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Wf+6 412380[Last 50 Posts]

Last time, Rosemary, Skylight, Onik, and Light Heart arrived at the temple. Though it's non-denominational, there are priests milling about. Mostly Tirekian with a sprinkling of Discordians. You can see an armor-clad pony arguing with the priests nearby.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412381

Armor-clad? Like… full plate armor? That's odd. Inch a little closer to try and hear what they're talking about.

Wf+6 412382

Yes, full plate.

The priests seem to be trying to shoo him away from a shrine.

>"This is a non-denominational shrine. You can't put up symbols here."

"Enough of this mockery of justice. There are Tirekian symbols everywhere. You overlook them because you are Tirekian."
>"I take offense to that. You know we don't show favor here."
"It's obvious you do – ninety percent of those here are Tirekians. But I'm not here to argue about that: if you were truly non-denominational, you'd respect my faith enough to let me put up my own symbols."
>"That would be infringing on our own faith."
"What kind of temple has no symbols at all? This is more like a standing room! This is zoned as a temple, it's supposed to be used as a place of worship."
>"Zoning is a construct of order that offends my sense of chaos as a Tirekian. You should go."
"I will tear off your tail and feed it to you."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412383

Is he carrying any symbols? Keep observing the exchange.

Wf+6 412384

Not carrying them, he has set up a moon statuette.

The exchange has ended. The Tirekians have retreated to regroup with bigger numbers.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412385

Well, with being almost forcibly shooed off the ship by Spring and Summer, I suppose the town is my oyster. Not that I can do much without money, but whatever.
Perhaps there's a temple district. With actual temples.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412386

I approach this individual

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412387

I was having a talk with Abilio.
Or did I?

Wf+6 412389

There is no temple district, sadly, as you find a map shortly after exiting the ship.

"Mmm? Here to usher me off as well? No… you don't look like these Tirekian hooligans."

Were you? I can't seem to recall what happened after the letter. Didn't you finish that conversation?

Wf+6 412390

Wait, now I remember, you made him storm off.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412392

Oh, wait,no, he stormed off because he was being a big baby when I mentioned not being a necromancer.
Maybe I can learn how to shoot a bullet of Death one day.

In the meanwhile, let's go to the city.
I'm sure the others are already there too.
But let's just wander to the entertainment district.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412393

"Quite right, I am not."
I bow my head slightly
"My name is Light Heart. My companions and I came here for a prayer, mister…?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412395

Well, bother. Anything that could serve as a temple? Perhaps to nature, or the moon?

Wf+6 412397

"Vivid Eclipse. If you came for prayer to anyone beyond Tirek, you might find some difficulties. Unless you like praying to a blank wall, that is."

You get lost in the crowd because of your deficit TALLNESS attribute and end up at a playground for fillies instead. D'awww.

There is an area sort of vaguely labeled "temple" in the administrative district.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412398

Well, let's head there. Maybe there's a nature shrine. Doubt there's one to the moon… Or at least, the aspect of her I hold in regard.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412399

Snort annoyedly.
Flutter up and look around.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412400

"It is quite somber, is it not?"
I look at the statue
"I must say I am very surprised to see a Lunite out here."

Wf+6 412402

You wander your way to the shrine. It seems to be non-denominational, interfaith. There are a lot of Tirekians here.

You think you see Skylight 'n' Friends nearby.

You are at a playground, near the Big Slide. To the north is a merry-go-round. To the east is a swing set. To the west is a sandbox. Inside the sandbox are those earth-mover mechanisms that you sit down at to scoop sand.

He holds up a hoof. "No need for euphemisms. Some of us have come to terms with Lady Moon's natural progression to darkness. It is not in our way to abandon her at darkest hour. Call her what she is: Nightmare Moon, the Mare in the Moon. There is no shame in it. It is a banner of pride and strength."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412404

Not about the playground, get your shit together Emrille!
About directions!

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412405

Might as well join them.
"Well, I must say it's a bit of a surprise to see you've managed to convince miss Heart to accompany you to a temple, Skylight."
I'll shoot a look around.
"Though this place does not seem to care for the Sun. Or Moon, for that matter."

Wf+6 412406

Oh, right. You're near some brothels. You almost feel like there should be some sort of distance restrictions between those and the playground. You're not sure which way it is from here to the entertainment district.

She seems pleased. "Yes, I thought it was pleasant, too."

The armor-bound one she was speaking to remarks, "It doesn't."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412407

"… Of course."
I chuckle
"Nightmare Moon… now that is a name I have not heard in some time. What should I call you as a follower of the Mare in the Moon then?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412409

Eh, whoring it up costs money.
And I got my bitches back on the ship anyway.
Fine, find the nearest anyone who could give directions.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412410

My ears will flick slightly at the mention of the Nightmare. I'll turn to the armor-clad pony.
"Might I have your name? I am Curry, of Autumnsreach."

Wf+6 412414

"I've never been one for titulature, but many refer to us as 'dreamers' – or if they're feeling dramatic, 'dark dreamers'. Nomenclature is a semantic fuss, I wouldn't put too much energy into it."

You wander over to a filly about your age.

"You wanna pway hide 'n' go seek?"

"You may. Vivid Eclipse."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412415

I wonder if a parent who knows shit would wonder over here if I shoot her…

Roll my eyes.
"No. Do you know where the entertainment district is?"

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412416

"I see."
I smirk slightly
"Mister Curry here is a fervent follower of the Moon as well."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412418

I'll nod slightly.
"As well? So we spread thin, but not gone. I suppose that's some consolation."

Wf+6 412420

"The entertainment…?"

"Ah, a brother-in-arms!"

He approaches and claps his hooves off of your armor before dragging you into a big hug, that he breaks off after a respectful two or three seconds.

"We fight the good fight, do we not?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412422

"Entertainment district. Y'know, where shit that is actually interesting happens."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412424

"The line is held, at least, and the faith is kept in the Moonlight. From where do you hail?"

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412425

I'll just watch this conversation go on, should be most interesting.

Wf+6 412426

"But the playground is here…"

She offers a smile and points at the sandbox.

"Not here, that's certainly the case."

He gives a hearty chuckle from beneath his heavy armor. "Born of Novdogod. I've come quite a ways. Do you know it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412427

Put a hoof on her shoulder.
"Okay, listen to me, I'm only going to say this once. I don't give a shit about the playground. I want to find the place with the stuff that is for adult entertainment. And not the whorehouses. You can get that into your little mind, can't you?"

Wf+6 412428

She looks confused.

"For adults…?"

Then she looks at her hoof. "Oh! You're tagging me it!"

She tags you in response and flees. "You're it!"

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412429

"I most certainly do. Quite a ways indeed."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412430

Grit my teeth.
"Oh you don't fucking want me to tag you back I promise you…"

Just look for someone who can give me those damn directions!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412431

"I am sad to say I do not. I have spent the last thirty years safeguarding the temple that was my home. And under the very nose of the Celestial of the Basilica, no less."
I'll nod slightly to Skyly.
"Though, not all are as bad as I was led to believe, as my sister can attest."

Wf+6 412436

"Yes. And this is only a short layover."

"I see. Well, fortune favors the bold, does it not?"

You stop a green pony with curly hair in the street. He looks you over.

"Filly in a pirate costume stops an average joe like me on the street? This is just like my Neighponese animes! Are you going to take me on a magical quest, Mahou Shoujo?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412438

Raise an eyebrow.
"What the fuck is wrong with you? And this is not a costume. Tell me which way to the entertainment district."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412440

"What brings a pony like you to Reptil, mister Eclipse?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412441

"It would seem so. Though she seems to favor fools as well, since a good twenty of those years was spent trying to oust a hydra from the basement…"
I'll shake my head a bit.
"Then miss Heart and her crew came along and made it look so embarrassingly easy."

Wf+6 412443

He points. "That way. Where's your talking animal companion?"

"Just a single stop on my way south. I'm making the wide loop down to Dixie. I hear they hold a more pleasant outlook toward Lady Moon there."

"You're still breathing, aren't you? Most aren't after just one encounter with the likes of a hydra."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412444

My eyes light up slightly
"Dixie… I see. Most interesting."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412445

Shake my head.
What the fuck is wrong with people?
Go in the direction he pointed.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412446

"Unless they're prepared. I was simply lucky that it never decided to eat me after thrashing me about for the thirtieth time or so."
I'll be a bit curious about his destination as well.
"Afraid I haven't heard of Dixie, either. Are there many Lunites there?"

Wf+6 412450

"I can't say for certain, having not been there myself. It should be worth the journey, anyway. Not like I had much welcome back in Novdogod, and travel is good for health and spirit."

Okay, you've arrived.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412451

Now look around! What spectacles are there to see?

Wf+6 412453

You mostly see legs from here.

The green pony notices and lifts you up so you can see over the crowd. … Did he follow you?

There are some convention centers, magic stages, brothels, an arena, music performers, and more.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412455

Snark at him.
"What the fuck are you doing?"

Flutter up on my own, above the crowd, and head to the arena.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412456

"Perhaps one day we'll find our ships going that way as well. Though they sail at the whim of the Commodore."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412457

"That much I can agree with, mister Eclipse. There is nothing better in this world than traveling it. I am not quite sure what our next destination is, but Dixie would certainly be… an interesting turn of events."

Wf+6 412460

It's a large coliseum for competition. Looks like there's a big fight scheduled for tomorrow.

"So long as you keep the faith, we are all together in spirit."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412462

I smile and nod
"Our fleet is always looking for fresh blood, if you are interested."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412463

Aww, nothing going on at the moment?
Find something else interesting then, there should be plenty random stuff to see here, right?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412464

"So long as the Moon lights the path."
"That is true, isn't it. The recent acquisitions to the fleet did seem dreadfully understaffed…"

Wf+6 412466

He considers it. "I appreciate the offer, but I simply can't. Not if you're not at least headed in the vague direction I am. Maybe if you could find out where you're headed next."

Wf+6 412467

All those things I described before.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412468

Let's see a magic stage.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412469

"Then miss Heart would be the one to keep tabs on, as she's closer to the Commodore than I."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412470

"Ah… perhaps we will meet again then, when I find out."

Wf+6 412472

"Perhaps. Until then, Night watch over you."

There's a performer on a nearby stage turning mice into horses.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412473

"May the Moon light your path and guide your hooves."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412474

Mice into horses?

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412475

"He was quite nice, was he not?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412477

"I hadn't expected to meet another Lunite outside of the doctors. A rare chance, I suppose."
Nod to myself.
"So, I notice you've picked up another companion. Forgive my rudeness, but could I have your name?"
That last bit will be directed to the new addition to Light Heart's posse.

Wf+6 412478

Oh, yes. And the horses back into mice. Good show. Everyone clap. Practically American in here.

You're met with a very indifferent expression.


Emrille [Gunslinger] 412479

Eh, seen better, but keep watching.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412482

"A pleasure. As you heard, the name's Curry."
And I'll extend a hoof.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412483

"Mister Onik is quite the pony. Very technologically inclined."

Wf+6 412484

For his next trick, he hoofcuffs himself, and then slides the hoofcuffs off. Well, that wasn't very impressive.

Onik gives a nod and accepts the hoof.

"So you say. A compliment I am likely not due."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412485

Eh, just one more chance to make it interesting.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412487

"Why not show mister Curry your weapon, mister Onik? It is a very impressive piece."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412488

Giving a firm shake, I'll let it go.
"Technologically minded? So you're a tinker? Or machinist?"
I'll look a bit quizzically at Onik.

Wf+6 412489

Next, he flicks his hoof and fireworks shoot from his sleeves!

"Not really."

The pegasus pulls a shotgun from its back-holster, displays it, then returns it nearly to its slot with two discrete but fluid motions.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412490

Okay, this isn't that big of a deal.
Go to see some musicians.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412491

"He is a traveler, more like. The curious thing is that he comes from a land vastly more technologically advanced. I have never heard of it either."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412493

"That's a rather odd-looking contraption. Barrel's too wide to be a rifle, and it's far too large to be a pistol…"
"Interesting. Perhaps I'll have the chance to speak more at length with him after shore leave is over, since I assume he's coming with us, as he's traveling as part of your entourage at the moment."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412494

"Indeed he is. But for now, we will be exploring the city."
I turn to Skylight
"Miss Skylight? How about that prayer?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412497

And I'll be reminded of my own prayer I should be making. While it isn't anywhere near night, I suppose anywhere should do…
"I'll leave you two to praise the sun. I shall find a slightly more secluded spot and make my own prayer there."
So let's find one. That isn't covered in Tirekian or Discord symbols, at least. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 412498

"Right. Let's sit down and just meditate a moment to set the mood. Then we can pray."

You find a nice shady corner. It seems the shade has also afforded it some safety, because there are some faint moon carvings here that have gone overlooked by the Tirekians.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412499

I nod
"Very good."
Do so.
"So, simply meditate until we are all ready?"

Wf+6 412500

"Yes… see if you can block out everything else and just listen to my voice."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412501

I'll lightly trace the moon with my hoof, and nod. Settling in, I'll clear my mind, grasp my pendant, and being to pray. For the will and strength to carry out my duty. For Summer's safety. For the safety of Spring. For Skylight's safety, and Mera's. That that spirit is wrong, and Skylight won't be made miserable on my account… that I'll be able to save her if she does. And lastly, for the spirit of my teacher, that she may be resting peacefully. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


That shouldn't be too hard, right? Relax…

Roll #1 4 = 4

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412503

Wf+6 412505

You see a band of weirdos performing a catchy tune that reminds you of one thing every marksman knows: Han shot first.


You almost feel like you could feel Her smiling at you… and you feel refreshed after your prayer. That felt… nice.

You can't help but keep peeking when Tirekians gossip about the city. It's all trivial, but you've trained yourself to take in all information you can. Shutting it out is hard!

"Feeling ready?"


"Not quite yet…"
Come on Heart, you can do this. Calm of mind…

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412507

Of course he did!
Keep listening, it's kind of catchy.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412508

Smiling a little, I'll tell myself that I must remember to bring Mera here, to this shady nook. Despite the surroundings, it seems to have persevered, much as we have.
Looking at the small plant I have with me, I'll jokingly ask it to remind me if I forget.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412509

Oh well.
"… Yes. I believe I am."

Wf+6 412512

Not even going to roll? Joke it is.

They keep playing their tune for a bit then start asking for requests.

"Alright, let's all just link our hooves. I'll lead us, but don't be surprised if She doesn't reply. She's very busy, and often it takes a long time for Her to acknowledge new ponies, even if a more experienced priestess is helping them."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412513

See what's next then.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412514

Well, if you wanted me to roll… Though I suppose I've missed the opportunity.


I smile and take her hoof
"It is worth a try, no? Miss Rosemary, mister Onik, will you join?"
I extend my other hoof to them

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 412516

You could if you wanted.

"Celestia, in your wisdom, blessed be your name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, here as it is in Equestria. Guide us through our challenges this day, and protect us as we face challenges both from our enemies and friends alike. Help us to be ponies more like you, and be serene in our cheerful forgiveness and love."

At first, you're not sure about the prayer – it almost seems stupid… but then something magical starts to take hold of you. It wells up inside of you. For once in your life you feel… safe. You feel the underlying fears – the ones that are never there – about your heart, about dying, about the things you can't change… just fade. There's a warmth unlike anything you've felt carnally… it's radiant. Like you know there's someone who actually cares about you – not just the fleeting few years on this world a cripple has – but the immortal you – the one that persists for eternity. The experience is gripping and seizes you, leaving you breathless. You'd swear you heard a subvocalization from a serene voice: You are a good pony, Light Heart. And you can be so much more.

And then, as the circle breaks and each withdraws their hooves, you feel it fade. There's a sincere sense of loss as you feel it go.

Wf+6 412517

They start playing some kind of march music. It has a certain catchiness of its own, but in a different way.


Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412518

Then I shall. '1d10'
Even though my luck can't possibly hold.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 412519

You think you feel… an acknowledgement?

It wasn't quite a full response… definitely not a real reply, but you are sure you felt something.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412520

Heh, that one is pretty cool.
I sort of start to see why some ponies would keep bards nearby.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 412521

Praise be.
"One day we'll actually be able to talk, sprout. One day."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412522

… Huh.
I blink in mild surprise and quietly look at my hooves

Wf+6 412523

Skylight shrugs. "Well, I guess you can't get a response every time. That's okay, though, I wasn't expecting much. And the effort and thought is what counts, really."

Rosemary and Onik sort of nod along.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412524

I smile slightly and look up at her
"… Indeed. Thank you for that, miss Skylight. I do appreciate your efforts."

Wf+6 412525

She returns the smile. "Right. Well the important thing is that now you know how to do it on your own."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412526

I get up and brush myself off
"Now then, where to next mister Onik?"

Wf+6 412527

"We should probably drop off my ride on your ships. It's getting late in the day."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412528

"Of course. If you wish, we can visit a inn or bar after that."
Let's start walking back to Stein's forge, at least.

Wf+6 412529

You arrive.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412530

"Mister Stein? We are here to retrieve mister Onik's motorcycle and bring it to the fleet."

Wf+6 412531

"Ach? Ach, yes, come in, fräulein!"

He waves you in with a hoof and points at the bike. He's studying it carefully and has polished it.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412532

"Have you found anything out?"

Wf+6 412533

"I'm afraid not, mein fräulein. Zis is a very odd device. I tink I vant to take it apart…"

For the first time, Onik makes a very emphatic statement: "No. We can look at it together in the morning."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412534

Okay, enough music.
Are there any strippers around?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 412535

Not nearby, anyway.

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412536

It must be important to him.
"That sounds reasonable."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412537

Anything else that might catch my attention?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 412538

He wheels it off.

"Where to?"

Stein nods and points to some bundles. "I am prepared as vell."

Wf+6 412539

There's a gun convention going on nearby.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412540

Go there and watch!

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412541

"Very good, mister Stein. Simply follow me then."
Lead them both to the fleet!

Wf+6 412542

You head back to the fleet.

There are all sorts of guns on display at the convention. In the back, a pony with a flag on his back is firing a weapon in rapid succession.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412543

Check out the rifles!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412544

"Please, leave your belongings in the brig for now. I will inform the commodore."
Is Smitts back yet? Ask around.

Wf+6 412545

He's admiring the new acquisition.

They're made with various metal, wood, and design.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412546

Can I try one?

Wf+6 412547

They're a bit big for you…

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412548

"Mister Smitts. A very impressive vessel indeed."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412549

I'm sure I could find a stand for the barrel, like with really bit sniper rifles!
You know! There must be! I want to try!

Wf+6 412550

"Yes… I haven't decided on a name yet. Her old name was Hourglass, but I'm sure I'll think of something more fitting."

Wf+6 412551

There's a children's station set up with some air rifles that shoot billies…

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412552

"What is her story?"

Wf+6 412553

"She was previously a scouting vessel for a merchant fleet. Sold off when improved communications obsoleted her. We can use the speed and maneuverability to compliment the Eagle's Roost."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 412554

Fucking damnit…
Fly to one of the guys supervising the rifles.
"Hey. Got any of these rifles with stands that I could try out? And no, I'm not a fucking filly."

Light Heart [Pretty pony] 412555

I nod in agreement
"I see. Just as the Sirocco then. Interesting."

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