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PirateQuest: Chapter 3.9: Moon Phases Wf+6 375386

You're on a boat! You're on a boat! Take a good hard look at the motherfucking boat!

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375393

That's a cave, not a boat.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375394

I'm raiding the shadow of a mermaid.
Guess me and Fervored wanted to try it strange.

Tela [Spellsword] 375396

Yeah yeah whatever
I've seen better

Tony [Trickster] 375400

Are we ready to do some raiding?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375402

4/10, seen better boats with less terrible pones like Emrille on them.

[lemon] 375405

This is my boat, there are many like it but this one is mine.

Chip(DD Knight) 375407

>fuck name

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375409

You wanna start something, it's gonna be something

Wf+6 375415

Perceptive. The "cave" is actually a tunnel that Commodore Smitts leads you to.

"This will take you into the Basilica basement, avoiding most of the guards. Try to get out quietly."

With that, he departs.

Sateo [DD, Monk] 375417

Just posting so my name is in this thread

Felfire [Necromancer] 375418

Good enough.
Raise two shadows.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375419

Flutter on Tela's back.
"After you, sugar."


"Fucking magical."
Move in. Stay on guard.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 375421

You gotta tell me whose.

Tony [Trickster] 375422

"Let's go then."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375425

Mine and Emrille's.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375426

I mumble and frown, but follow along anyways.

Chip(DD Knight) 375427

I nod to Commodore Smitts.
"Aye aye."

"I agree."

With that I try to move in and stay on guard

Roll #1 10 = 10

Chip(DD Knight) 375428

"Are you okay?" I turn to her.

Wf+6 375433

When you reach the bottom of the tunnel, you find a wall of bricks in an abrupt dead-end to the tunnel. This must be the edge of the basement floor. You give it a hearty swing and it collapses in, perhaps a little more loudly than you would have liked, but the alarm doesn't seem to have been raised.

It leads to a torch-lit hallway, which stretches left and right.

Chip(DD Knight) 375434

I turn to the others.
"Should we flip a coin or would you prefer me to pick a path?"

"Left or Right?|


"We should have brought the seer along."

Do I remember which way for the Basilica, above ground?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Chip(DD Knight) 375436

I then look on both ends and try to see if I can see whats at the end of the hallways from where I stand.

spot check(?)

I raise one of my brow
"We have a seer?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Tela [Spellsword] 375437

"Remember kids, doc doesn't want us to kill anyone."

I shrug.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375438

"The mage. Borders. Met him yet?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 375439

"You spoke to doc?"

Wf+6 375440

You… think the correct passage is to the left.

They both stretch on before turning about twenty feet away.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375441


Can I see anything down either?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Felfire [Necromancer] 375442

Well alright.

"If anypony cares, I think this is the way."
Point to the left path.

Tela [Spellsword] 375444

"Yeah I did, why?"

Left it is then.

Tony [Trickster] 375445

Go left.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375446

"He asked about some documents, did he tell you about them too?"

Chip(DD Knight) 375448

"Are you sure?
Go to the left passage and see whats in there.

I scratch my head.
"Miss your mother? If so, just stick close to us."

Tela [Spellsword] 375450

"… He? Lady, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure Spring Water is a mare. Unless I missed something here and there is something horribly wrong with Emmy."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375451

Roll my eyes.
"The other doc.
The one called Doc."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375452

I'm pretty sure Spring is here with us, since Groves is coming back.

Tela [Spellsword] 375453

"Well shit, I didn't know there was more than one! Haven't met the guy, no."

Chip(DD Knight) 375455

my bad

Felfire [Necromancer] 375456

"Well nevermind then. Just some papers he asked me to find. Mind lending a hoof in case you see them?"

Wf+6 375457

You come to the end of the hall and turn right. You proceed forward.

You reach a crossroads. Before you, there is a path that continues forward before turning left. There is also an immediate path to the left. To your right, there is a wooden door.

Tela [Spellsword] 375458

I shrug
"Why the hell not? What are they about?"

Chip(DD Knight) 375462

I put my ears to the door and try to hear if there is anything beyond.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Felfire [Necromancer] 375464

"No idea. I just know what they are called.
Hive Files."
Can one of my shadows slip under the wooden door and see what's behind it?

Wf+6 375465

It is quiet within.

Wf+6 375468

There exists the capability.

Tela [Spellsword] 375470

"Hive Files, gotcha. I'll keep my eyes peeled, gal."

Chip(DD Knight) 375471

"Looks like no souls beyond this door."
I turn to Felfire.
"Should I open it?"

I also inspect the door if there are any taps on it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 375472

Well how dark is it over there?
IF it's dark enough have the small shadow take a peek and come back.
"Much appreciated."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 375476

You trip over Tela on the way to the door and land in a heap on top of Tela and Emrille both.

Magenta reports back.

It's dark in there. You think I can seeeeeee in the dark?

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375479

"Ow, what the fuck? Watch it!"

Tela [Spellsword] 375483

"Watch it, big dog!"
I grumble and get up.

Tony [Trickster] 375486

I chuckle.

Chip(DD Knight) 375488

I stand up and brush myself, thatts worth it I think.

I then offer my hand.
"You need some help to stand up?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375491

Glare at him.
"Nah, I'm good."
Flutter up to Tela's back again.

Tony [Trickster] 375496

After a few seconds I say.
"So the big scary door, only one way to know what's inside…Shall we?"

Campfire 375497

"Dog dig through wall?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375498

I fervently shake my head.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375499

"Right. Behind this door, only darkness. You wanna open it?"


"Hell yeah."
Buck open that door!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375502

Chip(DD Knight) 375503

I smile inside.

I then turn to Felfire and to the others.
"Do you remember this area Felfire? If so, should we proceed somewhere or open this door?

"I… we'll see."

Chip(DD Knight) 375505

"Well… " I stand back.

Tony [Trickster] 375508

I shrug.
"If you insist."
Just as I'm about to dig, I stop as I see Tela bucking it.

Wf+6 375510

You buck open the door. It's just a dark room.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375511

"No idea. Just da-"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375512

I light up my horn then. What's inside?


Light a torch.
Look around to see what I can see.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Chip(DD Knight) 375516

"I see."
I then think for a moment.
"Does anyone of us have a map of this place? If not knows where we should head too?"

OOC: or should it be fidget(curry) who would lead us inisde?

Wf+6 375517

You light a torch but carelessly drop it on a barrel. It explodes into fire, which quickly consumes the room. The reek of burning alcohol fills the air. You lost one of your torches, too.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375518

"That's one way to light up a room, I guess."

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375519

"Good job clumsy pony."

Tela [Spellsword] 375524

Run back through the door and close it.
"Let's not go in there, alright?"

Tony [Trickster] 375525

"Well, at least the room wasn't filled with giant golems."

Wf+6 375526

Smoke begins to filter through the crack at the bottom. You feel the door becoming warm.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375528

Am I in any immediate danger?
If not, just look at the fire burn.
"Now we only need an ammo depot there and we are golden."
Well fuck.
There is another hallway we can run into, right?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375530

I quickly walk back to the split in the paths.

Tela [Spellsword] 375531

I laugh uncomfortably.
"Well those sun types do like warmth and fire, don't they?"

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375532

I just smack my face and groan.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375537

"You do know the definition of 'sneak mission', right? We were supposed to, y'know, not gather any attention. A room on fire is the opposite."

Tony [Trickster] 375538

I chuckle.
"True, but I don't. Let's go somewhere else."
Go back tot the split."

Chip(DD Knight) 375539

"What are you doing pony!"

I look at Emrille.
"Dont you got some ice magic or something?!"

Tela [Spellsword] 375540

"I'm sorry, kid."

"Yeah yeah, I know. Get off my back already!"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375543

"Nah, it's better than walking."

"I can shoot ice inside but that won't stop a room full of fire."

Tela [Spellsword] 375546

"I meant it figuratively, you cunt!"

Chip(DD Knight) 375550

Is the fire spreading? If so hold the door back.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375551

"Just saying…"

Wf+6 375552

You hold onto the door which is now catching on fire, but you get away without getting burned. Fortunately, the rest of the corridor is stone, so the only thing that escapes is smoke. Nothing for the fire to spread onto, except say, you.

Chip(DD Knight) 375553

Or use that >10 to kill the fire through some means(like throwing sand or water or something).

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375555

I walk back to the party.
"We finding vault or watching fire?"

Tela [Spellsword] 375560

"Lead the way!"

Chip(DD Knight) 375562

Get away from the door then look at the other corridors.
"We can wait for this fire to go out or go to the other two corridors, your pick."

I nod and stand next to Seek,

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375563

"He's right, let's just get over with this."

Tony [Trickster] 375564

"we finding vault. Let's go already."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375565

"We should put it out!"
I frown.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375568

"No time to waste for that."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375571

"It's too big and we have nothing to use.
It will burn out on its own."

Chip(DD Knight) 375572

"No one of us here is capable." I scratch my head while staring at Tela.

Chip(DD Knight) 375576


I then turn to Felfire.
"Where should we head now? To the corridor in front of us or to the one on the left?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375577

"Seekkill not know way. Pony lead."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375581

"I have no idea.
This is where my memory stops. Which one do you like most?"

Tela [Spellsword] 375583

"Well I don't fucking know it either!"

"Let's just go forward, alright?"

Chip(DD Knight) 375589

I look up for a moment.
"Left I think."

WIth that I start to move, looking back for a moment at the closed door and hoping it wont spread.

"Right little pony."

Wf+6 375594

You continue down the left path for about fifty feet when the stone bricks making up the hall and floor become a dramatically darker color. They're made out of a different kind of stone, it seems.

To your left and right there are wooden doors.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375595

I follow him.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375597

How many doors?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375598

Do I notice anything different about them?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Chip(DD Knight) 375599

Can I identify the kind of stone and its masonry it is made of.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Do either of the doors look suspicious?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Wf+6 375603

Two total.

Yes, the stone are darker in color.

You don't know what kind of stone it is. They look like a dark granite.

Wf+6 375604

They look suspiciously made of wood. Who makes doors out of wood? Civilized ponies?

Tony [Trickster] 375605

"I'm getting so tired of these doors."
Open one.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Felfire [Necromancer] 375606

Slip a shadow under each and have them report back.

Roll #1 7, 7 = 14

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375608

I meant the doors!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Chip(DD Knight) 375610

"Perhaps we are near, that is my guess." I stare at the stones for a moment.

"Carefulll.." I look at Tony.

Wf+6 375612

The rooms are dark.

You try to get at one of the doors but there's too much of a crowd around them. Attempting to circumvent the group, you go around and accidentally step on the darker-colored stones.

At both ends of the hallway, wall of light appears, and slowly begins to slide toward the group.

Tela [Spellsword] 375615

"Uh… guys? What the fuck is that?"
I point at the light.

Chip(DD Knight) 375616

"Everyone back to the corridor!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 375618

Open a door. Get on the floor.
Walk the dinosaur.
Beware of the dark stones.
'1d2' for which door, left or right.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375619

"Not good."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375621

"W- What is that…"

Tony [Trickster] 375622

"That doesn't look right…"

Chip(DD Knight) 375623

Go to one of the doors
Do I know what those wall of lights are?

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375624

I've been here the entire time. Honest. I'm sure Mera's been keeping everyone out of trouble.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375626

If nothing happens to her I follow her through the door.

Wf+6 375629

File: 1363988389362.png (8.2 KB, 730x465, map y.png)

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375632

Huh. That doesn't look like I thought it would.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375634

Can I use my telekinesis to float something over to the light?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD Knight) 375635

Follow Felfire inside the door that she entered.

"Come on Summer!" I notion for her to follow.


I love maps.
But this looks totally different from what I was picturing.
Oh well.
What can I see?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Tela [Spellsword] 375639

Right, go after Felfire.

"Come on kid!"

Tony [Trickster] 375644

Follow Fellfire.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375646

I suppose I'll be following the others, then.

Chip(DD Knight) 375649

Pull him close along with Mera.
"I thought you and the others know this place already." I frown at Curry.

Wf+6 375650

I am not very good at art.

Looks like no. And what would you even?


Wf+6 375651

It's dark.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375653

"Wrong temple, mister Chip. I had thought the Commodore would have sent us in with a bit more than nothing."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375654

Position of the walls of light?

Wf+6 375656

You can't see them at this angle.

Chip(DD Knight) 375658

I yelp.
"Well you're the temple expert."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375659

Not inside this room, right?
Take a peak fro-
Send a shadow to look and come back quick.

Wf+6 375660

Which did you send?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375661

"Knowing one temple, and apparently only the untrapped portions, hardly makes me an expert, mister Chip."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375662

Smallest and fastest one. Emrille.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375663

I dunno!
Maybe there's a stick or something around.
Fuck it, I'll just walk over there and poke it.

Wf+6 375664

Her shadow gets wrekt as the walls of light close in. It's closed.

Chip(DD Knight) 375666

Pull Summer

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 375667

You stick your hoof out, too, and it gets terribly burned by the walls.

Summer Seas: 1/5

Chip(DD Knight) 375668

Wf+6 375669

Nevermind. Chip saves you from certain horrific burns.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375670

"What now?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 375671

Rip in pieces.
So now we can see the walls closed, right?

Wf+6 375672

Felfire [Necromancer] 375673

Do they move?

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375674

I yelp and pull m-


I guess I just go where everyone else is.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375676

"Miss Seas, that was incredibly foolish. If mister Chip hadn't been here, you likely could have suffered terrible harm."

Wf+6 375677

They stay in place.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375680

Is there space for us to slip out?

Chip(DD Knight) 375685

I wipe my brow.
"Perhaps, the Celestians and the Lunites have a lot in common when it comes to building temples."

I look at Summer, hugging her a bit.
"Dont tell me your plan is to get burned alive out there." I look at her .

Wf+6 375686

No, they've closed like a vice.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375687

Walls of light are keeping us from leaving the room, but they are not illuminating the room, right?

Chip(DD Knight) 375690

"Perhaps there is some way to turn that thing off. somehow." I look at Felfire

I then drop Summer and inspect the room that we are in, checking for traps or some switch.


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Wf+6 375692

They're illuminating the area near the door. The room is dimly lit now.

There are shelves here with pottery on them.

There are no traps here. The only switch is a length of wood.

Tony [Trickster] 375697

Pick one up.
What's in there?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Wf+6 375700

It's a pot. It looks suitable for cooking stew with.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375701

"Are we going to get to the vault too, or are we just sightseeing?"


I examine a piece of pottery.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD Knight) 375706

Look at the switch, what is it made of? Can I identify its puripose?


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375707

"Well, it's not like there are any vents we could shove you into to disable the light walls."
Are there? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Chip(DD Knight) 375708

"Well thats an idea."

Tony [Trickster] 375710

Who the hell puts all these pots here?

Wf+6 375711

This switch is roughly a quarter inch in diameter and two feet in length. It looks suitable for punishing a foal without causing long-term damage.

You pick up a teacup, but accidentally crush it with your talons.

The roof of the room does have a barred hatch.

Chip(DD Knight) 375712

Nice, I smile inside
I then slowly pull or push this switch.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375713

"Hope not."

I brush my claw off against my feathers.
"What do now?"

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375714

"Well, maybe there is! Mister Chip, do you think you could reach that grate if I give you a leg up?"

Chip(DD Knight) 375715

"Wha?? Oh." Drop the switch and proceedd to Curry,

Wf+6 375717

Okay, you are clearly not picking up on my pun on the word switch.

This is a small wooden whip-like instrument used in discipline.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375719

I'll squat down a bit so Chip can stand on me with little difficulty.
"Up you go, mister Chip."

Chip(DD Knight) 375721

Ah I see.

If this whip like instrument is not bladed or such, put it inside my bag of holding.

Reach for the grate with Curry''s help.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375722

…This is boring.
I peek out the door. Where's the light thing now?

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375725

"Miss Seas, please do not wander off. Miss Mera, if you could please stick with miss Seas?"

Felfire [Necromancer] 375728

"I can do it if you want."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375731

"That would be appreciated as well."
Wonder why she decided to join us. I thought she needed to study.

Wf+6 375732

The light is blocking the door out.

You pull off the grate.

Wf+6 375735

"I don't think she's going anywhere…"

Chip(DD Knight) 375736

I then look at Curry,
"Now what?"

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375738

I grab a few more of the small pieces of pottery I crushed then carry them over to the door. Once I am there I start tossing them through the door and into the walls of light.

Tela [Spellsword] 375741

"Good fucking question, that…"

Wf+6 375742

They seem to be unaffected by the light.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375744

"Well, now miss Emrille is likely the only one who could fit up there. If she can find her way to the switch that controls the light barriers, she should be able to shut them off, and allow us to proceed. Hypothetically."

Tony [Trickster] 375747

"Oh, if only we had some pegasi here."

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375749

I frown and plop down on the ground in front of the door.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375750

"If I don't come back in five minutes…. wait five minutes more, dumbasses."
Chuckle and fly up to the vent.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375753

"Light not work on these."
I toss a few more for emphasis.

Tela [Spellsword] 375757

"Of course it doesn't, probably only affects living shit."

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375761

I'll look at that.
"Very interesting. But I don't see how that helps, unless you think the pots are large enough for anyone bigger than miss Seas to fit in them."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375762

"Affects my shadows too."

Chip(DD Knight) 375763

Look at her as she goes up and into the vent.

Are there pots large enough for any of us?

Wf+6 375764

It stretches in two directions. On passes over the hallway (which is obvious by the way that section is TOTALLY LIT UP) and the other further into the dark.

Wf+6 375769

The largest might fit Summer or Emrille if she really squeezed in. The rest are way too big.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375774

I throw a few more cups.
"Seekkill not helping. Seekkill having fun."

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375777

Inch closer to the lit up area.
Always have a hoof extended in to see if I can feel any horrible pain when going too close to the light.

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375781

"Sometimes helping can be fun."

Wf+6 375784

Proximity with the light doesn't hurt you. It's an odd type of "hard light". You can see it like it's a physical thing. It has an ending point.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375785

"This fun too."
I keep on tossing cups.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375786

Do I see any exits from the vent after the ending point?

Felfire [Necromancer] 375788

Is a pot big enough for a shadow or Summer to hide inside?


Hold on.

Cast Protective Bubble on myself

Roll #1 10 = 10

Wf+6 375794

File: 1363991235786.png (7.42 KB, 730x465, Untitled.png)

This is what you are looking at.

I already answered that. Yes.

It is done.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375799

Well try it.
Where does the light originates from, the floor or the ceiling?

Tela [Spellsword] 375801

I grin
"Experimentation time…"
Lean against the wall of light.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375802

Extend a hoof over it?
I'm scared of this magic shit…

Wf+6 375807

You aren't looking at that. The light is not originating from either of those directions.

You put the remaining shadow in a pot.

Your bubble immediately pops and you feel the burn.

Tela: 4/5

Nothing happens to you.

Tela [Spellsword] 375809

I hiss and quickly back off
"Gah fuck! Piece of shit temple!"

Felfire [Necromancer] 375810

Cover the opening of the pot with a bigger pot.
Slide the pots past the wall of light.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375811

Okay, Okay, I can do this…
Crawl over that thing.

Wf+6 375821

You slide them into the lit up area that fills the hallway. You now can't retrieve the pots.

You are at the end of the vent. It turns right from here.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375826

Can I retrieve them with my magic?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Felfire [Necromancer] 375828

But the shadow can push a the pots open and slide out.
Now, look for ways to disable said wall on the other side.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375832

Shooting an exit won't work because it will just ricochet back at me, so crawl until I see a grate.

Chip(DD Knight) 375838

Wait for Emrille to do her job, if she can do anything that is.

I then look at the wallk, calculatimng from here, Is it a sound idea to just punch the wall and dig through here?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Wf+6 375840

I don't think you understand. The light is like a vice, not a wall pressed up against the door. It topples the pots and exits into the fully lit area and is incinerated.

You stop at the first grate. It is dark below.

You shrug and punch a hole in the wall to the lit up corridor. Your arm goes through the brickwork and gets burned.

Chip: 1/5

Chip(DD Knight) 375844

"Ow!" I pull back.

Tony [Trickster] 375848

Can I tunnel underneath the lightwall and back into the hall?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Curry [Male Unicorn ?????] 375849

"I take it it goes through the wall, mister Chip?"

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375851

Try to dislodge it.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375852

I sigh and…
Can I just take 6 and heal whoever got hurt?

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375854

"Dig in different direction.."

Felfire [Necromancer] 375856

Okay I did not understand.
Multiquesting and your puzzles are not to be taken together.
Dismiss the shadow while it is still inside the pot.

Chip(DD Knight) 375863

… "I could.":
Is there a way for digging outside of this palace?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375911

I throw another cup.

Wf+6 375916

Your filly hooves pound at the grate fruitlessly.

It's solid stone, and the hall is full of light.

Why do you hate healing so much, Summer?

Not immediately. The room is built out of stone.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375922

Bash at it with the butt of my revolver then.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375923

Then I guess I'll just sit and wait until Emrille comes back.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375925


Roll #1 4 = 4

Wf+6 375933

I'm just going to let you through this instead of watching you fail over and over again.

You tumble into the dark room below.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375934

It's not the healing I hate.
except Spring Curry and kinda Felfire

I plop down on the ground and continue frowning after I heal everyone.
If I can't just take a six have some rolls then.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #3 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #4 3 + 2 = 5

Wf+6 375939

You murder Chip.

Chip, make saving throws.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375941

You'll hurt Seekkill's delicate feelings you big meany.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375942

Can I see anything at all?

Tela [Spellsword] 375945

h-hey, mercs have feelings too you know… ;_;

Felfire [Necromancer] 375946

Multitasking is hard.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375949


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Wf+6 375963

You critfailed twice in a row when he was on 1 wound.

There is no source of light. It's totally dark.

Felfire [Necromancer] 375964

That's why I'm around baby.

Seekkill [Dark Hunter] 375966

She did try to take six first.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375967

Can I use Fire Shot to be used as a flare if I shoot at the floor?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375968

I tried to take a six first!
But you wouldn't let me!

Wf+6 375970

Why yes you can.

The room briefly lights up. This one is also full of pots. You see a door to your right.

You can't take six on a heal roll. You can use your pendent of +5, but that would still be a critfail.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375972

Open that door.
What's there?

Wf+6 375975

It's the other side of the dark bricks! You see the other half of the corridor consumed by a block of light. There's a red brick in the wall directly in front of you.

Emrille [Gunslinger] 375985

Tentatively push the red brick.

Summer Seas [Cleric] 375989

I can't take six on a roll that I would just spam until success?
I'm not doing anything. I can't do anything productive. Literally all I'd be doing is just rolling 1d10 every goddamn turn until success.

Wf 376000

The reason you can't is because you might murder your target.

Chip(DD Knight) 376009

Sorry fall asleep there\


Roll #1 2 = 2

Chip(DD Knight) 376014


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