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PirateQuest: Chapter 4.3: Endless Evil Wf+6 396818[Last 50 Posts]

The dock alone is busy. Ponies are everywhere. Ships left and right. Most of the menials move into the city immediately and head off for the red light district, but the city is quite large and much to offer. Smitts has already departed, and Abilio is not in his cabin.

There are quite a few ships arriving this morning. It's a good thing you were able to secure a dock to land at all. As you head out toward the city from the port, a pony runs up to you, looking half-mad, "Turn back! You've got to get out now!"

It is nine o'clock in the morning. Everyone is at the docks, except Friesian Cross, who is enjoying a free morning bagel before heading off to the apothecary.


9: Dreamlike deja vu of the previous day, no idea why
7: Nothing
8: You remember that buying a scope seems pointless for some reason…
>Spring Water
7: Nothing
>Light Heart
2: Nothing
10: Everything plus comprehension
10: Everything plus comprehension
7: Nothing
6: Nothing


but what about Tela?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 396820

Tela [Spellsword] 396821


"What a shithole."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396822

What a terrible night.
I should call Fervored to stay at my side now.
And maybe cuddle a bit here.
No not here, this is Terrebonne's room after all.
Go on deck and just stare at the docks with my love by my side.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396823

"Mera, I need you to keep miss Seas and miss Spring on the boat for today. Is that alright?"
"You don't know the half of it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 396824

"What a lovely city."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396825

"First a free bagel, what next? Nonetheless, I should see what new wares the Apothecary got in."

Maybe they have a sale going on?"


Roll #1 7 = 7

Spring Water [Doctor] 396826

I frown
"Not that I'm eager to visit this city or anything, but I don't want to be locked up in the brig either!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396827

"You're telling me. Good fucking hell."

Wf+6 396828

It's worse because you want to cuddle but aren't.

She cocks her head. "I'll… try? Why?"

No luck with a sale. Everything here seems perfectly mundane today, unfortunately. They got in those new alembics, but your old one works just fine.

Sateo [DD Monk] 396829

First I switch out my pets, to have Cheese The mouse with me
Then, I go to the market area and look for easy targets to steal from.

Sateo [DD Monk] 396830


Roll #1 10 = 10

Tela [Spellsword] 396831

"Whatcha wanna do first? Go hit the bars?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396832

"It's… going to be a bad day to go ashore. And miss Spring, I don't mean for you to be locked in the brig but…"
I'll have an idea.
"I would like to scout out a few stores so that miss Seas doesn't go astray while we try to find them. It would avoid embarrassment in case I can't find the right one."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396833

"It's such a nice day. Any interesting customers come in today, Miss?"


Right, time to go into town and see what interesting things we can find.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Felfire [Necromancer] 396835

Hey I can cuddle! He's still in Curry's shadow after all.
I can cuddle plenty! Right here on deck!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Spring Water [Doctor] 396836

I scrunch
"Well… as long as you don't take too long…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396837

I shrug.
"Fucked if I know, I have no ideas. I wanted to get a scope, but I don't want to fuck around with business right now."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396838

"I promise that if I can't find anything, it will be like I never left."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396839


Tela [Spellsword] 396840

"Riiiight… Let's just go check some shit out then. I kinda wanna visit a blacksmith and check for a new sword."

Tela [Spellsword] 396841

"Yeah you know, taverns! Places to get drunk at!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396842

Flutter up on her back.
"Giddy up then. Smiths won't make any sword less boring though."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396843

"He doesn't drink. Thinks it's poison."

Wf+6 396844

You spot a beggar who has a fair amount of coins on him who would be easy to steal from. There's also a nearby mare with a big purse, and a rich looking pony in a carriage being drawn by two heavily armed guards that are cutting down anyone in their path.

Are we foraging?

She sighs and shrugs. "Business has been slow, lately. Though I've heard there are an abnormal number of ships at the docks… maybe new blood will come in."

You wander into the administrative district and overhear a speech from a pegasus.

"I love freedom, Reptil. Love it. That's why I've fought for YOUR freedoms, every day of my term. And I will CONTINUE TO FIGHT, with your help. FREEDOM NEEDS A HERO, AND THAT HERO IS CLOUD KING! Vote Cloud King for Seat 3."

You slide yourself into his embrace, and finally, you feel peaceful. In your life, you have become the kind of pony that is always keeping an eye out. Just in case. There's the fear. Distrust of the world. You can never shut it out. Except now. Strong hooves surround and engulf you, pulling you into a pacific bay, and your stress melts as you do in his cool embrace. You are home, and you are loved.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396845

"Seekkill drink with Tela and Chipdog. Not get drunk. Want hunt now or later?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396846

"Quit being a dumbass, Emmy. As hard as that must be for you to do."

I shrug
"His loss then."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396847

"New blood and new opportunities. I'll swing by the marketplace to check out the visiting critters."

Anything catch my eyes on my way to the market and the slave area?


Roll #1 7 = 7

Light Heart [Warlord] 396848

"Vote? How interesting, I was unaware Reptil had any form of government at all."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396849

"Hunt? For what?"

I chuckle.
"Tell me swords are better from ten meters away and see what happens!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 396850

"Alright then…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396851

I'm never leaving this ship…

Wanna go for a tour of the city?
Shake my head.
"I don't… Feel like hunting. Not right now. I feel happy…"
"So, you going to drink?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396852

I'm heading out into the town. Don't have to really worry about pickpockets, because no money, at least.
So, first… right. That new crew member. Well, was a new crew member. Let's see if he remembers, both the loop, and his promise.
I'll ask one of the dockworkers where the nearest apothecary is.
"I'll be back in two shakes, miss Spring."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396853

"Hunt for anything Seekkill and Felfirecatch."

"Seekkill go with you?"


Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396854

Actually, right before I get off the boat.
"Miss Felfire, would you like to join me for a while?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396855

"That's why I got spells too, you moron. See how effective your peashooter is after getting wet. My sword stays sharp no matter what."

"Eh… Emmy can't hold her drink well. She's a lightweight. Maybe in the evening so she doesn't have to spend the entire day sleeping it off."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396856

"Fine. Come find me then."
"Uh… Okay?"
Walk over somewhere with him and Fervored.

Sateo [DD Monk] 396857

Yes, need loot..
I try to get close to the carriage. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396858

I shrug.
"Eh, I thought you knew jobs around."

"That's where my magic works, cupcake…. and I'm sorry for not being a fucking glutton like you!"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396859

Well, that was easier than expected.
And then time will straighten itself out with the asking where the apothecary is from a dockworker.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396860

"Hunt not job."

"No drink?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396861

"Sure, but like I said, we're gonna hold off on the drinks until later so our little filly here doesn't get sick for the rest of the day."
I ruffle Emrille's mane forcibly


"Your magic is shit."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396862

As we are about to leave the ship, stop.
"Whoa wait. I thought you just wanted to talk."

Wf+6 396863

Slaves look about normal. It's too early for them to be out in force, though.

"A fair point!"

He interrupts his speech, "And without GUARDIANS OF FREEDOM, sweet, free freedom, we would be in anarchy with the strong oppressing the weak. I FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM! Vote Cloud King."

If you feel comfortable.

They direct you to a little place up on Clavering Blvd.

You can't push your way through the crowd.

The big carriage?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396864

"Yeah, I get it, I thought you meant headhunting. You know, being hired guns."

I look crossly at her.
"I'm going to fucking shoot ice in your cunt and then you can repeat that."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396865

With you at my side I'd feel comfortable almost anywhere…

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396866

"I needed your help for something that you likely won't believe me about."
I'll thank them.


I chuckle
"I suppose you make a good point. Very well then, I will be sure to vote for you, mister King."
And with that, I get out before he talks even more.
Now… how about I go see where I can spend some money on something?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396868

"Why hunt for head? Only brain and eyes. Not much meat. How be hired gun? Seekkill not gun."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396869

"Maybe they are still unloading the docks?" I ask myself. "In that case, I'll go to the docks and ask the workers first. Knowing what the ships have will make it easier to pick a ship to work for."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396870

"I'm not leaving the ship and following you somewhere just because I might not believe about it.
Talk. Now."

Tela [Spellsword] 396871

I grin at her
"Shall we head on, princess?"

"You know. Mercs like Emmy and I."

Sateo [DD Monk] 396872

It seems like a lost cause, gonna go fer the mare.
follow the mare, is she alone. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396873

I facehoof.
"Oh my fucking… you don't actually hunt for a head. You kill someone for money. And you don't eat them either. And hired gun just like Tela is a sellsword. Mercenary. Someone who does the dirty work."

"Yeah, yeah, just move your ass already."


"Hang on tight then."
Let's go find ourselves a blacksmith

Roll #1 9 = 9

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396875

"Very well. We have been reliving the exact same day for who knows how long, and I only remember the last two. Each time, at nine at night, the clock rolls back and we find ourselves once again on the dock, just pulling into port. The madpony who was carted away is the only one who really knows of this, and on the previous cycle he directed us towards the beach, as we were working to break the loop."
I'll frown. Unfortunately, I never made it to the beach to see where it went from there."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396876

"Why kill if not eat? It is wasteful."


Wf+6 396877

You suddenly notice your trio of followers have disappeared.

At the docks, there are more ships than you've ever seen! There are so many to choose from. Some nearby ones, black as midnight and another hulking in size catch your eye.

She seems to be alone.

Something doesn't feel right.

You locate one rapidly in the mercantile district.

Felfire [Necromancer] 396878

Think about all that for a second.
Then look at Fervored.
Then at Curry.
"Can't we do it later?"
We are supposed to be away from the others right now.


"… Oh dear."
Where did they go? Find them.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396880

"Kill for money. Money is not wasteful. And I don't eat meat, remember?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396881

"Smithy, I'm here to buy me a new sword!"

"'Cause ponies are herbivores. The non-fucked up ones of us are, at least."

Sateo [DD Monk] 396882

you're not up to it little bucko? If I get close can ye chew off her purse string?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396883


I follow you two.

"Seekkill does."

"That why ponies weak."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396884

"Time is of the essence. But I never really expected anyone to help, or believe me, as memories don't seem to always carry over. If you feel that there is something you'd rather do, then go. I cannot stop you. But remember, even if it is the best day of your life, if the cycle is not broken, it will vanish as if you never lived it. Because you won't have."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396885

Wonder what kind of cargo and personnel they have. I'll keep an eye out as they unload.

"Two interesting ships in one day for Reptil. And with them more opportunities. A fellow could wish that every day was like today."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396886

"She also wants a metal dildo!"
I snicker.

"And that's why you have brain damage."

Tela [Spellsword] 396887

"Weak? Speak for yourself, asshole. Earth ponies are tough as nails!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396888

Look back at Fervored's shadow.
"I have to warn Abilio… Wait here."
Go in my room, pick up the scythe, then go find Abilio and tell him about this "Time loop."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396889

"Dumb as hammers too."

Tela [Spellsword] 396890

I slap her
"Fuck you!"

Tela [Spellsword] 396891

meant to link to Emrille above

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396892

"Earth ponies tender and juicy."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396893

I rub my cheek.
"Fucking asshole… see, they can only result to violence!"

I shiver
"Fucking hell, please, stop! I don't care about your eating habits! It's fucking creepy, okay"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396894

While Felfire's getting Abilio, I'll look over the docks. Can I see that unicorn who ran into us two cycles ago?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tela [Spellsword] 396895

"Yeah okay, you just keep on being creepy pal. I have a sword to buy, so don't mind me."

"You deserved that, featherbrain."

Wf+6 396896

There isn't much traffic between them right now. Must've unloaded earlier this morning.

"Sure, swords? We got swords."

Not that… too good to be true… like unattended cheese on the floor by a hole…

They've vanished mysteriously, though the crowd is pretty thick. Hopefully they'll rejoin you…

You see him surveying the docks.

You knock. "Yes?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396897

"Like fuck I did!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396898

"I'm Felfire. Important stuff. Might be something dangerous. Little time."
Wait for him to let me in.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396899

"You there, Fresian Cross! I need to speak with you!"


Then use those pretty wings of mine to get a good look at the area and see if I can spot them.
This is no place for miss Rosemary… And if Curry found out his sister was out here on her own he'd be furious.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 396901

He does so.

Wf+6 396902

Though you have a better vantage, you can't spot any of them. You do scan the crowd, though. They must've left this area. Why?

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396903

File: 1365989009817.gif (1.42 KB, 300x300, exclamation-point.gif)

"Hm, yes?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396904

"Good, show me what you've got then!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396905

"Okay, this might sound stupid, but Curry insists that time is looping. Can you find a way to verify this? I'm starting to worry…"

Sateo [DD Monk] 396906

Get ye head in shape, we're going in.
I take us close to the lady, staying steady so cheese can work. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Strange… retrace my steps and keep an eye open.
Maybe they just went back to the fleet after losing me.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396908

I grin and kneel down so that I am on your level.
"Pegasus good too. Wing muscles have strong flavor."

"Seekkill not creepy pal. Seekkill Seekkill."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396909

"Tell me something. Do you recall a small filly wearing an outrageous hat and ridiculous uniform?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396910

I flutter up on the back of Tela and furl my wings firlmy by my sides.
"I swear to fuck I will roast you alive if you so much as try to nibble at me!"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396911

"That would have been nice to see at the Apothecary earlier, but I can't say I have. Why? And how did you know my name?"

Wf+6 396912

No luck here, either…

Suddenly, an odd feeling comes over you. Will save.

Cheese successfully retrieves the coinpurse and holds it out for you. Perception save.

Felfire [Necromancer] 396913

Tela [Spellsword] 396914

"Hah! Aren't you fucking clever!"




Roll #1 6 = 6

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396916

"Would you believe that we have met before?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 396917

'1d10+2' -blend in to the crowd-

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396918

I start laughing.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396919

"If you just got off that black boat there, no. First time I've been here in a few days looking for contracts."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396920

I'm totally not creeped out.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396921

"I was afraid of this. You see, mister Cross, two days ago you already joined that ship's crew. However, through magic, time has rolled back since then. And it seems to have taken your memory this time."

Wf+6 396923

He frowns. "How could we verify it? I wonder… I'll do some tests."

He shows you a bunch of blades, but most of them just look nice and aren't particularly useful for anything. Then he pulls something interesting onto the counter. A sturdy blade covered in runes. Could be useful in case your primary catalyst ever broke.

Great Weapon, Catalyst.

You notice that as you lift the coinpurse out, the rest of the purse lifts as well. It has been tied into the purse. Interesting trick. It's a trap for thieves. You'll have to cut it covertly if you want to free your prize.

The world sure is a dark and scary place, isn't it?

Light Heart [Warlord] 396924

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396925

"Is that a bluff, or do you mean it for real play?"

Wf+6 396926

You feel an invasive presence in your thoughts. You have a sinking feeling about what happened to Rosemary and Skylight.

…Where's Wark?

Tela [Spellsword] 396927

"That's pretty nifty. How much?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396928

I just settle down on the back of Tela and give a few fearful looks towards Seekkill.

Felfire [Necromancer] 396929

"Good. I'll let you work.
Oh, and I'm done with the book. Great reading."
Leave and find Curry.

Wf+6 396930

"One fifty."

He's off the ships but still on the pier.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396931

"I don't usually make it a habit to lie to those who make promises to protect the lives of doctors and children. If your word is greater than the sway of time, then I need your help."


Good question, where IS Wark? And what just happened?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sateo [DD Monk] 396933

'1d10' I can cut it.. I have a knife..

Roll #1 3 = 3

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396934

I flash her another grin and clack my beak a couple of times.

I point at a blade that looks like mine, except with less rust.
"How much?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396935

I take out a doubloon
"One of these?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396936

Raise another shadow, possibly from someone imposing, and walk down onto the pier with both shadows at my sides.
"Informed Abilio."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396937

Okay, look away.
And put my hooves over my ears too.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396938

"I'll believe you aren't illy in the head if you can get one more of the crew to confirm what you just said and can guarantee me a contract afterwards."

Tela [Spellsword] 396939

"The fuck are you doing?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396940

"H-He scares me…"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396941

"I doubt he can guarantee jack shit. Who are you?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396942

I frown
"… Don't tell me… What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Wf+6 396943

You slice the coinpurse free, but send a big jerk through the purse, alerting its owner.


Rat trap. Warned you.


"One hundred even."

Wf+6 396944

You seem quite lost in the crowd now. You're not even sure where YOU are!

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396945

I take out a dubloon.
"This good?"

Tela [Spellsword] 396946

"That's a lot of fucking money, pal. That would leave me with no cash to go out drinking! Come on, let's just settle for two so this mare doesn't have to be thirsty tonight."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396947

Speak in a low voice.
"I think…I t-think he wants to eat me…"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396948

"So you're coming along? Excellent."
"Mister Cross, the nature of time travel makes memories fluid. However, if you wish to secure your place in the crew, speak to the gryphon on board the Darklantern. And then head to the beach after us."
"He is Fresian Cross. Two cycles previously he joined the crew and promised to protect the doctors after running into us."

Sateo [DD Monk] 396949

Time to flee, but the loot must be good if its worth protecting
gtfo '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Right, fly up again to take a better look.
They must be around somewhere. And I should be somewhere in Reptil.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 396951

He gives you two a long hard stare, and finally shrugs. "Alright. This time."

Sword and Runesword acquired

Felfire [Necromancer] 396952

"And exactly why do we need him to break this cycle?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396953

"Many hooves make light work. And a promise is a promise."

Tela [Spellsword] 396954

"Oh come the fuck on. I didn't even hit you that hard, you cunt!"

I smirk
"You're a savior. Thanks."
Take the sword and leave.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396955

"Thank you."
Is it a sword or a big knife? I need to know how Seekkill is going to be using it.

"What Em-rll doing?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396956

"This is stupid. We could have recruited the others on the ship.
Hard to say no to your favorite boat from the other side."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396957

I'll just frump up for the moment.

"What an odd crew. But if you two laggers are right, I won't mind following you around. So long as my time is paid."

Look at Curry from here: >>396953
"I don't pretend to understand what's going on, but you'd best be explaining this promise I made to doctor when we have the chance."

I'll take off to the Gryphon. I'll verify what they are saying with him.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396958

"P-Please don't speak to me like that…"

Wf+6 396959

Right away you get tackled by a pony in a suit.

"You think you're clever, huh? Working our turf, newbie? Just who are you?"

You realize you've wandered into the red light district, but still no sign of them. Only sluts even bigger than you, if possible.

It's… as you described it. Like your old one.

I thought you had a sword.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396960

"I am in no mood to do Emrille any favors, after the last two days. Thankfully, neither miss Spring nor miss Seas remember yesterday either. And, honestly speaking Felfire, who would believe me, aside from you at least giving me the chance?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396961

"Abilio believed me quite easily.
And I'm a brain damaged corpsefucker.
Let's get to work."
"I'm not paying you jack shit, keep this in mind."
Let him leave.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396962

I'll nod.
"I still appreciate you didn't just tell me to fuck off."
And then we head to the beach.


Please, these amateurs have nothing on me.
Keep looking around though… I am almost worried about Rosemary…

Roll #1 5 = 5

Felfire [Necromancer] 396964

"I don't want to lose what I felt this morning…"
Follow him.

Sateo [DD Monk] 396965

I hit him in the face '1d10' "Back off"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Being a little bitch again."

I roll my eyes and look to see if any of the ship's doctors or nurses or whatever healers are around

Roll #1 3 = 3

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396967

Alright. Mine was a rusty old dagger.

"Like what?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396968

Keep firmly on Tela's back.
"She was mean…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396969

"She use same words you use."

Wf+6 396970

You break free of his suppression. More nicely-dressed ponies are on the way.

He swipes for the coinpurse. '1d10'

You wander dazedly through the slave market. No signs here.

Not here. They said they'd stay on the ships.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 396971

You keep a hold on the purse.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396973

"Well, this is the most adventurous you've been since we've met, so we'll have to succeed."
We were heading to the beach, Felfire and I. And her two shadows.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396974

"That's not true!"

Wf+6 396975

In the distance, you see a diamond dog and a beautiful unicorn.

Or at least, their silhouettes.


Well… I could just buy replacements…
I shake my head and keep looking around the area. They must be somewhere around here.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396977

"Yes it is."

Sateo [DD Monk] 396978

get away from here, dig if needed '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Felfire [Necromancer] 396979

"You should have seen me the day I got these wings.
That was fun. Blowing up hostages in a bank."
Move closer.

Tela [Spellsword] 396980

"Come on Emmy, let's go get your stupid ass fixed."
Back to the fleet we go.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396981

"You mean she filly again?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396982

Approach them. The madpony said we'd find a dog.
"Ho there, dog."

Tela [Spellsword] 396983

"Yup. It's starting to piss me off."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396984

"What's up with the dog?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396985

I shake my head with a scrunch.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396986

"The madpony said the dog on the beach would help. I don't quite know where it goes from here, though."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396987

I'll have a chat with the Gyphon on the black boat.

"Two of your sailors said I should come to you if I was seeking employ?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396988

"Fucking great. I hope you know how to fight, because my catalyst is half broken.
Your horn is shit."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 396989

I laugh again.

I pick you up off Tela's back and hold you up in front of me.
"Is true."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396990

I try to squirm out with a scared expression.
"Gah! Let me go!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396991

"I've noticed. I had hoped it would work better for you."
I'll frown a little.
"And hopefully fighting won't be necessary."

Felfire [Necromancer] 396992

"Hard to replace the ashes of your old mentor."

Wf+6 396993

Finally you wander through the entertainment district and spot the trio up on a stage. Rosemary and Skylight have vacant looks in their eyes as they are loaded into boxes that leave only their heads revealed.

Wark is… well… it's hard to say if he's imprisoned because it's changing every few seconds. First, magic ropes appear around his legs, and he snaps them, then a magic bubble around them, which he pops, then a cage, which he bends open, then a safe, which he dials the combination for from the inside. Finally, he climbs out of the mouth of a lion and bucks it in the face before being hit by another blast of light and collapses through the stage, so that only his head is visible.

It looks like your greatest fears have been realized. Carnies.

You begin to dig a hole, but the ponies following you are tenacious and follow you into your tunnel. It's relatively easy with you doing all the hard work breaking up the ground.

The diamond dog takes a long drag on his cigarette.

Illusive Guy: "You didn't bring the Shepherd this time."

The unnaturally beautiful unicorn speaks up, "I don't think we can trust them with this task."

He waves a paw and starts again.

Illusive Guy: "No, Miranda, you're right. Shepherd is unique. More than a soldier. She's a symbol. And while she's away, we're all in peril."

He takes another drag.

You are a very free filly.

Sateo [DD Monk] 396994

'1d10' turn right, and then close the path behind me.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 396995

Filly or adult?This is important

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 396996

Trying to get hired:

Summer Seas [Cleric] 396997

I'm assuming I'm still on the ship?

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 396998

I'll be silent a moment.
"I'm sorry for your loss."
"Shepherd? Who? And what do you mean I can't do anything? Who are you?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 396999

"Time. What do you know."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397000

I laugh again.
"Squirmy pony."


How unfortunate.
Let's go up there and free them of them. Look natural and calm so I don't look our of place.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Spring Water [Doctor] 397002

Curry told us to stay here with Mera

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397003

Well this is boring.
I tug on Spring's leg.
"Momma, when's mister Curry gonna be back?…"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397004

"I don't know… But I think we should find him and see if he's alright or not…"

Wf+6 397005

"You can have whatever you like." - world renowned philosopher-poet, T.I.

The closest one stops you with a suppressing grab of your leg from behind.

"It is true, we are looking for new recruits. Can you fight?"

Yep. Curry told you to stay put all day.

The unicorn pipes up, "That's no way to address the Illusive Guy."

He just takes another drag on his cigarette.

Illusive Guy: "We need Shepherd."

Illusive Guy: "It would be meaningless to tell you without Shepherd."

You wander up on stage, and the attending magician cries out, "LOOK! ANOTHER VOLUNTEER!"

You soon find yourself crash through the stage with a… splash? Suddenly you realize that Wark is treading water in wood. And you are, too.


I shrug and fly back up onto stage.
"Please, I am merely freeing my associates you abducted."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 397007

"Okay, I want to make this quick. Where is this Shepard girl and where can I find her?
I will bring her here so we can unfuck things."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397008

I'll snort slightly.
"Fine. Tell us where Shepherd is, and what we can do to help him out along the way, to speed things up. Time [i]is[i] of the essence."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397009

I blink.
"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 397010

get him off me I say to Cheese, maybe a bite or something '1d10'
'1d10' for sateo to get away

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397011

I nod.
"Yeah… I hope nothing bad has happened to him…"
And with that, I head out!
The Hunt for Yellow Curry!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397012

"It seems those two from earlier were telling some of the truth. About me, I've been a Skirmisher in a variety of mercenary armies and flotillas. With my crossbow, I've helped catawamptiously chew up a bevvy of enemies before they could strike back and weaken whatever forces managed to make their way to battle. I'm also trained in a bit of the alchemical arts, mostly healing, but I can turn them to damage in a jiff. A bonafide soldier, looking for a new contract."

Tela [Spellsword] 397013

"Oh hey, you fixed yourself!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397014

And I follow her along.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397015


Tela [Spellsword] 397016

"Notice how we're not in the blacksmith anymore, you dumbass? You were being a filly again."
I snicker
"You nearly pissed yourself a few times."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397017

"You were filly. Scared little filly."
I laugh again and put you on Tela's back.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397018

"Hey! It's not fucking funny! This has to stop!"

"…probably because you were a fucking creep."

Tela [Spellsword] 397019

I snort
"You were kinda adorable though. And innocent too. A rare fucking sight to behold."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397020

Roll my eyes.
"Tela please… what now? Got your sword to jam in your cunt and all?"

Wf+6 397021


The unicorn magician telekinetically pulls a rope and a huge guillotine slashes directly through the boxes that Rosemary and Skylight are in.


AWIYE. '1d10'

Wark growls at the suggestion from the wood… water. Can you resist it, too?

Illusive Guy: "Cerberus will devote all of its resources to bringing Shepherd back. No one else has her unique skills."

He waves a paw and in a firey explosion, a hulking Cerberus appears.

Cheese leaps off you onto his face and bites him, hard, stopping him and letting you get away. You trigger a cave in and it collapses on top of all of the ponies… and Cheese.

At least you're safe…

Mera stops you at the gangplank.

"Curry said I can't let you go! Sorry!"

"Okay. Just one more thing. Can you read clocks?"

He points to a clock. The hour hand points at the two. The minute hand is two ticks past the seven.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397022

I lick my beak and clack it a few times.

Wf+6 397023

You immediately approach the magician and pour out all of your gold into his waiting hooves. He pockets all of it.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397024

"I might disagree.
If you talk bringing ponies back, I am the one you should ask to."
Plant the scythe in the sand.
"Nice pet."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397025

"That's all well and good, but only doing one thing at a time is something we can't afford to do. Is there any way to speed this along?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 397026

'1d10' can ye hear me wee bucko find Cheese

Roll #1 10 = 10

Light Heart [Warlord] 397027

I blink
"… Now, my associates please?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397028

"B- But we gotta go and see if mister Curry is alright! He's been gone a long time!"
I try to dodge my way past Mera.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397029

And I tap my gun and narrow my eyes.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397030

"Mera, we just want to go see if he's alright. Come along with us if you want to."

Tela [Spellsword] 397031

"Yeah yeah. Whatcha wanna do then?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397032

"Before I read it, what can you say about those two odd fellows that I met from your ship? Out of politeness and pressing matters, though, I'll read it.

>The hour hand points at the two

It's two o'clock.

>The minute hand is two ticks past the seven

Thirty seven minutes past the hour."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397033

"You not any fun."

"Seekkill see island ponies play catch with ball. Want play catch? Em-rill can be ball."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397034

I shrug.
"What is there to do here anyway? And don't you fucking say drinking."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397035

I groan.
"You are not any more fun either."

Tela [Spellsword] 397036

"What? You're a gryphon, not a damn ball."

"Never been here. Guess we can go find some of the crew to hang out with."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397037

"Tela not want drink now. Seekkill not think you ponies like hunt. What else to do?"

"No. Em-rill be ball."

Wf+6 397038

Illusive Guy: "I told you. Cerberus will help you bring back Shepherd."

He points at the Cerberus, which is staring at you expectantly.

Finally the unicorn grows tired of waiting and whistles, and the Cerberus takes off through town, scaring civilians everywhere, but leaving a convenient path.

She stops you.

"Sorry! I'm the moon guardian! Luna trusted me with keeping you safe, and this town isn't safe!"

"Recent… additions. And you're in."

You receive a very faint,


You drill through the earth and find some unconscious suited ponies and a badly gored Cheese.


He waves his hoof and the frontal boxes switch in position. When the guillotine is withdrawn and the boxes are opened, the two ponies have had their rear halves reversed.

Rosemary's talent is Sunny.
Skylight's talent is Loyalty.

Wark finally pulls himself to the edge of the stage and collapses over into the audience.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397039

I chuckle.
"Or we could find some whores. I'm sure you miss your kind already."

I shrug.
"You eat fucking ponies, how should I even know what do you consider as entertainment?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397040

Follow said Cerberus. Or at least its path.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397041

I'll stare at the path for half a second.
"Bloody helpful, isn't it. Come, before they fill back in!"
And away we go.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397042

Both unicorns can heal Wark then '2d10'
"You three, please keep an eye on that unicorn and don't get caught again. I need to go arrange a few things."
Go find Emrille and Tela

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16

Sateo [DD Monk] 397043

'1d10' use NR on cheese
It'll be okay..

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Mera. Get out of the way. Please. You can guard us and come along!"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397045

"Hunting. Flying. Watching."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397046

"But… but… we gotta go find mister Curry!"
I try again.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Tela [Spellsword] 397047

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397048

Thank you. I have some materials to retrieve, but your earlier additions asked me to accompany them. Thank you for your patience, I'll be off."

Let's head off the ship and go to where Curry told us to meet him.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397049

Rub my cheek.
"Fuck you… fine, fine, we can find some sort of manwhore for you who will fill that loose cunt of your's. I'm sure a good dicking will improve your attitude."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397050

"Watching what?"

Wf+6 397051

You arrive in the entertainment district.

Cerberus has tackled Light Heart. Her minions are nearby. Skylight and Rosemary's back section have been reversed. What in the world?

You try to leave the district but a huge demon dog, a Cerberus, tackles you!

Heals go through.

You bring him back from he brink. He sputters a few times before finally circling in your paws and settling back down.

Too close.

She frowns, but moves out of the way.

You go through while she's moved. But she follows you.

You arrive… there? Wherever that was.

Tela [Spellsword] 397052

"You shut your little whore mouth or I'm selling you to the fucking slave market."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397053

I'll look at Skylight. Then Rosemary. Then back to Skylight. Finally at Light Heart.
"What in Tartarus happened to them, Light Heart?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397054

Well that is… unexpected.
Jump back and draw my pistols.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397055

I will think about all this later.
Walk up to Light Heart.

"You have to follow us, it seems. Fleet matters."


"See? Now let's go find Curry."
Do so.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397057

I'm at the beach. Do I spot my new coworkers?


Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397058

"Ponies. Seekkill not think it be fun any more. Seekkill can be in town and not be chased out."

"More money is good."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397059

Fly out of his hooves reach.
"What? Dicks are not your kinda' thing?"
I laugh.
"I always knew you were into mares you slut."

Felfire [Necromancer] 397060

"Later. Now follow. No time."
And if she's willing, lead her back to the beach.

Wf+6 397061

Mera grabs you and you drag her all the way to the entertainment district, where Curry, Light Heart, Rosemary, Skylight, Wark, and Felfire are.

Rosemary and Skylight have had their back sections reversed.

Nope. Just the silhouette of a diamond dog and a unicorn.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397062

"It would seem they fell victim to a shrewd magician while I was not looking. He managed to trick me into paying all my doubloons. I was going to fetch miss Emrille and Tela so I could kill him, so if you wish you could help."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397063

"Okay, I think you are just fucking with us at this point. Just to try and unnerv us."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397064

pet him gently holding back tears Ye wasn't worried was ye? I got ye back bucko.. and someday we won't have to be so risky..
carefully tunnel away from the ponies.. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 397065

Skylight brushes up against you and offers, "It's okay, Miss Heart. We know you do your best."

Rosemary just stares up in the sky at the sun.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397066

"Wake up damnit.
We have to go to the beach. Now."

Spring Water [Doctor] 397067



Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397068

"Surely, they would know where my compatriots went."

Let's go ask them.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397069

"I am afraid I cannot do such a thing, miss Felfire."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397070


I give her a flat look.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397071

"You are needed on the beach, it seems. Follow the big three-headed dog. I have currently nothing to lose, so I shall speak with that magician. Immediately."
I'll glance at that.
"Skylight, miss Rosemary, you might need to stay with me so we can get this fixed."

Felfire [Necromancer] 397072

"What if I told you it's for the fleet?"


I roll my eyes and walk off to the markets.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397074

I smile.
"Why Seekkill to that?"

I follow you.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397075

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, mister Curry. I have a promise to fulfill."

"This is for the fleet as well."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397076


"Because you are an asshole?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397077

"Promise to who?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397078

"Seekkill a gryphon. Not a asshole."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397079

"You can be both at the same time."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397080

"My agreements, mister Curry."

Wf+6 397081

You find your way back into the alleyway.

Hopefully soon. Life's too short to make shorter.

"Summer! This place isn't safe! Come back to the ship!" Mera shoots an apologetic look at Curry.

Skylight frowns. "I want to stay with Miss Heart."

Rosemary shrugs. "Okay."

You walk straight into a metal signpost.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397082

"Look, we are short on time. In the literal sense of the word. And I'm even shorter on patience.
And it's not a good move to have your resurrectionist run short on patience."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397083

"Seekkill think you lie."

I laugh. Can I read what is says on the sign?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397084

I laugh at her.
"Bright as ever, Tela!"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397085

I'll cover my face with a hoof.
"Fine. But use the big dog to make it quick. We'll have words later. If there is a later."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397086

"Huh? Wait, but- what happened to miss Rosemary and miss Skylight?!"

Tela [Spellsword] 397087

I grumble and rub my nose

Wf+6 397088


Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397089

I was going to ask the Diamond Dog and the Unicorn if they know where my fellow sailors are.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397090

"I am very sorry, but this seems like the most pressing issue right now. What seems to be the other problem then?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397091

"Dreadful mischief."
I'll frown towards the stage.
"And I'm half a mind to pay the mischief maker a visit and shake him to bits with my bare hooves for this."

Wf+6 397092

Right. Right.

The diamond dog takes a drag. They look at you expectantly.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397093

"So where are we going, apart from into roadposts?"
I snicker.

"Take it as you will."

Felfire [Necromancer] 397094

"Time loops and we keep forgetting everything. Our past selves have followed some kind of trail that ends on the beach, where a dog needs you of all ponies.
So step down that fucking soapbox you are on every time you talk and follow, least we do this tomorrow aswell."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397095

"… I see. Do you have proof to back up these claims? How come you managed to remember if we forget?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397096

"The roll-back makes memories fluid, Light Heart. I believe I've mostly remembered the previous two cycles out of sheer luck."

Tela [Spellsword] 397097

"I dunno. Wherever the fuck we can go."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397098

Alright, how much was that loot.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397099

"Take what?"

"Where that?"

Wf+6 397100

'1d10+15' bits.

Roll #1 5 + 15 = 20

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397101

Like a proper thoroughbred, I tip my hat and introduce myself.

"Good day, I'm Friesian Cross and I was hoping you'd spotted a pair of queer ponies. They had said they were going to be here at the beach, but I have yet to run in to them."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397102

"What I said."

"I'm still saying you need a dick or something."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397103

"How peculiar. Very well then. Although do keep in mind that that magician stole no less than eighteen doubloons from me. I do wish for those to come back into my possessions."

Felfire [Necromancer] 397104

"I don't remember. In fact, I'm following Curry's lead right now. But those ponies on the beach ask for you it seems, so it's you we get."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397105

"So… what happened to miss Rosemary and miss Skylight?"
I scratch my head in confusion.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397106

"I'll do one better than that, I'll make him fix what he's done as well."
Then I'll round on Summer and Spring.
"I thought I asked you two to stay on the ship?"


I inspect them.
How is this scientifically possible?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 397108

"We deal with the scammer later. And he's not gonna be a problem if we fail anyway."

Wf+6 397109

The dog blithely puffs his cigarette.

The unicorn remarks, "They've gone already. Just wait for them to return."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397110

"Good. See to it that you do then, mister Curry."
Follow the dog then.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397111

"How take words? Why she need dick?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397112

Follow her.

Tela [Spellsword] 397113

"Why don't you decide then, cunt?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397114

"We were worried about you! You were taking a long time…"

I inspect them with her!
What's different?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397115

"I promised I'd be back, miss Seas. Didn't you trust me to keep my word?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397116

"You took too long. We got worried."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397117

"She needs a dick because she gets unruly if she doesn't get one for too long."

"Let's find something fun to watch."

Wf+6 397118

It's definitely not.

Wait, maybe it is. Some sort of… half body transplant? It's theoretically possible. After all, regenerating whole limbs is. Maybe a nerve regeneration?

Cerberus leads you back to a diamond dog and a beautiful unicorn on the beach. He is silhouetted by the sunset.

"Ah. Shepherd. You've returned."

Is such a thing even possible? Yes it is. That being said, you get caught up with inspecting the mare butts and forget to apply medical knowledge to your inspection. They're nice mare butts. Miss Heart gets these all to herself?

Tela [Spellsword] 397119

"I don't want to go to a damn whorehouse you lewd slut."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397120

nice, go track down Tony.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397121

Wf+6 397122

You return to the ship. Tony is there.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397123

"Light Heart rather, mister…?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397124

…Can I resist touching?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397125

"That would be something fun to do, not watch, you idiot."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397126

I'll pick her up. '1d10'
"Miss Seas, I asked you a question."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Tela [Spellsword] 397127

"Never heard of a striptease?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397128


"Summer! That's rude!"
Pull her away

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397129


Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397130

"Striptease? What that?"

Wf+6 397131

"How many times do I have to tell you this, Shepherd? We agreed upon your code name more than five hundred years ago. And you've failed every cycle since then to follow simple instructions."

He pauses for a drag on his cigarette. "I'm going to put my personal feelings aside, Shepherd, because there are more important things to worry about. We're at war. No one wants to admit it, but that's the truth. And you're going to be caught in this loop time after time unless you can make a friend."


"Whatever, let's just fucking find something to do."
Rolling to find FUN things.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Felfire [Necromancer] 397133

Whoppity. Fucking. Do.
If only he'd make it faster.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397134

Land on her back and follow.

"When ponies wear clothes just so they can take it off and shake their ass in your face."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397135

"Five hundred years ago, of course."
I chuckle
"I believe you will have to excuse me, I have urgent business to attend to and have no time for such jokes. Good evening."
I turn and go find my associates again

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397136

I follow.

"How watching clothes taken off fun?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397137

"Wait." Talk in a calm, low voice and place both my shadows in front of her.

Tela [Spellsword] 397138

"Hell if I know, Emmy is the resident slut so ask her."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397139

I raise a brow
"Miss Felfire, I had no idea you were a jokester as well."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397140

"It makes the pony look more naked if she had something on before."

"Says you!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397141

"How watching clothes taken off fun?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397142

"I had a morning too good to waste. We will get your filthy money later, that's the last of our problems.
So just listen to this fuckface and see if we can get at the bottom of this because the hurge to blow this city to bits is growing."

Wf+6 397143


You wander the entertainment district and run into
1) Public whores
2) Private whores (more respectable)
3) Carnies
4) Actors
5) Games of skill and leisure
6) Food
7) The rest of the party
8) Dwarf Fortress (losing is fun)
9) House of mirrors
10) Something that makes Emrille's day worse

"Shepherd. We're running out of time. Have you dismissed the threat of the Reapers?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Light Heart [Warlord] 397144

"It is not about the money, miss Emrille. I simply do not enjoy being wronged and wish to retaliate."

"The reapers?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397145

"And we will retaliate as much as you like once this is dealt with.
I still need to make my sacrifice to Grogar today, after all."
Bring the shadows back to me.

Tela [Spellsword] 397146

"Wanna go in the house of mirrors Emmy? Must be horrific to see that ugly mug of you everywhere, so this is gonna be spooky as shit."

Wf+6 397147

"I don't have the patience to explain them to you again, Shepherd. Not when your acquaintance Weeping Sitar is going to drown in the fountain on the merchant district grounds in ten minutes because you weren't there to stop him."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397148

"First psychics, now time travelling reapers, when do we get to dine with the espers? Who are these "Reapers" you are talking about, and why would we want to defeat them anyway?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397149

"Don't worry, I'm used to be looking at that ass-shaped thing you wear as a face already so seeing a pretty mare like myself will be no trouble~"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397150

"Sitar is a star…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397151

"Mister Weeping Sitar? What is his stake in this matter?"

Wf+6 397152

Skylight and Rosemary both scrunch when you touch their private bits at the same time.


Spring Water [Doctor] 397153

I facehoof and pick Summer up with a blush, hissing at her.
"What are you thinking!?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397154

"H- Huh?- Oh! I- I'm sorry miss Rosemary and miss Skylight!"
I back away, blushing furiously.

Sateo [DD Monk] 397155

I tell tony I got some money, and am going to get cards.

Wf+6 397156

"Nine minutes, Shepherd. Are you going to let him drown again? It would appear that you only save him in the cycles that your nurse asks you to."

Rosemary looks confused. "If someone's in danger, we should help them, right?"


Tela [Spellsword] 397157

"Of course. Just make sure you don't become adorable again and something unfortunate happens to you."
I smirk and approach the house of Mirrors

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397158

I don't have time for this.
"Miss Rosemary, Skylight, come with me. We're going to have words with that magician. Mera, please keep miss Spring and Seas from wandering off. I won't be long."
And then to wherever that guy disappeared to.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397159

"House of mirrors?"

I follow.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397160

I fold my ears down.
"I- I'm sorry momma!… I- I just- I don't know why I did that…"

"W- Wait! Mister Curry! Didn't you have a question for me?!"

Wf+6 397161

Skylight doesn't want to leave. "I want to stay with Miss Heart."

Rosemary joins you, though.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397162

"This will be a big fucking surprise, it's a house full of mirrors."


Light Heart [Warlord] 397163

"Very well then. I shall go find him then."
Do just that.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397164

Fucking finally.
Follow her.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397165

I'll grind my teeth a bit.
"I'll ask it later. Wait with your mother while I sort this out."

Spring Water [Doctor] 397166

I frown at her
"That was very rude. Apologize right this instant young lady!"

Wf+6 397167

Cerberus leads you to the fountain. The populace eyes you uncomfortably as you watch Weeping Sitar float in the fountain as warned.

The bubbles have slowed to a stop…

Skylight followed you instead of Curry.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397168

I shall follow Curry. He seems to know what he wants, and the only one I can get answers from.

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397169

Where am I

I'm quite sure I have to look for something

These memories exist for a reason

Weeping Sitar?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397170

I fold my ears down even more.
"I'm sorry miss Skylight and miss Rosemary…"


Pull him out.
"Miss Skylight. Your aid please."
Skylight can reanimate him or something.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Felfire [Necromancer] 397172

Death is not the end.
Send one shadow to pick him up.
If that's not enough, the other too.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5

Sateo [DD Monk] 397173

go find a store that sells cards.

Tela [Spellsword] 397174

House of Mirrors please

Wf+6 397175

You're back on the ship.

She resuscitates him.

"Thanks… Miss…?"


He passes out.

There are just scrunches all around, but they nod. Because this is taking place in the past I guess. Get on the clock!

They disappear to go follow LH.

Okay, you found one.

He's not dead, broad.

You arrive at the house of mirrors. It stars with the classic "mirror and glass" maze. You'll need some good rolls to navigate it.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397176


Roll #1 3 = 3

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397177

Okay okay!
I guess I wait with Mera.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397178

Hunting down that magician. Back at his stage. Any obvious sign of entry? Is he performing? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Can I wake him up then?
"Mister Sitar please. Do try to wake up."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Felfire [Necromancer] 397180

"I'm getting more and more pissed…"
Narrow my eyes.
"Wake this guy up nurse."

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397181

A fountain.. a fountain…

Go to the fountain where the rest of the party is.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397182

As do I.
"Summer… Are you…. attracted to mares then?"


Oh boy.
"Try not to get lost Emmy~"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 397184

You immediately bump into a pane of glass before you even get into the maze. That's not an entrance!

He's awake.

"Woah… like, alright, I'm up, be cool. What do you want?"

He's still performing.

Kinda meta but I'll let you rejoin them.

You do fare a bit better and begin to work your way through the maze.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397185

I followed Curry. I still don't know what's going on, but I could comprehend they were robbed.

"While we're searching for this character, care to explain my promise in more detail?"


Roll #1 1 = 1

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397186

"H- Huh? What do you mean?…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397187


Roll #1 9 = 9

Light Heart [Warlord] 397188

"Mister Sitar, what do you know about timeloops and reapers?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397189

Rub my nose.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Spring Water [Doctor] 397190

"You uh… seemed very focused on Rosemary and Skylight…"
I blush slightly

Wf+6 397191

You zoom past Tela with your predatory senses and gain a big lead by tracking air currents instead of sight.

He shrugs. "You asked me the same question yesterday when you pulled me out of the fountain."

It is a good pain. You cover some ground.


Keep at it

"What's wrong Emmy~?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Felfire [Necromancer] 397193

"Great. You remember. How do you do it?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397194

I fold my ears down again and blush.
"I- I didn't mean to!… They were just… really pretty…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397195

"I did? I'm afraid I don't quite remember that. Could you repeat your answer?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397196

Keep going!


Roll #1 5 = 5

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397197

"More importantly, how are you recalling memories of previous time loops? Are you storing records somewhere outside time?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397198

"Ah… Okay then."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397199

"Your promise to the doctors was to keep them safe from harm and unwanted attention, as any gentlecolt would do for a mare and her daughter. You were about to lead our group to a stall that was giving out free samples before the clock rolled back."
Don't have time for him to finish.
"You! Magician! You must undo the magic you did to my sister and associate, or there will be Tartarus to pay."

Wf+6 397200

He shrugs. "Then somepony interrupted us to say it was 'nine bong'. And… I can't remember after that. Just waking up this morning on the ship. I guess you carried me back? Heh heh… thanks."

You scrunch and come to a stop narrowly preventing yourself from hitting a mirror. Whew.

"You two are harshing my vibe."

Just a little more…

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397201

"I- Is that bad?…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397202

Keep going.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397203

I'll keep to shadowing Curry for the moment. No need to ruin my chances to see what he's capable of so soon.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397204

Maybe flying will help!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 397205

This fucker is as close as a fucker can to get a fistful of explosive undead guts to the face.

Wf+6 397206


Woops. You get over confident and hit a glass pane.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397207

"No, mister Sitar. It would seem we are trapped in a infinite timeloop. You were appointed to us as the pony who could help resolve it."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397208

Shake it off and keep going.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yeah! I'll be first!

"Ahahaha! Did you fucking do it again, Emmy?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397210

"I am not in the mood to negotiate."
Ripping out a piece of the pavement, I'll use Boulder Strike to knock him down. '1d10'
If towns count as natural terrain, which I doubt, add 1.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sateo [DD Monk] 397211

buy cards? I might just sit on the ship and wait for a bit after that

Spring Water [Doctor] 397212

"No, of course not… You know I always told you that there's nothing wrong with mares liking mares and stallions liking stallions. I just… didn't know."

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397213

"I don't understand. Can you not tell us?"

Wf+6 397214

This is an awfully spooky house of mirrors for a lil' lost filly.

"Alright… I can dig it… so like… you want to do… what?"

You're nearing the end. You can see through the glass Tela heading upstairs.

You exit the maze and come to a set of stairs up to the next floor.

You create a huge boulder, to which the magician responds to with a flash of magic. Suddenly your horn isn't working and the boulder collapses on top of you, leaving you helpless and wounded. Ouch!


You buy 'em at full price then. All 20.

"I just don't get what you mean, guy."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397215

"Don't know?… I- I don't even know what I like! Please don't be mad at me…"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397216

Glaring daggers towards the stage magician, I'll get up. Boulder and all. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 397217

"Tell us about the Reapers."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397218

"Help us. How come you are immune to memory loss?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397219

L-Look for Miss Tela?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397220

I get to the stairs and follow her up.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Tela [Spellsword] 397221

Go upstairs!
"Hahaaaa! suck a nut, Emmy!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 397222

"He doesn't even realize the time loops. That's a stupid question to ask."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397223

I'm not wearing their uniform yet, so I'll pretend to be a concerned audience member and help him.

"Relax, fellow. Don't strain yourself. Here, have a drink.

Natural Remedy.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah. Actually.. well, neither do I. It just came to mind."


Hat Trick. Maybe I can find some information. anything.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sateo [DD Monk] 397225

it was fun

Light Heart [Warlord] 397226

"I have a theory, don't you worry miss Felfire."

Felfire [Necromancer] 397227

"Yeah right. Now you have one."
Stap back and nervousely poke the ground with my scythe.

How hard is it?

Wf+6 397228

"Lay off. You're the one who always yaps about the Reapers. I don't know anything about any Reapers."

"I don't know. But like, that's a pretty cool skill to have. Maybe I should write a song about it."

He glances at the clock. "Almost nine though… no time. Maybe I'll play it for you tomorrow…"

Oh no! All you can see are reflections of yourself… and a few of Seekkill.

Not only do you catch up, you blast ahead with your wings, skipping the stairs. The next room is split into red and blue paths.

You trip and spill your wicked elixir.

With a wave of his horn, you're on the table next to him, and everything looks a lot bigger. And you feel immobile.


It's pretty soft.


"Come along with me, mister Sitar. And be sure to tell us all about this tomorrow if we somehow fail and do not remember."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397230

Feeling schmeeling. I'm going to punch that fucker in the face just as soon as I get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397231

Gasp and try to find Miss Tela quickly!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397232

I take one of the red paths.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397233

"No. Wait. Play it now!"

Tela [Spellsword] 397234

Take the blue path!

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397235

This is getting annoying. First I spill my drink, and then he disappears. No more tricks. Spellbreaker to stop everything.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 397236

He shrugs. "Yeah, okay. You seem alright."

Pet Acquired: Weeping Sitar
Skills: Inspire, Despair, Glorify
Talent: Despair +2
Hits/Wounds: 1/5

Send which pet to the stables?

You don't get more lost, but you make no new progress.

You a statue now. Someone gotta save you from double critfail.

Down the red path, there are a lot of weird mirrors that make you seem extraordinarily long.

Down the blue path, there are a lot of weird mirrors that seem to reflect you, but you're mysteriously upset in all of them regardless of your expression.

You find your spellbreak interrupted by a massive torrent of steam flinging you into the air.

"DON'T RUIN OUR FUN AT THE MAGICIAN'S SHOW!" He cries from the stage, perhaps mocking his fans.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397237

"Hey don't be sorry! I'm not mad! Just… surprised."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397238

Now, go find Smitts.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397239

I laugh as I walk along and look at my reflections.

Felfire [Necromancer] 397240

No song-that-prevents-memory-loss?

Felfire [Necromancer] 397241

Follow the slut.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397242

Can I at least still use magic, or am I just a statue?

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397243

"Hmmm? I would like to hear a song. Odd… seems quite new…"

did my hat trick come through?

Tela [Spellsword] 397244

"Huh? Why am I so pissed?"
I turn to where I came from

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397245

I'm all alone!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397246

"You sound like you're mad…"

Wf+6 397247

You arrive at the ships. Smitts is admiring the new dhow.


Of course not! Sorry for no response, though.

You a statue until you get helped.

They return the laughter, even after you stop.

All your reflections speak at once.

"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."
"She can't hear you. No one can."

Yeah you are.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397248

I pick her up and hug her
"Summer, I was only mad because what you did was rude!"


I roll my dice.

Roll #1 3, 4, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4 = 21

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397250

Find a way out!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Felfire [Necromancer] 397251

Keep beign a souvenir, I guess.

"Light Heart, I think we shoul really hear that song of his before nine…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397252

"Mister Smitts, I would like to pose a question. You once told me you did something to mister Sitar to 'ruin' him. What was that, exactly?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397253

I quickly scoop them up and haightail it out of there.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397254

"I've fought bums with better technique!"

Spellbreaker-in-a-can once more.


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Very well. Mister Sitar, if you please?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397256

I'll just silently stew for a while, then. Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere.

Tela [Spellsword] 397257

"Shut the fuck up. I wanna see her face."
Go back downstairs then

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397258

"So you're not mad at me?… Even if I don't know what I like?…"
I fold my ears down.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397259

"Summer, you're just a filly… it's uh… normal that you're still… confused."

Wf+6 397260



It's about ten 'til.


You finally roll out by the stairs. Whew.


You smash out a window and take wing. Seekkill gives no fucks about proper exits.


He winks up close and water sprays out of his lapel flower into your face, interrupting you.


He thinks a moment, and sort of bobs his head.

"Okay… I think I've got something…"


The voices grow dark.

"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."
"You won't ever see her again."


You are a very pretty statue, if that helps.



As everything fades, you hear chords of a song.

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you.

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you.

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with.

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you.

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with.

The dock alone is busy. Ponies are everywhere. Ships left and right. Most of the menials move into the city immediately and head off for the red light district, but the city is quite large and much to offer. Smitts has already departed, and Abilio is not in his cabin.

There are quite a few ships arriving this morning. It's a good thing you were able to secure a dock to land at all. As you head out toward the city from the port, a pony runs up to you, looking half-mad, "Turn back! You've got to get out now!"

It is nine o'clock in the morning. Everyone is at the docks, except Friesian Cross, who is enjoying a free morning bagel before heading off to the apothecary.

Weeping Sitar approaches Light Heart and asks, "Was it good?"

Everyone who was at the ships rolls perception at +1.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 397261


Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397263

Do I really want to remember? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Roll #1 10 = 10

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397265


Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 5 = 5

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397267


Roll #1 6 = 6


Come. The. Fuck. On.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Borders Skewed [Mage] 397269

I was at the ship till later, do I get it?


Roll #1 3 = 3

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397270


Roll #1 6 = 6


I should be at the ship waiting for tony to be back or something.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Wf+6 397350

You have a headache this morning.

Seems like a normal day.

You remember a diamond dog on the beach… Skylight being friendly with Light Heart… and a dislike for a magician.

You remember the ships are boring… something weird happened to Rosemary and Light Heart… and your mother telling you it's okay to like mares.

You remember everything and have instant comprehension of what's going on. Time loop. Deadline 9PM.

Wf+6 397351

Correction: something happened to Rosemary and Skylight.

Tony [Trickster] 397352

Also rolling.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397353

I'll shake my head a bit.
"Such an odd dream…"

Chip(DD knight) 397354

>10 on memory is in effect right

Wf+6 397355

Enjoy your headache.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397356

"What a shithole."

Wf+6 397357

Sure, you can take it now.


How dreadful!
"Miss Rosemary… could you please give me a hoof? I have quite the awful headache today…"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tony [Trickster] 397359

I don't even remember drinking yesterday…

Tela [Spellsword] 397360

"You're telling me. Good fucking god."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397361

I go up to the deck and enjoy the sunlight.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397362

Flutter on her back.
"Let's find a gun store. I want to buy a scope."

Spring Water [Doctor] 397363

"Summer… Curry… Am I the only one who…?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397364

"Who what?"

Tela [Spellsword] 397365

"For that shitty little gun? That wont make you aim any better you know."
I smirk

Wf+6 397366

It's not getting better.

Weeping Sitar stares at you expectantly. You sure did ignore his question.

It's relatively early, but the sun is warm, and the wind isn't too strong here.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397367

"Only one who what? I feel as if I'm only half-remembering something, dogs and magicians and my sister acting oddly… But that was likely a dream."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397368

"Who what?…"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397369

I look at them both
"Do you not notice something? At all? Don't you remember anything?"

I let out a sigh of relief
"Okay… yes, I think… I think we are stuck in a timeloop. Actually I'm sure that we are."

Chip(DD knight) 397370

Stand up and look at Nurse Heart in disbelief, we are in the same position as last time.
"What is this?" I mutter.
I shake her and wake her up, waiting to see what is her reply(and if ti repeats).

Light Heart [Warlord] 397371

I look at Sitar
"… Mister Sitar? It has been quite some time since we last met, has it not? What should I be finding good?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397372

"It gives me a better insight on range, you dumbass. And I can't really use the one on my hat right now."

I chuckle.
"A what now?"

Tela [Spellsword] 397373


Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397374

"Time loop?"
I'll think for a minute.
I'll raise a brow at that.
"Sitar? As in 'Weeping Sitar'?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397375

"I remember a few things…"
I give her a blank look when she brings up time loops.
"A what?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397376

"A timeloop. Time is repeating itself. We are stuck on the same day."
I shake my head
"Felfire and Curry warned us yesterday… we were supposed to go to the beach! But… we failed to make it in time I think."

Wf+6 397377

"Mmmm… morning…"

It can't repeat because you didn't ask the same question!

"The song I played for you yesterday."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397378

"…How are we stuck on the same day? We just got here!"

Tela [Spellsword] 397379

"Hey doc, no offense but… did you take some of your own medicine or something?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397380

"I think all the stress is getting to you Spring… I told you that you need to chill. And that I can help with it too."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397381

"Beach? With… a diamond dog who we couldn't really see? Sitting next to a unicorn?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397382

"… I beg your pardon? Yesterday? I don't believe we've seen one another in quite some time."

"Yes. Indeed."

I chuckle
"Miss Spring please, I had no idea you were such a jokester."

Chip(DD knight) 397383

"Ah.. then… no. I've really done it. I've really done it to that small little…. " I shake both with fear and excitement at the memories
Stand up and go outside to see hows the day, if anything is the same as of yesterday.
Also find Seekkill

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397384

I'm on the deck, catching some rays.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397385

"For some reason not everyone remembers… I had a hard time believing Curry and Felfire too yesterday! But they were right!"

I scrunch
"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397386

"Why does that sound so familiar…"
I'll shake my head a little.
"Ah, it's gone again. It's like trying to hold fog."

Tony [Trickster] 397387

Go on deck, rubbing my head.

Wf+6 397388

Everything seems to be the same except for the discussions going on across the deck.

Seekkill is here.

He just shrugs and sits down to pick at his sitar.

"Yesterday when you pulled me out of the fountain and asked me to come with you."

Wf+6 397389

You've arrived.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397390

"It's okay Spring. Just take a day off. We could relax together after I get what I want. Maybe have a drink too. You'll be much better, I promise."

Tela [Spellsword] 397391

"So you're seriously implying that time is looping around itself? Pretty sure that's impossible, doc."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397392

I scratch my head.
"But… that makes no sense! How could we be stuck in a time loop? Nobody knows time magic!"

Tony [Trickster] 397393

"Time looping? What are all of you talking about?"

Chip(DD knight) 397394

Its happening.

Approach Seekkill
"Let me guess, you want to hunt but no one to hunt with right?" I stare at him wide eyed while smiling.


I roll my dice.

Roll #1 4, 4, 3, 3, 1 = 15

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397396

"Well, I wouldn't say impossible, considering magic can do most anything these days, but… it's certainly improbable."
"It seems that miss Spring believes that we are repeating the day. And I can't say I disbelieve her, because, fuzzy at it is, I'm halfway remembering something similar. Though if that's just an odd sense of deja vu, I'm not certain."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397397

Come on Cheese, we're gong to town, going to look for loot
Take a second to look around the ship, what is everyone doing?

Wf+6 397398

The group on deck is blundering about arguing about time loops or something.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397399

I look at them then pick them up.

"How Chipdog know no one want hunt with Seekkill right now?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397400

I frown.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397401

I frown
"I am not joking. Yesterday's loop was crazy too! There was a magician who switched around the lower halves of Rosemary and Skylight!"

"I don't know… but we were trying to find out yesterday!"
I sigh
"Just… we should go to the beach, okay? Trust me on this."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397402

Raise an eyebrow.
"You sure you are okay?"

"Hmm? What was that?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 397403

I scratch my head "Ye havin' weird dreams?"

Tony [Trickster] 397404

"Well that's odd."

Cock my eyebrow.
"That's really odd…."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397405

"You must be mistaken, mister Sitar, we only just arri-"

I look at Rosemary and Skylight
"Do the two of you remember any of this by any chance?"

Tony [Trickster] 397406

"Not me. I just have a horrible headache."

Tela [Spellsword] 397407

"Alright alright! Fine! We'll go to the damn beach then!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397408

"Wait… switched around the lower halves of miss Rosemary and miss Skylight?"
I scrunch up.
"I remember something weird happened to them…"

"You can't have a drink with my momma!"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397409

"Lower halves? That would explain… but… that magician."
I'll frown a little. Things are starting to fall into place, but that just highlights things I've forgotten.
"Do you recall anything else, miss Seas?"

Wf+6 397410

They shrug.
"I don't remember a magician."
"I was with you yesterday…"

Though… the notes that Sitar is playing are oddly familiar… You feel like you've heard them before.

Chip(DD knight) 397411

I smile at him.
"We've gone hunting last time, remember on that tent? We've ca[tired stuffs and…. you know?"

Am I hearing their discussion about time looping and stuff.,

Wf+6 397412

Spring Water [Doctor] 397413

"Now if I recall correctly… Felfire asked Light Heart to come and meet someone on the beach…"

"Come on, we don't have much time before time loops again!"
Off to the beach!

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397414

I chuckle.
"And why not? I think she is old enough to drink."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397415

"Last time? What tent?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397416

Well, I'll gather up Summer and follow after Spring.

Tony [Trickster] 397417

Meh, I'll go with her. I don't feel like drinking with that headache.
Maybe I'll check the red light district later.

Sateo [DD Monk] 397418

I frown and follow them What do ye think Cheese? Crazy talk?

Tela [Spellsword] 397419

Follow behind her, I guess.
"This better be some kind of a mistake or some shit…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397420

"How… odd."

"Me? That makes it all the stranger. Very well then, I suppose. This is most curious."
Follow her.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397421

"Uh… just that the ship is really boring…"

"You're gonna do something weird to her!"

"Oh hi mister Chip! What are you doing?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397422

Follow, since I'm on her back.

"You sure you are okay?"

"Yes. Exactly. Drinking must be weird to you. You'll notice it's not that bad when you grow up."

Spring Water [Doctor] 397423

"Hurry up Summer!"

"No! We're stuck in a timeloop, this is serious!"

Wf+6 397424

You arrive to find a silhouetted diamond dog sitting in a chair and an unnaturally beautiful unicorn. Even though the angle of the sun should be casting a shadow behind himself instead of forward, physics seems to ignoring him. You do see his eyes, though: they're bright blue, and seem almost luminescent. He takes a drag on his cigarette.

"Shepherd. And your crew."

There is nothing I don't find odd about this crew.

Until you stable a pet, all four of them get -3 to rolls.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397425

Rosemary can stay behind then.

"… I beg your pardon?"

Tela [Spellsword] 397426


Emrille [Gunslinger] 397427

Unnaturally beautiful unicorn?

Spring Water [Doctor] 397428


Summer Seas [Cleric] 397429

I frown.
"I know what drinking does. I mean you're going to do something else weird to her!"

"…Who are you? Who's Shepherd?"

Tony [Trickster] 397430

Rub my eyes.

Chip(DD knight) 397431

"That tent in the… woods." I whisper to Seekkill.
"Its a good hunting spot, I can show it to you if you want." I smile

I look at Summer, then to Emrille, then back to Summer.
"What I am doing? This." I pick her up swing her around playfully.
"So how is that answer?" I laughed.at Summer.

I just give a sideglance at Spring

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397432

I smirk.
"That's up to her, not me~"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397433

I tilt my head and look at you, then roll my dice.

Roll #1 2, 1, 1, 3, 2 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397434

I pick them back up.
"Seekkill confused, but Seekkill follow. Show Seekkill."

Wf+6 397435

She seems almost suspiciously beautiful. No blemishes, perfect symmetry, nice curves, etc.

Illusive Guy: "Seeing how long it took you to bring The Singer to me, I'm not optimistic for this next part, Shepherd."

The unicorn indicates Light Heart.

"Shepherd is her code name."

The tent is in the entertainment district.

Sateo [DD Monk] 397436

I nod "Aye, I be crew. Who ye be?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397437

Can't hurt to check her out then a bit more…

Just to make sure.
Light Heart does the talking all the time anyway.

Tony [Trickster] 397438

"Uh, can you give a few details here? For those of us who aren't aware what's going on?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397439

"Please, I am not quite sure what is going on. My codename? The Singer? Miss Spring here informed us that we are stuck in a timeloop, is this true?"


Do I notice her checking out the unicorn?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Tela [Spellsword] 397441

Guess I'll just keeping looking at this guy confusedly

Chip(DD knight) 397442

Still carrying Summer, I look at Seekkill.
"Of course I'll bring you there."

I then look at Summer.
"You are welcome to join us hunting. Want to come?
Is Sol dead?

Wf+6 397443

He holds up a dossier while taking a drag on his cigarette.

The unicorn speaks up. "You are in a time loop, Shepherd. Or more specifically, all of Reptil is. You've been looping for more than five hundred twenty thousand cycles, each twelve hours long."

Illusive Guy: "To stop it, you'll need to go on a suicide mission through the Psi Three Relay. It has a harmonic frequency code, but once you're in, you'll be out of the loop, like I am."

Tony [Trickster] 397444

Cock my eyebrow.
"For real? So uh, what's causing the time loop?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397445

"Mister Chip, I don't believe hunting is a child-friendly activity."
"Would being out of the loop also allow one to take advantage of it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397446

Okay, that's something that catches my attention.
"Whoa whoa whoa, back out, what the fuck?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397447

"… I see. What is this Psi Three Relay exactly?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397448

I glare at him and nab Summer out of his grasp with my telekinesis
"Try and use your damn head for a change. Don't you see we have more serious things at hoof?"

"So it's true then…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397449

I look at her.
"Seekkill not think she hunting type."

"Hunting good once child get used to it."

Tela [Spellsword] 397450

"Are you shitting me!?"

Sateo [DD Monk] 397451

"What the.." I stand there confused. "So, we've been goin' back in time.. me can't recall anything like that.."

Chip(DD knight) 397452

I frown at Spring.
"Alright ,alright. No harm done."

"With precautions maybe." I scratch my head.

"Say lets go?" I waited his answer.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397453

Sorry, moved locations
"Huh? Hunting? Hunting for what?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397454

"Yes. Go."


Wf+6 397455

The unicorn speaks up again.

"Not just take advantage of it, but stop it entirely."

Illusive Guy: "We have a mutual enemy. The Reapers. Tirekians that are farming Reptil for the weak-willed."

Illusive Guy: "The Psi-Three Relay is a Time Effect relay, Shepherd. You will effectively vanish from the timeline and enter an area outside of it where time can be safely observed in a stable environment. This is where the Reapers operate from, and it's there you can stop the loop."

Tela [Spellsword] 397456

"Are you fucking braindead!? Didn't you hear what this guy just said!?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397457

"Very well then. This is quite new to me, so do tell how we enter through this relay. And Tirekians you say? They are responsible for this? How do we stop them?"

Tony [Trickster] 397458

"Tirekians? Well, fuck them, we'll slice em up good."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397459

"And what about the 'suicide' mission part? Dying is not really part of any of my plans."

Spring Water [Doctor] 397460

"Tirekians are responsible for this?"
I frown
"Those rotters…"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397461

I scrunch up.
"Well… I like scavenger hunts! Is it gonna be like one of those? And if it is can I go?"

I scratch my head.
"I don't get what you're talking about at all…"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397462

"Tirek cultists… pfeh."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397463

"I think they mean the sort of hunt that involves killing shit."

Wf+6 397464

The unicorn continues, "They have some sort of control room, we're sure, but we're not sure what to expect. No one has ever returned from the Psi-Three Relay alive. That's what makes it a suicide mission. Once you're there, you'll be relying on your own wits."

Illusive Guy: "You've got to put your personal feelings aside. There's more at stake here than you know."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397465

"How do we stop these reapers?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397466

"Emrille right. Killing and eating."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397467

"I see. Say we indeed die, would time simply reset itself once more? How can we make sure we remember all of this if we were to fail? Miss Spring told us we failed yesterday as well…"

Chip(DD knight) 397468

"What guy?"
Seriously what guy? Are we with the illusive guy, I cant follow since I really am not part of the quest.

"Hunting for most things that is, whatever comes." i scratch my head.
I just let out a breath of disappointment, seeing Summer is telekenetically whisked away by Spring.

"Alright lets go."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397469

"No, miss Seas. You aren't going hunting."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397470

"What more can be at stake than my fucking life?"

Wf+6 397471

"Time would reset, but not for you. You'd vanish entirely from the timeline, and your corpse would remain inside the fortress on the other side of the Psi-Three Relay."

If you are anywhere near Summer, who is with Spring, you're near the Illusive Guy.

Tela [Spellsword] 397472

"We have to stop those Tirek assholes from fucking us over with these timeloops! Hunt them instead!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397473

"Great. Sounds like somewhere we don't want to go."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397474

"What stopped you from breaking the loop yourself?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397475

"Uh… c- can't we just do a scavenger hunt?… I don't like meat…"

"Oh… but mister Chip and mister Seekkill will be there!"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397476

"Miss Seas, what they are hunting for isn't for fillies."

Tony [Trickster] 397477

"Okay. Where we go in?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397478

"I see. But an alternate Light Heart from a different timelime could pick up where we failed, yes? Where is the relay located?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397479

Is the illusive guy on the boat? That's where i thought we were.

"Lead the way."
I stand behind you.

Tela [Spellsword] 397480

he's on the beach sitting in a comfy chair

Spring Water [Doctor] 397481

"Summer, I think we have more important things than scavenging on our minds now."

Wf+6 397482

"The same reason you've had to meet me here on the beach in every conversation we've had for the last seven hundred years. I'm not actually here in Reptil. What you are observing is a projection."

"The Psi-Three Relay can be opened with a harmonic code. The Singer would be best at it, but anyone who knows how to Inspire an audience can replicate it. The entrance is in town hall, and the gateway will open given a certain passphrase at the right tonal frequency."

The Illusive Guy can't leave the beach shore.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397483

How close is that to the fleet?

Tony [Trickster] 397484

"Allright then. No time to lose."

Tela [Spellsword] 397485

"S-Seven hundred years!?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397486

I'll be dumbstruck for a moment.
"Seven… hundred years?"

Wf+6 397487

Out of earshot. I don't know what you guys are doing. Presumably you followed Summer for Chip to keep interacting with her.

Illusive Guy: "Maybe now you realize just how serious this is."

Tela [Spellsword] 397488


Emrille [Gunslinger] 397489

"…fucking hell…"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397490

"How we here seven hundred years?"

Tony [Trickster] 397491

I just chuckle.

Wf+6 397492

"You could have derived that from my earlier statement. I told you that you had been looping for more than five hundred twenty thousand cycles at twelve hours a piece. That's more than seven hundred thirteen years."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397493

"I suppose we should be glad we can't remember all of that time, then. It would likely drive most of us mad."

Light Heart [Warlord] 397494

"I see. Thank you."
I look at the party
"I am afraid there is no time to lose then. We must move swiftly. We can ask more questions later."
And off to the Townhall I go.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397495

"Hey, hey, hold on, am I the only fucking one who paid attention to the whole 'you will die' part?!"

Tela [Spellsword] 397496

I grit my teeth and follow her determinedly

Chip(DD knight) 397497

"If we are lucky, but we will see, whoever those guys are."

I frown at them
"Bah, I give up. shelter her all you want,.Me and Seek are going."

I frown and shrug.
"Sorry, your parents dont want too, so I have little say."

"Lets go."
Go to the tent area and show it to seekkill at a distance.

Tony [Trickster] 397498

Follow her.

Shrug my shoulders.
"Meh, if you'd rather stay here looping, be my guest."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397499

I follow you.
"How you know this place?"

Wf+6 397500

You arrive at the town hall. A pegasus is here, giving a speech about freedom.

Tela [Spellsword] 397501

"We've been dying every fucking day, you dumbass!"

"So what, you're just going to go relax while we risk our damn lives? Fuck you."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397502

"What will happen when we stop this loop? We we be old sea dogs?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397503

After her we go.
"Miss Heart, I must admit I'm at a bit of a crossroads here. If we disable the loop completely, we'll be free to go. However… I am tempted that we let it continue, only without the Tirekian influence."

Chip(DD knight) 397504

"If we are lucky, but we will see, whoever those guys are."

I frown at them
"Bah, I give up. shelter her all you want,.Me and Seek are going."

I frown and shrug.
"Sorry, your parents dont want too, so I have little say."

"Lets go."
Go to the tent area and show it to seekkill at a distance.

Tony [Trickster] 397505

Listen in on this.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397506

"We will see. If we can somehow take control of the loop and use it to our advantage, that would be most pleasurable."

"Mister Chip, we could use your aid. Come with us."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397507

"Yeah, but not, y'know, die dying!"


Wf+6 397508

Illusive Guy: "Fortunately your timeline is looping. Your age will not be affected. The outside world, unfortunately… has. Things have changed somewhat since you made port."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397509

Are you really eating my posts, website?
"How you know this place?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397510

"So long as it isn't abused, miss Heart. I mostly had it in mind to see the town before we leave. It's too large to see in a single day, and finding the best deals on anything would take quite some time."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397511

"B- But…"

"W- Wait! Can I please go? Pleeease?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397512

"Mister Sitar, any clues as to how to open this relay?"

"If we do die, you will continue to exist elsewhere, miss Emrille."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397513

I look scared "Changed how?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397514

I think we are already gone.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397515

"No, miss Seas."
Sigh a little.
"But perhaps I can arrange a scavenger hunt of sorts on the ships, once we get back."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397516

"Doesn't sound too comforting."

My face fells.
"Wait wait wait… so… you mean all that fucking time actually passed? Everyone else we ever knew and shit are all dead? Everything changed?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 397517

"No 'buts' young lady."

Chip(DD knight) 397518

Wave to both of them as I leave.
"I and Seekkill will be back on the ship this midday or afternoon! By that time I'll try to help."
"And Summer, you're mother and Curry says no, though I want you to come, I cant. got to go. Bye"

At the site.
"To be honest I've been here." I smile.
Go there and look at the place.
"So you think its a good spot?"

Wf+6 397519

He nods. "Cloud King isn't going to like it, though."

Illusive Guy: "Yes. In your original timeline, Reptil becomes something of a deadzone. Are you familiar with the nautical term Bermuda Triangle? Eventually sailors just start avoiding it."

It sure looks like a tent. It's situated in the entertainment district near one of the slower but steady flows of traffic.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397520

I step in front of him as he leaves
"Mister Chip. This is not a request, this is an order."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397521

I'd assume she said that before they left

I frown and sigh, and plop down on the ground.
"Why do I have to stay here and listen to the weird diamond dog who talks about all that confusing stuff… I don't even understand anything he's saying…"

Tony [Trickster] 397522

"We'll stab him if he does anything."
Stealth to prepare for the stabbing. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397523

We've gone on to town hall by now.
"Because, miss Seas, there will be time for fun after work is done."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397524

"Very good."

I listen at the flap to make sure it's empty, then walk into the tent.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397525

I shake my head
"Just do what you have to do, mister Sitar. This is quite important."

Chip(DD knight) 397526

We are already at the tent so this reply is before both Seek and me leave.
I stand in attention at her.
"Please, it will be quick. I'll show Seekkill the hunting grounds and I'll go back." I grin at LightHeart.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397527

I clutch my head in my hooves.
"What the fuck?! Can it be undone or someshit? What are we even… fuck!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 397528

"Mister Chip, I think you must have mistaken the word order, for request. You may either come with us now, or I will shoot you where you stand for ignoring an order from a superior officer. Am I clear?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397529

You really should have done this sooner, Groves. We'd both love to be part of the group, but we already left.

Tela [Spellsword] 397530

"Damn right!"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397531

I still frown at that.
"Why are we at… the town square now?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397532

"To break the time loop. Or use it and still remember. I'm not quite certain which, yet."

Wf+6 397533

Illusive Guy: "Possibly, but that's not a priority right now. Deal with one problem at a time."

He shrugs, then plays a series of notes on his sitar. He finishes with a passphrase.

"Don't vote."


A rift in spacetime rips next to Weeping Sitar. That must be the Psi-Three Relay.

Light Heart [Warlord] 397534

I shake my head and Chip and step through the portal then.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 397535

I stare in blank confusion at the rip opening.
"…What… just happened?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397536

I just shut up for now.
I can't believe this shit…

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 397537

Well, no time like the present.
"It's where the time is looping. You're free to stay out here, miss Seas, with your mother."
And in I go.

Tela [Spellsword] 397538

"You have got to be shitting me…"

Well… fuck! Follow her then!

Tony [Trickster] 397539

Step in.

Chip(DD knight) 397540

>inb4 Chips splits into two entities.
Worst nightmare.

I frown at her.
"I will go with you, I want to be loyal but I have to find out something. I will follow then after if I can."

Sateo [DD Monk] 397541

"But.." I shake my head "can ye give us a hoof in anyway? Against the reapers?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 397542

Follow on her back.

Spring Water [Doctor] 397543

"We're trying to break this timeloop, sweetie…"

I gulp, take Summer and kiss her on the forehead, then step through

Wf+6 397544

"I'm not actually here. This is just a projection."

Chip(DD knight) 397545

I look around the place.
"Good place for hunting right?"
"So… lets get started, do you want to go hunting first and me assisting you?" I grin at him.

Sateo [DD Monk] 397546

Whatever then, run to the others…

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 397547

"Dig pit for what we catch. Seekkill not want it getting away. After hunt we find pirate and figure out what happening."

Chip(DD knight) 397548

Dig for a deep pit inside the tent and make it spacious.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 400034

It's deep and wide. Just how you like it.

You come out of the rift into a cubic room made of metal. Faintly glowing crystals jut out of the walls at no recognizable intervals or patterns, which supply light to the room. Before you is a metal indentation that appears to be a sort of door, but unlike one you've ever seen before. There's a crevice running from the top to bottom along the middle, and there appears to be no handle or other means of opening it. There's a small notice on the wall near the door that is too small to read at this distance.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400044

Well, with my telekinesis, I'll float it over. It's just a piece of paper, right? And not nailed to the wall? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 400048

It's not nailed to the wall… but it's not a paper, either.

Closer inspection reveals that it has been painted directly onto the metal.

Snacks(DD ranger) 400049

Deep enough for me seek and a couple of vicitms to be comfortable and safe from prying eyes and ears.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400050

"After you."


I keep my ears open and wait for a juicy, safe target to get close enough to snag and pull into the hole.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Light Heart [Warlord] 400053

"Curiouser and curiouser…"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400054

Staying away from the middle of the room, I'll go check it out. What's it say?

Chip(DD knight) 400059

Tela [Spellsword] 400060

"This is some bullshit…"

Wf+6 400073

You're already inside a tent, so that shouldn't be a problem.

A burly earth pony passes. Go for it…?

It reads:

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400077

"Well, it says not to damage the walls. Because that would 'compromise the facility.'"
I'll huff.
"And since we're outside of time, a breach would probably toss us into some random time, likely never to be heard from again."
I'll look around. Anything about the door? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Chipdog, see prey for us. Help Seekkill if Seekkill need help."

Snag him. Go for his throat with my claws and beak as I pull him into the hole.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400082

"So you are the expert on this shit now?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400083

I'll be talking to the Gryphon who hired me.

"I was in a bit of a haste when I made my application to join your crew, but I never got your name or rank, sir. And what can you tell me about my soon-to-be fellow crew."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400087

"Of course not. Any fool can assume from two points of information that breaking the walls in here would be a very bad thing. One being the dog on the beach talking about being outside of time, and then this notice here being the second piece which cautions against breaking any of the crystals on the walls."

Light Heart [Warlord] 400088

"Strange… I do wonder how on earth we could possibly move on from here."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400092

"You believe everything you read?"

Chip(DD knight) 400095

Help Seekkill put down the enemy

Roll #1 9 = 9

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400102

"Better to be cautious when dancing on the edge of a knife, Emrille."
I'll snort.
Then I'll look at the door, and think.

Tela [Spellsword] 400105

"Shiiit, I should have gone to fucking magic school… I don't know anything about this type of crap!"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400107

"Don't feel too bad, Tela. Neither does Emrille, and she's been studying with Abilio for a while."
Hmm. '1d2'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 400108

It doesn't look like any kind of door you're familiar with. You think, examining the mechanisms, you need to… get it to open… sideways, as opposed to in or out. Maybe you could pry it or try to work the mechanism.

You tear into him and jerk him inside the tent. He doesn't look like much of a fighter, so he goes down right away, but he's not dead. He is bleeding profusely from his neck, though.

"Al-Jinn the Unscarred, captain of the Sirocco."

He indicates a stately clipper moored nearby. "I received my new commission only as we made port. As for the crew… you might fit in better with other ex-military. Try Lieutenant Sunnyskies on the Seaworthy or General Movp on the Eagle's Roost. Though, in fairness, either might be out on the town."

He indicates a frigate and a sort of odd… floating pile of cannons with sails on it. Which is the size of perhaps two ships of the line. Enormous. Al-Jinn calls it a "war junk".

The remaining two ships are the one you're on, a ship of the line made out of dark woods and plated with lead, looking dark as night even at day, and an old but well-traveled galleon, which he identifies as the Pillager's Fancy.

You smash him in the head and he goes still.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400111

I'll rest a hoof on the door. It doesn't slide open, does it?

Wf+6 400112

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400113

"I've been working on better ways of shooting loud mouthed pieces of fucks like you, not this crap."

Chip(DD knight) 400114

"Well there, the first catch." I smile at the first hunt.

How about me, do I get something?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400116

"Want me save some for you?"

I quickly skin the half of him that is facing upwards then dig into his gut.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400117

Hmm. Well, let's apply some elbow grease. Can I slide it sideways? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400118

"Light Heart? Any great ideas?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400121

"Since we are at port, I'll meet with the General. He should have an idea of where he would need someone with my skills posted and he can fill me in on any details I too would ned to know. Thank you for your time."

Tip my head down and head off towards the Eagle's Roost.

Wf+6 400122

You jerk a ten year old colt inside the tent. His eyes are wild but you cover his mouth easily. He begins to suffocate.

If only you had some real grease.

Gonna have to try harder than that.

Chip(DD knight) 400123

"Quarter of it thanks." I give a toothy grin.


"I feel as if this door is a matter of delicately figuring out the mechanism rather than forcing it open with brute strength."
Take a closer look at the mechanisms

Roll #1 10 = 10

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400129

I'll just let Light Heart get a better look at the thing. It's going to come down to me opening it anyway.

Wf+6 400130

You end up having to take a ferry out, because there's no way such a large vessel can make it into the crowded docks.

You're aboard.

The mechanisms aren't immediately visible, but you pry off some plating and take a look. It seems that the door isn't even locked in place, it just has a jammed sliding mechanism. You jerk free a big clump of… something. Honestly you'd prefer not to think too much about what it is.

That said, the door slides open easily with it removed.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400131

"Seekkill save you part. Good catch. Tender meat on little ones."

I finish one half then turn it over, skin it, and dig into the other side. I stay away from the neck and front shoulder however.

Light Heart [Warlord] 400132

"… That was rather easy."
I chuckle.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400133

Well, never mind.
Let's look inside. Anything in there? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400135

"Good work."

"Chop chop, meatshield, move it. You go in first."

Tela [Spellsword] 400137

"Way to make us look retarded…"

Chip(DD knight) 400138

Knock him out. I am not into colts today.

Hunt again and make sure it is my preferred target.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400139

I'm going to introduce myself to the crew, and ask for the General, seeing as how I'm a new hire as well.

What type of crew does the Eagle's Roost have, though?

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400140

I'll spare a glare at the midget, but refrain from speaking.

Light Heart [Warlord] 400144

Follow behind him.

"Please, we were simply lucky that it was a mere blockage."

Wf+6 400148

You clean your kill as you eat and separate off the parts you don't like. The meat isn't very gamey. Probably a bit unhealthy for you, but this is Reptil after all.

There's a long hallway. Along the left side of the hall, there are glass windows, from which you can see the city. Something seems odd, about them, though…

To your right, there are doorways like the one you came through. The hallway proper is about one hundred fifty feet long and sports six doors on its right side and fifteen five foot windows. The hallway is about ten feet tall and ten feet wide.

There is blood slathered across the walls and floor, and foreign corpses are laying about. Halfway down the hallway, there is a perpendicular intersection with another hallway. At the end of the hallway, there is a door.

You grab a filly of about thirteen. She seems ripe to get a cutie mark, but doesn't have one. Must be a late bloomer. You manage to catch her without raising the alarm, but she's struggling in your powerful grip.

Most of the menials about seem unsure of their footing. Either they're new hires or otherwise still pretty unfamiliar with the ship. In their defense, the ship's layout is ridiculously chaotic and circuitous. Almost labyrinthine.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400150

"Saved you part of pony. What want do with colt?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400151

Well. That's… a bit unsettling.
"It seems we weren't the first ones here."
Let's look out the odd window real quick. Can I tell why it's odd? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400153

"Looks fucking promising. What now?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400154

"Remember what I said about caution, Emrille? We take this slow, and watch your fire."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400155

"Maybe this is their first day too? I might need to keep my options open if they go through crew this fast."

Pick out one of the crew and help them to a rail to regain their balance, then ask about the General.


"Indeed. What an unfortunate encounter."

"Watch your step, miss Emrille."
Inspect some of the corpses

Roll #1 1 = 1

Red Lily(Capra Monk) 400157

"Stop struggling you." I squeeze her more.
Carry her down the hole that I made.

"You decide Seek., also leave me the pony part."

Tela [Spellsword] 400158

"Oh this is just fucking cozy, isn't it?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400160

I lick my beak.
"Want Seekkill leave you part of colt?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400161

Just make sure to get comfy on the back of Tela then.
And nod.
"A rug would really tie the room together."

"We'll see about that."

Tela [Spellsword] 400163

"This shit is beyond fucked…"

Chip(DD knight) 400164

>name again

"Its yours if you want."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400166

"Sounds like a normal day with you, eh?"

Wf+6 400168

The window itself isn't particularly odd on its own other than the fact that it seems to be a view above the city. Switching between two windows, you notice because your spectacular attention to detail that the positions of the ponies below – about ant sized from your altitude – don't match up. Like they're viewing two different identical cities with non identical populaces.

As you close in to all the gruesome kills – most of them with hearts torn out or otherwise impaled – your own heart begins to beat quickly, and soon you're doubled over on the ground in a full-on heart attack. The world begins to dizzily spin and your eyes loose focus. You try to cough out an order to Skylight, but you can't. Hopefully she was paying attention when you mentioned the pills.

There's a whimper and she continues to struggle. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Tela [Spellsword] 400169

"Maybe. But I ain't never seen or heard about shit like this."

Wf+6 400170

But she makes no progress against your firm grip as you carry her deep into your little tunnel.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400172

"Thank you."

I skin the colt and start to chow down.


"The fuck!? What just happened!?"
I rush over to Light Heart, what's wrong?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400174

"The views of the city, they're-"
And then Light Heart will take most of my attention.
"Skylight, miss Spring! She needs medical attention!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400175

"First time for everything."

I shrug.
"It's just her heart acting up again. Healing did the trick so far, right?"


"I noticed!"
Rush over and try to get her heart working again!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tela [Spellsword] 400177

"The fuck are you talking about!?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400178

"Chill the fuck out and leave her some breathing space, that's what."

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400179

I'll glower a little at Emrille.
"No sense of camaraderie at all, is there?"
"Miss Heart has a weak heart. Which is why she was keen on keeping both of the doctors on board."

Wf+6 400180

More plump and fatty than the adult.

You jam a few of her pills down her throat and after a minute she's fine, though she did do a faceplant into a chestwound and now has blood all over her face.

Skylight was there, too. But you were 2fast.


I'm sure she did.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400182

"I'm sure that losing my shit would help her immensely. We have… how many healers here?"

Chip(DD knight) 400183

"Stop struggling pony, you shall get yours.
Pin her down and mount her, do the deed just like I did yesterday, enjoy it to the fullest.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tela [Spellsword] 400184

"What? Seriously?"

"Are you alright, Heart?"

Friesian Cross 400185

The Eagles Roost might not be fully pony'd, but then the General should probably be in the main cabin. Let's head off towards it.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400186

"Why do you think she's so fond of miss Rosemary, and was keen to add my sister to her growing list of companions?"
I'll shake my head a bit.
"But that's for some other conversation. Here, look out these windows. Tell me what you see."

Light Heart [Warlord] 400187

I wipe off my face with a hoof.
"Thank you, doctor."

"Hmm? Why of course I am. Just a minor hiccup, nothing more."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400188

I split the bones of the stallion and the clot then scoop out the marrow and eat it just like Flux showed me."

"Seekkill finish. Going look for others soon. Chip almost done or want hunt alone?"


I stare at Light Heart for a moment longer, then shake my head and look outside. What is there to see?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400190

What do my pegasus eyes see out the window?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Chip(DD knight) 400191

"Not now, Seek… when… I finish.. first."

Light Heart [Warlord] 400192

"Mister Curry please, they mean more to me than simple life insurances."
I smile and nod at Skylight

Wf+6 400193

Oh dear. Looks like she's not fine. Not fine at all. Those pills only made things better for a second, and then your heart redoubled its efforts to kill you. Your flail about on the ground and come to a stop.

You hump her vigorously, like a dog with a leg. By the end, she's sobbing uncontrollably through your huge paw. You try to toss your intended cocksock to the side when you're done, but she gets stuck on your engorged member. Shrugging, you let her hang off carelessly. Looks like it was good enough for you that you didn't care.

Right, right. Sorry.

You find General Movp sunning himself near the helm.

Wf+6 400194


Looks like Reptil. You're far above the city, and you can see the little ponies moving below. Odd. Are you at high altitude?

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400195

Oh dear. That can't be good.


Reanimation! Quick!
"Skylight, help me out here!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400197

I shrug and turn away.

"Fucking… Spring, do something!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400198

"Done yet? Eat meat so you regain lost strength. Eat fast, Sekkill want find others."

Friesian Cross 400199

Stand and salute.

"Sir, I am Friesian Cross. I was recently employed by your organization and was directed to introduce myself."

What does he look like?


Skylight pls

Roll #1 8 = 8


I nervously look behind me as she drops again.

"… The fuck? Are we in the sky?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400202

"I'm pretty sure it doesn't fucking matter where we are."

Chip(DD knight) 400203

"Yes, Seek let me just do my business."
Let her hang in me while I eat whats left of the adult pony that Seekkill and I have killed. Wait for my member to calm down before pulling out and leaving her with food and water.
"If you ever try to escape, I will hunt you down and kill you, understand little pony?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400204

"Not quite, Tela. If you look carefully, you'll see that each Reptil you can see from those windows is slightly different than the other. I think those windows are showing the cycles that Reptil's going through."
Looks like Skylight has things under control…
"Or it could mean everything."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400205

"Why she hang like that? Why not kill her?"

Wf+6 400206

Reanimation? Wat.

In any case, your best healing efforts are for naught.

She tries to heal Light Heart, too, and give her more pills, but nothing seems to be working.

Skylight, search check: '1d10'

If you served in the Equestrian military in the last few decades, you've probably heard of him from the Eastern Campaign. He's an aging but proudly-plumed griffon, feathered brown with golden streaks. He nods passively, still staring off into the sea.

"At ease, son. This is a privateer fleet, not bootcamp."

You panic a little when you see Light Heart collapse again and back into one of the panes of glass with too much force, cracking it a bit. That's… not good, probably.

She just cries and whimpers.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Wf+6 400207

Skylight looks through Light Heart's bags to no avail.

"We need something stronger!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400208

"It means we are in the base of a tirekians. Good going, detective-"

Okay shit is getting serious.
"Like what?"


The old fashioned way! Heart massage! Get it back to work!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400210

"Couldn't miss Seas help? If she can regrow a horn, she should be able to fix a heart, right?"
I'll just give her a flat look.

Tela [Spellsword] 400211


"Shit! Like what!? I'm not a goddamn doctor!"

Wf+6 400212

It isn't restarting, but you keep the blood flowing with steady pumps.

"Something to make it start again!"

"The process works entirely differently."


Well… search then! Find something that can help!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400214

"Can't you just zap her or someshit to restart it?"

Chip(DD knight) 400215

Leave her in the small dug in cave that I made.

"She hang's like that because I have tied inside her. Plus I want them warm and kicking than dead thats why I want her to be alive. Makes it more… satisfying. " I smile evilly.

I then cleaned myself, smiling while looking at the dirtied filly in front of me, by me.

"So shall we go?"

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400216

"Maybe she has something in her pockets and not her bags. Pardon me, please."
I'll move up next to Light Heart.
"Forgive me for intruding…"
And I'll root around her pockets until I find any stronger medication. '1d10' She had to have prepared for something like this. She prepares for everything.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Friesian Cross 400217


I'll break the salute, but I'll stay standing."

"I wasn't counting on meeting you here, sir? How did you come to be upon this vessel?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 400218

Just… keep at it!
"Look through the rest of her stuff! Quick! She must have stronger medication or something!"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400219

I finish cleaning my beak off and tilt my head to the side.
"Tied? Tied how? Seekkill not see rope. Why leave her alive? She try scream and get found. Chipdog want take her when us all leave?"

Borders Skewed [Mage] 400220

where are we?

Chip(DD knight) 400221

I scratch my head.
"She is somewaht tied to me, you see Seek, Dog bone….. I mean penises, has this thing at its base that inflates when they are releasing their essence to their partners, This is to make sure their mating partner dont escape insemination so that they get all those jizz inside. To ensure pregnancy and all."
"Who knows? She cant escape that deep dug in that I made."

Wf+6 400222

We all know horses like to buck when they're nervous. You just bucked out that window, elevating an emergency to a crisis as the room begins to decompress and warp. Everyone save.

You get distracted as random items begin to slide out of her bag toward the decompressing window. You salvage most of them, but this is not a safe place to sit and think about it.

"It's a long story. You have the posture of a military stallion. Did they have you out East?"

Skylight helps you look. '1d10'

In some sort of metal corridor. There are odd windows on the left wall (one of which Tela just kicked out causing huge decompression) and metal doors on the right. The corridor is one hundred fifty feet long and has a perpendicular intersection halfway.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400223

"Tela what did you do?!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


oh for fuck's sake

Roll #1 1 = 1

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400225

My eyes widen.
"Really? Sound very useful. Not important now. If Chip sure we want leave filly like this then it Chip's choice. Come, Seekkill fly back to beach with you."
I use my claws and wings to climb and fly until I am out of the hole and the tent.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 400226

"Fucking hell Tela!"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400227

Can I use this to make certain Skylight and Summer are safe? Maybe by blocking the window?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400228

>"I use my claws and wings to climb and fly until I am out of the hole and the tent." should be directed at >>400222

Borders Skewed [Mage] 400229

Oh! Interesting. Oooh…


Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm near ded, do I roll too?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Friesian Cross 400232

"Yes sir. I was moved bit by bit, since my skills made it easy to send me and a few others ahead of the main forces."

Chip(DD knight) 400233

Follow Seekkill outside and leave.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400234

I fly Chip back the the beach where that one pony was.
"Where others go?"

Chip(DD knight) 400235

Scratch my head
"No idea, I think they have gone some portal if I remember correctly."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400236

"Seekkill asking him."
I point at the Illusive Pony.

Chip(DD knight) 400237

"I wha… WHOA!" I walk back.

Wf+6 400238

You're out.

"Then you know who the real soldiers were back East. Who'd you serve under, son?"

You're both pulled out the window (about five feet wide by seven feet tall). You feel the warp overtaking you… it is a good pain.

You black out.

You leap in front of the window and focus all of your magic on bending the minerals inside the metal to seal it shut. Finally you meld the metal around you, so that your form has sealed the room, saving everyone else, but at great cost to yourself. You can feel the pressure and the strange magic of the outside beginning to overtake you.

You'd be fucked if not for Curry, who bravely stuck himself in a window.

You locate an odd vial that has been marked 'emergency' in her bag.

You got it from Tallow, remember?

Wf+6 400239

He's there.

[lemon] 400240

I stare at him.
"So…. our friends passed here right? Any clue on what happened?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400241

"Where others go?"
Never mind if we are stopping now for real.

Spring Water [Doctor] 400242

Funny thing is, she only ever mentioned it to Rosemary so I kind of forgot about it.
Down her throat it goes!

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400243

Well, at least they're safe. Shame about Tela. And Emrille was starting to come around… a little. Maybe.
Oh who am I kidding.

Borders Skewed [Mage] 400244

Quick, Astral Project through the wall.

Can I find any of those who got sucked out?

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400245

"I served under Polemaet, sir. He could spot enemy forces half a world away and always sent us to where we would be most useful."


Chip(DD knight) 400247

Wf+6 400248

He takes a drag on his cigarette, then the unicorn with him speaks up.

"They went on a suicide mission. I'm sure you had a good reason for deciding not to help them."

It's like magic! She's better right away. You wonder who can make such amazing cures.

Skylight seems concerned. Sitar is nonplussed. Wark grumbles.

All is nothing! Nothing is everything! Roll for comprehension of the Terrible Void! Hope you don't go mad. Er – more mad.

"Polemaet… Good officer. Good griffon. I fear his fate is likely my own. And what about you, son? Were you spit out by the Equestrian war machine like an unwanted foreigner after years of loyal service?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400249

"Seekkill hungry. They not try bring Sekkill until Seekkill already leaving to hunt. Where they go? What is soo-ih-side?"


Oooh! How lovely!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Chip(DD knight) 400251

"Suicide mission to what and where? Who are the crew of ours who have gone there?" I look at him.

Curry [Male Unicorn Landkeeper] 400252

Hmm. I wonder… if I'm stuck in here, but still somewhat alive… I don't suppose I could try rescuing those two? This place is outside of time, so what if I just fiddled with the void and reversed their personal time back to before they got sucked out? Can I even do that? Let's try. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Wf+6 400253

The diamond dog regards you with his oddly bright blue eyes. Then he takes another drag and speaks up.

Illusive Guy: "You have exactly two minutes and twenty two seconds after I finish this sentence to reach town hall before the portal closes. Better hurry."

He waves a hand and a Cerberus appears in a burst of flame. "Follow it."

The dog takes off, scaring off civilians and creating a path for you to follow.

You don't know the first thing about time travel. Your scrunching around just causes you to become dislodged and lost to the void. You black out, too.

The corridor begins to decompress again. Everyone saves.

It's fluid, like an ocean. the possibilities swim, but there's an underlying current. If you had a moment to concentrate you mi–

Nope! Decompressing cabin.


Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400254

"Yes sir, though in my case, I was expecting it. I was never promoted above Lance Corporal, since I was originally hired when I was part of a small mercenary company. They didn't want many 'Internationalists' on their payrolls, so I was never promoted higher and was simply handed a pink slip, and not a ticket home, at their earliest convenience. I've been on my own ever since."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 400255

I grab Chip and fly after it.

Chip(DD knight) 400256

"I whoa…" let Seek, carry me.

Wf+6 400257

You enter the portal right before it closes, zooming past Cloud King. You're in a room with a metal door before you.


He sighs. "I've heard too many stories like that one. Well, if nothing else, you'll find comrades here, son. And maybe a little peace. Or vengeance."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400258

"Thank you sir. I'd like to ask how you ended up here on the Eagle's Roost. A General is not something you'd give up so easily, and especially one who my superior spoke so highly of."

Wf+6 400262

"The Princess didn't think it would look good for a griffon to be credited with the victories out East. And I didn't mind. I was never there for glory. But when I became too old to lead from the front, I was dishonorably discharged. As if I had been called upon to lead a battle in a decade."

He gives a dangerous growl. "Talking about it has put me in a bad mood. Perhaps another time. Dismissed."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400267


With that, I'll be off. I'll make my way to the Seaworthy and Lieutenant Sunnyskies, since I wasn't given any duties.

Wf+6 400271

You paddle back to the rest of the moored fleet and board the spirited frigate known as the Seaworthy. It seems pretty abandoned. You search for a while and don't find Sunnyskies. He must be enjoying the town.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400273

Interrupt one of the ship workers and ask.

"You there, I was ordered to speak to the Lieutenant that was on this vessel. Do you know where he could have trotted off to?"

Wf+6 400275

"He's probably at one of the bars with the captain. The captain needs an interpreter, and he's a heavy drinker."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400277

"Any idea of which? Or at least what the captain prefers to drink? There are more bars and taverns in Reptil than there are grains of sand on the beach, and I'd like to spend my time talking to them rather than seeking them."

Wf+6 400280

"The captain's stores of drink are legendary. He won't settle for any old bar. He'll immediately pursue the most venerable vintage in the city."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400281

"Thank you kindly. I've been around Reptil enough to know which places actually have the real thing and which just copied a label."

Tip the hat politely and head off to the bar I suspect of being the one they went to.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Wf+6 400282

You head to the administrative district and visit the White Dragon Lounge. There's a bouncer at the door keeping out the common riff-raff.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400284

I was out seeking employment, of course I'm well dressed. Plus, I have a nice hat.

"Evening Mister. I'm here at your fine establishment looking for a pair of Thoroughbreds, a Captain was one of them, but specifically a Lieutenant Sunnyskies that would be with him. They wouldn't happen to be here, would they?"

Wf+6 400289

He looks you over. '1d10'


Roll #1 3 = 3

Wf+6 400290

Then he frowns. "What's it to you, pretty colt?"

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400292

Stand at attention, let's emphasize the military-ness of the situation.

"I was ordered to contact the Lieutenant, since he has the orders and instructions I'll be needing for the benefit of our flotilla. I wish to simply contact him and proceed on my way, your patrons won't be bothered."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 400296

He looks you up and down.

"There's a two drink minimum."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400297

"I like to keep my wits about me, so if I bought them for the Captain and the Lieutenant, would that satisfy your beverage requirement?"

Wf+6 400300

"I don't care if you pour them down the bathroom sink, wiseguy."

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400302

Grumble. Such Uncouth language.

"Let me talk to them, and I shall purchase two of the ales of their liking, if that is what it will take. I'm simply here for the orders of my superior officers."


Roll #1 8 = 8

Wf+6 400305

"Alright. Get in and get out."

He sidles to the side and pulls open a velvet rope. You're in.

The Lounge is a quiet, if spacious drinking parlor. There are a lot of patrons here quietly enjoying their drinks, and a live band is playing. There is a bar, but most of the patrons are seated and waiting on waiters.

Friesian Cross [Unicorn Soothsayer] 400307

Find one of the waiters that are standing by at the moment and ask them if they noticed two military looking individuals, one of whom may be speaking a foreign language and having the other translate for him.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Wf+6 400316

"I've seen a lot of foreigners, but only one military-type."

Knight 400317

"Can you direct me towards them, if it isn't too much hassle. I'm under orders to talk to them."

Wf+6 400318

He points you to a little table near the northwest corner. There's a hulking bull and a uniformed pegasus chatting casually there.

Knight 400319

"Thank you for your time."

Head off towards them, then stand as appropriate for a military horse.

"Pardon the intrusion, Sirs, but I was instructed to come talk to a Lieutenant Sunnyskies regarding my new deployment."

Wf+6 400320

They look you up and down a moment before going back and forth.

"Du känner honom?"
"Nej, du?"
"Naturligtvis inte. Varför skulle jag fråga?"
"Du är ganska dum."
"Nog! Du kan inte ens tala språk."
"Jag talar northspeak, det är nog."
"Inte tillräckligt för att vara kapten på din egen det verkar. Och gick över för Commodore? Tsk, tsk."
"Stäng ditt ansikte innan jag stänger den åt dig. Vem är den här hunden?"
"Jag sa till dig, jag vet inte."

They pause. Then Sunnyskies picks up.

"Who are you?"

Knight 400321

"I'm Friesian Cross, sir. I was recently employed by your fleet and was instructed to get orders from you on where I shall be deployed."

Wf+6 400322

He relays the information to the bull.

"Ny hyra har skickats till oss."
"Är han så värdelös?"
"Jag har ändå att hitta."
"Ser ut att vara din sort."
"Du menar militär, hoppas jag."
"Ja, det. Vad mer?"
"Du vet de epitet de gav mig."
"Ja … De passar dig. Jag gillar dig mer på detta sätt."
"Fet. Men åtminstone du är viljestark. Jag respekterar din makt."
"Som det ska vara ombord på Seaworthy."

They pause and look back at you. "Very well. You're commissioned to the Seaworthy now, under Captain Umlock. I'm the first mate, Sunnyskies."


Emrille [Gunslinger] 409663


After leaving Tela behind I try to find Light Heart.

Light Heart [Warlord] 409664

I'll be… somewhere on the PF. Talking to my followers or something.
"- and that, my dearest companions, is why seaweed is not to be trusted."
I chuckle and turn to you as I see you approach
"Ah, miss Emrille. How lovely to see you again. I trust you are well?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409665

"Yeah, yeah, jolly as fuck, sure."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409666

I nod
"I am glad to hear so. Is there something you require? Something you wish to discuss perhaps?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409667

I think for a moment.
"Actually, yeah. Tela wasn't really useful like the dumb bitch she is, but you are good with words."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409668

"I see. Very well."
I turn to my companions
"Please, leave us. I will find you again when I am done."
And then, when they have left and I made sure nopony else is around, I relax somewhat and turn to Emrille again.
"Right. What's up?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409669

I smirk.
"Mare trouble. Y'know how they are. Always finding shit to stir."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409670

"I can't say Rosemary is giving me any trouble."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409671

"Yeah, well she isn't giving anypony much trouble, in all honesty."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409672

I smirk
"She's such a good little pony. But really, what happened?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409673

"C'mon, I think you can guess who it's about. Spring."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409674

"Emrille, I knew it was about her the moment you stepped into sight. Get to the point."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409675

"Ain't you a fucking prophet then."
I sigh.
"She walked away and told me to 'meditate' or 'pray' and shit like that because 'You don't feel sorry enough for the innocent lives that were lost!'"
Roll my eyes.

Light Heart [Warlord] 409676

"Okay, so what's the problem?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409677

"What the fuck do I tell her to calm her teats so she will speak to me again?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409678

I roll my eyes
"Good god Emrille. You do as asked of course!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409679

"You cannot be fucking serious."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409680

"Why, afraid it'll hurt your image?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409681

"No, but pray to who? And meditate? I don't really believe in that sort of shit."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409682

"Luna might be a good start seeing how she's a Lunite. Heck, I prayed together with Skylight already as well."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409683

Speak in a sarcastic voice.
"Oh hey there Luna, remember me, I sacked your temple. What do I say to this mare so she calms the fuck down? Yeah, this should work fine."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409684

"It's the thought that counts. I don't think she expects you to convert to Lunism right now. She just wants you to repent and overthink your actions and choices in life. That's what meditation is about. You don't seriously expect Luna to answer you, do you?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409685

"I did almost fuck her in a dream once. She visits dreams, right?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409686

"Many sources says she does, yeah. I doubt she does it often now that she's banished though, Celestia would probably crack down on that."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409688

"Yeah, yeah, anyway, I can't really feel this whole spiritual shit. It's just not my thing."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409690

"Well I'm not exactly a priestess myself, as you may have noticed. Doesn't stop me from trying to please Skylight."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409691

I grumble.
"I still think it's bullshit…"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409692

"That may very well be, but grumbling about it to me wont get you any further either. You'll have to do something."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409693

"I was hoping you would tell me something that would actually help!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409694

"You want my advice? Either give it a try or go back and lie to her about it. Those are your options."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409695

"So… that's it?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409696

"Come on Emrille. You look like child, but that doesn't mean you have to be as naive as one. Go and tell her what she wants to hear. Even if you don't agree with it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409697

"So try this, and if it doesn't work, lie something. Simple as that."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409698

"Yes. No need to make this hard. After all, you will try it, right? Isn't that what counts?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409699

"I guess…
By the way, what's your opinion on the whole thing."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409700

"What thing? This? Religion?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409701

"No. The deaths."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409702

I smile
"Wouldn't you like to know, you curious little filly."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409703

"C'mon, you must have some sort of opinion!"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409704

"I don't find any pleasure in inflicting pain on others, if that's what you're wondering. What happened there was unfortunate, but ultimately it doesn't really affect me. There was zero benefit to be found in killing those ponies, but neither was there in making sure they survived. Or well… I guess the unicorns would have preferred to avoid a bloodbath."

Chip(DD knight) 409705

Going around finding the officers and had clearly just woke up while carrying a piece of bread and wine.

"Oh you two, I didnt know there is a meeting of sort."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409706

"Well no shit. We all would have."

I glance up at him.
"We were just having a chit-chat."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409707

I immediately perk up and nod at him as he approaches.
"Mister Chip."

"Indeed. But why do you ask, miss Emrille? Did you expect a different answer?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409708

"I was just wandering. At least I'm not alone not to care."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409709

"I very much doubt a lot of ponies aboard this fleet share the good doctor's view."

Chip(DD knight) 409710

I put down my wine and began eating the bread.
"Ms. Light Heart."

"Uhhrmm.. I see that."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409711

"Good, so I'm not the problem child."

"Good that you still have eyes."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409712

"What of you, mister Chip? What are your thoughts on the bloodshed in the Stonebriar bank?"

Chip(DD knight) 409713

I drank my wine.
"Just like any other heist, its expected in this kind of life."

I then wipe my mouth.
"So that is what you two are talking about?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409714

"Death and religion. Interesting, huh?"

Chip(DD knight) 409715

I nod.
"Better than just being on deck under the sun all day long if you ask me."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409716

"…okay, maybe we were talking about mares too."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409717

"The finer things in life."

Chip(DD knight) 409718

My face lightens up a bit but still groggy.
"Mares? Well perhaps I can listen and join here and there if you two like."

Drink my wine and stop to prevent myself from choking.
"Wait, Is this talk about females or is this female talk, like make up or fancy dresses?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409719

I chuckle.
"Yeah, we are discussing pretty dresses."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409720

"The prettiest of dresses, in fact."
I look how over
"Why, I believe you would look well in a pretty dress, mister Chip."

Chip(DD knight) 409721

"Then consider me out of it."

I laugh, putting the bottle of wine down.
"Me? In a dress. Seriously, that is not funny at all."

I then look at the two mares in front of me.
"Hmmm… to think about it, I havent seen you two in a dress before."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409722

Tap my chest.
"I got my uniform. Good enough for me."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409723

"Well… we could always use the altar to change your appearance somewhat, mister Chip. I'm sure your female self would look absolutely delightful in a haute couturesque dress."
I tap my outfit
"As for myself, I am quite pleased with this."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409724

"The altar? That was in Autumnsreach."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409725

I smirk at her
"Are you absolutely certain about that, miss Emrille?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409726

"I'm preeeetty sure it was down that temple."

Chip(DD knight) 409727

"Hmmm… I will like to prote…"
"You know what, nevermind."

I just give her a sullen look.
"Why are you so interested in seeing me as a female and in a dress?"

I just drank my wine upon hearing this.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409728

"You will what?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409729

I chuckle knowingly
"My, I must be mistaken then."

"It's only a thought that struck me, which I wished to share with you."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409730

Raise an eyebrow.
"Come on, don't fuck with me, you are more clever than that."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409731

"The truth of the matter is that the altar is no longer in Autumnsreach, miss Emrille."

Chip(DD knight) 409732

I avert my gaze.
"Nothin, "

"I like to stay as a male as long as I can help it thank you."

"Dont look at me like that, I know you have ideas you little pony."

I nod at this.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409733

"Then where is it?"

"That's what I thought."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409734

I chuckle
"Very well then. Your choice, mister Chip."

"Safely stored in a container aboard the fleet."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409735

I let that sink in for a few seconds then break out in laughter.
"Hahaha, oh fucking… that means…"
I start laughing even harder and lean against Light Heart.

Light Heart [Warlord] 409737

"I am happy to see you find this fact amusing."

Chip(DD knight) 409738

"Well I dont think being a female is all that well if you ask me."
Eat a piece of bread.
"Any idea on where and when to use the altar?"

I frown at the sight,seeing her laughing hard and leaning on LH,
"If you two do something to me, by the wild seas…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409739

"Oh you have nooooo idea!"
Flutter up for a second to whisper to her.
"Tela didn't believe it was real."
The I start laughing hard again.

Wave a hoof.
"Yeah, yeah, don't worry, not interested in you."

Chip(DD knight) 409740

I fold my arms.

Light Heart [Warlord] 409741

"I wouldn't dare use it for such backhoofed means, mister Chip."

"I see."
I chuckle
"My oh my."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409742

"I know, right? Oh the things she asked."
Try not to laugh too hard.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409743

Nope, can't help it.
I collapse at the hooves of Light and choke on laughter.

Light Heart [Warlord] 409745

I smile down at her as she nearly chokes on her giggles.

Chip(DD knight) 409748

Just drink and eat while looking at her laughing.Stare at her tummy for a moment and look away.

"So… is the altar yours or does it belong to the Lunites or perhaps to the ship? Does Smitt know any of this?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409751

"I consider it mine, unless little Summer claims otherwise. Mister Smitts is aware of it."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409752

I stay on the ground after the laughing with is over, still breathing heavily.
"Oh, fucking hell… oh this is just too great."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409759

"Are you alright, miss Emrille? I get the distinct feeling you may be planning something."

Chip(DD knight) 409760

I smile and eat my bread.
"Well I dont think Summer would even want such a thing so its good as yours."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409761

"I had the very same thoughts, yes."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409762

I stand up and dust myself off, still giggling.
"Plans? No. Ideas? Fucking hell."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409764

"Such a devious mind."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409766

"I'm sure he'd love it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409767

"It may very well be a secret dream of hers."

Chip(DD knight) 409769


"Anything I am missing here? I feel left out,"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409771

"Guess we'll never know, huh?"

I chuckle again.
"Don't try to think too hard about it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409776

"How do you think she would react? Would she resort to violence?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409777

"Depending on how confused she would b, maybe."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409779

"Perhaps we can work something out and have ourselves a small bit of fun."

Chip(DD knight) 409781

Just finish my food then while the two mares talk.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409782

Flutter up on her back.
"I'm all ears."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409786

"It's quite simple, really. From what I have seen, Tela is quite the heavy drinker. All we need to do is ensure she falls into a deep slumber so that we may move her over to the altar, then put her safely back into bed."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409788

I snicker.
"Do we tell her… or him… that she was never a mare in the first place and she's just hungover?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409789

"I don't quite think she… he would believe such a thing. Simply feigning complete ignorance would create a far better reaction, I reckon."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409790

"Y'mean like not acknowledging it at all?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409792

"What I mean is acting as if we do not know what happened to her. She will be utterly desperate."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409795

I smirk and ruffle Light Heart's mane slightly from standing on her back.
"I feel this is going to be fun…~"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409799

I straighten my mane afterwards
"Please, do mind the mane. And yes, I believe so."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409801

"I'll let you know when the bitch drinks then, but now I'll leave you to to yourself."
Hop off of her back.
"I got some praying to do."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409804

"And I have a nurse to please."
I chuckle
"Good luck, miss Emrille."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409806

"Yeah thanks.
Toodles you two."

I walk away.

Chip(DD knight) 409815

Just sit there, wondering what happened.


Continue drinking in silence.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409824

An hour and a bit later, I try and find Spring this time.

[lemon] 409826

……. screw drinking.

"What is that all about?" I turn to Lightheart after Emrille left.

Chip(DD knight) 409828

>name arg

Light Heart [Warlord] 409845

"Dirty little plots, mister Chip."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409846

I'm… reading something.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409849

Stay silent until I'm up close.

Chip(DD knight) 409855

"Anything you can tell me so that I can get up to speed? I am lost when both of you are giggling and laughing with abandon."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409856

I perk up in surprise
"Huh? Oh, Emrille. I didn't hear you come in."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409858

"Now that would be simply spoiling the surprise we have stored."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409860

I snicker.
"You slept through two gunshots and a sword slashing across my back and impaling my guts. When was the last time you checked your ears?"

Chip(DD knight) 409861

I fume(comically) and fold my arm.
"Alright, keep your secrets then. If this involves me and the altar then I will make sure I have my revenge to you and Emrille."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409862

I scrunch and blush slightly
"I'm… just a deep sleeper."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409863

"As I said before, it does not involve you, mister Chip. Although it does involve the altar, yes."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409864

Wave a hoof around.
"I'm sure you had good dreams while I tried not to die."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409866

"I don't even remember what I was dreaming."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409867

"Such a shame."
"At least we got out alive and well, didn't we?"

Chip(DD knight) 409868

I close my eyes and fold my arms.
"I just cant stand being a girl, that is all. I do not like being weak and all."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409869

"I always thought the legendary lordblades would be more… effective. And professional."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409870

I raise a brow
"Indeed? You assume the female gender is weak by default then?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409872

"He was pretty good at choking on his own blood."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409873

I look away
"… Right."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409874

Roll my eyes.
"Okay, don't tell me he didn't deserve it."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409875

"Well yes but… do you have to be so casual about it?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409877

"About ponies who try to take my life? Yes…
But, I did that thing. Y'know, what you asked."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409878

"Hmmm? And?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409880

"I sat down and started thinking."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409882

I smile slightly
"That's a start."

Chip(DD knight) 409885

"Weak physically I mean, many of them are and it is rare to find a female who can match with my strength. That is why the many females that I encounter use their wiles and smarts to equal the field and all."

"No offense."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409887

I nod.
"And I was thinking of how many ponies I killed."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409891

"Perhaps you should fight miss Tela then. She is quite strong."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409892

"… Right."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409894

Look at her.
"In case you're wondering the answer is a lot."

Chip(DD knight) 409896

"She is isnt she. Tela are one of the few exception. I havent tried fighting her yet but she can hold herself if left on her own devices."
I smile.

Spring Water [Doctor] 409898

I nod slowly
"Okay. And?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409900

"I was thinking, this sort of makes me a bad pony."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409902

"You most certainly should fight her. I am curious to see which one of you two would win such a battle."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409903

I wait for her to continue

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409904

"And that it's a good thing that I found this fleet, because I found you, and you made me realize this."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409907

"I… guess?"

Chip(DD knight) 409908

"Ha! Of course I will win if she wants a friendly fight. No one can beat me in a fight." Show off my muscle.

"And I will love the physical contact now that I think about it."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409915

"Do you have an eye on miss Tela, mister Chip?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409917

"And also that I shouldn't kill all the time. Just sometime."

Chip(DD knight) 409922

"She is a fine mare, she has the looks if you ask me. Plus those strong and shapely rear… " I bite my lips.

With that I then approach LH and began stroking her mane
"Though you are a finer choice if you ask me."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409923

"I'm very glad you understand that much already."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409924

"More refined, I suppose."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409927

"Yeah. Also I shouldn't overreact and kill over small shit. That too."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409932

"So no more death threats against Curry?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409933

"…I can't make any promises on that one."

Chip(DD knight) 409935


Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD knight) 409937

Hug her and slowly bring her down to the floor while smiling.
"Refined and accessible to boot. I am glad you've come aboard. The last time a refined pony that has come aboard in this ship, no one can approach her since she is so unfriendly and has this body guard. The guard is an okay guy though."

I then start to smell her mane.
"…. makes me wonder where they are, weird."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409947

"Sounds like a true mystery. How odd."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409948

"Come on!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409950

"I can't help it he makes saying stupid shit all the time that just makes me want to stuff his mouth with bullets so he would shut up! I have shown tremendous amounts of willpower already!"

Chip(DD knight) 409952

"I know, they just suddenly disappeared after stonebriar."
Position this pony as my spoon and cuddle her while talking.

"Well this body guard guy is helpful and all. A good warrior too to boot."
"Well, perhaps they have docked on another port I dont know."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409963

"Emrille please. Sometimes you really sound like a psychopath."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409967

"He brings out my worst. You bring out my best."

Light Heart [Warlord] 409969

"Perhaps they decided that being a pirate was not the life they desired."

Chip(DD knight) 409972

"How about you? Do you like being here?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 409981

"That's… somewhat disconcerting, actually. Why am I so special?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 409992

I shrug.
"It wouldn't be the same if we could explain it, would it?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 409995

"Why of course, this is all very exciting to me. Necromancers and healers all around, constant new places to visit, all these faces to meet… it's lovely."

Spring Water [Doctor] 409999

"I just…"
I sigh and shake my head
"I really wish you two would just tolerate each other. I'm always worried about you two getting into trouble."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410004

"What sort of trouble?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410005

"Just getting into fights with each other and things getting out of hoof…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410008

"As much as I would like to, I can't kill him. Don't worry."

[lemon] 410013

I nod and began to touch her on various places.
"… yes, very exciting. yes."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410014

"I'm still scared things will get out of hoof sometime…"

Chip(DD knight) 410017

>internet again.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410018

"He can do his thing if I shoot him, no big deal."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410020

I give her a harsh look

Light Heart [Warlord] 410021

I smile as he does so.
"Evidently you find this even more exciting than I do."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410026

"What? I told you I wouldn't kill him!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410028

"You can't just shoot him either! What is wrong with you!?"

Chip(DD knight) 410032


Just smile. Play with this little pony, can I make her happy?
>pls rng

Roll #1 5 = 5

Chip(DD knight) 410033

>also no penetration, just play with her spot down there.

Light Heart [Warlord] 410038

I close my eyes with a smile and enjoy the moment.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410040

"You said 'if things get out of hoof'."

Chip(DD knight) 410049

Lets step it up a bit. I just hope she enjoys this more than I do.
>pls rng inb4 a >1

Roll #1 10 = 10

Spring Water [Doctor] 410059

I sigh and just facehoof

Light Heart [Warlord] 410060

Oh god.
Yeah, that feels pretty good. Good thing I know to keep my composure.
"That… feels very pleasant…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410063

"But he won't be an ass so things won't get out of hoof, calm down."

Chip(DD knight) 410076

I smile at this, the way she shudders is enough evidence that she is happy.
"Believe it or not, I like my partners enjoying it when I am doing them."

Light Heart [Warlord] 410086

"That… I agree with…"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410087

"You do overreact sometimes though…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410091

"Like when?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410093

"Like when you tried to persuade Curry to act as target practice…"

Chip(DD knight) 410094

I fidget for a moment and hold her in place.
"Can you, you know just let me do this. I have to do this if I dont want to go wild later."
Cuddle with her for a moment, rubbing myself on her back trying to relieve the built up tension.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410097

"I would have been gentle…"

Chip(DD knight) 410103

Hold my breath and just shudder, releasing it all over her flank.and tail. After that cuddle her tight until my claws are digging through her coat.
"You…. really have one of the best rear end."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410133

I give her a dull look
"Gently shooting him? How does that even work!?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410136

"Like this."
Point a hoof at a random direction, then barely whisper.

Light Heart [Warlord] 410137

I raise a brow in mild surprise
"Yes… so I am told."
I chuckle
"Best not to let it go to waste."

Chip(DD knight 410146

"Yes it is, its soft, smooth and has the right shape and… "

I look at all the mess that I made.
"Well too late for that… I just want to make you happy and all after touching you all over the place and all, plus I dont want this to count on the agreement we made thats why I resisted no matter how much I like too."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410148

"Very funny, Emrille."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410159

"C'mon, don't be so upset all the time!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410204

"Well I'm sorry I find your sense of humor disturbing."

Chip(DD knight 410206

Light Heart [Warlord] 410208

"Of course… I do hope you found it enjoyable either way."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410209

"If live is shitty, that's what keeps you going. The first time I smiled again after Palm's death was when I thought that in the morning she was only giving me the cold shoulder."
"Feels like shit otherwise."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410212

"And that is heartbreaking."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410215

"She'd dead, I'm alive. That's that. It just made me fight even harder for survival, no matter what it meant."

Chip(DD knight 410217

"Both of us find it enjoyable dont we?"
Smile at her, then slowly guide my tool and position it at her hole then began to teasingly prod her opening with my still enraged member. See if she will make the move and bury it herself.
"So close… yet so far." I whispered.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Light Heart [Warlord] 410220

"You simply cannot control those urges, can you mister Chip?"
I chuckle

Spring Water [Doctor] 410221

I shake my head sadly
"How can you even say that?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410225

"I cried enough about her already. That won't bring her back. Not that I would even want it to. I'm not the pony I was when she died. I doubt we'd be on the same good terms."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410228

I sigh sadly
"That poor thing…"

Chip(DD knight 410229

Tease her more under there and just position it conveninetly for her in case she give in..
"I am so tempted but I wont go in unless you do, its how I tease my little ponies after all."
Roll against it if you like~

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410234

"Yeah, at least she died in her sleep and left me to wake up with alone with a dead body. Such a nice parting gift that was."

Light Heart [Warlord] 410236

This is not Coc. She's spent right now already and wont do anything unless Chip specifically asks for it.
I smile
"Well I do owe you a favor, no?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410237

"Just… stop talking about it… you're breaking my heart here…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410238

"Fine, what else you wanna' talk about?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410239

"Just… something that doesn't make me this sad…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410240

"What makes you happy then?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410244

"Just… things that don't involve pain and suffering and… death."

Chip(DD knight 410245


Slide in slowly and bury myself in her before forcing myself to stop before I began doing her..
"Well yes, but I just want to do it without spending the favor… well, thats too bad." I said glumly.
Pull it out of her before she changes her mind. I then stop the fruitless teasing and just cuddle her in place.
"Come to think of it, it is worth to try."

Light Heart [Warlord] 410248

"I am surprised you are so reluctant, mister Chip. Why hold on to this favor so desperately?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410249

"That's a tough one…"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410251

I sigh
"Okay… how about those prayers? Did you actually pray or did you just settle for some thinking?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410255

"I asked Luna if I'm doing okay so far or not. She didn't really answer so I'll take that as a yes."

Chip(DD knight 410256

I blush and stammer.
"I… I am just waiting to see if there is a moment in our journey where I can do you in the right circumstances. Perhaps in a candle lit room or where Rose or even Wark is involved."

"Perhaps not Wark… " I shiver.

Spring Water [Doctor] 410260

"Well she doesn't exactly answer prayers anymore unless they are extraordinary because of her banishment. But still… it's the thought that counts."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410263

"Yeah… so does this mean I'm no longer going to pony hell?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 410271

"As I mentioned before, miss Rosemary is in no shape or form involved in my other agreements. My relationship with her is a personal matter rather than business. She is deeply in love with me, which is why I keep her separated from such matters. As per mister Curry's request and out of my own interests, the same applies to miss Skylight."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410272

"It's not that simple, of course."

Chip(DD knight 410276

"Awww… and just when I imagine I can do some of my wildest fantasies to you "
I then sit up, grab some sheet and began cleaning her flank of the mess.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410277

"Oh well, I'll just concentrate on staying alive then."

Light Heart [Warlord] 410279

I chuckle
"I can be a very generous pony, mister Chip. Especially to those who promise their utmost loyalty and cooperation."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410285

"Or you could dedicate yourself more…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410288

"I'm not a very religious pony."

Chip(DD knight 410290

"Well you are kind of, I do still admire that you can keep a level head after the things that I've done to you." I smile while finishing cleaning her up.

"Are there more ways to prove my 'loyalty and cooperativeness' to you?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410291

I put a hoof on her head and smile
"You could change that."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410294

Smile back cheekily.
"Can we collect tithe?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 410295

"By pledging yourself to me as a follower. Giving me a part of your wage and following my instructions. Master Wark pledged himself to me as well."
I chuckle

Spring Water [Doctor] 410297

I roll my eyes with a smile
"Not unless you have the necessary position.
… not that those really exist anymore in the Lunar church."

Chip(DD knight 410298

I gulped and just shake.
"P… part of my wage..?"

My ears lower and my tail stop waging.
"But I like my doubloons…. "

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410299

"Fucking A, I could be the first priestess of coin in a long time then! It's a win-win!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410301

"There aren't too many followers to collect tithes from, unfortunately. You'd have to do with Summer, Curry, Mera and I."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410302

"Crap… could we do the door-to-door thing?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 410303

"It is understandable that you would value your freedom and wealth so highly."
I get up
"With miss Tela having made an agreement with me as well now, I am quite content with my current entourage. They do not ask much of me and follow my lead, so that is pleasant."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410304

"We'd probably get arrested or something."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410305

"By who, the celestials? None of them seemed to be a tough guy so far."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410306

"There are a lot of them in Equestria."

Chip(DD knight 410307

"Freedom…. is a value that I prize, well that and money of course, I am a pirate after all."

I just sat there staring at her figure and lick my lips.
"But with the way you look right now, I am so tempted to give it up and a part of my wage if I can have you everyday."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410308

"What about freedom of religion and whatnot?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 410309

"Something to consider, perhaps."
I pat him on the head with a smile, then turn to leave to go clean myself up completely.

Spring Water [Doctor] 410310

I chuckle
"Sure, that exists… as long as you follow a religion approved by Celestia. Lunism is technically an approved religions but… people tend to be very spiteful and distrustful towards us. There was a single shrine in Autumnsreach dedicated to Luna and… it was completely overgrown. Not to mention all the sacked Lunite temples…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410311

Because the lack of nearby walls, I lean against Spring's legs.
"See, this is exactly why I try to stay out of this crap. Gods never gave me much."

Chip(DD knight 410312

Just sit there for a moment then shiver in delight and call out.
"I'll think about it, and the special things that I would like for you to do with me."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410322

"Well you clearly haven't prayed hard enough then… Part of my magical powers are drawn from Luna and the Moon."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410323

"All of my magical powers come from me. I think that's a bit more reliable."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410324

"They are just the start. There's also the afterlife…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410325

"I'll worry about that after I'm dead."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410326

"Aren't you worried about… purgatory? Tambleon?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410327

"I'd rather enjoy life while I can. Worrying doesn't fit into that."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410328

"I think you'll regret that once you get older…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410329

"Regret enjoying life?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410330

"You don't have to stop enjoying life to get a better spot in the afterlife…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410331

"I won't be alive to care by then."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410332

"… Not alive in the sense that you are right now, no."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410333

"See? Nothing to worry about then."

Spring Water 410334

"Well… there's still a different kind of state of consciousness…"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410335

"What if I don't believe in the afterlife?"

Spring Water 410336


Emrille [Gunslinger] 410337

"Y'know. What if pony hell is just some bullshit to make us behave?"

Spring Water 410338

"Then necromancers and the clergy of this world must all be working together on the biggest conspiracy imaginable."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410339

"Spring, I'm okay with becoming a better pony for you, maybe even this praying thing every once in a while, but I'm not going to live my life fearing whatever god and their punishment. They got a beef with me, they can have it once I'm dead."

Spring Water 410340

"You don't need to fear… only to follow."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410341

"That doesn't sound very free."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410342

"You don't need to pray every morning and evening and commit to celibacy, Emrille."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410343

"Yeah, but would my life be still in my hooves?"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410344

"Well yes, you can always… quit."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410345


Spring Water [Doctor] 410354

"I mean… stop worshiping."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410355

Shrug again, still leaning against her.
"Eh, I'll consider it. Maybe."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410357

"You really should think it over, yes."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410359

"I just hope Luna will visit me in my dreams again then, hehe."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410361

I cock my head
"You know she didn't actually visit your dream, right? And why so?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410363

"How do you know she didn't? Maybe she did!"

Spring Water [Doctor] 410366

"Since her banishment, she hasn't entered dreams of anypony as far as I know. Except for Summer. Not even Curry or Mera had dreams she visited."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410367

"Crap. Just when I started feeling special."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410371

"You only sent your first prayer towards her today! Did you even know that she existed before you met us?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410373

"I didn't pay much mind to religion to be honest."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410374

"So you didn't."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410378

"Maybe I did I just didn't give a fuck at the time? That's entirely possible too."

Spring Water [Doctor] 410381

"Right, I see how it is. Never mind."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 410391

"See how what is?"

Light Heart [Warlord] 410798


Wf+6 410799


Etc. Etc. Another day as normal. You feel the urge to get out on the town this time and not keep yourself lassoed to the rest of the party.

Light Heart [Warlord] 410800

Gather up my lovely followers and set out from the fleet.
"What a lovely city. Any preferences as to where we should head out for?"

Wf+6 410801

Rosemary just sticks close to you. "Ponies around here look rough."

Wark grumbles. "Got an axe here. Good for killin' rough ponies."

Skylight purses up a little. "We won't be killing anypony if we can help it."

"Yeah, yeah."

S: "We still didn't answer Miss Heart's question…"

"Forge'd be nice."

S: "Or… we could go see a play or something. This city is very cosmopolitan. Think of what we could learn here!"

Light Heart [Warlord]