flutter up to whisper.
"And I'm going to have to refrain from swearing even if I'm not talking to these blokes, aren't I?"


Same old Dixie.
Motion my followers to approach and follow.
"Shall we?"


What a load of shit.

"Emmy! You coming?"


they.. welcome pirates? Uh.. okay, I'll just walk in line with the other crewmen, this is kind of creepy..


"Yeah, just a sec."


"Dixie eh, hope they are really that hospitable." I grin at myself.

Lets help the crew from putting the ship at port properly, arranging the mast and everything before I go down and explore.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I would advise it, yes. In any case, I do think I've nearly perfected it. The chances of success would be about 80%, give or take. Not bad."

Happy Puzzle seems to be already in front of you. Not sure when she got there. Wark grumbles something, and Onik nods and follows.

You get everything wrapped up on your ship in record time and shoo your engineering corps out to town.

As you step through an archway near the end of the pier, a nearby blackbird caws.

Three of the ponies dressed in leather, cockel hats, and gleaning buckles approach you.

"You've been randomly selected for a search, sir. Please comply."


"I couldn't find you before! I looked all over and I couldn't find you."


Get over to Itztli.
"What a bunch of pretentious idiots those dixians."


"Eh… what do you even need for a hundred percent?"


"Well can't it…
Oh alright.
Follow me. But you owe me one."

To Terrebonne's cabin!


"Yay! Thank you miss Feelfear!"
I follow her to Terrebonne's cabin!


I smile.
"Master Wark, if you would rather head out on your own, I will not blame you."
And off I go. Let's explore my old homeland. How many districts are there here?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I nervously nod and wait for him to search me. "anything I ain't supposed to have I'll just put back on the ship.."



"Ideally, an alternate test subject. Mister Curry has provided that. Once he gets his mark to appear and I test the spell on him, I can be certain it will work – if it doesn't, I can finetune it from there and be sure it will work."

It's empty, as Terrebonne is out on the town. Her door is, of course, open.

He grumbles something inaudible but stays with the group.

The town itself sprawling and lacks formal 'districts' – as though people just kept building structures and didn't particularly care about zoning. Everything here is a shop or service joint, though. You're sure there are some apartments around town, but of course, the elite will live outside of town in the mansions.

"Nothing like that, sir."
"Stand still, sir."
"Just a moment, sir."

They run their hooves over your outfit in various places, then exchange a few nods.

"False positive."
"You're free to go."
"Enjoy your stay."


Time to explore Dixie, go down the port and see for myself how this town is holding up.


Sit by Moonbeam's jar.

Roll #1 1 = 1


As I see them "randomly" searching sateo, I decide to stay on board just a little while longer and go see our literal dark friend again, if he's here.


"So I am dependant on the progress of that loser.
Great… I hope Smitts knows this. Because I can't urge Curry to try and be useful if I can't speak to him."


I look confused. "Thanks." and head down to the city.


"…What are you doing miss Feelfear?"


Oh lordy.
Let's go visit the town's church first of all.


"You have to talk with Moonbeam, no?"


"I still don't understand why this Moonbeam would know anything about this… he's dead."


Motion with my hooves to hurry the fuck up


Roll my eyes at her.
"Shut up."


"Ooh! You're doing that… talky-thingy?"

"Mister Doc Peg said he'd know… so I trust mister Doc Peg's word!"


It's a stately city. Wood is prominent. You recognize some Prench themes, but it definitely has its own culture. You stop in a gazebo and appreciate a small pond.

Not right now, Felfire. I'm working. Tomorrow, perhaps.

You go to where you last saw him and search in the dark for a while, and just when you're about to give up…

"Looking for me?"

"I wouldn't know anything about that. Though… maybe it would be better if you stayed on the ship. We'll only be in town for the day."

You wander the streets aimlessly and stop outside a fine pastry shop. A nicely-dressed earth pony beckons you over.

"Please, sir, come try my pastries! The first one is on me."

She's trying to talk to some jar with a brain floating in it!

You stop by the chapel, which is most pristine. Sun symbolism is everywhere.


I can be polite and shi- uh, stuff."


"I should have brought miss Skylight along to witness this heresy."
I chuckle and enter.


It's not for me, but for a kid.
She's only got to ask a question, I promise it will be quick.


"I'm not even talking!"

Ugh, fine. I'll go off without her then.
Is there a bar nearby?


"Yes, I was. You mentioned something about the literal dark last time?"


f-free pasty? rolling not to drool like the hungry dog I am '1d10' "Well, I would love to.. "

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well enough pond appreciation, go and find the merchant area/district and see if they are selling metal/ore's and whats not


"Try not to sell out yourself for a change!"


"I'd rather not get anyone in trouble… we'll only be here hours, anyway."

The windows are all stained glass. Today is the Day of the Sun, but the first ceremony took place at daybreak, an hour ago, and you manage to navigate the stragglers exciting the church. They'll be reconvening for the longer service at noon, if memory serves.

The chapel is radiant from the inside: the stained glass casts vibrant yellows and oranges all over the chamber. At the front, behind the pulpit, there is a huge organ.

Happy Puzzle remarks, "Woo! It's sunny here!"

I can't lose my concentration. Another time.

Link breaks.

It seems there is a corner club nearby.

"Yes. Like what we're standing in. Nothing metaphorical or magical. Just dark. Opposite of standing out in the sun."

You slobber everywhere.

The pony pretends not to notice and gives it to you. It's pretty delicious, and apple-flavored. Anyway, he seems satisfied and returns inside.



There are a few shops. Roll to find a metal merchant.


"Looks like he's too busy to talk.
You will have to try tomorrow."


Hmmm… let see.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Is the pastor around?


go in and buy some more of that! a bag full if possible.


Barge in! To my earth pony brethren!


"Aw… well, thank you for trying miss Feelfear."
I guess I go back on deck.
What's the town look like from up here?


"What do you mean? Why would a dead pony be busy? What's there to be busy with?"

Follow her.


Hey, are you staying on the ship too?
Because if you are, at least we could get some training done."
Proudly pat my new cataclyst revolver.


"Yes, I noticed. And what more do you know about it?"


"Right. See you."
Now, can I catch up with the others?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You wander for a time, and eventually find a small shop with a sign that reads:

Immortal Emporium

Hm. Well, there are blades in the window, so you wander in. There is a balding earth pone at the counter, polishing a shield.

"Aye, sir?"

You buy five more apple treats for ten bits. Mmmm… you'll save these for later.

"You can reheat those if you're careful not to burn 'em, but I promise they're best fresh."

You push open the door like it belongs on a saloon, but quickly find this is more of a quiet pub than a bar. Nicely dressed ponies are enjoying polite conversation and wines throughout the room.

You're stopped at the entrance. "Miss, there's a cover charge for entry."

It's a pleasant burg. There are flags everywhere of course, and the styles are reminiscent of Prench, but everything seems warm and inviting. Happy ponies are all around, and everyone is dressed nicely. It's practically like a city of dollhouses.

He's in the back, enjoying a glass of water and cooling off after a fiery morning sermon.

"I'm afraid my presence has been requested out on the town. Or specifically, outside of the town. It's just for the day, don't worry yourself too much."

"How to use it, of course. It doesn't take brains, just a particular set of talents. But first, I confess, I have business in town. Although… perhaps you'd like to come? Thing is… I'm meeting up with some other diamond dogs. They wouldn't like it if you brought any of your pony friends. You could bring other dogs if you like, but no ponies. Definitely no griffons."

You try to catch up, but as you cross under a wooden arch at the end of the pier, a nearby blackbird caws.

A couple of the functionally-dressed ponies in black leather with the gleaming buckles approach you.

"You've been randomly selected for a search, miss. Please comply."
"Do you have any magic to declare?"


"Not at the moment I don't!"


"I'd like that. I'll ask Sateo and Chip to join us.
Where shall we meet and what is this meeting about?"


I'm sure it was as lively as usual.


"I'll be careful." I say as I leave with the treats. I'll go explore some more, is there a map nearby?


"Hm? How much?"


Are we… Are we actually in a nice town?
I run down to the pier and start running towards town!


I look at the shield he is polishing, lets act polite
"Nice shop you got here mister." I grin.


Follow her cautiously.
"Be careful Summer… don't you run off anyplace now, okay? This town isn't too welcoming towards unicorns…"


Frown again.
But then what will I do all day?!"


"Huh? But they look so nice compared to Reptil… all the houses look really neat too!"


They move in to give you a pat down. How do you react to that?

"There's an old statue of a diamond dog in town – Persius. From it you can see a storm cellar door directly to the west. Meet me down there."

He blinks, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Mornin'– Well, a new face in the congregation, and– no… you look familiar… Have we met?"

His face rapidly shifts through emotions of exhaustion, to pleasant surprise, to deep thought.

No maps out in town, so you just wander a bit. You stop by a cherry stand, and the nice pony there offers you a free pawful, and directions around town, if you like.

"The cover charge is fifty bits, but it's an open bar."

You bolt past crewmembers and Felfire who has apparently been stopped for an inspection. No one seems to care to stop you. It's nice here, there's a small marching band playing nearby, and the buildings are quite nice.

"Thank'ye kindly. Anything I can help you with today, son?"

A nearby stallion gives you a winning smile, "Now, who'd say that? I reckon you got the wrong impression about Dixie, darlin'. And that just t'ain't fair at all. Now, I know I can't just make you change your opinion, so tell ya what, why don't you cool off and enjoy the sights? Here, buy yourselves an ice cream, on me."

He pulls out a coinpurse and shakes loose about twenty bits and hoofs them off to Summer. Without even waiting for a thank you, he smiles and leaves.

"Practice being polite?"


"Right, see you there."
Go get off the ship


Holy fuck no!
Jump back and flare my wings screaming, close my eyes and jerk my head, trying to shielf myself with a front hood.


"What good would that do, if we are leaving soon anyway?"


"It is a possibility, yes."
I smile and look around.
"We are only here for the day unfortunately, so there is not much time for me to meet and greet. I was curious about your work though. Could you tell me some more about the local religion?"


"Looks can be deceiving. Didn't you hear about the sla-"

I blink in surprise.
"… What?"


I nod "I've never been here, do you know were I might be able to buy a staff or a pet bird?"


I excitedly take the bits.
"Thanks mister!"
Ice cream time!
I run off to go find an icecream parlor!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I trail after her, thoroughly confizzled and speechless.


I nod.
"Well, I came to this place to see if you have any ore in stock in your inventory. Metals like Arcene or True Augite and the likes. I myself am a blacksmith, in training I might say."


Yeah fuck that.
I sigh.
"Nevermind then. Maybe later."
50 fucking bits, bunch of assholes…
Hmph, any others of the crew around?

Roll #1 3 = 3


How's my chick doing?


You head out into town. You think you saw Chip go into a shop, and Sateo go wander off to some food vendors.

This gets their attention, and several other of the ponies dressed in black leather and cockel hats begin to gather.

"You'll need to submit to a search, miss."
"This is a random screening for the safety of the town."
"Please calm down."

More blackbirds begin gathering, landing on nearby posts and the arch, cawing like crazy.

"You might employ it in the next city. Who knows? Being likeable could help someday."

"Oh, of course. Sun worship is the oldest religion known to ponykind. Predates the Princess and her heresy by a few thousand years at least. Historically, the north of Equestria was a stronghold for belief in the divinity of the Sun – as opposed to the Princess – as well as Prance. Dixie was settled mostly by settler from Prance. Though, the modern North of Equestria is obviously a barren wasteland – it seems that the Celestia administration didn't do much for their health. But you don't want to know about politics! You want to know about the Faith! You may realize that all life comes from the sun – this isn't even a theological dispute. Plants absorb energy from the sun, and we eat plants. It's a natural chain. And it's proven that time in the sun keeps you healthy. But on the side of Divinity, there's much fulfillment to be found in praising the sun."

He's already gone.

There's a very nice marble-slab parlor nearby, and they're giving out free samples, too.

"What can I get you, little lady?"

"Well, a walking stick might be in one of those odds and ends places. Or if you want a metal one, might be in Immortal Emporium, up on Dove Avenue. Birds, though… Well, if you're looking for Black Jays like everyone else, the best are bred by the Order itself, so you might ask them if they're selling."

"I'll be honest with you son, I've never heard of either of those metals. They must be powerful rare – or maybe we have dif'ernt names for 'em. I can definitely help you if you need something more common, though."

You spot Felfire flipping out by the ships.

Well, it seems. She's been trying to fly this morning, but not having any luck at all. She doesn't have the necessary feathers yet, anyway.


Oh man!
Do they have poison joke ice cream here?


"Shooting various fancy stuff from my gun could help more.
Every day!"


I ponder a moment "What's special about the black jays?"


Take another step back.
Where am I anyway, out in the open?
How far from the boats?


I watch her for a bit then go up to the deck.


I go look for Sateo.


I nod.
"It seems I remembered correctly then. It is a shame I missed your early sermon, but hopefully I can attend to the next one to hear more. Is sun worship the sole worship here in Dixie?"


Oh great.
Walk over.

"Hey, what's wrong? These ponies bothering you?"


"Hmmm… I heard of a metal known as iris blood, or blood iris though I dont know what that is. Heard of it?"


Nod weakly, keeping my defensive stance.


I don't trust this at all…

… But at least she's happy. It's nice to see her happy… Take a look at the flavors.


I sigh and cast a protective bubble on her.
"Here, now nopony can touch you."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Looks like that was a specialty, they don't have it.

They do have some other magic ice creams, though.

Fizzy Lifting Cream and Neverending Gobcream, notably.

"Well, I'll be free this evening."

"Black Jays are bred to detect magic – particularly dangerous magics. They also prey on mosquitoes, which is a perk. They're an adapted species. Very intelligent, very surgical. In the wild, they hunt magic bugs, which are more dangerous than you'd think. Legends of course say they eat fairies, too, but I ain't never seen no fairy."

You're next to the gangplanks.

"You won't be allowed to enter Dixie without complying to a search. You can opt to stay on your boat instead."

Up on deck, you can see you've docked in Dixie. It seems quite pleasant.

He's talking at a cherry stand to the proprietor.

"The dominant one. There are a few oddballs, and they're mostly tolerated. Oh, and of course the local little swamp sheep. T'be honest, they're practically a fixture in town, no one's too worried 'bout them. They're a bit queer, yes, but good enough folk. Keep to themselves. Don't buy in to the zealotry that they're all practicin' voodoo 'n what have you. Don't want a crusade on our hands! Gotta be good ta yer neighbors."

"Oh, yes. It's a little less common, but we do have some stock."

They turn their attention to you as well.

"You haven't declared your magic."

One of the ponies pulls out a shiny chrome ball and drops it to the ground. The protective bubble pops immediately, and you feel as though your catalyst… sleeping. You're not sure how to put it into words. What an odd sensation.


>For Sateo.

I wave.
"Hey Sateo, I was looking for you!"


"What's… Fizzy Lifting Cream and Neverending Gobcream mister?"


Widen my eyes.
"I have nothing, damnit! But you are not touching me!
Fuck, I will get naked for you if you want, but back off!"


I go back down to the deck and talk to my chick.
"Seekkill leaving but be back later. Stay in room and no going through holes."


"Well, that's useful. I think I will ask, where is the order located exactly?"
I look surprised "Ahoy mate, what cha need?"


"Eh… fuck…
Anyway, nice towngoing, or whatnot."
Let's find the rabbit.


"Hey! What was that for?"

"I was just trying to help! Fuck!"


"They are…"
Shut my eyes and stay silent.


"I've been invited to a meeting."
"Diamond Dogs only. Wanna come?"


"I see… how interesting."
Felfire might be interested in that.
"What is the word around town these days? It has been some time since I last visited."


What kind of ice cream is that!?

"It sounds… chemical."




Oh bollocks, I'm late for everything. Swiftly go by Topaz's to pick up my pay, and then head onto the docks. I've already lost Spring and Summer by now…


"So what does blood Iris do sir?…"


"Sure." I whisper back "don't worry I'll have your back"


To keep the slaves in check."


"Magic flavors. The Lifting Cream causes a slight floating effect… and the gob, well, it slowly refills, so if you don't finish it all at once, it keeps expanding. Gotta be careful though, it takes a little time to stop expanding outside the glass, so you don't wanna wolf it down, or you'll feel WAY too full later on."

One of the female ponies in black leather shakes her head.

"Miss, this has nothing at all to do with concealed items, and everything to do with magical abilities. A visual search will determine nothing at all."

Blackbirds are swarming now. Caw caw caw caw caw!

It cocks its head at you. Hopefully it's old enough to understand.

"They have a lodge on the edge of town. Can't miss it – they use oak – rather dark wood compared to the birch often used in town."

Itztli is on the deck observing the pier.

"Well, Glory Belle finally woke up. That's all anyone wants to talk about. Poor girl's the last of her family, now. There's a fund going around for her, if you'd like to make a donation."

Yes, you have. But you quickly track them to an icecream parlor.

"What do you mean, what does it do? It's metal! You make stuff with it!"


One of them holds up a hoof.

"We are here for your safety. Protect ponies from all dangerous magics. Do you see any slaves here?"


"Right. You've still got things to do here or shall we go find Chip?"


Don't display any reaction to that. Feign ignorance.
"… Glory Belle?"


Flutter next to him.
That thingy you did.
It really worked."


Phew. That could have been bad. Glad the dock guards were distracted… I probably shuold have helped Felfire, though.
…Well, they're not going anywhere, right? Right. Back to the docks to see Felfire.


I make sure to leave everything I got from the temple behind before leaving the ship.


"Slave? I'm a free pony!"

"What's your problem with magic, huh?"


I scratch my head.
"My wrong sir, I might have to go back to my ship to fetch my gold in order to purchase some. How much one ore cost I might ask?"

Also any item on his store that is of note?


"What damn good is touching me gonna do!"
I can hold on against the noise.
For now.
"Oh for the love of-
Shut up!"


"Thankyou." I smile.
"Just looking into those special birds, It would be useful to have one around, how long until the meeting?"


"Uh… can I try the Lifting Cream?"
I levitate some bits up on the counter.


"Not too long. Meet me at the statue of Persius, it's a bit from here. I'll find Chip."

Go find Chip.


"If you're outta towner, you wouldn't know her. She was from a house of some minor prestige, but the line ends with her I'm afraid. Well, it's possible she'll find a suitor, but to be honest, the girl seems to have given up hope after her brother died. And the rumors about the family aren't helping – rumors I won't get into because I have some respect for the dead. Still, if you'd like to see if you can cheer her up, I know she used to love to see the travelers come in. You might visit her down at the parish… There's a real formal abbey on the edge of town, can't miss it for the bell. You know this little old chapel is just to save the folks a walk in the mornin' and ta look pretty."


She's freakin'.

Noted. You depart the ship. There are some oddly dressed ponies in black leather and cockel hats, decorated with gleaming buckles, but they're too busy with Felfire to care about you.

"There is no problem with magic. We're just ensuring it is documented and registered. Safety is our concern, miss. You can use your magic, we just need to know about it. Same as declaring a weapon when you come into a city. This isn't outrageous. Please just calm down and comply with a quick search."

"One ore? How much do you need in pounds?"

"We can detect your magical capabilities with our own magic. This is done by tracing your personal body leylines."

He smiles and gives you a little spoonful. "Free samples, remember?"

You find him in Immortal Emporium.


I wave at him.
"Hey Chip. Big Diamond Dog meeting coming up, you wanna join?"



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Felfire! Hey! What's the matter? There's this great ice cream place just a little ways in."


"Perhaps 4 to 6 pounds, I still got to consult my master about this." I smile and shrug.


hurry to the edge of town, can I see the order's building from here?


"Perhaps I shall if I have the time to spare."
Nod my head in appreciation.
"Thank you for the information, father. Have a nice day."
Back to the ship.
Put on some different clothes, wash up and take off the badge I'm wearing, then turn to my followers.
"I will not be needing you for the time being. You may roam around as you please."


Yeah, no.
Shake my head.
"No. Not now.
Not you. Nopony else can touch me damnit!"
Pretty busy freaking out.



"Yeah, but it was awesome.
What sort of other tricks do you have?
This chaos thing isn't as useless as I thought."


"Oh, thanks!"
I eat it.
What's happening?


I'm sure she'll be fine. I fly over the town outskirts and look for good hunting places.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


I roll my eyes
"Alright fine. Do your worst."


This isn't good.
"Excuse me, sirs! Is there no other way for her to get through?"


"Hey there!" I wave back.
"What makes you come here?"


"Be about thirty to forty bits."

Yes, the dark building can be spotted from quite the distance.

The shrug and split up. Happy Puzzle smiles. "I'll stick with you anyway!"

"Then we can't allow you into the city. You have our sincerest apologies."


You just took a little bite, but you feel like your personal gravity has… lessened. You give a little hop, and you notice you went a lot higher than usual and sort of… sank down instead of falling back down. Interesting.

There are a lot of ponies here. There are some woods to the south that look positively ideal, though.

It only takes a second. A female pony slides a hoof along your torso and up and down one leg, then nods.

"You're clear. Enjoy your stay."

"She could submit to a branding, but that is highly unpleasant. It would block magical potential for the duration of her stay."


"Looking for you.
Me and Sateo are going to go meet up with the other Dogs in town. Wanna come?"


Stay silent for a while.
How the fuck do I ask this…
"And uh… y'know… I mean…. what about death and stuff?"


I'll look aghast.
"But… but she's my friend! She wouldn't hurt anyone! Can I vouch for her, and if anything does happen, I'd be responsible for it?"


"Ooh! Ooh! I wanna have some of this!"
The bits are still on the counter, right?


go knock on the door.


"Hmmm…. can you have it ready for me mister. I would like to consult my master first before making the purchase if that is fine with you." I smile at him.
"By the way, can I have your name just in case? My name is Chip."

"Really? Thats mighty fine, I will come of course." I smile at Tony


"Sc-screw you.
I'm not gonna let anypony touch or brand me, I'd rather shut myself in a dark room until we leave."
Turn back towards the ship.


I scout the woods and look for ideal hunting spots.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"Very well. Come then."
Leave the fleet again and start heading to where the abbey should be, but stop before we get there.
"Miss Puzzle, would you be so kind as to see if the unicorns are all faring well? I admit I am somewhat worried about their well-being."


"But Felfire, didn't you need to buy something while we were here?"


"Fuck that.
There is only one pony that will ever lay hoof on me again and he's not here right now.
Anything else can wait."


"Allright, when you're ready we'll leave."


"Do you want me to pick them up, then? You sounded like they were really important…"


I snort.
"If you see a little scrawny pegasus wearing a ridiculous outfit, be sure to search her extra."



"We don't know what she's capable of, sir. It's just a quick search, and it's harmless."

You pay 8 of your 20 bits and get yourself a cup of it.

A pony in black leather and a cockel hat with a bunch of gleaming belt buckles opens the door.

"Something to report?"

"I'm Sudden Strike. Pleasure is mine. And certainly, I'll have it here when you return."

Well… there are some routes near plantations, you bet you could find ponies to hunt here.

Still… you better be careful. Killing ponies could get you in a lot of trouble if you get caught.

"I'm sure they're fine."

She happily trots along behind you.

"Plus I don't even know who you're talking about! I sure do know a lot of unicorns."


"You do that."


Is there any dangerous game here or are ponies the only fun things to hunt in this place?

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Scarf it all do-
Actually… save half for Spring. I only eat half of it and give the rest to Spring.
"Do you want some momma?"


"Excuse me sir, I'd like to know if any of your famous Black Jay's be for sale. I be a traveler you see, and would find one mighty useful."


"Uh, slow down a bit?
Because, y'know…"
Scratch the back of my neck.
"Last time I died it was pretty shit."


"A pleasure to meet you, I'll try to come back later."

"Alright, lets go." Head out and follow Tony.


"Miss Spring, her daughter, mister Curry and miss Skylight."
I give her a look.
"They are important assets and they should be guarded in case they wish to try and escape. Please go see to them."


"But she's just the ship's resurrectionist! That's probably what's setting off the birds."
"What did you need, then? And how much do you think it'll be?"


"Hm? Uh… sure!"
Taste some of this magical ice cream.



Go find that statue with Chip and wait there for Sateo.


You're cruising over the forest when you get slashed to the ground by something whip-like.

You turn and try to see what it is, but you must be disoriented, because you can't make it out. Something's confusing you.

Slash, slash!


Seekkill: 0/5h, 5/5w

What is this?!

You start to float off the ground, and level off about counter height.

It's Bretty Gud, but the gimmick is the main attraction.

"We might have some spare in the flock… it'd be… sixty bits, I'd say."


She shrugs, and vanishes.

"Then we need that magic declared and registered."

Your weight shifts off your hooves and you float up to counter height.

The icecream flavor isn't bad, either. A little nutty, though.

You locate it quickly. Persius was a bold, imposing explorer seadog.


"Then if she declares it, and it goes in the books, you'll let her in without searching her?"



"I wasn't expecting a statue of a Dog in Dixie honestly." I say to chip while we wait at the statue


I try to get up.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"This is… this is really neat! Is this what flying is like?"
I try to move around like this.


… She's no doubt going to find me again in no time, no matter where I go. Damn!
Just stroll along for now, let's visit some shops first.


"Better than being alone forever, isn't it?"


Squirm a little in surprise, but then settle down.
"This is… really odd. How does this even work?"


how much do I have? "Can I see the bird before buying him?"


"Hmmm… I myself makes me wonder about it. I thought this is a pony town?"


"Maybe there are more Diamond Dogs than we thought…we'll know when the meeting starts."


I nod at this.
"Well its and odd town indeed… ponies enslaving ponies and all that."


"Normal people, they're all crazy.
Can't unwind once in a while."


"Heh." I just smile.
"So where is Sateo?" I look around.


"He should be here any moment.
What was going on in that shop, if I may ask?"


"Buying Ore for making weapons and such. though I myself must consult Ms. Topaz forst befroe making such purchase in case we may already have stock of said materials in the ship."


"We have to have a complete record. She initially claimed she didn't have any magical abilities at all. Her earlier deception makes it difficult to trust her."

You continue to get slashed up. Fortunately you start to get to a clearer view of this monster…

It's huge, and… tree-like. Stiff, brown epidermis… long, lashing branch-like arms.

You slowly rotate mid-air like a balloon animal.

You wander through a few curio shops. Mostly knittings and flags. Instruments are also common, particularly bowed string instruments and reed woodwinds.



"It's magic. Also, I have no idea. I just sell the ice cream."

40 bits.

He opens the door and gestures at the room. It's full of Black Jays which rotate their heads sharply to stare at you.



Caw, caw


And Happy Puzzle hasn't randomly showed up out of nowhere yet?
Alright… fuck it. Let's head over to the Abbey.


Nod and make a small circle with a hoof.
"Uhuh… and… y'know, how do you get there out of that…. black, shit place?"


"Which is why you can trust me instead! If anything does happen, I'll accept full responsibility for it."


"Curry… Please… Why do you care so much?"


whoa, they don't look too friendly. "settle down now." I say, do any of them respond to my order? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


The abbey is busy as a bee hive given that today is the Sun's day. This abbey houses both nuns and priests, and the abbey itself is split into two parts, each housing the different genders. You head into the eastern – female – wing.

Inside, there are a few nuns wandering about, fixing their habits, reading, and working on putting a self back up, which appears to have been knocked over.


"It would be unjust to imprison you for her sake. We're not propagating a hostage system, we just need to know what kind of magic she's bringing into the city. If she wants to stay on the ships, that's fine with us."

Most of them stop cawing, but they still stare at you intently. You can detect a dangerous cunning in their eyes. These animals would be harder to command, but perhaps more worthwhile in what they can do.


Approach one of the nuns.
"Excuse me, would it be entirely possible for me to pay a visit to Glory Belle? I am visiting from outside of town."


"And following him means…?"


She wearily nods. "Yes, but she's a little excitable now… you'll have to leave if she gets worked up. Through that door, it's the second room on the left."



I try to roll away from it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile and nod.
"Thank you sister. If a unicorn mare clad in black comes along, please tell her to wait for me outside the abbey. She is somewhat excitable as well."
Be off then.


"They're breath taking." I smile and feeling my coins again my heart sinks. "I would treasure such a creature.. do they need special care?"


"I'm not really sure…. What's his blessing?"


You roll free, for now. It crashes through the growth, pursuing you.

Seekkill: 5/5h 3/5w

It seems the abbey also serves as an impromptu hospital. You can see through the window that your niece is reading, and hasn't noticed you…

"They are intelligent enough to take care of themselves, though they thrive best in a place with magic to consume."



And what do you mean by special?"


Clear my throat to announce my presence.
"Good morning, miss Belle."


Still waiting for Chip and Sateo, but Chip doesn't seem here for now.



She gives you a confused look as she turns her nose up from her book.

"…Aunt Liberty?"

Oh, right. You look about three years older than when you left, instead of ten.

Well, he's physically with you at least.


I fly up high into the air until I am out of its reach.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You bust through the canopy and away from combat.


"You didn't answer the other part.
What kind of special?


I kept that in mind, yes.
I nod with a smile.
"It has been a while, hasn't it?"


From where I am can i see what it was?

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8



The best you can make out is tree cover shifting.

Whatever it was, it was treelike.

"You don't seem to have aged a day since you left! Come here…"

She starts to get out of bed.


"I don't know, this seems like a really big commitment."


"Healthy living, my dear."
I chuckle, close the door and walk over.
"Please, stay in bed. I'm sure the sisters would have me flayed if they saw you move out of bed."
Give her a careful hug.




"Healthy? So you found a cure?"

She gives you a hopeful look.


"You wanted.. 50 bits for one of these guys?"


"Sixty. That's already being generous."


I look down.
"… Not exactly, no. But I may be close."
Looking back up, I pause for a moment regarding her.
"What happened to you, Glory?"


I fly back to the boat and look for Doc Peg.


"Right, " I see this guy won't barter. "Will you be here in an hour or two? Can I give you half and ask you to hold on to one fer me?"


She her expression turns quite sad.

"You must have returned because you heard what happened."

You stick your beak in the clinic, and he is there.


"Very well. I'll be here for the day."


"I guess I'll think about it…
Thanks for giving me some info though."


"I… no. I'm sorry. I've been spending a lot of time in Equestria lately, so news was very scarce…"


"Thankyou." I hand over 30 bits and then hurry to find that dog statue.


I go inside.
"Doc. Tree try kill Seekkill."


"Because you're my friend, of course. I don't really have many of those."
"I wouldn't be a hostage, it would just be me accepting the consequences of vouching for a crewmate and friend. Surely the famed Dixie hospitality can recognize this?"



With that, he's off.

She looks away.

"The family mansion was destroyed… mother and father were inside."

You locate Tony there.

He raises a brow but doesn't say anything.

"We exercise Special Privilege outside the bounds of hospitality."


"Doc heal Seekkill?"


And now I'm going to be bored as fuck.
Fucking fancy ponies.


Hold a hoof up.
"Okay. Look.
Can you promise it's gonna be quick?"


"Maybe I should be more careful when I go drinking with a much younger crew. Can't hold as much as I used to."

Let's get up out of bed and ask around about where everyone is right now.


I'll pout a little.
And then look at Felfire, a little worried.


"… Ah."
I bite my lip slightly.
"I am… so sorry to hear that. Charity was… a good pony. I always did look up to her."
I slump down slightly.
"Please… tell me what happened exactly…"



He treats your wings with some seltzer.

5/5, 5/5

See, if you weren't the sort to say 'fucking', you could be enjoying yourself right now!


Most of them have entered the city of Dixie. Notably Seekkill is in the clinic, Curry and Felfire are at the end of the pier.

"I wasn't there when it happened. If I was, I'd be…"

She looks like she's struggling.


"Thank you."
I go into the town itself this time.


Wait, I stop at the pier.


Right, leave without chip?


Put a hoof on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry, I should not be making you relive all this. Selfish of me."
I look her over, does she have any visible injuries or scars?
"But if you weren't there, why are you…?"


Wince and move forward.
"Can I… Can I talk with somepony first?"


What's wrong with swearing?
Are they ears going to fall off their heads from hearing it or what?


Curry and Felfire are here, attracting the attention of the guards.

He'll follow with you.

No, she doesn't have visible injuries, though she does collapse without another word. She begins convulsing.

Happy Puzzle shoves you back. "Clear!"

And pounds on her chest with glowing hooves.

The convulsing slows and stops, and Glory continues breathing unevenly.

"As long as they're not in town."


I believe the Knights of Standards and Practices will come for you.


Shake my head.
Raise my shadow and sit down, closing my eyes.

I'm scared. Will you stay close to me?


The who now?
And hey, I'm staying on the ship, like how Abilio told me to.


Of course I will. Do you want me to hold your hoof?



"Felfire. Curry. What you know about killing trees?"


Oh for god's sake!
"Happy Puzzle? What's going on? What just happened?"


Anyway, visit the Fort.


Good, well I'm ready to go if Sateo is as well.


Nod hastily.

Turn to the guards.
"Go on."

And don't let go of his hoof.

Busy being tortured.


Lets meet the dogs.


I'll blink at Seekkill.
"Killing trees? Can't say I know anything about a plant like that, though if it had vines like that thing in the temple, or is like an anemone, then it could have been trying to eat you."
I'll still look a bit worried.


It's empty save for a couple guards.

"I diagnose cardiac dysrhythmia!" She tells you cheerfully.

Glory is panting from her place in the bed.

You head down into the storm cellar. It's dark here, but a voice greets you.

"Ready to go? It's a bit of a walk."

You feel him hold your hoof.

The female guard quickly runs her hooves up and down your torso and your front legs.

"You're clear. Enjoy your stay."


"Lead the way. This is Sateo and Chip."


Aaah, fuck, they went to town too.
Keep wandering around the ship aimlessly then.


"No vines."

I turn to the guards.
"Ponies know about killing trees?"


I'll breathe a small sigh of relief.
"Maybe there were things in the trees?"


You wander aimlessly for a while and find some ants swarming around a bottle of Dixie Barleywine.

You sense a faint nod in the dark.

"Come on. Don't wanna be late."

He lights a lantern and begins to lead you off down the dark tunnels in the cellar. After what seems like an eternity, he stops at a dead end.

"This is where we dig."

They nod.

"In the forest? That must have been a forest gump. If you see one, run from the forest, run. Gumps are dangerous."


Look more closely.
How did that get here?


I quietly walk over to her bed and pet her mane softly with a hoof.
"Take long deep breaths, let it flow through you until you calm down…"


I nod "How far do we dig?"


Right let's give the old paws some work
Burrow '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What grump made of? Meat?"


Open my eyes.
"A-already done?"


dig dig '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Looks like they are."


Look at him, then shake my head and look at the ground.
"Sorry you had to see that."


It seems to have rolled out of the clinic. Right, that doctor that drinks a lot.

The ants appear to be carpenter ants that have built a colony here.

She begins sobbing a little.

"I was selfish too… mom always said you went to explore to find a way to cure yourself… and so I always hoped to see you again… so you could fix my broken heart."

"You'll know it when it happens."

You barely break the soil top, as he dives in.

"Yes, that'll be all."

"They're some sort of elemental made up of wood. The Black Jays seem to rile them because they house magic grubs that birds like to eat."

You burrow through a layer and quickly find yourself in a very nice tiled room with a dirt ceiling and walls. It's lit by candles.

"So you arrive at last."


Go in as well, who said that?


"Hello." I enter and look around, how many dogs are here?


"It's fine. Honestly, we've all got problems, and I'm just glad you could make it through to the town. Now, how about a quick stop at an ice cream parlor that I saw just down the way to celebrate a small victory?"


Just a few, standing off to the side, and one very nicely dressed one sipping from a glass of scotch behind a desk, addressing you.

"So you brought them. Very good, and between the four of you, there are enough."

You were brave.

You feel a squeeze.


I keep petting her mane softly.
"There are ways to cure it that I have heard from… but they tend to be either too crude, dangerous or only temporary solutions."
I pause for a moment.
"… The reason why I seem so young to you is because of age magic, my dearest niece. Age made matters worse for me, so some years were shaved off to counter that. How bad is your condition?"


Eeeeeh, fuck.
I don't have anything better to do anyway.
Observe the ants.


I go into town.


"Yeah, that'd be good…"
Say nothing, but grow red and smile slightly.


"Enough fer?" I glace at Tony and Chip to see if they know more.


I'll lead the way to the shop where I saw Spring and Summer earlier.


I go sit down, if there are chairs.
Otherwise lean against one of the walls.
"Looks like you know us already. But I'm afraid you forgot to mention your name…"


"Not bad yet… I guess you didn't know… because mine developed later than yours. But now… the abbess said the stress has made it worse…"

Happy Puzzle blows a party horn and throws some confetti. "Cheer up!"

They are attempting to collect sugar crystals that have settled in the highly sugary Dixie Barleywine. Most of them are dead as a result of the alcohol content.

You wander to a gazebo in town.

"I am the Count. This city is my prison, and you are going to help me escape. Listen closely: this will be a four dog operation. We are going to need records. First, I need a locksmith. A dog whose paws move in his sleep. He doesn't need brains, just a particular set of talents. Second, I need a creeper. A small dog that can contort and enter vents, reach hard to enter places. We will also need a lookout: somedog trained from youth to see danger around every corner. And lastly, a dog who cannot control his violent urges. I require a dog familiar with weapons. I do not expect loyalty, no, I expect criminals. What's mine, is yours, and Dixie is mine."

You quickly locate the ice cream parlor.


Feels like an eternity since I last had ice cream.
"How much for two?"


"Sounds interesting. What's the plan?"


I just shrug as I look at Sateo.
"Is it now?"

"What do you mean Dixie is yours? What do you plan on doing with the town?" I smile.


I'll look look over the flavors, if they've got the list of them in view.


Okay, this got boring.
Throw the bottle out in the trash or something.


"Miss Puzzle please."
I shake my head.
"I understand. Stress is the one thing that should be avoided with a condition like this. I am… sorry I did not come to you sooner. I was completely unaware that we share the same condition."
I shake my head.
"What do you need, Glory?"


I glace at the others, I doubt anyone is as small as me.
"Anything in Dixie? Money? Black Jays? How?"


"Sixteen bits. I'll let you have free samples of anything you like, though, so don't feel too pressed to guess right!"

The guy at the counter gives you a big smile.

"It is mine by birthright. I intend to claim that right."

"Riotous chaos and a rise of a new order."

"Once I have gained control, they will all be yours. And though the future is littered with prizes, the one point I must emphasizes is you won't get a sniff without me."

You dispose of the alcohol. Some swabbie will probably wash away the liquid.

She sags. "I don't know what I need… my home is gone… I thought all my family was gone until now… The abbess won't even let me leave my room until I get better… I feel like my life is already over…"


"What flavors are there?"


Widen my eyes and point at a flavor at random.
"Can I try that?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"So is all the surface world and what is beneath it said by the first Diamond dog." I just grin at the Count.

"So how will you gain control? Do you prefer we go to somewhere more safe to discuss it?"


Keep strolling.


"Don't say that. You are young still and have plenty of years ahead of you as long as you do not get reckless."
Put a hoof under her chin and smile at her.
"I heard you could use some extra funds, at the very least."


I look for the others in town.


"We've got the classics – chocolate and vanilla. The fruits, strawberry, banana, apple, tobacco. And a couple magic flavors. That's a total of a whopping eight flavors – more than any ice cream parlor within a thousand leagues!"

You pick the tobacco flavor.

"Sure thing."

He hands you a spoon of the light brown ice cream.

"This is a safe place. But the bigger picture is unimportant, just follow my orders to the word."

You wander for a bit and find a little crack in a mast.

"What would I buy?"

You wander around and find Felfire, Curry, Spring Water, and Summer Seas at an ice cream parlor.


I nod eagerly.


"Riots, and prizes? Sign me up."


Hey, YOLO.
Taste the thing.

Roll #1 8 = 8


How little?


Let's go check on the progress for my new weapon, and if anyone is there to show me how to properly use one of those newfangled weapons.


I'll cock my head sideways.
"Magic flavors?"


It tastes green and kind of smoky… in an aged but not necessarily unpleasant way.

It probably won't hurt anything.

You head down to the fort, but only two ponies are here.

"Fizzy Lifting Cream and Neverending Gobcream. They're enchanting. Or enchanted, at least."


I go inside.

"What you doing?"


Hey, I like this!
"Make me one with this and… Banana!"


"Aye" I nod at this.


"Well, I'm in. What are we to do?"


Find a carpenter nevertheless.


"Medicine, food, use it to rent someplace… perhaps invest in something. Having a bit of money is always useful, I assure you."
I pause for a moment.
"Perhaps I can redouble my efforts to find a way to cure our condition. Age magic only helps so much…"


Introduce myself to the two ponies and ask if they know about the weapon or if they can offer some training or pointers for them.


"Can I have a sample of the neverending gobcream? That sounds neat."



"Hey Seekkill.
We are trying out ice cream."


"It's ice cream. Frozen milk and flavors, and such. They've got free samples, so I'm going to try some of a flavor I've never had before."


He mixes up the Tobacco and Banana icecreams into one and passes the cup to you.

"Very good. Now once we start, things will have to move quickly, are you prepared to act?"

You wander around looking for a carpenter. Roll.

Glory sighs.

"The abbess suggested I join the abbey. Maybe she's right, I won't find a husband with my condition and what has happened to the House of Belle…"

"Well, I could show you some basics, but nothing advanced."
"To be honest, we were left behind to guard."

"I have to give you this warning: you must stop eating immediately when you start to feel full, or you can cause internal damage."


I nod at this


Enjoy it.

Hey Fervy, I never asked you…
How much can you actually feel, like that?
Would you… Taste the ice cream?



Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll look at him curiously.
"Wait, you mean it really is never ending?"


"I don't think we have much to worry about here, but it was thanks all of you that I'm even getting one, so I'll leave you be."

Let's head back up then, who else is available who would know about guns besides the Hamburgerburgians?


"Ice cream?"


I take a free sample and try it. How's it taste?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Too cold and sweet.


I laugh heartily.
"Oh Glory Belle my dear, please do not do that to yourself. When I was your age, I set off on my own to see the world on a quest to live my life to the fullest. A full decade has passed and I have seen so many wonders and horrors, you would not believe it. I found gold, friendship, love and freedom out there despite my own condition. Life has its ups and downs, there is no denying that, but you have to make sure that every time you go down… you climb upwards again."


"Born ready."


"Aye aye!" I smile wide.


It's like everything is below cotton, but I'll try it.

Your shadow nips at the ice cream.

The taste is faint, but I detect it…

You grab a straggling carpenter.

"What is it?"

"In short, yes. There's a very complicated answer if you want the exact truth, but let's not get into that. It's safe to eat, it just takes some time to stop expanding."

You've heard of a lookout called Ruxiang who is apparently very skilled, but he's probably in town. There are also other marksponies on the fleet, also probably in town.

"Free samples."

She frowns. "They say that our condition is because further up the family tree…"

She pauses uncomfortably. "Everypony lay in the direct line of descent. No branches."

"First, we will need a certain unicorn. Her name is Broomhilda, and she's on the Mather plantation. Break her out. Bring her here."


I'll look a little confused.
"But why offer free samples of a flavor that can fill up the customer?"


"I found a crack in the mast. I think that should be fixed before it gets serious."


"Which one is the Mather plantation, and what does Broomhilda look like?"


"So we dig in her cell and get her out is that the plan?


Well this is kinda cute.
Hold up a spoonfull of ice cream and hold it between me and him with a silly smile, then move ahead and take a quick lick, waiting to see what he'll do.


I clutch my head and wait for the brain freeze to go away.


"Ah. So that was where those rumors the pastor mentioned came from."
I shrug.
"I do not care much for what happened in the far past. What matters is today and the days to come. I would very much hate to see you turn into a celibate nun, my dearest niece. You are capable of far greater things than that, I'm certain."


"I might be getting a new weapon, but I should give salvaging Behemoth a chance, she's saved me a couple of times."

Let's look for a place where we can buy good wood for the bow in town, even if it just ends up being a hobby.


"If you scoop out a sample, then wait for it to stop expanding, then scoop a piece off of it, then the sample won't expand anymore, so it won't fill you up."

"Okay, we'll do it later."

"You'll know her because her cutie mark is a mirror. The Mather plantation houses cotton, and it's the third off of the east road."

"We don't know where she is on the plantation, but she is probably a house slave."

He kisses your cheek instead. Which must look weird to a bystander because it is your shadow kissing you.


You stop by Immortal Emporium.



"Just make sure to do it.
Don't you just shrug it off."
Explain where it was.


Stupid me.
Why would he ever do something so indecent.
Flush red and finish the ice cream, sharing it with Fervy.


"Ohhh. Then I'd like to try a sample."


Let's look around and see what they are stocking. Might as well take our time, I'd like to see all the options.


I ruffle her mane with a smile.
"Now… I need to check on a few things while I am in town. It should not take too long, so I will be back to see you soon."


Find Emrille on the fleet or whatever


Roll my eyes at her volume.


"You lying fucking cunt, why the fuck are you still here? You said you were coming right behind me!"


"Oh, right, about that.
Abilio told me I shouldn't."


I roll my eyes at her
"Piss on that! What are you, his goddamn lapdog?"


"No, but he made fucking sense.
I'm not sure I could hold myself back in the presence of uptight pricks. And I couldn't even say fuck!"


"If I can do it, so can you you little shit. You can pose as family or someshit, so they wont touch you."


"What's even to see in town?"


"More than on this fleet, I'm sure. Look if you really don't want to come with me, fine. I'll just go alone then. I'm sick of these fucking ships."


Snicker a bit to myself before fluttering up beside her muzzle.
"I know something we could do to pass time~"


"I'm sure you do. But that wont take me off of this fleet for the one day we're in port."


"You're not getting seasick are you?
Is this some 'Earth ponies must hump dirt' shit?"


"Are you seriously telling me that you don't feel any desire to actually go out there and see shit? Is money really all you care about then? Don't you care for freedom and all that shit?"


"I sure as hell don't want to deal with ponies who can't even handle some nasty language.
We both know I'd shoot them."


"Fine. Enjoy your wooden prison then, officer Emrille. I'll see you tonight when we leave again."


"Oh, come the fuck on!"




"Fucking fine, I'll go to town with you!
But if anything happens I'll go to town on you!"


I smirk.
"I knew you'd see the light, darling."


Give her a deadpan look.
"Don't even try, you can't pull that off, cupcake."


I just snicker.


Land on her back.
"I bet you do not even drink tea, you uncultured swine."
Try to sound like royalty.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Spoken like a true lady. Very impressive."
I smirk
"You do know that all those fancy ladies are massive sluts, do you? Sure, in public they act all sophisticated and polite, but once they're alone they'll spread their legs for their lords in an instant."


Keep it up.
"Or for their ladies.
You know which fancy lady I would enjoy to spread, do you not?"


"Light Heart? I bet you would."


Smirk cheekily.
"Or did I?"


I raise a brow.
"You massive whore."


Shrug and stare into the distance.
"A question for the ages.
We might never know."


"Question? I already know you're a massive whore."


Drop the act.
"I'll take that as a 'yes' the next time I'll ask for a threesome then, okay?"


"I hope you're into swordplay, slut."


"No thanks. But I'm sure the bosun can lend me the cat-o-nine tails for a night, if you're into pain and stuff."


"Oh I wont be on the receiving end. I told you, I catch you whoring yourself and I'll shove my sword up your cunt and turn you into a popsicle. Is that understood, my love?"


"As long as I can shoot off the dick of anypony who fucks you while we are together.
While it's still in you.
Fair deal?"


I snort.
"Music to my ears."








"What? The fuck are you on about?"


You are just fucking paranoid!"


I huff.
"Then don't say things in that tone."




"You know why."


Play innocent.
"I dunno'"


"You think you're clever, don't you?"


"I know I am."


"You're only half as clever as you think you are."


"And that's still twice of your fits."



"I'll have you know that I was educated with high standards."
I puff up my chest in mocking pride.
"My parents were officers in Their Majesties Royal Navy."


"You sure did lower those standards since then."


"I'm the noblest of sellswords, unlike you."


"I'm the sharpest of shots!"


"But sadly not the sharpest of tools."
Pat her on the head with a hoof.


"Yeah, I'm not a tool, like you are."


"But a sellsword is exactly that. A tool. One to be wielded by someone with gold to spend."


"Basically we are killwhores then?"


"Not you."
Ruffle her mane a bit with a grin.
"You're Abilio's pet now, remember? Listening to what your master orders you to do."


"Yup, I have to do what he tells me.
He told me I need to fuck all the pretty mares I could find.
For science."


"Well aren't you a good little pet. Tell me, how long do you think before he puts a nice little collar on you?"


"Only after I do it to you."


"Good luck with that, squirt."


Lean close to her ear.
"Oh I know you wish nothing more than to get bent over~"


I look a little uncomfortable at that.
"You'll have to get me into that position first."


"You bet I will.
And I'll make you like it~"


"Dream on, kid. Come on, let's head out. Enough of this shit talk."


After you finish he goes into town.

You enjoy your ice cream.

You sample it. It tastes like vanilla and coconut.

They stock everything from ore to weapons here. There are a variety of blades, including axes, swords, daggers, polearms, et al., and shields of different sizes and shapes.

"Ah… okay…"


Chat it up with the kiosk owner.
"Is there a blacksmith around?"


"Lighten up, I will be back before you know it."
Leave her room.
"Miss Happy Puzzle. I trust you will be discreet about the matters you heard about? The less ponies know about this the better."


Will we be able to continue the quest or not since Andy is not here.


What strange flavors. Iick my lips a bit, and then look over the other flavors…
"I'll think I'll have a scoop of that fizzy lifting ice cream."
Did Felfire already pay for mine? If not, I'll fish out some bits.


Dude I'm rich. Your ice cream is on me.


And it's appreciated.


I need somepony to carry my bags.


"Looking for something specific?"

"Okay!" She replies cheerfully. You are not entirely sure how good a secret keeper she is.

It's more dependent on Tony.

It takes like roses and honey.

You take a lick and levitate slightly off the ground.


Hmmm… Maybe it's time to pull the cat out of the bag then.
Is the head sister around? Approach her if she is.


"Oh, hey, that's neat!"
I'll take a few more bites, and move my legs a bit as I gain altitude.


The abbess? Her office is around the corner. You knock.


You squirm as you float up to the ceiling.


I'll just float for a bit.
"Say, uh, how long does this last, by the way? And does it just drop me, or do I float down?"


Don't bother me with your advanced terminology!
"Good morning, abbess. Could I steal away a moment of your time? I am a traveler passing through your fair town and had heard about a pony named Glory Belle having been hospitalized. I… am an old friend of the family, so I was wondering what exactly happened to them. The Belle family, that is."


"Kobold Iron.
Oh, and an apotechary too."


"It'll wear out in a few seconds."

And it does you slowly sink.


I'll laugh slightly as I descend.
"I always wondered what it'd be like to fly. This is probably as close as I'm ever going to get…"
I'll finish up the ice cream, and then wait for Felfire to finish her questions.


She frowns. "I won't have this vile rumor milling in my abbey. It's not Sunny to treat others like that. It's cruel."

"There's a barber on Elm. You may find Kobold Iron at Immortal Emporium on Dove. They have odd metals sometimes."

Finishing up the ice cream makes you float back up again.


I cock my head slightly in confusion.
"I beg your pardon? What rumor? I only wish to know what happened to the rest of her family seeing how she is alone now. I do not dare ask the poor thing herself lest I break her heart again."


I think for a moment.
"What will you do with Broomhilda? Dont tell me you have plans to kill her or extract information out of her?"


"Oh, about that. The details aren't entirely clear, she doesn't like talking about it and I don't like making her talk about it. Most of her family either ran off or were killed by Loyalists, and I can't rightly speculate on what happened in that estate but I don't reckon there's much good in speculation."

"The opposite. We require her as a bargaining chip, so it is critical you leave her unharmed."


I look a little troubled.
"Ran off? Killed off by loyalists? … All of them but her? That is… a truly terrible thing. Why did this happen? What happened to Glory's little brother? Her grandparents? Her aunt?"


"Thank you."
Smile and pay for both mine and Curry's ice cream.
Then, off to the Immortal Emporium!
"Let's move, I need somepony to carry all that stuff!"


I'll push myself along the ceiling until I get to the door, and then hopefully the stuff will wear off by the time I'm on the other side.


"A bargaining chip? To whom?" I scratch my head.


"Yes. Her aunt disappeared more than ten years ago, and her brother two or three. The Loyalists left their calling card on the corpses of the grandparents Belle. Who did you say you were again?"

It does, and you sink.

It's a quiet shop with some blades in the window. There's an old pony behind the counter.

"Well, well, bringing your son out to see the swords after church? That takes me back."

He gives you a smile.

"That is unimportant. Do I need to replace you?"


I'll glance askance at Felfire for a moment, but see how she handles this before I start making denials for her.


"My name is Light Heart."
I bow my head slightly.
"… Why did her brother leave? He must have been very young at the time."


"Forgive my curiosity, I am just a bit confused to Dixie current situation that is why I asked." I bow a bit.
"If that is all the information the Count would like to share then we will be off then."


"He's helping me carry a few supplies. Such a good boy."
Grin at Curry.
"I've been told you might have some Kobold Iron here."


I'll just roll my eyes a little and play along.
What's the shop got in the way of weaponry? Probably has nothing on my trident, but it might be nice to browse. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Two years… he would've been fifteen then, I think. In any case, I don't know his reasons, and I don't care to speculate, as you shouldn't."

He waves you off.

"A little, though it can be hard to get a hold of. How much do you need?"

There actually IS a big trident in the corner. You tap it and the stand topples, knocking over a rack of weapons, an armor display, and smashing a glass case.

The shopkeeper facehoofs.


I nod.
"You are right, of course. Could you tell me more about these loyalists? Who are they?"


I'll grin a little sheepishly.
"Uh… how much was the glass case?"


Facehoof together with the shopkeeper.
"I'm sorry for that. He will pay it back, rest assured."


He waves a hoof.

"It's alright. You're guests, I'll cover it. Besides, you're customers anyway."

"They're not the sort fit for polite discussion. If you absolutely must know more, you should ask at the Order chapter house."


Alright Lets head off to the Mather plantation.
Perhaps I'll try to scout first from the outskirts o of the plantation, how does it look like?
Is it okay for me to continue or will it be wise to pause the Dog story and wait for Andy and Sion for later?


I'll shake my head.
"But I broke it! And glass is expensive, isn't it? It wouldn't be right if I didn't at least help pay for it…"


"You are really too kind."
Well, how much of that Iron did I need anyway?


I nod again.
"Thank you abbess. You and your sisters. Thank you."
Be off, leave the abbey and turn to Happy Puzzle.
"Miss Happy Puzzle. I need you to gather my allies. All of them. Including the unicorns such as mister Curry and miss Skylight. Miss Rosemary, Onik, mister Wark, mister Stein, mister Sitar, miss Tela, miss Emrille… See if you can find others such as miss Felfire and mister Seekkill as well. And perhaps the diamond dogs mister Chip and Sateo. We will meet at the seaside. Not on the fleet."


"And do not forget to tell them it is very urgent. An emergency, as you will."


Yes, you'll need to pause for Sion here.

"It wouldn't be hospitable to have you pay for it."

A couple pounds will probably do. You need enough to make a vessel the size of your heart.

"Uh… alright!"

She hops off.


Now that I'm alone, I'll take a deep breath the relax myself.
Taking a moment to calm down, I quickly head over to this chapter house.


I'll smile.
"But I wouldn't be a good guest if I was rude to my host! So I have to at least offer."


Make a cup with my hooves.
"Something like four pounds.
How much would that be?"


The Fraternal Order of the Olive. In some circles, behind closed doors, they are called the "Witch Hunt". The brothers and sisters of this order exercise Special Privilege, which places them outside the bounds of hospitality and politeness. Named for the olive branch, protect Dixie from threats foreign and domestic. Their preferred means are preemptive.

You approach the chapter house, made of dark wood. It is on the edge of town, and sturdily built, like a small fortress. Your memory is hazy, but it seems bigger than when you left. Perhaps it underwent expansion efforts.

"Kobold Iron is expensive. It'd be about a hundred bits."

That's 2 doubloons.

"It is an intricate but important dance."


I'll nod.
"Then I suppose all I can give is apologies, and then steer clear from touching anything else."


Am I ordering too much?
Would two be enough?
If the answer to both is no, buy the 4 pounds.


… Okay. Can I just enter without trouble? Anyone I can approach?


You haven't ever carved out a soul catalyst vessel before so it's hard to say. Also if you mess up you'll need extra.

As far as you know. And in any case, what does an innocent pony need fear of law enforcement?


Buy the four pounds.
"I pay in gold.
Now, could you point me to an alchemist?"


This is a bad idea. I shouldn't be walking into the lion's den like this.
Keep walking. The Lord-Governor or whatever, is he still around the docks? Or somepony else I could ask some questions?


"An alchemist? If you're looking for surgical or dental services, there's a barber on Elm. For more general healing, the abbey is on the edge of town, out the Governor's Way."

The Governor has probably returned to his office. As a local, you recall that the Governor is the most respected and lauded pony in all of Dixie. He also wields practically no actual political power, but he might be worth speaking to.


That's true… and even Happy Puzzle will need time to gather everyone.
Let's go see him then. In his office. Alone.


"The barber. Right. Thank you very much.
Oh, and anypony here has a garden with exotic flowers and such?"


You knock on his office door and a secretary opens it for you. He bounds over the desk, though, and greets you, outstretching a hoof.

You reach out to shake it, but he pulls you into a hug short hug, then holds you at leg's length and appreciates you.

"Well! If it isn't our own Liberty Belle, returned from the wild old world! But y'know you can take the pony out of Dixie, but ya can't take the Dixie out of a pony. Mighty good ta see ya, wish it were under better circumstances."

He chuckles. "You might want to investigate our resident 'heathens'. Follow Swamp Road out west."

He makes the heathen remark playfully, not spitefully. As if there's some kind of funny inside joke.


"Oh. Okay.
Again, I'm truly sorry about the glass.
Curry, let's go."

Off to the barber!


And I'll follow, carrying the iron.
"Sorry about that…"


Well shit.
I chuckle.
"Governor, I simply could not resist returning to my roots after all these years. I am quite surprised you know about me."


"Try not to drop that too, clumsyhooves."


I'll scrunch a bit.
"I didn't expect that trident to be set on there so loosely!"


I was a lot smarter when I was your age!"


"Yeah, well I got tossed into the ocean when I was my age."
I'll stick my tongue out at her.
"Besides, it could have been worse. I could have ended up stabbing myself or something."


"I was a free mare once again, when I was your age."
Smile and smell the air.
"Can't you regenerate?"


You head down to Elm street and recognize the classic barber pole. Blue and red on a white staff.

You walk in the door, a little bell ringing as you do. A pony looks up from behind the counter. "Just a minute, I just finished my eight o'clock…"

There are chairs set up throughout the room, and medical and hair instruments everywhere.

"Why, Liberty, you should know it's my job to know everypony. Now, come now, sit down, sit down. I'll have Gloria bring us some tea. GLORY! Some tea for the lady, if you please!"

"Right away, Mister Governor."

He practically leaps into his seat behind his desk and reclines in it. "Well, you came to the right place for your little visit. I'm terribly sorry to hear about the House of Belle, and I've already passed the hat around at the club. Until something can be done about the tarn, I've set aside a little cottage on Cotton Avenue for you and your sister."


"Well, yeah, but if I take enough wounds in a short enough amount of time, I can still die."
I'll tap the ground a little.
"Plus, that only works if I've got a connection to nature at hoof. Otherwise I'm shit outta luck."
I'll just look from where I am. Never been in a barbershop before.


Look at the potions set up around here.
"I just need… Some kind of… Heavy poison. Have a dog to put down."


"Governor… I do hate to admit it, but I am somewhat unclear over what happened. Contact with my family in the last decade was very scarce and I did not dare ask my niece about it, lest I break her heart. From what I understand… the Loyalists had a hoof in it?"


"I don't have anything poisonous. Well, except painkiller in high doses."

He tuts at you. "Watch your tongue, colt."

"Now I tell you, there is no evidence of that, at least just yet. Like I said, the tarn has made it difficult to pick anything out of the ruins, and we don't have the manpower right now. I spoke with the Olive boys, and they say there was an explosion, but they could tell you more than I could. But such matters aren't fit for a lady, I don't want to trouble your fragile heart."

The secretary sets down a couple of teas with lemon in front of you.


I'll scrunch a little.


"Such a shame. Well Curry, ahead we go on our tour.
Pray tell sir, where could I find some ferthilizer and various for the garden?
I've been told about a group of… Heatens in the swamp that would have those?"


He rolls his eyes. "Quite possibly. I've heard the gentry do trade with them for fertilizer."


"Beg your pardon, governor, but what makes this tarn such a hindrance to investigation?"
I nod in appreciation at the secretary and sip from my tea.


"Thank you. And sorry for wasting your ti-"
Does he sell parfumes?
Or those smelly candles.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, as you know, the tarn around the House of Belle was a natural fortification back in the day. But whatever calamity took place, the whole island seems to have sunk into the tarn itself. The mansion isn't even visible anymore. The only one who knows what may have happened is a friend of the family that was visiting at the time, but I'm afraid he's quite mad. He would be your… brother-in-law? The brother of Charity's husband, Gentile."

Looks like he doesn't stock anything like that.


To the heathens we go!


I'll trundle along after.


I need Mera.
"… I see. Where is he now? Mad or not, he was a friend to the family, so I feel as if I should at least see him."


You wander down Swamp Road, and as you progress, the road slowly deteriorates into nothingness. The forest have given way to swamp, and vines hang from the trees en masse.

"He's holed up in the family house. It'll be 14 Grove Street. I'm warning you now, he's harmless left alone, but if you go in there, he may not be stable."


Groan and try to make out the way.
"See nothing, Curry?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Not a thing. Let's ask the locals."
I'll turn to one of the trees.
"Hey, tree, do you know where the folk who live here are?" '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I nod and take another sip.
"I will keep that in mind. Thank you, governor."
I clear my throat.
"As for my own heart… I continue to survive. I am looking for a cure still with only some luck so far."


You try talking to a tree, when it uproots and attacks you. Oh boy: this must be one of the forest gumps those leather ponies mentioned.

Swings at you in a rage!

"That's just terrible, darlin'. I can tell you, if it were in my power, I'd fix those hearts up right now. Who knows why the Sun creates us like it does, but I tell you I'm sure there's a reason."


Raise the tree's shadow!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Fervy tries to take Curry away and fly up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I can still talk to it! Maybe!
"Hey, calm down, I'm not trying to do anything! I'm just trying to find some fertilizer!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I smile slightly and nod slightly.
"Of course there is. Sun be good."
Take another sip from my cup.
"Quite the lovely tea, by the way. I did miss Dixie's hospitality while abroad."


It lashes you with its branches.

However, Curry settles it down and it replants itself. You probably shouldn't linger around here, though.


"No place in the world like it, darlin'."


"Indeed… Oh, before I forget. My nephew… do you have any clues as to why he left?"


"Goddamnit Curry. What the hell."


I'll sigh in relief.
"We should probably go."
"Apparently it doesn't like tourists and wasn't feeling talkative."


Grumble a bit and resummon Fervored into my shadows to reset it.

Let's look for them hippies.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Now, I can't speak to his reasons, but I heard went out west to live with those swamp folk. They're an odd sort but mostly harmless."

You check in a mud puddle and get it all over your face.


"… Swamp folk? Please, do elaborate."


I'll help look for hippies, swamp folk, and things that aren't trying to kill us. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Am I still at the ice cream parlor?


I assume so.
However, I think we're going to be paused again.


Yes. Curry and Felfire came and went.

You trot down the trail, following some faded hoofprints, and eventually see some wooden structures in the distance.

"Oh, some pagan sheep out in the swamp living with nature and what have you. They may be a bit odd but like I said, they're mostly harmless. Ponies take 'em fer witches but that's unneighborly."




"Found them! This way!"


Let's hope they have those mushrooms…"
Clean my face.


I nod as I finish my tea.
"How intriguing. I believe I shall pay them a visit too. With your blessing, I believe I should be on my way again. Time is not a thing I have in abundance, unfortunately, and there are so many more things for me to do. Thank you for the tea nonetheless Governor. It was absolutely lovely."


In the time before we landed, an old horse hopes to learn a new trick or two.

"All those Hamburgerburgians were busy preparing for Dixie, it doesn't feel right asking them for lessons right now. Maybe someone else? Maybe I can find that Pegasus filly with the guns."

I'll head off towards the deck, maybe she's up there or I can ask around.


And sure enough, I'm on the deck, being busy with a fancy pistol


"Fancy firearm you have there, little miss. Mind if this old horse asks for some aid while you have that out?"


Glance up.
"Oh, it's you.
With that?"


"Not with Behemoth here, but I was meaning to ask if you could show me how to use that weapon of yours. Seems that my bow is on its way out in more ways than one, and I'll be having a new firearm to replace it soon, so I'd like to ask if you could show me how to use yours."


"Guns in general or my gun because these ones are pretty special."


"Just in general right now, or if you happen to have a spare one. But relax, I know what it means to a pony to have someone else use your weapon, I won't ask for that one."


"Not like you could, I just learnt the proper use of this baby today!
Five shots without reloading!"


"How accurate was it? I like my bow because I could get the bolts to go where I want them, I don't want to be missing any enemies at my age."

"Do you have an older one you could teach me with then? Sorry about being a bother, but this horse has to try and catch up with the times."


"I just had this made.
Fuck… well I can't really teach you to shoot a gun if you don't bring me one. I don't keep spares."


"Sorry, it just happened that the Hamburgergurgians offered to build me one, I was trying to get my crossbow fixed, but it might have to wait till Dixie. How about if you walk me through the proper operation of it, just so I know how to handle it."

"And if you don't mind me asking, where did you learn to use these weapons?"


"Depends. What will you have? Rifle or pistol?
And on the streets at first, then I became a sharp shot as a merc, that's all. Had it in my blood."
Point a wing at my cutie mark.


"He let me know that it was probably going to be a rifle, since I asked for range and accuracy. Like I said before, I can't handle a knife fight at my age. Or any other type of fight for that matter."

"As for me, the reason I got the crossbow is because of this here horn. I wasn't the stoutest lad the group I joined took n, but with their training, it didn't matter. Strength and speed didn't count for much if I could put them down even past 100 yards."


I smirk.
"I really like the sound they make and the smell of gunpoweder."
Then sigh.
"Okay, listen, I'm a bit small for my rifle at the moment, so I can let you handle it-"
Raise my voice a bit.
"But just this fucking once, okay?"


"I'll have my own soon, but I'll take any opportunity to find out how these cats jump and how to make 'em dance right."

"Oh, and what about your friend, that Earth pony mare that you're around often, what can you tell me about her. How did you meet?"


While we talk we can get to LH's room to pick up my rifle.
I chuckle.
"Oh, you mean Tela? We worked together as mercs and was best friends for years. Now she's my significant other, but I prefer to call her my bitch."


"Now now, take the starch out of that tone, because I don't think she'd appreciate that much. We're in a dangerous business, so I hope you get her something nice while we're docked even if she doesn't mind hearing those words from you."

"You mentioned age magic when I first met you, and now hearing about your rifle reminded me of it, but do you have any ideas on when you might get it reversed or if it wears off?"


"Oh, she knows she's my bitch. And maybe I'll get her a whip or someshit. She's into that."
Once we have my repeater, back on the deck.
"Abilio will reverse it, because he did it. But only after we made sure my new cutie mark will stay."


"What was your old cutie mark?"

"How about we start with the beginning on this, just tell me what all the parts are and what they do."


"Shooting shit.
This mark represent shooting shit with magic, so it's a step up."

Then point at stuff on the gun.
"This is the butt and the stock.
This is the main course, the reciever, with all the stuff going on here. Mine has all this fancy shit carved in it so I can cast magic. Your one probably won't have this.
That's the cock, that's how you arm it, or there's a bolt on the side if it's that kind of rifle.
That's the chamber. Ammo goes there.
Trigger with the trigger guard. That's how you make it go off.
That's the barrel, and the sights and scopes are on top.
The end of that is the muzzle, that's where bullets come out of. Keep that shit away from things you don't want to harm.
Is that all clear so far?"


"Except for parts of the chamber and barrel, most of this compares to my crossbow, so I don't have too much issue with it so far."

"But now you're making me feel inadequate. I have decades of experience on you, but my stamp is just some books and quills I got from my love of reading in my early days."


Since I don't want you shooting yourself in the leg, y'know, because I know of a loser who did, tell me the safety rules and shit you know. Maybe it's the same for the crossbow.

And don't feel too bad. I was born to handle guns. Been doing it ever since I got one. No wonder I got a mark in it."


Let me clear my throat.

"Know exactly where the arrow will hit before you pull the trigger (practice, practice, practice).

Never walk or climb a tree with a crossbow cocked and loaded with an arrow.

Keep your fingers and thumb down on the crossbow forearm out of the path of travel for the string and cables.

Always identify your target and background before you shoot.

Never shoot if there is a doubt about the shot."

"So, how much of that carries over?"


"The background one, but I don't really give a shit about that, or the 'pointing it at others' for that matter. You probably know those.
But with guns, if you don't want to cause yourself and those around you a disaster, remember these.

Always, all the fucking time handle a gun like if it was loaded. Even if it's empty, you'll handle it like it could blow some brains out.
And the other, you never even tickle the trigger unless you want it to go off. The only ever time you touch it is if you want to pull it."


"The projectile is different, but I'm up to snuff to those rules, since they carry to my crossbow too. Since we have those down, how exactly do I hold this weapon, since I'm guessing it'll be a bit different than the way I hold my crossbow."

"What's happened with that Curry fellow I saw you talking with in Reptil? I haven't seen him around with all this work I've had except when I helped him move that tank."


"He got shrunken down into a kid too in the hopes of fucking a unicorn filly."
Glance at him.
"Will you hold it with your magic?"


"Oh really?"

"I've always used my magic with my Behemoth, but I take it that you might have some issues showing me how to use it if I try that. Show me how you would hold it, just so I know in case my horn gets injured."

"Where you from, to be exact? Got any family waiting for you?"


Narrow my eyes.
"Me is the only part of a family I will ever fucking need. Now shut the fuck up and listen."

"If your horn gets busted, hoist it on something, but I doubt it will. And I don't use my hooves either.
Pick it up with your magic, bring it to your head, and press your cheek to the stock.
And be fucking careful with it! You ruin it I ruin you!"


Smile at the little pegasus.
"Alright, sore point, I won't be waking your snakes with that."

"So, pick it up and place it like so? I take it these little bits of metal on top are to aim?"


"Yes. Those are the sights. Don't your crossbows have them? And when I said firmly I meant fucking firmly."


"I usually have a big bolt I use as part of the sighting tool, but they do have them too. Judging by the way you tell me to holds it tight, does it have a lot of recoil?"


Why didn't this post go through?
"Yeah, it does.
I don't know how that affects your magic, but you don't want to smack yourself in the face either way.
Have a wide stance. Use your shoulders too."


"Sounds like my early days at training camp, so this is easy for me. But keep going, an old equine like me could use the refresher."


"Don't pull the trigger, squeeze it. Like it was a clit, be gentle with it! On that line, keep the pressure on it even after you fire, and don't just let it go instantly. See, just like it was a mare."
"Oh and don't anticipate the gun going off and the recoil. Surprise yourself."


"That's a rather colorful metaphor, but I get it."

How well do I take the recoil: [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I think I just gave myself a black eye."
Rub they eye a bit.
"More recoil than I was expecting. Much more."


"It works, doesn't it."

"What the fuck did I just tell you?
Yes, this is a rifle, with shit exploding to make it go off, of course it has more recoil than a crossbow!"


"It's my first time using one, and my hold isn't what it used to be at my age. But it's a learning experience, probably did the same when they handed me the crossbow. Gotta respect its difference. Let me try again, but with more of a hold this time."

Second show [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"See, that's it.
You might not be a lost cause after all. That was a perfect shot."


"Well with a teacher like you, I guess it was to be expected. Since this is your gun, tell me, how accurate was it? How far could you hit with it? Just trying to see how it stacks up to Behemoth."


"It's pretty accurate for about four hundred meters, but it can fly waaaaaay past that, just not as precisely.
As for that shot, it was pretty much on mark, depending on what you were aiming at."


"That is nice. And the ammunition is much lighter for this than my crossbow. Shame I can't stab people with it."

"Well then, let me take a few more shots and practice reloading it a bit. Bit of a question for you, since you've used both of these, which do you prefer, the rifle or the pistol?"


"My rifle.
Makes a bigger boom, makes a bigger mess of people too. But the pistol has it's own advantages too.
But I can't wait to get back to my rifle, really."


"Well, thanks for the lesson. I might need a bit more later, but I'll need to practice with my weapon."

"Say, why don't I show you how to use my Crossbow as payment? There are still others who use one, and it might be necessary in case you get separated from your own weapons."


I snort.
"No thanks.
Guns are all I'll ever need."
Show off by five quick shots in rapid succession.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Looks like I only manage to get one off.
"Fuck… fuck, give me a sec… I just put the new parts together today."


"I'll put off the lesson for today then, so how about a snack before you try to reopen it? Don't want to lose focus because of an empty stomach."

"I should also remind the Smith to show me how to maintain it. Need to know what to do in case this happens in the middle of a fight."


Try to unjam whatever jammed.
"Oh, yeah.
Make sure to get them to show you how to pull it apart and piece it together. And practice that on time."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Come on, might be a little late to try and take it apart. I'd like you to taste one of my soups, since I've started working on broth."


I grin and spin the cylinder.
"I'm done already.
And wait a sec, you cook and stuff?"


"Barely above the quality of slop you get in most places, but yes. It's a good selling point when joining a crew, since they can hire one pony to do multiple jobs. But I've really ignited my passion since joining your crew. You have a wonderful chef here, and I hope to learn something under his tutelage if I get the chance."

"But I have to be worthy of joining him there, so I need to improve my abilities at making food, do I'd like you to try some. How about some vegetable stew, just to get warmed up if you want to take your gun apart."


"Do you have anything with honey?"


"Honey? A sweet tooth on you? If we have anything left, I might be able to make some honey roasted squash. Or how about a salad with some?"


"…Yeah, salad would be good.
I'll get my rifle back in the room of Light where it's safe. Meet you where?"


"The galley will be fine. It'll give me a chance to get started while you put it away. And again, thanks for showing an old horse a new trick."


"Yeah, yeah, you're old, I got it.
No problem, really. I like guns anyway.
Meet you there then!"
And then I got the rifle back to LH's room


After the chat with the governor, I happen to run into Emrille and Tela by lucky coincidence.
"Ah, excellent, I was looking for you two. Or rather, miss Happy Puzzle was looking for you two."


"She's not doing a very good job then, is she?"


"Who the fuck is Happy Puzzle?"


"A new associate of mine. A doctor wearing a black catsuit, quite hard to miss her."

"She had to assemble a lot of ponies, miss Emrille. With good reason. I may need help from both of you for a personal matter."


"Don't keep us waiting then, what is it?"


I cock a brow
"What's up, Dainty?"


"As I mentioned before, I am originally from Dixie. I left my family behind over a decade ago to travel on my own and have not seen or spoken to them since. Unfortunately, it appears that most of them have been murdered during that time."


Shrug nonchalantly.
"So what, we kill the guys who did it?"


"Whoa whoa whoa, what!? What the fuck happened!?"


"I intend to find out who exactly was responsible, yes, as well as the reason why. Once I know this, I will annihilate the ones responsible. If not today, then some other day when I have gathered the necessary resources."

"They were burned alive in my old home, the house of Belle. According to the local abbess, a group called 'The Loyalists' were responsible for this."


"You seem awfully fucking calm considering what happened."


"If you need a gun, you know where to find me.
Just give me a heads up."


"I would rather not suffer a heartattack at this time, Tela. Rest assured that I am sufficiently upset however."

I nod.
"Thank you, miss Emrille. I knew I could count on you if needed. I must request that you keep this matter to yourself for the time being. The less ponies know about this, the better. And if you hear anything in town about House Belle… please tell me."


"Of course, of course, I'll keep an ear out."


"Excellent. That will be all for now. Hopefully I will learn the truth soon and I can show the ones responsible what happens if you cross Light Heart."


"They were pretty liberate with the naming though."


"Whatever do you mean? If it is about my name, Light Heart was not the name I was given at birth."


"It wasn't?
Why did you change it?"


"To protect my family while I was abroad of course, for what little good it did. Light Heart is merely a stage name, my actual birthname is Liberty Belle."


"Liberty Belle?
Huh, not bad at all.
So… how should I call you now?"


"Light Heart, of course. I would rather not have my true name become common knowledge if I can avoid it."


"Oh, right, right.
Whatever you say."


"Your discretion is much appreciated."


"Yeah, yeah, won't say a word, don't worry."


"Good. Now, I should get back to work. There is much investigation to be done."


"Okay, you go ahead and do that.
And tell me when I need to shoot people."


I nod and head off.


"Of course, of course. You should be with Glory Belle. Do take care in town, Liberty."

You wipe off your face and begin to hike out to the little ramshackle shack city.


Where were we?


Of course when Tela finally convinced me to head to town, she's not here.


You had just been told to go bust out a house slave from the Mather plantation by an enigmatic Diamond Dog known only as The Count.

You can't get ye flask.


"I shall."
Get up and bow my head in appreciation, then take my leave.
Let's see… why would my nephew leave like that? Glory seemed to be upset about it. So very odd…
Let's go see if Happy Puzzle has gathered my companions yet.


My what


Which is exactly what I'll do when Sateo and Chip are here.


You return to the ships and find her with MOST of your associates, next to Emrille.

Happy Puzzle hops over leading a train of Light Heart followers.

"Light Heart wants you to come!"



"I know, she told me already."


Moving on!


We are on the way on the way to the plantaion.
"So how will we approach this? We can scout on the outskirts first, that is my suggestion." I look at Tony


"I already spoke with miss Emrille and Tela, miss Puzzle. No need for her to join us."
Motion my followers to do just that, follow. Someplace where no prying ears can hear us. Probably on the beach if there is one.


Shouldn't we wait for Sateo?
"That would be best. Without any pony with us, those crazy ponies here might try to make us slaves if we make a misstep."


"Then why aren't you going?!"

see >>454117

The dog that lead you here speaks up: "I'll be the lookout. I've got the sharpest eyes."

There's a "beach" – no sand, but there is a place where grass meets water. You regroup there.


Move into the shack city and look around for its inhabitants.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Good, what sign if you see ponies coming our way?"
I stealthily stealth.'1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I guess this will have to do. As long as none of the locals or other crew is nearby. Smitts will probably know about it but I don't care.
"Is everypony who could make it here? Excellent. Time is rather short, so I will try to keep this brief. As you all know, I was born and raised in Dixie by my family until I left at the tender age of eighteen, looking for greener pastures. Today was the first day in ten years I set hoof on this soil once again, and the years have not been kind to my family."
I pause for a moment.
"My sister, my parents, my brother-in-law… all of them have found their demise in the last decade. They were murdered and I intent to find out why and by whom exactly. From what I understand, a group called 'the Loyalists' were the ones responsible for the death of my parents, but I cannot be entirely sure about this yet. My nephew left a few years back for reasons unknown to me, but I cannot help but feel that he did not so much as leave as he was taken away."
I hesitate briefly before continuing.
"You all know me as Light Heart, but that is not the name I was given at birth. It is a name I adopted myself as a stage name at first, then as the name I would carry for as long as I was abroad. I did this to protect my family and ensure they remained clean of any stains I would make on my name. Nobility and… my current occupation is not something that blends well and I did not wish for harm to come to my family for any sins I would make. As such, I expect absolute discretion from all of you."


I'd really like too.
I nod at this.

"You be careful hun." I wink at her.


I just look at him and pull him down and try to help him being more sneaky instead.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'll whistle, like this."

In a moment of mental confusion, you put on a bright pink party hat. Where did this even come from?

That forest gump followed you back.

It's pissed.

There are a few nods all around.

Sitar seems pretty out of it.
Wark seems surprisingly impressed.
Rosemary and Skylight seem concerned.
Onik appears neutral.
Stein seems apprehensive.

It's a male.

He gives you a weird look. "Uh. You too."

You don't know anything about stealth, but you pull the pink hat off.


Fly away!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I look at the pink hat in Chips paws.
"That's not my purple sneaky hat."


You fly to safety while the gump turns around at the edge of town.


"You'l get us blown if you had this. Throw it away." I give it back.

"Hey, cant you just magic that Broomhilda pony here? I mean you did bring back Reptil in one go." I look at him.


Well that was too much excitement for one day.
Now, let's meet these townsfolks. Land down and see who's around.


"Good. I have a few leads as it stands. First and foremost, Gentile, the brother of my brother-in-law and friend of the family may know valuable information. Unfortunately I have received word that he has gone… mad. Still, it may be a lead worth pursuing. Secondly, my nephew Chivalry Belle is rumored to live together with a group of pagan sheep living in the forests outside Dixie. Thirdly, the Loyalists. They burned my parents alive and while I seek vengeance for this horrendous act, I also seek to find out why it happened in the first place. Thirdly there is the House of Belle, our mansion located in Dixie. It was burned down and sank into a tarn. Still, there may be clues present here that could be very useful."


"No, and that wasn't me. That was Itztli."


"Eh? Who's that?" I raise an eyebrow


"The bunny I had on me when we went to Reptil?
You saw him on my shoulder.
He could talk!"


File: 1374598909269.png (6.73 KB, 705x259, family tree.png, IO Google TinEye)

There are a lot of sheep here, going about their business. Most of them have tribal markings on their wool.

Though huts and shacks of the residential sort are the most predominant, they do seem to have a small trading post and apothecary, as well as what appears to be a bar or restaurant.

Similar reactions.

Also you made a minor mistake. Gentile is your brother-in-law, whereas Usher is the mad pony (who was not referred to by name), also technically your brother-in-law.


I just smart my eyes on the bunny.
"Ahaha… yeah right, funny. If this is another prank then I dont really know how to handle it. I had enough with that Red filly or what not."


Wait, just like Terrebonne?
Well lets move towards the apothecary for now, have a look around.



Let's get back to the job.
Do I see the slave house from here?


I thought you were waiting on Sateo?

You leave the Count's dwelling and head back through the tunnels, back up into town, then out down the road, until finally you see the plantation.

You step into the apothecary, ducking slightly to avoid bumping your head on the low door.

"Welcome, traveler. You seek me help?"


"Lastly there is my niece Glory Belle, who is currently being treated for her… condition. Her heart is as unstable as mine and the stress of losing her parents, brother and grandparents has not been gentle on it. Now, I would like to start out with finding my nephew somewhere in the woods. This is a purely personal matter so none of you are obligated to help if you do not wish to. Any volunteers?"


Oh right.
I'll eat something then.


Another sheep?
"Yes, I do need to find a rare mushroom for a project of mine.
A phantom mushroom. Crystall-y looking, hard, react bad to fire."


Happy Puzzle chimes in, "Ooh, ooh, I'll help!"

Then she gives you a dark look. "But we need to have a serious talk soon. In private."

Sitar stumbles by and pats you on the shoulder. "I'll do it. I'm feeling my groove."

Stein nods. "I can put aside a day of work to help mit ze search."

Onik remarks, "I'd like to spend the day in town, since I wont have a chance to check it out again."

Wark adds, "I'll come if ye insist, but I've got a bad feelin' about this city… coming from the west. In that swamp."

Skylight frowns. "I'd very much like to be there to help, but I'm seriously concerned that I might be more of a hindrance. I know how the locals feel about Celestials."

Rosemary adds: "I'll come! I… just need to find somepony to watch Red and Grey…"


"I have heard of such a mushroom… Tube Mushroom, from Equestrian north. We do not have it here, though. It is hardy, but does not grow outside of cold environment."


"Isn't there an import for this kind of things?"


"Not much of a demand for toxic explosives here…"

Toothy smile.


"In that case… miss Happy Puzzle, mister Stein and Sitar can join me to search the swamp. Once we have found my nephew, we will return and regroup with the rest of you. For the time being, the others may do as they please. If you hear anything in town at all that may help with this matter, please do inform me."
I smile at all of them.
"And thank you. All of you. Your support is very much appreciated. Are there any further questions at all?"


Happy Puzzle taps you. "When can we talk?"


"It's much more innocent than you think.
Do you have any pesticide?"


"If there are no more questions from the others, right now."


"THAT, we have. Pesticide and fertilizer, all ponies want. Good prices. Large stock."

Everyone else shrugs and disperses. She leads you off.

"I overheard you talking about me!"


I raise a brow.
"Did I offend you in some way?"


"Great. Give me a good load of pesticide. What do you make it from?"


"She needs me right now?"


"You treat me differently just because I was born a ninja, don't you? Well I'm a doctor that just happens to be a ninja! I don't want you to treat me differently because of something I can't control!"

"Dung, ground bones, arrow frog, poison cone. May contain trace amounts of nuts."

He grins. Apparently this was supposed to be immensely funny.

She's long gone for LH's conference.


Oh well
I don't have any money, do I?


"I… am sorry? I did not realize this was offensive to you. I did not even know you were a… ninja."


You have some. Much more than, say, Sateo anyway.

3.9 doubloons.

"It's okay. I forgive you. Just no more ninja slurs!"

And with that, she disappears in a poof of smoke.

…What's a ninja slur?


Cool, that's much more than I thought I pissed away already!
Any gun shops around?


Best not to ask.
Wait, I needed her to come with me! And Stein and Sitar!


She's probably following.

You wander into Immortal Emporium, which is a smithing shop with a few guns on display.

"Well, well, little lady, what can I do ya for?"


"Hey there!
I'm looking for some quality scopes.
That are hopefully cheap too."


"So, no metal in it?"


Alright well… Let's head out and find these swamp people.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your trip down Swamp Road is long but uneventful. You arrive at a small town of shacks populated by sheep.

"There's metal in everything."

Another toothy grin.

"Well, they're very fine instruments, but I can show you one or two…"

Ornate Scope: 50 bits
This scope is pretty, but functionally does little for your gun. +1 Gilded Shot.

Magnified Scope: 200 bits
This scope helps you zoom in for when you've really got to hit a target. +1 Marksman Shot.


"Good enough."
Buy enough to synthetize the Belial's element out of it.
"Say, what's the story of this place?
Why live outside of the city?"


What can I see from here in my position? Does the plantation have any activity?


"Be on guard, you may never know around these parts."
Just houses or are there shops here that I can enter and ask questions? How do the inhabitants look? Do they seem to care about us?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What do ya mean? We're in da middle of da city."

It's quite busy. There is singing from the fields.

Most of them are residences, but there are three "shops". A trading post, an apothecary, and a restaurant. The locals seem to mostly ignore you. They are sheep with tribal markings, like Terrebonne's.


Now, when entering a shop it is polite to actually buy something as well. At least in Dixie… but fuck it.
Enter the trading post.


This log cabin has a long counter with a bored looking sheep manning the front.


"Greetings sir, how are you?"


"You know, that other city.
The big one with all the ponies."


"What?" I just whispered to myself.
Poke my head up from the bushes and see where the source of the music comes from.


also rollin

Roll #1 3 = 3


Which one was gilded shot again?
And how many do I have in doubloons?


Goodness me, but that was troublesome. You don't go fast on tiny little legs.
So we're in the shanty town, right?





"Seen busier daze."

"It is no good. The land is tame."

The tall cotton plants obscure your view, but you can see masses floating off into piles.

3.9 Doubloons

Gilded Shot was one you never learned.


Huh. I'm suddenly moving again.

right, the strings.

Gotta climb.


You climb up into the darkness for a very long time. Eventually, you bump your head on something.


Feel it with my hoof, if I can't see.


It's cold and smooth. Your legs are getting tired from the climb.


And I still can't sense anything!

Feel around with my telekinesis? look for somewhere to land.


You can't feel with telekinesis, but you do tap around. It makes a weird hollow, glassy sound.

You can't locate anywhere to land. Whatever is blocking your ascent seems to be everywhere above you.


I mean, below me. Anything.. solid?


Not as far as you can see. In the distance, of course, you see the theater lights.


No way to get onto the lights?


They're below you. The strings have taken you above where the "ceiling" should be.


Maybe I can go rest on one while I figure this out.

either way, think deeply.

Before that, pull out some light-giving object from my hat.

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1374745840050.png (8.58 KB, 500x442, layout.png, IO Google TinEye)

You reach into the hat to pull something out. You feel a sharp snap and pain, and your whole leg goes limp. You pull your hoof out with your mouth, finding it still attached… but oh no! The string was snapped off!


Can I, with a mix of telekinesis and Ice magic, temporarily reattach the string?


Roll #1 3 = 3


And in bits then?
I always forget the exchange rate


You try, but the shaking makes you slide and fall.

Plummeting, you manage to stifle a yell before slamming back down onto the stage. When you come to you're back in your cabin on the ships.

190 bits


Okay then, look adorably to the guy.
"Can we lower those prices just a little bit?"



Another day will come.

Do you want to rest now, Wf? Thanks if so


I nod a little and look around. What do these people sell exactly?


I'm not going back to sleep.

"Not fer tourists."

It's a general trading post. Mostly bullets, wagon wheels, wagon tongues, food, clothing, et cetera.


I only thought that, don't worry.
Okay, time to get crafty, I'm going to get that scope.
"Oh? But I'm not a tourist."


Meh, maybe the apothecary would have been more interesting but I'm not here to shop anyway.
"Sir, would you know whether there happens to be a stallion that goes by the name Chivalry Belle living here in this town?"



"Fancy name. Nopony named like dat. Mebbe… dere is one pony out south by da lake. Mebbe he knows."


Flap my wings a bit.
"I'm here to visit a second cousin of mine."


How feasible would it be for me to try again?

Or is my hoof still hurt?


"South by the lake… Thank you."
Head out there with some haste.


"Only one pony lives out here… what's your cousin's name?"

Your hoof is still disconnected, and you can't see the strings anymore.

You could go back if you could reproduce that symbol you saw… It's a symbol that is completely indescribable. If you tried, you'd fail. There are absolutely no words that can communicate its aspects. Well, just these: The Ineffable Symbol.

You head out south, Stein and Sitar in tow. Puzzle is probably about somewhere.

You arrive at the lake. It's something of a fishing village: sheep are lazily casting nets and lines into the water, which is fed by a river from the sea. There is sugar cane growing on the sandy shores with only slight irrigation. It seems a peaceful, simple life here.


Recall it.


I sure hope she's around, in case my heart acts up.
And how nice and pleasant. I bet not many tourists come and go around here.
Approach one of the fishers.
"Excuse me, I was told there was a pony living here. Could you direct me to him?"



Yeah, I forgot where you were.

"Well… maybe I could make an exception and shave a little off if your parents came by with you and let me know it was okay to be sellin' you gun supplies."



Roll #1 2 = 2


He shrugs and points to a little shack near the end of a row of them, bordering the water. It's held together with some odd nails and netting, and appears to be caked in dirt and sand.


You can't seem to bring it to the front of your mind… maybe later. Or you could go out and try to find some way to recall it. Or perhaps discuss your findings with somepony else.


How quaint.
"Thank you."
Walk over to this shack and… knock on the door. Be careful not to knock the whole damn thing over.


Wince a bit.
"I-I'm sure that they would be okay with their daughter trying to protect herself."
Take out all the doubloons for it.
"Would this cover the scope then? The markspony one?"


"I'm sure, I'm sure, but it's a matter of politeness, you see. And that's important, little lady."

He counts up the gold. "You're just a little bit short."

A rasp from within: "Yes?"


"Pretty please, Mister?"
Try convincing him with cute.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Good afternoon sir, I am looking for a certain somepony and I believe you may be able to help. Can I enter?"


You are not a very cute pone.

"I'm sorry little lady. It'll have to be with your parents' permission or full price."

"Who are you… talking like that… a memory starts… you make me think of a mare… She disappeared…"

There's silence from within the shack for a time. "Forgive me miss, I do not dare."


I am cute, he must be just farsighted or blind or something!

"Fine… thanks…"

Okay, leave.


"My name is Liberty of house Belle. Please sir, you are my only hope in this matter."


You wander aimlessly in the street for a while.


Perception check.

"Aunt Liberty?"


"… Chivalry?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


There is a buzzing that's rapidly getting louder inside the shack.

"Come in… come in…"

The door cracks and opens inward… it's pitch black inside.


… This is all very strange.
"It is… rather dark in here."
Is there still buzzing going on?


Well keep aimlessly wandering


Font in charge of working.

You are blasted back as the shack explodes with force.

Bees. Everywhere. You open your mouth to gasp, but quickly shut it before bees can swarm inside.


Swarmlord Chivalry Belle
De Jure Heir, House Belle

Though he's only sixteen, this stallion looks ragged and insane. Bees and honey cover much of his body.


Eventually you stop at a nice statue of a diamond dog. Gee, that seems a little out of place.


A diamond dog?
What's that doing here?
Any plaques or what the fuck that describes what this is?


Sweet mother of fucking god!
Motion my followers to run! To the water!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Apparently he was a great explorer named Perseus. He was responsible for the founding of Dixie originally, in the name of the foreign land of Novdogod.

The cloud of bees overtakes you, surrounding you on all sides. You can't see, you can't breathe! Your heart is racing! Stinging everywhere! You try to scream for help, but soon you black out.

… Where… are you? Are you dead?

…Ugh. No… this hurts too much to be death. You have sores all over your body… it's cold and clammy here…

Your heart… your heart! Well… you're stable for now… How did you survive the attack? Rubbing your face with a hoof, you pull yourself slightly erect. Mud covers the half of your face that was languishing in it… it's dark here, but you hear dripping. Somewhere in front of you, you see a square of light. And… that buzzing is ever-present.


Well that escalated at a reasonable pace.
Look around.

Roll #1 7 = 7




The square of light suddenly disappears, casting you into total darkness.

Unless… is that a face in the way, blocking the light? It's hard to see. It's almost as if… holding a hoof in front of their mouth…

Strange indeed! Shall you wander some more?


I don't have anything better to do


You wander for a while and find yourself at the local chapel. The stained glass is quite pretty.


I squint as I try to see to no avail.
"What is going on here?"


What kind of chapel is it?


Perhaps I should.

What is talking to people like, again?


The head shakes urgently, then vanishes, leaving the light to cast back into your little room.

It's a sort of… make shift cell. Like a little alcove in a cave that has had a heavy door fastened to it.

A church of the sun. Important distinction: they do not worship Celestia. They follow the Old Faith that was once popular in the Equestrian North, where the sun itself is worshiped in lieu of the princess.

You are sure it involved words and vocal chords.


Oh fucking great… Am I alone in here?
Not much for me to do aside from looking for a way to escape.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your search is pretty brief… there are stone cold walls that you doubt you can penetrate, a hard stone floor… and an iron doorway.

After a few minutes of waiting, the face appears in the square hole on the door again.


I don't really like these religions.


… Is whoever it belongs to going to do anything at all?


You wander a little bit further into town and find a band playing some tunes of the day.

There's also a fruit stand offering free samples.

She finally comes into focus. It's Happy Puzzle!

She motions for you to approach.


I cock my head and do so. Interesting… Maybe by not talking, the bees leave her alone?


She whispers,

"I followed you here! But you have to be quiet! He's still around here somewhere…"


Well free samples are always good.
Flutter over there.


I nod and whisper back.
"Stein and Sitar?"


"Howdy there, cutie! Wanna try some fruit on a stick?"


"He got them, too. They're somewhere in this cave. I found the sheep, but not the bard."


"Why thank you, yes!"
Gag, this fucking town.
"Why did you stick the fruit on a stick?"


"Can you help me out of this cell?"


"Well, we diced up all this fruit, but there's not enough for a plate, just a stick!"

In their defense, they do have a large variety.

Apples, oranges, pineapple, plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapefruit, dragonfruit, banana, lemon, lime, tangerine, pomegranate, and more.

"I can't find a key… I think he has it. But maybe it could be pried open…"


Hmmm… is there a lock on this door? I do have lockpicks…

Roll #1 4 = 4


I meant that I'd get 'in trouble' if I dropped this sweettalking act.
Damn, I'll have to swear a lot at Tela after this.

"I'd like to try some of those grapes then."


If there is, it isn't on this side of the door.

She skewers a bunch of grapes and passes you a stick.


"Any ideas on how, miss Puzzle? There is no lock on this side for me to pick open."


"There's a padlock on this side."


Okay, let's try them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Take out a lockpick and show it to her.
"Do you happen to know how to use one of these?"


It's so good, you feel like you really are a filly again. Sugary, sweet! You hop up and down.

Those were some good grapes.

She gives you a look.

"Just because I'm a ninja I know how to pick locks?"


"I am not a ninja and I can pick locks."


"Can I get some more of these? Can I? Please?"


She takes the lockpick and opens the lock.

"I'm just saying that it's discriminatory!"

"Alright… maybe just one more."

She gives you another stick.


These are some pretty fucking amazing grapes!
Eat them again!


"I meant no ill towards you, miss Puzzle."
I chuckle softly and open the door quietly.
"Thank you."


She makes another shushing motion, and waves for you to follow.

They're delicious again.



I nod and follow.


"Mhmm… these gotta' be the best grapes I ever f-"
Take a quick pause.
"I ever had."


Where was I?


She leads you down a torch-lit hallway, to an antechamber. There are a lot of roots hanging down here, and there are hives lining the walls. Laying – apparently unconscious – in the middle of the room is Stein.

She gives you a cheery smile. "Yep, it's a good crop this year. Have your mommy stop by and pick some up!"

You had entered the sheep village and finished buying from the apothecary. Will you investigate some more?


Yes actually.
"Who's the leader, around here?"


Oh boy.
"Can you wake him with your magic, miss Puzzle?"


"Yeah… Sure…"


"We don't need leaders out here."

"Not from this far away… And magic might upset the bees…"

She starts making some fresh sticks to pass out to passersby.


"We will need to carry him out of this room then. Is it at least safe to approach him? Have you tried?"


Everyone else gets only one, huh?
Maybe I could get a third somehow…


"I thought it would be safer to try to get you out first."

Maybe. You scheme a bit, but nothing comes to mind.


Maybe if I look at the grapes very longingly?


"Let us try then."
Carefully try to approach Stein and see if it triggers a reaction.


"Well that's interesting.
And why did you all… Move here?"


La la la~
Free fruit stand~
Oh look, it's Emrille. Freeze up and start backing away.


I glance up from my scheming.


"… Emrille."



"We've always been here. What brings you so far from your pony lands?"


Raise an eyebrow.
"…what are you doing?"



Roll #1 7 = 7


You edge a few feet closer, even with the nearest hives, and pause.



"Just… backing away. I didn't see you there at first, so I'll leave you to your… business."


Alright, continue towards Stein and see if I can wake him up… or just drag him out of here. Carefully.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm not busy.
What, are you afraid if you come too close I'll infect you with mare-loving or something that you need to back away?"


"No I just… figured you didn't want me around."


Wave at the pesticide I just bought.
"I was told this was the place.
Say, I've seen those marks before.
Are they exclusive to your tribe?"


"Oh, what a coincidence, that's just what I thought that you thought about me."


You step on a dried out root, which cracks noisily, and you freeze.



"Far as I know."


This is awful… Keep going! Get him out!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well… you were pretty clear about these things last time we spoke."


Have a look around the place. See if there's anything I would call… Odd.

Roll #1 7 = 7


[Buzzing intensifies]


"Oh, yeah, I had a slight urge to go back to Reptil and kill the rest of those motherf- those…"
Take a deep breath, can't swear, Emmy, can't swear.
"I was a bit angry. Not at you. Just in general."


Just get him out of here!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I noticed that much."


Well, it's pretty ramshackle. There are a bunch of odd ingredients like bones and dung around that aren't making it smell pleasant.

Particularly odd are these weird… black sacks laying around everywhere.

You never leave a sheep behind, and drag him quietly back to Happy Puzzle, who heals him.

"Ughh.. vat vas–" Happy Puzzle stuffs a hoof in his mouth. "Shh!"


Are they pony sized?


"Please do keep your voice down, mister Stein. We are not in a pleasant place. Are you feeling well?"


"I'm sure that you are an island of peace all the time, Spring, but not everypony can pull that off."


Not at all. About the size of your hoof.

"I've got ze stingink spots all over me… urgh…"

Happy motions. "There's two ways we can go… past those hives, deeper into the caves, where the bard and He are probably waiting… or out the other way."


Anyone tending to them or moving them?


"I do not intend on leaving anypony behind. I will press on."


They're laying around on counters and stuff in the back of the shack like other items for sale.

"Should we come mit you mein fraudlein?"


"I don't go around threatening little fillies either…"


Point at them.
"What are those?"


"If do not wish to I will not force you, mister Stein."


"Funny thing, I remember a filly pointing a gun at me before I pointed one at her."


"She's a child. I talked it over with her and she promised me not to do that sort of stuff again."


"Ah, days just squid sacs."

"I'll come… but maybe you could find a way to calm ze hives?"


"Perhaps… I am not an expert on bees however. I do believe smoke tends to calm them down."
Look at my two companions.
"Any suggestions?"


"You mean, squid ink? Aren't they a bit too big?"


"You'd think she learned her lesson by herself the first time."


"Again, she's a child."


"I was a child once too, y'know."


"And now you are an adult."


Stein nods. "I could make a fire, but the smoke could alarm ze bee stallion. On ze other hand, it may not matter if ze bees are calm…"


"Giant sea squid."


Chuckle and do a little spin.
"Am I?"


"Build the fire, mister Stein. The only issue I see here is the smoke obstructing us as well."


"Makes sense…"
I didn't need any ink, did I?
"Hey, do fireflies gather in these woods?"


That's whispers, of course.


"Mentally, yes."


"Sometimes, though less now in fall."

He pulls out his tools and starts creating some sparks over the dry roots on the floor.



"And does that really mean I need to take all the shit she flings at me?"


"No. I, as her parent, keep her in line and correct her when needed. Which I did after she did something wrong. You are an adult responsible for your own actions."


"And it grows pretty hard to control some urges to certain actions after a while if all I get is negative criticism."


"You promised to approach Summer and talk things out, have you done so yet?"


"Do you have something to… Attract them?"


"What do you think?
I can't even get close to her.
All I hear is how bad of a pony I am."


"I never said it would be easy. But you constantly focus all your efforts on me and forget those around me completely. Summer is my daughter and she will always be the most important pony in my life. I told you this since day one."


"And what do I do?
Nothing I do seems to please her. Or you, for that matter."


"I can't keep holding your hoof, Emrille. You promised me you'd give it a shot, now fulfill that promise."


"I'd give her a shot allright.
She isn't so keen on the idea though."


"Are you just going to continue threatening her then?"


"Is she going to continue to slander me?"


"If you don't talk to her and try to make up? I imagine so."


"Make up for what exactly?"


"Past conflicts."


"So it was all my fault, huh?"


"When did I say that?"


"It sounded like that."


"I think it's fairly simple: You and Summer need to make up already. Forgive and forget."


"If she is willing too.
And she'll stop bit- stop complaining all the time."


I smile slightly as she prevents herself from swearing.
"Just remember that she's a child."




"Children… are complicated beings."


"Maybe it's time to grow up then."


"I as her parents will decide that."


"I dunno', it'd be right about time"


"I said that I will decide that."


"It'd be for her own good, before she gets herself killed."


"Let's not change subjects here."


"Isn't that the same subject?"


"I don't want to hear anything more about my parenting."


I guess she should be glad too."


"How are you and Tela?"


I chuckle.
"So much for not changing subjects.
Pretty good I guess. She is aching to do stuff and things, but, well-"
Point at myself.


"You insisted to change subjects, so I did."
I nod.
"She no doubt is. I'm not sure what to make of her, really. She's an oddbird."


Raise a brow.
"What do you mean?"


"I can't really put my hoof on it, but I think she's a better pony than she would have people believe. A hurt pony even maybe? I don't know…"


"She is rough, but she is really something. And I mean the good way, yeah."


"Take good care of her… she might be more fragile than you think."


I snort amusedly.
"Tela? Fragile? Are we talking about the same pony?"


"Physically she appears to be strong, but I think her feelings are easily hurt. She's definitely emotional and quick to anger."


"Are you going to give us couple counseling?
She doesn't want to agree to threesomes."


I roll my eyes.
"Fine, be a child about it then. Goddess forbid we ever have a serious conversation."


"Spring, we've been through thin and thick.
She isn't fragile. She is a mare, yes, she can be upset, she can be pissed off quick, but it's not easy to break anything in her.
And even if somepony came close, she'd talk to me. Or if it was me, beat me up for it."


"Just giving you my professional opinion on things. Then, stranger things have happened lately that even I couldn't explain."


"Like what? Curry not failing at something?"


"No, just… something with Summer's leg. It just stopped working without any apparent reason at all."


"You heard yourself.
She's a kid.
Maybe she just wanted your attention and she made it up."


"No I examined it with my magic… Something was wrong with it, we just don't know what. Eventually it just fixed itself."




I shrug.
"I don't know. It's not important anyway, the problem was solved."


"If there was a problem."


"I told you, there was. I checked. She couldn't move her leg, it was limp."


"I know, I know.
When I was a kid I was 'dying' from starvation too, sometimes, and when somepony checked, bam, up on my hooves, with the pistol under my wing."


"I'm happy you take pride out of resourcefulness."


"It's what kept me alive."


"Oh I don't doubt that."


"You are thinking I was terrible even back then now, don't you?"


"You told me the stories before. You did what you had to do to survive… I don't agree with it, but there's no point in arguing about these things now."


"Wouldn't you do things to survive?
I think everypony would. I could hardly give a sh- give a damn about that stuff when I hadn't eaten for three days."


"There's always the option of going to an orphanage…"


I snort.
"Yeah, right.
Not a chance."


"I know you often hear bad things about them, but not all of them are bad. At least you get food and shelter."


"I didn't hear bad things about them. I knew bad things about them."


"What happened?"


"Palm told me about the beatings that went in there. I didn't want any of that. Or to be vulnerable like that at any orphanage."


"They do a good job of showing up on dere own."

Toothy grin.


"Beatings are unacceptable… but not every orphanage is like that."


Alright… anything we can cover our mouths with?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I will keep that in mind."
Now. I still need the mushroom.
"Is there any strangely cold place around here?"


You scrounge around in Stein's bag and find some engineering rags that are probably meant for wiping away fluids, but they're pretty thick and will provide solid filtration.

"So south? No…"

Hm. Maybe you should ask someone knowledgeable about plants, someone knowledgeable about this procedure, or someone generally knowledgeable about magic.


Put it on and hoof one to Stein and Happy.
How's that fire coming along?


There's a steady stream of smoke, but it has far from filled the cavern…

The bees are buzzing unpleasantly about this…


Well I have Curry right here. He should know something about plants.
Too bad he's useless.
Let's go back to the ship and drop all the stuff I've bought so far, try and find Smitts.


Hmmm… we need more smoke.
Wait for now and let the fire grow bigger.


You arrive at his door and he asks before you knock, "What is it, Felfire?"

Stein fans the flame a bit and the smoke plume grows. The bees seem to be avoiding it… you could probably cross the chamber safely now, if you're quick.


I motion the two to follow after me quickly and cross the chamber.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm stuck."
Enter and close the door.
"Looking for a rare fungi I have no idea where to find, and gotta do it before nightfall."


"You were quite persistent in determining the identity of Calyptella fistula."

H.P. Lovepone and Stein the Ram make it across, but halfway through, you collapse as your heart acts up.


Take a chill pill and calm my shit!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Happy Puzzle stuffs some pills in your face and drags you to safety. Did you even tell her you had heart trouble?

…Yes, you must have.


I'm pretty sure I did.
"Thank you."
Now… let's press on and find Stein. And Chivalry.


Blink a few times.
"The… Yes, that was it. And I managed to, but now I can't seem to find it anywhere and I have no idea where to find one.
I mean, I know it is both toxic and explosive, but what could anyone ever use it for? We have gunpowder to blow things up!"


"And then what? They are dead ends for a life.
And now here I am!"


I shake my head.
"I'm just trying to make it clear that there are other ways you could have survived. But… there's no point in arguing about this now."
I look around.
"I should get back to Summer. Maybe go find Curry…"


You mean Sitar. Roll.

"You're right. In fact, really, the only thing it had going for it was that it grew virulently, so in areas where it was available, it made a cheap gunpowder replacement when ground up. It also had the perk of glowing. Aside from that though… well, there's a reason you don't see it outside of the Equestrian North. You know, I had made plans to dock at Crystalport eventually."


… Right.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"If you find Curry, tell him to get it together.
For real.
I need him to get a second cutie mark, and soon.
And if he doesn't yield any results in a reasonable time, maybe we can find out how much ammo we need before somepony can earn a 'Bullet Sponge' mark. I don't want to waste ammo or time, so he better hurry up. Thanks!"


"Well then. Looks like I will have to wait. But as Abilio Says, patience is a virtue…"


You creep to the end of the hallway.

Happy Puzzle combat rolls forward, across a doorway, and looks in, before motioning for you to approach.

You look inside, and draw a sharp breath of anticipation.

It looks like Chivalry is passed out. Sitar gives you a dazed look from the corner. "Your little brother got into my stuff. Sorry."

"Not necessarily."


I frown slightly.
"… I'll keep that in mind."


"The sooner the better."
Take a pause.
"And you don't have to avoid me, by the way."



I look a little surprised and walk inside.
"Mister Sitar… are you quite alright?"


Beep beep. Reactivated.


"I'm not."
Wave her off and head out to find Summer.


"The chains? Don't bother me."

[Before you arrived to talk to Smitts]

On your way back into town, some ponies stop the two of you. They offer you some kind smiles.

"We saw you couldn't afford clothes, so we chipped in and got you something…"

They produce a colt-sized sailor outfit for Curry.

"There's a library on the north edge of town – very close to these docks, actually. It's dedicated to a centuries-dead mare named Nylis that was very concerned with teleportation. Most ponies don't realize she was involved in research related to what we call 'Structured' or large-scale catalysts. They were called pylons back in the day. You can read about them more on site, but they're very important here in Dixie. Teleportation arrays were very important to Nylis too, so you might ask to see if they have materials on teleportation there. You might get lucky."

He pauses. "Good to see you're coming out of your shell again, by the way."


Why is there no autoupdate or quick reply here?


Am I still in that ice cream shop?

Posting fixed it.


"Mister Stein, please help mister Sitar out of those chains."
I turn to check on Chivalry.
How terrible does he look?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Because life is awful!

Seems so.

You could wander a bit in hopes of hitting your own subplot, or find someone else to hang out with.

Or, of course, make your own fun, by hunting gumps or ponies or something.


I'll blink a few times at it.
"I… I uh. Thank you? I do appreciate the gesture, but… I couldn't possibly…"


You're not sure if he looked better insane, or passed out from drug abuse.

Stein cracks open the chains in a jiff, though.

"Its our pleasure as hosts."


"Yeah, I just went through…
A rought time.
Settling in was stranger than I thought it'd be.
But there is no use living in the past."

Stand up.

"If that's all commodore."
Bow slightly and leave.



"What happened to you Chivalry?"
I turn to look at Sitar.
"Mister Sitar, did he say anything to you? What did he do?"


"Then I accept."
I'll look a little dubiously at the outfit. It would be rude not to wear it…


I will wander around. This city isn't like Reptil at all and it makes me curious.


"I told you, he was going through my stuff when I came to. I just figured I'd let him 'cause I'm kinda in my mellow right now."

Beats walking around naked in this town, you suppose.


You snake around some alleyways and eventually you eye an aviary. Interesting.


Sigh internally.
"If I could have a moment, then? I'll be right back…"
Duck behind a tree and put on the sailor outfit. Please tell me it doesn't have a hat. I'm not wearing the hat.


I cautiously enter it.


I just nod absentmindedly.
"I suppose we should leave soon and take him with us. I am curious to hear what happened to him…"
Any items lying around? Anything of note?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It does / doesn't


There are nests everywhere in here. It's also somewhat warmer here than outside.

You gag as smoke starts to fill this smaller chamber. It would probably be wise to exit sooner rather than later.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Right. Chivalry is pretty young, so he shouldn't be too heavy to carry. Let's get him out of here and leave this damned place.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I wander around inside it. Are there any people here or is it just birds?


You head down to the Nylis Library. According to a plaque out front it was named for some shut in pone from the ancient Equestrian North. She spent a lot of time studying 'pylons' and teleportation.

It's pretty large, and bricks seem the dominant style here rather than wood in the rest of the city.


Is there a clerk at the desk?
Is there even a main desk at all?
This building must have some pretty heavy stuff inside for it to be made out of bricks…


…I'm not wearing that hat. But it would be rude not to wear the hat. But I don't want to wear the hat. But it would be ungracious not to wear the hat.
Just this once. Once. I'll put on the hat and then walk back out from behind the tree, making certain to thank the two ponies who got me this delightful outfit.


You quickly flee the cave. The bees hate you.

Eventually you hear footsteps coming down the stairs, and you're greeted by a large earth pone. "Ah, a griffon. Not many of your kind out here."

There is a front desk, but when you try to talk to the clerk, they teleport away.

They seem pleased and depart.


I'm sure they do. Get some distance from that place.
"Any ideas on how to return him to this world for questioning?"


As soon as they're out of eyesight I take off the hat and stow it in the bag with the iron Felfire is having me carry.
…Where'd she go, anyway? Time to look for her. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Why building full of birds? Pony right. Not many gryphons here."


He laughs for a troublingly long time.

"Oh. You were serious. Well, uh, if you ever figure out that one, get, like, back to me on it."

He returns to chuckling.

You catch up with her at the Nylis Library of Dixie near the docks.

"Birdkeeping is popular here in Dixie – though mostly the Order do it, I care for birds as a hobby."


"What the-"
Did I keep the scary when I lost the ugly?
No matter I will do this myself.
Go behind the desk and see if there's a map of this place.
They might just have a teleportation Array.


"Hey, sorry for falling behind. I was accosted by folk who decided it was impossible for me to keep my dignity while unclothed."


It's a three floor complex, not counting the basement floor with – yes! They do have a teleportation array. But the map only names it – no details about how it works. Though… you're sure you could find a book.


Gods be damned… I'm going to have to ask Smitts about this. Let's just… return him to the fleet and tie him up. Let my followers watch over him while I go see Smitts.




And learn how to teleport away in a flash. Sure.
Or I could corner one of these abramages and ask them for help.
Let's go to the basement, to see if there's anyone in here.
"Are you trying to brag about the size of your dick?"


I'll raise an eyebrow at her.
"At this size? No. And bragging about that would be crass and uncouth. Besides, where do you think this ridiculous outfit came from?"


I totally missed this thing about an outfit. When did it happen?
"Oh, you stole it~"


I'll shake my head.
"No, I was given it because apparently I looked too poor to own clothing, and they could not allow a colt my size to go about naked. At least, not as 'gracious hosts.'"
I'll snort.
"I'm never going to live it down if Emrille catches me in this get-up."


"Ah, yes, are you not familiar? The Fraternal Order of the Olive. They're a peacekeeping society. They raise a peculiar breed of bird in particular known as the Black Jay."

It's empty, though you see some runes on the floor as a display.



"Name not make sense. Why Black Jays?"


You drop him off in your room and head up to Smitt's office.

He opens the door when you arrive. "Missing something?"

"They're a sort of Jay that is black."


"Not what. Why?"


"What, is she giving you shit?"
"fuck. Curry, help me find a book on how this thing is supposed to work!"
Back up! Look for a book, there ought a be one! Maybe there's an index by the desk.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I need some advice, commodore. On how to deal with somepony who has taken that drug mister Sitar is addicted to. It is rather urgent."


"Last I heard, she's not really actually supposed to talk to me, or so Smitts said. Hasn't stopped her, though we've worked out a small agreement so far."
Help Felfire look. '1d10' Maybe in the card catalog?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Afraid I don't get your meaning. You see, Jays are a sort of corvid – very smart birds. Or… why they raise them? They are sensitive to magic."

You can't make sense of this catalog system.

"I notice you're not wearing your pin."


I'll sigh.
Well, then if I can't make sense of it, I'll just try a nonsensical solution and take a random book off the shelf. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Call forth Fervored.

Do you understand this?

Show him the catalog.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"How smart? Sensitive how?"


I look to my chest.
"Ah… yes, I forgot to put it on again. I was visiting family and thought it would be wise to remove it as not to raise any questions. Not to worry, I will equip it again once we are done here."


You try your curahyzee solutions for a while until a librarian wanders downstairs and finds you messing with the catalog

"Can I help you…?"

"Smart for birds. What do you mean sensitive how? They can detect it."

"Very well, then. What kind of advice do you need?"


"We're looking for a book!"
I'll put the one I'd dragged out back on the shelf.


So, where was I


"As I said, somepony who is under the effects of mister Sitar's drugs. I need to find a way to get rid of it."


"Yes. Finally. Thanks.
The pony here at the desk just teleported away, and I need to use your array to get to cristalport."


"Why need magic detecting birds?"


"Magic is Dixie's great strength – so ponies here know how dangerous it can be."

"I'm afraid that array only goes to the historical region known as Wintersgrasp from pre-Crystal Empire times – to the graveyard where library patron Lady Nylis is supposedly buried. Though to be honest, a real historian would tell you that she's more likely interred – well, never mind you that."


"There are a few ways, but the easiest would just be to kill them."

You were… wandering town, right? Grapes?


"Great. It goes north anyway, no?
What do I need to do to use it?"



But I couldn't get any more!


"I woulds rather not resort to such drastic measures if it can be avoided."


I stand there and look around.


I guess I'll just be sitting there. Probably in that circle since I don't know what it does.


"You'd need five trained casters – the librarians here can all help, but you'd need everyone on duty… Why do you want to go to Equestria so badly?"

Yes, indeed. Perhaps best to buy some or move on.

"It's not that drastic. Something might be alchemized, though, if you really want to do things the hard way. You'd need some things from those sheep out west."

There are a lot of birds here, ranging from parrots to turkeys. Most are pigeons, though.

"You… stop by for a reason…?"


But I need my money to-SHIT I should have asked Spring to play my mother! Is she still nearby?


"Could you please sum it up? Or better yet, write it down?"


"Research on a special mushroom I can't find anywhere but in north equestria.
Something called a Tube Mushroom."


"Yes. Seekkill saw house full of birds and went inside."


Probably somewhere.


If you hunt her down.

He writes a few materials down.

"It seems like an unnecessary effort."

"I'm surprised anything grows up there. Well, if you can chase the other four librarians down…"

"Oh. Well… anything we can do for you?"


He thinks a moment.

"…Did you… want bird seed…?"


Of course I do!
Hunt her down!


"Is there anything we could say so that they don't run away like the one who was at the desk before did?"


"We have two ponies and two shadows.
I think I can do it.
Where would they be?"


"Not for this pony, commodore. Thank you."
Bow and head off again. So much to do!
Put on my badge again so I don't forget.
"Mister Stein, could you please look after Chivalry here while we go out to take care of business?"


Okay you seek her out.

"Speak softly, but carry a big wand."

"All throughout the library. Counting this floor, there are four floors, so it's a fairly even distribution."


"Seekkill not think so."

I leave.


"If zat's vat you vant."


"Why would they even run like that! What are they, kids?"
Send two shadows looking for them.

Roll #1 6, 9 = 15


I'll just look at the librarian confused.
"That doesn't really make any sense… Except for the soft speaking part."


HEY! Spring!"


"I do. That way you can continue your work as well."
Alright… Wark around?






Land in front of her.
"Uh… I might… um, have a strange question."


"Go ahead."


Okay, awkward.
"Uh… could you play my mother?"


"… What? Why?"


"I found this store which sells a completely awesome scope that would be perfect for my gun whenever I need better aim, but I didn't have any money so I bartered but he'll only sell it to me with a 'parent's whatnot' and that would be hard otherwise.
Also, we are second cousins of somepony who lives here if he asks."


I sigh.
"Fine then. Lead the way."


Smirk, then flutter up and kiss her cheek.
"Thanks, mom~"
Snicker, and head back to the gun shop.


"You must have run into Tulip. We joke that she honor our patron's memory with her shyness."

Skylight reports that he headed off into the eastern woodlands.

"He seemed… hm, I'm not sure how to put it. Anxious? I haven't even seen him like that."

You return to the shop with Spring.


Well I sort of need Spring for this.


"Great. Could you do me a favor and approach her? I'm ready to bet she's gonna teleport again…"
So, what are the rooms to explore? Let's go about this scientifically.


Based on the map, the first two floors are mostly open, singular room affairs with plenty of seating, tall bookshelves, and a large central display. The second floor has a lengthy balcony and opening in the floor such that the first floor's display can be seen from above. The third floor is multi-roomed and full of card catalogs, archives, and reference.

"If I see her."


Off I go, to the second floor. Quick check around the stairs and balcony '1d10' before glancing down to the first floor. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Best wait for Fidget and Groves.



Fuck. I don't have the time to spare to check on him now…
"What of your brother, miss Skylight? I will need him and miss Mera to do something for me. It is rather urgent. … Would you mind looking after Grey Worm and Red? I could take miss Rosemary along instead in that case. Unless you do not mind joining me into town."

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