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PirateQuest: Chapter 4.5: Endless Evil Wf+6 414984[Last 50 Posts]

When we last left our "heroes", they were in trouble.

Emrille and Felfire not in the vessel.

Most of the party spaced.

Light Heart and her troupe dead.

Spring and Summer fleeing the room.

It's all up to Sateo and Seekkill.

"You were warned that your actions were illogical. Now you see that victory is impossible for you."

Tela, you send a volley of magic bolts to propel yourself toward the now-closed breach as you struggle for lack of air.

Felfire 414987

I like this ruskie.
I wonder if she has "Ever heard of a phylactery forge?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 414988

Well this is bad… did I manage to drag some bodies with me?


I fire a poisoned dart at him.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Light Heart [Warlord] 414990

Let me guess, purgatory for me?

Tela [Spellsword] 414991

Wait what? I thought you said it was the other non-closed breach I saw?

Chip(DD knight) 414992

Only silence


All up to us? I try to smash the box so I can get to the buttons

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 415000

"I have. Eh he he he he he he he."

I believe you specified Light Heart's.

You haven't regained Vantage Point (6).

He takes the dart poorly and he looks pale when you shoot him.

If only such a kind fate awaited you. Those who do not fall within the domain of one of the divines are condemned to the eternal void. You have no sensations whatsoever. There are no other souls here. Your consciousness is adrift in nothingness, and the only thing you feel is tired… to let your consciousness fade away.

Okay, that's much farther, you propel yourself toward that instead.

You have the sensation of being buried. Dirt surrounds you on all sides. You wonder how you ended up here.

Weren't you in the other room with the Illusive Guy? No matter.

The box looks very cracked now. It needs the slightest amount of damage to break it now.

"Do not press the buttons. You will condemn all of us to a fate you do not understand. It is a certainty that you will regret pressing a button while blinded by ignorance."

Felfire [Necromancer] 415001

"And know where to find one?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 415002

Well I'm glad I did that.
If there's still fighting going on back there… Go back and see if I can help!


"Then tell me what they do." Break that shit open

Roll #1 1 = 1

Light Heart [Warlord] 415004



Are my lungs stronk enough to make it there to safety?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Chip(DD knight) 415006

Bleugh.. dig myself up from here.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I launch myself at him and dig a claw into his flesh.
Touch of Death.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Wf+6 415013

"That would be a little bit harder, dearie. Eh he he he he he he he he."

There is! Seekkill is fighting the last reaper.

You try a sweet monk trick you learned in your years of enlightenment seeking and try to break it with your head. You smash through the material, but it was harder than you thought, and you fall over with shards of mineral in your face.

"Then back away for a moment and liste– ARGH"

Seekkill attacked him again.

You're in some sort of… cave tunnel. Gems line the walls. There is a howling coming from deeper into the tunnels, and the hallway is lit by several torches.

Indeed, it would seem so. You latch onto the breach at the other side of the vessel.

You necrotize the flesh of one of his arms before he can continue.

Seekkill: 5/5, 5/5
Sateo: 0/5, 1/5
Spring Water: 5/5, 5/5


1 wound!?
Heal Sateo!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 415016

"Figured as much. Maybe I have a lead, but it's a far shot.
But I need it if I want to move on, you know?"

Chip(DD knight) 415017

I shake my head and look around, are the gems of worth? Can I identify what kind of creature is making that sound?

Also grab one torch as a lightsource.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Natural remedy on myself "guys please stop and let them talk.'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I might be able to do this! Go through the same door we fled through last time!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I start tearing into it with my claws and beak now.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 415021

The different healing energies react poorly and make your ribs grow to inordinate sizes, bursting out of your chest and ripping apart your organs in the most brutal way imaginable. On the up side, it was so fast, it was painless.

You are ded. Your last words were, "Guys, please stop, and let [him] talk."

The gems are incredibly valuable. They are huge sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones. You realize you don't have any possessions with you, like your outfit, bag, or gear, as you tear a torch off the walls.

The creature sounds like a diamond dog… or more like a lot of them.

You knock over the remaining reaper and begin to rip into it.

"You are nothing more than beasts, and will die like beasts."

The hole is obstructed by several bodies – there is a hole that air was leaking through, but it's not big enough for you to fit through. You push (6) the bodies out of the way. You need to hoist yourself inside now.

"I'm afraid I don't. Eh he he he he he he."

Spring Water [Doctor] 415022

I bite my lower lip hard enough to draw blood and turn to the ongoing skirmish

Chip(DD knight) 415023

WIth torch in hand, I follow the sound and go deeper in this cave… mine… or sinkhole and try to see whats out there.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Get to safety!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Can I read the labels?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 415026

I look at you and swallow whatever bit of Reaper is in my beak.

I stop but stay perched on his chest.

Felfire [Necromancer] 415027

"Oh well.
Lichdom will wait."
Chuckle a bit.
Are we done studying?

Spring Water [Doctor] 415028

"What do those buttons do!? Tell us!"


Hey, I could totally use AWiYE for this!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 416170

You come to the end of the tunnel – a ledge overlooking what appears to be a large underground crevice. Torches are not necessary to light this region, as there is a laval flow a couple hundred feet below you. Chains hang from the ceiling – searing white with heat, which cast light across the walls, dancing like repugnant, corpulent worms.

Closer to the laval flows, you see figures. Some of them are in cages, hanging precariously above the flow. As a diamond dog, you know that due to a force called convection – how heat travels through air – you don't want to be anywhere near something as hot as lava, much less below it. The caves have turned cherry red, and mournful howls of agony cry out from their inhabitants.

Curry [Dead Again] 416171

And I'm likely back in the dark Moonlit Outer Gardens.
Don't suppose I can see the mushrooms from here, so I can pick up where we were interrupted? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 416172

Outer Coppice.

It's too dark to make your way about so easily, and you fall flat on your face several times as you hike over to the mushroom hill.

Chip(DD knight) 416173

I gulped and lay low on my belly. I then slowly and carefully trudge on the edge and try to see with my own eyes if there is someone/something in the cages(but dont put my face beyond the ledge).

Also careful do I have my things with me or am I just stark naked here? Is there a path or is it a total dead end?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Dead Again] 416174

Well, that's to be expected, I guess. Not like I can fly while dead.
…Can I?
No, no, such curiosities can wait. Mushrooms.
"Hello again! Sorry for blinking out like that. Seems my companions were much faster in bringing me back to life than I expected."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416175

Since I left the Lieutenant after getting my commission, I'll go pick up a few supplies from the market. Are there any vendors of preserved/canned fruits and jams?? I know the ship will have it's food, but I'd like to make sure I have some prepared and separated.

Wf+6 416176

You have nothing at all with you but the torch you pilfered recently.

There appears to be a downward path at roughly a 30 degree angle to your left, which slopes into the deeps. To your right, the path continues up to more tunnels near the top.

At the bottom of the crevasse, the cages contain what appear to be diamond dogs. They continue to cry out in pain. Some are angry, growling and yelping. Others are mournful, howling and whimpering.

The Mushroom Hill Colony understands. But circumstances have changed since we previously spoke. We require something of you now.

You're certain that Reptil's endless bazaar has preserved foods. You haven't the foggiest what a can is, though. They won't be invented even in their earliest state for another 120 years.

Curry [Dead Again] 416177

"Well, that is what I'm technically here for. So, what do you need? Water? Plant food? Conversation?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416178

Let's search them out then. As elegant and large as the ships were, they probably still only carry the staple sailor chow. Let's looks for something pickled. Any sales going on or barkers I can follow?

Chip(DD knight) 416179

Looks like a jolly place but not my cup of tea, I'll visit this place later if I got the guts. As for now I'll then walk my way up the tunnel where I came from and explore it a little more. Move slowly and try to see and hear anything that moves as I make my way to this mysterious tunnels and cave systems.

Make sure to make my way and not get lost.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 416180

We have been denied coffee. Coffee is important to us for… reasons. The point is that coffee is required. But acquiring it is not easy. You'll need coffee berries and water. The former is only obtainable deep in the woods – the border between the Outer Coppice and the Great Dark – and the latter is only obtainable from the Inner Terrace. Don't bother sweetening it.


You wander along the tunnels for a very long time. After a while, the torches end, but the tunnel continues. The gems end after a ways, too, and you end up wandering in a dark, nondescript tunnel that seems endless. It is quite quiet here. Almost peaceful, but it's also a bit eerie, given that you have no idea where you are.

You continue walking without stimulus for some ways until a clawed paw bursts forth from the path ahead of you. You're lucky to make out that much given how dark it is here, though.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 416181

It would seem not. You'll have to wander shop to shop in search of your food.

Curry [Dead Again] 416182

"Be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail, then."
And then I'll start heading towards… coffee berries. Focusing on the destination is how one moves about here, right? Since distance is probably subjective… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Chip(DD knight) 416183

Raise my fist and make a defensive posture. Try to look intimidating.
"Introduce yourself or you will get some clobbering landlubber!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416184

"A town with everything, if you can find it." I say to no one in particular.

Let's start near the docks and work our way out. Open air shops in that vicinity probably sell a lot to the coming and going ships.

Wf+6 416185

This isn't the world of CoC. The domain was created for mortals used to a plane that had very stringent laws of physics, and it emulates those physics to prevent confusion. You do meander to the woods, though. Tall and stately trees of Diospyros characterize this grove, giving the unnerving feeling of walking underneath a many-legged black beast.

It doesn't seem to acknowledge you as, with a shattering of earth, a figure bursts from the soil before you.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of shops outside the mercantile district in the wharf district. The first shops you come by, however, seem to be involved mostly in whaling and weaponry.

Curry [Dead Again] 416186

Well, it was worth a shot. Suppose this means I can't fly, either.
Sighing, I'll idly ask one of the nearby trees.
"I don't suppose you would know where I would find Coffee Berries, would you?" '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD knight) 416187

Whoa back up back up back up. can I identify what it is/who iit is?
Also find a place to just lay low nearby.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416188

The Whaling and Weaponry shop would probably know good people to buy sailing food from, and I just want to see what they have inside. Maybe some new creature from the deep, or some new-fangled weapons from far off lands.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416189

Let's go to the whaling place first, then weapons.

Wf+6 416190

The trees do not reply. They merely loom foreboding. Will you head deeper into the woods is the question that remains.

You… think it's a diamond dog. It's hard to be sure in the dark.

You do blend into the dark pretty successfully, though.

For clarity, they're discrete locations. You head into the whaling shop first because it's closer.

Sauntering inside, you see chunks of whale hanging from meat hooks. There are also jars full of oil, and bones carved with runes. One wall is rigged with harpoons, though. There's a bored but large earth pony behind the counter.

Curry [Dead Again] 416191

Well, it was worth a shot.
And the mushrooms said they were near the Great Dark… so I've got a ways to go yet, I suppose. Keep going forward, and looking for them. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Chip(DD knight) 416192


Wait for it to pass-by, or go away. Make sure its gone before I slowly crawl and make my way to he hole in the wall that it create. What do I see from the tunnel that he make? Can I follow inside it? If so, do so.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416193

"Sir." Tip my hat to him. "Um, if you wouldn't mind my asking, could you let direct me one of the preservative vendors nearby?"
Keep looking at the harpoons though. "Those are might big bolts. What type of mechanism do you use to launch such a thing?"

Wf+6 416194

You continue trotting deep into the brush, where the trees grow closer together and the canopy blots out the moonlight. Soon, between the shadows and the natural darkness of the woods, you're not sure if you're still in the woods, or if you've wandered accidentally into the Great Dark. Your question is answered, however, when you spot a beam of moonlight shining down on a coffee shrub.

You stand to the side, and eventually it shakes itself and crawls off toward the faint sound of howling, ignoring you.

The hole is narrow – it leads back into the earth. You crawl inside and follow it about ten feet before it ends abruptly. No other ground is disturbed. It's as though this is the point of origin.

Curry [Dead Again] 416195

"Thanks kindly, Luna. As ever, you seem to light my path."
After gathering a good hoof-full of berries, I'll make my way back in the direction I came from. I'll hit the inner cloister wall eventually.

Chip(DD knight) 416196

Bleugh…. I shiver a bit, this place is insane.
I then shake my head, this is a bad idea.

Alright alright, crawl slowly and try to track/follow that thing and see where it goes, or what it is up too that is.
>inb4 a >1

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 416197

"A few shops down. Look for the Undead Ox if you eat meat. If not, I'd recommend the Apathetic Apiarist."

He gestures at the harpoons. "You're looking at the mechanism." He flexes and indicates his muscles.

You do. Eventually you come to the great iron fence that separates the coppice from the terrace.

You head back to the 'exit' of the tunnel, but the figure seems to have already moved on. You can't find a trace of it.

Curry [Dead Again] 416198

Well, there's bound to be a batguard on duty.
"Good evening! Though I suppose it's always evening here. Say, might I pester you for a cup of water?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416199

"I must say I'm impressed. I use a crossbow to fire my measly bolts in comparison. How long does it take to defeat these beasts and how long have you been at it?"

Chip(DD knight) 416200

I wouldnt like pouring hours, days or even months into that pack of earth, I dont even know how deep I am.
Well lava,,, perhaps pretty deep,

Lay low and try not to be seen by anything, I then follow the downward path on my left and see whats in there. Also try to see if I can make out what are the looks of those DD's being fried alive.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 416201

He gives a curious look.

"Just a cup? Why do you need it?"

"Quite some time. You see, most land mammals have valvular blood vessels, and if you slash one open, blood flow will constrict to a stop. Harpoons are effective against whales because they lack these mechanisms. One pierce through the blubber is all that is needed to bleed it dry – and it goes faster if they try to dive, with increased pressure. However, whales have a lot of blood. Tracking the blood is the tricky part… then you simply follow until it dies. As a result, killing a whale can take quite some time."

You can't see them clearly from here. The downward path has more branches off, like the one you came from. You can see the path continues all the way to a much lower ledge near the laval level. Dogs seem to be collecting there in a sort of plaza, suspended above the flow at a safe distance.

Curry [Dead Again] 416202

"I found some coffee berries, and would like to make them into, well, coffee. Am I not allowed?"

Chip(DD knight) 416203

Oh, just slowly approach from a distance and observe them for now, cant be too careful.
What do I see? What are their activities? Is there anything of note that they are doing as of now? Can I approach this bizarre bazaar from my location?
Also is the lava at a stable level?

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416204

"I've seen to many people die like that, so forgive me if my enthusiasm faded. Thank you for your help."
Nod and be on my way to the weapon shop. I should at least see what wares are available.

Wf+6 416205

"I cannot leave my post while I am on shift. You may wait until I get off shift in twenty three years, wait for another visitor to the gate, or follow the fence and hope you can find someone inside to help."

The lava is not changing level, it is flowing steadily.

It's not so much as a bazaar below as it is a level plane of rock. The dogs below seem to be milling about collectively without purpose for now.

Wf+6 416206

The weapon shop has a burly-looking smith behind the counter. He's wearing just a vest, and his chest is covered in hair.

Chip(DD knight) 416207

Alright, no sense in hiding much, these are after all my brethren.
Though those hanging from the cages really creeps me out. Poor bastards.
Walk slowly to them and greet them.
"Hey there, do you guys know what this fort is? I am quite lost as you see,"

Curry [Dead Again] 416208


"That reminds me. Last time I was dead, I had notified one of the gate guards about the time loop in Reptil that was put in place by Tirekian reapers. Did that message ever get passed along, or did it never go past the gates because the guard couldn't leave his post?"

Knight 416209

Acknowledge him with a headnod. "Good day, I was searching around for a new crossbow, or at least some improved materials for the one I have. What do you have available?"

Wf+6 416210

A battle-scarred diamond dog shrugs. "We've been collecting here, waiting. No one knows where we are, though some say this is the Gravedeep. Though if that is the case, where is the great dog God of gems and death, Rurivan?"

"We make custom pieces here. Let me see what you're working with, then maybe I can tell you if we can do anything for you."

Wf+6 416211

"That was me."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416212

If I have my old one with me, let him see it. "That's actually a good idea. Decide whether or not to start fresh, or work with what I have."

Curry [Dead Again] 416213

"My apologies for not recognizing you, then."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"But the question remains. Did the message ever get passed along? By last count we had already spent several hundred thousand years looping the same day. Who knows how many by now."

Chip(DD knight) 416214

"Graveddep? Collecting what?" I inquisitively look at what they are doing.

"And Rurivan? I am not… updated to the Gods since I worship pleasure and a good life itself. Perhaps you could tell me about him or two."

Wf+6 416215

"Hm… Too heavy to be hoof-mounted, too small to fire heavy bolts… The draw is modern, but even that's Archie. Are you sure you wouldn't just prefer a hand-cannon?"

"That was today, and not yet. There have been no visitors to the gate from the inside."

He scoffs. "Do you scorn your own land and traditions? Disregard our great histories and divine pantheon? Perhaps you've defected to the pony faiths? The Gravedeep is the eternal mine of the afterlife watched over by Rurivan, the God of Death and Gemstones. It is said that in the Gravedeep, each dog is separated by quality, like stones, and those that are impure go through purification – cutting like gemstones, and smelting like metals."

Curry [Dead Again] 416216

"If it's possible… I could run the message. Or… were there any who could speak with animals in the garden? Or any animals for that matter, like a bird? Much like speaking with plants, I never got the knack of talking with animals down, but… there has to be at least one, right?"

Wf+6 416217

"I don't know, but it is possible. What I do know is that you are not permitted inside the Terrace."

Curry [Dead Again] 416218

I'll scrunch slightly.
"I see. Well, it was worth a shot, at least. Thanks again for your time."
And then I'll set off in hunt of a Beastmaster. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Chip(DD knight) 416219

I gulped… purification…
"I… have been an orphan wen I was young so I have no parents to teach me of the ways of our kind. As for pony faith, I view their Gods as… pansies. Though there are some exception, their kind are only good for entertainment and labor if you ask me."

I then look around and exhale hard.
"I am dead then, so this is our afterlife it seems. Not that dull, considering the noise but I do feel…. at home." I grin.

"Whats your name btw soldier?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416220

"I respect their power, but most are pretty loud and are pretty good about giving away your position. I'm used to being, and staying hidden, and bolts can be reused. Plus, I've used it to launch poisons and bombs and whatever else I could get my hoof on."

"I'd like to stay with a crossbow for now, do you have any suggestions for an older horse like me? I'll be joining a ship crew, if that's any consideration."
Still in the flintlock era, right?

Wf+6 416221

Yes, more or less. Revolvers are burgeoning.

"I could start from scratch… build it up with a steel base to reinforce it. Strong wood… yew, I think. It would have to be bigger, too. It would be heavy to carry, but you could fire huge bolts from it. Ballistae-style. Alternatively, if you don't think you're strong enough to manage it, maybe the opposite. Downsize the bows, but use an exceptionally springy wood. Cherry would do, I think. It's hard, springy, and light. Could make it hoof-mounted. If you're willing to train with it, you might be able to fire akimbo. Alternatively, we could look into some specialized ammunition."

"Count Tolstoy of Tula."

You wander off and after a while trip into a dry ravine, face first. You can't get hurt, but it is rather inconvenient.

Chip(DD knight) 416222

"Well met Count, my name is Chip." I nod to him.

"Well… anything you can tell me about this place the Gravedeep? Is it dangerous to explore around here btw?"

Curry [Dead Again] 416223

Well, fiddlesticks. On the bright side, there isn't any undergrowth in a dry ravine. Down side, can't actually see anyone from down here.
Troubles, troubles. Hmm. Wonder if I can light up my horn to see a bit better? Never did read that book Summer picked up on light spells, but it can't be too hard if a filly of ten can get it to work! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 416224

"I understand making it heavier or lighter, but what types of special ammunition are you getting at?"

Wf+6 416225

"No one seems to know. But we gather here… perhaps we will learn something soon."

It would seem it is. You seem to forget that reading is magic, and reading magic is even more magic.

Curry [Dead Again] 416226

Well, bother. I'll give it one more shot, and then clamber up out of the ravine. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Chip(DD knight) 416227

"Soon…. how soon. How long have you been here?" I frown.

With that I look at what exactly are they doing here? Are they digging? Mining?

Wf+6 416228

"Perhaps an hour now, we have been gathering here. We think it is soon because there is a clock."

Most of the other dogs are just milling about and chatting idly as you are.

There is as he says a sort of complex mechanism nearby that seems highly pressurized and is emitting a lot of light through the cracks.

No luck, though you do get free without issue.

Chip(DD knight) 416229

"Ah, well if thats the case, then perhaps I can wait."
Stand there.
"Say, besides being a count, what do you do when you are still alive? Are you fort lord?"

Wf+6 416230

"I was an author."

Curry [Dead Again] 416231

Bah. No sense in subtlety. Time to yell out to anyone listening.

Wf+6 417619

The reaper attempts to throw off Seekkill. '1d10'

"You likely won't be able to comprehend, but that doesn't matter now. An answer you want, an answer you'll get.

The red button is an emergency station destruction button. Everyone here will be destroyed, and the time cycle will wink out of existence. That includes you. Not good for anyone. It relies on the fact that we Reapers are immortal and will always regenerate at the Great Castle. It was a failsafe in case the controls were captured. This is bad for you. You do not have the capability to regenerate. You will not come back to life. Most notably, the time cycle will have never happened.

The green button is an emergency harvest switch. It will also end the time cycle, but through a synthesis. The cycle will end and you will find yourself back at the start of the day you entered the city, with memories of every cycle. This is preferable but not ideal.

The blue button will also end the time cycle, but allow you to seize control of the exit point for the cycle. Everything that happened will still have happened, but you will likely not remember any of it, and it won't affect you. You would be able to choose if you exited in your proper time or in the current time.

I offer you a much preferable alternative. Let me download a patch to our vessel's systems. I can change the system to continue the cycle, but allow you to keep any memories from here on out with anchors, like we use. You could take advantage of the cycle to your own benefit. When you are prepared to leave, I would allow you to exit the time cycle whenever you wish. This allows our operations to continue and allows you to profit as you please with no consequences. A generous offer, I think."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 417621

He isn't able to push Seekkill's mass off of him, but he does get the claws to shift into a more comfortable position.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417623

I look at the others.
"We believe it?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 417625

"How do we know you're speaking the truth?"

"I'd never trust a Tirekian…"

Tela [Spellsword] 417627

D-Did I make it?

Wf+6 417628

"These systems are beyond your comprehension. You cannot even begin to conceive how they work. If you believe you have a means of confirming this is true, go ahead, but I calculate the likelihood of this to be less than two percent."

Yes, you're inside the part of the vessel with the fireplace.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417630

"Huh? What? What are you even saying?…"
I scratch my head in confusion.


Right… make my way back over to the room from earlier… sneakily.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Spring Water [Doctor] 417634

"What's stopping us from ending all this and destroying your work for all you've inflicted on us?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417635


I keep holding him down.

Spring Water [Doctor] 417637

"Followers of the dark god of destruction, Tirek."

Wf+6 417638

"I am saying you can't understand."

"As I recall, I have done nothing to you, while you have caused severe hull damage to our vessel in multiple places, killed two of my colleagues, and disrupted our operations for seemingly no reasons. You are an illogical being. If your imperfection drives you to continue to ruin our operations arbitrarily, press the red button. It will permanently destroy you, but perhaps in the last seconds of your existence, you will feel comforted that you have temporarily disabled our systems."

Opposed roll. '1d10'

You very loudly clunk down the corridors banging into doors and walls. Finally you kick open the door and find the Reaper and company.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 417639

He stays down.

Spring Water [Doctor] 417640

Right, how about those buttons? Are they exposed?

Wf+6 417641

Yes, but they're covered in sharp glass.

Tela [Spellsword] 417642

Shit. Well at least things are under control.
"I'm back! And yes, I'm okay, thanks for asking!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417643

"Seekkill think we let him do what he want. Live and let live."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417644

I frown.
"Well you're big dumb evil things!"

Can I just press them with my magic?

Spring Water [Doctor] 417645

But I can just press one with telekinesis, right?

"We have a decision to make. To destroy, or not to destroy."

"… I don't trust him. He clearly doesn't want us to press the Red button."

Tela [Spellsword] 417646

"Destroy what? This place? Hell yeah! Let's blow it up!"

Wf+6 417647

You can.

"Pressing the red button will permanently destroy you and all of your colleagues. You have no means to regenerate. This action is illogical."

Wf+6 417648

Oh, right, I lost count. Perception check.


"But it will also put us back to our natural state, you said… We've been dying thousands of times because of this thing. I don't want you to seize control of time again and backstab us."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Tela [Spellsword] 417651

"Whoa there sugarcube. That doesn't sound nice at all."


Roll #1 10 = 10

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417652

"He says Red button kill us forever. Pony have wax in ears?"


Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 417653

"The other buttons also would restore you to your natural state. But I would suggest the alternative."

You don't notice anything suspicious.

Movement catches the corner of your eye. The large center window, which has a view of a stormy castle, now has the two Reapers you killed before looking through it.

Spring Water [Doctor] 417654

"Do you want Emrille and the others back or not?"

"And you believe that? Isn't it suspicious how he's doing his very best to make the one option that would destroy their work as unappealing as possible? We can press the button and outrun the explosion."


Protective Bubble on myself!
"They're watching us!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417658

"Seekkill not think it work that way."

"They come back to life like it said?"

Tela [Spellsword] 417660

"Yeah whatever whatever! Just fucking do it then! Blow this shithole out of the sky so we can get the fuck out! I don't care anymore!"

Wf+6 417661

"You are illogical. Explosions travel at eight thousand meters per second. You cannot move at eight thousand meters per second. You will be consumed."

You renew your bubble.

The cloaked one touches the glass of the window and it melts away. There's a gust of wind as the vessel equalizes with the castle. The smell and sound of ambient rain now floods the cabin as well.

They do not, however, move to attack just yet, and observe.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417662

But the cycle just repeats over and over…
What other buttons are there on the console?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Okay! Time to finish this shit then! Reach out with my telekinesis and press the Red button!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417664

Wait scratch that
Can I use my roll to push the button?

Wf+6 417665

There are only three buttons behind the damaged glass. They are unlabeled, but their purposes were explained in this post: >>417619

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417666

I try to stop her.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 417668

Seeing your horn begin to glow, the Reaper leader closes with you and slashes you.

His unpinned ally makes an unopposed attack against you.

Reap: You no longer have access to Telekinesis. (You still don't have access to Heal.)

Spring Water: 0/5, 2/5

You assist them in restraining Spring and stand in front of the buttons, cutting off line of sight for telekinesis.

The Reaper leader nods. "Your exceeding logic and intelligence will be rewarded once this is over with. She is no longer a threat. She does not need to be killed."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417671

I rush over and heal her!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417672

"You make way for us to keep living, go back to own time, and keep memories right? Live and let live?"


I yelp in pain and try to get up
"What are you doing!?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh fuck this shit! You Tirekians are bad for business!"
Rush over and push the red button!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417678

I try to stop you.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 417679

The reaper that you had pinned stands up.

"Yes. It is possible. You require an anchor. Which can be easily made. We will provide it for you."

Spring Water is up.

"Your actions are illogical. Do not condemn yourselves to the void."

You take damage from the Reaper Leader and both assistants unopposed. Your protective bubble shatters!

Reap: You no longer have access to Protective Bubble.

Spring Water: 5/5, 3/5
Tela: 4/8, 5/5

You stumble, but there's no one opposed to you to take advantage of your opening…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 417680

I go for the button now!
I use my magic!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Just press that damn red button and finish this already!

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 7 = 7

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 417683

I try to stand up.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 417713

You're not even down. There's no one opposed to you.

The two of you get slashed to helplessness.

Reap: Summer no longer has access to Telekinesis.

"Your actions are illogical. Cease them and you will be spared."

You smash the button and there are a series of terrible explosions. Everything seems to collapse in on itself.

The time cycle has been destroyed, and your death – along with everyone else's, is incredibly painful. But at least it was short.

Emrille, Felfire:

The world begins to rip apart. You are faintly reminded of a vague memory of the world seemingly collapsing other times the time loop occurred, but this is nothing like that. Reality utterly rips and warps, and then ceases to exist.

Chip, Curry

Your afterlife explorations are suddenly cut short as you disappear from the timeline promptly before it gets shredded, too.


Wf+6 418122

The fleet closes in on the port from the sea. Smoke is rising from deeper into the city, but the docks are wide open. There are no other ships here.

Reptil, which you had heard to be a busy city, thriving with citizens has empty streets. No figures are moving about as far as you can see.

On the Pillager's Fancy
Abilio is at the helm. He gives the town a hard stare and shakes his head.

"I've seen this before. It's all burnt out. Must've gone through a raid a couple months before we arrived. We're not going to be able to sell anything here. We may as well keep sailing."

On the Darklantern
Itztli raises a brow and looks at the city from his perch on the railing.


Felfire [Necromancer] 418123

"Strange nopony heard of it, if the town was so busy…
Imagine all the stories those bones have to tell…"

Chip(DD knight) 418124

I joined Itztli in staring at the city on the deck.
"What do you see?"

What do I see btw? Anything of note that moves/not moving in the city?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418125

"What a shithole."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418126

"How unfortunate."

Tela [Spellsword] 418127

"You're telling me."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418128

"How will we get a whore for you this way, huh?"

Tela [Spellsword] 418129

"Maybe we can use one of your colleagues."

Tony [Trickster] 418130

I note that.
"What's up Itztli?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418131

"You can't fuck yourself, silly."

Tela [Spellsword] 418132

"You do it all the time though."

Wf+6 418133


The only thing you can see moving in the city from out in the bay is smoke rising from deeper in the city. There is no smoke out on the wharf district: it's obviously burned, but it stopped burning a long time ago.

"Word takes time to travel with a city like Reptil. Especially given that legitimate merchants will not make port here. Perhaps two months is an overestimation. There are still fires going on, it seems. Could've been two weeks. We could ask the dead, I suppose."

"Yes… especially given that we had intended to expand the fleet here and get some support staff to crew the new additions to the fleet."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418134

"I suppose miss Cloudy will have to plot a new course then, no?"

Tony [Trickster] 418135

"Nearby future did not occur? I'm afraid I'm not following you, Itztli."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418136

Wrap my tail around my flank and pout.
"Fillies are not for sex, miss Tela."
Then laugh.

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418137

I frown at the empty port. "No loot here."

Tela [Spellsword] 418138

"And you're still slutting it up at every possible occasion!"

Wf+6 418139

"Yes… we'll convene an officer's moot and have a course in an hour, I'd imagine."

Abilio heads belowdecks, then surfaces a few minutes later with a few other officers, including Terrebonne and Al-Jinn.


Wf+6 418140

Cheese climbs up to your shoulder.

No food, either.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418141

"Says the mare with the nickname 'I sucked a hundred dicks once.'"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418142

I give them a polite nod as they surface.

Chip(DD knight) 418143

I lie on the deck staring at the sun.
"Of all places to pillage why Reptil? Where do I get to spend my doubloons now for wine and women?"

I look glumly at him.
"Why raid Reptil, its a sin city. or port. The only place we can get some ass."
I just then breath out, a bit frustrated.

Tela [Spellsword] 418144

"Takes one to know one."
I smirk

Felfire [Necromancer] 418145

"Just what I had in mind."
Go to Terrebonne. and wait for them to talk.
"What's decided?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418146

Flutter up on her back.
"You must be the expert then."
Look over the town.
"What the fuck can we even do here?
I don't want another building house to fall on me."

Wf+6 418147

Abilio and the other officers cross over to the Darklantern and head to the commodore's office.

Dolly Doldrums is nearby and remarks, "Well, they had a good market last time I came. Plenty of anti-thieving traps, but that don't help much if you just smash and grab. I bet they wanted the loot."

"Nating yet. Abilio jus' ask me ta come ta talk ta Smitts wit him 'n tha udders."

Tony [Trickster] 418148

"So there was something else here and now it's gone. And we can change it by using chaotic magic. You mean like those fighting moves you taught me?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418149

"Oh. I will hang back then."

Wf+6 418150


Light Heart [Warlord] 418151

I should follow them.
Motion Emrille to come as well.

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418152

"Not many folks around, not like the stories," I try to give a small smile "ye wish to explore it anyway?"
I smile at him 'we'll find you something bucko'

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418153

Give a little kick to Tela's back.
"Hey, after Light Heart, chop chop."

Tony [Trickster] 418154

"Might be interesting. How do we do that?"

Tela [Spellsword] 418155

"I dunno, we'll see what the captain says, I guess."

Drop her off
"I don't have a fancy enough uniform to follow those bootlickers, unlike you."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418156

"Eh, you useless lazy whore."

I follow Light Heart on my own then.

Tela [Spellsword] 418157

"I know you love riding others, but that's no reason to get grumpy, princess."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418158

"We stop here and take from dead?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418159

"At least I would get some use out of you.
When was the last time you contributed to our relationship, huh? Is a backride so much to ask for?"

Chip(DD knight) 418160

"Bah. ingrates the lot of them. No decency on what target to loot and what not too. Looting Reptil? Where will the other pirates looking for a good time go now? Bah…" I just sat at the deck furious.

"Explore the city? Well if the commodore wants an exploration party to go there I will but I am no scavenger so I dont want to rummage the burnt area's to look for some scrap metal or anything."I just closed my arms

Wf+6 418161


The officer's moot has filled the commodore's cabin, with Smitts presiding at his desk.

"Most unfortunate that it's burned out… we're heavy right now, too many cities looted without selling… Topaz, how are we on the mint?"

"Well, we've got gold, which means we can make doubloons. On schedule, production-wise. Our other stocks are suffering, though."

Umlock growls something unintelligible and Sunnyskies translates:

"Gold is heavy, booze is not. And we're running low on rum and food."

Smitts considers it. "It's true, we normally just buy food. No point hauling it during a raid. And are there nearby cities within range?"

Al-Jinn speaks: "It would have to be something in the southern seas… Dust or Dixie."

Rusty Wrench shakes his head. "No, no."

Flux adds, "Dixie. There's no food in Dust."

Mellow Marsh responds, "Dust! They'll hang us in Dixie."

A jenny none of you is familiar with sighs, "So we're dead either way."

Smitts puts a hoof against his forehead. "I thought the point of the suggestions was to only list places where they wouldn't be inclined to attack us. Now… there's still the Aquamarine City."

"Do you think they'd let us land?"

"They let everyone land. It'll be LEAVING that's the trouble."

No one seems satisfied.

A nearby menial remarks, "They're probably all looted out, but you could look around. We've got an hour"

Tony [Trickster] 418162

Go over to the commodore's cabin.

Wf+6 418163

The posted bruisers won't let you in. You're not an officer.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418164

Well, what could I ever do now?
Let's go look for the others.
Face. I bet he's been here before.

Tony [Trickster] 418165

"But I'd like to talk to the Commodore, he'd like to hear what I have to say."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418166

"So, I'm not an expert on cities, but why would they hang us at this Dixie place?
And Aquamarine City? There's always a solution for shit like this."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418167

"Dixie would be quite lovely, I must say."

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418168

"I'll got see if he wants someone to check. I'm a good savagn" I pat you on the back "Don't worry mate, next port will be full of booze and wrenches."

Tela [Spellsword] 418169

"Guess they were just desperate for loot. Fuckers."

Wf+6 418170

"Dixie has a pleasant climate and has more than enough money, but they're very concerned with honor, and they won't like pirates. Well, correction: they won't mind pirates as long as we act polite. It's their way. I don't know if the fleet can handle polite."

Abilio adds, "The Aquamarine City is ruled by Discordians. They tend to be a little… unpredictable."

Face is lounging about on the deck.

"What's up, wingpony?"

He shrugs. "Lemme see if he wants to hear it. What'd you say yer name was?"

Chip(DD knight) 418171

I nod at this and stretch my muscles.
"Truth be told, I would rather spend time doing something than staring at the deck and just letting time pass by. How about I accompany you?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418172

"Hey pal.
You've sailed the world.
Been to reptil before?"

Tony [Trickster] 418173



I fly out over the city and look for shiny things.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418175

I go to look for the Commodore.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418176

"Discordians? That sounds very unpleasant."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418177

"Fuck that, that's easy then. Tell the crew members who would stir shit that they'll get shot up if they cause trouble, so stay on the ships if they can't behave, and send out the more polite and diplomatic ones to trade and shit."
Point a wing at LH.
"Simple, isn't it? If they don't like being stranded here, then bring them rum or someshit so they can entertain themselves on the ships, and still not cause trouble in town while we conduct business."

Wf+6 418178

"Yeah, sure. I'm not too worried. They'll bounce back. Not the first time Reptil's been hit. So what? We wait."

"Alright. Lemme check it out."

Everything in the wharf district is coated in ash. Nothing shiny really stands out – though you do see broken glass catching the sun in a few places. You could try flying past the smoke into the inner city, if you like.

A bruiser-pony opens the door and hollers in, "Smitts, a 'Tony' to see you. Says he's got… something you want to hear or somethin'?"

Smitts just waves him in.

Looks like Tony's clear for entry.

Better sneak in with your hard-to-be-noticed skills before they shut that door again!

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418179

'1d10' rolling to go in the door.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Felfire [Necromancer] 418180

"I was thinking about snagging a few bones from there.
Somepony that could tell what happened.
Who do you think would know?"


I do so and keep looking for anything shiny.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Light Heart [Warlord] 418182

I nod
"We are short on choices here, to be quite fair. I've… been to Dixie before myself. It could be a decent enough place to sail to seeing the lack of other options."

Tony [Trickster] 418183

Walk in.
"Hello there." I say to the assembled officer corps.
"I just figured all of you would like to know that reality has been torn asunder around here. and that if we still would like to visit Reptil, Itztli could take care of it. Restoring it back to…whatever it was."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418184

"I beg your pardon? Who is Itztli, mister Tony?"

Chip(DD knight) 418185

Well since Sateo left for the officers meeting, I just doly doldrum around the deck.

Fish out that ore that Curry gave to me and examine it in the sun. Does it have anything that I can manage to figure out of it?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Tony [Trickster] 418186

"My powerful Discordian bunny, any other questions?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418187

"See? If they are honorable or whatnot, I bet we can dock there and get out after trading without problem."

"Say what now?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418188

"A Discordian bunny? Surely, you must be joking."

Wf+6 418189

Looks like you slip in undetected.

Most of the officers look confused.

Smitts clarifies: "His Discordian friend. The rabbit. Restocking here does sound ideal. What's the catch?"

As you burst through the smoke cover, you find a part of the city still living. The relatively small government district is intact and heavily barricaded. A few survivors patrol, heavily armed.

"A… guard or something? I dunno. Not like you can just look at a corpse and say, 'That right there is a captain' or something, can you? Well, normally you could, but they probably got their armor and stuff torn off by looters…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418190

I return to the ship I live on and look for the captain.

Wf+6 418191

It's a strange metal… the light hits it in odd ways. It feels pliable underneath, but unyielding where the sun is hitting it. Interesting properties…

You feel like you could make a very unique weapon out of this.

Chip(DD knight) 418192

Tony [Trickster] 418193

"Reality is kaput. Broken. We might salvage it, well that is if we want to."

"We have to find a magnetic lodestone in the city. With it Itztli could restore it, otherwise we're left with this smoking pile of ruins."

"For once I'm not." I chuckle.

Wf+6 418194

The captain isn't present on the Seaworthy… nor are any of the other officers.

Wf+6 418195

"It doesn't seem much trouble to send out a recovery team to find it."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418196

"That's why you look where they are supposed to be.
Just point me to the guard posts.
No governor or anything?
Maybe he pissed off someone powerful and brought the attack upon them."

Tony [Trickster] 418197

"I'll go with them. I want to see it for myself."

Chip(DD knight) 418198

Toy with it for a mean time before putting it back in my bag and head down in the smithing area.
Have you finalized the smiths 3 point skill? Links?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418199

"How the fuck can you even break reality?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418200

I ask around to find out where they have gone.

Tony [Trickster] 418201

"Reality is a pretty frail thing. Completely breaks down with even the smallest thick."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418202

"This is all very… odd. How could this possibly have happened?"

"I volunteer to come along."

Tony [Trickster] 418203

"Who knows? Maybe some fuckhuge eldritch horror decided to yawn."

Wf+6 418204

"As I recall, Reptil has a council that governs it. Try the administrative district, in the heart of town. Big city hall. Pillars and stuff.

Guard posts… I'm not sure there were formal ones. It was kind of one of those 'everybody here can take care of themselves' kind of places… patrolling guards sometimes, but… oh right! The lighthouse! There would have been guards there. Up on the hill overlooking the town."

Both final and official. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LnZ7DC4Y0Z5CkqaJN7bYi2PzIIs86YPgkSHFbu5eQko/edit#heading=h.om5533nscejv

They have gone to an officer's meeting on the Darklantern in the commodore's cabin.

"Well, let's not waste time if this is a bust. Try to get it back within the hour so we don't waste any time if he can't come through on this. Discordians aren't traditionally reliable. You're dismissed, Miss Heart. Take whoever you see fit."

Tony [Trickster] 418205

And I'm off with LH.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418206

Nod at them.
"I'll go too."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418207

I nod
"Of course."
Let's go gather the Autumnsreach team again.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418208

I go over there and wait outside the door.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418209

Nod slowly.
"Thank'ya kindly pal.
Owe you one.
Want anything from town?"

Tony [Trickster] 418210

I'll go to Itztli for a second.
Ask him if he'd like to come with us.

Wf+6 418211

He shrugs. "No mares out there. Maybe you can pay me back some other time. And DON'T bring back a corpse and offer to animate it, wingpony."

A steady flow of officers are leaving. Sunnyskies stops when he sees you at the door. "You need something, private?"


Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418212

I follow Light heart. "Ye think this going to work?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418213

"I know pal, I know. Maybe I'll find you a dress."

Back to the others. Where's everypony?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418214

"Seekkill found survivors hiding in smoke."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418215

I'll need to round up the same team from Autumnsreach. And pull Emrille aside from a moment.

I look him over, unsure where he came from.
"… I do hope so."

Chip(DD knight) 418216

I look at the leaving officers.
"What happen? Any decision?"

Tony [Trickster] 418217

"Right, that might make it easier."
He can hop on my shoulder if he wants, or just run along.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418218

I glance up as she does.

Wf+6 418219

Looks like Light Heart is putting together some kind of team on the Darklantern.

He nods. "Maybe we oughtta tell Smitts."

He takes you back inside the cabin, "Commodore, one of our advance scouts spotted survivors deep inside the city. Could be trouble."

Smitts sighs. "We'll loot them if this rabbit thing doesn't pan out."

"Light Heart probably wants to see you."

He does, with a single gargantuan leap, land on your shoulder.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418220

"Keep a watchful eye open for mister Tony and that… Bunny. I am not certain we can trust Discordians."

"We are heading into Reptil."

Tony [Trickster] 418221

Nice, I feel like a pirate now, with a rabbit instead of a parrot.

Get over to LH again.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418222

"Rabbit thing?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418223

Well approach her.
"Great, because I have a bone to pick in town."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418224

Nod and grin.
"Gotcha'. No funny business from them."

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418225

"Aye, we be off to search for a magnet to restore the city with."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418226

I look at Itztli
"So it is true then. Mister Itztli, I presume?"

Chip(DD knight) 418227

I give her an uncertain look.
"Seriously. Dont tell me we are going there to scavenge stuff that is just… low. No I am not going there to carry scrap metal."

Wf+6 418228

"Discordians. We'll see how it works out. In fact… you know more about the town than anyone here. Why don't you go help Miss Heart? You might even find something worth eating in there, Seekkill."

Wf+6 418229


Felfire [Necromancer] 418230

Raise a brow.
"What the fuck. Who are you?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418231

"We are not. As mister Sateo said, we may have a way to restore the town… somehow."

I take a step back
"… Greetings. I am Light Heart. Can you lead us to this… magnet?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418232

I track down Light Heart.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418233

That's… something."

"Let's head out, yeah."
Make sure to tell Tela to come too.

Tony [Trickster] 418234


Felfire [Necromancer] 418235

"That's a name, not an explanation."

Wf+6 418236



Tony [Trickster] 418237

"You asked who, not what."

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418238

I pet the rabbit "ye be a smart one Itztli."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418239

"Got me there."
"Discordian? Right. Looks like he would."

Chip(DD knight) 418240

"Restore…… "
I snicker trying not to laugh.
"Okay as you guys say so, I mean how will you….."


"Is that rabbit talking?!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418241

I nod
"Very well then, thank you."
I turn to the group

"Mister Smitts adviced haste. Do not squander away time, understood? We must find this magnet as quickly as possible and return it to mister Itztli."

Tony [Trickster] 418242

"Indeed, let's get walking."
Start walking and find this warf district.

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418243

"Aye aye." I look for the remains of anything like a shop.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418244

I follow them along into town.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418245

"How does it look?"
Let's follow the group.

Chip(DD knight) 418246

"Magnet?! What Magnet?" I scratch my head.

I watch them all leave.
"Care for someone to explain it to me?" I wave back.

Wf+6 418247

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418248

Light Heart [Warlord] 418249

"Mister Itztli is the expert here, I'm afraid. You will need to ask him."

Tony [Trickster] 418250

"Long story short: this isn't the "real" Reptil. Something went horribly wrong with reality somewhere. And we're going to see if we might fix it."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418251

Roll my eyes.
"Hey Tony, does that rabbit know what the magnet looks like?"

Tony [Trickster] 418252

"Looks like a big stone probably?" Look at Itztli.

Wf+6 418253

A cursory examination of the wharf district gives fifteen different shops, but you eliminate the herb and food shops right away, leaving seven relevant to smithing.


Light Heart [Warlord] 418254

"It probably looks like a stone, miss Felfire. You only need to check whether it is magnetic or not."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418255

"Where we find it? What is mag-nit?"

Chip(DD knight) 418256

Run after them and follow. I then look at Tony.
"What are we looking for exactly? A literal magnet or something metaphorical?" I scrathc my head.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418257

"There can be a lot of chunks of rock in a city like this."

Tony [Trickster] 418258

Go into the nearest shop. '1d10'


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418259

seven shops? check one of them for any rocks '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tony [Trickster] 418260

"Not all of them will get your weapon stuck on it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418261

"Somewhere in the many ruined shops, most likely."

"Which is why we must exercise haste and not get distracted."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418262

"So tap every rock with my gun, or what?"


Flutter up and look?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Chip(DD knight) 418263

Ah… I see I will look around."
Go and find this magnet thing. Use some kind of metal to detect its presence or something.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418264

"What it look like?"


"Like a rock, I believe. Metals tend to get stuck to magnetic surfaces."
Start looking around the many stores here

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418266

I start looking for the magnet in one of the shops.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 418267

"Might have been runed or of a distinctive shape if it has magical properties.
Easier than throwing pins at every rock we see."
Sigh and keep looking around.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418268

"We shall see, I suppose."

Wf+6 418269

This shop is totally collapsed. You spend some time clearing out rubble and can't find anything magnetic.

This one is full of rocks! But it's all cheap metal like highly impure tin.

You stick your head in a shop and find it's full of skeletons. You pick through them a bit and find nothing.

No luck in this shop, though there is a relatively fresh corpse. Might be good for eating.

You both head into a shop. This one is full of mostly-wrecked gadgets. Heading into the back room, you find a ram skeleton slumped over a big hunk of rock.

Immediately your weapons are jerked from their sheathes and attach themselves to the rock.

Chip(DD knight) 418270

I look at Light Heart.
"Hey! That looks like one." I grin.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418271

I smile and look at Chip
"Well now, look at this."
Go outside and inform our strange bunny companion.

Tony [Trickster] 418272

I come with LH.
"That the one Itztli?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418273

I leave it and go back out of the shop.. Eating dead things that are lying around is an easy way to get sick.
"Find it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418274

Head to the others.
"Anypony find anything yet?"

Chip(DD knight) 418275

I nod at this as I go to the magnet and pull our weapons and stuffs out of its reach.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418276

"Yeah, over here."

Join LH.

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418277

pick up enough of those metal rocks to pass out to everyone, so we'll be able to test for stickiness. '1d10' keep looking

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418278

Join too.
"I only saw some skeletons. That's your fancy, not mine."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418279

I chuckle at this

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418280

I follow her.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418281

"I bet he popped a bone as soon as he saw you."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418282

"I don't think I was his type, he just lay there."

Wf+6 418283


You find the rest of the group!

You also remember that tin is not attracted to magnets.

Chip(DD knight) 418284

I look at the tin that the he handed.
"This is Tin. Hey we have found the magnet thing. Follow me."

Tony [Trickster] 418285

"Looks like we won't even need to change it back, if you both like it so much."
I chuckle.


Light Heart [Warlord] 418286

I rub my head as he yells loudly once again

Chip(DD knight) 418287

I scratch my head.
"Uhhmm… maybe?"

Tela [Spellsword] 418288

"This best not fuck us over…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418289

"Not everyone has what's needed to make'm move."
Smirk at her.
"I'd like to take a peak at why this happened before we restore it.
Maybe check the bodies of the council."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418290

"Random irreversible shit happening? Why not!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418291


Tony [Trickster] 418292

"Oh please, Tela. Where do you get such ideas." I say with a smirk.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418293

"I suppose you could, if you wish to waste the additional time."

I chuckle
"Be brave, miss Emrille. Fortune favors the bold."

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418294

I'm just a dumb pirate dog, I don't know about magnets, that's practically magic bro.
"Go for it bunny." I hold on to cheese just to be sure the little guy isn't lost in transition

Tony [Trickster] 418295

"We don't have time for that!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418296

"Better make us a fortune too then."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418297

"So we jump blind into this one?"

Raise a shadow.
Have it fly for the council and grab a skull.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418298

"How we not have time?"


Also, luck roll for the skull.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Tela [Spellsword] 418300

"I'm sorry for being a little suspicious about trusting a bunch of pranksters."

Tony [Trickster] 418301

"It's the only sensible way to live."

"Because Smitts is leaving in an hour wether or not we have something."

Wf+6 418302


Everything… sort of falls apart… [See next post]

As it approaches the Administrative District it is shot out of the sky by the heavily-armed survivors under the command of the Lord-Protector.

Chip(DD knight) 418303

I raise my paw.
"Wait wait wait wait! Wait a minute. What if our future is bad compared to this that we have now? Do we have assurance that what will happen next is good?"

Chip(DD knight) 418304

"I mean really it must be whoa you rabbi…

Wf+6 418305

When your vision stops slurring, you're in an intact smithing shop.

A very black puff-ball gives you a frustrated, "How did you get into my shop? I put a bell on ze door for just zis reason!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418306

Happy birthday, gramps!"
Look around…
What the fuck?

Light Heart [Warlord] 418307

I look around in amazement.
"Wondrous… It seems like it worked."

Tony [Trickster] 418308

"Fear not. We're just visitors. How is Reptil doing?"

Chip(DD knight) 418309

Just stand there still confused and amazed at what happened.

Tela [Spellsword] 418310

"Whoa! What the shit!?"

Tony [Trickster] 418311

"What did you expect? Reality to collapse, what an idea!" I chuckle.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418312


Wf+6 418313

"You seem to be touched in ze head. Reptil is ze same city it vas yestertag. Rowdy and full of ponies zat sneak into shops!"

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418314

I shrug "Maybe ye bell is busted? "

Light Heart [Warlord] 418315

"I'm not quite so certain what I expected. Nothing at all, perhaps?"

I bow my head slightly
"My sincerest apologies, mister…?"

Tony [Trickster] 418316

"Well I hope you'll remember this then."

"Fucking magic. Time to leave."

I go outside.
"Thanks Itztli. This will be a lot more fun then walking through burning ruins."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418317

"Don't worry, just takin' a look."
Anything interesting for me?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look around as well.
Swords and shit?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 418319

"Oh great."
Groan and leave the shop.
What's changed?
Is the fleet still here?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418320

I might as well look at the stuff in here too.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD knight) 418321

Follow him.
"Is this… all your doing? How?!"

Wf+6 418322


Rosemary and Skylight look just as confused as you are. Wark isn't as concerned with reality and just goes about looking at the gear.

"Nonna this stuff is blades. You make weapons?"

"Mostly trinkets and repairs."

There aren't any weapons at all except one strapped to the ceiling. It's an incredibly beautiful sword.

The port is now busier. Not completely full, but certainly active and alive.

Mostly odd trinkets and gadgets.

Tony [Trickster] 418323

"It's Itztli's doing. I'm just the messenger."

Tony [Trickster] 418324

Tela [Spellsword] 418325

"Whoa! Look at that blade, Emmy!"
Turn to the smith
"Hey, pal, how much for that?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418326

No scopes or any shooting enchancing stuff?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418327

"Can it shoot fiery bullets?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418328

What about the shops? Also, raise Fervored into a shadow.
And Magenta.
Discordian time magic. How does it work?

Chip(DD knight) 418329

I just scratched my head, this is all new to me.
magic users.
"So… what now? I assume that the ship can trade their stuffs here and can get provisions right?" I tilt my head.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418330

"That is a nice sword up there, mister… Stein."

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418331

Well, let's leave here and look around reptil. maybe I can spot an easy target to steal from '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tela [Spellsword] 418332

"Who gives a shit!?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418333

"Should we go back to boat?"

Wf+6 418334

He nods, but doesn't say anything.

"Not for sale, I'm afraid, mein fräulein. I'm using it for research. Have you been keeping up on ze literature? Very interesting research on magnetism…"

Most of these gadgets look like they're used for stuff like that, but you can't figure out what does what.

I believe he said it used magnets.

You see a beggar on the streets who seems to have gathered a reasonable amount of bits.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418335

"I do."

"Any shooty shooty stuff you have? For this, maybe?"
Pat my gun.

Tony [Trickster] 418336

"I suppose, but they can do that without us. I'm going out."

I guess I'll go back to the boat first to drop him off.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418337

And look at this, a whole town is born anew. From nothing.
I should talk with Grogar, this is gonna make him angry.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418338

I chuckle heartily
"Magnetism… Yes, we have come into contact with such things lately. That is an odd accent you have there, Germane?"

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418339

take 3/4 of the bits from the beggar. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah shit… Nevermind then…"
Leave the shop and look around outside
Is everything really back to normal condition?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Light Heart [Warlord] 418341

"Soon, yes."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418342

I go outside and fly upwards to get a look at the city.

Chip(DD knight) 418343

I nod at this as I watch him leave going to the boats.
"Good job btw. That is something!"

Hmmm…… what to do what to do….
Ah yes! Look and explore the restored Reptil, perhaps time for some fun!

I look at the others who still remains in the shop.
"Hey! Who wants to go and have some fun?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418344

I call down to him.
"What do for fun?"

Wf+6 418345

"I could make someting."

You do so.


"Yes, but I haff been from home a lonk time, mein fräulein."

You trip and fall face-first into his lap.

"Ah… thank you for your generosity, but please, I can't eat with 'that' kind of donation."

Sort of. As you exit the shop, you notice a nicely-dressed pegasus wheeling some sort of extremely foreign two-wheeled machine up to the door of the shop.

It's bustling with life.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418346

"Yes… I think we could."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418347

Oh well.
Back to the ship I guess.

Wf+6 418348

Why do you think it would bother Grogar?

Light Heart [Warlord] 418349

"Interesting. You are a fellow traveler then? How long have you been here in Reptil?"

Chip(DD knight) 418350

"Drink, food, gamble, hell this is Reptil. This is the place. Lets go!"

Find a good place to do just that.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Tony [Trickster] 418351

"Thanks. I'll be back later."

Now time to check out the whores!

Tela [Spellsword] 418352

"Hey Emmy! Come look at this!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418353

"Make something like? And how much would it cost?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418354

Thousand of souls making it away from his realm in the blink of an eye? That's gonna make him wonder what has happened, at least.

Sateo [Diamond Dog Monk] 418355

Well, that's embarrassing. "Sorry mate." get up and leave and take some of those bits. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418356

Poke my head out.
"What? You saw a dick even you would choke on?"

Tela [Spellsword] 418357

I point at the weird machine
"No you fucking whore! Look at this!"

Wf+6 418358

"Not long. My research requires me to find new leylines – I vill be packing up shortly and moving from here soon, too."

You head into the red light district. It is large and varied. Where to first?

Perhaps. We will see what he has to say.

"A scope, you vant? Or sometink else? Maybe a stabilizer…"

You take a few bits. You have eight now.

Wf+6 418359

There's a nearby bar – The Wretched Hive. Well, it's more of a cantina.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418360

I follow you from the air.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418361

Nod and go to the Pillanger's Fancy, enter doc Peg's cabin.
Wait, knock first.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418362

"Not bad, but what the hell is it?"

Turn back to the shop.
"A scope would be great.
And what sort of stabilizer? I had a saddle for my rifle but… eh, long story."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418363

I tap a hoof against my chin with a smile
"As it so happens… I am part of a traveling fleet."

Tony [Trickster] 418364

Rub my paws.
Lemme see now.
Looking for mares, preferably cute ones.

Tela [Spellsword] 418365

"Yeah, what the hell is this thing? Some kind of weapon?"
Look at the pegasus

Chip(DD knight) 418366

"Hmmmm… " Go inside and check it out.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418367

I follow chip inside.

Chip(DD knight) 418368

Put an arm around his neck.
"Let see if there are some good booze here eh?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418369

I take your arm off y neck.

Wf+6 418370

"Oh? Are you soliciting me, mein fräulein?"

He opens the door and welcomes you in without a word.

This place is packed. There's musical entertainment, and a big, circular bar at the center. Ponies are dancing, but most are sitting at tables, carrying on conversations. It looks like it's full of mercenaries and smugglers.

The pegasus gives you a distant look.

"It's for travel. To get around quickly."

"I can make zem cheap, but I am a little busy at ze moment."

There are high class joints that don't have windows, and low class locations that have mares rubbing their bits against the window. The further you get down 7th Avenue – the main street of the red light district – the more arcane the shops get. Far in the back, there are odd fetishistic whorehouses and mindreading establishments. More than a few that are strip joints that profit primarily off sales of soporific alcohol and mind-numbing drugs.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418371

Look between him and LH.
"So, when will you be free?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418372

"Would you be interested if I told you that I was, mister Stein?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418373

Close the door behind me.
"A whole city rose from ashes before I could even realize it.
All those souls came back without a word spared for Grogar.
Has he said anything?"

Wf+6 418374

"Now ZAT is a question I cannot answer!"

He gives a little bit of a mad laugh.

Tela [Spellsword] 418375

"So… it's like a mini carriage or some shit?"

Chip(DD knight) 418376

"My kind of place."
Go to the bar and get some drinks for me and Seek. Smooth and heavy if they have it then hand one to Seek.

"Try it. Its good."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418377

"Okay, but will you travel with us. Follow Light Heart, I mean."
"She is very generous and kind, y'know."

Wf+6 418378

He chuckles, "Perhaps. I am getting a little bit old, it vouldn't hurt to have zomeone to stay vith."

You blink, and you're staring at yourself.

Felfire remarks, "I actually was just speaking with Him. Very interesting. But it makes sense based on what I've always studied. You do know about the delicate balance of life and death – how it's important order of entropy be maintained and how you can't just go resurrecting everyone?"

A very passive nod, and a slight smile. "Something like that."

Catalan Winebeer. Goes down smooth and rough at the same time.


"That's really neat…"
Look at it, how does it work?
"So… why aren't you using it?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 418380

"Of course.
Something is wrong here."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418381

"Cool. You won't regret it, I promise."
Flutter to Light Heart.
"And maybe you could give some discounts for friends while we're at it once you can craft stuff for my gun."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418382

I chuckle as well
"Excellent. We stay on the Pillager's Fancy. I am certain you will have some packing to do first, but keep in mind that I believe we will leave sometime tomorrow. We could use the extra hooves."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418383

I order the same stuff he did and drink it.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Tony [Trickster] 418384

Mmmmh. Flip a coin.
1. High class.
2. Don't give a shit. Lower class

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD knight) 418385

Haha Cheers. Let good vibes flow. Drink

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 418386

File: 1369255880528.jpg (125.59 KB, 625x419, brough-superior-2.jpg)

You can't even begin to fathom how it works. It is so abruptly alien – so utterly foreign and unlike anything you've ever seen – that you have no idea where to begin. It has a bunch of pipes and some sort of big block… the most you can figure out are the wheels, handles, and seat. And a sort of… lantern on front?

"Something is wrong with the engine."

What the fuck is an engine? You've never even heard that word.

"Quite the opposite. It would seem that there was a balance. Grogar's design is truly magnificent, isn't it? Like a perfect tapestry that can never be despoiled. He gave me a vision of it once… but it was too much. Perhaps one day."

"Alright, then."

He starts packing.

Lower class it is! You kick in the first door you see and demand some hot action.

The madam just shrugs. Guess she's seen this before. "Got any preferences, honey?"

She lines up a few mares. All the colors of the rainbow!

These vibes are a little TOO good. You're getting wasted fast.

Fucking Catalans.

Tela [Spellsword] 418387

"Oh, right. The engine. That explains it!"
I stay quiet for a moment, then speak up again
"What the hell is an engine?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418388

"Fucking A."

Flutter on the back of Tela and slap her ass with my tail.
"Gonna' do some stuff on my own now, where will you be once you stopped sucking dick?"

Tony [Trickster] 418389

Any purple ones?

Felfire [Necromancer] 418390

Stare blankly at him and blink for a few seconds.
"Okay, that's another worry for nothing."
"Do you think Abilio will be busy right now?"

Chip(DD knight) 418391

I look at Seekkill.
"Hey! Lets not get wasted on the first bar that we visit! How about we…. oooohh.."

Check out the dancing females. Are they hot?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Light Heart [Warlord] 418392

I smile and nod my head in appreciation
"Excellent. I look forward to our cooperation, mister Stein."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418393

"Wasted? What looking at?"

Wf+6 418394

"The part that makes it go."

Purple is a color of the rainbow, yes.

She has a red mane and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is something related to flowers.

"Probably. I think he was working on the cargo manifest. Maybe he could use a hand? Or did you have something else in mind?"

Pretty hot. Almost suspiciously hot. Wait, no, you're drunk. Hot mares in a bar makes sense.

"Yes, yes."

He waves at you distantly as he lugs out a bug trunk.

…You think you may have acquired soot during that conversation without even touching him.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418395

"I just needed a portal. Guess bothering him is not the right choice."

Tela [Spellsword] 418396

"Sure, uh… I dunno. Just look around or some shit."

"… Oh."
This guy is not making any sense

Tony [Trickster] 418397

Go over to her and touch her chin with a finger.
"You look like you want to have some fun."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418398

Let's exit this place then.

"Any plans, you two?"

Chip(DD knight) 418399

Of course go to them and check them out, dragging Seekkill.
"Do you mares have time! You can spend those times with us!" I called out amidst the crowd.

"Checking out hot females what else?!"

"And wasted means drunk my friend." I pat his back.

Wf+6 418400

"If it's important, I'm sure he'll listen. The Fullmaster is a good stallion."

"Yeah… so how do you like it, big guy?"

Outside, there's a nicely-dressed pegasus in a button up shirt and jacket, wearing a hat and goggles. The pegasus speaking with Tela and propping up a monstrous mechanical device.

Wf+6 418401

One of them calls back, "Maybe you should try the back door, honey!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418402

Roll my eyes.
"I mean how to find you once I'm… eh, I'll manage.

Head out from the shop, then find a potion-y place.

Tela [Spellsword] 418403

"Not really, but look at this thing!"
Wave a hoof at the… engine thingy

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418404

"Wasted drunk."
I try to get your arm off me.
"Seekkill not want check out ponies."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418405

"I bet. Thanks for the chat."
Leave and go look for Abilio.
"You busy? I need a ride."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418406

"That is quite the… thing."
… What is it again?

Wf+6 418407

There's a quiet little potion shop called "Potent Potables".

He looks up from his paperwork, "I'm afraid you're getting a little big to ride around on me."

See picture: >>418386

Chip(DD knight) 418408

I grin.
"Want to check it out with me!?" I call back.

"Yes, wasted means drunk and drunk in a way that you cant get up because you are so drunk and wasted!" I nod.
"What do you want then?" I look back.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418409


Light Heart [Warlord] 418410

Well that's helpful
"What a strange device. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418411

"Seekkill want drink. Maybe hunt. Mares not sound fun."

Tony [Trickster] 418412

"You. Me. Some booze. Do you have some saddles and ropes lying around here?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418413

"Right. Sorry. Let me rephrase that. I need to visit Stonebriar, I left something important there. Could you open a portal for me? I'll help you finish this paperwork quickly."

Tela [Spellsword] 418414

"I know right?"
I look at the pegasus
"How will you fix it? Can I try it out?"

Chip(DD knight) 418415

I look at him giving him a blank stare with a hint of suspicion. Then look him in the eye.
"Mares. dont. sound. fun? Why?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418416

"Mares ponies. How ponies fun?"

Chip(DD knight) 418417

I then give him slanted eyes and whisper.
"Dont tell me you like…. guys?|"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418418

I cock my head to the other side.
"How guys fun?"

Wf+6 418419

"I gotta work."

There's an old mare behind the counter. No merchandise for viewing in this shop, it's all back there with her. Probably safety or some bullshit.

"Oh, yes. Let's just–"

The Madam stops you. "Just need to see some money first, sir – so we know you can pay at the end. We get a lot of desperate types in here, and you don't want us to lump you in with them, right?"

He stands up and stretches a bit. "Well, it would be a good break. This is getting dreadfully tiresome. Let's go, then."

A portal to Tartarus rips open before you.

The pegasus shrugs. "Everyone said this Stein was the one to ask about strange stuff. I don't think it's particularly strange, though."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418420

Flutter up on the counter.
"Hey there. I'd like to purchase a very special potion."
Motion her closer.

Chip(DD knight) 418421

"Ohohohoho… they can do shit you dont know. I mean this one time at the ships workshop….. "
My mouth hang agape.

"………. Ah yes, they are entertaining trust me."

I just scratch my head.
"Look I dont know how to,…

"Aaaaww come on baby. But alright."

I then turn back to Seekkill.
"Look dont mind that. What do you want to do then?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418422

"I see. You'll have to excuse me, but I have never seen anything like this, mister…?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418423

Smile and follow him in.
"Turns out the city was always meant to be there, seems like Grogar knew about it all along.
Too bad I didn't manage to get to any… Important body before time was altered."

Tela [Spellsword] 418424

"Are you kidding me? This is outlandish! I've been all over and never seen anything like that fucking thing!"

Sion 418425

Show her a doubloon.
"This good enough for you? She better be worth it."

Wf+6 418426

"Look, I told the last one of your little friends, I can't brew 'destroy the world' potions."


"At least your studies are progressing in a productive direction."

The walk is actually quite long this time…

Onik shrugs. "It's not that odd where I'm from."

"That will do, sir."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418427

I squint at you.
"Fine. Seekkill trust you."

Sion 418428

Turn back to the whore.
"So dear, you were saying?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418429

Roll my eyes.
Nopony else in the shop, right?
If it's just the two of us.
"No, not that. I can do that on my own. I need a love potion. A very good one."

Chip(DD knight) 418430

I tilt my head.
"Trust at what?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418431

"Mister Onik."
I motion to Stein's forge
"Mister Stein is a acquaintance of mine. Shall we go see him?"

Tony [Trickster] 418432

Tela [Spellsword] 418433

"Okay, where are you from then?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418434

"Terrebonne is a great teacher. And more.
This whole deal with resurrection, and the phylactery, and maybe even reincarnation…
That's what I need right now."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418435

"That ponies fun."

Wf+6 418436

"–Just head into the back room…"

"It can be done, but it is expensive. I don't think you can afford it on your allowance. I could make a cheaper one for you, though."

"Oh? Yes, that's what I intended."

"The Land of Clipped Wings."

"Mhmm… Sounds like Blacktongue Cult affairs. Do be careful. Remember your limits."

Tony [Trickster] 418437

"Please, show me the way."

Tela [Spellsword] 418438

"Wait what? What the fuck kind of country is that?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418439

"No cheap shit, only the best."
Smirk and tap my gun.
"Maybe we can work something out? Got anypony you'd like to see removed? Someone owing you? A rival you want gone?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418440

"Good, let us go then."
Lead him and his machine inside.

"I cannot say I have heard of such a place myself…"

Chip(DD knight) 418441

"Ohohoho…. well lets go to somepalce more appropriate eh? This is a bar after all!"

Go out of the cantina while laughing and go to the place red light district.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Felfire [Necromancer] 418442

"Limits. Right.
I'm taking this slow actually. Got a plan for the long haul."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418443

I follow you.

Chip(DD knight) 418444

I turn around.
"Oh, and also. These ponies are not for eating okay? Well they may eat you if they want, and that is part of the fun. Ahahaha!" I pat his back.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418445

"How being eaten fun? Things Seekkill eat never have fun."

Chip(DD knight) 418446

I just grimace a bit at this.
"Well they dont eat you really. Look, just dont bite them okay?" I grin at him unsurely.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418447


Wf+6 418462

"Right this way~"

She leads you off to the back room. It's dark in here, lit by just a few candles. Perfume is thick in the air. There's a king-size bed in this room.

"A place I left, and I don't plan to return to…"

Another distant look.

"Nothing like that, but perhaps… Well, there is one thing a filly like you could handle for me. Do you think you can deliver an alchemical component for me?"

You head out the back door as the mare recommended. This cantina is apparently connected directly to a brothel. Interesting. You come out in the back of the brothel, but there's a door up front that leads out into the rest of the red light district, or you could see the mares here.

"Good, good. Patience is a chronically underrated virtue."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418465

What sort of sights and sounds am I seeing and hearing?

Sion 418466

I never really got an answer on that rope and saddle.

Light Heart [Warlord] 418468

"I see…"
I'll let Stein look at the device
"So you are a traveler too then?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418469

Shake my head slightly.
"Got all the time in the world after all. And then some."

Tela [Spellsword] 418472

"Why not? Where is this place?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418473

"I'm not a filly. I'm a mare. Long story short, magic."
"I prefer jobs where I get to shoot stuff, but yeah, I guess I can. What and where?"

Snacks(DD ranger) 418482

:Ahahahaha! Oh shit go back inside the brothel and check it out! Where's the matron? Go talk to her.

Wf+6 418483

This place is full of mostly pegasi and unicorns buzzing about, crowding around clients. Idle chatter filled the room… flirts and teases. Stallions and mares are being led off to rooms downstairs. It doesn't take long for a pack of pegasi to take notice of the two of you and flutter over.

"Hey boys… looking for action?"

Onik nods.

"Yes… a traveler."

Finally you arrive at the other side.

"Good. Don't forget. Perhaps you've matured a little already since boarding the fleet."

"If I returned to where I had been before, I wouldn't have enough time to see the entire world. And besides…"

A distant look, then nothing else.

"I just need some troll fat delivered to a client before it spoils. It's a showroom over in the entertainment district."

I don't know who Snacks is.

Chip(DD knight) 418486

Wrong name Sorry

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418487


Light Heart [Warlord] 418488

"Which of course means you and your… machine are looking for a way out of Reptil, correct? I happen to be part of a fleet…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418490

"All too easy. Just tell me where, and it's done."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418491

"Truth be told, I had a bad time lately. Lot of old wounds opening up here on the fleet. I'm just now dealing with them."
Now, where was the mansion of that guy? Also, how is Stonebriar after the bombardment?

Tony [Trickster] 418492

Tela [Spellsword] 418496

"… Besides what?"

Wf+6 418500

She teases you as you enter, holding up a saddle.

"Which one of us is gonna wear this?"

"Look for Showroom K in the entertainment district."

She passes you a package. "And be quick or it will spoil!"

Onik smiles. "It doesn't matter."

Pretty much flattened. You've exited into ruins. It looks like most of the lower class district is still standing.

The mansion was outside the city in the Blackwood Bog.

"I'm afraid I'm not leaving until tomorrow."

"Do you wanna make love, sweetie?"
"I bet he wants it rough. He looks like a tough guy."

There seems to be no matron, oddly. Weird. Where could she be?

Felfire [Necromancer] 418501

Will Abilio come with me?
Anyway, off to the Bog.
Raise my own shadow.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418502

"Right away!"
Head to the entertainment district!
Look for Showroom K!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD knight) 418503

Ask one of the beautiful females here.
"So, who should I ask if I want one of you young ladies for some time eh?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418504

"Make love? Love ee-moh-shun, not thing. Cannot make love."

Light Heart [Warlord] 418506

I nod
"As it so happens, so are we."
I motion to Stein
"As is mister Stein. If you wish, you could travel with us. We plan on visiting more towns in the future. Mister Stein could maybe repair your contraption as we travel."

Tony [Trickster] 418507

I take the saddle from her and start to put it on her.
"You're the pony around here. Besides I love these things."


I scrunch
"Fine then, be a dick and don't tell me."
Ugh, I'm outta here. Let's look around town… are there markets here?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD knight) 418514

">cannot make love.
I turn around.
"What? How?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418515

"Can make house. Make carving. Make knife. Cannot make love. Love not thing to make."

Chip(DD knight) 418516

"I… ahh. Oooh yeah, yes yes I mean well one cant make love ahahahaha! You kidder." I pat his back.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418518

I look at you, confused.

Wf+6 418555

It seems he is accompanying you for this outing. It'll be like Batman and Robin and Robin's shadow.

You head out of the desecrated walls and into the bog.

"It's not often we come upon the ruins of a city that we've raided. It's not pleasant to look at, but Stonebriar was a decadent nest of repugnance, and a continual trouble. The world is a better place without it."

You wander around for a bit and wind up at a playground.

One of them sneaks up on you from behind and starts massaging your shoulders and nipping at your ears. "Just say you want us…~"

Onik shrugs. "Alright. For now at least. So the ship you have – does it have a name or description?"

She wiggles into it. "Alright. I'm guessing you want to take the lead, then…"

Markets everywhere. There's a market district, too, but no one pays too much attention to zoning.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418556

Roll my eyes.
It can't be that hard to find.
Use my wings and markspony eyes to spot the place where I need to go.
Showroom K. I got this.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 418557

Felfire [Necromancer] 418558

"They sure liked to let ponies starve to death, yes.
And had a thing against necromancy. Terrible attitude."
Now, off to the mansion.
"Such a shame, too, since this is the home of the blacktongue family."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418559

Light Heart [Warlord] 418560

"Quite. Go for the Pillagers Fancy. Although if you wish, you can keep your contraption here for the time being and we can explore the city further together."

Chip(DD knight) 418562

Turn around and lift her up while grabbing her flank.
"Oh you little bugger you." Give her a kiss.
Is this one an okay pony? How about the others?Also is she the youngest?

Wf+6 418565

One of them rubs against you.

"We can show you how.~"

"You mean Blackwood family of Blackwood Bog." He corrects.

Onik shrugs. "I plan to look around a bit today and tomorrow before we leave."

Won't follow you around unless you Command.

She is pretty young… in fact… Was she that young before? Wow, this alcohol is REALLY playing tricks on your mind.

You need to remember to lay off the Catalan drinks. Or maybe drink more of them.


Nice and chaotic.
What are some of the most repulsive things they sell here? Slaves?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 418569

"Right. Them.
Ever had a chat with Hero? He makes a great tea."

Tony [Trickster] 418570

Make sure that saddle is tight.
"Allright, pony. how about you do a little dance for Tony."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418571

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418572

I step away from her.
"Show me."

Chip(DD knight) 418573

"Haha! Come here you little flower." Carry her up and go to a…..

"Should I plow you here right and then or is there a place for us to play garden?" I nibble her ears.


Thanks for the reminder
"Are you certain? Surely, we could have some fun together, no? Is it not more fun that way, rather than alone?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 418577

There is a slave market here, yes. Though the Reptil market is huge. The most repulsive thing they sell would probably be feces. As fertilizer, you know.

"I haven't. I've never been on excellent terms with the Blacktongue Cult."

There's a pole in the back, and she begins sliding up and down it.

You only spot brothels from here.

"We have to go to a room first, silly~."

"We have rooms downstairs~"

Onik shrugs, "Just as well. Alright, I'll come with you."

Minion Acquired

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418579

"Find us a room."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418580

Okay, quick, find the nearest competent looking adult.
"Hey, no time for chit chat, gotta go fast, do you know where Showroom K is in the entertainment district?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418583

"Can see why actually. Say, that thing you had me sign…
Don't tartarian contracts only work on tartarians?"

Chip(DD knight) 418584

"Oh you little thing!"
Carry her down there while squeezing her all around.

I wink and grin at Seekkill as I carry my prize down stairs.

Tony [Trickster] 418585

How much do I like it? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Tony [Trickster] 418587

"Could pony like show her flank a bit more?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 418589

"Good, very good."
Turn to the others
"Any ideas as to where we could go?"

Tela [Spellsword] 418592

Hah! Maybe I should fertilize Emrille's face with that!
Take a gander at the slave market. Just windowshopping.

Wf+6 418601

A pegasus leads you off by the beak to a room on the first basement level. It's quite dark in here, but you detect a nearby large king-size bed."

"That's correct. What makes you think of that?"

She lifts her tail. "Why don't we go straight to the action?"

You are over the minion limit.

Skylight suggests, "We could visit the local temple."

Rosemary says, "We should go shopping."

Onik remarks, "I had intended to see a play."

Wark comments, "Hmph. I just wanted to find a smithing shop with actual weapons."

Wf+6 418602

They vary from children to adults. At the auction there's a Django up for sale.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418606

I look around.
"How we make love? Nothing here."

Felfire [Necromancer] 418607

"Well… Nothing.
Just… You got it to work on ponies too?"

Chip(DD knight) 418608

Sion 418609

"Pony is right. Come, I'll show you something babe. But first I want you to do something."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418610

Tela [Spellsword] 418614

A what?

Wf+6 418615

"We have a bed. That's all we need."

"No, I didn't."

She points you off to a room.

By the time you're in the room, you'd swear she was the size of a filly. You are REALLY starting to lose it. The alcohol is overtaking you. It is a good daze.

"I'll think about it~. What is it?"

You stop a green pony with a green mane and a green cutie mark that looks like an L turned 225 degrees.

"Oh boy. Are you a magical filly? This is just like my Neighponese animes."

Wf+6 418616

A pony named "Django"**

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418617

I cock my head to the side.
"Seekkill not understand."

Wf+6 418618

"Just lay down."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418619

Roll my eyes.
"Just fucking tell me where it is right now, I need to hurry!"

Tela [Spellsword] 418620

Not a zebra?
Hmm… how do these slaves look? Healthy? Miserable?

Felfire [Necromancer] 418621

"Then I understand why you are not in good relations with them."
Are we there yet? Can the shadow gly in and get the diary?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418622

I look at her suspiciously.
"How that help make love?"

Sion 418625

Whisper in her ear.
"I want you to make horse noises.

Wf+6 418631

"I'll take you there! It'll be just like Gunslinger Filly. Except you don't have a gun and aren't some kind of master markspony. Come on!"

Yes, a Zebra. This referential joke went over way better when Light Heart came by in a different time loop, I assure you.

They vary from miserable to bored, and healthy to at death's door. At least one collapses and gets ignored.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

You're trudging through the bog. Well, not so much trudging as following a dirt path that doesn't go through the mud. You can see the mansion some ways away.

Perhaps a shadow could.

She races for your sheathe. "You'll feel it soon…"

She shrugs. "Neigh. Neiiiiigh."

Chip(DD knight) 418632

Hnngg… carry her to bed,and mount her.
"Anything I need to know before I ravish you?" I then bite her neck lightly to hold her still.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418635

I have only one shadow here and no wings, let's play this safe.
Dismiss it until I really need it. Keep walking till the mansion.
"Can't talk about it. Sorry."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418636

"You've got to be shitting me…"
Flutter on his back.
"Fine, go, quick! And I'll make you regret it if this is some trick. Showroom K!"

Tela [Spellsword] 418637

Poor bastards. Just another incentive to watch my ass around here.
Do they sell collars here too?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418638

I roll away and stand up.
"What doing? That not love!"

Tony [Trickster] 418641

I smile gleefully.
"Allright pony. Just don't forget about that."
I grab her and push her on the bed and give her the D.

Wf+6 418646

She licks her lips and remarks, "I'm hungry."

You don't need to hold her still, she's not struggling.

You're getting close now.

"Do you think I had it sign that contract for no reason? I was protecting you."

He trots off there. He tells you all the way about how he's a famous author of texts. He also says you're not old enough to read them. He drops you off at the showroom.

They sell collars. It's hard to say if they sell Collars of Compulsion, however.

"It's close enough for me. Now stay STILL and ENJOY yourself."

Transfix: '1d10'



Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5

Wf+6 418647

She fails to Transfix Seekkill.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418648

I get the hell out of there.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418650

"Yes, I understand.
It's not about you or the contract, really. Just figured out something. Don't worry about it."
Okay, what's it like?

Tony [Trickster] 418652

The horse noises made it all allright.

"that wasn't bad, pony. I needed that. You're a good neigher. Most mares don't have that anymore."

Tela [Spellsword] 418653

Those are probably expensive as fuck anyway
But hey, approach one of the merchants
"Hey, can you tell me what kinda collars you got for sale, pal?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418655

"Thanks, idiot.
Oh, and one more thing."
Get my revolver out and aim it at him.
"I do have a gun, I am a markspony, and I am older than I look. I probably got more pussy than you'll ever get too, loser. Bang!"
Holster the gun, laugh, then head inside.
Who seems to be in charge?

Wf+6 418656

It's quiet, and seems abandoned. There are no lights on, but it's midday, so that's not too odd. The path is a little overgrown and there are birdnests on the roof, which is uncommon so far from urban areas – rural birds aren't typically used to being around ponies.

You dart out. The disappointed whore doesn't give chase.

She shrugs. "I've been asked for weirder stuff."

"Everything from the practical to the luxury. Diamond studded to woven from twigs!"

Chip(DD knight) 418657

Oh boy, do her hard.
Finish inside.

Roll #1 7, 6, 4, 7, 5 = 29

Tela [Spellsword] 418660

"Any enchanted ones too? Y'know, ones that make them more obedient?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 418662

Wait, lights? Wasn't the mansion abandoned?
Observe more closely.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418663

Does Seekkill realize that she tried to use magic on him or would he need to roll to pick up on that?
I return to the bar and get myself a drink.
Rolling for how well I handle it.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tony [Trickster] 418665

"You're a veteran eh? Well you earned your pay pony." Hold out a doubloon, but move my lips closer for a little kiss first.

Wf+6 418669

He boops your nose when you say 'bang'.

"Just like my animes!"

Inside, the convention seems to be run by a big earth pony wearing a flag on his back. His accent is clearly superior to yours and he is busy clapping at a performance. Before you can get close enough to ask him where to drop off the package, he takes aim with a sort of gun you've never seen before and fires many rounds one after another, each hitting their mark.

I said there were no lights on.

You rolled too poorly on your alcohol roll before.

Luckily you take this one pretty well.

She snatches it up while you're smooching.

Tony [Trickster] 418671

Time to leave and hope I don't get the fleas.

What else to do?
Any discordians in town?

Wf+6 418672

He looks around a bit. "I may know a guy."

You black out after you finish.

When you finally wake up, you feel drained. And you're alone.

Felfire [Necromancer] 418673

You >implied there should be.
That spot check revealed nothing?
Let's move into the mansion.

Tela [Spellsword] 418677

"They expensive?"
I take out a doubloon
"How much of these would it cost, ya think?"

Chip(DD knight) 418678

"uuughh,,, thats heav." I smile and stand up,
Look around is everything with me and in order?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418679

Get close to that guy!
"Hey I got this package thingy for the showroom!"
Drop it off, then glance at the gun.
"That was some pretty awesome sight right there!"

Wf+6 418683

Discordianism is popular here. Perhaps the temple would be the place to start.

You get up to the doors. There are large brass knockers – the kind on a door, not in a bra. The doors look strong, like oak or perhaps yew.

"Expensive… but I don't know how much. Let me get you an address…"

He writes something down and passes a note. "You didn't get it from me!"

You look to be all normal, you think… You are feeling REALLY lethargic, though.

He nods. "Just in time. We were waiting on that fat for the food. Just put it on the refreshment table."

Tony [Trickster] 418686

Get to the temple and check it out.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418687

I take another drink while waiting for Chip.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 418688


Roll #1 6 = 6

Tela [Spellsword] 418691

I smirk and bag it
"Alright alright, enough fucking around. How about these normal ones, huh?"
See if I can spot a nice collar


Can I just simply push it open?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emrille [Gunslinger] 418693

"…you mean… nevermind."
Put it there and rush back.
"So, about that weapon. It reloaded pretty fucking fast."

Chip(DD knight) 418694

Still smile at this and try to stand up. I then try to find Seekkill.
"Hey have you found that bird companion with me. You know that scary looking one." I approach one of the girls.

Sateo [DD Monk] 418708

Lets see a show, go to the entertainment district.

Wf+6 419152

There's a non-denominational temple in the administrative district. Most of the priests here seem to be Discordian or Tirekian.

There's a Nightmare Paladin arguing with some Tirekian priests about a statuette he seems to have brought as well.

Novdogod "Depth Charge". You feel like blacking out for the first ten seconds, but then it clears up and you feel much better overall. Maybe even a little more sober!

As he described, there are many choices available.

"Looking for something specific?"

You can. It opens with a creeeeeeak.

"Tread lightly."

"It didn't reload between shots. It's a revolver. I've got a repeater in the back, too, which is a sort of rifle variant. New technology from the merchants. It's pretty impressive stuff."

They point you back to the bar. You see him inside.

What kind of show? Plays? Musicals? Magic? Fighting?

Sylt 419154

Nod slowly and pay close attention to the ground in front of me.
What was behind the door?

Tony [Trickster] 419155

Nightmare paladin?
How crazy, observe it from a distance.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419156

"A play it is then."
I chuckle
"Master Wark, you may go as you please."

Nopony 419158

I look at him with wide eyes.
"That's… Can I try it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419159

Tela [Spellsword] 419161

"Just a nice blue collar will do fine."

Wf+6 419164

An antique mud. Someone hasn't been caring for it, treating it like a doormat! It's covered in mud.

He's arguing about his right to put up a statuette so that he can worship it. The Tirekians say that it infringes on their freedom to have a temple free of Nightmare symbols.

He heads back into the shop with Stein.

"That would be the entertainment district."

He scrutinizes you. "You look a little young to be handling a weapon. Do you even have a gun license?"

Then he and all the other ponies nearby burst into laughter. "Just kidding, kid. Gun control is bullshit. Just don't fuck up the cylinder."

He loads the revolver and hoofs it to you.

"That'll be eight bits."

Tela [Spellsword] 419169

"Eight bits huh?"
I take out a doubloon
"I only got this, which is way too fucking much."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419170

"I bet under that thing there are a dozen traps."
Raise my shadow, have it fly.
"Can you find the diary, honey?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419171

Grin and laugh along.
"Fucking awesome!"

Take aim for one of the practice targets.
I can't channel my magic into this one, can I?

Tony [Trickster] 419172

Let them argue.
Any discordian priests around here?

Wf+6 419173

He cuts off a fifth of it.

"That'll do."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 419174

If I'm still at the weapons dealer, I'd like to ask him about the abnormal ammunition he mentioned.

Chip(DD knight) 419175

Go to Seek kill and nudge him.
"So hows the 'love making?" I smile at him knowingly.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419178

"Very well, let us go see a play then. This should be quite lovely."

Shortcake [Rogue] 419180

I shake my head a few times and slide the glass away from me.

I scowl at you.
"Chipdog not say they try make Seekkill have sex."

Chip(DD knight) 419182

I drink some swag.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Sure! Cheers pal!"
Bag the collar with a wicked smirk. Let's go find Emmy~
Or TRY to find Emmy in this massive sinkhole

Roll #1 9 = 9

Shortcake [Rogue] 419186

"Chipdog trick Seekkill. Seekkill not like that."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419187

Chip(DD knight) 419189

I look at him a bit startled, then laugh.
"I thought you'd break eventually but man you are made of hard stuff." I pat his back.

"Alright, I was having a bit of fun there. How about I give you a drink for recompense, what do you say?"

Wf+6 419190

Where is it?

It's not a catalyst, so no.

They travel in packs, but are easily distinguished by their funny hats.

"It's mostly a matter of adding a compensator and a reservoir to your bow to allow you to fire them. You'll need weapons training before you can safely handle poison and the like. I'm not going to be liable when you blow your hoof off with an explosive charge."

You go see "The Pirates of Penwater" – the classic comedy adventure musical about Fred, a slave to duty, who has to work on a pirate ship due to a mix-up about his apprenticeship. Though he serves faithfully, when he is finally free of his apprenticeship, he swears to defeat all of the pirates!

When it's all over, you come out together. Rosemary looks amused, and even Skylight has a faint smile.

Onik has the usual neutral expression but remarked, "It was good, though it strained belief that somepony could end up working on a pirate ship without expecting it."

You notice a gun show at the entertainment district and decide to try it.

Emrille is at the center of attention: firing a revolver. Big surprise.

Felfire [Necromancer] 419192

Up, one of the old rooms. If you see something that might be dangerous, leave immediatly.
I can't lose you.

Do I have to roll luck?

Tony [Trickster] 419193

Go and greet them.
"Hello brothers."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419195

Marksman shot, try this baby out!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Light Heart [Warlord] 419197

I raise a brow with a faint smile
"Do you have issues with less ethical work, mister Onik?"

Tela [Spellsword] 419198

I roll my eyes and just watch from a distance. Fucking attentionwhoring slut.

Wf+6 419203

The shadow creeps up the stairs. At the top he sails back down.

Somepony is here. Or several someponies.

They nod at you.
"What brings you to our circle today, mother?"

There is much clapping all around as you score a bull's eye on your first shot.

"See? Gun control is for pansies."

"Not personally, but I know the cost."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 419204

"How long would it take to learn? I'm seeing more flintlock weapons out there, but having more options would make a lot of situations safer for me."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419205

And I can fire without reloading?
Fire at the target again!
"I love this!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Light Heart [Warlord] 419206

I chuckle
"Good. I am afraid you will find our fleet to be lacking on that aspect."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419207

Abilio, looks like we are not alone.
And the book I have to recover is up there.
I can tell you that somepony you know would hate if those ponies over there got a hold of it."

Tony [Trickster] 419211

"The Changer himself, daughter. I had to rearrange reality itself just to get here and visit this temple."

Chip(DD knight) 419215

Looks like campy is ded.
Alright, take a drink before headin outside.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419216


Chip(DD knight) 419218

Give him a drink too under my tab.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419219

I drink it and follow Chip out after paying.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 419234

"Just a an hour or two if you have the aptitude and a good teacher. Explosives involves mostly handling. Poison on veins to target, et cetera."

Oooh. You missed that one.

"Careful there, kiddo, the gun is shaking."

Onik shrugs. "I don't really judge."

"That is an exceedingly arcane statement. However I doubt it will be a problem for us."

He mutters something and his horn glows. Runes cover your body and Abilio's. For the next four turns, you get +4 to attacks, and attacks autocrit.

"As it should be. Will you join us for Holy Chocolate?"

Chip, you feel on top of the world.

Seekkill, you feel like someone has taken a mallet to your face repeatedly.

Tony [Trickster] 419238

Do I!
"Let's partake in those sweet sweet holy blessings, my son."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419243

Holy mother of plot powers batman!
Let's go in!
"Mind if I borrow a shadow?"
If he agrees, raise his shadow too.
Let's see what we are up against.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419244

"Excellent, that is what I like to hear, mister Onik."
Turn to Skylight and Rosemary
"Now… what shall we do next?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419245

"I'm not a kid.
It's a long story."
Still, this is awesome!
Again, and hit this time!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419246

I rub my head with a wing as I walk beside Chip.


Try not to laugh to hard as she beefs it again

Roll #1 8 = 8

Chip(DD knight) 419248

Ahahaha! Smack one of the mare's flank before going outside dragging Seekkill with me.

"You alright? If you want we can go back to the ship."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 419249

"Sounds tempting, but I'll be on a boat often. Stuff like that could probably cause more damage to our side in an accident, and I'm not to familiar with the crew to know if I should trust them. What about the big one, then? Would it result in more range for me?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419251

I grumble and rub my head harder.
"Seekkill think had bad drink."

Chip(DD knight) 419256

"Alright, no need for worries. Chip is here to take care of ya." Help him steady his walk and go back to the ships.

Wf+6 419260

The priest who seems to be the most 'in charge' of the group takes out a rock and squeezes it above the heads of each of the others like a sponge, and chocolate milk pours out.

He holds it out above your head in offering.

"They'll just slow us down."

Upstairs, there seem to be feral-looking survivor ponies from Stonebriar crouched in the room that you need to go through. They're armed with makeshift spears.

Skylight reminds, "We could visit the temple."

Rosemary adds, "And I suggested the shops."

"Well, may as well finish out the round. Just two more."

"Ballista-class bows can shoot almost half a mile, but you don't look like you can carry one quite that big."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 419262

Where am I?

Chip(DD knight) 419263

Light Heart [Warlord] 419264

"Indeed, we could go and pray as I promised you, miss Skylight."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419265

"Fuck, this needs time to get used to…"
Come on, do it!
Rapid fire it, no need to reload, just pull the trigger and aim!

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419267

I let you support me and keep grumbling under my breath as I walk.

Tony [Trickster] 419269

Bow my head.
"Thank you for this blessing. I haven't had one of those since I left Trottingham."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419270

Raise my scythe and start walking slowly into the room.
"Death has little time for you.
Stand aside and be spared."
Stay on my toes in case they try to jump at me.

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 419273

"I don't intend to rock the boat with something that big. However, I've seen some of the crazier boys in my unit use the big ones to drive bolts into walls to climb over them. How much for one that fits someone my age?"

Tela [Spellsword] 419459

"Not bad, squirt."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419460

I turn you when I notice you are here too and grin.
"Did you see this fucking thing? No reloading between shots! This is like a wet dream coming fucking true!"

Tela 419462

"Figured I'd find you where I heard shooting, you goddamn maniac."
I look at the gun she's holding
"Yeah yeah, nice peashooter."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419465

Spin the cylinder.
"You dumb whore, didn't you hear what I just said?
This thing can shoot much quicker, and if you think this doesn't pack a punch, he said there is a rifle version, a repeater, fucking hell just imagine me with a rifle that can shoot this quick!"
I start to flap my wings excitedly and bounce a bit.

Tela [Spellsword] 419466

"Well isn't that just fucking precious. At least now I know what my next Hearths Warming Eve gift for you will be."
I smirk
"It's perfect for you and your shitty aim. You don't even need to bother shooting better anymore, you only need to shoot more bullets."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419469

Nod at the target.
"You missed that perfect fucking bullseye I hit with the first bullet!"
"And don't you remember that training dummy?~"

Tela [Spellsword] 419471

"I remember making it clear that I would stomp your cheap ass into the ground if you ever pulled that shit again."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419476

"Yeah, it was a one time miracle. Nopony could shoot beside that fat ass of yours more than once and not hit it."

Tela [Spellsword] 419477

I take a step forward
"Are you asking me to stomp your ass right now? Because by fucking god that would feel great to do right now."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419479

"I'm sure all the gun lovers would love to see you kick the ass of a gun lover filly."

Tela [Spellsword] 419482

I snort
"I'd like to see them try and stop me."
I ruffle her mane forcibly with a hoof
"Obviously you're just a little filly and I am your guardian. Which means I'm allowed to punish you if you've been a bad, bad little filly."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419484

Wince a bit as she ruffles my mane.
"Very funny, Tela, really. Can't judge you though, your brawl is the only thing you got blessed with. Made you fall behind on the brains department.
Wanting to abuse a cute, innocent child like I…"

Tela [Spellsword] 419486

"You bet your cheap little ass I'd abuse you if you ever pulled that shit on me again. Whatcha gonna do next anyway? Whore some more attention?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419489

"I will have to do a thing at a place. Business and all. Did a small courier job, y'know. Once a merc, always a merc."

Tela [Spellsword] 419492

"Y'know, not to be worrywart or anything, but you really shouldn't be walking alone like this. Not in fucking Reptil."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419493

Roll my eyes.
"What are they going to do, huh? I made it on my own when I had a gun that was falling apart, I'm not going to get in trouble when I can shoot fucking ice."
Grin and tap my uniform.
"Besides, this baby is a deterrent too. If not the looks, the magic."

Tela [Spellsword] 419495

"Don't get cocky, Emmy. Reptil is not like the shithole you crawled out of. This place is vicious as fuck."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419496

"Vicious is my last name!"
Roll my eyes.
"You should be more worried. They might take you for an escaped whore and drag you back to where you belong."

Tela [Spellsword] 419498

I scrunch
"Laugh it up all you want. I should tag along and keep your stupid ass safe."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419500

"But the dildo I want to get for you won't be a surprise."
Then laugh.
"Don't worry, I can handle myself."

Tela [Spellsword] 419506

I cock a brow
"Really? You're gonna leave me hanging?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419510

Flutter up on her back and lean close, talking in a sweet voice.
"Don't you worry your little head, sweetcake, I will give you all the attention you'll need, and we can explore this romantic city of beauty together holding tails, but I really gotta' do something on my own first."
Pat her head.
"Go and look for a whore in the meantime or something."

Tela [Spellsword] 419513

I roll my eyes and put her back on the ground
"Yeah okay, fuck you too then."
After which I turn around and leave the store angrily

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419517

Snicker and speak as you leave.
"Don't worry, they won't mind your looks, they're hookers!"

Tela [Spellsword] 419520

Ignore her and keep walking away.
time for bed, good night

Wf+6 419701

You make it back to the ship.

Skylight seems satisfied. You wander off to the administrative district. There's a non-denominational temple here.

Inside the temple, you see Tony with some Discordian priests. There appears to be an armor-clad pegasus arguing with some Tirekian priests here, too..

Your last two shots make it onto the target with reasonable accuracy.

"Not bad, short stuff. With some proper training, you could be a deadeye."

He takes the gun back.

Two of the survivors go out the window, one bolts into the neighboring room.

You notice the false panel to the hidden room is missing. It looks like someone found it.

"Just the cost of materials. Pretty cheap."

Sion 419702

"So what else you do here besides Holy Chocolate?"

Tony [Trickster] 419703

Light Heart [Warlord] 419704

Tirekians? Not the friendliest of people… Then, neither are Discordians. Subtly try to listen in on the ongoing argument.

Campfire 419705

I go to Doc Peg's office.

Nopony 419706

Pout as he does.
"Hey, I'm already a deadeye! I have a shitload of experience already."
Inch closer.
"So, about this pistol and that rifle… I don't suppose you want to part with a pair?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419707



Fuck Emrille. If that little whore wants to get kidnapped and raped, she can be my guest.
Any gambling places around here or is that just done in the taverns?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sateo [DD monk] 419709

But did I ever find a pack of cards?

Wf+6 419710

"Not here, I'm afraid. The locals are notoriously picky and have no sense of humor at all. Perhaps you'd like to join us at the Burning Beach for the evening sermon."

"Your statue infringes on our freedom to worship Tirek without idols about."
"That's ridiculous. This area is zoned as a temple. I'm not hurting you. It's my statuette, and I'll take it with me when I'm done. You must respect my right to worship."
"Only if you respect our right to worship free of your worship symbolism."
"This is getting us nowhere. Be gone, or I'll teach you why armor and blade beats cloth."
The Tirekian priests retreat and regroup with some others nearby.

He gives you a friendly nod as you enter, then looks at you expectantly.

"Hah! Not at all. In fact, I just came by them today by way of a traveling merchant. Never seen anything like 'em. Gonna see if they can be reproduced."

Casinos are in the entertainment district.

I don't recall you going to find a pack, but let's say sure for the sake of good faith.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419711

"Seekkill drink bad al-co-hall. Head hurt. Need healing."

Light Heart [Warlord] 419712

Interesting. What does this statuette look like? For that matter, what does this stallion look like?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419713

"And when will you find out? I'd be interested in buying both."


Sweet! Let's go be a high roller! Go there! Pick a not too fancy but not too poor either place.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tony [Trickster] 419715

"Where's the Burning Beach?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 419716

Well, crap.
Is the diary still there?

Sateo [DD monk] 419717

I can go look for one now, if that's fine. '1d10' look for a shop that sells cards.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Wf+6 419719

He indicates a bottle of alcohol on his desk. It looks like tequila.

It appears to be a three-dimensional full moon.

The stallion is mostly covered in silver plate-armor, with gaps for his wings. His coat is dark gray.

"Hopefully tomorrow. I'm having a specialist stop by to take a look at them."

You find a card hall. In addition to high-stakes poker, they also seem to be playing other games, like Sorcery: The Collecting.

"For in His wisdom, the Changer of Ways came to realize a distinct lack of beaches that were perpetually on fire, He did bless the northwestern beach of the island with His fire. It's really easy to find at night."

Looks like it has been pilfered.

You immediately find a card shop. It looks like Tela is in the back in the card playing area, looking for some gambling.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419721

"So, you'll still be here, right? What if I dropped by?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419722

I pick it up.
"Seekkill drink?"

Wf+6 419723

"That would be the plan."

He nods.

Felfire [Necromancer] 419724

Next room. Raise the survivor's shadow.
"Tell me what happened to the book."

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419725

"Awesome. See you tomorrow then! Don't you lose those babies, I'll need them!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 419726

My my. Approach this individual
"Greetings. Is there a problem?"

Wf+6 419730

You successfully raise his shadow.

He zips into the next room. '1d10'

"I seriously doubt that's going to happen."

Ara, ara.

He shakes his head. "Not really. Just a bunch of priests fussing over something they have no control over. It's not uncommon for their ilk."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sounds like a game nerds play.
And High-stakes… I don't have that much money. Anything else? Dice games?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Felfire [Necromancer] 419734

Shadow catches him.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419736

I take a swig.

Wf+6 419737

And continues from there into another room… there's a branch ahead, you don't know which way he went.

There is ONE dice game going on in the corner.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419738

"Keep them safe, just in case! Tomorrow, same place!"

Those things were amazing!
Back to the apothecary!

Wf+6 419739

Which way, left or right?

Immediately you start feeling better.

Sateo [DD monk] 419741

I approach Tela "What be ye playin' mate?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 419742

I look at the statue
"I see. Are you a Lunite then, by any chance?"

Wf+6 419743

Aren't you forgetting that letter of credit?

"In the purest sense."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419745

Can't he just follow the runner?
Left, I guess.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419747

Not at all!
Go back!
"Oh, right, I also need that note thingy that I delivered the stuff. I got a bit lost by this whole gun stuff."

Tela [Spellsword] 419748

Goodie! Walk over!

"Huh? Oh, nothin' yet. I think I'll try and play some dice games."
I take out my dice and wink at him
"Love 'em."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419750

"Thank you."
I put the bottle down and leave. Can I find anyone I know on the ships?

Light Heart [Warlord] 419753

"Indeed? I suppose it is not that surprising to find a Lunite here. I imagine the Celestials must not make life easy for you."

Wf+6 419756

He moved into the next room as part of the previous action. The roll was for an additional fleeing action.

This room is empty, and a dead end.

No doubt he has continued fleeing.

"Right, right."

He hands you a letter of credit.

There are a bunch of scurvy sea dogs playing the infamous Virgin's Dice.

Almost everyone has headed into town. Only weirdos like Doc Peg or paperpushers like Abilio stayed behind.

Al-Jinn is also here guarding the ships.

"They're all bark and no bite."

Tony [Trickster] 419757

Throw my paws up in the air.
"Such foresight. I'll make sure to be there, grandson."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419759

Put it away.
"Thanks! Remember, tomorrow!"

Off I go!

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419761

I fly into the city and look for anyone that I know.

Felfire [Necromancer] 419762

Okay, can the shadow bolt down the other room and try to catch up with him now then?
I'll look for him too.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 + 4 = 12

Light Heart [Warlord] 419767

I chuckle
"I'm not quite so certain about that, seeing recent experiences. Where are you from, mister…?"

Sateo [DD monk] 419769

I smile "Dice game? Sounds fun. I wish ye luck." I let tela leave to the game and go pick up a pack of cards. take it up to register.

Tela [Spellsword] 419771

Wow, that sure is a… strange name.
Observe the game for now, I have no idea how to play that.

Wf+6 419791

File: 1369427648420.png (18.44 KB, 958x501, the hunt.png)

They go off to make preparations for the sermon. Anything else you want to do?

You return to the apothecary.

"How did it go?"

Al-Jinn was on the ships.

You see Tony and Light Heart at the temple.

Emrille is headed for a potion shop.

Flux is browsing the markets.

Umlock and Sunnyskies are en route to a bar.

"Vivid Eclipse. Maybe you should wear heavier armor. Tends to scare them off." He chuckles.

Which way do you go?

"Ten bits."

They seem to be attempting to get "doubles" – both dice to show the same number. Predicting doubles seems to get them a bigger bonus, but requires a slightly bigger ante. The game keeps going until one player gets double fives. He is declared the "king of games" and wins.

Chip(DD knight) 419794

Now that I am in the ship, perhaps its time to meet Smitts for a little talk. Is he here btw? Search for him.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419795

Show her the notice.
"Pretty great, hit bullseye for the first time!
Now, for that discount… Is the potion going to be free, or?"
Also, nopony else around, right?

Felfire [Necromancer] 419799

Shadow goes to the stairs, I go back one room and then into the southern one, before looking at what is in the last room.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419801

"Perhaps, perhaps… you are from Reptil? I can't imagine you must get much trouble from them here in the first place. This city is quite different from say, Autumnsreach."

Tony [Trickster] 419802

Not really. Let's skip to the sermon. See what happens.

Tela [Spellsword] 419804

So two dice are rolled and doubles win? That's fairly easy.
"Hey fellas, you got room for another player?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419805

I dive down and land next to Emrille.

"What filly doing alone in city?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419806

Roll my eyes.
"Private stuff, fuck off, birdie."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419807

I might add, to stop whoever tries to take them.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419810

"No. Seekkill not want fuck filly."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419812

I sigh.
"I meant go away! Pester somepony else!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419820

"Seekkill not pestering. City big for little filly."
I clack my beak a few times and look down at you.
"Filly might not be safe."

Sateo [DD Monk] 419822

"Ten bits? the store down the street sells it for half that!" I grumble "I'll give you six bits."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419826

Tap my gun.
"I'm safe enough with this. Go and bother somepony else, why don't you? Or find a rat or something to eat for yourself, huh? Come on, just go!"
I motion for him to leave.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419827

"Know where metalwings is?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419829

"Probably back on the ship locked up in a room. Go check that out."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419836

"Seekkill looked there."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419841

"Look again then! Or, fucked if I know, if she's not there she is probably fucking a corpse in a cemetery."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419846

"Metalwings might do that. What filly doing? What pri-vat?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419852

I groan.
"Just leave me alone already! Shoo! Get the fuck out of here! Is that so hard to get into your stupid bird brain?!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419855

"Seekkill know what you want. Seekkill want to know what mean pri-vat."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419856

"It meanst that it is my business, and not yours. Mare stuff. Good enough?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419858

"Bus-in-ess? Mare stuff? Filly own mares?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419861

"I am a mare, remember? Fucking hell, you are so fucking braindamaged. It's a wonder you don't forget how to breathe."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419865

"Seekkill brain not damaged. Seekkill know how to breath."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419872

"Good, then go ahead and breathe somewhere else."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419875

I fly off to the temple where Light Heart and Tony were.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419876

I let out a sigh of relief.
"Fucking finally."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419885

I pass overhead before flying to the temple.
"Seekkill said he not fucking filly, not even if filly want it."

Wf+6 419890

He's out on the docks admiring the new acquisition for the fleet.

She laughs. "These are expensive ingredients, but I tell you what, I'll do the labor for free. It'll still be expensive, though."

He doesn't appear to be in that room, though you can see it branches off to three additional rooms from here…

He laughs. "Not quite. I've traveled some way. I was born in Novdogod, actually."

Wf+6 419893

You head out there at evening. The burning beach is easy to spot. There are a lot of priests and normal folk gathered in ridiculous getups.

"Sure. Got ante?"

Kind of. You'll pick it up.

Felfire [Necromancer] 419894

"Just my day…"
If the shadow hasn't found anything, have him return here and let's inspect these rooms.
Is Abilio still with us?
Shadow stays in this room, I look into the leftmost one.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419895

Okay, make sure the bird left.
Put a doubloon on the table.
"How many of these?"

Tony [Trickster] 419896

Crap. Did I pick up something ridiculous?
Well whatever, be unexpected.
Enjoy the scenery. Where's the fire, not underneath us I hope?

Light Heart [Warlord] 419898

"Oh? Another traveler? What brings you here, to Reptil? Business?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 419900

Chip(DD knight) 419902

I wave at him then greet him as I approach.
"Commodore Smitts, if I may. Can we two speak about something regarding my welfare in the ship? Well if you are not that busy that is." I grin at him.

Wf+6 419904

As you approach, someone compliments you on how meta your ridiculous costume is.

"I get it. In the context of ridiculous costumes, a normal outfit seems ridiculous."

The seaside is on fire here, the beach is fine – except for the very shore, which has turned to glass.

"You will find there are many travelers in Reptil. As for me, I'm passing through to Dixie."


Abilio is surveying your work from the center room, near the shadow.

Looks like another dead end. No obvious signs of a pony here.

"I'll meet you half way. Eight."

Wf+6 419905

You head to the temple. Light Heart is here.

Wf+6 419907

"Very well, I'm in a good mood. What is it?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 419910

I sigh and give him my eight bits. "deal."

Wf+6 419912

Got Pack o' Cards

Felfire [Necromancer] 419913

Look in the closest room. Have the shadow stand near the other door, ready to catch whoever comes through.

Chip(DD knight) 419916

I breath in deep before exhaling.
"Can I get a raise?" I blurt out.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419919

"Oh? That is interesting… we may be on our way to Dixie as well, depending on how things go. For business, of course."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419922

"Eight?! That's a shitload! How about six?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419923

"Light Heart know where metalwings is? Know where chaos dog is?"

Wf+6 419928

Nothing. Though you do discover two doors from here, one to the south, and another to the west.

He chuckles. "I anticipated something like this. I had something else in mind."

"Ah, then good health to you. Perhaps we will meet again some day."

"I'd be taking a huge loss. Eight – which would be about four hundred bits – is the cost it takes me to produce such a perfect love potion. You did me a delivery favor, not saved my life."

Tony [Trickster] 419930

"You get it. When is the real show getting started?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 419931

I grin as I walk out the door and look around the street.
"Well, cheese, are ye any good at cards?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419935

I grumble.
"That's still a fucking high price… It's guaranteed to work, right? If it won't, you bet your ass I'll find you and take it back twofold!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 419938

What's in that one, Fervored?

Light Heart [Warlord] 419939

"Or perhaps you wish to join us along the way? Barring we actually set sail for Dixie, of course. I will need to confirm that first."

Chip(DD knight) 419943

I gulp and kneel down.
"Please! Dont throw me to the sharks! I am sorry for asking!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419946

"Who Light Heart talking to?"

Wf+6 419948

"About nine bong."

It is difficult to hold a hand.

"Look, I understand if you can't afford it. Perhaps a cheaper alternative…"

He was stationed at "the other door" – the main hall. This room exits north, south, east, and west. You were at the east door, he was at the north.

Just Abilio.

He shrugs. "I would join you if you would confirm that. I don't have a vessel yet."

"Not that. I was planning on transferring you to the Eagle's Roost. The big ship. We could use someone who knows how to handle repairs on it."

Wf+6 419949

"Vivid Eclipse. Pleasure."

Felfire [Necromancer] 419950

Move him to the West, go to the South myself.
What do you see now?

Tony [Trickster] 419951

"Nine bongs? That's still some bongs to go. So what are we doing in the meantime?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 419952

"Ah, mister Seekkill. This is mister Eclipse. A worshiper of Luna."

I nod
"Very well, I will attempt to find the answer to that question soon. I will not bother you any further for the time being."
Turn to Skylight
"Shall we begin, miss Skylight?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419953

Shake my head.
"No, no, I can afford it. I'm just saying it's a shitload of money…"
"Okay, how about this… I give you nine of these, and you give me that potion, plus throw in a little vial of some good, strong aphrodisiac. Not a potion or drink, something that can be eaten."

Wf+6 419956

She shrugs. "Okay, I can do that."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419958

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419960

"Something sweet? Cool."
Give her the money.
"As for the potion, can it be mixed with stuff?"

Chip(DD knight) 419961

Stand up and ponder a little. Well the old ship can repair itself like the buffalo told me so this one could need my expertise more.
"Ah, I could handle that. That would be great, a new ship to care for eh?"

I then nudge him knowingly.
"A bigger ship means bigger pay." I grin.

Light Heart [Warlord] 419963

"Miss Felfire? I'm afraid not. I advice going to the ships and seeking her there. Perhaps miss Terrebonne knows? Or mister Abilio? I have not seen mister Tony since we left the forge either, I'm sorry."

Sateo [DD Monk] 419964

I snicker at that "aye, that be true" anyone curious looking walking around '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419969

"Seekkill saw Tony here with you."

Can I catch his scent and find out where he has gone?

Wf+6 419972

You timeskipped to the evening.

"Nine bongs is nearly here. See?"

He indicates a clock that reads 8:50. Then he points at nine filtration apparatuses for smoking. "Nine bongs."

I don't see anyone. There is a door to the west, though.

This room seems empty.

"It won't interact well with anything acidic. No fruit juice, alcohol, milk, et cetera. Bases are fine."

"I had intended to make you the third mate, if you think you can handle it."

Just armed guards and the like.

He timeskipped to the evening, so he's theoretically still lounging around here…

Emrille [Gunslinger] 419974

"Bases like what? What about water? And it doesn't color or smell, right?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 419975

"Oh! Of course, yes. He was with the Discordians, over there."

hey >>419952

Felfire [Necromancer] 419977

"I'll get that door. You keep watch on that."
Point him at the eastern door, the one with two more doors.
Then move silently into the western room and cautiously open the door.

Tony [Trickster] 419983

"That looks good."
I suppose they're ready for inhalation?
They're communal right?

In that time, I'm still sort of there.
Walk over.
"Hey there Miss Heart. Seekkill."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419987

"Tony know where metalwings is?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 419992

Bah, lets go explore the forest then. Guards are no fun. Anyone here '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD knight) 419993

My eyes widen.
"R.. really? But I am a good follower and am not sure about being third in command, there is navigation, morale, food, troop recruitment."
"I am not saying that I dont like the offer…."

"Perhaps I can try, and I will try my best." I smile.

Tony [Trickster] 419995

Scratch my head.
"Felfire? Well last I saw her she got her feathers in a bunch about how" mock voice "you can't just raise an entire city, grogar will cry." normal voice. "I suppose she went to console grogar."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 419998

"Seekkill checked ships. She not there."

Light Heart [Warlord] 419999

"That is strange…"

Tony [Trickster] 420001

"Strange. But I don't know where she is in that case. Wait, have you checked the graveyards?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420003

"Emrille suggested that. Seekkill go check."

I fly up and look around for a graveyard.

Light Heart [Warlord] 420006

"I suppose those would be more like her version of the Red Light District."
I chuckle

Wf+6 420008

"No smell or color. Water is neutral, it's fine."

Vivid Eclipse wandrs off.

Skylight nods and gets everyone to link up. "First, clear your mind. Let's meditate briefly. Just breathe out and get a good, calm feeling."

There is another room to the north. You don't see anyone in here.

Of course. They're passing them around. As after each puff, the priests give the ceremonial, "Don't bogart the bong, dude." indicating it is time to pass it on.

You head out to the edge of town. You wouldn't call it so much a forest as you would a light wood. It is quiet here, generally, except there is a buck nearby with an enormous rack, which catches your attention.

"If you're not confident in your abilities, I can find someone else. Are you sure you can handle it?"

There doesn't appear to be a formal graveyard in this city.

Tony [Trickster] 420012

"If you see an open grave, don't look into it. You don't want to know what she does to corpses."
I shout as he flies away.

I chuckle.
"At least she doesn't have to pay for those."

Take on one of the bongs.
Light it up, make sure lots of smoke collects in the pipe and inhale '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Right. Relax my muscles and calm my mind. Try to find peace in this bustling city.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420015

Now, is that all? Or anything else I should know?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 420016

Enter and see what's in that new room then.

Tony [Trickster] 420017

"So what are you doing here, Miss Heart?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420018

I fly in wide circles around the city and look for Flux.

Sateo [DD Monk] 420019

gently approach the buck "Hello there"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420022

I keep my eyes closed
"Miss Skylight wished to pray. I obliged. I do not consider myself a religious pony, but I am certainly openminded enough to agree to this."

Chip(DD knight) 420023

I stand up straight.
"Oh no sir Smitts. I can Commodore Smitts. I will try my best sir. The Eagle's roost will have a good third mate I promise that."

Tony [Trickster] 420027

"Watch out with all that praying.
Before you know it, you're a nun."

Light Heart [Warlord] 420033

I smile, still keeping my eyes closed
"I do not hate fun yet, so I believe I am in the clear for now."

Tony [Trickster] 420036

"Suit yourself. I'll leave you to the…praying thing then…" Walk off.

Wf+6 420039

Everything seems to turn Tye-dye. Oh boy, here we go.

It's hard to focus with Tony pestering you.

"Feeling ready?"

She thinks a moment. "I think that's it. Just remember: no acids! In general, if it's sour or can turn sour, it's acidic."

Perception check.

You saw him before, but he has disappeared inside somewhere now.

He turns and raises a brow. "You're not here for lumber, are you? Lumber is on Tuesdays."

He's wearing a nice coif made of leaves, and a sort of bark-armor.

Deer are not a common sight in general. They tend to be a superstitious and isolationist people.

"Good. Perhaps you should go familiarize yourself with your colleagues. You'll be working under Mister Movp, a griffon, Mister Flux, a zebra, and Miss September, a jenny."

Felfire [Necromancer] 420040


Roll #1 5 = 5

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420041

Now, will I recieve the stuff to?

Tony [Trickster] 420042

"Don't bong the bogart, little girl."
Ow sweet, where am I going?


I nod
"Yes. Of course. My apologies."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420044

I go to where I last saw him and try to catch his scent.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sateo [DD Monk] 420045

I shake my head "No, I be a traveler. Name's Sateo." I tap my leaf stone necklace "be ye a druid?"

Chip(DD knight) 420046

"Ah new recruits it seems." I smile at him. "Looks like Reptil is not in short supply of scum to look for eh? Good thing too if you ask me, at least more crew means more to run the ship."

I look around,
"So where are they?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420055

That's an 8 because of Survival.

Wf+6 420067

Hmmm…. it must've been nothing.

Of course, you get it.

The ground seems to be made of snakes. That's okay, though, because they're distributing cakes.

"Shall we begin?"

He probably headed out to the sea.

"Not exactly. Are you looking for the druid?"

"Those three are actually ex-members of the crew that rejoined us. Mister Movp is probably in a bar. Mister Flux could be anywhere, but I'd look for a butcher's. Miss September could be anywhere, but I'd try the bars as well."

Felfire [Necromancer] 420068

Alright. What's in this room then?


Well, I guess I'll have to do this not fully concentrated.
"Yes, miss Skylight. Let us pray."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 420070

A nice antique rug is on the floor. On the western wall there is a window. There is an urn on a table here. There are a number of chairs in this room: it appears to be a sitting room.

You can't focus because a fly keeps landing on your flank, prompting you to flick your tail at it.

One more chance to focus before prayer is over.

Felfire [Necromancer] 420071

An.. Urn?
Step inside, inspect it.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 420072

That's new. Oh well, in times like these you've just go with the flow and you'll end….somewhere
Where's the flow going?


Well it is a nice flank, I cannot possibly blame them.

But really… try to concentrate.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Tony [Trickster] 420075

Wf+6 420080

It looks like it's supposed to house ashes, but instead it houses some kind of aromatic wood chips. Fucking rich people.

The snakes seem to be moving as one into the woods… You wonder where they are migrating.

You feel the slightest connection to Her divinity, but you get no response. You feel the slightest memory awaken… of another prayer, in another time, in another place. What could have been. You wonder if it's real, or a passing fancy.

Sateo [DD Monk] 420082

I shake my head "Just spotted your leaves, and thought ye might be close to nature like me." I look curious "Do druids live here?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 420083

These were necromancers. Seance with the wood.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Tony [Trickster] 420084

This is most unusual for snakes. I must study their behaviour.

Follow them into the woods.

Light Heart [Warlord] 420085

I shrug. Never been quite the religious type anyway. Maybe next time.
"Thank you, miss Skylight."

Chip(DD knight) 420087

"Aaah, I see. I have gone to the bar… or 'a' bar earlier. Perhaps I could have a look around and see if I could find them eh?"

"Perhaps I could go and see if I can recruit some guys or gals for myself or do you got it covered?" I look at him.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420088

Tuck them away safely.
What is the aphrodisiac? What sort of food.
"Thanks for the bis'!"

Wf+6 420091

"Of a sort. There is one. We serve him. He does not speak to outsiders."

Only one of the family was a necromancer, remember? The 'black sheep' of the family.

You can't seance with wood! Such things are impossible without training. Didn't you listen to Smitts?

They lead you to a pony in an entertainer's getup performing tricks. He's eating a rock, and weighing down some papers with a melon.

She smiles and nods. "Of course, you can't expect her to speak to you your first time, but it was good that you took the first step."

"There are many bars in town. As for recruiting efforts – bring anyone on you wish."

It's some sort of spice that can be sprinkled on food.

"Sure, sure. Come again."

Tony [Trickster] 420096

Take a curious look at it.
"Excuse me pony, what are you doing?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420098

"I promised you, did I not? I am a generous mare, miss Skylight, I stay true to my words."
I stand back up
"Now… I must go see mister Smitts."
Go do so.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420100

Take the stuff and go wander around the city randomly.

I wonder if it can be sprinkled on a chocolate bar? If so, I should get one.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD knight) 420103

"Alright, I will go and see if I can find them, or if I have time recruit some." I smile.

I then lean a bit closer to Smitts.
"By the way, I was just expecting a raise so all of … this is a great. Thanks Smi.. I mean commodore Smitts"

With that I go around Reptil and find sir Movp around the bars. Perhaps around the red light?

Felfire [Necromancer] 420105

A soul could have been bound to it!
Pick it up anyway, this piece of wood has picked my interest.
Leave the roo-
Is the windows open or closed?

Felfire [Necromancer] 420106


Wf+6 420112

He says something that you're sure is Ignan or Terran, but you're not sure if it was slow or fast.

She frowns. "I'd prefer if you were doing it for your own good, not just to humor me. But very well."

The lot of you head off to see Smitts. He's chatting with Chip.

Good luck. That won't be made for another hundred and fifty years. Try a chocolate ball.

Perhaps. Roll for luck.

It is closed currently, but not latched.

Chip(DD knight) 420113


Roll #1 4 = 4

Felfire [Necromancer] 420114

Go look through it.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sateo [DD Monk] 420117

"I see, are you happy serving him?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420118

"My words were not that I would attempt to pray. Rather, to become a better pony with your help."

I then approach Smitts and Chip
"Mister Smitts. Mister Chip. A good day to you both. Are you busy?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420121

Any sort of sweet that fat fuck Tela would gladly eat! I'm sure there are some street vendors.

Tony [Trickster] 420123

Can I listen better and identify if it was slow or fast '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Chip(DD knight) 420124

"Miss. Lightheart." I nod and lighten up before stroking her mane once.
"Well kind of, but I was about to leave. I got to meet some of the new recruits of the ships. I leave Commodore Smitts to your care." I grin.

Wf+6 420129

You wander into a low-class dive and realize you have no idea what these officers look like aside from their races, which will make it difficult in a crowded town.

"We have always served him."

"Just finished, it would seem."

There are. Nearby there is some sort of sugary bread treat stand, served with honey.

You are so warped you can't tell. It is a good pain.

Felfire [Necromancer] 420130

Look through windows?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420131

Ooh, that will do!
Flutter over there.
"Hey, how much for one of these?"

Chip(DD knight) 420135

Scratch my head, stupid me for not asking what they look like.
Perhaps I could ask around of their name, if not go around Reptil and see if anyone is interested to join and become a ship sailor.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Light Heart [Warlord] 420136

I look at the Dhow
"I see our newest acquisition has been arranged for. What a nice vessel."

Sateo [DD Monk] 420139

I look a little distant "Aye, that's just how it is then.. Would ye be punished if ye attempted to leave?"

Wf+6 420142

Nothing out there. Perception check.

"Tasty treats, ten bits for three."

You wander about and run into the Shipbuilder's Union. Maybe this is a good place to start.

"Yes. Its name is What Was Missing, but I think that's a little wordy for a vessel. I think I'll call it Hourglass."

"I do not want to leave. We live peacefully here. Perhaps you'd like to see."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420145

"Make it four and we have a deal."

Chip(DD knight) 420147

I grin at this. I didnt know a place like Reptil could have, or even capable of supporting a union. Haha!

Go inside and see what they are cooking, Perhaps ask one of the shipbuilders what kind of ships they are building.

Light Heart [Warlord] 420148

"That sounds like an acceptable name."
I motion to Onik
"I hope you do not mind me having recruited some new crewmembers. I must say, Reptil has quite a lot of interesting individuals."

Felfire [Necromancer] 420150

I'm totally not sleeping on the job, I swear.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tony [Trickster] 420152

"Are you hear for the evening sermons as well?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 420158

I nod "Yes, I be curious.." I hesitate "will I be allowed back out?"

Wf+6 420167

He scrutinizes you, but agrees.

The shipbuilders are gathered around a pegasus in the middle shouting about freedom.

"NO ONE IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE DISTRICT GIVES A FUCK ABOUT ANY OF YOU! I KNOW SUCKS TO HEAR, BUT THAT'S THE TRUTH. I know I'm not ideal. I know I've let you down. But dammit, I am YOUR ONLY FRIEND right now. I need you to back me, and if you do, I can do a LOT for you."

"Not at all. It was one of the main reasons we stopped here. We need a crew, you know."

Maybe it was just the wind…

You shake yourself a bit, and his words start to make sense. "Something like that. Heh, heh."

"Yes… of course."

Felfire [Necromancer] 420168

"Is somepony here?"
Beat the hilt of my staff on the floor, and raise my copper wings to look menaceous.

Light Heart [Warlord] 420169

I smile
"On that note, has anything been decided yet on our next destination?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 420171

I smile "Lets shove off then mate" I follow the deer.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 420172

Pay him the bits/doubloon chip.

What to do, what to do now~
Let's head back to the ship, for one.

Chip(DD knight) 420182

Check out whats happening. Is it a workers strike? What is she blabbering about?

Is she hot?

Wf+6 420376

Hmmm… no response. Spooky.

"Yes… I think south was a wise option anyway. Dust, Dixie, and the Aquamarine City are still on the table, but now that we've resupplied, our range has increased dramatically. There's the Island of Roads, or the old 'city of world's desire' might be a good raiding opportunity. The swamp town of Carrow would be a friendlier option on the other side of the Equestrian Continent. And of course there are plenty of little cities to hit all along the Equestrian coast…"

He leads you off deep into a glade. As you get closer, you start to notice deer staring at the edge of your vision. Finally, he leads you back to a tribal camp area, where there are a large number of deer, both buck and doe. They're going about their business, but your attention is drawn by a buck at the center of camp with the biggest rack you've ever seen. It's enormous: like a small tree. He's pretty large himself, which he must be to support such a thing.

You arrive back at the ship.

This pegasus is male. He's pretty built, but bald of mane.

[lemon] 420385

Frown a bit and listen to whatever he is saying. Perhaps I can ask one of the crowd whats happening.
"What is he talking about?"

Chip(DD knight) 420388

Sateo [DD Monk] 420391

I give an impressed whistle. "what a home."

Wf+6 420393

"From here, the Supreme Steward speaks with Mother Nature herself. Unlike other divines which frequently exert their will, hers is mysterious, and few have the power to commune with her in the truest sense as the Supreme Steward can."

"That's Cloud King. He wants to be re-elected to the Reptil Council. Lotta folks here in the union hated him after the last shipyard closing, but he says he's not giving up…"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420395

"I'll take it. More power on the bow gives me more time and more options in the battlefield."

"Say, if you don't mind me chatting, how long have you been at this industry?"

Chip(DD knight) 420404

I nod at this. Politics, dont care.
Cloud King… have I heard of that… Naaah…

I look around the shipyard. Perhaps its time to look for good possible recruits while I admire the ships that they are making.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sateo [DD Monk] 420405

"That's why he's ye leader?" I pause "But still, 'tis place be a wee secluded, do ye have a family here? ..A doe?"

Wf+6 420415

"I took up making bows and other weapons as a hobby in retirement about six years ago. Before that I was a vampire hunter. Let me tell you: most vampire hunters do not retire. That being said, I didn't have much of a plan for what I was going to do after I retired."

You see a poster with a picture of a sort of anonymous-looking hardworking earth pony. The poster reads: WHO IS STEEL STRIKER?

There are a few ponies gathered around it.

"I do. Almost all of our tribe is tied here to the land. All but one, I suppose…"

Chip(DD knight) 420422

Approach those who are gathered around the poster.
"Who is steel Striker…. so who is it? By the way, nice shipyard this place." I asked one of those who are gathered around the poster.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420427

"Vampire hunter? Have they actually been such a common threat that many ponies took it up as a career in these areas? I heard lots of tales about them when I was working in the East, but I thought they were exaggerations from my fellows."

Wf+6 420430

The ponies chuckle. "That's what everypony wants to know."

"If we knew, wouldn't the poster say, 'Steel Strike is this guy.'?"

"There was a population boom some thirty years ago. Real threat. Almost destroyed the sun or something. I was never really clear on what their prophecy was supposed to do, exactly. Point being the reason you don't see a lot of vampires about these days is because we won."

Chip(DD knight) 420435

I scratch my head and chuckle with them.
"So hows the working condition in this place, is this a good place for a shipbuilder to do work?"

Wf+6 420437

"It's alright. Challenging work. Out of doors. Guarantee you won't go hungry. 'Cause at the end of the day, as long as there's water left on this plane, someone's gonna want to ride a boat."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420439

"Least you can look outside and know you did good. Me? Sometimes I wonder what I did with my life. Too many good soldiers didn't come home, and far too often I'm left wondering if it was even necessary."

"Enough of that talk. We'll scare away customers with our old people talk. Next we'll be complaining about our knees. Let's talk shop, what do I have to know to keep it in working order?"

Chip(DD knight) 420442

"I agree." I nod at this and ponder for a moment staring at the poster.
"So…. anyone of you have thoughts of going out for awhile? Wanting to try working on another job, say… on-board a ship?"

Wf+6 420459

He spends some time showing you how to use a large crossbow, and how to maintain it (which is similar to your old bow).

"Nah. I've got family here."
"Same, and I've given up sea life."
"Motion sick."
"Besides, no one will leave the union with all this turmoil going on. You'd have to talk to Steel Striker at least."
They all chuckle.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420463

Hold the bow up and smile.
"Yes, this is exactly what I needed. This should prove useful."

Leave a nice tip and head towards the Apathetic Apiarist.

Chip(DD knight) 420465

"Awww.. too bad, well I cant push anyone to take up a job." I smile and shrug.

I then eye the poster.
"Steel Striker? Harummphh.. lets see of that.. whoever it is, is as good as this poster claims. Thanks for your time then." I bow and smile smugly before leaving.

Steel… Striker… Hmmm. Perhaps I have to go around this place and ask the workers who this mystery worker is. Piqued my interest.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 420471

There's an extremely bored looking earth pony behind the counter. He doesn't even acknowledge you as you enter.

You ask around and just elicit more questions and mysterious about the enigmatic Steel Striker. You even come across more posters that ask the ever-pressing question: "Who is Steel Striker?"

Your research leads you to legends about the supposed Steel Striker. Stories attribute various feats to him, like making flying ships – or underwater ships. Supposedly he had explored the entire world – TWICE, and visited the Stormy Castle of Tirek and lived to tell the tale. Legend even had it that he had found the Fountain of Youth and was really a thousand years old and had once had a fleeting romance with Nightmare Moon herself!

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420472

I fly out to sea and look for Flux.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420473

Let's see what spice he has available first, and hopefully he has some in stock and didn't forget to put out the new product.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 420474

There are a bunch of varieties behind glass at the counter he's leaning on.

Flux seems to be headed back to the ships now.

Chip(DD knight) 420475

"Far off stories from childrens tales I tell you! Bah!" I fumed at one of those whom I asked. What a load of rubbish.
I then stop to ponder, hmmm… well there is Tony who with the help of his bunny, remakes Reptil back…..

Arg, I shake my head in confusion, perhaps I will go to another part of Reptil and ask the other citizens there if they have knowledge of this Steel Striker guy. Might be worth my time.
>pls rng

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420476

I land and walk along side him.
"What fun in city?"

Wf+6 420477

"Essence. I drink it in. Sights. There is much to see. Learn. There are more ways to gain knowledge than to be taught or to steal from your foes."

Wf+6 420478

They're less helpful here. they don't even have stories! It's all just "Who is Steel Striker?"

They start to ask if you know anything about him. How enigmatic.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420479

"What good to look at? What good to learn? Where learn it?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420480

"Say, how many of those spices behind you are available for the public at large? Any cubeb or galingale or pepper avialable?"

Chip(DD knight) 420481

I slump on the pavement.
"Auuugghh this is frustrating." I blurted out, perhaps I should have left the recruitment to Smitts.

I slap myself, no this is experience. Just recruit one guy, thats all. Go and ask, perhaps I might get lucky this time.
>inb4 a >1

Chip(DD knight) 420482


Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 420483

"Shows. I go to see them to know what they think. Conventions. I go to see them to know what they know. Buffets. I go to eat them to eat what they eat."

You're wandering along the street when you're dragged into an alleyway by a bunch of G-Ponies in trenchcoats and fedoras. They hold you down, shine a light on you, and start barking questions at you.

"What were you doing at the Shipbuilder's Union?"
"Are you supposed to be a shipbuilder? Where are your tools?"
"What did you ask those passersby?"
"What did you find in the Shipbuilder's Union?"
"What do the posters mean?"
"Who is Steel Striker?"

Wf+6 420484

While none of the rest of his body moves, his eyes shift between two bottles. One is labeled 'pepper', and another 'ginger'.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420485

"What is con-ven-tion?"

Wf+6 420486

"Display. Many come together to discuss knowledge."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420487

"Where Seekkill find one?"

Chip(DD knight) 420488

"Wha what?! One question at a time! And… Arrghh let go off me!"
Fight back and struggle to get free.

"I dont know! I am finding this Steel guy because they told me so!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD knight) 420489

"and I was finding someone to recruit for work!"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420490

"Quiet type. Spare me a meagre amount and I'll be on my way, leaving you to your heavy thoughts."

Can I haggle a bit on the price?


"Oh, and where can I find a tea shop?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 420491

"Entertainment. District for leisure."

You fail to break free. They keep shaking you and asking you questions.

"Who is Steel Striker?"
"What were you doing at the Shipbuilder's Union?"
"What does Cloud King have to do with Steel Striker?"
"What does Steel Striker want with the City Council?"
"Who is Steel Striker?"
"Where can we find him?"
"Who are you?"
"Who do you work for?"
"Why does Steel Striker reach out to the working class?"
"What are Steel Striker's supporters doing in the secret cemetery after dark?"
"Who is Steel Striker?"

He eyes a nearby scale and a price chart next to it.

In many places, you can haggle. Here, you can not.

As for the tea shop, he eyes the door.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420492

"Thank you."
I fly off and look for the district he was talking about.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Chip(DD knight) 420493

Arg! Struggle to get free.

"I am Chip, a dog who repairs ship and I dont know who this Steel Striker is but what I heard is that he's a damn good shipbuilder fuck! Ow not the groin! I was here to recruit the bozo but all I heard is that he's just a goddamn rumor now let go of me!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 420494

In the entertainment district, there are showrooms for conventions organized by letter. You see many showrooms, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, and Z. There are also some ancillary showrooms next to the main ones labeled various variations on these.

Wf+6 420495

You burst free of the pile of G-Ponies and they immediately slink into the shadows and vanish without a trace. Mysterious, but at least you got a clue. Unfortunate that you can't act on it until after dark.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420496

I check out the extra ones.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 420497

"Spices like these are a necessity on long voyages, so I'll take a small amount of both."

Pay the lad his fee, and let's look for some simple teas. After that, we head back to the ship to drop off our little preparations.

Chip(DD knight) 420498

Working class, cemetery… who are those ponies? Perhaps I will visit the cemetery after this but I have to make sure they are not following me. Perhaps I will wait for night to come before going there.

Wf+6 420499

They vary. You definitely see RS, ADV, VR, VG, CM, HM, IC, TRV, and TOY rooms, among others.

Wf+6 420500

Spices acquired. No luck on tea.



Wf+6 420674


Light Heart [Warlord] 420676

"Yes… Dixie."
I clear my throat.
"I grew up in Dixie. It has been some time since I last saw it."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420677

Go around Reptil and drink(lightly) on a couple of bars in hope that those… g-ponies will get bored and leave me or will get lost in the process Perhaps I might meet Movp in the process. Do this until it is night in Reptil.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Tony [Trickster] 420678

"You're a follower of the Changer as well then? Must be if you're here on His beach."

Sateo [DD Monk] 420679

I look at the deer curiously "Who be that?"

Wf+6 420680

"Waxing nostalgic, Miss Heart? I'll take it into consideration."

You wander around the bars aimlessly until night, but have no revelations about those you are supposed to meet.

He flicks a card free of a deck that has appeared in his hoof. "Here's my card."

It's… the Knave of Clubs.

"The treemaker's apprentice. He left us and went into the city. We do not know what has come of him."

Light Heart [Warlord] 420683

"Perhaps, perhaps…"
I chuckle
"I had one more thing I wished to ask of you, mister Smitts. Some time back, miss Rosemary mentioned something she should probably not have mentioned. You no doubt realize this. I was curious what it was about. I believe it was not long after you spoke with her privately."

Tony [Trickster] 420684

Study the card for a second.
"What should I do with this?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420685


Ask the citizens of Reptil where the cemetary is at, While we are at it, perhaps I might ask some of the citizens about the talks of a secret cemetary that I heard about.

Also ask them if they heard about a steel striker?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420689

I go into the K convention.

Sateo [DD Monk] 420692

I look surprised "Do ye think he left the port?"

Tela [Spellsword] 420693

"Sure thing pals. How much is entry?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 420694

Let's walk back to the last intersection.
What rooms haven't I visited yet?

Wf+6 420699

"I'm more surprised you didn't wrestle it out of her. I asked if she thought you were a competent leader."

"Not your card?"

He flicks it and it becomes a Joker before passing it to you.

You just get more legends and mythic tales about Steel Striker when asking about him. Cemetery questions all turn up the same response: there is no cemetery.

Just when you're about to give up, you ask at a shady dive out by the coast. The bartender gives you a look before whispering,

"Under the bird statue in town square. Inside the thieves' city."

It's full of every type of weapon, from advanced guns to primitive spears. Most of the owners are showing off their most impressive or exotic weapons. One even has a "harp bow" – a supposed artifact remnant from Equestrian soil.

"Two normal, three called. Payout is five, or ten plus three on call. We play until two crowns. With you, five players. Dice are six-sided, two."

"It's possible. I wouldn't know. He could be anywhere."

You seem to have searched each of them. Abilio raises a brow.

Tela [Spellsword] 420701

Take out that chipped doubloon
"I got this, which is kinda hard to pay with on the go. Worth 90 bits."

Felfire [Necromancer] 420702

"He has to be a rogue. Or he's jumped off the window, but I saw nothing down there.
There was something wrong with the kast room, couldn't quite place it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 420703

"I admit the thought crossed my mind. But I figured that if it was something I needed to know, you would answer when I asked you."
I turn to Rosemary with a smile
"And what did she answer to that question?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420707

I look for anyone selling blowguns.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420708

I smile at him and give him a small tip before heading out and going to this bird statue at the town square. Perhaps investigate the place a bit. Is there a secret entrance of sort. What does the bird statue looks like.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Tony [Trickster] 420710

"Nice trick. I can do something like that as well."

Reinvent Self (try to look like that joker on the card) '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 420713

It's worth 40.

"Alright, we'll credit you until it runs out."

Tela: 40
Snarl: ??
Sunshine Smile: ??
Hrath: ??
Iron Wing: ??

"Roll for order. One die."


Roll #1 3, 5, 5, 5 = 18

Tela [Spellsword] 420714


Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 420715

"Mm… well, what did you need?"

Rosemary shrinks a little.

"That seems to defeat the purpose of you leaving the room, Miss Heart."

It's a showroom, not a marketplace.

There are blowguns on display, though.

It looks like a chicken on a weather vane.

You manage to turn yourself into a card. You flutter onto the ground and lay there for six seconds.

He chuckles. "Nice trick."

"You're up."

Sateo [DD Monk] 420718

I nod "Aye, maybe he just wanted some time to roam?" I smile a bit "What was he like? I travel all over If I find him I could deliver a message for ye."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420719

Where is the weather vane pointing or the chicken looking at? Also can I touch it?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420720

I look at them. How do they compare to the one I made years ago on the island?

Felfire [Necromancer] 420721

"I wanted to interrogate them, see who took the book. Clearly not gonna happen now.
Maybe there's something I missed back in that room, can you help me find it?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420722

I chuckle and turn back to Smitts
"Of course, of course. I was merely jesting. This raises the question though, why ask her this? Are you planning something, mister Smitts?"

Tony [Trickster] 420725

I was thinking the pony joker figure on the card but hey that works as well.
I didn't even know I could do that.
Once I'm back up, I sit down.

"So why are you showing me these cards?"
I grasp the joker one again.
"What's the meaning behind it?"


Alright, help me here. I have to roll two dice now and see if I get doubles?

Roll #1 1, 1 = 2

Wf+6 420728

"Though he was apprenticed to the tree-maker, he was always tinkering with strange, unnatural things. He is no doubt working metal or its mineral like."

It's tall, but you could climb up and touch it.

The weather vane is pointing north, but it's stone, so it doesn't swivel.

They're more finely made, but none of these are made from bone, they're all wood or metal.

"You never told me what kind of book we're looking for."

"You are an officer. There are certain competencies I need to know you possess."

"It's His favorite card."

Snarl snarls. "Beginner's luck."

Tela: 43

Turns progress.

Snarl: '2d6'
Sunshine Smile: "Twos." '2d6'
Hrath: "Fives." '2d6'
Iron Wing: '2d6'

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8 / Roll #2 2, 1 = 3 / Roll #3 3, 3 = 6 / Roll #4 5, 5 = 10

Wf+6 420729

Pot: 2
Tela: 43
Snarl: 58
Hrath: 22
Iron Wing: 43

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420730

Weird. go north of the town square and see whats the weather vane is pointing at.

Felfire [Necromancer] 420731

"A diary which contains the required procedure to find the next leader of the blacktongue cult.
Suffiece to say, I'm working for somepony who doesn't want the cult to find it. Somepony I guess you know, at this point.
Somepony whose name I can't make."

Wf+6 420732

Oh, and Sunshine Smile: 17

Light Heart [Warlord] 420733

"Of course, yes. Are you pleased with my performance so far?"

Wf+6 420734

You follow the road for a while… it doesn't seem to be pointing at anything, as the road continues for two or three miles.

Abilio sighs. "You do know how to get yourself into trouble, don't you? Alright, let's have a look."

Wf+6 420735

"The Autumnsreach affair could have gone over better."


Alright alright, I got this shit. Fun game.

Roll #1 3, 1 = 4

Felfire [Necromancer] 420737

"He kinda had my soul at swordpoint. And you were just in the other room."
Grumble a bit, and start looking for the diary in that last room.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420739

Can I see anything that makes them superior in function when compared too mine?

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420740

Pfff… go back to the square, check out the statue again if it can move by pushing it in certain directions. Are there any ponies around me too while I am doing this?

Tony [Trickster] 420742

Take a look at the card again.
"Ah yes, I get it. The card can be everything at once. And it's not part of the order of cards, it exists outside of them."
Look at him.
"Is it your favorite card as well?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 420743

"Very curious." I frown puzzled a bit "If me and my bucko had grown up here.. well, I might not ever leave."

"Me mates won't miss me until morning. Do ye need a paw to help out with anything?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420744

"Indeed it could have. But it could have gone worse as well."
I clear my throat
"And in all fairness, miss Emrille was the one in charge of the mission, not me. But… I do admit I should have played a more active role and taken matters in my own hooves."

Wf+6 420750


Pot: 5
Tela: 40
Snarl: 58
Sunshine Smile: 17
Hrath: 22
Iron Wing: 43

'2d6' Sixes

Looks like it has been pilfered. Just great.

"Seems you can find it anywhere."

They look nicer, that's about all you can tell.

>Spot checking an Appraisal or Engineering roll

I'll give you credit, it was a nice try.

It's kinda late. They'll probably think you're drunk.

You try to push the base of the statue when it gives way and you fall through it. You go some way, then hit the floor below.

"No. The Knave of Clubs."

"Fresh spring water must be brought to the Supreme Steward. The only such pure spring is deep in the woods. Many have visions there. Perhaps it would be enlightening for you if you ventured out."

"Well, at least you take responsibility. I like that. I do have something you can do, if you're interested in shouldering some responsibility. There's a local cult… a Headthought Convention. They're the most trivial kind of cult, but they're interfering with our trade. If you have a moment, I'd like you to plant some seeds under seat eighty eight in their convention grounds."

Roll #1 4, 2 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 5 = 6 / Roll #3 1, 1 = 2 / Roll #4 2, 1 = 3

Wf+6 420751

Pot: 14
Tela: 40
Snarl: 58
Sunshine Smile: 17
Hrath: 25
Iron Wing: 43

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420752

Ow…. oww..
Try to stand up and see where I landed, I hope I dont land into something… unpleasant considering this is a city.


Okay it's cool, I got this. I'm going to be fucking rich.

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 420755

"And I can't ask the walls just yet.
Guess I'll have to go bother Hero some more and write the diary off his memory."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420756

I try to spot anyone who looks like they know about blowpipes and ask them about any advantages the ones on display have over mine.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5

Light Heart [Warlord] 420758

"Headthought? Very well, that sounds a relatively simple task."

Tony [Trickster] 420759

"Why do you like it so much?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 420760

I nod "Aye, that sounds good. Do ye have a bucket or somethin' ye use for the pure water?" I think for a second "An' ye Supreme Steward, he wouldn't want to see me, so I;d be bringin' the water back to ye?"

Wf+6 420766

Pot: 17
Tela: 37

'2d6' Fours
'2d6' Threes

It's totally dark! You can't see a thing.

"Have some patience, Felfire. Your problem is a chronic lack of patience. Watch."

He stomps a hoof and a black gate opens, spewing forth four Tartarians.

"Search the rooms… thoroughly."

He pauses. "Now we wait. Perhaps we could do some light reading, or discuss philosophy."

There are the gentlemen displaying them. They're earth ponies, wearing nice suits and glasses.

"Good." He hoofs you some seeds. "Do try to take care of it before sundown."

"You could bring the water to his presence. He won't speak to you, however."

The deer offers you a wooden bucket.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9 / Roll #2 6, 1 = 7 / Roll #3 5, 6 = 11 / Roll #4 5, 2 = 7

Wf+6 420767

Pot: 27
Tela: 37

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420768

"What make blowgun good blowgun?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420769

"We will get to it straight away. Where is this convention taking place exactly?"
Go there as he answers me.


I'll get it right soon enough.

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12

Felfire [Necromancer] 420773

I'd love to."
Sit down and smile.
Then, spare a glance towards the shadow.
"Do you think the soul of those we use feel something, through their bodies?
I always though they did. And I kept using them anyway…"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420775

arg, I really should have brought a light source….
Oh yes! I have candles!

Fish out one on my back pack and try to light it using my tindertwigs or my flint/tinder

Wf+6 420780

He's wearing thick-lens glasses.

"Aerodynamics my friend! Fluid physics determine the speed of the needle!"

"Past the big fountain in town."

Snarl growls again. "Grr.. lucky."

Pot: 25
Tela: 39

He nods. "I believe so. I believe much insight can be gained into the process of control through the study of bindings. The methodology for Tartarian control is really just a more complex system based on the simple tenets of necromantic control. Instead of putting energy into powering your puppet, you put it all into the control process."

After a minute you get a spark and the candles light.

Hm… at least it's dry down here. There's a passage straight ahead…

Tony [Trickster] 420782

Felfire [Necromancer] 420784

"They would eat us alive if they could, uh?"
Look at the four monsters searching the room.

Light Heart [Warlord] 420785

Right, go over there and head inside to look where this seat 88 is located.
What time of day is it anyway?


"You damn right I'm lucky!"

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9

Sateo [DD Monk] 420788

"Alright." I take the bucket and head deep into the woods.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420789

I steel myself…

I slowly walk forward into this passage, careful of ambush or anything nasty in the dark.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 420790

He gives you an odd look. "I told you, it's my card."

They are bulky bipegal dogoids without fur. They seem to bulge with muscle. They have large horns and enormous teeth, all of which seem to be incisors.

"Yes. Tartarians are evil, and they will hurt you if they can. The more intelligent ones are civil, but they share the brutish core philosophy of their stupid brethren."

Woops forgot to roll for them!

'8d6' Then process your roll. Then '8d6'

The woods are quite thick here. Perception check.

Nothing ambushes you, but the passage is quite long. You follow it for nearly half an hour, when your candle melts so much that the wick is now at your paw. You yelp and drop the candle remnant, which rolls perhaps twenty feet more and comes to a stop… at the foot of a tombstone. You're here.

Roll #1 6, 5, 5, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4 = 30 / Roll #2 2, 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2 = 15

Wf+6 420791

Pot: 40
Tela: 37


I'm not walking out here with less money than I had before!

Roll #1 1, 3 = 4

Tony [Trickster] 420793

"….You're the Knave of Clubs?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 420794

Sateo [DD Monk] 420796


Roll #1 8 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420797

"Seekkill not know most words you say."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420798

I smile, so this is the place…..
Relight another candle and approach the tombstone. I then get another candle from my pack, light it and plant it on top of the tombstone.

With the other candle in place, I then raise my candle and try to see if I can illuminate the area… the secret graveyard.
What do I see?

Felfire [Necromancer] 420799

"Be I damned if they ever manage to.
Shadows are a whole other thing. They care for me, at least.
I think the first moment I've felt truly safe has been while almost dying side by side to Fervored, just knowing he was there."

Wf+6 420801

All you have to do is roll double fives and you'll be rolling in it ~


"Yes… do you want me to take a look at your card?"

The sun is setting, dusk comes soon.

You arrive at the fountain. There are Headthought greeters offering bags. Everyone inside is wearing a bag over their head.


As you enter the deeper parts of the wood, you begin to realize you are being watched. Staying calm, you continue to keep your pace and do not stare, you merely shift your eyes without moving your head. Animal and tree spirits are creeping out of the nearby oaks to watch you as you traipse through the forest.

Not much, it's so dark… but you do see a glow up ahead… and you think you hear talking…

"Yes… I must admit, while Terrebonne's craft is arcane to me in some ways, her sense of control and consummate professionalism is the reason I have so much respect for her. You know, I think no one has ever achieved her rank – now first mate – trying as little as she has. She has never petitioned for rank, and she charges essentially nothing for her work. She has every right to be as confident in herself as she is… because she genuinely has nothing to fear. I think it's a good learning environment for you."

You hear a couple of bashes as some furniture falls over, and a yelp, followed by roars of triumph.

"It sounds like our search is complete. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5

Wf+6 420802

Woops, rolled wrong.


Roll #1 3, 5, 1, 6, 1, 4, 2, 6 = 28

Wf+6 420803

Pot: 52
Tela: 35

Light Heart [Warlord] 420804

Fantastic, I'll put one on as well and go inside with my surprise package. Search for seat 88 and 'plant' it.

Felfire [Necromancer] 420805

"That's a shame. I was having fun."
What did they find?

Tony [Trickster] 420806

Give him the card.
I must have smoked more than I thought.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 420807



No problem, I can do this.
Celestia? Gimme a hoof her. I'll pray to you if you do.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420810

Slowly approach this glow up ahead with my weapon at the ready. Try to hear what they are talking about.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sateo [DD Monk] 420815

'1d10' interesting. I must be getting closer..

Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 420816

Looks like she doesn't interfere in gambling!


You quickly plant the package under seat eighty eight. Roll for luck.

The pony you were chasing is there. Looks like he was hiding in one of the rooms. He looks pretty battered, and his spear has been taken away.

He points to some charts and graphs, you're blinded by science!


His partner concurs: "SCIENCE!"

They point to some pictures of grooves. "I CAN SMELL THE RIFLING!"










From this distance, you can't hear much, but you do hear snatches of the name: "Steel Striker". You do stay well-concealed, though.

Roll #1 1, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 3 = 24

Wf+6 420818

Pot: 64
Tela: 33

Sunshine Smile sighs. "That's enough for me. I'm out."

Hrath nods. "Me too."

They leave the table.

Wf+6 420819

You head deeper into the woods until you come to a large outcropping of rock. There are a great number of spirits here. Jutting out from the rock is a large wooden totem pole inscribed with runes.

There's a tap, and from it is flowing crystalline pure water.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420820

Steel striker!
Approach more carefully and try to see who they are or what they look like. Also kill my light.

Roll #1 4 = 4


She's a dumb bitch anyway.
… Discord? You don't care about rules right? Come on… throw me a bone here pal!

Roll #1 2, 6 = 8


I am the luckiest!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 420823

Move slowly towards him, head held high.
"The book in the secret room.
Where is it now?"

Tony [Trickster] 420824

Ask the Knave.
"If you're the Knave of Clubs, what happened to the other Queen of Clubs and the King? Are they around as well?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 420825

This must be the place. Study the runes for a moment. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 420826

Either he didn't interfere, or thought it was more in style to throw you two random numbers.


Most of them look like working class folks, wearing light garb. They're gathered around a lamp, talking about Steel Striker. That's all you can make out.

As you get up from planting the package, you suddenly notice some other Headthought members nearby… you think looking at you (the bags make it hard to tell).

"What are you burying there, Sister?"

You seem to have the oddest memory in your head of Smitts telling you to get away quickly… did he tell you that? Weird deja vu.

"I don't know. But it looks like your card is…"

"Ooh, that's interesting."

He coughs. "Ranger took it."

You can't make heads or tails of them.

Roll #1 4, 2, 1, 2 = 9

Wf+6 420827

Pot: 70
Tela: 31

Felfire [Necromancer] 420828

"Bring us to him."

Sateo [DD Monk] 420829

Well I'm not a very smart dog after all: Sit and meditate by the fountain, maybe I can get a vision '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420830

Approach them and reveal myself to them.


Wow okay.
Nightmare Moon? You like… stuff, right? I'll praise the Moon for you! Please!

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


"I accidentally dropped my notebook, brethren. I was merely picking it up."
Con Artist.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I must go meet with somepony."
Walk past them and get out.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Tony [Trickster] 420833

My drugged eyes open wide.
"What card is it?"

Wf+6 420835

He gives you a scared shake of the head. "You don't find Ranger. Ranger finds you."

Abilio raises a brow.

You watch the forest sprites come and go as they drink at the fountain and return to their trees. In time, a great boar begins to lumber up the path. This is not just any boar, though. It's the size of a small house.

They look confused, but then relax. "You're late, Brother. We were just finishing for the night."

You see they're standing over a grave. The tombstone reads: CAPITALISM

Well, she gave you half of what you wanted.


"It's getting pretty late, you guys want to just split the pot and quit?"
"We play 'til it's done!"

Pot: 72
Tela: 29

You can't see their expressions but they don't follow you out.

You notice a familiar figure passed out in the fountain as you leave: Weeping Sitar.

"Three of clubs. A good suit. And three is an interesting one. It's a minor arcana for sure, but an interesting one."

Roll #1 6, 4, 4, 6 = 20

Felfire [Necromancer] 420836

Speak softly, lowering myself next to him, a worried expression on my face.
"He must really care for you. Would he come back for you if you were in danger?"


I'm confident! Come on Moon mare! You'll get another follower! Gimme this!

Roll #1 6, 4 = 10

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420838

"Quite late it seems." I smile at them.
"So what are you ponies talking about? I Any idea who is Steel Striker yet?"


Oh? I remember him, he was that bard fellow.
Approach him.
"Mister Sitar, it has been some time."

Roll #1 10 = 10